OK. Tie dye. I get one shot at this - heeeelp

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For reasons which made perfect sense at the time, I am planning to tie die aprons for my DD's party. I am going for this sort of effect. I have one of these kits, and I get the whole roll it up, fasten with elastic bands, apply dye plan.

But here is where I get lost. I have pre washed the aprons, and have written names on the plain aprons with this stuff. The dye instructions say the fabric needs to be damp. So how do I get it damp without washing out the dye resist stuff, and do I do it before or after rolling them up?

Normally I would do trial and error, but having read the instructions on the dye pack, the dyes only last 45 mins once you have mixed them up - which makes this a one shot deal, and I am in need of the collective wisdom of MN to make sure I don't stuff it up.

Mogz Wed 02-Oct-13 23:39:49

The wax you've used for the names should be fine and stay in place if you run the aprons under some water before putting them in the dye. Just be gentle. If it were going to budge with a bit of plain water it wouldn't be much good to use with a water based dye! Good luck, and wear gloves! And old clothes! And don't let the dog/cat/small children near the wet dye!

Thanks, Mogz. I figured it must be damp proof but I am panicking. Apart from the general panic caused by knowing that I can't try again when if it goes wrong, it's the mechanics. If I were doing one, I would dampen it, then roll it up, then dye it. Trouble is, I am doing 26 shock. It did occur to me this morning that I could roll them all up and then leave them out in the rain for a while - what do you think? I then plan on covering a table with a tarpaulin to work on. I would do it outside (the chickens could take their chances if they chose to interfere) but it is apparently going to rain all weekend (hence the thought process about using the rain...)

SoupDragon Thu 03-Oct-13 07:43:44

If you do find the resist stuff washes off, you could probably rescue it by colouring the names in with a fabric pen.

SoupDragon Thu 03-Oct-13 07:44:20

If you roll them and leave the in the rain, i suspect the centres would remain dry

sad soupdragon.

Leave them in the rain and then roll them, maybe? [slightly desperate]

I need to be able to batch process them somehow....

Maybe I should try one today (the getting wet bit). I have a couple with no name on.

PukousMucous Thu 03-Oct-13 16:05:48

Putting them into the dye wet helps the dye get in evenly. But if you make sure the aprons are saturated with the dye by mixing and squeezing you could skip the wetting bit. Dyeing dry fabric can leave an uneven finish but with tie dye that may not matter too much.

So does it matter if they are just damp or properly wet? I can imagine that if it were dripping wet it would have weird effects on the dye, but I was wondering - if I wrapped up all the little bundles (I am aiming for spirals) , chucked them all in a bucket of cold water, and then squeezed them out before putting the dye on, would that work, do you think?

(yes, I do know I am over thinking this, but if it goes wrong then there is absolutely no way I have the time, material or money to do it again before the party blush)

PukousMucous Fri 04-Oct-13 09:49:28

Sorry, bit late.

The fabric only needs to be damp before going in the dye, not soaking but ideally it should be damp all the way through if you are going to wet it at all.

Or have you already experimented? Whatever the weather they will look great.

Not experimented yet (cowardice combined with waiting for the last few replies) but confirmation, if I needed it, that it needs to be a batch process was provided by the 1.5 hours it took last night to wind them all (not even quite all, as some names are still drying) into spirals and secure with elastic bands.

So... my plan (which may go horribly wrong) is to soak them all in a bucket of cold water, then put the in the washing machine and do a slow spin. Hopefully lots of damp little bundles will emerge.

Dye is on and cooking overnight. Fingers crossed.

PukousMucous Sat 05-Oct-13 07:49:57

What news? I hope they look magnificent, in sure they will

So far (they're in the wash), the tie dye looks great, but the dye resist appears not to have worked at all confused angry. I am suspending judgement until they come out of their hot wash, but when I was rinsing them there were no names in evidence at all.

Gatekeeper Sat 05-Oct-13 08:45:51

stealth, how about putting the names back on with 'puffy'/3d fabric paint? The one I have is dead easy to use and has a nib end for writing. After it has dried I use a hairdryer on it and it...well...puffs out!

Gatekeeper, I think that's what I will end up doing. I am feeling mildly resentful about the time I spent putting the names on the first time, though smile.

Gatekeeper Sat 05-Oct-13 09:16:11

give them a good kicking and swear a bit and then let it goooooo <new age music tinkling away>


Out of the wash and, sure enough, not a sign of the names - I found one where I could see there had been letters, but that's it. Lesson is - dye resist stuff is a waste of money and time and I shall compose a snotty email to them.

.. and find time somehow to go and buy puffy paint and redo the names.

Mogz Sat 05-Oct-13 12:05:20

Aww, shame it didn't work. Next time just go straight for puffy paint (or use melted white candle wax my DM tells me it's fab for tie-dye). How does the dye job look once dry?

Gatekeeper Sat 05-Oct-13 12:21:03

can you bung some photos on please stealth...interested to see how it turned out as I fancy having a go

Will do - as usual, I failed to take any pictures of the process. Dyes have not taken quite as well as I had hoped, TBH. Ironically, given that they say they won't take on synthetic fabrics, the brightest colours on the 100% cotton aprons are the labels hmm

Watching with interest as thinking about doing this for dd1's scooby doo mystery party- t-shirts though with I imagine even more fabric than your aprons.

Ah Stealth i'm gutted for you cos I know how long you planned that. Will they look okay once the names go bavk on do you think? sad

They'll have to, DW.

OK, sorry for the delay (had to wait until DD was out of the house as she doesn't want to see/know about the details of her party) - aprons here

steppemum Mon 07-Oct-13 10:50:13

wow they look fab stealth!
I think the colours have taken really well.

for future reference (or others considering it):
I used to do a lot of proper batik with wax. if you use wax as dye resist you need to make sure it takes properly on the fabric. It has to soak down into the fabric, not just sit on the surface. When I was doing batik, we often did the back as well as the front, if the wax hadn't soaked in well. The temperature of the wax makes a big difference, cold wax sits on the surface of the fabric and warm wax soaks in.
The stuff you used is wax based, so you need to make sure it has soaked in.

Steppemum - I was trying to find a balance between getting enough on for it to soak through without it running so that the letters were illegible. The fact that none of them worked suggests that, at the very least, the instructions are not very good.

Never mind. Puffy fabric paint arrives tomorrow (hopefully).

SoupDragon Mon 07-Oct-13 11:00:17

They look great smile

Actually, I think they'll look better with the names added on - if the resist had worked, it might have detracted from the tie dye pattern.

steppemum Mon 07-Oct-13 11:11:36

wax is quite hard to work with as too warm it is too runny and then illegible.

But I think your aprons look amazing and will look fab with the puffy fabric paint

Oh stealth they are fantastic!!

Im really laughing that you had to wait for dd to go out to put all them out.

ZZZenagain Mon 07-Oct-13 13:51:29

they look fabulous. I want one of those. Dd is always on at me to do the spiral t-shirt tie-dyes but I keep putting it off.

DW - just to amuse you further - there was no reason for them to be on the link exchange other than to have their photo taken - they had already been washed, dried and ironed hmm - they were only out there for 5 minutes although I would have got better photos if I had left them there as it is sunny now

link exchange
Lone except

(phone is having nearly as productive a day as I am)



I give up

Gatekeeper Mon 07-Oct-13 14:17:26

they look wonderful all on the line...like psychedelic bunting grin

steppemum Mon 07-Oct-13 14:53:28

I would love one, maybe you could set up a business selling them!

grin sense of scale needed - they are quite small (should just about fit DD, who is almost 7 but ridiculously tall)

They look great. Did it use the whole kit and how many mls did it include? Planning to do tie dye for ~10 age 10-11 size t-shirts. Hope they come out as well as yours!

3Birthdays - the kit said it would do 24 the shirts and I think it would have done. I had 28 aprons (including 4 adult sized ones) and 4 lumps of fabric which I may or may not have time to turn into bunting. I did use the whole kit, but I could have made it go a little bit further.

the shirts?!

T shirts.

PukousMucous Mon 07-Oct-13 19:45:22

They are brilliant. I love them, so glad they worked out well and puffy names will look ace, I agree with soupdragon.

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