Crochet for beginners...

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CouthyMow Tue 28-May-13 04:06:25

I'm desperately trying to learn to crochet. I want to be able to do Granny squares.

I can make a foundation chain, I can do double and triple, but after that I just end up in a knotty mess!

I have two crochet books, both of which are meant to be from the basics onwards. Neither of which seemingly explain it in a way that makes sense to me...

Can anyone help me to crochet a granny square?!

cantreachmytoes Tue 28-May-13 04:21:56

This best thing next to having someone show you in person is to look at videos on you tube. Check how they count stitches as that can be confusing at first. Worth noting for anything you look at online that the US and UK names differ for stitches, but just getting the idea of how it's done "live" can be useful.

Google too images of the stitches you're doing so you get an idea of what they look like in different yarns, which makes it easier to recognise your own. Search "double crochet UK" for example, to make sure it's the UK version (assuming that's what you're using).

I learned by doing this online and am relatively proficient now, so don't give up, it's possible!

CouthyMow Tue 28-May-13 05:51:47

I will give that a try, it's driving me bonkers as conkers!

I never mastered knitting or crochet as a child, despite coming from a family of knitters and crocheters.

I have had to put away my cross stitch for a number of reasons, and I need a new craft to fill that spot, that I can pick up and put down IYSWIM.

I want that to be crochet!

And I've got a gorgeous graduated colour wool waiting for me to be able to use it...

yellowsnownoteatwillyou Tue 28-May-13 07:01:34

Go on YouTube and search granny squares mikey. I've found he's the best to copy.

bluecarrot Tue 28-May-13 07:15:56

I second mikey. He walks you through the whole piece in most of the videos I've watched.

Mhw02 Tue 28-May-13 09:24:14

I only learnt how to crochet about a month ago, and now I'm getting obsessed. I tried working from a foundation chain first, but yes, just ended up in a knotty mess! I'd try crocheting in the round - you're crocheting into big gaps rather than single stitches so it's much easier! It also means you automatically get a square, rather than having to measure after you've done a certain number of rows.

The one trouble with crocheting in the round is the teeny tiny circle you have to crochet into when you join your initial chain four; I stick a hair pin in there before the joining slip stitch so I can find the circle, which I find really helpful - but that might just be me!

I tried lots of videos on youtube, but this one was the only one I managed to follow (now that I've got the basics I can follow other videos, but I found this one great to start with).

SallyBear Tue 28-May-13 11:55:03

I learned last week and I've done about 8 granny squares now. I want to do enough to make a blanket. The thing I've struggled with is to hide your ends into the crochet. Tricky when you're using 9 different colours!! Anyway I'm really enjoying it, as I'm creating something quickly (spot the impatient one!) and its also saving me from snacking......shock

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Tue 28-May-13 12:12:25

youtube is great smile You can also try googling photo tutorials, I like attic24 there's some patterns on there like like the granny stripe and simple ripple that are pretty straight forward

Mhw02, that tutorial is in American terminology, which will might be confusing for a beginner.

Mhw02 Tue 28-May-13 15:19:01

Yes, I realised that, Ellen; was going to mention it in my post, but then forgot! grin

It seems to me though like most of the videos on YouTube are in American terminology; as I didn't know anything about crochet terms at all I decided just to learn in American and then learn the conversion terms once I'd got the idea of what I was meant to be doing. But, yes, I can see if someone already knows the UK terms it would make it confusing...

Yes, I've been looking for some British ones since posting. I can remember someone recommending a British one, but can't find the thread. I guess we are still a bit behind the US with our YouTubing!

Agree with ninja, attic24 is lovely.

SallyBear Tue 28-May-13 18:27:35

Ninja has told me in the past that you do gorgeous stuff Ellen!

JollyOrangeGiant Tue 28-May-13 18:30:29

Which books do you have? I found Crochet Unravelled very useful.

There's a facebook group called Crochet Geek too which is full of helpful people with useful tips smile

<waves at SallyBear> Thanks! blush Though, I have to say, ninja makes some lovely things and I really like her eye for colour. Hark at us, the mutual SN appreciation society. grin And I hate sewing in the ends...

JOG, I started with the Happy Hooker, which is in American terminology, but explains the difference between American and British really clearly.

marissab Tue 28-May-13 18:48:26

Ok so a double in US = triple in uk. So you wind your yarn round once before you put the hook through. Yes to youtube and attic 24. Honestly, i would only do granny sq in the round. Really simple then. I thought happy hooker was a goody. It got me started. grin

marissab Tue 28-May-13 18:50:55

Tried to join crochet geek. Says i don't have permission to join sad

alemci Tue 28-May-13 19:07:29

yes definitely Attic 24.

For granny squares I have found the following often the case but I could be wrong.

always chain 4 and then join to make a circle your starting point.

Next row is usually chain 3 to start off instead of a treble crochet then usually 2 more trebles then a chain to make space.

I didn't really understand the significance of the Chain 3 and the chain spaces to start with.

I have been going a year and it is wonderful. Don't give up.

alemci Tue 28-May-13 19:08:21

Attic 24 has good tip for ends BTW.

RenterNomad Tue 28-May-13 19:58:20

How nice to have a newbie thread! I'm a bit scared of the "Hotel Crochetfornia"! blush

I've borrowed the Happy Hooker from the library, along with another (not so snappily titled one). I've also downloaded Crochet for Dummies and somehing else (again, less snappily titled) to my ereader, so I have them to refer to while out and about!

A timely reminder for me, about the bloody US/UK different terminologies!

SallyBear Wed 29-May-13 08:11:54

I've made 10 six inch squares so far. I feel the need to keep going until I've run out of wool! No idea how many squares I will need to cover a single bed yet. I'm also planning to do plain colours as well as the mixed square and stripes. Then there will be the labour intensive job of hiding ends and putting them all together!

What would people suggest that I do - hook them together or see them together. What looks neater?

SallyBear Wed 29-May-13 08:12:27

See? Sew! iPhone!

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 29-May-13 10:08:32

ellen, you say that but you haven't seen the radioactive pink I managed to order yet grin

attic24 again sallybear for hooking together but there are many ways of doing it, this one gives you an almost hidden join but you might want the feature of joining visible as they do on the big woolly hugs. Personally I sew mine together but it's whatever gives you the finish you like. You can hide the ends when you join it all together although I do like to sew a knot in the end of mine as I'm paranoid about it all unraveling. I also hate sewing in the ends!

I've been crocheting some squares with some very zingy colours lately!

SallyBear, have a look at some completed Woolly Hugs. They have a ridged join which is a nice effect, by joining with DC. Or you can hook a more subtle join as in ninja's link.

I have to sew in the ends for each square as soon as I've completed it otherwise the job is too daunting at the end!

CouthyMow Wed 29-May-13 11:33:45

Right. The books I have are 'The Crochet Bible' by Sue Whiting, and 'Crochet Workshop' by Erika Knight.

I can do a foundation chain fine. I can do one row of double, then I don't know what to do next.

My trebles don't seem to look like they should.

And I don't really 'get' how you crochet in the round...

CouthyMow Wed 29-May-13 11:35:34

The pattern I have says to start with a chain of 3, then I get lost. I can't seem to follow the pattern. confused

CouthyMow Wed 29-May-13 11:36:15

I want to crochet nice blankets!!

I'm working on squares for a blanket at the moment - I've got The Crochet Bible, and a couple of granny square-specific books that I can't remember the name of right now.

What I found helpful was watching and working through the granny square tutorials on youtube, and then going back and reading the instructions in the book - sort-of working backwards from knowing what to do to working out what the instructions meant.

I have been struggling with my tension - I did some simple granny squares, but they were all loose and baggy - and I was kindly told on here that I am a loose hooker (much to dh's delight shock). I have gone down to a smaller hook, but my tension is still quite loose.

Do you have a knitting/crochet group in your area, Couthy? Or could you go along to your local knitting shop and ask for some help? I have found that knitters and crocheters are more than willing to help out someone who wants to learn. If you are in my area (near Paisley, Scotland) you would be very welcome to come round here for coffee and hooking. Otherwise, find a local group and get thee along there.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 29-May-13 12:23:53

how to do a UK treble and turn your work here couthy smile

RenterNomad Wed 29-May-13 13:21:26

Oh, a friend of mine really recommends Erika Knight! smile

MiaowTheCat Wed 29-May-13 13:52:17

The way I've been doing them (granted I only started the other day, taught myself to do the basic stitches and then my mum showed me how to do a square)...

Make a chain of 6 stitches then go through the first stitch in the chain, catch the yarn and pull it through the stitch and the loop on your hook - that makes you a circle to start with.

Hook through the big hole in the middle and make a chain stitch, followed by another two so you've got a little bit coming off your circle (kind of like a capital Q) - that little three chain "tail" counts as your first treble stitch.
Two trebles into the centre hole - so yarn round hook, into hole, catch the yarn and pull it through so you have three loops on your hook and treble stitch like normal.... so you have three treble stitches together (counting your three singles as one) for your first "cluster)... then do a joining chain of 2 which will make your corner and then another three treble cluster (so you'll have a clump of trebles - a big holey bit for a corner, and another clump of trebles)... go round the circle until you've got four clumps, and then do another two chain corner which gets you back to the three chain you started that level with - hook through the top of that three chain and a slip stitch - catch yarn, pull it through the top of the three chain and the loop on your hook to close that level off.

Now you need to move up a level - hook through the big corner hole bit where you've just closed the corner up - and make another three chain (so you have a bigger, squarer letter Q) which counts as your first treble... another two trebles to finish that cluster and off you go again - two-chains between each set of three trebles as a cluster till you're back round to the start.

Only minor difference is that this time you'll end up with big holes in the corners but also in the middle of each side of the square - so when you move up another level to go around the edge again - you work ONE cluster of three treble stitches in the centre-side holes, and then two chain stitches to move on... and when you get to the corners you do a cluster, two chain stitches to make the corner, and then another cluster in the same hole to make the other side. Basically you just keep going round adding tiers on (making a three chain as the first treble in each tier) until you get the size square you're after.

Dunno how much sense that makes, or if it's the most efficient or beautiful way of doing them - but it seems to be working for me to get a decent pile of squares going so it might at least clarify some of the pattern gobbledygook I can't understand either.

alemci Wed 29-May-13 20:09:56

Sally Bear I am making a single bed blanket. I am doing large squares with smaller granny squares within. It is either 3 or 4 large 30cm squares across with 6 down then some grannying for a border.

Harder with single bed because usually one side faces a wall so do you make the blanket narrower as you won't see one side.

TimrousBeastie Wed 29-May-13 20:23:05

Just started to crochet and i'm making a granny square blanket. Doing mine the same way as yours SDTG

Oscar cat creations do lessons in crochet in the south side of glasgow- thinking about going to her next amigurumi workshop if i'm feeling brave enough.

TimrousBeastie Wed 29-May-13 20:24:05

oops mean the same way as miaow

CouthyMow Wed 29-May-13 20:28:04

There's only a knitting club in my town, crafts aren't well catered for (we don't even have a craft shop since the one I worked in closed down 5 years ago).

And it is right across the other side of town, in the evening, and I would only be able to get as far as town on the way back by public transport, as it would be after my last bus home. (I don't drive).

I'm in the East of England - not very near Paisley! grin

MiaowTheCat Wed 29-May-13 20:38:42

I've actually invented a new sport today:

Extreme Crochet.

Beginner Extreme Crochet requires the addition of a 10 week old baby that refuses to be put down (add in colic screaming for ambience if desired)

Mid-level Extreme Crochet requires adding in a demented geriatric 3 legged cat who suddenly decides to relive her kittenhood with your ball of yarn.

Then you have Advanced Extreme Crochet in which there is a 13 month old "helping" with your yarn tension added for extra spice.

And then you earn your Extreme Crochet black belt if you have ALL of the above, plus a bonkers greyhound trying to sit on your knee as well as the 10 week old in the middle of the fun.

The resulting product was more of a Granny Rhombus not surprisingly... but the 13 month old thought grabbing the wool was hilariously fun!

CouthyMow Wed 29-May-13 22:15:09

I am only attempting wool based craft because a crochet hook can be held firmly with one hand, and the ball of wool can sit in my dressing gown pocket...

Unlike my usual cross stitch that requires sharp needles - and plenty of them - 90+ different colours, a stand and a table.

I don't do small cross stitch pictures, as I've been doing that since I was 7yo.

Crochet is more of a challenge to me.

But I doubt I'll be at extreme crochet levels...wink

SallyBear Thu 30-May-13 09:14:37

Our local craft shop is made up of franchises, and the wool one is run by a lady in her 50s. She was made redundant after working as a HR Manager in a London Bank for 25 years and decided to take a risk and set up a wool shop business. She is lovely and it's like walking into a Treasure Den. Much better than my local John Lewis!

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 11:19:21

We don't have a John Lewis either! grin

<<Back of beyond despite being a town with a large enough population to be a city...>>

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 11:21:40

Ooh, Miaow - I've put a link on that '2 under 2' thread for our dairy free recipe and chat thread in allergies.

Link again [[ Here] in case you can't find it]]

Sorry for diversion!

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 11:22:42

My link didn't convert?! It did on the other thread!

I'll try again.

Thread here

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 11:24:46

Miaow - I'm so thick when it comes to crochet that even the first paragraph of your instructions leaves me confused!

I need a 'crochet for dummies' book!!

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 11:28:54

So you do 6 stitches on a foundation chain.

Then you poke the hook through (front to back? Back to front?) the first stitch you did, with the 6th stitch still on the hook?

Then loop the wool over the hook, and pull it through both the first stitch you did that is now on your hook, and also through the 6th stitch that was also on your hook?

I think I've got that bit!

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 11:31:53

Then with that loop on the hook, you poke the hook through the big hole in the middle of your circle.

Then do three chain stitches. Think I've got that far now!

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 11:36:06

By Jove, I think I might actually understand it now, at least for the first row of trebles.

I'll give that a go later, then return to see about the next round.

Quick question - what would be the best size hook to use for granny squares?

I have a 5.5mm one, and one that is really skinny.

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 11:37:22

The skinny one is 3.5mm. Random but from Tesco!

alemci Thu 30-May-13 12:26:27

I would use 4mm. I have used this for most projects.

I'd use 4mm for DK, so 3.5 should be ok, it depends on how loose your tension is/will be once you get the hang of it. 5.5 should be good for Arran (or DK if your tension is tight.)

MiaowTheCat Thu 30-May-13 13:06:17

I generally just randomly jab the hook in wherever it'll fit basically! I'm using a 4mm hook on DK yarn.

I found that graduated colour-changey yarn is being really helpful since I can differentiate the different stitches a bit easier.

Like I say - I'm basically an utter beginner - similar reasons to yourself, I'm NOT having cross stitch needles around with Madams Chaos and Mini-Mayhem for some strange reason and my mum talked me through how to structure it since she couldn't easily show me visually since she crochets left-handedly.

Couthy whereabouts in the East of England are you? I'm in Northants if I can help with one-to-one queries.

TimrousBeastie Thu 30-May-13 13:26:25

i found that these are good channels when getting to grips with the different stitches

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 13:33:16

Ah. That's a bit of an issue too - I AM crocheting 'left handed'. I just can't do it the other way around. I just reverse the pictures in the book in my head IYSWIM...

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 13:34:30

An in North-East Essex. Not that near to Norfolk! grin

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 15:00:33

My tension appears to be quite 'tight'.

Stick with the 5.5 hook, then. I find the metal ones easier to use than plastic, the yarn slides better on them, tends to stick on the plastic ones, especially if your tension is tight. 5mm or 4.5 mm metal one will be the best for DK if your tension is tight.

RenterNomad Thu 30-May-13 21:35:19

I finished off a fantastic mess of a "swatch" earlier this evening. All experimentation- trying to get used to treble crochet!

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 23:27:42

I'm going to try with the smaller hook in a minute, to see if I can make it work that way!

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 23:29:46

Argh MN ate my post. I can do the chain of 6. I can slip stitch the chain into a round. I can do the chain of two, and the first treble. But by the time I finish the second treble, it has turned into a knotty mess!!

I managed to do it right ONCE earlier - but DS3 unravelled it!!

I've not been able to get it right since. angry

CouthyMow Thu 30-May-13 23:30:42

I will NOT be beaten by a ball of wool! I WILL work out how to crochet a granny square if it kills me!!

Come up to Scotland and I will teach you.

CouthyMow Fri 31-May-13 00:29:09

grin I would love to!

I think my tension is far too tight. Would I need a smaller or larger hook to fix that?

Please say smaller, please say smaller

CouthyMow Fri 31-May-13 02:06:39

I've got it, I've got it!!

Different, less fluffy wool, and a MUCH looser tension, and I have just finished my third row on my first granny square!!

<<Does a little happy dance>>


The YouTube thing I am watching is just about to show me how to change colour.

I can crochet a granny square!

I'm so stupidly proud of myself. My mother, my nan, all tried many many times to teach me, and it never worked. Now I can do it.

I want up go and buy wool...grin

CouthyMow Fri 31-May-13 02:12:07

The wool I managed to get the hang of it with is a VERY bright, neon variegated one. Problem is, I think it would look best against a plain black wool. Which I don't have. I think I have tied it off well enough with a different wool that it won't unravel.

I'm going to attempt it with the first wool I tried now - that's a tan / brown variegated one. Which I want to use with a red / orange variegated to match my bedding... grin

I think I'm hooked....wink

CouthyMow Fri 31-May-13 02:16:31

The bright neon/black one is going to be for DS3. I shall also have to do a bright pink / black one for DD, a purple / black one for DS1, and one in two shades of blue for DS2...

I think I may have my next year's worth of crochet lined up!!

I saw on fb tonight, an old school friend of mine posted a picture of a blanket where she had crocheted the sea, the sky, and a bloody Noah's ark WITH animals...nothing like a bit of amazement of what you can do with some wool and a crochet hook to spur you on!!

CouthyMow Fri 31-May-13 03:34:31

First square of orange/brown done. The brown was the wool I started with.

I've done both colours, working the end if the first one into the second, but just need to learn how to sew the ends in.

I'm off to bed now (DS3 didn't fall asleep till 2am, he's hyperactive so the crochet is to keep me sane...), but I will be buying wool in the morning...

CouthyMow Fri 31-May-13 03:40:41

My second one, the brown/orange one, looks far better - I have worked out how to get it to go in a square shape.

The YouTube vid I used was an American one, but I knew from upthread that when she said double, she meant triple.

I found the American one easier to follow as they seem to do it what I would call 'left handed'.

This is the one I used - By DzCrochetCreations

Because she went slow enough for me to follow. Plus some of the ones linked to upthread weren't available on the mobile.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a decent online wool shop?! grin

marissab Fri 31-May-13 07:46:40

Yay well done. No stopping you now. I couldn't do the row by row type crochet but i mastered granny sq's 1st and now i can can follow patterns and everything! I still come back to grannies though. I love em. Doing some tiny ones at the mo to sew together for a cushion. As for tension you could use a bigger hook then your loops will be bigger and therefore looser. Or a thinner wool. Thinner wools use thinner needles. If it's only a bit tight though, just make a concious effort to hold your yarn looser as you go. I still have tension issues with crochet. I made 2 slippers. One came out a size 9 and one a childs size 9! Drastically different sizes blush

SallyBear Fri 31-May-13 09:08:20

Couthy I used Deramores. They have 10% off DK at the moment. I bought a mixed pack of Stylecraft DK for 33quid. Lovely soft acrylic and very easy to work with. I've been using a 4mm hook. Deramores

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 31-May-13 09:13:04

deramores black sheep wools wool warehouse to name a few. Deramores always have discount codes on their facebook page, currently 10% off all dk wool with code DK10.

it's all sounding fab couthy, put some pics on your profile!!

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 31-May-13 09:15:14

oops, I was looking at shiny new crochet hooks on ww grin try again wool warehouse

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Fri 31-May-13 09:17:36

grin sallybear

CouthyMow Fri 31-May-13 09:59:14

I don't know how to get a picture on my profile from an iPhone...

It was just me realising that you have to hold it far looser than I thought.

CouthyMow Fri 31-May-13 10:02:15

Just need to watch the end bit of that tutorial to see how to end the square.

SallyBear Fri 31-May-13 10:33:56

<Waves at ninja>
Couthy as you can see there are lots of lovely online shops to purchase your woolly treasure! Ninja told me about Deramores. I am a week into my project and so far I've made 12 squares, though the first stripy one looks a bit like a rhomboid rather than a square......grin

I second deramores as a really good source for woolly wool. I am crocheting a blanket at the moment - I am doing lots of different squares and rectangles, and it is all going to be pieced together into a random patchwork-y blanket (eventually). I am using James C Brett Top Value acrylic yarn from Deramores - only £1.69 for 100g, with great colours and it feels nice to use too. The blanket is going to be lime green, rust orange, cerise, turquoise, teal, sunshine yellow and purple. So quiet and shy, like me.

Oh - and Deramores have a sale on at the moment - 10% off all their double knit yarn. If you Like their fb page, they send you details of their deals each time they come out.

Well done, Couthy! Your first few efforts think of as a training. You'll get better and your tension more even with practice. If you end up not using your first square, don't worry, you can always undo it and use the wool again.

My first big blanket started off with really loose tension and ended up much tighter, I had to go up from a 3.5mm to a 5mm hook. I now use a 5mm hook all the time for DK as it corrects my tight tension.

CouthyMow Fri 31-May-13 11:50:24

I'm halfway through my second square. I LOVE crochet! Now I can do it...

I'm just about to have a nosey on Deramores...

(Watch out, bank account...)

Look on wise badger as well, sometimes cheaper than Deramores, sometimes not.

EllenJane - I thank you for that link, my stash thanks you for that link, dh and the bank account not so keen!! grin

Oops! blush

Don't worry - I smile and nod whenever he says I have enough yarn (or even too much yarn confused) and then buy what I want anyway. grin

JollyOrangeGiant Fri 31-May-13 12:57:56

I heard that Deramores also sell on eBay and they sometimes sell there at a lower price smile

shock Why did I not know that??? shock

<< runs off to ebay >>

MiaowTheCat Fri 31-May-13 13:07:37

To this day I still don't know how to work ebay and paypal (think I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't)

CouthyMow Fri 31-May-13 16:07:57

Nope, you aren't the only person who can't work EBay out... I can't either...

But that Deramores, I can see I will be spending a bit of money on there!!

MiaowTheCat Sat 01-Jun-13 10:20:50

I've got my eye on the birdie decorations on the Attic website - DD2's name is Robyn and there's a Robin variant, plus she's forever getting called Baby Bird - so I'm debating making some to hang from the ceiling in the girls' room when she goes in it.

MiaowTheCat Sat 01-Jun-13 10:23:58

And I'm up to about 15 granny squares done - not doing them in different colours within the same square but using some really soft graduated yarn of different colours... want to make a nice thin summery blanket for DD2 for in the pushchair and then I'm tempted to try to do the granny stripes version for DD1 who ain't ever going to fit in the pushchair cosey toes next winter!

I've so far just found about three excuses to "accidentally" have DH driving past Dunelm Mill so I can pop in.

This is soooo not getting my exam marking done.

CouthyMow Sat 01-Jun-13 13:51:19

Does Dunelm Mill sell wool?!

<<Persuades DC to go to Dunelm Mill...>>

CouthyMow Sat 01-Jun-13 13:52:51

Finished my second square and onto my third. I finished the second square without having the first one handy (was on a train) and they have both come out exactly the same size, so I think I have the tension thing cracked too.


Deramores is going to get bashed next week.

CouthyMow Sat 01-Jun-13 13:54:41

I've got many plans for blankets. By the time they are done, I might be able to graduate to other stitches!

JollyOrangeGiant Sat 01-Jun-13 18:46:12

I almost exclusively make blankets. Maybe once I have more spare time I'll do something less repetitive, but blankets work for me right now.

marissab Sat 01-Jun-13 19:24:48

Ok i'm gonna recommend a book that will rock your world! 200 crochet blocks by jan eaton. At least half the blocks are granny type work in the round square types and they all come with easy instructions. I have refered back to this book so many times and did an awesome baby blanket where a few squares had flowers on them! Honestly, once you get the hang of it, this book is awesome!

JollyOrangeGiant Sat 01-Jun-13 21:09:28

Amazon sent me an email this week with various suggestions including this one:

I have a tendency to look up youtube tutorials or ravelry patterns though, then disregard everything i've just read/watched and wing it instead. (I cook like this too.)

JollyOrangeGiant Sat 01-Jun-13 21:09:53
CouthyMow Sun 02-Jun-13 03:04:51

I've finished 5 granny squares now - I only got time to do one yesterday as I was out for most of the evening.

It's very relaxing to sit and do while your non-sleeping toddler runs around and babbles to you...

And yes, he has been awake since 11pm, and he is still very awake.

I however am not...

CouthyMow Sun 02-Jun-13 03:05:44

They are all coming out the same size, no problem there.

I'm going to have a quick look at those patterns now - I'm feeling a bit more adventurous...

CouthyMow Sun 02-Jun-13 03:52:33

DS3 - STILL awake.

Me - Have used the time productively and can now crochet a Granny square that starts with a circle in the middle and looks a bit snowflake-y on the next bit, going to a square on the outside.

This is fun, this is!

CouthyMow Sun 02-Jun-13 05:09:16

DS3 has JUST fell asleep. He is dxd hyperactive 'with a high probability of ADHD'.

In the last hour, I have learnt to crochet a solid Granny square.

I am now going to go to bed, to try to catch 3 hours before the older DC's have to have breakfast.

His sleep is like this almost every night. Crochet seems to be good to keep me alert enough to supervise DS3 when he is not asleep when my body says I should be.

I'm finding it fun to learn new patterns - I'm finding Crochet Geek on YouTube quite good, if a little fast to follow at first.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Sun 02-Jun-13 07:13:01

I think you neeeeed to join ravelry couthy, loads of free patterns for all sorts of things, it's a real time waster smile

<waves nervously>

I taught myself to crochet from YouTube last year and am just finishing my first big blanket, attic24s granny ripple in various shades of pink, purple and baby blue for DD, I love it smile

Prior to that the only thing I had made was a basic hat, similar to the attic24 one. I found that reallly helpful for practicing my trebles and its basically all made in the round which I found easier, appreciate its not really the weather for it now though!

Ravelry is a fantastic timewaster as ninja says, but also very helpful, I found 3 squares on there for the latest woolly hugs blankets.

I also like the Creative Crochet Crew Group on Facebook, I waste hours looking at the pictures on there and mentally adding things to my now extensive list of "things to try"!

MiaowTheCat Sun 02-Jun-13 09:02:44

I've joined the first two rows of squares on my blanket (only making it small since I get annoyed to hell with huge blankets on the pushchair) - looks dead good with the ridged join I wanted to put on it.

(Am joining a strip at a time since I do not want DD1 to get on the rampage with my pile of done squares!)

CouthyMow Sun 02-Jun-13 11:07:40

I'm teaching myself from Youtube vids. Crochet Geek and The Crochet Crew seem to be the ones I find easiest to follow.

CouthyMow Sun 02-Jun-13 11:08:20

What size do the Wooly Hugs squares need to come out as?

I used quite a few videos from crochet hooks you on YouTube, with lots of pausing and rewinding!

Woolly hugs squares need to be 6 inches square, so if you can master a granny square they're doable smile

CouthyMow Sun 02-Jun-13 13:18:44

My basic granny squares are coming out at about 5.5 in sq.

I will try to loosen the tension on them to do some wooly hugs squares, and make them 6in x 6in.

I've always wanted to send wooly hugs squares, but could not knit or crochet before.

Still can't knit, but I'll tackle that one when (if...) I get bored of crochet. Just for a change.

These are skills I don't have, and want to master!

CouthyMow Sun 02-Jun-13 13:20:11

I'm in the middle of doing a solid square in a rainbow variegated wool - think it's a Patons Fab DK one.

It's very bright...wink

I've added a border to increase my squares before, doubles, trebles or half trebles, whatever makes the right size!

Have a check on the woolly hugs threads before you start as they use specific wool brands for consistency and usually have colour themes.

I really can't decide what to do next, if I ever finish DD's ripple! The variegated wool I want to use for the Owl Obsession blanket I fancy is out of stock everywhere and deramores are not expecting it back in til August so may have to take a look at the patons!

alemci Sun 02-Jun-13 14:50:16

I made a yarn owl from a kit by Sue Stratford but haven't sewn him up yet. The wool was lots of different colours.

I like Rico cotton arran as it is reasonably priced and lovely colours.

Yes, the good thing about crochet in the round is that you can always add a little bit to make it bigger. A round of DC makes a nice border on a granny square. DC into each TR and one DC in each chain space and 5 DC around the corner.

Couthy, I usually get a ball of donor wool sent to me for a Woolly hug as it's expensive, lovely stuff. For a little hug or a Billie's hug they are happy to accept Stylecraft DK squares, though.

Or you could go up a hook size, half a mm, so from 3.5mm to 4mm maybe?

CouthyMow Sun 02-Jun-13 23:33:17

Randomly I'm using the 5.5 hook! I found it was just about me loosening my grip of death on the thread...

Problem is that local to me, there isn't really anywhere easily accessible to buy that much wool from - even my Dunelm Mill only has a very small selection of Patons Fab DK - and it's dearer than deramores!

Same here Couthy. we do have a small independent place in town I've recently discovered but she mainly stocks stylecraft and rico, neither of which Woolly Hugs use. Our local garden centre also stocks Rico but it costs a fortune there and other than that it's Wilkinson or Dunelm with their selection of Patons and other less well known cheap DK.

I've had donor wool for the squares I've done up til now but ordered one ball of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino off an Ebay shop that was recommended this time. It's amazing how much nicer it is to work with, wish my budget stretched to it for my own use!

No, I live in a big town and the only wool shop is called 'Budget Wools' which sells a very small selection. Not like when I was a child in the 70s, we had a wool shop in my village! And one in the next village, too. T'internet is the way forward and ask on here or Ravelry for recommendations. Stylecraft special DK is a good, washable, colourful acrylic.

MiaowTheCat Mon 03-Jun-13 07:33:11

Aldi sometimes have wool in on special offer - any rumours that 99% of my girls' cardigans were from such a source are vicious lies!

I suck up Dunelm's prices for convenience to be honest - or all our local charity shops for some reason sell basic DK yarn in them... must be like 10 shops selling it on our local high street.

alemci Mon 03-Jun-13 09:14:05

Rico is usually quite reasonably priced. I have bought balls of the cotton arran online for £1.50 with reasonable postage. does split a bit though but the colours are lovely.

I would rather buy from the high street though as it is a pain if you run out and only need the odd ball and have to pay postage again.

tragbag Mon 03-Jun-13 13:54:29

Hello! Where are you? I run beginners knitting and crochet workshops at the Wendy House café in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. I can give you more details if you are interested smile

CouthyMow Mon 03-Jun-13 18:07:55

I'm in North East Essex. Nit quite Wiltshire!

CouthyMow Mon 03-Jun-13 18:08:16

Nit? NOT!

SallyBear Tue 04-Jun-13 08:17:51

After dazzling myself with a variety of multi-coloured granny squares I thought I'd best do some plain ones..... Quite relaxing not having to hide ends every time you change colours! Not looking forward to the joining up though. confused

JollyShortGiant Tue 04-Jun-13 15:15:26

Sally, I'm working my way through a blanket made with 40 filled in granny squares. Each square has three colours. I've done 26 so far and I need to get it finished in time for DC2's arrival in August. Getting started on joining it together fills me with dread!

SallyBear Tue 04-Jun-13 16:23:33

I'm really enjoying it as the results seem to be quicker than knitting! Can you tell that I'm impatient! I'm only up to 15 squares Jolly, and genuinely have no idea how many to do so I will carry on until it looks single bed blanket sized!

HorsesDogsNails Tue 04-Jun-13 16:54:55

TragBag - Malmesbury you say, I am in Swindon - just down the road!!! I am a crochet novice and am also making granny squares for a blanket, am on square 25, made from Sirdar Calico in cream, pink, lilac and green.... Individual single colour squares to be joined in a random stylie eventually!

Love crochet, best thing I've learnt for years!!

JollyShortGiant Tue 04-Jun-13 18:29:29

Mine are Sirdar Snuggly Baby Bamboo. Worth every penny of the £££££s the yarn cost. I have 10 colours for the squares and 1 for joining.

Mine are 5.5 inches each so finished blanket (8 squares by 5) should be 3ft 7 x 2 ft 5 ish. Don't know if I will do a border or not yet. I might have to to hide the ends!

I also did a spreadsheet to ensure that all 40 squares have different colour combinations and that all colours are used an equal amount

CouthyMow Tue 04-Jun-13 18:56:01

grin Jolly, that sounds like the kind of thing I would do, the spreadsheet...

CouthyMow Tue 04-Jun-13 18:56:55

I have some wool to attempt a wave stitch blanket with - a grey marl and a denim marl Aran.

CouthyMow Tue 04-Jun-13 18:57:20

And am up to 10 squares in the orange/brown one now.

JollyShortGiant Tue 04-Jun-13 22:19:42

You've fairly hit the ground running!

RippingYarns Thu 06-Jun-13 12:24:47

<taps on door, very quietly>

my name is self explanatory i think blush

i've been tempted in by the very lovely WoollyBacksWife and found lots of MNSNers here too grin

i'll just sit quietly in the corner and read the tips here and see if i can't get back into crochet and craft for me again.

<marks place>

Deramores have got 15% off all James C Brett yarn today - promo code JB15. << tempts other yarn addicts >>

JollyShortGiant Thu 06-Jun-13 13:08:20

I really want some King Cole yarn next. I love some of their bright colours. Not that I currently haveoney or space for any yarn!

Discovered recently who seemed to have some things cheaper than Deramores.

blondieminx Fri 07-Jun-13 21:38:48

<hovers nervously at edge of thread>

<has signed up fo craft on a Woolly Hug>

<^terrified^> as I used to crochet as a teen and that is erm, ahem, some years ago now!

<Waves and channels inner Leslie Phillips> Hellllooooo RippingYarns

I'll be bringing hooks and yarn to our meet up...

Hi can i join this thread? Ive been lurking on this thread for a while now and last night I cracked the granny square! Its took me weeks but i got there. its not perfect but hey ho. Im not sure whether to do lots of squares or one big blanket. The sewing up puts me off

Ghosts check out the Attic24 blog for her tutorial on joining granny squares as-you-go. I've just made a throw that needed 100 squares joined together and it was amazing.

Tutorial here

CouthyMow Sat 08-Jun-13 02:49:36

You don't have to sew the squares together - you can slip knot them together.

DS3 only fell asleep 10 mins ago (!), so I have spent my time productively, and have learnt how to crochet a hexagon granny, a solid hexagon, and for a change, how to do entralac crochet...

I now have 15 squares for my first blanket, 4 for my second, plus three hexagons for another one...

I am rather enjoying this!

SallyBear Sat 08-Jun-13 09:49:26

Wow couthy! Hexagons! <feels unworthy>

Bluebell99 Sat 08-Jun-13 09:58:01

Well done! I really want to learn to crochet. I'm going to go and look at some of the utube videos recommended here.

CouthyMow Sat 08-Jun-13 10:01:46

It's no different to doing a square - you just do 6 groups of trebles into the ring instead of 4. Then on the next row, you do a group of 3 trebles as if you are doing a square, chain 2, 3 trebles into same hole like you are doing a corner on a square, then chain 1 like the side of a square, then carry on until you have gone round with 2 groups of 3 trebles in each hole. Then slip stitch to end like you do on a square.

Pentagons you just do 5 groups of 3 trebles into the centre ring, octagons 8 groups of 3 trebles...

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Sat 08-Jun-13 10:19:03

you're on a roll couthy!!

alemci Sat 08-Jun-13 10:21:01

Yes I am using the Attic method of joining Wooly. It seems to save wool and i am doing sets of 4 grannys then crocheting around the edge of the 4 with another 4 rows of grannying. looking quite good.

Well done Mouthy. It is very satisfying and I love the colours and the creativity of it.

MiaowTheCat Sat 08-Jun-13 13:50:17

Hark at Mrs Experienced Crocheter there!

OK - what about dodecagons? :P

CouthyMow Sat 08-Jun-13 20:14:08

I spent my train journey home from the allergy show pondering tessellating patterns...

Couthy, one of the reasons I like crochet so much is the maths in the patterns. blush

blondieminx Sat 08-Jun-13 22:42:13

Maybe that's why I struggle! grin linguist here!

MiaowTheCat Sun 09-Jun-13 08:56:32

I got bored with my squares for a while (they're nice to do while the kids are around "helping" with my yarn) and started a striped pram blanket last night - it looks lush!

CouthyMow Sun 09-Jun-13 12:02:51

I'm hankering after starting a stripy wave blanket, but I've got to finish the blankets I have started first!!

CouthyMow Sun 09-Jun-13 15:20:09

In going to do DD's blanket in Octagon's and squares.

I've decided that DS3's one will be in a different stitch, rather than granny squares, for a change. Will possibly end up being the wavy one I'm hankering after doing. In VERY bright colours and black...

CouthyMow Sun 09-Jun-13 15:20:51

Ugh. Apologies for the rogue apostrophe. Bloody Autocorrect!

SoupDragon Sun 09-Jun-13 15:24:35

I have three blankets on the go blush

CouthyMow Sun 09-Jun-13 15:24:53

I actually quite like the stitch used in entralac crochet - and am wondering whether I could do a full blanket like that, maybe on Tunisian crochet needles. (They're the long ones, aren't they?)

I wonder if you could put stripes in in that stitch? I assume you can.

Maybe one row black Fab DK, two rows clown colour Fab, one row black, one row the other bright, variegated Fab colour I've got...

That's my guess, anyway.

CouthyMow Sun 09-Jun-13 15:26:36

I currently have three on the go, plus the one I'm itching to start for DS3, plus the one I need to start for DD, and the denim marl one for DS2...

I may well end up with 6 on the go. But it will stop the boredom as I can switch from one blanket to another

SoupDragon Sun 09-Jun-13 15:27:39

I've just taught myself Tunisian crochet - last week as it happens. I'm rather taken with it. It is indeed the one with the long hook like a knitting needle.

SoupDragon Sun 09-Jun-13 15:28:31

Technically it's 4 blankets but I want to frog one and do it differently.

Plus I have the yarn for 2 more bought and allocated specifically to 2 blankets.

CouthyMow Sun 09-Jun-13 17:47:44

Can we rename this thread 'Crocheter's Anonymous'...


SoupDragon Sun 09-Jun-13 17:49:58

You need to check into the Hotel Crochetfornia

JollyShortGiant Sun 09-Jun-13 18:22:31

Hello. My name's Jolly and I'm currently working on 2 blankets, a baby hat and a baby romper suit. Only one of these is likely to be finished any time soon. I also have a rather small yarn stash which is too big for my house, so I can't buy any more until I finish some of my works in progress.

CouthyMow Mon 10-Jun-13 01:27:56

Now at 6 complete hexagons, and the centres of another 3 done.

I like how l can see it coming together.

This one I want to complete first, as it will be for my Ex, when he stays on the sofa. He moans that even with a duvet, he's too cold in the night. At his house, he always has a blanket on top of his duvet, so I'm doing this one do that he can chuck it over the top and stop effing moaning at me that he's coooooold...

CouthyMow Mon 10-Jun-13 01:30:19

In going to feed my addiction further, and check out both this Attic24 blog that everyone keeps going on about, AND ravelry.

If you don't see me again, send out a search party...grin

SoupDragon Mon 10-Jun-13 06:22:47

You are lost sad

CouthyMow Mon 10-Jun-13 07:09:45

<<Waves from a tangle of yarn...>>

I'm still here!

Finished the blue centres of the next round of hexagons on my blanket. Just need to match the 7 of them to their grey outside rows.

Ive just finished my first ever granny square.Hurrah!

It's got the odd mistake and for some reason my step up chain is in the middle of a row and not on a corner but it looks all right

CouthyMow Mon 10-Jun-13 12:06:15

Attic24's tutorial on steam blocking was excellent. Gave it a go, and it WORKS.

alemci Mon 10-Jun-13 13:26:43

Mind you Mouthy, would you want to put in so much time and effort for your ex to have a nice blanket - only joking.

My dd wants the one I am making but it will only go on a bed which is in occasional use as I see how my DD's trash their rooms etc.

CouthyMow Mon 10-Jun-13 14:10:57

grin I know what you mean - but that's why I'm using HIS blanket as the ore tics one...wink

CouthyMow Mon 10-Jun-13 14:11:36

Ore tics?! confused

I typed practice...

blondieminx Mon 10-Jun-13 17:25:37

Oooh look! I fancy having a go at these stripey wristwarmers for next winter!

MiaowTheCat Tue 11-Jun-13 08:50:08

I love wristwarmers - I cannot stand the feeling of woollen/acrylic or anything knitted gloves on my fingers, but I can cope with wristwarmer style "gloves" fairly well.

I blame my mum and years of hand knitted mittens on strings that went through your coat for this one.

RippingYarns Tue 11-Jun-13 14:38:07

uh-oh...i've just been into town and bought some hooks and yarn grin

it's more than 30 years since i picked up a hook, and i'm raring to go!

CouthyMow Tue 11-Jun-13 16:15:34

For a change, I'm doing a rainbow stripe scarf for DS3 for next winter. I aim to do a matching hat and mittens too!

DD has put in a scarf and fingerless mittens order too, no hat though as she's not keen on hats.

There's just do many things to DO with a ball of wool and a crochet hook! I wish I had cracked this years ago...grin

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Tue 11-Jun-13 17:22:44

you're making up for it now couthy :D I have wristwarmer thingies on my to do list for dd2, I just need to finish the granny stripe blanket for ds2 first!

I've been making a stripey star blanket, which is surprisingly easy and looks very lovely. I've been using actual nice wool (well baby bamboo, as it will be for my new niece or nephew) which is so much nicer to crochet with than the really cheap stuff I started learning with.

CouthyMow Wed 12-Jun-13 00:53:49

I know what you mean about cheap stuff already...

I have some hideously expensive nice wool, for doing the blankets I'm doing.

I was attempting to do the scarf with the freebie wool I got with the magazine that started all this off, but urgh!

Once stitched, it's not at all fluffy, and quite solid.

Soooo...I'm looking for fluffy-ish soft wool, preferably DK, in the colours of the rainbow, to do a rainbow scarf set.

I have given up on the freebie wool as its a PITA to use!

CouthyMow Wed 12-Jun-13 00:54:59

I like Paton's Fab, and the Phildar DK stuff my Tesco sells - but they don't seem to come in 'zingy' enough colours.

JollyShortGiant Wed 12-Jun-13 07:13:55

Stylecraft Special DK is the acrylic of choice for lots of folk. I have a couple of blankets made from it and they are soft.

SoupDragon Wed 12-Jun-13 07:23:33

One problem with the Stylecraft Special is that there is not an orange suitable for anything other than crocheting traffic cones. If, however, neon is what you are after, Jaffa is your yarn grin

And don't be fooled by Bright Green for a rainbow - it is indeed both bright and green - thankfully DS2's favourite colour is luminous green!

However, in terms of fluffiness for your pound, it beats pretty much everything else I think.

CouthyMow Wed 12-Jun-13 08:04:35

Neon orange is fine - in fact it is DS3's favourite colour!

What shades would you advise for the brightest, zingiest rainbow?

Obviously Jaffa for the orange, but I need a red, yellow, green, blue, indigo and a purple.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 12-Jun-13 08:21:20

citron for the yellow, matador for the red in stylecraft, not sure about the rest smile

SallyBear Wed 12-Jun-13 08:44:57

DH has noted that I am now "obsessed" with my crocheting. Surely not?! wink

SallyBear Wed 12-Jun-13 08:46:51

Couthy - What about lipstick (red), shrimp (orange) and saffron (yellow) in the Stylecraft Special DK??

I did a rainbow little hug - I think it's on the Woolly Hugs facebook page. i sent it off to Pistey a couple of weeks ago. I used
Meadow Green
Cloud Blue
Emperor (I think smile)

The "indigo" colour was a really dark purple. The colours all looked fab together and it was a big granny square. The yarn was left over from an even bigger version that I made for DD1. grin

SoupDragon Wed 12-Jun-13 09:23:22

The red is Matador I think - I am sure that's the one that is a pure primary red. The Lipstick one is darker.

If you want neon green, then bright green. I used "Green" in mine which is more emerald and perhaps too dark. I don't think there is an ideal green.
I think the blue I've used is Bluebell and the yellow Citron (although Sunshine may be brighter/golden). I went with only one of the purple shades as, technically, I think only one of them really appears in the spectrum. Emperor is a deep purple which may work for Indigo and I think I went with Violet for Violet!

If you look at Deramores the "Bright Green" is pretty true to colour. "Jafffa" is nothing like the screen colour - imagine it in the same kind of brightness as the green smile

SoupDragon Wed 12-Jun-13 09:26:52

This is mine The orange isn't Jaffa.

Now I've looked at it, I did use 7 colours for that one. It was another blanket I used only 6 for. The Indigo isn't Emperor on that, I think it may be Plum.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 12-Jun-13 09:48:31

oh soupy, posting that photo is mean grin lovely hooking and that view! I'm sure some of those deramores colours aren't accurate, I ordered bright pink for a Billie blanket and it's a lot more luminous than the photo suggests, I'm going to have to use it sparingly, oops grin

SoupDragon Wed 12-Jun-13 10:03:51

I bet the pink was Fiesta!

That view seems a long long time ago [sigh] <<glares at the grey Croydon day>>

As an aside, the Stylecraft was horrible to use in the humid weather.

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 12-Jun-13 10:24:08

there's a photo on my profile of the reds and yellows mentioned. The pink is called bright pink, I don't think the photo quite does it justice grin <dreaming of sun and palm trees>

SallyBear Wed 12-Jun-13 13:44:41

Now you're just showing off Soupy! Looks fab, blanket and view grin

If anyone wants the Stylecraft Special DK bright pink, please pm me, as you can have it willingly!

CouthyMow Wed 12-Jun-13 15:39:02

Soupy - I tried your link, and all I got was 'Safari cannot open this link as it is a local file'.


I can't see profiles either - I use the crap App, which doesn't let you click on profiles. Hence the Safari too.

I will have a nosey on Deramores at these colours. I don't think their photos do some of the colours justice though - their photo of Paton's Fab in clown colour is nowhere NEAR as lairy bright as the real thing that I picked up in the Range...

SoupDragon Wed 12-Jun-13 15:43:44
CouthyMow Wed 12-Jun-13 15:43:51

Wow - the backdrop is gorgeous, Soupy...but the crochet piece is amazing!

The colours you used - the red, blue and violet are perfect for what I'm looking for, but I need a much lighter and more limey green, a 'zingier' orange, and a more sunflower yellow.

I WILL work out which colours to order!! grin

SoupDragon Wed 12-Jun-13 15:45:00
SoupDragon Wed 12-Jun-13 15:45:36

You'll be wanting bright green, sunshine and Jaffa then. And some sunglasses smile

CouthyMow Wed 12-Jun-13 15:49:28

So far, from what I can see on Deramores, and going by what you have all said, this is the palette I've come up with :

Red = Matador
Orange = Jaffa
Yellow = Sunshine
Green = Bright Green
Blue = Bluebell
Indigo = ???
Violet = ???

I'm looking for a dark navy-purple for indigo. I think.

And I need a darker purple than the one on Soupy's.

I want to order wooooool!! grin

SoupDragon Wed 12-Jun-13 16:06:09

Emperor for indigo - it's a deep deep purple.

SoupDragon Wed 12-Jun-13 16:09:29

Perhaps Plum (the one after blue in my version) for violet?

James C Brett yarn is also worth a look - their 'Top Value' dk is £1.89 for 100g, and comes in a good range of colours. I'm using cerise, purple, teal, turquoise, rust, yellow and lime green to crochet a random patchwork blanket.

MiaowTheCat Wed 12-Jun-13 19:23:15

Oh I hate you all so much right about now.

I get paid on Friday. Sod my blanket I'm doing - I'm off on the internet for the lairiest colours I can get to make a huge sofa snuggle blanket that will be nicked by the dogs within 2 minutes

What do I do about the achy fingers? Does it go away with time or is it a case of needing to rest 'em?

JollyShortGiant Wed 12-Jun-13 19:42:49

You get used to it, but mine still ache if I do too much.

SallyBear Wed 12-Jun-13 19:59:24

Can't you get soft handled ergonomic hooks for achy fingers/hands?

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Wed 12-Jun-13 20:22:30

I would like to do this but not sure how well it would turn out

ParkerTheThief Wed 12-Jun-13 20:36:04

Miaow, you need to try different hooks.
My favourite are the Addi Swing hooks which have ergonomic handles and I can use them forever without having an aching hand.
Clover Soft Touch are quite nice and I have one with a soft grippy handle which is called a Prym Soft handle.
Wooden ones can be good too.

Think I an addicted to hooks I've got a jar full of different types on the mantlepiece and if my hand really aches I just use a same size but different type hook for a while

CouthyMow Wed 12-Jun-13 22:34:49

I have my eye on the Addi swing hooks...

I've decided that as the cheapy wool is no good for a scarf, I'm going to turn it into rainbow bunting.

alemci Wed 12-Jun-13 22:42:24

i find also i get a hard pad of skin on my thumb. does anyone else?

CouthyMow Wed 12-Jun-13 23:12:42

<<Checks thumbs>>

Nope, not yet. But I do use industrial strength hand moisturiser loads each day (Norwegian formula extra strength, not the normal one...) because my hands are forever needing washed due to DS3's allergies, so maybe that's why?

Or maybe I've just not been addicted to crochet for long enough...grin

CouthyMow Thu 13-Jun-13 02:13:38

Maybe NOT the bunting yet. I just CANNOT get the hang of dc2tog. Watched 101 YouTube vids, but my brain steadfastly refuses to understand how to do it.

I mean, I 'get' it, in theory. In practice, not so much...

[Cheesed off emoticon]

Could be that cheap wool I guess. Might have a try tomorrow with some Fab. If it works with that when I can't get it to go right with this cheap wool, then the cheap wool is being left WELL alone!

It's a shame, as the colours are lovely and 'zingy'.

I could easily do granny bunting, but goddamn it I want dc bunting, in stripes! grin

<<Picture of bunting in my head>>

CouthyMow Thu 13-Jun-13 02:51:03

It's the wool. Tried doing a granny triangle in it, taken me ages to do just two rounds.

I would normally have finished a 5 round hexagon in that Aran that I don't like in that time. It just untwists while you try to poke your hook through, so you catch a bit and it takes aaaages.

If that had been the first wool I used, I'd have given up I think. I'm just gals I used something semi-decent to try to get started.

waltergal1 Thu 13-Jun-13 03:14:12

Agreed, YouTube vidoes can be a lifesaver while you're learning. I wanted to share one video that helped me -

MiaowTheCat Thu 13-Jun-13 09:14:59

Since I'm likely to be spending the next year superglued to the sofa holding a screaming child since my bastard cunt fucker of a GP's pulled DD2's neocate prescription on cost grounds... I'd better go find some more granny square yarn since it's about all I can do with a baby in arms.

Although I am having nice visions of that pinhead thing from hellraiser re-enacted on my GP at the moment using different styles of crochet hooks.

Would changing GPs or demanding a referral to a paediatrician help? The latter would almost certainly cost more than a prescription.

MiaowTheCat Thu 13-Jun-13 12:25:41

Sadly not - GP, who has been consistently dreadful prescribing the stuff anyway and made every single possible attempt to wriggle out of doing so, has obviously decided to overshoot the health visitor and dieticians dealing with it and pulled rank to go to the senior one, with selective details of the case to make things sound like an administrative error putting her on it and not medical need... to make sure the prescription's ordered to be stopped.

It's all been done in a very cold and calculating way, with only half of the story told (funnily the bits that correspond with the PCT guidelines have been omitted) to make sure of the outcome the GP's been pushing for all along.

Spent four hours on the phone trying to get hold of the HV this morning (the route to access referrals here - GPs normally just prescribe what they're told to by the dietician team) with no luck.

Oh well - back to crochet. Anyone crochet my child new skin for when it all starts oozing pus again?!

CouthyMow Thu 13-Jun-13 14:02:39

Have PM'd you, Miaow. You CAN insist on an out if area referral through choose and book, for a second opinion, and they aren't ALLOWED to refuse you that...

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Thu 13-Jun-13 17:55:15

that's crap miaow! Sounds like you need to change gp, have you rang PALS?

deramores has 15% off all stylecraft yarn for a week, enter code SCWK at the checkout smile

MiaowTheCat Thu 13-Jun-13 18:23:08

Oooh I get paid tomorrow - I'm debating buying nice bright colours and starting an hexagon sofa snuggle thing (thinking if I do the outer run of each one in black they'll join nicely and it'll tone the colour overload down).

Sadly our PALS aren't the greatest (I've tried them before over something else) but my health visitor reckons she has a plan.

I now have a squirming, grunting, unhappy mess of a baby (with one scoop of milk-based formula into the mix) - I forsee a long night and lots of granny squares or online shopping.

JollyShortGiant Thu 13-Jun-13 18:48:29

I'm attempting to make a lorry for DS. I've already had two false starts. Not using a pattern, just making it up, so I reckon there'll be a few more problems before I get something I like!

RippingYarns Thu 13-Jun-13 22:25:36

i can make flowers grin

<cracks knuckles>

lawks, my fingers ache grin

SallyBear Fri 14-Jun-13 07:41:52

Oooh! Very impressed. I want to do that, are they ones with individual 3D petals? My NEW local wool shop offers coffee mornings three times a week. I think I will go along next week and meet some fellow hookers!wink

PolterGoose Fri 14-Jun-13 19:10:59

Just popping in to say hi grin

Sounds like you've cracked it Couthy, I'm still on squares, currently doing random multi-colour squares for a 42 square blanket. I'm using John Lewis Heritage and Wendy Mode which are the same yarn, 50/50 merino/acrylic, £2.50 for 50g. It's quite nice to use and feels sturdy IYSWIM?

CouthyMow Sun 16-Jun-13 10:15:32

Sorry I vanished, I was busy with the DC's... And someone pointed me towards Ravelry!!

My rainbow bunting is coming along great, now have 7 rainbow granny triangles and 2 plain.

I am full of trepidation about posting here because I have yet to crochet a single thing but succumbed to a book club deal on a nikki trench book that had loads of lush things. I covet making a lovely bag made out of squares but am shock at the price of the wool she recommends. Am I ok with any dk yarn if she talks about dk yarn and is there a nice but cheapish natural yArn I can use rather than acrylic (disclaimer- I only remember really cheap synthetic yarns that made your hair stand on end which is why I reluctant to go synthetic)

Any dk yarn is fine, as far as I know. To be honest, I am using very cheap yarn at the moment, and it is fine to work with, comes in brilliant colours and feels good too.

Deramores and Black Sheep Wools are good for a wide variety of yarns at pretty good prices, and if you have a Hobbycraft near you, they do a good range too.

It is worth looking at the tutorials on YouTube, as well as using the book - the two can complement each other. Good luck and happy hooking.

JollyShortGiant Sun 16-Jun-13 18:39:05

Stylecraft Special DK really is worth trying, even if you dislike acrylic. It's so cheap that you could pick up a ball and try it out then just get rid if you don't like it smile

marissab Tue 18-Jun-13 18:59:08

Ooo pants, def substitute the yarn. Honestly the price of some of the luxury yarns is insane! If its dk, i always substitute. I usually go for an acrylic with say 20% wool for clothing items. So its washable, and quite warm. Best of both worlds. I think now a days, acrylic is alot better than it used to be. If ordering online, i'd go for 100g balls that cost around £3.50. Eg not the cheapie £1.50 balls. They squeek sometimes they're so plasticy! You should be ok then :D

PolterGoose Tue 18-Jun-13 19:03:11

Stylecraft Life is 75% acrylic 25% wool and is a good compromise/substitute for more expensive yarns.

Ok so what I did, I found a beginner pattern which took only 2 balls ( a curtain tie back) in the book which I thought I would do for DD's room as we are redecorating do

Aargh new ph

Oh for goodness sake. Yes will use remainder to trial square and if crochet and me suit will buy more cost efficient wool after fondle in shop as want bag but don't want to pay £60 plus for it. Bit scared now.

ComtessedeFrouFrou Tue 18-Jun-13 21:12:59

Can I jump in and ask a question? I'm a total beginner and reading blogs about how Nikki Trench's Springtime Throw has destroyed peoples' lives, I've decided to start with something simpler.


But I'm stuck the very first instruction sad What do the brackets mean? Ch 105 (121, 145)

Elsewhere in that explanation thingy it says that the brackets signify a repetition, but that can't be right, can it?

PolterGoose Tue 18-Jun-13 21:23:42

The numbers relate to the sizes, so, if you're making the smallest size follow the first number every time you see 3 choices like that, for the middle size follow the first number in brackets and for biggest size follow second number in brackets. It's a good idea to print the pattern and go through with a highlighter to highlight the instructions you need to follow.

That looks like an American pattern so you'll need to do an English double crochet stitch where it says single crochet stitch.

The figures in the brackets refer to the next sizes. The first number is the prem size, the second number (the first one in brackets) is the newborn size and the third number (the second one in brackets) is the toddler size. So the number of chains you make depends on the size you wish to make.

ComtessedeFrouFrou Tue 18-Jun-13 21:31:38

Ah, thank you! I was getting so dispirited thinking that I'd failed at the very first hurdle blush

MiaowTheCat Mon 24-Jun-13 21:37:41

Finished the first thing I had on the go (well not the first started but the first actual finished thing) - was doing the mini granny square cushion cover idea off Attic 24. Looks dead good - I cheated with the cushion cover aspect since Ikea had plain black cushion covers for £3 which was cheaper than it would have cost me for the stuff to make them - so I did the front in crochet and then fixed it on and did a double stitch border to hide any visible sewing-on stitches.

Think I need to take a break now though - my hands have really cramped up and suffered from doing that - despite the fact I now have dog vet-wrap self sticking bandages wrapped around hook handles to make them a bit more comfortable!

TheNinjaGooseIsOnAMission Tue 25-Jun-13 08:04:19

sounds great miaow!! I hadn't thought about ikea for cushion covers, thanks smile

Ok so, I am yet to crochet blush but went to house of Fraser to get crochet hook and they had sale of rowan yarns at £2-3 so am now committed and this will be the weekend.yikes.
What horrible blogs about springtime throw?? Sucker tattooed on forehead alert.

MiaowTheCat Thu 27-Jun-13 08:47:42

Has anyone seen CouthyMow in weeks? She was last sighted heading off in the direction of Ravelry and I suspect may now be trapped in her house buried under a mountain of different crochet projects. Do we need to volunteer her for one of those hoarder programmes on the TV?!

KnitStitchSewBlog Thu 27-Jun-13 15:37:19

Just posted this on another thread but here you go again! best thing to do is to get cheap wool and ask someone to show you...

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