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nevermindthecrocodiles Wed 30-Jan-13 10:39:00

I am being very, very stupid - please can someone recommend a website that will teach the very slow and dimwitted me to crochet step by step? I am finding it ridiculously hard and lack of crocheting ability is nearly making me weep! <loser>

If you don't mind using the American terms these videos are fab

nevermindthecrocodiles Wed 30-Jan-13 10:52:46

Thank you! I am a crochet dunce!

JollyRedGiant Wed 30-Jan-13 14:26:39

I found that book very useful when I was learning. smile

MadameCholetWasMyFavourite Wed 30-Jan-13 14:37:17

Hi nevermind, another recommendation for knitwitch. I was in the same boat as you this year when I promised to knit my DD a crocheted dragon. The knitwitch clips saved the day.

Tiggy114 Wed 30-Jan-13 14:42:36

I would also get the crochet stitch and bitch book. It has some great tables in it to compare the US and british terms. If you use an online tute using US terms and get a british pattern, you'll need to convert. It's made super easy in that book.

nevermindthecrocodiles Wed 30-Jan-13 17:45:01

Ooooh brilliant, thank you everyone!! DP just bought me some of these so I'm going to settle down with a cuppa and those tutorials and get crocheting. I am ridiculously excited smile

sooperdooper Wed 30-Jan-13 17:46:37

I had a b

sooperdooper Wed 30-Jan-13 17:47:56

I had a book called The Happy Hooker when I first learned, found it v useful, and YouTube has some great tutorials too smile

sooperdooper Wed 30-Jan-13 17:48:53

P.s. it's very very addictive!! smile

Addictive? I have I idea what you are talking obvious wink

Talking about

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 30-Jan-13 19:25:52

Lol, addictive is right, my life now seems to be consumed by looking at patterns, stroking wool and hiding new stuff from dhblush

On the plus side, I am sat under the snuggliest, loveliest, warmest blanket that I have just finished making. It's very satisfying.

I learned with the help if you tube videos and a book about crochet for children recommended on here that really helped. With you tube I used my iPad so I could easily pause and rewind, which I did frequently.

nevermindthecrocodiles Wed 30-Jan-13 19:26:51

Arrrgghh <excitement wee>
<buys lots of books she can't afford>

You do realise I'll be back tomorrow weeping because I've failed, don't you?! Please send positive crochet vibes my way! grin

I'm learning too.

In that I have hooks and wool next to me, and I'm MNing.

nevermindthecrocodiles Wed 30-Jan-13 21:35:37

MimsyBorogroves that is excellent you are of course not now allowed to say you picked it up in seconds and that it's really easy...or I will panic! brew and what are you planning on making? I am making....--a knotty mess-- a very special secret thing which I cannot talk about because it's, er, secret <stabs self with crochet hook> actually, thinking about it, may well have to exchange brew for a sneaky-yet-small wine Just to help with the fear of failure!

JollyRedGiant Wed 30-Jan-13 21:45:14

The biggest problem I have found with crochet is that it is impossible to eat and crochet simultaneously. My evening snacks are becoming seriously reduced.

Maybe I could sell crochet as a weightloss plan?

You snack at the end of each row. er... at least I imagine that is what you would do should you so wish.

I've made a very long worm of the single stitch things. Told DH it was a scarf for a person with a very thin neck. I'm proud.

Was going to look at the double stitch, but I think I've done my worm too tight, and my kindle is calling me. So perhaps I will try tomorrow and aim to get my stitches more loose.

nevermindthecrocodiles Thu 31-Jan-13 06:12:43

I quite like the idea of crochet as a weightloss plan!

DancingInTheMoonlight Thu 31-Jan-13 07:02:12

I'm learning too.can i join? I can make thestitches and do a chain stitch. The rest is beyond me at the moment!

sooperdooper Thu 31-Jan-13 08:35:10

The first few things I made were aumagarumi, v simple in a round and quick to do as theyre small so v satisfying to complete something smile and extremely cute!

Sooper - that's exactly why I want to learn! They're the only things I am really interested in making. I've seen patterns for Star Wars ones, and both DH and DS1 are obsessed so it seemed a good idea.

KelleStar Thu 31-Jan-13 09:03:25

jollyredgiant I lost 3 stone when I started Crochet... It is a great way to diet grin

nevermindthecrocodiles Thu 31-Jan-13 09:18:03

Amazing! Please can we have a beginners crochet club? I want to crochet blankets, unambitous! What are aumagarumi?

Tiggy114 Thu 31-Jan-13 09:29:19

Amigurumi is great! I can try and answer any questions if your stuck although i am no expert. It was the 'happy hooker' book i was on about. It's really great.

nevermindthecrocodiles Thu 31-Jan-13 10:05:21

I have ordered the happy hooker book - there was a 2nd hand one on amazon for £2, bargin! My crochet hooks haven't arrived yet though, I started yesterday using a hook that ndn made for me as a stopgap, it's rubbish . Doing partial knitting with a poorly toddler on my lap at the moment instead whilst waiting for the postman!

JollyRedGiant Thu 31-Jan-13 16:27:18

I pretty much only crochet blankets. I made DS a mouse once, and a baby hat for DC2 (which is still unfinished) but usually I like blankets. I find it easier to watch tv and crochet at the same time if I'm making something simple like a blanket.

Did a granny stripe one, then a filled in granny, then a large granny square, now working on a stripy one and one made of 6" squares simultaneously because the stripy one is a little tedious and time consuming.

MsInterpret Thu 31-Jan-13 22:48:22

Ooh, me too -I'm a recent crochet learner and now addict blush

While learning I made some cute squares, circles and stars. I've just made some fingerless gloves as a pressie and I made 2 lavender scented heart hangers. I'm now embarking on a granny stripe blanket after finding a ripple too tricky a few weeks ago. It helps I'm on mat leave so had time to really go for it in learning.

It's addictive.

I just realised I've been snacking less too, good point. Mainly I'd been feeling smug about watching less tv and less mindless laptopping. Bonus number 3!

nevermindthecrocodiles Fri 01-Feb-13 19:47:31

My lovely crochet hooks arrived yesterday, but didn't get a chance to use them as littlest DC had d+v. And again today! If I can keep my eyes open long enough I'll attempt a proper start.....


The seeing machine I had saved and saved for has finally been ordered and arrived today. It all SHINY and in a posh JL box, and I reeeeaaaally want to have a play! Crochet or machine first?!

nevermindthecrocodiles Fri 01-Feb-13 19:48:40

Sewing machine, SEWING. Although given the quality of my typing I could undoubtedly use a seeing machine too, whatever that may be! blush

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 02-Feb-13 08:25:19

I am a recent convert to crochet from knitting though as my job involves 'handling thread with instruments' I probably have an unfair advantage. I have used the web, but actually found the pictures in Simply Crochet the best.
I find I luckily can bang out shapes fairly quickly so am currently doing hexagons.

KinkyDorito Sat 02-Feb-13 14:11:47

I find it really helpful to lose weight too! I taught myself in summer using those links. Good luck smile.

My first blanket is on my profile. I can only granny square, but I'm very happy just with that for now.

DancingInTheMoonlight Sat 02-Feb-13 15:19:37

I cannot crochet. I'm rubbish and the book is confusing aaarrrggghhh! Its making me cross and teary as I'm so frustrated! I think i shall have to find another hobby...

KelleStar Sat 02-Feb-13 18:08:52

I've posted in our local skills swap section that I'm happy to meet up for Crochet/Knitting support. Might be worth having a look on your local pages. I am in Somerset/Bath area, if it's any help...

DancingInTheMoonlight Sat 02-Feb-13 18:56:49

I'm in west Yorkshire :-( I'm not sure the book i have is good for learning so may try was on offer in aldi..

KelleStar Sat 02-Feb-13 19:14:58

Ah yes, I saw that book, the patterns were interesting, but not sure it's good for beginners. I can recommend youtube and just watch it over and over again with your yarn and hook in front of you.

My SiL was really really not getting on, she holds her hook different to me and it took just adjusting her hold to help her get the moves right.

Our Local Yarn shop has a lovely knit and knatter which I've gone along to on the odd desperate occasion. Those ladies are lovely and will do pretty much anything for cake or biscuits smile

AbsintheMinded Sat 02-Feb-13 19:30:29

I've just started too. I've been using these videos to learn. Catherine Hirst how to crochet videos

Then when I had practiced a bit, I started a granny square blanket and got a tip from Attic24 on how to join the squares together as you go instead of doing it afterwards with lots of single squares.

Thanks for starting this thread OP! I've been meaning to start learning to crochet for a while and finally started today smile

Me and DP were chatting to a bloke who crochets little amigurumi characters earlier and DP has decided that he wants to learn to crochet now as he wants some amigurumi too hmm So I'm going to have to teach him, which means learning myself first! grin I knit already but am finding crochet difficult, just want to get my knitting needles out!

Tiggy114 Sun 03-Feb-13 08:16:10

Where in west yorkshire are you dancing? I'm in castleford. Would love to meet up for a crochet sesh. Like i said i'm no expert but reckon we could get you going on granny squares quite easy.

DancingInTheMoonlight Sun 03-Feb-13 09:21:10

I'm in Baildon, north of Bradford. :-)

DancingInTheMoonlight Sun 03-Feb-13 09:22:39

So i showed the book to my mil who has been crocheting for a while and she says age would struggle to follow it! May order another of Amazon. Which is the best/easiest to understand?

Tiggy114 Sun 03-Feb-13 09:26:55

Ah we met before on tother thread. I remember now.

DancesWithWoolEnPointe Sun 03-Feb-13 09:30:20

Arriving late to fred (as usual) - I'm a hoking beginner to - I'm capable of doubles and trebbles and this is it. The american lady on youtube taught me how, and I started with grannies for the woolly hugs about 6 months ago. I'll never knit again.

Tiggy114 Sun 03-Feb-13 09:30:39

Which book? Happy hooker? It's the one i learned from. I must sayit took me aaaages to learn to crochet though. Sorry thats nor much help. We'll be in saltaire today. Come meet in the cafe and bring your wool. Lolol.

Tiggy114 Sun 03-Feb-13 09:32:05

Now thinking we could all set up a skype video knit and natter group somehow. Can you do group video calls on there????

DancingInTheMoonlight Sun 03-Feb-13 09:33:07

toI thought we had tiggy :-). I live close to a very crafty historical village (saltaire) and would love to be able to crochet. I'm limited as to when i can get out- work and ds as dh works away so am desperate forsomething to occupy me on an evening

TheWombat Sun 03-Feb-13 09:34:12

Ooh can I join the beginners club? I have made a few clusterfucks granny squares, and I found the videos by AussieCrochetChick really helpful, although for the first couple of hours of watching, the air was rather blue..

Log hello can I jump in?

I'm new-ish to crochet, I've made a hat that's totally wrong based on the pattern but keeps my head warm so it'll do, a couple of squares for Wooly hugs and I've just started my first blanket for DD and I'm very excited about it!

I find videos on YouTube much easier to follow than a book, there's an Australian (I think) lady who works in UK terms that I watched over and over again, whilst shouting at to slow down as I tried to do it alongside, but u got there eventually. Attic24 is also one of ky favourite things ever, partially for the beautiful pictures of things I want to copy and also because all her stuff is explained in real step by step instructions with lots of pictures. It's her granny ripple blanket that I've just started.

Log?! Not sure what that was meant to be...!

TheWombat Sun 03-Feb-13 09:48:25

StopEatingThatMud I think we must be talking about the same YouTube lady! I love Attic24 too..

nevermindthecrocodiles Sun 03-Feb-13 10:04:29

Oh god, after all that I just CAN'T DO IT <weeps> I must have a wonky anti-crochet widget in my brain! The happy hooker is confusing me quite a lot. Is there a "Crochet for Dummies" type thing? I can't find any local stitch n bitch clubs either (I'm Wiltshire area) please help me MNers, I don't want to be a crochet failure! blush

AbsintheMinded Sun 03-Feb-13 11:14:19

Did you try any video tutorials?

I find I learn by watching. Reading instructions is hard for me but if I see it, then it all clicks. Hmm, maybe I'm more like a monkey. But hey, it works!

nevermind have you tried ravelry? You may find a local group there smile

I just can't get it either but I have worked out why, I'm struggling with tension on my left hand. I can't work out how to hold the yarn but I think that once I've got that down I should be okay! And that might help me with continental knitting too! smile

nevermind - whereabouts in wiltshire? I'm there too. There's a craft shop nearish me (Trowbridge) which does classes. I can't get to them though as my 1 year old would cause havoc!

JollyRedGiant Sun 03-Feb-13 12:42:11

I wind the yarn round my pinky smile

JollyRedGiant Sun 03-Feb-13 12:54:25

That describes the hold. Let me know if the link doesn't work

JollyRedGiant Sun 03-Feb-13 12:54:40
nevermindthecrocodiles Sun 03-Feb-13 14:32:29

MimsyBorogroves I'm inbetween Malmesbury & Chippenham. There's a really good sewing shop in malms but they don't seem to offer any classes. I'll get on ravelry and see what I can find. Going to have a cuppa and breathe and try again - thank you so much everyone!

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