Oooooooooh, I have just made candles with 10% oils and they really are as good as Diptyque/Jo Malone

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First time I've ever made candles and I wanted really smelly ones as I like dead posh ones smile

I made Amber and Lavender (my fave Jo Malone fragrance) and Lime and Fig.

I used soy wax so environmentally friendly and no paraffin and bought tea cups from charity shops so no waste, the ones I've made are actually giant french pottery cups that I got today.

The french cups worked out at £5.40 each as none of the stuff I bought was cheap. Not cheap as chips and if you used paraffin and cheap oils you could make it a lot cheaper. But one heck of a lot cheaper than posh candles.

Dead chuffed me and my home smells lovely.

I have another 15 oils to try - guess what everyone is getting for Christmas this year wink

littlelamb Fri 10-Jul-09 17:23:03

Oooo tell me how you made them

expatinscotland Fri 10-Jul-09 17:23:44

Oh coolness!

PLEASE tell us the exact proportions you used. That sounds heavenly!

Where did you get the wicks and wax?

Was it online?

Please, share with the class!

Scorps Fri 10-Jul-09 17:23:50

Don't suppose you want to sell any? I was going to buy a posh expensive candle.

claricebeansmum Fri 10-Jul-09 17:30:40

Please share!

Any chance of some very simple instructions...

chevre Fri 10-Jul-09 17:33:09

where did you buy your stuff? i have some charity tea cups set aside for this exact purpose.

Happily - I'm literally bouncing off the walls with excitement

<saddo emoticon>

I got the soy wax from here

the wicks and coloured chips for dying the candles (not done that yet, really like the creamy soy colour) here

and some of the oils (US ones) from here
I also used some essential oils as I want them to have aromatherapy qualities too.

I shopped around for about 4 hours to get the cheapest and I think this was as cheap as possible for the soy.

Can I also say that I ordered in the morning and everything was here the next day so fantastic service from all these people.

I put water in the teacups and heated them in the microwave and then dried thoroughly so that the sides were warm and it makes the candle wax stick properly.

I heated the wax in a double pan (first pan had water in it). No water must get in the soy! so that's why its carefully done in a double boiler. Melting point of soy is about 47 so very safe to make.

Added a capful of each flavour of oil at the very last minute and just before pouring so that it couldn't evaporate or be 'used' in the air.

I stuck the premade wick to the bottom of the warmed teacup with a glue dot.

<tries to think of anything else>

expatinscotland Fri 10-Jul-09 17:34:47

you are a domestic goddess. that is too cool. bet they look wonderful. how are they burning? in other words, do they smell like the posh ones when they actually burn?

bumpybecky Fri 10-Jul-09 17:35:16

have you taken any piccies? would love to see them - they sound fantastic

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 10-Jul-09 17:38:46

Somebody watched Kirstie's Homemade Home


JetLi Fri 10-Jul-09 17:39:39

Sounds lovely - the 10% thing - is that the essential oil dilution before you added it o the wax please?

Amazing. Wouldn't think to make own candles. smile

Where did you get the french cups? (couldn't find it on your link) Thanks so much for all the info!!!

Yes, most scented candles are a miserly 3% - Diptyque, Jo Malone, Yankee are 7-8%.

I've made mine 10 for serious smell.

Trying to upload a pic.

back in a mo.

Post a pic!

Gah x posts!

Scorps Fri 10-Jul-09 17:45:35

i want a lavender and amber one! <<sulks>>

I would love to be able to make some; sadly i am rather crap at anything you have to make yourself!

pic on profile

FigmentOfYourImagination Fri 10-Jul-09 17:48:00

Very pretty

Presumably you can reuse the cups when the candle has burnt down?

They are great!

How much wax do you need?

bumpybecky Fri 10-Jul-09 17:50:51

oooh very pretty

Expat - I lit one about 15 minutes ago and the whole house smells amazing - honestly as good as a very posh candle. I bought 30ml sizes of fragrance oils from that site I linked to and used 5ml of Amber, 5ml of Lavender, plus about 20 drops of very high quality lavender essential oil, 20 drops of sandalwood too.

Fragrance oils and essential oils are different according to all that I've read. You get a nice smell from fragrance oils which evokes parts of the brain (nearly all candles are fragrance candles) but essential oils candles have aromatherapy benefits which is why I added some essential oils.

Ilovemydog - I just picked up the cups in charity shops today smile

JetLi Fri 10-Jul-09 17:53:19

Oooh lovely!! That looks fab! smile

chevre Fri 10-Jul-09 17:54:36

just told dh about thsi.. and he said 'did she actually do it or watch someone else do it and pass it off as her own' á la kirsty's not so homemade home

I bought 5kg of wax for £24.35 from that candelights site (that includes the 9 quid courier charge).

It's a very large cup - my measuring jug said I used 400 millilitres.

JetLi Fri 10-Jul-09 17:58:32

Wonder if the microwave would work instead of the double boiler? Just a thought. Could then use a cheapo glass jug just for candle making.

I used a plastic jug and it washed fine, probably because the soy has such a low melting temperature and it was just a bit of hot water and washing up liquid.

the problem with using a microwave is it could catch fire in there - I would never do it with cheap paraffin wax.

You know those little Ikea jars? I have made some extra amber and lavender candles in them - I'm hoping they don't break the jar when burning hmm

Anyone fancy being a guinea pig and telling me honestly what they think of the smell?

Scorps - you want me to send you one? (not for money - don't believe in that)

email me at the email address I just created if you want to. smile

I have had so much fun today - I made some green dyed ones in teacups with honeysuckle and jasmine smell - you need very little dye - PICTURE of pretty cups on profile

Oh yes please!

sure! smile

email me with your address at and I will send you a wee jar.

Thank you!

Have emailed you.

I love candles!

you Fri 10-Jul-09 20:44:17

They look amazing!

Let me know if you decide to make more and sell them so I can pretend I did them wink

<<will never be a domestic goddess>>

expatinscotland Fri 10-Jul-09 20:49:40

I have soooo many candles. Have smelled the Diptyque ones (my sister uses them) and they are divine!

you and expat - email me at that address and I will send you a little jar smile

no-one can have too many candles

witchofeastwick Fri 10-Jul-09 20:54:47

They look LOVELY

<< gives LaurieFairyCake pat on the back>>

expatinscotland Fri 10-Jul-09 20:58:42

Laurie, thanks for sharing the recipe, too. So many times, when you get on websites, they're too vague about the exact proportions to use and exactly what they used (measurements of wax and such).

It sounds like FUN, too!

I'll send a lot an email because I think you can never have too many candles, either.

I have 11 on the mantle, another 4 pillar ones on the hearth, more in the hall, next to my bed I have my lavender and chamomile ones (for sleep) and in the bathroom . . . blush.

you Fri 10-Jul-09 21:01:53

Oh thank you!

Will email you now grin

Am ever so tempted to make my own too now, would make such excellent christmas presents!

I'm going to start making them when I get back from my holiday. Christmas candles all round this year!

I am now making bergamot and black pepper - apparently good for concentration.

I love finding a new hobby - at least it's working out better than the coasters that dd and I wove yesterday - truly, truly, pants grin

oh the candles are lovely! Love the cups idea and the strong fragrance smile I am a candle lover, can never have to many grin

I love Yankee but they are so expensive, although they do last a long time.

I tried making a candle last week from some old leftover candles and it looks ok but it sunk down in the you know what causes that? Maybe it's because I used old candles?

You should really think about selling them!

expatinscotland Fri 10-Jul-09 21:21:04

I love Yankee, too, Holy. My alltime fav is Midsummer Night.


littlelamb Fri 10-Jul-09 21:23:09

They look gorgeous HOw much do you think you've spent? And how many candles do you think you'll get out of it? I am going to scour the charity shops tomorrow for some pretty cups

Oh, I don't know my fave expat, can't decide. Love the fresh linen and the baby talc, great in summer. In winter I love the french vanilla grin

expatinscotland Fri 10-Jul-09 21:31:31

Sun and Sand in summer.

tattycoram Fri 10-Jul-09 21:32:49

Wow they look fantastic. I'm really tempted to give it a go

I love Yankee but some of the 'cookie' ones are awful, too sweet.

I like the Fresh Linen one too and the lemon.

What's the one that smells like Coppertone?

Oh and I love the sandalwood.

Where do you buy Yankee online? I used to use a great site, but their range is really limited now.

expatinscotland Fri 10-Jul-09 21:38:41

Sun and Sand smells like Coppertone, ilove, that's why I loves it!

I buy the wax tartlets as they're much cheaper and burn for ages.

I use the tartlets too, much cheaper way to feed the habit grin.

expatinscotland Fri 10-Jul-09 21:42:25

Especially because I bought my wax burner off Ebay for £3 incl. postage.

they are truly beautiful. Would make lovely gifts for teachers I reckon as well. I might ask for the bits and pieces for my birthday which is in a couple of weeks.

geordieminx Fri 10-Jul-09 21:51:35

Go on, sell them, then we can all ask for them and not feel guilty! grin

NorbertDentressangle Fri 10-Jul-09 22:04:23

Berganot and black pepper sounds interesting.

I love bergamot, one of my favourite smells.

I once made a gorgeous room spray with bergamot, grapefruit and a bit of lavender -very fresh and invigorating -would probably work well as a candle fragrance.

Is bergamot a lemonish smell? Shame we can't transmit smells online!

ooh, questions to answer smile

HolyGuacomole - it's not because it's old candles, it's quite usual for them to sink and to have to pour more in, so keep some aside for later. To get a very smooth top apparently you can heat it gently with a hairdryer. Also the vessel you put it into must be warmed so that it encourages it to stick.

Littlelamb - If you make a 300 mililitre candle, teacup or ikea jar sized (I don't have any moulds but you can buy them online)I guess the cost of the clean burning soya wax is about £0.70p, the fragrance if you want it strong is about £2.00 and the wick is £0.10. Colouring is about £0.10p. The vessel could work out the most expensive (some of the teacups I bought yesterday were £2.50 each - charity shops are very dear round here) but the small Ikea jars are only £0.50p.

So even making a posh teacup with a load of fragrance (rather than just minimal fragrance) is about a fiver-ish. Well within range for a Christmas present (I'm a cheapskate).

The cheapest way to get fragrance into your house is to use as others are saying the Yankee tartlets - I had a red roses one which scented the whole house for a week for about a £1.

The cheapest place I've found to buy Yankee is either when QVC do a Today's Special Value or from this place. I'm on their mailing list and I got 18 votives of lavender and sage for a tenner.

Norbert - I'm stealing your recipe this morning wink I'm making bergamot, lavender and grapefruit in small votives.

ilovemydog - <sniffs bergamot> - sort of a spicy-ish lemonish citrus scent? I think

expatinscotland Sat 11-Jul-09 11:01:47

ilove, aveda used to make travel candles in tins years ago. it was a smaller tin that that, but it was superb idea and the scent was sublime. i used to carry one or two in my dop kit to freshen stale hotel rooms.

NorbertDentressangle Sat 11-Jul-09 11:13:14

Laurie -let me know how they turn out won't you? I'm quite tempted to make some now.

ilovemydog -bergamot is what is used in Earl Grey tea so next time you're in the supermarket have a sniff of a box of Twinings Earl Grey. I love it mmmm....

I have now spent the whole day making more and have discovered the following.

1. don't bother with glue dots to stick the wick down, just hold it in place with a clothes peg balanced on top of the cup/jar

2. YES, you can use the microwave and it's MUCH quicker - I have just cooked a further five and they were done in a minute and a half. I'm guessing because of the low burning point it doesn't catch fire in the microwave.

I have made the following flavours since yesterday:
Amber and Lavender
Honeysuckle and Jasmine
Bergamot, Grapefruit and Lavender
Mimosa, Mandarin and Orange
Blackcurrant and Nectarine
Sweet Pea
Fig and Sandalwood
Lime and Fig

I put 2 pictures on my profile - one of the cutest little pink porcelain cup with 4 teeny gold feet which I got for £2 this morning in a local charity shop

And then a picture of my dresser stuffed with candles. I posted on here a couple of weeks ago asking for tips on what to put on my dresser - it's bloody full now grin

I have some lovely wedgwood soup bowls filled with fig and sandalwood drying and I've popped a picture on there so you can see what it looks like drying - they are the ones with the pens holding the wicks in place

TeamEdward Sat 11-Jul-09 17:01:16

ilovemydog PartyLite do candle tins a bit like that. They have a lovely Well Being range with aromatherapy candles.

AbricotsSecs Sat 11-Jul-09 17:19:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Tinker Sat 11-Jul-09 17:20:39

Ditto. This is in Chat - please, please, please can it be moved so we can refer to it for teh future?

AbricotsSecs Sat 11-Jul-09 17:22:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thanks! Think I'm in love with bergamot. smile

As a side note, earl Grey is lovely. Lady Grey is not shock It is truly awful.

So, I get how to do the wax, I get how to do the scent, but, don't get how to do the wick....

I bought premade wicks, with a little aluminium pad at the bottom with a waxed wick attached. I just stood it on the bottom of the vessel and wrapped it (it's stiff enough) over a pen or when it was in the jar held on by a clothes-peg.

I just poured the wax into the jar and it stayed in place, it's manouverable for ages afterwards so if it moves while your pouring you just slide it back. I got the wicks from one of the links I posted.

You can buy all sorts of fancy wick-holding stuff on t'internet.

expatinscotland Sat 11-Jul-09 17:44:57

Laurie, you are all kinds of awesome! Wow, I think you've got an industry set up here. Am well-impressed.

Quattrocento Sat 11-Jul-09 17:48:37

Laurie - would you mind making some for sale? They sound brilliant.

EXPAT - you haven't sent me your addy on that email I sent you - email it smile I've posted out you's and PP's today.

Quatt - I'm going to wait to see what my market researchers say before i go global grin

I have just had so much fun doing this - the problem is I now have no idea if they smell in any way at all as my whole house smells of fragrance now - have a small cottage and every room you go in it stinks.

expatinscotland Sat 11-Jul-09 18:00:57

I shall report back with glowing testimonial.

I love candles.

Laurie you are fab!!

NorbertDentressangle Sat 11-Jul-09 18:21:54

ilovemydog -hooray, another bergamot lover (and I totally agree Lady Grey is not nice)

Laurie -did you like the smell of the bergamot/grapefruit/lavender ones?

Ok, a list of what I need to know from my lovely guinea-pigs:

1. Did they survive the post - I'm a bit worried that they weren't 'hard' enough and that it might be warm in the post office - when I'm posting for presents at Christmas I might harden them off in the fridge before posting

2. The most important question - do they smell - if not could it be because the neck of the jar is too small, the fragrance is not 'fragrant' enough (I've never done this before so the smells I've used may be poor quality and I would not know)

3. Does it last?

You need to keep the wick trimmed even more with soya candles so that it 'pools'.

I'll post yours Monday expat smile

Can you all be terribly honest as I would really like to perfect this so that I give good presents instead of just vaguely ok ones. It would be really nice to manage to do a craft that was actually as good as something from a shop hmm

I will let you know when it arrives.

What flavour do I have? No don't tell me! I want it to be a surprise! <excited>

very, very much Norbert smile

i bought these fab crinoline lady cups to make more from ebay today too

I have made 21 candles - DH thinks I'm crackers

That link goes to the MN homepage Laurie.

How odd.

All 3 are the homepage.

Tis not working

<blames mumsnet as I'm doing nothing different than all the other links I do>

Nope still the homepage grin.

TracyK Sat 11-Jul-09 18:36:32

Will I still be able to view this thread if I mark it for 'watching' - even if it gets archived?
I'd like to try this - but will take ages to get around to actually doing it!

MollieO Sat 11-Jul-09 18:42:01

They look fab and I'm sure would be lovely presents. You could also make them to sell at craft fairs. If they smell as lovely as they look you could have a very profitable hobby!

TracyK Sat 11-Jul-09 18:46:04

Also - I got a jar of Yankee - and it was fab - smelled the whole house. It ran out and I had a couple of wrapped samplers - hardly any smell off them - I had put it into the old jar - should I have used something else - or do you find the jars are the best for smells.

expatinscotland Sat 11-Jul-09 18:50:51

Tracey, I actually find the wax tartlets brilliant for giving off scent as far as Yankee are concerned.

The jars are optimum, but they are costly, so if you can snag them in a sale (our local shop runs 25% off sales for end-of-season scents) all the better.

Laurie, thanks for the list of questions. I'll be happy to answer all of them.

I trim all my wicks, anyhow, as got in the habit when I was using a lot of beeswax candles with cotton wicks.

My Yankee samplers are crap. I've a sandalwood one burning now and I've not smelt it once.

expatinscotland Sat 11-Jul-09 18:52:28

Get the tartlets.

Only £1/each, too.

Tartlets are good, the samplers aren't at all for some reason.

MollieO Sat 11-Jul-09 19:09:23

Laurie I would ask MN to move this thread to the Arts and crafts section as it will be deleted after 90 days. I think there are a few of us who will be attempting candlemaking after your fab guidance.

MollieO Sat 11-Jul-09 19:10:24

Should have added a 'here in chat' after deleted!

Metatron Sat 11-Jul-09 20:28:15

your link

They look fab btw.

I love this idea, in fact I bought some tea cups last year to do the same thing but have never gotten around to it. Laurie, can I ask, how much did you shell out for all the stuff initially, i.e. what is the minimum spend?

Thanks Mumsnet for moving this to Arts and Crafts smile

Bumperlicious - I have spent £25 on 5kg of wax and made 21 candles so far (in jars and teacups) and have about half left. I spent £7-ish on (100 waxed) wicks, £35 on fragrance oils and essential oils, £6 on wax colouring chips (have used hardly any). You can buy smaller quantities of wax and much cheaper if you went for paraffin wax.

HTH smile

well I was so desperate to make these for the teachers as end of term gifts that I just paid a small fortune for some soy wax in Hobbycraft blush. But just don't have time to shop around at the moment as need to get them done in the next day or two. I have no idea what 4lb of wax is in 'real money' but I hope it makes a few teacups for me. Off to charity shop this afternoon to get some lovely cups. smile.

just looked at the latest piccies, they are truly beautiful smile.

littlelamb Mon 13-Jul-09 10:12:53

I'm off to buy cups too
(and to pop in a few shops to rip off get inspiration for some scents)

Good luck with making them, hope you get some nice cups. smile
oh and don't disregard other vessels, I also picked up a very ornate oval silver plated box - that'll be lovely with a candle in.

How much did you pay for 4lb of wax in Hobbycraft? That's 1.5 kilo's so will make 7-8 candles-ish by my very rough calculations.

littlelamb - the link TeamEdward posted has some in tins with some good combinations of scent for ideas, I love the idea of a Basil and Herb one. Me, I've ripped off Jo Malone and Diptyque scents so far.

Bettymum Mon 13-Jul-09 10:33:05

Have just read this whole thread, very exciting! Your flavours sound delicious. I had a lilac Diptyque one once that was lovely. I'm definitely going to have a go.

Totally random question - where did you get your beautiful dresser? I'm trying to find a nice one for the dining room to fill with all my tat lovely china.

Bettymum - a pine shop in St Albans in 1995 - cost £400 for a 6ft dresser, it's very solid, it was plain pine but I painted the top half white and it's also been a green with stencilling in the 90's.

this shop, but can't see any dressers there now

Bettymum Mon 13-Jul-09 10:56:45

Ooh, Laurie, that is lovely!

<sits on credit card>

claireybee Mon 13-Jul-09 11:11:26

Ooh I made candles last year, just for family and friends but was thinking of taking them along to a couple of toddler groups that I go to this year to try and sell some for Christmas.

Last year I did only essential oils and did Lime and Basil, Lemon and Lime, Bergamot and black pepper, Lemon and Lavender, Lime and Rosemary, Lavender and Sandalwood and a few other combinations I can't remember off the top of my head!

This year I have branched out and bought some fragrance oils as well so look forward to using them. I'm guessing you need more of the fragrance oil than the pure essential oil ones?

Tip for cheap vessels - buy Gu chocolate souffles, they come in little glass pots that are oven proof and work really well for candles. And you get to eat the pudding first grin

Also if you ever go to Nandos then get dessert to take away (are you sensing a pudding theme?!), it comes in a little terracotta tapas style dish and they work really well for a more rustic looking candle. You need 3 or 4 wicks in those though.

I also got some tins with lids on ebay for fairly cheap-the most expensive ones worked out at £1 each inc p&p and the cheapest ones at 23p.

In total (not including the Gu or nando's dishes-I had those anyway)I've spent around £80 but will need more wax and wicks. The essential oils are fairly expensive but as Laurie said they do have theraputic properties and you don't need that much of them.

I really do need to sell some though to justify that amount of money blush

Laurie how have you found the dye? I've been too scared to use it so far (and the soy is a nice colour anyway)

claireybee Mon 13-Jul-09 11:12:53

Forgot to say, the teacups look lovely smile

claireybee - yes, I needed to use more fragrance oils as they were definitely weaker, I bought 30ml sizes and used a whole bottle per 300ml of wax so that it was 10% fragrance and I then added extra essential oils to make it even smellier. I'm burning a mediterranean fig fragrance oil candle with a few drops of bergamot essential oil at the moment next to me - it is a heavenly smell.

The dye is extraordinarily bright with just a tiny amount - however, it looks bright, clear emerald green while cooking but when dried is a milky minty green (very pretty colour), the blue is the same - a lovely lavender milky blue. I also really like the creaminess of the soy on it's own, you don't really need dye.

I'm loving the idea of tins with lids from ebay, then I can add fresh and dried herbs to them or prettiness - I was going to put lavender buds in the teacups but it would have been too much with the patterned china.

<goes off to ebay>

thanks for the tip smile

Oh Laurie, I went and spent £50 on that website you linked to blush smile and bought some of the scents you mentioned as they sound delicious! I bought some votive moulds but am going to scour the house and see if I can come up with some funky ideas for pouring the wax into. Have a few birthdays coming up so they will make lovely gifts.

Am so excited, hope you don't mind me stealing your inspiration smile

claireybee Mon 13-Jul-09 11:47:39

Laurie I tried adding lavender to one last year and it was a disaster, just didn't look pretty like I was imagining it to! Good luck with yours and let me know your technique so I can steal itwink

Ok, have been round the charity shops and got some lovely little tea cups. We've made 5 so far and they do look so pretty. DD's are really excited about giving them to the teachers. Thank you for a great idea smile.

If I was to make a candle in a container roughly the size of the one you sent me Laurie, how much fragrance do I need to use?

Is there an idiots guide to candle making somewhere online or do I just shove it all together and pray?

ooh, post a pic if you can smile

I got some more today too, dd has just made one in a little floral jug for her teacher, a violet and lime scent.

Have reviewed your candle in chat BTW in case you don't see it.

10/10 smile.

PP, I used a jug so that when the oil was melted it made 300ml of oil and then added one of the 30ml fragrances to it along with extra lavender essential oil so it ended up more than 10 %.

It is really easy if you heat it in a measuring jug to then add the oils - the oils come in 10ml, 30ml, 100ml sizes.

All super easy. Don't forget to warm the cups though so that you don't get shrinkage.

Has it arrived yet?


thanks grin

littlelamb Mon 13-Jul-09 16:40:16

I got nothing in the charity shops today. Either there is a shortage of teashops or someone got there before me wink
I'm going to order the candle stuff tonight and try some more shops tomorrow. Do you think you could make one huuuge candle in a jug or somehting? I have a really pretty one but I guess I'd need more than one wick in it?

littlelamb Mon 13-Jul-09 16:40:50

teashops??! Teacups obviously. No shortage of teashops here, it's granny central grin

Yes, littlelamb - I've got a elliptical pot which I am going to put three wicks in - it's going to take a helluva lot of soy and fragrance though

I've just ordered from that site you recommended above, I got 30ml fragrances.

I got soy wax, can I bung it in the microwave?

Yes you can PP - I discovered that end of Saturday - took about a minute and a half ish in the microwave, you have to do it til it's clear. I'm glad I found that out as god only knows what my gas bill would be for Saturday when I had the hob on permanently for about 5 hours grin

Hangingbelly - that earlier post was to you - post a pic if you can it would be lovely to see them smile

I'll have a go at photos later on - they are looking nice, I love the colour of the soy wax as it is. The house smells lovely - we've done orange and lime and I also got an Ayuvedic oil blend to 'clear the mind' apparantly hmm - smells good though grin.

you Mon 13-Jul-09 21:00:35

Alright, screw waiting for my birthday, if everyone else is having a go so am I! Thant's what child tax credits are there for right?

Am so excited, will buy all my stuff tomorrow and go vessel hunting on the weekend! I really hope it's as easy as you're all making it out to be and i don't end up with 5kg of melted snowman shaped wax hmm

you Mon 13-Jul-09 21:08:46

Oh and completely off topic, do you live in St Albans then? I lived there up till last year when DH decided to finish his phd in crappy Leicester. I miss St Albans so much!


Ooohhh, these look beautiful - what a fab idea Laurie smile
Marking my place as we're off on hols soon, so won't get a chance to play about for a while.

they are dead easy to make but I guess the proof is in the burning and I am too scared to do a test burn as they are currently all allocated to the dd's teachers etc!

I live in Hemel Hempstead - love St Albans though. Leicester is a bit horrid, nice currys though. grin I visit friends up there at the uni.

Shall I send you a waffle from the waffle Mill next time I go to St Albans grin

fishie Mon 13-Jul-09 21:22:36

laurie a very many years ago i used to make and sell candles and that put me right off them. i had no idea re this soya stuff, it really is a revolution! you are a visionary hooray.

oh freezing winter days with stearin and paraffin and broken heart....

Thanks for the reply to my post. What wicks did you buy? Not that I am looking at that site or anything...purely for informational purposes grin

you Mon 13-Jul-09 21:34:57

Ah the waffle mill...

<<stares into space wistfully>>

NothingToSeeHere Mon 13-Jul-09 21:41:47

ooo ooo advice please???

I put some large church candles in my conservatory last winter, and of course after this summer they now resemble nothing as much as greasy dollops of melted smush on my window ledges.

What's the best way to melt them down, do you think, and could I re-use the wicks or buy new ones? I've no idea if the candles were paraffin or not. But they were big, so I wasted a great deal of wax letting them melt like that. Doh.

Very excited at the Gu glass jar suggestion as I have LOADS of those.

<outing myself as a greedy piggy>

You can reuse them - I've seen a video on youtube of someone doing that. You will need new wicks though. They will be paraffin so get very, very hot - I'd be too scared to put them in the microwave but you could double boil them, just keep an eye on them.

NothingToSeeHere Mon 13-Jul-09 21:45:41


Oh Laurie, am so excited. The delivery arrived, woohoo!! Am visiting MIL tonight so hopefully can have one made for her as a wee gift smile I am going to try your amber/lavender and lime/fig!

Wish me luck! grin

And thank you for the inspiration, this is great fun! Will let you know how it goes grin

Isn't that fantastic delivery! Go luck HG grin

expatinscotland Tue 14-Jul-09 14:53:14

i got mine today, too! just sent you an email to say it's been received and thanks and some feedback.


the scent is very subtle, but still strong enough to waft through a room.

excellent quality!

burned mine for 2 hours today and will trim wick again and burn for another hour daily.

no sputtering, smokiness, just a great candle!

Yep, emailed you back - thanks so much for that smile

Bleatblurt Tue 14-Jul-09 21:21:39

I spent yesterday and today hunting around charity shops for lovely teacups so I could be a copycat makes some but someone has clearly been there before me and not a pretty cup was to be found!! I looked in 20+ shops!

DH suggested I use my expensive ones. shock
I don't care if I never use them, they are there to look pretty. grin

Yorky Tue 14-Jul-09 21:48:27

Have had a lovely time reading this thread and loving the photos and ideas and smells.

Seeing as the soy wax has such a low melting point would you let DCs help make them?

And last year I got some glass paints and wrote Happy Christmas on bought candles in jars, would be easier to do on ikea jars and then fill with lovely smelly wax. Very simple and not as fiddly as I though they would be

Yorky - I would let dc's help with everything apart from the pouring into the cups. I let dd do it yesterday but she's 11. The wax is still really hot even at 47 degrees so I'm sure you can still burn yourself.

You are right, it would be even nicer to do homemade candles in glass jars smile

I'm going to be making some Christmas candles soon, I've ordered a load of Orange/Cinnamon/Bayberry oils.

I've also had the cups I bought from ebay turn up and they are gorgeous so I'm going to spend some happy time today making even more today.

One of the cups I bought was a dainty porcelain hand-painted cup and saucer from 1800 - it's so utterly beautiful I couldn't bear to give it away so I'm going to make one just for my bedside table.

freaky, I did so well on monday looking for cups but today I went to another 5 and there was nothing worth having. I reckon if I can face it, jumble sales might be the way to go.

Oh oh oh I made some! It was fun!

Will put some photos up.

The wicks I got were to small though, so I had to improvise.

ooooooooh fab, can't wait to see smile

expatinscotland Wed 15-Jul-09 13:44:05

Oh my second day of burning Laurie's candle.

Scent still very strong.

Wick trimmed nicely with nail scissors.

Thanks, expat smile

I wonder if there's any way of me being able to tell how long they burn for. I have been burning a jar for 10 hours so far (two thirds gone-ish)and those Ikea jars are I think 200ml. It's very hard to tell how each individual teacup burns but I suppose I could just say that they burn approx 15 hours.

I think Yankee overestimate burning time - their big housewarmer jars are 90 hours and I'm sure I've only ever had about 40 hours out of them - clearly I live in a hurricane grin

Your candle is still burning here too Laurie.

Even when its not lit you can smell it when you walk into the lounge. Tis lovely.

Think my photos are up now.

I got the wrong sized wicks so had to use smaller containers. I did two coloured ones and used orange and basil to flavour, which smells nicer than it sounds grin and two natural coloured, magnolia flavour.

I used soy wax so did it all in the microwave.

Gah, need to sort profile out.

VousFaireVousPeutAvecUneChevre Wed 15-Jul-09 14:12:44

i am making one atm, how long does it take for it to cool down [impatient]

thanks for this thread laurie

about 2 hours fully - you can speed it up by putting it in the fridge apparently but I would be wary of it shrinking from the sides of the cup

OOOOOOOOH they look great Plopper !!! what lovely pics

I left mine on the side for about 2 hours.

VousFaireVousPeutAvecUneChevre Wed 15-Jul-09 14:22:42

[runs and takes out of fridge]


claireybee Wed 15-Jul-09 14:28:04

They look great PP.

My camera is broken sad. Will try to take some pics on my phone but my computer doesn't always recognise it to upload...

How do you all warm the jars? I've been putting boiling water in a roasting dish and sitting the jars in that (like a bain marie but not putting it in the oven) but some of my metal ones are v lightweight and shallow so don't think that will work.

VousFaireVousPeutAvecUneChevre Wed 15-Jul-09 14:33:57

why do you warm the jars [slapdash emoticon]

I didn't bother warming mine, too impatient.

CrushWithEyeliner Wed 15-Jul-09 14:47:52

Laurie I am loving your candle thread they look amazing - can anyone direct me to where the components of oil you add are listed as I can't find it - i.e how many drops of oil to add per candle?

Oh and do you still need any samplers??? smile

claireybee Wed 15-Jul-09 14:50:05

It's meant to stop the candle shrinking around the sides I think

Those are lovely plopper!! Very nice!

I made some votives, some are baby powder scented and this morning I tried the fig and lime......gorgeous!

I saw Ikea have little shot glasses, 6 for 99p, I wonder how those would look. Might pop in at the weekend and check them out.

VousFaireVousPeutAvecUneChevre Wed 15-Jul-09 16:02:26

mine is ready. it is too pretty to light!

I think Laurie said hers are 10% oil so I have been roughly following that and they are strong smelling, I used 10ml of scent per 4oz of wax.

VFVPAUC and clairey - I warm the jars in the microwave with a little water in them and then dry thoroughly - this is to stop the coldness of the jars suddenly shrinking the wax so it comes away from the sides of the jar - I actually don't think it's as necessary in this weather as it's so warm. I bet come time to make my Christmas candles it will be.

Crush - I am using 10% fragrance oil so I am melting in a Pyrex measuring jug til I get 300ml of wax and then adding a 30ml fragrance oil (from the site I recommended in my second post) plus 15-20 drops of essential oil. As the 30ml fragrance oil is the 10% the essential oil isn't really necessary - I just like it.

I've also made some aromatherapy ones where I've used only essential oils and this is much more expensive as those titchy 10ml bottles were 3 quid each in a health food shop - I've used slightly less of those and they seem to be ok.

I just bought a Sadler Ginger Jar from a charity shop for £4 - it's going to take a lot of oil to fill it but I think Ginger and Cinnamon would be a lovely Christmassy scent for it.

I've just uploaded pics of the ones I have done today (sadly it means the others on there have disappeared so I think you can only have a few pictures).

There is a cup with a little thatched cottage on - I have six of those and they are filled with Violet and Lime

And there is 2 art deco style Rennie Macintosh cups which have Basil/Herb and Black Pepper in.

And then a titchy 2 inch German porcelain cup (I have a pair of those) with more Violet and Lime in.

I've become a bit obsessed, I'm wandering around the house trying to find things to fill with wax!

Ginger and cinnamon sounds nice.

I haven't tried adding any essential oils yet, will try that next.

CrushWithEyeliner Wed 15-Jul-09 16:41:09

wow they are lovely! will definately try myself....

Laurie, love the Mackintosh ones. Honestly, you should sell yours in the cups, they are so nice!

claireybee Wed 15-Jul-09 17:05:53

I think last year I only put about 15-20 drops of each essential oil in...they weren't really strong but smelt lovely when burning. This year I might do a bit stronger...

claireybee Wed 15-Jul-09 17:06:46

Each batch did me 4 of those gu pots (approx 100ml each) so 5 drops of oil per candle

claireybee Wed 15-Jul-09 17:09:08

I want those art deco ones Laurie!

NorbertDentressangle Wed 15-Jul-09 18:30:04

Just had a thought as I sit here surrounded by the DC's mountain of wax crayons....can you add crayons to the plain wax and melt it together to add colour?

I suspect not as they're probably a different type of wax or have additives or something but thought I'd ask anyway.

I used an orange wax crayon!

littlelamb Wed 15-Jul-09 18:35:24

I need to find some pretty pots to make these in. I looked again today and still nothing! I think I am being too picky...
I was in a gift shop today though and was tempted by a raspberry and papaya one. Which I can barely bloody smell even though I am sat right next to it hmm

NorbertDentressangle Wed 15-Jul-09 18:41:43

Was that with the soya wax Plopper? The results certainly look fab!

I keep coming back to this thread and reckon its only going to be a matter of time before I place an order for the stuff and start a production line!

I even glanced round a few charity shops today to see what potential containers I would use if I were to make some.

Yes that was soy wax, I broke about a quarter off and put it in after it had partially melted. Worked fine.

I got some cheap containers online to test them out and will start scouring for some decent ones tomorrow.

TwoIfBySea Wed 15-Jul-09 21:32:35

Have saved this thread to add to the things I want to do at some point this year.

The fact I could use these as Christmas pressies has a definite advantage. Which is the best site to find out about aromatherapy scents?

Do you think they'd survive being sent to Chicago?

TwoifbySea- I think I would send them in tins to Chicago(if you do a quick ebay search for 8oz, 10oz, 4oz tins you'll see what I mean). They would be very heavy in a glass containers and expensive to post. I'm definitely going to do Christmas tins - you can get silver and gold ones.

I don't know any aromatherapy sites but you can easily find out the actual properties of an essential oil on that sort of site (like chamomile for sleep and aiding stress, citrus are envigorating, lavender for all sorts of things) and then mix and max to your own flavor - frankly I've nicked combinations of scents from Jo Malone and Diptyque as I know they will work. I think Yankee Candle would also be a good place to nick smell combinations.

PP - that is such a fab idea using leftover wax crayon - I love reusing stuff like that.

Bettymum Thu 16-Jul-09 09:40:18

Professor PP, I love your orange candles! I might have a go at using bits of DD's crayons. I have a day off work next month and think I'm going to spend it candlemaking .
Laurie, yours are lovely. I was doing the ironing last night in the dining room and eyeing up my nice china thinking hmm, well that cup's got a little chip in, I could use that one...and maybe the sugar bowl...

claireybee Thu 16-Jul-09 10:16:28

I use this site for essential oils. They are good quality, fast delivery and not too pricey. They also do different sizes so if you use a lot of a particular oil you can just buy a bigger size of it. If you look at the info for each oil it tells you which other oils it blends with.

Just did a lovely rose cup candle with just a little bit of pink wax crayon - it has turned out a pretty baby pink opaque colour. My girls love making these, I might even keep the pretty rose on for myself smile.

p.s forgot to say teachers all loved them for their end of term pressies.

ok, so I lit the pink one to see how well it burns - was a bit disappointed sad. The flame started off good and strong then went into weedy mode and was still alight but only a mini flame and looked a bit pants. Any ideas?

catok Tue 21-Jul-09 22:05:46

Nutella jars seem to be working well! Tiny flower pots from the garden centre also good with the hole blocked up!
My dd decorated said choc spread jars with Christmas outline stickers and glass paint. Thanks Laurie - I now know what to fill them with!

MollieOolala Tue 21-Jul-09 22:09:12

catok what do you use to block up the holes? I've been having a so far fruitless search for terracotta pots without holes!

expatinscotland Fri 24-Jul-09 18:38:00

Reviving this and happy to report that Laurie's candle is still going strong and throwing off tons of subtle scent and only down about 1/4.

seeker Mon 27-Jul-09 22:09:06

Ordered all the stuff and it's arriving tomorrow. V excited - bought some black coffee cups and saucers in a charity shop and we're going to make dark red rose scented candles in them Cant wait!

claireybee Wed 29-Jul-09 11:19:00

I found 4 little blue and white patterned chinese cups in a charity shop for £1 yesterday

seeker Wed 29-Jul-09 19:24:46


Everything's arrived - except the wax!!!![impatient emoticon]

Oh, Ikea do shot glasses, 6 for 68p. They are clear glass, cheap and a good size, 300g of wax fills two glasses. Bought 18 on Sunday and made 6 today, Vanilla with Shortbread and Bergamot with Citrus Basil - yummy! My kitchen smells great!

Wow, that is a great price for shot glasses - have you burnt one HG? does it smell good?

Is your wax here yet seeker?

I'm off on holiday tomorrow to search the charity shops of Dorset for more containers, all mine are filled here. And I will be ordering more fragrances when I get back.

Yeah Laurie, they burn really nicely and smell delicious. Only thing is, the vanilla shortbread ones make you hungry grin

I just remembered Laurie, I was in Urban Outfitters at the weekend and they had candle tea cups like yours with saucers and they were £8 each!! In fact here they are £8 and not even scented!!

MollieO Sat 01-Aug-09 13:42:56

'granny chic' lol grin

bootygirl Sun 02-Aug-09 00:17:57

just wondering if u can make long pillar style ones? Do i buy mold how much are they i d like to make some for family for xmas but dont want to put them in containers as the charity shops round here dont have anything...

Megglevache Sun 02-Aug-09 00:48:15

Won't the cups crack when the candle is burnt?

I could be wrong but I don't think they crack because the flame is not near the edge of the cup?

aJumpedUpPantryBoy Mon 03-Aug-09 11:52:12

bootygirlI went on a candle making course and he made pillar type candles in a pringles tube which you just peeled off when the candle was set. They were beautiful

bootygirl Tue 04-Aug-09 16:46:08

tanxs will have a look for them

Vulgar Wed 05-Aug-09 14:45:21

Hello all you clever candle people.

Can I ask - where did you all get your double boilers from?

I don't trust myself with the bowl in the pan of boiling water scenerio (i always get water in the chocolate)

also, how do you get the last bit of wax out of the pan when you've finished?

I can't wait to start . . . .smile

I just use a pan with a metal milk jug thing inside it. I sit the jug on top of a metal cookie cutter in the pot to keep it steady and off the base of the pot (as the wax, if it is paraffin, can get too hot and dangerous so you need to keep it off the base of the pot). Also, because it's sitting on the cookie cutter, the water can't get high enough to get in with the wax.

Once it is all melted, the wax just runs straight out when you pour. I've had tiny bits of residue which I've just scrubbed off with a dishwashing brush and hot water.

I 'think' other ladies have been putting soya wax in the microwave? Have a check back on the thread, it is mentioned somewhere. Just remember - DON'T put paraffin wax in the microwave.

Vulgar Thu 06-Aug-09 12:43:41

Thanks Holy smile

i don't know why i did think of that!

nappyaddict Fri 18-Sep-09 01:36:38

Plopper where did you get the square glass containers from for the orange candles you made?

nappyaddict Fri 18-Sep-09 01:38:59

Oh and has anyone tried doing them in wine glasses?

nappyaddict Fri 18-Sep-09 01:39:46

these look nice too.

lunavix Fri 18-Sep-09 21:39:57

what's the difference with essential oils and fragrance oils?

Just seen this and thinking about getting started on christmas :D Never owned a 'nice' candle before though! lol

lunavix Fri 18-Sep-09 21:41:23

and any ideas on 'modern' looking holders please? I love lauries tea cups but possibly a tiny bit 'quaint' for the people I hope to give to

lunavix Fri 18-Sep-09 21:59:18

laurie - also did you not spend an absolute fortune on oils????!!! You said you had 20!!!

morningpaper Sun 20-Sep-09 09:32:28

wooo hoo I am well up for this

BTW I saw these gorgeous boxes of matches in coxandcox and thought they would be lovely tied onto a candle like this

Nappy - I got the square ones in Ikea.

lavenderkate Tue 22-Sep-09 22:48:36

Dont bother with a double boiler. Make your own Bain Marie.
Keep all your old tin cans from recycling, wash them out and put your wax in them and then into a large tin /pan of water bubbling away on the heat.

mogs0 Sun 27-Sep-09 20:13:10

After reading this entire thread last night, I started to think about making these too. I had talked myself out of it this morning but while trying to de-clutter my kitchen I found loads of lovely shaped jam jars that I've been hoarding saving for something. I thought maybe I could fill these with wax and nice smells and give as gifts for Christmas. I have some mini sized jars too which I thought would make lovely stocking fillers.

Any suggestions for christmas smells?

mogs0 Sun 27-Sep-09 20:14:01

PS I also found about 5 Nutella jars blush so am borrowing the idea of filling them too!!

Leeka Mon 28-Sep-09 11:28:43

This thread's going to run and run!

Can anyone link me to an online shop for a good fig fragrance oil? There don't seem to be any on either Laurie's first link or the one Claireybee linked to later.

I love the Jo Malone Wild Fig scent. Just about to but wax, etc to give this a go - thanks Laurie! smile

bunjies Mon 19-Oct-09 11:01:07

Having been inspired by this thread I now have my wax and wicks but am finding it difficult getting all the oils I want. Does anyone know if you can just use essential oils or do you have to combine it with fragrance oils?

Very excited about all this. Even got my pots from the charity shop.

maclover135 Sat 24-Oct-09 16:15:56

Thank you for the fabulous ideas and link. I now have a house that smells of gorgeous lavender and amber. Thanks again

bratnav Tue 27-Oct-09 13:25:39

Daft question, have just found this thread, what a fab idea smile

How much wax in weight (roughly) per cup candle? I get that it is about 3-400ml, but I am trying to work out how much to order.


JulesJules Wed 28-Oct-09 08:43:48

Loving this thread - think I might try this for Christmas too! Thanks Laurie!

Leeka - there is a fig scented oil on Laurie's link - go to the US oils bit and on the drop down menu, it's called Mediterranean Fig. I love fig too smile

pinkhousesarebest Wed 28-Oct-09 20:41:14

Which soya wax did you all order? There are a few on Laurie's site.

frazzled74 Mon 02-Nov-09 09:37:11

ok, am going to have a go at this but need someone to tell me exactly what to buy(cheapest option)I can buy oils locally, but need wax and wicks,which wax? and what size wick?.how much do i need. I want to make some small teacup size candles. at least 6.Ideally i would like to buy from same site, to save on postage.

frazzled74 Thu 05-Nov-09 23:51:08


walkthedinosaur Fri 06-Nov-09 08:00:43

I made my order from the Candlelights website 2 weeks ago and have heard nothing, I've also sent a couple of emails and had no replies - but they've taken my £50.00 payment. Anybody else experiencing any difficulties with this website at the moment. I was really looking forward to making these candles this weekend.

BabyValentine Fri 06-Nov-09 20:51:52

Uh oh, I ordered from them too! Ordered on 2nd November, confirmation email has been sent, but no sign of any wax yet (although tis only the 6th).

P'haps lost in the Royal Mail strikes, dinosaur? Although, you should have received an apologetic email...

Will wait with baited breath (I, too, am very excited!).

walkthedinosaur Sat 07-Nov-09 08:59:23

Well my DH managed to get in touch with them yesterday - they returned his calls, and apparently with my order there has been a problem with DHL and they are re-sending and I should expect to receive by Wednesday next week. I'll let you know. Fingers crossed BV that mine was a one off and that you get your order without problems.

I just wish they'd told me they were experiencing problems rather than ignore my emails and phone calls.

glasslover Sat 07-Nov-09 19:16:51

So, to start from scratch with soy candle what would I need to buy to make say 20 candles?
Soy wax - how much
wicks - which ones
some cups

anything else??

LoveMyGirls Sun 08-Nov-09 20:28:02

I've just ordered, probably way too much but there you are..

5kg blended soy wax
50 wicks
3 x 30 ml fragrance oils (not sur eif this is enough but I'd spent quite a bit by this point)

walkthedinosaur Mon 09-Nov-09 07:27:47

I ordered and am waiting for 5kgs of soy wax, I've got 4 bottles of 500 mls of fragrance and am waiting for 4 bottles of 300 mls fragrance which is arriving with my wax and 100 wicks.

What do people think about using shot glasses, they're quite tall and narrow, my theory is if they don't explode when you do a flaming sambuca they're not going to explode with a little candle inside. Maybe I'll do one as an experiment to start with.

BabyValentine Mon 09-Nov-09 21:07:57

Do you mean a candle, or a flaming sambuca, WTD? grin

LoveMyGirls Wed 11-Nov-09 18:40:12

My stuff has arrived today!! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO I was like a kid at christmas!

French vanilla smells like warm fudge and the cherry ameretto is nice too, its like bakewell tarts but I'm not so keen on the baked apple crumble, I order them and the wicks from wicksnwhacks on ebay and the service was fab.

Lovemygirls, where have you bought your fragrance oils from?

Have I missed why soy wax is better than parafin?

LoveMyGirls Wed 11-Nov-09 21:25:23

From wicksnwhacks on ebay, I brought the small 30ml bottles first to see what they were like, about £1.55 plus postage i think

Joining this thread a bit late, but my stuff just arrived this afternoon and can't wait to make candles tomorrow!! Ordered from candlelights website - it has taken about a week and a half (not very good IMO when I'm paying £9 courier charge but hey ho) I ordered 5 fragrances to start with - 2 Christmassy ones, a Jo Malone style Lime Basil & Fig one, Lavender Sage & Citrus and Grapefruit & Fig... Can't wait to play! Hehehe

walkthedinosaur Thu 12-Nov-09 07:37:06

Still haven't got my stuff from the Candlelights website and I placed my order on 24th October, they told me it would arrive yesterday but no joy. They've got until the end of the week and then I'm going to have to start looking for reimbursement I think.

On a positive side, I ordered some fragrances from a company called Sensory Perfection at the same time and they've been sat on my desk for weeks, they smell gorgeous and I'm desperate to put them in some candles. Excellent service too, arrived within 2 days of placing order.

frazzled74 Thu 12-Nov-09 09:50:38

any other places to buy the soy wax from other than candlelights?

LoveMyGirls Thu 12-Nov-09 12:54:46

I brought mine from there and it came the next day dont understand why there is such a delay with yours WTD

BabyValentine Thu 12-Nov-09 13:05:18

Walkthedinosaur, you have getting such bad service - my wax arrived yesterday (ordered on 4/11), bashed box but here eventually.

I agree with twolittlemonkeys, with a £9 courier charge, it should be an awful lot quicker.

walkthedinosaur Thu 12-Nov-09 15:08:14

Actually my wax arrived at lunchtime today so I'm very happy. Box bashed to buggery, ripped and wet but all contents fine - first batch of candles cooling on the side smile

To be fair I think Candlelights are having problems with their courier service, apparently my first order went astray and DHL never bothered to inform them.

Still I might shop around for someone else next time.

LoveMyGirls Sun 15-Nov-09 19:55:24

I've done them, they are brilliant!

I've made about 40 little ones and I've got about a quarter of my wax left, I've run out of pots and fragrance oil and I've only got a few wicks left. I will be making more!

frazzled74 Mon 16-Nov-09 10:56:16

which sort of wicks do i need, what size? to make teacups.have just ordered 3kg of wax, how many teacups will that make roughly?

LoveMyGirls Tue 17-Nov-09 08:16:38

Measure the height of your tea cup then add a couple of cm's so that you can bend the wick round a kebab stick to keep it straight while the wax sets.

I ordered 5kg of soy wax and I've made about 40 small ones and I've got about a quarter of the bag of wax left.

Lauriefairyonthetreeeatscake Tue 17-Nov-09 08:27:41

Peckarolloveragaib - a few reasons why soy is better than wax - environmentally friendly as a by product of soy beans and not nasty petro-chemical paraffin. Also a natural product so doesn't leave those black stains on the ceiling. Paraffin disperses black vapour which is carcinogenic apparently too.

I'm so pleased to hear all you lot making candles smile

I'm just about to place my next order for wax - last week I had a bit of a garden clear up and remelted all the garden candle jars and pots, cleaned them and refilled them with soy wax and citronella candles - all ready for next year.

I've going to make some Christmas candles for myself and friends so i'm going to have a lovely time shopping for fantasy fragrances like myrrh, pine, cinnamon etc.

TwoIfBySea Tue 17-Nov-09 12:54:40

I have been collecting little gu dessert pots (unfortunately I had to eat all the chocolate in them first and that was so hard!) for ages now. Those and some small jars I already had are lined up.

I'm just trying to think of something suitably Christmassy scent wise. I'm thinking frankincense and myrrh, not too much so it isn't too sickly sweet but the cinnamon sounds good too!

you Mon 23-Nov-09 11:43:20

Laurie I've just ordered all my stuff ready to make them for christmas!

You sent me one of yours, I'd love to repay the favour, could you send me your address? annie kry @

<No critique though please as yours are bound to be better grin>

wukter Mon 23-Nov-09 11:47:08

Laurie - In the Sunday Times Style section yesterday (not that I approve of the Style section) they had scented candles in tea china for...... £26.50!

Lauriefairyonthetreeeatscake Mon 23-Nov-09 12:40:14

you - that is so sweet, very kind of you - I can't wait to hear how you get onsmile

wukter - I saw that in the Style sectionshockI would like to make more of it myself and perhaps do a little online shop - I'm currently doing a loft conversion (will be able to move in this week) so that I have a craftcandle room upstairs to make stuff. I can't wait to have a room of my own<hugs self>

as for Christmas smells, there was a description of a candle in the paper yesterday which had the Christmassy smell of orange/clove/cinnamon which I am desperate to try as it sounds lovely.

pinkhousesarebest Mon 23-Nov-09 14:05:28

Does anyone know why my candles are only burning down the wick, and then going out?(plaintive emoticon)

Lauriefairyonthetreeeatscake Mon 23-Nov-09 14:09:55

Do you mean they 'tunnel' all the way to the bottom of the jar/cup leaving lots of wax round the side?

or do you mean that the wick is going out? (which it shouldn't do if it is set very upright in the jar)

pinkhousesarebest Mon 23-Nov-09 14:31:45

Yes, they are tunnelling, and eventually splutter out. Did I light them too quickly, do you think? Though I did wait two hours.

Lauriefairyonthetreeeatscake Mon 23-Nov-09 14:36:12

Yes, I would leave overnight, they have to be properly hard really. The wick has to be very short - half a centimetre or less.

I've also found that any vessel larger than ten centimetres diameter fairs better and burns more evenly with two wicks. smile

claireybepositive Mon 23-Nov-09 14:54:12

I have taken mine to a toddler group and to a vie party and have made £50 so far grin

Still nowhere near what I've spent on making them but it helps with some of the damage!

Am taking them to another toddler group this week so will hopefully sell a few more...

pinkhousesarebest Mon 23-Nov-09 14:54:57

Thank you. Oh,and I have just done cinnamon, clove and orange using essential oils. It is fab.

TwoIfBySea Sat 28-Nov-09 19:29:09

Body shop have 30% off their fragrance oils until Sunday if you have one of those love body cards. Some nice ideas and yes I am going to cheat then!

tigerbear Sat 28-Nov-09 21:13:39

I saw teacup candles just like Laurie's in a gift shop today, selling for £22.50!!

littleducks Thu 10-Dec-09 22:13:41

just bumping this for more info from everyone

i made a trip to hobbycraft for soy wax but they had no candle making equipment at all (r the cake decorating stuff i needed either)

any other rl shops good for stuff, i need to make some before sat

mogs0 Sat 12-Dec-09 01:51:12

I've just finished making some more candles. I'm off to a craft fair tomorrow to help my sister and really hope I can sell some of these.

I've filled 10 cup/saucers and about 15 Gu pots!! I hope not too many people recognise them as Gu pots and think I've had a binge on them so I can fill the empty pot with wax!!!

There was a bit of a wick crisis - I ran out of long wicks and only had some really short ones but with a few clothes pegs and a blob of blue-tac I managed to successfully use them and will now have something on my table at the fair tomorrow!!!

I have a question. I added a red crayon to dye the wax. When it's melted it looks a lovely shade of red but when it's set it goes a pinky colour. Any idea what to use to ensure a true colour? I might have to invest in proper dye.

mogs0 Sun 13-Dec-09 12:50:23

I sold 4 cup/saucers - 2 of which were to my sister so not sure that they count!! The Gu pots looked a bit home-madey and I don't think I'll take them next week.

Doyouthinktheysaurus Wed 30-Dec-09 16:34:32

This thread is so interesting. I'm going to have to have a go at this in the New year.

It sounds like baking only without the problem of eating whatever I make and putting on weightgrin

meridian Fri 08-Jan-10 10:25:06

I ordered some soy wax, wickes, and oils before christmas, everything arrived but the wickes.. still waitiing now but I did find a few on sale in a craft shop, show when i finally shake the lovely bug I picked up for new year I'm going to have a go at candlemaking... its been on my list for ages to try, and I re-added it to my list of resoloutions for trying new crafts this year (what? it totally counts) grin

Bumping this up as it was sitting on my watch list and reading it again has inspired me so maybe someone who didn't see it first time around will be inspired too. grin

HousewifeOfOrangeCounty Mon 26-Jul-10 14:42:16

Bumping as I've finally got around to getting all the bits and am about to start candle making this afternoon. Was referring back to the thread and thought others might want to do this during the summer hols with dc's.

FindingMyMojo Thu 29-Jul-10 17:09:22

Thanks for bumping this - all sounds amazing & I love candles, essential oils AND old tea cups so it's perfect really.

Rash of birthdays coming up so I am going to get busy & make some gifts.

My first candle is cooling right now, only took me a year to get around to doing this! grin

Thanks, Laurie, you candle genius you.

CatPower Mon 09-Aug-10 22:59:12

Can't wait to get stuck into this - I've been bitten by the wax bug too!

JetLi Mon 13-Sep-10 20:38:05

I'm going to give this a little go, but just by re-melting some knackered existing candles, where the wicks have disappeared. Dunno what else to do with them to be honest & it seems a shame to bin them. Must be less enthusiastic when blowing them out me thinks grin

Suzy1975 Wed 15-Sep-10 19:15:00

Great thread! I've made plain soy candles in tea cups before but not with oils so want to try now!

FindingMyMojo Thu 30-Sep-10 12:52:01

word of warning re the supplier CANDLELIGHTS.

After reading this thread months ago I tried to place an order with Candlelights for soya wax & wicks - the site failed at the end & I thought that the Paypal transcation failed. I received a confirmation email of my order but as I was really confused so I sent Candlelights several emails asking if they received my payment etc - no replies at all. Eventually I sent an email, explaining no reply received, no delivery received etc therefore please consider my order cancelled.

That was all on 31st July.
Today on 30th September I received my order.

So Candlelights aren't great on the customer service, though they do get there in the end albeit 2 months later. I hadn't ordered from elsewhere so I'll probably keep the wax (and crack on with making some candles if I can find where the tea cups are stashed) but they won't be getting any reorders from me.

I still have to check when they took the payment ......

tb Fri 01-Oct-10 14:43:57

Years ago I used to make candles and we bought all our supplies from here - the failure to burn properly can mean the wrong size wick for the diameter of the candle iirc. They sell loads of moulds, wicks, dyes and perfumes.

We used to make moulded candles, in particular a 15" tall one with a spiral of kneeling figures and 'church' type windows. It used to stand on the top of the octagonal font at the back of the church. We had a white one for Christmas with the relief picked out in gold and a purple one for Advent - to match the altar frontal. Poster paint can be used for decorating if you mix it with a little washing up liquid, first, so it stops it being powdery.

It was quite good fun, to do. We didn't have many mishaps, except for the time one corner of the bread board ended up a rather fetching cyclamen pink.

soccerwidow Tue 02-Nov-10 13:22:23

bumping so this thread doesnt get lost grin

MassiveKnob Tue 02-Nov-10 13:28:16

Can someone tell me how to make new candles from old please?

I have some fabulous smelly candles which have burned down the middle as someone else said. There is more than half of each one left and they are quite big.

What do I need to 'recycle' them. I have the containers, just not sure what to do wick wise and anything else?

I saw some candles in teacups for £50 each last week! I am definitely going to make some.

MassiveKnob - I know this response is a bit late, but my mum does that. She breaks them up and melts them down. She actually cheats a bit by sticking them in a teacup (with a wick) and leaving them on top of the Aga all the time so they melt slowly, but assume you could also do in a microwave/pan like for wax chips.

hoxtonchick Mon 21-Feb-11 23:27:16

i am inspired grin. have ordered soy wax/wicks/those metally things from ebay & some essential oils from amazon. having done a wee bit of googling it seems to matter what temperature you add the essential oils at - can i use my trusty jam thermometer or do i need a special piece of kit? am going to use old dipytique holders, see if i fool anyone!`

ItsJustAName Thu 24-Feb-11 22:37:32

Just found this thread, an the are amazing! Love the china cup idea. Must suggest this to son's enterprise club at school.

Just bumping this thread to ask a question of all you seasoned candlemakers... Why has my last batch of candles set with the surface all bumpy and uneven looking? Last year when I made candles the tops of them were all beautifully smooth - this time they look like potholed roads - can anyone tell me what I've done wrong so I can avoid it please?

My house smells lush right now but all the candles I made for Christmas look naff and I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to homemade presents and won't give away the ones with bumpy surfaces so I need to make sure it doesn't happen again!

LoveBeingAMummyAgain Wed 05-Oct-11 14:01:33

Bearing in mind I've not yet made any candles grin can't you melt a little more wax to cover it up?

OvO Wed 05-Oct-11 14:09:44

Heat the surface with a hairdryer so it melts a tiny bit, it should then smooth out. That worked for me.

OOh thanks I will try the hairdryer trick! Not much space in the jar to add extra wax!

The hairdryer worked brilliantly, thanks OvO. This morning I have also made mandarin, vanilla & mulled wine spice, spiced apple and a slightly experimental mandarin one with whole cloves in it - looks pretty good actually. Am in need of more Gu ramekins before I can make more though so will have to eat more chocolate souffles before I can make more candles. Tis a hardship grin The more desserts I eat now, the sooner teachers' Christmas presents will be sorted!

Ok, twolittlemonkeys - the reason for the bumpiness and possible shrinkage from the edge is because the containers were too much colder than the hot wax - I keep the containers in the lowest oven setting before I pour.

massiveknob - remelt by putting containers in the oven on the absolute lowest oven setting, then you can our it all into a big jug (I sieve through a tea strainer to get out any added bits that always find their way in) , add a few more drops of essential oil then repour into containers. I remelt all the time, I don't take massive care of my candles, always get a bit of tunneling and I hate waste so I always reuse. What's nice about it is that the soy after remelting goes a more golden colour.

Since I started this thread 2 years ago I have purchased about £160 worth of wax, I burn candles every day (a lot without scent as really you only need one scented candle going at a time) - I've made dozens to give away. It has worked out incredibly cheap to have a really lovely lit house.

Other things I've found that have been amazing - someone posted a link to Bloom and I got 3 mercury tea light holders for £2 (so I bought 9 of them) - I filled them with wax and they burn for about 15 hours each. I 'display' them on one of those tiny Ikea shelves (for a fiver) so I have a wall of romantic light for no money - and of course because it's soy there is no wastage or dirty spots on the ceiling.

GretaGarble Wed 09-Nov-11 10:29:54

Can I ask 2 questions, possibly both stupid:
1. When the candle burns down to the bottom of the cup why doesn't the china crack?
2. When the candle is finished do you just chip out all the remains, wash out and reuse?

1. Because soy wax 'burns' at a very low temperature - not enough to crack glass or china

2. You don't 'chip' anything - you put in the oven on a very low heat,, wait til melted then pour into a jug, wash the vessels in hottish water, dry thoroughly - then reuse the vessels with the melted wax in the jug - adding more wax and microwaving so that you have enough.


GretaGarble Wed 09-Nov-11 10:36:59

Thanks Laurie smile. Will give it a go!

MrsDistinctlyMintyMonetarism Wed 09-Nov-11 10:45:09

Wow, what a lovely idea. <bookmarks>

QuintessentialShadow Wed 09-Nov-11 10:45:16

Will it work in paper cupcake thingies?

I was thinking I could maybe make candles, and just tear the paper off after?

I can't see that working as a candle QS as soy melts at such a low temperature - like the wax tarts you buy so it will just melt into a rather pretty puddly mess but you could make wax tarts with it. I've not tried making tarts as they're usually so cheap but you have just given me a fab idea so thanks! smile

Or you could use paraffin wax, burns at higher temperature and that's what most candles you buy in the shops is made off. There are tons of youtube vids for paraffin candles. It looks a bit more dangerous as it could catch fire in a microwave apparently.

oh I like this thread.

I made some candles last year using up a huge scented square candle that had burned weirdly.

Anyway - my question is; how did you manage to keep the wick dead centre to the middle of the cup? I really struggled with this as it moved around, despite me sticking the bottom metal thingy to the bottom of the glass.


Jax - you used waxed wicks with the sustainers on the end - and roll the waxed bit over the top of a pencil and balance the pencil on the top of the vessel. That way you get it right in the middle. It's also then easier to use 2 waxed wicks on slightly larger vessels.

ah thanks Laurie. will have another shot at candle making soon.

DigOfTheStump Sat 12-Nov-11 12:25:20

Dunno if this pic will work, I made these last weekend, but they have almost no smell. May try lighting and adding more essential oils when they are liquid again.

Pinkflipflop Tue 15-Nov-11 21:55:33

I was inspired by this thread to make some candles too.

Please can someone tell me why there is no smell from my candles even though I have used essential oils?

They look fab, made one in a wine glass, one in a cup and one in a jam jar but I can't smell them sad

Any ideas?

You need to use a high percentage of oil - I've been using as much as 10% for really strong ones.

And you dont 'cook' the oil in with the wax when you melt it, you stir it in at the end.

Highlander Tue 13-Dec-11 12:29:38

Million thanks for this thread Lauriefairycake.

My soy wax. Just arrived and I've cobbled together my first candle in an old 200ml Nutella jar. Used some old citronella and cedarwood oils.

Got the stuff from Fullmoon Cauldron; v quick and it was easynto alter my order. Have ordered oils from Oils4life, hopefullynhear vsoon.

Will let younknow how the candle goes.

A million thanks for everyone's top tips grin

clutterqueen Fri 30-Dec-11 22:14:13

Thanks Laurie and everyone on this thread. Just marking my place in case I lose the book mark again. Hope the Christmas presents went down a treat. smile

plipplops Thu 05-Jan-12 20:04:48

Just wanted to say I was totally inspired by this thread and made some lovely candles for friends and family this Christmas. If the feedback's good then thinking I might start selling some (I make and sell jewellery already so hope the two might compliment each other in some way?) I've loved making them and just wanted to say thanks!

TiredMule Tue 10-Jan-12 15:06:12

I've been watching this thread-I was hoping to get round to making some for christmas but ran out of time so now I want to make some for ME! (plus everyone will prob get them for their birthdays this year!!!)
I'd like to make some big ones (as I know that i'll never get round to refilling very often!) What would be best to make them in? I'm thinking the large yankee candle type size. Where can I get decent good priced jars from? Also has anyoen bought all the bits and pieces recently and if so where was cheapest?
Lastly-what are really amazing combinations? I prefer more fruity ones I think....and also ones that remind me of lovely holidays-tropical type smells....
I'm so excited about doing this grin

TiredMule Tue 10-Jan-12 15:08:08

weird-it's blanked half my message!? I also asked about great smell combinations...I like fruity, tropical holiday memory type smells best but happy to try any great one!
Very excited!

plipplops Wed 11-Jan-12 17:56:30

Well I made Christmas scent (Pine, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon and Apple), Lime & Mandarin and Cinnamon & Apple. Also made a Spiced Lime (Lime, Clove, Nutmeg & Ginger) but they were gross and I binned them. One of the problems I found was that with buying essential oils and scents online you need to really use your imagination about how things smell and I made a few mistakes. What I hoped would be warm and spicy (clover, ginger & nutmeg) were just musky and horrible. I think if you buy scent oils it might be easier (the apple is a scent oil) as someone's already done all the blending but with essential oils It seems there's quite a lot of skill involved and I'm not sure how you achieve that? (Aromatherapy course maybe??)

TiredMule Wed 11-Jan-12 20:47:45

Thanks plipplops-I was worrying how'd I'd get them smelling nice.....would love other tried and tested suggestions!

TiredMule Fri 13-Jan-12 19:45:40

Oh dear me-I have just spent all day trying to figure this all out and find a good price.......I've ended up spending way more than I wanted and i'm not even sure i've got it right! I got very confused with wicks-seeing as I haven't got containers yet-I'm going to be searching for the right diameter containers everywhere now seeing as I have 100wicks coming blush whoops! My head and eyes are spinning......I really hope I haven't just wasted all that time and money.......

emsyj Fri 22-Jun-12 14:58:24

Just reviving this thread to ask a question about wicks - they are making my head hurt sad. I have bought what I hope is the right size of wick, but I need to prime it as it's just on a roll - can I use soy wax to prime, or do I need to use paraffin wax? I can lop a bit off a massive candle to use if I need paraffin but just wondered...

TIA smile

ethelb Thu 13-Sep-12 17:15:27

what do you all use to melt the wax in? do you just st up a ban marie with an old pan?

I melt the soy wax chips in the microwave, but you can do it in a bain marie - just don't melt them directly over a heat source in the pan!

ethelb Fri 14-Sep-12 09:45:10

Thanks! I have paraffin wax and beeswax to use as a hardener. Is there anything you can do to prevent the wax reachign the flash point and ending up with a big firey, burney mess?

You need to do paraffin in a double boiler so it doesn't reach flashing point - don't use a microwave.

fragrancemeister Sun 05-May-13 23:27:29

Hi Emjay,you need to use the same wax as you are using fro your you are using soy wax to make your candle you need to prime your wick with soy wax,but it is so much easier to buy them ready primed.Fullmoons-cauldron also do multi purpose wicks suitable for any type of wax.Hope this helps.

RaphaeliteGirl Thu 08-Aug-13 22:01:40

Hi Laurie Fairy Cake

What a magnificent thread grin)

Discovered about eleventy-million years after everyone else ;o)

I notice that your last post mentions a company called Bloom. Have googled and not found it so far.

Can you possibly post a link?

Thanks so much, Helen

dawniebabe10 Sat 17-Aug-13 10:35:52

Hi there Laurie
I have tried emailing you regards candle hel p but the email you put up in the thread dosbt work.. this is the email I used.
If this is no longer your email please email me as I have many questions and would love to chat with you. My email is

Dawn x

dawniebabe10 Sat 17-Aug-13 10:45:45

I was browsing the web for candle making tips etc and came across your netmums conversation from way back. I wasnt able to view all as im not a member but have now joined. Obviously:-)
I am over the next few weeks wanting to make candle s of the scented kind, I like you love the very highest scented ones. I want to make for gifts and my own home, ive brought candle holders to use as the jars and I also have some old candles and crayons for colour,I have  wicks but no scents.
I brought paraffin wax as didnt know about soy wax. Can you please tell ne the best place to get the soy wax at good price? as I paid £6 for paraffin wax from ebay and around £2 for 20 pre waxes wicks. I am struggling with the smells as I have no idea whay to use and where to buy. Can you please help? As yours sounded lovely.
My questions are
Best and cheapest place to buy soy wax
Best smells and where to buy from at best price
How much wax should I buy



dawniebabe10 Sat 17-Aug-13 12:47:57

Thank you. Can you tell me where you get your oils from as this is what i am having the most trouble with and also havnt got a clue on the nicest smells or if to use fragrance oil or essential oils???.. I also dont have a clue on what wicks to buy?. I am mainly aiming to make tea light size and my other jars are of a size around 5 inch deep. I have ordered 5cm and 5inch pre waxex cotton wicks so far so hope they will be ok?.

tb Sat 24-Aug-13 15:08:50

The wick needs to vary in thickness with the diameter of the candle - fatter candles need thicker wicks.

Candle makers' supplies in London sell all thicknesses of wicks, and, from memory, candle perfumes, dyes etc.

Please remember that if you drop molten wax on the skin - eg back of the hand, it can burn down to the bone as it sticks and the skin underneath can't cool down.

A very cheap candle mould is the white plastic sort of washing up liquid bottle - about 40p from Sainsbury's/Waitrose. You heat a metal skewer in a gas flame, and pierce the bottom to make a hole in the centre for the wick. You then cut the top off, and make 2 holes opposite to put a skewer through, and the skewer passes through the wick about an inch from the end. The end through the bottom is then pulled fairly tight. It can then be sealed with a little mould seal to stop wax leaking out. You can get little metal things - like the ones in the bottom of a tea light, but tbh we never bothered with them when we were making candles at home (over 30 years ago).

You need to be fairly careful with powdered dyes - they are very strong, and we had a wooden chopping board with one corner a fetching shade of cyclamen pink. It never came off.

Also, as the wax cools it will shrink down - it's higher at the edges, and peaks up a little around the wick. You need to keep breaking the skin as it forms and topping up with more molten wax until you have the height you want (and dh wonders why I'm an inveterate playing with wax on candles in restaurants). If you let the wax get cold, you'll get lines on the outside of the candle - could be part of a design, maybe not.

Any candle that doesn't look 'right' - cut it up into chunks, and if white pour coloured wax around it, and if coloured surround it with white wax to make a different sort of candle.

dawniebabe10 Sat 24-Aug-13 23:53:11

Thank you tb. I have sourced some very good fragranceoils, molds and wax but still seem to be struggling with the wicks.. I have been using 5cm pre tab lx12 for tealights which seem good bit when I'm making a sampler size candle I used the 3 inch lx14 and got terrible tunneling:-(. Also some body advised using crayons for colour, I wouldn't recommend as my candles burnt awfully and kept going out.. I have been buying the supplies from ebay as I live in a very small town and the few craft shops there are within 30miles don't sell candle making supplies.
Can you please recommend some wick sizes for tealights and also sampler/small jar candles . X

sharonola66 Sun 01-Sep-13 22:48:56

I have made many candles using the following-

an old metal bowl over a slightly larger saucepan
old glass jars/containers-jars used for food protection have been already heat treated so can withstand heat I have used nutella jars also.
"old" wax mixed with new wax.
Childrens WAX crayons(must be only wax-I used Crayola-99p) bashed up with a rolling pin give great colour and the colours are mixable.
Cheap cotton string can be used for a wick.
wick reused from old melted candles
old wick holders from other used candles
I save so much using the above I don't mind buying good quality fragrance

dawniebabe10 Tue 17-Sep-13 16:14:22

I would never have tried using glass jars as vessels. do the jam jars ect not smash when the candle is 3/4 burning? .
I had absolutely no successful with crayons, even the good brands. I Use block wax dye now which is cheaper and very good.
I have also been reusing candle holders and also tealight holder's to make new tealights.

It just proves tho that candle making dosnt have to be expensive

SmileyKJ Wed 18-Sep-13 21:44:50

It's very easy to make your own candles and wax melts are even easier!! for instructions

rtbd Fri 25-Oct-13 10:55:33

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Laurie, those candles sound really good.

I'm just marking my place so I can order supplies next week.

evelynj Sat 14-Dec-13 10:23:05

Great thread-anyone with any current recommended links for scents, wax & wicks please? Would be most greatfully received.


I buy my supplies from

MrsPennyapple Sun 29-Dec-13 19:32:11

I was looking at some websites selling candle making supplies and one of them said the vanilla fragrance oil was not recommended with soy wax. Does anyone know why that might be, and what could be done about it? Or is it just not possible to make vanilla soy candles?

MrsPennyapple Mon 06-Jan-14 12:30:12

Bumping as I really want to make vanilla soy candles...

spottymoo Mon 06-Jan-14 13:23:02

Can anyone recommend a high street store that sells wax,wicks etc

Not High Street, but Hobbycraft sell a reasonable range of candlemaking supplies. Or you can buy online.

CuttedUpPear Mon 06-Jan-14 15:47:04

Joining the thread as I already lots of teacups and oils and love the idea of making Jo Malone standard candles!

spottymoo Mon 06-Jan-14 17:39:42

Thanks I forgot about hobby craft we have a big one not far from us grin

Were do you get the Jo Malone sent from?

MerryC Sun 19-Jan-14 12:44:10

Hi Laura Fairycake - I have just come across your sources for oils and soya wax. I was wondering if you are still using these sources for supply of these items. I clicked onto a couple and they don't seem to be there anymore. Love to try candle making. Regards, Mary

MrsPennyapple Mon 20-Jan-14 23:40:25

MerryC I made my first candles last week with supplies from Whicknwhacks. Fairly prompt delivery considering it was right after Christmas. The only problem was that they forgot to send an email to say it was dispatched, so I had to chase up, but then my order arrived the next day.

I believe 4candles is also good, but their carriage was more to where I live. I think 4candles was cheaper but whicksnwhacks had more choice. Or maybe the other way around. Have a look at both smile

My candles came out really well btw, they definitely don't look home made!

ParsleyTheLioness Thu 06-Feb-14 21:37:36

I just had an order from fullmoons . Arrived the next day, bought 1kg wax, 1 x scented oil to try, wicks and 5 tins. About £20 in total, which included £6 delivery. Thought this was pretty good. Delivery by Fedex so can be tracked online.

ParsleyTheLioness Thu 06-Feb-14 21:40:59

Worthwhile getting everything from one place, as carriage is a major part of the bill. Certainly while I am experimenting....I can branch out a bit later hopefully. I am trying their Scottish Heather fragrance oil, I already have quite a few essential oils.

Hogwash Thu 03-Apr-14 22:14:25

LaurieFairieCake are the sites you posted in the original post in 2009 still the cheapest places to buy wax and oils? I've been looking at Blackadder and Gracefruit but there is a huge difference in price.


Flossyfloof Sat 05-Apr-14 14:00:12

I really need to go to the gym now but when I get back I am going to sit down and read the whole of this thread and treat myself. I am rubbish at making things look nice but I think I could possibly do this, especially if I can find some nice containers/cups etc. Yum!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 29-Apr-14 21:57:00

I have joined the fruga-candle-gang and made my first 4 tea tonight. I fear I May have been a bit heavy handed with the oils - going to light one now. With me luck smile

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 29-Apr-14 22:22:16

mmm certainly not too heavy handed. it smells lovely actually and looks ever so pretty with the flame illuminating the fine China cup. But, the lime oil I used is a bit
....throat-gripping. Overall, ok but sadly not Jo Malone standard. Will play around with different brands of fragrance oil. Any tips ?

Toastqueen Tue 06-May-14 22:54:12

I too discovered this thread and am making (or trying to ) candles like diptyque -sadly not yet tho, bit like poster Ohhelpohnoitsa

Any tips?

Have tied myself in knots over correct temp to add fragrance (180) cooling time before pouring, curing time .... And so it goes on ........ they all burn well but not the fragrance throw is not great Despite using 10%

Using soy wax and escentia us style fragrance oils

Making these for a fundraiser on the 17may .....wish I'd done for the dog biscuits !!!!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 06-May-14 23:28:05

toastqueen, in your defence people will buy your lovely candles and the money will be raised before anyone realisessmile I added some essential aromatherapy lavender oil to some and they are stronger. I am awaiting pomegrante noir oil to try out. Keep going. Although goodness only knows what this wax cleaning off is doing to the sewer system.

Toastqueen Wed 07-May-14 11:26:51


Curious how the pomegranate noir goes, perhaps I've just smelt/burned too many am now immune.,,!, Gave one to a friend and she thought it smelt great :-))

Bobulate Sat 05-Jul-14 12:21:22

I'm about to have a go at this but think I will get oils where original OP got hers, as they sound like they worked:

SagaNorensLeatherTrousers Sat 05-Jul-14 12:27:03

This is the thread that brought me to Mumsnet! Got all nostalgic and gleeful when I saw it pop up in Active Convos.

Bobulate Sat 05-Jul-14 12:53:34

Did you manage to make some Saga?

SagaNorensLeatherTrousers Sat 05-Jul-14 13:19:20

Ha, well! It's become a family joke as I bought all the stuff from all the sources the OP recommended, gathered some teacups, etc. and then the stuff just sat around...

DH, thinking himself so hilarious, frequently says, "and when the money starts coming in from those candles..." cos for 5 minutes I fancied myself the new Jo Malone. blush

I really should make them, though...

Bobulate Sat 05-Jul-14 13:51:10

That might be me shortly saga - have just placed an order!

Fragglewump Sat 05-Jul-14 14:02:18

Marking place for later!

MrsWinnibago Sat 05-Jul-14 21:35:31

OOh this thread!! I'm so excited! Laurie thank you so much for sharing your recipe and experience! I am really chuffed as I love candles and these will make beautiful gifts!!

MrsWinnibago Sun 07-Sep-14 22:50:48

I'm bumping this as I've got questions!

Do you need to buy a certain type of wick? there's so many! And the oils on the link are expensive! Any cheaper anyone can reccomend? Thank you!

ghostisonthecanvas Sun 07-Sep-14 23:01:55

I haven't RTFT.
The wick depends on the size of container . It is better to buy from companies like Fullmoon or The Soap Kitchen. Don't stint on quality. There are some simple books out there to get you started. The quantity of fragrance needs to be as recommended by the wax manufacturer.

MrsWinnibago Sun 07-Sep-14 23:06:32

Thank you! I need all the tips I can get. x

ghostisonthecanvas Sun 07-Sep-14 23:09:16
Oh oh. Been a while since I made anything. Going to bed instead of surfing lovely things. Too easy to get carried away.

ghostisonthecanvas Sun 07-Sep-14 23:12:03

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