KNITTERS! How many balls of wool to make a ladies' sweater?

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BEAUTlFUL Tue 12-May-09 14:24:18

I'd like to buy my mum some cashmere wool for her birthday, so she can knit herself a posh sweater. How much wool would I need to buy, so she has enough to make a size 12/14 sweater? (She is very slim but wears clothes slightly baggy.)

The site I've seen sells 250g Cashmere for £62... Would that be enough?


sleepyeyes Tue 12-May-09 14:36:55

I don't think so thats about 5 balls of wool, for a women's sweater it takes quite a few.
The chunkier the yarn the less you need to buy, cashmere is fairly fine and knits smaller to you need more of it to make a sweater. Merino is a lovely wool and luxury like cashmere but a but cheaper so look into that too.
There are loads of different wools available check out online stores like this one.

And this place has loads of different types

gigglinggoblin Tue 12-May-09 20:48:06

if you find a pattern for a jumper using the wool you want to buy it will tell you how many balls you will need. If you dont want the pattern it should at least give you an idea and I would always make sure there is some left over incase it gets damaged so you have some of the same dyelot to repair it.

BEAUTlFUL Tue 12-May-09 22:56:10

thank you! Good tip about Merino too, I've worked out that the cashmere is going to cripple me financially for the rest of my life.

Thanks again, both of you. smile

Strawbezza Tue 12-May-09 23:12:13

Definitely check with a pattern... although that will vary depending on the looseness/tightness (tension) of the pattern. I'm knitting a 16" baby's cardigan (not in cashmere, I hasten to add) and that's taking 100g, the 20" size takes 150g.

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