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decoupage varnish?

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MrsWelly Wed 04-Sep-13 15:11:37

I have a case on my tablet which I want to decoupage (loads of old magazines lying around). I'm OK with that bit but then I'm going to need to seal it somehow, is there a special decoupage varnish I need?

MrsWelly Wed 04-Sep-13 16:27:54


NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Wed 04-Sep-13 19:49:51

DD 9 has done some decoupage and we just used some cheap white PVA glue from Hobbycraft. this site has varnish .

MrsWelly Wed 04-Sep-13 20:53:32

Thanks, I have some PVA I don't know why I didn't think of that!

DontCallMeDaughter Wed 04-Sep-13 20:57:35

Agree that you can just use pva, but... If your case is going to be submitted to lots of wear and tear, you might want to give it a coat of varnish at some point to toughen it up.

cocoplops Thu 05-Sep-13 22:24:15

I've used watered down PVA - that's what was suggested from looking around the internet. But also bought some Decopatch glue (was in a pink pot). the Decopatch stuff was around £7 but was really good and gave a really nice shiny finish that the PVA didn't. I think the Decopatched stuff will last longer too.

MadeOfStarDust Fri 06-Sep-13 17:24:07

With the decopatch stuff watch it is not going to get warm as ours went a bit tacky.... not overly so, but paper got stuck to it if left in a pile for a while...

Showtime Mon 09-Sep-13 22:38:51

There is something specific made by Daler-Rowney, but forget the name. I've used clear nail-polish, two thin coats, with great success over small areas.

Lottelove78 Wed 25-Sep-13 12:50:48

I've only tried the PVA for the few pieces i've done and its worked fine but have heard good things about Modpodge.

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