WHere can I buy cherry stones?

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Pruni Sun 19-Feb-06 10:26:28

Message withdrawn

JackieNo Sun 19-Feb-06 10:33:13

I assume this is the one you've already found - they do send to the UK, though.

gscrym Sun 19-Feb-06 11:09:52

There's an ebay shop for them. Just search for loose cherry stones. It's a german one though

JackieNo Sun 19-Feb-06 11:14:27

gscrym - think the ebay shop links to the site I linked to - that's the only one I've been able to find! Maybe they have some sort of cherry stone monopoly. If you do a search for 'kirschkerne' (cherry stones in German) you do get a few more companies, but my German's so rusty I'm having trouble working out if they send to UK. There's one here .

JayzMummy Sun 19-Feb-06 12:18:56

Pruni....just out of interest why cherry stones? Ive made heat pillows and used wheat and barley....is there a difference using cherry stones?

Pruni Mon 20-Feb-06 18:36:14

Message withdrawn

cod Mon 20-Feb-06 18:36:57

Message withdrawn

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