2 tests, 2 faint pink lines.

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becca1611 Thu 27-Oct-16 07:16:23

I am 4 days late for AF. I purchased a two pack of early tests from lloyds chemist yesterday and took one straight away. Nothing happened but after 10 mins (which I know I shouldn't trust) a faint pink line came up in the window (I added a pic below, I hope you can see what I see). It played on my mind all night so I took the other one first thing this morning. After about 3 minutes a faint pink line appeared again. I have 'symptoms' feeling icky, going really hot and really low cramps on right side of pelvis. Has anyone else experienced this from lloyds tests? What was your outcome? Should I wait and see if AF arrives or splurge on more tests? Thank you smile

aforestgrewandgrew Thu 27-Oct-16 07:20:09

How many minutes do the tests say on the packets?

10 minutes is unreliable IIRC but is 3 minutes within the time frame allowed anyway?

Bagina Thu 27-Oct-16 07:32:55

Get a clear blue one this morning. Save some morning wee!

Jolana123 Thu 24-Nov-16 00:24:07

That look positive I had similar to you so fingers crossed for u wink

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