I have been prescribed citalopram

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Littleen Wed 31-Jul-13 22:40:52

I have been on both sertraline and citalopram due to bipolar, (not whilst pregnant, I quit) and didn't feel any better from either. They are both common antidepressants, and are normally considered safe during pregnancy. Most medication that is not recommended has a risk that gets lower after first trimester, as your baby has already made those crucial developments smile Hopefully you got it sorted, just noticed it's an old post! :P

coughingbean Sun 16-Jun-13 19:59:45

I can only give you my experience, I was on citlopram years before I was pregnant AND during pregnancy.
My baby was/is fine and now 10MO
For me the risks to myself outweighed the risks to the baby.
I guess this is something you can only gauge for your selfthanks

BrokenBanana Fri 31-May-13 16:37:00

My doctor was very firm with me not to be on citalopram in my last trimester. Can you change surgeries if your doctor is that bad?

You will have seen my other threads re doctor being beyond useless. I was convinced he would prescribe me sertraline seems the most common in pregnancy but he hasn't has anyone been on citalopram while pregnant/breastfeeding it seems to cause probs in late pregnancy im 23 weeks now. I swear i give up!

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