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Dec 2014 Thread #5 - Battered and bruised we limp through the second trimester

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SassehMonsta Tue 01-Jul-14 13:43:53

Here we go again, the thrills & spills of leaky boobs, and feeling baby move for the first time - Lets go!

Stats Link!

SassehMonsta Tue 01-Jul-14 13:44:39

Darn - didnt blinking work!!!!! Can MN please.edit that for me?

DrewsWife Tue 01-Jul-14 15:30:06

yayyyyy helloooo

LisaC2611 Tue 01-Jul-14 16:04:58

place marking the new thread grin

CoventGarden75 Tue 01-Jul-14 17:30:19

And here's the stats link:


Hopping over grin

Ladylel Tue 01-Jul-14 18:15:16

Boom new thread 5 smile wouldn't be on any other thread <3

Peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 01-Jul-14 18:18:25

<claims comfiest seat and gets out accidental gin, deliberate brie and knitting needles>

CatFaceCrayola Tue 01-Jul-14 18:56:24

Thread 5 already. Nearly half way there.

Has anyone had to remove wedding rings (well any rings actually) yet? Feels early to be removing them, maybe I'm just getting fat fingers.

worried about losing them if I wear them on a chain


pinkhollie Tue 01-Jul-14 18:59:35

Hello I have been lurking for a longtime and feel brave enough to join.
I have a 2y5mo ds and had a miscarriage in feb so like Meryl have been a bit nervous about getting too excited.

CallingAllEngels Tue 01-Jul-14 19:42:19

Checking in

14+2 and feeling enormous

Welcome pink . I had a mc in October and my DS is 2.8. There's also a pg after mc due in Dec thread for those of us who didn't want to freak everyone else out with frantic knicker checking in the 1st trimester.

Marking my stinky constipated bloated place!

DrewsWife Tue 01-Jul-14 21:04:34

Not had to remove my rings, think i would freak out... my fingers are the only skinny bit of me :O My ring size is H 1/2 lol...

welcome pink.

am still lying on the sofa, only got off it to go to the loo..... and now debating going to bed, im utterly gubbed. Have updated the stats page with my name choices.

But hubby is still giving us other options lol

DrewsWife Tue 01-Jul-14 21:05:34

can we have a column for first child and ages of siblings??

CoventGarden75 Tue 01-Jul-14 21:11:29

drews i've added a column for ages of siblings, but not sure what you mean by first child, it already shows DC#.

welcome pink

DrewsWife Tue 01-Jul-14 21:20:41

oh does it LOL... i never noticed it... ignore me and take that out LOL.... sorry i am unwell with no specs on

CatFaceCrayola Tue 01-Jul-14 21:47:27

Roll out the band, crack open the bubbly, set off some fireworks. ......I pooped! Finally!

miraculous2 Tue 01-Jul-14 21:48:34

Hopping over here too. Hello pink

drews I have nieces called Matilda and Grace! Beautiful names.

Took the day off sick(ish) and did a lot of work from home - nice and hot too so spent the end of the afternoon lying in the park, reading.

Got a bargain dreamgenii on gumtree - picking up tomorrow. Wee sis is going to lend me some mat clothes for my trip. Applied for DH's provisional licence. Car's booked in for MOT tomorrow. Productive when ill!

A moan - I am going to scratch myself to shreds, I'm so itchy. It's making me so irritable. DH just got back from a shift and I've already lost the rag with him once. Any tips?

Also, TMI for you nice people, my poo is black. I mean BLACK. WTF?

miraculous2 Tue 01-Jul-14 21:49:40

X-post Crayola - hahahaha!!! SNAP!

CatFaceCrayola Tue 01-Jul-14 22:00:48

I got prescribed (I think its called) Eurax Lotion which massively calms itching!

Peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 01-Jul-14 22:05:20

My speciality is lowering the tone, for those who don't know me.

Since we're on the topic of poo...
You haven't lived until you've been constipated for two weeks and finally need to go in the middle of Hampton Court Palace and have to spend half an hour prising it out with your hands, and then have a cry about it in the centre of the maze. It gets quite angular and "blocky" by that stage, and yes, very black.

I promise I'm not a poo troll. Just a very unhappy person.

DrewsWife Tue 01-Jul-14 22:13:23

oh lordy..... i have been behaving myself with you lot!!!! and you're all worse than me....

i love a good auld poo when i manage one..

Miraculous... i have terrible sodding excema..if you are not allergic to it.... bicarb in luke warm water then dabbed on ..... that and porridge in a pair of CLEAN tights tied onto the hot tap of the bath..... it softens the water and is bloody lovely as a bath ...... i kid you not!!

Hubby is due in and i have just sat and troughed my way through his snackajacks.... its entirely his fault.... entirely.... he left them within reach...

miraculous2 Tue 01-Jul-14 23:08:52

Ooh, I love the sound of the porridge bath. Might have to do that tonight or I'll never sleep. I won't try the bicarb - I'm itching all over so I'd have to bathe in it too.

ImBrian Tue 01-Jul-14 23:25:32

Marking my place though I can never keep up!

19 weeks tomorrow and having my insides battered by a very active baby, stomach moves, dp can feel it the works grin

Hahahaha ohhh the poo shame! I am so glad its not just me! I am averaging once a week getting progressively more bloated and stinky. Then I feel like i am giving birth through my ass. There are normally tears and much clutching the sink. Then getting thw behemoth to disappear down the pan is a struggle. No flush will shift it. Has to have manual assistance.
Pregnancy is glamorous!

In other news I slept through the night! I've had shit sleep for weeks, waking up with blocked sinuses, sore throat and a nosebleed and have been really down to the point of going back to my doctor. Slept well, woke up happy and smiling! Albeit with a nosebleed!

SassehMonsta Wed 02-Jul-14 08:22:15

Breakfast lasted less than 5 mins - infact I was halfway through a sandwich when it decided to reappear. Boo. Must remember to eat toast first before bananas and sandwiches, and to chew my food more. First vomit since Sunday before last, hurrah! Only.one lot of meds taken since then as well grin !

Seeing new mw today. Wish me luck that shes nicer than the last one!!


Bettycakes80 Wed 02-Jul-14 08:25:04

Talking of wedding rings has anyone done the boy/girl test hanging your ring over your belly? Everytime I do it I get a different result!

Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 02-Jul-14 08:27:47

You sound surprised Bettycakes grin

Lucy90 Wed 02-Jul-14 09:12:15

14+2 and im so excited!! Anyone felt their babys move yet??

Lucy90 Wed 02-Jul-14 09:17:05

Ooo 15+2 i meant!

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 02-Jul-14 10:13:40

Yay new thread grin I want to feel baby move confused not fair!

Oooh people must have there 20 weeks scans soon - has anyone got them in the next few weeks? Literally counting down the days!!


Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 02-Jul-14 10:14:44

I've officially registered my interest in NCT classes. Told DH this morning. "HOW much?!"

Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 02-Jul-14 10:15:55

My 20 week scan isn't until mid August! Ages. Got consultant on 8th and new midwife on 16th though, so plenty to keep me occupied and worried!

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 02-Jul-14 10:26:52

Oooh me too peace smile apparently the courses fill up really quickly so thought I'd get in early!

miraculous2 Wed 02-Jul-14 10:32:32

A dream. This morning.

Shagging a ladyboy. Helping some dealer guy hide his stash (of assorted cleaning sponges) while a really freaky woman did some kind of crazy dance around him as if to hypnotise him. Interviewing Donnie Osmond about joining the cast of Coronation Street and asking whether he could imitate a single British accent. He couldn't.

All of that in very quick succession. And me, the dealer and the ladyboy were all living together.


PunkyPod Wed 02-Jul-14 10:45:22

I booked and paid for my NCT refresher course yesterday. They're 3 evenings in September. I didn't do NCT with dd but thought I might give it a little go with this one. Would like to meet a nice bunch of local mums too.

I've not taken my rings off yet but my fingers are def more swollen than normal. I think they came off around 35 weeks with dd. Will be much sooner this time I fear!

I have a wiggler. In fact yesterday it didn't seem to stop all day! Today it's been very quiet so it must be having a rest after the rave it clearly was having with the umbilical cord yesterday! I have my 20 weeks can on 15th. 2 weeks today. Am just so excited for it! Can't wait to find out what the flavour is. We have pretty much decided on the names so just want to know now! In fact I'll go update our names now on the stats list.

So horrid to hear about those suffering with poo issues. Around 9-14 weeks I really had trouble and it makes you feel so yucky inside. And then when the bugger is trying to come out. Woah! Just keep up with loads of fluids, have lots of fruit beginning with P, cut out some of the carbs like bread and pasta and go whenever you get the urge. Try not to hold it til later.

18+3 grin

Ladylel Wed 02-Jul-14 10:56:36

Poo~ing is the easy part for me it's just the trapped wind. Either way it stinks. Keep thinking I've trod it something it smells that bad. Otherwise it's normal colour not black or red or green which is odd. Prob my body telling me to eat me healthy foods!

LisaC2611 Wed 02-Jul-14 10:57:11

I've got my 20 weeks scan on the 22nd, so less that 3 weeks away grin.

Am feeling scan envy today. My sister had her 12 week scan today and has a brilliant picture of her lo, all 3 scans that I have had have produced blobs - its so not fair, I want a nice pic of our baby!! envy

I booked our NCT classes a few weeks ago as they get really booked up and after I had registered our interest they only held our place until 15 June. Am looking forward to meeting lots of local mums around my area.

DrewsWife Wed 02-Jul-14 11:23:15

wanders in wearing a gas mask...... morning girls! confused

had a crap nights sleep thanks to wheezing and a major migraine that arrived at 7am. so lying on the sofa.

hub has read to baby whilst I sneezed and snottered and wheezed myself into a slumber.

ive really had enough. wtf is my.glowy stage!!!


Lucy90 Wed 02-Jul-14 11:35:16

Oh i cant stop sneezing either and have a constant runny nose!! Got my 20 week scan 7th august really cant wait!! Anyone else got sore swollen feet yet?!

I got all excited then and was about to say Lisa my scan is on 22nd too. Then I realised they moved it to 28th bastards

Martie1 Wed 02-Jul-14 11:50:48

lol!!! this thread!!

I noticed my poo was quite dark this morning too, freaky. Touches of the old blocked bum going on here too, but so far nothing major lol.

Weirdly, i'd like it if my fingers became swollen, just a little. My engagement ring and wedding ring were bought in two different jewellers, and the engagement ring is just marginally bigger than my wedding ring, which means it constantly slides round on my finger. Glad I got those diamonds then so I can look at them when staring at the palm of my hand. Argh!! I never got it changed because the difference was so marginal and my mum told me her fingers became swollen in pregnancy and she had to get her wedding rings stretched. Feel really rather daft now, wish i'd just gone and got it changed after our wedding. Ah the notions we have!!


Ladylel Wed 02-Jul-14 11:52:06

I'm 18w+1 apart from sweaty there is no glow here either!

Keep looking in mirror and going 'urgh' hubby has banned me from saying urgh as I am growing babies, it's hard work getting used to the changing body shape. I tried to blame bloat and he said 'no it's not bloat it's pregnant'

Fingers swell randomly. Refuse to take of wedding ring took long enough to get a ring on it! I am frequently moving my rings on my other hand to other less fatter fingers!

LisaC2611 Wed 02-Jul-14 12:45:23

Aww poly thought I had a scan date buddy, but alas it was not to be grin. Did they say why they have changed your date?

A week before I found out I was pregnant I had my wedding ring reduced (by 5 sizes) as I had lost a lot of weight, thankfully at the moment it is still easy enough to get on and off but the minute it becomes too tight it will be off and staying off. I don't think I will have any problem with my engagement ring as that is still too big, didn't want to get them both resized at the same time as I felt bare enough without one of them. Like you Martie, I spend a lot of time looking at my engagement ring if I turn the palm of my hand upwards.

nickyjlees Wed 02-Jul-14 13:13:37

20 week scan next week, nervous and excited, hoping to f

nickyjlees Wed 02-Jul-14 13:15:40

Find out who's in there.
Booked onto nct classes if only to meet others and to open OHs eyes to the realities of childbirth, he's super squeamish and don't think he really understands what it will be like!

DrewsWife Wed 02-Jul-14 13:28:42

dh and I have been watching obem. lucky for me he worked in brain injury and currently works with adults with learning difficulties.

The show is helping establish bad husband practices grin no to bringing in chippies whilst im swearing... no to playing candy crush on your phone whilst im writhing in agony.... and thankfully he doesnt smoke so I dont have the issue of him wandering out every hour or so.... hahahaha.

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 02-Jul-14 13:29:49

I used to love OBEM but not sure I can watch this series... Makes me scared haha. I'm just denying that the baby has to come out there and thats fine for the minute smile

nickyjlees Wed 02-Jul-14 13:32:04

My OH always finds a way to avoid watching OBEM, think he's more terrified than I am!

DrewsWife Wed 02-Jul-14 13:43:10

lol tell him to man up ;)

luckily for me hubby is used to personal care of adults but its me who is balking at him being near the business end smile

a friend told me about her pooing during labour and i blanched, DH said of thats not something you should be worried about as nurses will just have cleared at away... friend laughed and i felt ill.....

I have a severe latex allergy. so terrified they will come at me with the latex gloves i keep seeing on the show.

Im having weird dreams but no where near as weird as ladyboys and sponge dealers lolol.... it involves kittens, lots of kittens coming to stay and teddy the talking porcupine who loves his pumpkins, (check out youtube) clearly my maternal side is kicking in... i lost it whilst trying hard to not want to kill my gobby 18 year old for the last 2 years of stress... ;)

LotsaTuddles Wed 02-Jul-14 15:13:38

Checking in.

I also probably only go for a poo about once a week, even then I can't do it in peace, S.A.
DS comes crawling in and climbs up the bloody toilet (he also does that while I'm being sick).

Hoping my scan is before 8th August, as that's when my next MW appointment is and she's banking on it having been done

DrewsWife Wed 02-Jul-14 15:28:44

how soon after your 16 week appointment will the 20 week scan appointment arrive?? I have midwife on monday to hear babies heartbeat. and no doubt get chinned for my weight... again.

espa Wed 02-Jul-14 15:31:44

I booked my 20 week scan at my 12 week scan appointment. It's on 8 August.

Had blood test this morning in advance of setting gp on Friday about feeling lightheaded etc. Struggling through work this afternoon.

Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 02-Jul-14 15:43:04

Anyone had a consultant appointment before, in this pregnancy or previously? What should I expect? Will there be an examination?

DrewsWife Wed 02-Jul-14 15:56:45

i met mine Peace at my 12 week scan, she was lovely, but already was talking about section need due to previous section.... pointed out my last section was 18 years ago and is very likely to have healed... she then agreed to me trying labour but insisted i would be monitored and restricted... talked to hubby later and assured him i would not be restricted and if it meant i didnt go into hospital until i realllllllllly had to then i wouldnt be going in until i really had too...

dont get me wrong, she was lovely but i felt railroaded.

I see her again on 15th i think.... and i will be spelling it out in no uncertain terms that my womb has healed and i intend fully to give birth as naturally as possible. of course if i need monitored and need a section then fair enough but i want left alone for a fair bit.

I had no examination with her at that time.

She put me on baby aspirin for my migraines and hinted at my weight too... im 13 1/2 stone. and 5 foot 3..... nearly...

I have been referred to psych as i had PND and borderline psychosis too and spent 3 months in psych ward, I did point out that i had a very violent and abusive partner at the time but this is precautionary as Psychosis can reappear ..... haven't had depression or anything since i left my DDs dad 16 years ago.....

Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 02-Jul-14 16:16:48

I am desperate to avoid a section as much as I can. I'm terrified the consultant will force me into one. Honestly and truly, do I have a choice? Can I say no to anything they suggest, unless it's an emergency situation?

DrewsWife Wed 02-Jul-14 16:34:40

my first section was because dd was brow presentation. so face first instead of head first.

this time should be entirely different. confused hopefully.... possibly.....

I've got my 20 week scan at 19 weeks so on the 21st. Delayed 16week midwife apt the week before!

I am huge. I just went into peacocks and tried on one of those lonf dresses witj the elastic at the top in the biggest sizes they had. Looked like a tent. I have nothing to wear.

DrewsWife Wed 02-Jul-14 18:59:24

spider. I found h&m to be good, asda online do mat wear... avoid the mat tights they suck!!! mothercare do big sizes.... loved a pair of their trousers. picked up a top and hated it

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 02-Jul-14 19:56:58

Just bumped into a sort of friend who I used to be close to but not anymore, the first thing he said to me after "I heard about your news, congratulations" was "so, I suppose I better ask if it was planned?"

Is it just hormones making me think that that is SUCH a disrespectful thing to say to someone that quite frankly you don't even really talk to anymore? And so many people have asked me, really gets my back up. Maybe it's because the baby wasn't planned, but that doesn't mean were any less excited about it and were both chuffed to bits and have been since finding out. Just think it's really inappropriate to ask someone that. Unless you're one of my close friends, who obviously asked and I had no problem with confused

Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 02-Jul-14 20:18:20

Somerset I agree. When I told people they kept saying, "so how long were you trying?" None of your damn business! Not something I'm frankly comfortable discussing with my own father. And a lot of people said, "well done DH!" Fuck off.

CatFaceCrayola Wed 02-Jul-14 20:38:53

Got my meeting with the MH midwife tomorrow. Nervous. She's meeting me at my house but I have zero motivation to clean or tidy.

had a moment at the post office collection depot earlier. Stood in queue and for no reason at all burst into tears. I just wanted to sit on the floor and cry, but I at least managed to get back to the car before full meltdown occurred.

I really am happy about being pregnant I just don't seem able to do "happy" at the moment. Feel like I'm stuck in an endless loop

ah well, sorry for whinging. Hope tomorrow provides some kind of solution.

On a cheerier note we tried the wedding ring swinging thing earlier. ..and it just didn't move at all!


Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 02-Jul-14 20:48:24

Catface I know it's hard but try not to worry about the housework. The MH midwife will have seen worse and he/she'll understand. I feel just the same as you, it's rotten. Just gotta keep on keeping on, haven't we? Hopefully you'll get some help and advice from them tomorrow. If they prescribe you Sertraline ADs don't worry, they are very very very safe to take in pregnancy. Best wishes smile

Ladylel Wed 02-Jul-14 20:50:49

Re: maternity wear - quality only hurts once, recommend mothercare for bras and pants as that's a purchase I'd made at the weekend, long time coming! Although the rest of my clothes bar 1, top, dress and jeans are all borrowed gear. I also invested in bump bands/'support' bands for those ever so slightly shorter tops or trousers that I can't bear not to not wear!

Re: c section - with twins it seems inevitable, not necessarily set in stone but it seems to be a rule of thumb they don't let you go past 37weeks depending on your pregnancy I suppose (in theory no real reason for me not to go full term) but regardless it looks like inducing is an option. I originally wanted to avoid (still do) epidural and c section, they were my last resort options. But it seems that they recommend the epidural, then that way IF you have to have a c section you're pretty much prepped ready to go. Ideally I'd rather gas and air, maybe the odd injection pain relief, pethadine etc but no big needles and slicing and dicing!

Re: trying - we were not. Especially with getting married only a few months following. A lot of people knew my standing on having children and the matter of when was not until a bit further in the future by 4 or so years. It just ask happened that fate would have a bigger part in this and they do say you only get given what you can handle.
A few people have asked if we were mainly out of the shock and I haven't minded so much saying no, but like Somerset it's mainly been close friends, one or two not so close friends have quizzed me and I've felt awkward but then it's a case of its happened now, regardless of accident, we're excited, it's a new chapter in our lives and we will do our best to give these children the best possible start in life and welcomed in to a happy loving and caring home smile so f everyone else and their opinion.


CatFaceCrayola Wed 02-Jul-14 20:51:00

Thanks peace

Keeping on keeping on is the best plan I have. Regularly want to just give up but know I can't. Are you on setraline?

Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 02-Jul-14 20:55:24

Yeah I am, I switched to them a couple of years ago and when I asked my psychiatrist if I could keep taking them if I fell pregnant, she told me they're the best, safest ones to take while pregnant, and that they're the first choice of what to prescribe pregnant women! It's just a bonus really because they work so well for me anyway, I'm really pleased I didn't have to stop taking them. I'd be in a helluva lot more of a pickle now than I am without them! Take care m'dear

Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 02-Jul-14 20:56:23

*than I am now if I were without them. Sentence construction fail.

miraculous2 Thu 03-Jul-14 06:35:42

Just woke up and my throat still feels infected. I'd normally use Difflam spray - does anybody know if that or any other antiseptic is safe? I want to knock this on the head before I go away.

CoventGarden75 Thu 03-Jul-14 07:10:43

miraculous have you tried gargle with salted water?

miraculous2 Thu 03-Jul-14 07:24:58

I haven't - I'm bad at gargling because I have a ridiculous gag reflex (I gag on the Difflam nozzle too)! I can definitely give it a try (just feels like I never quite hit the spot because I can't let the water go that far back). Thanks

Peaceloveandbiscuits Thu 03-Jul-14 07:42:55

I've had a sore throat since yesterday too, blah. I took a couple of paracetamol but promptly threw them up with my lunch so meh.

SassehMonsta Thu 03-Jul-14 08:05:26

So glad Im not having poo problems! Dh has horrible cold and off work but instead of staying home with him Im off to work and taking the laptop - oops ;-)

New mw was lovely, so glad I changed! Now have consultant appointment on 22, scan on 24th, then mw again at 24 weeks, GTT at 26 weeks, and been told im rhesus negative so antiD injection at 28 weeks. Apointments stacking up now!!

Seem to have gentle cramping in my side this morning. Weird feelings all over, and I ache, but very strong feeling this is either due to a day of shopping yesterday or im coming down with dhs cold. Hmmm.

Maternity wear-wise, I've got some �2.50 tops from primark as they are stretchy and superlong on my 5ft body. Picked up a dress from H&M maternity wear (my local H&M stocks tiny amounts of mat wear) and Im wearing it as a top over my mat jeans (next or newlook? Or someqhere, bought them at 6 weeks!) as Im npt comfy having my legs out daily! Alsp picked up some cheap tops from peacocks maternity range while out with a friend last week.

Getting very bored of work tbh... Giess I should get up and make.an effort as Im not in tomorrow as we're too close to Silverstone circuit to bother even trying to get in tomorrow...!! If you know anyone gping by the way, theres an animal sanctury in Whittlebury that has �5 day parking within walking distance of the circuit, and with that �5 you can feed a dog for 3+ days! It might be where I got my pup from ;-)


Peaceloveandbiscuits Thu 03-Jul-14 08:16:23

Good luck with the midwife today Catface

Morning all! I've been up since 4 but took advantage of the awakeness and we've driven to Cornwall for a few days r & r. Just about to head into Penzance where it'll be ok to have a Pasty for breakfast won't it? I've come to the conclusion that I am struggling because I'm trying yo manage the same as I did before, and I simply cant. Its not weak to slow down is it? I've been being a bit of a stubborn twat I think.

Its 8.20 and 19 degrees.... in the sea by 10.00!grin

Somersetgirl1990 Thu 03-Jul-14 08:59:40

Spider I'm so jealous - my dp's family live in Truro and I love going down there smile
I kept getting weird pains in my tummy last night, sort of half way up my "bump" and just felt tight. Any ideas?

PunkyPod Thu 03-Jul-14 09:25:53

With my first (which no one knew we were trying for) the first thing my dad asked was "was it planned". I just told him I thought he was being rude and I didn't like his question. Then I blurted out it was very much planned and i'd had a MC that summer so this was a wanted baby. That shut him up. This time everyone knew we were trying so it didn't surprise anyone. It's a really insensitive question. As is the guessing game people play in the first 12 months when you're trying to hide it. People always seem to think the boundaries of politeness disappear whenever a women gets pregnant. WELL THEY DO NOT!!!!!!!!!!!

DrewsWife Thu 03-Jul-14 09:50:31

spider. i wish i was in truro!!

alot assumed my.baby was a mistake given I have a teen. mine was very much wanted. my poor hubby was exhausted by .....ok I have peed on a stick. cancel all plans for today and tomorrow. your not getting out of bed! we used cbfm.... temping... and he had never had as much sex in his life. I actually think the preseed spray was what tipped it in our favour. I think its that one. it lowers the ph of your hoohaa so the sperm have a fighting chance.

add into that we had blood tests and sperm count tests lol and voila..

im convinced my date is still 23rd dec and not 19th. I know whe. I ovulated and when we dtd as I was record keeping grin grin

LisaC2611 Thu 03-Jul-14 10:17:21

Must have been something in the air spider, I was awake at 3.45 this morning. I had a revalation whilst I was laying there wide awake, which gave my bathroom fitter a heart attack when he got here at 8 this morning. I realised that having fitted all the bath and started all the tiling that they had put the right, but wrong, taps on the bath. All sorted now though.

We also had a phone call at 4.15 this morning from my husbands work which I kicked him out of bed to answer, I heard it before he did. Thankfully this is not that regular an occurrence but regular enough that I no longer have a panic when the phone goes off thinking someone has died!

I'm stuck in my living room again all day today "working" from home on MN grin. Going to miss all the lovely weather though sad Wish I was by the sea.

Drew, I'm convinced it was the preseed that got us pregnant as well. I've heard a few stories where people have used it and got pregnant the first month of use.

Ladylel Thu 03-Jul-14 10:58:17

Can anyone tell me why one minute my stomach feels harder and looks pregnant one day then the next seems soft and flabby I'm just a lardy bum?? Makes me paranoid. Are they just sinking back into my pelvis rather than sitting out front?

PunkyPod Thu 03-Jul-14 11:30:18

Erm... I meant first 12 weeks (not months!!).

The babies have so much space to swim around at the mo Lady so our bumps are really our insides rather than baby. My bump is big but it's squashy. Once the baby really grows to take up the space the bump does feel much harder.


chillychicken Thu 03-Jul-14 11:31:45


There, I've finally admitted that even the clothes I bought to do me the whole of July have stopped fitting already. Sob.

I'm pretty much down to two work outfits, a pair of shorts and some harem pants. Back up to pre-pregnancy weight and can feel a definite bump but still just look lardy

Oh and I am so hungry today. I've eaten my lunch already. I really need to ditch the crisps and chocolate too but baby likes it


Martie1 Thu 03-Jul-14 11:35:43

Ladylel i've been wondering the exact same thing! I have a teeny bump today but it was huge yesterday!

Warning ladies, there is a thread on the main pregnancy section call "wish list- non essential but amazing." it will result in a the loss of a lot of money from my bank account but I love it!!!!!!!!!

LotsaTuddles Thu 03-Jul-14 15:13:22

I'm starting to feel huge too (most days).

Don't think my midwife is following the appointments thingie as I had an appointment last Friday when I was 14 weeks and my next one's not till 8th August when I'll be 20 weeks.

My boobs feel like they're going to explode, doesn't helpthat ds keeps nuzzling them.

CatFaceCrayola Thu 03-Jul-14 15:17:33

Just finished with MH midwife. She was really lovely. And not at all phased by my messy house or my bawling.

She's going to ring my gp tomorrow and try to get a setraline (sp?) Prescription for me. She has als put me down for some 1 to 1 session with some psychology type person (not so sure what). Worried that I'm going to have to fess up to work if I end up with loads of extra appointments :/

Feeling a little more positive just because I've actually done something about it.


DrewsWife Thu 03-Jul-14 16:21:21

I have been feeling huge since week 6 lol. today I gave up my under wire bra.and pulled on a non wired. feels amazing!

PunkyPod Thu 03-Jul-14 16:25:38

Oh yes Drew I'm already in my nursing bras and Ive only got small boobs! But the comfort was much needed.

Cat I'm so pleased the MW was so supportive and is helping you. Really hope you start to feel more stable very soon. x

Ladylel Thu 03-Jul-14 16:36:40

I relinquished my normal supportive underwire beauties about 4 weeks ago and until last weekend was wearing sports bras and an non underworld normal bra, but nothing feels as good as a nursing bra. Actual support and even tho there isn't any underwear I don't think feel like a saggy Susan YAY!

stomach has gone back to slightly harder by this after noon, keep getting more feelings around my belly button am now starting to recognise these as proper flutters and now gas!

My next mw appt is 25 weeks I think judging by paperwork, it's all be on time thankfully. Altho anything can happen!

Ladylel Thu 03-Jul-14 16:37:13

A non underwired* pfft autocorrect

Ladylel Thu 03-Jul-14 16:40:49

Not gas *

Peaceloveandbiscuits Thu 03-Jul-14 17:18:32

Cor today was a struggle. Had a horrible altercation with a "customer" this morning who had clearly nicked something and was trying to get a refund. I ended up crying in front of a load of volunteers and a woman who had come to visit us from a local school to get our insurance details for a work experience student confusedconfusedconfused
And it's so goddamn hot. I can't bear it!

CoddledAsAMommet Thu 03-Jul-14 18:01:07

Is anyone joining NCT?
I didn't for my first bunch but had a fab NHS postnatal group- we still meet up and go on holiday every year and the 'babies' are about to turn 13!
I saw the midwife today and in our area ante-natal classes are online and there aren't any postnatal ones at the GP surgery. I need to meet people!! Particularly as I feel so old and round here babies at 37 aren't really the done thing.
Wondered if anyone had good things to say about NCT?

Saw midwife today and all's well. I have a scan- to look at my remaining ovary, not baby- in 2 weeks then a consultant appt the following week. I feel well looked after.

Oh, and I feel stupid, but how do I add myself to the stats? Can I do it on an iPad?

Peaceloveandbiscuits Thu 03-Jul-14 18:19:46

I paid my first instalment to NCT this morning! I hope it's good, costs a bloody fortune! If I don't leave with any new pals I'll want a refund grin

LotsaTuddles Thu 03-Jul-14 19:28:44

I have to go and get some new nursing bras as the ones I have from when DS was BF are too small blush

LisaC2611 Thu 03-Jul-14 19:29:35

I've also signed up for my nct class, first payment due next week. My sister did it and highly recommended it, she also made some good friends through it. She will also do the refresher course for the next one, although it's not yet been a year since her first was born and first course.

Bettycakes80 Thu 03-Jul-14 19:55:26

Quite a few people have said NCT is great so we've signed up, but it's not cheap us it!

Anyone else getting sick of being offered unasked for 'useful' advice? I constantly seem to have people telling me what I won't be able to do and how I'll feel when the baby gets here. As in ' well you won't be able to drink because you'll be breast feeding'. How do they know what will happen! I get that people are trying to help and let you know what it's like but I really want to wait till the babie's here and see how I feel on things rather than having a set idea now!
Just needed a little rant there.

Whatsonemore Thu 03-Jul-14 19:57:56

Just checking in - haven't read this thread yet been hectic here with poorly babies and a house move but shall aim
To catch up later!

How's everyone feeling generally? I look approx 25weeks pregnant - am putting it down to fact it's DC4 and not all the chocolate that I'm consuming blush


Pepsiaddict Thu 03-Jul-14 21:14:41

I bought a top and dress in the Isabella Oliver sale - I love the clothes and still wear the nursing dresses I bought for a wedding and conference last time round. Seem to have suddenly got massive this week, really noticeable as my stomach was completely flat and now has a discernible bump but at the horrible stage where normal clothes are too tight but not quite into maternity ones yet. Telling work tomorrow - eeek!

CatFaceCrayola Thu 03-Jul-14 22:53:20

Is huge amounts of discharge normal? Having to change knickers at least twice a day. Everything feels normal down there.


miraculous2 Thu 03-Jul-14 23:27:46

Catface I think it is normal, having read about it. I think it's fine as long as there's no strong colour or smell. I'm going to get some liners - had sudden paranoia about wet patches on my summer clothes!

I ended up sleeping some more after my early 'I need to nuke my infected throat' message this morning and the throat was better for it but I was achy and had a thumping headache to take to work later. I've improved throughout the day. Tried my dreamgenii last night - not bad but I'm not totally convinced.

Wee sis gave me some maternity clothes last night, including mamas and papas jeans (wore today, great), a really nice two piece swimsuit with bump coverage, a maxi dress, a few tops and a pair of smart trousers. For the next few days I shall be mostly trying on, washing, ironing and packing.

I feel huge! My bump is your classic beach ball, and solid. My boobs are humungous globes of glory. MY DH reeeeeaally likes cuddling me at the moment. He is being incredibly sweet and utterly infuriating in equal measure. I think we're spending a little too much time together!

Mum is like a kid in a sweet shop as she's getting to come to the scan again on Monday. It's cute. Holding my breath for good news.


monkeybaby2 Fri 04-Jul-14 00:34:57

Catface, it's normal. I'm using panty liners already here and of course they have the added bonus of catching little bits of wee that come out during sneezes....stupid pelvic floor muscles.

LotsaTuddles Fri 04-Jul-14 05:46:12

Catface, I've got loads too. Mines quite thick though, doesn't smell and is normal discharge colour, it's just like snot (the joys of being pg)

oohdaddypig Fri 04-Jul-14 07:40:05

<opens door. Farts. Retches. Slumps on a corner sofa to eat crisps>

Peaceloveandbiscuits Fri 04-Jul-14 08:27:21

I had to use Tena Lady at the beginning, there was SO MUCH wee, and I smelled like an old lady. It was horrendous. Luckily that's finished now but having to move onto liners for the D-word (makes me feel a bit sick atm, how pathetic).

While I'm on the subject of downstairs activity, my libido has gone up dramatically, but I don't enjoy sex at all (never really have but this is a step further). I think I'm still paranoid about causing a miscarriage, so come and tell me how ridiculous I'm being, please.

SassehMonsta Fri 04-Jul-14 08:49:58

No, sex wont harm baby in the slightest - truely!! But it hurt my pelvis & side of my bump yesterday! First time we've dtd since about week 12, dh was gagging for it.

Bump is pretty big at times, im enjoying wearing dresses over jeans to show off bump and.hide legs. Got another new.bra yesterday with plenty more support after a lovely fitting at Bravissimo.

Woke up in middle of the night with crampy/stabby stomach pain on one side of the bump. Dont remember much else but struggled to get back to sleep after a loo trip. No spotting or anything mind you. Also lightheaded before bed but think that was dehydration/low sugar levels.

Planning to make cake today at my mums then go out for lunch with a friend, then purchase a dishwasher to cheer dh up. Hes still "poorly" - yesterday he had a bad cold and couldnt sleep due to being unable to brathe properlt but today hes just tired. Boring! Yestersday I stayed home and looked.after him, so today he can manage on his own..

17 weeks tomorrow!!

DrewsWife Fri 04-Jul-14 08:53:13

I physically can't have sex at the moment hubby just can't enter me think my brains in over protect mode.

I really need to stop my brain freaking out. I quite like sex. But no sex is killing us!

Discharge is normal. I have loads of it too.

Ladylel Fri 04-Jul-14 09:22:14

Hubby doesn't seem to want sex. Don't know if it's just hot and the weather but still feeling a bit like 'don't you want me' we've only done it a handful of times since we found out and out sex life wasn't exactly regular as it was. Hmmmm

Discharge tho. Been 'suffering' for a good few weeks now, kept thinking id wet myself, kept changing my pants that I ran out of them weren't washing them quick enough. Put a panty liner in every day now. Doesn't smell, isn't untoward just annoying!!

isambardo Fri 04-Jul-14 10:01:33

Hello all, just marking my place. Couldn't find this thread on the ante-natal board, I had to go to the link on thread #4. Must be having a dippy day.

I've started to feel loads of movement all of a sudden, it's so nice. It feels like ages since hearing the heartbeat so it's quite reassuring.

Moving house this weekend so I'm attempting to pack today, seem to have accumulated loads of crap again.

Sympathy with the knicker-wetting. My pelvic floor is defo weaker this time around. Must remember to do exercises!


monkeybaby2 Fri 04-Jul-14 10:45:07

It's crap isn't it? Even if I have warning of imminent sneeze arrival and tighten said muscles in anticipation, if it's a big sneeze wee always comes out. I can hold my pf muscles for a good 10 seconds though so not sure what else I can do sad My mate had terrible problems after a terrible tear and she reckons Pilates helped too, anybody else given that a go?

espa Fri 04-Jul-14 11:38:42

I did Pilates for a bit pre pregnancy but stopped due to my slipped disc causing too many problems, but I quite liked it. Think you do notice improvements if you do it.

Just pulled out of my friend's hen weekend (3 hour train journey away) and feel terrible about it. sad I know I would just be miserable and feel rubbish and don't fancy that 3 hours from home but still feel so guilty about it. sad

DrewsWife Fri 04-Jul-14 11:42:25

I have a Bryan Adams concert November 18 in Sheffield. No way I can go is there?? It's a 5 hour drive

LotsaTuddles Fri 04-Jul-14 12:02:00

It's up to you Drews, we went to Wales (also 5 hour drive away) and it was fine ignore the fact that I started getting contractions there .

Just take your notes, hospital bag and car seat just incase

LisaC2611 Fri 04-Jul-14 12:02:46

Drew, why not? I took my sister to see Robbie Williams when she was 8 and a half months pregnant at Wembley which is a good couple of hours from home plus the getting out took a good hour and half. I would go.

Peaceloveandbiscuits Fri 04-Jul-14 12:02:49

Drew it's quite a way off yet so why don't you see how you feel closer to the time?

espa Fri 04-Jul-14 12:04:55

I am going to see Deacon Blue when I'm 36 weeks pregnant. Admittedly only 25 minutes from home abs even less from the hospital....

Martie1 Fri 04-Jul-14 13:08:30

Well dh and I dtd last night and the bump was fully awake. Major shape shifting afterwards and dh got to feel it. Very cool.

Discharge is just horrible, it's a moment were you think something serious might be happening and then you just realise that, nope, I've just soggy pants now. Better soggy pants than something serious but still!

Happy Friday all, I'm absolutely roasted in work today!


Peaceloveandbiscuits Fri 04-Jul-14 13:53:36

I'm not at work thankfully, but still have to bus/train halfway across the damn county to visit someone and it's TOO FUCKING HOT.

Ladylel Fri 04-Jul-14 14:01:44

I'm off to the big reunion boy band tour on 22nd October. Planning on being heavily pregnant with twins hubby says I'll have to sell ticket. Screw that!!!! Lol it's only 40 minutes drive away on Bournemouth in sure it'll be fine smile

Peaceloveandbiscuits Fri 04-Jul-14 14:12:28

Eee Ladylel who is playing on that tour? I went to see Boyzone in November and it was brilliant grin <hands back metalhead badge>

Bettycakes80 Fri 04-Jul-14 14:47:46

Really need any tips for what I can do about my hay fever. Anyone else suffering at the moment? Midwife said I can't take antihistamine which I'd normally just get from Boots.
Any advice what I can take?

LotsaTuddles Fri 04-Jul-14 14:57:03

DH's cousin is also pg and suggested I take a dose of children's piriton. She said she has and its been helping a bit, not sure how recommended it is though

mopsytop Fri 04-Jul-14 16:16:37

Hi all, phone dropped and smashed so haven't been able to post. Hope you are all doing okay.

Caught up quickly there, lots of posts made me giggle.

I, too, am going to have to go down the panty liner route, alas. Pelvic floor not what it used to be after baby no. 1. Need to get better at my exercises...

mopsytop Fri 04-Jul-14 16:17:11

Oh, and, best tip for maternity clothes is asos. Is BRILLIANT and cheap. The only other place with anything acceptable I have found is papas and mamas and that is SO expensive.

hanniebabes3 Fri 04-Jul-14 17:47:29

I had my private scan today and found out we are having a boy!!!!! Absoloutely over the moon and my boyfriend actually clapped!! Bought a few blue babygrows first things Ive allowed myself to buy and went for a nosey at prams with my mum, 17 weeks tomorrow and looking forward to the weekend off, hope everyone else is doing well xx

ImBrian Fri 04-Jul-14 17:48:49

I've got a few bits from asos but I'm really liking boohoo.
I've bought a couple of maxi skirts, oversized t shirts and kimonos. Really cheap and even though they're not maternity they should last most of it.

Ladylel Fri 04-Jul-14 17:48:57

peace The tour will include Five, Blue and 991 from series one as well as A1, 3T and, the recently formed, 5th Story from series two. (Copy and paste) a1 my first love complete saddo but waiting for so long to see them. Don't want no babies stopping that hehehe

ImBrian Fri 04-Jul-14 18:03:08

Congratulations hannie, I'm having a boy as well smile

Peaceloveandbiscuits Fri 04-Jul-14 18:29:39

Ah I loved 911 but the others are after my time so so old !

I had another glamour moment tonight... Got off the train from visiting my friend, walked down the road towards the shops and suddenly felt the need to be sick. Tried to talk myself out of it, but up it was coming. I literally dove into Starbucks as they were the nearest place to me, and... now, picture the "worst toilet in Scotland" scene from Trainspotting... yep.

DrewsWife Fri 04-Jul-14 18:44:16

Holy moly peace... In taking that image to work. sad

Shanels Fri 04-Jul-14 20:00:48

catface I have had discharge since the beginning and have had to wear panty liners all the time. Like everyone said as long as it's not smelly or itchy it's fine. Apparently it's hormones.
Congrats hannie and imbrian! We have 2 boys so far...
I'm currently sitting with an ECG monitor stuck to my body and cables everywhere. Not comfy.
Have a nice weekend all!

Cuppachaplz Fri 04-Jul-14 20:17:21

May I tentatively join?
I have been lurking a long time, but had several mcs in the past.
Not sure which thread to join as EDD either Xmas day or New Year's Day depending on which scan I believe (or even earlier by LMP)
Feeling bumpy and lumpy, and having a brave night, so posting.

Peaceloveandbiscuits Fri 04-Jul-14 20:31:56

I expected more from an hestablishment like Starbucks, Drew. But I suppose every other bugger spies it as a quick fix and does the same as me, but doesn't clean up after themselves! Dirty bastards. I have a serious public toilet phobia so I'm probably exaggerating, but it was nasty.

Peaceloveandbiscuits Fri 04-Jul-14 21:21:16

And another bloody thing! I'm so spotty confused I've always had really dry skin all over and have never suffered from spots - just the odd one every now and then. They're all over my damn face now. I don't wear make up in the summer, so apart from scrubbing it and drinking plenty of water I don't know what to do!

CatFaceCrayola Fri 04-Jul-14 21:34:44

Welcome cuppa

I had a crappy day at school. Managed to coax myself to go swimming (16 very slow lengths) which was good.

even managed to do some house tidying too. But now I'm exhausted and achey.

Irrationally irritated by DHs tiredness and desire to just watch stuff all evening (I really don't much enjoy sitting watching a screen). His "fun thing to do" suggestion for tomorrow was going to the cinema. I had to go upstairs and take some deep breaths to avoid stropping at him

2 weeks til 20 week scan...getting a bit nervous (and very impatient!)


Ladylel Fri 04-Jul-14 21:34:58

Peace my chin seems to be extra spotty ATM sad can't help but squeeze so end up like one big scabby chin! Argh

oohdaddypig Fri 04-Jul-14 21:38:07

bettycakes ask your GP for fluticasone nasal spray. It's a steroid. It is fine in pregnancy - they know this as its also an asthma med. takes a few weeks to work but it really helps....

Cuppachaplz Fri 04-Jul-14 22:23:05

peace and lady, I'm uber spotty too sad
Developed big lumpy boobs which look similar to my sons marble bag-yuk!
Blooming, my bum!

betty try prevailin, safe in pregnancy. I have several friends who swear by it, and has worked for my son who still suffers when doped up to the nines. Good luck

SassehMonsta Fri 04-Jul-14 23:04:36

Also spotty with copious discharge. Have tickets to a Lindsey Stirling (violinist, youtube her!) gig in early Nov.... Standing seats only! Want to go very badly but at 8+ months pregnant couldbe fun ;-)

long day, chickened out of swimming as too tired but did lunch with a close friend, and planned a week off work.

Somersetgirl1990 Fri 04-Jul-14 23:19:07

I LOVE Lindsay Stirling!!! Also a massive fan of Tyler ward, another youtuber, went to his show in November and bumped into him on the street and got a hug and a picture grin best day ever!!

Bettycakes80 Sat 05-Jul-14 00:10:48

Thank you so much everyone for the hay fever advice. Sneezing so much it's keeping me awake, apparently pregnancy makes it worse. Oh the joy!

DrewsWife Sat 05-Jul-14 00:56:01

Shanels. Why are you wired to an ECG. Are you ok??

Shanels Sat 05-Jul-14 01:50:04

drewswife I've always had a fast heart rate but since the pregnancy it's got faster so I've been fitted with a mobile ECG to wear until tomorrow. Thank you for asking!

littlepickly Sat 05-Jul-14 07:19:39

Hi all,

I'm kind of rejoining - thread 5 wow! Have been lurking and posting sporadically in the past but determined to keep up this time!

I'm 18+5 and am feeling massive, boobs are having a growth spurt for the millionth time and I'd only just got my new bras sorted - argh!

Looking forward to keeping up with you all this time smile

Ladylel Sat 05-Jul-14 07:49:32

Bettycakes I was suffering quite bad but refused to keep going to docs to ask if I can have one thing or another. Done a bit of googling, prevalin was the main one people seemed to be advised to take and a few people went for becanase so off I went to purchase some prevalin only to find it all sold out but becanase wasn't so that's what I went for, much to the disgust of the pharmacist when! I only take it once a day in the morning then I am good to go. My experience so far is most doctors and my midwife when I asked her just said no you can't take anything at all didn't even recommend anything. I also found the nose creams to work (similar to hay max) but I have something different. Not had to use it as much as becanase does the trick. Vaseline also works!

To be clear this is just what I do and it isn't medical advise prevalin does seem to be the main one people go for but it's same ingredients - the only reason I've come across them saying you can't take anything in pregnancy is just down to the fact there isn't any research on it plus which pregnant woman wants to be a guinea pig to begin with! I think there main concerns are also first 12 weeks due to fetal development. If in doubt call your doc up probably also something to do with your history just in case. As an asthmatic id always suffered and alway took an antihistmine so I decided a spray was better than a tab.

Somersetgirl1990 Sat 05-Jul-14 07:52:59

Last night I felt what felt like massive kicks - I could feel them from the outside but surely it couldn't be he baby could it? I haven't felt anything at all up until now, I would have thought I would feel little movements inside before?? So confused!


ImBrian Sat 05-Jul-14 08:23:20

I felt this one in the outside and saw belly moving at about then. The movements were very low down. I'm 19+3 today and dp can feel kicks and they occasionally get higher up. I now feel him moving several times a day instead of just once or twice.

Somersetgirl1990 Sat 05-Jul-14 11:09:18

But I haven't felt anything at all before then? Is that not really strange? It was really low down smile oooohhh hope it was baby!

miraculous2 Sat 05-Jul-14 12:12:34

I was sitting up in bed this morning and reached forward for a pillow - felt a BIG... something, yelped and thought I'd been hit in the bump.

Hard to describe the sensation but it had a bit of a nerve twang in it. Happened once more, again when leaning forward, not as strong. High up on the right side.

Haven't felt any movement so far at all. I don't think these were kicks (jeez, if they were I'm signing them up for rugby training now). Any ideas? Are my muscles just struggling to accommodate twins?! grin

miraculous2 Sat 05-Jul-14 12:13:20

17+6 smile

DrewsWife Sat 05-Jul-14 12:31:50

16+1 today and need a bit of reassurance. Eeeeek. Went to work and feel totally paranoid about the baby. Felt tiny movements a few days ago. Nothing since yesterday or today so far... Tell me to shut up and chill. Please!!

oohdaddypig Sat 05-Jul-14 12:36:00

drew I'm having exactly the same concern as you. Can feel lots of movements one day, then nothing the next.

I'm telling myself it's because the baby is so small so might just change position to a place where you won't feel it.

Ladylel Sat 05-Jul-14 12:42:01

Drew and daddy I'm the same. Finally got my was around fluttering feeling being actually movement and not wind then it just stops some days I get it a few times a day today I've had nothing :/ I did wake up at about 5am and it felt like I was being kicked from the inside but maybe have been stitch or something. With 2 I don't know if they are both moving or if ones more active than te other or what�� when I use my heart monitor i hear them swishih around and moving but not feel them if that makes sense. X

DrewsWife Sat 05-Jul-14 12:53:13

Thanks girls! I'm needing to man up. I have midwife on Monday and scared she won't find heartbeat. I have no reason to think it but I can't get it out of my head. hmm

I went shopping to mothercare yesterday and bought lots of baby stuff and now worried I have jinxed it

Lordy. Gimme a slaaaaaap sad

LotsaTuddles Sat 05-Jul-14 13:20:25

Don'tworry Drews, I'm the same, this is my second and felt movement really early, done days I don't feel it and some days I do.

I told my midwife this and she said it's fine, because the baby is so small and not to start worrying about not feeling things until you start to feel big consistent movements and then they stop

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sat 05-Jul-14 13:46:05

Aw I wish I could feel my bean! Only 15w today, feeling like the baby of the group!

oohdaddypig Sat 05-Jul-14 13:51:09

drew not sure "man up" is the right expression. My DH would last about a minute being pregnant. grin it's an odd mix of elation and fear, every day.

LotsaTuddles Sat 05-Jul-14 14:11:44

Peace, I was only 15w yesterday

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sat 05-Jul-14 14:27:50

Wow Lotsa what does it feel like this early on?

LotsaTuddles Sat 05-Jul-14 14:56:39

It's hard to explain, if you run your finger really lightly over your skin it kind of feels like that but on the inside and more movementy , that doesn't even slightly make sense but I know what I mean.

I can only feel it because I've been pregnant so recently, so don't worry that you haven't felt anything

espa Sat 05-Jul-14 14:57:28

I'm 15+4 and also feeling like a baby here! smile Dying to feel something, keep asking my wee toot if they are awake or not! My cats are loving cuddling in to my tummy these days (not that unusual) but wondering if they can sense anything yet. Baby is going to be very used to purrs when it comes out!

Still feeling like crap, despite bloods and blood pressure being okay. Knackered after a short time on my feet/up and about etc and feel like I can't do anything (and there's loads to do - DH does ' tidying' but not cleaning/dusting etc). Also feel a bit like as much as he is supportive/concerned he feels like I'm a waste of space right now. Lots of sighing. sad

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sat 05-Jul-14 15:06:13

Oh! Here's something I've noticed... My hips seem to seize up when I sit or lie down. I've never experienced anything like it before, but it's as if my core is just a solid lump and I can't get any flexibility to move. Hrrmmm.

LotsaTuddles Sat 05-Jul-14 15:17:16

I didn't feel anything until a lot later with DS

LotsaTuddles Sat 05-Jul-14 15:20:13

feel like that too peace, but I get it when I stand up too

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sat 05-Jul-14 15:41:46

Lotsa yeah I notice it when I stand up. I feel about 90 crawling up the stairs to bed!

CoddledAsAMommet Sat 05-Jul-14 18:47:07

Just a heads-up as we'll all be pregnant in the winter. I bought a lovely winter coat from the 'Yummy Mummy' (awful name!) website. It's teal and wraps around the bump. It seems crazy to be buying one in July but it was less than half price. If you wait until the weather gets bad they can be hugely expensive - May be worth making an early investment!

oohdaddypig Sat 05-Jul-14 18:51:38

Thanks coddled I had a winter pregnancy last time too and ended up in DH's v unflattering fleeces at the end - to work. Did someone else mention ASOS is good?

My early movements are a bit different. You know when you get an involuntary muscle twitch, say in your arm or leg? Mine feel like that... A little bit like a pop from wind but a fuller feeling. The low kicks on my cervix feel like guitar strings twanging.

I guess this being third preg, I have plenty of time to think about it.

Very fed up of nausea now. 16 + 4

CoddledAsAMommet Sat 05-Jul-14 18:55:54

My first was a winter baby (November) too- but as it was nearly 13 years ago goodness only knows where my maternity coat has been and how many women have worn it!
If you're doing school runs in the winter you'll definitely need a coat that fits!

DrewsWife Sat 05-Jul-14 19:01:44

What a lovely day I'm having. I have the runs. Tried three times to spell diahorrea and can't. Fuck it. hmm

Sat watching OBEM whilst hubby is working an epic shift. Dd called asking me to pick her up. I feel like a fucking taxi. So I refused! She isn't impressed. Grrrrrrrr. Oh and the house is a hell hole

CatFaceCrayola Sat 05-Jul-14 19:30:56

We unintentionally went on a day trip to Blackpool today. Was a great day but so much walking. Was in so much pain on the walk back to the car. Still suffering now with lower back and hip pain (with added nipples pain now too!)

Don't think I've felt movement yet. Felt ::something:: last night but then based on last night's crazy ass selection of dreams I could easily have imagined it


SassehMonsta Sat 05-Jul-14 21:00:08

Complete breakdown at dinnertime, my brain decided that I was a waste of space and couldn't do anything right. DH got me food and made me eat it, and I've gone back to the only thing I have done all day, watch TV on Netflix. Urgh.

House is a tip, the car I drive is broken (towed away this morning), and I have no way of ordering my dishwasher that I wanted to have delivered next Tuesday! I have no motivation and feel crap, so am just going to sit on my arse until Ifeel better. going out for lunch with a friend yesterday made me feel worse.

On the plus side, the MIL found a tiny dog wandering in our street this morning, and we managed to reunite her with her owners (who we found wandering in PJs and looking under bushes just down the street and round the corner!!)

17 weeks today.

Somersetgirl1990 Sat 05-Jul-14 21:40:45

A customer at work today put her hand on my stomach and asked me "how long I've had it" shock how bloody rude!! I'm not even that big, I have a little bit of a tummy and my work uniform is a bit snug around that area but I wouldn't say that I definitely look pregnant! I told her I wasn't pregnant grin cue lots of embarrassed apologetic rambling

Cuppachaplz Sat 05-Jul-14 23:17:16

I'm also feeling movements much earlier than with DS, am 15+2 today, and had them a few days. Was Defo past 17 with DS. Feels a bit like needing a pee, but focal and moving about, kind of stretching inside if that makes any sense? Only feel it if I'm exhausted though, eg after a run etc.

Done too much gardening today, regretting it now though sad
Leg cramps, foot cramps, and bizarrely boob cramps! Yikes.

Cuppachaplz Sat 05-Jul-14 23:20:49

sasseh hugs! hope you're feeling better soon.
Am joining you and drews in the house-is-a-tip club today, but really cba...

Ladylel Sun 06-Jul-14 08:02:51

Anyone getting restless legs, pins and needles in their hands (Especially in the morning) and swollen feet and fingers? Or is not just me?


SassehMonsta Sun 06-Jul-14 08:05:43

Had a twitchy leg last wee

SassehMonsta Sun 06-Jul-14 08:11:09

Stupid phone! Last week I had a twotchy leg but only one evening. Woken up with pins and needles ib my hand last few nights but put that down to sleeping on my hand with more weight than usual/supporting the bump with said hand.

Part of my bad.mood is probably lack of car & feeling a bit trapped - not beinh able tp get out and see people sucks! - but also I have got dh's cold/swollen throat/ppssible tonsillitis. Urgh. Didnt realise I was coming down with it until late last night, drank lots of water & slept lots but its here to stay booo.

Speaking of drinking lots of water, who else is fed up of peeing all the bloody time?! Im going to record the number of times I get up to go pee today, and.probably count how much I drink, just to see...


Ladylel Sun 06-Jul-14 08:27:48

sasseh I feel your Pain. At one point I was up at least 5 times not counting the just gone to pee before bed, get comfortable and realise I need to go again. Now it's less I try not to drink too muh before bed but have found as long as I am tired enough I will sleep throught until around 3or 4 am before my bladder wakes me up to go potty! I do find though I am dead thirsty middle of the night, swings and roundabouts.

My tingly hands happen in the morning. Not been led on or anything. Also getting bad shoulders too like I have been led awkward. :/

I seem to constantly be in a bad or off mood. I have good days but one thing has to set me off then the wheels are in motion to turn into pregzilla. I am concerned I might be getting a bit of anxiety possibly mild depression. Having read up a few bits trying not to over react and tick boxes for things that arnt there but apart from feeling it other people notice it. I think I'm one irrational argument away from callin up the docs for advise sad

CatFaceCrayola Sun 06-Jul-14 10:16:55

No harm in getting advice ladylel

I am constantly wee-ing too. Yesterday I was on an almost constant hunt for public toilets, McDonald's or squattable bushes!

Regularly wake up with a dead arm and swollen fingers, but I've out that down to me lying on it as I can't seem to find a logical place for it to go amidst all the cushions.

I am very well padded out at night.... Big long "alligator" (because it feels like I'm wrestling a croc!) cushion between my knees/hugged up to me and the long bit of the dream genii supporting my back (or vice versa when I turn over)
But I am still getting so much hip and back pain every night sad

Joining the club of those whose houses are disastrous, just can't be arsed tidying though

18 weeks today

LotsaTuddles Sun 06-Jul-14 10:45:03

My house is ridiculous. I just can't bring myself to do anything.

My c section scar has started to really hurt, it feels like it's burning from the inside

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sun 06-Jul-14 11:12:44

Halfway through washing up I had to sit down because I felt dizzy. Finally, an excuse for my slatternly ways! Trouble is my mother (who lives 400 miles away across the Irish Sea!) is coming to visit in the coming couple of weeks so I feel like I need to be "ready" in case she decides today is the day. We've been moved in for a month now so really no excuse for the un-unpacked boxes still stacked up in every room hmm

CatFaceCrayola Sun 06-Jul-14 12:41:07

peace I'd say you have a perfect excuse to have not fully unpacked, visitors or not!

If your mum is anything like mine she'll eagerly set about unpacking them herself (and you'll have to keep ringing her asking where she put stuff!). In fact my mum is coming to do some more sorting this afternoon

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sun 06-Jul-14 13:27:24

I got up eventually and did more washing up, and then made two chillis and two lasagnes for dinners this week (two because I don't eat meat but DH does!). Curry and sausage casserole coming up. Now sitting down with a sandwich though!
I'm hoping my mum will be up for housework, though she injured her leg getting off the ferry so is immobile for this week at least!

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sun 06-Jul-14 16:31:40

Sausage casserole and curry are both done! Now I'm having a lie down confused super dizzy today, wonder if my thyroid is playing up. I was supposed to get a blood test done to check it before my consultant appt on Tuesday but totally forgot shock hope he doesn't mind, though results from two months ago aren't going to be much use...

We are having a barbecue tonight if the rain holds off, so no more cooking for me all week grin

How's everyone else today?

LisaC2611 Sun 06-Jul-14 16:54:10

Can I join the disgusting state of house too. We've had a new bathroom this week and there is so much dust and crap everywhere. Thankfully I have someone to come in and clean it for me but told her she will probably need to do a bit extra this week.

I've done a 10k race for life this morning managed to run over half of it so feeling very proud of myself. Did go and pig out afterwards with a lovely roast and hot chocolate fudge cake after though. Has anyone else found themselves feeling more hungry again? I'm 18+1 and seem to have the appetite if a horse at the moment!!

CatFaceCrayola Sun 06-Jul-14 17:11:16

Crikey lisa that's hardcore. I would currently avoid running for a bus Nevermind 10k. Go you!

Mum has helped me sort one of my wardrobes today.

was having a pram discussion with the parents and I was saying I would be a bit stuck for choice as it would have to fit in the boot of a nissan micra. Parents start nudging each other and saying "shall we"?

I think aww...they're going to be lovely and offer to buy the pram for us. But no....my dads next sentence was "we've been thinking about getting a new car and were wondering if you'd be offended if we gave you our current car" ...me and DH were flabbergasted (and very much not offended!)

A proper grown up car!

CatFaceCrayola Sun 06-Jul-14 17:21:55

Pictures of my current beloved car to show how much of a shocker "grown up car" will be!

(And yes, it even has "powered by Fairydust" and tinkerbell on The back!)

ChineseFireball Sun 06-Jul-14 17:37:59

Hello ladies. I've been really busy and not posted for a bit - just had a quick skim through to catch up though. Catface I'm really glad the MH MW thingy went ok. Hello and welcome, PinkHollie smile

I think the nausea is giving up the ghost (thank goodness) - haven't been sick for over a week now - fingers crossed! Have been feeling a little bit of movement I think now and again but it's not every day.

20 week scan is 8 August, so what's that? 5 weeks? We're not planning on finding out the sex so will just be checking everything is as it should be. I'm due the 16-week MW appointment in a week or so but I've just checked my notes and they say 15 weeks so I'll need to get that booked in fairly quickly.

Think i've strained my back lifting or twisting or something - it's really painful and hurts to move. Did the Race for Life this morning and actually I think that has helped with the pain. If it's no better in a couple of days I'm going to go to the doc I think.

Have bought a pushchair and an infant carrier today. Hope it's not bad luck...

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. The rain has only just set in here (Midlands) after a fairly nice and sunny couple of days!


espa Sun 06-Jul-14 17:54:24

I have been very restrained so far and not bought anything although have been doing research. Suspect no trips into JL due to feeling ill might have helped that though. Ordered some (lots..) of maternity clothes from ASOS and Topshop yesterday.

Has anyone not put on any weight yet? I have a distinct bump but still the same/slightly less than when I got pregnant. Read something that said by 15 weeks you should have put on around 5lbs. I know everyone is different, and my pre pregnancy trousers generally don't fit any more, but I'm a bit surprised I haven't put on anything especially given how sedentary I've been of late.

Ladylel Sun 06-Jul-14 18:13:37

I have put on just over a stone. I am not proud. But it is expected and normal. And the right amount for this stage in the game with 2 cooking!

Oh is getting fed up with my indecisiveness: one minute I feel I look fat and not pregnant (especially when people comment on me being tiny) followed by me thinking crap in doing something wrong, their not growing properly, then when someone says your definitely looking pregnant now it makes me feel large again and bummed! I don't know what I want!!!

tillymonster Sun 06-Jul-14 18:15:49

Also joined in with the "arg, the house is a mess, must do housework" today <to be honest DH did most of it>. We moved in here about 18 months ago, and the unpacked boxes still mock me - I guess if I haven't missed the contents in this time, I should just get rid of them, right...? but...

Espa - I'm still 10 kg lighter than pre-conception weight, although currently not losing much any more (fingers crossed). Most of my books say we should be putting on 1-2 lb a week in second trimester...! I guess we are all different and averages suit nobody! I think I've got a noticeable bump, but at work I get more "have you lost weight?" than "are you pregnant" so I guess it's not really that noticeable!

18+3, and not been sick today! :D :D :D

My house looks like a bomb has gone off! It's actually really getting me down now but I just haven't got the energy to tackle it right now.

Has anyone thought about what they are going to do for Christmas. We have hosted for other family members for the past 6 years. I was hoping that DB and SIL might invite us this year as they came here last year but SIL made a comment the other day about not cooking for Christmas until she'd got a new kitchen, which doesn't look likely to happen in the near future!

I'm going to struggle, having a newborn, recovering from my cs and trying to make a fuss of DS is going to be hard enough without cooking a big dinner or worse entertaining. The thought is depressing! I'd just tell DH we're not having Xmas this year if it wasn't for DS.

I know it's a stupid thing to be getting stressed about in July but that's exactly what it's doing to me. sad

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sun 06-Jul-14 18:49:16

Poly surely another member of your family will invite you? Doing Christmas is out of the question for you! We had planned to host this year and I was ever so excited about it because I love cooking, but my mother said it ain't happening anymore sad and since we won't be able to travel far from home/the hospital, we won't be able to go to either family sad we have a load of M&S vouchers so I did suggest that we get a load of swanky party food and hole up on our own with Netflix!

CallingAllEngels Sun 06-Jul-14 18:59:28

My house is a complete shit tip. Have felt totally zonked this weekend so hardly done anything. Dh has been an arse and was stropping earlier that there's shit everywhere, maybe he's worked out that the only reason there's normally NOT shit everywherenis because I clear it up (he has made me roast lamb today, but even so, he's been an arse). I'm about to attack a tub of choclate ice creM.

poly we alternate between Christmas at my parents in the UK (with dsis1, dbil and dbro, and dsis2 if she's in the country) and Christmas here where we go to ils for coffe in the morning then to ours late faternoon for dinner. (They are our ndn so easy to see them for part of the day and have a break). DBIL and DSIL are always unavailable for Christmas, we have never been invited to theirs and lastvyear when we were in the uk they wouldn't invite PILs over so they spent the day on their own sad

Will prob do the same this year, but dh will cook anyway and I will be firmly ensconced on the sofa for the whole day. My DPs are heading out to visit on thd 31st for a few days but not staying with us. They'll either have a lovely newborn to coo iver or they'll be taking ds out for the day (perhaps both!).

poly I would make clear to everyone now not to expect an invite. If you get invited somewhere else and you want to go fine, but if not then enjoy a Christmas with just the 4 of you.

CallingAllEngels Sun 06-Jul-14 19:01:11

espa I lost a lot of weight in the 1st trimester last time round so was at least 16w before I was back to conception weight and then started putting weight on.

Not a problem this time I can tell you!

15w today

Oh the pins and needles in the arms! is that a pregnancy thing?!?smile smile

Peaceloveandbiscuits Sun 06-Jul-14 19:13:48

No BigHairy, that's a "sitting on your arms" thing, you flexible little devil! grin

Martie1 Sun 06-Jul-14 19:21:36

espa I was also worrying a bit about weight gain as my 14/15 weeks I really had put on nothing. I was worrying but took the view that, my trousers don't fit and that i was doing my best to eat enough in the day and that was all I could do. I am now +6 pounds and feeling proud. First time ever that I am proud of putting on weight!


LisaC2611 Sun 06-Jul-14 19:22:14

I said last year that I wasn't doing Christmas this year and my sister said she will do it, but she's going to be 8 and half months pregnant At Christmas so not sure what we are going to do. It's normally between me and sis because we have the bigger houses. Think mum will have to cook dinner at one if our houses. Hoping it won't be mine though.

LisaC2611 Sun 06-Jul-14 19:24:18

Oh and I have stayed well and truly away from the scales but as I'm still in pre-pregnancy clothes I'm hoping I haven't put on too much

Haha! My arms aint long enough to reach under my massive arse! At night or if I sit in certain positions, my fingers go numb! Also I've been waking up with chronic hayfever with nose so blocked up that I end up with a nosebleed and sore throat. I take piraton under Drs orders, and that prrvalin stuff that is essentially spraying chewing gum up your nose!

I feel much better after a few days away. Midwife this week, scan next. grin

I say "I'm not doing it next year" every year! I was just hoping we'd be invited somewhere for dinner. If not it'll have to be a roast chicken. No way I can be lifting a giant turkey in and out of the oven.

I'm going to mention it to my DM this week and see what she says. The only trouble is, if Mom invites us she'll feel obliged to invite my brothers and their families too.

CatFaceCrayola Sun 06-Jul-14 19:54:59

I was looking forward to me and DH hosting our first xmas, definitely not going to happen.

Parents will have to take charge again. And I reckon I'll be able to demand some xmas decs this year (as soon as I passed 16 they never bothered with decorations) since they'll want to impress their first grandchild smile

ChineseFireball Sun 06-Jul-14 20:10:35

We usually go out for Christmas dinner. I think we might stay at home this time - given our EDD is 26/12! Having seen another thread earlier this evening talking about how to do Christmas with a newborn I'm tempted to buy a load of yumminess from M&S and get DMIL to cook it in our oven. My DM is spending Christmas with my younger sister and her family but think DMIL has volunteered to come to us. That'll be fine - but if I have the baby I'll not want her at home when I get out of hospital. That sounds really selfish and mean, doesn't it? sad But last time I felt terrible and I was flopping about (carefully) with my stitches and my chapped nipples waving in the air to aid healing and that's not something I really want to share with anyone. She would be brilliant for looking after DS but she will overdo it and as she has angina and spends a lot of time resting after we have been to visit for a day, having to look after DS who might be having a grump because the new baby is spending too much time with HIS mummy might be a bit too much for her. I sound awful don't I?

Will have to see how things go. Argh. Whose idea was this??? ;)

espa Sun 06-Jul-14 20:15:37

Feeling reassured by all your comments re weight. Will speak to midwife about it this week too. Baby must be using up all my calories. smile

I get pins and needles in my hand too, particularly left hand. Sometimes wake up with it, sometimes can just be when I'm holding my tablet and I got it a lot when reading on holiday too.

Re Xmas, my DSIL and DB have offered which is great. They stay 15 mins away and are 10 minutes from the hospital (EDD 23 Dec) although clearly hoping baby will be here early! My parents live a couple of hours away so will either stay with us or them depending in what's happening! My SIL entertains well so will be nice and easy for me. A few years ago we had Xmas at theirs and their friend had just had a baby boy 3 days before and they came round for dinner with him to save cooking and it was lovely, hope it's the same for me!

You don't sound awful at all Fireball! I told DH that I didn't want anyone in our house when I came home from hospital with DS and that we weren't having any overnight guests for quite some time. It was the best thing I did.

DrewsWife Sun 06-Jul-14 21:24:14

I also putting a ban on visitors. As for Christmas.... Chinese seems the way to go!!

I don't know what to do about Christmas really. For the past 7 years the Dsses have xmas eve at their Mums and then come to us mid-morning and we have them then until New Year or just beore. I'm hoping we can do it the other way round this year as it's utter chaos in my tiny house. I usually love it but this year I am dreading it. I dont want to shortchange the boys out of a Christmas with us, but at the same time they haven't spent it with their mum in seven years, and I'd have just had a baby so it aint going to be a lot of fun.

SassehMonsta Mon 07-Jul-14 07:35:33

We celebrate solstice & christmas with different parts of the family. But we dont host - head over to the MILs boat for solstice lunch & dinner with presents inbetween and then christmas we go to my parents abput 12 and stay till 7-8/when dr who has finished and.before eastenders! Wuth EDD of 13th, hoping we can just do short visits for food and gifts with baby in tow or if baby is running late and is still a matter of days old they can come here.and cook in ny kitchen ;-) as long as I dont have to cook!!!

I hate Mondays. Ttoday is going to be a crappy day at work, I have a nasty headcold, and I've woken up retching on an empty stomach. Arrrgh. Fuck you Mondays.

LotsaTuddles Mon 07-Jul-14 08:31:38

We did Xmas last year and the plan has always been to go to PiLs this year so that's nice and easy for us as I'm due 26/12, but obviously hoping to be at least a week early, maybe even a bit late. They only live 10 mins away so nice and easy if it happens when we're round there.

I don't really want any overnight visitors straight after either, but my mum lives 2-3 hours away and its off work from Xmas eve till the 6th Jan or something like that, so don't think we're going to be able to avoid it really. But my mum's not too bad, she'll just keep my housework under control grin

My scar is still really sore today, if it doesn't feel any better by Wednesday, I'm going to have to call MW.

Had another dream where my scar split open again, it felt so real, I had to check it hadn't when I woke up

Peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 07-Jul-14 11:24:03

I'm meeting a friend for lunch today but I just can't be arsed. What's everyone else up to?

PunkyPod Mon 07-Jul-14 11:26:02

Not sure what's happening with Christmas this year. Ordinarily we'd be going to PILs but with baby due at the end of November i don't much fancy the 2-3 hour drive. And SIL is due her baby about a week before Christmas so i doubt she'll be travelling. I think we'll stay at home or go to my parents' who are local. But having never cooked a Christmas dinner i certainly am not planning on doing it for the first time this year!

Appetite. i'm certainly eating a lot. Am trying my hardest to make sure it's healthy but sometimes i just can't resist a pack of biscuits! I've not weighed myself. I didn't with dd either. I just don't want to know. it'll go eventually.

Mango baby has been carrying on with it's wiggles. I'm now starting to feel it on my hand too.


Oh dear Lotsa, how long ago did you have your CS? Sounds very uncomfortable.

Peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 07-Jul-14 11:49:02

I weighed myself this morning and I've lost 2lbs since last month. Okie doke!

SassehMonsta Mon 07-Jul-14 11:58:13

Was correct about today being awful. Been sick at work, now sat in the canteen trying to eat some dry toast with a smidgen of ketchup.

On the plus side, my boss just realised he was.wearing one slipper and one shoe. Lol!

Peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 07-Jul-14 12:21:46

Omg Sasseh!! Lolling away to myself about the one slipper one shoe gringringrin
Sorry you're feeling crap; I was randomly sick before I left the house just now hmm so over this shit.

SassehMonsta Mon 07-Jul-14 12:46:46

Urugh, its awful isn't it Peace - thought we were mostly past the vomiting! Got frustrating clients today (as usual) but at least none of them are coming in to visit!

He went home and changed it, party pooper!

Ladylel Mon 07-Jul-14 13:09:47

I had to work Saturday and after what felt like the longest day and feet and hands resembling the elephant woman I got home and went straight to bed (4pm) absolutely knackered. 9-5 office worker normally, its a whole different ball game working open days and talking to hundreds of prospective students, so in advance booked today off so I could have my weekend. That and I have a holiday days to take before the year ends annual leave in end of Sept then I'm on Maternity anyway so thought might as well, still have 4 more days to take....

Sorted some paper work out and rearranged some draws to make room for baby stuff that we keep collecting... meeting my friend for lunch in half hour so I get to rant and vent about how I've been feeling without being judged!

Something ever so smug making when you don't work a Monday of all days. They're not so bad if you don't have to work them haha.

Counting down the days until I find out the baby flavours. 1 week to go! Thank God! My finger has been hovering over the private gender scan booking I've been dying to do!

Hope everyones enjoying their days where they can. Feeling bad for you girls being sick sad I get the odd bout of nausea but no sick.
sasseh Highlight about one slipper one shoe situation! hehe

LotsaTuddles Mon 07-Jul-14 14:43:58

Im still sick most days too.

Polythene was last September, so <quickly counts> just over 10 months ago

Peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 07-Jul-14 15:35:40

I don't work Mondays either, but I'm not smug at all because I work every other Saturday hmm blah!

miraculous2 Mon 07-Jul-14 16:23:05

Terrible news at my scan today. My babies have developed Twin To Twin Transfusion Syndrome. The stats are absolutely horrific with 90-95% chance of miscarriage.

I will be scanned again on Wednesday and possibly sent immediately to Birmingham for surgery. 40% chance the surgery will kill one of them. 20% chance it will kill both of them. 5% chance of long term damage to any survivors.

Obviously I'm now not going to be working in Japan for the next three weeks. Or probably ever again. I have no idea how to break it to them with one day's notice.

My little miracles look gorgeous but it's so sad to see the littlest one with a tiny sac and think of the pressure on the bigger one's heart and kidneys. I can't bear the thought of losing one or both.

I'm devastated.


Peaceloveandbiscuits Mon 07-Jul-14 16:28:05

So sorry to hear your awful news Miraculous sad not sure what else I can say, hope things work out the best they can sad

Littlebear81 Mon 07-Jul-14 16:46:07

Miraculous that's so sad to hear. Don't worry about work and just focus on you and your babies' health. That means 60% both will be ok and 80% one will be which might not help but try to stay positive. Hope you're getting lots of support. thanks

DrewsWife Mon 07-Jul-14 16:48:36

Miraculous you are in my hugs and prayers xxx. thanks Don't give up faith even a tiny percent still has hope xx

Oh Miraculous I am so sorry. My heart goes out to you. Crossing my fingers that you are one of the 60 percent thats both ok. sad

CatFaceCrayola Mon 07-Jul-14 17:21:07

Oh miraculous I'm so sorry to hear your news. Your post has stopped me in my tracks of the minor whinging I was about to do.

do not give up hope. The numbers look scary but there is still a chance. ))hugs((

espa Mon 07-Jul-14 18:32:10

miraculous I have everything crossed for you. Hoping you and your husband have lots of RL support. I know it can be hard at times feeling like you let work people down but in this case you absolutely shouldn't be worrying about that, concentrate on yourself and your little ones. Big hugs xx

LisaC2611 Mon 07-Jul-14 18:45:23

Miraculous so sorry to her your news. Hope you get lots of support and a positive outcome. Hugs

nickyjlees Mon 07-Jul-14 18:50:34

So sorry to hear you are going through such an awful time miraculous. Sending love and positive thoughts. X

miraculous2 Mon 07-Jul-14 18:53:57

40% chance they'll both survive. 60% we'll lose one or both. I really wish it was the other way round. The surgery is new and 40% survival is better than over 90% of pregnancies ending in death if it's left untreated. For now, we wait and see if they've got any worse by Wednesday first thing. I've never been very good at waiting. DH is a rock but I know he's hurting and trying to keep it together for me. People will be good to us but I don't know how to tell them, where to begin.

CallingAllEngels Mon 07-Jul-14 19:42:07

miraculous I'm so sorry to hear your news. Thinking of you.

Ladylel Mon 07-Jul-14 20:00:38

miraculous I feel for you. I have literally just burst in to tears. I have my scan next week. I'm so worked up about finding out what they are, if things are going to be ok etc. thinking if you xxx I know it's hard but focus on the positive, 40% is such a good chance xxx

miraculous2 Mon 07-Jul-14 20:09:26

Just emailed Japan and then wailed for a good ten minutes. DH is phoning home (10,000 miles away). Thanks for the support here, it means a lot. Please don't let me take over the thread. As you were. xxxxx

Miraculous, I'm really sorry for your news. I've been lurking, haven't disappeared completely but haven't had much to report.

I'm not particularly religious , but right now I'm appealing to every higher power there is for the best possible outcome. Thinking of you xx

isambardo Mon 07-Jul-14 20:25:10

Oh miraculous, all the best to you and your husband over the coming days and weeks. We are all hoping for the best for you and sending positive thoughts your way. I'm sure stats for the surgery are improving all the time if it is quite new.

We have the 20 week scan next week, I have been feeling so anxious about it for days now. I remember with my son, when the sonographer said "I can see two kidneys" I almost cried and I said "thank god it has kidneys"! I sometimes think about finding out the gender just to distract from what the scan is actually for.


Somersetgirl1990 Mon 07-Jul-14 20:31:26

So sorry miraculous, hope you're taking care of yourself and thinking as positively as you can. Wishing you the best of luck for Wednesday xxxx

monkeybaby2 Mon 07-Jul-14 20:41:05

Oh my god, Miraculous I'm so sorry. I really really hope this turns out well for you. Big hugs x

PresidentSpreadable Mon 07-Jul-14 20:41:40

So sorry miraculous, this must have come as an awful shock. Keeping everything crossed for you and your babies.

CatFaceCrayola Mon 07-Jul-14 21:04:30

isambardo I think I'm subconsciously taking that approach and focusing my attention on gender results instead of considering the other things. Although that's all anyone asks about "are you going to find out"? 10days til scan. I'm so rubbish at being patient!

Although saying that I was looking at some pregnancy website earlier which told me "153 days to go" which gave me a slight panic!!


Pepsiaddict Mon 07-Jul-14 21:46:53

So sorry to hear your news miraculous - hope that things work out for you, surgeons cannot work wonders xxx

oohdaddypig Mon 07-Jul-14 21:54:36

miraculous this thread is here to support us all so please please talk all you need. I have everything crossed for you xx

DrewsWife Mon 07-Jul-14 22:34:09

How is everyone today? I'm feeling exhausted. Been peeing more than a fountain. Went to midwife today and heard baby's very strong heartbeat.

Hubby recorded it on his phone lol and has been playing it at work.

Enjoying my working hours. Now on days and loving it But it's only for 4 weeks. Booooo

ImBrian Mon 07-Jul-14 22:52:11

Miraculous really sorry to hear your bad news. I have everything crossed for you and both little ones xxx

Ladylel Tue 08-Jul-14 06:47:05


Officially 19 weeks trying to get a good idea how big baby is in fruit and t seems to vary from
Grapefruit to Mango to banana to Onion to Carrot.... Wtf? Depends on the original size of the fruit I suppose as you can get rather large and small versions of the above. Nothing 'official' tho. Hmmmm

1 week until scan! Yay!

ChineseFireball Tue 08-Jul-14 07:23:54

Miraculous so sorry to hear your news. Am thinking of you and hoping for good news xxx

Peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 08-Jul-14 07:51:19

Ladylel 19 weeks = about 6 inches = just a bit longer than a £20 note.

Ladylel Tue 08-Jul-14 08:21:52

Thanks peace am purposely going to find a £20 note to carry around with me until next week now haha smile

littlepickly Tue 08-Jul-14 08:42:27

Ah ladylel and peace that's interesting to know that's the size - wow seems so big already! smile I'm 19 weeks too and feel ginormous!

Sorry to hear your news miraculous - hoping for some positive news for you soon, thoughts are with you.thanks

I have been struggling with my pelvic floor - think it's some sort of prolapse - and am off to see a physio tomorrow shock I have been experiencing a lot of pressure down there for a couple of weeks and feeling like everything's going to fall out, have spoken to my physio friend who has reassured me that it's quite common in pregnancy and is just due to weakened muscles from previous pregnancy and the weight of the new baby. I've been doing pelvic floor exercises as much as I can the lay couple of weeks but I fear it may be a problem until the end blush Fingers crossed it gets better but not holding my breath, it's frustrating to be limited especially when I've got a 2 yr old to look after!!

Ah well, scan to look forward to on Monday - we are going to find out the sex as we didn't last time and DH is desperate to! smile

SassehMonsta Tue 08-Jul-14 08:47:04

Oh miraculous . Got everything crossed, and at least itsbeen picked up at a time when they can at least try and do something about it. Xxx

yestersay got better in the evening, my boss gave me a lift to my mum & dads house and I ended up having a.nice swim with my mum & sister before discovering some new vegan basil pesto mmmmm. Not working today as I have to share my car and I would only be wprking 10-11:30, which is pointless!

Apparently at 17 weeks I've moved from an avacado to an onion :-) Trying to convince my parebts its not too early to get the cot down fron their attic and assemble in babys room. So far... They disagree!!

Also, MN get a big yay as they edited my first post so the stats link works - hurrrahhh!!


Ladylel Tue 08-Jul-14 10:40:15

littlepicky I go from feeling large and in charge to small and feel like I have nothing to show for it. It's one of the reasons I'm so into knowing what size they are equivalent too lol

CoventGarden75 Tue 08-Jul-14 10:59:27

miraculous thinking of you, look after yourself and babies, don't worry about work.

Re: sizes, here's a chart that I found quite useful, no mention of fruit and vegs, baby sizes per week


Ladylel Tue 08-Jul-14 11:03:46

That's really helpful thank covent

littlepickly Tue 08-Jul-14 11:10:47

Ah that's a great chart, v.interesting, thanks covent.

Yeah a vary too ladylel - but at night I always feel like a whale smile

Peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 08-Jul-14 12:22:06

I'm seeing the consultant this afternoon. I'm bricking it. Trying not to eat too big a lunch as I'm sure I'll be weighed grin

Martie1 Tue 08-Jul-14 13:00:19

miraculous thinking of you xx

Whatsonemore Tue 08-Jul-14 15:02:52

Hugs and best wishes miraculous

I haven't posted much recently as house move etc but have been lurking and seeing how everyone is getting on.

Unfortunately today has been a bad day here - I have noticed a leak - "here we go again" sad
Currently laying down with a pad on to monitor the fluid loss but feeling cross it's already starting - 21weeks last time was early enough ffs!

I may. Of eaten lots of chocolate to try distract nyself

Peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 08-Jul-14 16:22:42

!!! My consultant was so lovely! I'm in shock!
We talked about mental health, and then he said, book another appointment to see me after your 20 week scan. I was like, really? You don't want to talk about my thyroid or my BMI?? Nope! "You've got more important things to think about and you don't need to be made to feel crap about that". smile I LOVE THIS MAN AND I WANT HIM TO DELIVER ALL MY BABIES!

CatFaceCrayola Tue 08-Jul-14 16:37:48

Your consultant sounds ace peace

I'm struggling with achey back and hips again today. Walked to the shop to get lunch (5 minutes round trip) and was in agony when I returned.

I'm a primary school teacher so I don't can't really get away with sitting down and not moving.

got drs on thursday so will add it to my list of things to query


CallingAllEngels Tue 08-Jul-14 18:21:28

peace consultant sounds ace, especially after your shitty gp.

feeling rough here. Low bp at mw appt yesterday and am exhausted. This time with last pg I was striding up hills - right now, just getting out of bed is a struggle.

On a super cute note, we took ds to our mw appt yesterday as mw was the one who delivered him (there are 5 mw in the team and we'll see all of them during my pg so we'll know them all by the time labour comes around as you never know who's on duty) and he heard the baby's hb. When I picked him up from nursery today he shoved a soft toy up hi t-shirt and told me he had a "baby in the belly" - apparently he'd been doing it all day!

Am just about tomorder a shit load of maternity wear on zalando. How do jojo maman bebe sizes come up? Never bought any of their stuff before but like some of their tops and cardis. Finally got my maternity clothes down from the loft and some of jt is so comfy, I can't hold off buying some new stuff any longer!


Peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 08-Jul-14 18:33:33

Whatsonemore that sounds scary sad what will happen next? Hospital?!

ChineseFireball Tue 08-Jul-14 18:44:11

What a lovely consultant peace. I'm really glad it went so well smile

Just when I thought the sickness had gone...had a massive spew this morning sad I kind of guessed it was coming because I've felt nauseous again for the last few days but still...

Starting to feel enormous now and agree with engels that maternity clothes are definitely more comfortable. Unfortunately I seem to have a negative association and looking at or thinking about maternity clothes makes me nauseous! Very strange indeed.

I'm feeling a bit uncomfortable at the moment because of something at work and I could do with some advice actually. One of my colleagues guessed I was pg at about 9 weeks, and at the time she was 7 weeks. She has previously had 2 miscarriages at around 8 weeks and was having weekly scans to check everything was ok. The first of these was ok but now she is off sick and I'm thinking she might have miscarried again sad I don't want to jump to conclusions but I'm really sad for her. And feel a bit awkward because fingers crossed everything is ok with our baby. I don't know what to say to her when she comes back to work. obviously I'm not going to go bouncing up to her - I'll wait for her to raise it if she wants to - but she will know I've guessed if it is the case. Any pearls of wisdom? Things she might want to hear me say? Might she want me to keep out of her way?


CoventGarden75 Tue 08-Jul-14 19:03:54

chinese if things did indeed go wrong for your colleague, the only thing to say is "i'm sorry for your loss" and maybe "let me know if there is anything i can do to help". And then just keep quiet about your pg until she asks, it's not a nice position to be in for either of you, fx she, and her baby, are fine. (I mmc when my colleague was pg last year, but she didn't know).

Whatsonemore Tue 08-Jul-14 19:12:15

peace yep will have to go up if it carries on - at moment it has slowed- problem is there isn't anything the hospital can do at this point.

I was expecting another few weeks before all this started to be honest sad

Peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 08-Jul-14 19:26:56

Which hospital are you going to Whats? I know you're nearby but can't remember how nearby!

Whatsonemore Tue 08-Jul-14 19:30:06

I'm booked in at east surrey - however will only go up if it carries on and once I've checked who is the on call consultant (sorry to say had a bad experience with one or two before so am picky)

Peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 08-Jul-14 19:43:22

Ah yeah you're in Dorking? Good luck! I hope it's all okay sad

CallingAllEngels Tue 08-Jul-14 20:06:00

chinese I was going to say similar to covent if the worst happened. I would say "I'm so sorry" (I wouldn't ignore the situation) and then give her space and accept she might find it hard to be around you for a while. Just speaking form my own mc experiences.

whats hope you are okay.

monkeybaby2 Tue 08-Jul-14 20:07:55

Thinking about you Whatsonemore, hope everything settles down x

htbftm Tue 08-Jul-14 20:28:47

Miraculous, Im so sorry You ve had bad news. Im keeping my fingers crossed for you! Have hour had this before Whatsonemore? That's awesome Peace! - so pleased for you!
Ive got a vaginal scan tomorrow to check m cervix a my last one came at 34 wks. Fingers crossed its ok, but also wondering what the chances are they can tell me the gender (18wks)?

DrewsWife Tue 08-Jul-14 20:28:59

Evenin. Am loving working through the day! Sitting in the office today I felt as though I had a foot or something wedged in my side lol had to keep pressing to stop it and it just moved from place to place. Now home and bra is off so I'm comfy lol. Am not going anywhere now lol.

ImBrian Tue 08-Jul-14 20:32:25

Convent this happened to me but I was the one who lost the baby. We found out at the same time and she was two days ahead of me. A big hug and a box of chocs from her was a lovely thought as no one else knew I was pregnant. She didn't avoid me but didn't shove pregnancy in my face. I got pregnant straight away so due 5 weeks after her which has prob made things easier.

It's my 20 week scan tomorrow. Feeling nervous, dd has a chromosome duplication which puts baby at risk of heart problems and clefts. Got everything crossed this one is fine.

Peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 08-Jul-14 20:44:14

Good luck for tomorrow Imbrian

stripeymonster Tue 08-Jul-14 21:28:42

Imbrian I have my 20 week scan tomorrow too. Good luck ! It's a funny feeling being so close to it - after waiting what seems like forever.

I was in hospital last Friday checking out my sprained ankle ( ouchee!) and got to listen to baby's heartbeat after my tumble off the decking. Hoping my strange antibodies haven't started effecting the baby yet .....

Peaceloveandbiscuits Tue 08-Jul-14 22:14:37

Really struggling to get comfortable tonight. Got my Dream Genii in the front and another pillow wedged under my back, but I'm feeling a lot of fluttering and swimmy sensations in my tummy which are making it difficult to stay in one position. I don't think it's baby moving because it's quite high up, but it's irritating sad
I've got a rash on my legs too after shaving them, and when I was putting aloe vera on them this evening I found varicose veins confused will the glamour never end?!

Peace how high are you feeling them? Your uterus has moved upwards now so baby will be higher than where they scanned. I-ve been feeling flutters for the last week or so, getting steadily stronger grin . Oh and I meant to say earlier (in middle of loads of coursework so keep reading and running) glad to hear you have a good consultant! x

DrewsWife Tue 08-Jul-14 23:12:21

When midwife felt my bump it was above belly button level which was surprising. So don't think it's still low ;)


Whatsonemore Wed 09-Jul-14 02:20:49

Thanks everyone - seems to have settled down a bit but have 16week app tomorrow anyway so will be discussing it then sad
htbftm yes, unfortunately my waters leak everytime and earlier and earlier, luckily so far all babies have been born at a good gestation and healthy with exception of one who was in scbu for 2weeks but ok now smile
The main concern (other than infection) is if they were to get too low before 22/24 weeks then babies lungs cannot develop properly and so to be leaking already is worrying, but trying not to panic

In other news why is it so hot?!?!?? Windows open, fan on, thin sheet and I'm still boiling

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 09-Jul-14 07:57:46

Good luck to everyone with their 20 week scan and miraculous I hope everything goes well for you today, fingers crossed for you.

Off to work hmm but last day before having 4 days off so can't complain toooo much! Got a splitting headache that I've had since last night, but on the plus side, I felt baby move again last night! And heard the heartbeat again in our mw appnt and everything sounds good smile


DrewsWife Wed 09-Jul-14 07:59:05

I'm struggling to get comfy sitting or lying down. Have booked in to see physio looking forward to that. Will take a pillow into work to support my left hip.

I'm desperate to avoid the SPD demon this time but I have no control over that.

Miraculous will be thinking of you today. Hope you have positive news.
Same goes for everyone else with scans today. Got my mw apt tomorrow and am strangely nervous!

Ladylel Wed 09-Jul-14 08:16:04

whats hope it all goes well for you smile

Good luck to those with scans today. Am well jealous mine is still a week away! Ahhhh longest. Week. Ever.

Ladylel Wed 09-Jul-14 08:23:12

drews I keep feeling the same I don't think as bad but have especially found night time to be worse for comfort. I was getting better but I'm putting this down to taking cod liver tablets but having run out over a week ago now unless it's a coincidence this last week I've started to get bad and achey again sad all in my hips like I've been over using them or stretched funny. Might make an investment again.

Is anyone else finding they are itchy as well? Randomly my legs mainly and at night but my arms get the tingles too.

Yes to itchy! All over and especially my boobs!

I've had weird things going on with my wrists too. They go really weak at certain angles. I didnt have a clue what was going on but nurse at work told me that the relaxin that floods your body about this time can affect all your joints too. I've got hypermobile ligaments so I am assuming they're like loose elastic atm! Tis ever so strange...

Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 09-Jul-14 09:15:52

shock I looked up where my uterus is and I think it was baby! I'm sorry for calling it irritating now grin but it was

Lovely day off today, to be spent in bed, taking it very easy. What are you all upto?

ooo I am jealous! I am on a delayed train to Wolverhampton to do some health and safety inspections. I am really lightheaded and feeling sick so I am taking it slowly. When I get back I am doing an essay in bed. grin Enjoy your lovely bed day!

PunkyPod Wed 09-Jul-14 10:09:46

Sending loads of luck and positive vibes to you today Miraculous2. Really hoping very hard that you have a positive outcome.

Whatsonemore i hope the leaking subsides. Must be worrying. I hope today goes well.

Not really got much to report here...baby is active as usual. Dd insists the baby is in her tummy. At the weekend she looked up at me and said "mummy big tummy" shock I explained (again) that it's big because the baby is growing in there. She said no and insisted it was in her tummy and repeated "mummy big tummy" to be. Geeeeezzzzz thanks darling! She also keeps saying baby sister. We shall find out in 6 days!!


LisaC2611 Wed 09-Jul-14 10:14:20

I was hoping for a lie in this morning as I'm working from home again today, however we lost the cat in the house and hubby had to go to work so I had to et up and find her - she's not in my good books!

Going to have an easy day today and get our ironing done, I'm working just not the work I should be doing grin

Thinking of you today miraculous hope it all goes well.

Good luck to everyone else with their scans today, mine is still 2 weeks away.

littlepickly Wed 09-Jul-14 10:43:33

Hope scans go well today Imbrian and stripey!

littlepickly Wed 09-Jul-14 10:57:16

And hoping for good news for you miraculous.

Also hope things ease up for you whatsonemore.

Punkypod - my dd is exactly the same, keeps saying she has a baby in her tummy too!! I think she would love a sister smile We're going to find out next week too!!

I had my physio appt today for my prolapsing pelvic floor and it was very good and informative - had an internal to check out my pelvic floor exercises technique and turns out I'm doing it all wrong!! blush
May have even been making things a bit worse - it's so hard to know so I'm so glad she has set me straight, fingers crossed doing it the right way now will help a lot.

miraculous2 Wed 09-Jul-14 11:12:41

You're all so kind and thoughtful, it's making me a little tearful.

The babies' condition is currently exactly as it was on Monday, so they are stable for the time being and not suffering (heart/ kidney trouble, hydrops, anaemia, brain damage, shrink-wrapped donor twin etc). Donor baby doesn't have a huge amount of room but it hasn't got smaller yet so he/ she can still turn over and can still pee so is receiving some of the blood share.

So, no glamorous overnighter in Brum, just yet. Back Friday morning first thing to check again, same story if there's progression of the disease, we'll be whipped away.

Obviously we're massively relieved - for now. This is the best we could have hoped for at this stage - if they can make it a bit further before needing seriously risky intervention, they've got more chance of surviving it, just not too late or it gets more difficult to pull off again.

Taking DH to the beach - he grew up on a tropical island so it makes him happy. He's been just amazing. Might stay over at a friend's place out of town to try and relax - it's so peaceful there. It's my colleague's last day before mat leave so I'll pop in there to give them the update and wish her well.

Thank you all. I hope your scans are wonderful and your gender dreams come true smile

SassehMonsta Wed 09-Jul-14 11:12:57

Good luck to all going for scans today - pictures please, and let us know if you find out what flavour baby you are having! ;)

Yesterday afternoon/evening bump was rather stretched, felt really "full". Have to hold belly when I bend down now, might have to learn how to bend and pick things up without folding in half - booo! My belly button is feeling weird as well, not as deep, so must be getting bigger! Not feeling so stretched today mind you, so who knows!

Somersetgirl1990 Wed 09-Jul-14 11:31:37

Glad your bubs are ok miraculous - when are they scanning you again?

I'm trying to eat healthily... All I've been eating lately is stodgy food and chocolates... Must start trying to be healthy for the little one!

littlepickly Wed 09-Jul-14 12:14:00

Great news miraculous, hope it all
carries on in a positive light smile

LisaC2611 Wed 09-Jul-14 12:20:04

Great news Miraculous, fingers crossed for friday

oohdaddypig Wed 09-Jul-14 12:37:07

Fab news - miraculous - everything crossed for Friday!

ffallada Wed 09-Jul-14 13:08:30

Hi Ladies,
I've not been around for a while, will have to read back a bit and find out how you are all doing.

Miraculous, what a time you must be having, so glad you got some positive news today. Hope you have a great day with your DP on the beach.

So far this pregnancy has been more down than up for me, but I think its getting a wee bit easier. My mum is not well atm, which has put my wobbles into perspective a wee bit. I guess that's what you get when you leave pregnancy a bit later in life - elderly parents and a baby on the way. What fun!


ffallada Wed 09-Jul-14 13:09:25

p.s. I love the name of this thread - it sums up the first trimester really really well

stripeymonster Wed 09-Jul-14 16:51:20

Thanks everyone for the messages of luck . Scan went well and we are having a girl smile My other two daughters are really pleased and me and DH are pretty chuffed too.
Good luck for everyone who has scans soon. Miraculous pleased things are looking up - the beach must have been lovely today x

Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 09-Jul-14 16:56:33

Congrats Stripey!

CallingAllEngels Wed 09-Jul-14 17:25:27

miraculous glad to hear you had some positive news today. Beach sounds great - I hate living so far from the sea now (a good 2 hours).

Lovely news stripey

Sorry to hear about your mum ffallada

Worked from home today and glad I did. Not that I got much work done this afternoon but it was very relaxing.

sasseh you either want a little picker or a pair of kitchen tongs (tip from my granny!).

pickly and punky when I picked DS up from nursery yesterday he stuffed a soft toy up his T-shirt and told me he had a baby in his belly! He doesn't quite get the whole brother/sister thing, or even boy/girl. He started crying today when I told him he couldn't be a sister because he was a boy, "But I want to be a girl! Waaaaaaaa!"

Booked my 20w scan today for August 18th (I'll actually be 21w but we are on holiday the week bfeore). That's almost the whole summer holidays to wait!

Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 09-Jul-14 17:45:27

Engels my scan is 18th August too smile

CallingAllEngels Wed 09-Jul-14 17:46:44

smile peace Must update my stats.


CallingAllEngels Wed 09-Jul-14 17:51:03

Am I the only person outside the UK? Spotted one person in Ireland, but everyone else is mainland UK.

ImBrian Wed 09-Jul-14 18:24:16

Stripy that's great news, mine went fine as well and they confirmed it's definitely a boy grin

Miraculous, that's good news. Hope things keep going as well as they can.

mines 22nd July. I have two weeks to decide whether to find out the sex!

Taura Wed 09-Jul-14 19:12:38

Just joining this thread having only just realised it's here smile
What do I do? Newbie!
I had my 16 week MW appt today (17+4 actually because my EDD changed at 13 wk scan). Heard the heartbeat! And bump size is fine, 18cm. Feeling great about that! less great about not being able to get a decent night's sleep (2h stints) and sore hips.

Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 09-Jul-14 19:20:11

BigHairy that's my wedding anniversary grin
Hiya Taura!

I asmile

whoops sorry! That was my cat. What I meant was, ooo fortuitous! Cat obviously cant spell fortuitous....

CatFaceCrayola Wed 09-Jul-14 19:36:48

All seems jolly positive round here today. I approve!

Got a drs appointment tomorrow and a list of things to ask about. And then NO WORK due to strike action, huzzah! So also feeling tentatively positive.

8 and a bit days til scan smile


Peaceloveandbiscuits Wed 09-Jul-14 19:41:09

I think I've decided that I want to give up work after the birth. But I've got no idea how to do that. Do I have to tell work when I tell them about the pregnancy? Won't they just sack me to save the bother? But if I don't tell them until I'm on maternity leave, will I have to go back and work my notice (2 months confused) or pay back any maternity pay I've received? Is it true that maternity pay is only paid on the proviso that you go back to work afterwards? I've only been working since January, so I think I'd probably only qualify for SMP, which comes through the government anyway? I have absolutely no idea about any of this stuff.

littlepickly Wed 09-Jul-14 19:54:55

Fab news on the scans Imbrian and stripey - feeling tentatively excited for mine on Monday now smile

Not 100% sure on the leaving work thing peace but I think if you only get smp then you can just leave a job without having to go back at all - it's what I'm planning on doing too. smile

You don't have to tell them until 8 weeks before you're due to go back I think?!

CatFaceCrayola Wed 09-Jul-14 19:57:22

Interested to see if anyone knows the answers peace

I absolutely cant decide what to do. I like my job, but would only want to go back 2/3 days. Alternatively I was considering staying home and maybe setting myself up with childminding (if my landlord is cool with it)

DrewsWife Wed 09-Jul-14 20:08:22

Evening ladies. Good day here. Only a mildly achey hip. But hubby is away for 2 days. He left at 10am and I feel lost having come in from work at 6. hmm

I should tidy the house but nahhhhhhh.

Feeling a lot of baby moving about now. Had bouts of feels like I have a foot stuck in my side lol.


Somersetgirl1990 Wed 09-Jul-14 20:11:10

Catface I'm planning on becoming a childminder too... I've nannied for a year and absolutely loved it and am also thinking I don't want to be working every day and not seeing my child just so that I can pay to have it in childcare.

Glad everyone's scans went well - so excited by nervous for mine, only 8 days to go though!

DrewsWife Wed 09-Jul-14 20:40:34

I don't have a scan date through. Anyone not finding out what they are having???

CoventGarden75 Wed 09-Jul-14 20:41:16

miraculous good to hear it went as well as possible today.

Congrats to brian and stripey, i can't believe you're already half way.

Welcome taura, i feel for you on the sleep front, i keep waking up in the middle of the night and stay wide awake, unable to go back to sleep for 2 hours.

you can get lots of info and calculate pay/benefit on here, maternity pay i hope it helps.

SassehMonsta Wed 09-Jul-14 21:23:02

Me Drew! we're on the surprise train smile no energy tonight. found travel system I like then offered free one (different make/model) from DH's cousin. huzah!

trying to get a stair gate that doesn't require screws to be put into doorframes - found one in Argos, but needs ordering in. Getting some soon to get dog used to them.

PourquoiTuGachesTaVie Wed 09-Jul-14 21:23:51

20 week scan tomorrow. It's not until after I finish work so I'm going to be useless all day. It stresses me out so much and I feel a fool! I was like this last time too.

Bettycakes80 Wed 09-Jul-14 21:51:45

Hi Peace. I'm also thinking I might not go back. My job isn't really something you could do part time. Lots of phone calls and emailing evening and weekends. From what I can tell you get SMP whatever but if you're getting OMP on top you have to go back to work for at least 2 months after maternity leave or they make you pay the money back.

monkeybaby2 Wed 09-Jul-14 22:06:16

Peace don't tell work you aren't coming back, keep your options open. SMP is yours but check your employers maternity policy about any extra maternity pay they may give you, every employer is different and you may have to return to work for a period or pay back some/all of the extra if you don't. Some places offer 'return to work bonus' instead of additional mat pay which of course you would only qualify for if you return.

E.g. At my work the first six months of mat leave is on full pay, the next three on SMP, and the last three on nothing. I do have to return to work for 3 months though in order to not pay back any of my mat pay. This can be on a part time basis though. My firm do not offer any return to work bonus.

htbftm Wed 09-Jul-14 22:07:36

Great news Miraculous - long may it continue! Lovely to hear about your pink one Stripey and your blue one Imbrian! :-) They couldn't see at my vaginal scan today (boo), but my cervix is 4.4 cm which is great apparently! Don't need to go back for follow up scans, just my normal 20wk scan in 2 weeks!

Mines terrible. 6 weeks at 90% then Smp so no idea how long I can take. You dont have to tell your employer that you are not going back till 8 weeks before your planned return date.

Check the maternityaction.org website. Was very useful for me.

ffallada Wed 09-Jul-14 22:46:36

Good luck with the scan tomorrow pourquoi, hope you can stand the tension until the time comes! Do you have a flavour of baby your hoping for?

Sadly, as a mature student I don't qualify for any maternity help financially. I try not to think about it as I have no idea how we are going to cope sad. Hope everyone else gets a good answe to the SMP questions. I'll go back to burrying my head in the sand and hoping for the best

I'll be looking for p/t work quite soon, but I'm not that hopeful, and everyhthkng I read on mn about childcare sends me into spasams of fear if my head is burried any deeper I'll be in Australia soon......if there was ever a time for a glass or two of wine.....

CatFaceCrayola Wed 09-Jul-14 22:47:34

Forgot to mention that today on of the lovely 8/9 year old girls I teach told me that she's never ever been wrong at guessing the of all her cousins/aunties/uncles/mums babies.

She managed to persuade me to lie on by front (in the classroom at break time!) And performed her own "scan" which seemed to be her waving her hands about. She then asked me if anything hurt and proclaimed with certainty "It's a girl"

Slightly strange but very sweet, made me giggle. Told her we'd see if she was right next week smile

ffallada Wed 09-Jul-14 23:05:21

calling I don't know about anyone else not being in the uk but I'm in scotland and I don't consider that to be part of the uk, or at least I hope it won't be come the September independence vote. I should also mention that my hormones are all over the place this week and keep opening my mouth when it should stay very frimly shut.

Taura Wed 09-Jul-14 23:29:21

At my work, if we leave within a year of RTW we have to repay the difference between SMP and the "Enhanced mat Pay" they give us for 14 weeks if we've worked there for more than a certain period (might be a year - not sure, I've been there 19 yrs so haven't bothered to check that bit) - I think some sliding scale also applies if we work for some of that time.
My team member (currently on mat leave until Aug) is actually planning to take a career break rather than fully resign, meaning she has option to return within 2 yrs, and the company will help her to find a like-for-like post (if available). And she doesn't have to pay back the EMP until the 2 yrs are up, and even then the HR mgr thinks that they don't actually pursue it).

LotsaTuddles Thu 10-Jul-14 06:51:40

Ididnt go back to work after having DS, so don't have to worry about maternity leave this time.

It depends on your company's maternity policy, mine was good in that as long as I have the notice specified in my contract I didn't have to pay anything back (probably my because the pay was so shit).

DH is getting on at me to ring MW because I'm still being quite sick (most days still) but I don't want to be wasting her time, what do you think?

My scar is also still quite sore but she said as long as it's not stinging it should be ok and not to worry

espa Thu 10-Jul-14 07:08:00

Lotsa my DH was on at me to go to doctor about suicides and general rubbishness for a while too. I did and got my bloods done but everyone really is different and is sick for different lengths odd time. If you are struggling to function then if say definitely see if the doctor will give you something. It's only this week (16+2) that I cobalt seem to be less sick (although I'm just about to get out of bed so we'll see!). When I phoned midwife (not my usual one) they said it was best to get checked out by doctor if I was concerned.

espa Thu 10-Jul-14 07:09:12

About sickness, not suicides!Damn predictive text!

Whatsonemore Thu 10-Jul-14 07:21:56

Glad to see everyone's trundling along nicely!!!
I had the hospital yesterday as midwife sent me up after the app due to leaking, and despite a registrar and sho having a look they cannot say definitively if I have a rupture at all sad but they are hoping not / if so a small one!
Back today for a scan to check fluid levels around baby so will know more after that

Good luck for any 20week scans today!


Peaceloveandbiscuits Thu 10-Jul-14 08:04:08

I'm still being randomly sick every now and then, every other day I suppose? It's annoying but I'm so pleased the nausea is gone.

LotsaTuddles Thu 10-Jul-14 08:06:26

Thanks espa, I can function to a degree, but DS is fascinated by the toilet and climbs up it whenever I'm on it or being sick, but he puts his head in it when I'm being sick which is really distracting grin I also obviously don't want to scare him or put him off using the toilet as we'll be toilet training in just over a year

SassehMonsta Thu 10-Jul-14 08:21:33

Im still being sick every 5-6 days after coming off my meds - seems to be linked to food the day before, if I dont eat properly/enough the next day is awful... If you are still being sick every day and have that nausea, do go see the Dr, they have stuff that really helps!! I thought I was completely done with my meds but on bad days Ill take a couple to help nip it in the bud.

My scans.on the same day as bighairys - its creeping up on us!!

My sister graduates tomorrow, so a night in a travelodge with my family tonight.... Im having the bed and not the sofa!!! Luckily we are across 3 rooms so I have a choice not to share with my mother who snores.

17+5 today. Eeeek.

Ladylel Thu 10-Jul-14 09:40:01

I have got some major heart burn going on. Oweweeeee

5 days til flavour times. I am so excited. It's the only thing perking me up! Nice weather helps too.

How is everyone today?

I am sticking out more and more. Tummy getting ever so slowly harder! Can't wait for it to actually be a drum. ATM I still feel I am in chubby stage!

Peaceloveandbiscuits Thu 10-Jul-14 10:16:05

I feel horrendous today. So tired and my back hurts and I threw up this morning sad woe.

Taura Thu 10-Jul-14 10:30:11

Horrible horrible headache. I've just come home sick from work for the first time in years. Darkened room, ice water, put the iPad away...

Ladylel Thu 10-Jul-14 10:46:37

I've been getting head aches more and more when I wake up, usually fades

Ladylel Thu 10-Jul-14 10:48:17

Stupid phone- usually fades after breakfast and I've had a glass of water, couldn't decide if it was pregnancy or hayfever related. I've been more achey this week. All in my hips, think it's round ligament pain. But have manged to obtain some omega 3 (not the fish oil I was banging in about in earlier posts) so hoping this helps me out!

LisaC2611 Thu 10-Jul-14 11:25:59

Has anyone else been suffering from pins and needles / dead leg?

I was standing talking to a colleague a little while ago and as I went to walk away the outside of my thigh started to tingle as though it had lost all feeling and was just returning. Am also suffering a lot with pins and needles, especially in the evenings. My sister said it was probably where the baby is lying - how can I get it to move??

Bettycakes80 Thu 10-Jul-14 11:37:06

Just been for my scan and it's all looking good! They did tons of measurements and we had to stop halfway through to try and get the baby to turn round so they could measure the spine. I had to go out and drink cold water and then walk up and down, then the sonographer was practically tipping me upside down on the bed to try and get the baby to turn. Which it finally did!

Ladylel Thu 10-Jul-14 12:48:23

betty is your flavour a surprise? Glad to hear it all went well!

I plan on doing star jumped and roly polys if I have to! I am not leaving that scan room until I know what I am having haha!

lisa I mainly get dead hands and pins and needles at night and first thing in the morning. Almost like I've been led or say funny when I haven't. I think it's totally normal. Same which any itching if you are suffering with that yet, something to do with hormones and skin stretchingx I get itchy at night, almost feels like I have a hair stuck to me somewhere and it's very tickly!

Bettycakes80 Thu 10-Jul-14 12:55:59

Yes they didn't offer to tell us what we're having so we didn't ask and are keeping it a surprise!
I've also been getting pins and needles, but only in the evenings.

Somersetgirl1990 Thu 10-Jul-14 13:50:36

Just had my letter through for my nhs dating scan, it's a week after my private one so feel a bit silly booking the private one now, even though my midwife told me it wouldn't be until at least 24 weeks confused had to phone and tell them that I'm nearly 19 weeks so would quite like an anomaly scan instead of the dating scan grin

Peaceloveandbiscuits Thu 10-Jul-14 15:17:50

Somerset how come you haven't had your dating scan yet?

Somersetgirl1990 Thu 10-Jul-14 15:19:21

I have but just at a different hospital! I called and changed my scan smile

CatFaceCrayola Thu 10-Jul-14 15:55:26

Went to the doctors this morning. Got my setraline (which I'm feeling pretty nervous about taking) :/

Metioned my aching hips and back and he said to just take paracetamol and keep active. Also asked about what I could use for thrush, but he wouldn't recommend anything and said I'd best see the nurse for a swab.

Have liked not being in work today. 8.5 working days left til summer holidays.... Can't come soon enough!


Peaceloveandbiscuits Thu 10-Jul-14 16:07:55

What dose did they give you Catface? I'm on 100mg at the moment but probably going up to 150 (maximum dosage is 200) if I don't get any better. I know it's a personal decision but it is absolutely okay to take in pregnancy.

PunkyPod Thu 10-Jul-14 16:43:53

Yes to pins and needles. Been getting them in my hands, it's carpel tunnel syndrome where the increased fluid retention kinda puts pressure on the nerves. I got it in my legs too but to be honest I just think my trousers were a bit tight! I sort of go through 2 trouser sizes in pregnancy. My first mat trousers are all getting too small now but the next size is too big. Frustrating!!!!

Am having a bit of an exhausted week. Basically feeling some of the exhaustion from tri1. Been taking it a bit easier with work but it's not great coz I'm not sleeping too well either.

Scan on Tuesday, and we find out the gender gringringrin dd is adamant it's a baby sister. I'm not even sure ifshe understands what sister is, but it's very sweet. Not so sweet when she poured her cereal bowl into the full mega bloks box this morning. angry

When I collected dd from nursery yesterday I started getting some really horrid pains in my tummy. She was in the wrap on my back. In the end I had to get her out and to walk some of the way coz it was so bad. Got home and put my feet up and they went. Really hope this isn't the start of the end of my wrapping days with her. I still love it. I carried her down to nursery this morning and am intending to carry her back. I'm not ready to stop yet!

CatFaceCrayola Thu 10-Jul-14 16:54:04

They gave me 50mg peace although he seemed slightly reluctant to give me that.

Worried about side effects etc, guess it's got to be worth trying though

Peaceloveandbiscuits Thu 10-Jul-14 16:56:01

I can't comment on side effects really because I started them after being on all sorts of others so I didn't really notice them? But please persevere with them because it really sounds like you need some help with your mood sad you can always PM me if you want to talk!

Catface, I took sertraline throughout my first pregnancy. I was on a different SSRI prior to pregnancy but Sertraline is supposed to be the safest in pregnancy and whilst breast feeding.

Don't expect miracles, it might be a few weeks before you really start to feel any difference and if you are only on 50mg there is plenty of room for an increase in dose.

You've done the hardest part, asking for help. I don't want to sound patronising but I really mean this, well done! Now things can start getting better smile

Are you taking aspirin? I found out after my pregnancy with DS that there are some risks in taking both, I was pretty annoyed at not being informed of this. This may be worth discussing with someone although I'm sure if there was any real danger they wouldn't prescribe both.

Hope things start looking up soon.

Can I ask about back pain? The past few days I've been getting quite a bit of pain in my lower back and sometimes bum and hips. What can be done? I've tried taking paracetamol, it does nothing! The only thing that gives me any relief is lying flat on my back, this is not supposed to be a good idea in pregnancy. Anyone got any ideas?

CatFaceCrayola Thu 10-Jul-14 17:55:27

Thank you peaceand polythene it just feels like a drastic measure, but I'm willing to try if it makes me feel "normal" again. I want to enjoy pregnancy and be able to feel excited about the future. This group is wonderfully supportive <3

My back/hip/but pains sound similar to yours and the go just said to try and keep moving and to stretch regularly.

CatFaceCrayola Thu 10-Jul-14 17:59:25

Go= gp

monkeybaby2 Thu 10-Jul-14 18:23:40

Ladies with money worries: my biggest tip is DON'T BUY NEW. You don't need to and you can save yourself an absolute stack of cash. EBay is your friend of course and if you join NCT and volunteer at their second hand sales you get first dibs on all the stuff.

I bought most stuff new (PFBitis) and it was a waste of money. Am a convert to eBay now and kicking myself for splashing the cash first time round.

You'll get there catface smile

The problem I seem to have is that being on my feet is what is causing all the pain. If I'm stood up or walking for more than a few minutes I'm in pain then only lying down helps. I am quite active but this is just making it all so much harder and more tiring! sad

Peaceloveandbiscuits Thu 10-Jul-14 18:27:13

What would you seasoned mums recommend buying new? Just wondering how it compares to my list of what I would like to have new!

I'm with you Monkey . Most baby stuff is only ever used for a few weeks anyway. We've got most of what we need from 1st time round but will be picking up a few nearly new items smile

I wouldn't buy new furniture but I would buy new cot mattresses ect. New bottles and things. Erm.... I'm having trouble thinking what you need to have! I'd probably opt for a new car seat too.

Taura Thu 10-Jul-14 19:00:42

Apologies if this has been talked to death already in earlier months, but I wanted to know what people thought about having a December due date? We didn't expect to get pregnant the first month we tried, and I really hadn't worked out when I would be due if I did, so to realise it would be Dec was a bit of a meh. Pre-Christmas birthday, never get a table for birthday dinners, toys at max prices or not available. And because I'm in Scotland I believe that 31 Dec is the school year cut off, so DC will always be young in the year.
The good news is that it won't be Dec-25 as I am 40+ and they tell me they will induce on my due date.

Ladylel Thu 10-Jul-14 19:02:25

punky snap! Numb hands and scan date buddies!!!!

oohdaddypig Thu 10-Jul-14 19:23:37

Hey - loving this amazing weather although DCs so grumpy in heat.

polythene regular yoga really helps my aches and pains. Even basic stuff. I get a lot of backside pain - not sure if its SPD - and yoga is all that helps.

I bought fab second hand cot and chest of drawers for PFB. Really pleased they have lasted so well and hopefully doing DC3. The only thing I would buy new is the cot mattress and the wee babygroes for the first few days cos that is just lovely.

I spent a fortune on a travel system for PFB and in hindsight wish I had bought that second hand too although its been well used.

December is a bit bla isn't it for due date, isnt it! I already have one DC with a December birthday. Interesting planning! The cut off for school in scotland is actually February but lots of jan and feb babies defer. You can defer if December but you lose your pre-school funding usually. This is my understanding, anyway!

The nice thing about a December date is I remember the first Christmas with DC2 being sooooo happy. I slumped on a seat with this hungry monster feeding, whilst everyone worked very hard around me!

nickyjlees Thu 10-Jul-14 19:27:33

polythene I've been using the deep freeze cold packs for back pain and most of the time it had helped so would recommend giving them a try. They are the cold version of the deep heat pads that you just stick to the area giving you pain.

CatFaceCrayola Thu 10-Jul-14 19:43:02

taura we got pregnant MUCH quicker than we thought we would. I'd always said "I don't mind when baby is born but not December"

My parents are both December birthdays and alway told me how rubbish it was getting joint presents etc. Due date is 7th so hopefully not too close to Christmas. But I'm still considering giving DC a second birthday (the Queen gets one so why not eh?)

oohdaddypig Thu 10-Jul-14 20:03:26

Ooh - I like that idea of a second birthday. How does that work? Double pressies?!

Taura Thu 10-Jul-14 20:13:57

Some time in June after the exams? My oddson was born on 31/12 and is now about 7 but I don't think his parents have got around to second birthdays yet.

Had MW apt today. Everything fine and she's happy. All blood results were normal. Heard the heartbeat too. It was lovely! Although it was a trainee mw who did it, and she pressed so hard that I think she's bruised my belly. She was ages doing it too until the other MW said that she didn't need to take a full minute as long a they'd heard it and it was clear!

Two weeks to scan. I am not going to play countdown, I seriously have way too much college work to do by the 26th!

Thanks for the yoga and deep freeze advice. I'll look into both.

I was really a bit put out by the December b'day thing but I had DS at 36 weeks so I thought I'll prob have a November baby BUT my pg is going so well so far I don't think I'll have to deliver too early again. DH and his DM and DSis all have Dec b'days too. It just annoys me really!

Peaceloveandbiscuits Thu 10-Jul-14 20:19:08

My birthday is 29th so I know firsthand how crap it is having a birthday at Christmas, but ho hum! At least I've got someone to share the misery with now grin it's not that bad

monkeybaby2 Thu 10-Jul-14 20:23:30

Peace exactly what Polythene said, new mattresses for Moses basket/crib/cot and new bottles. All the rest second hand if you can -travel systems, push chairs. I bought an iCandy Peach and maxicosi car seat new and didn't get much change out of a grand. A few months later my mate bought one second hand for 1/4 of that and it was in great nick. Also all the plastic crap toys that will take over your house - ignore amazon and head to eBay. Since my financial change of heart we are saving 75% on getting it new and if you're watching the pennies then you'll be doing yourself a massive favour.