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October 2014 thread 4 - scans, scans scans!!

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bumpbangbump Tue 25-Mar-14 12:00:31

New thread ladies. I should really leave it to someone who can link the old one. Can someone add the edd list and whatnot? Or maybe we should start again now edds are changing after scan.

Bumpbangbump dc#2 EDD 2nd October

gunwalloe Tue 25-Mar-14 12:30:03

Gunwalloe DC5 EDD 30th Sept
LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
Thefourcees DC5 EDD 1st Oct
Petitverdot DC1 1st Oct
zahazie EDD 1st Oct
Bumpbangbump dc#2 EDD 2nd October
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
Olilos DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Sunnyday14 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Porcito DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
AK89 DC1 4th Oct
MrsDeltaB DC3 EDD 4th Oct
CaptainMcgraw DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Vicky123uk DC2 EDD 5th Oct
hefner DC2 EDD 5th Oct
pinkfizzsparkles EDD 5th Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
Hudsonriver1 EDD 6th Oct
TroubleAndFyfe DC2 EDD 7th October
Spanielface DC2 EDD 7th Oct
Pickofthedocs DC2 EDD 7th Oct
MrsCaptainReynolds DC2 EDD 7th Oct
monkeypeanuts DC1 EDD 7th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Bumpforme2014 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
MrsF2510 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Sofe1978 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Bexleymum dc2 edd 8th oct
WhiteIsTheColour DC1 EDD 8th Oct
familyfortunes DC2 EDD 8th Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct
binkybunny DC1 EDD 9th Oct
Tak1ngchances EDD 9th Oct
Twinkletwink DC2 due 10th Oct
pebble82 DC1 EDD 10th Oct
Lighthouser DC1 EDD 10th Oct
claptomania DC1 EDD 10th Oct
MrsDinoRawr DC1 EDD 10th Oct
mum2kiss dc2 edd 11th October
Overthinker88 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Toffeejungle DC2 EDD 11th Oct
Mammy2be EDD 11th Oct
MonkeyChops11 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Princess Wellington EDD 12th Oct
Sweetpeapods DC2 due 13 Oct
ldt87 DC3 EDD 13th Oct
AnnoyedByAlfieBear DC2 EDD 13th Oct
Kittylou1 DC1 EDD 13th Oct
Me23 DC3 EDD 13th Oct
Kels13 DC1 EDD 13th Oct
Wiggy dc3 edd 14th Oct
Thegirlwhouk EDD 14th Oct
Mrsthedog DC1 EDD 14th Oct
clairemiss79 DC4 EDD 14th Oct
pollywhatshername DC2 EDD 15th Oct
littlehelp DC3 EDD 15th Oct
noimagination80 EDD 15th Oct
Loopylu84 EDD 16th Oct
Binglesplodge DC1 EDD 16th Oct
rosiegal DC1 EDD 16th Oct
neomamma DC1 EDD 17th Oct
goodfruit DC2 EDD 17th Oct
KensalM2B DC1 EDD 17th Oct
Zoomies DC1 EDD 17th Oct
cottonwool4brains DC2 EDD 18th Oct
Carebearwithfangs DC2 EDD 18th Oct
Grannyapple DC3 EDD 18th Oct
Zara8 DC2 EDD 18/19th Oct
Bythesea82 Dc1 EDD 19th Oct
akachan DC1 EDD 21st Oct
rubyinthedust dc1 edd 21st oct
ExcitedCJ DC2 EDD 21st October
katster37 DC3 EDD 22nd Oct
daphnehoneybutt DC1 EDD 22nd Oct
magichandles DC3 EDD 23rd Oct
hudyerweesht Dc3 EDD 23rd October
Loulou88 DC3 EDD 23rd October
MyNameIsKenAdams DC2 EDD 25th Oct
Emmylu DC1 EDD 25th Oct
breakfastinbread EDD 25th Oct
Bingobango85 DC1 EDD 26th Oct
Sparkle9 EDD 29th Oct
ElleDubloo EDD 29th Oct
upnorth11 EDD 30th Oct
Kittyvoncatsington EDD 1st Nov
Bumpyheffalumpy EDD?
Devoncreamtea DC5 EDD?
Ikeaismylocal DC2 EDD?
Neha1903 EDD?

binkybunny Tue 25-Mar-14 12:36:37

Hi all marking my place and bookmarking this page. Will try logging in at work and linking the old thread to here.

FlipFantasia Tue 25-Mar-14 12:46:10

Yay for new thread!

binkybunny Tue 25-Mar-14 12:46:50

Ok gum beat me to it:-)

pebble82 Tue 25-Mar-14 12:56:27

Checking in. Feeling very teary today for no reason. So tired too. Got a team meeting this afternoon which I hope I don't embarrass myself in. Stupid hormones!

magichandles Tue 25-Mar-14 13:01:38

Marking my place as well. Bah - despite feeling normal yesterday I'm feeling rubbish again today, but manageable rubbish at least.

Nervous about GTT tomorrow now, mainly that I'm just going to feel awful and not get to "enjoy" the couple of hours peace with a magazine!

diamondbutterfly Tue 25-Mar-14 13:35:31

Hi ladies, room for one more? Was lurking and thought I'd join after my scan but decided to take the plunge! dc2 due 18th, will see what the scan says. Scan is 7th Apr which can't come quick enough. No early scans but have got one of those fetal heart monitors and have heatd the hb from 8 wks.

Can someone add me to the list?


Loulou888 Tue 25-Mar-14 13:41:06

Checking in. Again feel like rubbish today, bickering with DH too sad so insensitive! Raaa. Booking in appointment tomorrow.....finally

mum2kiss Tue 25-Mar-14 13:54:06

Just marking my place ;)

Me23 Tue 25-Mar-14 13:56:58

Just marking my place and adding diamond to the list welcome diamond butterfly, also putting my new edd in
Just noticed how many people are on the list that don't post I wonder if they are lurking.
Gunwalloe DC5 EDD 30th Sept
LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
Thefourcees DC5 EDD 1st Oct
Petitverdot DC1 1st Oct
zahazie EDD 1st Oct
Bumpbangbump dc#2 EDD 2nd October
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
Olilos DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Sunnyday14 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Porcito DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
AK89 DC1 4th Oct
MrsDeltaB DC3 EDD 4th Oct
CaptainMcgraw DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Vicky123uk DC2 EDD 5th Oct
hefner DC2 EDD 5th Oct
pinkfizzsparkles EDD 5th Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
Hudsonriver1 EDD 6th Oct
TroubleAndFyfe DC2 EDD 7th October
Spanielface DC2 EDD 7th Oct
Pickofthedocs DC2 EDD 7th Oct
MrsCaptainReynolds DC2 EDD 7th Oct
monkeypeanuts DC1 EDD 7th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Bumpforme2014 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
MrsF2510 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Sofe1978 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Bexleymum dc2 edd 8th oct
WhiteIsTheColour DC1 EDD 8th Oct
familyfortunes DC2 EDD 8th Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct
binkybunny DC1 EDD 9th Oct
Tak1ngchances EDD 9th Oct
Twinkletwink DC2 due 10th Oct
pebble82 DC1 EDD 10th Oct
Lighthouser DC1 EDD 10th Oct
claptomania DC1 EDD 10th Oct
MrsDinoRawr DC1 EDD 10th Oct
mum2kiss dc2 edd 11th October
Overthinker88 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Toffeejungle DC2 EDD 11th Oct
Mammy2be EDD 11th Oct
MonkeyChops11 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Me23 Dc3 EDD 11th Oct
Princess Wellington EDD 12th Oct
Sweetpeapods DC2 due 13 Oct
ldt87 DC3 EDD 13th Oct
AnnoyedByAlfieBear DC2 EDD 13th Oct
Kittylou1 DC1 EDD 13th Oct
Kels13 DC1 EDD 13th Oct
Wiggy dc3 edd 14th Oct
Thegirlwhouk EDD 14th Oct
Mrsthedog DC1 EDD 14th Oct
clairemiss79 DC4 EDD 14th Oct
pollywhatshername DC2 EDD 15th Oct
littlehelp DC3 EDD 15th Oct
noimagination80 EDD 15th Oct
Loopylu84 EDD 16th Oct
Binglesplodge DC1 EDD 16th Oct
rosiegal DC1 EDD 16th Oct
neomamma DC1 EDD 17th Oct
goodfruit DC2 EDD 17th Oct
KensalM2B DC1 EDD 17th Oct
Zoomies DC1 EDD 17th Oct
cottonwool4brains DC2 EDD 18th Oct
Carebearwithfangs DC2 EDD 18th Oct
Diamondbutterfly Dc2 EDD 18th Oct
Grannyapple DC3 EDD 18th Oct
Zara8 DC2 EDD 18/19th Oct
Bythesea82 Dc1 EDD 19th Oct
akachan DC1 EDD 21st Oct
rubyinthedust dc1 edd 21st oct
ExcitedCJ DC2 EDD 21st October
katster37 DC3 EDD 22nd Oct
daphnehoneybutt DC1 EDD 22nd Oct
magichandles DC3 EDD 23rd Oct
hudyerweesht Dc3 EDD 23rd October
Loulou88 DC3 EDD 23rd October
MyNameIsKenAdams DC2 EDD 25th Oct
Emmylu DC1 EDD 25th Oct
breakfastinbread EDD 25th Oct
Bingobango85 DC1 EDD 26th Oct
Sparkle9 EDD 29th Oct
ElleDubloo EDD 29th Oct
upnorth11 EDD 30th Oct
Kittyvoncatsington EDD 1st Nov
Bumpyheffalumpy EDD?
Devoncreamtea DC5 EDD?
Ikeaismylocal DC2 EDD?
Neha1903 EDD?

We could start a fresh list with adjusted EDDs from scans once all the regular posters have had their scans - mid April? And anyone who wants to continue to lurk can add theirs on too? That way we'd have more of a working list.
12 weeks today, scan at 12+3!

mum2kiss Tue 25-Mar-14 14:20:20

Ive just realised its exactly a week until my first scan!!! Almost made it to the first hurdle!

I agree it makes sense to start a new due date list so that active posters and lurkers are on there. The list is huge and it doesnt make sense to keep reposting it if half of the people on it wont ever look at the thread again

puppythedog Tue 25-Mar-14 14:41:15

I'm not on the list,

Just kidding :-) marking the thread to make it easy to find. For those of you experienced at pregnancy does the tiredness (for those pregnant not DHs/DPs) tend to become less pronounced at the end of the first Trimester? Mrsthedog is knackered we both slept from stupidly early in the evening until this morning. I know what's causing my over tiredness and can do something about it but we are not in charge of mrsthedog's tiredness.

Any advice would be gratefully received?

I had quite a bad start to the day today.

Was on the train to Waterloo, got a stomach cramp of the “oh crap” variety. Hobbled to Carluccios and destroyed their toilet. Had to use the loo brush after, started retching and dropped the loo brush onto my nice leather handbag.

Do I win a prize for worst start to the day???

puppythedog Tue 25-Mar-14 14:54:02


you prize m'lady.

gunwalloe Tue 25-Mar-14 15:00:38

puppy im 13 weeks and feel quite normal today but given the chance I would take a nap lol

taking you had me and hubby lol poor you what a nightmare!

ohthegoats Tue 25-Mar-14 15:13:16

I'm knackered all the time still - it's not as debilitating as it was a month ago, but it's still quite bad - in bed by 9 every night. I'm already looking back on things thinking 'god that was awful' though, so it must have improved a bit. To be honest, I don't mind the sleeping early at night, I quite like it.

I'm exhausted by the end of the school day though, which is difficult. I need to go home for a few hours and relax. Tonight however, parents evening.. so none of that relaxing until gone 7. Boo.

porcito Tue 25-Mar-14 15:32:09

Also still tired all the time, am so in awe of those of you doing this with other children! Thought the sickness had let up too, but nooo, back with a vengeance. Almost 13 weeks, grr! I'm doing a skype interview in 30 minutes, am sure I'm going to have to leave halfway through to hug a toilet.

taking, poor you! Definitely win the prize this morning!

akachan Tue 25-Mar-14 15:52:04

Checking in!

Also still knackered here. Generally I leave for work about 8 and get back about 7.30 and it's beginning to feel like a bloody long day. I'm wondering whether I could start earlier and leave earlier.

hefner Tue 25-Mar-14 15:59:31

I remember feeling much less tired in the second and third trimester last time, but can't remember exactly when it started to improve. I think I'm just over 12 weeks now and still feeling rubbish, in fact I feel worse this week. I think it might be a delayed response to moving house a couple of weeks ago, maybe it took a while for the exhaustion to hit!

sazzlehopes Tue 25-Mar-14 16:01:56

Hello all, just checking in as I've been away the weekend. Congrats to all the recent scanners - so nice we are now reaching the 12 week stage for most people. I agree about a new list...think it makes sense!

hefner Tue 25-Mar-14 16:02:56

Oh and tak1ngchances poor you! I haven't been feeling too sick but I'm retching at bad smells and anything a bit disgusting, so wouldn't have coped well with that!

I felt much less tired in the second trimester then tired again in the third puppy. Still more tired than usual though as it takes lots of energy to grow a baby and carry around extra weight! I've found it so much easier this time around as I'm a SAHM, don't have to get up for work and can have a nap every day. My son is a wonderful sleeper these days though - 12 hours at night plus a 3 hour afternoon nap. I think the trick is probably to embrace/go with it. Sleep won't ever be 'how it used to be' again (you'll probably wake at the slightest noise, night time feeds, early mornings or at least never any late ones) it's good to get in to sleeping when you're tired (and can) rather than by the clock.

ohthegoats Tue 25-Mar-14 16:14:53

Haha, sorry, I laughed at the toilet brush story. Takingchances - you'll laugh at it as well.. maybe next week? That's a great story to tell child when it's older!

Me23 Tue 25-Mar-14 16:16:26

Agree new list is best way to go.

Wrt tiredness- I'm still knakered 11+3 today however my symptoms didn't start until 8 weeks. In my experience as a 3rd timer and a midwife I would say most women generally have more energy by 16 weeks gestation. As others hae said tiredness tends to set in again in the 3rd trimester. Though some unlucky women are tired all the way through like me in my 2nd pregnancy.

CareBearWithFangs Tue 25-Mar-14 16:25:17

Marking place.

Did anyone else seem to get a sudden worsening of symptoms at 10 weeks? I can't do anything. Feel like the worlds worst mother, DD has has the tv on all day!

binkybunny Tue 25-Mar-14 16:34:18

I'm 11+5 and although still have sicky tired days (like today only managed 5 hours at work blush ) I'm definitely having more good with lots of energy days. Would never have managed Sundays walk 2-3 weeks ago. Just hoping days like today will soon becomr a distant memory. I cried on the way home because I was struggling with the half hour or so drive!

tak1ng you definitely get the prize. Poor you! It did make me realise that my morning wasnt too bad though!

mum2kiss Tue 25-Mar-14 16:45:33

My dd just informed me that I ALWAYS just feel sick and in pain sad she did not seem.impressed by this fact!

PunkyBubba Tue 25-Mar-14 16:50:55

Marking my place

I will add myself to the new list, once scan is successfully (fingers crossed) out of the way on 9th April.

Almost 11 weeks and my tiredness isn't as bad as it was, though the nausea is weird.. It went from being all day, to suddenly hitting me like a brick out of the blue at random times. I just dry retched at my desk out of the blue.. and burped at the same time.. Am meant to be a professional, and am surrounded by business clients... I bet they are thinking 'what a classy lady'!

Still I would take that any day over your experience this morning Taking!!

I'm also very emotional at the moment, bursting into tears at anything and everything.

Am glad we are having a some happy scans, loving the photos :-)

Sparkle9 Tue 25-Mar-14 17:25:19

I woke up to find bright red blood this morning. Quite a lot. I've only had brown spotting before so I was shocked. The midwife has made me a scan appointment for Thursday so I have a few worrying days ahead. It's A&E if it gets worse before scan. I'm 9 weeks today. So far today there has been only minimal brown spotting. I'm really hoping the red stuff stays away. I came home early from work and slept on the sofa. I have terrible guilt when I'm very rarely off work. :-(

pebble82 Tue 25-Mar-14 17:29:23

Sparkle you mustn't feel guilty. You definitely shouldn't be in work as you wouldn't be able to concentrate anyway. You need to look after yourself. Hope everything is ok. If it helps I have a friend who had very heavy bleeding from 11-25 weeks and everything was fine with baby.

monkeypeanuts Tue 25-Mar-14 17:32:39

I'm still here, sort of lurking I suppose! Just waiting for scan on Thurs. Congrats to all those having good ones. Commiserations to those still feeling knackered, I'm def in that camp!

Loulou888 Tue 25-Mar-14 17:43:27

Oh sparkle hope all is okay xxx

Kirstipops Tue 25-Mar-14 17:46:59

Hiya newbies! I really ought to add myself to this list at some point, going by the list so far I'm due first?! 27th Sept (still think it'll be later though). Following on from the previous thread about some of us ladies struggling to regain our cooking mojo, I seem to veer from wanting to cook up something tangy/stodgy/fresh-tasting - to just feeling in dire need of a Chinese or chippy (gone off Indian takeaways but still enjoying homemade Indian-style food, bizarrely). I normally really enjoy cooking but after a late night last night and tiring day today I'm hoping the DH will fancy cooking tonight (though I'm sure I'll stick my oar in). Hope those feeling "meh" perked up over the day. I'll hold off and wait for any extra add-ons before I start a FB group I think.

Kirstipops Tue 25-Mar-14 17:51:59

hey Sparkle, hope you're OK, look after yourself, you'd only be stressing at work anyway so you may as well rest up at home.

Authentique Tue 25-Mar-14 17:59:21

LOL Tak1ngchances, I had to laugh a bit at your description of your start to the day and the loo experience. So sorry though. Are you okay now?

bythesea82 Tue 25-Mar-14 18:01:07

sparkle hope you're doing ok. I totally know the anxious waiting feeling, have had bleeding since last week but they're not keen to bring the scan forwards from the 7th so just a wait and see game, very hard!
Look after yourself thanks

Sparkle9 Tue 25-Mar-14 18:10:57

Thanks for the kind words. I hope to have good news on Thursday.

Bythesea - that's a long wait for you. I hope it passes quickly.

My area seems pretty good about early scans. The one on Thursday will be my third. I've had spotting since the start but then 10 days of no bleeding then one day of spotting then nothing for a few days and now the bright red blood today. I saw a heartbeat at 7 weeks but I'm worried it's all going wrong now.

Yeah I'm ok now thank you. Still mortified and have sprayed my handbag with antibacterial spray but it still seems gross to me!

To everyone who is exhausted - have you had your iron levels checked? I just got my bloods back yesterday and I'm slightly anaemic. So I'll be taking (disgusting) spatone for a while and hopefully my energy will come back a bit.

Fingers crossed for you sparkle

mum2kiss Tue 25-Mar-14 18:49:03

taking if its any consolation my bowel gave way pretty much as soon as we arrived home today...ate out for lunch so assuming something I had there didnt agree with me!

Its my birthday this week so I'm due to eat out twice more this week...feeling a bit reluctant now!

clairemiss79 Tue 25-Mar-14 18:49:16

Hi has anyone felt their baby move? I'm nearly 12 weeks and I feel it about twice a day. This is my fourth preg so I'm pretty sure that's what it is but am I going insane? Is it just too early? It feels like a little flutter smile

Bumpforme2014 Tue 25-Mar-14 18:51:05

Evening all, can I be included on FB group please I am addicted to checking mumsnet in mornings and after work but don't have time during work hours.

Told the boss this afternoon, he was so shocked and kind of stared at me open mouthed for a minute but quickly got his head around it and as he has a daughter we were having a nice chat about what pregnancy is like. He also said to me "you do realise that legally I have to let you do whatever you want now" which made me laugh and feel better as he basically said I can have time off whenever I want he he :-)

I'm 11 weeks and symptoms have been bad again since 10 weeks, going away this weekend so a little dissapointed I'm not feeling better yet, really struggling to sleep at night anyone else waking every hour for the loo?

Thinking of those having bleeds hope your okay sparkle and takingchances that was sooooo funny.

Kirstipops Tue 25-Mar-14 18:51:47

Tak1ngchances ooft I just read the rundown of your commute, hope you've recovered, it sounds like something from a film haha!! I had a nosebleed this morning,luckily my sis in law had recently mentioned having these too in her pregnancies so I didn't worry. Luckily I was still in the house at the time, they usually come at inopportune moments, out on the go... Waking up in all-white hotel bedrooms...

mrsb87 Tue 25-Mar-14 19:22:34

Hi guys, wow lots to catch up on today. I'm definitely up for a Facebook group, count me in!

Well I went to work, against what everyone else wanted to do! I really enjoyed being back and it was lovely to beback with my crew. It was great telling them all my news! I am yet to see of I'm going to suffer for it yet.

My due date has changed too so I guess when we have all been scanned it makes sense for an update!

MrsF2510 Tue 25-Mar-14 19:26:11

Finally got my scan date which is in 2 weeks and I will be 14 weeks! Can't wait - sorry bit of a nothing post but marking my place on the new thread! X

noimagination80 Tue 25-Mar-14 19:53:22

Hey all, marking my space.

Sparkle Try not to worry, a friend who has just had her first, bled and spotted through her whole pregnancy. The doctors could not work out what was causing it.

I am up for the facebook group. Like Bumpforme, I only get the chance to check mumsnet in the evenings and weekends......Which I tend sleep through most of the time.

Had my bloods taken over 2 weeks ago, still no results yet, so taking that as a good sign. 10 days to go until scan, can't bloody wait.

We have told a few people, I told my boss at 7 weeks, he was really good about it, and has been since.

I have been getting flutters, but I put that down to gas, which I have an abundance of at the moment....blush

Wiggy29 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:07:28

Sparkle- hope the next couple of days go quickly and then you get the reassurance you'll be eagerly waiting for.

Yes to FB page- great idea.

I'd wondered about fluttering as dc3, then started getting paranoid about twins as WAY bigger than dc1&2 at this stage but also there's a good chance it's because dc1 normally takes awhile to show and had 8 year gap before dc1 (so almost as though a first DC), while this time it's only 13 months since I had dc2.

Wiggy29 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:08:25

Forgot to add, with dc1&2 I felt rough until about 16 weeks then felt great until 37ish. Hopefully this one will be the same!

ldt87 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:09:43

Hi all, checking in and marking the new thread.

I'm 11+3 today, scan on Monday and after trying to remain in ignorant bliss, and 2 good scans at 8 and 9 weeks, I'm now terrified of bad news at the scan.

Sorry you are worrying sparkle, it's a hard time in first tri and I'm sure Thursday will put your mind at rest. Don't worry about work at all.

How is everyone? My nausea is calming down, I'm on iron for anemia so starting to feel a bit less shattered. When I don't feel sick I worry where it's gone! Lol should be grateful for having a break xx

queenasanti3 Tue 25-Mar-14 20:11:28

Hi everyone just jumping on board this thread before I loose track, 2 more days till scan smile

Captainmcgraw Tue 25-Mar-14 20:32:23

Sparkle - good luck and hoping Thursday comes quickly for you. So many people spotting and bleeding, on the positive side it does show how common it is despite it being a big worry of course.

I'm almost 13 weeks and also keep thinking I feel tiny movements - I felt them pretty early in first pregnancy so I suppose it is possible....

ohthegoats Tue 25-Mar-14 20:38:04

I wouldn't be able to feel things like 'tiny flutters' behind all these digestion related stomach cramps!

mum2kiss Tue 25-Mar-14 20:48:41

claire I am positive I felt movement last night. I had both hands on my tum and felt 3 very distinct movements....I told dp and he laughed...said I was bonkers...but i know what I felt!

FX for you sparkle!
I've felt a few little flutters over the last week but wondered if it's too early.
I'd be up for the Facebook group too.
Glad you've sanitised your handbag tak1ngchances! grinthanks

fatpony Tue 25-Mar-14 21:04:21

Just got sent a video of my ten week scan by the clinic -DH said the baby loos like a cross between a seal pup and sperm whale! True! It's so sweet though with its little heart beating super quick...

Bumpforme2014 Tue 25-Mar-14 21:22:08

Awwwww I would have loved a video, gonna get DH to film next scan on his phone if all okay.

Grannyapple Tue 25-Mar-14 21:23:44

Hey ladies! Not feeling sick or nauseous today, but bloody shattered. 2 kiddies are ill at the mo so me & DH had one each, with both of us up for 2 hours from 3 this morning....yawn! Just had dinner & off to bed soon.

Just wanted to say I too thought I felt movement the other day & then a popping sound! I too am paranoid it's twins as I feel the worst ive ever felt on pregnancy & also showing already & I'm only 10 wks!! Mum was a twin too...eek. Need to wait for 2 wks to find out for sure..

Loopylu84 Tue 25-Mar-14 21:53:12

Hello ladies!
Just checking in to mark my place, glad to hear lots of positive scan news and Sparkle I hope everything is ok for you this week

I continue to be almost entirely symptomless, the sore boobs continue but the crippling tiredness that I had between wks 6-9 seems to have gone, in fact if I didnt know any better I would have no idea that im pregnant which is a bit strange really, I had a scan at 8 weeks which showed a strong heartbeat and that everything was fine, however because of the lack of symptoms I swing from being massively grateful to worrying something is wrong blush
Anyway, 10+6 tmoro and have my scan next thursday so hoping all will be well
Obviously now I've actually written about having no symptoms I'll wake up tomorrow with full on morning sickness....!

Also up for a fb group smile

Kirstipops Tue 25-Mar-14 21:57:55

Nope not felt any flutters at all, though I was told the placenta is to the front of my uterus so maybe it's acting as a wee cushion for the time being! Looking forward to feeling proper kicks, I can't imagine how it feels and hadn't even given it much thought until a friend who is 18 weeks was saying she could feel lots of little kicks!

ExcitedCJ Tue 25-Mar-14 22:01:36

Hi all, marking place..
I had a crazy day too but not as icky a start as you taking! I told DH about your morning & he made an eugh face as I chuckled.
I had a board meeting today & nearly cried 3 times! Once I had to excuse myself for being emotional but that I just felt very passionately about the topic!
I have to present a lot in my job & I'm finding that very difficult at the minute as I get really emotional & anxious when I never did before. I hope I get over it soon.
Puppy last time I was knackered up to WK14 then tired again from WK36. I got heart burn from WK18 but no nausea. This time I am totally exhausted, could & have slept sitting up & feel nauseous lots. Now 10 wkd so I hope I get some energy soon.

clairemiss79 Tue 25-Mar-14 22:22:49

I love hearing the news about the flutters. Makes me feel less insane as my dh doesn't believe me! Great to hear all the positive scan news. Mine isn't until next thurs.

vicky123uk Tue 25-Mar-14 22:26:34

We had our scan today. All good and measuring at 12+6 so giving me a due date of 1st October - yay! No reason seen still for all the bleeding and other stuff so hopefully will just go away eventually!

Congratulations Vicky! grin That's great news. Did your EDD move with your first? Mine was spot on, wondering if it's likely to be the same again. (Would be lovely to skip ahead a few days! grin)

MrsBadCrumble74 Tue 25-Mar-14 23:10:37

Marking my spot on the new thread too smile so lovely to hear peoples scan news. I swear I've been feeling a little flutter down there but not sure whether that can be true being rather curvaceous. Sending lots of positive thoughts to those still bleeding - I bled from weeks 6 to 9 and thought everything was going wrong and I had a lovely dating scan last week showing a lively little bean smile
I'm veering between a few good hours and then feeling completely yuk again. Never has cheese on toast seemed like such a gourmet meal!
Up for a FB group too.

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 07:41:31

Yowzah. Interesting dream last night, I think I'm possibly still blushing.... (And Matt Damon should be too)

mrsb87 Wed 26-Mar-14 08:04:23

Haha kirsti I have had some really naughty dreams!! I wake up with a right chuckle.

Slept like an absolute log last night, it was great! First time since the beginning of this pregnancy.

CareBearWithFangs Wed 26-Mar-14 08:06:32


I'd join a Facebook group too.

Kirstie please share your dream grin

Glad to hear more good scan news. Excited/nervous about mine, and it's still ages away.

I got a call yesterday from one of the home birth midwives in my area, she just wanted to introduce herself because she'll be my midwife if I go for a home birth. She seemed lovely so feeling quite positive about a possible home birth now.

Sounds like there might be a few homebirthers on this thread, that'll be nice.smile

ohthegoats Wed 26-Mar-14 08:41:46

Due to being a technical moron, I have no idea how a FB group works (I am on FB though) - I'd be up for it if it's 'secret' to my friends list though. I'm not going to announce I'm pregnant at all, so want to keep it quiet on there.

FrauEnglischLehrerin Wed 26-Mar-14 11:33:55

Hi, may I join in, please?

I'm 10 weeks pg with dc2. Had a scan today at a routine appt at my ob/gyn (this is normal in Germany where I live) and saw the foetus with heartbeat. In my current state of worry this will probably only reassure me for a few days, but I've got the diagnostic screening scan booked for April 10th, so only two weeks to wait.

I'm massively in awe of those who are managing to teach full days at school in early pregnancy. I run classes for small groups of kids and in the last few weeks I've felt ready to lie down after about 45 min.

Anyway, it will be nice to chat occasionally with you lot, although I'm not sure I'll manage to keep up all the time with the thread moving so quickly!

mum2kiss Wed 26-Mar-14 11:49:51

Welcome frau smile

The group I am part of is completely private. Post do not show in news feeds so no one knows I am a member of the group unless they are a member themselves.

Gosh its freezing in my house this morning...too lazy to go up.and put the heating on so im sat with a blanket wrapped around me lol!

Still minimal pgp pain here...not sure if that means its gone...or if its just taking a few days break!

binkybunny Wed 26-Mar-14 12:40:13

Felt a bit ropey still this morning but really craving fruit for the first time in ages. Have spent all morning eating strawberries and drinking cranberry juice and honestly feel like dancing at the moment. Maybe this is where I have been going wrong with all my crappy food eating. Or I could just be having a sugar rush from the fructose ;-)

magichandles Wed 26-Mar-14 13:10:12

GTT this morning and results were fine, which is a massive relief as if I had tested positive at this stage I would probably be diabetic already. I didn't even feel too sick for not eating - having a better day fortunately. Their protocol is testing again at 20 and then at 28 weeks though, so I'll have to go through it again in the not too distant future.

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 13:28:03

Welcome Frau smile
Good to hear some of you are starting to have better days, I'm sure they will outnumber the "mehh" days in the coming weeks, feeling much better today, still tired at times but I blame that on not going to bed early enough (which I will blame on DH's band and football practices through the week which delay my dinners!)
I looked into the FB group and it'll be a "secret" one that would be best (as opposed to closed and open groups). In order to start up the group I'll have to add one of you as a friend, then I can post the link here for you to request "membership" I guess?

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 13:37:19

carebear - re: my dream, I'll say this, it was very vivid (it actually woke me up!!) and Mrs Damon is a very lucky lady bwahaha!

diamondbutterfly Wed 26-Mar-14 13:47:48

Afternoon all, I would be up for joining the fb group. I am technically under the care of the home birth team. Was also with dc1 and had a successful home birth.

I found the main benefits were all appointments done @ home which meant no rushing to the appointment to find your blood pressure up (I wonder why? ).

My shortest appointment was 30 mins and longest was over a hour excluding the booking in appointment.

You saw the same person which made in my opinion when the measure the bump more accurate.

I fully intended to go to the midwife led cent if I got to much but I totally felt I could cope.

In labour I was continually monitored/observed because the midwife was either in the same room as me or next door.

I would be interested to find out other people's thoughts experiences.

Will see how the pregnancy goes.

pebble82 Wed 26-Mar-14 14:01:10

Well my scan is tomorrow and I'm having major anxiety. No idea why. No reason why everything wouldn't be ok. No issues, think I'm just a big worrier.

ohthegoats Wed 26-Mar-14 14:12:15

I'm consultant led due to blood issues, so am going to hire a doula I think. Boyf was anti this idea, taking offence that I assumed he wouldn't be able to cope, but he's since read statistics about doula involvement, and has come round to the idea. I would love to have done it at home, because I gate hospitals, but it's not just about my safety, so.

Loulou888 Wed 26-Mar-14 16:06:28

Just had my booking in appointment. Asked if I wanted a home birth. I like the idea of it but my previous 2 births weren't straight forward in the end so I would rather be where help is if I need it. Did both though just on gas and air.

diamondbutterfly Wed 26-Mar-14 16:46:50

To add I live literally round the corner from the hospital. I don't think I would have considered it had I not lived so close. Also if there was anything the midwife didn't like, a transfer would have been done . They also inform labour ward of your address so they are prepared should you visit them.

FlipFantasia Wed 26-Mar-14 17:03:06

Had a great scan this morning - baby was wriggling away and very active (more so than with my two older DC at this stage). I've been feeling small movements for about a week, not surprised now seeing such an active baby! It was so lovely to hear that galloping heart beat smile

Also had blood drawn for the nuchal and for the equivalent of the harmony (different brand name but same process of testing foetal DNA). The scan looked good (nuchal was 1.9mm and nasal bone present) so not too worried.

I planned a home birth first time around (ended up induced and crash section) and the antenatal care was fabulous. At home, same lovely midwife, very relaxed and enjoyable. I'd recommend it for that alone - you can always plan to deliver at birth centre/hospital but get your appointments at home...I'd have planned one this time but home vbacs are illegal in New Jersey!

mum2kiss Wed 26-Mar-14 17:06:03

Home births arent for me personally. I sis has had a couple and I was there immediately after both (I was on babysitting duty for her older kids but both times baby popped out before I arrived!). Its all too sudden for me. After birth the midwife was cleaned up and gone within about half an hour and I felt like we were all left holding the baby...I get a sense of security from being in hospital. Like what is something when wrong after the midwife left? It was all too scary for me! I stayed one night in hospital with dd and that was enough for me to catch my breath and prepare to take her home. I wouldnt want to stay longer but I would definitely want to be there for the birth and a while after.

gunwalloe Wed 26-Mar-14 17:19:01

I wish I could have had a home or water birth but after my first ended in a emcs that was that I have to have a cs this time I've had two normal and two emcs and they won't entertain me trying a vbac again so planned cs it is sad

Loulou888 Wed 26-Mar-14 17:26:43

I agree mum2kiss there is something special about being away from home and spending a night just the two of you in hospital together. It's a real bonding thing. My friend had a home birth and like you said all done and dusted in an hour and all sundry turned up.

I didn't get my planned home birth last time due to DS being 'premature' (and house being a building site having moved 2 weeks before) but thankfully he was born at lunchtime so still got to go home the same day. Staying in the hospital is not my idea of a nice first night with a new baby and is probably my main reason for wanting a home birth. I want them to all go home so we can have family time and champagne! grin
How different we all are, guess that's why there're options!

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 17:44:32

Yay for your good scan Flip!
I like the idea of a home birth but given that my mum and sister both had to have emergency c-sections I don't think I'd want to risk it in case there were any problems. Plus if there were, I wouldn't want to go to the default hospital I'd be taken to! I'm equidistant-ish between 3 hospitals and my alleged nearest one would be last on my list!

sazzlehopes Wed 26-Mar-14 17:46:48

I like all these different experiences. I tried homebirth last time but ended up in hospital with emcs due to baby 'being lost'. Anyway I don't think they'd let me go homebirth this time, but trying for vbac and hopefully water birth in hospital and as little monitoring as possible...but I will see how we get on nearer the time!

Loulou888 Wed 26-Mar-14 17:48:13

My two were both early evening and my dc2 needed observing for 24hours hence stay over

mrsb87 Wed 26-Mar-14 17:58:36

My sister had a home birth with her last, it put me off slightly as baby got her shoulders stuck and she almost had to be taken in. I can't imagine going through that stress is like!
Nice safe hospital for me I think.

Me23 Wed 26-Mar-14 18:00:33

gun if you really want to try for another vbac then no one can force you to have another Cs if that isn't what you want. Have you heard of supervisors of midwives (som) they is a team attached to every hospital and it is there role to support, advocate and guide you if you are wanting to do something that is considered 'out of the guidelines" your midwife can also do this bit som's carry a bit more weight! Your hospital will hae their contact details. I encourage women to contact them if they need further support etc

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 18:04:44

Hey ladies, here is the link to the Facebook group I've made, it's "secret" (only members see the group, who's in it and what members post)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/268062283369153/ (I called the group Octoberfest so it's sort of a discreet title too!)

I'm new to this group-creation mullarkey so hopefully it will be straightforward enough to add yourselves!

mrsb87 Wed 26-Mar-14 18:12:57

Can't seem to find it kirsti!

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 18:14:52

Oh no! Try just searching "Octoberfest" in the search bar and hopefully you'll find it??

mrsb87 Wed 26-Mar-14 18:18:29

One with 16 people and one with 27!

bythesea82 Wed 26-Mar-14 18:21:40

Great news flip

I'm not great at Facebook but I think if the group is secret, you have to be invited to join as no one can even see the group. A closed group could can request to join and only members can see posts but anyone can see the group and who is a member. Maybe we need to have closed rather than secret at least while people find it?

FrauEnglischLehrerin Wed 26-Mar-14 18:23:20

I would have thought that you could only get into a secret group by being invited, but I'm no expert confused

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 18:23:45

Oh crap!!! I wonder if because it's secret then it may be invite only? There is only me and bythesea, who kindly messaged me her name so I could add her as a friend in order to create the group! What happens when you copy and paste the link to your browser?

bumpbangbump Wed 26-Mar-14 18:23:52

If it's secret then well have to be invited by the admin. You'll have to friend all the members I think... That's what happened with my Jan 2012 an group!

mrsb87 Wed 26-Mar-14 18:25:28

That might be why! I too am pretty useless, I thought I wasn't doing it right!

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 18:28:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mum2kiss Wed 26-Mar-14 18:30:10

Im not sure that it is possible to search for secret groups...I just followed the link but it said the pagebis not available...maybe because its secret?

I have a feeling that only current members of a secret group can add others to the group...

Me23 Wed 26-Mar-14 18:30:16

Sorry meant 'their' not there hmm

Re home birth I had planned a hb with Ds but my waters broke and I didn't go into labour, I came in for monitoring and Ds was showing signs if distress so I was induced.

This time I'm unsure I would love a home birth but I think having Ds and dd around would distract me and make me unable to focus properly Ds more than dd (he had just turned 3 and is in tantrum and asking questions central right now. So I'm leaning towards the fab birth centre at my hosptial. Plus I want a water birth and a birth pool isn't very practical in our place. I may change my mind though!

I have no idea who will look after the kids when I'm in labour bit worried about it tbh! Would be convenient if it was all done as dusted while kids were at nursery/school!

Feeling a lot more energetic today my daughters school was on strike and Ds was at nursery so took her shopping had a nice day spent too much money! But bought some maternity trousers from h&m a work pair and a casual pair I'm so short though I'll hae to get them taken up.

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 18:33:54

i've changed the group to "closed", which means you'll be able to search for it and add yourselves, but only members can still see the posts. If required I change it to secret later if discretion is definitely required? Does that sound OK?

mrsb87 Wed 26-Mar-14 18:34:21

Pm'd you kirsti!

mum2kiss Wed 26-Mar-14 18:35:29

I think have it closed initially and then switch to secret as soon as possible...I wonder if my news feed will show that ive joined the group?

pebble82 Wed 26-Mar-14 18:43:35

If you join and then delete the newsfeed item saying you've joined straight away it shouldn't show up to others. Don't think many people are ver interested in groups other people join anyway.

mum2kiss Wed 26-Mar-14 18:48:43

I still cant find it! Lol. Ive sent you a pm kirstipops

Loulou888 Wed 26-Mar-14 18:50:11

I can't find it either

bumpbangbump Wed 26-Mar-14 18:51:19

Just pm'ed you kirsti

mrsb87 Wed 26-Mar-14 18:51:36

Haha poor kirsti! You can pm me too if you want an add to the group, just to take the pressure off wink

noimagination80 Wed 26-Mar-14 19:04:18

Just sent a request Kirsti.

So I have been a moody cow all day, no real reason and even I am fed up with me!

How's everyone doing?

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 19:05:34

I'll make the members all admin, make it a democracy ;)

mrsb87 Wed 26-Mar-14 19:11:57

noimag we're pregnant, surely it's our perogative to be moody. Enjoy having a good excuse.

pinkfizzsparkles Wed 26-Mar-14 19:13:39

Hi, I've been lurking rather than posting! Had my scan today and they've moved me forward to sept 30th. I've been feeling crap for weeks but have felt slightly better the last few days. Still struggling with the exhaustion though! Good to see the scans coming in, surprised how many of us have been moved to September.

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 19:19:39

Hey pinkfizz, I was moved forward too, to 27th! I was told my wee one is 71.6 mms, which would apparently make sense for me to be 13+2, it just really didn't go with my own calculation, maybe my so-called clockwork periods were wonkier than I thought!

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 19:22:31

Noimagination I'm usually the laid back type, so in a wicked way I've been kind of relishing my tantrums, which I manage to direct only towards those who deserve it :P

Bumpforme2014 Wed 26-Mar-14 19:22:39

I'm confused, what's happening with Facebook group now?

Congratulations pinkfizz! That's great news.
I had a wonderful hypno water birth in the hospital btw, would be eye tempted by a nice birth centre (which let the father stay the night) but we don't have one around here. I'm going to get a pool for at home and have some standby childcare for if I give birth during the day, DS (2) would be too distracting too, I imagine he'd want to get in and play and that he'd later be distressed if he thought there was something 'wrong' with me!

Which not eye!

noimagination80 Wed 26-Mar-14 19:26:39

mrsb true words, though I do need to snap out of it, I don't even want to be around me...blush only 27 or so weeks to go.....

Welcome Pink

pinkfizzsparkles Wed 26-Mar-14 19:27:46

I know what you mean kirsti. My original calculation based on LMP and when I ovulated was oct 5th. I know it's not a huge difference but I can't really fathom the dates. Surely they grow at slightly different rates and it could just be a bit bigger for it's dates?! Anyway I'm not complaining it's nicer being a bit further ahead. I could do with having it early as I need my parents to look after my other 2 and they go on holiday early October.

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 19:28:39

It's apparently searchable now Bumpforme , had a couple of add-to-the-group requests npw without my having to invite them beforehand smile

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 19:34:09

I chose an innocuous looking grassy beachy scene with a grey building in the background as the cover photo to make it more recognisable if the group name is appearing in a list of many!

noimagination80 Wed 26-Mar-14 19:35:36

Kirsti I wish I could pick who got the sharp end of my mood...just burst into tears because DH just asked what he could do to make it better...

I am not an massively emotional person, so it's throwing me a bit

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 19:40:42

Oh bless him noimagination ! Don't beat yourself up, we're brewing life inside us, it's bound to take it out of us at some time or another; and sounds like you have a good lad to help you through the mood swings smile

noimagination80 Wed 26-Mar-14 19:43:33

Yeah, he's a keeper... smile

monkeypeanuts Wed 26-Mar-14 19:49:57

Scan tomorrow! I will jump on the FB group if all goes well

magichandles Wed 26-Mar-14 19:57:03

I just coped the link you posted and found it that way! I agree to go secret asap as well though.

binkybunny Wed 26-Mar-14 19:58:58

Is the fb group the one with 25 members?

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 19:59:32

Here's the link again


Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 20:00:18

Nope only 7 so far. I thought the group photo would show up in the search but it hasn't because it's a closed group, gah!

Grannyapple Wed 26-Mar-14 20:02:28

kirsti I've just pm'd you, I couldn't find the group either.

Quick question ladies-some of you mentioned dental procedures a few weeks back. I've got an abscess & in the process of registering with an NHS dentist, funnily enough..I'm only 11 wks, so am I right in thinking they might be reluctant to do a procedure til I'm last 13 wks?

binkybunny Wed 26-Mar-14 20:06:41

Yay found the group. Was being blonde and didnt think to copy the link blush

CareBearWithFangs Wed 26-Mar-14 20:07:15

I've messages you Kirstie but shall try and find he Facebook group.

DD has been a devil child today so I'm absolutely knackered. Am about to have a very long bath and am missing wine for the first time since finding out I was pregnant!

Glad to hear more good scan news too.m

CareBearWithFangs Wed 26-Mar-14 20:11:56

Hooray I think I've joined.

Thanks Kirstie.

pinkfizzsparkles Wed 26-Mar-14 20:13:51

Granny I had an extraction at 8 weeks. Dentist knew I was pregnant and happy to do it. I had a recurrent infection and had 2 lots of antibiotics too. I spent a week on cocodamol, I even had a few days where I took more than the recommended daily amount as the pain after the extraction was intense! It knocked me around more because I was in the early stages of morning sickness.

ohthegoats Wed 26-Mar-14 20:18:19

Well, I told my parents and brother/SIL today... they were pretty excited about it, which was nice. My brother was particularly smiley.

Made me feel better about the fact that same as gunwalloe, my Harmony test bloods haven't worked, so they are going with the set I had taken on Saturday. Another week of waiting. Nuchal stuff all fine, but it would be nice to have the thing that I paid £250 for!

Loulou888 Wed 26-Mar-14 20:18:19

Advice anyone? I've felt terrible the past 4 weeks or so, sick, being sick, moody, emotional, tired out. My DH told me yesterday that he knows I'm not feeling well but I'm actually "doing his head in" today he has actually fallen out with me today for one thing or another. I'm so tired I've been in bed by 8.30 most evenings and he's fed up with feeling lonely. Feeling really down now can't help feeling like this and he's being a pig. Think I might just go and cry myself to sleep.

ohthegoats Wed 26-Mar-14 20:22:02

Loulou - yes, that stuff has been going on here too. I had a melt down at 9+5, which combined with him having a 24 hour sickness bug the next day, made him realise/remember how SHIT it feels when you're nauseous and exhausted.

I feel better now 4 weeks later, and am looking back at that time as being really shite, so I must be better. Keep your fingers crossed that you might suddenly wake up tomorrow feeling great, cos that's what happened for me.

I'm still in bed at 8.30 though - I think he's going to have to get used to that... possibly forever!

pebble82 Wed 26-Mar-14 20:24:31

Yeahy, I found it and requested to join.

Grannyapple Wed 26-Mar-14 20:35:05

Thanks for adding me kirsti...I guess once it's secret, we should our nicknames so we know who's who?

Bumpforme2014 Wed 26-Mar-14 20:41:27

Yay I joined it :-)

hefner Wed 26-Mar-14 20:44:49

Good luck for your scans tomorrow pebble and monkey. I've got mine tomorrow too. I feel the same as you pebble, really scared even though everything seems normal so far. I will request to join the Facebook group tomorrow if all is OK.

Loulou888 Wed 26-Mar-14 20:44:53

Thanks Ohthegoats glad you are over it nice to know someone else has been there too. just feel like I'm not going to snap out of it anytime soon. But hopefully prove myself wrong

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 20:57:35

Good luck pebble ,monkey and hefner ! I had crazy dreams on Sunday night before my scan, I wonder if you'll be the same!

Kirstipops Wed 26-Mar-14 21:13:13

Aww Loulou unbelievable as it seems right now, it'll get better. Either almost overnight, or one day it'll just hit you that you've been feeling semi-normal again for days and days (as happened with me)! Some guys are utterly rubbish at empathy and dealing with illness/moods, but I can bet he'll regret saying that to you. My DH was fairly knocked sideways by how exhausted and bleugh I was a few weeks ago too, he's used to me bouncing around, though his reaction was just to laugh at me, this also didn't help!! He is a very logical person, so explaining what was happening to my insides in a scientific way I think helped to put it into perspective for him just why I was so floored!

CareBearWithFangs Wed 26-Mar-14 21:29:12

I'm still feeling like that too loulou. Could you maybe show DH this thread to show him how normal feeling like this is? I haven't washed up now once in 4 weeks. DP is basically doing everything, plus all of DD's night wakings because I'm so exhausted.

It will get better.

ohthegoats Wed 26-Mar-14 21:35:54

Actually, regards loulou's bloke issues, and things that mine has said too, how much of an opinion do you think your partner should get in the process of pregnancy and childbirth? For those who have kids already, how did it work for you?

I'm pretty much of the 'my body, my way' thinking, but I'm generally a stroppy moo and he's used to shouty opinions. He's trying to 'suggest' things, but I'm a researcher and am pretty certain about how I want to do it.

Grannyapple Wed 26-Mar-14 21:45:39

DH just went with whatever I wanted. I had 2 natural births (but wasn't expecting it to go as smoothly as it did). I too researched lots before deciding but we discussed everything beforehand & I think him doing NCT classes really helped too to be honest.

But most of the partners of friends went with whatever the women wanted...like you say, it's your body...

pebble82 Wed 26-Mar-14 21:47:39

Ohthegoats, good question, it never actually occured to me to ask him. That's bad isn't it! But then I think he'll want me to be happy with a "birth plan" (as much as we can actually plan!) so will agree with what I say. I'm hoping we get to have a nosey at the birthing centre in the hospital tomorrow when we go for the scan. Water birth, nice music and calming lights sound like just what I'll want. I wonder if they let you put on your own ipod? I can see a comic playlist with motivational songs being good (e.g. "push it real good")

puppythedog Wed 26-Mar-14 22:21:27

Hello all, I have requested joining the group and mrsthedog will try in a bit :-)

ldt87 Wed 26-Mar-14 22:32:11

Hi I've requested to join the group, does it shows on news feeds? Xx

mum2kiss Wed 26-Mar-14 22:34:51

ldt I think I just touched ignore instead of add on your request!!! You might need to request again! Sorry!

Just sent a request for the FB group. Thanks fit setting it up Kirsti

ldt87 Wed 26-Mar-14 22:48:28

Lol will do again now xx

ldt87 Wed 26-Mar-14 22:56:22

I'm a bit scared to post on Facebook for now as not sure what my friends can see? If all is well at my scan on Monday I will become an active member, I am Lisa Thompson though for the rest of you in the group xx

ExcitedCJ Wed 26-Mar-14 23:12:13

Hi all, hope you had good days. Kirsti I can't see the last few numbers for the FB group on my phone. Sorry to be a pain, can you post again?

Wiggy29 Thu 27-Mar-14 00:06:23

As has been said, I'll join fb group after scan in Wednesday as worried if it shows on feed.

Gross question, but anyone know how long it takes to get results back from a sample (poo blush) given into doctor's? Been poorly and due back at work Friday but not sure if I should go back until they find out what's wrong (don't think it's pregnancy related).

ldt87 Thu 27-Mar-14 00:08:39

I have joined because my friends can join if that makes sense, just don't want to post just yet.

Not sure about samples wiggy but hope you feel better soon xx

FlipFantasia Thu 27-Mar-14 01:01:38

Just asked to join the group! My initials are CC.

Though hope the MN thread stays alive! I found the thread kind of died down on the last antenatal thread I was on once a break off FB group started. The FB group was way too fast and intense for me and eventually imploded and was shut down (for reasons I never quite understood - I didn't have the time to pay attention!).

Interesting about DH/DPs thoughts. I think it's worth asking their thoughts (if only to get them thinking about the whole thing!), and them learning about the process, what they can do to help, what pain relief is on offer etc. We did a hypnobirthing course first time around and totally loved it (including my extremely skeptical DH!) and that has a lot of focus on birth partners, protecting the birthing woman's space etc

But I think that as the woman going through the actual labour and birth then our opinions/wishes are most important. Partners are there to support, not boss around! But definitely worth discussing things like baby care, feeding, parenting philosophies before bubs comes along - I found the NCT classes great for airing these sorts of topics.

I did find that DH was quite traumatised by my first birth - I was kind of distracted (I zone out while labouring) but he was dealing with all the stress of the midwives and doctors, and the awful traces from the monitor, and the decision to get the baby out right now. Then during the actual section I was so in love with the anaesthetist (honestly he was like a magician who made the pain disappear!) that I just chatted to him mostly while DH was far more aware of being scrubbed up and in theatre and aware of worries about our son's breathing etc.

He definitely found the vbac a better experience. I think having a doula definitely helped with that though, she freed him up to actually focus on me more but also did invisible things like know exactly when either of us needed a drink of water or a snack.

Note to self: start looking for a doula.

porcito Thu 27-Mar-14 03:01:56

Just sent a request to join the group, initial N.

Great news about the scans!!

Good luck for yours tomorrow sparkle, fingers crossed.

The dental policies seem to vary from what I've heard...some seem to be fine to pretty much yank out all your teeth with all the drugs needed, some won't even look inside your mouth before 12 weeks. Thankfully mine was the first or I think I might have taken them out myself.

DP also being a pain this week; think he's feeling quite left out of the whole thing as there's not really much to see or do yet, apart from clean up after me and watch me vom, never pleasant. I've been told I'm in danger of being put on bed rest if I keep bleeding, so am confined to the sofa when I'm not working. I'm not even allowed to go get ice cream from the freezer, according to him. GRR. I've tried to involve him in decisions about where to have the baby etc., but did draw the line when he casually dropped in that his mother would be present at the birth. No. She won't!

binkybunny Thu 27-Mar-14 05:41:14

Scan day today! Thought I was being readonable and levelheaded but the fact I'm up at 5.30am may be suggesting otherwise! Need to try and snooze for another hour before getting up or I'll be asleep at my desk this afternoon.

Good luck fellow scan people today!

binkybunny Thu 27-Mar-14 05:47:22

My DH is v involved with birth decisions. For me I think its only fair on him as he has spent the last 8 weeks cooking, cleaning and running to the shops for my every whim! Even though he's given his opinion he has said the final decision is down to me though. Thankfully we are pretty in tune with each other and have agreed on almost everything. I think if he hadn'y been quite as understanding I'd have taken more of the 'its my body' stance though so can see where you are coming from!

bythesea82 Thu 27-Mar-14 07:06:50

Good luck for scans today people.
Very wobbly here, bleeding worse and cramps now so to be honest not looking good. Feeling sad sad

Oh no by the sea :-(

Have you had any scans yet or recently? Just looked back the past couple of pages to see before asking you, but didn't see. Here is a hand to hold

bythesea82 Thu 27-Mar-14 07:19:33

Thanks taking.
Scan last Wednesday which showed everything fine at 9+3. Next scan a week on Monday but I think I might be the sad small % which see a heart beat and then still have problems. We'll see I guess....

Kirstipops Thu 27-Mar-14 07:21:11


"Octoberfest" posts only show in feeds of members as it's a closed group, though totally understand those waiting for a bit til scans are done smile I'll make the group secret soon too when more peeps have had the chance to add themselves.

Has anyone had experience of birthing pools? I like this idea but need to look into it more.

Good luck today's scanners!

Everything crossed for you bythesea xx

Wiggy29 Thu 27-Mar-14 07:36:59

Thinking of you by the sea, hope you're one of the many people who have such an experience and go on to have gorgeous babies.

Was thinking, we haven't had twins yet have we?

Sparkle9 Thu 27-Mar-14 07:42:44

Bythesea - it looks like we are both anxiously awaiting scans today due to bleeding. :-( I woke up to bright red blood on Tuesday. I put a pad on but only had brown spotting after that. Just small amounts of brown spotting during Wednesday but then I fell asleep on the sofa and woke up at 10pm to find more bright red blood. Again I put a pad on and woke this morning to see brown spotting. I don't think I've got cramps but I suffer from IBS sometimes so it's hard to tell.

I realt hope we both get good news today. I should be 9 weeks and 2 days today. What about you? I saw a heartbeat at 7 weeks.

BingoBango85 Thu 27-Mar-14 07:43:55

Prob won't join FB due to my job, & whilst in sure your all reasonable people, I don't wish to join and bump into clients. Private scan this eve at 10wks. Even tho I had one at epu at 5&6 weeks, I'm still bricking it. Gona be a long day...... All the best sea x

mrsb87 Thu 27-Mar-14 07:48:52

Thinking of you *bythesea". Are you going to speak to your midwife? I hope everything is ok.

Dh is pretty much going along with what I think I want, not because I'm pushy or anything but I think if I'm happy he's happy. He doesn't know enough about child birth to have much of an opinion anyway!

Had a rubbish evening, apparently HG doesn't like eating out of a set routine. Dh was late from work and we ate about 8.30 but it reappeared almost instantly. I was shivery and 10/10 nauseaous all evening.

Me23 Thu 27-Mar-14 07:49:03

I'm also not going to be able to join fb group because of same reasons bingo has stated I may be seeing some of you in a professional capacity! So I hope this group stays active.

Good luck to everyone who has scans today.

magichandles Thu 27-Mar-14 07:53:09

Snap mrsb87 - I was fine all morning at my GTT yesterday, much better than I thought I would be, but when I did start eating I felt rubbish, and same as you was shivery and nauseous all evening.

Me23 Thu 27-Mar-14 07:54:26

Sorry bythesea I didn't see your post, please inform your gp or a&e or mw if he/she can refer you to epu. Rest up and I wish you the best. sparkle I hope your scan goes well.

Can you get to the EPU Bythesea? Surely they'd see you given the situation. Call your midwife and ask? Thinking of you! thanks
Kirsti the birthing pool was amazing, I couldn't recommend it more. The pain relief it offers is quite brilliant - I knew all about it as the hospital didn't have an underwater monitor so had to stand up to be monitored every 15? minutes and the pain level tripled/quadrupled! When I was able to throw myself back into the water it was bliss! Women have been using water to birth forever, I read lots about it beforehand and there are ancient accounts of women walking in to the river (in hotter places!) to give birth. I had to get out to deliver as back to back baby wasn't budging but it was still so worth it (even if you just decide to use it to labour). I'd particularly recommend it to any PGP sufferers too as the water is so supportive. Hoping to actually give birth in water this time but we'll see!
DH and I have tended to agree on birthing, feeding etc. we both wanted as natural everything as possible but would both accept any necessary (We turned down quite a few unnecessary ones) intervention to keep myself and the baby safe. DH has again reluctantly accepted agreed that he has to once again ensure that no one 'encourages' me with the phrase "good girl"! He thinks I'm being really fussy but it makes me cringe even on OBEM. Can you imagine them saying "good boy" if men gave birth? Haha, I think it's probably just me but I don't need something to annoy me at the critical stages!

mrsb87 Thu 27-Mar-14 08:01:21

I think if someone called me "good girl" I would feel a bit like a dog confused.

Love the idea of a water birth. Always loved the water anyway smile

Kirstipops Thu 27-Mar-14 08:04:08

Thinking about you bythesea, hope you're OK, would you be able to get a scan appointment sooner if you spoke to your midwife? I'm definitely still up for keeping this thread going too, I find I need to refer to the "key" quite a lot as I don't understand all the acronyms yet!

CareBearWithFangs Thu 27-Mar-14 08:20:23

Thinking of you bythesea and sparkle. thanks

I'm a my body my way sort of person. But DP never had a strong opinions on anything anyway last time. When I mentioned a home birth this time he was very against it at first but I think that's partly because he's still a bit traumatised after last time. Once I'd talked it through with him and explained why I want a home birth this time he felt reassured and is on board with it now.

I seem to have gone back to the ravenous hunger thing after having no appetite for the past 3 weeks.

mrsb87 Thu 27-Mar-14 08:46:47

Hmmm would love a bit of ravenous hunger carebear! All the guys at work couldn't believe how much weight I'd lost when I went in the other day.

pebble82 Thu 27-Mar-14 08:53:03

Scan day for me. 1 hr to go. Feeling completely terrified. Had lots of anxiety dreams about not being able to get there-socks unravelling, shoes going missing, DPs car not starting (then turning into a boat!). I've never wanted something I couldn't wait to arrive to be over so much!

Good luck to my scan buddies.

Yes Mrsb, the dog thing too! I find it such a bizarre, patronising term for when I'm at my most impressive and powerful! wink Seems to be standard practice on OBEM, is it in RL Me23? My midwife was very good about it last time, we had discussed it as part of my birth plan!grin
Good luck today pebble, as soon as you see that heartbeat you can relax and enjoy it. Thank goodness for morning scans!!

binkybunny Thu 27-Mar-14 09:27:50

Hi Pebble we'll be having scans at the same time, just about to wet my pants having drunk the obligatory pint! Good luck! x

pebble82 Thu 27-Mar-14 09:55:39

I'm in the waiting room with a 2litre bottle. Hope they're not running too late. The place is a joke so far. Badly signed, no parking, not enough chairs. So far unimpressed.

Me23 Thu 27-Mar-14 10:03:40

Yes troubleandfyfe unfortunately it is used quite a bit I can't stand it like you I find it patronising and quite disturbing actually, I think it infantilises the woman. We are not pushing the baby out to please the midwife. I made it clear on my birth plan no coached pushing though I have to admit though I haven't said good girl, there have been times I have had to coach usually in emergency situations with fetal distress or if the woman has a very dense epidural and cannot feel anything.
pebble 2l is excessive isn't it! I wouldn't be able to hold that in, I drank 500ml. Good luck.

Captainmcgraw Thu 27-Mar-14 10:12:03

Thinking of all my scan buddies today! Pebble - I also had scan anxiety dreams - including having to have scan lying on a busy supermarket checkout!

Bythesea - all the best of luck to you. Although you're mean to be referred to EPAU then I bet if you just turned up saying you were bleeding and cramping then they wouldn't turn you away.

queenasanti3 Thu 27-Mar-14 10:35:58

Any news yet from anyone who has had their scan thus morning, iam too drinking huge bottle of water, going to make my way up to the hospital now, soooo nervous x

gunwalloe Thu 27-Mar-14 10:38:22

Good luck all those having scans today

puppythedog Thu 27-Mar-14 10:57:23

Good luck, I'm looking forward to hearing good news. Bythesea I hope that things are not as you fear and I hope you get the care and support you need.

Sparkle9 Thu 27-Mar-14 10:59:55

Bythesea - I hadn't realised that you haven't been referred for an earlier scan. :-( It's such a shame that these things are so different in different areas.

I'm waiting to go to the hospital now. Feeling sick. Probably with worry and nerves.

akachan Thu 27-Mar-14 11:06:09

Good luck everyone! I'm envy . I still don't even have an appointment for booking in!

pebble82 Thu 27-Mar-14 11:11:28

Back from scan. One healthy heart beat. Measuring 10+6 (I guessed 11+1) so couldn't do NT scan as I suspected. Booked in again for 11th April :-D back to work for me now.

Grannyapple Thu 27-Mar-14 11:15:10

Good luck for those with scans today. bythesea & sparkle get there to EPU ASAP.

kirsti I had a waterbirth with my first-absolutely amazing! I got into hospital at 9cms & immediately got into pool-DS was born just over 1.5 hrs later.. Was gutted to narrowly miss out on it with DD...unit was super busy & they were getting the point ready when she had other ideas about get arrival...gave birth withG&A this time..

I woke up looking like the elephant man this morning with this bloody abscess...off to docs shortly to get some antibiotics..

bythesea82 Thu 27-Mar-14 11:16:31

Great news pebble
Thanks for all the support. Have rung EPU so will see what they say when they ring back.
Hope other scans going well......

magichandles Thu 27-Mar-14 11:44:36

Cross fingers for all the scans. I don't seem to be able to stop any posts I make on the FB group from appearing on my timeline without deleting them, so I'm not going to post there until it becomes a secret group.

I do know someone though (which is what I wanted to post!)

binkybunny Thu 27-Mar-14 11:56:14

Just back from our scan. One healthy and rather sleepy baby measuring at 11 + 6 which is almost spot on (we thought 12 weeks today!). I had to wriggle around to wake him/ her up and got a stretch and a bit of a roll around before going back to sleep, one leg kicked out and a hand in the air. Lovely strong heartbeat so relieved think I might fall asleep at my desk now!

bythesea hoping everything is okay with you, keeping fx.

hefner Thu 27-Mar-14 12:10:28

Fingers crossed for you bythesea and sparkle.

Congrats pebble and binky! My scan went well too, saw the heartbeat and baby seemed OK. 13+3 today so I'm a few days further on than I thought. EDD is now 29th Sept but I'll stay in this group if that's OK. Good luck to everyone else with scans today.

Regarding partners' opinions, DH was very worried about the idea of a home birth and I took that on board and went for a hospital birth as I needed him to be as relaxed as possible to support me. I wasn't bothered either way - would have put my foot down if it was something I felt strongly about. Pretty much everything else (breastfeeding etc.) was my decision although I think DH would have had similar opinions to me.

hefner Thu 27-Mar-14 12:13:50

I had scan anxiety dreams too! Nothing baby related but lots of stressful dreams, including one where I thought my toddler was about to fall off the bed, so I dived to catch her and ended up punching DH! Got a very sleepy "ow!" from him, but he thought it was funny once I explained!

eeeek do the posts on the facebook group show up on our timeline?? Will have to make up something for any nosy inquisitive friends

binkybunny Thu 27-Mar-14 12:38:25

Have asked DH and friends that know I'm pregnant and no Octoberfest posts are showing in their timeline/ newsfeed. Its just your own!

Phew! Amazing. So nice to see all your faces!!

Yay for good scans! grin
Who do you know magichandles?! shock
Thanks Me23, glad it's not just me being 'fussy'. Good term infantilises. (I like words)
Sorry to be so brief! Rare day at work for me delivering training!

magichandles Thu 27-Mar-14 13:08:12

Tak1ingchances - I used to work with her DH ages ago!

Kirstipops Thu 27-Mar-14 13:32:06

Yep any FB posts can only be seen by other group members on their feed as it's a closed group. When I make it secret the only difference will be that if someone was to nosy through the groups in your profile that Octoberfest wouldn't even show in the list. I've purposefully given no description of the group plus access is blocked to non members so if anyone noticed it they may just presume you're a fan of the Munich beer festival!
Thanks for the water birth feedback ladies, I'm definitely thinking it'd be a good option for me smile
So nice to hear of the good scans too!

musicalmrs Thu 27-Mar-14 13:37:05

Hallo! May I join you all?

I've been a bit nervous to post, but I've had my scan today and am now slightly more convinced I'm pregnant!

Congratulations to all the others who have had good scan news today smile

binkybunny Thu 27-Mar-14 13:47:21

Anyone else that had a scan today just too excited to work? I'm too giddy and have just been out and bought little grandparent photo albums to give to our mums for mothers day with the scan photo in. I now want to go back and buy the entire shop though or go home and start planning the nursery properly grin

binkybunny Thu 27-Mar-14 13:47:46

Hello musicalmrs btw!

Sparkle9 Thu 27-Mar-14 13:49:44

I was a blubbing mess as soon as the midwife called me in. She was lovely as was the sonographer. I was terrified to look at the screen until she said it was okay. Tiny baby was in there with a heartbeat. She couldn't see any reason at all for the bleeds. Baby measures 9 weeks and 2 days as expected. I really hope this bleeding and spotting stops now but I have a feeling I will be one of those people who has this a lot. My next scan is in less than 3 weeks.

Bythesea - I hope they see you soon.

hefner Thu 27-Mar-14 13:56:46

That's great news sparkle.

Binky I'm struggling to concentrate too, might not get much done this afternoon!

bythesea82 Thu 27-Mar-14 13:57:17

Yey sparkle great news! Lovely good scan stories today.
Spoke to a grumpy person at EPU who just said wait and see nothing they can do, this is true but she could have tried to be nice! Was feeling more hopeful but cramps and bleeding back again, I think time has stopped! I guess it is just wait and see.
Keep the happy scan stories coming in smile

ohthegoats Thu 27-Mar-14 14:03:25

Haha, binkybunny - I gave my mum a mother's day card with a scan photo in, and just wrote "look, grandchild number 3". I gave it to her and told her to open it straight away, she read it, looked at the picture and said 'oh that's nice... let me get my glasses.. (wait of about 20 seconds).. oh, are you pregnant?'


Sparkle9 Thu 27-Mar-14 14:07:03

Bythesea - it's so unfair that the care is so variable. This is the third scan I've had. First one due to spotting and they asked for a follow up two weeks later. Then this third one due to bleeding. I phoned on Tuesday and was scanned today. Between Tues and Thurs I was told to go to A&E if it got worse. Could you go to A&E? Thinking of you.

Loulou888 Thu 27-Mar-14 14:20:02

Bythesea have you an early scan at all or nothing?

FlipFantasia Thu 27-Mar-14 14:24:11

Takingchances you have the same (gorgeous!) first name as my DD smile.

I'll start posting in the FB group too once I've a chance. Liking seeing people's real names (though totally understand Me23 and Binky and anyone else being unable to join!).

Loving all the happy scan news!

FlipFantasia Thu 27-Mar-14 14:26:53

Bythesea I'm so annoyed on your behalf you're not getting better care. Bleeding is so stressful hmm. I'd be tempted to just go to a&e - ruling out something like an ectopic is more than a valid reason IMO. If they can't scan you they should be able to get the epu to get their act together. Thinking of you and hoping a scan shows a lovely little baby xx

Loulou888 Thu 27-Mar-14 14:30:15

That's what I was thinking you need ectopic to be ruled out if it hasn't already. I suffered one last year but the epau unit were really good. Hence why I had a scan at 6 weeks this time to check baby is in right place. Speak to your gp they WILL refer you fx for you

Captainmcgraw Thu 27-Mar-14 14:32:49

Lovely to hear all the positive scan news! I have another good news story to add. Saw happy baby again today and also the hematoma has got slightly smaller so they think there's nothing to worry about. Measuring 13+2 so due date is 30th September. Quite a few of us seem to be being pushed forward to September dates.

mum2kiss Thu 27-Mar-14 14:34:58

bythesea my midwife told me any bleeding head straight to a&e. They will at least have to check you over and will most likely get epu to do it!

So my bro told my mum this morning that his girlfriend is pregnant too! So my mum gets 3 grandchildren this year! September, October and November due dates!

bythesea82 Thu 27-Mar-14 14:35:33

Thanks for your grumping on my behalf smile
I have had a scan previously, I am being followed up for a 9cm cyst which I have left from a miscarriage last November. I had a scan for that about 10 days ago so I know there was a heart beat and everything was ok at 9+3. I have another cyst scan on 7th April so I can see they think that's soon enough. It's just all a bit too familiar after mc last time. This pregnancy thing is stressful!

bythesea82 Thu 27-Mar-14 14:36:42

Crossed posts, great news captain

Loulou888 Thu 27-Mar-14 14:38:58

Go to a&e it's not good enough what's an extra scan appt to epau nothing! How frustrating for you x

Loulou888 Thu 27-Mar-14 14:39:51

Another sept one! Lovely news captain

ldt87 Thu 27-Mar-14 15:29:57

Hi all, anxiously awaiting my scan on Monday, loving hearing all the good news

Sparkle that's fantastic news! :-)

I'm enjoying seeing people on Facebook and will join in next week all being well xx

ohthegoats Thu 27-Mar-14 15:30:28

Why are there so many of us being brought forward to September? I don't understand the science!

My 40th week according to scan dating ends on 27th September.
My 40th week according to when I conceived ends on 15th October.
My 40th week according to LMP ends on 1st October.

I'm trying to convince my boss that I'll be back at work on 1st September after the summer holidays, he would 'prefer' that I'm not, but it's not up to him. If I go off on 19th July when we break up for the summer, I'll be climbing the walls with boredom by 15th October. I was sort of hoping to work up until it becomes impossible - which I understand might be sooner rather than later - but with so many dates, it's hard to work out what I want to do, let alone what my boss should allow me to do.

ToffeeJungle Thu 27-Mar-14 16:37:16

Just marking my place on the new thread!
I won't be joining the FB Group either so hope threads like these keep going.
So nice to hear of all the lovely good scan news, I have mine a week today- can't wait! smile
Hope everyone is feeling ok.

As far as I understand it ohthegoats (please correct me if I'm wrong Me23 the dating scan is very precise as up until 14/15 weeks ish (don't know exactly) the baby growing process is a very precise one- it's like cell division during the early stages, all babies measure exactly the same in mm depending on their gestational age. LMP is used as a guide prior to dating scan but EDD from LMP should be disregarded once dating scan has been done as women can ovulate and therefore conceive at different points during their cycle. It is different again from conception date a the gestational age is calculated as actual gestational age plus 14 days (as it's then closer to the date of LMP - they expect you to ovulate 14 days after LMP. Pregnancy is estimated as 40 weeks only when those two extra weeks are included) in short, disregard all other dates given (including subsequent changes) other than that of your dating or 12 week scan! You've then narrowed it down to a 5 week period in which you're most likely to give birth! gringringrin

diamondbutterfly Thu 27-Mar-14 17:29:40

Lovely to hear all the good news scan reports, I have mine a week on Mon.

Random question, for those who have had water births or being in the pool during labour, foes water go up your bits?

grin diamond!

monkeypeanuts Thu 27-Mar-14 17:51:56

Congrats musical, binky and sparkle! Got a good result today for us too! Been put at 13 weeks, so due on 2nd October.

I've missed quite a few posts over the past day or so but one stuck out from loulou about her OH. I've been trying to send my DH an email each week from the mumsnet pregnancy calender so he knows what's going on and the changes and how they could be making me feel. It's not much but he feels involved and I feel like he has some sort of understanding of how bonkers being preggers is making me feel. It's working for us so far anyway wink

Captainmcgraw Thu 27-Mar-14 17:52:28

Diamond that really made me chuckle! Does water go up your bits in the bath? It's pretty much the same experience but of course with some contractions thrown in as well.

Hooray, what a fabulous scan day!
Looking forward to mine in the morning!

bumpbangbump Thu 27-Mar-14 17:58:58

Due date buddies monkey!! Been so nice letting the cat out of the bag. Everyone is so excited for is.

As for water up your bits... Do love a little chuckle after work! My only problem with the water was the fact that I felt like I was being boiled alive!!! Had the midwife check the temp several times in the hope they'd let me put some cold in... Had to get out in the end as I though my skin was poaching off.

pebble82 Thu 27-Mar-14 18:23:18

I thought hot water wasn't good for the baby. Or is that because it brings on contractions so not good early on but great for labour?

monkeypeanuts Thu 27-Mar-14 18:26:36

Yesss bump, due date buddies! DH and I are going out for steak tonight to celebrate being 'out'. smile

diamondbutterfly Thu 27-Mar-14 18:40:26

captain trouble I wasn't sure, I thought not but I thought I'd ask the question

diamondbutterfly Thu 27-Mar-14 18:41:12


Me23 Thu 27-Mar-14 18:46:28

We always go by the scan edd for reasons trouble outlined in her post.

Glad all scans have gone well, good luck tomorrow troubleandfyfe

I've felt sick all day after my good day yesterday, also feh heartburn is already making it's presence felt had it with every pregnancy! Ranitidine here I come!

How are you doing bythesea

Me23 Thu 27-Mar-14 18:51:21

pebble in labour and especially when birth is imminent the water temp should be 37 degrees this is to ensure the baby doesn't become hypothermic at delivery as this can lead to breathing problems and low blood sugar.

gunwalloe Thu 27-Mar-14 18:58:31

I have a slightly different dates problem the fmc make me 6 days further on than the NHS by scans confused

CareBearWithFangs Thu 27-Mar-14 19:36:31

Is the avoiding hot water thing a very important rule to obey in pregnancy? Because I'm still having a bath the same temperature as always. I assumed it was just one of those don't do it in case you faint rules.

So glad to hear more good scan news. And I'm sorry the care your receiving has been so shoddy bythesea. I'd be taking myself down to a & e.

I'm still so hungry, just sent DP to tesco to get more crumpets as I've eaten all 6 since yesterday evening.

pebble82 Thu 27-Mar-14 19:43:36

I'm in the bath now! I have started reducing the temp a bit as normally I'd have it really hot. I read somewhere that if it makes your skin red it's too hot. Warm is apparently fine.

pebble82 Thu 27-Mar-14 19:55:05

Oh and Me23 thanks, it's great having an expert here. Let us know if you get fed up of working when not working!

Now, that I have absolutely no idea on gun! confused Hardly a small discrepancy either!

olilos Thu 27-Mar-14 20:02:03

Could someone please remove me from the list. Bad results at prenatal test. Thanks, and good luck everyone with your pregnancies

mrsb87 Thu 27-Mar-14 20:25:01

Thu 27-Mar-14 20:15:12

Hi guys! Another good day at work, I had a good afternoon on the shop floor,although I found out that my assistant manager will be off for about a yr as she has to have an operation on each foot which overlaps my mat leave....oh dear! Good job I'm only planning on having 6 months off.Starting to feel the nausea again now but should be having pizza and salad on my lap within few minutes.

magichandles Thu 27-Mar-14 20:30:38

Removing olilos as requested - I'm so sorry x

Gunwalloe DC5 EDD 30th Sept
LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
Thefourcees DC5 EDD 1st Oct
Petitverdot DC1 1st Oct
zahazie EDD 1st Oct
Bumpbangbump dc#2 EDD 2nd October
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
Sunnyday14 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Porcito DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
AK89 DC1 4th Oct
MrsDeltaB DC3 EDD 4th Oct
CaptainMcgraw DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Vicky123uk DC2 EDD 5th Oct
hefner DC2 EDD 5th Oct
pinkfizzsparkles EDD 5th Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
Hudsonriver1 EDD 6th Oct
TroubleAndFyfe DC2 EDD 7th October
Spanielface DC2 EDD 7th Oct
Pickofthedocs DC2 EDD 7th Oct
MrsCaptainReynolds DC2 EDD 7th Oct
monkeypeanuts DC1 EDD 7th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Bumpforme2014 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
MrsF2510 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Sofe1978 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Bexleymum dc2 edd 8th oct
WhiteIsTheColour DC1 EDD 8th Oct
familyfortunes DC2 EDD 8th Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct
binkybunny DC1 EDD 9th Oct
Tak1ngchances EDD 9th Oct
Twinkletwink DC2 due 10th Oct
pebble82 DC1 EDD 10th Oct
Lighthouser DC1 EDD 10th Oct
claptomania DC1 EDD 10th Oct
MrsDinoRawr DC1 EDD 10th Oct
mum2kiss dc2 edd 11th October
Overthinker88 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Toffeejungle DC2 EDD 11th Oct
Mammy2be EDD 11th Oct
MonkeyChops11 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Me23 Dc3 EDD 11th Oct
Princess Wellington EDD 12th Oct
Sweetpeapods DC2 due 13 Oct
ldt87 DC3 EDD 13th Oct
AnnoyedByAlfieBear DC2 EDD 13th Oct
Kittylou1 DC1 EDD 13th Oct
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Thegirlwhouk EDD 14th Oct
Mrsthedog DC1 EDD 14th Oct
clairemiss79 DC4 EDD 14th Oct
pollywhatshername DC2 EDD 15th Oct
littlehelp DC3 EDD 15th Oct
noimagination80 EDD 15th Oct
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goodfruit DC2 EDD 17th Oct
KensalM2B DC1 EDD 17th Oct
Zoomies DC1 EDD 17th Oct
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Carebearwithfangs DC2 EDD 18th Oct
Diamondbutterfly Dc2 EDD 18th Oct
Grannyapple DC3 EDD 18th Oct
Zara8 DC2 EDD 18/19th Oct
Bythesea82 Dc1 EDD 19th Oct
akachan DC1 EDD 21st Oct
rubyinthedust dc1 edd 21st oct
ExcitedCJ DC2 EDD 21st October
katster37 DC3 EDD 22nd Oct
daphnehoneybutt DC1 EDD 22nd Oct
magichandles DC3 EDD 23rd Oct
hudyerweesht Dc3 EDD 23rd October
Loulou88 DC3 EDD 23rd October
MyNameIsKenAdams DC2 EDD 25th Oct
Emmylu DC1 EDD 25th Oct
breakfastinbread EDD 25th Oct
Bingobango85 DC1 EDD 26th Oct
Sparkle9 EDD 29th Oct
ElleDubloo EDD 29th Oct
upnorth11 EDD 30th Oct
Kittyvoncatsington EDD 1st Nov
Bumpyheffalumpy EDD?
Devoncreamtea DC5 EDD?
Ikeaismylocal DC2 EDD?
Neha1903 EDD?n

Loulou888 Thu 27-Mar-14 20:33:03

So sorry to hear that Olilos hope you are getting lots of tlc x

Me23 Thu 27-Mar-14 20:39:49

So sorry olilos hope you have all the support you need.

Re hot baths in pregnancy it is thought that very hot baths can cause developmental problems in the first 12 weeks as they raise core temp. Also not advised due to risk of fainting and feeling sick.

Also found this link that explains scans and dating a bit www.ultrasoundcare.com.au/services/pregnancy-ultrasound-5-17-weeks-dating-and-viability.html

CareBearWithFangs Thu 27-Mar-14 20:50:28

So sorry olios. I hope you have good support in rl. thanks

Sorry Olios sad
Me23 that's really interesting and proves me quite wrong - I thought they were much more accurate than 3-5 days! Why 'correct' women's LMP dates if they're potentially that inaccurate?!

queenasanti3 Thu 27-Mar-14 22:20:15

My scan went well measuring 12 weeks 3 days, so my predicted edd was correct, broke the news to work today, which went ok (iam currently on maternity so was nervous to tell them) .
Feel so much better now everything is ok and also that everyone knows now, roll in 20 week scans.

So sorry to those not feeling so good at the moment and to those who have had losses, take care thanks

Yay queensanti congratulations!

FlipFantasia Thu 27-Mar-14 23:41:33

Olios so sorry hmm. Take care of yourself.

Gun I suspect the FMC equipment & technician are excellent, and would tend to go with their date for yourself. I had some experience being scanned with them during my first 2 pregnancies and was impressed with the skill & equipment (even if the second pregnancy was a miscarriage starting to happen...which is why I couldn't face going back with my 3rd pregnancy). As I understand it the NHS puts you behind? As in at 40 weeks by NHS you'd be 40+6 by FMC? This should be fine, as gives you wiggle room if you go overdue.

Me23 & Trouble as it was explained to me during IVF for my first pregnancy (I was scanned a lot during treatment and after and became great pals with my regular sonographer!), edd should only change if there's a difference of +/- 6 days. In practice, they do tend to set the edd from the scan (my own date changed by 1 day at my 6 week scan this time and I was measuring 3 days ahead at my 12 week scan on Wednesday but will keep my original due date as it's within normal limits and the 6 week scan is deemed more accurate).

Grannyapple Fri 28-Mar-14 06:42:01

Sorry olilos look after yourself.

queensanti I'm same as you-did work take it ok? Did you tell them by phone or face to face?

binkybunny Fri 28-Mar-14 06:52:57

Hi all. Enjoyed catching up this morning. I had my first night out in ages last night and am completely knackered this morning. Actually was out until 10.30. Felt like such a rebel smile

Good luck to scan people today!

pebble82 Fri 28-Mar-14 07:01:50

I'm out for a birthday tonight. Their plan is to party until 1-2am. Mine is to sneak off at 10 after the meal. Just hope I can last until then.

Loulou888 Fri 28-Mar-14 07:35:09

I'm at a wedding tomorrow. All day don't know how I'm going to last or what I'm going to wear as I can't do any zips up on my dresses. At least I'm driving so no questions about having no wine!

magichandles Fri 28-Mar-14 07:38:44

I remember going to a wedding at 10 weeks with DC1 and being completely shocked when I went to do my dress up that I couldn't get it done up, even though I'd lost half a stone - my boobs had clearly expanded more than I thought!

2.5 hours to go! grin

Loulou888 Fri 28-Mar-14 07:56:05

That's where I can't do them up magic handles. It's tight over tummy but no chance when I get to my boobs. Trouble is dd is off school poorly might have to get my mum over so I can go shopping not that I can be bothered

mrsb87 Fri 28-Mar-14 07:57:10

I have a wedding in a few weeks, no idea what I'm going to wear. Humpf. None of my pretty dresses are going to fit.
Good luck trouble!

Loulou888 Fri 28-Mar-14 07:59:34

Good luck trouble

MrsBadCrumble74 Fri 28-Mar-14 08:01:54

Morning everyone. So I'm now having completely weird dreams - either super X rated or just plain weird. Last night I gave birth to a lovely baby who was already giggling and talking.......

Yay to lovely scan news. For those who have had their 12 weeks scan, does the wait until the 20 week scan seem epic? I was never this paranoid/impatient with my first pregnancy.

On the subject of DH support - my DH has been brilliant going with what I want, listening to all my worries and thoughts. With my dd he was singing a French rugby chant to my tummy to encourage her to come out - it worked eventually much to the amusement of the midwife. Lol.

gunwalloe Fri 28-Mar-14 08:03:05

So sorry olilos

flipfantasia Thankfully it will work in my favour Im having a planned casaerian at 39 weeks and I was worried as my baby's are always at least 10 days late which to me shows there just not ready before then so yanking them out at 39 weeks seemed to soon at least with the date discrepancy I will be nearer to term.

gunwalloe Fri 28-Mar-14 08:03:50

Good luck trouble

Loulou888 Fri 28-Mar-14 08:32:04

It's funny how different people are. Both my dc's were 3 days early. My sister in law was induced with all 3 of hers at 2 weeks late!

mum2kiss Fri 28-Mar-14 09:23:32

After describing dd birth to the midwife she said "I dont want to upset you but if there was no time for pain relief last time it is very unlikely that you will get any this time!" Yay?!!! So now I'm not dreading labour at all! Lol!

mum2kiss Fri 28-Mar-14 09:24:10

Sorry to hear about olilos sad

Good luck for all the scans today!

Bumpforme2014 Fri 28-Mar-14 09:36:12

Hi guys, I am away for the weekend with friends cannot wait for the change of scenery and rest just hope sickness doesn't ruin it, I have no wifi where I'm going so catch up with you all on Monday x

Me23 Fri 28-Mar-14 09:49:16

Best of luck trouble

Wrt scans we use to take lmp if within 5 days of scan estimate but now we just go by scan date. Not sure if tort hospitals still do the same.

So much to do around the house it's a right mess and it's annoying me so much that I have no energy to clean and Hoover I'm going to try to get some done today. Has anyone else had an urge to redecorate since being pregnant I've decided I'm not happy with anything in the house and want to change everything! To be fair it is long overdue we hasn't changed anything from the previous occupants.

Me23 Fri 28-Mar-14 09:50:09

tort = other hmm

FlipFantasia Fri 28-Mar-14 09:53:44

Gun that's great that the baby will be a little older when you have your section! Much better than the opposite of being behind.

Good luck trouble!

Binky I love the being out til 10.30pm! I'd feel like a right party animal if I could manage that (felt good that last night I could stay up chatting to dh til nearly 10pm!).

daphnehoneybutt Fri 28-Mar-14 10:02:57

Placemarking : )

Sorry to hear about olilos sad

I had my booking in, and the midwife asked me and DH if we were related hmm I hope that's a general question and we don't look inbred....

Lovely to see all the positive scans though, I just want to have mine now, feel like I cannot get too excited yet...

Bumpforme2014 Fri 28-Mar-14 10:13:37

Haha daphne we got asked that as well, in London they very often get told 'yes' it happens more then you think in some cultures.

pebble82 Fri 28-Mar-14 11:02:27

Me23, I have the house makeover bug too. We were going to move but revised finances mean we'll wait for baby's arrival. I want new carpets, shelves, paint, wallpaper. I feel a trip to IKEA brewing!

mum2kiss Fri 28-Mar-14 11:15:40

Anyone else feel like they are literally starving to death?! I could literally eat a horse!

Scan fabulous! All perfect. grin Measuring at 12+6 so EDD now 4th October.

mum2kiss Fri 28-Mar-14 12:04:36

Yay for a great scan trouble smile

4 days to go here!

FrauEnglischLehrerin Fri 28-Mar-14 12:18:41

Great scan news, trouble!

mum2kiss me too with the enormous appetite. I've gained at least 2 kg already this pregnancy. With dd I'd lost at least 2 kg at the same stage - couldn't swallow anything dry and couldn't face anything that wasn't extremely bland. I'm secretly hoping this doesn't mean this one will be a boy, but suspect it does actually!

Boys are fab frau!

STIGZ Fri 28-Mar-14 12:32:44

Congratz on positive scan news!

I literally feel like i found out i was pregnant a lifetime ago!
Bloody time is dragging in the lead up to my scan! Got my booking in appt on wednesday so atleast this might make the pregnancy seem real? Then scan on monday 7th! (Hoo-ray(",)

Im deffo booking in for gender scan at 16 weeks, cant honestly face the waiting around again for 8 weeks! I need to know everythin is at how it should be!

I have done pregnancy once before but it never felt this long somehow?

pebble82 Fri 28-Mar-14 12:33:36

I'm losing weight but eating loads which is weird. Although I now don't really eat much after 7pm so maybe that's it. I think I look bigger though. Since bfp I've lost 6lbs. Not sure it'll continue though.

FrauEnglischLehrerin Fri 28-Mar-14 12:43:31

I'm sure they are, trouble, and of course I'll be delighted with whichever I get. However dd (nearly 5) is currently in a "all girls hate all boys" phase and I don't particularly relish the thought of spending the next six months explaining repeatedly and patiently that baby brothers are just as good as baby sisters...

binkybunny Fri 28-Mar-14 12:44:58

I am constantly eating- not lots but constant nibbling. It's making the guys at work laugh as if I go more than an hour without food I'm raiding the fridge in the office because I'm 'starving'. I had the midwife tell me all about not eating for two yesterday as my BMI is 29.9 its on the boarder of being too high. I didn't mention that the BMI was calculated at 4 weeks ago and I'm fairly sure I have gained about 10kg... blush At least now I'm mainly craving fresh stuff like fruit and salads. So pleased my junk food obsession is over and actually makes me feel sick thinking about it!

I'm also away this weekend visiting my mum and grandma. First time I'll have seen them since Christmas so it will be so nice. My mum is taking me shopping for some maternity clothes tomorrow, can't wait for jeans that fasten!

binkybunny Fri 28-Mar-14 12:49:55

Has anyone else being told about the possibility of not being told the sex of your baby soon? The sonographer yesterday was telling me that legislation is trying to be pushed through Westminster to make it illegal for them to tell you the sex, although this might just be in Scotland. I have heard from a midwife friend that someone is trying to sue a hospital in Aberdeen for getting it wrong and she is saying it has made her suffer from depression and mental illness, so I'm wondering if it is something to do with that?

I'm hoping the legislation doesn't come through for another 10 weeks until after our next scan! I don't really want to go private as I found out also yesterday from the sonographer that one of the private practitioners up here is using the ultrasound machine wrong- he's only qualified as a physio- so could potentially cause harm. I now plenty are qualified but it freaked me out a bit!

Loulou888 Fri 28-Mar-14 12:52:14

Mum2kiss I've got a terrible craving at the moment for after eight mints! Don't last long and they aren't cheap!

ohthegoats Fri 28-Mar-14 13:16:21

Legislation on gender is about certain ethnic groups who favour one gender over another, and abort accordingly.

ohthegoats Fri 28-Mar-14 13:19:13

I'm eating about 5 apples a day a the moment. That and tomatoes, pineapple. I've found that I want to eat all morning, but stop around lunchtime and just want apples or other juicy fruits after that. Haven't eaten dinner for awhile other than fruit.

binkybunny Fri 28-Mar-14 13:24:10

Ohthegoats really? I feel quite naive that I didn't know that happened in the UK! That's awful sad

Loulou888 Fri 28-Mar-14 13:28:25

I've heard about that it's awful

FrauEnglischLehrerin Fri 28-Mar-14 13:29:18

Any legislation would have to be across the board then, wouldn't it? If someone can go private to find out the sex, then they can go and demand an abortion for whatever spurious reason they would have used had they found out the sex at an NHS scan. And it's going to become easier and cheaper to find out the sex using blood tests as Harmony, etc. become more and more established. Does this bill stand any chance, do you know, ohthegoats?

I see frau! grin
I've got the date for my 20 week scan - 20th May. I'm so excited to find out the gender - 7.5 weeks to go which, for me, will fly by if this first trimester has been anything to go by!

Me23 Fri 28-Mar-14 13:54:46

Glad your scan went well trouble

binkybunny I haven't heard anything about potential new legislation against revealing gender maybe it is just Scotland?

I've always found out gender with mine it has helped me bond better. So will find out again this time, scan not for another 8 weeks today! I have to say I'm very tempted to have a scan at 16 weeks but doubt I will never have had a private scan before, and money would be better spent going towards new carpet.

Anyone got any plans for Mother's Day? I haven't got any that I'm aware of but a nice lie in is definitely on the cards. I slept so badly last night then stupid cats fighting woke me up at stupid I clock and couldn't he back to sleep. Bought Ds a gro clock to try to solve he before 6am wake up an this morning he waited until the sun at 6:15 still to early for my liking but Better than 5;30!

mum2kiss Fri 28-Mar-14 14:02:00

Oh I have always sympathised with those that have early risers me23. We have never done before 7am in our house...I just couldn't face it! Praying number 2 falls in line nicely!

binkybunny Fri 28-Mar-14 14:04:30

Me23 I was quite surprised as it was the first I had heard of it, and you'd have thought it would have been in the media.

Anyway, she was quite funny about us wanting to know the gender, she asked if we wanted to find out so we said yes then proceeded to tell us how that wasn't what the scan was for and all of the above. I tried telling her we know that finding out the gender is secondary and not always possible but it was just a bit strange really confused

Enjoy your long lie in on Sunday- sounds like a great idea!

Binglesplodge Fri 28-Mar-14 16:55:09

So lovely to hear about all the happy scan results - I am excited today because my scan has been moved forward from Tuesday (April Fools' day, which would have been funny) to Monday - I get to find out if there's anything in there a day earlier! Hooray. I'll be nervous on Monday but I'm excited today.

Kirstipops Fri 28-Mar-14 17:05:34

Hurrah Trouble for your good scan!! I'm so desperate for a trip to IKEA, we only moved into our house last April and though downstairs is all lovely and fresh white, the decor in the bedrooms upstairs is mental! We were married in June so redecorating was never top of the agenda.
I love the book of The Little Prince and fancy that as a loose theme for the "nursery", not sure if this is another signal that I'm subconsciously thinking it's a boy!

So sorry for Olios sad

porcito Fri 28-Mar-14 17:10:52

Great news about the good scan results !

Where I used to live in Canada, people weren't allowed to be told the gender, but in other areas, the policy varied, depending on the ethnic background of the population. The people I know who weren't 'officially' allowed to be told always managed to find a way around it though if they wanted to know.

I think I might have to go to this family party tomorrow in my pyjamas, the only thing that is comfortable right now until I go shopping!

Kittylou1 Fri 28-Mar-14 17:29:21

Scan good! Measured 11 weeks 5 days. Due 12th October xxxx congrats on good scan news

The woman who did my 20 week San was a bit like that binky. I took it as her trying to remind me how important she was! wink
I've spent the day texting people I've been wanting to tell, has been lovely; I can finally relax. I might start wearing my maternity jeans for the comfort though really oddly my jeans still fit fine. I had to wear maternity jeans from 10 weeks last time. (They're the same pair of jeans!)

Yay kitty! That's great!

Me23 Fri 28-Mar-14 18:18:37

I've been wearing my new maternity jeans bought on weds so comfy!
Feeling really acidy and sick again tonight :-(

familyfortunes Fri 28-Mar-14 18:19:39

I'm wearing my maternity jeans right now...aaahhhh the relief grin 12+2 but swear I look about 20 weeks! haha

mrsb87 Fri 28-Mar-14 18:31:14

Aww Me I know the feeling! Rennies are my lifesaver!

I too am enjoying mat jeans, couldn't fit into any of my normal jeans on Saturday so I was a bit desperado! Im 13+4 today but like familyf says I feel about 6months pregnant!

Kirstipops Fri 28-Mar-14 19:03:43

Whoop whoop kitty! Loving hearing about good scans! I bought some long-line maternity tops from ASOS last night, I'm 13+5 and all of my trousers won't zip up but for the time being I figure I can get away with the elastic band or hair bauble round the button trick until I get any bigger! I also have a fancy schmancy wedding in May I need to think of an outfit for, and a heroes and villains themed 30th birthday party too. I originally planned to be Cheetara from the Thundercats (80s kid + any excuse to buy some face paints)....now I'm going to be a 25 weeks pregnant Cheetara, will be good for a laugh I'm sure!

Haha kirsti that's an amusing image! grin (Sorry)
Waiting for Chinese take away to celebrate today's news, so magical seeing them for the first time!

ohthegoats Fri 28-Mar-14 19:47:33

Thanks to various for the dating stuff info. Interesting. I've had the busiest week in ages, out every evening... so today I was exhausted. Boss came into my classroom to find me slumped on a chair and kids playing games on laptops. Haha.

Right now I'm pillowed and blanketed up in the car for a three hour drive to Manchester to tell boyfriend's parents. Planning on sleeping the whole way.

MrsBadCrumble74 Fri 28-Mar-14 19:48:00

Lovely scan news today - I love hearing about everyone's scans.
I'm already in maternity trousers - I look about 6 months pregnant although that might have something to do with bloating and cheese on toast.....he he
Still feel exhausted and nauseous at nearly 14 weeks.

ohthegoats Fri 28-Mar-14 19:51:48

Oh, and obviously I have a bag full of random'clothes that fit' rather than anything that looks decent. Got rushed out the door, so no chance to rustle around in bags for new fat gut trousers. I'll be walking in the peaks in a dress, leggings and walking boots, with goretex jacket straining at gut and boobs. Nice.

ldt87 Fri 28-Mar-14 19:56:17

Fab to hear good scan news, anxiously awaiting mine on Monday morning. Sorry nice to hear good things. Xx

ldt87 Fri 28-Mar-14 19:56:38

So nice, obviously xx

Haha, I think I probably look like that quite a lot ohthegoats!

monkeypeanuts Fri 28-Mar-14 20:16:20

Told my boss and team today. Way more excited and supportive than I was expecting and even got a kiss from the CEO! V tired tonight. Been on the sofa under a blanket since I got home 3 hours ago, bed time soon!

Kirstipops Fri 28-Mar-14 20:37:39

Hehe yep Trouble I'm def going for comedy value now! Hubby is working down in Cumbria tomorrow so I'm going to be his road trip buddy. Looking forward to a whirl on the Kirkstone Pass and maybe lunch in the Newby Bridge Hotel, ahhhhhh bisto!
Monkey my team in work are touchingly chuffed for me too, quite overwhelmed by their reaction, it's lovely isn't it being "out" smile

Loving being "out"! We've told everyone today, it just feels so lovely not having to hide anything!

pinkfizzsparkles Sat 29-Mar-14 07:23:38

Good news on the scans ladies! mrsbad I feel like you, exhausted and still very nauseus! I'm sure with my other 2 DC I felt well by now. I wonder if it's because I'm older this time round (39). After Wednesdays scan I brought some maternity jeans.....so comfortable. I definitely wasn't in maternity clothes this early last time.
ohthegoats when do you plan on leaving for maternity leave if you want to go back in sept? I teach secondary and will start my mat leave from sept 1st. Financially it's good as you still get your August wage but like you I might find the time dragging if I finish in July and baby not born until Oct.

ohthegoats Sat 29-Mar-14 08:26:02

My kids go on a residential on 22nd September. I'd like to get to then. It all totally depends though, doesn't it? It's a tricky thing to be able to decide in advance. I just think that the 6 weeks of summer will give me some sorting out time, so if I can make myself busy in the final waiting weeks, that'll be a good thing for my mental health. Because I'm deputy, I can sort of get away with being more involved in how the school manages my mat leave. We've talked about me having some sort of project to do for 3 weeks etc. Early days though.

Wiggy29 Sat 29-Mar-14 08:41:26

Sorry olios.

Pleased for everyone who had great scans, excited for ours on Wednesday, all being well I'll join the fb group then.

MrsBadCrumble74 Sat 29-Mar-14 09:45:06

pinkfizzsparkles- I think the ongoing nausea and exhaustion is age related too. I'm 40 and I seem to be suffering worse than my first pregnancy.

pinkfizzsparkles Sat 29-Mar-14 11:07:32

Agree with you with the mental health side of things. At least you have scope to keep working without necessarily teaching. If it's a trouble free pregnancy and you're well you could manage that. I finished about a month before with my other 2 and that was just right but I was still on my feet teaching.

mesbad interesting that your feeling worse this time and older. Maybe it is our ages! I hope it doesn't impact on the rest of pregnancy.

mum2kiss Sat 29-Mar-14 12:09:18

My body is definitely struggling more this time around...27 the first time and 33 this time...those 6 years have made a difference! I remember thinking when I was 27 that I probably would struggle a lot if I was ever pregnant past 35. I remember the recovery afterwards in terms of getting moving again being very slow. I felt like an 80 year woman for weeks lol!

Moan alert.
Had a v busy week at work last week and last night was exhausted. Had dinner then threw it back up again and cried.
Today I am totally washed out like a limp rag. DH has gone off to watch rugby in the sunshine and I'm home alone feeling dreadfully sorry for myself.
Any stories or pics to cheer me up?

I've been searching for something to cheer you up Tak1ngchances! Found lots of not very funny stuff and this, which made me smile with its truths! www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2012/jan/23/pregnancy-first-trimester-symptoms

trouble you are sweet!! Made me laugh...3pm bedtime is actually sounding kind of good to me!

mrsb87 Sat 29-Mar-14 16:12:09

Fantastic trouble! Seems pretty accurate to me!

gunwalloe Sat 29-Mar-14 16:41:34

Another moaner here I am so fed up with being knackered 14 weeks now and still no let up. Last pregnancy I was 26 and don't remember being like this at all I hope it gets better.
Also still no appetite at all im only eating as I know I have to, hubby on the other hand seems to be eating for me!

Afternoon ladies, sorry to hear some of you are still suffering. I'm 28 and will be 14 weeks tomorrow, have to say I have a lot more energy now than last month.
Have enjoyed shopping and lunching in the sunshine today. Had a spree in Primark- lots of long tops a few sizes bigger and some nice cheap bras seeing as I'll probably outgrow them in a few weeks smile

CareBearWithFangs Sat 29-Mar-14 17:34:31

Another moaner here too. I think DP is almost at the end of his usually never ending patience blush

I'm supposed to be going to a house warming tonight dressed as a cartoon character, but I forgot to get an outfit for myself and DP hates dressing up so we'll be the only the ones there not dressed up. And I could desperately do with an early night.

Love hearing about all the good scan news, wish mine wasn't still another 2 weeks away.

Kirstipops Sat 29-Mar-14 18:28:44

I'm 14 weeks today, dare I say I think I'm starting to feel sort of normal again, energy-wise anyway, my appetite is still insatiable (not eating lots particularly, but definitely having to nibble something often). I'm 33 and this is my first pregnancy, my friend who is the same age and is due her 2nd the week after me was still being consistently sick until yesterday, she can only stomach bland food whereas for me I'm finding it has to be extreme tastes (usually spicy, tangy or sour. Too sweet or salty are no-nos). Hope you start to feel better soon ladies, I've almost certainly jinxed myself and will no doubt feel like shite tomorrow!!!

diamondbutterfly Sun 30-Mar-14 07:30:09

Happy Mother's day to those with other dc. Happy pre Mother's day to everyone else keeping a bubs nice and warm! thanksthanks cake

clairemiss79 Sun 30-Mar-14 08:15:37

Happy Mother's day ladies! I'm 11+4 and feel a lot less tired and nauseous. I still have really sore boobs though and must have gone up 4 bra sizes! In fact I've just got massive everywhere. Pre preg coat won't even zip up! Off shopping for some maternity wear today.

Me23 Sun 30-Mar-14 08:44:04

Happy Mother's Day :-)
I've woken up to a lovely bunch of flowers and homemade jewellery that my daughter made at school.
We're out to lunch later. What's everyone else up to today?

ohthegoats Sun 30-Mar-14 08:44:30

OMG! I just saw the state of my boobs! We don't really have mirrors at home because we recently moved house. Staying at ILs and caught sight of myself in the bathroom. I have nipples the size of digestive biscuits. From the waist up I look very obviously pregnant. From the waist down, fat covers any sign of bump, but still.

PIL cried when we told them. Aaaaw. I think they are more excited than we are.

CellyD Sun 30-Mar-14 10:18:08

Hello everyone,

I've been lurking for fear of bad news and shockingly awful MS. I had an emergency scan at my EPU yesterday following some bright red spotting (sorry if tmi from the newbie) on Friday and we found a wriggly little bean with a good strong heartbeat measuring 12+5 EDD 6 October. So I''ve decided, come what may, it's time to be brave and join you all. Please can someone add me to the list?

My official scan is on 2 April and we've decided to have the nuchal test as I'm 36. Hopefully Wednesday will be fine.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone cooking a bean or with bean(s) already in tow. My Mother's Day treat was an unexpected lie in. DD had quite a late night as we were in the hospital yesterday fearing the worst so she stated in bed until 9. Fantastic!

Sparkle9 Sun 30-Mar-14 10:20:32

Congrats Celly! And that's not TMI. I've shared bleeding and spotting info on this thread as have others!

Loulou888 Sun 30-Mar-14 10:34:12

Congrats celly. Survived the wedding yesterday feel absolutely shattered today tho taking my ds to rugby and standing there for 1.5 hours fills me with dread. Bil asked my DH if I was pregnant tho as no wine and trying to hide my bump! Going to all be out soon no doubt as he is sure to tell the mil. Mother's Day on hold for me until this afternoon when everyone is home. Weather is looking good today too.

ldt87 Sun 30-Mar-14 10:35:38

Ah congrats celly! Fab news! I'm 12+1 today, scan tomorrow and anxious as hell! But excited and hopeful too, this could be my time after a long wait.

Happy mothers day everyone xx

binkybunny Sun 30-Mar-14 11:18:51

Happy Mothers Day everyone! I got a lovely 'almost' Mothers Day card some choccys and a pair of maternity jeans from hubby and bump. OMG I wish I had got them sooner and I am NEVER taking them off!

I'm visiting family for the first time since finding out I'm pregnant so mum dad and gran took me to Mothercare yesterday and bought half the shop for me and our littld tadpole. Feeling very spoilt grin

pebble82 Sun 30-Mar-14 12:24:31

I've just told the world of Facebook. No going back now :-)

Kirstipops Sun 30-Mar-14 12:59:19

Welcome Celly!
Ohthegoats - had to lol at the idea of nipples the size of digestive biscuits! (My earlier urge to have a digestive biscuit now feels v wrong!)
Happy Mother's Day to mums and nearly mums! DH is working today and my parents are away for the weekend so it's just any other Sunday for me!
Exciting to put it out there on FB pebble, expect a barrage of likes!
Loulou you looked fabby in your FB pic from the wedding, would have 'liked' it but didn't want any of your friends and family to wonder about who I was!!

Welcome Celly and congratulations! Being a pedant here but I had my scan on Friday 12+6 and EDD 4th October. You must have been 12+4 or due 5th October?

Loulou888 Sun 30-Mar-14 15:47:12

Thank you kirstiepops that's really nice of you. Hubby and the kids got me a blooming gorgeous change bag and some flowers feeling very spoilt *smile

MrsBadCrumble74 Sun 30-Mar-14 16:26:37

Happy Mothers Day everyone. Hope you all have been spoilt and pampered. My daughter gave me a beautiful chalk board heart and a poem with her fingerprints on. So adorable and I was a blubbering wreck afterwards.

Slighted disgusted after looking in the mirror this morning to discover teenage like spots on my face. Anyone else got these? Along with bloated tummy, what look like teeny veins on my tummy/rib cage and weird nipples (more ginger nut than digestive biscuit lol) my body is turning into a freak show. Luckily my DH thinks it is all adorable.

CellyD Sun 30-Mar-14 17:13:15

Thanks for all the warm welcomes. trouble I was 12+5 in the scan yesterday, but I had the spotting on Friday, so I'm two days behind you!

Apart from DP and an unknown bod in HR, you guys will be the only ones with full disclosure on my due date. Everyone else is getting October-ish as DD was 7 days late and the 'is it here yet' texts drove me crazy.

SwimmingMom Sun 30-Mar-14 17:19:35

Hello everyone.

I've been following this thread silently for the past 2 months but held my breath until we got through the 12 week scan. Now am feeling brave enough to be added in. Also had the all clear in the Harmony test last week & also got told the sex of the baby!! DD(6) is highly excited & virtually flying since the last 24 hours as we broke the news to her in the scan room. All very exciting after a long quiet wait.

Can I please be added in? EDD 8 Oct.

Happy Mother's Day everyone! Even those expecting DC1 - enjoy the feeling of being a mum & pamper yourselves!

Kirstipops Sun 30-Mar-14 17:31:50

Hi Swimming! How exciting to know the sex already, did you already have an inkling of the sex beforehand?

Ah ha Celly! grin I even read your post 3/4 times! blush
Congratulations swimming and welcome!
Happy Mother's Day to everyone!
I'm currently awaiting a special dinner of whole baked Camembert, ciabatta, wild cranberry sauce and watercress salad! Salivating! smile

diamondbutterfly Sun 30-Mar-14 17:52:51

Ooh exciting to know the sex swimming

SwimmingMom Sun 30-Mar-14 18:03:25

Kirsti & diamond - yes I was surprised to know that the sex can be told so early! But the harmony blood test offered the option. We were totally surprised & delighted to know that we'd been guessing it wrong all along! Given the date of conception (the only day of the month we managed to try! grin) we were quite sure which one it would be. But we were wrong! And so thrilled to be wrong!

I was told by my NHS antenatal that they will also confirm the sex in the 12 week scan. So hoping there isn't any further surprise. grin

ohthegoats Sun 30-Mar-14 18:13:53

To people who have had children before, did you have a guess about the gender? Were you right?

Me and boyf are both pretty sure it's a girl. To the point that (and I know it's early days so it doesn't matter), we're only really talking about girl's names. We could have found out through the Harmony test, but chose not to.

I'm wondering if my 'inkling' will change as it all progresses. My SiL had no idea about either of her two, and was surprised they were boys.

ohthegoats Sun 30-Mar-14 18:19:06

Oh, and thanks to whoever posted the Guardian article about the 'worst' trimester. I read a lot of the comments at the bottom, and was relieved to see that several women had put 'constant period pains' as an unexpected and uncomfortable symptom/thing.

I've had period pains almost from the first day. Originally I thought they WERE period pains, obviously, but 3 months later, apparently not. They are just going to be my pregnancy thing. It's nice that my 'thing' is nice and calming.. hahaaaargh.

Which gender swimming?! I'm dying to know - and your theory as we only DTD once which was a whole week before I think I ovulated.
ohthegoats we 'knew' it was a boy last time (and were right). Glad you liked the article, I thought the comments section looked helpful though didn't read through it all.

SwimmingMom Sun 30-Mar-14 18:51:44

Trouble - I wasn't planning on announcing, but am bursting with excitement & since you've asked...it's a Girl!

We thought it was 100% a boy as we DTD on day16 which would be 1-2 days after ovulation & only the 'speedy male swimmers' would succeed in reaching the egg. But looks like I ovulated a few days later & my egg waited for the 'leisurely female swimmers' to get there! My DD is over the moon as she's been desperate for a baby sister & I'd been preparing her for a possible baby brother.

Sorry for speculating on your behalf but if you DTD before your ovulation then id think it should more likely be a girl!


ohthegoats Sun 30-Mar-14 19:04:49

I've no idea on the ovulation/sex timings... we have sex most days, or at least every other day, and it was the first cycle after having a coil out (which had screwed with my timings).

I just had a 'girl' feeling - I was on a tube escalator at around 4+1 or 2, and saw a beautiful redhead girl on the opposite escalator, I had a flash of thought about the likely gingerness of any offspring (he's a redhead, redheads all through my family), and immediately thought 'she'll be lucky if it turns out like boyfs'. She. No consideration of a boy. Then when I asked the boyf whether he wanted to find out the gender, he said 'no need, it's a little girl'. He and I had not discussed it prior to that.

Be interesting to see if we're right!

CareBearWithFangs Sun 30-Mar-14 19:27:18

Happy Mother's Day everyone smile

I am completely convinced this one is a girl, so is DP. I'm hoping they can give us an inkling at my dating scan.

DP didn't get me anything for Mother's Day. Nothing at all. I have been feeling slightly hard done but DP's mum very thoughtful planted some flowers in a lovely pot with DD for me today. DP didn't get his own mother anything either hmm

I'm back to having no appetite at all. And yes I am still covered in spots. My nipples are mahoosive and darker already. Not feeling my most attractive.

Kirstipops Sun 30-Mar-14 19:31:26

I had no idea that the day you dtd could determine the sex of the baby! Given that my due date put me a good week earlier than my own estimate (which i'd based on my last period) I also have no idea about ovulation and sex timings. I have my 20 week scan in the middle of May, I don't want to be told the sex but I'm sure I'll try and scrutinise my scan picture regardless haha!!
I had zero libido last month, but it's coming back, unfortunately my first trimester exhaustion appears to have passed from me to my DH though!

bythesea82 Sun 30-Mar-14 19:33:30

Hi all, sorry for bad news in amongst the good but it's another no go for us. Maybe 3rd time lucky....
Just wanted to wish you all very uneventful and successful pregnancies, good luck!

mum2kiss Sun 30-Mar-14 19:44:57

So sorry to hear that bythesea sad

I had a gut feeling with dd that she would be a girl...this time around I have no clue lol

bumpbangbump Sun 30-Mar-14 19:47:25

So sorry bythesea.

CareBearWithFangs Sun 30-Mar-14 19:51:03

I'm so sorry bythesea, take care of yourself thanks

Loulou888 Sun 30-Mar-14 19:52:08

Oh bythesea so sorry to hear that fx that all is okay next time. Take care of yourself x

pinkfizzsparkles Sun 30-Mar-14 19:52:08

So sorry bythesea.

Captainmcgraw Sun 30-Mar-14 19:54:39

So very very sorry bythesea. All the best and be kind on yourself in the coming weeks xxx

Loulou888 Sun 30-Mar-14 19:58:24

I had a girl the first time it was all bump didn't really put much weight on and was ill up until week 18. Second one I resembled an elephant at the end and morning sickness was much shorter knew if was a boy! The days when I feel better I think another boy but then sickness returns with avengence and so could be a girl.

MrsBadCrumble74 Sun 30-Mar-14 20:01:58

So very sorry bythesea sad
Take care of yourself x

CareBearWithFangs Sun 30-Mar-14 20:14:28

So just as I was getting DD to sleep I pulled back to the covers to find a lovely hand made card and a bottle of perfume! DP has had me completely convinced all day that he hadn't got me anything at all.

So sorry Bythesea sadthanks
Congratulations swimming it's lovely your DD will get her baby sister. I thought it would be much more likely to be a girl because of the timings, also, I've had nausea with this pregnancy (none with DS) and have put very little weight on so far, still plenty of room in my normal jeans and bra at 13 weeks (was in maternity jeans and a bigger bra by 10 weeks last time) baby was also very uncooperative at the scan which friends with girls say points towards a girl(!) however, over the last week I've been trying to convince myself thinking it's a boy because I would be so made up with the opportunity to raise a girl too and the bicarbonate of side test said boy!

Soda, not side!

Kirstipops Sun 30-Mar-14 20:43:54

I'm so sorry bythesea sad

Sparkle9 Sun 30-Mar-14 21:07:07

Sorry to hear your news Bythesea. :-(

FlipFantasia Sun 30-Mar-14 21:14:08

So sorry bythesea hmm

Grannyapple Sun 30-Mar-14 21:28:45

Sorry to hear your news bythesea...make sure you've plenty of support around & take care of yourself xx

With my first DS, i had no real clue but was convinced it was a girl just because it's all girls in my family...was in total shock to find out it was a boy.

With DD, I was nauseous for longer (16 wks vs 12wks with DS) & then sick at 22wks.. I'm 11wks now & thought that nausea was going so decided it was a boy...but felt queasy again tonight so now not convinced...

Happy Mother's Day to you all! My treat was both kids actually synchronizing their naps today..woohoo! God I love them, but both were ill last week so was full on. Meant I finally got round to sorting my living room & moving it around for the summer.. I think I also have a nesting/urge to redecorate too me23!

STIGZ Sun 30-Mar-14 21:36:01

This time next week i wont be able to sleep as it will be scan time in the morning .... !! So nervous but excited!! (",)

So grateful to be heading into the second trimester, this bit will probably fly by we are decorating our new home-so lots to keep me occupied/busy in the next 3 months!

I found out about 4 weeks and honestly feel like the past 6 weeks has gone so slowly even with working in a nursery 3 days and entertaining dd who is 4!! Dont know how i coped with the whole 9 months with my first with all my free time? .., ah yes i probably slept all the way through it!! ....

...Not an option this time with a very active 4 year old!!

Wiggy29 Mon 31-Mar-14 07:47:58

So sorry by the sea. Sending love.

We thought boys with dc1&2 and were right. I think boy again but will have to wait 6 months to see if we're right.

Binglesplodge Mon 31-Mar-14 07:57:56

So so so nervous this morning - off to the 12 week scan and because I've had no sickness I'm terrified they'll find nothing in there or that baby hasn't made it. Keep fingers crossed please.... Xx