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October 2014 - am I the first one here...?

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makesamesswhenstressed Sun 26-Jan-14 13:48:58

Just got 2 very very (very very very) faint lines. The magical due date doo-dah says 3rd Oct is the magic number. Who knows? It could all go tits up still, but if you, like me, suspect you might be in the early stages it would be nice to chat.

I'll start the list shall I?

MakesAMessWhenStressed DC2, EDD 3rd Oct

MrsHende Sun 26-Jan-14 15:34:54

Hello! I'm quietly hoping and wishing that I'm with you makes.

Got a BFP this morning, iPad app says the due date is 4th Oct.

MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th October

MrsHende Sun 26-Jan-14 15:40:13

How old is your DC1? Have you been trying for long?

My dd is 2 and we've been trying since October 2012, with a miscarriage last Christmas. So, a very welcome but scary sight this morning on the stick!

And so the lying begins...I've got two weekends away and a good friend's 40th in the next few weeks - I'll have to try and think of excuses for not drinking. And my friends are all so eagle eyed ( and hoping we'll have a second) that I have a feeling I'll not get away with it!

Littlebear88 Sun 26-Jan-14 18:35:35

Hi my due date is1st October! DC 1!

makesamesswhenstressed Sun 26-Jan-14 20:08:52

DS is also 2, we've been TTC about 8 months. Had one false hope a few months back when I was 2 weeks late, but nothing happened so am desperately trying not to get too invested atm...

Tweetinat Sun 26-Jan-14 21:41:34

Hi! I've been hanging around the board for the last few days waiting for someone to start a thread =) I don't get on MN much so may just pop by from time to time.

Had my line last Tuesday night when I randomly tested using an opk as I didn't have a pg test in the house! Knew it could be just very late ovulation (though extremely doubtful) so wasn't certain till I managed to find a test next day. Which i still didn't believe and so went and splashed out on a clear blue digital which confirmed 1-2 weeks. We weren't trying as such but weren't trying NOT to either, but after 2 years of no contraception I just thought it would never happen!

So all being well we'll be welcoming DC2 on October 3rd, just three weeks short of DC1's 5th birthday.

Congrats to everyone else on the thread!

MrsHende Sun 26-Jan-14 21:42:12

I know exactly what you mean makesa - trying to be positive while being realistic...

Hello little!!

Hello ladies! So glad someone started this thread. I've been lurking over with the September girls. Going by my last period my EDD is 19th Sept but going on when I think I ovulated (late) my EDD is 3rd October! Either way I'm super excited and nervous.
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct!!

Iheartcrunchiebars Mon 27-Jan-14 02:01:51

Hello first ones! I'm from the October 13 bus & last year someone from the October 12 thread came on ours to wish us all luck. Congratulations to you all. October babies are the best. Best of luck to you all and enjoy all the fun to come.

bumpbangbump Mon 27-Jan-14 07:08:42

Just poas, dispite telling myself to wait until Wednesday, and bfp!!! Clear as day grin

This was our second cycle and I had a really funny feeling yesterday that I'd never had before. I just couldn't resist. So excoted , I want to shout it from the rooftops. Probably not a good idea seeing as I'm only 4 weeks pregnant!

Congratulations ladies, let the journey commence.

Bumpbangbump dc2 edd 5 october

Congratulations Bump! Where you saying yesterday about having period cramps but no AF? I've had that the last week or so. Not too strong but very strange feeling. I guess everything's just shifting around down there?
And thanks for the good wishes Iheart FX for adapt and healthy 9 months for us all x

Foxsticks Mon 27-Jan-14 07:46:18

Hello everyone. I've had a raging thirst and have been dog tired for the last week. I've been veering wildly between being certain I'm pregnant and thinking that I was feeling like that as I recently started 5:2. My period was due Tuesday or Wednesday so I poas on Friday - nothing. Was convinced I was out for the month and got quite tipsy on Saturday. I got the urge to poas last night and got a bfp shock

Like a few if you we have a 2 year old, our dd was born November 2011. She's a right handful at the moment but obviously she will be a reformed character once this one comes along dear god, please let it be true.

We had a mc last October so I have lots of fear mixed up with joy. Am really hoping this one sticks, I don't want to go through that again sad.

Foxsticks 1DD2, 1MC, EDD 6 October

makesamesswhenstressed Mon 27-Jan-14 08:07:09

Yay - it's really getting a party atmosphere in here now! So let's see

MakesAMessWhenStressed DC2, EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
MundayCakes85| DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
Foxsticks 1DD2, 1MC, EDD 6 Oct

Should we order them alphabetically or by EDD?

btw - thanks Iheartcrunchiebars for coming along to wish us luck - what a lovely thing to do x

So - who has what symptoms so far? I have gone off chocolate (unheard of for me except during early pregnancy), have been raging hungry but that's settled down now and am mega tired despite lots of sleep. I have sore sore boobs (a first for me) and twangy pains low down on one side which may be ligament pain or may be my C-section scar protesting. Who knows? I remember with DS I had period pain feelings for about 6 weeks, then the nausea kicked in. Shit city.

Cakebaker35 Mon 27-Jan-14 08:25:36

Hello, can I join please? <waves> grin

very faint lines over the weekend, off to buy a digi today as I am in shock! Did not think it would be my month! No symptoms other than just like pmt, this was the same for dd1 so I'm not too surprised.

So here's me: Dc2 edd 4th oct (a guess due to irregular cycle!)

makesamesswhenstressed Mon 27-Jan-14 08:41:17

Hi CakeBaker - have we 'met' elsewhere on Mumsnet recently? Your name is familiar.
How old is your DD?

Tweetinat Mon 27-Jan-14 09:19:39

I think I'd do it by EDD but that's just me. You missed me off the list by the way - would you mind adding me on? Thanks smile

sazzlehopes Mon 27-Jan-14 11:17:10

Hello, I've been lurking on the september thread, but I'm due Oct 2nd.
It has taken 14 cycles to get preggo so really hoping it stays put! Nice to see familiar bus faces - munday, littlebear and bump!
Makesamess - i'd do it by EDD, my stats:

Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct

No preggo symptoms so far, hungry but nothing else!

missygreeneyes Mon 27-Jan-14 13:41:59

Hi ladies, nice to meet you! I'm due October 2nd I think, am a first timer/newbie! Registered with maternity hospital etc today for 11 week & 16 week apts, all seems a bit surreal (although we had been TTC since August so not sure why!). Am super tired & was a bit queasy at the weekend... hoping that's not the start of downhill for the next few weeks!

I'd love some advice around exercise... anyone got a good steer on where I can research? I have been doing quite a high level of training so suspect the 'keep up what you have been doing before' advice is probably not for me...

Best of luck everyone!

Cakebaker35 Mon 27-Jan-14 13:55:46

Hello makes, not sure we have 'met' before but forgive me if I've got that wrong! There are a few out there with cakey names, I wasn't very original blush

missy congratulations! Not sure what level of exercise you're doing, but if it helps when I got pregnant with dd1 I was running about 25 miles a week and did a half marathon (I was over 7 wks preg when I found out, oops!) and although I didn't quite keep that up I did stay active for a long time during pregnancy, switching from running to swimming and Pilates. I think the general consensus is listen to your body, and mine was telling me to ditch high impact stuff for something else. If you research it on the Internet you'll just find a million different points of view, so instead I'd just rely on your own judgement and do slow down if/when you feel tired or uncomfortable at all.

Hello to everyone else too!

Cakebaker35 Mon 27-Jan-14 14:16:50

missy this may be worth a look if you want some guidance

missygreeneyes Mon 27-Jan-14 14:29:38

Thanks so much for that! That was my first post so not sure how to tag you Ms Cakebaker!

Yes, I would be doing a similar amount... running, triathlon training, weights etc. I will def keep up the swimming & light weights and prob scale back on the running and not do more than 6 miles and a few shorter runs per week. Is it okay to do core exercise/ crunches in first trimester? And is spinning too hi-intensity considering overheating is a no-no?

Although have been so knackered last few days even typing it is making me tired! :-)

missygreeneyes Mon 27-Jan-14 14:31:16

And thanks for sending the link! Reading through it now - very helpful!

Freyathecatt Mon 27-Jan-14 14:44:04

Hello all,
Literally just poas and got my bfp! Hubby doesn't even know yet, i want to wait 'til he gets home and tell him face to face. So so excited, this will be DC2, DC1 is almost 10 months old and this was our first cycle trying.

I mainly lurked on the April 13 boards, but they were a brilliant resource and we all still chat today. Here's hoping we'll be the same kind of support for each other.

Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 oct

Woo! Good luck to everyone!

mrsb87 Mon 27-Jan-14 17:02:30

Yay! Finally an October thread. Been lurking and didn't want to be the first one!

Poas several times last week and got my bfp each time. Had to do a few just to make sure I wasn't seeing things. Due date calculator says 2nd October

Cakebaker35 Mon 27-Jan-14 17:16:45

<wave> to all the BFPs!

And no problem missy glad the info was useful. Personally I would ditch crunches etc in favour of Pilates - absolutely brilliant for core strength if you get a good teacher and also helps with the all important pelvic floor! Spinning, totally up to you but maybe if you haven't been before I wouldn't start it now? I'm sure you'll be fine though whatever you decide, just make sure class instructors etc know your pregnant. X

Cakebaker35 Mon 27-Jan-14 17:17:27

You're even!

Aisha18 Mon 27-Jan-14 17:29:30

Hi everyone, I got my first ever BFP on Saturday night...such a weird feeling. It hasn't sunk in yet...I did have one 'dance around like crazy in the toilet at work' moment today. I think the reality will dawn in the next couple of weeks. Good luck everyone!!!

Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd October

mrsb87 Mon 27-Jan-14 17:34:18

Oooh I forgot my stats,

mrsb87 dc1 edd 2nd October.

missy I have started doing an aqua jog session at my local pool, its really good. Not sure if there is anything similar in your area?

bumpbangbump Mon 27-Jan-14 17:49:23

Thanks munday, yes I was feeling a bit weird yesterday and been having crampy feelings on and off all week.

Sounds like a number of us have 2year olds. Mine just turned 2 and is going through a bit of a challenging phase!!

I referred myself to the midwife service today. Decided to cut out my Dr altogether as they are different pcts so make it simpler. Still in shock!!!

sazzlehopes Mon 27-Jan-14 18:09:16

mrsb87 - yay edd buddies!!!

BexBoo12 Mon 27-Jan-14 18:58:58

Hi everyone!! Just popping over from the September thread to say hello and say a bit congratulations to you all!! Love that I can see a few familiar names from the conception buses envy

How are you all feeling? Hope you don't mind me dropping by xxx

Foxsticks Mon 27-Jan-14 19:02:24

I think I've done my stats wrong blush I thought we were putting what we had already so I put my dd on there. I should have just put:

Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 October

I bypassed the doctors too and just left a message for the midwife.

sazzlehopes Mon 27-Jan-14 19:09:39

LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd October
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MakesAMessWhenStressed DC2, EDD 3rd Oct
MundayCakes85| DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Cakebaker35 DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 oct

sazzlehopes Mon 27-Jan-14 19:10:40

Hey bex - always nice to have familiar names dropping by! I will be poking my head in the september thread from time to time i'm sure!!

MrsHende Mon 27-Jan-14 19:56:57

Hooray! The bus is beginning to fill up!

Debating when to tell my boss. I had hyperemisis last time and the doctor told me that I could very well expect to have the same again. Weirdly hoping to feel ill soon, I think after the miscarriage in Dec 2012 I'm just desperate for some symptoms.

Anyone had the flu jab yet?

BexBoo12 Mon 27-Jan-14 20:25:18

Lovely to see you on here Sazzle grin I'm thrilled for you! Do please drop in to September thread when you feel like!! Xx

mrsb87 Mon 27-Jan-14 20:45:41

Ahh mrshende thats all very scary stuff.
Is the flu jab something we ought to be thinking about? I wont be telling work til I really have to, I will on the other hand be avoiding ladders and moving metalwork around the shop.

bumpbangbump Mon 27-Jan-14 20:51:33

I don't think I'll be telling me boss for a while yet, although if the sickness kicks in like last time I may also have to tell earlier than I'd like!!

Tory79 Mon 27-Jan-14 20:53:22

Hi can I join?

Got my bfp yesterday. It's a bit of an oops as although we were planning to try again this year it wasn't supposed to be for another couple of months as we are off to Florida at the end of Feb, so no roller coasters for me! But never mind! It also means that dc2 will have a birthday very close to ds!

I am feeling horribly bloated and fat already, I swear I look about 5 months gone! Hopefully that will die down. I am also hoping to skip the horrible all day sickness I had with ds, and try and keep my weight down and exercise a bit more. I put on about 3.5 stone with ds and I'm only tiny!

Tory79 DC2 EDD 1 October

mrsb87 Mon 27-Jan-14 21:02:35

Everyone is welcome tory, congrats on your bfp! Super jealous of you going to florida. Dh and I would love to go to America but money is never around long enough!

makesamesswhenstressed Mon 27-Jan-14 21:11:37

Thanks for updating the list Sazzle! If anyone wants to add themselves to it just copy/aste the list then stick yourself in where you belong :-) Keeps it up to date that way.

Whereabouts are you lot from then, just roughly? I'm in Oxon

makesamesswhenstressed Mon 27-Jan-14 21:13:11

Oh yeah, and I'm bypassing the NHS altogether and hoping for a HBAC with an IM. Nervous-excited. I have a meeting with her on Weds and am so happy she's going to be looking after me

Tweetinat Mon 27-Jan-14 21:55:54

LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MakesAMessWhenStressed DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Cakebaker35 DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct

Cakebaker35 Mon 27-Jan-14 22:18:20

makes I'm in oxon too! I won't be bypassing NHS though, the JR hospital saved me and dd1 with an emcs so I'll probably end up back there for an elcs assuming all goes well and we get that far.

queenasanti3 Mon 27-Jan-14 22:32:40

Hiya everyone, ive had a little read back on the threads, and congratulations to you all well I also got my BFP today so would love to join you all.
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
#freyathecat, my DD is almost six months old and this was also our first cycle, am feeling a little nervous about the small age gap, but it is what I wanted, iam so excited x

queenasanti3 Mon 27-Jan-14 22:40:38

Will someone add me to the list please I can't seem to copy and paste off my phone thank you xx

Tory79 Mon 27-Jan-14 22:57:15

LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MakesAMessWhenStressed DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Cakebaker35 DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct

makesamesswhenstressed Tue 28-Jan-14 05:22:21

cakebaker - ooh! a local. yay. north, south, east, west?

Twinkletwink Tue 28-Jan-14 07:21:49

Please can I join? Been snooping on conception boards and recognise a few of you from there

Very early days for me as not even past my AF due date but got BFP this morning. Going to get a digital at lunch to double check. This will be second DC. Excited and nervous about being pregnant as am also off on holiday in few weeks and hope I'm not too sick to enjoy it.

DC2 EDD 10th oct.

mrsb87 Tue 28-Jan-14 07:29:12

The thread is filling up fast! Hi twinkle and queen! Do I recognise you from the conception thread?

makesamesswhenstressed Tue 28-Jan-14 07:34:00

Hi Twinkle! Welcome to the bus smile

So funny, just realised Bumpbangbump and I were on our original ante-natal thread together so have done all this together before :D

Anyone else from the Jan 2012 gang hiding out in here?!

Foxsticks Tue 28-Jan-14 07:42:30

Hi Queen and Twinkle. It's getting very busy. Last time I was pregnant I was on a very small forum and there were less people on our November 11 thread than there are on here already! I hope I can keep up with everyone. I'm from Surrey by the way.

makesamesswhenstressed Tue 28-Jan-14 07:50:17

Hee hee - there may be some die-off, Fox and there will be some people <coughs> probably me </coughs> who talk way more than others whilst others mostly lurk, but it's mostly OK to follow. Unless you go on holiday and then you'll need a catch-up synopsis when you go back so you can keep u with whose MIL is being foul about baby names, who has hideous thrush, whose MW keeps going on about their bump-size, whose DH is being a twat etc etc ;)

Cakebaker35 Tue 28-Jan-14 08:28:25

makes I'm just south of oxford, you? X

queenasanti3 Tue 28-Jan-14 10:35:06

I have also come from the conception "jan bus" thread and i recognise a few names, this is going to be an exciting thread I was on another website last year when pregnant with my dd and it was rubbish this is far better all you ladies are si friendly
Let the pregnancy journey begin xx

Twinkletwink Tue 28-Jan-14 10:43:25

I was only watching conception chat as this was cycle 1 and thought I'd see how it goes. Very early days. But excited

Flyer747 Tue 28-Jan-14 13:49:12

Congratulations ladies I was from the October 2013 bus...my 3 1/2 month old is currently sat in front of me.

I wish you all a healthy and happy pregnancy...It's a very exciting journey and before you know it you'll holding those bundles of joy.

makesamesswhenstressed Tue 28-Jan-14 17:27:30

omg - had my friend's 5 mo old this afternoon as she had an important meeting. He screamed almost the whole time - none of my coping strategies made any difference (bouncing,. cuddling, sling, bottom tapping etc) then DS kicked off because he's dropping his naps and was upset by the baby's screaming and I felt my patience rapidly disappearing to be replaced by anger, frustration and WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?!

It's too later to back out now, isn't it? <conflicted>
I feel bad for DS, too. Poor little chap is used to being the centre of my world (well, after my laptop/phone!!)

FlipFantasia Tue 28-Jan-14 18:04:33

Hi ladies

Just dipping a toe in as looks like I'm pregnant with DC 3! Period was due Sunday and a nice clear CB digi result last night.

My dates put me due on 5 Oct but am going to go with the "standard 28 day cycle" edd of 8 Oct. I went 2 weeks overdue with my first, so that 3 days may make a difference when it comes to it! Especially as I'm planning to vbac again.

I'm a lurker mostly, but have lovely friends from my first antenatal thread (mar 10) but never really posted on my second one (mar 12). It's such an exciting time!

Though I did have a mc in between DS and DD so a little nervous.

I live in the US, so time difference makes MN a little quiet when I usually have time to MN! We moved from London in Sept 2012 (dh is American & I'm Irish). Since I had a vbac with DD, I'm so not too nervous about the crazy American system (some of my local hospitals don't even allow vbacs!).

Am on my phone so could someone please paste my details onto the list?

Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct

bumpbangbump Tue 28-Jan-14 18:07:11

Yup, makes and I are old AN buddies, current toddlie buddies and now 2014 baby buddies!!! Bloody awesome grin

And don't worry about dc1, he'll cope... I say this with hope in my voice as my ds1 is a mental case at the moment all the time.

Symptoms ladies?

So far, I've been feeling really queasy, dizzy and so so tired!

makesamesswhenstressed Tue 28-Jan-14 18:14:13

tired, engorged-feeling achey boobs and a bit ambivalent to food until it's front of me then I'm STARVING. Also my middle feels a bit tender and swollen to the touch, but looks normal.

So excited about talking to my MW tomorrow <bounce> Having her on board is the one thing allowing me to be excited about giving birth

bumpbangbump Tue 28-Jan-14 19:44:38

Gosh, I can't believe you're seeing your midwife already.What made you decide for an IM?

makesamesswhenstressed Tue 28-Jan-14 19:49:22

The fact I've only just recovered from the PTSD caused by the care I had last time.
And I want a VBAC at home and trust this midwife with mine and my baby's lives.
And the fact she's prepared to trade my work skills for hers so I don't have to find 4k ;)

McRedHead Tue 28-Jan-14 20:17:30

Hello ladies. Going to get my name on the stats and will have fingers - and everything else - crossed I make it all the way through this time. MMC in October and so happy (&nervous/apprehensive/trying not to get too happy etc etc) about my BFP on Sunday. Had no AF so not sure of my date.

It's lovely to have a place here to share and moan since most of us won't be telling the real world for a little while longer. It's always interesting how and when people choose to tell. I won't be planning on saying anything until I've seen that little heartbeat... how long can you last?!

McRedHead DC3 EDD 5th October?

makesamesswhenstressed Tue 28-Jan-14 20:20:19

I've told a couple of my close friends, because if anything goes wrong then I would want to cry on their shoulders, but won't be telling family until 12 weeks unless, like last time, I get so sick there's no hiding it and I need some help!

Oh, and I had to tell my yoga teacher because I was worried about the effects when I wasn't used to doing yoga (only on my 3rd lesson)

Might tell my sister if I talk to her, but she's a busy old thing atm so it might be a while smile

McRedHead Tue 28-Jan-14 20:22:23

LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MakesAMessWhenStressed DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Cakebaker35 DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
McRedHead DC3 EDD 5th October
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct

makesamesswhenstressed Tue 28-Jan-14 20:23:06

LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MakesAMessWhenStressed DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Cakebaker35 DC2 EDD 4th Oct
McRedHead DC3 EDD 5th October
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct

makesamesswhenstressed Tue 28-Jan-14 20:23:36

oops! X post smile

bumpbangbump Tue 28-Jan-14 20:27:30

Sounds like an excellent plan then. Amazing that she's happy to do a trade for skills! I'm really rather impressed you've decided to go for a vbac at all, following the trauma from last time.

bumpbangbump Tue 28-Jan-14 20:30:46

I told my mum and just told the in laws. We're a close family and would want their support if it goes wrong. My best friend is pregnant with her 1st so I think I'll wait before telling her. I would hate to take any happiness and joy from her if it didn't work out. They tried for 2 years and deserve to enjoy it without sharing the limelight.

makesamesswhenstressed Tue 28-Jan-14 20:33:58

I'm close with my mum, but she's never been the 'dying to be a granny' type, which makes me cautious about telling her.

And the trauma was related to how I was treated in the hospital so I'm desperate to avoid being in hospital unles absolutely necessary and if my IM says I have to be in hospital then I can be sure I definitely do. Does that make sense? I just felt like nobody listened to me or had my best interests at heart last time.

McRedHead Tue 28-Jan-14 20:34:40
bumpbangbump Tue 28-Jan-14 21:17:13

I understand. I think an IM is a great way of having more cosistancy and control over you care. I'm going to enquire about domino care but I'm not sire my PCT does it!

Cakebaker35 Tue 28-Jan-14 21:22:24

makes that sounds really exciting, I too am v impressed you want to go for vbac but then if you had rubbish care that makes total sense. I was so lucky to have fantastic care, was looked after so well and so would seriously consider an elcs, just cannot face a labour like last time only to end up with another emcs. But that is all a long way off so I'm not going to think about it just yet.

I've told 2 friends in RL and may tell parents this week, if things did go wrong then they would be the ones I'd call on to help with dd.

Evening ladies, I haven't told anyone just but my SIL guessed when talking to DH! Think my mum knows as well but hasn't mentioned it.
Symptoms so far include cramps, sore boobs and getting v angry at DH, although that might have something to do with him being a numpty and me quitting cigs!! hmm
Is it weird that I'm looking forward to morning sickness? Then it'll really feel real smile

officelady Wed 29-Jan-14 07:04:55

LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
OfficeLady DC3 EDD 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MakesAMessWhenStressed DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Cakebaker35 DC2 EDD 4th Oct
McRedHead DC3 EDD 5th October
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct

Have added myself above. I'm 42. I already have a 17 yr old and a 16 yr old. This was not planned. Fuuuuuuck!!!!!

bumpbangbump Wed 29-Jan-14 07:22:16

Congratulations office. My dad and his partner had my sister at When they were both 42, also a surprise, and have loved it. You have built in actual babysitters! I was 25 though and lived in a different county so was of little help...

Feel free to vent to us. Must have been a bit of a shock if you weren't actively trying.

bumpbangbump Wed 29-Jan-14 07:24:00

Oh I just noticed I have a due date buddie! Was 8 days earlier than my original dd with my first so hoping I won't have to wait until the 5th!

makesamesswhenstressed Wed 29-Jan-14 07:41:55

Yikes officelady! That's quite an age gap - how are you feeling about it all? How is your DH/P ?

And Munday, you're mad. I feel rather green this morning, but may have something to do with DS keeping us up most of the night with bad dreams about a BIG cat with BIG eyes and BIG horns and BIG eyebrows hmm

TinyTear Wed 29-Jan-14 08:26:24

Hello, tentative hello

EDD 6th October it will be my second

I have a 2yo DD and had 4 mcs (3 before DD and one last October)

Aisha18 Wed 29-Jan-14 09:52:13

Hi girls, I wonder if you could help me and give some advice, work related. I will be 5 weeks tomorrow. I'm a teacher and just before I found out about BFP I was offered a big promotion, starting in September (when I will be going on maternity leave) I didn't really want the promotion but was kind of not given a choice. Anyway now, I won't be doing the promotion and I won't even be going back to work after the summer holidays as my maternity leave will begin then. My boss it talking everyday about planning for my position next year (I would have been head of the new secondary section of our school) he wants me to get involved in decisions about new employees, etc, etc and I'm starting to panic a bit as I know I won't be there (unless god forbid something goes wrong) I don't even want to work here at all after having a baby so I will probably leave for good at end of this school year. The thing is, when do I tell him?! And how?! (He asked me every month since sept if/when I want kids and I said always 'a few years' as I didn't want to share personal info with him) I'd normally wait till end of March to tell him but by then it will be very very tight for him to advertise and find a solid replacement in time, as it will be only a week or two away from Easter when teachers have a deadline to give notice if they are leaving at end f year. Agh..hope that wasn't too complicated to understand..I just am feeling really stressed as literally everyday my boss is saying 'so for next year...next year when you are head of...' He's already said so often 'you're not leaving next year, I need you..' Etc. the pressure. Someone please tell me what to do! I'm totally stuck! X

Aisha18 Wed 29-Jan-14 09:53:15

So sorry such a long post!

TinyTear Wed 29-Jan-14 10:22:49

it is illegal to ask about children, so you could have sued him there...

i would smile sweetly and make all the plans he wants and then announce the pregnancy later... they can't do anything to you

bumpbangbump Wed 29-Jan-14 10:44:37

I agree with tiny. I think you have to protect your interests. You may change your mind as want to go back. And even if you don't, you have the right to share the information when you're ready!

bumpbangbump Wed 29-Jan-14 10:44:55

Oh, and welcome tiny!

Tory79 Wed 29-Jan-14 11:29:07

How do you think your boss will take the news Tiny? Not well I take it!? Obviously ou are under no obligation to tell him until you are ready, but for me it kind of depends on the working relationship you have. If I had a good relationship with my boss and that was the situation, I think I would want to tell him sooner rather than later.

Just got to get this off my chest re dh. So last night ds woke up being sick. He's not a sicky child at all, this is only the second time in nearly 2.5 years that he's vomited like this. We'd only just gone to bed so both got up to clean him up and then I bought him in to bed with me and dh went in to the spare room. Ds was sick on and off between about midnight and 4am. I got through 5 towels and numerous new tops for him. He wouldn't settle, just wanted me to read to him and cuddle him (in between sorting out the vomit) he cried every time he was sick. He eventually stopped about 4, and dozed off for a while. I slept fitfully as every time he stirred I woke up expecting him to be sick again. Dh slept through all of this, and despite already saying he would get up with ds he slept until 9, then just got up, and a nice long shower and only then came to find us, announcing he needed to leave for work in the next half an hour. So I had half an hour to sort out crap loads of washing and have a mega quick shower. He did give ds some breakfast but didn't even clean up afterwards.

I burst in to tears and he has promised to come home early but I'm so upset with him! I'm feeling rotten anyway as I have a nasty cold, plus already exhausted which happened to me when I was pg before. I know he didn't realise that I was up all night and that ds had been sick again, but he knows it's never a restful night when ds sleeps with us anyway. So I can't believe he had a massive lie in and just left me to it like that :-(

Sorry for the rant, that does feel better though. It also scared me as I know it's only going to get worse!!

queenasanti3 Wed 29-Jan-14 11:40:24

Hi all, I have very little symptoms at the moment slight nausea, bigger boobs only a little tender, iam hoping to get a early scan soon just for reassurance everything is in the right place as before my dd I had mc and a ectopic so still very nervous at the moment, I will book a booking appointment once I have seen a heart beat, just dont want to rush into things just yet hope everyone is doing ok.

Hope this one is a sticky one, iam currently on maternity leave and am a little nervous about going back and telling them i will be going off again x

Thefourcees Wed 29-Jan-14 12:15:20

Hi everyone, please may I join, I've only just found this.

I'm due no.5 on the 1st Oct, I already have ds11, dd9 and dtd7 and dts7 so I've got a bit of a gap now and feel just as nervous as first time round, also this will be my 4th c-section so a bit concerned about that.

I have my booking in appointment on the 4th Feb which I was really surprised at, I thought I would've had a few more weeks as I'll only just be 6 weeks, still not complainingsmile.

Congratulations to all of you and wishing all of us happy and healthy pregnancies

Aisha18 Wed 29-Jan-14 12:25:40

Thanks everyone for your advice. I think I just have to go along with it for now. Seeing the docs for 1st appointment next week (I'm in Germany so not sure what they do here yet!) think I will reassess job situation after that, I really don't want to let my boss down and leave him in a difficult situation but I'm not ready to tell yet. I may do it early march instead of end if all going well. Thanks for support, it's so difficult not being able to discuss with friends and family so I'm glad u guys are there x

Tory sorry you had such a rough night, I think lack of sleep is the worst for making you feel crap. Your DH probably just didn't think...have a good rest tonight and let him to the hard work!

Thefourcees Wed 29-Jan-14 12:37:32

LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
OfficeLady DC3 EDD 1st Oct
Thefourcees DC5 EDD 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MakesAMessWhenStressed DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Cakebaker35 DC2 EDD 4th Oct
McRedHead DC3 EDD 5th October
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct

Just added myself.

makesamesswhenstressed Wed 29-Jan-14 15:44:05

Aisha - I think leaving it until early March is fine. I know 12 weeks is a sort of magic number, but by 10 weeks you'll be pretty established <crosses fingers>

I've just had a chat with my MW - mostly me doing work for her, but did get a chance to have a bit of a chat about things going forwards and it was nice and I feel really confident in her, but feel a bit wobbly now. Guess it's all getting more real and, well, hormones and previous PTSD is an interesting combination. I'm coping with it by doing silly cleaning (wiping down skirting boards and washing machine seals anyone?) and watching one of DS's fave films with him. <deep breath>

Foxsticks Wed 29-Jan-14 16:29:02

Hi everyone, I haven't got any symptoms at all except for being exhausted. I didn't have morning sickness during either of my previous pregnancies either. People think thats good but to be honest I could do with losing a bit of weight and the physical symptoms would be reassuring!

Last time I told my Dad and sister on the basis that if something went wrong I would need their help. Sadly my mum is dead. When it did go wrong I was glad I had told my family for an emotional and practical point of view. This time I told my sister straight off and she doesn't think I should tell my dad as he would worry. I'd like him to know so I'm not sure what to do.

I've got my booking in date through for 25 Feb and I've booked a private scan for 27th.

Freyathecatt Wed 29-Jan-14 16:35:27

Aischa, if you're planning on leaving anyway, why not tell him you definitely do not want the promotion and leave it at that for now. That way he has time to find someone for the position before the Easter crunch time, but you have some flexibility regarding giving your notice for your current position?

Tory79, what a rough night, how's your son doing now? My husband does this too- sleeps the night away, then moans that he's tired. Diddums.

Aisha18 Wed 29-Jan-14 20:33:23

Thanks Freya and Makesamess, I think you are both right...I will probably get up my courage after my docs appointment next week and all being well I will turn down the promotion..not sure how I will explain it ('I have no desire whatsoever to work even 1% more or harder than I do now, whatever money or status you may be offering') then I might tell him I'm pregnant at 10 weeks ish as a sign of goodwill.

On the positive side...how amazing we are all pregnant! Our bodies are so amazing huh! I'm trying not to get tooo excited early on, but it's hard smile

MrsCaptainReynolds Wed 29-Jan-14 21:57:29

Hello, i'm so pleased to be asking to join after lurking and posting on infertility for a while.

DC2 due date 7th Oct. Will be crossing fingers and watching knickers for quite a few weeks yet.

MrsCaptainReynolds Wed 29-Jan-14 22:05:01

Oh, and I am ravenous all the time yet strangely unable to identify what I'd like to eat.

MrsHende Wed 29-Jan-14 22:44:09

Hello everyone! Lots of new folk since I last looked grin.

I can't remember who said they were wishing they felt sick but I wholeheartedly agree!! Just desperate for any symptom really.

Aisha, I wonder if you could say that you don't wish to let the school down and that your family circumstances may change in the next year so it may be best to employ someone else in the post - vague! You might be meaning you or your partner, you might be hinting to relocation - lots of things! (and if your boss knows you well s/he may well realise that you are trying to do them a favour and will guess what you are talking about but won't press you any further) My boss knew about my mc and when we were discussing my role for this academic year (teacher here too!), I decided that I would tell him that we were hoping for another baby in the near future and that he might want to take that into account. But, I know him well, trust him and like him - all important, I knew he wouldn't take advantage of that information.

makesamesswhenstressed Wed 29-Jan-14 23:24:05

MrsCR - me too.

I also seem to have been struck by my old foe, insomnia.

God that was a tedious side effect of pregnancy last time. Don;t seem to remember it kicking in this early though. All my memories of first trimester were of going to bed at 8pm and not getting up until 8am.
Chance would be a fine thing now with a toddler - and now insomnia too?! Life can be so cruel!

bumpbangbump Thu 30-Jan-14 06:31:29

I feel like I could sleep for England, and actually don't remember that from last time my toddler is having some kind of crazy annoying sleep regression or something. Going mental at bed time and waking in the night and refusing to go back to bed. My OH is in the spare room with him now, upside to this pregnancy is he is taking on more of the night duties because I just can't cope!

Welcome newcomers, we're starting to fill up. I'm never going to be able to keep up at this rate.

mrsb87 Thu 30-Jan-14 08:06:32

Morning all, symptoms are nausia mostly in the morning and last thing. Feel really icky now actually. Exhaustion and bigger tender boobs are also making an appearance.
Aisha can't you tell them you arent ready for this particular promotion? If I were your bissvi would appreciate the honesty and it will give him plenty of time to rearrange. I know its our right not to say anything abiut being pg until we're comfortable to do so but you can tell him any other reason just to help them out.
I told my manager at Christmas that we were hoping to have a baby this year and since then we have worked together at finding cover within our existing staff and training him up. I certainly easnt expecting to get pg in our first month of trying so im really glad I told her this was our plan. Its actually working out in my favour as training him up will mean I can have every other weekend off!

mrsb87 Thu 30-Jan-14 08:07:50

Bissvi? Haha I meant boss

TinyTear Thu 30-Jan-14 08:26:08

I now have a post it on my computer with


Today I am Pregnant!

Thinking positive for this one

makesamesswhenstressed Thu 30-Jan-14 10:11:38

xxx TinyTear

makesamesswhenstressed Thu 30-Jan-14 10:15:36

LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
OfficeLady DC3 EDD 1st Oct
Thefourcees DC5 EDD 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MakesAMessWhenStressed DC2 EDD 4th Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Cakebaker35 DC2 EDD 4th Oct
McRedHead DC3 EDD 5th October
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct

Just adjusted my position in the list as I think I'm due a day later than I originally estimated.

TinyTear Thu 30-Jan-14 10:42:43

Hello makesamess
Can you add me

TinyTear DC2 ADD 6th October

I use ADD as alleged due date

TinyTear Thu 30-Jan-14 11:11:06

By the way


this is a group for October people who have miscarriage issues, and might not want to scare everyone here who still has their bright eyed innocence (how I miss those days)

I shall flit around all other groups
* waves *

queenasanti3 Thu 30-Jan-14 11:41:36

Morning ladies, iam just in the hospital getting bloods they said iam too early to scan which I already knew, got to ring them tomorrow morning to check levels may have to get them takin again to see that they are doubling or they may just book me in for a scan, will let you know in the morning,
Feeling some nausea coming on hope iam not here to long x

Freyathecatt Thu 30-Jan-14 15:11:01

Fingers crossed for you queenasanti3. X

SweetPeaPods Thu 30-Jan-14 16:15:34

Hello! AF not due till sunday but tested early as had a feeling!
Ds2 due 13 Oct.

makesamesswhenstressed Thu 30-Jan-14 17:01:33

ow ow ow - getting sharp stabby pain sort of under ribs on one side - like a bad stitch. Pregnancy related or just a random pain that I'm being hypochondriacal about?

In other news DS just initiated a potty trip and did a little poo - even more impressive since it was a squitty teething poo, so harder to control. Clever boy - so glad he got the memo about being out of nappies before his baby brother or sister needs them!

Twinkletwink Thu 30-Jan-14 19:15:22

Congrats sewwtpea

Digital confirmed my faint cheapo was correct. Plus these sore boobs are unmistakable...

DC2 due 10th Oct

makesamesswhenstressed Thu 30-Jan-14 19:24:25

OMG - suddenly - torpedo boobs! WTF?

Just to make you all feel better my nipples are quite painful and pointy at the moment and apparently one is getting bigger?!? DH is so lovely pointing that out!

makesamesswhenstressed Fri 31-Jan-14 00:01:39

hah - mine had to do the 'handful' test before he solemnly pronounced that yes, they were mahoosive. Thanks.

sophspot Fri 31-Jan-14 06:51:15

Hello everyone, can I join in please my due date of 5th October if I've worked it out correctly. First ever pregnancy so clueless but happy. Looking forward to chatting with other october girls smile

officelady Fri 31-Jan-14 07:05:23

Morning fellow preggos! After my initial WTF .... WTAF shock reaction of a BFP last week I have more or less processed the fact that I am currently with child.
I broke the news to dh last night - he took it fairly well, all things considered. We stupidly had a drunken shag without contraception over the New Year period and in all honesty both thought we would get away with it at our advanced age. How embarrassing to have to admit to that! I might have to tell people that it was a contraceptive failure instead blush
Has anyone been to the doctors yet? I am wondering how long I can realistically put off going. I don't think I'm ready to admit to the outside world that I am up the duff confused

BexBoo12 Fri 31-Jan-14 09:00:18

Haha officelady I have to say your post made me LOL. I've just popped my head in from September thread to say hi. I'm guessing this was not planned then?! Xx

makesamesswhenstressed Fri 31-Jan-14 10:04:31

I'm bleeding. Oh please no please no please no

Thefourcees Fri 31-Jan-14 11:22:51

Just came on to see how everyones doing. Makes, hope everything is ok.

BexBoo12 Fri 31-Jan-14 11:24:34

Aww makes, what kind of blood is it? Old brown ish blood is quite common. Fingers crossed everything is ok xxx

makesamesswhenstressed Fri 31-Jan-14 11:30:00

Bright red. Stomach cramps, leg cramps, no more sore boobs.
Not much hope tbh.

FlipFantasia Fri 31-Jan-14 11:33:50

Makesamess, how stressful hmm. Take it easy and call your midwife. Thinking of you xo

Officelady, that's pretty funny! But don't worry what people think. They'll probably just assume you got broody again after all these years!

Am finding it surreal being pregnant again. We had IVF/ICSI to have DS, so this time 5 years ago was just setting off on that journey after years of ttc/worrying we'd never have kids. Now here I am pregnant with no 3 (and we only shagged once!).

Having had a mc at 7 weeks in between DS and DD am not wanting to tell family yet..but know I'll tell my mum and sis as soon as I call them!

Am visiting ireland with the kids (dh will stay here) in a few weeks - prospect of transatlantic travel alone with 2 smallies will now be even more 'fun' with early pregnancy knackeredness!

Foxinsticks, was it you who had wondered about telling your dad/your sis saying not to tell him (am on phone, so can't check back). I'd say tell him if you want to. He'd want to know if anything went wrong and he should also be able to share in the joy (and nerves!) of early pregnancy.

It's bloody freezing here in the States at the moment (am just outside NYC). Am sick of the sub zero temps and snow! Ready for spring to be sprung!

FlipFantasia Fri 31-Jan-14 11:35:28

Makesamess just saw your latest post hmmhmm - call your midwife for advice and I'm keeping my fingers crossed xx

makesamesswhenstressed Fri 31-Jan-14 11:53:33

Spoken to her. It's basically a wait and see job.

My whole body aches

FlipFantasia Fri 31-Jan-14 12:05:31

Get your feet up then - movie day for your son and relaxing for you. Sending unMN hugs and hoping it's all fine.

makesamesswhenstressed Fri 31-Jan-14 12:06:42

pretty much doing that. He got a bit upset when I was crying earlier, kept patting me and giving me kisses to make it better. Which made me cry more. Poor poppet.

Cakebaker35 Fri 31-Jan-14 13:19:27

makes that sounds really scary, I'm so sorry you're feeling rubbish and keeping everything crossed for you. flowers

officelady grin very funny indeed and congrats. I'm not going to the docs for another couple of weeks, as it's second time around for me I get the idea that they don't see you half as much anyway.

No symptoms here just bloated. Exactly the same as my first pregnancy except I feel the size of a hippo already!

Tweetinat Fri 31-Jan-14 13:34:00

(Hugs) makesthanks

mrsb87 Fri 31-Jan-14 13:35:20

Keeping my fingers crossed for you makesamess xxx

mum2kiss Fri 31-Jan-14 17:47:43

Hey ladies smile just got my clear bfp today so my stats are

mum2kiss dc#2 edd 11th October

Thefourcees Fri 31-Jan-14 18:04:51

welcome and congrats mum2kiss,

Cakebaker I'm the same I've only known for about 10 days but I'm so bloated, I've put on about 4lbs already, hoping its just water retention, my boobs have doubled in size, I'm almost willing the morning sickness to come. (gonna regret saying that in a few weeks).

sophspot Fri 31-Jan-14 19:00:43

Everyyhing crossed makesamess xx

Pollywhatshername Fri 31-Jan-14 19:55:55

Hi all... Can I join? congrats to everyone on the bfps!

I got a faint bfp yesterday at 10dpo. I have been so sick since 2dpo that I wasn't even surprised. I didn't even think it was possible to feel sick so soon...I was very sick on DS (he's 2 this month) up till 22 weeks, in and out of hospital the lot. Due to the fact that I'm spending my day retching already looks like I'm heading the same way this time.

I'm wondering if people can advise....I have 42 day cycles. My last period was 25/12 but I know I didn't ovulate till 20/01....depending what website I use to calc due date I'm getting either 2/10 or 15/10 as due date...does anyone know do hospital take long cycles into account...or are they gonna tell me I'm 6weeks pregnant at 12dpo? shock

mum2kiss Fri 31-Jan-14 20:31:47

polly they will.do a dating scan around 10-12 weeks gestation and will tell you your most accurate due date then

Pollywhatshername Fri 31-Jan-14 20:43:34

Thanks kiss, that's what I was thinking. I'm high risk pregnancy this time cause last pregnancy was undiagnosed IUGR. Consultant said to go for an early scan @ 8weeks to get a good starting point for monitoring growth....so I dunno now if that's in 2 weeks or in 4 weeks.?

DuggiWontSleep Fri 31-Jan-14 20:50:22

Hi ladies!
Been lurking for a few days and have now plucked up the courage to post! I got a bfp on Monday night-very excited but scared too. I can't copy and paste on my phone so could somebody add me to the list please.

DuggiWontSleep DC#2 edd 5th October

queenasanti3 Fri 31-Jan-14 22:41:03

Fingers crossed for you Makes xx

bumpbangbump Sat 01-Feb-14 08:06:05

So much love going to makes right now!

Welcome one and all. Looks loke October is going to be a busy bus.

Still feeling a bit queasy and dizzy at times but it doesn't seem to be getting worse. I should be pleased but as some of you said earlier, the crazy symptoms are so reassuring! I'm trying not to get too excited but I just can't help it. Even looked at baby names yesterday! Oh dear...

makesamesswhenstressed Sat 01-Feb-14 08:10:09

Still cramping and losing clots now so I think it's over. I'm sure you'll all understand that I'll be hiding this thread now. I wish you all the best with your pregnancies. Love and luck x

bumpbangbump Sat 01-Feb-14 08:11:32

Good luck for the future makes. So much love to you!

mum2kiss Sat 01-Feb-14 08:36:36

Are any of you planning to have your pregnancy confirmed at the docs? If so when are you going ?

mrsb87 Sat 01-Feb-14 08:58:45

Hi mum2kiss, this is my first pregancy so I'm really unsure about the procedure for doctors appointments etc. I think I will try and book one for next week sometime. I think I will be about 5 weeks by then

bumpbangbump Sat 01-Feb-14 09:00:56

Been to the doctor, they don't confirm it at my surgery but did give me a prescription for folic acid, higher dose.

Last time round I didn't have anything with doctors or midwives until after my scan, I think there were rather a lot of expectant mothers at the same time. This time I referred to the hospital straight away and got my letter saying my booking in appt is next Friday. I'll only be 6 weeks!

BexBoo12 Sat 01-Feb-14 09:07:40

Popping over from September thread to send hugs to makes sadthanks xx

How's everyone else doing? Hope you don't mind me popping my head in all the time, I just like to see all the ladies joining that have had their bfp!! How you all feeling?

sophspot Sat 01-Feb-14 09:41:00

Mean87 I'm the same not really sure so I'm going to ring doctors nxt week for an appointment. Think I'm 5 weeks.
Bexboo- feeling fine just a hungry feeling all the time no other symptoms yet. How are you ?

sophspot Sat 01-Feb-14 09:42:36

Meant to say mrsb87

mrsb87 Sat 01-Feb-14 09:50:59

Constantly queasy! And seriously bad bloatibg and wind....dh is none too happy about this bit though. Gone off a lot of food already and lots of things tasting weird. How is everyone today?

mrsb87 Sat 01-Feb-14 10:54:05

Eurgh, full on sicky sick. I hope this isn't a taste of things to come

Goodness! The October thread is busy already! Can I join please? Got a BFP this morning, EDD 7th October ! I have a little boy already who'll be two a month today!

TroubleAndFyfe DC2 EDD 7th October

Hi flip! <waves> I was carlita in March 2012. Nice to see you here! smile

SpanielFace Sat 01-Feb-14 14:37:23

Can u join please! Got a BFP yesterday! Due date 7th October. I have a DS who is 17 months. We only starting trying this month, so it hasn't really sunk in yet!

Managed to read the whole thread as DS is napping. I will endeavour to keep up!

Bumpforme2014 Sat 01-Feb-14 15:53:47

Hello everyone! Soooo happy to find this Group, I got my BFP last Weds total shock as only just started trying and no symptoms other than bigger heavier and sore boobs. It's five weeks since my last period so I guess I'm five weeks pregnant. Do I need to call GP? Really anxious about losing it but trying to think positive, this is my first baby :-).

Bumpforme2014 Sat 01-Feb-14 15:54:42

Sorry - forgot to say due date is 8 October according to Internet and ovulating on 15th Jan.

Hi Spanielface, we've the same due date! We're really rather surprised too, we had been planning to start TTC in March when DS will be 2 so had relaxed things a little and weren't careful once this month..I know it only takes once and all that but shock

petitverdot Sat 01-Feb-14 18:36:46

Hello - I am new (to these boards and to pregnancy) and according to calculators I'm either last day of September or early October... Can I join in anyway? smile

bumpbangbump Sat 01-Feb-14 18:56:17

Lots of new autunumal mummas, welcome all!

Pretty sure stress is best avoided in early pregnancy, I must remember this when I next decide to watch England throw away a win against France!!! No more rugby for me angry

mrsb87 Sat 01-Feb-14 21:34:33

Avoid stress?! Not possible for me this week. Meant to have a lovely week off with dh, didn't happen, he ended up working all week. Plus various other things and now I'm back at work tomorrow!

queenasanti3 Sat 01-Feb-14 22:14:02

Hiya got my blood results fri my hcg level was 306 and my progesterone level was 76, ive been back again for bloods again hopefully they will have doubled and they will arrange a scan next week, got to ring up tomorrow for results,
Keeping my fingers crossed x

SpanielFace Sat 01-Feb-14 22:15:47

No stress avoidance here either - DH is going through a consultation process at work that may end up in his redundancy. We started ttc, then (after having unprotected sex on a grand total of two occasions!) we received the letter and decided to stop trying until we knew what was going on. 2 weeks later, woke up with sore boobs, tested and got a bfp! Hopefully everything will turn out ok, and even if his job goes he should get a decent redundancy pay out, but still stressful. On top of that, DS has been ill with a high temperature for 3 days now, is utterly miserable and waking 2-3 times a night. Bah. <yawn>

FlipFantasia Sun 02-Feb-14 00:25:05

Makesamess so sorry to hear that hmm take care of yourself and big hugs xo

Trouble hello! Lovely to see a Mar 12er here! Didn't you move from London to the south coast? Hope all is good. We moved from London to the US (just outside NYC) in late 2012 (dh is American). We're doing lots of DIY on the house we bought in Sept - I was painting the linen closet today. Nothing like a bfp to make me want to unpack our linens!! Dd will be 2 on 25 Mar (and DS will be 4 on 16 mar). It's a great age!

Queenasanti glad to hear your hcg & prog are good. Fingers crossed the hcg doubles nicely. Do you mind me asking why you're having bloods done?

Have been having weird tummy aches today and (tmi alert!) more creamy discharge. Means I've been frantically knicker checking! Tiredness is starting to hit too. I find the first trimester the hardest! And I only get nausea & exhaustion rather than vomiting...

MrsCaptainReynolds Sun 02-Feb-14 00:46:52

I've got some 7th Oct buddies now smile

makesamess if you are still around, so sorry to hear what's happened. We had a few "chemical pregnancies" between DC1 and this...and I'm only a week late so this could still be one...it's tough. A rididulous amount of hoping and planning has already happened. Hope you feel better soon and ready to try again.

pinkhollie Sun 02-Feb-14 07:40:28

Hi I got a definite bfp on a digital this morning after agonising over the faintness of lines on other tests. Looks like I am due 10th October, with my 2nd. My pfb will be 2 on Friday smile.
Another teacher here so very pleased to get an October date as it means I get max. ML with minimum loss of pay.
No real symptoms yet other than fuller feeling boobs and exhaustion but I usually feel like that by the end of a week dealing with a toddler and lots of teenagers

Pinkhollie dc2 edd 10th Oct

mum2kiss Sun 02-Feb-14 08:42:06

So I have a question about dtd sorry if tmi!!...are you all still doing it? We are but it makes me worry about my little bean! I've read that its safe but im an eternal worrier!

LightHouser Sun 02-Feb-14 09:21:36


A very excited first timer herewith an EDD of 10/10/14.

Thanks so much for staying the read and for the link on exercise. I'm a runner myself but sure to an injury (not running related) I didn't run much last year. I was just starting up again when I got my BFP! I've decided to go for gentle running, nothing close to my previous marathon level of course, and see how I get on.

My OH is so excited but like Makes and MrsHende we keep reminding each other that we need to start realistic, as well as positive of course! I'm in my mid 30s and just don't want to take anything for granted.

Good to meet you all, and congratulations!

LightHouser Sun 02-Feb-14 09:26:02

Hmmm, I meant thanks for starting the thread (makes) and for the link (cakebaker) x

pinkhollie Sun 02-Feb-14 10:24:09

Oh and congratulations everyone especially the first-timers I was on the Feb 12 bus and found it an absolute lifeline.
Mum2kiss I think you should be fine dtd but I feel nervous about it too and too tired to actually want to.

overthinker88 Sun 02-Feb-14 10:44:55

Hey all! Can I join?

Got a BFP on thursday on an ic, confirmed yesterday with a CB divi.

First time for us too. EDD 11.10.14

overthinker88 Sun 02-Feb-14 10:45:43


mrsb87 Sun 02-Feb-14 12:26:44

Mum2kiss I personally havn't dtd more because I feel like poop than because of worry.
First day back at work after a week off and im shattered already. Hiding upstairs atm, not in a great mood either so best to avoid too much human interaction I think!

queenasanti3 Sun 02-Feb-14 14:02:01

Yay blood results in and my hcg level has gone from 306 to '802', in 48 hrs so looking good smile

@ Flipfantasia: back in 2012 I had a mc then fell pregnant again and had an ectopic with removal of one of my tubes, I fell pregnant and 3 months after and was monitored; blood and early scans, I was lucky to give birth to my beautiful baby girl summer 2013, because she is only 6 months old iam still very paraniod of the whole pregnancy thing so asked to be monitored again and the hospital are great, I now have an early scan on Friday so very excited and nervous.
Hope everyone is doing ok and that you arent all feeling to sick, takecare x

SpanielFace Sun 02-Feb-14 14:06:40

Mum2kiss, we dtd throughout my last pregnancy (although less towards the end) and no problems at all. I haven't done this time but just because I've been up every night this week with an ill toddler, so definitely no energy for anything like that!

FlipFantasia Sun 02-Feb-14 14:18:01

Queenasanti great news about your bloods! Looking good grin thanks for explaining - sorry you had such a time but glad you have your DD (and this little bean!). My midwife has suggested bloods to me this time due to previous mc (with an early scan at 6-7 weeks) but it's due to snow here tomorrow so doubt I'll drive there tomorrow (am nervous of driving on icy roads!).

vicky123uk Sun 02-Feb-14 15:50:25

Hi all. Could someone add me to the list please, got into 26.1.14 with eff of 5.10.14.

Have a 3 1/2 year old ds sat next to me. Should of been Oct10 baby but he was impatient and arrived at 33 weeks in Aug10.
We have been trying since July 13. Suffered mc end Nov13, horrific experience at 10 weeks. Really hoping for a sticky bean this time. Sticky baby dust to everyone. X

bumpbangbump Sun 02-Feb-14 16:01:07

Queen, that sounds good.

Welcome newbies. Vicky, we're edd buddies! I guess you're probably taking that with a pince of salt with you 1st arriving early. My 1st was 3 days early, although 8days earlier than my LMP due date. Don't know if that's partly to do with more awareness of my cycle so possibly a more accurate dd this time. Who knows?

Feel a bit nervous as I don't have much in the way of symptoms. Maybe I'm still a bit queasy, but it comes and goes. Maybe I still feel dizzy, but that seems mostly gone too. I am tired, but that could just be life being so busy! I'm going crazy!!!

mrsb87 Sun 02-Feb-14 17:17:10

Mum2kiss I personally havn't dtd more because I feel like poop than because of worry.
First day back at work after a week off and im shattered already. Hiding upstairs atm, not in a great mood either so best to avoid too much human interaction I think!

Giraffeski Sun 02-Feb-14 17:45:21

Hello everyone, can someone add me to the list please, as I can't copy and paste on my phone?
EDD 14th October according to dates, not going to ring midwife for a few weeks yet I think, make sure it sticks!
I have 2 DDs already, DD1 is 10 and DD2 is 13 months.

Feeling vaguely queasy since yesterday. And spidey sense has begun, I was like a dog today saying I could smell petrol, it was the petrol can in the garden that DP uses for the law mower, hasn't been opened for three months!

Suzysnoozy Sun 02-Feb-14 18:33:27

Can I join in? I poas on Wednesday, had a faint line but af never arrived this week. If my dates are right I should be due 8th October, so only 4weeks at the moment. I feel like I'm hungover but I was in bed last night at 8 with my 2year old son watching planes (oh the joy!).

officelady Sun 02-Feb-14 18:39:05

LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
OfficeLady DC3 EDD 1st Oct
Thefourcees DC5 EDD 1st Oct
Petitverdot DC1 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Cakebaker35 DC2 EDD 4th Oct
McRedHead DC3 EDD 5th October
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
sophspot DC1 EDD 5th Oct
DuggiWontSleep DC2 edd 5th October
Vicky123uk DC2 EDD 5th Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
TinyTear DC2 ADD 6th October
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
TroubleAndFyfe DC2 EDD 7th October
Spanielface DC2 EDD 7th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Bumpforme2014 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct
Twinkletwink DC2 due 10th Oct
Pinkhollie dc2 edd 10th Oct
Lighthouser DC1 EDD 10th Oct
mum2kiss dc2 edd 11th October
Overthinker88 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Sweetpeapods DC2 due 13 Oct
Giraffeski DC3 EDD 14th Oct
pollywhatshername DC2 EDD 15th Oct

Time for an updated list with all the new people joining!

I have stupidly been googling pregnancy statistics for women of my age (42) and now have a LONG list of worries confused

Bumpforme2014 Sun 02-Feb-14 19:13:50

Thanks officelady! Isn't the internet a nightmare, sometimes I wish we were born before the net when we could be blissfully unaware of all risks and statistics. The more mumsnet threads I read the more I see how common miscarriage is and it stops me from enjoying this time worrying about what will be. Must think positive, must think positive! How's everyone feeling today?

Bumpforme2014 Sun 02-Feb-14 19:17:02

Oh and question.... Anyone else having creamy White CM and stabbing pains in boobs at five weeks?

pinkhollie Sun 02-Feb-14 19:18:16

Thanks for the updated list office lady.

Mrscaptain, you're not on the stats list? smile that you're the 7th too! Any others in here with an October birthday themselves? Mine's 9th October might end up with a very special birthday present! My son was due 23/3/12 but was born at 36+6 on 01/3/12 so am sort of expecting an early appearance with this one, though every pregnancy and every baby's different I suppose!
Yes Flip, that's us, moved from London to south coast, loving every minute! grin How about you? How is the US?
shock At talk of DTD! I'm tired, have crampy pains on and off. Need the loo more than I don't need it, sore boobs and very swollen, erm, bits.
So far my experience is exactly the same as my first pregnancy...we'll see!

Thefourcees Sun 02-Feb-14 19:33:42

Hey ladies, just checking in. Wow lots of new BFPs, congrats to you all.

I've got my booking in appointment on Tuesday, still quite shocked I got the appointment so soon. I've also booked a Babybond scan for 17th Feb,I'll only be 8 weeks then but I just want to make sure theres one in there as I had twins last time and they completely missed it on my 12 week scan, so didn't find out till I was 21 weeks. It was a big shock!!

Office lady I will be 40 when this ones born and I must admit to being a bit more concerned this time, googling defo doesn't help. smile

bumpbangbump Sun 02-Feb-14 19:54:58

Statistics are scary, but they don't tell the whole picture. Step away from Google ladies!!!

I've noticed a change in cm too bumpfor. Tbh it freaks me out a bit! Funny how much I don't remember from last time. Or maybe it was different last time.

Feeling like I might want to hit the hay already. So tired all the time. Shame my toddler has other ideas!

Trouble, I don't have an October birthday but my D's was due 3 days before my birthday in Jan. While he would have been an awesome birthday present, I really didn't want to be giving birth on my birthday! This one would have to be pretty epicly late to arrive on my birthday so should be safe. Phew!

SpanielFace Sun 02-Feb-14 20:03:14

Sore boobs here but otherwise feeling normal. But I remember that was the same last time... Until the exhaustion & nausea hit at 8 weeks! So enjoying feeling normal while it lasts, and trying not to worry!

Thefourcees, I can't believe they missed twins! That must have been such a shock!

I need to phone the GP tomorrow to make my booking appointment. I have an underactive thyroid so will be under consultant care, and I'm not sure whether I need to have a blood test to check my thyroid levels sooner rather than later. My thyroid was normal with DS so this is new to me.

Giraffeski Sun 02-Feb-14 20:25:28

Not sure I will be with you much longer ladies, I just had a little pink smear when I wiped after going to loo. Fingers crossed it's just implantation bleeding!

Pickofthedocs Sun 02-Feb-14 20:56:11

Hi everyone smile joining tentatively. Have had Lots of bfp's since last Wednesday for dc2. due 7/10/14.

Also lots of doubt, af feels like it's coming all the time. Had h.g with ds from 6 wks till i went into labour. Would kill to get a reassuring case of it back now.

Just paranoid hopefully as only 4wks 5 days.

So far nothing like before when I had implantation as a sign. My legs are killing me though. Feel like thighs being rolled through a mangle!! Anyone else? Cm still dryish too. Please let this bfp stick.

FX for you Giraffe. It can be from all the extra blood being sent to your pelvic area, try to stay positive for now (if that's at all possible)
Bumpbang our son was born the day before DH's birthday so I feel happy that this one will be really near mine. Preferably not ON my birthday though!
Wow for missing twins Thefour! That would be a real shocker! shock

Welcome Pick! Another for the 7th! I'm having lots of AF type cramps but they come and go rather than build like AF. I had them with my son too, totally normal for lots of people so FX for you! smile

Evening ladies, and welcome to all the newbies!
Sorry to hear the bad news makesamess really hope you get your sticky bean soon x
Just to ease a few worries I've been having AF cramps since before I got my BFP, so almost 2 weeks now. Also DTD a couple of times, wasn't particularly in the mood but DH needed abit of love and attention!!
For my first midwife appointment on Griday as officially I'll be 8 weeks going by my LMP, however I'm pretty sure I'll only be 6 weeks by then.

Bumpforme2014 Sun 02-Feb-14 21:42:24

Hang on in there giaraffeski as long as there are no cramps it could be anything! I wish I could fast forward four weeks I will feel better once I get to eight weeks I think. Going to ring doctor on Tuesday as won't have a chance tomorrow. I highly doubt I will see anyone until I'm eight plus weeks. I'm a little confused about all these scans, do some people get scanned before twelve weeks just due to availability or something?

mum2kiss Sun 02-Feb-14 21:48:58

I have over done it today. We have been building pine wardrobes all day today. I didnt do any of the lifting but I stil had to stop early because my.lower back was aching so.much! Will be heading to bed very soon, hoping to enjoy a good nights sleep!

Giraffeski Sun 02-Feb-14 21:58:09

Ooh,fingers crossed then as no cramps and no actual bleeding.
Weirdly, the other day, my friend returned all the maternity clothes I lent her. Maybe she knows something!

MrsF2510 Mon 03-Feb-14 07:25:32

Hello everybody! I recognise lots of the names from the ttc January / February bus thread and it's lovely to see!

Only got my BFP yesterday after testing after AF was 3 days late so it is still early days. DC1 EDD 8th Oct (according to my own calculations)

Trying not to get too excited at this stage and not succeeding!

Giraffeski Mon 03-Feb-14 07:32:25

Welcome MrsF!
Well I'm still here, tiny bit of pink when I wipe still (TMI, sorry!) but still hoping implantation as normally I would have had full on bleeding by now if it was period.

SpanielFace Mon 03-Feb-14 07:40:59

That sounds positive Giraffe! Fingers crossed. I have had some cramping over night but no bleeding. I don't remember this with DS, but then I was about 6 weeks pregnant with DS by the time I found out. I remember that my boobs hurt & that I felt like my period was coming, but he was unplanned so I didn't put two and two together! So maybe I did have cramping & just can't remember, iyswim!

Welcome MrsF smile

mum2kiss Mon 03-Feb-14 08:00:15

I had unexplained painless spotting and bleeding with dc1 for the the first 17 weeks! Did nothing for my sanity but she is 5 years old now!

Over night I have had moderate stomach ache...I can't really call it cramping as it was continuously there all night! I barely slept a wink with worry! I think is may be caused by some prawns I ate yesterday but I don't know hope my.little bean is ok sad

binkybunny Mon 03-Feb-14 08:10:22

Please can I be added! BFP on Saturday (2 different tests- I didn't believe the first!) and a ClearBlue digi yesterday! EDD 9 October. First cycle really trying and expected it to take months so feeling shocked, tearful, excited and scared at the moment.

Hello MrsB so this is where you dissapeared off to! smile

mrsb87 Mon 03-Feb-14 08:19:42

Sounds positive giraffe! Hope your little bean sticks.
Welcome mrsf, any symptoms yet?

I honestly feel like complete s**t. Feeling super sick ALL the time. Unbelievable wind...poor dh. Haha. All my favourite food tastes like crap. I didn't think all this started til further down the line? !?! Booking my appointment with the doctor today I think. Has anyone else seen their doctor yet? No idea what to expect at the first appointment!

mrsb87 Mon 03-Feb-14 08:21:44

Yay binks congratulations!! thanks

binkybunny Mon 03-Feb-14 08:25:47

Thanks MrsB! I think I'm about a week after you and feeling pretty crap already as well.

Sorry to hear you didn't get a relaxing week off work. I'd be telling DH he'd better organise something good for Valentines weekend to make up for him working!

Being rather paranoid, I was going to give the doctors a call today and see what they say about going in. The NHS website says to call them as soon as you get a positive result.

binkybunny Mon 03-Feb-14 08:30:40

Wow, well that's it, I'm seeing the doctor at 3.10 today! It's all feeling rather real, thought they would want to wait a few weeks!

Bumpforme2014 Mon 03-Feb-14 08:38:22

Hello everyone! Binky that was so quick, I'm going to call tomorrow but be difficult for me to get in to see them as got work and away with work on Thurs/Fri this week :-( I didn't think they would bother seeing you until eight weeks?

binkybunny Mon 03-Feb-14 08:41:49

Neither did I. Called today thinking I would get an appointment in about 2 weeks (usual wait with trying to get before/ after work appointments) I'm not at work today, supposed to be studying but it's really not happening! Really surprised, just hope it's not an over eager receptionist and that I'll have to go back again in a few weeks!

mrsb87 Mon 03-Feb-14 08:51:42

Yea binky I will give him another chance to make it up to me!
Wow crikey thats quick! I'm hoping for an appointment on Friday so dh can come with me. Don't fancy it on my own!

binkybunny Mon 03-Feb-14 09:28:41

I wish DH could make it, I'm a bit nervous going on my own and I know I will miss half of the stuff the doctors says. I think this appointment though is just to get referred so I can't imagine it is going to be too indepth. I feel faint everytime I talk about birth or having blood tests, hope I don't pass out!

TinyTear Mon 03-Feb-14 09:36:21

the first appointment is just to tell you dates, ask if you know about what food to eat /not eat and if you are taking folic acid.

no need to take anyone!

the biggest appointment will be the booking in with the midwife.

my DH never came to any of mine, just the big scans

mrsb87 Mon 03-Feb-14 10:03:55

Hmmm I think dh wanted to be there too tbh. is it something I should say for him not to worry about then? Whats everyone else doing?

petitverdot Mon 03-Feb-14 10:08:33

I had my first doctor's appointment on Friday but had no idea what hospital I wanted to go to so he couldn't refer me! Made a decision now though so will be ringing him later today to let him know. He took my blood pressure, weighed me, checked I was taking folic acid and told me not to drink/eat anything with unpasteurised milk. And that was it! DH did come along but I think he felt like a bit of a spare wheel to be honest wink

ldt87 Mon 03-Feb-14 10:09:00

Can I please be added to the list? Edd 13th October. Dc3 if all goes well. Feeling very nervous.. been ttc for almost 3 years and had one miscarriage and one termination at 12 weeks for medical reasons.

Trying not to get my hopes up after last time but really hoping this is my time. Congratulations to everyone.

SpanielFace Mon 03-Feb-14 10:09:19

My first appointment last time, all he did was say "congratulations", tell me to take folic acid & make my booking appointment with the mw. Very boring!

TinyTear Mon 03-Feb-14 10:10:31

Also, if i remember correctly (as in 5 pregnancies only had 2 booking appointments) at the midwife appointment they will want to talk to you by yourself for a bit in case of domestic violence

mum2kiss Mon 03-Feb-14 11:09:54

Im at the docs now! Called in sick after such an awful night.of no sleep and stomach ache.

will let you know what he says. Dp is at home ;)

mrsb87 Mon 03-Feb-14 12:13:05

Ah I see, might tell him he'd end up feeling a bit useless, its so difficult for him to get out of work for an hour anyway so maybe its not worth the hassle this time

FlipFantasia Mon 03-Feb-14 12:30:31

Snow day here! Schools are closed, so no preschool for DS - I suspect cartoons are in our morning! Definitely not going to drive and see the midwife today.

Mum2kiss - sorry you had such a rubbish night!

Early appointments are pretty routine - I only ever had dh at scans and later appointments (eg 30 weeks plus), where I found it helpful to have his support when discussing things like vbacs with consultants!

Actually last I did have DS with me at most appointments and this time I'll have one if not both at all appointments as I'm a sahm with no childcare. It gets fun when they can hear the heartbeat smile

FlipFantasia Mon 03-Feb-14 12:33:16

Thefources am gob smacked they missed your twins at 12 weeks!! My sis was trying for no 3 and got no 3&4 last year but they spotted them at an early scan at 7 weeks. I can't even imagine how shocking it must be to find out half way through!

mum2kiss Mon 03-Feb-14 12:59:45

I saw a new doc and he seemed quite thorough. He really emphasised that at such an early stage anything can happen. I explained the abdo pain last.night and he has booked me an early scan at the epu next.monday if the pain continues to rule out ectopic pregnancy. If I don't get any more pain he asked if I could cancel the appointment so that another lady inneed could have it.

I.drank some peppermint tea this morning and that seems to have stopped.the tummy ache so im thinking all that pain was digestive. On Friday I had horrendous indigestion after having prawn stir fry....then yesterday I mum made us prawn curry for dinner...so I think its the prawns. In my.last pregnancy I remember the exact same.pain when I ate mushrooms!I had to stop eating them until after I gave birth...looks like.prawns will be taking a hike until october!

olilos Mon 03-Feb-14 13:24:57

Hello all. I would also like to join you on here. EDD Oct 3rd.

I am a newbie at this and still in excited-but-overwhelmed shock really. I plan to go to the GP tomorrow for a referral, but, if i understand correctly, i'll need to choose a hospital to have my booking appointment at. Has anyone experienced the maternity wards (or have heard anything about them) at St Mary's hospital in Paddington or UCH in Euston? I have found lots of reviews about the birth centres in each hospital but nothing about the wards themselves. I am considering these 2 at the moment but don't know anyone who's given birth there. Any information/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck to everyone who has appointments coming up!

katster37 Mon 03-Feb-14 14:16:07

Can I quietly join?? Got three very faint lines today... would be due 22nd October. I have two children already (4 and nearly 3). Slightly in shock!!

Weetabex22 Mon 03-Feb-14 15:16:04


I am new to all this, had my BFP in tuesday - soooo excited!! how do i join. i will have alot of questions as this is my first :-)

Tory79 Mon 03-Feb-14 15:43:42

Hi all
Had my drs appointment today - such a waste of time! I really don't understand why they don't just book you straight in to see the midwife! He just took the dates, asked how I knew, told me to get ds not used to being carried (!) felt my tummy, took bp and weighed me, then told me to make an appointment to see the midwife! It's not like they do anything doctorly if that makes sense, certainly nothing the midwife can't do, and if my memory serves me correctly, indeed will do at my booking in appointment! Oh well!

To those who've asked, dh never came to anything but the scans, and I never felt there was any need for him to be at the other appointments. Unless there are any specific issues they are generally very routine and samey.

Was it bump who asked about cm? Yes I am getting this too. It's very irritating as sometimes I FEEL it if you know what I mean, then I have to rush to the loo to check it's not blood.

Symptom wise I still have nothing but tiredness and full, tingly boobs!

Welcome to all newbies!


SpanielFace Mon 03-Feb-14 15:44:22

Bleurgh! Going through caffeine detox is not easy when looking after a poorly toddler! Party because I know I need to (I drink far too much tea & diet coke to be good for a foetus), and partly because suddenly they taste disgusting, same as last time. Missing the caffeine though confused

SpanielFace Mon 03-Feb-14 15:45:39

Welcome to all the new arrivals by the way! Meant to write that but lack of caffeine = foggy brain!

MrsF2510 Mon 03-Feb-14 15:46:16

So I had my first BFP yest and called doctors today. They said that doctor does not need to confirm pregnancy and just took details and said I would be called in by midwife at around 8 weeks (this is probably a cutback thingy isn't it?!). They were lovely and said congrats a lot etc but feel worried - what if my BFP disappears / is inaccurate by the time I go?! I don't feel pregnant so I wouldn't know!! Argh!

MrsF2510 Mon 03-Feb-14 15:47:41

Just read your post tory79 - maybe a good thing I bypass the doctor in my area as I would feel frustrated having to miss work for that!

sophspot Mon 03-Feb-14 16:40:16

Right an update from me. Had crap few days started with brown blood for two days then fresh blood after I wipe. I've been to the gp today. She had a poke & feel of tummy took blood pressure etc.. told me its a wait & see game. She phoned epu & booked a scan next week for me.fresh blood flow has increased a lot today. I feel just like I'm on a normal period. So I think its all over this time. I will do a test nxt week before the scan, if positive I will go to make sure. Feel sad but wishing everyone good luck x

bumpbangbump Mon 03-Feb-14 17:11:33

Sorry to hear that sophs. I really hope the bleeding stops and it's just a scare.

Welcome to all the newbies!

Grumpy ill toddler on my hands here. Could do without the broken sleep really but there you go.

binkybunny Mon 03-Feb-14 17:22:24

My doc appointment was a total waste of time too apart from getting a pack with my pregnancy record to start completing and some folic acid.

I asked him a few questions about exercise and stomach aches but he honestly didnt seem to know and just looked embarassed!

Have my midwife booked for 5 March and should get an appointment for a scan at the hospital about the same time. According to the Dr first scan is 8 weeks but the booklet he gave me says 11.

Seems to be a bit of a waste of time. Not sure why you don't just get an appointment straight with the midwife!

Tory79 Mon 03-Feb-14 17:37:02

Well I didn't get a pregnancy pack or folic acid from my doc so you're ahead of the game there! But at least my midwife appt is next week smile

officelady Mon 03-Feb-14 17:47:15

Hello to all the new people, this thread is getting nice and busy! Fingers crossed we all make it to the end - these early weeks are so worrying aren't they?

3 questions for you:
1. Is anyone else doing much exercise? I was three-quarters of the way through the 30 day shred when I got my BFP and immediately panicked and stopped exercising. But I miss it soooo much - today I've done a fairly leisurely 45 mins on my cross trainer, hoping that's allowed! There's a lot of conflicting advice on the internet.

2. Is anyone still POAS? I have done a few eleven tests since I got my first BFP on 22nd Jan blush Thank god for 10p Amazon tests!! I don't know why I keep doing them, just so I can say to myself "yep, still pregnant"?! Don't tell anyone but I take photos of them with the dates written on, and I made a collage of them on my phone. I think I might actually be losing my marbles confused

3. Has anyone else not got many symptoms yet? I am trying desperately to remember when symptoms kicked in with my last pregnancies, all I can recall is feeling perfectly normal for ages then one day I woke up and puked, and didn't stop puking for several weeks. I can't believe I am wishing for morning sickness but at least it would be a concrete sign that there is something happening!

I wish I could fast-forward to the magical 12 weeks and know that things are going okay!

Suzysnoozy Mon 03-Feb-14 18:35:13

Office lady, mine has but not sure If normal. I'm not even 5weeks and feel awful, I want to eat but it makes me feel ill, I feel like my af is coming and like I've been hit around the head with a bat! Not good when you have a 2year old in tow, I swear last time I didn't feel this awful so early.

As for excercise I did very little before but looking into pregnancy yoga/Pilates/aqua natal, has anyone done these before and which would you recommend?

Tory79 Mon 03-Feb-14 18:38:29

Officelady I was doing the shred too! And have also ground to a sudden halt! I'm sure most of it is fine except for the ab work, but I just don't really know what to do! Apart from that I just walk most days. Want to try and start swimmimg again and I also have Erin o briens pre natal fitness fix from last time, although I seem to remember it didn't feel like much of a workout until I was more heavily pregnant.

Cakebaker35 Mon 03-Feb-14 18:41:01

Welcome and congrats to all the new people and sorry for silence from me, mad busy few weeks and still slightly amazed to have a BFP. Waiting for it to sink in.

sophs I'm really sorry to hear about the bleeding but fingers crossed it is just that and the scan will put your mind at ease.

To try and answer the question of why the midwives don't see you sooner - it's really because so many early pregnancies end in mc so sadly it just doesn't make sense for them to see people early on. The booking in at the docs is to get you on the system, make sure your notes reflect your pregnancy in case any emergencies come along etc. so some may not be helpful but please do remember as long as you're feeling ok and no odd symptoms, there really is no need for the doc to do much more than say congrats!

office as for the question about exercise, continue to do what you did when you fell pregnant, just don't take up anything new. In time you'll start to feel you probably want to drop down the high impact stuff, but just listen to your body, if you're tired rest, if you feel good then carry on. Any dizziness etc then stop immediately. I'm also wanting to poas loads but have managed to just keep it to 5! Want to do another but have run out! I had no symptoms with my dd so I'm wondering if that will be the same again - so far, just bloated!

Giraffeski Mon 03-Feb-14 18:42:21

I have been feeling sick office girl, but just vaguely nauseous, in the background really. Nothing as bad as usual where I vomit all day every day. Maybe that's still to come!
Still having a tiny bit of pink mucus when I wipe but there's nothing on the panty liner, it's 24 hours or so now. When do you think I should worry?

MrsF2510 Mon 03-Feb-14 19:14:22

Oh Sophspot sorry to hear that. Fingers crossed for you x

Regarding the exercise question, am echoing cakebaker here but I think you are suggested to continue with the exercise your body is used to (unless it is considered high risk - horseriding, or contact sports like rugby or kickboxing. As a netballer, I'm still playing and am going to for as long as I can. Obviously if you did nothing before, I would imagine taking up something like yoga / Pilates or a light aerobics would be okay but you would be advised to go slow and not over exert your body or get your heart rate up too high.

MrsF2510 Mon 03-Feb-14 19:21:00

Oh and the symptom spotting question, I haven't got any except no AF - which feels disconcerting really!

grin Officelady! I can't stop grinning about your collage! gringringrin Absolutely brilliant! I POAS loads with my son as had loads of amazon cheapies. This time I was given a single posh test so that's all I've done. It's on my bedside table and I look at it in the mornings! smile
Sophs I hope everything is okay and that the bleeding stops soon, you must be so worried.
Giraffe that sounds very good. I think pink mucus is in the normal range of symptoms. Have you mentioned it to GP? You may be able to get an early scan to put your mind at ease.
I agree with everyone re GP appointments, no need for OH to be there. With my first it was less than 5 mins. I think I'll call the GP tomorrow and see if they can refer me to the midwifery team without an appointment. I'll be 5 weeks! smile
MrsF I can't remember anyone confirming my pregnancy before. HPTs are so accurate they just take your word for it so the midwife won't want you to do a test either. The 12 week scan is the big confirmation!
Tory - slightly odd thing for your GP to say about carrying your DS! Do you babywear/sling carry or did he just mean in your arms? I still wear my DS most days (though he walks a lot too now) and have no plans to stop.
Hi to all the newbies! smile

Giraffeski Mon 03-Feb-14 22:37:55

We self refer directly to midwives in my area so I will be ringing them soon. Last time I think I rang at ten weeks and got an appointment the same week, so I'm going to leave it to perhaps 6 weeks as am only 3 weeks now. Lots can happen in that time and don't think I would get a scan just for pink mucus? If I get any actual bleeding I will ring EPU. Hopefully it will stop and then I won't have an issue smile

Tory79 Mon 03-Feb-14 22:41:27

I think he just meant in my arms - it was a very random statement as it wasn't really connected to anything we'd been talking about really! I don't carry him much anymore anyway as he's blimmin heavy and im a weakling!

Anyone else watching 3 wives 1 husband? Just asked DH if he'd like 3 of me. Response was not if they're all as moody as you are at the moment! Am like a big bundle of anger!
I saw some v close friends at the weekend, not sure they believed the antibiotics story. 1 friend is staying with me until Weds and I feel really mean even thinking that I can't wait for her to leave, I'm a horrid person at the mo!!

ohthegoats Mon 03-Feb-14 22:57:47

A newbie, due early October apparently. And with what I would describe as normal period pains.. they've been going on for 2 weeks. I'm a teacher and we've just found out that we're being Ofsted inspected tomorrow, plus I'm moving house on Thursday and Friday. Period pains got worse since I heard all that was confirmed (lunchtime). Anything to worry about do you think? Or just paracetamol and hot water bottle while I plan lessons for tomorrow?

Giraffeski Mon 03-Feb-14 23:06:15

I would be careful about a hot water bottle if I'm honest.

ohthegoats Mon 03-Feb-14 23:07:51

Oh OK. Didn't know they were a bad idea.

ohthegoats Mon 03-Feb-14 23:10:01

Should add, I don't have any bleeding, but feel pretty horribly sick most of the time (have done for 3 weeks). I'm on daily heparin injections for Factor V Leiden, which even when I wasn't pregnant made me feel a bit wobbly, but are now making me feel a bit odd. Although again, I've been feeling a bit 'odd' for weeks. I put it down to moving house uncertainty, and now nerves about Ofsted. Also in throws of changing Drs, so a bit inconvenient to have any issues this week really. Ha.

Giraffeski Mon 03-Feb-14 23:10:05

Well I'm not sure but I think you're supposed to avoid hot baths and jacuzzis etc because of the risk of raising the core temperature, so I would be cautious?

olilos Mon 03-Feb-14 23:26:40

First appointment (with GP) for me tomorrow. I assume this one would just be to get a referral for booking appointment. No major symptoms yet though, so it hasn't quite sunk in yet...

AK89 Mon 03-Feb-14 23:52:26

Hey girls! I'm due Oct 4th according to my LMP! This is our first pregnancy and our first cycle of TTC so we're very happy smile

So far I've just been feeling more tired than normal, which is to be expected 'cause I've had to massively curb my caffeine addiction over the past few weeks! And I've been feeling dizzy/lightheaded a lot of the time.

My sense of smell has literally gone into overdrive. It is insane! I can smell what someone had for dinner 3 hours ago from 30ft. Disgusting. Not been getting that much nausea except just from the smells!

And haven't been too emotional overall, but it takes the slightest thing to set me off!

ohthegoats Tue 04-Feb-14 00:16:30

Yep, my sense of smell means I keep offending my bf by asking him to clean his teeth. If he has a beer the night before, next morning just being next to him in bed is enough for heaving. Bless.

AK89 Tue 04-Feb-14 03:17:48

Office Lady, I feel like this post could have been written by me.

I am OBSESSED with POAS. I'm trying to limit myself now to just doing it every few days now. No collages as of yet but definitely on the horizon. I wake my bf up most mornings like LOOK IT'S DARKER!!!!

And I'm not really getting many symptoms either yet.. Or maybe I'm getting a few different symptoms, just not that regularly.. Like I said the sense of smell thing is knocking me a bit. But that and the lightheadedness are the only constants really so far. Still early days though so far obv so don't wanna wish chronic MS on myself!

How many other first time mums-to-be are out there??!

AK89 Tue 04-Feb-14 03:20:27

And in terms of exercise I've not been doing much yet cos my job's pretty fast paced as it is and I've been knackered all the time. But I've been looking into aquanatal classes and pilates. Just a shame so many of them are for 12w+!

neomamma Tue 04-Feb-14 05:52:15

Hi girls can i join please? EDD probably 17 October, got my bfp on Saturday at 9dpo. first pregnancy. trying not to get excited as so early days.

MrsF2510 Tue 04-Feb-14 07:17:46

Welcome neomamma!

Ak89 I'm a first timer! Just become an auntie though so am trying to get a little practise! X

Bumpforme2014 Tue 04-Feb-14 07:35:59

Hey girls, I'm first timer as well. I was doing some googling last night and found out I'm only five weeks tomorrow not six weeks because of my long 35 day cycle so that put me into a bad mood and I was in a rage by time I went to bed haha.

olilos Tue 04-Feb-14 07:37:16

I'm also a first timer!

MrsF2510 Tue 04-Feb-14 07:52:56

Bumpforme - I'm 5 weeks tomorrow too. What would that make your due date? X

Bumpforme2014 Tue 04-Feb-14 08:12:57

8th October apparently! I guess it does make sense because of longer cycle ovulation was later at 15th Jan. What about you?

bumpbangbump Tue 04-Feb-14 08:24:16

I can see how being less pregnant would be annoying! According to NHS dd calculator, my shorter cycles mean an earlier date. I wonder if that's why my dates moved so much with my first, due 28th and born 20th!

MrsF2510 Tue 04-Feb-14 08:40:21

Yes the midwife booking place suggested 8th October is my due date too - though if I assume my cycle is 29 days - which it was last month, it would make me the 9th. I will stick with 8th until any scans suggest different. (Really hope I get that far and sorry if that sounds pessimistic but I keep seeing all of the cases of chem pregnancies and mc on here so don't want to get too excited. DH doesn't even want to talk about it at this stage either for the same reason)

sazzlehopes Tue 04-Feb-14 09:08:36

Hi all, just popping in briefly. I am staying away for a bit as the sad mc stories make me nervous and the first time around with ds i was blissfully unaware of any of this. I have my midwife apt at 9 weeks, so 3 and a bit weeks to go. I have not a single symptom, but I don't remember any the first time, so trying not to let that stress me out. Hope you are all ok. Sorry to Soph, hope that bleeding stops.

MrsF - 8 weeks is normal. I think cake said this all too. They don't see you earlier (unless of emergency or previous history) 'just in case'. There's nothing they can do/hear/feel really until that stage. It is a long wait (my first apt is at 9 weeks) but really just hang in there, look after yourself and it'll come round soon enough!

RunDMC Tue 04-Feb-14 10:27:39

Hi ladies, tentatively joining as got my BFP last Friday which gives me an EDD of 3rd October so EDD buddies with one or two of you.... Got a 2.5 year old DS and had a missed mc before him hence my caution.

Like some of you also not in the tender flushes of youth (will be 40 in 19 days!) so desparately trying not to google pregnancy risks at 40+. Part of me is delighted to be pregnant again and can't quite still believe it !

Just rang to make a booking appointment here and the date I have is for when I will be 8 weeks...standard practice here I think too.. Also a teeny bit gutted that I have to stop the 5:2 which has become a way of eating over the last year and helped to lose all the baby weight from the last time...am embracing the size 10 jeans while I still can and assuring myself I will get back into them again..smile

Not to wish my life away but roll on that 12 week scan and yes I am also wishing for sickness to arrive- last time it kicked in at 7 weeks or so and lasted til 27 weeks..yuck...

Good luck everyone !

tiger66 Tue 04-Feb-14 11:24:29

I'm due 7th October with number 3. Despite both DH and I planning this, I am feeling a completely mix of happiness, fear, anxiety, mainly to do with other people's reactions. Is anyone else expecting number 3? When do you plan on telling the other 2 and parents? I know MIL will be very excited but don't think mine will.

petitverdot Tue 04-Feb-14 13:08:53

No other children, but we're planning on telling our parents next week - big weekend away with the in-laws and friends, lots of booze, I'm a big drinker normally, so PEOPLE WILL KNOW. This will be first grandchild for in-laws so I'm expected them to be super excited - I think my parents will be as well but they already have two so not quite the same smile

hefner Tue 04-Feb-14 14:06:31

Hi everyone, can I join you? Got my bfp on Sunday and I'm very excited, although very scared something will go wrong. I don't really have any symptoms yet apart from feeling tired. I'm due around 5th Oct and I already have a 2 year old daughter. I won't attempt to add myself to the list as I'm on my phone, will add myself later unless anyone else beats me to it!

hefner DC2 EDD 5th Oct

mrsb87 Tue 04-Feb-14 16:50:10

Hi guys hope everyone is well today?
AK89 this is my first too, I have 5 neices and nephews though so I've had a bit of practice!

Symptoms are still making me feel rough as a badgers arse. I've been at work today but struggled as every few minutes I was trying to decide if I should be running upstairs to be sick. Is this right at onky 5 weeks? Im super exhausted too, only did a 9-3 shift and had plans of doing loads at home but here I am, flat out on the sofa!
Tmi I know but the bloating and wind is horrendous.... sorry.

pinkhollie Tue 04-Feb-14 19:18:23

Welcome all the newbies and congratulations on the bfp's let's hope we've all got sticky ones. I'm getting paranoid as I've got really achey legs and back today but I'm hoping it's just because my 2yo ds is ill and decided that being carried at all times is the only acceptable way to move. Other than that all seems well. I've been trying to remember how I felt at this point 2.5 years ago. I had a big job interview in the first 2 months and remember being ok then but had nausea almost constantly from 2-4 months.

Bumpforme2014 Tue 04-Feb-14 19:18:58

Hey, spoke to doctor today she said she considers me six weeks so that's nice but it is very confusing! I would have thought having an extra week before ovulation just means your body has longer to prepare for the pregnancy not that I was one week less pregnant lol I think it's because they always assume everyone ovulates 14 days after last period which is never usually the case. I guess you never really know until the 12 week scan, surely some babies progress faster or slower than others as well just like us ovulating at different times in our cycle...anyway rant over! I find this all very fascinating lol

Bump I'm apparently already 7 +5 going by my last period! Got my first midwife appointment on Friday. Looking forward to it but a bit scary and real. Still no sickness but am feeling weird, eating more and getting belly ache strangeness if I haven't eaten

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Tue 04-Feb-14 19:29:06

Hi can I tentatively join too? I have only the roughest of rough ideas off end due to no lmp (mc over the new yearsad ), but based on dates of dtd along with a bfn on Fri followed by a bfp on Mon with a cb digi showing 2-3, I think I'm due on Oct 13th.

I already have 18mo ds. But he was born at 34+5 so I'm half expecting a September baby!grin

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Tue 04-Feb-14 19:31:10

Oh and I've had sore boobs on and off with mild nausea and lots of burping. grin Also (tmi) slightly constipated with a bit of cm.

Bumpforme2014 Tue 04-Feb-14 20:30:35

Welcome Annoyedbyalfiebear, your situation sounds confusing but congratulations!

Mundaycakes - how many weeks do you think you are then?

I think I'm 6 weeks Bump going by the BFNs I got before the BFP, however maybe I was a late show-er. Dr gave me an EDD of 19th September. My SIL gets married 27th Sept so FX I'll hold out until after then!!

hefner Tue 04-Feb-14 20:59:08

It is confusing with different cycle lengths. I think I would be more like 7 weeks based on LMP, but I have long cycles and know roughly when I ovulated so I'm sure I'm only about 5 weeks. In my last pregnancy they ignored my usual cycle length and dated the pregnancy from LMP until the dating scan showed that I was 2 weeks behind (as I'd already told them!).

Welcome and congratulations to all the newbies! I called the GP this afternoon and have an appointment for midwifery referral on Monday afternoon. Ball is officially rolling! smile

McRedHead Tue 04-Feb-14 22:13:24

Hello all newbies. brew

Annoyed My dates are a bit of guess work too, post-MC in October. No AF since. Going by 2-3 indicator in CB on Monday.

Tiger I am due number 3 as well. DS is 5 and DD is 4. Will be definitely waiting until after scan to tell them. Had considered taking them to 12 week scan last time, but with finding a MMC, SO glad I didn't. Visiting in-laws this weekend, thinking it is too soon to tell, but don't think they'll buy any excuse for me not drinking! As for other people's reactions, they can think what they like and have their own opinions, but it is a decision only for my family.

No symptoms here. V impatiently waiting...

MrsCaptainReynolds Tue 04-Feb-14 22:29:01

TroubleandFyfe how funny -we're EDD buddies and (almost) birthday buddies (I'm 8th Oct). Thinking I might go early again though, got to 39 weeks last time...who knows...

I'm in my 6th week I think. Early losses have all been week 5 previously so I'm just going to let myself enjoy some optimism. Doesn't help me at all to be pessimistic, does it? Will self refer to midwife about 10 weeks in.

Full of symptoms -water retention, thirst, sore boobs, exhausted, spotty back, hungry all the time but with mild nausea and no idea what I'm hungry for, and generally scattier than usual. Despite my overall happiness at being upduffed again, I am going to be counting down the days till 16 weeks -I started to feel great at that point last time. Anything can happen, but nice to have something to aim for.

Would a kind person add me to the list please?

MrsCaptainReynolds DC2 7th Oct

bumpbangbump Wed 05-Feb-14 06:56:02

So is insomnia a pregnancy symptom. Little man was awake for a big at midnight and I didn't get back off until well after 3.30... Today will be interesting.

Welcome all new comers. So interesting to hear the variations in our experiences so far, both with symptoms and interactions with HCP.

mrsb87 Wed 05-Feb-14 08:06:20

And the morning sickness begins! Ugh

mrsb87 Wed 05-Feb-14 08:08:46

Bump, I'm. Not sure about insomnia? I know I havn't slept well but im not sure if its just because I've been so uncomfortable.

Bumpforme2014 Wed 05-Feb-14 08:25:48

Yes insomnia here! I've never been a good sleeper but now waking up constantly and struggling to go back to sleep. I'm feeling nervous today as into my fifth week and that seems to be quite a common week for miscarriage :-(.

mum2kiss Wed 05-Feb-14 10:44:23

I firmly believe that pregnancy is mother natures way of preparing us for.sleepless nights!

bumpbangbump Wed 05-Feb-14 11:27:31

I never had it with ds. Last night was terribly frustrating, although I don't actually feel that bad today.

I know miscarriage is possible, but most pregnancies are straight forward aren't they? Am I living on cloud cookcoo land?? Well fx we all make it all the way.

mrsb87 Wed 05-Feb-14 11:31:58

Do you think it's a nature's way if preparing us for the lack of sleep in the future?

Cakebaker35 Wed 05-Feb-14 11:41:02

Hello all, and welcome to all the new BFPs.

Well today I had an urge to poas again, daft but I did with a clearblue digi. It came up only 1-2 weeks when by my calculations I'm actually 5wks 4 days - so what is going on??? I've worried myself now sad anyone else have any experience of this? I'm feeling really well in myself, was a bit bloated but apart from that no other symptoms, I just don't know what to think. I've got my first GP appointment on Monday so I will mention it then but feeling scared now that something might be wrong....

hefner Wed 05-Feb-14 12:12:28

Just updating the stats list, I've tried to add everyone who has joined since the last list update, sorry to anyone I've missed.

LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
OfficeLady DC3 EDD 1st Oct
Thefourcees DC5 EDD 1st Oct
Petitverdot DC1 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
Olilos DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Cakebaker35 DC2 EDD 4th Oct
AK89 DC1 4th Oct
McRedHead DC3 EDD 5th October
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
sophspot DC1 EDD 5th Oct
DuggiWontSleep DC2 edd 5th October
Vicky123uk DC2 EDD 5th Oct
hefner DC2 EDD 5th Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
TinyTear DC2 ADD 6th October
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
TroubleAndFyfe DC2 EDD 7th October
Spanielface DC2 EDD 7th Oct
Pickofthedocs DC2 EDD 7th Oct
MrsCaptainReynolds DC2 EDD 7th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Bumpforme2014 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
MrsF2510 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct
binkybunny DC1 EDD 9th Oct
Twinkletwink DC2 due 10th Oct
Pinkhollie dc2 edd 10th Oct
Lighthouser DC1 EDD 10th Oct
mum2kiss dc2 edd 11th October
Overthinker88 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Sweetpeapods DC2 due 13 Oct
ldt87 DC3 EDD 13th Oct
AnnoyedByAlfieBear DC2 EDD 13th Oct
Giraffeski DC3 EDD 14th Oct
pollywhatshername DC2 EDD 15th Oct
neomamma DC1 EDD 17th Oct
katster37 DC3 EDD 22nd Oct

Bumpforme2014 Wed 05-Feb-14 12:45:31

Cakebaker welcome back! Don't worry, aren't you only a couple of weeks since ovulation though? All these dates are confusing anyway I'm 6 weeks since last period but 3 weeks since ovulation and considered 5 weeks pregnant lol why would it be anything to worry about? Main thing is it still says pregnant.

Cakebaker35 Wed 05-Feb-14 12:56:47

Thanks bump I've been lurking just finding it hard to make time to read and post something sensible smile I honestly don't know exactly when I ovulated so am really just going on first day of last period, and if I work to a 28 day cycle that would make me 5wks 4 days preg - but thanks to slightly irregular cycle this could be a bit out, but if guess is still expected it to say 2 - 3 weeks. It seems wherever you look there's something else to worry about with this pregnancy lark!! How are you feeling bump, hope all is well. I feel a bit bloated but that could just be cake blush other than that, nothing, same as with dd1.

zahazie Wed 05-Feb-14 12:57:29

Hi everyone, I've been reading the thread for a few days, and I have finally plucked up the courage to join!
I initially thought that my EDD was 23 September (first day of last period was 10 December), but I had a scan yesterday and they placed me at 6w+2d giving me an EDD of 1st October. First pregnancy, so don't really know what to expect. Haven't told anyone yet (except DP of course!) and already finding it difficult to hide as I have stopped drinking and eating certain foods.
I had to travel to India for work last week, which was daunting, but actually it went really well, as I don't have any major symptoms yet.
Not used to MN, so still trying to figure out the netiquette and all the abbreviations, so please bear with me!
I will try to add myself to the list.

Bumpforme2014 Wed 05-Feb-14 14:13:10

Hmmmm Cakebaker I agree always something else to worry about, fast forward two months pleaseeee. It does seem odd then that your test is saying that but these tests are just a guide aren't they. I feel fine, nothing to report other than very hot during night, tired and boobs still hurt and seem to be growing by the day. Its so hard not to get excited its such a mixture of emotions never felt anything quite like it.

Pickofthedocs Wed 05-Feb-14 14:25:11

Thanks to Hefner for updating the list for all of us :-)

Cakebaker, I think the cb digi ones with date say in notes or have read it somewhere that reading can change depending on time of day of sample used for test. Am sure is just a matter of that.

FlipFantasia Wed 05-Feb-14 14:36:48

Welcome to all the new ladies! The thread is filling up nicely smile

Very interesting to read how everyone is doing. The insomnia at this stage is nothing compared to late pregnancy! Been waking at 4am most mornings and just not able to get back to sleep...

Cakebaker - those conception indicators are the work of the devil! Could it be because you didn't use fmu? Just another thing to stress out about...could you wait a bit and use the second one with fmu to see progression? Or maybe ask for hcg blood tests (much more reliable).

I did actually do a cb digi conception indicator myself last night. Had a minor freak out yesterday (after booking early scan and first midwife appointment) so decided to do one last night and was relieved to be 3+ weeks. But then I'm 5 weeks today (using a 28 day cycle) but actually 5+3 using my short cycle/early ovulation dates. Had been proud of myself for only doing one test until then (Officelady, loving the poas addiction and the collage! That was me with my first - just didn't have a smart phone to document it).

My understanding is that a scan only changes an Edd based on lmp if there's more than a week discrepancy. So I want to be 3 days behind my official date as it will make me seem less overdue at term (same thing happened with dd - born at term+2 but actually term+5 using my dates).

If anyone wants a great site to see how many days weeks/when significant dates are google babymed's due date calculator.

Having a big ice storm here at the mo - ice literally falling from the sky on top of all the snow we had on Monday - so another housebound day as the whole place is an ice rink. Am very ready for winter to end! And just hoping we don't lose electricity...

zahazie Wed 05-Feb-14 15:29:01

Thanks FlipFantasia and fingers crossed you don't lose electricity.

I went to look up babymed's due date calculator, but now I am even more confused! For some reason, I keep on getting different dates. My LMP is 10/12/13, and my cycles are normally 28 days, but I obviously ovulated late, and according to the scan I had, I should be 6w+3d, and my doctor has given me an EDD of 1st Octobre. Confusing!!
Anyway, I guess EDD are never really exact anyway, but it's frustrating to not know how far along I am (I am waiting for the 12weeks mark to be able to really start getting excited).

Cakebaker35 Wed 05-Feb-14 15:38:50

Thank you everyone, no I didn't use fmu so perhaps that's it, hmm who knows. Docs on Monday anyway so I'll definitely mention it. Perhaps I'll wait until the weekend and do another with fmu. Or perhaps not! I didn't have any of this stress with dd1 as I didn't know I was pregnant until about 7 wks, it was great to miss out on all this early craziness, roll on 12 weeks for all and I think we might relax....or maybe just find something else to worry about grin

flip wow where are you? Storm sounds crazy. Being battered by wind and rain here in the south east uk, definitely an indoor afternoon for me and dd.

FlipFantasia Wed 05-Feb-14 16:25:06

Cake - god, it would be great to find out you're preg late and miss the stress of the early weeks! Good idea to hold off on testing. Those things are unreliable and the best thing to do is (try) to relax...

You storm sounds crazy too. I'm in northern New Jersey, about 10 miles outside NYC. I'm from ireland and my home city (cork) is under a load of water, canoes on the main shopping street and the like. This winter had been a nightmare on both sides of the Atlantic!

sazzlehopes Wed 05-Feb-14 16:44:59

Cake I was tempted to do the other diggie sitting in the cabinet but now I'm not so sure. I know everyone's level of pregnancy hormone is different and increases slightly differently so try not to worry. Mention it to the doctors and I'm sure if they are concerned they'll do a blood test for you.
I know what you mean though first time round I wasn't really aware of such early mc or anything and got to 12weeks without fretting about everything. Even though I keep telling myself that I had no symptoms the first time and that is normal I just can't help wishing for ms or some major sign. So silly!!!

mum2kiss Wed 05-Feb-14 17:55:20

flip I have relatives in NJ...we were just out there last summer ;)

With my dd I had bleeding/spotting from about 4+4 right the way through to week 17! All my concentration was on that and whether or not I would mc so I didn't pay attention to any other symptoms!

So far my one symptom has been heartburn/indigestion

FlipFantasia Wed 05-Feb-14 18:06:54

Mum2kiss how cool you have relatives in nj! Whereabouts are they? My in-laws are in south jersey, 20 mins from Philadelphia, so it's good to be so close to the grandparents and family (a big part of why we moved from London!). Wow, 13 weeks of bleeding - that must have been super stressful.

Bumpforme2014 Wed 05-Feb-14 18:10:41

Flip, my mum is from Cork and I've loads of family there, hadn't heard anything from them on the weather yet!

I am glad I'm not stuck at home ladies, as nice as it is to rest my job really takes my mind off things.

I am also waiting for more symptoms to kick in, I've not noticed anything major I thought I would be more hungry by now but no, I guess loads of women at this stage don't even know their pregnant so makes sense not to have any major symptoms.

Anyone else boobs so heavy and sore? They don't look any bigger but feel huge haha

RunDMC Wed 05-Feb-14 18:23:18

Sorry some of you are having crazy weather - v glad we don't have ice storms here ! Feels funny that weather up here in Scotland has been better this winter than down south.

Symptom spotting here too - felt a few passing waves of nausea last night but nothing today. Def got the sore and heavy boobs thing going on here too bump but mine don't look any bigger either !!

Told a close friend today but thinking we'll wait a while before telling family and other friends..

claptomania Wed 05-Feb-14 18:44:24

Hello all

Room for one more on the bus?

I'm a slightly surprised first time poster/first time pg person (having had unprotected sex a total of two times in Jan - our first month of trying)

No symptoms here bar comedy boobs! Hope it stays that way too; sympathy to those already feeling ill.

claptomania DC1 EDD 10th Oct

Bumpforme2014 Wed 05-Feb-14 19:03:35

Welcome clap! That happened to us as well, we only DTD like twice so was convinced I had no chance this month. How wrong (and lucky) I was.

Glad I'm not the only one with boob issues, I keep showing DH saying look they are huge and he is like no they are not, they look the same and when I look in mirror he is right they look slightly fuller but just feel massive, also affecting my sleep as well because fav position is my front, not anymore.....ouch!

claptomania Wed 05-Feb-14 19:09:47

Ouch! I'm sure mine are bigger. Bra overspill = not a good look. Perhaps my first pregnancy purchase??

Bumpforme2014 Wed 05-Feb-14 19:18:54

Mine are fuller so gone up a size for sure but I kept a bra from when I lost weight last year so switched to that one then oddly purchased a sports bra in bigger size from m&s in the sale before I fell pregnant so been living in that one it's soooo comfy, I would recommend sports bras for now as would imagine maternity bras expensive plus you don't know how big you will get yet.

queenasanti3 Wed 05-Feb-14 19:36:43

Hi hope everyone is well x
Just a quick question to cake did u take a cb digital when you first found out ? The leaflet tells you how your doctor would date you which is further on than the cb digital, I wouldn't worry x

officelady Wed 05-Feb-14 20:19:33

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Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
OfficeLady DC3 EDD 1st Oct
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Sweetpeapods DC2 due 13 Oct
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Giraffeski DC3 EDD 14th Oct
pollywhatshername DC2 EDD 15th Oct
neomamma DC1 EDD 17th Oct
katster37 DC3 EDD 22nd Oct

Evening all - I've added in a couple of the newbies, hope that's everyone on the list! No doubt it will all need reshuffling once we start having our dating scans, hope I don't get bumped to September, I am getting quite comfy on this thread smile
I am trying to dial down the crazy and have managed to NOT do any more POAS tests. However I have made a pact with myself that I will test again on Monday and if I am indeed still pregnant I will make a doctors appointment. I should be about 7 weeks by then, going by my LMP date. I have been on my GP surgery website and it says they have all their antenatal clinics on Monday mornings which would be a complete and utter nightmare for me to get to - especially as I have absolutely no intention of telling my boss that I am pregnant until much, much later - preferably after the 20 week scan if I can get away with it. Not sure how I am going to handle appointments before then confused I have never had any time off since I started working there (10+ yrs) so it's going to put a real spanner in the works if I suddenly start going to medical appointments without anything being obviously wrong with me!

Oh oh oh and and ... I think I might have started getting some symptoms:-
1. hideous insomnia (I use a sleep App on my phone and it looks like I am dead from 10pm until 3am then BOING wide awake for the rest of the night).
2. feeling like complete and utter shit from about 3.30pm until about 5pm. Eating chocolate helps wink
3. a really strange sensation that feels like I am not quite swallowing food properly - like I've forgotten how to do it. At least 4 or 5 times today I have had the sensation that there is still some food left in my throat after I have swallowed a mouthful. I don't remember this from my last pregnancies - am hoping it's temporary!
4. Tired, so very tired. I am typing this in my onesie - just going to load the dishwasher then I'm going to bed. No doubt will be wide awake half the night though.

And on that note (sorry this turned into such an essay!) thankyou and goodnight!

pebble82 Wed 05-Feb-14 20:33:12

Hi all. Newbie here after finally believing my 7th BFP :-)

stats are
pebble82 DC1 EDD 10th Oct

Very excited to be on this thread!

Bumpforme2014 Wed 05-Feb-14 20:34:20

Haha loving the essay officelady! Don't blame you going to bed soon I be off soon also as up at 6am tomorrow :-(. I am allowing myself one cup of coffee a day to get through the day otherwise I will literally fall asleep at my desk. I don't understand your concerns about appointments, don't you ever have to see the doctors or dentist during work time?

I have had a few docs appointments myself lately as I have a bowel condition which means I am under the care of hospital at mo but my boss is so unorganised and scatty he forgets his own diary let alone mine so not too worried about my appointments increasing as will just blame it on that.

binkybunny Wed 05-Feb-14 20:46:48

Good evening ladies! I was so excited to see myself on the list- it's starting to feel a bit more real now but try keep grounded. We told our parents and sisters as it's first grandchild and we were just too excited and shocked. Keeping everything crossed it's all ok.

OfficeLady if you tell them do you not get extra time off? We do where I work, although I realise I am very lucky. It's worth my while telling them as early as possible so I get time off for medical appointments and classes- such as yoga and aqua natal as they only run them during the day where I am.

Bump and Clap similar story here, first cycle really trying and only DTD a few times so v surprised when I got my BFP- especially as 7 days before I had tested (3 days before AF due) and it was a BFN.

On symptoms- I have aches and cramps in my stomach, bloating, sooo tired I cannot believe, but up early every morning. Hungry ALL the time but feel sick when I eat and I have never been so emotional. DH was out last night at a friends and when he came home I was sat crying my heart out for absolutely no reason!

I think I'm only on week 4 or 5 too, dreading to think how I'll be in a couple of weeks!

Sofe1978 Wed 05-Feb-14 20:59:34

Hi everyone!

I'm a newbie on here. My first pregnancy at 35 so more than a little nervous about it all. I'm 5 weeks today with my due date on the 8th oct so special hi to all those currently sharing my date smile

Looking forward to the road ahead and hopefully sharing this special time with you all.

Bumpforme2014 Wed 05-Feb-14 21:06:05

Haha I go through emotional phases as well it's really weird feeling like you just want to cry for no reason and cant control it, I'm such a controlled person and very private with my emotions so hope it doesn't get any worse.

officelady Wed 05-Feb-14 21:07:34

Welcome to the thread, pebble smile

When I said I haven't had any time off work ever, that's exactly what I meant. I haven't been to the docs for at least 5 yrs and even then it would have been an evening appointment after I finished work. Luckily my health has always been very good and I haven't needed time off. Dentist appointments always get done in my holidays. Where I work we are not allowed time off for medical appointments unless it's an emergency. I would be entitled to time off for antenatal appts but it would mean telling the boss and that's something I really REALLY don't want to do just yet, for lots of reasons. I can see it's going to get complicated ...

officelady Wed 05-Feb-14 21:08:44

And welcome to you too, Sofe1978

mrsb87 Wed 05-Feb-14 21:17:36

Officelady I too am having the work/pregnancy debates. After having a few sickness episodes yesterday and today. Im beginning to wonder how I'm going to explain my sudden disappearances off the shop floor. If I say I have food poisoning or a bug they'll send me home hmm

Hello newbies! I hope your beans stick!

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Wed 05-Feb-14 22:08:36

I told my boss today. I work in a place with lots of lifting and just wanted to cover my back really. Plus he was really good with my previous MC's so I'm lucky to have his support if the worse happens.

I also booked in with the MWs. They asked loads of questions and will put it all into the system to get the ball rolling. I should be getting scan and consultant appointments soon based on last time. Exciting times!

Can anyone else feel their abdomens stretching yet? Or am I imagining it?

Oh, and I woke up with one boob bigger than the other this morning! grin

MrsF2510 Wed 05-Feb-14 22:31:00

Hello pebble!!! So nice that you have joined us!! Still don't really think I have any symptoms - maybe feel a bit crampy but not bad at all. Tired but my life has been hectic - is due to slow in a couple of weeks which will be nice.

So have people told anybody yet? I'm 5 weeks today and on DH knows - bursting to say to close friends but don't want to jinx it!!

MrsF2510 Wed 05-Feb-14 22:36:10

Ps thank you to the wonderful ladies who have updated the stats !! X

Bumpforme2014 Wed 05-Feb-14 22:38:25

I am also 5 weeks and we have decided not to tell anyone yet which suits me as I am a worrier I don't want people asking loads of questions. My friends always told me I had to tell them as soon as I found out though so can imagine their frustration at me not telling them sooner.

We have decided to tell SIL as she is staying with us soon but I will be about 9 weeks then. Once we have told her I will prob start telling people from then. I want to surprise mother in law with picture of 12 week scan in Mother's Day card though :-)

pebble82 Wed 05-Feb-14 22:59:13

Hi MrsF (waves enthusiastically)

When you say 5 weeks is that 5 weeks from last AF or 5 weeks from OV?

I've not told anyone yet but plan on telling my mum on Sat as we've got a girlie day planned. She'll cry I bet.

I want to tell my best friend too as she's just planned for us to go to a beer festival together in a few weeks and now I can't drink. I'm happy to go just for fun but not sure lone drinking will be fun for her. If I tell her in good time she might be able to find someone else. Oh decisions.

claptomania Thu 06-Feb-14 00:30:50

It's tricky, isn't it, deciding when to tell? I have numerous social events coming up (a wedding, a stay at the in-laws - wish I got invited to beer festivals!) - and am unsure how much tea refusing or wine swapping I'll be able to get away with. I was thinking about telling close friends and family at 8 weeks, as I think the odds are bettet then?

binkybunny Thu 06-Feb-14 06:38:45

I couldnt wait to tell my family but I have made it v clear its early days. I think if something did go wrong then at least we have their support, especially my parents! It also stops all the 'are we ever going to grandkids?' questions that seem to be in every conversation.

We told everyone by phone which is a bit of a shame but we dont live near any family. I would love to have seen their faces!

bumpbangbump Thu 06-Feb-14 06:38:47

Hey pebble, good to see you over from Jan bus.

We've told immediate family already as I couldn't keep it in... And mum would be support if I need it as would pils for my oh. I really want to tell me best friend, I told her v3y early with my first, but as she's pregnant with her first I feel a bit nervous about a possible loss and making her feel uncomfortable sharing her happiness with me. I expect I'll cave pretty soon!

5w4d here, booking in appointment tomorrow and then back to wishing away the next few weeks!

As for time off work office, check your maternity policy and then if you're entitled to time off, paid, for antinatal appts then just tell them you have an apptment and if the need your letter, you'll send it straight to hr. That's what I did, I think it will make my boss think twice about asking what it's about...

MrsF2510 Thu 06-Feb-14 07:40:46

When I say 5 wks, it's 5wks from AF Pebble. EDD 8th Oct. I have my friends over this weekend for a meal and undoubtedly drinks. It's going to be so hard to avoid suspicion! Hopefully because there will be quite a few of us and there will be food, people won't be paying too much attention!

pebble82 Thu 06-Feb-14 08:16:59

Thanks. I suppose I'm 4 weeks +6 then. Totally terrified of a loss. I had no idea how many people went through it until I joined mumsnet. But then again there's a lot I didn't know. School certainly doesn't teach you everything.

I'm with the ladies with bizzare sleep patterns. I never wake up in the night but for the past week I haven't really got more than 2 hours without waking up. Not tired yet though which is good.

zahazie Thu 06-Feb-14 08:33:38

Thanks officelady for updating the list and Hello to all the newbies!
In regard to the debate of when to tell people, I am sticking with the idea of not telling anyone until 12 weeks, but it is so hard! I am sure that people will notice that I am eating differently (no more salads at the canteen for me - I am toxo negative) and that I am not drinking. But I would hate for work people to know before my family.
No real symptoms yet (apart from sore boobs), so I should count myself lucky, but it does mean that I am worrying!

Cakebaker35 Thu 06-Feb-14 08:34:32

Morning all and welcome to all the newcomers.

As for telling people, just go with your gut feeling. First time around we only told our best friends until we had the 12 wk scan but this time around I've told close family and friends already as I figure I'd need their support if anything goes wrong, especially helping me look after dd. from my experience people do understand it's v early days and manage not to squeal too much grin

So I did another poas this morning and this time the clearblue is right (puts me at 2-3 wks which equals 5-6 weeks, and by my calculation I'm 5wks 5 days). So the morals of the story for me are stop bloody poas-ing and that clearblue is not 100%! So I promise here and now, no more poas-ing, who's with me?! grin

Cakebaker35 Thu 06-Feb-14 08:40:22

Oops I misread it, it actually puts me at 4-5 wks, but that's better than yesterday so I'm just clinging to that and leaving the things well alone now!

TinyTear Thu 06-Feb-14 08:49:36

I will tell my work next week as if I miscarry I will be taking time off so want my boss to be aware... if i miscarry it will be the 5th so he knows the drill...

mrsb87 Thu 06-Feb-14 09:05:17

Yes no more poas!! I have managed to leave them alone for a while now, it told me im pregnant, no af so must be still pregnant. As if puking all morning isn't enough evidence!

I have told my mum and inlaws and a close friend but don't plan on telling work til 12wk scan if I can avoid it.

MrsDinoRawr Thu 06-Feb-14 09:08:22

Hi everyone. Congratulations to everyone on here. I have been reading this thread but have been too scared to join after having a miscarriage last October. But finally need some advice/support so here goes.

I used opks all month as my cycles have been really messed up since the miscarriage and I didn't know if I was even ovulating. I used to be quite regular 29/30 day cycles. But have had 36 and 43 day cycles since.

This month seemed to be back to normal. Got positive opk on CD17. By 9dpo I was starting to see the line getting darker again which was either another surge or possible pregnant... By 11dpo the lines on sainsburys hpt came up within the time but were faint (With my last pregnancy they came up after 10 mins but had to take the tests apart to see them). I did a clearblue digital on that evening - Pregnant 1-2 weeks! Have done loads of tests (poas addict?) and they are getting darker every day.

On Tuesday at 1am I wiped and there was red blood (It was my 30th birthday - great present!). I went to work but started crying and they sent me home. By midday the blood started to turn brown with occasional red blood. It has not been enough to fill a pad at all and is really only when I wipe. I am still spotting today - but there is hardly anything there and it is brown not red (hoping this is good). I am 5 weeks today. Last time I was about the same time but the bleeding was as heavy as a period and red with some clotting. I have had no pain or cramps. I have been sick every day for the last week. I don't know what to think. I have booked a doctors appointment for 9.50 but I know from last time that they wont do anything until I get to 6 weeks. The other thing that is worrying me is that the school I teach in has had a few cases of slapped cheek (including a child in my class) which can cause miscarriage.

I am trying to stay positive and telling myself that spotting can be common. Clearblue digital went up to 2-3 weeks yesterday (when I had my miscarriage it didnt get past 1-2 weeks and I miscarried at 6 weeks).

Sorry for the long long post. What a way to introduce myself. My due date is 10th October. Hopefully I will be sticking around and getting to know you all. xx

TinyTear Thu 06-Feb-14 09:54:55

Hello again, if anyone wants a thread where we all have unfortunately had miscarriages, so can't share the wide eyed innocence (i envy you) there is an October / September thread for people who hadmiscarriages.

we can talk about the knicker check and paranoia without scarring other people


MrsDinoRawr Thu 06-Feb-14 10:21:49

Sorry I didn't mean to offend/upset. I don't know how to delete my post sad

Sorry will hop out of this thread.

TinyTear Thu 06-Feb-14 10:40:42

Dino not offending/upseting anyone!

I am on pregnancy number 6 now (1 DD, 4mc) and am sticking here as well, but it's good to have somewhere else to talk more freely!

MrsDinoRawr Thu 06-Feb-14 10:54:24

Oh ok - thanks Tiny. This will be our first baby.

What symptoms are people having? I have been sick every day this week. Chocolate doesnt seem to agree with me anymore. Prob shouldn't be eating it anyway. The doctor said to drink sugary drinks like squash because often it is if you have low blood sugar.

TinyTear Thu 06-Feb-14 10:56:10

no symptoms here... didn't have much in any pregnancy, just a bit of a better sense of smell

pebble82 Thu 06-Feb-14 11:28:09

I agree with the smell thing. When the smokers come back in from outside the office it's potent! Never noticed before.

TinyTear Thu 06-Feb-14 14:04:02

last time what nearly did it for me was someone's red bull and salt &vinegar crisps, bleurgh

hefner Thu 06-Feb-14 14:10:05

Dino fingers crossed your spotting stops soon. Completely understandable that you're so worried after your past experience but I think spotting is common so hopefully it's nothing to worry about. Hopefully Tiny's thread will give you some extra support, but please don't feel you have to leave this thread, you certainly haven't offended or upset me!

As for when to tell people, I think we'll wait until after the 12 week scan, that's what we did last time. I'm a bit envious of all the people starting to see their midwives already! In my area the midwives won't do the booking appointment until at least 8 weeks, and the earliest appointment they had free is in March, so I'll be nearly 10 weeks before I see anyone.

hefner Thu 06-Feb-14 14:12:34

I don't have any symptoms yet, apart from feeling a bit tired and rubbish. I had implantation bleeding, and a few stretching type pains early on, but nothing now. I'm sure by this stage last time I had really sore boobs and felt quite sick. I should enjoy the lack of symptoms while it lasts but I think I'd feel less anxious if I felt a bit more pregnant.

mum2kiss Thu 06-Feb-14 15:01:52

Im with you hefner I will be 9+5 for my first appointment! Seems like a lifetime away. On the bright side it means they'll book our 12 week scans right away!

pebble82 Thu 06-Feb-14 15:20:57

I've made an appointment with my GP for Monday to get on the lists. No idea what the process is as this is my first. Excited but now very nervous after reading too much on the internet.

sazzlehopes Thu 06-Feb-14 16:27:11

hefner and mum i too am only seeing my midwife at 9 weeks, but i guess there is so little to do before then!

pebble - don't expect too much from the docs, they will say congrats and put you in the system and give you some info but really it is nothing. Unfortunately until 8/9 weeks there is nothing to be done, and the chance of mc is high so just get on with things and wait for appointments later on! this early bit drags like the 2ww i find!!

Afternoon ladies, nice to see all the new names stacking up for October! I'm off to see the midwife in the morning as I'm officially 8 weeks, will mention my long, irregular cycles as I'm probably only 6w2d but don't mind jumping the queue a bit! I'm v impatient.
May have to tell my mum after the appointment tomorrow, think she's guessed as I've stopped smoking. Finding it hard- DH quit last year and he's quite judgemental that I'm struggling with it now sad

tannyLoo Thu 06-Feb-14 16:32:17

Just popping in to say hi. I'm in the recurrent miscarriage thread with Tiny <stalking wave> and not quite ready to join you yet. If I get good scan results this time next week I'll come back, but for now I'll stay a lurker hmm

pebble82 Thu 06-Feb-14 17:26:10

To put worrying minds a little more at ease I've found these stats

The chance of miscarriage is 75% at 1-2 weeks but this is in the 2ww which we have all passed successfully. We would never know about these if they happened.

After that the risk is 10% for 3-8 weeks (5-10 weeks in "doctor speak")

It falls further the further along in the pregnancy you get.

Certainly made me feel a bit better.

pebble82 Thu 06-Feb-14 17:27:27
thegirlwhouk Thu 06-Feb-14 17:50:07

Hi everyone!

I've had a little look through this thread but don't have the energy to read it all. Hoping I can follow it now though.

I am very nervous to join as it still doesn't seem at all real, but the tests aren't lying. I'm definitely pregnant and DH and I have everything crossed.

I'm 4 weeks today I think. We got a BFP (and it was super strong!) 3 days before AF on Saturday. I was expecting nothing as it was a slow month, but clearly we timed it well.

I've had a few symptoms so far, but nothing major. Feeling nauseous on and off, sore boobs but these have abated now. The main thing thats annoying me is that I'm waking up really early in the morning and I'm absolutely boiling!

So, here I am. Due October October 14th. Off to the doctors on Saturday morning to let them know!!

Pickofthedocs Thu 06-Feb-14 17:52:36

Hi ladies
Are any of you at 5 +2 sort of time getting evening back sort of cramps? Mine have always been evening sort of aches since before and just after bfp.

Tonight this feels a bit like before af tho boobs aching massively still. And did a cb digi which shows 3 weeks plus, feeling worried and have rotten cold too. Worried to take anything!

FlipFantasia Thu 06-Feb-14 19:27:09

Hi ladies

Welcome to more newbies! The more the merrier smile

DinoRawr so sorry to hear that you're spotting - it's so stressful. But bleeding/spotting can be nothing sinister and I really hope it's just one of those things for you. I've had a MC too, so understand the dread/worry a bit - don't worry about posting on here (though of course join the MC thread too if you want!). One of the amazing things about MN is that we will all have a huge range of experiences and can support each other through it all. That means from conception (some TTC for months/years, some get lucky first time) through pregnancy (some MC, some don't, some get hyperemesis, some don't ever get morning sickness) and birth (some go into labour early, some go overdue, some have straightforward deliveries, some don't) through parenthood (some babies/mums take to BFing like ducks to water, some don't, some babies sleep for hours at a time, some don't).

Tiny and Tanny keeping my fingers and toes crossed that you (and us all!) get good scan results and are all cuddling little babies come October time! I lurked on the other thread a bit but it's gotten kind of busy (and my MN time is limited!).

Cakebaker glad to hear that CB Digi has gone up to 2-3 weeks but stepping away from the tests is a great idea!

Officelady wow, that's amazing that you've had no time off for appointments in 5 years! Your employer is lucky to have such a dedicated employee! No idea what to suggest, maybe a plumber/electrician emergency?

Munday well done on stopping smoking! It is super hard - former smoker here. I still have the odd lapse (last time was probably right after I conceived!) as the lure of the tabs is strong. Nothing worse than getting grief off another former smoker so tell your DH to man up and be nice to you! Being pregnant is hard enough without also feeling judged!

Pickofthedocs I'm 5+2 as well. I've been getting some lower back aches, nothing bad, more like muscle ache. But otherwise spidey sense of smell is my main symptom.

Speaking of sense of smell, I nearly puked outside the house yesterday. I was shoveling the snow on the footpath and digging out the car (relaxing way to spend DD's naptime - NOT!). I was just digging through from the driveway to the road when my shovel hit a massive pile of dog sh*t! Boak! The stench of it had me retching and gagging! Letting your dog sh*t outside my house is not OK just because snow is going to cover it....

And in other snow news, the snow plough went past for the last time yesterday evening after I had dug out the car and drive. And pushed a load more snow across our drive. It was slushy last night and I meant to shovel (or get DH to) but he had a few drinks in Manhattan after work so by the time he was home (stinking like a freakin' brewery!) and the kids were in bed I was passed out on the couch. Last night's slush was frozen solid this morning. No way our honda civic would make it over it! And the whole place too icy to walk to preschool. So another day stuck in the house!

Luckily the kids liked sliding across the snow in the back garden. My 22 month old doesn't really like the snow - in fairness, she's usually up to her waist in it! - but she was loving walking across the frozen snow (they were both delighted to not be leaving any footprints!).

OK, sorry for the absolute novel. I had a rare bit of time on the laptop so thought I'd catch up on MN!

olilos Thu 06-Feb-14 20:07:53

Hey all. Still no major symptoms here, although reading all your posts is making me think that my waking up in the middle of the night for no good reason, might actually be a symptom!! smile

I was wondering, could anyone recommend a good pregnancy book to start out with? I was thinking of ordering the 'what to expect' books but i heard they can be a bit scary so i thought maybe i'd put the scaries off until after the 1st trimester....! Hope everyone is having a lovely evening.

FlipFantasia Thu 06-Feb-14 20:16:20

Olilos I love Leslie Regan's pregnancy week by week book. She's very sensible (had twins herself, is a mc expert at St Mary's in London) and it's a good mix of advice and facts. My (American) dh insisted on what to expect first time around and I hated it! It's very prescriptive (eg you should eat x, don't do y). I think I gave up on it when it said something like avoid being near busy roads to limit toxins you inhale (I was living in London at the time and traffic was unavoidable!). I still have it (in fairness, it's BF advice is quite good and I have a lot of friends who love it) but doubt I'll look at it at all!

thegirlwhouk Thu 06-Feb-14 20:41:49

olilos - waking up in the middle of the night was my first symptom! I didn't know it then, but I do now. I'm an excellent sleeper, I never wake up in the middle of the night so I knew something was wrong!! Am now waking up early in the morning, which is no good as I have long days at work so I'm exhausted!

MrsCaptainReynolds Thu 06-Feb-14 21:02:19

There are quite a few pregancy tracker apps. Quite nice for daily/weekly updates and info in small bites.

Was wondering how others manage tiredness in pregnancy? Last time I spent the first trimester in comstant dreamlike exhaustion. I was barely human. Can feel it's started again. Yesterday I slept from 8.30pm until 7am. Ridiculous. I am wondering if some exercise would make me feel more energetic or just worse. I have an elliptical trainer (a decent gym sized one), not used it for a while but it is possible to do some gentle non weight bearing exercise on it. Might try but I could just use up the little energy I have...

Sounds like everyone's doing well, not too many pukers yet! This pregnancy feels exactly the same as my last so far. Just occasional twinges, cramps and pulls in my abdomen, need a wee all the time and being really tired, also starting to get a bit bloated - work trousers were feeling tight today.
I've told my sister and mum and two friends so far. They're all people that I would talk to if I miscarried anyway. I'll probably end up telling another couple of friends before the 12 week scan but will be lying to most of them about why I'm not drinking! smile
Feeling very excited, happy and content now too; the shock is subsiding! grin

Oh yes! I'm a big fan of pregnancy tracker apps! 'Your pregnancy week by week' I remember being a good book last time. Ina May's guide to childbirth, Ina May's guide to breastfeeding and Hypnobirthing books would be my recommendations, the first two being superb for everyone, the latter obviously only if you're interested in Hypnobirthing! grin

queenasanti3 Fri 07-Feb-14 00:30:06

Hi everyone, I cant believe how busy this thread is, I have to log in everyday just to keep up.
DINO- fingers crossed for you, I think its good for everyone to share all experiences of pregnancy on all threads as theres no point in being nieve to the facts as I had experienced a mc when I first got pregnant and was totally obviously that it was so common, and it would of been nice to understand that sometimes these things happen, through no fault of your own.

So as you can see iam wide awake as I have my scan tomorrow morning, at 9:20am really need to sleep but iam excited and nervous, not expecting to see much as think iam about 5 weeks and 1 day, but just hoping to see that the pregnancy is progressing, so I can book my midwife appointment.

Oh and Flip your weather sounds horrendous, ive just been watching something on the tv about people being stuck in snow.
Take care everyone x

officelady Fri 07-Feb-14 03:56:22

Oh look - it's 3.30am and I'm WIDE AWAKE! Must be pregnant grin
Despite my best intentions, I did another test yesterday - it was a classic, definitely adding it to the collage! The line came up almost before I'd dipped it! I felt strangely proud!
I had to buy a pregnancy book, despite this being (potentially) my third baby I feel like I know nothing! Back in the day when I had my kids - last century - yikes! it was all different. And I was young and naive and felt invincible, this time I am so aware of all the things that could go wrong I want to arm myself with information. The book I got is called the Day By Day Pregnancy book, it's a Dorling Kindersley one. There's a page full of info for every single day of a pregnancy. I haven't dared skip forward to the later sections but there are some amazing pictures and I like reading about which bits of the baby are developing during each week.
MrsCaptainReynolds I have been doing a session on my elliptical trainer every other day this week and feel LOADS better for it. I'm taking it fairly gently but enough to work up a sweat by the end. I was doing high impact aerobics before but have given that up for now - I got a small amount of spotting after a session of leaping about, which I took as a sign to stop.
Anyway, it's nearly 4o'clock so I am going to try and get another couple of hours sleep. I'll be yawning my head off at work otherwise!
Night all x

Bumpforme2014 Fri 07-Feb-14 06:31:57

Hi guys! Had my best night sleep ever last night, away with work and at a hotel so perhaps that is why but its so nice to not wake up at least once in the night :-) feel refreshed lol.

I can't believe people are looking at books, I can't even read about how my baby is developing on the net never mind a book everyday. I'm so worried about something going wrong I am 5+2 today.

No symptoms other than slightly thicker CM that has a yellow tinge. Boobs still sore, no cramping just odd twinge here and there, should I be having cramping by now???

binkybunny Fri 07-Feb-14 06:53:33

Morning everyone. Wow this thread moves fast!

I'm also in the wide awake at 5am club. So unlike me and then knackered all day!

I bought the Haynes baby manual for DH. Had hoped it was going to be more light hearted but covers lots of scary stuff. Still a good buy for anyone into cars as the cover is just like a car manual.

I have borrowed all of the books a few books from the library to see which one is best. Theres a natural one which is good but I'm not sure how natural and pain relief free my birth will be. I'm a huge wimp!

binkybunny Fri 07-Feb-14 06:56:54

Bump I have had continous cramping, don't wish it on! Wishing I could cuddle my hot water bottle but obv can't sad

Also.... At what point in pregnancy do you stop nervously checking for blood everytime you pee? Or is that just me blush

One day Officelady I think I need to see this collage! grin
Bump I guess it depends on your approach to pregnancy and your previous experiences...it would be virtually impossible not to worry if you've had previous miscarriages I'm sure...but I'm very positive about my pregnancy, I'm not worrying that something will happen (though am aware that it could) I don't think it would help me at all to be anxious about it so I'm just going with the flow and enjoying it! smile (I realise I'm lucky to be able to)
Don't worry about cramps etc. every pregnancy is different, some people give birth when they didn't even know they were pregnant so presumably they didn't have many symptoms! I've realised now I've escaped (thus far) the almost comedy wind I experienced last time..hope that stays away! confused
Giraffeski how are things?

officelady Fri 07-Feb-14 07:07:30

Going by my experience binkybunny the knicker checking happens Every Single Time. And sometimes even when you don't need to go for a pee! Hoping this might wear off but at 6+3 no sign of that happening just yet. I am trying so hard not to stress about things but it's not really working. I was thinking about 12 week scans yesterday and the thought that it's nearly another 6 weeks away is awful. I want to fast-forward through this early bit.
Right ... off to work I go. Have a good day everyone.

MrsF2510 Fri 07-Feb-14 07:14:33

Binky - I am checking for blood every single time I pee or feel slightly damp (which so far has just been CM - sorry if tmi!) I don't know why I appear to be so pessimistic as it's not as if I've mc before. I think mn has highlighted that it can happen and now I'm terrified, whereas my sister had a BFP at 4 weeks, then told both sets of parents and myself and her brother in law at 5 wks and had a great pregnancy. It's like it never occurred to her. I am currently 5wks +2, have told nobody and wishing time away so I can have my scan, this is after wishing the 2ww away, after wishing AF away - and the same for the previous month! Not good!!

binkybunny Fri 07-Feb-14 07:29:48

Thats what I love about MN. Just when you think about commiting yourself, you find out you're not alone doing what would be crazy things if it wasnt pregnancy related.

officelady I have to agree with trouble, think we need to see this collage at some point, sounds like quite a work of art! grin

binkybunny Fri 07-Feb-14 07:44:24

Thats what I love about MN. Just when you think about commiting yourself, you find out you're not alone doing what would be crazy things if it wasnt pregnancy related.

officelady I have to agree with trouble, think we need to see this collage at some point, sounds like quite a work of art! grin

MrsF2510 Fri 07-Feb-14 07:46:05

Binky - are you suggesting that I need committing? Wow - I was far more crazy at the ttc stage!!! ;) x

binkybunny Fri 07-Feb-14 07:52:55

Oops double post! MrsF I am really trying to enjoy it but it is hard isnt it? I keep thinking not to wish it away and enjoy the last few months of just being the two of us. Patience is really NOT one of my strengths!

Bumpforme2014 Fri 07-Feb-14 07:53:52

Haha mrsf2510 I totally agree I am the same, why can't we just relax?!! My DH is so confident bless him he even wanted to talk about names the other day.

I check my underwear constantly and imagine I feel wet when I'm not. Just watery CM, long may it last. I'm gonna feel better once I get to six weeks as miscarriage risk goes from 10 to 5% then!

Have a nice day everyone x

mrsb87 Fri 07-Feb-14 07:55:24

Morning all, sounds like most of you are having relatively positive experiences so far! Officelady I like the sound of your poas collage!
Sorry I haven't contributed much, been feeling so rubbish and puking. Just not felt like doing anything. Eating is becoming an issue. I've just had a ginger biscuit and really hope that stays in.
Binky im doing the same! Checking every time I pee, seems a but madnbutbinjust can't help it!

MrsF2510 Fri 07-Feb-14 08:01:53

I know Binky, Tou are totally right! Hey bump, you sound like a fellow researcher and that may be where the problem has come from - I have also read the 10% to 5% stat at 6 weeks and am counting down the days until then. I honestly believe those who have issues conceiving / miscarriages turn to online forums (as you naturally would to seek advice) and post questions, experiences and so there is an over representation of the unfortunate scenarios. Those who go into it blind (and I don't mean that at all negatively) and have no issues would generally have no reason to search for such forums or post. So for us 'researchers' as I am a lady who likes to know everything, we have researched ourselves into a bit of a frenzy!!

pinkhollie Fri 07-Feb-14 08:06:47

I'm out can someone please remove me from the stats.

sazzlehopes Fri 07-Feb-14 08:10:06

We are all the same which is why we are on MN i think. Reassurance that our methods are all 'normal'!
I just did a cb diggie this morning. Yep. Mental, i know. It said 3+weeks so I feel better now. That's it now though, tests all gone so i can stop myself! I am also on continuous knicker watch when going to the loo and wiping. Hoping it stops soon - it's exhausting! I was completely fine and unaware the first time round!!

mrsb87 Fri 07-Feb-14 08:11:16

Pinkhollie im so sorry sad

MrsF2510 Fri 07-Feb-14 08:14:42

Pink, I'm so sorry. Thinking of you x

sazzlehopes Fri 07-Feb-14 08:49:34

Oh no Pink, so sorry. Hope you are being looked after in RL. thanks

Bexleymum Fri 07-Feb-14 08:55:12

Hello can I join too?

Positive test last night and feel in a bit of a daze. But at least that explains the extreme tiredness and sick feeling.

Bexleymum dc2 edd 8th oct

Giraffeski Fri 07-Feb-14 08:55:32

Trouble, I'm ok, no more bloodsmile
I said to DP last night that I was worried though as I haven't felt very sick this time and normally I am puking everywhere, he said 'perhaps it's a boy this time'. (Have 2 DDs)
Hadn't even occurred to me that we might have a boy! grin
Pink, really sorry to hear you're out, hope you're ok.

mrsb87 Fri 07-Feb-14 09:39:31

Glad to hear you're still in the race giraffeski!

Sorry to hear you're out Pink- hope you take time to look after yourself.
I'm also in the 4am club- decided to have a wee and DH perked up thinking maybe it was sex-o'clock!
At the doctor waiting to see the midwife for the first time- exciting!

Bumpforme2014 Fri 07-Feb-14 11:00:34

Guys I just went to loo and I'm having loads of watery CM like my entire underwear is wet, is this normal? I've had a little before but not this much eeeekkkk no cramps or anything!

AnnoyedByAlfieBear Fri 07-Feb-14 11:52:37

Sorry Pinkhollie. sad

I've felt like I'd peed my pants a couple of times bump. blush

How did your scan go queen?

MrsF2510 Fri 07-Feb-14 12:06:05

Let us know how the midwife goes munday x

queenasanti3 Fri 07-Feb-14 12:12:14

My scan went well, the sac was in the right place, and she said it all measures in line with my blood results, she estimated that I was about 5 and a half weeks, ive got to go back in 10 days (19 feb) to hopefully see a heartbeat (fingers crossed).
So ive braved it and just made my Midwife booking appointment its 28th feb I will be just over 8 weeks then.

Sorry to hear your news pink xx

Bumpforme2014 Fri 07-Feb-14 12:39:58

Queen that sounds good. Why are you having a scan so early?

queenasanti3 Fri 07-Feb-14 12:52:33

Hi bump, started trying for a baby in 2012, I had a mc with my first then an ectopic with my second, I did go on to have a healthy pregnacy with my 3rd which was only last year so still very anxious about the pregnancy thing I just referred myself to our local bep clinic at our hospital with past history concerns, they did exactly the same with my last pregnancy just to put my mind at ease x

Bumpforme2014 Fri 07-Feb-14 13:01:06

Ahhhh I see well looks like this one is going well x

TinyTear Fri 07-Feb-14 13:04:05

Good on all being in the right place...

I have my first scan at 7+2 also because of previous mc history

Cakebaker35 Fri 07-Feb-14 13:07:06

Pink I'm so sorry flowers

And bump, yes lots of cm really normal, panty liners here we come to keep it at bay!

Queen, great news and good luck with the next scan x

I'm off for first GP appointment on Monday, I reckon I'll be around 6 wks then so won't see midwife for a while. Trying not to get stressed and just relax about it all now, what will be will be and all that. There really is too much information out there sometimes.

FlipFantasia Fri 07-Feb-14 13:53:55

Pink so sorry to hear that hmm. Take care of yourself.

Queen great news about your scan! Glad it's in the right place and looking forward to hearing how your next scan goes smile

Quick update: midwife appointment went well, I'm low risk. Weirdest question- have you ever been kicked or punched...? Booking in bloods sorted for a few weeks time and then just waiting for a scan date to be confirmed. All starting to feel real!
Now for an afternoon of sofa time with the cat.

bumpbangbump Fri 07-Feb-14 14:27:28

So sorry pink.

Had my booking in appointment today. She was surprised to see me so early, 5+5, and I could only agree. Did bloods, booked gtt and gave me my notes. So now nothing until 12 week scan! Will be wishing away the next 6 weeks!!

So hungry today! I've eaten twice as much as usual while staying on my slimming world plan. I hate McDonald's burgers but really want a quarter pounder and some crappy old chips and a milkshake and a side order of Chinese food!!! What the hell is wrong with me?

Going to be making oh's birthday cake and my mums birthday biscuits this afternoon. Anyone want to take bet on whether they'll make it to the parties??

mrsb87 Fri 07-Feb-14 15:34:17

Bump I am guessing the biscuits won't last long! Haha.
Just managed to eat a cheese and onion pasty...... cautious as to whether its going to stay there for long. Nothing else has today sad

mum2kiss Fri 07-Feb-14 16:35:48

Just been to the loo and noticed hint of.pink when I wiped sad ive got an early scan booked for monday...I had planned to cancel it as I hadnt experienced any furthee pain this week but now it looks like I'll need to go...

mrsb87 Fri 07-Feb-14 16:50:36

Fingers crossed for you mum2kiss, hopefully it stays as a slight smear xx

pebble82 Fri 07-Feb-14 17:02:52

Trouble, binky and Mrs F I'm loving your positive outlooks.

There is NO point in worrying about the worst thing that can happen. There isn't much we can do about it so lets all stay positive!

bumpbangbump Fri 07-Feb-14 17:05:06

Fx it's nothing to worry about mum2.

I had quite bad ms last time but so far just a queasy feeling randomly throughout the day.

Cake's done, biscuits I will do once I've cleared the decks... I worry about how long I can make them last! Really want to carry on losing weight for as long as possible! Pretty sure it's doable, as long as this ravenous hunger buggers off!

Bumpforme2014 Fri 07-Feb-14 17:53:45

Sorry for being a worrier everyone, will try to be more positive. Back from my work trip and plan to relax this weekend, did another test today as well because wanted to check line getting darker and it is :-).

pebble82 Fri 07-Feb-14 18:08:31

Don't be sorry. It's only natural. Just remember the liklihood is all is well. We'll drive ourselves round the bend panicking otherwise. Be aware of the risk but hope for the best - my new motto!

Glad you're line is darker smile I'll be 5 weeks +1 tomorrow (but only 2 days late due to longer cycle of 33 days). Going to POAS then show my mum! Hope the line is darker for me too.

ToffeeJungle Fri 07-Feb-14 18:15:01

Can I join please?
BFP yesterday, EDD 11th Oct, DC2! smile

Not had chance to read the whole thread yet but will try to get up to speed!

Bumpforme2014 Fri 07-Feb-14 18:26:27

Thanks pebble I like your motto, what do you mean about 2 days Late due to longer cycle? I also had a longer cycle at 34 days.

Welcome toffee and congrats!

pebble82 Fri 07-Feb-14 19:00:24

AF was only due 2 days ago. Some ladies on here seem to have had their BFPs a lot sooner than me.

It's 5 weeks since my last period but I think other people on here might be slightly further along from OV than me.

Bumpforme2014 Fri 07-Feb-14 19:05:13

Oh I see yes it's been six weeks since my last period but I am five weeks because of long cycle meaning later ov.

ldt87 Fri 07-Feb-14 19:19:09

Hi all, checking back in. I'm trying to not freak out considering my recent history so have been in and out of the thread. I am currently feeling pretty positive but obviously have moments of worry.

How is everyone else? I'm tired and have periods of feeling queasy but nothing major. I'm 4+4 today xx

ldt87 Fri 07-Feb-14 19:20:16

Sorry to clarify, last year I had one mc and one termination for medical reasons. Feeling very hopeful that this is my turn xx

pebble82 Fri 07-Feb-14 19:44:19

I wake up in the night and feel the odd twinge but that could just be wind (!).

I think I might have slightly funny taste in my mouth but then again I might be imagining it. My boobs were sore but they're not really anymore. Lots of internet posts spark fear in me at this but there are plenty of others saying everyone is different and not to worry so I'm going with that.

Sounds like it's your turn ldt87 smile Positive thinking.

Sofe1978 Fri 07-Feb-14 21:03:38

My DH keeps reminding me everyone is different, I'm 5+2 and not really suffering from anything which is good but you almost want to be having everything as reassurance it's real!

To set my mind at ease I'm doing another test tomorrow so I can relax a bit and be sure it's all still on track!

I'm more worried that I've got to go to Italy in 2 weeks with work. I haven't told them yet as I'm so early and I've only been there 3 months so need to keep things low key for now. Everyone keeps going on about how much we'll drink etc etc and I'm squirming wondering how I'll get round it! Any tips welcome from people who've been in similar situations before hmm

pebble82 Fri 07-Feb-14 21:27:12

You're on antibiotics. Always a good excuse. Start making up fake symptoms for something that would require them a few days before you go.

Or fake illness so you can go off to your hotel room and be left alone.

I have a work exhibition to go to in a fortnight which requires me on my feet for 4 days straight. Do you think this is safe (I'll be 7 weeks by then)?

claptomania Fri 07-Feb-14 21:37:23

I think 'antibiotics' are almost code for 'I'm pregnant' these days, sofe! Feigning illness is a good idea... You could also say you were dieting, perhaps?

Mammy2Be Fri 07-Feb-14 21:42:32

Hi all. Can I join?? grin
ToffeeJungle...are you me? wink I too got a BFP yesterday with an EDD of 11th October. Cannot tell you how thrilled I am with this news. Cautious, but thrilled x

Loving all the positivity! smile
I'm also planning lies..I have a friend coming to stay this weekend and more fiends next weekend, they know each other so it needs to be a consistent story. DH and I have gone over lots of different options and have decided that I'll say that after a very heavy Christmas and January I'm having a bit of a health kick and trying to cut down on my drinking. I'll have a few mixers saying that it's alcoholic and I've got some really nice non alcoholic beers which DH will openly offer me (as they need to be in fridge and they might be seen) but will give me the choice between 'real' beer and 'fake' beer sometimes I'll chose real (though it'll be fake in a glass obviously) and sometimes fake. If they push me on reason for health kick I'll say we're thinking of trying for another baby soon.
Can you tell I've really agonised about this?! (Antibiotics just wouldn't cut it with me. I've NEVER not drunk because I'm on antibiotics!) wine

Congratulations Mammy and Toffee! Exciting news! thanks

Bumpforme2014 Fri 07-Feb-14 22:36:17

Hahaha this is so funny I've just been through all this, went away with work last week and we all went out last night. I announced in the office week before I was off the booze to everyone's disgust until I explained about my bowel condition (which is real) and it flaring up at moment which means I can't drink. Most people didn't notice when we were out and those that did I just said I'm not drinking at moment, luckily there were a few others who also weren't drinking so that helped. It's not easy all this especially if like me you hate lying and are crap at it lol. Just remember that it really isn't anyone else's business but your own.

pebble82 Fri 07-Feb-14 22:49:45

It's the no caffine lie I'm finding hard. As a 6 mugs a day girl it's very difficult to hide. Taken to doing all the brew rounds and sneaking a decaf tea bag in my mug.

Sofe1978 Fri 07-Feb-14 23:08:38

Loving all you prep work TroubleandFyfe! I'm with you on the antibiotics... Everyone who knows me knows that would never stop me before! smile

My DH suggested inflamed kidneys after a heavy Christmas which seems quite plausible.. I might have a 'flare up' during the week before and hopefully that will see through!

It doesn't help that I'm a terrible liar and go bright red if I have to make something up... Roll on the scan!

FlipFantasia Fri 07-Feb-14 23:16:10

Totally agree that antibiotics is super obvious! You could always just nurse a drink eg i found that having a glass of white in front of me made people think I was drinking when I wasn't. Most people don't notice/care (especially as they get drunk!) unless you make a thing out of it by saying you're on antibiotics.

Trouble you have a great plan!

Personally a g&t was perfect as v easy to just have a tonic but it looks the same.

My advice would be don't steer the conversation around to baby things (I have a friend who it's really easy to tell when she was pregnant as would somehow always get a drunken crowd onto baby names...she has 3 kids and you could tell each time!).

Mum2Kiss hope all ok and you're not bleeding.

Feels like I already have DC1, in fact it's DH (the D stands for destroyed tonight) I'm sleeping in the spare room as he fell through the door drunk and went straight to bed, on MY side, harrumph angry
Hey ho. My excuse last weekend was a flare up of kidney infection I had last year. Not sure if it worked but when I moaned about people always asking if we're pregnant yet it shut them up!!
Good luck x

officelady Sat 08-Feb-14 07:50:28

Time for another update (can you tell I've got too much time on my hands?)

LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
OfficeLady DC3 EDD 1st Oct
Thefourcees DC5 EDD 1st Oct
Petitverdot DC1 1st Oct
zahazie EDD 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
Olilos DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
Cakebaker35 DC2 EDD 4th Oct
AK89 DC1 4th Oct
McRedHead DC3 EDD 5th October
Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
sophspot DC1 EDD 5th Oct
DuggiWontSleep DC2 edd 5th October
Vicky123uk DC2 EDD 5th Oct
hefner DC2 EDD 5th Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
TinyTear DC2 ADD 6th October
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
TroubleAndFyfe DC2 EDD 7th October
Spanielface DC2 EDD 7th Oct
Pickofthedocs DC2 EDD 7th Oct
MrsCaptainReynolds DC2 EDD 7th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Bumpforme2014 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
MrsF2510 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Sofe1978 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Bexleymum dc2 edd 8th oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct
binkybunny DC1 EDD 9th Oct
Twinkletwink DC2 due 10th Oct
pebble82 DC1 EDD 10th Oct
Lighthouser DC1 EDD 10th Oct
claptomania DC1 EDD 10th Oct
MrsDinoRawr DC1 EDD 10th Oct
mum2kiss dc2 edd 11th October
Overthinker88 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Toffeejungle DC2 EDD 11th Oct
Mammy2be EDD 11th Oct
Sweetpeapods DC2 due 13 Oct
ldt87 DC3 EDD 13th Oct
AnnoyedByAlfieBear DC2 EDD 13th Oct
Giraffeski DC3 EDD 14th Oct
Thegirlwhouk EDD 14th Oct
pollywhatshername DC2 EDD 15th Oct
neomamma DC1 EDD 17th Oct
katster37 DC3 EDD 22nd Oct

I think I got everyone - apologies if I missed anyone new. Feel free to copy and paste and add yourselves if I did!
I had a tiny amount of spotting last night, it was after I had been exercising on my crosstrainer. Just a smear of brown. As you can imagine I have been on constant gusset-watch ever since, but nothing else has happened so I'm hoping it is just my little lentil bedding down and getting comfortable. (I'm calling it lentil because according to my pregnancy app, it's the size of a lentil this week!)

MrsDinoRawr I also work in a school (not a teacher though) and we have had about 8 cases of slapped cheek during January. Now chicken pox is doing the rounds. Every time a child gets sent to me with a suspicious rash (I'm one of the designated first aiders) I want to send them out of the room! I'm 99.9% certain I'm immune to chickenpox because I didn't catch it when my kids had it, nor when my husband had shingles, but not sure about slapped cheek. According to good old Doctor Google, most adults are immune. I was in contact before I knew I was pregnant anyway, so I'm not dwelling on it, but I will mention it to the doctor when I finally admit I am pregnant make an appointment next week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone smile

Loopylu84 Sat 08-Feb-14 08:02:22

Hello ladies please can I join too!

I got my BFP yesterday and am due on the 16th Oct
Really trying hard to manage my expectations as I know it's only very early (4wks 2days!) so still in the 'danger zone' as it were...so so want to tell everyone though!

For peace of mind DH and I decided we're going to book an early scan at around 6-8wks and then we'll tell our immediate families

Congratulations to everyone else-looking forward to getting to know you all!

thegirlwhouk Sat 08-Feb-14 08:14:49

Loopylu84 - I'm exactly the same as you 4wks 2 days :-) And DH and I are having an early scan too. We're going for one just after 7 weeks and will tell family after that.

Keeping everything crossed! I'm off to the GP this morning. Eeek!

mum2kiss Sat 08-Feb-14 08:36:48

office my spotting serms to have gone the same way as yours...no more sign of it since that first pink wipe...fingers crossed it was my little bean getting comfortable!

Loopylu84 Sat 08-Feb-14 08:36:56

Hope all goes well at the GP thegirlwhouk! Wherabouts in the UK are you?
This will be first baby for us and I can't work out if I should just go to the GP or self refer to a midwife
To be honest I don't really know where I want to book!
Think it's going to be a toss up between UCLH or the Whittington-any North Londoners out there please say hello!

Mum2 how are you this morning?
Officelady I'm so happy we have thread admin, it's key to a good thread, thank you! smile
Pebble I'm really sensitive to caffeine - it gives me the shakes if I have more than 2-3 cups a day so have always mixed it up with decaf. Makes it nice and easy for me.
Sofe that does sound quite plausible. Good luck!
Flip G and T would be a good one as I like tonic water too but I don't have any gin in the house and don't think I could bear to buy one (in case my friend says she'll have the same!) going to have a rifle through and see what we have that will work! smile
Bumpforme that sounds ideal - no one wants to talk about it! grin
Munday, how annoying! On the bright side it sounds like someone has some making up to do...takeaway/flowers/chocolates/DVD? I think it's your choice!

Major X posts!
Fantastic Mum2Kiss! grin
Welcome and congratulations Loopy and thegirlthanks
I used to live in North London Loopy and would personally avoid the Whittington. They generally have a great reputation but they majorly messed up my sister's birth..she still has physical and emotional effects 26 months later and is currently filing a lawsuit. sad A friend had her baby in UCLH and had a great experience. These are only two experiences though!

FlipFantasia Sat 08-Feb-14 09:12:58

Looplu I had both of mine at the whit! I really liked it (was also treated for my mc there).

Like all big London teaching hospitals, it can be hit or miss but overall I was happy with it. There was only one midwife I was truly unhappy with. The postnatal ward can be grim (but most of then are in London from what I can gather!). But good Breastfeeding support.

Lovely birth centre just one floor from labour ward if you need to be transferred for a epidural or anything. Home-from-home style and partners can stay over. But some of the labour ward delivery rooms also have birth pools and active labour/delivery is encouraged.

Amazing home birth team if you go that route (I wanted a home birth first time - meant I got all my midwife apps after a certain point at home, which was fab! Although ended up induced/having a crash section so not quite what I'd planned! I still highly recommend the hb team though).

If you choose the Whit, I would highly recommend self referring and saying you want to be under the care of Amali Lokugamage - she is an amazing consultant, who had her first at home in her early 40s and has become a vocal proponent of natural birth and emotional well being in birth (she was present during ds's c-section birth - the whole thing was nightmarishly stressful and she was the one hcp who made time to be properly kind to me and dh - second time around I self referred straight to her!).

Chances are you won't see her but you're assigned to the care of someone and better her (or a registrar who works with her) than someone else if you do need to see an obstetrician about anything!

Sorry for the ramble. I've had friends happy with uch too. So factor in things like the ease of getting there (eg uch would have been good for me leaving work for antenatal apps but nightmarish to get to from home).

And if you fancy a doula I loved mine Mars lord (mammy doula) - she made my vbac with dd much easier. Wish I'd had her first time around. Also recommend the hackney doula (a friend from my march 2010 antenatal thread!).

Also Nct classes are a great way to make a bunch of friends for maternity leave - I'm still in touch with all of mine from my first pregnancy. They book up quite fast as far as I remember...

No longer a North Londoner btw. I lived in Stroud Green, so lots of lovely time in crouch end and finsbury park with my babies. I live in the US now, so it's going to be different with no3!

pebble82 Sat 08-Feb-14 09:17:54

I have a GP appointment on Monday. How do you book an early scan? I'm completely unaware of any of the right things to do!

FlipFantasia Sat 08-Feb-14 09:20:56

Trouble so sorry to hear about your sister hmm.

That's the thing with these big London hospitals - you will find the full spectrum of positive and negative experiences.

Being in the US now, obstetrics is an area of medicine where you are guaranteed a lawsuit (or several) during your career. It has the highest rate of lawsuits for any area of medicine. Which causes high insurance costs for them. Which leads to the risk-averse, highly interventionist culture (eg some of my local hospitals don't allow any vbacs to avoid the risks of vbac entirely. Vbacs are actively encouraged in the NHS).

Ah good, Flip has a much better experience! I agree, think about which is easy to get to and what facilities you want. Might have been different if my sis wasn't 'high risk' (twins) and therefore not allowed in the birthing centre. I had great pregnancy acupuncture at the Whittington and all my scans there which were all good. I moved to the south coast just before I gave birth.

FlipFantasia Sat 08-Feb-14 09:32:32

Ah I had forgotten the acupuncture - I loved that (I had the same lovely acupuncturist in both pregnancies).

Trouble yes, I've heard UCH is much better for high risk pregnancies. Having said that, one of my best friends just had her twin boys at the Whit just over a month ago (5 weeks prem - first birth and a c-section) and had a good experience overall (well, as 'good' as these things go - they're just over a month so she's still in the sleep deprived and constant bfing stage!). They also treated her for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome in her early weeks as it was an IVF conception.

Hope you sis and her DC are ok though. It's not like a lawsuit can fix anything but I hope it means others have a good experience (maybe it did impact on my friend's care?).

FlipFantasia Sat 08-Feb-14 09:38:40

Ps mum2kiss great that no more smears!

Pebbles when I lived in the UK the early scans I had were private reassurance scans. My first NHS one was always my 12 week scan. With DD, I was told I could get a scan at the early pregnancy unit due to my previous mc. But I felt bad for using up that resource iykwim (when no cramping or bleeding or anything other than my anxiety) so just stuck with a private scan.

FlipFantasia Sat 08-Feb-14 09:40:10

Ok it's 4.40am with me - been awake nearly 2 hours - need to get back to sleep or it's going to be a nightmarish day!

Loopylu84 Sat 08-Feb-14 10:24:19

Flip and Trouble thanks so much for the info, it's always off putting if you know someone who's had a bad experience
It is slightly complicated by the fact that I actually work for the Whitt! Won't tell you what as (!), but on one hand by booking there im going to risk people finding out earlier than I would like, on the other hand I know that if they know im a member of staff they're going to try extra hard not to screw up!
Pebbles you can organise an early scan privately, we're going to organise one for the week after next by which time I'll be 6wks, I understand that if they detect a heartbeat at that point the percentage chance of miscarriage is reduced to less than 10%, think they're about £100 ish?

Bumpforme2014 Sat 08-Feb-14 10:55:36

Morning everyone! this Ocotber bus is so busy I love it. I am also intrigued about these early scans.....i am guessing this is something you have to pay for and is it expensive?

Also interesting convo about hospitals, my local one in East London is great for my bowel condition but I've read terrible things about the maternity ward there and so a little worried about that. I agree with Flip though, that so many hospitals in London are hit and miss so wherever I go I don't expect to have a great experience which is really bad.

How do you book NCT classes? I am defo doing that, my sister still friends with her group and as someone who has no friends with babies or even trying I really want to meet other women going through the same thing.

Bumpforme2014 Sat 08-Feb-14 10:59:08

Sorry I had not read loopy response about private scans before I replied. Yes heartbeat develops by six weeks so miscarriage risk is reduced to 5% then, £100 is not bad but I would be so worried if they didn't find a heartbeat and convince myself of the worst, so difficult to know what to do.

Giraffeski Sat 08-Feb-14 11:09:33

I used to be a teacher, they really are worth it especially if you want to meet people.

thegirlwhouk Sat 08-Feb-14 11:13:32

Loopylu84- We're down in SW London. The GP was lovely, but it really was fairly pointless. "Are you taking folic acid & vitamin D? Do you know there are foods you should avoid? Great, an appointment will be made for about 10 - 11 weeks." A box ticking exercise really, but at least I'm referred! Was surprised I won't see a midwife at all until then. But I suppose if all goes well there should be no need?

We'll be paying £99 for a baby bond scan in Wimbledon I think. Will be going at 7 weeks when they should be able to find a heartbeat. I couldn't cope with the worry if it was too early!

thegirlwhouk Sat 08-Feb-14 11:14:27

How early for NCT classess Giraffeski. We want to do them too. When is it a good idea to book them?

Bumpforme2014 Sat 08-Feb-14 11:26:13

Thegirlwhouk will you be having your baby at St George's? I was born there :-)

I just found the baby bond scans on ultrasound-direct.com there is one near us I'm seriously thinking about getting one done for 8 weeks? I am going to wait until my GP appointment on Friday though and see when she says my midwife appointment will be.

What are your reasons for wanting one done? This is my first pregnancy and I have no symptoms so I want to make sure everything is okay, I also want to start getting excited about it and tell my friends and family but don't feel I can with this constant worry.

thegirlwhouk Sat 08-Feb-14 11:42:49

Not St George's no. Kingston I think.

We're getting a scan as we really want to tell our families, but it just all seems too unreal at the moment! If we see the heartbeat, we'll tell our close families. Just reassurance!
I think £100 is quite reasonable if you can afford it. Some places offer Saturday appointments too so no need for time of work. I'm desperate not to take time off. The minute I do, my colleagues will guess!!!

Cakebaker35 Sat 08-Feb-14 11:47:42

Hello all, what a busy thread smile welcome to all the new BFPs and congratulations.

First thing I want to say is if you go for an early scan just be aware embryos do develop at slightly different rates in the very early stages, which is why the 12 week scan is set then as it tends to level out for most people. If you do want an early scan good reasons to do it are to check for multiple pregnancies or if you are just a total worrier smile BUT I wouldn't go before 8 weeks, although yes in theory a heartbeat is present from 6 wks I've been told they can be hard to detect and then that just causes you more stress. Plus there is very little to see in the early stages, so do think hard about what you think the benefits would be for you/what would you gain - if it's just knowing it is in the right place then great but be aware there is a limit to what they can actually tell you early on. All totally personal choice but there seem to be a few people getting into a bit of a frenzy - try try try to relax, easier for me as its second time around maybe, but don't let these early days worry you and stop poas-ing or you'll drive yourself bonkers smile

Bumpforme2014 Sat 08-Feb-14 11:54:30

Hi cakebaker! Thank you for the advice and very welcome it is indeed :-) you are right but I was thinking no earlier then 8 weeks and only if I think I cannot wait until 12 week scan, I just think I will be a nervous wreak by the time 12 week scan date arrives lol

Thegirlwhouk I think £100 is okay as well I just assumed it would be like £500, I know what you mean about Sats as well but unfortunately for me DH works on Sats gggrrrrr so think I'd have to book day off work during week which is another reason I am not sure.

Will speak to DH later and see what he thinks, like I said I am going to wait until I get my date for 12 week scan first because the GP is dating me a week later then I am i might actually get one earlier anyway.

Sunnyday14 Sat 08-Feb-14 12:15:49

I'm due on 3rd October, my first dc, so just joining this thread. Got the BFP about 10 days ago but feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing so have been just watching this thread and reading the forum til now. Decided to bite the bullet and join in!
Anyone else feeling a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing? Really want to talk to another mum, but we've decided not to tell our family til after my midwife apt next week.
Look forward to getting you know you all!

Zara8 Sat 08-Feb-14 13:16:48

Hello can I join in?

Got a BFP yesterday grin EDD probably 18/19 October

This is #2 for me.

For those thinking of scans - it's very nice and reassuring to do, I got one at 8 weeks with DS. Feeling more relaxed this time so might give it a miss, but not sure I can hold out till 12 weeks!

Need to get onto the business of booking in with GP in the next few weeks!

binkybunny Sat 08-Feb-14 14:08:49

Hi Sunny and congratulations! I am totally overwhelmed and keeping have little teary breakdowns of OMG I cant do this! Or I forget for a few mins when busy at work then have an overwhelming OMG I'm pregnant already feeling. After 7 days since BFP does seem to be getting less tho and a bit more normal now. We told quite a few people tho which has helped.

Early scans sound so exciting. Not sure where the nearest place would be to go private where I am in Scotland. Guess we just have to hold out for 12 weeks. Eek grin

Loopylu84 Sat 08-Feb-14 16:14:15

Those October BFPs are coming thick and fast! Congrats everyone! smile

binkybunny Sat 08-Feb-14 18:26:23

Loopy do you think it has anything to do with the miserable January weather with us all curled up at home, not wanting to go out... wink

Loopylu84 Sat 08-Feb-14 18:47:51

I do think that might be it Binky! Shit weather combined with nil money equates to making your own amusement at home. . . . hahaha!

Talking of the weather, we're all going to be reasonably big during the summer hmm !

Bumpforme2014 Sat 08-Feb-14 18:58:15

Good point loopy I did think about that, I hate the heat as it is never mind when heavily pregnant plus the tube in summer is unbearable so not sure how I will cope with that one, eeekkkkk!

Loopylu84 Sat 08-Feb-14 19:10:59

You won't need to worry Bump-the tube workers will probably still be on strike anyway!

The flip side to it is, that come spring/summer next year we'll all have (keeping everything crossed) lovely little jolly 6-8 month olds to enjoy the sunshine with!

akachan Sat 08-Feb-14 19:15:23

Hello! Nervously joining!

I got my BFP yesterday, first pregnancy and due 21 October. I'm terrified but tentatively excited.

I'm in Kingston.

claptomania Sat 08-Feb-14 19:33:24

Hello all the newbies and congratulations!

office and loopylu I'm in northeast London (Clapton, hence the name) so watching the hospital chat with interest. From older MN threads it all seems very mixed - the only consistent recommendation is that it's worth paying for a private room as the wards get very crowded.

akachan Sat 08-Feb-14 19:51:30

I used to live right by the Whit. I know one person who gave birth there and had a good experience. I mean the care was good, her baby was very unwell (but all better now).

cottonwool4brains Sat 08-Feb-14 20:29:25

Hello can I join.
Edd 18/10
Very excited as this has taken a while but nervous as I have had 2 chemical pregnancies. This feels different though so fingers crossed.

cottonwool4brains Sat 08-Feb-14 20:30:20

Ooo and he/she will be dc2

pebble82 Sat 08-Feb-14 20:37:45

Ah, cottonwool. So lovely to see you here :-D x

MrsCaptainReynolds Sat 08-Feb-14 20:45:12

officelady I will get on the elliptical trainer this week. My 2 year old can't spend the next 8 months trying to get me off the couch. Hoping it has the desired effect on my energy levels.

Oooohhhhh....groaaannn.....I am so sick now. Had this from 9-16 weeks last time. Went to the chemist today and begged for some new miraculous safe remedy that might have been invented since my previous pregnancy. He just laughed and directed me toward ginger pastilles and seabands. So I'm now going to be looking like I'm wearing 80s sweatbands on a daily basis as a fashion choice. How I'm going to keep the real reason secret at work, I don't know. My wardrobe is full of blasted 3/4 length sleeved clothes. Last time I was living on a archipelago and used inter-island ferries day to day -seasickness was my disguise!

Does anyone think sickness from this early (6th week) means a multiple? Or maybe my body is just like, oh I've done this before...and got revved up early.

MrsCaptainReynolds Sat 08-Feb-14 20:46:27

cottonwool i've had several chemical pregnancies since my DC1 but this feels totally different to those, so with you on the optimism!

queenasanti3 Sat 08-Feb-14 20:59:11

Talking of being pregnant in the summer I was heavily pregnant last summer as I was due aug, and we had that heatwave, it was hardwork, lived on ice lollies to cool myself down and cold strawberry milkshakes to soothe the heartburn, hoping its not too hot again this summer x
on a plus side its great being on maternity through the winter, not having to get up early and defrost the car to get to work x

October2014Baby Sat 08-Feb-14 21:16:44

How lovely to be able to talk about being pregnant! I'm just over 6 weeks according to the scan I had a couple of days ago (we had one because I miscarried a few months ago). I've known for just over 2 weeks and I'm finding it really tricky keeping it quiet at work. My morning sickness started the first week after conception, I was wondering why I felt so horrid at first, but I recommend the Seabands and have eaten my body weight in ginger biscuits and mints! Congratulations lovely ladies, this is a super-exciting time x

Zara8 Sat 08-Feb-14 21:25:59

October I know what you mean re work! I'm already on permanent preggo watch around my colleagues since coming back from mat leave shock

Any hint of vomiting or not drinking coffee and I'll be outed. Which could be hard as I normally drink a lot of coffee... But it made me really retch with DS!

Binglesplodge Sat 08-Feb-14 22:04:57


First ever pregnancy here! Signing in with a predicted due date of 16th Oct 2014 - to be honest it's still sinking in. This was our first month of trying and when AF didn't appear yesterday I took a test and got a very fast and very dark line. I've been having cramps for the last week or more but often get that before AF so I was really sure it was just a matter of time! I was wrong. Very pleased but getting over the shock of this being more sudden than I expected...

Loopylu84 Sat 08-Feb-14 22:24:08

Congratulations Binglesplodge! Sounds like we're in exactly the same boat-also first month of trying for first baby and got our BFP yesterday, also due on the 16th!

Fingers crossed for a happy healthy vomit free 9 months!

Binglesplodge Sat 08-Feb-14 22:44:27

:-) loopy, nice to have a twin here! Hope you're getting over the shock: I still can't quite believe it's true...

Bumpforme2014 Sat 08-Feb-14 23:19:37

Welcome newbies, oohhhhh morning sickness so early is apparently a great sign I would wonder about multiples if it was really bad!

I'm actually terrified of throwing up so not looking forward to that at all but at least it would make me feel more pregnant I guess.

I thought MS started from about week 6? I haven't had it yet but felt pretty rubbish this morning. However could've been due to sleeping in the spare room with a blanket as DH was drunk. He then got really frisky this morning and I couldn't stand being touched!

Bumpforme2014 Sun 09-Feb-14 00:25:28

Haha mundycakes you make me laugh, I am the frisky one at moment but DH is too scared in case he 'hurts' baby, bless him.

October2014Baby Sun 09-Feb-14 07:51:00

Zara, I think some of mine are suspicious already and I hate lying. I had a friend saying loudly that she thinks I'm pregnant in front of a work colleague- it took a lot not to say 'sssshhh' and laugh it off. But after mc previously I just want to wait before I say anything. What about saying you're on a detox instead?

Congrats to Binglesplodge and Loopy, same here. Honeymoon baby and we had just started trying. It's been nice to keep it between ourselves while we adjust to the news.

The morning sickness is weirdly comforting. At least I feel like things are ticking along as they should. I'm just feeling nauseous rather than actually throwing up thankfully. It has got a bit worse in the last week or so, but I am much better by mid afternoon.


ToffeeJungle Sun 09-Feb-14 08:11:38

I've felt quite sick too though haven't actually thrown up yet. I remember in my first pregnancy I was nauseous for about the first 4 months but was only actually sick once. I found that eating (esp crisps!) helped!

And yes bumpforme Im the frisky one too, ha! Though it's me who is being a bit cautious and not wanting to risk dtd! (though I know really that it can't hurt baby or affect the pregnancy!).

As for telling people, well we're going to wait until after the 12 weeks scan. Is difficult though! I saw my parents yesterday and was thinking I can't wait to tell them!

I didn't have any morning sickness at all in my last pregnancy and hoping not to this time! For those first timers waiting for it to kick in it's just a symptom that some people get..it doesn't mean the pregnancy is any more or less healthy! smile

thegirlwhouk Sun 09-Feb-14 08:48:07

akachan I'm Kingston way too :-)

mrsb87 Sun 09-Feb-14 09:16:14

So on 4th day of not keeping anything down I'm off to the out of hours docs, really worried about dehydration as my head is killing me and I feel completely shattered. Wish me luck guys sad

zahazie Sun 09-Feb-14 09:16:24

Hi all, I've been quiet the last few days as I had a bit of a scare. A bit of brown spotting since Thursday evening and yesterday I went to the hopsital to get it checked. It appears that everything is ok, but I got pretty stressed out. Sorry to hear that some of you are feeling sick - hope the ginger biscuits help!

MrsF2510 Sun 09-Feb-14 09:51:56

Oh mrsb, you poor thing! Seems so unfair that done people suffer so much. Can't complain myself as don't really feel any different ...yet! Am only 5 wks 4 days though. Zahaxie - good that you've had it checked and all is okay.

We all just need to try and relax and get plenty of rest! X

rosiegal Sun 09-Feb-14 10:03:18

Hi ladies I'm taking the plunge and joining in, gulp.
My stats are BFP 7th Feb and its my first. My due date will also be October 16th going by the date of my last period. I've been suffering from a stinking cold, sore throat and mild nausea since last Monday which is why I took a test.
So now I'm just hoping everything is ok is there and that the next few weeks pass quickly so I can get some reassurance from a scan.

pebble82 Sun 09-Feb-14 10:04:39

mrsf same here 5 + 2 and no different. I don't even feel tired despite waking all through the night. Boobs a little sore at the sides when I press them. I also wake up with a bunged up nose, not sure if that's a symptom or just me getting a cold.

I told my mum yesterday. It was brilliant. She cried and then started pointing out lots of baby things excitedly when we went shopping together. Can't wait for the weeks to pass :-)

Bumpforme2014 Sun 09-Feb-14 11:14:23

Morning ladies, I am 5+4 today and still no different either. I am not even feeling more tired either although I am ready for sleep by 9/10pm every night even if I've not done much that day.

Good luck mrsB let us know how you get on, welcome rosiegal, I recognise your name from another thread but can't remember which?

Can I ask a question, did everyone have implantation bleed? It occurred to me yesterday I never had anything and just wondered how many people did because I know not everyone gets it.

Loopylu84 Sun 09-Feb-14 11:16:55

Great to find another North Londoner claptonmania! my sister in law lives there too so we always seem to be on the 106 bus going back and forth!

Decided im going to book with UCLH, I've been on to the unit before with work so it's weirdly comforting knowing what it's like in there, the EGA birth centre is very peaceful too (unlike the crazy postnatal ward!)

Very curious to hear about everyones symptoms.... I've had really sore boobs for about 5 days now especially at the sides, really uncomfortable, then yesterday started to develop very mild nausea but only intermittantly, it's quite weird the best way I can describe it is like slight car sickness that comes and goes
Also had some aching a bit like you get before full on period pains but im told thats quite normal, seems to have gone today though

DH is still in complete shock (as am I tbh!) he keeps saying 'so are you still pregnant?' !!

How is everyone se feeling?

akachan Sun 09-Feb-14 11:30:20

Oh great girlwho! Nice to see you here! Maybe we'll end up in the same NCT.

Is everybody waiting for 12 weeks to tell anyone? I'm thinking of telling one friend and my parents in a couple of weeks.

rosiegal Sun 09-Feb-14 11:33:42

Hey Bump I've been a bit of a lurker and sometimes posting since about September when I came off the pill. I recognise a few names too so congrats to all for getting this far.
No I didn't have implantation bleed either. My periods after the pill have been sporadic and mega light, I was a bit worried actually.
My symptoms only started Monday, the sickness comes and goes but I havent actually thrown up. I agree with Loopy that its a bit like car sickness. My abdomen feels weird, no cramps but its almost like the rumbly tummy you get when hungry! And sometimes tugging/poking. I'm totally off my food too which isnt like me.

bumpbangbump Sun 09-Feb-14 11:43:30

I almost wish I was off my food. I'm bloody starving all the time. Not good for my diet... Was hoping to keep losing for a few more weeks yet, midwife said that should be fine, but I would put money on a gain this week.

So nice to see so many new mums to be joining the thread. It amazing to be able to talk about it to someone even if it is just through mn.

Is anyone finding their oh's are reluctant to talk about it? Mine is being wonderful in most ways but just won't engage with any talk about the baby! I want to be excited!!!

6 wks today! grin

WhiteIsTheColour Sun 09-Feb-14 11:44:55

Hi everyone

I'm 5+4 due on the 8th October according to my due date with my first DC. I'm not really suffering from any symptoms either apart from some cramps and slightly sore boobs.

We haven't told anyone, partly because I don't want to jinx anything and I'd really love to be able to tell my parents with the scan photo (and I've thought of a great way to do it!). I'm desperate to shout it out but it's also quite nice just the 2 of us knowing.

It's really hard as I'm quite a 'sociable' drinker and always knew it would be obvious as soon as I turned down a drink. Thankfully these months tend to be dry for most people so I'm going with the health kick thing which seems to be working. smile

Sometimes I still can't believe it, to the point I did another test yesterday just to prove I was!

pebble82 Sun 09-Feb-14 11:50:23

Thank god you've said that about OH being reluctant to talk. My DP is the same and I was beginning to worry. Maybe they're just worried/shocked/anxious and can't voice it properly. He's a very private person with emotions anyway.

I asked if he wanted to find out the sex at the 21 week scan and he just said "dunno, not thought about it. Whatever you want". I wish he had an opinion. I want to get all excited with him but worried I'll scare him. He promises me he's pleased though. It was only cycle 2 for us (cycle 1 really as the first month he was away with work a lot) so don't think either of us was expecting BFP so quickly.

Hope he'll get used to it soon and begin to engage more.

MrsCaptainReynolds Sun 09-Feb-14 12:25:09

Not sure how to announce a second pregnancy, doesn't have quite the same "reveal" value as the first. We will wait until after the 12 weeks scan though.

With our first we'd been for our scan and were staying a hotel overnight. Emailed in-laws the photo and then phoned them, just casually saying how are you etc, btw we're in a lovely hotel for the night, just emailed you a photo, have a look just now....all we could hear then was hyperventilating and MILs tears of joy. It was all very emotional. I don't think any of them thought they'd ever have any grandchildren.

akachan Sun 09-Feb-14 12:28:17

My DH is exactly the same! I can't get him to chat about it at all. I suppose it's the shock. I made a big deal that it might take ages (like a year easily) as I'm 34 and quite overweight. Then it's happened in a couple of months. Also I told him by saying "now don't get too excited a lot could still go wrong". Poor man really, no wonder he's keeping quiet.

Kittylou1 Sun 09-Feb-14 12:32:29


I got my BFP a few days ago and I'm due 13th October. Feeling very nervous and apprehensive! Only been TTC for 5 months and this will be my first/ Hubby is being so loving and excited but trying to keep his feet on the ground! Fingers crossed everything will be ok! Congratulations to all of you mummies to be smile xx

mrsb87 Sun 09-Feb-14 12:33:42

Back from ooh docs, I've been put on cyclizine to stop me being so sick and get some fluids in me. If I dont get any better by the end of the day I have to go back and probably have to stay there for a couple of days sad
Sounds like a lot of you are still feeling great! Hwho fancies trading places?!

akachan Sun 09-Feb-14 12:34:29

Hi Kitty, welcome !

My first also, I think there are a few of us.

Cakebaker35 Sun 09-Feb-14 13:59:42

Welcome to all the new BFPs, this thread is soooo busy!

Still hardly any symptoms here, bloated and a bit tired but that's it - I was the same with dd1 and I'm not complaining hearing about others suffering, poor you especially mrsb87 I hope you feel loads better soon.

I've told quite a few close family and friends this time around (told no one until 12 wk scan 1st time) - its actually been really nice not having to keep it secret and has made me more relaxed. Plus if anything does go wrong I know I've got a group of people to support me rather than needing to cover that up.

Off to docs to get on the system tomorrow, think I'll be 6 +2 or thereabouts.

sazzlehopes Sun 09-Feb-14 14:40:47

I've told patents and a few close friends - it is too difficult to hide as wee been ttc for 14 months so friends sort of guessed as I wasn't down this month with the arrival of AF. Otherwise from most people I'm going to try and hold out for the 12 week scan. It's going to be hard though, I'm slim with non existent boobs and as this is my second my stomach muscles are clearly shot to pieces and I'm beginning to show already!
No symptoms though, non the first time either. Sorry mrsB you are so sick, my neighbour was like that and the poor girl had a spell in hospital with fluids so glad you got checked out. It's nothing major but better to be looked after that's for sure. Hope the pills help.

MrsF2510 Sun 09-Feb-14 14:55:33

I had no implantation bleeding either and Bumpbangbump and pebbles, my oh won't talk about it either. Am not sure if it's just he's not a baby kind of guy or whether he is worried things will go wrong as I said that it's early days and miscarriages can happen. Have tried not to mention it myself so he doesn't start to panic that that's all we will ever talk about again! It's frustrating as I want him to be excited! X

pebble82 Sun 09-Feb-14 15:03:42

No implantation bleeding for me either.

I've just been googling baby names (getting way ahead of myself!). Want to talk them through with DP but think it's best to wait a while for that.

binkybunny Sun 09-Feb-14 15:12:39

mrsb you poor thing I really feel for youas you have suffered from the start!

I have felt nauseous since ovulation (may have been a well timed bug!) and today was my first head down the toilet moment. I hope it doesnt continue :-(

Its so weird feeling sick but starving hungry at the same time. I am managing to eat little and often.I was also hoping to lose a bit more weight but I am now so bloated I look about 6 months gone!

Bumpforme2014 Sun 09-Feb-14 15:36:42

Oh mrsB that sucks, it will all be worth it - maybe it's twins? I think most of us here are not quite six weeks yet hence why I think we all feel okay.

My DH loves talking about the baby, he is being really positive and we have even picked a boys name already. It took him ten years to get his head round becoming a dad though so perhaps that has something to do with it. I think most men are secretly terrified of becoming dads and feel the pressure so probably don't want to think about it until nearer the time, also heard it doesn't become real for them until baby arrives.

I keep thinking I will start feeling some other symptoms any day now but nothing, my boobs are sooooo sore and heavy if I didn't have that I would be doubting I was even preggars.

Mrsthedog Sun 09-Feb-14 16:55:40

Hiya people,

We have just found out that I am pregnant with our first, due October 14th.

May we join your October birthing party?


puppythedog Sun 09-Feb-14 18:34:53

Hello to All the thread and congratulations on all of your news. I'm the husband of Mrsthedog who posted above and we're both a bit all over the place with this. It's reassuring to read the posts with others having the same dilemmas that we are; it's too soon to tell everyone but we're rubbish at keeping secrets. We just hope, like all of you, that things continue well.

I see many of you are have already been through this, do you have any advice for us? Or me? What can I do to help? (don't worry I will ask her too).

ohthegoats Sun 09-Feb-14 19:22:59

Just be understanding I think. I'm annoying myself, can't imagine how annoying I am to him! Worrying, being starving hungry but also immediately nauseous, wanting to go for a walk but flaking out 100 yards from the front door, despite tiredness being wide awake at 3am, crying about the worrying etc.

Meanwhile I'm at 6+6 and STILL have daily bouts of period pain like cramps (one lot waking me up in the night), along with the rest as above... so, who knows what's going on. Have to find a new Dr this week, so maybe it's time for a chat.

puppythedog Sun 09-Feb-14 20:24:11

I don't really understand the * + * thing sorry. Something do do with how long you've been pregnant I guess. We're both new to working all of that out. Thanks for the advice, I try to be considerate but we'll see how that goes.
Sorry you're having such a rough time with your pregnancy and courage to you both in tolerating the difficult bits.

sazzlehopes Sun 09-Feb-14 20:25:04

Puppy-love the fact you are even on MN! I agree, understanding is best. No woman is the same, some have it easy some don't. Be aware of stages and just be there when she does need you! Take an interest and that's all that is really needed. My OH is great, interested but not over the top, and keeps me grounded when I get my knickers in a twist for no reason. Trust your mw too and doctors they generally do have your best interests at heart.

ToffeeJungle Sun 09-Feb-14 20:34:25

The * + * equates to how far along you are, ie. 5 weeks + 1 days pregnant. I can see how this along with all the acronyms etc can get confusing!

Welcome all newcomers though, it certainly is a busy thread!

I didn't have implantation bleeding either but my biggest symptom at the moment is wanting to eat all the time!!! Im sure Im showing already, definitely feel like I've put on weight anyway! Ugh, I feel like a whale - so soon!!!!

Welcome newbies! Congratulations! thanks
Mrsb sorry you're having such a rough time of it, really hope you feel better soon!
Puppy there are some great books out there for men. I bought my husband 'Pregnancy for men' last time. It tells you what's going on, how your partner might be feeling and what you can do to help. I've got a feeling she'll be just fine with you though!wink

MonkeyChops11 Sun 09-Feb-14 20:57:45

I'm new to the forum, and to pregnancy! Eek!

Took the test last Weds and was positive. Second one positive and says 2-3 weeks which apparently would be classed as 4-5 weeks (still trying to get my head around that one lol!).

All planned, but terrified. Gulp!!

Due date I think would be around 11th October, all going well.

October2014Baby Sun 09-Feb-14 22:07:41

Congratulations mrsthedog and puppythedog! Mrsb, hope u start feeling better very soon xx

Goodfruit Mon 10-Feb-14 03:04:36


Another newbie here, just had a BFP - second line very very very faint but there! All going well EDD would be 17th October.

We have one DD, nearly 2 and a half. Had a TFMR last year so feeling a bit of trepidation this time, but optimistic. Just really want a wee bro or sis for our little one!

Congratulations all thanks

Goodfruit Mon 10-Feb-14 03:23:35

LittleBear88 DC1 EDD 1st Oct
Tory79 DC2 EDD 1st Oct
OfficeLady DC3 EDD 1st Oct
Thefourcees DC5 EDD 1st Oct
Petitverdot DC1 1st Oct
zahazie EDD 1st Oct
Sazzlehopes DC2 EDD 2nd Oct
mrsb87 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
Aisha18 DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
missygreeneyes DC1 EDD 2nd Oct
MundayCakes85 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Tweetinat DC2 EDD 3rd Oct
Olilos DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
Sunnyday14 DC1 EDD 3rd Oct
MrsHende DC2 EDD 4th Oct
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Bumpbangbump DC2 EDD 5 Oct
sophspot DC1 EDD 5th Oct
DuggiWontSleep DC2 edd 5th October
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hefner DC2 EDD 5th Oct
Foxsticks DC2 EDD 6 Oct
TinyTear DC2 ADD 6th October
Queenasanti3 DC2 EDD 6th Oct
TroubleAndFyfe DC2 EDD 7th October
Spanielface DC2 EDD 7th Oct
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MrsCaptainReynolds DC2 EDD 7th Oct
Flipfantasia DC3 EDD 8 Oct
Bumpforme2014 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
MrsF2510 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Sofe1978 DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Bexleymum dc2 edd 8th oct
WhiteIsTheColour DC1 EDD 8th Oct
Freyathecatt DC2 EDD 9 Oct
binkybunny DC1 EDD 9th Oct
Twinkletwink DC2 due 10th Oct
pebble82 DC1 EDD 10th Oct
Lighthouser DC1 EDD 10th Oct
claptomania DC1 EDD 10th Oct
MrsDinoRawr DC1 EDD 10th Oct
mum2kiss dc2 edd 11th October
Overthinker88 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Toffeejungle DC2 EDD 11th Oct
Mammy2be EDD 11th Oct
MonkeyChops11 DC1 EDD 11th Oct
Sweetpeapods DC2 due 13 Oct
ldt87 DC3 EDD 13th Oct
AnnoyedByAlfieBear DC2 EDD 13th Oct
Kittylou1 DC1 EDD 13th Oct
Giraffeski DC3 EDD 14th Oct
Thegirlwhouk EDD 14th Oct
Mrsthedog DC1 EDD 14th Oct
pollywhatshername DC2 EDD 15th Oct
Loopylu84 EDD 16th Oct
Binglesplodge DC1 EDD 16th Oct
rosiegal DC1 EDD 16th Oct
neomamma DC1 EDD 17th Oct
goodfruit DC2 EDD 17th Oct
cottonwool4brains DC2 EDD 18th Oct
Zara8 DC2 EDD 18/19th Oct
akachan DC1 EDD 21st Oct
katster37 DC3 EDD 22nd Oct

sorry if I missed anyone!

MrsF2510 Mon 10-Feb-14 07:10:05

Wow thanks goodfruit! Well that's another day ladies for those of us on crotch watch!! ;) I will be 6 weeks on Wed - I heard that chance of mc lowers to 5% - is that true or correct IF a heartbeat is detected around then?

Bumpforme2014 Mon 10-Feb-14 07:21:16

Hi MrsF2510 we are due date buddies and I am also six weeks on Weds and cannot wait. Yes the risk lowers significantly for us on Weds so it can't come quick enough. The heartbeat can develop anytime from six to eight weeks which is why the risk lowers once again at eight weeks. Once we get to eight weeks DH and I are going to tell a few people because if worse was to happen then I would want people to know.

He was also not very keen on the early scan at eight weeks but I think by the time we get there, the thought I waiting another four weeks until we can relax will be enough to make us book it!

I'm seeing GP on Friday for booking in appointment, hoping she will tell me my scan date.

mrsb87 Mon 10-Feb-14 07:47:08

Morning gang, just a quick update. Sorry I haven't had chance to read through to catch up but welcome newbies smile
I am off for a day at the hospital to get some fluids in me. Despite taking cylizine all day yesterday by last night I was still vomiting and again as soon as I got up thismorning. Dh has got the day off work to keep me company as I've never been into hospital before and im a bit scared!
Hope you all have a good day x

Bumpforme2014 Mon 10-Feb-14 07:48:53

Noooo mrsb87 you poor thing, it's for the best, good luck and keep us updated.

Mrsb sorry to hear you're still feeling poorly. Hope your day isn't too rubbish, at least you've got DH to keep you entertained. FX you feel better later.
I'm back to work today, got a 50-odd hour week ahead of me sad but will try to keep up with the thread x

MrsF2510 Mon 10-Feb-14 07:52:35

Hi bump! That's good as I am so tempted to tell my mum after the 6 week mark. My sister told me and DH, my mum and dad and her mother and father in law all at 5 weeks so I think I am doing so well. Went out with my mother in law and fat