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Jan 2014 THREAD 14 -- This will be the lucky one!

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TobyLerone Wed 18-Dec-13 06:11:13

We got Thread 13 out of the way without too many mishaps. Phew!

Now it's time to sit on our arses eating entire Chocolate Oranges really get to work on getting some more of these babies out.

chocoloulou34 Wed 18-Dec-13 06:53:41

Checking in... chocolate orange at the ready smile

Felix90 Wed 18-Dec-13 06:55:37


MrsVDB Wed 18-Dec-13 07:10:04

Checking in. 1 baby on thread 13. How many on this one?? (I'm holding at until at least thread 15 please baby!)

curlywurlyllass Wed 18-Dec-13 07:10:35

posted my news on thread 13

wee james is still n intensive care getting some extra help but is doing well smile cant wait to see him again later

Thinking of you all

Another, you might be next! Hope you can get off the labour ward soon either with your healthy baby or with things settling down

MrsGSR Wed 18-Dec-13 07:27:17

Checking in. I'm going to have to go and buy a chocolate orange now!

extracrunchy Wed 18-Dec-13 07:32:37

Checking in!

TobyLerone Wed 18-Dec-13 07:43:52

MrsG they're 2 for £3 in Sainsbury's and BOGOF in Tesco. Just sayin'...


AnotherStitchInTime Wed 18-Dec-13 08:28:50

Checking in ...

Frizz1986 Wed 18-Dec-13 08:56:50

checking in.....

enormouse Wed 18-Dec-13 09:07:52

Ooh chocolate oranges, i have 2 squirelled away for emergencies. Good morning all. smile

enormouse Wed 18-Dec-13 09:08:34

And congratulations again curly

Percypiglet Wed 18-Dec-13 09:13:52

I'm here too. we should start a book on number of babies to arrive by end of thread.

Hmm, who mentioned chocolate oranges. Been having on/off cravings for them in last week! seem to be back on a craving again now, way too early to have to fight this craving after a lack of sleep last night!

MrsRApilot Wed 18-Dec-13 09:45:39

Checking in smile

BookTart Wed 18-Dec-13 09:50:20

I don't have a chocolate orange sad. Will a box of mint Matchmakers do?

Checking in, glad to hear James is doing well and curly is sounding so happy and well.
book mint matchmakers are the food of the gods. Waitrose started doing mini ones recently in a grab pouch. Made my year!

GummiBear74 Wed 18-Dec-13 10:13:50

Chocolate oranges or matchmakers? Or perhaps both...

Going to Tesco later, so BOGOF sounds good to me (that's one for me and one for baby). I don't even really like orange chocolate, just have to have it at this time of year because my parents Santa never remembered & I always got one in my stocking!

puggle01 Wed 18-Dec-13 10:15:50

Place marking. Do they have dark chocolate oranges? (truly food of the gods)

Felix90 Wed 18-Dec-13 10:16:54

Just got back from the hospital. I am 1cm dilated and midwife said my cervix is soft and did the sweep. It was VERY uncomfortable but was quick and not as bad as I thought. I was totally expecting her to say she couldn't do it as I'm only 37 weeks today.

So midwife wanders off in to the office afterwards to call the delivery suite to book in my induction. Expected her to come back with dates after Christmas as discussed and she says 'so they can do tomorrow or Friday' !!!!!!!!!!!! So as a result I am being induced on Friday 20th and baby will be here before Christmas. I don't know if I should laugh or cry or throw up or what! Ahhhhhh!

Felix90 Wed 18-Dec-13 10:17:44

Oh god I really want a dark chocolate orange now. I like those tubs of segsations where you get a variety of different ones. Mmmmmmmmmmm grin

BookTart Wed 18-Dec-13 10:35:21

Felix - that's so exciting! Quick, rush out and buy lots of novelty Christmas babygros grin

Naturegirl82 Wed 18-Dec-13 10:46:32

Checking in

Wow felix exciting news smile

enormouse Wed 18-Dec-13 11:01:24

Exciting stuff felix, I agree go forth and buy christmassy things. I've seen lovely Christmas baby socks.
Like these
pudding socks. If only ds could still fit them.

Speaking of chocolate oranges, has anyone seen the white one with popping candy? Dp wants it, and apparently Christmas isn't Christmas without one.

GummiBear74 Wed 18-Dec-13 11:30:45

I think tesco have the white one with popping candy - I saw it on the website this morning when I was trying to decide how much chocolate I need to add to our Christmas delivery.

Was intrigued, but then I spotted the Reese's peanut butter snowman and forgot about it entirely in my excitement grin

Felix90 Wed 18-Dec-13 11:32:41

Enormouse I need pudding socks for me, never mind baby! OH keeps going on about various Christmassy outfits so I reckon he will end up rushing out on Christmas Eve and buying something ridiculous grin ahhh I'm so excited now I'm over the initial shock!

Felix90 Wed 18-Dec-13 11:33:24

Gummi what is this peanut butter snowman you speak of?! I am SO passionate about peanut butter!

GummiBear74 Wed 18-Dec-13 11:42:34

felix, I don't know exactly what it is (tesco website quite useless in that respect), but I LOVE anything Reese's peanut butter cup related, so it must be good!

I'm heading over to tesco as soon as they email to tell me that my delivery has arrived. I'll scour the shelves when I'm there to see whether I can find some & report back later!

MrsGSR Wed 18-Dec-13 12:12:06

That's so exciting Felix, and so soon!

Slightly annoyed with DH today. It's his last day of work before Christmas leave and has to go out for a compulsory pint (or 5) after work, so I'll be driving us down to Devon this evening. He's left me the car so I can pack it and go to my midwife appointment later, and then pick him up. Except he hasn't left me the car key angry. AND he slept in the middle of the bed most of last night, which left me right on the edge. He's a really bad passenger too, so I might kill him at some point of the 4 hour drive!

enormouse Wed 18-Dec-13 12:13:17

Oh God, just got another text from my lovely lecturer. Asking what decision I've made regarding ucas. I replied that owing to new information regarding coursework deadlines I received yesterday I won't be applying this year. She said that this was the decision she hoped I'd make. Yeah, the one I felt pushed into. I can actually feel my blood pressure rising angry. Just when I felt like I had come to terms with my decision.

She wants to see me at some point, but after the holidays is fine.

Ds is also being difficult. Climbing on chairs and pulling my clean laundry onto the floor repeatedly.

I could really do with a cup of tea and an emergency chocolate orange. Thanks btw gummi I'll pick up a few of those whilst I'm out tomorrow.

felix I want them too! May check whether they do adult sizes.

DS has clambered onto my lap to give me a cuddle. Bless him, he's so cute I can't stay angry at him

TobyLerone Wed 18-Dec-13 13:10:57

Oooh, felix. I am envy that you'll have your baby before Christmas!

MrsVDB Wed 18-Dec-13 13:15:38

Ooh felix how exciting!!!!

extracrunchy Wed 18-Dec-13 13:23:41

Felix that is SO EXCITING!! grin
Also i think in the circumstances you definitely need Ben&Jerry's peanut butter cup ice cream with your peanut butter chocolate.

Reflexology this morning was bizarre, slightly uncomfortable (not painful) and at the same time relaxing. She came to my house, which felt very luxurious!

Got MIL coming on an open ticket for a few nights this evening and DH hasn't lifted a finger to make the flat nice so I'll be doing that this afternoon, and then hopefully can relax and have a baby with brilliant toddler sitter in residence!

extracrunchy Wed 18-Dec-13 13:24:24

Enormouse your lecturer sounds like a DOUCHE. Douche is my current favourite word.

GummiBear74 Wed 18-Dec-13 13:25:24

I am jealous of those who'll have babies with them before Christmas, especially because of the desperately cute clothes I've seen. However, I won't be 37 w until Christmas Eve, so baby is under strict instructions to stay put until Jan 1st at the earliest.

(However, no doubt she'll take after her dad, completely ignore everything I say and appear when she jolly well feels like it fgrin)

GummiBear74 Wed 18-Dec-13 13:26:33

And I agree with extra. DOUCHE!

Mythreeknights Wed 18-Dec-13 13:56:46

Felix waaaah that is exciting smile

Well, mw has just called back in a complete flap about me wanting a home birth kit (I don't 'want' a home birth but I do want to be prepared in case it happens really quickly and actually part of me would be quite impressed if I did it at home). Anyhow, she acquiesed and is going to get the kit delivered - and I can go into hospital if I want at any time, it's not a binding contract.

Also have 38 week check organised at a different clinic so feeling calmer now. And breathe. And SQUEEZE.

What is everyone's choice of pain relief on the birth plan? Just trying to write mine now and feel out of depth. (Clearly mine will just have to be G&A...).

BookTart Wed 18-Dec-13 14:04:19

I'm pleased that's all sorted out mythree. Pain relief-wise, my plan says Tens machine & G&A (I read that as G&T in your post grin) I'm totally open minded about pethidine, but can't have an epidural without being transferred from the MLU to the labour ward. I'll do it if it feels necessary though.

MrsG, I think you could get away with killing him at the start of the drive tbh.

enormouse Wed 18-Dec-13 14:15:37

Oh thanks guys. Definitely, a douche of the highest order.
Dp came home unexpectedly early (schoolkids aren't doing much at the moment) and has told me to relax, enjoy Christmas and he'll order a Chinese tonight. He's finished for the holidays and is insisting I do nothing from here on in. I could get used to this. fsmile

mythree I saw your mw stresses on the other thread, glad you've got something sorted out. I had gas and air only with DS but I had an all inclusive attitude to pain relief (basically anything is fine if I felt I needed it). This time around I have a little more faith in myself to cope and would like to aim for gas and air again. I'd like to try a tens machine as well.

gummi fgrin I'm instructing babymouse to do the same. I doubt he'll listen though.

extra maybe itll kick things off? Sounds like you've got a relaxing day planned.

Felix90 Wed 18-Dec-13 14:22:17

How desperately do I need a birth plan because I haven't even written one! I was sort of just going to go with the flow and see what happens. I'm clued up about all the different pain relief from my NCT class but should I physically write stuff down? I don't really have a preference and obviously would like to do it with just gas and air but I'm open to everything else if it comes to it, so I don't really have a set plan...

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 18-Dec-13 14:52:00

HFelix how exciting, you will be home with baby for Christmas smile

extra I went into labour with dd2 the day after my mum arrived. I think I was finally able to relax as I knew dd1 would be cared for. I hope the same happens for you.

That is a long recovery toby, I hope you can get the decorating finished soon so you can relax a bit.

enormouse your lecturer is a piece of work angry

mythree glad you are getting your kit, sounds very sensible to me given the season.

Still up on labour ward awaiting doc rounds to be sent back to antenatal. I have at least had lunch, but now have 3 bloody cannulas in my arms which are pissing me off. Two don't even work, but no one has come to remove them yet grrr.

quackojuliet Wed 18-Dec-13 14:52:45

up to you and your DP, felix. it might make it easier for your DP if he needs to make any decisions for you? or at least make sure you have considered certain things you do or don't want - writing it out cements it in your mind.
though i hear they are often not looked at, it might be good to have one in case...
although i imagine with your induction news you've probably just added loads to your to-do list! a baby this weekend! wow

extracrunchy Wed 18-Dec-13 14:58:11

Felix I'm with Quacko on the birth plan - probably not entirely necessary for you, but good for your birth partner to have in writing exactly what you'd prefer if you're not able to communicate coherently when you're off your face on gas and air! I also found it weirdly reassuring to print off the NHS questions and go through them.

Another that sounds great re arrival of mum - hope you're right smile

Mythreeknights Wed 18-Dec-13 15:02:57

I've just watched some youtube videos of home births....OMFG. I had no idea that the whole fanny bulges out with the baby's head and then your fanny splits open and the baby bursts out. I cried with each video. And then I finished off the chocolate orange.

Mythreeknights Wed 18-Dec-13 15:03:53

Defnitely putting G&T on my birth plan now fgrin book

MrsRApilot Wed 18-Dec-13 15:10:43

felix that is so exciting!!! Another squishy baby will be here before the week is out grin

extracrunchy Wed 18-Dec-13 15:12:37

Mythree stoppit.

Felix90 Wed 18-Dec-13 15:14:29

Haha Mythree that's the most hilarious/grossest post I've read on here!

Thanks for the advice everyone. I will collar OH when he gets home from work and tell him we need to write out a vague birth plan, just in case smile

enormouse Wed 18-Dec-13 15:49:36

mythree tis the miracle of life…beautiful isn't it? [Boak emoticon]

another hugs. Will you have to stay overnight?

felix I agree with extra and quacko. It's a good way of making sure your birth partner is well aware of what you want and can be your voice.
Even if they stick to the plan rigidly without deviating. Yes DP I'm looking at you. hmm
'But on the plan that the saner you made, it says start with gas and air'.
'Yes, but I want a fucking epidural now!'
'But the plan says that you want gas and air first. I'm going with sane you'
'FUCKING epidural, NOW!'
'But the plan says…' - ad infinitum for hours. In the end I progressed too quickly to have an epidural. But how I wanted to murder him at the time.

Make absolutely sure your partner knows you might change your mind. I'm writing in capital letters, I want to be flexible.

Sultanajo Wed 18-Dec-13 15:56:13

mythree that's bollocks! Would definitely call the hospital. My midwife is seeing me Xmas eve at the hospital at 39 + 4. Grrr! Hope you get things sorted.

Oh Toby 6 weeks is a long time! What a fecker! Have you got anyone who can go to Pinkberry for you for emergency supplies?

Well I am truly amazed! Just been out shopping (possibly the last time I do given the painful waddling that went on) and not one, but TWO blokes moved out of my way! Am clearly looking very preggers now! The first guy couldn't have been more than 22 and looked positively scared when he saw me moving towards him! Lol! The second was an older gent who massively apologised after we did that awkward "both move one way and then both move the other" polite dance!

Bump has definitely dropped as I can no longer sit comfortably with legs at a right angle to me, as bump gets squished by the tops of my thighs! Sitting on the toilet is annoying now, have had to finally admit defeat when it comes to trying to have a bath and I also cant comfortably sit with my legs up on the sofa. Am really hoping this all means bubs is getting ready to make his grand entrance...!

GummiBear74 Wed 18-Dec-13 16:00:22

mythree, you are clearly confused. You were watching clips of horror films, not birth videos shock

(Help! DH is going to be out cold on the floor for certain. Good thing we've hired a doula...)

Well, felix and enormouse, I can report back from my scouting mission to tesco. The peanut butter snowman is like a large peanut butter cup in the shape of a snowman - it looks very nice, but you don't get much for a fiver! The only chocolate oranges in evidence were milk chocolate ones (and my tesco is ginormous), so no fancy popping candy ones and no dark chocolate (my preferred option). So I just bought 2 boxes of mint matchmakers instead, they're also on BOGOF.

I also haven't written down a birth plan yet, I'm pretty much open to seeing how it goes. I don't fancy pethidine in case it makes me feel really sick (so fed up with constantly feeling sick), but my NCT teacher mentioned a new one called remifentanil that wears off really fast, so if it doesn't agree with you, just don't take any more!

Angelesque Wed 18-Dec-13 16:02:40

CONGRATULATIONS CURLY! Gorgeous news and lovely name! Hope he's out of NICU soon and you can go home for lovely newborn cuddles

MyThree glad you got your midwife appt sorted - I had a similar thing last week where the clinic was claiming the midwife was too busy to see me for my 34 week appt, which would have meant I wouldn't have been checked for six weeks. I got one directly at my hospital - they've been great. Off tomorrow am to check all is okay

Another hello due date twin - thinking of you and hope you get to meet little one soon

Felix so exciting you'll have your baby by Christmas!!! And all those gorgeous baby Christmas outfits have gone in the sale so you can buy LOADS.

Ooh thread 14 is going well already!

Angelesque Wed 18-Dec-13 16:04:16

Also mmmmn re: all the chat of chocolate oranges... I ate two over the weekend. THat made me very happy.

Felix90 Wed 18-Dec-13 16:06:22

Gummi a fiver?!?! What a rip off (although I am still dying for one!)

Sultanajo Wed 18-Dec-13 16:07:12

Felix! Omg! That's soooo exciting and I was starting to get a little jealous until I read your youtube post. Lol! Aw baby before Xmas is awesome! Would be perfect for me to go into labour at the end of this week as DH has two weeks off from Friday, but will only be 39 weeks so not getting my hopes up...

another glad you have at least eaten something, but super annoying waiting for some Douche to come and remove your redundant cannulas!

enormouse your lecturer really is an ultimate douche!!!

mythree glad you have your mw sorted....

Chocolate orange and mint matchmakers are my favourites! Just opened a pack of chocolate orange biscuits....the fruit salad can wait for a bit....!

Sultanajo Wed 18-Dec-13 16:08:31

Doh! It was mythrees youtube post, not Felixs....sorry!

Toothfairy78 Wed 18-Dec-13 16:55:52

Evening all! Checking in.

Thanks for the new thread Toby!

Well I am bushed having been out since 11am. Nipped to shop this morn, made spiced syrup for making fruit juice more interesting, coffee with NCT peeps then off to Windsor for Christmas shop. Managed to sort MIL pressie, got both slow cookers running at the moment and that's about it.

Well excited to see a baby has arrived while I was out. Congratulations curly. And another soon to follow it seems!

Wonder how many babies will arrive by the end of this thread?

Bluecarrot Wed 18-Dec-13 16:57:46

Hi everyone smile can't believe its another new thread!

Congrats curly smile

felix good luck for friday. Can't remember your backstory but are you trying curry/pineapple/sex etc before fri?

mythree I'm also going a full month without seeing anyone but tbh I'm ok with it and will happily show up at hospital if I feel worried. My next is at 39 weeks (30th dec) where I've been offered a sweep. Will be trying natural methods of encouragement from Boxing Day though as long as she's in a good position.

After a sling library session I'm considering a different sling. I have a moby which I love but think it might be too complex for a sleep deprived brain and looking into ring slings as an alternative as so easy to put on.

Oh, and had a surprise baby shower last night! Thought it was just dinner with two friends but instead they treated me to having my nails done ( trying not to freak out as I had previously read how toxic nail polish is) and then met with two other friends and my mum at a local restaurant. smile

Got loads of stuff - sadly some I won't use as its disposable and that's exactly what I've been trying to avoid ( disposable breast pads, nappy sacks pampers wipes etc) so will be sending to women's aid in the New Year. Not sure what to do with the Johnson's baby stuff. Had read its rather nasty stuff so don't fancy using it, but don't really want to pass it on either ! :/

Final news from me- heard yesterday there's no hope if getting plasterer in before 16th jan (Edd 6th) and I'll have to move out a few days with the baby while it dries! Could use local b&b but come home to launder the nappies... At least it would be minimal housework!

Frizz1986 Wed 18-Dec-13 17:06:30

I am on mat leave!!!

Woop woop.
The girls at work have got me so much baby stuff....clothes, cuddly toys, chocolate for me and dh. Feeling very spoilt tbh.

TarkaTheOtter Wed 18-Dec-13 17:23:01

felix I wrote a birth plan for my induction last time and nobody looked at it - they just asked before they did things. You'll have 1-1 care if being induced so they'll always be someone around so plenty of time to tell them what you want to do.

TarkaTheOtter Wed 18-Dec-13 17:25:36

I'm stuck at the hospital but nothing exciting happening. I had a scan earlier and baby head down and normal size so that's good. Now waiting to see consultants and they are running over an hour late and my appt isn't until 5.30 anyway. I've been here since 3pm. I've sent DH off shopping with DD so she didn't go crazy but they'll have to pick me up as we live 30mins drive away. At this rate it could be well after her bedtime grrrr.

Sultanajo Wed 18-Dec-13 18:09:03

tarka grrrr! Hope you get out soon and glad your scan went well.

Frizz yay for mat leave and being spolit!

Well after scoffing two chocolate orange bars and a whole box of chocolate orange biscuits (I blame you Toby!) I am feeling much more virtuous after spending the last hour making a mahoosive fruit salad, using fruit that was on offer! Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, oranges and apples. Have filled a large mixing bowl and it smells so fresh and yummy! Just a shame I am currently still so full from all the chocolate earlier! Am looking forward to trying some later though.

I had a grated carrot and humous sandwich for lunch too, so its not been all bad food wise, but at this rate bubs is gonna come out with a huge sugar addiction!

Naturegirl82 Wed 18-Dec-13 18:16:19

Yay for mat leave frizz.

Glad you got your appointment sorted mythree

I had my mw appointment and she thinks I may have a uti because of a small amount of blood in urine. Anyone else been told they might have a uti but not feel like they have a uti? She said just to drink cranberry juice and go to the walk in if need be. My mw has offered weekly appointments now but as xmas is next week and I'm away I said two weeks is fine. Off to see the labour ward hopefully tonight. Bit worried if it's too busy again as I doubt they are doing tours over xmas so bubs may arrive before I've seen it.

Frizz1986 Wed 18-Dec-13 18:27:33

Yay felix how exciting. Cant believe its so soon! I have a birth plan but its just as much to make sure dh remembers what we decided.

sultana i feel stuffed after a buffet for lunch, curry for tea and lots of chocolate and cake but i will force down a satsuma in a bit.

tarka hope you get out quickly.

blue how lovely to have a surprise shower.

tooth i am also wondering how many babies will arrive this thread

I still have a feeling that mine wont be long (bet i get induced 12 days overdue now). Things just feel very very different atm. Lots more discharge and dampness, bump aches more and as bump has always been low i wonder if baby could engage and me not feel it.

No need for choc orange here as work got me 6 bars of lindt choc. Its my fave as my grandad was swiss and so i grew up with the stuff before it appeared in the uk.

Percypiglet Wed 18-Dec-13 18:32:49

Felix how exciting, hope all goes well.

Anyone else got sore uncomfortable pain at top of bump. It seems worse when I am sitting.....?

felix ooooooh! You are NEXT!!!! If you don't manage to find any cute Christmas outfits or you, say, live on the Moon and can't buy any I have a Christmas pudding hat I would be delighted to pop in the post...

tarka pg ladies should not be made to wait for appointments. Should be the law.

enormouse your lecturer is a DOUCHE.

blue you sound remarkably calm about that, I'd be in a rage. Hope all works out well.

Book of Mormon was absolutely filthy and totally hilarious. I pride myself on having a pretty black sense of humour and being an unshockable atheist, but there were parts where even I was not totally sure it was okay to laugh. Amazing. How they haven't had the arses sued off them is a miracle.
If you like black black black comedy, go and see it immediately. grin

Oh, and yay for mat leave frizz and glad you got spoiled.

And mythree so glad you got sorted - that was a crazy length of time between appts!
That said, I am having my 'booking in' for Lewisham tomorrow (37+6), as that was the earliest the community mw could fit me in.

sarahleanne Wed 18-Dec-13 18:51:48

Literally just scanned through the thread for baby news and CONGRATS curly!!!! And well done smile gorgeous little baby woohoo.

Good luck to Felix incase I don't get on here again for a few days.

dh going away tomorrow so I think I'm the only one that wants baby to stay put for at least a few more weeks!

Yey felix!

how come they sweep/ going to induce you? Was it for any particular reason? I want to ask the midwife on Friday for a sweep but as I'll only be 36 weeks i cant see her going for it.

part of me still thinks it'll be here early, i mainly feel like ill be bringing up the rear of the thread.

i do, however, have 10 chocolate oranges here... So all is not lost!

Felix90 Wed 18-Dec-13 19:13:01

Bluecarrot I'm quite early (only 37 weeks) so don't think pineapple/sex or anything will really get me going so I'm not going to make the effort haha. Although I do love pineapple! Apparently you have to eat 7 for it to do anything!!

Frizz yay for maternity leave! Also yay for presents from work!

Tarka hope you're not stuck in the hospital much longer. It's rubbish having to wait around.

Sultana your fruit salad sounds sooooooo good. I am having pizza for tea because I'm a big fat fatty (and not due a food shop until tomorrow)

Humpty how lovely! Im sure OH will find loads of stuff reduced but I'll bear you in mind for emergency pudding hat.

Frying im being induced because I've got obstetric cholestasis (something up with my liver) so they always induce by 38 weeks apparently. Didn't expect it to happen this early!

Thank you everyone else for good luck wishes.

flyawayblue Wed 18-Dec-13 19:15:30

wow Felix can't believe your likely to be next and will have a baby before Christmas.

mythree glad they sorted your appointments out, so cheeky and rude to suggest it's fine to not see anyone from now until term. The midwife at my 34 week appointment rang round to workout when to see me for the 36 week appointment, I have it this Friday as then they can do follow-up tests if needed around Christmas.. still thinking transverse and then ECV and I'm still not sure how I feel about ECV...

Had our Christmas lunch today was nice to catch up with everyone but been feeling / being sick recently whenever I eat anything so couldn't enjoy that side of things. Still putting on weight but all baby as everyone says I'm loosing weight and look thinner on may face, not sure your meant to lose weight during pregnancy!

Have a referral to the local MH team due to the low moods I was / am having, still feel like a bit of a fraud as often fine but they suggested getting on the listings now in case I needed help after the birth.

Was going to reply to others but my brain has forgotten everything! Good job I've only got two days left at work, wouldn't be any good next week if I'm like this now...

chocoloulou34 Wed 18-Dec-13 19:21:21

Just a quickie to say had hospital appointment. Had internal by evil bitch doctor who rly hurt me and added to pain I've already got. Told me my cervix wasn't favourable which was fine by me as rly didn't want a sweep done by her!! They offered me induction on 27th dec but we said no as we dont want baby too close to xmas if we can help it and also have kids off school and to top it off oh wont get his bonus if I have baby before 2nd jan lol. So we went for induction on 3rd jan. Obviously if baby decides to come before then that's fine and everything just don't wanna purposely have him early if don't need too. Am coping with pain atm so gotta see how it goes.
This thread is super busy already. I best see what's been happening 2day ...

Ah that makes sense felix admittedly I'm a little jealous of the induction, not the reason why.

ah Choco! That's crazy soon

Frizz1986 Wed 18-Dec-13 19:34:38

fly def a good idea to get yourself on their radar just in case.
One of the nct girls works for MH round here and said that post natal issues often go to the top of the pile fairly quickly so fx if you do have any issues you will be able to get support quickly.

Random point...........I was wondering today if i am the only one who has had no trouble eating. I seem to read everywhere that your stomach gets so squished in pg that you find you cant finish meals so eat little and often. Once baby drops you should feel u can eat more. I have had no trouble eating at all. Can always finish a meal plus snacks! blush

So FIL is round helping dh do bathroom floor. They were supposed to be taking up the laminate and laying the lino but FIL has decided to take up half the floorboards to replace them. Lino needs to be down tomorrow as family are up on friday and atm the bathroom is a bomb site (not good when we only have one toilet and i need to pee all the time)

I can eat, up until a point and then i throw up. I think it's a throw back to when i was really ill at the beginning.

anyone noticed bubbles way low? It's not hiccoughs, or baby moving, but i could feel air/water bubbles really low, near my fanjo.

anyone else?

TarkaTheOtter Wed 18-Dec-13 20:25:19

frizz I can still eat loads too!

Finally back at home. Was at the hospital for 4hrs in total and had approx 10mins of contact time with hcps.

I do have an induction date though - 30 dec. I'll be exactly 38 weeks.

They also gave me the stuff for antenatal expressing without me having to ask which I was pleased about. It is supposed to be useful for diabetics (whose babies can have low blood sugars at birth) but they never mentioned it when I had dd. I thought I was going to have to pressure them into letting me bring in and store colostrum just in case.

TarkaTheOtter Wed 18-Dec-13 20:26:28

I also have a chocolate orange in my stocking to eat once te baby is here even though I don't really like them. It's tradition!

Naturegirl82 Wed 18-Dec-13 20:35:06

Frizz I did go through the small eating thing and have realised I can eat massive portions again so think baby has dropped.

Went round the hospital tour again today. Was so much better. Monday's tour there were about 10 couples so couldn't hear anything mw was saying but tonight there were only 4 couples so was much much better. Saw labour suite, pretty standard. Looked at mlu as well even though it's not been recommended but apart from the use of the pool and the weird birthing chair room they are pretty similar. Would only be monitored every 15 minutes with hand held Doppler so that's ok. Can take my birthing ball in as well and the bed is very flexible so can be put upright etc so feeling much happier about everything. smile

MrsVDB Wed 18-Dec-13 21:02:38

I still eat loads but then throw up too. I could eat loads until a couple of weeks ago but haven't really adjusted to smaller stomach oops!

Jealous of the maternity leave frizz! I'm due to start Friday lunchtime but my manager has booked a call for 4pm Friday that he wants me to attend!! Wtf! I know ill just agree though

Felix90 Wed 18-Dec-13 21:07:20

I can still trough loads of food! Always have been able to haha.

Just watching obsessive compulsive cleaners and it's freaking me out and now I am desperate to vacuum!

frizz I can still eat plenty of some foods. Can't eat anything too acidic, like oranges, tomatoes etc, or too much spice, or the heartburn is vicious.
Not really got a smaller appetite than usual, although maybe I eat 10% less than I used to, but I think that's a hangover from first trimester when i could barely eat at all, and stomach shrunk massively.

MrsV will they start your mat leave on Monday then? I would push HARD for that - please don't work overtime for nothing! It's so unreasonable to be expected to do this gives STB ex-boss stabby side eyes

Arg! Feels like the baby is in my bum! It's bloody uncomfy

Felix90 Wed 18-Dec-13 22:40:42

Not sure if this is related to the sweep but my hips/thighs are so achey and painful confused just had a hot bath and it's not made any difference. Got loads to sort tomorrow and don't think I'll be able to manage at this rate.

Mac2014 Wed 18-Dec-13 23:10:47

Congrats curly fab news!!

Hope you're all doing well. Am rubbish and can't remember who's doing what. Just thinking about dark chocolate oranges. Need one tomorrow!

Night all, hope you get sleep.

extracrunchy Wed 18-Dec-13 23:35:36

Frizz yay for maternity leave!

Flying hope you're holding up ok. 2 days left!!

chocoloulou34 Thu 19-Dec-13 04:09:17

Ugh hello 4am. Just woke up completely dripping with sweat how attractive. Doing my usual of 3 times a night of going to toilet but cant get back to sleeep yawwwwwn. Gonna read bit of my kindle I think. Hope rest of you all having lovely sleep and no one is up in any pain 2nite. How u feeling now felix?

Oo sounds promising!

I've been to the toilet, dried throughly (as you do) but I'm noticeably wet. I refuse to get my hopes up. Sadly because I've woken up i cant get back to sleep, so will be awake for a bit i think. Haven't put a pad on, ill just see if my pj bottoms end up soaked. My thinking being that if there's np pad, maybe this is it.

happily I'm lying down anyway.

OnlyThePurpleOnes Thu 19-Dec-13 04:22:14

Nature I've just finished my second round of antibiotics for UTI's I didn't know I had! Not a single symptom either time, so I don't think it's that unusual in pregnancy.

Felix you're welcome to come and obsessively compulsively clean here! I spent yesterday morning organizing my underwear drawer. I only opened it for a pair of pants, and found myself half an hour later elbow deep in crimson leg warmers, every colour tights known to man (I live on the equator) and inappropriate knickers. I now have a bra pile, a socks pile (nice ones only) and a knickers pile, organized by colour and coverage grin v proud of myself. Totally an awesome use of my time.

Choco and curly, get back to bed!

Waters test didn't work.

anyone else feel like they are constantly leaking?

TobyLerone Thu 19-Dec-13 05:02:02


Morning, though!

OnlyThePurpleOnes Thu 19-Dec-13 05:18:13

Oops, meant Choco and Frying! Stupid phone. And good morning, Toby!

No leakage here either, just the usual pregnajuice. (Hope nobody's eating!)

AnotherStitchInTime Thu 19-Dec-13 06:28:06

Morning all.

Nope, no leaking here just bloody bleeding again so might be going back up to labour ward. Waiting for docs now. At least I got one night in a more comfortable bed. sad

nature glad the tour went well, they don't do them at my hospital. Mind you by the time I have baby I could write a review of the all rooms I have visited labour ward so many times!

Roll on the mat leave frizz and mrsv.

tarka glad you got out of there eventually, it always amazes me how long antenatal clinic appts take. Hooray for having an induction date. I really liked the idea of antenatal expressing, but I am not allowed due to risk of it setting off uterine contractions.

I can still eat lots too, but baby lies either transverse or oblique still so I don't have so much of the uncomfortable bum in ribs problem.

Can't believe Christmas is next week, the only presents I managed to organise were the kids. Hopefully everyone else will understand if they have to wait, DH is too busy to cope with Christmas shopping on top of everything else.

TobyLerone Thu 19-Dec-13 06:30:54

Good grief, another. I can't wait for you to have that baby so that I know you'll be getting a rest!

Chin up flowers

enormouse Thu 19-Dec-13 06:41:50

Hey good morning all. Am going into town today to sort last minute Christmas stuff and hospital bag bits.

another people will understand, being heavily pregnant is a legitimate excuse.

felix -any developments?

Hi choco, toby and purple.

Been up since 5.30 as ds thought he'd come in because apparently he couldn't sleep either. He sat on my bump and gave a babbled monologue about his hands. I have no idea what it was about but there were lots of hand movements and gestures. He also sang a song about himself (the only word in it was 'me'). Unfortunately, the bouncing has woken up DC2 so I am well and truly up for the day. Off to make a cup of tea.

Frizz1986 Thu 19-Dec-13 06:45:41

mrsv if it was me i would tell them that I start mat leave at lunchtime tomorrow so wont be there to help. You need to not let them push you as they have been aware of this date for a while and are about to not have you at all so need to get used to it.
Otherwise tell them that your date for maternity needs to be moved to monday and dont take no for an answer. Tbh i cant believe how rude they are being by doing it!

another sorry the bleeding has started again. I really hope that you get out soon. Dont worry about xmas gifts. I dont think people will care in the slightest, they should be thinking more about you than any gifts!

only excellent organsing. My pants and socks are a mess. Well pants are in little dividers for big and small and tights are separated too. Once i can fit into tights again i should check which are full of holes or uber bobbly and get rid but i dont think ill have time once bubs arrives.

frying fx things get going soon. I always think i am leaking but when i recline for an hour and then stand up.....nothing. Make sure you are not fully led down, you have to be reclined for it to work. Think i just have uber pregnajuice!

choco ditto to sweat last night. I woke at 3am for pee number 2 of 5 and was dripping. My entire nightie was so soggy that i have slept in just my pants for the rest of the night.

Typical i am awake at 6:40am on first day of mat leave. I do plan to make a bed on the sofa and stay there for the day though. Well maybe i could make the cottage pie for the freezer.....i dont like thinking that i have things that need doing but i really think my body could do with a day of total rest. Must force myself to do nothing, but the mince was technically use by yesterday so dont want to leave it to long before using it or it'll be wasted! Would get dh to help but he is doing the bathroom floor with FIL today.

I think i just had uber preggo juice. And a massive looking fanjo. Honestly, it's so swollen! Still, mw appointment tomorrow.

ds is at nursery today and then going out with in laws straight after so i have the full day (from in about ten mins to 6.30) to myself. I'm going to sleep. Then clean my room. Then sleep again. Then mooch around the shops. Then sleep.

although dh is being sick again... So he might end up being off work, which would ruin the day.

enormouse Thu 19-Dec-13 07:49:40

frizz I'd be inclined to take it easy. The mince could wait another day.

Sounds very sore frying.
Could you just stick to your plans anyway?

Frizz1986 Thu 19-Dec-13 07:53:05

My fanjo looks huge as well frying I think its just all the pressure with baby basically pushing on it ready to come out. It has been swollen for a while now but everyone seems to imply that this is a normal and glamorous pg symptom. Yay!

Frizz - deffo take it easy! The mince can wait.

dh has gone to work. In theory i could have stuck to my plans, but in practise it would tick me off doing everything while he played xbox.

so glad other people have a swollen fanjo. It's not painful, it's just there!

enormouse Thu 19-Dec-13 08:06:06

I don't think I've actually seen my fanjo for about a month. blush. I'll get DP to tell me what it looks like, once I've got him to tidy things up down there.
I think I might have thrush too. Late pregnancy is indeed glamorous, frizz.

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 08:19:22

Morning ladies! I really thought I was gonna be awake all night again as got up to pee at 1.15am and did my usual "wide awake" routine. However, I must have fallen asleep finally as I woke up with DHs alarm at 6am. What a lovely surprise!

I too seem to have lots of pregnajuice this morning, so have changed my pants and gonna monitor for a few hours before showering...

Have woken up absolutely starving hungry, so gonna grab a bowl of fruit salad! Yay! While I was lying awake last night I decided today I would also try blending some of it and then freezing it to hopefully make some sort of sorbet, as I barely made a dent in it last night and it wont last more than a few days in the fridge.

another I really hope once your little bubs is finally here he/she acts like an angel! You really deserve an easy time of it....

Enjoy first days of mat leave....

MrsVDB Thu 19-Dec-13 08:57:45

No excess pregna juice here yet.

frizz and humpty Friday afternoon was supposed to be the start of my holiday and then mat leave starts in new year. Could argue and get paid the half day but don't want to feel like I'm supposed to be doing more work. Rubbish

In Bristol today (stayed in hotel last night) for team meeting then Christmas lunch. Not looking forward to it as so tired (forgot to take my vits which makes a huge difference and woke up with sick in my mouth loads again last night)

Felix90 Thu 19-Dec-13 09:16:00

Morning all! I am just sat waiting for a food shopping delivery from a mystery supermarket. OH's Mum panicked yesterday and ordered us a shop to be delivered today with easy food and ready meals etc for the freezer when we told her about being induced tomorrow (TOMORROW AHHH!!!). I have no idea where it's coming from though which is quite exciting grin

I have no idea what this frigging midwife did to me yesterday but I've been in agony with my pelvis/thighs all night and can hardly walk. It's definitely not contractions because it's a constant pain, like a muscle ache, and it's different to the pain I've had with SPD. Hopefully it means something is happening! I'd like to be more dilated when I get to hospital tomorrow so I can avoid as much artificial shit as possible.

Poor OH was up until 4am this morning frantically trying to get his uni work finished before baby arrives. He's going bowling and for a curry with work tonight and I really don't want him to go as we still haven't put up the bedside crib thing and there's a bit of housework to do that I don't think I'll be able to manage today now. I can't tell him not to go though as he's already paid and was looking forward to it (he's not drinking and he's going to drive though which isn't too bad).

Just going to catch up on posts now!

Felix90 Thu 19-Dec-13 09:25:32

Choco hope you managed to get back to sleep! I still wake up a couple of times now but not as much, and seem to be able to get back to sleep. Started going to bed a lot later (12-1am) which seems to help with sleeping through!

Frying I still feel like I'm leaking watery stuff. Midwife said yesterday she wasn't concerned if I'm not, so I'm not going to worry about it. I think it's just runny discharge but it's weird to get used to as I've only had the gross snotty stuff before!

Purple I LOVE organising my underwear drawer!!! My New Years resolution is to start wearing nice and properly fitting underwear so in a couple of months time I'm going to chuck all the old pants out and treat myself to some nice ones. Pregnancy seems to have ruined so much of my underwear. I may even start wearing matching sets!! (Definitely won't last long haha)

Another I'm sure everyone will understand re Christmas presents with everything you've been through. At least the kids are sorted and that's what Christmas is all about isn't it. Everyone else can wait!

Enormouse & MrsV hope you aren't too tired today.

Frizz enjoy your first day off. Definitely make a bed on the sofa and don't move all day.

Sultana I'm still jealous of your fruit salad. I'm tempted to get OH to bring me some from asda on the way home from work. Sorbet sounds delish!

Frizz1986 Thu 19-Dec-13 09:27:38

felix so exciting!!

Well FIL has arrived to do the bathroom and they have turned off the water and taken the toilet out (for i have no idea how long) Didn't think to tell me before hand. What the hell do i do when i need to pee now we have no toilet. Dh said he'd get me a bucket! I am way to pregnant to attempt to squat over a bucket, he would have to hold it for me!
Am very thirsty but scared to have anything as then i'll need to pee! Grrrrrrrr

Naturegirl82 Thu 19-Dec-13 09:28:26

Urgh poor you all that were awake last night

I've woken up feeling even more shocking than the last few days. Will definitely be taking some paracetamol for this sore throat today. I was meant to be doing a bit of shopping this morning then another scan then more Christmas shopping but don't think I've left myself enough time now. Will get up, have breakfast and see how I go. Could probably do with a day of sleep but got far too much to do.

Naturegirl82 Thu 19-Dec-13 09:30:19

Oh dear Frizz some notice of lack of toilet facilities would have been useful!

AnotherStitchInTime Thu 19-Dec-13 09:43:13

Omg the consultant just came and said she wants to deliver the baby tomorrow if she can get a theatre slot, if not then Mon.

<Waddles around panicking!>

Naturegirl82 Thu 19-Dec-13 09:47:48

Wow another! How many weeks are you now? At least it means you'll be out of hospital soon smile

Eek another!

MrsVDB Thu 19-Dec-13 09:57:37

Good luck another baby's are popping out all over the place now! hides from how real it's all getting

Frizz1986 Thu 19-Dec-13 10:00:53

Oh yay another does this mean you should be able to go home with bubs for xmas??

extracrunchy Thu 19-Dec-13 10:16:29

Another that's exciting!!

BandontheFun Thu 19-Dec-13 10:16:45

Was out all day yesterday, so just catching up on all your news!!

Whoooohoooo! Congratulations curly Lovely name, hope your both well!

Felix and Another I'm kinda jealous that you get to have your baby's before Christmas, but that's awesome news!

Frizz can you use a neighbours loo? I mean your pregnant....what kind of animal would say no!!

Humpty I really want the Book of Morman to tour. Have heard so many good things about it! Had the Don't eat the Baby song stuck in my head for days!

Frying I have definitely had more wetness, but no gushes or trickles so thinking its just usual stuff!

The babys head is now 4/5 engaged no idea what that means but can only be good eh? My midwifes parting words where you can go anytime from now! shock

Although she weighed me and I have put on 3kg since my booking appointment, she told me yeah 2stone is normal, my confidence in her is kinda dented cos I'm sure 1kg is like 2.5lbs, which does not 2 stone make!! I googled it and everything! So have another appointment next week so will ask her then, bit worried I haven't put on enough weight!

Now out to get myself a chocolate orange!

1kg is 2.2lb.

I've never been weighed at a mw appointment.

I've heard good things about the Book of Mormon, but as I'm actually a Mormon i think i might give it a miss! Even tho i have a filthy sense of humour and a potty mouth, it might be a bit much for me to watch it

Felix90 Thu 19-Dec-13 10:19:55

Woah Another tomorrow!!!! We may have our babies on the same day grin ahh how exciting.

So the shopping arrived and I am freaking out! OH's Mum has a tendency to go a bit OTT with stuff and she's ordered us £170 worth of shopping! I have a tiny fridge freezer and have no space for anything at all shockshockshock It's very lovely of her though! I'm awash in a sea of tesco bags.

chocoloulou34 Thu 19-Dec-13 10:27:09

Eeeeek felix and another babies babies babies could be on the way 2moro that is so exciting! !!! Cant believe its finally all happening now. Where has the time gone. Feels like only yesterday we were complaining of morning sickness! !!

Have we heard anymore from curly I cant look back v far on this crap phone. Do we know details of the birth story? I like to hear all the details so when all u ladies have your babies I want proper stories lol. Obviously not straight away haha. Just when u get a spare 10 mins hehe.

Pain pain and more pain 2day. Am sure doc has made my bladder pain worse yesterday by roughly shoving her fingers up my fanjo!! Am dosed up and got heat pack down there too.
Am also in the swollen fanjo club and have thrush again. Ive honestly never felt so sexy lol. Dont have the pregnajuice issue though. With dd my waters were burst during labour by midwife so dont know what its like for them to go naturally.

frizz try take it as easy as u can 2day. Not good about the bathroom situation. I would not cope with that as have to do 6 billion times a day. Hope they can sort something for you.

quackojuliet Thu 19-Dec-13 10:31:19

Ahhh felix she means well! Could you ask neighbours to store some of the overspill? We also have a mini fridge freezer.

Your dh needs to pull his finger out and cancel tonight. Having paid aint no excuse! You need his help now that everything is happening faster than expected, you can't prepare alone. If nothing else, he needs a good night's sleep.

Well talking of dh's mine got home at 1 last night stinking drunk. Like can't see drunk. I made him toast and ribena - he hadn't eaten dinner as usual and this being the reason. Has gone off to work soon but I will need to have yet another firm word about being 'on call' now. 37 weeks tomorrow ffs!

another that is exciting and I imagine a relief from all this back and forth. Baby cuddles! I'm getting impatient...

I'm off to physio today and a friends for lunch. Feeling knackered after a poor nights sleep tho. Tried to wake early cos have to go in to work tomorrow to say goodbye and pick things up. Waking at 7.15 aint gona be easy - I've also adjusted and been going to sleep at 12-1 as this seems to help.

Frizz1986 Thu 19-Dec-13 10:36:14

Well next door is on holiday at the moment and as i am still in a skanky nightie i don't feel like waddling round the estate to find someone who will let me pee........really hope they finish round the toilet first so i can pee soon. Am staying led down in the hope it will stop me peeing as much. Men just don't think about these things!
Will have lots of chocolate after to make up for it.

Naturegirl82 Thu 19-Dec-13 10:56:48

Just got to the hospital and the consultant is all ready running an hour behind! How is that even possible this early on??? Urgh!

AnotherStitchInTime Thu 19-Dec-13 11:04:56

frizz my sympathies, I had this same problem while in labour with dd2. Is there any local coffee shop you can nip off to for a few leisurely hours while they sort it out?

Hope physio goes well quack and your DH sorts himself out. Seriously they have had 8 months previously to get bladdered, couldn't these guys got it out of their system before now?

choco <hugs> hope it eases off a bit later.

band 4/5 engaged means almost fully engaged as they can only feel 1/5 above your pelvis. Once baby goes beyond 3/5 engaged they are likely to stay engaged, means you are closer to having baby smile

34+2 today. Depending on how long my recovery takes if I have baby tomorrow I might just be out for Christmas. Baby might not though depending on how much special care he needs.

I have given my mum the task of finding the baby bits so that DH can bring my girls to see me today. If I have baby tomorrow they won't be able to see me for a few days until I come out of high dependency care down to post-natal.

Frizz1986 Thu 19-Dec-13 11:06:05

I have just peed in a plastic bowl perched on 2 boxes in dhs office (well its the freezing cold garage that has half been converted and dh uses it as an office)
I assumed as they had taken out the toilet that they would do round the toilet first knowing i need to pee a lot, but just ventured upstairs and although the toilet is out, they haven't even started the bit by the toilet yet.
I almost cried when i stood up and needed to pee so bad and dh said he isn't happy that i am having to pee in a bowl so i know he is trying to get is sorted.

Frizz1986 Thu 19-Dec-13 11:11:55

another we have a morrisons and tesco locally but i dont think they let you sit in the cafe for the day just so you can use the toilet. My experience of their toilets also hasnt been so good as they never seem to be clean or have loo roll.
Also ruins my first day of mat leave (and as family arrive tomorrow its my only day where i can actually do nothing)
I have peed in the bowl once now so i guess it will easier from now on. Just hope i dont knock the bowl over as i try and move away from spread legging over it. Dh will not be happy with pee soaked carpet! And neither will i.

Hope that baby wont need too much assistance and you can go home quickly.
Fx baby is a great weight and feeds well as i know thats something they look for before release.

Angelesque Thu 19-Dec-13 12:08:23

Another lots and lots of luck and good wishes for the imminent arrival... I'm 34 + 2 today too. Am sure everything will be fine - so lovely to have your little one in time for Christmas! I hope you're going for a Noel/Holly type name wink

Had to wait an hour and a half for my 34 wk midwife appointment this morning - annoying - all okay though, apart from some protein in urine so they're going to test and let me know if there's a UTI. Baby tracking at 92nd growth percentile - gulp - but midwife doesn't seem concerned so keeping fingers crossed that it's not an exact science and that I'm not up for a 10lb-er...

All trundling as long as usual, so feeling very 'behind' the rest of you who all sound ready to pop! Looking forward to all your stories and advice so I'm uber prepared at the end of January smile

Naturegirl82 Thu 19-Dec-13 12:25:08

Nearly 2 hours waiting and still no scan sad Getting hungry now.

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 12:25:59

another I am so relieved for you! How exciting! At least you know you wont be in and out any more! Hurray!

Felix how lovely to get a shop sent over to you, even if finding space for it is stressing you out!

omg! No toilet! That's like my worst nightmare! Can just imagine you peeing into a bowl. Hope it gets sorted ready for your next pee!

choco poor you - it has been one thing after another hasn't it! I know what you mean about remembering when we were all whinging about morning sickness! What an epic journey we have all been on! Really amazing!

Well I started the day well with fruit salad. However, I followed that with sausages, hash browns and a box of Elizabeth shaws chocolate mint sticks that were on offer.... What is wrong with me FFS! Naughty Sultana!

Angelesque Thu 19-Dec-13 12:31:23

Ooh Sultana you've basically just listed my favourite things. If it makes you feel any better, I had a full on McDonalds at 11... now I'm thinking about what to have for lunch... smile

Naturegirl82 Thu 19-Dec-13 12:41:08

Argh don't talk about food! I'm sat here with my stomach rumbling and no idea how long it will be before I can have something to eat sad

Frizz1986 Thu 19-Dec-13 12:45:47

Oh no!! I totally want mcdonalds and a hash brown now! I demolished half an aldi santa after pee number 2 in the bowl.
Rushed to go before FIL came downstairs as i get stage fright when people can hear the peeing and mid flow FIL comes downstairs. Thankfully dh diverted him to the kitchen and closed the door.
Doesnt look like toilet will be back until they have finished the floor. They have only just started cutting the lino out sad

All this waiting around is rubbish, sorry to hear it!

I've done nothing today. Tried to get back to sleep st half seven but it didn't work. I've wrapped presents and plan on watching crap on netflix

BookTart Thu 19-Dec-13 12:46:37

I have my second work xmas dinner this afternoon smile I am obviously prepping for this by eating a large bar of Galaxy. This makes total sense, given how upset I am about being enormously fat and bloated hmm

I'm so excited about your baby another! Lots of luck smile

I'm trying to pull myself together a bit after spending the morning reading sad things on the internet and sobbing like a weirdo. This anxiety thing is potentially getting a bit out of hand now I'm off work with no distractions, so I'll keep an eye on it. hmm at myself. Again!

frizz, I'm also hoping you don't knock the bowl of wee over - you poor thing!

TarkaTheOtter Thu 19-Dec-13 12:55:02

Right you chatty lot, I'm going to have to catch up in stages!

Good luck tomorrow Felix and Another!!! You are going to meet your babies so soon!
Felix I would be asking dh to stay home if it is what you want. It's your last night as just a couple.

band I've lost weight this pregnancy (and I wasn't big to start with) and the consultant told me it doesn't matter so long as baby is growing well.

nature I ended up waiting at the hospital 4hrs yesterday. Didn't get home til 7.30! Dh had to take dd home, put her in pjs and drive back to get me it took so long. Completely predictable (by them) too as no clinics next week so they had to see twice as many people. Their solution was obviously to ignore that problem and carry on as normal.

Urgh, just lost long post. This is the third time it has happened this week! Stupid internet.

sultana don't feel bad. This week, a la jesse's diet, I have mostly been eating chocolate, coffee and crisps. I could tell you exactly what I ate this morning but then I'd have to kill you. grin

curly congratulations on your lovely boy! I hope he is home with you soon and that you are feeling much better now.

felix and another eek! So exciting, and good luck!

toby that burn sounds so nasty and sore. Hopefully the nurse was being conservative with her six week recovery estimate and things will at least have healed over a bit sooner. Perhaps your tradition of overdue babies will work in your favour this time? smile

frizz no toilet would give me the rage. Do they have hats, toolboxes etc you could pee in instead?

Weird question for a second timer, but what do mild contractions feel like? Waters broke, was contracting and 2cm dilated with DD but didn't notice. Only discovered because I was being induced and no BH either. The first contractions I felt were the full on ones from the drip. I have been getting weird groin cramps. Could these be mild contractions or just weird pregancy things? Ok, way too much use of weird....

I want a chocolate orange! Have been craving them for ages but not sure if you can get them here. Off to investigate!

Hope you see the consultant soon nature and have a good lunch as compensation!

TarkaTheOtter Thu 19-Dec-13 13:02:28

quack hopefully your dh will realise that's it for drinking now. Dh told me his Christmas/New Year was ruined this year because I won't let him drink. I've never told him what he can or can't do, but I did say that I find him intensely irritating when drunk and that I might not be particularly tolerant when in labour - pretty sure he's made the right decision in the end. He's not a big drinker anyway do not really sure what he's whinging about.

Oh frizz what a disaster. Hope you're making dh empty the bowl for not giving you more warning!

GummiBear74 Thu 19-Dec-13 13:08:09

So exciting, felix and another! I'll be thinking of you tomorrow, hope the inductions go well.

sultana, I like your breakfast style! Also a lover of hash browns, but will be having lunch shortly and will try to hold out.

Boo to long hospital waits tarka and nature. I had to wait a while this morning, but took a book and didn't pay any attention to the time. I have now been discharged into the care of the community MW. Nothing has changed with the fibroid, so plan is still delivery suite & pool if available. I've got my head round that now, so feeling ok about the whole thing!

Baby measures bang on average, currently estimated at 6lb 1oz. If delivered at term, that should be 7.5-8lb, so all is well.

GummiBear74 Thu 19-Dec-13 13:11:50

Oh, and poor frizz, I feel for you! DH disconnected the cold water a few weeks ago, so no toilet, and didn't get why I was so annoyed that he hadn't mentioned it first. If only they'd just THINK!

TarkaTheOtter Thu 19-Dec-13 13:13:34

gummi great news that you get to use the pool!

My baby was guesstimated at 6lbs3 yesterday. Are you going by 1/2lb a week to get the birth weight? I'm 36weeks and being induced at 38 so that would be about 7-7.5lbs right?

Felix90 Thu 19-Dec-13 13:27:41

Ahh this thread is moving so fast! OH text and said he's not going to the work thing tonight now as he's knackered and wants to get everything sorted for me. He said there's always other times he can go out. Managed to put all the shopping away and done some general tidying up and doing hoovering a bit at a time. Feeling a bit more prepared now!

Oh frizz peeing in a bowl! Hope they get the toilet sorted soon, what a nightmare.

Choco hope the pain dies down soon.

Quack what is it with OH's wanting to go out and get drunk all of a sudden!! Do they not realise we are almost ready to pop?

Angel glad your appointment went well even though they were running behind. I don't understand how they can get so behind when you have an appointment in the morning!

Nature have you managed to get your scan get?

Book enjoy your dinner! And enjoy your massive bar of pre-dinner chocolate haha.

Gummi glad you can use the pool!! I'm super jealous, I really wanted a water birth. Maybe next time...

Felix90 Thu 19-Dec-13 13:30:54

Also midwife has never ever said anything about the weight of baby for me, so I don't know wether to expect a tiny one or a whopper!

GummiBear74 Thu 19-Dec-13 13:32:24

Yes, the sonographer said 0.5lb per week, although I'm not sure that takes Christmas pigging out into account grin

Fingers crossed about the pool - there's only one on the delivery suite, but apparently it's not used much because most people who have to give birth there aren't allowed to use it. My plan is to let them know ASAP before I come in, and hopefully they'll keep it for me!

AnotherStitchInTime Thu 19-Dec-13 13:59:58

My one has been averaging a 0.5lb weight gain a week according to my two weekly growth scans, so I would say that is about right gummi.

I estimate my baby to be nearly 7lb by now which for 34 weeks is huge. He has crossed the 95th centile as of the 32 week scan. Hoping this plus the two lots of steroids I had will mean he does not need too long a stay in special care after my c section.

AnotherStitchInTime Thu 19-Dec-13 14:52:46

C section is on for tomorrow eek!

Angelesque Thu 19-Dec-13 14:56:51

Aaaah good luck Another! How exciting! Can't wait to hear all about the new arrival!

Felix90 Thu 19-Dec-13 15:04:14

Ahh good luck another!!!

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 15:11:41

FFS just lost my freakin post!

You have all made me feel so much better about all the shit I have eaten today so thank u all!

Ekkkk another! Will be very much thinking of you and Felix tomorrow!

Frizz what a nightmare - two pees in a bowl and counting! I bet you mega panicked when you heard your FIL!

If it makes you feel any better I have had several mega embarrassing pee stories!

The first was at a car boot sale in the car park of a recreation centre! We parked and set up our stall and I managed to hold the pee for the first hour but then got desperate. I left my mate on the stall and walked to the recreation centre, only to find out it didn't open until 10am! It was 8am!!! I then panicked! After 15 minutes of pacing around, I could hold it no more and grabbed a plastic bag, put it in the footwell of the front passenger seat and somehow hung over the edge of the seat so I could pee in the bag, bearing in mind the boot of the car was open with people crowded round and cars either side of us!

I had to do the same thing when I got stuck on the motorway. We didn't move for over an hour! Luckily it was pissing with rain soo no one could see in the car!!

Lastly I was working as a veterinary nurse at a mixed practice and it was my turn to go on a visit with one of the large animal vets to carry out dental work on three horses in a field. Well the first horse was a little skittish to say the least so took three times as long as expected. By the time we were ready for the second I was desperate! As the vet went back to his car for supplies, I told the client I was gonna need to pee behind the only tree in her open field. Luckily the client was one of our receptionists! While I was peeing I heard the vet ask where I was. I then panicked because he was a massive joker and I could imagine him coming to find me to hurry me up! When we were then offered a drink he made it clear I wasn't allowed one! Lol!

I was going to ask earlier, does anyone else have sore finger joints? For the last week I have woken up with sore finger joints - its particularly painful when I try to make a fist. I thought I was perhaps sleeping with my hands in fists, but don't think I am. They get less sore as the day goes on and I am sure its preggo related, but just wondered if I was alone?

Felix90 Thu 19-Dec-13 15:19:57

Haha sultana you're not very lucky when it comes to bladder issues are you?!

Managed to get loads of housework done and going on a last minute dash to ikea this evening for a changing table for the bathroom as we have nowhere to store the essential baby stuff (nappies/wipes/bath etc) until we order our nursery set and get the nursery sorted. Luckily we only live a few miles from ikea so won't take too long then OH can put that up and the crib tonight. Having a hectic day! shock

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 15:24:59

Am not surprised felix! Nothing like being induced to motivate you to get stuff sorted! Ultimately try not to stress too much - you will need your energy for tomorrow and whatever you don't have you can send your OH out for.....Ekkkk! (would like to be able to take my own advice on chilling about not having everything ready!)

TobyLerone Thu 19-Dec-13 15:35:19

Exciting news, another! Can't wait to hear how you and felix get on!

Boo to peeing in a bowl and rubbish DHs.

Yay to giving in to eating crap. I've just eaten 2 slices of toast with pâté (yeah, sue me!), 2 crackers with cheese and piccalilli, and an orange Club.

Enjoy your lunch, book! Let me know if you need a distraction from driving yourself insane -- we'll go somewhere and eat loads of cake grin

Been to the midwife today. All fine. Baby's head not engaged at all (of course!). She's going to try to find out whether the MLU will take me. I've made my next appointment with her for 3 weeks' time, when I'll be 40+4. How depressing! I just know I'll make it, too.

BandontheFun Thu 19-Dec-13 15:53:28

Oh really Another thanks for the Info. Hopefully the head stays down then, midwife didn't really explain it to me! And good luck for tomorrow.

Thanks Tarka I wasn't small to start with, so good to know as long as the baby's growing its all good.

Frizz If you have to go, you have to go. Hopefully it won't be much longer and I'm sure the new floor will be worth the hassle.

Sultana no pain in my joints but at one of the classes the physio said to someone who had hand pain to put your hands in warm water then put them above your head and move your fingers to help move some of the fluid that collects at night. That may help.

Felix there was me thinking you would spend your last day without the baby chilling, your putting me to shame.

I haven't been given an estimated weight, will maybe ask next week.

Eek another! How exciting.

toby - mines tomorrow for my 36 week check. I dunno when I'll see her after that

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 16:25:09

band thanks for the tip! Will give that a go....

Really not sure what is wrong with me (perhaps too much sugar....) but this afternoon I have had tons of BH, feel super uncomfortable and mega restless and had a sudden urge to kneel on the sofa facing and back of it and lean over the back, which apart from hurting my knees is giving me relief on the bump. Probably nothing and just ate too much crap, but.....

Eek sultana! This could be it

AnotherStitchInTime Thu 19-Dec-13 16:54:15

Sounds like your body gearing up sultana, drink lots of water as you could also be dehydrated after all that sugar.

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 16:57:10

Trying not to get my hopes up frying but I definitely feel a little weird.... Also feeling grumpy and like I could cry at any moment..... La la la laaaa! blush

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 16:58:50

Am feeling thirsty another! Just trying to force down a pint of iced squash.... I bet its just the crap I ate today.... Must do better tomorrow!

It's hard not to get too excited huh? I'm uncomfortable today but nothing else. I so want this to be it for you

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 17:11:00

I know frying! I bet in two weeks I will still be waiting now! Probably reading into things today because I really want it to happen at the start of DHs two week holiday..... What will be will be however....

My baby is going nuts tho, which is a nice feeling

If it helps, my mom is now saying the baby will be born on my birthday. 4 Feb. She's a love that one!

so if you are still waiting two weeks, you'll have company! I'm 36 weeks today. How far along are you?

Can anyone help me please? I know i don't want forceps or ventouse should it come to it. I remember looking into it and making an informed decision, but i cant remember why i chose that. I cant find anything online to support why i don't want it. I've written down in my birth plan that i don't want them. Can anyone tell me if they feel the same and tell me why you aren't doing it?

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 17:37:13

Bless your mum! I am 39 weeks tomorrow.... Ekkk! My bubs has been going nuts too which is really reassuring!

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 17:39:57

frying there can be risks to bubs with both, BUT if bubs is stuck and in distress and the pros outweighed the cons I would let them use one or other to help get him out. My mate had forceps and her little girl was absolutely fine, as was she....

AnotherStitchInTime Thu 19-Dec-13 17:50:54

frying there are risks to baby with both, but I had attempted ventouse and forceps (not keillands which have a higher risk for brain bleeds in baby) with both my girls before my emcs and they were both fine. I opted for vit k injection with dd1 and oral with dd2 to reduce risk of bleeding from interventions.

C section going ahead around 8.30am provided no emergency jumps the cue. All happening so fast.

Mythreeknights Thu 19-Dec-13 17:57:00

frying no one would want either forceps or ventouse, but the alternative is a c section, and sometimes if the baby has travelled down the birth canal, it's quite tricky to perform the c section as essentially the surgeon has to push the baby back up into your womb first, which can invert your uterus.

Toothfairy78 Thu 19-Dec-13 17:58:51


Just having a lie down surf after completing the Christmas shopping.

It looks like the party is really getting started now...GOOD LUCK FOR TOMMORROW ANOTHER!!!!

I'm going for the vit k injections, i said that if it came to it i would want the emcs rather than the intervention.

that being said, apparently if you had a birth without needing intervention once you prob wont need it again.

thanks for your help ladies, i know the midwife will ask me tomorrow and i just don't want to say "look, I've looked into it and i just don't want it, but i cant remember why" because I'll look like an idiot

Mythreeknights Thu 19-Dec-13 17:59:13

another how exciting! I hope you sleep ok tonight and just think you will have a bouncing baby in your arms tomorrow.

sultana sounds to me like things are really progressing! Good luck over night.

I have started getting period pains and feel so completely shattered and a little nauseous but only 36 weeks so hoping things stay quiet for a while ( and dh away overnight tonight)

So exciting another. Lots of good vibes for tomorrow!

How arethings going sultana?

I have THE RAGE. DD has started having accidents at school. It happens and I know she isn't 100% reliable esp in cold weather. But it really pissed me off when they change her into other kids' underwear when she has two sets in her bag. She also came home with poo on her and all inflamed when I was.just beginning to get the inflammation under control. Am I overreacting? I want to go and tear the assistant a new arsehole to be honest so this is definitely one for DH to handle. This has now happened twice this week.angry

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 18:16:35

frying nothing worse than feeling a bit useless when it comes to answering questions!

Things have calmed down here for now, so either its body getting ready in stages or it really was the sugar intake and eating too much in general.

altered she came home with poo on her and wearing someone elses pants? That's not great!

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 18:18:00

Fingers crossed mythree things stay quiet for you....

BookTart Thu 19-Dec-13 18:29:41

Yes to the hand thing sultana. It is much worse in the morning or when I get a bit too hot, my hands go red and white and I can't make a fist. I've broken 2 glasses this week trying to wash up like it! I think it is carpal tunnel-y because the mw said if it got worse I could get splints for it, but I can't be arsed smile

Back from xmas dinner, and now off out to nct breastfeeding class. All go here!

quackojuliet Thu 19-Dec-13 18:55:04

The hand thing is carpal tunnel for sure, I had some physio for it earlier on. Basically you can flex your fingers, bend wrists or sleep with hands raised on pillows. If you really can be arsed you can alternate your hands between bowls of warm and cold water.
Mine seems to last a few minutes in the morning then gone. And hands hurt if I write or type too long. But no biggie.

Really feeling baby push down at the back, above what must be my rectum (mmmmmm!)

MrsVDB Thu 19-Dec-13 18:55:05

sultana yes it's carpel tunnel. I've got it and its got gradually worse over last few weeks. Got physio appointment on 30 th for the splints but by the time I get them I expect it'll be too late. You can also buy the splints from chemist but I'm too cheap! mw suggested sleeping with hands on a pillow but its quite tricky! Hand/ arm massage helps slightly

How exciting another smile

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 19:02:46

Ahha carpal tunnel. Thanks ladies. Thankfully its just a bit annoying for me currently rather than really painful.

Hope your breast feeding session is good book.

sarahleanne Thu 19-Dec-13 19:29:08

frying It sounds like you have made a decision re. intervention but just incase your still on the fence, my sister recently had a delivery with ventouse and my little nephew was fine, slight bruising on his head but really nothing to worry about. She was pushing for 2 hours with no luck so ventouse was the next best option before c section.

mythree I hope baby stays put atleast for tonight while your dh is away.

another Massive good luck vibes for tomorrow!! We will all be thinking of you and awaiting more baby news!Finally an end in sight for you too.

felix good luck! I've been induced twice now. cant wait to hear the story and baby news!smile

That carpel tunnel thing sounds really sore and annoying, does it go away straight after the babies born? Pregnancy does really strange things to the body stating the obvious there

My baby has been really quiet today. Apparently they go quieter just before labour, I don't know if that's true. Although I don't feel like I'm going to pop any time soon. I did few days ago but now all my labour symptoms have disappeared.

enormouse Thu 19-Dec-13 19:37:20

Oh my goodness, I go away for one shopping trip and loads happens.
It's going to take me a bit to caught up.

another, felix and frying sending positive thoughts your way

Hope everyone has had a more relaxing day than I have. Xx

Frizz1986 Thu 19-Dec-13 19:49:08

Massive luck and good wishes for another and felix for tomorrow.

Hope anyone who wants baby to make a move makes progress and anyone who wants baby to stay put, i hope baby does as its told.

I want baby to stay put for a few days. Tomorrow i am officially 37 weeks and as they consider that full term it means if baby arrives i can go to the MLU...yay! But the family come up tomorrow until sunday so would rather baby didn't arrive while they were here.

I now have a toilet again! Dh and FIL have done a good job but still not quite finished. Its finished enough for the house to be back to normal though. Pity when they put the sink back they put the water the wrong way round so the hot side is now the cold.....lol

altered i would be pretty annoyed too. There is no way she should arrive home is someone elses pants if she has spares and i wont even start on the poo!

AnotherStitchInTime Thu 19-Dec-13 19:55:56

Good luck for tomorrow felix smile

How are you feeling sarah, did baby shift to a more comfortable position?

frizz glad you now have a toilet, hope they finish the rest of the work soon.

altered that is very poor. Definitely speak with whoever is in charge, there is no way she should be left with poo on her.

Nil by mouth from midnight so now scoffing cakes and fruit to build up my strength grin

If I disappear for a few days do not worry as there is likely to be no signal on the high dependency unit and not sure DH will be up to updating for me.

Felix90 Thu 19-Dec-13 20:12:31

Thanks for the well wishes everyone. Good luck to you too Another!! grin So exciting!

Never thought of signal in the hospital. I know downstairs I can't get 3G but hoping on the delivery suite/postnatal ward I can get decent signal or I'll be so bored if I have to stay in! Just doing last minute preparations then going to have a bath and early night hopefully. Hoping when I ring up tomorrow at 8am they aren't busy and try and put it off until another day or I'll be gutted. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I'm so excited/nervous!!!

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 20:13:38

Yay Frizz for a toilet again! Really hope you don't get confused with the taps!

another good plan on munching cakes for energy before tomorrow....am so excited for you!!! Bet its feeling a tad surreal...

Felix really hope you get some sleep tonight in preparation for tomorrow.

One of my NCT group is also being induced tomorrow, so its clearly gonna be an awesome day to have a baby! Woop woop!

sarahleanne Thu 19-Dec-13 20:26:29

another This morning I felt loads more comfortable so baby has definitely moved.
After the baby being really low the other day it has now disengaged according to midwife at hospital so it's clearly bobbing in and out at the moment.

The hospital down here has free wifi so hopefully yours will all have it too smile. Hospitals are sooo boring otherwise.

Doctors for BP check again tomorrow. I relly hope they don't send me into hospital again, I've been in 3 times already and dh has gone away today so I'd be on my own big baby.

Talking of baby sizes earlier, 3 different doctors have felt my bump now and said if they do have to induce me for whatever reason, not to worry because the baby feels on the larger side anyway.hmm

flyawayblue Thu 19-Dec-13 20:58:23

Wow pop out for a day and everything happens smile

another and felix will be thinking of you both tomorrow. Hope everything goes well. Sounds like a great weight another.

Good luck for tomorrow you two!

sultana - rubbish!

we went out with mil to get a new hoover and microwave. Then the car would start so i took ds to Asda. The car still wont start so we had to walk the three miles home with ds and we didn't have a pushchair. The whole way home was having bloody bhs.

tonight is the full moon. Apparently this can affect waters going. Ds was born the day after a full moon so... Fingers crossed! Either way, not long now

Sultanajo Thu 19-Dec-13 21:49:33

Oh blimey frying! What bad luck with the car! Glad you made it home ok. Good job it wasn't last night when it was blowing a gale!!!

another and felix it's going to be BABY FRIDAY!!!! How exciting!

quacko and felix DH's are pains aren't they - mine hasn't been too bad, but we have had to have SERIOUS words about not being shitfaced/stinking hungover whilst being a birth partner.

frying you are actually a Mormon - that's so cool! You're right that the BoM is probably a bit... erm... challenging. I said afterwards, I was surprised that the show hadn't been sued...
Bad luck on the car though - bloody machines.
Re the full moon - there is one the day before my EDD! Hope that works.

frizz peeing in a bowl is beyond the pale. FFS. You are a saint to have put up with it.

band I haven't put on more than about 6kg (1 stone ish) this pregnancy - lost 5kg in the first trimester, and was well upholstered to begin with, so I will probably still aim to lose about 10-12 kg afterwards anyway. Unless you had a BMI under 20 to begin with, I doubt they'd worry.

nature I waited for an hour and a quarter for my mw appt today - the receptionist hadn't actually marked me as arrived hmm

altered I'd be livid. POO on your child??? Don't they have wipes/loo roll, FFS?

sultana you might be up next after Felix and Another!

book I did get that for a while, I think it was c tunnel related, as I was starting to get that, but it eased off when I left work.

toby, how's the burn healing?

MrsV did you speak to work about the call?

I think that's everyone?

I had my 'booking in' at Lewisham today (with community midwife) - now feel much more relaxed that we have a hospital who might be expecting us (well, a birth centre) if things kick off... Apparently the MLU will call over the weekend to schedule a visit soon, and I have repeat bloods on Monday. Otherwise, bean is head down, not back-to-back (arse out? No idea what it's called), measuring exactly 38cm (38w tomorrow) and 'bobbing in and out of being engaged'.

MW did say that first ones are often late - I'd prefer to not be early, tbh, as I want to have Christmas first!

Went shopping afterwards, got the last of the Christmassy things - and whoever wanted a popping candy choc orange our WHSmith had some - I nearly picked one up for you, can go back on Sat if that helps, and then post?

Tomorrow is work christmas lunch, then drinks with friends. I might be taking a lot of cabs...

I have a weird question - I have a bit of sore fanjo, but it's very localised - like a graze, or rubbed bit maybe. It's right at the top, on both sides, sort of in an arch over the clitoris, on the 'outer' part. Only about 2cm in total, and a narrow strip. Is it because I'm not... ahem... getting much air to downstairs? It's def not thrush, or at least I don't think it is - not itchy, no discharge change, just sore. Any ideas?
Oh, and belated TMI warning...


Ah humpty i get that from time to time. Don't think it's anything serious, but it is annoying. Mine goes away after about three days

Naturegirl82 Thu 19-Dec-13 22:53:20

Good luck tomorrow another and Felix hope all goes smoothly

Frizz glad you got your toilet back.

sultana sounds like things may be starting up for you how exciting

Humpty that is really annoying she hadn't marked you in. I finally got seen. I always expect a wait as if emergencies come in then they get seen so appointment times are a bit of an indication but today took the mic!

Baby still growing well, head definitely well down as she pretty much had the scanner on my lady garden to take the head measurements. She has also written in today's report that gestation was 37+3. I'm only 36+1 35+5 by my dates!! So whether baby will turn up early who knows. She is leaning more toward a kidney problem now though and if she is right then it is very rare. Consultant is quite excited about it and wants us to let her know the diagnosis when baby is born as she wants to write a paper on it. That would be pretty cool for the baby to have when she is older and for me as I am a science geek

My day got much better. Went shopping and ate a lot of McDonald's which I blame you ladies for!! and got loads of things I'd been looking to buy for ages. Finally got my cot bedding and it was half price yay. Then had the viewing of my maternity photos this evening and there were some lovely ones. Order a set of one of me and dh holding bump which is lovely and ordered a large canvas of one of bump to go on nursery wall. We will be waiting till the end of the three photo shoots before ordering an album and more stuff for the walls. Downside is I'm properly full of cold and now have a cough.

TobyLerone Thu 19-Dec-13 22:53:58

humpty, have you got any Sudocrem? Try a bit of that on it.

I'm very envy that another & felix are having their babies tomorrow. I'm ready now. I know it's not going to happen and that I'll go overdue again, but it would be nice!

My leg is driving me insane. It's itching and I can't scratch it because (a) it's completely bandaged and (b) it's open blisters! I know that itching is usually a good sign, but it isn't stopping it from being the most annoying thing ever.
It does seem to hurt a bit less today, though, and I can move it more easily, which is nice. It's made it easier to get up and down the ladder grin

Naturegirl82 Thu 19-Dec-13 23:01:39

Oh I have a question. Does anyone know how being at the birth and paternity leave works? As I may be in hospital with the little one for a while we ideally want to wait till I'm home before dh takes paternity leave. I know that you can take it anytime within 56 days of the birth but once it's started it can't be stopped and restarted. So does being at the birth count as the start of paternity leave or do you get extra days to be at the birth?? I've tried to find info on the internet but it just keeps telling me what paternity you are entitled to and says it can start from the day after the birth. anyone any ideas? Dh is getting stressed as someone at his school has told him if he leaves to attend the birth then that automatically starts paternity leave, but this seems to go against the legal right to delay taking it. We are very confused! Just wondering if it counts as an exemption day (dh is a teacher) and you're entitled to that time like you are for a day to move house for example.

Naturegirl82 Thu 19-Dec-13 23:03:04

Glad the leg feels like it's healing toby. Just be careful on the ladder. I nearly toppled off mine the other day!

AnotherStitchInTime Thu 19-Dec-13 23:23:09

Given that you have to inform them in advance of the date you want your paternity leave to start and if you want to change it give 28 days notice I am not sure how that would work nature smile

Couldn't he just take emergency dependents leave unpaid for one day?

extracrunchy Thu 19-Dec-13 23:41:19

Another and Felix MASSIVE LUCK for tomorrow!! Can't wait to hear smile

Altered I would definitely complain. That is not ok.

Frizz glad you've got your toilet back!

I rang the clinic this morning for the official results of the urine stick test that scuppered the sweep on Tuesday and it's all normal! So I COULD have had a sweep. Bastards!!

Hope everyone gets reasonable night's sleep!

BuntCadger Fri 20-Dec-13 00:59:55

Just marking space smile

Having a bad night so far. Ds keeps waking up and wants reassurance. All he wants is for someone to go into his room and say "it's ok, go back to sleep" which isn't that tryng, but its been three times so far tonight. Three.

dh has cough which is pissing me off. Just as i get comfortable, I'm woken by this cough. Right now he's snoring. He also keeps migrating to my side of the bed in his sleep wanting a cuddle. The bastard! I want to be left alone!!

so between the two men in my household I'm not getting much sleep. I seemed to have gotten over the worst of the thrush, just need to get rid of the final bit of it to be really comfortable.

chocoloulou34 Fri 20-Dec-13 04:27:53

Hey frying I'm up too. My oh works nights so relief at the moment that he's not here as I sleep a lot better without him usually since I been pregnant. Hope ur asleep again now and ds has settled. I also have thrush thats almost gone but not quite.
Well tonight is awful. The pain in my bladder is bad again. There's my saying I can cope with it til they induce me on the 3rd. Well right now that seems like a lifetime away. Hoping its just a bad flare up that will calm down once painkillers kick in but right now thats not happening and and am down on my sofa trying to get comfy trying not to cry sad sorry for depressing post. I so wanna be ok over xmas...

AnotherStitchInTime Fri 20-Dec-13 04:37:15

Oh choco I wish there to be something more they can do for you. It doesn't seem right that you suffer in pain for this long.

frying I hope ds has finally settled down and you can get back to sleep.

Been awake since 3.30am, trying to sleep but a mixture of excitement and nervousness prevents me. Seems little point in sleeping now as they will be in to monitor me at 6am.

chocoloulou34 Fri 20-Dec-13 04:48:06

Thanks another its coz I dont have the pain in my kidneys. If the pain was there apparently theu would try do something about the stones. But because pain is in bladder and they cant find actual infection they wont do anymore than pain relief. Its obviously linked but they dont seem to rly care. I just need to have baby so the kidney docs will see me then hopefully someone will know what they're doing!!! Rraaghh rant over. Bet ur feeling sooo many mixed emotions right now. So excited for you. Will be checking on here constantly for updates. All the good news in here and people starting to have babies is keeping me going.

extracrunchy Fri 20-Dec-13 06:32:58

Choco that sounds so hard sad hope things look up soon.

Another you're prob being monitored now!! Not surprised you haven't slept much, too exciting grin

Frying my DS is the same. Wonder if they know something's going on! Mine has a cold and is really milking it. He's been up wanting reassurance intermittently all night and got up for the day about 45mins ago. I'm trying to ignore him. Ugh.

He's trying it on extra hard because of MIL being here - she's wonderful but spoils him absolutely rotten and undermines me non stop so he gets in a right state. hmm Isn't doing my stress levels much good!

Hope everyone has good days!

TobyLerone Fri 20-Dec-13 06:38:12

Oh, loulou, you poor thing sad I hope the next 2 weeks fly past for you.

So many of you have had such difficult pregnancies. I was saying to DH yesterday that it's such a shame you didn't get to enjoy it more, those of you who have had complications of whatever kind. I think you're all fab! flowers

Sorry you've had a crappy night, frying. Hope you can rest a bit today.

another & frizz, you ladies were the first thing I thought of when I woke up this morning. Good luck! Can't wait to hear all about it!

curly, how are you and James doing now?

I'm glad I'm awake early today. Ideally I'd like to get the painting finished today, although I don't think it'll happen. Also, DS is going to XH's after school until Boxing Day, so I'll make him some breakfast and give him a big cuddle before he goes to get his bus.

AnotherStitchInTime Fri 20-Dec-13 06:41:26

I have the same problem with my mum extra, she spoils my two and undermines me and DH and then we end up dealing with the behavioural fall out. It has been doing DH's head in I have been in hospital.

Just being monitored, have showered and been shaved down there going up to labour ward at 7am.

Good luck again to felix. I wonder if there will be any more babies by Christmas?

TobyLerone Fri 20-Dec-13 06:48:01

Oh bloody hell. I did it again. I said 'frizz' when I obviously meant felix blush
It seems I have some sort of mental block about this!

(Hope you're ok too, frizz grin )

MrsVDB Fri 20-Dec-13 07:10:55

Good luck today another and felix

humpty didn't respond to the email from my boss but 5 mins after he sent an email to everyone saying call is on, mrsv will be at home for it. Wasn't mentioned yesterday but when I left (had Christmas lunch in Bristol) and didn't get back until 9pm I said in a tone 'speak to you tomorrow at 4 then' and he just said 'yep speak to you then' so ridiculous. But I'm just going to suck it up and do it

toby sending you painting vibes today, I plan to finish painting the coving in our room. Want everything done by new year (originally we thought we'd be done by summer!!)

Frizz1986 Fri 20-Dec-13 07:16:17

Morning all.

Dont worry toby Although I did panic that maybe I was supposed to be giving birth today and had forgotten lol smile Sorry the burn is all itchy but at least it's healing. Hopefully it will be a lot better by Xmas.

Huge luck to another and felix again. So excited to hear the baby news. This thread is already feeling better than the last one!

choco so sorry you are still in pain. It sucks to feel so rubbish for Xmas. Really hope the pain goes away for a bit so you can enjoy Xmas before baby arrives.

frying I have no idea how you walked that far. Stupid car though!

humpty can't believe they didn't click you in. I had a similar problem at my very first mw app. It was just the one where they log you in all the lists and go through things so you are on the database for booking and scans etc (work obv didn't know so I told them I had a check up.) Cue 1 and a half hour wait as the mw accidentally clicked me as seen. That was fun trying to explain the delay back at work.
I have had sore fanjo bits. More due to uber wipage because of uber pregnajuice getting everywhere.

nature that would be pretty cool to have a paper written on baby. Def something for the keepsake box. It would be fascinating (i also like science)

extra damn possible utis ruining the sweep. So frustrating that you could have had it!

Well today is day 2 of mat leave and I have a lot of plans. Need to get some shopping done, make cottage pie for freezer and prepare for the family arriving. Mum, dad, sister, Bro in law and nephew are all visiting for the weekend. It will be our Xmas. Am v excited as haven't seen my sister since end of august. She's gonna say I am massive.
Dh is bugging me a bit atm. In a morning the alarm goes off at 6 and I snooze it on and off till 7. He always goes back to sleep though. I try and get him to wake up and get up as we have things to do but he just snooze. He needs to start getting up as come Jan when he starts his job he'll be leaving for work at this time plus we'll have a baby so less sleep in the first place.

Felix90 Fri 20-Dec-13 07:53:35

Thank you for the kind words everyone! Another - massive good luck for you today. I will be thinking of you!

Just waiting to call hospital at 8am to see what time to go in. Really need to do a poo before I go but I think I'm too nervous and it won't come out blush I don't want to poo in labour!! I'm sure that's the least of my worries though.

Will keep you all updated!

Felix90 Fri 20-Dec-13 08:03:19

Going in at 9am! Ahhhhh!!!!

extracrunchy Fri 20-Dec-13 08:06:04

Woohooo Felix!!!! On the edge of my seat waiting for news grin

Naturegirl82 Fri 20-Dec-13 08:07:03

Today is going to be an exciting day smile Good luck another and felix

GummiBear74 Fri 20-Dec-13 08:11:38

All the best, felix and another, so excited for you!

Felix, apparently it's impossible to keep things tightly shut down below if you relax your jaw. I have trouble doing that, but blowing out through your lips can help. So, if I'm having difficulties in the poo department, I sit on the loo and blow raspberries - it seems to help blush

Toothfairy78 Fri 20-Dec-13 08:15:33


9am felix ooh! good luck! Hope all goes smoothly?

Also just woke up to hear that the 3rd baby in my NCT group arrived overnight!

It's like it's Christmas fgrin

Bluecarrot Fri 20-Dec-13 08:27:25

Woke up irrationally excited for another and felix.

Trying out "unf*ck my habitat" with DP this am- each taking one challenge at the same time, but might need to swap things about a bit since I can't get up if I get down to floor level :/ House isn't too bad but I want to stay on top of it. (Well, house is upside down but will be til upstairs is plastered etc. So mid feb I reckon! But we can still keep clean around it.

Hope everyone has a relaxing day of maternity leave/ great last day at work/ effortless "push" day etc etc..

BookTart Fri 20-Dec-13 08:38:26

BABY FRIDAY! Good luck another and felix - can't wait to hear how it all goes smile

Hope you feel better soon loulou - you've had such a hard time.

NCT breastfeeding class last night was a bit odd. It seemed like there was no plan to it at all, so we all just talked about breastfeeding until she took the menfolk out of the room to teach them how it is done, so they can show us once the baby is here. DH obviously paid lots of attention, because he just threw me the doll and said 'you know how to do this don't you' hmm

Sitting here waiting for the chimney sweep to arrive and cover my house in mess. Then I HAVE to finish DH's jumper today, or he'll be down a xmas present!

Sultanajo Fri 20-Dec-13 09:22:32

Ekkkk! Good luck another and felix! Super exciting!!!

Toby I can just imagine how itchy your leg must be. Really hope the itch cycle doesn't last too long!

humpty what a PITA!

choco your poor lass. It must be soul destroying! Hope the pain killers have eased your pain...

Well it was a very interesting night in the Sultana house! Around 11pm I had to get off the sofa and pace around as had a massive stabby pain in my lower right abdomen that took my breath away. It lasted 14 mins and then after 10 mins came back again for another 7, then eased off for a few mins before returning again. During this time bump was constantly hard and I just didn't know what to do with myself. I thought it may have been labour starting, but given the nature of the pain and the duration didn't think things added up. Finally called the hospital who said it sounded like bubs had perhaps got himself into a position where he was pressing on something that was causing me pain. They suggested I take a warm bath and call back if it didn't go away. I was really starting to panic, but DH was awesome (apart from deciding to eat stinky machos that made me feel sick!) He ran me a bath, got me a drink and sat with me until at 1am I gingerly got into bed and the pain finally fucked off!

It was bizarro but really frickin hurt! So glad that wasn't what labour pains feel like as there is no way I could have coped....

Sooo glad DH finishes work today. I realised how much I am gonna rely on him in labour for emotional support as well as getting me things!

Sultanajo Fri 20-Dec-13 09:24:10

Nachos not machos!

MrsVDB Fri 20-Dec-13 09:30:34

Eek felix how exciting!!

sultana sounds like you could be soon too

Had 36w apt this morning (with doctor as shared care) who said baby has dropped but not engaged which makes sense as that pressure/ kicked in fanjo feeling has gone. She didn't measure my tummy which was a shame as find that really interesting

Good luck today!

that sounds nasty Sultana, glad you managed to get some sleep.

I've woken up with loads of energy. I've cleaned the kitchen, it looks lovely, sorted out clothes and now am waiting for my 36 week appointment with the mw. So we'll see how that foes.

I've got a really long list of things i want to get done today so i hope the energy stays with me. I'm very thirsty at the minute tho which means I'll deffo be peeing all the tine

enormouse Fri 20-Dec-13 10:42:42

Good luck another and felix. I meant to come back last night…but I passed out blush.

sultana glad that bubs moved for you and that your dp was lovely and supportive.

toby aloe vera gel?

blue I like unfck. I tried flybaby but it was too weird for me - too much sink polishing for my liking. Unfck is easier to stick to.

Argh - our pram died a death yesterday. It was a cheapy mothercare one but I hoped it would last a little longer. The high winds ripped it to bits and various seams fell apart. We do have a back up for when we go walking but it doesn't fold up enough for public transport. I'm now a bit panicked we won't get anything in time for baby mouses arrival. We tried to find something new in Belfast mothercare yesterday but the service in there was appalling and we were just ignored by staff so we left.

Can anyone recommend a decent travel system or pram that folds compactly, preferably with one hand? Must be lie flat too. I like the joie chrome or graco evo.

Have to get my hair cut in a bit. Quite excited but I still haven't decided what to do with it. fsmile

extracrunchy Fri 20-Dec-13 10:49:39

Sultana I had exactly that a couple of weeks ago!! Incredibly painful, I thought "this CAN'T be early labour - she must be about to actually come out!!" (at home alone with DS) - called MW and ran a bath, then when they checked me out they said it was BH but baby against a nerve in my spine was causing the horrendous pain on one side! Crazy you had the same thing grin

Spacefrog35 Fri 20-Dec-13 10:51:41

Just dropping in to wish another & felix good luck for today


Sultanajo Fri 20-Dec-13 10:59:57

extra omg how weird! I couldn't believe how painful it was!

frying think you have pinched my energy! Lol!

enormouse oh no!!! Hmmm...no suggestions Im afraid but really hope someone has a genius idea!

Sultanajo Fri 20-Dec-13 11:01:24

mrsv that's interesting your gp didn't measure your bump....

The midwife said the baby feels fully cooked, measuring 38 weeks. Next appointment is booked for 2nd Jan,she said she didn't expect to see me then though.
she was lovely and said the old thing which would bring on labour is sex and not to bother with anything else.

sarahleanne Fri 20-Dec-13 11:19:16

I'm another one who had a crap sleep as DS was up being sick all night . He's now off school today too. I'm hoping I can get both the kids down for a nap soon .

Thinking of everyone having babies today!!

Sultanajo Fri 20-Dec-13 11:35:17

Ekkk frying! That's so exciting! Woop woop for fully cooked babies!

sarah poor you! You must be knackered! Hope your DS is better soon.

hello! I've missed loads - wow!

Firstly, congratulations curly hope James is doing well and you're recovering too flowers Lovely name smile smile

Secondly eeek and fx for felix and another!!! how totally exciting for you both.

We've finally moved house - it's a bit more of a project than we first though, but we'll get there. While we're away over christmas the plumber will be in changing the boiler, plumbing a dishwasher and fixing the shower, and we had to get an emergency fix done on the roof yesterday (there's no flashing round the chimney at all so it needed waterproofing urgently - water was pouring down through the house on weds night shock). Still, it's nicer than our last house, and we'll do it all bit by bit. I just need to adjust to spending all our money on builders for a very long time while.

Last day in the office too, so I've been stuffing my face with cake and mince pie. Ho ho ho.

Booked in with new MW yesterday, and picked up a home birth kit. It'll only happen if my iron picks up though. I really, really don't want to go out of community care sad I need a growth scan too, as I'm measuing 32sm and should be 36, but baby was all one side when she measured (like all of it - the bump looked like it had slid to one side) so even she said it was probably not needed.

Sorry for the me me me post.

Hope the random pain stays away sultana and try not to scratch it toby. Sorry to everyone I've missed!

Felix90 Fri 20-Dec-13 11:56:54

On labour ward now. Sharing a room with someone else who is being induced and its a bit awkward haha! Had the tablet thing up my nether regions and now just have to play the waiting game. Midwife said it usually doesn't work first time if its your first baby and if not they will do another one after 24 hours. I'm so bored hmm

MrsVDB Fri 20-Dec-13 11:59:35

That's what I thought sultana especially as having growth scans (next one 36w but at 37+1 due to Christmas). Think she's pretty useless to be honest. 1st apt she said 'looks head down' just by looking and wrote that on my notes, 2nd time didn't say or write how baby was led and then this time no measurement. Last apt with her though which is good smile

MrsGSR Fri 20-Dec-13 12:16:57

I haven't even caught up a little bit, but good luck to Felix and another!
Hope everyone is doing well smile

GummiBear74 Fri 20-Dec-13 12:17:41

That doesn't sound great mrsv angry

My MW has always had a good prod and poke of my bump - it's not too comfortable, though! Last time I asked her to show me where the head was, but it hurt because I had to jab my fingers in quite far and my nails were a bit long! The bum is easy - it's the massive lump that sticks out under my right boob!

Go felix go! Fx that it'll work first time (although I have confess to wondering briefly why they had shoved a tablet computer up your nethers blush)

enormouse Fri 20-Dec-13 12:33:48

Back again, but with anne Hathaway's pixie crop. I tend to get carried away with how much hair I get taken off.

Fx for your home birth enjoying and congrats on the house move and finishing work.

felix so excited for you. Got fx that the first tablet works.

frying good for mini pan. Sounds very promising.

Your poor ds sarah hope he perks up in time for Christmas.

Frizz1986 Fri 20-Dec-13 13:12:56

Well bump is uber uncomfortable today. Think baby could have dropped as i cant get comfortable stood up or sat down at all. There is just so much pressure at the bottom if my bump. The only relief i am getting is when i am led down so thats what i plan to do this afternoon before the family arrives.

Hope all the house stuff goes well enjoying now you have moved. And have a fab last day. This mat leave is weird stuff so far. Have no idea what i am doing lol.

felix fx the stuff works first time so you are not stuck waiting for too long.

MrsVDB Fri 20-Dec-13 13:18:13

Maternity leave has commenced (apart from the call at 4...) wooooo!!! smile

sarahleanne Fri 20-Dec-13 13:47:28

mrsv woooop wooop for start of mat leave!
Your mw sounds shit though. How can she tell babies head down by looking unless she has X-ray eyes.stupid woman.

felix induction has started, yey! At least you know you will be leaving hospital WITH a baby ahh how exciting. Don't want to make you feel deflated but when I was induced with my first it took 3 attempts (3 days) but when it did kick off, it kicked off quick!! I was having contractions for 3 days in a row and they kept stopping and they had to give me another pessary, bloody frustrating but so worth it.

Thanks for the get wells for DS,
I'm starting to think he's fine as he's been chatting away driving me nuts all day and dd is refusing to nap so I've given up . I'm watching mr tumble, please someone help me!!!!

Sultanajo Fri 20-Dec-13 14:31:44

sarah find your happy place! Lol! Glad your DS is driving you nuts - definitely a good sign!

Felix arghhh! Bit of an anticlimax having to wait around hoping it will work first time round, but at least you know eventually bubs will be out and all the hanging around will be worth it!

Yay for mat leave starting!!! So happy for you!

Sultanajo Fri 20-Dec-13 14:34:13

mrsv yay for last appointment with useless gp!

enormouse you are very brave with your hair cut! I am growing mine so I can be lazy and just tie it up have more style options....

frizz boo to uncomfortable bumpage, but hey, must mean things are moving along.....

Bluecarrot Fri 20-Dec-13 15:27:27

enormouse there was a few ex display buggies in sale in mothercare at abbeycenter. I'm not sure which ones as I didn't read the signs fully but one was a travel system (at least it was when I was there 2 days ago!). Maybe give them a call and ask?

extracrunchy Fri 20-Dec-13 15:56:15

Just home from a very vigorous sweep! Ouch!! Feeling quite period painy now. Fingers crossed smile

Fingers crossed Extra!

it's all gone very exciting today!

toby - i had a dream about you last night, even tho i don't know what you look like it was definitely you. I pulled your baby out of you by it's feet, and you were stunningly grateful. It was a little odd!

my brother has just messaged to day they are having another boy! So that'll be three boys in their family and all in all five grandsons for my folks smile

MrsVDB Fri 20-Dec-13 16:37:07

How exciting extra

frying that's reminded me of a dream I had last night... A lady at work was checking how far dilated I was and I apologised that I'd not had a shower and she said yes it was disgusting there was loads of lochia (which was yucky discharge in my dream) I was so embarrassed!

Felix90 Fri 20-Dec-13 16:41:15

Still nothing to report here! Reckon I'll be here for a loooooong time...

Sultanajo Fri 20-Dec-13 16:47:43

Ekkkk extra! How exciting! Fingers crossed!

Don't worry Felix! My friends who have had pessaries have all said they took ages to work, but when they did things moved very quickly!

Do you know, when I was thinking I was gonna have to go and get checked last night, all I could think was "I will have to suck up the pain long enough to get in the shower before we leave!" Lol!

Rubbish Felix!

TobyLerone Fri 20-Dec-13 18:46:05

grin frying. If I was small, round and ginger it was definitely me!
Thanks for pulling the baby out for me wink

Sorry you're in for the long haul, felix sad you'll get there eventually!

Went to the nurse to get my dressing changed again today and she was concerned that it seems to be getting worse. She got her colleague in and he agreed that I needed to go to hospital to get them to look at it and refer me to East Grinstead if necessary.
So I went. Waited 2.5 hours to be seen, and they said it looks perfectly fine and they're not concerned at all hmm

So it's still itchy and still annoying and I had The Rage at wasting half the day (left for the doctor's at 11, got home from hospital at 3). And when I got back, DH had done all the painting wrong and I had to redo loads of bits angry

And I have to go out tonight and cba sad

enormouse Fri 20-Dec-13 19:00:37

toby hugs. I'd buy something nice, and have it when you get back. At least your leg is ok though.

felix and extra thinking of you both. Dilatey thoughts as someone said on thread 13

frying that's really sweet. I've forgotten, are you team blue, pink or yellow?

Thanks blue I'll definitely have a look. Been trying to persuade dp that we NEED to make a trip to the giant newtonabbey mothercare. This is the one I like the look of - joie chrome thoughts welcome!

sultana not brave, just lazy! smile can't be arsed to grow it out and having hair that takes 2 minutes to do means I only have to think about make up in the mornings.

Having a boy smile

o cant remember Toby whatvyiy looked like. But it was definitely you.

I'm babysitting now and watching Arthur Christmas. So hardcore

MrsVDB Fri 20-Dec-13 19:21:27

enormouse pram looks good smile if you buy it through quidco you can get 5% cash back too

Toothfairy78 Fri 20-Dec-13 19:36:09

Neaargh! What ARE you up to in there ToothJr? I hope you're trying to turn to face the back, otherwise...squirmy squiggler!!!

Yes, wishing lots of dilatey goodness upon felix and extra tonight! Come on!!!

And healing good vibes to toby's leg too!

quackojuliet Fri 20-Dec-13 19:44:51

oooh good luck to another extra and felix tonight and tomorrow!

toby really feel for you with the leg, i don't know how you are staying sane and ploughing through all that decorating!

MrsVDB you are a bad spending influence! bad Mrs!

I'm a little preoccupied with whether baby is back to back or back to front (as it were). I have an anterior placenta and have heard it's more likely to be back to back as baby likes to cuddle the placenta, but can anyone reassure me that I won't have an excruciating back to back labour? Argh i'm getting a teeny bit obsessed. Want her to be in the right position so am trying to sit up properly, lean forward etc.

Currently feels like two massive lumps on the top left and right of bump. Placenta is covering this so hard to feel any definition. One a bum and one a knee? One a foot? Two knees? Or does it not really matter? Next MW is on the 27th.

I have an anterior placenta and hadn't hears about the hugging thing. I cant usually tell when the baby is facing out, my belly is squishier than normal. He likes to turn around a lot

Last message didn't come on

my lumps at the top are either his bum and knee, or two knees.

TobyLerone Fri 20-Dec-13 20:22:40

IIRC when it's time for them to be born, most (head down) babies get themselves into the right position anyway, juliet. If it's not engaged, it'll keep swivelling round anyway. Mine does. Never back to back, but certainly from one side to the other.

Oooooh, frying, what did I have?!

I'm procrastinating. Need to leave like now, but not dressed yet. Sod it. I'm having a glass of prosecco tonight!

AnotherStitchInTime Fri 20-Dec-13 20:49:49

I am still pregnant!

Waited around all day on nil by mouth. Labour ward got closed as they couldn't take anymore ladies. It was so crazy with back to back emergencies that they couldn't start my c section. Hoping to re book for monday.

Must admit I was in floods of tears, no food all day and only 2 hours sleep, only to be told it was off. Finally got lovely thai food at 7pm and DH has bought me gateaux for pud later so feeling better now.

sarahleanne Fri 20-Dec-13 21:07:36

Came on to rant , sorry for the me post.
Went to gp at 4pm for checkup , bp raised a lot and protein which is new for me this pregnancy , sent up to hospital again only to be told I don't have protein and they must of been old sticks , wtf. Waste of time and running around getting my mum to have the kids at hers! Weird thing is I swore the lady said to me at the hospital that I had protein , then she returned an hour later to say that I didn't . I'm so confused, they even wrote on the ECG there was protein . Fucking confused.com. Oh and the one who took bloods forgot the cotton wool so blood pissed down my arm, wonderful . Sorry my lovelys!! I'm tired and bloody starving haha. Currently sat in the room waiting for the doctor to tell me I can go home!! Another pointless trip to the hospital , I'm going to start refusing .

quackojuliet Fri 20-Dec-13 21:20:00

Sarah that sounds totally shit! And another for you too what a disappointment after getting geared up for it to happen!

Thanks for the reassurance re position. My whole belly feels hard all the time so its difficult to know which is what. Don't know if baby's engaged,guess I will know more at 38w appt next week. Just trying to sit up straight and do some hands n knees can't hurt too much eh.

Angelesque Fri 20-Dec-13 21:50:18

quacko I am anterior too and asked me about back to back... Apparently you're not more likely to have a b2b labour. Still, a bit of all fours action can't hurt as you say!

Baby is super wriggly tonight... Think he's getting bored in there...

Frizz1986 Fri 20-Dec-13 22:02:58

another how pants is that. Not surprised you cried, I would have been v annoyed. Fx for Monday.

nature that all sounds very confusing.

Well the family arrived at 5pm and I have had braxton hicks since then! have not been able to get comfortable all evening. They seem to be every 5 minutes at the moment. Not sure if they are getting worse but my sister is adamant I am going to go into labour tonight now they are visiting. Would be annoyed as really wanted to spend time with the family but if this is what the next 3 weeks or so will be like comfort wise I'd rather baby out than in.

Mythreeknights Fri 20-Dec-13 22:11:17

felix I hope it is going well! another you poor thing, I would have cried too...so so disappointing! And frizz sounds like things are happening...I think our babies know when is a 'good' time to be born, eg all your family visiting...so who knows.

I had a good day today...new philosophy of 'take it easy' which has meant rather than racing from a to b like a demented hen, I am actually just really enjoying spending time with my children, not caring if we miss things and generally just being kind to myself...and it works.

Felix90 Fri 20-Dec-13 22:37:09

Another that is awful, I'm not surprised you were upset! Fingers crossed for Monday.

I am still here. Contractions are happening but only about 40-50 seconds long. I'm absolutely shattered but won't be able to sleep. Keep getting upset because I'm so tired/the pain/having to share a room with someone and feeling pathetic (their contractions haven't even started and I feel like I need privacy!!). Just want it to be over and done with now confused don't think I'll get any sleep tonight.

Bluecarrot Fri 20-Dec-13 22:46:49

Like that pram in jade enormouse. Whatever you do, don't get fitted for a nursing bra in the newtownabbey store - was waaay off (I'm a trained bra fitter but haven't done it in a long time so wanted to go over rules for nursing bras. The poster in the can going room has all you need to know!)

Today I have built the baby's chest of drawers and put all the stuff away in it. Its in the middle of the living room ATM though! Need to finish the wardrobe but its too late at night as its in DDs room ATM.

now for a rant - need to get this off my chest.
Huffing with DP as once again he has proved to be a selfish twat. I found cinema ticket from last night when he was supposedly in work ( wasn't snooping- was emptying the pockets of the work trousers he threw in the wash!). Yet last night he was saying how he hadn't had time to buy any Xmas gifts..he only has 4 people to buy for!
We watched an Xmas movie today and while I got the popcorn and searched for his Pringles, he sorted a drink for himself ... And no one else. Turns out he had eaten the Pringles already. THEN at tea time he ate a bowl of cereal. Why doesn't he think to ask if anyone else is hungry and maybe make food for everyone?! I made dinner for dd and I and he was surprised hmm Has been huffing since.
And my baby shower manicure is all chipped sad

He's at work tomorrow so dd and I are cleaning her bomb site of a room interspersed with Xmas crafting and some iPod time. smile

Sultanajo Fri 20-Dec-13 22:48:39

That sounds like an awesome philosophy mythree!

Toby and sarah how unbelievably annoying for you both to have wasted trips. Glad your results were negative and your leg is healing ok Toby, but still totally sucks being sent on a wild goose chase!

Omg another! How bitterly disappointing! After so long to be told it would have to be Monday..... Arghhhh! Mmmm gateaux and Thai food sounds lush!

frizz hope bubs stays put while your family are over....

Apart from bubs trying to get me into the Guinness book of records for the most amount of peeing in one day, no other weirdness today. DH has finished work for two weeks now, so am feeling more chilled now I know he will hopefully be in easy reach, as long as he remembers to keep his phone charged.

Now he is off, I have resolved to try my best to not give a shit about how he is dragging his feet sorting his families presents (which I have done the majority of) and if I go into labour and we haven't been round to drop off their pressies yet then so be it. Must remember the bigger picture!!!

Just got into bed. Am absolutely shattered with annoying heartburn. Should fall asleep easily - it's just staying asleep that's the issue!!!

Bluecarrot Fri 20-Dec-13 22:49:15

felix are the contractions painful? Just remember each one is getting you closer to having baby in your arms smile

Are you allowed a shower or bath at this time of night? At least it would be privacy for a little while

Sultanajo Fri 20-Dec-13 22:52:18

felix will they only move you to somewhere more private when you are further along? That seems a tad odd that now you are having contractions you are still having to share a room!

Sultanajo Fri 20-Dec-13 22:53:54

blue how bloody inconsiderate your DP is being! Clearly in his own little world! Am not surprised you are hacked off!

Toothfairy78 Fri 20-Dec-13 23:20:34

Argh! Having big ol' BHs tonight! Really uncomfortable! Don't think ToothJr is too pleased either as they are kicking back in return. Am in bed early trying to relax it out!

another sending hugs to you. I can't imagine how frustrated and generally tested you must be feeling. Poor dear!

Also sending hugs to sarah.

blue much sympathy to you. Your OH sounds like he needs a kick in the arse. That's really selfish of him. Did you confront him about the cinema ticket?

Felix90 Fri 20-Dec-13 23:44:37

Good news! Just been on monitor and midwife finally believed that I was having regular contractions and examined me (painful!). I am now 2cm dilated so she said they can move me to another room and break my waters!!! I am so relieved! She said she will see if someone is available to look after me otherwise it may be a couple of hours wait before they can do anything. Had the weird tablet thing removed now. I'm just happy I'm making progress. Feeling a lot better now. Hope you don't mind me updating, it's nice to get it off my chest grin

quackojuliet Fri 20-Dec-13 23:49:13

Ooh felix that's excellent news, hope you can get some chill time between contractions when you get into your own space. Is your dp with you?
Best of luck for the night ahead! Looking fwd to a morning update. Just remember you are getting closer and closer to meeting your gorgeous baby!

Felix90 Fri 20-Dec-13 23:56:25

Thanks quack. Yes he's here and refuses to go home haha. He keeps insisting he's not tired when I know for a fact he is! I think he's too scared to leave me in case he misses something.

I can't believe how much happier I feel now after being examined. Was a crying mess before and now I'm feeling positive! Not sure if its anything to do with the codeine stuff she gave me though...

chocoloulou34 Sat 21-Dec-13 00:45:00

Hurray for felix thats great news. Ive been keeping an eye out all day so am sorry its taken thus long to post I just am having such a bad time that I wont go on about as uve heard it all before and didnt feel up to posting. But am so happy that u r finally progressing. Feel free to update on here as much as u want. We like to know whats happening smile

sarahleanne Sat 21-Dec-13 00:53:34

Good luck Felix glad things are happening for you!!

Well it's 1 am and I've just got back from the hospital. Bloody doctor wouldn't let me leave until he had run more tests. Got to go back Monday morning to be checked out . I've had enough of being pregnant now!!

Another- thinking of you how frustrating!

TobyLerone Sat 21-Dec-13 01:09:19

felix, once they break your waters, get up and walk around, even if it's only round the room. You'll have a baby by morning!

another, how frustrating sad I'd have cried too.

loulou, I'm so sorry you're feeling rubbish flowers
Don't ever feel like you can't offload here, though. We all have a moan or a rant now and again, and you have more reason than most of us!

sarah, sorry you're having a bit of a nightmare too sad

blue, your DP needs a swift kick to the knob.

Hope the BHs don't keep you awake, frizz. And same to you with the heartburn, sultana.

enormouse Sat 21-Dec-13 01:59:57

felix great to hear from you. I agree with walking if you can. Make a bit of a fuss (or get your dp to) and get yourself moved.

sarah sounds awful but at least it's over now. I remember wanting to thump a few of the nurses when I was admitted for an allergic reaction. They'd decided I would stay overnight without telling me.

choco I second toby. Hugs x. And to another as well.

blue he's being a right knob. I think the feeding himself thing would bug me more than the cinema ticket. Also Christmas presents or lack thereof can be his problem. Let him sort it/deal with the repercussions.
I do agree about mothercare being shit generally. They tried to persuade me I was a 34/36B. I was a 28 DD. And every time I've been in the Belfast one they've been very arsey (Ballymena staff are lovely though)
But the deal on the pram is quite good so I'll swallow my pride this time.
I think I remember you mentioning that you were getting a ring sling, how is that different to the moby wrap?

Good philosophy mythreesmile

I was happily asleep but I woke up sneezing my head off. Lovely dp has pulled the covers off me at some point and I've woken up freezing. I want to kill him. He's snoring away, like a buffalo. Baby has hiccups too.

But I got to see how everyone was, which is a plus.

Felix90 Sat 21-Dec-13 03:20:23

Delivery suite got busy so no waters broken yet, and my contractions have now stopped hmm and now the woman who I'm sharing with, her waters have broken after being pain free all day so now I'm at the bottom of the pile again. So frustrating after being in pain for 8 hours confused arghhhhh

Frizz1986 Sat 21-Dec-13 04:26:59

Oh felix that really does suck. Sorry things have cometo a halt for now. Fx crossed that things pick up again and you get moved to the top of the pile.

choco def feel free to share your feelings on here. You have had a rough time and we are all around to listen and hopefully try and make you feel better.

mythree that's an excellent philosophy.

Frizz1986 Sat 21-Dec-13 04:41:03

blue dp is sounding like a total douche. I would want to scream and cry if my dh was being so selfish.

sultana def time to relax and see the big picture. Hope the relaxing while dh is off helps move things along for you.

sarah how pants. Can't believe you were stuck there so long. Sometimes you wonder if they remember you are pregnant and exhausted.

tooth boo to sucky BHs. Hope they go away and you can get some sleep.

Mine seem to have disappeared after coming up to sleep mega early (9:30pm) They continued for a while in bed but when dh came up at about 11 and I woke up they had gone. Just feeling v constipated now. Yay pregnancy.
I didn't think it was the start of anything deep down but having not done this before I know anything is possible.
Just hope I get the next 2 days without them as it's just awful not being able to get comfy and be part of everything with the family here.
Also now I am waking up I am mega hungry! But everyone is still asleep (obviously) and I can't go and get a snack as pooch will get up.

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 21-Dec-13 06:53:05

felix sorry to hear your contractions have stopped. Just think of it as time to rest now to give you the strength for the next stage. I bet once you do start up again it progresses quite quickly as your body has been preparing all this time. Definitely get up and walk around to encourage babies head to move onto your cervix once they break your waters. It will help you dilate faster. Try not to lie on your back at all after your waters are gone to keep baby in a good position. Bouncing on all ball is good instead if your tire of walking.

frizz and tooth I hope all the braxton hicks mean that labour will be smooth running when it does start.

sarah how annoying, you must be so tired now. Hope you can lie in a little or catch a nap today.

choco big <hugs>

sultana the positive thing about peeing a lot is that it means baby is sitting low enough to press on your bladder. Plus I think it is nature's way of preparing us for all the night waking we will have once baby arrives.

blue truly what a douche. Would having a chat with him help or does treating him how he treats you have more impact?

Taking it easy sounds good mythree

angel good plan. I had an anterior placenta last time and should have probably spent more time on all fours and on the ball as dd2 hadn't finished turning so wasn't in the best position and I ended up with a emcs again. Also don't sit back into sofas or chairs, prop cushions behind you to keep your spine more upright. Those wobbly cushions are good for sitting on chairs as they keep your pelvis and spine in a better position.

Feeling better after thai, gateaux and sleep. Will try and bank sleep over this weekend just in case cs happens Monday. BIL made me laugh yesterday as he said it is good not to let baby come until Monday then you only have to buy one Christmas and birthday pressie for the baby each year.

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 21-Dec-13 07:07:25

Mmm victoria sponge cake and lemon tea for breakfast. I am making up for lost time ...

Good luck today Felix!

chocoloulou34 Sat 21-Dec-13 08:16:03

Thanks lovely ladies. Worried that if there is no improvement in the pain 2day I will be going back in to hospital for them to give me something stronger like last time. Its just so much faffing about waiting around to see someone to get admitted. Also now have all 3 kids home for the holidays and with oh working every night you can see my problem. Cant go on like this though so rly hoping 2days the day that will have some improvement. Thanks for listening. Rly does help. Just wanna enjoy xmas with my family and I cant do that at all in this pain.

hoping we have some better news on here 2day and hooe felix is progeessing well.

Bluecarrot Sat 21-Dec-13 09:05:44

Thinking about you another and felix. The delays must be so frustrating for you. Maybe just look at it as a good chance to rest up before the big day?

Thanks to everyone for the sympathy. Was so peeved last night but to be fair to DP his family norm is v different to mine and I guess I just expected him to change to be like mine ( which is the more mainstream way) He also doesn't do confrontation so slept on the sofa last night. I had the best nights sleep I've had in weeks. Will need to chat to him about what we each expect from our family unit. But after work he's going Xmas shopping. 2 of the 4 are mine and DDs gifts and Im sad he hasn't put more thought into them and will just be grabbing something, hopefully I'm wrong!

Sultanajo Sat 21-Dec-13 09:13:39

another banking sleep (and cake) over the weekend is definitely the way forward! You go girl!

felix you poor lass! How soul destroying! Really hope everything starts up again in record time for you!

choco bless ya. Time must feel as though it is standing still for you! Will keep everything crossed for improvements today!

Well I am amazed! Although I woke up to pee several times, I got back to sleep and have only just got up (because I could feel a trickle). ++ pregnajuice this morning! Am assuming its not waters.... Tried sniffing but doesn't smell sweet. Gonna try reclining and getting up again, but don't think its anything other than pregnajuice.....

Hope everyone has a good Saturday. Not sure what we are doing today, but for once, rather than needing to know and planning when to do what, I am just gonna go with the flow like DH does and see what happens.... Take a page out of mythrees philosophy book!

Felix90 Sat 21-Dec-13 09:15:10

Quick update again - been here 24hrs now officially! Still no one available to break my waters. Other woman now gone in delivery room next door. No contractions or anything happening at all! I literally don't feel anything. Had 1 hour sleep and poor OH had 3 hours on a fake leather chair that he had to peel his face off of this morning haha.

Sultanajo Sat 21-Dec-13 09:23:52

Oh Felix poor you! Time must be absolutely dragging and your mind must be whirling! Lol at your OH peeling his face off the chair! Did he have lines on his face after?

Felix90 Sat 21-Dec-13 09:29:06

Yes and his beard and super groomed tache was a smooshed up at one side haha. I am feeling happyish this morning, just so tired!

Felix90 Sat 21-Dec-13 09:29:19

All not a!

MrsVDB Sat 21-Dec-13 09:30:20

Oh dear felix hope it moves along quickly for you today, as others have said the previous contractions will have prepared your body so will hopefully help smile

another how frustrating, it's such a big thing to prepare for. But I agree on banking cake and sleep while you can smile

choco feel free to offload, I think your doing so well already. It must be so tough

sultana I have a feeling you'll be soon!!

Poor Felix! How rubbish!

on the preggo juice front, mw said that if you soak through a panty liner then its probably waters and to go in. So that's what I'm going to do. Liner is on as I'm wetter than normal. I said to dh last night that i think today is the day. Lets see if I'm right

sarahleanne Sat 21-Dec-13 09:48:33

another you have so made me want cake for breakfast now , such a good idea .

felix your going through exactly what I did . Try and rest when you can . It's brilliant news your already dilating though. I don't think it will be long for you now. Will they give you another pessary or no?

choco you've had such a rough time of it. I hope your not in pain over Xmas .

Sorry to people I've missed on here. I'm rubbish at remembering .
My mums keeping the kids for me this morning for a few hours so I'm having a lazy morning.
Can't wait for the updates today and fingers crossed for baby news by tonight .

Sultanajo Sat 21-Dec-13 09:55:06

felix that's hilarious! Would have cracked me up!

frying fingers crossed you soak through this morning and things really get going!

mrsv I sway from thinking it could happen any moment to thinking it will be ages away every day! Am thinking the increase in discharge could just be because I stayed in bed longer than normal and only peed twice, whereas normally I pee more and therefore probably wipe any excess discharge away. Time will tell I guess....

Felix90 Sat 21-Dec-13 10:00:51

No more pessary as I'm just dilated enough for them to break my waters so hopefully that should set me off again. I wish she had left it in last night if I'd have known we would be waiting this long as could have made more dilatey progress!

GummiBear74 Sat 21-Dec-13 10:08:00

another, cake for breakfast is very civilised indeed. I mean, if you can't eat whatever the hell you want when you're just about to pop a baby out, when can you? I had my normal brekkie, then went round the corner to the butcher's when they opened at 8, and they gave me a mince pie! I like it there grin

choco, what you're going through sounds awful. I hope they get the really good drugs out for you today thanks

felix, glad you're sounding much more positive and able to laugh at OH. Poor chap must have had a very uncomfortable night!

sultana and frying next to go, I think. But hang on, isn't this supposed to be the January thread? Everyone's so keen to get on with it and I have weeks and weeks to go! grin

MrsVDB Sat 21-Dec-13 10:18:57

gummi I have another 4 weeks to go (hoping for 6!) so ill be here with you at the end smile

TobyLerone Sat 21-Dec-13 10:26:57

Good luck today, felix!

I'm also having cake for breakfast. Free cake, at that, in John Lewis café smile

Baby gave us a bit of a scare this morning by not getting up at its usual time, but I think it was just having a bit of a lie-in.

Town after cake, for last-minute shopping, then home for more painting. DH has sensibly gone out all day grin

I have another four weeks to go, I'm just done with the whole pregnancy!

i want him out. Midwife has said he feels fully cooked so can't see any issues if he comes now.

Sultanajo Sat 21-Dec-13 10:48:37

gummi I was originally 1st Jan but they moved me forward to 27th dec, so only 6 days until EDD! How did that suddenly happen? Ekkk!

Toby naughty bubs having a lie in! Nothing like scaring the shit out of you first thing!!! Get you with your free John Lewis cake!!!

I had fresh pineapple with my cereal - they are £1 a whole pineapple in Waitrose currently! It was lush! However, now have a major craving for iced fruit cake. Good job its pissing down outside which means I wont be arsed going out to get some!

Frizz1986 Sat 21-Dec-13 11:54:29

Well BHs started up again this morning and have continued since. They are getting a bit more uncomfortable/painful but i have low pain thershold so think i am just being a wimp.
Have tried lying on my birth ball, sitting on the ball, sitting on a chair, wandering round morrisons but still no rest bite.
Am now led in bed on my side upstairs all alone while the family are downstairs. So gutted all this is going on while the family are here. Have been excited about their visit for ages and now i cant enjoy it.
Not sure if its all just false labour (what with th BHs being regular) or the start of something. Dh really doesnt want this to be it as he is set on a jan baby, i am starting to hope it is something starting as not sure i can cope with this everyday for the next however many weeks. I def wont enjoy xmas in this discomfort. It cant really be starting if they stopped overnight though can it.

Anyway, have taken a paracetamol to take the edge off and really hope ill know it it becomes proper contractions.

Cake for breakfast sounds awesome and really hope this start progressing felix

Cant really remember what anyone else has said......but hugs and things to everyone.

If it helps, I was told if they (BH) get painful, should there be three in 10 mins to call the labour ward and go in. Especially if you can't manage it.

Apparently they'll do an internal and let you know what's happening.

I've done my Asda shop for delivery on Monday. I had a dummy order in to secure the date/time, and gone through it all now. Looking forward to it.

Right - I think I can remember enough...

felix hope you get your waters broken and some progress during the day. Do you have things to distract you? Poor DH having to sleep in a chair!

sarah and toby GRRRRR for wasted visits - esp at this time of year when shopping time is at a premium... Bloody useless people. Glad you are both okay though, although the itching sounds incredibly annoying, toby.

another how frustrating to be moved back to Monday - I can see that they have to see emergency patients, but nonetheless. Glad you had delicious treats and will be catching up on sleep this weekend.

frizz you poor love - sounds like it might be the start of something, but I guess you never know. I'd ring your midwife for reassurance (this is Baby #1 for you, right?) if that might put your mind at rest? Why not - all they can do is say 'it's fine, relax', or 'go to the hospital', right? Mine is ALWAYS saying don't hesitate to call. Let's ignore the fact that the community midwives number is only Mon to Fri and they never actually answer the dang phone, shall we?

Went out last night, and was a bit hmm at the number of people telling me how 'brave' I was - for being out in a club at 10.30pm, sipping a lemonade (one of two - everyone was DESPERATE to buy me drinks/check I was okay etc grin) sitting down. Hardly scaling Everest, but apparently being 38weeks and not in confinement wins you serious kudos. I have no idea why. DH was jumpy as a cat all night, despite reassurances that a) Bean was lulled to sleep by the strong bass beat, b) I had no signs of labour, in fact felt pretty good and c) we were a 5 minute cab ride from UCH if bean, I dunno, suddenly started crowning with no warning grin.

Oh, that reminds me, was it quacko - your DH sounds like he's being v thoughtless and could do with a big fat kick. I am excellent at kicking, if you need a hand? grin

Oh and MrsV I hope that's the last time you do something beyond the call of duty for your work. Enjoy your mat leave!

So, after last night's bravery fun, I feel crappy today - tearful, knackered, overwhelmed. We were meant to go to a party tonight, but I've cancelled, saying I can't face the two hour journey there. I feel bad, but I just don't think I can face it. Plus I'd be shit company.

Who have I missed? Hugs to you all.

Also, still no word from MrsAVB - have PM'd her, but nothing. Anyone seen her around?

I know - frying oooh, you really think it's happening? How exciting!! Fingers crossed for you.

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 21-Dec-13 12:40:26

Ooh frizz exciting, if they are painful, low down and becoming more frequent they could be labour pains not braxton hicks.

I am having tightenings again too, hoping I can stay stable for Monday as now rebooked for then. Really want to avoid a weekend emergency csection.

Percypiglet Sat 21-Dec-13 12:45:49

So bubs has moved from bum on left and legs on right to the other way round. how did that happen? Would prefer him/her to go back to LOA please. Any ideas from you all/.
Good luck felix

nah Humpty i'm sick of getting my hopes up, so i'm sacking the whole thing off. My parents have arrived in the country and i'll see them in a few days so i'm looking forward to Christmas and seeing them.

enormouse Sat 21-Dec-13 12:59:35

Oh frizz hoping you're on your way.

Your 'poor' dp felix. He sounds lovely though. You sound more positive this morning. Hope you've been moved to your own room now.

Love the clubbing tales, humpty. Lemonade? Very risque. wink

blue you have the patience of a saint.

choco thanks. You are really brave through all this. Hugs and well wishes.

Am quite irritable today and don't know why. Wanted to clean the house today but got up late. Dp has done absolutely nothing this morning. ('ds doesnt let me'), hasn't made lunch ('ds doesn't let me') or taken out the wash from last night ('ds doesn't let me'). I would like things to be done without me chivying him along. I am sore and uncomfy and he is using a sofa to put wet washing on and leaving watermarks. Must go and intervene.

enormouse I also had one (light) bottle of beer.

Also, DS is so not the boss of DP. You should tell him this. Bloody men. Although mine was v sweet this morning, and let me have a big cry on him.

Sultanajo Sat 21-Dec-13 13:32:30

Oh flippin heck enormouse putting wet washing on the sofa! wTF?

humpty you have done your partying for this weekend. What you need is a snuggly night in with cake!

Uhoh - feeling snuffly, achey and tickly throaty..... Please don't come down with something now Sultana! We both need to stay well!

Was about to put some part-baked rolls in the oven, but realised they are meant to be defrosted for two hours before cooking! What a fucker! Am hank Marvin!!!

Ds is with mil today and I'm supposed to be cleaning... Not got far. Watching Marple while lying in the sofa.

i feel so flipping wet today. It's creamy/milky coloured so apparently means nothing. It's just irritating

enormouse Sat 21-Dec-13 13:54:18

I know it is mind boggling, the amount of stuff ds let's me do but refuses to allow daddy to do. Maybe ds is exercising a form of quality control?

Oh great, he's made beans on toast and opened a new tin of beans without checking the fridge. There are 3 half full tins in the fridge. Why am I finding him so irritating today??

I think we're taking ds to a forest park today to see santa. I'm really not feeling the Christmas spirit right now.

Sultanajo Sat 21-Dec-13 14:12:00

frying feeling wet is so uncomfortable! I am peeing so often that I am regularly drying myself, otherwise I would be in the same boat I am sure...

enormouse perhaps when you go and see Santa you could ask him for some patience? I am sure in need of some. I am verging between being pathetic and teary and irritated and grumpy! I defrosted the rolls in the microwave and had them with some soup. They were so yummy I ate too much and now feel unbelievably uncomfortable, which is making me grumpy in itself, especially as I knew it was going to happen and yet I ate it all anyway! So annoyed with myself and now everything is itching again....

Still really want some iced fruit cake and it has stopped raining.... Which may mean I end up going out to get some.....Considering how full up I feel even I admit that sounds stupid! I am an adult and I can control myself! No really! wink

extracrunchy Sat 21-Dec-13 14:48:28

Hello! Elizabeth ("Bess") was born at around 11am this morning weighing in at a very solid 9 1/2 lbs! She's doing really well and we're hoping to be home by late afternoon. smile

Bluecarrot Sat 21-Dec-13 14:48:47

Just checking in quickly to see if felix has moved along any! About to go for a nap and couldn't until I knew I wasn't missing anything!

Bluecarrot Sat 21-Dec-13 14:50:23

Wow, congrats extra. I love the name ( wanted it for dd2!)

Hope you are feeling good and you get out this afternoon as planned smile

TobyLerone Sat 21-Dec-13 14:59:21

Congratulations, extra!

Tell us all the gory details when you have time wink

I love Bess -- we call DD Bess/Bessie a lot (her name's not Elizabeth, though. It's Esme). Elizabeth us lovely, but we couldn't use it because of our surname.

GummiBear74 Sat 21-Dec-13 15:00:36

Wonderful news extra! Great that you get to go home so quickly and get as settled as possible before Christmas thanks

Felix90 Sat 21-Dec-13 15:19:01

Yay congrats extra!!!! I love her name! Sounds like you'll be home so quickly too smile

Finally in our own room and had my waters broken at about 2pm. It's the weirdest thing ever! Was expecting a massive gush and was slightly disappointed haha. I'm super happy bouncing on my ball at the moment. Midwife is coming back at 3.30 to see if contractions are starting (I think I just had a small one!) and fingers crossed they do otherwise ill have to go on the drip which id rather avoid.

So glad I have this forum to keep me occupied! Not feeling too tired at the moment to say I had an hours sleep. I think after the long wait I'm just so glad for something to be happening. I hope she arrives soon!! Ahhhh I'm so excited grin

TobyLerone Sat 21-Dec-13 15:27:47

Good luck, felix. You don't have to go on the drip yet if you don't want to. I'd refuse it for as long as possible if it were me.

Everything is happening all at once. Congratulations extra, and good luck felix. FWIW I had the drip with DD and loved it. No faffing, went from 2cm to baby within five hours and contractions weren't painful at all, just weird. Hope you have a stress free.labour and your.baby is with you soon!

I have been really.uncomfortable the last couple of days and am now feeling super pregnant. Feel pressure down below and weird pains but he is still kicking up high too. No contractions though and I am resigned to feeling like this for the rest of the pregnancy. Ugh! Am only 38+4, and don't want another three weeks of this!

Hope you get your section on monday another and that the pain eases up for you choco! flowers

Felix90 Sat 21-Dec-13 15:38:18

I know the drip makes things happen fast and intense so not sure if I'm massively keen or not, but I would like everything to kick start a bit as we have been waiting so long now. Had a couple of mild contractions but nothing to write home about yet hmm

TobyLerone Sat 21-Dec-13 15:48:04

Well, just remember that you're in charge! Sometimes they try to push you into things you don't necessarily need/want because "procedure".

TarkaTheOtter Sat 21-Dec-13 15:53:06

I too liked the drip. But it was intense and painful until I had my epidural, then it was fine again.

extra huge congratulations! Would be great to hear birth story when you can face it!

DD only wants DH at the moment. If it continues it'll be very useful when the baby is here but no doubt her allegiances will swap te minute there is some competition!

sultana hope you don't come down with something and that you feel more comfy soon. Overeating is FAR TOO EASY at the moment!

extra congratulations! That's wonderful news - what a lovely name and such a healthy weight too. So pleased for you! Can't wait to hear all the details when you are ready.

felix good luck!

Off to Lidl to see what Christmas goodies I can scavenge from their jumble sale aisles.

MrsVDB Sat 21-Dec-13 16:02:56

Congratulations extra what a whopper! I'd love to hear the story too when your settled smile

Good luck felix

sultana I feel your pain! I've just eaten a whole packet of tortellini (piggy) and about 20 mins later bought it back up. Why do I keep eating so much?? My body clearly can't handle it

Sultanajo Sat 21-Dec-13 16:03:47

extra yay! That's awesome news! Huge congratulations! So hope you get home soon. Woop woop!

Felix hurray for breaking waters and bouncing on a ball in your own room! I am excited for you!!!

Sultanajo Sat 21-Dec-13 16:07:54

humpty have a rummage for me!!!

mrsv oops! So glad my spicy soup has stayed down....

Frizz1986 Sat 21-Dec-13 16:09:56

Wow extra huge congratulations!! Cant wait to hear all about it. What a lovely name as well.

Good luck felix hope things start to move forward now your waters have gone.

Still led down with BH this end. Have tried to prop myself up slightly so am still on my left side but not fully led down as worried bubs might move into a bad position. Want to try and go on my ball in a bit to make sure bubs stays the right way but its just so uncomfortable right now.
Fx bubs is still head down and this is the start of it all.
Def pressure down below but this could just be baby is now engaged. Things aren't getting more frequent or more painful so if this is it there must be a long way to go.

BookTart Sat 21-Dec-13 16:16:52

extra! This is fantastic news - congratulations smile Gorgeous name too!

Fingers crossed for your frizz. Getting jealous of all these people having babies now, no sign of anything happening here. I shall be up-duffed forever!

Congratulations Extra! How lovely!

eek Felix,how exciting

sarahleanne Sat 21-Dec-13 16:47:38

Congratulations extra looking forward to hearing the birth story

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 21-Dec-13 16:59:46

Wow congratulations extra, a lovely name and what a fantastic weight. Hope you get home quickly thanks

felix glad things are progressing finally. Walking or going up and down stairs will help wiggle your baby's head onto your cervix and get contractions going if the ball isn't having much effect. Gravity is your friend. Good luck.

percy your baby is LOA to get baby ROA lie on your left hand side. The spine tends to fall towards the lowest point so lying on the left will get baby with spine and bum on left and legs on the right.

C section is on for Monday. Childcare is sorted. Let's just hope the other preggo ladies stay off the curry, sex and pineapple long enough for them to squeeze me in!

another eeek Monday! Ooooh do you have Christmas baby outfits? Or will BabyAnother need to stay in for a few days?

frizz have you spoken to mws? Sounds like no fun, you poor duck.

sultana they were out of stollen/stollen bites angry but I got a pressie for the one year old who's coming over tomorrow (with his parents grin) which made me happy. The gales and driving rain at the bus stop (where I sat for 20 mins waiting to come home) made me less happy, but I am stocked up on cheap milky ways, mars bars, amaretto (OBVS not for me wink), hams, and marzipan based products. And lebkuchen.

Now to bake a cake for tomorrow. Might have a little snooze first...

Percypiglet Sat 21-Dec-13 17:50:03

Congrats Extra.

Good luck Felix and Another! More births to come before the year is out.

Toothfairy78 Sat 21-Dec-13 17:58:45

Wooh! Yay! Congratulations extra!

Today I am finally putting my hands up and admitting I think I have hit the fed up and tired stage. Just gotta get through Christmas, but will be grateful to have baby as soon as!

So need lots of distractions, like Christmas and action on this thread!

Good luck for Monday another!

I've been hit with a burst of energy. Sorted the baby's room, my room, and decided to wash the car seat, well, the material bits. So they are in the wash.

feeling really heavy today! Went to the toilet and there is drops of red blood. Am trying to make the baby move but I'm pretty sure he's fine. Drops of red blood can mean labour is on it's way.

the baby has just shoved his bum in my ribs, so he's fine!

MrsVDB Sat 21-Dec-13 18:07:59

frying I think at my antenatal class they said to call up if there's red blood (that isn't your show)?

Right. Will call them then. I just don't want to look stupid again, I've put a pad on and will see if it catches anything. 'cos they always ask that!

MrsVDB Sat 21-Dec-13 18:15:15

Yeah that's a good idea. You won't look stupid at all. All they keep saying is they'd rather you called. Best to check. Exciting that it might be soon for you though smile

They called and said it sounds normal, I'm having mild tightenings and they said to call back in an hour for further advice. As it's not a lot of blood, apparently it could be the cervix moving which normally happens on engagement with your first, but as it's my second it happens during labour

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 21-Dec-13 18:31:06

frying how much blood is a few drops (5p size, 50p size etc) and was it bright red? A few drops can go a long way in the toilet, but if you get more please call your maternity helpline to get advice.

It was drops on the tissue, literally like i had a papercut and dabbed it.

still, just been to the loo and saw bloody snot. So my mucus plug. Not attractive.

frying oooh, maybe YOU'RE NEXT!!

tooth sounds like it's time for a cup of tea and a sit down for you.

Just repacked my hospital bag, took some stuff out, i had packed for three days incase i stay in again, but dh can just come back.

my house is so tidy right now! No full on contractions, niggling back/bump pain tho.

AnotherStitchInTime Sat 21-Dec-13 18:53:14

Aah cross post, hope it is your cervix shifting and labour kicking off. Must be the full moon, first extra now you frying. smile

Percypiglet Sat 21-Dec-13 19:09:50

Woo woo, lots of action from you busy ladies! Hope all goes well frying.

I think my bump has dropped today... I seem to be able to breathe and have a bit of a gap between boobs and top of bump. I think this is why the baby has moved from its usual position too. No other symptoms though!

Sultanajo Sat 21-Dec-13 19:19:50

humpty glad it wasn't a totally wasted trip!

frying yay! Things sound very positive! How exciting!

Naturegirl82 Sat 21-Dec-13 19:23:48

Wow you have all been busy today!!

Congratulations extra lovely name (we've chosen that as a middle name). Hope you managed to get home.

Frying that sounds promising. How was your midwife able to tell the baby was fully cooked by the way?

Frizz hope the Bh stop or labour starts if you want it to.

Felix fx the contractions start.

Toby I had similar movement worries this morning but luckily she has been very active for the rest of the day.

Can't remember anything else sorry to everyone I've missed- far too much chatter today! smile

I spent a ridiculous amount of money today. Dh and I bought ourselves a new laptop and tablet. Feels utterly extravagant but we very rarely treat ourselves (and using the baby coming as an excuse!). Finished my xmas shopping and tidied more of the house, but think I overdid it as feeling out of sorts now. Still, Dh is in the kitchen cooking us our xmas dinner so have that to look forward to smile . And I finally packed my hospital bags! Yay!

TarkaTheOtter Sat 21-Dec-13 19:30:54

Can someone explain this LOA/ROA stuff please? Is one better for birth than other?

Sounds like some of you are getting close. I've got no symptoms so just waiting for my induction in 9 days.

Apparently it feels fully cooked, a good size for my dates.

nothing more, no more blood from what i can see. No niggles or anything. So just going on with life.

Bluecarrot Sat 21-Dec-13 19:43:52

tarka look up spinningbabies.com and it has all you need to know.

Think the layer of fat extra padding I have provided my baby with means I can't feel as well as I should but occasionally I can tell which way she is!

Frizz1986 Sat 21-Dec-13 19:57:14

Oooo frying sounds exciting.

Def think mine are just false labour. No progress with anything, but have managed to move my massive pillow downstairs and kick everyone off the sofa so i can at least be with people.

Dh is playing lego with my nephew and is being awesome. He is gonna be such a good dad.

I kinda get all the ROA and LOA stuff. Not sure how i can tell if baby is the right way though without seeing the midwife. What if baby arrives before the next appointment? Do they double check when you get to hospital to make sure baby hasn't moved the wrong way round?

TobyLerone Sat 21-Dec-13 20:00:13

They usually get themselves into the optimum position anyway. I can't remember what side that is, and whether it's my right/left or the midwife's.

quackojuliet Sat 21-Dec-13 20:11:57

Ooh relieved you are not in labour frizz! We are both due on the 10th so your possibly imminent birthing had me repacking the hospital bags and moving them into the hall!
Congratulations extra, lovely name and what a good size! Blummin eck
Its all hotting up now...hope felix is getting to the fun bit and close to meeting baby!
I've been making mince pies which floored me. Jesus my energy level is so low. Espec when I can't be arsed to cook/eat properly. Got dh putting dinner together so I can get some energy to make the last mince pies. My gawd!

Well, i think its all over for now. Bed soon i think, belly is hard so it'll be uncomfy

chocoloulou34 Sat 21-Dec-13 21:05:20

Wow just popped on to see how felix was getting on and glad all is well there and hopefully we'll get some news soon.
Lovely to see surprise that you've had your baby extra congratulations flowers what an amazing weight!!! How many weeks were you again? Beautiful name too. So pretty. Hope you are both doing well.
Thanks to all with kind words and virtual hugs for me. I've had a better day than yesterday so keep your fingers crossed for me that I'm improving slightly. Kids have been hyper today but pretty good on the whole. We've had a pj day so I've had plenty of time to rest. Must get them out house 2moro though. My head will be done in by xmas.

TobyLerone Sat 21-Dec-13 21:10:14

Glad to hear, loulou smile

I hear you, juliet. KNACKERED!

BandontheFun Sat 21-Dec-13 22:08:07

Congratulations Extra such a lovely name! smile hope you and baby are well!

Felix fingers crossed you are popping baby out just now and don't have to wait much longer!

Frying must be such a tease to think something's happening, then for it to stop.

Had a good day today, way better than yesterday, think the cabin fever may be kicking in! Have Just been in a stinking mood for no reason the last couple of days but spent today with my mum, sil and nephew doing Christmassy things so way more upbeat! Couldn't get to ice skate tho which was a bit of a bummer!

Hope everyone else is good and baby is doing what you want!

choco that's great news - hope you feel even better tomorrow. Sounds so rough.

quacko have just taken first of two batches of fairy cakes out of oven. I can barely move.

Rant alert: my needy bloody DM has rung me TWICE today - this is not abnormal - the first time, as far as I could make out to take out her bad mood on me, and tell me that she and her benefits scrounging, workshy brother are forming a new political party somewhere to the right of Hitler with the main agenda being immigration, as she has her knickers in a Fail induced twist about Romanians in Sheffield hmm (she lives nowhere near Sheffield).

The second time was a voicemail, to tell me that she'd badgered my father into buying my Christmas present (how do I need to know this?) and to tell me to change my voicemail as it sounds 'terribly abrupt darling'.

I am going to have to have a word with her over Christmas. Very shortly, I will have a very small baby and will not be available for pointless endless BLOODY FUCKING WAFFLING phone calls. Get a fecking life, woman, take up a hobby and stop phoning me as a way to pass the time. I like my leisure time, I do not like your endless bloody intolerant hatred of anyone who isn't 'like you' and I am fed up to the back teeth of having to be available when you want to chat, or I get hassle and endless call backs and voicemails.

Rant endeth.

I've had an evening of tightenings, they stopped then started again. They are starting to ramp up, a lot more noticeable and starting to hurt, so am going to bed. I figure if something happens, Brill, if not, then I'll be well rested

enormouse Sat 21-Dec-13 22:42:58

Oh wow extra, belated congratulations to you and your DP. smile. I love the nn Bess

TobyLerone Sat 21-Dec-13 23:43:02

Humpty, she sounds...shall we say...difficult?

Loads of BH here tonight too. And loads of cervix-punching (from the baby, not any sort of weird fetish/euphemism). In fact, neither I nor DH can even find my cervix, which isn't a good sign!

Hope it's going well, felix!

toby that's a polite word for the monster her.

I get cervix punches too. Bloody uncomfortable. Hope the BHs don't keep you awake too much.

felix thinking of you overnight!

MrsRApilot Sun 22-Dec-13 01:27:13

Congratulations extra that's fantastic news!!

Nothing more here. Ffs i wish he'd make his mind up!

Frizz1986 Sun 22-Dec-13 06:07:26

Oh frying sorry things have died down again. Got my Fx big time for you.

humpty she sounds rather, shall we say, unique! Hope u manage to talk some sense into her before baby appears.

BHs died down again this end too. They seem to be constant while awake (not getting worse or anything) but when I sleep they go away. I have tried eating, drinking lots of fluid, changing position, walking about but the only time they really stop is overnight. Dh still doesn't understand how uncomfortable it is and I don't think I could do this for the next 3 weeks (that's until EDD)
I know I should call mw for advice but the only place available at the weekend is the maternity unit and I know if this is the start that it is not established yet so I think they will just tell me to wait it out and go in once it's proper labour. And if it it isn't any

Frizz1986 Sun 22-Dec-13 06:09:14

Damn phone posting too soon...... If it isn't anything then grrrr. Would like to think that all this discomfort isn't for nothing!!
I technically wanted to have Xmas before baby arrives, but not if that mean Xmas like this! And am 37+2 so baby is cooked enough anyway.

Frizz1986 Sun 22-Dec-13 06:09:54

Oh and have woken 3 times in a pool of sweat tonight. How glamorous!

Frizz it's like that for me!

i also woke up in a pool of sweat. I wouldn't care but the heating was only on 14 and i was sleeping naked!

It took me two hours to get to sleep, dh has a cough and was watching match of the day in bed. I wanted to say that if he doesn't stop coughing id kill him, but felt that was too harsh.

then was awake at 3 for the loo, went again at 4.40, gave up sleeping again at 5.30. So now watching Come Dine With Me on demand.

Frizz1986 Sun 22-Dec-13 06:45:48

I am also sleeping naked lol. Well after my nightie got drenched! I thought our heating must be on it was so bad but it's not and all radiators are cold.

To top it off I woke up crying and I dreamt the dog died.

It's such a pain as the only thing that helps is lying down but that can't be good for baby's position. Surely need to be upright but am just so fed up. Wish it would just go away or turn into something.

What with this being my first I have no idea what's going on and didn't think BHs were like this. I had read everywhere that they are irregular...... They lied!

I was told bhs were painless,bloody liars!

I've started with lower back pain and a stabby cervix. And pain on the left hand side coming across to the right. Ds has woken up in a bad mood, which isn't ideal. I've left dh in bed while i entertain ds, I'll be able to nap later, well after church.

dh doesn't know if he should stay off work, but I've told him to go, nothing will probably happen.

I had a dream that i had a one night stand with dh

Frizz1986 Sun 22-Dec-13 08:09:46

I bet i end up last to pop as well......do you think i am allowed to sleep until it arrives as thats the only point when these damn things disappear!!
Xmas day at the PIL will not be fun.
Ill have to go armed with my birth ball for any required bouncing and my full body pillow ao i can kick them all off thier sofa and lie down.

I havent really got back pain yet (excpet when i sleep) Just kicks in the fanjo, and lots of pressure down low during the BH.

I dont know how you are looking after ds at the same time. I feel completely useless. Dh and the family have been doing everything for me this weekend.

Bloody typical that this started on day 2 of my mat leave!

Ds is watching a lot of tv at the moment. Far too much. So far mat leave hasn't been relaxing.

ds had chicken pox - 10 days
ds and i got colds - 5 days
then general Christmas shopping. So very tired!

still, my aunt, uncle, their three kids, and grandparents come over tomorrow, then it's Christmas eve which means big dinner and in laws

quackojuliet Sun 22-Dec-13 10:36:24

Oh dear frizz and frying aka noctural crew.

I'm also getting night sweats,went to sleep with backache/period pains that were coming ever so often but thought little of it. I don't think I'm likely to go into labour at 37+2 and would prefer the baby to be a good size and spend longer in there.

Why is lying down bad for position,*frizz*? Mine seems to stay on the left when I lie on left with pillow between legs. She shoves me with her hands if I start to squash her,but that's another matter!

quackojuliet Sun 22-Dec-13 10:37:22

Ooh hops felix is cuddling her baby now!

Frizz1986 Sun 22-Dec-13 10:58:01

quack i just worry that led down might allow bubs to twist and become transverse. Am a first timer though so have no idea if thats possible at this point. And lying down isnt currently helping!
I would also like bubs to stay in and cook for a bit more (am also 37+2) but not if the next few weeks are like this.....

Omg frying that all sounds v exhausting and cant believe you have got so many people over tomorrow and then its xmas busyness!

Well family have all gone but BHs started as soon as i got up and have continued. I think they are getting more painful but not sure if that is my low pain threshold or i am imagining it (almost wishing this is it)

Have started timing in case...

Have lasted about 1 min 15 secs to 1 min 30 secs and intervals have so far been....
4 mins 30, 5 mins 47, 5 mins 39, 6 mins 4, 4 mins 42, 6 mins 33 and 6 mins 3

Not quite regular yet and not down to 5 mins. Do they get to exactly 5 mins each time or might they be a few seconds either side??

Wonder if i should call the delivery suite if they get to 5 mins (even though i still have a feeling this isnt it)
Did have loose stools this morning......
Dh has started me a bath to see if that helps. Entire bump hardens during but the pain/discomfort is at the base of my bump.

Wish they could give you a contraction at a mw appointment so you knew what the real thing felt like.

enormouse Sun 22-Dec-13 10:58:46

I came on hoping to hear from felix too quacko. I hope the radio silence means good news. smile

frying sounds rough but just hang in there. Christmas madness will be over soon.

frizz I have the opposite problem - I'm freezing at night!

humpty she does sound interesting.

I did make it to see santa yesterday and got a lovely picture of ds with santa (or rather a lovely picture of me with santa, whilst ds looked on horrified. May have overdone it though as I'm now sofa bound with horrible pains in my hips, arse and back. Feels like baby has moved down and is pressing on some nerves.
I have a drinks thing this afternoon too - would it be awful not to go?

Personal victory - dp, after months of nagging and persuasion, has agreed to get a baby carrier like an ergo or a manduca. Nothing I said but he saw jim caviezel wearing one in person of interest last night.

quackojuliet Sun 22-Dec-13 11:05:14

Cancel whatever you need to take care of yourself! My dad is still trying to persuade me, via my siblings, to go to his for xmas day. Not a chance, dh and I are now very much looking forward to our chilled and bullshit free xmas! Tv, pjs,whatever we food we want and no pretences.

frizz you can only worry about so much at once, the baby is most likely to get into the right position regardless. Your bh's sound horrible. Hopefully though they'll mean you get a shorter and more effective labour (lots of practise). There's nothing you can do about the time of year,so you just have to focus on yourself and everyone around you has to go with it!

AnotherStitchInTime Sun 22-Dec-13 11:37:59

frying that sounds tiring hope you can rest today at some point.

frizz during my last labour my contractions were irregular right up until transition. If they are still more painful in half an hour and on the same timings call in, if the timings get closer definitely call in. oh and lying down on your side will not turn baby transverse, if baby is head down at your stage that is where baby will stay unless you hang upside down. it is very rare for them to turn once they reach 36 weeks.

enormous we have a Manduca that DH uses to back carry my youngest, it is very comfortable.

Felix hope things are going well for x

quack bullshit free Xmas sounds great.

Still stable here, c section in the morning if all goes well. Christmas is going to be a last minute decision in our house depending on what happens with me and baby. If I end up in intensive care DH will have to stay with baby at the hospital unless he goes to special care to feed him as babies are not allowed in ITU. Either way I will be in for Christmas Day.

Felix90 Sun 22-Dec-13 12:29:58

Just a quickie! Sylvie Beatrix arrived at 1.54am this morning after the loveliest birth ever (I will write a proper post with details soon), weighing 8lb 7oz which is a hefty weight for a 37 weeker! She is completely perfect and born with lots of dark hair on her head grin

TarkaTheOtter Sun 22-Dec-13 12:37:53

Congratulations felix thanks thanks

Frizz1986 Sun 22-Dec-13 12:49:16

another glad things are still stable. Really hope that the cs goes well and you get into the ward quickly and baby doesn't need to be in special care for long (if at all)

So whatever these things are they are like strong period cramps. Am doing my breathing through them and that seems to help. They aren't horrific yet which is why I wonder what they are. Am timing them on an app atm and we went down to about 4 mins 40 but they have started to die down I think. Looking to be less painful and only lasting 40-50 secs and about 2-3 and a half mins apart. Although last one was 1min long and 4 mins after the previous random few.
How the hell do you know when it's real and if you should call?? Still have in my head that these are just BHs as aren't real ones mega painful beyond strong period pains!

Frizz1986 Sun 22-Dec-13 12:50:31

Uber Yay to felix what lovely news and a beautiful name. My aunt is called sylvie!

enormouse Sun 22-Dec-13 13:02:11

Beautiful name felix. Congratulations to you and your DP.

enormouse Sun 22-Dec-13 13:04:34

another hugs. Definitely an awkward situation, but you will have the wee one with you soon.

AnotherStitchInTime Sun 22-Dec-13 13:06:47

Congratulations felix, a beautiful name. Glad you had a lovely birth and look forward to hearing all about it soon. Hope you are now getting some well deserved rest x

frizz early contractions can feel like period pains. When you lie down the head is not fully on your cervix so it will slow things down just like baths do in early labour. Walking and ball bouncing work well to get things going.

sarahleanne Sun 22-Dec-13 13:25:07

Congratulations felix and what a brilliant weight! Looking forward to hearing the story of her arrival.

frizz good luck to you and try to rest incase it's the real thing .

another glad things are still set for tomorrow although I don't envy you being in over Xmas sad but then again you are getting the best present ever.

chocoloulou34 Sun 22-Dec-13 13:26:39

Wooooo hooooooooo congratulations felix wow what a great weight. So glad you had a nice birth. Cant wait to hear more details smile

Congratulations Felix! Lovely name and weight smile

Frizz, i would call the hospital. Might be worth getting checked out?

another - fingers crossed for tomorrow.

BookTart Sun 22-Dec-13 14:14:37

Yaaaaaay felix! What a totally gorgeous name - congratulations! fsmile

quackojuliet Sun 22-Dec-13 14:25:39

felix lovely name and so glad you had a good birth!

TobyLerone Sun 22-Dec-13 14:28:39

Congratulations, felix! Can't wait to hear all about it smile

BandontheFun Sun 22-Dec-13 15:18:48

Whoop!! Congratulations Felix smile

Percypiglet Sun 22-Dec-13 15:19:57

Congrats Felix , well done you. Enjoy your new family.
Another good luck for tomorrow.

enormouse Sun 22-Dec-13 15:25:25

Btw thanks another I think we're going to go for the manduca. I have a moby wrap too but dp doesn't find it 'secure' enough - he wants something with straps. With that, a new pram and a new carseat for ds, it's going to get pricey.

frizz how are you feeling now? Any change?

Something in my back pulled as I was carrying ds downstairs (he can manage up, but not down so much) so ds and dp have gone by themselves to the neighbours shindig. Am quite happy to stay at home and wrap presents and eat biscuits. I'm a little worried as I feel so uncomfortable, I don't think I felt like this bad during my first pg.

I hope everyone is having a relaxing Sunday.

Frizz1986 Sun 22-Dec-13 15:54:33

enormouse still the same here. Last lot of timings i had 'something' every 3 mins or so lasting about 1 and a half mins. But there is still some variation.
Called midwife unit and they said as waters havent gone, i havent seen a show, baby is still moving and i am coping ok at home that i should do the 'take paracetamol and have a bath' as its either strong BHs or early labour.
If my waters go or things get more painful to call again. Basically i am still none the wiser as to what is going on.

Think i am just worried what if this is real and i leave it too late, dont want to give birth on the way there....

Bluecarrot Sun 22-Dec-13 16:08:53

Yay for another baby! Glad it was a lovely experience for you and I can't wait to her more when you have the time (some time next year?!)

This is making me panic a bit! Eek!

sarahleanne Sun 22-Dec-13 16:20:18

frizz try not to worry . If it's real labour the pains will get intense to the point where you can't talk through them, and then you will know to head to hospital. smile

MrsVDB Sun 22-Dec-13 16:25:16

Congratulations felix can't wait to hear the details smile another good weight

Toothfairy78 Sun 22-Dec-13 16:26:10

Ooh, another baby arrived while I was busy (supervising
DIY and shopping)?

Yippee! Congrats, well done, well deserved felix! Niceness! Such a lovely name too! Fantastic!

All this baby stuff is making me feel Christmassy.

Angelesque Sun 22-Dec-13 16:32:25

Congratulations Felix! We'll done on name, hair and weight! Looking forward to hearing your birth story.

Please may I join the "I hate BH" club? Last three days they've been on and off, leaving my tummy feeling sore and almost bruised... Having to sleep sitting up now! Boo!

I love that things are happening for our little group!

I've had a really relaxing day and now I'm making roast pork. Ds has been so good and it's been a pleasure to spend time with him.

no more bloody show, but back to brown sludge. Belly is tightening and there's a lot of pressure in my fanjo, but nothing major. Just hope Bug stays in there until the day after Boxing day at the earliest!

AnotherStitchInTime Sun 22-Dec-13 17:18:43

frizz I second what sarah said, with my first I went in too early as I had contractions every 2 minutes for 5 hours. They settled down then I ended up going home and then back 6 hours later when I couldn't speak through my contractions anymore.

Glad to hear of lovely Sunday relaxing. I have been chilling out watching films. On nil by mouth again from midnight so am going to enjoy my hospital roast dinner and jam sponge like never before smile

Frizz1986 Sun 22-Dec-13 17:30:12

Thanks ladies. Have had a long bath and think they subsided for a bit as think I had a 10 min nap (prob not good in the bath tho)
Am now led out on the sofa trying to get some rest in case things get worse. Going to try and have some food between the pains as well to keep my energy up.
Really want something to happen now. Must sound like such a moaner though as it hasn't really started yet (if it does) and I am already suffering lol.
How has everyone else's days gone. Hope it's been a nice Sunday and only 3 sleeps til Xmas!

GummiBear74 Sun 22-Dec-13 17:59:59

Hooray for baby felix! The classy names keep on coming round here! thanks

I've been curious to know what BH actually feel like, but they don't sound like much fun, so I think I'll pass for now. Poor frizz sad

We've spent today putting wall stickers up in the nursery. DH is very good at it, so my job is cutting out all the little pieces. I have cut out approximately 7 billion little orange and yellow flowers, but it's worth it, they look amazing! grin

Felix it's all rubbish. When's your due date again? I'm on my phone and i can't scroll back properly.

yey Gummi! It's a lovely feeling when the baby's room is how you want it to be!

I just had the nicest moment with ds. Put him to bed, told him i love him and he said "you too mummy" and patted my face.

then went to the toilet and had to keep wiping. So doing the waters test again. Am i supposed to be lying completely flat?

enormouse Sun 22-Dec-13 20:06:31

Aaw frying. It really pulls at your heartstrings when they come out with things like that. Ds is well into his terrible 2s right now but he has his lovely moments too. He came out with his first long sentence today - ('dadda, want to go to gagas'). Gaga is what he calls his granny.

I think your supposed to lie flat and then see what happens when you get up. Fx for you.

Naturegirl82 Sun 22-Dec-13 20:13:48

Congratulations Felix. Lovely name smile

Well, I'm almost 20 mins into lying down and i feel trickling. But i always feel trickling. Reckon if he comes now its because i said i wanted him to wait until after boxing day.

Well, I'm almost 20 mins into lying down and i feel trickling. But i always feel trickling. Reckon if he comes now its because i said i wanted him to wait until after boxing day.

Well, I'm almost 20 mins into lying down and i feel trickling. But i always feel trickling. Reckon if he comes now its because i said i wanted him to wait until after boxing day.

MrsVDB Sun 22-Dec-13 20:55:48

frying I think your supposed to recline (but not flat) then after 30 min if when you get up there's a gush its waters. I think constant is pregna juice I'm afraid. What did midwife say when you asked previously? Can't they do a check?

Midwife said that if it soaks a liner then it's my waters. I did the test, liner was wet, but no gush. Went to pee again (anyone else always need to pee as soon as they are lying on their back?) and still dripping.

It's definitely not wee. When I peed I lent as forward as possible so nothing dripped down iyswim and I wiped. I have no idea. I'm gonna see what happens. If it's my waters then labour will come within the next day or so, if it hasn't and I still feel leaky tomorrow i'll go to l&d.

As DS is in bed asleep as we don't drive, it means waking ds to take him to a babysitter, then getting a £15 taxi ride there, waiting around for hours, and then getting the £15 taxi back, then picking up ds. So for the sake of a few hours i'm gonna see how I get on.

MrsVDB Sun 22-Dec-13 21:10:10

Good luck frying it must be so frustrating

Frizz1986 Sun 22-Dec-13 21:28:00

frying you have to recline not lie flat. My midwife told me that it only pools in your fanjo if you recline.
She said that you recline for an hour with a fresh pad on and after emptying your bladder completely. Then when you get up if you feel a gush or trickle and the pad is damp to go and get checked.

Def false labour here sad
Still been getting cramps regularly every about 3-4 mins but managed to dose off to sleep 2 hours ago and I have woken and they have stopped and I know the real thing doesn't stop.
Am scared to move now as it seems to stop while I sleep overnight but as soon as I get up it starts again. However I can already feel them returning. Why won't they stop? Not sure how long I can last with this.

thanks Frizz. I'm reclining in bed now, propped up with pillows, on dh's laptop. Been this way since my last post. if it comes to it i'll go to the hospital alone to get checked out, after all it won't be a long visit.

Maybe it's worth getting yourself checked out Frizz? Get hooked up to a monitor at hospital?

enormouse Sun 22-Dec-13 21:46:35

My mistake, sorry frying hope you're doing ok.

frizz could you try going back to sleep again? See if it has any effect?

chocoloulou34 Sun 22-Dec-13 21:56:38

Hello all. Just having a catch up. Sorry I cant give advice on bh's. This is my 2nd baby but I've not had any with either pregnancy (that ive noticed) so no idea what it feels like. With dd my contractions were v strong and painful straight away and I knew it was real thing. Also waters were burst for me so cant help with that either sorry ladies. Just hope you all have an ok night. Wonder if any of us on here will have a baby on Christmas Day? smile

Well, stood up and nothing, no wet lad. Went downstairs, told dh, came up upstairs and wet pad. is it supposed to come out straight away? Either way, we are gonna see what happens tomorrow. If contractions start, brill, if still feel leaky i will go in. It's the best course of action for us tonight.
with ds i had to keep wiping at 10pm, confirmed waters broken at midnight, contractions started at 10:40, baby born at 18:50. So if it is my waters will be interesting to see if I'm going to have the same pattern this time.

Sultanajo Sun 22-Dec-13 22:11:08

Felix yay! So happy for you! Finally! So looking forward to hearing your story!

frizz and frying very frustrating for both of you! I have definitely had significantly more pregnajuice the last two days and have felt more coming out during the day. Was concerned it was waters, but don't think it can be. Its really hard when you don't have a clear sign and you don't want to be a dick by calling for advice, plus often when I have called they have just said to see what happens and call again if worried. "But I am calling NOW because I am worried NOW..." I think to myself...

Really hope you both have clear unmistakable signs when the time comes....

Have been visiting DHs family delivering pressies today and am now totally wiped out! Got another similar day tomorrow, including a trip to the garage to get my car boot fixed. Am looking forward to Xmas eve when we just have to do Xmas day lunch prep hopefully....

The third of my NCT group had their baby this morning. That makes it two girls and a boy so far.... Its all happening!

Frizz1986 Sun 22-Dec-13 22:11:34

frying if you are feeling ok at home then I would go tomorrow instead of going through all that hassle. As long as bubs is moving ok I am sure u are ok to just monitor it.
I think it should get damp fairly quickly as it will pool and as soon as you stand it should start to trickle. Although with how swollen my fanjo is it would prob take a bit of time to find the exit lol.
MLU said not to come in if it doesn't get worse as whatever it is I am coping at home. Feel the same as you and would love my waters to go as at least it might kick start things.

enormouse am going to try staying led down and have another nap if I can. Just don't want to end up awake all night after all the sleeping this eve as at least dh is awake with me and is being lovely but overnight I'll be on my own while he's sleeping.

Not looking forward to Xmas day at PIL as if things stay as they are I will be spending the day led on the sofa alone whole they enjoy Xmas.

extracrunchy Sun 22-Dec-13 22:47:57

Hi everyone! Haven't had time to catch up properly yet but spotted Felix's news - congratulations Felix!!

So the gory details for me were we went for the sweep at about 1.30pm on Friday, contractions started around 8pm the same day, with MIL conveniently on hand to babysit already sleeping toddler grin went into hospital at midnight and was 4cm, and got a free birth centre room (not labour ward) around 1am. It was a bit slow going from then, despite contractions every 2ish mins. Had TENS and gas&air till about 5am when I was examined and still only at 5cm. Couldn't get any sleep with such close contractions so had Meptid which took the edge off for a couple of hours so I could rest, then waters broke and was 7cm around 9.30am, I jumped in the pool around 10 and Bess was born in the water a bit later! I had quite a big tear (not surprising given the heft of this young lady) but the water was amazing - she was incredibly calm when she was born and has pretty much stayed that way!

Anyway not sure you wanted that much detail..! DS adores her, she's feeding nicely, so all good so far smile

TobyLerone Sun 22-Dec-13 22:56:24

I wanted that much detail!

Good luck for tomorrow, another.

chocoloulou34 Sun 22-Dec-13 23:32:35

Yes extra we like details. We've been thru the pregnancy journey all together so we want the full on labour stories too. Sounds lovely apart from the tear obviously but glad ur both doing so well smile

BuntCadger Sun 22-Dec-13 23:48:49

Extra - Bess is simply gorgeous smile) and fab birth story. Sounds like water really helped too. Jessica was 9lb3 so understand the size thing ;) x

Frizz1986 Mon 23-Dec-13 00:03:04

extra def welcome all details to prepare us for whats coming. Glad gess is doing well.

Good luck another for tomorrow.

Frizz1986 Mon 23-Dec-13 00:03:40

That should obv say bess !!!

MrsGSR Mon 23-Dec-13 00:07:40

Congratulations Felix and extra! Both beautiful names, Elizabeth is going to be little ones middle name as it is my sister and aunts too.

Great stuff extra! Thanks for the details!

I've woken up and walked to the toilet and the pad for. Put on before going to sleep is wet. I've had to change it.

am calling the hospital i think

Am going into the hospital to be checked out. I'll keep you posted, if anyone is awake, if not then you can catch up with the drama.

I've told dh to stay at home with ds as it could be nothing and he has work tomorrow. He agreed, but then he is half asleep.

I'm worried it could be nothing, that I'm wasting time. But it's important to find out i guess

Got here and the maternity doors were locked, so had to shelp all around.

theyve tested my urine and there are traces of blood, which is nothing to worry about if my waters have gone. They didn't say if my waters haven't gone what it means.

theyve taken the second sorry looking panty liner with them, it wasn't that wet because I've been stood up/walking around since i called. My bp is fine, but my heart rate was high.

sarahleanne Mon 23-Dec-13 03:48:45

I'm awake frying. Good luck, it sounds to me like they have gone but then I'm no expert. I don't think it will be long for you now, I predict your next in line after another today.

sarahleanne Mon 23-Dec-13 03:58:41

Anyone else up?
I have horrendous heartburn it's making me cough and gag ,
I just had a dream that the world was ending and someone was offering me mint imperials to prolong the radiation poisining WTF . Then I went to the supermarket in a panick to buy nappies for dd and the woman still charged me ( even though the world was ending and everyone knew it).
I woke up when we all had to walk under water through a cave and I lost DH, genuinely the weirdest scariest dream I've ever had haha.

sarahleanne Mon 23-Dec-13 04:00:41

And extra your birth story sounds lovely and we definitely love all the detail!

That sounds really weird! Pregnancy dreams are always bizarre, but you'd have thought she wouldn't have charged you for the nappies!

the baby hates being hooked up so keeps moving. The monitor has picked up contractions too.

they've summoned the dr but she might be in theatre, so it could be some time.

AnotherStitchInTime Mon 23-Dec-13 04:13:44

I am up too.

extra thank you for sharing your birth story, details and all thanks

frying sounds like it could all be kicking off. The blood in your urine is probably from your cervix. Good luck.

sarah crazy pregnancy dreams, I have had some bizarre ones before.

Can't sleep, woke up to go to the loo and now I am too hungry to sleep. Nil by mouth now so just going to be hungry and awake until it is time to go up to labour ward.

sarahleanne Mon 23-Dec-13 04:13:52

Is the machine giving you a percentage for the contractions?
I was stuck on the monitor for ages last week as baby kept moving about and they said they wanted at least 20 minutes of continuous monitoring.
Will they do an internal to see if it's your waters that have gone?
You must be bloody shattered too!

sarahleanne Mon 23-Dec-13 04:16:27

another hellooo, it's like a mothers meeting in here now haha. Shame you can't even eat, that's rubbish sad

AnotherStitchInTime Mon 23-Dec-13 04:19:54

sarah the toco transducer measures pressure (caused by tightening of the abdomen during contractions) so the level it goes to does not always tell you how strong they really are. I have had some that have been painful and not even shown up. My friend gave birth the other week and they didn't realise she was in labour as non of her contraction pains showed up on the monitor at all! It is more useful as an indicator of duration and frequency of contractions.

I don't know the %age, they didn't tell me. They are about to do an internal.

And the result is...

discharge. Fucking discharge. I'm shattered, got a load on and although i wanted the baby to wait, I'm stupidly emotional too.

i just want it to be over. I have relatives coming to mine about 11, a house to tidy, a toddler who will be up for the day in about 3 hours if I'm very lucky, and they can't tell me about blood in my urine. Or why i soaked a panty liner. I get to call a taxi and go home.

I'm not coming back until the baby's head appears.

Well, i got the time wrong. Ds will be up in 2 hours. 2 hours!

AnotherStitchInTime Mon 23-Dec-13 05:06:17

Oh frying how frustrating sad

Frizz1986 Mon 23-Dec-13 06:01:31

Oh frying how annoying. I really thought it was almost your turn. It was def best to get checked out though if you were continuously thinking about it.
I think you should get test strips when you reach the 3rd tri as its such a concern for everyone and whenever you talk to a mw i always feel like they are telling you to make judgement and go in if you are worried. But the hassle of going in when we know at this point it could be anything, but you don't want to risk not going in if it is something.

sarah that dream sounds very scary and random. What the hell happens during pg to give us such freaky dreams?! Hope the heartburn goes away soon.

another sorry you are up too. What time do they come to see you today? Hope you go in first and it is all speedy and perfect. It shouldn't be too long before you meet your little one now.

I have had a fairly nice sleep but the tightenings seem to start as soon as i get up to pee, then when i lie back down i get a few more and then they die off. Am fully expecting them to reappear when i get up and for them to continue all day again in a nice regular pattern. I cant spend my life led on my sofa until baby arrives, it could be weeks! Have tried looking up what you can do to stop them but there seems to be no remedy, however other people seem to find they don't stay around for long so why the hell have i had mine continuously since friday afternoon??!!
Its so disheartening knowing that I am going through all this and its technically for nothing as the tightenings aren't getting me closer to labour or anything. If it was actually the start of something then i could focus on the light at the end of the tunnel but i have no idea when they will go away and real labour could be 5 weeks away if i go overdue.

AnotherStitchInTime Mon 23-Dec-13 06:06:04

Morning frizz smile

I am first on the list and they have cleared the schedule to make me a priority. A good thing as have been having contractions and losing more plug overnight. Will be going into theatre around 8am, op due to start around 9am.

Braxton hicks are annoying, sometimes dehydration can make them worse.

Mac2014 Mon 23-Dec-13 06:42:25

Congratulations extra and felix great news!!!! Hope you're doing well and feeding / sleeping is going well.

2 of my NCT ladies have popped already - both a couple of weeks early - so they are popping out everywhere!

another good luck for today!

frying better to get it checked but must be v frustrating.

sarah horrid dreams! Not fair - we should be banking sleep, not being petrified.

frizz I'm thinking the very same ... If I go overdue could be around 5 weeks til induction. Roll on Christmas then it's pineapple curry and long walks for me!

I seem to have picked up a cold, sinusitis does not help with sleeping!

AnotherStitchInTime Mon 23-Dec-13 06:59:22

Right I am up on labour ward in high dependency. Started bleeding again so they took me up early. Waiting for DH to get here now.

TarkaTheOtter Mon 23-Dec-13 07:34:04

Good luck another!

Poor you frying, try to get some rest today.

sarahleanne Mon 23-Dec-13 07:37:38

Good luck another ! When I was in labour with Dd I was screaming I need to push and the midwife said no you don't your contractions aren't strong enough on the monitor. So that bloody explains that haha dd appeared about two minutes later.

Frying- you poor thing. Rubbish news sad

Hospital for me at 10am for the usual checks. I hope they don't take bloods again, my arm will fall off soon

Naturegirl82 Mon 23-Dec-13 08:37:09

Good luck another I hope it all goes well and any complications are easily sorted and you are back with your baby soon.

Frying how frustrating for you. I hope you manage tp get through today.

Frizz hope today is a better day for you, it must be really annoying and uncomfortable.

BookTart Mon 23-Dec-13 08:44:50

Good luck for today another!

extracrunchy Mon 23-Dec-13 09:00:10

Good luck Another!!

Frying and Frizz sorry to hear you're both having such a frustrating time. Hope things pick up soon.

MrsVDB Mon 23-Dec-13 09:34:55

Lovely story extra thank you for sharing smile

Good luck another

frying how frustrating! I second getting some test strips to put your mind at rest

I'm 36w this week and the last couple of days although I've felt movement it isn't as frequent or strong as previously. I used to get pretty much constant kicks but now I'm getting the odd squirm instead. Is this normal as they get bigger or should I go get checked?

BandontheFun Mon 23-Dec-13 09:34:58

Frying that all sounds crap! Hopefully when your waters go it will be a proper comedy gush, so ur not at home thinking its just discharge. Least you know for sure which is always reassuring. Hope your day gets better. smile

Good Luck for today Another Hope it goes well.

Sultanajo Mon 23-Dec-13 09:44:16

extra thanks so much for the details! Sounds amazing!

frying you poor lass. You must be knackered! At least you know what it is and it was the right thing to do to get checked out, but the lack of sleep wont help your emotional state! Its such a roller coaster! Hope today goes better than you expect.

frizz BH are really annoying. I seem to be having the opposite issue, in that they start up as soon as I try to sit and chill out and particularly when I am lying in bed.... Really hope yours calm down for a bit.

Right, day number two of going all over the place to visit DHs friends and get my car boot finally fixed! Feeling constantly knackered now - despite sleeping better the last three nights. Still feeling as though I am fighting off a cold so that probably explains it!

As much as I have been hoping for bubs to make an early appearance, I would quite like him to hold off until after Xmas day now as have my mum and dad coming over who I haven't seen in a month and it would be our last Xmas without bubs, so a bit special (although obviously once bubs is here it will also be special!). I especially want to see them as we have been seeing all of DHs family and friends this last week...

Good luck another! Hope it all goes well and they sort you out quickly! Finally!!!

Toothfairy78 Mon 23-Dec-13 09:57:47

Morning all,

So order of the day is hopefully, another is in theatre or already out of theatre clutching bubs by now. FX for her!

sarah that's buy of a trippy dream! But it has made me wonder if I disposed of the big bag of mint imperials from my desk before leaving work? Wouldn't want ants now would we?

frying sending much sympathy and hugs your way. How frustrating!

Well, I'm just loafing about until it's time fetch baby bro from airport. In laws are off out today (they're staying nearby). Dad n other bro arrive tomorrow.

Need to do beer shopping and possibly scrump some holly from somewhere. And DH has a telephone interview today.

Have good days all!

Naturegirl82 Mon 23-Dec-13 10:16:40

mrsv I've had a similar thing but I had read that movement does get less as they are bigger but also they sleep more at this stage. But if you are worried phone mw.

felix congratulations! What an adorable name, I love it. And so glad to hear it was a lovely birth as well, yay!

extra good details, not TMI at all - no such thing here, anyway. Sounds like you had a pretty okay time of it? Thank you for sharing.

frizz you poor thing, sounds like you're really suffering. I hope it improves soon. Spend as long as you want laid up on the sofa!

frying COME ON BABY FRYING, COME OUT NOW and stop hassling your mother. She is tired and needs you to make a decision.

another eeek, you should be in theatre now, or just out even - cannot wait to hear about your baby! Hope all has gone well and you are happy.

sultana will you get to rest after this - seems like you're doing a lot for a pregnant lady...

Talking of such, toby have you finished decorating?

Yesterday we had visitors, so I made cake, then the second set never showed up so I ate the cake myself. Then wrapped all the stocking presents and put them in stockings, and wrote family cards, and marzipanned my christmas cake and made the icing decorations (stars and snowflakes). Icing it today. Oh, and put up stickers in the nursery which look surprisingly good - am not in the least artistic - and really make the cot area cosy.

Hope everyone's staying warm and safe through the crappy weather.

MrsVDB Mon 23-Dec-13 10:31:45

Have only felt 1 squirm this morning and nothing after my breakfast which normally sets him off. So called up and they told me to go in for monitoring at 4. She did say she could put me through to triage if I'm really worried but I don't want to make a fuss. Now I'm just a bit worried as at antenatal class the lady said to go straight in if your worried and not wait. Should I call triage?

TobyLerone Mon 23-Dec-13 10:32:07

Gah! Not finished decorating yet and DH has gone back to work today. He's going to try to come home early because the trains are already screwed due to the weather.

I've got ALL the presents to wrap, the hallway/stairs/landing need another coat of paint and I need to put a curtain rail up in our bedroom. Can't do the rail myself because it's too long for me to manoeuvre, so that'll have to wait until later. And I've got to go to a family lunch at 12.30, so I can't start painting because I'll get it all over me!

So present-wrapping it is. And I'd better marzipan the cake today.

I've already been to B&Q, Waitrose and John Lewis and sitting down when I came in was a bit of an error! Now I can't be arsed to get back up sad

Oh, and I also have the world's biggest laundry pile to get through, the crib to build and the Isofix base to fit. Gah!

Thinking of you, another!

TobyLerone Mon 23-Dec-13 10:33:25

MrsV, have you tried the cold juice/lying on your left side thing? It worked for me on Saturday morning.

Naturegirl82 Mon 23-Dec-13 10:38:05

mrsv if you are worried give them a call. I wonder though if you were feeling kicks before and are now just getting squirms if the baby has turned and is now facing your back. I've only ever had squirms and that is the reason why. But honestly if you are worried please call them as it will be a long wait until 4 and better to have your mind put at ease.

Good luck to all the busy ladies today. I'm just finishing tidying the house, then will have to pack the car and then we are off to London for Xmas grin

Naturegirl82 Mon 23-Dec-13 10:38:07

mrsv if you are worried give them a call. I wonder though if you were feeling kicks before and are now just getting squirms if the baby has turned and is now facing your back. I've only ever had squirms and that is the reason why. But honestly if you are worried please call them as it will be a long wait until 4 and better to have your mind put at ease.

Good luck to all the busy ladies today. I'm just finishing tidying the house, then will have to pack the car and then we are off to London for Xmas grin

Naturegirl82 Mon 23-Dec-13 10:38:54

Sorry about the double post, not sure how that happened!

MrsGSR Mon 23-Dec-13 10:39:36

Hope everything is going well, another!

TobyLerone Mon 23-Dec-13 10:40:32
Frizz1986 Mon 23-Dec-13 10:41:57

mrsv i think they tend to kick less at this point as there is no space but you should feel waves and squirms of movement instead. If you are worried go and get checked though. You'd get to see baby too which is always a nice reminder of why the hell we are putting our bodies through this!

sultana hope yours calm down enough for you to relax a bit over xmas. They are most def not fun and not wahat i expected at all. Fx bubs stays in so you can enjoy xmas with the folks.

tooth i dont envy the shopping today. Its miserable up here, lots of wind and rain and after my attempts at wandering around morrisons with the folks on saturday (BHs and a busy supermarket are not fun) i plan to stay in.
Good luck for dhs phone interview too.

humpty you had to eat the cake. They go off really quick and its not good to waste food smile Cant believe how much you have done, i am struggling to do anything bar sitting or lying down at the moment. Really wish i could be doing stuff as i hoped xmas would take my mind off the long wait in the final few weeks but so far the long wait has scuppered all my plans.

BHs seemed to have died down a bit for now which is so relieving. Had two 2 hour naps last night and schmoosed to bed at midnight. Got BHs each time i got up to pee but they settled and seem to be much more scarce today. Have only had about 4 since i got up at 9 so maybe there is hope for an enjoyable xmas meal at PIL tomorrow.
Dh has gone out to get some bits from the shops. Mainly paracetamol, apple juice, pineapple chunks (in the hope this will ensure baby isnt too late arriving if i start eating it now) and some things for sausage butties in the morning.
He has been so awesome looking after me so far.
Have even managed a walk around the housing estate this morning with pooch so yay.
Am still gutted that the BHs spoilt my weekend with the family. I got to see them and spend time with them yes, but i didnt get to enjoy it as much as i wanted and i have been waiting for it for ages.
Plus my parents have given me and dh the most almightly gift known to man. Beyond anything we could have ever expected or dreamed of and i felt like i couldnt thank them properly as i was a painful mess. You know when you just want to hug someone so hard that they pop and i just couldnt.

Hope that everyone else has a good day. Hope another is out with little baby and frying i am still sending lots of dilation and contractions and waters breaking wishes you way. Am willing you to be next.

Sultanajo Mon 23-Dec-13 10:48:27

Toby blimey! Do you ever stop? How is your leg doing?

mrsv definitely call if you are worried, but as Toby suggested, you could try a big cold drink followed by lying down quietly - this has worked for me everytime bar one....

humpty I was gonna say something to you but cant for the life of me remember what!

Sultanajo Mon 23-Dec-13 10:52:12

humpty I have remembered! You have been very productive and its amazing what a difference a few stickers can make to a room! DH has suggested I paint something on the wall next to the cot.... That's way too much pressure to get it right!

Naturegirl82 Mon 23-Dec-13 10:55:48

Thanks toby. My dad has prewarned us as well but we're not in a hurry so will take our time. We made it down when all transport stopped because of the snow so I'm sure we will be ok. grin

BuntCadger Mon 23-Dec-13 11:03:04

Baby movement here less too but I think it's because it's running out of space. As I type it's squirming tho <phew>. 37 weeks today and we've had a crazy week. Husbands car broke and lots of annoying little things were stuff been messed up. I've just decided to 'just keep swimming' lol.

Can we have a birth story thread please and a postnatal group set up too as we are all getting close.

I wish I'd posted more on here and made stronger bonds its just RL with 3 kids is non stop. I part time homeschool too so busy often.

Tmi question... I suddenly feel very amorous towards dh and not been interested pretty much whole preg. But now I can't stop thinking about being naughty and the dream are just rude!

flyawayblue Mon 23-Dec-13 11:17:38

Huge congratulations extra and felix lovely names and brilliant weights.

extra not too much information, not done this before so everything is good smile

flying sorry for all the disruption and stop start, catching up I really thought you were next. Hope you mange today and things either calm down or full start.

another bit mad to think you already have your baby, hope everything went well this morning smile

I've been having period like pains all night but am resigned to have these for the next 5 weeks and go to 42 weeks.. Just a feeling that I will still be in this thread at the end of January!
Didn't sleep well due to being uncomfortable and my hips playing up, when I did sleep had mad dreams. Some kind of scifi cs but followed by something going wrong and loads of bleeding - not nice and really unsettled me.

Today we should be buying the tree and getting the last bits of Christmas food but in South London and the weather is horrible, after going out in it on Saturday think the tree plan is off and we'll just go to the local shops for food.

Hope your all better prepared than us wink

MrsVDB Mon 23-Dec-13 11:28:11

Thanks all. Yes lieing down now and I do get the odd squirm so I think it's right that he may of just moved. Also noticed belly is softer than it has been (expect the odd hardening which I assume are bh?). Lost a couple if pounds over last couple of days which is adding to my worry for no reason. Got a lot to do today so will just get on with it then go in at 4 as planned. Sure it's all normal but would just like to get checked before going back to parents for Christmas

TobyLerone Mon 23-Dec-13 11:35:42

What's the question, bunt? You didn't ask one! But it all sounds normal to me grin

quackojuliet Mon 23-Dec-13 11:44:42

Also getting period pains at night flyaway very mild though. And loose poos (sorry tmi) as well as an odd vibrating sensation on my cervix??!!

Could be effacing, baby lying on a nerve or maybe she's got a mobile phone already!

At 37+3 I expect this is just a very slow gradual start...

Sorry to flying for confusing signals. Big respect to going through this with a little one in tow.

Percypiglet Mon 23-Dec-13 12:08:33

Really random question, but anyone's stomach go a weird shape when you sit up from lying down?

Hope everyone has a good day.

quackojuliet Mon 23-Dec-13 12:12:08

Yea percy its because the muscles have seperated. The physio noticed this on me and advised to tense lower abdo muscles 5 seconds 20 times a day. And to avoid sitting up from lying down that causes it - so roll to side first then get up that way. It can be aggravated by using the muscles too much when already weakened by pregnancy.

Bluecarrot Mon 23-Dec-13 12:13:53

Percy if you mean its a bit more triangular, that's your abs separating.

Just be careful- you shouldn't be using them as they are obv v stretched and can take a while to recover after birth. I needed physio after dd1 as the gap was too big.

Percypiglet Mon 23-Dec-13 12:15:43

Thanks, another delightful thing to sort out after birth........Wonderful. I noticed it in bath, scary shape!

Frizz1986 Mon 23-Dec-13 12:37:58

My god toby how the hell do you have energy to do all that?

mrsv glad the lie down worked.

quack and fly sorry about the night cramps. I guess our bodies are all starting to get ready for the big day.

Well i think my plug has gone.... Just wiped and there was a nice marble sized blob of what looked like jello. Not massive maybe a the size of a 1p.
I told dh and he wanted to come see. He said it looks a bit like the globs of glue that stay on packets only bigger and wobbly.
I assume that could be what it was anyway.....

Having a lie down now as those damn BHs are coming back again. At least i made it until lunchtime today before they really started.

quackojuliet Mon 23-Dec-13 12:40:52

Wow frizz your body is definitely gearing up! Make sure you're resting and eating well, getting your energy as you don't know when the real thing will start. As they say, could be hours days or weeks! Gah

TarkaTheOtter Mon 23-Dec-13 12:41:25

I'm nesting like crazy today. Have just bleached the kitchen grouting. Has made a massive difference. Poor dh had to work today after feeling all festive and holiday-like over the weekend. Looking forward to tomorrow to start Christmas properly!

Anyone else having no signs of labour at all? Just business as usual here, a few bh but otherwise no sign of anything starting. I'm 37 weeks today.

Frizz1986 Mon 23-Dec-13 12:46:30

tarka my BHs only really kicked off at 37 weeks and am only 37+3 today. Am sure i will still be last to pop regardless of all the gearing up my body seems to be doing.
I am resigned to suffering for the next few weeks!

TarkaTheOtter Mon 23-Dec-13 12:49:13

Hope you don't have to wait too long frizz! I'm not particularly upset about the lack of labour as I am being induced next Monday anyway and I think I'd quite like to have Christmas first now.

GummiBear74 Mon 23-Dec-13 13:07:20

tarka, I'm 37 weeks tomorrow and nothing going on whatsoever! Baby hasn't dropped (still have big bum sticking out at the top of my bump and lovely acid reflux), no BH, no plug, no anything.

DH keeps saying to people that it could be any time now, but I think baby has other ideas grin

Sounds like it's getting exciting for you, though frizz!

Spacefrog35 Mon 23-Dec-13 13:25:04

Wow! How exciting. Congratulations extra & felix fgrin

Hope everyone else has a couple of days off from the aches & BH's so they can enjoy Christmas brew

No more babies now until Thursday ok ladies thanks

Angelesque Mon 23-Dec-13 14:01:58

Tarka only had signs last few days... Strong BHs, period pains, pains on cervix... LOVELY smile bump has dropped slightly so would guess baby is maybe just starting to engage? Might just be wishful thinking. Am 35 weeks tomorrow

Mythreeknights Mon 23-Dec-13 14:18:39

Just clocking in to wish another good luck

I have had a lovely morning...midwife home visit to talk about home birth, facial (my first ever! I am an idiot...they are lush and I plan to treat myself more now) collected the turkey, fit butcher told me I have a 'lovely accent' and now eating a scone in a cafe. Ahhhh bliss.

tarka no signs here either - no extra pregnajuice, the same (painless - sorry ladies!) BHs as I've had before, no more no less, no plug, no blood, no cramps, nothing. Zilch. Although I have been sleeping longer, so waking up needing to pee so badly it's a sharp pressing pain-like need grin but I think that's my innate laziness - doesn't hurt to pee, so not a UTI, and only going twice a night, which isn't much...

Which of course means I'll be next. Probably in the middle of Christmas dinner don't you dare spoil our delicious goose fat roasties, naughty child grin

frizz oooooh, might be you next! Sorry your BHs spoilt your weekend with family, but I'm sure you will be able to hug them to your hearts' content next time you see them.

toby Wow, I thought I was productive! I can marzipan the cake if you like - I've practiced on mine and it looks okay. Save you a job? grin

Weather is VILE - we went to Sainsbos for a few last bits (ended up buying a leg of lamb as it was SO CHEAP) and was practically blown over on the way there. Not v Christmassy, Gods of Weather. Hope everyone travelling is safe and well.

I sent a VERY cross email to EDF this morning - boring tale of them fucking up - but it ended 'Oh, and P.S. I'm due to have a baby on the 3rd Jan. If you haven't sorted this problem by then, you'll have to wait at least six weeks, as I'll be in no mood to talk to you with a newborn in the house- since I've been waiting eight weeks for you to close the account and do your jobs, I assume this won't be any kind of issue?' grin

I cant get over how productive people are!

frizz - best of luck!
another - any news?

I've had a great day. Since leaving the hospital my belly has been painful and had stabby feelings all over it.

i slept until 8 as dh got up with ds. There was some stupid substitutions at asda so i need to go to Asda, but dh said he'd go.

family came over and we spent the day laughing. Went to Frankie and Bennie's for lunch, there was 6 adults and 4 under 4s. It was lovely. Then came back to ours and the children all played together which was sweet to see.

roll on tomorrow!

frying yeah - but a) we (speaking as a productive one) don't have all the early labour signs you have had and b) I (I know this doesn't apply to, e.g. Toby) don't have any DC either.

Much easier to be productive this way. grin

Talk to me in about a year - see how productive I am then.

Oh, and online shopping that has stupid substitutions should NOT BE ALLOWED.

<adds to list of things to tackle when Queen of Fucking Everything>