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December 2013 - let's get these babies out before Santa arrives :)

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Stom91 Sat 14-Dec-13 17:46:24

Merry Christmas smile

Hotmad Sat 14-Dec-13 17:49:03

My DD arrived on 2nd December! Nearly 2 weeks in and we are boycotting Xmas this year!! Motherhood is hard work!!

BetterWithCheese Sat 14-Dec-13 17:58:13

Just marking my place for now. Thanks for the thread Stom!

kchapper5 Sat 14-Dec-13 18:04:59

place marking smile thanks Stom

violetbean Sat 14-Dec-13 18:28:33

Thanks for the thread Stom!

Am still in hospital with a nasty chest infection, high blood pressure and a c section scar that kills every time I cough or laugh. Eek! But been feeling a bit better this afternoon than I was this morning. And every time I look over at Daniel in the hospital bassinet I get a little thrill that he's here and he's ok.

Those who haven't had your babies yet, hope things get moving soon and that you don't have to wait too much longer. Thinking of you!

BohemianRaspberry Sat 14-Dec-13 18:45:49

Marking up place x

extracrunchy Sat 14-Dec-13 18:56:09

Congrats Hotmad smile

Violet poor you!! Glad you're being looked after though and hope you get home to settle with little one very soon.

I reckon I'll still be pregnant after Christmas. Sort of starting to be resigned to it...

Roselau Sat 14-Dec-13 19:12:32

violet i hope it all starts getting better for you. glad you have your little one to make you feel better xx

ok if I don't have my baby during this thread I will start going mental (thanks for the new thread stom).

39 weeks today. Seriously, who's left? we're only the 14th, wouldn't it mean that logically only half babies are born? extra I'm trying to prepare myself psychologically for that eventuality as well... but I can't get on board being pregnant for new years. that's just too long.

Stom didn't you say you started to have period like pains? that's great news! things seem to be happening for you. hang in there. xx

Went to DH christmas party last night, danced to 80s cover band for a good 1.5 hours, and I thought for sure that would help bring on some sort of sign. nope. stilllll nothing.

Mogz Sat 14-Dec-13 19:31:32

So lovely to hear the news of lots of gorgeous new babies, congratulations all!
The hospital discharged me after about 10 hours, still don't know what is wrong but have ruled out infection in urine and womb which is a huuuuge relief. Waiting for cultures to come back (should be done Monday) to check for other infections or viruses. Am on strict instructions to neck as much water, paracetamol and ibruprophen as needed and only get out of bed to pee. So DH is on baby duty, he is doing so well, I can tell he is really worried but he's had a big smile and hugs ready for me all day and has dealt with epic slushy poo like a pro. If there is a silver lining in all this it is him and our girl.

Stom91 Sat 14-Dec-13 19:46:22

rose I keep getting them on and off. I had them all night last night then they go then come back for half hour or so then go again. I don't know if I'm coming or going. But it's not at the front it's all in my lower back which is why I'm not sure if it's actually anything. As I can't tell if it's pregnancy related or my usually back pain playing up

I think I resigned myself to being pregnant over Christmas too!

Really hope you're on the mend soon mogz so glad your dp is being a star!
Mine is making curry tonight. Can't wait so hungry all I do is eat lately lol I made another batch of cookies came out amazing!! So easy to make if anyone has the time to make them ask me for the recipe. I put smarties in though instead of chocolate chips haha. Though they are VERY sugary dd goes crazy after I've eaten them lol.

Me and dp are going to snuggle and watch grown ups 2 after dinner. If any one hasn't seen the first one definately worth a watch. It's a LOL film

Can't actually believe that's I've made it to 39 weeks I never thought I'd get pregnant let alone get to the end (even if I am no moaning that she's not yet here lol)

Stom91 Sat 14-Dec-13 19:52:17

Ooh and everytime we've had to take a trip to hospital it's been dark and pouring with rain - just looking out the window and it's raining... Could it be a sign!?

BohemianRaspberry Sat 14-Dec-13 20:19:33

stom may be it is, hope something moves for you and glad you have such a supportive dp mogz

Can't believe it ... I'm googling 'elective induction' and too tired to make a cake .... things must be bad.

extracrunchy Sat 14-Dec-13 20:26:10

Bohemian now you've got me looking hmm

I wish i was still pregnantsad i miss my bump but i also am glad shes here is this a sign of being broody again already!! Oh god!

Hotmad Sat 14-Dec-13 20:52:58

Can someone explain to me how these threads work? I'm a newbie mumsnetter and newbie mum!

extracrunchy Sat 14-Dec-13 22:06:32

Baby's just done a huge shift and is now blatantly transverse straight across my middle (definite bum and head on either side of belly button and soft tummy at top and bottom) - I'm 39 weeks now so assume this is a bit of an issue. Anyone have any experience?

BohemianRaspberry Sat 14-Dec-13 22:34:43

extra baby spinning and down on all fours! Move that baby!

mumoftwoboysS Sat 14-Dec-13 22:40:33

rose I'm 39 wks tomorrow. Impressed you managed to dance for so long- I can hardly waddle walk or stand odd half that time!

extra oh that doesn't sound good- like bohemian said, google baby spinning and try those techniques. I'd also tell your midwife or hospital as soon as poss. Don't want to worry you but if you go into labour it could be a problem so best they know so they can advise what's next.

extracrunchy Sat 14-Dec-13 22:44:04

I have an appointment on Tuesday (sweep in theory!) - do you reckon I need to ring before then?? I'm on all fours!

Onesliceortwo Sat 14-Dec-13 22:50:44

I'm still here ...... think we could be looking at an Easter birthday rather than Christmas ...... I can see the thread title already, 'Come on Oneslice, get this baby out before the Easter Bunny arrives!' Anyone care to join me?! x

Pocketsocks Sat 14-Dec-13 22:55:22

Hello all! I've been lurking so congrats to all those who've had their babies!
I'm booked for induction on Wednesday at 7:30am. It would be lovely to get in and out the same day. Last time I was due to be induced labour started on the way to the hospital which would also be a winner!
My grandmother thinks baby number 3 is going to be my biggest, which is a worry as number 2 was so big. At the moment I feel so stretched she might not be far wrong!
Am I the only one who found an improvement in SPD in the final days? I've not needed my crutches in a while and have even managed to stay of my painkillers which I take even minus the spd. I'm hoping it stays gone!

extracrunchy Sun 15-Dec-13 00:06:40

Now DS has a fever of 103 and is really sad sad bet I go into labour tonight when he needs mum!

mumoftwoboysS Sun 15-Dec-13 00:06:51

Hello pocketsocks! You're on your 3rd as well! What do you have so far?

extra I would call your mw on monday- see what she says?

Bloody insomnia. Just lying in bed feeling tired but also agitated thinking about impending birth, can't breathe thru my nose and have restless leg...

Anyone else going round in circles re names? I've got boys names down to 2 (tho DH can't agree on any of them!) girls names- I thought I was sure, now I'm completely confused again!...

mumoftwoboysS Sun 15-Dec-13 00:08:48

I'm not joining you oneslice sorry but mines coming out next week!! how many weeks are you?

Roselau Sun 15-Dec-13 00:13:28

stom hm i really hope that it's a sign of something coming. the worst is to be hoping for pain but know that whatever you're feeling is not the pain you're looking for. haha I still find it ironic how we're all hoping for pain.

mum insomnia sucks. plus with two LOs running around all day, you can't just lie down and nap during the day I bet. I hope you get some zzz really fast. re: names, we had decided really early on Zoe and would have her middle name be Leia, but now I'm really hesitant because I really love Leia too so I dont know.

oneslice totally feel like the easter bunny may win the race too. I just feel like nothing is happening, and I should be only 7 days away really.

hotmad i think you got the concept smile write and come back to read what others are saying smile welcome!

mumoftwoboysS Sun 15-Dec-13 00:23:37

rose Zoe and Leia are both lovely names! I like Isabella but don't really like it shortened to izzy and not sure if Bella sounds a bit pretentious. Also like Leila/Layla or Anya, Aliah, Lola (but reminds me of that song!) bet I'll have a boy and won't have to worry about it anyway wink

extracrunchy Sun 15-Dec-13 00:46:07

PLUG!! Just lost my plug!! It's all happening tonight... Typical!

hotcrossbun83 Sun 15-Dec-13 02:33:59

Baby boy bun arrived on Wednesday night, 9 days early, 7lb8. Waters broke Tuesday night, was checked and told to wait for labour or induction on Thursday, contractions started shortly after. Only got to spent short time in birthing pool then was bleeding so transferred to labour ward. Got through it on pethedine early on then g&a, in some ways the early part was much harder so me, later I was in a bit of a trance. Not going to lie, hurt like hell but sooo worth it.

Wanted to give you waiters all some hope as I had no signs etc, totally normal day. Babysat for a friend in the evening, got home into bed, dh got home from working late. Few mins later I get a cramp in my bump, go to stand up and my waters go in a big rush. So it can happen any time!

Now home with a baby that sleeps all day and cries all night, convinced its a problem with my milk but probably just one of those things, can any mums help? Have to say breastfeeding is really hard, I'm determined but I'm constantly worried he's not getting enough. Just got him to sleep on my chest but too scared to move him to crib in case I wake him, hmm

hotcrossbun83 Sun 15-Dec-13 02:35:32

Also congrats to the many others with babies, too many to mention!

Mogz Sun 15-Dec-13 05:25:13

Congrats Hotcrossbun. Breastfeeding can be tricky, my little girl is a bit lazy so doesn't like opening her mouth wide enough so get a good latch, and I have stupid unwieldy boobs that seem bigger than she is and are a problem to position.
Having to latch, relatch, shift about, try a million positions and listen to the baby scream bloody murder is so hard, but every time we do get it right it is very heartening, and each feed managed is an achievement.
I have had to start expressing and doing some formula feeds too since falling ill, which really got to me and made me feel like I was failing. But, a quick chat with my mum and hearing her say that baby has to be fed and not to the detriment of my health made me realise that getting food in to baby shouldn't be about my hopes and dreams but simply about filling her tummy.
Don't panic about baby not getting enough, for the first few days he really only needs that tiny bit of super rich colostrum, then your milk will come in and he'll help you produce as much as is needed by feeding more or less. It's hugely unlikely that you'll not produce enough, so long as baby looks hydrated, isn't jaundiced (or jaundice is getting better) and starts putting on weight when expected then you are doing just fine.

Extra any progress yet? Sending you lots of soothing vibes for a happy birth.

Is anyone having problems with a jaundiced baby? Genevieve just can't seem to shift it, she's well hydrated but we are just not able to get her enough sunlight, the one sunny day we've had since she was born we had to spend in an isolation room! The midwife has told is to leave her cot by a window while she sleeps in the day but I'm worried she'll get cold.

b0nker5Mum Sun 15-Dec-13 07:59:02

Hi all and congrats to all the new lo..

I have been lurking for ages as this all moves so fast but still pregnant, was due last Monday so sweep no 1 booked in for tomorrow but feel like I will still be here in jan (I know rationally that's impossible but my irrational side thinks it's never coming!).

Have had period type pains since I started mat leave 4 weeks ago so can't rely on them to tell me when I'm actually in labour! Last Friday eve I monitored them but by the morning nothing...

I'm getting really impatient and worried that even tho I have told everyone this baby will be here by Xmas (in theory it should!) but if I have an extra long labour then it could be an Xmas baby and that will scupper all plans... (We have family coming from overseas this week especially to meet the baby... They may end up going home disappointed!!)...

extracrunchy Sun 15-Dec-13 08:08:21

Congrats Hotcross!! Try not to worry too much about breastfeeding - as Mogz wisely said you only need to get a tiny tiny bit in them at first.

Mogz how are you feeling? You sound amazingly positive!

Bonker5 it has to happen before Christmas!!

I've got no news since plug (I think some women lose it weeks before birth, though it's less common second time..?) - and actually now worrying about things starting as LO is still transverse! Sod's law!

On the plus side DS's temp is less alarming this morning and he's a bit brighter. He slept in till 7.40!!!

Alyssa1978 Sun 15-Dec-13 08:09:20

mogz we were told to do that with Lleyton too, it helps we have a radiator near the window so we just leave his Moses basket there all the time, however first mw said he was slightly jaundice and the next 3 said he was a lovely colour and not jaundice in the slightest hmm dp is blessed with lovely colour skin that tans really easy and ds2 inherited the same and looks like so did Lleyton.

extra any news?
mum how are you doing? And I love the name anya how unusual and pretty, I've heard no one shout that name out smile
I am so so excited to hear what colour you've had grin

hot huge congrats to you Hun and I had the same trouble with Lleyton and everyone was right that he didnt need much in the beginning and I feed him on me all during the day now and he gets 2 formula bottles during the night, purely as I need sleep with having 2 toddlers under 4 too and this way dp can help me.
I will replace formula with bottled breast milk as soon as I can express enough but at the mo I'm lucky to get an ounce out of each sad which I hope improves otherwise the electric breast pump is the most expensive useless thing I've bought confused

super I always missed my bump after ds1 and 2 and got broody pretty much right away, hence why I got pregnant pretty much right away grin
I got bump envy every time and really missed being pregnant.
not this time though guess I really am done grin
Couldn't, wouldn't, can't do it again, I am so happy and blessed with my 3 boys xx

13loki Sun 15-Dec-13 08:11:02

Congratulations to all the new mummies. Today we have to attempt to take passport photos of Älfi for her citizenship application. She needs open eyes, closed mouth, looking straight at camera. Yeah, that's easy with a 2 week old. But it needs to be done, she can't stay stateless forever, and we'd like the option to leave the country at some time, so remaining paperless isn't an option.

13loki Sun 15-Dec-13 08:11:09

Congratulations to all the new mummies. Today we have to attempt to take passport photos of Älfi for her citizenship application. She needs open eyes, closed mouth, looking straight at camera. Yeah, that's easy with a 2 week old. But it needs to be done, she can't stay stateless forever, and we'd like the option to leave the country at some time, so remaining paperless isn't an option.

MrsShrubs Sun 15-Dec-13 08:14:10

Sorry ladies been AWOL since James arrived, cannot believe he's on his 4th day in the world!

Huge congratulations to everyone on your new babies can't believe how many people have popped over the last couple of days flowers hope everyone's doing well!!

To those still waiting I hope you're all doing okay and not too uncomfortable.

hotcrossbun I was in tears last night over BF he'd gone 7 hours without eating, wouldn't take my nipple and kept screaming blue murder, after an hour of persevering he still wouldn't so luckily I had instant formula in so we put it in a bottle and he fed for ages and I cried because I felt like I'd failed. He's had 3 more formula feeds and is happy and content. My mum gave me a good talking too too about all that matters is he's eating. I'm worried I haven't been producing enough either. I'm going to try and start expressing today- does anyone have any tips at all?

BetterWithCheese Sun 15-Dec-13 08:38:31

mum we have very similar taste in names except I prefer Lila to Lola and have a good friend called Aliah so that's not on my list smile. I love Anya but DH not so keen.

Congratulations hotcross! Getting BF established is hard going. My DS wouldn't be put down for at least first week so my DH and I took turns, I was up until about 4am with him then we'd trade off. It was really hard but he did settle down and by three weeks old would sleep in his cot or carrycot. Was a long 3 weeks though! I think some babies aren't that keen on being on the outside.

Mogz I remember the constant repositioning needed in the early days, not looking forward to that.

Loki I remember having to do that for my son when he was 5 or 6 months, hard enough then! Hope you get a good shot.

Still crampy and achy here but no other signs of imminent labour. Felt really unwell for a bit and was convinced that it was starting but nope. I may well be here til January.

MummaDevon Sun 15-Dec-13 09:14:31

I'm still here 40+2 today. Any news Extra?

I thought from 38 weeks to 40 was bad, waiting wise but going overdue is worse...I never really thought it would happen I guess! Just want to meet my baby!!

mumoftwoboysS Sun 15-Dec-13 09:27:42

Oh mrsshrubs been there- had exactly the same with ds1. Screamed all night, wouldn't latch- you poor thing I know that feeling of failure and using formula- but don't feel like you're failing. He may just need more help with latching. Sometimes they get so hungry they just pull away from the boob and scream and the more you try the more they do it! I think formula is great for these situations then maybe you can try again when he's not so hungry/upset? Afraid I'm not one for giving advice after only lasting 1-2 weeks with both DC's. (Tho were very content after going onto formula!)

alyssa no progress here- no plug, waters still intact, 39 weeks today- come on baby! hmm I'm going to try what you're doing- bottle at night etc as I really struggled last time with sleep deprivation and was part of the reason I gave up bf- so sounds ideal doing that then maybe I'll manage to bf longer if it's just daytime. Not sure what to suggest re expressing. I never managed to get loads out each time either- not sure if it's due to the letdown not being as good as it's not baby feeding or maybe it's because your supply hasn't settled yet so you're not producing lots? I going to be using my pump, ESP if my nips get sore again shock

mumoftwoboysS Sun 15-Dec-13 09:34:07

Sorry my post to you too hotcross like I said dc1 was the same - crying all night and I was convinced he was hungry and my colostrum wasn't enough. I ended up feedin him formula from a bottle lid (was worried about confusion with teat and nipple)but like the others say, colostrum should be enough at this point but I think dc1 wasn't latching properly so probably wasn't getting enough. If it's really bad and you can't get help with latching at that particular feed (ie it's the middle of the night) then don't feel bad about topping up with formula (sorry someone else may be horrified at my suggestion) but at least then baby is content and you're not stressed- until latching is perfected it may take a while for things to settle. My dc2 was much more sleepy and content at night- babies are so different! Good luck

MrsEllsmore Sun 15-Dec-13 09:44:35

Well today is my due date, Friday's sweep doesn't seem to have had much effect so I'm not holding out much hope of meeting baby Ellsmore today sad

yogafan Sun 15-Dec-13 10:03:29

Hi all, congrats and well done to those who have produced and are now nurturing their babies.
And those still waiting - I feel your pain. I'm 41 weeks today. Urgh. I've been offered a sweep tomorrow but both me and DP have colds so not sure if now would be a great time after all. And i have 2 year old DD to look after by myself, not sure she'd be the most ressuring presence during and after the sweep. But then induction booked for Friday... I just don't know.
I think at this point I am excited, in denial, thinking I can schedule a good time for the baby's arrival and also feeling totally powerless. A messy mix of things.
Just to offer extra sympathy for those struggling with breast feeding, I had a rough time with DD and it made me miserable. We got there in the end but it was so so tough. Be kind to yourself above all else, take every bit of rest and help you can get - although it may seem impossible at times. You have done, and are doing an incredible thing. Remember that!

Mogz Sun 15-Dec-13 10:31:31

I'm alright extra, being able to get about 6 hour's sleep last night really helped. I'm jacked up on paracetamol which seems to be doing a good job of controlling my temperature but I am still getting the shakes so breastfeeding is impossible. Luckily I'm doing well enough to express at least a third of Genevieve's feeds and she seems to be doing ok on the mixed feeding, apart from one almighty chuck up this morning just after I'd gotten her dressed!
I can really recommend the tommee tippee manual expressor if anyone is thinking about expressing, I tried an electric pump in hospital and it was so noisy and felt very harsh. With a hand pump you can be as gentle as needed. Though it does get a bit tiring.

Mogs I have been doing the same mix feeding as Delilah seems to be more settled if I give her a bottle in the night so I give her breast through the day, expressed milk when I put her to bed then one formula in the night. I also use the tommy tippe manual breast pump snd it works a treat x

NomDeClavier Sun 15-Dec-13 11:53:30

I will do proper update as am on z rubbish phone for MNing but:

Aurianne arrived Thursday morning, 7lb2 and 38+2 by their dates, 37+6 by mine.

Extra you need to see someone ASAP and if your water go grt down on all fojrs with your bum.in the air and call 999. There's a risk of cord prolapse so when you go in be prepared not to come out as they'll want to schedule a CS and keep you under obs til then.

BFwise little and often, nihjt feeds are good because they boost supply when prolactin is highest. Crying with frustrztion and refusing to latch happens to everyone. Get the milk flowing to get some food even if they just lap it up and then dezl with the latch. Programme the national bf helpline and lll helpline into your phone. They will.help and hopefully put you in touch with a local BFC.

Stom91 Sun 15-Dec-13 12:29:39

Haven't caught up but just thought I'd pop on and say IVE STARTED LOSING MY PLUG! It's only a tiny bit but I've never been so happy to see blobs of goop haha
I hope things start happening soon.

Here you all are!

Sorry I've been awol again. This parenting lark really takes up my mumsnetting time! grin

extra I second what everyone else has said. Give your MW a ring?

congrats on plug loss Storm every little helps fgrin

Hope everyone else is good. Sending you all labour vibes if you want them and settled baby vibes to those who need them.

extracrunchy Sun 15-Dec-13 13:02:42

Stom YAY PLUG!!!

Rang MW and they've said come straight in (I thought they'd say wait till sweep appointment on Tues) for the same reasons you guys have said. Eek!

Mogz Sun 15-Dec-13 15:01:23

Stom, yay for plug going! Now get that baby out!

MrsShrubs Sun 15-Dec-13 15:02:36

So happy, did my first express and got 40ml out and he's guzzled it down!! Tried giving him the breast first but he wasn't having it at all so at least I know he's still getting breast milk smile we're keeping the ready made formula too and might mix feed so we've got a back up. Thanks for the advice ladies & help ladies!!

Yay stom will be thinking contracting thoughts!! & lots of luck crunchy

Stom91 Sun 15-Dec-13 15:02:45

Haha mogz I'm trying dp keep talking to bump telling her to come out. Had nothing since though sad

BohemianRaspberry Sun 15-Dec-13 15:09:51

Hey pocket, and oneslice I'm with you here, I think I'm just going to be the last one on the thread.

Okay, welcome to things not to say to an overdue pregnant woman. These are genuine things I have been told since Friday morning.

1. "Have you tried insert one of the many things from the ever so well known list - usually including sex, curry and pineapples - *why no I haven't, I've just been lighting candles
2. Maybe you should start looking at stars over Bethlehem. ha. haha. Well then you can be the f&cking donkey
3. Well it is a little inconvenient him not being here on time. Oh dear, I'm so sorry, I forgot to update his google calendar, it's all my fault
4. You must be getting uncomfortable now. Really? So I should stop the trampolining?
5. You have to think positively and relax - then baby will come. I'm sure beating the living daylights out of you will relax me no end. Hold still
6. Maybe on your next sweep the MW should use a bigger brush. Funny.
7. Have you tried walking? Do you know what, I've been sat in an empty bath for four days, why didn't I think of moving??
8. Aww poor you. Yes, poor me. If you are going to pity me at last bring me something to pity me with. Like cake.

Yeah, feeling sarcastic today. Have decided to make a mini Christmas dinner for DH and me tonight as parents have decided to come over early to "help".

Roselau Sun 15-Dec-13 16:29:42

ahhh bohemian i totally feel your pain.

add the 'she must be really comfortable in there' (WELL I'M NOT),
'have you dropped yet, it's a very distinct feeling' (NOT FOR EVERYONE AND WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME HOW I SHOULD FEEL)
'any news, everyone I know is waiting' (OH I'M SO SORRY FOR MAKING YOU AND YOUR SOCIAL NETWORK WAIT)

and my forever favourite: 'well enjoy this time while you can still sleep' (F** OFF YOU TRY TO SLEEP AT 39 WEEKS PREGNANT)

I'm not getting bitter not one bit...

My DH really wants to email his mom when we're on our way to the hospital and I really just want to let them know once the baby is there. I dont want to hurt his feelings but I dont want him to be distracted with anything else, especially his mom who is right now totally getting on my nerves. He says what if there is an emergency and they need to reach us. i mean come on. such a mama's boy. trying to keep my patience but i'm totally losing it. my parents are staying back I think they understand that they'll know in due time and dont piss me off right now. I'm a horrible daughter, haven't talked to them in two weeks, but I don't feel like talking to anyone at the moment...

itsliz Sun 15-Dec-13 17:05:09

Just marking my place before catching up on everyone's posts.

Might take a while as it's been a bit of a hectic weekend - yesterday DP treated me to a lunchtime drink (of non-alcoholic ginger beer!) and afterwards I got home to find my mum and friends hiding in our flat to surprise me with a baby shower!

Turns out DP had helped them to plan the whole thing and managed to keep it quiet for months! He then left to let us all have some girly time, play games, eat cake and open presents (I was expecting to unwrap hundreds of babygrows but surprisingly it was mostly massage oils, nail varnishes, chocolates and bath goodies for me to pamper myself with!)

DP then returned home with a huge camera-shaped birthday cake, more presents and a couple of other friends who joined us for a gorgeous meal at Cafe Rouge smile

Really don't want to sound like I'm gloating, I'm just still so overwhelmed by it all, especially since most of my friends live miles away so I've spent most of my pregnancy feeling a bit bored and isolated.

Stom91 Sun 15-Dec-13 17:29:15

Sounds really lovely liz your dp is a keeper ;) lol
Glad you had such a lovely time.
I've started to get the any news yet texts I've had 2 and already pissed off haha I've lost abit of plus but I'm not telling anyone as the text will become more frequent lol

MrsShrubs Sun 15-Dec-13 17:38:38

boehemian that cracked me up- it's as though people think the pregnant woman doesn't actually know all about pregnancy and getting things started by nearly 9months, what do you think we've all spent the last few weeks doing other than trying to speed things along?! The get some sleep now one used to really really annoy me!!

itsliz that's amazing!! So glad you've had a lovely day, such a thoughtful lovely thing to do for you!

Will keep sending out dilating/engaging/water breaking thoughts to everyone waiting

BohemianRaspberry Sun 15-Dec-13 17:39:17

stom I wouldn't tell people! I regretted it as I think it's just increased the amount of texts/msgs I get. For some people I'm on the second/third round of asking. One person has asked me everyday since Wednesday ...

liz that sounds lovely! Wish I had something like that - the downside of having male friends ...

Oh yes rose the sleep thing. Next person so say "at least you're getting some sleep will be rung EVERY time I get up to go to the loo in the night with the following message "I'm catching up on sleep like you told me."

Stom91 Sun 15-Dec-13 18:08:38

Yup the sleep thing pisses me off or the just be patient she will come when she's ready. Arghhhh!!!!

Apparently I was snoring last night. Nice bvee snores in my life haha
Dp said something funny earlier. We were chatting and he just casually said 'babies don't open there eyes for a couple weeks'. I replies with 'that's kittens babe'
Oh bless him I couldn't stop laughing then he said. Oh gosh I haven't got a clue about babies hahaha

MummaDevon Sun 15-Dec-13 18:49:37

Bohemian I could not agree more with that list!
Where I live it's pretty rural so I've also had on many an occasion 'Don't worry, you're in safe hands, I've delivered plenty of lambs/calves in my time!'....Hilarious.

hotcrossbun83 Sun 15-Dec-13 19:07:05

Thanks everyone for so much advise and sympathy, really helps to know i'm not the only one. In the light of day and after a well timed visit from the midwife, I think he is feeding ok but cluster feeding all night. I didn't know that they liked to feed more at night so it makes more sense now, I couldn't understand why he was so much fussier at night. He has been an angel all day, feeding and sleeping on us. Doesn't like sleeping in his crib much so that along with the feeding is leading to the sleepless nights. I need to accept this is part of having a baby and sleep will be lacking for a while. Last night I got to sleep at 7am so at least tonight can literally not be any longer! And the midwife weighs him tomorrow so hopefully all will be well and I will stop worrying a bit.

mogz I hope you feel better, you're handling it amazingly, I would be in complete panic

Mogz Sun 15-Dec-13 19:21:37

Glad your MW has reassured you hot.
Normally I think I would be panicking, but I'm just too tired to waste that sort of precious energy! Having a check up tomorrow and hopefully will have all swab results back by Friday.

All you overdue and nearly due ladies have my sympathies, the last leg seems to stretch on forever and no one can say anything right to you at all. But it will happen, it can't last forever so hang on in there.

mumoftwoboysS Sun 15-Dec-13 20:07:45

Lol bohemian!

Just been to my mums for dinner and got the whole ' next time don't have a baby at Xmas time, it's so inconvenient' well sorry to ruin all your party plans, I'm just having a BABY, a CHILD, I know parties are far more important than bringing a new life into the world. She's even got my brother on call to DRIVE her to ours if I drop just so she can still drink at the parties (but not lots or anything darling) god mum, seriously??

If she mentions one more time about how inconvenient it is I'm going to have an irrational outburst that may make me look like a crazy person.

Sorry extra thinking about it now I should have said earlier to call your mw ASAP as nom said as one of my friends has just had a baby a few days ago, she was transverse and had a cord prolapse and ended up with an emc. And she was I hospital for over a week as they wanted to keep her there so they could monitor and act if she went into labour. I just didn't realise the prolapse was due to the baby being transverse. You'll be safe in hospital now tho so don't worry.

MrsShrubs Sun 15-Dec-13 20:14:27

Ladies who was it who put on the recipe for breast milk boosting cookies? Would they mind re posting or private messaging it to me please?

SavannahAndBaby Sun 15-Dec-13 20:30:12

Hi all!!! I'm new on here.... Can I join? Who else is due soon? Iv got 13 days til my due date and can't wait.... Been having strong b/h and back ache...so hormonal and getting sick of hormones.... Find myself crying at everything I even had a melt down in the supermarket the other day and when someone asked me if I was ok I replied with..."I'm sick of my belly button looking like a cats arse hole".... X good luck for everyone and their bumps... X

Stom91 Sun 15-Dec-13 21:05:59

Welcome savannah hope the pregnancy has treated you well. We do have a Facebook group if you want to join. There are lots of cute baby pics on there smile and it's completely secret so no one will know you're a member x

froubylou Sun 15-Dec-13 21:16:38

Hello again all.

Me and baby seb doing fab but it's very hard work.

Just marking place for now. Too tired for anything else!

Hotmad Sun 15-Dec-13 21:23:15

How do u join the Facebook group?

Mogz Sun 15-Dec-13 21:34:13

That's an understatement Frouby! But somehow it's kind of good hard work smile

MrsShrubs Sun 15-Dec-13 22:05:17

hotmad send either stom or whisper a private message on here with a link to your Facebook profile and they can add you from there smile

Stom91 Sun 15-Dec-13 23:00:46

What mrsahrubs said smile
Currently bouncing on my ball as dp is desperate for dd to come and he also doesn't want to go to work haha

mumoftwoboysS Sun 15-Dec-13 23:27:11

Lol stom DH said the same to me- he wants this week off work and asked if baby is comic tonight- if only I knew tho I doubt it!

Did any of you find movements reducing a bit towards the end? I'm 39wks and today have felt movement but it's more squirms, the odd prod or poke etc and not much now I've laid down tho normally I get more movement. Not sure whether to be concerned or not...

mumoftwoboysS Sun 15-Dec-13 23:27:38

Comic? Bloody iPhone. 'Coming'

Mummyboylan Sun 15-Dec-13 23:41:36

Hello ladies, I haven't mums netted in ages! Due my first lo a week tomorrow, can I join in the thread?

mumoftwoboysS Sun 15-Dec-13 23:55:13

Hello mummyboylan you're due a day after me, how you feeling? Any signs?

Ok a glass of cold oj did the trick- now baby is going crazy...just scuppered my chances of sleeping- d'oh! (But secretly relieved) smile

Mummyboylan Mon 16-Dec-13 00:04:07

Hi! I had a false alarm at our first anti natal of all places but it turned out to be a uti bringing on contractions sad been twinge watching ever since. Usually get ouchy BH in the evenings but they go away after a while. Been getting period type craps tonight tho so perhaps things aren't too far from kicking off... Anyone got any pearls of wisdom to pass on? Looking for tips on anything really smile esp how ur labours have started and any pre labour signs x

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Mon 16-Dec-13 00:07:35

mum I had exactly the same-realized I'd not felt much movement, drank some orange juice and that got her going. My DH was also desperate to skive this week for baby to be born today but no luck.

Welcome to new peeps!

Mummyboylan Mon 16-Dec-13 00:11:01

Lol all I can think about now is oj!

Dasie Mon 16-Dec-13 05:56:57

Congratulations to all the other new mummys before I get chance to read up on exactly what's been happening since I posted on Friday!!

My baby boy was born on 14/12/13 at 00:30 weighing 7lb 13oz and was 14 days overdue! Have no name as yet!

Think my body was going for the record for fastest labour ever! Had the pessary at 16:45 and nothing happened for ages. Got a bit downhearted at the thought of a long drawn out induction. DP went home at 9pm to get a couple of hours sleep. By 21:40 I started to get the odd crampy pain, by 22:30 they were coming every 3 mins and I needed some paracetamol and codeine, by 23:00 the contractions felt like they were almost merging and 2 mins apart and the pain was unbearable. I was still on the ante natal ward at this point so couldn't have any gas n air so midwife checked me because of intensity n frequency of pain n I was only 2cm dilated, I think I had a little cry at this point! Called Dp back in meantime n he arrived at about 23:30. By now I was being very undignified and making a lot of noise so just before midnight a MW from labour ward came in. I now could feel the head coming down so they checked n my waters had gone n I'd had a biggish bloody show so at 5 past midnight they wheeled me round to labour ward and baby was born at 00:30!! I just couldn't believe how quickly it all happened!! It took longer to get my 3 lots of stitches afterwards! Did a lot of apologising for my mooing like a cow at times smile

Anyway hope all of you still waiting 'enjoy' a speedy delivery and those with their baby are reaping the rewards of all our hard work grin

Mummyboylan Mon 16-Dec-13 06:34:29

Ooh daisy, how exciting congratulations!

BohemianRaspberry Mon 16-Dec-13 07:01:36

Congrats daisie! And welcome all the new people

Had lovely strong BH last that I really thought were going to help but now, still here and just getting grumpy.

Second sweep this morning and I'm really hoping to have dilated more than the 1-2cm from last time.

Further on from the moan about people constantly msging about where the baby is, they are now posting on fb timeline. Even the Argentina relatives are now... sigh. Only DH is remaining calm and supportive.

Mogz Mon 16-Dec-13 07:10:56

Dasie so glad you had a successful and quick induction, congratulations and welcome to the world little one.

Sending you lots of dilating vibes Bohemian, remember the BH will be doing something, even if it's not as much a you want. And ignore all those bloody annoying messages.

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Mon 16-Dec-13 07:16:47

Congratulations Dasie, that sounds very fast! Enjoy your little boy.

SavannahAndBaby Mon 16-Dec-13 07:58:36

Any One else got a baby who loves to hook his feet under your ribs?? I can't sit or lie or move for the pain.... X

Mummyboylan Mon 16-Dec-13 08:10:28

Savannah I get that. I've found resting a cold glass of something there gets mine to shift x

MrsShrubs Mon 16-Dec-13 08:58:02

Congratulations dasie !!!!

Alyssa1978 Mon 16-Dec-13 09:03:11

Congrats daisie well done and I'm sure you'll pick a lovely name xx

extracrunchy Mon 16-Dec-13 09:13:13

Congratulations Dasie smile can't wait to hear the name!

Bohemian hope the sweep is productive today. I also have relentless checking for news on phone and now Facebook...

Welcome new ladies!

I'm back home - baby was transverse for a bit, they monitored, I did lots of turning baby moves, she was only slightly out of whack, and now she's got her head back down and just the rest of her straight across. Apparently that's fine and they'll recheck at sweep on Weds. Just really glad I didn't have to stay in and was exciting to see her on mini scan!

itsliz Mon 16-Dec-13 09:24:07

Welcome to everyone that's just joined this thread - it's never too late to join in and the more the merrier! grin

Huge congratulations on the birth of your little boy Dasie, can't believe how quickly it all happened! Hope you're over the shock of it now though and enjoying lots of cuddles.

mum I had the same thing last week and ended up going in for monitoring as I wasn't sure (turns out baby was perfectly happy in there and it was actually my blood pressure that was the problem!)
Before going into hospital I was only getting little squirms and wriggles, but the next day they went back to being 'proper' movements with thumps and kicks. While I was there, a midwife told me that as long as you're feeling the baby doing something 10-15 times per day then there's no need to worry smile

Best of luck for today Bohemian, hope this second sweep is a bit more successful!

So it's my 23rd birthday today and all I want is for baby to stay put so that I can have a nice relaxing day and not have to worry about sharing my birthday with him grin Fingers crossed...!

BohemianRaspberry Mon 16-Dec-13 09:25:59

http://www.haveyouhadthatbabyyet.com/ - best link sent by a friend ever.

So here comes the new and improved back pain this morning going from bum to mid-back - hurray. Naturally, baby is assisting in this process by pressing so far down in my pelvis to make me squeak when I move ever so slightly. Just frightened the postman.

MW better be bringing a sink plunger to my sweep.

extracrunchy Mon 16-Dec-13 09:28:43

Bohemian that kind of back pain is probably a good sign isn't bit?!? Haha plunger...

extracrunchy Mon 16-Dec-13 09:31:18

Also that link is going to be very useful grin

Stom91 Mon 16-Dec-13 10:15:03

Congratulations dasie
Happy birthday liz

So no more plug and no more periody pains sad. Argh I want this baby out!!

astonvanilla Mon 16-Dec-13 10:16:09

Bohemian i had back pain on the day i went into labour so fingers crossed! Although the manic hoovering may have also had something to do with it!

Good luck to everyone still waiting and congrats to all those with new babies.

extracrunchy Mon 16-Dec-13 11:31:33

If you have the energy (and no SPD) apparently this works..! And good for a laugh either way!

lisbapalea Mon 16-Dec-13 12:53:27

Can I ask a stupid question...

Post-birth in hospital have those of you who've given birth let your boobs hang free under a feeding friendly nightie/top (am thinking to save faff and encourage easy access, specifically post C.S.) or do you wear a feeding bra pretty much straight away, after skin to skin etc?

A ridiculous question - think I am over-thinking things on my 24hr countdown!

Actually thinking about it I suppose it depends if boobs are leaky doesn't it?

I cannot believe how much I have forgotten since having dd!

extracrunchy Mon 16-Dec-13 12:58:19

Lisba I'd just take a bra along and see how you feel. Might be useful if you're leaky or you might be comfier without!
Hope you're getting some rest before the big day!

lisbapalea Mon 16-Dec-13 13:03:06

Thanks extra, yep I have packed two pairs of bras, in two different sizes, so I have them if I need them. I think I am just now in such a stupid frenzy of "getting ready" that I am going a bit nuts and over-planning! I am actually annoying myself now, so God knows what dh thinks!!

extracrunchy Mon 16-Dec-13 13:05:22

Don't blame you though! I sort of thought having a definite date would be nice but actually I can imagine the planning frenzy is quite extreme grin so exiting though!!

I had a nursing bra on under the nightie I gave birth in, you'll need a bra if you want breast pads but I never had leaky boobs until after my milk had come in

Mogz can't remember how old you little one is but Rose is 4 weeks old today and has only really lost her jaundice colour in the last week or so. Probably doesn't help that we never seem to get any sun here!

extracrunchy Mon 16-Dec-13 13:11:09

A sleep one might be a good compromise? Soft and comfortable!

froubylou Mon 16-Dec-13 13:11:15

Lis I got the mw to put my nursing bra on for me after they had given me a wash before leaving the delivery suite. But I have huge boobs and was all sweaty underneath. But I didn't take breastpads as was out before milk came in.

Good luck for tomorrow. I loved mine. Was calm and controlled and very much a birth rather than an operation iykwim?

Milk came in last night. Baby seb very pleased lol.

extracrunchy Mon 16-Dec-13 13:18:55

Frouby that's great! Lucky Seb grin

lisbapalea Mon 16-Dec-13 15:37:09

Ah, thanks all for the advice!

Good point Frouby about the sweatiness - my boobs have grown so much this pregnancy that the sweatyness has become a daily occurence, so a bra would prob be the best bet to avoid that a bit! Seem to remember that my milk came in very quickly last time despite being told that with a c/s it might be delayed, so I am expecting my boobs to be of Jordan proportions by the time I leave...!

I have very good memories of my c/s having DD (even though we didn't have as much notice of it as we have this time), so I am getting quite excited about tomorrow!

Had my pre-op blood tests this morning, then did some last minute Christmas shopping, and am now going to spend the rest of this afternoon re-checking my hospital bags (I packed them so long ago that I can't remember what's in them!), and also de-fuzzing myself as much as possible so that I am as presentable as possible for the hospital folk!

Frouby - how many nights were you and Seb in hospital for? I am hoping to be out after 2 nights.... Pleased to hear he's enjoying his milk now - hope you're recovering nicely!

SavannahAndBaby Mon 16-Dec-13 15:57:12

Hi all...
Just got back from Hospital app.... I'm 38+1 and baby is measuring 39+5 does this mean I'l go into labour sooner rather than later? X

BohemianRaspberry Mon 16-Dec-13 16:38:58

savannah It might mean something but without other symptoms it's hard to tell. I've been under some weeks and over in others.

Any ideas on moving an anterior cervix?? That's what's basically stoppping me from going into labour cries - it's 2cm dilated and softening but pointing away so it's taking a while.

The MW hooking it and pulling it forward fairly strongly and quickly in my sweep has to go down in history as the fastest way of getting me to nearly fall off a bed.

Have booked an induction for the 22nd - he has to come out now, my pelvic floor is struggling sad

Roselau Mon 16-Dec-13 16:49:09

bohemian I have a similar problem, so if you get anything useful on the anterior cervix, I'm all ears

savannah I hope for you, but for me she's been measuring big the entire pregnancy. I'm 39+2 and no signs at all. at this rate, I feel like I will give birth to a 20lbs baby.

BohemianRaspberry Mon 16-Dec-13 17:31:47

rose I have dreams about monster size babies ...

So far no luck on shifting an anterior cervix other than all the remedies already on inducing labour.

SavannahAndBaby Mon 16-Dec-13 18:30:23

Hooking and pulling??? It sounds like the MW was going fishing rather than doing a sweep.... Hahah sounds painful... What do they actually do at the sweep? Does it hurt? And iv been having bad dull lower back ache and loads of BH's too and sharp pains in my cervix when baby moves and my boobs won't stop leaking!! blush x

b0nker5Mum Mon 16-Dec-13 19:32:57

I have the same bohemian... (Tho my cervix is posterior) Had first sweep today and wasn't bad at all but I got myself all worked up about being induced and was sobbing in the hospital...!

I have had a lot of blood and still bleeding a little now (brown now) not sure if I lost some of the plug earlier but nothing else, little crampy but been like that for 4 weeks anyway..

Second sweep booked for Friday and induction booked sat... My bishop score was 3 though and when I googled it said that score means I'm unlikely to go into spontaneous labour so not holding out much hope...

Congrats to dasie...

Thanks for the labour dance.. Will give that one a go!!

extracrunchy Mon 16-Dec-13 20:12:24

I'm worried about my sweep tomorrow. Doesn't sound fun!!

I've adapted the labour dance into occasional lungey squatty walking around the house! Haha I look like a total loon, but why not make the most of faffing about with laundry?!

b0nker5Mum Mon 16-Dec-13 20:34:41

Extra, just try and relax... I do have a high pain threshold but I think if you are relaxed it shouldn't hurt to much... For me the anticipation was worse...

Stom91 Mon 16-Dec-13 20:37:57

I'm seeing my mw on Thursday and I'll be 39+5 I'm hoping she will offer a sweep but I'm really scared about them too!
It bad enough it hurts when they check me usually with the spectrum thingy sex even hurt even before I was prwgabnt so I am dreading having a sweep but I really really want this baby out !

SavannahAndBaby Mon 16-Dec-13 20:52:11

What is a sweep? What do they do? What do you feel? Sorry for asking dumb questions but I really am clueless and felt too embarrassed to ask the consultant or midwife..... X

b0nker5Mum Mon 16-Dec-13 21:10:07

Savannah, I think it's a natural way to try induce labour, I think they try deprecate your membranes from your cervix or something but it's supposed to release hormones... It's not overly painful but for some uncomfortable...

Though not sure whether it actually works for everyone... I think some have had quite a few here...

b0nker5Mum Mon 16-Dec-13 21:11:04

Of course when I say depreciate I mean separate!!

BohemianRaspberry Mon 16-Dec-13 21:18:01

*sorry I meant ANTERIOR cervix - it's pointing backwards

The sweep isn't too bad - she just knew that I was far back, so already knew what to do and pulled it forward too quickly. It's really isn't comfortable, won't lie but it's a means to an end. It seperates the membranes from the cervix and uterus which stimulates prostaglandins, hopefully encouraging labour to start.

I've booked two more for Wed and Fri in a bit to start SOMETHING.

SavannahAndBaby Mon 16-Dec-13 21:35:28

Oh right.... Thanks guys. Least I know a bit more now. I'l probably forget tho with this stupid baby brain iv got.... I woke up and was looking for the remote for tv and went all day without watching tv till I got a phone call from my partner at lunch time asking why the tv remote was in his lunch box.... X

BohemianRaspberry Mon 16-Dec-13 21:37:14

Well savannah here's my baby brain - I meant POSTERIOR. Blimmin POSTERIOR.

It's the placenta that's anterior. Stupid woman.

Think I need to be kept away from people now.

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Mon 16-Dec-13 21:39:46

I'm not in sweep territory yet but had one with my first and it was fine but my cervix was soft and partly effaced. I didn't find it painful at all and my waters broke two days later (but was over 41 weeks).

Stom the pregnancy hormones make it all stretchier than normal down there so hopefully it shouldn't be painful for you.

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Mon 16-Dec-13 21:41:19

Aw Bohemian I noticed that but didn't want to say smile

Savannah that's hilarious!

b0nker5Mum Mon 16-Dec-13 21:54:31

The remote control made me chuckle!!

Bohemian (and anyone else who have had a sweep), did you bleed much after? Had quite a lot to begin with (bright red) but settled, now I am still using a pad and still bleeding (brown). Mw said call if my waters go but nothing about how much blood to expect... Should I worry?

Roselau Mon 16-Dec-13 22:31:01

i wonder if they'll offer me a sweep here. i have no idea. dr appointment tomorrow at 39+3. If i'm still 'high and closed' I may punch him in the eye.

bohemian my preggers brain totally knew what you meant. I also have anterior placenta / posterior cervix. or in dr's words: 'it's way back there'. ugh.

Alyssa1978 Mon 16-Dec-13 22:36:51

Sending all you lovely ladies still waiting lots of dilating and water breaking vibes smile

mum how you doing? No news yet?

Stom91 Mon 16-Dec-13 22:56:53

Update for those not on fb. Feeling really leaky. Rang hospital they said to put pad on over night & if still leaky in morning to ring my mw and get her to check me. If I am leaking then they will talking about inducing me. Someone said could be hind waters??
I don't wana be induced!!

Sorry everyone buy i need to ask...is anyones stitches itchy as hell ahhhhhhhh

Roselau Tue 17-Dec-13 03:20:50

so all of a sudden i feel so shattered (more than usual - I can barely move) and nauseous. feels like i'm getting ill or something. haven't felt this way since I was 9 weeks pregnant. I've not vomited, I just feel nauseated and overall shit. the thought of having food is making me gag - I've not even had dinner. I'm 39+3. Anyone's felt like this in the last stages? Am I just coming down with something???

Mogz Tue 17-Dec-13 05:22:45

Super most cuts itch a bit whilst healing but your stitches shouldn't itch constantly or to the poin of distraction, might be worth getting your GP to check that they're not a little infected or inflamed. Make sure to keep soap (other than ph neutral very sensitive stuff) away from them when you wash.
Savhannah don't panic about having a sweep, yes they're uncomfortable and the further along you are they more ouchy they can be - but that's a good thing as a sweep tends to work more often and set things off a bit quicker if your body has already got things well started. The procedure is pretty straight forward, the MW will find your cervix and try to insert one finger in to it to feel the membrane around your waters and the baby's head. If she can get the finger in she will then make a circular motion around the cervix between it and the baby to break away the membranes holding everything in place. This releases some hormones that should trigger labour. Think of it like this, make a tight 'o' with your mouth and trace the inside of your lips with a finger. If your cervix is really favourable, and you are happy for her to do so, she may try to do the procedure again with two fingers. The more sweeps she can do the more chance it has of working, but remember, it is very important that you feel in control enough to say stop if it does get too painful for you.
Everything going ok Stom, still being leaky?

Mogz Tue 17-Dec-13 05:24:45

Rose I felt really sick again for the last couple of weeks, it got worse each day, as did the heart burn and my need just to sleep constantly. Do try to eat something, or at least make sure you're drinking lots. Get some fruit juice or cola for the sugars. Hopefully it's a sign of all the hormones in your body ramping up to get things going.

Stom91 Tue 17-Dec-13 05:57:24

Rose I felt
Like that. And all day Monday all I wanted to do was sleep

I'm now in early labour! So fingers crossed something will happen for you soon xx

SavannahAndBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 06:51:59

Thanks mogz that was very helpful... It doesn't actually sound too bad... When people talked about sweeps I imagined sort of lying on bed with legs open and the midwife coming at me with a broom or a sharp metal blade.... Think I scared myself. Haha and had sex fblush and now having slight painful contractions and tightening across my bump.... Also light a wave of warm dull lower back ache.... Could this be the start of something? Or am I just wishing on a star?? X

SavannahAndBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 06:54:28

Meant *like... not *light.... X dumb iPhones.. X

Featherbag Tue 17-Dec-13 07:02:24

Hi everyone, sorry I've been AWOL, I disappeared into a haze of cluster feeding and illness (mine, not baby's). Feeling a lot better but my god it's rough with a newborn, a boisterous toddler, no voice, no sleep and a section scar which means I can't even pick the toddler up!

Had DS2 weighed yesterday, after dropping initially to 7lb 3ozs, he's now 8lbs 15ozs!!! He's 3.5wo, I'm so so pleased to have this proof that bf is going well as it can be hard to believe he's getting enough when he insists he's hungry despite having fed solidly for 2 hours!

I've been keeping up with the FB group, the babies are coming thick and fast now!!! Hope those who are left to pop do so very very soon, and of course painlessly!

Mogz Tue 17-Dec-13 07:03:53

You're welcome Savannah, I was really lucky to have an absolutely fab community midwife looking after me, she explained everything so well and in as much detail as I needed. I'm one of those people who wants to know everything about what's going on and in as much medical detail as I can understand, helps me prepare for stuff instead of my imagination running wild.
Hope your sexy times have started things going!

Roselau Tue 17-Dec-13 07:20:45

thanks mogz and stom

so i just puked up everything i ate today sad im really worried because i never puke. thankfully seeing the doctor tomorrow am...

good luck stom!!!! you win the race i guess smile

SavannahAndBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 07:20:46

Hate to piss on your cornflakes mogz but sexy times???? Really??? I felt like a beached whale with a sweaty man flopping around on top of me.... Hahahahaha I really hope labour is near... But I guess everyone on here hopes that. And my midwife isn't that good to be honest... She sort of left me in the dark. Felt like I was on my own throughout this pregnancy (except for my partner who is trying his best...bless him) and I don't feel comftable with her to ask her about..well..anything! X

Alyssa1978 Tue 17-Dec-13 07:57:31

fearher I'm in awe if your breast feeding skills.
Lleyton is pulling himself off all the time again and he's constantly rutting and people saying he's hungry.....hence me constantly putting him back on and it's like he doesn't want to feed but he is hungry.
A lot of tears later and frustration we both give up, he dropped to 7lb 1oz and only went up to 7lb 6oz and I'm sure that was down to the night formula feeds, he still isn't back to birth weight of 7lb 9oz, he looks tiny and I'm do worried he will have lost weight again sad

Xmas2013SantaB6539 Tue 17-Dec-13 08:15:17

Alyssa try not to worry, so long as he is getting some food in him some how then he will be just fine. Most babies shed a bit of weight in those first days as they're using up so much more energy being out of the womb, and it sounds like he's putting it back on again slowly, so that's good smile
This motherhood lark is really hard, huh? I know I expected it to be, but the reality of all the worry, guilt, nappies, feeds, panic and trying to find five minutes to have a wee is nothing I feel I could have prepared for. Stick it out, it'll get loads better and there are so many fun times and highlights ahead.
Savannah my DH would argue that even non sexy sex is better than none, but I think I'm with you on this one, being ready to pop out a child does not a romantic and steamy atmosphere make.
Sorry to hear about your MW being a bit crap hmm I really think all health care providers should go through some sort of customer care training too, as it makes such a difference when you're comfortable with them.

Mogz Tue 17-Dec-13 08:21:24

Ach bollox, the above was me, damn nn changes!

SavannahAndBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 08:23:30

Yeah xmas2013santa it makes a huge difference when you can have a relationship with your health advisors. And yeah It doesn't get much sexier that a 38 week pregnant woman getting woke up for sex at stupid o'clock in the morning because the man can't sleep... Totally not passionate! Contractions are still happening tho so hoping he has done something right.... X when are you due xmas2013santa? x

b0nker5Mum Tue 17-Dec-13 08:24:09

Just been to the toilet after a bit of pain and I think I had a bloody show and (tmi) v loose poo... Should I get excited???

Feeling v heavy down there and crampy...

Thanks Mogs my health visitor had checked them yesterday and she said they are fine and neat. Its horrible when something itches but you cant bloody itch it!

Alyssa I have been the same I was worrying Delilah wasnt getting enough food from me bf as she wasnt settling as well after as she would when shes bottle feeding and the midwife said most babies dont. For the last 2 nights iv been bf as she seems to be better but I think they just cant work out what they want themselves.

SavannahAndBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 08:39:51

What was the blood like? Just spotting or heavier? Bright red or brown?As for the loose poo and feeling heavy...sounds like your on the right track... And good luck!!! I'm having contractions and cramping so hoping it's early signs of labour.... X

MrsShrubs Tue 17-Dec-13 08:46:05

super mine don't itch but man alive do they burn when I go to the toilet because of where mine are, broke down in sobs at one point yesterday

SavannahAndBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 09:00:32

Errmmm sorry for TMI but I think I might have passed part of the plug..... confused x

Mogz Tue 17-Dec-13 09:07:42

MrsS have you tried leaning as far forward as you can whilst having a wee? Mine really sting if I forget to. Hope they heal up fast and you're not in pain.
Savannah yay, we like plug news here! I got the shock of my life when mine went, I've never seen anything so gross grin I hope your baby comes as swiftly as mine did, I went in to labour about 3 hours after I lost my plug.

froubylou Tue 17-Dec-13 09:07:51

Morning all

Good luck for today lis. You will be fine and enjoying baby cuddles very soon. Me and seb only in 1 night thank fuck. Take your painkillers and get moving as soon as possible is my advice.

Bfing going well for us. But I am lucky in that I have done it before but dd is 9 so not a toddler to worry about.

Am exhausted though. Seb is an angel as long as he is either feeding or being cuddled. But at 5 days old he is within his rights to insist. ..

DP at work for rest of week so am home alone for first time. Hopefully will get a bit of housework done and some washing. And am going to bed for a couple of hours later! I may not even bother getting dressed lol.

Good luck everyone who needs babies to arrive! And do we have a post natal group set up yet?

Featherbag Tue 17-Dec-13 09:13:52

I was wondering that frouby, are we waiting for the last babies to arrive before setting one up?

SavannahAndBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 09:14:09

mogz sounds gross but what did yours look like? I think I have passed a bit of it but not sure.... I went for a wee and I seen almost like a see-through snot..(totally gross.sorry!!!) does this sound like it? X

Stom91 Tue 17-Dec-13 09:49:00

savannah my plug was like that. Was like clear sticky jelly

SavannahAndBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 10:01:34

stom yeah it was like a bit of stringy clear jelly stuff... But didn't have blood so wasn't sure if it was it or not?? But iv been having bh all morning and cramping deep inside my hips and bum cheeks.... Sounds funny but it feels strange... X

Savannah smy plug came out after my waters broke and it was like you said but also a bit of blood light coloured.

MrsS mine s the same it only burns on the right hand side and once iv bedn for a wee i cant stand up straight because the pain. Dont worry I cried on my first wee!

SavannahAndBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 11:52:40

supermansgirl thanks and my waters hasn't broken yet I don't think. But I think this might be my plug... Does it have to have blood in or is it ok if it is clear see through? It came out a bit around 9am this morning and iv been having cramps and contractions since.... Does this sound bad or is this normal? X

MummaDevon Tue 17-Dec-13 12:10:38

Just a question, did any of you breast feeding mummies buy any bottles or pump etc for expressing before birth? I fully intend to breastfeed and wasn't going to get bottles or pump till a bit later, but now I'm wondering if I should buy all this now?!

Savanah yes sounds like your getting there slowly. Fingers crossed!

Mumma I has my pump and bottles from very early (bottles were for just incase baby didnt take to breastfeeding). I didnt use them until day 3 as MW said I wont get hardly anything out of the pump before 3 days.

SavannahAndBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 12:28:17

So it sounds like normal pregnancy or sounds like labour? The contractions sort of feel like someone pulling a rubber band around my bump and it goes rock hard and aches.... It sort of takes my breath away.... Do ya think this could be the real thing or just strong BH's? X

MrsShrubs Tue 17-Dec-13 12:28:24

mogz that's exactly what I do, I feel like I'm doing some kind of yoga on the loo as I go!

mumma I got ours in before and am currently expressing as I type and love our electric avent single one plus mothercares 50% off sale starts today according to my emails so you might be able to get some bargains

mumoftwoboysS Tue 17-Dec-13 12:28:53

Not sure who asked - alyssa? I'm fine but getting mighty fed up. Had some icky discharge but not sure if it's my plug- it's a bit greeny so not sure if I should see doc? Also been feeling hot lately but not feverish just a bit warm- am coming down with a cold so maybe that's it. Jealous of those of you who seem to be in early labour- I want to join you!!

Sorry to hear your having a tough time bf alyssa- I'm sure I'll be in the same boat next week- hope you're over the worst by then!

I'm kind of dreading the early days/constant feeding. I know it's normal for Babies to do it but I'm not very good on lack of sleep (esp with 2 other kids to look after) and DH isn't very patient and I remember in the past crying at night exhausted trying I feed one of them and DH not being very supportive- I know it was sleep deprivation but that's then you need the support the most. Anyway, no point in worrying about it right now.

Good luck to all of those in labour- hopefully I'll be saying 'my waters have broken!' Soon!......

froubylou Tue 17-Dec-13 12:45:44

I bought a cheap avent manual pump and a set of bottles for the just in case scenarios and that was mainly because my edd was 20/12 and didn't want to be stuck over Christmas.

I'm far too lazy to mess around sterilising stuff in might not need so it's all packed up still. And because we are in a surestart area if I need it I can hire an electric pump for a couple of quid a week I think.

Mw been for 5 day check. Am chuffed the feeding seems to be going well. He has only lost 6% so feel motivated to keep going. I have only just managed to clean my teeth today thougg. House looks like a baby bomb has happened. And I have only just managed to grab a couple of biscuits for breakfast lol. He is happily snoozing on me just now but if I put him down bet he doesn't stay asleep lol.

lisbapalea Tue 17-Dec-13 12:52:30

Quick update...

Hannah Lucia born at 9.45am, weighing 7lb 8oz. She's brilliant and has already spent a good 45mins feeding, and is now sleeping on my chest!

The c/s all went really smoothly - lovely bunch of surgeons and midwives!

I am feeling totally blissed out and happy!

mumoftwoboysS Tue 17-Dec-13 13:08:21

Ah many congrats lisba so happy it all went smoothly for you, enjoy your newborn cuddles!

SavannahAndBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 13:10:43

congratulations on the new arrival hope all is well and she is a happy healthy girl. Good luck. And asleep on your chest??? Awwwww... Sounds so cute! X

Congratulations! What a lovely name x smile

congratulations lisb enjoy snuggles fsmile

mumoftwoboysS Tue 17-Dec-13 14:19:38

So has anyone requested a sweep before 40 weeks and got one?? Just decided to text my mw and ask what chances were of getting one this week. I could go to the docs and ask but not sure they'd even check I was effaced/dilated would they? I'm on my 3rd child and never had a midwife check me let alone a doctor! Just so impatient....

Mogz Tue 17-Dec-13 14:27:03

Wonderful Lis enjoy those tiny baby snuggles and take it easy as you recover.

MummaDevon Tue 17-Dec-13 14:57:33

Congrats Lis :-)

Mum I asked but was told its policy not to do it till 41 weeks so have to wait till Friday!! :-(

Stom91 Tue 17-Dec-13 15:23:58

Congrats lis hope I'm next!!

extracrunchy Tue 17-Dec-13 16:16:29

Lisba that's brilliant smile congratulations!

So was all geared up for sweep this morning, MW checked wee and turns out I have a very slight UTI and can't risk spreading bacteria higher and possibly affecting baby (though apparently risk is next to nothing). Otherwise all favourable. FGS...

Dusty04 Tue 17-Dec-13 16:59:20

mum my midwife offered to do a sweep at 39+4 (next Monday) but since it could start labour within 48 hours I declined, that would be Xmas day! Booked in for one on 27th now when I'll be 40+1..

BohemianRaspberry Tue 17-Dec-13 17:18:05

I got swept at 40wks exactly. I demanded an appt on the day so I could be done.

Sweep three tomorrow.

Roselau Tue 17-Dec-13 18:21:34

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrgggggg just came back from the doctor's office. i'm only 50% and he says 'finger tip' dilated - or basically nothing. he very confidently said: see you next week! at next week's appointment I will be 40+3. I cried the second he left the office.

i'm still nauseous, feel like complete shit sad I just want to get this over with now.

Mogz Tue 17-Dec-13 18:43:09

Oh Rose do not dispare, you may well not need that appointment next week. And even a finger tip is better than tightly shut.

extracrunchy Tue 17-Dec-13 18:46:29

Rose that's such a shame sad it WILL happen very soon though thanks

hotcrossbun83 Tue 17-Dec-13 19:39:04

Congratulations lisb

I am still having feeding problems. Ds has jaundice which has made him ver sleepy and difficult to feed, last night he barely took anything it seemed and he would not stay latched. Midwife has been today and now I hand express before each feed and give by syringe. That is going ok but his actual feeding is not, he is just sound asleep.

He has been extremely sleepy today, not sure if this will last into the night as he has not yet slept in his crib, last night again I sat up all night holding him. Today he has has slept in his pram downstairs which is safe to use as Moses basket so I'm hoping he'll sleep in it tonight, if I can get a few hours on sofa it would be great.

Really worried about the jaundice though, I don't see how he'll shift it only feeding 20ml each time which is all I can express.

Mogz Tue 17-Dec-13 19:49:54

Hot have you thought about topping him up with a bit of formula whilst you're waiting for your milk production to up a bit? Genevieve was jaundiced but shifted it really quickly once we got her feeding more. Try tickling his toes to get him to stay awake long enough to the bigger feeds. Best of luck with it, and do try to get yourself some rest.

MrsShrubs Tue 17-Dec-13 20:01:53

Congratulations lisb flowers

SavannahAndBaby Tue 17-Dec-13 20:19:49

Congratulations lisb thanks
And hotcrossbun I hope the jaundice shifts soon and your baby is healthy.... X

Alyssa1978 Tue 17-Dec-13 20:59:40

Congrats lisb lovely name.

Yeah mum it was me asking after you, hadn't read anything in a while and I was hoping you'd gone into labour.

rose you never know, the checks of your cervix the doctor is doing might cause things to open up a bit too Hun.

hot I feel your pain sweetie, I am so concerned about Lleyton not feeding tons but I do top up with formula on a night, I gave him one earlier and he drank it that fast he was sick, so I was so upset thinking I'm starving him and dp made it 10 times worse while changing his nappy said you better put weight on soon your bum is skin and bones I cried my eyes out and he said I'd taken it the wrong way and kicked off again for nothing angry

He knows how upset I am about the bf and still makes a piss brained comment like that the smurf cock

Hope everyone's lo make an appearance soon xx

Roselau Tue 17-Dec-13 21:00:12

thanks mogz and extra. i guess you never things could still happen. feels a bit hopeless at the moment though, especially I can't move around and help the process because I feel ill. feel a bit better though, I just had a 2.5 hours nap.
congrats lisb!

lisbapalea Tue 17-Dec-13 21:41:36

Thanks all for the congratulations!

Hannah's just had another feed and is now asleep in her plastic cot. Aiming to get some sleep while she does...

I was out of bed and washed with catheter removed by about 5.30 which was a great feeling - am sure it took longer with dd.
has been such a brilliant day - good luck for all those of you still waiting; it's bloody brilliant when it happens and definitely worth all the horrid waiting!

mumoftwoboysS Tue 17-Dec-13 22:28:45

alyssa no such luck but thanks for asking after/thinking of me! Went to yoga tonight in the hope that it'd kick start things but probably no such luck.

Re breastfeeding feel for those of you struggling- it is always worrying when baby isn't feeding well and is so small but has the midwife put your minds at ease at all saying baby is doing ok? Hoping your babies feed better/get over the jaundice soon!

Sorry can't scroll back now- for whoever said you refused a sweep as it could start labour over Xmas- I didn't think of that- I have my 40wk apt booked for Xmas eve so that wouldn't be a good time! Maybe I'll book something for straight after Xmas if nothing's happened before then. Texted mw today asking about a sweep this week but no reply!...

hotcrossbun83 Tue 17-Dec-13 23:54:04

mogz and alyssa tonight I caved and topped up with formula, I got to 9pm and just hit me that we were going in circles and it would not get better the way it was going so something had to change. I called the maternity unit and they agreed. This was not the way I had it planned but if the jaundice shifts then I will try and get back on track, something tells me he just isn't a great feeder though. Thanks for the support, Alyssa I would have been very upset too by that comment, I'm crying a lot over it as is and dh is being very supportive.

hotcrossbun83 Tue 17-Dec-13 23:55:53

mum dis has lost 9% birth weight so is borderline, midwife is happy ish but have had a visit now every day since home and is always the same, needs to feed more and shift jaundice

Alyssa1978 Tue 17-Dec-13 23:56:00

I have the mw and health visitor coming Thursday mum so hopefully she will say he's gained more weight.
I've actually frozen 3oz of breast milk tonight so it's definately coming out in more quantity than it was before.
I'm trying to build up a stock pile and then I can bottle feed my milk at night and cut out formula all together, that's the plan anyway hmm

mumma I got the tommee tippee closer to nature bottles as they are more like a nipple than other bottles and I bought the Madela electric breast pump, my manual one was ok but my hand really hurt after a while.

Anyone else still bleeding after 2 weeks?
It had stopped but now it's started back up again sad

Alyssa1978 Tue 17-Dec-13 23:58:29

hot Lleyton lost 9% too but then put 5lb back on bit still isn't at his birth weight so health visitor won't sign off until he is.

MrsEllsmore Wed 18-Dec-13 05:46:58

Morning all, not sure if I have missed any new babies but Caeden Lucas Sidney was born yesterday morning after a labour lasting less than 5 hours. Unfortunately he is more interested in sleeping than eating so we are still in hospitalbut hopefully he will figure out what to do today and we will be able to go home.

MrsShrubs Wed 18-Dec-13 06:12:50

Congratulations *mrsellsmore' hopefully you can all go home soon!!!

extracrunchy Wed 18-Dec-13 06:54:43

Congratulations MrsE smile hope you're home soon.

mumoftwoboysS Wed 18-Dec-13 07:21:37

Many congrats mrsE! When were you due again? Hope he starts feeding well soon so you can go home- my ds1 was like that- bringing up a lot of foamy stuff- amniotic fluid? But he was ok after 24 hours. Good luck

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Wed 18-Dec-13 07:31:46

Congratulations MrsE!!! Hope feeding takes off today!

MummaDevon Wed 18-Dec-13 07:57:15

Congratulations MrsE, hope you can get home soon!

Thanks for all the pump advice ladies, that's today's action plan, maybe if I put my mind to something else, things might start happening... hmm

kchapper5 Wed 18-Dec-13 08:35:21

COngratulations mrsE
Im off for my next growth scan at 1, and then if they arent happy i'll be getting induced. Hopefully i'll be able to keep everyone updated. smile

Alyssa1978 Wed 18-Dec-13 10:30:53

Congrats mrse
Beautiful name and middle name is my ds1 first name so I love that one grin

itsliz Wed 18-Dec-13 12:42:34

Congratulations lisb - so glad to hear everything went ok smile Hope I'm as calm and relaxed as you after giving birth!
And big congrats to you too MrsE. As everyone else has said, love the name!

Wishing you all the very best of luck for today kchapper5, let us know how you get on if you can!

Still no news from me although it's been a bit of a manic week for non-baby related stuff.
Had a surprise baby shower at the weekend, went out for a meal with friends, managed a bit of Christmas shopping and then it was my birthday on Monday, which was lovely - DP surprised me by taking the afternoon off work to take me out for coffee and gave me some amazing presents in the form of expensive camera gear (for those who don't know, I'm a photographer so that's my equivalent of expensive jewellery and flowers!)

Also went to my last ever pregnancy yoga class last night. One of the girls there asked me about ranitidine last week, so this week I took the packet with me and gave her the rest of the tablets as I haven't needed them for a while... So then of course I get woken up in the middle of the night with the worst heartburn I've had in ages, wishing I'd kept the tablets! Pretty sure that's not how karma's supposed to work sad

On top of that, the pain between my legs has got worse, to the point where I'm now forced to do a comical waddle!
I'm a bit confused though as I thought heartburn = baby up high and fanjo pains = baby down low?!

Dusty04 Wed 18-Dec-13 13:21:41

liz my heartburns got worse this week -38+6. Baby is head down as far as it'll go according to midwife but heartburn is hell! It's never been this bad all through my pregnancy!

Old wife's take of heartburn and hairy baby might be right.. Last sonographer told me this little one had a load of hair!

mumoftwoboysS Wed 18-Dec-13 13:25:27

I went to my last yoga class last night too its - they couldn't believe I was due in 4 days-most are in their 2nd trimester still. I was hoping it'd kick something off but not yet a way...

Well I still get heartburn tho not as much- it is due To pressure of baby pushing on stomach but also the hormones cause the muscles at the top of the stomach to relax causing acid to come back up so you can still get it even if baby is low!

Went to doc this morning about my erm greenish discharge- she reckoned it wasn't really green and probably part of plug but took a swab anyway. I was hoping she's tell me if I'm dilated at all but she didn't/couldn't tell (so annoying!) but did say my cervix is quite low so I guess that's good.

Been feeling sick on and off today- is that a sign of imminent labour?? clutching at straws please let it be a sign!

mumoftwoboysS Wed 18-Dec-13 13:54:39

Also I'm mot really a prude but when I was at the docs I wanted to mention the bit of tenderness/pain I have when er doing no.2s- is it piles? Anyone else had it? I have felt/checked and nothing is bulging it's just a bit sore! I was too embarrassed to say anything (it's one thing to have her looking at my foof but not there!) so I'm wondering if there's a cream that'll soothe it? (Tho buying that will probably send me red with embarrassment too!!)

itsliz Wed 18-Dec-13 14:18:59

Dusty I hope the old wives tales aren't true - if they are then I'll be giving birth to a baby gorilla! grin

mum That makes a lot of sense actually, just assumed I had completely conflicting symptoms!

And I know what you mean about the yoga classes - there were only 3 of us due soon, everyone else is due in March!
I'm surprised I managed to make it to 38 weeks without all the stretching kickstarting things, so even more impressed that you've made it to 40!

As for possible piles, I'm not really sure about creams etc but would highly recommend getting some moist toilet tissue wipes (I got Andrex ones in Asda yesterday as they're 2 for £2!) if you haven't already, as they're quite soothing and stop you from getting sore if you're having to wipe lots.

extracrunchy Wed 18-Dec-13 15:00:42

Mumoftwo sounds like either piles or just general pressure/swelling - you could try sitting on a packet of frozen peas! grin

Roselau Wed 18-Dec-13 15:40:49

alyssa - I keep hoping the dr's exams will just poke something and she'll slide out smile didn't happen

Mum and liz I also keep hoping she'll just slide out when I'm squatting at yoga but didn't happen either! I went to my last class on Monday (39+2). Although from the sounds of it I may still go next Monday if my DH lets me smile
I had intentions of going today, but our shipment may finally be arriving!!!! (although I will believe it when I see it). But that would mean I can finally get all my stuff in order, baby's room finished, christmas decorations etc. I really hope it arrives - it will be a good distraction from all the waiting for baby.

I've been lucky on the heartburn front, and I think I'm on the mend from whatever I had that made me puke my guts out this week. been able to keep a bit of noodles down last night and a bit of yogurt and granola this morning. still don't have my appetite back, but better than nothing.

Alyssa1978 Wed 18-Dec-13 16:13:30

Lol rose hope something happens for you soon xx

mum it could be internal piles if nothing's bulging, I also had the Andrex wet wipes from the £1 shop and they were lovely, also took them into hosital with me. I got my pile cream from boots, it was on the shelf so I didn't have to ask them lol, although she did ask if I was allowed to use it angry

itz and dusty I was crippled with heartburn that got worse last few weeks of pregnancy and Lleyton was born with a ton of dark hair, I could plait it lol.

stom you in labour yet Hun? Xx

Stom91 Wed 18-Dec-13 17:07:29

I 3rd the Andrex wipes! I get quite sore wiping with tissue so these really helped. I've also been abit sore when going no 2 and abit of blood and used some anusol and it seems to have cleared it up!

Congratulations mrsE

alyssa. Unfortunately not sad but I do think I could be in slow labour? My waters haven't gone after waiting 4 hours at the hospital yesterday before they decided to check!
But all day yesterday I've had bad periody back and low tummy pain and I've had it all day today and nothing is helping I've tried a bath, pain killers, hot water bottle. I just don't know what to do with myself.

I'm seeing my community mw tomorrow so I'm going to ask her if she can check if anything is happening down there? I'm hoping she will say I'm so many cm dilated cos other this pain seems like it's for nothing.
Sorry if I sound depressing. Just feel really down as the 2 mw I spoke to yesterday said I'm definately in early labour and then this old school mw comes in and says I'm not felt like Crap when I got home and really upset. And that dp had wasted his day off though it was nice to have him home and it did make him go out and buy my Christmas present ( he's a last minute present Kinda guy lol usually he goes Christmas Eve lol) he got me a pandora bracelet which I chose an then he's picked out a charm but I won't know what that is until Christmas Day which will be nice surprise smile

Hope all those in labour or want to be start happening soon.

BohemianRaspberry Wed 18-Dec-13 17:42:17

As it turns out, my waters went last night. Been down MLU and got induction tomorrow, unless I can somehow get myself into full contracty style labour before 8am. Come on contractions ...

I'm sorry for waiting ladies but hang in there, especially stom - hopefully not long now.

Stom91 Wed 18-Dec-13 18:08:06

Congrats bohemian!! Hope you go into natural labour soon! I'll be thinking of you.
Send whatever you have my way! Lol

lisbapalea Wed 18-Dec-13 19:08:50

Good luck bohemian and thinking of everyone still waiting - hope the action ramps up soon for you all!

Midwives have confirmed I will be discharged tomorrow, hopefully by lunchtime, which I am excited about! Things have been going well today and Hannah's been feeding well, but I am cautious over how well that will continue when the milk comes in, as that's when it went pear-shaped with DD (my boobs went so big and solid she couldn't get any kind of latch at all). Am hoping Hannah's practice over these first two days will stand her in good stead for dealing with mega bowling ball boobs!

Alyssa1978 Wed 18-Dec-13 19:26:35

It sounds go me like you're in early slow labour stom and hopefully those pains are doing something down there. Aww I love my pandora bracelet dp got it for me for my last bday xx

lisba congrats on the release tomorrow and hopefully hannah stays feeding well. I'm speaking to my mw tomorrow about Lleyton as he wouldn't latch on at all earlier and his little belly was rumbling so I caved and gave him a bottle.

Yah bohemian either way you'll have newborn snuggles soon smile sending tons of natural labour dust and vibes your way grin

Stom91 Wed 18-Dec-13 19:42:22

Thanks alyssa makes me feel better
Though out boiler has just started leaking.
Not a lot just drips. Hope it's not serious.

Mummyboylan Wed 18-Dec-13 20:02:46

Hello mummies, congrats on everybody's news x how exciting smile
Can anyone shed some light for me, this is my first baby and I think I've been in early labour since Monday but things are coming and going so I'm not sure what to think. Started light cramps so I chilled for the day, next day I decided I should do the Xmas shopping, which kicked things up and I was getting contractions, today I woke up and it was like nothing had been going on at all, so scrubbed the house and around 4ish I started contractions again on and off. Now they're more off than on but I can't get comfortable in any position. My hips r agony, my bump feels like a bag of rocks and just as heavy. How long can this go on?
Sorry for whining folks x

harry78 Wed 18-Dec-13 21:07:05

hey all I guess I am looking for some moral support smile. Im 40 + 5 today and still no sign of baby sad. Ive cleaned the house from top to bottom, finished off little decorating jobs and now really feel like I am playing a waiting game. I know people mean well but the daily "any news?" question is starting to get to me. Anyone else in a similar boat and want to have a bit of a wallow? fbiscuit

Mummyboylan Wed 18-Dec-13 21:37:33

Harry, I feel ur pain, but I'm not due till Monday x people think they mean well. I've had msg after msg asking if any things happening, think someone going to get a chap in the jaw soon!

Weescottie Wed 18-Dec-13 21:46:23


I've been struggling to keep up with the thread so haven't posted for ages...also nothing to add to all the excellent advice others have posted.

Massive congratulations to all those getting newborn snuggles thanks fenvy

But Harry just wanted to say I am 41+2 and in exactly the same position as you. Had 2 sweeps but nothing happening so far. My house is spotless and I'm over organised for Xmas! I've tried all the old wives tales. I've now kind of resigned myself to being induced at the weekend and so will be having a lazy last few days. I agree the messages get a bit much after a while! On the plus I think I lost my plug last night so maybe things will kick off in the next couple of days on their own. tweaks nipples to try to bring on contractions fblush

yogafan Wed 18-Dec-13 21:55:11

Hello all, I'm a bit of a lurker too - 41+3 today and due to be induced on Monday. Haven't had any sweeps yet as I've been battling a cold and would love to have a little more strength to face labour.
So lovely to hear about the babies being born on this thread, and good luck to all those waiting. The last few days/weeks are a bit if a slog...

harry78 Wed 18-Dec-13 21:57:37

Thanks weescottie and mummyboylan it's good to have someone who understands the sheer frustration of it all! What I am finding hardest is that everyone's an expert grin. I know they mean well but it's driving me loopy! I've had one sweep and another booked in for Friday with a possibility to be induced next week. I know I should be making the most of it, but...

Mummyboylan Wed 18-Dec-13 22:09:50

I've been having symptoms of labour but they don't progress far enough! My brain is prepared for labour but nothing is happening! Ahh! Mw keeps saying to relax but I can't sit about all day! I'll get all the "mean well" msgs again in the morning I suppose but I'm going to make a sign that say "does it look like I've had my baby?!" And wear it wen I go out!
It's hard to keep positive and folk make it worse with their chat x
wots everyone's action plans? I'm making mince pies tomorrow and prob scrub the house again.
Sending all labour vibes x

Weescottie Wed 18-Dec-13 22:11:35

I think the waiting is particularly hard in the run up to Xmas as everyone is waiting for when they can come visit!

harry78 Wed 18-Dec-13 22:27:35

Have you had people with 'funny feelings' - "ooh I've a funny feeling it will happen today / tomorrow /next week"?!

Mummyboylan Wed 18-Dec-13 22:40:03

A few. Want to reply "funny feeling, you're full of sh£&@"

harry78 Wed 18-Dec-13 22:47:16

Lol grin

Roselau Wed 18-Dec-13 23:15:08

harry i have gone into hibernation. I can't talk to people as I think I may punch them in the face. unfortunately can't avoid the emails but I either don't respond or take a deep breath and try to remember it's just because they care.
the experts piss me off the most - 'oh this is what you'll feel like, I know exactly what you're going to feel like, this is what's going to happen'. If you know exactly how it feels, why don't you know that you saying that is just making me want to scratch your eyes out?
I just really hope I remember this later when I talk to pregnant women. just say 'it sucks, I empathise, and I'm here if you need anything'.

extracrunchy Wed 18-Dec-13 23:47:18
BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Wed 18-Dec-13 23:54:20

extra that's ace grin

I find myself in the strange position of not wanting to go into labour as have a bad chest and am coughing loads. Hoping baby holds off a few days so I'll be able to breathe while in labour.

mumoftwoboysS Thu 19-Dec-13 07:07:45

Hi mummyboylan harry and other new peeps. I've had signs on and off too- I'm 39+4 and been getting either some real contractions or what I'd call bloody painful Braxton hicks (BH) but just randomly- no pattern or regularity. Also lost some of plug.

extra love that link! My mum rang last night and said 'any twinges?' For the 7th day running. I know she means well but argh!! She's watching the kids if I go into labour so I thin she'd be the first to know if I had any twinges!

I had one mum on the school run yesterday look at me with pity and say 'still waiting?' Erm yes thanks for pointing out the obvious!

I'm placing my hopes on baby coming a day early so this Saturday it is!

Sending contracting vibes to you all- ESP the ones overdue!

mumoftwoboysS Thu 19-Dec-13 07:09:29

better hope you're better soon- I'm coming down with a cold/bad chest - great timing hmm

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Thu 19-Dec-13 08:20:50

Aw mum hope you don't get too sick. This is actually the worst cold I've had in ages and now my DH is sick as well. My plan (Ha!) is to get better and go into labour and have baby on Sunday to be home in time for Christmas. I think need to get the wrapping done for DS ASAP just in case but more likely is still being pregnant until
January fconfused.

Hope everyone else is well!!

Alyssa1978 Thu 19-Dec-13 09:02:06

Dp back to work today for the first time sad
I am now trying to juggle a 3 yr old a 1 yr old and a 19 day old baby who won't latch on or sleep if I put him down why is there no crying emoticon

I still need to wrap up, make Xmas cookies for kids and Santa do loads of washing, the sink full of dishes I was left this morning, take kids to see Santa and now wash all the onsies and dressing gowns ready for the polar express train tomorrow argggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh

mum the looks of pity used to royally boil my piss annoy me too, I'm sending you all the regular contractiony vibes I can muster.

stom and the rest of the still due ladies chant after me
our babies will beat santa
our babies will beat santa
our babies will beat santa


lisbapalea Thu 19-Dec-13 09:05:39

Bloody hell alyssa you sound like wonderwoman! You're doing amazingly well to cope with 3 little DC's - I am in awe!

Mummyboylan Thu 19-Dec-13 09:10:40

Wow alyssa if u lived closer I'd come help! That's medal worthy x

Alyssa1978 Thu 19-Dec-13 09:13:07

Aww lisba thank you very much that comment meant a lot thanks

Done the washing up and second load of clothes ready for the dryer so in getting there grin
It's the cookies I'm dreading! I made the dough last night as it has to chill in the fridge overnight, but now the dough makes 60 sugar cookies hmm then we decorate them all lol

Alyssa1978 Thu 19-Dec-13 09:13:57

Thank you mummyboyian come on over, ill pay for the flight grin xx

Mummyboylan Thu 19-Dec-13 09:46:51

:D getting away from here would be great been a stormy night with a wee bit of snow! Maybe that's y baby's staying in x think I had a wee show though so fair to say I'm in a better mood than yesterday smile smile

Alyssa1978 Thu 19-Dec-13 10:13:54

Yeah I'd stay put inside if it was cold too lol
Ooh a show is always a good thing, hopefully not too long for you xx

Snozwanger Thu 19-Dec-13 10:16:55

Just checking in to say I had pains last night from around 12:00 til 6:00 this morning. Took paracetamol and tried to get some rest. Managed to sleep but pains all gone this morning. Think I did lose a bit of pink water and a bit of show too so fingers crossed baby will be here soon.
Delivery suite said it was prob a practice run and to keep mobile.
Off to clean the fridge and whatever else I can think of! grin

Stom91 Thu 19-Dec-13 10:21:07

I'm seeing the midwife at 2pm please all pray for me that at least something is happening down there !! Or she does a sweep or says something good.
If she says not engaged and still closed etc I think I may cry!

Mummyboylan Thu 19-Dec-13 10:27:04

Fingers crossed for u all xxxx

Snozwanger Thu 19-Dec-13 10:29:32

Good luck Stom, lets synchronise these babies and get them out before the weekend!

Alyssa1978 Thu 19-Dec-13 11:18:38

snoz hopefully things will be happening for you soon.

stom you are 3cm dialated and tell that mw I will not take a lower number or I'm coming over there grin
Good luck Hun, hope its good news for you xx

Stom91 Thu 19-Dec-13 11:31:08

Hahah!! alyssa that's made me laugh. I'll be sure to tell her lol.
I've started to get all the any news yet? Texts fb messages and the come on baby's
Urgh how annoying lol like I wouldn't announce when she's arrived lol

Though me and dp are planning on waiting a few hours to a day jut so we can have some peace and quiet with dd before everyone starts to ask to come over lol

hotcrossbun83 Thu 19-Dec-13 12:01:16

Good luck stom

Well I think ds is emerging from his jaundice, started sucking last night and hasn't stopped since. For about 2 days he had almost everything by syringe so this is a big turn around hope he has put some weight on tomorrow.

Downside for me is that he is much more alert, wants to cluster feed and sleep on me 24/7 just like first couple of days before the jaundice. This morning I have taken him into bed as seems v safe just me and him, it's light and I am only napping. It's the happiest he's ever seemed and sleeping solidly. Not sure I can do this at night with dh and darkness, but started reading about co sleeping and rethinking that it might be safer for us. Last night I fell asleep in the middle of giving a syringe of milk, only for 2 secs but woke up to ds staring at me like I was crazy, come on mummy why has the milk stopped. That kind of tiredness on a sofa his got to be more dangerous than planned co sleeping, and he wouldnt sleep in dh arms last night either.

alyssa I don't know how you're doing it, not latching or sleeping is exactly what I have been dealing with but I have mum or dh to help me with one baby, you must be a multitasking genius

Mummyboylan Thu 19-Dec-13 13:19:06

Reading about all the bf issues, do u recommend having bottles and formula in the house, before baby arrives, just in case?

itsonlyapapermoon Thu 19-Dec-13 13:45:27

Hey ladies, quick question-has anyone had their skin go red like sunburn? Im 38 weeks today, and we've just had a 40 degree day shock (in Australia lol). I haven't been outside all day and I've been lolling about in the aircon, but I've noticed this evening that I look a bit sunburned. I thought perhaps I was imagining it, but my mum came over and said the same thing earlier. I feel totally fine, bubs is moving around, so not sure if it's anything to be concerned about. Anyone?

mumoftwoboysS Thu 19-Dec-13 14:31:11

Oh alyssa I'll be in the same boat soon with 3 young kids! I have a feeling I may end up relying on the tv to help out too much the first few months. I don't know what to suggest as I'm not there yet but just don't try to do too much I guess- people will understand that you've got a lot on your plate! I'm worried about the days after Xmas (if baby is here) my mum always goes on a walk the day after Boxing Day but I kind of thought this year she'd be around to help every day but she's talking about going on it! I may suggest she takes my eldest ds and see what she says!

I'm in such a bad mood- even typing this is pissimg me off! For no reason other than I keep mistyping everything! Grr! All this talk of Xmas and all I can think is I want baby out before Xmas day!!

Had more of my plug come out- unfortunately I didn't notice, pulled up my pants and jeans and felt something wet on my back- nice! Jelly goop plug smeared everywhere!

Stom91 Thu 19-Dec-13 15:01:54

Soo just got back from mw. She wouldn't do a sweep she wouldn't even check to see if anythinga happening sad
Baby is 4/5ths engaged. And have booked me in to have a sweep at home on the 27th but seriously hoping dd is here before then.
She says baby is likely to come when your not honking about it so I've booked to have my hair cut tomorrow I live in a sleepy village which has a hair salon which isn't too muh of a walk but far enough when 40 weeks preg! Lol.
So hopefully dd decide to come lol.

Dp bought himself one of those big plastic bottles to put pennies in he brought a jack Daniels one which he was excited about we've had it a couple days and I've just been sat looking at it as it doesn't look right to realise is says jake daniels!! Lol did make me laugh.

Roselau Thu 19-Dec-13 15:39:36

woke up to two 'are you still pregnant' emails, + FB post on my wall + a FB private message.

aaaaaagh kill me now.

alyssa how are you doing all this? are you sleeping at all???

stom the 27th?! that sounds so far! boooo. I feel like I will have to wait that long as well, with Christmas and all. hope you enjoy the haircut.

mummyb I've gotten some bottles just in case, and should be getting my pump tomorrow. I figure if my milk just doesn't come I can send DH to get formula - we have a pharmacy in our building.

Stom91 Thu 19-Dec-13 15:46:51

Yeh seems like for we but I'll only be 6 days over! She wants to give baby a chance to come on her own but I'm so fat and in pain and fed up!!
Kinda hope dd wants to ruin my plans of a haircut lol but I will enjoy it if she doesn't. Lol thanks
I woke up to a fb post too .. Trying to be nice they mean well.
It when people say just be patient that grinds my gears. Or people that have been pregnant say your time will come or be patient ect like they've forgotten what it's like lol

Roselau Thu 19-Dec-13 16:11:52

I also woke up with really bad diarrhea (tmi sorry). what is going on with my tummy?!?

Stom91 Thu 19-Dec-13 16:31:10

Clear out?? X

Roselau Thu 19-Dec-13 16:33:53

and extra i used the 'have you had your baby' link. love it

Roselau Thu 19-Dec-13 16:35:04

stom i would hope so but i have no other symptoms. my tummy has been icky since monday... i'm just worried that baby is not getting what she needs because I'm not eating much and everything is escaping my body.

mumoftwoboysS Thu 19-Dec-13 16:38:48

Has anyone had that bowling ball feeling close to going into labour?? Just wondering clutching at straws as the pressure this avo after lots of walking today is insane- feels like baby's head is right in my bum....

Mummyboylan Thu 19-Dec-13 16:45:08

Mum, I've had that since Monday. I've also been having irregular contractions normally at the same time everyday but not today........ Pregnancy is too odd!

Stom91 Thu 19-Dec-13 16:50:52

rose baby will be getting everything from you so it'll be you that won't have enough. Your body won't let baby go without. So try not to worry.
Try and eat little and often if you can.
Hopefully you're feeling xrap because you're body is getting prepared for labour. I hope something picks up soon for you.
Sending hugs xx

mumoftwoboysS Thu 19-Dec-13 16:52:13

mummy oh was hoping it was a sign of imminent labour hmm I've been getting irregular but painful contractions now and then all week too- maybe what the mw said was true that 3rd babies are stop/start niggly labours!

I did reply to your post re bottles but damn thing failed to post message. Maybe you can borrow a few bottles and buy a few packs of ready made formula just in case then you can just buy more if you decide to formula or combination feed. Can be useful if your boobs get too sore and you need a break or baby needs topping up for any reason

mumoftwoboysS Thu 19-Dec-13 16:54:24

Yeah agree rose could be your body clearing out before labour. My tum hasn't been great for a week or so (not diarrhoea but not normal either) I can only think it's due to baby squishing my bowels and they don't like it! Don't worry baby will get all he/she needs just keep drinking lots of fluids

Roselau Thu 19-Dec-13 17:59:50

thanks stom and mum for the reassurance. let's hope it's a sign of something. xx

Alyssa1978 Thu 19-Dec-13 18:22:44

hot I feel like I'm falling apart sometimes but just power on and put on a brave face. They all went to sleep together today so I had a shower and it was bliss ooh I'm a rock star lol
I have put Lleyton in bed with me and its something I swore I'd never do but I never go into a deep sleep, I think lack of sleep is more dangerous sometimes.

itsonly I never had that when pregnant Hun so I'm not too sure if its pregnancy related or not I'm afraid.

mum today wasn't actually too bad in the end and I have to admit I put the cartoons on and they watch it when they want to and run riot when they don't lol grin I think the key is routine and lots of deep breaths and some disaronno and coke only kidding hmm that's for when they go to bed wink
I had the pressure for maybe a week before labour and third babies are very naughty as far as I'm concerned grin

stom noooooooooo you are 3cm damn it and your dd will be born by this Monday at the latest grin
It used to really annoy me when I was told to be patient too and baby would come when he wanted, when what should really be said is get annoyed and scream and shout and that baby needs to get out now

rose what is this sleep you speak of? I just don't sit down all day lol actually just ate my tea while walking around making the kids some food smile

Alyssa1978 Thu 19-Dec-13 18:26:35

Mw and health visitor came and Lleytons put on 3lb but still not back to his birth weight, so no sign off yet sad although the mw did sign me off smile

rose I had loose stools for maybe just under a couple weeks and more so the day before they broke my water so hopefully its a sign or you too xx

Stom91 Thu 19-Dec-13 20:53:49

I was kinda glad she didn't do a sweep - she had sausage fingers lol they were scary!! Haha
This back and tummy periody pain is awful I can't get into any comfy position
Told dp he's got to give me a back rub then dd may come out wink haha

Alyssa1978 Thu 19-Dec-13 21:55:55

Ooh good signs stom pain in front and your back sound like contractions, mind were like that. Is your stoma h going hard with them? Xx

Stom91 Thu 19-Dec-13 23:03:40

No just it's just like I'm on an extremely heavy period. It horrible can't get comfy or anything sad

Alyssa1978 Thu 19-Dec-13 23:17:15

See I knew it.....3cm soon grin
Bless you, this parts horrid and feel free to scream, moan and have all the irrational thoughts you'd like....after 40 weeks you and every other pregnant person is entitled to it smile


extracrunchy Thu 19-Dec-13 23:49:07

Stom that sounds very promising!!

So I rang the clinic this morning for the official results of the urine stick test that scuppered the sweep on Tuesday and it's all normal! So I COULD have had a sweep. Bastards!!

Have MIL here till Saturday lunch time - she's very clearly expecting a baby to arrive before then (no pressure), but keeps saying "baby will come when she's ready". I can't decide which is annoying me more!

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Fri 20-Dec-13 00:16:08

fgrin extra - I suspect MILs are inherently irritating when you're due a baby.

I am properly ill with this cold and so is DH. I've not even gone on ball as not ready to have baby until I'm better. Had consultant appointment-all looks good. I'm group b strep positive but so long as my waters don't go first it doesn't affect my plans for waterbirth. Just need to get over this cold now fangry

musiceverywhere Fri 20-Dec-13 01:39:34

Hi all, de-lurking to say that baby girl music arrived dec 16th. Only 3 days late but I know how frustrated you're all feeling. hmm I think it was our walk round the block that did it! Quite traumatic birth, mainly due to going from 0-10cm in about 4 hrs while I was asleep on strong pain relief! So caught everyone off guard, no time for epidural hmm anyway I won't go into more detail as you're all still to have your own childbirth story! Good luck! It's definitely worth it smile

extracrunchy Fri 20-Dec-13 02:56:57

Congratulations, Music! Sounds like quite a dramatic story..! Hope you're all settling well smile

Hi all sorry have checked in in a few days been super busy found a nice 2 bedroom flat that will be moving into in January with DP very excited!

How is everyone, congratulations to any new babies!!

Has Liz or Kc had their LOs yet? Only asking because they had the same due date as me...

Its nearly Christmas and this year I feel like a big kid im so excited!

yogafan Fri 20-Dec-13 06:21:19

Congrats music, and well done. Hope you have some time to rest and recover now, and enjoy your DD.

I am 40+12 now and SO ready to meet my baby. Don't know if it's a girl or a bit, the anticipation is killing me.

Wensleydale - I feel your pain. Me, my DP (and 2 year old DD) have been stricken with bone aching, horrible colds. My induction date is fast approaching but i haven't had the energy to do anything, let alone give birth (or try to - bouncing on the ball, walking round the block, or god forbid - have sex)

The good news is, that I'm beginning to feel a bit better, and although I still have a sore throat and feel a bit tired, I had a few painful tightenings last night, so perhaps my body is getting ready by itself and will go into labour when it knows I can cope? Hope so, and good luck for you too. It is RUBBISH though, good luck.

And good luck all the others waiting, it's a miserable business!

yogafan Fri 20-Dec-13 06:22:01

Girl or a boy, even... Sorry...

MrsShrubs Fri 20-Dec-13 07:47:11

Welcome newbies!!!

Am thrilled to bits James for the last 2 nights he's been sleeping for 6 hours straight, he's still asleep now from his feed at 2am- feel so good to be getting this much sleep when he's only 9 days old. Think the fact that in the hour before going to bed he's shovelling down A LOT of milk is part of it

Hope everyone's doing okay, especially those who are over their DD, fingers crossed things get moving soon

kchapper5 Fri 20-Dec-13 07:58:37

Morning everyone
Congratulations music
super I am currently being induced due to small baby (AC measurement below 5th centile) and very little fluid around baby. I got here at 2pm yesterday, had the pessary in about 4 started having contractions every 2-3 minutes at 12ish but managed to have 2 paracetamol at 2am and get some sleep. Xx

extracrunchy Fri 20-Dec-13 08:03:24

Kchapper lots of luck! Hope you get to meet your little one today and all's well smile

Alyssa1978 Fri 20-Dec-13 09:59:41

kchapper good luck Hun hope you meet lo soon and it all moves very quick for you.

extra that sucks. My future mil annoys my tits off me most of the time when not pregnant grin she's so moody if something doesn't go her way that I just wanna slap her lol

mrs are you bf or bottle feeding Hun?
That's an amazing sleep for your ds....so jel lol

Congrats on your dd music enjoy your snuggles.

I'm so excited for kids today, we have the polar express train and ds1 loved it last year. Dp is at work though so my great acting skills hmm will have to come into affect to get him out as apparently I was inconvenient not going a few days over my due date so he could have all Xmas off and not have to work 4 days before factory shut down for 2 weeks shock
He should think himself lucky, I get Xmas day off and that's it when I'm at work lol

All the house work got done yesterday so only the cookies left to do grin

Good luck all you labouring/want to be labouring ladies xx

lisbapalea Fri 20-Dec-13 10:34:07

Hmm, think the bowling ball boob problems may be starting! Hannah's now having some difficulty latching on now that my boobs are so huge and full (more prob on the left than the right, weirdly), but she is doing lots of poo and wee so I am guessing it is going in, which is good!

Last night's sleep was a lot more patchy compared to the first two in hospital, so the knackeredness is now kicking in along with some non specific hormonal weepiness! I guess the feelings that go 'up' have to come down at some point....!

mrsshrubs James' sleep sounds fantastic - bring on day 9!!

Have got a mw visit today so will be good to get Hannah weighed and see howbahe reckons things are progressing.

Good luck kchapper and everyone else waiting to set their babies loose on the world!

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Fri 20-Dec-13 11:31:21

yoga wow you've had a long wait, were you over with DD? I keep telling my DH that labour won't start until I'm feeling better but he doesn't trust me. My DS was born 40+11 so I'm now mentally preparing myself for January.

Good luck kchapper!!!

lis sometimes it helps to express a bit before feeding so breast isn't as bursting but not too much as can stimulate oversupply. I think I used to just hand express a bit before feeding. I had a very fast let-down (think milk squirting across the room like from a firehose!) and when my DS was first born he pulled off a lot, I think because it overwhelmed him. He got to grips with it quickly though.

mumoftwoboysS Fri 20-Dec-13 11:46:08

To those of you still waiting, I came across an interesting website by accident about optimal foetal positioning. I had heard of if but wasn't 100% sure what it was all about) basically all that stuff about bring forward and upright, not lying back on the sofa or putting your feet back (really bad for baby ending up back to back=painful longer labour etc) well it might be handy for those of you wanting baby to turn so their back is at the front of your tum so they come out quicker and easier! I found out this theory last night whilst in bed- was really uncomfortable and needed to turn over but rAther than rolling on my back I went on all fours then turned to my left side and when on all fours felt baby swing round with his her/back coming to the front! I'm going to make sure I'm on all fours at some point during labour to encourage this! Here's the link if you're interested:


mumoftwoboysS Fri 20-Dec-13 11:47:00

Not putting your feet 'back' sorry, putting your feet 'up'!

lisbapalea Fri 20-Dec-13 12:02:39

Thanks betterwith - yep think you're right about the hand expressing although the last two feeds she has managed to latch on, so fingers crossed she is getting the hang of it! Like you say, I am keen not to create oversupply by using a pump (I have an agent manual one from last time which I would rather not use!), and am hoping that Hannah and my boobs will come to some kind of agreement on how full / massive they need to be after a few more days of practice!

Her feeding frequency has increased now though so I am not being spoiled by the 3hr gaps between which I had over the last few days - just hoping that the clustering might stick more to the daytime today and allow some longer stretches of sleep tonight - fingers crossed!!

Sorry to bang on about feeding stuff here - I should prob go over to the feeding section, but some of the folk over there intimidate me with their expertise!

Thinking of everyone else still waiting - hope you're scoffing lots of Christmas chocolates to help yourselves cope!

Stom91 Fri 20-Dec-13 12:50:10

Argh it's my due date tomorrow and no signs apart from the odd period pain. I'm getting so frustrated!! Going to walk into the village later to have my hair cut so hopefully the walk there and back will start something!! I really wanted her here for Christmas sad
Good luck to those being induced.

froubylou Fri 20-Dec-13 15:13:41

Afternoon everyone.

Lost track over the last few days of what is happening with everyone. Hope you all get to meet baby soon.

I am swinging from deliriously happy to being weepy for no reason lol. Tis the hormones spinning around. Poor DP doesn't quite know what to say or do for the best.

All those worrying about bfing I am finding it easier in some ways and harder in others than what I remembered. Seb is a very content baby though and taken to it very well. The most difficult part is the cluster feeding for most of the night. He won't settle anywhere but on me or at the side of me feeding so after 7 days I am a bit fooked.

Hopefully over the Christmas break I can catch up on some sleep!

And anyone who is or who wants to bf I swear you need a V shaped pillow. I can prop him on it, flop a boob out and latch him on and then have 2 hands free to eat, drink or mn and fb lol.

lisbapalea Fri 20-Dec-13 15:25:01

Totally with you on the sudden changes in emotions frouby! I feel a bit schizophrenic at times!

Glad Seb is content, even if the cluster feeding is a bit tricky. I am feeling your pain on that score. For the last 15hrs I reckon we've been feeding every 1-2hrs so I am feeling rather like a dairy cow!

Roselau Fri 20-Dec-13 15:40:31

i'm sure i'll find out at some point, but what's cluster feeding?

MummaDevon Fri 20-Dec-13 15:42:51

Well I'm now 40+7 and had my first sweep, cervix shut tight but soft and short so some progress!! Two more sweeps booked, one being Xmas eve. If no luck, induction on Boxing Day. Can't believe i may have Xmas day still pregnant! Soooooooooooo fed up. Had 6 texts today too asking where baby is...! Argh! X

extracrunchy Fri 20-Dec-13 15:52:14

I've just been for a very vigorous sweep. Ouch..! Apparently I'm 2-3cm and can have another one on Sunday if no movement. I really really really want this baby out before Christmas!! confused

Roselau Fri 20-Dec-13 17:33:47

I want her out by christmas too. due date is tomorrow. still nothing though.

MrsShrubs Fri 20-Dec-13 17:37:23

alyssa I'm expressing because he went on boob strike on me so he's bottle fed but breast milk, he eats normally I. The day but the last 2 nights right before bed he's been crazy hungry and then just sleeps through, here's hoping tonight's the same!!

Stom91 Fri 20-Dec-13 17:39:14

rose everything seems to have stopped for me sad and everyone keeps saying she's gong to be born Xmas day and laughing. I don't think it's funny. I couldn't think of anything worse!
I just feel like crying and a sweep seems so far away!!!

Roselau Fri 20-Dec-13 17:45:21

stom i'm with you... totally sucks that you've had this start / stop labour happening though. what a let down.

I get the same: 'you'll be celebrating Christmas at the hospital!'


on the other hand, i'll take Christmas over new year's. i can't even think of waiting until new year.

hotcrossbun83 Fri 20-Dec-13 18:04:33

Feel everyone's pain on the bf front. Midwife came this morning and ds latched straight on and sucked for 30 mins, he never normally does that. So she thinks it's going well, soon as she goes next feed he won't latch at all, grr. I also think my milk production has slowed today, frustrating because I had loads, think I gave too much formula top up yesterday out of exhaustion. So really need to keep expressing and get it back up even in the middle of the night, so hard when you know you have 90 mins max to sleep before next feed. Off to the bf board to ask for advice, I'm really confused at this point

Stom91 Fri 20-Dec-13 18:05:33

Yeah everytime time I get pain I'm like yes this is good pain just go with it then it stops.
Had my hair cut today and a walk and that hasn't even don't anything just had the pains in my foof (feel like someone stabbing me) but mw says that just baby nuzzling down getting ready.
I'm bored of bouncing on my ball and doing all the other things. And I feel like I'm letting everyone down cos BIL is flying put to Dubai Monday so if she's not here he won't get to meet her til the Summer, not sure how long dp gran has left as she's so old and would love her to meet dd, mum keeps telling everyone how much she needs this baby to Make her happy, dd will be the first grandchild/niece etc so I just feel like I'm under loads of pressure to get her out now.

Alyssa1978 Fri 20-Dec-13 18:38:36

2-3 that's good extra and hopefully the vigorous pulling shock will hurry things along xx

Good luck mumma after the sweep you may not be closed now Hun xx

lisba and frouby it must be bf babies as Lleyton is exactly the same and once my other 2 went onto bottles they slept fine being put to bed.

frouby I'm with you on the hormones. I can cry at absolutely nothing....poor dp is the same and bares the brunt of it bless him.

stom I have my fingers tightly crossed for you xx

Well we just did the polar express and they split us up, me and ds1 on one table and dp and ds2 on another while other families were sat together, I'm not happy and they will be receiving a very fuck you string worded complaint angry

Sending dilating vibes to you all xx

Alyssa1978 Fri 20-Dec-13 18:43:33

strong not string lol

mrs that's great! How much milk do you get out when expressing and how often do you do it if you don't mind me asking?

Wmi must have a fast let down and that is why Lleyton is pulling off as when I expressed my milk shot out like a rocket

Mummyboylan Fri 20-Dec-13 18:46:24

Ladies I'm sharing your pain. Had mw today and she said we just need to find the trigger and we'll be off! If no sign getting a sweep Xmas eve!
stom your not half under pressure! Hard wen it's the in laws. The wife's grandparents have booked into one of the hotels esp to meet baby! Nothing like jumping the gun! My labour is start stop too so frustrating x asked the world if fab for labour vibes and been having twinges so never know x
Fingers crossed for everyone xxx

harry78 Fri 20-Dec-13 19:14:55

Sweep here too today and also about 2cm dilated. Booked in to be induced on Monday although said I can put it back if I want to... What do you reckon better to do it Monday or wait until Boxing Day?

yogafan Fri 20-Dec-13 19:25:18

So I had a sweep today too, and on off cramps all day. Pleeeesse let this speed up and result in a baby pronto. My c

yogafan Fri 20-Dec-13 19:37:47

So I had a sweep today too, and on off cramps all day. Pleeeesse let this speed up and result in a baby pronto. My cold is threatening to return, my throat hurts and I'm tired, but I'll be 13 days overdue tomorrow. That is too much! I need this ordeal to end soon!
My DD was born on her due date, this is obviously pay back time!

extracrunchy Fri 20-Dec-13 19:51:46

Yoga and Harry hope we have babies this weekend!

Harry I would probably go with Boxing Day - there's no guarantee it'll happen quickly if you go monday and you don't want to be stuck in over Christmas!

MrsShrubs Fri 20-Dec-13 20:03:30

alyssa on average about 50ml per boob, I try and do it everytime he feeds so roughly every 3 /4 hours during the day. I've managed to have a good 2 bottles stockpiled in the fridge at a time as well as the bottle he has at the time, at one point I had 4 but then he went on a mega feeding spree. It's great because DH can feed him in the night or nannys & grandads can feed him and feel involved.

yogafan Fri 20-Dec-13 20:38:43

Oh yes - Harry, I'd say Boxing Day too. Inductions can take a while to get going - my first was a quick labour, recorded at just 5 1/2 hours, but i was in hospital for a couple of days before giving birth!

Roselau Fri 20-Dec-13 21:21:23

ouch the little one is getting leverage by pushing on my stomach with her legs and pressing her head down my pelvis. hopefully she's getting ready helping everything stretch downstairs but it does NOT feel good. stom I also had a few stabbing pains down my fanjo and hip flexors.

yoga 13 days?!? oh poor you. let's all get it over with, ok?

Roselau Fri 20-Dec-13 21:31:51

downstairs?? i meant down there...

mumoftwoboysS Fri 20-Dec-13 22:18:14

Ooh rose I had some of that stretching the other day and my god it hurt- I was yelping and trying to stretch my body out in bed to give baby more room so it wouldn't hurt so much!

Not feeling hopeful for tonight...no real signs right now, no more plug. Fedup.com sad

Help me pleasesad Delilah has been awake since 5pm and she drunk from both boobs and was still hungry so gave her a bottle top up and she drunk all of that she just wont sleep and keeps crying now and then. Iv winded her, chAnged her but still will not sleep im worried something is wrong. Right now shes just laying in the moses basket staring!

Alyssa1978 Fri 20-Dec-13 22:44:52

Is she screaming in pain? If yes go to your local walk in.

Try winding her again over your shoulder and maybe try cuddling her in to rock her asleep or you can try another couple ounces top up to see if she's still hungry.

Lleyton was doing the staring thing this morning for hours, he just wasn't sleepy but went to sleep after I cuddled him in. Other than that I'm not sure what to suggest Hun xx

Weescottie Fri 20-Dec-13 23:26:30

40+11 and still no sign of baby sad so looks like induction will be going ahead on Sunday.

Hope everyone else is having more luck! thanks

Can I ask does anyone else feel like its a bit unreal they will actually have a baby soon? I know it's stupid as I can feel baby pummelling my insides but it still feels very unreal to me I will actually have a baby very soon. I'm finding it very hard to imagine the practicalities blush I'm a bit scared it will all be too much of a shock to the system! I'm obviously excited to become a mum and can't wait to meet my little one but sometimes feel like this is a dream. Not sure if its just pre induction nerves kicking in and having too much time to worry.

Hope the new mummies are getting some rest biscuit

Mummyboylan Fri 20-Dec-13 23:30:50

weescottie I am glad I'm not alone, I'm a bit terrified tbh. Is this your first too?

Weescottie Fri 20-Dec-13 23:34:11

Yes, it is my first as well. Terrified definitely covers it! Glad I'm not alone.

I'm sure we'll be fine once little one is here and we have to just get on with it!

Stom91 Fri 20-Dec-13 23:46:45

(Tmi) girls I'm so constipated it's awful. I feel like I need to go so I waddle to the loo sit down and then nothing. The urge to go stops I don't like forcing it so I just sit there for ages but nothing happens. I'm so bunged up that I'm even struggling to get wind out. (Sorry)
I'm eating lots of fibre is there anything I can take like senocot or something?

Stom91 Fri 20-Dec-13 23:49:32

And when I do actually go my poo isn't hard like you'd maybe expect when constipated it's soft like a normal poo maybe bit softer so I don't know why I can't get it out.
Sorry for the tmi.

Mummyboylan Fri 20-Dec-13 23:56:22

weescottie I think we'll be alright sure mummy mode will kick in x other mummies r good for getting advice etc and they were once in our position x
stom I've had similar issues I find taking time to sit helps if u can x I take my phone and play sonic lol just to take my mind off x there's nothing more nasty than constipation x

Weescottie Fri 20-Dec-13 23:56:42

I'm afraid I don't really have any expert advice.

I think it's sometimes baby position which is blocking or upsetting regular movements. I sometimes find changing the position I'm in helps ease things. Like lying on my side for a while or leaning on my ball. Also rubbing my bump/massaging it sometimes releases things a bit.

flowers it sucks

Mummyboylan Fri 20-Dec-13 23:59:31

I also eat oranges by the crate esp at this time of year, they're so sweet and yummy x I grew up with a brother born with hirschprung disease and it worked for him lol x

Stom91 Sat 21-Dec-13 00:56:40

I'm allergic to oranges sad sounds weird but I am lol. Makes me ill for days. So I have to stay away. I can't even have Terry's chocolate orange anymore cos they put real orange oil in it. It was my fave sad

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Sat 21-Dec-13 07:18:40

Stom I have exactly the same problem. I think it is combination of pressure from baby and (sorry TMI) that it all gets stretchier down there so bowel stretches more than normal and the poo collects. I don't think you can take anything to stimulate the bowel like senokot but you could try glycerin suppositories. I'm just spending far too long on the toilet fblush. On plus side, sitting on toilet is good for helping baby's head get lower - always the optimist, me you know.

Stom91 Sat 21-Dec-13 08:37:18

It horrible. I sit there for ages and one like I don't need to go now so just get up and hope it comes back. It so nice when I do go though lol

It's my due date today and have no twinges or anything sad

mumoftwoboysS Sat 21-Dec-13 08:40:18

stomdried apricots?? Lots of water? Sounds like baby is in the way a bit- I find that- sometimes hard to go but not constipated!

Those of you first timers finding it scary/surreal that's completely natural! Tbh this is my third and I feel the same! Ok so I know what's coming etc but still can't imagine holding baby right now and a bit scared about labour (mainly as mine might be fast) but mostly excited to meet little one. Don't worry it'll feel more natural once baby is in your arms. Despite having 2 when I hold a newborn it feels awkward and I feel like I've forgotten what to do!

Due date tomorrow- come on baby you can still be early!...

itsliz Sat 21-Dec-13 11:42:30

Superman Still no sign of my little one yet... Looks like I'm the last one left due on 30th now!

Just popping in for a quick update as yesterday was a bit manic - Had a routine appointment with the midwife who discovered my BP had shot back up to 140 again and sent me straight to the hospital.
It was a bit of a shock as I was admitted for the same reason last week but was given tablets to keep it under control and have been feeling a lot better since.

Triage didn't seem that bothered and kept us waiting for about 3 hours before checking me over. By then my BP had gone down to 130 so better but still not great. Luckily I was sent home but I've been told to go in for another check tomorrow and again later in the week, and in the meantime keep an eye out for any signs of pre-eclampsia.
Hands are a bit puffy today but not bad enough to be really worried about...

There's been no mention of induction or being taken off of midwife led care yet either so fingers crossed things stay that way!

Off to get a few last minute Christmassy bits now as I'm keen to get as much sorted as I can today just in case they're not happy with my BP tomorrow and want to keep me in, so I'll catch up with everyone's posts properly later smile

kchapper5 Sat 21-Dec-13 12:43:54

Hello again everyone just to let you know Harriet Cerys was born at 6:43am today weighing 6lb 3 by emergency C section as I wasn't progressing on the drip and she'd started to get distressed. She is all fine and currently fast asleep

lisbapalea Sat 21-Dec-13 14:39:47

Congrats kchapper! What a beautiful name!

Hope you're both feeling ok after the c section and you're enjoying some new baby cuddles while she snoozes!

lisbapalea Sat 21-Dec-13 14:40:07

Congrats kchapper! What a beautiful name!

Hope you're both feeling ok after the c section and you're enjoying some new baby cuddles while she snoozes!

extracrunchy Sat 21-Dec-13 14:47:46

Hello! Elizabeth ("Bess") was born at around 11am this morning weighing in at a very solid 9 1/2 lbs! She's doing really well and we're hoping to be home by late afternoon. smile

Stom91 Sat 21-Dec-13 15:27:46

Congratulations to both kchapper & extracrunchy
Enjoy you're bundles of joy!!

It's my due date today an there have been no signs at all. Think I'm going to still be here in January!! Starting to get mighty depressed now. I'm so fed up of people telling me she will be here when she's ready or to make the most of the quiet!! I've been off since July (due to health) I've made the most of the quiet and the lie -ins etc etc etc bla bla
People that keep saying it are just pissing me off now and it's not helping!!

froubylou Sat 21-Dec-13 15:53:52

Congratulations kchapper and extra. Beautiful names.

Stom don't get down lovely. My edd was yesterday and I would be pissed off if I went over too. But at least you aren't a hormonal witch for Christmas. I am alternating between crying, raging and being euphoric lol.

And I never thought I would be so pleased to have 3 1.5 hours kip as what I was last night. Seb finally decided that the crib may be ok for short spells and actually went down! Hopefully it wasn't a fluke and he will dc the same tonight.

Roselau Sat 21-Dec-13 15:59:19

happy due date to us stom...
I was hoping I would wake up in the middle of the night with contractions, but instead I woke up with vomit coming up into my mouth from what seemed like awful acid reflux. lovely.
still feeling not much other than the odd period pain. I don't want to talk to anybody this was supposed to be the day I met my little girl.

congrats kchap and extra!!
liz i hope your bp gets figured out!

I've had the opposite problem stom and better - I run for the loo to 'evacuate' every 10 minutes. It's on and off but it's been since Monday. so it's probably more of a bug than a clear out.

mumoftwoboysS Sat 21-Dec-13 16:30:25

Congrats kchapper and extra!! Great news that babies are here safe and sound- what a difference in weight!
Enjoy your cuddles!

Who's left out of us all then??

Well rose it could be a pre-labour clear out- a very vigorous one! I've been getting more er loose bowels which I'm sure is a sign. My mum is doing my head in phoning- she even phoned earlier as I hadn't replied to a previous call- thing is if I go into labour she'll be the first to know as she needs to come look after the kids!! She said you're not feeling off or anything as apparently that's a sign of iminent labour. Well no I'm not feeling 'off' but I didn't feel 'off' before labour with my other two DC's- I felt fine! And I'm not even due till tomorrow so I wish she'd just back off! God I feel like such a grumpy bitch but can't help it!

Dusty04 Sat 21-Dec-13 16:35:47

Congratulations extra and kchapper smile

mum I'm still here! Due Boxing Day and no signs what so ever! This baby can come over the weekend then would like him/her to stay put until after Xmas day please!

The texts have started, but at least the SIL has the sense to send them to DH and not me! Her bday is 29th and really don't want our baby to share her bday!

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Sat 21-Dec-13 17:05:55

Congratulations kchapper and extra!!!

I'm still here. I certainly don't feel like labour is imminent, lots of BHs but nothing apart from that. We're all still poorly here so I really do hope baby stays put - she's better off in there for the moment!

Rose-I have awful acid reflux, am finding ranitidine (xantac) really helps.

Stom91 Sat 21-Dec-13 17:07:23

rose I woke up at 4am with awful acid too. Like you, I want to wake up to something happening but nope.
Went shopping today - well dp did I just mooches round the shops on my own as he was shopping me my Xmas presents lol. Was nice to have a few hours by myself but knowing dp was in town too and only call away if I needed it - which I didn't - DD MUst be super comfy.
My back is killing after all the walking come home and done the housework as we have dp cousin and his fiancé coming over for a takeaway - I'd rather sleep but dp cousin is in the army and they don't see each other much so couldn't say no really. I don't have much in common with his fiancé so it's proba going to be awkward or just baby talk which I'm fed up of now lol. Plus she's tall and skinny and makes me feel like an elephant when I'm not pregnant lol

Hope you all have a good evening
And rose and any other still left I hope we all wake up to babies in the morning! Lol xx

itsliz Sat 21-Dec-13 17:36:50

Thank you rose smile

mum I'm due on 30th so could well be here until the middle of January... How depressing is that?!

I haven't had any real symptoms other than occasional crampy pains and feeling baby getting lower by the day. Today I've been feeling really weird though - achy, slightly queasy, no appetite (despite wanting to eat everything in sight lately!) and just generally really out of sorts.

I've bombarded poor DP with a whole range of emotions from anger to frustration to floods of uncontrollable tears, and now I'm ordering him to put up shelves and hang photos while I run round manically cleaning and tidying the whole flat (even though I've spent all afternoon stuck to the sofa feeling too sore and sorry for myself to do anything!)

So what do we reckon... Signs of imminent labour or have I just completely lost the plot?! hmm

Roselau Sat 21-Dec-13 17:41:41

well it's only 930AM for me, so she could still surprise us. trying to keep my hopes up. getting DH to treat us to a nice dinner tonight as a distraction. he doesn't know it yet ;)

mum i'm still hoping it is some sort of clear out. my tummy has been so dodgy all week. Last week I would eat everything in sight, right now I have to force feed myself. I've lost a pound actually.... on the plus side I've only gained 20lbs, so if she's 9lbs as predicted + fluids etc, hopefully that means only 5-10 pounds to lose after. ahhh the silver lining.

I haven't had acid reflux too badly until now really. If it goes on today, I will go get zantac. thanks better

dusty I know what you mean, my mom is Jan 1st and I really don't want to share her birthday with her either.

alright, let's get those last few babies out. we've had enough.

Liz You must be so fed up of the "not long to go" convo's by now! Chin up LO cant be in there forever!

I have a poorly baby with gunky eyessad poor little delilah wakes up with yellow yuky stuff in her eyes! MW has told me to put breast milk on her eyes...has anyone else had this issue?

Mummyboylan Sat 21-Dec-13 20:28:18

Want to thank u ladies for the labour vibes x baby Patrick arrived this afternoon at a whopping 9lb2!
I hope everyone can share my joy soon xxx

hotcrossbun83 Sat 21-Dec-13 21:12:41

superman we had gunky eye, I think most babies do. Clean with cotton wool and cooled boiled water, wipe from inside corner of eye out wards (towards ear) and don't use same bit of cotton wool for more than one swipe. Especially important not to cross contaminate between eyes. I also used a bit of breast milk on it. Cleared up in about 3 days.

Bad night here, nipple cracked while pumping and poured blood into 40mls of expressed milk. I know they can drink milk with your blood in but it was bright red, I just couldn't do it. So another ff for ds, another stream of tears from me.

hotcrossbun83 Sat 21-Dec-13 21:31:59

Congrats mummy!

mumoftwoboysS Sat 21-Dec-13 21:47:27

Many congrats mummy hope the labour and birth were ok!

Good to hear from those still waiting! I've had BH contractions all day and now they've got closer together. Not sure if they're real contractions or not! So hard to know as last 2 times waters broke first so didn't have a guessing game- they're painful so maybe I should start timing them??

And just had another clear out...

Seriously if this baby is on time too that's 3 on their due dates! (Well one was just under 3 hours into the next day)

yogafan Sat 21-Dec-13 21:48:03

After going 13 days overdue, DD decided to turn up this morning! What's relief it is not to be pregnant any more. She is lovely, so good to meet her at last. The very best of luck for those still waiting, it sucks towards the end X

yogafan Sat 21-Dec-13 21:51:45

Sounds exciting mum - if they're painful I'd start counting.... I woke at 1am and counted 7 in half an hour so they told me to come in. And now I'm holding DD! Fingers crossed for you x

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Sat 21-Dec-13 22:00:50

Congratulations yoga and Mummy!!!! Two babies today - hooray.

Alyssa1978 Sat 21-Dec-13 22:04:07

Congrats mummy and sounds good mum get timing and I hope to hear baby news from you soon xx

itsliz Sat 21-Dec-13 22:34:58

Aww, congrats yoga and mummy! Brilliant news all round!

Stom91 Sat 21-Dec-13 23:09:42

Had enough tonight. Really want to cry. My left leg is throbbing dd hasn't stopped moving since 5ish apart from the odd half hour break and she keeps head butting my cervix which is painful. Her moving inside me hurts now too as she's running out of room and all I wana do is eat. I feel like such a pig.
And still no signs apart from the odd backache.
And I'm so fucking fed up of people saying 'be patient!' You be fucking patient after 9 months of pain and bein uncomfortable as needing to pee every 5 seconds for it to only be a dribble. I hate pregnancy!

Sorry to rant but dp won't listen. He just says stop telling me you're in pain I know you're in pain, I don't need you to keep reminding me. Men have it so bloody easy they don't have a sodding clue!!!
I know I'm not the only one left to give birth but it really feels like it. 1 hour and I'll officially be over due. I should have had this baby by now!!! Keep thinking maybe dd doesn't want to meet me!
Could do with a hug from my friend but she's 150 miles away. I feel like I have no one.
I've just really had it now.
Sorry again to rant

hotcross thanks! I have been bathing them but just doesnt seem to be clearing up upsetting me to see her like it she cant open one eye! Its in both eyes but ones worse than the other.

Congrats mummy & yoga!

Weescottie Sat 21-Dec-13 23:22:29

Congrats mummy and yoga thanks

Stom hugs to you. It is so hard being overdue. I too feel like my baby doesn't want to meet me and have been an emotional mess the last two weeks. However, I know logically this isn't true and it will all be forgotten when I meet them in the next day or two.

Alyssa1978 Sun 22-Dec-13 03:16:33

stom everything you're feeling is completely normal sweetie.
Pregnancy near the end sucks balls big style!
Your hormones are running wild, you're uncomfortable and 9 months is a long time to be doing anything let alone growing a human.
I promise you that after your dd is born you will forget all of this.
The end is in sight Hun, take care of yourself and you feel free to rant, moan, swear or anything else you want! as you are damn entitled after all these months.

mum tell me you're in labour?
Or had baby already smile

Alyssa1978 Sun 22-Dec-13 07:19:43

So tired sad Lleyton decided he was only gonna drink 2 oz of his night bottles and wake up every hour on the dot for more, seriously kid....cluster feeding on formula??
I only bottle feed on a night to get some sleep and dp was on night shift so I got none....actually I fell asleep downstairs for one hour before he woke again and now he's decided he wants to deep sleep when it's time for me to go out sad
My mum and future mil took older 2 so that I could get some work done and get a bit more sleep and that's been a waste of time sad

Arghhhh think I may be delirious before bedtime comes around tonight.

How's everyone? Xx

Alyssa I bottle feed at night for the same reason but I stay up until 12 for her last feed so she only wakes at 4 and then 8. Its bliss!

Stom really wish I could do something to help you sound so fed up. I hope things move along well soon and dont worry my DP said the exact same thing to me when I was pregnant and in pain. Used to proper piss me off because then when he was ill the whole world was ending and it was such a big deal. If only they could be 9 months pregnant for a day!

froubylou Sun 22-Dec-13 07:46:33

Morning all.

Super could be blocked tearducts hun. Nothing major to worry about just keep them clean. Dd had one when she was a baby and outgree it in a few weeks.

Well seb is really getting into this sleeping business thank god lol. Went down at 10, up at 12 & 3 for a 5 minute feed then 6am for a proper one. Only trouble is boobs not used to going that long and leaking everywhere. Nice.

Think I did a bit much yesterday too and c section tummy really aches today. Ouchy. Off shopping for last few bits today then have done.

Would be nice to get through the day without crying pmsl. Poor DP is a nervous wreck.

Stom91 Sun 22-Dec-13 08:19:36

Thanks girls. Just major fed up & only 1 day over due. What am I going to be like in a week lol
I also just want to have a nice poo. Sorry but dd is sat on my bowels and it won't come out. It's not hard or anything but I think she's just blocking the exit lol.
Had really rubbish sleep so now got headache too sad

Dasie Sun 22-Dec-13 08:40:47

Congratulations Mummy and Yoga and those others that have made it to the other side grin

My DS has the sticky eye too, just the left, have to clean it every couple of hours. Hope it clears soon!

I'm so bloody happy today as I managed a whole 5 hours sleep last night!! Baby is doing so well with his feeding so I feel very lucky. He had only lost 2oz at 5 day check.

Those that are having trouble getting baby to settle, have you tried swaddling? Baby would just wake the minute I put him in his cold Moses basket but my mum suggested trying to swaddle. I basically wrap from the neck down n wrap his arms n top half in but leave legs free in the lower bit of blanket so he can move them. Don't know if it was coincidence but he goes down without a problem now.

Stom I totally get where you are emotionally now, I was 14 days overdue n just the same!! Just wanted to get the whole birth over and done with!!

Oh and my baby still has no name!!!!

Dasie Sun 22-Dec-13 08:43:02

He's 8 days old and still being called fartypamts, windypops etc etc.... smile

BetterWithCranberryWensleydale Sun 22-Dec-13 08:46:37

Dasie you could call him Donald, as in Donald Trump fwink

mumoftwoboysS Sun 22-Dec-13 10:02:35

Still here I'm afraid! Contractions stopped when I went to bed. Half expected to hear a pop from my waters going each time I got up for a wee or turned over but nothing sad and I've woken up to the news that my local/nearest hospital has a Nora virus outbreak. What the f do I do? Due to history of fast labours it could be risky to go elsewhere but don't want to catch it!! (Or the rest of the family) can't call mw being Sunday. The advice is to only go if really necessary....

stom so feel for you- I'll be officially overdue as of midnight tonight and already feel frustrated/fed up too. Hang in there- like someone else said once baby does come you'll be so overwhelmed/happy that you'll forget all this rubbish/painful waiting.

My bowels are awful but not blocked up- just gross. I guess it's a clear out but I'm not enjoying it....

Roselau Sun 22-Dec-13 15:35:36

well I'm officially overdue as well. got all excited this morning as i woke up to some really painful BH. I started timing and got about 1 every 12-15 minutes for an hour and a half. but then second I got out of bed, it all stopped sad
I'm glad I didn't wake up DH for that.

Roselau Sun 22-Dec-13 15:37:16

oh mum the dodgy bowels is the worst. happy due date smile I hope for you he/she comes soon as well. can't wait to hear if it's boy or girl

Mogz Sun 22-Dec-13 16:17:00

Hope everyone's doing alright and not getting too fed up with babies still in residence! Sorry I've been AWOL, the infection I got back back with renewed gusto and has knocked me for six, the docs want me to start a new course fo antibiotics tomorrow but I'm going to quiz them six ways to Sunday first about whether they're safe to take whilst I'm feeding Genevieve (still expressing).
DH is being a star with feeds and nappies and cooking and cleaning, I want o sing his praises...BUT he is also massively getting on my nerves too. It's because I'm tired, worn down and no used to having him about so much I guess.
Anyone got a cure for baby hiccups?

lisbapalea Sun 22-Dec-13 16:18:32

Sorry for those of you still waiting - I really do feel for you and hope the twinges and contractions start very soon!

I am feeling a bit low after an unsuccessful midwife appt this morning. After a great result at the 3day check on Friday, Hannah has now lost 11% of her birth weight and is slightly jaundiced. I am now on a feeding mission - certainly no problem with supply as my boobs pretty much pour milk, but their size and firmness means Hannah wears herself out trying to latch and doesn't get a satisfying feed. So am basically now shoving a boob in her mouth the moment she opens her eyes!

We're being checked again on Tuesday and if she's not gaining weight then I am definitely going to introduce formula for at least some of her feeds.

Feel a bit gutted as things seemed to be going so well, and so differently from my experience with DD and yet we appear to be in the same position after all despite the good start.

On the plus side I had my c/s stitch out and am apparently healing well - she said I should be able to drive in 2-3 weeks which is great as I live in the middle of nowhere so will need independence!

MummaDevon Sun 22-Dec-13 16:35:27

Hey all for those not on Facebook Tabitha Florence born yesterday at 18:12 weight 8lb 9oz. Just on gas and air as couldn't tell how dilated cervix was and second stage progressed quick!!! No tears just grazes which hurt like hell!! If I can give any overdue ladies one piece of advice - my sweep was on Friday morning, and yesterday morning me and Dp 'did the deed' by 11am I was having regular contractions!! So if u can face it, prop your bums up a bit afterwards and let the sperm work it's magic!!! Still in hospital as awaiting babies blood results cause I'm o rhesus negative. Also not quite latching on right so getting some help. Xx

Mogz Sun 22-Dec-13 18:13:13

lis have you tried expressing by hand for a few minutes before you feed? It might make it easier for her to get more milk. Your midwife should be able to show you how to. Good luck with it, hopefully the jaundice will clear up quickly once you get the extra fluids in her.

Congratulations Mumma, what a gorgeous name.

mumoftwoboysS Sun 22-Dec-13 19:28:28

Many congrats mumma! Ooh maybe I should try dtd just not sure I can face it- sure it's just going to be painful and uncomfortable..but I do want baby out!!...

mumoftwoboysS Sun 22-Dec-13 19:35:30

rose sympathise - I've been having the same - contractions starting -ESP in te evenings then they tail off when I go to sleep. They're starting again tonight...

MrsShrubs Sun 22-Dec-13 19:36:20

lisb have you tried nipple shields?? My littley went on breast feeding strike with me so we started expressing, midwife suggested nipple shields and now he's back on the boob, the extra length of them compared to nipple has really helped us.

Congratulations to the new mums!!

Stom91 Sun 22-Dec-13 19:51:51

Me and dp dtd earlier and I've had some seriously spicey burgers .. If that doesn't get dd out then nothing will.