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August 2014. What a Christmas present!

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Thread number 2 ladies.
It's a perfect Christmas present for me! fgrin

FriendofDorothy Fri 13-Dec-13 23:21:10

Just checking in.

Hollyjokes Fri 13-Dec-13 23:22:47

Yay new thread! I haven't been on today so just off to catch up with the end of thread no.1 and will bring an updated stats list with me too smile

Hope everyone is well this evening smile

miserywaterfall Fri 13-Dec-13 23:28:12

I admit, I am looking forward to next Christmas and having a wee one to spend it with smile DH is a bit of a scroogey type, so have said he can scrooge if he likes this year but from next year on it's happy fun time Xmases for ever more :D

HungryHorace Fri 13-Dec-13 23:36:58

Marking my place. :-)

QueenOfGeeks Sat 14-Dec-13 00:28:56

Marking my place too.

And mine

Shakshuka Sat 14-Dec-13 06:08:32

I'm sorry about your mum, was it recent?

My mum died of cancer only a couple of months ago. It wasn't unexpected but it happened very fast, much faster than the drs predicted, and I think it's always a shock. It's very difficult sad

Definitely give the EPU a ring. They'll probably tell you if you need to worry if you describe the pain to them.

Mummyagain2014 Sat 14-Dec-13 06:20:13

Hi just wondered if I could join you ladies. I have just found out I am pregnant with baby #2 and was an active member of the ante natal group for when she was due. I am due 22/08/14. DH is still in shock I think (even though we were trying for nearly 9 months lol).

Have ended up being awake since 3:30 this morning sad woke up thinking I was going to be sick and couldn't get back to sleep so ended up watching one born every minute with my duvet on the sofa. Gonna be tired today though.

Anyway congratulations to you all. Lovely christmas present. X

FriendofDorothy Sat 14-Dec-13 06:31:02

My mum died in 25 September whilst on holiday with my Dad in Greece. She had a heart attack. I miss her dreadfully.

We are now trying to pick up pieces of life because mum was totally at the centre of our lives. My sister and I have to cook Christmas dinner and everything! I had planned to get pissed to manage but that plan now has to be shelved!

talulahbelle Sat 14-Dec-13 07:41:10

friend I'm so sorry for you loss, hopefully this pregnancy will go smoothly for you.

Think I'm having another chemical sad

HungryHorace Sat 14-Dec-13 07:48:21

Oh no Choccy. What's happening? Are you bleeding?

Shak, I'm sorry about your mum too. xx

Friend, you'll manage. And if it's a bit haphazard it won't matter at all. Have a 1pm dinner and get pissed afterwards.

Oh choccy are you ok?? X x

Shallol Sat 14-Dec-13 07:57:26

Oh no Choccy sad What's happening?

2beornot Sat 14-Dec-13 08:27:35

Choccy sad

FiremanSamsWife Sat 14-Dec-13 08:52:21

Hope you're ok Choccy x

QueenOfGeeks Sat 14-Dec-13 09:09:41

Oh no, hope you are ok choccy.

SliceOfLime Sat 14-Dec-13 09:15:05

Checking in on new thread, hope you are ok choccy. So sorry for the loss of your mum friendofdorothy.

CountdownBegins Sat 14-Dec-13 09:41:24

Morning all thank you for all the welcomes- just catching up on the thread as I haven't been on for a few days.choccy hope you are

CountdownBegins Sat 14-Dec-13 09:45:07

Sorry posted too early- choccy hope you are ok- How far along are you now? With my mc last month I found the NHS direct line to be a massive support when i was panicking but I guess it depends which person you get on the line. Fingers crossed its not a chemical and everything is ok choccy

My thoughts go to everyone who has lost their Mums this year- must be so difficult xx

Ruggle Sat 14-Dec-13 09:56:11

Oh no Choccy ! Hope it isn't! :-(

I think I overdid things yesterday. Had my staff review meeting with my horrible boss which I found very stressful ( he's the departmental game player!), and then sang in my choir's Christmas concert....which had a Christmas jumper theme for Save the Children.....so we were all boiling. I got a sore back from holding my music folder, and I had to stand for two hours solid (rehearsal followed by concert).....and then my step daughter (who was hyperactive thanks to her Grandad feeding her sweets all night) was climbing up my, swinging off me, and bouncing all over me.....and by the time I got homebI just burst into tears. Tummy was a bit sore and my hips are aching......so hoping to take things easy today. I just worry about the efects of it all on the bean.

Hollyjokes Sat 14-Dec-13 10:17:29

Updated stats:

baggyoldcow 24th/25th July, 39yrs DC#4&5
Talulahbelle 26th July, 33yrs DC#1
Babymamatobe 26th July, 33yrs DC#1
Howly 26th July, 26yrs DC#1
Morganlove 26th July, DC#1
Hollyjokes 27th July, 28yrs DC#2
eeyore2911 27th July, 33yrs DC#3
ShoesBagsDresses 27th July, DC#2
Allypallyjelly 28th July, 30yrs DC#1
funkymonk 28th July, 31yrs DC#1
TheBookofRuth 29th July, 35yrs DC#2
ItchyBodCrane 29th July, 38yrs DC#1
DinkyFrinkbuster 30th July, 37yrs DC#2
usmama 30th July, DC#1
MrsNutella 30th July, DC#2
Shallol 1st August, 27yrs DC#3(5 inc DSS)
Blamenargles 1st August, DC#2
Plumviolet 2nd August, 36yrs DC#3
Eminybob 2nd August, 33yrs DC#1
ImSoFluffyImGonnaDie 2nd August, 30yrs DC#1
Sconeintheoven 30th July, DC#2
GillyMac93 2nd August, DC#1
funnyfish2 2nd August, 39yrs DC#2
OveranxiousUnderated 2nd August
2beornot 4th August, 32yrs DC#2
Mrsantithetic 4th August, DC#2
Jen1990 4th August
PinaColadas 5th August, 26yrs DC#1
Armadale 5th August, DC#1
flymo79 5th August, 34yrs DC#1
Rexie 5th August, 34yrs DC#2
Honkyponk 6th August, DC#2
bronya 6th-9th August, DC#2
isitnearlyteatime 7th August, DC#1
TwerkingNineToFive 8th August, DC#2
SliceOfLime 8th August, DC#2
miserywaterfall 8th August, 27yrs DC#1
Polkadot1 9th August, 39yrs DC#2
QueenOfGeeks 9th August, DC#2
deuscat 10th August, 30yrs DC#1
mszeenwithabean 11th August, 31yrs DC#3
Mrspeacock81 11th August, 32yrs DC#1
CountdownBegins 11th August, DC#1
sillymeagain 12th August, DC#4
HungryHorace 14th August, 37yrs DC#2
Ruggle 14th August, 39yrs DC#1
mammabear4 14th August, 24yrs DC#1
Missvaughan85 15th August
DuPanettoneDuVinDuFromage 15th August, DC#2
RoseHoney 18th August, DC#3
ScienceGeekGirl 19th August, 29yrs DC#1
ATruthUniversallyAcknowledged 19th August
FriendOfDorothy 19th August, DC#2
Chocolocodowninacapulco 20th August
FiremanSamsWife 20th August, DC#2
Choccywoccydodah 21st August, 34yrs DC#2
Mummyagain2014 22nd August, DC#2
Shakshuka Due Date not yet known, 39yrs DC#3
NameToBeDecided Due Date not yet known, 32yrs DC#2
Travispickles DC#2
Nulanoo due August
Mrsmusic Due Date not yet known, DC#2
Rosesonthewane due mid July to early August, DC#3
beanbaking83 due August, DC#1
FEEdec due early August, 35yrs DC#2
EssexGirlLottie due August, DC#1

Hollyjokes Sat 14-Dec-13 10:19:28

Oh choccy just read your update. Really hope that it's not hmm

Shak & Friend I'm so sorry to hear about your mums x

eeyore2911 Sat 14-Dec-13 10:32:25

Oh Shak and Friend, so sorry about your mums sad that is so awful, I couldn't even begin to imaginethanks
Choccy, I hope you're ok?! Really hope it's not bad news for you x x

BunnyBaby Sat 14-Dec-13 10:34:50

Hello everyone! Looks around and waves.

I was on December bus and TTC#3 thread. Yesterday when af was
due I poas and got the faintest BFP, today i repeated and a much darker line grin so both me and the test are most positive!

My stats are:

BunnyBaby 36yo (DS1 5, DS2 2) EDD 25th Aug

Am feeling queasy already and given I have two boys who only gave me morning sickness at 6 weeks, perhaps this one is pink (squee!).

Will be just as happy with a blue one as I keep everything, so will have lots of lovey hand me downs.

I am an Aug birthday so not worried about being youngest in class. In fact is this one is like DS2 he/she will be desperate to get to school to keep up with the other two.

Looking forwards to getting to know you all xxx

BunnyBaby Sat 14-Dec-13 10:44:40

Have read back through the posts and so sorry for this who have suffered losses.

Choccy, hoping all is well, ditto the EPU advice, not sure what is happening for you, my SIL had bleeding early on and it was just a cyst and fine. Fingers crossed for you xxx

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 11:14:17

Oh choccy, I hope you are okay! Thinking of you x

So sorry to hear about the loss of mums sad My mum is absolutely amazing and I can't imagine life without her, so really feel for you guys x

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 11:19:38

Welcome and congrats bunny!

FiremanSamsWife Sat 14-Dec-13 11:21:10

Hello Bunny and congratulations! Hope you're feeling a bit better today Ruggle - so hard to take it easy when you have other kids to deal with and you can't tell anyone yet!

Really hoping Choccy is ok, chems are so horrible but hoping it's not that.

I'm hoping I'm not on the way to miscarriage number 3, lines don't seem to be getting any stronger and I had a tiny bit of brown when I wiped this morning. I just wish Icould fast forward a few months! sad

RoseHoney Sat 14-Dec-13 11:24:58

Oops accidentally posted on the old thread instead of this one!

I've just received my scan date through the post! I only called the doctors surgery on Wednesday to inform them and book my midwife app, I wasn't expecting an appointment for weeks yet! Anyway it's 11th February smile seems forever away but I'm sure it'll go quickly.
Hope you're all well.

RoseHoney Sat 14-Dec-13 11:27:26

Just caught up. Hope you're okay Choccy!

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 11:27:40

Brilliant Rose something to look forward to in the post-Xmas lull smile

I slept for 11 hours last night, haha. Feel slightly better, less pain today from the UTI so hoping it is clearing up fast! Was planning on Xmas shopping today but staying at home to rest and staying out of the peeing rain and wind!
Anyone have any nice weekend plans? x

Been light reddy brown bleeding. It's how it started last month. I hate this, been crying to dh this morning, I hate my body this is just so shit.
Going to ring someone Monday if it doesn't stop, it needs checking why this is happening.

funkymonk Sat 14-Dec-13 11:33:58

Try not to panic choccy. I've had brown stuff with red mixed in some days, every day for exactly 2 weeks today. I've had 2 scans so far and everything looking ok to date. Don't lose hope.

So sorry about your mum Dorothy. It'll be an odd Christmas for you this year without her here. I'm sure she would be very proud of you and your sister putting together the Christmas dinner in her absence! Xx

FEEdec Sat 14-Dec-13 11:35:30

Shak & Friend - so sorry that you've both lost your mum recently. It must be hard to be without them at this time of year and when you're newly pregnant.

Choccy - how are you? why do you think this pregnancy is chemical? thinking of you and hoping its not what you fear


Hollyjokes Sat 14-Dec-13 11:41:13

Choccy I'm keeping everything crossed that all is ok. Quite a few of us on this thread have had spotting and have also had early scans and everything looks fine. I really hope that it's the same for you.

Misery, no real plans. Supposed to be scrubbing the house today but keep having to take breaks as I just have no energy! DH is just making me some lunch to try to settle my stomach a bit as I'm so nauseous. Haven't been sick since first thing this morning though!

Welcome bunny! It's really interesting to hear how your pregnancy seems different to your other ones. I'm really sick this time and was last time too so I think I could be having a second girl. I'll be really surprised if it turns out to be a boy!

baggyoldcow 24th/25th July, 39yrs DC#4&5
Talulahbelle 26th July, 33yrs DC#1
Babymamatobe 26th July, 33yrs DC#1
Howly 26th July, 26yrs DC#1
Morganlove 26th July, DC#1
Hollyjokes 27th July, 28yrs DC#2
eeyore2911 27th July, 33yrs DC#3
ShoesBagsDresses 27th July, DC#2
Allypallyjelly 28th July, 30yrs DC#1
funkymonk 28th July, 31yrs DC#1
TheBookofRuth 29th July, 35yrs DC#2
ItchyBodCrane 29th July, 38yrs DC#1
DinkyFrinkbuster 30th July, 37yrs DC#2
usmama 30th July, DC#1
MrsNutella 30th July, DC#2
Shallol 1st August, 27yrs DC#3(5 inc DSS)
Blamenargles 1st August, DC#2
Plumviolet 2nd August, 36yrs DC#3
Eminybob 2nd August, 33yrs DC#1
ImSoFluffyImGonnaDie 2nd August, 30yrs DC#1
Sconeintheoven 30th July, DC#2
GillyMac93 2nd August, DC#1
funnyfish2 2nd August, 39yrs DC#2
OveranxiousUnderated 2nd August
2beornot 4th August, 32yrs DC#2
Mrsantithetic 4th August, DC#2
Jen1990 4th August
PinaColadas 5th August, 26yrs DC#1
Armadale 5th August, DC#1
flymo79 5th August, 34yrs DC#1
Rexie 5th August, 34yrs DC#2
Honkyponk 6th August, DC#2
bronya 6th-9th August, DC#2
isitnearlyteatime 7th August, DC#1
TwerkingNineToFive 8th August, DC#2
SliceOfLime 8th August, DC#2
miserywaterfall 8th August, 27yrs DC#1
Polkadot1 9th August, 39yrs DC#2
QueenOfGeeks 9th August, DC#2
deuscat 10th August, 30yrs DC#1
mszeenwithabean 11th August, 31yrs DC#3
Mrspeacock81 11th August, 32yrs DC#1
CountdownBegins 11th August, DC#1
sillymeagain 12th August, DC#4
HungryHorace 14th August, 37yrs DC#2
Ruggle 14th August, 39yrs DC#1
mammabear4 14th August, 24yrs DC#1
Missvaughan85 15th August
DuPanettoneDuVinDuFromage 15th August, DC#2
RoseHoney 18th August, DC#3
ScienceGeekGirl 19th August, 29yrs DC#1
ATruthUniversallyAcknowledged 19th August
FriendOfDorothy 19th August, DC#2
Chocolocodowninacapulco 20th August
FiremanSamsWife 20th August, DC#2
Choccywoccydodah 21st August, 34yrs DC#2
Mummyagain2014 22nd August, DC#2
BunnyBaby 25th August, 36yrs DC#3
Shakshuka Due Date not yet known, 39yrs DC#3
NameToBeDecided Due Date not yet known, 32yrs DC#2
Travispickles DC#2
Nulanoo due August
Mrsmusic Due Date not yet known, DC#2
Rosesonthewane due mid July to early August, DC#3
beanbaking83 due August, DC#1
FEEdec due early August, 35yrs DC#2
EssexGirlLottie due August, DC#1

FEEdec Sat 14-Dec-13 11:47:39

Don't lose hope Choccy - I had a brownish bleed early on with my first pregnancy and he was absolutely fine xx

On another note. We are thinking of telling the family at Christmas, although I probably will only be 8 weeks or so, we thought it'd be a nice christmas present but I read another thread on here where lots of posters were quite scathing about the idea. i told our families early when i was pregnant with my son as I always thought if they worst happened I would have their support. Everyone else was told after 12 weeks.

What are you all thinking of doing about telling people?

Morganlove Sat 14-Dec-13 11:54:25

FEE we are thinking of telling close family at Xmas. Won't get my scan til mid Jan but think it will be a nice present for them.

Had a tiny bit of brown CM when I wiped on Thurs night and then nothing until a little bit more today. Very nervous indeed but keep trying to tell myself it's common. Saw the midwife today (first apt) and she said to ring the EPU on Mon if it's still happening but didn't seem overly concerned. Trying to take the lead from her and not panic. Easier said than done.

Fee I had the same last month sad

FEEdec Sat 14-Dec-13 12:08:53

Choccy - I'll keep everything crossed for you. It is worth seeing if you can have a scan? when I had my bleed at about 6 weeks with my son, I saw the GP and got an early scan.

Morgan Try not to panic (easier said than done indeed!) lots of people have all sort of bleeds in early pregnancy and go on to have normal pregnancies. I keep trying to push any negatives thoughts out my head as I spent my first pregnancy convinced I wasn't got to have a baby at the end of it which I think spoilt it a bit.

I'm booked in for a private scan on Tuesday as I'm not sure of my dates so I'm (nervously) hoping it all goes ok.

They won't look til 6 weeks, I'm only just over 4 sad

I bled with ds but I was about 7 weeks and all ok. If the bleeding slows I'm hoping all ok

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 12:28:03

I'd tell you to try to relax Choccy but this week has shown me that that is impossible to do when something like this happens. At least try and rest a bit if you can. x

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 12:32:25

Also, FEE I was thinking of telling my parents at Christmas too. I'll be 8 weeks exactly on XMas day and I, like you, want them to know first and their support if anything was to happen would be much needed. Can't understand why people would be scathing about someone else's decision of when to tell. There is just no figuring some people out fconfused

Oh choccy my hearts goes out to you!!! X x x

talulahbelle Sat 14-Dec-13 12:55:14

choccy I really hope this one sticks. I've had three chemicals myself and know how much they hurt emotionally.

FEE we are telling our family over Xmas. We have a scan at 8+2 on Monday, so all being well we are going to start to tell people then.

morgan I've had a tiny bit of brown and also beige-ish CM, I'm hoping it's all OK but the wait to find out is so hard.

Today I have mainly been eating. Still nauseous, not as much as I was a couple of days ago but it does come and go. DH wanted to go out to lunch and I had to veto that idea though, just can't face sitting in a hot noisy pub. So today I'm mainly wrapping presents and doing a bit of housework, interspersed with sitting on the sofa MNing.

Any of you girls feel like your showing all ready?? I've had a client give me the knowing look today, I feel as though I look twelve weeks already!!!

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 13:51:41

Had 11 hrs sleep last night and I am ready for a nap right now! Was a total energy drink junkie before I found out I was pregnant, so am totally missing my caffeine right about now!

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 14:04:50

MissV that's so cool you are showing already smile

I have a really mismatched figure, with small boobies, big round tummy and huge hips, so to be honest, I don't think I'll be able to tell when I am showing for a long while, lol!
My doctor asked to check my stomach at my appointment, I think he maybe thought it was a big pregnancy belly I had rather than just my normal fat one fgrin

Hollyjokes Sat 14-Dec-13 15:43:06

I think I might be starting to show already too?! (8 weeks tomorrow)

I'm still carrying some weight from my first pregnancy but have lost quite a lot of it over the last couple of weeks due to sickness, but my belly has stayed the same and is quite hard now too?! I have no idea how I'm going to keep this a secret for much longer!

Re telling people - I had told my parents and best friend. After my stay in hospital a few days ago I ended up telling my siblings too. We will tell the in laws at Xmas as planned. We will tell everyone else (including work) after the 12wk scan.

PinaColadas Sat 14-Dec-13 16:21:57

I feel really round in the tummy area, I know my body has changed because a tightish dress I tried on a few weeks ago I look completely different in now, I'm 7 weeks today. Could be down to the food I'm eating but I've actually lost some weight from the nausea so not sure.

It's 4pm and I'm still in bed, I just can't bring myself to do nannying feel shattered and so sick.

Speaking of food has anyone had any cravings yet? I can't get enough cheese!!

Shallol Sat 14-Dec-13 16:24:29

I'm not showing but I am rounder/bloated. I'm a size 18 so I think it will be a while before you tell I've got a bump.

Hollyjokes Sat 14-Dec-13 16:44:57

I think I started getting a bump around 14 weeks last time! I'm a short arse though and have a small torso so there's nowhere for anything to go except OUT!

No cravings for me yet. I don't want any food whatsoever though, I'm never hungry at all. I can't wait to actually want food and enjoy a meal again. It's funny what silly things we can take for granted when not pregnant isn't it?!

Shallol Sat 14-Dec-13 16:54:46

Ha yup. I can eat (about 25-50% of a normal portion) but I am suddenly very fussy. I have just sent DF out for olives, ham and tomatoes, which I will eat with toast! Bizarre. I'm not usually fussy at all.

Ruggle Sat 14-Dec-13 17:00:12

Hollyjokes, I'm very short..long legs but mini torso..so I reckon I will be showing very soon. I just look plump at the moment because I can't hold my tummy in, mainly because of bladder pressure. I over ate in my first pregnancy (mmc in July) and haven't really lost much of that weight since then, so the difference isn't maybe as obvious this time. Chubby to chubbier!
Upset tummy today. Not sure if preg related. Have had to cancel dinner with a friend. Also had a few waves of nausea, but nothing major on that front yet.

Girls I've added a belly photo, thought that'd be something to start!! What do you think?? 5+1 weeks and I think it's already showing!!! Won't be able to keep it quiet for long.

talulahbelle Sat 14-Dec-13 17:47:20

I am eating really badly blush

Today's menu includes a maccy ds for breakfast, strawberry haagen daz ice cream, doritos and a sole lonely clementine. I also can't get enough skimmed milk, not something I normally drink but it's tasting really good right now, and it quells nausea when sipped slowly.

I am definitely bloated by the end of the day too - no belly pics from me though I am too shy!

I've had waves of nausea today, not as bad as a few days ago though. So of course the paranoia something is wrong with the pregnancy has kicked in.

Af full flow, am assuming it's gone.
Good luck to everyone else and I wish you all a happy healthy pregnancy.
Have a great christmas everyone and enjoy telling your families your wonderful news xx

deuscat Sat 14-Dec-13 18:12:50

Choccy so sorry you're bleeding. Really hope it's not what you're fearing.

This is my first pregnancy and I've been very round and bloated for the last few weeks. I'm only a size 8 so it really shows! I'm having to select my clothes carefully else people will think I'm already past 12 weeks!

I went to my GP surgery but annoyingly I need to speak to a GP first before I can be referred to a midwife. They had no appointment till Jan blush so they've given me a telephone consultation in the hope that that will be enough on Monday for the GP to refer me on. I was given a choice of hospitals and I've already decided on the one that is more local and has a midwife led unit whereas the other one doesn't.

With regards to telling family and friends. I've told my best friend who is in Australia and is sworn to secrecy. That's it though. I want to tell select family at Christmas so I don't get questioned or guessed at but DH really doesn't want to tell anyone until after 12 weeks scan so we will most likely wait.

My weekend is quite busy. Been visiting family today and going to a friends for lunch tomorrow. Tomorrow will also involve a massive lie-in non shattered!

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 18:30:01

Looking good MissV :D

Ruggle Sat 14-Dec-13 18:32:36

So sorry Choccy! I was in the same situation just 5 weeks ago but was pregnant again 2 weeks later....so keep trying! x

Shallol Sat 14-Dec-13 18:33:03

Choccy I am so sorry sadthanks

MissV - blimey! Are you sure you're not further on than you think? Baby is only about the size of an apple pip at 5 weeks!

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 18:34:09

Oh Choccy I am so sorry sad

FEEdec Sat 14-Dec-13 18:38:13

Oh Choccy I'm so sorry sad

FEEdec Sat 14-Dec-13 18:42:26

missV you most certainly look pregnant smile.

Is/ was anyone else dieting before getting pregnant? I've been going to slimming world for the last 5-6 weeks and have lost 9lbs so far. I'm intending to carry on as its essentially a healthy eating plan rather than a calorie counting plan so is fine for pregnancy. I'm am hoping to counteract any pregnancy weight I put on & hopefully still loose some of the extra 3+ stone I'm carry blush

PinaColadas Sat 14-Dec-13 18:51:45

Choccy I'm really sorrysad

chocolocodowninacapulco Sat 14-Dec-13 18:58:47

So sorry choccy <hugs>

HungryHorace Sat 14-Dec-13 19:08:49

I'm so sorry Choccy. Make sure your DH / DP takes good care of you. xx

Hi to newbies.

MissV, I bloated straight away last time and looked far further along than I was, but at the latter stage where the bump was measured I was thereabouts bang on dates (despite giving birth to a 9lb 7oz baby!).

I'm a bit crampy today and very tired. Still not feeling amazingly pregnant and I too have the dread. :-/

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 19:10:28

FEE I am wondering about weight loss too. I'm very overweight so going to speak to the midwife and see what she says as I reeeeally don't want to get any bigger than the size I am now!

funkymonk Sat 14-Dec-13 19:21:45

So so sorry choccy. Twice in a row is really bad luck. Keep strong.

PinaColadas Sat 14-Dec-13 19:36:06

Got my appointment through today for midwife, 6th January, a lot later to wait than with MC pregnancy it was at 7.5 weeks, I'll be about 10 by then all being well. Might be a good thing that I'll have had my reassurance scan first in case something is wrong, and if everything is ok I'll feel like less of a fraud talking to the MW!

Shallol, I thought that. Lol but no, defo 5 weeks. Hungry I'm thinking boy as I feel completely different this time.

Tonight's the first time, my back ache and lower abdo pain has gone. Kept thinking is that a good sign. But what will be will be. I'm thinking positive.

Pina my doctor told me mw won't see me till after 12 weeks!!! It's gonna drag!!

CountdownBegins Sat 14-Dec-13 19:59:51

So sorry choccy

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 20:11:11

Oooft MissV, that is a drag! My doc said it will probably be around 10 weeks for me, which takes me into second week of January I think! Hoping to get the letter soon, but with the Xmas rush I'm not hopeful seeing it this side of Xmas!

PinaColadas Sat 14-Dec-13 20:23:21

Aww miss that's rubbish. It's mad how all the PCT's work so differently!

HungryHorace Sat 14-Dec-13 20:31:47

I was wrong last time guessing the sex. I spent the whole pregnancy saying 'he', then being amazed during the EMCS when I was told she was a girl! So I don't trust my judgment now. :-)

I'm an emotional wreck today. We found a little girl in the garden centre who'd lost her mum and nanny and I got tearful handing her to the customer services desk!

There's a thread on chat about films which make you sob which has set me off too.

And DD is teething and clearly in lots of pain, and that's making me cry too. I'm a red eyed, puffy faced, soggy wreck!

PinaColadas Sat 14-Dec-13 21:08:49

Aw bless you hungry I'm the same! I'm like a ticking time bomb of tears

mammabear4 Sat 14-Dec-13 21:11:44

Hi guys just checking in!
Choccy - so sorry for you sad hope you're feeling ok.

Not much to report here, had to register at a docs closer to my house as I was still at my old docs which is half an hour away, ringing the midwives on Monday!

I was just wondering how many people everyone's told so far and how you've told them?? I was going to give DP the positive test(s)! for Xmas but couldn't wait!! Besides that I've told my 2 closest friends by saying "so... You're going to be aunties!"

DP and I were thinking of getting both our mums a nice photo frame with a note behind the glass saying something along the lines of "photo to come aug 2014... baby (last name)" smile

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 21:14:38

mammabear I love the idea of the photo frame, that would be a lovely gift!

I've only told a couple of friends so far. My best friend I told immediately, send her a text of the positive test saying 'so this has been my Saturday night, how has yours been? shock'

I have no idea how to tell my parents! I'm almost embarrassed to do it because we have been so vocal for so long about not ever planning to have babies!!

mammabear4 Sat 14-Dec-13 21:18:47

misery I'm the same, I know they'll be happy and excited but I can't seem to find the right words... That's why we settled on the gift idea so it can kind of speak for us, and I can just sit back and watch her reaction! Lol!

mrsmusic Sat 14-Dec-13 21:19:58

Hi everyone; had a horrendous week; miscarried on Wednesday. Won't go into details but I wanted to say thank you for kind words that I was given earlier in the week and sincerely wish everyone a healthy, happy pregnancy. Hopefully I'll be joining another of these threads later in the future xxxxx

PinaColadas Sat 14-Dec-13 21:22:34

We told parents as soon as we saw them both times, and actually I've told more friends this time, 5 people who were really there for me when we lost the baby, I figure why keep it from them since they were such a support. Told our siblings too, both my SILs are PG. And finally, my grandma, I went a few nights ago as she is going away for Xmas and she is a heavy smoker so told her as soon as I arrived in case she decided to have one, she usually doesn't hesitate because I'm an ex smoker.

PinaColadas Sat 14-Dec-13 21:25:47

mrs I am so so sorry, massive hugs, thinking about you xx sad

HungryHorace Sat 14-Dec-13 21:27:02

Mrs, I'm so sorry. Like Choccy I hope you have your DH / DP taking good care of you.

I hope you have a successful pregnancy very soon. Xx

We will just blurt it out to my parents. I'm guessing DH will email the scan picture to his family like he did last time!

QueenOfGeeks Sat 14-Dec-13 21:30:08

Oh dear mrsm and choccy, I'm so sorry. thanks thanks

Hollyjokes Sat 14-Dec-13 21:38:42

I'm so sorry to hear your news mrsm and choccy x hmm

miserywaterfall Sat 14-Dec-13 21:40:44

Oh mrsm I am so sorry sad Sending hugs and positive vibes for the future <3 x

Mrsm I'm so sorry, sending you hugs x x

eeyore2911 Sat 14-Dec-13 23:47:15

Sorry to hear your awful news MrsM and Choccy sad thanks

Shakshuka Sun 15-Dec-13 03:28:42

Oh mrsmusic I'm so sorry, I had really hoped it'd be ok sad

And I'm sad to hear your news too choccy

Obviously my mum dying was horrendous but it's also the reason we decided to go for #3. I got back to the us after the funeral and something had changed in me. I just said to dh that I really want another child in our family and surprisingly he agreed. So it does feel very bittersweet.

I've had a super busy day. It was my youngest's 7th birthday party which is always exhausting but great fun! I'm very proud of the cake I baked so will put the picture up on the fb group to faceboast ;)

B3llaB00 Sun 15-Dec-13 04:35:53


Please can I join? I am new to MN having just found out I am unexpectedly PG.

Dr says I am 5.5 weeks due 12th August DC#1 and I am terrified of losing the baby.

We've told parents but not siblings as my brothers gf miscarried after ivf a few weeks ago and don't want to hurt them if not necessary.

So sorry choccy that is devastating.

Marking place. So sorry choccy and mrs thanks

choccy - are you certain you're miscarrying? Would you like us to restart the thread so that it doesn't keep coming up in 'I'm on' or 'threads I started'?

miserywaterfall Sun 15-Dec-13 08:38:39

I think a new thread is a good idea too.

Hi b3lla hope your feeling well, welc

Oops poster before I'd finished. Welcome to the thread, it's natural to worry, I am and it's number 2. I think I'm even more worried than with first. But all the girls here will help to ease your worries x x

mssleepyhead Sun 15-Dec-13 09:15:30

Good morning,
Could I join the group please?

mssleepyhead 27th August ish, 32yrs DC#1

Kind of knew I was pregnant OV+7 but confirmed with several tests over the last few days.

Incredibly anxious as I'm surrounded by friends and close family members who have all miscarried in the last year, some several times, so don't feel able to get excited yet... Not many symptoms either, just some bloating. I would love to start feeling more pregnant...

Am going to tell family at Christmas because we kind of have to: staying with my inlaws and they will be filling us with the traditional family meal of rare steak, chocolate mousse and champagne! D'oh! Thinking of giving them a gift of a positive pregnancy test - but when warning them that it's VERY early...

Anyway. That's me. I'm really sorry to hear the sad news on this thread so far and hope we can all support each other through everything to come. Good luck to all.

Hollyjokes Sun 15-Dec-13 10:07:45

Morning all. Welcome to the newbies smile Have added you both to the stats list. Wasn't sure if choccy wanted taking off the list yet or not? I didn't want to remove her without her say so.

baggyoldcow 24th/25th July, 39yrs DC#4&5
Talulahbelle 26th July, 33yrs DC#1
Babymamatobe 26th July, 33yrs DC#1
Howly 26th July, 26yrs DC#1
Morganlove 26th July, DC#1
Hollyjokes 27th July, 28yrs DC#2
eeyore2911 27th July, 33yrs DC#3
ShoesBagsDresses 27th July, DC#2
Allypallyjelly 28th July, 30yrs DC#1
funkymonk 28th July, 31yrs DC#1
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DinkyFrinkbuster 30th July, 37yrs DC#2
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Shallol 1st August, 27yrs DC#3(5 inc DSS)
Blamenargles 1st August, DC#2
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Eminybob 2nd August, 33yrs DC#1
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QueenOfGeeks 9th August, DC#2
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HungryHorace 14th August, 37yrs DC#2
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Chocolocodowninacapulco 20th August
FiremanSamsWife 20th August, DC#2
Choccywoccydodah 21st August, 34yrs DC#2
Mummyagain2014 22nd August, DC#2
BunnyBaby 25th August, 36yrs DC#3
Mssleepyhead 27th August, 32yrs DC#1
Shakshuka Due Date not yet known, 39yrs DC#3
NameToBeDecided Due Date not yet known, 32yrs DC#2
Travispickles DC#2
Nulanoo due August
Rosesonthewane due mid July to early August, DC#3
beanbaking83 due August, DC#1
FEEdec due early August, 35yrs DC#2
EssexGirlLottie due August, DC#1

RoseHoney Sun 15-Dec-13 10:14:34

I'm so sorry MrsM and Choccy sad i hope you have some good support around you right now.

Congratulations to all the new posters smile

HungryHorace Sun 15-Dec-13 10:16:33

I was wondering whether we should restart the thread too, ATruth. I don't know if Choccy will come back to it or not though and I wouldn't like to do it without her say so.

Hi to the newbies. :-)

DH says I've got a bump now (well, my belly has changed shape as thanks to utterly destroyed abs - thanks, DD - my tummy will never be flat again!) which is obviously early bloating.

My night sweats are disgusting now; really grim indeed. Anybody else really suffering?

SwedeAway Sun 15-Dec-13 10:54:06

Hi, can I join please. Did a test yesterday and got BFP (2-3 weeks) so due around 22 Aug. I am 38 and this will be my second. Have one DD who is 3.

Super excited and still getting my head around it all.

More detailed stats for me:

ATruthUniversallyAcknowldeged 19th August 34yrs DC#2

We're also going to tell close family at Christmas. I've been really corny and bought an "I'm the big brother" tshirt for ds that we'll get my mum and dad to open.

Currently lying very still concentrating on not being sick. Bluergh.

Hungry I with you there. Feeling slight blurgh!! Woke up feeling fine. Which is great as last week I've woke feeling sick. Backache has subsided!!! But arm is aching. Keep thinking its ectopic!!! I hate the internet!!! DH thinks it's because of my job as I'm a hairdresser.

ItsSoFluffyImGonnaDie Sun 15-Dec-13 11:33:40

Oh*Choccy*, I'm gutted for you. You too MrsM sad

funkymonk Sun 15-Dec-13 12:33:13

Have had brown cm for 2 full weeks now, but just had actual brown bleeding with a small clot. I'm desperate for progesterone supplements. Does anyone know if they will prescribe these at walk in centres or whether they will just tell me to call Epu tomorrow?

I know nothing about progesterone supplements, but if I was you I think I'd pop to walk in centre and see someone. Is epu not open on Sunday?

Oh, and I should say... One of my friends bled on and off for most of her first trimester. She's just given birth to a gorgeous daughter. Bleeding doesn't always mean the end x

HungryHorace Sun 15-Dec-13 12:45:54

Oh, I love that kind of cheese, ATruth. I think we will have to get something for DD to wear for when we announce it!

I don't know about progesterone, funky. Can you call your EPU to ask? I'm not sure a walk in centre would get involved in early pregnancy though.

My coat, which fitted with room to spare last week, is quite tight now. Hmmm. I was hoping not to show too soon this time.

funkymonk Sun 15-Dec-13 12:46:56

Thanks truth. Epu here is only Mon-Fri unfortunately. Think I'll try walk in centre.

Good luck thanks Be prepared for them not to be able to do much. Try to stay calm x

Ruggle Sun 15-Dec-13 13:20:35

Sorry to hear you are having problems Funkymonk. What do progesterone supplements do?

HungryHorace Sun 15-Dec-13 13:34:39

It's increased progesterone which sustains a pregnancy and is supplied by the corpus luteum.

If you're at risk from dropping progesterone which would cause a miscarriage then taking progesterone should hopefully prevent the miscarriage and sustain the pregnancy.

Ruggle Sun 15-Dec-13 13:44:31

So you'd presumably only take it if you were diagnosed with low progesterone? I am interested because if this pregnancy doesn't work out we will be eligible for testing, but I don't even know what sorts of tests they do and what treatments are available.
My (stupid) gp suggested I take aspirin because "the fertility consultant at Lewisham hospital often advises it to women who have recurrent miscarriages"....but that's after diagnosis of blood clotting disorders...and anyhow I am not supposed to use it as I'm asthmatic.

HungryHorace Sun 15-Dec-13 13:53:50

Some women take baby aspirin as a matter of course, even without diagnosis I think.

I think they'd give you progesterone if there was a risk, I don't think it's something you have to have a diagnosis for.

There was a study at some hospital and women who'd had 3 or more MCs were invited to take part and use progesterone in early pregnancy (I'm not sure how long for). If it's that which is the problem them I think success rates are good.

miserywaterfall Sun 15-Dec-13 14:10:36

Argh I feel like such a lazy bugger this weekend. Not sure if it's the antibiotics for the UTI making it worse, but all I want to do is sleeeeeeeeeep. Sleeeeep all the time! And then eat! And then sleep!! Hoping to find some energy by the second trimester!

Hope everyone is okay today smile

Shakshuka Sun 15-Dec-13 14:16:53

Me too waterfall

dh has taken the kids to their activities so have the house to myself for the next 3 hours. I need to do some cooking and cleaning but can't move from the couch and really feel like a nap...

miserywaterfall Sun 15-Dec-13 14:20:46

I just woke up from a nap and feel ready to go for another, but first, foooooood! Ah dear, this Christmas food is going to make me eat like a hog :D

funkymonk Sun 15-Dec-13 14:32:20

I take low dose aspirin for a mild blood clotting problem. My day 21 progesterone levels on cycle I happened to get pregnant were 76 which is good but doesn't mean they haven't dropped to a low level by now. Only way to find out would be blood test or ideally I would like to be prescribed progesterone supplements straight away for the ongoing spotting. Can be a sign progesterone levels too low and therefore signalling to body to start period.

Shallol Sun 15-Dec-13 15:43:23

Also feeling lazy today grin Life is Very Stressful at the moment (ongoing court case for contact with DFs sons, my redundancy notice will be served this week, having to change DS1s school as they currently won't support his new autism diagnosis...) so the stress is making me feel drained. Really wanted to get out and do some Christmas things but I haven't even got dressed! DF has just made a batch of gingerbread cookies with DS1&2 while I lie still on the sofa!

FriendofDorothy Sun 15-Dec-13 15:51:13

I took a low dose aspirin last time so I have started again this time. I will hope to see the GP tomorrow to get referred to the midwifery service so I will check with him whether it is the right thing to do tomorrow.

I'm so glad other people have mentioned the exhaustion. I slept for twelve hours on Friday night and keep returning to bed today. Ds is not impressed.

miserywaterfall Sun 15-Dec-13 16:13:13

I have little interest in anything but sleeping and eating ;) Sooo attractive :D

mssleepyhead Sun 15-Dec-13 16:13:49

Is anyone else finding they're completely exhausted BUT can't sleep? I'm finding I'm completely shattered, but wake early to go to the loo or just because I normally wake early for work, and then that's it. My mind starts thinking of everything I need to do before August and I'm awake. And, well, terrified. It's killing me!

miserywaterfall Sun 15-Dec-13 16:19:28

Oh mssleepy that was me when I first found out, but it's been two weeks now and all I can think about now is sleep. hopefully as you get more used to the idea of a baby you will be able to relax and sleep more?

HungryHorace Sun 15-Dec-13 16:25:04

Mssleepyhead, yes, that's me. I'm fine to get to sleep initially, but once DD has woken us in the night I struggle to get back to sleep. I'm not even thinking about anything I'm just lying there.

We went out for a 3 mile walk earlier and I'm wiped out now. :-/ I'm feeling so lazy. Really need to consider getting dinner at some point though.

I can't wait til Christmas as it'll be a very good excuse to eat shedloads. Yummy!

mssleepyhead Sun 15-Dec-13 16:28:29

thank you misery and hungry. I'm finding I'm getting up at stupid o'clock just to take another pregnancy test/take my temperature because I'm convinced something has happened overnight and it's all gone wrong. I can't really imagine being able to relax again! But I hope it happens soon because I'm completely exhausted. Hopefully I'll start getting some stronger side affects soon; I think that will help. At the moment I feel like this is all just a surreal dream because I don't really have any symptoms at all (and yes, I know I won't be saying that when I'm throwing up my Christmas dinner!)

Hi can't remember who it was, but I don't mind you keeping this thread. I must admit I was a bit apprehensive starting it as I was scared something was going to happen.
I've done another test and it's getting lighter (even though they didn't get that dark!) so I'm pretty sure it's a chem. Passing tiny clots too aswell as red bleeding.
I want to be checked out but reading online it said you're not checked until you have 3 m/cs or chems. Should I lie? I don't think I could bear this again!

FEEdec Sun 15-Dec-13 16:42:51

Choocy - I'd be tempted to lie just to start the ball rolling to see if there is anything going on. I know people who've lied about how long they've been trying to conceive to get fertility testing which is the same sort of thing?

When I did the test on wednesday I had no idea what prompted me to do it, but today I have no doubts I'm pregnant, I feel nauseous, absolutely shattered and pretty emotional (my son just hit me round the head with his car and I cried!!). I need to cook his dinner, hang the washing out and generally play with him but I keep standing up to do something then think I can't be arsed and sit down again. Poor little boy is having to entertain himself this afternoon crap mum

miserywaterfall Sun 15-Dec-13 17:06:08

Choccy, I think I'd lie about it, you'll be paranoid for next time if you don't get checked. What they don't know wont hurt them, but it will help you, so I say go for it. Thinking of you x

mssleepyhead Sun 15-Dec-13 17:06:40

Choccy I would lie too - a friend of mine has had 4 mcs in about 18 months and they actually only started checking things for her after her 4th. Saying you've had 3 might get things moving a bit faster...

HungryHorace Sun 15-Dec-13 17:59:36

I'd also lie, Choccy. I think it's best for you to get checked out sooner rather than later.

Mssleepyhead, I'm a couple of weeks ahead of you and still don't really have symptoms. They started at about 7 weeks last time with morning sickness. Which is Christmas Day this time. Could be fun. :-/

mssleepyhead Sun 15-Dec-13 18:08:43

That's reassuring, thanks Hungry : ) I'll expect a tricky start to the new year, then!

Polkadot1 Sun 15-Dec-13 18:45:36

Being in the medical business - I wouldn't lie Choccy as it will be in your noted forever, and any future pregnancies/ appointments/ time on labour ward, they have a code number by your name which means how many successful pregnancies you've had and how many in total including unsuccessful (google "gravida" and "para") so you'd get asked about it again and again, so may get caught out/ may add to the stress if you have to remember what you said

sillymeagain Sun 15-Dec-13 18:58:18

Help....just had a sharp stubby pain low down and thwn red bleeding when I wiped (and gathered in the bottom of the toilet. ..sorry tmi) not looking good is it? I'm 5+5. Do I go to dr in the morning or call epu....Thanks for helping

miserywaterfall Sun 15-Dec-13 19:03:59

Silly I'd call EPU if it is open and you are worried! Are you still bleeding now? x

Finnable Sun 15-Dec-13 22:39:11


Just been reading through; hugs even though I'm a stranger here to those in need, and a request - can I join?

I'm 30, hoping DC1 will stick, and I'm a mature student. (Trainee Teacher - must be mad!) NHS calculator thingy says I'm due August 18th.

I'm also going to PM for that Facebook thread if I can remember who to message!

Ruggle Sun 15-Dec-13 23:27:35

Hi Finnable

Welcome to the August gang!

Hi! Just found out today that I'mmmmmmmmmmmm pregnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant! Sorry, the shock has not worn off yet. We've been trying for six months and this is our DC1. I still really can't believe it's happened but there was no mistaking the test I did earlier. Based on an online calculator, I'm due 15th August. Oh, and although I'm British, I now live in the US so I will be around in the wee small hours British-time for company during your sleepless nights to come! Soo happy!

HungryHorace Mon 16-Dec-13 06:10:33

Hi Finn and Terra!

Congratulations. :-)

How are we all today? I couldn't wait til Thursday and pee'd on my last digi and got 3+, so I'm happy. I was so nervous about doing it!

No more POAS now (only got 2 OPKs left anyway!).

Good luck with the scans happening today. xx

Morganlove Mon 16-Dec-13 06:13:23

Morning all. Hope everyone is ok?

I've been spotting since Thurs. Brown stuff, no red, but it's just so worrying. Midwife suggested calling the EPU today if it was continuing. Any experience on what they might say/suggest? Would really appreciate your thoughts. I'm currently 8+2

NameToBeDecided Mon 16-Dec-13 07:19:21

Morgan I had brown stuff with dd1 and they asked me to go in, did an internal to make sure cervix closed and asked lots of questions. At this early stage there isn't much more they can do, it's very frustrating when you're worried though. Hope everything is okay.
I now have a due date tho! 13 August! Had a scan at the weekend (previous ectopic) and saw a little heart beat, flooded epu with my tears! [Grin]
I thought I was about 7 weeks but I'm actually 5+5 which explains why I had such a faint line on my 1st tests any why I haven't had many symptoms yet. My bleeding has been so erratic since my mmc that I'd worked it out wrong. They've also agreed to scan me again at 9ish weeks because of the mmc so I am really relieved about that too.
Hope everyone is well this morning?

mssleepyhead Mon 16-Dec-13 07:31:44

name there was a heartbeat already?? That's amazing! How wonderful to see! I think I might pay for a private scan early in the new year; I just can't imagine waiting 3 months for this...

sillymeagain Mon 16-Dec-13 08:24:00

Morning all.

Hope all is well...hello newbies

Tried to call epu last night and ended up speaking to delivery suite midwife who was worried about the pain I was having concerned it could be ectopic. Went to out of hours gp who sent me for a scan via a&e. Got to a&e at midnight who ended up just doing an internal and taking blood. He thinks it unlikely that its ectopic but wants a repeat blood test and a scan later this week. Positive things are the bleeding has eased and the opening to my cervix is shut but I am so so worried and upset.
Anyone else experienced similar and can reassure me.
Sorry to ask.

FEEdec Mon 16-Dec-13 08:57:15

Welcome Finnable & Terra and congratulations!

morgan - I'd give EPU a call if you are able to self refer. When I had a brown bleed at 6 weeks with my son, the GP referred me to EPU and they scanned me to check all was ok and found no reason for the bleed and I got to see my sons little heart beating.

silly - that's good news that your bleeding has settled and your cervix is closed. Try and concentrate on the positives (easier said than done). These early days are just a waiting game, keeping everything crossed for a sticky!

name - thats brilliant that they saw a heartbeat already!

I'm booked for a private scan tomorrow but feeling very nervous about it and wondering if it's a mistake? what if there's nothing there? thing is I want to find out how far along I am before Christmas as we'll have to tell family then (I've no excuse otherwise for not drinking or eating pate etc) and I'd love to have seen the heartbeat before we tell them.

yummiemummieuk Mon 16-Dec-13 09:16:56

Hi ladies I found out I was pregnant last week, my guesstimate due date is 12th August ATM. My dating scan (in 3 weeks) will give me a more accurate one hopefully :D first baby not planned but very wanted-kind if on the cards just came a little earlier than planned! Currently travelling in Australia! I'm lucky my partners happy and family all pleased. I agree it's a great early Xmas prezzie also for me birthday- I'm 30 on the 22nd dec!
Lovely to meet you all x I think August is such a lovely month for a birthday. Our plan is to fly back to uk around 13 week point.

Ruggle Mon 16-Dec-13 09:18:26

FEEdec, how far along might you be? From what I've read it's best to wait until at least 8 weeks (unless for emergency reasons) because less than that there's the possibility of not seeing a heartbeat simply because it hasn't developed yet...which may just add create unnecessart worry. I've decided not to have an early scan at all, despite 2 recent miscarriaged. I don't think I could cope with the stress. Ignorance is bliss at the moment!

Ruggle Mon 16-Dec-13 09:20:11

Grr...typos....silly phone!

NameToBeDecided Mon 16-Dec-13 09:21:59

I know, I can't believe we saw the heartbeat so early, they normally say you might not see it till after 6 weeks! They gave me a print out and although you can't really see much it's lovely to look at instead of 2 little lines grin. I feel very blessed right now.

Congratulations and welcome to the newbies, and I really hope things settle down for everyone who's having spotting and worries.

NameToBeDecided Mon 16-Dec-13 09:23:41

Sorryruggle cross post. I know we were exceptionally lucky to see heartbeat.

Polka that totally makes sense. I'm going to call them shortly.
Congrats to all the newbies smile

FriendofDorothy Mon 16-Dec-13 09:28:49

Have just been to my GP to get a referral to the midwives. He reckons my EDD is 18 August.

Very exciting smile Just hope this little bean sticks!

RoseHoney Mon 16-Dec-13 09:38:32

Just caught up after a hectic weekend! Big hugs to those in need of them and a big congratulations to the new posters smile

I'm thinking of picking up a CBD today, I've done 6 normal tests last week that were all positive but I'm still paranoid they were all wrong lol. I'm about 5 weeks today, would it be best to wait until tomorrow morning to do it or should I be fine testing today?

HungryHorace Mon 16-Dec-13 09:40:43

Morgan, I'd agree re EPU. I hope you get some answers today. I know how worrying it is.

Silly, it's good that your cervix is shut. Good luck for the scan.

FEE, I don't think it's a mistake to have the scan. There's always worries, but I'd want to know dates if I were you!

Name, that makes sense with your tests then, doesn't it? I had no idea you could see a heartbeat this early (I'm a day behind you!). That's amazing. :-)

I have spoke. To the mw and she said to call the dr which I've done and I have an appt tomorrow morning. Too early for a scan so am hoping someone can help tomorrow

HungryHorace Mon 16-Dec-13 10:13:33

I hope they can assist in some way, Choccy. xx

I just found this which shows how the digi test works: www.tcoyf.com/forums/t/2818.aspx

It's really interesting. :-)

Morganlove Mon 16-Dec-13 10:48:06

Spoke to the EPU and they said that at 8 weeks it's likely to be implantation. They didn't have any apts to offer me there and then but will ring me back later with an apt to go for a scan to check everything out.

Semi pleased they didn't seem too bothered but I still can't shift this feeling of dread. It's now giving me a massive headache, so all in all I'm not in a great place and trying to carry on at work when all I want to do is cry.

Morganlove Mon 16-Dec-13 10:58:18

Oh heck, they just rang back and I'm going in this afternoon. Didn't think it would be that quick. Please can everyone have their fingers tightly crossed for me.

talulahbelle Mon 16-Dec-13 11:31:35

Got FX for you morgan

flymo79 Mon 16-Dec-13 11:35:29

hi all - am just catching up after a weekend with the gorgeous nephew, six months old and making me so ridiculously broody!
So sorry to hear your troubles, choccy, I hope you get some good solid advice from the doctor tomorrow and it puts you at ease. Sorry to read about MrsMusic too, I'm sure she's not reading this but my heart goes out to her.
I'm still feeling rankly sick. Can't be bothered to do anything either which is seriously not like me as usually have bags of energy. Sat at my desk almost crying with fatigue! The wee nephew did wake in the night a good few times and have a wail, plus this wretched weather is keeping me awake with the wind and rain.... I cried at the carols by candlelight last night, and at my DP on Friday night for coming in late and keeping me up! Feel like a total wreck!
I've basically got my whole family over at the moment and keep almost telling them then chickening out. it feels weird that they don't know, but at the same time I want to have real concrete news rather than what I currently have which is very early days yet.
(sorry for epic post!)

flymo79 Mon 16-Dec-13 11:35:54

oh morgan, fingers crossed for you too, I hope it all goes well xx

HungryHorace Mon 16-Dec-13 11:45:29

Good luck Morgan.

Hope everything ok for you Morgan x

Hello ladies, well the morning sickness began at 3am this morning. Not actually been sick but was close several times. Also discovered that DH is no longer allowed to eat Reece's when I'm in the vesinity. It's smelt so strong when he was driving I nearly puked there and then. Was awful.

Good luck Morgan, and hope others suffering the morning sickness can take it a bit easy in this last week before Christmas.

Also looked at the link about digis and try as I might I can not break into my pee stick. fconfused

NameToBeDecided Mon 16-Dec-13 11:58:08

Hungry itreallys perfect sense, I was worried that the lines were so faint but as it works out I was only just over 3 weeks for the first test, it's a miracle I got a bfp at all grin
Morgan I really hope everything is okay this afternoon. Fx for you. X

NameToBeDecided Mon 16-Dec-13 11:59:37

Grr stupid phone 'it really makes'

HungryHorace Mon 16-Dec-13 12:14:31

Name, I've got my BFP both times at 3+3. It makes for a long old pregnancy! :-/

I've left DH in charge of breaking the test open. I'll see how he does it and report back.

sharkey1187 Mon 16-Dec-13 12:15:53

Hi all....

Just checking in.. Looks like me and DH have received an early Christmas present! It's looking like it's going to the 17th August for us smile

how is everyone getting on?

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 12:23:24

Hi all. Hope everyone's feeling okay today.

Good luck this afternoon Morgan, do let us know how you get on!

I'm suffering with the UTI pain today. Was up every hour through the night to pee and my kidneys are aching. Doctor recommends taking nothing stronger than paracetamol this early on so it doesn't seem to be making much of a dent in the pain at all sad
I am also feeling ridiculous pregnant today, keep gagging on smells and sights and just feel generally exhausted!
Had to take the afternoon off college, as I am just not able to walk the 2 mile round walk to get there, with this pain. Walking for any longer than 5 mins leaves me sore for ages after and I have to go lie down... not really an option at college hmm

Sigh! smile

Ruggle Mon 16-Dec-13 12:24:56

My first BFP was 3+4, and the only reason I tested then was because I'd had a dream the night before that I'd given birth to a baby boy.

Water seems to be tasting like plastic these days. Anyone else getting that?

Still no sickness....yet....

yummiemummieuk Mon 16-Dec-13 12:29:38

No sickness for me until I went on a bus- cue retching and my bf trying to force feed me ginger biscuits! I'm crying at everything ATM and sore boobs! Wondering if il see much on my dating scan??? (Il be 8 week a roughly)

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 12:37:08

I am chugging water and semi skimmed milk, but anything else tastes plasticky to me Ruggle!

Was having a look at my body in the mirror last night and have noticed right boob has got much rounder and bigger than left boob, lol. Hope left boob catches u soon hmm

yummiemummieuk Mon 16-Dec-13 12:59:15

Missv I feel like I'm showing already and I'm only around 5 weeks! X

talulahbelle Mon 16-Dec-13 13:08:25

Had my scan today, my dates put me at 8+2 but I'm measuring slightly ahead. One healthy heartbeat heard too. Very exciting and seems more real now. Next scan in two weeks time.

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 13:12:08

Woooohoo congrats Talulah smile

yummiemummieuk Mon 16-Dec-13 13:16:09

What dates should I expect scans? So far went to gp had pregnancy confirmed (urine) and bloods (all fine)
Next thing is dating scan-3rd jan when I should be around 9 weeks
Name ATM my due date is 13th too
What do all these abbreviations like DH mean?!

funkymonk Mon 16-Dec-13 13:22:10

Welcome newbies.

I'm currently sat in hospital pharmacy awaiting progesterone supplements. Morgan I've had brown cm for 16 days now and 2x scans have been ok so far. Going back tomorrow just to check on heartbeat as they thought it may have been a little slow.

flusteredmumto2 Mon 16-Dec-13 13:34:55

Hi all. Just popping in to mark my place as this is a huge shock for me. Got my BFP this morning and I'm freaking out a little. I have 2 dc's so this will be #3. Not planned DP and I both have been told it would be highly unlikelywe would concieve and I had been on contraception. I was ill last month and looks like it may have affected the pill. By my estimation I'm 5 weeks so edd would be the 20/08/2014.

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 13:44:33

Yummie if you look up at the top of the page there is a bit that says Acronyms - it tells you what they all mean, it was a life saver for me, I had no idea either ;D

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 13:48:44

Hope it goes well Funky x

Eeep congrats Fluster smile let the shock sink in!

SwedeAway Mon 16-Dec-13 13:49:36

Not feeling pregnant at all. Early days I guess and as I seem to have blanked out all memories from my first pregnancy I can't recall when I started to feel pg last time. My ovaries are hurting though, both of them, not sure if that is normal.

Need to tell my parents as they are visiting me for a month. I am so bad at lying and I think my mum is suspicious as she keeps staring at my bloated belly.

flusteredmumto2 Mon 16-Dec-13 13:58:43

I've felt sick for a few days, so tired too, I only took a test (in the college toilets) to reassure my self that AF was on her way and looks like she's not for a good few months. I'm supposed to be going to uni next september so it looks like I'll be defering a year. Dp and I have only been together 6 months (friends for 11) so this will be a big test as we live 120 miles apart so all these little bits mean I've been crying all day. Hopefully it'll sink in soon.

PinaColadas Mon 16-Dec-13 14:47:55

Hello, welcome new ladies smile

I've finally got my positive result back from my doctor yaay. I'm massively overthinking things now and wish i'd taken a morning sample in because the sample I took in was done at 5pm! It read 10K HCG, trying to work out how far along I am! By the book I'm 7+2 but as I mentioned previously my last cycle was 37 days so I could be anywhere! I reckon based on that maybe im 6 and a half, but I don't know how much difference an evening sample makes to the HcG levels? Does anyone know?

FEEdec Mon 16-Dec-13 15:02:00

Gosh this thread has moved it a bit since this morning!

Ruggle to answer your question (way back up the page). I think I'm 6-7 weeks as I had my implant removed on the 4th November and have only had sex once since then, a couple of days after it was removed(my poor husband). However, i haven't actually had a period for over 2.5 years but did have some spotting back in July. I'm assuming though that my implant was working correctly and we conceived early November??

I ordred a t-shirt for my 2 year old to wear on Christmas Eve when we see the family which says "I'm going to be a big brother". We thought it would be funny to see if anyone notices it and watch their reaction! I'm just hoping I've not tempted fate by ordering it. Feeling very nervous today...

Finnable Mon 16-Dec-13 15:05:16

Thank you for the welcome Horace, Ruggle and all!

It still doesn't feel real, despite me devouring a baby names book and oohing and aahing over nursery pictures on Pinterest.
Rang the doctor's this morning and I've got my first midwife appointment tomorrow - just to register and fill in forms, but I'm ridiculously excited nevertheless!
So lovely to have this forum too, I'm looking forward to getting to know you all over the next 8 or so months!

FEEdec Mon 16-Dec-13 15:16:48

Forgot to say welcome to the newbies! There's a fair few if us now grin

Can someone please remind me of how I join the Facebook group?

Ruggle Mon 16-Dec-13 15:19:57

FEEdec, drop a private message to Hollyjokes with a link to yourself on facebook and then she can look you up and add you to the group, I think!

FEEdec Mon 16-Dec-13 15:26:19

Thank you!

flymo79 Mon 16-Dec-13 15:28:32

feeling so sick... don't think I can even face ginger biccies. What helped last week really doesn't help this week, in fact the thought of ginger tea (which I was drinking at a rate of about 5 cups a day!) now makes me feel rank. help!!
Pina - I'm so glad you've had your test back and are relieved, I am trying to find a link I spotted a way back about hcg levels... do a spot of googling

HungryHorace Mon 16-Dec-13 15:38:55

Flymo, crisps / salty snacks worked for me last time, have you tried anything similar? I'd love a bit of nausea, though it's a bit early yet. I felt reassuringly bad last time!

It was me who posted the hcg levels link. I'll try to find it again.

Hi to more newbies. :-)

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 15:41:23

Any else had heart palpitations? Honestly, have had them on and off all day and googled it and apparently it is common in pregnancy. Such an uncomfortable feeling!

HungryHorace Mon 16-Dec-13 15:42:24

Here you go: m.huggies.com.au/pregnancy/early-stages/symptoms/hcg-levels/chart/

I'm not sure it'll help as they vary wildly! :-/

Ruggle Mon 16-Dec-13 15:44:28

Yes to palpitations. I wake with them at night.....and I wake to pee....so not much sleep going on at all!

Anyone else spending too much time on MN and FB instead of working?!

HungryHorace Mon 16-Dec-13 15:50:30

That's why being on mat leave is fantastic, Ruggle. When DD is asleep I can FB / MN to my heart's content. :-)

Polkadot1 Mon 16-Dec-13 16:15:07

I've had palpitations too- my first symptom in this pregnancy and the last! I keep swaying between really bad nausea, and no symptoms! I prefer the nausea! The other symptom I had on Sat (which I haven't had since my last pregnancy) is uncontrollable giggles!!! Laughed so much on Sat I ended up crying with laughter- and just couldn't stop giggling! DH thought I was mad! But I'm happy for that symptom to carry on as I'm sure laughing is good for you!!!:-)

PinaColadas Mon 16-Dec-13 16:26:25

Ooh eek thanks Hungry / Flymo So potentially I could be about 7 weeks then. Been googling but can't find anywhere that says what a difference an evening sample makes, think i'll just chill the F out and count down the 14 days til the scan! :D

flymo79 Mon 16-Dec-13 16:42:27

I reckon so Pina, I'm going on about 7 weeks myself and we have same due date, no? my LMP was 24 Oct. When I spoke to the doc she said they will always date you on your last bleed, no matter how much you protest your cycles are irregular/long/short/you ovulated late etc. The medical profession do things by the book! then when you have your scan they might readjust due to baby size, I was semi-freaking out too as I thought I will prob look small for how far on I am going by LMP as I ov late! there was no getting through to the doc though. So I think, what I'm trying to say in a very roundabout way is, we need to just go with it!!

HungryHorace Mon 16-Dec-13 16:44:02

Oh, ouchy...first round ligament pain. Just knelt down to change DD's nappy and felt the pulling sensation on the left hand side. Made me catch my breath!

Made me feel a touch more pregnant if nothing else. :-)

Fee the Tshirt on our 2 year old ds was how we told both sets of parents last month grin They loved it!
It's now packed in the drawer, not sure I can use it twice though!

So am very confused. Last months chem I tested negative the day after I started bleeding. However I'm 2 days on and still have as faint a line as I've ever had. I thought it was negative yesterday but doing another test this morning, it's still there.
I am absolutely mega confused!!

PinaColadas Mon 16-Dec-13 17:13:05

Choccy why don't you see if your doc can do a urine sample to check your Hcg levels? If you do one now and one in a few days see how the level changes?

Flymo my LMP is 26th October buy yes like you say I won't be freaked out if at the scan I'm not measuring as far on as my LMP says as that's always based on a 28 day cycle

PinaColadas Mon 16-Dec-13 17:13:38

But, not buy!

I'll ask tomorrow thanks pina smile

Morganlove Mon 16-Dec-13 17:37:47

Just got back from EPU. Had an internal scan and there is a heartbeat there. All looked ok although I'm a bit concerned as the scan came up as the little peanut being 6weeks. By my calculations it should be 8. I checked this and they said it could be one of 3 reasons- either it's not progressing and I'll miscarry, I got my dates wrong, or I ovulated/conceived later than expected. Def got my dates right for when my last period was, praying I ovulated later. The nurse said the Dr who did my scan is very good and will have said if there was anything concerning coming up on the scan. He said it was as expected for the stage I am at - but I'm sure I'm 8 weeks. Should I be worried or can the scans be unreliable at this stage with dating?

They didn't suggest coming back for another scan before my planned dating one the midwife booked in.

Oh, I just don't know what to think. Happy that there is a heartbeat, I'll focus on that.

Morgan when I had my first scan with ds he was dated earlier then the dating scan put him back to his proper date. It may just be that your baby is just measuring small at the moment. Positive thoughts coming your way smile

Morganlove Mon 16-Dec-13 17:49:39

Thanks for that choccy MASSIVE positive thoughts your way too. Here's me thinking trying to conceive was stressful, this is a whole other game!

Polkadot1 Mon 16-Dec-13 17:55:35

morgan it's most likely as you ovulated later? Once you see a healthy HB, miscarriage risk drops to under 5%- just focus on that Choccy good luck tomorrow - will be sending positive thoughts to you

Thanks ladies. Have just told dh about the test and he said hmmm lets see what they say tomorrow. I know this sounds odd but I feel so different to last month. The bleeding has more or less stopped now, which I'm normally a 4 day kinda gal, and I'm getting this tingling feeling in my lower belly.
I'm totally not getting my hopes up honest, but I'm still feeling positive smile

HungryHorace Mon 16-Dec-13 18:07:34

That's very interesting, Choccy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed and am rooting for a sticky bean for you. xx

And I agree that a heartbeat is a good sign, Morgan. I imagine you probably ovulated later than you thought. Do you have the date for your dating scan yet?

Ruggle Mon 16-Dec-13 18:08:06

All my clothes are strangling my bloated tummy. Any recommendations for early pregnancy clothing solutions? I've got one pair of maternity jeans that I bought when I was about half a stone heavier....and the bump band is WAY too big to wear at the moment.
I'm wondering if BHS granny skirts with elasticated waists are the temporary way forward...?

mssleepyhead Mon 16-Dec-13 18:18:23

Just booked my first doctor's appointment for next Monday! Feels very early but at the same time will be good to get some reassurance. If they can offer that. Will only be 5 weeks...

choccy fingers crossed that faint line gets stronger x

Polkadot1 Mon 16-Dec-13 18:23:25

Tingling feeling sounds positive Choccy. I'm having a scan on Fri, but only coz I know someone at work who will do it. I did say I'd be 6+6 if go from period, but I ovulated I reckon day 18, so would it be too early- but similar to someone saying earlier, she said she'd go on period dates and then see. So I suspect if everything's ok, it will measure smaller too. Fingers crossed

funkymonk Mon 16-Dec-13 18:27:37

Morgan, that is same with me. I measured 5+2 on first scan when I knew from positive ovulation test I should have been 6+3. I went back 8 days later and baby had grown what it should have pretty much in that time. It was 6+2 but from my dates should have been 7+1. The early us scans are accurate to +/ 5 days. There was also a heartbeat. They didn't give me bpm but said it may be a little slow so I'm going back tomorrow for them to re scan. So maybe I implanted a little later than I estimated and you did too. And maybe the scan was out by 5 days or even more. The babies are so small at this stage, that when they are measuring it, the slightest click even a mm out can make a few days difference. Don't fret. I ought to take my own advice!

funkymonk Mon 16-Dec-13 18:29:10

Thinking of you choccy

lucyfluff Mon 16-Dec-13 18:41:46

Hello ladies - nice to see a few familiar names here smile

I am slowly coming aboard...(4+3) today and just did my second IC which gave a very strong positive!!! Praying this little bubba is going to stick after a chemical pg in October....anyway stats are...31yrs...DC4...EDD 22 Aug.

I will catch up on the thread smile

ps choccy Im thinking of you lovely. Fingers crossed very tightly.

Shallol Mon 16-Dec-13 18:47:58

Choccy fx for you smile
Yay Lucy! Glad you made it!

I just had my early scan, they've dated me as 7w5, giving me a due date of 30th July. Saw the heartbeat, looks like an oval blob rather than a baby. I was sooo nervous before I went in so it's a relief to see it's all okay smile Will put pics up on the FB group later.

Polkadot1 Mon 16-Dec-13 18:55:34

Good to see you Lucy

deuscat Mon 16-Dec-13 19:21:06

Welcome to all the newbies.

I'm jealous of those having early scans. I won't be having one till my 12 week one.

Choccy that's confusing. Hopefully some blood tests will confirm what's happening.

I'm 6+1 and today I had my GP appointment over the phone. She was nice, checked I was taking frolic acid, not smoking or drinking, and that I don't have any medical conditions or take any medications. Then I organised my midwife booking in appointment for 3rd Jan when I'll be 8+5. It will take an hour and I need to take some morning urine. Why will it take do long and why do they need my urine? Has anyone got any experience of this?

Not sure if I'll get a scan date after that or before. I think I now have more questions than answers!

deuscat Mon 16-Dec-13 19:21:39

Folic not frolic grin

PinaColadas Mon 16-Dec-13 19:28:36

deuscat my booking appt before my MC was about that stage, it was urine, bloods testing for HIV and stuff, booking of your 12 week scan, general chat about healthy eating, height, weight, BMI, and you just answer a lot of questions about yourself and it all gets filled in on the computer. Hope it helps.
Thinking about you choccy

I want frolic acid! Sounds much more fun!!

Thank you Lucy, so nice to see you here! Did you do your digi yet?

So, have just tested again (god I'm an addict). Faintest of lines on the preg test as normal, however I did an opk and the line is a lot darker. Nowhere as dark as the test line, but I never have any sort line on those things until I'm near to ov (day 14).
I've really got to sit on my hands now!

And I've had that metallic taste since yesterday I keep forgetting to say

bronya Mon 16-Dec-13 19:34:39

Anyone else exhausted? I've only been to work today, and I feel so tired I can barely move!

Hello all. Sorry to hear there are so many worries at the moment. The first trimester is terrifying isn't it? I hope you've all got your feet up and are having a chance to relax.

I'm a teacher and was horrible to my classes this morning. I was concentrating so hard on not throwing up that I couldn't be nice to them too!

I had my booking in app in the afternoon and have my early scan on Christmas Eve fgrin It all feels real now so I'm praying it sticks.

duescat - don't be too jealous. While an early scan is reassuring, it generally means something crap has happened in this pregnancy or a previous one sad The appointment took an hour and ten minutes! That's more time than I saw my midwife for the whole of my previous pregnancies! (Until the birth of course!) It's so long as they take such a detailed medical history and talk through screening tests etc. The urine test happens at every appointment. It's to check for bladder infections, which can apparently present themselves differently during pregnancy than they do usually.

Hope that helps

mssleepyhead Mon 16-Dec-13 19:47:50

Truth I'm a teacher too! And have no idea how I'm going to get through the next 3 months. I can do pregnancy or I can do teenagers. I don't know how I'm going to manage both!

lucyfluff Mon 16-Dec-13 19:50:26

Thanks choccy, wanted to come over for a few days just terrified about something happening and really need to snap out of it ans stay positive! No digi yet saving it for saturday smile

Your tests and symptoms sound positive dont they smile I would also ask the GP for a blood hcg test as its too early for a scan. Good luck tmrw.

Deuscat - peeing in a pot will be a regular occurance at the MW its all normal, they just check for any nasties...its a good thing grin

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 19:50:28

Choccy, crossing everything for you!

I'm exhausted and in pain from this UTI... I feel as bad as I did last week before I went to the docs, so considering going in tomorrow to see him again as I feel like I have stepped right back to the start, despite being so strict with taking the antibiotics and not missing a dose. I also feel sick and can't tell if it's a pregnant thing or a UTI thing, but I jsut feel thoroughly miserable and weepy, haha. Fun times fhmm

Ruggle Mon 16-Dec-13 19:58:02

Misery, did you get a positive uti test? I have had pretty bad bladder pressure and the constant need to pee just like a uti, but it comes and goes. I don't think it's a uti though, as no pain when I pee. It is so exhausting though!

I can't remember when I started to feel naff last time but it may have been later. Am about 6wks but don't feel bad at all- anyone else start feeling sick later on? I felt horrid last

Time so worried that something wrong....

FriendofDorothy Mon 16-Dec-13 20:06:00

I am feeling slightly sick but not enough to put me off my food! I had no sickness or anything last time so this is a whole new world for me!

Did you have a boy or girl friend?

FriendofDorothy Mon 16-Dec-13 20:22:41

I have a boy. He was one on Saturday.

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 20:23:45

Ruggle yep, had blood and white blood cells in urine at docs on Friday. Sighhh!

Shakshuka Mon 16-Dec-13 20:38:15

You should go back to your dr asap misery . The a-bs shold have kicked in by now. If you tell them you've been on the a-bs for days and they haven't worked, they'll see you urgently. You may need different ones. That's what happened to me last time I had a UTI. The second lot worked.

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 20:42:18

Oooo Shak thanks so much! I was debating going tomorrow but I definitely will now.

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 20:51:50

shak were you pregnant at the time you had the UTI?

NameToBeDecided Mon 16-Dec-13 20:59:38

To whoever asked about clothes in the early days, you can loop a hair band through the button hole in jeans so that the hairband goes over the button instead of the actual trousers if that makes sense. Just make sure you wear a long top! grin that gave me a few extra weeks last time.

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 21:07:35

Name, genius :D

NameToBeDecided Mon 16-Dec-13 21:12:04

Why thank you misery (bows modestly)

I'd love to claim it as my original idea but I'd be lying :-D

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 21:14:06

I'm going to try it right now!

PinaColadas Mon 16-Dec-13 21:14:15

That's a good tip name I feel soooooo bloated. I think it's mainly because I always hold my stomach in, and feel like I can't now. I
I'm paranoid people are noticing my rounded belly, how did this happen so fast, it's got to be wind ha smile

Nausea for me is a bit frustrating, feel sick constantly but not been vommed once, not sure if I'd rather just be sick, but I don't know if being sick eases it? I spent almost the whole weekend in bed. Tiredness is awful really admire anyone where you already have a child it must be such hard work. I was at my desk this afternoon and I was sat there thinking I really don't know how I'm going to get through the next few hours I could have cried!

Shakshuka Mon 16-Dec-13 21:15:46

No, I wasn't. I had a painless UTI which meant I just needed to go the loo all the time and I thought I was going a bit tra-la-la. Any time I'd had them before, it had been really painful so with this one by the time I saw the dr, the infection was really bad!

I bought some of those button extender thingies last time. I never went into any maternity clothes at all! I fell preg at this time of year and asked dh to buy me some clothes when I needed them.......I never got them!

*asked dh for clothes as my Christmas pressie when I needed them I meant

Should I be worried that I don't have any symptoms so far? I must be about 5 weeks. Maybe it's too early?

HungryHorace Mon 16-Dec-13 21:41:23

I'm nigh on symptom-less, Terra and I'm 5+4.

I'm hopeful they will kick in soon enough though. :-)

mssleepyhead Mon 16-Dec-13 21:42:41

terra I don't have many symptoms either. I've just gone into my fifth week. I'm shattered, but I think that's probably because I'm a teacher and it's the end of the term, and I getting swelling where I guess my uterus is, especially after I eat, but that's it. No sickness. Oddly I kind of want some. But just once. Just so I can say I felt it ; )

Shakshuka Mon 16-Dec-13 21:44:27

Hi terra
I meant to ask you - where are you in the US?
I'm also an expat in the US, in NYC.

Enjoy not having symptoms! Many women don't have any or they kick in in week 6 or 7 when your hormone levels really start hitting the high notes!

sharkey1187 Mon 16-Dec-13 21:44:42

Misery - I was diagnosed with an UTI last week even before my first BFP. had antibiotics but didn't feel 100%, saw GP today who was brilliant and prescribed a broad spectrum antibiotic that's safe in pregnancy and said she wasn't even going to wait and see how they work, she's sent an urine sample off to get tested so it can be sorted straight away. If you got pain that bad get yourself an Appt tomorrow.... and that would be the advice whether someone was pregnant or not! hope you start feeling better soon x

miserywaterfall Mon 16-Dec-13 22:12:57

Thanks shak and sharkey The reason I asked whether you were pg Shak was because my dr mentioned that there are only certain antibiotics I can have while this early in the pregnancy!
But yeah, going back anyway, I felt better for a few days but the past 24hrs have been dire and I was having to pee every 30mins earlier today!

Minithemoocher Mon 16-Dec-13 22:25:35

Hello, can I join? I POAS this morning and got a bfp! It's my first and I'm trying not to get too excited as it's very early days.

sharkey1187 Mon 16-Dec-13 22:32:59

Mini - welcome, and I know how you feel. I want to be excited but I'm still not sure I even believe it's happening!

buttercupyellow Mon 16-Dec-13 22:36:27

Hi all! Room for another one? Am 31, have a ds (18mo) and due with dc2 Aug 12th at the standard calculations so 6 wks today I think..

Have read everyone's posts but am struggling to get the hang of who's who at the moment. Will look forward to getting to know you all as time goes by so please bear with me.

Interesting to hear some of your comments on when & how to tell family and friends. Was pregnant (by accident) with ds1 at the same time of year last time and felt we had to tell people because it'd be obvious over Xmas and new year if I wasn't drinking. Probably couldn't have done it any differently but I did regret it a bit. MIL in particular was so delighted (1st grandchild both sides) and they were all so over excited that it felt like a lot of pressure on me till I'd got the scans over and confirmed all ok. If the worst happened I could have dealt with it but I don't think I could break the news to family members who were so over excited about it.. Everyone has a different relationship with their family though. I do understand that other people would want the support if it went wrong but I'm the sort of person that can't cope with too much sympathy and people knowing my problems if that makes sense to anyone?? This time we're going to try and keep quiet till after the 12 wk scan. Hopefully it'll be easier to hide it as I hardly ever drink much now due to having a toddler in tow at all times!

My biggest concern is not gaining excess fat this pregnancy! Have lost 3 1/2 stone this year and would be devastated if I had to start from scratch again! Am still 2st overweight and have been doing Slimming World for the last couple of months. Am intending to keep going throughout. Haven't told my group leader I'm pg yet - mostly because I live in a village where everyone knows each other's business and my in-laws live here too so it'd soon get back to them.. Am hoping to lose a little bit more flab yet anyway before the chance has gone. Last time I think I was still losing weight up until 14 weeks so am hoping to hold out till my scan. Put on 1 1/2lbs at tonight's weigh in though. Not too worried as I think last week's 3lb loss was probably a complete fluke and it's just balancing out now. FEE - if I've got this right you are doing SW too? Have you told them yet and how are you getting on?

Minithemoocher Mon 16-Dec-13 22:55:46

Thanks sharkey. It all happened so quickly it's come as a bit of shock! Just read the rest of the thread. Sorry to those that are suffering at the moment.
Some stats from me though. Dc #1 EDD 25 Aug

deuscat Mon 16-Dec-13 23:21:39

Thanks for the reassurance ladies. I'm sorry I didn't even think about the fact that people are having early scans due to previous or current problems. This is my first pregnancy so in naive and terrified!

Ladies who have had previous pregnancies - did you just go to NHS antenatal classes or did you do the NCT ones? I'm tempted by NCT but DH is not convinced due to cost!

Misery hope you get your infection dealt with soon.

My symptoms at 6+1 are sore boobs, tiredness and restlessness, lower back ache and metallic taste in mouth. I had cramping previously but not had any for a few days now.

Just popped my frolic acid grin

Thanks everyone for reassurance re lack of symptoms. Presumably the nausea will kick in just in time for Christmas. fgrin Shakshuka I am on the left coast, in Portland. I've been here two years. I relocated due to getting married.

yummiemummieuk Tue 17-Dec-13 00:45:07

Hi buttercup I'm 29 and this is my first pregnancy! I'm from the UK but actually in Australia ATM. My due date is 13th August but as I can't remember when last period was I'm going for a dating scan on 3rd January. Baby not planned but wanted, was on the cards for when we got home. I've got a few symptoms- weepy, weeing all the time, feel a bit sicky, sore boobs, bloated tum. Bit nervy/panicky about every twinge I get- a psychic once told me I'd have a miscarriage and its hard to get away from that!
We've told close family- I wanted too- if anything bad happens il need there support. They are all happy-sister due in may-she's over the moon! Our plans are to stay in oz until 12 week scan then fly home around 13 weeks.
In that sense I may be alone??? Anyone else travelling? Lol
Lucky to have great bf! smile
Looking forward to getting to know everyone smile

My first appointment is mid-January - can't wait! We will get to hear the heartbeat. That is going to be the most incredible moment. Also I will be seeing a midwife which is far from standard here in the US.

FriendofDorothy Tue 17-Dec-13 01:57:13

buttercupyellow I have been doing SW on and off for a while. I hadn't done v well since mum died so had planned on getting back on plan in January. Reckon it will just be crisis management now!

Shakshuka Tue 17-Dec-13 03:06:37

Oregon is supposed to be gorgeous! Lucky you!!

I think you're very smart going with a midwife. I had one with my youngest who was also born in the US and it was a great experience. Are you doing a home or hospital birth?

I'm having trouble finding a midwife for this pregnancy. I definitely don't want a homebirth and want midwives affiliated with good hospitals. My oldest dd was very sick after she was born so I want a hospital with a top notch NICU just in case. Where I live, the best hospitals are very conservative, have very high c-section rates and I can't find a midwife who works with them. All the midwives seem to be either into homebirths or a birth center in Brooklyn or some of the less good hospitals. My other option is to go into Manhattan but I have a nightmare vision of giving birth in traffic in the Queens-Midtown tunnel smile So I think I'll reluctantly go with an ob-gyn and maybe hire a doula.

Well this is DC1 Shak so the idea of a homebirth is a bit scary. I think they are very positive but I'm not sure yet whether first time is the time to try it out. There's always that "what if.." fear of something going wrong. (I realise things are less likely to go wrong at home, but still). Honestly, having only known I'm pregnant for 1 day, I haven't given the birth too much thought! But birthing in a tunnel in traffic definitely doesn't sound the way to go...!

buttercupyellow Tue 17-Dec-13 06:39:52

Yep I can see that SW wouldn't be your first priority at the moment FriendofDorothy! Just concentrate on getting through Christmas. My heart goes out to you hmm

Woo 3+ on my last digi. Got to be good to that level surely. So pleased. Slept terrible last night. Drinking my decaf tea hoping my body will be tricked into thinking there's caffeine in there.

My sympathies friend

Talking of birth plans I have been thinking a little on this (then stop as sounds terrifying). Def don't want a home birth, but would quite like a midwife led birth but husband (a doctor) doesn't trust midwifed so not sure it'll go that way. Plus at least if there is another doctor in the room my DH can be a husband and not act like a doctor. Lots to think over

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 07:21:38

Don't bother writing a birth plan, it really won't be used!

Our plan last time was getting our baby out safely, however that was and with whatever pain relief I fancied at the time!

As it was I laboured so fast I had paracetamol and codeine up to 6cm then gas and air to 10cm. I had pethidine for pushing but I didn't get to do that for long before being whisked into theatre for forceps, which weren't possible so I had an EMCS.

It's best to not have rigid ideas as you can't be disappointed if you don't follow the plan. :-)

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 07:22:31

Oh, crap night here too. DD woke at about 3.30 and I've been awake since. Sigh.

mssleepyhead Tue 17-Dec-13 07:38:21

deus I'm hoping to join an NCT group, less for the classes and more for the people I'd hope to meet there. I don't know many people in my local area and I'd really like to get to know some more people for my year off work. I know it'll be expensive, but I think for that it will be worth it.

lucyfluff Tue 17-Dec-13 07:52:57

Very true horace re birthing plans, my experience of fast labours throws everything out the window!!! smile

Bad night sleep here too sad so so hot its not even funny. Is anyone else feeling hot??

We also decided last night to book for a reassurance scan after xmas around 7-8weeks. Never done one before but I think it will put my mind at ease slighhhhtlllyyyy smile

Ruggle Tue 17-Dec-13 07:56:36

5-year-old step-monkey's pointy elbow just landed on my very painful boob. Ouch I tell you. Ouuuuucccchhhh!

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 07:56:42

I'm boiling and sweaty, Lucy. It's grim beyond belief!

I'm quite achey today. It's not cramps, just aches. Don't like it much though. :-/

deuscat Tue 17-Dec-13 08:15:25

Ouch Ruggle!

Mssleepyhead I'm the same. I don't really have any friends local to me since we moved a few months ago and I would really like to build a support network through the NCT classes and groups. However, DH is currently not happy with the cost and thinks we will get enough info from the NHS classes.

Regarding birthing plans, this also frightens me! However, the hospital I have chosen have a midwife led unit and I'm happy with that. I was initially a bit freaked out that I wouldn't be able to have an epidural without being transferred across to the medical ward, but then I figured they obviously have lots of women doing it without on the midwife led unit so it can't be that bad.

Naive?! shock

Polkadot1 Tue 17-Dec-13 08:24:40

deuscat I would 100% recommend the NCT classes- not just the classes but for the support. You can get quite isolated on mat leave as all your normal friends/ family are at work- plus your friends will all be at different stages with kids/ no kids etc. the friends from NCT are a group you can meet up with, moan to, compare experiences with... For me it's been invaluable! I still see them all at least monthly 13 months on, and meet 2 weekly to go swimming- so do tell your hubby it's for a support network- which the NHS ones may not provide. I went to some NHS health visitor talks after the baby was born- and I've never seen any of the women from that again!

Polkadot1 Tue 17-Dec-13 08:30:03

We're not gonna tell anyone until after 12 week scan. My MIL has filled us in about DHs cousin who had a m/c with all the details, and I would be gutted if something similar happened and all DHs cousins (about 10 of them!) knew as MIL had told her sister. I'm a private person.
I'd maybe tell my Mum, but DH wants us to tell no one. I couldn't tell my sister as she's quite immature and would get too excited and then I'd worry she'd be upset if I had a M/c!!!

Lucy, I had hot sweats on Monday night, sharp stomach pain this morning that came but I think it's because my vowels are playing silly buggers and went feeling a bit achy today. I am so worried this pregancy, can't stop thinking the worst. Im constantly on knicker watch. I'm going to see about a early scan for jan. Just to put my mind at rest.

FriendofDorothy Tue 17-Dec-13 08:52:52

My birth plan went something like this last time.

"I plan to manage on gas and air. I would like a waterbirth. If needed I will have morphine based drugs, if needed I will have intervention such as ventouse/forceps and if needed I will have a C-section. At all times I will be guided by the professionals and as long as I end up with a healthy baby and I am reasonably intact then I don't give a shit how it all happens!"

As it happens I had a labout that lasted about 3 1/2 hours from first minor pain to delivery and I got to the hospital at 7.35am and he was born at 8.13am. There would have been no time to fill up the pool!!!

So, I would say, have your preferences for delivery but don't get so hung up on them that if you don't get what you want it ruins your whole experience.

DuPanettoneDuVinDuFromage Tue 17-Dec-13 09:00:30

I've got achey boobs for the first time this morning...if it's anything like my last pregnancy, morning sickness won't be far behind!

We're staying with dh's family for Christmas, and I've got to find a way to avoid the traditional starter of foie gras (we're in france) for the Christmas meals with fil on Christmas Eve and mil on Christmas Day...I've told them I don't like it, which surprised fil as he's seen me eat it before! Think they're going to guess anyway as I'm normally quite keen on the wine grin so we'll probably tell them before Christmas, although I would really rather wait until 12 weeks.

lucyfluff Tue 17-Dec-13 09:05:14

Oh glad Im not the only one feeling hot and bothered!

Missv - Its funny how our bodies react so differently to pregnancy isnt it. I had quite a few cramps yesterday so on knickerwatch too wink paranoia is not fun at the moment!

Pregnancy is playing havoc with my brain!!! If I feel slightly unwell I'm panicking and if I feel remotely better I'm panick

Pregnancy is playing havoc with my brain!!! If I feel slightly unwell I'm panicking and if I feel remotely better I'm panicking thinking is there something wrong?? I'm driving myself nuts!!!!

2beornot Tue 17-Dec-13 09:11:51

Morning ladies.

Nothing much to report here. Am 7+1 today. Have managed to not tell anyone except one person at work (as I needed her advice about whether to accept a new job) but that's mainly because I've been so busy I haven't seen anyone. No symptoms but not bleeding/pain either so I'm thinking that's a good thing.

I didn't bother with nct classes. The nhs ones were fine for us and we do still see some of the ladies from our first time mummies group that the nhs do afterwards. That said I so have a few friends with similar age children anyway so that helped.

I may have a home birth this time. With dd I laboured quite quickly (for a first time anyway) plus I only needed tens machine for pain relief. (Although I did then need to go to theatre for stitching). Also my BMI is quite high. I'd really like to go to MLU but I'm not sure if they'd let me. So it may be best to stay at home. Main thing putting me off is the practicalities. My bed is too soft I think and we have hard floors down stairs!! Still that's a long way off yet!!

FEEdec Tue 17-Dec-13 09:14:02

Morning all!

Buttercup - yes I'm still doing SW. Lost 1.5lbs at last nights weigh in which I was pleased with as I've gone way over my syns since finding out I'm pregnant! I haven't told the group yet, will do so after 12 weeks. I'm intending to go throughout my pregnancy as I'm 3+ stone overweight and would like to continue to loose steadily if I can. Theres another lady who is pregnant in our group and she's loosing small amounts each week. I think its one of the few official diets that can be followed in pregnancy as there's no calorie restricting and you can still eat lots and lots - just healthy nutritious foods!

Deus - I didn't go to any antenatal group in my previous pregnancy (as up until a year ago i was a midwife so didn't really see the point), but I did go to a parenting group once my son was born that my local children's centre put on and made some really good friends there. We still meet up regularly now and I found their support invaluable in the early days. If you can afford to go to NCT to or something like that, I'd really recommend it for the friendships more than anything else.

Birthing plans wise I'm thinking of having a homebirth this time as i laboured very quickly last time so chances are i'll be quicker this time and may not make it to hospital in time. It feels a bit surreal thinking about the birth though as it feels a long way away but I suppose its a decision we'll have to make in the next few weeks as we'll be asked our intentions at our booking appointments!

I've got my scan later - feeling nervous.....

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 09:21:15

Ooh, MissV, I've got what feels like a dodgy tummy too. But isn't a proper dodgy tummy, if that makes sense?

And I'd like to feel a bit nauseous please. Just enough to reassure!

My breasts hurt if pressed, but still not of their own accord.

I'd just like some symptoms please!

FEEdec Tue 17-Dec-13 09:28:25

hungry - i don't have many symptoms (tired and a bit nauseous occasionally) and didn't really have any in my last pregnancy. I'd rather have more just to reassure me everything is ok!

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 09:35:03

Did you have a boy it a girl last time, FEE?

My sickness started at about 7 weeks last time, so at the moment this pregnancy isn't any different.

It's daft that we wish nausea upon ourselves, isn't it?!

FEEdec Tue 17-Dec-13 09:36:00

A boy. What have you got?

FEEdec Tue 17-Dec-13 09:36:39

I mean - do you have a son or daughter Hungry?

sillymeagain Tue 17-Dec-13 09:49:45

Hello everyone.

This board is pretty busy and fast moving.

Fingers crossed to everyone with scans soon.

I had mine yesterw and am a paranoid wreck. All was positive from the scan apart from too early for a heartbeat. Which, with my rational head on is good and normal and I'm happy. But then I over think things and am convinced I should be further along and end up convinced that things aren't right. What is wrong with me. ..grr! !!

One minute I am planning ahead wutha ahuge grin in my fave the next I am close to tears and worried. Bloody hormones.

Anyone else similar?

sillymeagain Tue 17-Dec-13 09:51:10

Whoa...stupid phone and typos...should be huge grin on my face (amongst others! )

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 09:54:14

Ha ha, FEE! A 6 month old daughter.

I'm interested to see how different this pregnancy is and what sex we have.

What time is your scan?

RoseHoney Tue 17-Dec-13 09:58:04

Ahhh so many posts, I can't keep up! grin
Nice to see everyone is doing okay.
I feel so sick hmm literally almost puked on another mum on the school run this morning, had to make an excuse about going home to wait for a delivery and then I ran away lol.

Will you all be finding out the sex? I think I want a surprise this time, I have 2 boys already so I'm sure this baby will be a boy but I'd love a surprise smile

PinaColadas Tue 17-Dec-13 09:59:49

sillymegan i'm the same, one minute i'm looking at prams and baby names the next i'm feeling all negative. The hardest thing for me is talking out loud about it to my DH because I feel like a fraud! Until I know theres anything in there I don't feel right moaning about symptoms because I still think its my body playing tricks on me like last time!

I think it's nicer to enjoy it if we can but it's hard to control mood swings because i'm pretty sure its down to hormones like you say!

RoseHoney Tue 17-Dec-13 10:00:38

Oh and I'm defo going for a home birth this time (hopefully!)
Traumatic first birth and high risk second pregnancy but my labour went as smooth as possible so hopefully won't be high risk this time! Fingers crossed.

PinaColadas Tue 17-Dec-13 10:01:27

Rose It's our first and we have decided to keep it as a surpise smile

buttercupyellow Tue 17-Dec-13 10:04:18

No symptoms for me either yet except my bra's a bit tighter and I want to eat all the time. That's not unusual for me though and wouldn't necessarily attribute it to pregnancy! I didn't even find out I was pregnant till 8 wks last time so still feel it's far to early to be noticing yet.
Well done FEE on your 1 1/2lbs this wk! I'm staying within my syns but definitely eating more free food! Yesterday I had two breakfasts and two lunches!!
Birth wise, although I've done it once before i don't feel any more enlightened this time.. Last time I was induced but only dialated to 4cm so they ended up doing an EMCS. Still have no idea what proper labour and birth actually feels like but would really like a more natural experience this time. Still, what will be will be.
We went to NHS anti-natal classes and I've no complaints with the info we got but didn't make any friends from it. I did make friends at the free baby club run by our local sure start centre though once ds was born and we're still in touch now, so if you can't afford NCT there are opportunities afterwards to meet new mums smile

flymo79 Tue 17-Dec-13 10:16:30

feeling very sicky this morning too Rose, almost turned straight round to go home but feel like if I take a day off one day and feel worse the next then I'm screwed! so awful having to soldier on through work feeling icky.
I am also eating everything in sight... my colleagues keep looking at me like I can't be sick if I'm piling in to food every five mins.

lucyfluff Tue 17-Dec-13 10:28:52

Sorry rose the image of you running away on the school run made me smile wink hope it settles for you soon. Ive had the odd bit now and then but (touch wood) never been sick in pregnancy....!

We would LOVE a little girl this time as already have three boys and I need some female support here! No seriously, I will be made up with either and a healthy/unworrying pregancy!!

FEEdec Tue 17-Dec-13 10:37:50

Hungry - my scan is at 5.45pm

sillymeagan will you be having another scan or will your 12 week be the next one?

I think I'd like to find out what we're having. We did with my son and I liked knowing and being able to plan for him (plus I was worried that I'd struggle with a boy - irrationally worried that we wouldn't have a close relationship, I think because my husband doesn't with his, plus I'm from and all girl household. I liked having time to get used to the idea of a boy and now I do think how silly I was to worry as he's my absolute world and he adores me and is so cuddly and loving!). However, I still would like to find out this time as I'm a planner so knowing suits my personality.

FEEdec Tue 17-Dec-13 10:40:10

butter I feel ravenously hungry all the time too! Might have to join you with the 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches malarky smile Really fancy a bacon and fried egg cob but know I can't have the fried egg (boo) - last pregnancy it was stinky cheeses I missed. This time I think it's going to be runny eggs!

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 10:50:59

I still ate runny eggs last time, FEE, as well as a few other things that are 'banned'. I didn't even think about not doing it. Naughty!

Good luck with your scan later on. :-)

sillymeagain Tue 17-Dec-13 10:51:00

Pina - I am feeling sick and tired but am convinced I am making it up or my body is playing a trick. ..it's ridiculous.

FEE - I have another scan at 8+3 on 3rd Jan. I will relax a little after that (and am hoping it comes quickly with Christmas to focus on) but am so scared about it.

We won't be finding out as I will know my c section date so want to keep the sex a surprise.

FriendofDorothy Tue 17-Dec-13 11:19:39

I definitely ate runny eggs last time. I used to make sure the white was solid enough, but I couldn't give them up!

miserywaterfall Tue 17-Dec-13 11:23:52

Morning all! Back from doctors, he gave me some new antibiotics so I am crossing everything that these work as yesterday was miserable!

Good luck to those with scans today! Let us know how you get on xx

sharkey1187 Tue 17-Dec-13 11:25:40

buttercup - I am starving too! For the last 10 days I have woken up at silly times in the night because my tummy rumbles and there are even been moments to my DH's surprise when I've polished off his dinner as well as my own.... Ordinarily my appetite is not very big! It's a very good thing I haven't had huge amounts of nausea just yet because I'd be too sad about not eating!

Hollyjokes Tue 17-Dec-13 11:38:39

Morning ladies, I haven't been on here for a day or two so just catching up now. Welcome to the newbies - I've updated the stats list as best I can!

Hope that Fee, choccy and anyone else with appointments or scans today get on ok.

I'm still struggling with sickness but managing to hold down more food than I did last week due to taking my medication religiously. Hope I can stomach my Xmas dinner next week!

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HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 11:43:33

I can't believe that Christmas is next week. Where does time go?

I'm glad I'm not going back to work on 2nd Jan as I'd initially planned. I'm so not ready for it yet!

Hollyjokes Tue 17-Dec-13 11:56:22

When are you going to go back instead Hungry? I need to give a month's notice before I return and just can't decide when to go! I could take up to mid-Feb if I wanted but January was always the plan. My scan is Jan 14th so I definitely want to wait until after that.

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 12:12:00

6th March. For 6 weeks. :-)

Yes, definitely wait til after the scan. Good plan. How about early Feb?

Shallol Tue 17-Dec-13 12:41:57

Afternoon all - can barely keep up with this thread these days grin Had my booking appt this morning. Lots of information, she couldn't take any blood so I have to see a phlebotomist (stupid veins) and my BMI is higher than I thought blush but she said it's okay, they just give me extra appts to keep an eye on my blood pressure.

Starting to feel real now smile

Shakshuka Tue 17-Dec-13 12:56:14

Also hungry all the time and eating is the only thing that stops me feeling sick so I'm eating constantly. I'm trying my best to stick to things which aren't too calorific. I weighed myself this morning, certain I must have gone up about 2lbs but I was pleased that I'm the same weight.

I was doing the 5:2 diet before which worked very well for me and I lost 12 lbs but there is no way on earth I could possibly do now. I then went on the 'mother dying from cancer' diet which saw me lose quite a bit because I physically couldn't eat as my tummy was in knots all the time but I wouldn't recommend that one to anyone. And then I got back here and just couldn't be bothered even thinking about my weight until I found myself pregnant a few weeks later!

Scan day today. Feeling quite zen about it. What will be, will be.

Hi all, well dr sent me for blood tests which I've done, results back to tomorrow. They're just to check my hcg levels and find out if I'm still pregnant, which she very much doubts sad
I then have to go back next Monday for results Tuesday, to see if they've increased, then again the following week. But if I'm not pregnant, then I'm not 100% why I need to go back next week! I can only assume it's so they can see it's all out of my system and I'm ok to start again.
She said they don't do any investigations until the third time which I knew.
She also said there isn't any progesterone tests as such, but again nothing will be done until next time.
Here's hoping next time doesn't happen.
Haven't read back, hope everyone else ok.

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 14:06:38

Fingers crossed, Choccy.

Did the GP have an advice or explanation as to why chemical pregnancies happen or was it all matter of fact?

I hope it all works out for the best. xx

flymo79 Tue 17-Dec-13 14:22:52

oh choccy, so sorry you're going through this, everything crossed your levels are still good xxxx

Ruggle Tue 17-Dec-13 14:27:28

At my last post-mc scan I was told that if it weren't for very sensitive early tests most of us would never know about chemical pregnancies. They fail so early that the next period isn't even late. But if we are actively trying to conceive and are very in tune with our bodies then we can pick up on it even without the test. My mc in Nov was at 5 weeks, but I have a long cycle, and ovulated late, so AF was actually bang on time (well, average, seeing as I'm irregular).....but I did have the metallic taste and strange early cramps, which prompted me to test the week before, which turned out positive, and 1-2 on a CBdigi.....but after 7 days of faint positives AF arrived....and that was that.

Hollyjokes Tue 17-Dec-13 14:29:37

Really hope that tomorrow brings good news choccy.

Good luck for your scan later Shak.

Hungry yes, I think I will go for end of Jan/beginning Feb to return to work. I will be about 14wks pg by then so hoping that the sickness will have subsided a bit by then.

mammabear4 Tue 17-Dec-13 14:33:11

I hope everything works out ok, Choccy... Sending you positive vibes!

Love hearing how people have told/plan to tell friends and family! I ended up not being able to wait to tell my mum, she was asking when DP will have time away from work (RAF) over summer hols (I'm a teacher) and whether we would fit in a hol, I said well I don't think he'll know this far on advance because it's going to be changing quite a lot, he thinks he'll probably be able to get time off when I go into labour though and she said yes well whenever that may be and I said wellllll.... Probably august 2014... She was like what?? So I said I'm pregnant! And she was like, what... Now?! Yes mother!! Haha! She was very excited, I was driving while this conversation was going on and we had to pull over in Morrisons to get a coffee so she could settle herself down.

Has anyone else had any bother getting a midwives appointment? I was given a number to ring at my doctors and I've rang and left a voicemail message with my name and number, had a voicemail this dinner time saying it was Mary from the centre and she was just returning my call but she left no contact number and there was no caller ID, it's starting to feel like a bit of a wild goose chase just to be able to talk to someone!

She just said that because of earlier tests we know when we're pregnant earlier and it causes a lot more heartache as usually you'd just think your af was a couple of days late.
She didn't say why it happens, but she did say she's happy at the moment that I am ovulating, and I am actually getting pregnant and there is a 95% chance I will get pregnant again the following month (which I did), but she said until next time if it happens, then no further investigations will be done.

Mamma that's lovely grin

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 14:59:19

Holly, at least you're back for the qualifying pay part of SMP. My first week back is the first qualifying week, so I've timed it well!

Work still hasn't responded to my email about flexible working / being pregnant. One day, maybe!

Mamma, that is a lovely story. :-)

Catface78 Tue 17-Dec-13 15:34:56

Hi All! Been lurking for awhile, but can I join? Am 6+1 today. All going smoothly so far! I have a question for you all. I'm going to MIL for xmas and staying for 4 nights. She smokes. Mostly e-cigs now, but has a few real ones and more if she's drinking. I can imagine her blowing up if I ask her to smoke outside. Really working myself up about it and not sure how to handle it. Any advice? Thanks! x

Just be honest carface, if she's got anything about her she'll understand grin


Catface78 Tue 17-Dec-13 15:48:47

Thanks Choccy! Hopefully she'll be as rational as that. But that's not her strong suit!!! hmm

Hollyjokes Tue 17-Dec-13 16:17:35

Hungry when is the first qualifying week? Is it the same week in all workplaces? Last question on the subject, I promise!

Welcome catface! When's your due date and I'll add you to the list? Ask your mil if she will smoke outside, it's only for a couple of days, she shouldn't mind. Or ask your DH/P to speak to her - it's his mother after all! smile

sillymeagain Tue 17-Dec-13 16:20:23

Well I'm guessing my fears were probably right. More fresh bleeding this afternoon. Not huge quantities and no cramping yet but am feeling resigned to the reality of probably not being pregnant now. Called EPU who said unless it becomes heavy and therefore obvious there is nothing they or I can do. Its just a waiting game as I am booked in for a scan in 2 weeks time.

I know there is still a chance that all is ok but I think I am going to assume thw worst because the upset is unbearable and getting my hopes up makes it even harder.

Sorry to be all doom and gloom.

Choccy - they do repeated tests to check how the pregnancy is progressing. Hcg levels should roughly double every two days so it's not the first number they're so interested in, but the second one (to see if hcg os multiplying correctly) Good luck thanks

sharkey1187 Tue 17-Dec-13 16:23:25

Hi all,

Just wondering what everyone's thoughts are about telling parents/in laws so soon? I'm 5+2 and my mum is coming to stay this weekend for a pre-christmas get together as I am working throughout the Xmas break. My DH was tempted to spill the beans but I'm worried it'll jinx things for us. I'm still in a little bit of denial and very surprised! I wanted to wait until after the booking Appt but that's the 7th Jan and I am so impatient..

flymo79 Tue 17-Dec-13 16:32:13

sillyme, I'm so sorry, I really hope it doesn't get any heavier. There are all sorts of posts about it not necessarily meaning the worst but I can see why you don't want to get your hopes up, I'm the same. Lots of hugs, everything crossed for you xxxx

Oh silly my heart goes out to you. I hope everything is ok.

On telling DP I've thought it might be nice to tell them over Christmas but my brother is proposing to his girlfriend/my close friend (killing me keepin it a secret) on Xmas day and I don't want to steal any of her thunder so think I have to wait till 12 weeks.

flymo79 Tue 17-Dec-13 16:39:20

aw, science! That is lovely. you must be so excited! If it were my bro, I would tell him I also have some news and see if he minds...!!

funkymonk Tue 17-Dec-13 16:41:17

I'm jumping off here now girls. All the best to you and to the rest of your pregnancies.

Catface78 Tue 17-Dec-13 16:42:27

So sorry Silly. Hope everything work out ok.

Hollyjokes I'm due 12 August and it's my first. Thanks for adding me!

And I told my mom the day I found out and MIL the next day. Not telling many others though. It's so hard over Christmas. Especially in my line of work. Drinking is rife!

flymo79 Tue 17-Dec-13 16:46:17

oh no, so sorry funky xxxx

Shakshuka Tue 17-Dec-13 16:46:55

I'm so sorry for your loss. I hope it goes well in the future.

I think it's sensible to be prepared but don't give up all hope. I was 100% sure I'd lost my pregnancy with dd1 after I had a proper heavy bleed at 7 or 8 weeks. I want for a scan the next day certain that they'd say it was all over - and it was all fine. I know it's not a good sign but it's not always the worst. Fingers crossed for you.

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 16:47:05

Silly, I really hope that everything is ok at the next scan. I think we all know people who've bled in pregnancy and had a healthy baby. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

Funky, I'm so sorry. :-( I hope you have a healthy pregnancy in the very near future. xx

Holly, it's weeks 18-25. If you google hmrc maternity pay calculator it will tell you which pay dates will be used to calculate your SMP.

sillymeagain Tue 17-Dec-13 16:49:33

Funky - I'm really sorry to here that. All the best for you in the future. I don't think I will be far behind you. Take care xx

talulahbelle Tue 17-Dec-13 17:04:54

funky thinking of you. sillyme I hope you have better luck.

PinaColadas Tue 17-Dec-13 17:16:27

Funky I'm so very sorry thanks

miserywaterfall Tue 17-Dec-13 17:24:54

So sorry Funky x

silly hope things are alright x

I am thinking of telling my parents at the weekend. It is going to be an insane shock, so will be good to tell them when they have the time off to digest it, haha.

Morning everyone! (It is here anyway) Just checking in. Comforting thoughts to those who need them.

miserywaterfall Tue 17-Dec-13 17:50:02

Hi Terra, morning smile

lucyfluff Tue 17-Dec-13 18:02:22

Oh no funky sad Im so sorry. Hope you are ok and when your ready to try again have a healthy pregnancy x

Silly...I hope you have good news at the next scan. I know exactly how you feel being in limbo and the wait to actually find out is the worst feeling but fingers crossed for you.

Choccy - glad you had the blood tests so you can confirm one way or another despite it being heartbreaking again. Really hope it goes up for you. Let us know how you get on.

I have literally been stuffing my face with mince pies today.....oops grin

Hollyjokes Tue 17-Dec-13 18:23:08

Oh funky I'm so sorry hmm

Silly, I really hope that everything will be ok for you.

Hungry, thanks for the work info - big help.

bronya Tue 17-Dec-13 18:24:11

I think I'll be leaving this thread. Bright red bleeding, like the start of AF. Started when the MW was here for my booking appt! She said to call her tomorrow and tell her if it's stopped. I don't know what happens next - will google I guess!

mssleepyhead Tue 17-Dec-13 18:24:59

It's so early for us (4+2) and we'll only be 5+a bit at Christmas, but I think we're going to tell our parents and sisters then anyway and ask them to keep it a secret. If we don't, they'll guess as I won't be eating the chocolate mousse, steak, champagne etc that we would be eating at new year when we stay with our in laws, so it has to be done. I think we'd tell them if it went wrong anyway, and to be honest I think they'll be pleased to know we're finally trying! I think they'd given up on us! Does seem scarily early though...

Normalisavariantofcrazy Tue 17-Dec-13 19:07:46

I might be joining you all....got a super faint line just now so provisional due date of 25th for me if all goes well!

Retesting tomorrow to confirm

PinaColadas Tue 17-Dec-13 19:18:44

bronya I'm really surprised MW couldn't get you straight to an EPU! Bleeding isn't always the end. Just take it a day at a time FX for you take it easy.

bronya Tue 17-Dec-13 19:21:50

I think it is the end. I had an allergic reaction on Fri - body covered in hives, swelling, stopped just short of causing breathing problems. I think that killed my little developing baby tbh. It would have been too much for him/her at only 7 weeks old. Really not looking forward to going into work tomorrow, esp if the bleeding gets heavy. I'm working right up until 7pm so no chance for an EPU scan until Thurs!

Thanks atruth smile. Yes I realised that, I was just confused that she still wanted me to go in if the hcg comes back negative tomorrow.

So sorry to everyone else going through the same, hugs to you x

PinaColadas Tue 17-Dec-13 19:44:34

I'm so sorry bronya thinking about everyone going through uncertain times x

deuscat Tue 17-Dec-13 19:54:24

Funky I'm so sorry for your loss thanks

Sillyme and bronya fingers crossed for you both that the little beans are still ok.

I was thinking about telling MIL (I have no real contact with my own mum) but DH doesn't want to tell a soul until after the 12 weeks scan so I'm going to stick to that with him.

We have so far disagreed on whether to find out sex or not. He wants to but I don't!

deuscat Tue 17-Dec-13 19:57:29

Also, has anyone experience stress urinary incontinence? I thought this was something that happened much later in pregnancy or following childbirth but I leaked a bit of wee when coughing today. I'm only 6+2 blush

Normalisavariantofcrazy Tue 17-Dec-13 20:07:29

Best get doing your pelvic floor exercises then!!

But yes I don't have a pelvic floor due to previous pregnancies!

So sorry to hear bad news.
Good luck with any scans coming up.
I cannot wait for Friday, this week is dragging! The perfect moment for two weeks off.

Shakshuka Tue 17-Dec-13 20:32:25

Back from my scan and all OK. I'm measuring 6+5 which is exactly what I would have guessed and we saw a heartbeat of 143 bpm which seems about right as well. The dr wants to rescan in 2 weeks because I don't know my dates - no arguments from me that on that one!

So holly can you please change my due date to 7th August? Thanks!

mssleepyhead Tue 17-Dec-13 20:52:19

So sorry to hear everyone's sad news today. I thought getting pregnant was the difficult bit, but it's nothing compared to this bit. At only 4 + 2, I'm starting to realise how early this is and wish that I'd tested a lot later. The worry is awful and I didn't realise how common problems were.
Best wishes to all thanks

miserywaterfall Tue 17-Dec-13 21:34:31

Glad your scan was all okay Shak smile

I know! It would almost be nice to realise at 10 weeks or something and have a scan after a fortnight. Rather than the endless waiting and worrying. Although I am feeling much calmer second time round. I remember being very stressed last pregnancy.

HungryHorace Tue 17-Dec-13 22:03:08

I'm sorry Bronya :-( I hope your worry is unfounded.

Hi to Normal too. :-)

Shakshuka Tue 17-Dec-13 22:11:12

Maybe the allergic reaction also irritated the cervix? That can cause bleeding. Can you not take a half day sick leave to get to the EPU?
Hope all is OK!

sillymeagain Tue 17-Dec-13 22:13:29

Bronya. Keeping everything crossed for you. As everyone has said to me (I'm in the same situation) it doesn't always mean bad news but it is hard ti remember that. Let us know how you are xx

bronya Tue 17-Dec-13 22:18:58

I'm with you sillymeagain on assuming the worst though. To hope would just be too much. So I've researched what happens if you miscarry at 8 weeks, we've talked about when we'd try again, and I'm resigned to it now. If it were to be that baby was fine it would be amazing, but I can't go on hoping and waiting. It's best to think it's over. Then the only news can be what you expected, or better than that!

Shakshuka I didn't think of that. I didn't think a cervix could get irritated! I'll phone the midwife in the morning anyway and see what she says.

yummiemummieuk Wed 18-Dec-13 00:43:36

lucy I'm in Australia ATM so the heat is getting to me, being from uk it's bad enough at the best of times but now I'm pregnant it's reached a whole other level haha
fromage isn't it funny how food/drink can give the game away?! I was at a Christmas party last week and it was torture- lots of smoked salmon and prawns! sad

yummiemummieuk Wed 18-Dec-13 00:50:59

silly and pina I'm also the same- planning names/nursery etc then terrified the chicken in the takeaway I just ate might not be cooked properly! It's quite hard not being in my home country too.
rose I think il find out I've got no willpower lol already told family- I'm 6 weeks. I'd like a water birth if possible.

yummiemummieuk Wed 18-Dec-13 00:57:34

choccy and silly thinking of you x
holly thank you for adding me to the list- I'm finding it hard to get a convo going ATM (feeling a little left out) due to the time difference I think!
sharkey I'm 6 weeks and we've told family- I was too excited not too x

yummiemummieuk Wed 18-Dec-13 01:01:35

bronya you poor thing sad thinking of you x
normal welcome-how exciting!
funky hope all goes well in the future for you x

mssleepyhead Wed 18-Dec-13 07:41:23

I anyone else still taking pregnancy tests and temping? It's nearly a week since my first positive and I'm still taking one every morning, and my temperature every day, just for the reassurance... I really wish I could go to sleep and wake up in about May...

Morganlove Wed 18-Dec-13 08:02:33

I need to jump off here too now.

Miscarried yesterday, lots of heavy bleeding and really bad cramps that are still ongoing.


Best of luck to everyone on here, hope you all have healthy happy pregnancies. x

Oh Morgan, I'm so so sorry, I wish you a happy and healthy next pregnancy x x x

nocheeseplease Wed 18-Dec-13 08:12:55

Can I join too please? I found out 2 weeks ago that I'm pregnant with surprise baby number 4. I'm not sure how many weeks I am but I'll be due either late July or early august. This will be my 4th summer baby as ds was born in July and both dds were born on August! As ds so elegantly said when we told him Christmas must be mating season in our house grin x

Anyone else suffering with their bowel movements??

flymo79 Wed 18-Dec-13 08:24:33

morgan, I'm so sorry, really wishing you so much good luck and a healthy pregnancy very soon.
bronya, sillyme, keeping everything crossed xxxxx

FriendofDorothy Wed 18-Dec-13 08:28:08

Missvaughn - I'm not too bad yet but I got quite badly constipated last pregnancy.