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THREAD 13 Jan 2014 - Grab those bags, we're nearing the top of that rollercoaster!

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Toothfairy78 Wed 04-Dec-13 15:38:08

OK I caved. Here's thread 13!

Yey! Congrats Mythree and toby smile

Felix90 Wed 04-Dec-13 15:49:53

Woop! smile

Naturegirl82 Wed 04-Dec-13 15:51:13

Quick check in

Also mythree such fab news smile

MrsVDB Wed 04-Dec-13 15:56:09

Thanks tooth

Yay for all the positive news today. I'm also feeling alot more positive today. Thank you for all advice yesterday. I've realised it won't really be possible for me to finish early given that my handover runs from 12th-18th then Christmas party 19th and 'wfh' on 20th so I will just man up and get on with it

I wonder how many babies will be born on this thread?? It's shocking how quickly the last 30 weeks have gone since we've been chatting!

Frizz1986 Wed 04-Dec-13 15:56:23

Thanks tooth

Yay mythree. Will proper catch up later but just had to quick scroll read as am still at work.

Midwife seemed rather vague tbh. Said that if there is dampness and it is clear fluid then call the delivery suite. But I can't really tell. I have a liner on but it doesn't seem wet, yet there is an outline on it like when you spill something and it dries. It's proper confusing. Not sure if it is pee or increased discharge or what. She didn't seem to bothered by BH but said that if they get painful to again call delivery suite. She did say that if I was worried I could call the day unit at the hospital as they should see me at this late stage to double check.

BH are still there. Seem less regular than this morning but still quite a few each hour. Dh said he will run me a bath tonight and we can see if it settles. If not I might see if the unit will see me to double check tomorrow (don't want to call delivery unless I know it's labour which I don't think it is, just me being paranoid) Don't want to be a worry wart but don't want to miss something important.

TobyLerone Wed 04-Dec-13 16:02:22

Well done, tooth! I saw we were on 999 but didn't want to use the last post up asking if I should do a new thread or if anyone else was doing it. Didn't want there to be an awkward duplicate thread grin

mythree, that's brilliant news! What a relief for you!

Hope it settles down, frizz.

puggle01 Wed 04-Dec-13 17:08:14

Oooooh wonder how many babies will be here before we get this thread full.
Hurray for all the good news. I'm most in awe of all of you home birthers. [doffs hat emoticon]

chocoloulou33 Wed 04-Dec-13 17:30:22

toby omg I think I did see you. Did u have to make another appointment with receptionist and they gave u one after your due date? Was u wearing glasses? I'm such a people watcher lol. Prob not you at all but do remember a red head haha x

flowersfortea Wed 04-Dec-13 17:35:42

checking in :-)

I'm 'only' 33 weeks - can't believe how fast it's going and that many of you are nearly due!

trying to catch up on the last thread, hoping those who are poorly are all beginning to feel better and that irritating friends of husbands start to behave themselves soon!

Mil has taken ds for the afternoon. So dh and i went to see Thor 2, then bought some dummies for the new one. We have sorted the baby's room and put up the cot, sorted ds's toys and put some in the loft, and now on the verge of collapsing.

we had some duvet time, but kept laughing. It's hard being intimate when you look like a whale smile

I'm getting "you've overdone it" vibes from my body so am taking it easy. Even though dh put up the cot and i directed. Same with the toys really. Bh have stepped up a notch too. Ds will be back soon and I'm already ready for bed.

Mil has taken ds for the afternoon. So dh and i went to see Thor 2, then bought some dummies for the new one. We have sorted the baby's room and put up the cot, sorted ds's toys and put some in the loft, and now on the verge of collapsing.

we had some duvet time, but kept laughing. It's hard being intimate when you look like a whale smile

I'm getting "you've overdone it" vibes from my body so am taking it easy. Even though dh put up the cot and i directed. Same with the toys really. Bh have stepped up a notch too. Ds will be back soon and I'm already ready for bed.

Stupid double post! It didn't say it had posted. I'm using dh's phone

TobyLerone Wed 04-Dec-13 17:52:14

Omg that was me, loulou! How funny grin I sent DH to get my number from the blood thing because I knew I'd be there ages too. So I had a right mardy face on. And no make-up! And I was boiling hot. And I had my hair in a stupid ponytail.

Why do I always look like crap when people are stalking me?! blush wink

Sounds like a fun afternoon frying grin

enormouse Wed 04-Dec-13 17:55:26

Wonderful news mythree fsmile

Enormouse checking in.

flowers I'm 'only' 33wks too. Everything seems to have flown by so ridiculously quickly. So hard to believe that just a month after Christmas were going to be a family of 4 instead of 3.

I had my lovely midwife round today and she's advised me to start taking it easier. Which I will, after I've finished the last of the Christmas shopping tomorrow. But DP has taken DS out so I'm relaxing whilst dinner cooks.

Checking in grin

Mythree SO pleased to hear your news, that fantastic! Weight off your mind, I'm sure?!

tooth good work on the thread, but I have a request: please can we talk FAST and a LOT, as 13 is unlucky and we can't have an unlucky thread running if we're all about to go into labour.
I can help with this grin (talking a lot)

altered sounds like you need a hug, you poor love. Hope you start to feel brighter soon.

felix I can't see how induction can always be a bad thing (newbie face), otherwise they wouldn't do it as much, or there'd be more resistance to having it done, IYSWIM.

Okay, ideas for filling this thread quickly.
Let's have a run down of who's due/due to be induced/ELCS booked on what date.
I'll go first, I am still EDD 3 Jan 2014.

TobyLerone Wed 04-Dec-13 18:07:02

EDD 5th Jan.

If my last 2 pregnancies are anything to go by, it'll be more like 20th Jan!

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 04-Dec-13 18:08:38

Checking in too, sorry to worry you.

Been a bit hectic in here as all my long stay friends have been giving birth to preemies!

Finally got my own room yesterday. Phone signal crap and waiting for my tablet to come back from home so I can properly catch up.

Will go and read what I can on my phone then come back to post again.

Hugs and xxx to you all smile

Edd 16 Jan. Ds came a week early, so I'm hoping for the best

Felix90 Wed 04-Dec-13 18:10:04

Humpty I'm sure it will fill up fast when everyone is on maternity leave and we have nothing better to do haha!

My EDD is 8th Jan 2014, but will either be induced at 37 weeks (18th Dec onwards) or 38 weeks (Christmas Day onwards!) shock

puggle01 Wed 04-Dec-13 18:11:24

EDD 4th Jan 2014 and lovely consultant says she doesn't want me going over so would get induction going at term...
(which means in a month I'll be bribing anaesthetists for epidurals and roaring like a banshee calmly following birthskills and physio advice and coping well

TobyLerone Wed 04-Dec-13 18:12:09

Great news, another, getting your own room smile
Well... relatively speaking, of course.

quackojuliet Wed 04-Dec-13 18:18:02

Edd still 10 Jan.
Can't remember who said they were bored 3 days into mat leave...well since mine has (unofficially) started I've gone from bored to quite enjoying the free time! Made lists of various to-dos about the house and in prep for baby,and been fairly social,antenatal groups,breastfeeding meet today (fab!), etc...
I've been away from work just over a week and it's the transition from working woman to mum to be very shortly that can be a shock.
Glad I didn't work til 37 weeks as planned too. My job is just too full on and physical with no chance to rest,constant noise and unexpected stress throughout the day (am a secondary school teacher).

BookTart Wed 04-Dec-13 18:18:19

EDD 6th Jan. No idea what will happen though, no birth plan or packed hospital bags yet [in denial smiley].

chocoloulou33 Wed 04-Dec-13 18:38:22

Haha toby how funny. Yes I remember you definitely. U then went over to sit with your oh in bloods waiting room. I am your official stalker. U didnt look like crap lol.

I had scan today and baby is fine and good news is hes turned and head is down. They estimate his weight at 5lb 11oz. Bad news is my kidneys!!! Left one still has the large stone. Right one has small stones and is dilated and not functioning properly but baby is blocking the view of everything they need to see. They still want to wait til after ive had baby to do anything about kidneys. My water infection pain is horrific today though and I begged them to do something. They talked about admitting me but I asked to try some stronger antibiotics first then promised I'd come in if it doesn't get better. If I have another appointment in 2 weeks to see whats happening and how I'm feeling and go from there.
Gonna catch up on rest of you now. Ps new thread already wooooop.

Toothfairy78 Wed 04-Dec-13 18:52:35

Evening all!

Glad to see another has checked in. We were worried!

Just had a productive day off food shopping, getting bits for hospital bag...the essentials are all together. Just bits n bobs now. Saw the PILs off today and have shiny fridge freezer waiting to be filled!

Had my last NCT class Monday and arranged first coffee morning for next week when I have a day off.

We have MW appt at birth centre tonight and I'm taking DH along for the first time. I hope he likes it!

Aaaaaand I have icky tonsil feeling. Maybe coming down with a cold. Might have to skip work tomorrow...crazy office air con/heating plus sneezy preggo lady may be a bad combo...I'm just saying grin

Otherwise only 6 working days to go! Yay!

extracrunchy Wed 04-Dec-13 18:53:11

Checking in!

Choco they bloody need to sort you out. Poor thing sad

Felix bear in mind people tend to post a lot more often online about negative experiences. Don't let them freak you out!

MrsGSR Wed 04-Dec-13 18:55:11

Glad your scans went well Toby and Felix!

sad I hope you get your insurance sorted out soon altered

Mythree that's amazing! Yay!

Glad you've got your own room another

I'm still EDD Jan 15th, had an appointment today at 34 weeks, midwife had a quick look at my birth plan and is pretty happy with it all. DH came along and heard the heartbeat, but I think he got a bit bored when we were discussing the birth plan as I've already made him read it a few times!

Toothfairy78 Wed 04-Dec-13 18:59:15

Oops, forgot to say GOOD NEWS mythree!

Mythreeknights Wed 04-Dec-13 19:15:16

Ha ha! I can't believe Toby and Chocco crossed paths like something out of a film - you so need to meet up properly for a coffee and put the world to rights.

Well, thanks for all your msgs - I do feel abundantly full of life, so much so that the champagne is on ice and as soon as the boys are in bed, DH and I are going to toast our good health. I think the baby would appreciate it! (Far better to enjoy bubbles than the horrible levels of adrenaline I've had over the last few weeks) xxx

Angelesque Wed 04-Dec-13 19:28:28

Still EDD 28 January, although over last few days have convinced myself it's coming early! Team Yellow, if anyone's checking.

Glad to see some people getting some positive health news... Glad you'll all be feeling better for Christmas.

TobyLerone Wed 04-Dec-13 19:46:35

You poor thing, loulou sad That sounds awful. Still, at least you got to see me today, which must have brightened your day no end grin

book, I've got no birth plan or bags packed either. Don't tell sultana I haven't done my bags yet, though...

juliet, I remember being super bored on maternity leave with DS. I left work at 39+4 and he was 2 weeks late. My mum came round to see me a few days in to my maternity leave. I had the fridge out and was cleaning behind it. She said "Ooooh, you're nesting!"
I said "nope, I'm just really bored."

Enjoy your bubbles, mythree! You've had a nightmare of a time. You deserve them grin

Angelesque Wed 04-Dec-13 20:19:52

...oh, and thanks to the lovely person who posted about the Mothercare 50% off changing bags - just ordered the Babymel Ella

GummiBear74 Wed 04-Dec-13 20:27:31

Wow! So far into the new thread already. My EDD is still 14 Jan. The plan is bag packing on Friday, so whoever volunteered to be bag monitor, please be firm with me!

Great news from mythree and toby and glad you're still hanging on in there, another.

Hope you get those kidneys sorted soon, loulou.

Got a bit more info from the midwife today about my fibroid situation. Apparently it puts me at higher risk of haemorrhage after delivery, which is why they want me in the delivery suite. However, unlike most people who are high risk, I'm allowed to use the pool, which means there's a good chance it'll be free!

Of course, as soon as I left, I remembered another question I wanted to ask! Is there anyone else who hasn't had any BH yet? I don't know whether it's normal to not have had any by 34 weeks?

Sultanajo Wed 04-Dec-13 20:30:38

Soooo much to catch up on and so much good news!

Firstly mythree that is just the best news ever! Soooo happy for you!

Awesome scan news everyone. Glad you can have a VB toby! That's hilarious you and choco crossed paths and even funnier choco was people watching you! Don't worry toby my hospital bags are no further forward.... Plus tomorrow I have a mate round for lunch and out with the nct lot in the evening and bra fitting on Friday followed by lunch with mum, so suspect Saturday will be the day...

Great to hear from you another and awesome you finally have your own room.

The first of our nct group have had their babies - 4 weeks early by c section but doing well.... Next one is due 12th Dec.....

I am still EDD 27th Dec! Would love him to come a week or so early though....

Sultanajo Wed 04-Dec-13 20:32:35

gummi my bh only started this week and I am 37 weeks on Friday and apparently some ladies never get them (or aren't aware of them...)

TarkaTheOtter Wed 04-Dec-13 20:37:30

Gummi I thought I hadn't had bh with dd but when I went in to be induced they put me on the monitor and once I could see them on the trace I realised I had been having them they just weren't how if imagine. I'd thought they were just kicks (the trace shows kicks separately from contractions so you can tell them apart).

I'm due 13th Jan but being induced by 38 weeks so about 30th dec I suppose but they haven't given me a date yet. Hoping it goes quickly so I can be out before the 1st as I have a feeling bank holiday staffing levels will be mean postnatal care is shit.

GummiBear74 Wed 04-Dec-13 20:43:06

Thanks sultana and tarka! I had been wondering whether some of the 'kicks' were actually BH.

TobyLerone Wed 04-Dec-13 20:43:38

I was most scared of having a CS because it would have been new year, Tarka. But mainly because Sherlock is on on 1st Jan blush

I've had BH since about 14 weeks but I'm certain I never had many with the others.

Sultanajo Wed 04-Dec-13 20:56:40

Omg! DH is treading on dangerous ground! His male students apparently asked if I was fat now! His female ones apparently came to my defence, but when I asked him what his reply was, he said he told them no matter what condition I am in, I can still come round and punch them....! Ummmm, what about saying "no she isn't fat!" Lol!

Then he said his work colleagues asked how I was doing and he said "apart from a little bit of heartburn she is fine!" ummmm WTF! Has he not been living with me all this time? Firstly, a "little bit of heartburn".... Try heartburn and reflux from hell meaning I have to drink Gaviscon by the gallon and "sleep" upright at night. And how about the crippling back and pelvis pain from standing or walking for any length of time to mention just a couple of issues....

I clearly haven't been whinging enough! Lol! Good job I love him!

extracrunchy Wed 04-Dec-13 21:00:24

Gummi is this your first? I had no Braxton Hicks at all with my first (or didn't feel them) and apparently that's quite common.

TobyLerone Wed 04-Dec-13 21:11:35

But at least he doesn't think you're a moany cow, sultana!

GummiBear74 Wed 04-Dec-13 21:21:09

extra, yes it is my first. It's good to know that it's not unusual to not feel any BH.

Lol, sultana, they don't have a clue unless you constantly remind them, do they? My DH assures me that I'm not fat. He genuinely seems to like the way I look, apparently because the bump is "lovely and round, like a ball". Not sure what to make of that, but he means it in a nice way, bless him fgrin

flyawayblue Wed 04-Dec-13 21:23:39

Lovely new thread with brilliant news.

mythree I'm so happy for you, smiled so much when I read your post.

another good to hear from your, been wondering how you where. Glad to hear you've got your own room.

Glad to read about all the good scans.

34 weeks today and EDD of 15th January, no ideas of actual dates yet. Still not sure if baby will turn or if I'll be referred to a consultant to discuss.

Only 11 days left at work and my brains really not in it or working which is making things hard.

Whispers that I still haven't packed my hospital bag, started weeks ago and have the cute baby clothes packed but nothing else. Oops!

Sultanajo Wed 04-Dec-13 21:46:05

toby I thought he did so I toned down the whinging. He looked genuinely surprised when I told him the back and pelvis pain made me wanna cry sometimes.

Still he is finally getting excited about bubs arriving. Keeps saying "only three weeks to go!" Bless him!

Sultanajo Wed 04-Dec-13 21:50:57

flyaway come join us in our quest to have our bags packed by Saturday!

Oh yes, managed to swap my antenatal appointment next week from being with my useless gp to the lovely one I saw when I had the vomiting bug which is awesome! I have also written a letter requesting transfer from useless gp to one of the female gps at the practice as they are both fab apparently. Rather than saying I don't trust the current gp, I have said I would prefer to see a female gp as I feel more comfortable discussing certain issues with them. They will apparently let me know next week if I have been successful.....

Frizz1986 Wed 04-Dec-13 22:45:41

quacko how was the breastfeeding meet? Hope it was worthwhile.

band yay for mat leave. Not sure how to kill time for 5 weeks though. Thankfully i only have 3 weeks to fill once i finish (unless baby is late)

Yay for the good news scan toby Nice to know what is going on and you can hopefully have more input in your birth plan etc.

Wow felix baby for xmas!!

Cant believe you might have seen each other choco and toby

Sorry for all the annoyance altered Its a bit crap about the insurance but good news about the thrush cream!

mrsv just think about the extra time you'll have with baby if you start mat leave later. You can totally make it!!

frying i think my body is trying to tell me i am over doing it but i don't seem to be able to listen. Def feeling the whale vibe though!

another glad you have your own room now.

choco yay for baby making the move. Sucks about he kidney stones and pain though but at least there is one positive.

Tooth i agree you most def might be coming down with something and i would advise taking the day off smile
Hope the birth centre is nice.
We are off to get a tour of the hospital tomorrow night in case circumstances change and i cant go to the MLU. Think its nice to know what option 2 will be like so I am not worrying.

gummi pants about the fibroids but yay for the pool!

sultana that all sounds a little busy. Men are such douches sometimes. Mine calls me a fatty a lot and finds it hysterical. They just don't understand what we have been putting up with for what feels like forever.

gummi i didn't realise mine were BHs at first. I thought it was just baby rolling around and putting pressure on the outside, but the more i have read the more i think they are BHs as the bump goes hard all over and feels rather tight.

Well I had a nice bath tonight but still getting a lot of BH. Bubs is still moving around a lot and I think I am just imagining a leak as my liner doesn't seem to be wet, possibly a bit damp every now and then.
So for the last hour i have used my contraction timer to monitor my BH. Have had approx 1 min long ones every 5-6 mins. I am not sure if this is a good sign at 34+5. Seem to be further apart again now but have stopped timing.
After calling the midwife today she seemed more concerned if I thought i was leaking AF and not too bothered about the BH. Do i just ignore them, unless they get painful?
Am off for my hospital tour tomorrow night and i know this sounds stupid but don't really want to pay £4 for parking twice in one day (its where the day unit is too) so might hold off and see how I go and maybe call midwife again on Friday if still lots of BH.
What do you ladies think? Don't want to over react or seem like I am ignoring stuff I shouldn't. The advice seems confusing for BH, do you call if they get worse or just if you are having them all the time.

MrABC Wed 04-Dec-13 23:20:19

Evening All... Checking in to the thread.

EDD 20th Jan and Team Yellow.

Another one for the bag monitor to check up on by the end of the week. Really can't believe where the time has gone and starting to get really nervous (yes, I know I've got the easy job wink)

chocoloulou33 Wed 04-Dec-13 23:58:28

Great news mythree you must be so happy! !!
Lol I should of gone and said 'tobylerone is that you? Its me chocoloulou33! !' Haha can you imagine if it was the wrong person. Sounds insane enough as it is. V funny that our paths crossed though. Maybe we'll have our babies at same time!!
Hoping to sleep better 2nite. Nothing can be as bad as last night that's for sure. Here comes the heartburn. Meant to say my gp wouldn't prescribe anything for it grrrr x

frizz I think, although I wouldn't swear to it, that BHs are fine, even if regular, if they are painless. If the mw you spoke to didn't set your mind at rest, though, call again or go in. Even if it is 'just' BH, you'll feel better for having checked.

Can't get to sleep. Fucking DH went out tonight, swearing blind he'd be home by 9. At 8 he texted to 'ask' if I minded him being later, as the 'boys have just bought another round', like he's a helpless child and can't say no. I said I did mind, as I was in quite a lot of pain (same 'tight' pain I've had for a while now, but getting worse), and unhappy and could do with some support and reassurance. He managed to totally ignore this and proceeded to do the sad puppy act about how this was his 'last chance' to see these fucktards boys before the baby comes. As if becoming a father is the same as entering seclusion or dying.
I am absolutely furious with him. Right now, I don't even want him in the same county when I go into labour if that's his attitude. Cunt.
Sorry lovelies, just had to get it out.

chocoloulou33 Thu 05-Dec-13 01:00:48

Oh humpty can soooo sympathise with that. Have also had a few issues with oh like that as u know. WE should come first... the end!!! Loving the use if the c word. It really does make you feel better when you get all that anger out. Hoping you do manage to get some sleep though..

Bluecarrot Thu 05-Dec-13 04:20:32

I'm due 6th jan with a girl (dd2)

humpty I know where you are coming from too!

35+4 and spent yesterday preparing for dd1s 11th birthday party! Literally didn't sit down for 14 hours except to drive.

DP was supposed to be helping me clear a room in our crazy upside down house on Tuesday, for the party, as well as catch up on his chores. But he did neither and I'm so freakin peeved off that I've barely spoken to him since Tuesday ( he's huffing with me cause I was cross that he still can't get it through his skull to use bathroom cleaner, not mould and mildew remover, to clean the shower) Anyway, once again I will end up doing everything and I must admit I also had the thought that he's so blinking useless why the heck am I having him as a birthing partner. He'll only piss me off. But I can't exactly tell him I don't want him at the birth if his own daughter!

Really strong BH today so slipped bed mat under the sheet tonight, just in case! Been so flat out today I'd not be surprised if I start ( but I dont want to yet!)

And yes, is 4am and I'm wide awake. Gah!

OnlyThePurpleOnes Thu 05-Dec-13 05:42:20

Hi all!

mythree that's such great news! I'm so glad you will be able to enjoy the rest of you pregnancy without worrying about any other crap (except the usual crap of course!)

I have a checkup Sunday morning, but so far DD2 is still due Jan 20th. Although tomorrow would be fine too - I'm done now!

After just about getting over the virus, DD was screaming in the bath and up most of the early evening with growing pains. Bless her tiny little face, she was distraught, and cried herself to sleep. It's awful when they're suffering and you cant really do anything. Worst part of motherhood. She's off to nursery full of the joys this morning though, thank goodness. I've just ordered her ones those microwaveable oaty-lavender teddy things online, as apparently that can help.

Working from home today but I don't have much on, so I'm Planning on taking a long lunch and having a wander in the mall in peace to get the last few Xmas/baby/DD's birthday bits. I still need sheets for the Moses basket, as god knows what happened to the old ones.

Happy Thursday everyone!

GummiBear74 Thu 05-Dec-13 06:13:12

purple, I can't tell you where your sheets are, I can only guarantee that they'll appear the instant you buy the new ones!

blue, you really think it'll happen soon? However fed up I'm getting, I really want it to be after Christmas - I'm such a big child myself where that's concerned.

fgrin fgrin fgrin

Mac2014 Thu 05-Dec-13 06:24:46


EDD is 9th Jan, 35 weeks today. Have scans & consultants apts booked for 36 and 38 weeks to check on placenta and decisions will be made then. Still under midwife care at the moment.

mythree fab news <raises glass of champagne>

Only 7 days left a work, inc today... Am announcing all BH that I'm aware of and discussing early births as they come along... Just to ensure they know that I'm a brave little soldier smile

Grrr to all naughty OHs - it's like they have to get all the teenage shit out of their systems every now and then... Rubbish!!

Have good days all.

Felix90 Thu 05-Dec-13 06:29:34

What is it with our OH's being total arseholes? We had a blazing row last because once again he came home from work and sat on his backside on the laptop whilst I struggled to pack up more of the house ready for moving. Obviously in pain and mega stressed out and he just did a couple of feeble attempts at saying 'sit down, you need to take it easy' without even taking his eyes off the screen. He keeps telling me he will pack everything but it's getting extremely close to the weekend and he's literally packed one thing (games consoles - priorities) and that's it. I've done almost the whole house whilst suffering from bad SPD and the worry of this stupid liver problem. Arghhhhh! He even had the cheek to say 'well I cleaned out the kitchen cupboards in the new house' - well whoop de fucking do!!!! He thinks I'm getting stressed over nothing. If his mother knew I'd done all the work, she would rip him a new one, and I'm half tempted to let her know!

Anyway it was good to rant! I've been awake for ages because the wind is howling and it sounds like our apartment block is going to blow over or something blush

Frizz1986 Thu 05-Dec-13 07:13:28

Morning ladies.

Wow i think there must be something in the air with all these idiot OHs at the moment.
Think some of them need a kick up the backside! Feel free to rant away to get it out and feel better.

Had a nice sleep last night and wasnt awake with BH or anything so that makes me feel better.
Thinking maybe I have just been overdoing it. Will try and keep as relaxed as possible and if they keep going mention them to midwife again, otherwise i'll wait until 36 week app next week.

V windy up here and cant be bothered with work today. Just want a duvet day!

MrsVDB Thu 05-Dec-13 07:32:56

EDD 22 jan team blue

This makes me feel a lot better as some of you are due 3 weeks before me so my lack of birth plan, no bag packed because I can't find the bag I pictured , still living in s building site and general unplannednness makes me feel better smile

mac that made me chuckle

Dh is finally excited to feel kicks. After weeks of him 'getting bored' he now asks if the baby's awake alot so he can feel him. Also had a few 'wows' as baby tries to come out alien styley

humpty men just don't understand what we go through, some dramatic maybe labour winces and noises will make him feel suitably guilty

MrsVDB Thu 05-Dec-13 07:38:14

zulily has some great (and cheap) wall stickers for sale today including height charts and chalkboard ones


Felix90 Thu 05-Dec-13 07:41:58

How weird MrsV I was literally just looking at them! And the old style pedal cars grin

MrsVDB Thu 05-Dec-13 07:46:35

Ooh forgot to say if anyone is going to buy anything but hasn't signed up yet I can refer you as I get £10 for each person but only if you don't mind pm your email address smile

MrsVDB Thu 05-Dec-13 08:04:23

Ok last shopping message but casabu also has some lovely realistic animal wall stickers smile

OnlyThePurpleOnes Thu 05-Dec-13 08:41:53

Felix i think if the house was burning down DH would grab the xBox, and come back for me and the girls hmm

Gummi of course you're right. the second i hand over the credit card there will be moses basket sheets falling from every cupboard and drawer in the house. I do keep stumbling across feeding tops and other things from the first time around that i forgot i had. Apparently me 'putting things away' from last time involved just ramming stuff randomly in any available drawer or shelf. And i wonder why i have no storage space…

MrsVDB im a late Jan one too, and i don't even know where my bag is, if that helps!

Probably squashed in a drawer somewhere...

TobyLerone Thu 05-Dec-13 08:48:15

Sorry about the arsehole 'D'Ps.
It's time to nut up or shut up, men of the thread!

BandontheFun Thu 05-Dec-13 09:16:23

EDD 6th Jan Team Yellow

book I wish I was that domesticated, think it will be box sets and shopping that fill my time. Although think I'm going to try and make macaroni cheese for DH i can't eat diary so not sure how I will see if its any good.

mythree that's great news, just what u needed to hear!

I don't think I have had any BH, unless I just don't know what they feel like.

chocoloulou33 Thu 05-Dec-13 09:39:34

Morning all. I managed a dew hours sleep so am happy with that. My friend also turned up at front door to take girls to school for me which was lovely. So have taken some painkillers. Got my wheat pack on and then want to help OH put the xmas decs up. Will we do this without arguing? Doubtful. He is being good last couple of days now he realises how much pain I'm in. 2 nights off work in a row for him and usually he would just lay about but is up and doing stuff so thats a bonus x

Last night we put up the Christmas tree. I wasn't going to bother yet, but DS was interested in the one across the road and kept trying to get over there. Which wasn't a good idea. I say "we" put up the tree, I meant DH and DS as I was stuck tying bloody string to all of the decorations. It got to the point I forgot how to tie a knot! Still, they both loved it which was nice.

DS's spots are starting to scab over, but there's loads which haven't done anything. So still stuck in. The wind is howling here and it feels like the house is going to fly away! It also looks like snow. If it does snow, we'll be stuck as we live near a steep hill which is murder in the snow, I remember from last year.

I talked to my mom today and my dad is going to be in the country this Christmas with them, but he doesn't want me to know because it's a surprise. I fucking hate surprises. I really do. It's just more pressure to act happy about something. Mom told him I hate them, but he said I'd love it because it was him. Silly man. I adore my dad, he's just amazing, but I hate surprises. So mom told me so that I can practise my surprised face (the one which isn't me looking horrified because I feel pressured).I just can't work out why he thinks it would be a good idea, especially as i'll be 37 weeks pregnant, hormonal, and Christmas stressed.

I'm aware this makes me sound really spoilt, I'm not, well, not really, I'm just anxious enough about Christmas and having family over, and the baby, and not being ready.

quackojuliet Thu 05-Dec-13 09:41:51

I've also not really noticed any BH. Weird sensation last night though,I think may have been baby starting to engage? I'm almost 35 weeks,first baby,so would that be about right? Just felt like a heavy pressure low down and on my bladder.last night had to be a record number of wee breaks - over 10 I reckon!
Right, physio this morning. Hopefully we can get the assessment shite sorted and they can start massaging my bum!
Can't remember who asked but bf meet yesterday was fab, lovely ladies from la leche league and busted lots of myths for me. Glad I went.
On the dh front,mine is the same,goes out pretty much as before.however I think my lowered expectations (!) Has got him starting to realise there is a real baby in there! And I'm pissed off about his lack of support - but think he'll be a great dad

Angelesque Thu 05-Dec-13 09:45:42

Not sure if I have had any BH yet (am 32 + 2 so a bit behind most of you). Did wake up last night with some really mild periody type pains in the small of my back, but they'd gone by the time I woke up again so maybe I was just lying weirdly in bed. Feeling pretty ready for baby to arrive now... apart from the fact I haven't packed my hospital bag or built the crib or had the flat deep cleaned and am quite scared

hi all! I can't read page three, so sorry if I've missed anything important (too much swearing - the web filter at work won't open it! Tut tut).

First off, yay for toby and Mythree on the good news!

I'm still in complete denial that I'm pregnant - we still haven't exchanged on the house, so have no idea where we'll be living when baby is born. Packing a bag seems a bit redundant really. It's been a really shitty six months, with family news, disasterous house moves and work pressure being through the roof, so I don't feel like I've been able to acknowledge being pregnant, let along enjoy it. Sorry for the moan, but I'm really struggling at the moment with it all. Hopefully once mat leave starts I can get my head together a bit.

Right. I'll be more cheerful next time, promise!

MrsVDB Thu 05-Dec-13 10:48:25

Hospital bag bought! It comes in 2 colours so if its nice ill get the other one for baby hospital bag. Don't know why I'm so bothered as when I'm in pain I'm sure I'd be happy with a tesco bag! I think it's smaller than I would of liked (W 46cm H 32cm D 16cm) but ill see

Bluecarrot Thu 05-Dec-13 11:45:48

enjoying that sounds really tough sad ( though I think its the chaos around me that had me packing my hospital bags early- it was something I could control!)

DP asked if anything needed done this am and I just said " all the stuff you are supposed to go but haven't yet" and left him to it.

Trying to fit in getting ready for DDs birthday ( cake cutting /friends over tomorrow, but wanted as much as I could ready today as its her actual birthday.) I now know more about minecraft than I ever expected to. Plus I need to clear a room, wrap the gifts her grandparents sent without gift wrapping (direct from online retailer though), and get the house ready to do our birthday tradition of decking the halls. Oh, and fit in 1.5hrs for physio...and get a nap.

But it's ok, because DP did 5 mins of vacuuming and cleaned the shower.

Right. Nap time before I wind myself up more!

Hope everyone else getting rest where neededx

curlywurlyllass Thu 05-Dec-13 13:10:02

Checking in, missed last thread trying to get a grip of the gestational diabetes sad

EDD 15th jan team blue

However currently staying in a noisy hospital bed with high blood pressure and blood results pointing towards pre eclampsia.
Glad i sorted out my toiletries bag last week- DP failed packing me nightwear and clothes last night lol
Im Now on meds to try lower BP and hope to get home asap, hardly slept with everyones lovely newborn baby cries and the horrendus weather and drip drip drip of the ward windows leaking
Hope to catch up with all your news when im less stressed

MrsVDB Thu 05-Dec-13 13:12:13

Oh dear curly hope your ok. Do they know why your blood pressure is high? Is it just one of those things?

Oh dear curly what will happen next?

Felix90 Thu 05-Dec-13 14:03:56

Oh no curly I hope everything is ok. Have you been in long?

TobyLerone Thu 05-Dec-13 14:05:42

Nice to see you back, curly. Hope they manage to bring your BP down.

Sultanajo Thu 05-Dec-13 15:15:19

Had a lovely friend and her 5 month old over for lunch, after spending all morning cleaning the house and swearing at the fecking hoover that beeps randomly but I don't know why! Completely shattered now and decided not going out to do the rest of my chores today as its too bloody cold and windy and I need to conserve energy for to nights NCT Xmas dinner night out. The second of our group popped last night, so there will only be 5 couples there instead of seven....scary stuff!

curly poor you stuck in hospital. Really hope they sort your bp out so you can get home.....

chocoloulou33 Thu 05-Dec-13 15:44:10

Hugs to curly hope your ok. I was in hospital couple of weeks ago in with all the newborns! Fun hey.
Having another bad day here. Stupid fecking water infection getting me down. Still no results back so just gotta keep taking the antibiotics I'm on but omg i'm in so much discomfort. I cant do a thing without going to the loo every 5 seconds. Sorry for keep moaning xx

extracrunchy Thu 05-Dec-13 16:04:37

Curly hope you're ok. Nice to have you back!

Choco you really need a break!

I spent this morning on a monitor as had very intense contractions (terrifying as was at home with DS and couldn't get hold of anyone - he was very confused - then DH made it home about an hour later). Apparently I'm 1-2cm, should rest up a bit and they might see me later. Ugh. Hate stop-start labour!! So had nap with DS and now might go for a long walk and Nando's for tea. But it's gross outside...

V weird as it's exactly the same day as when DS labour started!

Send birthy thoughts please! smile

TobyLerone Thu 05-Dec-13 16:10:44

Poor loulou sad It really sucks, what you're going through.

How exciting, extra! I had stop/start labour for the best part of a week with both of mine and it's horrible.

Felix90 Thu 05-Dec-13 16:14:25

Ahh extra how exciting but equally annoying to be stopping and starting!

extracrunchy Thu 05-Dec-13 16:14:56

Nooooooo Toby there is no way I'm doing this for a week!!! Seriously?!? Argh... No no no.

Sultanajo Thu 05-Dec-13 16:21:19

choco you really are having a sucky time!!! So frustrating for you!

extra ekkk! Frustrating and exciting at the same time....feel for you. It will all be worth it, but it must be hard seeing that right now. Sending you mega birthy thoughts....

TobyLerone Thu 05-Dec-13 16:23:59

I was 2 weeks overdue. 5-min-apart contractions for 72 hours non-stop only got me to 3cm each time, so I was never going to get much further by myself.
This WILL NOT happen to you, extra. You hear me? grin

extracrunchy Thu 05-Dec-13 16:28:09

Shit. That is not happening. Nope.

At least I get Nando's!

TobyLerone Thu 05-Dec-13 16:31:06

A long walk and Nando's is bound to help.

I am just shit at giving birth.

Felix90 Thu 05-Dec-13 16:32:38

Make sure it's a hot nandos with extra hot sauce to get things moving wink

MrsVDB Thu 05-Dec-13 18:19:19

Omg extra I'm very excited for you

All these dilations (is that right?) are scaring me! Makes me realise how close we all are!

I've just spent 4 hours painting our new shower room (tiny but lots of cutting in) and now my tummy kills! Don't think it's bh as its not tight. Feels a bit like trapped wind? Hopefully go soon

BookTart Thu 05-Dec-13 18:40:31

EXTRA! This is so exciting! I hope it moves quickly after your Nandos smile

MrsGSR Thu 05-Dec-13 19:08:59

Eeek! Very exciting Extra!

Choco don't worry about moaning, anyone would be in your shoes! I hope the antibiotics start to work soon!

Hope you get home soon Curly

Santa's just been around our estate in a little sleigh. No idea why, but it made me cry!

MrsVDB Thu 05-Dec-13 19:37:39

extra how many weeks are you?

Wow, extra! Thinking positive thoughts for you.

Sorry that the infection is still hanging around choco, what a bastard it is.

I've just realised I have to make a cake for DS' birthday party this weekend. He wants one with sharks around the outside, and a spinosaurus fighting a t-Rex on the top. My cake decorating skills are not that good. I'm thinking a green cake with blue sides, and some plastic figures shoved into it artistically will have to suffice.

extracrunchy Thu 05-Dec-13 19:45:11

37 weeks tomorrow! Nando's was yum. Contractions bit stronger now but still not regular so am bouncing like a maniac on my gym ball!

TobyLerone Thu 05-Dec-13 19:47:36

Sounds fine to me, enjoying smile

chocoloulou33 Thu 05-Dec-13 19:55:44

Thanks ladies. So nice that you all sympathise with what I'm going through as lots of you had your own probs yourselves. Blimmin pregnancy hey why do we do this to ourselves.
Sending mega birthy thoughts to you extra keep bouncing on that ball!!! Xx

Good luck Extra!!

GummiBear74 Thu 05-Dec-13 20:04:18

Wow! Things are getting exciting!

Hope the bouncing works extra!

MrsVDB Thu 05-Dec-13 20:36:12

Wow so your good to go then extra so exciting smile

flyawayblue Thu 05-Dec-13 21:27:17

quick pop in to say good luck extra

Sultanajo Thu 05-Dec-13 22:36:00

Go extra go! You can do it! Bounce that baby out!

omg had a great time at our nct Xmas dinner but ate wayyyyy too much. Combine that with BH and constipation and you will get some idea of how uncomfortable I am right now.....arghhh! Stupid yummy chocolate pecan tart..... Wont be going to bed for a while....in fact may stay on the sofa. Doh! Must remember this feeling next time I start to stuff my face!

Toothfairy78 Thu 05-Dec-13 22:37:53

What a day! Two people I know in RL gave birth to daughters today!

It's all beginning to feel real! 36 weeks tomorrow and I suddenly feel unprepared.

In other news, ToothJr was measured as 3/5 engaged, and I'm seriously waddling! Anyone else got a bit of a sore crotch?

Oh, and good luck extra!

Naturegirl82 Thu 05-Dec-13 22:49:15

Eek good luck extra

Hope things get better soon for you both choco and curly.

Glad you're in your own room now another

Last day at work for me tomorrow. I am pleased but I think all the stress of trying to agree a date has put a bit of a damper on it. I'm also getting quite apprehensive about the fact I won't be in again for so long! Still got loads to do mainly deleting bitchy/chatty emails as was pulled into so many pointless meetings today (about stuff that will be happening in next few months!!!) so worried about getting all of that done as well. Not accomplished much past few nights either as been so tired. Guess not working will help with that. Tomorrow nights aim is to finish decorating xmas tree.

How is the weather by everyone? Been horrendous here today. All the shops and restaurants near us were completely flooded and tarmac been ripped off the road! Knew there was a reason for buying a house on a hill!

Sultanajo Thu 05-Dec-13 23:08:42

tooth yy to sore fanjo. Very sore pubic bone in fact!

nature yay for your last day tomorrow. What a shame the shine has been taken off by all hassle! Hope you get everything done so you can finally relax!

Sultanajo Thu 05-Dec-13 23:11:06

Blimey! Tarmac ripped off the road? Well one of the guys from the nct group flew into our local airport tonight and said the turbulence was horrendous and it felt as though the plane landed sideways! Rather him than me!

Felix90 Thu 05-Dec-13 23:45:00

Tooth I'm feeling very sore nowadays but not sure if it's SPD or just general pregnancy pain. My pelvis now has a painful burning feeling rather than achey pain like it did before.

Nature hooray for last day! Hope you can get everything sorted that you need to do now.

I am feeling so so ill tonight. Nauseous and like I'm totally drained of energy and a bit faint/spaced out at times. I've cried three times tonight because I feel so ill sad I think it's this liver thing that's making me feel unwell after a quick search online. Can't wait for this all to be over now. I want to feel normal again!

Felix90 Thu 05-Dec-13 23:52:50

Just clocked how many times I said 'feel' in that last post. Reckon I need some sleep blush

Naturegirl82 Fri 06-Dec-13 07:24:53

sultanajo my office is based at a local airfield and I watched a light aircraft coming in to land yesterday, it did not look fun! No way would you catch me going up in this weather.

Woken up with swollen glands and a horrendously sore throat! Is there anything I can take?

Going to be a pain getting to work today as two separate weather incidents causing problems on the motorway. So glad it is the last commute for a while smile

Naturegirl82 Fri 06-Dec-13 07:25:37

Ah felix are you off work today? Can you take it easy?

Frizz1986 Fri 06-Dec-13 07:51:16

Sorry curly about the bp. Hope they can settle it for you. Do they sound positive that they can help?

choco sucks that you are suffering so much. Just think not long to go now!

nature and felix sorry you are feeling rough. It seems we are all on major baby arrival countdown. Hope your bugs and liver things calm down and you can enjoy the last stretch as much as possible.

extra oooooo how exciting. Sending massive labour vibes your way now you are good to go. A birth will make it all seem so close. Hope its speedy and wonderful.

35 weeks today, just need bubs to stay there for at least another 2 weeks so i can go to the birth centre. Went to the hospital last night for a tour and its ok as hospitals go, but confirmed that i really want to go to the MLU. Good to go and see it though as we all know how fast things can change and i may not get a choice.
Only 1 more full week of work left then a half week! Yay. I am so so drained and cant wait. Although i'll only have 1 day mat leave before my family visit before xmas, then it will be xmas busyness. And my 3 yr old nephew thinks baby will be born on dec 29th (am due Jan 10th) so lets see what happens.

Much fewer BH yesterday and after staring at my panty liners like a loon (and resorting to making dh look too) for the past few days, i def think there is a yellow tinge to the dampness (its not soaking through them either) so i am thinking lots of pee leaking blush so maybe baby is really pushing in the wrong place. Also i dont feel a gush when i get up in the morning and AF should pool overnight shouldnt it so i would feel it when i got up in the morning.

Urgh i need to get up for work (need to leave in 30 mins) but i just cant be arsed! Wonder if dh will make my lunch for me?!

Percypiglet Fri 06-Dec-13 07:52:30

Nature - paracetemol is fine as are strepsils for throats.

It's my last day at work today too... hurrah! 34 wks tomorrow so got some annual leave before mat leave starts at end of month. Cant wait for the rest as I have a cold.

Felix hope you feel better soon.

Extra - how exciting, hope all carries on and goes well!

Happy Friday all!

extracrunchy Fri 06-Dec-13 07:56:40

Felix and Nature sorry tonhear you're feeling crappy and hope you feel better soon.

I had a rubbish night! Contractions carried on till 1ish then just stopped and I fell asleep, then woke up at 3 to puke, couldn't get back to sleep till 5.15 and DS woke up at 6.15. Nothing at all happening now after yesterday. BAH!!

Hope everyone else has a good day wink

TobyLerone Fri 06-Dec-13 08:09:37

Yay for last days at work, nature, percy, book and anyone else I've missed smile

Hope it all starts happening properly soon for you, extra. How frustrating sad

Sorry for those feeling rough flowers brew

But it's Friiiiidaaaaaay!

Angelesque Fri 06-Dec-13 08:31:01

It's Frriiiidayyy! I'm off work till Tuesday! jigs

Anyone else having stomach cramps/mild stomach upset? Had it for a day now and it's freaking me out. Convincing myself it's labour starting... I can see the next few weeks are going to be a joyous blend of paranoia and odd pains!

BookTart Fri 06-Dec-13 08:45:10

Yes angelesque, I've had an upset stomach for two days. I'm pretty sure that mine isn't labour starting though, and that it is mainly cake-related smile

I hope you feel better soon felix. The third trimester is hard enough without being properly ill on top, you poor thing.

Come on babyextra - get yourself in gear!

Last day at work today - hurrah! I have no idea how I'm going to stay awake for tonight's pub and curry though.

My labour ward and MLU don't offer tours. There is an online video of the MLU, ut I have no idea what labour wards are like! I think there are 4 people in each room - will we all be shrieking having calm lovely births at the same time?

TobyLerone Fri 06-Dec-13 08:58:05

Do they not, book? I asked the consultant on weds about a tour and he said, "speak to your midwife to arrange one".

I had DS and DD at the WHH and I was taken straight to a delivery room each time. And i wasn't in labour either time. I never saw any room with 4 beds until the postnatal ward.

That was a while ago, though.

BookTart Fri 06-Dec-13 09:05:15

That sounds more civilised toby! The midwives at the NHS antenatal session a couple of weeks ago said that they didn't allow tours anymore due to the risk of infection and so that the mums on the ward got some privacy, which is fair enough. I'd never heard of that anywhere else though - I'll ask my midwife next week.

Felix90 Fri 06-Dec-13 09:10:43

They don't do tours at ours either, but I'm giving birth at the place where one born every minute was filmed so I sort of know what to expect from watching telly grin

TarkaTheOtter Fri 06-Dec-13 09:14:59

We don't have tours at ours either but it's definitely private rooms for labour! HUGE rooms as well. With dd the room was tennis court size at least. Was a bit disconcerting it was so big. They still made dh put our bags in the ensuite though so "they didn't get in the way" hmm

GummiBear74 Fri 06-Dec-13 09:19:01

That all sounds a bit odd, book. At my hospital, they manage to do early evening tours three days a week and we didn't see a single patient while we were there, let alone disturb anyone's privacy.

The four to a room thing must be postnatal, surely? They couldn't really make you labour in a room full of other people shock

Oh dear, extra, that sounds very frustrating, not to mention tiring sad
Hope it gets going properly soon!

TobyLerone Fri 06-Dec-13 09:19:35

Having googled, it seems you're right, book sad
Makes sense, I suppose.

Sultanajo Fri 06-Dec-13 09:33:23

Ladies who are feeling rough - sending you all hot ribena! What a shame! Am desperately trying to keep away from anyone with any sort of lurgy right now....

We don't get tours either, but have virtual tours online. Not quite the same....

Off to mother are today to get measured for nursing bras as recommended by my mate....hope I get someone who knows what they are doing as am going to a different branch to my friend....

flowersfortea Fri 06-Dec-13 09:39:41

Hi everyone,

extra thinking of you and hoping you're managing to get some rest between bouncy ball sessions! good luck!

another, chocoloulou and curly thinking of you too.

In the scale of all this, I'm fine! Having a lazy start to the 'study morning' at home but going to fill in my mat pay form and then get on with some actual studying/tick boxes for my training. Looking forward to finishing work in 2 weeks....!

MrsVDB Fri 06-Dec-13 09:40:51

nature I don't think you can take strepsils I'm afraid. Pharmacist told me only the glycerin tablets (which are just like wine gums so not particularly great)

GummiBear74 Fri 06-Dec-13 10:00:33

Hot ribena sounds like a very nice idea, thanks sultana!

Not that I'm feeling ill, just tired and draggy and with a bit of a headache. I've got today off, then final week at work. Unfortunately, I've fallen foul of our annual performance review system - everyone else has until late Jan to complete the process, but I've got to get it done for both myself and my current line reports by the end of next week. This has left me with forms to fill in on my day off and I was so fed up that I cried on the train home yesterday sad

Feel better now, but need to stop procrastinating and get the bloody forms done!

Naturegirl82 Fri 06-Dec-13 10:37:42

Ah gummi that sucks. Our performance reviews are January as well but no-one has mentioned them so I'm going to slink off quietly without reminding anyone!

quackojuliet Fri 06-Dec-13 10:47:27

Sorry to all feeling rough, hope you can get lots of rest and stay warm now its got freezing cold.
My baby sheepskin arrived today - its amazing! Very impressed with that discount as its a good size and seems a lovely quality. Smells a bit chemically though so going to hand wash with non bio.
I cleaned the walls in the kitchen yesterday. For some this might be a common activity but I am far from a neat freak. Nesting is seriously kicking in. Now I smile at that patch of wall every time I walk past!
Sending lots of energy to those still getting through last week/s at work!

Frizz1986 Fri 06-Dec-13 11:12:03

So have come home from work after some def dampness on my liner. Called the hospital day unit and they said I need to determine if it's a leak myself before coming in. They told me I had to go home and lie reclined for an hour and if when I get up I feel a trickle or my fresh pad is damp I need to call delivery suite and they will have me in to test as it could quite poss be CM, urine or AF.
They also said that if it's urine it will have a def smell but everything just smells sweaty and it's not like I have sniffed pee before.
Work sent me straight home but feel bad as what if it is just pee. Am gonna feel like such an idiot! Really hope it is just watery CM as don't want to have to be in hospital. I want the MLU!

MrsVDB Fri 06-Dec-13 11:38:15

frizz sounds gross but I'm definitely leaking pee the last few days shouldn't have forgotten pelvic floors I don't feel like I'm weeing or anything and don't even notice it but there is a definite smell (nice!)

Ah Frizz, I know what you mean! It all just smells of sweaty crotch to me... not too pleasant!

I had a midwife appointment today, i'm 2-3cm dilated, but the baby isn't fully engaged, he was, but now isn't. She isn't too concerned and another appointment is booked for 2 weeks today and it's a double length one.

quackojuliet Fri 06-Dec-13 11:57:53

Oooh a double length appointment! Do you get more checks or is everything just a bit slower? I have grown to hate my midwife (nothing to do with her measuring my bmi last visit...)
Frizz sending you lots of luck and sounds very confusing.like others I've had puzzling dampness moments but they have always smelt...bodily. Not like hay, as amniotic fluid apparently does. You are doing the right thing and hopefully they will clear you and put your mind at rest.

Frizz1986 Fri 06-Dec-13 12:02:12

Well I've done the test and although i felt like i was dribbling at the start of my hour lie down, when i stood up at the end there was no trickle and no damp patch. Am guessing the trickle and dampness would be immediate after standing up so the dribbles i am feeling during the day must be urine or CM. I must not do a good job emptying my bladder as i feel dribbles fairly soon after going to the loo either that or my body has gone CM crazy!
Such a relief although i still think i will be concerned about stupid stuff until d-day to be honest. Did not realise how worrying this last stretch would be.

NO idea quack she wants to go over my birth plan (we don't have one. Birthing centre, will take drugs but I will ask, don't want them to be offered, and if there's something wrong with the baby DH is to go with it and not leave it alone at all) and I think i'll get another internal. I'm hoping she'll do a sweep, but i'll only be 36 weeks so I can't see it happening.

My amniotic fluid with DS didn't smell like hay. It smelt like sweaty crotch. That doesn't help, sorry!

when you pee, lean as far forward as you can. This will totally empty your bladder.

TarkaTheOtter Fri 06-Dec-13 13:04:15

frying did you ask for the internal? I've never been offered one in either pregnancy until in labour.

GummiBear74 Fri 06-Dec-13 13:05:22

Ah! There's nothing like talk of sweaty crotches to distract one from wallowing in self pity fgrin

I've thought that area smelled different to normal right from the first few weeks of pregnancy, and it doesn't really resemble either sweat or hay! Just...different. Of course, it's hard to say whether it's really changed, or if this is just another case of weird pregnancy sense of smell. Like the one that makes me think that everyone on the train has raging halitosis!

quackojuliet Fri 06-Dec-13 13:24:59

Good point gummi,our noses are just super tuned. I just went swimming (wallowing) and the changing rooms completely REEKED of piss. I really nearly gagged. Actually I have gone back to the gagging of the first trimester,this morning very nearly threw up while brushing my teeth. Really hoping the nausea doesn't revisit in these last few weeks...

BandontheFun Fri 06-Dec-13 13:37:00

Frizz It's really would be so much better if AF was a different colour, like blue or something. Then there would be no seconding guessing! That's good to know about lying down and the pooling, will have to keep that in mind next time I have a wee freak out! Hope ur feeling reassured.

Quack what is it with swimming pool changing rooms smelling of piss, what are people doing in there?! Fingers crossed the gagging doesn't last! There's a symptom I don't want back!

tarka I asked. I was in hospital last Saturday because of painful BHs and they discovered I was 1-2cm, they also said fully engaged, but the midwife today said I wasn't.

So I asked her today to check, especially cos i'm losing more of the plug. She was really nice about it

Sultanajo Fri 06-Dec-13 14:00:45

band blue af would be really useful wouldn't it!

I too have the gag reflex on brushing my teeth (and when forcing down Gaviscon...).

frizz that sounds positive....its all just so worrying isn't it!

extra hope baby extra is starting to squiggle down further....

AnotherStitchInTime Fri 06-Dec-13 14:34:00

hello all smile

excellent news mythree, what a relief.

how exciting extra, I hope baby makes an appearance soon.

frying sounds like you haven't got long to go either.

can't remember who said they are in hospital with high bp, but I hope they manage to get it under control. It is no fun being admitted long term.

I have managed by some strange stroke of luck to convince the consultant to let me out for a bit. If I bleed again I will have to go back in and will likely be in for Christmas, but it is nice to be home with my family for as long as it lasts. CS delivery booked for 7th Jan, but may be earlier if I bleed a lot before then.

hooray for going home another, you must be so pleased smile

I've got super sensitive sense of smell too, but thankfully not leaking pee (yet) unless I sneeze or cough or laugh

Felix90 Fri 06-Dec-13 14:38:42

Another so glad you've been allowed back home! I bet it's lovely to just be back in a comfortable and familiar place smile

TobyLerone Fri 06-Dec-13 14:52:21

Yay, another! Look after yourself.

MrsVDB Fri 06-Dec-13 15:28:45

Woo another how many weeks will you be on 7th? Must be so exciting having a date (and being home of course) smile

Frizz1986 Fri 06-Dec-13 16:09:58

Thats great news another Nice to be able to be at home again and hopefully the bleeding will stay away so that you can stay home for xmas.

I have just woken after a 2 hour nap! Text my boss before as well to let her know all seemed ok and that i felt like an idiot going home. She said not to worry which I guess is right as only 8 days until they have to cope without me and its my first freak out/day off since finding out i am pg (at work anyway)

frying wow 2-3cm. Thats getting close.....

band i think AF should glow in the dark or something. I really thought i was getting good with my pelvic floors so to seem to start leaking pee was weird, but still no trickle after 2 hours led reclined in the chair so def not AF, thank god.
And now only 8 days at work, yay!

Spacefrog35 Fri 06-Dec-13 17:29:40

I'm so sorry but I've got the most awful pictures in my head of terribly pregnant ladies wandering around try to sniff each other like dogs now - perhaps it could be our 'secret handshake' confused

We went to see the consultant today for Idris's post mortem results. Been dreading it (one of the reasons for not being in here much) but it went as well as it possibly could have done. No infections, no abnormalities, basically a perfect little boy but born too soon. Unfortunately the PM can't tell us why that happened but I'm going to see the team who were looking after while I was pregnant sometime soon to see if they can shed any light on it. The cause of death was NEC, which is unfortunately just something that can happen . We also know from the PM that he had no chance of survival which makes the decision we made to withdraw support systems slightly easier to live with. We also got the go ahead to try again when we're ready. fwink

Sorry, just really wanted to share that with you all. You've all been so supportive thanks

I'm so excited for you all, I do hope everyone starts to feel better soon. It's unbearable waiting for you all. I keep checking in to see if we've got our first thread 13 baby yet!

Percypiglet Fri 06-Dec-13 17:34:50

Hi Space
Glad the consultant appointment was better than you expected. Bet it was comforting to know you made the right decisions for the best possible reasons and that nothing different would have happened. Hope you have peace over this now. I hope that next time things work out differently for you and Mr Space. X

Sultanajo Fri 06-Dec-13 17:41:09

frizz phew for no leakage after your nap! You made absolutely the right decision to go home. Don't beat yourself up. I would have done the same thing!

another hurray for being home! Fingers firmly crossed you can stay home and for a date!

space bless you. Thanks so much for sharing with us. You have been so strong throughout - I think you are amazing!

What a fab image of pregnant ladies sniffing each other like dogs! Brilliant!

Sultanajo Fri 06-Dec-13 17:42:45

another that should have read "and yay for a date!"

enormouse Fri 06-Dec-13 17:59:06

Wow extra. Wishing you all the best. And another too.

spacefrog flowers and its so brave and kind of you to check in with us.

I hope everyone's keeping well and is nice and warm.
Btw if any of you have wee boys or are expecting one there's some lovely stuff in asda right now. Have just spent a ridiculous amount of money on jumpers and winter clothes for DS and newborn stuff for DS2.

I'll check in again after dinner. The toddlers pestering me to make pizza and has been asking for pizza for about 3 days. Poor deprived child.

space it's good that the science backed up your heart felt decision. IFSWIM.

another great! You have a date!! Fingers crossed there's no bleeding and you can just be at home with your family.

mouse I've seen them and I want to buy so much stuff, but DH has a point when he says he doesn't know how big it's going to be, so it's pointless. Damn his logical thinking.

Spacefrog35 Fri 06-Dec-13 18:27:00

frying this is no time for logical thinking, there are cute jumpers and snow suits at stake! Just throw a hormonal tantrum & demand them wink

Mythreeknights Fri 06-Dec-13 18:32:58

Good luck extra crossing my fingers that all is progressing smoothly x x

Sultanajo Fri 06-Dec-13 18:35:33

Noooo enormouse! Don't tell me that!

Mind you, todays trip out to get nursing bras confirmed I no longer enjoy going anywhere by car. So freaking uncomfortable and such a struggle getting in and out. Its making me grumpy now!

plus is anyone else feeling full up as soon as they start eating? I had breakfast and have felt as though it is still in my throat! I didn't have lunch and have just forced a small roll down (and a slice of cheesecake....) but I feel constantly ridiculously full! That's making me grumpy too!

I made the mistake of getting on the scales this morning too, and after putting on just over a stone the whole pregnancy, I have managed to somehow put on 4.5lbs in two weeks! I bet its my oj and lemonade addiction!

Have just had words with bubs and told him we are 37 weeks today, so if he would like to make an appearance in the next couple of weeks that would be nice! Cant imagine waiting another 5 weeks!

Am now "over" going to see tons of friends before bubs arrives, which sounds awful and ungrateful, but waddling around in pain is getting me down a tad. Its my mates birthday on 20th Dec and we always do some sort of lunch gathering. I would feel really bad missing it, but its a good hour away. Another mate is having a baby shower early January....again at least an hour away. Really don't think will make that either..... Feeling really quite bah humbug and teary all of a sudden. Also feeling as though I am throwing my toys out of my pram for no good reason, when I should just be grateful bubs will hopefully be here safe and sound in just a few weeks!

Suspect the constipation isn't helping my emotional stability! Lol! Sitting on toilet, putting in lots of effort for very little reward currently - its quite upsetting! Lol!

OK, thanks for letting me rant. Feeling much better now!

Sultanajo Fri 06-Dec-13 18:38:48

Oh man - just remembered our pact Toby, which means no matter what, my hospital bags must be packed tomorrow.....

Frizz1986 Fri 06-Dec-13 18:49:41

space thats good that they have confirmed that you made the only possible decision with Idris and I hope that brings you some comfort.

I def feel the sniffing like dogs is appropriate. My dh sniffed my pad for me and had a look and feel of it. He seemed a little bit concerned by the request but it was really sweet of him to oblige. To think i now think he is sweet because he sniffed my pants!!

Sultanajo Fri 06-Dec-13 19:18:58

Lol frizz! That is true love! You cant ask for more than that!!!

enormouse Fri 06-Dec-13 20:00:45

I heard somewhere (probably here) that whoever designs kids clothes for asda used to design for next baby. It seems to be having quite a good winter season - lots of fairisle and animal jumpers and duffle coats, not so much neon, logos and slogans.

frying buy in the next sizes up (3-6, 6-9 etc). That way you're being prudent and far sighted. Not just buying weeny cute things. fwink. DP thinks I went over the top but the DS is completely sorted clothes-wise for the next size up and I won't need to buy anything for the next 6 months. I'm also quite fussy with what I like.

sultana yes to feeling full immediately. I had to have 3 small helpings of shepherds pie last night spaced out over 3 hours instead of 1 and a half regular sized ones. I am simultaneously hungry, full and quite gassy all the time. It's very sexy.

I'd quite like baby to come before Christmas as I like the idea of having him with us for Christmas but he'd be a month early.

Frizz love the pants sniffing. It's a sign of true love.

chocoloulou33 Fri 06-Dec-13 20:05:13

Lovely to hear from you space glad you got some peace of mind 2day and they were able to give you some answers xx

sultana I've finished packing my hospital bags 2day yeyyy. Ive even washed dryed and put away some baby clothes at long last. Its a start!!!!

Still got so much to do including sorting moses basket bouncy chair etc as well as a ton more clothes to sort out but finally feel I've acheived something today.

Got all 3 kids here this weekend as dss is here too so it'll be madness. I'm still feeling rubbish but not in quite as much pain as yesterday so rly hoping for an improvement by 2moro.

TobyLerone Fri 06-Dec-13 20:19:35

space, I really love hearing from you and I love that you're still here updating us. I think you're amazing and I'm not sure I'd stick around in your situation. I'm always glad to hear from you.
Glad you managed to get some answers. It must be comforting to know you couldn't have done anything more.

sultana, I'm buying the last bits for my bag tomorrow, but I've just been through the baby clothes and we need another pack each of first size vests/sleepsuits. And I could do with another nightie for hospital. And these will have to be washed, so the upshot is that the bag might not be done til Sunday. I suck!

I'm over visiting as well. Next week I have to go into London on Tuesday and Thursday to meet friends. Kind of dreading it. It'll be lovely, I'm sure, but just cba.

Sultanajo Fri 06-Dec-13 20:20:05

enormouse we are also pretty sorted for at least 6 months clothes wise, possibly even 9 months.... So haven't really got that as an excuse to buy more unfortunately....

choco glad the pain has eased slightly. Really well done for finishing your bags and washing clothes! Feels good to get some bits sorted doesn't it.

Sultanajo Fri 06-Dec-13 20:27:44

Well at least you know what you still need toby. I suspect I will get halfway through packing and realise there are tons of things missing!

I am so glad I have done my Xmas cards and sorted most Xmas pressies as have totally run out of enthusiasm for it all.... Still got to wrap them all - will do that next week.

Cant believe there is such shite on tv! I never realised before because I never seemed to have enough time to sit down and watch the things I had sky plussed, but now I do there is bugger all to watch. The majority of things we are sky plussing currently are all things DH watches....

chocoloulou33 Fri 06-Dec-13 20:40:01

Aaghh sultana uve just reminded me that xmas is on its way lol. Kinda totally forgot about that. We r nowhere near sorted for xmas. Still gotta do cards. Get more prezzies then wrap. Hmmm. Had a plan to do all this as soon as maternity leave started but all ive done is go in and out of hospital and when ive been at home ive struggled to do the simple day to day tasks so am so behind. But hey one thing at a time. Am sure we'll all be ready when the time comes.
I predict someone on here will have their baby next week. Gonna say a week from 2day lol. So friday. That's my prediction lol. Ps it best not be me smile

Oh my god. Christmas cards. Nooooooooo!

TobyLerone Fri 06-Dec-13 21:11:16

That's the thing, sultana. I'm a bit weird like that. It would properly enrage me if I started a job and realised I didn't have everything I needed. So I'm getting the last bits of clothes and then pads and food/drinks and witch hazel and flannels etc.

I've barely bought any Christmas presents, and I haven't written any cards. I did buy stamps yesterday, so that's something grin

And yy to shite on tv sad I get the Radio Times every week and go through it to set things to record. This week I think there were 2 things I recorded. Our TiVo is consistently under 10% full, and most of that is DD's CSI (she's obsessed!)

space, I second what toby said - it's so great that you are still here, and I salute you for having the generosity of spirit to be excited for everyone. I'm so glad that the PM has helped rather than hindered, and that your instincts were right to let Idris go.

extra exciting! Are you going to be Thread 13 Baby Lady? grin

toby, sultana and Mrs <dons bag monitor hat> Bags will be presented for inspection at 6pm Sunday. Sharp or later if I am napping.

Last day in the office today - last day at work tomorrow, I cannot wait to join the mat leave gang!
Saw mw yesterday - she confirmed that the tight/nagging pain is stretching, and not to worry.

TobyLerone Fri 06-Dec-13 21:24:56

You're on, humpty!

I've been having some period pain-y BHs today. Nothing much to speak of, mind. I've also started taking evening primrose oil today. I really want to go into labour by myself and on time this time!
My midwife assures me that 3rd babies don't follow previous rules. And friends assure me that babies with new partners mean completely different births. I just don't want to still be pregnant at 42 weeks...again!

How are things today, extra.

Frizz1986 Fri 06-Dec-13 21:50:25

choco it best not be me either smile Would be happy if it arrived just after xmas!
OMG xmas cards!! I havent started them at all. Oh well. Wonder if dh will sort them. Unlikely, but i could ask.

Sultanajo Fri 06-Dec-13 22:00:28

Ok humpty so if I start them tomorrow that still gives me time to get any missing bits on Sunday....

The only reason I am so organised with Xmas this year is because am due 27th Dec and if I left it to DH, everyone would get last minute shite. I just want it sorted so I don't have to think about it....

Ekkk a predicted baby by next Friday! Exciting stuff!

Toothfairy78 Fri 06-Dec-13 22:10:06

Gah! Sod off stupid cold! I am tired of blowing my nose and barely being able to croak. My to do list is stupid and I can't even yowl at DH when I need help cos my voice has gone! I have to potter round, tap him on the shoulder then point and whisper.

My to do list this weekend includes, un-derranging the house after the PILs were here last weekend, finishing hospital bag, get maternity bras, go to ikea for a sniglar changing table for bathroom and check out ektorp sofa so I at least have a comfy thing to sit on in January, curtains for back room...


Nice to see you on here space. I was hoping you'd pop your head round and let us know how things were. Glad the PM reassured you that all that could be done was done. May little Idris rest in peace. thanks

chocoloulou33 Sat 07-Dec-13 01:15:15

Somebody tell me to go to sleep! ! I think my nesting has begun. Have literally spent 5 hours sorting baby clothes and blankets and going thru the sackfuls of dd's baby clothes to see what neutral bits I can use for baby. Got way too much stuff but gonna have a pretty good boot fair next year by looks of it.was rly weird going thru dd's baby clothes as shes now 6 lol. Got me a little emotional and thinking about all that has happened since then (me and her dad divorced) we both happy now with new partners but just makes u think. Found myself feeling guilty for breaking up with him and wondering what dd will think about it all as she gets older. See what just sorting thru some clothes has done lol.
Hope ur all sleeping peacefully. I hate the nights atm. Trying not to let the pain beat me though.
You ladies best get your bags packed or you'll have humpty to answer too lol.

enormouse Sat 07-Dec-13 02:10:45

choco I'm still up. Awful insomnia atm.
I've made about 6ft of paperchain for my living room, tidied and am now watching the IT crowd whilst reading MN threads about the Christmas twitch.

I'm sure your dd will understand and will realise that some couples are happier apart than they are together. Don't feel guilty.

I really should try and sleep soon though. Meh. I can always make more paperchains. Or pack my hospital bag.

Percypiglet Sat 07-Dec-13 06:22:59

I'm up too! cant sleep thro on a regular basis.......its so frustrating when we're all tired!

TobyLerone Sat 07-Dec-13 07:05:21

loulou, my DD is 12 1/2 and she is only just coming to see that her dad and I are much happier now we're not together any more. She was only 2 when we split up.
Don't feel bad. Getting out of a miserable relationship is always better for the children.

I've been awake since 6.30 too. I'm certain my body will rediscover its love of lie-ins as soon as the baby is born!

Felix90 Sat 07-Dec-13 08:30:18

Morning everyone. Pregnancy insomnia is killing me too. Couldn't sleep until about 2.30 last night, then woke up a few times and now up for my final NCT class. Its 10-4 and I am really going to struggle sitting there for that long!

Re the whole leakage discussion - the past few nights I've woken up with rather wet under crackers and something definitely leaks out when I stand up but I can't work out what it is. I've been getting that horrible snotty discharge right the way through my pregnancy and it's definitely not that! Its watery but I can't tell if its just general pregnancy juice or pee or what? How are we meant to know?

Just had the last night sleeping in our old apartment and I feel really sad to leave, even though it's totally impractical and cold and expensive, it's so shiny and lovely and I don't like change! confusedconfusedconfused

morning all!

choco my parents split when I was 6, I didn't understand the reasons for it then, and I was awful to my mom, but now I do and completely understand. It was the right thing to do. She married a man whom I adore and class as my dad, so much so that he was on my wedding certificate in the section for fathers. Your daughter will understand that it's better to be happy then not to be.

enormouse I've ordered a paperchain from Amazon to do with DS. That's the basis of my decorations. We've got a tree up, some foil garlands for the ceiling, and then we're going to paper chain the hell out of the room!

I also need to wrap all the presents. They have all been bought and have arrived, I've a spreadsheet because i'm a geek, so now we need to buy wrapping paper and get to work.

DS is feeling much better. On top of the pox he has had some kinda bug. Sadly i'm not feeling so tight. One week ago today it was my last day at work and i'm feeling so bloody rough it's unreal! I've cancelled meal plans with a friend for tomorrow because I desperately need some time to do nothing. I might also see if MIL can have DS today. I need to sleep, and to lie on the sofa just relaxing. Genuinley think I was more relaxed at work!! Stupid chicken pox.

DS woke up at 8 today which was lovely. I was just lying in bed remembering the feeling of him finally arriving. It was odd. It was like my legs could remember how it felt to have him brushing past them. Just need to get some last minute bits for the baby and then settle down for the long wait.

Frizz1986 Sat 07-Dec-13 10:18:57

felix this is what the day unit told me....

You need to go for a wee and empty you bladder completely. Put on a fresh sanitary towel and lie in a reclined position for an hour. It needs to be reclined not fully flat. If you are leaking then when you stand after an hour you will feel a trickle or you sanitary pad will be damp as fluid will pool in your vagina. If this happens I was told to contact the delivery suite and tell them my waters might be leaking and they will need you in to test. It could just be watery discharge or pee but they need to be sure.
I felt no trickle and my pad wasn't damp so I think mine is CM as it can't be pee so soon after emptying my bladder surely.

GummiBear74 Sat 07-Dec-13 10:47:56

Good morning! Just getting on with hospital bag packing now and I have a silly question for you - have you cut all the care labels off the insides of the baby clothes?

It seems like I should, but for some reason I'm reluctant to lose all the washing instructions!

TobyLerone Sat 07-Dec-13 10:53:10

Why should you do that, gummi? confused

GummiBear74 Sat 07-Dec-13 11:14:20

Firstly, some of them say that they should be cut off and have helpful dotted lines for you to cut along!

Secondly, some of them are ridiculously large - I have a tiny scratch mitt that has a label about 2 inches long inside. I don't know how there'd be room for the baby's hand as well!

It sounds from your reply that this isn't something that people do routinely, so perhaps I should apply some common sense and just cut off the ones that are in the way! fblush

Sultanajo Sat 07-Dec-13 11:24:55

Morning all!

Yay for paperchains!

gummi I haven't considered cutting out the labels, although did also see a mahoosive one in a scratch mitt!

Right, here's to a productive day (or a chilled day for those who need them....). Hello hospital bags....you have been expecting me!

TobyLerone Sat 07-Dec-13 11:30:21

I've never cut any labels out of baby clothes. I didn't even know it was A Thing! I'd be worried that the leftover bit might be scratchy.

But if you wanted to, I wouldn't worry about losing the washing instructions. Unless it's something fancy, I'd just wash it like a t-shirt -- 40 degrees, cool tumble dry or clothes horse. I never read washing instructions blush

enormouse Sat 07-Dec-13 11:56:14

Morning all fsmile

gummi my mum used to cut the labels out of some of my clothes because I used to have bad excema and my mum was paranoid about the itching. But she's no barmometer of sense tbh, she also used to cut the whiskers off my cuddly toys in case they poked me in the eye. I have cut the labels off some ikea toys for DS but that's only because the label was bigger than the toy.

felix ick for snotty discharge - I have it too. Just think of how lovely your new place will be and focus on how happy you'll be there.

frying I got mine on sale from dotcomgiftshop and got a bit carried away with making them. Allegedly, they're for DS but at 2 he lacks the coordination to make them. Getting our tree today - DPs dad knows a guy, that knows trees. Which is ominous - last year's was 9ft tall and barely fit the house. Your poor ds, maybe the paperchain making will cheer him up.

Hoping for productive days all round. Must do something about that damn bag. fgrin

Frizz1986 Sat 07-Dec-13 12:48:42

So excited. Just got a rock, paper, scissors, lizard, spock big bang theory sleepsuit and a matching tshirt for dh. Am going to wrap them up to dh from bump with a message that they can have matching outfits.

Sultanajo Sat 07-Dec-13 14:36:07

frizz that's just awesome! Told my DH and he is well jel!

Well.....*humpty and toby* my bags are......packed! Omg! Apart from a few bits I need to buy like snacks. Hurray! Haven't packed as much as I thought I would. Have one for Bubs and one for me and have tried to get DH to absorb where I have put everything.....he was very bored and I tried not to get mad at him! Still, bags are packed and car seat bases are fitted! Off to Matalan to find a thin dressing gown....I will frickin find one that doesn't have me sweating buckets!!!

TobyLerone Sat 07-Dec-13 15:01:03

Well done, sultana!

I've got all.the stuff for my bags now. Even snacks and drinks. The new stuff is waiting to be washed. I'm a bit more prepared now grin

I didn't put snacks in mine. I didn't even bring it last time, DH had to bring it after the baby was born. He also brought back a McDonalds. Yummy!

puggle01 Sat 07-Dec-13 15:36:45

Ladies I bow to your organisation!

I meant to be a model of efficiency today but my last day of work on Fri knackered me, then went to a work colleagues house for dinner and got back at half one. I swear I've been more use with a stinking hangover than today's pregnancy tiredness. Obviously in my past life rather than in the recent months! I'm sure if I'm up feeding at half one next year I'll think back to being happily out being a child-free adult

This week I'll pack my bag, make curtains for the baby's room and chill, in no particular order. Going to do some freezer filling too. I've made some spag bol/lasagne/chilli but I'm wracking my brains for something to freeze with lots of veg rather than meat to keep malnutrition away. Has anyone frozen stirfry or thai curry? Any other good recipes?
And snacks for labour - good idea-any tried and tested from you non-novices?

TobyLerone Sat 07-Dec-13 15:44:02

I'm not sure a stir fry would freeze well (and they only take 5 mins to make anyway). But I have frozen some homemade veg-heavy soups (mushroom, root veg, tomato, celeriac), and several veg-based curries (chick pea/sweet potato/spinach, sag aloo).
And I've put loads of extra veg in things like bolognese sauce (frozen spinach, peppers, mushrooms, courgettes) and casseroles.

As far as labour food goes, I've bought dried apricots, ritz crackers and cereal bars. I've also got cartons of Ribena and sports bottles of water.

MrsGSR Sat 07-Dec-13 15:49:00

I was going to suggest soup, it's the only thing I've made so far. At some point I will do something that DH considers to be a real meal!

tobys hospital snacks sound very healthy, I plan on taking jelly babies!

TobyLerone Sat 07-Dec-13 15:52:44

I don't really like sweets. I wish I did! I'd always rather have something savoury. I'd rather have bread than cake, too.

I love cake, full on adore it, but I would always choose fresh from the oven baked bread with salted lurpak. The number of times I've had to make a fresh loaf of bread because I've eaten it is unreal.

I think i'm going to make some bread now. Yummy!

enormouse Sat 07-Dec-13 16:23:03

I second soups - I like spicy parsnip, tomato, and brocolli and cheddar (would be Stilton) and minestrone. I also tend to make a batch of tomato sauce at the beginning of the week and it lasts 2-3 meals.
Homemade meatballs freeze quite well too and lamb tagine and Irish stew.
I freeze pizza dough which I make in my bread maker. I also stock up on paninis and sub rolls to make lunches.

Re snacks - I threw up a few times during labour but DP bought me haribo sours and golden bears and they stopped my throat feeling weird and dry. I ate a full meal before my waters broke and then had the obligatory tea and toast after and that was enough for me. I went in at 11pm and DS arrived at 5.07 the next morning.

TobyLerone Sat 07-Dec-13 16:34:50

Ooooh, I might make some broccoli and stilton soup this week.

GummiBear74 Sat 07-Dec-13 16:36:02

puggle, I'm starting my freezer filling project today with bolognese and plan to put loads of extra veg in there to keep the malnutrition at bay. Will do carrot and sweet potato soup tomorrow (sweet potato makes soup have the best texture ever). I also thought about making batches of what I call 'stealth vegetable sauce' - tomato sauce made with a tin of chopped tomatoes and courgettes, onions, peppers (whatever really) and then hand blendered so no one knows the veg is there. I'll stash some meat-filled fresh pasta in the freezer with it to keep the local carnivore happy fgrin

GummiBear74 Sat 07-Dec-13 16:39:48

I would be relying heavily on frozen peas, but i had some bad experiences with them during my severe morning sickness phase and now I can't stand the sight of them fsad

Sultanajo Sat 07-Dec-13 17:27:51

Well done toby - am proud of you!

Managed to get a dressing gown in Matalan and bought cereal bars, little boxes of raisins and some ribena cartons, to go with my two bottles of lucozade revive.... May have to get some ritz crackers - you have given me a craving!

Bought some copella spiced apple juice that you have WARM! Should be interesting to try!

You guys have made some yummy suggestions for food freezing! Dribble!

Have had some really weird stabby pains this afternoon - feels like in my cervix. Its like someone has stuck a finger as far up my fanjo as it will go with something sharp on the end.... Or like bubs is trying to claw my way out. Really odd and made me gasp a couple of times in Matalan which was a tad embarrassing! Stopped now but made me paranoid something was about to happen like waters breaking in front of a packed shop! Ekkkk!

TobyLerone Sat 07-Dec-13 17:33:20

I had that earlier too, sultana. It felt like the baby was trying to claw its way out. Also still with the period pains. It's great, this, innit?!

Sultanajo Sat 07-Dec-13 17:44:17

Yeah I too have been having the odd period pain now and again. Good to know I am not alone.... May console myself with some cheesecake and fresh blueberries..... And I wonder why I have suddenly put on poundage! Lol!

Sultanajo Sat 07-Dec-13 18:03:39

Omg! Could the cheesecake have been any yummier? Plus the fact I added fresh fruit means the calories are cancelled out right? wink

MrsGSR Sat 07-Dec-13 18:10:30

I've had a few stabbing pains in my lower abdomen today too. The first time I thought I'd pulled something as I was stretching but the second I was sat still so I'm not sure what it is!

MrsGSR Sat 07-Dec-13 18:12:30

Fresh fruit definitely cancels out the calories of whatever you eat with it smile and ice cream is calorie free as it's helps heartburn.

TarkaTheOtter Sat 07-Dec-13 18:39:22

I've been having the stabbing pain too. Was properly waddly earlier but baby seems to have moved up a bit again this evening.

Sultanajo Sat 07-Dec-13 18:46:19

Oh yes mrsG. As are the chocolate orange milkshakes I discovered this week as a heartburn remedy! grin

I have discovered that I am a much bigger wuss about things when its dark, so ideally I need to be in active labour and push bubs out during daylight hours.... grin

Tonight its all feeling a bit real! Cant believe in just a few weeks we will all have little people to look after and be responsible for! finds paper bag to hyperventilate into

Cant believe its only 2.5 weeks til Christmas! How did that happen? Really cant believe I finished work three weeks ago! Time has absolutely flown by!!!

Frizz1986 Sat 07-Dec-13 19:34:20

Omg ladies. I have planned what to put in the freezer but haven't actually done any of it yet. Am going to be using PIL nectar card to do a Sainsbury shop next sat and shall get everything then so i don't expect to be doing my batch baking until i am 37 weeks. My mum told me today that her and my sister are happy to help when they come up on 20th dec which is lovely. They obv plan to be busy as they are doing all the cooking and have offered to clean the house already.
I am gonna do: lasagne, cottage pie, beef stew and meatballs. Will freeze the meatballs individually on a tray as then they can all go in a bag together and we can just pull out what we need. Will do a tomato sauce to freeze separately. Plan to get some steam veg so we have stuff in.
Need to remember to stock up on tins of things as well and maybe freeze some fresh pasta. Maybe having a baby near xmas was a bad idea as my freezer will be full what with xmas nibbles as well!!

MrsVDB Sat 07-Dec-13 19:36:17

mrsg I have been having lower abdomen pains too, at the bottom of my bump where the line is and it can get pretty sore. I think mines just more stretching. No stabby fanjo here yet

Was going to have a productive day today as only 3 weekends left before Christmas (eek!) but dh got in from work Christmas do at 6am so slept until lunch time, had a productive couple of hours but we've now just had a 4 hour nap. Wanted to get bedroom flooring laid today but haven't even started sad seriously thinking baby will be born in a building site, too much left to do for only 2.5 weekends sad

quackojuliet Sat 07-Dec-13 19:58:40

Tried to have a productive day here too but need to sit down every 20 minutes! House needs a mega clean and my urge to nest and organise is in overdrive!
Dh not enjoying my frantic push to get the house tidy - I invited two friends over tomorrow to force us to tidy in time. Of course now its nearly x factor and the house is still a tip...
Still,I have a clean microwave!

Frizz1986 Sat 07-Dec-13 20:32:28

Argh FIL came round today while dh was out to plaster a bit of our kitchen ceiling and now the kitchen floor is a state. I have mopped it but there are still plaster smears everywhere. My mum washed it by hand last weekend so it was glorious. Am gonna have to wash it by hand again tomorrow.
Am grateful he came to do it but wish he would not trample stuff all over the house

BuntCadger Sat 07-Dec-13 20:33:46

Still here but madly busy so not been on. X

chocoloulou33 Sat 07-Dec-13 21:07:09

Thanks enormouse toby and frying for listening to my ranting last night and making me feel better about it. Was obviously just having a moment.
Good news in my world is that I'm starting to feel a bit better yey. Trying not to get my hopes up but definitely an improvement. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
sultana how much was dressing gown in matalan? Also what colours did they have? Ive only seen thin ones in primark but they are white!! Not the best colour after just having a baby!!
Well got the 3 kids this weekend and they all been in hyper mode but ive still managed to sort rest of baby clothes and get a load more baby bits down from loft to go thru. Found the moses basket. Just need to wash all the bedding for it etc. Found the steriliser but no cord for it. Not helpful hey . gutted about that..

MrsVDB Sat 07-Dec-13 21:20:54

frizz that's like my whole house! Apparently vinegar gets it off I'm just flooring over it because I'm lazy

choco glad your feeling better, your doing so well being positive. The cord will turn up smile

space forgot to say yesterday I was thinking of you this week. Hope the pm provides some comfort and good news about being able to try again when your ready smile

Sultanajo Sat 07-Dec-13 21:33:31

choco so glad you are feeling a little better. Will keep everything crossed you continue to feel better. The dressing gown was £16.99. They had a really thin one but it was white.....They had silvery grey and shocking pink in the style I went for. I got the pink one as its quite a deep pink so hoping any leakage wont be as noticeable.... Not a colour I would normally go for. They had red ones too but they were shorter....

I had to get a larger size than normal so its massive, but pointless getting a smaller size that doesn't cover anything....

Well the warm spiced apple juice sucked! Smelt lovely but was unbelievably bitter. It was like sucking on a lemon....gutted!

TobyLerone Sat 07-Dec-13 23:52:38

Glad you're on the mend a bit, loulou smile
Can you Google the model of your steriliser and see if you can get a new cord for it?

I should have done some nesting today, but by the time DH got home from his driving lesson and we'd been shopping most of the day was gone. Washed some more baby clothes though.

Scrubbing the floor will make sure the baby's in the right position, frizz grin

TobyLerone Sat 07-Dec-13 23:53:18

Sorry about the juice, sultana. It sounded delicious, so how disappointing sad

MrsGSR Sun 08-Dec-13 00:27:20

This is probably a silly question, but are increased movements anything to worry about? She's calmed down now, but has been wriggling around loads, literally all day. I'm getting a little paranoid!

TobyLerone Sun 08-Dec-13 05:18:30

Sometimes mine goes a little insane for a while, MrsG. I don't worry about it, but the usual caveats apply re speaking to a medical professional if you're worried.

Toothfairy78 Sun 08-Dec-13 08:09:14

Morning ladies!

We seem to be mega crazy busy!

I had a huff at DH yesterday for playing n the PS3 for hours yesterday. Poor thing he'd hardly had any time to himself this week trying to avert 11th hr disaster at work, parents being round and stupid work Xmas do. I was just freaking out at sheer list of stuff to do before Xmas, state of the house, discomfort of ToothJr head being 3/5 engaged and having a stinking cold!

Still, DH relented and set up our new fridge freezer, put a curtain rail up, took me me to Ikea (on a Saturday night), where I treated him to an Ikea dinner! We got fabric for curtains, a changing table for the bathroom, bits for ToothJr and ordered sofa and footstool for the family room to be delivered New Year's Eve! BTW Waddling round Ikea, bloated with baby and full bladder is hard work!

So today while DH does even more work (he's an accountant=shouldn't be working Sunday), I'll be cleaning and stocking up our shiny new freezer, bleeding radiators and generally nesting, while guzzling paracetamol and joshanda tea (for colds). Actually must go stock up on it cos i'm nearly out and may as well stock up on pulses/beans so I can cook up a storm for the freezer, while I'm there.

And finishing my hospital bag, I got my short thin black dressing gown for £10 from sports direct of all places if your interested choco.

Sorry to hear abut the spiced apple juice sultana. Maybe we should set up a research pool and come up with our own warming winter punch recipes?

Frizz1986 Sun 08-Dec-13 08:32:38

Thats a very good point toby
I did sneakily clean most of it last night while dh was doing something on his computer. He wasnt happy when he realised as he said he would do it today. Think i am starting to get that nesting feeling!

choco really chuffed that you are starting to feel better. Long may it continue.

mrsg i def find there are moments of crazy movement but call if you at all worried. They do say not to count kicks anymore but recognise changes in patterns for your own baby so it doesnt hurt to call if your mind is stressing.

sultana sorry the apple juice sucked! I will most def avoid as i am a huge apple juice fan. It is my choice of drink above anything alcoholic as i love the stuff but i like sweetness so a bitter hot thing would be bad!

I havent got a dressing gown for my bag. Lots of people have said about them, but all the stuff in the bag has already cost so much bearing in mind most of it will get covered in stuff so will be chucked and i just cant be spending more money. Its times like these that i wish i had already had things like slippers and nighties etc that were old instead of having to buy cheap ones just to incinerate them after!

Well some nice pee leakage overnight for me blush it couldnt just stick to the liner could it, i must have rolled over or something at the time as it was nice and soggy. Cue AF panic again (am never gonna get it into my head that its just pee)
A friend is popping over today for a drink. I used to work with her and she was one of my bridesmaids, but she got a new job at end of Sept and i havent seen her really since so that should be nice.
Need to get up and shower at this moment instead of lying in bed chilling.

Happy sunday ladies!!

BookTart Sun 08-Dec-13 08:33:36

Morning! Hope all is well with the nesting ladies. Can you come over and bleach my whole house when you're done please? I still have no nesting instinct and the house is smeared in mud and cat hair. I'm looking forward to actually wanting to clean things. I also still haven't packed my hospital bags or done any batch cooking. I'm doomed to be here on my own, two weeks overdue aren't I?
First NCT class this morning. Haven't mentioned anything about the possible touchy-feeliness of it to DH. He nearly died at the NHS one we went to when the midwives started talking about pelvic floors and how doing the exercises would benefit the dads too (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) If they ask him to talk about his feelings this morning his head might explode!
sultana I bought alcohol free mulled wine and it tastes like poison. I may experiment with mulled alcohol free cider later on...

MrsVDB Sun 08-Dec-13 09:01:48

book I will be here with you to so don't worry! Haven't even thought about batch cooking and haven't started on hospital bag yet, although it did arrive on Friday so when I get the urge I can.

Aptaclub have a preparing for birth app which is actually quite good, has checklists for hospital bag, shopping list, what baby needs, questions to ask etc

tooth we were due to go to ikea last night too but after a 4 hour nap couldn't be bothered (but I did prime the skirting boards for our room instead) so now have to go this morning sad would have been so much quiter last night

Today I need to go to ikea and b&q, paint the skirting boards, lay the bedroom floor, pva the bricks behind skirting board, paint bedroom ceiling and put cupboard up in utility. Wish me luck smile

Sultanajo Sun 08-Dec-13 09:02:02

mrsg I second what the others have said. Sultanajr has had his days of mega activity and I nearly called mw to check this wasn't abnormal, so don't feel bad calling if you need reassurance....

frizz poor you with the pee leakage! It really needs to give you a break!

tooth I had no idea sports direct do dressing gowns! Too knackered to change now, but that sounds like exactly what I have been looking for.... Thanks for the tip.

Stupid spiced apple juice! What they should have put on the guidelines is - once heated add a TON of sugar!

Loving the productivity. I too have woken up raring to go again - poor DH will be pounced on as soon as he gets up! Mind you, the first thing I will be doing it getting him to empty the dishwasher filter as the dishwasher hasn't drained and DH never bothers to clean his plates and bowls of things like rice before putting them in..... Grrrr!

Breakfast this morning was half a fresh pineapple! 2 for £2 at Waitrose. Very refreshing!

Sultanajo Sun 08-Dec-13 09:03:09

book I saw the alcohol free mulled wine, so glad I didn't get that one too....

Sultanajo Sun 08-Dec-13 09:05:13

mrsv my back has seized up just reading your list of things to do! I wish you the very best of luck!!!

MrsVDB Sun 08-Dec-13 09:22:43

sultana I bought the alcohol free mulled wine from ikea on someone's recommendation (sorry can't remember who) but haven't tried it yet. May get some more today ready for Christmas and hope its tasty

Yes I doubt ill be able to walk by the end of the day. Last time ikea was enough for me to be crippled for rest of day but so much to do going to try and battle through

chocoloulou33 Sun 08-Dec-13 09:49:12

Thanks sultana and tooth for the dressing gown info. Sports direct is great. We have a huge one about 30 miles from us but it does everything. I got some nice summer vest tops in there and lovely slippers all for rly cheap. Might give my mum a call and see if she's going shopping that way 2day!!
frizz know what u mean with expense of things. Ive been quite lucky and found some old slippers nighties and underwear that I hadn't chucked out so been able to use that. Most of our baby clothes have come from boot fairs, given to us by friends or dd's hand me downs. Its all in great condition as they only wear it a few months. I do need a thin dressing gown though as I took my thick one into hospital with me recently and it was like a sauna on the wards. Anyway hope u have a chilled day and the pee leakage stops soon!!

Mythreeknights Sun 08-Dec-13 10:25:07

I am not having a good time of it...whinge alert....

So I have an impacted wisdom tooth (lower jaw) and it has become infected (food stuck under the gum which half covers the tooth). I have tried prising it up with a tooth pick and squirting mouth wash underneath but t no avail and now pain is radiating to my ear and down my throat...dentist closed over the weekend and no security if knowing I can get an appt tomorrow. Was up half the night clutching my jaw in pain. Feel like POOH.

Whinge over.

Hope you are all fairing better. Xxx

TobyLerone Sun 08-Dec-13 10:30:16

book, you won't be alone. You can come round to my (equally mud- and cat hair-encrusted) house and we'll be overdue and skanky together grin

I am envy of the ikea trips. I can't justify it because we don't need anything except meatballs and gravy and Daim cake .

That's quite the busy day, MrsV! Be careful!

I think we're going to brave John Lewis when DH wakes up. He needs to get a present for his mum. And then I'll pack my bag so that I can feel like I've done something productive.

TobyLerone Sun 08-Dec-13 10:31:53

Ugh, mythree, that sounds awful! Can you go to the emergency dentist today? They'll sort you out temporarily until you can see your own dentist. You poor thing sad

Sultanajo Sun 08-Dec-13 10:56:57

Have got a real craving for ikea meatballs and chips suddenly! Mmmmm!

mythree that is miserable! I too would contact an emergency dentist - bless ya!

Just marking my place. Pox boy is finally scabby so we're going out! WOO, will post properly when I get back.

mythree call an emergency dentist x

Sultanajo Sun 08-Dec-13 11:48:35

frying pox boy! grin Hurray for going out!!!

mythree I second the emergency dentist - there will be one somewhere (you're in the UK, right?) - might be ££, but will be worth it. Dental pain is my least favourite thing ever (including big spiders, other people's farts and the word 'moist').

frying welcome back to the world! Go pox boy!

HOSPITAL BAGS you have until 6pm ladies. SIX. P. M.
<removes scary half moon glasses, and hoiks bosom>

So, last day at work yesterday - total of fourteen hours (event), but I actually quite enjoyed it, as all the members (we're a membership charity) were v sweet and although they all asked the same questions, it was nice to have such interest and concern. Also, my favourite volunteer got me bean the cutest toy - it's a knitted hippo (I'm an Egyptologist, and Taweret, the hippo goddess is a birth amulet as well!), and one of my ex-colleagues turned up, also with a gorgeous toy, slightly more general archaeology, as it's a Lamaze dinosaur, but I'm loving the theme.

Maternity leave has started! I don't think I'll feel like it has until I am still in bed at 9am tomorrow morning. I am still getting that Sunday feeling. Bravely working through it by putting on a 6-hour-roast pork shoulder for dinner. <sniffs>

Naturegirl82 Sun 08-Dec-13 13:27:00

mythree hope you manage to find a dentist. If you can't I've been to the walk in centre before to get painkillers and antibiotics until I could see a dentist, is that an option?

Yay for scabs and freedom frying

I've truly knackered myself out. Finally decorated the tree yesterday and now seem to be spending all my time redecorating as the pooch appears to like baubles and she is much taller than I thought!

Had a breastfeeding and babywearing class yesterday which was useful. Anybody any experience of stretchy wraps? Think that is the type I want to start with. The lady there had one made by a company starting with 'n'. Any ideas which manufacturer that is as I forgot to write it down. Will have to phone her if I can't figure it out.

Just taken the pooch for a 2 hour walk so she sleeps the rest of the day so I can put up more xmas decs without having to fight her for them! Must remember not to buy Starbucks for the walk back anymore as could barely walk by the time I got home as was desperate for the loo!

Naturegirl82 Sun 08-Dec-13 13:31:02

Oh and what are your opinions on this. For some reason I was sent two vouchers from boots for a free changing bag. Would it be wrong to redeem them both? Might be useful as then I can leave one at the inlaws when they look after her.

Frizz1986 Sun 08-Dec-13 13:55:03

nature totally get them both!! No shame if they sent you them.

Anyone know how to sell a car. I finish using mine on 18th dec and need to get rid.....its mot is out end of jan and it wont pass as it has an airbag warning light. Ford cant even figure out why the warning light is on and told me a new airbag might fix it but they don't know (it would cost £350 to try it) It seems to have a problem with the steering rack too as it continuously leaks power steering fluid but after numerous replacements and fixes nothing has worked.
I know in good condition it could be worth about £1200 maybe more but how much do i take off for it being rubbish and its mot almost being out? God and its xmas and i am 8 months pg. Why the hell am i trying to sell a car!!!
I honestly wouldn't wish the pile of crap on anyone as god knows what will break next but maybe someone with car knowledge will want something to fix up??!! And we could do with some money for it.

Naturegirl82 Sun 08-Dec-13 14:00:28

Not much advice on the car selling frizz as we have scrapped our last two (ran them until they died!!). I think you can try what car for a rough valuation (not sure if you can put in the condition in that though). But if you want a quick sale (for less than private market value) then webuyanycar or similar may be useful. If not I would put an ad in autotrader and describe it accurately.

GummiBear74 Sun 08-Dec-13 14:01:08

I don't think it would be wrong, nature. But perhaps I have criminal tendencies fgrin

Sorry about your toothache, mythree. If the pain is really bad, you should be able to see someone, even on a Sunday, surely?

Very impressed by all the activity going on, especially mrsv's list fshock. I'm definitely more with book and toby on the house cleaning front, although I did have a burst of energy and clean the fridge at 8 am this morning. Energy has now run out and I can't even be bothered to stand up anymore.

My hospital bag is just about ready, however, so I'll not be on humpty's naughty list. I have also been on to sports direct and ordered a towelling dressing gown (sooooo hoping I'll be able to use the pool) and some cheap slippers, so once they're here, we'll be done.

puggle01 Sun 08-Dec-13 14:28:56

Humpty I'm so pleased to hear there is a hippo goddess for birthing. Clearly these mahoosive hippo feet are in fact a good omen!

MrsGSR Sun 08-Dec-13 14:54:30

Thanks for the reassurance, she's back to normal movements today so maybe it was just the jelly babies I ate yesterday!

Very impressed with all the plans today, DH has been nesting more than I have so the house is in a pretty good state, no thanks to me!

TobyLerone Sun 08-Dec-13 16:34:52

I have done my bags. I repeat: I HAVE DONE MY BAGS.
They are packed and ready and there is a list sellotaped to the top of the labour one with all the things I need to pack last minute (camera, Kindle, charger, notes etc). There is also another list in the labour bag with all the things which will need to be transferred from that bag to the 'staying in' bag (slippers, make-up, wash kit etc)

So I'm not on Humpty's shitlist now grin
Yay for maternity leave, too.

I've never sold a car either. Until the last one I only ever had shit cars, which I ran into the ground and then scrapped. I got £250 for scrapping the last one! And then the last one I had was only a couple of years old and worth trading in, so I didn't have to sell that either.
I don't envy you this job, Frizz.

Yay for freedom, frying grin

I'd get both bags, nature.

I've just spent a fortune on Christmas presents. Bad times.

Mythreeknights Sun 08-Dec-13 16:37:58

Just back from emergency dentist...feeling much much better, pain should be ramping up now its been six hours since last dose of paracetamol but instead it seems to be fairly even so I think he has fixed it.

Congrats to all those who have started mat leave, I am soooo jealous! X

Mythreeknights Sun 08-Dec-13 16:39:06

...and squeeze....(had sex on fri night and it felt like my fanny was going to fall out after...anyone else had that?)

MrsGSR Sun 08-Dec-13 16:43:35

Glad you're feeling better mythree!

Well done for the hospital bag toby, I didn't think of writing a list of last minute bits, definitely a good idea if DH has to grab them!

toby and gummi you are both free to go.
Who else is on bagwatch?

puggle She's a v fearsome goddess too - probably like most pregnant women.

Roast smells amazing, and am about to go and soak the fruit for Christmas cake (slightly late, but fuck it - just add more booze, right?)

Oh, and frizz, DH and I were talking about buying a car the other day, and realised neither of us has the faintest idea where to start with that, so don't feel bad!

BookTart Sun 08-Dec-13 17:22:13

I have failed on bagwatch humpty blush. I thought I was almost there and then at nct class people started talking about snacks and fans and things to spray on your face and I realised I have none of these things. I am crap. Nct lady said to have everything bought and ready by 35 weeks. I may have done a little snort when she said that.

Nct class was good, and DH only had one minor panic, so not a total disaster. The other people all seem nice, and I shall spend this evening stalking them all on fb ;) There seemed to be a lot of surprise at me stopping work at 36 weeks though, so now I feel like a bit of a slacker. I'm still not going back to work though!

toby, if you want any Ikea stuff I'm going next weekend, so put your order in!

TobyLerone Sun 08-Dec-13 17:24:47

Yeah, humpty. MOAR BOOZE! I didn't make mine til this sort of point last year and it was fine.

Glad you've been to the emergency dentist, mythree smile

Frizz1986 Sun 08-Dec-13 17:31:35

Yay on the hospital bag toby i should prob put a note with all the extras on my bag too. Should just get my camera charged and packed ready and then its just my phone charger.

humpty i hated looking for a car. I wish once I had picked mine, that i paid for an independent group like the AA to come and have a look at it as i have had problem after problem and maybe they would have noticed half the issues instead of me finding out after the warranty had finished.

mythree not had sex in a few weeks and only a few times the whole pregnancy. I did feel all achy afterwards though.

gummi your bag is technically finished if you are just waiting for stuff to be delivered. I still need nursing bra (next weekends job) and need to pack lip salve, hairbrush and ties, something to read, some trousers to wear home and clothes for dh.
Feel the bag is packed enough that we can survive though.

I am currently sat reclined again as just can not convince myself that this dampness and feeling of a leak is just pee or CM.
I don't feel a trickle or damp after i recline but i feel a trickle and damp the rest of the day when i am sat down or wandering around. Wish you got test kits at home just to keep you sane. Surely they could give you pH strips that would tell you. Don't want to call delivery suite as i have done what the midwife said and i didn't feel damp therefore there is no reason to go in, just my crazy mind not letting it go.
I was the same with my urine and vaginal tests, i was sure i had an infection until they tested and it was negative.

TobyLerone Sun 08-Dec-13 17:33:18

I have neither things to spray in my face nor fans, book.

In my labour bag I have:

Drinks (water and cartons of ribena)
Food (dried apricots and cereal bars)
2 nighties (1 for labour and 1 clean to change into when I'm cleaned up after)
1 set of clothes to put on the baby and 2 nappies
Wash kit (travel sizes of everything)
2 flannels for brow-mopping (I think I'd punch DH if he squirted water in my face!)
Cardigan (dressing gown is in my other bag for on the ward)
Clean pants
Maternity pads

And that's about it. No fans.

And thanks for the lovely offer. I'm pretty sure that meatballs/gravy/Daim cake aren't essentials especially as I've put on 10kg grin

book you may proceed, since the things you mention are either non-essential (water spray/fan) or can be bought at an all night garage (snacks).

Who else needs their bag checking? grin

flyawayblue Sun 08-Dec-13 18:21:02

Hey all, sorry I've not been about had my mum go mad again which really upset me. Que midnight call in tears to my aunt. Still upset by it as I want her in our child's life but I'm not going to make up excuses or apologise to make her feel better and feed her delusions.

On a happier note I've done my hospital bags smile Have a few better versions of things on order, though like the idea of a separate labour bag. Does that make 3 bags and what goes on which if you don't mind me asking.

Have the appointment to see if she's still transverse on Wednesday. Have no idea myself.

TobyLerone Sun 08-Dec-13 18:28:30

Sorry to hear your mum's still causing you issues, flyaway sad

I've only packed 2 bags. The aforementioned labour one, then another for on the ward. This one contains:

Clean nightie
PJ bottoms
Vest top
Dressing gown
Flip flops
Breast/maternity pads
Clothes to wear home
3 vests
3 sleepsuits
Baby cardigan
2 blankets

I think that's it!

quackojuliet Sun 08-Dec-13 18:37:45

uuugh now i really need to sort my bags! i have been slooowwwly putting it together for weeks but not really finished off - a task for tomorrow methinks.
going to get dh to look through it and tick off what;s there from the nct list we have.
had two friends over today which was lovely but MY GOD, 5 hours is too long for me to be social these days! exhausting. dropped a few hints about needing to rest but come on, give me a break. now collapsed in bed.
frizz car business sounds stressful. had similar issues in the summer and had to scrap it and replace all in time to start work within a month. i would go with webuyanycar - you will probably get less money but save a hell of a lot of stress with private buyers not turning up, messing you around etc. and you have quite a time limit, with xmas and ny in the way. very annoying timing for you.

MrsVDB Sun 08-Dec-13 18:39:23

I think I'm just having 2 bags, one for my stuff and one for baby stuff (although wont pack for a few weeks yet I doubt)

Productive day didn't get as much done as we planned due to stupid b&q and ikea taking much longer than thought. Did get last utility room cupboard built, customised for boiler and put in but no bedroom flooring done. May paint skirting boards tonight but I'm shattered

TarkaTheOtter Sun 08-Dec-13 18:51:54

I laboured in a hospital gown last time (their decision) but I think I might ask for one again. Does anyone know if they'll let me have one in the (unlikely) event I go into labour before I am induced at 38 weeks? Or is it just an induction thing? It was comfortable and I liked not having to deal with it afterwards.

hi! Freedom was sweet!! We went to Boots, then to Asda, and then dh made me the nicest roast lamb.

Before I left on mat leave, i'd been preparing for a promotion. The job role has just come up. I'd be brilliant at it, but couldn't start until June (if the baby comes on time) my Manager's Manager has told me that it wouldn't matter to him. He'd go off skills, not circumstances, but I still feel gutted the job has come up, even though I knew it'd come up before I went back to work.

I need to re-write my CV as i'm going to go for it anyway. Don't suppose anything fancies sorting out my CV?

Well done on getting the bags packed!

Nature I had a Kari-Me with DS, it's a stretchy wrap. I can highly recommend it. DS was in it from 3 days old up until fairly recently. It'll be used a lot with the new one too

Sultanajo Sun 08-Dec-13 19:00:52

humpty my bags are packed and my list of last minute bits sorted. I also have just two bags - one for me and one for bubs and have just layered mine with labour stuff at the top and other stuff at the bottom, although just realised my dressing gown wont fit now.... That may have to go in baby bag....

Great to hear you are feeling better mythree! What a relief!

Have also known put all bubs clothes into draws according to their size and realised we have tons of bodysuits but not nearly enough babygrows for newborn or 3-6. Will get some cheap newborn ones if we need them as he may not even fit into them....and will see if people buy us any in 3-6 before going out spending....

Felix90 Sun 08-Dec-13 19:05:16

Hi all! Ahh I really need to pack my hospital bag now! Still got a couple of bits to buy for it but I am definitely going to do it over the next couple of days, especially as I could potentially be induced in a week and a half time shock

Been at my mums overnight and OH has had his family down to move all the furniture over to the new house. All is now moved but I've been warned there is a lot of unpacking to do. Old flat is completely cleaned and just got the carpet cleaner man coming tomorrow then handing the keys over. So glad it's finally sorted and I can unpack at a leisurely pace now...

MIL also brought down all of our baby stuff (80% of the stuff we have was at her house up in Durham) so I'm dead excited to have a sort through it once I get home!

Had my last NCT class yesterday (can't remember if I posted about it already) but it was good and I actually learnt how to change a nappy haha... Now I'm prepared wink

Frizz1986 Sun 08-Dec-13 19:17:16

frying you should def go for the promotion. Legally they have to inform you of these things and can't hold you being on mat leave against you. If you are the best person for the job then it should be yours regardless of you not being there to start yet. Its one of the joys of mat leave as they have to treat you as if you are still there except you aren't and you get paid less.

I just had yummy lamb roast and will now stuff my face with choccy pud. Pj time first i think tho.

I have 2 bags. One is a mini luggage bag with wheels (as remember the birthing partner will have to help carry you and the bags!) and the other is an over shoulder big bag so dh can carry those with one hand and arm etc and the other arm can be to support me while i cry in pain.

MrsGSR Sun 08-Dec-13 19:22:12

sultana I had the same problem, loads of bodysuits but nothing to keep babies legs warm! Luckily the last few bundles of baby clothes from eBay had enough for now!

I've not got a spray bottle, and only have a fan as MIL gave us one when she went on holiday recently! I've packed some wet wipes to for quick refreshes, hopefully that'll be enough.

Accidently just napped for a few hours. Was supposed to be sorting through my books so some can be put away until we buy a bigger bookshelf. Oops.

Naturegirl82 Sun 08-Dec-13 19:34:24

Sounds like everyone has been busy. I've nearly finished putting up my xmas decs Just put the roast in the oven (bit later than planned, never mind gives Dh more time to finish his work). And then just a bit of tidying before I can sit down for the evening. Bought a ton of cleaning things to start the big clean and sort tomorrow. I am determined to get the house sorted by Friday so that I can finally start on babies room next week.

I can't remember who mentioned about vinegar and plaster, but do you just use it neat or water it down and scrub? Planning on trying it as have not been able to get the plaster off the floor despite scrubbing so many times!!!

GummiBear74 Sun 08-Dec-13 19:48:04

Ooh, I have a water spray, do I get a gold star or a house point or something, Miss?

You'll take it away now anyway, because I have a stupid question: what size baby clothes have you all packed? I've put in a complete outfit (body suit, sleep suit, hat, scratch mitts) in each of the smallest three sizes, but it sounds as though other people have just gone with one size?

MrsVDB Sun 08-Dec-13 19:50:25

nature it was me. I'm not sure I'm afraid. The plasterer who did the baby room suggested it but I've not tried it yet. I assume neat then rinse well after

GummiBear74 Sun 08-Dec-13 19:55:34

nature, what is the floor you're trying to clean made of? I got plaster splashes off a slate fireplace using something called brick and patio cleaner from b&q. DH used the same stuff this morning to clean some lime scale off the toilet that we're about to install in the bathroom. It has hydrochloric acid in it, which is why it works. I wouldn't suggest you should use it on a wooden floor, but if you have tiles, it might be worth trying (cautiously).

felix and quacko I will give you an extension this time.
gummi take five house points.
sultana well done, you pass too.

frying go for the promotion! Why the hell not - unless CV updating will make you cross/take up too much time.

My six hour pork shoulder was DELICIOUS <modesty>. I may have to marry it. Seriously - cheapo joint, low temp, a few veg in with it at the end to flavour gravy/caramelise. So easy. I am now basking in domestic goddess-hood ignoring the fact that this the first time I've cooked in two weeks at all, and the first 'proper' meal in about 4 months.

Naturegirl82 Sun 08-Dec-13 20:00:49

It's wooden parquet flooring. I'll try googling see what it comes up with. The floor is ruined anyway (bits missing and concreted in-previous owners didn't care for the house much!) so I'll be replacing when we do the kitchen but it would be nice for it to at least look clean for the time being!

Turns out the CV needs to be in by tomorrow! Thankfully I tweaked my old one (not much has changed job role wise) and updated my covering letter saying I'm brilliant and have sent it in. Fingers crossed!

humpty that sounds amazing!!!

Naturegirl82 Sun 08-Dec-13 20:08:00

Good luck frying

TobyLerone Sun 08-Dec-13 20:12:20

humpty, your dinner sounds delicious envy

Good luck, frying!

gummi, re sizes of clothes, I've put in a couple of early baby (these particular ones go up to 7.5lbs) and a couple of newborn. Check the sizes because some early baby stuff only goes up to 5lbs.

Felix90 Sun 08-Dec-13 20:12:26

Everything crossed frying!

GummiBear74 Sun 08-Dec-13 20:12:46

Good luck, frying!

nature, I would go with the vinegar in that case, it's a lot gentler.

Frizz1986 Sun 08-Dec-13 20:47:14

Good luck frying

We have packed a sleepsuit and vest in 0-3 month (up to 13lbs i think) and newborn (up to 7.5lbs)
We really werent sure size wise either but if its massive, its massive, at least baby wont be naked!

Frizz1986 Sun 08-Dec-13 20:47:42

The clothes are massive i mean, i really hope the baby isnt

TobyLerone Sun 08-Dec-13 20:52:56

0-3 months are usually enormous on newborns. But you're right -- enormous clothes are better than none grin

BookTart Sun 08-Dec-13 20:57:16

I've just packed newborn stuff, but the little shop in the hospital sells other sizes if she's tiny/massive.

Good luck frying!

MrsGSR Sun 08-Dec-13 21:03:27

We've got newborn in the baby bag, than I plan to put a carrier bag with a few 0-3 month clothes in in the car boot, just in case she is as huge as DHs niece (who was 10lb and didn't spend long in 0-3!)

DH pointed out yesterday that we need to pack enough baby clothes for a few weeks when we go home for Christmas. I didn't even think about that!

Good luck frying!

TobyLerone Sun 08-Dec-13 21:04:40

Also, book, Tesco is next door.

BookTart Sun 08-Dec-13 21:28:38

Oh yeah! Doh!

Sultanajo Sun 08-Dec-13 22:04:36

Ekkk good luck frying!

Yay for house moving finally! Have fun sorting through baby stuff!

I have packed a water spray bottle and a flannel, if for no other reason than to give DH something to be in charge of during labour....

I have packed two up to 7.5lb baby grows and three up to 9lb ones, along with five up to 9lb bodysuits. If he is bigger then DH will be going home to get some larger ones....

flyawayblue Sun 08-Dec-13 22:18:48

Good luck frying

I've packed newborn and a few bits of 0 to 3 months though mostly second layer things in the bigger size. It's all sorted by size in the drawers so hopefully DH or family can bring other sizes if we need them or are stuck in.

Start of the last 10 days at work tomorrow [sm

sarahleanne Mon 09-Dec-13 04:07:44

I cannot remember anything apart from I am in the bad books for not packing my hospital bag yet (incase I need to transfer from home birth).
I will do it soon, promise!

my three glad the tooth is getting better. I had the same thing a few years back and it was bloody painful.

It's 4am now and I'm sat in my front room watching peep show. I woke up with strong BH's and heartburn so gave up trying to sleep. Been up since 3am catching up on the thread grin

I've ran out of rennies,SHIT!! downing milk but it's not the same.
Thank god DD is at nursery tomorrow morning, I HATE pregnancy insomnia.

I am massively nesting lately! My house has never been so sparkly. I cleaned the bathroom at 9pm the other night, mopped all the floors etc. DH thinks I'm a total weirdo.

sarahleanne Mon 09-Dec-13 04:09:22

good luck for the job frying go for it!smile

Thanks everyone, i'll let you know what happens.

DS woke up at 5:22 this morning. I took him back into his room, pointed out his gro-clock still had a star on it. "What does star mean?" Usually he says "sleep" today, he said "Nooooo!!!!"

So he was up and awake since half 5. I'm so tired and just want to sleep. He's had 2 temper tantrums already this morning because he's so tired. He will not go back to sleep though.

Such fun!

MrsVDB Mon 09-Dec-13 08:39:45

Good luck frying being on maternity leave shouldn't be an excuse to not promote you

34w midwife appointment this morning. I'm going to ask for a referral for a splint for carpel tunnel. My hands are so painful and swollen, especially over night and it gets so bad I can't close my fist

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 09:01:59

mrsv ouchie! Hope they can get you sorted with a splint Asap!

sarah grrrr pregnancy insomnia, heartburn and BH. Awesome combination! Hope you can have a nap this morning.

frizz I have never understood why tired kids refuse to sleep, but I am sure I was the same! Poor you!

I have my to do list for today.... Must not procrastinate! Must get cracking!

Naturegirl82 Mon 09-Dec-13 09:40:11

Oh mrsv I feel your pain. My doc told me it takes so long for a referral it wasn't worth it and to just buy a splint from the pharmacy. It cost less than £10 and I got it straight away and it really has made a difference. Referrals may be quicker in your area though!

So first day off work and I've only just woken up smile . I've got a stinking cold though so figured I could do with the sleep. Now to get up and tidy this pit of a house!

Felix90 Mon 09-Dec-13 09:50:16

Frying I don't know how you cope being pregnant and looking after your son too! I'm a pathetic mess as it is never mind having someone else to look after too haha.

Nature hope your cold doesn't stick around long. I had a cold last week but it was only for a couple of days thank god! At least you're on leave now so can take it easy.

The insomnia is getting worse!!! Sleep at 2, up at 6 with lengthy awake-ness in between. Also got an upset stomach the past few days but reckon its to do with the tablets I'm on possibly. Managed to let rip right at the most inconvenient moment whilst doing the deed with OH last night!!!! It was so embarrassing and now he keeps doing fart noises at me constantly. TMI but I just had to get it off my chest haha... Isn't pregnant glamorous...

Just spent over an hour scrubbing the new bathroom it was absolutely rank. Seriously you should have seen the gunk I scrubbed off the toilet with an old toothbrush! confusedconfusedconfused

Currently laid on the bed trying to muster up the energy to go downstairs and have breakfast. Its so weird having stairs after living in a flat for a year. The effort is just too much grin

Naturegirl82 Mon 09-Dec-13 09:58:23

Felix apparently tipping coke down the toilet really helps get rid of limescale etc. It's another weird cleaning tip I'm trying today! I'll let you know if it works!

Felix90 Mon 09-Dec-13 10:12:27

Ace I'll give it a go! Makes you wonder what it must do to your insides though shock

The coke thing works, just so you know. It's brilliant.

I've put DS to bed. I'm hoping he actually naps, because I know I need one too. My eyes are actually burning.

Ah felix I've trumped loads while having sex with DH. One memorable time it was more or less in his face... whoops! Happily we both laugh about it now, but I was mortified at the time.

We had sex last night, it was goooood smile I don't think the baby approved as my belly has been all hard since then (around 10ish hours) but we'll see what happens. Sadly i'm always thinking "Is this my waters or is this sex juice?" after sex. What might be helpful for everyone is that only 1 in 10 people's water breaks before labour. Apparently if it your water broke before (in a previous pregnancy) you're more likely to have it break before labour again. So as my waters broke with DS, i'm watching for it happening again!

Although thinking about it, I didn't lose my plug with DS until I was actually in labour. There was an awful moment I looked at the pad and went "What the fuck is that?!" to the midwife and DH. Who both looked and the midwife reassured me it was normal. DH didn't even bat an eyelid. Wonderful man.

Naturegirl82 Mon 09-Dec-13 11:26:18

That's why I don't drink it felix!

Well morning not going quite to plan. Sneaky Pooch stole some chicken bones out of the bin and gobbled them. I tried to rescue them and got bitten for my troubles (wasn't intentional on her part but my fingers were in her mouth!). Que me panicking that she is going to choke but she ran off very happy and pleased with herself!

Hmm next doors little girl is having a tantrum and it's really getting on my nerves! How on earth am I going to cope with a crying baby!!

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 11:28:59

Lol! Loving the sex trumping! I am feeling far too uncomfortable right now to consider getting jiggy. Plus the bump tightening afterwards makes me super grumpy, so it just ain't worth it! However, if bubs decides he is too comfy in there to come out I may see if DH can poke him out! Lol!

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 11:33:14

nature naughty poochlet! Without worrying you, chicken bones can splinter and cause issues passing through so I would give your vets a quick buzz and ask their opinion. They may just advise monitor her and they could pass through without issues, but I would give them a call and just get their advice.....

Naturegirl82 Mon 09-Dec-13 11:51:51

Thanks sultanajo I know they can cause issues which is why she isn't allowed them! (and why I was wrestling with her to get them out of her mouth!! Grrr) I'm going to keep an eye on her today but she is at the vets tomorrow anyway so will mention it when I take her in. Looks like I'll be on poo watch for a while! sad

alteredimages Mon 09-Dec-13 11:59:09

hello everyone!

I haven't properly caught up but I should tell you humpty that I am not even nearly finished my hospital bag. I have however finally made DH get the baby's nacelle out of the storage room and i have washed it and worked out how to fix it onto the buggy base. As our flat is tiny (think 30sq m tiny) this is going to be baby's bed until he gets too wriggly. So I think I still get points. I am also blaming asda for sending me everything except the navy ligt dressing gown I really needed. Baby stuff ready, mine emphaticaly not. Like tarka, I think I'm holding out hope of being given a hospital gown and not having to take yucky clothing home from hospital.

In celebration of my sort of achievement we are going to disneyland tomorrow! Unless, of course, DH returns to his usual dickwad status Having bought annual passes, DH is too busy to use them, but I cried yesterday and told him I thought I might not make it til the end of dec without giving birth and he relented. I figured I have been nice enough these past few months with him coming home at 11pm every night and not going out as a family, so it was time to be selfish. Final word from his highness is this afternoon but I'm going whatever. Have not told DD but as she lives in princess dresses and has been asking for sleeping beauty since she saw the pdf of the e tickets I think she will be v v excited.

The point of all this rambling is, DD will miss a day of school. I am feeling terribly British and guilty about this and I know DD will tell everyone all about it the next day. She is a wonderful fantasist, so they may not believe her (if they understand english anyway) but still, it's not really the done thing, is it? In our defence, she is 3, and it is petite section at maternelle, so much more like nursery, and we are not going to be here much longer, not to mention that DD will get far less attention once the baby comes. Egyptian DH thinks I am such a square. Opinions please. grin

Lots of sympathy nature and frying. Colds are horrible and I honestly woukd have flipped if DD wasn't at school. Come sunday night I am walking around in a daze just clinging to the fact she will be at school the next day so I can breathe!

Toothfairy78 Mon 09-Dec-13 12:13:56

Hello everyone,

Well I'm stuck at home with stupid pesky cold still! So working from home to wrap stuff up before I start leave this Friday.

I have pretty much done my hospital bags too...
Baby bag:
3 vests
3 sleep suits
6 nappies
1 pack cotton pads
1 pack baby wipes
Nappy cream
Baby oil
Baby shampoo
Swaddle wrap
Baby hooded towel

My bag:
2 nighties
Dressing gown
Maternity pads
Breast pads
1 multipack cheap primark pants
1 pack paper pants
Wash kit (with nice travel,sized Occitane stuff)
Hairbrush + hair ties
Change for parking
Cereal bars
Dextrose/glucose tablets
2 sports water bottles
Elephant rifle
Kukri knife
Life raft

Actually need to add going home clothes, maternity folder, iPad, earplugs and a towel. Anything else?

In other news, I have freezer and have just slow cooked a batch of lamb mince and lentils to go in it. Next up lentil curry I think...

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 12:18:59

They don't do themselves or us any favours do they nature? Good luck!

Naturegirl82 Mon 09-Dec-13 12:24:24

Ooo thanks for the list tooth I'd forgotten the rifle, knife and life raft! grin

I've sort of packed my bag. Think I have everything for it but going to check with consultant tonight if I can use mlu and how long I might have to stay in afterwards. Once I know this I can pack it all. Fingers crossed the positive news from the last scan continues tonight.

Can you tell I'm off work now and procrastinating from my cleaning!! Haha.

Naturegirl82 Mon 09-Dec-13 12:26:05

They really don't sultanajo. She just came back in from her walk and first thing she did was run back to see if she could find anymore bones!

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 12:27:13

altered I think going to Disney tomorrow should be guilt free! At 3 yrs old 1 day out isn't going to make any difference, so go and enjoy! Yay!

tooth did you want to take slippers/flipflops?

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 12:30:14

nature lol! That sounds about right! Back to the scene of the crime!

Good luck for your scan tonight - fingers firmly crossed for more good news!

Mythreeknights Mon 09-Dec-13 12:47:49

tooth I definitely think an elephant rifle is top of the list of things to go in a labour bag. Good on you for thinking of it grin

Anyone else investing in a TENS machine? Or just me? I did most of DS2 labour unassisted, just with TENS so not going to forego it this time.

My tooth is miles better now - just a bit achey but god it was SORE!

Had some shit news today - one of my clients (I freelance) is restructuring and they need to recruit a full time person into my position. I can't do it as it's 1) too far away (I work from home and go into the office once a month or so) and 2) they need someone in the New Year - I'm not planning on working until April. So, feeling a little financially vulnerable but I've been in this position before and know we'll be fine. Sometimes it takes a house to burn down before we realise the strength we have inside ourselves.

A plea please - can people remind in their posts when they are due / or how many weeks you are? I thought everyone was due in Jan but seems like lots of people are preparing for a December birth. I'm only 34 weeks still...feels like AGES to go smile

Frizz1986 Mon 09-Dec-13 12:56:43

tooth you forgot parachute!

Well I seem to need to pee 2-3 times an hour now so am hoping that this means baby might be engaged. I don't feel or look different though. Have my 36 week app on wed so am sure she will tell me.
Really struggling with pelvic floors now as I just seem to do 2 or 3 and then I stop doing them properly. I'll have to make sure I do them after baby is born instead.

altered yes and yes to Disney. It's only a day, I don't think it really matters. You'll have a fab time.

nature Oops. Our pooch is always trying to go for bones. Thankfully she is way too tiny to reach the bin. She did however bark continuously at 3am today to tell us she had pooped and weed. It's only been the past few months but something is weird as she never normally goes to the toilet inside and she never used to bark at night to tell us if she did have an accident. Maybe she has finally noticed this baby lump in my belly and is wondering what is going on.

Naturegirl82 Mon 09-Dec-13 13:10:14

Grr why are things never simple. So the pooch was booked in to be spayed tomorrow bit they left a message with dh to say it has been rescheduled for Monday which means there isn't enough time before we go away for Christmas for post op checks. So I've rung to rearrange and mentioned the chicken bones as well and she couldn't tell me whether it was still ok to go ahead with it or not tomorrow. If she had advised waiting I would do. Either way I'll mention it when I take her in to the other branch tomorrow and see if they'll x-ray her to see if it's causing any problems. So annoyed with myself that she managed to get them in the first place.

well, thanks to your organised-ness I finally packed a bag. It's not a great bag, but it has enough stuff for the baby (clothes, blanket, cotton wool, nappies) and emergency rations for me (pants, PJs, lucozade, bare essentials toiletries). It'll go up north at xmas and then I'll repack into two when we get back. I'll chuck in a waterproof firelighting kit and a couple of flares then too.

I got into work, stayed 20 minutes and turned around again this morning. DS has given me his cold, and I was honestly just too disgusting to sit at my desk all day. Am now working from home, which means I am mumsnetting and drinking herbal teas which do fuck all.

I've booked a TENS for 7 weeks, which should arrive next week. I can't wait to practice electrocute DP and check it's all working.

altered Disney! have a fab day with DD smile

nature sorry about vet complications sad

quackojuliet Mon 09-Dec-13 14:22:54

well done to those with packed bags... oh, and me too! i have a couple of minor and probably unecessary things to add but pretty much done. And went through it last night with DH so he knows what and where everything is. Result!

Also written out my birth plan and going to print that out and add to notes today.

Feeling really knackered so going to take it easy today, woke late and still sleepy so going to try and sort things from bed. (watch tv)

Chucking some beef in the slow cooker to make a bourguinon/stew and will freeze that up, so hopefully feel like I've accomplished something today.

I've bought a 'mamaTENS' from ebay which looks decent. Think I'll save playing with it until early labour to give me or DH a distraction.

As requested, I'm still EDD 10/1/14 so 35-36 weeks preg now with my first, a girl starting to feel very real now

Bluecarrot Mon 09-Dec-13 14:34:26

Afternoon everyone smile

I'm still in bed! Though I was up early leaving dd off to school - she's now away til Thursday on an outdoor adventure residential!

Came back to bed and slept 9.30-12.30 then listened to my hypnotherapy, then sorted a few playlists ( YouMusic app on iPhone - love it!) for labour. Really should get up now!

Numbness in hands and shooting pains down arms are slowing me down a bit but will be getting stuck into housework today (again!) bleugh!

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 15:12:54

mythree that sucks! Am loving your positive outlook though! I take my hat off to you...

nature these things happen to the best of us...... Really don't beat yourself up! I once put a whole roast chicken in the microwave to cool it down so the cats couldn't get at it. I totally forgot about it until I came down in the morning to find they had broken into the microwave and the remains of the chicken and bones were all over the kitchen floor. No way of knowing how many of the four had munched on it or if any of them had ingested bones! I was on tenderhooks for 48 hours....!

As requested, my due date has been brought forward to 27th Dec! Ekkkk!

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 15:19:07

enjoying so sorry you are full of cold! Sooo much of it around. Really desperate for DH and I to not get it with bubs due any time.... Would suck for me but also I know DH would want to stay away from bubs if he caught it which would be awful....That would break my heart if DH didn't want to hold bubs for fear of making him ill.

blue poor you with shooting pains.. That doesn't sound like fun.

quack chilling in bed sounds awesome. I have been shopping and am now rewarding myself by chilling on the sofa watching Jack Dee on loose women! Xmas present wrapping can wait til tomorrow....

OnlyThePurpleOnes Mon 09-Dec-13 15:36:11

Just checking in - I've been so busy over the weekend i feel like I've barely sat down! Will catch up properly with everyones news, but I'm assuming were all still here?!

DD's birthday on Thursday, so we're having a little party in the garden with a couple of her mates from nursery and a few of our friends. She decided she wanted an owl theme, so i found an amazing cake on Pinterest and bought all the bits to do it. Had some free time today so sat in front of the TV and coloured all the icing and cut out what felt like hundreds of little flowers and petals and leaves for the decorations, glued them all together and left them out to dry off. Then Miss bloody Wreck-it Ralph came home from nursery, and swiped the whole lot onto the floor!! Honest to go, i could have killed her, i know its just icing but, seriously.

Hope people don't mind dust and yesterdays sweetcorn attached to their cupcakes. At least we don't have pets, i suppose - it's just kid-scum.

Sorry for all those who are unwell. Hot toddys all round i think. Somebody posted an awesome recipe a few threads back involving honey, root ginger, cloves and some other magic things. I make it all the time now if one of us is on the downward turn. With whisky for DH.

Oh, and if anyone wants to come round and make my lasagne, that would be nice.

Naturegirl82 Mon 09-Dec-13 15:41:08

No sign of any pooch related problems yet so fingers crossed.

I'm off up the hospital for what will be my 7th scan so far. Fx for good news, I've convinced myself it will be good so going to get a nasty shock if not.

Naturegirl82 Mon 09-Dec-13 15:42:22

Oh and forgot to add edd 15th Jan but I've sort of convinced myself she will be early wishful thinking??

7th? blimey. Fx here - hope everythings ok for you smile

if we're giving EDDs, mine's the 15th Jan (so 34 1/2 weeks now), and we're team yellow. Also #teamnigella, but that's a separate conversation.

TobyLerone Mon 09-Dec-13 16:00:15

Good luck, nature!

grin #teamnigella
Me too!

edd 5/1/14 #teamyellow 36+1

Tickers, anyone? wink

enormouse Mon 09-Dec-13 16:04:43

sultana how exciting. You might have bubs with you as a Christmas present. I am (nauseatingly) excited about Christmas this year for some reason. And my tree should be here tonight courtesy of DPs dad.

purple owl theme sounds great.

nature glad pooch is ok.

Thanks to you ladies I've made a start of sorts on my hospital bag. Put in some breast pads left over from Ds. Have some more little angels breast pads and maternity sanpro added to my online asda shop. Also have all DSs clothes sorted (not washed yet) and a few packs of nappies bought. I think I might order a graze box for mine, have a free code somewhere. I'll pm it if anyone wants it.

brew and cake for those feeling rough/knackered/ill.

Wrt to clothes sizing, I had a few newborn outfits and the rest 0-3 babygros. The best tip I had was from DPs mum and it was to buy vests in newborn or small baby (snuggest fit possible really) to hold the nappy on.

Having an awful day so far. Was awake almost all night and DS decided to into devil toddler today. All whinge and mum-mum-mumming. Massive meltdown over emptying my kitchen cupboards and over what he wanted for lunch (my soup and toast, identical to his soup and toast). Luckily DP came home early to take over and has taken him out to give me some peace. Feet up now, watching how I met your mother with a coffee and some chocs.

Oh and before I forget - team blue, edd 24th January.

enormouse Mon 09-Dec-13 16:06:18

Oh and #teamnigella too.

Is anyone else due as late as me? I feel like a straggler.

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 16:07:19

Good luck nature!

TarkaTheOtter Mon 09-Dec-13 16:11:03

I'm 35 weeks today but being induced by 38 so THREE WEEKS TO GO!!! Should get told the exact date next week.

Still recovering from lunch with my arsehole FIL yesterday. Managed to call him a "goady troll" - he was gleefully telling me about how he likes to wind up "the lefties" and "the gays" on huffington post. Sadly he took it as a joke. Wish he'd stop trolling the conversation during lunch though. Only so much bullshit about "fat, pregnant, teenage mothers having children for benefits" that I can listen to. CUNTBADGER

I have the mamaTENS and checked it worked still last night. Couldn't use DH for my experiment as he has a dodgy heart but apparently you can use it on yourself from 26 weeks. Felt really nice on my tired back.

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 16:15:01

enormouse bless your DP coming home early and giving you some peace! I would love bubs to arrive before Xmas as DH has two weeks off and for some reason think I have convinced myself he will....Will be mega disappointed if he doesn't. If he hasn't arrived by the time DH goes back in the New Year I think I will start to stress, as he is a college lecturer, so I cant just call him to come home if I need him to.... Still, am thinking positively for now! He is getting really excited I think - got lots of texts from him today saying things like " less than 3 weeks until due date and he could arrive at any time" which is very sweet, but doing nothing for my nerves! Lol!

TarkaTheOtter Mon 09-Dec-13 16:15:20

Arghh the "mum-mum-mumming" is driving me crazy too enormouse. I can't understand if dd is being particularly difficult at the moment or I'm just being super intolerant. Either way she's driving me crazy.

I tried to parent without the tv this morning but have now given in to its powers of distraction for a sit down.

i'm due on 16/17th Jan. Unsure of exact date as midwife keeps saying one or the other.

Gosh babies are on the way!! I'm shattered and whiny and unhappy and I want to be unpregnant now. I convinced DS (finally) to have a nap, it's been about 90 mins and I need to go wake him up soon. I'm dreading it.

enormouse Mon 09-Dec-13 17:05:27

Oh btw- there's a 50% off sale on bodyshop online, should anyone wish to pick up toiletries or massage oils for the hospital mini break. Or just nice thingies for the bath.

God, DP is being shockingly lovely today - I suggested we get his sister something from there and he's texted me saying 'nah- spend it on yourself'

Felix90 Mon 09-Dec-13 17:06:52

This thread is moving so fast I can't keep up on the app!

My EDD is 8th January but being induced either next week (37 weeks) or week after (38 weeks). I am 36 weeks on Wednesday shock

enormouse Mon 09-Dec-13 17:16:00

tarka you were very restrained just calling him a goady troll.
What does the tens machine actually feel like? I'd like to give it a try but worried it'll be a waste of money.
Re the mum mum mumming I'm worried it's me because the toddler is fine with practically everyone else! He was an angel at his grandparents Sunday lunch yesterday.

sultana that's really sweet. This might be a sign that all the DPs/DHs are getting the juvenile crap out the way and rising to their responsibilities (we can at least hope!)

frying brew

TobyLerone Mon 09-Dec-13 17:22:40

Omg enormouse! How did you know?!
We do Secret Santa in my family because there are loads of us. I had a bit left to spend on mine (my sister) and she'd told me she wanted Body Shop vanilla stuff so I just got a gift set, some perfume oil and a lip balm for £14!

You legend grin

enormouse Mon 09-Dec-13 17:30:25

I got an email from kidstart with a voucher code attached and it was on the on the bodyshop homepage when I clicked. I felt compelled to share fgrin.

We could all do with a bit of pampering, I think. I'm treating myself to some chocomania stuff and divine calm massage oil.

TarkaTheOtter Mon 09-Dec-13 17:48:48

Tens machine is like a buzzing feeling. I remember liking it last time in the early stages, but once the pain really started it didn't do a lot for me.

I've given up being a "good" parent today and have given dd super noodles and yogurt for dinner. In my defence I didn't add the flavouring and used a low salt veg stock cube instead. She barely ate any if it anyway because she is teething (I think) but the noodles entertained her for a while.

MrsVDB Mon 09-Dec-13 18:13:23

enormouse I'm late too. Due 22 jan, team blue, 34w

I'm going to buy a tens machine but no idea what I need to look for. Going to get it off eBay. I know it needs 4 pads and a booster button but apart from that are they all pretty similar? Any brands to look out for or avoid?

Good luck nature

MrsVDB Mon 09-Dec-13 18:15:55

bodyshop if you go through quidco it's 50% off and 14% cash back . My orders stuck on the payment page though sad

I hired mine last time, it didn't really do anything for me. But I hired it through Amazon for £20, they might be doing something like that again? I used the MamaTENS one

MrsGSR Mon 09-Dec-13 18:22:29

Boo to colds, insomnia, carpal tunnel and all the other unglamourous side effects of pregnancy!

I'm also very impressed with everyone who is doing this and looking after toddlers! I can barely look after myself!

Mythree I'm debating a TENS machine, probably need to decide soon! Glad you're staying positive about work! I'm 34+5 (EDD 15th Jan, team pink!) and I also feel like I have ages to go!

Good luck for your scan Nature!

We're making the most of it just being the two of us and having a fake Christmas this weekend. I'm very excited! Making a massive 3 course roast (spread out over the whole day as baby is taking up a lot of stomach room!) and then going to a carol service and watching a Christmas movie. I can't wait!

Frizz1986 Mon 09-Dec-13 18:25:38

My sister has loaned me her tens machine. Bit scared to test it out in case it starts me off! Have reminded dh to check the batteries and i need to get a few other bits packed next weekend (more snacks and drinks)

Make sure you do a few copies of the birth plan (sorry cant remember who mentioned it) as if midwives change shift it may go awol and its good for birthing partner to have a copy too.

I am due 10th jan with baby number one. 36 weeks on friday so only a week and a bit to go before it is acceptable for it to make an appearance. Would kinda like it to arrive first week of new year though.

2 women on my nct have had theirs.
One was a scheduled c section due to diabetes so we knew it was coming but all went well. The other had hers at 14:40 today! Those are the only 2 december due dates tho so no one has popped out of sequence yet!

TarkaTheOtter Mon 09-Dec-13 18:30:02

I was just about to say don't bother hiring as you can buy a new Mamatens from amazon for about £20 but I see they are now charging nearly double that! shock

I have this one but I'm not sure I'd spend that much on it.

felix white (not malt!) vinegar - cheapo stuff, not wine vinegar - also cleans up the bog a treat. Smells a bit fish shop for a while, but not in a bad way grin

I too went back to bed 10.30-12.30 today. Then pottered, and went shopping for a few bits and bobs, including such essentials as: yet another newborn sleep suit (but it was cream and velvety, and SO CUTE), a swiss roll tin, as I promised DH Yule Log this year, as he hates Christmas Cake/Pudding (why am I capitalising these things?)

We now have a Christmas Tree (seriously, I need to stop now), going to decorate after dinner. The only major thing we now lack is our fecking sofa - 2-3 weeks for delivery, and we are into week 3 with no sign.

I also have to chase up my new mw/Lewisham hospital to get booked in there, as I am EDD 3 Jan and the next appt with the midwife is 19th Dec... And Lewisham have no idea I might want to come and give birth there...

To those who are struggling with hospital bags, I read a great thing today. It said that as long as you have something clean to put on you, something clean to put on baby, nappies, bum wipes of some type, and a car seat if driving home, you will be fine and make do. Everything else is to distract you now, so you don't stress about the birth! So, I am declaring the post of bag monitor not necessary. Everyone who was worrying should put the kettle on and their feet up instead grin

Can you tell I like maternity leave? grin

Of course, forgot to say - tarka, your FIL sounds like my BIL, whom I cordially dislike. He never just has a polite conversation. He always has to contradict, stir, tell stupid stories, and witter on about his paranoid conspiracy theories ideas on how the world really works. Last time I saw him at Christmas, I believe I used the phrase 'BIL, you are annoying the PISS out of me, so kindly STFU'.
Why can't people just chat?

puggle01 Mon 09-Dec-13 19:58:34

I've gone mad. Instead of doing some unpacking and sorting of our house (much needed)/ putting feet up (much needed) / cooking (much needed) I seem to have crazy cleaning disorder. I've cleaned all the skirtings and edges on our en suite as we just moved to the main bedroom yesterday and the slight grubbiness was driving me mad. I've now hired a carpet cleaner for the week as the slightly mucky carpets are also driving me potty. If the hire shop was open tonight I'd go and get it!
Have started putting muslins and flannels through the wash so they're absorbent for baby puggle's secretions

Hopefully Masterchef and a nice chocolate pudding thing from Aldi will restore me to normality. Still haven't packed my bloody bag though. I'll be in labour with a carpet cleaner in my car boot...

chocoloulou33 Mon 09-Dec-13 19:58:53

Loving the list tooth but you forgot a partridge in a pear tree fsmile

I've only packed newborn bits in my bag. Dd was 8lb 10oz and was in newborn for 3-4 Weeks. She was a chunk but 0-3 was massive on her and yes vests were too loose round the nappy.
Also I only packed 3 baby grows as suggested by midwife and I happened to have a very sicky baby and I was through those baby grows within hours so her dad had to go get more from home. Ive packed 8 this time just incase lol.

Can I have some virtual hugs plz. After having a better weekend and an ok day 2day my pain is back. Am so uncomfortable I could cry. Rly thought I had turned a corner. Just shows kidneys rly can flare up at anytime and this wont be sorted til after I've had baby and stones are out. Maybe I will agree to the early induction after all. Ok sorry for the me me me self pity rant.

chocoloulou33 edd 4/1/14 baby no2. Team blue

Naturegirl82 Mon 09-Dec-13 20:08:28

Scan was ok. Still no clear diagnosis and the consultant changes her mind between the two possibilities each time. Baby is still growing well which is the main thing, head down and well engaged apparently. Currently measuring 5lbs 12 but I know these things aren't massively accurate. No mlu for me though unfortunately. Consultant would be happier if I was monitored and as we have to see pediatrician it would be difficult. I'm to expect at least 24-48 hours minimum stay in hospital. At least I know what I am preparing myself for now and can pack accordingly. Labour ward has had a massive overhaul recently and is all private ensuite rooms so at least that is good, will go and have a look round next week. So mix bag but I'm happy smile

And pooch watch is going well. She is being a little terror as usual so that's a good sign grin

Angelesque Mon 09-Dec-13 20:20:44

Well done to all the efficient bag packing! You are all much better people than me... I am using my late due date as my excuse (enormouse this will make you feel better): edd 28 January, first baby, Team Yellow (and #teamnigella for what it's worth.

Bought our Christmas tree today! It's all lovely and bushy and looks ace!

nature glad scan was okay... Bummer about mule but glad to hear baby's growing well and engaged...

Angelesque Mon 09-Dec-13 20:21:31


rolls eyes at twatty autocorrect

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 20:31:20

enormouse loving the idea of the hospital being a "mini break"! Gonna try and think of it as a spa break where I will hopefully get to use a private pool (the birthing pool) and lose a few pounds (by pushing bubs out). Yeah!

choco huge hugs! That's so exhausting and demoralising having the pain come back again. Royally sucks! Really feel for you!

nature glad things went ok at the scan, even if it wasn't conclusive. Good that poochlet is being a monkey too!

I loovvveeee body shop stuff. Every night I slather bump and boobs in clementine body lotion and also use the chocomania lotion and lip balm.... Mmmmmm!,

BuntCadger Mon 09-Dec-13 21:13:47

Nt packed bag here but will use newborn clothes too as all mine bee little fatties but still fit newborn to start . 8lb12, 8lb14 and 9lb3. Having heck of time here but don't want to moan to much, suffice to say littlest been getting bug after bug, ds2 been struggling a little with school and changes (he is high functioning autistic). Physically having a fair amount of pain ad discomfort and sleep is a rarity lol.

I've packed one newborn vest and baby grow and a 0-3 months one too. DS was 7lb 10 but was tiny, so had to be in tiny baby clothes until he was about 6 weeks old, then he went into newborn, then at 4 months he went into 0-3.

I'm sorry you're having a tough time bunt hugs and coffee all around!

TarkaTheOtter Mon 09-Dec-13 21:33:18

My inlaws are unbelievable!!! Having sent a Christmas list of about £50 worth of stuff each to us and MIL she announced on the phone tonight that "she wasn't really doing a commercial Christmas this year and was only going to get a few small kiddy bits". Um WTF?!? We are now stuck with £50 worth of furniture renovating stuff which will be very hard to return. Who the fuck sends a wish list to people they aren't intending to buy any presents for in return?

TarkaTheOtter Mon 09-Dec-13 21:34:14

Deep breaths, deep breaths

tarka huh? They asked you to buy stuff costing £50 and now won't reciprocate?

bunt have a hug and some cake (not Christmas yet, have to bake it).

Tree is up and looks AWESOME. Now listening to carols and shite christmas music and sipping a small sherry and generally feeling good.

TarkaTheOtter Mon 09-Dec-13 21:45:38

Sorry - yes, to angry to type properly. SIL sent us a list of things she wanted us (and MIL) to get her for Christmas - which I thought was a bit rude to start with as we hadn't asked her for one. Tonight during a phone call she let it slip that she wasn't actually planning to get Us anything this year because "she wasn't doing a commercial Christmas".

Spacefrog35 Mon 09-Dec-13 21:47:02

I share your frustration tarka my beloved PIL & BIL announced on Sunday 'they're not doing presents this year'. The one year I've actually been organised enough to buy stuff! Aaarrgh fangry

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 21:51:38

bunt so sorry you are having such a rough time. Thinking of you....

Tarka WTF? Unbelievable!!!

Humpty loving the feel good vibes coming from the Humpty house!

Thanks for the bodyshop tip! Have just ordered my Xmas pressie from DH (yep, you read that right!). Ordered a bodybrush to try and get rid of some of the cellulite I have accumulated being preggers....a satsuma lip balm, a choco lip butter, satsuma shower gel and satsuma body lotion, all for £9.50 inc delivery! Amazing!!!

Sultanajo Mon 09-Dec-13 21:54:17

FFS space! What is wrong with in laws this year! Could have given a tad more notice! I told people in November if I wasn't buying for them this year....

GummiBear74 Mon 09-Dec-13 22:06:23

Grrrr, relatives, why are they so difficult? Apparently PIL are now threatening a February visit again after me having thought I'd fended them off for a bit. No, I don't care that my house isn't spotlessly clean, life's too bloody short and if you try to clean ANYTHING, I will not be responsible for my actions. So there.

Phew, rant over.

Sorry to choco and bunt, it sounds like you're both having a hard time. Also big sympathies to anyone dealing with toddlers at the moment.

tooth, I loved your list - you forgot to put in a hard hat though!

sultana, I'm wondering how your cats managed to break into the microwave? It's my favourite place for hiding food from mine, so I'm worried now. Did they work out how to press the button to open the door? I liked your combination of body shop stuff, but doesn't it make you go round smelling like a chocolate orange?

Looks like some babies will be with us really soon! It's all getting a bit real now. My EDD is 14 Jan, first baby, team pink

Felix90 Mon 09-Dec-13 22:21:34

Wow that's so cheeky to send a list in the first place!! Is it stuff you can't take back then? I'd not even bother giving the presents to them just out of principal (but I'm mean like that!).

Been and bought one of those starter packs from Asda with 2x vests, 2x sleep suits, booties, hats and scratch mits in newborn size for my hospital bag as we only have 0-3 size or bigger. And I bought toiletries so I can now pack my hospital bag!! Also OH bought me some new slippers from TK Maxx and they are sooooooo lovely. I'm easily pleased nowadays.

What has everyone packed clothes wise for yourself? I have a button down nightie and that's it so far. Wanted some pjs or something from asda but they were all stupid novelty ones. What else should I pack to wear?

MrsVDB Mon 09-Dec-13 22:25:17

I also wondered how the cats got in the microwave!

Thanks for the advice on tens machines. I just bought one off eBay femme tens, £13.50 including postage. Need to get new pads but should still be cheaper than hiring one and this one is still on mothercare for £50

TobyLerone Mon 09-Dec-13 22:36:00

For the ward I've packed one nightie and one pair of pj bottoms with a vest top. Plus dressing gown.

Me three, wondering how the cats got in the microwave.

Sorry to hear about the in-law problems. Makes me even gladder that my in-laws are normal.

I'm meeting a friend tomorrow -- she's visiting London from Zurich, where she lives. I'm going to take her to Borough Market and then maybe to Covent Garden to get frozen custard in Shake Shack. Not that my entire life is ruled by food or anything...

GummiBear74 Mon 09-Dec-13 22:38:52

Perhaps if I go downstairs really quietly, I'll catch them practising with screwdrivers (the cats, not the in laws)! fgrin

curlywurlyllass Mon 09-Dec-13 23:21:22

Still havnt managed to catch up with you all- might get to tomorrow as im back in hospital again-same ward/room/bed! Only got out thursday night!

Very high bp at diabetes clinic with +protein. then high again with ++ protein at midwife/consultant appointment, then admitted to hospital. Scared the midwives with BP reading of 178/101 and that started a barrage of tests inc urine-now up at +++protein and ketones! If anyone knows what a 'gas test' and body being acidic means please let me know, im too tired to see dr google

Please all make sure you have your bags packed! U never know when u will need it

AnotherStitchInTime Mon 09-Dec-13 23:32:50

Sorry to hear of difficult in-laws.

choco sorry to hear the pain is worse again, really hope they factor that in to your possible induction date.

Struggling to catch up with the thread, I am exhausted. Since I got home from hospital I have had crap sleep due to clingy, ill children getting into our bed and a mattress that is too firm. I am up and down most of the night with pelvic pain, trips to the loo or vacating my bed to sleep in dd1's bed due to children's knees and elbows. I am ordering a mattress topper tomorrow in an attempt to salvage some sleep.

Hospital bag for me is constantly packed, but baby clothes are still under the bed, washed, folded and bagged by size. I figure I can get DH to grab it out nearer the time. Still haven't bought nappies, but might just stick a pack on the Internet shop this week. Being as dd2 is still in nappies we always have wipes and cotton wool pads here anyway.

I have some button down nighties, but being number 3 and having had numerous docs and midwives staring at my lady bits with this pregnancy and previous births, I am not at all worried about sitting there with my boobs out having hitched up my top. A high waist for pj trousers is essential for me post cs, maternity leggings do well post delivery too.

Due date is 28th Jan, team blue, but booked for c section delivery on the 7th, if I get that far without more bleeding. Might need early baby stuff if he comes sooner.

Spacefrog35 Tue 10-Dec-13 00:29:37

Oh dear. Sounds like brew time is needed.

Huge hugs to another, bunt, choco & curly.

If I remember correctly a 'gas' test is looking at the blood gases. It's a way of seeing how your doing & what's going on, they can check for indicators by doing this & if anything shows then they know which way to head with more specific tests, especially useful if the follow up tests are ones that take a little time to get results from as it means they don't head off up the wrong garden path. I'm sure 'medically' that's totally wrong but I think the gist of it is right!

OnlyThePurpleOnes Tue 10-Dec-13 05:25:15

Toby we just had a shake shack open up here a while go, but I've yet to go in. Frozen custard sound amazing!! I'm a bit obsessed with breakfast smoothies from a juice bar called Pulp at the minute. Its banana, strawberries, yoghurt, oats, honey and root ginger (and probably some other magic stuff) all whizzed up. They are totally amazing and i keep making excuses to go to this particular mall so i can get one. I tried to recreate it at home, but it was a bit of a let-down.

I'm also on the lookout for PJ's. Mum bought me a nice set last time round but they top was about 3x too big for me, and the trousers weren't stretch so felt a bit restrictive. I'm thinking i'd like a nice, soft jersey set if i can find something. I might get a chance to have a look next week.

What's with everyone announcing they're 'not doing presents' with 15 days to go?! Do they not think people (especially those growing new humans and due to pop them out imminently) are already organised by now?!

DH and i are celebrating 10 years since our first date today smile. He is taking me out for a posh dinner tonight. We actually found a babysitter, so it will be the first time we've been out together of an evening since July! Lets hope we can think of something to talk about grin

OnlyThePurpleOnes Tue 10-Dec-13 05:29:17

Another sorry you're having a rough time. I keep saying to DH we need to buy a bigger bed. DD takes up 3/4 of it when she's in with us (which thankfully is rare) and we both get shoved to the sides/kicked in the face/headbutted (in the most loving way of course). I always end up on the sofa. Hope the topper works out and you manage to salvage some sleep.

Curly well, at least you're familiar with the routine now i guess! Sorry to hear your back 'inside' though. Fingers crossed for some good test results for you.

Sultanajo Tue 10-Dec-13 05:51:55

another really sorry you are having such a rough time being back home. Really hope your mattress topper works!

Curly poor you being back inside. Blimey, lots going on with you! Really hope they sort you out...

gummi smelling like a chocolate orange....hadnt even considered that! Lol!

No frickin sleep for me tonight apparently. Gonna be knackered later!

You are cracking me up wondering how my cats broke into my microwave. Well, still not sure which one did it, but the microwave was one with a handle you pull rather than a button you press. It was still impressive though as it had quite a firm clasp. However, I used to come down and find drawers and cupboards open in the morning too routinely - one cupboard didn't have a handle, so can only assume they pulled it open from the bottom.

When I had a small under the counter fridge with a handle, I once watched one of my cats stand on his hind legs, wrap his front paws around the handle and then move backwards! Hey presto, an open fridge! I kept thinking I hadn't shut it correctly. Would never have believed it was one of the cats opening it if I hadn't seen it for myself!

Wish I had videoed him doing it - could have made £250 on you've been framed!

TobyLerone Tue 10-Dec-13 06:49:49

Sorry you're having a hard time, curly & another sad it'll all be worth it!

Purple, those smoothies sound delicious! I'll send you some frozen custard if you send me a smoothie grin
Happy anniversary! Hope you have a lovely evening.

sultana, the sneakiness is reason #382 that I hate cats. They're bastards! Mine gets up on the worktop at night and roots through the food recycling bin if I forget to put something heavy on the top to keep it closed. Heathen.

How are things now with you, extra?

Hi space <waves>

I just put my wedding ring on and for the first time am concerned that I might not get it back off. Time to leave it off, I think!

GummiBear74 Tue 10-Dec-13 06:55:56

Poor curly and another fsad

I hope test results come back soon showing something nice and easy to fix.

Also hope some sleep can be grabbed before LO arrives.

purple, you have shamed me fblush. It was 9 years since our first date last week and I forgot completely. I obviously wasn't the only one, though!

Can't believe someone mentioned frozen custard and I missed it! Custard is one of my favouritest things.

sultana fshock
I have a pull handle microwave as well. Luckily it's perched on top of the tumble dryer, so they would have to learn to levitate before learning to open the door. Also, they're probably too stupid. Unlike yours, who are clearly planning world domination!

OnlyThePurpleOnes Tue 10-Dec-13 07:18:20

Sounds like a good Swap, Toby, although i can't vouch for freshness by the time it reaches you!

Gummi we only got ourselves organised enough to get married last summer, so i like celebrating this anniversary as i feel like I've done far more time for my crime than the wedding certificate shows!! I actually won a gift voucher on the radio for a 'light bites with champagne' thing at a Michelin-starred French restaurant, so we are making use of that this evening. DH says if its poncy bits of fluff coated in a foam of whatever, he is stopping at the chippie on the way home! So sophisticated…

Am amazed at all these magical cats! You should all have nanny-cams set up to catch them in the act. Who knows what else they get up to when you're not looking...

MrsVDB Tue 10-Dec-13 07:20:49

choco sorry to hear your in again! Poor you

casabu has some soft jersey hotmilk pjs on sale today toby and also reduced expensive leather changing bags if anyone's interested and also some less practical designer sunglasses which I'm going to go for!

flyawayblue Tue 10-Dec-13 07:30:05

curly sorry your back in hospital, are they talking of inducing elcs?

Sorry your having a hard time bunt

WTH Tarka that is unbelievably rude

Humpty loving the relaxed maternity vibe smile still on count down here.

Getting really real with some babies nearly on us!!

Saw someone mention scratch mits is everyone packing them? I hadn't even thought of them but then noticed they are on the midwife's hospital bag list...

I stupidly ran out of anti acid medication and now waiting on a GP appointment to get some more, I thought it was bad on the tablets... no sleep last night!

Loving the mad cat stories, they kept me sane when I couldn't sleep last night.

Grr to inlaws and their gift lists! I totally sympathise space and tarka, my BIL gave us a list to choose from last year, cheapest thing was a £40 game. We got nasty flavoured olive oil on a tacky stand in return. Apparently, this was my fault, as we didn't give him a list from us. Twat.

I've told them all this year that we don't do lists for adults! I'm happy if someone wants to give us idea of what they might need/like (e.g. My brother has asked for warm stuff for his chilly flat) but I'm not the flicking argos catalogue. Rant over.

Sorry to hear you're back in hospital curly, never heard of a gas test, but hope your BP and proteins come down soon. Sorry to everyone else having a crappy time too flowers

Thg buyer of our house pulled out on Sunday, with a really nasty personal message calling me a liar and saying all sorts of horrible things. (I'm not a liar, she just didn't understand one of the certificates we obtained and thought we were trying to pull a fast one. We weren't.). Spent a lot of the day in an absolute heap, then she e-mails at 3am saying she's changed her mind. I don't trust her at all now, but we have to exchange today. Argh.

extracrunchy Tue 10-Dec-13 07:47:54

Hi everyone - sorry for going AWOL, been feeling a bit sorry for myself with off-on contractions since last Thurs, totally knackered, only at 2cm, then they just stopped yesterday. Humph. My mum had the same apparently...

Anyway - struggling to catch up but sorry to hear about those suffering/back in hospital sad hope things improve pronto.

I thought I was organised for Christmas but keep receiving extravagant bags full of presents from DS's mates and families - lovely of them but they're all much better off than us and it's a bit awkward..! Am thinking maybe DS and I will make some homemade Christmas biscuits for them or something then at least we've added a personal touch.

Hope everyone has a good day!

extracrunchy Tue 10-Dec-13 07:49:28

Cross posts - enjoying the woman sounds like a nightmare!! Annoying to finish in those circumstances but I guess changing her mind is a good thing...

GummiBear74 Tue 10-Dec-13 07:58:30

That's horrible, enjoying, but at least it's back on. Once you've exchanged, there's nothing she can do anyway. We had three buyers pull out on one house (admittedly at earlier stages than this), but one of them also accused us of lying. She had done some research into the street and found out some stuff we didn't know and therefore hadn't told her. So of course that meant we hadn't been completely straight with her. Bitch!

Sorry for all the crappy inlaws/scrooges who expect to be given things but not give in return.

I'm sorry Curly you're back inside and Another that you're having a crap time of it. DS takes up our bed when he comes into it too, only he constantly talks about Thomas the Tank Engine. I really hate TTTE.

Howls@ the cats taking over the world! We don't have any pets because I'd be the one to look after them, but I love this image!

That's rubbish about your house. Are you deffo gonna go through with it with her?

Extra - It's all a bit shit really isn't it? Bloody contractions. Don't worry about the presents people are giving you. I think a nice box/bag of home made Christmas biscuits more than makes you even. I would love that!

Even though I was shattered, I couldn't sleep until about 12 last night. Then I woke up at 3 amazingly horny. DH wouldn't oblige. Bastard. Then up at 6.30. I'm holding out for tomorrow when DS in in nursery and then going to my MIL's as i'll be able to sleep in and then going out with friends.

Today I'm going to clean. I've already started doing the kitchen, i'm going to blitz it (again) and then steam clean everything. It all needs doing really. Then, moving onto the living room, i'm gonna finally sort out the recycling (box from the cot needs tearing up and then put in the recycling bin), hoover everywhere and just be ruthless with mess.

After this, hopefully should be around midday, i'm going to have lunch with DS then we are going to paint. I want to make Christmas cards with him. Then hopefully he'll nap, and I can nap, then the afternoon goes quickly because we are both napped and rested.

Of course, this is if I can get motivated properly. My phone comes back from being repaired tonight and I don't have a CD player for music. SO all of this will be difficult without my cleaning playlist (yip... I have a playlist)

Right, this is a massive post. Gonna go clean. Hopefully won't be back on until midday ish

Percypiglet Tue 10-Dec-13 09:07:09

Hello all

EDD 18.01.13, 1st baby, team yellow. So 34 +3.

Well, I'm on annual leave now before mat leave kicks in. Did mad shopping trip yesterday to try to sort out Christmas gifts and get our house organised. Then came home and tidied up and reorganised some kitchen cupboards...just realised this may be nesting instinct?! Think I did too much as got the period type cramps again and had to sit down.

Up early today on 2nd day off due to delivery, damn it - they arrived at 7am!!!

Hugs to all who are suffering and unwell and to those in hospital. Hope you're all better soon.

BookTart Tue 10-Dec-13 09:17:57

brew to everyone feeling ill and those in hospital. I hope you're all better soon.
Nothing at all to report here, except that you've just all pointed out that it is a fortnight to xmas and I haven't bought any presents. Oops.

chocoloulou33 Tue 10-Dec-13 09:51:49

Hello little update from me. Things got worse overnight. I basically sat up on sofa all night taking a million trips to toilet. Somehow fell asleep about 4am but awake again at 7. OH took kids to school now hes getting an hours kip as I rang hospital and they want me to go in at 11.30 to be seen sad just want someone to take the pain away. Am stressing. OH works nights. Hes gotta take me to hospital on barely any sleep. Just worried what will happen if I'm admitted. Who Will be Able to have girls Overnight when hes working? We got great supportive parents but they all work early in morning. This is rubbish. Just hope they can do something. Will update you all later...

enormouse Tue 10-Dec-13 10:05:49

percy I sympathise, I was up early too - asda delivery. Overly cheerful man and DP both happily informing me I shouldn't have booked such an early slot. I wanted to thump them but he was such a nice, happy guy. But I've got a load of laundry on, the dishwasher to empty and groceries to put away, once I've finished my tea.

frying who over the age of about 11 makes a Christmas list? It is plain odd for grown adults to be sending lists of things they want.

extra glad to hear back from you. And tbh I'd love homemade biscuits as a present.

I'm not sure who mentioned it, but I got a load of pyjamas from primark. Just soft flannel cotton bottoms and long sleeved cotton tops. Ds is also up, seems in better spirits than yesterday. Though he's developed an obsession with a Christmas Yankee candle I bought. He carries it around and cuddles it and screams when it's taken away from him. A lesser candle will not do. I love toddler logic. fhmm

DP should be back from work early today, he's a classroom assistant in a primary school and he's only in to assist with the nativity productions. So in early and back early.

enormouse Tue 10-Dec-13 10:06:58

Just saw your post choco. Hope you can get something sorted out. Hugs x

Okay, cannot remember who is suffering what, but I know you are mostly all suffering.
To those in/nearly in hospital or in pain - here are some healing vibes, and more importantly cake (to keep your strength up).

To those with wanky PIL/no presents etc - here is my express permission to buy yourselves an utterly frivolous present to make up for it.

To those with no sleep, I don't have a magic cure, but I could probably rustle up some Valium if that would help.

DH is pissing me off today. We have to practice a truly shit arrangement of a carol to sing at a wedding this weekend. I asked him to stop practising so that I could go and shower, as he won't hear the door over the piano. He carried on practicising. I am now back downstairs, pointedly unwashed, waiting for him to STFU and let me go and have a shower. Also, he lapsed on the smoking front, and then carried on for a few days. Now he's back on patches and lozenges, and has just run up the stairs and back down, and when I said 'what are you doing', said 'I have the WORST CRAVINGS today' in accusatory tone.

Yeah, mate - you mean like when I had no choice but to give up because I was pregnant, and therefore had to go cold turkey. And didn't whinge once? Like that, you mean? Dick.

Sultanajo Tue 10-Dec-13 10:52:37

Fingers firmly crossed the house exchange goes smoothly! Could have done without that stress!

choco I really feel for you. Really hope they can give you something so you don't have to stay in.

humpty grrrr! How bloody annoying! Hope you finally get a shower before it gets dark....

extra bubs is properly teasing you now! Poor you! Perhaps will make up for it by just sliding out easily when the time finally comes!

nature hope poochlet is ok today.

My cats dominating the world....oh yes! They definitely use nights to do all of their plotting! Toby reason #354.... grin I think cats are amazing. Have taught one of mine to sit and give me a paw (just didn't manage to teach him to keep his claws retracted when he does it....doh!). However, it is a major pain in the ass not being able to leave things around. My mates cat wouldn't dream of grabbing left overs or even jumping on a table full of food. No hiding food in the microwave for her!!!

Cant remember anything else, but hugs and cake to all who need them right now!

MrsVDB Tue 10-Dec-13 11:35:36

humpty I saw that sling library on google yesterday. Think ill go when baby is here to try out options smile

enormouse Tue 10-Dec-13 11:37:40

Argh, just checked my substitutions and asda have given me 6 packets of pre cut up carrots instead of the single pack of whole carrots. Wtf am I supposed to do with that many sodding carrots?

sultana love cats, incidentally watching the episode of big bang theory where Sheldon buys about 12 of them. DPs parents have a lovely pair of they hand reared from kittens. The male Hector, is a big grey thing and he is lovely with DS - they have tea parties together and follow each other around. Seems to think he's a dog though (Hector not DS)

humpty does he have a shed or anything? Somewhere he can go and sing and smoke away from you?

Mythreeknights Tue 10-Dec-13 11:54:47

enormouse that happens to me the whole time! I ended up with 4 packs of red chillies last time when all I wanted was 4 red chillies.

Carrot and corriander soup?

Chocco are you able to take paracetamol / any painkillers? I can't imagine how awful it must be having constant kidney stone pain. Childbirth will be a breeze for you after all this.

I've just had my whooping cough jab so am anticipating a bloody sore arm tonight. Did any of you have side effects? My tooth is also not great - pain revved up last night and I found myself at midnight syringing it with salt water and then mouth washing with TCP. I did give up and take paracetamol just to get some sleep and blessed DH then got the kids up and took them to nursery so I woke up at 9am!!

Bliss. 4.5 days left of work...really feel like I am farting about now.

Mythreeknights Tue 10-Dec-13 11:56:41

Humpty good for you going cold turkey - that must have been tough but a huge pat on the back from me smile and cake. Men just don't 'get it'. I think this warrants a 'special treat to self' occasion.

speaking of cats, my mom found 3 abandoned kittens outside her back door today. Two were still attached to the placenta! She's taken them in and is hand rearing them while wondering what to do with them. She lives in the Middle East where people aren't as attatched to their pets so she can't just take them to pest control because they'll leave the kittens to die in the desert. So looks like she had three cats for a while!

I've cleaned the whole house! Well, aside from our room. The kitchen is so clean you could eat off the floor (even cleaned the oven glass - used dishwasher tablet) and sorted and hovered the living room. The bathrooms look amazing too.

Why is it always the parent's room which is the messiest? Still, will get on that at some point today. But I achieved what I wanted to do today. It's a lovely day, just a little cold, but I can't be bothered to go out. DS played in the garden for a while so I think i'm going to watch Christmas Movies all afternoon.

MrABC Tue 10-Dec-13 12:13:20

Mythree Just a sore arm for a couple of days here - hope yours recovers quickly.

MrsVDB Tue 10-Dec-13 12:16:35

Well done frying I'm impressed. I'm off work ill today. Got a cold and thought with a week left I'm not going to push myself so only just got out of bed. How do you use the dishwasher tablet?

you put it onto the glass (just as a whole tablet) add a really small amount of hot water (just to make it damp/easier to move) and then rub the glass all over with the tablet. I put a cloth on top of the tablet and smushed it around. Cleans it up really quickly and easily without needing any elbow grease

Felix90 Tue 10-Dec-13 12:21:19

Choco so sorry you're in pain again. It must be awful and so stressful. Hopefully they can do something for you at the hospital.

Mythree I had whooping cough in one arm and flu jab in the other so not sure which one was which, but one of them made my arm super itchy! If it happens to you, I found running sudocream on it really helped.

To everyone else with lack of sleep/shower/general pregnancy shitness, hope the day gets better for you all!

I've slept until midday today!!!! I literally have no idea how I've managed it. Still laid in bed now and it just feels like too much effort to get up because I know I need to unpack more house stuff. Ooh my changing bag which was half price from mothercare arrived yesterday and it's lovely smile

Sultanajo Tue 10-Dec-13 12:30:43

enormouse how cute! Tea parties and following each other round!

frying blimey your mum is in for some sleepless nights then with such young kittens!!!

Felix90 Tue 10-Dec-13 13:13:06

Frying there's a Christmas movie channel on Sky which has made for TV Christmas films on constantly and it is incredible!

Mythreeknights Tue 10-Dec-13 13:14:20

frying with all that cleaning you are bound to be the first to go into labour - clearly things are happening there! Good dishwasher tablet tip.

enormouse Tue 10-Dec-13 13:19:07

mythree poor you. I had some dental surgery done a few years ago and I was told to salt water gargle after food too. I was also told that if it got painful I could crush up an aspirin or paracetamol in water and gargle that.

I found whooping cough more sore afterwards than the flu but had no side effects apart from a sore arm.

I'm going to try that dishwasher tab trick frying. I feel a bit lazy in comparison to you. I might google some carrot based recipes - that might make me feel a little more virtuous. fsmile

I fear you're all labouring under an illusion! I normally am not tidy at all. I'm not a slob, but not normally this active.

I just woke up today and thought "today's the day, i'm going to get the house clean" so I have smile I hope it's a sign the baby will be here soon. I know i'm still not too far along (34+5) but I know i'm measuring ahead and that the baby is fine.

I love the Christmas 24 channels!! I've now had dinner (poached eggs on muffins) and now i'm watching One Born Every Minute. There's no Christmas movie I fancy watching at the moment. Might stick The Holiday on soon.

The dishwasher tablet honestly, it's amazing! I have no idea where I picked it up from. I work for an online retailer of large kitchen appliance so i'm assuming it's from there

MrsGSR Tue 10-Dec-13 13:33:16

Sorry to all those who are in pain, going into hospital, have annoying DHs and greedy inlaws!

The whopping cough left my arm more sore than the flu jab too, but other than that no side effects.

I'm completely exhausted. My last bloods were ok so I think the iron tablets are working, but I'm still so tired!

Choco, you poor thing. I hope they can control it a little better for you.

humpty it's just as well your DP isn't the pregnant one, isn't it. You'd never hear the end of it!

Still haven't exchanged, and the solicitors have gone to their christmas party, which they amusingly called a 'training exercise' on their website. Transparently is just a piss up. I really don't want the woman to be able to sleep on it for another night, god knows what she'll do.

frying I hope those cats are ok. Poor wee things sad

I've got an astonishing amount of work to do, and really can't be arsed with it. Maybe I'll try and do one useful thing before the end of the day...

extracrunchy Tue 10-Dec-13 15:19:55

Argh enjoying that sounds so stressful... Will probably work in your favour on her though - she'll be thinking "shit what if I can't have it now?!????"

I NEED to get Sky. Back to back Christmas films and OBEM! Too good to miss.

If it does ever actually go through I'm taking every bloody lightbulb in the house with me, and won't be running the hoover round on my way out, nesting or not!

Naturegirl82 Tue 10-Dec-13 15:27:35

Hope everyone is ok. Sorry for those still feeling rubbish, hope things are sorted for you soon.

Oh my goodness I am tired. Took the pooch to the vets this morning for 8.15 like I was told only to find out this branch didn't open until 9! (although did then find out it costs £55 less at this branch!!) So took her for a walk round the park for 45mins. Then headed into town for xmas shopping. Absolutely knackered now. Picked up both changing bags - thought I waa going to get questioned with the second bag but all fine. Managed to find some vests with hidden support and two for £10 was really happy with that. Did all the bits of xmas shopping I can't order online. I also picked up some newborn vests and sleepsuits as realised we only have 0-3. So got a few bits to wash and then I should be able to pack my bags.

Had a nice little nap when I got home and now waiting for my beauty appointment. Have to pick pooch up at 5 then got hypnobirthing class tonight. No idea how I'll get through it! Can't wait to crawl into bed again!

Productive day though.

Naturegirl82 Tue 10-Dec-13 15:48:10

Keeping everything crossed for you enjoying. House selling really is stressful!

quackojuliet Tue 10-Dec-13 16:01:41

sending lots of brew to choco and others suffering

i'm fine, seem to be permanently shattered but think it's just normal late pregnancy stuff. latest bloods haven't come back as anaemic yet, so thinking it's just physical tiredness. anyone else getting lower back pain when they stand too long now? i think baby might be starting to engage as having more pressure low down and especially when i sit to wee.

i'm making brownies! the whole house smells of chocolate it's divine. making a double batch so i can freeze some for after the birth. did beef stew yesterday in the slow cooker and going to do a sausage casserole later in the week.

seeing doctor on thurs (instead of midwife) and going to get a gaviscon prescription. it's so expensive! i'm trying to cut costs at the moment preparing for living on SMP, so all of these last minute hospital bag and baby bits are giving me a headache! plus our antenatal class wants to meet every 5 minutes for expensive meals...undecided whether i should use a little savings to cover a massage and haircut before baby's born, or keep it aside. <sorry this seems really trivial, clearly i have too much time on my hands>

brownies all round! cake hopefully they dont turn out as crap as my usual attempts at baking

chocoloulou33 Tue 10-Dec-13 16:12:54

Just a quick one ladies as I'm so tired and been waiting around for hours. Have been admitted. Also just had morphine as was in so much pain. Getting sleepy now. Seeing a specialist 2moro afternoon. Will update soon x

TarkaTheOtter Tue 10-Dec-13 16:31:28

enjoying any chance she's trying to negotiate a last minute discount? We had a buyer muck us around just before exchange and our estate agent said its a common tactic to try to knock the price down a bit when you (the seller) are already quite committed but there are no legal/financial penalties to the buyer if they drop out. Hold your ground (and leave a rotting fish in the airing cupboard).

frying I am going to steal your oven trick. I hate cleaning oven but if I do the door that's enough right?

Have been super grumpy all day. I think I might be quite high maintenance at the moment but everyone is pissing me off. Almost got into a fight with a post office worker as he tried to hard sell me Internet when I just wanted to post my Christmas cards and insisted on checking when I told I knew she wouldn't be able to beat our current deal (rural so no effective competition). Really needed to let it go about 5mins earlier than I actually did (although I was right).

TarkaTheOtter Tue 10-Dec-13 16:33:09

curly any news on your bp and ketones? Do they think it's related to the gd?

choco massive sympathy for the kidney pain. Hope they've sorted you out with some proper pain relief!

TarkaTheOtter Tue 10-Dec-13 16:34:40

quack go for the haircut but save the massage til you can have a proper one rather than a pregnancy one.

Felix90 Tue 10-Dec-13 16:46:50

Right I have finally got bags packed, minus some little things. Can anyone check my list to see if I'm missing anything/being a bit OTT? I still have a couple of bits to buy but sorted most of it!

Labour bag:
- Loose fitting button down nightie
- 8x Massive black knickers
- Stretchy vest top and jogging bottoms to change in to
- Fluffy socks
- Face wipes
- Water spray bottle
- Lip balm
- Bobbles/hair clips
- Maternity pads
- Breast pads
- Plastic bag for dirty washing
(Need to add hair brush, nursing bra if I ever get round to getting any which is unlikely, phone charger, change for parking, snacks and drinks, camera)

Extra small bag in case I need to stay in:
- Flip flops
- Dry shampoo
- Deodrant
- Toiletry bag with toothbrush/toothpaste/body wash/shampoo/face wipes in
- Towel/flannel
- Nipple cream
(Need to add dark coloured dressing gown, headphones and iPad, snacks, button down top and leggings/pyjamas)

Baby bag:
- Blanket
- Cotton wool
- Nappies
- Wipes
- Muslins
- 2x 0-3 sleep suits/ 1x 0-3 bodysuit/ 2x newborn sleep suits/2x newborn bodysuits/scratch mitts/booties/hat/knitted cardigan

Does this look ok or excessive? The bags are pretty small actually, I thought id end up with a suitcase! Sorry the post is so long...

Sultanajo Tue 10-Dec-13 17:12:05

enjoying arghhh the stress of house selling! Really hope it all still goes ahead.

choco poor you but glad they are giving you good drugs and you see a specialist tomorrow.

nature not surprised you are knackered! At least poochlet should hopefully be nice and sleepy tonight and not go rooting through bins!!!

quack yy to back pain after standing too long.

I have just finished a marathon Xmas pressie wrapping session and feeling chuffed to bits! One less thing to think about now which is awesome! Back is killing me now after being hunched over for so long, but it was worth it!!!

Sultanajo Tue 10-Dec-13 17:33:12

felix your list looks good. Cant think of anything you are missing, but my brain is mush currently.... I too was surprised all my stuff fitted pretty much into two bags....

I may have over-done it this morning. I've had BH and sore back most of the day. Still, my house looks lovely smile

Choco that's rubbish! Hopefully the good drugs will be taking the edges off the pain a bit

sultana I did all my wrapping on Sunday. I just did it in one go otherwise i'd drag it out for ages. I know what you mean about it being worth it! I feel so much better knowing it's done

Frizz1986 Tue 10-Dec-13 18:05:17

felix the list looks good to me. I cant even remember what i packed mow.
Might do a list of what is in each bag so dh can find things.
Have charged the camera so that can go in now.

choco soory for the suckiness you are deling with atm. Hopefully they can help the pain settle for a while and you can rest.

enjoying this house stuff seems a bit suspect. Quite possible they are trying to get some money off. Def take all the bulbs and dont overly clean up.

Defo agree with additional aches ladies. I def feel that something is different today. My bump is achy and i am waddling more. I cant get comfy and when i emptied my bowels this morning that felt different too. Everything just feels .......different. Hoping it means baby is engaged and not body gettin ready for labour
Have 36 week mw tomorrow so should find out some stuff then.

enormouse Tue 10-Dec-13 19:02:39

All I can think of is witch hazel for any sore bits
And maybe some earplugs and an eye mask for when you're on the postnatal ward

Dry shampoo is a great idea btw. I'm going to add that to my 'to buy' list
And also print off your child benefit forms beforehand, in case you don't want it from the bounty lady.

Felix90 Tue 10-Dec-13 19:17:56

I'll add witch hazel to the list! What do you actually do with it? Also I'm sure I've got an eye mask somewhere, ill dig it out.

I am a massive fan on dry shampoo, I get through tons of it haha grin

enormouse Tue 10-Dec-13 19:33:59

Hi, meant to write more but I had to put DS to bed.

Witch hazel - a few drops in the bath or on a shower sponge helps with soreness 'down there'. My midwife recommended it when I was having DS

I know what you mean Frizz I am so sore and achy today, but the on the upside heartburn has improved a little.

quack I agree with getting a nice haircut. And maybe getting some smaller treatments - I always feel much better when I've had my eyebrows threaded or a mini manicure.

choco glad to hear from you and that things are being done.

I have my 34 week appointment tomorrow which clashes with DPs pgce interview. Trying to decide what to do with DS as he hates the antenatal appointments - too much waiting around for him. He kept trying to peg it out the automatic doors about once every 5 minutes last time. I was waiting an hour and a half.

Mythreeknights Tue 10-Dec-13 21:04:33

Ooh, enormouse, if heartburn is improving it only means one thing...baby is nestling lower and you are on the way grin

My heartburn is foul...and I am so tight I am glugging down gaviscon dating four years ago from my last pregnancy. Yum. Not.

Naturegirl82 Tue 10-Dec-13 21:12:11

Ah I feel so mean. I have the sadest sleepiest little pooch curled up on my lap sad

Mythreeknights Tue 10-Dec-13 21:34:02

chocco you poor poor thing, this was the last thing you wanted but sounds like a bit of morphine and sleep is exactly what you need right now. Rest well and I hope those bloody stones pass swiftly, bless you.

I wish my baby would drop. He keeps bobbing down. Heartburn is a total bitch

Frizz1986 Tue 10-Dec-13 23:12:16

As i cant get comfy at all and dh is still out on his geek game night i have made a sainsburys xmas shop list.
FIL is letting us have his nectar points (about £60) so i have planned meals from this saturday until friday 27th dec and priced everything up. Also got nibbles and nice (non alcoholic) drinks.
Then have a short aldi list for all the freezer meals i plan to make.

Frizz1986 Tue 10-Dec-13 23:12:50

Feeling very loser like right now.

OnlyThePurpleOnes Wed 11-Dec-13 05:41:37

Haha Frizz I'm with you on feeling like a loser - yesterday i made DD (3 tomorrow!) help me organise the tupperware cupboard. I even swapped it with the pan cupboard for a more 'intuitive' feel - whats wrong with me?!

Thinking of you choco, i hope they can sort the pain out for you and you can get some real rest.

34 + 2 here, but i can't shake the feeling that Little One will be early (although i realise its probably just excitement on my part. Watch her wait it out till into Feb now I've said that!)

TobyLerone Wed 11-Dec-13 06:19:20

Frizz, that makes you awesome, not a loser!
I love meal-planning and so I refuse to believe that it makes you some kind of saddo grin

frizz i love meal planning too! There's something so organised about it.

today I'm supposed to be having a lie in while dh takes ds to nursery. Instead i got up, got ds dressed and then called my mom who has just sobbed down the telephone because of these kittens. They are getting weaker and weaker and they need their mom. She's been feeding them every 90 mons but there are three of them so shes not slept in two days.

she knows that they need to be put to sleep, but shes called vets who have no openings in ages. Dad arranged for a vet for today and offered to take them but mom was convinced at the Point she could save them so she said no and they had an argument. She said she wouldn't be able to come back to the uk for Christmas and shed have to stay for the kittens. Apparently the argument with dad got messy.

so ive talked to her and she knows the kittens have to be pts. It's cruel to keep trying if they are getting weaker and im worried about her emotionally. She's already had severe depression in the past.

she's ringing dad to ask him about the vet and she's going to call me back. I just feel so heartsore for her.

sorry to bring a downer on every one

flyawayblue Wed 11-Dec-13 07:57:29

Sounds horrible choco, hope you got a good night's sleep with the morfine and the consultant had good news today.

fizz I'm trying to get the DH to meal plan but it's a lost cause as he just makes something random that scuppers all other meals. Have at least agreed a Christmas shop and to start filling the freezer with left overs or cooked meals.

35 weeks today and have my 34 week midwife appointment, moved it for the then disasterous shopping trip with my mum.

I'm not sure if I should push for another scan if I'm seen by a student midwife. All the scans so far and established midwifes think transverse and I'm not sure I trust a random midwife (see a different one every time) if they say she's moved - she doesn't feel any different.. What would you do?

flyawayblue Wed 11-Dec-13 08:03:28

Cross posted frying sounds like a horrible situation. I've feed kittens who's mother abandoned them at about 10 days, before their eyes opened anyway. It worked but only just and as your mum is doing I had to feed every 90 mins. As much as I would like to say keep going I think they are way too young to be without their mother or another lactating cat. You said two still had cords attached?

Horrible horrible for your mum and I understand the want and belief that they might pull though but I think you and your dad are right.

enormouse Wed 11-Dec-13 08:15:47

Oh poor kittens, but it is for the best. With edith and hector (DPs parents cats) they had to be fed nearly every 2 hours. But there were 4 of us doing the feeding and 3 older cats and my dog who 'adopted' them.

frizz I've made my christmas food delivery list too. And great fun was had by all (me). I love food planning.

Up early for my appointment. And having lunch by myself afterwards fsmile.

Thanks fly and enormouse

yeah, two still had the cords attached. Dad was really nice and said he would help her find a vet this afternoon, he told her to feed them again and put them into the garden in case their mom comes, and then to go out and buy whatever comfort food she wants.

puggle01 Wed 11-Dec-13 08:46:46

choco hope the urologists are decent today - (I assume that's who you're waiting for.)

frizz I'm jealous of your organisation. If you're a loser, I'm a double loser as I have no list so will have to rely on that time honoured thing - pregnabrain. (and that's why B+Q appears on my things to do list for three days in a row)
frying - sorry for your mum

Given myself a bit of a fright as I had a takeway last night after a day of carpet cleaning etc. Think it was quite salty as I've woken up with a lovely piggy swollen face to go with my hippo feet. Just trying to rustle up a bit of pee to make sure there's nothing proteiny going on.

I think its going to be the final kick up the bum required to get the bloody bag packed though!

extracrunchy Wed 11-Dec-13 09:07:26

I had a brief phone meeting with work this morning and everything's running smoothly. Anyone else a bit peeved things aren't falling to bits now you're not involved?! I thought I was a lot more important hmm

extracrunchy Wed 11-Dec-13 09:08:03

And frying that sounds really sad but I agree you're right. Your poor mum...

Felix90 Wed 11-Dec-13 10:43:40

Frying your poor mum. Bless her it sounds like she's really trying. It must be really hard!

Just got back from the hospital seeing the midwife re induction etc. Had my bloods done again and she said my bile salt levels are still quite high, but baby was checked and everything seems fine. They also said her head is quite far down now shock Got to go back next Wednesday for another blood test and also a stretch and sweep to see if they can get things going. They are also going to book in my induction for week 38 (I'm 38 weeks on Christmas Day) so should have a definite date for after Christmas when I go back next week! Very scary and it's all becoming very real all of a sudden. Also next Wednesday will be the first time I've had to get my flange out for anyone and I'm really nervous haha!!!

My mission for this week is to drink more water as they said I'm dehydrated. It's so hard when you need to pee every 2 seconds though hmm

Mythreeknights Wed 11-Dec-13 10:56:11

Frying how sad for your mum, I hope all goes as well as can be.

Well I had the worst pg insomnia ever last night - finally fell asleep after my 2.30am pee, and was woken abuptly at 6.30am by DH's alarm clock and couldn't get back to sleep. Feel sluggish, breathless and very very tired. But on the flip side I have managed to get boys to nursery, post a load of christmas cards and presents, walk the dog, fill the car with fuel and buy some milk and last night I was also meal planning and have a nice fresh list ready to go for next week.

Felix - induction at 38 weeks...v v.v exciting, and yes I know what you mean about getting your beef curtains out...not a pleasant experience to start with but by the end of childbirth it's a case of 'anyone ELSE want to take a look??' Even afterwards I recall the bloody midwives who do home visits wanting to check stitches and peering into my fanjo. No dignity at all. angry

Mythreeknights Wed 11-Dec-13 10:58:56

One more thing - anyone thought about cord cutting? This time (following this experience last time: an infection in the womb caused, I believe, by a failed cord traction after receiving the injection) I am planning on waiting until the cord has stopped pulsing before getting it cut and then 'birthing' the placenta naturally. Last time some placenta was left in my womb and 3 days post birth it felt like I was having contractions again and started passing massive clots and it turned out I had a nasty infection. Does anyone have experience on doing it naturally?

MrsVDB Wed 11-Dec-13 11:07:26

flyaway (I think it was you...) I wouldn't worry too much about position just yet, they can move alot until 36w apparently

puggle my face swells overnight too and midwife wasn't concerned (as long as bp isn't high and mine was lowest its been 100/58)

mythree no experience but I'm opting for delayed clamping (until it stops pulsing only) but undecided on placenta yet. Haven't discussed birth plan with midwife at all yet so hoping well do that soon (although see doctor at 36w so don't see midwife again until 38w)

felix how exciting!

I'm off work ill again today. Feel much better after lyeing in. Due to start handover tomorrow so better go back for that! Then only a week left. Eek. When did I get so pregnant???

quackojuliet Wed 11-Dec-13 12:49:39

Felix - wow! The countdown has begun. Hope you continue to feel ok and not too itchy.

Well I had a big bust up with my dad last night, long overdue. Unfortunately think I might have to distance myself as he isn't a very nice person sad but been trying to convince myself he'd come round. In denial cos he was a shit with us when we were young, quite cruel. So I guess its for the best and in my LO's interest that we keep a distance.

Sympathy to others struggling with less than ideal family relationships and demanding parents/in laws.

Means xmas will prob be a low key affair just me and dh! He hates xmas at my dads so it should be good and tension-free. I want to get some decs up...maybe make some later.

Off to the shopping centre to see if I can find this elusive dressing gown. Budget £10. Plus the last few bits for hospital bag and postnatally. Wish me luck!

Oh and I've lost my mega to do list I made for maternity leave. Feeling quite relieved to be honest grin

puggle01 Wed 11-Dec-13 13:33:19

Thanks mrsvdb
felix someone else who says flange. Yay!

Frizz1986 Wed 11-Dec-13 14:02:36

Just a quick check in to say just had midwife at 35+5 and baby is either very engaged or breech! It has been head down the whole time but this midwife isn't sure and as I can't feel pressure low down I have to get a scan. Boooo as breech baby means no MLU and I really want midwife unit.

Naturegirl82 Wed 11-Dec-13 14:11:45

Fingers crossed it's good news at your scan frizz. When is your scan?

I've annoyed myself today as done very little. Not through lack of trying but I seem to have lost everything that I needed for today's jobs.

Just been looking through my notes and realised I've got a scbu alert in the front of my notes now. Really hope she doesn't have to go into scbu sad

I've got my maternity shoot later so need to make myself look presentable. It may take a while!

Naturegirl82 Wed 11-Dec-13 14:12:45

Sorry about the problems with your dad quack. I hope it all works out for the best whatever that may be.

quackojuliet Wed 11-Dec-13 14:13:08

Don't worry yet frizz... No reason for it to be breech and good that the mw is checking with a scan. If it is breech you might be able to turn it with moxibustion and all that position stuff from spinning babies, no?

Felix90 Wed 11-Dec-13 14:31:10

MrsV hope you're feeling better soon. Bet you can't wait to finish now!

Quack sorry about the bust up sad at least as you say you'll have a nice tension freer christmas! Let me know if you find a decent dressing gown as I need one too but don't want to spend over a tenner! All the bits I've bought for my bag have really added up now, I'd hate to think how much I've spent!

Puggle I was going to say ham purse but I didn't want to gross anyone out haha!

Frizz fingers crossed baby is head down. When is your scan? I'm sure there's time for it to turn now anyway.

Nature what is an scbu alert? Does it mean that baby is high risk to need special care? Sorry about my ignorance I've never heard of an alert before.

quackojuliet Wed 11-Dec-13 14:47:37

Felix well the tenner budget was not realistic, ended up getting a long black jersey dressing gown from tk maxx - £18 but I like it and can see myself wearing it lots so don't feel too bad. Also got a pair of grey jersey pjs with shirt style top that should be good for bf. So budget went out the window...
Now trying to regain some energy at costa before tackling the walk across to asda. Pathetic eh. To think I enjoyed tk maxx because I could sit down in the changing room...

quackojuliet Wed 11-Dec-13 14:49:00

Should add my tk maxx had loads of lightweight dark dressing gowns

Felix90 Wed 11-Dec-13 14:50:31

Damn I was in tk Maxx in Leeds a couple of days ago and didn't think to look! Looked in the Asda Living shop but it was all novelty Christmas pjs hmm

Frizz1986 Wed 11-Dec-13 15:01:16

Won't scan until 36 weeks so have to go to consultant tomorrow for them to see if they can tell and if they are unsure scan on Fri as 36 weeks then. Midwife wanted to just book me to clinic on Fri but no space so as she doesn't want to wait until next week to scan and they won't scan early I have to see consultant. Bit stupid that they won't scan 2 days before 36 weeks. Plenty of time to turn and better to not have an undiagnosed breech as that would be bad. Find it funny that baby has been head down the whole time and this week I have been on hands and knees cleaning, on birth ball and all sorts to encourage it to stay head down and they think it might have turned. I have a backwards baby I think lol.

enormouse Wed 11-Dec-13 15:28:07

Argh - I've been away just a morning and DP has left the place a mess. Not dirty per se but messy and untidy, dishes out, cups everywhere, wet towels, you get the idea - man mess. Oh and he's blocked the loo with one of his monster dumps.

I rushed to get home so I could take DS so he could go to his pgce interview without having to take DS with him and he's left me this. I could strangle him. I cleaned the place yesterday. angry angry angry

Sultanajo Wed 11-Dec-13 15:49:54

beef curtains and ham purse!!! Blerghhhh! My lunch nearly came back up! Lol!

Felix ekkkk! The countdown is now on....

frying your poor mum with the kittens. Its the kindest thing if they are going downhill, but doesn't make it much easier....Hope she gets them seen quickly!

Cant remember anything else as had major insomnia last night, coupled with stressing about my ancient cat who decided to act as though he had major dental issues last night on top of everything else by pawing ++ at his mouth everytime he tried to eat. Wouldn't let me near him to look properly. So I lay awake between 3.15am and 7am, running thru all the options in my head - the logistics of getting a vet appointment with a vet I know and still being able to keep my antenatal appointment. Then realising if he needs a tooth removing he is gonna need an anaesthetic. Ideally with pre-op bloods to check liver and kidneys and iv fluids. He is not an easy cat to handle, so I had pretty much convinced myself this would force the decision of having him put to sleep by the time I dragged myself out of bed.

The good news is however he ate normally this morning, so all the stressing and worrying was for nothing! Hopefully whatever was going on sorted itself overnight.... However, am unbelievably knackered now. Gonna try and stay awake to give myself the best chance of sleeping tonight.... That's the theory!

More good news - my request to change from the useless GP to the lovely GP has also been accepted and all went well at antenatal check. Head is 2/5 engaged....

Chocolate and cake to all those who need it!

GummiBear74 Wed 11-Dec-13 16:48:40

Just a quickie: does this help anyone still after a dressing gown? Or is it a bit short?

Felix90 Wed 11-Dec-13 17:21:23

Ooh gummi I like that! It is a bit short though, I'd like a slightly longer one. Might go and have a look at it though and see. Going to see if I can get to primark or matalan and see what they have. They have just opened a brand new primark in town which is the biggest one outside of London so I'm super excited to look round haha!

Felix90 Wed 11-Dec-13 17:26:14

People who are breast feeding - has anyone been to get measured for nursing bras yet? I read to wait until a few days after your milk has come in if you can, but then others have said to get fitted a couple of weeks before your due date and they just tell you to go up a size. I'm going to go to bravissimo after being recommended by my Mum. I could probably go after baby has arrived depending on how well I'm feeling and I reckon id get a better fit this way. My New Years resolution is going to be wearing proper fitting nice underwear!

enormouse Wed 11-Dec-13 17:49:54

That is fantastic gummi, I think I'm going to get it whilst my delivery pass is still valid. Thanks, hopefully it'll be long enough for weeny 5ft2 me.

felix not yet, maybe at 37/38 weeks. I'm going to use the better bra threads to measure myself and then order from bravissimo online. I'm a 28 back so it's one of the best options.

Congrats on the gp sultana and that sultana cat sounds a little better.

I'll check in later tonight and respond to posts properly, I'm making chilli beef nachos in the hope it'll improve my mood. Plus I have a bar of dairy milk oreo for when DS is in bed. smile

TobyLerone Wed 11-Dec-13 18:11:06

I'm going to measure myself, felix, and buy the bras I need online. By all accounts Bravissimo are one of the only recommended places to get measured, and I don't know where the nearest one is. I'm not going to Mothercare, M&S or Debenhams, which are my local choices. I'd be better off doing it myself!

Sultanajo Wed 11-Dec-13 18:11:10

Mmmm chilli beef nachos and dairy milk oreos enormouse! Om nom nom!

felix I just got measured at 37 weeks. They said my back size would go down one size (although I actually have stayed the same as the one I currently wear is tight) and cup size would go up one. I am currently wearing 40DD and have gone for 40F in nursing bras. Hoping for the best!

Hi everyone! I had such a relaxing day today. I hung out with a friend of mine and we walked around Botany Bay in Chorley and mooched around Chorley

will come back, ds is home

TarkaTheOtter Wed 11-Dec-13 18:26:03

We do nursing bra measurements at the breastfeeding support group I volunteer at. We do them from 38weeks and as sultana says we recommend going down a back size as your rib cage will contract after birth (sometimes to less than pre-pregnancy!) but maybe up cup size.
I'd get one for the hospital bag then wait til engorgement passes and get measured again though just in case.

Frizz1986 Wed 11-Dec-13 18:31:44

Right catch up time.....

only i have exactly the same feeling about bubs appearing early. Just fingers crossed i get xmas done first.

frying so sad about the kittens. Its so tough when things just dont look good and someone has to make a tough decision. I hope you mum is ok.

fly i would push for a scan if you can. You need to feel confident about what the midwives say.

extra i am glad my work are slowly managing to cope. But boss, office manager, customer service manager and one of the admin team are off for an xmas meal with a customer on monday and its the same day as a new admin system starts. Am waiting for the 'can you just help with this and support this......' I plan to tell the office manager that someone else needs to be doing it as they are supposed to be dealing without me.

felix how exciting you'll have a date. I am pretty chilled about flange display. A head is about to come out of it so it prob looks pretty damn good in the before view lol.
I was planning to get measured at the weekend (36 weeks) for a nursing bra. Think they just guesstimate using your current size but i wont have the energy to go so soon after bubs arrives.

mythree i want the cord left for a few mins before it is cut by dh. Have heard positive things about delayed clamping. I quite want the injection though as there is less chance of bleeding if the placenta is removed this way compared to naturally.

quack sorry about the bust up. Family can be shocking at times. Am sure you and dh will gave a lovely chilled xmas. I gave up on the dressing gown as i couldn't find one that worked for the price. Am sure i can cope without it.

enormouse men grrrrr. Hope u give him evil eyes!!
Dh complained that he hadn't been able to do anything today.....he went for coffee with his dad, went to town and did some shopping, took me to midwife, went home and helped his dad with plaster stuff and then picked me up. That seems pretty ok compared to being at work. Think he means he didn't have time to play computer games!
Mmm chilli beef nachos.

sultana sorry about your cat. Glad he ate ok. Yay for good doctor and for 2/5 engaged. Can you feel it??
I don't feel any pressure really which is why midwife thinks baby is breech and not engaged.

Think thats most stuff....... Just yelled at dh for no reason and feel v bad. It just feels like he's in an off mood today and he hasn't done lots of stuff he was supposed to do yesterday which means we prob wont be able to fix our bathroom before xmas which bugs me loads. We could have had it done weeks ago as he's not working until the new year but due to his laziness it just hasn't been done and i am always nagging about things.

Sultanajo Wed 11-Dec-13 18:43:49

frizz apart from the odd feeling of bubs trying to claw his way out, no I cant feel him down there....bump still feels high up!

Grrr about your DP! So annoying! We need a plumber to sort the leaking shower/bath, but despite DH saying we will get one he hasn't done anything about it. I cant sort it myself because DH is so particular! So that wont get sorted til after bubs arrives and don't really fancy having a plumber round with a newborn... I just cant bring it up again as I feel as though I am nagging!

extracrunchy Wed 11-Dec-13 18:46:48

Ooh chilli beef nachos for tea it is!

DS has been RELENTLESS today. Usually I get him a bit worn out with a trip out for a run around but had really really sore pelvis today so didn't and he was mental... Knocked the Christmas tree over twice, didn't nap, constant legging it about and chatter chatter - just no let up. I swear now he's finally crashed to watch pre bed Charlie & Lola my ears are actually ringing!

Felix90 Wed 11-Dec-13 18:58:22

Thanks for the advice re bras everyone! Might have a go at measuring myself then. We have a bravissimo shop in town so might see if I can pop in this weekend and have a look smile

BuntCadger Wed 11-Dec-13 19:35:38

My3 - with dd they forgot to give the injection and I delivered placenta naturally but I still passed some clots after, tho no more that with other children. I'm specifically asking for delayed cord clamping this time.

Been v poorly here with what is suspected norovirus hmm trying o keep hydrated tho.

TobyLerone Wed 11-Dec-13 20:07:48

Felix, here's info on measuring yourself:


And re placenta delivery -- I wanted a natural 3rd stage but I doubt I'll be allowed because I'm high risk for PPH. I will ask my mw next week about delayed cord clamping but not sure that'll be allowed either.

TobyLerone Wed 11-Dec-13 20:08:26

Poor bunt sad hope you make a quick recovery.

TarkaTheOtter Wed 11-Dec-13 20:11:28

I had delayed cord clamping but a managed third stage with dd. Will probably do the same this time as I can't be arsed to read up on it again.

Poor you bunt!

Felix90 Wed 11-Dec-13 20:31:09

Thanks Toby I'll have a look now grin

Naturegirl82 Wed 11-Dec-13 20:31:10

Felix the scbu alert is to notify the midwives they need to let special care know when I'm in labour and when I deliver so they can organise for bubs tests to be done and for us to be referred to the pediatrician. Hoping it doesn't mean she has to stay in special care though. Read consultant report from Monday and if it is what consultant thinks it may be quite rare!

Just had maternity shoot which was fun. Should get to see some of the photos tomorrow smile

Naturegirl82 Wed 11-Dec-13 20:32:39

Hope you feel better soon bunt.

Extra hope you get a rest when dc goes to bed.

Felix90 Wed 11-Dec-13 20:33:18

Thanks nature, I thought it may be something along those lines. I suppose at least they will be prepared and you will both be in good hands if it comes to it!

Naturegirl82 Wed 11-Dec-13 20:35:22

enormous frizz and sultana hope your dh's pull their fingers out.

I had a natural third stage with DS. To be honest I was so spaced on hormones I have no idea how long delivering the placenta took, but it was absolutely painless. I'd hope for another one, mainly because if my body had got to that stage without drugs, why would I suddenly need any? If I had any interventions at all I'd probably take the injection though.

Naturegirl82 Wed 11-Dec-13 20:36:59

right I have to go and pick up dinner as I was very lazy today and haven't finished cleaning the oven and hob so couldn't cook! I think I need to pull my own finger out!

Sultanajo Wed 11-Dec-13 21:00:17

Lol nature! Hows poochlet?

bunt poor you. That sucks! Hope you get better quickly....

Bless my DH. I said I was gonna take the sofa tonight because of his snoring and he said he would take it instead. So heres hoping to a bit more sleep tonight!

My baby has dropped! My bump has changed shape loads. And I've not got heartburn. I don't feel like it has tho, but you can see it.

have just eaten a whole milky bar selection box.

mil has offered to have ds after nursery again tomorrow so I'm going to pj day all day

Angelesque Wed 11-Dec-13 21:39:42

Aah frying you must be v near now then! How exciting!!

Naturegirl82 Wed 11-Dec-13 21:47:34

frizz I meant to add I don't really feel what I would describe as pressure down there but scan on Monday showed babies head well engaged, so fx the same is true for you.

Naturegirl82 Wed 11-Dec-13 21:49:14

Ah frying that's very exciting.

sultana pooch is good today. Back to her usual cheery tail wagging self. smile

Frizz1986 Wed 11-Dec-13 21:55:26

Thanks nature def fingers crossed but trying to stay chilled about the whole thing. Will update tomorrow after the clinic to see if they will scan me on friday.
If i do get scanned is there a chance i would be able to see the sex accidentally? My sister told me to close my eyes as I don't want to see something i shouldn't but also don't want to end up with a scan and not at least look at baby for a bit. Haven't seen it in ages and it will look proper huge now!

TobyLerone Wed 11-Dec-13 22:00:54

I had a scan last week and the sonographer asked if the sex was a surprise. When we said yes, she said she'd just skim over that area quickly. Nothing around there needed checking anyway. So we just looked away for that bit.

Naturegirl82 Wed 11-Dec-13 22:08:58

frizz they are so big at this stage they can only fit small amounts of baby on screen at the time and if they are only scanning to see position of baby I doubt they would focus on that area.

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 11-Dec-13 22:14:10

frying that is sad about the kittens, very difficult for your mum sad How exciting about baby dropping smile

Hope you feel better soon bunt, dd2 had it last week, but the rest of us escaped thankfully.

Ooh not long to go felix, a festive baby arrival how lovely smile

enormouse hope you enjoyed your well deserved chilli beef nachos and choc. Grrr for dp's that can't tidy up after themselves angry

nature very brave of you to have a maternity shoot, my legs are so hairy I could plait them, there is no way I would have the confidence.

Glad to hear your cat is ok sultana.

Right forgotten everything else now, hope the rest of you are ok.

Dd2 still ill here, fever last night. Today she has been her usual whirlwind self though, the living room looked like a bomb site.

Got consultant appointment, another GTT test and growth scan tomorrow, which unfortunately are hours apart. Not looking forward to waiting around the hospital all day.

Very uncomfortable, lots of braxton hicks today and baby lies either oblique or transverse. Keep having to go onto all fours to get comfortable. Can't believe I have still got 4 weeks until delivery, baby is massive already and can't go head down because of my placenta. It is going to be a long 4 weeks, if I make it that far.

Grumble, grumble, grumble...

Sultanajo Wed 11-Dec-13 22:15:36

frying that is super exciting! Woop woop! Especially with the heartburn going too! How awesome!

Just found out one of the NCT girls who had her baby last week will be coming to our meetup on Friday! How exciting!!!

I am also getting really excited to find out what everyone in team yellow is having! I don't regret finding out for one second but I am itching to know what everyone else is having!

Sultanajo Wed 11-Dec-13 22:18:44

another that sounds mega uncomfy. No wonder you are grumbling! Thank feck you avoided the dreaded norovirus!

Naturegirl82 Wed 11-Dec-13 22:24:59

another luckily my legs aren't hairy but I didn't get them out anyway. Mainly just the bump on show smile Can't wait to see some pics tomorrow. I actually really dislike photos of me but just hoping there is a nice close up one of the bump

sarahleanne Wed 11-Dec-13 22:26:23

Just dropping in ladies to update,
Havnt had a chance to catch up properly yet but hope everyone is good!
I've been admitted into hospital with high BP oh the joys.luckily I have my own room. Bloody knew I should of packed my hospital bag sooner. DH is currently at home rummaging around for all my stuff to bring up to me at 10:30pm, not good.

chocoloulou33 Wed 11-Dec-13 22:39:25

Hello all. Hope You are all ok. Only read last few posts so need to have a catch up. Well guess what I'm out of hospital. They cant do anything for me sad There is definitely no infection even though I'm having every symptom of urine infection going. But that's why antibiotics weren't working. Its very likely to be linked to my kidney problems but there is nothing they can do til after I've had baby. Wonderful hey. Ive just gotta have cocodomal and rest as much as possible but u can imagine how easy that gonna be with kids and xmas coming up and OH who works all hours as hes trying to get us xmas bonus!! I had a little breakdown at the poor midwives as even they are shocked that the doctor sent me home. I can go back whenever I need too to get stronger pain relief but it literally took me hours of waiting around to get admitted yesterday. So the plan is to get thru next few weeks gritting my teeth. What a shame I cant enjoy this part of the pregnancy. I have antenatal appointment next week at hospital where they will decide whether to induce me early or not. Ok ranting over...

Like I said I hope ur all well. Gonna have a good read to catch up. Anyone close to having their baby yet? Remember I predicted baby to be born this friday so if someone could plz make that happen I would feel awfully clever with myself and will then go on to predict the dates of all your babies births lol..

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 11-Dec-13 22:47:39

Oh sarahleanne that is rubbish luck sad, have they said how long they will keep you for monitoring?

The first time I was admitted it was such a rush I only took my phone. Couldn't wear the clothes I came in because I had bled all over them so had to make do with lovely hospital gowns until DH could get to me the following day. Now I am fully organised.

The pics will be lovely, I am sure nature smile

AnotherStitchInTime Wed 11-Dec-13 22:50:56

Oh choco, you poor thing. I will sending birthing vibes your way in the hope that it will kick off soon. In the meantime cake has been added to your prescription x

choco you poor love. I'd phone GP and cry down the phone until they give you something useful - works with my GPs!

sarahl hope you get out again soon.

enjoying (it was you, wasn't it?) hope the exchange happened?

bunt noro when pg is no fun - I had it about 3 weeks ago, was hellish. Lucozade Sport (not normal lucozade) was the first thing I kept down, after 24 hours of vomiting up plain water/Dioralyte. Took days to be back to normal. Thinking of you.

I won a fight with John SODDING Lewis today. Went in to buy a cotbed mattress, but said I wasn't buying it unless they could guarantee no Shitty Link delivery. They claimed to be unable to do this, I disagreed, and said I was perfectly willing to stand at the till until the end of the day, but that I wasn't going to a) buy the mattress and have SL deliver the way they did our kettle and toaster (left in our hedge two days before we moved in), or b) buy elsewhere (we have vouchers to use up).

After twenty minutes of me refusing to move or accept that there is no way to have things delivered except by Shitty Link, the girl said 'well, I'll have to get a manager then' (as if I was going to cower and run away). I smiled and said 'You can get the CEO of John Lewis Partnership, if it helps, as long as they can guarantee a Green Van delivery'. grin

Manager clicked a special box on screen ('delivery exceptions' or somesuch) at which point the option 'transfer delivery from courier to green van' popped up. As a pre-set option! I stabbed the screen with my finger and said VERY LOUDLY 'OH SO YOU CAN DO PROPER DELIVERIES THEN, BUT YOU PREFER TO LIE ABOUT IT AND MAKE A PREGNANT WOMAN STAND HERE ARGUING'.

They gave me the green van delivery and a voucher for a free cup of tea 'for the inconvenience'. HA. In your FACE, John Lewis. grin

Oh, also, I tip frying to pop first. All this cleaning...

If she doesn't, my house could do with a scrub....

chocoloulou33 Thu 12-Dec-13 00:10:45

Oh noo another I didn't predict my baby to be born this friday. I predicted one of you due in jan girls to have baby. That was my prediction. We will see smile

Well we'll see if it ends up being me. My mom has always said the 14th...

I'm awake because of tooth ache. It hurts so much! It started to really hurt yesterday but i don't have a dentist, so i decided to call the emergency dentist. Sadly they are only open 5.15-8pm. And the lines were rammed.

I've found a dentist who is apparently taking patients on so will be calling tomorrow asking to register and explaining that I'm in a lot of pain and need to be seen. Hopefully they'll a) still be taking patients on and b) be able to fit me in tomorrow. Although i cant see it happening to be honest. Then what do i do?

TobyLerone Thu 12-Dec-13 04:21:15

sad sarahl & loulou sad

Sorry you're suffering so much. loulou, if there's anything I can do/bring you, let me know!

frying, good luck with the dentist. If they're still taking patients on, that will be the best news. Beg (although dental receptionists are at least as bad as drs receptionists!).

grin humpty. I got a £10 voucher for making a similar fuss with John Lewis.

Mac2014 Thu 12-Dec-13 05:24:18

humpty that is brilliant. Well done you!

I have pg insomnia. Up since 345, starving and awake.

But one of my NCT ladies is in labour, 35+3, so at least ikm of use chatting to her.

Tomorrow is my last day at work, so need to go in but know it's going to be knackering.

Hope you're all ok - cannot remember anything, inc my password so am using my phone which is useless but permanently logged in!

TarkaTheOtter Thu 12-Dec-13 05:27:08

Good work humpty!

Dd up early so having a cuddle and being really boring in the hope she might go back to sleep.

Really feel for all of you that are ill/in pain.

TobyLerone Thu 12-Dec-13 05:30:50

Snap, mac! I've been awake since 3.45 too sad

Mac2014 Thu 12-Dec-13 05:43:29

I'm just grateful I don't have kidney stones!!

TobyLerone Thu 12-Dec-13 05:47:14

Yep, me too. Poor loulou sad

These annoying niggly period pains are bad enough.

sarahleanne Thu 12-Dec-13 06:26:22

Aww loulou that sounds so rubbish! I really hope you feel better soon , pregnancy is hard enough as it is !!

Well I've had no sleep no suprises there listening to them wheel machines up and down the corridor all night. BP has come down very slightly at 2 am and due another check now so I'm keeping my fingers crossed it's ok now. I WANT TO GO HOME. I'm waiting for a phone call from my 5 yr old who I stupidly told that I'd be home last night before I knew I was being admitted so he's going to wake up and wonder where mummy is sad
I hate being away from them.

Sorry for the pity post everyone. I am grateful that baby is fine smile and has his/her feet wedged under my bloody ribs .

The John Lewis story made me laugh smile

sarahleanne Thu 12-Dec-13 06:27:01

Clearly I have forgotten how to do smileys baby brain

Naturegirl82 Thu 12-Dec-13 06:49:35

frying you may have looked here anyway but this may be of use www.nhs.uk/Service-Search/Dentist/LocationSearch/3 it's how I found my nhs dentist.

Sorry to hear you are in hospital Sarah. Does your bp jeopardise your home birth at all?

GummiBear74 Thu 12-Dec-13 06:55:34

So many insomniacs here! You're making me feel grateful that I only wake up every 2 hours in the night.

Poor choco and sarahl, I hope things start going better for you. And bunt - I've had norovirus and can't imagine how dreadful it must be while preggers fsad

Well done, humpty for sorting out john Lewis! I hope they don't deliver to your hedge as well. We have issues with some couriers - unfortunately there are flats on our street with the same postcode as us. There's a flat 7 and dpd will always try to deliver there instead of our house, which is number 7. Whoever lives at flat 7 is a miserable bugger who won't take the parcels in for us and always sends them back...

sarahleanne Thu 12-Dec-13 07:02:22

nature the community midwife has now said she would encourage a hospital birth, after totally gearing me up for a home birth last week! Also , the midwife I saw in hospital yesterday said she would recommend a hospital birth as it will be safer but that no one can tell me where to have baby as it's ultimately my choice. But, DH is very uncomfortable with home birth plans now so looks like I may aswell cancel picking my birthing pool up next week.

MrsVDB Thu 12-Dec-13 07:09:20

humpty well done! I missed 2 city link deliveries and they now expect me to drive over hour round trip to collect my parcels! I know 1 is the mothercare lambskin so if it gets sent back hoping they'll redeliver to me but have no idea what 2nd parcel is. I'm going to risk it as have no opportunity to go and pick it up sad

Sorry everyone's having a crappy time of it.

Naturegirl82 Thu 12-Dec-13 07:38:45

Sorry about that Sarah. It's such a disappointment to have to change your plans. Shame things can't always go to plan.

TobyLerone Thu 12-Dec-13 08:14:09

Aw, sarah sad that sucks. I'm sorry.

Felix90 Thu 12-Dec-13 08:17:58

Sarah that's rubbish, so sorry hmm

Frizz1986 Thu 12-Dec-13 08:31:23

sarah that really sucks. So tough when you have set your heart on something and then the plans change. Its so easy to tell yourself to think about what is best for you and baby but its much harder actually coming to terms with it when you have spent so much time and effort planning what you wanted in h first place.

another boo to being stuck in hospital waiting for tests etc

sultana i too am excited to see what every team yellow is having. So far everyone on my nct group (3 babies now. One had it yesterday at 36+4) already knew what they were having so no team yellow reveals yet.

chocco that sucks that they cant help until after baby arrives. At least it is not long left but really sucks to have such a downer on the last bit.

humpty yay for massive win over john lewis. Always nice to get what you want from these huge stores.

frying sorry about the tooth ache but hope you manage to get a dentist. I still dont have one.....Oops. Not been top of the list to be honest but it should have been in the early days.

Mega boooooo for all this insomnia. I think it must be a phase at this point as some of the nct girls have started waking at stupid o clock. Maybe its a sign.......

Mega cry breakdown this morning about the possible breech baby. Think i have it in my head that baby is most likely breech (wont know for sure until either consultant decides head down today or sends me for a scan tomorrow to confirm breech)
Its so silly as I am telling myself that as long as me and baby are ok then that is what matters, but i spent so long deciding on where i wanted to give birth and was really looking forward to MLU. Also I am really not scared about birth at all. For me having a natural birth is something that i want to say i have done, like an acheivement. Stupid i know but everyone i know has been terrified of birth and some have had natural deliveries and me the one who is interested and almost excited about this amazing experience and I might not get to do it.
I know breech doesnt have to mean ECS and baby could still turn but it would def mean hospital and after doing some reading, most midwives and docs dont have much experience in natural breech births so tend to use epidurals, episiotomies and forceps as it is safer if you dont want an ECS. I would prob end up going for ECS which makes me really sad......cue lots of emotional tears.

sarahleanne Thu 12-Dec-13 08:39:11

Thanks everyone. I'm just telling myself that if it's best for baby to be in hospital then that's fine by me. It is slightly disappointing though. I don't understand why they can't just give me tablets to lower my bp and send me on my way.

frizz I totally get what your saying about the whole natural birth achievement thing. It really is such an amazing experience to do it naturally if you get the chance and that is absolutely no put down to anyone who has epidural/ section etc but for me doing it naturally really was something I wanted to experience. I am terrified of being induced again, purely because I want to go into labour myself without intervention this time . I really hope your baby turns for you, just walk around on all fours smile

TobyLerone Thu 12-Dec-13 08:42:37

I completely understand what you mean about the 'achievement' of natural birth. I was really upset when it was suggested that I might have to have an ELCS because I was looking forward to the birth.

But a CS is not a failure. It can't be helped and sometimes it's for the best. Obviously you'll do whatever is necessary and best for the baby. But I get it.

Good luck with the appointments.

chocoloulou33 Thu 12-Dec-13 09:12:12

Thanks ladies. Happy to be at home with my loved ones of course but just wish I didnt have the pain that comes with it. Baby is having the biggest squirming session ever in there at this moment in time. Glad he's happy lol. I managed some sleep last night and pain bearable right now. Gonna try be rly good and rest like docs have told me and just do little bits round the house when I feel able too.

sarah really feel for you being in hospital. Its so hard being away from family isnt it. Hope they can do something so you can home. Rubbish that you cant have your home birth. Just try think that its best for baby xx

frizz how many weeks are you now? I was breech up until 35 weeks then baby turned suddenly. He is not engaged or anything and I am now 36+4 and hes still on the move loads. So u never know u might be ok. Its hard when we cant have birth we've set our hearts on. I wanted mlu but that's impossible now and will be in main hospital which im ok with now as met all midwives who seem lovely. Not sure if I'll get natural birth yet. Got to discuss next week with consultant but could be induction or c-section. Am sure when our babies are all here and healthy we will forget all about these worries about the birth we had beforehand smile

puggle01 Thu 12-Dec-13 09:15:52

I'm trying to keep in mind that its the having the baby that's the achievement - whatever / however / wherever. And also not having the midwives chase after us shouting "Stop! You can't possibly take a baby home you're clueless- both of you!"

Frizz I'm hoping you have a similar trickster baby to mine, with a bum that just feels really really like a head so its not breech after all

Choco don't want to give you unsolicited advice, but if you do get a high temp (38 or more) or real shivers and a lot more pain in one of your kidneys go back immediately. Very occasionally infection can get trapped behind a stone and it can make you v poorly quite quickly - it needs a drain to let any infection out. I always worry someone might be at home thinking "oh well there's nothing they can do" when the message should have been "there's nothing we should do now but there are options if things go downhill/something else happens"

Hospital bag packed (sort of)

Carpet cleaner delivered. Now have to hide it from DH as he'll moan at me being so nest-y (and I didn't discuss its purchase in triplicate and read all Which brochures just bought it with my cash). (New house + light carpets + poonami = carpet cleaner needed IMHO)

Today's final goal is to make curtains for baby puggle's room and not bum about all day on MN

Naturegirl82 Thu 12-Dec-13 09:54:29

Oops so my aim to get up earlier failed. Been awake since 6.30 but dosed off again at 8.30. Now I will definitely get up and finish cleaning oven before I go to PIL for a cup of tea and a well earned chill! from doing nothing Think I will get hospital bags packed today. All the last bits are washed now so just need to pull my hundreds of bags together!

I've joined the crampy period pain camp! Boo. I think that is contributing to my lack of motivation to do anything!

Felix90 Thu 12-Dec-13 10:00:11

I know what you mean about the whole natural birth thing. Had my heart set on a water birth and now I'm gutted I've got to have an induction sad as you all say though, you have to do whats best!

Ordering an NCT bednest today so baby will actually have somewhere to sleep. We have everything we need now, including loads of useless crap that I couldn't resist buying so really need to sort out where she will sleep as it's a pretty vital thing grin also got the Sky telly man coming between half 1 - 3 so actually need to get dressed and make myself presentable for once.

I feel so uncomfortable today, like I've got loads of trapped wind. I reckon my life would improve by about 90% if I could let one rip!

Felix90 Thu 12-Dec-13 10:02:05

Puggle I'm so jealous of the carpet cleaner!!!! I am desperate for one, and also a steam cleaner. Can't justify a carpet cleaner now though as our new house only has carpet in the attic room and on the stairs hmm

Sultanajo Thu 12-Dec-13 10:02:27

So much going on....

sarah so sorry your plans have had to change. What a shame.

choco glad you are back home despite the pain. Definitely take it easy!

All those with insomnia, I have found a temporary cure! DH slept on the sofa last night and although I still woke up through the night, I managed to get back to sleep, rather than the normal "lying awake for hours listening to DH snore!"

nature glad your pooch is back to her normal self. Good luck keeping her calm until her sutures are removed!

Sultanajo Thu 12-Dec-13 10:04:46

Felix lol! Suspect you will finally be able to let one rip just as the sky guy arrives!

quackojuliet Thu 12-Dec-13 10:05:49

Morning all and sorry some are having such a tough time of it.

I'm feeling knackered after a couple of wide awake spurts in the night...having imaginary arguments with my dad and generally fretting a bit. Got 36w appt with gp (nice lady) at 10.50 so hopefully will seee if baby's engaging or not yet. At the moment it feels changeable like I go through bits where if I bend over I feel a lot of pressure on cervix,over speed bumps and when going to the toilet (every 5 mins).

Feeling very stiff and whale-like at this point so a bit puzzled at how I could potentially go another 6 weeks.

Last night was last nct class. 2 girls there are about a week overdue and no one popped yet but sure the babies will start coming soon! Will miss the social side so hope we can keep it up.

quackojuliet Thu 12-Dec-13 10:08:39

sultana yy to dh on the sofa. Mine has been on sofabed for about 2 months! Ours is a small double and as a light sleeper he kept waking up with me tossing and turning,toilet,snoring and taking up whole bed with pillows! Actually its done wonders to our relationship I would recommend!

The dentist isn't taking on. He was the only one in my area who was (still five miles away) so will have to try with the emergency dentist tonight.

I'm lying reclined in bed with a pad on to see if my waters have broken. I'm feeling very damp. I figured if they might have done, I'll go to the hospital, get it confirmed, then tell dh. If they haven't, no harm done.

Frizz1986 Thu 12-Dec-13 11:14:42

I def agree that once baby is here it won't matter to me how it happened. Just now it's really frustrating.
Am 35+6 today so I know there is still time but I also read that they will start making plans if baby hasn't turned by 37 weeks. Think my anterior placenta might be making it hard for them to feel bubs.
Just hope consultant can push for me to get a scan today even though they don't do them until 36 weeks as that will give me extra time to try and move baby if I need to.
Am at work so will catch up properly tonight.

Guess who is going to hospital with suspected waters broken and bleeding?

that's right. Me.

I'll keep you updated

Spacefrog35 Thu 12-Dec-13 11:21:10

Oooh frying.

Good luck, I hope everything goes OK. Just remember that if there's anything you don't understand/don't like tell them!

Will be thinking of you x

Felix90 Thu 12-Dec-13 11:40:53

Ooh frying good luck and keep us updated!!

Felix90 Thu 12-Dec-13 11:41:58

Frizz surely being one day off 36 weeks can't make that much of a difference to the scan! Hope you manage to get one today.

BookTart Thu 12-Dec-13 11:43:42

Ooh frying that sounds exciting!

Sorry that so many people are feeling so rubbish, I hope everyone feels better soon cake

Still no nesting here. Midwife says that baby is still head down, but isn't engaged and is back to back. Humph. Was sneakily hoping she'd be here before Christmas, but this is looking v. unlikely now. Better set myself up on the sofa for a long wait <sits impatiently until January>.

enormouse Thu 12-Dec-13 11:45:38

I seriously covet a steam mop. fblush

Woke up and am now feeling fed up for absolutely no reason at all.
Possibly because ds came in at 7, Sat on top of the bump and watched Dr who. We're still watching Dr who. Don't get me wrong, I like it but I am sick of it now and the tardis noise is beginning to set my teeth on edge.

sarah that's so disappointing but focus on the baby at the end, not the birth. I'd love a home birth - I'm fairly low risk, but I worry if something did happen were an hour and half away from the hospital.

frying sounds exciting

choco glad to hear you're home. Be sure to take it easy.

Tea, cake and alcohol free mulled wine for those with inlaw/family stress, bag packing stress and general meh crappiness and insomnia.

For those still interested or following, my tree still has not turned up. DPs dad was supposed to pick it up a week and a half ago. In my head I can hear him saying "ach sure it'll show up when it shows up, so it will" [broad northern Irish accent emoticon]
I feel like having a childish sob over it. I have now made my own (slightly passive aggressive) interim tree. It's a pot plant with baubles on it.

BookTart Thu 12-Dec-13 11:50:52

enormouse, I insist that you buy a steam mop. I love mine more than I love my family. Seriously grin

BandontheFun Thu 12-Dec-13 12:12:28

Just catching up, woohoo on the hospital bags being packed, I gave up looking for a dressing gown, that was light, cotton and didn't cost a bomb so just going without....I'm not really a dressing gown kinda gal!

choco hope u start to feel a bit better now you're home!

frying eek.. So your baby could be here pretty soon, how exciting!

Just a question about your birth plan....does your midwife go through it with you or do you just do it on your own? I have no idea where to start!

The amount I didn't know at the NHS ante-natal class last night was laughable, think I'm still living with the notion that the baby just pops out of your belly button!

I'm of to google labour, educate myself a bit! Might even psych myself up to watch some One Born Every Minute! smile

Spacefrog35 Thu 12-Dec-13 12:12:29

enormouse your 'tree' sounds awesome! Reminds me of when I was at Uni & we couldn't afford a tree so we cut a tree shape out of cardboard, covered it in green & white striped j-cloths & hung kinder egg toys on it. It looked awful but it was seriously my favourite Christmas tree ever fblush

enormouse Thu 12-Dec-13 12:37:20

spacefrog I think we did something similar at uni, got some branches and hung poundland decorations off them.

Oh and the 'tree' is a peace lily. Which I'm inwardly giggling at.

Felix90 Thu 12-Dec-13 12:53:29

We don't have space to put the tree up because of our ridiculous Silver cross Kensington taking up about a third of the living room! Might not bother with a tree this year now hmm

chocoloulou33 Thu 12-Dec-13 13:06:54

Ooohhhhhhh frying please keep us updated when ypu can. Maybe my prediction will be right and you will be the one to have baby 2moro eeeeeeeek x


so ive been hooked up to a monitor, baby is fine but a dr needs to come and check me.

if it is my waters they may just let me go into labour, or they may wait two weeks. Apparently im on the borderline so it isn't clear what they would do. Everyone is really nice. The pinky blood, they reckon, is a capillary in the sac. So it's more a sign of waters going.

my tooth still hurts

enormouse Thu 12-Dec-13 13:21:42

Ooh frying it does sound very promising either way. I'm now going to be glued to the thread awaiting more news of you and mini-pan.

enormouse Thu 12-Dec-13 13:23:56

felix tinsel and fairy lights around the pram and presents in it? Could be the latest thing in Christmas trees? fsmile

Babymouse is currently kicking me under the ribs and it bloody hurts.

Naturegirl82 Thu 12-Dec-13 13:31:35

Good luck frying

MrsVDB Thu 12-Dec-13 13:33:12

Good luck frying how exciting!!

I also don't have a tree as need to do flooring in living room so tree would be in way and walls need decorating so no point in putting decorations up. Won't be at home over Christmas but still feels a bit miserable

OnlyThePurpleOnes Thu 12-Dec-13 13:34:59

Joining the hospital crew - had a 12 hour palpitation attack that started at 2am. Was in hospital 9-12 being monitored and having bloods done. They gave me a beta blocker which seems to have helped but now I feel wrecked as I had a whole two hours sleep last night. It's DD's third birthday today, and we had a whole day of fun planned. Not that she knows any different, bless her. She's had a ball opening presents and dressing up all afternoon. We're having a party tomorrow and I haven't even made the cake yet. Urgh.

Felix90 Thu 12-Dec-13 13:45:24

Frying glad everything is ok!

Enormouse that's a good idea actually!! Might dig out the fairy lights this afternoon. OH will reckon I've lost it when he gets back from work grin

frying good luck and keep us updated when you can tries desperately not to think that I predicted you would pop soon

sarahl that's disappointing, I can imagine - but as you say, having the baby safely is the main achievement.

choco I wish I could come and give you a massive (gentle) hug, it sounds so miserable.

Today I am making Yule Log as a trial for Christmas Day - gotta see if I can actually do it before I promise it to DH for Christmas pudding substitute.

After a two hour wait the dr came. Doesn't know why I'm bleeding but said doesn't think it's my water.

genuinely gutted

Felix90 Thu 12-Dec-13 14:25:49

Oh gosh purple that sounds awful! Hope your daughter is enjoying her birthday and presents. Take it easy and send someone out to buy a cake if you need to!

Felix90 Thu 12-Dec-13 14:26:20

Frying that's so disappointing hmm are they going to try and work out what the bleeding is all about then?

Apparently not. I'm waiting for them to finish with my notes so i can go home.

it's just crap

Sultanajo Thu 12-Dec-13 14:35:09

purple bless ya! Glad you are ok and home again despite being knackered!

frying ekkkk! Definitely keep us posted!

Loving the decorate the pram idea!

My mate has just been round with her toddler and it was a massive eye opener into the future! I didn't think our house was that hazardous, but everything he picked up gave me palpitations! I had left a receipt with a paperclip on it on the table and that is what he chose to put in his mouth! Pot pourri was the next.... He then proceeded to turn on the Dvd player, tv and sky box and try sticking pens into the dvd player. He was then reaching for our glasses of drink and managed to find a badge with a pin on it! Then he started playing with a coaster - which is heavy slate. Finally he settled with the sky remote. I thought that was quite safe until through random button pressing he found the adult channels (thankfully we aren't subscribed so nothing appeared on the screen)! Lastly I saw a message come up saying "are you sure you want to change your password?" On his way out he picked up a bottle of antifreeze I had left on the floor in the hall ready to put in my car!

All this time I have been thinking about all the sharp corners in the house, when all along I should have been thinking about the actual contents of the house!

This was all in one room!!! How do you ladies who have toddlers manage firstly in your own houses and secondly when visiting other people?

Felix90 Thu 12-Dec-13 14:35:13

What so they are just sending you home with no explanation?! What the hell blush

Sultanajo Thu 12-Dec-13 14:36:35

frying wtf?

BookTart Thu 12-Dec-13 14:40:10

Poor you frying, I hope the notes say something useful.

Could you buy a cake purple? Sounds like you could do with a rest! Did they say why you had palpitations? Sounds scary, glad you're okay now.

I'm just waiting for a taxi home now. I asked about the bleeding and she said something like "it's probably a burst capillary from your cervix moving". Nothing about dilation or anything.

there was a fair amount of blood on the speculum too.

Angelesque Thu 12-Dec-13 15:03:28

Question... just tried to book my 34 week midwife appointment for a week on Friday, only to be told that the midwife is 'fully booked', she's 'not working again until after Christmas' and when I asked if there were any other options open to me he just said 'no, she's fully booked'. Great.

Am going to try phoning the hospital where we're having the baby - it's where I had my initial antenatal appointments so am hoping they can help me.

Or am I overreacting? Just really don't want to miss this 34 week one - if I don't have another appointment until 3 January that would mean I hadn't had a check up in over a month, and this late on it feels really really wrong not to be getting regularly checked...

My health centre has been pretty useless from the start sad

frying oh you poor thing - that sucks not to have an explanation. I hope it doesn't recur and that you feel okay.

purple palpitations sound awful, you poor thing. Hope your DD has a great birthday.

angel I didn't have a 34 week check at all - mw said it wasn't necessary.

chocoloulou33 Thu 12-Dec-13 15:23:42

puggle thank you for advice. Do you work in that kind of area then? They have told me to back if I get a high temp or pain anywhere else. They just cant understand why it's in my bladder as no infection showing. Its hard doing day to day things feeling like ur constantly bursting for wee but cant keep arguing with docs who seem to think this is fine and as long as my kidneys arent hurting I'm ok. Huff.

frying how very pants. What is wrong with these docs. Why can't they just explain things properly and tell you whats happening with your own body grrrr. Hope you are ok.

Thanks for gentle hug humpty as u can tell by my name big fan of chocolate and loving the idea of the yule log yummy.

purple you poor thing. So many people on here suffering. Rly not good. Just take it as easy as u can and order about everyone else to help you with birthday party.

sultana wow sounds like a fun afternoon for u then lol. Dont worry. Not all toddlers like that unless I was just lucky. Dd used to try things like that but learnt what the word no meant very well and didnt touch if we told her not too. Depends on how strict parents are really. There is always hazards in the home that you cant do anything about so try not to worry. Dd broke wrist when she was 3 falling down stairs and I felt like worst parent in world. She also tripped over nothing one day and cracked her head open on door. What a bloody worry they are hey..

extracrunchy Thu 12-Dec-13 15:33:53

Purple that doesn't sound like fun sad hope you're ok.

Frying what a pita that you've been sent home with no explanation. If it helps, I bled quite a lot on the speculum when I was checked out last week and they said it's common in pregnancy as all the blood vessels are nearer the surface. Disappointing though.

Sultana - constant, exhausting vigilance that eventually becomes automatic! grin

enormouse Thu 12-Dec-13 15:38:49

frying that sucks. Will you be induced in 2 weeks time?

purple bless your dd, she sounds sweet. Hope you're doing ok. And I agree, buy a cake.

sultana In our house, I make sure ornaments, vases etc are corralled off. Anything valuable on the mantelpiece. Everything else that might topple, I say a firm no. In other people's houses, I occupy him as best I can with books and toys and hope for the best. Biggest worry for me is him being over enthusiastic with other people's animals. Our family ones are very obliging and friendly.

angel I had my 34wk appointment yesterday and it was pretty routine (bp and wee). They'd have foregone it completely but they wanted to keep an eye on the baby's growth. My bump is small for dates but the scan shows baby is (still) 90-95th centile. I won't be seen now till january 20th (40 weeks). If you're worried I'd try and arrange something for just after Christmas, providing everything else is ok.

Have started making some Christmas food in advance - root veg mash. Does anyone know if you can freeze cooked sprouts?

Angelesque Thu 12-Dec-13 15:43:09

humpty enormouse thank you! DH is trying to see if we can get an appt at the hospital, but feeling less worried if we do have to miss it now I know you guys are pretty chilled about it. Feels so near now that I really just want to check everything is okay - sure it is though!

Need to go back and catch up over last few pages... sounds like lots of people are having a pretty rubbish time... we're nearly there ladies, justa few more weeks!

sarahleanne Thu 12-Dec-13 16:09:05

Just wrote a long post and Dd walked over grabbed my bloody phone and deleted it .

frying I'm so shocked they're sending you home after bleeding, I hope you are ok .

Looks like a few Of us are having some issues.
I'm home now and have to go back to triage Sunday morning for monitoring. midwife told me I must pack hospital bag today as baby is as low as it can possibly get and she thinks I'm 'gunna go off like a rocket'. Not very comforting words when DH is probably going to be sent away next week for work. Luckily he is on annual leave this week.
Also been told not to make plans for weekend as if bp goes even higher I will be admitted again on Sunday. Fingers crossed it stays the same.

I'm sorry I can't remember much I'm bloody shattered and feel and look like shit!! God knows how some of you survived more than one night in hospital!

Mythreeknights Thu 12-Dec-13 16:10:52

frying thinking of you...But best I suppose to keep baby in as long as possible if bleeding is unrelated. I had a full week of bleeding with ds1 at 32 weeks and underwent various exams in hospital only to be discharged and then get to 38 weeks when I went into natural labour.

Also I hope your tooth is ok?? Mine is now a log grade hum pain iyswim, gum still inflamed but nothing, nothing like the agony that it had been. Apparently paracetamol (no more than 8 in 24 hours) is fine.

Just back from a lovely lunch with friends and walk in the rain, all the children decided to jump in all the deep puddles and had to be stripped to get back into the car, and smelt like ducks. Now running about the house on a high so I think I am going to flop on sofa with some chatty chatty bang bang and r.e.s.t

Also, 35 weeks today and a sudden change in how I feel, now bump feels low and grinding my cervix and fanjo, pulling me forward and definitely making me waddle. Getting those shooting pains if I move funny...I am keen to keep this one in as long as poss so I hope I get to the start of jan.

Mythreeknights Thu 12-Dec-13 16:12:32

sarah crossed post...you poor thing, can you pack some goodies to make you feel better? X

Sultanajo Thu 12-Dec-13 16:19:25

angel does your gp do antenatal checks? My midwife was away this week and I was told to make my appointment with GP instead....

enormouse the best thing to do with sprouts is....put them in the bin! wink Sorry, couldn't resist! I don't actually know if you can freeze them cooked....

Thanks for the replies on toddlers. It really overwhelmed me! My mate was so blase about him rifling through things I felt I had to watch him like a hawk! Am sure by the time our little one is on the move we will have sorted things out in the house and as you say, when visiting others take things for him to hopefully keep him entertained.... Think we need to start sorting our house sooner rather than later as I now have several friends who have little ones who are just starting to toddle....

I take my hat off to all of you currently managing everything with toddlers in tow!

frying its so frustrating when they act so blase about bleeding but cant give you a definite explanation as to why.... Hope it stops and you aren't too far off actually saying hello to bubs!

Sultanajo Thu 12-Dec-13 16:24:29

sarah bless ya! Really hope you don't go off when your DH is away....

mythree glad your tooth is getting better. It can be really miserable cant it!

puggle01 Thu 12-Dec-13 16:33:54

Bloody hell - today has sucked for lots of people - big hugs to you all.

choco - stones were my thing until I went on Mat leave- Hope you don;t mind the advice, have just seen a few people (not pregnant btw) that really took to heart the "there's nothing more to do just now" so were very late coming back when there was a problem.
Don't want to get you excited but sometimes when a stone is coming down the ureter pipe it can give you all the symptoms of peeing all the time, bugger all to pee when you get there. Though being pregnant appears to be causing that too! Feel free to PM me if I can help with anything stone-y

Hi everyone. I've been at home and a nap.

I'm at the dentist tomorrow at 10.15, dh arranged it. He's lovely.

The whole bleeding thing - well, I'm still bleeding but if they aren't concerned, I'm not going to be.

they won't be inducing me in two weeks. I'll still be pregnant in Feb! Dh has been brilliant, especially when i started to cry. He just keeps telling me it will be happening soon and it's better the baby cooks for a bit more.

Felix90 Thu 12-Dec-13 17:00:49

Frying bless your DH he sounds wonderful! Try and take it easy and I guess you're right about not being concerned if they aren't.

Just put my lambskin liner in the pram and it fits perfectly! Also filled a basket with nappies, wipes, nappy bags and a few muslins to put in the living room so we have supplies downstairs! Most of the house is unpacked now and it's just the study area and nursery which needs sorting and it's feeling like home now smile Got my friend I used to work with popping round for a cuppa in half an hour! I'm excited as no one ever wants to see me haha.

Well, my belly keeps going really hard, it's getting a little painful, but then dies down. Could just be BH.

DH has said if i'm in labour we'll go passed the people in Triage and shout "You Cunts!" he always makes me smile

Enjoy your friends coming over!

TobyLerone Thu 12-Dec-13 17:18:38

Good grief, we've all had a day of it today, haven't we?

I ended up in Guy's A&E this afternoon after knocking a boiling hot cup of tea all over my whole leg. It's incredibly sore and blistered from my upper thigh to my ankle.
The nurse dressed it but I've to see a practice nurse at my doctor's surgery tomorrow to get it checked, as he was worried about the depth of part of the burn. Only there are, of course, no appointments tomorrow.

MrsVDB Thu 12-Dec-13 17:22:56

Oh dear sorry to everyone suffering. toby that sounds nasty

felix was it the uppababy or silver cross? Hoping mothercare are nice enough to repost mine after stupid delivery company

Sultanajo Thu 12-Dec-13 17:28:00

frying bless your DH! He sounds awesome! Just what you need when you have been through the mill and feeling vulnerable!

omg Toby! You poor thing! Ouchie! Hot drinks are evil!!! That must be so sore.... Bugger them not having appointments! If you need to be seen you need to be seen and that's that!!! Grrrr!

Felix90 Thu 12-Dec-13 17:30:50

Toby that sounds awful! You poor sod sad

MrsV it's the Silver Cross I have. The liner is so lovely and bigger than I expected. Makes my pram look dead posh! Have you still not had yours delivered?

TobyLerone Thu 12-Dec-13 17:32:38

They're going to get a nurse to ring me tomorrow.

The worst part was that my 2yo nephew was running around nearby. If it had gone on him I'd never have forgiven myself. The thought of that is really upsetting sad

Oh toby that sounds so painful! I'm sorry

TobyLerone Thu 12-Dec-13 17:35:55

Not as scary as your day, frying. Can't believe they just expect you not to worry.

I'm still convinced it was my waters. It was the same with DS. I'm sure I can feel trickling now.. it's not a pleasant feeling! Still, fingers crossed!

They were really kind, but dismissive at Triage. I just felt like an idiot.

OnlyThePurpleOnes Thu 12-Dec-13 18:09:07

God today has been bollocks for most of us. Shall we just pick a hospital, move in en-masse and start singing we shall not be moved until they diagnose our bleeds, dole out drugs and fix up our tea burns?? Who's in? I have Belgian chocolate dipped Oreos I can bring...

Seriously though, frying I hope you're feeling ok, mentally as well as physically. It's such a tough time, this end bit. So much to worry about. You are not the idiot, they are!! Plus, I love your DH a little bit - please envy his plan. Snigger....

Toby good grief, that's terrible! Not what you need at all. I hope it's not too painful for you to sleep tonight or anything.

Thanks for everyone's thoughts, I'm feeling alright now although a bit shakey. My lovely, lovely friend has been round and collected all my cake bits, and is bringing it back all done at 9am. Along with a fruit platter and crudités. Think I'm going to have to supersize her Xmas present. DH however decided he was going to his second office Xmas party tonight regardless. I mean, I'm fine, but still. A little support?? I'm drinking St. John's wort tea and making up party bags on the living room floor.

OnlyThePurpleOnes Thu 12-Dec-13 18:10:53

envy his plan?! I don't even know what I meant - employ, perhaps? confused

Frizz1986 Thu 12-Dec-13 18:17:29

frying sorry about the bleed. If they aren't worried you shouldn't be (doesn't stop me worrying though) If your gut feeling says it was your waters then really keep an eye on it. Can always do the lie down test later or tomorrow and go back and see what happens if you are worried. There might be different people on anyway who might be more helpful.
Would be good to cook baby for a bit longer and the hardness could be BH just have to relax and keep an eye on them in case they develop into something more.

choco glad you managed some sleep last night.

puggle i agree with the hiding nesting from partners. Dh was not happy i was cleaning the floor on my hands and knees the other night when it could have waited.

nature yay for a chilled day

book still plenty of time for baby to engage and shoot out before xmas. Yours might not even engage until labour starts.

enormouse loving the idea of your tree. We have an artificial one as i kept wanting to spend obscene amounts on the best tree each year. Dh got rather annoyed so now we have this one.

band i hVe given up on the dressing gown too and my bags are actually in the car ready in case something happens while we are out.

only that does not sound fun. I love baking but have steered pretty clear as am exhausted. Will be making some easy brownies over the weekend to take to work next week before my mat leave starts.

Mmmmmm yule log humpty i purchased a swiss roll tin a few xmases ago and never got round to using it. Maybe i could make one just to scoff myself. Are they easy??

sultana uber lol. I remember my nephew being awful and dh leaves stuff everywhere so it should be great when ours gets a bit older.

angel i dont think an app is really needed but whatever you need to feel comfortable. For me its nice to know things are still going ok, how baby is lying (even though they wont worry to much until 36 weeks) and i like to know my pee is ok as my sister gave birth early due to infection.

sarahl sorry bp is still high. Is baby engaged or just really low? Off like a rocket sounds interesting. Nice and speedy labour then....

mythree sounds like baby could be getting ready. I seem to waddle on and off but don't think thats due to anything other than the fat build up on my thighs. Hope you last until after xmas....think most of us are hoping we at least get xmas over with.

felix glad the unpacking is progressing and good plan for the stash downstairs ready.

toby that sounds very nasty indeed. They never have appointments when you need them either.

Well saw the consultant and she said she thought it was head down but could tell why midwife was unsure. Thankfully she got out the handheld scanner and low and behold head is very low down. She didn't say it was engaged yet, and i hope ill be able to tell when baby does engage.
Got to see bubs head and heartbeat on the tiny screen which was nice. I almost wanted to cry as we left i was so happy.
Took forever though. App was at 1:30pm. Got called through at 1:25pm and sat in the consultants room. Then at 1:45 midwife came in and read over my notes and said she would have just booked me for a scan next week. She then went to get a leaflet for me to take home about tests once baby arrives. She came back at 1:50pm (yes 10 mins to get a leaflet) then she went to get the consultant who arrived at 2:05 and she spent 10mins feeling and scanning and that was it. Seemed so dragged out but glad all is looking ok so can still go to MLU as long as bubs stays put at least another week.

Percypiglet Thu 12-Dec-13 18:43:46

Angel, I have same issue in that I've got midwife appmt tomorrow and then the GP receptionist wont let me book a36 wk appmt as it falls on Christmas week. I've been advised by midwife relative to make a fuss as should be monitored every fortnight for preeclampsia etc and might be missed if you miss appmt. I shall be quoting this and the NICE medical recommendations of the appmt schedules at the receptionists tomorrow morning!

Sarah, Frying, Choco and Toby - hope you are all feeling better soon and hope the medical staff get you sorted soon.

BookTart Thu 12-Dec-13 18:51:35

toby you poor mare, burns are so horrible. I hope they can get you an appointment soon.

Excellent bonus scan frizz! I wish Id booked a private late one now - can't wait to see her.

frying if you are in labour can you pick us all up on the way in, so we can all shout CUNTPUFFINS at the triage people?

I'm up for a mass sit in!