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February 2014 - is there an octopus in there?

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LittlePandaBear Fri 08-Nov-13 21:58:53

Okay I don't like to run out of things, even threads, so here's the new one.

Can't remember who described their baby kicking like an octopus but it's very true smile

EeyoreIsh Fri 08-Nov-13 21:59:14

Yay, new thread smile

jazzcat28 Fri 08-Nov-13 22:08:44

Marking place...

Sassy20 Fri 08-Nov-13 22:31:01

Love the name. X

sunflowered Fri 08-Nov-13 22:37:10

I definitely have an octopus, and an awkward one at that. After worrying things had gone 'a bit quiet' the last day or so the little bugger was turning somersaults the moment I mentioned it to the midwife this morning. Kicking her doppler and generally showing off... She must think I'm a crazy paranoid preggo now.

gnittinggnome Fri 08-Nov-13 22:40:33

Hiya zazou, commiserations on also having this little sideline to think about, but thanks for your post - it's good to know that it's not likely to be a huge thing, and the idea of additional monitoring is kind of reassuring!

I've now got my WI looking up interesting, sugar-free, baking recipes for me - we're renowned locally for our "free-from" bakes and always get asked to contribute as we have all manner of vegan/coeliacs/egg-intolerant ladies, so this will be a challenge smile

Shropshiremummy2B Fri 08-Nov-13 22:52:23

Sooooooo tired but thought I'd rear my ugly head.

Had my 28 week appointment at home today, most exciting. I lit both log burners, baked a flapjack (obvs, what else?) and made my house look all cosy. She must have enjoyed her little trip into the sticks because she wants to come here for my 31 week appointment too!! I feel like Monica in Friends, always the hostess. I have three weeks to figure out what to bake next time.

'Twas most odd lying on the settee to get measured and doppled and the dog wandering over and gently placing a pigs ear on my chest! He was so freaked out by the sound of the heartbeat! I had to put Loulou outside as I didn't want to rub my pregnancy in her face after all she's been through. Plus she's fucking bat shit crazy.

Needless to say, all was fine. I feel very lucky that I still have nothing to complain about in pregnancy, I'm sure il get my comeuppance in Feb!

laura0007 Fri 08-Nov-13 23:12:53

Marking my place on the new thread. Not sure if I have an octopus or a baby that likes lying in a star shape as I get kicked and punched in all 'corners'!

winterflowers Sat 09-Nov-13 00:38:22

Think I have a three legged octopus inside as there's one corner she seems averse to!

G'night preggos x

rueyrichardson Sat 09-Nov-13 06:23:34

Ruey checking in at 27 weeks. The dreaded early waking has started already and I'm feeling a bit third trimester-ish - like only things I want to happen can happen without me stropping, IYKWIM. Trying very hard not to be too much of a bitch at work, its tough! Baby is very wriggly but not too kicky and I only really fancy eating Wotsits and iced buns. Sorry to hear of the GD and other worries in the group. I have a GTT next week so we'll see if the iced buns are my downfall.

The nursery is coming along and I've started to add nappies and bits to my weekly supermarket shop. We are dispo all the way, Pampers being the best we found. I've got one pack of size 1s and will stockpile size 2s - they are in the little nappies for a short time if you grow em big like I do. Haven't done the washing yet - all my DS' newborn stuff is out though. Remembering the nesting mania of last time I will leave the fun of laundry to later. Plus I need to remember to get some Fairy gentle washing powder. We want to get the baby monitor system that is app based, I think. No idea which one. I picked up a JL/Troll bednest crib on eBay for £90 so our night time sleeping arrangements are done. Phew!

Somany hope you are OK just down the road! I was in the village last week with DS which is quite rare since I am always at work, and looked out for someone who I imagine you look like grin Saw some other Preggos, we are not alone.

Happy flap jacking this weekend!

jazzcat28 Sat 09-Nov-13 07:56:44

Thanks for replies on the old thread - I know I was being daft and this morning feel like a crazy preggo! I will talk to DH later and hope he doesn't think I'm a loony

Shropshire your appt sounds amazing! How did the flapjack go down? Did you have it at home because you're thinking of a home birth?

PoopPoooDeDooo Sat 09-Nov-13 07:58:41

Hi all, checking in smile

Ruey I am also struggling not to be a bitch at work grin and with you on the early waking 6.45 on a Sat angry

Quiet weekend for me as walking any further than 100m has me in pain atm sad

While I remember could someone add me to the FB page please thanks

30 weeks today shock

Thingymajigs Sat 09-Nov-13 08:02:51

shropshire, your life sounds absolutely idyllic. smile I bet Christmas around yours is lovely. Why do you get a home visit?
lastnight, ah, I thought you would've already tried fleece liners. Some babies do seem to react to cloth especially when teething and some also start reacting badly to disposables randomly too. At least we have choice nowadays.
Today we are starting the baby's room. smile My mum is laying a thick cream carpet and DP is putting up a lovely cotbed my mum bought second hand the other day. We barely need to buy anything new, people have just bought for us or given us their old baby clothes. We got given two large bags of barely worn baby clothes yesterday that must have cost £500+ new. I do love a good freebie.

barebranches Sat 09-Nov-13 08:24:01

yeahyyy new thread and good title! i've been woken up so much all night with octopus fists!!! eventually gave in and enjoyed feeling them!
yeahy saturday!!!!!

DawnOfTheDee Sat 09-Nov-13 08:53:10

Thank you for the new thread! I have either an octopus in there or an Alien trying to break free - I don't know why I watch that film while pg...I watched it last time too.

Shropshiremummy2B Sat 09-Nov-13 09:18:03

jazz and thingy no way hose! I've booked my place on the consultants ward so they can hook me up to the epidural ASAP! When I had my 26 wk appt I said 'the next appointment is home' and she said 'only if you're having a home birth', to which I told her 'oh, I was really looking forward to that!', so she said she'd come- yay! Can't believe that's in only three weeks time AND it's on the 1st December..... Too early to put the decorations up????

I think I have made my house sound too idyllic. Unless you like being covered in mud and dog hair and being so remote that no one will hear you when you scream.....

Has anyone else not done anything towards a nursery yet? The midwife was asking how I was getting on with it, I had to tell her it was still floor to ceiling clothes, shoes and handbags. She seemed quite impressed that I was giving up my dressing room to a baby!

CubanoHabana Sat 09-Nov-13 09:26:06

Aw Shropshire I wish I had a dressing room...

winterflowers Sat 09-Nov-13 09:27:37

Shrops I'm nursery-less and probably will do nothing till after xmas when I'll have moved. But I have ordered a bednest so I know she'll have something to sleep in

gnittinggnome Sat 09-Nov-13 09:29:32

Morning all! shropshire we've not done a thing - we're hoping to buy this blasted house and exchange early January, so we can do all the work that's needed (humph) and I can give birth in the naice hospital in Bromley rather than the one closest to where we're moving. Then there's MW and the doula to see in our existing flat, before we can pack up the final bits and pieces and move into our new home for good. So either way, we're going to be moving with a newborn. I can't help but feel we didn't plan this very well...

Am spending this weekend with DH's friends, and their two children. This may be a mistake, but it's all good practice, I guess!

misskatamari Sat 09-Nov-13 10:05:01

Ooooh new thread yaaaaay grin

Our nursery has had our desks cleared out and has a rug and that's it. There is a Moses basket in there but it's just shoved in the corner with a load of cat deterrent crap in it.

Another early waker here. Also managed to DTD with DH for the first time since I can't actually remember and now I'm gonna make flapjacks so I'm a bit less of a crap useless wife today! Just need to trawl through the last thread for the recipe. I think I shall be double batching - can't bloody wait!

Julietee Sat 09-Nov-13 10:55:28

No nursery prep for us, either. Not much prep of any kind apart from bed nest and a handful of random clothes! I feel like I have forever. But I need to think of this more like a deadline and not leave everything to the last minute... like I am wont to do with deadlines.

It's DH's birthday tomorrow and I have spent most of my money on a kindle for him, reasoning that we're not likely to be able to spoil each other for a while.
I wish we would DTD sad

marzipanned Sat 09-Nov-13 11:30:40

Thanks for the new thread!

Well our nursery has a floor and walls again, the decorator is coming round today to talk about painting it and putting a new carpet in, thank goodness. I am now desperate to get it sorted and unpack the enormous box of baby clothes..I must admit to going through them all last night and getting ridiculously impatient. 3 months feels like SO LONG.

Part of me still really wants to move out of this house but part of me thinks I should wait until all the repairs are done and see if I feel more positive about it then.

somany my DH was talking about going to the US in January too. I completely put my foot down - but he has got at least three more trips abroad in 2013 so I felt I was quite justified!

ch1134 Sat 09-Nov-13 11:36:39

I'm currently sitting in our 'nursery'. It has a sofa bed, desk and computer. We're in the process of renovating the loft - when that's done my husband's studio can move upstairs, this stuff can go into the freed up room and finally we can start on the nursery - around Christmas I guess! We've got paint for the walls and a few bits and pieces that people have given us gathering into a big messy pile in the lounge...
Each room needs redecorating so it'll take a while. But I finish on 20th Dec and babe not due til 27th Jan so I think there's plenty of time. And I imagine a lot of stuff I'll get once baby is here anyway.

winterflowers Sat 09-Nov-13 11:39:58

The rain is impeding my flapjack making sad just mobilised to get on the bike to go buy the necessities and sky opened. Am obv not hardcore enough sad

misskatamari Sat 09-Nov-13 11:55:11

I don't know if I added enough oats to mine as it said not to make them too dry and it looks VERY wet and squishy. I'm sure they'll taste good whatever though smile

sunflowered Sat 09-Nov-13 12:11:57

We're nursery-less as well - have a couple of things still in their boxes (as of this morning that includes the pram grin - was worth the drive to Croydon to check what will fit in a corsa boot...) It doesn't need painting/papering so am saving it for some hardcore nesting in the post-xmas lull.

barebranches Sat 09-Nov-13 12:23:05

DH just looked at our energy use for the last year... it tripled in july and august...when i was off school... oops!!!
so i need to be good during maternity leave! no day time tv!

barebranches Sat 09-Nov-13 12:23:05

DH just looked at our energy use for the last year... it tripled in july and august...when i was off school... oops!!!
so i need to be good during maternity leave! no day time tv!

misskatamari Sat 09-Nov-13 12:44:52

Eeeeek - I was thinking about that the other day Bare as ours is gonna shoot up when I'm home all day through winter. I guess I'll just have to wear lots of layers and sit in the dark!

misskatamari Sat 09-Nov-13 12:53:56

Woo hoo DH says the flap jacks and "yummy" and "the best home made flapjacks" he's had. Phew! I will also be taking that last comment to read "the best flap jacks he has ever eaten full stop" grin

Champagnebubble Sat 09-Nov-13 13:12:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Sat 09-Nov-13 13:15:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misskatamari Sat 09-Nov-13 13:37:09

Ooooh a tip or the flapjacks which i read when i found the recipe on the original thread (couldn't be arsed finding it in our feb one), is to only add half the sugar if you use sweetened condensed milk. I did a double batch and used the whole tin, but halved the sugar and they are still super duper sweet.

Glad you're feeling better Champagne - you'll have to share your apple cake recipe - it sounds yummy smile

notoneforselfies Sat 09-Nov-13 13:43:04

winterflowers I am seriously impressed you are still
managing to get in a bike! I can barely walk to the end of the road!
Just back from Asda where I purchased ingredients for a roast and the flapjacks as well as a pack of pampers new born and asda new born nappies! I know that's a bit premature and I'm a weirdo (DH was very embarrassed) but sod it - I walked past them and couldn't resist. I think I have left myself literally nothing else to get now so will have to invent things to make for the nursery instead as a method of procrastinating from the work I'm still meant to be doing.

Had a ruddy good loud sing in the car on the way home to Frankie Goes to Hollywood (Power of love) and baby octopus went crazy. I'm taking it as an affirmation of my singing prowess rather than a protestation?

Oh and also discovered the left footwell of the car is under an inch of water. Good times.

Somanychanges Sat 09-Nov-13 14:15:43

Just checking in. We have had a lazy day so far. I am off to take DD to a party in a mo. baby has been going crazy this afternoon feels like he may break out of there.

My DH and DD are still not interested in seeing/feeling him move. Lucky I have my DS to humour me as he can easy rest his hand there for 10 mins getting really excited at the kicks. My DD just refuses she said "it's too weird and uncomfortable sitting there with my hand on your tummy. It's someone else's tummy that's just weird".

Well thanks DD it's only the tummy I grew you in for 9 horrendous pregnancy months. Gosh she will be a teen before I know it, very scary thought.

Ruey glad to hear there are other preggos in the village. Are you going to go to the Antenatal classes in January in the Baptist church?

winterflowers Sat 09-Nov-13 15:36:28

not one actually I struggle with walking, can't manage much without my hip killing - but biking is fine so far! I can feel my bump more now though so think my cycling days are limited and I'm going to start having to take the tube sad

Thanks for the sugar tip misskatamari just checked my milk an it is sweetened already. Half the sugar means I can eat twice as much right?

Afternoon all smile

my octopus baby is having a squirm while I try and google how to fit a bath panel....

poor dc2 has nothing arranged for him/her apart from ds's old clothes, cot and pram! My dm has bought him/her a newborn cardigan though. I am really hoping that by 6 month-ish dc2 is a good sleeper and I can chuck them in with ds.

I just can't/don't want to think about getting organised for baby until after christmas as we are doing a fair amount with the house until then. I suppose I only really need to get nappies, breast pads, car seat & base and sling anyway so not much to worry about!

I am using disposables again as tried re-usables with ds and he was a mega wee-er and had to be changed every hour. sod that.

CubanoHabana Sat 09-Nov-13 17:11:28

Amazon has a Tommie tippee digital video and sensor mat monitor for £100, has anyone got this and have opinions? It's 50% off! don't know whether to get or wait until January sales?

Also 74 pampers nappies, size 1 or 2 for £7.50 ish - is this good?

jazzcat28 Sat 09-Nov-13 17:15:24

Well I'm behind on the baking homework and this weekend am baking my Christmas cake (Delia recipe) and the Bakerella cookies I linked to on the FB page. Possibility of flapjack making next weekend.

Our nursery is currently an empty room which we are very slowly painting. Tomorrow it's more wall paint then starting to rub down and gloss the white wood. 30th Nov the furniture arrives so need to do as much rubbing down before then as poss. Won't be finished completely until Jan though as we are having 1 wall of wallpaper and Dad is chief wallpaperer in our family, and he is booked up every weekend until new year.

Off out to a big girly meal later. Looking forward to it but am going to miss the vino. May have 1 cheeky glass but fear I will be getting lots of cat bum faces from all the ladies there who are mums. Perhaps best to stick to soft drinks.

The prospect of home baking tomorrow (plus a purchase of emergency mince pies earlier) has smoothed things over between DH and I after last night's teary argument. Who knew baking could be so medicinal?

26wks tomorrow - almost in 3rd trimester.... oh my god I'm having an actual baby shock.... <waddles off for a pre-girls night lie down>

marzipanned Sat 09-Nov-13 17:26:04

I think all condensed milk is sweetened, no? I've never bought a non sweetened one, even if it's simply called condensed milk.

Had a lovely long walk this afternoon but feel utterly knackered now. We went and cancelled our gym membership too - don't see us using that with baby in tow.

Pram question: does anyone know anything about the mothercare my3?
Reviews are very mixed, but someone is selling it for £40 near me...

John Lewis advert - not wild about it.
Power of Love - YES.

Enjoy the flapjacks and cookies folks.

lastnightopenedmyeyes Sat 09-Nov-13 17:37:15

Just marking my place smile

camwombat Sat 09-Nov-13 17:49:27

Unsweetened condensed milk is unusual now apparently, the nearest you might find in supermarket is evaporated.

I've been reading through some local baby and toddler whats on magazines and am delighted to find that both the tommee tippee and nuby factory outlets are close by. Can stock up on those bits from there then.

We've got as far as discussing potential colour schemes for nursery but as it also involves repainting and carpeting another room for DS to move into. It's on our to do list.

Currently curled up with DS watching Fireman Sam oh how intellectual my life is after a busy day at Beamish, bit tired now....

tinypolkadot Sat 09-Nov-13 17:49:29

Marking my place, my octopus is a bit quiet today hmm

Weve had a very busy day today. Went to our first nct sale. We're members and had no idea we could get in early! So we were stood at the end of the queue freezing like idiots for 20 mins and needless to say most of the good stuff had gone. Oh well, we'll know for next time!

Then we jetted off to Kiddicare, saw an uppababy with no box to be sold 'as seen' for £480 but dh was still unsure so we spent a couple of hours testing out other ones. We went back and it was reduced AGAIN to £399! We couldnt believe our luck, and dh is dead chuffed with the bargain, and I am sooo happy to have the pram I want!

CubanoHabana Sat 09-Nov-13 18:08:46

Aw cam I love beamish! Went last year for the fireworks (although couldn't be talked into going this year as it was slippy and muddy last year and thought this year would be scary being preggo) and took the kiddies from school for our summer school. Not to mention mum now has a years pass so been quite a lot!

jazzcat28 Sat 09-Nov-13 18:32:20

Tiny that's an amazing bargain! Well done! I have it in red - what colour did you get?

tinypolkadot Sat 09-Nov-13 18:38:52

The red is lovely jazz we got cole blue which I'm very happy with. Think it will suit a girl as well if we have one next as its quite grey.

I just need a baby to put in it now grin

Will you get any if the accessories do you think?

camwombat Sat 09-Nov-13 19:00:45

That was our 2nd visit since Sept, we are going again in a couple of weeks for their Christmas event. It's good as we can let DS walk around and then pop him on tram when he is tired. I think we were both as tired as each other today!

EeyoreIsh Sat 09-Nov-13 19:09:56

Oh wow tiny what a bargain! I'm looking for an uppababy and would love to get that much off!

Poppy954 Sat 09-Nov-13 19:25:46

Can anyone share the bra measuring link again please?

tinypolkadot Sat 09-Nov-13 19:28:16

eeyorish I know, I still can't believe it. Thats cheaper than we've seen on ebay too, hope there's nothing wrong with it!

Julietee Sat 09-Nov-13 20:13:11

Just got stroppy with DH because he was watching the Expendables and I got sick of the endless bullets and explosions noise polluting me. Then I went to wash up and broke a really nice mug. Bah sad

Unplastered Sat 09-Nov-13 20:54:36

I've got my 28-week appt on Thursday, which is a home visit - only one log burner to light here though and midwife will be lucky if she gets flapjack as I will probably have scoffed it by then :-)
Followed by the consultant the following Monday, that's three appointments in 3 weeks, my boss hates me.

My nursery is finally a blank canvas - spent yesterday clearing all the junk out and getting rid of a horrible old melamine wardrobe. Just my lovely new pram and a huuuge box of all my baby purchases. Must. Stop. Internet. Shopping!
I've got everything to go in the nursery now (though wardrobe and chest of drawers haven't arrived yet) except for a border, which is proving difficult. Apparantly they are out of fashion and everyone just uses wall stickers now.

Shropshiremummy2B Sat 09-Nov-13 20:58:29

unplastered your border comment made me chuckle.... I told my mummy I was going to stencil puppies on the walls to which she replied "isn't that a bit Linda barker and changing rooms?" Rude.

CalloohCallay Sat 09-Nov-13 21:23:32

Just checking in at 26 + 2. Does anyone else find that someone only has to mention food and you are instantly craving it? Can't remember who said iced buns earlier but now really want them!

Champagnebubble Sat 09-Nov-13 21:58:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Sat 09-Nov-13 21:59:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thisisfreakingmeout Sat 09-Nov-13 23:23:14

Marking place! I obviously missed the first link to flapjacks so the sudden obsession seems weird!

barebranches Sun 10-Nov-13 02:54:00

wide awake... being kicked. Def got and massive octopus in there nit a tiny 2lb baby....

Thingymajigs Sun 10-Nov-13 07:41:33

Woke up after a dream about noticing I was in labour due to having a chubby baby's leg sticking out of me. shock The crazy birth dreams have begun. Let's hope my dream babies don't morph into octopuses thanks to this thread. In better news though, I slept! yay.

jazzcat28 Sun 10-Nov-13 08:04:21

tiny I don't think we need any of the accessories really - it came with all the rain covers, insect nets, etc. was considering the stand for the carry cot but figured it should fit on our Moses basket stand?

thingy I've had crazy dreams right from my BFP! Last night I dreamt i saved a toddlers life as a van almost drove over him but my superhero strength meant I could lift the van over his head hmm

Last night my friends were desperate to fix a date for my baby shower (even though I feel awkward about having one) so have settled on a Saturday in January when I'll be about 36wks. Apparently it's gonna involve an afternoon tea complete with teapots and cakes on stands and all manner of games. They had me at 'cake'.

barebranches Sun 10-Nov-13 08:06:51

when i am asleep i have constant crazy dreams. Ive not had a full night sleep in months.... really hope im not in for a nocternal baby.

PoopPoooDeDooo Sun 10-Nov-13 09:51:04

OMG my back is so sore, I can hardly walk as it keeps spasming sad

I went to Drs last week and they refered me to physio but appointment isn't until a week on Wed... Its got a lot worse since then (was just painful then not spasming and I didn't have difficulty walking)

Is there any point going back do you think or will I have to suck it up for 10 days? I don't know how I'm going to manage work sad

misskatamari Sun 10-Nov-13 09:56:35

Ooooh jazz the baby shower does sound lovely (mmmm cake). I don't really want one either but my friend wants to do one so I've said we can have a small get together and just hang out and eat cake and catch up etc smile.

I'm with you all on the crazy dreams and lots of waking. I seem to need to switch sides every hour or so (and need to wee). I've got one of those v shaped pillows which is helping with my hips tho as I can easily turn over with it and swap legs around - I tried having pillows on both sides but DH fell out of bed as I was hogging too much space so had to figure out an alternative smile

Hope you've all got lovely, relaxing, cake filled Sundays planned!

misskatamari Sun 10-Nov-13 09:58:18

Oh no poop that sounds awful. Do you know of any people near by who do sports massages? I've done my lower back in a few times and have barely been able to move and sports massages have really really helped sort it out. I'd definitely try calling the docs again if it's getting worse.

notoneforselfies Sun 10-Nov-13 09:58:49

I just woke up from a bad dream that we went to NCT class and the teacher was an utter cow so I walked out after shouting at her and then NCT wouldn't give me my money back. angry

Somanychanges Sun 10-Nov-13 10:09:13

Ok maybe my baby shower is a bit premature? My friend is organising one for 30th Nov. Because she said after Christmas is always a bad time for people, Dec people are getting ready for Christmas and attending work do's etc. plus I might have baby early. Do you think it is way to early to be having a shower?

jazz I feel the same I felt a bit weird. It took me ages getting the list of names together for my friend as I just feel a bit awkward having a shower. But my friend actually organises them as a little sideline. She goes all out, organises games etc. she said it will just be like a fun girls night. Now another friend of mine has said she will make the cake (and she makes the best cake) I showed her he picture of the cake on FB with the open legs baby coming out. She was mortified, I pretended that's what I wanted haha you should have seen her face.

Anyway off to church and then we are meeting friends to have a lovely day on Boxhill with our crazy children. Thank goodness I can see the sun out there I was starting to feel really low with each day looking like evening time.

Have a good day ladies and babies!

jazzcat28 Sun 10-Nov-13 11:14:24

I didn't want one initially as a) I didn't want people to feel obliged to buy a gift so soon after Christmas and b) we have oodles of unisex stuff now and I really would love people to save their cash to buy girl/boy stuff once it's here (if they wish to even buy a gift) but my friends were insistent, saying gifts isn't the focus they just want a fun girly night in with cake and stupid games before I go AWOL in new mum land as of feb. so I compromised on an afternoon thing and in jan the weekend DH is away at a work conference so it'll give me something to keep busy!

somany I reckon it's up to you when to have your shower - I had my hen party 4 months before my wedding! Go for it!

DawnOfTheDee Sun 10-Nov-13 12:01:27

I had a nice baby shower after I had DD1 so everyone could meet her that hadn't already and so i could drink. DH took DD home after a couple of hours then it just turned into a girls night in really.

HarlemWobble Sun 10-Nov-13 12:24:57

Hello preggos!

Well that last thread completed passed me by, sorry for not keeping up properly.

Gnitting I may well be joining you at this rate re moving with a new born. We're still waiting to exchange on our house purchase, the date has been moved back twice already. So frustrating when we are pretty much packed and ready to go. I'm still praying that we'll be in by Christmas but hope is slowing slipping away on that score...

Tiny congrats on the Uppababy purchase. What an absolute bargain! We ordered ours a couple of weeks back but paid £630 with car seat ant isofix base thrown in. You got such a got deal!

No other real baby purchases made here. Definitely no nursery yet, but that's my first project once we've moved in.

In other news, my boss handed in her notice last month which resulted in me being promoted! I'm really chuffed as I'm taking it as a good sign that they value me and want me back after mat leave. Slightly concerned that we now have to recruit for my old role and get mat cover for my new role. Has anyone else's mat cover been sorted yet? I'm worried time is ticking by and I won't be able to hand over both jobs in time! Fingers crossed the candidates we're interviewing next week are good and on short notice periods.

Hope you all have lovely Sundays planned. X

bugsyburge Sun 10-Nov-13 13:24:39

afternoon all, I've been away for the weekend so time for a cup of tea and to catch up.....

have lovely Sundays wink

Champagnebubble Sun 10-Nov-13 13:32:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misskatamari Sun 10-Nov-13 13:49:50

We've hired my maternity cover too. Didn't have any stand out amazing candidates and have ended up with a guy who's lesson apparently wasn't great. Just praying my classes take to him and do okay.

Ugh I feel so crappy and sick today. It so rubbish that this still happens every now and then in the third trimester - especially when people tell you "you shouldn't still be feeling sick now" - errr thanks for that! Well I DO so fuck off!!! Hopefully a restful day and good night sleep will leave me feeling back to normal tomorrow.

Champagnebubble Sun 10-Nov-13 14:11:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EeyoreIsh Sun 10-Nov-13 14:12:58

harlem well done on your promotion! I wrote my job advert on Friday (finally gave up waiting for my boss to do it). I've said I don't want to return to that role (it's a large organisation so i'll get a similar role somewhere else instead), so they'll be looking for a permanent replacement. I doubt they'll have anyone in before I leave.

I feel so much better for having written to my boss about bringing my leave forward to 34 weeks/getting it agreed I can take annual from 34 weeks. That means only 6 weeks left!

I'm having a sit down after a bit of gardening and before starting work on making some curtains. DH accused me of being lazy, cheeky git, I'm growing a baby grin

missk sorry you're still getting sick.

I might go on an online baby shopping spree later smile I treated myself to this and it's lovely. a bit pricey for one t shirt but really comfy and warm.

misskatamari Sun 10-Nov-13 14:19:18

Ooooh Eeyore it's lovely! I might have to get one in purple.

Thanks ladies - luckily I'm not being sick, just feeling like I'm gonna be and knackered with it. Only 12 weeks left though - and only about 6 weeks left at work smile

barebranches Sun 10-Nov-13 15:51:18

The adverts been written for my maternity cover but im so worried. I teach reception and i want my lovely babies looked after properly. Im going to miss them sad

Got my moses basket set up... but its an old on from family (baby brother!) and its wicker with no cover... does anyone know if they can be bought seperatly? dont even know what to google for. i dont wany baby scratching herself.

Unplastered Sun 10-Nov-13 15:55:09

Harlem congrats on your promotion!

I think I'm the only one whose role is not being covered by a temp while I'm off - they are just planning on dividing my workload and caseload (of over 100 customers) between my colleagues. Thing is, my team has only 6 members, 2 of whom are part time and add up to one full timer between them, and one person is retiring in December, I'm off for nearly a year, and another colleague is adopting in January/February, so it looks like the remaining people will be rushed off their feet next year!

Littleen Sun 10-Nov-13 16:38:56

I don't actually like flapjacks shock /gasp but I can make a mean carrot cake! I will do as a celebration once we finish the flat!

Will try to remember to take a picture tomorrow, when my other half has finished laying the floor in there smile I'm all busy painting the living room and kitchen for now, but once we move in right before christmas, I can finally start thinking of nursery furniture!

Harlem grats on your promotion!

winterflowers Sun 10-Nov-13 17:15:27

Congrats harlem that's great. My work just advertised for my cover but another girl in my team is also off on mat leave and I think they will do her replacement interviews with my cover in place.

Just had an afternoon walking round museums. Word of warning - don't! Am in so much pain now and can't wait to get home and see if I won my bids on ebay

Misskat I can't believe you only have 12 weeks legt! That's amazingly close.

marzipanned Sun 10-Nov-13 17:51:04

Harlem that's brill!

Misskat I still puke several mornings a week, so feel your pain! I usually feel better once it's out - hope you have also recovered over the course of the day or you won't enjoy your bhajis sad

winterflowers Sun 10-Nov-13 18:09:07

*with my cover in mind I meant

Julietee Sun 10-Nov-13 18:40:18

Octopus very unwriggly today sad Stupid octopus.
More positively, I managed a whole walk round the woods without feeling uncomfortable! So will totally have earned ice cream at the cinema tonight.

Julietee Sun 10-Nov-13 18:40:57

Winter I'm not going to feel like I'm on the home stretch til Christmas is out the way. Sooooo long....

Littleen Sun 10-Nov-13 18:57:43

My little one is very quiet today and yesterday, but he has been rather sporadic all along! I will be getting so paranoid now though, with the midwife saying I should feel some movement every day, so now I'm just worrying "what if I don't" sort of thing!

On that note - I have had feelings of "kicks" way above the uterus, and once felt it on the outside too... So it's not baby, perhaps my digestive system? I find it rather strange, and at first assumed it was baby, but then midwife measured and the uterus is far below!

Julietee Sun 10-Nov-13 19:06:42

Yes! I think sometimes the kicks are referred through the tissue and express themselves outside of the actual uterus. Um... that's my theory. Because I definitely feel them far above where he could actually be sometimes.

CubanoHabana Sun 10-Nov-13 19:08:32

Congratulations hArlem!

winterflowers Sun 10-Nov-13 19:17:38

Me too Litleen and julietee! I mentioned it to the dr and he didn't seem surprised or tell me was gas.

notoneforselfies Sun 10-Nov-13 19:22:44

Finally finished my hand-made mobile! Looks very definitely home-made but I'm pleased smile

Nearly puked in the pool at aquanatal. Combo of tea and flapjack (and no gaviscon) before leaving the house and then lots of twisting... Bleurgh. Kept it (or swallowed it down) but it was a fast drive home to the chalky goodness.

My boss isn't getting any cover for me so all the work will just pile up awaiting my return! (I am in a department of me, myself and I) He thinks I'm only going to be off about 8 weeks max... This might well be the case but I'm making no promises and haven't given a return date. Hmm...

TeaAddict235 Sun 10-Nov-13 20:36:21

marking my place, marking my place. Always get left behind.

Internet has been finally fixed, so I should be able to keep up a bit more often now. As tired as ever, and really want to have a 'sleep through' night, where my back doesn't hurt, or I don't visit the toilet every two hours releasing water for England.

Opened a box of Elizabeth Shaw mint Christmas chocolates with DH. At first he was against it, but just one chocolate won him over. Feel a bit like Eve in the garden of Eden now....oops.

Can't wait to go to bed and sleep!!!!

TeaAddict235 Sun 10-Nov-13 20:40:05

ps. did a VERY VERY BAd thing: HAd a stolen sip of DH's brandy. It only really wet my tongue. It was sooo good, but when he came back into the room I confessed- the guilt was killing me.

He's not my friend at the mo, and ignoring me while on flyertalk.

are spirits worse than wine? it was only a miniscule sip. the glass was so empty I didn't even really swallow. confused

notoneforselfies Sun 10-Nov-13 21:17:20

Tea addict - that's really not a very very bad thing. Sounds like you had less than a unit! God you'd be horrified at me - I have a glass of wine probably 3 times of week.

Sassy20 Sun 10-Nov-13 21:18:17

Tea addict - don't worry. A tiny sip of brandy won't do any harm. I scared my dh the other day by walking into the lounge carrying a large glass of wine - had to explain it was for my friend who was sat there waiting for it! He's fine with me having occasional sips though. X

EeyoreIsh Sun 10-Nov-13 21:28:51

tea I had quite a bit of brandy when baking the Xmas cakes. I'm sure a sip will do no damage.

I've had a lovely weekend but really not looking forward to work tmw. Oh well, 6 weeks to go.

I've been getting bad burps and acid reflux but no heartburn for about 10 weeks. burps in church were a bit embarrassing!

lyndsey90 Sun 10-Nov-13 21:33:02

Hey, just dropping by, 26 weeks now. 12 till my mat leave, it seems like a lifetime away. Sick of being preggo and sat on ma ass all day!

I keep getting an annoying tingly feeling under my left breast at the top of my bump which is hiiighly annoying.

I'm not with you early risers, all I want to do is sleep!!

Nursery is not even started, loads of stuff bought though, getting impatient with the OH a lot, he's being lazy with decorating and moving his crap out of the baby room. Told him. If he doesn't sort it, ill be dumping it all in the garden!!!

laura0007 Sun 10-Nov-13 21:37:53

Tea I had a slightly large glass of wine last night and have been having the occasional one throughout.. Don't worry.

That bloody john lewis advert. I've seen it three times today and cried EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! confusedconfusedconfused

TeaAddict235 Sun 10-Nov-13 21:53:48

Thanks ladies, I'll mention it to Dh. Still don't think that he's my friend though, he keeps giving me short answers and slit eyed looks. There goes my tipple over Christmas. Hey ho, come feb I'll express then knock back those secret bottles of Gewürztraminer like a sea trepid sailor (stashed at the back of the cellar!!!).

Plus, the stinker is going to a work dinner and party this Friday and guess who is picking him and some colleagues up? Your fatty truly! My grandma always used to say that even donkeys realise that the world isn't level.

barebranches Sun 10-Nov-13 22:05:15

laura the tesco christmas ad is better than the john lewis one.... im still wiping tears now.... think it relates more to real life.

laura0007 Sun 10-Nov-13 22:20:30

Oh I haven't seen the tesco one! Maybe I should try and avoid it!

marzipanned Sun 10-Nov-13 22:41:56

Oh, I hate the JL one! It's okay with the sound off but..ugh..what has that song got to do with Christmas? And, I'm sorry, but I don't think Lily Allen can do sentimental at all.

Bring on the Coke trucks... holidays are coming...

tea my DH is very strange about me drinking too. In fact I barely drink even when not pregnant and haven't missed booze at all, but the other night I had a drop of amaretto (probably about 5ml) and he got very weird about it. But it sounds like you had a similarly teeny amount and really nothing to worry about.

notoneforselfies Sun 10-Nov-13 22:51:49

Aaaaaah carpal tunnel FUN

BatPenguin Sun 10-Nov-13 23:02:23

barebranches if you google moses basket liner/hood/coverlet/mattress you can buy them all seperately.

I had a cheeky sip of DH's cider last night - tasted amazing. 26 weeks and still have HG and the only thing I fancy is a big icy glass of Disaronno, pregnancy is cruel! sad

We have done the nursery already, complete with a border (I know their old fashioned but its mamas & papas teddy bears and I love it) all of his little clothes are hanging up in the little wardrobe on little hangers. I keep going in there to look at it.

Shropshiremummy2B Sun 10-Nov-13 23:06:22

Tea - I had FOUR gin and tonics on holiday last week- I don't usually drink that much in a normal month of being unpregnant, tell him to shove it.

Harlem you go girlfriend! Woop! respeck. Etc etc.

I hate the tesco advert. I'm JL all the way.

Went to SIL's today to get "everything" we need for the baby. Was under the impression that seeing as her children are soooo spoilt and they are filthy rich that there would be some gooooood shit. I know I'm a mahhooooosive ungrateful snob, but I've never seen so much tat in my life. I was told I'd be given an Icandy apple, which I did, shame it looked like an apple that had been kicked round the frikkin pantry floor for several months. Was soooooo excited and am now feeling a bit deflated but not quite rude enough to ask her if I can leave it all after all.

Also all this job talk is depressing me. I get an ok wage and can earn commission on every painting I sell. But since I got ooop la doooof I have no drive to sell so therefore no extra spending money. Sad face. I want a bugaboo buffalo more than ever now AND a new car. Sob. Plus when I finish work, and they're not taking on anyone new, they'll quickly learn how little I do!

Sorry for the grump. Il take my little grey rain cloud with me to snoozeville.

Peace out preggos x

EeyoreIsh Mon 11-Nov-13 07:04:31

Monday morning blues today, so I keep reminding myself I only have 6 weeks left. I'm at a lovely mid point, 6 weeks of work followed by 6 weeks of maternity leave.

I think I offended my mum last night by saying that I'd rather she stayed with in laws after I've given birth, than at ours. It's just I know I won't be able to relax fully (not cook etc) if my parents are here. And they have a lovely but crazy dog which sheds hair, that I really don't want around immediately after birth. The in laws only live 10 minutes away, so she can still spend lots of time with me and baby.

Am I being a bit precious?

HarlemWobble Mon 11-Nov-13 07:41:29

Ah thanks for the congrats ladies.

eeyore glad you managed to get everything sort re mat leave/annual leave. Can't believe you only have 6 weeks left! That will fly by I bet! Re your parents staying, I don't think you're being precious at all. DH and I were saying the other day that we'd really like it just to be the three of us when we come home. Visitors bearing gifts are welcome as long as they don't hang around all day! [Grin]

Tea I wouldn't worry about the alcohol. My DH sounds similar to yours though, he gives me disapproving looks when I even mention that I'm missing alcohol, let alone having any.

Notone sorry about the carpel tunnel. I'm pretty clueless about it but I hope it passes soon.

Happy Monday all!

sunflowered Mon 11-Nov-13 08:11:27

Congrats from me too harlem flowers

eeyore I don't think you're being precious at all - we're planning on something similar if pil come to visit when the baby's.very small.

Have come to.work without any gaviscon and no.chance to pop out for more. Today is going to be a bad day.

camwombat Mon 11-Nov-13 08:53:05

Eeyore it's not precious at all. We had literally been home five minutes last time before invasion to " meet the baby". This time I have a different nightmare think ww3 & disownment to have to deal with now but thats a whole other thread needing a nc.

Shrops how rubbish about the sil, and especially about the icandy, we had very few "top brands" when DS was little and even now they are limited and unless the GPs bought them are good quality second hand I'm tight and he will trash them/grow out of them quickly

We have had an awful night here, ds is poorly and been up crying most of the night. So it's off to doctors we go today and when he naps, back to bed.

jazzcat28 Mon 11-Nov-13 09:13:30

Congrats harlem!

Eeyore I have a similar challenge with both our sets of parents. Mine live 3hrs away and DH's live 2hrs away. Both will no doubt come to visit as soon as the baby is born but I have told them both not to expect to stay. Then (assuming baby is on time!) DH and I have 2 weeks paternity together alone before the visiting commences in earnest. MIL wants to stay with me for 2 weeks TWO WEEEEEKS at the start of March when baby will be 2 weeks old (again if on time). My DM has decided to book off the last week in March.

It's so tricky when they live so far away but as they usually stay in our 2nd bedroom when they visit and I basically host them in terms of food, cups of tea, runs to the shop for milk etc, I can't even begin to think about doing all that with a newborn. I'm not quite sure how to ask them to a) either stay in a travelodge or b) stay with us but to basically feed and look after themselves whilst they are here.

tea I'm sure that amount of alcohol will be fine - I'm looking forward to making a glass of champers last as long as possible on Christmas Day!

Champagnebubble Mon 11-Nov-13 09:39:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notoneforselfies Mon 11-Nov-13 09:48:27

Pil are 1.5 hours away so they can drive up and back in a day for visits and won't be expecting to stay. My dad is 2.5 hours away but will likely do the same. My mother is abroad so will come for about 3 days, but I've asked not for the first few weeks (she wouldn't book a ticket until I'd given birth anyway and will need a few weeks notice before she can up and leave) and it needs to be a b&b! The spare room is now the nursery and I'll be wanting to use it through the night/don't want to tiptoe about trying to be quiet etc. I just don't like people/visitors being around for more than a few hours at the best of times, no matter how close they are, let alone when I'm knackered and bleeding, trying to figure out how to bf/what to do with a baby etc.

TeaAddict235 Mon 11-Nov-13 10:04:09

shropshiremum, 4 gin and tonics! shock you make me laugh!!!!

No Eeyore, you are being very brave telling them in advance where the boundaries are. I salute you. It won't be easy in the first couple of days with a newborn and all of the aches and pains that we'll experience, so I think that you've done the right thing.

Yes Champagne, please let us know if that alcohol free m&s stuff is good. My tongue is dry wink.

marzipanned Mon 11-Nov-13 10:31:24

Eeyore definitely the right thing to do to tell them now. As Tea says it will be much harder when the baby's actually with you!

I don't know what my ILs are planning, they are coming to stay for the month of Feb but not actually at ours, I think at a serviced apartment. At least I hope so! MIL is very respectful of boundaries and also massively helpful, I know I'll appreciate her being there on the cooking/laundry/cleaning front, but part of me just wants it to be the three of us for the first couple of weeks, is that crazy?

I'm worried about post baby blues and trying to make bf work and all those things while also feeling like I'm hosting a little bit (even if guests are amazing, I always feel like I'm hosting!) Love the idea of just curling up with my new little family but maybe that's reeeeaally idealistic...

Artisticme Mon 11-Nov-13 10:31:40

Hello everyonesmile just marking my place in the new, very aptly named threadsmile octopus in here toosmile i swear this little baby never stops!!
Got my first physio appointment today for my back. Heard of a few people going and it not really being of much help so we'll see how i get on. Keeping everything crossed they can help in some way as I really don't see me holding out another 7 weeks at work how things are going:/

lyndsey I had that tingling sensation with my first. Feels like pins and needles? The midwife said to me it was to do with the nerves tearing as your bump grows. It only gets worse towards the end I'm afraid but after the lo is here it does heal.

Ooh I really feel for all of you having parent issues. I don't know If I could have either my mum or mil staying. Although as it stand my OH May not be here when this one arrives so might have to give in and allow one of them to help:/

Making a start to the nursery today Hopefulysmile wish me luck because Iv no idea where to even start!!

Happy Monday everyonesmile

tinypolkadot Mon 11-Nov-13 10:56:53

I’m completely with the rest of you on visitors. My mum lives 3 hours away and will be coming to stay for a few days once the baby is born, I’m dreading it. Dh is going to ring her once I’m in labour and then she’s going to make her way down on the train. My brother lives with her, and so he’s planning on coming down a couple of days later and then take her home. He’s going to have to sleep on the living room floor. It’s going to be awful! Mum thinks we’re going to be shopping for baby clothes once he’s born, erm no, I don’t think so confused

At least we’ve got our nice top floor bedroom with ensuite now so we can hide up there when we need some privacy and time out.

Then on the flip side, Dh’s parents are on holiday for a month and I’m due right in the middle, so I’m fairly certain they will miss the birth which we’re a bit disappointed about. Although eeyore you gave me a great idea – maybe my mum (or just brother) could stay at the inlaw’s house while they are away! It’s about 20 mins away. I know my mum would get offended if we asked her to stay there, but it’s something we could mention for my brother....

Many congrats on the promotion Harlem! Amazing news. I think your uppababy purchase was also a bargain with the car seat and base thrown in, we didn’t see any offers like that when we were looking.

Shrops we got all SIL’s cast off’s yesterday, there are at least 10 bin bags full! I’m dreading looking inside (I know they will have been worn by both my nephews) and go up to the age of 3!! This is what we’ve got to come for the rest of the baby’s life I reckon. Me and Dh having so sort through SIL’s old stuff. She said she’s going to do the toys next, I was crying inside. IMO our nephews have too many toys and rubbish attention spans, I don’t want to be a mean mummy but I really want to nurture my child’s creativity and imagination.

AND I’m still in two minds about the whooping cough jab, I’m going crazy thinking about it. I was going to have it tomorrow, but I think I might quiz the midwife about it at my appointment and put it off for a couple more weeks at least.

TeaAddict235 Mon 11-Nov-13 11:12:12

Hello Artisticme, welcome. Decorating your nursery? I keep putting it off. Maybe a good radio station like Heart or magic and some water to sip might help. Our planned room is bright pink at the mo, and DH keeps saying that the LO is a girl, so there is no need to paint it confused, I have reminded him that we don't know the gender, so we had better paint it.

tinypolka, I love old cast offs. especially clothes. there must be something wrong with me. My SIL is the total opposite, and the minute her LOs grew out of something, she sold it on EBay! The capitalist.

tinypolkadot Mon 11-Nov-13 11:44:00

Tea I am very grateful for the cast offs, it’s just the lack of quality control before hand - she gave us a fabric book which still has 2 year old puke on it hmm could have washed it first! grin But then my other SIL is like yours, she just wanted to sell us stuff, so we had to turn her down for a lot of things.

Artisticme Mon 11-Nov-13 11:46:09

Haha teaaddict that's wishful thinking not having to decorate!! Although pink is always a good choicesmile we know we're having a girl so think we are opting for mainly cream with a baby pink wall aswell. I already have wall decorations and accessories from our first so shouldn't be too much of a job in that respect but it's just the initial clear out that I'm dreading!! Oh well once it's done it's done. Another box to tick off the listsmile

Might be a stupid questions but what do you wear to physio? Supposed to be going out for lunch before hand so wasn't really wanting to wear gym attire but thinking I may have to nip home and get changed after:/

Champagnebubble Mon 11-Nov-13 11:47:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tinypolkadot Mon 11-Nov-13 12:17:53

It’s so confusing isn’t it champagne? Everyone I know who has known someone with a child who had wc says without a doubt they would have it as the experience is so horrendous. The majority of comments/experiences on different websites about the jab are positive, and people I know who’ve had it have gone on to have perfectly healthy babies. It’s just those few with bad experiences which leave me with a niggling doubt.

I think I’m leaning towards leaving the jab as late as possible.

I think if you have worries about allergies champagne, then you should try and discuss it with your doctor if you can. They might also be able to advise about wc in your area (going to quiz the mw about that tomorrow)

Champagnebubble Mon 11-Nov-13 12:28:56

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

camwombat Mon 11-Nov-13 12:42:40

I had wc as a child and my parents say it was terrifying for them to deal with. I was pretty ill with it too. As a result, it was then recommended that I didnt have any of the childhood immunisations (this was early 80s), so I didnt. Great.

From my perspective I will be having the vaccine, the UK has such strict licencing rules for drugs that it wouldnt have been licensed if it was inherently dangerous. Also, with DS I need to be able to go out, his life cant stop because of the new baby. I'm already anticipating issues there.

DS also currently has hand, foot and mouth, so I now need to keep an eye out for that too, although doctor said this is best point in pregnancy to get it if I do. Yay.

Have started my discussion over post birth with my family, it's a difficult one thats going to go down very badly....

gnittinggnome Mon 11-Nov-13 12:42:47

champagne I don't know if this helps at all, but aluminium is in a lot of things that we use in our modern environment (see ingredients in your deoderant for example). This is not to say that it's the same aluminium salts, or that it's 100% harmless, just that aluminium per se is already in your system and unless you live totally off-grid it will get into your LO's system. Allergies sounds like a much bigger issue to me - I hope Allergy UK will be able to help you with some solid information on that.

We've declared our mini-family a no-go area for at least two days after birth, and asked people coming to stay to wait until DH goes back after paternity leave, which will be 3 weeks as he's tacking a week's holiday on after his statutory leave. I'm happy to see his immediate family in short bursts (can't stand his dad, at all, but diluted by the rest of his family and in short bursts it's bearable) and hopefully my little sister and mum will be able to come and stay for a few days when DH goes back to work. What with a potential house move, a higher risk of cesarean due to GD, and no freezer/microwave to pre-emptively batch cook (!) I think I'm going to want some moral support!

HarlemWobble Mon 11-Nov-13 14:08:44

Sorry about the lack of gaviscon Sunflowered. I hope you aren't suffering too much and the day passes quickly for you!

Cam hope your DS feels better soon and you get a well deserved nap this afternoon.

Re the WC jab, I think I'm going to have it but still want to read more about it and the possible side effects. Champs I've been meaning to say thanks for collating all that reading info on the subject on FB. I've got a bit of time left to make up my mind, I think the Dr wanted to book me in to have it at my 31 week appointment which is still 5 weeks away.

Interviews are underway for old job - no joy yet though. I'm hoping this afternoon's sessions are a bit better!

rueyrichardson Mon 11-Nov-13 14:13:17

I'm in the "all the help I can get" camp WRT parents post birth. I really would not have managed to feed myself or DH after DS was born, without my DM's help. We would have survived but it would not have been the same without her. I guess it all comes down to how well you get on and your relationship anyway. We are very close and my DH doesn't mind (mainly cos he is fed better if she is there). The frustrating thing for me was more the outdated advice my DM gave me about baby safety - sleeping on tummies and stuff like that - I ended up pouring pints of Guiness down the sink so as not to offend her on nutritional grounds!

rueyrichardson Mon 11-Nov-13 14:14:41

And congrats Harlem!

Julietee Mon 11-Nov-13 14:29:39

I'm very likely to end up getting the jab, but it worries me that it's a combined jab (why necessary? Why no choice?) and that's it new and different from the one used in the US.
Did you guys read about the resurgence of rickets amongst infants? And even scurvy in some areas? How very eighteenth century! (Not that those are contagious, obviously, being vitamin deficiencies)

My MiL apparently will want to visit shortly after the birth. This is worrying me because our house is very small and there's nowhere to put her except the couch, and only one bathroom to share. Plus I will really not be up for extended company that isn't my mum while sleep deprived and recovering. I don't want to have to put on a social, chatty face for her.
The problem is she is not well off and therefore probably can't afford a B and B. And I want DHs focus to be on me and the baby rather than his mum, entertaining her.
I don't dislike her, I just don't know her particularly well and we have little in common besides her son! And I don't want to have a precious week of DHs holiday-taking spent on his mother. That feels selfish, but I think we can be selfish post birth.

Champagnebubble Mon 11-Nov-13 14:30:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Mon 11-Nov-13 14:34:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

laura0007 Mon 11-Nov-13 15:17:03

I have a week full of needles! I have my 28 week appt tomorrow which includes bloods and anti D! Then my flu and whooping cough jabs on Thursday! I hate needles....confused I hope this baby realises what it's putting me through!

gnittinggnome Mon 11-Nov-13 15:25:00

champagne it is a minefield, especially since the MMR hoo-ha that sounded so credible until it was unpicked much later. And you're right, the tone of the author is so important in trying to decide whether or not this is legitimate or someone's personal bee-in-bonnet. I'll never forget when I worked in a bookshop and a couple came in, convinced that the dump behind their lane was producing mutant insects, with a lot of "there's a lot goes on we don't get told about" only to find out their mutant creature was a common or garden wood wasp...

I'm throwing all my faith in my friend, Dr. P, who is a serious medical researcher and the reason I have the symptoms of pre-eclampsia written on a post-it on my computer monitor (just in case). If he reckons it's a big plus in the risk/benefit analysis, I'm taking his word for it. But then I trust him implicitly, so that makes it easy for me. We all need a Dr. P!

laura hope your pincushion impersonation is down pat, and you get sympathetic and speedily efficient nurses!

Sassy20 Mon 11-Nov-13 15:31:23

Anyone else got the horrible metallic taste back - seems to coincide with slight nausea returning?

My parents live just 45 mins away so will be able to visit without staying. My mil lives a couple of hours away but I wouldn't want her staying as don't really get on so will be saying no room for anyone to stay. I don't think its unreasonable to expect at least a week as a family before visitors descend. Last time a load of dh's extended family turned up but I will be stricter this time and say no till I'm ready. I also will be making it very clear that bloody mil isn't coming to pick me and baby up from hospital with dh which is what happened last time. I was seriously unimpressed as ruined our new family going home for me! I plan to be very selfish this time round. grin

Champagnebubble Mon 11-Nov-13 15:50:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

BatPenguin Mon 11-Nov-13 16:00:38

laura you are not alone! I have my flu jab tomorrow, then next week 28 week bloods, whooping cough and anti d sad I hate needles too - pregnancy is like exposure therapy.

laura0007 Mon 11-Nov-13 16:03:11

It's crap isn't it bat! I just keep thinking its for baby's benefit not mine! I hope I'm brave and don't cry confused there's always a chance lol

ChocoFrog Mon 11-Nov-13 16:20:25

Checking into new thread after missing most of the last one. Maybe I should ask for a smart phone for Christmas hmm

Not feeling too bad here at the mo except for niggly SPD. Not unbearable though so hoping it doesn't get any worse. Really feel for those of you that are in agony. Turning over in bed is the worst for me, like it's not a mammoth task already!

My DM lives round the corner so can't avoid her 'helping out' after birth, but as she will be looking after DS while in labour I can't really complain. She'll keep us fed at the very least but DH will be under orders to step in if needed. He's more diplomatic than me. As for MIL my DS has only met her once and he's 4 so I'm not too worried about her dropping in. Her choice not ours I'd like to add. But FIL has already said they will be visiting in Feb. I may put my foot down and insist it's at least March. Harsh but (for my sanity) fair!

As for nursery my DS is currently in that room and my office is his new room and I have nowhere else to put my office. Argh! Working from home is great but it does mean I need a designated space. A shed in the garden is looking likely, brrrrrrr. Ds room is currently a limeish green. Too garish for a gender neutral nursery?! grin

27+5 (sh*t only 12 weeks 2 days to go...)

Julietee Mon 11-Nov-13 16:27:32

My bump seems to have shrunk considerable today and it's freaking me out.

Littleen Mon 11-Nov-13 17:21:20

Julietee Perhaps it's something you've not eaten?
My parents will probably need to be fended off with swords, they live 10 minutes away >< - my other half's parents live in england so with the massive distance, are unlikely to see baby until he's several months old, atleast from what I have understood (they only have very vague plans about coming here at some point).

Sooo, now I'm supposed to feel kicks every day, I spend most of the day paranoid about whether I will feel any or not. Nothing so far today, so I'm rather concerned at this point!

marzipanned Mon 11-Nov-13 17:38:56

Julietee I have days like that. Agree with Littleen that it depends a lot on how much I've eaten! It might also depend on the baby's position - if s/he has back to your stomach and is pushing out the bump would presumably look a bit bigger?

Sassy I don't have the metallic taste back but I do have a horrible taste which only really goes away when teeth have just been brushed.

Whooping cough - DH and I talked it through the other night and decided against it. But now I'm feeling uncertain again. Argh...

Champagnebubble Mon 11-Nov-13 17:41:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EeyoreIsh Mon 11-Nov-13 17:47:02

julietee it could be the way baby is sitting, what you've eaten, or even what you're wearing. my bump looks huge in two dresses I have, but quite discreet in jeans.

littleen have you tried cold drinks/lying on your side? mine seems to respond now to constant pressure where it's lying, as it makes it move. It sounds mean, but it works.

Thanks for all the responses about parents in the first few weeks and days. I'd love my parents to be around, just not 24/7! My mum will do a great job at looking after me, but I'll get stressed if I can't veg/feed/sleep when I want to. I'm one of these people that needs a bit of quiet time each day.

After my Monday morning blues work was actually good today! Still got more to do, and a few stressy points, but I coped! believe it or not, hr have still not seen sense on bringing my maternity leave forward, but they talking shit so I'm not worried grin as far as I'm concerned, I'll be off from 21 December!

Julietee Mon 11-Nov-13 17:47:53

Well, I just took a shower and bump came back! Maybe wearing black was too slimming...hehe.

misskatamari Mon 11-Nov-13 17:48:23

Sorry to hear about all the visitor dilemmas. My mum isn't mobile so we will go and visit her once we're up to it. I don't think pil have any plans to come and visit straight away as they live about 4 hours away. They'll happily stay in a hotel round the corner anyway so were pretty lucky not to have to worry about unexpected visitors. When we went to look round the hospital last week the midwife doing the tour was telling everyone to ban all visitors unless they were coming to help and to change voicemails to saying "hi, we're all doing well, we'll let you know when we"re up for visitor". I definitely want a few days/week of just the three of us getting used to being a family.

I think I'm having my whooping cough jab on weds at my 28 week midwife appointment. It's hard to know if you're making the right choice, but there have been quite a lot of cases round here so I don't want to risk it.

Gosh I had year 11 last lesson today and I couldn't believe how awful they were! They've been doing so well this year (which for a class of nutters has been amazing). One lad buggered off on holiday for a month tho and now he has returned he just seems to be a big lazy catalyst for poor behaviour. I could feel my blood pressure rising throughout the whole lesson and bloody cried from how stressed I was after the lesson. Sooo pissed off - I've not been upset by a class in about 6 years. Hopefully all the parental phone calls I made will make a difference! Grrrrrr!

Home now tho and had a tasty tea of mash and fish fingers (and chocolate biscuits oops). Hopefully I can have a quick shower and still have enough energy left to have a relax on the sofa and do some crochet!

Is anyone else really struggling with Christmas present buying? We're usually pretty generous but this year we have so much to shell out for baby things plus our Hoover just packed up - and I've only got two pay checks left until I start mat leave. I'm trying to balance getting people good presents with them being bargains. DH says we don't need to get people stuff and they will understand but it just feels really stingy and horrid not to. Need to get my bargain hunting hat on (and make whatever I can smile).

misskatamari Mon 11-Nov-13 17:51:35

Gosh Eeyore I can't believe what numpties your work are being! Have they never encountered a pregnant woman before!?

Littleen - have you been more active today? I know it sounds a bit weird but apparently if you're moving around lots it rocks the baby to sleep so it doesn't move much. I know I definitely don't feel that much at work as I'm on my feet most of the day and then she starts wriggling around in the evening x

Blimey my dh is always trying to encourage me to have a drink. I have the occasional one during pg (celebrated my bfp with a mojito!) but never two - dh is always saying oh I'm sure you can have another one! I just try to make sure that my occasional drink is really worth it - champagne or cocktail - and then sob that I have to stop at 1. I hate to break it to anyone, but you kinda still can't drink in the early days of bf either.... not in a proper way grin

My parents should have moved here (Cardiff - not my house!) by the time dc2 arrives so will be amazing to have them around. DF is a fantastic cook and my mum will take care of household chores and then they will just leave us in peace. The IL's will come for a few days (they live over 3 hours away) and will do nothing except eat and drink. Although they are very good at playing with ds now he is a bit older so that in itself will be hugely helpful so I musn't be ungrateful.

Thingymajigs Mon 11-Nov-13 18:02:59

miss, we have told everyone that we aren't buying for adults this year so we don't want any presents ourselves due to expensive house move and baby. Everyone has been fine with that although DP is still to tell his family. hmm We've also set a £100 budget each for ds1 and ds2 but I imagine that'll bump up to £150 each with stocking gifts.
I have just bought 21 one life nappies, 7 wraps, 2 fuzzi bunz, 200 liners, 2 nappy nets and various extras all for £10. smile I don't need to buy any more nappies now unless these wear out or when we get to the potty training stage. All in all I've spent just £101 for birth to potty nappies with all of the extras. Half of those are brand new. If you are planning to use cloth and don't mind second hand nappies then I recommend asking at a local charity shop. They get given loads and don't realise the resale value.

Poppy954 Mon 11-Nov-13 18:03:04

Congrats harlem

I sympathise with the visitors dilemmas. I will absolutely not tell anyone I was in labour apart from whoever is looking after my other children. My friend told her family and they turned up at the hospital. To me that's the precious time when you don't want visitors.
I have a lovely memory of coming home from hosp with DS1 and one side of my family arriving with a lovely bottle of wine and having my first glass of wine in 9 months in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.
They were also good when I had ds2 and said they would fit in however I wanted. I remember saying I need you to look after the baby for an hour or so so I can play a game with ds1.
I actually found that the usual niggles of having family around didn't apply as they all stayed in hotels and let me say what suited me. It was actually nice to see people soon after giving birth as it can feel a bit 'now what'? after all the initial excitement.

CubanoHabana Mon 11-Nov-13 18:03:53

I think I am just having whooping cough vaccine, but still haven't had a straight answer about it - I had whooping cough last December (it was horrible) so don't know if I need it or not.

But if I'm not covered, I will have it, as it was so horrible having. T at 28 let alone what a baby would be like!

Poppy954 Mon 11-Nov-13 18:05:54

missk for me it's more that I can't be bothered to think if, buy and wrap Christmas presents. I just want to skip Christmas and go straight to January!

Poppy954 Mon 11-Nov-13 18:07:03

Also - whooping cough jab. Have you all been offered it. It hasn't been mentioned to me and I've had a flu jab??

Thisisfreakingmeout Mon 11-Nov-13 18:30:58

laura & bat I had my 28 week bloods and anti d today. Blood-taking was the usual bummer and anti d was just like a normal jab with a little added sting. Don't look as the needle looks worse but you will be fine.

The worst part was waiting in my local hospital for an hour despite having a specific appointment. Lots of faffing about. No clear idea who is doing what. Midwives and nurses apparently wandering about while me and 3 other women sit looking baffled!

misskatamari Mon 11-Nov-13 18:31:30

I had a letter through from the gp about my jab but midwife has told me from the start you get it at your 28 week app. Seems like that isn't a common thing tho so not sure if you have to actually book it at a lot of places.

Oooh in terms of booze and breast feeding - I read some advice that said the best time to drink whilst breast feeding is whilst breast feeding - the logic being that the alcohol doesn't go into your system that quickly and that gives the biggest gap between ingesting it and the next feed. Lol dunno quite how well that would go down tho knocking back a pint whilst the baby has her feed grin

Champagnebubble Mon 11-Nov-13 19:01:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

winterflowers Mon 11-Nov-13 19:18:28

Gah wrote huge post and lost it. Basically don't know abt wc as they can't prove it works to protect baby. According to theory tho best time would be abt 32 wks as antibodies high after two wks and u want that close to birth.

Forgot all other comments now, you ladies were so chatty today!

EeyoreIsh Mon 11-Nov-13 19:18:36

champs, the problem is that all hr queries are now dealt with my admin level staff through shared services, they have no hr training. trying to track down an actual hr professional is nigh on impossible! There's one star in our real hr, but even she isn't actually an hr professional.

never mind. home now, I can relax once I've written a paper that I've been putting off for weeks! oops, bad me.

notoneforselfies Mon 11-Nov-13 19:58:19

misskat hampers are where it's at for bargain Christmas gifts. I made one for in laws, my parents and siblings/partners last year and they all loved it, especially that I'd put so much effort into it and it's all home made. I did it because I'd run out if ideas for everyone and didn't want to buy tat for the sake of it. I made Christmas chutney, piccalilli, brandy snaps, candied clementines, marzipan and blueberry muffins, chilli infused oil and mini bottles of mulled rum (to add a shot to hot apple juice for a winter warmer). Put everything into old jars I collected and mini bottles from Lakeland plastics, decorated with bits and bobs from paperchase etc. Job done! Going to do it every year now.

SugarMiceInTheRain Mon 11-Nov-13 20:14:06

I've made hampers the last few years for most of the adults we buy for (I mean, if they need/want something they usually buy it for themselves anyway) They always go down well. Usually include homemade jam/ mincemeat/ chutney, a mini Christmas cake, chocolate truffles, biscotti, glazed nuts (either sweet or spicy, depending on the individual), oils... This year I'm going to try my hand at Stollen. Alternatively, have also made candles and done a pamper hamper with a gorgeous scented candle, hand/ body scrub and bath oil - all dead easy to make.

I've bought all the presents I plan to buy (and wrapped quite a few) so just the making to do - most things above can be made in advance as they keep well so less stress nearer Christmas has to be a good thing! grin

On the baby front, I think I have all the clothes in the nursery sorted, and have plenty of nappies/ wipes etc bought on deals. Tip for 1st timers going the disposable route - in my experience Aldi's Mamia nappies are as good as Pampers and half the price. I love the idea of cloth but didn't manage to keep up with the washing with DS1 or 2 so can't face the hassle a third time round. Still need to clear out the boys' books from the bookshelves, repaint and decide on a theme - I want to buy some nice matching curtains, bedding, lamps etc, DH thinks this is unnecessary, though has at least conceded the room needs a lick of paint. It'll need to be an Ebay job for the soft furnishings so I'm keeping an eye out on there for nursery decorations.

LittlePandaBear Mon 11-Nov-13 21:10:50

Wow, that took a while to catch up on the last few days posts, chatty ladies! Congrats Harlem, a promotion whilst 6 months ish pregnant is very impressive smile

I hadn't really thought about the whopping cough jab but will talk to my midwife about it at my 28 week appointment in just over a week. I tend to go along with the recommendations and trust that they're recommending the best thing for me and baby as I have zero medical knowledge. If I read too much about it it will confuse me!

I understand the annoyance at family members insisting that they're staying the second the baby comes out. It's not their baby, they've had their turn! It takes a lot of getting used to when baby comes out and personally I just wanted it to be me, DH and baby so we could bond and get to know eachother. Maybe it depends on the relationship with your family as my parents aren't the type to 'help' around the house, they would make more mess etc. My parents live hours away and last time stayed in a hotel as not to intrude but still be able to meet the baby, which was fine. They did give us privacy. We haven't really talked about it this time round, but now we have a bigger house but DD will be in the former guest room and still one bathroom so am tempted to ask them to stay in a nearly hotel rather than in the house.

It's also awkward if you're trying to establish breastfeeding and your Dad/Dad in law are in the room with you! I think they forget how much time you have to spend with your boobs out and unless you've done it before it's unlikely you'll be able to do it subtley with company! And then baby will be up all night needing feeding so guests won't get any sleep if they stay with you. I think you need very understanding parents to want them in your house when you've just given birth who will actually help you rather than interfere.

My in laws live 10 mins away and will look after DD when I'm in the hospital so can't refuse them a visit, but I know they won't want to get in the way. I worry that they'll try to look after DD for too long and I don't want her to feel left out so want her back with us as soon as I'm home. My in laws have a 4 bedroom house with an extra bathroom just for the 2 of them, but they've never offered to have my parents stay with them and I don't feel I can ask. Our parents get on when they meet up but the in laws are very tidy/clean freaks and my parents are the opposite so maybe that's why they've never offered!

I guess we have to remember that one day we may be the interfering in laws/grandmas ourselves, desperate for a glimpse of our darling new grandchild shock

LittlePandaBear Mon 11-Nov-13 21:11:14

Sorry for the mammoth post, got carried away!

EeyoreIsh Mon 11-Nov-13 21:18:28

baby is doing a crazy wiggle, I can feel the movements at the top and the bottom of the bump at the same time grin so cute!

Somanychanges Tue 12-Nov-13 07:42:07

Ooh those hampers sound amazing. We are not buying presents for anyone this year apart from our own children. We will be staying put at home as well I think. We were supposed to go to Scotland and stay in a Lodge with family. But it just seems like too much hassle and too much money now. I think I just want to be here with my DH and DC play board games and eat cake!

Shropshire now I just need your log burning stove and it would be perfect.

I think I might have to ask my DM to come and stay when I give birth or there will be no one to look after DC. She lives in Scotland so will have to stay with us. We are not good at getting along when in the same building for more than a few days but I will just have to live with that as I am sure she will be really helpful.

My in laws on the other hand I am not going to even tell them until baby arrives. With my first it was awful, I was in labour for 3 days and had chosen to have DH and my DM at the birth. But throughout the whole experience nearly every member of my DH family came to the hospital and just came in the room and rudely sat there and watched me labouring. I cannot think why I didn't tell them to bug off but probably as I was just in too much pain but I wish the midwife had not allowed anyone in. Then even worse once I finally gave birth and was moved to the ward. As they took me down in a wheelchair with dd the lift opened and about 10 members of his family came running out of it all shouting congratulations and running up to me and dd. That was where the midwife did step in and she actually shouted at them. She said I had just given birth, had not slept in days and this was a hospital and they should behave as such. She told them to all go home and come back tomorrow in visiting hours.

Bless them they were obviously excited but I was so glad for that midwife. This time however, I will probably not see them as we have escaped London and no longer round the corner from all DH family. I am sure the PIL will come and visit though once I am back home.

misskatamari Tue 12-Nov-13 07:49:28

Gosh somany that's crazy - I can't believe they were just sat about watching you in labour!

Noooo I'm joining you all in the night time leg cramps! Holy crap - had it twice in my left sign last night. Though I'd escaped that lovely Preggo symptom hmm

EeyoreIsh Tue 12-Nov-13 07:57:48

somany that would drive me crazy! Good on the midwife for finally intervening.

Anti-d day today. I'll report back on how it goes.

Champagnebubble Tue 12-Nov-13 09:25:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Artisticme Tue 12-Nov-13 09:49:24

champagne I am the same, don't know if it is more my hips though:/ and on both sides. Think I had the worst sleep yet last night!! I feel your pain! I had physio yesterday and she said to sleep with a pillow under my waist and in between my legs so as not to distort my spine and pelvis. Last night I started with the one under my waist so tonight going to try the pillow inbetween my legs aswell and see if it makes a difference. If anyone has any other suggestions though they would be much appreciatedsmile

Ps all this talk of Christmas hampers has made me crave mulled winesad might be a stupid question but does it still have alcohol in it?

laura0007 Tue 12-Nov-13 09:51:21

Mine too Eeyore. What time is yours? Mines at 2pm. I'm secretly hoping you get to go first then can tell me if it hurts or not before I go grin

LovesToBake Tue 12-Nov-13 09:54:35

Wow, I go away for the weekend, don't have a chance to catch up on the new thread yesterday and there's already 7 PAGES! Haven't been able to read through everyone's news yet but am pleased to report that while I'm a little behind on my flapjack homework, the ingredients have been duly added to my Ocado order, coming tomorrow evening. DS and I will be baking some this weekend as it's DH's birthday on Monday so guess that's his birthday 'cake' sorted then!

In other news (and at risk of TMI), DH got the surprise of his life this morning when for only about the 3rd time in the entire pregnancy I woke up feeling decidedly 'frisky' - poor chap didn't know what had hit him at 6:30am!

My third piece of news is that I bought a birthing pool from eBay at the weekend! Going to inflate it at the weekend to check it's ok (in theory it's brand new and unused) and maybe turn it into a ball pit for DS

Champagnebubble Tue 12-Nov-13 09:59:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

winterflowers Tue 12-Nov-13 10:04:24

Ah I was kind of hoping that the heating of the mulled wine would de-alcoholise it...may have to have a mug anyway it's such a winter warmer.

Somany that sounds nuts about your inlaws! Definitely keep quiet on this one. Mw sounds a legend tho, hope we all have ones so sane

EeyoreIsh Tue 12-Nov-13 10:28:12

The anti d was absolutely fine. Didn't hurt or sting at all really. Everything else normal too.

We also had a look around the midwife led unit. It was really calm and the room with the pool was great. The midwife was lovely too. We're still undecided though as I'd anything does go wrong it is 45 min transfer to the bigger hospital.

BatPenguin Tue 12-Nov-13 10:43:54

champagne / artistic I have got a memory foam topper for my mattress which has really helped with painful hips/legs, along with propping up with pillows. Might be worth a try?

LovesToBake Tue 12-Nov-13 11:18:27

And now I've finally caught up on the thread. Only feeling mildly hugely embarrassed by my admission of pouncing on DH this morning!

I'll be having the WC jab - I'm choosing to go with the professionals on this one and it sounds like a really nasty illness so keen to avoid it at all costs really.

Sounds like lots of you have quite demanding families expecting to swoop in once the baby arrives! With DS, my ILs were overseas but happened to get back to Heathrow the morning after we got home from hospital so they popped in for a few hours before they drove home (they live 3hrs away). They then came back a week later and very graciously drove up and back in one day. I can't imagine putting people up as guests in my house with a newborn. My DPs live about 1hr20mins away so they're always happy to do day trips and they visited us in hospital the day after DS was born. They then came up several times in the first few weeks but were always brilliant at bringing food supplies. My Mum got into the routine of bringing a delicious quiche from a deli near them and a bag of salad and she would always heat it up, prepare the salad, lay the table and basically make sure we had a good lunch, then clear up afterwards. My brothers both visited on day 3 I think and came mid-morning, bringing croissants which was lovely as once they'd all had a cuddle with DS, he fell asleep in his moses basket and we all sat around the table eating croissants and drinking coffee, felt very civilised.

This time round because I'm planning a home birth, we won't be restricted by hospital visiting hours and neither sets of parents have expressed any advance wishes to visit us at particular times, I think they'll all just come up in the first few days for daytime visits most likely. I think we'll be glad of it even more this time as we can put them to work and they can take DS off to the playground/feed the ducks etc!

tinypolkadot Tue 12-Nov-13 11:31:35

Just had my anti-D, it did hurt a bit for me - maybe it's down to the midwife. Also had my bloods taken, they've sent off my wee stick to be tested and my blood pressure was a bit high. All in all, not the best appointment!

EeyoreIsh Tue 12-Nov-13 11:58:27

Oh tiny, sorry to hear that. my midwife was v gentle so maybe that helped. my arm is a little heavy feeling now. I hope everything else is nothing to worry about.

Champagnebubble Tue 12-Nov-13 12:07:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tinypolkadot Tue 12-Nov-13 12:14:25

Oh god, I’m worrying now. When she tested my blood pressure, she said the top measurement was high and she would test again at the end of the appointment because she thought I was a bit flustered having just arrived. We completely forgot to measure it again with everything else she was doing, there was traces of protein in my urine (why it’s getting tested) and now I’m reading if you have both high blood pressure and protein it’s a sign of pre-eclampsia and she should have referred me for further testing.

Don’t know what to do, if my blood pressure was raised or not, and pre-eclampsia sounds terrifying! confused

EeyoreIsh Tue 12-Nov-13 12:15:15

Don't worry! Can you call her up and ask if you can pop back in for the second reading?

tinypolkadot Tue 12-Nov-13 12:23:48

ThanksEeyorish I'm back at work now and I'm about an hour away (I left my notes with phone numbers at home). I think I will ring when I get home and see if I can get my blood pressure measured again tomorrow.

Unplastered Tue 12-Nov-13 12:31:27

I am so glad none of mine or DH's family are expecting visiting rights! Somany your experience sounds horrific! Your DH should have told them all to bog off till baby was a fortnight old!
My mum and dad are planning on staying in the area for January/February and will visit the hospital after baby arrives, but will be like last time and just leave us alone otherwise. As are my brother and DSil. They're great. DH's family consists of 2 grown up DDs who are more like my little sisters (who will also visit hospital after birth laden with presents then give us space!) and a very elderly aunt and uncle who live 2 hours away, who will send money and we will visit at Easter! At times like that I am glad of a small family.

Been given an unexpected day off work on Thursday, then normal day off Friday - looking forward to 2 days on my own while DD is at school!

Champagnebubble Tue 12-Nov-13 12:44:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Unplastered Tue 12-Nov-13 12:57:03

Has anyone seen the BBC news thread about £200 vouchers as an incentive for mums to breast feed?

LovesToBake Tue 12-Nov-13 13:08:22

Yes I saw that Unplastered - I'm not convinced to be honest! Not sure a financial incentive is really the best way to encourage people who aren't planning to breastfeed to give it a go. Surely they should be encouraged on the basis that it's a great start for their baby.

tinypolkadot Tue 12-Nov-13 13:31:10

Thanks Champagne I can't stop googling! I think they should pick it up with the urine sample they are sending off if it's a problem, so I'm going to try not to worry about it. I'll just keep an eye out for any of the other symptoms and ring the hospital straight away if I'm worried.

winterflowers Tue 12-Nov-13 13:44:28

Also tiny the bottom measure is the more concerning one so if that was ok that is good! It's probably the white coat effect so stay off Google and just watch how u feel x

Julietee Tue 12-Nov-13 13:47:41

Unplastered Yeah, it kind of annoys me - what about women who try to BF but can't for whatever reason?

Thingymajigs Tue 12-Nov-13 14:30:21

Try not to worry tiny, they found traces in my sample too but its fine. I also get white coat syndrome which once led to 140/98 result before I got pregnant. Sometimes it just happens. Today mine was 123/72 so it does change and isn't anything to worry about.
Just had my whooping cough jab and bloods at my 28 week appointment. It is a relief to know baby is growing exactly right for dates and hear his heartbeat. I had two midwives (one trainee) have a feel of my bump and apparently baby is head down already. He kept on kicking the doppler. grin My next appointment is on Christmas Eve when I'll be 34 weeks. This is getting very real!

marzipanned Tue 12-Nov-13 14:31:56

tiny agree with others don't worry just yet, protein traces in pee is normal and BP can fluctuate loads, mine is normally 120/60 but went up to something/80 when they took it just after I'd had my scan, clearly I was v. excited having just seen baby!

unplastered I think the scheme is bizarre. Without even taking into consideration all the reasons why a woman may not be able to BF, there doesn't seem any reason (to me) why people couldn't just lie!

Also had my 28wk appointment today and finally saw a really great midwife who was shocked at the state of my notes - I hadn't been given any results back from my 12wk tests (I had wondered a bit about this, especially with you lot getting your anti-D jabs...), I hadn't been talked to about breastfeeding (she gave me a DVD all about it) or ante natal classes, etc etc.

Anyway the appointment lasted nearly an hour and all good - pee looked normal but she's sent some off to the lab as I mentioned the horrid smell last week, bump measuring 28wk exactly, heartbeat galloping away, happy days. Though I did chuck up twice en route, got to keep my feet on the ground right smile

Thingymajigs Tue 12-Nov-13 14:34:19

Oh and that breastfeeding incentive is ridiculous. How are vouchers going to alter problems with bf and resources or to change perceptions of bf'ing? We've just had a week of reports about the failings in midwifery care so surely the money would be better spent there.

Sassy20 Tue 12-Nov-13 14:41:46

The bf incentive is a complete joke. How exactly are they going to tell if the women have bf for 6 wks before giving first voucher - sit with them 24/7?! What about women who want to bf but can't for genuine reasons? Do they really think that some of the women they'll be dealing with will use the vouchers for healthy eating etc? Idiots!

tinypolkadot Tue 12-Nov-13 15:10:20

Thanks for all the advice everyone, I've calmed down a bit now! I'd worked myself up a little bit there.

I think that incentive is a joke as well, I've no idea how they plan on monitoring and measuring it. Like others have said, the money would be better spent on breastfeeding support after the birth.

ChocoFrog Tue 12-Nov-13 15:38:55

I apologise now for the forth coming rant but I need to vent somewhere.

Just had a phone call from my HR dept to tell me that I owe over £1000 to them because they've overpaid me for the last 3 months. Basically I did a six month stint at the beginning of the year where I did a 4 day week for a project I was covering. Then at the beginning of August I went back to my normal 3 day week, but they didn't change their automatic records and hence the overpayment. They aren't being awful about it, and I can decide how I pay it back and when, but grrrrrrr angry I'm so cross. The timing is awful so close to Christmas and mat leave and I'm not sure what to do. I can work extra hours and not get paid for them to make it up but not sure I'm keen on that. Oh bum, that's really ruined my day!

As for paying breastfeeding mums I agree that the money would be better spent elsewhere with support and social change. We don't need something else to make mums feel like failures when they struggle to breastfeed. We need peer supporters and useful advice from those people who've actually breast fed themselves (not themselves obviously, I mean their babies grin)

Julietee Tue 12-Nov-13 16:02:55

Wow Choco, that's ludicrous. So now you're responsible for payroll's fuckup. Seems fair.

EeyoreIsh Tue 12-Nov-13 16:35:26

That's awful choco. I hope they're really flexible as to how to need to repay

laura0007 Tue 12-Nov-13 17:11:26

Tiny my anti d hurt too! The midwife showed me the size of the needle afterwards and said it has to go into muscle so I'm really not surprised it hurt!
Baby is only measuring 26 weeks today too and I'm meant to be 28 weeks... Hopefully just a blip and he will have a growth spurt before the next appointment.

misskatamari Tue 12-Nov-13 17:31:54

Chocco this rubbish - I hope they are flexible about it - bunch if idiots.

Oh my god - I got home to find DH at home and homeserve pulling up. Apparently this morning his shower leaked completely through to the lounge, then Into the basement and even someone crossing the lounge ceiling to leak down near the front door. Homeserve tried to get a look at the pipes and couldn't get in through the ceiling so now were trying to get hold of insurance to see if they can help. Apparently the pipes underneath the bathroom are probably just fitted really badly and we'll have to get the bathroom floor ripped up and maybe even the babies room too. hmmconfused just what we bloody need.

On top of that school have decided to implement a lesson observation idea where at any time over a two week period they can come and observe you with any class and want to see ofsted style lessons and are gonna grade you (which potentially affects your pay). Ofsted don't even expect that!

Feel so stressed, I dread to think what my BP will be at midwife appointment tomorrow c

winterflowers Tue 12-Nov-13 17:42:52

Wow misskat that sounds super stressful and probably counter productive on your school's part...

And sorry to hear that choco nuts they didn't catch it amd definitely make sure they give you flexible options.

laura I was measuring 23wks at 24 wks and my dr wasn't concerned. Measuring the bump is a little approximate and if they were ever genuinely concerned you'd be pulled in for scans.

The bf thing is ridiculous. Not being able to bf is one of my biggest fears and such schemes just se so inconsiderate for women who physically can't.

PoopPoooDeDooo Tue 12-Nov-13 17:44:31

My anti-d last week was fine didn't feel it at all (had it in hip perhaps my love handles helped?!) but yesterdays WC jab is still v ooouchy!! My whole arm is aching sad

PoopPoooDeDooo Tue 12-Nov-13 17:46:30

Oh no Miss Kat hope you get sorted out! Sending you a relaxing brew

marzipanned Tue 12-Nov-13 17:49:46

choco I'm glad they're being flexible. I just wonder whether they are legally allowed to do that... unfortunately I don't know anything about that but I do remember a case in which a bank accidentally put money in someone's account and they were legally entitled to it. Might be worth doing a bit of research on?!

misskat AAARGH! Are you going to have to join me in the my-home-is-being-ripped-apart-while-I'm-6-months-pregnant club? I really hope not sad Though hotel living has its benefits (breakfast!) Just keep telling yourself - thank goodness it happened now not in February (that's what I do in my low moments..)

Agree that the school plans sound counter productive at best...

EeyoreIsh Tue 12-Nov-13 18:09:08

missk that sounds like a shit day sad that sounds really unreasonable of work, to expect you to be available to that level of scrutiny. How v stressful.

Can I join the house falling apart club? The work on our en suite has not been going well and I had to bring the main guy in to voice our complaints. They should have finished last week, now it looks like it'll be some time next week and until then we can't start work on the nursery or our bedroom. And then a light bulb blew. As in exploded and burnt the cable shock DH and I are now in agreement that we need to get an electrician in to check the wiring! Luckily it happened in a room we don't use much.

Poppy954 Tue 12-Nov-13 18:39:00

tiny missk choco sorry to hear you've had bad days. Hope you all get sorted.

laura have you got a chart for the mw to plot your measurement? Your measurements should depend on your height and weight and not everyone should measure the same number of cm per week. Think of a really overweight lady compared to a very slim lady, their bumps are not going to measure the same size. You should have a personalised chart that shows your expected measurements. The other thing is it is only accurate from about 28 weeks as a little bit of variation at this stage can make a large difference in your chart. Also as someone else said it's only a rough guide. I know someone who had a 10lb 10oz baby last week having been told all along it wasn't a big baby. When's your next appt?

laura0007 Tue 12-Nov-13 18:46:11

Thanks poppy, but he was measuring exactly 25 weeks at my 25 week appt and now 3 weeks later is measuring 26 weeks. The midwife didn't seem too concerned, just said that we'd maybe look at a growth scan if he's still small at the 31 week appt. she said it could have been the way he was laid or any number of reasons.
She did say I have a very neat bump though which I took as a huge compliment seeing as she must see hundreds of bumps a week!

sunflowered Tue 12-Nov-13 18:50:37

missk you sound like you need flowers and [illegal wine] - hope your insurance can help you out getting it sorted sad

eeyore your wiring sounds a bit alarming too... Someone remind me again why home ownership is better than renting...?! (my roof is still leaking a bit too...)

The breast feeding 'incentive' sounds just ridiculous. Just read a very emotional post on facebook from someone whose dd has just had tongue tie spotted and treated after months and months of struggling to feed or put on weight (even formula was hard I think) - surely they would have been much happier and emotionally better off for the last 6 months having that £200 invested into better training so that the tongue tie could have been identified when she was newborn? The couple in question sound like they have an amazing relationship and supported each other through months of feeding nightmares but it sounds like it could have done lasting damage to their relationship and as a result to their family very easily... Not sure a few quid to spend in asda really makes up for that sort of stress.

Am having serious doubts today about going back to my current job - I'm struggling to find time to feed myself let alone a toddler... Need a chat with the boss tomorrow to challenge his adding up - am now working 'a couple of days a week' on 4 projects... I wanted to be winding down by now!!

camwombat Tue 12-Nov-13 18:50:54

sorry so many people have had crap days.

choco this is really crap of your payroll dept not to notice until now. sadly I believe that they are entitled to take the money back and in theory in your next paycheck. however I would talk to payroll and see if it can be done in installments. make sure you get an accurate detailed amount from them though as you have paid tax and ni on this extra payment, so you don't want to be out of pocket. this is only based on my experience in companies there is no telling an 18 year old not to spend that extra money it's an error sorry not to be bearer of good tidings.

I was shocked when the midwife today said, I'll see you in 6 weeks, what? when did this all change, last time from now I was more or less fortnightly appointments. work loved it thats Christmas eve too, where's time gone?! hmm

Champagnebubble Tue 12-Nov-13 18:55:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Poppy954 Tue 12-Nov-13 19:02:08

laura was it the same mw both t

Poppy954 Tue 12-Nov-13 19:02:25


laura0007 Tue 12-Nov-13 19:05:29

No different midwife

gnittinggnome Tue 12-Nov-13 19:17:35

Sorry to hear tales of housing and work woe! Hope it (they) get worked out properly.

Just chipping into the bf debate: have you seen this amazing spoken-word poem from Holly McNish about being made to feel embarrassed by breastfeeding? I can't see cash in hand working this particular social issue out in a generation, and agree with everyone above that women need well-informed help and resources to support bf, if they want to do it, not shopping vouchers ffs.

Anyway, here's the link to the poem, it's really good (I think!)

Poppy954 Tue 12-Nov-13 19:19:17

Well that could easily explain it. With my second oak way measured bigger when it wasn't my usual mw.

LovesToBake Tue 12-Nov-13 19:22:58

Gnitting yes I've seen that poem, it's amazing isn't it. Powerful stuff.

Choco - what a massive pain about working overpaying you, rubbish timing just before Christmas and mat leave. Hope they'll at least let you pay it back spread out in small instalments.

MissKat that does sound like a truly rubbish day. Reminds me of when we had a frozen pipe burst in the loft about a week before DS was born. We had water streaming through our spare room ceiling, right onto my beautifully packed hospital bag. I guess it could have been a lot worse, it could have come down into the nursery but still, we could have done without all the hassle of plumbers and trying to dry everything out just before DS arrived. Maybe it's good luck or something - and definitely good to get these things out of the way now and now in Feb!

misskatamari Tue 12-Nov-13 19:37:03

Thanks ladies - and sorry for everyone else having crappy days!

DH is trying to phone insurance people now as we're not even sure how to get this fixed confused - owning a home is so annoying some times.

Atleast it's happened now and not in feb though as many have said. School wise I'm just not going to stress myself out - baby and my health are more important so they can see what they see - I'm not spending two weeks working all hours planning every lesson to crazy ofsted level for one random observation.

Off to my next door neighbours for a shower now! Thank god were good friends or DH would be hosing me down in the garden! Brrrrr.

ChocoFrog Tue 12-Nov-13 19:47:01

Thanks for all the support guys. Makes me feel much better smile

Work are generally pretty good about these things and very flexible so I'm not worried about it being a problem but just a shock I could do without. I realise I'm as much to blame and should have checked my payroll but I'm really rubbish at such things. Especially as ours are now electronic, not a nice paper copy. I'm such a Luddite technologically it's a miracle I ever manage to get on MN!

missk - hope your house issues are resolved soon. Not great to have to deal with that and changes at work. I'm sending you cake as that helped me.

laura - don't worry about measurements being a bit off. If they're worried next time they'll send you for a scan which is much more acurate and will probably be fine. My DS had small measurements but they weren't picked up till 39 weeks due to different midwives. He was small when born but is now a strapping 4 year old and nobody believes me when I say he was 6 and 1/2 lbs at birth! Easy to say but try not to worry for now. cake for you too.

Poppy954 Tue 12-Nov-13 20:12:01

That previous message made no sense.

With my second I always measured bigger if I saw a midwife other than my usual midwife.

Forgot to say lovesto no need to be embarrassed!

barebranches Tue 12-Nov-13 20:16:12

what a crap day sad
im really lucky... think ill get through this whole term without a lesson obs... think thats a first!!! (although ive had to watch everyone else which was hell)

Bumps getting really heavy to lug about now... cant believe she'll only get bigger and heavier.

Well I am in 2 minds about the bf incentive trial - and it is just a trial to see if it makes any difference. The vouchers will have been donated so is not costing the nhs anything, its targeted at women who would not normally consider bf-ing (not the ones who want to but lack support) and bf rates in some areas are quite frankly piss poor (eg only 11% of women in Merthyr Tydfil even try to bf, let alone reach their bf goals). It would actually be easy to monitor as presumably feedback sessions will be part of the trial participation (which is voluntary). I don't think there is anything to lose here for anyone?

There are 2 strands here - encouraging women to bf in the first place and then helping them keep going once they have started. I think as a trial its worth a shot - the women they are targeting don't care about "breast is best" (which is not an nhs message) - they are adhering to their own social norms and the aim of the trial is to give them some financial incentive to step out of their norm.

Rant over smile

I am dreading my Anti-D injection - it fecking hurt last pg!

Also, I almost always had a trace of protein in my urine last pg and around the 3rd trimester my bp shot up but then stayed consistently high (compared to my norm) but my mw was never concerned and that combined with my high bmi, I was still a suitable candidate for homebirth. Even during labour when my bp went even higher, if g&a hadn't worked to bring it down they would have advised hospital transfer but not as an emergency case (would just have to wait until there was an ambulance free and no blue lights!)

This time I have had "unidentified growths" in my urine and the lab messed up my second sample hmm I didn't bother to produce a third sample as I am sure its nowt and quite frankly between all the jabs and scans I am sick of nhs waiting rooms!

sunflowered Tue 12-Nov-13 22:36:58

Good point petty. I used to work in healthcare in an area which I think had similar stats and I guess if you haven't got past the 'there are benefits for your baby maybe give this a try' hurdle then you never get people to the stage where they need support when it gets hard.

marzipanned Tue 12-Nov-13 22:43:08

petty I didn't realise the vouchers were being donated, that changes my view slightly. I still think people could fake it though - if they really wanted - and of course the vouchers can be spent on anything, it might be better having something like the WIC program in the US which lets you buy things like milk, eggs, nappies, etc.
I still feel as if the financial incentive to try bf should be that you don't have to buy formula...but people do place a higher value on cash that's given to them than on cash that they've saved.

Still - as a trial it will be interesting to see what impact it has. I'm not sure what the numbers are on cost of bf babies to NHS v cost of ff babies to NHS but presumably some good savings could be made. But the support for bf, both for women that want to try it and women for whom it's not part of the culture, needs to be made available.

Actually, I asked my mw today about bf support at the hospital and she said "well it's there but you'll have to ask for it." Which shocked me a bit - that it's not even standard.

Anyway. Let's hope we all manage to feed our babies the way we want without too many bleeding nipples please

I thought champs might have the correct knowledge on choco's problem - sorry it wasn't an easy fix like I hoped sad

Holly McNish poem is brill.

Littleen Wed 13-Nov-13 01:24:04

So my cat has been chewing on my nail file (again) and left lots of bitemarks on it! She's so weird. I've given up having a message board as she just picks out the pins and tries to eat them.

About the bf incentive - Thing is that these are aimed at women ("chavs" potentially) who really don't care too much about it being the best for their baby, or who lacks any sort of motivation at all. It's not aimed at those who wants to but for various reasons cannot. I believe these people in fact would be motivated by money, cynical as it is. It could potentially make it more the norm for these women to bf, which could lead to success. I'm sure there is ways in which gps could find out whether the babies are actually bf or not, as it can be seen in babies nappies! If it proves unsuccesful after a while, they'll just have to stop smile

sunflowered Wed 13-Nov-13 08:36:16

Littleen that has to be the worst research job ever - daily audit of 200 babies' nappies...

Does anyone have any useful advice for first timers on the challenges of bf and what you found helpful? I have a mental image of myself sitting on the sofa feeling like I'm being ripped apart by my adorable newborn, so if there's any pre-emptive real life advice (or even just emergency measures) they'd be really helpful to know about smile

Late to work today because it took so long to get the ice off the car. Going to invest in a spray to be kept locked away for icy day waters breaking emergencies I think!!

Julietee Wed 13-Nov-13 08:46:17

Thanks for the poem link! I never realised the extent to which public shaming for BF can keep women homebound. I hope it doesn't happen to us.

Littleen Yep, I think it's aimed at less educated women/ areas where that's the demographic. Apparently the midwife signs something to say you've been breast feeding.
I imagine the fact we're here in the first place would automatically place us outside of that group. I doubt there's much overlap of mums targeted by the scheme and mumsnet users, tbh.

LovesToBake Wed 13-Nov-13 09:09:53

Petty and Littleen you make very good points about he bf incentive. I guess a trial can't hurt and the intentions are good of course.

Sunflowered - on the bf front, my biggest recommendation to anyone is to ensure the midwife checks your baby at birth for tongue tie. This seems to be hit and miss depending on which hospital etc but in my experience it can be the biggest cause of the main breastfeeding issues - baby not putting on enough weight, mastitis, split nipples, mother finding feeding stressful, feeds going on for hours, engorgement and oversupply. My other recommendation would be a breastfeeding cushion. I didn't see the point and thought they seemed a ridiculous con and only caved in and bought one after about 4 weeks of agonising breastfeeding - it was the best £30/£40 I spent at the time. My one is called My Brest Friend (!) and basically creates a really secure platform to bring the baby up to boob level (probably extra good for me as I have small boobs so would have needed a whole stack of normal cushions to get the right height!), leaving you hands-free which is a huge help if you're having issues getting the latch right. Plus means you can play on MN on your phone once you get the hang of it! I would probably recommend getting some nipple shields as well. That way if you do suffer from sore/split nipples, you have help at hand immediately, they really helped me. Also look out for the signs of mastitis (agonising sore boob, fever, sweats etc.) and get yourself to a doctor for antibiotics ASAP if you think you've got it. I left mine too late and as a result of having a hot bath (DS was 2.5 weeks old) to try and hand-express and clear the infection myself, I got out of the bath, passed out and woke up face down on our landing in a pool of blood having broken my nose. Thankfully DS was sleeping in his Moses basket as DH was out!

LovesToBake Wed 13-Nov-13 09:11:18

Oh and get the midwives to show you how to feed lying down. Once you get the hang of it there's nothing lovelier than bringing the baby into your bed for the first feed of the morning lying down snuggling under the duvet!

camwombat Wed 13-Nov-13 09:13:31

Littleen things I found useful:
Lansinoh nipple cream used preemptively and have several tubes. Its one of the few creams you don't have to wipe off before feeding. I also used their breast pads.
Invest in a big scarf or cover for bf when out, it gives you some privacy. I also used it at home so I could still talk to visitors and feed, not everyone is comfortable seeing you feed (esp blokes).
Make sure you are comfortable, put your feet up on a cushion (it helps get you in right position), have baby on cushion, and ensure you have drink/food/book/iPad. It is really important that you stay hydrated.
Ensure that if you are having problems that you talk to HV, attend a feeding clinic, or call a midwife, it's never too early and no question is stupid.
Most of all, if you want to feed in private at home (skin to skin contact/you just want some peace from guests) tell busy body relatives that are quite happy to sit and talk to you to f'off, it may be perfectly natural but its your body and your baby.
Theres probably more and I will add to it later I'm sure, or someone else will also be helpful!

camwombat Wed 13-Nov-13 09:14:37

apologies for lack of paragraphs and also I meant sunflowered not littleen, best go get that caffeine I think...

LovesToBake Wed 13-Nov-13 09:18:50

I'm with Camwombat on the Lansinoh cream for nipples and also found their breast pads the best for actually wicking away the leakage properly (you can get them online or in Boots/Mothercare). Also find out from your midwife in advance what days/locations the breastfeeding clinics are in your area - always a really friendly bunch of new mums and no question is too small. The staff are trained to give you practical advice and support and I found them invaluable.

Sassy20 Wed 13-Nov-13 09:29:19

Another vote for lansinoh cream. I would recommend muslin cloths for covering up when bf in public. In fact muslin cloths will become your new friend as they're so useful for all sorts - wiping up, entertainment for baby, comforter, bf cover, impromptu baby sun hat!!! smile

gnittinggnome Wed 13-Nov-13 10:21:53

Grrrr. The whole point of schlepping around to diabetes clinics miles away (no car) was to get good advice, part of which was to avoid my normal ReadyBrek and prunes breakfast and go for seeded toast with nut butter. Which I duly did, and have been manically doing the housework to try and burn it off, as I can feel the sugars zinging around my system. Just done my finger-prick test and whoosh, straight up above the upper limit. Am going to stick to foods that I know work for me. And DH is taking me out for a posh tasting menu dinner tonight, and I'm going to have to bypass at least 1/3 of it. And not have the wine pairings.

(yes, this is all totally superficial, so best get out the tiniest violins for the accompanying dirge please...)

gnittinggnome Wed 13-Nov-13 10:24:03

In other news, I think we're going to save on our heating bills this year - half an hour of ironing, in pj's and a sweater, and I'm toasty, thanks. And it's 5' outside, which is when I normally crack and put the heating on full-time. Not sure how my tropical cats feel about it though.

camwombat Wed 13-Nov-13 10:47:19

I'm intrigued about that because my friend who is hypoglycemic eats peanuts to help maintain her blood sugar at the right level. Plus the Peanut boffs yes I am sad and have just googled it recommend peanuts and peanut butter.
Did ready brek cause the same sort of high?

Julietee Wed 13-Nov-13 10:47:20

Gnitting Sorry if this is a condescending question, but did the nut butter have sugar in it? If so, you can get ones without. But yeah, definitely stick to what works for you.

ChocoFrog Wed 13-Nov-13 10:49:15

Another vote for lansinoh cream here but do use it before you feed and liberally, don't wait until the damage has been done. I'll also be getting breast warming pads too this time round. Had terrible trouble with nipple vasospasm last time (related to my Raynaud's syndrome) which wasn't diagnosed by my mw or gp. Was in agony for the first three months of bf and not putting myself through that again. Just to be aware if any of you lovely ladies has Raynaud's it can happen in your nipples. The glamour of parenthood strikes again!

LovesToBake Wed 13-Nov-13 11:04:35

Choco I had forgotten about the agony of vasospasm. Good tip. I also had real problems with engorgement and oversupply (appreciate to some people this wouldn't be seen as a problem but my boobs were constantly boiling, full to bursting and uncomfortable) and found these gel pads you keep in the fridge and then pop into your bra cups was a lovely soother, as was cold Savoy cabbage leaves which did an amazing job of calming down the heat and engorgement. It really is all glamour and despite all of my issues, I loved the ease of bf, kept it up exclusively for 10.5 months and can't wait to have another crack at it!

Julietee Wed 13-Nov-13 11:26:38

Choco Omg, that totally happens to me! It's really unpleasant. Had it very early in preg, too, but not since. Does it happen more while breast feeding?

gnittinggnome Wed 13-Nov-13 12:09:07

camwombat julietee no, I don't think it was the nut butter - this one was a mix of cashew, hazlenut and peanut and was literally ground nuts, a little oil and a smidge of salt, so nothing bad. I think it was the bread. And yes, nuts are excellent for maintaining energy without sugar spikes, so I think I'll stick to oatcakes and apple slices with the butter! And no, it wasn't a condescending question - it wasn't till I really looked at the nut butter range in Sainsbury's yesterday that I realised how much crap was in some of these butters!

choco my friend has Reynauds, and suffers from it regularly. I can't imagine getting it in your nips as well! Sounds horrible, but I am now imagining breast warming pads to be a strange cross between a plug-in bra and huge fleecey pasties...

ChocoFrog Wed 13-Nov-13 12:28:29

julietee it can happen more while breast feeding because your nips are generally more sensitive (due to being champed on every few hours) and therefore they react to the cold more. Getting out of the shower was the worst for me with the change from warm to cold.

gnitting loving the idea of big fleecy baps but not so sure on being plugged in to the grid with the added likelyhood of leakage. May end up toasted baps wink

Julietee Wed 13-Nov-13 13:16:12

Gnitting Yeah, it's really unpleasant - it's like your nipples start contracting and then don't stop and it becomes really painful. They get tiny and rock hard! I've had to soak cotton pads in warm water and apply them before.

EeyoreIsh Wed 13-Nov-13 14:32:10

hmmmm, you're not selling breast feeding to me ladies grin

Off for some cake now I think. Only just had lunch. Those important bits of work can wait until I've got my daily cake fix!

misskatamari Wed 13-Nov-13 15:14:01

lol savoy cabbage boob coolers is making me chuckle grin.

Holy crap I am tired today! Was awake stressing from about half three this morning about stupid work, but luckily i only had a half day due to my midwife appointment yaaaay.

I had my whooping cough jab and so far it seems fine (fingers crossed it stays that way). Bloods taken too and a bit of protein in my urine but she asked about "discharge" - lovely - and so wasn't concerned enough to send it off.

Baby is lying across my belly at the moment which is what i thought from the prods i've been getting.

House wise - I have rung the insurance company who won't cover us for fixing the leak but will cover us from water damage and fixing anything we need to do for access (floors, ceilings etc). The plumbing people we are covered with for the pipe fix though aren't allowed to pull up the floor however, so now i'm not too sure what to do. Don't know if we are allowed to try and do it ourselves or if we need to get a builder in. Ugh best call the insurance company again.

I just want a nice hot bath and a sleep. Feel tired and like i'm getting a cold and just want a loe down - stupid house!

Thingymajigs Wed 13-Nov-13 15:18:07

That sounds very stressful misskat. Not helped by sleep deprivation either. Hope you manage to sleep ok tonight. Does your arm hurt after the whooping cough vaccination? Mine is very sore, worse than the flu jab.

Champagnebubble Wed 13-Nov-13 15:30:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Wed 13-Nov-13 15:35:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jazzcat28 Wed 13-Nov-13 16:35:54

Goodness me just tried to catch up on today's chat before I leave work for the day and it's all lovely bf gore and detail!! As a first timer I'm actually a little nervous about it all now... I have bottles and a steriliser on standby and really want to bf for the first 6 weeks if I can but all this talk of cabbages, nipple guards, engorgement and pain is making me not so sure! I have my NCT classes lined up for January though so I'm sure we will get all the info then which might ease my mind a bit.

Am really struggling with tiredness this week. It's taking me 2hrs to drive each way to work for some reason due to ridiculous traffic, meaning I'm having a 13hr day every day door to door. I'm sat here wondering if I'll actually make it home tonight without delving into the emergency stash of Haribo. Working at home tomorrow to break up the week a bit but thinking I need to start doing 2 days at home now rather than 1.

Bump is also now getting bigger by the day it seems and my maternity tights are a bit clingy today around my thighs so might have to buy some super fatty ones at the weekend.

Saw a pic of a friend on FB who is 39wks and she is enormous (usually slim size 10) so god only knows how big I'm gonna be when I get to that stage if my current size is anything to go by!

Re 28 wk appointments champagne do your notes have a page in them for 28wk appointment? My notes say I should have appointments at the following weeks from now on: 28, 31, 34, 36, 38, 40, 41. I wonder if this is because it's my first child perhaps? Or perhaps different NHS trusts do different appointment phasing?

misskat I would imagine that if the house insurance covers the works related to pulling up floors etc then you will need to phone them and ask what you should do - they might just want you to keep invoices for the work and you organise your own contractors or they might want to arrange the works themselves through their contractors. Sounds like a nightmare for you though and I wonder if that's your only bathroom perhaps you should ask them whether alternative accommodation would be covered by them whilst the work is carried out? Sounds like you might need a lovely stay in a hotel for 2 or 3 days whilst the work is done.

By the way if any of you were interested in the Angelcare movement monitor it's currently reduced to £60 on Amazon which is the cheapest I've seen it (plus Mothercare will price match Amazon if you prefer to order through them).

Next for me is to start gathering stuff for my hospital bag so it doesn't end up being a last min dash in the January sales in the snow. Any top tips? Already know MN suggest Primark granny pants and nightdresses for labour and post birth.

misskatamari Wed 13-Nov-13 16:38:59

thanks ladies. I've rung insurance company and they say we can pull the floor up. Dunno how to do it though. My head of department is gonna pop round on the way home and have a look as he's my go to DIY person so hopefully he can give us an idea of it we can do it ourselves or if we need a builder in or something.

It seems so random this whole midwife app thing Champagne. I had 28 week one today and they have told me to come back in 3 weeks. Dunno why. Good luck on sorting the renewals. I always look for better deals with car but have never changed the home ones as they're not that pricey and I can never be arsed so just let them auto renew as I am very lazy!

Arm is okay so far - hoping it stays that way. Mine was okay after the flu jab tho as well, so hopefully i'm one of the lucky ones who doesn't have a horrid reaction.

I think i'm gonna bring my mat leave forward as well. I've said i'll do three days after chrimbo but I don't think I can face it.

EeyoreIsh Wed 13-Nov-13 17:43:49

champs in our area week 28 appointments are done as normal unless you need anti d, in which case it's done in hospital.

missk not surprised you had a sleepless night given work and the house. I hope it all gets sorted without too much hassle.

jazz I'm now in two days a week working from home most weeks. Last week I did three days because of rib/ligament pain. Next week I have a crazy week with two days in London and two days and night in Brussels. It was supposed to be Brussels Monday, Thursday and Friday, but I've delegated Monday's meeting to the very new guy in my team. I feel a little bad about that, but I'd be wrecked if I did go.

It's crazy busy at work at the moment, it's really hard to keep the hours and stress levels down when things I've been working in for years are suddenly moving forward.

I had the maternity leave discussion with my boss today. He tried to negotiate but I stayed firm. He's agreed I can stop work at 34 weeks, use my annual leave until 38 weeks, then maternity leave after that. That means I get to finish work before Xmas, and I don't lose the excess annual leave I've accrued. He still doesn't get that he has a duty of care, he is wholly focused on work.

I got really angry angry angry when at the end of the discussion he said 'Oh I suppose I'd better look at the job description for your post then'! I gave it to him on Friday after getting fed up with him not writing it for weeks. It annoys me because my team will pick up the extra work when I'm off, not him.

Rant over! pizza express for supper tonight, once I've finished my work grin

Poppy954 Wed 13-Nov-13 18:33:21

Champagne, those appt weeks jazz has given you are standard for a first baby with - couple fewer appts for low risk second and subsequent babies. Might be worth you checking. My mw has been really nice to me ( I've known her for a long time ) and I went two weeks ago, today and
She's booked me in again in two weeks. I'll update on my appt on fb.
Jazz- hosp bag essential, paper knickers and nappy sacks ( to dispose of paper knickers!)

camwombat Wed 13-Nov-13 18:39:54

champs I've just looked in my notes and there is a list of appointments and what they do at them all based on "nice recommended antenatal care for low risk women", will pop it on fb for you. I also think the individual mw decides some of them.

Champagnebubble Wed 13-Nov-13 19:07:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notoneforselfies Wed 13-Nov-13 19:45:27

You know how they say SMP is paid weekly rather than monthly - does this mean it actually hits ones account on a weekly basis, or does it just refer to the 'working out'?

Champagnebubble Wed 13-Nov-13 19:53:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notoneforselfies Wed 13-Nov-13 20:01:33

Good to know - thank you!

Champagnebubble Wed 13-Nov-13 20:10:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

notoneforselfies Wed 13-Nov-13 20:26:19

Oh that would be amazing - thank you! I work in a company of under 10 and I'm the only person to have ever gone on maternity in its history. And there's no HR! Payroll is outsourced and I don't have direct contact with them - the 'middle man' is a bit scatty and likes to ignore emails!

laura0007 Wed 13-Nov-13 20:37:46

Champs my midwife appts are normally at my doctors too but I had my 28 week appt with a different midwife at the hospital because I needed anti d. So they just mixed the appts in together rather than two separate appts.
Misskat that sounds like a bloody nightmare I don't envy you. Hope it gets sorted.
Jazz I was thinking earlier my leggings feel tight today! Hope I don't have to go up a size in mat clothes ill feel even fatter than I do now if I do!
Have my whooping cough and flu jabs tomorrow and dreading it. Hate needles, how I have two tattoos I will never know. Plus I keep hearing people say they felt ill and had a really bad arm after the wc!confused

notoneforselfies Wed 13-Nov-13 20:41:05

Right. Something DH asked that I have no idea on! When baby has a poo explosion on something like its clothes - you can't put that straight in the washing machine can you? Not keen on idea of 'poo particles' getting in the popes and mixing with all the laundry! Or do you? Please explain ye who have trod this path before!

notoneforselfies Wed 13-Nov-13 20:41:34

Pipes not popes grin

misskatamari Wed 13-Nov-13 20:49:16

Awwww Laura don't worry. I was fine after my flu jab and I had WC today and so far it's fine too. It didn't hurt to get don't either. Having my bloods take was worse and that doesn't usually bother me at all.

Thanks for all the house support - I think I'll try and get DH to take over tomorrow and try and find someone to come and have a look. So so glad I'm friends with my next door neighbour and can usher shower (although free hotel and breakfast is sounding very appealing!).

Here is a link to the dates study I mentioned on FB. It's a small sample size but can't hurt to try. It basically advises eating 6 dates a day in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy. At least if nothing else it should help us stave off piles for a bit grin

I put poop stuff straight in the washing machine but then if its breast milk poo, its not really like poo at all. Everything for dc2 for the first couple of months is plain white so it will all be bunged in on a hot wash. Poo stained clothes should be dried outside as the sun will bleach the stain out.

I still recall night 3/4 with ds and he projectile pooed all over me at 3am. I was literally dripping in poo and it even hit the curtains behind me!

I developed raynaurds (sp)/Vasoplasm thingy in my nipples in the early days of bf-ing. The fridge section in the supermarket would reduce me to tears! I also recall blasting my nipples with the hair dryer after shower. I have had a bit of it in pg too but not half as bad as the early days of bf-ing (Im not trying to put anyone off honestly!). It was only short term though and had a good giggle googling nipple warmers!

laura0007 Wed 13-Nov-13 21:07:24

My nipples have started feeling like they are burning when I'm cold. Only for a minute or two. Is this this vasospasm thing you're all talking about?

Thingymajigs Wed 13-Nov-13 21:08:26

notone how do you think cloth nappies are washed? grin Breastfed poo is just watery so doesn't need to be removed before placing in the washing machine but you can perhaps remove some of it with tissue first I guess. With cloth nappies I only wash dirty nappies together and put them on a 60 degree prewash same as I would with poo stained clothes. It's a good idea to clean the washing machine with soda crystals and/or vinegar regularly anyway.
laura Don't worry about the WC jab. It is sore but only as if its bruised. The injection itself didn't hurt.

notoneforselfies Wed 13-Nov-13 21:25:01

Had no idea thingy hence the question! Not spent too much time pondering it before now wink I'm a bit obsessive with cleanliness of clothes (amongst other things!) so wasn't sure if you had to boil/bleach everything first etc before putting it in the machine or if 60 degrees was enough to get things properly clean.
I already boil wash my machine empty once a month with bleach and then a 40 degree wash with vinegar after already - pre-poo! I guess I'll just carry on like that?

misskatamari Wed 13-Nov-13 21:30:01

There's always that new dettol anti bac washing liquid stuff as well.

notoneforselfies Wed 13-Nov-13 21:35:36

Oh that sounds right up my street misskat - will investigate!

notoneforselfies Wed 13-Nov-13 21:38:35
marzipanned Wed 13-Nov-13 21:40:12

Ladies we have a winner for the tear jerking Christmas ad:


Champs, have you got a traditional Christmas spreadsheet? wink

notone talk to me about this bleach and vinegar machine wash?! Think I will need to start doing that...

misskatamari Wed 13-Nov-13 21:44:08

I've not done bleach as read somewhere it can damage some parts of the machine (dunno if it's true) but I often use white vinegar through mine on a hot wash. It's good as all the washing liquid/powder is alkaline and the acidic vinegar helps clear it out and kill any germs. If it's a bit smelly too bicarbonate of soda is great and I sometimes do a wash with that first

Thingymajigs Wed 13-Nov-13 21:44:37

Think I'll try that Dettol out myself for the nappy washes if it doesn't damage them too much.

EeyoreIsh Wed 13-Nov-13 21:53:20

I thought bleach could damage the rubber seals?

winterflowers Wed 13-Nov-13 22:07:28

Just catching up on the thread today... bf sounds so unglamorous! I always had this perception of it being the most natural thing ever but sounds like it is traumatic! Am sure that nothing beats the feeling when it is working though smile

Eeyorish well done with the boss! So glad things are finally working out so you get the leave and everything you are owed.

My antenatal care is mixed dr and mw. So my recent appt was dr and ny next mw. Then I am moving so don't know what happens. Thinking it may be good to call my new dr and see if I can do or book anything now...

Good luck with sorting the house misskatamari! But take it easy if you need to rest

rueyrichardson Wed 13-Nov-13 22:10:42

Bloody hell. I will give my 10 year old washing machine a clean out with vinegar this weekend, never knew you should do that!

bugsyburge Wed 13-Nov-13 22:25:52

oooh tell me more about cleaning the washer with vinegar....? I've never heard of this but it sounds right up my streetgrin

notoneforselfies Wed 13-Nov-13 22:38:12

Hmm - maybe it does but I always use bleach and never had a seal go or a machine break on me... As well as boil washing the machine with bleach I add a capful of bleach in with my whites (bed sheets and towels) to stop them going grey once a week.

Somanychanges Wed 13-Nov-13 22:51:59

Oh gosh I cannot keep up. Will have to go back and read at some point but too tired at the moment.

misskat hope the leak has been sorted (the pipe leak that is, not the boob)

Hope everyone else is ok.

sunflowered Thu 14-Nov-13 06:16:52

Thanks for all the bf suggestions - will add cushions, lotions etc to my growing shopping list (the slightly in denial "surely I've got months to go yet" list...

35 days left at work grin I've been v professional and not flashed my countdown chart round the office, but someone who works for me thinks that's far too restrained and is making me a new chart for my desk. I'm going to miss my team next year (fortunately won't miss the actual work or the 'do this yesterday' approach', that'll soften the blow!)

Thisisfreakingmeout Thu 14-Nov-13 07:47:41

Hey sunflowered we are countdown twins I think. Someone made me a chart but it is quite discrete. The "do this yesterday " job is also very familiar! Bit hard to care at this point though!

I think I have been working long hours and zipping around too much as I have woken to find I have lost my voice. If anyone has any prego friendly recipes for soothing drinks or remedies I'd love to borrow them!

The moominbaby was doing the "worm" repeatedly last night. Little fidgeter.

gnittinggnome Thu 14-Nov-13 09:12:33

Morning! Re Dettol laundry cleanser, you might want to check it doesn't contain triclosan - this was in a lot of the anti-bacterial products from the past few years and it's not good for you, it can alter hormone balances in animals and so on. I'm sure that as the laundry liquid is a new product it probably won't contain it, as triclosan has been getting a bad press recently, but check, just in case.

I asked our washing machine guy about using bleach, and he also said not to, just use it on a hot cycle once a month, but I might see about a vinegar rinse!

Link re triclosan here: www.mayoclinic.com/health/triclosan/AN02141

link for laundry tips, seems quite rigorous to me, clearly I am gross: www.thehygienedoctor.co.uk/dont-get-your-knickers-in-a-twist/

and to rebut her suggestion of pre-soaking modern reusable napppies (which everyone I've spoken to has said not to, because it can degrade the fibres): www.thenappylady.co.uk/usingandwashingyourclothnappies.html#washinganddryingnappies

jazzcat28 Thu 14-Nov-13 09:13:55

I have a countdown spreadsheet which i've pre-populated with bank holidays, planned annual leave and weekends so I know exactly how many working days left every time I open it up! (can you tell my main job function is to plan and organise everyone) 39 days to go... less if I have any sick days...

EeyoreIsh Thu 14-Nov-13 09:28:26

I've got 27 days left smile woohoo!

LovesToBake Thu 14-Nov-13 10:23:03

NotOne I am fascinated by your laundry rituals. Bet your whites are all gleaming. I have never run my washing machine empty, should I be doing something? I like to give myself a huge pat on the back when I clean out the skanky detergent/fab cond tray once in a blue moon or remember to clean the dishwasher filters - you are in another league! But on a serious note, I always soak poo-covered baby clothes in a washing up bowl with Napisan in it until I put the next wash on. Definitely recommend buying some - you can get it in supermarkets. It's a sort of old-school non-bio stain remover.

I think I have 18 more days in the office - not bothering to count those where I'll be working from home or having antenatal appointments and it might be less if I chuck in a few more working from home/sick days. Can you tell I want to be on maternity leave NOW?!

bugsyburge Thu 14-Nov-13 10:25:49

champs if I pm'd you my email address would you be able to send me your jazzy spreadsheet?

Unplastered Thu 14-Nov-13 10:29:37

Clearly I am a proper scumbag as I have never, ever cleaned out my washing machine aside from an occasional empty hot wash.
The thought of reusable nappies terrifies me. Disposables were bad enough. Plus surely the ecological benefits are at least partly cancelled out by all the extra hot washes, bleach, electricity? Not to mention my time, which I have little enough of as it is... Disposables all the way for me.

Waiting for midwife to arrive at my house for my 28 week appointment. As predicted, the house is a flapjack-free zone :-)

laura0007 Thu 14-Nov-13 10:34:43

I've just had my wc and flu jabs and they didn't hurt one tiny bit!! I'm so brave grin

Julietee Thu 14-Nov-13 11:06:31

I went to London last night to meet DH for a concert and a business dude gave up his seat for me! I was touched.

jazzcat28 Thu 14-Nov-13 11:12:47

lovestobake ooh I haven't factored in working from home days / medical appointments.. a quick recalc means only 31 days in office left grin now, if I can just have a few sickies too....

EeyoreIsh Thu 14-Nov-13 11:25:04

unplastered I've been trying to make the reusable vs disposable nappy decision. Either way, I'll have disposable for the first six weeks or so.

This is interesting which report

SugarMiceInTheRain Thu 14-Nov-13 11:57:06

Hi preggos, nothing new to report here but I have my 26 week (I think) MW appointment later today. I really am losing track of where I am in this pregnancy - with the boys I knew down to the day all the time - this time round when people ask me I have to really think and work it out (or just cop out with an approximate number of months). I have to ask her if I'm ok to fly on Monday (I'd better be as the flight is booked!) and whether I need a note. Can't remember when the cutoff is for needing medical consent. If I'm not supposed to fly, I will just have to wear baggy clothes and try to hold myself in so that I look smaller than I am (or at least bigger everywhere else!)

I so badly want to be on ML already. Thing is, I'm only actually employed to work once a fortnight, and the rest of my work is on a self-employed basis from home. I still dread working and just want to rest, but really cannot afford to (with the SE work I will probably only take a month off as it is mainly in the evenings when DH is around to do childcare, but with the employed stuff I will take the full year) I only have 5 employed shifts left (plus any holiday cover I do between now and then) My last shift will be 18th Jan, then using annual leave and officially starting ML on 15th February, which should help me have as much time as possible after the bambino is born. My boss has never had anyone go on maternity leave before and is asking me on a weekly basis what date I'm starting back afterwards! confused I haven't broken it to her that I will be accruing holiday entitlement whilst on ML so will also have all that to take before the end of March grin

marzipanned Thu 14-Nov-13 12:13:10

For me the reusable nappy thing is all about the landfill. Since we live in North Scotland I will blatantly be using the tumble dryer a LOT so from that pov not very environmentally friendly, but I just hate thinking about the amount of landfill disposables create.

LovesTo I'm another one in the feel-great-about-myself-if-I-clean-out-the-detergent-drawer camp. When we finally get to move back into our house I am definitely doing one of these vinegar wash thingys.

SugarMice I'm flying on Monday and will be almost 29 weeks. The airline says I'm supposed to have a note but I forgot to get one at the 28wk appointment so I'm just going to take my notes, wear not very pregnant looking clothes and hope for the best...

sunflowered Thu 14-Nov-13 12:27:40

marzi don't forget about the return leg - we were held up a few years back when a couple were denied boarding at the gate. They hadn't been asked for any info on the way out but easyjet (legitimately) refused to fly them home leaving them stuck in a foreign country and their other children with relatives at home... Worth checking with the airline though, not everyone requires a dr's note.

jazzcat28 Thu 14-Nov-13 13:23:11

marzi check your airline websites - I found Easyjet would accept me up to 35th week but Norwegian Air 36wks. Others wanted medical notes from doctor after 28 wks. Also check you have travel insurance to cover you!

LovesToBake Thu 14-Nov-13 13:47:20

Champs I have a question about what happens if you decide not to return to work at the end of your maternity leave. When would I need to tell them and would I still be entitled to be paid for the annual leave I accrued whilst off?

gnittinggnome Thu 14-Nov-13 13:48:17

marzi I got a Dr's note to fly when I was 27+4, returning when I was 28+1, and no-one batted an eyelid. This was with Virgin, but it wasn't like I wasn't obviously knocked up. They just don't want you dropping on the plane!

The re-usable nappy thing for me is also about landfill. Someone mentioned further upthread about disposables that biodegrade within a few years, rather than a few lifetimes like most modern nappies, so I'm going to look into that for our first few days whilst we all get used to each other. Am now thinking of going the whole hog and looking at washable sanitary pads for afterwards - the mooncup doesn't really work for me, but you never know, after Bean's arrival that may change?!

LovesToBake Thu 14-Nov-13 14:04:06

Wow gnitting washable maternity pads sounds very virtuous, not sure I could get my head around that one. I do remember that once my crazy milk oversupply and leaking calmed down after a few months, I did switch to washable breast pads which felt better for the environment and saved me a fair bit of money especially as I bf for 10.5 months - you get through a hell of a lot in that time!

camwombat Thu 14-Nov-13 14:08:51

lovesto I had to give my normal notice period for not returning back to work and got paid for all the holiday I had accrued up til my leaving date. Our maternity policy was written as such that I had to give 8weeks notice of changing the return dates, but if I was resigning only my normal notice period (5 weeks) was needed. hmm

LovesToBake Thu 14-Nov-13 14:33:40

Hmmm, thanks camwombat - they're just changing my notice period from 1 month to 3 months so I just want to make sure I play the game right so I don't lose out on any mat pay/holiday/childcare voucher payments... Weird thinking about it but I am 99.9% sure I won't be returning this time.

camwombat Thu 14-Nov-13 15:48:58

Gah, thats harsh. DHs old company used to be three months but realised that they were then stuck with staff who didnt want to be there having resigned so altered it to one month up to x years, then a week for every year on top of that to a maximum of 3months notice.

I was bad and got all of this is writing from HR before I went on ML, just so I knew exactly where I stood if I decided not to go back or wanted to extend or shorten the leave. At that point I wasnt sure about going back, then I went on ml, my job description and hours changed (for the worse) and discovered things like weekends actually happened, and that Christmas wasnt so awful if you didnt work in retail....

Although saying that today DS is driving me potty, he is still spotty but feeling ok in himself so is charging round the house with cabin fever causing trouble, and generally wearing me out. There are several dvds that may go "missing" overnight too, watching them on fast forward is only amusing to him....

I have just started to put things up for sale on local fb selling pages and preloved. Mostly toddler boy clothes and there is still mountains in the loft when i can brave that lot, although I suspect i'll nearly new that lot.

marzipanned Thu 14-Nov-13 16:39:18

gnitting have you thought about the 'family cloth'? http://www.thepolivkafamily.com/2013/06/no-more-toilet-paper-switching-to-cloth/ (they are cute though...)
I also want to get the biodegradable nappies, NCT shop has lots but probably cheaper elsewhere...

Thanks for the airline advice - the website says I'm good to fly up to 35 weeks but need a note after 28 weeks. Only going for three days so will still be 29-ish on the return leg! But if I wear my big coat I really don't look pregnant, so not sure if they'd ask...however, don't like the thought of holding up flight/being stuck overseas. Perhaps better dash back to the doctor tomorrow.

Went in for flu jab today and the nurse said, "oh, I'll give you your wc at the same time" so after all my dithering it pretty much got decided for me smile

barebranches Thu 14-Nov-13 18:29:07

so sad... no one has applied for my job for mat leave. So worried about my class. sad

tinypolkadot Thu 14-Nov-13 19:14:43

Oh no bare can you get someone in using a supply agency?

I've got another question about returning to work... If I go from full time to part time (lets say 2 days) can I take my accrued full time holiday off my part time hours? So, if I accrue 22 days, does that mean I can take 11 weeks off??

barebranches Thu 14-Nov-13 19:21:59

yes thats what will happen...but often supply teachers dont last very long. last thing i want is for my little ones to have a different random each week....

sunflowered Thu 14-Nov-13 19:25:14

Tiny I think that's what I'm doing with my leave - gives me a bonus week off smile (though on part time pay sadly)

Champagnebubble Thu 14-Nov-13 20:21:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Thu 14-Nov-13 20:24:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Thu 14-Nov-13 20:25:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Thu 14-Nov-13 20:27:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Unplastered Thu 14-Nov-13 20:44:46

Had my 28-week visit from MW today. Apparantly I am also in the anterior placenta club, which I hadn't realised. I'm measuring 28 weeks so baby appears to have slowed down slightly, and everything seems fine at the moment.

I'm going to paint my nursery tomorrow :-)
Went to B&Q for paint today and the dozy girl mis-read the price label so I paid £3.98 for the whole tin, not £398 per litre... Not that I'm complaining...! Also picked up my wall stickers from Mothercare and my new wardrobe and chest of drawers arrived as well so I'm all set! Looking forward to it.

LovesToBake Thu 14-Nov-13 20:52:29

Thanks Champs and I'm sooooo with you on the nausea/sicknes and exhaustion today. This morning I puked violently in the shower and had to get onto my hands and knees to finish the job off properly, pretty nice mental image for you all. About to hop in the bath and thank goodness I have tomorrow booked off as annual leave so going to have a nice day with DS seeing a couple of friends with little ones.

Luckily my maternity policy is awesome (and they're super generous with paying into my childcare voucher account too) and there is no stipulation about paying any of it back. Win!

misskatamari Thu 14-Nov-13 21:00:13

Sorry some of you are feeling crap again hmm I'm with you on feeling exhausted. My back was killing today and I felt really tired and weak this morning, especially after shouting at a naughty kid - had to sit down as I felt kinda light headed. Grrrr stupid school stressing me out. Luckily management have decided 2 weeks of possible observations is ridiculous so have decided to give us a two day window instead where they will tell us the day before that we will be observed at some point. Still stressful and crap but less so. Doesn't help that we also have parents evening and prize night during this time as well. I'm finding it hard to keep on top of it all at the moment as I just get so tired that after I've taught all day I can't stay and do all the extra hours I normally do hmm

House wise - still no bath/shower/sink upstairs. DH was home today and got a plumber round who is sending over a quote tonight and he's off tomorrow morning as someone from the insurance company is coming to assess tomorrow. Looks like they're gonna have to take up the bath, sink and toilet so I'm just praying they can sort it soon and don't leave us without a loo - if so I think we'll be off to a hotel too!

So so glad it's Friday tomorrow! I can't wait to have a rest this weekend. Need to try and resist the urge to do loads of planning for work as I need to prioritise resting as this week has been such a struggle. Roll on maternity!

Littleen Thu 14-Nov-13 21:03:34

grumble grumble. Really grumpy with my OH at the moment, he was so good with everything for a while and now has just suddenly stopped doing anything apart from his new job and hobbies. rargh.

EeyoreIsh Thu 14-Nov-13 21:08:04

Sorry to those of you that are still feeling ill. I've come to the conclusion that my new state of being is tiredness, and it may never end!

Had a stressy work day but just managed to get things done before I needed to leave for yoga.

bare that's a real shame about your replacement. I hope they have more success the second time. I thought there was a real demand for teachers, there is down here in East Sussex.

my job still hasn't been advertised, and my boss is out and about tmw. it'll be probably go online when I leave...

winterflowers Thu 14-Nov-13 22:13:31

Loves my mat pay is like yours, absolute winner esp as I think it v unlikely I'll go back...

Can't believe how cold it is getting! It's my first uk winter in a while and I think im going to be complaining suffering quite a lot. May well be the cold that forces me off the bike before bump related wobbliness.

Misskat and other teachers I am SO impressed you manage all day on your feet. Doubt I'd manage a lesson before being in too much pain. Bare I do hope they'll find a decent replacement for your kids!

Shropshiremummy2B Thu 14-Nov-13 23:52:47

Just checking in to say don't forget your pelvic floor, I haven't done mine for a few days and DH made me laugh so hard I wet myself in his new car. At him, not with him. Leather seats luckily. But it was only a tiny leak.

Been really naughty and had a glass of prosecco and a tirimasu containing raw eggs and alcohol. Can feel Boris/Doris squirming now so I know its alive...... But potentially drunk.

I really really really truly LOVE being pregnant. I'm very proud of you ladies who have been through so much and so many miserable times. I can't imagine what it's like for you all when all I have to worry about is bending over. So well done all of you, we've all come so far. Am I going to be the only one who is really reluctant to give birth in February? I just feel so fantastic I don't want this feeling to ever go away. May change my mind on or after the 1/2/14, but that's my prerogative. Night preggos.

Poppy954 Fri 15-Nov-13 06:24:38

Ah shrops that's lovely. I love being pregnant too and will really miss it but at the same time can't help wishing it away. It's like being in a secret club that you never knew existed and once you've had your baby you're not allowed in it anymore.

LovesToBake Fri 15-Nov-13 07:10:34

Shrops I am so envious of you loving pregnancy. You're clearly going to end up surrounded by about five lovely children (and lots of dogs) living the rural dream. I'm just counting down on every front now - counting down the weeks/days to maternity leave, then Christmas, then to February. Then never again!

Shropshiremummy2B Fri 15-Nov-13 07:26:23

Sorry, re read my midnight post and it makes me sound like a smug twat- enormous apologies.

Funny thing is, although I really don't want a spoilt child, I'm very tempted to just stick to one so that I can afford to give it the lovely life I have had and not stretch ourselves financially. Maybe a bit early days for those thoughts.... My only worry is that living in the arse end of nowhere it will have no one to play with but my sister and children are only minutes away. Hmmmmm.

Somanychanges Fri 15-Nov-13 07:33:45

I'm with you Loves never again after this. I do love the feeling of baby moving about inside that is magic. But as for the rest of pregnancy I just get too ill and have too many issues. I am surprised I am Surprised number 3 to be honest I must be mad. But this is it I am absolutely not having any more.

Oh gosh I am so extremely tired. And I have volunteered to go on a school trip this morning to the forest with 30 little munchkins. But I just want to come home and sleep. The exercise will do me good no doubt. I hope it's another sunny day today, yesterday was lovely.

Champagnebubble Fri 15-Nov-13 08:13:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Fri 15-Nov-13 08:14:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gnittinggnome Fri 15-Nov-13 08:15:36

Morning all! Shrops I was very much like you, in that so far I'd had a great pregnancy, and stood in awe of you ladies who've had such a lot to deal with. Now in the final throes it's getting a bit more complicated, but if I can just get to grips with what my body wants to eat and not keep spiking my blood sugars, I might be able to just amble through all the extra appointments and looming interventions.

Speaking of blood sugar spikes (this will be my only topic for the next 8 weeks, sorry) I trialled a super-tasty, rich, filling, incredibly easy oaty-bake, kind of like a flapjack, at my WI last night, and they got a resounding thumbs up. So I think I have found an ideal labour-cake! I think the next batch will just be a straight-up tray bake. Anyway, recipe is here if you fancy something very tasty, filling and wholesome:

notoneforselfies Fri 15-Nov-13 08:19:33

You don't sound smug Shropshire, I don't think you need to apologise or stay quiet about enjoying pregnancy! I'm not loving it, despite it being 'easy', or pain free at least, but just because I'm mostly bored! Bored of having loads of restrictions placed on me basically. I'm well aware I will have even more restrictions placed on me once baby arrives but then I will have a BABY and that's just ridiculously exciting. (I used to spend many many hours a week circus training and climbing etc and had to instantly give all that up as well as other things, so that's quite a big void that appeared in my life and I miss it dreadfully)

I'm also currently in the 'one child only' camp which I've discovered is way more controversial than I would have thought. I've just seen all my friends have one and love it and then have a second and it seems to break them! (Obv. this is just my experience of my friends and they would prob disagree!) We certainly rarely get to see the ones with two any more as they have to entirely give up all non-child related activities for several years! It might sound selfish but I'm not entirely keen on giving up all of 'me' just yet and would like to keep doing the things/activities/hobbies I am passionate about (which seems achievable with one child). I think they make me a better happier person, and so consequently a better parent I am sure.

I grew up in the stix and had siblings but we didn't get on until we were grown up, so I certainly never played with them and was actually quite solitary. (I should have gone to the village school and been able to make local friends but annoyingly was sent to one miles away.) So you can have other kids to give your first born company but it mightn't work out like that!

EeyoreIsh Fri 15-Nov-13 08:41:47

I've had five phone conversations with my boss already this morning, grrr. None urgent. Oh well, 5 weeks left grin

shrops I have moments when I love the pregnancy, the feeling of it kicking is amazing! I still have moments of worry/pain/tiredness when I get annoyed but it'll all be worth it.

We'd love more than one child, but it was a bit of a mission to get this far and I got really stressed going through all the fertility tests and years of trying that I really don't want that pressure again. So whilst we would love to have more than one we'd also be happy with just this one of that is how things work out.

Such a shit night's sleep. Massive ligament pain, asthma flared up and then my heartbeat went a bit crazy fast. So I didn't really need a wake up call from my boss once I finally got to sleep! I'm back in bed now for a sneaky second snooze.

Sassy20 Fri 15-Nov-13 09:59:11

For those first timers you might surprise yourselves - about half an hour after giving birth to dd I said to dh that was fine I can do that again and that was after pretty much moaning about back ache, heartburn, nausea etc in last months! Both dh and I are only children and for me I didn't want that for my child as was quite lonely on occasions. I always wanted two children so this is our last and I feel like my little family will be complete. grin

marzipanned Fri 15-Nov-13 10:33:24

You don't sound smug, but I do envy you Shrops! I always wanted four - I had one brother growing up and longed for a bigger family. But given how miserable pregnancy has been as well as, like Eeyore, fertility issues, I think it's going to be two max. I think if I was in your shoes I'd be popping them out smile (Weirdly, I'm not at all worried about giving my kids the material privileges I had. DH much more so!)

I also envy everyone on the thread on their 2nd/3rd that never has to go through this again grin

notone it's funny, the only child thing is very controversial. I grew up in London and loads of my friends were only children, maybe to do with people not being able to afford more or maybe to do with lots of Mums having quite high flying careers, I don't know. But where I live now people tend to have 3 or more and there's always lots of commentary on only children, even from their own parents! Weird. As always, do what's best for you and your family. Besides, he won't be lonely. He has the cat siblings.

marzipanned Fri 15-Nov-13 10:34:50

gnitting I love the fact you are in the WI. Are you young for the group or is yours quite a young one in general? What sort of things do you get up to? Have always thought I'd quite love it.

gnittinggnome Fri 15-Nov-13 11:27:25

marzipanned We're part of the new wave of mostly urban WIs, the fabulous and eccentric Gothic Valley WI, which is based in North London, but because it draws its members culturally rather than geographically we're a widely spaced bunch. No need to wear black, be a goth, or even have been born a woman - I love 'em. Age range is 19 to 48 but clustered in the late 20s to mid-30s, lots of women who are child-free by choice (who regard me as brave and weird in equal measure) and some who are child-less who are all promising to come by and baby-sit. We do a range of the usual stuff, with a somewhat dark slant, so our February craft session was sex-toy bags, soft restraints and blindfolds, we had a lecture on the Highgate Vampire phenomenon of the 70s, and if you need vegan, gluten-free, egg/nut/whatever free baking we're your go-to bakers, so we're often asked to contribute to council fetes and the like. Quite a few other new-wave WIs around, like the Shoreditch Sisters, or the Borough Belles, who are more active politically, but we're the best dressed. smile

If there's a WI in your area, I'd really recommend checking them out - you can often go to a meeting without being a member, and it's no longer the exclusive preserve of Jerusalem-singing elderly ladies.

Littleen Fri 15-Nov-13 11:39:20

I so envy you guys who are enjoying your pregnancies! I am not enjoying the SPD or PSD - never remember the order of it.. but for me the biggest issue is the impact the hormones have on my bipolar disorder, it's completely out of control and makes life nearly unbearable both for me and those nearest to me. I dread being pregnant again, especially with a little one to look after, when I can't quite look after myself.

I want two kids, as I think it's better to have two fairly close, than just one or several spread apart. Both me and my other half have siblings, but with such insane age gaps that we both sort of missed out on the whole sibling thing when growing up. I've never lived with both my sisters at once, the eldest moved out when the youngest was born! But it is of course up to each family to decide, and I don't think a only child will be lonely without siblings, as long as they have friends.

sunflowered Fri 15-Nov-13 12:07:51

gnitting your wi sounds fab! I looked at joining when we moved here (3 different groups in one small village!) as I like making jam and baking cakes but judging by the monthly schedule it's still.very much jam and jerusalem round our way.

I'm not having a bad pregnancy by any means but there's so much else going on at the moment I feel stressed because I can't make the most of our last few weeks together as 'just us', shopping for baby stuff is squeezed in around the edges, and I feel like I'm wishing the days away just for the chance to slow down rather than looking forward to having the baby sad Things are going to have to change when i go back from mat leave - but I keep saying no to things now and still end up having them dumped on me so not sure how to.make sure they really do change.

Having said I'm having an ok preg, today I'm exhauated and earlier had mini preggo rage meltdown when a man in a museum told me to check my handbag into the cloakroom. I don't speak the language here and couldn't say "it's not the bag that's big it's everything else making it stick out." to prove a.point am.now.carrying entire contents of said small bag which has made my fingers swell up. Am also not.speaking to dh as he was obviously in on the conspiracy and didn't stick up for me (just offered to carry my things in his pocket which.obviously wouldn't have helped because then how would the security guard have noticed that i had a point to prove?!) So in conclusion, am looking forward to getting my normal, reasonably rational non-preg hormones back. I might have exploded by feb if people keep winding me up telling me politely to follow the rules

Julietee Fri 15-Nov-13 12:28:53

Gnitting Wish I could join your WI! I guess I could commute to it seeing as I'm at the end of the met line, but am extremely unlikely to smile

I woke up today to find a dream-gasm was actually a real-life-gasm. Cool! No work to put in! They seem less powerful now for some reason. Though I am sad at the state of our sex life at the moment. It's gone AWOL.

Is anyone else kind of having an identity crisis regarding loss of self with upcoming motherhood? All I know is my life is going to change irrevocably and almost completely, and I can't picture it. I feel like I'm on the edge of a cliff and can't see over.

marzipanned Fri 15-Nov-13 12:29:01

gnitting that does sound amazing. I did wonder whether it was a funky urban one! When I lived in London I had a friend in the Shoreditch Sisters and it seemed like a lot of cupcakes, cocktails and sex toys. Have just had a look into our local offering and it's the WRI - R for rural ! - it sounds rather like sunflowered's local. I think I might really enjoy it nevertheless, though, looking at the pictures on the website, I'd be the sole non-white-haired participant smile

littleen are you allowed to take medication for your BPD while pregnant? It must be utterly horrible feeling out of control in that way. At least with physical ailments you can sort of laugh at it (never thought I'd laugh at having an IV stuck in my arm while DH tried to tie my puke infested hair back, but I did!)
Remember there is a middle ground between the huge and very small age gap. I am thinking a gap of 4/5 years might be really good as (a) I don't know how I'd cope with a toddler and HG and (b) you get lots of one on one time with both babies. Of course that is massively touch wood that this baby is okay and I am able to conceive again!

marzipanned Fri 15-Nov-13 12:34:56

Sorry julietee x-post. Our sex life has gone AWOL too, poor DH. I had about a fortnight when I was massively randy and now I've completely lost it. I wish I could get it back!

That's an interesting question about loss of self. Tbh, for me, pregnancy has been a massive loss of self because of all the things I've given up. I feel as though I am doing nothing now except growing a baby - which is amazing, of course, but will be infinitely more amazing when she's actually here. So I'm mostly just enormously excited about the birth and very impatient for February to arrive.

That said I am concerned about the future, in terms of at what point do I stop being a SAHM, and will I be able to resurrect a career at that stage? So I think I will face these same concerns.

Poppy954 Fri 15-Nov-13 12:48:00

marzi I'm the opposite, I'm sad because I won't get to do it again. I don't take for granted though that I've had three perfect pregnancies. I see it like reading a good book- I'm desperate to get to the end to see the outcome but I don't want the experience to be over either. The only bit I don't like is the worry but that only gets worse when the baby is born.
Every credit to those of you coping with difficult pregnancies.

camwombat Fri 15-Nov-13 13:35:00

sunflowered thats made me smile. I can imagine the scenario!

I was going to stop being a sahm when we moved and at least try part time work. Then we found out I was pregnant. Which has obviously meant since then I have been inundated with calls asking me to apply for jobs. One of which I would have loved! envy

gnitting your wi sounds great. I suspect the one here is very much old school, but will investigate. I went to a different womens group last night, was the youngest by 12-15 year's and the oldest member was 57 years older than me. Sigh.

For what it's worth, apart from spd in pregnancy 1 and the 35degrees heat outside at 39-40 weeks Think feet in bucket of ice I enjoyed being pregnant. This time not so much, I think the sickness has a lot to thank for that, plus spd, anemia and because of the extra blood tests I have to have for my thyroid, feel like a blooming pin cushion cos they keep failing to get blood out.

EeyoreIsh Fri 15-Nov-13 13:39:02

I looked into the WI here, but it's very much jam and Jerusalem. The meetings are in the daytime, but then we are in retirement land. The mothers union is the same.

camwombat Fri 15-Nov-13 13:56:53

Eeyore look at ladies circle, that is aimed at 18-45 and seems a bit more lively. Sadly there isnt one here. sad

Unplastered Fri 15-Nov-13 14:27:53

I think I would quite enjoy the jam and Jerusalem aspect of the WI, not so sure about the sex toys! I've looked into it before and the two main problems are that they all meet in the daytime, and that I would be at least 20 years younger than the others. I will stick to Guiding I think - the Trefoil guild is a sort of Guide WI for 18+, and I would probably be more at home.

My nursery is now a lovely creamy yellow, waiting for furniture to be built etc. Baby seems a lot closer now it has (almost) got its own bedroom!

Unplastered Fri 15-Nov-13 14:31:57

Just looked and there is a Shrewsbury Ladies Circle - sounds quite good, their meeting between now and Christmas are ceramic painting, A quiz, mince pies and drinks at someone's house, a meal out and and a carol concert.

misskatamari Fri 15-Nov-13 15:23:39

I'm so jealous of your WI membership gnitting. There's a youngish Manchester group that I'd love to join but they've capped membership and aren't letting anyone else join at the moment.

Ugh had a funny turn at work today. I've been feeling a bit rough all week (coming down with a cold/stressed) and felt a bit light headed yesterday in class. I had year 11 this morning and was on my feet the whole time doing a practical and then ended up going ape shit at one lad who was just so bloody rude. Felt a bit light headed after that and then a couple of lessons later I was on the isolation room and just started to feel really weak and light headed and sick. I got really shaky and got pretty upset as I felt so out of it. Luckily they've covered my last lesson and sent me home - after i ate some food and seemed okay to drive. Rang the docs and gonna go get checked in a bit. I'm sure it's nothing - probably just hadn't eaten enough this morning, but better safe than sorry. Feel so exhausted now.

Shrops I am so jealous of your lovely pregnancy - fancy a body swap?

Julietee - it is weird being preggo and when I think about how much things will change once baby is here im kinda "eeeeeek!!!" but i'm very excited too. The worst for me was first trimester when I just couldnt do anything enjoyable and so didn't feel like me at all.Even though third tri is hard I feel a bit more like myself again (although agree with whoever said you do kinda just feel like you're growing a baby!).

Soooo glad it's the weekend. Hope you all have lovely things planned x

TeaAddict235 Fri 15-Nov-13 15:52:09

julietee yes yes yes on the identity crisis moments. Dh took me to Costa after church on Sunday and explained that next spring will imvolve a lot of work abroad, and I nearly broke down telling him that I feel so insignificant at the moment. My contract is finished, I have a fat tummy, few close friends, few close family and won't know what to do with myself while he is away. He said, "let's put this on real terms, you no longer have a job, your supervisor hates you, you don't have a car, your body is changing...... I can see why you're down, but you're not insignificant, you're carrying our baby." bless him, but i've never been at this point before, so I don't know what to expect. Plus we haven't DTD for about 2 weeks now. Arrrgg.
Over and out x

tinypolkadot Fri 15-Nov-13 16:08:03

My friend is a member of the Manchester group misskat she really loves it. I hope you start to feel better soon, I'm glad your school sent you home!

There's a new WI group set up where we've just moved to and I was wondering about popping along, I think I'd feel a bit awkward just going by myself though, and I'm not sure if I could keep it up once the baby's here.

I went to the docs this morning because I've had a horrible cough for the past two and a half weeks, it seems to be getting worse but he said he didn't think it was an infection which is a relief. I've been given some simple linctus to help, yum!

I too am wishing the time away, more so just for everything to be ok. Our sex life is also lacking, I think the fact I've burst into tears from worry the past two times we tried was a bit of a libido killer! I feel for Dh as I promised him all the unprotected sex in the world when we were ttc (got pg on the first try) so now I'm telling him we'll be at it like rabbits in January when trying to get the baby out, he seems happy with that smile

My maternity cover starts next week - I've been cleaning out my bookshelf and will do the desk on Monday. It's going to be very weird handing everything over (still got loads of notes to write for him, I think I've been a bit in denial about it)

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

gnittinggnome Fri 15-Nov-13 16:10:37

Re: identity crisis, when I first moved overseas, my entire identity took a tumble - I wasn't able to work, had taken a huge gamble on my then DP (now DH!) and was in a very foreign place. Not to ramble on too much, but I found that focusing on a few really important bits of my life before (music, books, friends) kept me sane and helped me adjust to the new reality. Yes, it's going to be one hell of a ride, but we're all still going to be us, just with a new reality. An awesome one.

gnittinggnome Fri 15-Nov-13 16:15:52

tiny wow, maternity cover! That's cool, are you leaving or will you hand over for a while?

misskat that sounds horrible, and like a hypoglycaemic (sp?) period to me, although I am not a Dr and could well be talking out of my arse. I hope you can get it sorted out easily.

tinypolkadot Fri 15-Nov-13 16:47:11

gnitting we have a month's handover period! It's going to be a long drawn-out process with me having to train him up. I hope he's not better at the job than I am (I'm worried I'm going to be found out!) grin

I'm looking forward to having a new identity, I've never had a clear one anyway I don't think. Looking forward to being someone's mummy and having responsibility - it might make my own mum realise I'm actually an adult!

Littleen Fri 15-Nov-13 16:49:53

marzipanned - yes it's pretty rough to put it mildly, must be pushing my other half to the limit probably. I do take meds now - have never been on proper medication for it before, as I sort of was diagnosed (after 10 years with the thing) and then left to myself whilst on a waiting list. However, now I'm finally on something, but refused to start until after 12 weeks due to a risk for cleft thingy with baby. No risks now however, but I am still not finished finding the right dose, as it's dangerous to increase it too fast. Hopefully it will be more in control soon!

Julietee I so know what you mean with the sex-thing :P Climaxes are frequent but very disappointing, and sex life feels deadish too. Pfff! Have not had a sense of losing myself yet, right now it's a relief to be able to put the career pressure on hold for atleast a year!

Misskat that sounds like a terrible day, I hope you feel better later this evening, and that the doctor can help you out if it's something ongoing. x

EeyoreIsh Fri 15-Nov-13 17:12:50

missk sorry you're not well. Put your feet up and have a good dinner.

The builders have finally left our house smile smile smile smile we have a very shiny new en suite and the nursery can now turned into a nursery. I'm so pleased. Lots more work still to do to the house, but we moving closer to it being fully habitable.

Both DH and I are too nervous to actually use the en suite yet! It's so shiny!

I've spent most of the afternoon in bed, once I'd hit my deadlines. More work to do once I finally leave bed. I'm so so so tired I don't feel bad as I've worked really long hours this week, and have a busy three weeks coming up.

marzipanned Fri 15-Nov-13 17:19:30

misskat you poor thing. Sounds awful. Thank goodness it's the weekend. Remember you need an extra couple hundred calories a day in the last trimester so do keep your blood sugar levels up.

eeyore I'm so jealous!! Ours are still in - though the nursery wall has been painted (yay) so can now be recarpeted and the sitting room finally has a ceiling again... the end is in sight, maybe! Have fun decorating and sitting on your shiny new loo smile

tea my DH works abroad a lot too and I am really worried about what that'll be like after baby arrives. I think you were quite entitled to your breakdown. And two weeks sounds pretty good to me - we went months without DTD at the beginning of the pregnancy!

Julietee Fri 15-Nov-13 17:46:22

Tea Yeah, I feel like my world is shrinking. OR has already shrunk, seeing as I do so little already, and will likely shrink further. But I'm probably just being pessimistic - once I have womb-dweller out here maybe I'll be really motivated to get out there and do lots of stuff, just with a baby-centred flavour!

Gnitting Thanks! Good advice.

I'm jealous of whoever said they hadn't dtd for 2 weeks - we've been more like a month and a half!
I am feeling sorry for myself because there was always a discrepancy in our drives (with mine being the higher) and I'm afraid we're just going to get out of the habit once we're debilitated by tiredness. I am constantly offering him, uh, favours, and he's not interested. Woe is me.

LittlePandaBear Fri 15-Nov-13 17:47:35

I'm another one who enjoys being pregnant - I feel really lucky that everything has gone smoothly and I've felt well throughout. But I don't want more than two children so this is my last pregnancy which makes me a little sad! I always thought that DH agreed with me on having two children (as it was me nagging him about trying for no. 2 rather than the other way round) but he said last week that we'll see what happens in the future, rather than a definite 'No I don't want more'. He's one of three himself but he doesn't have a close relationship with his siblings so it surprised me. I'm already worried about having enough time to spend with two children so don't think I'd cope with three - and then there's the cost of bringing them up. Although as I love my DD so much I can understand parents wanting to recreate it as many times as possible!

Your identity can take a little bit of a battering one you become a mum - it's difficult not to let your life revolve around your child and what they need. But I like to think that it just adds to your identity rather than taking anything away from it. At baby/toddler groups you'll know the children's names but rarely the mums names. You'll talk about what the babies are doing rather than much about yourself.

I found it strange when I went out by myself after baby was here as if I was invisible. When you're heavily pregnant people notice, may make a comment, I was always proud to be obviously pregnant! Then when you go out with baby people notice again, help you through doors with the buggy, make a fuss of your baby and talk to you etc. Then when I was by myself I was a 'nobody' again, not special anymore! I'm not sure everyone would feel like that but I really noticed it!

eeyore - enjoy new new ensuite! Make sure you actually use it!

misskat - hope you're feeling better soon - sending local Stockport well wishes!

I've been spending the last few days getting stressed about our remortgage as I'm basically having to pay an extra £1000 to the solicitor to get it completed from the previous lender because they don't have an up to date mortgage statement so think we owe more than we do. They are just so useless and although we should get our money back again in the next few weeks I could really do without having to shell it out in the first place! Grrr.

Right - new subject - anyone found any nice changing bags? I had a rubbishy one from Next last time which was okay but was always envious of friends ones with millions of useful pockets whilst looking pretty at the same time.

tinypolkadot Fri 15-Nov-13 17:49:38

Just had a call from the doctors, blood results are back and they need to talk to me about iron. Might explain a thing or two! Any tips for how I can get more iron in my diet? Don't see the doctor until Tuesday

Poppy954 Fri 15-Nov-13 18:03:28

tiny cocoa, green leaves and red meat ( if you are not vegetarian ) but I find diet makes little difference. My hb dropped from 11.8 not pregnant to 11.3 at 8 weeks, 10.9 at 19 weeks and 10.1 at 25 weeks despite a good diet and taking low level iron supplements. I'm now on 2-3 tablets a day. Not sure when they'll test again. You can get ferrous sulfate over the pharmacist counter or take pregnancy multi vits that include iron til you've seen the dr. Did they tell you what your hb was?

gnittinggnome Fri 15-Nov-13 18:09:43

tiny Vitamin C aids absorption of iron, so if you are having an iron rich meal (beef with spinach/cabbage/winter greens for example) you can have a glass of orange juice with it to maximise your uptake. Also avoid caffeine around the same time, as it's a diuretic and can block optimal absorption.