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February 2014. Bodystockings at the ready. We make pregnancy sexy.

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DawnOfTheDee Wed 25-Sep-13 12:39:29

Ok we don't. We're sick a lot, cry at adverts, moan about back/hip pain and if we got a quid for each new stretchmark generated we could all give up work and employ a nanny.

In fact if you know any teenagers feel free to show them our threads...we are the most effective contraceptive since sliced bread don't ask.

Ladies...as you were....

laura0007 Wed 25-Sep-13 12:41:50

Ha that made me lol!! grin

sunflowered Wed 25-Sep-13 12:50:37

I'm now sporting a super sexy control-focused super sensible G cup. I thought this would be a bonus until I walked into the dd+ section of m&s. Granny chic's in, right? Thank god for mail order grin

mrscookie78 Wed 25-Sep-13 12:51:52

Good title Dawn of the dee! Fingers crossed that it is just gd then Zazou and nothing else?

Thingymajigs Wed 25-Sep-13 12:52:34

Ha! Love this. I was just about to appear and complain about varicose veins appearing and compare the extent of waddling so I guess I fit right in here.
Think I'll post another bump pic on the FB group today. I've put on 13 lbs already. shock Time to put down the birthday chocs.

LovesToBake Wed 25-Sep-13 12:53:15

Funnily enough my little brother (24yo) visited us yesterday evening and after witnessing DS descend into full blown teething toddler rage after his bath, don't think he'll be contemplating kids for a VERY long time! Witnessing toddlers in real life is definitely the best form of contraception!

Here's to a new thread which is less dominated by sickness, pelvic/back pain, acid reflux and more about blooming and feeling like earth mother goddesses...yeah right!

bugsyburge Wed 25-Sep-13 12:54:19

checking in

Sassy20 Wed 25-Sep-13 12:59:17

Marking my place.

Zazou - fingers crossed it's down to gd x

EeyoreIsh Wed 25-Sep-13 13:02:28

Well done on new thread dawn

zazou I hope it is just GD and nothing else, I'll keep everything crossed for you.

I made it into work today despite my cold, woohoo! DH was threatening to keep me locked in the house! I do feel better today (other than the cough, sinuses, headache, stomach cramps and slight fever grin ). Had a bloody awful journey into work though, train got pulled out of action which meant we had to get onto a really busy train = no seat. Apparently my 21 week bump is not obvious enough to those men sitting in the priority seats. It turned my two hour journey into a threehour marathon.

misskatamari Wed 25-Sep-13 13:07:56

Thanks for the new thread Dawn! God Eeyore that journey sounds a nightmare. Glad you're starting to feel better! I'm aiming to drag myself in tomorrow and keep a bucket close by!

tinypolkadot Wed 25-Sep-13 13:08:45

marking my place

winterflowers Wed 25-Sep-13 13:12:11

Awesome name dawn

Congrats to all who had scan results, and fx zazou that it is 'just' the GD.

I've been taking pics all alongs, esp now we have bump Wednesdays but love the idea of a diary, esp if it is as structured ad yours laura as that would actually make me write!

jazzcat28 Wed 25-Sep-13 13:13:07

Ha! Love the new thread title dawn

missk I saw your post on the last thread and have to say - I was a model student at school and got amazing grades (even if I do say so myself) but whenever we had a supply teacher we just took the opportunity to mess about as much as we could. Especially at the start of term when you've got AAAAGES to catch up with missed work. So don't take it personally, I'm sure you'll be back to work and fighting fit when you're good and ready and the kids messing about is no reflection on you, just kids being kids! (I liken it to a Friday afternoon before Christmas when my boss isn't in. Zero work done, tonnes of gossip and natter, lots of catching up to do on Monday).

I am getting fed up with 'how's bump' at work already. I see the same guy every day in the morning coffee queue and he asks me the same question. Every. Single. Fucking. Day. I think I might mix it up a bit tomorrow and say "actually I feel tired, my boobs are strangely lumpy, I'm almost always constipated and the leg cramps in the middle of the night are excrutiating, but otherwise, yes all's well".

Can't imagine how annoyed I'm going to get when I'm closer to the DD!

So we must all be approaching that time to formally advise HR of when we're starting ML. Anyone taken the plunge yet? I've got until end Oct to hand in the form but am already working out dates... whilst working furiously obvs

DawnOfTheDee Wed 25-Sep-13 13:22:00

EeyoreIsh next time ask someone directly to get up. You'd have to be a special kind of tool to say no. Tbh though it doesn't usually get that far with me. I do a great 'pregnant lady sad face' i've patented it too.

What you do is stick your bump out as far as you can (if you're wearing a coat unbuttoning it helps), put one hand on top of your bump, tilt your head to one side slightly, tense your eyebrows a bit and every so slightly bite your bottom lip. It is guaranteed to get you a seat, stop a bus driving off, get you off any sort of fine, make people help you if carrying heavy things, etc.

Champagnebubble Wed 25-Sep-13 13:23:00

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misskatamari Wed 25-Sep-13 13:24:28

Thanks jazz, I know they are a tricky class and she's probably just pissed off at them being naughty but I know they work for me and are well Behaved when I have em (this far) so know I need to just take it with a pinch of salt. Need to drag myself in tomorrow even if I just end up supplementing my teaching with some subject related DVDs!

Maternity wise I need to let em know soon I think as 22 weeks on sat. I reckon I'll start leave the day after chrimbo unless they'd like me in for a few days handover with who ever is covering. I'm due 1st feb so reckon that would be a good time to finish.

Lol at bump man - that just be doing your head in. Just tell him you've got piles and he won't ask again wink

SugarMiceInTheRain Wed 25-Sep-13 13:33:37

Haha, loving the new thread title. I have to go and get myself some half decent bras. I've been basically living in one of those super comfy stretchy crop-top type bras most days. I need some proper underwear! grin

Champagnebubble Wed 25-Sep-13 13:37:20

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

jazzcat28 Wed 25-Sep-13 13:46:08

Good to know champagne - I have a form to complete from my HR dept which just asks for name, EWC and date I wish to start ML. I presume the date I start ML is the date they will start any mat pay (not when I stop going into work)? S

o if for example I want to have my last day in the office on Friday 17th Jan but then take a week annual leave, my date of starting ML is going to be Mon 27th Jan?

The reason for doing this is partly financial but also I seem to recall we have to return to work within 52 weeks of starting ML so this means I am delaying my return to work date in 2015?

Champagnebubble Wed 25-Sep-13 14:00:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Julietee Wed 25-Sep-13 14:15:18

Tip for (Calf) cramps:
When you feel one coming on, gently pull your foot up towards your shin. I have a history of terribly painful ones and this keeps them at bay.

sunflowered Wed 25-Sep-13 14:23:57

How about a guerilla snap and shame campaign at your local station? Or on facebook? [evil emoticon...]

champagne I got measured at bravissimo but they didn't have much in stock - the lady who measured me just said go straight to the Freya website to get attractive, well fitting bras now I know the right sort of size, but they're going to have to wait until payday. Will let you know if I find any good online outlet type sites when I start exploring properly next week.

Somanychanges Wed 25-Sep-13 14:27:05

Jazz that would be hilarious! Poor guy would start avoiding you in the queue I bet.

Zazou sorry to hear about the GD but fingers crossed nothing else will come of the tests. We are all here to keep you occupied and help you along with your wait.

I am having a good day, can you believe it. Probably because I have hardly done anything and just rested. Roll on 3 I clock when my son gets home from school and the day descends into chaos. grin

I went to docs earlier to see if there was anything else I could do about tiredness, she just said take an extra iron tablet. So that's 3 a day now plus the anti sickness, I fear I may never poo again. sad

Maybe I actually need to start doing some exercise. Even though I am so exhausted I am sure it will help. Going to get a maternity swimming costume from my friend and start swimming I think.

Thanks for starting the new thread dawn love the name. We can all give our DH a treat with one of those full body stockings I posted on Facebook even covers the face. My husband would probably be quite happy with that as with all the moaning I have been doing I think he is staying out of my way.

sunflowered Wed 25-Sep-13 15:05:10

Didn't realise we could finish as early as 29 weeks + with a/l that means I could finish on 21st November grin So tempted... My entire office is making me angry today. Would have to economise a bit though. Baby doesn't need clothes, right...?

Champagnebubble Wed 25-Sep-13 15:15:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sunflowered Wed 25-Sep-13 15:38:58

champagne I'm ashamed to say I already had a bit of a 'whatever' attitude after going through a 2 year change process especially when I didnt get the jobs I wanted but this is like working out the longest notice period in history - then having to go back at the end of it!!

I need to stop complaining though - have an ok job with maternity pay, it just comes with a hole colleagues BUT I won't have to see or think about them for a year when I'm cuddling my baby in the spring. Will maybe write that down on the bathroom mirror so I can remind myself things aren't so bad...

gnittinggnome Wed 25-Sep-13 16:04:09

eeyoreish if you PM me I will pick you up a "Baby on Board" badge courtesy of the London Underground (ditto anyone else who would benefit from one!) - I wear a lot of black and have it on my satchel bag strap, so it's really noticeable. I get a few odd looks but I also almost always am offered a seat if it's busy. My go-to line (in my head, never needed it out loud yet) is "Right, so who wants to earn some good karma by giving their seat to a knackered pregnant woman? Eh?". The only time we've needed to ask I was travelling with DH, who just asked a row of three people if one of them could give up a seat for his pregnant wife, and after a moment's pause the young chap got up. The two women either side just looked at him like he'd suggested something obscene.... ah, Londoners.

Loving the name of the thread dawn smile

Champagnebubble Wed 25-Sep-13 16:19:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EeyoreIsh Wed 25-Sep-13 17:04:40

It's totally my own fault I didn't get a seat earlier. I had a baby on board badge in my handbag bit was too embarrassed to use it. When I first got on the train I didn't need a seat, but after standing for 10 mins I started to feel weird but by that stage I thought I can't ask for a seat now!

I don't know what came over me, I'm normally quite bolshy and will ask if I need a seat. i've done so twice already this pregnancy. I did try sticking my bump out and rubbing it whilst pulling a sad face but no joy, I think my bump is still at the 'could be fat' stage!

misskat I totally agree about kids playing up with supply teachers. I was a real geek at school and still played up for supply teachers. I even made one supply music teacher cry when doing a-levels, I really should have known better by then!

I'll do a bump pic when I get home, I'm currently enjoying my seat on the train home smile

Julietee Wed 25-Sep-13 17:29:39

Jazz that bump-asker would drive me nuts!

I am freaking out about obstetric cholestasis because I'm mildly itchy and very neurotic.
I told the doctor how hard I was finding it to control my somatic anxiety (freefloating, unrelated to thoughts but very annoying) and he's referring me to a psychiatrist to discuss how we can stop it from getting any worse. Yay! Kind of smile

Julietee Wed 25-Sep-13 17:30:03

P.S. How can I join the FB group?

misskatamari Wed 25-Sep-13 17:36:29

Juliette glad you're getting referred - I hope it helps. If you pm me your email address I will add you to the fb group smile.

Eeyore - very glad you got a seat! Get that badge on tomorrow and do lots of bump stroking and sighing!

Quick question for the ladies who have been prescribed stuff for sickness - does it just top the vomiting or does it shift the nausea as well? I've not been sick today but feeling so sick all week and considering trying to get a drs appointment if they can give me something to help ease it.

Poppy954 Wed 25-Sep-13 18:23:29

Thanks champagne. I'm sure they can't deduct it and I would think payroll know more than HR. They are a huge employer so will come across it regularly.

Have read everyone's news but I'm so tired after having been awake since 2.30am that I don't think I'm doing anyone any favours trying to contribute!

Good luck for tomorrow's scans.

ch1134 Wed 25-Sep-13 18:47:23

Exhausted over here! And still really fed up with being inactive but not able to swim due to a cold and exhaustion! I'm 22 weeks and don't have next midwife appt until after 25 weeks. Do I need to bother chasing this MAT whatever form or will work chase me first?
Hope everyone is well.

misskatamari Wed 25-Sep-13 18:51:58

Sorry you're feeling crap ch. I think you're okay not chasing the mat form - I only had mine as I asked to see mw at my 20 weeks scan as wanted a swab done (thrush yaaaaaay!) I think as long as you let me know maternity dates by 25 weeks it's fine to give the form in later.

CubanoHabana Wed 25-Sep-13 18:52:38


Missk I was off a day last week and I got an email saying how bad my year 11s were and then a written note about 2 of my other classes... I had a LSA in with year 11s who said they weren't that bad (worse than with me but still not bad) and the other 2 classes were top sets who never so much as peep at me! In fact one of them is really difficult to teach because they won't talk! So I wouldn't be worried and just assume the other teacher was crap!

Chinese ordered as I'm too tired to cook and last night I fell asleep without eating!

1 week tomorrow for my scan! :-)

ch1134 Wed 25-Sep-13 19:10:30

Thanks for the info missk - I guess I'll ask work if they'd like my dates. I'm thinking the same as you, first date of ML would be first day back in Jan. I was planning to take 6 months but have worked out this week that after childcare, I would be better off financially to take a year. How mad is that?

I didn't mean to come across so badly by the way! I don't feel completely crap, just very tired! Too many Open Evenings, Parents' Evenings etc... But very lucky to be well, employed, with a very supportive husband.
Bump has grown lots recently. Very active baby kicking away all the time. And I've put on weight which is a weird thing...

Enjoy the chinese Cubano!

ChocoFrog Wed 25-Sep-13 20:08:03

Hope everyone is having a restful evening. After 8 I just collapse in a heap most nights. House is a sty but I just don't care!

Had another scan today, this time for a Doppler measurement. Basically to measure blood flow in placenta and uterine artery. Was just a load of numbers to me but consultant said it was all normal so yay. Fingers crossed this baby is a grower. Got to see little choco again though which was great.

Anyone got any recommendations to treat piles? Sorry for TMI but they're driving me mad. Anusol not great as I react to it which just makes matters worse. Ah the glamour!

Thanks for the thread Dawn, made me chuckle.

21 weeks today.

ChocoFrog Wed 25-Sep-13 20:09:01

Mmmmmmmm Chinese...

misskatamari Wed 25-Sep-13 20:24:21

Yaaaay great news on the scan choco. Alas no help with the piles but you have my sympathies.

Cubano - thanks, that's what I'm thinking. There are some naughty kids in there (mr drugs etc) but they're fine for me and most work really hard so I just need to remember that.

Ch - I'm the same with the extra things and working late it just knackers you out (hence my germ catching I'm sure). I hope you can have a good rest this weekend. We are very lucky - especially to have lovely DHs who look after us and put up with us being grumpy tired preggos smile

slothlike Wed 25-Sep-13 20:41:21

Hello! Can I join in? Due February 15th with DC2 (already have a 3 year old son) and looking forward to my 20 week scan on Tuesday! Re. the thread title, I am deeeefinitely not making pregnancy sexy as I moan at DH pretty much daily about how tired and constipated I am (lucky man). Feeling v positive about it otherwise though, especially as DS starting preschool recently has opened up 2.5 hours in the day for me to nap on the sofa keep up with the housework grin

Thisisfreakingmeout Wed 25-Sep-13 20:41:48

Hi all, fingers crossed for anyone waiting for scans or results.

My squiggly baby is on the move all the time and getting stronger daily. DH has had a couple of good sessions feeling it squirm.

A friend gave birth today and both are safe and well with no complications. It is good for the soul to hear news like that when expecting!

Camwombat Wed 25-Sep-13 20:42:49

Oh the glamour of piles... I assume you have tried a high fibre diet, warm baths, iced flannels and moist toilet wipes. Otherwise no ideas, sorry sad

I cant currently decide which is more tiring, pregnancy and working or pregnancy with a toddler... how some of you are dealing with more than one child I don't know! brew thanks to you.

Sassy20 Wed 25-Sep-13 21:44:44

Choco - go to the docs and get something on prescription. I got given something at hosp after I gave birth to dd and it was good but can't remember name! You have my sympathy as piles are awful - that's what I'm dreading most about birth again smile

Littlebear10 Wed 25-Sep-13 21:55:35

misskatamari could you add me to FB as well.

I need to let work know when I'm going too but can't decide. I'm really tempted to go at the start of Dec but I'm wondering if this is a bit extravagant. However I already have pelvic pain when I walk and it will probably only get worse. I also would love to get a puppy as my beloved lab died a couple of months ago. I thought I could go at the start of Dec and would then have 2 months to train a puppy. Everyone I have spoken to thinks this is a bad plan. Anyone had experience of mixing babies and puppies?

chocfrog my sister swore by hot baths with loads of salt when she had piles. Also I don't know how anyone gets through pregnancy without moist toilet tissues, they are amazing.

I'm sorry to hear so many of you are feeling so tired, but at least it makes me feel a bit less lazy. I'm off to bed now, goodnight.

jayney86 Wed 25-Sep-13 22:23:35

Hi all, once again totally missed the last thread! I'm off work ill as I'm just exhausted and almost fainted on Monday, going back tomorrow tho as I feel like a fraud! Poor dh has has to pick up the slack with DS (another thing for me to feel guilty about yey!). Anyway other than dizziness & constant hunger I seem too be doing ok. Bump starting to show now & can feel definite movements although dh says he can't feel it yet. Got the 20 week scan in the 7th October grin
Hoping to have a bit more input into this thread fingers crossed you'll all put up with my moaning lolwink
18 +2 today

sunflowered Wed 25-Sep-13 22:37:59

There seem to be lots of scans coming up on the 7th - mine's then too. My trust went overboard and sent two appointments at different hospitals on the same day - was quite tempted to drive from one to the other to get an extra peek but dh gave me a look like i might be a little crazy...

Think I had a few little kicks today - and the bump def woke up during the loud bits of my orchestra rehearsal. It liked the trumpet but not so interested by the cellos grin Bit of a contrast to the cheesy club night i took it on at the weekend!

I'll join you in the feeling knackered camp. It doesn't seem to be every day thankfully, but busy days or late nights that I'd normally not suffer for are really hitting and taking days to recover from. Hats off to those of you with older dcs!

CalloohCallay Wed 25-Sep-13 23:02:19

Just checking in on the shiny new thread. Is it bad that I'm considering going on ML before Christmas so I can be paid for those bank holidays when I go back to work?

Julietee Thu 26-Sep-13 08:25:10

Mine's on the 7th too smile
Littlebear ooh, I wanted to get a dog too, also have everyone telling me it's a daft idea.

jazzcat28 Thu 26-Sep-13 08:37:53

My scan is not until 10th which feels like a lifetime away! Will be almost 22wks by then too so hope that's not a problem.

Good luck with the puppy idea littlebear! I have 3 cats and already dreading having to sort the cat litter combined with nappies - I'm just gonna feel like a zoo keeper I think.

S2012 Thu 26-Sep-13 09:27:52

Wow congrats on the new thread absolutely loving the title.
My pain has suddenly disappeared and I was suppose to see a consult t yesterday but he was not there so ended up seeing the registrar who checked my baby's heartbeat.
I have my scan this morning will let you know if I am team blue or pink
Wish me luck guys

S2012 Thu 26-Sep-13 09:31:18

Doh I meant consultant and not "consult"

S2012 Thu 26-Sep-13 09:32:24

Champagne I can't remember if you had your scan already as I think you are a week before me in terms of due dates

HarlemWobble Thu 26-Sep-13 13:21:19

Afternoon you sexy pregnant bunch!

Dawn, fantastic title and first post!

Hope those with colds/flu/other ailments start to feel better soon. I had a horrible 24hr bout of D&V at the weekend, but luckily it cleared up in time for my 30th on Tues. Have to admit my birthday did feel like a bit of a non event despite spending the day on a secluded beach and then out for a lovely meal. I guess there's always next year for drunken celebrations! smile

Good luck to those with upcoming scans. Mine's a week tomorrow!

jazzcat28 Thu 26-Sep-13 13:38:58

Happy belated birthday harlem!

winterflowers Thu 26-Sep-13 15:12:16

Happy birthday harlem, sounds like a lovely way to celebrate in luxury...

My scan's a fortnight tomorrow, it's like waiting for Christmas! Only 14 sleeps to go. Lovely seeing all your pics and team news coming through smile

DawnOfTheDee Thu 26-Sep-13 15:30:00

Thanks Harlem and happy birthday!

Must admit I keep thinking that new year's will be a damp squib this year....but my plan is to send DH out this year (thus making me look all generous and cool) then I get to go out nye 2014! Ha! I like to plan ahead....

TeaAddict235 Thu 26-Sep-13 15:31:50

Hello Ladies, got left behind on the last thread, or maybe on the one before that.
Had scan on Monday, and it looked good. Baby kicked around and seemed to want to avoid the sonographer's wishes. We didn't want to know the sex, both of us will be happy with either, but I think that DH openly secretly wants a boy. From old wives tales, the shape of tummy is girl, and the fact that I am still as sick as a mouse would indicate that a little me is on the way.

Mum asked me already if the baby will be sleeping in the same room as us, or if we intend to banish it. She does not hide her opinions at all. Good news: someone has offered us a new cot! We were betting on the sales to get the bulky items. Hurrah! Now the baby wont sleep on the floor wink.

TeaAddict235 Thu 26-Sep-13 15:34:03

Nearly forgot to ask, has anyone managed to get on antenatal classes in their area? A friend of mine scared me saying that they get full really quickly, and if I haven't been offered anything now, then it will be too late confused.

20+ 4

DawnOfTheDee Thu 26-Sep-13 15:37:33

I haven't found any antenatal classes so far. I went to nct last time but i really wanted some to go to again...however the nct ones for second timers are miles away from my house. No good for us as no car and to me, a big part of going is to make friends nearby!

I'm almost tempted to put a post of the mn local site...or even the other site as I think their local stuff is better. I think there's a lot more on offer if it's your first though and I don't think you'll be too late. If there's demand places like nct would just run more classes i think.

sunflowered Thu 26-Sep-13 16:46:05

Just shock at the 'are you getting the flu jab' thread running today.

"I'm not getting the flu jab because I've never had flu before so I'm unlikely to get it this winter."

I might disagree with some most of them but many people give good arguments against vaccinations. this is not a good reason !!!

Rant over... Back to work...

misskatamari Thu 26-Sep-13 18:18:35

Lol that's ridiculous sunflowered! What a silly mare!

Antenatal class wise I have signed up for nct and hypnobirthing and need to sign up for nhs ones too but trying to get hold of them has been driving me potty as the number in the booklet the midwife gave me is wrong. I googled antenatal classes in my area and loads have come up tho - there's loads of links to Yoga an Pilates and other random things so might be worth having a search.

Was back in work today and I'm bloody knackered and feel sick. Gotta go back in for prize night too 7-9 hmm just praying there aren't long speeches as I WANT MY BED!

vix206 Thu 26-Sep-13 18:40:26

Phew I found you. Will catch up later grin

CubanoHabana Thu 26-Sep-13 18:44:26

I've got private antenatal classes booked on a recommendation by my best friend, lady who runs it is also a doula and they are in her house with about 6 couples.

Want to do nhs ones as well, as private ones are a bit earlier than I would like but cannot find info about local ones anywhere!

Shropshiremummy2B Thu 26-Sep-13 19:00:40

Littlebear if you don't get a puppy now you probably won't get one for a very long time. My sister brought her puppy home when she was about 20 weeks so he was nicely settled when my neice arrived.

I have two dogs that I mother so am pro dogs. Am a bit concerned about putting their noses out in February, especially as I am chief walker.

EeyoreIsh Thu 26-Sep-13 19:22:00

my bump has suddenly grown today! I got accused of pushing it out by my director (angry ... the same woman who told me I shouldn't apply for promotion now I'm pregnant angry ). I hadn't been, it's just sprung out. It might be mostly trapped wind though, DH keeps complaining that I fart in my sleep grin blush. I'm not being a sexy preggo!

Off work tomorrow for huggles with my little nephew, except it's manic at work so I'm going to have to keep an eye on emails. I'm so ready for maternity leave!

My cold is way better. I ate honey by the spoonful, and lots of chilli. It's settled on my chest but it always does that. I've upped my inhalers and will wait and see how it does over the weekend. I thought the risk with pregnant asthmatics was just if we had attacks, but DH showed me an article that says that just been wheezy can impact on baby. But then it's hardly great to take lots of steroids. I can't win really!

LittlePandaBear Thu 26-Sep-13 19:23:16

New thread, hello hello!

Well I'm finally 20 weeks today, sounds much better to start with a 2 instead of a 1. And scan is finally tomorrow morning - hope I can get some sleep tonight! Will update tomorrow.

I'm not doing any classes this time as I did nct last time and one nhs one (although the nhs one had so many people in it wasn't that useful apart from seeing the hospital). But I'm still friends with all the nct gang and a few are having babies again a few months before and just after me so i get so share my mat leave again with them smile

EeyoreIsh Thu 26-Sep-13 19:23:17

my bump has suddenly grown today! I got accused of pushing it out by my director (angry ... the same woman who told me I shouldn't apply for promotion now I'm pregnant angry ). I hadn't been, it's just sprung out. It might be mostly trapped wind though, DH keeps complaining that I fart in my sleep grin blush. I'm not being a sexy preggo!

Off work tomorrow for huggles with my little nephew, except it's manic at work so I'm going to have to keep an eye on emails. I'm so ready for maternity leave!

My cold is way better. I ate honey by the spoonful, and lots of chilli. It's settled on my chest but it always does that. I've upped my inhalers and will wait and see how it does over the weekend. I thought the risk with pregnant asthmatics was just if we had attacks, but DH showed me an article that says that just been wheezy can impact on baby. But then it's hardly great to take lots of steroids. I can't win really!

EeyoreIsh Thu 26-Sep-13 19:24:03

Sorry for the double post blush

Thingymajigs Thu 26-Sep-13 19:37:02

Yay for your bump appearing. smile But why do people feel the need to comment? The only people who comment on the size of my bump are my boss and work colleagues. No one else deems it appropriate but them.
DP is being lovely as I've become exhausted and emotional this evening. He's gone off to do a late shop so I don't have to drag it all back tomorrow.
I wish the hormones that have stopped my body hair growing and my hair from becoming greasy would stay after pregnancy. I don't need to shave and only have to wash my hair twice a week, it used to be done every day. Weird.

CubanoHabana Thu 26-Sep-13 19:38:42

My bump seems to have popped today as well eeyore! Quite exciting!

Champagnebubble Thu 26-Sep-13 19:59:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Thu 26-Sep-13 20:02:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Thu 26-Sep-13 20:15:52

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CubanoHabana Thu 26-Sep-13 20:19:28

It's the kids at my work who are the worst... 'Miss! Your bump is getting big' except me and everyone else thought he said 'bum'! Bless!

Libee Thu 26-Sep-13 21:07:15

Ok 2 things 1) I have changed my profile name from S2012 to Libee and 2) we had our scan this morning and all is well and team Blue

Congratulations to everyone on team blue/pink/yellow
It's such a relief for me to find out what I am having so now I can plan

misskatamari Thu 26-Sep-13 21:14:20

Lol cubano - I think my bum is probably getting as big as my bump so either would be accurate in my case.

Question for the ladies with anterior placentas - are you feeling much movement yet? I feel it occasionally on one side and more so in the evenings and in bed but not felt much today and I don't know whether that's normal or if I should be worried. I just want to feel lots of kicks to reassure me all is well - hope my placenta moves up soon and I can feel more hmm

missk im 19w tomorrow and still haven't felt any movement really. I think my scan next thurs will confirm ap again. ap babies are more likely to face the wrong way too so I think they are kicking in to the back of you, which you are less likely to feel plus the placenta acting as a buffer when they are kickinv out front. I have only felt what I think are protest punches do far grin

Libee Thu 26-Sep-13 21:32:38

Hey misskatamari I hardly feel any movements at all apart from odd butterflies during the night when I am lying on my back. MW at the scan told me that the placenta is in te right position but still no movements.

misskatamari Thu 26-Sep-13 21:34:46

Thanks ladies. It's just hard not to worry when you read about "Counting the kicks" etc. hopefully at bed time I'll feel her flipping around smile

Libee Thu 26-Sep-13 21:43:31

I understand misskatamari I so sometimes think the same but my second pregnancy is so diff compared to my first one
First active baby
Second lazy baby

misskatamari Thu 26-Sep-13 21:55:41

Awww smile it's weird as at every scan mine is whizzing about all over the place and I just can't tell. I guess I should be glad as I'd no doubt be awake all night from kicks if I could actually feel the acrobatics she's up to! smile

EeyoreIsh Thu 26-Sep-13 22:21:53

Don't worry missk, I'm the same. I felt lots of movement on Tuesday evening but nothing since. I spoke to the mw today about something else (really sore stabbing pains which turned out to be trapped wind!) and she said not to worry that I hadn't felt any movement for over 24 hours of I had an anterior placenta. I'm 21+4.

rueyrichardson Fri 27-Sep-13 07:08:17

Ruey checking in at 20+6. Scan earlier in the week indicated a wriggly baby and a low lying placenta, so I have to go back for a verifying scan at 34 weeks. Saw a consultant too ref my previous big baby - no decisions will be made until they see the growth after the 34 week scan. Fingers crossed it will be an eight pounder this time! I'm feeling movements more frequently now, usually after sugar or caffeine. Not that I take a lot of either, although I have promised myself a tiramisu for dinner tonight. It's the least I deserve for renting out my spare room (so to speak) for the next 20 weeks grin

tinypolkadot Fri 27-Sep-13 07:39:42

I'm exactly the same misskat and have an ap. I can only feel him move when I go to bed some days and then it'll be a little movement either to the side or in my cervix.

Really hope I feel more soon as well

EeyoreIsh Fri 27-Sep-13 07:59:11

Morning all

I'm in a very good mood today, I even made DH breakfast! Off work to spend the weekend with my family and get new nephew hugs smile

congratulations to all those who have had scans in the late few days, can't believe we're halfway there already.

HarlemWobble Fri 27-Sep-13 08:12:21

MissK 12 wk scan showed I had an AP. I've felt movement but it's intermittent at best and always to the side. Last night I saw movement from the outside. My bump was very obviously higher on one side but I couldn't feel anything as it happened. Freaked DH right out!

HarlemWobble Fri 27-Sep-13 08:12:57

Oh and thanks for the birthday wishes! grin

Julietee Fri 27-Sep-13 08:37:27

Eeyore Imagine deliberately pushing bump out all day! What for? She sounds like a dumbass!

Champagne My hair is still falling out as much as ever and my body hair has decided to go nuts (it's usually fairly nuts, to be fair) sad

LO definitely has a favourite place to kick me now - low down on the left. Exactly where I feel really uncomfortable at night if I try to lie on my right hand side - hope I'm not crushing him/her!

Argh, I'm finding it sooo hard to get comfortable in bed at the moment. IF I lie on my left my hip hurts and goes numb. The right feels so awkward I'm convinced I'm hurting either womb or baby. On my back makes me worry because of all the 'don't lie on your back' stuff, even though the evidence for that isn't huge. So I end up tossing and turning and making pitiful little noises just so my husband knows!

Camwombat Fri 27-Sep-13 09:51:06

I reinvested in a dreamgenii pregnancy pillow for sleeping. I had one last time and it was heaven especially in third trimester, and was then used for feeding. Its a little like a chastity pillow (according to DH) as I have one which supports front and back so you cant roll, he also cant easily cuddle though.

I am also a slight insomniac and generally don't sleep very well plus the 2yo is being a sod at mo so this helps during the periods I am asleep.

Julietee Fri 27-Sep-13 10:19:52

wombat Yeah, I already have one. Thinking of investing in a bigger maternity pillow to further ruin husband's bed space smile That way I can have dream genii on one side and big pillow on the difficult side... Luckily he is thin.

LittlePandaBear Fri 27-Sep-13 11:32:13

I had my 20 week scan this morning, all is good! We're having a baby boy which has surprised us as we just thought it was a girl as we have a girl already but we're really happy! Would genuinely have been happy if it was a girl or a boy, but it's lovely to know and feels more real.

DD had said she wanted a girl but when we told her it was a baby boy in mummy's tummy she was very giggly and excited grin

Poppy954 Fri 27-Sep-13 11:41:04

Congratulations panda. Fab news. Had mine today and everything fine. Anterior placenta as I suspected. Baby had its legs crossed so I stay team yellow. ( but she did say she couldn't see any obvious boy bits which is quite exciting as I've got two boys already) happy either way though and will be nice to have the surprise. And it means I'm not lying when I tell everyone who asks that I dont know what I'm having!

20 weeks today - I know you all understand how excited I am about this. Generally a bit giddy today!

jazzcat28 Fri 27-Sep-13 11:52:07

Congrats panda and poppy!

Thinking of getting one of those pregnancy pillows. Turned over in bed last night and pulled something in my tummy which then of course meant I didn't sleep for worrying.. combined with the leg cramps and body waking up at 4/5am I am struggling to keep my eyes open today!

Visiting family this weekend and hoping to view some of the products of their knitting... must practice pleased face (my gran has a habit of producing interesting designs)

Am wearing a nursing bra today which is bliss. Not much support but boobs are not aching as much as in normal underwired bras.

Droopy boobs, bags under eyes, flabby belly, waddling when I walk... oh the sexiness of pregnancy!!

barebranches Fri 27-Sep-13 12:05:53

im team pink!!! grin
ill catch up on everyone elses news later!!! so excited!

Libee Fri 27-Sep-13 12:16:39

Congrats Panda, Poppy and Barebranches
19+2 today but sill no movements this baby doesn't want to move at all.
I am still yet to buy pregnancy bras however, the idea of pillow sounds good I may have to get one of those.

EeyoreIsh Fri 27-Sep-13 12:28:31

congrats panda and poppy smile

EeyoreIsh Fri 27-Sep-13 12:35:55

congrats bare too!

Thingymajigs Fri 27-Sep-13 14:13:49

Great news about the scans. I've just had a mad moment of clarity where I realised we're all having babies. shock Although it feels like I'm just collecting a series of minor health complaints I'm actually growing another person. We will all have babies crawling around this time next year. Shocking I know.
I bought my first big purchase today. A Beco Gemini baby carrier. Pricey but I tend to carry my babies more than use pushchairs so it will be worth it, especially considering the resale value. I'm trying not to buy another sling stash like with ds2. Hopefully this carrier and an old ring sling will be enough. And maybe a Moby wrap...
Also found two pocket cloth nappies with Bumgenius boosters for £2.75 in the charity shop I work in today. I love a bargain.

Ladybird81 Fri 27-Sep-13 14:18:58

Congrats everyone who have had scans, very exciting!
Still no movement here either Libee and I'm 19+2, I sometimes think I do, but really not sure, you'd think 2nd time round you'd have a better idea, but I think it's mostly wind!! Haha
Scan on Wednesday 2nd so hopefully will put my mind at ease. I noted on my paperwork from scan at 12 weeks it said anterior placenta, but wasn't told, should they have told me, or does it not really matter in the scheme of things?

sunflowered Fri 27-Sep-13 14:20:23

thingy from the state your sling stash is in at the moment after use with 1 dc what would you say about getting a sling/carrier 2nd hand? Have seen some on ebay but not sure if they'd be knackered after heavy use with 1dc and we'd be better off getting something new?

DawnOfTheDee Fri 27-Sep-13 14:37:50

Now I know i'm team pink i've been putting a bit more thought into names.

I've even put my big girl knickers on and started a thread in baby names here Please feel free to weigh in with your thoughts/suggestions!

I have an anterior placenta (^again^). Felt movements much earlier this time but with DD it was definitely after my 20 week scan that i began to feel movements. It doesn't cause any problems in particular but i've discovered recently that you are a bit more like to have a back to back labour than if placenta was posterior.

Thingymajigs Fri 27-Sep-13 14:48:34

I wouldn't be worried about buying second hand carriers. I sold all of mine (except for one ring sling) from ds2 years ago and they were all in perfect condition apart from a stain on a woven wrap and the Ergo fabric faded slightly as they are prone to do. The only reason I bought this carrier new was because I couldn't find one in the UK. I wanted to try it instead of an Ergo.
The only thing you need to be wary of are fake carriers. Ergo are having problems with fake products on eBay and elsewhere.

sunflowered Fri 27-Sep-13 14:52:10

Thanks thingy - will stick to ebay for now smile Guess I can always re-ebay anything that doesn't look up to the job when it arrives.

Ladybird81 Fri 27-Sep-13 14:58:56

Back to back labour, well I was back to back with my DS and ended up with an ECS, wonder if I had an anterior placenta that time to??? I will have a read up, as if that is the case I may need to factor the real Likely hood it may happen again, and the pain was immense! It may help me make a few decisions about the birth.
As for carriers I had a second hand one off a family member and was fab, I think they hold well providing they are of good quality

winterflowers Fri 27-Sep-13 15:11:51

Wow it seems like a lot of us on here have anterior placentas (I was told at my 12wk scan).

Congrats all who had scans today, lots of happy news!

DawnOfTheDee Fri 27-Sep-13 15:14:52

Anterior is the new posterior dontcha know....wink

Littleen Fri 27-Sep-13 15:18:48

I've got anterior placenta too! ><

Just popping by to say that my scan went well - everything looks fine, and I am officialy Team Blue!

Tiny bit disappointed, but I think it's more fear of 'how does boys work' :P As long as I get a girl next time!

Being a bit awol, as I just started an architecture course and it's a lot more challenging than expected!

wowee litleen - good luck with the course!

My labour was back to back with ds - I have no idea if its more painful or not as have nothing to compare it too but I managed to sleep during active labour and thanks to my mw MAKING me move on to all fours, ds turned in the last hour and came out the right way up.

I will be disappointed now and feel a bit left out if I don't have an anterior placenta - they seem to be all the rage grin

Congratulations on the scans!

tinypolkadot Fri 27-Sep-13 15:40:19

Congrats to everyone who's had scans today, and welcome to team blue Littleen and Panda!

Very excited here today as we've just competed on our first house purchase! Woohoo! Move in on Monday, can't wait grin work is passing soooo slowly, I just wanna go sit on the floor in my new house!

Going to check out your names in a minute Dawn, DH and I talked boys names for the first time last night and had one name we liked in common, so we're making some progress!

Libee Fri 27-Sep-13 16:39:06

Congrats Litleen & Tiny house move is a stressful time and I hope you are taking it easy.
we are moving in Dec/Jan when I will be 7/8 months pregnant luckily i will have excuse not to do anything ha
I am really struggling with boys names as DH and I can't seem to agree on one

gnittinggnome Fri 27-Sep-13 17:12:02

sunflowered are there any NCT sales nearby you? I don't think you need to be a member to go along, and they have good bargains there. I got a Moby wrap in a lovely mushroom colour (good for DH as well) for 12 quid, when they retail for around 45, and I was happy buying it because I could see that it hadn't been used much and was in good nick. I would prefer to buy stuff like that up front rather than online, but that's just my personal preference.

sunflowered Fri 27-Sep-13 17:16:01

Good idea gnitting. I think there's one in November so time to do some full-price window shopping to decide what we both like, plus time to search on ebay if we can't find what we're after.

Good luck with the house move - you can put all those nesting hormones to good use between now and feb smile

laura0007 Fri 27-Sep-13 18:51:22

Congrats on scans guys!
I'm anterior placenta too but it doesn't seem to be stopping me feel his movements and little kicks. Maybe mine is higher up I'm not sure

vix206 Fri 27-Sep-13 19:36:43

Yes I'm anterior placenta too but very high up so I feel loads of kicks and punches but mostly low down smile

Congrats on all the scans! I'm here just had a lot on this week so haven't posted much.

misskatamari Fri 27-Sep-13 20:00:31

Awww congratulations on all the scans grin glad all the babies are looking healthy and now lots more f you can go out and buy pink or blue!

Wow it's crazy how many if us have anterior placentas! Oh my god I was talking to one of the pregnant ladies about mine today and she had no idea what I was talking about when I was mentioning the placenta! I was like shockshockshock and tried to explain but think she still left thinking it was "the bag" - oh dear!

Woke up at 10 to 8 this morning after completely sleeping through my alarm too so had a ten minute get dressed and leg it to work which was an interesting start to the day. My voice has also gone after teaching for the last few days with my cold and I sound very silly and squeaky. Very glad it's the weekend now! Gonna check out Dawns name thread now smile I hope you're all having relaxing Friday evenings and have lovely weekends planned.

durk79 Fri 27-Sep-13 20:09:17

congrats on all the scans I had mine today too! all good with baby and managed (just) to stay team yellow smile was amazing to see everything so clearly, had a 40 min scan as we apparently have a strong willed baby!! the sonographer wrote "restricted view due to fetal attitude"!!! who knew personalities were developed so early!! Only thing is I've a low lying placenta hopefully all will be good and it'll move in time and cause no trouble.....fingers crossed. bonus is we'll get another scan at 32 wks to check smile

DawnOfTheDee Fri 27-Sep-13 20:12:17

I love that durk79! Restricted view due to fetal attitude - you'll have to keep a copy of that to show him/her when they're older smile

barebranches Fri 27-Sep-13 20:13:56

just reading my notes i have an anterior placenta too! which explains the lack of moving!

lots of lovely scan news! smile

littlestgirlguide Fri 27-Sep-13 20:29:06

Just been checking out the local NCT website and there's a Nearly new sale just a couple of miles away on 5th October - going to go and see what bargains I can find! Will need to write a list before I go though.

For those of you who are sling users, should I bother?
I have a backpack carrier which DH used a lot last time, a and a very sturdy off-road buggy.
I never had a sling last time and never really wanted one, I kept thinking what if I trip up and land on the baby... What do you think?

Champagnebubble Fri 27-Sep-13 20:31:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misskatamari Fri 27-Sep-13 20:40:19

Littlest - I know pretty much naff all about slings but people I know who have them love them and say they can be great for carrying baby around and still being able to do stuff like washing up etc and that baby often just falls asleep in them. That's what I'm hoping anyway - I'm sure someone more helpful will have better advice soon smile

TeaAddict235 Fri 27-Sep-13 20:47:49

Nice one thingmajigs on finding the cloth nappies. They cost a fortune. Have you used them before? We've discussed cloth nappies, but I think that the price of them is putting DH off.

littlestgirlguide Fri 27-Sep-13 20:53:52

Teaddict, try adding up how much disposables will cost if you want to persuade your DH - a new born will get through up to 10 a day, my DD is still in DryNites on occasion at 4.3!
Reusables really will work out cheaper in the long run, especially if you keep them for a second DC.
Having said that I thought about it and stuck to Pampers for ease!

sunflowered Fri 27-Sep-13 21:10:16

My dating scan notes say anterior too - I guess that explains the sort of muffled movements I've been feeling.

we had a trained sling lady come to our bf group on monday and she was explaining how/why the baby bjorn style carriers are just not good for baby. TBH me nor ds enjoyed using our mamas and papas version last time and this time I will be going for a lentil weaving wrap type sling. They seem to versatile. Just trying to find one in a print that doesn't make me look like I should have dreadlocks and a child named rainbow. Apologies (a bit) for any offence caused to any dreadlocked vegans.

EeyoreIsh Fri 27-Sep-13 21:55:56

petty I heard that there was a new babybjorn that was on for baby and not bad for its hip. I hope so as this is what we'll almost certainly get for DH.

We got the first things for baby eeyore today, from my sister smile they're teeny tiny (smaller than new born) but they might be needed. my nephew is now 9lb (from 6lb to +9lb in just five weeks, woowee), scary to think that my baby might be that big when born, he looked huge shock

I weighed myself today, and I'm still (just) under my pre pregnancy weight at 21+5. I'm surprised because I've really been eating well (very!) in the last few nausea few weeks. I guess I had better try to keep eating good food and cake! I don't want to put on lots of weight but I'm surprised I've put on none other than replacing the 4kg I lost in the first 16 weeks. My bmi is 23 so it's not like I was overweight before. More cake is clearly required grin

Thingymajigs Fri 27-Sep-13 21:57:54

You don't need a sling or carrier if you don't think you'll use it littlest. I prefer to be hands free and find lugging round bulky pushchairs a bit of a hassle but I can see how other parents get by fine without one.
teaddict, cloth is quite expensive initially but it does save you money in the long run. As long as you don't go crazy buying custom made WAHM nappies. I sold all of my cloth from ds2 so I had to think about whether I would go down this route again. It's often tricky to work out if it actually works out better financially and environmentally when you factor in extra washing costs but I decided to stick to what I know, plus I love the cute nappies. grin You can always buy second hand nappies from eBay, Gumtree or Preloved to try a few different styles out to see how you go.

littlestgirlguide Fri 27-Sep-13 22:06:56

Also look up the Real nappy network - they even do a laundry service where they collect dirty and return clean! Assuming money no object of course!

Sassy20 Fri 27-Sep-13 22:39:24

Congratulations on all the recent scans and team pink, blue and yellows - lots of admiration for yellows as I couldn't be that patient! Got our scan on Tuesday and can't wait - just want to know everything's ok and hopefully find out whether we're team pink or blue! grin

Ladybird81 Fri 27-Sep-13 23:13:58

Wish i hadn't goggled anterior placenta now, oh well, nothing like a good google to freak you out! haha

HarlemWobble Sat 28-Sep-13 07:44:35

I wouldn't worry about your weight too much Eeyore. Before we came away on holiday I was still 3lb below my pre pg weight. God knows what I'll be when I step on the scales when we get home on weds though! Been eating so much the past 10 days!

Champagnebubble Sat 28-Sep-13 09:39:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Eeyorish yes baby bjorn has got a new sling out thats supposed to be much better for baby's hips/spine but it is very £££££ shock dh was supposed to be the one to use our old bb style carrier but all the straps and buckles pissed him off. I looked as an ergo (I think?) that had manly looking buckles but better support for baby.
we have a loval sling library and you can hire slings for £6 per fortnight so might try that this time.

Littleen Sat 28-Sep-13 10:53:22

Thanks for the grats smile The hard job will be finding a name that both me and my boyfriend agree on! We agreed on lots of girls names, but none of the boys names...

I am getting the ergobaby if I can afford it, it looks comfy to wear and have so many good reviews! I think a sling would be not quite so good on my back, as I have some back problems, but unsure as I've never tried it!

Shropshiremummy2B Sat 28-Sep-13 12:06:11

Morning preggos.

Had an insane night.

On the day of my 16 week appt I had to take my dog for a morning after pill because my other dog had caught her (by scaling several walls (wish I had a man that interested in me)). All went fine.

Or so I thought.

Last night she started nesting and acting funny. I thought she had constiation as she kept squatting to no avail. Suddenly, by surprise, her waters broke in the middle of the dining room!

A verrrry panicked call to the vets who was very laissez faire and told me not to interfere and an hour later a puppy was born! Provisionally called Betty.

Absolutely head fucked, massively tired, but very proud grandma!

Now, where's the link to the September 2013 puppy thread??

Champagnebubble Sat 28-Sep-13 12:22:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Shropshiremummy2B Sat 28-Sep-13 12:41:24

I know!!!

Who knows! DH thinks we should keep her but three dogs and a baby?! Mad, non?

Mummy was as baffled as us as to what was going on! She is totally obsessed with licking her and won't leave her alone but was freaked out when puppy kept going for her teats (plenty of milk thank Christ!) so we woke every two hours to pin mummy down and let pup feed without mummy licking her to across the bed!

It's so surreal. Had such a nice weekend planned too full of baby shopping, Sunday lunch and dog walks! Looks like we'll be staying at home. X

EeyoreIsh Sat 28-Sep-13 12:58:42

Oh wow Shropshire that's amazing! What breed is it? congratulations on being a puppy granny!

I've been doing a bit of research into slings this morning, I found this useful article ... If you scroll down or has a long list of slings that are ok. We saw some in jojomamanbebe just now that DH approved of, including one that was £30, Phew!

The lady in jojomamanbebe thought I was buying the maternity tights for a friend, maybe I need to work on pushing my bump out more grin I even had a second fry up breakfast this morning!

EeyoreIsh Sat 28-Sep-13 12:59:43

and here's the link (sorry, baby brain!)

Sling info

LittlePandaBear Sat 28-Sep-13 13:20:09

Wow Shropshire, what a surprise! Didn't realise they could grow puppies so quick - she stole your thunder! It's amazing they can give birth by themselves with no pain relief, classes, vets etc!

I'm not sure about slings - I never bought one for DD and managed fine but am wondering if it will be more useful second time around managing two. On the other hand, I kinda feel like I'll be carrying him around for 9 months and will appreciate putting him down and not strapped to me all the time!

I want to buy DD a new doll for her birthday coming up as she loves them, and showed her some baby brother dolls online. She was very clear that she wants a baby girl, not a baby boy doll! Oh dear!

Shropshiremummy2B Sat 28-Sep-13 13:31:13

I know! She couldn't just let me have 9 months of attention could she?

No pain relief AND only preggers for 10 weeks. Bitch. Literally.

Both parents are working cockers. X

laura0007 Sat 28-Sep-13 14:06:48

I have a blue show cocker called Betty!!! How weird! It's a great name for a dog she suits it as she's like a little old woman with her shichon mate Beryl!! grin

Champagnebubble Sat 28-Sep-13 15:36:48

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Sat 28-Sep-13 15:42:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Littleen Sat 28-Sep-13 16:19:41

Ohh congratulations! I love puppies <3

barebranches Sat 28-Sep-13 16:21:05

so i tested my baby on board badge on the underground today.... i got.... drum roll..... zero offers yes folks zero offers of a seat.

london made me sad today and ever train was packed. sad

Shropshiremummy2B Sat 28-Sep-13 16:38:30

champagne you know how to tug on my heart strings! That is amaze!!!

Will put some pics on FB later on although she's not really looking that cute yet...... more like a micropig cross rat. I love her though, like only a grandma could x

ch1134 Sat 28-Sep-13 17:11:03

Congrats on the pup!
And good luck growing a big bump quickly barebranches so you can sit down.
Still super tired over here. Bump is blooming and weight is piling on so I guess that's what's sapping my energy.
I've been looking at NCT classes, mostly because i don't know anyone in this area, having moved here this year, and I'm anxious about being lonely on maternity... a little concerned about the cost but it's probably worth it to meet people. I hope that strategy works!

winterflowers Sat 28-Sep-13 17:18:30

shrops that's so random...congrats on new grandmotherhood!

ch1134 that's exactly why I've signed up for nct, think I may have to move bk to my dad's a bit and will need some friends there for escape. I've heard so many good stories abt nct for that as much as if not more nhs classes etc

ch1134 Sat 28-Sep-13 17:29:45

Are there NHS classes? Are there any free or cheaper alternatives? I've only just started looking but haven't found any. My midwife only mentioned hypnobirthing once, and that was at the booking appt... now I won't see her for another 2 or 3 weeks.

rueyrichardson Sat 28-Sep-13 18:18:09

Bare, I have that exact experience every day in London, and I've seen others comments on it too. How rude are people? They clock you and then studiously ignore you so they don't have give up a seat. I am minded to take my pram into central London during rush hour when I'm on mat leave. That will teach em! Obviously I won't actually be bothered to do so, plus the pregnancy rage will hopefully have subsided by then!

vix206 Sat 28-Sep-13 18:51:06

Unfortunately there are some who have the attitude that 'pregnancy is not an illness' and have absolutely no idea or empathy with how hard it can be. Not always, but mostly people who've never experienced it. Some people are just very hard-faced and selfish.

Personally I'd give up my seat for anybody that said or indicated that they needed it. But I'm a kind soul. I wouldn't be able to cope with a train commute, far too sensitive and easily upset esp when pregnant!!

Champagnebubble Sat 28-Sep-13 19:12:13

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Have you seen this thread Shrops? Could be the sept puppies thread you were looking for!

rueyrichardson Sat 28-Sep-13 19:28:00

Yep, I share your strategy Champagne - pregnancy induced inward rage - rather than actually asking for a seat!

LittlePandaBear Sat 28-Sep-13 19:36:14

I remember when I was around 7 months pregnant last time and commuting, I was standing and no one offered me a seat and I was obviously pregnant, not just fat! A guy with crutches was the only one who offered me his seat. I said don't be silly, you need it! But he insisted and I felt awful sitting there while he was standing (although I think he got a seat at the next stop!).

It's true, it's not an illness. But at the beginning you can feel sick and dizzy and need a seat, and later on your sense of balance just goes as your bump grows, so train surfing with a bump is not easy!

I've always been too shy to ask for a seat though, and may just rub my belly to get a sympathy seat. But I'm in the North West so can't imagine how awful it would be on the tube.

EeyoreIsh Sat 28-Sep-13 19:50:04

For me it's not about needing a seat because of my bump, it's because I get dizzy and feel like I might faint. It might be the bump in months to come though!

I'm usually ok on my train as it's a 90 minute journey and I always get a seat on the way there. It's when there are delays and we get kicked off and put on another train, as happened earlier this week.

It is rubbish though, people do ignore the badge or bump, which makes me angry. I remember getting on the tube when I broke my foot, so not weight bearing and with crutches, and no one offered me a seat and I couldn't hold on. I asked someone to give me a seat and he looked most annoyed.

vix206 Sat 28-Sep-13 19:51:11

There was a thread about this last year I think. One lady felt really poorly and approached a business man who was sat in one of the priority seats that you're meant to give up if someone needier than you needs it. She told him she was pregnant and feeling very sick hoping he would move, he just looked at get and said 'not my problem love, complain to your husband'


vix206 Sat 28-Sep-13 19:51:36

Looked at her. Not looked at get!

ras105 Sat 28-Sep-13 20:16:11

Omg that's horrid! I would have said "yes it is because you're in a priority seat and I've asked you to move!" smile
I think the only solution is to go right out and ask people if you can take their seat but agree it's quite a scary thing to do! Although if I was sitting down and someone with a 'hidden' illness or something asked me I wouldn't mind at all. But I might not offer my seat automatically in case they were fine standing if you know what I mean?

Please can someone put a link to the fb group here? smile

littlestgirlguide Sat 28-Sep-13 20:40:57

I am a country girl and the idea of commuting to work on the tube horrifies me. It's bad enough driving into my little county town and fighting over parking spaces. you are stronger women than I!

littlestgirlguide Sat 28-Sep-13 21:34:10

Though I have travelled by train a lot with large groups of Guides, and regularly have to ask people to get out of our reserved seats. They don't like it, and they argue, but if I've paid for reserved seats for 30+ ten year olds I can be be quite argumentative and I get my own way :-)

Zazou1 Sat 28-Sep-13 22:25:32

Ok this might be tmi but has anyone else's nipples suddenly expanded/darkened like.....well I don't know what?! Almost had a heart attack when I looked in the mirror earlier. The amount of bio oil I'm slathering on every 5 secs does not seem to be assisting hmm

People who don't give up seats on trains/buses for preggos are clearly twits..

Oh and prelim amnio results came back clear for 3 most common disorders....but got to wait another week or so for the rest....fingers crossed.

Sassy20 Sat 28-Sep-13 22:41:30

Glad to hear the first lot of results are clear Zazou - fingers crossed for the rest. X

marzipanned Sat 28-Sep-13 22:48:28

Hello pregsters, just caught up on fab new thread. SO exciting to read that we have a new grandma among us!!
Having a lovely holiday and haven't been sick once to my amazement. Baby has been crazy active and DH can now feel from outside which is great. Finally Getting a bump thanks to American portions and no vomit combo!

Great to hear of tests coming back clear zazou, here's hoping for more of the same.

Happy weekend all!

PS here's an idea for commuters. Carry a zip lock bag of veg soup with you. If someone refuses seat, dangle it menacingly near them and say, well, I just really hope Im not sick again as Im all out of bags...

rueyrichardson Sat 28-Sep-13 22:55:01

grin Marzipanned ref veg soup, great idea!

rueyrichardson Sat 28-Sep-13 22:55:54

Glad to hear your news Zazou x

Littleen Sat 28-Sep-13 23:49:30

Good news Zazou!

Sorry to hear so many of you can't get a seat on the tube! I actually have the complete opposite experience (commuted through London a lot and lived there a few years too) - I have been offered seats countless times, mainly by men, and never been pregnant or in any particular need of a seat, they've just been nice! Perhaps I have looked pregnant?

HarlemWobble Sun 29-Sep-13 07:20:05


God this commuting talk has got me worried. I currently have an easy 15min bus journey through w.london but that will change to an hour train and tube commute once we move into the new house. Will have to channel my inner 'bitch that takes no shit' to make sure I get a seat! At least it will only be for a few months till mat leave kicks in.

Congrats on the puppy Shrops, what a shock that must have been!

So glad to hear your results were good Zazou

Ooh Champagne you have to share your mothercare shopping decisions! DH won't let me buy anything until we've had the 20 wk scan and moved into the new house. So until then i'll have to get my shopping fix vicariously through you guys!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

EeyoreIsh Sun 29-Sep-13 07:51:46

zazou good news, I hope the full results come back clear.

Shropshire how is Betty this morning?

harlem I think you're right and you need to ask for a seat of you really need one. I have done twice this pregnancy and had no problems, it's only been once that I didn't answer then felt like a dizzy idiot!

DH and I are off baby shopping today. Ikea and then looking at buggies/car seat combos. We're going to Thurrock so we've a choice of John Lewis, kiddicare, mamas and papas or mothercare. neither DH nor I will have the energy to do ikea and more than one baby shop, so any views on which is likely to be the reasonably priced, helpful and with a good selection?

Shropshiremummy2B Sun 29-Sep-13 08:04:25

eeyorish I'd hit John Lewis and find out what you want, then do some serious googling and get them to do a price match.

Betty is still with us, squeaky and tiny. Her Mummy keeps carrying her around which is bothering me, she needs to chill out a bit really. Obvs I'm not going to be an even vaguely neurotic mother.

It's still such a massive shock. We have a big and so fucking expensive you'd cry shooting and fishing holiday at the end of October where we would have taken the dogs but can only take Doug now. And who knows who will look after Lulu and Betty?! AND the dog walker is away all next week. What a palava.

jazzcat28 Sun 29-Sep-13 08:22:32

zazou glad to hear first set of results came back ok.

shropshire congrats on your new arrival! Betty is a great name!

Had my spa day yesterday which was lovely, despite not being allowed to use all the facilities (jacuzzi, steam room & sauna). Had 20min back & shoulder massage which I lay on my front for so now I'm anxious I've hurt bean.

20+1 today... not long now!

Champagnebubble Sun 29-Sep-13 09:39:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Sun 29-Sep-13 09:40:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Sun 29-Sep-13 09:43:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CubanoHabana Sun 29-Sep-13 10:30:42

Greatness zazou, fingers crossed for next set of results!

ras105 Sun 29-Sep-13 10:34:17

Hi Champagnebubble I'm also really short but bought some maternity jeans from mothercare and cut off the bottoms then used iron on hemming tape and they look great! Soooo comfortable aswell! Seriously i can't believe that not all jeans have a lovely stretchy black top bit! I might never change back!!

21+3 here and baby is super active which is making me so excited! Hubby has felt kicks and somersaults now smile

On the downside, went to the inlaws yest and while I napped (soooo tired) they all got completely pissed. Came downstairs 3 hrs later and hubby could barely stand! Had to drive back on the motorway scared he would do something stupid like openibg the door or putting the handbrake on. I am so so SO ANGRY at in laws and hubby! I think having this baby in me has made me protective and I couldn't believe they all put me in that situation.

Should I let the in laws know how angry I am at them?!

champagne the oyster is by a brand called baby I think and mothercare will price match if you find a better deal on linegrin I really liked the handling and colour packs on the oyster but wwnt for the bugaboo bee in the end as I cant be bothered with prams that you have to remove the seat unit to fold down. why cant they make more parent facing prams that fold in one piece??? my dm reckons all prams are designed by men with huge car boots who never have to stand in the pissing rain assembling the damn things grin

Julietee Sun 29-Sep-13 10:36:14

Zazou My pregnancy motto is now 'Weird is the new normal' smile

Jazz That is exactly the kind of thing I would worry about, but having the advantage of being outside the worry zone, I will second that I'm sure your LO is fine and your body would have made its need to move clear if there was any danger. I know there are women who are habitual tummy sleepers who wake up having rolled onto their bumps, if any reassurance.

Tbh, I think what's needed is a 'giant book of pregnancy reassurance'! I'd buy it.

CubanoHabana Sun 29-Sep-13 10:38:24

Ha, just received my mother care baby and me club voucher... What a load of rubbish! Free newborn photo shoot and print... Sounds ok but it's only valid until jan 31st 2014! This is the 'welcome' voucher! Bearing in mind you put in edd, this is ridiculous, tried the 'contact us' button to complain to be taken to a FAQ page with no details of how to get in touch!

CubanoHabana Sun 29-Sep-13 10:47:41

Have found a way to email them, petty I know, but it has really irritated me. They specifically say you receive 'money-off vouchers to help you with all the essentials you'll need during your pregnancy and preparing for your new baby'...

I'm blaming pregnancy hormones!

barebranches Sun 29-Sep-13 11:07:48

just picked up my emma's diary free pack! got free nappies!! my first little pack of nappies! so exciting!!!!

Champagnebubble Sun 29-Sep-13 12:01:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Sun 29-Sep-13 12:02:28

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tinypolkadot Sun 29-Sep-13 13:03:05

Cubano I got a little magazine with vouchers in it when i signed up, I also got that photo shoot thing the other day, so I think your welcome pack might still be on its way.

Littleen Sun 29-Sep-13 14:13:32

raz that sounds rather frustrating, but surely it'd be better to tell your other half that you felt it was irresponsible, since he was the one you had to "take care" off!

Champagnebubble Sun 29-Sep-13 14:21:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

CubanoHabana Sun 29-Sep-13 15:04:59

Champagne it's just the club for mother are, go on the website and you can join and you are supposed to get free money off vouchers and special offers for being a member. It's free.

Thanks tiny, I will wait and see if a booklet turns up!

Champagnebubble Sun 29-Sep-13 15:11:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

barebranches Sun 29-Sep-13 15:13:19

Just registered for NCT classes - wow! £340 quid!! is it worth it?? We could afford it and its our first so we are both clueless.... but can we justify that much?
Anyone done them before?

ch1134 Sun 29-Sep-13 15:24:27

£340! I don't want to pay that much! I want to do them as everyone has said they're not that helpful but invaluable for meeting people. But that price tag is worth thinking about twice!

My husband is away for a week and we've moved to a new area this year, and I've just started driving. I'm aware of how much I rely on him normally to drive me about and to get things done. So I set myself some tests of independence this weekend.

So far I have pressed some apples for our tree, been to Yoga, driven myself to the swimming pool, shops and BnQ. Next on the list was to mow the lawn but I've failed. I can't get the electric mower to work, resorting even to phoning my dad and asking google... eventually I've put it away.
I'm going for a walk instead.

Challenges left for the week: filling and sanding walls in the bathroom, then painting the bathroom. I know I'll be knackered after work each day but I have Wednesday off, and it's sunny here now, so I reckon some fresh air is in order! Walk of the frustration of the lawnmower failure!

Julietee Sun 29-Sep-13 15:24:45

I just felt my womb dweller while standing up - levelled up at the beginning of week 20!

ch1134 Sun 29-Sep-13 15:25:09

sorry for typos

barebranches Sun 29-Sep-13 15:27:04

No i don't either want to pay that much either ch11 but i want to meet some mummy friends!! It does say it can be paid in installments which might make it less painful... what to do...!

Champagnebubble Sun 29-Sep-13 15:28:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

barebranches Sun 29-Sep-13 15:35:15

It is a dilemma! DH and me are already discussing me taking a year maternity instead of 6 months, which means we are trying to save as much as we can (i'm main earner), and we have to get a new car... ahhh all this money!!!

Champagnebubble Sun 29-Sep-13 15:59:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

misskatamari Sun 29-Sep-13 16:06:30

Eeeek £340 is ridiculously expensive! How can they justify that!? Ours are about £200 which I figured was one of the most expensive options shock crazy!

ch11 - if the mower is anything like ours there is the handle pull thing to start it but it only works if you also press in another button at the start (a safety feature I think so it doesn't work unless you're definitely choosing to use it!). Well done on all your other tasks tho! You deserve a big sit down and rest

barebranches Sun 29-Sep-13 16:11:12

oops just checked again and its £325 including £40 membership fees...

Still shit loads!!!! Thats 8 classes, each one is 2 hours.

ch1134 Sun 29-Sep-13 17:45:44

What are the NHS classes please? I've not come across these...
(I expect I was doing the mower wrong misskatamari but I tried so many times with combinations of button/ handle pull... that's it now, it can wait!)

misskatamari Sun 29-Sep-13 17:51:26

I've got a number for booking my nhs classes in one of the leaflet things my mw gave me. They're only open 9-1 3 days a week tho so I'm yet to manage to actually book anything. If you haven't heard about yours is give your docs/mw/baby unit place a call and ask them how to go about booking them x

Champagnebubble Sun 29-Sep-13 17:55:55

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ch1134 Sun 29-Sep-13 18:15:56

thanks, I'll look into it

vix206 Sun 29-Sep-13 19:07:10

Just wanted to say that you don't have to join the nct to make mummy friends. I didn't do nct or nhs, I read books and had a private hypnobirthing course with dh.

I met my mummy friends, the best friends I've ever had, at the sure start centre after DS was born. I also met loads of other friends at other playgroups and baby sessions. So many that I had to get really selective as I had more friends than spare time!!

So don't worry that the nct is the only option because I certainly don't regret not doing the course. I just couldn't afford it at the time.

ch1134 Sun 29-Sep-13 19:15:20

thanks, this is reassuring. I don't think there are any NHS courses near me - I've checked in the booklet and it just says 'tours of the hospital' under that section, and there's a leaflet with various yoga and NCT classes on it (most of them out of date). I'll ask the midwife at the next appt tho, just in case.
My current worry, though, is that my husband went off to work in the Middle East yesterday morning and I still haven't heard that he arrived safely. Hopefully I'll hear by tomorrow!

Sassy20 Sun 29-Sep-13 19:35:51

I can second what Vix said. I didn't do nct with first pregnancy as left it too late to get into classes nearby! I met loads of people through postnatal group, breastfeeding cafe and baby groups. I'm really good friends with a lot of them still. grin

gnittinggnome Sun 29-Sep-13 20:01:27

If you are on a low income, you can ask the NCT for discounted classes - I'm not sure what the threshold is, but it might be worth looking at.

We've booked them, again mostly for the social contacts as we'll (hopefully) be moving into a new area around the time Bean comes along, but am also hopeful we'll meet some interesting people at baby groups.

ch1134 Sun 29-Sep-13 20:53:20

Just to express my relief after having said how worried I was about my husband... He'd had trouble getting through to me but just phoned and all is well!

misskatamari Sun 29-Sep-13 21:19:43

Awww ch11 you must be so relieved, I'm glad he's safe and sound.

How did you find hypnobirthing vix? We go to our first class in a couple of weeks and I started reading the book today and am very excited about it. Hoping it helps me stay calm for whatever happens during labour.

vix206 Sun 29-Sep-13 21:29:41

Misskat. Honestly... Hypnobirthing gave me a calm, worry free pregnancy. Unfortunately I had unrealistic expectations in some ways, I planned a home water birth with candles and music etc. instead I went 2 weeks over, was hospitalised, induced and then had complications that made it extremely painful. I was in too much distress to call upon any of the hypnobirthing techniques, the birth I was having was too far removed from my 'plan'.

However I would recommend it as my situation wasn't typical, and as I say it gave me a calm pregnancy which was fantastic.

This time though, I'm not making any plans other than to go with the flow and try not to dwell in how awful the last experience was. And to be more assertive!! grin

misskatamari Sun 29-Sep-13 21:33:37

Thanks Vix - yeah I'm trying to be "go with the flow" about it as obviously id like a calm chilled birth but I know that anything can happen on the actual day so am hoping to have a "I can deal with whatever comes" attitude and hopefully it will be a calm lovely birth smile

vix206 Sun 29-Sep-13 21:53:02

Yes that's the best thing to aim for. I just totally lost it unfortunately. hmm

Thingymajigs Sun 29-Sep-13 22:08:55

Ds2 (10 yo) just felt the baby move. smile Baby gave his hand a big kick. I keep on putting DP's hand on my bump but he can never feel it so it was great to see someone else experience it. He was slightly freaked out but then said it was cute because his feet must be tiny.
I'm also going to try mum and baby/toddler group instead of pregnancy classes as I really shouldn't need them with my third. Plus I need the money for the house move and baby.
Hope everyone has had a great weekend. Time is going a lot faster now I think.

Somanychanges Sun 29-Sep-13 22:21:03

Will catch up tomorrow, it has been a busy weekend with my little munchkins and friends. Completely exhausted and off to sleep now.

2 more days until my scan ooh getting very excited.


CubanoHabana Mon 30-Sep-13 00:02:12

Ah! Can't sleep and so tired... Where has this weekend gone, got nothing done and really loads to do this week...cue worrying!

tinypolkadot Mon 30-Sep-13 04:33:56

Wide awake at stupid o'clock thanks to the inlaws rock hard bed, my poor hips can't take it.

We move in to our new house tomorrow, and have been packing all weekend. Or rather, I've been packing while Dh has been doing useful things like wrapping furniture in bubble wrap and dismantling toilet roll holders which could easily have been chucked in a box I'm exhausted

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

jazzcat28 Mon 30-Sep-13 05:50:22

Up bright and early for Monday commute sad

Jealous of all the movement being felt. Am not feeling much other than twinges which could be wind. Hoping for a proper kick or punch soon!

Re NCT classes we are booked on them but only at £180. Also booked on NHS ones through the birthing centre attached to the maternity hospital but they clash with pretty much every single NCT one. Thankfully can still attend the 2hr water birth NHS one and the infant first aid which were ones I didn't think NCT really covered. This is our first DC and despite having a lot of friends with toddlers I wanted to meet mums who were going through the same stuff as me at roughly the same time (like this thread) so considered the fee justifiable.

Got a hellish week at work ahead followed by mini break to Rome on Sunday then scan! Can't wait!


Thingymajigs Mon 30-Sep-13 06:48:18

Crap night sleep here too. Pregnancy insomnia is in full flow here. Why is it always worse before I have to work? Grr.
Good luck with the scan somany and jazz. Not long to go. smile I'm very jealous of your trip to Rome jazz. I would love to visit there one day. Have a lovely time.
Hope the move goes well tiny. We should be moving in a couple of weeks and I'm dreading it but it will be worth all the chaos.

barebranches Mon 30-Sep-13 06:49:11

jazz why are your classes so much cheaper!?

HarlemWobble Mon 30-Sep-13 08:10:47

Our NCT classes are £220, but we've booked them near the new house in Herts rather than London where we currently are. If I remember rightly, there are price bands according to area.

Good luck with the move Tiny!

sunflowered Mon 30-Sep-13 08:18:39

Good luck with all the scans today and with your move tiny

Another attractive side effect is starting to impact this week. For a few weeks I've been experiencing shallow fast breathing as I fall asleep (mw says nothing to worry about apparently). Could live with a bit of funny breathing, but now it's making me snore loudly as well sad Is this normal?! Going out to buy dh earplugs today...

gnittinggnome Mon 30-Sep-13 09:13:46

sunflowered I'm told via "what to expect..." that snoring can be another one of those delightful things accompanying pregnancy. If I start to snore I'm going to hide all my earplugs so DH can get a taste of what it's like to try to sleep next to a snorer. Possibly only for a weekend, but still smile

btw the best ones are the ones with little soft fins - they block the most noise (and can be worn to thrash metal gigs / serious manufacturing as they are v good) but the squashy foam ones will do. The soft waxy ones are minging.

jazzcat28 Mon 30-Sep-13 09:40:13

Thanks thingy I'm just hoping we enjoy it as we are doing the trip on a DIY basis, so will have to pay for all transport, food, visits etc and every time I think of the spending I see my baby! It will be the last break we have for a long time so guess I should enjoy it.

bare I think it's due to the price zone that we live in and the number of hours we have booked. There were two courses in my local area and I booked the slightly shorter one at 18.75hrs. I think we live in the lowest price band. The other price bands are listed here on NCT site

gnittinggnome Mon 30-Sep-13 10:10:29

I keep having dreams where I am pootling around, doing my own thing, and suddenly realise I have no idea where the baby is, and when it was last fed. Last night's also involved my mum swaddling one of the cats and handing that to me instead of Bean for breastfeeding. (to forestall further nightmares, I didn't get around to actually breastfeeding the dream cat - my dream self noticed the switch, so there is some good news...)

Now in the daylight, I am clinging to the facts that a) my mum is not actually a cat-swaddling lunatic and b) babies are notorious for letting the world know they have not been fed/they want something/need Mum. Still quite weirded out though. :-(

Shropshiremummy2B Mon 30-Sep-13 10:13:36

Morning all.

Just to let you know my sad news that little puppy Betty didn't make it through the night. We are devastated, I've never seen DH cry before. It's all for the best I'm sure. Makes me want to be a really good mumma to my little baby. Think il have the dogs in bed with me tonight!!

Re NCT my DH is super tight so I've signed up for NHS classes. Not bothered about meeting 'the right kind of people' as every Tom Dick and Harry is preggo round here so Im not struggling for friends. Plus aquanatal classes are so much better for me as everyone lives in a 15 min radius of me.

I also read my maternity notes and found out I'm anterior too. Sooooo common. That's why I can't feel much. No idea why they don't mention it to you, guess it's genuinely nothing to worry about.

In other news my lovely big sister bought me a nappy bag filled with essentials which was sooo sweet, and matches perfectly with my grey and white theme, here's the link www.babymel.co.uk/product.php?shopprodid=43&varient=217 it's the vintage bows one x

littlestgirlguide Mon 30-Sep-13 10:42:44

Oh no poor Betty :-( sad times.

tinypolkadot Mon 30-Sep-13 10:44:49

Oh shropshire such sad news brew cake hope you are ok and mummy dog too

I'm sat on the sofa for removal men to bring all our stuff. Would it be wrong of me to just sit here until they are finished?

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone, this is our first bought home and with a baby on the way, I feel so so lucky to be in this position at last. Will never take it for granted!

I'd better get the kettle on...

laura0007 Mon 30-Sep-13 11:32:09

Oh no Shropshire that's so sad.
Good luck on the house move tiny!
Hope everyone's scans go well this week.
I've just enquirer about pregnancy yoga which sounds like something I'd love as I was very active before I started getting fat! It's perfect, cheaper than nct which I can't really afford and I'll hopefully meet some nice people, but the only problem is its on a Wednesday at 6.30 and I work until 7 on a Wednesday! Totally gutted. If it was my other job where I work mon,tue,thur,fri I wouldn't hesitate to ask if I could leave early but the woman I work for on a wed is a pain in the butt at the best of times so I fear it's a non starter sad

Sassy20 Mon 30-Sep-13 11:36:20

Sorry to hear about Betty Shropshire hmm

Someone on here was starting lazy daisy preg yoga - really sorry but can't remember who but curious how it went as thinking of joining here? X

SugarMiceInTheRain Mon 30-Sep-13 11:43:48

Oh shropshire so sorry to hear that. Poor Betty. Love the changing bag.

I'm feeling like a complete slob today - chickened out of volunteering to help on DS2's class trip - just couldn't face dozens of 5 year olds walking round the park collecting acorns etc. If I wasn't getting so light headed and tired easily I'd have gone. Hope they have enough people. TBH it was very last-minute that they announced they needed parents' help.

Have had my car MoT'd this morning (passed without even any advisories, phew! Not a given with a 12 year old car!) Off to have my hair cut in a bit. The salon sent me a 50% off voucher because I hadn't been for ages - can't afford to get hair cut regularly, but at 50% off it's a bargain! grin

tiny enjoy your new home and don't feel guilty (easier said than done - I was pg when we moved here and still felt guilty for not helping with boxes!) - that's what you pay removal men for! :-)

I had lots of disturbing dreams last night which meant I woke up feeling physically and emotionally drained. The last one was that our little girl had been born but had Downs' Syndrome. Don't get me wrong - there's a reason I opted not to have the NT, but I still felt a bit shaky on waking up. Reassuring myself by telling myself that all the other mad things I was doing in my dreams, eg helping my friend look for her 2.5 year old who she'd left on his own at the zoo for a day (!) and resuscitating my sister after she decided to do some insane white water/ motorbike stunt course were obviously complete nonsense. What is it with all these vivid dreams?!

gnittinggnome Mon 30-Sep-13 12:27:53

shropshire so sorry to hear that! Hope Loulou (? mum's name?) is ok as well.

Tiny definitely get the kettle on, keep up a stream of biscuits and let them be all manly and do all the heavy lifting. If it makes you feel any better, you can think of all the unpacking, sorting, cleaning you'll be doing for the rest of the week! Hope it all goes well.

Poppy954 Mon 30-Sep-13 12:30:17

Hello all.

Sorry to hear about Betty. Sad news.

Good luck for scans and house moves!

My sonographer said they are only bothered about an anterior placenta if you have scar tissue on the abdomen ( eg from previous section) as it can push through. Otherwise nothing to be concerned about. I've had posterior in the last two and don't get the impression they treat them as right and wrong. I know there's a higher chance of back to back labour but tbh I had to spend days on my
Hands and knees with the others to get them round to the front anyway.

I've started the panic dreams again after not having them for a while. Usually that I'm bleeding but I've had the one that I haven't fed the baby for three days and
Don't know where I've put it!

barebranches Mon 30-Sep-13 12:47:20

awww poor puppy sad

yup... im in london so most expensive. still havent decided yet!

gnittinggnome Mon 30-Sep-13 13:29:20

Thank Gods Poppy it's not just me!

Shropshiremummy2B Mon 30-Sep-13 13:57:48

Thanks guys, you're a lovely bunch. Lou is doing ok, she's alone with Doug Dog and a couple of visits from the dog walker which I feel bad about but by seeing her looking for her puppy everywhere is quite distressing for me. The vet says that dogs live for the moment so its likely by the time I get home at six she'll be herself again. Fx.

Poppy this might be a stupid question, but I had keyhole gall bladder removal two years ago- its only three small slits though. I take it she would have told me if my baby was a bout to burst out of my tummy?! Must remember to ask the mw, I always forget to ask her things.

Does anyone here have private medical insurance? If I went privately I would have to give birth in Birmingham (a 1hr car journey), but if I have any potential issues during pregnancy can I go privately? I don't know why I think that they dont cover pregnancy but I might be making that up.

bugsyburge Mon 30-Sep-13 14:55:01

so sorry to hear about betty shrop, I'm an animal nutcase so this makes me feel very blue.

on another note, I don't think pregnancy is covered by private medical insurance... well it isn't on my bupa policy but there may be types of policies where it is covered, not too sure....

sunflowered Mon 30-Sep-13 15:03:19

Thanks for the earplug advice gnitting - have started with some boots cheapos and will graduate upwards to more sophisicated versions if they don't work!

Sorry to hear about the puppy shropshire sad

I started lazy daisy classes last week - first class was focusing on breathing and posture so all about the basics. Not too strenuous (or not at all in week 1) and every exercise was linked in some.way to things you can use during labour eg positions, advice on breathing, etc. Not rocket science but things I wouldn't have naturally done/thought about (eg if you tense your jaw your pelvic floor or something in it tenses too) hope it will be useful - even if things don't go completely smoothly the breathing and calming techniques I hope will be of benefit. It's not exactly a workout but did end with 10 mins of relaxation techniques - I was so chilled out I didn't realise until half way home that I was driving at 20 and slowing down the traffic grin The lady I'm doing mine with offered a trial class before I signed up which might be worth askig about?

Shropshiremummy2B Mon 30-Sep-13 15:31:06

Yep Bugsy, I called Prudential, they dont cover anything until the birth here they will cover an emergency cs if needs be (plus miscarriage, still birth, la la la, lets not worry about that). They can plonk me in the local private hospital to recover but from experience I was soooo lonely there compared to the hustle and bustle of the good old NHS.

laura0007 Mon 30-Sep-13 16:23:36

Stupid question alert but what do contractions actually feel like? How will I know I'm in labour? Someone said they start off like period pains, is that true?

Shropshiremummy2B Mon 30-Sep-13 17:12:27

A question I just asked my untilveryrecently preggo pal who said that Braxton hicks felt more like she thought a contraction would (tightening of muscles) until she had contractions which felt completely different and more like period pains apparently. Luckily most of our febbo preggos have done this before and so will shortly confirm/deny.

laura my contractions started out as constant back ache (which was soothed by a hot water bottle) and then more like period cramping every 2-3 minutes. As such I didn't realise I was in labour and sent dh to a meeting the other side of the country. Once I realised it was labour I assumed it would take all day and that I must be timing them wrong for them to be every 2-3 mins already... hmm To be fair, I've never had period pain so didn't know what it felt like!

vix206 Mon 30-Sep-13 17:36:12

I never felt my contractions due to bowel pain that was so strong it masked them. I'm actually looking forward to (hopefully) experiencing contractions this time! smile

Thisisfreakingmeout Mon 30-Sep-13 17:37:35

I have my first of 5 prego Pilates tonight. Then switching to prego yoga for 6 weeks. More excited about. Yoga as it is very focused on active birth and I have been really missing my regular yoga sessions.
Not sure how relaxing the Pilates will be as it starts in 40 mins and I have to walk home from work, change, get out of stupid trafficy town to next village along. I will be a sweatblob when I get there!

Thisisfreakingmeout Mon 30-Sep-13 17:38:08

If I get there.

EeyoreIsh Mon 30-Sep-13 17:56:40

Oh Shropshire what sad news sad

tiny I hope the move went ok. It's fine to sit back and relax!

I was shattered yesterday after ikea and kiddicare. We chose a buggy (uppababy vista) as it was the only one (other than the stokke) which was tall enough for my long arms and legs. But DH and I are shock shock shock at the price. I'm going to keep an eye out for a second hand one.

I was so stupid though, I didn't eat anything other than a packet of snack a jacks from 8-4pm. I got home and collapsed on the sofa, DH made me a bowl of pasta and I then spent the rest of the day traipsing back and forth to the bathroom. It was my first bout of morning sickness for a fortnight, and it's still not settled today. I had forgotten how bad it was and how much I have to force myself to eat well. I really feel for those of you who are still regularly suffering. Am currently on train home from work nursing a crampy tummy, fingers crossed I'll make it home ok!

Shropshire an alternative to private care is to have an independent midwife (assuming a solution is found to their insurance problems!). DH and I are seriously considering this, as our 'local' hospital is 40 mins away and really busy. The advantage is you have someone who is with you all the way through, and they often know the nhs systems well as often they do agency work for the nhs. They're also significantly cheaper than going private. If DH gets a job soon we'll probably use one.

Sassy20 Mon 30-Sep-13 18:00:22

From what I remember my contractions were just like back ache and period pains that got stronger as time went on. I couldn't get any comfort from lying down which I find works with other pain and I was pretty much constantly walking up and down in the early hours!

vix206 Mon 30-Sep-13 18:11:54

Oh Shropshire I only just saw your terrible news about Betty. sad I'm so sorry xx

Poppy954 Mon 30-Sep-13 18:26:09

Shrops, I think only big scars are am issue. I mentioned two 1cm scars from a laparoscopy and she said they d

Poppy954 Mon 30-Sep-13 18:29:46

... Don't count.
Laura, mine were different both times. The first time as you'd expect. Painful tightening across my bump that lasted a few seconds and came at regular intervals. I knew I was in labour when the pains lasted longer with shorter intervals in between and I couldn't do anything else while they were happening. Second time the same in terms of getting more regular but I felt them in a different place. Very low down on each side almost in my groin. You'll know when it'd the real thing!

laura0007 Mon 30-Sep-13 18:32:24

I hope so! I have visions of not knowing I'm in labour and giving birth on the loo or something! That's how stupid I am, maybe I shouldn't be left alone in charge of a baby lol.

winterflowers Mon 30-Sep-13 18:32:43

shrops so sorry to hear about betty dog sad on another note I think scar tissue is only an issue if it's in the womb itself else it won't be affected by the placenta. So wouldn't worry abt your gall bladder surgery from tht respect.

tiny hope the house move is going well, all super exciting!

I have been having lots of random baby dreams also, in my last one I managed to produce a prodigy who no sooner than emerged (that bit was one of those dream gaps, if only real labour was the same) proceeded to walk and then chase a kitten shouting 'kitty' hmmmm

misskatamari Mon 30-Sep-13 19:44:43

Shropshire I'm so sorry to head about Betty. I hope Lou is feeling a bit better now, it must be horrible seeing her distressed. I hope the move has gone well tiny! So exciting!

I've been trying again to book nhs classes as still there's just a voicemail saying they'll be open again on Monday 23rd sept. Helpful!

Think I've actually felt a bit if baby movement today yaaaaay! Still no mega kicks but that's what you get in the anterior club I guess! Want to go to Preggo yoga tomorrow but got sooo much school work today and it's DHs birthday on Saturday and I have his presents to make so may have to put it off until next week. Right shower time then back to marking year 7 books. Maybe with the help f a chocolate orange!

LittlePandaBear Mon 30-Sep-13 20:11:53

So sad Shropshire sad

Contraction wise, I did have contractions with DD but they were not more often than 10 mins and never got closer together, even though they lasted for nearly 14 hours until I had my planned secition as we knew she was breech. For me it was a tightening across my middle and back, like braxton hicks but painful! I remember being in bed the night before the planned section and telling DH that something was happening. He dismissed it as me just having butterflies about the next day! After a couple of hours I knew it had started so we called triage and went to the hospital (luckily only 5 mins away). But as the contractions didn't get stronger/closer together they sent DH home at about 4am, left me to have no sleep, DH to worry at home, then he had to be back for 8am as I had the section booked. I didn't go through to theatre until 1.30pm and had contractions the whole time with some paracetamol. I really admire you ladies who have had proper labours as it was painful enough for me and would have only got worse! It's also helping to steer me towards another section this time, as I feel like it would have taken forever for me to have got dilated enough to push if I'd made no progress in all that time!

I've started to root through all of DD's old clothes/shoes that I was keeping in case this one was a girl to see what's worth selling on ebay, give away etc. Excited I will get to buy blue this time - i love an excuse to go shopping so if DD's old things can help to fund the new spree then all the better smile

I've been feeling movement for a few weeks now but yesterday I had a really strong kick when I was getting to sleep that made me properly jump! Maybe I have a future footballer inside me!

misskatamari Mon 30-Sep-13 20:23:32

Lol DH just told me I've got "massive boobs" that are as "big as your head"! Thanks pregnancy!

Somanychanges Mon 30-Sep-13 21:04:46

Shropshire sorry about the pup.

My contractions were like Brixton hicks but tighter and what felt like unbearable pain. I had the pain all across my tummy. But I have never had the experience of coming into labour naturally and always wanted to know what it was like to realise you were in labour. I went from no labour to whopping contractions and excruciating pain.

I suppose the difference is Brixton hicks can get sore towards the end but nothing to stop you going about your your day. But contractions make you stop in your tracks, I couldn't even bare anyone talking during my contractions. I remember screaming at my mum and my husband "I need silence" which they thought was hilarious and burst out laughing. I was not happy whatsoever with that response. But they soon stopped talking and tended to me. I remember I had my husband running all over the hospital to get me ice.

Ooh it's exciting thinking about the birth. Although I am starting to get scared about the sleepless nights. My two go to sleep and stay asleep. But I had my friends 8 year old DS over to stay the night on sat. He got home sick and decided he didn't want to stay once my children had fallen asleep. He ended up keeping me up all night. He wouldn't sleep and kept climbing in my bed, bless him. He then wanted to get up at 5:45am. By morning I was like a zombie and I felt exhausted for the whole day, so tired.

I suddenly remembered how unbelievingly tired I was with a newborn and how awful all the sleepless nights were. But now I will be doing it with 2 older children who need to be taken to school in the mornings. At least DH will have the first 2 weeks off but I just hope baby does not have to stay in hospital all that time like my dd.

Is that the norm for paternity leave? Is it just 2 weeks? And do they get full pay? I might ask my DH to take an extra week off, although he will probably still be on probation then so probably won't want to take too much time off.

My little boy is really excited about the scan tomorrow. I have to take him as have no one to pick him up from school as we are still strangers in this village. My daughter goes to homework club until 6pm on Tuesdays so I decided I would just get her after. Now she feels left out as she wants to come too. Scan is at 3:30pm I am praying baby doesn't keep it's gender hidden.

Ok I have just blabbed on for far too long sorry.

Who is still to have their scans? Sassy are you tomorrow as well?

jazzcat28 Mon 30-Sep-13 21:20:49

shropshire horrid news, cake and thanks

Just ordered our pram which my parents are very generously gifting to us. Uppababy vista in Denny Red. Also car seat (maxi cosi cabriofix) which MIL is also being very generous in gifting us. We pick both up on Saturday! Won't be able to play with them until our return from hols but I actually feel like all this is real now..

somany my scan isn't until 10th - not long to go now!

Lalala I'm not thinking about the birth until at least new years day...

bugsyburge Mon 30-Sep-13 21:29:19

eeek I FINALLY have my scan tomorrow, I'm sooo excited although we are staying team yellow. can't wait to see baby again though & check everything is ok.

how are Lou & Doug tonight shrops?

bugsyburge Mon 30-Sep-13 21:30:22

has anyone else finalised their name choices apart from laura?

care to share......

Sassy20 Mon 30-Sep-13 21:36:01

Somany - well remembered it is my scan tomorrow and I too am really excited but also nervous as anything. I just want to know everything's ok and hopefully to find out whether I'm team pink or team blue! We're taking our 2 1/2 yr old dd with us as feel it might help her understand a bit better although she does stroke her 'baby sister' through Mummy's tummy which is very cute. She is determined the baby is a girl - maybe she knows something we don't grin

Good luck Somany tomorrow and anyone else with scans coming up. X

Sassy20 Mon 30-Sep-13 21:37:11

Ooh good luck Bugsy as well - just seen your post after I added mine! X

Sassy20 Mon 30-Sep-13 21:38:25

Meant to add - Somany I think paternity pay is one week full pay and second week stat paternity pay! X

Ladybird81 Mon 30-Sep-13 22:32:39

Good luck to those who have scans this week, mine is in Wednesday, excited but a little anxious.
With regards to anterior placenta the reason I worry is due to the fact I had a c-section last time and they say that it can imbed itself in the scar tissue, but I think they can check all that on future scans and see exactly where it is.
Out of interest, of those who have had a previous c-section, who will be going for a c-section and who a vbac, only reason I ask is I am more unsure than ever the more appointments I have!

I have noooo idea what we will call a boy! Me and dh can't agree on anything yet.... might just wait until he/she turns up and see what they look like. Has a baby ever looked like a Bob?

If a girl, baby will be Elizabeth Sian nn Betty (RIP puppy Betty)

DS wants a sister and wants to call her Sean The Sheep. DS does not know what a sister is or that he is going to be a big brother yet (other people have asked him without my permission - grr). He is 2.6 months (today!) and I don't think I will start talking to him about it until Christmas time-ish and more then to get him used to the idea of sharing me. I am holding back as being so young he has no concept of time and while he might nod and agree that there is a baby in my tummy he won't really understand. He only seems to like/notice babies that are 9+ months old anyway so maybe I just won't mention a baby at all and see how long it takes ds to notice him/her after they are born grin

Shropshiremummy2B Tue 01-Oct-13 07:27:53

bugsy et al thank you for your concern. Lou slept in between DH and I all snuggled up. It must have been a real treat for her because the conservatory is getting cold!

Petty obvs live the name Betty. DH suggested calling the puppy Betty only because I wanted it for my girls name and he thought it was too Frank Spencer so figured that if we called the puppy that I wouldn't want to use it again!

I've actually changed my mind from Wilfred Arthur Percival and actually prefer Percy as his first name. I thunk it's because a friend of a friend has called her baby Wilf and it tarnishes it a bit. I love Felix. DH is having none of it.

Girls wise I still like Henrietta, maybe with Nell Sophia? I prefer Sophie but again DH says no. Booooo.

Good luck with scans today! Don't forget to add it to the stats wether or not you can cut and paste or not, I can do that another time. Even if you're yellow. L

Shropshiremummy2B Tue 01-Oct-13 07:28:50

Yikes, lots of spelling mistakes. Sorry!

laura0007 Tue 01-Oct-13 07:33:56

I really like Percy now after all this talk of it. Maybe I need another baby after this one so I can use Percy too grin

gnittinggnome Tue 01-Oct-13 08:25:30

Shropshire I really like Felix too, but we have a Spanish last name, so it would make him appear to be properly Spanish, rather than entirely British with a cool surname... How do you feel about Felicity?

vix206 Tue 01-Oct-13 08:39:26

With regards to names. DS says his baby sister is called Betty Big Banana Face. Which is helpful...

I have a list of names, but none of them are the 'one'. It's so hard.

Shropshiremummy2B Tue 01-Oct-13 08:44:28

LOVE Betty Big Banana Face.

Felicity seems a bit musty. Is that even a way of describing a name? Stuffy. I love old fashioned but felicity leaves me cold. I like Cecilly, but if the poor child has a lisp it might struggle with Cecilly Seward.

BACK OFF laura!

vix206 Tue 01-Oct-13 08:47:59

As those of you on Facebook will know, I have a very silly surname which makes girls names in particular very tricky. It also rules out any natural names (ie Amber, Willow, Summer etc) as they would just sound like a type of herb.....

EeyoreIsh Tue 01-Oct-13 09:02:56

Felix is a lovely name, I've got it on my shortlist for boys names.

Full of mixed emotions today as it would have been the due date for the baby we lost back in February. We're still feeling the loss of that baby as it was so hoped for after two years of ttc. But this pregnancy feels like such a blessing and miracle, and if we hadn't lost our earlier baby we wouldn't be here now. So I'm feeling a combination of sad, blessed and full of hope.

Good luck to those of you having your scans today.

Somanychanges Tue 01-Oct-13 09:12:33

Good luck bugsy and sassy and anyone else with scans today.

It's happening again I was up about 4 times for toilet in the night. I have been ok for the last month as it reduced to just waking up once a night. Baby must be really growing now as I am also starting to feel breathless so things must be moving up and pushing on my lungs.

I haven't posted a bump pic in about 2 weeks so ill prob post one today. Definitely growing. There are still a few people who don't know I am pregnant I keep thinking by the time I next see them I will have a baby on my arms.

I had a dream about my scan last night, now I just have to wait 6 1/2 hours to see the real thing.

vix206 Tue 01-Oct-13 09:14:59

Eeyoreish big hugs for today. My due date would've been mid November so I still have that to come.

vix206 Tue 01-Oct-13 09:15:34

Oh and good luck with all the scans today everyone x

gnittinggnome Tue 01-Oct-13 09:21:57

Vix have you considered Magrat?

(sorry if you're not a Pratchett fan smile )

Shropshire yes, i know what you mean about Felicity - it was my DH's first suggestion for a girl, and to me it's a little bit Jilly Cooper. But it has the same etymology/roots as Felix.

Somanychanges Tue 01-Oct-13 09:23:08

Aww eeyorish sorry to hear that. Big hugs.

vix206 Tue 01-Oct-13 09:27:27

Gnitting, yes I'm afraid that's gone over my head as I've never read Pratchett. Bit the prettiest of names I must say shockgrin

vix206 Tue 01-Oct-13 09:29:51

Just googled it though. Had no idea wink

jazzcat28 Tue 01-Oct-13 10:00:49

Love Felix! DH has vetoed though.

We have 3 or 4 girls names sorted - current top two are Jessica and Abigail. Quite traditional but yet fairly underused in my circle of friends.

For boys we are stumped. I love Thomas but DH not sure. Have been considering Harrison (Harry) but DH thinks it's too posh. Team yellow all the way but gut is telling me it's a boy so we'd better get our thinking caps on!

For boys and girls we are also clueless on how to decide on middle names - not sure whether to try and tie in family connections or just go for names we like the sound of!

By the way, DH found out he survived redundancy - yay! So now he knows he definitely has a job and after our week holiday will get a shot at a promotion interview too. Such a relief and he's so much happier now that's been confirmed.

eeyorish thinking of you today

sunflowered Tue 01-Oct-13 10:22:26

Dh loves felix but it was my dad's much loved ginger tom so might not work for first grandchild grin

Thinking of you today eeyore - hope you're ok.

gnittinggnome Tue 01-Oct-13 10:32:00

jazzcat Good news! That must be a relief.

vix the books are wonderful, if you like that sort of thing (I do, obviously) a lot of silliness and some really spot on observation. But yes, it isn't the prettiest of names - in one section she describes it as sounding like a wet rodent. Hmmm, lovely!

Sassy20 Tue 01-Oct-13 12:17:02

Well back from our scan and baby looking good and it looks like we are team pink!!! Another little girl and a little sister for dd - very happy. grin

vix206 Tue 01-Oct-13 13:02:57

Yay congratulations Sassy grin

winterflowers Tue 01-Oct-13 13:04:34

Congrats sassy! And good news also jazz, what a massive relief, exciting for the promotion opp also.

Thinking of you today eeyore, it makes this little one all the more magi
cal x

Libee Tue 01-Oct-13 13:29:12

wow just catching up - congrats sassy, and good luck Vix

sunflowered Tue 01-Oct-13 13:36:24

Congrats sassy and to jazzcat's dh smile

jazzcat28 Tue 01-Oct-13 15:32:34

Thanks all smile

Yay for amazing scan news sassy!!

Libee Tue 01-Oct-13 15:48:45

Congrats Jazz on the news of your DH

EeyoreIsh Tue 01-Oct-13 16:18:45

Lots of girls on this thread, congrats sassy!

I'm distracting myself with work today, and I've ordered a cherry tree to plant in memory of my little February baby, as the blossom in our local churchyard really lifted my spirits after our loss.

Right, need to crack on with work before my driving lesson with my oh so pedantic instructor. Sigh.

TeaAddict235 Tue 01-Oct-13 16:49:04

Bless you EeyoreIsh, you are really doing positive things despite what you went through. A cherry tree is an absolutely beautiful idea.

I know what you mean about a pedantic driving instructor, mine was always like " hands at ten to two please", and "don't thank them, hands back at ten to two". You'll be in your own four wheels soon with a little mite in the back smile

Congrats to the rest of you on team pink and blue. And hurrah, that some of us are still in team yellow.

Ladies, now is great time to pick up little bits and bobs in the end of summer sales, like romper suits and vests for the little winter mites! Hurrah! Got tonnes of neutral stuff at Tescos for bargain prices.

Julietee Tue 01-Oct-13 17:57:27

gnittinggnome I have to say Magrat occured to me, too smile

We've sorted a boy's name if Clumpy is a boy. It was easy! Much harder to do girls names, I think.

In other news, I had a bit of an anxiety meltdown today for really no reason and made myself miserable. Then panic ate 1/4 of a tub of ice cream and peanut butter sandwiches.

I think the anxiety (or at least the propensity to start catastrophising over trivial things) is worse because I'm not sleeping well - my left hip has started becoming agonising in the night. Soo.... I could be a happier bunny. Maybe I can plan something fun with DH to take my mind off it all.

Sassy20 Tue 01-Oct-13 18:16:38

Thanks for all the congratulations. The scan also showed my placenta is on the low side so they now need to keep on eye on that but are hopeful it will move up.

Eeyorish - I think a cherry tree is a lovely idea. X

TeaAddict235 Tue 01-Oct-13 18:26:47

Has anyone started to accumulate a lot of spit recently? It's soooo annoying not to mention disgusting. If I'm not eating or drinking something, then spit accumulates really quickly in my mouth. [off to drink something again]

Somanychanges Tue 01-Oct-13 19:39:48

Evening all,

So looks like this is what I am purchasing for my babies first snow suit: m.marksandspencer.com/mt/www.marksandspencer.com/Marks-and-Spencer-Quilted-Pramsuit/dp/B00CU1VUAG?ie=UTF8&ref=sr_1_41&nodeId=47110031&sr=1-41&qid=1380652071&pf_rd_r=190PGC413M6327XQEXW0&pf_rd_m=A2BO0OYVBKIQJM&pf_rd_t=101&pf_rd_i=47110031&pf_rd_p=321381387&pf_rd_s=related-items-3

Can you guess my team?

Baby was all in one piece very happy and all was great. I hate to say it but I had a cry as this is my last baby and I had my heart set on another daughter. But I know (or I hope) in a few days I will be happy and looking forward to it.

jazzcat28 Tue 01-Oct-13 19:59:29

somany congrats on a healthy scan and news of team blue! The pram suit is gorgeous and although you are a little disappointed now at least you have 20wks to get excited to meet your new son.

I'm still not feeling movements. Anyone else in same boat at 20+ wks?

Sassy20 Tue 01-Oct-13 20:02:11

Congratulations on team blue Somany. Love the pramsuit.

Congrats on dh avoiding redundancy Jazzcat grin

rueyrichardson Tue 01-Oct-13 20:25:22

Congrats to all on pink/blue/yellow/job news. Love that pram suit, Somany. I am currently fixated on the school run and how I will get my DS to school on time with a newborn in tow in freezing February, I don't drive so will be walking it. A pram suit/snow suit is at the top of my list, beyond monitor/new mattress/sling/cute baby outfits. Funny! Last time I fixated on falling up/down the stairs with a newborn in my arms. I never did! But that's what kept me awake at night - irrational fear. I have just assisted DH to whittle our names list down to 5 x first names of each type, and 5 x mns of each too. We are ready unless I spend another evening perusing nameberry and change our minds for us

Champagnebubble Tue 01-Oct-13 20:37:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Libee Tue 01-Oct-13 20:38:50

Congrats somany not only we share the same due date but now also Team blue
Luckily I kept my son's snowsuit so now will come in handy for next winter

Libee Tue 01-Oct-13 20:41:33

Champagne even I don't feel any movements and will be 20 weeks tomorrow god knows what's happening in my tummy

A veery awkward question but I'll ask anyway does anyone feel the urge to keep itching as I can't stop and now it hurts could it be thrush?

littlestgirlguide Tue 01-Oct-13 21:01:44

Sounds like thrush Libee. Other symptoms thick gooey white discharge. Ask your doctor to prescribe something, it's very common in pregnancy. I had it recently and someone else on here did too.

gnittinggnome Tue 01-Oct-13 21:05:26

libee I've had thrush, I think it's connected to having the extra cm down there. It could be thrush, based on itching, but if you're not sure go get checked out.

champagne little Bean has had a quiet two days, and I was beginning to get a little worried, but it's been acrobatics all evening, so am a bit relieved. It might come and go depending where they are? They are not hemmed in for space that much yet, so maybe they can turn around and start wriggling at areas that won't register the movement?

barebranches Tue 01-Oct-13 21:06:14

ahhh!! my best friends in labour!!!! so excited and nervous!!!!

tinypolkadot Tue 01-Oct-13 21:31:14

Spent half an hour this evening queued around the car park of the doctor's for my flu jab. It was a proper pensioners social gathering bar a few pregnant interlopers!

Then we went to asda so I can get some cheap bras. I can highly recommend their colour wire tshirt bras for £4 each, dead comfy and stretchy. Dh was eyeing up the batman baby clothes.

Settling into the new house nicely, just get v tired fast, and my back is very uncomfortable, especially the lower left hand side.

Lovely idea eeyorish I was worried as well as I only saw your latest post!

Hope your friend has an effortless labour bare

Somanychanges Tue 01-Oct-13 21:47:50

bugsy how was your scan?

Somanychanges Tue 01-Oct-13 21:54:25

Oh think I just saw on FB page I'm confused as haven't managed to tell who is who unless people write their MN name in post. That thing that tells us who is who has disappeared.

So is that bugsy and sassy team pink?

So I am going to have to go through all my adorable baby girl clothes. I am going to sell on eBay I think get some money for this boy and his clothes. I will probably cry as have held into them for 8 years in the hope of using again.

Thingymajigs Tue 01-Oct-13 21:55:48

Glad to see the scans going so well. smile
ruey, I'm trying to imagine the school run too. We are moving this weekend and so the Feb school run will involve a 30 min bus journey and a 30 min walk with a newborn, 4 times a day. confused Not great but ds2 really doesn't want to change schools. I'm guessing my slings and baby snowsuits will come in handy.

Sassy20 Tue 01-Oct-13 22:15:56

Yes I'm one of today's team pink joiners! X

durk79 Tue 01-Oct-13 22:26:48

congrats on the new scans and colour news! smile
Jazz...I'm still not feeling movements and I'm 21 wks tomorrow, not worried yet as on both scans has been a very active baby! but can't wait to be able to feel!
Sassy...I was also found to have a low placenta, I'm being scanned again at 32 wks, hoping it will have moved by then, fingers crossed for us both.

Thisisfreakingmeout Tue 01-Oct-13 22:53:21

Just want to share a happy birth story. A friend started contracting the evening before her edd. Went to hospital I the early AM, came close to having baby in the lift. Her waters broke and baby was in her arms 7 minutes later.

All is well and baby is wonderful. It is her first.

We can do this.

Night all.

Somanychanges Tue 01-Oct-13 23:04:58

I think we may have chosen name already, we are thinking Elijah, Eli for short.

Milkandtwo Wed 02-Oct-13 07:46:41

Hi folks, some good warm weather baby clothes in baby gap at the mo and discount code metrogap (or gapmetro?) gets you 25% off anything non sale (maternity clobber too)

Champagnebubble Wed 02-Oct-13 08:03:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Sassy20 Wed 02-Oct-13 08:07:20

Thanks Milk. I love the gap baby clothes as well grin x

jazzcat28 Wed 02-Oct-13 09:13:17

milk thanks for that!

If anyone is still hunting for the perfect pair of maternity tights, I believe I may have found them! These M&S tights are ladder resist (have already ruined 3 pairs of other brands) and are very comfy. Also not too pricey in comparison with mothercare.

Thingymajigs Wed 02-Oct-13 10:02:35

I love the name Elijah somany. Great choice. smile This is our list:
Although Felix doesn't flow well with DP'S surname and Eli goes really well. It would match my preferred pattern of easily shortened boys names too. I'm incredibly indecisive though.

TeaAddict235 Wed 02-Oct-13 10:30:05

Thanks Milk, coupons and codes are always welcome (we don't order pizza without a code- ever!) smile

Hey nice selection thingymajig, our list for boys names include:

DH has an issue with all of them, but funnily enough he can't come up with any alternatives. Girls names are sorted, we'll name her after DH's late grandma.

champagne, yes I've heard that some foods make them more active than other foods, such as carbohydrates. So if you've had quite a lot of carbs in one day, then they move around more. Also, a lot of their movements are round the back by our spines or internal parts that we don't really recognise. I think that soon they'll start developing a sleeping pattern at some point. Try tapping on your tummy to start a little form of communication, we do this and then we get a little kick back after a minute or two. We already know that it'll be a cheeky runt! smile

Libee Wed 02-Oct-13 10:52:06

Thanks for the code Milk. congratulation on team pink Sassy.
DH and I are still not agreeing on a name although my list is as follows:-


Thingymajigs Wed 02-Oct-13 10:56:59

Ds2 is named Alexander teaaddict. Still love that name and it has a few nickname options (Alex, Zander, Lex) so I can recommend it.

Julietee Wed 02-Oct-13 11:37:39

My Clipsafe Bump Belt arrived! Now I can brake with impunity
Glad because I feel where the seatbelt currently sits, even at its lowest, is exactly where LO loves to hang out and that worries me.

Sassy20 Wed 02-Oct-13 11:52:33

I've got a bump belt Julietee and I feel so much happier that bump is safe with it. smile

Milkandtwo Wed 02-Oct-13 11:56:15

Love my bump belt.
Our names are currently Theodore (either ted or theo for short) or Noah. I also like Mylo and Dylan but DH unconvinced on those. Have a thing for names with O in them.
The Boy is punching my cervix today. Most odd.

Julietee Wed 02-Oct-13 12:31:25

Aww, I love Theo. We've gone with Max smile

Shropshiremummy2B Wed 02-Oct-13 13:04:51

What??? No other Percy's?!!! I'm gob smacked....

bugsyburge Wed 02-Oct-13 13:36:25

afternoon all,

scan was yesterday, still team yellow!!

baby burge was a bit of a sod though and was in a really awkward position so it took 2 staff ages to get all the.measurements & me & Dh had no idea what we were looking at even when they explained it.

I was a bit deflated if I'm honest because I'd looked forward to my scan so much but it felt like a bit of a non event which is ridiculous because baby was healthy & as they should be so that's what's is most important not that I couldn't she it properly!!!

laura0007 Wed 02-Oct-13 13:42:15

Well I said I liked Percy Shrops and you told me to back off sad

Good job mine is Leo then!

On another tmi note, I'm constipated so thought I'd get some prune juice....just tried it and nearly puked! It is so disgusting. Think I prefer not being able to poo! blush

LovesToBake Wed 02-Oct-13 13:48:48

I've been rubbish yet again at keeping up with this thread but have just had a proper concerted effort while eating my lunch at my desk! Eeyorish your post about the cherry tree made me well up, it's such a lovely positive thing to do.

Our scan is on Monday 7th and I am ridiculously overexcited - just to know the sex NOW! There are others with the same scan date I think, can't remember who? My current vibe is for a boy but would absolutely love either (already have a 19mo DS).

Names-wise we like Rosie for a girl and Leo for a boy atm. If it's a girl then I think we're 100% fixed on that choice but maybe open to ideas for the boy option. DS is George (and we got there before Kate & Wills thank goodness!)

Did anyone watch Midwives this week? It prompted me having a horrible dream that night that I had some weird blood clot in my leg at 20 weeks and I just remember the look of serious concern on all the doctors & midwives faces as if it meant I was going to lose the baby. Quite a distressing episode I thought, although lots of happy endings.

Shropshiremummy2B Wed 02-Oct-13 13:57:46

Sorry laura, forgot you said that. Can you forgive me and we'll put it down to baby brain?!

laura0007 Wed 02-Oct-13 13:58:57

Hmmm I'm not sure I can forgive and forget that easily wink

vix206 Wed 02-Oct-13 14:02:46

LovestoBake - I love the name Rosie but (again) my surname totally rules it out sad

Alexander is DS's name, although it is Alex now. Love the name so much smile

Champagnebubble Wed 02-Oct-13 14:32:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LovesToBake Wed 02-Oct-13 14:41:08

Agree Champagne I was on the edge of my seat with some of those girls. But how amazing was the Welsh girl having her third baby who ended up just popping the baby out while the midwife was out of the room! Was also amused that when her DP and Mum came into the room, DP didn't get a look in and it was her Mum who hogged the brand new baby!

Sassy20 Wed 02-Oct-13 15:15:41

Bugsy glad your scan was ok and that baby looking well. Try not to be deflated - it def makes a difference with the sonographer you get and how they make you feel. Well done for staying team yellow. X

TeaAddict235 Wed 02-Oct-13 15:26:18

Percy is cute, but both my mum and DH would kill me if I suggested any classic or traditional names, as it seems like everyone in my family has some sort of olden name, such as: Nesta (don't laugh), Birdy, Cephas, Sylvia, and so forth. And my name is pretty out there already, and I still get " that's a weird name", or "...interesting", then DH's side is too kooky for me (German names aren't all pretty). Think of names like Frauke, Heike, Silke, ....and they never have middle names either, so its like harsh Christian name and harsh surname. I already cringe for LO at school. But DH says if the first name is too soft, then LO will have problems in germany later (the name can really determine how seriously it is taken).

arrrgggg, ladies, this could be one of the most important decisions we make within the next 4 months confused.

misskatamari Wed 02-Oct-13 15:27:43

Awww loving all the baby names! No Percy for us Shropshire but were definitely having Parzival was a middle name if and when we have a boy - I'm obsessed with the book Ready Player One and it's the main characters name so almost a Percy.

Ugh was so worried in the night when I woke up and moved and had sharp pains in back and abdomen. Docs have confirmed it's just pulled muscles though from all the fecking coughing I've been doing for the last week hmm. I did get my flu jab as well tho! poor DH has now caught my lurgy and is having to put up with my noisy nighttime activities - I thought I was abit better last night but apparently if I wasn't coughing I was snoring or moaning. I honestly think we may need to get a spare bed before this pregnancy is out.

Was sooo enraged before. Was driving back from buying some food and some stupid woman drove up the road and left me next to no space to pass (lots of parked cars, terraced road etc). Her window was down and she was indicating that I should go so I slowly started going to see if I fit, trying to avoid the tree on the pavement and she started getting all irate when I was passing shouting "you can get through" etc. I said "it didn't look like there's enough space, there's no need to be rude" to which her and her bitch passenger friend both start shouting to "come on were in a rush" etc before attempting to speed off (good luck as there are cars behind me). Bad drivers are just really fucking me off at the moment. There was room for her to have waited for all of us to quickly drive past but instead she chooses to shoot out and road hog then demand people drive around her! It's the only thing that is making my blood boil at the moment! I have visions of road rage and following people crazily pipping my horn and unleashing pregnant rage at their absolute ineptitude and dickheadness!

And breathe!

Glad to hear the scans are going well and we've got some more pink and blues! grin

Sassy20 Wed 02-Oct-13 15:53:01

Ha ha MissKat I just misread your post and thought you said the pulled muscles were from all the fecking you'd been doing in the last week - totally missed the word coughing!!! Made me chuckle away to myself. smile

Libee Wed 02-Oct-13 15:55:36

I am sorry that you had bad experience but misskat your post really made me laugh about driving. I am telling you some people are so inconsiderate whilst driving they think they own the road

LittlePandaBear Wed 02-Oct-13 16:22:48

Hi again everyone,

Been good to catch up on all your news and scans! Was worried Kat that your bad driver story was about me but can assure you after reading it that it wasn't - I'm not the best driver in the world but am definitely not abusive and rude! Just crap at parking wink

I too watched Midwives and can't help but shed tears when the babies come out, the little boy born at 34 weeks looked so tiny. But the babies are always okay. I find it all so traumatic but can't help but watch!

First new baby related purchase now ordered - a moses basket from Mamas and Papas. There are loads in the sale at the moment online, I also ordered a few maternity clothes. Although there were lots of mat clothes in the sale only left in a size 6 which is no good for me but if you're petite then have a look!

Just awaiting the delivery of new furniture for DD's new room, but can't put it together for another month until the in-laws have stayed and then I will get rid of the double bed and do up the room for her. Can't wait smile

LittlePandaBear Wed 02-Oct-13 16:25:42

Oh, and no agreed names yet for our little boy. DH suggested Bruce the other day! He is definitely not going to be a Bruce! (No offence to any Bruce's you may already know and love...)

misskatamari Wed 02-Oct-13 16:38:23

Lol sassy - if only! grin Although I'm
Such a moany snotty grump head at the moment I think DH would run a mile if I tried to be amorous!

Champagnebubble Wed 02-Oct-13 17:01:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ladybird81 Wed 02-Oct-13 17:19:43

Hi all, had scan today, all is well and team pink, extremely pleased as already have DS but I do feel a little sad as he has all nieces and will be the only boy!

Libee Wed 02-Oct-13 17:28:18

Champagne - Pelvic floor hmmm, to behonest I never did first time round so can't advise sorry.
congrats Ladybird - I know what you mean by your comment, my DS now sons only has boys to play as there are hardly any girls in our family/friend circle.
I am struggling today as am soooo tired and constantly eating to avoid feeling sick

vix206 Wed 02-Oct-13 18:00:13

I never bothered with pelvic floor exercises either shock tmi alert but dh actually says I'm tighter than I was pre-DS so it didn't do me any obvious harm in the short term. Maybe baby no 2 will be different though hmm

misskatamari Wed 02-Oct-13 18:05:36

Awww congrats ladybird! grin

Champagne - I try to remember to do mine but keep forgetting. Have bought the pelvic toner tho after I coughed and some wee came out tho so I must start using it soon so I can have a super strong lady area!

CubanoHabana Wed 02-Oct-13 18:13:36

Hi all, just read from Monday to today (open evening at school last night so not home until 9.45) and already forget everything! Baby brain all the way - spent a panicky 5 minutes hopping from foot to foot getting the kids to search the classroom for my keys so I could go to the toilet as I was desperate (and swipe pass needed to go to different parts of the school), only to find them inside my stationary cupboard....

Got scan tomorrow - dh wants to stay team yellow, I don't... Who will win?

Also one of my friends (36 weeks) was rushed to hospital last night with bleeding, although her and baby fine, they don't know what caused it, so having to stay in to see if they can find out, hoping it was her placenta moving... But bit scary.

Sassy20 Wed 02-Oct-13 18:15:24

Congrats Ladybird - another member for team pink!

Champagne I am doing pelvic floor exercises when I remember - not that often to be honest but must try better!

ch1134 Wed 02-Oct-13 18:46:05

Congratulations on all the scans!
This week I have been eating and eating and eating. I've put on weight, probably more than recommended, and I feel fat... but I can't stop eating!

Hmm, what else have we talked about? I've forgotten everything too! As far as names go I think we've got one for a boy and one for a girl but too nervous to say yet! Although they have been mentioned in the 'baby names' threads - I love reading those.

I've had the day off work today and have been soooo productive, but unfortunately I was lazy on Sunday and that put me behind. So the bathroom walls have been filled and sanded, but aren't dry enough to paint yet... hope I find time to do it before my husband comes home on Fri night!

I also made a cake! I never bake... so... those who do... I've put it in a cake tin. How long will it last? Husband back Fri night, parents visiting Sat... will it do for them or should I take it into work tomorrow?
Hope you start feeling better soon MissKat

Somanychanges Wed 02-Oct-13 19:00:55

So now my DH has decided he doesn't like Elijah anymore, because the children don't like it. I am the one going through HG, pelvic pain, constipation, breathlessness, severe itching and liver disease to bring this little one into the world. So to be honest I actually think I should be the one to choose his name.

My DH thinks it needs to be a joint decision and the children must agree. It's a joke this baby will never have a name at this rate.

My son is stuck on Harry and my daughter wants Timothy. We all have such different tastes and I do not agree in having a 6 and 8 year old think they can tell me what my son can or cannot be called.

Did I mention I am in a really bad mood today? grin this may be why I feel like ripping my DH head off, it feels like PMT. I went to get some maternity clothes finally and all the shops said they only sell them online. That is apart from H&M who had the most drab selection I have ever seen. So this left me feeling like a really angry pregnant woman and I cannot shake the feeling.

I hope you all have had better days.

I did get some little cardigans from the charity shop today, this was the highlight of my day. Will post on FB

20+0 team blue

sunflowered Wed 02-Oct-13 19:41:56

I've had a super angry day at work today. Too many people asking me to do, you know, work! I read somewhere that your hormones don't completely fall out of their 4 week cycles so am blaming today's rage and tears - it's tough being asked to do your own job sometimes! - on the ghost of pmt. If you're 20+0 today maybe that explains it too??

Can't remember who said they felt a bit disappointed after their scan - dh and I were the same after our first (too early) 12 wk scan. Sonographer was so matter of fact about the whole thing and I was sent out after 5 mins, plus made to feel stupid that I'd come a few days too early (mw booked it!) Then we noticed she'd been in such a rush she'd clicked the wrong button and selected 'probable complete miscarriage' instead of 'viable pregnancy' on the report. She was extremely sheepish when the mw marched back with us and demanded an explanation.

Champagnebubble Wed 02-Oct-13 19:42:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sunflowered Wed 02-Oct-13 19:42:55

Ps somany my dh and his brother were both allowed to choose 1 middle name for their youngest brother. Maybe that's an option?

Champagnebubble Wed 02-Oct-13 19:43:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Champagnebubble Wed 02-Oct-13 19:43:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

slothlike Wed 02-Oct-13 20:17:26

Hi again everyone - haven't contributed much to this thread so far but have been reading everyone else's posts! Had my scan yesterday (baby was 'being naughty' and not turning round for facial measurements - when he finally rolled over he did a huge yawn, adorable) and we are team blue grin . Have already settled pretty firmly on the name Toby. 3yo DS has told me he is "very excited, mummy!" to be having a baby brother, which is really lovely, though how much he understands what this will actually entail I am not sure...

And YES to prune juice being disgusting. I have been feeling bloated and gross and look far more pregnant than I actually am as a result, but I cannot bring myself to drink the stuff. Vom. My DH drinks it voluntarily... as in, for pleasure, because he likes it. Do not comprehend.

misskatamari Wed 02-Oct-13 20:28:48

Urgh prune juice. I find having it really cold and adding water so it's less thick makes it easier to drink. Still gross tho! We need to find a recipe for some magical cake that secretly has loads if prune in to help out our bums!

somany - tell your husband to feck off and get the kids some goldfish if he wants them to be able to name something so badly! You definitely deserve final day! smile

SugarMiceInTheRain Wed 02-Oct-13 20:42:33

I have come across recipes which use pureed dried fruit like prunes as a substitute for some or all of the fat. Will look one up. I prefer eating prunes to drinking the juice. Really don't mind eating them voluntarily... maybe I'm odd. Even had a craving for prunes a couple of weeks ago, and ate half a bag. Regretted it later when they worked a little too well...! grin

Today I felt the first familiar twinges of SPD. Gutted as I thought I might be escaping it this pregnancy, so am going to make the most of being able to walk as much as I can now! I feel a manic action-packed phase coming on, whilst it isn't physically painful to be busy.

SugarMiceInTheRain Wed 02-Oct-13 20:44:51

*cake recipes that should say.

gnittinggnome Wed 02-Oct-13 21:46:07

To the anti-prune lobby, I present from the Google-able kitchen:

Sugar sorry to hear you're feeling twinges - it sounds horrible. Is it just like having (severe) aches and pains, or something more specific to look out for? We're having issues with the house we were hoping to buy (survey came back laden with doom) and I'm now facing the idea of renting where we want to move for 6 months, with a newborn, and then hopefully moving into something long-term next year. Which is just the way the cookie crumbles, but I'm not looking forward to wrapping large bits of fragile furniture in bubble wrap and cardboard whilst toting a hefty bump, and equally can't face the next 4 months being surrounded by boxes and bubble-wrapped furniture if I decide to do it all now...

gnittinggnome Wed 02-Oct-13 21:46:28


sorry, forgot the clicky link thingmabob

Milkandtwo Wed 02-Oct-13 22:07:15

I just got kicked SO RUDDY hard by The Boy I yelped. I've had lots of movement for a few weeks but that was seriously HARD! I got DH to feel and it booted his hand very hard again about 5 times in a row - it shocked him so much how strong it was! Must have had a real rage on in there.

laura0007 Wed 02-Oct-13 22:28:52

Ahh milk that's nice. Well not but you know what I mean. I haven't had any massive kicks yet, I feel little ones mainly in the morning or at night but I'm awaiting big hurty ones!!

Shropshiremummy2B Thu 03-Oct-13 07:13:41

Is anyone 22 weeksish WITH an anterior placenta feeling anything? Still feeling like a fraud on here, due the 1st Feb and not so much as a flutter. Woe is me.