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June 2014 (earliest of early days yet!)

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wispaxmas Mon 23-Sep-13 09:39:33

I decided to take a peek into the antenatal club threads, but there's no June thread yet, although for good reason.

I may be jinxing myself here, but after a couple very very faint positives on ICs for the last couple days I got a positive on an FRER this morning, so thought it would be safe to start one up.

Of course, still early days, but if it sticks my due date will be 3-5 June, depending on several websites.... What can I say, I tested early!

I hope someone comes to join me soon. There have to be some more recent BFPs....

georgeannaskala Mon 23-Sep-13 09:50:49

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Congrat wispax if you are lonely in here til you start getting more June BFPs then pop your head in the May column, we've got quite a few people in there who have just found out they are pregnant.

TinyTear Mon 23-Sep-13 11:44:29

Hello whispers

BFP yesterday and due date od 1st June according to a NHS calculator...

But 3 mc before my daughter so I know that a line on a test means NOTHING...

Have GP on wednesday to update my thyroxine (am on 125mcgm daily) as I was told it will need to go up dramatically.

Also staring to change my diet as got GD in previous pregnancy so want to try and control it soon with diet...

TinyTear Mon 23-Sep-13 11:45:08

I was whispering, not calling you whispers, wispa

TinyTear Mon 23-Sep-13 11:52:27

And not sure I want to join May... everyone will be so advanced already! <scared>

wispaxmas Mon 23-Sep-13 11:57:54

Yay, another June due date!

I know what you mean by 'the line means nothing', but this is my first pregnancy, so I don't really have any good reason for feeling that way. Hopefully your appointment goes well. I've booked myself in for next Monday, but I've no idea what to expect. I'm moving to Paris in 2 weeks, so worrying a bit about having to find a doctor there ASAP to get antenatal appointments and scans set up.

TinyTear Mon 23-Sep-13 12:11:57

oh so sorry, i don't want to ruin your excitement!!

Statistics say 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in mc, but as I had 3 out of 4, I am improving statistics for other people... (I have to be pragmatic and as I am 40 odds aren't on my side as much...)

Enjoy your pregnancy! I think in France somethings are different to the UK, I think they calculate due dates differently (usually one or two weeks later than the UK, I've been told) so you may be well into June...

blargl Mon 23-Sep-13 13:35:42

Hello wispa and tiny. I'm very very tentatively joining in. Got bfp on sat, edd 2 june. As I've had an ectopic and an mmc I went to the EPU today for bloods today and wed to confirm it's not ectopic. I don't think it is as I had a strong positive on sat with a FRER which given the generally low hcg levels with ectopics I think is a good sign. However if it isn't ectopic the fear of mc is going to be overwhelming. Oh plus I'm moving house on Thursday! Stressful week. ..

TinyTear Mon 23-Sep-13 13:52:35

Hello blargl
Good luck with your bloods!
Are you moving far? Let your partner do most of the lifting and carrying - good excuse!

I think I will probably have some done to check my thyroid levels, but I am hoping the GP will up the dose straight away before the results come in...

I'm in London BTW and shall be going to the Royal Free hospital all going well...

wispaxmas Mon 23-Sep-13 13:53:43

Hi blargl, I hope you get past the harrowing early days and have a healthy pregnancy. Anyone joining this thread now will be in the same stage of pregnancy, but while we all worry I understand you and tiny will have a bit stronger worries due to your histories. Surely you're due some good news this time around!

blargl Mon 23-Sep-13 13:59:33

Thanks ladies. I'm swinging between convincing myself it'll be fine and terrifying myself that it won't! Mmc was in July - not long ago at all - so it was a bit of a bad flashback going back to the EPU this morning.

Not moving far but lots of packing to do! I'm in south London so have been seen at mayday so far

TinyTear Mon 23-Sep-13 14:05:47

I am trying to keep positive as before I used to fall pregnant really easily and it was the sticky ones that were hard to come by...

Then after tests at the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic came back normal, I managed a healthy pregnancy.

Now it took 9 months to get the BFP (apart from a chemical in March) so I am trying to tell myself my body learnt to only keep the viable ones... A bit silly, but trying to keep on hope (the loss of innocence was another bad thing about the mcs... can't enjoy and relax)

wispaxmas Mon 23-Sep-13 14:12:45

Blargl, I'm in the borough of bromley, though I doubt when you say South London you mean that far south wink

We're moving in two weeks.... To Paris. But only for 6 months due to hubby's work. I've got to try to sort out antenatal appointments when I'm there, though.. Eep.

Just did a digital test to confirm and it came up pregnant 1-2. Much better than waiting for a line to show up! Still early days, but I'm ridiculously excited.

TinyTear Mon 23-Sep-13 14:29:04

wispa so you will have the baby in the UK in the end then?

Maybe book in here and just pop on the Eurostar for the appointments?

wispaxmas Mon 23-Sep-13 14:47:58

Yes, I'll be back in the UK by the end of March most likely.

blargl Mon 23-Sep-13 14:58:20

Wispa - even further south - I'm in Croydon! Are you excited about the move to France? I wonder will the pg advice / care be different to here...

Yep I too indulged in a digi today. Said 2-3 weeks so I'm reassured my hcg levels are good.

Tiny - 9 months is long. All in I've been ttc for over a year. Feels like forever and I so hope this one sticks around.

Today my theme tune is "just haven't met you yet" - it's what I listened to after the mc to convince myself I would meet my baby one day (soppy or what? !). Heard it at a wedding on Sat so I'm telling myself it's a good omen! How silly am I?!

wispaxmas Mon 23-Sep-13 15:02:52

I'm all for omens and Michael Buble grin

have you considered looking up way the actual hcg levels get the reading 2-3 wks? I'm only 12dpo and got 1-2 midday after drinking loads. My first response was so light this morning I expected the cbd to be a bfn!

TinyTear Mon 23-Sep-13 15:11:43

Omens are always good!

Tempted to get one of those that tell you the weeks... might indulge if still going well next week...

blargl Mon 23-Sep-13 16:38:31

Yep wispa - I did look it up. 200 - 2000 hcg gives you 2-3 weeks on the cb digi.

The epu just called with my blood results and this morning the level was 378. Hopefully this is good for 15dpo. Gotta go back wed for a retest. The wait is going to seem loooooong!

TinyTear Mon 23-Sep-13 20:35:58

Hmmm I think I jinxed things by joining the conversation.
Some bleeding has started and while I know of people who bleed through pregnancy it never boded well for me.

I'll wait and see and retest on Wednesday

wispaxmas Mon 23-Sep-13 21:12:14

Oh no, tiny, I hope it's nothing. Get it checked out asapthanks

Mistyautumn Tue 24-Sep-13 07:06:28

Hi ladies I think I am going to hover on the sidelines around here for a while. Not sure i a ready to throw myself in fully to the conversations yet but I got my BFP on sat am. Had a cbd tell me 1-2 weeks but hoping I just ov'd a few days later than i thought as I used OPKs but didn't temp.

wispa I don't live there now but grew up in Orpington

wispaxmas Tue 24-Sep-13 07:36:37

Hi misty, do you have another clearblue digital? It you test again later this week you should see the weeks change. I'm planning to do that, as even though it said pregnant, 1-2 weeks is nothing and mightn't stick!

TinyTear Tue 24-Sep-13 08:18:22

The bad news this morning is there is still some blood. the good news is that isn't not a big gush (apologies for TMI) and it's just spotting so far...

I think I would be 4w+2d so too early to do anything at all whatsoever...

I will test again tomorrow morning and have my GP appointment to review meds...

I have to be pragmatic, if it doesn't happen... try and try again... sniff

LittleMissPear Tue 24-Sep-13 08:54:38

Morning ladies, I've just added myself to the may thread but I might be better off in here. Got my bfp on Saturday and confirmed this morning with a CB says 1-2 weeks. So happy! This is my first. Could be may or June depending on which calculator I use!
I'm a bit nervous that it might all go wrong, not got any symptoms yet apart from a few waves if nausea which I might be imagining! smile Eeeek

TinyTear Tue 24-Sep-13 09:14:25

Hello LittleMiss

It's better to be here... MY daughter was due 29 Jan by the NHS dates and 1st Feb by mine and I joined the Feb groups. It was better than see people 4 whole weeks ahead (which is a massive time in early pregnancy and then waiting for the births)

I never seem to get due dates in the middle of the month, even with the miscarriages...

Good luck! I didn't have many symptoms with my daughter other than a big sensitivity to smell. i nearly was sick at work when one colleague was drinking red bull and eating salt & vinegar crisps... the smell was too much for me!

(in other news I am hanging on in here, just teeny spotting so i am hoping and hoping)

wispaxmas Tue 24-Sep-13 09:42:59

Hi little miss, don't worry, no real symptoms here, either, unless you count one overly attentive dog?

June really is the best month, though I mig be biased as a June baby myself smile

blargl Tue 24-Sep-13 10:37:52

tinytear hope everything is ok - get it checked out - all the waiting around is just hideous.

misty - wispa is right - seeing the weeks change on a digi is reassuring. or you could just watch lines getting (hopefully) darker on dye tests.

I've been obsessively checking on cheapies and have seen the line get darker smile

blargl Tue 24-Sep-13 10:39:37

and welcome to littlemiss . don't worry about the no symptoms - they're meant to kick in about 5/6 weeks. for me that definitely happened before. you will know when the nausea starts! The highlight for me was puking up my breakfast in the work toilets.

bludgerwitch Tue 24-Sep-13 12:38:14

Hi, I'm June 2nd!!!! I am cautiously excited, I felt rotten last week and have a GP appointment on Friday, now I'll actually be able to tell him I know the cause grin grin grin

I did a test on Friday and thought it was negative, fished it out of the bin a few hours later because I'm obsessed at it was positive!!! Ran out to get a digital and got 1-2 weeks pregnant - I've been doing daily tests since because I can't believe it.

wispaxmas Tue 24-Sep-13 17:05:11

I haven't tested since I for my positive yesterday (it was only yesterday??) - I'm saving my second CBD to use on the weekend, as I want to see it say 2-3 instead of 1-2 before I really feel it's happening.

As this will be our first I'm a bit overwhelmed. My H is giddy, it's adorable, and our dog won't leave me alone. She is currently curled up right beside me on the couch, head on my lap.

I've got an appointment at my GP for next Monday, but not sure what to expect, really. It's going to be an interesting situation, taking the train back up here for scans and appointments from Paris. Weird, but I'm sure it'll be fine.

Mixology Tue 24-Sep-13 19:35:31

Hello all!

Firstly TinyTear, I hope all is well. I had a mms in July and know how hard it is.

I am very tentatively joining as I just today got a fr line... I can barely dare to hope but am terrified at the same time. I am only cd 19 which is insanely early. To make matters worse I drank quite a bit last night and went in a sauna :-(. I had been relatively sure that We hadn't done enough this month and now I already am sick with guilt.

Good luck to everyone!

wispaxmas Tue 24-Sep-13 20:10:46

Hello! Don't feel guilty, not much can have an effect yet!

TinyTear Tue 24-Sep-13 20:53:21

Hello. The spotting stopped so just have to wait and see.
Tomorrow at the GP shall ask for bloods to check the levels are rising and also for an early scan, considering my history

Hope it's a nice GP as I just asked for the first appointment they had and not my usual one.

TinyTear Tue 24-Sep-13 20:54:16

And mixology don't feel bad x

wispaxmas Tue 24-Sep-13 21:08:12

Fingers crossed, tiny!

bludgerwitch Tue 24-Sep-13 21:11:55

TinyTear Hope all goes well, fx!

I've had twinging bits all day, still paranoid because it feels SO much like AF arriving when I know all the books say it's normal that the first phase of pregnancy feels like PMS. Still, grump! Working 11-8 was loooong, too, I was ready for a nap halfway through.

Mistyautumn Tue 24-Sep-13 21:28:55

As anticipated I cracked and poas on another cbd. Very pleased to say it has gone from 1-2 weeks to 2-3. Especially happy as I did it when I came home from work and not with fmu as I should have.

Oping that means that at least it is not ectopic. Xx

Mistyautumn Tue 24-Sep-13 21:29:11


blargl Tue 24-Sep-13 21:47:53

misty yep that should mean it's not. That's why I was pleased to see 2-3 yesterday (I didn't get a 1-2 but I reckon that is good too - ectopics usually don't start high). As I've had a previous ep I have had 1 blood test and am due for a second tomorrow to check levels are rising. The line has been getting steadily darker on my cheapies so I'm hoping to have this confirmed tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Good news tiny and good luck for bloods smile if they say no to an early scan and you feel really worried uou could always go to the EPU direct? Mine will take you without a gp referral (mayday in Croydon).

TinyTear Wed 25-Sep-13 07:49:15

The EPU here needs a GP referral but can be the A&E GP (did it once on my miscarriages when I was bleeding more)

I might pay £100 in a private clinic to have one between 7 and 10 weeks if the GP won't refer... I'll see how it goes...

So far, it's been fine... I have the test with the numbers ready to take but not sure when I should do it... I'll wait for the appointment and see how it goes...

bludgerwitch Wed 25-Sep-13 09:41:05

I'm thinking of paying private for a nuchal scan, just for added peace of mind, as you can't get them in NI.

I have about 15 internet cheapies left so I can POAS in peace, but I did buy another digital to see it change from 1-2 at the end of the week (before my GP appointment).

My boobs are starting to hurt! They're already quite big so soon I won't get a bra soon, and going around roundabouts hurts because my arms squish them!

TinyTear Wed 25-Sep-13 10:01:57

I'm still breastfeeding my 20 month old daughter, so hope they don't hurt tooo much, wasn't stupidly bad last time...

bludger a friend of mine told me about this blood test called Harmony that gives accurate results for Down's and is non invasive.

If I get high risk on the NT scan (odd you don't get them in NI) i might shell out for that...

LittleMissPear Wed 25-Sep-13 10:40:44

Morning ladies, I'm a bit worried this morning. Got to work and had some bleeding, not a huge amount but bright red on the paper when I wiped. I've now got a bit of period cramping sad. What should I do, should I call the gp? Could it turn out to be ok?

LittleMissPear Wed 25-Sep-13 10:40:53

Morning ladies, I'm a bit worried this morning. Got to work and had some bleeding, not a huge amount but bright red on the paper when I wiped. I've now got a bit of period cramping sad. What should I do, should I call the gp? Could it turn out to be ok?

wispaxmas Wed 25-Sep-13 11:19:49

I hope it's nothing, little miss! I've never been pregnant before, so I don't have all the answers, but I've read that spotting in the first few weeks is quite common. Worrying, none the less though.

I'm 4 weeks today. Seems like nothing, actually. I'm wondering about the early symptoms. I think I'm a bit anxious, as if until the symptoms start it won't be real.

However, I'm wondering if these are symptoms: I'm usually a really heavy sleeper, but I've been waking up several times in the night and having difficulty getting back to sleep, and I'm currently STARVING. I've already had two slices of toast this morning and a bag of crisps. I'm used to only having one slice of toast in the morning with my coffee and being fine until lunch!

TinyTear Wed 25-Sep-13 11:40:48

LittleMiss, can be ok, I know people who had massive bleeding in pregnancy and had lovely babies...


Keep an eye on it, how far along are you? have you had a GP appointment?

I think before 5 or 6 weeks they don't do anything as it's only at 6 weeks you can see a flicker of heartbeat on the scans...

it could still be ok...

I just had my GP appointment, I am apparently 4+3 and this afternoon will get my tyroid function blood test done to check my dose.

I also hope to be referred to a 8w scan because of my previous history...

LittleMissPear Wed 25-Sep-13 12:25:41

Thanks Wispa and tinytear - I've just seen the GP (I worked right next door to the surgery so thought I might as well pop over). She said all the things that I already know - that I just have to wait and see. At least I'm in the system now and I have another appointment booked in three weeks to check how I am doing. She said she was a great believer in preparing for the worst but hoping for the best - so I'm going to do that!

blargl Wed 25-Sep-13 17:07:07

Good luck littlemiss. The worst bit about early preg is all the waiting.

I had my blood tests back and the hormone levels have doubled so it's not ectopic! First hurdle cleared.

wispaxmas Wed 25-Sep-13 17:25:41

I did another first response this afternoon and 2 days later the line is ridiculously strong grin

Glad to hear your isn't ectopic. I'm hoping the strengthening lines mean mine isn't as well.

Mixology Wed 25-Sep-13 20:13:05

Thank you all for the encouragement. I figure I'll try to be "good" from now on (no wine/saunas).

Tiny Tear and Little Miss do not stress about the bleeding. For general information when I started bleeding last time my doctor sent me straight to a private hospital in London where I had an internal scan. This was apparently able to verify that it was a mms even thou I was only 4-5 weeks. I had to pay for it, bit it was less than £100.

On the way home from work I bought a two pack of first response. Will take one tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed my line is darker. Congrats on your super dark line Wispa!

blargl Wed 25-Sep-13 21:32:17

Yes wispa did my 3rd frer this morning and loved seeing the line come up v strongly before the control line had started! Have had a sore back this afternoon but figure that given the good blood results everything must be ok today.

AuntPittypat Wed 25-Sep-13 23:15:02

Hi all, can I tentatively join you all? Got my BFP yesterday and dates suggest a due date of 7 June. I already have a 2 year old DD and I remember this early stage paranoia so well! It's horrible having to wait so long to find out that all is ok. Fingers crossed for us all!

TinyTear Thu 26-Sep-13 07:31:06

Hi Aunt. My daughter is 20 months old today so similar ages

wispaxmas Thu 26-Sep-13 09:23:28

Hi aunt!

Am I the only one in here with #1?

I'm obviously really hopeful and optimistic, but after having my sister have several miscarriages I know there's worry.

Hopefully we will soon be past this and on to dating scans and the like!

sizethree Thu 26-Sep-13 16:10:49

I am extremely tentatively joining in too. Tested early last week and got a faint line, and tested yesterday and the line has definitely got much darker. But I'm too worried to get excited yet as I am always hearing from friends when things go wrong. Also haven't confided in anyone yet as I am so worried. It's my first pregnancy and I'm just overwhelmed with fear that things may not run full term. Any advice to help me ease the stress?

AuntPittypat Thu 26-Sep-13 16:28:47

Hi sizethree, I guess something to bear in mind is that statistically you are much more likely to have a successful, healthy pregnancy than not. I think we tend to remember all the sad stories as they stick with us more, but actually the huge majority of women I know have had no problems. Plus, as someone upthread said, the statistics around miscarriages do seem relatively high, but they are slightly skewed by the sad case that some people experience it multiple times.

I know it's much easier said than done though, and I remember the sense of paranoia never quite disappearing during my first pregnancy until DD arrived (and brought with her a whole host of new, newborn related fears!).

I guess it's one of those things that unfortunately, other than following basic pregnancy advice, we ultimately have no control over so worrying serves no purpose other than stressing us out at a time when we really should be trying to stay stress free!

Sorry for the rambling. I hope that makes some sense!

sizethree Thu 26-Sep-13 17:31:03

Thanks AuntPittypat. That is comforting. I think the surge of horemones is also affecting my ability to be rational! Plus I am feeling every darn symptom under the sun! Just need to plough through these tough few weeks with my fingers crossed and a whole lot of hope and positivity! X

TinyTear Thu 26-Sep-13 18:03:37

Welcome sizethree. I was the one who said I skew the statistics. The vast majority of women are fine!
In fact, I miss the loss of innocence. Enjoy!

Mixology Thu 26-Sep-13 20:26:44

Wispa, I'm on number 1 too and feeling much more positive now that my fr line is much darker today. I've even tentatively made an appointment with my GP for the week after next!


sizethree Thu 26-Sep-13 21:41:00

Thank you TinyTear. I hope things are going smoothly for you this time. X

wispaxmas Thu 26-Sep-13 21:59:15

Glad I'm not alone in being new to this, mixology! I've got a GP appointment booked for Monday morning, but I'm not sure it necessary.. Although it should be good to go over the medications I'm on and how appointments will go we me being abroad.

And I've just come down with a cold. Just my luck that the week I find out I'm pregnant I get a cold, and also the day we've gone away! Hopefully I can just relax and not do much, though. We had planned to go for some long country walks, but might have to adapt our plans...

TheMoonInJune Thu 26-Sep-13 22:17:42

Hello! Cautiously peeping in - I JUST tested (about 20 minutes ago) and I had a faint line ... AF wasn't even due until Tuesday.

EDD of June 11th.

I'm made up, but terrified as well. This is my first baby so I'd be so happy for advice on what to suggest! x

TheMoonInJune Thu 26-Sep-13 22:19:45


Advice or suggestions on what to expect!

AuntPittypat Thu 26-Sep-13 22:34:51

Congrats TheMoonInJune! thanks

TheMoonInJune Thu 26-Sep-13 22:40:48

Thank you!

bludgerwitch Thu 26-Sep-13 22:46:43

Yay, congrats Moon - we're getting more members!!!

I have a GP appointment tomorrow morning, I have a whole list of questions, I've tried to curb the too enthusiastic/silly ones, I'm a bit nervous.

Shattered now, 8 hour shift and Adam Hills gig afterwards, it was fab but now I need my bed!

TinyTear Fri 27-Sep-13 06:47:44

for the first timers, a GP appointment is good as it will get you in the system, then you will get your midwife booking in appointment where they will fill out lots of forms and give you some paperwork you will need to carry with you all the time during pregnancy... and also do blood tests... you will be doing lots of blood tests in pregnancy... you learn to embrace you own inner pin cushion...

And for me, so far so going ok (I refuse to use the word good until I have a scan)

I think my milk supply is reducing as my daughter (still bf before bed and morning) accepted a little cup of milk before bed last night. but then still wanted the lovely milky cuddles for comfort to fall asleep...

TheMoonInJune Fri 27-Sep-13 06:57:19

I was so excited last night I couldn't sleep!

I am a bit worried though. I tested last night with a First Response test and got a pale but definite line. I tested this morning expecting the line to be stronger but although its still there, it is paler and weaker than the one yesterday if anything.

My AF wouldn't be due until Tuesday at the earliest so it is early to be testing (I was impatient!) but I am a bit worried now.

gimmetea Fri 27-Sep-13 07:41:11

Morning ladies, got a bfp yesterday. A bit of a surprise but a very happy accident. have a 3yr old and 2 yr old already so have my hands full! Fingers crossed to us all having healthy pregnancies!

bludgerwitch Fri 27-Sep-13 08:14:24

Moon, I tested Friday before my period was due and the line was very faint, and even now on my cheapies while it's definitely there, it's not nearly as dark as the control line.

But I did a digital last week that showed 1-2 weeks and I did a digital this morning and it's showing 2-3 weeks, so I think everything is progressing normally. Remember, most people (who aren't loons like us!) only test a few days after AF is due!

GP appointment in 40 minutes, wibble....

wispaxmas Fri 27-Sep-13 08:23:24

Welcome, moon and gimmetea!

Tiny, glad to know a GP appt is what I should be doing, I'm a bit clueless to be honest.

All of you who've been pregnant before, what would you suggest for the common cold? I've got a stuffy nose and sore throat and they always last 10+ days for me! and the thought of facing a 7-day work week while handing over everyone to a replacement before I leave without medication is making me want to cry. Will see if hot water with lemon and honey is soothing, sit in the bathroom with a hot shower on, but any other suggestions?

TinyTear Fri 27-Sep-13 08:40:11

Paracetamol is ok - but plain paracetamol - not lemsip or anything...

No ibuprofen in the first or third trimestres

sizethree Fri 27-Sep-13 15:00:51

Hi Moon, how did the appointment go?

cheesysmile Fri 27-Sep-13 15:13:47

Hi ladies, can I very tentatively join you please. I got my bfp this morning at 13 dpo. I don't have any other children so this is #1 for me, but I did have an early mc in July so feeling a bit nervous this time. Have just booked a docs appt for Monday as want to get in the system and see if any chance of an early scan.

Hope those with any bleeding are ok and good luck to us all - hopefully it will be an exciting and happy time for us smile

TinyTear Fri 27-Sep-13 15:29:46

ahrgh called the surgery for the blood results and my thyroid levels are 'normal' but every single bloody site i read says to increase thyroxine by 30 to 50%

and other sites say low thyroid function can be a miscarriage cause - and with my history I am naturally worried... so I asked the receptionist if the doctor could call me back to have a chat


And welcome cheesysmile

wispaxmas Fri 27-Sep-13 15:38:10

Tiny, normal levels! That's good! Hopefully when you talk to your GP they'll agree to keep a close eye on them to see if you need to increase your dose.

And welcome, cheesey! Hopefully we will get a couple more from the September bus and loads from the October bus soon!

TinyTear Fri 27-Sep-13 15:42:47

It is good, but all sites say people previously on thyroxine should up the level straight away, I hope I manage to convince the GP to do it... I'd feel better...

Ahrgh, i'm just nervous! very nervous...

4+5 today...
I hate early pregnancy... really really hate it...

TinyTear Fri 27-Sep-13 15:44:08

BTW wispa hope you had some paracetamol and are feeling better...

cheesysmile Fri 27-Sep-13 15:45:06

Thanks for the welcome guys ... yes hope we get some others from the Sept / Oct bus to join us as well Wispa smile

notthegoodwife Fri 27-Sep-13 16:21:23

Can I join please? Found out on Wednesday. Have a dd age 6 and had lots of failed fertility treatment so this is a massive surprise! Had preclampsia first time round so bit nervous. Anyone getting bad headaches already?

TheMoonInJune Fri 27-Sep-13 17:48:00

Hello new people! grin

Notthegoodwife - oh my word, you must be made up! flowers

Well, I have registered at a surgery (moved a mere ten months ago, I'd get round to it eventually blush) and have my new patients appointment on Monday where (assuming nothing goes horribly wrong this weekend) I'll explain I am very newly pregnant.

My FR tests are still showing a faint line (I can't stop testing! Anyone else?)

I have been smiling all day!

blargl Fri 27-Sep-13 20:09:53

Welcome all newbies!

cheesysmile I have an early scan booked for 3 weeks' time at the local EPU. If you can self refer they may well offer you one. My notes from when I was discharged after my erpc in July said they should give me an early scan so you may well be entitled to one.

No real symptoms for me yet except a metallic taste and my boobs are starting to feel full/tingly. Anyone else got any clear symptoms? Last time I was vomming by the end of week 5 (which would give me a week or so to go still).

gimmetea Fri 27-Sep-13 21:19:04

Sickness and tiredness both hit me like a brick wall today. Haven't actually been sick yet but just opening the fridge door makes my stomach turn. Still feeling really confused and a bit surprised, suppose I've got the best part of a year to get to grips with it though, if all goes well.

congrats to the newbies, notthegoodwife - bet you are delighted! I'm sure you'll be under consultant care with history of preclampsia. Headaches and migranes generally hit me around 18-20 weeks. Not looking forward to that!

Oh and sod the symptom spotting.... I'm already missing my gin!

wispaxmas Fri 27-Sep-13 21:39:50

Screw gin, I'm missing lemsip and decongestants!

Hi notthegoodwife, what an amazing surprise grin

My holiday is being spent mostly in bed today, hence on the iPad. I feel so bad for my husband, I think he's bored. When we went out for dinner tonight I just wasn't up for speaking much, but we ended up looking through a calendar to figure out potentially when we would tell people, when I can booked scans, etc. I hope to god we aren't jumping the gun and getting too attached too early!

The good thing about this cold is that when I have to be late for work on Monday due to doctors appt, at least I can give them an excuse and say I thought I needed antibiotics or something.

bludgerwitch Fri 27-Sep-13 22:57:50

Well, my GP appointment was uneventful, he's referring me to the local hospital's maternity unit and I should get my appointment in the next month.

I've told a few people already, with the cautious proviso that it's early days and I don't want the world and his wife to know about it until I've had a scan or two. But I'm not good at keeping things to myself grin

cheesysmile Sat 28-Sep-13 09:11:20

Thanks blargl, I've got a docs appt Monday so think I might ask abt early scans there first and see what she says.

Sorry your poorly on holiday wispa, that sucks.

Not much to report here really, told dh last night and he's happy but says we need to wait for the 12 wk scan. I get his point, but im attached already, I know I am.

Mistyautumn Sat 28-Sep-13 11:05:33

I also don't have many symptoms, had a very dry mouth for a few days and some mild cramping. I think boobs are a bit tingly at times. Am waiting for the sickness but have spent this week going out for dinner with friends and hubby as I know it will be the last time for a few months that I will want to if all goes well.

MAgirl75 Sat 28-Sep-13 13:00:27

Hi, according to the calendar I'm four weeks and due June 5. I've had three miscarriages, so I'm in the "whatever" phase... Probably until June 5th. I cramp a lot in my early pregnancy. I'm never sure that is normal, since I've never had a normal pregnancy. It looks like others have had challenges too.

TeaAndCakeOrDeath Sat 28-Sep-13 13:19:19

Not pregnant but just wanted to pop my head in and day hello! I was in your position a year ago and baby ds only just made the June thread being born in the first! Just wanted to say goodluck and here's to lovely June 2014 babies! grin

wispaxmas Sat 28-Sep-13 14:48:50

Teaandcake, so lovely to hear!

MAgirl, I'm sorry to hear about your mc, I hope this is a sticky one for you!

Hubby and I had to cut our holiday short and came home a day early, as I'm just miserable. Now lying in bed, watching catch up of agents of shield on 4od and surfing the net on the laptop.

I'm planning to test of cbd again tomorrow, fingers crossed for higher numbers smile

MissGarth Sat 28-Sep-13 16:05:38

Hello everyone, can I tentatively join please?

Got my BFP this morning, due 6th June...I wasn't going to join an antenatal thread as it is my 5th PG after 3MC and 1 late loss, but was inspired by MAgirl upthread to do so.

TheMoonInJune Sat 28-Sep-13 17:59:50


Teaandcake, my best friends baby son is a June 2013 baby. He is still quite teeny! So cute. I find it so strange with all the Christmas stuff just starting to come out - next Christmas we'll have big bouncy 6 month olds!

TinyTear Sun 29-Sep-13 08:41:17

Hello to all the newbies.
Did a digital this morning and said 2-3 which matches being 5w exactly.
So still here.

Symptoms a bit extra tiredness and sense of smell a bit overdriving. And milk might be drying/slowing

But didn't have many symptoms with my successful pregnancy so not worrying too much.

I am just annoyed at the GP because of the thyroxine. I sound like a broken record!

We are hoping if all goes well to tell people around Christmas.

wispaxmas Sun 29-Sep-13 08:57:47

Woo! Pregnant 2-3 this morning, at 4+4, suits me fine. Now considering buying another CBD to check next week for 3+, or is that crazy? I'm not sure why, but maybe it's because I've not been well, but yesterday I got ridiculously worried about miscarriage.

I had loads of off non-cramping last night, could completely imagine it was stretching of some sort. No other symptoms, though.

cheesysmile Sun 29-Sep-13 09:15:44

Yey for the 2-3wks guys, im going to do another digi in a few days to see if I get that too. I never got there last time so hoping it will calm my nerves.

Welcome Norah and MA! I hope all works out for you both this time. Ive had the one mc but can't imagine how awful multiple ones wud be so I really feel for you.

I so hope everyone on here ends up with a gorgeous baby in June. Lets all be positive I think its the only way...

cheesysmile Sun 29-Sep-13 09:18:54

Oh random question when does sickness normally kick in? I'm a bit tired, dry mouth and the odd boob ache but generally fine.

wispaxmas Sun 29-Sep-13 09:37:02

Cheesy, according to the NHS it usually starts before 9 weeks. Normally around 6 weeks.. So you might have a couple weeks before it hits.

TinyTear Sun 29-Sep-13 09:44:39

Not crazy, I was half thinking I may want to get the 3+ as well...

Stretching happens and way before I had a bump I also felt a certain heaviness in the womb, and I think there is extra blood flow in the area so it's normal...

ah and I'm another in the consultant care group... i have SO many reasons - previous history of mc, previous gestational diabetes, age over 40 (ON 40) and slightly high BMI... close to Bingo...

TinyTear Sun 29-Sep-13 09:45:28

Cheesy, I never really got it, just a very light nausea and sensitiveness to smells

TheMoonInJune Sun 29-Sep-13 10:00:09

I did a digi last night as well - very impatient! Pregnant 1-2! I'm still just so excited. I'm also interested in knowing when symptoms start?

Mums who already have one, did you have any feelings about the sex? I keep thinking boy! I have no idea why!

TinyTear Sun 29-Sep-13 10:04:39

I had a feeling about a girl and was right the first time.

I have no idea this time... No idea of names for girls if it's another one although deep down i wouldn't mind one as I am one of two girls... My husband would like a boy as he is the youngest of two with an older sister...

Honestly, I just want a sibling for my daughter :-)

cheesysmile Sun 29-Sep-13 10:37:28

Thanks wispa and tiny good to know. Not that I particularly want to be sick, just want to know everything is normal.

bludgerwitch Sun 29-Sep-13 11:40:05

Hello, how are you all feeling today? I have a rotten cold, stuffed sore head and snotty nose, sinuses clogged up the wazoo - thankfully no sore throat, though.

I've been really, ahem, randy recently but I'm not sure whether it's good to go for it before the first check up down there? All my pregnancy books just say you'll feel so sick the first 12 weeks you won't be in the mood, anyway, but my libido is standing up and saying hello... blush

TinyTear Sun 29-Sep-13 12:05:39

bludger, it's normal as well... again, all the blood flow down there keeps things going...

with my mc history I am keeping husband at arm's reach wink

I think it's ok in most pregnancies, i will wait a few more weeks myself...

GillyBillyWilly Sun 29-Sep-13 12:27:06

Popping my head in... Tentatively!

Did 2 FRERs this morning and got 2 very clear BFPs straight away smile
Based on my cycles I think that makes me almost 5 weeks! Going to get a clearblue digi this afternoon and try and wait til tomorrow to do it with FMU smile
Very exciting time!

Some of you know me from the conception boards.... If you don't know me, HELLO! smile

Hoping everything goes well for everyone including myself grinsmilethanks

wispaxmas Sun 29-Sep-13 13:58:04

Hi Gilly!! cake thanks

TinyTear Sun 29-Sep-13 15:10:32


Daisychain44 Sun 29-Sep-13 15:24:47

Hello ladies, very nervously popping my head in to say I got a BFP this morning and online calculators reckon 9 June so hello June 2014 club.

Am super nervous though as although I have a DS of 2 1/2 my last pg ended in mc at 5 1/2 weeks so really really wishing away the next 2 weeks of my life like never before...

Anyway, congratulations all, let's hope it's a stress free journey into next summer - yay!

cheesysmile Sun 29-Sep-13 16:06:12

Gilly you tested, when I looked at Sept bus this morning you were holding out! Congrats, so pleased for you smile.

Welcome daisy as well good to see more coming over from the bus!

Hi bludger, all good here today. Don't think I feel different either way on the horny front, might change tho wink

wispaxmas Sun 29-Sep-13 16:28:00

Hi daisy! With any luck we might get a couple more from the September bus soon, and hopefully the October bus is lucky, too smile

Who else was it with a GP appt tomorrow morning? Mine is at 8:50, no idea what to expect, really..

cheesysmile Sun 29-Sep-13 16:43:55

Me wispa, mines at 8.40am. They won't do anything im sure but gets you registered with midwife etc.

GillyBillyWilly Sun 29-Sep-13 17:01:31

Haha I know cheesy! I was planning on holding out then I realised my AF is due today/tomorrow and I just thought screw it just do a test grin

So glad I did! DH and I are both off work so we had a nice morning just having cuddles and watching tv in bed and talking about it all! This afternoon we did some shopping in Bluewater and had a nice lunch in TGIs smile

Working long shifts Monday Tuesday and Wednesday but hoping to see my doctor on either Thursday or Friday to let her know and get the ball rolling... Not really sure what she'll say? Probably just congratulations... Come back X weeks?!

I've got a couple of clearblue digis so I will do one in the morning with FMU for extra assurance!

TheMoonInJune Sun 29-Sep-13 17:11:04

What do you do for a living Gilly? smile

Quick question here ( I have loads!)

My cycles have varied a bit lately, between 27 and 28 days. DTD on 15th September. I'm pretty sure that implantation was on Wednesday night, very late (almost Thursday morning!) because I got awful diarrhoea!

Would this month then have been a 27 or 28 day cycle do you think? smile

GillyBillyWilly Sun 29-Sep-13 17:20:26

I work in an office in central London doing 1st and 2nd line tech support... I'm the most senior person on the team and we are down on numbers as it is... They might be a bit miffed when I announce I'm pregnant but I don't care... ! grin
They're expecting it anyway as DH and I got married last Xmas and they're always asking me when I'm gonna have a baby! Nosey people!

TinyTear Sun 29-Sep-13 17:53:19

Gilly, I am in central London (ish) as well...

If we get lucky and things work out we can do a bump lunch if you are not too far from me...

GillyBillyWilly Sun 29-Sep-13 18:22:47

Ah lovely! Where do you live?
I work near old street and live near blackheath... Between blackheath and lewisham smile... Obviously I prefer to say blackheath! grin

wispaxmas Sun 29-Sep-13 18:30:28

Quite a few of us in the London area, then!

cheesysmile Sun 29-Sep-13 18:44:53

Ah bet ur so pleased you tested now, good luck with the digi tomorrow.

I'm trying to decide when to do another digi, tomorrow, Tuesday or Wednesday which wud be 16, 17 or 18 dpo. Last time I tested at 17dpo and only got 1-2wks so to get 2-3 this time wud give me some reassurance that things are going better iykwim? When wud you ladies do it?

cheesysmile Sun 29-Sep-13 18:50:13

themoon I meant to also say im not sure sorry. Maybe give a few more dates and someone might be able to work it out ... 1st day of last period / was the wed the 15th etc?

Also just wondering where people stand on caffine, cut out completely or the odd cuppa ok?

gimmetea Sun 29-Sep-13 18:57:26

I'm a proper tea lover (hence nn!) I've cut down to 2-3 cups a day with all my pregnancies and all has been ok ...But... everyone is different (Just can't bring myself to switch to decaff!)
Looks like theres a little london group forming! A country bumpkin at heart over here!

TheMoonInJune Sun 29-Sep-13 19:01:28

Well, my last period was 4th September (Wednesday.)

DTD on 15th September (Sunday)

Diarrhoea, which I think was implantation on 25th September (also a Wednesday)

Faint line on a FR test on Thursday 26th September (in the evening. My evening lines are stronger than FMU though, I don't know why!)

TheMoonInJune Sun 29-Sep-13 19:02:00

Tea I'm fairly rural grin have always lived in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Shropshire!

wispaxmas Sun 29-Sep-13 19:38:21

The moon, I didn't know diarrhoea was a symptom of implantation. Have you kept track of ovulation? A way of judging your cycle length is knowing your normal LP length, which is usually constant, though the follicular phase might vary depending on stress and other factors, making you ovulate sooner or later.

As for the caffeine, I'm a huge coffee fan, but I've switched to decaf since the bfp.

AuntPittypat Sun 29-Sep-13 19:40:50

Hi all, and welcome and congratulations to the new joiners. I've not caught up with the thread for a few days and now it feels like there's loads of us! Yay!

I've got my GP appointment on Weds this week and am going to try to hold out on testing again until that morning. It's so tempting to keep doing it though just to keep getting that little thrill when the word 'pregnant' comes up! Only a few symptoms here, mainly just that I seem constantly hungry and am consequently eating so much more than usual. Also feel slightly nauseous first thing and am definitely more tired than usual. It just doesn't really feel real yet, which I guess could be a good thing in case something goes wrong.

Oh, and I'm a Londoner too. Live in SW London and work in Westminster. We should definitely do a 'bump lunch' a bit further down the track!

Mixology Sun 29-Sep-13 20:23:23

Hello all and congratulations to the new bfp's!

I also have 2 digitals, but I'm waiting a week to take them in hopes of seeing that 2-3 weeks (will feel better when I know that little poppy seed is sticking).

In respect of caffeine I've cut way back to one proper cup a day. I'm wondering if decaf is the way forward however....

Glad to hear there are other Londoners out there. I live in Greenwich and work in the Canary Wharf.

Good luck all for the week ahead!

LoudAndLarge Sun 29-Sep-13 20:44:32

Hi. I initially joined the may thread but by my dates I'm 5 weeks so due the 30th may. Everyone over there is at a much further stage than me, so hoping you will let an intruder in.

I have one DD who is 4 and have been trying for 2 years.

I have done alot of tests and the clear blue digis have from 1-2 weeks to 2-3 weeks. OH has now banned me from buying anymore.

Not many symptoms..funny how we all want to feel nauseous ect! My boobs are very sore tho.

I have a gp appointment on Thurs. it all feels very surreal after 2 years of waiting for that bfp.

cheesysmile Sun 29-Sep-13 21:00:10

Welcome loud!

Moon so if you ovulated on the 15th thats 12days plus average 14day lp wud be 26day cycle but depends when you ovulated and how long your lp is... But whatever your preggers!!! smile

Good hear others thoughts on caffeine. I love coffee but have been drinking decaf and fruit tea instead. Guess just wondering if I cud treat myself to the odd coffee but may til til after 12 wks ... prob won't want it by then!

wispaxmas Sun 29-Sep-13 21:12:04

You're very welcome, loudandlarge! I'm only a couple days behind you in dates, so you'll probably fit right in in terms of symptoms (or lack there of).

I'm worrying about appointments now. My GP surgery has antenatal clinics, so I would assume the booking appointment would be through them, but I've only got 1-2 days in the next 10 weeks available for appointments. How early can you book your dating scan? As in, I have 2 days at 10+1-2 that I will be back in the UK before going to a wedding that weekend, what do you think my chances are of getting it booked for then?

LoudAndLarge Sun 29-Sep-13 21:23:11

It feels so long since I have done this, well it's is 5 years ago. So really not sure how the booking in and scans ect work. I guess each practise/hospital works differently.

I phoned my Gp surgery and babbled something about positive pregnancy tests and doctors & she just booked me an appointment and said come then. Guess I will find out more Thursday.

GillyBillyWilly Sun 29-Sep-13 21:29:00

Caved and did a clearblue digi tonight... PREGNANT 2-3 WEEKS! smile That confirms it in my eyes!

Guess I need to see the doctor then!?

AuntPittypat Sun 29-Sep-13 21:32:23

Wispa, I'm pretty sure that when I was pregnant with DD I went for my dating scan a bit early (I had been unsure of dates as I'd only just come off the pill) so they made me go back a week or so later as apparently she wasn't big enough for them to see everything they needed to. So I wouldn't like to count on you being able to have your dating scan at 10 weeks... but, equally, I guess it probably depends on the hospital and size of your baby so no harm in pushing for it if you can!

bludgerwitch Sun 29-Sep-13 21:38:15

Welcome, loud!

We're picking up a bit of speed in here now, yay!

I'll be in week 5 tomorrow, the GP dated me later as he went by my LMP but as my cycle is 42 days that's misleading. I now get a nice clear dark line on my internet cheapies even when POAS in the afternoon after frequent weeing and lots of water, so things are progressing nicely.

I have nausea in the mornings but instead of being sick I have diarrhoea - then, afterwards my tummy starts grumbling like mad and I feel absolutely fine.

TheMoonInJune Sun 29-Sep-13 21:54:08

I had diarrhoea when he or she implanted! Little swine! grin

I keep getting hiccups. Annoying!

wispaxmas Sun 29-Sep-13 22:05:11

Gilly, 2-3 weeks! I'm not surprised, given how strong your FR line was this morning!

As for the scan, I'll just have to see what I can get I suppose. Will definitely discuss it with the GP tomorrow. I'm currently worried I'm going to get a stern talking to because my asthma is so bad at the minute. I haven't had problems like this in so long (15 years!) sad poor hubby doesn't know what to do, he's so worried about me because he's never seen/heard me like this. Just consulted doctor google, and apparently pregnancy has random effects on asthma, for about 1/3 of women it gets better, 1/3 it stays the same, and 1/3 it gets worse. I hope to god this is just a coincidence, because I do NOT want 9 months of feeling like I'm breathing through a wet sponge.

Daisychain44 Mon 30-Sep-13 07:17:43

Morning all, good to hear all your news. I'm also in London though we've just sold our flat (before BFP!) and moving out to Hertfordshire for a bigger garden for DS! This long awaited BFP really is good timing!
The way my weird brain thinks I'm not going near the GP until i've passed 6 weeks as I don't want to tempt fate (?) and I want to get past the stage I mc'd at last time before I get too official about it all. So am going to just wait the next 2 weeks out. Might indulge in another pg test though...!

TinyTear Mon 30-Sep-13 07:55:19

Too busy yesterday with whinging tantruming teething toddler - remind me why I want another one?

I live in north London (Hampstead) and work near St Paul's

Welcome to all the newbies. My due date is 1st June by my calculations and 31st may by the GP so I am sticking to June

wispaxmas Mon 30-Sep-13 08:17:48

Morning, all. I think I might have another symptom. I have a splotchy red rash.. Not raised, not itchy, just red and blotchy. And only on my boobs. So.. Hormonal changes? Doesn't look like heat rash, doesn't look like hives, not really sure what to think. Might ask the GP this morning, though.

MissGarth Mon 30-Sep-13 08:20:09

Morning everyone,

Well I didn't know about the Diarrhoea symptom, you learn something every day.

I've gone down to a couple of cups of proper tea a day, (I don't really like decaff) but I think I'm going to stop it altogether for a bit just to save worry space in my head! I did go though a peppermint tea phase so I might try that again.

Wispa, sorry to hear about the asthma, hope the docs can do something to help with the symptoms.

Daisy chain, I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to go to the GP until 6 weeks- after several of my MC's they have still been chasing me about scans etc weeks after the loss, despite being told several times, which I have found very upsetting, so I'm keen to avoid being put into the system for as long as I can. Unfortunately, though, I need a Heparin script for the PG, my consultant gave me 10 day supply to start when I got a bfp until I could get to the GP, so I'll have to ring up today. I'm going to ask if I can have the drugs without being officially registered as PG for a few weeks although I'm not sure the GP will collude with me!

I am going to buy another test today and check the line is getting darker, good to hear those 2-3 weeks are starting to pop up on tests! Have a good day, everyone smile

MissGarth Mon 30-Sep-13 08:22:40

I have heard you can get a rash from the Oestrogen surge, Wispa, although I've never had it so don't know what it looks like.

TinyTear Mon 30-Sep-13 08:25:34

I had to go on the system because of medication as well, but in the end they haven't changed it yet. I do hope they will call me today to change my thyroxine dose - argh that is the main thing worrying me...

This morning the app on my phone told me I am 10 days late.
Always good to see that... I shall keep the app and see how many warnings it will send or if it will give up eventually...

cheesysmile Mon 30-Sep-13 08:56:18

Just been to docs, managed to cry at her, d'oh ... anyway she is recommending midwife sees me early and books me in for an early scan to make sure all ok after last time. Can't ask for than that really at this stage I don't think.

TinyTear Mon 30-Sep-13 09:39:20

Aww cheesy. good luck!

I also asked for an 8w scan so let's see if they give me one...

GillyBillyWilly Mon 30-Sep-13 11:12:20

I know it's early but I told my boss today. I work such long weird shifts including nights and I wanted him to know ASAP Incase they need to change my shifts...

I can't be getting up at 4.30am to start work at 7am and not get home til past 8pm for much longer surely?! Not to mention the night shifts!

TinyTear Mon 30-Sep-13 11:14:34

Oh definitely, it's good to have them on your side. My boss knew about my miscarriages and pregnancies from early on, as I would be disappearing for tests and stuff like that...

Last pg because I was under the recurrent miscarriage clinic i had scans at 6, 8 and 10 weeks, then the 12 week one, so I had to tell him...

I am tempted to let him know already as well - he has been my boss for nearly 10 years, so i know him well...

TinyTear Mon 30-Sep-13 11:15:38

BTW Londoners, get a Baby on Board badge in a tube station... they may be naff but do help people get up for you when you are in the non-visible stages but already feeling shattered...

I still haven't got mine out but am tempted to go and look for it soon... maybe after 8 weeks...

TinyTear Mon 30-Sep-13 11:16:16

And on better news, got a call from the GP and they are changing my thyroxine dose so I can stop rabbiting on about it

wispaxmas Mon 30-Sep-13 11:27:27

Good luck everyone getting early scans! Wish I could request one, but with no history there's not really a reason, and irrational pregnancy anxiety doesn't really cut it.

GP appointment this morning was fine. I didn't even ask the doc about the rash, oops! It's not bothering me, though, so I'll just keep an eye on it.

The doctor has said he will refer me to the midwives and let them know about my situation and Paris. He first suggested that if there was someone who could keep an eye on our post for us to let us know when the appointment comes through, and then I could call to change it to when I'd be back in the UK.. but I told him we weren't telling anyone until after the scan, so that wasn't going to work! Anyways, he said he would put it all in the referral and they would call my mobile.

And as for the asthma, he said just to increase my steroids, so I guess that'll be that.

gimmetea Mon 30-Sep-13 11:40:15

Worried now as you are all so sure of your dates! Going by my lmp (16 aug I think) I'm about 7 weeks. However mid september I got 2 bfn before I got a bfp last week. Are some women slow at releasing the pg hormone? Can you get fake negatives? hmm Should just get a digital test really shouldn't I!
Hope those of you waiting to sort out or get new medication gets it sorted soon.
Wispa, pregnancy and colds always screws with my asthma too, just use dr google with caution !
Also slightly scared about the birth already as the last 2 shot out! grin

TinyTear Mon 30-Sep-13 12:07:51

I know someone who didn't get a BFP for 8 weeks. her twin boys are now 20 months old...

For reference my LMP was 25th August so EDD 1st June

Maybe shell out on a digital?

gimmetea Mon 30-Sep-13 12:40:09

8 weeks? shock think I will get a digital!

bludgerwitch Mon 30-Sep-13 13:34:44

gimmetea I've heard of people who've had really late positives, your body might just be releasing HCT slower.

First day I had to go home sick today - I'm officially in week 5 today and feel rotten. Not thrown up yet, which is a positive, but dizzyness and cold prickly sweat, not pleasant.

My weirdest symptom: a swollen achey knee joint! I messed up my knee a few years ago and it's usually fine, I get the odd twinge when I twist it when getting out of the car or things like that. But for the last 10 days it's been getting steadily more swollen and sore. I can only imagine it has something to do with the softening ligaments - it's annoying!

GillyBillyWilly Mon 30-Sep-13 15:11:16

I heard you can't get a baby on board badge til after your 12 week scan? Apparently they ask to see some paperwork or something?!

TinyTear Mon 30-Sep-13 15:28:13

really??? can't remember ever being ask for paperwork, i got mine at king's cross station

TinyTear Mon 30-Sep-13 15:29:13

Baby on board badges
Top of page

Pregnant women can wear a 'Baby on board' badge to let other passengers know they may need a seat.

These are available from Tube station ticket offices. If you live in Greater London or south east England, you can also request a badge through our Customer Service Centre, by emailing your full name and address to babyonboard@tfl.gov.uk or by calling 0343 222 1234.


GillyBillyWilly Mon 30-Sep-13 15:52:26

Ah ok! I'll take a look thanks smile
A colleague of mine said she had to show paperwork! Thought that was a bit OTT!!!!

Anyway I've got my doctors appointment tomorrow morning smile

AND I'm gonna be try to be much more healthy from now on!

Had a choc chip muffin for breakfast though LOL grin
but accompanied it with a banana and an apple!

And for lunch I had a big chicken salad with tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, pumpkin seeds, spinach, rocket..... smile

Been snacking on dried apricots and pistachios this afternoon!

Wonder how long it takes me to cave and have done thing extreme my naughty! grin

cheesysmile Mon 30-Sep-13 17:36:49

Gimmetea I wouldn't worry too much abt dates, just go by 1st day of lmp and they'll date properly at the scan won't they? I'm pretty sure when I ovulated but thats only coz I was temping.

Agreed with dh last night that I wud hold out til tomorrow to do another digi. That will be 17dpo which is when I did it last time and only got 1-2wks so really hoping for 2-3wks this time. Think it will help me to relax a bit if I do.

Been feeling tired today, altho cud just be lack of caffeine, and I swear my boobs are getting bigger!grin

Snowlet Mon 30-Sep-13 17:48:01

bludger I'm so glad you said that about the knee, mine are KILLING me, I tried to jog this morning and ouch, never known them to feel like this

That said, hello! got my BFP two days ago, due 10th June (or thereabouts)

Nice to see everyone and congrats to you all! x

ThreeFromDesire Mon 30-Sep-13 18:00:43

So many June bugs already. Yay!

Peeking in with my fresh bfp grin I didn't realise that a gp appointment was the norm and this is baby 4 rang surgery today and was given a mw appointment for three weeks time. Should I call back and ask for a gp one given that I'm usually under consultant care not local mw?

cheesysmile Mon 30-Sep-13 18:02:30

Hi snowlet, congrats on your bfp!Is this ur first or do you have children already?

cheesysmile Mon 30-Sep-13 18:24:31

hi three, congrats!

Um not sure, doc didn't do much just referred me to midwife really, maybe ask for them to give you a call so you can check re the consultant?

Snowlet Mon 30-Sep-13 18:28:48

Ah should have said, I'm a newbie, first baby, boyfriend and I are bonkers happy at the minute! smile cheesy did you say it wasn't your first? and Three you're a newbie too right??

wispaxmas Mon 30-Sep-13 18:35:00

I think a GP appt is only ever needed if you have other conditions or if it's baby #1... And even then I'm not sure everyone goes to the GP, it just helps because they'll refer me to the midwives, who I would have no idea how to get a hold of anyways.

Snowlet Mon 30-Sep-13 18:36:14

I popped into GP today (first babe) and they just made me an appt with a midwife for two weeks time, I didn't really have a GP appt at all

bludgerwitch Mon 30-Sep-13 18:38:27

I went to the GP mainly because I had an appointment already for stress/general nuttiness, and all he did was refer me to the local maternity clinic at the hospital. Didn't do any tests apart from bp and weight.

cheesysmile Mon 30-Sep-13 18:57:15

yep 1st one here too! smile exciting times!

GillyBillyWilly Mon 30-Sep-13 19:05:46

Oh this is my first pregnancy as well so going to the doctors "just because" really! grin

I rang and told the receptionist that I have found out I'm pregnant and she said congrats and to come and see the dr....so I guess I'll do that although don't expect her to say much!

TinyTear Mon 30-Sep-13 19:15:34

Ah GP for me was also because of my thyroid condition and because I want an early scan.

Welcome all!

TheMoonInJune Mon 30-Sep-13 19:21:59

Congratulations to new members.

I'm worried - the lines on the test I took are definitely weaker than the strong pink ones I had yesterday sad

Any thoughts? Still a definite pink line, but yesterday was VERY strong (nearly the same colour as the test line.) Much paler pink today.

Is this the end of my miracle BFP? sad

wispaxmas Mon 30-Sep-13 19:26:45

Lots of first timers like me, yay smile

I bought a couple more CBD on my way home tonight. I think I've spent more on hpts since getting a bfp than I ever did when ttc! Will test in the morning and hope for 3+!

I've decided against going in to work tomorrow. Going to convalesce at home instead.

gimmetea Mon 30-Sep-13 19:28:06

Yipee, more BFP's! Congratulations ladies. Starting to feel a little bit excited now. Did a digi test this aftenoon (and some quick maths) and think I might have conceived on my DS's 3rd birthday! Whoops. Anyway, estimated dd 7th June, but expecting mw to say end of May.
Tiny So glad the medication has been sorted for you.
Gilly, good going on the healthy changes. I'm just eating what ever doesn't make my stomach turn!
Better make an appointment tomorrow then as some of you are so organised it is putting me to shame!

gimmetea Mon 30-Sep-13 19:29:31

Oh no Moon. Keeping fingers crossed for you sad

wispaxmas Mon 30-Sep-13 19:34:17

Sorry, I missed your post moon! Wait a few days and test again. What kind of tests are you using? I used an internet cheapie again when I did a second CBD. The line on the IC was faint, but the CBD had gone up from 1-2 to 2-3 weeks. Wait it out a few days and then test again.

TheMoonInJune Mon 30-Sep-13 19:45:31

First Response - I think I am still a bit too early for lines on cheapies, but yesterday I did get the faintest of faint lines on a cheap test from Home Bargains. Today - nothing on cheap test and fainter pink line on FR test. Not sure what to think?

ThreeFromDesire Mon 30-Sep-13 19:49:54

Think POSITIVE moon smile

bludgerwitch Mon 30-Sep-13 20:44:22

Moon I'm sure it can also depend on how much you drank just before and where your body is in 'processing' whatever is in your system (hormones, fluids etc.) - I'd see about getting a GP appointment and getting a blood test done if you are really worried, but maybe just try a digital and see.

wispaxmas Mon 30-Sep-13 20:48:15

I think bludger speaks sense, moon. In the meantime try not to worry too too much!

TheMoonInJune Mon 30-Sep-13 21:25:30

I hope not sad it's hard not to - I did a digital Saturday night and that said pregnant 1-2 but the fainter line today threw me a bit

BizzleBikes Mon 30-Sep-13 21:30:58

Hello! I'm tentatively joining. Got my positive last week but after 4 days of bleeding at 10 dpo which wasn't very heavy but heavy enough for me to think it was an early period at first, so not 100% normal! I have an 18 month old already and weirdly a similar thing happened when I conceived him though I'm sure (hard to remember!) the bleeding was lighter... Anyway obsessive testing shows lines getting darker this week so fingers crossed... Should he due very end May/early June.

bludgerwitch Mon 30-Sep-13 21:36:15

Moon I did a second test a week later to get the 2-3 weeks - you should be able to get a line on internet cheapies, albeit a faint one. I have about 10 internet cheapies left and I test daily blush to check up on my little pea pod.

Paranoid, me?

TheMoonInJune Mon 30-Sep-13 21:58:14

No line on cheapies and AF is due tomorrow sad

bludgerwitch Mon 30-Sep-13 22:01:34

How long are you leaving them to 'develop'? Because the day I got my BFP I'd chucked my test in the bin because it was negative and 6 hours later fished it out again and there was a veeeeeery faint line (by faint I mean, I thought it was the mythical evaporation line).

Don't lose hope yet.

wispaxmas Mon 30-Sep-13 22:24:27

Moon, get to the doctor and have a blood test done, or wait until a week after you got pregnant 1-2 and do another digi. I have everything crossed for you that it's alright!

cheesysmile Mon 30-Sep-13 23:02:55

Keeping FX for you moon. When are you testing as different times of day can give different results. If you're still early days then fmu is prob best.

Welcome bizzle smile

Snowlet Mon 30-Sep-13 23:37:29

Fx moon! So sorry for all the stress you're feeling right now

Ladies I've decided, insomnia isn't even a proper pregnancy symptom, it's just that it's impossible to turn off that buzzing baby-obsessed brain.... I long for sleep!

MAgirl75 Tue 01-Oct-13 03:53:17

Thanks for your kind words. I'm crampy tonight and don't know why. I'm telling myself it's just because I ate corn at lunch, but I worry. Just cramps though, no blood. I'm probably making it worse by worrying. Went to volleyball and played two hours to stay positive. I have had morning sickness (nausea) a couple of times this week, so I hope these cramps are just implantation...

cheesysmile Tue 01-Oct-13 07:24:44

2-3 wks on CB digi this morning, im so chuffed. Makes me think things are going better this time smile Ive got one more left so might try for the 3+ in week.

I hope ur cramps are nothing to worry about MA flowers I know its hard not to worry though.

AuntPittypat Tue 01-Oct-13 07:28:41

More fingers crossed for you here, Moon. Can you get yourself another digital test today? I have no idea if it's true, but in my mind they're the most authoritative.

Gimmetea, my calculations make my due date 7th June too.... Which would be exactly 9 months after our wedding night!

MAgirl, cramps are totally normal at this stage. Something to do with all the new activity going on inside us. Hope you feel better today.

GillyBillyWilly Tue 01-Oct-13 07:35:48

Morning all smile

I have one more clear blue digi as well so saving that for a week or so as well smile

Got positive 2-3 weeks yesterday am the day before so I'm pleased with that.

Just getting ready to go to the doctors now... Seeing a new doctor today... Don't even know his/her name! Wondering where my usual doctor is!

gimmetea Tue 01-Oct-13 08:00:19

Aunt, have you just got married (or was it just a really good anniversary!? grin ) congratulations either way!

wispaxmas Tue 01-Oct-13 08:13:15

Still 2-3 weeks here.. I really shouldn't have looked at the levels in the test and the average levels of hcg, because although normal levels may still be <2000 for this day, the average would have been well above.. Ahh well, technically I'm still just 5 weeks tomorrow, so I'm not going to sweat it. Will use the other CBD later in the week. And maybe the daily average hcg is what would be detected in a blood test, and a urine test will detect a lower number?

wispaxmas Tue 01-Oct-13 08:42:10

Feeling silly, because I've found other websites with lower averages now. I think I've made the mistake of believing everything on the internet.

Hope you GP appt goes well, gilly, hopefully it's a nice doc smile

Aunt, I'd also like to know if it was actual wedding or anniversary, though either is a lovely story. Are there any other newlyweds in here? H and I got married in June! Very little chance of getting an anniversary baby for me, though, my EDD (based on the nhs) is 3 June, and anniversary is 22nd blush

Should we have a list of EDD similar to he lists on the buses? Might be helpful to have one every now and then..

TinyTear Tue 01-Oct-13 08:48:33

Moon, always test with the first morning urine. I never do tests during the day...

wispa are you offering to do the list?

I'm too busy! (busty as well which is what I just wrote)

My EDD according to the GP is 31st May but by my calcs is 1st June so I am staying here

GillyBillyWilly Tue 01-Oct-13 09:10:46

Docs appointment went well! Lovely new doctor smile

She said my due date is 3rd June but my calculations say it's more like 9th!

I have my first midwife appt in 3 weeks on 23rd oct and she said I will get a letter confirming a first scan around that time too smile

She also did a medical certificate to give to my HR dept in work to say she recommends I come off 12 hour day shifts and also stop doing nightshifts for the whole pregnancy... Quite pleased with that as I hate shift work anyway! grin

So... That appt was an absolute success! gringringrin

MissGarth Tue 01-Oct-13 09:22:12

MAgirl, apparently cramping is a good sign, it is the uterus stretching, as is feeling like you are about to start your period, the heaviness is extra blood flow, apparently.

Moon, how are you? I don't know when you tested each time, you definitely get stronger results with FMU normally, the HCH is more concentrated.

When I have been worried about tests varying the EPU have done 48 hour bloods to check whether things were rising at the right level or not. I don't know if you have one nearby but if you are worried I'd be tempted to pop in. Thinking of you x

It is interesting that everyone's GP dates seem slightly out compared to their own estimates- makes me wonder if the doc will change mine tomorrow morning. If so DH will be very disappointed, as he is very keen on the idea that my due date is on the anniversary of D Day confused

MissGarth Tue 01-Oct-13 09:22:49

Gilly, I think I need your gp smile

TinyTear Tue 01-Oct-13 09:23:45

Good news Gilly! hooray!

TinyTear Tue 01-Oct-13 09:25:30

Norah, I prefer when due dates don't relate to anything else... My first MC had a due date of Christmas Day 2010, so Christmas is always bitter sweet for me as I take a moment to think about what could have been

bludgerwitch Tue 01-Oct-13 09:25:36

wispa DH and I got married in June, as well, but I spent my wedding night faceplanted on the bed, absolutely knackered.

Gilly Ooh, sounds like your new doctor is understanding and quite proactive, that's nice!

GillyBillyWilly Tue 01-Oct-13 09:27:41

My cycles were around 35 days and I told her exactly when I ovulated and with those stats I always get the same answer - 9th June!

She used a little cardboard circle thing that she spun around with numbers on and came up with 3rd...!

I think her little "due date calculator toy" might be wrong to be honest but whatever! grin

Guess I'll know more in a few weeks when I see the midwife and have the scan... Exciting times I'm just hoping everything goes well for me and baby smile

Snowlet Tue 01-Oct-13 09:41:14

UGH, who else is nauseous and achy and everything they eat tastes of nothing??

Yes moon please give us an update....

Gilly so your GP actually saw you? Mine just made a midwife appt and sent me away! sorry, I have the worst case of fuzzy brain, did you say you're a bit more high risk? is that why they slotted you in with the GP and the midwife both? glad it all went well anyway! x

MissGarth Tue 01-Oct-13 09:46:35

Tiny gosh Xmas must be hard...I've been dreading this one a bit as we alternative being with my family and dh's so this will be the first xmas we've had dh's family here since xmas day 2 years ago when we announced i was 20 weeks PG to much joy from them only to go on and lose the baby later....having an xmas day due date must be very hard flowers

bludgerwitch Tue 01-Oct-13 10:12:23

Gilly My GP twirled his little wheel and told me I was 6 weeks along when I know that I ovulated on the 9th of September! He said, well, just wait for the dating scan.

I feel nauseous all the time, and every now and then get lovely chills and sweats and prickles up the neck and have to be careful not to faint. It's great!

TinyTear Tue 01-Oct-13 10:40:47

Aw Norah I really don't know how I could cope with a late loss. My latest one was 10 weeks... thanks

My GP didn't use the twirly thing, she went on the patient.co.uk website
More technological! wink

wispaxmas Tue 01-Oct-13 12:23:27

bludger, sounds like me on my wedding night, too grin

Gilly, if you got a 2-3 weeks a couple days ago you might actually be wrong to think the 9th, you might actually be closer to the 3rd. I guess wait until the dating scan to see.

I did a quick search through the thread, and found these EDDs, I think there are loads missed off the list, though:

Loudandlarge 30 May
TinyTear 31 May/1 June
bludgerwitch 2 June
Wispaxmas 3 June
GillyBillyWilly 3 June (9 June?)
MAgirl75 5 June
gimmetea 7 June
AuntPittyPay 7 June
Daisychain44 9 June
Snowlet 10 June
TheMoonInJune 11 June

ThreeFromDesire Tue 01-Oct-13 13:38:01

Threefromdesire, 10th June smile

GillyBillyWilly Tue 01-Oct-13 14:15:36

Bludger what was the start date of your last cycle though? 6 weeks is surely about right if you ovulated on the 9th?

I ovulated on the 16th sept but that was around day 20 of my cycle (which started on 27th aug)... Hence me now being about 5 weeks today!

GillyBillyWilly Tue 01-Oct-13 14:22:44

Snowlet no I'm not high risk at all. No previous miscarriages or pregnancies.... I guess all doctors are different though smile
I think I might have had a chemical pregnancy last cycle but don't think I know for sure so didn't mention it.

I was sat chatting to her for about 20 mins!

She took my blood pressure and weighed me.....
Then asked me to lie down so she could feel my tummy (she said she had a woman once that said she was only 5 weeks and she had a feel and realised she was more like 12! Lol!) grin

We then talked about my job, whether I do a job that's particularly heavy duty/strenuous ... I laughed and said NO ...however I then mentioned my shift work and she agreed its best not to do shifts and nightshifts during pregnancy so she wrote a certificate/recommendation to say I should do more "normal" hours and no nights - I've given that to a lady in HR today who is the only person I've told in work!

She also did the spinny wheel thing and talked about due dates... Booked me in with a midwife and said if I'm lucky they might even do an early scan but otherwise that will be at 12 weeks smile

Snowlet Tue 01-Oct-13 15:37:08

Gilly that's all really helpful, thank you! Yeesh, does that mean they can tell you're 12 weeks by feel? I already feel like I have a squatter in there, considering the roller coaster of nausea and fatigue. How are you feeling?

GillyBillyWilly Tue 01-Oct-13 16:02:16

Feeling fine at the moment!

Tender breast every now and then and twinges and twisty feelings in my side/tummy every now and then but otherwise fine!


I guess doctors can tell by feeling? Maybe she was pulling my leg and just wanted to touch me! grin

GillyBillyWilly Tue 01-Oct-13 16:09:19

They was meant to say breastS not breasts! I do have more than one grin

GillyBillyWilly Tue 01-Oct-13 16:18:51

Breasts not breast!

Flippin phone! grin

Ok too much breast talk now!!

Mezzaluna Tue 01-Oct-13 16:21:49

Hello ladies, another June-bug tentatively joining.... A bit terrified to do so, this is my fourth pregnancy and still no baby, so very much hoping that this is my lucky number four.
According to lmp mye due date is June 3rd, and I should be 5 weeks today. Less symptoms than all the other times - I'm taking that as a good sign! Have had lots of cramping and my nipples are so sore it feels like they might be falling off, other than that feeling absolutely fine.
Going away on Sat for a week to celebrate my dad's 60th, so I'm thinking of heading to the EPU for a reassurance scan on Friday, as my last pregnancy was ectopic. I know there won't be much to see at this stage, but if they could just confirm that it's in the right place, I'd feel so much better.
Anyway - I hope you are all feeling ok - wishing you all very uneventful pregnancies with healthy kicking babies at the end of it! smile

MissGarth Tue 01-Oct-13 16:25:33

Welcome Mezzaluna, fx for you. There are another couple of us on this thread with RMC so hopefully we can keep each other's spirits up.

Wispa, thanks for starting us off on the list grin, adding me (although gp might change date tomorrow):

Loudandlarge 30 May
TinyTear 31 May/1 June
bludgerwitch 2 June
Wispaxmas 3 June
GillyBillyWilly 3 June (9 June?)
Mezzaluna 3 June
MAgirl75 5 June
Norah Vanstone 6th June
gimmetea 7 June
AuntPittyPay 7 June
Daisychain44 9 June
Snowlet 10 June
Threefromdesire, 10th June
TheMoonInJune 11 June

bludgerwitch Tue 01-Oct-13 16:27:06

Mezzaluna Welome and fx everything goes well and we'll all be here together for the full 9 months!

My LMP was on the 12th of August, I'm not 5+2 by my reckoning - Im anxiously awaiting a letter from my clinic for a booking appt/scan.

wispaxmas Tue 01-Oct-13 16:54:59

Thanks for adding yourself and three, Norah! I'll add you, too, mezzaluna! I hope this is a sticky one for you.

Loudandlarge 30 May
TinyTear 31 May/1 June
bludgerwitch 2 June
Wispaxmas 3 June
Mezzaluna 3 June
GillyBillyWilly 3 June (9 June?)
Mezzaluna 3 June
MAgirl75 5 June
Norah Vanstone 6th June
gimmetea 7 June
AuntPittyPay 7 June
Daisychain44 9 June
Snowlet 10 June
Threefromdesire, 10th June
TheMoonInJune 11 June

Snowlet Tue 01-Oct-13 17:30:55

How exciting to see the list!

Gilly I genuinely am not sure I could feel much more rubbish unless I was actually upchucking, I've just cancelled my plans tonight as all I want to do is lie still and try and sleep.... and they say next two weeks are worse!

Wondering if part of it is just that bodies are unused to feeling this way, pregnancy sickness can't be this bad all the time or who'd get anything done? hoping it dissipates....

wispaxmas Tue 01-Oct-13 17:48:27

Snowlet, it might let up for you, it might not. No way to tell, really. My sister in law was bed ridden for a couple months at the beginning of her first pregnancy, but fine in her second. My best friend found that eating small amount every couple hours kept the sickness at bay, as long as she ate before she started to feel ill, and my sister wasn't all that bad.

I'm not had any nausea yet, just the boob rash. I showed it to hubby this morning and he grimaced. Didn't make me feel sexy in the slightest.

Has anyone found that they're ridiculously thirsty all the time? I've been drinking loads more water than I normally do and still feel thirsty. I feel like I need one of those hats with a straw attached so I can just constantly be drinking fluids.

highlandfling10 Tue 01-Oct-13 18:01:46

Hi Ladies

Can I tentatively join you too? I'm due 1st June! I already have a 2yr old DD. I hope everyone is feeling well. I have been incredibly nauseous for the last week - didn't have a single day of sickness last time, Bah!! smile


bludgerwitch Tue 01-Oct-13 18:08:55

I've ordered some sickness bands for my wrists, that anti-sickness roll-on with ginger oil, some arnica massage & bath oil and some tiger balm to deal with my headaches without taking painkillers.

I hope I feel better soon, working til ten o'clock on Thursday and working Saturday this week, I'm not looking forward to it! I find that little and often works for me, lots of ginger tea and protein snacks. Have gone off dairy, though.

GillyBillyWilly Tue 01-Oct-13 18:09:31

Sorry to hear that Snowlet!
I'm hoping I take after my older sister who has 1 son and is currently 6 months pregnant and has never had any sickness with either of them!!!!

highlandfling10 Tue 01-Oct-13 18:23:10

Snowlet – just seen your post. Sorry you are suffering too. I am finding eating very small amounts frequently is helping (small bits of oatcakes,cheese,grapes etc) although I had a couple of days last week where I was really dizzy and felt entirely flu-like all day and not like eating at all. Fingers crossed it eases soon, I do feel a bit better this week.

Snowlet Tue 01-Oct-13 18:34:40

wispa definitely yes to the constant thirst! that was a symptom I had as well, from about 8dpo

Thanks for the tips ladies, I've found that I'm sickest in the mornings (cliche!) and then normally it's better through the day, but today, just ill all day!

I am definitely finding ginger-heavy smoothies help, but I'm still trying things.... damn the little squatters eh??

Daisychain44 Tue 01-Oct-13 18:49:26

Hmmmm, symptoms are quite tricky to spot... Aside from the wonderful constipation - I'd forgotten how much fun that was last time round! Am thirsty too but could just be normal thirsty, who knows!

Bought 2 digi tests today as I want to see the 1-2 weeks and then hopefully a 3-4 weeks in writing. Not sure when to do them though. Only 16 days since +ve opk so less since actual ovulation probably. Might try to wait till the weekend...

I know every prgnancy's different but I remember eating really frequently (like 5 meals a day) really helped me not feel sick last time.

Happy symptom spotting all!

cheesysmile Tue 01-Oct-13 19:20:51

Hi ladies, im on my phone so could someone add me to the list please? I think for now anyway EDD 7th June.

I haven't had any sickness yet, just achy boobs and dry mouth still. Hope those with sickness aren't feeling too bad.

I got married this year too, altho been together for years beforehand so don't really feel like newlyweds. Its nice to finally call him my husband tho smile

Gilly ur GP sounds great!

Moon how you doing?

TheMoonInJune Tue 01-Oct-13 19:21:13

Thank you for the kind words! I think I'm OK (for now!) For some reason I don't get the strongest lines with FMU, don't know why, but my strong lines are back and I have banned myself from testing until it's time to see 2-3 weeks on a digi!

cheesysmile Tue 01-Oct-13 19:23:13

Also meant to say welcome mezza and highland!

wispaxmas Tue 01-Oct-13 19:24:32

I got my 2-3 at 19dpo, you should be able to get it before 21dpo theoretically. I wasted a test this morning and got another 2-3 at 21dpo, and I have one left (NOT buying more!) and I want to see 3+, so I'm waiting until at least Friday.

Glad to hear I'm not alone with the thirst, snowlet!

I finally started to feel slightly tender boobs this evening. Just a bit achey, really, but noticeable. I hope this is the worst my symptoms get grin

cheesysmile Tue 01-Oct-13 19:24:54

Ah moon so pleased things are looking up, you'll have that 2-3 wks before you know it smile

wispaxmas Tue 01-Oct-13 19:26:31

Will add you when I'm back on the laptop and not iPad, cheesy, unless someone else does it first..?

And glad to hear your strong lines have returned themoon, how long are you going to hold out for the digi?

cheesysmile Tue 01-Oct-13 19:28:03

wispa I got my 2-3 today at 17dpo so yeah can defo get before 21dpo. Good luck for Friday hope you get that 3+, think im gonna wait til next Tues to do my last test.

cheesysmile Tue 01-Oct-13 19:28:58

Thanks wispa smile

bludgerwitch Tue 01-Oct-13 19:31:45

Yay, Moon, that's great!

I had 2-3 weeks at 18 dpo, btw!

MissGarth Tue 01-Oct-13 19:45:30

Good news, Moon smile

Welcome Highland

Adding cheesy and Highland to our list:

Loudandlarge 30 May
TinyTear 31 May/1 June
highlandfling10 1 June
bludgerwitch 2 June
Wispaxmas 3 June
Mezzaluna 3 June
GillyBillyWilly 3 June (9 June?)
MAgirl75 5 June
Norah Vanstone 6th June
cheesysmile 7 June
gimmetea 7 June
AuntPittyPay 7 June
Daisychain44 9 June
Snowlet 10 June
Threefromdesire, 10th June
TheMoonInJune 11 June

TinyTear Tue 01-Oct-13 20:56:37

The digi is crap!! Glad I have an old fashioned one with the lines. I wanted to keep it and it's now blank!

AuntPittypat Tue 01-Oct-13 21:07:43

I know Tiny, I wanted to keep the test too but then realised it had gone blank! Luckily, I'd already taken a photo of it though... grin

I got my 2-3 weeks yesterday (so much for waiting until tomorrow to do another test!), hurrah! I don't seem to be experiencing many (any?) symptoms though. No real nausea, no difference to my boobs, maybe slightly more tired than usual but not the bone-weary fatigue I think I should be feeling at this stage? I'm not sure whether to feel grateful or worried! I didn't suffer too much when pregnant with DD though (except fainting on the train a couple of times at around 11/12 weeks - very embarrassing!) - so I'm sure it's nothing to worry about. Is it wrong to say I feel slightly envious of those of you feeling sick though?! (Sorry!)

It was our actual wedding, not just an anniversary, a few weeks ago grin. Congratulations to the other newlyweds too! [congrats]

Mixology Tue 01-Oct-13 21:11:49

how has everyone been calculating their dates? I typed my lmp into an online calculator and came up with 13 June. Now I'm worried my GP will expect me to know my ovulation date.... I figure that rattling off the dates we had sex will probably look slightly uninformed!

Glad to hear others are having the sore breasts. It's such a relief to get home and take my bra off every day!

AuntPittypat Tue 01-Oct-13 21:16:38

Mixology, I'm so glad you said that! I thought I was the only one to not have a clue about ovulation dates... I just put my lmp into a calculator too and guessed my cycle is 28 days - it ha always been pretty normal but I've never paid that much attention. blush

gimmetea Tue 01-Oct-13 21:37:18

Sadly I've started bleeding. Fair bit of it and bright red so I think I'm out sad Will update you all in the morning.

wispaxmas Tue 01-Oct-13 21:39:28

You usually get dated from the start of your last period. If you go onto the nhs website and enter the start of your last period and the average length of your cycle it will give you a date.

wispaxmas Tue 01-Oct-13 21:40:58

Oh no, gimmetea! I thought bleeding could be normal in early pg? Do you have cramping? Call the doctor!

TheMoonInJune Tue 01-Oct-13 21:44:21

Gimmetea - oh I am sorry sad I really hope though it is a 'normal' pregnancy bleed x

gimmetea Tue 01-Oct-13 21:45:51

Bit of cramping, dr won't be able to do anything so just gonna get some sleep and see how tomorrow goes.

GillyBillyWilly Tue 01-Oct-13 22:02:50

Reading posts.... My clearblue said 2-3 weeks at 14dpo! Is that weird?! Must have had lots of the pregnancy hormone in me! grin
I definitely didn't ovulate earlier than I think... So was definitely either only 14 or 15 DPO when I got 2-3 weeks on a clearblue!

GillyBillyWilly Tue 01-Oct-13 22:03:44

Sorry gimmetea sad
When did you test? Did you do a clearblue?
See your doctor first thing tomorrow if you can brew

wispaxmas Tue 01-Oct-13 22:05:23


AuntPittypat Tue 01-Oct-13 22:15:53

Oh no, so sorry to hear that, Gimmetea. Sending lots of positive vibes and thinking of you.

cheesysmile Tue 01-Oct-13 22:52:23

Oh gimmetea I so feel for you right now. I really hope all is ok for you. Get some rest and see if you can book a scan in the morning, altho they may make you wait until 6wks as not sure they can tell much before then. Keeping everything crossed for you ((hugs))

cheesysmile Tue 01-Oct-13 23:05:09

Thanks for adding me Norah (smile)

Gilly guess 14 or 15dpo is two weeks ... or of course wispa could be right... (grin)

MAgirl75 Wed 02-Oct-13 02:47:29

I used the NHS site and it gave me all sorts of info. I was using a fertility monitor this time that I had a live hate relationship, but it seemed to work!

I went today to the psychologist at my fertility clinic today - she says my lack of interest in the pregnancy is good because it's my mind protecting itself after my miscarriages. I just am looking forward to 14 weeks and hope I get there with a baby in tow. Is anyone else having these feelings?

MAgirl75 Wed 02-Oct-13 02:48:35

Did I mention I miss wine already - it was my Friday night treat!

MissGarth Wed 02-Oct-13 05:41:29

Gimmetea, thinking of you. Hope you are OK.

GillyBillyWilly Wed 02-Oct-13 06:32:16

Wispa! shockblushsmilegrin
Twins! Haha!

There's no history of twins in either mine or DH's family so I doubt it.... Although that would be lovely! Scary but lovely! grin

GillyBillyWilly Wed 02-Oct-13 06:57:15

I'm right and my doctor is wrong!

My due date is definitely more like 9th June.... Not 3rd like she said!

My last period started on 27th aug but I didn't ovulate til 16th which was cd20!
The only time we dtd around ovulation was 15th.

Apparently if you know when you conceived, the conception date is counted as day 14 of your pregnancy. ... Even though I conceived on more like cd20 or 21.

Hence mine and my doctors dates are a week out! Despite the fact I TOLD her when I conceived and ovulated! grin

Guess I'll just have this conversation with the midwife when I see her!

Tea1Sugar Wed 02-Oct-13 07:02:18

Hi ladies I'm an April thread'er 10+6 today, but just thought I'd say congrats to you all! And yay Gilly!! grin

GillyBillyWilly Wed 02-Oct-13 07:16:32

Ahhh congrats tea smile nice to "see" you!!!!

Hope you're doing well! thanks
Early days for me... 4 weeks and 2 days!

Oh should I just say 4+2 then?!

TinyTear Wed 02-Oct-13 07:49:02

Gimmetea, hope the bleeding stopped overnight, x

4+2 is the official way Gilly wink

5+3 for me today grin

Tea1Sugar Wed 02-Oct-13 08:46:23

Yes thanks smile only symptoms I've had are giant knockers (up 2 cups!) and dreaded constipation. 12 week scan next week grin. Hope you're feeling ok!

GillyBillyWilly Wed 02-Oct-13 09:14:14

Really?! No other symptoms? That's good!
So no morning sickness? smile

LoudAndLarge Wed 02-Oct-13 10:04:12

Tinytear your 2 days different to me, it's really nice to be at the same stages as someone else. On the may club everyone seemed so far ahead of me.

TinyTear Wed 02-Oct-13 10:47:31

That is why I joined this club Loud!

Even if on a scan they change my date to end of May I shall stick here...

wispaxmas Wed 02-Oct-13 11:20:39

Gilly, I guess that does sound about right. I'm 3 June and I ov'd on the 11th.. but if your LMP was on the 27th, wouldn't that make you officially 5+1? Same as me in that regard!

Still a bit cold-y here, and my boobs are still splotchy, but not too bad, and they ache now.

gimmetea, how are you this morning?

And it looks like we'll have another June baby joining us soon from the Sept/Oct bus!

Mezzaluna Wed 02-Oct-13 11:25:09

Thank you for the warm welcome all smile

gimmetea fingers crossed everything is ok with you, hope it was just an early pregnancy bleed.

snowlet hope you are coping ok with the sickness!

No more symptoms this end really, can't believe how slowly the days are going though! Keep running to the loo constantly to check if I'm bleeding, think I need to force myself to relax a bit more. MAgirl I know what you mean re detachment - I get it too, just so terrfied of it going wrong again. Constantly alternating between being extatic that I'm actually finally pregnant again (took us forever to get a BFP this time, it's been really tough), and absolute panic that something is going wrong. Anyway - 5+1 today - today I'm pregnant, and I'm going to try to enjoy it!

Hope everyone else is feeling ok!

Karmalaa Wed 02-Oct-13 11:48:01

Wispa, I remember you from the 2WW thread, so glad you got your BFP!! I just got my BFP this morning! I want to laugh, cry and throw up all at once. I'm pretty sure i held my breath for 3 whole minutes whilst that 2nd pink line came into view.... not sure i've actually breathed out yet!!

gimmetea Wed 02-Oct-13 12:01:21

Yep, I'm out sad wishing all you lovely ladies happy and healthy bump growing. I'm honestly ok. What will be will be...

TinyTear Wed 02-Oct-13 12:12:39

Oh no gimmetea! Good luck for next time.
I have been in that position 3 times already... know what it's like... The Miscarriage Association forums are a good support.

Mezzaluna Wed 02-Oct-13 12:54:01

So sorry to hear that gimmetea! sad Take care, and fx the wait wont't be too long until next time.

GillyBillyWilly Wed 02-Oct-13 13:08:51

Wispa.... yes the doctor thinks I'm 5+1 but I've read that when you ovulate later they count the conception day as day 14 of the pregnancy .... No matter what the LMP was.

Which means they start my pregnancy from 2nd sept rather than 27th aug!

Meaning I'm only 4+2!

Oh I don't know! grin

lucyfluff Wed 02-Oct-13 13:18:31

Well hello there!!! Got my BFP this morning smile due date is 9th June according to NHS website, but my digi said 1-2 weeks so it will prob change! Could someone add me please?

Have read through a few pages to catch up on chat, well try to!!

I'm still having cramps and backache but had similar with previous pregnancy smile

GillyBillyWilly Wed 02-Oct-13 13:26:29

Hooray Lucy! smile

9th is my due date by my calculations and websites too although doctor says 3rd... But i know she's wrong!

wispaxmas Wed 02-Oct-13 13:59:31

Updated, and I changed you to the 9th, Gilly. Really really sorry, gimmetea. I hope you get a sticky bfp soon! thanks

And welcome, Karma! I remember seeing you over in the 2WW thread, too, I'm so glad you found your way to us and got a bfp, too. When's your EDD?

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wispaxmas Wed 02-Oct-13 14:00:07

Meant to say welcome to lucy, too grin

lucyfluff Wed 02-Oct-13 14:15:54

Thanks wispa!! Yeah eDD always changes with me and all three DS's have been late lol

bludgerwitch Wed 02-Oct-13 14:47:30

gimmetea I'm sorry it wasn't a sticky one this time, fingers crossed for the next try!

Welcome, lucy, the more the merrier!

I can't wait for my seasickness bands to arrive (and hope they work!) - haven't boked but feel queasy all the time. Oh, and it's between 2-3, naptime! Shame that I'm at work sad.

I feel like I have Schroedinger's Cat inside me, until the first scan I won't know wth is going on in there!

CleverOl10 Wed 02-Oct-13 15:07:43

I'm too scared to join this thread just yet - BFP this morning but don't actually believe it yet. Reading along and following the thead but might leave it a few days before I dare admit I'm actually joining hmm

wispaxmas Wed 02-Oct-13 15:41:07

Clever, I can understand, but I hope you join in a bit anyways smile

I feel completely the same, bludger! And hey, Gilly might even have TWO cats in here grin

TinyTear Wed 02-Oct-13 16:11:19

Bludger, that is a good one!

I might try it on with my husband later, but once I was trying to be clever and talking about the Schroedingers Nappy (what will be inside?) and he made a point telling me how I had got it wrong. hmpf...

Clever, good luck, hope you pop in soon!

GillyBillyWilly Wed 02-Oct-13 16:35:12

Hahaha I don't think I've got 2!
1 is fine!!grin

LondonSuperTrooper Wed 02-Oct-13 18:24:58

Hi, please can I join you? After 13 months TTC I've got my BFP!!! My due date is 8th June smile

Daisychain44 Wed 02-Oct-13 18:28:10

Congrats london 13 months was a long old slog, we were nearly as long, so glad all that might be behind us all - fingers crossed for us all!

TheMoonInJune Wed 02-Oct-13 18:29:13

Congratulations London!

LondonSuperTrooper Wed 02-Oct-13 18:34:29

Thanks ladies. I don't quite believe it just yet. I miscarried almost 2 years ago at 8 weeks and have just been diagnosed with secondary infertility. So this BFP is a major shock as we're considering IVF and donor eggs. So I need to make it past the 8 week mark so I can relax and start believing!!

wispaxmas Wed 02-Oct-13 18:42:15

Yay! Welcome, London, your EDD is my birthday, it's a fabulous day grin

Gilly, I'll stop teasing you about the high hcg levels wink But seriously, though, i wonder if any of us will end up with multiples?

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cheesysmile Wed 02-Oct-13 18:49:58

Gimmetea so sorry, hope ur ok flowers

Welcome all the newbies and congrats!

Lucy - yay!

Mezza, I know exactly what you mean abt checking for blood, im slightly nervous everytime I go to the loo. I keep thinking abt how I'll feel if I have another mc but then have to stop myself ... Ive been repeating to myself that im having a baby not a mc, is that nuts?

cheesysmile Wed 02-Oct-13 18:53:01

Gilly I think you're right abt ovulation being day 14, thats how im counting mine anyway. Makes me 4+4 today smile

Gingerandcocoa Wed 02-Oct-13 18:54:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wispaxmas Wed 02-Oct-13 19:04:14

Ginger, congratulations! Don't worry about doing more tests, I've done loads!

GillyBillyWilly Wed 02-Oct-13 19:08:42

Congrats London!!!! smilethanks

Gingerandcocoa Wed 02-Oct-13 19:20:35

(withdrew message as didn't want to come across too obsessive) :P

Thanks for the reply Wispax smile

lucyfluff Wed 02-Oct-13 19:20:49

Thanks cheesy smile smile

...and congrats to London, that sounds like a tough time you have had but what a lovely suprise grin grin

wheat32 Wed 02-Oct-13 19:31:22

Evening. Can I join in too please? I had an early miscarriage in August and somehow fell pregnant again in September. This will be number 2 for me I have a 2.8 Ds who weirdly announced the other night that he is going to have a little sister. Anyway fingers crossed for everyone oh and my due date I think is June 9th.

cheesysmile Wed 02-Oct-13 19:41:28

Welcome Wheat! smile

GillyBillyWilly Wed 02-Oct-13 19:45:58

Congrats wheat! smile
9th June! Same as me! thanks

wheat32 Wed 02-Oct-13 19:47:21

Thanks cheesysmile. No symptoms yet but didn't get any until 8 weeks with Ds and then I had dreaded morning sickness every time I brushed my teeth up until I'd given birth. confused

Karmalaa Wed 02-Oct-13 20:01:29

my EDD is around June 7th by my calculations. Couldn't reach the GP today, does anyone know if I have to call the GP or if I call the midwife directly? this is my first time!

GillyBillyWilly Wed 02-Oct-13 20:21:01

Hi karma it's my first time too smile
I just called the doctors surgery and told the receptionist my news and she booked me in to see the doctor. I have my first midwife appt in 8 weeks smile

lucyfluff Wed 02-Oct-13 20:22:03

Ahhhhhhh wheat, same Due date too! A few on the same day now smile

Karma - every gp is different but I would just make a normal doc apt, they may want to take info first then advise MW. I'm not going to contact the gp for a few weeks here, maybe when I'm 7/8.

wispaxmas Wed 02-Oct-13 20:51:42

The list is growing!

Loudandlarge 30 May
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TheMoonInJune 11 June
Mixology 13 June

Gingerandcocoa Wed 02-Oct-13 20:51:51

Lucy, how come you're waiting so long to see the GP??

I just assumed I had to book an appt straightaway.... I will be only 4 and a half weeks when I see the GP... I dont think I could wait any longer!! but is that too early??

Also, when do you pick a hospital?? There's a hospital I'd really love to give birth at, and wanted to "get in" as early as possible on their list.

wispaxmas Wed 02-Oct-13 20:53:52

And karma, it's my first, too. I called my GP surgery and they suggested making an appointment. It was ridiculously basic, though. He asked when my last period was, whether I was taking folic acid, if I knew what to avoid eating, etc. Then he said he would refer me to the midwives and they would be in touch with an appointment for booking in and a date for the scan.

Gingerandcocoa Wed 02-Oct-13 20:55:48

wispa did they ask you which hospital you wanted??

did they not do a blood test to check the hormone levels??? i thought they would, to check everything is going ok??

I obviously have no idea what to expect.... confused

wispaxmas Wed 02-Oct-13 20:58:36

Forgot to mention, apparently our local midwives are currently booked through to the end of October for appointments, so it makes sense to get into the system ASAP. I had to be referred by my GP for them to book me in, they wouldn't even consider me when I called them!

wispaxmas Wed 02-Oct-13 20:59:57

Annoyingly, they didn't ask me. But I looked at the various local hospitals. There doesn't seem to be much difference between Princess Royal and Queen Marys Sidcup, but apparently my local midwives work out of Queen Marys, so that's where I'm having my scan appt booked.

You can always change your mind mid pregnancy and switch to a different hospital.

wispaxmas Wed 02-Oct-13 21:00:48

And they did no tests at all. A positive HPT (even though the GP didn't see it) is enough to get a referral to the midwives.

Sorry for posting so many times!

bludgerwitch Wed 02-Oct-13 21:01:01

Mine didn't do a blood or urine check, didn't even tell me what not to eat - just asked for LMP and pregnacare (eep, that reminds me...).

He didn't give me an option about where to go, either, just referred me to the Ulster - since that's the hospital I'd chosen anyway I am ok with that but there was surprisingly little fuss or choice. Just waiting for the letter now.

lucyfluff Wed 02-Oct-13 21:06:55

Ginger - I'm waiting a few weeks because in our area the MW books in by 11 weeks and arranges scan for 12 weeks. The GP does initial due date/blood pressure/weight/meds ( I'm on migraine tabs so will try to cut these down). Then I will need bloods done by nurse, this will check iron levels, blood group etc for records. I'm prone to V low iron too oh joy so expecting tablets for that!!

They won't check hormone levels unless you have concerns, it's all a bit of a waiting game up until the first scan really!! When I had DS1 < whispers 11 years ago!> the MW did a heartbeat check, but now they don't even do that in my area sad

Also re hospital, it's your choice! I have moved since last pregnancy and still want the same hospital as last time!!!

wispaxmas Wed 02-Oct-13 21:09:27

Yeah.. I'm going to be moving back from Paris to I have no idea where. Hubby has been talking about going out as far as Tonbridge, which would mean the hospital in Tunbridge Wells would be best bet, but too early to plan for that, as we might be staying in our current neighborhood. Joy!

Gingerandcocoa Wed 02-Oct-13 21:18:29

Wispa I think you're quite local to me. My options would be lewisham or QE... But I'm hoping to be able to deliver in guy's which I've heard is really good!!

The Gp secretary just told me to book a double appt, I thought they'd do bloods to check its ok but knowing they trust the hpt makes me feel better smile))

Lucy I've got low iron levels too, but my stomach really doesn't agree with the tablets...

CarrotCakeMuffins Wed 02-Oct-13 21:59:49

Hello all

Tentatively sticking my head out of the sand to say I got a BFP this morning after being a few days late.

Tentative because I have had 3 early miscarriages in just over 2 years, the last one was December. I am also the wrong side of 40 so not much in my favour. However I do have a lovely DD already who is now 7.

I think my due date is 9th June. However I can't let myself think about this or plan ahead or get excited at the moment.

I will make an appointment to see my gp and get an early scan (probably 6-7 weeks) at the EPU. If this goes OK then I will be able to start to believe it might actually happen. Until then, my head stays firmly in the sand.

Wish me luck! And best wishes to all of you especially those who have been through mc before.

I probably won't post regularly at the moment due to being in denial...

GillyBillyWilly Wed 02-Oct-13 22:37:16

Ginger!!!!! Where do you live?! I will probably be going to lewisham... I live in hither green smile

GillyBillyWilly Wed 02-Oct-13 22:37:45

And welcome carrot smilethanks

Gingerandcocoa Wed 02-Oct-13 22:39:56

gilly very near indeed!!! I live around deptford at the moment!

Gingerandcocoa Wed 02-Oct-13 22:41:30

carrot I thought the same thing (although fortunately have not had any mcs - or pregnancies at all), but then got caught up in conversation!!

I too don't want to get hopes up too much but trying to trust in God that it will be ok!

AuntPittypat Wed 02-Oct-13 22:55:22

Bludger, are you in NI (mention of Ulster hospital)?There's a chance we might be moving there before my due date so, if all goes well, I might be asking you for advice on areas, hospitals etc!

My GP appt today went along exactly the same lines as yours, Wispa. I was in and out in less than 5mins and now just have to wait for a date from the hospital for the first midwife appt. The GP made my due date a day later than all the online calculators I've used - he said 8th June. I know it'll change again after the first scan though so am not getting too fixed on that date!

Welcome and congratulations to the newbies. Lovely to see so many people here now. Although very, very sad to have lost Gimmetea - am still thinking of her.

Snowlet Wed 02-Oct-13 23:16:57

Oh this thread moves fast, look at that beautiful list!

Gimmetea many of us (me included) have been there, it's almost impossible to say anything right, but I'm so so sorry for what you're going through xx

Wanted to weigh in on the twins talk... my best mate is due a week before me (!!!) and she had a super dark and strong BFP with a FRER at 13dpo, I'm convinced she's having twins! They run in her family too

wispa it's turned from insane thirst to crazy strong nausea, no ralphing though, definitely preferred it before! How are you feeling?

Congratulations to all the recent BFPs, October has been amazing so far.

ThreeFromDesire Thu 03-Oct-13 00:16:31

Argh! Such a speedy thread lol. I am so sorry gimmetea sad hope you are managing to take it easy x

I had my booking in the day before yesterday!! Bloods, height, the talk, weight blush. The whole shebang! And I got my first consultant appointment booked for next week!!! Plus my dating scan date for 11 weeks. Woo hoo. Feeling so real now I have green notes, eek!

exclamation overload

Been watching my lines get darker each day which feels comforting. I've also been prematurely browsing maternity wear and baby gear... Oopsie!

Snowlet Thu 03-Oct-13 00:28:06

Three are you having the pregnancy insomnia as well??

Wow you've already scheduled your dating scan? I have the first midwife appt on the 16th, dreading the blood taking as there's nothing on earth I hate worse than needles

I did an HPT today too, wondered if anyone else was still doing that! Pretty dark on FRER.... don't think I'll be happy til there's a 3+ on a CBD though, but I'm a way's off that

ThreeFromDesire Thu 03-Oct-13 00:53:24

Can't sleep at all lol.
Thirsty and bloated and can't shale this two week long cold. I'm so bloody happy though grin the mw will sort your dating scan when you see her on the 16th I imagine, I'm hoping to get an earlier one because I'm impatient though she said it would be most accurate then.

Might browse some baby names pretending like I haven't been doing that since waaaay before conception

12 weeks to Christmas, how and when does everyone plan on breaking the news to family? I'm thinking of getting a photoframe for each grandparent set and inserting a little note where pic should be saying 'photo to follow, June 2014' smile

LondonSuperTrooper Thu 03-Oct-13 04:40:30

Wow this thread moves quickly! I'm
Not sure that I'll be posting regularly till I get past the 8 week mark.
I went to see my GP for my booking in appt etc and she told me to come back when I'm 8-9 week pregnant! I told her that I'll be seeing her when I'm 6 weeks and not at 8-9weeks as that doesn't leave a lot of time for booking in my bloods and scan.... I know that contradicting myself but what if this little one is a keeper?

LondonSuperTrooper Thu 03-Oct-13 04:41:30

And unlike some if you I'm usually in bed by 9pm but I keep waking up at 2-3am with the inability to go back to sleep!!

LondonSuperTrooper Thu 03-Oct-13 04:42:36

And finally I'm sorry for any grammatical errors..... I blame it in the early hour.

Have a good day everyone x

GillyBillyWilly Thu 03-Oct-13 07:11:07

I've been waking up around 3.30-4am and really struggling to get back to sleep as well.
I wonder if it's just because as soon as I wake up I think OMG I'm pregnant! Then I just start thinking about everything! Pregnancy, baby... Everything!

GillyBillyWilly Thu 03-Oct-13 07:11:37

And then I just can not get back to sleep! grin

CleverOl10 Thu 03-Oct-13 07:20:52

I'm due 11 June. Another positive digital hpt this morning. Love seeing the word "pregnant" - so much better than squinting at a line!

Gingerandcocoa Thu 03-Oct-13 07:25:01

Gilly I was thinking the same. I've been waking up consistently at 5:45.... But I think it's just because of the excitement!!!

cheesysmile Thu 03-Oct-13 07:26:15

congrats clever, its good to see it spelt out isn't it?!

I keep waking up in the night to go to the loo, I go back to sleep after, but never used to do that.

wispaxmas Thu 03-Oct-13 08:03:15

Welcome CarrotCake!

Congrats on the digital bfp, clever!

Snowlet, no nausea here yet, crossing my fingers it doesn't arrive in full force at all... although, I suppose it would be a very concrete symptom to have.

I've noticed that my skin is really sensitive. Aside from the pink blotchy boobs, the other thing I've noticed is that I keep waking up in the night because the skin on my hips hurts. How weird is that?

GillyBillyWilly Thu 03-Oct-13 08:12:52

Yup ginger it's definitely excitement for me!

Snowlet Thu 03-Oct-13 08:20:25

Insomnia til 2:30 last night and already awake! Upside is, did lots of good research into co-sleeper beds and slings

Anyone else cramping on just one side (the right)? I even googled ectopics because I was freaked out but apparently your uterus can tilt slightly to the right and pain on just one side is common

Hi Carrot and welcome smile

Ginger and Gilly your theory about pregnancy insomnia is what I've been thinking too, it's not a symptom physically, we just can't shut down our brains!

lucyfluff Thu 03-Oct-13 08:27:34

Morning ladies (and welcome carrot congrats)!

Yeah those iron tablets are yuk ginger lol, is there anything the gp can prescribe for dodgy tum? I have to take that syrup stuff so I dont get really constipated but its quite yummy!!! Yes im wierd ;)

Im with you on the insomnia...its driving me crazy!!! Last night was 2.30pm sad

GillyBillyWilly Thu 03-Oct-13 09:26:52

Morning everyone smile

Does anyone here dye their hair?
I'm booked in for an appointment next Thursday as I'm being a bridesmaid for my friend next weekend... My hair is an absolute state right now... Roots and faded out weird looking highlights so it really does need to be done.

Is it ok to dye my hair still? I'm worried sad

Karmalaa Thu 03-Oct-13 09:31:44

morning ladies, i was hit with my first real nausea this morning! I was sure it was all in my head until my coffee tasted like nail-polish remover! (I used to be a 5 cups a day gal but dropped down to 1 cup per day whilts TTC) and my stomach did flips just looking at the soup i'd made for lunch today! Was a bit dissappointed as I took at clear blue digital (just to see that word pregnant) and the darn thing didn't work! No egg timer, nothing!

Daisychain44 Thu 03-Oct-13 09:45:13

snowlet I've got that but on the left hand side!? It feels like tugging or a very mild cramp and comes and goes... Hoping it's normal!
Have been saving my digital test for tmw morning - really want to see it spelled out and hoping it will say 2-3 weeks. I reckon I'm between 5 weeks ( traditional last period style counting) and 4 + 3 (going by +ve opk!)

Karmalaa Thu 03-Oct-13 09:49:47

snowlet and daisy I had a tugging feeling on and off yesterday. Glad to hear that others have it too as I was getting a bit worried.

GillyBillyWilly Thu 03-Oct-13 10:03:17

Daisy I have it in my left hand side too... Mostly during the night!

I think I'm 4+3 today as well smile

GillyBillyWilly Thu 03-Oct-13 10:06:17

I've got a day off work today however I'm going in now for a meeting at 11 with our occupational health lady ... Kind of a risk assessment and to discuss possible new working hours as my doctor wrote a certificate to say I should come off 12 hour day and night shifts...
I know its early days but the doctor said its more important in the first trimester to be getting rest and that I shouldn't be on shifts so... Happy days! I hate shift work!! grin

Snowlet Thu 03-Oct-13 10:33:53

Weird isn't it, the one side thing? What I read said either side is normal, but apparently it was somewhat more common for the uterus to shift to the right, how strange. Though the pulling/cramps could surely be caused by a myriad of things. I was thinking, it would seem more likely that the embryo would implant close to the side that it came from right? So does that factor in maybe?

I had a couple of worryingly sharp pains but then had (TMI) lots of wind so I think it was related to that. Hate being this paranoid!

Gilly I don't dye my hair, but I know my best mate stopped dying hers conventionally and started using henna (can be found at places like Lush) because of the chemicals. But I think it's a personal choice, there are probably people who would say it was fine

Snowlet Thu 03-Oct-13 10:36:55

Oh and Daisy I'm 4+2 today (I reckon) and my CBD said Pregnant 1-2 two days ago, was awesome to see that 'pregnant' though! took ages to come up!

Karma it's amazing how you can feel so happy to feel sick as a dog right??

bludgerwitch Thu 03-Oct-13 11:00:56

Gilly I loooove henna, I've weaned myself off, haven't dyed my hair since February but miss it. Some books say don't colour your hair, some say the chemicals are minimal and it'll be ok.

I think highlights are less of an issue than dyes.

But then advise is so varied, anyway. Three of my really good pregnancy books are German, and they are really strict about diet - no alcohol, no coffee, everything wholegrain or organic. But it's absolutely fine to take ibuprofen until week 30!

Just goes to show how different recommendations are, in Germany gas and air hasn't been used since the 70ies and epidural's are recommended instead.

LoudAndLarge Thu 03-Oct-13 11:23:31

Just been to my gp appointment. She was lovely. Took my blood pressure, gave me the flu jab and a bounty pack. I filled in the forms for free prescriptions and she said I will be contacted by a midwife and should see one within 2 weeks grin


Karmalaa Thu 03-Oct-13 11:29:01

eek! just called the doctor, first time i've actually said "I'm pregnant" outloud to a person. I'm not sure I even said it to my partner... I just waved the test at him and said "how many lines?!"

Anyhoo, lovely receptionsit lady said I just need to see the midwife and booked me in for the 14th. I'm super excited now!!!

snowlet I have never been so pleased to feel sick!!!

bludgerwitch Thu 03-Oct-13 11:36:42

Ladies, I have very mild spotting, what should I do? I'm stuck in the house with a dog with an eye injury, a phoneline that won't die out, a mobile that won't charge and I have to go to work from 1pm - 10pm.

What do I do? Just ignore it? Try and reach the GP? Not go into work?

bludgerwitch Thu 03-Oct-13 11:37:08

the phone won't dial out, sorry. It's been a nutty morning.

Snowlet Thu 03-Oct-13 11:43:03

bludger first take a breath and remember that it can be completely normal

Is it bright red? brownish? I think as long as it isn't a gush, you shouldn't have that much to worry about, but I know that doesn't stop you feeling horrible

I'm home right now, can I possibly ring someone for you? Or I could pretend it's me and see what the NHS says over the phone?

Snowlet Thu 03-Oct-13 11:46:00

Also bludger are you having any cramps or pelvic pain?

lucyfluff Thu 03-Oct-13 11:49:09

Bludger don't panic. What is the bleeding like? Have you any other pains?

I would try and get to a phone and call in sick to rest up.

bludgerwitch Thu 03-Oct-13 11:49:18

No, no cramps or anything, it's just there when I wipe after going to the loo, and very faint. That's why I think it is probably harmless and nothing to worry about, but, well.... how can I not worry?

I think it's fine Snowlet, thank you so much for the offer, I'm going to keep an eye on it and if i get pains or more bleeding I'll call the GP once I'm in work. I'll just make them put me somewhere where I won't have to rush about. It's just a bit hard to know what to do without overreacting!!!

Snowlet Thu 03-Oct-13 11:51:55

I completely understand, I'd feel that rush to the head too I'm sure!

From what NHS and babycentre says, if it's not accompanied by cramps/pelvic pain the likelihood of ectopic/mc is v.low, especially if it's just spotting when you wipe

Be kind to yourself and keep us updated! x

lucyfluff Thu 03-Oct-13 11:53:24

Well that's a good sign. Pop a pad in and deffo take it easy at work if you go in. I know it's scary and I hope everything's all ok smile

I've had experience of gush/brown bleeding...both were fine although I did panic. Try not to worry x

cheesysmile Thu 03-Oct-13 13:21:58

Try not to worry bludger and take it easy at work. Got my FX for you that its nothing.

So the midwife called me today and despite my dr saying I should have an early appt and early scan, midwife was having none of it, she said it wouldn't make any difference. Honestly be nice to have some consistency. So anyway I have an appt in 3wks time with a number to phone if anything happens in the meantime.

Has anyone else ever had a private scan? I wud just really like to see a heartbeat as soon as I can, altho expect dh will think im being obsessive.

Hi everyone, my goodness this thread moves so fast!
I'm going to have to start reading it twice a day just to keep up

Welcome to Lucy, London, wheat (clever if you've decided to make it official smile) and carrot.

Carrot I'm unfortunately a bit of a veteran, this is my 5th PG so I understand the self protection thing. It is hard as a bit of me wants to be so excited about being PG, but then another bit is trying hard to not engage just in case...

Lucy have you thought about trying spatone? always worked better for me than iron tablets and doesn't upset my tum.

Gillly- I asked the Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic about hair dye and they said it is absolutely not a risk factor, if that helps.

Bludger, hope your afternoon at work is going ok and you are able to take it easy, go home if it all gets too much for you.

I went to the docs yesterday, he agreed to give me the heparin without putting me in the system as pg yet, I will self refer to the MW later if thins go ok. Most of the questions were about how much psychological support I was getting, so possibly they worry I might go a bit mad with it all...but I thought it was kind of him to think about it. He didn't use the spinny thing so I don't know if the NHS will eventually change my date or not, but i'm still on 6th June for now.

TinyTear Thu 03-Oct-13 13:30:09

Wow you were busy.
Got a call and have the midwife appointment on the 22nd and the NT scan on 18th November which is my mum's birthday so could be a good sign.

It seems the GP didn't put in my request for an early scan so will call again Monday as today and tomorrow am on training at work.

cheesy- round my way you can self refer to the EPU if you are worried and they will scan you, although I don't know if this is the same everywhere?

I've no experience of private places but I can tell you that on the RMC threads a lot of people swear by this place for reassurance scans

lucyfluff Thu 03-Oct-13 14:28:58

Hi Norah, yes someone recommended spatone to me but I have never tried it. Im hoping iron isnt too bad at the moment and beiing really good with meat and spinach wink wink

cheesy - Ive never had a private scan but have had an internal epu scan at 6+3 and saw a heart beat...this was after bleeding and all ok.

Ive felt very nauseous this afternoon sad hope its not the start of sickness sad sad

PJen Thu 03-Oct-13 15:40:12

Hello ladies,
May I cautiously join? I have been reading your thread for couple days now and am worried if I join that I will be jinxing myself. This will be my second baby; although I have had 3 miscarriages. I am due June 1st, which means I will give birth in May as I have to do planned c-section and they usually do that 2 weeks before due date. So far not many symptoms but its not too late yet.
Hope you allow me to join your lovely group! I do hope that none of us go down with miscarriage. Nothing is more miserable than a miscarriage.

wheat32 Thu 03-Oct-13 15:43:39

Wow this thread is moving really fast

norah we're not telling anyone until we've had that all important 12 week scan (well except you lotwink) Ds just came out with it at the dinner table which made me cough up my Spag Bol. I wasn't planning on telling him until I have a massive bump and he asks!!! I think a lot of his friends at nursery have new siblings so I think he was just chatting as only a toddler knows how!

PJen Thu 03-Oct-13 15:45:42

Norah, this is my 5th pregnancy as well. I am on low molecular heparin as well and progesterone suppositories. I have APA syndrome and genetic factors causing blood clotting during pregnancy. Why are you on heparin.

Oh, I forgot to mention I am on the wrong side of 39 so I am high risk for multiple reasons. sad

Daisychain44 Thu 03-Oct-13 15:55:03

Ok, is this totally mental:
When I mc in February, the bleeding started during a pub lunch with 3 couple friends. I was 5.5 weeks.
Exact same group of friends have arranged pub lunch for this Sunday - I will be 5.5 weeks.
We have not all had lunch together in between. I have not been pregnant in between.
Am I nuts to be considering saying we can't come?

wispaxmas Thu 03-Oct-13 15:57:31

You've all been busy today! I'm swamped at work, but need a time out of photoshop for a bit.

Karma and snowlet, I thought I started to get a bit of nausea today, too, but it didn't really hit. It was just a slight queasiness on the way in to work. Sorry you've been struck by it, and I hope it eases of soon.

Daisy, I hope you get 2-3 on your digi, but don't worry if it's still 1-2 (I stupidly wasted another test today and got another 2-3, even though it was 2-3 last Sunday and thought for sure it would be 3+ this morning!)

bludger, I hope it's nothing. If you've got no cramps try not to worry. If you find that an impossible task, then it really can't hurt to call your GP or midwife!

cheesy (and Norah), I've hadn't thought about private scans before, and even though I've never had a mc I think I'm stressing out about the possibility a ridiculous amount because of my sister's experience, so might consider calling that clinic if I'm still worried by next week..

Tiny, I am SO jealous of the organisation of your GP and midwife to get you those dates so quickly. I hope you get an early scan lined up just as quickly!

And welcome PJen!

I probably missed off loads of things that have been going on, though blush

Daisychain44 Thu 03-Oct-13 15:58:33

Oh and welcome * PJen* sorry!!

GillyBillyWilly Thu 03-Oct-13 16:18:52

Daisy I probably wouldn't go to lunch either!!!!

GillyBillyWilly Thu 03-Oct-13 16:27:20

So I had my risk assessment in work and they said they would be taking me off shift work and nightshifts with immediate effect and going to be doing a 5 day week instead smile

Even though I'm only 4+3 they think its important I get sleep and rest and so does my doctor... And so do I! So I'm pleased with that!

Still don't know what to do about my hair appointment next week. Thinking I might just cancel it as I don't want to take any risks.... I don't knoooooow confused

wispaxmas Thu 03-Oct-13 16:36:28

Gilly, result! If I worked shifts I would be on that ASAP as well. Congrats on getting onto weekdays 9-5.

Daisy, I know it's silly, but I'd probably want to cancel the lunch, too. I would probably have to come up with a better reason than superstition, though, because H would think I was barmy.

GillyBillyWilly Thu 03-Oct-13 16:46:54

Yup I'm pretty happy with it and they basically said I can be flexi as well and do 8-4, 9-5, 10-6 or even 11-7 depending on how I feel etc.

10-6 is good as I will avoid rush hour train services which (as you know wispa) are an absolute nightmare especially south eastern trains from hither green to London bridge!

PJen Thu 03-Oct-13 17:07:44

Thanks to the girls who made me feel welcome! I have to warn you that I am a convicted chatter box!!!

Daisychain44, I wouldn't go! Too freaky!! Just say you feel too squeezy to master different smells in pub.
Gilly, that's awesome!

I said 10 mins ago that I don't have symptoms. Okay, i take it back. I have achy boobs, have been waking up between 3-5 AM every morning and then can't sleep, my nose picks up an odor form a kilometer away, and my boobs are already jumping out of my bra and are sore. I am only 5+4 today!!

I have an ultrasound booked for when I am 7 weeks. They gave me one because I have had so many miscarriages and they know I may go insane without one. I am thinking about pulling it ahead to 6 weeks as I am going mental.

GillyBillyWilly Thu 03-Oct-13 17:41:09

Welcome PJ!!!! smile

cheesysmile Thu 03-Oct-13 17:46:02

Thanks for the link Norah, unfortunately im nowhere near London sad Will get on google to see what's available round here.

Daisy id probably not want to go as well and try to put it off a wk or something but dh would think I was crazy!

Welcome PJen smile

Good result Gilly!

Snowlet Thu 03-Oct-13 18:03:27

Argh, okay, not complaining about nausea ever again, today it's gone away and now I feel worried that I feel fine!

This pregnancy lark is seriously enough to send ANY sane woman completely bonkers mental.

Welcome PJen and yay Gilly, result! x

cheesysmile Thu 03-Oct-13 18:25:00

Ah snow im sure its fine, probably comes and goes.

Just found somewhere in town that does an external scan from 7 wks for £59. I'm only 4+5 today so got 2 or 3 wks to wait anyway so will see how i feel nearer the time i think. Next step is to get 3+ on the digi next week anyway.

Hello! Can I join you? I am thousands of miles from home (on a work trip), got that feeling and POAS....faint (but definite) line. Oh my gosh - I am terrified! DC2....but even more terrified.

I haven't told DH. I told him about our first by skype......feels mean doing it twice!

cheesysmile Thu 03-Oct-13 18:36:49

Hi Nessie, welcome and congrats! flowers

wispaxmas Thu 03-Oct-13 18:47:42

Welcome, Nessie!

Ugh, I was so hungry after work today that when I popped into Tesco I ended up buying a krispy kreme at the kiosk. So not the healthy pregnancy diet! And I'm already hungry again blush

Updated list:

Loudandlarge 30 May
TinyTear 31 May/1 June
highlandfling10 1 June
PJen 1 June
bludgerwitch 2 June
Wispaxmas 3 June
Mezzaluna 3 June
MAgirl75 5 June
Norah Vanstone 6th June
cheesysmile 7 June
AuntPittyPay 7 June
Karmalaa 7 June
GillyWillyBilly 9 June
Daisychain44 9 June
lucyfluff 9 June
CarrotCakeMuffins 9 June
Snowlet 10 June
Threefromdesire, 10th June
TheMoonInJune 11 June
CleverOl10 11 June
Mixology 13 June

Did I miss anyone?

CleverOl10 Thu 03-Oct-13 18:49:23

Wow busy message day! Glad to hear others are having cramping on one side. Was just describing that to my DH.

Also I had my hair dyed last week when I was pregnant and didn't know it!

Thanks! I think my date is 13th June.

I felt so sick today - that is what prompted the test......Now I am just obsessing about all of things I have done over the past couple of weeks that I shouldn't have......alcohol, ibuprofen, etc etc.

Gingerandcocoa Thu 03-Oct-13 19:02:05

Hi Wispa, mine is 13th June. I'm a bit worried about getting on the list, particularly as the due date for my AF is tomorrow!!!

For those of you who got your BFP before your missed period, did you get nervous on the day your period was due to arrive??

IBelieveInEngels Thu 03-Oct-13 19:42:00

Can I jump on please ladies?

Got BFP Tuesday and Wednesday but very faint line. Waiting till weekend to do another test but pretty sure I'm pg as have been feeling nauseous all week.

According to my calculations I'm 4w+3days and due 9th June. This will be DC2.

Live in the Netherlands and am 32.

Was feeling nervous about jumping onto a bus this early but need to be able to spill to someone!

ThreeFromDesire Thu 03-Oct-13 19:54:20

Super nervous ginger but just tested twice daily and enjoyed watching the lines darken. Today is my official testing date and this evening I got a 2-3 on a cbdigi at 14dpo. I gave the other from the box to dp and asked him to hide it until next week lol.

Fab news about your shifts gilly! Fingers crossed for you being able to swing a 6week scan pjen.

GillyBillyWilly Thu 03-Oct-13 19:56:53

Hi ibelieve smile congrats thanks
I'm 4+3 and due on 9th June too! Actually 9th June seems to be a popular date so far!!

ThreeFromDesire Thu 03-Oct-13 19:57:03

Hey Engels smile welcome! Spill, spill, spill!

Has anyone else been feeling super bloated? I'm soooo starving but can't manage much before feeling full!

IBelieveInEngels Thu 03-Oct-13 20:04:56

I am super bloated this evening but that may be because I had 2 helpings of pasta grin

Hiddenbiscuits Thu 03-Oct-13 20:09:02

Hi ladies please can i join you? Beyond excited but cant tell anyone yet! Have been trying for over 2 years- only one fallopian tube, DH has poor swimmers and just started fertility investigations with a view to IVF, got offered a new job and then found out I'm pregnant naturally grin im convinced that just relaxing worked wonders... not sure how I'm going to tell work but will cross that bridge when i come to it.

Have had an ectopic before so having HCG blood test in the morning. The midwife says the level needs to have doubled from wednesday to know its in the correct place. I know i shouldn't be excited yet but cant help it gringrin

londoncitymum Thu 03-Oct-13 20:14:12

Hello, can I join please? BFP this morning after a dream that I was preggers last night. By my calculations I'm due on June 13th. Congratulations everyone! grin

Daisychain44 Thu 03-Oct-13 20:15:33

Congratulations i believe and hiddenbiscuits and welcome. These first few weeks are super nerve wracking for sure!

hiddenbiscuits am so pleased for you. I love hearing stories like that, it's amazing how many people say it finally happened just as they were about to give up! We had just agreed in Sept that we'd go to the fertility clinic in Nov if it hadn't happened....

Fingers crossed for us all for the next few weeks.

Hiddenbiscuits Thu 03-Oct-13 20:22:45

Thank you, its could be all over tomorrow depending on the blood results so just enjoying my last night of believing that in 9 months time i will have a healthy baby. I like hearing all about your symptoms, could you imagine if men had to carry babies insted??

lucyfluff Thu 03-Oct-13 20:45:08

Congrats hidden, London and IBelieve! June is shaping up to be a busy month ladies smile

That's good news about your job gilly, it's good to get a nights sleep especially the early weeks it's draining!!

I'm feeling bloated too, actually I look a few months preggers rather than weeks! Hope that settles down soon!

londoncitymum Thu 03-Oct-13 20:52:37

Thanks Fluff! Is anyone else feeling really overwhelmed and emotional - I've had bad PMT symptoms for the past two week and everything feels really surreal and a bit overwhelming!

lucyfluff Thu 03-Oct-13 20:58:57

Oh yes PMT queen here lol. I've been so grumpy with hubs....and I will admit now we haven't dtd for over a week!!!

GillyBillyWilly Thu 03-Oct-13 20:59:58

DH and I haven't dtd for 2 weeks! Lol grin
He was away for some of that time and I haven't really been up for it the rest of the time! Oopsy!!!!!

TinyTear Thu 03-Oct-13 21:10:46

What a waste. Cocktail making class with work (team bonding) and couldn't drink!!!

Welcome to all the newbies

IBelieveInEngels Thu 03-Oct-13 21:23:02

I had to tell my running partner this eve as we have been training for a 15k hill race and even though I want to keep exercising as long as I feel up to it, I can't train hard like we have been. She needs to keep going or she won't make it!

Holding off making a mw appt till I get a strong BFP this weekend. Here my booking in and scan appts will be at about 10weeks. Roll on November!

daisy we were just about to go back to fertility clinic ( after 18m ttc and a mc) when I got pg with DC1!

wispaxmas Thu 03-Oct-13 21:33:46

Welcome all the newbies, congrats on the BFPs smile

Loudandlarge 30 May
TinyTear 31 May/1 June
highlandfling10 1 June
PJen 1 June
bludgerwitch 2 June
Wispaxmas 3 June
Mezzaluna 3 June
MAgirl75 5 June
Norah Vanstone 6th June
cheesysmile 7 June
AuntPittyPay 7 June
Karmalaa 7 June
GillyWillyBilly 9 June
Daisychain44 9 June
lucyfluff 9 June
CarrotCakeMuffins 9 June
IBelieveinEngels 9 June
Snowlet 10 June
Threefromdesire, 10th June
TheMoonInJune 11 June
CleverOl10 11 June
Mixology 13 June
Gingerandcocoa 13 June
NessieMcFessie 13 June
Londoncitymum 13 June

wispaxmas Thu 03-Oct-13 21:35:55

(oops, i think i copied/pasted the wrong list, it was missing someone!)

Loudandlarge 30 May
TinyTear 31 May/1 June
highlandfling10 1 June
PJen 1 June
bludgerwitch 2 June
Wispaxmas 3 June
Mezzaluna 3 June
MAgirl75 5 June
Norah Vanstone 6th June
cheesysmile 7 June
AuntPittyPay 7 June
Karmalaa 7 June
LondonSuperTrooper 8 June
GillyWillyBilly 9 June
Daisychain44 9 June
lucyfluff 9 June
CarrotCakeMuffins 9 June
IBelieveinEngels 9 June
Snowlet 10 June
Threefromdesire, 10th June
TheMoonInJune 11 June
CleverOl10 11 June
Mixology 13 June
Gingerandcocoa 13 June
NessieMcFessie 13 June
Londoncitymum 13 June

MrsMLB Thu 03-Oct-13 21:51:45

Hi all! After a nasty miscarriage in July four days before my twelve week scan I got a bfp on Tuesday...trying not to get excited just yet but looking like due date is 6th June :-) Will be our first baby and I'm 36 in a couple of weeks.
Hope everyone is doing well and really hope we all have sticky beans! X

Gingerandcocoa Thu 03-Oct-13 21:54:02

Welcome MrsMBL! Sorry about your loss, it must have been heartbreaking.

But wonderful that you managed to get pregnant so quickly afterwards, definitely hoping for sticky ones smile

wispaxmas Thu 03-Oct-13 21:59:09

Welcome, mrsmlb, sorry I would add you to the list, but I'm on the iPad now and don't feel like getting out the laptop again. Feel free to add yourself, though grin. And congratulations!

TheMoonInJune Thu 03-Oct-13 22:09:37

Loudandlarge 30 May
TinyTear 31 May/1 June
highlandfling10 1 June
PJen 1 June
bludgerwitch 2 June
Wispaxmas 3 June
Mezzaluna 3 June
MAgirl75 5 June
Mrs MLB 6th June
Norah Vanstone 6th June
cheesysmile 7 June
AuntPittyPay 7 June
Karmalaa 7 June
LondonSuperTrooper 8 June
GillyWillyBilly 9 June
Daisychain44 9 June
lucyfluff 9 June
CarrotCakeMuffins 9 June
IBelieveinEngels 9 June
Snowlet 10 June
Threefromdesire, 10th June
TheMoonInJune 11 June
CleverOl10 11 June
Mixology 13 June
Gingerandcocoa 13 June
NessieMcFessie 13 June
Londoncitymum 13 June

Done! grin

I tested this morning, on a First Response (AF one day late!) and the pregnancy line appeared before the test line and was loads darker. Can't believe I'm pregnant!

Mums who have had babies already, when do you start wearing maternity clothes? smile

bludgerwitch Thu 03-Oct-13 22:36:13

Quick update before I fall into bed - got an early scan scheduled for next Tuesday, but the spotting has stopped so I am very probably fine. Better safe than sorry, though!

Snowlet Thu 03-Oct-13 22:38:04

Welcome the new BFPs! this is an exciting month....

Has anyone else checked around regarding having an early scan done privately? We are hesitant to use NHS resources to ask for an early scan because I'm not high risk, but at the same time, would love to hear that heartbeat (saddos)

Snowlet Thu 03-Oct-13 22:38:58

bludger so happy to hear that!!

Daisychain44 Thu 03-Oct-13 22:41:37

snowlet I checked today funnily enough. Seems to be £100 here in london and you can go from 7 weeks...

CleverOl10 Thu 03-Oct-13 22:41:53

I haven't even thought about phoning a midwife yet! Best do that I guess. Going to go straight to the midwife rather than via the doctor as it was a wasted appt last time - he just said "I'll book you in with the midwife".

wispaxmas Thu 03-Oct-13 22:50:47

You can do that, clever? Midwives here wouldn't book me in for an appointment unless I had a referral from the GP! Damn annoying, really. angry

CleverOl10 Thu 03-Oct-13 23:29:23

Oh never thought of that.

TinyTear Fri 04-Oct-13 06:41:18

Hello Moon, last time I needed maternity trousers from 14 weeks. This time I'm already so bloated not sure how long I'll last.

lucyfluff Fri 04-Oct-13 07:07:11

I've been bleeding sad we dtd and it started. Ive never had it this early so not sure I should wait and see or ring GP. No cramps or pain though...

GillyBillyWilly Fri 04-Oct-13 07:07:49

Morning all and welcome to all the new ladies... Congratulations smile

So I've had a exciting week of finding out I'm pregnant, visiting my doctor, a meeting with occupational health about my shift work and coming off nights.... ...So now what?!

Nothing happening now til 23rd oct which is my first midwife appointment! grin

What happens at the first midwife appt anyway? This is my first so I have no idea!

GillyBillyWilly Fri 04-Oct-13 07:09:13

Oh Lucy... brew
How much bleeding was there? A lot? Was it bright red or maybe more brownish? How do you feel?
Call the doctor. I'm sure everything is fine but you should call anyway and get checked over.

lucyfluff Fri 04-Oct-13 07:12:15

Sorry to post like that. I realised it was very insensitive esp those first timers. I'm feeling ok thanks gilly just a bit teary as it's bright red sad

Think I will call GP after school run x

cheesysmile Fri 04-Oct-13 07:16:40

Lucy don't apologise, I hope ur ok. Call the midwife and get yourself a scan booked. When I bleed at 5 wks before they told me to wait a wk coz they couldn't scan before 6 wks, but might be different in different areas. You bleed last time and it was ok didn't you so FX this is just what ur body does and all is ok. ((hugs))

cheesysmile Fri 04-Oct-13 07:19:48

Welcome to all the newbies!

Bludger glad things looking better for you, good luck for ur scan.

Snowlet I found a place that does an early external scan for £59, think like Daisy said its £100 in a hospital but doesn't seem my local hospital does it.

Snowlet Fri 04-Oct-13 07:28:30

Thanks Cheesy and Daisy, so it's basically just investigating what's in your area, not sure we're going to go that route, it's basically just impatience!

Lucy keep us updated, hopefully it's nothing, makes me want to lay off DTD for a couple weeks though, I was already worried about it

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 04-Oct-13 07:28:58

Welcome to the newbies.

Lucy I hope that everything is OK. I bled when I was pregnant with my DS quite early on until around 28 weeks. And he's a healthy 6 year old.

Biscuits, I'm having my 2nd set of HCG blood test today as well! Not till the afternoon though.

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 04-Oct-13 07:30:37

Lucy, forgot to say that you should be given a scan.....but not till you are 6 weeks or so. I'd there aid wife that you can ring? GP are utterly useless. Let us know how you get on x

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 04-Oct-13 07:31:23

Meant to say midwife not aid wife!!!!

Daisychain44 Fri 04-Oct-13 07:32:44

What?? I just did my digital test ( hoping to see 2-3 weeks) and it says NOT PREGNANT. WTF?
Had a horrible dream about bleeding last night and it all being over but no actual blood in sight this morning....
I don't know what to do....

IBelieveInEngels Fri 04-Oct-13 07:34:00

Fx lucy.

moon I can't remember so will have to look back through photos/mn! I lost weight in the first trimester though as I was really nauseous between 6 and 12 weeks. Not vomiting but the smell of herbs and spices made me feel sick so everthing we ate was very boring for 6 weeks!.

GillyBillyWilly Fri 04-Oct-13 07:35:00

Oh no daisy!!!! brewthanks
Ummm I'm not sure what you should do either.. Did you do a digital before and get a positive??????

IBelieveInEngels Fri 04-Oct-13 07:38:04

X-post with a million people.

Daisy do you have another test? It's either that or wait ( I'm waiting to take another test tomorrow as my lines this week were very faint). <hugs> we're here to hold your hand.

MrsMLB Fri 04-Oct-13 07:39:55

Thanks for the welcomes, appreciated!
Daisy, perhaps do another, could be a dodgey test...fx for you x

Morning everyone,

Lucy, don't apologise! How are you now? I hope the GP can give you some reassurance....no cramping is good & you felt v nauseous yesterday afternoon, so good symptoms there. fx for you.

Welcome to the new ladies nessie, hidden, London IBelieve and MrsMBL ... I think we've got 2 london's now!

daisy What did you decide to do about the lunch? I probably wouldn't go as it would get me worked up and i've learnt I have to cut down on anything my head can play on or else I'll end up going bonkers,

bludger, glad bleeding has stopped

For those who don't know about booking in; some parts of the country operate a self referral system to midwives, some you need a gp to refer you instead. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to which areas do which, the system seems to be you make a gp appointment only to be told there was no need, or you try and made a midwife appointment only to be told you can't, your gp has to do it confused

MrsMBL hello my fellow 6th Juner wink I was getting very envious of the 9th June crowd before you came along smile

PJen I'm on Heparin as the Post Mortem of my late loss found the baby died of ischeamia, so they suspect a blood clotting issue, but can't find it. My tests come back OK, they think it is a blood clotting factor that hasn't been identified yet....so the Heparin is there in case...

Just thinking out loud here, don't want to offend anyone at all, but wondering if we should maybe have a second june bus for those of us with RMC issues to obsess about everything discuss some things in more detail that might not be very appropriate on here. Not to leave this thread, but to have somewhere to talk about some of those specific things? The reason I ask is that on a previous bus before I MC one of the first timers did say that it made it difficult for her to want to post as she felt there was so much scary stuff, and following on from what Lucy said about apologising for freaking out first timers, I wonder if that might be an idea? Again, really don't mean to cause any upset to anyone by suggesting it.

TinyTear Fri 04-Oct-13 08:18:52

I would join a RMC June bus, yes...

Welcome to the newbies

Sorry for the ones bleeding, hope it's nothing and you get an early scan with good news...

Gilly, at the first midwive appointment they will fill out a massive form with your history and take bloods and go through the plan of action.

TinyTear Fri 04-Oct-13 08:21:03

BTW, not sure if it's allowed to mention it, but I am in a secret FB group for June people (stemming from the babycentre website) that I cad add people to... Anyone who wants adding pm me your email address and I can try and add you... it's less anonymous, of course...

I want to join in more here, but sometimes it gets a wee bit confusing and in FB you can have different conversation threads (so the RMC ones could talk without the others reading and getting scared)

wispaxmas Fri 04-Oct-13 08:24:17

Daisy, what kind of test did you get your bfp on? Try another of that brand and see if you still get a line.. I've got everything crossed for you in the meantime!

Lucy, I hope it's nothing!

And nothing for me this morning, still obsessively doing hpts. I've almost run out of ICs now, but I've still got some CBD tests to use. I don't know why I'm so anxious. I know a lot of you have reason to be based on experience, but I don't, so why am I freaking out so much??

CarrotCakeMuffins Fri 04-Oct-13 08:37:29

Yes to a RMC June bus from me too. There is so much I don't want to say on here, as I don't want to worry or upset people.
Although, apparently I have just been unlucky so far (tests have not shown up any problems).
Time will tell this time...
Best wishes to all.

GillyBillyWilly Fri 04-Oct-13 09:06:42

Haha wispa I'm the same.... Very excited and happy but also anxious and worried with no real reason to be.
I think hearing about other people's previous problems/miscarriages etc DOES probably worry me and make me more anxious to be honest!

I'm also testing every other day or so still!grin

Going to pop round to my neighbours house in a bit for lunch and she is a midwife so might ask her lots of questions!
Then going shopping as I need to buy a wedding gift for my friends wedding next week!

GillyBillyWilly Fri 04-Oct-13 09:21:51

Really want a clearblue to say 3+ !!!
Actually doing one right now.... grin

GillyBillyWilly Fri 04-Oct-13 09:24:07

Still says 2-3 !

Ok not gonna do another one for maybe 3-5 days or so.... Then hopefully it will say 3+ smile

lucyfluff Fri 04-Oct-13 09:26:41

Well the GP said dtd will not cause a MC so have txt DH as he's so upset. I have to keep an eye on things over the next few days and do a preg test next Friday to see what that says. If still positive they will scan at six weeks to have a look.

I would like a RMC thread too if anyone is doing it, and want to say again sorry for my post (I don't want anyone feeling scared from it). I'm crossing fingers and toes it's all ok and I will pop back on here in a week to let you all know smile


GillyBillyWilly Fri 04-Oct-13 09:32:40

That's good Lucy smile
Keep us updated... I'm sure everything will be absolutely fine!

LondonSuperTrooper Fri 04-Oct-13 09:38:18

Best of luck Lucy. Hope it's a sticky x

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Fri 04-Oct-13 09:55:24

Hi LondonSuperTrooper - so pleased to see your name pop up on the antenatal club board!! So excited for you and wishing you (and all the other June bus passengers) a healthy, happy 40 weeks x

I'm now 39+4 and getting nervous (and very big!)

<p.s. I promise I'm not stalking you and I'll head swiftly back to the October bus>

That's good, Lucy. You could make them do rising HCG bloods over 48 hours on say next mon and wed if you want to be sure things are going ok?

Gilly and Wispa...I can't help feeling we have missed a trick here and we should have bulk bought a massive number of PG test sticks and shared the cost considering the number we are going through smile

OK, after reading the posts I'm going to set up a RMC June Bus and I'll pop the link for it on here when I've done so.

Tinytear thanks for the offer but I'll probably avoid FB for now. I'm very paranoid about privacy at the moment as me and DH have decided not to tell anyone for as long as possible labour as it is just easier for us that way.

June RMC bus here

I am sorry to ask...what is RMC?

Sorry, recurrent miscarriage.

Hopefully you will never need to know anything about it Nessie smile

IBelieveInEngels Fri 04-Oct-13 10:14:55

Posting about mc fears and issues doesn't bother me on the board, though understand why it does some and why some would rather post their worries on rmc board.

Does this mean now I have to keep up with 2 threads? grin

Will stay here but pop in on the rmc board from time to time. But the rmc ladies aren't going to abandon us are they?!

Day off today but have to go into work this afternoon and jump around like a loon (leading drama workshops). Not sure how long I'll be able to keep it up!

wispaxmas Fri 04-Oct-13 10:15:13

Gilly, I've had 2-3 twice on CBDs, too. I did one yesterday stupidly. Waste of money. I am actually going to wait until Sunday to do another one because that will be a week since I first saw 2-3 and if it's not 3+ I might cry. Again, irrational and stupid.

Gingerandcocoa Fri 04-Oct-13 11:10:54

Ladies can you enlighten me please, at what dpo would you normally get 2-3 weeks on CBD and what dpo would you get 3+?

GillyBillyWilly Fri 04-Oct-13 12:11:46

Ginger I got 2-3 weeks at 13dpo!

I'm definitely right with my dates because I was charting and using OPKs .... PLUS DH and I only dtd twice pretty much the whole of that cycle because he was away on business a lot and I was doing weird shifts when he was around! Passing ships in the night! grin

Must have high hcg levels already maybe??! But I suppose 2-3 at 13 DPO is almost right!

GillyBillyWilly Fri 04-Oct-13 12:12:54

Haha wispa Sunday will be a week since I got 2-3 week on a clearblue as well. .... I might wait til Monday or Tuesday to test again!

wispaxmas Fri 04-Oct-13 12:26:07

ginger, I had 1-2 at 12dpo, 2-3 at both 18dpo and 22dpo hmm

And I'm sure about dates as well, as my FF chart was super easy to read. (see? This is probably why I'm worrying. I know hcg levels rise at a different rate for different people, and doubling every 72 hours is fine, but i think I'm worrying my levels aren't high enough, and with no previous history of mc I doubt anyone would do a blood test to check levels.

Snowlet Fri 04-Oct-13 12:31:32

I had 1-2 on a CBD on about 15dpo if that helps at all? Going to test and try to get 3+ but not for a few days

Does anyone have any experience with 'ThisIsMy' - the private pregnancy scan place.... I can get a 'reassurance scan' for £80 here in Leeds it appears

wispaxmas Fri 04-Oct-13 14:17:59

Alright, due to my obsessive nature, I've decided to 'do the math' and match up hcg levels to the CBD thresholds.

If I got 1-2 (hCG levels 25-200) at 12dpo and 2-3 (hCG levels 200-2000) at both 18 and 22dpo, it follows that:

-Given a doubling rate of every 2 days, my hCG could have been between 25 and 50 at 12po, between 200 and 400 at 18dpo, and between 800 and 1600 at 22dpo. If my hCG levels double every 48 hours I should expect to see 3+ at the latest at 25dpo (Sunday).

-Given a doubling rate of every 3 days, hCG would have had to have been at least 50 at 12dpo, resulting in levels of >200 at 18dpo and >500 at 22dpo. If my hcg levels double every 72 hours I should expect to see 3+ at the latest at 28dpo (Wednesday).

All of this is dependent on a consistent concentration of urine, though, and rigid consistency in regulation of hormones.. which isn't really going to happen in real life.

TinyTear Fri 04-Oct-13 15:12:16

wow talk about being efficient wispa!

GillyBillyWilly Fri 04-Oct-13 15:41:04

Wispa you just blew my mind! grin

Mixology Fri 04-Oct-13 16:43:29

Thank you for that Wispa! I just had my first 2-3 last night and am pretty pleased with myself! Roll on 3+ !

aGnotherGnu Fri 04-Oct-13 16:47:50

<nervously sticking nose into thread>
Bfp today, hasn't sunk in yet and haven't told DH, he will be pleased though.

snowlet I used Thisismy with my first 2 children, used to live in Leeds. I found them to be great. I had scans there at about 8 weeks with both, and with DS1 I had the nuchal there as it was before Leeds NHS offered it.

Very professional, their kit is top of the range and the sonographer very highly qualified.

carrie105 Fri 04-Oct-13 17:29:18

Hi all,

Could I please join as well.

Had my BFP a few weeks ago. Have tested 4 times since, had my 1-2 and on Wednesday my 2-3 on clearblue!

Been to GP and have been given an EDD of 3rd June.. Its would be our first baby.

Now waiting to see if I have been accepted in my first choice hospital. Live about 15 steps from the 'border'!

Been worrying myself about my lack of symptoms as I have noticed some others have. Have been tired and have had some mild cramping, and that's it so far and I'm 5+3.

CleverOl10 Fri 04-Oct-13 17:33:16

I'd like to thank whoever set up the separate mc thread. Didn't think I was that bothered about reading the stories til I stopped and really thought about it. Last pg for me was straight forward and I never thought about mc. This one I've been more clued up and reading everything on here and I realised I keep saying to dh don't get your hopes up, early days yet etc. I think it is important for me to stay positive. It is nice to know there are supportive people on here if something goes wrong though. Hope that makes sense!

bludgerwitch Fri 04-Oct-13 17:39:24

Clever I feel the same way - I wouldn't want anyone to feel as if they can't share their worries here or feel excluded, but at the same time it might be good for people to have a place where they don't have to worry about posting all the details.

I've had my first incidents of proper retching today, of course that happened just before the class I had this morning arrived. Corralling 31 P4s with morning sickness, bah!

CleverOl10 Fri 04-Oct-13 17:53:00

Ha oh no! Been there! Not at that stage yet but am worrying a bit about hiding it at school. Not from the kids as they are all boys and didn't even notice my bump last time! But think colleagues will suspect soon.

TheMoonInJune Fri 04-Oct-13 18:03:42

Are you a teacher too, bludgerwitch?

I'm so glad it's Friday - am EXHAUSTED.

wispaxmas Fri 04-Oct-13 18:20:02

I felt the dreaded nausea this afternoon for the first time. Not serious, but definitely there.

Further to my crazy maths problem earlier this afternoon, I've been able to deduce that I am more likely to have hCG doubling every 48 hours or quicker, because there's no way the level was 50 at 12dpo, as the IC gave a v v faint line, and my FR was ridiculously faint as well. When means I should have 3+ by Sunday. Now I can really relax about it for a couple days.

I had my leaving do at work this afternoon. Delicious cake, followed by nausea. mmm. I no longer work for the National Trust sad. Au revoir Chartwell, bonjour Paris!

List updated again!

Loudandlarge 30 May
TinyTear 31 May/1 June
highlandfling10 1 June
PJen 1 June
bludgerwitch 2 June
Wispaxmas 3 June
Mezzaluna 3 June
carrie105 3 June
MAgirl75 5 June
Mrs MLB 6th June
Norah Vanstone 6th June
cheesysmile 7 June
AuntPittyPay 7 June
Karmalaa 7 June
LondonSuperTrooper 8 June
GillyWillyBilly 9 June
Daisychain44 9 June
lucyfluff 9 June
CarrotCakeMuffins 9 June
IBelieveinEngels 9 June
Snowlet 10 June
Threefromdesire, 10th June
TheMoonInJune 11 June
CleverOl10 11 June
Mixology 13 June
Gingerandcocoa 13 June
NessieMcFessie 13 June
Londoncitymum 13 June

IBelieveInEngels Fri 04-Oct-13 18:25:11

Teacher here as well. Secondary English and Drama. My school is a proper baby fest - 3 pregnant colleagues right now, 3 male colleagues' wives/partners have had babies in the last 2 weeks. It's tough when you're ttc and not having much luck (I know of 2 colleagues who are trying atm). I had some blatant stomach staring from colleagues and students about a month ago so I know everyone's expecting it. Won't be easy to hide!

IBelieveInEngels Fri 04-Oct-13 18:26:22

Oh, and retested this afternoon and saw a stronger line so feeling good!

MrsMLB Fri 04-Oct-13 18:27:32

Norah...great to have a due date twin :-)
Although....my lp was 30th august which when I put in online gives me 6th june but when I gave midwife 30th august she said edd 4th june!? X

Snowlet Fri 04-Oct-13 18:39:43

Welcome Gnu and thank you for the info about Thisismy, think I'm deffo going to book in there for a 7 or week scan! congrats on your BFP!

Also welcome carrie and congratulations as well smile

Welcome Gnu and Carrie

Wispa you are doing a great job with the date list, thanks!

MrsMLB I think mine might officially get changed later too but for now I'm the 6th!

Engles I'm not going to leave this thread, but might post more gloomy ramblings on that one instead.

bludgerwitch Fri 04-Oct-13 18:56:11

I used to teach at uni, different type of kids there grin - I'm a librarian nowadays!

TinyTear Fri 04-Oct-13 19:15:07

welcome everyone!

so, has anyone's sense of smell gone on overdrive... i seem to be so sensitive to smells now, the BO on the tube eurgh! and one colleague at work had really bad breath today...

wispaxmas Fri 04-Oct-13 19:22:15

So many teacher and education people in here. I am (until Sunday) the education officer at a major national trust property, and I'm also a casual learning facilitator at a major London museum. Soon to be lady of leisure, of course. Paris in T minus six days!

AuntPittypat Fri 04-Oct-13 19:28:59

Yay, I got my 3+ weeks today! Still no nausea or other noticeable symptoms although my DD accidentally elbowed me in the chest today and it definitely hurt more than I expected!

Lucy, I can see why you're worrying but everything I've ever read always says that some bleeding is totally normal in early pregnancy. And there are lots of stories on here of people bleeding and everything being absolutely fine.

TheMoonInJune Fri 04-Oct-13 20:17:28

my fingers seem to hurt, if I only knock them slightly against something! Is this normal?

I am a secondary English teacher and head of department. My HT is going to cry when I tell him I'm not going to be seeing the year out!

CleverOl10 Fri 04-Oct-13 20:45:59

Wow it is clearly the place for people in education. Secondary History teacher here!

I'm not impressed - just had my absolute fav chinese food and it didn't taste right sad nooooo!!!

Squiglettsmummy2bx Sat 05-Oct-13 03:50:04

Can I climb aboard? Very faint bfp thurs afternoon, bit stronger yesterday & a very much there line just now so I think it's safe to say I'm pregnant grin due date 12/6/2014
Excited but for various reasons I will be keeping this quiet for a long while yet. Already tired & suffering from insomnia confused

Gingerandcocoa Sat 05-Oct-13 06:46:08

Welcome squiglett!!! Congratulations on your BFP!

A few of us suffering from insomnia, though we can seem to decide if its true insomnia or just sheer excitement smile

TinyTear Sat 05-Oct-13 06:50:59

Good morning. Yawn.someone decided to wake up. At least it was 15 minutes after the alarm so I can say I had a lie in

Plans for today?

I'm volunteering at my local parkrun as I'm not going to run for a while.

Gingerandcocoa Sat 05-Oct-13 07:06:13

Morning Tiny!

I'm going out for a celebratory lunch (finished a professional exam yesterday after months of studying!). We are going to a steak place so will have to make mine is medium-well... grin

On an also positive note I did a FR HPT this morning and the line was super strong, came up even before the control line!!!

Snowlet Sat 05-Oct-13 07:33:38

Welcome squiglett!! sounds pretty safe to me smile

YES to the sense of smell Tiny - last night my DP came to bed and I told him he smelled of toothpaste and beer, and he said "I only had half a pint three hours ago!" but I could tell....

and Clever you're right, so not impressed with the taste issues, I have the same breakfast everyday and lately it tastes of cardboard and burnt things, really unpleasant!

Super sore boobs past three days but my nausea has gone, at least for now.... going to test CBD in four days time and hope for a 3+.... 1st midwife appt on the 16th

Daisychain44 Sat 05-Oct-13 07:56:01

Morning ladies, please could you remove me from the list? I must have had a chemical preg / early miscarriage (?) as my positive tests have all gone negative now. Still no bleeding yet but it will come.

Wishing you all an uneventful 9 months with some beautiful bouncing babies at the end of it. I'm crossing my fingers for a 2014 baby by hook or by crook.

TinyTear Sat 05-Oct-13 08:05:25

So sorry Daisy. Good luck for 2014

wispaxmas Sat 05-Oct-13 08:08:47

So sorry, Daisy, but hopefully you'll be back in an antenatal club this side of Christmas! thanks

wispaxmas Sat 05-Oct-13 08:10:08

And welcome squiglet, I would add you to the list, but on iPad, but you're welcome to do it yourself, or else I'll do it when I'm home from work today.

IBelieveInEngels Sat 05-Oct-13 08:16:40

So sorry daisy

IBelieveInEngels Sat 05-Oct-13 08:18:46

Hi squiglet

Errand and housework day here, depending on how ds is (he slept in our bed last night with temp of 40.5 )

lucyfluff Sat 05-Oct-13 08:21:18

Hi ladies, congrats to the new bfps grin grin

Sorry your out daisy, I have been reaearching chemical preg like mad and its very common isnt it. Mine is still not looking hopeful, as bleeding is pretty heavy now. DH is staying so positive its hard. Will retest next week to confirm anyway.

hope everyone else is ok and I will pop in and catch up soon x

IBelieveInEngels Sat 05-Oct-13 08:21:42

Going to wait a week before registering with midwife...they ask you to do it between 6 and 8 weeks here.

So sorry Daisy, if it helps I started bleeding on the 5th day after my tests went negative so it might take a few days. I know 2 ladies who got PG the month after a chemical, so FX it happens for you like that thanks

welcome squiglet.

I'm spending my day cleaning the house before 3 dogs arrive I'm looking after for ten days.....not sure what the logic is in cleaning first since it is going to look like a disaster area by tomorrow. I have very sore boobs today which I take as a good sign.

Liquidambar Sat 05-Oct-13 09:09:22

good morning ladies. Jumping from the October bus straight here. Very faint line with FRER and pregnant 1-2 weeks with cb this morning. I'm happy but terrified. In the past Af showed up a couple of days later, so I'm trying to control my expectations.

Squiglettsmummy2bx Sat 05-Oct-13 09:15:09

So sorry Daisy, wishing you all the best x
Thank you wispa, I am on my phone so would be grateful if you Canadarm when you get the chance.
I'm breastfeeding a toddler & my boobs are getting very sensitiveconfused but I will persevere. He is such a boobie monster that I have no choice in the matter anyway, lol.
I kept looking at the test during the night thinking wow grin such a special time. I get sick as a dog but I love being pregnant all the same.

Squiglettsmummy2bx Sat 05-Oct-13 09:16:43

So sorry Lucy, hugs to you x
& wispa that was can add me rather than whatever bizarre thing my phone changed it to?!?

Karmalaa Sat 05-Oct-13 09:17:49

morning ladies! how are we all feeling?

tannyLoo72 Sat 05-Oct-13 09:30:34

Helloo everyone. Room for another one?
I'm 41, 2 DSs, 2 stepkids (would that be 2DSKs?), 2 MCs in the last year and am now 4+3 with edd 10 June. Oh and I'm getting married in a week! Sick as a pig, and hoping I don't bloat out of my wedding dress!

catslicer Sat 05-Oct-13 09:36:03

Hi, I am totally clueless first timer and if the test from yesterday is not fibbing then I am expecting a June baby as well. Although I knew something was up but thought it was house move stress. What is this digi thingy that tells you weeks?? i just used a test that gave a positive/negative... also everyone is using acronyms and I do not understand them (feeling sheepish)

carrie105 Sat 05-Oct-13 09:40:06

So sorry Daisy. Wishing you loads of luck to be back on the antenatal boards really soon.

Snowlet. I have exactly the same problem with the smell of alcohol. My DH came home from work last night, and I said ugh you stink of alcohol. He had only been out for a quick pint after work - just one! And, I bumped into a neighbour walking home Wednesday night, I had to pretend I was in a hurry as he absolutely stank of alcohol to me, I'm guessing that was more than one pint as we weren't standing that close!

GillyBillyWilly Sat 05-Oct-13 09:46:14

So sorry daisy. Good luck for the future. thanks
Lucy I hope its not over for you x

Squiglettsmummy2bx Sat 05-Oct-13 09:52:51

I feel really really hot. Anyone else ? Could happily go lay outside naked in the fresh air right now but I think my neighbours would have something to say wink

Gingerandcocoa Sat 05-Oct-13 10:11:07

Really sorry daisy thanks

TheMoonInJune Sat 05-Oct-13 10:19:32

Daisy flowers

Tanny - wow, slightly busy life then!

I'm still feeling completely normal apart from an increasing urge to pee, how normal is feeling normal!?

I am so tired. Couldn't drop off last night.

TinyTear Sat 05-Oct-13 10:22:17

Squiglett, the opposite for me. I feel really cold.

CleverOl10 Sat 05-Oct-13 10:34:19

I'm getting the hot thing too. Also exhausted despite doing very little!

wispaxmas Sat 05-Oct-13 11:43:27

I'm in the woods at Chartwell.. I had to go put out bits for our trail this weekend, but just a short walk in the woods has me out of breath?! Queue taking a break on a bench and coming on mn on the iPad when I really should be getting back to the office.

Squiglet, I'll add you this evening unless someone gets there first. Might as well wait, actually, as there might be more joining us soon, hopefully.

I've decided to pop into the GP on Monday as my boob rash is still there. Not sure what he will be able to do, but maybe a steroid cream would help. I don't want a boob rash for 9 months!

Lucy, hope it's not the end thanks

tannyLoo72 Sat 05-Oct-13 12:08:49

Having fun this morning cleaning the house. Every time I stand up I get really dizzy and my hands and feet go heavy! Have to say it's not an unpleasant experience!
Cream crackered now though. Time for a sit down, oatcake and nice cup of tea. grin

PJen Sat 05-Oct-13 12:13:07

Hello ladies
Daisy my heart goes out to you!! I have had multiple chemical pregnancies and they are painful.

Yes, I do have extreme sense of smell and sore boobs. No nausea yet. Today I entered the sixth week if the baby is still there. I am on progesterone so if god forbid things go wrong, I wouldn't know till ultrasound.

LondonSuperTrooper Sat 05-Oct-13 13:55:08

Daisy I am so sorry that you are going through this.

Lucy I hope that all is well with you.

I've had my HCG tests and it's not looking good. Although my HCG level did go up in the intervening 48hrs, they are far too low. The midwife kept asking me if I'm sure of my dates which of course I was. So not really sure whether I'm actually pregnant or not..... My HCG levels are those of 15 dpo but I'm 22 dpo sad

Anyway, a big hello to the newcomers & to everyone else.

GillyBillyWilly Sat 05-Oct-13 14:49:59

Where go people get hcg tests? I went to my doctor and wasn't offered one.... Not seeing my midwife til 23rd....

GillyBillyWilly Sat 05-Oct-13 14:50:39

Sorry to hear that London.... Have you done any clearblue digi tests? What do they say?

GillyBillyWilly Sat 05-Oct-13 16:29:21

I've run out of HPTs!!!!
Had to fix my desire so peed on a clearblue digi ovulation test instead! Smiley face and the darkest second line I've ever seen on an OPK... So I'm happy with that smile

(Apparently OPKs pick up hcg as well as LH surge?)

Squiglettsmummy2bx Sat 05-Oct-13 16:50:55

Sooooooo tired. Went for a long walk with my dad, his dog & my toddler & I need my bed now. I don't know what possessed me! shock

LondonSuperTrooper Sat 05-Oct-13 17:09:29

Thanks Gilly I'm too scared to do the digital test as it should come up with 3+ and I'll know that I'll freak out if came up with anything less!

I've bought some super drug pregnancy tests so I'll be doing that tomorrow with FMU.

Does anyone know how long the HCG hormone remain in your body if you are miscarrying?

LondonSuperTrooper Sat 05-Oct-13 17:10:06

So sorry, I should've posted that question in the other thread!

bludgerwitch Sat 05-Oct-13 17:32:00

Sorry, Daisy and Lucy, hope to see you on a future ante-natal thread!

Was working all day, forgot to eat enough, now I feel blah but too knackered to cook. Oh well, ten minutes feet up then we'll see.

I got the letter for my appointment today!!! Just as I'd hoped and by very lucky coincidence it is on my birthday, which means I get to take a half day at work and hopefully see a pic of bebe at the same time! We're going away for a romantic weekend the day after and I couldn't have enjoyed it if I'd had the appointment the week after.

I'll be 8 weeks then so I should see a wee heartbeat.

LondonSuperTrooper Sat 05-Oct-13 17:33:31

Thanks for checking up on Bridget. I've sent you a pm xxx

LondonSuperTrooper Sat 05-Oct-13 17:33:57

Meant to say thanks for checking up on me - duh!!

GillyBillyWilly Sat 05-Oct-13 17:47:08

Where do you live bludger? That's quite early to have a scan isn't it?? Or is it? I don't know to be honest.. This is my first and I'm clueless!
Wondering because I'm hoping for an early one too! To settle the nerves!!!!!!

When I saw my doctor this week she arranged a midwife appt for me on 23rd when I will be 7+2 (although the doctor believes I will be 8+1 at that point... But she's wrong and I'm definitely right! grin)

She then said "you will also receive a letter to confirm your first scan around the same time"

Now in hindsight I can't work out whether she meant I will get a letter SOON to conform a scan which will be around the same time as my midwife appt... Or whether she meant around the same time as my appt I will also get a letter (meaning the scan will be later...!?) lol... Confused!

Just want to know when I will have a scan!!! grin

bludgerwitch Sat 05-Oct-13 17:54:05

Gilly The letter says I will probably have a scan at that point, the whole thing is supposed to take two hours - I'm not sure they'll see much on the early scan they booked me in for next week, as since I'll only be 6+1.

I'll be 8+3 on the booking day BUT my LMP was 12th of August so they might assume I'm 10+3 - similar situation to you!

tannyLoo72 Sat 05-Oct-13 17:59:03

Hi Gilly, here in Somerset (and most places I think) we get a dating scan at 12 wks with anomaly scan at 20 wks. They can offer an earlier scan if you are higher risk, ie previous MCs, bleeding, etc. at about 8 wks.
Personally, I'm getting down on my knees to beg for an early scan! grin

GillyBillyWilly Sat 05-Oct-13 18:03:28

So do they normally do a scan at the booking appt? I'm confused! grin

GillyBillyWilly Sat 05-Oct-13 18:04:25

I want a scan! grin

wispaxmas Sat 05-Oct-13 18:46:40

My GP said the booking in appt would be with the local midwives, but the scan would be at queen Mary's hospital in sidcup. I'm anxious that I still haven't heard from the midwives and I go to Paris on Thursday! I was really hoping they would have a chance to see me before I go, but likely no dice.

tannyLoo72 Sat 05-Oct-13 20:18:38

Gilly, I will have a booking in with community midwives around 7 weeks and if I don't beg hard enough for an early scan, the RUH, my local big hospital, will send through a dating scan date for 12 weeks. I will have a neucal test too, not sure if this is because of my advanced years...

Time really does stand still!

LondonSuperTrooper Sat 05-Oct-13 20:20:09

Gilly, the booking in appointment is with the midwives where they take medical history, blood pressure and blood tests. It should last around 1hr.

The 12 week scan is carried out at the hospital.

I hope that this helps.

bludgerwitch Sat 05-Oct-13 20:23:56

My appointment lasts about 2 hrs, and is with a Dr. at the local maternity outpatient ward of the hospital.

GillyBillyWilly Sat 05-Oct-13 20:24:52

Ah ok that's exactly what I thought would happen! smile
2.5 weeks til my booking in appt then... Counting down the days! Then it should only be a few more weeks til 12 week scan.

Hi, may I join? Just got my BFP today!! Due date is 14th June which will be DD's 2nd birthday.. my body obviously enjoys getting pg around this time of year as we have been ttc since Jan smile

So exciting!!

SicknSpan Sat 05-Oct-13 23:32:08

Hello all. I have just found out I am pregnant with our third baby (eek!) very very unexpectedly- had copper coil. Apparently they can a) wear out b) fall out, and c) you need to get them checked out every year to make sure they are in the right place. I knew none of this! But now the initial shock has worn off, we are so excited and I can't wait to tell our two sons the news when I am a bit further along. They are 5 and nearly 9 and have been on at dh and I for aaaages for a baby. Or a puppy. They weren't that bothered which.

Had Hyperemesis with both of them so am hovering nervously around the HG support thread, no sign of any sickness yet which is good as it started in week 5 with both of them, and at 5 + 4 now I don't even feel queasy yet which is a revelation to me!

Hope everyone is feeling fine and staying positive. Only real symptom here is a case of gigantanork and boy are they tender. Went for a run earlier in the week and ouch! xx

SicknSpan Sat 05-Oct-13 23:36:33

PS I love the list, can you add me please for 4th June? Sure it will change but that's what I think it should be (based on my very shoddy data, not really remembering when my last period was let alone when it starter)

Squiglettsmummy2bx Sun 06-Oct-13 02:35:35

I feel sick confused

LondonSuperTrooper Sun 06-Oct-13 06:58:42

Squid - sorry to hear that but it must be great to have a pregnancy symptom? I've no symptoms whatsoever sad

I just POAS and it I saw the a big bold +ve smile Getting very paranoid as my blood results weren't the best.

Hi to the newbies.

GillyBillyWilly Sun 06-Oct-13 07:29:20

Morning London ! smile
Glad you got a nice big positive! What's the next steps for you then based on your bloods? What has the doctor said?

I'll be sailinginto week 6 tomorrow and still haven't really had any symptoms except for sore boobs on and off! Oh and feeling more tired earlier in the evenings... Been falling asleep quite early!

TinyTear Sun 06-Oct-13 07:33:42

6w today!

LondonSuperTrooper Sun 06-Oct-13 07:35:09

Morning Gilly smile

They've booked me in for a scan on 18 October. I should be 7+2 by then. I wish it was sooner but the midwife said absolutely not.

I didn't have any symptoms when I was pregnant with DS until I was 6 weeks pregnant. Your symptoms are looking positive. Will this be your first child?