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October 2013 - Anyone remember a time when we weren't pregnant?

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roxvox Sat 21-Sep-13 22:51:53

Stats sheet

SC - still cooking (pre EDD)
SFW - still f***ing waiting (post EDD)
OWT - on way to theatre (CS)
IP - induction in progress
SWIL - somewhere in labour
LIT -lost in transition

roxvox Sat 21-Sep-13 22:53:27

Thanks to shirehobbit for the title!

Tarlia Sat 21-Sep-13 23:00:41

Checking in, but should be sleeping! Thanks for the thread [cuppa]

Tarlia Sat 21-Sep-13 23:01:32

* brew rather. I knew it was some slang!

Shirehobbit Sat 21-Sep-13 23:02:46

Thanks roxvox

With apologies for the title to those who are no longer pregnant. But you have newborn snuggles, which more than compensates wink

HeffalumpTheFlump Sat 21-Sep-13 23:03:30

Checking in! Sc at 36+6, possibly got a uti. Going to see how it is in the morning but I fear I may need antibiotics sad thanks for the new thread.

HotSoupDumpling Sat 21-Sep-13 23:07:22

Checking in. Thanks ladies for your sympathy re ridiculous info-sharing DP. He has since apologised after getting the grouchy treatment. I just felt a little bit like a grandchild-womb-hire and they were assessing me like a farm animal!

cherrycherry41 Sat 21-Sep-13 23:09:22

Checking in!

Wonder who will have babies on this thread?! grin

GTbaby Sat 21-Sep-13 23:10:17

Please let my baby arrive on this thread. Pls pls pls

Shirehobbit Sat 21-Sep-13 23:11:07

I recognise that feeling - hotsoup
And sorry (again) but somehow I got a 1001st post on the last thread blush

GTbaby Sat 21-Sep-13 23:11:20

And naught shire for stealing soups ending. Lol.
Better luck this time soup.

Off to catch up on last thread.

notsoold Sat 21-Sep-13 23:20:56

Can I join the Facebook group as well, please???

Worked for hours painting our iron gate and feel awful now!!!
SC at 35

As the oldest ( gulp) here may I dare to say it might not be our last??? Will decide after birth but we wanted to have 4 dcs altogether and lo will be number 3!!! My oldest (dd ) would vom if she knew !!! The thought of her parents dtd smile

claphammama Sat 21-Sep-13 23:22:01

no time to catch up but checking in! good night everyone x

char1eston Sat 21-Sep-13 23:22:21

Bugger! Just did a massive post on the old thread and it's lost. Will have to repost in the morning.
Night all - hope to not be chatting to you at 4am!

notsoold Sat 21-Sep-13 23:22:33

Sorry not it.... I meant he!!!!
And anybody is older than me 42 please please come forward Because it is lonely being ancient!!!smile

char1eston Sat 21-Sep-13 23:24:07

Pm me your name notsoold and I'll see I I can fine you on fb

HotSoupDumpling Sat 21-Sep-13 23:29:17

Shire, just saw the last message on the old thread and laughed my head off! I'll have to try again next time...

notsoold Sat 21-Sep-13 23:36:09

Char1 I just pm you with my details.... Thank you smile

textbook Sat 21-Sep-13 23:41:56

Checking in - cheers rox grin

SC @ 38+1, 2 full days left until I meet my baby. Looking forward to status change to OWT Tuesday morning... can't believe I was so worried about reduced movement after steroid - I feel godawful but she is more active than ever!!

Yay to more facebook joiners - do introduce yourselves on there so we can put faces to nicknames smile

Flyer747 Sat 21-Sep-13 23:56:36

Checking in and off for zzzz's

Nellysgirl Sun 22-Sep-13 00:01:44

Hi everyone! Nice to see a shiny new thread.
Yay for the new squishy babies and congratulations to their mummy's!
SC @ 38+3, more pains yesterday and a sweep. However it's now officially my birthday so there may be a chance baby nelly might share it with me? Wishful thinking but I do hope so.
Hope everyone is ok and hoping for more arrivals on this thread xxx

chickieno1 Sun 22-Sep-13 00:21:03

Happy birthday nelly! Dh arrived on his mothers birthday smile fingers crossed for you

SC at 36+3

Nesting here in full swing, even dh and ds are helping smile

textbook so exciting you'll be meeting your little one very soon!

tarlia boo wind was so bad. I can't really remember that bit. Will check out new pics

Oddlife Sun 22-Sep-13 00:22:39

Happy Birthday NellysGirl - hope you get that special pressy today.

notsoold if it makes you feel better I am 48 (well remembered some of you on the thread before) and having my first baby... Pregnancy has been ok - suffered from odd stuff mainly, eg CT and plantar fasciitis, insomnia and this week I have been blessed with piles!!!!! But overall I feel lucky nothing major to worry about. Although dont think i could have managed ft work or other DC as well) So you are def not so old.

Tarlia thanks for heads up on wind factor - going to add peppermint tea to my list of essentials.

textbook so close now to your big day, wishing you best of luck and can't wait to hear how it all goes.

How do we join FB? can someone point me in right direction please?

Checking in

Fx crossed for you nellys xxx

PseudoBadger Sun 22-Sep-13 01:25:02


KarmaBiatch Sun 22-Sep-13 01:35:44

Happy Birthday Nelly hope you have an amazing day even if your little one doesn't arrive today, but i'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

here's my wee moan.. got out of the car after buying some yummy treats, and almost didn't make it to the front door without keeling over with stabby pains under my bump.. thought it was the start of labour! thankfully I made it indoors and subsequently demolished the treats with a worried DH looking on! no more pains after that, hurrah! Still got 4 (long) weeks of baking to do smile

legallyblond Sun 22-Sep-13 02:54:51

Feeding, so checking in... Again excuse typos as tandem feeding!

Lovely to hear from you Tarlia. We were warned that at least one of the twins might well need to go to NICU and DH was under strict instructions to follow! We were lucky that the steroids did their job and it wasn't needed, but still I didn't get any skin to skin until I was in recovery about an blur and a half post birth. In theatre the babies were mostly being checked over by the million neo natal pead drs there....

So so glad your DS 2 is back with you... It sounds like bf will be fine! The latch is the main thing as your milk production will automatically happen now the placenta is out....

And for the wind, send DH straight out for peppermint oil capsules.... Miraculous!

legallyblond Sun 22-Sep-13 02:56:30

A "blur" and a half...?! About right, but meant an hour and a half!

Wickedgirl Sun 22-Sep-13 03:15:53

Happy birthday nelly. I hope you get lots of lovely pressies

Nellysgirl Sun 22-Sep-13 04:11:47

Hey thanks everyone!
Like the sound of devouring snacks - might try that later wink
Wiiiiiiide awake with sciatica and finished my book so bouncing on ball waiting for it to pass. Any other night owls around? Xx

Wills slept from one till six fed for 20 mins and is sound again on my chest all snuggled up, still can't get over her smile

Nellys ment to say happy birthday!!

Legally amazing to hear you and the twins doing so well! When does milk come in? Never got any will ds so have no idea and my boobs are still very soft she has only manage one or two sucks and not strong ones does that mean it won't happen?? Was hoping when I got some in she may. Take some!

Still getting very sore after pains sad all worth it though smile

Glad not to many insomniac last night (((hugs))) to all suffering xxxxx

cuillereasoupe Sun 22-Sep-13 07:13:57

36 weeks today! Hurrah! now DP will stop panicking every time I set foot outside the house (bless him).

Sanjifair Sun 22-Sep-13 07:18:30

Glad that the twins and willow are doing well, hope your pains ease soon tarlia and that you get feeding established.

37 weeks today, full term! Whoop whoop!

JethroTull Sun 22-Sep-13 07:19:41

Marking my lurking place. SC at 38+6 but will be finally meeting our baby tomorrow via c-section gringringrin so excited.

Congrats to everyone having newborn cuddles! Legally I'm in awe of you managing two bundles of joy!

JellyCurls Sun 22-Sep-13 07:21:25

SC at 38+6

Happy birthday Nelly, hope you get your special birthday present soon.

Task for today is to re-pack hospital bag but first I need to remember what should be in it. Second job for the day is to move hospital bag out of reach of DS

Pinkforboys Sun 22-Sep-13 07:24:34

Morning Check In. SC 36+2.

Lovely to hear about the newborn cuddles- v envious!

Happy Birthday Nelly have a wonderful day xx

jethro you must be so excited! I wonder how ruby got on yesterday?!

legallyblond Sun 22-Sep-13 07:30:03

Happy birthday Nelly!

Wowsers.... Good luck for tomorrow Jethro!!!!

Falcon - have you tried hand expressing colostrum into a syringe (you just squeeze and collect the drops in your nipple in a little syringe)? That sometimes gives them the taste for it then they get sucking! Milk should come in on day 3-5, but the more she sucks now, the sooner it will come in. Also try tickling behind her ear as she sucks and dabbing her with a damp cotton wool ball to stop he'd doing two sucks then falling asleep!

MrsHN - I've posted on your bf thread!

JellyCurls Sun 22-Sep-13 07:33:44

Just reading my daily update from phone App, apparently we should now be working squats into our excercise routine as squatting helps labour progress once started. If I squatted now I doubt I would get back up and is everyone else doing a regular exercise routine?

MrsHoratioNelson Sun 22-Sep-13 07:48:24

Thanks Legally, I wondered if you might. Glad it's been preserved - I have a feeling it might come in handy over the next few weeks!

Sanjifair Sun 22-Sep-13 07:51:28

jellycurls I am still going out for brisk walks, but that is about it. Occasionally remember the pelvic floor exercises but not as much as I should. When I load the washing machine I do squats to get up and down, it's hard work and I can't imagine squatting for long if in labour, too uncomfortable!

Pinkforboys Sun 22-Sep-13 07:57:48

jelly you've reminded me of a q I had- does sitting on the ball thing help strengthen thigh muscles like squatting?

sanji thanks for the pf reminder [squeeze..2...3...and release!]

legallyblond Sun 22-Sep-13 07:57:54

Oh and Falcon, main thing for getting milk in is offering the breast LOTS (ie wake her up every two to three hours - this is really important in early days - not so much in first 24 hours or so, more now from day 2/3) to get feeding and supply going and lots of skin to skin.

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 08:10:51

Excellent to hear the twins and willow are all doing do well :-) does V still need her top ups legally? I'm so jelous!

Dh has let me have another lie in bless him :-)

Good luck text and jethro with meeting your shiny new bundles of joy this week :-) I'm not jelous at all x

JellyCurls Sun 22-Sep-13 08:13:36

Legally - if you dont mind me asking, is your DD ok with you feeding the twins? I am concerned that DS might start playing up when I am trying to get feeding established. He already chooses to wee the floor if he is on time out.

ananikifo Sun 22-Sep-13 08:42:15

Happy birthday, Nelly!

Off to NCT again! I found DH reading the booklet from the natal hypnotherapy cd this morning. The difference in him is amazing. I feel awful about how scared he was up till now.

chickieno1 Sun 22-Sep-13 08:49:21

Good luck tomorrow jethro

stantonherzlinger Sun 22-Sep-13 08:53:19

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Not sure that a "little bit of romance" with the hubby this morning was worth the cramping I'm now getting! He has a big smile on his face though wink

PseudoBadger Sun 22-Sep-13 09:11:07

Oh no DS can now open all the doors in the house. Bloody growth spurts! Nowhere is safe and gone are the relaxing times on the sofa knowing exactly where he is sad

HotSoupDumpling Sun 22-Sep-13 09:11:21

three - hah!

Good luck Jethro! Happy birthday Nelly cake, fingers crossed baby comes soon!

SC here, and hoping it stays that way until elcs!

Shirehobbit Sun 22-Sep-13 09:11:26

Spam for breakfast, anyone?

roofio87 Sun 22-Sep-13 09:32:04

morning all. checking in. glad to hear our first babies are doing well!! sc here 38+2. I've found this pg really easy (im 26) until I hit week 37 and have been thoroughly miserable. very unlike me so think its mainly hormones. just want my baby to hurry up and arrive now so badly!!

xuntitledx Sun 22-Sep-13 09:49:47

Permission to moan?

I just went my baby to be here!!

I've tried everything; raspberry leaf, hot food, birthing ball, long walks, lots of sex and nothing is working sad

I'm also sick of people saying to me 'you can't rush, baby will arrive when THEY'RE ready and not a minute before...' Ugh!! Shut up!!!


Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 09:49:56

Dd just brought me an apple to eat, I said no thank you darling I'm alright at the moment and she said 'you need to eat an apple to get your baby out mummy'

Induction by apple.... Can't blame her for trying lol

thanks untitled

Aww how sweet Nat!

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 10:00:05

Morning all...felt dog rough all last night, achy joints like a 90 year old and shooting pains in my Foof,I have period type pains this morning.

I've not felt the baby move all evening, last night or this morning.

Tried drinking cold water lying down etc, just had my b'fast and still zilch. I used my Doppler at 7am as I was concerned and heard a hb, how long do you think I should leave it before calling the maternity assessment unit?

Give them a ring now flyer.

I think people have been advised to have a cold drink and lay down for two hours but you have done that. No point sitting at home worrying, go and get reassured.

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 10:02:30

I would say now too flyer u should be feeling regular movements at our stage of pregnancy

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 10:03:13

Thanks I will call them now....x

littleducks Sun 22-Sep-13 10:04:48

SC at 37 +1 here. officially allowed home birth now, but to be honest couldn't care less about how and where just want the baby out.

so excited to hear about babies, can't quite believe we made it this far.

can't scroll back to post individual replies but am posting noe or I will miss the thread at the speed they go!

does anyone else go to bed each night hoping to be woken by contractions?

littleducks Sun 22-Sep-13 10:06:57

Flyer- call them now. probably just baby being quiet prior to labour or changed position but needs checking out on a monitor definately

Oddlife Sun 22-Sep-13 10:17:11

Please go Flyer the worst that can happen is you have to spend the morning at the Clinic, but you will feel so much better knowing all is ok. So far very MW I have talked to al said they would rather we went in and all ok than stayed at home.

Oddlife Sun 22-Sep-13 10:17:50

Oops every MW

doobeedee Sun 22-Sep-13 10:23:29

Hi all,

I'm still cooking. EDD 30 Sept by scan but 4 Oct by my dates (I know when I ovulated) one if my colleagues had her baby the other day and has used our name. Grr! Just waiting for the announcement from the other one who was induced yesterday and hoping she hasn't used it too! Went for a long walk yesterday and had some period style pains last night but nothing since. Can someone please explain how to join the FB group? I've asked 3 times but assume as the thread goes so fast it's been missed every time!

pinkbuttons Sun 22-Sep-13 10:24:52

Hope all is ok flyer and yoive jad chance to call. Definitely worth getting checked even just for reassurance. hope your feeling better soon.

Happy Birthday nelly ! heres hoping its enough of an incentive for baby to be born today grin

Good Luck tomorrow jethro
and hope all is ok with ruby

SC here at 38+1 and have gone from being desperate to get baby out to being ok if ahe waits another week. In laws are coming to visit next weekend and am hoping they might have DS so I can arrange a meal for just me and DH. would be lovely to get out together before this baby is born. No doubt any plan making at this stage will encourage baby to make an appearance sooner than later. also I got a lie in this morning, no way thats going to happen when there are 2 to contend with smile Saying that if any on my horrible aches and pains coke back this week I am very prepared to get back on operation get baby out...

pseudo how are you feeling today?

So lovely to hear how well it went with baby meeting DS tarlia your picture made me well up. Hope your recovering well and pain is better today x

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 10:25:27

doobeeded inbox me your real name and a description of your display picture and I will add u as a friend then I can add u to the group x

Shirehobbit Sun 22-Sep-13 10:30:46

Hope you get some reassurance soon, Flyer x

Sorry you're so frustrated, untitled - you've been on maternity leave for a while too, haven't you? It must feel like a loooong wait.

SC @ 37 weeks today (is the 13th the busiest due date?!) and I'm quite glad of the distraction of the inspection at school, tbh. Should get me to 38 weeks with me hardly noticing, I hope!
Though I did have a bonkers dream that the October Bus was being inspected last night; I had to get together all of our maternity notes for them to look at (the fact this would involve days of travelling and a passport seemed unimportant!) and we gained a poster who would only write in Chinese. Also we had an evil version of a Mary Poppins-type character who was meant to be looking after all the babies.
I need a sleep to recover from my sleep!

Haylebop12 Sun 22-Sep-13 10:33:52

I think the 13th is a very busy date shire it's my date too.

HotSoupDumpling Sun 22-Sep-13 10:37:06

Flyer - hope you went in. They really don't treat it as trivial (and they told me off for not going in earlier!). Also, the earlier you go in, the faster the triage queue might be.

doobeedee Sun 22-Sep-13 10:43:45

Thanks Natalie. I've sent you a message.

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 10:44:51

Guess who's just woken up as I was getting ready to go to the assessment unit! Sods law, called and they told me to go down. Now lying down counting movements whilst mumsnetting! If they are reduced today I will defo pop down this afternoon/ early evening, hoping it was just having a quiet spell.

Glad it's moving again flyer but do go if you are not happy it is back to normal

MrsO27 Sun 22-Sep-13 10:55:10

Hope everything is ok flyer

Been doing some reading on turning breech babies so this morning spent a few minutes playing some music on my phone between my legs, as they say babies may move towards the sound. Tried some classic pop - Pray by Take That. Didn't work and felt a bit daft but might try some other musical genres over the next few days. Maybe lo is more into Beethoven than Barlow.

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 11:00:34

I'm also another one due on the 13tj October

Just spent over an hour catching up after only being away for one day!

Happy birthday Nelly! cake

Clapham I hope you're feeling better, I cried on Friday when I went to surprise DP by getting him from work but he had decided to go to the pub. Silly me. Extra tears because the petrol was low. He came and sat with me and patted me on my head hmm

Flyer I have downloaded the "chilled r&b collection" on the iPad. More baby making music than anything else I think! Hope the midwives don't make judgements based in music choice!

Nat hope you're in less pain. You're my due date buddy, I want to evict now I think- although I can't see anything happening for weeks! Hope you hold out till your MW is back. Wish I had a special midwife envy
Your DD's apple idea was v sweet, maybe that's what you've missed out untitled, hope things get moving for you.

Tarlia glad you have baby Tarlia back and hope the wind disperses soon- sounds like agony.

Falcon and Legally you must be so happy having babies snuggled up at home, I keep looking in the Moses basket as if something or someone is going to appear in there!

Heffa are you feeling any better today?

Orange if it gets to the point where you think your rings need to come off, maybe ask DH to remove them and to put them back on again for you after baby is born? Might make you feel ok about taking them off...

Flyer glad baby is moving again, hope he keeps it up (special brew drunks are never wrong wink )

Shire your dream made me grin I hope your inspection goes well this week!

MrsO I have visions if you squatting over a speaker!!

DP has been to the gym and come back. I am still in the same position with the iPad blush smile wishing you all a relaxing Sunday flowers

doobeedee Sun 22-Sep-13 11:07:02

I have a FB question. If I add a photo to the group, will it show up elsewhere on Facebook or is everything in the group totally secret?

AnythingNotEverything Sun 22-Sep-13 11:07:29

Just checking in. SC @ 36+5. Feeling enormous, tingly hands, wedding rings off hmm

Glad to hear LO has woken up flyer - they do like to give us a scare.

Not sure who else has done NCT this weekend (Ana? Orange maybe?) but we did day one yesterday. Really interesting and a lovely bunch. Quite empowering to hear how optional the majority of interventions are, obviously emergencies excluded. Definitely feel more able to take change of my own care, and DP got a lot out of it too.

Fx for safe arrival of babies soon for us all.

Yes it was me anything. Glad yours was useful too.
Doobeedoo it wont show up anywhere else on Facebook so post away!

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 11:12:55

Doobee If you add a pic on the October 2013 group it won't go onto your normal Facebook profile or news feed what your friends see.

Feminist I like your music choice, off to check out the chilled RnB, I like a bit of RnB.

char1eston Sun 22-Sep-13 11:16:14

I'm on the computer now (doesn't happen very often), so if anyone would like me to add you to the FB group, can do so.

GTbaby Sun 22-Sep-13 11:23:03

Good morning ladies.

SC here hmm getting fed up as looking after LO is getting so hard with this giant bump. Annoying as I still have to feed him his bottle on my lap! And bump is making this awkward. He won't take his bottle himself. Lazy like his dad

Waiting for LO to fall asleep ATM. So I can get on with house work lol or I may just sit an peel garlic. Sounds better actually. I stock pile and then freeze.


FALCON best advice I can give is keep trying and call a breast feeding support group. Through my research I have read stories of ladies who never "feel" their milk come through, but they do have it. I 2nd legally's advice and say try to express. But there will be a support group locally, find it and get DH to drive you. Or call NCT/LLL help lines. They may have local advisors who will come over. Or do you get a 3rd day MW visit? You can ask them to help you.

Sparkeleigh Sun 22-Sep-13 11:25:12

Morning everyone! SC here at 36+3

Happy Birthday Nelly! cake

Good luck tomorrow Jethro

I was at an active birth class at the hospital's home away from home suite yesterday, I didn't really learn anything new, but it was interesting all the same. There was a fascinating mix of people at it. They offered us (even the other halfs) a go of gas and air, I figured sure, why not and and it was a bit like being drunk for the first time in 8 months! I was the only one in the room who actually did try though blush

MrsO there was a woman at the class with a breech baby and the midwife suggested a Chinese in incense stick therapy which she said has good results, I can't remember the name tho! Also, an ice pack on the top of your bump, and getting your OH talking to the baby from down below and shining a torch up! So, if he happens to have a miners helmet that would be handy grin

doobeedee Sun 22-Sep-13 11:27:58

Thanks Flyer. I'll add one later.

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 11:33:26

So I had about 4-5 movements here and all is now quiet again, damn child move move. DP is away making me fresh iced juice to see if this works, can't stand any more sugar as it isn't doing anything for the old reflux.

Really don't want to go in as I know what will happen it'll move and I will look like some complete hypercondriac/drama queen, the latter is possibly true grin

Tarlia Sun 22-Sep-13 11:35:38

flyer if you even have a teeny tiny niggle of worry this afternoon please, please go in. On Thursday when my Bp was so high my transport took a while to come, I almost canceled as took Bp again while waiting and it looked normal. Things could have been very different for me had I not gone in.

spark G&A sounds fun! What a boring lot not trying it, I think I'd rather know before labour if I didn't like it. Did you say you were picked as chocolate taster? I could have dreamt it haha

That's how Sundays should be anyway Feminist especially when heavily pregnant. Enjoy your lazy day.

MrsHoratioNelson Sun 22-Sep-13 11:37:01

MrsO baby Nelson seems to like the Rolling Stones. Worth a try!

char1eston Sun 22-Sep-13 11:37:31

Haven't caught up on today's posts yet and can't believe that we are already on page 4 of a thread started late last night!

Just going to repost what a wrote on the closed thread while I remember!

Bronze - I have recently bought some M&S muslins (1 packet of bright ones and 1 packet of zoo print) - £8 for 5. They seem good quality and it's nice to have some that aren't plain white. I have some old ones that were from Tesco - they were cheap as chips and good for everyday use. The Ikea ones are massive and I used them for covering over the pram to keep the sun out so multi function!

Bowlful - DD managed to change her gro clock the other day but DP said that there is a way of locking it so they can't. I've not read the instructions but may be worth looking into. DD slept til 8.15am this morning, which is unheard of - clock was set to 7!

Was going to add my two penny worth on the BF discussions but please don't take this the wrong way - just wanted to let everyone know my experience and how things panned out with DD. I full agree with the comments of moonblues and believe that everyone should do what's right for them with it be EBF, formula top ups or FF.
After DD was born I found it quite hard to establish BF but knew that I wanted to persevere more for ease than anything else (didn't want to have to start sterilising bottles straight away). She was starving so was given some formula in a syringe to start with and then the MWs helped me to hand express some colostrum into a syringe for her (Cue MWs squeezing by breasts!). At my hospital they also had breastfeeding councillors who came round to help you if you wanted it (one of them even kindly told me that I had put DD's nappy on the wrong way around!).
They kept me in 2 nights until I had established feeding and felt more confident. I used lansinoh (nipple cream) all the time and I'd say that the first 6 weeks were the worst and I had quite a lot of pain (although this certainly isn't the norm for everyone). I had quite flat nipples which I don't think helped but I can honestly say that after those 6 weeks it was great. One thing that might be useful for people struggling with BF is to check your LO isn't tongue tied as this can impede feeding.

Waves to all the oldies. I was 35 when I had DD and was horrified to see that on your notes you are classed as a 'geriatric' mum! I am 37 now and have found this PG so much harder (even without any heartburn or morning sickness). This will definitely be our last!

PseudoBadger Sun 22-Sep-13 11:42:10

Flyer without being too sensationalist, they will be happy to see you based on the no movements for a long time, even if you've felt a few now as it could indicate distress. Please just go in, put your feet up in their comfy chair and get checked out x

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 11:52:06

We are going down. I'm really not comfortable with the movements and need peace of mind.

PseudoBadger Sun 22-Sep-13 11:53:48

Good I'm glad x

PseudoBadger Sun 22-Sep-13 11:54:05

Let us know how you get on

Iheartcrunchiebars Sun 22-Sep-13 11:56:32

Morning everyone, I hope you're enjoying a Sunday with your feet up.

Had a bit of a nightmare last night as I lost vision in my eyes all of a sudden. Managed to get to the midwife to get to the hospital to see me and she did all the tests and all seemed to be fine. Gave me a massive scare though. Was terrified I was going to have to be flown out (and its thick fog here for 4 days so no flights and the next boat is Monday). I felt completely vulnerable. All seems fine today so I think it was just a migraine or doing too much.

Finished work for today now so off for a yummy lunch!

claphammama Sun 22-Sep-13 12:08:15

tarlia so good to hear from you! And so glad your little boy is now with you. The photos on FB are simple adorable... hope the wind goes soon (never ever heard about it so good to know) and hope you recover quickly. You really deserve a break now!! xxx

falcon you are bonkers... going shopping the day after giving birth?? I don't think I moved from bed or sofa for 3-4 days with all my stitches and pains. And I still remember the uterus contracting pains. It was excruciating. I actually called the hospital in the middle of the night as I had no idea what it was, didn't expect them at all and it was quite scary. Good to remember for new mums - expect them in the days after birth, especially if you BF! Make sure you rest a lot falcon and enjoy your cuddles smile x

nelly happy birthday and what an amazing birthday present it would be! fingers crossed

jethro good luck for tomorrow! remember we expect updates within two hours of your CS grin

flyer glad you are going to be checked out. I agree with everyone - better safe and sorry and movements should be regular at this stage

feminist lol - tears come so easily these days don't they? :-) I think I would have exactly the same reaction if I drove all the way to get him!

Have to rush now! Apologies as I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot and missed a lot... will have a proper catch up later. Have a lovely day xx

SC here at 35+5

MrsO27 Sun 22-Sep-13 12:08:30

Ha, no, just the iPhone feminist!

MrsO27 Sun 22-Sep-13 12:11:25

Miners helmet, ice pack and rolling stones tips also noted smile

Good luck flyer, glad you are going to get it checked.

That sounds scary sparkeleigh! Take it easy.

Finally checked the car seat fits in both our cars. It is a faff trying to get it in my 3 door corsa but fits DHs car easily and it will be a incentive for me to walk short distances instead of fighting with the car seat for short trips! Hopefully i will entered at bending once this bump deflates a bit too.

HeffalumpTheFlump Sun 22-Sep-13 12:37:49

Hello, sc at 37 weeks today too. Another one with original due date of 13th (csection date of the 9th).

Thanks for asking feminist, I'm feeling ok so far, however I've only been awake about 15 minutes! blush All I want to do is sleep!

Good luck to those having their babies in the next couple of days.

flyer you are definitely doing the right thing. Im sure everything is absolutely fine, but so much better to be safe than sorry.

iheart so sorry you had such a scary night! I suffer with migraines myself and often lose lots of my vision, it's terrifying. Hope you feel much better today. flowers

roofio87 Sun 22-Sep-13 12:48:41

flyer glad you're getting checked out, don't feel bad, much better to get it checked than put it off.
my friends are all coming over for lunch, but bringing food with them and have said they'll do all the dishes!!grin they're good to me!!

Mw has been around willow has only lost 100g of her birth weight grin She is a good eater mind you!

I thought I would let you ladies worrying about weight gain not too know turns out I put on over 3st lol 3st 2lb never looked at my weight the last 8 weeks or so But I weighed myself today and 2st of it is instantly gone ok I pretty much had a 10lb baby but I glad its gone only have that other wee bit to get back off now + my general overweightness too of course but I won't focus on that till wee ones at least 3 months I will join the January diet craze grin grin

Thanks for the BF advice Mw check my boobs and did say they are soft but see how it goes over the next few days and keep offering it will do no harm but she said i might be one of the few who does not get a proper milk supply tbh it would not worry me as she is so happy as it is Although she is on Hipp now Sma does crunch her up a bit hipp has been so much better for her she has been on that since I went to ASDA LOL

Flyer glad your getting checked

JLSmithy Sun 22-Sep-13 13:36:02

Hi everyone!!
A long term lurker here- I popped up at the beginning but have been lurking ever since trying to keep up with everyone!
You've all answered so many of my own questions and worries Without knowing it!!! So thanks!
It's been so exciting to hear about the all babies being born- I still have 2 weeks til ML and am sc at 35+3! I feel so far behind everyone!!!!

textbook Sun 22-Sep-13 13:51:45

Glad you're getting checked out Flyer - they are always very kind an reassuring at the day assessment units.

Good luck for tomorrow Jethro grin my turn next (unless we have any particularly impatient babies!) x

notsoold Sun 22-Sep-13 14:27:55

Flyer... How are things???

I am having problems with my mumsnet today!!! Not able to open inbox, or to post so..will try later!!! sad

PseudoBadger Sun 22-Sep-13 14:55:30

I'm a complete failure today. Slept on the sofa as can't breath in bed (think it's the Labetalol). DS woke up as he's got a horrid cold so went into bed with DP. DP's lie in today so I've had the pleasure of poorly, stroppy DS since 6.
We took DS and the dogs to the park with the intention that I'd sit on the bench whilst DS played and DP would walk the dogs. But of course DS wanted daddy daddy so I had to walk the dogs.
Bailed out on my friend's 3 year old's birthday party as neither DS or I are well enough to go sad
DS has been whiny, moany, not wanting mummy but then furious if I go away! DP has taken him out in the buggy now to see if he'll sleep thank god!

Shirehobbit Sun 22-Sep-13 15:23:37

brew and cake pseudo?

I have had an equally "meh" kind of day and I haven't had a tenth of that to deal with. I'm just out of sorts and in a bad mood - need to have a bit of a word with myself, I think.

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 15:33:05

All ok thank goodness....and as I guessed baby went crazy when it was getting monitored! Felt like a real drama queen! smile

Definitely worth getting it checked flyer, I am sure they don't mind giving happy reassuring news at the hospital. I am glad you got seen.

HeffalumpTheFlump Sun 22-Sep-13 16:01:16

So glad all is ok flyer! The same thing has happened to me. My baby reacts to the monitor by throwing a massive strop and trying to kick it off! At the end of the day all that matters is babyflyer is fine smile

Sorry you are having a tough day pseudo.

shire if you aren't allowed to be in a bad mood at this stage of pregnancy, when are you??

I don't think I have a uti after all, it must have been baby pressing so hard on my bladder that I constantly felt the need to go. I'm really relieved. However she is now giving my cervix a right beating and I'm in a lot of pain sad each kick makes me want to scream sad

PseudoBadger Sun 22-Sep-13 16:13:14

See I've been so mean about DS, and then he does something so lovely. Someone called my mobile, a cold caller. DS said "who was that, my baby sister?" grin

cuillereasoupe Sun 22-Sep-13 16:32:31

Hi JL!

I'm thoroughly pissed off with my sister, who has just announced she can't afford to come and see the baby, and when I offered her money towards the ticket (that she can well afford, she's just tight!) she said no, but could she have it towards a theatre ticket instead. I should know to expect that sort of thing from her by now but I'm f*ing steaming!

shock cuille. Did you say no?!

MrsO27 Sun 22-Sep-13 16:51:05

That's really cheeky of your sister cuille! I would be angry too!

MrsHoratioNelson Sun 22-Sep-13 17:20:37

shock Cuillere!

Still, you get to keep Cuillere Le Petit to yourself for a little longer smile

Sanjifair Sun 22-Sep-13 17:30:30

shock cuille! I hope you told her where to go!

Shirehobbit Sun 22-Sep-13 17:34:09

Genuinely speechless, Cuille - and that almost never happens!

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 17:42:21

shock Cullie that's really cheap and unfair!! She is it's auntie.

cuillereasoupe Sun 22-Sep-13 17:51:53

I haven't replied yet, but I have bitched about her to my other two sisters grin Honestly, I've known her for nearly forty years, I know what she's like so I shouldn't be surprised, but sometimes she really does take the biscuit!

Sparkeleigh Sun 22-Sep-13 17:54:41

Cullie, wow, what a bloody cheek! shock

Tarlia I'm so impressed you remember it at all! Yes, I got picked for the chocolate panel grin [ grin] grin this made me very happy, thank you!

pseudo awh, that's so sweet smile what did you say?

flyer glad you went in to get checked out and that all is well!

Hi JLSmithy smile my second last week of working flew in last week, hope yours goes the same!

and heres me thinking it was all over...away to hospital just passed a 200g blood clot sad I really cant catch a break

Just checking in, 120 posts already!

PseudoBadger Sun 22-Sep-13 18:15:54

Oh dear Falcon! Thinking of you x

Oh Falcon. You poor thing. Hope all is ok.

What a cheeky Cow your sister is cullie

Have a lovely birthday Nelly

Really struggling to remember a thing I've read now.

I joined a great support group for heart babies last night on fb. They provide support in your own home and at hospital and hold meetups bi-monthly. The next one is 7th October so don't think I'll make that one but it's great to know I'll have local support and the opportunity to meet other mums struggling with the same issues.

cuillereasoupe Sun 22-Sep-13 18:19:27

that sounds like a great resource for you MoN.

Chin up Falcon, hope things are OK.

roofio87 Sun 22-Sep-13 18:23:08

so glad you've found that mon
falcon sorry you're having problems but hopefully sorted soon!!
cuille that's ridicilous, I hope you told her where to go!!

I'm bouncing on my ball again, I'm determined I will shake this baby out of me!!

Baby is making big mountains in my tummy tonight. Whoosh whoosh.
Hope all goes well falcon.

Wickedgirl Sun 22-Sep-13 18:46:06

Falcon.......I hope everything is ok

Cuille..........how rude of her!

I am so bored of maternity leave now. I have been on mat leave for 9 weeks now. The first 6 were lovely as my older 3 were off school for their summer holidays but they are back at school now. My days are all the same......a bit of laundry and housework and mumsnet.......nothing on the tv at all worthwhile. I want this baby to come so that my SPD eases up and I can go for some nice walks.

Warlin Sun 22-Sep-13 19:03:30

Checking in...really can't keep up with you ladies!

Congrats to all those with snuggly newborns and good luck to those with inductions or csections this week

38+4 and SC...nothing happening so dreading the thought of going over sad

HotSoupDumpling Sun 22-Sep-13 19:27:16

Cuille!! No words...

Glad you went in Flyer. When I went in, baby started kicking in the triage queue and again during the CtG (so hard the CtG bits were moving around!). V embarrassing, but midwives didn't care. The fact it had been quiet beforehand meant it should be checked out.

Pinkforboys Sun 22-Sep-13 19:59:54

I haven't had the chance to catch up yet- I've only just sat down after a busy busy day and I'm still reeling from the FB page. I didn't think I'd feel so emotional at seeing you all in the virtual flesh.
off to blub

Shootingstarsandcomets Sun 22-Sep-13 20:02:56

Checking in. I can't keep up at all but wishing inductions and c sections lots of luck for this week.
Nothing remotely happening here which is probably good as DH is away tonight. I'm currently in pjs wondering if its too early to slope off to bed!!

PseudoBadger Sun 22-Sep-13 20:12:37

BP might be misbehaving tonight, lovely and low this morning (130/68), felt shite all day and had a bit of a headache so took it at about 7 and it was 150/91. Was told it's ok at home until 150/100 so I'm just chilling out and will take it again about 8.30.

Oh dear badger,take it easy.

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 20:29:36

Pseudo just out of interest what's your bp like when you aren't pregnant? Is it normal? Did you have PE with DS? Hope you don't think I'm being nosy or rude asking.

Pinkforboys Sun 22-Sep-13 20:31:38

Ok, caught up whilst scoffing a Gu Choc Cheesecake (should I feel guilty that I've now eaten both in the pack this weekend, not letting DH have one?hmm)

cuille shockat your sis!

flyer glad you've got movement back. My bump was quiet today, but I was on my feet a lot and I think that quietens her down (I have visions of her bracing herself against the sides of my womb to keep steady!) Gad you got checked out.

pseudo hope your BP calms down. Sounds like it's been a bad day flowers

Time to put feet up in front of the telly now. I've had a mad day helping out for work (Open House w'end in London if anyone's heard of it). Came home to find DH and DS had been very busy- not with homework, but making witches and traps to surprise me. Scooby Doo has a lot to answer for! Then I sorted out my wardrobe so finally have some warm clothes to hand, and summer/non-bf-friendly clothes banned out of sight til next year.

Sunday evening wine to you all xx

ps- I wonder how ruby's doing?

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 20:39:08

Pseudo that came out wrong....I was wondering if its just pregnancy that makes some ladies bp shoot up, and what is it that makes it high in pregnancy? It sounded like I was interrogating you which I wasn't, I don't really know anything about PE and what causes it.

favellio Sun 22-Sep-13 20:47:06

Cuille, that's shocking about your sister blush
And Falcon, hope all is ok thanks
I had my (not so) surprise baby shower at my mum's today. Had a lovely afternoon and played some hilarious games, including one where my mum melted various chocolate bars into nappies and we had to open them (they looked very realistic!) sniff them and/or taste them and guess what chocolate bar it was!!grin

PseudoBadger Sun 22-Sep-13 20:52:56

Hi flyer yes my BP is usually normal. This happened last pregnancy at almost exactly the same gestation (just over 36 weeks). High BP but never more than 1+ protein means they call it Pregnancy Induced Hypertension (PIH) rather than PE. PE is linked to problems with the placenta and possibly an immune response, not sure if PIH is similar.
I'm 37+1 today and with DS I was induced at 37+6 - no idea what they'll do this time! Actual physical symptoms are more obvious and worse this time....

monkeytree Sun 22-Sep-13 20:53:29

Hi JLsmithy We're only a due day apart 35+2 here. Welcome please do join our thread as it won't feel quite as lonely. Ladies are starting to have their babies already. I too feel a little left behind with a towards the end of October baby.

Cuille If your sister seems to have adopted that attitude I wouldn't bother, it will be her loss. So sorry you have my sympathy, I often say you can't choose your family(about my own family).

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 20:57:10

It must be a real worry for you pseudo....it's good that you know exactly what to look out for. Would you prefer it if they brought your c section date forward for peace of mind?

claphammama Sun 22-Sep-13 20:58:07

cuille about your sister... shock shock shock she clearly doesn't deserve your generosity!

falcon hope everything is OK

flyer glad baba was active and all is good

MoN great that you can start building your support network now. I'm sure it will make so much difference once Eliana is here

pink is Open House that weekend when they open some of really special hidden house gems in London to general public? If yes, I did it last year and loved it :-) are you involved in it?

We spent a lovely day with friends - lunch and obligatory two hours in the playground... they have two little girls and enjoyed telling us how he ended up delivering the second one himself in their bedroom as things happened so quickly and she was in so much pain that couldn't even go downstairs... he was told to hold the baby's head until the doctor arrived to deliver the baby's body... so... prompted by this conversation, we did the practice run to the hospital tonight... the traffic at 7pm was really heavy and it took ages... until tonight, I didn't realise how many traffic lights there are between our house and St Thomas's ... so resolution number 1. I am not, repeat, I am not going into labour on Sunday afternoon or evening, resolution number 2. I'm going to the hospital early and am going to sleep in the corridor if needed!

claphammama Sun 22-Sep-13 21:00:38

PS. favellio sounds like you had a lovely day! so nice of your mum

ananikifo Sun 22-Sep-13 21:01:58

favellio I'm glad your shower was so fun.

pseudo I hope your BP stays down and you feel better.

flyer I'm glad your baby is well. I've been told they never mind you coming in if you're worried and you shouldn't be embarrassed.

The second day of NCT was as good as the first. It was hilarious when the men had to change nappies. Poor DH was all thumbs trying to undo poppers on the babygro.

After we got home we took a nap and I woke up with baby in an incredibly uncomfortable position. I'm hoping to be told tomorrow that he's at least partially engaged, but who knows. I asked DH if my bump had dropped and he got really confused. He told me it was nice. smile

claphammama Sun 22-Sep-13 21:05:31

lol at your poor DH ana! I asked DP the same question earlier today and he looked so lost and confused. He was so scared to say something wrong :-) glad you managed to so your classes by the way, I know you worried you wouldn't manage to do them in time

and, by the way, pink you didn't have both cheesecakes in the pack... the second one was for the baby. So why feel guilty? grin

JellyCurls Sun 22-Sep-13 21:11:02

Pseudo hope BP settles down soon

Falcon hope you OK

We went a family walk along the sea front today. DD on scooter, DS on bike and me waddling behind with DH laughing at me, lovely ice cream cones and sea air. Lets hope the wander has made baby decide to come lots of BH and bump lower.

Been reading up on accupressure points, have found one between finger n thumb but ankles so swollen I can't find one above my ankle bone as I can't actually find the bone. Anyone trying accupressure?

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 21:13:59

Oh yes meant to say Mon that's good news about the support group. It'll be helpful to have people going through a similar situation as you and your family.

Ana glad you enjoyed Nct, the nappies are gross aren't they grin the one with all whole grain mustard. DP put the baby grow on the wrong way, cue me buying those baby bundlers or else I think our baby will be exposed to profanities from a young age when he can't fathom out poppers at 3am grin

Glad the baby shower went ok.

Pinkforboys Love Love Love Gu desserts, they are naughty but nice...we serve them on flights I used to eat loads and I wasn't even pregnant then so you are excused grin

Bless your poor confused DPs trying to be kind and not upset the hormonal pregnant ladies! I think we must be very confusing sometimes.

PseudoBadger Sun 22-Sep-13 21:18:55

BP looks better now thanks, got monitoring in the morning so I'll mention it. Flyer I think I will be surprised if they leave it until scheduled, only as last time they seemed very keen that he should be out, and I felt better!

I'm very pleased that your baby is moving well again smile

That sounds a lovely day Jelly, I'm so jealous of anyone who lives by the sea.

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 21:23:55

Glad to hear it has come down pseudo smile

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 21:24:40

flyer glad baby is on the move again :-)

falcon sorry to hear you have had to go into hospital, hope u are home again soon. Do they let u take willow in with u if they have to admit u?

flyer pseudo I had high bp of 150/100 for the entire duration of my last pregnancy and +1 protein but the PE blood tests always came back clear then when I went I to labour it shot up too like 190/120 and they had to give me something to bring it down and speed labour up to reduce my risks yet this time round I've always had the protein but bp has only been 120/70... I often wonder if its cos I'm carrying a different gender this time.

cuille sorry about your sister being so-insensitive!! X

clapham your hospital plan made me chuckle, my hospital is a 20 minute simple drive in no traffic, if u wanna travel in there anytime in rush hour or a Sunday morning your looking at 40mins too an hour, last time I went to hospital at 7pm on a Sunday night and roads were clear phew

favellio did anyone suspect your suprised face? I'm nervous about pretending I didn't no it was organised when I go to mine next weekend lol. Did u get lots of gifts ?

Admitted, they let me have wills with me at least. Really dont want to be here but I would have to sign something to leave as they really said to dangerous to be at home sad

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 21:39:07

Oh so sorry u have had to be admitted falcon do they no what's causing the clots? What r they treating u for? At least u get to keep willow with u :-) xxx

favellio Sun 22-Sep-13 21:40:04

Hi natalieand, I told people I knew something was going on but didn't give away that I knew about the whole thing. I don't think anyone suspected. Got lots of lovely gift, ranging from the usual baby bits to a voucher for a photo shoot when the baby's here and a reflexology and pampering stuff for me.
My MIL loves photography and on Wednesday is going to do some arty bump shots for me, think Demi Moore style (but I'll keep a thong on lol) x

Eek favellio, not sure I could let MIL do that! Will be lovely to have some nice photos though.

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 21:44:07

Oh pants Falcon you need lots of thanksthanksthanks I guess you are in the best place but still not where you want to be. Hugs x

Favellio you are still wearing a thong?! grin You sexy lady I've been in belly smackers for months now.

favellio Sun 22-Sep-13 21:44:59

luckily we're very close and my 2 SILs will be there too lol I'm just going to get her to email the pics so I can airbrush out stretch marks etc wink

Blood loss and bp is raising again I had a fair bleed at labour around litre and now with this sad dont think my body likes having babies

MrsHoratioNelson Sun 22-Sep-13 21:46:11

Oh dear, we're not having a very good day between us, are we? thanks brew and cake all round.

MIL is on the phone as we speak, telling DH that he thinks that we're being too precious about the baby. All because he wants to finish doing the painting with the toxic solvent paint before the baby arrives hmm. Apparently they used paint in the house and he never came to any harm never mind that he was 5 by the time they had to do any decorating.

This is the same woman who was horrified by the idea of an infant car seat. She can't seem to get into her head just how vulnerable a tiny newborn is. It's going to be a nightmare, isn't it?!

favellio Sun 22-Sep-13 21:46:23

I will have to dig out a thong. I've been rocking Bridget Jones pants too lol

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 21:46:26

Ooo that's a good way around it favellio on say Thursday I might start asking orquad questions and then I can be like 'I knew u was up to something' lol love the sound of the photo shoot too! How sweet of them all.... I have been to two baby showers and had to play the obligatory nappy smelling game lol

favellio Sun 22-Sep-13 21:47:21

Oh no, Falcon, sending you lots of well wishes xx

I felt really down earlier because I'd stupidly been googling some stuff about Eliana's heart condition but I'm feeling so much better now. I joined a parent's group too and one of the women there had her ToF baby 6 weeks ago and her baby is under the same cardiologist as mine at Yorkhill Sick Kids. Her baby is gorgeous and looks so healthy.
I've been fine up until now but Dp isn't helping he's being going on about how worried he is about what would happen to the other 4 kids (who aren't his) if I died on the operating table.
I've decided after speaking to the consultant to be sterilised at the same time as my c-section. I was previously worried as Someone on here Orange I think had said it was less effective when done then, but apparently they've changed how it's carried out recently so it's more effective. I said this to Dp and he said he thinks I should wait incase Eliana doesn't survive but even if the worst happened I don't think I could go through a 6th c-section.

favellio Sun 22-Sep-13 21:51:31

So sorry you're feeling like that MoN. There must be so many 'what ifs' and worries ahead for you. I'm afraid I can't really offer any advice but can send you lots of positive thoughts and good vibes. I know it must be hard to feel optimistic but please try xx thanks

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 21:56:38

Such tough decisions to make MoN and like u say if the worst should hAppen or even if it doesn't happen and dp decides he wants another baby then ultimately its u that would have to carry the pregnancy and go through another c section. And if u decide to have sterilisation at a lAter date then it would mean more surgery and recovery time. Sending u hugs and flowers xxx

Not me MoN but thinking of you anyway. Not an easy decision to make.

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 21:59:49

Mon what a difficult decision to try and make. It is positive news about the other little girl under the same consultant as Eliana will be, it must give you some confidence. You have been so upbeat, positive and determined you are a strong lady and I admire how calm you've been throughout all that's been thrown at you the past 6 months. I have no advice for you, but give you a hug and lots of thanksbrewbiscuit

claphammama Sun 22-Sep-13 22:06:20

so sorry you've been admitted falcon... must be quite worrying and not where you want to be but hope Willow cuddles make it a bit easier xxx

MoN doesn't sound like Desperate Dan is making things easier for you right now but it's probably his own stress and worries coming out... he must be going through a lot too but men have funny ways of expressing their stress and feelings... and you are making some tough choices right now but you know best what's the right thing for you and your body x

favellio all my g-strings got packed away very early on in my pregnancy. I think I would need to be at a gun point to wear one now... do you promise to post your glam bump photos on our FB? grin grin

Shirehobbit Sun 22-Sep-13 22:07:55

I still remember, so clearly, reading the thread when you first got the news, MoN
You have been incredible and coped so well - this last few weeks/days must be hard. Glad you've found the FB group for people who have been there/are going through this, too.
We're all with you and Eliana flowers xx

favellio Sun 22-Sep-13 22:10:21

Ha ha clapham, we shall see what they look like first before I consider posting! One of the SILs who is going to be there had one done when she was pg last year and is possibly one of the most glamorous photogenic people I know (she is 10 years younger than me though!) so I've got some serious pouting to do to compare lol

Shirehobbit Sun 22-Sep-13 22:10:48

Fx you're home, safe and well, tomorrow, Falcon x

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 22:10:53

Clapham my thongs went in vacuum bags...I think the strings on a thong would get lost in my rolls of fat now. grin

Shirehobbit Sun 22-Sep-13 22:12:49

The idea of wearing a string/thong now?!
You know when you roast a trussed chicken and have to find the string after it's cooked....

claphammama Sun 22-Sep-13 22:13:20

I second flyer and shire's comments MoN - when we look back and realise how many months of stress and worry you've been through... you've really been through the mill right from your first scan... and still you've been so upbeat and gave us all so many laughs and support over the last months.thanks for you xx

Me too flyer, they are safely packed away in the loft replaced by oh so glamorous huge primark "full briefs".

favellio Sun 22-Sep-13 22:14:14

Lol shire, that's how I fear it will end for me but want to cover my modesty just a tiny bit wink

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 22:16:45

I wasn't skinny enough for thongs even pre pregnancy so fortunately no thong/gstring packing away in this household lol

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 22:17:44

I wasn't skinny enough for thongs even pre pregnancy so fortunately no thong/gstring packing away in this household lol

ananikifo Sun 22-Sep-13 22:26:39

Aw falcon I hope you get well and get to go home soon.

mon I'm sorry you have difficult decisions to make. I wouldn't give you advice but you've shown yourself to be such a strong woman. I'm sure you'll do what's right for you and your family.

claphammama Sun 22-Sep-13 22:27:07

omg... favellio your comment about the roast trussed chicken (I have a vivid imagination) made me laugh so hard that I first farted a bit and then peed myself a bit. DP had no idea why I was laughing so much but was almost crying from laugher himself at my loss of control over my own body... so sorry to lower the tone!! And could I have my muscles down there back to normal please??!!

claphammama Sun 22-Sep-13 22:29:20

sorry it was shire's comment!! I can't remember laughing so much!

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 22:32:19

Bit OT but is anyone finding it really humid again ATM? I seem to be sweating so much all the time

Also I can't remember who asked earlier about how my pain was ATM but all the pelvic pain etc is just as bad as the lady few days but dh has given me a few back runs and that seems to have done the trick on the back pain, so one less thing to moan about lol xx

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 22:32:58

last few days.... Not 'lady' few days

Flyer747 Sun 22-Sep-13 22:33:16

Haha Clapham grin I laughed too...it was highly amusing! Did you tell dp you peed yourself?

Pinkforboys Sun 22-Sep-13 22:34:42

MoN I joined this thread after your diagnosis so don't know your story, but you sound like an incredibly strong mother flowers x

Falcon it's good to hear that you're being looked after [hugs]

Someone mentioned rings and swelling. I keep meaning to add that the mw I saw on Friday at 36w asked how mine were fitting and recommended taking my slightly tight wedding band off now while I could to avoid it possibly being cut off (she wasn't the most positive of MWs)

Pinkforboys Sun 22-Sep-13 22:36:17

shire and now clapham thanks for the lol!!!

Shirehobbit Sun 22-Sep-13 22:37:36

Sorry ladies grin
But we hadn't lowered the tone for a while...

Hmm, that was me pink for boys, hopefully my midwife doesn't say the same about my rings. Are you going to take yours off or see how it goes? We are so near the end now!

Natalie yes I was hot and sweaty again last night and rummaged around in the night to get the fan out and put it on again down by my bed as couldn't find the plug by the chest of drawers. I then pulled a muscle in my tummy leaping out of bed this morning to remove pillows which I kicked off onto it by mistake to avoid electrical fire. Ouch. Hopefully tonight will be autumnal again to help everyone sleep.

Pinkforboys Sun 22-Sep-13 22:45:49

I took mine off, orange- my left hand feels very naked without the band on, but if it cools down again I'll put it back on again. I take my engagement ring off every night anyway and wear it on my right hand, so at least there's something to remind me that DH is still a part of my life...(sometimes I need a reminder!)

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 22:47:10

Blimey orange. That does sound like a drama lol.

Usually when I wake up for a wee I kick dh to the edge of the bed so I can have the space and dump the quilt to him as I only want a little big of I w

claphammama Sun 22-Sep-13 22:48:20

you are right shire, we were getting a bit too highbrow recently! And yes, flyer, it felt appropriate to tell him grin Back now, refreshed and newly committed to my pelvic floor exercises

pink I took my rings off a few days ago, just in case

this evening is getting better and better... a film with Colin Firth starting on BBC2 soon...

Natalieand Sun 22-Sep-13 22:49:14

... Want a little bit of quilt but he woke up and moaned I was using too much space.. My argument was simply 'there's two of me'

Excuse the double posting and early posting my phone seems go be on one tonight

moonblues Sun 22-Sep-13 23:32:22

MoN that's a tricky decision to have to make, especially when you're 8&1/2 months pregnant. Did you say you couldn't take hormonal contraception for some reason? Would be able to use a non-hormonal coil to buy you a bit of breathing space after Eliana is born and then make the decision later on? I'm glad you've found a helpful group. Will Eliana have to have an operation straight away or will try wait till she's a bit bigger/stronger? I've also been so impressed with how positively you've dealt with everything. Your kids are very lucky to have such a great mum.

moonblues Sun 22-Sep-13 23:48:42

falcon hope the bleeding has settled and you get back out tomorrow.

Tarlia hope everything is going ok with you. Are you home yet?

pseudo hope your BP behaves itself.

Sympathy to all the women with SPD pain.

Glad your baby's trace was fine flyer

shire that was one crazy dream! My mental dreams seem to have settled down at the moment. Though my DD whose 4 dreamt that I had the baby and it was a boy - so we'll have to wait and see if she's right...

MrsH you just have to practice- smile and ignore! It becomes second nature after a while. Occasionally prefenced by "how interesting", "safety/health/feeding advice has changed so much in the last 20/30 years, hasn't it?"

funkky Sun 22-Sep-13 23:54:53

flyer glad baby is fine

falcon hope everything gets back to normal and you can go home soon.

39+4 today and officially fed up, all i do is moan, hips are in so much pain, baby wriggling lots, awake all night and sleep all day, I'll do anything to have baby come out now, any extra tips to walking, ball bouncing and primrose oil?

MrsO27 Sun 22-Sep-13 23:55:23

Agree with everyone else mon. You've dealt with the whole pregnancy amazingly. Not long now until you get to meet the little fighter smile.
It's a very personal decision re the sterilisation. If you don't mind me asking, was this something you planned before you got pregnant or is it a more recent decision?

notsoold Mon 23-Sep-13 00:31:29

MoN...thinking of you tonight!!! Xxxx

Mon thinking of you its a tough decison xxx

Cant sleep in this stupid hospital need my own bed angry

Wickedgirl Mon 23-Sep-13 01:56:40

flowers MoN and falcon

I hope you're both ok?

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 02:59:42

First time I'm awake in a few nights and everyone else seems to be asleep :-( sighs.....

Up with such a bad stomach ache and goin too the loo for number 2's....

MoN echoing what others have said, you have dealt with so much and been so strong throughout the last few months, while worrying about Eliana and your other DCs. I'm glad you've found the support group, you deserve some looking after too. I hope you get support in whatever decision you make, you know you will here flowers

Wee number 3... I dreamt I lost my plug and it looked like a toy dinosaur in a bubble. I was really impressed and took a pic of it- maybe to put on the FB group? I promise not to do that in real life grin

Baby has decided to wake up and protest/party while I'm laying on my right side. Getting battered.

Oops too soon.

Falcon hope you and Willow are back home and well asap, must be hard but sounds like you're in the right place flowers

I have mental images of trying to locate and remove a size 8 thong from my roasted plump behind. With scissors. I don't like thongs anyway, much to DPs dismay. It's that wedgie feeling when it goes in too far blush

favellio Mon 23-Sep-13 04:47:21

Morning fellow insomniacs, I've been awake since 3.30am and couldn't get back to sleep, so I've gotten up and watching 'nothing to declare' on TV lol

My milk came in willows root reflex woke up shall we say she has been feeding at the same boob 20 mins when do I stop her? grin cheering up my hospital stay at least grin

favellio Mon 23-Sep-13 04:51:13

Great news Falcon smile I've been told by several people to let them feed as long as possible from the same boob, so they get the rich hind milk but I'm not an expert by any means x

Sounds like just what you needed to cheer you up Falcon smile
I agree with Favellio let her carry on as long as she wants, it sounds like she's having a great time!

Why am I still awake?! Will try to go back to sleep before DP starts mooing snoring...

Wickedgirl Mon 23-Sep-13 05:39:30

That's fab news falcon. Have the hospital said how long you'll have to stay in for?

favellio Mon 23-Sep-13 05:45:38

Still awake blush
DH will be getting up for work in an hour, so will attempt to sleep then (so I can have the whole bed to myself wink)
My god there's some shit on TV at this time in the morning. Thank god for Netflix!!

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 23-Sep-13 05:54:46

thanks tough couple of days MoN

moonblues you are right of course. Just had another talk with DH about how he needs to pay more attention when she calls so he can stem the tide make her feel like she's having a proper conversation with him - that's partly the problem: he doesn't engage so she looks for anything to draw him into the discussion. Then, if he's paying more attention, he can put a stop to some of the crazier stuff before it starts.

favelio you need a box set - halfway through the final season of The West Wing which has seen me through some long early mornings in this PG!

Hopefully get a sleep now that's her just finished had a half Oz top up too then latched on and fell asleep, god what have I let myself in for grin

favellio Mon 23-Sep-13 06:01:56

I'm on the 5th episode of Prison Break, already worked my way through Orange is the New Black. Gotta love Netflix smile

favellio Mon 23-Sep-13 06:02:51

Not all tonight I hasten to add lol

So glad you can have Willow with you in the hospital falcon, it sounds like she is doing really well. Any more clots? How are you?

Two more weeks of work. Zero motivation bleugh.

JellyCurls Mon 23-Sep-13 07:23:26

SC at 39+0 days and baby can come anytime it pleases now. Had a record 5 wee trips last night, one teddy hunt with DS at 5.30am which he told me after 15 mins searching it was under his pillow and up with DD at 6.30. Think it could be a long day.

Can't remember what else I have read so hope you all well x

Haha oh dear jelly!

pinkbuttons Mon 23-Sep-13 07:46:07

Morning ladies sorry to see so many people awake in the night!

Rubbish night here but did get some sleep, just restless and woke DH and DS up sleep talking 4 timesblush think might have to take myself off to the sofa if happens again tonight. bloody anxiety dreams.

falcon so sorry to hear your back in hospital but really great to hear willows feeding!

pseudo glad BP went down a bit, I also had PIH last pregnancy. really hope it stays settled for a while longer this time. x

MoN just wanted to back everyone elses comments about how strong you have been through this whole pregnancy and to trust whatever decision you decide to make. So glad you've got some local support.

38+2 SC.
Need to ask those of you using evening primrose oil are u taking tablets or placing tablets next to cervix...? have been taking tablets but read last night that you could put them inside, not sure if Im quite that desperate yet but just wondered.

Tarlia Mon 23-Sep-13 07:49:40

falcon sorry you've been admitted, but glad you'll be looked after. Fantastic about milk! Def feed on the one boob for as long as she likes as first it's the thirst quenching milk, followed by the fatty food milk.
flyer so glad you got checked out. My little guy always went mad at the CTG.
badger good luck with monitoring this morning, really hope it goes well and Bp stays down.
clapham was giggling at the chicken comment too, but your loss of control teehee yuk at my jelly belly giggle!
mon tough decisions for you, sending love and flowers
feminits loving the dinosaur plug! How random :D
moon I'm still here, wound pain seems to be getting worse not better, so going to get that checked out later when Dr comes around.

PseudoBadger Mon 23-Sep-13 08:24:46

Thanks everyone I'm on my way to monitoring now.
Terrible night with coughing DS, I'm soooooooo tired.
Glad Willow is feeding Falcon and I hope they get you sorted soon x
Hope your wound feels better soon Tarlia, how is DS?

GTbaby Mon 23-Sep-13 09:03:22

Falcon. Just pm'ed you.
Hope your well. Glad willow had a good bf session.

Can't remember anything else. Better get up. Bet dh hasn't brushed lo teeth hmm

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 23-Sep-13 09:45:22

Talking of PMing, I realised I haven't sent Clapham that recipe. I'll get round to it today, I promise!

georgeannaskala Mon 23-Sep-13 09:50:59

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

Morning all - hope you get home today falcon and monitoring goes well pseudo. When are you expecting to be discharged tarlia. Sorry, i have forgotten who was having a c sect today, but good luck!

39 weeks today - still no signs. Just went for a wee and got all excited as some brown stuff on the toilet paper - then realised it was makeup as i had blown my nose on the same bit of tissue angry.

I am furious will dp this morning. He starts work at 9am, and literally works a 5 min drive away and so leaves at about 8 50. Before i was on mat leave we all left together about 8 - he dropped me off, then DS at childminder, then into work. He now sees it as his divine right to stay in bed until 8 30 every morning, basically the latest he can get up, ready and out on time because 'he has to go to work'. Pisses me off generally as ds is up from 6 30, but neverming. This morning i heard him telling ds to 'go away, daddy needs some sleep before work' at 8 15, and then at 8 25 calling me telling me ds was taking the sweets out of my hospital bag. He was just laying there, watching him, calling me to come and deal with it. Rant over, but i am steaming angry.

Have a good day all

legallyblond Mon 23-Sep-13 10:07:00

Tarlia - really sorry your wound us still feeling bad, or worse even.... Hopefully it will start to feel better soon x

How is your DS do

legallyblond Mon 23-Sep-13 10:07:17

Sorry.... Doing?

Home community mw comes tomorrow blood loss slowed bp lowered smile

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 10:12:28

Haha bowlful you just gave me a morning laugh with the make up on loo roll...grin

Good Luck with the c section today Jethro looking forward to hearing the news.

Pseudo hope monitoring goes well.

Pinkbuttons I am taking 2x1000mg of evening primrose capsules orally, I couldn't insert them I'm too much of a wuss. grin

Just cooked a lovely breakfast, craved it yesterday, off to enjoy whole grain toast, poached eggs (runny, I cannot stand to eat anymore hard yolk eggs now) smoked salmon and capers yum!

I'm also craving grapefruit juice and we've run out of grapefruits to juice....I've craved this all the way through, maybe I'm having a girl....

SeriousStuff Mon 23-Sep-13 10:17:51

Good luck to everyone who have appointments or are going in to be monitored today!

Can I please vent for a sec? I'm 37+3 today and feel I've coped well with our situation for as long as I have, but had a meltdown last night and cried myself to sleep.

We moved house 4 months ago (stressful enough in itself!) and since we've been in the new house (which I love) we haven't had a 100% reliable working boiler until yesterday, we had a leak upstairs which caused the living room ceiling to fall in and some work needed doing in the bedroom.

DH, the dog and I have 'gone away' for a total of 10 days so everything could be sorted and this weekend just gone was meant to be the last of it. But we came back late last night and the work still wasn't finished. Our stuff is still packed away and now everything is covered in dust.

We (DH, dog and me) had to sleep in the living room last night and will have to do so until next weekend now as landlord can't organise to get everything finished until then.

I know some people cope with worse situations than this when pg, but I've been so optimistic and upbeat about it, until now!

I just dread to think what would happen if the baby made an early appearance.

Just want to thank everyone for their lovely messages last night. You've all been amazing the last few months and I was so grateful to have you all here to talk to when I had that awful scan with the diagnosis.

moonblues I've never got on with hormonal contraception and when I had a copper coil previously I had awful heavy periods. Condoms aren't even an option because they always give me thrush. If I thought it wouldn't be too much of a risk to my health to have another pregnancy I would put up with the less than desirable side effects though.

MrsO Me and Dp knew we were taking a risk trying for this baby and agreed that I would be stetilised but that was before the heart condition was diagnosed. Ideally don't want to have to go through another op and recovery if I delay being sterilised and even if the worst did happen I'm not sure my body could cope with another pregnancy and c-section. Maybe the best thing to do is ask the surgeon just how bad my womb looks once they're in there and take it from there.

Falcon So happy that breastfeeding is working for you now. I hope I manage it this time.

Tarlia I'm sorry you're one of the unlucky ones who still had wound pain. I hope you're feeling better soon

Pseudo hoping the monitoring goes well.

feminist It might not be long for you now then fx.

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 10:27:58

Forgot to add Tarlia I hope your scar pain heals and you can get home soon.

Serious tell your landlord it's not good enough, as it isn't to be honest, you are heavily pregnant and shouldn't be expected to be moving out and sleeping in the living room etc, at least he should be offering you some type of compensation, like a rent reduction for the amount of weeks you've suffered disruption. Get tough...are you renting through an agency? Check your tenancy agreement see what that states.

Is anyone else really thirsty at the moment? I can't drink enough water I'm on about 10 glasses a day.

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 10:51:03

flyer I'm thirsty as anything too! Oh how I wish I had a downstairs toilet is be drinking all day long if I could

serious deffo not good about the house! Your landlord cannot expect u to live like that and must have some kind of legal obligation to put you up elsewhere why the house isn't fit to live in?

falcon good to hear your home and feeding is going well :-)

tarlia sorry to hear your having problems and still suffering, do u have any idea when u will be going home?

Sc @ 37 weeks whoop whoop!! I finally made 37 weeks, now I just need to hold on and anytime from next Monday suits me just nicely lol

P.s after scrolling through our Facebook group last night I had to make an early morning dash after the school run to buy trifle lol

JellyCurls Mon 23-Sep-13 10:53:15

MoN its not an easy decision but you will do what's right by you and your family. So pleased you have found a support network, we have only recently made contact with parents in America who's kids share same diagnosis as DD and it had made things so much easier. A problem shared is definitely a problem halved.

Last night I promised DD we would bake today after we have been to wheelchair clinic for re-assessment. Do you ever wish you had never uttered the "lets bake" words,

MrsO27 Mon 23-Sep-13 11:08:12

mon Don't envy you having to make that decision. It's very brave and responsible of you to consider it. Most couples i know that have done this, it's been the man who has had the op. I think because it's a less complicated procedure for them. Is that a possibility for you and dp if you decide to wait a while or if the surgeon advises against it?

ananikifo Mon 23-Sep-13 11:16:32

Another thirsty one here. I asked mw today and she said it was common and they haven't picked up any signs of diabetes, which they would have.

Serious it's a huge inconvenience and more to be sleeping in the living room. I agree you should push for a rent reduction.

I actually can't believe I'm 36 weeks tomorrow and could have a home birth next week! Mw is coming on thirsday to do pre- hb visit. I don't feel ready and I do all at the same time. DH and I need to pick up all our click and collects!shock

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 11:24:23

Jelly you have inspired me to bake today, it's one thing I'm actually ok at. My parents owned bakeries when we were growing up so it must be where I get my skills from.

A simple Victoria Sponge and some Chocolate and beetroot brownies I shall be attempting.

MrsO The surgeon is very unlikely to advise against it and I have suggested vasectomy to Dp but he's very squeemish. It would be much better if he could get time off work to come to my next appointment with me so we could discuss it together with the consultant but since it took him all his time to get his boss to give him paternity leave that looks unlikely.

I still need to get a lightweight dressing gown for my hospital bag. Does anyone have any recommendations? I think I'm going to order the Boots hooded baby towels too. £15 for a pack of 3. I like the idea of the cuddle-dry towels but at over £30 each I think I'll give them a miss.

Pinkforboys Mon 23-Sep-13 11:39:53

falcon glad to hear things are in control
serious you've put with a lot flowers Hope you get some action from your landlord.
tarlia hope your body recovers soon

I've just come back form morning shop with last supply of Clexane (yay!) Interestingly the consultant has advised that I stop taking it 3 days before delivery. They didn't give me a crystal ball to go with that instruction so I guess I just have to fx that Madam arrives on her due date hmm

Dangerously, along with the Spatone, VitC & Gaviscon I bought a 4 pack of YumYums. Somehow there are only 2 left blush

I can't believe I'm now telling people I have 3 and half weeks left. That sounds so soon!!!!

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 11:41:40

MoN matalan had some lightweight dressings gowns the other day xxx

Warlin Mon 23-Sep-13 11:42:47

Hi all

Glad you're home falcon and willow is feeding well.

serious that's awful, especially with you being heavily pregnant. Hope you are freezing any rent payments until it's sorted...that should make him speed things up smile just what you don't need though.

38+5 here and still cooking. Really hope something happens this week...

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 11:43:06

pinkforboys something simular happened to me this morning, I brought a trifle and 3/4 of if has bloody dissapeared. I'll have to make the other 1/4 dissapear before dh gets home or I'm not quite sure how I'll explain it lol

MrsO27 Mon 23-Sep-13 11:46:49

mon wishing you all the best whatever decision you make. You're so brave. You're not alone if you do need to vent, moan, get advice etc. on here brew
I'm also interested in any advice on lightweight dressing gowns. I've seen white waffle ones in a few shops but really want a dark lightweight one (although not a satin one). Not that I'm fussy!

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 11:52:03

I got up only 30min ago and just eating "breakfast"... is it terrible...??

serious this is unacceptable and totally understand how you feel. We all need stability and some peace and quiet right now, not sleeping in the living room and having builders around. I agree with everyone - you should push your landlord. This is very basic and he needs to fix it asap. For all he knows, you could have this baby today! And I'm not an expert in renting, but why did he rent a house with a boiler that is not fully functioning? Isn't there a clause in the contract that says that all appliances are functional and serviced before you move in? It makes me so angry when I hear about landlords behaving like this and rents are so expensive these days... hope you manage to push him to get things moving flowers

falcon so delighted for you that your milk has come and BF seems to work smile It's hard to advise really because, after 20min, you don't know if there is still any milk in your boob or she is just sucking for pleasure... I would say - perhaps try to move her to the other boob and see how it goes? Sounds like she is not losing weight so she is getting enough right? I always BFed DS from one boob only at a time as I found it easier and I had a lot of milk, so one was enough. I was also told by one of the NCT counsellors that it's good to empty boobs completely now and then as it prevents mastitis. Saying this, I had mastitis 4 times last time and ended up walking with uneven size boobs and one usually leaking smile. I really think there are many ways to do it and it's whatever works for you really. It's not an exact science!

tarlia so sorry you are in more pain... and hope it gets better soon. I think we would all want to share it with you if we could to make things easier for you! You've had such a hard time... xxx

pseudo hope your monitoring goes well today!

flyer I'm also constantly thirsty and have read that it's normal - I think we are refreshing out amniotic fluid every 30min or something equally crazy. That's another reason we wee so much. And, if you are planning to BF, prepare yourself to be even more thirsty! I was walking around with a 2l bottle of water at all times.

bowlfull lol at your brown stuff on the toilet paper. Wishful thinking grin And I would be equally annoyed with my DP - I must say he's been good, especially this morning as he let me sleep, but it's more of my job now to wake up early if needed as he needs to go to work... yes they do but we are heavily pregnant with their babies and we need rest too...

oddlife are you already on FB? I haven't seen you... Has someone already added you? If not, please PM me your real name and description of you profile picture and I will do it today!

Again - sorry if I'm forgetting someone! The speed of this thread is making my head spin sometimes!

Thanks Nat. I'm in town for eldest dd's orthodontic appointment anyway so might walk round to Matalan for a look when we're done.

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 11:56:36

ah, forgot to say the other day bowlfull - can't believe you've finally packed your hospital bag!! Are you sure it's not too early...?? grin

Pinkforboys Mon 23-Sep-13 11:58:32

MoN/MrsO I love the Caro London ones, but they're a bit pricey when not on sale. H&M have got a dark satin kimono in at the mo- only in larger sizes, but that's prob about right to accommodate bump.

I'm supposed to be doing some research for work. Not v successful at the mo.... (clapham yes that is the very same Open House. Glad you enjoyed it last year. I was in amongst the kids activities yesterday and woah, it was busy!)
Off to brew and procrastinate some more do some work...

cuillereasoupe Mon 23-Sep-13 12:01:43

Oh how I wish I had a downstairs toilet is be drinking all day long if I could

I read that at first as if you were thinking of drinking out of the toilet Nat grin preg brain ahoy!

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 12:04:31

cuille it's not just you! I also had to read it 3 times as first thought Nat wanted to be able to drink from downstairs toilet... grin

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 12:05:21

I bought a waffle dressing gown from m&s the other day. I got it in chocolate colour. I also bought some pyjamas they had buy one get one half price on in a lot of the nightwear section.

Here is the link for dressing gown

xuntitledx Mon 23-Sep-13 12:12:38

I've also been baking whilst on maternity leave, glad to get back into it as I haven't done very much throughout the pregnancy.

Yesterday I made Viennese Fingers and Chocolate Whoopie Pies, yum!

Not a great sleep either last night, just very restless these days - feel sorry for DH as I don't want to disturb him especially when he's up for work each morning.

Thanks for the thoughts when I was having my moan this weekend. I've had such a lovely pregnancy but these past few weeks have been awful as I just feel done and really want baby to arrive now but I shall try and enjoy these next few weeks!

Hope everyone is doing well x

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 12:13:27

Serious Clapham has a point with boilers and rental properties, dp has to have his boilers serviced annually by a registered corgi plumber for his properties to be classed as 'safe to rent out' then they issue him with a certificate to advise they are in good working order. Any that haven't come up to scratch have been condemned and he has to either replace or get it fixed, he is liable as the landlord. I'd ask to see this otherwise he is in breach of contract I would presume. There is a load of new stipulations come out recently regarding boilers and rentals I don't know what they are, but I remember his plumber advising him that he needs to get things changed in one property.

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 12:13:52

this is lovely flyer - I may have to copy you again and order the same one!

By the way, I'm also thinking about ordering another top from the Seraphine range for the winter - this one: http://www.seraphine.com/rollneck-jumper-chesnut.html

The only question I have - how does it work if you want to BF from the other boob, not the one where the buttons are... I'm not entirely clear... or am I just a bit slow and not getting it?

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 12:16:58

also like this one: http://www.seraphine.com/grey-cable-knit-crossover-nursing-jumper.html

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 12:30:34

They are both lovely, I see what you mean with the roll neck though how would you get your other boob out? haha, not the best design.

I like this one saw it the other week but it seems to be out of stock at the moment.


Not looked at asos for bf clothes must do that today...much to dp's dismay grin

Need to get on, I have baking to do and a pile of Washing to sort out. I wish I had a full time house keeper grin

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 12:35:30

this one is great flyer and looks really practical! It doesn't look out of stock when I look at it. Also, they don't seem to have size 8 right?

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 12:35:45

and happy baking!

MrsO27 Mon 23-Sep-13 12:38:49

The Caro London ones are pretty pink but a little pricey for buying in my fat (and hopefully not permanent!) size. The M&S one is a steal flyer, think I will order one up. I've got a 20% discount code from mil to use too (think she gets them with the m&s credt card), so an even better bargain!

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 12:41:20

last question flyer - what size bathrobe did you get for yourself? Asking as I think we are very similar and I have no clue what size to order these days... 14? 16?

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 12:50:40

Lol clapham and cuille that made me chuckle... No drinking from the toilet over here but I did have to put my hand down the toilet the other day as dd somehow managed too drop her toy ring in the toilet.... Things u do for children lol

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 23-Sep-13 12:56:16

I'm not baking yet, but the freezer is filling up with Umlauf's chicken and chorizo, fish pies, spag bol, lasagne and apple and summer fruit crumble. And a bonus crumble for pudding tonight smile

rubytwosday Mon 23-Sep-13 13:12:12

Hello! Haven't had time to catch up but just to let you know that little Alice was born last night. She is adorable and currently asleep so I am going to get some sleep too. Will write my birth story at some point but there are a few hours of pethidine induced haze that I don't really remember.

textbook Mon 23-Sep-13 13:15:47

Flyer I got that m&s dressing gown the other week smile it's perfect for hospital as anything thicker will be too hot on their stuffy and overheated wards!

Had my final consultant appt and scan today, the sonographer was lovely and printed us off a pic of baby's face which is utterly terrifying and appears to have cheeks like a gopher and a full beard and mutton chops just gorgeous shock I might post on Fbook (or maybe not as it's so weird-looking!)

Placenta has moved even further (I'm sure it's the thread vibes helping) to 3cm away from OS, so not quite out of danger zone but so much better than it was at 32 weeks. Keeping fingers crossed for no dramatic bleeding in theatre tomorrow. Can't wait to meet my slightly bizarre looking little girl grin

Haylebop12 Mon 23-Sep-13 13:15:56

Afternoon Ladies, Ive been catching up but as its been taking so long I havent had chance to post...now theres so much to comment on!

SC here at 37+1, no sign of anything happening other then pulled muscle type pains under bump after walking dd to/from school and turning over in bed. Anyone else find the better nights sleep they have the more exhausted they feel the next day? I slept pretty well last night and today I feel like a walking zombie!

falcon so pleased you have been discharged and great news on Willow feeding. Take it easy now!

tarlia sorry to hear your in pain, hope you can get some relief when you see the docs.

pseudo Good Luck for monitoring, let us know how you get on.

shire hats off to you still working, just the thought of it scares me.

Nat my dd put playdoh down the toilet a few months back, but since she is 4 1/2 and knew exactly what she was doing I made her get it herself, mean mummy grin

flyer I too would like a housekeeper! As we also rent we have 3 monthly inspections. Received letter yesterday to say theyre coming on the 17th Oct. DH is going to ring them and ask them to come asap as with baby due on 13th we could be visiting family, have people round or just be too generally busy and forget. That could cost us £30! Also if they come this week it might kick my arse into gear to get upstairs organised as there is clean washing everywhere in our bedroom.

has umlauf been around? Cant recall seeing her name?

I have a waffle dressing gown, well its my mums! I had orginally packed a normal fluffy one but remembered that post natal wards are rather warm and it was taking up a lot of room in my bag.

Two hours until school pick up then its straight to kickboxing for dd. She has been asked if she wants to move up a class too so staying to watch that one... i think ill be curled up asleep by 7pm. At least my mum is cooking our tea tonight.

I am truly fed up of being pregnant now. Anyone else at a stage where they want baby out but could just do with another few days/a week to finished getting organised?

sorry for the humungous post, I'll post more frequent from now grin

textbook Mon 23-Sep-13 13:16:42

Argh xposts, massive congrats Ruby on the birth of Alice thanksthanksthanks

Pinkforboys Mon 23-Sep-13 13:16:43

Ruby Congratulations!!! I was wondering how you were. flowers and baby cuddles to you xxx

Haylebop12 Mon 23-Sep-13 13:17:36


Congratulations Ruby Hope your feeling well smile

Good Luck textbook i hope all goes well for you...go on post the pic smile

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 13:29:50

Clapham I bought a size 12-14 it fits fine the next size up if I remember was a 16-18.

Yeah that jumper is only a size 10....it says out of stock everytime I try and buy it.

I am buying 2 nighties for when I get home for bf...need to order them today.

Would these be practical ladies who've bf previously:-



PseudoBadger Mon 23-Sep-13 13:30:00

Congratulations Ruby!!!

Monitoring was fine thanks, didn't do a ctg as she's been so active in the last 24 hours but listened to heartbeat. BP was good. Back on thurs for more monitoring and a growth scan.

I am very much looking forward to DS going to the childminder tomorrow grin

ananikifo Mon 23-Sep-13 13:34:31

Congrats Ruby! thanks

Pinkforboys Mon 23-Sep-13 13:36:38

Yey pseudo glad to hear good news from your monitoring smile

flyer those nighties look good, but I remember getting pretty hot in bed post birth (hormones and weight-shedding?) so you might want a sleeveless option. I just got the spotty nursing one from Mamas & Papas and it seems pretty good- here.

On the subject of shopping I'm not avoiding work, honest I'm really tempted by this on Zulily this morning snowsuit But can't work out whether 0-3 or 3-6 mths more appropriate. I guess the coldest weather shouldn't hit London til the new year so larger size would be okay??

JellyCurls Mon 23-Sep-13 13:44:42

Congratulations Ruby

Flyer post birth you sweat excessively to get rid of all excess fluid you built up. I wore a vest and Jammies bottoms for feeding DS that way could easily slip arms and boobs out. Also kept a blanket handy for putting over my shoulders if got chilly as he was a January baby.

Baking plans for today are cup cakes and millionaire shortbread but need to haul my ass off the couch first. Pulled a tummy / back muscle lifting DD wheelchair into car this morning so now got zero motivation or strength to move.

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 23-Sep-13 13:48:12

Congratulations Ruby

Hayle that is exactly how I feel. I am desperate to slam the brakes on, but I'd also like to slam them on at the point where I'm not 38 weeks pregnant!!!

I started compiling a list in my head of all the things I am looking forward to about not being pregnant anymore and then I had to start again because I felt bad that "meeting the baby" wasn't at the top. In fact, it wasn't anywhere near the top blush

Haylebop12 Mon 23-Sep-13 13:52:58

pink I have bought a thick jasper conran snowsuit in 3-6 as I had tr same idea that the worst of the weather is jan, feb, march and it also doesn't matter if its too big.

I have a cheaper slightly thinner one from tesco to use until then. Can always throw a blanket over too if the bad weather hits early.

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 14:03:20

Congratulations Ruby, wonderful news on the birth of Alice.

Textbook your post made me howl, those 4d scan things always look weird grin

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 14:06:13

I was thinking I'd not seen umlauf for a few days. Maybe she has given birth I think she was one of the early ones on the October bus.

Pinkforboys Mon 23-Sep-13 14:06:13

Thanks Hayle I needed the 2nd opinion. Ordered!!

Now I'm just dithering about a nappy stacker. I seem to have lost the one I had with DS which I found really handy, but not sure if I really need one confused

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 14:09:34

Oh and I'd just like to tell you that dp announced today that he has joined the amazon baby club. He gets 20% off nappies so he is intending to buy a months worth (his bulk buying) I knew it would be nappies that got him going!!! His money so I'm saying nothing and letting him get on with it grin

Haylebop12 Mon 23-Sep-13 14:09:51

flyer I was thinking the same, she's due 30/09 I think...

Racheld33 Mon 23-Sep-13 14:25:53

Congratulations ruby xxxxxxxx

roofio87 Mon 23-Sep-13 14:27:08

flyer your dps bulk buying obsession is my favourite thing about these threads!! grin

Shootingstarsandcomets Mon 23-Sep-13 14:28:11

Yay another baby! Congrats ruby!

AnythingNotEverything Mon 23-Sep-13 14:37:13

Huge congrats Ruby! Looking forward to hearing your story. Gorgeous name too. It's at the top of our list ...

Congratulations ruby, hope you and alice are doing well.

favellio Mon 23-Sep-13 14:42:39

Welcome to the world baby Alice thanks massive congratulations Ruby x

chickieno1 Mon 23-Sep-13 14:53:27

Congrats ruby and welcome baby Alice!

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 14:56:09

congrats ruby!!! Amazing news and a lovely name. How big was she? Looking forward to your full story grin

textbook please please please post the photo on FB!! We would love to see it! And glad your naughty placenta keeps moving up. Best of luck for tomorrow - will be thinking of you xxx

flyer both these nighties look great and very practical for BFing. Unlike others, I wasn't hot or sweaty after birth and wore long sleeves nighties right away. Perhaps you could buy one of each - sleeveless and long sleeves? You will need them anyway as you will be leaking milk at night so I found that I had to change very often. Also, might be worth to have mattress protector on your bed in the months after the birth - I totally ruined our mattress with the amount of milk I was leaking at night...
will know better this time!

I still haven't done much today. Slightly stressing now as DP's mum is coming tomorrow and staying with us until Sunday... She is a lovely lady and we really get on, she cares about me a lot and I know she will try to help and make me rest... but I'm just loving my lazy lonely days right now... doing what I want and when I want, not having to worry about someone else being bored etc... as I know these days will be over very very soon! I find it tiresome to have someone around the house with me from morning to night as I will have to entertain her and find things to do during the day (DP is obviously at work). She is 77 and can't walk far because of her bad knee and I love long walks... the only exercise I'm getting right now. She also doesn't eat pasta or rice and will only eat traditional British meals - meat and two veg. And I can't eat a lot of meat as it makes me feel unwell... so will have to manage our meals somehow. Also, she watches some TV programmes I simply can't abide and expects me to watch them with her. I would be OK with one or a couple of days with her on my own but not four... I have no idea what to do with her and what we are going to talk about for four days... I feel like a terrible awful selfish person because she is really lovely but I just want to be on my own...

SeriousStuff Mon 23-Sep-13 15:21:15

Great news Ruby! Enjoy some much needed rest!

Umlauf Mon 23-Sep-13 15:32:10

I'm here, mostly lurking!

Congratulations ruby I too am looking forward to the full story!! Alice is a beautiful name!

Just posted on the FB group but might as well ask here as well, what are your thoughts on epidurals? Most ladies have them in the hospital I'll be in, but you can opt out, although there is no alternative. So, epidural or nothing?!

Can you really buy nursing clothes on asos? That's fab, the gorgeous ones clapham and flyer have are a little out of my price range now I've spent all my money on those very impractical ash boots!!

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 15:39:09

umlauf I've responded to u in Facebook

ruby congrats on the birth of baby Alice wat a pretty name :-) how much did she weigh?

I had a seriously upset stomache today, definately not a bug as not feeling unwell.... All this pre labour stuff is absolutely crap literally lol

I am also feeling like I want the baby out RIGHT NOW but actually would like him to come next Monday, it will mean I can have my baby shower Saturday, then dh gets paid Sunday so can buy n e last minute bits then my midwife is back from her holiday Monday so I will get to have her for my birth....so next Monday is good for me when I will be exactly 38 weeks.

Does anyone else that's 37+ feel like they need to leave the house nice and tidy when they go to bed now just incase things start over night? Or am I being paranoid

favellio Mon 23-Sep-13 15:42:10

Lol natalieand, 37+5 and I'm exactly the same. I'm constantly cleaning, just in case smile fx it won't be long now!!

Wickedgirl Mon 23-Sep-13 15:43:11

Congratulations ruby.......lovely name flowers

xuntitledx Mon 23-Sep-13 15:47:45

Cleaning and shaving legs wink

Congratulations Ruby - enjoy your little one x

I had a look in M&S for that dressing gown flyer but they didn't have it. I might order online tonight. Matalan here had nothing Nat though I did get some cute sleepsuits and a "going home" outfit for Eliana.

Congratulations ruby. Alice will be Eliana's middle name after Dp's mum.

I feel completely exhausted today and have that bowling ball between my legs feeling. I think I'll lie on the sofa and let the dc's do some house work.

Oh god, had asked parents to stay this weekend as my 'on call' friend for DS, its her fellas bday so thought it best to have someone else available. Just spoke to dad, and they are coming on wednesday until sunday. What kind of a weekend is that?

JellyCurls Mon 23-Sep-13 16:02:25

Cleaning, leg shaving and constantly checking that I have spare bed covers and matching towels in case I have to call my parents or in laws for emergency overnight child care. The word neurotic springs to mind

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 23-Sep-13 16:04:18

Just back from MW who said that she thought the baby might have popped back out despite being 3/5 engage 2 weeks ago confused. That makes no sense to me since my bump has dropped at least 2-3 inches and I'm getting a fair bit of pressure in my pelvis. She did also say that it might be the shoulders she's feeling, so lets hope it's that.

clapham are you mad??? What on earth possessed you to agree to that visit?! grin

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 16:18:42

mrsH DP suggested it because she lives on her own now and hasn't seen us for a while so he thought it would be nice for her to visit. I agreed as I thought she would come for the weekend, as always, from Friday to Monday or similar. But not on Tuesday... so bowlfull I feel your pain... what kind of a "weekend" is it?

don't get me wrong - she is a lovely lady but being with someone the entire day from morning to night for 4 days feels too much right now... and I'm too nice to just bugger off and do my own stuff so, knowing myself, I will try to entertain her all the time and will be secretly frustrated inside. DP keeps telling me I can just leave her with her TV and go and watch another TV in another but it feels so rude. I can't do it...

I'm not the only one feeling a bit antisocial these days right?

umlauf I'm not planning to have an epidural as they say it slows down birth and can lead to interventions and C Section which I don't want. I managed to do it without one last time. But every birth is different so don't quote me and reserve the right to change my mind! Not in my plan though

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 16:23:37

I do not have this nesting instinct I am missing the nesting gene. I have no desire to clean at all full stop!! grin

Went to mothercare to collect the elmo booties falcon had and ordered that jumper Clapham, I went for a size 10, they did have size 8 to order in store though. I think I'd be kidding myself with getting into a size 8 this side of Xmas. My arms have gone bigger as well as every other part of my body.

Called in at m&s had a scone, lush. Also got some nice shower gel and body cream for hospital it's called Moroccan escape by m&s...they was a time is be buying Jo Malone but not anymore, gone are the indulgent days.

Got all my ingredients to bake and am too tired to start now grin

Clapham no advice for mil stay....eat out every night maybe?! What programmes does she like to watch?

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 16:27:50

Mon were you saying about the hooded towel?

I just bought one in Asda £5 bargain...it's their max & Millie range. My other is a free persil one from Nct and my mum bought me one from m&s i think.

MrsO27 Mon 23-Sep-13 16:28:16

Congrats ruby and welcome little Alice.

Virtual hug clapham, i have about a 4 hour tolerance of my mil (less if she's drinking) and after that she begins to grate on my nerves - but your one sounds ok and it will be Sunday before you know it! Maybe you could get out of the rubbish tv progs by using that time for naps? No one argues with a pregnant lady when they say they need to lie down. I would also ask dp to plan some evening activities and maybe cook 1 or 2 of the evening meals to take some of the pressure off you. Worth a try! Good luck.

I thought I had been given all the pregnancy symptoms i was due, but DH mentioned last night my nose has got wider. I hadn't noticed myself, but he's right. Anyone else had this? My feet are humongous today too. Would never normally wish away nice weather but I do hope it's cooler again tomorrow. Moan, moan, moan....

Im also feeling very anti social clapham, just cant be arsed to think about anyone else except DS. My parents are not demanding, so fine in that respect, but we live in a 2 bed flat, so they will be on the sofabed in living room.

I had an epidural last time umlauf, but will be doing my best to avoid one this time. The procedure is fine, and pain relief outstanding, but i ended up with loads of intervention because i couldnt feel the urge to push, and so by the time they bothered to check me i was fully dilated, ds in distress and they had to get him out there and then. So it was poor care in my case, but epi didnt help. Having said that lots of women have them and have umconplicated births. As with everything baby related there is no right or wrong, you just have to go with what you think is best.

JellyCurls Mon 23-Sep-13 16:42:55

MrsO my nose grew last twice but it goes back down again, thankfully. No growing hooter this time but very puffy lips

moonblues Mon 23-Sep-13 16:43:22

Congratulations Ruby. Hope Alice is doing well.

37 weeks today and SC. Only 2 weeks til section day!

SeriousStuff Mon 23-Sep-13 16:49:32

Thank you to everyone who indulged my rant! DH is on the case with the landlord. The problem is that he and his wife are genuinely nice people but I think they must be a bit scatty, and possibly just don't have the money to complete everything in one go. This makes it difficult to confront them when we see them, but I just wish they'd tell us what the situation is, rather than promise things they can't deliver!

Did I read someone else on here saying that they don't want to socialise anymore? I'm completely with you. I'm seeing a friend tonight who I haven't seen since our wedding 18 months ago. I know when I'm out, it will be great, but it's just being bothered to go!

Looking forward to this weekend though. I'm having my pre-birth hair colour and cut then DH and I are going for dim sums - possibly the last meal out for just the two of us before the baby arrives. Have no idea what I'll wear though...have wanted to go to the cinema too, but there's nothing on I want to see!

Shirehobbit Mon 23-Sep-13 16:56:13

I have puffy lips, too - they're awesome! I'll miss them, along with the thicker hair.

First day of real puffiness in my fingers and feet, today. But it is suddenly really warm here, so I think air pressure/temp changes may be having an effect (as well as being super busy at work).

Can't quite remember who's said what (just catching up on my phone) but there seems to be a few house guests on the horizon. I'm sorry, but rather you than me - I'm pretty good at putting on a face at work and out and about at the moment, brushing off the offensive/inane/repetitive comments you begin to get used to, the more pregnant you look, but at home, I am a different beast!

Shirehobbit Mon 23-Sep-13 16:57:44

Ooh - and I nearly forgot, congratulations Ruby! flowers

HotSoupDumpling Mon 23-Sep-13 17:06:23

I love the shopping talk! That m and s dressing gown looks great. I got a lighter cotton one from tk maxx for roughly the same price, and also got a big fluffy warm one from m and s for when it gets cold. I ordered a Caro London one from Achica in discount (so it was a bit over 30 quid I think), but I was disappointed when it arrived so returned it. The pattern was gorgeous but the cotton felt stiff and almost polyester-like. (As you can tell, I have been irrationally worritting a lot about dressing gowns. I have FOUR now!)

Serious, your rant is completely justified!

I don't mind doing meals out in the evening with family and friends (as long as I'm driven/taxied there and back!) but can't do anything more demanding nowadays - my back kills and I look like a zombie...

Yes flyer I've got a persil one from the Bounty pack and bought another one in Matalan today that comes with a wash mitt. I might get another on Asda next time I'm in. I'm currently debating wether to get the M&S robe or a purple one I've just seen on eBay. I'm too tired to make decisions. The blooming marvelous one from mothercare is an option too.

Slippysnow Mon 23-Sep-13 17:21:52

mrs0 I'm pretty sure nose growth is associated with a particular gender, or so the old wives tale goes

ruby congratulations, looking forward to reading your birth story

I have really struggled to find a lightweight dark dressing gown, it can't be too much to ask.

roxvox Mon 23-Sep-13 17:30:02

Congratulations ruby and baby Alice! Looking forward to your birth story.

umlauf I am going to avoid epidural if I can. Would like to do the whole thing with just gas and air (no water baths at my hospital).

Horrendous back pain today. Such bad surges at one point that I almost convinced myself that they were actually contractions (happening just below my right shoulder blade hmm ) ... But SC @ 38+5

favellio Mon 23-Sep-13 17:35:15

I am bored with being pregnant now..........rant over sad

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 17:36:14

My feet have grown quite a bit. Please someone tell me they go back to the original size. All my shoes kill my feet as they are too tight!

Sanjifair Mon 23-Sep-13 17:37:18

Congratulations ruby! Welcome to the world Alice.
umlauf I've just cooked that chicken/chorizo/chickpea recipe. Half for tea tonight and half for the freezer.
mon my NCT teacher linked to this the other day, you might be interested in reading it?
SC 37+1 and enjoying my first day of maternity leave where I've been home alone - got loads of things done, my bag is finally packed for a start!

Congratulations Ruby and welcome to the world Alice!

Also trying to avoid an epidural- I would have to ask to be transferred upstairs to the labour ward to have one anyway if all goes to plan and I'm in the birth centre. Hoping I will be settled in the pool with my gas and air and not shrieking that someone needs to take me upstairs now!

I haven't got a dressing gown in my bag hmm I have my own chavvy leopard fluffy one that doesn't really fit, and DPs lightweight dark one that is lovely but an XL so even in my current state I look a bit of a mess in it. And there's not much space left in my bag. Maybe I should try to squish it in. Again, hoping not to have to spend any time on the post natal ward (6hr discharge from birth centre) but anything could happen to make me end up there. Must take head out of sand.

flyer I'm still waiting for the nesting instinct. I had a big thing about getting the flat decorated- I was particularly concerned about glossing the skirting boards. Now that is over I can't be arsed. Need to get a cleaner clean the floors...

Racheld33 Mon 23-Sep-13 17:45:02

flyer my shoe size went from 5 to a 6 last pregnancy, they only went back to a 5.5 so some of my old shoes are very very snug (but too nice to get rid of!)

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 17:55:44

Oh pants Rachel I will just have to suffer in the name of fashion and just squeeze my feet into them grin

Pinkforboys Mon 23-Sep-13 17:55:46

I love all this collective moaning grin

flyer don't worry, your jimmy choos will fit again (one day in the distant future...)

Am i the only one hoping to stay in hospital for a night? I had DS at 10pm so by the time we were cleaned up DH and my Mum were kicked out and I had to stay in overnight and the next day before discharge. I loved those few night-time hours being just me and DS with no competition for holding or staring at him. I'm kind of hoping for the same, but of course it will be completely different.
At some point I really need to work out what we do with DS under all possible circumstances. It's hard when you don't know how long labour will take (can my folks get down to London in time) or will my Dad/bro/friend be able to look after him?! My brain just can't cope with multiple choice at the mo- it goes into <computer crash> mode

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 17:57:32

Haha Pink I couldn't part with my jimmy's grin

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 18:00:22

My shoe size went up 2 sizes last time (but I think one size was simply due to swelling in hot July / August) and now I'm about 0.5-1 size bigger than before my first pregnancy. I've read that feet are the only thing that gets bigger permanently, everything else should go back to normal after pregnancy. I hope my feet won't get bigger this time too?

feminist perhaps your own bathrobe will fit you again once you give birth? You won't need it before or during labour, only afterwards, so you will be smaller then. Although I packed one last time and can't remember using it at all so perhaps you would survive without one too... I got lucky though and had my own private room so didn't really need it. I'm packing one now as don't expect my luck will be repeated so expect to be on a busy ante-natal ward... (flyer just ordered the M&S bathrobe in 12-14 also in chocolate - good camouflage colour grin)

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 18:01:03

ps. I've done nothing productive today and haven't even been outside... please tell me I'm not the only one...? It's so unlike me and I feel weird about it...

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 18:06:45

pinkforboys I had dd at 12.10pm and spent the night in hospital, and I hope to this time really, gives dd time to be prepared that a baby is coming home and I want her to visit him in hospital so its neutral territory lol and I want just a bit of time to adjust before I'm thrust back into the reality of real life. X

Umlauf Mon 23-Sep-13 18:17:08

I will be gutted if my feet don't go back I have only spent 2 hours in my choos (on my wedding day) and specifically bought nude patent instead of wedding white so I could wear them again!!

sanji I hope you like it! I found it scrummy :-D

clapham I've not left the house either! Wouldn't want to waste my make up!

pink I'm staying in for 3 nights I think and am pleased with that!! I'm hoping I'll be taught lots by the midwives and feel less in the deep end when back home!

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 18:18:03

re: overnight hospital stay, I don't feel strongly either way right now to be honest... I think it will depend on how my labour goes and how I feel. Last time I had to stay for 24 hours as I had meconium in my waters so they had to monitor DS for a possible infection. Also the midwives in Kingston were so lovely that I felt more supported and safer there. I also wanted to help them with my BFing as I was worried I would have problems. And I did to start with. This time I feel more confident... plus St Thomas's feel more impersonal the way they treat you... so, if I have this baby early in the day, I may want to go home in the evening. I told DP and he is scared! He wants me to stay in the hospital overnight!!

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 18:21:00

ps. correction... I didn't "want to help them with my BFing... lol. I wanted them to help me!

and umlauf I'm glad I'm not the only one grin I've showered and got dressed in clean clothes. This is my main achievement today...

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 18:26:54

Clapham I had a few days like that last week. We are allowed I say.

Umlauf I have nude choo's they are peep toe quiet ones but they are so bloody uncomfy I've only worn them a handful of times. I'm thinking about selling them on eBay.

Shirehobbit Mon 23-Sep-13 18:42:41

Are you sure some of you aren't professional shoppers? wink

PS don't forget the Midwives programme is tonight, not tomorrow (BBC2 9pm)

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 23-Sep-13 19:11:13

Ooh well reminded Shire

Haylebop12 Mon 23-Sep-13 19:43:12

Haven't caught up yet guys but I THINK my waters have gone. Gonna call triage when I can get off the loo!

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 19:45:03

NO WAY omg Hayley you are my due date buddy....fx chick, woo so exciting smile x

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 19:46:34

Omg hayle I got so excited reading that I had to tell dh :-)

Shirehobbit Mon 23-Sep-13 19:47:03

Eeek - fellow 13th due dater!
Hope everything is ok, Hayle x

PseudoBadger Mon 23-Sep-13 19:47:25

Go Hayle!!! Is it a gush?

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 19:48:22

Me too Natalie.....I just shouted through to dp!! It's v exciting

Eeek Hayle love the fact u put THINK in capitals! You had better not be getting all our hopes up!!

Sanjifair Mon 23-Sep-13 19:50:45

Eek! Another 13 th Oct girl here! Good luck Hayle!

fx for you hayle xxx

Shirehobbit Mon 23-Sep-13 19:51:43

(We're very good at Eeeek-ing grin )

Wickedgirl Mon 23-Sep-13 19:54:18

With my first baby, I was able to come home after 6 hours which made me very happy. Babies 2 and 3 both had meconium so we had to stay in hospital overnight. When I had baby 2, my dd wasn't quite 2 and because we had never been apart, she got very distressed overnight because I wasn't home. It ended up with her struggling to breathe and DH calling an ambulance. So while I was upstairs on maternity, dd and do we're downstairs in a&e.
Needless to say, I cried after having baby 3 as I was desperate to go home and be with the rest of my family but it wasn't to be sad

I am hoping for a 6 hour discharge this time as I would much rather be in my own bed with my en suite bathroom just a few steps from my bed.

Wickedgirl Mon 23-Sep-13 19:56:05

Oooohhhhh......how exciting. We have a SWIL potentially. grin

Haylebop12 Mon 23-Sep-13 19:57:04

Hi guys, I do hope it's it tbh. My waters didn't go with dd so little unsure but I felt like my plug was coming out, I stood up and had the ulmighty urge to go toilet. Except I was struggling to hold myself and as soon as I sat down it came out. Since then I have been having a lot of dishchrge and its become very pinky.

I've called triage who said put a pad on and monitor so I'm resisting the urge to go toilet as I feel rather damp down below!! But I do need to see how much I'm losing.

ananikifo Mon 23-Sep-13 19:59:14

Good luck Hayle! How exciting!

textbook Mon 23-Sep-13 20:01:19

Oooh Hayle how exciting! Keep us posted grin

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 20:02:01

Cue everyone refreshing every 5 minutes for the entire evening haha

Haha I refreshed twice before posting this Nat grin
Good luck Hayle hope this is it!

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 23-Sep-13 20:06:24

No fair Hayle my EDD is 3 Oct - you're not supposed to go before me!!! grin

What was that you were saying esaelier about not feeling ready to have the baby yet...?

Good luck and fingers crossed for more babies soon smile

Umlauf Mon 23-Sep-13 20:11:58

Eek hayle get back in line!!!

Seriously though, very excited for you! Keep us posted!!

legallyblond Mon 23-Sep-13 20:12:42

So much to catch up on... I know I don't catch everyone!

First, Hayle, good luck!!!!

MoN - tough choices, but I am sure you'll come to the right decision. I echo what everyone else has said... You've been Si string throughout, right from the first Michael fold scan where there was 10mm fluid (is that right?) round Eliana.... I have huge respect for how you've handled it.

Umm, argh! I've now forgotten everything else! I'll have to scroll back and post again!

All good here. Bern officially discharged from the midwives as both twins are well up over their birth weight again. Yay!! Still bf and still no probs! There was done discussion about bf up thread... I am the eldest of four and my mum bf us all until we were 18 months - 2 years... So it never occurred to me that I would do anything else. I think I was lucky as well.

Haylebop12 Mon 23-Sep-13 20:22:55

Feeling verrrry wet down below... Possibly mild contractions but trying not to get my hopes up...! Mw on phone said I should be monitoring to see if I'm soaking through a pad but surely if waters have gone then that's not gonna happen...? Plus she suggested baby's head could be pushing down on bladder but the fact I'm not losing a lot of pinky discharge I'm even more convinced it was my waters!

mrsh I'm not ready, my bedroom is a tip, my bathroom needs cleaning and my car seat s still on the loft at my mum n dads!

Baby has been quieter today but still moving... Oh god I hope this is it!

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 20:24:33

Hayley didn't you have dd at 37+5?

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 20:26:00

How exciting hayle how regularly should u be checking the pad? How long should it take to be soaked if its waters? Eeeeeeek I'm so creaking excited!!!

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 20:26:21

Creaking hmm I meant freaking lol

PseudoBadger Mon 23-Sep-13 20:28:09

My waters went with DS at 38 weeks Hayle. What no one tells you is that waters are constantly replenished by baby so yes you will keep soaking through pads if they've properly gone. I went through 3 pairs of trousers!

pinkbuttons Mon 23-Sep-13 20:35:46

ooh just checking in and not fully caught up yet but wanted to add my eeek! How exciting hayle hope this is it for you although am v v jealous.

Haylebop12 Mon 23-Sep-13 20:35:53

She said check after an hour.

Thanks for that info pseudo although I'm feeling very wet down below I'm not soaking through a pad, I don't think but have LOADS of pink discharge.

Yes I had dd at 37+5 which is Friday. my waters never went although when they did break them there was only some left apparently.

I'm so confused sad

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 20:40:04

If u have a birthing ball u could try bouncing on that hayle?

Dh is banishing me to the bedroom to watch midwives on the iPad cos 'it's not his kind of thing' meanie x

PseudoBadger Mon 23-Sep-13 20:41:26

You might get gushes as more is produced, or as you move around. Or could be forewaters rather than hind waters. Whatever it is I hope it's it for you!!!

Wickedgirl Mon 23-Sep-13 20:41:30

This thread is going to move super fast with everyone posting and trying to find out what's happening

Shirehobbit Mon 23-Sep-13 20:41:56

Sending you lots of positive vibes, Hayle - try not to stress, if possible. X

Very exciting Hayle.

Yes legally well remembered. 10mm cystic hygroma.

Clapham I felt so isolated when I was given a private room with dc3. A women I spoke to in the waiting room at my last appointment who's having her c-section 2 days before me said it's hospital policy to give private rooms to those having planned sections. I'm going to ask if they can make an exception in my case. If Eliana does spend a lot of time in NICU I don't want to be stuck in a room on my own with nobody to talk to.

HeffalumpTheFlump Mon 23-Sep-13 20:43:39

Good luck hayle! xxx

Pinkforboys Mon 23-Sep-13 20:51:47

Ooh hayle good luck! Hope it is your waters and all goes speedily now.
You've certainly put the fear into me- I'd better get those bags packed!!

Smitten1981 Mon 23-Sep-13 20:57:16

Good luck Hayle. Wow this is all really happening now. Scary!

First day working from home today. Was pretty boring and I felt like I couldn't leave the house in case I got an email I had to reply to.

We're getting the dog spayed on Friday, I'm trying to keep myself under control but I feel desperately sad that something awful might happen and she might die. I'm making DH take her in on the way to work as I feel sick just thinking about leaving her there and her being scared hmm

Feel free to virtual slap me and tell me I'm being a wuss.

cherrycherry41 Mon 23-Sep-13 20:58:25

Good luck Hayle!
Hope it is your waters! grin

HotSoupDumpling Mon 23-Sep-13 21:02:22

Smitten - not a wuss. Your dog is lucky that it has lots of love!

Hayle, good luck!! So exciting!

Right, Midwives is on.

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 21:02:56

hayle how exciting!! grin grin I really hope this is it. Your experience sounds so similar to mine. I also had this urge to go to the toilet, felt like something was stuck there and then my plug came out. And I didn't have a gush, just constant feeling of wetness down there. Not enough to soak through the pad but just a bit wet all the time. They finally told me to come in after 7-8 hours and confirmed it was my waters smile I also had very mild period pains at the same time - nothing special so wasn't sure what they were. Same as you. Fingers crossed! Will be refreshing the entire evening and possibly night

MoN I loved the privacy and peace and quiet. I was so exhausted after my labour, just wanted to stare at DS and sleep, nothing else

shire thanks for the reminder! Had no idea The Midwives were on tonight

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 23-Sep-13 21:04:03

DH is obviously feeling very brave tonight - well, he is sitting the other side of the room - he has just suggested that the reason I found Tom Kerridge so very fucking irritating was that I might be a "bit touchy" hmm grin

I suppose I was really rather rude about him (Tom Kerridge that is, not DH...)

Haylebop12 Mon 23-Sep-13 21:16:43

clapham sound so similar! I've called triage as I have soaked through and it's still coming... She said to pop down to get checked out as I'm pretty sure I'm contracting too although pain is ok and a good 5-6 mins apart.

Told her I would pop in after watching the midwives! But really want a shower and a quick tidy up tbh!

Wickedgirl Mon 23-Sep-13 21:18:00

I like Tom kerridge.......what don't you like about him mrs h?

Pinkforboys Mon 23-Sep-13 21:18:11

I know you'll all be watching Midwives whilst I'm avoiding it with my head in the sand but could someone explain Netflix to me? I've got Virgin Media so can watch things on demand but the TV series are limited. Can you watch anything you want on Netflix? Is it worth the extra ££??

Smitten1981 Mon 23-Sep-13 21:20:25

Pink - get Netflix, I think it's free for the first month and you can watch anything on there. It's all included in the price.

It's super easy to cancel if you don't like it too. You can cancel any time.

That mooing woman on midwives just petrified me. confused

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 21:21:25

Eeeeeek hayle I'm so jelous. I'm not a 13/10 but I'm a 14/10 and dh can't get it into his head it could happen any time!!

Make sure u take a phone charger we need updates lol

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 21:24:48

Never mind the woman mooing smitten check out the woman having her booking appt with that poor student midwife ... Jeeese

JellyCurls Mon 23-Sep-13 21:25:18

Good luck Hayle but do not approve of your queue jumping.

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 21:25:24

I know Nat I thought the same but didn't like to say grin

PseudoBadger Mon 23-Sep-13 21:28:32

I'm watching Silver Linings Playbook and recording Midwives....

favellio Mon 23-Sep-13 21:31:00

good luck Hayle!!! keep us posted x

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 23-Sep-13 21:31:04

wicked well it started with his accent which sounds a bit over-egged to me (I live in the West Country and its just sounds a bit false somehow). Plus he said something stupid about simple food with friends and then pulled out a foam canister for his plum fool and then I made a very rude comment that may have suggested I was waddling less at 38 weeks pregnant blush

I think, in essence, the thing I don't like about him is that he is on the telly and I am 38 weeks pregnant blush blush

notsoold Mon 23-Sep-13 22:03:18

Hayle....fx for you!!! Xxx
Ruby congratulations!!!
I am record ing midwives and back in bed after a whole day vomiting!!! Also managed to drop my phone and now the screen has a big crack!!!

notsoold Mon 23-Sep-13 22:03:34

Hayle....fx for you!!! Xxx
Ruby congratulations!!!
I am record ing midwives and back in bed after a whole day vomiting!!! Also managed to drop my phone and now the screen has a big crack!!!

Flyer747 Mon 23-Sep-13 22:05:23

Get better Notso thanks

My goodness that woman was very calm when he baby wasn't breathing properly I'd be a hysterical mess.

Hands up who really really wants their baby now?!

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 23-Sep-13 22:05:46

Trust you lot only to go quiet when Midwives is on grin

Natalieand Mon 23-Sep-13 22:08:04

....quickly puts both hands in the air like a child desperate to be picked to answer a question at school lol...

Shirehobbit Mon 23-Sep-13 22:08:42

I couldn't believe no one was talking to her while they were helping the baby - it must have been terrifying.

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 22:09:39

I want one flyer but I'm not allowed yet as only 35+6... need to keep cooking a bit longer... I also don't want to go into labour when DP's mum is here... I want it to be only the two of us

hope you feel better notsoold!

kiwee Mon 23-Sep-13 22:11:58

Congratulations Ruby flowers

Fingers crossed this is it hayle - good luck!!

Had my antenatal appointment yesterday. Plan now for repeat scan next week with immediate c/section if any further drop off in growth at that point or else elective section at just before 39/40 otherwise. Even if the baby turns in the meantime they won't let me go beyond 39/40 and would induce at that time as still worries about growth. But on the plus side I'll only be pregnant for another 2 weeks - yay!

My big excitement of the day though was the obstetric consultant calling me 'tall'. I'm 5'3'' so never been called tall in my life before! Fortunately DH was there to witness it or he'd never had believed me.

Hope everyone's keeping well, not long to go now.

xuntitledx Mon 23-Sep-13 22:12:39

Feeling cross watching The Midwives - not one of them spoke to the mum or explained what was happening just then...how inconsiderate and horrific for the parents!

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 23-Sep-13 22:14:37

Clapham have finally PMd you with that recipe. Enjoy!

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 22:15:33

by the way, I feel very achy down there today... I had a couple of moments yesterday when I felt sudden pain and pressure in my hoo hoo. And today I feel the baby kicking much lower down and I seem to have more space to eat and breath. I don't know if it's just my wishful thinking but I hope the baby engaged a bit yesterday. Going for my 36 appointment on Wednesday so I wonder what the mw will say

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 22:17:03

thanks MrsH!

MrsO27 Mon 23-Sep-13 22:29:29

Good luck hayle
Hope you feel better soon notsoold
I want baby cuddles after watching the Midwifes!
Did they report back on what happened to the hairy toothless lady with the black discharge?

Shirehobbit Mon 23-Sep-13 22:33:45

How many weeks are you now, Kiwee?
(PS love the tall comment! Does that make me 'not short' @ just under 5'2"?!)

No, there was no further news on the black-discharge lady, MrsO

ananikifo Mon 23-Sep-13 22:36:43

MrsO I want to know about the black discharge too but I guess it will remain a mystery. I also want to cuddle my baby but I think I need to cook a bit longer.

Off to bed now. Good night everyone and keep us updated hayle!

kiwee Mon 23-Sep-13 22:38:48

36+6 now shire so not long to go!

I didn't think to ask about the cut off for what makes someone tall...I was just in too much shock but I suspect if 5'3'' is tall than 5'2'' must be 'not short'.

Shirehobbit Mon 23-Sep-13 22:40:59

I don't think I've ever been not short, before wink

Night Ana - I should really sign off too, but you I want updates. Dilemma!!

claphammama Mon 23-Sep-13 22:45:41

don't be a wimp shire, the night is still young...

I'm 5'4'' - practically a model then

monkeytree Mon 23-Sep-13 22:45:56

Congratulations Ruby

Yes, had enough now and I'm only 35+3 so too early for dd2 to put in an appearance. Dual edged thing of wanting DD to arrive but not feeling ready - DH is in full decorating mode a couple more things to buy and washing to do etc. Also making the most of giving DD1 one to one time. Four weeks seems such a long time but I know it's not long in the grand scheme of things.

Felt achy and breathless this morning and had to use mind over matter to get out through the door with school run and work. Felt better as day wore on. I find myself giving two stories to people who ask how I am. For those I don't get on and/or those who seem to revel in other peoples hardship I say I am doing just fine and working hard etc so its all a bit of a blur but to the people I get on with/friends I tell them the truth that I cant wait for it all to be over and then list my ailments.......

Can also relate to not feeling particularly sociable. There is no way I could put up with a member of the family staying with us at the moment it just wouldn't work, I'm far too irritable and selfish at the moment. Not even making an effort to see friends only on the odd occasion. I just feel I need the time to myself and to sort things out as sorting things out seem to take a lot longer at the moment. I'm sure when the baby arrives I will want to get out and socialise a lot more.

cherrycherry41 Mon 23-Sep-13 23:16:48

Hayle any update? Have you gone up to triage or are you tidying? lol!

Haylebop12 Mon 23-Sep-13 23:21:15


cherrycherry41 Mon 23-Sep-13 23:21:39


moonblues Mon 23-Sep-13 23:30:10

Goodluck Hayle! smile

roxvox Mon 23-Sep-13 23:51:26

Woohoo! Good luck hayle!

SeriousStuff Tue 24-Sep-13 00:06:40

OMG Hayle how exciting! Made even more so because you're due a day after me so it's really bringing it home now. Good luck!

Haylebop12 Tue 24-Sep-13 00:08:40

Isaac David born 23:45, will update ASAP but all happened very quick!

claphammama Tue 24-Sep-13 00:13:03

OMG hayle... just posted on FB but congratulations again!! may all our labours be as quick as yours. enjoy your cuddles and your lovely little boy you lucky lady xxx

roxvox Tue 24-Sep-13 00:18:04

Congratulations Hayle! I am loving the fact that you were being quite blasé about it all earlier with "I told her I will pop in after I've watched Midwives." grin

Congratulations Hayle! And thanks for keeping us updated- and for the FB pic!! smile xxx

notsoold Tue 24-Sep-13 00:32:47

Hayle...congratulations on the arrival of baby Isaac David!!! Xxx

PseudoBadger Tue 24-Sep-13 00:40:20

Bloody hell! I guess it was your waters then grin
Many congratulations xx

kiwee Tue 24-Sep-13 01:18:49

Wow congratulations hayle!

Good thing you went in when you did grin

Flyer747 Tue 24-Sep-13 01:25:52

Congratulations Hayle....welcome baby Isaac, what a fast labour. He certainly didn't fancy waiting until the 13 th grin. Xx

chickieno1 Tue 24-Sep-13 01:51:12

Congratulations hayle! Saw the news on FB, didn't know there was all the excitement of waters going etc as hadn't looked at mn all day!! Well done you and welcome to baby Isaac xx

chickieno1 Tue 24-Sep-13 01:55:19

mon just wanted to give you some flowers. You've been so strong throughout your pregnancy with all the ups and downs and information to take in. You've also had your other dc to look after which on one hand I'm sure kept you going. It's good you've got a support group before Eliana arrives. It's a difficult decision to make about the sterilisation, maybe you can talk to your consultant obs about it? Also they might have some ideas about other methods of contraception?? Thinking of you xx

chickieno1 Tue 24-Sep-13 02:03:55

clapham I know what you mean about wanting the house to yourself at this stage. It isn't selfish at all. I agree you should say you need a lie down whenever you need a break from mil or watching her tv shows!

Everyone else who was feeling antisocial I do too.

We're making progress! Cot put up last night, chest of drawers for babies clothes done on sat, buggy will be bought on weds. Need to get car seat and changing mat for bag, any ideas re ones that fold up nicely but are still quite large? Dentist for teeth cleaning tomorrow (thanks rachel), threading on Friday, massage on Friday, waxing next Monday and hair early next week! Phew! I am THE last minute queen smile

I've forgotten everything else.......

Hope you're feeling better notso

Good there's a definite plan kiwee

Hope you're ok now falcon and well done to clever willow for bf!

Thinking of jethro

And good luck tomorrow textbook

Wickedgirl Tue 24-Sep-13 02:25:41

I've only been away a couple of hours and there's another baby! Huge congratulations Hayle. I hope you're both doing ok.

Away a few hours and another beautiful bundle arrives congrats hayle!!!!!! Up feeding she ls having both formula and breast but mostly. Boob already not bad since she just started to switch yesterday smile

Haylebop12 Tue 24-Sep-13 03:04:15

So is my labour a kick up the arse to get those bags packed and last minute jobs done? grin

Dh gone home to get couple hours kip, get dd to school and get In my parents loft for car seat. Little annoyed that I didn't sort it sooner as its been up there for a year and really could do with a wash!

Isaac is very settled but I'm not, can't stop staring at him. Still no feed, mws said they give them up to 12 hours but he should want to feed between 6 and 8 hours after...? I did put him to the breast about an hour after delivery but he was screaming too much.

Oh and he's 7lb 6. Same as his big sister smile

moonblues Tue 24-Sep-13 05:27:55

Wow Hayle. That sure was quick! Congratulations!

Right must pack hospital bag tomorrow! My EDD is 14/10/13, though section on 7/10/13, but you've certainly made me realise it might happen sooner than that and I should get more organised!

Might have to join Facebook, so that I can see all these baby photos. smile

textbook Tue 24-Sep-13 05:28:38

Wow - congrats Hayle and welcome Isaac thanksthanksthanks hope he has a good feed soon x

Sanjifair Tue 24-Sep-13 06:16:16

Wow, hayle that was quick! Wel jel! Many congratulations, and what a good size for 37 weeks. Hope he starts feeding soon.

This is definitely the kick up the arse I needed, I only sorted my bag yesterday and I am the same EDD as you!

Natalieand Tue 24-Sep-13 06:36:29

Amazing news hayle :-) no point in hanging around I guess and at least u got to watch midwives lol. I see u didn't go with Isaac shark then grin looking forward go hearing your birth story xx

moon I'm a fellow 14/10 I also haven't finished my hospital bag I really should get more organised. But I really wanna paint dd's bedroom first lol

cherrycherry41 Tue 24-Sep-13 06:39:50

thanks thanks thanks thanks for Hayle and her sneeze birth, very jealous!!
And btw FAB updates! Will expect all of you lot to do the same when you all pop wink

JellyCurls Tue 24-Sep-13 07:05:34

Congratulations Hayle thanks quick deliveries take more out of the mummies so try to get plenty of rest over next few days. Enjoy your snuggles with baby Isaac

SC at 39+1 and not at all so so jealous of those who already have their bundles

Shirehobbit Tue 24-Sep-13 07:12:19

Congratulations, Hayle and welcome to Isaac flowers
I'm not so much jealous, as panicked! Still assuming I'll go over, and too busy at work this week, but it does make it all a little more real.

So SC @37+2 and fx things stay that way for another ten days or so....

HotSoupDumpling Tue 24-Sep-13 07:31:06

Ahhh congrats Hayle on Isaac's superfast arrival!! I love hearing these stories, makes me want to evict this little one as soon as possible! That said, I love my bump and will miss it.

Had a decent night's sleep but feel even groggier than usual. I need to remember my PF exercises.

Oh my gosh, huge congrats hayle. I am super jealous of your 37 week quick labour and stylish updates x

Umlauf Tue 24-Sep-13 07:32:17

I had a feeling I'd wake up to this news! Congratulations Hayle!! flowers

I'm sure he'll feed soon and he's a really good weight! Isaac very pretty name and goes brilliantly with Amelia! Xx

Congratulations Ruby and Hayley! Haven't been able to keep up but after seeing the Facebook thread I had to invest some time this morning reading! (So another day without washing my hair goes by!) super news, wow Hayley, so quick!

Flyer yes I am really thirsty and feel dehydrated no matter how much I drink. Your DP makes me laugh with all his stockpiling!

MoN have you tried the latex free condoms? I think they are called avanti? They are a bit more expensive, I only use them in the two weeks after using thrush cream as that makes normal condoms ineffective. They are meant to be less likely to cause irritations. Not a long term solution for you maybe but a possibility if you decide to wait?

Glad you are doing ok falcon. Hope you are on the mend Tarlia.

Sorry you have had a rubbish time with the house serious stuff. Can you get professional cleaners in to deal with the dust? Not what you want to be dealing with now.

MoN I bought a very thin knee length cotton dressing gown from primark, but it is white which probably isn't ideal. Cost £5 or something. More bought for shoving on when I get out of the birth pool. If it is cold by the time this baby makes an appearance I will bring my big fleecy one in the car, though it doesn't protect my modesty any more!

Yay on the moving placenta textbook. Hopefully it makes the c section more straightforward.

I missed your post umlauf but seems you had a car accident? Are you ok? I can't believe how common this seems to be, a few ladies here have had accidents in pregnancy. I hope all is well.

I don't want an epidural and will probably have the baby in the MLU, hopefully in the pool. Although last night I had a major panic about DH having to leave me outside visiting hours or if they think it will be a while and that really worries me. The last two times I was in hospital (non pregnancy related) and he was sent away I went into meltdown. When he is there I am calm and my pain, blood pressure and temperature were lower. I am seriously considering home birth again which we discounted a few months ago as DH was worried about risks and journey time if something went wrong. Going to discuss with MW on Friday when we discuss birth plan and see in what circumstances husbands are sent home. DH is going to come with me.

Argh in fact it might have to be a no shower at all day today. Have to go to work. Have a good day all!

Ps good luck with the inspection shire

Congratulations Hayle I did see the news on a loo trip in middle of night, but didn't trust myself to post half asleep! Yes your news has most definitely made me plan a mass tidy up today (there's a tent up in the nursery/playroom from girls playing camping on sunday!)

And agree with cherry you have set the bar very high with regards to updates! We will expect the same from everyone now! grin

Shirehobbit Tue 24-Sep-13 07:39:37

Thanks Orange smile

MrsHoratioNelson Tue 24-Sep-13 07:53:40

Congratulations Hayle! That was all rather quick. Why isn't there post natal tea and toast icon?! Have some brew and cake instead.

Ok, now I'm bored of waiting. Had a bit if a wobble last night and confessed to DH that I was worried that I would w disappointed if the baby turned out to be a boy. I'm not sure why I've decided I'd prefer a girl. Not loads, just enough to be worried I'll be disappointed.

DH was v rational and pointed out that when the baby arrives I am very unlikely to be disappointed at all and it wasn't so long ago that I wanted boys so as not to have a rehash of my prickly relationship with my mother. Sigh. These hormones are very odd...

legallyblond Tue 24-Sep-13 07:55:32

Huge congratulations Hayle!!!! Welcome Isaac!

Also.... Poor you with the flat Serious - I think it's time to get stroppy with the landlords, however nice they are.

And good luck with the inspection Shire.

Tarlia - how are you doing?

takingachance Tue 24-Sep-13 07:56:33

Congratulations Hayle - due date buddy - eeeek!
Fantastic news and enjoy your baby snuggles smile

legallyblond Tue 24-Sep-13 07:57:21

Mrs HN - I promise you that your DH is right.... Even if you have a preference now, that will disappear the moment the baby arrives x

legallyblond Tue 24-Sep-13 08:02:30

And amazingly speedy updating Hayle!!!

Pinkforboys Tue 24-Sep-13 08:12:33

Hayle that's really lovely news to wake up to. So pleased for you to have had such a speedy delivery. Hope you enjoyed your night-time snuggles and DH managed to find the car-seat....flowers

MrsHoratioNelson Tue 24-Sep-13 08:15:36

Thanks legally - I sort of know he is really, but it would be nice if he just said "there, there, it'll be alright" rather than being all rational and sensible about it grin

AnythingNotEverything Tue 24-Sep-13 08:23:12

I seem to start every post here with "wow", but nothing else covers how much we get through!

MrsH - I think I've decided we're having a girl and have started looking at dresses. I fear I may be temporarily disappointed with a boy too, even though I have a 13yo boy so know just how fabulous they are! It's very strange. I think disappointed may be too strong a word for it.

Had our NCT breast feeding class last night, which was really good. I'm now really worried this baby may be predisposed to tongue tie, so we may be in for a bumpy ride in terms of breast feeding. I started a thread in the feeding topic if anyone's interested.

Time to make sure my bag is packed i think. Fully cooked at 37 weeks tomorrow smile

Sorry I can't keep up to name check everyone. Hope those of you who are still at work are finishing soon, and those of you due earlier in the group are ready for early arrivals!

Slippysnow Tue 24-Sep-13 08:30:56

Massive congratulations hayle

SeriousStuff Tue 24-Sep-13 08:34:24

Thanks Orange - yes, discussed cleaners with them yesterday. Here's hoping by the weekend it will, at last be done. Hayle's made me a bit nervous with her impatient baby though! Will sit and cross legs until Sunday!

favellio Tue 24-Sep-13 08:36:48

I was born with a full tongue tie, right to the tip, but managed to breast feed fine (think I was just a greedy guts lol) finally got round to having tongue tie cut when I was14 so I could finally pronounce words with a 'th' in them properly lol

MrsHoratioNelson Tue 24-Sep-13 08:45:04

Anything you're right - it's more a case that my response will be more "oh" than "squeeee!" But I suspect I will be so overwhelmed, knackered and relieved that I won't have time to be disappointed in any way.

pinkbuttons Tue 24-Sep-13 08:46:52

Congratulations to hayle very impressed of your thread dedication with a SWIL update smile Isaac is gorgeous x

Also to ruby I missed your post yesterday but hope you and Alice are doing well x

Thinking of you jethro and someone is due for csection today I think?? sorry my baby brain cant keep up! especially with all these babies arriving now.

38+3 SC and very jealous of newborn snuggles!

claphammama Tue 24-Sep-13 08:51:49

textbook is having a CS today. Good luck textbook!! Hope the placenta behave itself smile xx

Omg Next now has it's 'my first Christmas' range. I'm too excited. It's not just novelty Christmas pudding outfits, they've got some lovely dresses and a Rudolph jumper!! grin

And excitedly telling DP about Haylebop has backfired: "so when are you gonna start contracting then??" Erm, dunno hmm (I'm 37+1) "but there's women on MN having babies now, why aren't you?!" Silly man. I have been asking the baby questions to the same effect though grin

favellio Tue 24-Sep-13 08:53:03

Good luck textbook thanks

Natalieand Tue 24-Sep-13 08:53:40

That will be 3 babies minimum on this thread then by the end of the day :-D how exciting

Flyer747 Tue 24-Sep-13 08:58:16

Feminist I had to have a word with baby myself, being due the same date as Hayle I find it most inconvenient that my baby is happy to just hang on in there and wait!

I also keep inspecting in the toilet after every trip "Just In case the mucous plug has come out" grin

I want a Xmas pudding outfit for baby flyer, off to have a look now. smile

Sparkeleigh Tue 24-Sep-13 08:58:37

Congratulations Hayle and Ruby!!

I can't believe I check out for a while and miss Hayle's SWIL!! Impressive! grin

SC here at 36+5. Has anyone noticed their skin changing? I haven't had to wear makeup since about March but my skin has started to break out now...

claphammama Tue 24-Sep-13 09:00:07

feminist grin

and by the way, thanks for your note last night chickie and making me feel a bit less guilty for not wanting visitors right now! I obviously didn't sleep the entire night stressing about it and harbouring various irrational fears - mainly that I'm going to go into labour this week, come home with the baby when she is still here and she is going to take him away from me... (like ex MIL did with my DS for hours). So grown up and mature... not!

Sounds like there are a lot of activities in the chickie house! And sounds like you are going to look / feel very glamorous for your delivery smile

shire good luck with your inspection today! you can relax soon

SC here at 36 weeks today

roofio87 Tue 24-Sep-13 09:04:53

hayley was due 10 days after me!! that is not acceptable. these babies must come in order or I'll get very annoyed!!!wink

SeriousStuff Tue 24-Sep-13 09:04:57

Good luck today textbook!

37+4 today and have my latest MW appointment later. Baby's head better still be engaged...but judging from the painful, nearly pee-enducing, walk I had with the dog earlier, I'm pretty sure it is!

Flyer747 Tue 24-Sep-13 09:07:41

Clapham you have my sympathies too with mil...my parents are over today for a few hours, and too kindly bring all the mountain of baby stuff my mum has bought us, and I really can't be bothered to entertain them....so 5 days with mil you'll need some of these thankswinewinewinewinewinewinewinewine

doobeedee Tue 24-Sep-13 09:09:33

Congratulations Hayley! Well this morning someone I know with the same due date as me (4th Oct) has had her baby. Jealous. And really bored at home now. This is only my second week of mat leave but baby could potentially still be 3 weeks away. Boo!

Flyer if I don't check I worry that somehow I could have missed the plug coming out and then I peer into the toilet hopefully grin

My dad is insistent that I call him the moment I have any signs- so he can decide whether to go to work! He is not my birth partner and I have explained that even DP won't be leaving work at the first twinge as it could take days. He drives for a living and said that once he knows I'm potentially in labour he might not be able to concentrate- so why would I tell him?! He's also adamant he will be waiting in his car outside the hospital until baby is born- although I said if all goes to plan I won't be on a ward so no visitors until I'm home- and he would have to wait for visiting hours in any case. Now I'm thinking he will literally be following us home in his car. I'm his only child (him and my mum separated when I was small) and can understand his excitement. But it's actually beginning to stress me out. I snapped yesterday and said it wasn't about him, I will let him know when something is happening but not going to spend my labour and immediate aftermath thinking about his feelings because he decided to camp outside the hospital angry AIBU??

Sorry for the rant, good luck to c sections today smile

Haha, am also toilet bowl and tissue inspecting after every toilet trip flyer - i just know i am going to go over though. Trying desperatley not to get too down about it. I'm not sure i'm even mentally prepared for the baby to arrive anyway - which is a bit worrying with less than a week until due date!

clapham try not to stress about mil, if she is coming regardless then no point worrying. Can you ask her to bring baby pics of dp, that might be a nice afternoon getting her reminiscing. Are there any jobs you can get her doing, nice knitting type things ( massive stereotyping of 77 year old women, apologies)

MrsO27 Tue 24-Sep-13 09:18:40

What a speedy delivery hayle! Well done and congrats.
SC at 35+6
Must try not to moan today, I'm off to go look at the Christmas baby outfits on the Next website; and turn tv up to block out sound of what i think is my washing machine breaking (that's not a moan smile).

favellio Tue 24-Sep-13 09:22:48

The Next Christmas is adorable gringringrin

This baby will most defintley be dressed as a christmas pudding this year, no two ways about it!

Flyer747 Tue 24-Sep-13 09:27:12

Feminist, it's very sweet your dad is so excited, but I get your frustration. What about chatting to him and asking him to patiently wait at home until you advise him otherwise. Maybe tell him his excitement is stressing you out, he may chill a bit then.

Right I love this Christmas outfit


However I feel If I bought my child this and took pictures, when it's older it would never forgive me for making it look so daft.

So I quite like this one as a more sensible alternative


Btw I've only just learnt how to put links onto websites hence why I've been doing it lots. I will get bored of it soon grin

favellio Tue 24-Sep-13 09:30:35

Flyer that Ebay one is amazing!! We've been given an M&S snowman outfit, almost identical to the john Lewis one but it's 3-6months, so hoping I'll have a fat, tall baby lol
Baby's are there to be embarrassed, otherwise what pics will we dig out on their 18th birthday wink lol

Umlauf Tue 24-Sep-13 09:32:41

Add message | Report | Message poster Natalieand Tue 24-Sep-13 08:53:40
That will be 3 babies minimum on this thread then by the end of the day :-D how exciting

3?!! What have I missed?? hayle textbook and who else?!

moonblues Tue 24-Sep-13 09:38:20

37+1 SC.

Huge sympathy Clapham and was it Jelly who is having her parents for a loooong weekend (sorry on phone and hard to check back).

My MIL is lovely, but I just don't feel very sociable. My DH suggests having her round to tidy or look after the kids while I have a sleep and doesn't seemto understand I would be able to relax/sleep while she is tidying my house. I think it would be different with my own mum, since I'm used to her looking after me.

Feminist I totally understand where you're coming from. When my waters went my DS, my DH (I guess understandably) phoned his mum, who then appeared with shopping and sat down in the living room with no sign of going home. Eventually I managed to get my DH into the kitchen (mid contractions) and whisper "you have to make her go home!" My SIL then told my DH she was crying in her car outside our house, which I felt guilty about, but just was not in the mood to make polite small talk when I was in labour...

So my advice would be to not tell your DF until your in hospital and the baby's arrival is imminent!

claphammama Tue 24-Sep-13 09:43:25

thanks flyer and bowlfull! and bowlfull your stereotype of 77 year old ladies is spot on - she's already knitted 5 cardigans! smile I think I really upset DP as we had an argument last night when I ended up shouting out how I felt blush I'm not very good at hiding my feelings and it always explodes when I try to sad not very proud of myself this morning... and preparing mentally to drive to Victoria station to pick her up later. I hate driving and parking around Victoria. I find literally everything overwhelming these days and everything seems stressful.

feminist I totally understand how you feel. As you can tell I feel quite similar about things. I also find that I just need space... lots and lots of space to myself... my ex MIL was the same as your father (DS was the first and only grandchild) and now DP's mum is the same. She calls the baby "my baby" which drives me insane although I know she means no harm... I've already told DP that we are not going to tell anyone when I go into labour. They will know once the baby is here (although his mum keeps following us on Latitude to check where we are every day...) Tell your dad once the baby is born - he will be so overjoyed that he will forgive you! It's your time and your birth - it's a very personal and delicate moment, hard to share it even with your parents.

And I forgot to say earlier falcon, so delighted for you that your BFing seems to be going so well! Sounds like you are doing an amazing job! smile

flyer I love the first outfit smile can't wait to see all our babies on FB dressed in embarrassing outfits for Xmas smile

claphammama Tue 24-Sep-13 09:47:44

and thanks moon - same situation here. DP's mum is also lovely but I just want to hibernate and be on my own... and he also means well (she will look after you etc) but I just find it awkward too...

GTbaby Tue 24-Sep-13 09:59:23

Partly caught up yesterday.

Thought I'd say SC hmm before I catch up any more.
I see more babies are arriving. thanks to you all.

How can anyone buy 4yum Yums and not EAT ALL 4?

Ill would also like to stay over night.

I also have wedding day choos I have worn once. Might buy myself LBs as a push present blush lol

Dressing gowns. I'm using my big towel one. As I only used it last time to get from shower to my bed. I've never really been a dressing gown person.

Right. I'm back in bed for a rest. Lo has a cold again. Dh just woke up so can take over for a bit.

Flyer747 Tue 24-Sep-13 10:00:03

Clapham thanks hope you and dp made up.

Does mil like emmerdale farm, corrie and eastenders grin I remember you saying she has bad taste in tv viewings.

P.s I love Corrie...grin

claphammama Tue 24-Sep-13 10:09:15

lol flyer I didn't say she had bad taste but different taste grin

yes, she does all of them grin plus all talk shows in the morning, all game shows in the afternoon and big brother when it was on, celebrity big brother etc... absolutely nothing wrong with any of it! Just not what I want to watch.

Although I'm sure she would hate my TV choices too! All possible food and property related programmes. I also have a passion for crime dramas, especially the ones with serial killers who have mental problems... grin so equally amazing... just different grin

chickieno1 Tue 24-Sep-13 10:11:17

feminist I agree with clapham. Tell your dad when the baby has arrived!!

flyer can your dp encourage my dh to bulk buy things?? I'll settle for anything! I live with a man who puts empty milk cartons in the fridge, doesn't replace toothpaste or loo roll etc!! A bit jealous of your loo roll and now nappy stash smile

Umlauf Tue 24-Sep-13 10:12:50

I really wanted loubs gtbaby but they were sooo rude to me in the store! It was like the scene from pretty woman, but without the comeback at the end. Even DH said something to the shop assistant and he is tres docile! I found them quite uncomfy too, they pushed my feet forwards.

I'm wondering if there are professional shoe stretching services anywhere for leather shoes...!

I love the little snowman outfit flyer and may send my Mum down to her local JL for it! Baby B also has an amazing Xmas jumper (it was hand knitted for me in the eighties) which is adorable, and last night I did something VERY NAUGHTY indeed and bought a Burberry guernsey-style jumper for him, it has a big B on it for Bertie!

Hope you're feeling a bit better clapham and mil isn't being too taxing! maybe she can help pass the time? Saying that I'd hate it if my MIL was here even though she's lovely.

Thanks orange I'm ok! I wasn't in the car so watched DH do it! we need to replace the back bit and bumper but it's drive able so going to wait until we have got the baby home so we can get to hospital! It was more of an emotional shock and I needed some sisterly support! Was too angry with DH as he was responsible for it!!

Crippling boredom here, I haven't left the house in days, I can't bring myself even to get dressed properly and I need a massive kick up the bum. My back is too painful to walk more than 10 minutes anyway, and it's gone really hot again here so I'm sweaty and uncomfortable. Bit worried about my current level of resentment for baby for not getting his act together! Sc @39+1 and still no signs whatsoever.

claphammama Tue 24-Sep-13 10:12:59

chickie do men who replace loo rolls exist...?? where?

GTbaby Tue 24-Sep-13 10:14:58

Flyer n nat. Was it just me but was the lady (with the student midwife) smoking, or I'm sure she had one in her hand.

Oh and ill add a delayed ekkkk lol

Back to catching up. If I can stay awake

MrsHoratioNelson Tue 24-Sep-13 10:16:41

thanks for clapham

I am also getting seriously displeased with these babies who arrive in any old order hmm. No respect for scheduling grin

I am planning to crochet this hat ad I may be compelled to pop into Next today to browse the Christmas sleep suits. Love that JL one!!

We're going to be such evil mothers aren't we grin

claphammama Tue 24-Sep-13 10:18:42

umlauf I had my DS at 39+1 :-) he didn't give me much warning. fx for you!

Wickedgirl Tue 24-Sep-13 10:21:49

Umlauf........ Ruby gave birth to baby Alice

I told my dh this morning about the latest arrival (that was due after me). He is getting a bit anxious......"call me as soon as you get any pain and I'll be home as quick as I can". Bless him.

Flyer747 Tue 24-Sep-13 10:29:35

MrsH love the reindeer hat, totes cute.

Clapham does mil watch Jezza Kyle? Lol....I'm actually grinning to myself thinking of you both sat there watching all this shitty tv grin sorry this isn't very supportive of me, but i can imagine what'll be going on in your mind at the time.

House has washing everywhere and crap and my mum has just called to say my nan is coming too...love her but she's not seen my new house and have to start tidying up, plus midwife appointment at 11am, best get off mumsnet.

Chick he does my nut in with bulk buying. This is 100% true the only day we don't receive deliveries from Amazon is a Sunday....the dpd courier is called Ken and he doesn't even ask for a signature anymore grin

claphammama Tue 24-Sep-13 10:32:32

haha of course she does - thanks for making me laugh flyer! giggling now in my bath

good luck with your appointment and say hello to Ken later!

Flyer747 Tue 24-Sep-13 10:35:20

Ken has already been Clapham grin

claphammama Tue 24-Sep-13 10:36:08

grin hope he is fit at least

Pinkforboys Tue 24-Sep-13 10:37:33

To add to the Christmas Outfits...elves and santas at Zulily
I have to confess that I bought a little pink dress with a reindeer on it for Madam about a month ago blush
Ds used to have a cute Christmas Pudding hat, but it hasn't turned up in his clothes stash. I might have to join MrsH and knit one. I seem to remember knitting hats for all my a-natal baby friends whilst bf DS last time. What was I on?!

Sparkle we're due same time aren't we? Last week I noticed the same- a minor breakout. Must be our hormones.

Feminist as much of a pressure your Dad is to you, that sounds so sweet. I think your plan to delay telling him is best though.
I merrily told my Mum that I was in labour with DS at civilised hour of the morning (waters broke at 2am and I contacted thru the night) thinking I'd be in hospital with new baby by the time she arrived from Lincs, only for her to end up sitting around the house with us for 6 hours before i finally went into hosp. She was there for the birth in the end, which tho weird in some ways, was also much appreciated in others (wet flannel bearer!) But as she has no desire to be at this birth I think I might have scarred her for life!

Sorry for long post- but last Q... I don't remember seeing any kind of plug last time, tho I did have dramatic water break in bed and leaked all day. Did anyone else not witness plug or mucus with previous DC?

if I do go into labour it's not as fast as yours Hayle I wouldn't have time to go in for my section if it happened that fast. Knowing my luck my waters will break while I've got a head full of foil.

Some pre-baby beautifying going on here too chickie . I'm also getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist tomorrow and am currently mumsnetting while waiting for my highlights to get rinsed out. I'm going to get my lashes and brows tinted at some point too.

Flyer747 Tue 24-Sep-13 10:38:45

With a name like Ken what do you think? grin (Hope no ones dp/dh is called ken after putting that) he is early 50's grey balding, so sadly ken is no hottie grin

Pinkforboys Tue 24-Sep-13 10:45:28

MoN do you need your MatB1 certificate for teeth cleaning? I want to do the same but need to send form off to accountant cos I've been a lazy arse and have left it til last minute

Thanks for advice. Don't know if Claphams plan would work though, he will check regularly and maybe turn up if there is no answer on the phone. It started on Sunday, he invited me round at 2pm- I said no thanks, we're having a pyjama day. He called at 8pm says oh you're still up I'm coming round to bring you the food you missed out on. hmm he didn't stay long though and the food was nice grin Then called yesterday morning (we then had conversation about him relaxing a bit) and then called me again a few hours later because he had a missed call from a withheld number and thought I might have gone into labour. I told him it's not rational to call me every time he misses a call from a number he doesn't know... I know he means well but it's tiring! Luckily the other GPs are calmer.

So... flowers To all the ladies wanting a bit of breathing space, I feel your pain- and he's not even staying with me!! DP and I have agreed that we will not be overbearing when/if we have the pleasure of grandchildren.

DP is usually the one who takes out the new loo roll but he never throws away the old one. I kept them there for a week once, he didn't notice.

I love the snowman suit too Flyer have been browsing the JL website. Think I will wait to have a look at baby before I decided what evil to inflict upon it grin

Haha just spluttered my Ovaltine, FIL is Ken, he's bald and 60 in a few weeks grin sorry if someone knows a hot Ken...

claphammama Tue 24-Sep-13 10:53:24

Barbie's boyfriend is Ken and he is quite hot

feminist your dad is definitely too much but so sweet... and LOL my DP does the same thing - he will just put the new loo roll on top of the loo and will leave the old finished one on the loo roll holder - for eternity

Umlauf Tue 24-Sep-13 10:53:33

Oh I do hope so clapham but I'm not feeling optimistic! Can labour just happen with no Braxton hicks/show/waters/twinges? I think I'm too ready and Sod's law says you have to NOT be ready. Might go mess up the house and throw away some essential babyquipment!

Barbie knows a hot Ken... Maybe the name is due a comeback, inspiration for someone here!!

Congratulations ruby !!!

A lady who shares my due date gave birth this morning, sooo jealous! Those of us who are overdue by 1 or 2 weeks will have been pregnant for a MONTH longer than Legally & Hayle!!!! If I am one of those I would like to give advance warning of a lot of foot-stamping!!

I'm not sure Pinkforboys I have a tax credits exemption card.

claphammama Tue 24-Sep-13 10:55:41

snap umlauf grin

Umlauf Tue 24-Sep-13 10:57:13

Action man was way hotter though grin

MrsO27 Tue 24-Sep-13 11:02:14

clapham were you a homes under the hammer fan? Fills a good hour in the morning and is old person friendly! Hope you and dp are ok now. These bloody hormones are a nightmare.

Can't see the next baby xmas outfits on the website yet but looking at the others on JL/eBay. So cute, but agree there is only so far I feel I can go with this with my own child without future repercussions!

I'll be getting the baby's photo on a 2013 ceramic Xmas bauble for our tree this year too. Started last year with a 2012 one and want to get a new one each year with a significant photo from the year e.g. A birth, wedding, family holiday. Last year was our wedding. Thought it would be a nice tradition each year to hang them all as a family. DH thinks it's a bit naff, but they're a nice quality and he was the one who reminded me I need to order this year's one after baby is born smile. I'm sure it will be first on my list of things to do hmm

Talking about shitty telly earlier, just saw trailer for David Wicks coming back to Eastenders. Can't wait! Love him.

roofio87 Tue 24-Sep-13 11:03:47

Just back from mws, everything still good, just waiting now!! (38+4) head is 3/5s engaged!! listened to heartbeat and still sounds a bit off, but after last weeks good ctg they still aren't worried. just really want him here now!!, (although still waiting to hear from garage to get dps car so probs best waiting till thats here!)

ive decided to screw it and we're having medium steaks with blue cheese sauce for tea!!grin

Can't have you missing out MrsO try this

Finally went for my WC jab today (another 1 in denial that an actual baby is arriving in matter of weeks!) nurse called me in ..............."contraceptive pill check?" Ummmmm no, whooping cough jab?! She then says she thought I looked pregnant but thought I might have just had baby and not lost the bump yet! Made me smile anyway, and I can't be looking too huge today grin

JellyCurls Tue 24-Sep-13 11:12:12

Can someone come and watch DS for 10 mins today? I have TMI rather loose bowels today but he is insisting in trying to come into bathroom with me hmm this is the one thing I don't cherish about mummyhood

Sparkeleigh Tue 24-Sep-13 11:16:46

claphammama get yourself a subscription to netflix though Quidco and then you'll get cashback and you can sit back and watch it on your iPad/laptop while your MIL watches her soaps smile I started watching Castle last night on it. Think I'm going to save the rest for daytime viewing when the baby comes though!

Pinkforboys yes, we are smile Although I wouldn't wish it on anybody, it's good to know it's not just me if that makes sense!

I've finished my handover in work and only have till Friday but either my manager or me won't survive. And I have hormones on my side... He doesn't listen!!! 3 days to go, 3 days to go...

Iheartcrunchiebars Tue 24-Sep-13 11:20:21

Ha ha Kenneth is on my list although will probably be a middle name. Dh says no as a first name as it sounds like Ken Barlow.

cherrycherry41 Tue 24-Sep-13 11:38:11

Good luck Textbook! Very exciting grin
Jelly I would come and occupy your DS for 10 mins! DD is 1 soon and going through a clingy mummy stage, wont let anyone else comfort her and normally shes a daddys girl. Just what I need 6 days before my CS! confused

Haha jelly, ds quite often decides he wants a cuddle when i am trying to have a poo, and i cant perform with an audience.

Have just had the runs, so this must be labour right confused.

MrsO27 Tue 24-Sep-13 11:45:29

Thanks feminist, I was looking in the wrong pace I think. They're cute!

Medium steaks... Yum roofio. Wish there was a drool smiley. I have x2 duck breasts for dinner and don't have a clue what to make with them yet. Off to look at some recipes now. Feel like such a housewife saying that.

MrsO27 Tue 24-Sep-13 11:48:40

Oh and sparkeleigh I have/had a boss like that. He's called/emailed about 5 times since I went on leave, all with queries relating to things we discussed or are in my handover notes angry. I've decided that once we get into October, I'm not responding anymore. Enjoy your last few days. Hope your colleagues spoil you.

Natalieand Tue 24-Sep-13 12:01:59

umlauf..... ruby had baby Alice via induction over the weekend xx

flyer I think both outfits are equally as cute :-)

And flowers too all those having
To put up with nightmare IL's or parents staying fortunately all of our families live local so don't have that problem. And I don't talk to dh's mum so she's not a worry to me lol

All that catching up has lead to me eating half a packet of biscuits....

Flyer747 Tue 24-Sep-13 12:17:57

Barbies Ken was a total cheesemiester with slicked back gel hair and way too much fake tan or sunbed tan going on!!! Ladies ladies I thought you'd have more refined taste grin

I want steak. Told DP our first date after the baby is born must involve steak and I must see pink. Might even go medium rare just because! I'm salivating, going to plan dinner now...

My Ken's hair changed colour when you put a warm flannel on it hmm

Shirehobbit Tue 24-Sep-13 12:21:42

I don't know, I pop in here for a ten minute respite at lunch and I find you discussing the merits of Ken v Action Man?! shock
Is this what maternity leave does to you?

(If so, three and a half days and counting... grin )

Flyer747 Tue 24-Sep-13 12:29:37

Omg gringringrinfeminist this ken has major dodgy looking hair colour, I think he must have been brown and used sun-in as its some yellow/orange colour...pisser

Flyer I loved him. What are you saying about my taste in men at 6?! grin

MrsHoratioNelson Tue 24-Sep-13 12:36:07

MrsO where will you get your bauble drom? I'm a sucker for Christmas smile

roofio87 Tue 24-Sep-13 12:36:28

It was action man all the way in our household (see fb for pic of knitted outfit my mum made him!!)

just wondered up to the square near me, has a fair few shops but never had anywhere to go for lunch or a coffee which I've always thought was a shame. but suddenly a costa coffee has appeared, I got so excited dp thought I was being ridiculous, but will be so nice to have somewhere I can go to with baby!!
right, ive been up for 5 hours which really is enough so going for a nap!!

Flyer747 Tue 24-Sep-13 12:39:15

Actually i think we had more Sindy's than Barbies in our household. Sindy was a much better role model she had curves and wasn't as pretty as Barbie grin

doobeedee Tue 24-Sep-13 12:40:14

Umlauf, I could have written your message about going into labour with no warning and being too ready. I think we're due date buddies too. I'm bored. The excitement in my day so far has been a walk to Morrisons!

roofio87 Tue 24-Sep-13 12:50:32

flyer yes we had sindys too. she had flat feet and wore sensible shoes unlike barbie!!

yes, garage just phoned, we can finally pick up dps new car tomorrow, then ikea on thurs and then the baby can officially arrive!

Slippysnow Tue 24-Sep-13 12:52:03

I know I've asked about bh on here before and someone gave me a really good wx