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October 2013 - may our labours move as fast as our threads!

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PseudoBadger Mon 16-Sep-13 07:24:32

New thread!

PseudoBadger Mon 16-Sep-13 07:25:15

Hope everyone finds it as no chance of linking grin

PseudoBadger Mon 16-Sep-13 07:26:28

Hope all is ok at the midwife today Jelly

PseudoBadger Mon 16-Sep-13 07:27:02

The all important and ever more relevant list:

SC - still cooking (pre EDD)
SFW - still f***ing waiting (post EDD)
OWT - on way to theatre (CS)
IP - induction in progress
SWIL - somewhere in labour
LIT -lost in transition

Racheld33 Mon 16-Sep-13 07:27:54

I'm here! Didn't realise we were at the end!
DS now sleeping on my (dead) arm, soundalike darth vader

PseudoBadger Mon 16-Sep-13 07:27:54
Tarlia Mon 16-Sep-13 07:32:17

Haha nice title, badger, thanks for making the thread!

Checking in with a BP of 149/100 :/ No farm, too cold and miserable. Mummy needs to put her feet up! If you have an old shelf laying around prop it up on something and get the cars out. DS has been amused by this on and off all weekend.

rach I'm glad he is asleep, but try and put him down. You must be exhausted!!

Jelly how rude of DH haha. Good luck at the MW.

Hmmm, forgot what else was at the end of the thread..

HotSoupDumpling Mon 16-Sep-13 07:34:59

Thanks Pseudo. Marking place!

PseudoBadger Mon 16-Sep-13 07:35:52

Tarlia - are you meant to go in with a BP like that?

I posted right at the end - my BP has been over 140/90 since yesterday afternoon but i'm trying to avoid going to the day unit as I have DS today - does it sound reasonable to see what it is in a couple of hours and then call them if I need to?

PseudoBadger Mon 16-Sep-13 07:37:32

Sorry I see you've seen my post already grin

Natalieand Mon 16-Sep-13 07:41:40

I had a mini panic that I wouldn't be able to find the new thread then when I saw the other one had run out :-0 lol

Hope u r both ok tarlia and pseudo

Sorry u had a bad night of it GT hope u manage to get comfy and get some sleep in the end xx and everyone else who had a bad nights sleep

rach hope ds is on the mend soon, horrible when they r ill :-(

pseudo thanks for the new thread x isit possible to post a link to it in the stats thread? Just incase it helps ppl too find it? Or is that a waste of time?

Tarlia Mon 16-Sep-13 07:44:18

Badger I'm assuming you have no other symptoms at all? If correct then I'd wait a couple of hours, stick a Disney on and get those feet up as it'll just go up if you rush about!
No, as I officially have PE I'm only to go in if symptoms get worse or bp is over 160(top) or 110(bottom) or movement changes, but baby is very busy as usual.

PseudoBadger Mon 16-Sep-13 07:46:19

I'm quite puffy today Tarlia but nothing else.
You take it easy too!

Nat do we still have a stats thread?

pinkbuttons Mon 16-Sep-13 07:47:05

Morning ladies.
Checking in and 100% agree with the thread title

Sorry to hear there were so many struggling to sleep last night. I wouldve joined you but DH told me off for turning my phone onhmm so ended up lying there for hrs unable to sleep.

Have given up on feeling guilty about using cbeebies to entertain DS and am currently lay on the sofa having cuddles with him. is actually really lovely.

Sorry to hear about BPs tarlia and pseudo
and really hope DS feels a bit better after some sleep rachel you must be exhausted.

tarlia Congratulations on making it through the weekend hope you were able to enjoy family time and now feel a bit more relaxed if baby needs to come before Saturday.

My new aim is to get to Weds as is DHs birthday tomorrow and would feel bad about baby having to share her birthday. So 37+2 SC and legs crossedsmile

Hope both nelly and falcon managed to get some contraction free sleep
and that all is ok with terrified

Happy Monday to all those starting maternity leave this week! x

textbook Mon 16-Sep-13 08:07:28

Checking in - thanks for the new thread!

Rachel I really feel for your poor ds - my dd is asthmatic and was very prone to croup when she was younger, and I've done my share of house pacing and room steaming (as well as early morning hospital dashes for steroids). Really hope he's better today thanks

I was up reading until 1am, but actually managed some sleep last night shock just getting reluctant dd ready for school, apparently we have heavy rain forecast all day, so will then put my feet up and watch a movie I think...

Soupqueen Mon 16-Sep-13 08:25:58

Checking in, thanks pseudo

SC at 36 weeks exactly.

clapham jealous of your switched off alarm. This is my first morning of no work but the alarm went off at 6:30 as usual for DH. It is nice knowing it doesn't apply to me though!

Think I might clean/clear out the bedroom today. There are a couple of jobs I've been putting off and I really need to work out what clothes I have. I really don't want to spend more on maternity clothes but the change of season combined with not wearing work clothes for 5 days out of 7 has left me a bit stumped!

Sorry so many of you are fed up. I'm still mostly not ready for what's coming, in fact getting increasingly freaked out by the prospect of being a mum so am definitely not wishing it over.

Have a good day all, I predict I'll be much better at keeping up with the thread without pesky work!

roofio87 Mon 16-Sep-13 08:46:39

I fimally managed to get back to sleep at 6 for a few hours. I feel bad for dp cos although I couldn't sleep he's the one who had to get up and go to work outside in this gale force wind and heavy rain at 5 am!! I need to go into town today but listening to the weather cba!!

Shirehobbit Mon 16-Sep-13 08:54:08

Eeek - nearly panicked about finding the new thread!

SC @ 36+1 here and a mw appointment later - hoping they are finally going to talk about birth plan/homebirth/mw unit. DH is taking the time to come too, so he can at least ask if they insist on sausage factory-ing me, yet again. (Let's see if we can break the 4 minute for an appointment record, the longest I've been seen for so far!)

Getting up for work is getting more difficult, and I seem a bit shorter on patience than I was. I think when I do start maternity leave it will be a very good thing wink

MrsO27 Mon 16-Sep-13 09:05:50

Good luck today all those going in to see mw or in for cs or those in slow labour thanks

Haylebop12 Mon 16-Sep-13 09:09:34

Checking in, phew I found it smile

Smitten1981 Mon 16-Sep-13 09:16:53

Last week in the office this week - hurrah! Then 'working from home', I won't have much to do though.

Sorry to all those who had a bad night's sleep. Things are definitely getting tougher now.

Let's hope we see some more new arrivals this week!

claphammama Mon 16-Sep-13 09:24:22

found you! love the title pseudo

no sleep here too last night and feeling knackered. I try to refrain from checking my phone in the middle of the night and I stupidly stay in bed wide awake, tossing and turning, trying to sleep. Might as well get up and do something else. At least there is no work today and no nasty commute on the Northern Line. Hurray!!! counting my blessings today.

34+6 today and my 34 weeks appointment with GP later this morning. I find the GP appointments really boring though - check the urine, check BP, check that baby still has a heartbeat and off you go... also planning to arrange a tour of the hospital's maternity ward for this week so it feels familiar on the day.

legally jealous of your babies and jealous of your happy BF hormones :-) well done for managing to feed two!!

pseudo and tarlia as always sending you BP lowering thoughts x

and hope everyone with joint pains, heartburns, excruciatingly slow labours etc... has a good day today xx

claphammama Mon 16-Sep-13 09:34:32

oh Rachel missed your post earlier! sorry about your DS and hope he feels better soon. poor boy thanks

soup DP's alarm also went off at 6.30 but it wasn't mine and I wasn't asleep anyway so it didn't annoy me and wake me up. Just reinforced the point that nothing was going off for me grin

also, I have another first world problem... when should I have my pre-d day bikini wax? I'm confused... I'm only 35 weeks tomorrow and DS was born at 39+1 so trying to time it somehow... what do you reckon? and do you plan any? stupid really as, remembering last time, I know really won't care then...

Sparkeleigh Mon 16-Sep-13 09:41:17

Morning! SC at 35+4 here

I'm still catching up from Friday as I've had a crazy busy few days in work so couldn't mumsnet as usual So apologies in advance for massive post!

claphammama Wow!! I was practically cheering when you posted about your last day! grin You've just lived the dream of underappreciated workers everywhere, congratulations! grin Good news about your DH too!

Nat we do seem to fill up threads in the time it takes other ones to get a few posts grin

Flyer Your DP's parents sound lovely!

Nellysgirl ouch, hope baby arrives soon, that's quite an entrance! I've had a few hormone related meltdowns too. Afterwards they seem generally daft but at the time, so important!

falcon holy crap, how have your not murdered them by now? You could contact the supervisor of midwives and put in a complaint about your treatment... Glad your community midwife reassured you about Willow's movements. I hope it doesn't go on for weeks for you though...

PseudoBadger lol, I can totally see me doing that, you can't blame your DH for trying I guess! grin Slightly sceptical about this 'research' it's backed up by, if it was going to help you'd think the, uh, direct application would be more effective...

MrsO great news! yeah, it's probably as well for the survival of the species that men don't have to go through this! And I'll take your ice cream research over the alternative grin

Umlauf bloody cheek! Best wait till the baby's here to point out he's three times your size then though wink

legallyblond congrats on the feeding and I love the news of this breastfeeding hormone! I hope it works for me!

Sorry to all those who'd have bad nights flowers

kelly best of luck for today!!

This is my second last Monday in work, woohoo!

HeffalumpTheFlump Mon 16-Sep-13 09:52:20

Morning, marking place.

SC at 36+1, feel sick as a dog today sad bleurgh sad going to lie on the sofa and die probably. (sorry for self indulgent post, looking at my phone is making it worse) hope you are all ok.

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 09:52:50

Checking in 36+1 SC

Roofio stay indoors it's horrid isn't it. Keeps hailing here. I also dropped off again at 6am and woke 30 mins ago.

LOVING the maternity leave...it's great isn't it grin

Positive BP lowering thoughts tarlia and pseudo.

Pseudo I love the thread title very apt!

Pinkforboys Mon 16-Sep-13 10:00:40

Found you! (Thanks cuillier)
Thanks for the laughs on the last thread. I'll leave the labour-inducing activities to you guys and await the results of your research!

SC 35+4 (snap spark grin)

Big sympathetic hugs to the sleep-deprived. After policing 25+ kids at DS' birthday party yesterday I slept pretty soundly. Wouldn't recommend it as a daily activity though...(how do you teachers cope?!!!?!?!)

Does anyone else wake up sometimes and forget they're pg? til you try to move and all the whale related sensations come back

Soupqueen Mon 16-Sep-13 10:01:36

heffa, fainting and now nausea sounds like it might be worth a call to the midwives? Hope you feel better soon.

This maternity leave lark is new to me but does anyone else feel like they have to do things in order to justify their existence or am I just sick in the head?! Can't seem to just relax.

claphammama Mon 16-Sep-13 10:20:30

no it's not just you soup! I'm exactly the same. I feel guilty for being idle (not much experience of doing nothing in life) so trying to fund things to do to feel better. stupid stupid stupid...

claphammama Mon 16-Sep-13 10:21:07

find not fund obviously

Soupqueen Mon 16-Sep-13 10:26:31

Glad I'm not alone! It's totally self imposed too. DH is not the type to ask "what I've done all day" more likely to be annoyed at me for overdoing it.

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 10:35:24

I'm still in bed watching homes under the hammer, I feel bone idle grin

roofio87 Mon 16-Sep-13 10:38:55

ha, flyer my dp says these days that too many of my sentences start with "today on homes under the hammer" apparently I'm obsessed!!

Shirehobbit Mon 16-Sep-13 10:42:47

Homes Under the Hammer rocks. And is totally addictive.
<books place on sofa to watch when on maternity leave>

Has anyone seen my motivation to work? I seem to have misplaced it somewhere....

Tarlia Mon 16-Sep-13 10:45:31

I'm glad you are all beginning to join lazy me. :P

Thanks, p.buttons. Did you have a nice weekend?

I've been getting regular BH all morning - any ideas? I had similar for a couple of hours on Friday too. I guess it's just false labour and I don't need to do anything until painful as term now??

legallyblond Mon 16-Sep-13 10:46:26

Morning morning. Marking place!

Yup - seem to be bf ing two ok. Vally is needing top ups from a sippy cup as she's little so gets tired after about 5-10 mins of sucking, but I am just expressing and giving her that.

More babies please!!!!

cuillereasoupe Mon 16-Sep-13 10:51:13

SC at 35 + 1... just checking in really.

KarmaBiatch Mon 16-Sep-13 10:54:35

35 weeks today and marking place on thread smile

Has anyone else been trying the raspberry leaf tea and evening primrose oil to help things along? I've been taking the oil for the last few days to help soften the ole cervix, and have doc appointment this afternoon where my fanjo gets checked out! excited!

GTbaby Mon 16-Sep-13 10:59:54

Just had a plate FULL of sausages and bacon. So full right now and can't move. Lol

Trying to book Harrods Xmas grotto. But have to wait for dh to wake as I can't find his work diary hmm
Mustn't forget.
Harrods is actually reasonably priced.well actually it's free. But £10booking which you get back on the day to spend! Hamilies is very expensive. From what I remember £40! And there is also west fields which is very cheap. Not many other places in town do it any more.
When they are very little all you want is a pic. Then when they are older you can take them to out door places where you meet rain-dear etc.
can't wait for Xmas! Very exciting this year as DS1 will be more interested. However need to think of a toddler proof place to put the tree!

Was miserable last night. Just getting fed up of not being able to sleep comfortably.
Hope it's not long to wait.

JellyCurls Mon 16-Sep-13 11:11:48

Cheers for new thread .

Karma I have been thinking about evenjng primrose oil as I have some but not done anything about it yet. Are you taking it orally or internally?

Pushchair just arrived!! grin
Told DP I would wait until he gets home to open the boxes though. And he's going to the gym after work, how will I cope?!

Bought this for baby yesterday. Can't believe how excited I am about things like this, hopefully he/she will like it!

Legally I will be coming to you with any bf questions, you seem to have it sussed.

I'm reading "The womanly art of breastfeeding" which is really good for info but makes me hmm in places. It advocates a whole way of parenting (think polar opposite to Gina Ford) which I don't totally oppose, just trying to take bits from it rather than think I can follow it to the t. E.g. keeping baby skin to skin with you for the first few HOURS from the moment they are born. Meaning getting midwives to do all checks while baby is on you (except weighing or resuscitation etc) and not letting anyone else hold baby for those first few hours. Don't think that would go down too well with DP!

I want to try out my new breast pump. Is that weird? I can hand express about a teaspoon fairly easily from one side (a guess, I did not measure!) so I'm curious. But the MW at our antenatal classes said expressing is one way to try to hurry along labour so DP is worried the baby might fall out if I use the pump hmm

<Waves> at mat leave buddies. I have been up since 7. Don't ask what I've done, couldn't tell you. Haven't even been watching TV. Just pottering around I think. Will get dressed and formulate a plan for the day. Still have reports to write for work but my laptop is slow and can't do it on the iPad. Decisions...

SC 36 weeks today...

Umlauf Mon 16-Sep-13 11:17:01

Hello, found the thread! SC @ exactly 38 weeks today.

Has anybody this far on had no signs or twinges or symptoms at all? Is it a sign I will be in this until 42 weeks? Not sure how I can hang on that long :-( I have the obgyn on Thursday and I think I might try begging for a sweep!

GT I really want to book a santa thing for the baby so I can get his first photo with FC but so many of them require an "experience" beforehand and as the baby won't have the foggiest what's going on I'd feel really silly. I was thinking Kew Gardens as I can go there with my gardening mad MIL and pop in on Santa, anyone been?

soup I also feel I have to do things, I am a rubbish relaxer, but I am restricted by a sudden onset of fear to leave the flat. So far I have done a LOT of batch cooking, decorated the nursery, blogged about it, made a Christmas star garland out of clay, washed everything a lot, epilated, set up the bugaboo, loads of cleaning, done a lot of Internet shopping, packed and replaced hospital bags, colour coordinated my wardrobe, then DHS (and this is really sad but I've also made him a list of outfits he can wear he hasn't worn before because despite having loads of clothes he wears the same jeans and 3 shirts every day!) and today I think I will make a cushion cover. I'm running out of ideas and can't keep it up for another 4 weeks!!

legallyblonde my thoughts exactly please let one be mine!!!

pinkforboys well done on the hostessing at this late stage! Especially for such a big party, you are a heroine!

Good luck at your appointment clapham I find them really dull too, but nice to hear the heartbeat! Good idea going for a tour, anyone else doing this? Our local hospital doesn't do it but I did make sure I found the right entrance so I'm not wondering round outside for hours looking for the best door!

Hope you're feeling better soon heffa take good advantage of that sofa.

My BP has been an average of 145/85 for almost the whole pregnancy but no1 here gives a shit. Probably connected to how fat I am (doctors answer to everything!) I really, really miss the NHS! I really hope yours lower a bit pseudo and tarlia but agree re Disney and feet up. Anyone seen tangled? I don't know whether to buy or rent it... (I suffer from pregnancy induced iTunes addiction!)

PseudoBadger Mon 16-Sep-13 11:17:47

I'm finally resting after crazy cleaning before parents arrived home from Canada - they've brought maple syrup candy so I'm very happy!

Umlauf Mon 16-Sep-13 11:18:04

X-post feminist I tried my manual breast pump this morning in hope of inducing labour and one side nothing happened but I got a load of clear liquid out of the other side and got really freaked out! Don't know how I'll handle the real thing!!

roofio87 Mon 16-Sep-13 11:18:37

feminist I've explained to dp how important I feel it is that baby stays skin to skin with me until first feed is done. If all goes to plan I'm hoping that won't be too long but at least the first hour! then he can have all the cuddles he wants!!

MrsO27 Mon 16-Sep-13 11:18:54

Closet 'homes under the hammer' fan here too. Always smile to myself when they match cheesy songs to whatever is being discussed on screen. So naff! I have a few chores and things to do today but feeling idle. Have scheduled them for after lunch. Important task of watching 'street patrol uk' for now...and mumsnetting grin

Karma I've been drinking the tea- a up a day, going to up it to 2 a day. Not sure it works but no harm trying I guess. Had a go at perineum massage/stretching. Obviously couldn't see what I was doing (probably a good thing) and it felt very weird. Not sure I will be doing that again.

I'm a bit upset I missed homes under the hammer now. Roofio my sentences seem to all start with "on the mumsnet thread..." lol

Being off work isn't all it's cracked up to be when you're home alone... What do people do without mumsnet??! Thank you all for keeping me sane!!

cazboldy Mon 16-Sep-13 11:27:37

Found You! grin

I am SC - 37 weeks today, so good to go! grin and allowed to stay at home if anything starts to happen from today smile

Very tired as we had a very long day at a calf show yesterday. want to do nothing, but the house is a tip, and have 3 birthday presents for various neices and nephews whose birthdays are today/tomorrow to deliver.

Legally, you sound like you are doing great!

hope everyone else is as ok as can be expected.

Racheld - my ds1 used to suffer regularly from croup - it's nasty sad but at least they do grow out of it eventually! xx

Umlauf mine is clear too, with the odd bit of yellow. Looks pretty grim, think its normal for colostrum though. I'm sure baby won't mind!

Roofio that sounds like a really good idea. If I end up in the MLU like I want to be ten it should work as there's a normal double bed and DP can stay. Then at least he can get into bed with me and baby and not feel pushed out...

AnythingNotEverything Mon 16-Sep-13 11:32:59

Just checking in ...

SC at 35+5 here - twingy bump, lots of Brixton hicks, and I finish work tomorrow!

Did I see that someone is being induced/having a CS today?

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 11:33:09

Haha Feminist lots of my sentences start with "On the Board...." Or dp will say "What you doing? You on the board"

I'm going to mama fit (some exercise thing) on Wednesday with some NCT ladies then meeting them on Friday for lunch trying to fill the days and off to see a friend who has had a baby 2 weeks ago tomorrow, but it is a bit boring isn't it all this time off.

Just cleared out the cupboard under the stairs so I can put my freezer in there to make space for my new tumble dryer in the kitchen. Roll on Wednesday when it arrives just in time for the shitty drying weather.
Just txt Dp to tell him to keep his phone on incase all the exertion puts me Into early labour.
Going to lie on the sofa for a while to recover before I do anything else.

pinkbuttons Mon 16-Sep-13 11:45:39

Lovely weekend here too thank you tarlia I think now that were term its just a case of waiting to make sure your in labour before going in but would keep an eye on your BP I guess to make sure it doesn't start going mad with it? Fingers crossed for you smile Ive had a few hrs of BH over past couple of days but never seems to amount to anything, just keep thinking it will all help in the end though.

Have been feeling the same as a lot of you re: feeling like I have to be doing something and especially entertaining DS. Baking brownies and birthday cake for DH's birthday tomorrow but have resigned myself to just letting DS play by himself and watch tv and he seems to be having a great time. Clearly my usual guilt at not doing stuff with him is ridiculous.

legally I am in awe of you managing to breastfeed 2 babies and still being awake enough to mumsnet. So glad all is going so well. Hearing you talk about your babies reminds me how close I am to actually having one myself. smile

DS very clingy over past couple of days and asking for a cuddle every 20 minutes, gorgeous but had me worried. Just sat down with him for a big cuddle and to explain hell still be my gorgeous boy when baby is born and well still have lots of cuddles his response was "mummy, my watching Thomas" so basically be quiet you crazy lady Im trying to watch Thomas the Tank Engine. Maybe hes not so worried about the baby as Id thought...

MrsO27 Mon 16-Sep-13 11:48:10

100 days to Xmas!! Anyone using mat leave to do your xmas shopping? I want to, but can't find the motivation. I don't usually start until November.

roofio87 Mon 16-Sep-13 11:58:59

Its the same here, I'll be on my phone and dp says "whats up, anymore women you don't know had a baby yet?" I don't think he gets my mn love!!

cuillereasoupe Mon 16-Sep-13 12:00:40

I've just realised I'm officially on ML as of today, start of term tomorrow - perfect timing! I've actually been more or less off since I stopped teaching at the end of last term in April. Been a nice long holiday grin. Actually I'm aiming to stop properly at the end of September: I have to write a paper this week for a conference on feminist approaches to the history of science, to be delivered by Skype next week. Luckily hmm I can carry on doing research from home with just a library card and an internet connection.

KarmaBiatch Mon 16-Sep-13 12:03:48

Jelly I've been taking them orally, one 1300mg both morning and night. had a wee root around 'up there' and my posterior cervix has now moved forward and feels open! wow! excited to hear what the obgyn thinks about it this afternoon, but am going to start them internally towards the end of the week!

I also had a wee play with the breastpump this morning, and managed to get quite a lot of colostrum in only 15 minutes! The nipple stimulation made me a little horny, oops! grin

KarmaBiatch Mon 16-Sep-13 12:10:05

Just to add, the EPO has made my skin deliciously soft over the last couple days, lush!

Wickedgirl Mon 16-Sep-13 12:13:02

SC at 36+5

Good luck for today kelly I hope everything goes well

mrso27 Christmas is still too far off. Before Christmas I have to have a baby, celebrate DS 13th birthday, Halloween, Guy Fawkes night and celebrate dd 15th birthday.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 12:13:54

Karma I'm getting some evening primrose today after hearing that grin
Thanks for the tip....

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 12:27:04

Right after hearing all the colostrum and breast pumping stories I've just got the medela out of the cupboard just to see what came out etc. I pumped both boobs and nothing, nada! Is there something wrong with me? Should I be getting it now (36 weeks) it also felt weird, like a cow getting milked grin

doobeedee Mon 16-Sep-13 12:33:19

Flyer, I'm 38 weeks and have no milk. From what I've read it doesn't matter and doesn't mean there'll be a problem.

KarmaBiatch Mon 16-Sep-13 12:34:30

grin flyer

I've been able to squeeze out a droplet of colostrum ainxe about week 28, but I know a lot of women don't get anything until their baby is actually born! You could maybe start pumping for a wee while every morning to see if the stimulation gives you some over time?!

Checking in 38+1 and sc

This may be tmi but DH felt inside me last night and felt Willows head :s he says my cervix is low and fairly open too, we got expert at checking it the 4 years that we were trying... sorry if sounds weird but its move on from the other day with hardly any contractions strange really.

I got contractions this morning so I went for a nap and they stopped. I am glad as DS is off school ill bless him.

sparkleigh no idea how i'm managing most days my strategy is avoid them if at all possible but i have to go in for consultant appointment tomorrow really hoping I go by then tbh.

So im away to watch toy story for the 1000th time with DS smile

JellyCurls Mon 16-Sep-13 13:07:08

Flyer with my first I had no colostrum or anything till after DD was born now I only have to look at my boobs and they start producing. I tried pumping the other night then had a panic that I might use up all colostrum so stopped, did nothing to stimulate BH or contractions though.

Falcon bet DH was a bit freaked out feeling babies head. I had a feel inside me too blush and cervix is def open quite a bit and much lower cause I can now feel it. No idea on medical terms how open if is but means things going in right direction

JellyCurls Mon 16-Sep-13 13:08:02

Oh an no toy story here but DS and I huddled on couch watching Brave for the 1000th time

Heres hoping we are no long for it jelly smile

claphammama Mon 16-Sep-13 13:08:37

hope things start moving for you properly falcon!

my DP is scared of MN I think... he often wonders what we all talk about but I tell him things very selectively... what happens on the thread stays on the thread! But I can see that my frequent giggling as I check my phone is making him uneasy grin and when he does something wrong he asks if I'm talking to you all about him grin grin

just back from my GP appointment - all good, BP low, heartbeat fine and measuring 33cm at 34+6. So OK. I asked her what size she thought the baby was and she said "average". Still head down but not engaged at all. And don't I know it anyway with his feet in my ribs?

It's my first day of laziness so I'm very far from being bored but umlauf you sound ready to go! grin I've been trying to be productive today, cleaned the kitchen, tided our bedroom, did some washing, and went to sort our DS afterschool clubs. By the way, chatting in MN also counts as productive. Very grin now waiting for the Virgin man to come and install the TiVo box so I have something to watch as I breastfeed at 2am (lesson learned from last time)

DS loves brave too! got me thinking i need a blu ray copy---away to amazon smile

cherrycherry41 Mon 16-Sep-13 13:15:45

Afternoon smile
SC here @ 37+1
Had my last midwife appt today as having my cs 2 weeks today!! grin
Baby estimated about 8lb 13oz at the moment, so with 2 weeks growing time he might reach the 10lbs like his sister!
Going shopping tonight for the last few bits we need then I can get on with packing my hospital bag! grin

To all those who talk about mumsnet in RL to DP etc- i do it too! Im on 2 groups, more active in my DDs group and im forever going 'so and so on mumsnet said this today..' :')

You can't usr up your colostrum Jelly. You'll keep producing it until the birth of the placenta sets off full milk production. I've heard that some women start expressing and storing colostrum around now so that if they have to top up they don't need to resort to formula. I doubt I'd manage to get much more than a teaspoon though and I've heard it can start off labour so I think I'll give it a miss because as much as I would like an early end to this I think it's best if I make it to c-section date.

notsoold Mon 16-Sep-13 13:28:28

Found you guys!!!

Wishing a better night to all of us later today!!!

legallyblond Mon 16-Sep-13 13:30:31

Flyer and anyone else. I leaked no colostrum at all this preg and couldn't get a single drop hand expressing.... But since the c section am now producing milk in abundance for two(!!!!) - milk came in on day three, colostrum before that and I know there was lots as we (me/MW) hand expressed it into a syringe while they were too sleepy to latch. So panic not - I think pre birth leakage has no bearing at all, it's the removal/loss of the placenta that actually triggers it all off.

Flyer you are a bad influence! I had a go (Medela Harmony, which do you have?) and got some drops in the bottle. As has already been said, I've read it doesn't matter if you don't get any while PG, doesn't mean it won't happen. I'm glad I tried though as I now know that I need a bigger funnel (made my nipples feel really sore, think they were rubbing on it) and I need a bottle brush- I've been so concentrated on bf that I forgot I need bottle cleaning stuff if I'm going to express!

I've got the Milton cold water steriliser bucket and tablets though, think Natalie has it too. It looks quite straightforward, looking at the little bottles really brings it all home!

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 13:36:47

Thanks Legally.

Feminist I've got the Madela swing. It's so weird pumping your nipples grin
I also need to get a bottle steriliser bought the Milton tablets and liquid but like you I need the other bits.

char1eston Mon 16-Sep-13 13:54:35

Marking my place - thanks pseudo

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 16-Sep-13 14:14:45

Phew! I thought there had been some sort of mass starting of labour because I hadn't realised that we had reached the end of the thread grin

Have been shopping (in a squall hmm) to get ready for batch cooking and now settled down with episode 2 of Pride and Prejudice. This makes me very happy smile

Just cut my hand on a knife doing the washing up. I didn't even realise until I noticed the blood dripping everywhere when I sat down with a coffee afterwards.
Oh well. It will help my case when persuading dp to get a dishwasher.

Shootingstarsandcomets Mon 16-Sep-13 14:19:43

Found you!
Sc here at 35+3
mrsnelson so jealous of your pride and prejudice afternoon. I am waiting for ds to wake up from his nap so we can go out in the pouring rain and do our chores. I am shattered having already been to messy explorers with him where he fell over in a paddling pool of jelly! Ah the joys of a one year old!

Shooting - a paddling pool of jelly?! Can't have been much fun to clean up, poor you. I feel a craving coming on though... Off to make some jelly grin

Oh, am having an increase in BH, feeling a bit stronger than usual. Maybe I shouldn't do any more pumping, baby needs to cook for another week blush

Soupqueen Mon 16-Sep-13 14:27:52

I've had a busy morning of clearing, taking clothes to the charity shop, shopping, cooking, going to the bank and estate agents (flat going on market this week, eek!) and sorting paperwork so I feel I've earned a sit down with a cup of tea grin

That's reassuring, legally, as I still can't get anything from my boobs at all. A friend has loaned me an Ameda pump, must get it out and check all the bits are there and I know how to work it.

chickieno1 Mon 16-Sep-13 14:28:34

Just checking in

Hope kelly and her little one are ok

Hope things start happening for you falcon

And nelly too

Enjoy mat leave ladies

cake and flowers to those still working.

Am wrecked today. Got up loads to wee and have sore throat and cough which is all sinus related and yuck sad

ILs leaving today. Sad for my ds as he really got to know them and will miss them. Dh will be sad too. I'm happy to have my house back though and not to be "arguing" with fil!

mon take it easy with the clearing out and furniture moving. Hope cut not too deep

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 14:29:15

Shooting you've also made me want jelly now. I'm just off to the shops so that's on my list.

MrsH I love a bit of pride and prejudice, is it the bbc one with Colin Firth? We bought it my mum for Xmas on DVD a few years ago might have to borrow it off her.

Did anyone ever remember a series on tv years ago called Ann of Green Gables?

Off to do some chores also.

JellyCurls Mon 16-Sep-13 14:29:51

Shooting - jealous of your DS taking a nap. DD school called 2 mins into nap time which woke DS up and he refused to go back to sleep angry so now a tired and very pregnant Jelly is trying to entertain a tired, grumpy and still not very well 2yr old.

JellyCurls Mon 16-Sep-13 14:33:01

Flyer I loved Anne of Green Gables and so wanted to marry Gilbert Blythe. Think I still have all the books in a box at my mums house

Just got a lecture via txt from Dp about all the furniture moving chickie but once I get the idea in my head that it needs done I've got to do it. The cut's not too deep just a surprising amount of blood. Just as well I'm wearing a red top today.

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 14:38:19

Omg Gilbert Blythe....I think my mum has it on DVD also, I'm thinking this could be excellent tv viewing for late pregnancy.....off to raid my mums DVDs grin

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 16-Sep-13 14:42:32

It is indeed the BBC version. I am now on ep 3, have tea and chocolate hobnobs and I I have done the essential chores for the day, what could be better? I may stay here all afternoon smile

claphammama Mon 16-Sep-13 14:51:39

oh flyer I grew up with Ann of Green Gables!! I have every single now worn out and yellowed book and brought them all with me to the UK. Looking at them on my bookshelf right now smile I didn't know BBC made it into a series - going to check if it's on Netflix by any chance...

chickie yay!! enjoy your freedom and empty house! DP's mum is coming to visit next Tuesday but only for 5 days so within my 10 days limit smile

soup we are both terrible by the sound of it... I've just finished a mountain of ironing and there is now nothing left to iron in the entire house - probably for the first time in a year or so. Why do we feel we have to do it to deserve a cup of tea...??

MoN I like your ways grin surely a new dishwasher by Christmas for you! I also got a nasty cut when cooking last night. A small thing but I find that any new discomfort right now is exaggerated...

textbook Mon 16-Sep-13 15:01:05

Pride & Prejudice?!? Right, that's me sorted for the next few days grin

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 16-Sep-13 15:04:18

Mr Collins has just described his staircase as "eminently suitable for a clergyman in my position" grin grin

Shirehobbit Mon 16-Sep-13 15:06:52

If it's the Anne of Green Gables adaptation I grew up with, it's this one:

Loved the books, too.

All fine at the mw, but still won't talk about home birth til I'm 37 weeks, from which point I'm "allowed" to have one. Then I can sign consent and they'll arrange a home visit etc.
But I don't see them again until 38 weeks. Anyone see a problem with this plan?! confused

Soupqueen Mon 16-Sep-13 15:17:25

shire that really doesn't sound right at all!

There's a couple at my NHS antenatal class who are planning a home birth, they had their home visit a couple of weeks ago and are about 36 weeks now.

clapham, enjoy your tea!

I need to join love film or Netflix I think, prepare for all night feeding.

Shirehobbit Mon 16-Sep-13 15:23:53

I think it's just another example of how stretched (and rubbish) services are in this area sad
It's not exactly inspiring confidence....

claphammama Mon 16-Sep-13 15:35:11

that's rubbish shire can you push them to see you at 37 weeks?

just waiting for the virgin man to finish installing our TiVo - he is positively neanderthal and monosyllabic. Planning to have a nap after this - soup, does nap count as being productive?

roofio87 Mon 16-Sep-13 15:36:31

phew I am pooped!! came into town and fortunatley the weather has been fine!! got two nursing bras after trying on a million sizes. woman in bravissimo was very helpful. got a black lacy one and a white one. white one is dirty at the back, they offered to send me a difrerent one free of charge but I took the dirty one with 20% off!! whats one wash for saving £6!!
also bought new pjs that all button down at front and some new winter boots. what possessed me to try boots on at 37+3 is beyond me but I got some!! they have laces and buckles though so defo won't be putting them on again before baby is here!!
bbc pride and prejudice is on netflix, you've definitely all inspired me to put it on my watch list!!

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 15:37:45

That's the one shire.

I remember crying when Matthew Cuthbert (think he was her kind of adopted dad/family) died hmm

It brings back happy childhood memories watching it with my mum and nana.

Soupqueen Mon 16-Sep-13 15:52:07

clapham, I'd say it does, may do the same myself!

Just joined love film, bring on the long nights!

SeriousStuff Mon 16-Sep-13 15:58:56

Flyer I used to love Anne of Green Gables! I have them on video and been meaning to buy the DVDs for ages. They were my mum's favourite books when she was younger and got me into them.

I've just slept from 11.30 am until now...time to try and catch up on some work! This baby needs to come soon so I can finish work!

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 15:59:41

That is rubbish shire, what health authority is it classed as there? Greater Manchester?

I was a bit shock the other day. I had an appointment with the consultant mw at Liverpool women's hospital as I want a water birth. And the consultant had advised me I was unable to because I have to have iv anti biotics throughout labour due to me having Group B strep. Anyway mw told me this was rubbish I can indeed have a water birth. However because my group b strep hasn't been picked up in this pregnancy they won't give me anything for it whilst in labour, but they haven't tested to see if I still carry it or they won't test even though it was picked up about 6 years ago (which means I must have alot of it) it seems totally ridiculous to me, so I now have to pay for the test at 38 weeks, that's the only way I will know for sure if I'm still colonised with it....apparantly it's not cost effective to test everyone then treat them if they have it.. Insane!

Natalieand Mon 16-Sep-13 16:02:46

SC here at exactly 36 weeks

shire a 4 minute appt? Yikes mine last about 30-40 mines

feminist I often find myself saying 'one of the ladies on my mumsnet...' U can just see dh rolling his eyes as if to say...'what now?' Lol

flyer jelly I'm intrigued how would I no what my cervix feels like or how would I no if its open?

feminist yes I do have the cold water/bucket steraliser I used it for dd and find it so convenient

My day has included shopping in tesco this morning going to my sisters taking the our kids to macdonalds then to toddler group and now I'm going to cook dinner and tidy up, the excitement is killing me.

Hope everyone is ok x

Shire are you in London? Sorry I forgot, but it's that 'stretching' that's really frustrating- like MW telling me if I can't make one specific appointment time then she can't see me until I'm 4days away from EDD. And not seeming to get why that may be a problem confused I would definitely push for an earlier appointment or just a home visit appointment for when you're 37 weeks?

Hope you're all enjoying tea/naps/telly and cake to those still at work. Not long now... (If I had a pound for every time I've had that said to me...)

Been a bit productive, I now have a list of 8 different bumps/babies groups within a 5 mins drive 30 mins walk of where I live. There are a couple of NCT ones that I'm thinking might be good as we didn't do the classes. The NHS classes (last one tomorrow) are massive and not really geared up to making friends sad. The library does baby bounce and rhyme and I've also looked up the childrens centre timetable... I will not hibernate much this winter...

I wonder how Kelly is getting on. Will refrain from asking "any news yet?" to Nelly and Falcon but I hope you're both getting somewhere.

JellyCurls Mon 16-Sep-13 16:12:03

Nat there are good descriptions online of what your cervix feels like, can't link on phone but if you google cervix dilation you should find something

cuillereasoupe Mon 16-Sep-13 16:14:14

Oh I had such a crush on the actor who played Gilbert Blythe. I looked him up on wiki a couple of years ago, he's younger than DP shock so I reckon I coulda had him had our paths just crossed...

Soupqueen Mon 16-Sep-13 16:17:21

Good shopping roofio!

That's a bit worrying flyer, they test properly in other countries don't they?

If anyone needs anything fromM&S, they have 20% off online today! Just ordered some flat boots for long walks with the pram and shirts for DH.

Soupqueen Mon 16-Sep-13 16:20:42

That's a really good idea feminist, I should research baby groups and write down the details too. I've got a few in my head but need to stop keeping things there, it is no longer a reliable place!

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 16:32:16

Yes soup they do test in other countries.

They test in the uk if you bring it to there attention your carry group b strep....however it's dependent on the healthcare trust you are under, and merseyside don't test at all anymore. It's appalling in my opinion.

Quick check in, will catch up later - off to the circus now! Hope everyone is well, 38 weeks today, SC, mw this morning and all calm on the western front x

Flyer it was one of the questions that I wrote on my sheet at the antenatal class (why aren't we routinely tested). Funnily enough it was one that she chose not to answer. She much preferred giving info on when not to go to hospital or call your midwife hmm

I've had my urine sent off when they thought I could have an infection, am hoping that if I had Strep B it would have been picked up then...

Soup that's exactly why I did it!

Shirehobbit Mon 16-Sep-13 16:44:10

I'm in Trafford, Flyer, but there's no maternity services for Trafford anymore, so I had the choice of Wythenshawe or St Mary's (the one on the Midwives programme).
St Mary's EPU looked after me wonderfully through my mcs, but Wythenshawe is nearer, so DH wanted to register there, seeing as we planned this homebirth and should only be going in if there were urgent (ie needed to be quick!) need.

I guess I just cross my legs between 37-38 weeks? Remember, this is the same team of mw that never returned my calls on the 24hrs response line, and didn't see me at 32 weeks as there was no appointment availability. So I wouldn't be holding out much hope of being seen for an "extra" appointment at 37 weeks.

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 16:46:26

I think feminist you have to be swabbed (like when you have a smear) for it to be picked up. From what I have been told this is the only way to know.

It's pretty crap, if you've got loads of it (as I did have) then it can be passed onto my baby in the birth canal and can make it really poorly.

Dp and I are in agreement we will just have to pay as I don't fancy taking a chance.

Natalie I have no idea about cervix, wouldn't have a clue what I would be feeling for grin

Shirehobbit Mon 16-Sep-13 16:49:22

I swear I recall a response somewhere about the strep testing being considered unnecessary as many more women test positive than will pass it on through delivery?
I could be talking rubbish though, so feel free to ignore.
Hope you get some kind of answer soon, Flyer.
It's weird - all these plans/questions about labour suddenly seem so much more pressing than they did a few weeks ago....

xuntitledx Mon 16-Sep-13 16:49:23

Sorry you're not having a great experience shire - I'm only 5 mins down the road but apparently that makes a massive difference in the care you receive!

The midwives at the appointments have all been great but the ones on the end of the phone have been shite and extremely rude.

Anyone feeling really fed up now? I've had such a lovely pregnancy and have really enjoyed it but now I've hit 37 weeks, I'm feeling very impatient, fed up and restless - I just want this baby to come now!!

Flyer that's shocking, even with that knowledge they won't test you. I shall not rant about the tax we pay...

JellyCurls Mon 16-Sep-13 16:57:44

TMI alert...

Ok just caught sight of my butt in the bathroom mirror and my bum crease has turned purple. According to Dr google whe this line is visible you are dilated, can one of you ladies go check your butt cracks / crease for me to see if yours is purple

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 17:03:25

Jelly you do realise now that we will all be checking our arse cracks! So funny gringrin

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 17:06:30

I've just gone into dp (he is working from home) and asked him to check my bum crack.....grin Wtf is happening to me, no dignity left at all.

Shirehobbit Mon 16-Sep-13 17:08:51

I elected to Google rather than check. Mainly because I can't be arsed to move grin

xuntitledx Mon 16-Sep-13 17:13:29

Your arse is on google, shire grin

JellyCurls Mon 16-Sep-13 17:17:19

Flyer is your butt crease purple then?

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 17:21:11

A bit grin but dp said it looked more red than purple shock

SC 35+3 having quite painful BH, walked around town today (with friend who is 30 weeks!) getting the last few bits for hospital bag, birthday cards for any birthdays from now till due date (not mine though, a week on friday grin )

Had a lovely wkend with my girls, swimming and cinema, trying to fit things in b4 it gets harder!

Can't remember who said what sorry, but I'm not going to check my bum crack, test the sperm rumours or anything else related to issues below the waist! smile

JellyCurls Mon 16-Sep-13 17:28:06

Sorry I can't believe I just asked a stranger what colour her ass crack was thanks to you for answering. Had lots of painless tightenings today so going for a bath later to see if it will settle things or bring them on. Just need my DC to hurry up and get into bed so I can go for a bath and further examine my crack in peace n quiet

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 17:31:12

Jelly I'm really not offended I'm amused....I'm really open minded when it comes to stuff like that. It's actually more worrying that I have no qualms in asking dp to look at my arse crack.

Enjoy your bath and ass checking session grin

ananikifo Mon 16-Sep-13 17:46:14

Haha marking my place. The buttcrack convo is cheering me up after working all afternoon despite technically being on annual leave. grin

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 16-Sep-13 17:49:44

Moving swiftly on... hmm grin

Three dinners' worth of chicken and chorizo casserole cooling in their little takeaway containers. thanks to whoever suggested that, quite tempted to have one for tea!

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 16-Sep-13 17:56:17

Oh, I nearly forgot. Those who have done this before what do I need in terms of outfits for the baby to take to hospital? I has assumed that, since the baby wouldn't be taking big milk feeds, there wasn't much chance of big sick up or explosive poos, so I have packed two sleep suits, two vests, a cardigan, a hat and a couple of muslins. Do you think that's enough?

Also, three packs (30 in total) of maternity pads. Is that overkill? I think they aim for 6 hour discharge here, but even if we're in overnight, I can't see me needing that many?

Shirehobbit Mon 16-Sep-13 17:59:18

FYI I would advise against Googling 'Purple arse crack image'
(And no, none of them are mine untitled wink )

Wickedgirl Mon 16-Sep-13 18:00:22

Horatio....... Last time I only took 3 vests and sleep suits with me and ds got through them all. He swallowed meconium and then kept bringing that and mucus back up again whenever he fed (frequently). He ended up wearing a baby hospital gown until DH could come home and get more clothes.

This time I am taking lots of bibs and muslins just incase we have the same problem

cazboldy Mon 16-Sep-13 18:06:50

what on earth are you lot like? grin

I am 37 weeks today. MW did my home visit last thurs! Would you like a list of the things they tell you to have ready?

Only thing I thought was shit, was that if I have baby between 7 pm/am they may not come, as on some nights there is only one mw on call for the whole county!! hmm

MrsHoratioNelson I'd say take a couple more outfits for bubba (the first one goes on quite quickly and baby might be a bit icky still!) but you probably only need 10-20 pads (I found quite a lot lying around in hospital toilets/bathrooms smile) (and nappies!) (Scabby tight arse here!)

Shirehobbit Mon 16-Sep-13 18:13:02

Yes please, Caz smile

notsoold Mon 16-Sep-13 18:14:08

Lol with the purple arse thing!!!! smile

Nellysgirl Mon 16-Sep-13 18:14:14

Just popping in to say hello to everyone. Thanks for asking after me. Not too bad today only had about 40 mins of contractions. Seriously tired, I got up & showered then straight back into pyjamas hmm
I have actually lol'ed at the bum chat x

Natalieand Mon 16-Sep-13 18:21:26

mrsH I'm taking 4 vests and 4 babygrows I took the same with dd and used all 4 is surprising how dirty a cute squishy newborns clothes get in the first few days lol. I'm considering packing mrs tbh but I think that's my ott side coming out there.

Lol at the bum crack chat ill have to check mine out! I'm seriously considering asking dh too check if I'm dialated but am I asking too much of him? Even if he agrees what's the likely hood he would even no what he's felt?

Natalieand Mon 16-Sep-13 18:24:39

Considering packing more tbh is what it should read lol

JethroTull Mon 16-Sep-13 18:35:00

A regular lurker here. Just want to say thanks for cheering me up with the arse crack chat this afternoon & as always, for the brilliant advice. I'm booked in for a c-sec next Monday.

Congratulations to all those who have their babies with them already & good luck to everyone who is still waiting smilesmile

GTbaby Mon 16-Sep-13 18:56:09

2nd that caz. Dh's friend had to help his wife in an unplanned home birth.
So I'm trying to prepare him incase of the same happening to us.

TheRunawayTrain Mon 16-Sep-13 19:11:00

Hi, I'm new! Due October 22nd, so more than a month away! Still feel like a Christmas pudding! smile

kiwee Mon 16-Sep-13 19:21:58

Thanks for the bum chat - actually cheered me up a bit for the first time after a bit of a rubbish day.

Had a scan this morning (35+4) and baby is still footling breech and now also small (estimated 2.2kg, < 8th centile). Has been well over 10th centile previously so now been signed off work with immediate effect and sent home to rest and try to grow the baby more.

Was supposed to be working for another 3 weeks so feeling a bit like I'm letting everyone down - work for screwing up their roster, DH by having to stop work now (when we could really use the extra 3 weeks pay) and the baby by not being able to get it head down or grow it properly.

Sorry for the whining, any good suggestions as to how to fill my time much appreciated!

Checking in now I've found new thread! Sc here but elcs is in 3weeks and 2days smile. Can't keep up as back at work and all I want to do in the evenings is sleep.

Hope everyone is ok and that healthy babies keep appearing and those sc don't have too much longer to wait!

KarmaBiatch Mon 16-Sep-13 19:51:29

just received my philips avent bottle steriliser and bottle warmer in the post.. already in use grin

these baby/adult toys are so much fun! that was my last baby related.purchase, so will now have to sit and twiddle my fingers for 5 weeks before I have a baby to play with grin

Wickedgirl Mon 16-Sep-13 20:03:28

No news yet from Kelly?

I hope everything went well flowers

Nellysgirl Mon 16-Sep-13 20:12:48

Hi Train smile

gt thanks for reminding about Harrods santa, will get that booked for tomorrow.

Also have just checked arse crack, nothing exciting going on there! I would also have no idea what I am feeling for with cervix, plus have short stubby fingers so will probably give that a miss!

Tip for those hoping to BF and express. When I was feeding or expressing from one boob, I leaked loads of milk from the other one when let down kicked in. So stick an empty bottle under your other boob - I used to get about 3ozs just drip out!

kiwee sorry to hear you are having a crap day. By the sounds of it you should fill your time resting up - please don't feel guilty, these littles ones are sent to try us!

Shootingstarsandcomets Mon 16-Sep-13 20:27:20

Sorry for causing jelly cravings earlier!
Will try and remember to check my arse crack later when I go up to bed grin

Warlin Mon 16-Sep-13 20:31:31

Wow 6 pages already...checking in! Just can't keep up with you ladies.

Tarlia Mon 16-Sep-13 20:40:27

Welcome to the mad bus, train. Leave all dignity in the gutter on your way on.

kiwee welcome to the bedrest club, Ive been on it from 16 weeks! Really take it easy and fill your time with all things considered generally lazy to do all day- watch tv/movies, read, sleep, knit/crochet. Do not run around cooking and cleaning! It's such a short time - it really is worth listening to the Drs.

badger terrified, how are those BPs tonight?

Falcon nelly thinking of you.

Been getting so many BH today, I'm wondering if baby will show its face before Saturday!? Though my cervix is so high I can't reach, so I doubt it.

Umlauf Mon 16-Sep-13 20:44:57

Hi train welcome to the thread! Mmm Christmas pudding...

Horatio I did the chicken/chorizo thing, its lovely isnt it?!

flyer shire jelly et al I'm cracking up at the bum chat (pun intended grin wink ) and just got my DH to have a look but alas, no purple to be found.

We just got 2 free pizzas! We tried to place an order online but the website went funny and they went to our old address, so we drove there but they had gone to our new address, so we drove to the shop in the end and they'd cancelled the order (main issue was our crap Spanish on the phone not being able to understand them!) So they gave us them for freeeeee :-) Free junk food tastes amazing!!

Soupqueen Mon 16-Sep-13 20:58:10

kiwee, please don't feel guilty, you need to look after yourself and put your feet up not waste energy beating yourself up for something that is totally not your fault thanks

Welcome train.

Kiwi sorry the scan was not more positive. I was born in 10th percentile, my sister in 5th. No problems with either of us, though we are both about 5'3" as adults. Someone has to be in each percentile. Happy growing, don't feel bad about work, your baby is your priority he and no one would expect any different.

Read everything in bits over the evening but hard to keep up now lots of people are on maternity leave. Will have to try and look at bum in mirror when I go to bed in a minute (!) though I had to get DH to put my socks on for me for the first time this morning so not sure I will be able to twist enough!

Had sex and a curry today. Hopefully they aren't that effective as my baby is not quite cooked yet!

I keep getting a very flushed face in random patches like one cheek and an ear. Presume its a hormonal thing.

Oh and I am always starting sentences with 'someone on mumsnet' to DH too!

KarmaBiatch Mon 16-Sep-13 21:15:33

Woah.. Just had a shower and decided to check my bum crack.. There's a purple line ALL the way from top to bottom (literally) so, if I'm to believe dr. Google then I should be 10cm dilated haha! blush

claphammama Mon 16-Sep-13 21:32:25

Obliged to report that my bum crack looks perfectly normal. Shall be checking regularly though. [

kiwii my DS was 6lb 8oz when he was born - so on 9th percentile and it is normal weight. He was perfectly healthy and strong and got 10/10 on the Apgar score (the rating they use to assess newborns right after they are born). Then he fed like crazy and was on 75 percentile within 3-4 months and stayed there. He is now 5, quite big for his age and I can't remember the last time he was sick. So please don't torture yourself! The doctors always try to be cautious, just in case, but a lot of what they do is also only an intelligent guess. You haven't failed anyone and there are lots of people on this thread who have problems. I guess the best thing about his smaller size is that he should still have lots of room to turn head down? thanks

umlaf LOL - I think you've just redefined the meaning of convenience / take away food grin
Glad you enjoyed your free pizza though!

I'm loving the first day of my maternity leave... I feel so much more rested and fresher and had a lovely 1 hour nap this afternoon. Life feels good grin

terrifiednewbie Mon 16-Sep-13 21:33:05

Glad to have found the thread-lol on the ward at the thought of everyone running off to check their butts. With the lack of mirrors at appropriate heights here I think I may have to take a photo to check mine.

sc (just) at 36+5.
thanks for all those asking after me-been an exhausting couple of days with labile bp hitting 170s and hourly obs (I guess thats the lack of sleep practice there then) but fingers crossed that its a bit more settled.

re waxing (was that you clapham)- I had planned to go last wed (at 36w) along with dentist, optician, manicure and massage. Had to cancel all the appointments as I ended up being admitter. Now trying to do the contortionist thing with a razor blade and crutches in an nhs shower (not hugely successfully!)

Hope those at work are reaching the home stretch towards mat leave and the rest are enjoying a well earnt break in front of the tv

Natalieand Mon 16-Sep-13 21:33:32

Just said to dh 'some one on my mumsnet forum has found some research that says if u have a purple bumcrack it means your starting to dialate' ..... Thinking he would screw his face up at me like I'm talking nonsense but he actually said 'bend over then ill have a look'

He does make me chuckle sometimes

terrifiednewbie Mon 16-Sep-13 21:35:40

Kiwi- do you work at the dhbs or am I making that up. Regardless work will cope-its not like you are wanted to go off early and mess up rotas or anything. You need to put you and baba first as hard as it is to do that sometimes.

claphammama Mon 16-Sep-13 21:37:05

PS. orange DP had to put on my socks and shoes last weekend! I somehow struggled to do it myself today

tarlia I've also had a lot of BH today... totally painless. And this baby is so active all the time. I think he wants to get out...! can't imagine him staying in for 5 more weeks (or is it just my wishful thinking?)

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 16-Sep-13 21:42:12

<studiously ignores all mention of bum cracks>

Umlauf I don't know, we haven't tried it yet. DH came home and said "something smells nice" and was most put out to discover we were having fishcakes grin

Orange I am getting that too!! I assumed it was just me - I have very pale skin and go red very easily (which my Dad delights in drawing attention to hmm) so I though it was just an extension of that. Weirdly, it's only on the right side of my face.

ananikifo Mon 16-Sep-13 21:44:16

Ok ladies be honest: do you stop at four doses of gaviscon in a day? I've been very lucky up to now and don't even have an antacid on prescription but I've been suffering for the last few days. According to the gaviscon bottle the max is 4 doses per day but I need more than that today. It's pretty low risk to take more than that isn't it?

claphammama Mon 16-Sep-13 21:47:15

terrified good to see you! do they take your BP every hour? this sounds like a nightmare... what's the plan then? do they have any or just waiting to see how things develop? sorry if you've already told us before...and yes, it was me asking about it. I guess your experience proves you never know... planning to do it next week now so also at 36 weeks.

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 16-Sep-13 21:51:45

ana I saw the GP and he confirmed that its pretty inert stuff, so not too much of a risk. Have you spotted any patterns to what sets it off? I can't eat cheese or chocolate anymore except when the chocolate is on hobnobs because its just not worth it. Spicy food is apparently a big trigger as well.

I tend not to take it unless I need it, so not automatically. Would that help? Oh, and get it on prescription, it must be costing you a fortune. Peptac/Gaviscon advance are on prescription and are a bit more heavy duty.

claphammama Mon 16-Sep-13 21:52:04

was talking about bikini wax by the way

mrsH my DP came home to pasta with broccoli so yours shouldn't complain. No idea what mine thought but didn't complain about lack of meat today and it's good for him so u don't care grin

claphammama Mon 16-Sep-13 21:53:29

meant - I don't care!! gosh my brain has already gone mash!!

terrifiednewbie Mon 16-Sep-13 21:54:14

No they dont usually check hourly-it was more to check it was all heading the right way. Back to 4 times a day with daily Ctgs again for me now. Plan is induce next week but if bloods worsen or symtoms evolve then deliver sooner. Baby kicking away and lovely normal ctgs at the moment so he seems happy for now smile as am I as im tucking into a fresh supply of macaroons from patisserie valerie (I love my friends and family and the endless supply of food to make up for hospital slop smile )

Natalieand Mon 16-Sep-13 22:04:02

Sorry I just realised I cross posted with u terrified good to no they r keeping such a close eye on u. And hopefully not too much longer before its all over for u xx

Dh and I were just looking on eBay at nappy cakes for me to buy for a friends baby shower this weekend to which he then comments 'shame your not having a baby shower for someone to buy you one' to which I was dying to say errr atchly my suprise one is sept 28th at 2pm but I actually said 'I'm sure we'll get some lovely presents when he's born' lol

I'm just having weekly shaving trims in the bath to try and keep it tame I'm not bothered about having everything perfect as long as it doesn't look like the rain forest down there I'm not too bothered for now .... Especially when u see the blurred lady areas of some women birthing on tv programmes it looks like they possibly haven't shaved ever never mind recently (sorry if I cause any offence to anyone not into shaving)

umlauf very jelous of your free junk food, everything's better when its free :-)

ana I wouldn't stop at 4 doses a day then again I don't even measure a dose I just have a swig out of the bottle. Obviously if it was excessive like 10x doses a day for an extended period I wouldn't but I don't think every now and then hurts. If your concerned have u tried taking 8 half doses instead to see if that helps?

terrifiednewbie Mon 16-Sep-13 22:05:09

Clapham-i'm a bit of a magnet for trouble though so should have known better than to book everything for one day! I hadn't even packed my hoapital bag-dh emptied baby's bag into a bin liner and packed my stuff into it. I then had visions of the cleaner throwing the bin liner with baby's things in the bin so sent dh home to rescue it!

Any tips re nursing bras? I was planning on getting re-measured at 37w but cant now. I have one elle mcpherson one that fits at the moment and 2 of the bravissimo large ones. I known I will be kept in for a few days post natally. Think I can get by with those 3 until I can get fitted? Im tempted to order more of the bravissimo ones as they cover a fair few cup sizes otherwise...

JellyCurls Mon 16-Sep-13 22:05:11

Terrified - hope you get some rest and BP doesn't get any higher

Karma - did you get checked to see how dilated at your appointment today

Kiwee- please rest it's what your body and baby need you to do

Welcome train

MrsHoratioNelson Mon 16-Sep-13 22:05:28

No Clapham you were right the first time, I don't care grin.

He came home and made noises about it being ever of me to make a mess the day before the cleaner was due, which I got cross about, interpreting it as a dig at me.

Feeling pretty fed up tonight. My sprained ankle is throbbing and is basically covered in a bruise the same shape and size of a long sock - seriously, it's dark purple, halfway up my calf and down to my toes - and I'm sick of limping and hobbling everywhere, particularly up and down stairs (we have 3 storeys). Baby won't sit still and my belly feels like its literally going to burst.


ananikifo Mon 16-Sep-13 22:18:59

Thanks Mrs HN and natalie. I was sure I'd heard other pregnant ladies say they were having lots of gaviscon. I've been using up to 3 doses a week up till now, but some weeks, like last week, I haven't used any antacid at all. DH uses more than me. That's why I haven't bothered with a prescription. I know I've been lucky but I think I'm now reaching a stage where it's bothering me more.

And shire I just want to say there's no excuse for how you're being treated. Community mw care seems to be a real postcode lottery. I've moved from central Manchester to Prestwich and I can see a difference in what they offer but not as extreme as your care has been. If they can't offer you a home birth assessment in time for 37 weeks than they can't really offer it, can they? I hope you can push for what you want and get it but I'm really sorry that it's been this hard.

Smitten1981 Mon 16-Sep-13 22:20:18

I wouldn't worry about OD-ing on Gaviscon. I've literally been swigging a huge mouthful from the bottle two or three times a night. I'm still standing.

ananikifo Mon 16-Sep-13 22:28:27

Oh and shire I have to cross my legs at 37 weeks too because DH will be in France and I don't have an alternative birth partner. One of the basic requirements of home birth is that someone is with you.

Tarlia Mon 16-Sep-13 22:30:43

jelly how are you feeling this evening?
terrified sorry to hear yesterday was tough sad What meds do they have you on?
clapham mine were not painful, but uncomfortable and persistent. Just an hours nap? That's not enough! :P
Re waxing - I just can't face it. I'm going to try and trim but i figure they've seen worse , and DH shaved my legs again last night and promises to do it Friday.
I don't even dare looking at my crack with haemorrhoids present. Sob

Shirehobbit Mon 16-Sep-13 22:49:23

Ana - we're going to do the tour of the MLU at Wythenshawe on Wed eve, and I'll see if I can raise it with the mw then too.
Truth is, I doubt we're in much danger of an early arrival and I'm also fairly phlegmatic about it all: if I do go into labour before 38 weeks, and the MLU is nice enough (which I've heard it is) then we'll just go there. It's a gamble, but there are worse things that could happen than a natural labour in MLU.
Getting upset with the poor provision earlier in this pregnancy caused me quite a lot of upset/stress. It's not worth the angst.
I've been saying to myself for a while: by the end of October, we'll be at home with a baby.
And that makes everything seem ok

kiwee Mon 16-Sep-13 22:54:47

Thanks for all the messages of support. The scan was otherwise good (apart from falling off the centiles) so I'll try and behave myself quietly at home and catch up on reading, dvds I won't have chance to do soon! Must resist the urge to go and weed the garden.

terrifiednewbie yes I'm at the dhbs in Dunedin...if work can't sort out the roster it's really their own fault as they haven't arranged a locum at all and were hoping to make it to December change over relying on people picking up additional shifts. Was it you who'd worked in Auckland? Re. nursing bras I've ordered some from the bravado website (they have ones on there that do bigger cup sizes than those elsewhere). I've also found some of the bravissimo girls really good at fitting advice by email if you can't get in to see them for a while. Hope you're not getting too bored in the hospital.

Just out of the shower and purple line half way up here too but definetly not dilated because I have very long fingers that can easily reach my cervix.
I've noticed that it feels softer on the days when I've had the labour like back ache but it always goes back to normal.
I knew I was pregnant before even doing a test because my cervix felt different. It normally feels like the end of your nose but when pregnant it feels like your lips when you pout. Years of having a coil meant I got used to rummaging about up there checking the threads every month.

Flyer747 Mon 16-Sep-13 23:14:02

Having loads of tightenings tonight, every 10 minutes and constantly needing to wee...frustrating

terrifiednewbie Mon 16-Sep-13 23:15:27

Kiwi-in that case definitely dont feel bad! They should have a reliever/rotator system in place there or is that only for RMOs? I did indeed work in Auckland and at the time they had heaps of locum shifts going but even if they weren't covered it felt better staffed than working in the nhs!

I will email the bravissimo girls and see how that goes. I usually get fitted at Selfridges.

Tarlia- a lot better this eve thanks. Nausea settling so just watching the latest episodenof Breaking Bad!

KarmaBiatch Mon 16-Sep-13 23:24:05

Just left the docs a bit bummed (it's 5.22pm here) and I'm not dilated at all, but my cervix is shorter and softer, but I wanted to hear the magical 'oh yes you're 1cm' sad

had the strep-b swab done too.. AND HE SWABBED MY BUMHOLE! I was so shocked that I blurted it out to DH "he just swabbed my bumhole" to which everyone had a good giggle grin

also get another scan on friday to check the approx size of baby, so that'll be nice smile

kiwee Mon 16-Sep-13 23:42:52

terrifiednewbie - I am an RMO but the reliever system doesn't cover ED so doesn't really help them much! Because they couldn't find another senior reg to locum for 2 months they decided to make do without and just try to cover the shifts internally...they'll always be someone who wants the money badly enough. Glad you're feeling better this evening.

Karma I get to do my own swab but yes have to swab there too. Oh the glamour. Hope your scan goes well on friday.

terrifiednewbie Mon 16-Sep-13 23:50:03

Ahh I forgot about ED having a different system. To be fair, if they are giving the kind of locum rates they were giving 5 odd yrs ago they will fill the shifts. And you can relax smile

re group b strep swab-was it you that mentioned it flyer? You may be able to persuade your local sexual health clinic to do a high vaginal swab in addition to a standard screen...

chickieno1 Tue 17-Sep-13 02:09:19

Ha ha karma! I have to do my own swabs and then take them in to obs on Wednesday. Not looking forward to it.

"D"h pissing me off! He gets irritable and snappy when tired like we all do but then goes to far passing ridiculous comments under his breath etc. like a child really. I know he doesn't really handle stress well, he needs to exercise but finds reasons not to! I've told him that in a few weeks there'll be even more stress and sleep deprivation so he should start something now. What's his response.......oh when are you going to yoga in an accusatory tone? I'm like excuse me.........unfortunately prenatal yoga seems very expensive (much more than in UK/Ireland when preg with ds) and classes seem at strange times. Also due to CS won't really be getting back to yoga ASAP and logistically with a new bf baby and ds probably won't get to classes for a while. Sorry for the rant and I know in the greater scheme of things no big deal but it can make me not want to be around him sad. I really shouldn't give out but sometimes feels better to get it out. I know I'm not exactly fun times at the minute.

favellio Tue 17-Sep-13 02:10:32

morning all! Just checking in with a 2am shout out confused

chickieno1 Tue 17-Sep-13 02:17:36

kiwee sorry about your scan results. You really need to look after yourself and take it easy. I know it's hard esp when you're used to working intense crazy shifts hours! Trust me I know. Medics are the worst and female medics feel guilty about things like rotas much more than men. They'll be fine. Put yourself and baby first and you'll be fine xx

terrified I hope your BP was better today. Your friends and family sound fab keeping you stocked up!

Wouldn't be able to see purple line here! How did you ladies manage it ??

notsoold Tue 17-Sep-13 02:54:20

Morning favellio!!!
Another bad night over here ,

favellio Tue 17-Sep-13 03:35:53

Morning nosoold!
I've been up for 2hrs, just got back into bed but still wide awake. SPD is really playing up. Feels like a horse has kicked me between the legs confused
Hope we both manage to sleep soon thanks

Kelly1814 Tue 17-Sep-13 04:01:52

Hi all, baby update!

Baby Aya was born yesterday at 4.9 pounds. She's the most gorgeous little thing I have ever seen! She's been in NICU overnight whilst they keep an eye on her and see if she can regulate her temperature on her own. Hopefully she will come back up to my room today and stay with us today.

In hospital until Friday and taking full advantage of the nurses support and fussing, they are wonderful.

C section was surreal but great. She came out so fast it was unbelievable, and she came out screaming which must be the best sound in the world!

It all feels like a crazy but wonderful dream, I still can't believe it!

Am going to relaxant and catch up on this thread now. Hope we are all doing well smile

pinkbuttons Tue 17-Sep-13 05:27:41

Congratulations kelly lovely to hear your both doing well. Hope baby Aya is back with you tomorrow. xx

kiwee sorry to hear about scan stresses but as everyone's already said try not to worry about work you and your baby have to be the priority at the moment and people will understand that.

Waving to all the other insomniacs and those in general discomfort.

Been up here for past couple of hrs and now timing BH/dare I say it contractions... pain enough to wake me bt still varying between 5-7 minutes so not regular enough yet to say im in labour. Still think our little ladys probably having me on as today is DH's birth day and pretty much the only day I dont want her to be born
Hope everyone else is catching up on some sleep will check in when its the real morning grin

Natalieand Tue 17-Sep-13 06:52:38

Congratulations kelly xxx gorgeous name!!! Hope baby Aya is back with u soon xxx

Iheartcrunchiebars Tue 17-Sep-13 06:57:31

Brilliant news Kelly and congratulations! Beautiful name. Enjoy your first full day of cuddles.

Nellysgirl Tue 17-Sep-13 06:57:52

Congratulations Kelly - amazing smile

P.buttons I feel for you. I've been there too many times. Try to stay calm if u can. Keep us informed xxxx

Congratulations Kelly. Hope you have baby Aya back with you soon.

Did the contractions come to anything Flyer and Pbuttons?

Shirehobbit Tue 17-Sep-13 07:06:50

Congratulations Kelly and welcome to the world, Aya flowers
Another girl on the thread!

Nellysgirl Tue 17-Sep-13 07:07:01

P.s. I've had a bad night and pretty much been awake every hour.
I have to confess to having eaten FIVE packets of monster munch through the night... confused

notsoold Tue 17-Sep-13 07:10:29

Congratulations kelly and well done baby Aya !!!

Pink.... How are you??

Natalieand Tue 17-Sep-13 07:21:08

Easy done nelly easy done? What flavour?

I want monster munch!

Nellysgirl Tue 17-Sep-13 07:24:24

The best kind - pickled onion.
I'm going to stink forever...
I can't actually believe I ate five. There is just one left from the multipack.

pinkbuttons Tue 17-Sep-13 07:25:53

Thanks nelly sorry to not be hearing your birth announcement yet

sorry youve had such a bad night natalie wish Id got up and eaten something am starving!

no real progression here. down to about every 6 minutes a bit more regular but no more painful. Going to have some paracetamol and hopefully have a snooze while DS watches tv for a couple of hrs then if no different guess Ill get on with my day and head into town to do errands and make a birthday cake... had a dream last night that my waters went dramatically in boots. who knows maybe ive learnt to predict the futuregrin or more likely ill still be here next week fed up of my body 'preparing for labour' fingers crossed its at least doing something...

pinkbuttons Tue 17-Sep-13 07:28:48

oops sorry meant sorry you had a bad night nelly not nat. brain is fried after no sleep. sorry!

Congratulations Kelly! thanks Welcome to the world little Aya! Good news for the morning! Thanks for updating us.

Had a terrible night with my pelvis. Woke every half hour or so in pain. Got back to sleep quickly each time but am shattered this morning and now I have to go to work when all I want to do is nap and feel sorry for myself. Does anyone know of a good private physio in London/Surrey that will treat preggos with good firm pressure to realign things rather than piddley little presses or just advice to keep legs together?

Sorry your ankle is still bad MrsH. sad

Couldn't see my bum crack, must be lots of flexible ladies! DH (who also Didnt bat an eyelid at my strange request) said there is a little line but more red than purple. Will be interesting to see if it develops.

Hope everyone has a good day especially nelly, falcon, Tarlia, terrified, flyer, pink, jelly et al x

PseudoBadger Tue 17-Sep-13 07:36:33

Congratulations Kelly!

ananikifo Tue 17-Sep-13 07:37:41

Congrats kelly and welcome baby Aya!

pinkbuttons I hope baby waits till tomorrow but that you and your family have a great day today.

flyer how do you feel today?

shire I hope your hospital tour is reassuring. It sounds like you've thought about this and are making the best possible choices for you and baby.

kiwi I hope you're taking care of yourself and not worrying too much about work. I would be the same but as others have said work will be fine and you have other priorities.

And I hope everyone's BP is perfect today! I wish you all naps and foot massages this miserable grey morning.

textbook Tue 17-Sep-13 07:52:10

Congratulations Kelly gringringrin Aya is a beautiful name, and fx you get her back today for snuggles thanks

Kiwi try not to worry about birth size - dd was born on 2nd centile, and is now a tall and very physical 6yo who can do 10 chin-ups on the bar at gymnastics!!

My sides/hips keep going numb in the night when I lie on my side, tis very annoying and painful. Also dd had a bad dream so got in bed with us, so as you can imagine its not been the most comfortable of nights!

Going to check my arse crack later - I'm feeling quite left out grin

Racheld33 Tue 17-Sep-13 07:55:05

Congratulations kelly thanks love the name xxx

Flyer747 Tue 17-Sep-13 08:07:00

Congratulations Kelly and welcome to the world baby Aya. Lovely name btw thanks I hope she comes out of nicu today.

My "tightenings" continued until about 4am every 10 mins or so but have eased now. They weren't painful just uncomfortable and I had lots of pressure in my cervix/pelvis, thought it was going to drop out haha! So I presume it's my body gearing up for labour and means nothing really.

Hope things progress pink but maybe she comes tomorrow not today so you can celebrate dh's birthday.

thanksthanks For the insomniacs, High bp ladies and hospital admitted ladies amongst us.

PseudoBadger Tue 17-Sep-13 08:16:42

Morning all, I'm off to the MW at 2.30 so we'll see what my BP is doing then.
My carpal tunnel is so bad now, most of right hand completely numb all the time and shooting pains in my left hand sad

Where were the tightenings Flyer, high or low? Any I get high up (rib level) don't hurt (but are very uncomfortable) and any I get low down are painful.

HotSoupDumpling Tue 17-Sep-13 08:24:38

Congrats Kelly on Aya's birth!! Glad the c section went well!

favellio Tue 17-Sep-13 08:33:39

Huge congratulations on the birth of baby Aya. What a pretty name smile. Hope you get lots of snuggles today thanks

Soupqueen Tue 17-Sep-13 08:33:56

Congratulations kelly!

chickien, I sympathise. My DH is great, I really do know how lucky I am when I read what others are going through, but he can be snippy too. Like this morning over cat food of all things. Hope you sort it out.

I had a bad pelvis night too, more broken sleep than actually being up and awake, may need an afternoon nap.

Taking advantage of mat leave to do a morning yoga class today, then lunch with a friend and her wee boy. I'm out for dinner too, what a fattie!

Nellysgirl Tue 17-Sep-13 08:35:28

That sounds like a lovely day soup!
Hopefully having a busy day may aid a better sleep tonight x

Nellysgirl Tue 17-Sep-13 08:37:15

Oh and thanks to orange blossom - good luck with your 'inspection' later. We will be standing by to hear what colour you are wink

Congratulations Kelly hope you spend the day snuggling and sniffing Aya!

flowers to all, more babies please!

Flyer747 Tue 17-Sep-13 09:04:20

Pseudo they were low down in the pelvis region.

JellyCurls Tue 17-Sep-13 09:07:47

Congratulations on arrival of little Aya Kelly hope you get her back with you soon

Pink make your you BH are not caused by dehydration, this happen to me when pregnant with DS. BH were coming every 4 mins and were very strong

Congratulations kelly and hope baby aya is back with you soon x

I'm with all of the ladies who feel they have to keep busy - I have to have structure to my day or I am useless, sit about all day, then get all depressed about having done nothing. So everyone is up, breakfasted, dressed, stew is ready to go in the slow cooker. Quick clean up then out to park and toddler group to tire DS out.

Hope everyone has a good day, bps behave themselves and all those suffering get some respite!

claphammama Tue 17-Sep-13 09:39:27

congrats on the birth of Aya Kelly! thanks

bowlfull same here... all done, DS delivered to school and I'm now seriously considering cleaning my fridge... crazy but still, so much better than sitting in work meetings. I'm also planning to pack my hospital bag - 35 weeks today! The big question though is... have YOU packed your bag yet?? grin

chickie you need to vent! no matter how lovely they are, these men can really get to us sometimes... hope you are feeling less frustrated today! l didn't know you also did a lot of yoga smile what kind do you do and where did you used to do it when you were living here?

pink hope these contractions are going to boil down to nothing and the baby can wait at least one more day. My friend had her DS on her own birthday two years ago - what timing!

flyer I'm getting the same tightening the last two days and it's getting more frequent every day. It's totally painless though and I have no other symptoms so I guess it's nothing to worry about...

roofio87 Tue 17-Sep-13 10:09:51

kelly congrats on baby Aya, hopr she's doing well and can join you asap!!

I slept alright here, very on and off but still in bed now taking advantage of being able to do that!! (just realised im missing homes under the hammer though!!sad ) I've been having more period type pains and tightenings but they don't seem to go together so don't think its much. got mw home visit tomorrow so gopd excuse to spend today cleaning! getting really fed up of being pregnant now, just a bit bored of the whole things but not long now I suppose!!
hope everyone else is doing well, esp those In slow labours and having bp issues!!

Tarlia Tue 17-Sep-13 10:11:42

Congratulations, kelly!!

Sorry you had a bad night, Nelly. Monster munch?! Yum [evny] Your tongue must kill now though surely!?

chickie is he being an pain as his family have left? You must be pleased after such a long visit!

badger that CT sounds dreadful sad Good luck at the MW!

I had the MW too this morning. All fine and she said she could only move his head a little bit..? I asked if that meant he was engaged and she said yes but not fully - lost in translation.

Off to watch call the midwife series 2 on Netflix now, before my haircut later smile

roxvox Tue 17-Sep-13 10:14:34

37+6 and SC.

Morning ladies! I've been lurking for the past few days as haven't really had the energy to post!

Congratulations Kelly! Love your name choice smile

I'm at my Mum and Dad's now, waiting for baby to arrive. DH will be 200 miles away until next Thursday, so fingers crossed baby doesn't make an appearance before then as he'll have a hell of a stressful drive to get to me on time! It's horrible being away from him for such a long time at such a crucial stage of pregnancy. I don't know how the ladies with DH's in the services cope when they are away!

Hope everyone is doing well. I am now off to visit the in-laws for a cuppa, and then taking Mum and Dad's dog to the vets (she's not very well, bless her).

moonblues Tue 17-Sep-13 10:17:29

Checking in, SC 36+1.

Congratulations Kelly on the safe arrival of baby Aya. Hope she gets out of NICU soon.

Clapham I'm also trying to make a start on my hospital bag today. Washed some baby clothes yesterday, but think I need to get a cardigan or something warmer for the baby to go home in as it's suddenly got cold up here. Also need to head to the shops this afternoon to get a new moses basket mattress and some cheap pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers that I'll be happy to just chuck afterwards. Does anyone have any tips. Forgot to say Clapham your last day at work sounds fab!

Kiwee try not to feel bad. It's funny after the baby arrives work just totally goes out of your head. They'll survive without you. Try to rest.

SeriousStuff Tue 17-Sep-13 10:24:33

Wonderful news Kelly - congratulations! Every time I hear a birth story now, I just want it to happen!

Kiwee, just to echo what everyone else has said - take care of yourself. Yours and the baby's health is the most important thing. In the grander scheme of things, work can wait.

SeriousStuff Tue 17-Sep-13 10:30:21

36+3 today. DH is away with work until tomorrow night and then again from Friday til Saturday so I'm keeping my legs firmly closed until Sunday, then operation evict baby will begin (not with a vengeance I might add, as I'm still aiming for 40 wks!).

Last bit of work being done on our house this weekend too so hopefully after that I can start nesting properly rather than just move things around from room to room!

MrsHoratioNelson Tue 17-Sep-13 10:48:00

Well, I have a feeling today is not going to go well. I broke a nail (I HATE that!!), I can't find the list I made of things to buy for the baby playmat I'm planning to make and aquanatal has been canceled. So I'm in the M & S cafe next door consoling myself with a flat white and a maple pecan thingy.

Had to clear out of the house until 2.30 so the cleaner can get round. I know - first world problems or what?! grin

KarmaBiatch Tue 17-Sep-13 10:51:51

Congratulations Kelly, what a fabulous name! Hope you get well.rested and are reunited with your wee girl soon smile

Looks like I should really start thinking about packing a hospital bag, but I know I'll end up re-packing it in a few weeks as my brain is like a sieve at the moment!

Hope everyone has a great day smile

pinkbuttons Tue 17-Sep-13 10:55:12

Thankyou for the keep baby in for the day wishes ladies. seem to have worked grin paracetemol eased off pains and have had lots to drink just incase jelly thank you for the tip.
Now I can get on with our busy day and start hoping for more to start tonight.
Still feeling a bit odd and at the risk of tmi bum is very much purple and have pooed 4 times today alreadyblush could be that I just have a dodgy tummy causing pains and tightenings I guess...

Hoping for baby to stay in until DHs are with you serious and roxvox

Glad midwives went well tarlia guessing your tightenings peetered off last night?

Bag all packed here although havent been as generous to myself as was with DS and had panic last night as only have 2 newborn baby grows. if baby is going to be smaller than DS shes probably going to need more than that so may be doing last minute online shopping after all...

PseudoBadger Tue 17-Sep-13 10:59:51

I've packed clothes for tiny baby (under 7lbs 5) and also for 0-3. Depending on her size DP can then bring top up clothes in the appropriate size! When DS was born we only had 0-3 so DP had to nip out to mothercare for small clothes.

Warlin Tue 17-Sep-13 11:01:49

Yay congrats kelly on baby Aya...so excited for you flowers

Right I'm fed up with a number of things:

1) no sign of anything moving and I'm so fed up waiting,,come on baby;
2) sick of all the "any sign yet", "you still pregnant" comments...I mean I'd hardly be walking around with a bump and no baby if I'd given birth would I?!
3) friends trying to arrange lunch/ dinner dates for next week...I will be 39 weeks so hardly want to commit and refusing to admit that I may still be pregnant then!
4) anyone who I tell I'm having another boy (checkout staff who keep asking and people I don't really know) saying oh well...as if its some kind of disappointment that I won't have one of each <slap>

Sorry rant over! Sorry to all those also suffering, I have lots of pressure downstairs but no contractions. Just willing me waters to break!!

Waves to everyone x

MrsHoratioNelson Tue 17-Sep-13 11:03:22

Pink I'll try not to get too excited on your behalf!!

Umlauf Tue 17-Sep-13 11:06:10

Cngratulations kelly on baby Aya what a beautiful name! Hope you can take her home soon!

Happy birthday mrpink cake

moon try a local spa for slippers they might be chucking some out?! I got mine free off one of my granny's spa visits!

tarlia I LOVE call the midwife, one of the best programmes ever! Have you read her books? They are wonderful, perhaps not the best to read right now though!!! I've downloaded 2012 to watch for late night feeds, anyone got any other recommendations for box sets? Nothing too intellectual my brain won't work well when sleep deprived!

I had a dream last night where I logged on this morning to see that crookie had had her baby! Bit weird. Quite disappointed it isn't the case!!

HeffalumpTheFlump Tue 17-Sep-13 11:07:04

Morning smile SC at 36+2. Sorry I really can't keep up with the thread at the minute so will mainly be lurking.

Kelly congratulations on your beautiful baby girl. Aya is a lovely name smile hope she's back with you really soon.

Flyer747 Tue 17-Sep-13 11:10:19

Pink I've had the shits for the past 2 days....is this really a sign of possible impending labour? I think mine is through too much rich food (trifle, Chinese take away, lentil curry, 3 chocolate bars the other day shock yes I've been very hungry recently grin)

cazboldy Tue 17-Sep-13 11:11:36

Congratulations Kelly smile

Right - sorry I didn't get back on yesterday.


lots of old towels/linen.


Kitchen roll

Cardboard box (medium) lined with bin liner.

Waterproof sheet for bed/ floor



Handwashing facilities

Refreshments for midwives!

char1eston Tue 17-Sep-13 11:17:31

Congratulations kelly and welcome to the world baby Aya. Hope she's with you very soon.

SC and 38+3 here. Had loads of BH last night but I reckon it was mainly down to dehydration. Drank a lot of tea yesterday and ate a lot of cake. Must make sure it's mainly water today. Off to the mw in 35 mins - guess I should get out of the bath!

Dp's mum is coming for a visit today but we have no other plans. It's nice as it means dp is around to help out with dd (who is a little whingy at times with a cold).

Sending lowering bp thoughts to everyone.

Shirehobbit Tue 17-Sep-13 11:17:36

Cheers, Caz - most of that is on hand, easily enough (had to think what the cardboard box was for, for a moment, as in, that wouldn't make a good cot. oops blush )

char1eston Tue 17-Sep-13 11:18:57

flyer - I had an upset tummy when in labour with dd but contractions had already started.

cazboldy Tue 17-Sep-13 11:19:43

tbh I'm not entirely sure - don't think it's ever been used before with me - guess it's a bin/ sick bowl confused they bring a special yellow bag and box to take the placenta away in....

claphammama Tue 17-Sep-13 11:38:39

moon... slippers... didn't even cross my mind! noone in our household owns a pair as we all love walking barefoot but not sure I would fancy walking barefoot in the hospital. Duly added to my shopping list!

flyer I've just gobbled down 500g tub of full fat cottage cheese. I absolutely love it and I know it's healthy but I'm pretty sure 500g is far too much. I looked up the fat content on the container just to torture myself...

tarlia enjoy your haircut smile nice to treat yourself before the D Day

pinkbuttons Tue 17-Sep-13 11:39:09

Thank you umlauf smile and no mrsH don't am trying to convince myself its nothing.

flyer with DS that was my first sign the day before my body well and truly emptied itself, although saying that Ive also been eating a lot of late so who knows grin

Good idea about top up clothes pseudo I never had this issue with DS as we knew he was going to be a big baby... wasn't that big in the end but not too small to not be able to wear 0-3.

Now onto cake making and last minute card shopping so I can get on with knitting those tiny hats.

KarmaBiatch Tue 17-Sep-13 11:43:49

Has anyone thought of writing their Christmas cards early this year I.e. before baby arrives..? I'm quite tempted to do them over the next couple weeks and just leave baby's name until she arrives safe & sound.

Couldn't think I'd want to sit and write them with a little snuggly baby in the mix!

Sparkeleigh Tue 17-Sep-13 11:45:43

Congratulations kelly, what a beautiful name! I hope you get to spend a lot of time snuggling today flowers

MrsH to me, any day with a maple pecan thingy is a good day envy grin

waves to Pinkforboys I didn't realise we were due date buddies grin

Mini rant... I am so looking forward to finishing work next Friday. I did a lot of emergency work for another team as they finished a project and then all went off on leave at the same time hmm. Of course it all went wrong so I had to work on it, but all I've had since then is them trying to pass more work to me. Uh, no.. I fixed the big issue, they can clear up the rest of the mess themselves! grr!! I was pretty abrupt with them and I think they've backed off but I'm annoyed it came to that. Added to that the baby trying to get out via my ribs and I've had a grumpy few days in work!

rant over, I feel better now!

claphammama Tue 17-Sep-13 11:46:58

And warlin sorry you are feeling fed up. Do you think it's because you assumed you would have this baby at 37 weeks too? I know I'm assuming I won't go beyond 39 weeks. I suppose very dangerous assumptions as every pregnancy is so different! and I'm getting similar reactions to my second boy. Stuff them! x

Smitten1981 Tue 17-Sep-13 11:47:39

Morning ladies.

I've got a bit of a random question about visitors after the birth.

My mum's side of the family and DH's will be fine because there's only a handful of them, but my dad's side is huge and every time someone in our family has a baby they think it's perfectly acceptable to just rock up as soon as you're home from hospital and the following few days. This has happened to a few of my cousins and they were fine with it, but I know I won't be.

I kind of feel like I'll want to hide away for the first few weeks until I start to get to grips with things. Is there a nice way to tell the less immediate family members to stay away until I'm ready to see them?

I wouldn't put it past them to just turn up unannounced either. I feel like I'm being a bit unreasonable about it, but I'm always very conscious to give people space when they've just had a baby and let them contact me when they're ready for visitors.

I have a feeling that probably won't happen with my dad's side of things.

Flyer747 Tue 17-Sep-13 11:51:44

Clapham I love cottage cheese too....American cottage cheese is sooo much nicer than uk cottage cheese, they do this small curd type in the states I bloody love it.

No one owns slippers in your house?!! Well in the Flyer household we NEVER have a shortage of slippers. If anyone remembers dp bulk buying toilet rolls a few months back? Well dp is a complete weirdo and bulk buys hotel slippers (the waffle type) honest to god, we have a large cardboard box of 100 pairs in the garage grin it's a bit hard to imagine and it's his "Addicitve Personality" so he tells me, £1.20 per pair, so yes dp paid £120 for 100 pairs! Odd bod or what hey grin

SeriousStuff Tue 17-Sep-13 11:54:17

Smitten I think it's fair enough to set out your wishes. We've said that close family can come to hospital if I'm there for 2-3 days. If there for less time, we'll go home first then day 3 and 4 they can come over for a couple of hours.

Then, we have said that we want some time just us - DH's paternity leave is so precious, we just want to have time to enjoy being just the three of us for a while.

From then on, I guess we'll have to play it by ear!

Smitten1981 Tue 17-Sep-13 12:09:10

Serious I'm tempted not to even tell the the baby is here - ha ha.

I just read this, glad it's not just me with the not being able to eat dinner anymore thing www.xojane.co.uk/family/pregnancy-week-36

Natalieand Tue 17-Sep-13 12:16:00

roxvox hope baby stays put u til dh arrives how many weeks/days r u now? Bet its nice to no u r near where u r hoping to give birth now :-)

mrsh sounds like your having a day of it, at least the house will be cleaned when u get home :-)

I'm having to opposite to u warlin I already have a girl and bump is a boy so people say 'oh no need to have anymore now then' to be honest I probly don't have anymore but that would have been the same decision regardless of this sex but don't I just hate the way ppl think they have a say in your lives based on the gender of your children?

flyer and pink I too woke up at 4am needing a no2 and have been several times since then SC though at 36+1

caz I'm not having a home birth but am intrigued about the newspapers?

flyer if we're all gunna have this 'clearout' before labour then everyone will be envious of your unlimited toilet roll supplies lol

cuillereasoupe Tue 17-Sep-13 12:19:00

I'd just lay it on the line smitten. My ILs threatened to come from 7th November to CHRISTMAS. I made it veeeery clear that was not happening grin.

Smitten1981 Tue 17-Sep-13 12:25:36

cuillereasoup I might have to do that. Half of them already think I'm a bitch for not inviting them to our wedding day time bit, I guess it can't do much more damage to tell them to stay away for a bit.

I'm fine with aunts and uncles, it's just when it gets to the cousins and second cousins bit that I get annoyed. I'm only close to two of them and there's about 20 more.

cazboldy Tue 17-Sep-13 12:30:11

afraid I can't enlighten you there either Nat - not used them either!!! maybe it's for soaking up waters, if they go on top of the waterproof sheet??? I've always just had an old duvet/ towels on the floor/ bed and never made a mess - yet! grin

roofio87 Tue 17-Sep-13 12:42:48

caz thanks to that list I have visions of going into labour at home and dp strapping in his led head torch to oversee things!!

SeriousStuff Tue 17-Sep-13 12:43:38

Smitten, oh, well we've already decided not to ring anyone until the baby is here. There'll be no contraction updates from us for fear of people just hitting the road!

pink sounds very like what i had the other day had 8 poos in one day too, I am still getting tightening sometimes extremely painful ones but no baby here either.

warlin hugs flowers

kelly congrats smile

I am 38+2 sc and have to go see consultant in hospital today really don't ever want to see the place again but have no choice :/

cazboldy Tue 17-Sep-13 12:48:31

Roofio grin - it's in case of a power cut!!! grin

PseudoBadger Tue 17-Sep-13 12:49:46

Well I'm SC at 36+3 and could really poo for Britain grin and really don't think it's labour related in my case. I'd prefer it to stop though (but don't want the opposite either!)

MrsO27 Tue 17-Sep-13 12:50:53

Congrats kelly. Hope Aya is enjoying her first full day in the world.
I'm on the phone as in the car waiting for DH to come out of a job interview so can't easily scroll back for name checking but I'm intrigued by the bum crack theory. This made me lol! I've had, erm, rather loose movements for the past week, since I fell and hurt my bottom actually. Going to ask mw about it on Thursday. Hoping its not a sign of early labour though. I still have lots to do!
I'm also worried about influx of visitors but DH has assured me he will fend them off until we're ready. I'm not fussed about close family, it's more so friends, extended family, parents' friends etc. Most of them I know will stay clear for the first few days and give us space but I know a few who will be desperate to get round ASAP (if only to post a pic on Facebook I fear, which is another issue!). It's really just because I want to get bf established and I'm not comfortable whapping my boobs out in front of people and don't want to be relegated to the spare room in my own house to feed my baby. Hope this doesn't make me sound super grumpy!

PseudoBadger Tue 17-Sep-13 12:56:24

Not feeling great before my MW visit, BP 150/95, blurry/watery vision in my periphery (feel like I have to blink to see). Oh well I'll see what they say.

Pinkforboys Tue 17-Sep-13 12:57:53

Congratulations kelly thanks

pseudo have you tried a wrist brace? I used one when mine went weak with DS and it did help.

I do love reading these threads, but I've just demolished a whole bag of honey-roasted cashews and blueberry scone whilst catching up on the colour of your bum-cracks hmm. Yesterday I was home-alone with a tin of rocky road leftover from DS's b'day party. Very dangerous. I've hit the 3stone mark and it's likely to escalate from here at this rate!

Speedy labour inducing raspberry-leaf brew to those in need x

PseudoBadger Tue 17-Sep-13 12:58:35

MrsO I remember being embarrassed to feed when people came over. DS never had a great latch and would often leave me hanging in mid air grin In retrospect what I've taken from it for this time is that I'm going to just do it, if they have an issue they really can bog off.

PseudoBadger Tue 17-Sep-13 12:59:54

Yes Pink, I have a splint for my worst hand (the right), it was helping but not so much now it's constantly numb.

Pinkforboys Tue 17-Sep-13 13:00:18

pseudo hope mw can help and reassure you thanks

roofio87 Tue 17-Sep-13 13:00:31

mrso im the same, im a bit worried about dps family as his sister and cousin both bottle fed and were happy to just pass baby round to whoever for hours at a time and I'm worried I'm going to come off as being a bit precious with baby. also worried about trying to establish bf with all his family there!! but we'll see.
I've not had a solid bowel movement since about 32 weeks so don't think mine is a sign of labour!!

cuillereasoupe Tue 17-Sep-13 13:02:23

Newspapers are for mopping up in an emergency, according to my American birthing guide.

Flyer747 Tue 17-Sep-13 13:03:49

That's a high bp pseudo hope all ok thanks

Pink I'm now totally embracing my 3 1/2 stone weight gain....I just can't be arsed to stress now, hence me eating trifle in bed a while ago (I posted a pic on our October baby thread) immense appetite these last few days.

MrsO27 Tue 17-Sep-13 13:06:25

Yes, maybe whapping my boobs out will get rid of the visitors more quickly!
Good luck at mw pseudo

Natalieand Tue 17-Sep-13 13:10:46

flyer I am 36+1 and for about 10 days now I am literally STARVING morning noon and night I eat a large dinner then 2 hours later I feel starving again! I've only gained about 10lbs according to the hospital 14lbs according to home scales so far but it really isn't through being careful I'm not sure how its happened I gained 2.5 stone when expecting dd and expected simular this time

falcon hope the consultant appt is usefull in one way or another

Hope your ok too pseudo and your bp comes downx

I don't bother with slippers in hospital. I usually take flipflips instead. They're great for wearing in the shower (The loo floor and shower is usually blood splattered).

I went to supermarket after taking youngest to school and started getting pains behind my c-section scar. I was finding it really hard to straighten up. I think it was just the strain of pushing the heavy trolley.

Is anyone suffering from loss of appetite? I feel like I'm having to force myself to eat and then I end up feeling sick. I didn't have any breakfast this morning and have just had to force down a sandwich and some grapes. If I wasn't pregnant I would love this affliction. I've stocked up on fruit and bottles of fruit smoothie so if I don't feel like much I can have that because lately I've been surviving on biscuits and coffee.

Flyer747 Tue 17-Sep-13 13:20:40

Mon only I wish....like Nat I've got a huge appetite, eat too much then feel sick as a pig and on comes the reflux!

The weird thing is I've been at 2 stone weight gain for weeks and this past week or so where I've not being eating I've put on another half stone. Even when I do feel a bit hungry I can't think of anything that I actually want to eat so end up with a coffee and a biscuit so that I don't end up fainting.

Still no hospital bag clapham - I think its because I am remaining adament I will be late, and its my last thing to get ready. I have bought everything and washed baby clothes etc, so just a case a packing. No real reason for procrastinating.

My appetite is well down as well mon, have to force myself to eat something for breakfast and lunch. I have no room left - measuring 40 weeks, baby not at all engaged, so struggling to fit anything else in.

Hope the mw is of some use pseudo, that's a very high BP. Sympathy for the carpal tunnel - I'm a fellow sufferer and its not fun. Was offered physio for it yesterday, which I declined as I hope baby will be here fairly soon!

Natalieand Tue 17-Sep-13 13:49:41

Currently watching Saturday nights 'surprise suprise' .... Safe to say I'm a blubbering mess

Pinkforboys Tue 17-Sep-13 13:54:09

bowl if you're planning on bf you might want to rethink the physio offer- my CT with DS came on when bf and lasted at least as long as I was bf if not longer....something to do with your hormones weakening joints and ligaments and stuff I was told (can you tell I'm not medically trained?) Also pushing the buggy can aggravate it.

roofio87 Tue 17-Sep-13 13:58:10

urgh im having a bad day!! after waiting over a month and chasing HR to hear about my mat pay they finally tell me they sent me a letter on august 20th. I haven't recieved anything. I don't think im entitled to statutory maternity pay as I don't earn enough so am expecting back my mat1b form and the form to claim maternity allowance. now I think these have been lost somewhere. and really I don't even know for sure if this is the case cos they are so crap at communicating. I need this sorted as I'm now on mat leave and probably have no money due to come in!!
sorry for rant just feeling mega fed up today and this has pushed me over the edge. I've just been sat blubbering on the sofa for the last half hour. I want my mum!!

Flyer747 Tue 17-Sep-13 14:02:09

That's crap Roofio thanks I didn't even know you had to earn over a certain amount to be eligible for smp. How much is Maternity Allowamce?

I heard you can get a grant off the government £500 if you earn under a certain amount. Would it be worth a cal or trip to citizens advice as you maybe entitled to more than you are aware.

Racheld33 Tue 17-Sep-13 14:13:09

Whoever was talking about unwanted visitors, I was really strict when I had DS. I told my DH (in no uncertain terms) that people only come if they are invited,and if anyone turns up unannounced to stand on the doorstep, and say that me and baby had just gone down for a long nap, so he'll ring to rearrange a visit, worked a treat! grin

roofio87 Tue 17-Sep-13 14:43:04

flyer its because I'm employed by two different employers to make up my hours so I don't earn enough from either, but once I've pooled together my earnings from both jobs mat allowance will be the standard £136 per week so enough for us to get by with its just a bit more complicated as you have to make a seperate claim for it yourself rather than work sorting it out. I'm just being ridiculous and hormonal getting so upset by it. It will all be back payed if it is late and we have savings I just don't want the hassle!!

Thanks for the tip pink - I bf DS and the CT vanished not long after birth, but I will certainly bear in mind if I have any probs this time.

PseudoBadger Tue 17-Sep-13 15:06:34

Well BP still high and I now have 1+ protein so they've taken bloods again and I'm waiting for monitoring in MDU

roofio87 Tue 17-Sep-13 15:44:01

sorry pseudo hope they look after you.
I can officially no longer sit up on the sofa without getting headed in the crotch and squashed in the ribs. I'm so uncomfortable!! sorry, being a right moaner today!!

Soupqueen Tue 17-Sep-13 16:08:15

pseudo, hope the BP goes down. When us the monitoring likely to be?

I think the prospect of visitors is the thing stressing me out most now that I don't have work to do that. All family live far away so it's not like we can tell them to go home and pop back tomorrow. When they're here, they're here and I just know that it's going to be overwhelming and I'll be stuck in the bedroom, crying, trying to establish breastfeeding and just wanting them to leave us in peace. I'm trying not to think about it as it does get me really stressed. I'm dreading it.

Flyer747 Tue 17-Sep-13 16:20:25

Just heard off my friend in Oz her baby is 2 weeks old she says take all the help off family you can they have no family there. She said she's not slept more than 3 hours in 2 weeks! Yikes

Pseudo hope all is ok xx

Haylebop12 Tue 17-Sep-13 16:47:09

Afternoon Ladies, taking the opportunity whilst DD is watching a film to catch up... gosh these threads really are flying now!

Firstly, congratulations Kelly, hope all is well and you are with your baby getting snuggles. Seems to be the girls are too impatient!

sorry to hear your BP back up pseudo Glad they are monitoring you though and hopefully come up with a plan.

flyer I also quite vividly remember having a clear out very soon before going into labour. apparantly its your bodys way of making room for the baby to come out. So agreed, your dp may have read up on that part when he bought all those toilet rolls. However, I do think the slippers could make yopu a small fortune. Sell them as antenatal slippers at a fiver each. Tidy little profit!

roofio sorry to hear your employer being shit... If you are entitlted to Maternity allowance it goes through the job centre doesnt it? I hope you manage to sort it. Last thing you need is to be left with no money.

bowlfull even my bag is packed and I'm so unbelieably laid back about this pregnancy!

Had my whooping cough jab today. Nurse said its a similar dose to that they give to pre-school children and contains the tetnus, polio and diptheria vaccine..? Arm ok at the moment but we will see!

Spent all last night photographing and listing dd's old clothes on facebook selling sites. Made £25 today and got few people coming over next few days. I feel like Ive not achieved too much at home but looking back I have cuz they were taking up so much room!

Nothing much to report on the baby front. SC at 36+2, lots of pulled muscle type pains under bump and very achy hips, pelvis and back but apart from that I'm enjoying pottering around at home and doing all the school runs, not just a few when I wasnt working.

I think I could give you all some lessons on be how to be lazy and not feel guilty grin my daily routine atm involves arond 1hr housework and at least a 1hr nap!

Right off to check my bum crack.... grin

What a day!

pseudo sorry your BP is still high ((Hugs))

So I got a doctor that listened to me today! grin

She asked what i would like and i said induced before I have to have an emergency CS which is my biggest fear.
She checked me over and gave me a SWEEP!!!

She explained she could not induce due to several reasons.

1. babys head is on the brim so not quite engaged (common with second babies) so if she broke my waters which she could do as I am a good 3-4 cms there is a risk of cord prolapse

2. if baby did not labour progress I would need hormones to push labour on and would have a high risk of pph or needing forceps ventouse also as i had the drugs i would need monitored from start to finish which could be troublesome due to my weight.

3. With induction there is higher risk of it ending up in CS, absolutely what i do not want.

So it benefits me to wait it out and hope i go myself its a bit of a balancing act but I am more likely to end up on the table with induction atm rather than my symptoms but hopefully I will go as i have had this sweep smile I have been told to keep active as i can next time i get the contractions to push her head to engage!

Natalieand Tue 17-Sep-13 17:10:56

Sorry to hear about the protein pseudo lets hope that the bloods come back clear for u xx thanks

falcon glad u came away feeling alot happier from your appt today, u deserve a bit of good news and to get to 3-4cms is amazing! Just think when labour fully kicks in u will have already done almost half of the dialating! Especially when u think if in hospital u can have a epidural from 4cms on wards thanks for u too. get dtd lol

PseudoBadger Tue 17-Sep-13 17:16:24

Well ctg trace was fine, but saw a doc and BP on the manual cuff is 170/108 so I'll be staying in on the labour ward for regular monitoring sad
Just waiting for them to take me there now. I'll pop in and out but will be preserving battery until DP delivers me a charger!

Thinking of you pseudo xxxxxxx

Pinkforboys Tue 17-Sep-13 17:33:11

pseudo do you mean you're going to be in there at least all night? Poor you sad
I'll be on L3 having a scan tomorrow morning. Let me know if you want a morning McMuffin croissant dropping in. No-one would question me randomly shouting out for a 'Badger?' in the labour ward, would they?

Hope your BP lowers xx

claphammama Tue 17-Sep-13 17:33:13

oh pseudo so sorry you are in the hospital again... thinking of you xx

falcon good that you are feeling better and congrats on your sweep smile It also just goes to show that you needed someone to have a proper conversation with you and explain pros and cons of everything. Hope the sweep works! We had 3 babies on the last thread. Surely we should have more on this one??!!

bowlfull can we come and pack your bag please? grin

soup I have the same problem with our families, everyone lives far away so visits always mean overnight stays (at least), if not several days of people in the house. I've already told everyone we are not having any "proper" visitors for the first two weeks. I still remember my ex MIL "kidnapping" my 4 days old baby for 3-4 hours and how distressed I felt then. She was "special" I must say but still... I don't want anyone here. DP's mum is a bit gutted but at least she understands and will come after 2 weeks, once DP is back at work, to help me. I don't really want my own mum for a very long time as she is always more work and stress than help... she came over last time when DS was 5 weeks old and only made me more stressed and more tired. It felt like having 2 babies. I'm OK with visitors otherwise as long as I don't have to prepare anything for them and they stay for 30min or so.

flyer no, no slippers to be found in this house. We all walk barefoot. So need to purchase some tomorrow! You are your DP keep cracking me up - I now have visions of your house filled with toilet paper and spa / hotel slippers grin

hayle I'm also really enjoying my maternity leave so far, all pottering around, cleaning, food shopping and school runs. Amazing how satisfying these mundane things can be. And I feel so much better since I stopped working - no back pain, no leg pain, more energy etc...

Flyer747 Tue 17-Sep-13 17:33:49

Oh pants pseudo...thanks Hope it drops down ASAP xx

SeriousStuff Tue 17-Sep-13 17:48:50

That sucks Pseudo but good to know they're keeping an eye on you

ananikifo Tue 17-Sep-13 17:54:38

pseudo I'm sorry to hear about your BP. I hope they can control it.

flyer I am jealous of your slipper hoard because I don't own slippers at the moment. I keep meaning to get some but am not going much clothes shopping at the moment.

I don't really want my in laws to visit me too soon. They'll be really nice but they're awkward with food and they always offer to help but do things like clean the floor with the dish brush, and make me feel like my house is dirty and I wouldn't be comfortable breast feeding around them either. I know I'm a spoiled brat because they are really nice, but I'm afraid they would stress me out. I think I'd want them to wait at least a week but that's very unlikely.

My parents are visiting in November from Canada and although it'll be a full house with them staying, I wish they could stay for longer than two weeks. I miss them so much! They're bringing my one year old nephew which which will be interesting but I don't care. I just want them all here to meet my baby!

I went in early and stayed late today. So jealous of everyone on mat leave! Although a colleague won't see me again now because of her holidays and we said goodbye and I cried. I don't know what I'll be like on my last day!

PseudoBadger Tue 17-Sep-13 17:55:45

Thanks everyone. They want me on labour ward as no can be done every 30 mins rather than longer gaps. There are women actually giving birth in adjacent rooms shock
It's the top number they are very worried about I think, I've already had a pill to hopefully drop the BP and then will put me on 'normal' meds.

Pink I think I'll be here all night but perhaps moved from labour to antenatal ward. I'll update you!

I'm worried about DS now, he was so clingy when I dropped him at the CM this morning.

Pinkforboys Tue 17-Sep-13 17:56:47

clapham & ana can i tempt you with these?

Pinkforboys Tue 17-Sep-13 18:01:16

or these ??
(Admittedly not the most practical for hospital...)

Natalieand Tue 17-Sep-13 18:02:55

pseudo and pink It makes me chuckle u could possibly bump into each other and not even no it, on a more serious note its lucky u had an appt today to catch that bp on a manual cuff pseudo hopefully the meds work and all will be well. What gestation are u at now? I'm sure ds will be fine as mothers we worry about them but 9 times out of 20 they hardly notice the difference especially for one night xx

With dd we had alot of visitors to the hospital which I want to try and avoid this time or just have them come one or two at a time if un avoidable as I want to focus on dd having a little time of just us and baby too get used to the idea he's not in my tummy now and will be coming home with us before ppl bombard us to give him a 'quick' cuddle then hold into him for hours until he cries then they r quick to return him lol

HotSoupDumpling Tue 17-Sep-13 18:08:22

Ahh hang in there Pseudo.

I've been reading lots but not posting much! (Mostly there's nothing happening chez Hotsoup! SC)

Oh, I have been crying at every little thing, mostly emotional pop music and obviously manipulative things like this video.

Like many of you, I've been angsting over relatives visiting. I've found it helpful to keep repeating to myself that I'm lucky that people care enough! But I'll have my fair share of visitors, like Clapham's mum, who are simply mentally draining to deal with. My MIL loves to be the centre of attention and has to comment on every blimmin thing!

Haylebop12 Tue 17-Sep-13 18:13:48

clapham im enjoying the school runs (except today as it was pissin it down) as I live in an area where prodominently most mums are SAHM but I only like a select few wink others are quite full of themselves. It's quite strange when they talk about the school and teachers tbh because I went there and dd currently has my yr3 teacher! They all talk like they know the school really well etc but technically I do since I went there and was the second intake to start from the beginning. (It opened in 89/90)!!

MrsO27 Tue 17-Sep-13 18:16:39

Sorry to hear about your bp pseudo but you're in the right place thanks
soup Can your dp take the visitors out at some point when they visit, or at least by suggesting it, it might make them realise you need some time alone with baby and they might clear off for a little while?

PseudoBadger Tue 17-Sep-13 18:23:48

Well this isn't the most relaxing place to bring my BP down! There have been 2 emergency bleeps (I think one was for an abruption) in the last 30 mins! Cue staff sprinting down corridor outside!

xuntitledx Tue 17-Sep-13 18:28:30

I'm having the same dilemma re. post birth visitors.

DH family will be fine as there's only 3 of them and they're not the type to force themselves but will wait for invitation. They're also only up the road so can be sent packing after an hour or two.

My family however are spread all over the country so it's not like they can just drop in for an hour. When they come to visit at the moment it's practically a full on military op and they always stay for a couple of days.

I've already told them that I don't want visitors right away as I want to start establishing a routine and DH and I to get used to him but they've been laying the guilt trip on thick sad

They're very considerate house guests but regardless of that, there's always a huge mess left behind to clear up plus loads of laundry so it's not just their visit, it's the aftermath!

To be honest, I'm just going to be selfish and ignore the guilt trip. This is my first baby so I think I'm entitled to think of myself for once!

Shirehobbit Tue 17-Sep-13 18:46:44

The visitors (esp ILs, who live a couple of hours away and are hard work) have been a source of friction here too. I think DH and I have an understanding and he will manage his parents, but it hasn't stopped me worrying.

Sounds positive, Falcon and hope the bp meds help, Pseudo.

So after fantasising about what I was going to be doing next week, on first week of maternity leave (I blame you all for the Homes Under the Hammer chat, yesterday) it turns out I won't be starting until the week after - we got 'the call' and the inspectors arrive a week today.
Oh well, another week at full pay, I guess.

Shootingstarsandcomets Tue 17-Sep-13 18:49:20

Congrats kelly!
And pseudo hope your bp lowers.
No news here. Had a lovely lunch with a friend over from Canada with her 10 week old, ds was lovely and gentle with her, I think he'll be a lovely big brother.
Re visits, I definitely wouldn't invite anyone to actually stay, far too much work. I plan on banning all overnight guests until after Christmas! We had loads last time and I was knackered, I want to enjoy this baby and just be a family.

Haylebop12 Tue 17-Sep-13 19:14:09

I think those already of us with children have an extra job of settling existing children with the baby. I wanted visitors last time, kinda showing her off but I'm pretty sure that dd will need time to get used to baby before we're surrounded.

cuillereasoupe Tue 17-Sep-13 19:15:43

Our antenatal teacher was telling us that she once counted 17 visitors in one poor woman's hospital room at once. SEVENTEEN. Can you imagine? shock

Wickedgirl Tue 17-Sep-13 19:18:33

Congratulations Kelly. I hope baby is with you soon and you both get to go home together soon flowers

I too have flip flops in my bag rather than slippers. If I stand in something yucky, they'll wash easily and can go in the bin on the way out of the hospital.

I have already said absolutely no visitors the day baby and I come home from hospital and only very close friends and family in the first couple of weeks. When I had my first baby, I had my in laws at the house within an hour of me getting home. Dd was still only 8 hours old and it was too much, too soon. I just wanted to go straight to bed (8pm) and not have to "entertain" anyone.

pinkbuttons Tue 17-Sep-13 19:26:19

Sorry to hear BP has shot up pseudo hope you manage to get some rest tonight.

and glad you got some reassurance and a sweep falcon thats exciting. also glad someone actually explained their clinical reasoning to you. Is amazing how much it can help.

Agree with you all about visitors although remember being pleasantly surprised last time about how considerate my family were. Theyre a bit of a nightmare normally and all are spread out across the country but no one expected to stay and I just let them sort themselves out in hotels etc. Unfortunately in a bigger house this time so will be putting my foot down about no overnight visits. (apart from whoever ends up looking after DS while im in labour)

PseudoBadger Tue 17-Sep-13 19:35:12

Right BP has responded well to meds and I'm now on the horrendously noisy vibrant antenatal ward for overnight. BP to be checked 4 hourly. Thanks for all your support x

Flyer747 Tue 17-Sep-13 19:36:54

Just back from a walk in the park....I walk around the park/ lake dp runs around, very jealous of him. So disgusting person obviously thinks its not necessary to clean their dogs muck up and I went straight through it in ugg boots, marvellous it's caked in the grooves on the sole. Tempted to chuck them in the bin rather than clean it off yuk!! Filthy animals ( owners not the dog)

Shirehobbit Tue 17-Sep-13 19:37:19

Great news, pseudo - hope you manage to get some rest flowers

Stick to your guns about visitors everyone, its one time in your life you should worry about you and yours only. Have had a guilt trip from my dad as he suggested my mum come and stay for a few weeks when baby is born, so she can be involved (she was very ill around the time ds was born). Uh no dad, mum can come and be involved once dp is back at work and I need the help, the first few weeks are about the 4 of us. I hope I am more considerate when my dcs have children. I don't understand why people think they are more important than mother and baby angry.

pseudo I'm sure that's helping your bp no end! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Any progress after the sweep falcon?

thanks badger
Glad things were a bit more positive today falcon.

I have the same feelings about visitors. Nice to know other people do (another "people on mumsnet say..." Sentence to DH) . DHs parents have told people they are meeting for lunch around our due date that they may need to cancel if I go into labour. I really don't want them rushing over and hanging about outside the delivery room/on our doorstep when we get home, so DH has agreed not to tell anyone about contractions/labour etc. until actually announcing the baby is here which gives us a few hours and avoids him having to provide regular text updates. I also am saying no visitors at hospital and keep mentioning that they don't tend to keep you infor more thank few hours so visitors not appropriate. I would like a few days at home to settle into but not sure I can hold off visitors for that long. Definitely not having anyone stay here, they will have to get a hotel and hope to invite people around 11 for tea and cake time then they will leave when they get hungry for lunch.

I don't want to hand my precious newborn around lots of people and ditto whoever was nervous about feeding in front of critical eyes. I think sharing the baby with DH will be hard enough! blush

Good luck next week shire. Just don't become like the primary teacher who gave birth in the classroom today!

I'm sorry to hear you're in hospital Pseudo but I suppose it's for the best.

Hopefully things will start to progress for you Falcon. At least you feel like you've been listened to.

Am I alone in quite enjoying having visitors? I hope I getn with my MIL. I've not met her yet but she's meant to be coming down from Aberdeenshire in time for Elianas arrival.

I'm meant to be meeting a friend for lunch in Wagamamas tomorrow for lunch but organised it forgetting that tumble dryer is being delivered tomorrow. I've requested that if I'm not at home that it be delivered next door but Dp reckons that they won't deliver a big item like a tumble dryer to a neighbour. What do you think?

Just waiting for my sister who is my Avon lady to deliver the pile of goodies I've ordered. I always spend far too much but she's great and has checked that I can't get some of the stuff cheaper from her reps brochure or in next months brochure.

Stabby fanjo

Stabby stabby fanjo

Ouch ouch stabby stabby fanjo

That's all!

Natalieand Tue 17-Sep-13 20:14:38

I think they will MoN my parcel man delivered 5 giant and I say giant (they were the same size as the box the buggy came in) to my neighbour when I collected it from her she said she couldn't believe the delivery guy even asked someone to take that amount of boxes lol

orange shortly before dd was born I had intended to send a text to dh saying 'I don't want anyone coming to see the baby I don't want anyone to hold her I want to keep her to myself even though it makes me selfish' .... But as with the joy of technology I accidentally sent the text to my mum.... Lets just say she was least impressed with my attitude

MrsHoratioNelson Tue 17-Sep-13 20:33:23

blondies me too, all round Sainsburys. I had a taster of the blowing ball feeling everyone talks about, along with BH it was quite hard work!

Also just had another conversation with DH about visitors - or rather I talked and he pretended to listen. I don't think he actually took any of it on board. I know he thinks I'm getting worked up about it; well, that's because I am!!!

My mother will come and criticise on the pretence of being helpful and MIL tends to just invite herself and then turn up 3 hours before the agreed time on the basis they're not staying long and will pop back later. Aargh! If I say come at 3, I mean 3, not 12:30! She's not going to react well to limited visiting hours either.

Flyer747 Tue 17-Sep-13 20:34:44

Haha Nat epic fail with the text.

Mon I also don't mind visitors, actually quite enjoy it. However my folks are well chilled and wouldn't out stay their welcome and dp's folks are lovely too, and they'll just happily come and make food, do washing and tidy up....I'm quite happy to let someone else help with chores as I'm a lazy bitch grin Same with mine and dp's siblings they are all lovely. And friends also, I went to visit my best friend in hospital the say of her births (she invited me I didn't impose) maybe we are odd though.

Hope they are looking after you pseudo xx

Pinkforboys Tue 17-Sep-13 20:50:43

nat love your text!
pseudo glad to hear your BP is down. Hope the noise doesn't raise it again...

re: visitors, couldn't you just say you're worried about newborn picking up bugs so come back in 6 years a few weeks time?
Luckily my ILs are in Oz. When they do descend it's for weeks, not hours, but at least that means we get good notice grin

I just had a wonderful yoga session (chick was it you trying to justify it with your OH? def worthwhile) The teacher was giving loads of waffly advice to ladies with PSD- in case those of you suffering haven't heard any of this before she was advising:
...tying your knees together at night with a scarf so that you keep them together when you turn over and don't wake up in pain
...keep your legs together 'like a lady' when you get into cars etc
...and squeezing pelvic muscles together along with tight knees to strengthen the pelvis.
...oh and she also said you cd give birth kneeling with baby coming out to the rear so to speak confused

One soppy thing I wanted to share with the 1st-timers... When I last did this pg-yoga (pre ds) I struggled to think of the 'image that makes you smile to your bones' (something to get you thru pain!) I think I thought of getting a +ve pg test. This time I just have to think of DS wiggling his naked butt at me laughing and the +ve emotion is overwhelming. Just saying- all this pg pain/life changing malarky is worth it. Honest.

Soppiness over. Hope you all sleep well tonight, wherever you are xx

Just read on one of my weekly pregnancy emails that your waters will be broken artificially before you get in the birth pool to check if there is meconim. I can't find anything else about online though. It was from Emma's diary so not the most reliable source. I will ask my midwife when I see her in a couple of weeks. Has anyone else heard of this before? I was hoping not to have my waters broken artificially but will have to weigh up that and bring able to get in the pool if it is the case (presuming my waters don't go before then - which they probably will - I am a worrier!)

Shirehobbit Tue 17-Sep-13 21:02:52

They didn't break the waters of that Russian lady on Midwives before she used the pool?

monkeytree Tue 17-Sep-13 21:04:29

Checking In. Congratulations Kelly on the birth of your little girl!

Sorry to gate crash this post with an education question (have posted on education but not much feedback yet) and I believe there may be a couple of teachers on this thread and I would appreciate your feedback if possible. Here is the thread I posted -

My dd (7) has just started junior school. She has been told by her teacher that she needs to have neater writing. DD is a young one in the class (July) and I think this does have an effect in some ways. Over the summer her spelling has improved but her handwriting often lets her down i.e h can look like an n etc. I've tried to back off from nagging her about her handwriting because before the summer hols she seemed to be reluctant about putting pen to paper and this seems to be improving.

DD has also been holding her pencil incorrectly which she has continued to do right from reception (wrapping her thumb around the pencil), despite constant verbal prompting. I have recently bought some ergonomic pencil grips which are supposed to help with this and she has only just started using these - anyone ever used these and if so did they prove useful?

I question whether I should let her hand writing improve of it own accord or should I be going back over letter formation etc with her? I don't want to put pressure on her and if it's just an age thing then so be it but if anyone has any ideas ie about practise sheets on the net etc then all suggestions would be very welcome! I feel like we're playing catch up now (particularly due to the streaming they have in schools at such a young age) and I don't want to become a pushy parent but I want to support her.

xuntitledx Tue 17-Sep-13 21:04:53

Quick question, I tried the breast pump (manual) tonight just to see what it felt like and I found it quite uncomfortable and had to stop...has anyone else tried? What's been your experience?

Absolutely desperate to breastfeed so I'm scaring myself now sad

JellyCurls Tue 17-Sep-13 21:16:45

Monkey - my DD has mild cerebral palsy which manifests itself in her having low tone. This means she struggles to hold pencil in correct grip so we use triangle shaped pencils in house that are quite chunky with a normal lead. This forces her to hold pencil better. Not sure this helps you but thought I would respond.

Had pre baby hair cut this afternoon and had almost a foot cut off hair, didn't realise it had gotten so long. Think I must have lost about half a stone smile although was quite sad to see all my curls lying on floor

Oh yes shire, that's right. Thanks.

Monkey, every child will have a target to work on. How bad is it? Was it a special meeting about a big concern or just that that is her target to make it a bit better? Is her work legible?
If you are going to do handwriting sheets ask for a copy of the school policy as different schools have different ways of forming letters eg z, how to join b. you.
I do think it is worth fixing pencil grip as it can make writing difficult and slow as you progress and becomes harder to change over time. However it is not something to make her miserable over. Does she enjoy writing at the moment? If the physical act of writing is too hard to make it enjoyable it would concern me more. I wouldn't want to put her off by drilling her on it at home. The school should be able to help and offer some OT support if it is a big problem.

Shirehobbit Tue 17-Sep-13 21:31:10

Monkey- I'm afraid I teach further up (top end KS2-3) so I'm not much use. But, if it's any comfort, I'm no presentation/handwriting bully - content over appearance all the way.
My philosophy has always been, show me that you can, when needed, write as neatly as possible, and I'll leave you be the rest of the time. Their world is so computer-based anyway, touch typing is far more a valuable skill than beautiful cursive writing.
I hope someone else can help with the development of handwriting - there are loads of practice books, but I think you are right to be wary of 'turning her off' writing by making her feel it is a chore or she's not very good at it.

MrsHoratioNelson Tue 17-Sep-13 21:43:24

untitled what brand of pump is it? If its a medela one, you can get different sized funnel bits, that might help?

xuntitledx Tue 17-Sep-13 21:54:44

It's a tommee tippee one!

Anyone got any ideas for music for labouring too trying to put a playlist together my taste is mostly ricky so it hard! got a bit of jason mraz etc anything else?

monkeytree Tue 17-Sep-13 22:16:27

Thanks for your responses Jelly, Orange and Shire

orange you can read dd's writing but she has commented that her hand becomes tired but so does mine when I do a lot of writing at work -it might be that she is writing more in general. Getting her to hold the pencil the 'snappy finger way' has proved very difficult but I'm not sure what effect that has on her actual handwriting, she is good at drawing and it doesn't seem to disadvantage her with this apart from fine detail maybe. My gut feeling is to encourage her to write and not dwell on the handwriting although she has had spellings marked incorrectly due to poor formation of letters in the past. She's bright generally but seems to like to take short cuts with anything she finds difficult. She doesn't have the curved style writing that I developed but I have to keep reminding myself she is her own person and not me.

roofio87 Tue 17-Sep-13 22:18:26

thankspinkbuttons I needed reminding today that this will all be worth while when baby is here. think I'm finding that easy to forget!!

ananikifo Tue 17-Sep-13 22:20:48

I've been looking back... cazbody have you had a home birth before?

The list in my hospital's pamphlet says I have to provide
Plastic sheeting to protect floor/mattress
Hot water bottle to warm baby clothes, if there's no radiator
Old towels clean towels to dry baby
Bright lamp or torch
Overnight bags for me and baby in case if transfer or for our convenience

No newspapers or boxes. smile I've learned that my hospital provides home birth pools, so there's no need to buy one online. It's worth checking that for anyone else thinking if home water birth.

Tarlia Tue 17-Sep-13 22:40:38

badger what a day! Glad your bp has lowered now and hope you can get some sleep. I'm sure DS will be ok, bless him. pink please run on the ward with a mcmufgin shouting badger! Hilarious :D

umla I have read the books, they were great. For some reason I couldn't find the series on Netflix, I think DP left it on the wrong country or something. So need to fix that!

jelly I had about 3" cut off today, so know how you are feeling re the lightness.

monkey (disclaimer I'm not a primary teacher!) sorry you are having a tough time with school sad Just keep in mind that in some countries kids don't even start school until 6/7 and don't pick up a pen to write or book to learn to read until then. It would be such a shame to make an issue around writing as it may make things worse. I remember hating joined up writing lessons at school. Boring.

falcon has anyone suggested sex stood up from behind (not anal!!) to you? A friend had a similar thing, MW said baby was stuck on the rim of pelvis and to go home and do this - within 2 hours she was in labour.. Worth a shot.

pink flyer clapham roo anyone else I missed - any more periods of BH? Mine went on all night last night then I woke this morning with a solid stomach that would not soften for ages. Back to normal Irregular BH now though.

Tarlia Tue 17-Sep-13 22:41:46

Too many pinks! The last "pink" was p-buttons.

claphammama Tue 17-Sep-13 22:47:43

good your BP responded to drugs pseudo and sorry you have to stay another night in the hospital...

pink LOL - thanks for the slippers ideas! Very glamorous I must say grin

a very distressing end of the evening in the Clapham house... was reading DS another C.H. Andersen story, the one about the nightingale - thought this one was safe (weary of his recent meltdown when the tin soldier was thrown in the fire and the ballerina jumped after him and they both melted). However, at one point the emperor is dying asking to hear the nightingale sing one last time and the stupid illustrated painted a death standing next to his bed. First question: "what happens when we die", "how do we die - do we just go to sleep and never wake up", "do terrible things come to us when we die"... and more and more in the same vein... thought I managed to deal with all of them (somehow and probably badly) when the next one came "mummy, I worry I will be alone when I'm old". I told him he will have a little brother so will never be alone. He then cried that "the baby will be alone when he is old". And then asking me when I will die? etc... Crying proper big tears. It was so heartbreaking. Managed to settled him at the end and came downstairs to cry myself, worrying that I will be alone when I'm old...

I'm honestly done with this pregnancy and these hormones. DP is out with work tonight so being on my own probably doesn't help!

claphammama Tue 17-Sep-13 22:51:37

tarlia just irregular painless BH here, nothing too alarming. Do you like your new haircut? 3 inches is a lot! I love this feeling of lightness after a haircut

falcon you listen to tarlia grin

Sorry you feel crap clapham

tralia I am away to give that a go been trying to google ways to engage grin

glad bp is better pseudo

everyone else hope you are keeping well smile

MrsO27 Tue 17-Sep-13 22:53:34

jelly I had my pre-birth haircut last week. My hair is growing super fast and is really thick at the moment. Had to buy one of those tangle teaser brushes as it gets so knotted, a problem I haven't had since I was a kid and before years of heated appliances and hair products ruined it! Not looking forward to it falling out after baby is born though. Hairdresser said it's often at the sides, above and around the ears where it thins out the most. Sounds a bit Pat Sharp... hmm

tarlia even!

Im away clapham im away grin grin

Natalieand Tue 17-Sep-13 23:02:58

falcon what selfishly worries me is my baby is also not engaged (second dc for me too) and I will be having a sweep at exactly 38 weeks but if u f already 38+ and u had a sweep at already 3-4cm and it hasn't worked yet that mine most likely definately won't work... Have to let us no if that little tip gets things going for u lol x

Tarlia Tue 17-Sep-13 23:12:08

Oh clapham that's really sad, bless him. I think it's that age for those questions though, and could have be spurred from anything. Luckily his mummy was there to answer the questions, and he didn't have to think about it all day at school first for example. Yep, liking the new hair - hadn't been all pregnancy so it needed a good tidy - still to shoulder blades, it was the longest I've ever had. I couldn't face all those disgusting chemical smells earlier in pregnancy, and have kept forgetting to find a new hairdresser since our move.

Good luck, falcon! If that doesn't work let me know and I'll ask her what the other tips were, so you can try those too. Maybe you need waters breaking floor protection though.. Haha. Whoosh!

Flyer747 Tue 17-Sep-13 23:31:02

MrsO I'm laughing at the thought of our hair loooking like some dodgy pat sharp hair do, era 1986...,like a mullet hair do grin

I dislike having my hair chopped, only have it done every 6 months shock and I have foil highlights every 4 weeks, Moroccan Oil is a god send.

Get up those stairs Falcon and get that deed done. smile

KarmaBiatch Tue 17-Sep-13 23:33:18

oh no, I had forgotten about thinning hair after birth.. I have alopecia areata and already missing about 15% of my hair, thankfully its long and thick and somewhat easy to hide, but I am now back to worrying about losing it all after birth, fingers crossed that doesn't happen sad

roxvox Tue 17-Sep-13 23:40:46

natalieand yes I am pleased to be close to the hospital that I want to give birth in! I'll be even happier when DH is here too next week, but it's good to know the hospital is just 15 minutes away. Got an appointment with my now local midwife tomorrow at 38w.

Sorry to hear a few of you have had sad or stressful days. I join you, as the dog I took to the vets this morning had to be put down this evening sad ... She had a very advanced cancer of the lymph nodes; treatment was an option, but she was really very unlikely to make a full recovery. She was getting old, going blind and arthritic and so it seemed unfair to put her through the stress of chemo. We're all quite sad and I am really wishing my DH was here for a cuddle! Although she (Poppy the dog) was owned by my Mum and Dad, she completely doted on my DH, and he on her too.

Really sorry for the me post. I hope everyone is doing ok this evening. We're getting close!

Tarlia Tue 17-Sep-13 23:41:47

I believe there are some vitamins against PP hair loss - I want to say B something, but it evades me. Damn baby brain.

Why don't you like it cut, but don't mind colour, flyer? I must say, I get very bored of all the small talk and much prefer a hairdresser who will just get on with it, and let me read/flick through mags.

roxvox Tue 17-Sep-13 23:43:09

Just to comment on my last post - we didn't know she had cancer until today, we thought it was just laryngitis, so I didn't know that's what I was taking her to the vets for. Bit of a shock really.

Tarlia Tue 17-Sep-13 23:44:54

Cross post - I'm really sorry about Poppy rox sad It's not easy loosing a pet. It's hard to think now, but it's good to know she won't have to suffer cancer/treatment. Hugsx

MrsO27 Wed 18-Sep-13 00:06:22

Aw, poor dog. Losing a pet is hard thanks but you don't need to watch her suffer anymore, which would be harder still.

I'm going to google those vits tarlia. May save us all from the mullet!

Flyer747 Wed 18-Sep-13 00:09:18

Oh rox really sad news about poppy the dog hmm I'd be totally gutted too, thanksit's horrid losing a pet, sympathies to you and your family.

Tarlia I just hate losing length off my hair, it used to be much longer but over the years had gradually got shorter, it sits on my bra fastening at the moment and I don't like it going above that (I sound very weird)

MrsO27 Wed 18-Sep-13 00:18:02

Advice I've read just says to continue taking prenatal vitamins, which I was planning on doing anyway for bf, but that hair loss can still occur regardless. Oh well, will just have to cross that bridge (to 1986?) when it comes!

Tarlia Wed 18-Sep-13 03:37:59

4:30am we are not friends, I'm sick of meeting you every single night! Sigh.

SeriousStuff Wed 18-Sep-13 06:04:21

Tarlia I feel that! Been up working all night as couldn't get to sleep.

Rox I'm so sorry about your dog. I get teary even when I just think about the day we have to say goodbye to our dog so can empathise completely thanks

MrsHoratioNelson Wed 18-Sep-13 06:22:45

thanks Rox

And for the rest of you too.

DH was at some training day most of the day yesterday and again all day today, which he forgot about, so he came home late and in a flap about some work he had to do. He spent all of about 5 minutes with me yesterday evenin and then worked until about 3 am. I know that's crap for him, but it also meant that I didn't really sleep until then and he woke me up when he came to bed sad

Added to which the hip pain that I though had disappeared last night is back, like I got last night's today as well.

So I am proper grumpy this morning sad

MrsO27 Wed 18-Sep-13 06:41:38

Morning all. Can I join the crap night's sleep club?
Getting a new carpet fitted today so must be too excited!!
mrsh Is the hip pain worse in the morning? have you tried sleeping with a pillow between your legs?