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October 2013 - Countdown to D-Day!

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roxvox Mon 05-Aug-13 14:58:48

Baby due dates/sexes/name choices here

legallyblond Mon 05-Aug-13 15:13:05

Checking in!

Flyer747 Mon 05-Aug-13 15:17:32

Checking in...thanks for the new thread

ComtesseDeFrouFrou Mon 05-Aug-13 15:19:50

I love the fact that you think that this one might be long enough to last until we start having babies grin

pinkbuttons Mon 05-Aug-13 15:24:22

checking in, no doubt you will have finished this thread by the time im back from holiday at the weekend grin
blue my DS is 3 in January.

AnythingNotEverything Mon 05-Aug-13 15:24:58

Right ... I think I've missed every thread so far, but I'm marking my place on this one!

I'll add my details to the spreadsheet next time I'm on a computer.

You all move too quick for me, but I look forward to hearing about final weeks at work and some early arrivals maybe!

Although I've been lurking, it's been really great being able to read about your experiences as I've gone along. I'm due 16th October so in the middle of the group. Comforting to hear others going through the same things and know there's a source of info and support if required.

Enjoy your huge wriggly bumps- nearly there now!

roxvox Mon 05-Aug-13 15:30:23

comtessed that's why I went with 'countdown to' rather than 'the final countdown'!

Welcome anything!

Baby appears to be able to reach higher than he/she could previously. Suddenly I seem to be getting loads of kicks or punches up really high in the centre of my bump. Bump is now living up to it's nickname of 'little bugger' smile

Haylebop12 Mon 05-Aug-13 15:46:23

Marking place!

rox your uterus should now stretch up to round 4cm above your belly button so lots of movement high up sounds good and means baby could be head down which is also good smile

Slippysnow Mon 05-Aug-13 15:46:50

I'm here, thanks for the new thread.

I can't remember who had the staffy, but I also have one too. And was worrying about introducing them before, I've spoken about it before on here and another thread (sorry if I'm boring people) but I found a really good book called 'tell your dog you're pregnant' it's easy, short and full of good tips.

Also people who were discussing baby joggers, they do have carry cots that face parents for the early months. I've never heard of a difference between USA ones and British. I bought my gt (in single) from online4baby after doing loads of price comparisons and research.

roxvox Mon 05-Aug-13 15:49:49

Thanks Haylebop - baby is reaching higher than that though! I am 32 weeks this week, and I swear I feel a foot or hand kicking out about 10cm above my belly button!

The MW had a feel the other day and said that baby was head down. Are they likely to just stay in this position now, or may they move out of this position and back again etc?

Tarlia Mon 05-Aug-13 16:18:03

5th October EDD here too smile

I always say end of September as a) drs are 'just waiting for pre eclampsia to start' b) I had a 37/38 week induction last time c) I'm humongous! And when you say October people seem to assume mid oct for some reason.

Def echo about getting UTI treated ASAP.

PseudoBadger Mon 05-Aug-13 16:23:04

Ditto Tarlia, DS was induced at 38 weeks for the same reason so I say EDD is mid October but who knows?

JellyCurls Mon 05-Aug-13 16:23:18

Checking in, thanks for new thread. Managed to get a mw to come to house today as still got very little movement. After 30 mins she managed to locate heartbeat then baby booted her, been told to call triage if movements slow down again. Head down now smile but part engaged hmm. Explains the drop in bump height and feeling like I sitting on something hard.

legallyblond Mon 05-Aug-13 16:30:09

Hey Jelly, that's good news. DD's head was 4/5ths (I think - they measure in fifths don't they?) from 32 weeks.... She arrived at 42 weeks!!!!

I really think that Lost, you should get that UTI treated - as I said earlier, it can have really serious complications at this stage....

roofio87 Mon 05-Aug-13 16:42:23

Blimey we've moved fast today!! Hope you're all doing well. I think I was one of the first to join the thread after being on a conception thread for about 2 weeks bbefore getting my bro, I still feel bad about that lol!!

Bad side of today has been a really off tummy, lots of toilet trips!! Don't know why really but sure it will pass.
Good sIde of today; anyone remember me ranting about mothercare only doing their basic pram/travel system in blue or pink? Anyway discovered today that they have added black, red and green to their repertoire so think we're defo gonna go for that!! I'm made up cos don't want to spend too much on it!!

roxvox Mon 05-Aug-13 16:48:03

Pleased you got some reassurance with the doppler jellycurls!

Midwife wrote in my book that baby is 'head down 5/5' but I have no idea what that means! I don't feel like the baby's head is uncomfortably low, but it took her a while and lots of pressing to be able to find the head, so perhaps it is!

roxvox Mon 05-Aug-13 16:49:39

Ah, I have just found a reference that says that 5/5 is completely unengaged (but still head down)... It's when you get to 0/5 that baby is fully engaged;
5= floating
0= engaged

GTbaby Mon 05-Aug-13 16:51:37

I predict two MORE threads before d-day for me shock

Off to catch up on last thread.

textbook Mon 05-Aug-13 16:54:39

Checking in - thanks for the new thread rox!

I've been busy with appointments today - saw the consultant this morning and had my section agreed, but no date yet! Bump was measuring big, so back to the hospital in the afternoon for a growth scan. Baby looking average for everything apart from looong legs, but placenta still hasn't moved up so having another scan at 35 weeks to check it again. Sigh.

+1 to get UTI seen to ASAP gang, and glad all naughty quiet babies are now kicking smile

legallyblond Mon 05-Aug-13 16:59:47

Yes, that's right Rox... DD was 1/5 (ie 4 fifths engaged) for ten looong weeks!

HotSoupDumpling Mon 05-Aug-13 17:03:20

Thanks rox!

Lost - see a doctor immediately to get some drugs, in the mean time drink lots and lots of water and don't hold it in (counterintuitively, peeing MORE helps). I'm used to UTIs and this is always the doctor's advice to me.

Let's see - on average 10 weeks until we pop, we usually have 1 thread every 2 weeks...that's 4-6 threads to go for all of us!

Checking in! Made banana bread and eating my way through it blush

1stTimer25 Mon 05-Aug-13 17:12:53

Checking in! Thanks for new thread rox

slippysnow it's me that has a staffie smile I shall look into that book! I'm sure I'm being over nervous as he is the biggest wimp on the planet! But it's reassuring to find out tips from other people who have been through it or are preparing for it!

lost I'm echoing everyone else, definitely worth pushing to be seen today for some treatment. I hope you manage to get an appointment.

1stTimer25 Mon 05-Aug-13 17:14:25

Hi tarlia due date buddie smile

Natalieand Mon 05-Aug-13 17:45:07

Another new thread. I have exactly 10 weeks today until my due date

I had a chat on the phone to my 'personal' midwife WRT very little movement and she wanted to come and see me today but I wasn't available when she was so she is coming to see me in the morning she also said that if he continues to not move for an entire day at a time then its likely I will be induced at some point over the next 10 weeks as this is now the second time its happened and then majorly reduced movements tend to follow it for a good 2-3 days after and apparently the doctors don't like it if they aren't moving. Which definately panicked me a bit as I've not heard about this before and despite not wanting to be a poor 40+14 preggo lady I don't wanna give birth rediculously early either! Add to that the fact I'm not ready for him lol

Glad the consultant and growth scan went well today text

cazboldy Mon 05-Aug-13 18:19:03

u chatty lot!

roofio is that called the "u move" or something similar??

I got the red one a while back when they had a 15% off sale for a bit..... I need 1 for school runs ( that one) and one for over the farm (which i will prob get second hand) as life is too short to get cow/horse muck off wheels every day!! smile

I think the red is unisex enough.....

this one?

cazboldy Mon 05-Aug-13 18:19:28

although maybe not, as I see it's out of stock now

Shirehobbit Mon 05-Aug-13 18:38:14

Marking place.

Hope you feel better soon, lost - a warm bath can help ease the pain?

LostMySocks Mon 05-Aug-13 18:41:54

Thanks for the advice ladies. Called the midwife who sent me to the maternity day assessment clinic. They were lovely and have given me antibiotics and also had a listen to baby's heart (all fine not distressed). The midwife thought my bump was on the small side so I'm going to get a growth scan and another peak at baby. I'm not very tall, nor is DH so midwife says there is no reason to be concerned but std routine is if bump a bit on the big or small side then you get a scan

Thanks for the new thread.

So glad you got seen today socks. Cranberry juice is good as prevention but not once you have the uti, the acid can make it feel worse, so I would stick to water. I used to get them all the time but thankfully not recently.

Textbook glad all was ok but a shame the placenta hasn't moved. Will you have the c section even if it does move up?

I had a lovely lunch with my friends. I liked showing off the progress in the baby's room. I got a boots delivery and only a fellow pregnant friend would understand my excitement at Brest and maternity pads and cotton wool balls!

Natalie, will they monitor you a bit more now then to decide when would be a good time to induce? Make sure you keep getting in touch every time you are worried.

Another of my friends announced they are pregnant today on Facebook. I am glad a few more people in my peer group are starting to have babies so I won't be on my own.

Wickedgirl Mon 05-Aug-13 18:57:03

Thank you for the new thread. I have only been away for a day and there is another new thread!

ComtesseDeFrouFrou Mon 05-Aug-13 19:01:32

I saw MW today and she said baby is head down with its spine on my right side (from my POV). Every time I go baby seems to be head down, but he also said that if she felt again in 20 minutes at this stage the baby might have loved again.

Anyway, all fine and measuring 29cm at 31+ 4, which suits me just fine! Booked in for my whooping cough jab at 34 weeks. On the home straight now!

Falcon you have reminded me that I bought battenburg cake at the shops. I might hide it from DH blush.

Dollybird86 Mon 05-Aug-13 19:07:56

Hi all,
I cant keep up your all super chatty!
I know I never post but I have been lurking trying to keep checking in.
Today I had a growth scan at 28+5 and a chat with my consultant everything seems fine, I did have very strong braxton hicks on Friday night and ended up going in for monitoring as they were going on for about 2 1/2 hours it was a little scary! I am now a little freaked out that shes going to come early so I have been shopping and organising today.

Can I share my list of stuff that I've got with you all? please pipe up if I have missed anything/ I've bought stuff that I really dont need!

0-1 month
10 Long sleeve vests
6 short sleeve vests
16 sleep suits
1 coat
1 pram suit
2 cardigans
2 pairs of leggings
2 sets of vest + leggings + hat

0-3 months
11 long sleeve vests
18 sleep suits
3 cardigans
3 dresses
1 pram suit

changing mat X 2
towels X 2
cotton wool
muslins X 18
cotton cellular blanket X 2
knitted blanket
fitted sheets X 6
grow bag X 2
baby carrier
baby scissors + brush set
washing up bowl (as baby bath)

crib, pushchair and car seat will be ordered shortly.

Sorry for the epic post hope your all enjoying the cooler weather and our babies keep wriggling lots

Hi Dolly, toiletries like nappy cream, nipple cream, breast pads etc.
Sounds like you have plenty of clothes! Maybe some socks?

Why did you need the growth scan if y dint mind me asking? Glad all went well with consultant.

GTbaby Mon 05-Aug-13 19:26:50

Looks good dolly. Can't see anything obvious you've missed other then mittens and socks. Depending on your baby grow style. I didn't buy any mittens as all grows I bought had built in ones, but then got loads as gifts without built in mittens.
Regardless they are only a few££ so worth while just in case purchase.

Dollybird86 Mon 05-Aug-13 19:46:40

Orange I had a growth scan due to high BMI and have another at 34 weeks.
GT pretty much all of the sleep suits I've got have built in mittens and I do have a few pairs of socks and some small hats as well.

Thanks for the heads up on the toiletries my brain is struggling, Im in the process of sorting my hospital bag out as well its like packing for a really bad holiday! Will feel better when its all sorted though.

It seems like you are ready if the baby does decide to come a little early. Did they say that was likely when you were monitored?

JethroTull Mon 05-Aug-13 19:59:36

Like a couple of other posters I'm marking my place. I don't post much as struggle to keep up but really appreciate everyone sharing invaluable advice / stories & experiences. Going to reduce my working hours to 3 days a week from next week so hopefully will have more time to keep up grin

Dollybird86 Mon 05-Aug-13 20:04:03

They checked my cervix and it was closed so hopefully she will stay in there, Im seeing the midwife on Wednesday so will have a chat with her about it. Knowing my luck she'll refuse to come out and ill end up being induced at 42+.

Natalieand Mon 05-Aug-13 20:12:16

I'm not really sure orange I guess I'll ask the midwife tommorow what the standard protocol is for these kind of things x

MrsO27 Mon 05-Aug-13 20:52:34

Fingers crossed for some more movement natalie
How are the headaches flyer?

roxvox Mon 05-Aug-13 20:54:22

dollyBird sounds like you're going to have one well dressed baby! I too have bought all sleep suits with built in mittens, but picked some up in H&M for a £1 a pair as we've been bought a sleep suit without them built in already. Also been bought a really really lovely thick sleep suit, but it has poppers down the back (spine) of the suit, which I find really baffling. I don't see how that's going to be a) easy to do up or b) comfortable for baby?! Maybe I am just being stupidly naive.

I've got about 6 0-3 month sleep suits, and 2 newborn ones - should I be buying more? How long after baby is born (if a straightforward normal birth) before we're likely to be able to go out shopping? Basically we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl and want to be able to buy gender specific clothes after baby is born, but I don't know how long my few sleepsuits will last realistically?

ananikifo Mon 05-Aug-13 21:01:40

So I had some blurred vision and a headache today, and having read here that that may be a sign of preeclampsia I panicked myself, phoned the midwives, went to maternity assessment unit, and thankfully have been reassured. I'm still on the monitor but feel much better, and DH is so relaxed that he fell asleep in his chair and started snoring!

I really, really do hate being a patient in a hospital and and even more determined to have a home birth if I can. I got really anxious on the way here.

Natalie I hope your baby moves and that you have a healthy rest of your pregnancy.

Just a quick question - is anyone using the kick counting bracelets that I've seen online? What do you think?

textbook Mon 05-Aug-13 21:09:30

Orange I'm having a section anyway due to previous section and bladder problems. However, from what I understand it's not good to go into spontaneous labour with very low placenta (it's touching my cervix) as it could cause an abruption, so they will probably move the section date forward by a couple of weeks if it doesn't move soon. Argh, I'm not ready - I don't have half the stuff on Dolly's list!

Lost so glad you have antibiotics and baby is doing well smile

Sorry if tmi Had a nap was wet woke up and clear fluid stated running down my legs :S not sure what it was but it did not smell like wee. I have a pad on and i'm monitoring it honestly this pregnancy is a bloody rollercoaster sad

textbook Mon 05-Aug-13 21:11:05

Oh and good luck for tomorrow Nat - hope baby gives you some good strong kicks this evening thanks

textbook Mon 05-Aug-13 21:14:38

X posts Falcon sounds scary - hope you're ok. Go straight in if you're worried or it gets worse.

Sanjifair Mon 05-Aug-13 21:18:48

I also have very little in the way of baby stuff. Starting to get some things little by little.

Falcon, was it lots or just a little? Maybe call midwife if uncertain.

Anan and Flyer glad you are feeling a bit better.

Slightly weird question, does anyone else have 'triangle tum'? When I lie down in the bath my normally round bump turns into a perfect sharp triangle centered around my belly button, then goes back to its round shape. Not the same as a braxton hicks as bump stays round then. Tis very odd, but I had it last time too!

Natalieand Mon 05-Aug-13 21:24:06

Definately sounds scary falcon and would warrant a call to the midwife. Hopefully it will be nothing serious,

Thanks for well wishes ladies few movements this evening but nothing like normal. I've always gone on and on about wanting my baby early how I can't wait another 10 weeks and now she's mentioned the word induction I'm like 'what the hell? I don't want induction before 40 weeks' lol funny how your mind changes when the decisions is taken away from u x

GTbaby Mon 05-Aug-13 21:27:41

Rox my sil went shopping 3days after birth.
I didn't go out for 5weeks. However in mothercare a week before I was induced I showed dh what outfits, changing Matt, bed sheets etc I liked for boys, we knew what we were having but dh was convinced it wasn't 100%. I took pictures on his phone of my "must buys" and he went and bought them the day after ds was born. Is that an option?

Or do the same in your local 24hour super market, get dh to buy just a pack of baby grows to tide you over until you can go shopping yourself.

Thing that bugged me was PIL are superstitious so couldn't buy much before hand. Combined with not leaving home for 5 weeks I was very upset at not buying my ds everything that I had chosen. So above scenario was our compromise. Although dh did not buy changing mat I wanted which was blue with flowers instead he bought blue with cars. Lol

Wickedgirl Mon 05-Aug-13 21:28:01

Falcon, I hope everything is ok

Sanjifair.......that's because your muscles have separated to make way for the ever increasing bump. Once you give birth, the muscles go back together and you'll have a nice tummy again

Falcon have you given midwife/maternity assessment a ring? hope you are ok.
Sanji my tummy goes triangle shaped whenever I am tensing my muslcles to sit up/ lay down.

GTbaby Mon 05-Aug-13 21:32:21

Falcon are you still leaking? Have you called Triage?
I know this sounds obvious but if you change the pad keep the dirty ones in bags so MW can look.
By your description of the liquid you should go in and get checked pls.

pinkbuttons Mon 05-Aug-13 21:35:31

sanji sounds like doming which is where your abdominal muscles stretch and seperate slightly to make room for baby. Happens to everyone but some more noticeable than others is important to try and not do activities that cause it so movts like sit ups or lifting heavy things. Just because it may cause an increased seperation. Everything should return to normal aftee birth but I used to run physio classes for people who had large gaps. nothing to worry about atm though smile
natalie hope all is ok tomorrow, did they say why it might be that hes havibg these quiet days? hope your ok.

Glad you got seen lost and that everythings ok. hope those antibiotics kick in soon.

Is leaking still going falcon? agree with others may warrant a call to the midwife.

Off on our holidays in the morning armed with a huge bottle of gaviscon and my fit to fly letter smile Wont be able check in so hope you all have a lovely week and will no doubt catch you on the next thread. No impatient babies while Im gone please grin xx

roxvox Mon 05-Aug-13 21:42:41

That sounds like a good option, thanks Gtbaby! I will be sure to walk DH around Mothercare nearer my due date and will point out anything I love which is boy or girl specific! I feel for you not being able to leave home for 5 weeks. I'm keen to get out with my new LO as soon as I can after the birth to go shopping. Of course I might feel very different after I've gone through labour/a few sleepless nights!

sanji mine does that too when I try to use my stomach muscles. Includes sitting in an awkward position in the bath/relaxed on the bed.

I hope everything is ok falcon. Sounds scary, but fingers crossed it is just very weak urine or something not baby related.

roxvox Mon 05-Aug-13 21:44:03

Cross post - have a fantastic holiday pinkbuttons. I am feeling super jealous of you all going off on your babymoons and summer holidays!

Dont seem to be leaking onto a pad I am embarrassed to call incase it is just especially clear wee :S but i will to be sure xx

Dollybird86 Mon 05-Aug-13 21:49:52

roxvox I have no idea I bought some stuff on cuteness alone and then my DSIL gave me quite a few bits, there is always the internet and Next have next day delivery for free if you spend over a certain amount so i wouldnt worry. Im not sure about the poppers down the back I think it would make it difficult with a wriggling baby but who knows.

textbook neither did i until today! Did a practical shop at asda and mothercare just to get it out of the way.

Falcon I hope your ok I would call the midwife.

3boys3dogshelp Mon 05-Aug-13 21:50:27

Please can I join in? I'm due third boy on the 11th October :-). I'm starting to feel very disorganised and could use some inspiration to get me bag packing and nesting. Especially as I ended up in antenatal triage for monitoring last week after the midwife thought I was in labour!

Oh dear I had triangle tummy when I was still doing Pilates up to 20ish weeks with lots of sit ups pinkbuttons. I presumed everyone's tummy went like that. May take a while for it to go back together then.

Welcome 3 boys. Glad you weren't in labour after all.

Racheld33 Mon 05-Aug-13 22:09:58

Hello everyone,

I was on the first couple of months of threads but completely out of the loop with holidays, toddler and work. So thought I'd re-join now!

Hope everyone is well, now we're on the countdown..... Lots of babies will be arriving in 8 weeks time! smile

Flyer747 Mon 05-Aug-13 22:12:06

Hope all ok falcon, good idea to call just to be on the safe side.

I have that triangle thing too. I'm actually finding it hard to imagine what my tummy will look like afterwards, I used to have a toned stomach, not that I'm under any illusions it'll look like that post birth.

Dolly you are way more organised than me, I now feel the need to buy more vests and sleep suits

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Mon 05-Aug-13 22:28:33

Gosh, another thread already! Hope you are ok Falcon - yep, definitely a roller coaster.

Welcome 3boys the more the merrier on this thread x

Orange - my tummy does the triangle thing when using my muscles to go from lying down to sitting up etc too. Arrrgggh, I better try to be a bit more careful from now on.

Does anyone have any experience of the maxi-cosi cabrio fix or pebble? Trying to decide which to go for but not sure if the pebble is worth the extra money. We'll be fiitting either with a seat belt rather than iso-fix base.

legallyblond Mon 05-Aug-13 22:30:53

Bridget... In my experience, cabriofix is better because its lighter!

roxvox Mon 05-Aug-13 22:31:08

dollybird I hadn't thought about Next, might be a nice plan as I can do some window shopping prior to the birth too!

Welcome 3boys! Judging by your mumsnet name it sounds as though you have your hands full!

racheld33 I asked a few threads back if anyone had heard from you. Was worried, so am pleased to see you back in here again!

Please let us know how you get on falcon.

Welcome back Rachel. Are you maternity leave now?

3boys3dogshelp Mon 05-Aug-13 22:33:00

I have a cabriofix and love it. I have a seat belted base (easybase?) for it and it does make life a lot easier even though it's not essential.

legallyblond Mon 05-Aug-13 22:34:05

Welcome back Rachel! Funnily enough, a couple of people were wondering how you were a little while ago. We all seemed to remember you being a dentist.... That may be totally wrong! Anyway - hello again!

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Mon 05-Aug-13 22:49:09

Thanks legally and 3boys - weight is definitely something to bear in mind and I had no idea seat-belted bases existed (shows how behind the times I am with all these baby products!)

ananikifo Mon 05-Aug-13 22:52:32

Welcome back Rachel and welcome 3boys!

Falcon I hope you're ok.

I am home now. After my last post they came in and told me I had +++ ketones in my urine. They asked me if I had diarrhoea or vomiting and told me that normally with that level of ketones you get admitted for IV fluids. It was really bizarre because I didn't feel that bad at all compared to how I feel normally these days. They made me eat a sandwich and drink some more water and tea and retested me and I only had trace ketones.

DH is now on a mission to make me eat and drink more, which is annoying and nice at the same time. I'm sure there are lots of days when I let myself get dehydrated and low blood sugar at work, simply because it's inconvenient or embarrassing to be constantly snacking and drinking. I think the moral of the story is not to make excuses and to just eat and drink anyway. (I normally have breakfast and lunch but my snacks and drinks really vary depending on my schedule for the day.)

GTbaby Tue 06-Aug-13 00:20:58

Pebble or cabriofix. I had the same confusion last year. Couldn't work why the out extra cost... So went with cabriofix also used seat belt base. Which was at times difficult to use (getting seat off) but I suspect that's more to do with my car being low.

Also. Reminder. Take anti bacterial wipes in hospital bag! I used Milton wipes but I'm sure any will do. Was a life saver at 10pm when they wheeled me into postnatal ward. In the dark. The table was dirty nxt to my bed. I had an epidural so husband was trying to put everything I needed within easy reach. They were rushing him as everyone was sleeping hmm

tuckingfits Tue 06-Aug-13 00:47:14

I've got my phone back smile yay!

Welcome back rachel and welcome to all the new mummies.

falcon hope you're ok & got checked out & reassured,you've certainly had a rare old time of it this pregnancy. Will look out for you in the morning.

natalie you've had some worries too,hope your little lad stays put til it's time & you're ready for him! What is it with all these little monkeys misbehaving?

gt good tip about antibacterial wipes. I shall try to remember...

Natalieand Tue 06-Aug-13 04:07:23

Please tell me I'm not the only one awake at rediculous o clock? I've just been up for my 5th wee dh is snoring away and I now can't sleep!!

Dh thinks I should go in for monitoring as its been continuous now the reduced movements since friday with one day of absolutely no movement at all and as he says 'if something's wrong and u ignore it we will pay the price' which is true and its not like him to be a worrier normally he's the exact opposite so its got me panicking now :-/

Welcome rachel nice to see u back :-)

Welcome to the new ladies xxx

falcon how r u? Did u get seen by the hospital? Xxx

tuckingfits Tue 06-Aug-13 04:28:52

Hi. I'm awake briefly due to DP having been diagnosed with gout tonight & accidentally kicking something while staggering about a dark bedroom. Poor bloke,it looks so painful.

If I were you natalie I would go on for monitoring. I really would. The technology is there to be used... Could you request of your supervisor midwife that the one who was so rude to you the other night is not to treat you,or at least that she is told to behave herself?

Don't let one poor experience cloud the rest of your pregnancy. I would go & get your little boy checked. I don't want to scaremonger at all,but it really could makes big difference.

chickieno1 Tue 06-Aug-13 04:34:31

natalie if you and your dp are concerned I would go in for monitoring. You had a growth scan recently didn't you? Sorry if mixing things up but baby was a good size wasn't he? Ring your midwife first thing and she will advise/support you.

Thinking of you

How is everyone today?
Ana look after yourself! And thanks for giving us all an excuse to snack!

Another rubbish night up at 2.30, 4.30 and 6.30 with painful hips and to go to the loo and stayed awake for maybe an hour each time. No combination of pillows seems to help. I am now trying sleeping sitting up against three pillows to get a bit more sleep before giving up. Does anyone else have a tubigrip? Have you tried sleeping in it? I might give that a go tonight. I feel bad moaning because my little one is moving around nicely (all the time it seems!).

My mum and youngest sister are coming to stay for a couple of days. Trying to think of free and not too tiring things to do. I think we will have a picnic in Richmond park today. If I can find the fold up chairs!

nat hope everything is ok and I think I'd go for monitoring if baby was quiet. Try not to let a horrid woman stop you from putting yourself and baby first. Keep us posted and sending flowers

falcon hope leaking has stopped and if not that you manage to get seen and checked. Let us know how you get on x

Welcome to all the new mums on the thread and when I log on from my laptop ill add my details to the list but can't do it from iPad.

Starting to think I ought to get a move on and sort nursery and do a practical shop for nappies etc but then until nursery is done I've got nowhere to put stuff!

Nat you haven't really had any good movement days since it began Have you. The baby has been quiet for a while. I agree with going to get it looked at again. Did you have similar with your DD? You have had a baby before so you know what feels normal and what doesn't. Is it the stupid midwife putting you off? Can you take someone with you for moral support?

PseudoBadger Tue 06-Aug-13 07:54:17

Orange have you got a long pillow? I couldn't sleep without mine.

Nat, please please go and get checked, and don't leave until they've given you some satisfactory service and a clear plan of what to do if this continues.

Falcon I do hope your leaking hasn't continued or that you're being checked out.

Yes thanks badger I have a long dream genie pillow plus other normal pillows...

saffkey1 Tue 06-Aug-13 08:05:06

My DD is the 1st of October!

Flyer747 Tue 06-Aug-13 08:06:02

Another one here with a disturbed shitty nights sleep, it's like the jet lag feeling I used to experience constantly. Maybe it's our bodies way of gearing us up for the sleepless we are going to encounter in the next few months.

Nat I agree with everyone else go and get things checked out.

Warlin Tue 06-Aug-13 08:53:00

Morning all, wow page 4 of a new thread!! How exciting, I wonder if there will be any births on this one. Though at the rate you ladies gossip I doubt it and as we all become less and less motivated in work, I predict the posts to increase dramatically grin

nat I agree with the others, get checked. I'm sure it's fine but it will help you to relax to get some reassurance. Don't let some midwife dictate...it's your baby.

On the dog front, I was a little worried last time and it turned out to be in vain. Rest assured that your dog knows already so it won't be a total surprise. Mine knew when my waters were about to break as she became massively clingly and in round my feet, and then the gushing happened. And she knew I was pregnant this time before I did. We have a labrador but all breeds are the same in this respect. I only have experience with female dogs so maybe male dogs (like their human counterparts) are a bit less tuned in!! Dh brought a worn babygro home from the hospital to let the dog smell and then I came home later that day. I just went in, petted her, made a fuss of her and then dh walked in and set the maxi cosi down without saying anything. She went up and had a good sniff. Your baby will have a similar scent to you so the dog knows it is one of its pack. One tip I would give is to not shut the dog away and to let them be involved, even if it means he/she runs off with the odd nappy smile Obviously never leave them alone but when you are in the room, let the dog have a sniff. I also made all visitors give her a treat and not just proceed directly to the baby. Dogs are like toddlers and will get jealous if they feel they are being pushed out for the new arrival. Maggie has always been so gentle and would literally tiptoe round the baby...now he is on the move they are great friends. You need to make the dog see that the baby benefits them...ie I was at home every day for 10 months and we had a walk every day with the baby. Sorry if I'm teaching people to suck eggs but it's just my experience and if you get it right from the start baby and dog will have a great friendship. Get it wrong though and you end up with a resentful and unhappy dog. Sorry for the essay!

Sorry to those with rough nights, I had a great night's sleep. Went to bed by 10 and heard nothing until ds at 5.45. Feel much better for it. I am so tired these days though and really not sure how I'm going to get through 4.5 weeks of work.

Hard to believe some of our babies will be here next month!!!

I was awake at 4ish for a couple of hours, mainly as I was worrying as I hadn't checked on tbe guinea pigs before going to bed blush at 6 I got up to to go out and check but could already see them out grazing so was clearly worrying for nothing!

Had lovely day in London yesterday, only managed natural history museum as had an hour queue to get in, don't know how u ladies who live there manage the tube and crowds everyday, felt like I wanted some sort of force field around me!

Hope those of you that need checking out get some reassurance, naughty babies! Mine is a real wriggler, was head down for midwife last week but has been feet down for couple of dsys could feel head really clearly by my ribs (freaked dh out a bit, then he was worried I was poking him/her in the eyes!) getting kicks in the fango is not that fun though wink

roofio87 Tue 06-Aug-13 09:06:30

hope everything is alright nat, agreed you should get checked out at least so you can relax a bit. my lo still changes position pretty much daily, one day he's head down, the next he'll be sideways again!! 31+4 here so still plenty of time to settle!!

Warlin your dog sounds similar to mine, if dd2 started to cry and I wasn't in the room or I was trying to finish something and didn't go straight away she would get very cross with me for "ignoring" my baby! smile

roxvox Tue 06-Aug-13 09:24:32

I hope Nat and falcon are doing ok today?

I am another one who had a really poor nights sleep. I feel supremely tired today, and have an incredibly painful back to boot. Feel like I want to curl up in a ball (which I did try this morning, unsuccessfully due to bump) and sleep. Not sure how the guys in the office would feel about that though.

My DH read me a couple is sentences from pregnancy for dads last night.
The thing your partner needs most now are rest and sleep. The things your partner will find hard now are rest and sleep. Very true.

I just had an hours nap, I can manage that long on one side. I am already dreading going back to work after the summer holidays, no time for naps then!

Any news falcon?

legallyblond Tue 06-Aug-13 10:13:42

Nat and Falcon - really hope all ok today.

We have a young dog (9 month old chocolate labradoodle), but to be honest, I have just assumed that she'll be fine. We already had DD when we got her - DD was 2.3 when she arrived. From day one (at 8 weeks old) she has been prodded, pushed, tail pulled, ear yanked etc by a very keen toddler. After the first day or two, the dog realised that, although we love her, she is below DD in terms of rank and once she was trained out of puppy mouthing, she has never so much as growled at DD. I assume she will just accept the twins as more human members of the family... Her life won't change at all really, so I am hoping it will be easy!

Flyer747 Tue 06-Aug-13 10:17:33

Warlin, I liked your post on dogs. I also love labradors I grew up with them and they have the nicest natures. I'd have opted for a lab however dp has pet hair allergies so we had to have a hypoallergenic dog, hence a none moulting bichon frise, she has a lovely soft docile nature like a labrador. We both think she will be fine and so does the vet (we asked when getting her booster jabs) like you said, the vet advised lots of involvement and attention and they'll become best pals. She already loves children especially toddlers, so fingers crossed. Suprisingly when we were talking about dogs at NCT the other day i said to the instructor about our dog probably just wanting to lick the baby when we bring it home, and she promoted this and said "Go ahead and let her lick the baby''

She has started to get very clingy and needy with me recently so I do think they already know. So cute isn't it, bless these little canine creatures.

Gah, I've been trying to catch up as haven't been on since last Wednesday but have forgotten everything - have I missed anything significant? Anyone had any babies yet smile?

32+2 today, 2.5 weeks left at work - woo hoo!

On the downside carpal tunnel has kicked in, so am spending a portion of every night waving my hands around trying to get feeling back, and DS after having decided he is not wearing nappies at night and being dry for a month, has now started weeing the bed every morning between 5 and 6am. Legally was it you that was mentioning your DD was having the same problem? Any suggestions on what to do - he is adamant he does not want to wear nappies and gets really upset when I try to suggest it.

LostMySocks Tue 06-Aug-13 10:53:18

May and falcon sorry you've been so worried. Hopefully speaking to MW will put your mind at rest
Mine gave me magic antibiotics last night. I had one at 7 and by the time I went to the loo at 3am the awful pain had stopped and I got some sleep. Slightly annoying to have to go back to hospital pharmacy this morning to get rest of course (closed yesterday evening and the MW could only nick 2 tablets from A&E pharmacy) by def worth it. Still don't feel 100% but no bad pain or blood. Thanks for making me call MW

Very glad they kicked in quickly socks.

HotSoupDumpling Tue 06-Aug-13 11:28:00

Glad you feel better socks - I know what you mean, they are utterly magic.

Welcome all new mums!

Smitten1981 Tue 06-Aug-13 11:34:05

flyer and warlin My dog has been really clingy too, especially in the last week, she's followed me everywhere and the second I sit down she come up and snuggles me. I think DH feels left out.

We have to get her 'done' before the baby comes though, she had her first season last month and it was awful, she seemed really out of sorts for a month, so I'm not putting her through that again.

I can't bring myself to make the appointment though as I feel terrible for putting her through it, I know it needs to be done though sad

I was in hospital last night till after 1am so I missed my gtt test this morning. After an exam it did not appear to be my waters but where it wet on my bed it did not smell or stain like wee They have asked me to monitor just in case but no more has come out.

I am really tired of this pregnancy now I know that sounds terrible after 3 m/c and 4 years of trying. Willow is very much wanted but im so so tired of being pregnant I want my body and mind back!!

roofio87 Tue 06-Aug-13 11:44:40

haha orange at first I thought you were saying that what our partners/husbands need right now is rest and sleep, I was going to say some very rude things on that matter!!wink

Flyer747 Tue 06-Aug-13 11:45:16

Aww glad to hear all ok Falcon, I feel the same, getting bored of being uncomfy etc etc.

Is anyone elses bump sore? like a tender feeling at the bottom of it, mine is really uncomfy it feels so tight and my tail bone is killing.

roxvox Tue 06-Aug-13 11:55:47

Glad they have said all is ok falcon. You've had a stressful 24 hours, so you shouldn't feel guilty for feeling like that. I am feeling almost exactly how flyer has just described (sore bump and painful lower back) and I don't know what to do with myself to shift the pain. Can get pretty intense mentally at times, but I think we all know that these moments will barely be memorable once we have our little babies in our arms smile

Wickedgirl Tue 06-Aug-13 12:05:56

Falcon...... Glad that everything looks ok

Nat.....how are you today?

I love feeling the baby move but because if the SPD and heartburn, I too am almost wishing the last 9 weeks away. I just want a healthy baby in my arms now. I'm fed up with waiting

Natalieand Tue 06-Aug-13 12:09:45

Thanks for asking after me ladies just seen the midwife she was happy with his heart rate on the hand held doppler still have protein in urine so she has asked me to do over to the hospital as he is head down with back to my left side so not in an unusual position to not be feeling movements she wants a full monitoring on him so I'm going there at 2pm so I could arrange child care to save dd sitting over there for hours on end xxx

Glad everything seems ok with u 2 falcon xx

GTbaby Tue 06-Aug-13 12:17:04

I'm gona join in. I am so blooming uncomfortable. It's 100% worse when I sleep. I can not get comfy. Being on my back is only position I have no pain in. But same position all night is uncomfortable. Then when I eventually move onto my side it lasts 10min then I'm in agony in my pubic bone area. N my bump kinda stretches down so feels pulled at. Then in agony I turn bk to my back but then it takes a while for pain to die down. Arghhhhh.

roofio87 Tue 06-Aug-13 12:18:46

nat im glad things seem ok and then mw and hosp are taking it all seriously.

ive got a dodgy tummy again today and keep panicing that it means im going to go into labour, like that's the only time people ever have upset tummys!! please someone reassure me its probably all normal hahasmile

Warlin Tue 06-Aug-13 12:25:22

Glad all is ok Nat and falcon.

roofio I had stomach cramps yesterday but think it's just everything being squished and constipation. Try not to worry, unless they are really sharp and regular pains.

I'm the same, fed up of feeling uncomfortable/ sore/ tired and just want baby here (though not as a premmie but a full term, healthy baby!) We really are nearing the end now though so hang in there and at least we know we aren't alone. Hard for Dhs/ Dps to understand though and sometimes I feel like I'm just being a whinge.

I haven't had my urine tested since my 16 weeks apt...I forgot a sample last time and offered to go and do it but the midwife clearly couldn't be bothered and just said leave it until next time confused

Just ordered a cotbed..woo hoo...another item ticked off the list grin.

Shootingstarsandcomets Tue 06-Aug-13 13:10:35

Oh dear seems like we are all a bit fed up! I had a hormonal tired cry this morning. Am literally so tired and my back hurts constantly and I don't know how I'm going to make it until October let alone then look after two little beings. Also a bit cross with DH who is always up last, I know he is the one earning the money at the moment but we go to bed at the same time each night but I get up to wee and see to ds so he gets a full nights sleep and I don't but at 6.30 when ds is up for the day why am I the one who has to get up??? Grrrrr.
Moan moan moan.
Natalie hope you get some reassurance this afternoon.
Glad it's not your waters falcon but please do keep an eye, if it didnt smell like wee then what was it?

Racheld33 Tue 06-Aug-13 13:43:00

Same here on the bad nights sleep at the moment... Lots of times up for a wee, general aches and pains, and the new thing this week is constantly wanting to turn onto my other side (which now takes effort and lots of huffing and puffing, and then have to rearrange my pillows around me!)

For the people who asked further up the thread, yes I'm the dentist, only got 8 days left (spread over the next few weeks) till I finish for 12 months. My back cannot wait! smile

GTbaby Tue 06-Aug-13 13:49:10

Argh I'm 32+1. Which I read as7 weeks left. Scary. Yet to go check out our chosen pram in RL. OysterMax2 is quite new so not held at many places yet it seems. Really hope I like it when I actually see it as I have no idea what our 2nd choice would be.

Flyer747 Tue 06-Aug-13 13:50:12

23 days and counting.

Rachel I am the same with sleeping and pillow arranging. DP and I end up in seperate rooms most nights now.

Shooting i also worry about dp not pulling his weight. Like your dp my loves his sleep. He is vile in the mornings i just hope and pray he does his fair share otherwise there will be tears!

Shirehobbit Tue 06-Aug-13 13:52:12

I've had a really fed up couple of weeks, post the weekend-wedding-marathon. I don't think the heat has helped (so lovely and cool here, today!) but the abrupt confrontation with my own limitations really brought me down - especially with months left to go.

However, I really want to try to enjoy this time more. This is what I really, really wanted and would have swapped my right leg for last year. I also think I'm getting off quite lightly with pregnancy problems, really. Yes my back aches and my bump hurts, but I'm fit and healthy and should try to do more to stay that way. So I set off this morning for a long walk with the dog. Nothing too taxing, just slow and steady and taking breaks to give him swimming time (which he loves). Got home two hours and five miles later feeling much better in my head.
I'm not daft enough to think that I could do this every day, but I'm going to try to do it whenever my back (and time) allows.

1stTimer25 Tue 06-Aug-13 13:53:49

Glad to see that nat and falcon are both doing/feeling better! I hope this afternoon goes well nat smile

I'm going to make the most of a chance to moan too! My back is driving me insane! Constant dull ache! I have also started my maternity leave now - had a meeting at work and due to the worries last week they felt it was best that I am off and resting for the remainder of pregnancy! I'm glad in the respect that I don't have to struggle with the shifts anymore but on the other hand when I am due to go back baby may only be about 4 months old sad ... I do have the option for additional leave but that is unpaid and I don't think we will be in a financial position to do that... Arrgghh moan moan moan!!

I am enjoying the posts about dogs too! Have some great tips now for the first meeting - thank you ladies smile ... I'm both excited/nervous to see my lil dudes reaction to a tiny human! I hope they grow to be solid friends together!

Wickedgirl Tue 06-Aug-13 14:22:41

I don't have a dog, just cats. One if them insists upon always sitting on me but has only been like this since I became pregnant. He won't sit on anyone else and if I'm busy, he meows at me until I sit down. Bless him

Dollybird86 Tue 06-Aug-13 14:43:52

GT I saw the oyster max 2 yesterday and its lovely the only thing I would say is its a tad heavy but I was comparing to a single not another tandem. I think it would be my double of choice.

Glad everyone Is ok sleeping is not much fun at the moment but I can't get out of bed to drag myself to work either! Im still really not enjoying being pregnant I would quite happily fast forward till after the birth when she's here!

GTbaby Tue 06-Aug-13 15:09:14

Flyer and shooting I was very surprised at how helpful dh was with night wakings. He is a lazy sleepy man otherwise. But did more then his fair share of night when off work for maternity. And then depending on his shift was really helpful. He stopped doing morning wakings when lo start sleeping through the night. But that's fair as he is at work and I'm at home all day.

ATM as he is on nights he comes home, changes lo gives milk n breakfast then wakes me at 10am! Which when you have kids is a major lay in lol

Thanks dolly. I have maclaren xlr ATM which is quite heavy to me. Will have to compare actual weight.

Smitten1981 Tue 06-Aug-13 15:51:21

For those that like to symptom compare, I've been watching a YouTube channel called Bumps Along The Way since I found out I was pregnant.

They do a week by week 'bumpdate' of all the things that have happened and I find it really interesting to compare with.

She's just had her baby and they're still doing updates so I'm using it to learn what on earth to do with a newborn.

anyway, I found it quite useful, so you might too.

Here's the link:


3boys3dogshelp Tue 06-Aug-13 16:01:53

Hi roxvox sorry I crossposted then my battery died last night. Yes I do have my hands full! But I love it and wouldn't swap :-).
After reading the last 2 pages of the thread I feel like I'm getting off very lightly with this pregnancy, I do wake up in the night but I'm so shattered I go straight back to sleep this time. I sympathise with all those with spd though, I seem ok this time but last time it was really bad, physio tried to give me crutches but I had a 1 year old so I'm not sure what she thought I was going to do with them!!
Morning was 5.15 in our house today though, then ds1s
best friend arrived at 6.45 and is still here while
his mum works.
Falcon glad you got checked. Natalie hope everything is ok.

HotSoupDumpling Tue 06-Aug-13 16:29:27

Flyer, I'll be next to jump on to the complain-train. My tailbone and lower back - ouch ouch ouch. Like GT, I'm only comfortable on my back but try to sleep on my side like the MWs recommend. Painful as F. And changing sides is a 5 minute operation, makes me feel like a whale being hoisted back into the sea.

So glad everything ok Nat and Falcon

I really need to make something healthy for dinner tonight as today's menu has consisted of 2 yum yums with coffee, a large bar of chocolate and 2 strawberry and chocolate muffins. Completely ridiculous.

roxvox Tue 06-Aug-13 16:54:18

MoN I had Weetabix for tea last night, so I kind of need to kick it up a gear with some vegetables or something healthy too. I am bizarelly jealous of what you've had to eat today though; it all sounds yummy!

Flyer747 Tue 06-Aug-13 17:05:44

Same here with the diet. Yesterday I had 2 scones and a cream slice for my tea (dinner to you southerners) Only bonus is dp is currently doing the Jason Vale juice diet and is making all these green healthy shakes, so i've been having them too...other than that i'm existing on sugar, sugar and more sugar!

LostMySocks Tue 06-Aug-13 17:09:23

I've always slept on my side but starting to find it a bit uncomfortable. One thing that works for me is pushing the edge of the duvet around my bump as its easy to get different thicknesses. Obviously only works if you are cold blooded like me and not suffering with the heat. Not sure when the inbuilt baby heater is going to kick in

Natalieand Tue 06-Aug-13 17:26:29

Thanks everyone, the trace on the ctg was fine for his heart rate the doctor asked for a blood test to be done for obstetric cholestasis, and I have to go back for another trace tommorow and another one Thursday then a scan on the placenta Friday morning unless they manage to squeeze the scan in tommorow morning then they said I won't need to come in Thursday as well. Nice to no they are being thorough though. And at least they were nice to me today and no mention was made about my weight and the heartbeat was found easily with the ctg so I have absolutely no idea why that cow made such a fuss about me being fat on Saturday night! Xxx

Sparkeleigh Tue 06-Aug-13 17:46:10

MoN I'd kill for a strawberry and chocolate muffin at the minute envy That's one of your 5 a day though, right? grin

Has anyone found they just don't have room for food anymore? I can only eat a little until I'm full at meals now.

Falcon sorry you had a scare and Nat glad you didn't let that cow of a midwife put you off, you can always specify that you don't want to deal with her in future on your notes I think... Hope all's well with you.

A couple of people on the last thread mentioned the city mini GT - I really liked it but I think I'm going to go for the city versa because of the reversible seat... It's free returns from John Lewis and since nowhere here stocks it I'll just have to unpack it carefully and give it a go...

This is probably a stupid question about prams, but for those who already have children - what happens when a pram says suitable from 6 months if you have a baby that can pull themselves up in the bassinet before that? (can babies even do that? I don't know!!) Is it more of a weight/strength recommendation than age?

PseudoBadger Tue 06-Aug-13 17:53:12

Nat I'm so pleased they are taking care of you now. I hope all the tests come back as normal and he's just a sleepy boy!

Suffering with awful heartburn today which Gaviscon can't shift (which is unusual). Also feeling really breathless this evening which is worrying me as it can be a symptom of increased amniotic fluid (which is what my last scan showed).

MrsO27 Tue 06-Aug-13 17:56:11

Just trying to catch up, chatty lot today. Glad to hear all is ok nat and falcon
Got my 'leaky boobs' badge of honour today. There should be a smiley for that grin

JellyCurls Tue 06-Aug-13 18:40:39

TMI alert!!

Just been to loo and wiped and am passing mucus, proper snot consistancy. DC3 so should know but is this normal at 32 weeks? Have been crampy past few days but put down to post holiday constipation but now pregnancy hormones putting my mind into overdrive?

Any advice?

Wickedgirl Tue 06-Aug-13 18:44:56

Was it blood stained or "just" mucusy discharge? I would speak to your midwife but unless it was bloodstained, I think it will just be normal. Good luck

roofio87 Tue 06-Aug-13 18:46:35

jelly from what I understand its normal to loose some of your mucus plug anf it will 'grow back' but maybe give your mw a call to see what she thinks!?

I think some mucus discharge is normal. I've had it too but always better to phone the midwife if you're worried jelly.

The plans for a healthy dinner aren't going well. I took youngest dd to the shops to but vegetables for making soup but the supermarket is right next to a McDonalds which dd begged to go into and I didn't take much persuasion. I did get a fresh orange with my McChicken sandwich so that makes it OK doesn't it? hmm

GTbaby Tue 06-Aug-13 19:17:47

MON I always get the OJ, with quarter pounder with cheese n fries n ice cream on way home
OJ makes it seem healthier to me though! Omg I want one now.

GTbaby Tue 06-Aug-13 19:21:30

Yeppie dh is getting me pizza from local take away.

GTbaby Tue 06-Aug-13 19:27:37

Spark. Lo was sitting up at 6months so shouldn't be in carry cot at that stage. We were putting lo in pushchair at 3months in lay flat position. Does it say 6weeks? As some say not suitable from birth. But I'm sure that's not until 6months.

Natalieand Tue 06-Aug-13 19:29:23

Chippy for us tonight, although I won't lie I'm jealous of your take away pizza. I don't even have orange juice with macdonalds I have full fat coke! Terrible

I'm not feeling rediculously stupid for going to the hospital as the baby has probly moved more in the last 3 hours than he has in the last 3 days, which is odd? Do u think I should still go in tommorow ? Or will I be wasting there time?

jelly I second what others have said its normal as it can regenerate unless there is blood in it then I think its less likely to regenerate, that's what I heard anyway? Xx

Natalieand Tue 06-Aug-13 19:32:42

GT buggies usually start from either birth or 6 months but to whoever is Asking (can't remember who sorry) I would say stick with carry cot until baby is unhappy with it, dd could sit unaided at 4 months so would have been miserable in a carry cot, the 6 months thing is a guideline and usually just because the buggy doesn't like 100% flat

I have brought the babystyle oyster for bump and have ordered the carry cot for it as the seat unit is suitble from 6 months apparently but I will almost definately use it before that, probly not before at least 4ish months tho z

JellyCurls Tue 06-Aug-13 19:34:14

Wicked not blood stained just a lovely snot colour. Will call mw tomorrow I think. Tummy sore but think its just tired cause I was back at work today

Slippysnow Tue 06-Aug-13 19:53:16

sparkleigh buggies and carriers did my head it trying to figure out the rules for the safety of babies.

I was baffled, for example... The bugaboo bee isn't 180 degrees recline but it is considered suitable from birth. Then other buggies like the oyster, you can use a carry cot or a car seat (which aren't flat in the slightest!!) from my research you shouldn't have the baby in the car seat for long periods of time.

My plan is to use a baby bjorn carrier most and on occasion use my baby jogger gt in fully recline seat until they can support their head then raise it.

Just realised this probably didn't answer your question! Just wanted to say you're not the only one worrying.

Shootingstarsandcomets Tue 06-Aug-13 19:54:38

It might be your mucus plug jelly but I don't think that means labour is imminent as they can unplug themselves weeks before labour starts. I'd phone the midwife though.
No healthy tea here just a huge bowl of pasta. DH is out so I'm contemplating going to bed very soon.
gt if love to say my DH was as good as yours sounds but mine didnt do a night until ds was 9 months old!!! Ds has never been a great sleeper and he still wakes now even at 11 months I'm hoping dc2 is better or I really will be dead on my feet.

roxvox Tue 06-Aug-13 20:12:02

Earlier on in my pregnancy I had a couple of very mucusy days jelly, and it always coincided with constipation (which I think you said you'd had). Midwife told me that the irritability of the constipation would've most likely caused the unusual amount of mucus, and not to worry unless it had fresh blood in it. I would definitely say to get checked out though to ease your mind.

natalieand I would say to keep your appointment tomorrow. If the movements slowed down again the next day then you'd kick yourself for not going and finding out what your little boy is up to in there!

Ham, egg and chips for me for tea. So not exactly the health-tastic option I had intended for me either MoN!

roxvox Tue 06-Aug-13 20:17:06

Yes to sparkeleigh re not having much room in your stomach any more! I can barely manage half a meal before I feel like I'm going to explode!

There isn't enough room in there anymore, and tonight it feels like my throat is going to give with everything pushing up under it. I wonder if it's just an extreme form of indigestion... Might give some Gaviscon a go.

I've got my soup on the boil now. I thought I should make it so I could say I had something healthy. It's leek and potato though so not really vegetable packed but I'll resist the urge to add grated cheese to it like I usually do. At least it means I'll have something there ready for lunch tomorrow.

textbook Tue 06-Aug-13 20:33:14

I'm totally joining in this mega-moan! SPD horrendous today, can barely walk (let alone drive 25 miles each way to work), up approx 5 times in the night to wee, baby either head down so shooting cervix pains or feet down and kicking me in the bladder. I'm exhausted, have zero motivation for work, hate everyone and just want to lie on my bed with my massive pillow eating jam donuts!

Pregnancy is such a special time grin

So glad to hear that Nat and Falcon are ok, and glad you got magic drugs socks!

Got my section date today - October 1st! I'll be 39+4 then so I'm worried they are cutting it pretty fine... Hoping if placenta is still low at 35 weeks they will bring the date forward, although I am keen on the date - it sounds like a nice birthday! I'll update the spreadsheet for now smile

HotSoupDumpling Tue 06-Aug-13 21:21:57

Did someone say jam doughnuts? Uuugghh...hungry...I must go off and raid the kitchen.

Textbook, lucky you with your section date. Saw my consultant recently but he won't give me one until later. Are you going to tell friends or family what it is?

Natalieand Tue 06-Aug-13 21:33:18

textbook that means u will most likely be out first official October birth :-)

MrsO27 Tue 06-Aug-13 21:47:32

textbook I think we should have an official mumsnet October 2013 ante-natal club 'lying in bed with a massive pillow eating jam donuts' day!

legallyblond Tue 06-Aug-13 21:59:37

Textbook - a close friend had an elcs for placenta praevia (low lying placenta)... I'm afraid to say that they kept her c section date as 39 weeks but she had to be in hospital full time from 37 weeks in case of haemorrhage.... All fine (she got to 39 weeks with only one small bleed) but she had to arrange for her parents to look after her DD during that time... Has your consultant talked through the plan at all?

legallyblond Tue 06-Aug-13 22:01:02

Oh, and we're not telling anyone in RL the date of my c section (apart from the neighbour who is having DD that day)..!

GTbaby Tue 06-Aug-13 22:01:58

Where are the donuts ...??

GTbaby Tue 06-Aug-13 22:03:24

My previous post from today seems to have got lost. Sry if it's repeated.
Hot soup- I could kiss you! I keep searching online but all advice is I should be more comfortable on my side. I through I must be crazy
Or just not have spd. If u find anything helps let know!
I have tried pillow between knees, thick n thin. Pillow behind my back pillow and duvet under bump.
Only thing slightly ok for a short period is 3 pillows under my knees, slightly on my side with a pillow under my back left side.

Nat so glad things seem positive. OC seems scary when you search online. But most the research is based on studies 25years ago. So don't stress. Have you been itchy?

Natalieand Tue 06-Aug-13 22:07:20

Yes GT itchy belly, but I put that down to stretching. I didn't mention the itching as I thought nothing of it but the doctor asked if I had been itchy, I'm yet to google OC as I think its unlikely I will have it, think they are just being cautious. Isit linked to reduced fetal movements?

GTbaby Tue 06-Aug-13 22:16:36

Itchy tummy will be skin stretching.
OC itching is in palms of hand and feet.
I didn't have reduced movement, just one evening of paranoia that meant they kept me in. I got symptoms at 36 weeks and was induced at 37.
General advice is induction at 37wks with OC due to research carried out 25 years ago. However, I think they have stuck with this as they can't really say to an OC mum "do you fancy waiting to see what happens" , medical technology has come so far. So in my opinion not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things.

GT I napped today on my back but with a pillow under half of my back so I was tilted to the side slightly, that was ok for a while. I have found sitting/laying propped up on my back in bed actually just puts too much pressure on my coccyx and sides of my bum but does give my hips and lower back a break. Not looking forward to tonight's sleep. My little bean is too active at the moment so just waiting for it to drop off before I attempt sleep and don't want to waste time on my side being awake. I hope this pelvic pain is just a rough few days not a sign of what is to come over the next two months.

Had a nice picnic in Richmond park (found picnic chairs, phew!) with mum and youngest sister, not far from the car park so I didn't get sore but under a lovely big shady tree. then middle sister and her family joined us for dinner in the evening in our garden. That made it a long, busy day and I am worn out.

Tomorrow we are all going to a petting zoo if I am up for walking around. Apparently pregnant people are not allowed to touch the Animals but I can look. There were some very cute baby deer who gradually came very closes to us in the park today.

Nat I agree you will regret it if you don't go then have more reduced movement days. It is good to get it thoroughly checked out now.

GTbaby Tue 06-Aug-13 23:34:58

Just ate a chocolate muffin and corneto. Have a snickers bar nxt to me. But think I may put it back.

Orange -dreading going to sleep. Sucks. All I want to do is sleep. But hurts to much so I end up awake for hours and then my morning I'm so exhausted I can't get up hmm GRUMP GRUMP GRUMP.
also scalp is major itchy. Sil said it might be because I tied my hair up before letting it fully dry. Also I've had it tied up more then usual. I normally have it down but with heat kept it tied back recently.

Oh oh all that sugar is sending bump loopy bouncing around my tummy n

Ooh I just bought an ikea poang chair and footstool cheaply on ebay to breast feed in downstairs, yay! Now got to arrange driving to the other side of London to pick it up, silly me.

We had quite healthy Mexican food for dinner - lots of beans, veg and salad - but followed by ice cream with chocolate and very sugary coulis. Mmm.

Oddlife Tue 06-Aug-13 23:49:07

This is so weird reading this thread - feels like we are all living a parallel life. I also got checked out for OS last week as My whole body starts to itch at night and eases off about 5:00am. last week so bad I had about 3 hrs sleep in 3 nights. bloods checked out fine though so must be a hormonal thing. Midwife says to keep an eye on it just in case. So far e45 itch cream is making it slightly better. So glad the temp has gone down as thought I would go crazy in the heat.

Gaviscon back in my life too and reduced portions too as so little room. Found a bit more space after yoga tonight so made the most of it and ate everything on my plate.

those of you with dogs any thoughts on how to manage 3? I think individually all ok but a bit worried about pack mentality, the boy dogs are obsessed and follow me everywhere at the moment.....

31 weeks today and csection planned for 39 wks - 8 weeks sounds scarily close especially if the weather hots up again and renders me incapable of thought and action again. Doesnt look as if builders will be done before baby arrives- despite them working their b***s off every day. Trying to stay calm and serene ......

Sorry haven't responded to anyone personally - still trying to keep up with you all and failing abysmally!

I googled pictures of our insides, the stomach and small intestine are really scrunched up above the bump. No much room at all!

I don't imagine heat helps sweaty itchiness, glad it wasn't anything serious odd life.

You will be in hospital for a few days I imagine, hopefully that will give the builders a few extra days to get things done!

Right, sleep time for me!

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Wed 07-Aug-13 00:14:07

Arrrrgggghhh - terrible heartburn attack and with DP away there's not even anyone to moan to!

Oddlife Wed 07-Aug-13 00:25:39

* orange blossom * am gonna google my insides now! Good thinking re hospital and builders- maybe I could book in for a week or two!

textbook Wed 07-Aug-13 00:47:42

Yes to donut in bed day! I'm obsessed at the moment grin

Bugger, hadn't thought of that legally - I've not spoken to consultant about it as it was confirmed on scan after I'd seen him. I've got another appt on the 19th so will ask then. I really really don't want to be stuck in the hospital for weeks without dd hmm

I think placenta praevia is worst if the placenta covers the cervix - mine is currently 1.5cm away and apparently can't move closer (physically impossible) so as I'm not attempting a vaginal birth it should be fine. It's also posterior, which is better for the section as they won't have to cut it to get baby out. Scary stuff though blush

I'm telling close family and friends section date, but not others. It could change anyway, and I think it ruins some of the mystery!

chickieno1 Wed 07-Aug-13 03:01:41

Good things are ok natalie and falcon hopefully all tests will turn out ok.

Fingers crossed you don't have to go into hospital before 39 weeks textbook

jelly glad to hear potty training going well. We re probably about the same stage with ds. Refusing night time nappies here too! Could you put him on potty when he's asleep before you go to bed?? Or get him up at 5 if you re on your way to the loo? Not ideal I know. Would he fall back asleep or be up for good then?

I can definitely join in with the moaning. Totally can't sleep as uncomfortable and hot and have to get up loads to wee. Making me very grumpy with poor dh too sad

I have washed baby clothes yay!! Starting to sort hospital bag and make list of things to get too so that's progress. Also looking at buggies tomorrow! Anyone have experience of uppababy buggies??

Hope everyone gets some sleep esp the SPD/PGP sufferers

Hi to Rachel and welcome to newbies

Flyer747 Wed 07-Aug-13 03:45:27

Wide awake another night of insomnia, grrr!

I slept a bit better mainly on my back propped up a bit, though I feel guilty that I am starving my baby of oxygen. I never feel dizzy and the baby still moves so hopefully it is ok. Up a few times but quickly fell asleep again which makes it better.

A girl I went to uni with had a baby yesterday, loving looking a pictures on Facebook thinking that will be us soon. smile

char1eston Wed 07-Aug-13 07:28:32

Blimey - been away for a week and trying to catch up. Just come onto the new thread and there's already 7 pages to read through.
Hope everyone's well. 12 days left at work smile last day is 6th September so less than a month's time. Can't quite believe it.
Still feeling very much under prepared for labour/birth. All I've done is buy some belly warmer knickers from primark!

Shirehobbit Wed 07-Aug-13 08:00:09

Re - sleeping on your back
I was told last week that a lot of the data about oxygen deprivation to the baby was taken from observations made from women who had been given the old-style epidural, meaning it is out-of-date and not an accurate reflection of what happens when we lie on our backs. As they would have had no muscle control at all in the area, where our unanethetised bodies will be 'holding' form, not squashing the vena cava etc as much. Sounds logical to me.

PseudoBadger Wed 07-Aug-13 08:06:12

I do feel quite unwell if I lie on my back though. Luckily my favourite side is the left anyway, so I start the night on the left, might shift to the right if I can be bothered and then back on my left again.

Shirehobbit Wed 07-Aug-13 08:40:08

I think that's part of the thinking, pseudo - without the numbness, we can respond to physical feedback and change position too.

I really feel for all you poor ladies posting in the early hours of the morning, hope you got some sleep in the end.

chicken I think I am going to sneak in his room before I go to bed an put a nappy on him. Bless him, he came in this morning at 6.30 and insisted he hadn't wet the bed - but he had sad.

Orange I got the poang at the weekend and it's lush, really nice for my aching back - I've been sitting in it for at least an hour every evening rather than laying around on the couch, and it has really eased my back ache.

I've managed to lose my steriliser confused. Went to stay at mum and dads weekend before last and got it down from the loft to bring home - and no idea where it is. I'm sure I remember seeing it in the flat when we got back, but had a cleaning frenzy at the weekend and can't find it. Parents don't think it is at theirs. Very puzzled.....

carcassonne Wed 07-Aug-13 09:02:38

Hello everyone,

I've been occasionally lurking but haven't posted since thread 2/3 I think - moves too fast for me.

Lovely to hear how you are all doing though.

I'm coming up to 32 weeks and the midwife will be here in about half an hour for regular appointment. I start seeing her every 2 weeks now which makes things seem very real - especially as DD1 was born at 37 weeks. Obviously this one will wait till 42 weeks or something, but I've got my vote in for 37 weeks again.

Just wanted to share with you a couple of money-saving things. If anyone likes Weleda products (of you don't know them they do lovely, totally natural toiletries including a brilliant baby line with a magic bottom cream) I have this code 'GIFT25' for 25% off your first website order. I don't work for them I promise but got the code in a conference goodie bag so thought I'd share it.

I also have a stack of discount cards for Born Direct www.borndirect.com/. £5 off if you spend £50, £10 if you spend £100, £20 off £200 and £50 off £500. They have lots of stuff from prams to furniture, clothes, nappies etc. Each code is individual so you'll need to message me to get one. I was given a stack to give to doula clients but I'm not going to be doulaing for a while so might as well spread the love!

Will try and check in a bit more often from now on.

1stTimer25 Wed 07-Aug-13 09:27:35

Morning ladies, aibu.. We have recently had new neighbours, lovely old couple so everyone in our little cul-de-sac was pleased and everyone introduced themselves all lovely lovely.... But my god the chap since they have moved in has built a lean-to workshop and almost every morning he is up hammering, drilling sawing etc and it is really beginning to get tiring, even Sunday mornings before 9am the past few weekends! We all thought at first that it would quieten down as he was probably doing bits and bobs to the new home. Apparently not! I had a really rubbish night again last night, awake from 1-5 and for the life of me couldn't settle so when I finally went off to be woken by hammering and drilling at 8am has not started the day well! Feel like I could cry this morning which I know is a mixture of tiredness and hormones but its really quite frustrating and I don't know what to do with myself now sad
Have midwife app and then ante-natal class this afternoon though... Here's hoping I don't fall asleep! Haha!

Warlin Wed 07-Aug-13 09:32:44

Morning all.

Sorry to those of you not sleeping. I am so shattered these nights that I am sleeping like a baby (well, like a baby should!). Last night I didn't even hear ds waken at 2 and dh got up to him...I normally sleep with one ear open so not like me.

I am really bothered my heartburn too and it's driving me nuts. Also been getting what I think must be Braxton Hicks this morning...it does worry me a bit as last time what I dismissed as Braxton Hicks turned out to be the real thing confused. I'm only 32 weeks so praying they aren't the real thing yet!

I am really struggling to cope with work. I have zero motivation and am totally distracted. I have lots to do but loads of people are still on hols so nothing is that urgent IYSWIM. So I end up googling the days away which makes me feel guilty. sad 4 more weeks after this...still seems an eternity at this point.

sparkeigh we couldn't really use the carrycot part of our pram with ds as he had reflux and hated lying flat so we had to move into pram part at about 4 months, albeit lying almost flat. It totally depends on the baby but lying flat is better for them if you can do it. I'm still torn on the pram front as I really want side by side, rather than tandem but I'm not terribly comfortable with the babyjogger city double from birth as you can't use car seat and it's not parent facing....mmmmm. Need to make a decision soon I guess.

Welcome carcass and thanks for the offer codes.

legallyblond Wed 07-Aug-13 11:25:24

Chickieno and * Bowlfull* - yes, as bowlfull said, we've just been through this with DD. I personally wouldn't go back to nappies... We found that "lifting" DD when we went to bed worked. That means putting her (in her sleep really) on the potty in her room at about 11pm and just saying "its alright, you're on your potty, time for a wee wee now" etc etc worked, so that she didn't wet the bed in the early hours. Also the instant you hear them start to wake (so for DD, that's around 6), onto the potty. DD has a gro clock with the "sunrise" at 6.30, so she then has to go back to bed for 25 mins or so and she looks at books. I think we're a few months ahead of you both? DD is almost 2 years 9 months.

1stimer I will swap with you. I have drug dealers, jeremy kyle style shouting matches and poor kids who know no better as there parents are junkies kicked out till 1am at the age of 5/6/7/8/9/10 causing havoc my direct neighbours all work and are lovely but 100 yard away and its very different. What I would give for a DIYer making noise. I would love to move but I can't give up the security of a council house even though we could afford private let at the moment with rents going up so much that would not last long.

I have the flu now given to me by my hubby who caught it at work so he is off we lose money and I am sick too fun times hmm

1stTimer25 Wed 07-Aug-13 11:49:48

woah falcon I shall consider myself getting off lightly... Sorry you have all that chaos around you sad ... I just find it frustrating, common courtesy seems to be a thing of the past! I hope you and your hubby feel better soon, I had flu in my 2nd trimester an lived on hot ribena and honey and lemon and paracetamol when I really struggled.

Sanjifair Wed 07-Aug-13 12:25:40

Had my GTT this morning, get results tomorrow afternoon. Fingers crossed!
I have found I get pins and needles in my left arm if sleeping on my right side so it does affect my circulation. I tend to swap sides wuite a bit in the night, and usually wake up on my right side.
Your neighbours do sound a bit rude 1sttimer, maybe have a word? Yours sound worse though Falcon!

Warlin Wed 07-Aug-13 12:49:13

Ok sorry in advance for the me, me post but I have dilemma

I have finding work hard at the minute. I work on the 3rd floor of an old listed building and there is no lift so I end up doing a lot of stairclimbing throughout the day. I have a meeting with the HR Director tmw and am considering asking to finish a week earlier.

I had planned to take 3 weeks annula leave from 37 weeks and start mat leave on my due date but ds arrived at 37 weeks so I had no time off before last time and I really don't want that again. I would love to be early again, don't get me wrong, but I feel I really need some me time and time to get sorted before all the chaos starts! I don't want to be totally shattered before the birth.

Yet, that would mean finishing at 36 weeks and what if baby is 2 weeks late....I have been sitting at home for 6 weeks which feels like wasted maternity leave. And will I be bored stupid at home? I love the idea of walking the dog and then chilling out with DVDs and daytime tv on the days ds is in nursery.

When does everyone else finish and do you think 36 weeks is too early?

1stTimer25 Wed 07-Aug-13 13:01:47

Hi warlin I was hoping to work up to 34 weeks in my job (care assistant for the elderly) but like you it's an old building with no lift so I was beginning to struggle with the amount of up and down but also having to run holding bump (and boobs!) for emergencies! However I had a meeting with my bosses and they felt that after a small scare and how they had seen I was struggling it was best for me to start my leave... I was gutted as I am now off 8 weeks before due date which is in my mind like you wasted time! But I have to say that I am much more relaxed now and enjoying nesting which is lovely... A lot of friends and family have been supportive and have all said that its better to be well rested than push to keep going and feeling shattered before baby arrives! It's a difficult decision and choice to make and I think everyone feels differently depending on how they are coping at this point in pregnancy, you just have to think about what is best for you and your bump smile

PseudoBadger Wed 07-Aug-13 13:11:04

Warlin I'm taking annual leave from 34 weeks (last day of work 29th August) and my maternity leave starts on 1st October (38 weeks). DS was born at exactly 38 weeks so I'm hoping for a couple of weeks off at least....

I'm finishing at 34 weeks too, 4 annual leave and 2 mat leave before due date, worked till just before 37 weeks with DD1 only had my usual days off and she arrived 3 weeks early on my 1st day of mat leave! worked till about 36 with DD2 and she arrived on her due date! My main reason for finishing early this time is DD2 starting full days at school and I wanted to drop my evening shifts, I am however finding it hard going already though (retail) it was easier when I was management and could sneak off for sit downs! smile

Just lurking on the November thread (my friend is on there!) and they have had an early birth! She went in to hospital for reduced movement and baby was delivered by emcs at 27 weeks, so well worth us going to be checked if there are any worries, fingers crossed for the teeny baby xx

legallyblond Wed 07-Aug-13 13:32:33

I'm finishing at 34 weeks too.. 3 weeks before the c section. Tbh, for me, its physically easier bring at work than at home....

PseudoBadger Wed 07-Aug-13 13:33:48

1stTimer - that's quite naughty of your bosses tbh - if you cannot do the work they should either find you alternative work or sign you off on full pay. They can't make you take maternity leave early unless you have pregnancy related sickness in the last 4 weeks. I'd be most pissed off at them.

Nellysgirl Wed 07-Aug-13 13:34:09

Hello everyone! Is it ok if I join you?
I only just came across this section of MN.
I'm due on 3rd October....
Can I be in your gang? wink

I'm taking annual leave from 35 weeks and then mat leave kicks in at 38 weeks, and I fully expect to be late smile. Last time I took annual leave at 38 weeks, mat leave started on due date, and I was 4 days late.

I was very bored last time (in hindsight wish I had enjoyed being lazy more) but this time planned from the outset to finish as early as possible, as want some one on one time with DS for this baby arrives. I went back to work full time when he was 17 weeks, so am really looking forward to spending this bit of time just with him will be regretting this after three days i am sure

Smitten1981 Wed 07-Aug-13 13:40:58

I really don't know what to do for the best for maternity leave. I too work in a building where I have to tackle three flights of stairs and the office is horrendously stuffy at the moment, it only had a window right at the opposite end to me. The stuffiness makes me feel sick sometimes.

It's been agreed that I can work from home from 23 September, which is great as it will be more relaxing, but this does mean I'll be working up until the birth.

I have three weeks annual leave to use up which I was going to tack on to the beginning of my mat leave, but I'm now thinking that I might use that 3 weeks before my due date and seeing if I can start working from home earlier.

It's so hard trying to work out when the baby's coming as it could come at 42 weeks and then I've wasted time where I could still be bringing in full pay.

I really don't know what to do for the best.

Wickedgirl Wed 07-Aug-13 13:41:49

I started my maternity leave at 30 weeks as I was finding work too much with my SPD. I have 3 children already though and as they're on summer holidays, it's not likely that I will be getting much time to rest or sleep.

Threeblondes.......that's scary. Are the mum and baby ok?

Nellysgirl.......welcome! We are a very chatty bunch. grin

Lots of crossed posts there, but 1sttimer I'm completely with pseudo there - not sure what can be done now, but they can't force you onto maternity leave that early because of risks with your job, they have to accomodate you.

Actually pseudo you seem to be very up on this, and maybe some of the legal eagles can help. Just sorting out bits and bobs with employers re mat leave, one of which being pension contributions. I'm currently in a salary sacrifice scheme and my employers contribute 50% of my contributions, up to maximum of 2.5%. I currently contribute 5% of my salary. If I continue to contribute 5% of my salary based on mat pay (I get 6 weeks at 100%, then SMP) my contributions will go down a lot in value. Do my employers have to contribute the 2.5% of my current salary, or 2.5% of my adjusted mat leave salary? I've tried googling and it's really not very clear.

My apologies for the really dull post blush

Nellysgirl Wed 07-Aug-13 13:49:25

Thank you! Just having a nosey through - hope you all don't mind.
Can't remember who said they are getting pins and needles in their hand but, me too! V.annoying!
I finished work quite a while ago but that was due to my employer being deliberately awkward and mean to me hmm x

Flyer747 Wed 07-Aug-13 13:51:41

Bowl full I was thinking the same. I currently also contribute 5% my employer puts in 10% I was going to freeze my contributions as I'm the Same as your 6 wks 90% then smp, but it seems silly to freeze it as it's like free money off my employer. Confusion

Racheld33 Wed 07-Aug-13 13:56:20

Welcome nellysgirl

As for finishing for maternity leave, for my first I finished at 36 weeks, and had 3.5 weeks before DS arrived and I loved every second of relaxing, my advice is enjoy!
This time finishing 36 weeks again, but this time, will be more about quality time with DS before the baby comes.

Someone was mentioning about heart burn that wasn't stopping with gaviscon... I got this at 6 weeks (with horrific sickness) and doctor put me on ranitadine which was lovely (I also took this with my first pregnancy).
2 weeks ago, it felt like it just stopped working, gaviscon helped for maybe 5 mins, and I was up in tears at night, and not being able to eat my tea, so doctor changed me to omeprazole instead, since then, I have not even looked at a bottle of gaviscon since. I know everyone is different, but mine was unbearable, and it has now gone, so don't suffer if you think you'd benefit from seeing the doctor! smile

legallyblond Wed 07-Aug-13 13:58:31

Your employer must continue to contribute x% of your full salary, as if you weren't on mat leave. You only pay x% of your reduced pay. Basically, pension on mat leave is a great deal for the employee!

legallyblond Wed 07-Aug-13 14:05:48

So Flyer for instance, your employer will contribute 10% of your normal salary throughout your mat leave, while you'll pay 5% of 90% for 6 weeks, then 5% of stat mat pay for 33 weeks, then nothing, all while the employer pays 10% of your full salary!

Ah ha, thanks Legally - from what I had read I believed that to be the case, but can't find anything on any official type site like HMRC. Don't suppose to can link to something that I can send over to HR shamelessly tapping up free legal advice

PseudoBadger Wed 07-Aug-13 14:21:44

From Gov.uk re. working conditions/environment

Health and safety for pregnant employees
When the employee tells their employer they’re pregnant, the employer should assess the risks to the woman and her baby.

Risks could be caused by:

heavy lifting or carrying
standing or sitting for long periods without adequate breaks
exposure to toxic substances
long working hours
Where there are risks, the employer should take reasonable steps to remove them - eg, by offering the employee different work or changing their hours.

If the employer can’t remove any risks (eg by offering suitable alternative work) they should suspend the employee on full pay.

For full details about the regulations see the Health & Safety Executive website.

Pregnant employees who think they’re at risk but their employer disagrees should talk to their health and safety or trade union representative. If your employer still refuses to do anything, talk to your doctor or contact the Health and Safety Executive.

Flyer747 Wed 07-Aug-13 14:32:36

Thanks Legally i'd be silly to stop my contributions in that case. smile

PseudoBadger Wed 07-Aug-13 14:38:05
roxvox Wed 07-Aug-13 14:52:18

Hi warlin. I actually have 4 weeks annual leave to take, so I have the last 2 weeks in August off with DH, then return to work for 4 days before the next 2 weeks annual leave and that takes me up to 39 weeks, which is when my maternity leave will officially start. So 11 more days of work after today grin

I think that baby might be overdue too (EDD is 2nd October, but according to my maths that's about a week early), but we'll see what happens! It's both exciting and horrible not knowing. Like you ladies, I don't want to be sat around twiddling my thumbs waiting for baby to come, but likewise I don't want to not get a chance to chill out prior to the arrival!

Welcome nellysgirl. We have a stats sheet if you fancy joining us on it - here

lucylu1976 Wed 07-Aug-13 14:57:54

Hey - due on 20th Oct so great to see this thread.
Friend of mine gave birth on way to hospital at the weekend! She has a beautiful baby girl but the dad is still recovering from delivering her in the front seat of the car.
Fingers crossed mine will be more conventional!

1stTimer25 Wed 07-Aug-13 15:09:59

Welcome nellysgirl smile

psuedo and bowl I tried to defend myself with the whole 4 week time period and sickness before edd... But I was quickly shot down and told they could make me go through my gp for a fitness to work report etc etc ... I just don't have the energy to argue with them, it's not what I had hoped for but I'd rather have a job and mat pay than nothing from tempers being lost if you know what I mean?! And first baby I don't know all the legislation to protect me and how it works. My own fault for being a pushover!

Smitten1981 Wed 07-Aug-13 15:13:26

On the topic of mat leave, how long do you have to go back to work for before you have to pay some of the maternity pay back if you want to leave? Is it three months?

It's not your fault 1sttimer, no one should be bullied like that pregnant or not. Ooh it makes me so cross that employers behave like that. I know sometimes they genuinely aren't aware of entitlement (but it's their job to find out), but I'm fairly sure in your case they are and are just taking the piss angry.

Thanks for the link Pseudo - feeling all feisty now!

Welcome Nellysgirl, Lucy and anyone else I have missed smile.

Warlin Wed 07-Aug-13 15:34:02

legally as regards pension, I currently pay 7% and employer pays 12%. I get 6 weeks full pay, 12 weeks half pay and then stat. I have been told that for the half pay, I can continue to pay 7% of that amount but that they will only pay 12% of that amount (not my full salary). Also on stat, I think they need written permission to take anything from you. Are you sure they should still be paying 12% of the my full salary?

I agree with the above 1stTimer they should have offered you another role if possible, rather than forcing you off early.

Thanks for the insight into everyone's mat leave plans. It's so hard to know. I might try and work from home a day a week and see how I go. I had no time off before ds and really want some time to relax. I will prob let ds go to nursery but maybe pick him up earlier as at 14 months I find him exhausting at the moment! Sounds awful and I love being with him but also need the break. Not having a work commute would def help so might suggest that tmw.

Flyer747 Wed 07-Aug-13 15:37:40

1sttimer your employers don't sound like they are treating you fairly at all.

Just had WC jab.

My tumble dryer has arrived...I'm actually excited to try it out, I'm starting to worry about myself if this is all it takes to get me going these days grin

GTbaby Wed 07-Aug-13 15:41:53

Smitten my RTW time is 12 weeks. But that can run over to include holidays. But contractually I think it can be different for everyone.

Smitten1981 Wed 07-Aug-13 15:45:17

Thanks GT, I think maybe 12 weeks is the norm. No one has actually told me at work as they don't seem to know and I couldn't find any info on the gov website.

Flyer747 Wed 07-Aug-13 16:04:09

Just spoken to my HR department regarding pension on maternity. They advised me that my payments automatically cease when my maternity leave starts, and will do so for 9 months, however the company keep on putting in their full contribution. I think this is very fair considering that their maternity pay policy is pretty lousy, quite chuffed.

PseudoBadger Wed 07-Aug-13 16:13:31

If my employers did that to me 1stTimer they'd be seeing me at a tribunal. It really really annoys me that people still treat women like this.

PseudoBadger Wed 07-Aug-13 16:16:06

Flyer did you ever get your flight allowance thingy sorted? I hope so.

roofio87 Wed 07-Aug-13 16:26:17

I'm taking 2.5 weeks of annual leave before my mat leave starts. so finishing work at 36 weeks but starting mat leave at 38.5 all being well. I'll then also have 2.5 weeks hol to tag onto the end of my mat leave. Although im not going back to my job but they won't know this until its time for me to return!!blush

Welcome nelly and Lucy. Lucy we re due date buddies.

I spent the day at a petting farm with my family, it is good to find out some good local things to do with children, especially as it was free. I am really tired and achey now though.

I am working to 38 weeks but at the moment I am thinking that probably isn't realistic with my pgp. I am on summer holidays until September so not much actual working left, but still 24 days which I am not looking forward to. I like many of you didn't want to waste maternity leave sitting at home waiting and not getting paid and I am lucky to have this time off now to do all my getting ready.

Eek at the baby being born at 27 weeks, I hope all is well.

Flyer747 Wed 07-Aug-13 16:59:10

Pseudo I spoke to one of our union reps who is also a friend of mine and he thinks its all above board how work pay us whilst grounded due to pregnancy because its not a company requirement for us to be grounded it's a European law and civil aviation requirement. However he did say he would look into it for me, I haven't heard anything yet though.

claphammama Wed 07-Aug-13 17:03:24

Hi All. Still on holidays so just a quick post to check in and say hello! Also hello to all new mums on the thread - looks like a lot of new people have joined in! I gather no babies since last week? That's good and we are all so close now.

I was 29 weeks yesterday and must say I'm not enjoying this holiday as much as I was hoping. The resort is beautiful, food great and it's lovely to have so much quality time with DP and DS. But I'm practically melting in the Greek August heat and am positively dangerous to approach between 11 and 3pm. It's so hot here right now that I have no words... so I tend to sit quietly in the pool for 2 hours during that period. There is another woman here who is due on 20th October and she is also dying. It's 7pm now so I have a bit more energy. Still - it's so lovely to be out of work, not having to cook and seeing my little boy learning to swim. He is having the time of his life!

The main problem is lack of sleep... it's ridiculous these days and I survive on 3-4 hours per night. Dark circles under my eyes was not the look I was hoping to achieve. I see that a lot of people here struggle too. I feel your pain! X

Sorry to hear so many of you are having problems with rubbish employers... it's sad how it still keeps happening... and my feeling is that little has changed since the 60s, other than employers being more sophisticated and passive aggressive rather than just aggressive!

I'm massively behind on the thread so sorry I've missed all your news. Wi-fi is rubbish here so will try to catch up properly once back in London. I'm a saddo so miss the thread and all of you. X

Hope you have some lovely chilled evenings Clapham!

Flyer747 Wed 07-Aug-13 17:19:46

Enjoy the rest of your holiday Clapham smile

GTbaby Wed 07-Aug-13 17:20:45

Off to the new local kiddie care!

textbook Wed 07-Aug-13 17:43:55

Sorry to hear you're struggling with the heat clapham - I found it unbearable in Greece in June/July (high 30s / low 40s in the middle of the day), so dread to think how hot it must be now hmm

Keep hydrated!!!

PseudoBadger Wed 07-Aug-13 17:44:37

Enjoy Clapham!

Flyer I think that since there is clear cut case law supporting you that your Union should get up to date on it. But I am a stickler for having to be right grin

LostMySocks Wed 07-Aug-13 17:58:32

Can I share some good news? We moved into our new house last week before exchanging on the sale of our old one as we wanted to get in before I was too pregnant. I've been getting twitchy that our buyer would drop out at the last minute. But the solicitor has just called and confirmed that we have exchanged. Phew. It's a big weight off my mind. Couldn't have paid 2 mortgages for long especially with the bump on the way needing lots of things we haven't bought yet

Good news socks!

HotSoupDumpling Wed 07-Aug-13 18:56:05

Good news Lost - must be a weight off your mind.

Clapham, sounds very hot! At least lots of water time will do your back good.

We went on hols to somewhere cooler than London, and I slept better than I've done for ages. Bring on a nasty cold wet August (she said quietly, for fear of being flamed!).

Shootingstarsandcomets Wed 07-Aug-13 19:56:25

Great news lost
flyer I got excited about my tumble dryer when we invested in one last year- it is a very sad state of affairs but a sign of the times when you have babies!!
I think I have now totally ruined my back....... Had a glorious day having a picnic with my mum and then pottering about the bakewell show (local agricultural show) but I carried ds on my back in his carrier thing as thought he'd appreciate being able to see the animals more. He did he loved it but now I can't move sad. Hopefully it'll be better tomorrow.

Soupqueen Wed 07-Aug-13 20:27:09

My baby brain is making it impossible for me to remember what people are talking about, I need to start making notes when catching up on the thread!

Good news, lost. Welcome to all newbies and returners.

I had my whooping cough vaccine on Monday, still have a tender arm so I will be very, very careful with baby's arm when he/she gets the same jab at 2 months old.

Also had first NCT class, it was ok, I'm cautiously optimistic. They didn't seem to be pushing any agenda, it was more about group discussion about our concerns etc. I'm not sure we're going to really click with anyone, but I suspect it's DH and I that are the oddballs and we'd have that problem with any group sad

One piece of useful info I learned, as there are so many of us with anterior placentas here, apparently we're more likely to have a back to back delivery - its not inevitable though and more incentive to try and get baby into better position.

Another growth/bloodflow scan tomorrow. I'm having these as my 12 week blood tests showed I was at high risk of early placenta failure. I kind of try to forget in between scans, but am worried now.

Natalieand Wed 07-Aug-13 20:28:32

Jesus Christ!!! What a hell of a day I have had!!

Welcome to newbies xx

Re: maternity leave; I left at 34 weeks when expecting dd as I worked on a specialist stroke unit and the job was way to physical even with the supposed adjustments they had made to accommodate me.

So I went in this morning to be monitored again as planned (9.30appt) they were happy with the trace if the heart rate but brought the can forward to today when I had the scan the sonographer measured the baby's head at 36 weeks (I'm 30+2) so they asked me to wait to see the consultant, then decided to re scan to check the measurements and still measured 36 weeks, went in to see consultant she hasn't seen such a variation between a due date and a measurement on the baby, so she made a call to a fetal specialist to come and do another scan and check the brain for excess fluid and abnormalities- he did the scan and measured it at 35 weeks but wasn't able to find any abnormalities or excess fluid on the brain, he says he is confident that there are no brain abnormalities or structural problems and that the head is just well ahead in growth but they are doing a repeat scan in 4 weeks and seeing the consultant at the same time to make a plan. The specialist I saw suggested having a c section if his head is still measuring rediculously big so he doesn't get stuck but I am truly against c sections unless absolutely necessary so I asked about the possibility of a due date induction and he said he wasn't sure and I would have to discuss that with my own consultant in 4 weeks time and go from there. The rest of the baby is measuring either dead on for weeks or just below average his estimated weight ATM is 3lb 7oz. Good news from today though is that his movements have picked up quite a bit so that is re assuring. All in all my 30 min monitoring appt lasted 6 hours with all the ins and outs too different doctors scans Etc

Sorry for the marathon post just wanted to off load it all to someone who has a clue what I'm on about lol

Hope the November early baby is ok xxx

Soupqueen Wed 07-Aug-13 20:33:00

Crikey, natalie, what a day indeed! Hope all is well at next scan and movements continue to be good.

I'm meant to be finishing at 37 weeks but right now I'm not sure I'll last that long. However, the recruitment for my cover is not going well so I'd feel guilty going off early.

Nat that is good that there is no sign of abnormalities in the head and heart rate ok but a bit scary about a very large head. Could it be something that evens out in a few weeks - just had a bit of a growth spurt in his head and the rest will catch up? I hope so! A planned c section might be better than an emergency one if they think it probably won't get out... but a shock for you, I'm sorry. Glad you get to see the consultant to make a plan a bit nearer the time when they have measured again.

Good luck tomorrow soup.

Hello to nellie and Lucy.

I'm so glad I'm a SAHM when I read some of your stories.

I spent the afternoon with my youngest 2 at a free barbecue that the local children's play centre were holding. We'd been there an hour when oldest dd tur ed up crying saying she couldn't find the dog in the house and that he must have ran away. I told her off Saying that she must have left the garden gate open but she insisted she hadn't so I phoned round the local police stations to report him missing and walked the long way home through the woods to look for him.
I opened my front door and there he was sat at the bottom of the stairs, not missing at all. I could have strangled dd. My hip is in agony now after all the walking around.

Had a phone call today from my lawyer to say that dd's fathers case against me is to be postponed until November due to a death in his lawyers family so atleast I don't have that hanging over my head in the lead up to the birth. Youngest dd is starting school next Wednesday too and is only in in the morning for the first couple of weeks so making court dates would have been difficult

Racheld33 Wed 07-Aug-13 20:40:24

Wow natalie what a day, glad baby well, even though added stress of measurements not matching. Scans are definately not exact science/easy to measure from, so hopefully in 4 weeks, things will look 'normal' again and youll be back to normal birth plan again smile

PseudoBadger Wed 07-Aug-13 20:52:22

Soup I think that we as adults get worse reactions as we already have antibodies to the other components of the vaccine. My arm is still red with slight swelling 6 days on!
So was it the PAPP - A blood test that made you have scans?

Nat how are you feeling after today? I'm glad they're taking care of you x

Soupqueen Wed 07-Aug-13 20:58:14

Papp A (v low) and HCG (v high). 6 days, Crikey! I was really surprised how much of an effect it had.

xuntitledx Wed 07-Aug-13 21:02:36

I'll be on annual leave for 2 weeks at 36 weeks, then 2 weeks mat leave before due date.

6 months off full pay, then another 2 weeks annual leave to use up so not too shabby at all.

Hubby also qualifies for extended paternity leave so will get 6 weeks full pay when I go back (on top of his 2 weeks after he's born) - he's really excited to spend this extra time just 1:1 with baba!

chickieno1 Wed 07-Aug-13 21:03:06

That sounds like a crazy day natalie. Good you got things checked out and no structural problems found. They should know more in four weeks and then you can make a plan. Were your bloods ok?

Hope you can manage some rest on your holiday clapham.

*Soup *hope scan ok for you tomorrow.

Nat sorry its so scary hope it evens out for you xxx

Mon my wee boy is starting next week too I'm nervous as he is a late Feb birthday so is going be the baby of the year!

Hope growth scan goes well soup smile

Welcome newbies xxx

Sorry cross posted with you Nat . No wonder you're not getting much movement. His head is probably weighing him down.

I'm sure your wee boy will get on just fine Falcon. It's amazing how quickly they grow up when they start school.
I'm feeling guilty that there is only a week left of the Summer holidays and I haven't done much with the kids. It's so difficult when you don't drive and train fares are so expensive.

Tarlia Wed 07-Aug-13 21:31:53

nat that's worrying news for you, I'm sorry. Fingers crossed his body catches up in the 4 weeks. Re CS prob best to have a planned one rather than him get really stuck and need a crash one?

soup I had an anterior placenta last time and DS wasn't back to back - they call it star gazer here. Hope that helps a little. Ps baby injections are normally done in top of the leg or bum.

Sorry about all of the mat leave worries and confusion. Hope you all get it sorted soon.

mon fab about court case being postponed, I'd say no way to November if I were you though if you can as Eliana will be so small and may be breastfeeding so you don't need the stress!

I do hope the November 27 weeker is ok. Glad all of our little ones are still staying put.

Another growth scan and consultant appointment tomorrow.

Welcoming the newbies to our roudy bus!

HotSoupDumpling Wed 07-Aug-13 21:35:39

Nat, sorry to hear about the csection possibility... Bt good that there are no abnormalities found.

Soup, good luck with scan.

My WC vaccine gave me an arm so painful that I couldn't sleep on that side for three days. Which left me with only one MW-approved sleeping position...

Tarlia My lawyer has suggested I get a doctors letter to delay things further in the hope that his immigration case may come up in the meantime and he'll be sent back to Morocco.

Flyer747 Wed 07-Aug-13 21:57:39

Natalie what a stressful day you've had chick, and I'm glad to hear your little man is ok. C section not ideal however I guess if they are advising it maybe its for the best.

Good Luck with scans tomorrow soup and tarlia.

Mon get that DR's note and fx it gets postponed, awful timing with all that you'll have on your plate.

Can I ask do the vests which go under sleep suits need to be long arms or are short arms suitable?

DP doing this Jason Vale juice diet and I'm so impressed in 3 days he has lost 8lbs, I cannot believe it, I'm so doing that once I've had the baby, he isn't even hungry on it either.....given though he does weigh 16 stone so his weight loss will come off quicker.

textbook Wed 07-Aug-13 22:02:04

Wow Nat what a day! Glad you are being monitored and hope you won't need a section if you're dead against it.

Like others I'm also thinking of the Nov 27 weeker - really hope mum/baby are doing ok, must have been terrifying.

Congrats on the exchange Lost!

Today I ate two donuts in one sitting <hangs head in shame>

Natalieand Wed 07-Aug-13 22:11:04

flyer I would say buy most of them in short sleeve and a few long sleeve that's what I did with dd and will do this time too.

I don't have a real reason for not wanting a c section I just never imagened myself having a c section. Plus I'm thinking when they plan a c-sec its usually 38-39ish weeks anyway so I don't understand why they can't just induce me early? I'm gunna discuss properly with my consultant next time and really put my foot down, my midwife called me earlier to see how the monitoring went and I briefly explained to her and she said the same that if I had diabetes or something along those lines then they would induce at 38 weeks so why can't they this time too? I have so many questions I wish I had asked why I was there so I think I will make a list ready for my next appt. also they checked the blood flow through the cord and on the graph they print out its right at the bottom end of normal, although there was no mention of that at today's appt so hopefully it doesn't play a big part in anything in the grand scheme of things. The midwife also said its unlikely that will be my last lot of reduced movements as he has already done it twice and urged me to go straight in if it happens again, he's been so active this afternoon its made me realise how un-active the last few days have actually been, plus the early November baby has made me realise that I really shouldn't put it off next time.

Hopefully I will feel less stressed after a good nights sleep, that's if I don't get up for 100 wee's lol

I did read through the posts but think I must have missed something- is someone else scanning tommorow?

legallyblond Wed 07-Aug-13 22:12:59

Flyer - I only ever had short sleeved vests - they're fine!

Warlin - not sure about your pension, sorry! I am not a pensions or employment lawyer (I do trusts and tax etc for landed estates!) - I was just repeating what my HR dept at both my current firm and my previous firm have always told me they are legally obliged to do... Sorry not to be more help!

Nat - I would find the whole thing scary. Really good that no abnormalities etc found though. I am having a planned elcs because the elcs represents a far lower risk to the babies (twin 2 in particular) than a natural birth that might go wrong. A "perfect" natural birth would obviously be great, but there is a high chance (about 1 in 250) that it wouldn't be perfect for twin 2 and I'd end up with an emcs for twin 2 having delivered twin 1, or high forceps or oxygen starvation for twin 2... so elcs seems the better option. Like you I had a natural birth for DD.... I would urge you to go with the advice of the consultants and really push for a full discussion of the possible outcomes and risks. It is likely that, once the risks are spelt out, you will feel better about the elcs.

Soupqueen - I had an anterior placenta with DD. she was back to back for about the last two weeks (having gone cephalic after being transverse for weeks!) - I got her to "spin" by spending as much time as possible (eg whenever watching tv etc) on all fours. The spinning babies website is great for how to get the baby into the best position.

Good luck tomorrow Tarlia.

GTbaby Wed 07-Aug-13 22:32:27

Flyer stick with short sleeve vests. I think they are Easier to put on under clothes.

ananikifo Wed 07-Aug-13 22:50:55

natalie that sounds so stressful. I hope baby's growth evens out and you can birth how you would like, and to a healthy baby.

I've had the grumpiest and saddest night ever. I've been horrible to DH even though he is wonderful, driving me around and making me dinner and bringing me home a manicure set and nail polish from a rep they had at his work.

In the back of my mind I've been really punishing myself for starving the baby, unintentionally. In addition to my ketones on monday i weighed myself and I've lost weight from last week, and i still weigh less than i did in January. I've had several people tell me this week that i look small for 29 weeks which shouldn't make me as sad as it does. My colleagues (who should know) have tried to tell me baby takes what he needs, which i know logically but I still worry. Anyway I've been really down about it tonight and poor DH had to deal with my moods.

Sorry for the really moany post.

Ana sorry you are feeling like that. Ignore what people say, lots of people say my bump is tiny but it measured exactly right at 28 week check. Was yours measuring ok? You look great in pictures on facebook with a good sized bump. It sounds like you just had a hot, busy day and were a bit dehydrated and hungry. Keep eating and drinking plenty of healthy things and try not to worry. Your DH sounds like a lovely chap, I am sure he understands. How come you weigh less than in Jan, did you lose weight in the first trimester then put it on again?

Those who had insect bites, do you know if antihistamine creams are safe? I have a big bite in my knee but not sure it is a good idea. Sticking to salon for now but it really itches.

The leaflet just says ask dr/pharmacist which isn't very helpful


Dollybird86 Thu 08-Aug-13 01:11:22

I cant get comfortable I have awful heartburn and dh is snoring next to me and I really want to kick him!

Does anyone else feel like the baby is crushing your insides?

Hope your all having a better night than I am.

kiwee Thu 08-Aug-13 01:35:58

Another newbie who's just found you all here! Can I join too?

Due 16th October with first baby. I'm originally from UK but now living in NZ (so will probably appear like I'm always up in the middle of the night as we're 11 hours ahead of UK time at the minute).

Dollybird - hope your DH has stopped snoring and you've managed to get some sleep!

Hi kiwee I'm due 16 th too! I have trouble keeping up with everyone's posts but it is good to know that other people are feeling the same as me so I lurk and read and try to post but then feel bad for not remembering everyone's news and what to comment back!

Welcome to the thread though - loads of great support and advice on here xxx

ananikifo Thu 08-Aug-13 07:01:09

Thanks Orange. Yes I'm measuring fine. My sickness lasted beyond the first trimester and I did lose weight. It's all very strange because I've been overweight my whole adult life and have never been told I need to eat more. My problem has always been the opposite.

Welcome kiwee!

Welcome kiwee, you can keep us company when not able to sleep. Do you know what you are having?

Ana hopefully you are feeling better today. so you have been putting on weight nicely since the sickness stopped, are measuring just right and baby is doing fine. All seems well and you mustn't criticise yourself for urine results, just use it as a gentle reminder to eat and drink healthily and regularly. I am enjoying planning healthy meals and thinking will little bean like this? This will give him/her a new taste to get used to/ this will help its bones to grow etc.

HotSoupDumpling Thu 08-Aug-13 08:00:38

Morning all.

Ana, so sorry to hear you are feeling down. Just remember that your doctors will tell you if anything is wrong. As everyone said, you've gained weight since you lost it due to MS. In any case, babies are really efficient parasites and will get what they need from us. That's not an old wives' tale, it is really true!

I was worrying about having a small bump and being underweight, but my SIL reminded me that if I just eat more to put in weight, that weight is just going on me, not on producing a healthier bigger baby. The baby will have taken whatever it wants from me anyway.

Welcome Kiwee! Chatters and lurkers are all welcome here!

Natalieand Thu 08-Aug-13 08:05:38

Ana, when my urine was tested yesterday it had ketones++ in it and it was because I hadn't eaten if drunk that morning either I've had it another time b4 a midwife appt too, in extremely overweight so not exactly a small eater so that's how easy it is not to eat enough plus the tiniest change shows in your urine hence why they test it x

I feel rediculously emotional today my auntie just text me asking how I'm feeling. (She never texts me) now in laying in bed crying. I'm just so worried they have missed something on the scan that we should no about, I no its too late to change the outcome now but if something is wrong I would rather sooner than later. I suggested to dh about a private scan to check the brains anatomy and he said no and to speak to my midwife on Monday about it all.

Men just don't get it do they? I'm also panicking at the thought if them letting me go over due if i say no to a c section (which I probly will) because the doppler of the placental flow is on the lowest part of the normal range. I wish I had a consultant I could just ring on tap to answer all my queries :-( I've told dh I want my hospital bag and baby's fully packed by my next appt (34+2) just in case on the off chance I have to be taken in it deliver early etc which I don't think is too unreasonable of me!

Sorry for all this me me me rubbish but I'm a worrier at the best of times and give me something to worry about I go into overdrive x

Welcome to more newcomers :-)

Nat it seems very unlikely that they will have missed something as they did so many different scans with lots of people looking at it yesterday, and they will have checked all the brain structures at 20 weeks too, but I completely understand your worries.

Flyer747 Thu 08-Aug-13 08:31:42

Nat I'm a worrier too and would be feeling the same so I can see exactly where you are coming from. However as orange said it's extremely unlikely they would have missed something especially as they rescanned you
thinking there could possibly be an abnormality, so they would be looking at the brain in a very detailed way. Why don't you call your midwife or the hospital today and query the cord blood flow and see what they say? X

Welcome Kiwee

I hope you are feeling a little better today ana thanks

roofio87 Thu 08-Aug-13 08:38:31

ana I've hardly put on any weight too and started out a healthy weight. and nothing at all in the last 10 weeks, but im measuring bang on so mw says not to worry, baby will be getting what he needs. its hard though when you cant see them and know they're ok!! hope you're feeling bettet today x

Morning all

Nat as everyone has said it sounds like they were very thorough - and they won't 'punish' you for not having a c-section and let you go overdue if baby needs to come out. Some flowers for you x

I know the ladies who haven't put on much weight are worrying, but am envy. I put on 2 stone with DS which I was ok with, and was hoping this one would be similar, but weighed myself yesterday morning and am at 2 stone already sad. Damn those Feasts and Magnums!

I got all confused with how long I have left when talking to someone yesterday, then when I thought about it realised its just over 7 weeks until I'm due. So exciting. I can't wait until we all start popping out our babies!!!

legallyblond Thu 08-Aug-13 09:00:38

Nat - thinking of you, I can imagine its v scary. Can I ask why you know you'd say no to a c section? Surely if its safer, it would be better to have that than risk him getting stuck and (worst case, obviously) be starved of oxygen as a result? I would push to speak to someone if you want to discuss today. Usually a consultant will call you back if you call the booking desk and explain.

Shirehobbit Thu 08-Aug-13 09:02:38

Hope you feel ok today, ana and that you get some more reassurance, natalie.

I'm still really up and down with my attitude/perception to weight and diet. I've had food and weight issues in the past and this is a challenging time. On Tuesday, I met someone who gushed about how healthy and glowing I looked, that my bump was perfect and I looked wonderfully pregnant and not at all fat. Then on Wednesday I met someone who "couldn't believe I was only 7 months" repeatedly asking to make sure there wasn't two in there angry.
I really am trying to brush it off and just be happy and healthy, but it is very hard.

I went to my first antenatal (nhs) class yesterday, and it was really useful. But everyone else brought their partners (it was 1-3pm) and felt we'd made a mistake not getting DH time off to be there. I felt very alone and quite scared by the enormity of labor. Also, I was the only one there not to have experienced braxton hicks or colostrum. The mw told me to start breast massage to encourage it. I couldn't help feeling like a bit of a failure all round, stupid I know, but I couldn't help it.

Anyway, I'm off for another long, slow walk with dog, not because I'm worried about weight gain, no not at all blush.

1stTimer25 Thu 08-Aug-13 09:08:09

Morning ladies! ana I'm going to echo what everyone else has said, I have Crohn's disease so from day 1 was worried that baby wouldn't be getting enough nutrients from me as I don't always have the nutrients I need! However I have been scanned 4 weekly from 20weeks and although our baby is small in comparison to 'average' (I hate that, every woman and baby are different!) the weight gain has been steady and by full term we will have a safe weight baby if that makes sense! Babies are fantastic at taking what they need from you and I have also continued taking the pregnacare tablets throughout the pregnancy but not every day- maybe every other or two. Please don't beat yourself up, I hope you feel better today x
nat I completely understand your worries I'm a natural born worrier as my dad says and I too go into overdrive.. But again echoing what the other ladies have said they have been thorough and checked with scans to give you and themselves the best idea of what's going on, I hope that you can grab some you time to relax and that baby's growth evens out at the next scan so you can deliver how you would like too x

Welcome to kiwee and any other newbies I've missed! This thread moves fast!

I know we are all from different areas but just wondering if anyone on here is from Exeter? I have no one in my friendship circle who are mums or going to be mums so am feeling very cut off at the moment... Just wondered if any ladies are near and possibly feeling the same way we could arrange a meet up...?

roofio87 Thu 08-Aug-13 09:10:28

haha bowlfull I dont thinl any of us can eve win wih how we feel about weight, we'll be worrying or feeling guilty no matter what!!
I've got 8 weeks left until due date and while im very happy that atm everything is in track for a natural birth I am secretly very jealous of people with cs dates, I wish I knew exactly when mine is coming! !grin

Warlin Thu 08-Aug-13 09:21:19

Morning all

nat how scary for you. At least you were able to get a specialist to do the scan though as they would pick more up than a normal sornographer would. Hopefully he will even out before birth. Have any of your other kids had big heads? Does seem strange but try not to worry, at least they will monitor you and there are no abnormalities or fluid.

lost yay on the house front. Stress isn't good in pregnancy! Hope you are getting settled ok

clap I feel your pain. I felt the same way in portugal in June so Greece in August must be ten times worse. It's so hard at this stage but at least you are getting quality time with ds and dp.

soup good luck with the scan. Hope your placenta is doing its job ok

welcome kiwi.

Another emotional one here. I am finding it really hard being away from ds these days and feel so guilty for working. I also had a small row with dh last night. It wasn't anything major but I ended up crying myself to sleep and crying the whole way into work and even crying at my desk...total overreaction but I just think I'm hormonal and feel like everything is on top of me at the moment. I don't work Friday's so at least today is my last day for this week. I am going to ask HR today to work from home 1 day per week for the last 4 weeks. I'm just done.

Anyway sorry to whinge...at least I know I'm not alone. Feel like I just want to go back to bed and cry/ sleep/ be alone in my own little hormonal world for a bit smile

legallyblond Thu 08-Aug-13 09:43:12

I know how you all feel on the emotional / hormonal front. I am very weepy at the moment....

Shire - it gets better after the baby is here. I know exactly how you feel. I don't really talk about it in RL but I spent many years with bulimia then anorexia. I was hospitalised when I was 21 (finally!) and was only discharged from hospital monitoring / help when I was 25, so only 3 years before I had DD. I was "better" in that I didn't have an eating disorder anymore, but...

However, I can honestly say that DD arriving has been the magic cure. I really an totally, blissfully free if it all now. She was just so important, far more important than anything else had ever been, that the final lingering weight worries melted away. I gave myself 9 months before I even thought about my weight, and luckily for me, by that time I looked and felt good. Part of it is also that I never want DD to even come close to the way I wasted a decade of my life, so I am consciously positive about myself... And its habit in a way, so over time, I have actually come to feel positive, not just pay lip service...

Anyway, I know exactly how you feel... And it will get better.

legallyblond Thu 08-Aug-13 09:47:46

Oh and Shire, I felt v focussed on weight when preg with DD, not helped by the fact that because of my history, I had to have blind weigh ins (ie I had to have back to scales and weight recorded in hospital notes but not mine) at every appt. And then I had all the "are you sure its not twins!" comments.... But as I said, it was much better once she arrived as she was so overwhelmingly the most important thing ever!

cazboldy Thu 08-Aug-13 09:53:41

Natalie it must be very scary for you, and waiting to find out more must be very hard. FX all is well, and it just turns out to be an unneccessary worrying time. I think I get where you are coming from re the c section...... I would be scared of having one (to put it very mildly) and it would have to be laid on the line to me that this was absolutely what needed to happen for the baby's sake, before I would ever agree!!

Some of you ladies are very brave!

Sorry so many of you seem to be struggling atm..... I am actually feeling really well, apart from the odd bout of sciatica in the evenings.

Think I have pretty much everything we need for LO sorted now, just need to re arrange our bedroom this weekend to make room for it all, then I can wash it and put it all away ready smile

Haylebop12 Thu 08-Aug-13 10:09:08

Morning ladies, hope those feeling rubbish have had a good night's sleep and have woken feeling a bit better. I don't think anyone can really know how we're feeling, even other pregnant women. Everyone is different. I personally am quite laid back about everything and try not to worry about weight gain. But I can understand those who do. You shouldnt let anyone make you feel bad. We're are all doing amazing things growing new humans :-)

good luck soup

Nat I think it sounds sensible to be prepared for your next appt. But hopefully you won't be using your hospital bag and he will have evened out so you can have your natural delivery. I understand where your concerns are regarding a c section. I would do everything to avoid it but definitely listen to your consultant.

Clapham yy to drinking plenty. Hope your dh is doing all the running about after ds :-D smile

lost congrants on the house. It's lovely when things fall into place.

Ana please ignore everyone's comments... no one is a perfect size for their weeks. I think people feel like they have to make a comment regardless of whether you wanted one of not. Glad you're being looked after by dh. I think he will secretly know your not deliberately being mean.

I am counting down the shifts here as I have 10 left, it's all starting to become as so real. I'm starting my mat leave at 36 weeks but have two weeks holiday to take so finishing at 34. I also have dd starting school full time on 9th Sept so wanted to make sure I was there to take her and pick up.

Can't remember who it was that said they felt guilty taking the time off before but if your body needs it then I would go for it. Could you take unpaid leave at the end to extend it?

I now have his moses basket so just some bedding/blankets/nappies and wipes to get and everything for my hospital bag. I know they're doing a collection at work so going to use it for something that I would see aS a treat And not a necessity if that makes sense. Maybe split between me and baby and get something nice to wear post baby or book a Post natal massage as I remember my lower back being quite sore after having dd.

Sleep hasn't been too bad for me until last fee nights. I went to the loo 5 times in 4 hours last night! On the plus side my hips aren't as painful as they have been.

Sorry for the mammoth post, I wrote one the other night and lost it and now there's more to catch up on grin

Flyer747 Thu 08-Aug-13 10:29:30

I'm feeling crap about my weight gain, i feel so ugly. I currently have gained just over 3 stone and have 9 weeks left. I'm so worried it'll never come off and I will look like this forever. I had weight issues too legally, probably not helped by the pressure of my job (working with all pretty thin girls) however in recent years i have also chilled out somewhat.

JellyCurls Thu 08-Aug-13 10:37:10

Welcome new ladies to a very chatty bus.

Nat I hope your next scan is better and clearer. Completely different but with DC1 I was told at 32 week scan that part of her measured 28 weeks and parts measured 36. Think they said she had big long arms and short legs and a tiny head think monkey baby but she was pretty in proportion by time 40 weeks came. Hope this us the same for you.

I had a mammoth 13 hour sleep last night and still feel rubbish this morning. Phoned in sick to work as have zero energy. My bump has dropped so at least I can breath, can't shake the feeling that something's not right but DH says I am being neurotic

legallyblond Thu 08-Aug-13 10:53:28

Oh and Ana, I really feel for you too. Because of my history I get a bit paranoid now about not wanting to lose weight. Mainly because I fear that if I lost lots, I'd be tempted to artificially keep it off, but also because I am v aware now that my "natural" weight is slim already. My normal bmi is about 20/21 and slipping below 19 would be a danger zone for me in that I fear (prob unfounded now as I really am chilled about it all these days) it would be triggering (a bit like an alcoholic having a drink!). So I really worried when I lost over half a stone in the first trimester and have since been v careful to eat/drink properly.... Hope you're feeling better today.

I've put on around 2 stone most of which seems to be on my thighs which isn't great since I've been living in leggings that aren't too flattering at the best of times.
It's all Dp's fault he brings me bars of chocolate and desserts every day.
I'm really hoping that breast feeding and stress are enough to get the weight off.

I need to into town today shoe shopping in preperation for all the dc going back to school on Wednesday but my left hip has been really sore the past while so I'm dreading it.

Warlin Thu 08-Aug-13 11:12:22

legally I'm the same on the body front. I had bulimia for 10 years and am convinced that I struggled to conceive ds1 as a result. Having ds1 massively helped and in trying to conceive I learnt a new found respect for my body. I found letting go of a very regimented diet and exercise routine last time was tough but this time I have been far more relaxed. Being pregnant is great for being able to eat any food guilt free though smile

flyer I put on 4 stone with ds1 and 3 of those stone fell away within the first couple of weeks. The final stone required work that I never got the chance to do as got preggers again. I've put on less this time and although I'm looking forward to being fit again, I think I'd be happy being a bit heavier than before at least for a while. Be kind to your body after all it has done.

Having said that my thighs disgust me at the minute smile

One thing that surprised me with ds1 is that after all the fluid lost and baby, I still had a bump that looked about 7 months pregnant for a few days after the birth. I remember my fil saying "I thought you'd had the baby.." (slap) but rest assured it does go down in it's own time and I was glad to see Kate Middleton still had hers when leaving hospital.

In other news, my parents have offered to buy the pram! Woo hoo. Feel bad as they bought the first pram too (Bugaboo camelion) which wasn't cheap and just over a year later they have offered to buy the Donkey. Feel bad that I've picked one of the most expensive prams but also delighted as we don't really have the money for it smile

Jelly - grin at monkey baby!

Warlin you are very lucky - I will count myself lucky if I get a couple of babygrows from my parents hmm.

It's very brave of your ladies sharing your experiences with weight and eating disorders, and it's lovely to hear how having your babies has helped with them. Flyer, please don't worry about the weight gain. I may have put on a stone less, but was overweight to start with so at 5ft 3 and weighing in at a hefty 13.5 stone I look like a fricking weeble!

I do think that so many of us get stupid comments from people about 'are you sure it's not twins', 'gosh you are big for xx weeks' simply because the birth rate is so low in UK, so people aren't really used to seeing pregnant women not because I look like a weeble

legallyblond Thu 08-Aug-13 11:42:46

Agreed bowlfull! The day I had about 4 "sure its mot twins?" comments with DD, I had been referred for yet another growth scan for measuring 8 weeks too small! hmm

roofio87 Thu 08-Aug-13 11:42:47

haha warlin ive got the opposite problem, I was being dead good and picked the cheapest pram to save money and pils have offered to pay for it now and I wish I'd picked a more expensive one haha!!wink

Flyer747 Thu 08-Aug-13 11:55:09

Haha Roofio smile my parents offered to buy our buggy, I'd already agreed to buy my friends bugaboo, it was £300 so a bargain, my mum was chuffed it cost her so little! I went home last week and she has 2 big plastic storage boxes full of clothes, bibs, vests, socks and muslins. First grandchild so I thinks she's a little excited to say the least.

Yeah I got upset to dp last night about my weight and he was lovely and reassures me that growing a baby is hard work and it'll drop off after smile

Shirehobbit Thu 08-Aug-13 11:55:59

Thanks, ladies smile

I had a little cry on my long walk, but have returned in a much better frame of mind. My issues have always revolved around control (you should see my old training diaries - reams of numbers; cals in/out, heart rate, distance, time, speed, elevation...you name it, I monitored it blush ) and, after Tuesday's walk, I had been contemplating getting out some of the old gadgets and 'just' setting myself the target of five miles a day...
I can see that that is not a path I should be taking again.

I need to take comfort in the fact, despite the physio's dire warnings, that I am still mobile and relatively pain-free at 30+ weeks. I need to embrace my bump, enjoy my food and gain a thicker skin when people feel the need to comment! I suspect this attitude will be a work in progress... wink

Smitten1981 Thu 08-Aug-13 12:06:59

Try not to worry about the weight. If we're that bothered about it now we'll definitely be bothered enough when we've had the baby to get back into shape. Hopefully it should drop off at first to help us out a bit and taking the baby for some fresh air and a walk in the buggy is a good excuse to get a bit of exercise.

I've been eating possibly the worst diet of my life. All I want to eat is high energy crap, I've gone mental on Butterkist Sweet & Salty popcorn in the last week or so. Sigh. Oh, and all I want for meals is pizza and crumble and cream for pudding. I would have been staring at myself aghast a year ago if I saw how bad I was going to be eating. I used to be neurotic about making all my meals from scratch and not eating any crap.

I've put on 2 stone so far (29 weeks). To be honest I thought I'd have packed that on by 6 months so I'm quite pleased, let's see how the next 11 weeks pan out. I'll probably blow up like a blimp!

Smitten1981 Thu 08-Aug-13 12:15:31

I feel like I should put a disclaimer that I've been from 16 stone to 10 stone and then up to about 13 stone in the two years before I got pregnant, so I'm really annoyed with myself for not eating healthier, but I guess we should just enjoy it while we can, only 2 months to go before we'll be back on the daily diet grind.

Flyer747 Thu 08-Aug-13 12:18:29

Same here with the lousy diet smitten, I had 2 scones for tea last night.

I woke up at 345am and headed downstairs ate half a bag of Doritos with sour cream dip and a cream slice ooops!

1stTimer25 Thu 08-Aug-13 12:30:12

flyer I'm glad I'm not the only one finding night time snacks irresistible! Cheese and onion crisps are my weakness at the moment and mars bars! Of which I'm just about to enjoy smile ...

Wickedgirl Thu 08-Aug-13 13:10:03

We are pregnant, we are allowed to eat rubbish if it makes us feel better! Pregnancy is tough enough without trying to deprive ourselves of some treats

HotSoupDumpling Thu 08-Aug-13 13:18:21

I am generally eating healthily but will def buy scones, clotted cream and doughnuts in my next trip to the supermarket. Just for fun.

you're like me smitten I was 19st before my first pregnancy then got down to 9 after dc4 then back up to around 11st by booking in appointment this time as everyone said I looked too skinny.
Have you got the "B" shaped bump too. I always get a double bump and not the smooth "D" shaped bump other people get because of all the loose skin from my weight loss. Oh to be able to afford a tummy tuck at the sane time as my c-section.

Sanjifair Thu 08-Aug-13 13:33:55

Just got my GTT results back, and its OK! Phew, so relieved. The 1 h results was a bit borderline, but right side of the border, and the others were well below the upper limit.

I have to say though, that failing the first test after a heavy week of eating cakes has acted as a bit of a shot across the bow to me, and I am going to try and stay away from sugary things as much as possible and try and stick to a low GI diet (with the occasional treat!).

I put on 3 stone and had a 9lb 9 oz baby the first time. I track my weight and training just as you do/did shire so I know I am currently 2 kilos lighter than at 30 weeks in my last pregnancy. I go for brisk walks about 3 times a week, but haven't gone further than 5K since I stopped running at 25 weeks. Shire, I don't think there is anything wrong at all with doing plenty of walking in pregnancy but it's not a time to be setting yourself targets. But if you enjoy your long walks, then why not keep doing them?

nat sorry to hear about the troubles you have been having, and hope the out of proportion head is just a temporary thing and the rest of your baby will catch up. My DS had a head on the 91st percentile and he got stuck, they had to use forceps and I haemorrhaged, which was not good. You obviously don't need to decide yet, but see what your consultant advises in 4 weeks re natural birth vs c-section. Mind you, saw on BBC news today that a lady gave birth to a 13 lb baby without even an epidural, let alone a c-section! It was her 4th big baby though!

Shootingstarsandcomets Thu 08-Aug-13 13:44:40

Eeek to the 13lb baby!!! I'd wait and see to natalie, I feel the same as you about c section but if baby has a risk of getting stuck you really wouldn't want that to happen. I've been granted a vbac only if baby isn't too big and everything is in my favour otherwise they will do another cs oh and no inducing for me either so I'd better not go overdue. I'd phone the hospital with all your questions though and someone should call you back.
I've got a crappy diet too all I want is sweet stuff. I was the same with ds so t must just be what my body thinks it wants, hardly nutritional though! Don't forget your body needs to build up its fat stores to produce all the milk for when baby comes.

Smitten1981 Thu 08-Aug-13 13:55:44

MON I did have a bit of a 'B' Bump, but it's been a bit more 'D' this week since the baby's been getting bigger. Although I usually make it a B because I'm wearing the biggest most comfy pants known to man and they come up to just below my belly button so get in the way of a smooth bump outline - ha ha!

I wish I could maintain my weight at 10 stone, I remember getting to that point and actually standing on the scales and crying because I knew I couldn't maintain it.

I'd been on diet pills (that got banned in the end, sniffle) from the doctor for 5 months at that point and was eating an apple, a cup a soup and chicken and pepper skewers with rice every day and doing 2 hours of exercise a day too. I was exhausted.

I think my healthy weight is probably about 12 and a half stone. It's funny because when I was my thinnest I had no male attention and as soon as I put on a bit of weight I had loads - so annoying at the time as I thought they'd come flocking when I was a size 10, but no.

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Thu 08-Aug-13 14:05:59

Hi, just checking in...

Natalie - I'm very sorry to hear that you are going through such a worrying time, as others have said, I hope by the next scan all the various measurements/growth will have evened out and you can breathe a big sigh of relief.

On the weight issue, when I'm pregnant, I'm actually more comfortable with the way I look - I'm definitely on the heavier side and I always feel rather self conscious (and sort of a failure) in comparison to skinnier and fitter women. When I'm pregnant, I feel I have a valid excuse for being chubby and more like a 'normal' woman (if that makes any sense!)

I'm probably in denial but always imagine my enormous bump distracts from the rest of my physical flaws.

Great news about your test results Sanjifair

Had my first NCT refresher class last night - nice group of women but doubt I'll make any long term contacts (hope I'm wrong though). I was the only one with a big age gap and felt rather out-of-sync.

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Thu 08-Aug-13 14:14:21

Oh MoN - you have my sympathies with the school shoe shopping. I detest it with an absolute passion. DD is so hard to buy for - she has very wide feet and is very fussy about how things feel, and hates being measured and prodded.

There is nothing like a shoe shop to bring on a melt-down!

I am not worrying about weight I am prob the heaviest of the thread I have put on just over 2st and am now 18st 8lb at 32+4 I hope to get to 13-14st and a size 14-16 after baby. I have been 10st when i was in the forces and I was super fit I hated my body more then as I was obsessed and convinced I was so fat as I could not get any lower no matter how little i ate or how much i worked out it was just as unhealthy as now. I genuinely am big boned iyswim never to be a size eight or that.

Mon i got the wee mans shoes from M and S they have nice ones about £20 and good soles xx

Sanjifair Thu 08-Aug-13 14:34:37

Nice that folks have started their NCT and other courses. Had an email about my NCT class last night, There are only 2 couples signed up for my refresher course, so they want to condense it to one long session on a Friday (I wouldn't want my DP to have to take a day off for it, I'd rather he saved his holiday for when the baby is here) and then for us to tag on to another antenatal group's BF course. Not sure that is what I want really, so I might just see if I can get a refund. Disappointed, I made such a nice bunch of friends last time!

Good news about your GTT Sanj - that sounds a bit crap of NCT though!

Was doing really well at work this morning working on handover docs, but met a friend for lunch and now have lost focus and drifted back onto the internet - just got some money off vouchers from babiesrus making me want to shop.....

Smitten I get so far then start to lose weight off all the wrong places so while everyone's saying I look too skinny and my face looks clapped in at 9 stone I still have a bit of a tummy, though most of that is just loose skin. Even at 13 stone now I have really skinny boney fingers. My engagement ring is a size K and that's a bit loose. I'm aiming to get back down to 10st 7 after the birth.

I might try Marks then Falcon There's a Marks and a Clarks outlet near here so might be able to get them even cheaper. There's no point in spending a fortune as when they're at primary school they have to change out if their school shoes and into soft indoor shoes .
I think it'll need to wait until tomorrow because they've all go e out to play with their friends now and I can't be bothered battling to get them all in and showered.

JellyCurls Thu 08-Aug-13 15:08:54

Good luck with shoe shopping MoN we have to buy kickers boots for DD as she has to have special inserts to help her walk. Kickers are only shoes that they fit in. And then trainers as she can't walk in the black plimsoles so think for her alone we are over £100 easy and then keep fx they last her till Xmas. Going to go this Saturday and am dreading it.

Thinking about attempting to go up the lift to get some baby things down as DH is not going up as says its too early yet, am slowly losing patience

Warlin Thu 08-Aug-13 16:16:50

Jelly do you have a lift in your house grin ?

Have to share my great maternity leave pay news!

So following all of the advice I have got on here I've been challenging (all very good natured!) HR about bank holidays, pension payments and bonus accrual. And I have just had confirmation that yes I will get paid for bank holidays, yes my company will continue their current contributions to my pension, and yes I will receive payment at the start of next year for the annual bonus that I have accrued up until maternity leave starts mid September. So a bit of research, help from you lovely ladies and moaning, and I have netted about an extra £6000 of maternity pay and benefits.

May have a little cheeky wine to celebrate smile.

roxvox Thu 08-Aug-13 16:32:10

Sorry to hear about the troubles you have had nat. Fingers crossed when you next go in things will be more evened out. Good that neurologically they think that everything seems fine.

Congrats bowlfull! That sounds pretty good to me. I remember how pleased I was last week when I pushed and got 2 extra days leave to make up for the bank holidays I will be missing this year, so you must feel ecstatic!

We sold our convertible today. Both of us are very sad to see it go, but it is only a 2 seater so no good with a baby! On the plus side, we have an empty garage now so I am going to dismantle the spare bedroom double bed this weekend and store it down there (DH is still adamant that we shouldn't get rid of it 'just in case we need it in the nursery', but I have made him agree to putting it in the garage!) ... And then I can sort the nursery out properly! Can't wait. Also means that we can start looking for a new car for me (my current car isn't very practical for a baby + isofix + boot space for a buggy).

Also, I got my whooping cough jab this morning. The injection didn't hurt at all (I didn't even realise she had done it as we were chatting away), my arm is starting to go dead now though. I decided to get it in my right arm as I am trying to sleep on my left side.

JellyCurls Thu 08-Aug-13 16:33:00

Warlin a lift would be lovely as then I could get stuff myself, unfortunately I will have to make do with a step ladder to get into my loft

Smitten1981 Thu 08-Aug-13 16:39:35

Sounds great bowlfull

Does anyone have a link for the bank holiday payments/leave please? I can't find anything on the gov website and this hasn't been mentioned at work, so I'll need back up when I challenge them on it.

roofio87 Thu 08-Aug-13 16:49:32

ladies I would like to unashamedly share with you all how wonderful my dp is. today while I was at work he has cleaned our house from top to bottom doing all the hoovering and dusting, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen including all the cupboards and fridge. mowed the grass front and back and done all the weeding. put a wash on and hung it up to dry. been and done a full food shop and now he's cooking my favourite tea whilr I put my feet up!!! grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

LostMySocks Thu 08-Aug-13 16:52:01

I'm really impressed with you ladies who can get up for a night time snack. I'm like a zombie just making the essential trips to the loo. I couldn't keep my eyes open to make it to the kitchen.

Wow that's great jelly!

I have had issues with my weight and eating in the past too, though nothing as serious as you legally thankfully. I have put on 27lb since being pregnant, so 1 more lb until 2 stone, and had already put on a few pounds in preparation for becoming pregnant. I am feeling mainly ok about it and am very focused on what is best for my baby, but I have moments like today that made me sad when my size 12/14 knickers tore down the side seam in a cafe toilet so they were hanging on only by a thread. Possibly due to them being primark cheepies but mainly because of my ever expanding thighs. I also feel really chubby all over compared to my size 4/6 best friend and sister.

Legally do you look much bigger now that it IS twins? Have people been commenting? I suppose when it actually is it hopefully isn't as upsetting.

I have been to lots of new places with my mum, sisters, niece and bil over the past few days that are free, great for kids and I never realised were so close to us (Morden/Kingston area). Deen city farm, The river wandle, ravensbury park with amazing playground and Morden hall park. I am looking forward to have somewhere to take my little one when he/she arrives, though it may not be as nice in the winter!

I also learnt something new, that feeding ducks and geese bread is really bad for them - no nutritional value but clogs them up so they don't eat their normal food and they the become malnourished. Good treats for the are lettuce, grapes or cherry tomatoes!

Ahh thats lovely roofio. I'm am still in the head against brick wall with my DP - 'Yes I know you get home from work later than me dear BUT I AM HEAVILY PREGNANT, WORKING FULL TIME AND RUNNING AROUND AFTER OUR TODDLER AND NEED A SIT DOWN YOU F*&KWIT'

I don't have any official links smitten, but I am sure pseudo linked something a thread or two ago.... but basically unless your company includes bank holidays as part of your holiday allowance and specifies this in your contract then you accrue these as you would normal annual leave.

Flyer747 Thu 08-Aug-13 17:10:33

I don't get paid for bank holidays as it is written into my contracr to work them, very unfair I think!

Rox I also sold my soft top car a few months ago, hardly ever had the roof down but still i was sad to see it go. I part ex'd it for a sensible 5 door golf tdi, which i love. It's nice having a big boot and a none gas guzzling car.

I have another NCT session tonight. Breast feeding workshop, it's bad but I really can't be bothered to go. I hope it's better than saturday.

Well done Mr Roofio! A nice treat.

Just got an email back from the children's centre day nursery on my school's site, their nursery costs £48 a day and there is no one on the waiting list for next September yet. My sister tells me that is loads cheaper than other nurseries and childminders in the area even though it isn't a special deal for school staff. It is in a very deprived area so I don't imagine it is very popular with those who can afford the nicer kingston areas but it might be a good choice for me and would avoid extra travelling. I am not sure that I want to go back at all but good to start thinking of my options.

Hope it is better than last time flyer, that is the nct class I am most looking forward to as I want to make sure I have had all the help and preparation I can get with bf.

roxvox Thu 08-Aug-13 17:23:32

flyer we didn't use our's enough to justify it really. Only ever took it out on dry days, and only doing a few thousand miles a year. My current car is a 3 door small hatchback, so I would love a 5 door Golf or something, but DH would like me to get something bigger so we can utilise it for all of our needs. For that reason I am looking at an estate of some sort. DH is looking at people carriers! (Which I have said is a bit excessive when, for the majority of it's use it will just be me and 1 baby). Anyway, we will see smile

smitten I was fortunate enough to not have to prove it to my boss; I just said that the midwife had queried whether I get them (this was a lie, but I didn't want to say I had read it on a forum!) and I wasn't sure so thought I would ask her (my boss) , she then did some research into it along with the accountant for the company (we don't have an HR department) and they approved it... I did look it up first though and what bowlfull says is what I came up with too, that if you normally have paid leave for bank holidays, then it would be unfair to not pay you your full pay for those days whilst you are on maternity leave, and therefore the most straightforward thing to do is to give them to you as annual leave. DH's company apparently gives you a percentage of your pay for those days instead or something hmm

roxvox Thu 08-Aug-13 17:29:31

smitten I do not know how official this site is, but it might help - link

What it says (I have cut it up to include the main bits);
The Employment Rights Act provides that a woman is entitled to all her terms and conditions during both the ordinary and additional maternity leave periods, apart from remuneration, as though she was at work ... a woman must be able to take her annual leave at a time outside her maternity leave. Bank holidays are effectively a fixed day's leave and it is believed that this principle should therefore be applied in such cases.

Flyer747 Thu 08-Aug-13 17:41:35

Oh forgot to say well done mr roofio too, send him round to mine when he's done please grin

Great news bowlFul smile a glass of something tonight to celebrate your windfall.

Haylebop12 Thu 08-Aug-13 17:52:38

rox I only have dd just now and have a Renault scenic (5 seater) I love the room in it! (Only had a ka until dd was a year old!) and next year I'm going to get a 7 seat zafira. Dh has a Megane convertible at the moment and although its a four seater because he's 6'2" there is zero room behind his seat. So as a family we ALWAYS go out in mine. Grrrr!

roofio cert impressed with your dp! I just said, think I'm going to sort out dds room and sort out her clothes that don't fit. Because I feel like it... His reply "can't you feel like cleaning the kitchen?" Cheeky b*******! I told him to do it bit he's gone for a lie down hmm being pregnant must be so tiring for him!

Well I went sainsbos to get dd some trousers for school but they didn't have her size so I spent £80 on baby, clothes for dd, some post natal pyjamas for hosp bag long with some maternity pads bd breast pads. My hospital bg is officially started! shock

HotSoupDumpling Thu 08-Aug-13 18:55:12

I think my DH is more like bowful's than roofio's...but he is getting so much better now I look and 'behave' more pregnant than I used to.

I really enjoyed our NHS breastfeeding class, much more than I thought I would.

Sanjifair Thu 08-Aug-13 18:55:13

We have a scenic too, Haylebop. It is a nice spacious car, and have found it great in pregnancy as you climb up into the seat rather than having to squash yourself down into the seat as you have to in more sporty cars.

Sanjifair Thu 08-Aug-13 18:55:51

(Ps check us out, bunch of ladies discussing cars on an Internet forum :-) )

ComtesseDeFrouFrou Thu 08-Aug-13 18:56:46

Grr! I have had a very trying day at work indeed - someone has set their phone to whistle every time they get an email, so about once evey 5 minutes, one partner has spent the day telling me things to deal with things I have already done if he'd bothered to read the effing paperwork and generally behaving as if I were fresh out of graduate school rather than with 7 years experience under my belt and another has got huffy with me because a third partner has failed to do something in time.

Normally I would have gone to the pub and worked my way through a few glasses of wine but if course that's not going to happen!

Smitten1981 Thu 08-Aug-13 19:29:46

Thanks for all the info guys. I spoke to my HR friend and she said that they do have to pay you bank hols and also if you get any bonuses you should get paid those too. Not sure they'll go for the bonuses but I'll try.

Talking of cars I think we're swapping my 3 door Polo for a 5 door Golf of the same age. I love the size of my car and that it has a small bonnet so I can park easily.

I'd be happy to keep the Polo as I think it's fab but I think I'll struggle to get the car seat out and later a wriggly baby out of a 3 door and DH's car isn't Isofix compatible or we'd swap - argh! Really can't be bothered with the hassle of getting and selling cars.

3boys3dogshelp Thu 08-Aug-13 19:33:16

Wow this thread moves fast! I can't keep up. I did nct classes first time which I didn't love but I made good friends who I still see 5 years later. No refresher courses near me but I did an nhs class on Tuesday -I felt like an idiot as only not-new parent there AND only one on my own as dh was babysitting but I think I'll give it one more try next week.
Roofio your oh sounds amazing, mines normally not bad but he works full time and on call, one of his days off I work so he has the boys and he is just finishing his masters too so doesn't have any free time to help round the house. It actually looks like we've been burgled today but I'm shattered and having contractions again so we'll just have to deal with the mess.

Soupqueen Thu 08-Aug-13 19:57:17

roofio, that sounds lovely, he's a keeper!
natalie, how are you feeling now? Have you spoken to anyone?

We don't have a car just now, so I can't join in with the car chat. My last one was a convertible though so I understand how much you'll miss it.

Good news, bad news at the scan today. The good news was that everything is looking, and measuring, absolutely fine. However, I asked the consultant if there would be any impact on how much past my due date they'd be comfortable with me going (because the danger is placenta failure, so the longer I go the more chance there is). She said that, in the unlikely event I get that far, they'd be inducing me around my due date. So firstly, theyre expecting something to go wrong before 40 weeks, and secondly, even if it doesn't I'm unlikely to avoid induction sad. I know getting the baby out safely is the priority but I really didn't want an induction.

I'm now thinking 37 weeks is too late for me to finish work, they're going to love that little piece of news on Monday!

Natalieand Thu 08-Aug-13 20:06:57

U chatty lot!

How exciting about starting your hospital bag haylebop x

Car wise I have an 05 plate focus. It definately wouldn't accommodate 3 car seats but luckily I will only have 2 children and has a decent enough boot and I've got the babystyle oyster buggy so should fit nicely in there, dh hates it for no apparent reason but he drives a brand new corsa that he has from work we've had out car since feb and he's probly driven all of 60 miles in it since then so I don't care if he hates it tbh lol

Sorry to those not enjoying their Ante natal classes, I've never been to one before so can't offer any tips or advice

Wanna swap dh's roofio? Mine has bathed dd this eve and ill kick him off the sofa in a min to fetch me a fruit pastille ice lolly which will wash down my shepards pie lol. That's about as much activity as I will probly get out of him today.

Natalieand Thu 08-Aug-13 20:12:41

Sorry for cross post soup. I decided not to harass the hospital and wait for Monday when I see my midwife as me and her have a great relationship and I no she will answer all my questions to the best of her ability and hopefully have a telepathic ability to guess what the squiggles in my notes mean as to me they are un readable lol.

I no how u feel for not getting the plan u would have liked for your birth (possibility of induction) but right now id give my right arm for an induction instead of c section

Plus legally I can't remember if I responded to u earlier when u asked why I'm so against a c section? I can't give a definitive answer to be honest cos I don't really no why but the thought of a c section absolutely petrified me, the stitches the recovery risk of infection just literally everything involved with it, I worked on labour ward briefly when I worked at the hospital and assisted in a c section from the bottom end and I have to say it was a truly gruesome experience (sorry to those having a c section I don't mean to cause offence its just personal preference) xx

Soupqueen Thu 08-Aug-13 20:16:36

Lol, I'd prefer an elective section to an induction! Both are far from my ideal, but induction terrifies me.

ananikifo Thu 08-Aug-13 20:22:04

Thanks everyone. I think part of dealing with the crazy physical changes in pregnancy is learning to accept how little control I have. I expect that's something I need to learn before giving birth and dealing with the surprises of motherhood.

I've come to the conclusion that I'll eat when I want and stop worrying. I did a lot of research today and I'm reassured about the lack of weight gain. I also spoke to a diabetes specialist nurse who was shocked that

ananikifo Thu 08-Aug-13 20:28:09

Sorry posted too early.

She was shocked that clinical decisions would be made based on urine ketones. They're "old ketones" and not necessarily reflective of bloods. Somehow that conversation made me feel better than any other. My urine ketones were normal about 1-2 hours after that initial test.

ananikifo Thu 08-Aug-13 20:37:06

Also congrats sanjion the ogtt results.

roofio your dp sounds lovely.

Natalie and soupqueen I hope you guys have safe that births that are as close to your wishes as possible.

legallyblond Thu 08-Aug-13 20:41:32

Excitement! Just did some shopping after finishing work early (early for me .. i.e 5.30) and have discovered the best nursing bras ever! From John Lewis, called Bravado the body silk seamless nursing bra. I have tried loads after bf DD for so long... Def the best. And they come in s, m, l or xl, so less trouble to order without trying on...

Tarlia Thu 08-Aug-13 20:44:06

Soup sorry to hear your news - im sorry ive forgotten why you are at risk of placenta previa?? I have my fingers crossed firmly crossed that you go into spontaneous labour at 39+4. Just like to say, I had an induction last time, 3hours from first twinge to baby with positive outcome - no drugs, just oxygen, so totally manageable.

My appointment was both good and bad news today too. Baby is estimated at a perfect 1.8kg so average for gestation. However, it's me they are worried about as I now officially have pre-eclampsia. Still at home, but we've started medication. Fingers crossed I can stay home and keep baby in for many more weeks to come. I feel like I've failed again.

Who was it was the amazing DH? legally? Whoever it was, good for him! Tell him all the thread ladies would like to borrow him for the day :P

So sorry there are lots of worries today again. These tiny babies can cause such can cause such huge emotions.

Tarlia Thu 08-Aug-13 20:45:10

Oooh and sanj congrats on your fab news from the GTT!!

legallyblond Thu 08-Aug-13 20:48:40

Soup try not to worry too much about an induction. I was induced with DD and it was a really good experience. It was calm and I was well informed and in control. I spent a long time im the hospital bath which the midwife put lavender oil into, and had a v active birth (lots of bouncing on ball) apart from the hourly or so monitoring of the baby's heartbeat (which was lovely and reassuring). It was tricky at the end as I had a long pushing stage and had an episiotomy, but I was fine on just gas and air throughout. It was really positive and I wish I hadn't bothered worrying about being induced!!!

Soupqueen Thu 08-Aug-13 20:50:33

tarlia, you absolutely have not failed. I'm really sorry the news isn't better, but you have not failed!

My blood test results at 12 weeks had abnormally low Papp A and high HCG so heightened risk of placenta failure.

legally, do they give a size estimate of the cup sizes that each size covers? They sound like lovely bras.

legallyblond Thu 08-Aug-13 20:52:27

Sorry PE has struck again Tarlia.. I know you know its not your fault really. Every week you get now is great! Plus they can start meds really early. How many weeks are you now?

Soupqueen Thu 08-Aug-13 20:52:45

I'm loving the positive induction stories, thanks legally and tarlia. I had visions of me pinned to the bed, on my back, with a drip and a series if interventions. It's good to know it doesn't always work that way.

legallyblond Thu 08-Aug-13 20:53:24

Soup - yes, but if the website doesn't say, I'll type off the back of the packet.

Natalieand Thu 08-Aug-13 20:53:51

Oh no tarlia sorry to hear that. What's the plan from here now then? How many weeks are u now? X

Soupqueen Thu 08-Aug-13 20:57:25

Looks like they do a great range of sizes and styles grin


Can't keep up with all of you lovely chatty ladies but here lurking and reading :-D

Not really sure why but feeling p****d off and throughly fed up this evening. Think having realised that only have 10 weeks til due date and 9 before they begin trying to induce with sweep and have so much to do :-(

Not got nursery ready, haven't thought about bags and stuff to go in them and already used up half of the summer holidays!

Dh is in no rush either - think I might have to get paint brush out myself to spur him in to action ;-)

Sorry to moan ladies but needed to vent and maybe someone else here is lagging behind in preparation stakes too and could keep me company!

Anyway given up stewing in front of tv with dh and havegone bed! HerHere's keeping fx for a good kip for all of us :-)

Shootingstarsandcomets Thu 08-Aug-13 21:04:43

Oh tarlia you haven't failed at all please don't feel that way. PE is something you have no control over. Hope medication helps and you can keep that baby cooking for a few more weeks. How many weeks are you?
I've painted the fireplace in the nursery! Woohoo! Been meaning to do it for weeks but carpet goes in next week so had to get it done really. Obvs DH should have done it for me but clearly he wasn't going to even with all my hints. Anyway it's done now and once the carpet goes in he can build all the furniture and I can make it all beautiful.

Prisci Thu 08-Aug-13 21:10:58

shire don't worry about not having any Braxton Hicks and Colostrum yet, I did not have any Braxton Hicks with either DS and delivered them both naturally with only Gas and air for the first one and nothing for the second one (I was in the US and they had Epidural or nothing). I did not have any colostrum until towards the end of my pregnancies either and I ended up breastfeeding smoothly from birth, both for 2 1/2 years.

Soup I was induced with DS2, and it went very smoothly indeed, I spent most of my time on the loo with a portable monitor as it was the place I felt most comfortable (a bit like a supported squatting position I guess), but I had a great midwife whom trusted me and let me do what felt most natural to me.

Tarlia Thu 08-Aug-13 21:27:40

Thank you, ladies. flowers I'm only 31+5, so luckily one of the later ones on the thread, but still way too early.

Soup well tbh I didn't get off the bed, but that was more to do with my SPD as I wasn't on a drip and only needed a fetal monitor towards the end as my monkey decided he wanted to be superman and a snake charmer and came with arm first and cord around his neck - nothing to do with the induction at all. All scans I had he was hands to face refusing to more, even my 3/4d.

shooting good for you on the painting!

blues don't forget you do not need a nursery for at least 6 months. So long as you have place to sleep, clothes and changing stuff etc then all will be fine. Hopefully you can pop and get bag sorted this weekend. I need to pack mine after today's news, which I have kept putting off for weeks now!

Natalieand Thu 08-Aug-13 21:41:49

Grrr I need a rant! Dh is annoying me so much this eve I've had to come to bed before I actually kill him! I have had really bad back ache and siatica today, and earlier when I was on the sofa one of my siatica pains shot down my leg to which I flinched and made an 'ouch' sound do u no what he said to me?!!! 'Cant be that bad or you'd be crying' then I was just talking general crap to him like u would think u could do with your husband after not seeing him all day but apparently I need to 'shut up' cos he's watching tele!!

I've come to bed before a full blown argument starts!

LostMySocks Thu 08-Aug-13 21:50:20

Blues join me in the unprepared stakes. I've bought nothing. We've just moved house and DH is decorating the nursery. Unfortunately decorating includes stripping evil stuck on wallpaper and belt sanders so at least another couple of weeks before we have anywhere to put baby stiff so I haven't bought things.

LostMySocks Thu 08-Aug-13 21:51:50

Blues also meant to ask if your name has a rugby link

PseudoBadger Thu 08-Aug-13 22:31:46

Tarlia - sorry to hear about the PE, I'm dreading that too. How did they diagnose it today? Do you feel well?

It's our last on holiday tonight and I'm quite excited to get home and start baby preparations. She has been stretching from one side of my tummy to the other tonight, and I think I felt her turn right over earlier which was very weird!

Flyer747 Thu 08-Aug-13 22:33:24

Back from my Nct breast feeding session and it was actually really interesting, informative and quite enjoyable.

Everyone was a lot more relaxed and chatty and I think I judged my fellow group participants before actually getting to know them, they are actually very nice people.

I feel a lot more informed and have way more knowledge which hopefully will enable me to successfully breast feed, or at least give it my best shot.

Sorry to hear about the PE tarlia, fx this medication does it job and baby cooks for more weeks.

Soup will they keep monitoring you? When is the next scan? Yes perhaps leaving work earlier would be good if you want some time off before the baby comes and it is likely to be early. I also had low pappa and high hcg at my 12 week bloods but not quite enough to prompt extra monitoring for placenta failure (10th percentile and they look at 5th and below at my hospital). I am pleased to be having a growth scan at 32 weeks for something else anyway (placenta covering cervix - not sure if it is related).

Tarlia sorry to hear you have PE. I. Didn't realise there was medication for it, that is good news and should hopefully give you soe more time.

I am off to France on Saturday. Do you think I should bring some of the hospital bag type items with me? I will only be 30 weeks...

funkky Fri 09-Aug-13 06:53:10

Sorry to hear about PE tarlia. Hope it gets managed properly.
lost Congrats on moving to the new house. Did you have to change hospital/ GP as well? Really trying to keep calm ATM, as Halifax is dragging their feet on our mortgage offer. We neeeeed to move and am so fed up of this flat and don't want to bring baby here. I feel the air is not clean hmm and just want a new house!
Re: colostrum, am 33 weeks and no leaks yet, also only had Braxton hicks once weeks ago, am I ok? What can I do as I really want to bf?

PseudoBadger Fri 09-Aug-13 06:54:36

Don't worry Funkyy leaking colostrum isn't an essential for successful breastfeeding.