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March 2014 - thread 3....Boy can we chat!

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Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Thu 01-Aug-13 21:09:36
Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Thu 01-Aug-13 21:10:27
PramelaAndherson Thu 01-Aug-13 21:16:42

Ha! Ha! Well done, Soured grin

Beccadugs Thu 01-Aug-13 21:17:16

Hopping in to mark my place!

PiratesMam Thu 01-Aug-13 21:19:24

Hello!! Oh god I'm watching the saddest DIY SOS ever. I don't normally watch it but remote it out of reach.

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Thu 01-Aug-13 21:20:05

DH has put a really old episode of spooks on. I'm bored.

PramelaAndherson Thu 01-Aug-13 21:23:36

I'm watching How To Get A Council House hmm

SoSurprised Thu 01-Aug-13 21:23:57

Marking my place

firsttimekat Thu 01-Aug-13 21:30:31

Can't believe how quickly we filled the last one!

Felt really rubbish today. luckily I was working at home, so concentrated on the essentials and then logged off at 3 and snoozed until DH got in!

Wuxiapian Thu 01-Aug-13 21:35:24

Marking place before bed.

Head is hurting and I'm sicky and I'm off to bed.

Have a good night, all!

rosyryan Thu 01-Aug-13 21:35:43

Thread 3! We aren't the newbies anymore grin Hope it's a lucky one for all of us.

rosyryan Thu 01-Aug-13 21:36:50

<flicks bogies at Pram>

PramelaAndherson Thu 01-Aug-13 21:38:35

<eats Rosy's bogies>
<deeply regrets it>

stephie101 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:46:34

Still here ladies .... booking in appointment on sunday.....also is anyone on anti depressants, cipralex??

Blockette Thu 01-Aug-13 22:06:39

Just marking my place! Will catch up tomorrow.

PramelaAndherson Thu 01-Aug-13 22:17:45

Stephie, antidepressants were discussed at the end of the last thread.

stephie101 Thu 01-Aug-13 22:20:33

Cheers Pram....will head back for a bit smile

MummyPig24 Thu 01-Aug-13 22:24:50

Helloooo. How many threads will we have by the time the babies are born?!

I called the cat in before I came to bed and he charged in and deposited a dead mouse on the kitchen floor. I spent a good 5 minutes placing him in front of it, trying to get him to pick it up again and take it outside. He got the message eventually. Gross!

JK10 Thu 01-Aug-13 22:25:38

mummypig and pirates I had a good day today with kids as was out at a friends, but last week my kids were driving me insane, I was soooo tired too which didn't help!! I ended up doing a plan so we had things to do for the whole day just to keep them busy and me sane!! Like u said boredom makes the days horrible all round!! So did biscuit making, half hr play in garden, drawing time etc etc!! Might be worth a try on next day at home?!! The kids knew what they were doing next so I didn't keep getting "what can we do?"!! Ahhhhh!

Who is due with the 1st 12 week scan out of us all? Will make it all seem a bit closer to our dates?

stephie101 Thu 01-Aug-13 22:28:10

Yep just re read last thread on anti d's..i saw my doc today who was amazing...been on cipralex for years at 20mg, now down to 15mg...then 10mg 2nd trimester and plan for 5mg for the 3rd..my gp has done so much research on my behalf its amazing but still something im a little bit concerned about...

Lambchop14 Thu 01-Aug-13 22:36:32

JK10 I just read your post about going on holiday. Dies the 2nd trimester not start at 15weeks?

All this chat about missed miscarriages is making me nervous and worried. Don't know if I can take much more sad

mimili Thu 01-Aug-13 22:37:49

I've got so much to catch up on!! Marking my placesmile

Lambchop14 Thu 01-Aug-13 22:39:14

Sorry that should say does.

Steph I was on antidepressants. 20mg of Citolopram but as soon as I found out I was pregnant the doctor put me down to 10mg and suggested I come off them. I was teary for a few weeks but feel much better now smile

I'm on 20mg of citalopram, down from 40.

PramelaAndherson Thu 01-Aug-13 22:59:27

I'm on 20mg of Seroxat, without which, I am under no illusion, I would be in prison smile

JK10 Thu 01-Aug-13 23:03:14

Grrrrrrrr Ffs bloody MIL sandwich dropper wakes me up again!!! Ahhhhhhh! Every nite for 2 weeks solid! She must know when im going bed and do it on purpose. Vearies between 10.45 - 12.00. Enough is enough having a word tomorrow. Would I be being unreasonable?

Pramela, I've been feeling murderous today. Bloody hormones.

JK, it's about time you had a stern word.

JK10 Thu 01-Aug-13 23:10:42

Thanks lyra! Any advice much appreciated!!

lamb I've always thought 12 weeks end of first, 13-26 2nd and 27th-40th third. That's how I've always known it? Maybe they do it different elsewhere? So do they classify 14 weeks where u are? It's interesting to hear that.

PramelaAndherson Thu 01-Aug-13 23:12:04

JK10, please, please, please start a threat in Chat or AIBU. Your MIL needs headbutting <offers>

Pretty sure 12 weeks is the start of the second trimester.

JK, just tell her that her behaviour is a bit strange and she often wakes you up so could she please desist.

JK10 Thu 01-Aug-13 23:32:08

pram u are amazing! Fab idea!! I'm fuming and so bloody tired but too awake now seething with anger that just can't sleep!! I'm sure her behaviour isn't normal is it? Just woken DP who was asleep downstairs to tell him! (he sleeps through anything!) He was so why'd u wake me?! Your out of order! I'm like 'stop your mother from making u bloody sandwiches then!!' or I'll wake u everytime like she does me!! Grrrrrrr!!!!

Sorry guys, promise to try stick to pregnancy topics!

JK10 Thu 01-Aug-13 23:36:06

Thanks lyra that's a very diplomatic way of doin it! Thing is I made a joke of it a few mths back saying you really don't need to make your son a packed lunch anymore, I'm sure he can manage now he is 36!! Or if he can't then I can teach him!! But she still does it!! Need to go for the firm approach!!

Was that pregnancy related?! Ooops.

MummyPig24 Fri 02-Aug-13 00:42:08

JK you need to lay down the law. If she must make a lunch can't she bring it at a reasonable time?

Ds has had me up already with a nosebleed and then needing a drink and his leg hurting?! I said "I am not doing this again tonight. I need to sleep. If you close your eyes you can sleep too. Don't wake me up again unless you have a nosebleed."

It takes me ages to wind down and fall asleep again.

thecakeisalie Fri 02-Aug-13 07:04:27

Good morning everyone. My 2yr old was up bang on 6am as usual despite having a late night cause we had to pick dh up from the train station - that'll teach me for being hopeful he might sleep late for a change!

JK - I missed that one so does your mil let herself into your house to drop off a packed lunch for her 36yr old son?? Sounds absolutely bonkers!! I can understand why that would drive you mad.

JK10 Fri 02-Aug-13 07:49:48

mummy so u had another bad night too, it no fun is it? Makes the next day so hard to cope with.

cake she doesn't come into my house but drives up parks outside then sneaks around the driveway and puts them in his van. But I have my windows open at night and hear the double clicking of the van unlocking, the van door opening, her messing around putting the lunch in, door slamming, relocking, the van lights flash again when this happens! Her engine ticking over and off she goes!! It's madness! I hear noises on my drive and automatically wake and check it out!! ESP as there have been car/van break in.'s lately. The fella opp had all his tools nicked. So really why would a 67 yr old want to do that sooo late at nite or even at all!! I saw her yesterday on my next doors driveway! I shouted out what are u doing! She said oh oh I can hear a baby crying! I'm like yeah there is a newborn a few doors down you probAbly woke it! my neighbour is 90 years old and I should think it would worry him to see someone on his drive! Last week she was crouched on the floor oft drive next to his van! Not only that but I don't like the thought of her listening outside to what's occuring in my house!!! thanks for letting me moan about it ladies!! I'm pleased that some of u agree so I don't feel so mean!

What a storm this morning! Had cooled the air down, thank goodness! Hope everyone else's nights were ok.

lumpylumps Fri 02-Aug-13 08:06:21

I'm going on holiday a week on Saturday lambchop (my predictive text wants to change your name to kangaroo!!) I'll be 10 weeks. My friend flew to Turkey at 9 weeks and that was a pregnancy following mc. And I also flew to Miami at 14 weeks with ds1.

I've looked it up and unless you've been I'll or ad any major problems you're fine to fly. They ground airline staff because flying over and over again can cause problems but one trip is fine.

I will be wearing the sexy flight stockings tho because it does slightly increase the risk of dvt.

lumpylumps Fri 02-Aug-13 08:12:12

jk10 your mil sounds crazy. Why does she have a key to the van???

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Fri 02-Aug-13 08:13:14

DH has stopped talking to me and is sulking because I'm refusing to test for downs at any point. He's adamant a downs baby should be aborted, I'm adamant it shouldn't. So he's sulking.

Wonder how long he can keep it up for. I'm rather liking the peace and quiet

stephie101 Fri 02-Aug-13 08:28:02

Cheers guys its reassuring.... Pram Yes i know that one...i think i would be too wink ..its difficult to know what to do, but have reduced anyway..

thecakeisalie Fri 02-Aug-13 08:30:09

JK - Wow yep that is bonkers I feel for you! Why on earth she thinks he needs his lunch packed up for him at that age! Defiantly need to knock that on the head somehow? You know it makes me glad we live over 4hrs away from the pil's!

Soured - I won't be having the tests either because ultimately they can only narrow it down to 1 in 4 chance with the blood test & scan then after that its the amnio test with a 1% risk of miscarriage. I personally couldn't risk having an amino and like you I wouldn't abort a baby with downs. I'm pretty sure they would be able pick up signs for other conditions like Edwards Syndrome on the anomaly scans. I don't want to be deemed high risk, refuse the amnio then spend the whole pregnancy worrying!

IceNoSlice Fri 02-Aug-13 08:31:46

Morning all, checking in on thread number 3!

Someone asked who has the first 12 week scan. Well I have 15 August, and I think a couple of others do too? Anyone earlier?

Today is my last day of maternity leave. Feeling quite emotional. DS is being a little love and playing with his megabloks while I lounge on his bean bag drinking tea. We've come such a long way baby! <wells up>

Rockchick1984 Fri 02-Aug-13 08:40:01

Ugh, dry retching all morning so far - at least with actual sick I feel like I'm doing something productive!!!

Ice good luck for going back to work, are you planning to return to work after this little bean or will you give up work and stay at home? I love being a SAHM even though finances are tight!

Soured I'm not having any tests - there are far worse disabilities which can't be picked up by scan, and I know that whatever % they gave me I'd be worrying about being that 1 in 250,000 or whatever!

MTBMummy Fri 02-Aug-13 09:45:57

Morning all - I'm off ill today, I had to leave the office yesterday afternoon and come home as I kept feeling like I was going to pass out, I've managed to get an appointment for this morning, so will see what the GP says.

feeling slightly less nauseous thanks to a slow start (not rushing to catch an early train) and a couple of extra hours in bed.

It's amazing that we're on thread 3 already

kakey19 Fri 02-Aug-13 09:47:27

hi im currently 6 weeks pregnant and due 26th march so hope you dont mind me jumping in on here smile I also wont be having any of the tests for downs or anything else grin been reading through all your threads you certainly have a lot to talk about grin

MTBMummy Fri 02-Aug-13 09:52:21

Hi Kakey - welcome, and congrats is this your first one?

rosyryan Fri 02-Aug-13 10:04:27

Hi Kakey, I'm due 23rd March so we are at about the same stage.

Postman has just been and still no booking in date. Grrrr.

Coolhand Fri 02-Aug-13 10:39:46

Morning all!

JK10 your MIL is just plain crazy!

I'm 15th Aug as well as Ice - not sure about others.

So I am now 9+5 - last time round, I was having to adjust my clothes at this stage and make an effort to hide my belly. This time round, not really. I get a bit more bloated before bed but it's not that bad. My stomach muscles were in much better condition before my last pregnancy so this is again freaking me out slightly. Anyone else at my stage not having much of a belly?

samsmother Fri 02-Aug-13 10:53:16

Good morning everyone I'm just re marking my place here! I haven't posted since 9th July and wow so much has moved on, I mean, 3 threads already?! I have spent time reading through everything though so am up to speed, congrats to all those who have had their BFP and so sorry for those who have had to leave this bus :-(.

For those that remember I wasn't in the best place over my last posts, this is a shock pregnancy, my personal circumstances couldn't be worse, ad I wasn't taking the news too well. FW a few weeks, my circumstances are still the same but I'm no longer crying over the thought of being pregnant so have moved forward in some sense. I feel particularly guilty because so many people struggle to get pregnant ( from experience i know we did with my wonderful DS) and a friend had a MC whilst I was feeling very fragile but hey, now I just have to move forward.

I'm feeling crap most days and spend most of my days feeling or being sick. The tiredness and dizziness seems to have passed. I have a horrid horrid taste into mouth tht I can't shift and have lost 7lb as my appetite isn't really what I'm used to but am guessing it means all is progressing well which sI good as my friends MC made me realise I would be very upset If things went wrong. I have my booking in on Monday :-)

OwlinaTree Fri 02-Aug-13 11:06:35

Hi can I join in? I'm due on 8th match at mo. First scan on 20th Aug. V. Nervous as this is my rainbow baby, and I've been told I can have a section at 38 weeks.

Constantly starving! I've also been told my platelet count is very slightly high, so that is being monitored too.

samsmother Fri 02-Aug-13 11:10:56

Welcome Owl and congratulations on your pregnancy. I too have a scan on the 20th, am 9+6 today

Morning all, and welcome newbies!
MTB same here - home early yesterday and feeling dizzy and light headed this morning. Wondered if I could be anaemic, but is it too early in pregnancy for the baby to be nicking all my iron? Be interested to here what the doctor says (too knackered to make my own appointment and have to drag DS there with me!)
Got my scan this afternoon, feeling a bit anxious as had some cramping yesterday, but maybe that was just because it was so hot and I was rushing about at work? Anyway, nothing to do now but wait and see!

OwlinaTree Fri 02-Aug-13 11:14:19

Thanks samsmother!

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Fri 02-Aug-13 11:14:30

Gutted. The bleeding looked like it had stopped yesterday but has come back with vengeance today with cramps again.

Don't want to bother the EPU again they'll just tell me to stop worrying sad easier said than done!!

Not loving this pregnancy

IceNoSlice Fri 02-Aug-13 11:17:14

Welcome kakey and owl! Congrats to you both.

samsmother I'm glad you're coming closer to acceptance of your situation. Feel free to vent on here. We've all got here in different ways- accidents, just shaggers, surprise babies as well as long term TTC and IVFers. So we understand not everyone has the same emotions. It is a lot to get your head round however you got here. We won't judge.

Rock thanks, hopefully Monday will go well. I'll miss DS though! I don't think I fancy being a SAHM TBH. Nothing against it, I just don't think it's for me. Besides, we have expensive hobbies (on hold for now - hurtling down hills on bikes and boards doesn't mix well with PG) and we'd like to introduce DCs to them one day, for which money is rather essential! wink

MTBMummy Fri 02-Aug-13 11:52:40

Welcome owl

Well I'm back from the GP and I'm sent for an early scan today rather than next week. I'm also having iron, another hormone and an ECG tests done.

I love that my GP is not taking any chances with this pregnancy.

She says she's fairly confident all is ok, but she just wants to be certain

kakey19 Fri 02-Aug-13 12:09:33

thanks everyone grin this will be my second baby my other is 2 years old I also have 2 step kids who live here all the time so this overall will be number 4!!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Fri 02-Aug-13 12:20:10

Soured our EPU is lovely. They will put your mind at rest.
I'm quite glad to be early pg right now. If I hadn't MC in February, I would have been nearly 8 months now. That would have been HELL! confused

Found you! Hi everyone and welcome newbies.

I've been rushing round all morning looking after my nan, trying to get organised for a wedding tomorrow and trying to pack for our holiday on Monday. I'm shattered now and DS is napping so I think I will too!

DS had his first major shop tantrum today. I was practically dragging him on the floor on his reins while he screamed. blush
Everyone let me go to the front of the queue.

JK your MIL sounds mad as a hatter. She needs a hobby.

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 13:00:03

Can I just say I hate anyone who is losing weight? Thanks.

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 13:03:06

wink welcome back, Samsmother.

JK10, here's an idea: why not sneak round to your PIL's house in the dead of night, crawl into their bed, and give her husband a sneaky handjob? See how she likes being usurped!

Wuxiapian Fri 02-Aug-13 13:16:16

I've gained 7lbs in a months, pram - discovered at my booking in appt yesterday. Not pleased. I weigh more than DP. Tut.

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Fri 02-Aug-13 13:21:21

saggy I know, I feel like I'm wasting their time though, I've been twice already!!

Marking my spot in the new thread.

I'm still feeling queasy a lot of the time, but it seems to be at its worst when I have an empty stomach, so I'm trying to graze a bit more.

Had to go back to the GP this morning to redo my urine sample from my Booking In appt as apparently the midwife didn't label the bottle correctly hmm

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Fri 02-Aug-13 13:25:57

*Soured, that's what they are there for. I was there every week the last time.

Lambchop14 Fri 02-Aug-13 13:34:36

Hi lumpy thank you. I'm going on holiday at 13 weeks and having my first scan 4 days before so hopefully all is well. We were debating when the 2nd trimester starts. My book says 14 weeks but someone else was saying 13.

Pram your not alone! I have put on weight and feel fat! Clothes are too tight now and I was attending WW before I found out I was pregnant do as you can imagine the last thing I want is to get fat again sad if I could tell people why I was fat it would help but got another 4 weeks till my scan.

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Fri 02-Aug-13 13:35:32

True. I think part of it is not wanting another internal scan lol

HotCrossPun Fri 02-Aug-13 14:50:21

I am officially a whale.

I've had this weird feeling where I don't know what I fancy to eat - so I'm just eating everything grin

Last night I had a revelation though. I had a salad with my dinner and the tomatoes were the most delicious thing I've ever tasted.

Any cravings for anybody else yet?

MummyPig24 Fri 02-Aug-13 14:54:07

Hey everyone and welcome newbies.

Today has been much better than yesterday! We went to see my grandma, baked cakes and went to a friends for lunch. Just come home and the kids are settled in front of nanny McPhee so I can have a rest. Majorly sleepy and feeling sick. Dh finishes early today so he is going to take the children to the park when he gets home.

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 15:18:48

Yeah, Pun, I'm craving Jazz apples and crusty bread and butter. I've gone off most chocolate, sprouts and cups of tea. Which is a shame. I love brew

I've just been sat at the village bowling green watching the crumblies playing bowls and I thought, bloody hell! I'll be their age when my child is only eighteen sad

I haven't got any cravings yet. I'm devastated by my tea aversion.

In my last pregnancy most of my cravings were for inappropriate things like zoflora disinfectant and Christmas trees. I also had a major aversion to my cat and if I saw monkeys on tv - both would make me vomit instantly. The joys of hyperemesis.

HotCrossPun Fri 02-Aug-13 15:27:19

<shudders at the thought of going off tea>

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 15:37:46

Little, I am laughing my head off at your post. I have visions of you sneaking downstairs on Christmas Eve and hugging and sniffing your tree for hours. That, and licking the floors in public toilets <retch>

Can someone please remind me why I am starting voluntary work in a charity shop next Wednesday? Fanks.

thecakeisalie Fri 02-Aug-13 15:49:08

Oh no not tea - I've switched to decaff but luckily not gone off it I love a good cuppa! Coffee is a different story though, I really enjoy the odd cup of coffee but not at the moment! Wish I'd go off chocolate too!

I get the opposite reaction Pram I had my 1st when I was 21. I'm now 25 (26 on friday) and having my 3rd. People think I'm weird for having a family young and can't resist telling me so!

mimili Fri 02-Aug-13 15:51:24

I've gone off chicken!! And I feel really sick today sad its just nausea but I'd rather I was actually sick (in the hope the feeling will go away! ) hmm

joosiewoosie Fri 02-Aug-13 16:09:51

Hi all, is it too late to join you? I'm about 5 weeks with my 2nd (1stDD is 12 months and a toddling terror!), and I estimate due on 31st march (though will prob have c section before that).
I've briefly skimmed this thread and saw that some of you have scan already...exciting!
The cake, I also read that there is a test you can pay for privately called the Harmony Test which can detect downs, Edwards and Patau syndromes from 10weeks (but it is blooming expensive). We are considering it as we had 1 in 13 odds for Downs with DD, and ended up having an amino.
Needless to say, I'm hoping this pregnancy is less fraught than the last, at times! Anyway, hullo all, and sorry for waffling on. (It does seem to be my style, as you poor folk may discover in time!)

Pram, the worst thing was I was craving Christmas trees in May sad

Maybe that was a good thing though.

Welcome joosie! Congratulations.

SoSurprised Fri 02-Aug-13 16:58:26

76 posts already!

Soured I hope you are feeling Better and finger crossed the bleeding stops soon.

I am currently stuck at the bus stop. The traffic isn't moving at all. Trying to avoid exhaust fumes of the buses and second hand smoke.

Welcome new people smile

I'm so exhausted today that I barely have the energy to breathe. I remember this was a regular thing when I had a two-year-old and a newborn.
Feel like I should be doing nice things in this nice weather but just moving from the sofa for a glass of water is a monumental effort. At least I'm less over-emotional than yesterday. DP and I came close to splitting up and it was awful. But we've made up and ate both going to make a bigger effort to respect each other and be kind so hopefully we'll be ok. I'd hate for this baby to grow up with an absent father.

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 17:50:41

Pram, the worst thing was I was craving Christmas trees in May

Oh, Little, I can't begin to tell you how hilarious I found this grin

Lyra, what a bloody shame. I hope you two find some peace.

I know it's awful to admit but I am actually looking forward to sandwich-gate tonight...

PiratesMam Fri 02-Aug-13 17:54:38

Littlemachine that is quite comedy morning sickness, puking at the sight of monkeys!!!

Lyra I hope everything is ok with your DP now. You need lots of support and sympathetic ears feeling so emotional and knackered so I hope he understands that! I hope my DH would too if he ever came home from work

soured Really hope the bleeding dries up and I echo the sentiment to make the most of the EPU - that's what we pay our taxes for, you're not wasting their time, that's what they are there for! Lay it on thick if nec; stress is the last thing you need. If you feel like they are getting annoyed (although I'm sure they won't) just tell yourself you're never going to see them again!

joosie hello! Sounds like the early part of your last pregnancy was seriously stressful. Hope you have a smoother ride this time.

Pram get you with your do-gooding! I am seriously impressed. It will be nice to have a distraction from everything else, am sure you'll be glad once you're in the swing of it. If nothing else, you can bagsy all the decent bargains before they hit the shelf ;-)

re: cravings - having a thing for meat flavoured crisps but not actual meat, and sundried tomatoes. And would REALLY love a camembert baguette!!!! Also well into margarita pizza which DH calls a waste of a pizza!

Thanks guys. I'm sure we'll be ok. He hasn't been that understanding about how I've been feeling. I'm a SAHM so he doesn't get why I'm so tired when he's working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week. He gets it a bit more now after seeing me turn into a basket case yesterday grin

Soured, I agree with the others. Go to the EPU if you need to.

Can anyone else feel their uterus yet? I can I think if I lie on my side. It feels really hard. DP could feel it this morning too.

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 18:12:57

Oh, no! Please don't think I'm a do-gooder; I'm absolutely not. I'm really impatient with old people who push in front of me in queues but I feel so blessed to be having this IVF baby that I want to give something back. I'm also attracted by the fact the charity shop is right next door to Greggs. If the shop stinks too much I won't be staying <firm>

Speaking of stinking, that fart I just did smells like a decaying rat in a drain sad

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 18:14:13

Welcome, joosie. How old are you, pliz?

ChocChaffinch Fri 02-Aug-13 18:17:01

hello March crew 'Martians' LOL

am lurking as really early April but having section more than likely; so probably be last few days of March.

5+1 and no nausea yet, so troffing as much as possible, had HG with my dc2 so waiting with trepidation for puking...remember last time I retched so hard I would pee myself..

<returns to lurking>

Lambchop14 Fri 02-Aug-13 18:22:52

Just had to make a formal complaint to Talk Talk as being having terrible service since March and burst out crying on the phone! Why did it have to happen? I wanted to stay firm and angry whilst on the phone to them! Feeling emotional to say the least ha ha

Lambchop14 Fri 02-Aug-13 18:23:50

Been having - god I can't even type properly lol

Lambchop14 Fri 02-Aug-13 18:25:39

P.s anyone tried Ginger Ale for sickness? I have just bought some and it's chilling before I try it for the first time. Someone at work recommended it.

Dp brought me ginger ale when I was sick, despite having no idea what it was. He had to get the shop assistant to help him. It did help a little bit.

firsttimekat Fri 02-Aug-13 18:46:58

I've not tried ginger ale but do have a packet of ginger biscuits at work which seem to be helping with the post tube sickness. Don't know if its the ginger or just the sugar!

ChocChaffinch Fri 02-Aug-13 19:10:02

plain biscuits, lemon sweets, tonic water, lemon squash, hot water + lemon
you can make your own milkshakes - whatever fruit you like
raisins, dry cereal,

all things I tried

Hope things are ok with you Lyra.

littleABI Fri 02-Aug-13 20:00:36

Hi all, just been catching up on all the threads for us March ladies smile some very heartbreaking stories and some encouraging ones too.

I am 23 years old and 7+1 weeks, due March 21st. This will be our first little one so DH and I are excited and nervous. We've decided to tell our parents after the 8 week appt with MW, but might change our minds. The thing is, it gets very daunting with all these tests for this and that, we need some advice!

Have you/will you get all the tests done in the early stages of preg? And what does a usual first appointment with a midwife go like? We are both from religious backgrounds which call for a lot of "wait and see what God gives you" but we really want the best for our baby, and times have changed... (sorry if that's a little too much for some).

I have a kidney problem called Minimal Change disease, which is a disease of the kidney that there isn't much research about. Fortunately I am in remission, I am taking 5mg of prednisolone every other day, and I wonder if that's what's stopping me vomit!! I've had awful nausea for about 2 weeks, it's currently subsided and now the boobs hurt instead. The condition can look like pre-eclampsia because of the protein leaking into urine, and swelling too, so the specialist gyn is going to look after me.

Aaaanyway, that's my penny's worth, glad to be on here, and any advice you can give (or anything I just read on here anyway) will be appreciated. Really loving being a part of something!

MummyPig24 Fri 02-Aug-13 20:09:36

I've chosen not to have the nuchal screening this time. I did last time but I don't think I will. Whatever happens we would keep the baby. More can be seen at the anomaly scan too.

Still haven't told any family. I'm so emotional and tired. I might even go to bed!

x0gawjus0x Fri 02-Aug-13 20:12:08

Got early scan tmoz at 9am in epu after being in a+e for 3 hours sad will be 10 weeks so scared keep me in prayers please sad xx

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 20:13:43

Aw, Abi, you sound really cute. Congratulations and please don't apologise for mentioning your faith on here. I am a Christian and I want to constantly shout from the rooftops how blessed I feel having an IVF baby. Much to be grateful for smile

The booking-in appointment will take 1-2 hours and is really boring an exhaustive check on family and gynaecological history plus some useful info re your pregnancy ie. when to expect scans and stuff. Lots of us on here will be having the nuchal test (for Downs). I would keep the baby despite any problems it would have but I would also like a heads-up so we can prepare for its birth, does that make sense?

Sorry to hear about your disease and I hope it doesn't impact on your pregnancy too much.

ChocChaffinch Fri 02-Aug-13 20:15:38

thanks best of luck

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 20:16:30

I was in the hairdressers today (bemoaning my filthy bastard dark roots) and I was chatting to this one-year-old boy with Downs. He was utterly adorable and everything I asked him he shouted, "yeah!" I wanted to take him home.

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 20:18:58

Welcome, Choc.

Gawjus, you poor thing, what took you to A&E? You'll be in my prayers x

lumpylumps Fri 02-Aug-13 20:23:29

pram I've also gone off chocolate and tea and could devour an entire French bread stick lathered in butter!!!!! Mouths watering now. Wonder if I can pull my first baby wants to dh?!

x0gawjus0x Fri 02-Aug-13 20:36:41

Excruciating pain in my left side really scared now ;( x

PramelaAndherson Fri 02-Aug-13 20:38:07

Oh, Gawjus, do you have someone with you?

Thinking of you gawjus.

x0gawjus0x Fri 02-Aug-13 20:50:31

My fiance me at a+e he left work early and is coming in morning i wont be able to sleep so nervous taken us 3 yrs for first bfp :'( will update soon as ive been praying i dont get bad news xx

Lambchop14 Fri 02-Aug-13 20:50:58

Good luck Gawgus

MummyPig24 Fri 02-Aug-13 20:52:49

Thinking of you gawjus.

stephie101 Fri 02-Aug-13 20:59:46

Really bloody emotional tonight :/
Thinking of all of you who are either sick as a dog, in pain or anxious.....or everything...x

SoSurprised Fri 02-Aug-13 21:03:44

Thinking of you gawjus hope everything is ok.

rosyryan Fri 02-Aug-13 21:11:49

Hello newbies!

Hoping that everything is ok Gawjus.

rosyryan Fri 02-Aug-13 21:12:42

And Soured too. Hope the bleeding has eased, my lovely.

IceNoSlice Fri 02-Aug-13 21:13:22

Oh gawjus, how scary for you. Sending you prayers and best wishes.

Hi Abi, welcome and congrats. I'll be having all scans and tests. I like to have as much information as possible for most things in life. I am also Christian, albeit fairly recently converted (if 'converted' is the right word for moving from 'Christmas and weddings only' to most weeks and confirmation). Still getting to grips with my faith really. There are actually some interesting threads I lurk on sometimes in the 'religion and philosophy' section.

HotCrossPun Fri 02-Aug-13 21:57:31

Hope you're okay Gawjus

I'm having a bit of a panic here. I was making a Victoria sponge (disaster, I've burnt 2/3 sponges) and the cream split/curdled. I was whisking it and I thought it looked a bit funny but the lighting isn't the best in the kitchen and I took a big mouthful.

Is this a major issue? I really don't want to have to make myself sick confused

Rockchick1984 Fri 02-Aug-13 22:02:54

Hot you will be fine, the worst it will do is give u a bad tummy!

Gaw hope everything is ok for you tomorrow. Did they give u any idea at A&E about what could be causing it?

Welcome abi personally not religious, however my husband was brought up as a regular churchgoer, so he still attends most weeks with our son I stay in bed but I think its fab to believe so strongly in something smile

Pops78 Fri 02-Aug-13 22:42:42

Hi All, it's been ages snd ages since I posted because I have been so ill, in and out of hospital

Pops78 Fri 02-Aug-13 22:56:44

Whoops, as I was saying in and out of hospital on drips etc. am now 10 weeks today and think I am little better. I am 34, Whittington hospital, highgate is good for my location and this is my 2nd.

Sorry to not comment on all but there is so much to catch up on :-) lots of lovely new babies coming and sad losses.

I noticed you discussing tests and Joosie mentioned the harmony test for Down syndrome. I actually had this test today as your blood must be taken 10 weeks to 10 weeks 6 days. It is about 400 to 600 but the Fetal Medicine Centre in Harley st is offering it for free with a nuchal scan at mo which is 180. They did a viability scan today (included)and took bloods for nt and harmony and then in 2 weeks will give me results and a detailed nuchal scan. Harmony is supposedly 99.9% accurate. Hope this helps Joosie and anyone else who may be interested. Gosh I am nervous for results though... Was lovely seeing the baby today after so much hideous sickness, makes it all more real and worth it of course

JK10 Sat 03-Aug-13 00:18:58

soured hope the bleeding has stopped now.

gawjus wishing u lots of luck

pram haven't actually been sick this pregnancy yet but was very close with your mention of crawling inbetween my PIL sheets and giving him a hand job!!! Woah! Think I'd rather stick pins in my eyes!! Ohhhh shudder at the thought! U haven't seen them!! Did make me lol though!!!

lyra really hope things work out the way u want them too, never a worse time to go through a rocky patch as to when u pg.

Thanks for all the fab comments on MIL situation! I was out with my girlfriends tonight and they suggested me sit on the passenger seat in the van and wait for her to open the door and jump out and suprise her with a midnight feast!!

Welcome to the newcomers.

Oh and I will have the nucheal scan, I have had it in my head that if there were any serious problems then I may not continue with the pregnancy, I would have to really think hard about it due to the amount of care, time and attention that would be needed, due to the fact that I have 4 kids already I really believe thst I'd need to put their needs first. Is that a really terrible thing to say? Am I gonna be hated now? I take my hats of to those of u who woukd still continue and under different circumstances my thought process may be different. Let's keep our fx that it won't come to those decisions for any of us

Loving the Xmas tree craving in may!!

I've had stomach ache this eve, trying to hide it from my friends, some muppet looked about 17 pulled out in front of my car that I had to emergency stop, my daughter has a real bad neck from it and my sons high back booster flew off the front seat into the windscreen (he was at home) just goes to show how quick things happen, and what coukd of hsppened if we werent strapped in, we slways are but makes u think! think seat belt obviously just squished my tummy in the force,

Another storm kicking off here! Can I be bothered to leave my bed and shut the windows!

bouncingbelle Sat 03-Aug-13 00:43:48

Can I whisper a very quiet hello? The news I'm having a baby is still sinking in and I'm terrified I won't get through the early stages. I'm actually due in April but will be having a c section at 36 weeks (at the latest) due to me having a heart condition, so baby will provisionally be making an appearance around 12th march! I'm happy, excited, slightly queasy and terrified! Got scan booked in for 20aug so might start to relax a bit more then!

x0gawjus0x Sat 03-Aug-13 06:22:54

Thanks so much for the support everyone im up and showered already just waiting for 9 to come along doctor said to prepare for an eptopic rockstar which im so distraught about getting my first bfp after 3 years naturally was the best day of my life sad still got to keep positive.... I cant change anything now xx

greymoose Sat 03-Aug-13 07:49:27

hope everyones ok - gawjus fingers are crossed for you and anyone else having a tough time.

i had a private scan yesterday and my dates have been moved to what i thought so my dd has moved back to 9/3.

told all my side of the family and they'll all far too excited as it's the first baby for 20 years...! a big weight off my shoulders though as thought they were going to go ballistic haha!

SoSurprised Sat 03-Aug-13 08:23:30

bouncingbelle welcome aboard. The news takes a while to sink in especially if you are not expecting it.

gawjus you have been in my thoughts all night yesterday.

Eating has been so difficult for me. I am Asian and all the oil and spicy foods are making me feel so nauseous. And I can't eat bland food either. Also it seems my stomach has shrunk. I just take a few mouthfuls and then can't eat for hours.

MummyPig24 Sat 03-Aug-13 08:26:24

I still have literally no idea where I'm at!

Lmp 29/05. 44 day cycle for the last 2 before conception. Scan 2 weeks ago showed the baby was about 6 weeks. When I saw the mw last week she put my edd down as march 5th, but that would make me 9 weeks instead of 7 when I saw her. Very confused. Excited that I am 8 weeks this week though, makes it seem real. I'm nervous for the scan, what if if shows the baby has died? I've not had much more bleeding, only a little bloodstained discharge now and then. But I still worry.

Gawjus good luck for this morning.

Pops78 Sat 03-Aug-13 08:41:20

Sosurprised I know what you mean I have lost over a stone in just 3 weeks because I cannot keep anything down. I honestly would have preferred to put on weight even though I am big at nearly 14st even after loss so have been hoping baby is taking from my reserves.

Thinking of you gawjus, good luck

Jk10 your mil sounds like a nightmare, I really think your husband should tell her he doesn't want her noisy sandwiches anymore!!! On a serious note I can completely understand your thoughts about Nucheal and considering the children and demands. I know it's silly but I just cannot bring myself to consider what I would do until I may have to with results.

Welcome bouncing belle and congrats.

Not good news at scan yesterday, no heartbeat and baby hadn't developed past a few weeks sad. No way I'm wrong with dates as got my BFP a month ago and haven't DTD since ovulation. In limbo now as GP and EPU not open on weekend... turns out Friday evening scan not such a good idea! No bleeding yet, not sure what to expect as its my first time in this position
Anyway, good luck to everyone else, I'll be thinking of you all in March x

SoSurprised Sat 03-Aug-13 08:59:21

Oh captaincalamari that must be so stressful. Can you go to the A&E?

Pops78 Sat 03-Aug-13 09:01:31

So sorry to hear that news CaptainCalamari, really hope you have some good people around you and best of luck, hope to see you on another bus soon. Thinking of you.

Teddybear4 Sat 03-Aug-13 09:03:04

So sorry Captain x

lumpylumps Sat 03-Aug-13 09:10:59

Thinking of you today gawjus

captain look after yourself.

jk10 love the idea of sitting in the passenger seat. I'd love to be a fly on the wall if you did. As for the tests, I can totally understand what you're saying. You really have to think of the children you already have. I'm having all the tests. I haven't actually thought about what I'd do if there was anything wrong but I do know that at present, my priorities are my boys.

Has anyone done one of the clear blue tests lately?? The ones that tell you how many weeks you are?? I was just wondering if that might be a cheaper way of reassuring myself than paying for a scan.

lumpylumps Sat 03-Aug-13 09:13:50

Ignore the clear blue question, I've just googled it!!

lozza22 Sat 03-Aug-13 09:14:22

Mind if i join ladies new to this.

lozza22 Sat 03-Aug-13 09:41:41

A little info on me, im on dc 3 with unplanned pg, taken me while to get my head round things as i was happy to stop at two. Still not told people as i cant face reactions just yet.
I recently had prolapse repair surgery which was pretty major as it went tits up n i almost died due to massive internal bleeding and second emergency op, hence why i wouldnt be choosing to be pregnant if not for accident.
So ile be sectioned at 37ish weeks and im classed as high risk so bit stressful. First scan on 15th.
Ive had quick read thru posts, sorry to hear your bad news captain an how r u gawjus?

ikab Sat 03-Aug-13 09:51:36

Hi Ladies. I am afraid that I have been lurking for a couple of weeks as very nervous about this pregnancy due to a previous mmc. I was planning to delurk this weekend anyway but I have just read CaptainCalamaris post and had to respond. Its such a numbing experience and when the units are closed over the weekend it's scary. My mmc in March was discovered at the 12 week scan on a Thursday, I was seen at the EPAU on the Friday but then had to wait until early the next week for the ERPC. Firstly, if you haven't bled until now then it may not happen naturally for a good while or until you can see someone and make a decision on your next steps, of course we all expect the worst after horrible news. The EPAU nurse I saw recommended that just in case I bled while waiting for my ERPC that I stock up on night time sanitary towels, pain killers and sugary fizzy drinks as your blood sugar will be low. I did not bleed so I did not need them but felt reassured that those things were there. She advised that if I did bleed and soaked more than 3 pads in an hour then to go to A&E. Also this time I had a small bleed and I had to call the NHS direct at the weekend and they were very helpful and had my out of hours doctor call me within the hour. If you call your GPs regular number there should be a redirect or a number that you can call. If possible please make sure someone is with you and that they have as much information as you do so that they know what to do if needed. Sorry for the long post ladies but I hope that that this information is of some use Captaincalamari.

lumpylumps Sat 03-Aug-13 10:11:27

Hi lozza I'm very similar to you. Although minus the major surgery. This will be dc3 and if I'm honest was also unplanned although wanted on my part. I told dh on the friday I wanted another. He didn't. I found out on the Monday I was pregnant. It's a scary time, so many mixed emotions for both of us. Although I wanted another I was still open to discussion. Decision made and here we are. I'm a strong believer in what will be will be and everything happens for a reason. Mother nature has decided and this baby is a gift!!

JBrd Sat 03-Aug-13 10:13:58

So sorry that this had to happen to you, captain, life can be really cruel. Take care of yourself x

I'm aching all over today - we had our company day out yesterday, which we spent doing voluntary work for the city council. Think lots of weeding, cutting down thistles and pulling out ragwort. I wasn't too happy about that, but there was little I could do if I didn't want to out myself being pg confused I was the first to grab the over-elbow rubber gloves they offered! Hope it'll be ok, tried to google it and have not found any massive warning not to touch ragwort when pg, so I hope I'll be ok.

Getting more and more nervous for my scan tomorrow, trying to steel myself for possible bad news...

In case all is well, I will be having every possible test under the sun, I need to know. I'm even thinking about having the harmony test. I also don't think that I could continue with the pregnancy, should anything come up - although that is a discussion DH and I still have to have, as I don't think he'll agree completely on this. We skimmed on it when I was pg with DS, but the risk for Down's came out so low with him that we did not have to worry too much (although you always do a little!).

It's tricky. My friends' gorgeous DD has recently been diagnosed as severely (really really severely) disabled at 12 weeks - no one had any idea that something was wrong before that! It is such a shock, you think you've made it through pregnancy and that all is well now that the baby is here, then bam! Nothing had been picked up before during any of the antenatal checks and scans. They are devastated, but absolutely determined that both their DDs will have the best life and are gearing up to move heaven and earth to make that possible. I am in absolute awe of them, they are such troopers.

Morning all and welcome ikab and other recent joiners.

I too will be having all the tests I can. I like to be prepared. I won't have an amnio though because of the mc risk.

Thinking of you gawjus and captain calamari.

stephie101 Sat 03-Aug-13 10:29:18

Morning peeps.....big love out to gawjus and Captain xxx

x0gawjus0x Sat 03-Aug-13 10:31:00

Oh my god thank you to every single person who prayed/thought of me! I was scanned both internally and externally and saw a healthy baby although only measuring 9+2 could clearly see her wriggling arms and legs and fluttering heartbeat :-) im so so so thankful smile on the way home my partner said 'its emotional seeing a baby' ha ha awwwh :') love to everyone xxx

ikab Sat 03-Aug-13 10:38:22

Thanks lyra. Feel a bit nervous about joining as I'm crapping myself slightly anxious at the mo but in for a penny and all that.

Info is 36 years (I think this makes me a geriatric expectant mother!), no DCs, 7 weeks and 3 days, expected due date 18th March.

Not been physically sick but feel nauseous most of the time, due to previous issue this is making me quite happy. Yes I do realise that this is a bit twisted!

Congratulations gawjus, that's wonderful news!!

Fan news, gawjus smile
Ikab, I'll be 42 when this one is born. There's quite a few of us on here who are your age and older. Makes me a bit nervous with all the risks associated with being an older mother but will just have to wait and see.

*fab, not fan.

stephie101 Sat 03-Aug-13 10:44:31

gawjus that is amazing news, so pleased and relieved for you..x

lumpylumps Sat 03-Aug-13 11:04:21

That's fantastic gawjus think my hormones are in crying mode today!!

If nothing else this thread has taught me that bleeding and pain doesn't always mean bad news!!

ikab Sat 03-Aug-13 11:23:05

lumpylumps I can second that, it isn't always bad news. I had a bleed last Friday, and it was a bright red bleed, not spotting and I assumed that was it for me. I had an internal scan on the Monday and there was a lovely little flicker of a heartbeat. This was at 6 weeks and 6 days so I also have a reassurance scan in 2 weeks, so I have to wait and be anxious about the 9 week scan and then I'll be able to move on and be anxious about the next stage! Right - time to haul my geriatric arse off the sofa to hide the large empty grab bag of salt and vinegar squares before fit and active hubby returns home and discovers the truth about what he married. Have a peaceful day all.

HotCrossPun Sat 03-Aug-13 11:23:19

Glad to hear your good news gawjus smile

What's the situation with cooking with alcohol? I have a hankering for a nice beef stew today and it wont be the same without half a bottle of red in it!

So sorry Captain x

x0gawjus0x Sat 03-Aug-13 11:51:50

I feel blessed smile although have had my worst day of sickness so far today hows everyone keeping up xx

SoSurprised Sat 03-Aug-13 11:55:13

Amazing news gawjus, so pleased for you

Pops78 Sat 03-Aug-13 12:16:40

That's great news Gawjus

x0gawjus0x Sat 03-Aug-13 12:35:43

Thank you lovely ladies x

samsmother Sat 03-Aug-13 13:01:01

Today my DH told me I need to 'man up' and get on with things, I'm pregnant not ill. Yeah easier said than done! I am already feeling guilty about not being so hands in with my wonderful DS, like really guilty, he is my world and usually has 110% of my attention all the time, but since feeling so rough its not actually possible to give that attention As I simply don't have it :-( I hate feeling like I can't give him my all. On top of that I have had some quite strange pains since I carried a basket yesterday in sainsburys. Wasn't particularly heavy, it is in my right side under my rib cage and comes and goes, almost like a spasm/stabbing sort of pain but it stayed throughout the night and Is still there today, I would think if its baby it would be lower down but I can't figure what it is, its not overly painful but I do need to stop for a mo when they are happening.
Hot, I think cooking with alcohol is ok maybe reduce it to just under half a bottle mind, every little helps huh?! But if in doubt don't do it!

IceNoSlice Sat 03-Aug-13 13:25:43

I'm sure cooking with alcohol is fine- the heat burns the booze off doesn't it?

If not, I'm stuffed. I just make steak and ale stew (making a pie for dinner with my parents later) and gave some to DS (12mo) for lunch!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 03-Aug-13 13:26:25

Hot as long as you boil off the alcohol it will be fine.
Sans I hope you threw up on DHs shoes! Cheeky fecker!

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 03-Aug-13 13:46:47

Ikab have you stuck a toe over in the PG after MC/posifrickintivity thread? It's full of ladies who have been through it, know how it feels and how worried we are about being pg again. This thread is lovely for chatting, but I pop over there to get my hand held! smile
I love the idea that the March ladies are 'Martians'! grin I think we have our next thread title! grin

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sat 03-Aug-13 14:02:29

thanks captaincalamari

Glad you've had some happy news gawjus

Welcome to the newbies, we talk, a lot, welcome aboard!

I'm feeling crap in the heat today, still bleeding too. Not been back to EPU as not passed any clots but if it gets heavier over the weekend ill go in on Monday

Happy weekends all!!

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sat 03-Aug-13 14:08:38

Oh and I have a bump started already


Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sat 03-Aug-13 14:09:13

And very rude of me to not say thanks for all the kind words from you all, they are appreciated

x0gawjus0x Sat 03-Aug-13 16:01:47

Hoping everthings ok for 12 wk scan now ive seen bubba im falling in love! Hopefully a hb at 9 weeks reduces risk if mc a bit!

!soured my stomach is huge i look 6 MONTH prego! Gonna buy maternity trousers for work next week! Xx

brightonbeachbaby14 Sat 03-Aug-13 17:35:42

Hi all can I join? Found out I was pregnant 3 weeks ago, due march 13th, I came off the pill first week of June and now 8 weeks pregnant, so was a bit of a shock for me and hubby to find I was pregnant so quickly! We must've conceived on our honeymoon wink. When I was back to work after our honeymoon my boss was looking through our wedding pics on Facebook and shouted across the office 'I bet you'll be telling me your pregnant in September' hmm. Dreading telling her now! I'm so happy I found this group and will look forward to reading everyone's updates! x

thanks ikab for taking the time to post, no idea what to expect so that was really helpful. Thanks everyone else for kind thoughts, and good luck x

littleABI Sat 03-Aug-13 18:24:30

Thinking of you captain

Thanks ladies for the thoughts on testing - I guess me and the DH are sure that we will go for tests, not amino though, and also keep the baby as that's what we believe in. It's such early days still, we went into a baby shop last week whilst on hol, and I freaked out inside. Poor DH feels he needs to tell somebody, because I got to tell the doc! At least we can get an idea of what's out there for maybe 5 months down the line when we start buying!

brightonbeachbaby that's so exciting for you, it looks like me and DH conceived on our anniversarysmile

have a lovely eve all xx

Welcome Brighton smile

It's just occurred to me that I might have pregnancy anaemia. I've been absolutely shattered the last couple of days and no amount of sleep makes it any better. I remember feeling like this when pg with DS1 and iron pills did the trick. Think I might waddle slowly to Sainsburys and buy some. I can't continue like this. Anyone else experienced this?

Coolhand Sat 03-Aug-13 18:47:06

Phew, just got caught up.

Captain so sorry. It's such a difficult thing. Look after yourself.

Gawjus delighted for you. I was holding my breath as I read through the posts.

In terms of tests the nuchal translucency is not available on the NHS in NI - there's only the quadruple test which is slightly less accurate again. There's only one private clinic offering the Harmony test and they charge £950! My current thinking is that I'll not any of the tests.

ChocChaffinch Sat 03-Aug-13 19:29:23

lyra - pregnacare have iron in.

ChocChaffinch Sat 03-Aug-13 19:31:51

I wouldn't recommend plain iron; my friend's a pharmacist and says don't self-medicate with iron, see a doctor. side effects not great with it. Pregnacare a safe bet though

Evening all and welcome to the newbies.

Can I ask what others are doing about their Omega intake? At my booking in appt the midwife asked how much oily fish I am eating. I told her I don't do fish/seafood! She said I need omega for healthy brain development so I'm panicking now that I'm depriving my bean confused

ChocChaffinch Sat 03-Aug-13 19:51:08

ooh I need to eat some of that. Salmon and mackerel in chilli sauce I like

SoSurprised Sat 03-Aug-13 20:01:03

i dont eat sea food either, and i have now started worrying about folic acid. i started at 9 weeks as thats when i found out but by that time the neural development is almost done.

ChocChaffinch Sat 03-Aug-13 20:11:01

I heard there's a lot of folic acid in food anyway - esp brown bread, cereals, broccoli, etc. don't worry any defects are very very rare

JBrd Sat 03-Aug-13 20:16:38

You can buy omega supplements, Pregnacare and Sanatogen even do a combined vitamin with omega per-natal supplements. Other than that, Omega 3/6/9 can be found in flaxseeds and flaxseed oil, walnuts, Brazil nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and some dark green vegetables.

Lyra - I'm also worried if I'm lacking iron, I am so shattered at the moment, no amount of sleep seems to help. But as the MW took my bloods on Thursday, I reckon she'll let me know!

littleABI Sat 03-Aug-13 20:40:45

I took folic acid whilst TTC, and once I got a BFP I switched to Pregnacare Plus which contains omega 3. The MW recommended it over the phone, she said either pregnacare or pregaday.

Since we don't eat a lot of seafood, or any pork, DH rang up vitabiotics who supply pregnacare plus and asked what the omega capsules were: Mackerel, Anchovies and Sardine are the oil, while the capsule is made of beef gelatine.

littleABI Sat 03-Aug-13 20:41:40

Just wanted to add, the tablets are awesome because they are marked with days of the week... perfect for a baby brain smile

Thanks for the advice. I took iron supplements when pg with ds1 so I should be ok to take the same again. I'll see if the doc will prescribe Pregnacare as its pricey and I don't want to pay, but will if I have to.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 03-Aug-13 21:38:53

I was iron deficient with both my DCs PGs. Im praying that I don't need to take supplements this time, after 14 years I still remember the jet black rock hark constipation which ensued! confused sad

ChocChaffinch Sat 03-Aug-13 21:43:14

shock you know it's going to be black; yet it is so shocking when you see it!!!!!

PiratesMam Sat 03-Aug-13 21:47:05

I honestly don't know if I can bring myself to take iron supplements again. I was so constipated last time it was worse than the actual labour! (Sorry TMI)

ChocChaffinch Sat 03-Aug-13 21:51:28

Ive switched back from pregnacare to just folic acid for that reason... just eating as well as I can, may do a week of one, a week of the other

ChocChaffinch Sat 03-Aug-13 21:52:12

If I start vomming I struggle to swallow pregnacare; but that's when you need it most.

Anyone else's bladder twangy / cystitussy?

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 03-Aug-13 21:58:53

Jet black musket balls....

greymoose Sat 03-Aug-13 22:00:46

is there a pregnancy vitamin without iron - you'd think they'd do a pregnacare without iron as thats all I've read about it, unless they do and i've missed it

things to look forward to.. hmm. : www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/1d2v7i/parents_of_reddit_what_is_the_creepiest_thing/

IceNoSlice Sat 03-Aug-13 22:04:30

I had iron supplements after having DS. No bugger told me about the black poo thing. I wasn't expecting it and asked my midwife if it was normal blush

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 03-Aug-13 22:22:17

Grey some of those are funny! and some are really scary!
My DD14 does weird shit like that in her sleep. Her worst was a full on impression of the girl from 'The Ring', sleep walking, long lank hair, standing staring at me when I turned on the light, and chuckling evilly when I told her to go back to bed! <<faints>>

Sarahb8990 Sat 03-Aug-13 22:39:46

I go away for a few days and Wow! already on to thread 3 and 180+ posts!! Just caught up on everything.
Sorry to hear about people going thru bad times :-(
Regarding test I won't be having any as I believe what will be will be and ill be blessed either way.
Iv got a scan on Monday which I'm looking forward too as last one it was too early to see baby.

littleABI Sat 03-Aug-13 22:41:04

choc I had a bit of cystitis yesterday, but I think i hadn't had enough to drink... is it a symptom of pregnacare then?

Coolhand Sat 03-Aug-13 22:50:45

little think it's just common in pregnancy full stop.

I've started to suffer from restless leg syndrome when sitting/lying in bed. I suffered from it last time around and cramps in my legs/feet but had forgotten about it - they would wake me up in the middle of the night. I think it's relatively common - I wonder if it means I'm deficient in something.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sat 03-Aug-13 23:01:04

I didn't have any tests with my other PGs, but this time I am just not sure. I am 38, DP is 42. We need to think long term.

Isn't cramp a sign of potassium deficiency or have I just made that up? Eating bananas is supposed to help.

I'm not sure what I'd do if tests delivered bad news. I'd have to seriously consider the impact it would have on my DSs quality of life. Praying it doesn't come to that.

JK10 Sun 04-Aug-13 00:56:46

captain wishing u lots of luck in the future, so sorry to hear that.

gawjus fab news

brighton welcome and I love Brighton!!

saggy wicked sense of humour!! Love it!

lyra I'm with ya hun, constantly tired, driving me insane, seem to of lost my mojo. I'm usually so busy. I thought maybe i was anaemic as I was with ds1 and I'm vegetarian but I take the vege pregnacare which contain iron but no folic acid so can't think it's that. Just wanna snap out of it!

sarah good luck for Monday!

I have a christening tomorrow so must get to sleep, night

rosyryan Sun 04-Aug-13 06:50:55

Ugh. A pregnant woman should not be at work this early on a Sunday. It should be against the law. <sobs>

SoSurprised Sun 04-Aug-13 07:09:24

We only have one bathroom in our apartment and it's already becoming a HUGE problem. I can barely hold on as it is, dnt know how that's gna go with time.

SoSurprised Sun 04-Aug-13 07:10:09

Rosyryan that is such an early start! My sympathies

MummyPig24 Sun 04-Aug-13 08:00:17

captain sorry to hear of your loss.

I'm taking folic acid and vitamin D. That's all. I haven't had iron problems in previous pregnancies so hoping it will be ok.

We also only have one bathroom in our house, we are used to it though. Not good when dh is in the bath and I'm desperate for a poo!! I won't do that in front of him!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends. We had friends over for a bbq yesterday, my heart wasn't in it though and they were 2 hours late!!

MummyPig24 Sun 04-Aug-13 08:10:01

I forgot! I got my scan date through, 7th September! The cost of 3 photos is £10! Couldn't believe that. At the other hospital there is a donation of £2.

Dabarai Sun 04-Aug-13 08:42:31

Hello everyone, please may I join in? I am 35 and currently pg with our first, 10 +2 and baby is due on 28th Feb. Waiting on scan on Tuesday 20th August, before firstly first appointment with a midwife on Friday - trying to think about things I would like to ask her about - all websites advise you to make a list, but I don't really have that many questions! Have any of you been to see the midwife yet? How did the visit look like?

PiratesMam Sun 04-Aug-13 08:46:07

We had a late-ish one too as went to a friends birthday party and the kids went to bed late, and we all woke up at 8am which is an epic lie-in for us! Still in bed now so sympathies rosy on such an early start on a Sunday. I don't know how we'll cope when term starts in Sept and DS starts school <sniff>

My hospital is starting to charge for scan pics too, although they were meant to last time and the lady behind the desk just let everyone have them for free grin

Rockchick1984 Sun 04-Aug-13 08:50:45

Welcome Dabarai and congratulations! First midwife appointment was mostly her going through medical history for both me and DH then urine dip and blood test. She will ask you where you want to give birth so have a think about that now. Other than that its only if there's anything you need advice on - symptoms, medications etc. In most areas you can always call the community midwives if you need any help or advice so get their phone number smile

Wow Mummypig that's a lot, ours are £2 as well but free when I've had early scans smile

I'm still struggling to eat much of anything, which is not like me at all <greedy> although for tea the other night we had Indian and although the curry made me want to barf, poppadoms, mango chutney and raita went down a treat smile strangely my mum lived on ham and mango chutney butties when she had me so she's now convinced this bean is a girl. When I had DS my appetite was huge, and all I wanted was steak, now the idea of meat is awful!!!

Thanks for the Omega advice. I'm taking Pregnacare but I've checked the box and it doesn't say anything about containing Omega so I'll go supplement hunting tomorrow. The midwife said to stay clear of cod liver oil as it contains too much Vit A.

rosyryan Sun 04-Aug-13 09:05:40

Its Pregnacare Plus that contains the Omega 3 Frank smile

PiratesMam Sun 04-Aug-13 09:25:45

Welcome Dabarai! The kind of thing I will ask midwife is can I still use toddler back carrier when preg, birth plan etc - specifically that my first two were born back-to-back so I think this one is likely to as well <ouch>!

Dabarai Sun 04-Aug-13 09:55:13

Thanks Rockchic and PiratesMam! I was started to get paranoid that I am a total dumbo, as I had not that many things to ask. Just shows how much little I know about all that pregnancy stuff. Have no idea about birth plans, I have a glorified idea of me floating peacefully in water while giving a birth to a small, instantly clean baby... But probably would settle for any drugs possible, if needed!

Sarahb8990 Sun 04-Aug-13 09:57:11

Re the price of scan pics, when I was scanned for my ds 6years ago they were 3 for £10 so I'm dreading how much they are going to be now.

Rockchick1984 Sun 04-Aug-13 09:59:34

If its your first time then don't worry about birth plans this early on - when I had DS I asked about a c section at my booking appointment, by the time I was 40 weeks this was the worst possible outcome as I wanted drug-free, dimmed lights, preferably in water smile Got the drug free, no water sadly, and dimmed lights until I needed an episiotomy at which time I agreed I needed her to see what she was cutting grin Hoping for home birth this time but still planning to decide nearer the time!

x0gawjus0x Sun 04-Aug-13 10:11:23

Thanks so much cool cant stop thinking bout the little heartbeat and wriggling arms already its so amazing !

I agree ryan Ive been at work since 7 and dont finish till 7 sad x

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sun 04-Aug-13 10:28:25

I'm not peeing overly ATM, but I do forsee a problem as our only bathroom is downstairs at the other end of the house. However, I do have alternatives... grin when I was PG with dd, I used to pee in a potty, then pour it down the bedroom sink with some bleach! blush
This time, I am happy to say, having had out bathroom renovated, that we own a porta potti! It's going on the landing for my own personal night time use! grin

x0gawjus0x Sun 04-Aug-13 11:32:07

Just wondering if anyone else gets this when i wake up and do a big stretch it really hurts/pulls my stomach ? Quite painful is that normal xx

SoSurprised Sun 04-Aug-13 11:36:50

Gawjus I sometimes get this tense feeling below my naval, where the uterus is I presume, if I stretch or am standing for too long. I didn't think much of it.

MummyPig24 Sun 04-Aug-13 12:36:04

I sometimes get a sharp pain if I stretch or get up very quickly. It's just the area stretching and changing.

I'm permanently hungry and get this feeling where I'm not sure if I'm going to sneeze or puke?! I remember this feeling from my first pregnancy. Luckily I haven't been sick yet in any pregnancy. I'm still feeling so tired and breathless, I just want to lie down all the time!!

SoSurprised Sun 04-Aug-13 12:43:15

MummyPig24 have you had tests done to check for anemia?

MummyPig24 Sun 04-Aug-13 13:18:13

No I haven't. Do they screen for that when they do your initi bloods?

Just popping in for a quick hi and bye, as I'm off on holiday later and not sure if I'll have Internet (I'll be on if I do, holiday or not grin)

Welcome to the newbies. Take care of yourselves everybody and try and get lots of rest. Looking forward to all the 12 week scans coming up!

x0gawjus0x Sun 04-Aug-13 13:26:57

Ah ok sounds similar mummypig its quite a sharp ouch!

When do you ladies have your 12 wk mines 20th august x

SoSurprised Sun 04-Aug-13 13:27:22

My GP prescribed me blood tests to check for anemia as i have been unusually tired as well.

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sun 04-Aug-13 14:03:31

I think I'm going to cry if this bleeding doesn't stop soon. I'm exhausted by it all now and beginning to wish I'd never had the cervical biopsies that they think have caused it.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sun 04-Aug-13 14:08:14

I know how you feel. Last time I bled slowly and insidiously the whole time. Sadly I didn't have anything causing it other than an ectopic. sad Can you take comfort in having had a positive scan and a good, non PG related cause? I am sure that the biopsies were important when you had them. {{{hug}}} Get thee back to the EPU for another scan, put your mind at rest. first thing Tuesday and we can wave at each other!

JBrd Sun 04-Aug-13 14:32:13

Ladies, I saying good-bye. I has my reassurance scan this morning, and all they could see was an empty sac. No foetal pole, no heartbeat. Measuring 4 weeks, but I'm 7+4, and there is no doubt about my dates. I am utterly crushed and heartbroken.
This is my third miscarriage in a row, and I don't know where I'll go from here.

All the best of luck to all of you, wishing you sticky pregnancies and healthy, happy babies to welcome in March xxx

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sun 04-Aug-13 14:35:00

Oh no Jbrd! sad I'm so so sorry! {{{hug}}}

JBrd, I'm so sorry sad. Please take care of yourself xx

Rockchick1984 Sun 04-Aug-13 14:39:20

I'm so sorry Jbrd sad flowers

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sun 04-Aug-13 14:49:20

Oh jbrd I am so sorry to hear that thanks

samsmother Sun 04-Aug-13 15:05:41

Look after yourself JBrd, am sad to hear your news brew X

PiratesMam Sun 04-Aug-13 15:14:23

So so sorry JBrd take care of yourself, lots of love xxx

TotalShock Sun 04-Aug-13 15:17:58

I'm so sorry JBrd, thinking of you x

MummyPig24 Sun 04-Aug-13 15:18:01

JBrd so sorry.

JBrd, I can't tell you how sorry I am sad

Caip, I am so sorry for your loss, too thanks

Oh no Jbrd sad

Sorry, I meant CaptainCalamari sad

So sorry jbrd. Too much sadness on this thread sad take care of yourself.

SoSurprised Sun 04-Aug-13 16:15:18

So sorry for your loss Jbrd sad

Coolhand Sun 04-Aug-13 16:33:45

Jbrd so, so sorry to hear that. I hope that you get all the advice and support you need about where to go from here. That is just do hard.

x0gawjus0x Sun 04-Aug-13 16:33:56

How traumatic jbird im so sorry xx

Beccadugs Sun 04-Aug-13 16:44:42

Oh Jbrd, I'm really really sorry.

littleABI Sun 04-Aug-13 17:08:19

Echoing the thoughts of others, jbird we are thinking of you xxx

rosyryan Sun 04-Aug-13 17:46:42

Oh no JBird sad I'm so very sorry.

I have my reassurance scan tomorrow and after all the horrible news we have had on our thread lately I am quite frankly crapping myself. sad

Pops78 Sun 04-Aug-13 17:48:49

So sorry to hear your news jbird, thinking of you.

stephie101 Sun 04-Aug-13 18:00:19

jbird horrible news...has made me cry...all these lovely ladies on here suffering heartache and it makes me really sad but i feel so blessed.....

Booking in today was good but the recycle bin had lots to eat.....what a load of shite in the bounty pack....also emma looks know different than she did 17 yrs ago....bitchtits!!

Bloody Emma. I'm sure her diary has changed since I first read it 12 years ago.

I can't believe I'm 10 weeks. Seems like yesterday I got my bfp at 4 weeks. Also now dreading the scan in case the news is bad but have seen hb at 8 weeks so that's encouraging.
Still wiped out. Walking anywhere is taking forever.

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sun 04-Aug-13 18:23:36

I've rung the maternity unit (EPU shut) they want me in to check my blood pressure and blood count and do an internal but can't check bean until Wednesday at the earliest. Dr said its my choice to go in or not but nothing they can do as I'm now bleeding with clots. Will see how it goes over the next hour or two and make a decision as to what to do as I could end up as an inpatient sad

stephie101 Sun 04-Aug-13 18:54:14

soured im sure they could bring a portable scanning machine in.....i really think these days we should stamp our feet more..it really grips my shite when jobsworths dont listen....wednesday????? C'mon thats so unfair to make you wait....where are you based?x

Oh Soured. Thinking of you xxx

HotCrossPun Sun 04-Aug-13 19:03:47

I agree with Stephie soured it's too long to expect you to wait. I'm sure arguing and kicking up a fuss is the last thing you feel like doing right now, but you need to be seen.

Thinking of you thanks xx

MummyPig24 Sun 04-Aug-13 19:03:48

soured can you go in to a&e and they might scan you? It's been going on a while, you deserve some answers. Hugs.

Keeping everything crossed for you Soured, I agree that going to A&E and kicking up a fuss might be worthwhile.

SoSurprised Sun 04-Aug-13 19:18:27

Thinking of you soured.

Do it, soured, to get some peace of mind.

IceNoSlice Sun 04-Aug-13 20:17:18

JBrd I'm so sorry. Take care, love.

Soured I'll be wishing and praying for you, and hope you get some answers (and hopefully good news) soon.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sun 04-Aug-13 20:33:41

Oh Soured! Fwiw, if you've been lying about in the bedroom evading visitors today, the blood will have had a chance to lie about an form clots? I had this last time. I'd been ill and my implantation bleeding pooled and formed a big clot.
I second A&E. ham it up a bit.

ChocChaffinch Sun 04-Aug-13 20:45:53

so sorry JBrd thanks
hugs Soured. sad

ChocChaffinch Sun 04-Aug-13 20:46:39

sorry that's not a link anywhere should've been {{hugs}}

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sun 04-Aug-13 20:55:32

Thanks guys. I'm at the hospital in the gynae dept so saggy i may still be here when you are up here lol the lady on duty just rang the on call dr and said with a sigh 'yes she's already had two scans and they were fine' so I'm clearly being written off as hysterical

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sun 04-Aug-13 20:57:57

<<really hopes that Soured is just being hysterical>>

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sun 04-Aug-13 21:04:49

So do I.

x0gawjus0x Sun 04-Aug-13 21:18:44

Ohh love! Hugs yes youve had 2 and now you need another! Hope it stops soon and everything is ok x

Don't let anyone tell you you're being hysterical, soured. If it were their wife or daughter passing clots they wouldn't hesitate to investigate.

stephie101 Sun 04-Aug-13 22:05:10

soured not hysterical....not at all...i would be shitting myself....when i had my ep i was rushed in by ambulance to be told i had constipation after being treated twice with the jab.....5 days later i collapsed....they fail to understand this is your body, your little bean..... (stephie goes to the cupboard to get her steal toe caps out)

<Pram practices her head-butting technique>

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sun 04-Aug-13 22:31:59

Thank you all. I'm home.

Cervix is tightly shut as it should be but bleeding is coming from the womb not the cervix as first thought. As its very red blood and small clots she can't be certain all is well so I have a scan booked for Wednesday but can ring tomorrow and Tuesday to see if there are any cancellations

Thank you all again I'm so so grateful for the well wishes

Ignore them, Soured. Who cares if they think you're being hysterical. Push for that scan so you can go home with your mind at peace.

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sun 04-Aug-13 22:34:55

They don't have anyone there at this time of night to scan people. They're double booked for the next two days too so earliest they could do was late Wednesday morning. I'm going to be an utter mess

Sorry you have to wait so long. Take it easy over the next couple of days.

I thought emergencies took precedence over bookings? Bloody preposterous. I'm praying for you, Soured. Weren't you told at your last scan(s) that there was no bleeding around the womb?

Rockchick1984 Sun 04-Aug-13 22:52:50

Soured I'm so sorry you're going through this! Would you consider paying for a private scan so it could be done tomorrow? It would probably technically be better to wait til Wednesday as that way its had time to stop/for anything to happen, but I know there's no way I could wait!!

Anyone know why antenatal clubs don't appear in 'threads i'm on'?

Rockchick1984 Sun 04-Aug-13 22:54:20

Pram if its at the EPU the majority of appointments are because of emergencies, unless its one which only offer drop in appointments.

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sun 04-Aug-13 22:54:54

Yes I was pram which has now got me worried

No point paying privately. If I've miscarried a couple of days isn't going to make a difference. Yes i would know sooner but it's the same department who would deal with my aftercare so may as well have it all dealt with in one place

Damn, just as I posted that, there it is. Doesn't work on my phone though. Maybe an app glitch.

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sun 04-Aug-13 22:55:48

And yes the EPU is for women like me and also women with prior mc's so all are 'urgent'

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sun 04-Aug-13 23:36:27

Much as it galls me to say it, if the EPU is double booked, then I'd say that it is doing as much as it can, for as many women as it can in similar situations. I totally understand your stress though, the not knowing is an absolute killer. I am on total tenterhooks about my own scan. After the MC, there is a big part of me that just doesn't believe that everything will be ok. Take heart in the fact that once you see a heart beat, the risk of MC is greatly reduced. Its all we can do. <<squeezes hand>>

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Sun 04-Aug-13 23:37:30

Mind you, ringing for a cancellation, early morning, late morning and early afternoon starting tomorrow morning probably wont hurt either. wink

JK10 Sun 04-Aug-13 23:39:03

jbrd so so sorry, sending u lots of love and wishing u lots of luck. Take care.

soured wow, what a total nightmare, u poor thing, Wednesday is gonna seem like such a long way off for u. Let us all know how u are tomorrow, we are all thinking of u and wishing all well.

What a rubbish day on here.

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Sun 04-Aug-13 23:43:32

Exactly saggy and they're so bloody lovely up there it's hard to be cross or pushy about things

I hope your scan goes well

Thanks again guys for the hand holding

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 05-Aug-13 00:19:51

They are lovely. I would definitely ring regularly for a cancellation though, they are bound to get one.
Im there first thing Tuesday, short fat and speccy, clutching a kindle and biting my nails, feel free to wink, smile or mutter "pombears" under your breath if you happen to be there! wink

currently munching on parsley to try to beat the tiredness. its full of vitamin C, iron, folate, potassium, calcium and vitamin A (the safe kind). It also seems to be helping with the nausea but it doesn't taste great.

x0gawjus0x Mon 05-Aug-13 06:54:38

Sounds horrible lyra lol I had a bagel with philli cheese and tomatoes on for breakfast yummy! Xx

x0gawjus0x Mon 05-Aug-13 06:55:16

Just wondering how many mg of folic acid are ppl taking x

gawjus you need to be taking 400ug per day. If you are taking a specific pregnancy supplement it will contain the correct amount. You also need 10ug of Vitamin D - both of those are the recommended NHS levels.

Coolhand Mon 05-Aug-13 07:46:51

Thinking of you today Soured - really hope a cancellation comes up.

Lambchop14 Mon 05-Aug-13 07:55:04

First booking appointment today smile

Rockchick1984 Mon 05-Aug-13 08:26:56

Ugh, worst nights sleep ever! Between leg cramp, stretching pains from my uterus, and DS being a demon child, I feel like death on a stick sad DH helped as much as he could bless him, so the pair of us are wandering round like zombies today!

MummyPig24 Mon 05-Aug-13 08:41:42

Rock I'm with you on the zombie feeling. We were tag teamed most of the night by both kids. So tired!

I run a toddler group on Mondays and the woman who runs it with me is away for the next 3 weeks. Plus my grandma who does the teas and snacks is away too. So I have to set up and put away on my own, plus doing all the snacks, washing up, and supervising my children. Ds is to old now he is 5 so it's not much fun for him and he can't really play properly because he has to be careful of the little ones. Most that come are under 3.

Sarahb8990 Mon 05-Aug-13 10:53:57

Well iv just had my scan and all is good. Saw heartbeat and featal pole. Measuring one day ahead so edd is now 20th march.

littleABI Mon 05-Aug-13 11:18:44

great news sarah really happy to hear good news... just being nosey, does this mean your scan was earlier than 12 weeks? x

Sarahb8990 Mon 05-Aug-13 11:31:11

Yeh I had an early scan at 5 weeks due to pains and the one today at 7+3weeks to check everything was still going ok. Iv got my 12week scan booked in for 5th sept didn't have to wait for midwife to send off for a date just went in to my maternity unit and they booked me in.

Great news Sarah.

Soured, I hope the bleeding has stopped or at least eased off. Good luck of you're still going to try for a cancellation.

MTBMummy Mon 05-Aug-13 12:36:35

Hi all, and welcome to the new Martians grin

Soured a delayed hand hold for you, I do hope you get a cancellation that you can swoop down on.

I got lucky on Friday in that I went to see my GP because of my dizziness and palpitations, and she managed to get me the last appointment of the day at the EPU, it took bloody ages to get seen, but we saw a tiny little bean with a heart beat, I'm only 7 weeks, so it's very early days and a lot could still happen, but after my last MC was at this stage, it's a great reassurance

stephie101 Mon 05-Aug-13 12:43:47

I officially got excited today..i went into mothercare and i also got my bounty and emmas diary goodie bags...they were so much better 15 yrs ago!!!
9+4 today and im so ready for this now smile

Who the fuck is Emma??

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 05-Aug-13 13:07:00

Oh Pram you have a treat in store! grin
Emma is the woman in the Bounty pack baby book. It is laid out in the style of a diary. She is a smug cow, who always looks immaculate, doesn't suffer from any pg side effect and never looks like she has been chewed up and spat out or that she hasn't slept for a week for vomiting!
By week 23 you will want to take a baseball bat to her face! grin

JK10 Mon 05-Aug-13 13:26:49

So funny! Can't be doing with Emma and her diary!! Total rot! Maybe at the end of this journey us Martians can put together a Martian diary using this thread to replace Emma! They are well overdue a new image!

Congrats to Sarah on a good s can result,

Hope you doing ok soured.

I got Emma's Diary from the doc surgery at my first appt. how do you get the Bounty pack and is there anything worth having in it?

stephie101 Mon 05-Aug-13 13:33:09

Dont get me wrong as far as emma is concerned she can go do one...trollop..i just like free stuff...glad i got a few tena lady, but why baby oil now...maybe for lube..nappy cream is for itchy piles i presume..as for the alpen berry crunch, the dog loved a nibble of that...

x0gawjus0x Mon 05-Aug-13 13:54:07

Oh ok frank ive been taking 800 mg of folic acid is that too much x

ChocChaffinch Mon 05-Aug-13 13:55:39

so 2 pills a day gawjus? usually the dose is 400mg

x0gawjus0x Mon 05-Aug-13 14:02:04

Yeah i have been thinking the more the better lol obviously not! Why does everyone hate emmas diary? X

Sarahb8990 Mon 05-Aug-13 14:30:22

Don't take more than the recommended dose of folic acid. I'm on a higher dose because spina bifida runs on both side of the family. But that still isn't double the normal dose.

Ugh. She sounds like a right twat. They offered me a bounty pack but I declined saying I hate coconut hmm

Nice news on the scan, Sarah.

How are you, Soured? We are all rooting for you so much, I think we've all taken you to our massive bosoms with your wretched trials.

Gawjus, I think you may be on 400mu not mg? I'm on 10mg and that is considered high. Please, someone, correct me if I'm wrong...*Frankel*? You sound brainy.

Stephie, you bloody crack me up grin

Can you remember the lady on here who was fretting that her fiance didn't want to marry before baby was due? I'm wondering how she is doing.

I have now gained 7lbs since my BFP (I am 10 wks tomorrow). My thigh gap fucked-off yonks ago and I'm fed up. Please can I have similar stories? Anyone who still has a thigh gap and abs and is still doing round-house kicks in their Body Combat classes can kindly fuck off keep quiet. Fanks.

OwlinaTree Mon 05-Aug-13 14:51:09

pramqueen I'm the size of a house and reckon im only 9 to 10 weeks. I don't weigh myself because I've got a bit of a thing about my weight and don't want to know. But my jeans are definatly feeling tight and I'm eating like a horse!

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Mon 05-Aug-13 14:54:09

Hi all,

Thank you so much for the hand holding and bosom hugs. I'm in work today, have decided not to go for a cancellation apt as DH can't get time off work until Wednesday. The outcome won't be any different other than me stressing out but thems the breaks.

saggy I will keep an eye out for you on the labour ward smile

I'm still bleeding fresh red blood (sorry for the tmi!) and it's still heavy but the dr said don't worry unless I flood a pad or have large clots as my cervix was closed yesterday.

My head is elsewhere completely today, it always is but today moreso. You ladies have all been so kind, I know they are words on a screen but they mean a lot to me

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Mon 05-Aug-13 14:55:03

As for size wise. I'm huge. People have started commenting that I'm 'filling out in a few areas' and pointing to my boobs and belly

I've always been hefty so the thigh gap has never been there!!

eln77 Mon 05-Aug-13 15:02:46

hello everyone... been pretty quiet on here just reading everyone's posts (of which there are many)!!

having a bad day so far... feeling mildly queasy which I can cope with but also feeling very light headed and not all there. I think if I stand up right now i'd probably pass out! just eaten so its not through lack of food and I've just got a sugary drink to see if that helps... it didn't.

quick question - i'm only 6+5 weeks and already my clothes are feeling tight? can this be from the bump or am I just piling on weight?!? I don't think I've eaten any more than usual (if anything less) but surely its a bit early to be growing?!?

please help - I don't want to become a fat heifer!!!

greymoose Mon 05-Aug-13 15:02:50

pram i know you said to keep hush but i have the opposite problem which sounds wonderful and everything, but it is so annoying, especially when i don't want to eat anything right now! weight falls off me so i have to eat a LOT just to not look ill at the best of times! also my 4'10" size 6 aunt had a giant bump and LOADS of fluid but was still tiny every other way so i am dreading that coming my way!

grass is always greener! - maybe we could swap?

i am however not doing round house kicks/anything productive because my routine is currently that of a sloth

stephie101 Mon 05-Aug-13 15:33:16

Well i am bad!!! Not taking any supplements as started too but had a bad reaction and shit myself quite openly on the side of the m4 in wales...luckily i had wet wipes in the car. Ive also cut down on the ciggies and aim to be ciggie free by next week....Its a right arse that dp lives 200 miles away....randy urges have started...quite odd, in my previous pregnancies i didnt get any nookie either!!!

Rockchick1984 Mon 05-Aug-13 15:37:03

Eln its just likely to be bloating at this stage - your uterus doesn't pop out of your pelvis until 12 weeks with your first baby so no chance of a bump before then.

Pram I've not gained any weight but look like a heffer - can't fit into my jeans sad

The measurements for vitamins/minerals can be confusing. The recommended dose for Folic Acid for a pregnant woman is 400ug which is approx 10mg. You should definitely not overdo the recommended dose unless your midwife/GP tells you to.

Some vitamins (particularly the fat soluble ones like A) can be dangerous in high doses so you really should be careful in what you take. A specific pregnancy supplement is best as it has the right levels you need.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 05-Aug-13 15:43:12

The usual dose of folic acid is 400mcg. I am on 5mg because I have a higher BMI. I researched folic acid, and there is no proof that too much affects you in any way.

greymoose Mon 05-Aug-13 15:43:49

stephie well done on ciggies, i never imagined id ever be a non smoker after trying to quit a bunch of times but after a couple of days i didn't even think about it, think its just those first couple of days.

it helped me to read a timeline of benefits of quitting smoking and it was kind of like a goal to get to each one


April13 Mon 05-Aug-13 15:50:31

Hi, re folic acid, most vitamins have 400 micrograms which is the equivalent of 0.4 mg. Hope this helps smile

April13 Mon 05-Aug-13 15:53:20

sorry, mg is milligrams. Micrograms (ug) is x 10(-6) g and milligrams (mg) is x 10(-3) g ( the figures in brackets are to meant to be superscript but can't do that on here smile )

MTBMummy Mon 05-Aug-13 16:20:03

Stephie - I'm happy to be your quitting buddy if you want? I officially gave up last Monday, but have had a couple since then.

I'm also huge - we scattered my mum's ashes this weekend, and her partner said to me "Are you getting really fat - or are you growing a second one?" the fucking cheek! angry

x0gawjus0x Mon 05-Aug-13 16:22:56

Oh so ive been having 0.8 cos ive taken 2 tablets at a time oops x

April13 Mon 05-Aug-13 16:37:39

Yeah, 0.8 mg, so not a high doasge like 10 mg, but higher than the norm. That said, I was give extra supplements to take which would have had me taking 0.8 mg too, however I stopped the vitamins containing all the extras (like iron etc) as they made me even more constipated than I was already and they also made be violently sick....I just take folic acid and vitamin D now and feel miles better for it smile I thinkis your are carrying a wee bit of extra weight or in my case the equivalent of a 7 year old child you are recommended to take a higher dosagee

x0gawjus0x Mon 05-Aug-13 16:44:03

My bmi is 23 so maybe i should stick with one tablet just incase thankyou for explaining april

got letter through for 12 wk scan 20th aug anyone else got theres ;) xx

Can I join Quit Club? I've given up officially but still have the odd puff of DP's. It doesn't help that he hasn't even cut down.

Becface Mon 05-Aug-13 17:06:50

Hi I've been hovering for a while. I'm due 9th March, 1st baby and a surprise honeymoon baby, we weren't not trying but didn't expect it so soon as I work in this area of healthcare and see so many women who have waited so long to get pregnant I just thought it wouldn't happen straight away, but here I am 9+1, feeling awful, constant nausea and vomitting at sporadic times of the day, had a few horrendous headaches, and absolutely shattered which isn't great when working 12 hour shifts.

Had my booking appt, and got my scan date through as 27th August, just can't wait till I start feeling better and stop crying over stupid things!

Also sporting some great tan lines from playing sport outside all weekend where my seabands are, which will be fun trying to explain at work tomorrow!

Welcome, Bec.

Help! How do I make my profile page public? I've tried answering 'yes' to 'do you want all mumsnetters to see your photos?' and then saving but still nowt happens when you hover over my name.

I'm having a minor panic.
This morning there were some spots of red blood when I wiped and I've just been to the loo again and there was first pink cm then blood-streaked cm.
I know this is nothing compared to some of you who have had full-on bleeds but I'm still very worried. I've never bled in pregnancy before, not even a drop.

OwlinaTree Mon 05-Aug-13 17:49:14

gawjus my scan is 20th too.

lyra try not to panic, i think a bit of spotting is fairly normal. I'm sure someone with more knowledge about this will reply to you soon. Could your ring the midwife if you are worried?

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Mon 05-Aug-13 17:54:16

lyra get it checked out

I will say, to reassure you, spotting and bleeding is normal and you shouldn't worry unless you flood or pass clots. (Or so I've been told, doesn't make it easier, you'll still worry!!)

Humph, I haven't got my 12 week scan date yet. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow so hoping it comes through soon.

lyra, any blood is scary but in the majority of cases it doesn't mean anything. Are you getting any pains/cramps?

x0gawjus0x Mon 05-Aug-13 18:04:13

Haha becface its so anoying not being able to control our emotions! Have you told work yet? I havent and im also stuck doing four 12 hr days sad will cut down when im about 20 weeks hopefully x

stephie101 Mon 05-Aug-13 18:15:38

Im having about 5 a day and back to work will help, far better than the 20+ before...
I think i can cut down to one ciggie in the morning and evening....then stop....i hope
But yes MTB sounds fab..but im prone to cheating

SoSurprised Mon 05-Aug-13 18:20:35

I have even had my first appointment with the midwife. How long does it take for them to contact you?

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Mon 05-Aug-13 19:08:39

Booking appt with mw is usually at 8-10 weeks

Went to my GP tonight and he's signed me off for 4 weeks. I'm gonna be sooooooo bored!

SoSurprised have you checked whether the midwives get in touch with you or if you are supposed to call them? In my area you have to call the midwife team to make the appointment.

rosyryan Mon 05-Aug-13 19:17:41

Scan went well! Little flickering heartbeat. So relieved!

mimili Mon 05-Aug-13 19:19:18

Hey Ladies. Just been catching up on the threads as I went into work and then came home sick today sad

I seem to have evening sickness I was quite sick yesterday and felt rotten all day today throwing up again this evening. Feel pants!

Have my booking in appointment on Wednesday. Have been told it can be around two hours, is this true?!

brightonbeachbaby14 Mon 05-Aug-13 19:29:23

Bec your story is just like mine! Ours is a honeymoon baby too, after only a week or so being off the pill!shock We were quite shocked it happened so soon, but really excited now we've got used to the idea.

Purplelooby Mon 05-Aug-13 19:29:58

Hi ladies, I'm going to follow bex and jump out from behind the lurking tree to join you. I'm 7+3 with DC2. It's been a bit of a shock because it took me nearly 2 years to get PG with DS, but this one happened first time. I also got PG by accident a few months ago but had an early loss at 6 weeks sad so I'm a bit nervous. DS is only 11 months so I'm finding it hard-going looking after him and being so knackered. I think I'm a lot sicker than I was with my first PG too.

pyra I just wanted to say that I had 2 separate spotting episodes with DS so please don't worry (even though that's easy to say). The gp said it's called breakthrough bleeding and it's hormonal. He wasn't even slightly worried.

Also to comment on the 'bump' conversation above, I'm huge already and I don't know how but it's very much 'bump' like. With DS I was already so big by 12 weeks that everybody at work had figured it out, but I didn't put on loads elsewhere. I'm only 4 ft 11 so I'm not sure whether this is part of why. I also have fibroids and they grow in pregnancy, so maybe that's why.

brightonbeachbaby14 Mon 05-Aug-13 19:32:25

Hi all, I booked a private scan today for next tues, I just can't wait for the 12 week scan it feels so far away. Has anyone else had a private scan done? I'm going to see my family in 2 weeks, I don't get to see them often as they're 5 hrs drive away so will be breaking the news to them. Just want to check that there is actually a baby in there before I do!

SoSurprised Mon 05-Aug-13 19:50:34

My GP said they will contact me. I will call the surgery tmrw to check again.

mimili I get evening sickness too. Can't eat anything past 6 pm

Rosy, nice news on the scan smile

Welcome, Purple.

Brighton, nearly all of us have had early scans! I've had three with a fourth one booked for Friday. Mine are all NHS, though, 'cos I'm old, bossy and it's an IVF baby.

Ice, Frankel and any other 10+ weekers: are you finding your sickness is abating this week?

SoSurprised Mon 05-Aug-13 20:15:48

Pram I haven't been sick this week but the nausea isn't getting much better.

Sorry, by 'sickness' I meant nausea. I'm 10 wks tomorrow and I'm definitely feeling less nauseous much less frequently. I'm hoping this is nowt to worry about.

Pram I am exactly the same. Yesterday I only had a bit of nausea and today has been much the same. And yes I've been worrying that its a bad sign too! Glad to know others are experiencing the same - perhaps we are "normal" after all wink

Rockchick1984 Mon 05-Aug-13 20:33:09

Same here Pram - 10 weeks tomorrow and surprised myself by actually wanting to eat today rather than just needing to so I don't feel like chundering! Think its normal, 9 weeks is meant to be the worst point for sickness (so says my app so it must be true grin )

Thanks for your comments ladies.
I've just been to the loo and there's no sign of blood of any variety, which is a relief. Although I'm feeling mildly crampy.

Pram, I'm 10 weeks and feeling just as sick as every, usually about 10pm. Hope it goes soon.

ChocChaffinch Mon 05-Aug-13 20:44:22

so..... scanned Martians, tell me, how do you deal with having a full bladder? and endlessly waiting with said bladder at bursting point for the slow old nhs scanners?
what did you drink and how did you time it?

Rockchick1984 Mon 05-Aug-13 20:53:24

Choc they told me a pint of water 1 hour before the scan is plenty. Also, don't know if it depends on your hospital but I've never waited more than 5-10 mins after appointment time to have the scan, unlike other depts at the same hospital. I still want to know how my 9.30am appointment kept me waiting until gone 11..... Sorry, rant over smile

x0gawjus0x Mon 05-Aug-13 20:56:24

Oh how cool owlina mines at 3pm make sure u let me know how yours goes smile

I had the worst nausea ever on sat but today ive had none at all slightly worried

I Didnt drink anything before my 10wk scan infact I used the toilet just before and she found baby straight away through my belly! X

greymoose Mon 05-Aug-13 21:10:12

bec I'm exactly the same due 9/3 and scan 27/08! Haven't had booking in yet as they do it at the same time as scan around here

My nausea is worse than it's been before the past couple of days, I'm 9 weeks now but no real vomiting yet, maybe I will get away with it. I imagine by saying this I will be throwing up within the hour.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 05-Aug-13 21:50:58

Lyra see your GP if the spotting continues. They can refer you to the EPU and possibly a scan.

Blimey, Frankel, I'm not averse to meat, eggs, caffeine or vegetables! In fact, all the way through these weeks I have found my most pronounced nausea has simply been a warning to eat something...and anything has done the trick, particularly apples. I still drink energy drinks (less than 200mg of caffeine per day) despite the brouhaha about caffeine which I believe to be bullshit

Welcome to Owl, I'm sorry I didn't acknowledge you earlier blush

Lyra, I honestly think you are going to be fine, love.

PiratesMam Mon 05-Aug-13 21:56:37

They say morning sickness peaks at week 10 which in the past has been true for me; today I threw up in the kitchen bin. It's so hard that this is the part when you're not meant to tell anyone you're up-duffed!

I just read a news story from last year that claimed semen is a good morning sickness reliever. Here's betting that scientist was a bloke with a puking pregnant wife....

Beccadugs Mon 05-Aug-13 22:03:34

Oh god! I am hoping that is semen conventionally as orally seems a but much, especially with a sensitive gag reflex...

Read the above back and realised it was pretty gross!!

PiratesMam Mon 05-Aug-13 22:04:38

<whispers> orally <shudder>

PiratesMam Mon 05-Aug-13 22:05:16

(Shudders again)

IceNoSlice Mon 05-Aug-13 22:07:45

Hi, just caught up on today's posts after my first day back at work, which seemed to drag on forever.

Pram, are you Pramela Andherson in disguise? I haven't noticed any real diff in nausea TBH. Apart from one memorable evening vom whilst poor DS was trying to enjoy his bath next to me, for me it has been mild nausea and the need to graze. Which is the same.

Whoever mentioned the full bladder thing... I had DS (and his scans) at Birmingham Women's hospital and my scan was a full 2 hours late. So I was nearly wetting myself by the time I got in there. Not fun!

Beccadugs Mon 05-Aug-13 22:13:19

In my scan letter it says a full bladder is not required. I am very relieved...

<Still retching at thought if semen as cure for morning sickness... envy >

Beccadugs Mon 05-Aug-13 22:14:05

Full bladder nit required for the scan I mean!

Yeah, Ice, I'm Pramela. Semen down the throat is much more preferable to it being splashed on the fiercely sore nips - I am resolutely refusing the pork sword anywhere near my love cave <firm>

ChocChaffinch Mon 05-Aug-13 22:26:35

apparently the full bladder is needed for inexperienced scanners... they were twunts to me with dd ' you're meant to have a full bladder and yours is EMPTY!' me - well you are running over 1hour late, I had to wee
scanner ' you should train your bladder to hold for longer or you'll have problems when you're older'
me !! <cheeky cow she was>
She said I had to go back out and drink or have an internal. I picked the internal. That was at 12 weeks.

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Mon 05-Aug-13 22:41:23

A full bladder pushes the uterus upwards towards the top of the pelvic bone. It can help give an easier and clearer scan. A uterus hiding down low is not going to be so accessible to the ultrasound, and that could mean you need Dildo Cam! <<eew>>

Coolhand Mon 05-Aug-13 23:22:50

Just got caught up on today and lovely to hear some good scan news. Soured hope you're doing okay.

Pram I was 10 weeks on Sunday but found Friday/Sat had a big decline in nausea - freaked me out. Came back with a vengeance though yesterday and today so it may return. Can't really complain though - haven't been sick (except for when I had a tummy bug at the start) and I also eat more when I feel ill.

On scans, have my booking appnt/scan together here. Last time round, they kept me waiting for an hour, then did all the booking appnt stuff first before scanning. Not peeing nearly killed me. Also meant I didn't really get to enjoy scan as was only thinking about getting to the loo!

Becface Mon 05-Aug-13 23:27:15

Just been catching up on here whilst sat on the loo before bed, brushed my teeth and promptly vomited my entire evening's worth of food, joy! don't know whether this is the start of HG or just because I ate too many minstrels! Hopefully the latter and I have learnt my lesson for next time! Worst I've been sick so far, really hoping it doesn't continue like this tomorrow when I'm at work, don't fancy having to dash to the loo all day long, (more than I have been already).

JK10 Mon 05-Aug-13 23:55:32

Wow loads of posts today, congrats to the new joiners.

So was just getting ready for bed and it suddenly occurred to me that I only got 1 positive pregnancy test after 2 negatives and thought maybe the positive was the wrong one! So I managed to find a cheapy test in the back of a drawer and it came positive straight away! So panic over! I was imaging myself turning up to my 12 week scan, which is actually when I'm 13+3 to say why are we scanning u today! Crazy lady!!

I haven't suffered actual sickness but slight nausea and extreme tierdness but these last 2 days I've kinda felt nearly human again, only 9+1 but hoping the worse is over with.

Oh and I told MIL not to come over anymore with sandwiches and she frowned at me and said in a very huffy voice, have I done something to offend u, to which I said I don't want to be woken up anymore and I really think that now your son is 36 he doesn't need his mum making him lunch, she stropped off and is obviously now not talking to me and neither is my DP because if his mum wants to make him lunch I should let her! Grrrrrrr!!

Hope all is well and I hope soured that the bleeding stops and lyra yours doesn't start again.

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Tue 06-Aug-13 05:47:15

I think my time here is done. Just woken up with a sharp pain and a massive flood of blood. (Sorry for the tmi there!) no clots but I can't see how anything other than a bad outcome can come out of this now.

Going to ring the EPU at 8 to see if I can get in


x0gawjus0x Tue 06-Aug-13 06:23:53

Im a bit worried i had such sore boobs before i had bfp and every single day untill yest. I only got nausea at 7.5 wk and was the worst its been on sst im now 9+5 and both have vanished should i be worried .. X

April13 Tue 06-Aug-13 06:27:32

Thinking of you soured x

HotCrossPun Tue 06-Aug-13 06:29:05

Soured You poor thing, will be thinking about you today. sad thanks

SoSurprised Tue 06-Aug-13 07:14:38

Oh soured you have been through a wringer. Hope the epu can see you today. Will be thinking of you

Soured I hope you can get an emergency EPU appointment this morning. We'll be keeping everything crossed for you x

Rockchick1984 Tue 06-Aug-13 07:31:18

Oh Soured I'm still keeping everything crossed for you! It's not over until you know anything for certain. Please keep talking to us if it helps, and let us know if you get a scan flowers

Rockchick1984 Tue 06-Aug-13 07:31:57

Was the flood when you had first got up, could it just have been pooling overnight?

JK10 Tue 06-Aug-13 07:47:07

soured if EPU won't see u then go to a and e, u need to know what is going on, it may be due to a build up over night but u need to know, thinking of u today, and keeping everything crossed x

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Tue 06-Aug-13 08:01:40

I thought it could be pooling but have already gone through a pad this morning.

saggy chances are I won't bump into you as I'm already here at the EPU

We are lucky in that we do have a fab EPU here. One lady ahead of me and then they will scan. Am hoping all will be well but I'm already dosed on painkillers today coz of the cramps :-(

MTBMummy Tue 06-Aug-13 08:06:31

Soured - go to A&E don't wait to call the EPU

Keeping everything crossed for you x

Coolhand Tue 06-Aug-13 08:09:08

Oh Soured so glad you got into EPU. Thinking of you - you have had such an awful time.

MTBMummy Tue 06-Aug-13 08:10:38

Oops - see I was a bit late - I'm glad you made it to the EPU

Offering a hand to hold

SaggyOldClothCatPuss Tue 06-Aug-13 08:19:30

Lots of love, xxx

mimili Tue 06-Aug-13 08:28:29

soured thinking of youthanks

MummyPig24 Tue 06-Aug-13 08:28:40

Thinking of you today soured

stephie101 Tue 06-Aug-13 08:43:02

soured its not over until youve proof petal.....thinking of you right now....much love..xxxxx

OwlinaTree Tue 06-Aug-13 09:06:23

Hope it goes well soured. Thinking of you.

Souredstoneshasasouredpebble Tue 06-Aug-13 09:39:26

It's not good news. Bean stopped developing within a day or two of the last scan and no heartbeat present.

Good luck to you all and I hope you have happy healthy pregnancies.

I will check in during February and march to read all your happy news

Thank you all so so much for your support. This thread is full of some truly wonderful ladies x

stephie101 Tue 06-Aug-13 09:41:36

soured so sorry lovely...you stayed so positive for over a week, your a very brave lady...so much love to you..xxxx

Rockchick1984 Tue 06-Aug-13 09:42:15

Oh Soured I'm so sorry sad sad sad I've been there hun, please PM me if you need any support or if you want to talk about your options. <<hugs>>

x0gawjus0x Tue 06-Aug-13 09:43:25

Oh thats awful news soured so sorry youve had to go through something so heartbreaking and hope you get all the support you need x