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September 2013- We've managed to hold them in!

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fl0b0t Tue 30-Jul-13 17:28:11

Hi all! Providing the ladies who are currently in hospital don't give birth before the last 20 posts in our old thread, we've made it to a new one with babies all still staying put for now!

Here's the stats thread www.mumsnet.com/Talk/antenatal_clubs/a1694946-September-2013-STATS-THREAD

Welcome newbies! If anyone wants to join the FB group (better for sharing documents and pictures), please message myself or jennimoo with your real life name and email address and we can add you to the group!


HettySunshine Tue 30-Jul-13 18:07:26

Eeeekkkk! We're all going to be mummies, really soon! Eeeekkkk!

fl0b0t Tue 30-Jul-13 18:13:35


Kittenkatzen Tue 30-Jul-13 18:16:53

Marking place....and joining in with hetty's eeeeeeeeking!! grin

eeek from me too! Having an interesting time on my training course, am thoroughly tired out and lying in the bath now with tonight's homework still to do. Not looking forward to the temperature climbing after this nice rainy spell either. DS's birthday on Saturday, I hope I'm not wilting in a corner...

DH and lovely cleaner/decorator friend have finished painting the walls and skirtings in the spare room, so we can put the sofabed back in place and be prepared for live-in help to arrive if required. Lovely friend is also happy to be phoned in the event of us needing to transfer to hosp, to be there in the house for DS.

Had many many BH today (but I think that may have just been due to sitting still on conference room chairs for long stretches), also averaging 1.5 downstairs evacuations per 24h, and was sick up a bit of my lunch today. 36w exactly...

TripleRock Tue 30-Jul-13 19:00:49

Just marking my place. Excited to hear news of actual babies on this thread!

Got consultant appointment tomorrow to try and pencil in some decisions re vbac v elcs. Feels like a pretty big deal... Even more so because DH is coming with. Wish us luck

JammyTummy Tue 30-Jul-13 19:34:40

It's a good job that those scales aren't yet tipping at the wrong end cause I've been on an awful binge today! I think it all started cause I wasn't able to have my breakfast at the usual time.
Anyway... Cup a soup, half a pork pie, big bag of poppin chips (or popped chips, whatever they're called), a bag of gummy sweeties, two cans of coke, two tunnocks tea cakes, plus my dinner (which was yummy home made wasabi tuna burgers do I don't feel too bad about that). I think it's now come to the point I've eaten so much crap I might as well just enjoy the rest of the day and be better tomorrow.


Kittenkatzen Tue 30-Jul-13 19:43:09

Excellent work jammy - I'm pretty sure it's ice cream o'clock for you! grin

CharlW1 Tue 30-Jul-13 19:46:34

Marking place smile

weebarra Tue 30-Jul-13 20:12:32

Well, still stuck in. They're not happy with my urate levels which are an indicator of PE. Had high bp with previous 2, but urate levels were lower. Should correspond with gestation, I'm 34 weeks, urates are 39.
I miss my boys!!

CharlW1 Tue 30-Jul-13 20:37:31

Thinking if you Weebarra it must be doubly rotten being in hospital when your boys are at home - your definitely in the right place though.

I'm crossing everything that I'll be home tomorrow!

Dorita75 Tue 30-Jul-13 20:53:39

I hope you're home soon weebarra and charl you're in the right place for now.

I really really really want some chocolate but can't be bothered going out. DP is away until tomorrow. I'll have to settle for a hot chocolate.

Is anyone getting nosebleeds? Or just when they blow their nose?

Quick comment on other things people are mentioning: BH-I've had the 'hard tummy' feeling for months for no feelings inside; no leaky boobs; after last week's food poisoning I'd returned to normal but am now 'looser' as someone else said....

ION I dreamt I was Kate Middleton last night, that's the only even slightly baby related dream I've had!!

I am losing my mind. Can't find my travel card anywhere. Had it in my hand when DH picked me up from the station, but its not in my backpack or my lunch bag, not in the pocket of the trousers in the wash basket, can't see it round the house. I'm not going out to the car to look, I'm in my PJs now. Why would I have put it down in there anyway? Oh yes, coz I'm losing my mind.

SGJ Tue 30-Jul-13 22:11:08

Oh dear, sorry some of you are having a rough time of it. Hopefully you'll all be home soon (if at hospital) - though possibly with a baby!!
I'm officially on holiday now, mat leave kicks in on due date (28th) but today was first day at home whilst DD was at nursery. Managed to blitz the upstairs which is now gleaming and smells of furniture polish. V satisfied. Also did a massive supermarket shop at a snail's pace rather than quick dash around with grumpy toddler. Brilliant!
Will be tackling the downstairs on Thursday and am inordinately excited about finally having a clean house - hopefully those of you also on mat leave can appreciate my nesting!!
however baby can't arrive until next week as have FIL staying all weekend and everything that is baby related has had to be dumped in a big pile elsewhere so he can stay in what will be the nursery. grrr.

Mooster1709 Tue 30-Jul-13 23:02:19

Just marking my place smile

RunningBear78 Wed 31-Jul-13 06:56:43

rake can totally relate to mind loosing. Went swimming at the weekend and couldn't find my goggles (which were on my head) or shoes (confusingly on my feet) sigh. Makes life so difficult when you have a memory span of about 12 seconds.

Had an odd dream about baby being born, but huge (as in the size of a 1 year old) talking not interested in breast feeding, just wanted to watch telly, and he was eating feta cheese but dropping it all over the sofa. All really strange and I didn't really like him at all sad

thoughts and hugs to those in hospital flowers

CharlW1 Wed 31-Jul-13 08:07:55

Just seen the midwife who checked my blood pressure and babies heartbeat. Everything is fine and baby is having a good wriggle. I have to see the doctor (they've said mid morning but not holding my breath) and then I hope I'm discharged.
I haven't had any more bleeding - hopefully they can say why it happened. I know I'll be taking it easy from now on though!

Wee hope you're ok flowers

twintrimum Wed 31-Jul-13 08:22:45

Great news, charl.

Marking my place too.

Oh good news Charl!

Found travel card, in bag in the pocket that I thought I had put it in all along. blush

Had a horrible dream about having to leave baby newborn with my grandparents (who are in their 80s, lovely, but last did child rearing in the 50s!!) and only got to collect baby after three days, by which time he/she was sitting in the car seat on the sofa merrily spooning porridge into his own mouth and giggling away. I woke up feeling so anxious and protective and baby (IRL) was kicking away. In fact I was laid on my side and baby did a big stretching push with legs which actually pushed me over a bit! and then I rocked back into place when the leg stretch was relaxed. Baby's using me as a leg press machine in a David Lloyd gym!!

kipsonline Wed 31-Jul-13 09:03:04

Great dream running!!
Hope you get out soon wee and Charl. Good news the Bubbas are happy at least.
Jammy if it makes you feel better, my parents have v kindly had the boys for a sleepover. I have made the most of it by having 4 meals out in 2 days to catch up with diff groups of friends. Feel like I might explode :-/
I daren't get on the scales, although last week when I checked I hadn't gained any weight since 30 weeks, so holding at +2 stone. Happy with that!
Off to acupuncture now, 36 weeks today, so induction booked in 2 weeks. Cannot believe I will have another baby in a fortnight.. Major eek.

flipflump Wed 31-Jul-13 09:24:52

Sorry to hear about all these hospital stays, hope you get home soon.

I've just had my GTT results, came back positive. Slightly gutted this hadn't been discovered until 34 weeks. I presented at booking in with high BMI and have measured big since 28 weeks. Feel a bit let down that I could have been receiving treatment for weeks. This baby is going to be a whopper!!!

CharlW1 Wed 31-Jul-13 10:14:17

Just seen the consultant and have to have anti d and steroid injection and then I can go home!
I have to go to my hospital tomorrow to get another steroid injection and also ask to see the diabetic team as the consultant said that if I were under there care I would be on insulin!

Things I would add to the hospital list is a mirror - putting contact lenses in using a tiny one for putting lipstick on was not easy and also a water spray or fan - have been so hot on this ward!

fl0b0t Wed 31-Jul-13 10:40:09

Good advice charl thanks! Hope you're out soon!

Also had a weird dream- just that I was a man though.

My hands are getting so painful. Gone from Pins and Needles in my last two fingers on each hand in the mornings to not being able to bend my fingers for a few minutes when I get up in the morning, and them feeling stiff and arthritic all day! Carpal Tunnel- FUN!

twintrimum Wed 31-Jul-13 11:07:52

Fl0 mine are the same. Some fingers numb all the time but both hands really stiff in the morning. Before I left work I got to the point where I couldn't use the stapler etc. I find that if I can put them in hot or cold water for a few minutes then they improve for a while (but are still as bad the next morning). Sadly this means I start the day by doing the washing up!!

EmmaDee Wed 31-Jul-13 11:21:16

Cheers for the advice on the back pain. Unfortunately my company dont like to spend money! I think I'd be off on maternity by the time I get some back support. Have rolled up my cardi and am using that.

YY to the weird joints in the morning, I was worrying about that. I keep waking on my right hand side, with funny arms/legs and hands, most of it goes by the time I've waddled to the kitchen for my coffee!!

Have just found out Im on a course with work which will clash with my 33 week mw appointment, should I change it to the week before or the week after?

RunningBear78 Wed 31-Jul-13 12:50:39

Aaaaaggghhhhh I have the most itchy nipples, its driving me crazy! Any suggestions what I can put on them to stop the itch?

Ouch about yr hands, sounds v painful!

Good news Charl, hope you get home soon.
Feel yr frustration flip, but at least you can get a grip on things now and hopefully baby growth will slow a little over the coming weeks.

LCR77 Wed 31-Jul-13 12:55:56

Holy shit, all becoming very real. Our babies will be here very soon. Have just 2 weeks left before I finish work, my mat cover started this week, my dad is painting the nursery as we speak and all major baby buys bought or on order.

Really sorry to hear about your GTT results flipflump, I also got picked up late at 32 wks and was really upset when I found out - got my head around it now though. Have you had a growth scan for baby yet? I have and baby is measuring fine, as average as average can be - just I'm measuring big. Currently I'm controlling with diet as my blood sugar levels are fine. Have you started measuring your blood sugar levels yet?

Obstetrician I saw last week was great and she said measuring big for dates isn't really reason enough to refer for GTT, as long as your growth/fundal height is following the curve at the right rate. Have to wait until growth scan at 37 weeks to discuss whether induction is necessary as she said I was borderline whether I had GD anyway

Been having lots of weird labour related dreams since started NCT classes last week - really loving them and DP getting a lot out of it too. AN teacher really good and not pushy at all.

Good luck to all of you having a hard time at the moment with hospital stays - been thinking of you x

fl0b0t Wed 31-Jul-13 13:43:47

Emma- I changed mine to the week after for the same reason- shall be in birmingham and my midwife is only in my surgery once a week.
Unless you have any pressing issues, I think they're just routine anyway!

3.5 more weeks at work for me! smile
(oh god, so much to do and sort out for handover....)

Geesescareme Wed 31-Jul-13 13:50:26

Just had my first experience of a random women commenting on my bump. In sainsburys she said 'crikey you must be about to drop any day now!', with 7 weeks to go and wearing my most bump-minimising dress I was a bit taken aback!

fl0 I would definitely have a worn with your midwife or ring up your surgery to talk to a nurse about your hands as it seems really bad from what you've been saying. Better to get it looked at incase it's something else going on or a sign of something else? Give you some piece of mind then.

Does reflux feel like a trapped burp on your throat?!

emma we have apts at 34 weeks here anyway if that helps?!

RunningBear78 Wed 31-Jul-13 14:33:31

Help! I can't stop eating chocolate. Seriously, I know this sounds hilarious, but I'm actually worried, especially with the number of you with GD. I managed two days without chocolate, but have eaten twice as much as I usually/ought to in the past two days. Can I give myself GD from eating chocolate in huge quantities? I did measure a bit big at my last appointment, and am a little worried ... but despite the fact that I eat really well the rest of the time (dietcoke not a word about my cake intake thank you!) I just can't stop with the chocolate at the moment.

Any suggestions what I could eat instead? I've tried fruit, but the thought of chocolate is actually distracting me from work blush

EmmaDee Wed 31-Jul-13 15:08:21

I dont know what to do about my appointment, I have just heard that someone I know who was due around the same time as me has lost her baby at 28 weeks. This has now made me totally paranoid and I want to see the mw for reassurance.

I had stopped randomly freaking out, but now this has brought it back. What are the odds after 32 weeks? Im scared to google as Im in work and could be reduced to a fit of tears, am already teetering on the edge.

jennimoo Wed 31-Jul-13 15:13:54

Emma - I'm afraid in not googling either, but I heard done friends bad news around this time last time around and it did really upset me. I'd make your appointment earlier for reassurance. I don't think it necessarily means you'll have the next one later, it's usually the gap between them they're interested in.

It is scary having them hidden inside but it's also worrying once they're born, and if parents of older children are to be believed it never stops being worrying!

weebarra Wed 31-Jul-13 20:05:14

i think this end bit is scarier than the beginning! We're almost there but we've now bonded hugely with our babies and probably have an increased awareness of what can go wrong.
For me, bp and bloods all fine and going to get out tomorrow but....i've just lost my plug! can't remember how imminent that means things are!

jennimoo Wed 31-Jul-13 20:13:21

I think it can still be ages after plug goes but I lost some of mine 4 days before birth and the rest the night before last time around!

Dorita75 Wed 31-Jul-13 20:29:50

Geesescarme yes! The only heartburn I've had is a hot burpy feeling in the back of my throat. Water seems to be the only thing that brings it on. Milk helps me and I've also got a supply of gaviscon tablets to help. Good luck!

mrspaddy Wed 31-Jul-13 20:35:59

Hello.. hope you are all well. I am just over 34 weeks. Had breastfeeding class yesterday. Really enjoyed it.. the little dolls are so cute!! Rugby hold.. here I come.
Getting a bit of a sickly feeling/tummy upset but other than that doing great. After ironing my maternity clothes there I keep thinking I won't miss them but have a feeling I will be wearing them for a while yet!

flipflump Wed 31-Jul-13 21:00:44

Thanks LCR, yeah was pretty upset too but after having lots of questions answered I'm a lot more relaxed.

I saw the diabetes nurse specialist today, she has started me off with blood monitoring. I've to have it reviewed in a weeks time at a clinic. So far today my results are well within normal ranges. Fingers crossed I can control with diet too. So relieved I'm now getting the appropriate care. Had a growth scan last week, the results from that triggered the GTT test to be done. Baby is measuring big on scan, well over 90th centile. Having another scan in a weeks time. Get an extra nose at our little bundle.

CharlW1 Wed 31-Jul-13 21:31:52

Flip annoying they didn't catch it before but at least you're getting the right care now. it's really good if you can control it with diet - I'm on tablets 3 x a day and will see if I need to go on insulin tomorrow.

I'm back out of hospital now - thank goodness! have to go to my hospital tomorrow to get second steroid injection and just try and relax as much as possible.

Yes to heartburn and achy hands first thing in the morning - my joints ache so much (hands) and I can't close my hands in a morning. Cold water definitely helps but the ache can last most of the day.

andadietcoke Wed 31-Jul-13 22:03:47

emma the odds are definitely in our favour now - after 28w they jump up massively to 90%+

fl0 you have my every sympathy with your hands. Mine are just getting worse. The consultant said if it had happened earlier she would have referred me for physio but there wasn't much point now. I get physio paid for by work though so might try and go next week at some point. I've heard the wrist supports that stop your wrist flexing help if worn in bed, or find a way to sleep where your hands are elevated.

runningbear cake, cake?! Have you tried really strong dark chocolate (I like the Lindt one with sea salt in) and just having a couple of squares? Sounds very virtuous but that takes the edge off for me. Depends on what you're craving though. And they do say that your body craves what the baby needs. Could you force the chocolate down if it was for baby bear's sake?!

badguider Wed 31-Jul-13 22:08:06

no suggestions on the chocolate craving bear - personally I am totally off food as my stomach seems to be the size of a peanut right now and eating almost anything makes me feel like i've had two christmas dinners!

dh isn't happy and wants me to keep eating.. am compromising on a very small bowl of healthy cereal and keeping up with my vitamin pills.

weebarra Wed 31-Jul-13 22:14:50

Glad you're out now charl!

flipflump Wed 31-Jul-13 22:17:40

Enjoy being back in your own home and your own comfy bed Charl!

flipflump Wed 31-Jul-13 22:52:31

Sorry, another GD question from me. Does anyone know how long the clinic appointment with doctors, nurse and dietician takes? Is it a long one? DH is going to arrange time off for it but wondering just how long he needs.

Also, I guess I'll have to amend my snack/drink shopping list for hospital bag. What should I buy instead of Capri sun, biscuits and dried fruit?

CharlW1 Thu 01-Aug-13 01:19:47

flip mine was 3 hours in total - I saw the diabetic midwife, had bloods, saw the dietician, had a scan and then saw the consultant.

For hospital bag M&S do the best sugar free cloudy lemonade - freeze a couple of bottles so they stay ultra cold whilst at hospital. Nuts are really good and as is cheese and also the odd banana will be fine. it would be a really good question to ask the dietician or diabetic midwife.

Reflux hit me last night. Couldn't get to sleep, as lying down flat was impossible (acid in throat) and propped up was just plain uncomfortable. Stomped downstairs in a grump, DH still awake, we looked up NHS website which says it can be worse in second/subsequent pregnancies as well as just being later on (36w now) and decided antacids were ok. I had the very last two 'Tums' in the house, and then eventually got to sleep (don't care if it was a placebo effect!!) ... must buy more today.

DS is 4 today! He had a few cards and a present, but is convinced he is not really 4 until his party though. Strange boy. smile

weebarra Thu 01-Aug-13 07:51:00

Happy Birthday Rake's DS!

Happy Birthday Mini-Rake!

Well done to everyone with early labour scares/problems, for managing to keep them in!

No info on expressing or mixed feeding yet as the BF counsellor wants to talk to me in person. I've been told she's great, so hopefully will be helpful.

Got my birth plan pack yesterday, to read through before my next appt, when we'll make my plan. (I wrote mine week's ago but hey ho) Pack included info on contraception, obviously meant for post birth, but I couldn't help thinking "bit late for that!" and laughed so hard I woke up DH. grin

ION, after having my waters broken without warning last time round, and everything going to pot from there, I'm starting to freak out a bit about this time round. Will have to have a good chat with DH and MW about it, so they can both keep me reassured. sad

frogchops Thu 01-Aug-13 09:11:30

So like a Billy no mates I've been looking at the old thread wondering why everyone is so quiet!
Anyway, am getting lots of 'you've really dropped, you're def not going til 20/09' comments.
Both my mum and dad (separately) have gone abroad for 2 weeks so I'm hoping nothing happens while they're away and they leave me with mil and SIL (you know the one!)

flipflump Thu 01-Aug-13 09:19:04

Thanks Charl, we'll be prepared for a long one.

Thanks for the top tip, will pop into M&S. I can't eat nuts so hopefully dietician can make another suggestion. Hope you are at home today with your feet up!

jennimoo Thu 01-Aug-13 09:22:00

I'm feeling all emotional today. I woke up in loads if pain in the night, it felt like the baby was pressed right into my hip joint. Eased and I managed to get out of bed and move around a bit then go back to sleep. Not long after DH wakes me up and tells me to roll over, as he can't sleep due to my... Wind! I'm now wondering if the pain was trapped wind, but was pretty annoyed to be woken up and having to go through the palaver of turning only to lie awake and listen to him snore!

Doesn't help that my SPD seems to have progressed and I'm getting pain right in the centre of the pelvis now too. Can't exactly walk around clutching that bit!

Oh we'll, moan over, back to trying to rest and enjoy my child free day...

fl0b0t Thu 01-Aug-13 11:22:43

Jenni- ouchie!
geese good idea- should speak to the dr really! I feel like a pregnancy symptom bore- nausea (check!), acid reflux (check!), spd (check!), carpal tunnel (check!), loose bowels (check!), serious increase in discharge (check!), ooh is that sciatica pain too (check!).

emma very scary to hear about a baby lost at 28 weeks. I guess the important thing to remember (whilst not stressing about) is that sadly a child can be lost at any time. This does not mean to say it will happen to you and each extra week into your pregnancy, the statistics improve exponentially! I've had a quick google and actually the stats look good. I promise you that worrying about it will fix nothing.

EmmaDee Thu 01-Aug-13 11:39:15

Cheers flobot and everyone else for the reassurance. I am an emotional wreck these days, and that through me over the edge! DH and I had arranged (before I heard this news) to look at buggies and car seats last night, so we had to go even though my heart wasnt really in it.

Oh my goodness, so complictated. So many bits/types/iso fix stuff to take in. Didnt get anything but at least my DH now understands why I said one hour on a saturday morning just wont cut it when it comes to buggy buying!!

RunningBear78 Thu 01-Aug-13 11:47:22

Jenni - ouch, and sympathy. Get some rest today and catch up on some sleep if you can.
emma very scary. Dh reminded me when his mum died at the age of 43, his grandpa totally fell apart at the loss, and actually died not long afterwards. Just pointing out that once we decide to become parents the loss of a child during pregnancy or at any time afterwards is horrific, but something we expose ourselves to. Not sure how helpful that was. I cried a lot. So did he. But I guess all we can do is look after ourselves now for the best possible outcome, and be sensible with our new babies and bring them up sensibly and hope they don't drive like most teenagers or take up dangerous sports or leave the house without being covered in bubble wrap

JammyTummy Thu 01-Aug-13 11:48:39

Question about the infamous 'plug': I take it not everyone gets a show? Is it quite common to just not get it?
I'm still 4 weeks away but trying to figure whether chances are that I will know and be at least vaguely prepared for going into labour, or whether there is quite a high probability of it being a total surprise? Is it one of those situations where if you really listen to your body you should be ok?

RunningBear78 Thu 01-Aug-13 11:49:05

Fl0 you should find a comprehensive list and find all the really nasty symptoms you don't have to make yourself feel better flowers

badguider Thu 01-Aug-13 12:31:01

On the 'show' - I think the mucus plug has to come away at some point but whether or not it's 'obvious' and whether it's before, at the start of, or during labour seems to be pretty random... I wouldn't worry about not seeing labour coming though as everything I've been told at various ante-natal thingies is that there will be lots of twinges and early stuff going on before you get anywhere near strong, regular, contractions (and even then you've got 8-12hrs on average).

Joskar Thu 01-Aug-13 13:18:29

Sympathy to all the carpal tunnel/SPD/reflux sufferers. There really is nothing glam about pregnancy. I'm baffled as to why I'm enjoying it!

weebarra Thu 01-Aug-13 13:35:58

Show - is just really a vague indication that things are likely to be starting to move - like cramps, loose bowels etc. In my previous pregs, show came about 3 days before labour. For DS1 labour began with waters breaking, for DS2 it was contractions.
Seems like these pesky labours are all different!

RunningBear78 Thu 01-Aug-13 13:53:33

You remember how in the first trimester we were holding our jeans together with hairbands ... I've just had to do the same with my maternity shorts blush

CheeseStrawCraving Thu 01-Aug-13 14:01:08

I just went to the tip to get rid of about 8 heavy ish bin bags and about 20 cardboard boxes as we've just moved house and not one person offered to help me! Was doing each bag one trip at a time too angry

Also, been sticking milk and ice cubes in the blender with nesquik choc milkshake powder... Lush and slightly healthier then all the other crap I've been craving. Almost feeling virtuous grin

RunningBear78 Thu 01-Aug-13 14:07:47

Just wondered as dh brought this up the other day - When are you inviting/expecting visitors post-birth?

DH has two weeks off work, and I really want the first week to be just us with babybear. I feel like that time will be so precious I really don't want to be disturbed or interrupted by visitors. Actually I would quite like to have both weeks with just us ... but I know my dad is off on hols for a few weeks at the start of October and would probably like to visit before he goes, as would friend who is off around the world for a year or so.

I don't feel like we'll need help from anyone in those first few weeks, but the weeks after when dh goes back to work it might be nice to have some company? Also, I'm a bit worried that having visitors early will throw me off trying to learn how to look after a baby or have any kind of routine for feeding and sleeping.

Anyway, just wondered what people have done in the past, or were planning? None of my friends or family are local and I don't really want to have to put them up at our house overnight, and the closest hotel is about 20 minutes away, which isn't bad I suppose. Is it rude/mean not to want to put visitors up?

ElBombero Thu 01-Aug-13 14:19:20

Hey guys, a long term lurker but this is the first time I've posted. I'm feeling like abit of a beached whale, how much weight have you all gained? Think I'm in for a whopper hmm

CheeseStrawCraving Thu 01-Aug-13 14:26:53

Bear we have decided to have a BBQ at the end ish of September (due 8th but kinda not really expecting him til a week or so late) and have let friends and family know that we will invite everybody round then to celebrate and have cuddles etc... We have just sent a semi invite out telling people this and adding that we would like a little bit of time to ourselves first to establish a routine and get to know him etc. everybody has been mega understanding.

frogchops Thu 01-Aug-13 14:46:10

Cheese that's a fab idea to invite people all together. Unfortunately I have the most interfering mil and SIL in the world so I know within 24 hours they'll be at my house wanting to do things.
Strangely this is why I'm hoping that bf works for me so I can take him off upstairs to feed (not that I'll feel embarrassed to do it, but because I'm hoping they'll get the message that they should go home) but I know they'll be irritated that I've taken him away and will keep coming up to check etc. cue me having to bite my tongue A LOT.

jennimoo Thu 01-Aug-13 14:49:35

I'm worried about the visitor thing. My mum was rubbish last time and I ended up 'hosting' her with meals to prep etc. I'm going to try to lay down the law this time (easier I think as she hasn't got quite as far to travel) but if she's the one 'on call' when I go into labour (there's a rota with MIL) then I know she'll not be easily kicked out.

jennimoo Thu 01-Aug-13 14:51:01

And cheese - living the milk, ice and nesquik idea. Just woken from a nap and wish it would magically appear next to me

frogchops Thu 01-Aug-13 15:11:04

Just read my post back and am now wondering how long to expect a feed to last? Possibly not an easy question to answer....obvious first timer here!

jennimoo Thu 01-Aug-13 15:16:36

I think at first frog it can be anything up to an hour, but I don't really remember. After a couple of month DD was definitely on just 5-10m a go though (but every 1:45m...)

I've already made it clear that we can't have any overnight guests. DH is off for 3 weeks so my mum will be up for week 4 & has already arranged to stay with friends about 20mins.

I was personally quite upset when my bro didn't want me to visit in the first 2 weeks (we've always been quite close, he handled it pretty badly, and unfortunately we don't have the r/ship I would have liked with them/my nephew now as a result). So I won't be stopping people visiting, esp not immediate family. But I have no qualms about asking people to help with things & I def won't be hosting!

twintrimum Thu 01-Aug-13 15:41:38

Welcome Elbombero!

Well I've just had a fun day in hospital but I'm home now. Went in for routine scan & appointment and ended up having three scans, monitoring for two hours and I have to go back again tomorrow. Both are small and one might have stopped growing. ELCS looks inevitable in the next ten days or so. Gulps...

Visitors - I want it to be just me, DP and the babies for the first two weeks after we get home then we'll decide after that when we want visitors. I don't trust MIL not to persuade DP that she will be staying with us for a month after he goes back to work. She suggested it before, I said no but I think she will do everything she can to talk him into it. I'm determined it will be 3-4 days at a time at most.

badguider Thu 01-Aug-13 16:10:10

After much gallivanting round the country and world, dh and I have ended up within 30mins of both sets of parents and within an hour of both siblings.
All of them are the type to visit for an hour or two and then leave and I have no qualms about leaving dh to do all the 'hosting' and about taking the baby to bed with me if I've had enough so we we're not worrying about trying to pre-empt visiting 'rules'.. we'll just see how we feel. I'm aware we're very lucky though smile

Joskar Thu 01-Aug-13 17:18:47

My folks are coming to stay because they live far away and I want ma to do all the cooking and cleaning so me and and baba and dh can spend time together. If it doesn't work out then I'll tell her to go away. We (ma and me) have already discussed it and decided that this is the way to go. She doesn't want to interfere but does want to be useful. No idea what MIL is planning. Her daughter is due two weeks before me so I imagine that she'll be taken up with that baby.

I'm not discussing my weight. Ever.

JammyTummy Thu 01-Aug-13 17:22:11

I am more than sure that there isn't a conceiveable scenario whereby we don't have visitors on the day the baby comes home. DH is really close with his family so they will all inevitably be over asap. I've had to tell him (he was a bit confused...) that I do not want anybody being in my house when we come home from hospital, unless they're a yellow Labrador or scruffy labradoodle! I've managed to win myself a few guest free hours...

With DS, we ended up living with my parents for 5 weeks after he was born. It was absolutely the best thing that could have happened, they were just unobtrusively supportive and made the housework etc run invisibly around us. Food and drink appeared, washing disappeared and reappeared clean, baby was cuddled while I had a bath... It was all good.

However, we went directly there from hospital the day after he was born and PILs were invited round as well. First grandchild on both sides, we were trying to be scrupulously 'fair' although we didn't expect any aggro as such. We didn't know when I was going to be let out, so we just told them when we were on our way and I think they set off the same time. So, got to the house about 1pm, and was sort of 'on show' until the evening. In retrospect I should have bailed out much sooner with baby for some skin to skin in bed, and let them just sit around with DH talking about it. It's not like baby was doing anything particularly interesting (apart from one spectacular shit that dribbled down the leg, out through the poppers, and all over a grandad). Nobody's fault, just that I didn't read the signals and realise how tired I was and that I shouldn't be trying to be engaging.

So I would say if you have family or ILs who you know are going to come round, don't waste your energy fighting it, just be confident to do your own thing whether that is disappearing up to your room for a feed/cuddle/sleep, or asking them to leave the living room while you feed/cuddle/doze. They might be offended but stuff em. They might even get their act together and do some washing up/etc while they're waiting. It's slightly more of a challenge to find the words to suggest things like that, but most people won't be offended at being asked to help with some chores and then get a baby cuddle later, if it's an alternative to being told visiting hours are over, off you pop.

I am not making much sense am I... V tired, final exam tomorrow of my training course, I'm just trying to hold out enough energy for it.

SGJ Thu 01-Aug-13 19:46:56

RANT. I'm shattered. Have spent my second day 'off' since leaving work (DD at nursery) cleaning the house - not due to nesting but as FIL invited himself to stay from tonight until Sunday. I mean DEEP clean. I'm so exhausted, I've been cleaning since 1pm with no break bar collecting from nursery, he arrived about 6.30 just as I need to prepare dinner, bath her and put her to bed, she's had no sleep so is mentally tired, has only ever met him twice in her life, he's asking for wine and we have none, phoning everyone to let them know he's arrived and that I'm "looking buxom" (thanks, toss bag) and DH is delayed thanks to trains from London apparently not being able to operate in the heat.

I just want to sit down, have a little cry and down a bottle of Gaviscon!!
Anyway, will go back and catch up with today's thread...

RunningBear78 Thu 01-Aug-13 20:39:16

Welcome elbombero!

Thanks for your thoughts and experiences on visitors. I think part of my problem is not quite knowing how my mum will be. She can be fab, or just a total bucket of randomness. I know dad will potter and bring food and wash up, and im not quite sure about dh's dad, who does totally random stuff like buy soap and flannels when he stays instead of just asking yo borrow making me feel totally incompetent at running a house although otherwise is absolutely lovely. Mainly I don't think he's comfortable to potter and help out in our house. Maybe I should actually just talk to them all? I love the idea of a big BBQ party as the first baby show, but as family and friends are all over the country I don't think that would work for us. Will think on...

Ion just had a v rewarding argument with some idiots in the swimming pool ...which I won grin

RunningBear78 Thu 01-Aug-13 20:40:46

sgj til sounds like a tool, so sorry. Head for bed as soon as you can.
last time that happened, I let dh clean the house when his pa arrived smile

kipsonline Thu 01-Aug-13 21:18:06

Ooh sorry to hear of more aches and pains and in-law woes.. I'm not sure if you remember my MIL from one of our earliest threads who refused to acknowledge this baby? Well, she has still failed to ever refer to the pg, baby, etc etc. incredible!
We have always had lots of visitors soon after birth, but none staying over. They were all v good about making a cuppa, bringing cake and not out staying welcome. DH has never managed to take much paternity leave so I have quite liked the company tbh. Your days/ nights are so looong when you have a newborn that a short visit doesn't really impact on bonding time too dramatically ;) having said that I would NOT want anyone staying over, you do need some peace, definitely!
And welcome bombero. 2 stone at 36wks, normal bmi before, 3rd pg. think it depends on so many individual factors though that comparisons are pretty meaningless?

SGJ Thu 01-Aug-13 21:51:50

FIL has so far asked me if I'm sure it's not twins and told me that he has a very busy weekend planned, seeing all of his friends at various pubs during the time whilst he's here... seems like the only time he's scheduled to see us or DD was tonight (when she's asleep) and when we're ferrying him from one pub to the next... so the bright side is that at least we've got some unexpected time to ourselves! Old git is now asleep as he's drunk 2 Adnams and an expensive bottle of red by himself... time for bed for me!
Needless to say we won't have to worry about him racing here to see us when baby is born!!

Manoodledo Thu 01-Aug-13 22:26:24

Gosh twintrimum hope you're ok. Good luck with tomorrow's appointment.

Just moved house and saw new midwife today who told me to make sure my bag was packed (which it is most definitely notblush)! Wondering if it was just general advice or if she had some reason for thinking I might go early (currently 35+3). She also said I should expect some grinding pain as the baby engages and man she wasn't wrong. Ow, ow, ow tonight! Anyone else had this?

jennimoo Fri 02-Aug-13 06:11:25

Manoodle - I think something like that pain woke me last night. Was agony!

SJG - I'm mad for you about your FIL! At the mo I don't like anyone staying let alone someone being like that. Dreading early labour and having parents / in laws here to look after DD.

SGJ, you have far more self control than me, your FIL would have had a few choice words! Cheeky git. If he wants to stay in a hotel, he should have booked one. If he wants to treat your house as a hotel, then he needs to pay for it! angry

Grinding pains, check! Bump emgaes for a few days, then pops back up, so I keep alternating walking normally, and walking like John Wayne. Flipping hurts, especially if I bend forwards suddenly and sort of push her down a bit further! <winces at the memory>

I've been getting crampy pains in the morning, asked MW who said that they fall into the range of normal niggles, but to call her if they start coming in waves, or getting stronger. The lo and behold last night, every 12 mins, 10, 8, then they stopped after a bit more than an hour. I am taking my notes to work with me and packing my hospital bag tonight! Not overly worried about an imminent arrival as I went into early labour with DD1 at 34 weeks, had an overnight stay at hospital, and everything stopped on it's own. DD1 then went on to be almost 2 weeks overdue.

As for visitors, I wanted immeadiate family to come and see us straight away, so had lots of visitors to the hospital. We only had one turn up at our home unannounced, but they refused drinks, brought knitted cardis, best wishes and hugs, and left soon after. When people asked when they could visit, we told them what times DD was likely to be awake and let them pick, and kept a sort of bookings diary on a white board! (DH has a BIG family, we had visitors every day) If people wanted to turn up during naps times I told them they could if thy wanted, but there might not be much point if they wanted to hold DD. No one ever tried to wake her up, I never felt worried that they would. I think perhaps the boundaries were silently written in when we "booked appointments" for people! grin It didn't strike me at the time that I could have been considered rude, and tbh I still don't care if I was. Those first few weeks are so special, and I wasn't very well for a while, so everyone seemed very obliging. Once I could, we also went for lots of walks out, for fresh air, for a break. Never at the same time, so "poppers in" could end up sat outside for ages, which tends to put them off.

Fozziebearmum2be Fri 02-Aug-13 07:26:48

Morning all, completely lost this thread, been using fb, and clearly is too much to do two things smile

Visitors is something which is worrying me too, with a first baby I have no idea what to expect and quite fancy taking some time to get to know the bundle as well as get to know what life is like with a baby. I'm the first person out of my friends and family to have one (since me!) so feels like stepping into the abyss!

Thankfully friends and family aren't far away (would be a nightmare if we had to put them up!) but dh has a big family and its my families first grandchild so can't imagine we can get away with telling people to stay away. But I will be telling people when they can come and dh's happy to tell his family too. I like the idea of giving people times, but no idea when nap times are? Assume it varies from baby to baby...omg...I know nothing! blush

Double leg cramp in the early hours of this morning, from sleeping on/half under just a sheet, with the fan on because it was so warm yesterday evening. Absolute agony, woke DH up with my "ow ow ow stop stop it stop it!". Still hurts actually, must have left lactic acid deposit in the muscles or something.

Today was the last day I wake up to the alarm! Exam this morning, pop into work to see what's been going on, then home for birthday party preparations and then a week down at parents' farm. Baby permitting, I'll be going into work the week after, but not at commuter-time, and not for full days.

SGJ, I would have had to ave said something pretty sharp to that FIL. What a tosser.

SGJ Fri 02-Aug-13 08:29:35

There is so much I would like to say to him but since we only see him once a year at most, I'm just going to bite my tongue for a couple of days. He's v old; lots of his behaviour is a generational thing, I think. The benefit if his flying visit here, though annoying, is that we won't be expected to travel to Devon to see him for a while. And 'a while' could be a long time indeed since we'd have to hire a place to stay - he won't have 2 children to stay at his house - too disruptive!!

CharlW1 Fri 02-Aug-13 08:55:03

Rake good luck with the exam!

Glad you mentioned the grinding pain Manoodledo - I was just saying to OH that's exactly how it feels! I hope her head is getting engaged or getting ready because my twin sister was told she had a narrow pelvis and my nephews head never got engaged - after 30 hours if being induced she ended up having an emergency c section. I just hope I can deliver my baby naturally.

Flip how did your various appointments go yesterday with regards to the diabetes - hope all went well.

SGJ sounds like you have the patience of a saint! I have MIL next weekend - I always feel like I am being judged but she can be lovely too - just her son can of course do no wrong!

TripleRock Fri 02-Aug-13 09:54:06

Re visitors, we started out strict last time. It was made known to everyone that DH was in charge of visits and when we were ready they would be informed! (Makes me a bit blush now!)

As it was, after an awful labour and crash section I just really wanted to see my Mum (a very odd feeling for me) and show DD off. So we ended up having ths whole lot come to the hospital, much to the displeasure of the MWs (think 2010 swine flu epidemic) who wouldn't let anyone in, not even one at a time, miserable gits! So we all ended up stood in the corridor opening presents! Completely unplanned but actually lovely!

This time we will be relying on family to come to our aid for childcare for DD so I feel it would be churlish to turn them away for the odd early visit or two. My parents are 3.5 hours away so they will be staying nearby. Not having anyone stay here though!

jennimoo Fri 02-Aug-13 10:58:15

We'll have to have people staying during labour but they have been told they can't hang around indefinitely once we come home. My MIL understands but I'm not sure my mum does... She outstayed her welcome last time around (stayed in hotel but didn't go home until late of an evening...) and witnessed me breaking down hysterically crying as was sleep deprived and suffering insomnia too. I might have to remind her of that...

frogchops Fri 02-Aug-13 13:19:36

Charl, you're not the only one with a golden balls DP! My mil would still come and wipe his ass if he asked.

flipflump Fri 02-Aug-13 14:12:24

All going well, thanks Charl. I've to keep on monitoring until Wednesday when it will be reviewed again. At the moment I'm managing to diet control. Struggling with breakfast, I'll try eggs tomorrow but don't really fancy having them everyday. Scan on Tuesday, so we'll have a better idea of growth, a fortnight ago it was over 90th centile. They have said they won't let me go over my due date. At last scan my placenta was still low too, hoping that's moved now.

frogchops Fri 02-Aug-13 14:50:05

I'm walking very gingerly around my workplace as sitting hurts. Still got horrendous back pain. Am completely shattered and just want to throw in the towel now. Done in, I could cry, I give up! :-(

redandyellowandpinkandgreen Fri 02-Aug-13 14:53:06

I was fine with visitors last time but all our relatives are local so no long visits. I'm happy for people to call round this time as long as they stick the kettle on.

Geesescareme Fri 02-Aug-13 15:50:13

frogchops I really sympathise, just try to keep going and just do what your body tell you to. At the moment it seems to be that each day is different to the next with me. One day I've completely had enough and am so shattered then the next day I feel loads of energy. Try to take each day as it comes?

It's my birthday today (whoop!) and spent the morning out our first 'parentcraft' class. We are not doing nct and I have to say this NHS was pretty good. Is just this session and one on bf next week. They covered everything and every scenario and I left feeling jemmed-up and without any unanswered questions.

For all of those still left to pack their bags they recommened lucozade tablets for the pushing stage to give you a boost of energy which seems like a good tip.

I don't think I've had this grinding feeling yet (33+2) but my mum says I will know when he's engaged as it feels like a pessle and mortle rubbing together! Great lol.

Dorita75 Fri 02-Aug-13 16:46:19

Happy Birthday Geese and thanks for the lucozade tablet tip, I'll get me some of those!!

frogchops Fri 02-Aug-13 17:25:10

That's lucozade tablets on the shopping list. Really need to get my ass into gear with this bag this weekend blush
Have bought big pants, and they are huge. However, the leg holes don't feel big enough :-/ can't have them cutting in, it'll do my head in.
Might ask my mum if I can have an old nightie, cos I have none :-/ buying a cheapy one seems a bit silly.
ION I have a week and three days left at work....I bought reeses pb cups to quash the pb craving without opening my new jar wink .....am contemplating a Chinese for tea but am studying each items liklihood to involve nasty heartburn..... And I've assembled my Moses basket stand in the living room and am slightly blush that there is going to be a baby in it very soon.

fl0b0t Fri 02-Aug-13 17:28:55

Interesting thoughts on visitors! We will have MIL for a few days 2-4 weeks after baby arrives (providing it's on due date or late) as in laws live abroad, but she can be pretty self-sufficient. No idea about anything or anyone else, other than my sister may want to visit half term as she works in schools,(but may not?) and I've just got no idea! Will play it by ear I think!

TripleRock Fri 02-Aug-13 18:21:25

I think that's the right way Fl0 , as you just don't know how you're going to feel until the time comes.

Peregrin Fri 02-Aug-13 22:39:48

Aw frog! Hang on in there.

Emma, I have been researching obsessively and regularly about survival rates since bleeding in the fourth month... somehow having that information available calms me down more than having no anchors at all.

Re. visitors - I am hoping my mother can come already before birth to help out - DH works abroad, with a regular commute, and I am afraid of being stuck on my own! Other than that, I'd prefer not to see anyone for the initial period, I think. I'd happily email around the first photos, then switch off my phone and let DH handle would-be visitors if possible. I just expect that recovering from giving birth and looking after the baby will take up all my energy.

A friend has kindly offered to visit me this month from abroad, and I think I'll have to explain to her that my mobility and energy levels are already so low that I fear I could not entertain her properly...

Peregrin Fri 02-Aug-13 22:43:35

TMI question: have you been doing perineal massage? I have just tried this evening for the first time and it hurt. like. hell. I couldn't even do the massage properly like I've seen on YouTube, sticking in a thumb was already uncomfortable and trying to apply some pressure was too much (sorry for the oversharing). Doesn't bode well for a whole baby making its way out!

EmmaDee Sat 03-Aug-13 00:24:40

Hi all, tmi question... Has anyone noticed any lumps on their nipples? Just lying in bed and have noticed one, just wondering if its pregnancy related or somethung more sinister?

jennimoo Sat 03-Aug-13 06:12:36

Peregrin - not tried the massage, really don't fancy it, although did need a fair but of seeing up last time so if it helps perhaps its worth it?

Emma - do you mean around the nipple? Little lumps on the areola (think that's spelled all wrong...) are normal pregnancy stuff and have a name too I think!

SGJ Sat 03-Aug-13 06:31:55

Didn't do massage last time, don't plan to this time! I think you have to do it A LOT each day for it to really have any positive impact, anyway.
Those little bumps around the nipple are called Montgomery tubercles - perfectly normal even usually and become more pronounced in pregnancy. Apparently they help the baby smell where your nipple is!!

jennimoo Sat 03-Aug-13 07:17:48

That's it, I knew they had a slightly amusing name!

DH has just sat in bed looking at his phone, now run out the house to meet up with his running club as he does every Saturday. Today it's really pissing me off he didn't bother to interact with DD while he was here, and that I get to do breakfast for the 6th morning in a row... I'm sure the hormones make it all seem worse but still annoyed, especially as he has no clue when he'll be back...

flipflump Sat 03-Aug-13 08:23:58

Jenni, make sure you take an afternoon nap and leave him in charge. I was never terribly hormonal but find everyone is irritating me this week. Having to bite my tongue!!

Frog, you sound like you need a break. Hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend planned. If you need to throw the towel in, then do it. You get no prizes from carrying on working. Your baby needs a well rested, relaxed mummy.

Re. visitors, it's only MIL and SIL who are making a fuss about turning up at the hospital. I'd rather see them at home, where everyone is comfortable. I hate hospitals anyway so would never choose to go when it's unnecessary. I know they'll outstay their welcome when we're home and won't think to stick the kettle on. DH and I have had words and he knows when to intervene. Slightly concerned he'll be overexcited at showing off baby to his family and forget. My family are not close by but will visit as soon as poss. My mum is coming to stay when DH goes back to work. She's already said she'll be in charge of cooking, cleaning and ironing. She said her cuddle time will be when I shower/nap - love her!!!! Very difficult to get the balance right, everyone means well and this baby is important to both our families, don't want to deny them baby time.

RunningBear78 Sat 03-Aug-13 08:25:49

peregrin had a little go at some massage, and like you was slightly horrified at how painful and tender everything was, and also had that oh my god how is a baby going to get out when a thumb hurts thought!

Made me a bit more resolved to try properly, but think I will have to get dy on the case so I can try and relax. Standing with one leg up didn't seem v conducive to having anything relax!

emma yup also have some odd lumps on the nipples too

Interesting development for me last night. My hips/pelvis was clunking and cracking when I turned over from my left to right side during the night and this morning! Terrifying sound, and it has never happened before. Wondering if the harder bed I'm currently on at my mums is to blame?

jenni bit crappy of yr, but just make sure he makes up for it when he is home and does brekkie tomorrow. Preferably brining yours to bed smile

Manoodledo Sat 03-Aug-13 09:33:35

Jenni I'm with you. DH was out at the pub last night and has just made a surprise appearance, I thought I was going to have to go and insist he get up. He doesn't do mornings in general, you'd think I'd be used to it by now, but it still grates that I get up with the kids every morning, especially as in the past 6 weeks he's been away so much he's hardly seen them at all. The other night I actually went out in the evening, which is a very rare event (until last week we lived in the country and there was nowhere to go) and I have to confess that part of the appeal was that I'd get out of doing bedtime for once. Or so I thought, got home just after nine to discover the kids still up! Grr! Anyway, rant over.

Anyone else starting to freak out at the impending reality of actually having (another) baby? I've been busy with our move until now and suddenly feel really stressed about it all.

jennimoo Sat 03-Aug-13 09:42:30

Manoodle - We went out for dinner last night (with DD) and DH was asking me how much he was 'allowed' to drink, in an attempt to make it seem like it was all up to me. I refused to say, and said as long as he had a plan should we need it he could do as he wished!

It does feel scary now, and times going much faster than last time. DDs 'arrival time' was 2 weeks today (38+5) and as of Monday I'm 37 weeks and so full term..

Manoodledo Sat 03-Aug-13 09:49:54

Jenni I get calls from DH at work at about 5.30 (when I'm in the middle of making dinner) asking if it's ok if he goes out to the pub with his workmates. It's tempting to say no, but seems churlish.

I actually bought some stuff I need for my hospital bag yesterday, which makes me feel a little better I suppose. This baby (no. 3) was a 'surprise' and I think there's always been a little bit of me in denial about it...

jennimoo Sat 03-Aug-13 10:06:53

Sounds like my mum who came to stay last 'Friday night' to see a relative who lives nearby. After she arrives she says something that implies she's staying Saturday too and (although I'd guessed this would happen) said something like 'oh, I thought you were just staying tonight. ' to which she asks if its ok to stay, as if I can possibly say no!

Peregrin Sat 03-Aug-13 10:56:54

Manoodle, yes to the freak-out, but I am distracting myself by focusing on all the tasks that need to be accomplished before the baby's arrival (buying a cotbed, assembling the hospital bag etc... we are also probably going to move house right at the same time and have just signed a mortgage application, so plenty to arrange there as well). I am not a very efficient shopper and research everything to death so that will keep me nicely occupied in my free moments for a while!

badguider Sat 03-Aug-13 13:41:07

Feeling overwhelmed with gratitude to 'strangers' today - I have been sent a massive box of boys clothes from a running website I use. They have a thread for people who are pregnant or coming back after pregnancy where I posted for a while when I was still running (up to 14wks) and apparently they have a tradition of passing on a box of 0-3 month clothes and stuff to the next person due, there's a 'boy' box and a 'girl' box.

So we now have about twenty babygros, a fleecy outdoor suit and a proper snow suit, and a ton of hats, bibs, socks etc all from somebody I've never met!!!

twintrimum Sat 03-Aug-13 13:50:04

badguider that is such a lovely idea and really kind of people. Like a homemade Finnish baby box!

Well I'm back in hospital for monitoring for the third day in a row, being kept in tonight (poor DP running around the house piecing t

twintrimum Sat 03-Aug-13 13:52:59

...together my hospital bag. ELCS next week is now inevitable, just a question of which day. Might not even get home again before then. Exciting and scary. Feel like I'm in a bit of shock. Looks like next time I go home I will be a mum of two. Eek.

flipflump Sat 03-Aug-13 15:05:36

Good luck twintrimum, will be thinking of you. Keep us posted - when you get a minute!

fl0b0t Sat 03-Aug-13 15:37:45

Best of luck twintrimum- so excited for you! smile
We're doing fun stuff today- made the chest of drawers from Mothercare on friday and now painting shleves LIME GREEN (why not?!) and putting up brackets etc. Looking good! smile Baby room will be complete by the end of the weekend :-)

re:visitors- I hadn't even considered people might want to come to hospital to visit! Depends how long we're in, but I'd say.... probably not going to!

frogchops Sat 03-Aug-13 18:52:47

Two hours in ikea. Two hours! Tbh most if it was spent arguing about the practicality vs the prettiness of things! We now have more furniture to assemble and dp won the argument with his practicality. hmm
Now I just need to persuade him that I need a nursing chair wink
Other than the new storage shelf thing we've bought and need to build, the nursery is pretty much done. Still need to put baby items in there though, nappies, toiletries, etc.

Just had the most blissful day in london with DH. Hatton gardens to buy my 'baby diamonds', then a long late lunch on the south bank....really enjoying these last few moments with 'just us' :-)

jennimoo Sat 03-Aug-13 19:22:21

Love the name 'baby diamonds'! I did tell DH that I'm expecting an eternity ring for producing his 2nd and last child (as I didn't get one for the first of course...) and that I'm not mentioning it again. I'll give him til Christmas to produce one before requesting one, I doubt he will have got one in secret...

frogchops Sat 03-Aug-13 19:26:51

Loving the idea of baby diamonds! I have absolutely no chance, lol. I'd be over the moon if DP whipped out an engagement ring, but its just not gona happen!

To be fair, I lined up the 'baby diamonds' concept back when we got engaged 6 years ago! DH was reluctant back then, but the fact that said baby is due at the same time as our 5th wedding anniversary, he's now witnessed first hand how tough pregnancy is, and I got a bonus that paid for it meant it became a bit of a 'no brainer'....I love my new ring :-) no way would he have picked the right thing left to his own devices!

I have given it back to him now so he can 'surprise' me at an appropriate moment tho ;-)

weebarra Sat 03-Aug-13 19:47:02

Would be nice to get an eternity ring for #3 but we're skint so I know it's not on the cards.
Had the pre-baby haircut today - best to get it all sorted before baby arrives as sorting hair not going to be a priority afterwards!

I also anticipate being skint forever more once children are on the scene....best to be frivolous while I still have the chance!

weebarra Sat 03-Aug-13 20:34:15

Exactly ready, DH and I have been together since we were 18, 35 now, so we have had some time to do frivolous things!

kipsonline Sat 03-Aug-13 21:31:35

Ooh wee snap, I'm booked for a haircut on mon too, my mum is coming over especially to have the boys. I also have an optician and dentist appt, and a friend who has promised to paint my toes...getting sorted!!
I am doing the perineal massage, every couple of days. I did it in previous 2 pgs and didn't tear at all so believe the benefits are worth the pain. It's completely eeewww but DH does it, he's quite matter of fact now on the 3rd go... It is better than trying to get in a contorted position yourself I reckon?!

Ooh I put a 'last baby' bling request in recently too! But I would like one which has the birthstones of DH, DS, and baby on it. Diamonds would actually be optional, I would like it eternity-style though. DH is October (opal), DS is August (peridot) and baby could be August but if September that would be sapphire.

I went to the supermarket today with my mum to get things for DS's cake, and it was exhausting. However I made a lovely discovery. DH and I use an app on Android called 'our groceries' because either of you just add things to your shopping list and it synchronises up in 'the cloud', and whoever is shopping can get them. You can have multiple lists e.g. an ikea list, a supermarket list, a birthday list. He's made one called 'birth stuff' and (I know how MN loves a shopping list...!) it already has had crossed off it 'bubbly', it's got "birth plan", "birth pool", "biscuits for midwife", "candles", "clear table for baby and midwife admin", "heater to warm a cold baby", "old sofa cover", "phone number list (emergencies)", "[Rake]'s favourite food", "sushi", "spotlight", "Warm towels", "water thermometer", "waterproofing (cheap shower curtains)".

He was obviously listening very carefully when the MWs did their pre HB home visit grin.

kipsonline Sat 03-Aug-13 21:33:07

And good luck twin, I hope all goes well over next few days...

kipsonline Sat 03-Aug-13 21:35:17

rake what a star!! V impressed smile

Manoodledo Sat 03-Aug-13 22:09:38

Yes, good luck twin.

JammyTummy Sat 03-Aug-13 22:10:52

Is anybody else being tortured by restless legs at bed time? Oh I can't stand it, it is so annoying and it's a nightly occurrence now! DH is fast asleep already so can't even get him to give me a rub!

Twin good luck! Very exciting but must also be terrifying, knowing its so soon! Keep us updated if you can!

weebarra Sat 03-Aug-13 22:37:42

Yes, good luck twin!

HettySunshine Sun 04-Aug-13 07:49:15

Good luck twin. Hoping to hear some wonderful news soon. X

good luck twin ... looking forward to hearing everyone's definite choices of names!!!

kimjayne Sun 04-Aug-13 11:36:07

best of luck twin!

Quick question, I keep getting a sharp pain downstairs. feels like somebody has suddenly stabbed me with a knitting needle. The pain usually lasts around 40 seconds and I get them around twice a day. Just wondered if tbis was caused by anything? or just normal preggy pains?

SGJ Sun 04-Aug-13 16:14:16

Kim - I just got that when sitting down on the loo. Bloody painful, lasted about 30 seconds. As I recall from labour, that was the same sensation I got when having a contraction whilst on the loo! It's probably just BH with baby's head in a particularly engaged position, plus gravity. JOY!

frogchops Sun 04-Aug-13 17:08:21

My poky pains don't last, theyre just a poke. :-/

Dorita75 Sun 04-Aug-13 17:49:48

Good luck twin!

Yes peregrin, tried the massage, it hurt and i also thought, this birth lark is definitely going to sting a bit! I intend to persevere tho...Emma, I've had those little bumps on my nipples since i got my BFP back in January.

We're in London on our last baby free trip, had lovely afternoon walking round markets in Shoreditch, been out for pizza now back chilling in hotel, this is bliss!!

EmmaDee Sun 04-Aug-13 18:19:18

Hi all, cheers about the wee lumps, on Friday night it seemed massive but today its shrunk right down. Odd.

Wow twin all very exciting and terrifying, so close!!

I've had the pain down below all day today, its driving me mad, feel like I've been pony trekking for a fortnight! Lying on bed now trying to escape the pain and the heat!

weeblewobbling Sun 04-Aug-13 19:12:23

Oooo i'm mainly aan fbook user at moment so a little behind!

I'm guessing I'm still looking to be the first? ! I don't want this title so someone feel free to beat me.....less than 2 weeks on cs clock. ......

Im convinced I'll go sooner as I'm getting lots of twinges! !

jennimoo Sun 04-Aug-13 19:33:49

Twintrimum said she's likely to have her ELCS next week!

CharlW1 Sun 04-Aug-13 19:38:26

Someone from NCT has their baby yesterday and was due the same time as me (in 4 weeks) getting very real now!

Good luck Twintrimum for this week!

Last week at work this week - very relieved as travelling to and from work using the tube is unbearable. Will be so strange not going to work as I am still completely full on.

mrspaddy Sun 04-Aug-13 19:53:28

I am getting numbness in my legs at night.. moreso than restlessness. Really hurts turing over in bed too... it is just that I have to wake up.. lift bump and turn. DH says I have a scrunched up face which he thinks is very funny.

We got the 'baby diamonds' after a scan early on.. they are simple enough.. I haven't got expensive taste! Not getting to see them again until baby arrives.. wouldn't fit me now anyway!

fl0b0t Sun 04-Aug-13 20:29:48

Baby diamonds sound lovely. We have chatted a little about eternity rings but I don't think I'll be disappointed if nothing materialises. We've got a new kitchen and husband is planning on spending his shares money from work on a tablet so I can watch movies whilst doing night feeds ^ love him ^

Feeling really tired (in the bath and considering bed v soon) after diy and a morning of cycling then visitors (and the cleaning we had to do to make our house less shameful). 3 weeks left at work, 2 more weddings (reading at one, bridesmaid at the o other) but at least baby room is looking sorted smile

Hope you all had good weekends!

weeblewobbling Sun 04-Aug-13 20:38:00

Ooo I'm booked in next week! I need to look at this and old thread to catch up

Happy for someone to beat me to it. ..

Twin mum how you feeling about cs?

Manoodledo Sun 04-Aug-13 21:01:02

Went into town today and bought myself a couple of tops to wear post-pregnancy. It is nice to think I won't have this huge tummy for much longer. Yay! Was just a loose-ish top and cardi. Must bear in mind that I need things I can feed in easily though. Boo, not really a loose, floaty top kind of a person.
People can't make up their mind whether I'm huge for my dates or small. 'Tis most annoying. Had the whole 'are you sure it's not twins' thing the other day from someone (it so makes you want to punch them!) but since then a few people have commented on how neat my bump is. I'm actually measuring a week behind (not that I set much store in these measurements) and had a scan at 33 weeks which said the baby was below average size, but considering I'm only 5 foot 1 that's not a surprise and quite frankly a relief!
Am envy at all the mentions of baby diamonds! I don't think any kind of gift will have ocurred to DH. He did buy me an ipod before DS1 was born now that I think about it, which I've hardly used as I'm rarely out and about by myself.
Fl0 did you really mean cycling? Wow!

Flo the tablet thing is a v. good idea. I'm waking up at 6am on the weekends, so we now have Netflix & I just pop the earphones in and watch a nice chick flick on the iPad whilst DH carries on sleeping...will def me making use of it to keep me entertained thru all those sleepless nights!

fl0b0t Sun 04-Aug-13 21:35:46

Yup, did a 90 minute 10 mile off road trundle with a friend whilst the boys threw themselves around the mountain bike tracks. Slow and steady. .... Only had to push up one hill! v keen cyclist pre pregnant so nothing out of the norm for me smile not sure how muck longer I'll be comfy on the bike but still happy at almost 33 wks!smile

fl0b0t Sun 04-Aug-13 21:38:08

Yeah ready we talked about the tablet idea ages ago. We have love film on demand plus all our films on a media computer so will be able to watch films or series when I fancy it smile would like to imagine I'll read as I love reading but I guess I'll be a bit tired h for that!

jennimoo Sun 04-Aug-13 21:45:02

I started reading Ebooks on my iPhone when feeding DD and found that worked well. Being able to adjust the brightness was good so didn't hurt my eyes while I was sat in the dark.

Would you have a stand for the tablet? I don't find reading on ours very comfy as feels too heavy compared to phone.

ION I have heartburn sad Never suffered with DD (same as with stretch marks, flu and SPD...) so all new. Have had a gaviscon night cap do hopefully will sleep ok.

Wincher Sun 04-Aug-13 21:53:55

Iwould love an eternity ring but I don't think it's likely! Last time round Dh bought himself an iPhone as a new babynpresent too himself... Grr!

I have spent all day painting - we've got the baby's room done. Hooray! Really achy back now though. Just had a takeaway curry and a cheeky bottle of Becks.

Dorita75 Mon 05-Aug-13 06:42:49

Similar for me flobot, 2 weddings, bridesmaid at one, reading at both! It's making the time fly even faster. I can't wait to meet our baby but people have started telling me how much they missed being pregnant, even years after, missing the kicks and general feelings of having a baby inside. I hadn't thought about it really, until now, i am going to miss it&#55357;&#56862; tho sure it actually being here will be the most exciting thing ever!

jennimoo Mon 05-Aug-13 06:54:48

I've heard people say they missed having the baby in their tummy, but I didn't feel that at all last time. And this time I'm suffering far more so although I know how hard it's likely to be with a newborn I'm ready to get my body back!

And 37 weeks today! I think that means if it all kicks off I can be MW led and water birth and what have you so anytime now will be fine. Can't imagine having to wait another 5 weeks...

I've also heard people in RL saying they missed having the baby inside. Can't say I've ever felt it though. Although I do remember in the early days wishing I could just pop her back there for a few hours so I could get some sleep!

Wincher, well done on getting the room finished! We've also spent the weekend painting, and sanding, and fixing the door so the catch will click shut. Just need to get the woodwork painted, BIL the electrician in, and the carpet fitted. Then I can put up the furniture, move DD1s toys/clothes in and finally get to grips sorting out the nursery. It's just tidying, organising and putting the cot sides on though, so I can do that in a day.

Started packing my hospital bag last night too. How many bags are you all taking? Last time I took one holdall and wasn't really prepared. This time there's a LOT more stuff I'm taking with, wondering if I'm over doing it. confused

frogchops Mon 05-Aug-13 08:53:11

Have just realised that as I'm hoping the consultant classes me as low risk tomorrow I'd like to use the pool at find point and maybe even for birth. However I've not given a thought to what to wear in the pool! :-/what has anyone else packed?

kimjayne Mon 05-Aug-13 09:06:09

frog ive packed a bikini/tankini as im hoping for a water birth and figured a bit t shirt or nighty would get in the way. I have packed a few nighties just incase I dont get the water birth and I end up on the delivery suite.

JammyTummy Mon 05-Aug-13 09:07:38

frog I'm hoping to have a water birth too, and from various advice by wiser people who have done it before: I've got a nursing type nightie for before/ after pool (it buttons up the middle which is handy) and I'm going to take a cheapie bikini top for actually being in the water. Someone had mentioned before that a lot of people take a tshirt for being in the pool but as it gets soaked it starts weighing you down a bit and ends up just getting whipped off!

badguider Mon 05-Aug-13 10:15:09

I'm taking my pregnancy tankini for the pool...
I also have a plain black strappy maternity vest which comes down to my upper thighs which I'll probably wear if I end up on dry land in the end stages instead of the pool.

fl0b0t Mon 05-Aug-13 10:19:52

jennimoo I'd definitely get a case which flipped up into a stand for tablet.

In terms of a bikini- do you really need both halves? I'd imagine the bottom half gets whipped off every few minutes for inspections etc?

I flip between being terrified of baby arriving and not being pregnant any more as I am enjoying it despite everything.... and the utter excitement that in a few weeks I might not feel sick any more!

Manoodledo Mon 05-Aug-13 10:27:53

Forgot to put the bin out last night and had to dash out in my pjs when i heard the rubbish lorry rumbling up the street. The bin men were a bit hmm! Annoyingly I managed to tip it over in my haste and nearly knackered myself righting it (massive wheelie bin). It was NOT the best start to the day. Now super grumpy. On the bright side, only 2 more weeks of the school holidays to go, at least for DS1. For reasons known only to themselves the school nursery for DS2 doesn't start for 2 more weeks, on the day after my due date.
Also, starting to have a wobble on the baby's name, which I've been sorted on for months and have finallly persuaded DH about (I think). Argh!

fl0b0t Mon 05-Aug-13 10:30:53

Ooops accidentally getting lost in googling myself some shiny baby diamonds. Canary Yellow diamonds..... drool

Wincher Mon 05-Aug-13 10:35:46

I wore my pregnancy tankini in the pool last time, or at least the top, I stopped putting the bottoms back on after a few loo visits. DH and the midwife gently laughed at me for wearing anything but it did help me feel more comfortable. This time round assuming I'm at home I won't wear anything - another advantage of feeling more comfortable on home turf.

frogchops Mon 05-Aug-13 10:56:51

Hmmm I know there's no option really, but even fully clothed and non pregnant I always pull my top down over my bum and I just can't imagine sitting there with nothing on the bottom! I expect it to be different in a pool but on 'dry land' it'll have to be a nightie I think.

badguider Mon 05-Aug-13 11:11:33

Flo - my antenatal classes have talked about doing 'examinations' to see how dilated you are about every four hours... not every few minutes.. unless you mean in the pushing bit?
As you only dilate 0.5cm-1cm per hour a midwife would have to have pretty accurate measuring fingers if she was going to examine you more than every couple of hours at most.

This is all just so exciting! We're really getting down to the nitty gritty as we get closer aren't we :-) I'm so jealous of people at 37 weeks already....I'm only 33 today but just can't wait to meet my baby!

EmmaDee Mon 05-Aug-13 11:35:21

ready im 33 weeks on Wednesday, Im totally petrefied of the whole birth bit and also having a newbie to care for, but I am also fed up with being pregnant!!

I have my parent craft class tonight with dh. They sent a dvd for us to watch before so we watched it loast night, it basically took you a tour around the maternity (that I cant remember hopefully dh will!) then a bit about pain relief and some about the neo-natal ward.

It showed you some implements they would be using, and seemed very driven towards natural/breath your baby out/happy clappy birth! With only a wee bit about drugs! It concentrated on the use of essentail oils etc. So now my DH reckons that the baby just slides out, and all I'll need is gas and air. If he compares me to a cow or sheep again (hes a farmer) I might actually stab him!!

Hopefully this evenings class will be a bit of an eye openner for him, or do you ladies have any suggestions?

fl0b0t Mon 05-Aug-13 12:46:12

badguider I might have been exaggerating- but yes I'd imagine that depending on how long you're in the pool the bikini bottoms will be off for a lot of that time!

I'm about to book an away weekend with the husband for our wedding anniversary at a swanky spa... but as it's a deal it's pay on booking, non refundable and non transferrable. Would they really know if we transferred it to someone else if baby arrived early?!

CharlW1 Mon 05-Aug-13 12:47:22

Emma the class will hopefully be an eye opener for your DH. I know they have certainly helped my OH.

I am feeling really quite emotional today and I am not an emotional person at all - even so far in this pregnancy! Yesterday was my sisters birthday and I put so much thought into her present. I text her in the morning to say happy birthday - she'd usually phone later to say thanks for the present. Anyway in the evening I had not heard anything so text to see if she liked the present to have a 'yeah thanks' back. I then phoned my Mom and Dad and they were saying how she'd called and that she'd also phoned my other sister. I said I was surprised she hadn't phoned me and that I'd had to ask if she'd liked the present and was told by my Dad that she was hungover. Still she was able to thank everyone else bar me.
I know I am just being overly emotional but I do think it's rude.

Sorry rant over.

badguider Mon 05-Aug-13 13:29:06

Sorry flo - I guess it's just that some people keep imyimg that somebody or other will have their hands up inside me for most if my labour and actually I don't think that's true or conducive to the relaxation and hormones necessary for labouring well and efficiently.
I know they're exaggerating and I'm not expecting any dignity in the pushing hours but MWs assure me the first phase of active labour isn't like that and I can do what I need to in peace mostly.

fl0b0t Mon 05-Aug-13 13:40:04

I have no idea what it will be like but I'm not expecting to have any dignity any more!

Talking of dignity- time to loose mine entirely. I'm producing so much discharge (sorry seriously TMI) that I don't think I'd notice if I lost my mucus plug. Also, whats the ettiquette on panty liners and examinations? I feel I should remove the current one before an examination blush

jennimoo Mon 05-Aug-13 13:44:20

I was hardly examined at all last time. Labouring in water helps, they try to stay hands off.

I wore a big sleeveless long top thing and kept it on for a while in the pool then happily stripped it off and was naked the rest of the time.

weebarra Mon 05-Aug-13 13:45:41

I think you're right badguider - I don't really remember how many exams I had with previous labours, but DS1's labour was 53 hours from first contraction to emcs and I'm pretty sure the number of internals was v small - maybe 5?

frogchops Mon 05-Aug-13 13:47:24

There's an etiquette? Oh my, u can bet if there is one I won't know about it! blushWhy don't I think of these things?

Peregrin Mon 05-Aug-13 13:51:21

Emma, you made me crack up. Like CharlW1 says, I hope the class will be a help. Though my DH spent much of our antenatal prep course mentally checked out... he claimed it focused too much on the anatomy of labour, but he now keeps coming up with questions to which my replies start with "well, as we learnt in the antenatal class..."

Wincher Mon 05-Aug-13 14:42:30

The midwife does check the baby's heartbeat every 15 mins with a waterproof heartrate monitor, but I would think they can do that through a swimming costume if necessary?

I think according to MN the etiquette for any kind of internal examination is to hide your knickers in your clothes! It's one thing for them to see your fanjo but another altogether for them to see your knickers, of course...

I am being properly beaten up by this baby... rib kicks are now being combined with pelvic floor explorations. I have no doubt that at next Monday's MW appt (38w!!) I will be more engaged. Nmight times are bloody agony - up to the loo definitely once, if not twice, weird dreams and not all that nice, and because I can't turn over in my sleep at all I wake up with a dead arm and frozen hip on the side I've been lying on, while I heave myself over. Then the pins and needles as the arm re-inflates with blood keep me from getting back to sleep!

I'd be happy to pop any time from tomorrow but also I just have a couple of little things to do at work on Mon/Tues I also sort of want to hold on until then. Going out for last team drinks on Tues after work, which I think will feel quite 'final'.

Got my birth pool this morning, tried inflating it and it's fine, now need a liner, lots selling on ebay so hopefully will secure one from there. Looks ridiculously big in our back room but there is enough space for the MWs to get all the way around it, which is the only requirement. DHs current contribution to 'nesting' is taking stuff to the charity shop to make space. Mine is filling the dishwasher and putting all the scalextric pieces in a box rather than piled up under the dining table...

as far as what to wear in the pool/giving birth goes, big t-shirts or nighties are probably the most versatile. If you aim for skin-to-skin straight away you either need to be naked so baby can be put on your tummy without even needing the cord cut, or a nightie that opens down from the top so baby can be slotted down inside after cord cut (or if you have an amazingly long cord!!!) pants/bikini bottoms are definitely out once you are in the second stage.

jennimoo Mon 05-Aug-13 15:05:37

It might be my inaginiation but I seem to be getting lots of BH type tightening and some aches down low today. I expect I'm just wishful thinking with reaching full term today, but is a little scary as makes me realise how close it actually is! I don't really feel ready now!

badguider Mon 05-Aug-13 15:30:49

Had my MW appt today for 35+4 and i'm 1/5th engaged. She reckons there's no way the head's going anywhere so pleased to rule out breech.

The boy's doing fine, with his back almost round to my front and a strong heartbeat that goes up when she prods him smile but either he's quite mellow or his position and my anterior placenta are preventing me from feeling many kicks. I only really feel him stretch up into my diaphragm or down into my pelvic floor.... because he's not a very kicky baby (or positioning) I'm going to have to work harder to keep an eye on his movement.

Has anybody used anything to help with this? I'm looking for ten movements in about ten hours. I've ordered a 'count the kicks' wristband which I hope will arrive soon as I think that's the easiest way.

I have an app as well but it expects you to set a ten minute 'session' and count the kicks in that session - at many times of day that's likely to be zero for me. It's a bit of a worry... I know he's fine right now but on a normal day with no MW appt it could be hours before I'd notice something wrong with his movement.

Belvedere Mon 05-Aug-13 16:27:38

Im so jealous of people who only have to get up once or twice in the night to pee. I think last night, it was about 6! no idea where all this wee even comes from. Very annoying and sore to get up, but sleeping fine inbetween.
I think my little one might be starting to engage too, ive got a very achy fanny area, like ive been on a horse for weeks! And the shooting like knitting needle pains. These last 3 weeks of pregnancy are fun fun fun!
Ive got a consultant appointment next week and im going to keep all my fingers crossed he'll let me have a water birth and if he says yes, im going naked all the way - quite like the idea of being free (like a hippy)

jennimoo Mon 05-Aug-13 16:54:59

I'm afraid I'm a once or not at all wee person, even at 37 weeks. It was the same with DD too. I know I'm very lucky though!

Well the weird feelings and lots of tightenings have at least got me to finish (more or less) packing the bags!

Dorita75 Mon 05-Aug-13 18:44:42

All this 'what to wear' talk is good, I've been wondering myself...

MrsMango I've got 2 bags packed, one for me and one for the baby. Mine is about a quarter full of maternity pads!!! That doesn't include any snacks and I've not yet decided what I'm wearing for the birth or to come home in so not packed those yet, I'm hoping to stick to 2 bags.

Oh dear, first stretch marks have appeared this morning....cue much misery & tears about the prospect of a saggy, ugly tummy on the horizon. I know it was only to be expected, but it's really tough when u finally have to face the reality :-( not a happy bunny this morning.

TripleRock Tue 06-Aug-13 08:59:17

YY to stabby pitchfork pains down below.

MIL keeps asking have I spoken to my MW to check it's normal, but I haven't. I remember them from DD. She seems to think I'm about to drop any second but I highly doubt it! (34+2 and went to 40+11 with DD!)

geeandfeesmum Tue 06-Aug-13 10:23:48

I am also having the tightenings and pains down there. I am 33 weeks tomorrow so I'm hoping it's not a sign that things are moving faster than expected!! Got birthdays and parties before this baby can even think about coming out (DD's and DS's)!!

The BH's are every day and very regular for a few hours and then they go. I get back pain with them as well.

Wincher Tue 06-Aug-13 10:34:22

I haven't had the stabby pains yet this time round, but I remember them well from DS. I particularly remember getting them lots on a train journey with my mum and her laughing at me jumping in the air and swearing every few minutes! That was nine days before I gave birth...

Just back from MW appointment and baby not engaged yet so no wonder am not getting those pains yet. Everything is absolutely bang on and boringly normal, hooray. She's putting my referral through to the home birth team - if everything goes perfectly all the rest of my care before, during and after will now be at my home!

Manoodledo Tue 06-Aug-13 10:37:36

Ready I remember how it felt when I was pregnant with DS1, it's especially gutting when you're so close to the end and think you might be going to get off without any stretch marks. They do fade a lot and reasonably quickly. This time round I'm hoping to get away without any new ones...

jennimoo Tue 06-Aug-13 10:43:40

I had a few really painful pains low down with the tightening feeling and really thought I was going to have the baby, now nothing! I didn't get that til the day DD was born before so feeling a bit like I imagined it yesterday.
I am 37+1 though so at least all should be well if I do go into labour!

jennimoo Tue 06-Aug-13 10:44:12

I missed out 'last night' in that first sentence...

RunningBear78 Tue 06-Aug-13 11:38:03

Wow a busy weekend for you all! Well done to those who have fully sorted nurseries. V jealous. We have the plasterer in today, so looking forward to painting this weekend and sorting out a carpet.
I spent a lovely relaxing weekend in London pottering around with my Mum. I mentioned the baby diamonds thing to DH and all I got was a hmm look and sigh from him so I'm not expecting much/anything grin

Exciting stuff TwinTri keep us posted, hope all goes well!

Yy to stabby pains in the fanjo. Keep grabbing myself between the legs when it happens ... luckily not so much when I'm out and about! Mum thought it was hilarious when she walked in on me grabbing myself. ho hum, I think she's enjoying remembering her pregnancy and all the joys that come with it!

I can't quite decide what to take with me for a possible water birth. I think I might just go naked ... I've been wearing the only bikini tops I own under my slightly see-through swimming cossie, and pretty much destroyed them in the chlorine. Maybe I should pack one just in case.

Had a lovely bath last night for the first time in about a year. Lovely until I tried to sit up ... a leeeetle difficult! Can't wait to get some control back over the stomach muscles!

EmmaDee Tue 06-Aug-13 13:29:16

running I was the same the last bath I had I nearly flooded the bathroom!!

I went to the first parent craft last night. It was a good question and answer session, but not frightening enough for DH, he still thinks all will be perfect and this baby will just slide out (I wish)!

The mw taking the class had the worlds smallest doll and the worlds smallest pelvis and it really didnt portray the full horror! Although on a brighter not the mw was less hippy/dippy/pant pant push! And more epidural/crazy hard drugs! I do want to try the whole natural thing, but I also want the option of crazy drugs if I need them!

ION still feel like Ive been on a horse for a fortnight.

Peregrin Tue 06-Aug-13 14:16:50

Rake, you are still at work? Respect! Aren't you too exhausted to get through a whole working day?

Emma, my DH is the opposite in that he is horrified by all the pain and chances of tearing and the other larks of vaginal birth, so every time this comes up he asks why I can't just go for a caesarian! (I started the pregancy expecting to have to get a c-section and he got that into his head now)

JammyTummy Tue 06-Aug-13 15:47:06

Emma- if your DH isn't looking scared enough for your nether regions, please urgently send him an email with the following link. I think that diagram on its own is enough to make anyone cross their legs!

weebarra Tue 06-Aug-13 16:04:59

Well, just had my last couple of hours at work, tying up loose ends after being signed off after my wee stay in hospital last week.
Also had trip back to hospital where my blood pressure is now lower than it was at my booking appointment Had a bonus scan as baby is now measuring 41 weeks at 35. I'm 4ft 10 so must look a bit daft!

frogchops Tue 06-Aug-13 16:15:24

Finished work early today to come to hosp apt, I'm so tired, have been doing a children's activity all morning and am pooped! Roll on bed time!
And oh yes, my last bath was a nightmare, DP was out, I was stuck, nearly pulled taps of the wall, I kicked the plug with my foot in escape attempt and all the water seeped out. I was cold, stuck and crying. grin

Well this week Peregrin I am on holiday down at my parents' farm in Devon so am able to have the two-hour naps I seem to need in the afternoon!! Last week was really the last big work week, next week I am still officially full time but doing half days in the office and some little bits at home, as my job is very flexible like that. I wasted a month of maternity leave with DS waiting for him to arrive (42weeker!) and only have 6 months planned this time too so I don't want to go off any sooner than I need to. I am lucky to be "just tired" - no hint of any adverse issues that some of you ladies have had - and am counting my lucky stars!

Presently I am sitting in a room where the woodburner is on, which is a bit daft, but it also has two gorgeous spaniels in it. If they weren't busy with their rawhide treats I'd be getting a cuddle on the sofa.

Mamtodsddonway13 Tue 06-Aug-13 18:47:55

Hi all, glad your all well, only just found mums net due sept with darling child 2, how are you all finding being pregnant? Hope you all had a lovely weekend

Manoodledo Tue 06-Aug-13 20:49:02

Can I just balance the horror of Jammy's episiotomy diagram by saying that I had one with DS1 and didn't feel a thing. Of course it meant stitches but presumably they did it because they thought I would tear anyway.

I am also lucky enough to be feeling pretty damn good (not even any swollen ankles or mangled looking feet this time round, although there's still time) but can't help but feel like I'm somehow missing a trick and have no excuse to get any possible perks of being pregnant like long lies, naps, DH doing stuff for me... Really mustn't complain though.

kimjayne Tue 06-Aug-13 21:01:59

at long last its my first week of maternity leave! smile and today ive finally managed to get my hair cut (shamefully not had it done for 10 months now).
Even more exciting though, we got to meet our NCT friends 6 day old baby boy this afternoon. He is just beautiful and so so well behaved we hardly heard him make a single noise. It was lovely to see dh getting cuddles with baby Oliver. He was so gentle with him and his face really lit up when he looked at me and whispered "we'll have one of these soon" smile

SGJ Tue 06-Aug-13 23:15:49

Kim - even more shamefully, I haven't had my hair cut since December 2011!! Am booking in for Thursday and am very excited about what will essentially be just a trim and tidy up smile

Joskar Tue 06-Aug-13 23:26:14

I got my hairdresser to come up to the house (epic journey!) to cut my hair because a) she's stopped working at the salon and b) I can't travel very far anymore. I got it all chopped off. No more long hair. I'm hoping this is not something I will regret! Anyway I needed to get it done because The Beechgrove Garden (gardening tv program in Scotland) came to visit my garden with a view to putting it on the telly! The actual Jim McColl was in my actual garden!! grin The only thing is that they'll be doing the filming in September. Hmmm. I have a feeling I'm quite busy in September!

Kittenkatzen Wed 07-Aug-13 08:00:16

Morning! Not been around much recently - the last week or so has just been completely monstrous what with 3 new starters to train at work, the boss going on holiday for my last week in the office, MIL having house move crises (yes, plural!), SIL having a protracted and slightly traumatic labour, and to top it all off my dad is currently in ICU fighting off an infection and sepsis following his op for cancer a couple of weeks ago sad Knackered doesn't even begin to cover it.

Anyway I hope everyone's doing ok, very glad to see that all babies are still present and correct inside where they should be! Will toddle off and try and catch up on all the news now.

weebarra Wed 07-Aug-13 08:15:56

Joskar - Beechgrove in your garden! V impressed, you'll have to let us know when it's on!
Bit of a weird one - when I met the consultant yesterday to discuss the CS she asked if I wanted to be sterilised too I automatically said no but am now reconsidering!
Our family will really be complete once this baby is born, and it won't be a good idea for me to have any more pregnancies. DH and I have only ever ttc for about 3 cycles and will have 3 children - we really need a reliable method of contraception!

JammyTummy Wed 07-Aug-13 12:23:28

Ehm... What colour should colostrum be?? I've just been giving my boobs an experimental squeeze as I've had absolutely nothing come out of them at all so far, and a tiny tiny amount of liquid came out (both sides), but strangely enough, some of the drops were white and some were almost orange?!? Should I be concerned?

jennimoo Wed 07-Aug-13 12:44:17

I think colostrum is kind of clear / yellow but can't remember. I'm sure that is fine though!

Kittenkatzen Wed 07-Aug-13 13:21:22

Yep I'm sure I've heard colostrum can be orangey coloured

badguider Wed 07-Aug-13 13:28:46

I've been told colostrum can be disturbingly bright yellow.

I haven't had anything out of my boobs yet at all though sad

jennimoo Wed 07-Aug-13 13:33:36

Isn't it referred to as 'liquid gold' so I suppose that probably refers to the colour as well as the fact it's precious.

I think I squeezed last time around and got a little drop but not enough to see the colour! I'll leave my nipples for the time being I think: can start labour I think!

juniper9 Wed 07-Aug-13 13:38:07

Mine changes- the first bit is very yellow (and has been orange) and then it goes clearish. I seem to be able to milk quite a lot- my nipples leak patches over my t-shirts so sometimes I purposefully squeeze just to empty them. I'm talking a good few teasp

juniper9 Wed 07-Aug-13 13:39:17

*teaspoons at a time. I don't know if I should be worried! It doesn't hurt and everything seems to work, so I guess it's normal?!

Juniper is it possible that by expressing ur actually stimulating them to produce more? Maybe they think you've already had the baby!!

PurplePoppySeed Wed 07-Aug-13 16:33:18

wow! 9 pages on a new thread already! I've just about managed to keep up on facebook, but looks like I'm massively behind on the thread! Just been swamped at work and using evenings to try to see lots of people before baby arrives! Hope everyone is ok, will go and catch up now!

Peregrin Wed 07-Aug-13 16:48:54

Kitten you poor poor thing! Hope it eases up for you.

CharlW1 Wed 07-Aug-13 16:55:34

Kitten lots of positive thoughts coming your way and I hope things become less stressful for you flowers

PurplePoppySeed Wed 07-Aug-13 17:24:32

firstly how exciting to see that all babies are still present and correct inside where they should be, but also very exciting to think that they're on their way out over the next week and onwards smile It's suddenly so real! Good luck everyone with CS dates in the coming week. flowers

Kitten flowersflowers I hope it all gets a bit easier and that you can have some time to think about yourself and get some rest/relaxation.

My MIL is trying to move nearer to us at the moment because of baby being on the way... DH is mostly dealing with it, but it's stressing me out as I can see her moving and needing help at just the wrong time i.e. when we're just surviving after baby arrives angry would be much easier if she waited a bit and thought about all this when baby is 6 months or so - not right now!

2.5 weeks left at work and just like everyone else, I'm so over it, can't wait to go smile

mrspaddy Wed 07-Aug-13 17:43:54

I think I am one of the lucky ones..I don't have to get up to the toilet during the night! Numb legs and starting to get stretchy type cramps/tired but feeling good.
Also got to Ikea to get the cot and cot storage and baby bath! Delighted with them. Don't need anything else before baby comes now and well on the way with cleaning/batch cooking.
I agree it is a good feeling to go out and buy a couple of tops for after baby.. though we could be in the PJ's for a while, my friend said the best thing you can try and do is get dressed and go to the shop or somewhere everyday.
Getting close now.
Have any of you bought or can recommend books for learning about a new baby?

riskit4abiskit Wed 07-Aug-13 17:58:27

Hello? Hope you dont mind me delurking to say I bought 'what to expect in the first year'

I have read lots of it and it seems very thorough and common sense. HTH

Blanketsandpillows Wed 07-Aug-13 18:17:53

Is anyone else not at all ready?!! The downstairs of my house is currently a building site and I've less than 5 weeks to go. It means everything from downstairs is upstairs and I've struggled to see what I have/haven't for the baby, what needs to do done...and this baby better not come before 39 weeks-or I'll be in trouble! (And even at that I won't have things as finished as I'd like!). I don't have an oven or even a kitchen sink at the moment! This is madness!! But thankfully I'm feeling well and all seems fine with the baby!

badguider Wed 07-Aug-13 18:35:16

Blankets - I've mostly got the baby stuff ready...

BUT... I am still working and as a self employed sole trader I will be in BIG TROUBLE if this one comes early.

I am due to finish with a report for a deadline at 38+1 (two weeks on friday).

Kittenkatzen Wed 07-Aug-13 18:51:37

purple sympathy from me on the MIL front - mine is also moving in round the corner from us in about 3 weeks time. She's lovely and I get on with her, but am slightly apprehensive about having her so close by. Not helped by the comment she made to me the other day expressing her shock at how another relative had "just whipped out a boob and starting feeding her dd ^in the living room^".

Think she might have another shock or two coming...I'm not shy grin

JammyTummy Wed 07-Aug-13 18:53:25

Ah... Thank you all for colostrum advice! I know this isn't very motherly of me, but (maybe cause it was the first time anything has ever come out of my boobs) I felt quite grossed out by it... Or maybe it was the bright orange colour! In any case, I sure hope it goes away!

Went to see MW today- baby upside down but that's about as far as she goes! She is lying side on with bottom m

JammyTummy Wed 07-Aug-13 18:55:04

On my left side and feet on my right (right under my ribs, nice). Had a moment of irrational irritation when she booked my next appointment with her for 4 and a bit weeks time which is 2 days after my due date. When I menti

JammyTummy Wed 07-Aug-13 18:58:40

(Ahhhh sorry!)
When I mentioned that she waved it off and went 'ahhh that's fine, high chance of you being anything up to 12 days late you know'! I know she's right but it made me feel quite peeved off. It's hardly what you want to hear!!!

On books: I really really recommend the Mumsnet Babies book- it's got tonnes of good advice on absolutely everything and its not too textbook-y. I've also got Your Baby Week by Week by Simon Cave which is pretty good, and Gina Ford's Contented Baby's first year. The MN one is my fav though.

fl0b0t Wed 07-Aug-13 20:02:56

Sorry to hear that kitten - I hope you're managing to stay calm and relatively un stressed.

Today's whine is brought to you by utter exhaustion.:
Been at a2 day work conference with organised fun work related sessions til 9 pm last night and now stuck on Fucking delayed trains and missed my connection home. I almost cried when a stranger smiled at me at the station earlier. Got a horrible headache and feeling very close to throwing up. Worst bit is that I absolutely HAVE to get up early and go into the office tomorrow as I've not been in since about 2 weeks ago! With 2.5 weeks left and loads to do..... I might take all Friday of as toil to recover. Got to get my bridesmaid dress fitted.stress of still not having our car back from the garage despite it being promised last Monday, last Wednesdaythis Monday and today. Driving 500 mile round trip to wedding 4/5 for the year on Friday and would rather like to do it in a car I can actually fit suitcases, hospital bag and baby car seat in rather than the Peugeot 107 courtesy car. ... feeling sicky rough and down in the dumps this evening sad

jennimoo Wed 07-Aug-13 20:15:08

That sounds rubbish flo sad Hope you get a good nights sleep and a bit of a rest. The tiredness is terrible.

I'm afraid I did nothing all day, have zero motivation and just feel fed up. I think I might go out to the shops tomorrow, but must try not to buy stuff!

kipsonline Wed 07-Aug-13 20:38:14

Hope things get better kitten and flo.
I had to go in for CTG monitoring today after 3 days of much less movement (usually hyper active). Anyway, all seems fine but I am so so shattered from racing around after my 2 lovely DS (no summer childcare at all) that I think I'm just running out of steam.
I'm 37 wks today and think I just want the baby to come now, how wr

PurplePoppySeed Wed 07-Aug-13 20:52:33

Haha kitten sounds like we've got the same worries re MILs then, will have to swap notes in a few months time! Tbh that's stressing me out enough on its own so I hope your dad gets well soon, you've got soo much to stress about xx

jammy a 4 week gap seems a lot towards the end, I thought it was every 2 weeks after 34 weeks? Could you try to move it by phoning up another day?

blankets we're not ready either, the new wooden floor is just done in baby room, but we've got loads of furniture to move to my parents and can't get a van until 17th, only then can we paint/put up baby furniture etc!

EmmaDee Wed 07-Aug-13 21:04:07

Must bes day for stress, kitten, flo I hope you'd are feeling better. Had a major melt down in work today, I normally work out on site, but due to the pregnancy thing I'm stuck in the office, and I've never been as stressed. Eventually lost it when some Pillock kept ringing me, burst in to uncontrollable tears.feel crap now as I work in an engineering company and the men didn't know what to do!!

Managed to organise I meeting for the morning to discuss but feel totally mortified over gurning in the office. Stupid hormones.

Kips hope your putting your feet up now!

fl0b0t Thu 08-Aug-13 07:18:57

Thanks for letting me have a rant! Last night was topped off with a little bit of spotting in my discharge. Spent ages googling before bed and can't work out if u should be worried? I don't think it was a show/mucous plug, unless it was just a little bit of it and I feel fine otherwise.... I'm 34+2 any ideas?

jennimoo Thu 08-Aug-13 07:36:56

You should call your MW or the hospital, to see what they reckon. I think if its 'mucussy' it could be from your plug but best to check.

Whatever it is its your body telling you to slow down ;)

RunningBear78 Thu 08-Aug-13 07:44:23

Sorry to hear about yr stresses kitten and flo, really not what you need at the moment. Hope you can get some rest and look after yourselves.

blankets we have just had the nursery plastered, which feels like an achievement, but still have much painting to do, carpet and blind to get, and then furniture to sort out. All the baby stuff is either in boxes in the living room or packed in various draws around the house and the study is full of spare furniture. The electrician asked if we had just moved in ...nope been here 2 years!

No idea about discharge Flo, maybe see if there is a little more this morning and if so call the mw?

can I ask how you are all feeling generally? I'm feeling absolutely exhausted, accidentally slept for three hours yesterday afternoon, seem to constantly feel a little bit nauseous. I alternate between really bad nights sleep, usually being awake between 2.30-5 and sleeping through, or waking up crying from awful dreams. I can't work out what is normal anymore. Should I be feeling like this? I'm only 34+4, and luckily sort of on mat leave. I cant imagine having to work, im managing about 3 hours work a day at the moment, at the most.

At my 34 week check up yesterday bump hadn't grown, but was a different mw ... Wondering if feeling odd like this is connected? Baby is still hyperactive and wriggling a lot ...

Sorry for the long, I seem to have lost the ability to think for myself blush

JammyTummy Thu 08-Aug-13 07:59:32

Sorry flo and bear that you're feeling rubbish and stressed. I hope you're better soon to get a few nice chilled weeks pre baby.
DH is going through a mega stressful period at work just now and I really just wish that they would get everything sorted as I don't think his life is about to get any easier in the next couple of months! He said yesterday that he literally has no clue what he would do if the baby came early! That's my wishful thinking of him taking a few days off before the baby comes out the window!

Kittenkatzen Thu 08-Aug-13 08:18:50

Aww fl0 that does indeed sound like a crappy day. Hope you got some decent sleep last night and feel a bit better today. No helpful ideas on the spotting but agree a call to the mw is best, even if just to put your mind at ease a bit.

runningbear I hear you re the exhaustion and nausea. I'm sleeping terribly at the moment too - 6 times I jumped out of bed with cramp last night. Well I say jumped - flailed like a wood louse on its back until the screaming woke DH enough to roll me over so I could get up is probably closer to the truth hmm. It sounds like you've got loads going on even though you're not working too much, maybe you need to be stricter with yourself about scheduling time to literally just sit for an hour or so each day?

brew and thanks to everyone else who had a rubbish day yesterday - hope everyone's a bit chirpier all round!

jammy babykitten is also laying at an awkward angle - the midwife recorded it as "cephalic oblique", basically the head is down but pointing at my left hip, with the bum up under my ribs on the right hand side...I'm getting some quite uncomfortable pokes in the right hip from what assume is little feet!

ION I'm 35 weeks today and finish work tomorrow, thankfully. SOOO looking forward to ditching the commute!

weebarra Thu 08-Aug-13 08:58:17

Hope everyone who has had a rubbish few days have better ones today!

I'm exhausted too running...33+3 today. Baby had me awake from 2.30-5 this morning. Wriggling, hiccupping, more wriggling etc etc. Unfortunately I'm not on mat leave & today I've got a customer meeting 3hrs away :-( So tired....fortunately this is my last full week at work...but I still have 5 more weeks part time!

RunningBear78 Thu 08-Aug-13 10:28:19

Oh dear, I just woke up blush. This is ridiculous. Gosh ready I feel for you, I literally am useless at the moment. thanks kitten I actually feel like I do nothing but sit or sleep at the moment, and get a bit worried at the things thru could be doing! Your woodlouse description made me laugh though, sorry!

...and the thought of a babykitten, even tinier than a normal kitten eek super sweeet! Nearly had a little cry at the tiny socks I washed and pit on the line yesterday- literally the most productive thing I managed yesterday.

fl0b0t Thu 08-Aug-13 12:31:02

smile thanks all for cheering me up (as usual)- esp the mental image of a tiny baby weeny kitten!
runningbear- I accidentally bought premature baby size socks (THEY WERE IN THE SALE AND HAD GIRAFFES ON) so I'm desperately stretching them as husband is a size 10 and I'm a size 8.... no way they;ll fit! The foot that's been kicking me in the ribs is massive too!

Also knackered but 2 weeks left at work (and weddings both the weekends) and bump has also changed shape rather than grown! More square and lumpy rather than round! Baby is still very busy, thought they were supposed to slow down?!

My bladder has help up well (I don't need night time toilet trips (sorry ladies!!)) but baby has started to punch me in the bladder which is quite alarming!

I am also feeling sickier again (boo).

And I fell up the stairs at the station today because I am a tit.

Will call MW at lunch to double check but no more spotting today. discharge is a bit yellowy almost pink colour though.......

jennimoo Thu 08-Aug-13 12:40:27

I bet the socks will be fine. DD has big feet but is still wearing some socks that are 18-24 m at the mo, although I bought fairy socks in the mothercare sale with my baby boy giraffe ones, so should be able to get rid of some of the smallest ones!

badguider Thu 08-Aug-13 13:25:10

36 weeks today and I've started feeling really pregnant this week.

So sorry to hear about the stresses, worrying symptoms and tiredness some of you have been having.

I am aware I've been incredibly lucky with this pregnancy but now have a big issue with nausea/heartburn... the boy is pushing up inside my ribcage and down into my pelvis/bladder in a horrible way - sitting down is quite uncomfortable at times - I have to try to pack pillows into the small of my back so I'm almost sitting in a backbend to make more space between my pelvis and ribs.

I'm still working (till 38+1) but work mainly from home. I've been out this morning and I have two half-day meetings next week and then an hour meeting in the final week and the rest is all at home desk work. I've had to take a couple of afternoon naps this week which I haven't done for months!

Cycling and walking are both uncomfortable now too sad I can still do both when I need to get from A to B but neither are enjoyable to do for fun/fresh-air/sunshine - but then again, neither is sitting enjoyable.

Having said that, I'm determined not to cave in to impatience. I want a pool birth if possible, though I am aware that there are MANY reasons that might not be possible, and 99.9% of them are out of my control but one that I can control is not accepting an induction before 42 weeks. If all is well with me and him there's no reason to be induced before 42 weeks as you're not officially 'post-term' till after 42, but it tends to first be offered between 41 and 42 and will be very tempting but I will do all I can to resist the temptation.

jennimoo Thu 08-Aug-13 13:35:44

Totally in agreement on the holding out for a pool birth and refusing induction but at 37+3 and suffering from heartburn, SPD etc I'm not sure if ill be able to if I get past 41 weeks. I think I'm likely to have this baby next week or the week after though, given DD was early...

badguider Thu 08-Aug-13 13:45:59

Sounds like you'll be fine then jenni and have a nice spontaneous labour without having to wait till the last possible moment - fingers crossed for you smile

Hi all. I'm down at the farm this week (living dangerously, away from home at 37 weeks!!) and have had a very grumpy couple of days not being able to get to sleep in a different bed with all the wrong pillows. My preferred bed was occupied by my brother until he left yesterday, so now I've claimed it (and three pillows All To Myself) and I had a better night's sleep last night. DS has whimpered in the middle of the night a couple of times (normal night time stirring, but he gets disorientated because it's so pitch black dark here compared to home in the suburbs) so DH has had broken sleep too, going to see to him.

I've finally washed the newborn clothes, so they are on the rack drying in my parents' utility room. My mum has whole fields available for washing lines and yet uses the tumble drier even on sunny days which I think is criminal... I've taken the drying rack things out to the yard before and been told off because 'everything gets dusty from farm dirt'. Well the utility room isn't exactly pristine as it's where the dogs sleep!! It's a bit windy today so the racks would blow over unless I take the right out into the field and get some guy ropes on them... which I don't quite have the energy to do.

Birth pool for home has so far cost me £68... £38 for the pool (ebay) and £30 for a new liner (nct shop). Still need a thermometer, as I expect my jam thermometer doesn't measure down in the 30s of degrees C! Could have paid £3.95 for delivery from NCT but got a couple of feeding bras and bra extenders at the same time which took me over £50 for free delivery. So, I'm really hoping the home birth plan works out, as it's all going to be a bit of a waste if I end up in hosp!! (or pop early, down here).

Sympathies to all those with heartburn etc. I have taken topopping Rennies any time I've eaten something that might be burny.

fl0b0t if those socks don't fit feet, try them as scratch mitts? Or put them on a teddy bear. grin

frogchops Thu 08-Aug-13 17:08:35

2 work days to go!! smile

RunningBear78 Thu 08-Aug-13 17:20:26

coooool socks flo! and yup, give the mw a ring about discharge to be sure.

guider if your locals start trying to induce before 42 weeks wave that recent paper about which says that anything from 37 - 42 is pretty normal. There was stuff in the news about it recently. Just highlighted the normal variation in gestation for women. I think its only after 42 weeks that the placenta starts to loose efficiency, but it is pretty unusual to go much past then.

rake agree, criminal use of a tumble drier. although also slightly alarmed to learn my uber greeny mum put my swimming cossie in the dryer at the weekend instead of just leaving it out in the garden!?

also, on the tiredness front. plucked up the courage to phone the mw to double check things. have suggested a full blood count to check for low iron levels, which I think it probably is. I have been eating spinach twice a day for weeks, and regularly take feroglobin iron supplement to top up. as we were away for four days eating random parental food, much of which didn't seem to involve much in the way of protein let alone iron, and I forgot to take the feroglobin I've probably dipped a little in my levels and suffering. I know a few people had low iron counts - were you feeling tired from it at all? my bloods at 28 weeks were fine. oh well. Will stuff myself with iron the next few days and see how things go.

hurrah frog enjoy!!!

frogchops Thu 08-Aug-13 17:36:12

Running....I've been knackered the whole time! hmmHad slightly low iron at booking and even lower at 28 weeks...mw said to take 3/4 iron tabs daily blush but I don't purely because it makes me constipated, I do have a spatone sachet each day but I'd imagine my iron is still quite low. Mw would shout if she knew I don't take what I'm meant to blush

PurplePoppySeed Thu 08-Aug-13 20:54:30

Oh my, I am feeling really overwhelmed and unprepared at the moment, I haven't bought any baby clothes yet, we have a buggy, car seat, cot and changing table in boxes, half done room and I haven't bought any of the essentials for me or baby such as big knickers, pads, nappies etc etc... I'm too scared to think abt hospital bag as I want a home birth so much.

Where do I start?

fl0 I wonder if jenni is right about about slowing down? My friend had a bleed at 34 weeks (very light) after an hour on the cross trainer at lunch and Pilates class the same day... For her, very normal activity, but there was obviously a point she had to slow down, perhaps you're at that point too?

SameOldSongAndDance Thu 08-Aug-13 21:01:01

Hi hoping I can join you. I've been lurking for a while and just finished work today so I should have more time to post. My due date is 6th Sept but due to being breech looks like I will be having elective cs before then. I already have a 2 1/2 yr old dd who is a big bundle of energy and is exhausting me.

I just had a peek at the Oct 13 thread, someone there had had a peek at the Nov 13 thread where someone has had their baby at 27 weeks - eek! Hope they are being looked after.

RunningBear78 Thu 08-Aug-13 21:09:49

purple don't panic! I really recommend eBay for clothes. There are loads of budles which have vests, babygrows, hats etc for good prices, or you can buy smaller bundles of particular makes.

As for your own things for hospital/post birth do an online supermarket shop and get everything in one place. Ocado has a good range of cheapo to organic/natural nappies, breast pads, nappy bags etc. Many of the things on the hospital bag list you'll need if you have a home birth too.

frog I feel for you if you have been feeling this rough for 10 weeks! Def try two spatones a day if you can, it should make a huge difference. So far today I've had 4 spoons of feroglobin, spinach salad for lunch and spinach curry for dinner :D hoping for a miraculous recovery!

fl0b0t Thu 08-Aug-13 22:02:18

purple you might be right about slowing down. I find it really really hard to define what is slowing down- what is normal/ what is doing too much. I just don't have a sensor for it. I did a 2 day conference with travelling but didn't feel like I'd done too much until it was too late and I was tired. But I was mentally tired rather than physically. Will photograph the socks tomorrow!

so sick of feeling sick though. been feeling sick since the first week of February, how horrible is that!

HettySunshine Fri 09-Aug-13 07:55:11

Flo, I definitely think it is your body giving you a little nudge to slow down. When I had my bleed it was after I had had to rush some papers to court so had dashed there and back. As soon as I got back to the office I realised I was bleeding. confused

Ion, my lovely in laws have bought us a Moses basket which we took delivery of yesterday. How many sets of bedding do you all plan on getting for baby's first sleeping place? I'm guessing it'll need to be changed quite often due to sicky pooey messes etc etc. would three be enough do you think?

jennimoo Fri 09-Aug-13 07:57:02

Pillow cases are great as spare Moses basket sheets. I always laid a muslin (all tucked in) round the head end too as DD was a sicky one, made for super fast night time changes!

jennimoo Fri 09-Aug-13 07:58:14

But I've hired a bed nest and its arriving Monday, but I didn't buy sheets... Hoping I can fashion something from old sheets I have as the special ones for it are really expensive!

HettySunshine Fri 09-Aug-13 08:02:20

So Jenni, can I use normal size cellular blankets or do I need to buy special small ones? I think the thing I'm most frightened of is getting the bed temperature wrong!

Kittenkatzen Fri 09-Aug-13 08:09:48

IT'S MY LAST DAY AT WORK TODAY gringringringrin

Ooh good tip on wrapping a muesli round the head end of the Moses basket, will have to remember that one.

frog which iron tablets were you prescribed? I was given ferrous fumarate which apparently is a slightly different iron compound to ferrous sulphate and much less likely to cause constipation - I've had no problems at all on them. The Spatone weren't working quick enough for me so I've saved them for after the birth when the lower dose should be enough.

Kittenkatzen Fri 09-Aug-13 08:10:34

*muslin not muesli...don't think that would be comfortable!

frogchops Fri 09-Aug-13 08:25:00

I'm right behind u kitten at work....last day is Tuesday. Have already planned the rest of next week with coffee dates and hair appts! Am also having bump photographed on sat which I'm a little blush about but they follow it up with lovely pics of newborn so that'll be nice smile

Kitten I think its ferrous sulphate I've got.... Haven't taken any of yhis bottle though blush I'm just on the spatone. Think I should? In not usually one to not do as I'm told!!

RunningBear78 Fri 09-Aug-13 08:32:22

I found a place on amazon selling bamboo sheets that fit the bednest (I hope) in sets of two for £14 which seemed quite reasonable. I did have plans of making some sheets from our pile of hand me down doubles, but I can't quite see myself hooking the sewing machine out at the moment.

Also, on the bedding front: mattress protectors. I'm assuming one will do the job?

With blankets, do we just fold them over? I'm assuming if you swaddle a baby in a blanket they don't need another over the top?

I think there is a market for a book with all these practical tips in!!

FIL has just bought us one of those silly expensive babybjorn bouncer chairs-hurray!

frogchops Fri 09-Aug-13 09:13:07

Have just realised I have no idea about what/how many/what type f blankets to use in my moses basket! blush Oh I'm so not ready for this!
We have a temperature gauge in our bedroom which is constantly saying its too hot....no idea how to cool the room down, the windows are already party open.

jennimoo Fri 09-Aug-13 09:36:23

I used swaddled blankets then gro bags last time so not sure about cellular ones but if swaddled I don't think they'd need much more unless its super cold.

Don't panic too much about temperature, it's normally impossible to get the room right, but if you put your hand on their chest inside their clothes they should feel warm but not too hot. If they're too cold they'll wake and let you know, so i think safer to be on the cold side.

I think that advice is correct and up to date but not sure, hoping someone else can confirm and add their tips!

JammyTummy Fri 09-Aug-13 09:46:55

The health visitor lady who took one of our ante natal classes said that (of course with exception of extreme hot and cold) your baby will generally get used to the kind of temperature you are used to having in your home- if you are 'warm people' (as long as the house is not ice cold) baby will get used to it, in the same way that if you like to have the heating on (but not boiling) baby will be ok with that too.

fl0b0t Fri 09-Aug-13 10:32:38

I like a cold house so I was a bit worried about winter (17 degrees is about right for me!) so baby might want to be warmer! I have a couple of knitted blankets in weeny moses basket size but no cellular or fleece in moses basket size. We have some sleeping bag things too..... I recon we'll work it out. If there's a cold night and baby hates it, we'll grab another blanket.

Slowed down by just having bath and bed last night. Working a half day at home in my jimjams today now then a bridesmaid dress fitting and packing for a weekend away. Husband will do most the driving (and we have our car back! Phew!) so hope to enjoy and relax on the whole!

weebarra Fri 09-Aug-13 10:35:57

My mum has just given me a gorgeous handknitted blanket for the baby. Just gorgeous!
Re temperature, we had a gro-egg but the house temp generally seemed to be about right.

The place to test a baby's temp is the back of their neck. But as someone said, babies will let you know if they're too cold and will just get sleepier and less responsive if too hot - they don't notice and that can go quite wrong (don't google febrile convulsions, but read "what to expect the first year" or "your baby week by week")

My mum has finished the baby blanket I 'commissioned' from her - it's the blues and greens of the very hungry caterpillar (made up as she went along though) and she has done a little red hat, and is now making antennae or eyes or something for it. I showed her a very hungry caterpillar thing on etsy, which was a sort of large sock meant for newborn photography where they tuck a scrunched up sleeping naked baby into a position and take photos. We thought it was cute but a bit silly, whereas this blanket would work wrapped around baby in a pram or a sling, and you'd get the caterpillar effect with the hat.

DS has bags of energy, DH has a sniffly cold and has been dealing with DS in the night, I have had better nights sleep but am breathless and lumpy and fed up with being pg. Only four and a half weeks (max) to go though!

Impressed that you're already planning props for cute baby photo's rake!

badguider Fri 09-Aug-13 11:24:02

The packets for the grobag and swaddle blankets we bought both have lots of options for different temp rooms.
Dh and I have the bedroom cold at night but it seems the baby will be fine if we just give him another layer. I don't think heat will be an issue in September.

Well we still haven't had the names discussion yet Ready, so I think we will be having to refer to baby as something like the very hungry caterpillar for a while!

weebarra Fri 09-Aug-13 11:57:17

Oh, and I was phoned with a date for my section - 3rd September, at the hospital nearest me (high risk now cos of my bp). Don't tell anyone, we're keeping it quiet apart from the GPs wink .

frogchops Fri 09-Aug-13 12:02:48

Eeee! An actual baby date!

Just wondering....my clock says 11:59....if I spend the next minute walking up the stairs, is it acceptable to have an afternoon nap so early? I'm absolutely pooped! Is it bad to nap before This Morning has even gone off?

badguider Fri 09-Aug-13 12:44:44

I've spent most of the morning back in bed sad
I think I had a migraine in the night last night (a mild one). I didn't notice at the time but now I think about it I had slightly swimmy eyes last night and weird energy I get just before... woke up feeling like one half of my brain was seriously bruised and unable to lift it off the pillow. It's easing now but I have the horrible post-migraine hangover feeling.

Had a brief wobble about pre-eclampsia or infection but my temp is back to normal now and my blood pressure was really good on Monday, so I don't think that it can come on that quickly. Pretty sure it's my stupid migraines... grr....

weebarra Fri 09-Aug-13 12:51:33

It can come on that quickly badguider - not to worry you!
Do you have any swelling, or pain at the top of your bump? When do you next see mw?

PurplePoppySeed Fri 09-Aug-13 13:03:08

thanks runningbear still scared when I read how much more prepared everyone is than me! I'll take a look at ebay smile

badguider Fri 09-Aug-13 13:15:19

no pain or swelling at all (still in my wedding ring and ankles normal) and headache easing off now.
I only see the mw every two weeks so it would be a week on monday. I got migraines before pregnancy so I am pretty sure that's what it was...

Are you sure pre-eclampsia can come with absolutely no previous symptoms in just a couple of days? I thought a headache was a later symptom?

frogchops Fri 09-Aug-13 13:47:33

Worrying that It can come on that quick, and I only see my me every 6 weeks so I'd have no idea! Ironically I've just come to lie down with a headache! hmm

weebarra Fri 09-Aug-13 13:51:17

Not sure about headache being later. Had PE in all 3 pregnancies now - first symptom has always been swelling, then flashing lights/starbursts and a headache that doesn't go with paracetamol.

fl0b0t Fri 09-Aug-13 14:35:33

badguider I'mn so jealous you're still in your wedding ring! My feet were so hillariously fat yesterday after a day at the desk that my flip flops didn't actually fit (usually v roomy) and my wedding ring has been off for 4 weeks :-( However I got wedding and eng ring cleaned and they look amazing, can't wait to get them back on. No PE or high bp for me, just very fluidy and fat!

I had a proper stupid moment (tired) last night when I told my husband that I was planning on wearing my wedding ring on my other hand. He carefully asked if one of my hands had swollen more than the other.....? blush

TripleRock Fri 09-Aug-13 16:18:28

Sorry to hear of those struggling with tiredness.

I went out for a lovely meal last night but puked it all up within about 40 mins of getting home, what a waste!

Today I have scrubbed the kitchen floor and step, cupboard fronts and hoovered the lounge. Really feeling manic about cleaning and having the washing bang up to date. Only did 'nesting' for about 48 hours with DD before going into labour, but this has been going on for about a month now!

Can I join the 'only 2 more working days' club? smile

TripleRock Fri 09-Aug-13 16:25:34

ps Badguider and others, I'm pretty sure the origin of the word Eclampsia is 'lightning flash or bolt' or something like that, simply because it can come on so quickly.

Just not worth ignoring any possible symptoms imo

badguider Fri 09-Aug-13 16:35:11

Thanks triple - I don't think one headache (even if bad) is really a cause for too much concern but if I get another one or any other symptom I'll get my bp checked at the pharmacist.

The nhs page says headaches in pregnancy are concerning if 'often' and accompanied by high bp or oedema. It's only three days since my bp was the low end of normal 98/60 and definitely no oedema.

And I have been a migraine sufferer since I was about 21yrs with two bad ones in first trimester already.

TripleRock Fri 09-Aug-13 17:06:56

ok badguider, hope the migrane passes quickly

My DH got genuinely excited this morning as he was later than usual going to work and so got to see me 'awake'....I was really confused as he's seen me every night this week....his response 'well you haven't really been awake have you?? The last couple of nights you've been too tired to even respond when I've asked what to make you for dinner'. I guess it's a good job this was the last full week at work...just got to make it thru two 4 day wks & three 3 day weeks now!

Kittenkatzen Fri 09-Aug-13 18:17:08

Will catch up properly later, but frog - don't take the ferrous sulphate, ask for ferrous fumarate instead!

Peregrin Fri 09-Aug-13 18:45:25

Officially off work now, hurrah! (Technically speaking, I still need to finish one last thing that I could just not force myself to tackle in the last couple of days.)

Still feeling woefully underprepared for baby's arrival.

frogchops Fri 09-Aug-13 18:57:02

Oh, yes, I double checked on the iron....it says ferrous gluconate 300mg tabs. Is that better??

weeblewobbling Fri 09-Aug-13 20:15:35

So ......I'll have another baby this time next week.

No biggy.

Kittenkatzen Fri 09-Aug-13 21:12:40

Oh that's different again! Mine say ferrous fumarate 210g. Yours sound stronger then?

jennimoo Fri 09-Aug-13 21:21:23

Weeble - wow, I might do but kinda wish I could know! A week tomorrow is when DD arrived...

CharlW1 Fri 09-Aug-13 21:57:13

Last day at work today. Had a lovely evening out with people from work and got loads of lovely presents! Feels very strange finishing work but really can not waitnow for baby to arrive smile

TripleRock Fri 09-Aug-13 22:14:45

Weeble, wow! Are you going to be the first to Christen the thread?

frogchops Fri 09-Aug-13 22:24:49

Kitten I have no idea about the difference between fumarate and gluconate and sulphate hmmbut I'm guessing my daily spatone isn't enoughhmm

frogchops Fri 09-Aug-13 22:25:50

And yes they sound stronger... Plus she wants me to have 3-4 dailyblush

dakomponist Sat 10-Aug-13 08:19:17

36 weeks today and it's moving day. I would not recommend moving house during pregnancy to anyone. I'm fortunate not to be doing any of the carrying, but have had to oversee and do most of the cleaning and packing and as a Type A personality with all the pregnancy hormones on top, you can imagine I've not been in the best of moods.

Anyway, I've left the boys to loading the truck this morning and hopefully it will mostly all be done by the time I return!shock

Joskar Sat 10-Aug-13 15:21:56

I'm being forced to take mat leave as of Monday. Poop. Four weeks before I had planned to. Which means not making it to Christmas with the good pay. Double poop. Stupid SPD. Not even managing to walk round the house now. Hate crutches.

Have had my parents staying this week. My (ex midwife) mother thinks I'm carrying low and it won't be long before baba arrives. Feel slightly sick.

Iron: I've been been taking ferrous fumarate three times a day plus a spatone since 10 weeks also been eating loads of nuts, oranges, spinach, red meat, apricots etc. Iron was at 93 last check. Getting it checked on Thursday. So bored of the metallic taste in my mouth.

See next month? I'm totally having a gin and tonic!

CharlW1 Sat 10-Aug-13 15:35:44

Jo I am so totally joining you with a G&T next month!
MIL is staying this weekend and she is doing my head in already with her air of superiority. I know a lot of it is my hormones but if I have to hear about OH's perfect birth once more I will snap - it was nearly 40 years ago for goodness sake! When I was telling her about my scare last week and stay in hospital the conversation was of course turned around so she could talk about herself and said that in her day everyone just got on with it and there was none of this seeing consultants about this and that! Honestly she has no idea how she comes across sometimes.

fl0b0t Sat 10-Aug-13 15:47:49

charl sounds like you're due a g&t! I don't get a mil visit until after baby arrives thankfully...... There is tanq 10 in the freezer and I'll ensure there is decent tonic water and a few limes knocking about all ready for it. We saved some vintage champagne from our wedding (a bottle for our 1-5 yr anniversaries and our 10yr) so will be looking forwards to the slightly delayed 4 yr bottle once baby arrives!

frogchops Sat 10-Aug-13 15:54:48

As great as gnt and champers sounds, even if I wanted To indulge t the moment I just keep thinking about how rubbish the heartburn would be! Same goes for curry, fizzy pop and chocolate. Boooo :-/

CharlW1 Sat 10-Aug-13 16:02:30

Jo I am so totally joining you with a G&T next month!
MIL is staying this weekend and she is doing my head in already with her air of superiority. I know a lot of it is my hormones but if I have to hear about OH's perfect birth once more I will snap - it was nearly 40 years ago for goodness sake! When I was telling her about my scare last week and stay in hospital the conversation was of course turned around so she could talk about herself and said that in her day everyone just got on with it and there was none of this seeing consultants about this and that! Honestly she has no idea how she comes across sometimes.

Dorita75 Sat 10-Aug-13 17:02:39

Sorry about the migraines badguider I hope you're better now.

The muesli round the head made me laugh grin

Think I'm getting off lightly, no swelling, feeling fine, the only thing is the damn TIREDNESS!! We went into town this morning for an hour or so, I got back intending to deep clean the kitchen but all I've done is lie on the couch and eat. The nesting instinct is there in my mind but not my body!

Can't remember who recommended the mumsnet babies book but I ordered it 2nd hand from amazon & am loving it...thanks for the tip!

jennimoo Sat 10-Aug-13 19:41:24

I've been reading but struggling to remember what everyone's said so won't reply today!

Hello to new people though, and do inbox me your email if you want adding to the Facebook group.

ION my SPD has returned after a few good days (and possibly having done too much yesterday...) and the heartburn is rubbish sad I have however seen what I think is the teeniest tiniest bit of what looks like the plug today so perhaps things will start moving soon!

weeblewobbling Sat 10-Aug-13 20:00:58

My last working day will be my section day!

They've been slack sorting my cover so have managed to keep full pay up to now - I had planned 39 weeks!

I think I will be first to pop!!! I'm still hoping some1 else will beat me :-)

Manoodledo Sat 10-Aug-13 20:37:35

Nothing has been heard from Twintrimum has it? I can hardly believe that noone has had their baby by now. I'm struggling slightly with the whole could be any day now but could still be another 5 weeks thing. Not that I'm organised. Despite being told by the midwife to pack my hospital bag last week I still haven't actually done it. Have bought most of the stuff I need and finally washed the tiny baby stuff and bedding that I have so that's something.

jennimoo Sat 10-Aug-13 20:43:56

I'm surprised no ones had a baby too! Especially with a few sets of twins expected!

I've just heard I passed the exam I took at the end of my course a week ago, yay! Just having my daily Braxton Hicks+lower back session now. having an early night too - we took my parents out to a nice restaurant for lunch and I had huge helpings and a glass of wine that made me v sleepy, but I only got 40 mins nap before getting pounced on by one of the spaniels. Same spaniel (21kg) stood on the bump yesterday in her haste to get out of the car at the beach, and managed to claw me quite painfully just to the side of the centre line, right where baby's bum is. No damage I'm sure, just feels like a bruise, similar to a bruise I had from the inside out a few weeks ago - little miss/master kicky in there.

I hope no news is good news from twintrimum, good luck everyone else with section dates etc.

Manoodledo Sat 10-Aug-13 21:21:50

Well done on your exam Rake! Not sure I'd have the brain power at the moment.

Derpess Sat 10-Aug-13 22:28:42

Hi everyone- been quiet for a while as Ive had a very bad time of it recently. My dad died last Wednesday. He had been very ill for a long time but still knocked me sideways.

My twins are still cooking, have a c-section booked for 21 August- not long now, swinging between terror and excitement.

Also hope no news is good news from twintrimum.

Welcome to all the new ladies!

JammyTummy Sat 10-Aug-13 22:43:05

Der so sorry to hear your news, it's truly terrible. I went through the same with my mum who passed in February, and the only thing I can say to you is view your babies as a helping way to get you through and recover from this. I hope you are getting lots of love and support just now as you must be feeling pretty foul flowers

badguider Sat 10-Aug-13 22:47:09

Sorry to hear your news der

And well done rake

Two bits of exciting news here, neither to do with me....
Went for coffee today with an ex work colleague who lives very close and is 41+1 at 3pm.. She was complaining of BH and left me at 4. Got a text at 8 saying they were still going and getting painful....?????
Also my lovely lovely cousin who lost her parents four and two years ago and had a mc at 12wks in April/may has just texted to tell us she's due in February!! Soooo pleased for her!!!!

Derpess Sat 10-Aug-13 23:10:44

Thanks Jammy and bad guider

Jammy- you're right, being strong for the babies keeps me going. I am lucky I am getting well looked after as well. I'm very sorry to hear about your mum and hope you are also bearing up ok.

weeblewobbling Sat 10-Aug-13 23:17:30

Sorry to hear your news Derpress

Well if I've got twinmum as the right person - she was in tact earlier awaiting a date to be decided this week

CharlW1 Sun 11-Aug-13 11:12:21

Sorry to hear your news Derpess

I had such a good nights sleep last night (interrupted of course by the obligatory 3 trips to the toilet but I went straight back to sleep with each trip, which is rare) that I am hoping that the MIL will not get on my nerves quite as much today!

mrspaddy Sun 11-Aug-13 11:14:35

Sorry for your loss Derpress

Dorita75 Sun 11-Aug-13 13:55:35

I'm sorry Depress brew flowers xx

HettySunshine Sun 11-Aug-13 15:27:59

I'm very sorry to hear that Depress. Much love x x

Derpess Sun 11-Aug-13 16:00:47

Thank you everyone xx

PurplePoppySeed Sun 11-Aug-13 20:29:28

Oh no Der I'm also really sorry to here your news, you sound like you are holding up incredibly well considering flowers

Joskar Sun 11-Aug-13 20:35:26

So sorry to hear that Der. Thinking of you. xxx

kimjayne Mon 12-Aug-13 06:50:04

really hope you sre being looked after Derpess. As other people have suggested, just try to focus on the new life you are bringing into the world. It cant be easy. Hopefully things will get easier.

Another couple from our nct group had their baby yesterday. This is the 2nd early arrival! I always had it in my mind that first time babies would be late! So im slowly getting my head around the possibility of an early labour.... although im still convinced il be late.

Im having a moody morning today. Been wide awake since 4am. ive had a nasty cold for over a week now and its really starting to grate on me. This wasnt helped by DH huffing, sighing and covering his ears because I woke him whilst blowing my nose this morning. angry ggrrrhhhh!!!

SGJ Mon 12-Aug-13 08:10:43

Oh Derpess, sincere condolences to you and your family x

Keepsmilingsunshine Mon 12-Aug-13 08:23:35

Such sad news Derpess, so sorry for your loss flowers.

I had such a bad night last night. Baby was breech at 33 weeks and not sure if he/she was trying to turn but OMG I was in so much pain. Lots and lots of BH, lumps and bumps everywhere - every movement was making me feel sick. It went on for about 2 hrs. Thankfully, all seems well this morning. I do not want another night like that!

RunningBear78 Mon 12-Aug-13 08:24:07

So sorry to hear of your loss derpess thinking of you and your family flowers

Manoodledo Mon 12-Aug-13 08:38:29

Sorry to hear your sad news derpess.

I had a very unsettled night with bump as well. I had such bad period type pain it kept me awake. I think bump is a bit lower this morning so maybe it was that. Feeling a bit out of sorts in general. Yesterday I had a sudden strong urge to pack my hospital bag. Finding myself wondering if something is going to happen soon. Am 37 weeks today. Of course, I could still have weeks to go!

jennimoo Mon 12-Aug-13 08:52:03

So sorry derpress, thinking of you.

I had loads of BH yesterday and while looking at baby stuff in tk maxx some really full on pain! Thank fully wasn't alone and managed to get out of the shop and lean on a post til it passed... Made me think 'I've changed my mind, I don't want to do this again!' So I think it was the 'right' pain. Nothing much since though, although MIL predicts today is baby's arrival date. 38 weeks.

JammyTummy Mon 12-Aug-13 10:18:40

My MIL gifted my nephew a Jake the Pirate jigsaw she recently got in tkmaxx. Unable to build the jigsaw the frustrated 4 year old asks nanny for help. Her embarrassment knew no end when it was publicly concluded that there were actually 4 feet and only one eye part...

I hope that everyone who is struggling is feeling better today. I've kind of come to accept that the baby could be late but also could be any time now. Been having lots of BH, particularly at night time, in a way I've never had before. Also noticed that it can send me on a toilet trip (not the pee kind) within literally seconds!

Mooster1709 Mon 12-Aug-13 12:59:10

Hello all, have been a bit busy for a week or so and so much catching up to do on all your news! Determined to keep more up to speed from now on!

Derpess, so sorry to hear your sad news. It must be very hard for you. Big hug, and I hope someone is looking after you.

I'm nearly 38 weeks now and struggling... it's partly the uncertainty that everything could kick off now, or I could have another month to go. I find that really difficult. I feel like I should be doing work, but the motivation just isn't there. And I just feel so lacklustre all the time. I thought I'd be merrily dusting the nursery and folding up tiny clothes by this stage but even that feels like too much effort, and stressful, rather than fun.

I am fed up trying to think about sheets, and sterilisers, and setting up baby monitors, and reading all the baby books I feel like I should have read in advance. DH thinks I'm nuts, and I'm really frustrated that he doesn't seem to be taking all of this as seriously as me and that all the responsibility is on me (I think in reality this is me being insane rather than him actually being a dick. He just approaches things differently). It's almost like all the excitement has passed and just the stress is left over. I just want to go back to my old, pre-pregnancy life rather than be stuck in this limbo.

Sorry for the rant. Will now catch up properly and engage in conversation rather than moaning monologues.

jennimoo Mon 12-Aug-13 13:11:08

Mooster - I feel the same too, fed up now and can't really focus on anything. A bit of spring cleaning would be great, and I've still got coursework to do for a work course, but no motivation. At least I have DD distracting me most of the time, although she's feeling a little poorly so snuggling on the sofa watching shrek 3.

badguider Mon 12-Aug-13 13:14:00

You know what mooster - stuff the preparation!
Seriously, you can't know what kind of baby you'll get or how it'll all go, preparation is just to make you feel better.. if it's not making you feel better then forget it... read a nice book that's nothing to do with babies, watch some good films... take your mind off it all.

I haven't read anything since bumpology, and I can't wait for the last antenatal class to be over tomorrow... I've heard enough, I know what I need to know before this all happens and the rest I'll find out after.

I am fed up of worrying about the 'what ifs...' it's easier to just wait and see and only deal with those that actually apply to you and your baby.

I've just had my 38 w appointment and am really confused. BP, pee, swelling (lack of), baby heartbeat and bump size/position all fine. Although I thought bump was lower, she reckoned head was free, not at all engaged. Hmph. Then she said (having already had the discussion about how I am booked for a home birth) if any of these things happen, call delivery suite: cramping, any bleeding, waters breaking, baby movements slow down, (etc) and I was thinking but isn't this a lot like the checklist for 'labour is starting' ?? I didn't ask, I was just a bit puzzled. I guess as it's the same phone number for delivery suite and for calling out the community birth team, when whatever it is starts up they'll ask some questions to triage me and I'll be advised whether they think something sounds wrong over the phone.

Been in to work today too, starting to enjoy saying to people "any day now really!" when they ask the inevitable question. They all jump back at least 6 inches hee hee. Oddly, I feel like I have more energy when I go into work than I would if I just potter around at home, must be something to do with psyching myself up to be on form and not look useless. A couple of important meetings tomorrow, a useful but optional one on Monday, and then I'm really freeeeeee.... I also have a hair appointment booked this Friday morning, thinking about a nails appointment some day too. It would just be a lot of things to cancel though if baby did show up nice and soon.

Mooster I completely empathise. I've had enough of this, it's boring now! Last pregnancy for me, too. Just want to get on with the show and have a baby to cuddle. Could be four more weeks though. How tedious.

Hugs and take-care vibes to everyone with major extra upheavals going on - especially Derpess. Remember that there is all sorts of support to lean on - even from a MN postnatal thread, right through to counselling. More than one of these big life changes at once are a recognised factor in your emotional well being, so don't suffer alone. Xxx

jennimoo Mon 12-Aug-13 15:34:14

Rake - here it's the same number to call no matter what sort of birth you're planning, so that's probably it.

My bednest just arrived and DD and I have set it up. I've a feeling one of the sides isn't working properly (doesn't stay up properly...) so might have to send it back already... Will wait til DH gets home to check I'm not being really dense!

Some cramps and BHs today, and some unusual back pain...

Mooster1709 Mon 12-Aug-13 18:33:57

Thanks for the words of wisdom badguider - I'm sure you're right! and very sensible. This will be my new plan.

weebarra Mon 12-Aug-13 19:24:13

derpress, so sorry to hear your news, hope you are coping ok.
I'm in hospital again, been contracting since 5am but cervix still high and closed. They don't want to leave me - 2 previous cs leaves me at risk of rupture. Might be seeing baby quite soon. 36+2 today.

HettySunshine Mon 12-Aug-13 19:32:04

Eek Weebarra! Do keep us updated when you have the chance. Fingers crossed for you that everything goes smoothly. X

kipsonline Mon 12-Aug-13 20:41:20

Sending moral support to depress and good luck vibes to weebarra, hope things all go

kipsonline Mon 12-Aug-13 20:48:27

...Really well (blummin' phone)
I've had a really lovely last few days with my boys doing lots of special things whilst I'm still a mummy of 2 not 3 smile shattered now though!
I go in tomorrow for a sweep as 1 day off 38wks and this baby needs to get a wriggle on now as my chances of stillbirth (with lupus) are too high to risk any further growth... my consultant who I have had since my 1 st pg in 2007 has to do it, which makes me feel a bit yucky as I kind of feel like she knows me too well for all that?!? Still hoping I can avoid full on induction later in week but this one seems too comfy (my 2 DS had both been born by now!)

Wincher Mon 12-Aug-13 20:50:11

Eek weebarra are you going to be first? Still amazed we have no babies on this thread! There has to be one in the next few days I'm sure.

So sorry to hear your news depress. Look after yourself.

Rake, I believe it's normal for the head not to engage until you go into labour if you're not a first timer. Probably more comfy that way!

I have been camping for the weekend, including scrambling down to the beach, swimming in the sea etc. Had a fab time, I was no more uncomfortable than I would have been at home, and felt good to be active. However that's it now, am 36 weeks in a day or two and not planning any more stays away from home.

Manoodledo Mon 12-Aug-13 20:52:16

Good luck weebarra and kips!

Joskar Mon 12-Aug-13 21:38:44

So, DH cuts himself and bleeds profusely all over a tissue. Some hours later I go to the loo, finish, turn round to flush and see a bloody mess in the loo. Assume I'm bleeding so start hyperventilating and going into a major panic. Check myself and realise that it is not my blood. DH has discarded his bloody tissue into the loo! Now have murderous thoughts towards DH. Will be more bloody tissues if he pulls a stunt like that again!

Totally fed up being huge and sore and ungainly and so over reading about pregnancy. I want the baby to be here! (Except not until next week at the earliest.)

Kips and Barra hope all is well. Fingers crossed!

CheeseStrawCraving Mon 12-Aug-13 22:10:46

Mooster, fed up here too. If I have to wash any more flippin small things I think I'll scream. My current washing loads consist of small stuff for baby in one load, chef trousers (black) in another, chef jackets (white) in another, greasy tea towels in another, plus all the normal washing. Grump grump grump.

36+1 today. Head 2/5 engaged, does this mean anything in terms of going into labour? Want baby now!!

Mooster1709 Mon 12-Aug-13 23:15:28

Good luck weebarra and kips - scary but exciting!

And thanks all for the sharing of the moaning - has made me feel so much better. Actually got things done today rather than just moping about and it's really helped. Have a clear desk to get on with actual work tomorrow and am determined to do so.

Anyone else been having period-like pains? Have been getting them for the last week or so and they're pretty painful, but go away with paracetamol. Is this the head engaging do you think? They didn't mention it at my 36w appointment.

Mooster1709 Mon 12-Aug-13 23:16:36

And joskar, that made me laugh..

juniper9 Tue 13-Aug-13 00:07:00

I'm not sure how I'm going to cope through the next few weeks- I just teared up at the idea of you two having your babies soon! I'll become dehydrated if I cry over every birth!

In other news, apparently I'm underprepared. My mum asked me last week if I knew how to look after a baby, and I said I figured I'd work it out / google it. She's bought me three books in the interim blush

RunningBear78 Tue 13-Aug-13 12:40:21

Good luck weebarra and kips hope all goes well, keep us posted!

So, for those of you fed up of reading about labour, breastfeeding, looking after babies ... have you read anything non-baby related recently? DH bought me an anthology of Miss Marple books to take my mind of things grin

Oh and perineal massage - oof! starting to get the hang of it but crikey, concentrates the mind shock

JammyTummy Tue 13-Aug-13 12:50:48

I just got the first in the series of inspector McLean books- Natural Causes by James Oswald. Love me a good murder.

Being read in combination with The Good Birth Companion and Gina Ford

badguider Tue 13-Aug-13 13:17:15

Barbara Kingsolver - Flight Behaviour..... I just finished and really enjoyed this.

Mooster1709 Tue 13-Aug-13 14:26:12

Ooh,I've fancied flight behaviour - will give it a try.

In fact, am off to the library this afternoon to get some non-baby related books to restore sanity (library is major part of operation 'living on maternity pay' - have realised book expenditure is ridiculous). Have also vowed to get through at least one hard-core, work based book a month when on mat leave - massive box that I ordered from work arrived today. There's something very exciting about a shelf of brand new books I always think...

jennimoo Tue 13-Aug-13 15:17:03

It's worth seeing if your library do Ebooks of you have something like an iPhone: mine does and I remember sat BFing in the dark reading them when DD was small.

I had another little bit of plug come out today, and MW says fully engaged, so I'd say within a week for me. I surely won't be first though? (38+1, DD was 38+5...)

Wolf Hall - just started a few days ago. Made me realise I haven't read fiction for ages, possibly not since my first maternity leave four years ago!

I've instigated a "screens off an hour before bed" rule to try to improve our sleep patterns, so I won't be reading on ipad/phone/kindle during the night feeds. I've asked for a book light thingy instead.

The screens thing worked so well last night that we woke up naturally at 5.30 and it didn't feel painfully early. We had a bit of the old howsyerfather or as I like to call it 'natural prostaglandin based induction method' (catchy)... and I have done almost a full day in the office too and am still very strangely feeling full of beans. Is this a pre-labour energy boost?? mustn't waste it!

Joskar Tue 13-Aug-13 18:35:50

jennimoo exciting stuff! The baby and the prospect of no more SPD! Good luck!

Books I have read and liked in the last few months of being unable to move:

Capital by John Lanchester
Citadelle by Kate Mosse (v trashy though)
All the David Sedaris books (non-fiction and utterly hilarious)
Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce
Donna Leon's Venetian detective stories
Agatha Christie anything (if you pretend that you can't read the gender/class/racial stereotyping)
The Rosie Project by Graeme Simieson

I'm considering getting a Kindle for when the baby arrives so that I can read and feed. Anyone done this? It seems easier but maybe I'm just being silly and a book is just as easy/impossible to concentrate on? Can you do stuff and bf?

mrspaddy Tue 13-Aug-13 18:42:03

Anyone else absolutely exhausted?
I did nothing today except small bit of housework. Had a busier day than normal yesterday. 36 + weeks so probably normal. Also very sore / lot of discharge TMI..

How are you all? .. it will all be worth it.

jennimoo Tue 13-Aug-13 18:52:28

Joskar - I think that it depends if you want to read in low light while feeding evenings / nights. If so get something small and lit up, otherwise books are probably fine but I think I'd struggle a bit with turning pages, depending where I was feeding. I'm a solely iPhone reader now: so easy with one hand, apps to use all types of Ebooks, you can turn the brightness down for night time and browse MN when you get fed up of your book!

Manoodledo Tue 13-Aug-13 19:03:19

I tend to find I read more when they are little babies as I read while breastfeeding as you only need one hand for it. Thanks for the book suggestions. I loved Wolf Hall and the sequel Bring up the bodies. Also second the recommendation of Capital.

On the exhaustion front, I'm afraid I'm with Rake grin and feel oddly energetic, or at least I did today, yesterday I felt rubbish all day. Today I took the kids to the beach and then the park and then the supermarket. In fact I'm starting to worry about the size of the baby, it just doesn't feel very heavy. I did have a scan at 34 weeks and it was measuring below average but I'm only 5 foot 1 and my boys were both small so I'm not expecting a large baby. Will see what I'm measuring when I see the midwife next week, if, of course, I haven't had the baby by then (she says hopefully!)

kipsonline Tue 13-Aug-13 21:04:24

Well, I had the sweep. I was 2cm dilated so the consultant could do a v thorough job. Ouch. I've had some bleeding and cramping since so hoping it is working?? The baby measured 7lb10 at today's scan so a good size for 38wks, despite all my scary meds that should = low birth weight. Induction b

kipsonline Tue 13-Aug-13 21:04:58

Booked for thurs if nothing doing by then.... Eek

Manoodledo Tue 13-Aug-13 21:23:39

Wow kips, I will be watching this space...

weebarra Tue 13-Aug-13 22:09:28

Ooh, good luck kips! I'm still in hospital, things tailed off last night. This baby doesn't know if its coming or going!

fl0b0t Tue 13-Aug-13 22:14:53

Eek how exciting that babies are now really on their way! thinking of you derpress as this may be a really hard Time.

I've sorted my diary fuckup for tomorrow out by cheekily claiming 'emergency midwife appt'rather than 'diary fuckup' to work though I feel that with last week's bit of spotting, midwifes not answering their phone and the impossibility of trying to book appointments. ... it is
really v important that I see the mw (34wk appt at 35+2).

Very pleased not have gone into labour whilst away in York and to be home safely. Been a bit twitchy about driving after my little accident. One more wedding to go and one more full week of work.

Have been having a few period like pains but don't feel anywhere near labour. Could still be seven weeks away if baby is late! !! It's been very wiggly and active still which is a bit painful and very tiring! (but comforting)

Hope everyone is well!


Grrrrrrrrr. Woken up at silly o'clock and now can't get back to sleep.