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we've smacked that rat now brooking for healthy pregnancys and sneeze births!

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hope everyone finds me. confused

Found you grin now, would you like help with a welcome buffet <brings in vol au vonts, canapes and pineapple and cheese on sticks grin

ah wonderful, was just contemplating snack choices. perhaps some mocktails too.
<fluffs cushions>

Ooh mocktails, don't mind if I do grin lovely new thread by the way, love what you've done with the place!

<makes a tray of naice ham sandwiches and leaves a bowl of pombears bear>

Oooo pom bears grin aren't we posh!
the other brookers had better hurry up or I might snaffel the buffet.

GreenOlives Mon 29-Jul-13 18:57:02

Found you! Just in time before trix eats all the buffet! grin
<eats all the cheese and pineapple on sticks as it's my fav!>

hi olives! grin. mocktail?

ThedementedPenguin Mon 29-Jul-13 19:25:21

Anything left for me? Or have I arrived too late?

I'm starved. Dinner taking too long to cook and my stomach is so sore.

So I have just spent the whole day with my baby cousin who may or may not have the chicken pox.

hey penguin sandwich?
hope you've already had chicken pox

keepitgoing Mon 29-Jul-13 19:43:03

I'm here too!

ThedementedPenguin Mon 29-Jul-13 20:14:37

cartoon I've had dinner. Feel so much better.

Yes I've had chicken pox when I was a child. So I should be okay.

Do you think everyone else has gotten lost?

Here you all are grin

My it's been a long day brookers. First day of the new job and I nearly passed out on the tube. It's just too hot for transport grin. But my boss took the news so brilliantly, which has relaxed me no end. Just got to get to the 13th now!

Not long till your birthday now Trix!

You should be fine Penguin, fingers crossed they don't have it!

Olives I love cheese and pineapple on a stick!

Thanks for the bravissimo advice ladies. I think I'll be needing a trip soon!

Withalittlesparkle Mon 29-Jul-13 21:38:57

oooooh a buffet!! Don't mind if I do!!

So how are my lovely preggo brookers doing? I'm finally getting the hang of this motherhood malarkey, even if Rory is clingy during the day which means I can only really sit on the sofa cuddling him and stuffing my face (am allowing myself till 6 weeks before I start dieting)

Maybe you must be careful in this heat. I always felt awful commuting, to a point where Matt had to start taking me in.

SweetieTime Mon 29-Jul-13 21:55:19

<rushes in with a plate of mini sausages rolls, scotch eggs and cocktail sausages on sticks>
<hides M&S picnic selection packaging>

Trix lovely new fred and fantastic buffet selection for all us eating for 2 or 3

Well we are all moved in which is such a relief so I now can look forward two weeks until my next scan. There are still a few jobs to complete but we are 90% there which is great.
Nothing much to report on preggo front, bump is coming along nicely although I am still concerned - natch

Penguin many congratulations on your BFP. I am looking at a Mountain Duet double, I think this is more for twins. It is the narrowest double side by side on the market. We also loved the Oyster Max which is more toddler & newborn but one DC has to sit underneath. I thought it was very easy to push and manoeuvrable.

We are looking at a Mazda 5 with the sliding doors as our now family car van I think we are going to look properly from September onwards so I can get the most having the room down on my Fiat 500.

On the bra front I am still in my pre-BFP bras blush so really need to get myself down to Bravisimo quick smart.

<lays out decafe tea & coffee, pastries, mini muffins etc>
are we all present and correct now, where's solars?
sweetie you must get to a bra shop pronto, surely your poor squashed norks are in desperate need!

You know the catering on this thread is really top notch grin

<sidles in with freshly baked bread with oil and vinegar for dipping>

<instead of dipping, fills with left over cocktail sausages and scoffs the lot>

Hello brookers. How are we all today? I'm sucking on a mint trying not to pass out on my keyboard. How is it possible to be this tired?

Tell me something exciting brookers.

SweetieTime Tue 30-Jul-13 11:27:16

maybe I just used my new washing machine for the first time. ok this is not very exciting in the scheme of things but I am excited by it [saddo emoticon]

oh maybe wish I had something to tell. I am also trying not to fall asleep on my keyboard. I am still that tired!

Solars Tue 30-Jul-13 11:34:09

I'm here Trix lovely new thread and spread too!

Exciting?... Well I had my last scan at argc today, sunbeam is growing nicely and was wriggling around loads so it was difficult for the dr to get measurements! I can't believe I'll be 12 weeks next week! Just hope all is ok!

Loving the name Fin btw way Maybe I knew you'd come up with something good Boo

I've had a lovely weekend with parents, it was fantastic being looked after!!

grin Sweetie

Will try and post a bit later as I'm on the train back home x

Yay Solars!!!! I can't believe it's nearly 12 weeks!!! So excited for you x

Sweetie I too would be excited by this grin

Face you're meant to say you're full of energy now you're in the second trimester grin

yay solars its going quick now! or is it just me.
I know, sorry maybe I'm waiting for the energy to hit. i still feel sick sometimes too
oh we are redecorating the guest room my dressing room at the moment that's quite exciting. but maybe that's just because I'm looking forward to organising my clothes in to the new Ikea wardrobe.

Decorating is exciting Trix!! Boo to still feeling sick sad

SweetieTime Tue 30-Jul-13 12:39:55

woo hoo Solars 12 weeks already. Time is wizzing by. are you having a nhs scan soon? Are you having the NT screening or is that part of the harmony tests?

Trix dressing room sounds very posh

sweetie its really not. my dream is to have a proper room! its just our clothes won't all fit in our room so we have to spill out into the other bedroom. I've never met anyone who owns as many clothes as me!

Solars Tue 30-Jul-13 15:04:05

Sweetie my NHS nt scan is next Wednesday and then I have my harmony test results and another nt scan the next day on Thursday at fmc. I've been told that I may be on cyclogest up until 16-24 weeks! This has saddened me somewhat as I was under the impression I'd stop at 12 weeks!

Maybe how's the new job going?

Keep how are you doing? Have you found somewhere to live yet? We had about a week to find something when we came back from oz and we liked nothing all week and we were about to give up and consider commuting from DH's mums but then luckily we saw something, loved it and are still here!

Great news on the moving in Sweetie that must feel good now.

Trix how are you doing? Has it all sunk in now?

Hope you're doing ok too Penguin

<searches for Ninja to return the smacker>

ThedementedPenguin Tue 30-Jul-13 16:26:00

I am shattered. Have put ds to bed and have climbed into mine. Came on to catch up then hopefully have a sleep. I hope this is cause of a late night and not due to preg. Thought if have a while longer before I started to be tired.

Thanks very much sweetie

Hope your enjoying your new job maybe the tiredness is hateful.

solars sorry about the cyclogest. if it makes you feel better I'm still on mine. be finished at the weekend though, 16wks. thank god as I'm sure you will remember dh inserts mine in the back passage blush . I remember 16wks seemed like a life time but actually its gone fairly fast. hopefully they won't want you to continue after 16wks.
penguin what are you now, 5wks?
I was thinking of a list perhaps there's so many preggos here its hard to keep up.
sweetie are you 2wks-ish ahead of me? I'm 15+3.

ThedementedPenguin Tue 30-Jul-13 16:54:30

I'm just over 4 weeks I think.

SweetieTime Tue 30-Jul-13 17:16:22

Solars I feel sorry for you having to continue using the bullets for so long. My clinic told me that my placenta took over from 12 weeks so I could wean off them from then. Think I took my last one about 14 weeks. Trix is right it doesn't seem that long looking back.

Trix yes I am just a couple of weeks ahead of you at 18 weeks exactly today.

I can't remember who was talking about tiredness. I don't think I had it too bad but just remember all a sudden feeling normal again. I think I was about 13/14 weeks at that point. Just take it easy and eat as well as you can, plenty of meat, chicken & eggs and make sure you get your 5 a day. I was also told to drink orange juice with my meals to help iron absorption. It cannot do any harm and remember my iron levels were highest mw had ever seen so obviously working for me. Jyst keep in your mind that you are making a whole new person from scratch, it is bound to take it out of you.

Whoop! Found you all! Anyone fancy a cupcake baked by me and DD? she did not in any way sneeze on the icing

Oh Solars how rubbish. I don't know when I'll be allowed off the crinone. I have enough to last me till me first scan.

Sweetie that was me with the tiredness. I struggle to stay awake, then have weird dreams all night!

Ooh, go on then Gen. The snot has sold me grin

Ooh I'll have a sneeze free cup cake Gen smile

Watching starlings, so far they have used the park that we have just spent all day on, one of the venues I looked at for my wedding (really expensive) and the shop that used to be my hair dresser. It's so odd to see my little 3 road town on the telly smile

How are all the lovely bumpy preggos? We could do with a roll call who's how many weeks and due when?

Ooh yes Boo I love a stats thread. I'll start off with my meagre 6 weeks (as of tomorrow) due 26th March

Oh Maybe 6 weeks ain't meagre, I remember 6 weeks, doesn't seem that long ago and now she's looking serene in her crib.

So ladies we have ~

Maybe 6 weeks with Fin due 26th March

I think we need to add the brooking baby name too, and make sure you add yourself in the right order for those of us suffering baby brain grin

ThedementedPenguin Tue 30-Jul-13 22:24:13

Well I'm just over 4 weeks (very early days) and think I'm due on 5th April.

ThedementedPenguin Tue 30-Jul-13 22:25:13

Maybe 6 weeks with Fin due 26th March
Penguin 4ish weeks with (unnamed) due 5th April

Cool, by the way Penguin clearly your baby will be known as Chick currently on a roll naming these Brooking babies grin

So it now goes ~

Penguin 4 weeks with Chick due 5th April
Maybe 6 weeks with *Fin* due 26th March

Chick!! Amazing!!! <hi-fives Boo>

Sorry, that sounded a bit obnoxious. I mean clearly cos a baby Penguin is a chick!

<high fives Maybe right back smile looks quite cool doing it, managed to avoid the mid air miss >

ThedementedPenguin Tue 30-Jul-13 22:58:24

I love it boo a baby chick smile

I didn't find it obnoxious at all. I think it's a great name

someone please paste me onto the list.grin
trix 15+4wks with treats due 18th jan

SweetieTime Wed 31-Jul-13 08:56:48

I don't have a due date as such. My 40 week date is 31st Dec but they have said 37 weeks is considered term with twins. So that would be 10th Dec. I am on my phone but can add myself to list if boo reminds me of twins nn when I am at home this evening.

Solars Wed 31-Jul-13 09:02:38


Penguin 4 weeks with Chick due 5th April
Maybe 6 weeks with Fin due 26th March
Trix 15+4wks with Treats due 18th January
Solars 11w1d with Sunbeam due 18th February

I suffered quite badly early on with tiredness and still suffering a little now too. I was lucky I could nap so I don't know how you're coping now being back at work Maybe. Last night I was in bed by 8.30pm!

Penguin 4 weeks with Chick due 5th April
Maybe 6 weeks with *Fin* due 26th March
Trix 15+4 weeks with Treat due 18th January
Sweetie 18 weeks?? With dib and dab due December

Looking good ladies, a couple more to add on, and Sweetie did I get your weeks right?

Solars Wed 31-Jul-13 09:06:12


Penguin 4 weeks with Chick due 5th April
Maybe 6 weeks with Fin due 26th March
Solars 11w1d with Sunbeam due 18th February
Trix 15+4wks with Treats due 18th January

Solars Wed 31-Jul-13 09:08:35

Sorry I seemed to be cross posting with you both!

Solars Wed 31-Jul-13 09:14:14

Right hope this is right!

Penguin 4 weeks with Chick due 5th April
Maybe 6 weeks with Fin due 26th March
Solars 11w1d with Sunbeam due 18th February
Trix 15+4wks with Treats due 18th January
Sweetie 18w1d With dib and dab due December

SweetieTime Wed 31-Jul-13 09:16:59

thanks Solars spot on. We need keep to add her details as she is next to sneeze I think

Crikey that's an impressive roll call smile and lots more to add soon too smilesmile isn't it Cups to confirm next?

keepitgoing Wed 31-Jul-13 11:05:10

Argh, next to sneeze.... Not for a long time yet, kip.

I am 22+5, due November 29th.

Lots going on. Found an ok, not brill, house to rent. Hoping to move in next Friday but they have to wait for Nhs references............. Then I can go to the gp, as at the moment I'm not under anyone's care. Plus we are selling our old house, and I'm starting a job in late August. New job at 27 weeks? Perfect...

Can I ask old timers, those who did nct, did you bother joining up, or just did the classes? I think I've missed the boat with the hospital's AN classes.

sparks did you sneeze at the women's hospital?

Oh, btw, I still get v tired. Not as bad since maybe 15 weeks, but its still there.

Going for fish and chips today. Yum.

solars lovely news on your scan yesterday smile oh, I stopped the cyclogest at 9 weeks. Got v stressed about it but all was fine. The evidence doesn't show benefit after that, but I guess you just listen to your clinic. After all, they got us this fat! It's manky stuff though, hey!

maybe, you seem to be doing quite well, are you enjoying it or just too worried? 6 weeks is great. One day at a time.

keepitgoing Wed 31-Jul-13 11:12:26

This far, I meant to write. But, let's face it, this fat too!!

Right, so we have ~~~

Penguin 4 weeks with Chick due 5th April
Maybe 6 weeks with  Fin due 26th March
Solars 11w1d with  Sunbeam due 18th February
Trix 15+4wks with  Treats due 18th January
Sweetie 18w1d With dib and dab due December
Keep 22+5 weeks with Kip due 29th November


<gives solars a big kiss> lovely scan news!

Lovely to see so many of you on here!

keep I did nct when pg with ds but quite honestly it was more about making some new friends than actually learning about how to give birth (anything I did learn went straight out the window when it actually happened). I am still friends with all of them though and thats nearly 6 years ago now! So could well be worth it but I guess it depends on what you want to get out of it. It was really nice in the early days when we were all on mat leave and lived pretty near each other as if you don't know many people who are about during the day it can get a bit lonely/ relentless whereas if there are people you can just have a cup of tea at your house/ local caff/ park type thing it seems to just make it a bit easier/ less full on.
I have heard great things about hypnobirthing although never personally tried it. With dd I didn't do anything and it was all fine. Had her at 3.30am an hour and a half after getting to hospital and was home by 4pm. I would fully recommend a tens machine though. They rock.

keepitgoing Wed 31-Jul-13 15:00:21

Yeah, well I have no friends, so I think nct will be good. I looked at hypnobirthing but think it's not for us, but tens sounds good. I can't believe I'm having to think about all this grin

So happy at all the brooking babies coming along. We had a bit of a gap there after sparks but now we are back on track.

keepitgoing Wed 31-Jul-13 15:01:06

No friends where we are moving to, I mean...

Withalittlesparkle Wed 31-Jul-13 17:17:23

Keep I just did the antenatal NCT class, really good, totally worth it! In fact I've just come back from meeting with the girls I met, first time with all our babies!! Worth the money but can't see me doing anything else with NCT!

I did indeed sneeze (although it was a pretty painful sneeze) at the women's, the Birth Centre is amazing, and if you can opt for delivery there I would completely recommend it! (Not sure where you set up camp but I'm not overly keen on what I've heard about Good Hope (or No Hope as the locals would call it)

I've got my 16wk midwife appointment 2mora, what goes on at that. I know she'll prob listen to the heartbeat but what else?

SweetieTime Wed 31-Jul-13 18:57:25

Trix not a lot happened at mine. she went through my booking in blood tests, dipped my pee sample, did my blood pressure and listened to hb. I do have dink midwife so I would not be surprised if she didn't do all she should.

sorry in advance for being a thicko but what is nct? I know it is birth classes but how do you arrange and what does it cost? Who tells you about them? is it something that will be covered at 20 week scan?

I have booked a TAMBA seminar - practical parenting for multiples. It covers last few weeks of pregnancy, what to ask at appointments then the first few weeks with your new arrivals. How to cope with 2 and practical tips & advice. This is in early Sept so good timing for us. I am looking forward to it already.

Evening you lovely lot. Sorry for radio silence, have been up north all day. An still not home, but less than an hour away now.

The list is looking pretty respectable!!

Good news on the house Keep. Will you look for somewhere to buy once yor house has sold?

I don't feel like I'm doing very well (as I'm are the lovely Sparks will testify too!) but I think compared to some I'm ok. I'm finding the tiredness really debilitating, but I'm ok smile. I so enjoy reaching each weekly marker <saddo>

Just looking forward to the 13th when I can know either way what's occurring down there!

Withalittlesparkle Wed 31-Jul-13 23:45:08

Sweetie just google NCT and find a class near you, you won't get told about them through your midwife but sounds like TAMBA might be similar anyway!!

I will testify to nothing Maybe except that you're a perfectly normal newly pregnant woman with the same worries and concerns as everyone else! You're doing great especially considering you're dealing with two hugely important changes new pregnancy and new job!!

In fact you're all doing amazing!!

Morning smile

Sorry Sweetie can't help with your n c t question, didn't even bother with the ante natal classes the last 2 times blush

Good luck with your appointment today Trix do report back with lovely heart beat news. My 16 week was similar to Sweetie dip the wee, check the blood pressure, listen to the heart beat and look through the notes for results. Not too exciting.

<grabs Sparks for a big bear hug>

Maybe you're doing amazing! Give yourself a break, you're growing a whole new person you know!

Right, going to see if K will be super nice and give me my boob back smile

GreenOlives Thu 01-Aug-13 08:58:31

Morning all glowing preggos!
Loving the list - so pleased that the brooking is working again and the bfps are rolling in!
So keep you're next - exciting! I can second the tens recommendation, it's a good distraction from the labour pain iyswim? I did also use a natal hypnotherapy cd in the last few weeks and I found it very relaxing (sent me to sleep every time!) and I think it helped me to stay calmer during labour. I know you said you didn't think it would be your thing but your very welcome to have mine if you fancy a listen? I also have a pregnancy yoga dvd if you'd like that too? Just pm your address and I'll post them to you. You can pass them onto another brooker afterwards smile

GreenOlives Thu 01-Aug-13 09:00:17

you're not your! I hate bad grammar but EVERY time I post on my phone I do something like that! smile

Morning everyone!

Keep tens machines are great. I've used them before for pain they give a nice massage too.

I quite like the idea of hypnobirthing. Ive heard good things. Though I'm normally a skeptic too!!

Thanks for the pep talk Sparks and Boo grin

I do it too Olives grin

all done. nice strong heartbeat. I'm do relieved!


SweetieTime Thu 01-Aug-13 10:52:52

Trix that is great news. I am so pleased for you. It is so reassuring to hear the hb.

Oh Trix that's great news smilesmile

Wohoo Trix!

ThedementedPenguin Thu 01-Aug-13 11:26:38

trix it's great isn't it. I love hearing the heart beat.

I'm so impatient, I hate waiting for things. I've only known I'm pregnant 5 days and I'm sick of the waiting.

For my first I got pregnant on the pill and didn't know my dates so when I went for my scan I was 9 weeks but it all seemed to happen so quick.

Has anyone joined the antenatal groups on here? You know the month your due in ones?

Solars Thu 01-Aug-13 11:43:26

Trix excellent news!

I haven't Penguin I find it difficult to keep up with the brookers as it is.

Sweetie my midwife mentioned the nct classes at my booking in and advised me to start looking at which one I wanted at around 12 weeks as they book up quite quickly. There was a page in my maternity book/notes about them but I don't get that handed back until 12 weeks. Strange how all these trusts do everything differently.

Keep you're starting work in August, wow! I'm not too sure about hypnobirthing either but I do meditation so I'm hoping that may help. I'm really keen to start exercising (ie yoga) soon too, I was advised by the clinic not to do any yoga after transfer in the 2ww and haven't done any since too scared and most classes say to start at 12 weeks. I have though been using the exercise bike very gently mind you and been doing my thigh squats as my thighs have grown loads!!! A cousin of mine used to rave about a tens machine so I may look into that further along the line.

Maybe I think up until the first scan is very scary, but we're all brooking you'll be fine.

sad our family dogs just been put to sleep.

Oh Trix I'm so sorry xxx

GreenOlives Thu 01-Aug-13 14:30:09

Sorry to hear that trix sad Great news about heartbeat though smile
solars I wouldn't say I hypnobirthed as such, just used breathing techniques and stayed calm (for the most part!) which I would imagine is similar to meditation. If keep doesn't want the cd and the yoga dvd I'm happy to send them to whoever does, just thought I'd offer them in order of who's due next! grin

Right, well what a day!!

Trix so sorry about your dog sad

Hi Olives how are you?

This will be very me me me now, so feel free to ignore smile

We had a letter from Jamie's genetics team, went to the appointment today. They have possibly identified the 2 chromosomes that are faulty (he has a chunk missing from 2 and 12) so I have given a blood test and his grandma will do one his biological father is a missing waste of space, we could do with him having the test but as he has quite literally disappeared we will make do So anyway, if either of us have the same bits missing then back to the drawing board, if we don't then they think they may have possibly identified the problem and could potentially target gene therapy to save the remainder of his sight. I'm not allowed to get my hopes up as it is early days and the vests might show the missing genes are hereditary so I'm not getting excited at all well ok, just a little wink

blush so excited didn't realise I used his name I'm the post.

Oh wow Boo this is amazing news!! You must be so very excited!! Have you told teenboo the news? Or is he the typical teenager who would just shrug his shoulders wink

So pleased you might be getting somewhere!! Is it a long wait for the results?

Solars Thu 01-Aug-13 19:07:21

Poor dog Trix

That's really sweet of you Olives. To be honest I'm a bit scared of the whole giving birth part so I'll just resume the head in sand position until the time comes to think about it.

Boo that is really good news for teenboo, do you know what the gne therapy involves?

Not excited at all well and truly over excited we will have to wait a couple of months for the results to come and see the genetics team again smile can't believe we have got this far, we donated samples for research with the possibility that they could find something to report but we were told it was a slim chance. From donation to now has been about 18 months.

I'm so excited for you all Boo. I love 21st century medicine!!!!

Ooh x post Solars we don't know as the Dr didn't want to jump the gun so to speak, he said once they have the next set of results we will meet again and go through them, I think he is very cautious about raising hopes too much too late wink

SweetieTime Thu 01-Aug-13 19:59:32

Boo fantastic news for teen boo, I am not surprised you are finding it hard to contain yourself. That is the best news and Brooking that they can save his remaining sight with treatment. Science is AMAZING!!!

Trix so sorry to hear about your dog, it is such a sad thing. I still get upset when I think of my last dog. We went out straight away to get a puppy, not sure it was the best thing to do but hey ho. Hope you are ok between the tears.

<joins Solars with head in the sand over giving birth>

I am not letting myself think too much about the birth bit as it absolutely terrifies me. I am hoping for a nice straight forward ELCS, but I know I am going to have to deal with the prospect of early labour etc.

<replaces head in sand and fingers in ears>

trix sorry to hear about your dog but equally great news about the hbsmile
I'd be excited too boo brooking for teenboo!
waves at everyone else

Science is amazing I love it smile sorry Maybe I didn't answer your question, teen boo was in the appointment with us but because of his limited language and he is a teen and it all sounded a bit boring he didn't really understand the impact of what we were talking about.

So, who's doing what today?

Today I shall mainly be working. And trying not to vomit bu consuming my body weight in crackers grin

How about you Boo?

Ooh they sound like some lovely symptoms Maybe smile

Today I shall be mostly putting off having to visit the MIL by doing anything else wink

Ah, I see Boo. Isn't it about time you cleaned behind that cupboard you keep mentioning?! Or maybe clean the car with a toothbrush wink

I feel so sad for our little westie. she was 15 and had bladder cancer. but in the end her kidneys failed. all I can think of at the moment is seeing her so poorly. sad
well its my 28th birthday today so I am going to try and enjoy my trip to London.
oh the midwife seemed very happy with everything yesterday hb, pee sample, iron levels. so at least there was one positive thing yesterday.
sorry ladies I havent read back properly.
better think about getting out of bed I guess.

thanksthanks happy birthday Trix

Sounds about right Maybe I was also thinking of counting the birds on the wall paper to check they're all still there smile

SweetieTime Fri 02-Aug-13 10:31:56

Happy birthday Trix try to enjoy your birthday, I know it is hard given the circumstances.

My mission today is to stay awake. omg I am the most tired person in tiredsville. it was officially too hot for sleeping last night.

Maybe those symptoms sound to be kicking in nice and early for you. I hear ice lollies are very good for the nausea. Two for one in this weather.

boo you are very naughty trying to get out of a visit to mil. totally understandable though wink

Oh and Maybe forgot to ask, did Mr M put you up to telling me to clean my car before it smells like bum again grin

It was really really hot last night Sweetie I actually relented and for the first time had a fan on in my room. Hope you can get some rest today.

Right, next on my list to avoid the visit, cutting the grass with scissors grin

Solars Fri 02-Aug-13 11:30:44

Oh Sweetie I know what you mean but I managed to somehow, after much tossing and turning, to get some sleep!

Happy Birthday Trix oh to be 28 again!!

Maybe poor you with the morning sickness, i've had only rare fleeting bouts of nausea but I've tried an ayurvedic remedy of almonds and it surprisingly worked! Another one is apparently milk with rose water, i've not tried it so can't vouch for it.

Yes very naughty Boo but get where you're coming from Bite the bullet and get it over with, that's what I do!

Milk and rose water Solars? That sounds pretty darn tasty to me!!

Sweetie it was so hot yesterday. It was crazy. It was like an oven outside!! Have a nap under the desk.

Boo never good to smell like bum grin. Are you suitably busy? If not I have a pot of paperclips you could count....

Happy birthday Trix. If I see you from my price I will wave. What are your plans?

Solars Fri 02-Aug-13 11:34:41

oh yes I am doing invoices today and also waiting for a package to be delivered and then I will be off into town to do some banking and shopping lets hope it will stay dry until than as we have rain forcast for today...

ThedementedPenguin Fri 02-Aug-13 12:10:44

Happy Birthday Trix flowers hope you have a good day.

I'm very sorry about your wee westie Trix

I'm so envy of the hot weather you are having. It's been raining here basically all week sad although it is sunny at the minute but it won't last long.

thanks everyone. ill be doing a bit of shopping and then off to see the lion king this evening.

Ooh paper clips to count?! On my way Maybe grin just been to Tesco, home for lunch then I suppose we'd better go over and see her sad

So how was it Boo? grin

Brilliant, it all went a bit wrong and we didn't go grin We have to call her before we visit to make sure she's out of bed and dressed we have seen some terrible sights not doing this in the past , so DH tried to call her at 2 (quite normal for her not to be up and dressed) and there was no answer, tried for a couple of hours with no answer, by the time we found out than her phone line went down (last Sunday we only just find out today) it was too late to go grin not sure I should be quite so happy

Sounds like you had a lucky escape there Boo grin

What does everyone have planned for today?

ThedementedPenguin Sat 03-Aug-13 08:06:15

The old Man I care for is away on holiday so I have nothing to do. smile have a few bits of shopping to do but other than that I don't have much planned. Maybe have a nap.

boo that was a lucky escape.

Yes to a nap penguin grin

Brookers, especially IVFers, can I ask a rather, ahem, personal question? When did you start having sex again? We were told none after transfer, but I'm now like a dog on heat so have just gone back to it. That's ok right? please say it is cos the sex really is top notch

ThedementedPenguin Sat 03-Aug-13 22:47:22

I couldn't wait any longer so I told my mum and her partner, also one of my sisters. We also told Dps parents. Finally I feel like I have someone to talk to.

What did everyone else get up to?

SweetieTime Sun 04-Aug-13 18:15:26

Well done boo for getting out of the day with MIL. Hope you had a good weekend and looking forward to the big reveal this evening??

Maybe I found sex quite nervous for the first few weeks. I spoke to the nurse at 7 week scan and she reassured us that it was ok. She did say not to be worried about a bit of spotting afterward as the cervix gets more delicate when diffed. But sadly as things have gone on I have gone off DTD. I am not really sure why, I still have vivid rude dreams, but don't feel like actual sex. We have both admitted to feel nervous of hurting the babies, even though we know this isn't possible. I am not sure if my libido will return but I hope it does as we have always had a good sex life and I miss that closeness with DH.

Penguin how did people react to your news? Our close families have always known we were going through treatment so were the first to know when we got a positive pee stick.

It's a bit scary isn't it Sweetie. The nurse just told me to act normal, so I took that as meaning sex was ok again. I haven't had any spotting so that's a good thing. It's hard to keep a balance when your TTC between sex and actual 'trying' then when you get diffed, it starts again!!

I bet they were excited Penguin!

SweetieTime Sun 04-Aug-13 20:05:29

I have spent the last hour in tears, I have had to go lie on the bed to calm down. I am on another thread for IVF pregnancy ladies and one of the twin ladies went into labour last weekend. She was only 28 weeks and lost one of her twins. I feel so upset for her and her loss. I know the risks with twin pregnancies are higher but I am now, obviously, worried for my own situation. I might show DH the thread as he is so blasé about the whole pregnancy and this may make him realise the risks we face. Sorry for such a negative post but it has really upset me.

{{{{{{Hugs}}}}}}} oh Sweetie of course you're affected by her situation thanks so sad for her, but I just know that you and the twins will be just fine!

GreenOlives Sun 04-Aug-13 20:28:26

Oh sweetie That's sad news for the poor lady on the other thread sad Please try not to let it upset you too much, dib and dab are doing great and I'm sure that will continue. <hugs>

Solars Sun 04-Aug-13 20:31:36

Oh Sweetie how unbelievably sad. I can totally understand how you could feel that way, I can't even comprehend what the parents must be going through. It may be a good idea to show your DH the thread. There was a post on the FF argc thread about a lady who gave birth to twins at 28 weeks and they are very poorly still. But equally there are many positive outcomes too, I hope you can focus on that.

Oh Sweetie likely, I saw this too. I feel so, so sorry for her. Your little ones are fighting fit in there, and are not planning on moving out until you are ready for them x

Morning brookers. How is everyone?

I'm having a bit of a wobble. I'm worried that the pregnancy may be ectopic. Ever since transfer I have had aches and a scratchy feeling on my left side in my bikini line close to my hip, and I can really feel it today. It's not cramping though. Don't know whether to be worried or not. Do I need a slap?

ThedementedPenguin Mon 05-Aug-13 10:00:43

Oh sweetie that's very sad. I really hope the other lady is okay. dib and dab (fantastic names) will be just fine.

maybe my mum was pretty excited. However Dps parents just looked horrified and said "what? Are you trying to fill that house up there?"

My mum and her Dp laughed as my little sister won't take it well. She hates that me and Dp are very happy together as her relationship is a joke and her boyfriend treats her and her daughter like crap.

maybe try not go worry, your body will be doing lots of different things that you are not used to. It's prob normal stretch of the uterus. When is your scan?

I'm glad you have your mums support Penguin. In laws can be strange things wink

My scans a week tomorrow

I might be being a bit thick but I thought ectopic meant that the egg fertilised and implanted outside the womble, usually in the tube, that surely couldn't have happened if your egg was implanted directly back in your womble? Like I said my medical knowledge on these things comes mostly from casualty and holby city so I could be very very wrong.

Morning everyone smile

blush should have Googled it before posting, I never knew that. But that's not what is happening to you Maybe, Fin will be in the perfect place growing in the perfect way!!!

SweetieTime Mon 05-Aug-13 11:56:31

maybe I could have written your post in my early days. I has exactly the same and was convinced of ectopic too. Mine went on for ages, well past my 7 week scan. I asked the nurse at my scan and she said it is a combination of things bedding in and the progesterone. Hope this helps take your worry away.

How are you feeling today Sweetie when is your scan? Can't be long now. You know I will be hitting M'hall soon to sort out teen boo with a school uniform wink

Thanks Boo and Sweetie. It's properly put my mind at rest. I'm just feeling very tired and sick today and really need my bed. What a Wally wink

Are you ok after yesterday Sweetie

SweetieTime Mon 05-Aug-13 14:05:59

Maybe not a wally at all. I am a worrier especially at 3am.

boo next Monday is our scan so will know more then.

I think that's what set me off Sweetie, I had a nightmare!

Not long now Sweetie! Can't wait to find out what flavour they are grin

Solars Mon 05-Aug-13 21:27:43

I hope you're feeling a bit better Maybe. So many new twinges and things to get used to at the moment but they can still all be quite worrying. Not long now until your scan though. Does your clinic then refer you back to your gp?

How are you doing Penguin? Your poor sister by the way. Yes I agree in-laws can be strange!

Sweetie are you finding out the sex of dib & dab? How exciting!

I hope you're doing well too Keep

Trix where are you? How are you? Did you enjoy the lion king? I loved that show!

I'm doing ok just counting down the sleeps until my next scan, so far I feel ok about it but I'm very glad DH is coming with me to this one, most of the others he's missed as he just can't time off at such short notice. I've been listening to my pregnancy CD and it's been really good for me I think. I got a call from the clinic that are doing the Harmony test today, they said my results won't be back 'til the weekend so I've had to reschedule that scan for next Monday. I was hoping it would be all over and done with by the end of the week but I guess you can't have everything.

Sorry you've had to reschedule Solars. A few days can seem like weeks! That's great that DH is coming. So you have a bump yet?!

Yes, if all goes well ill be discharged next week. My first GP appointment is this Friday and my booking in is the 20th

Solars Mon 05-Aug-13 22:12:58

I have a massive bump already Maybe I've been avoiding people and having to cancel dates as I'm sure when people see me they'll know for sure I'm pregnant, hopefully if all is well on Wednesday we can tell people and I don't have to hide away! DH even said today that is was looking very pregnant although up until then he kept saying it was just fat!

The gp appointment will be good to look forward to on Friday. Is work going ok?

ThedementedPenguin Mon 05-Aug-13 22:18:59

solars I'm doing good, been really tired past few days but other than that I've been good.

How's you keeping?

solars I know it sounds horrible (but if you knew her you would understand) but she is just as bad as him in other ways. She got pregnant behind his back to my niece. They both treat each other like dirt. I'm going to stop now because I could just go on and on.

That's awful Pen shock

Solars how exciting! I've got a belly but I just look fat at the moment grin. I'm looking forward to the GP. I think it will all be paperwork.

Solars Mon 05-Aug-13 22:26:08

Oh what an awful situation Penguin I guess until they realise themselves what they're doing to each other and with your poor niece stuck in the middle, there's not much you can do. She won't go crazy at you about the pregnancy will she?

Solars Mon 05-Aug-13 22:29:24

Maybe you'll probably get your paperwork for your maternity card, I was well excited by that, free drugs and dental treatment, that reminds me I need to make an appointment for a check up grin

ThedementedPenguin Mon 05-Aug-13 22:33:39

solars I hope not, but its hard to know what she will do. i told my auntie today and she also said oh wonder how sis will take it.

i don't really talk to her much any more after she used me for child care to go on a course, then quit the course and never contacted me again. So I gave her a few home truths.

Everyone reckons she will get pregnant quite soon after I announce it. We shall see.

Also and this will sounds awful but she supposedly had a miscarriage in July, and as much as I'd like to say no one would lie about that it just doesn't add up in my head. Plus she is a compulsive liar, who lies about everything so it's just one of those things we will never know if it was true. Not that I'd ever say anything to her face about it.

Do you think Solars?! I was told there would be paperwork. I've got a double appointment for it.

That's awful Pen. Whatever she does, don't let it take away from your excitement and happiness x

That sounds a difficult situation Pen I hope she doesn't kick off, but if she does then I hope for you it is short lived.

How are you all doing after your wild partying shenanigans

SweetieTime Tue 06-Aug-13 10:48:06

Maybe when is your scan? are you seeing your mw for booking in this week or next? How are you feeling? any more nausea?

Penguin you need to raise above it and be the better person. we cannot choose our family unfortunately.

Solars a bump already, amazing. I think it depends on what you are wearing to how noticeable my bump is.

I went for reflexology yesterday. This is the first time since my bfp. I was a bit nervous that it might disrupt things. I felt very drained last night but think that is more to do with all I have had on recently.

Oh Sweetie I hope you're taking some time to try and relax. Did the reflexology help?

ThedementedPenguin Tue 06-Aug-13 12:22:01

It's weird hearing all about your appointments as mine are all different.

sweetie you are right and I know what I have to do, but it's just so frustrating at times.

Hope you are doing good sweetie and getting some time to relax.

penguin ur sis sounds a bit ummm difficult hmm .
solars cant believe u have a bump!
I still mostly look fat still. i have a weird belly and suffer with bloating, always have. my belly is weird because around my belly button is always my thinnest part I have a roll above --well 2 at the moment--and a roll below. my belly button is slowly catching up with the rest.
like sweetie says some clothes hide it more than others.
maybe how are you coming along?
lion king was amaze. costumes were so good! had a lovely birthday.

keepitgoing Tue 06-Aug-13 19:32:38

Hi sorry I have been madly busy... I will do a lovely long post tomorrow. maybe we first dtd at 7 weeks and I did get some spotting which was v scary. But top notch here too.

Tomorrow I'm going to register at the gp. The receptionist said oh, you'll have to see the gp then the midwife... How long will this take I wonder, I am nearly 24 weeks... Fingers crossed they fast track me.

Love to all

keepitgoing Tue 06-Aug-13 19:33:15

Ps olives I'd love to give them a go. Will pm my address tomorrow. Thanks!

ThedementedPenguin Tue 06-Aug-13 19:58:27

trix difficult is the easiest way to describe her. I'm glad you ha a grea birthday.

Hoping the do fast track you keep

I've just been talking to my friend and I can't believe it, she's about 23 weeks pregnant and she just had her 20 week scan and found out her baby will only have one hand, one of its arms is underdeveloped and will stop just below elbow. She is being so strong about it.

Sorry don't want to bring the thread down but I'm just in shock.

keepitgoing Wed 07-Aug-13 09:27:50

oh gosh penguin that is such a shock for your friend.

sweetie i just wanted to say that i too have been upset by the news on the other thread, and I can imagine that you have been hit hard. Yes, there are risks for twin pregnancies and you know that, but the majority of them are still fine and go much longer and closer to term. It must be hard with your DH being a bit blase about the risks, but at the same time there's no real point in worrying until it happens, as my dh says. I suppose all that you can do are make sure that you are having enough rest, and taking it easy. Although i don't know if that makes any difference really. When are you planning on stopping work?

solars that's annoying that you won't get all the tests done this week, but it's not long now. I'm sure it's all fine, but it's still frustrating. Why have they delayed it, esp when you're paying loads for it. Are you having an nhs NT scan as well as the private one?

trix i am so so sorry to hear about your dog. I am totally in love with my parents' dog, but he is getting on a bit and I will be devastated when he goes. i always am with pets. Don't feel like you shouldn't be able to grieve, they are really parts of our family. But, I hope that you had a lovely birthday and were spoilt rotten. And what lovely news about the heartbeat and all looking good. I'm so pleased this is all going well for you.

maybe not long till your scan now. I hope you're doing ok; this waiting is so tough. Will you be 8 weeks at the scan then? you should get a lovely view of the little one. I'm sure it's not ectopic. I know there is a chance with IVF, but it's reduced as they've popped it in just the right place. It's just one thing after another isn't it?

So brookers, I'm starting work in 3 weeks, when i'll be 26 weeks, and working up till 36 weeks. It'll be ok, won't it?

Will check back later after the GP visit. I will laugh if maybe gets booked in before me, but I wouldn't be surprised. I wonder if they will be interested in my notes and scans and things? Here's hoping for a cheeky extra scan!

SweetieTime Wed 07-Aug-13 12:36:34

Penguin I think this is why everyone is so nervous of the 20 week scan I know I am they are so detailed that they pick up every abnormality. My next door neighbours grandson was born with only one kidney, this was picked up at their 20 week scan, he seems to be doing fine BTW. At our 12 week scan they checked both twins limbs, well it was hard to miss as they were both waving their little arms in the air like they were signally landing aeroplanes. So I think we will be ok on that score just everything else to worry about It is good to hear your friend is dealing with the news well, I suppose in the scheme of things it could have been much worse.

Trix so jealous of your Lion King experience, I love a big old stage show. We are off down to that there London town in a few weeks to see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. We have also got tickets to go into the palace to see the Jubilee displays too. I am very excited already <saddo emoticon>

Keep does dead mouse mean you are settled somewhere or is it someone else cat that has presented you with dead mouse? Lucky you either way!!! I would defo be pushing for a NHS scan, not cheeky but ESSENTIAL I would say wink I would also take along your notes, they may not be interested, but you can bet if you don't have them they will want to see them.
Can you say where you will be working? Is it just temporary until your mat leave kicks in? I am thinking of going on mat leave 34/35 weeks at the latest. I am just waiting to see how I feel and what I can do. I am fortunate that I can work from home so this is what I intend to do for a long a possible.

I have come over super emotional all of a sudden, cried cos my bra was too tight, cried cos my feet hurt - you get the picture. Not sure if I have had a hormone surge or what but am on the brink of tears most of the time. I have been really tired the last few days so I bet this doesn't help. But last night I tried to have an early night but just couldn't sleep. How does that work that you are SUPER SUPER tired yet can not sleep. I now feel like the walking dead, obviously WFH today so still in my pjs.

Also can I ask a question about joint pain. I seem to have developed stiff joints and discomfort when I move. Shoulders and fingers seem to be worse, but have also had twinges in my groin/hips. Has anyone else had this and will it pass? It is not painful just inconvenient really.

Hi everyone, just a quick answer for Sweetie your joints will hurt because you're producing a hormone called relaxin (sp?) Which is used to literally relax the ligaments around your pelvis to ease the birth but it also makes the rest of them loosen a bit too meaning they're prone to aching and easier to damage (I sprained my wrist at about 20 weeks doing my usual boxing class)

Also I think you obviate missed my massive hint last post, so here it is much less subtly - I'M GOING TO M'HALL SOON WITH TEEN BOO grin

SweetieTime Wed 07-Aug-13 13:01:19

Boo thanks for the reply. Can I prehaps ask when you may be going to M'hall with teenboo? sorry you were too subtle for me last time I think I may be also needing a trip there myself wink wink wink wink

We're going sometime the week of the 19th we're quite free on which days we can go. (on holiday the week after) if that's any use to you?

keepitgoing Wed 07-Aug-13 13:23:07

What is m'hall??

sweetie I've not had ache joints, but it wouldn't surprise me. No, its my cousins cat. We are supposed to move on Friday but the blasted estate agent won't release the keys unless we both sign the agreement in front of them. They are only open 9-5, a.d guess what, dh works longer than that. Argh. So now he has to arrange time off during his first week in a new hospital. I am v pissed off.

I am to see the gp on Monday, then will get a referral to the mw. Tick tock. I think I was annoying for them, they want to be able to request my notes from another Nhs place, not for me to bring them. I had the pointed 'well usually we...'. Ffs. But she had originally said there were no appointments till the 19th, and pregnancy is not an emergency. I agreed with her, but pointed out it does have time limits. Anyway, I think its ok, luckily I am feeling good at the moment.

sweetie I get times of being v emotional too. Just ride it out. I will just have temp work, yes. Majority from home, a couple of days travel a week. Hoping to do 4 days pw.

keepitgoing Wed 07-Aug-13 13:23:52

Also, I have started snoring. Does the glamour never end smile

Keep Meadowhall is a shopping centre a bit like the Trafford centre, massive undercover place with everything you could possibly need!

Solars Wed 07-Aug-13 14:03:03

Keep lovely to have you back. My NHS NT scan was this morning. It was such a treat to see the baby who was jumping about loads and wouldn't co-operate for the sonographer. It was waving to us at one point and also had the hiccups. Our NT measurement is 1.5mm and all looked good on the scan so just hoping the blood results come back ok now which we'll get in a couple of weeks.

Sorry it's a very me, me, me post but I've got a few things to catch up with this afternoon but will be back later to post properly. By the way did want to ask you all, did you wait for the blood results to get back or tell everyone straight away after the scan?

keepitgoing Wed 07-Aug-13 14:15:31

Yay solars!! smile so so pleased for you. We told several people pre BT results. That's a great result.

Solars yay for another brilliant scan smile

Keep brooking for a fast track service and another scan for you too smile

Sweetie can meet the weekend before the 19th if it helps, just can't do the 21st!

sweetie I'm jealous! I'd love to see Charlie and the choc factory. dh wasn't quick enough. they all sold out ages ago didn't they.
can I ask something probably very daft. I have a pair of under bump jeans that I brought last preg from New look I wore them twice and found them soo comfy but also a little big. I think sparks said the newlook stuff is generous. I am bigger this time I'd say I was a large 10 pre preg. these jeans are still roomy around hips/bum but I find they sit right across my belly & squash it in so they're rather uncomfortable. so what do we think? wrong style/cut for me? I need a bigger size? or still a bit too squishy around the tummy and they'll be better when I've got more of a bump?

SweetieTime Wed 07-Aug-13 17:12:39

woo hoo Solars we love good scan news on here. Sounds like low odds to me. We gave our blood a week ahead of the scan so we could have the full combined result on the day. I would say you should be fine to start telling people close to you, it is such exciting news I don't know how you can contain yourselves.

keep work sounds ideal, especially the WFH bit. I luffs my days WFH when I can stay in my pjs all day DH tells me I snore very loudly too which is nice of him to let me know, as if we can do anything about it.

Boo I have to work the week of 19th, apart from the Fri which DH has told me to book off. It is our wedding anniversary that weekend, so I am hoping he will be whisking me off for a romantic weekend away somewhere very glamorous. It is more likely he wants us to decorate or something!! I will check my work calendar for the week before and let you know. Work is such a bummer as it gets in the way of all the good stuff.

I can be free 17th/18th too if it is any help? If not we will have to do it after school goes back.

Brookers!! I've missed you!! I've been up north! But I'm almost home now!

A very quick post as my phone is dying, but the most mahoosive congratulations to the lovely Solars xxx

Keep I book in on the 20th. You have our target to beat wink

Much love to all <leaves selection of party food to celebrate>

ThedementedPenguin Wed 07-Aug-13 20:30:17

solar I'm so happy your scan went well. It's great watching them move about on the screen.

I am exhausted, my sister recently moved and today we had to clean her old place. She moved out 2-3 weeks ago and her old roomie was still there until the weekend. Omg the place was a mess. Food rotting in the fridge and cupboards. 6 hours it took 4 of us to clean the house.

maybe how exciting. I can't wait to get a date for my scan and booking in. It all happens at the one time here.

Erm, Maybe it's only up t'north, we have electricity, pavements and currency now and if we sacrifice a southerner we even get wifi grin grin

Where were you visiting?

I couldn't get a 3G signal Boo sad. Every now and again I'd get a tiny bit, then it would vanish. I didn't even have much phone reception shock

I was in Macclesfield for work yesterday and today. I was quite poorly last night. Am so shattered now. Still, enough of me.

That sounds nasty Pen. Was very nice of you to help out.

What was wrong? Pg related or something else? You feeling ok now? resists asking if it was altitude sickness from being so far up t'north grin wink

Well I did have a nose bleed Boo wink

I think I have a throat infection, I can hardly swallow today. I so wish I could spend the day in bed sad

Oh I really hope you feel better soon sad do you get nose bleeds normally? I only ask cos the only time I've ever had them is when I'm pg.

Oh Boo I was joking about the nose bleed, I was implying it was due to how far north I was wink

But I am poorly in my throat. smile

Withalittlesparkle Thu 08-Aug-13 07:12:32

Quick post promise I'll catch up properly soon!

Solars that's amazing re your scan smile

Trix I struggled with under bump jeans, if they're lying across your bump then they are the wrong cut, they should fit snuggly underbump!

keepitgoing Thu 08-Aug-13 07:55:50

I don't know trix but feel like I will prefer under bump stuff, though still mostly in normal but stretchy clothes. In fact I'm going shopping today for a few work clothes. Any tips of good shops?

Poor maybe, can you take a sick day? Hmm, I'm not convinced I'll see the mw before the 20th...

Are you looking forward to your job Keep?

Do you mean shops for maternity clothes or just normal ones? What's your dress code at work? I'm so pleased we don't have one!

I'm on my way in now trying not to throw up on the train. All I can smell is my lunch and it's vile. If I get any worse I may leave early and work from home.

keepitgoing Thu 08-Aug-13 08:23:09

Kind of looking forward to it, yes. Have you just started a new one? Why have you brought such vile lunch... ;)

Yes, mat clothes. I normally wear just a smart skirt and top/shirt. Do not want to advertise bump more than I have to, as its a bit weird starting a job at six months...

blush sorry Maybe I will pay more attention grin I think you probably need to have a sick day, and a different lunch!! I think you should avoid up t'north too we don't want your southern germs

Trix I didn't like under the bump jeans but had the most comfortable under bump shorts and combat type trousers that I lived in!

Keep I got some lovely bits from New Look and H&M smile but actually got a lot of mine from ebay too!

Indeed I have Keep, been here nearly two weeks. None of our shops actually sell maternity stuff (new look might but haven't looked yet) so the Internet will be my friend!! I know ASOS do a range and gap do good stuff.

Sorry lovely Boo! I am fading fast!

ThedementedPenguin Thu 08-Aug-13 09:08:14

maybe I really hope your feeling better soon.

I bought some stuff from new look last time. However I've looked on eBay this time and they do have some nice clothes but its too early to buy any. Think ill just go on a shopping trip to Belfast this time.

keep not long until you start work, hopefully you'll have been seen by the midwife and booked in soon.

SweetieTime Thu 08-Aug-13 10:34:39

maybe hope you feel better soon. can we ask what you have packed for lunch that has set you off?

keep i have struggled to find much maternity wear in the shops. Most seems available online. I have got a capri pants and ovrr bump jeans from asos. another pair of smart work trousers from next online. Most my tops are loose ones I already had but I got a few mat ones in H&M sale, in the shop. I found asos and next sizing massive so go down rather than up.

boo sad sad sad I cannot make a play date next week as I have to cover a couple of my team who are on hols. Weekend are easier but I know they are difficult for you plus M'hall is bedlam. I am going to try to make the Midlands meet up. do you know where this will be yet?

I look very pregnant today. But I think this is more what I am wearing.

Thanks Pen and Sweetie.

My lunch is just a chicken sandwich!! Not offensive at all under not al circumstances grin

Brookers I'm fading fast. What can you do when your ill and diffed apart from take paracetamol? Hot drinks make me feel sick at the moment too

Maybe plenty of water and GO HOME!!!! Call the Dr and ask to be seen!

Sweetie that's ok, worth a try! We will manage it sometime!

How's everyone else today?

I've got an appointment tomorrow anyway Boo to fill out all my pregnancy paperwork. I don't want to look like a wuss though, I've only been here 2 weeks.

Trix going back to your jeans question, I've heard a few people rave about asda skinny maternity jeans. Worth a shot?

How are you Boo?

Sweetie is it your scan on monday?

SweetieTime Thu 08-Aug-13 12:13:07

Maybe would ice lollies ease your throat? I am thinking plenty of fluids and rest. Not sure there is much else you can do, you just need to ride it out. Dr probably won't give you anything as they seem reluctant at best of times. Hope you feel better soon.

I don't think doc will give me anything either, especially as I'm allergic to penicillin! Maybe I should just curl up under my desk wink

maybe hope you feel better soon. can u not manage a hot water? might help to soothe, with some honey.
keep hope you get all settled in soon and you enjoy your job once you get started.
boo how are your lot?
nice to see you sparks
thank you all for the jeans advice. I live in jeans so am really keen to fond a good pair or two. I think I will be an internet shopper too. I'm planning on ordering from several places and different styles to see what's best. I'm def gunna check adsa! next have some that have just small elasticated bits at the sides in the sale that I thought I might try. I even find my leggings uncomfy lately. they are a size bigger so roomy everywhere except the waist band feels tight! I hate anything on my tummy at the moment.
penguin are you feeling sick yet?
what a shock for your friend, everyone around her just needs to be strong for her.

keepitgoing Thu 08-Aug-13 12:53:50

Failed on the work clothes front, but found some lovely soft skinny jeans in topshop. Most places either said go online, or had a tiny and/or v casual mat section. I am not going to work, or indeed anywhere, in tracksuit bottoms and a 'mind the bump' t-shirt. Hideous.

maybe just keep up your fluids. How about eating ice? Are you enjoying the job? I guess you've just missed out on mat pay then, have you?

I did wonder bout the topshop ones I looked at the in the oxford st store on Sat but didn't buy as I couldnt be bothered to try on. they looked Lovely. asos seem to have the biggest range. but overall I think mat ranges are a little disappointing.

Good buy Keep. I missed out in SMA but I will be entitled to SMA. Looks like the company don't offer a maternity package to anyone, so I haven't missed out on anything there!

There are some lovely maternity bits in some places Trix (not the high street shops, but maternity specialists) but they can be pretty pricey!

Solars Thu 08-Aug-13 13:29:47

Maybe you poor thing, as everyone says keep up with your fluid in take, is there no chance you can go home?

Sweetie I wish our trust did that, that you did your bloods beforehand and get your results on the day of your scan.

Keep those jeans sound good. I can't really add to the debate on maternity clothes yet as I've not started looking for any yet. But I am going to Brent cross tomorrow so may have a look around then.

Glad you had a lovely birthday Trix

Penguin you're poor friend.

So we decided to tell the extended families yesterday, it was lovely getting everyone's response. They were the people I have been avoiding as they always comment on whether I've lost or gained weight so I'm sure they would have guessed had they seen me recently. In other news I'm finally weening off the steroids over the next 2 weeks, Yay!! I'm still on the clexane and cyclogest though, Boooo!!

didn't realise you were on clexane too solars do u inject it?
herapin (same thing as claxane) was on my treatment plan bit they crossed it off said I didn't need it. I was so relieved! I'm a wimp with needles.

Solars Thu 08-Aug-13 13:51:05

Yes I inject Trix since the all the ivf I've got used to the injecting, I was quite terrified at first but now it's just part of my routine. Thankfully my gp is giving me the prescriptions as it was costing me a small fortune otherwise!

I bet! they were costing me loads on private prescription. but honestly you'll be off the before you know it.
so I'm looking on jojo maman bebe there's a pair of jeans £10 in the sale. their straight leg, I prefer skinny but I'm still v.tempted.

Oooo there's some skinny jeggings £7. there's a few bits on the outlet bit. not many sizes though.

keepitgoing Thu 08-Aug-13 14:24:43

ooh i didn't notice the outlet bit. Thanks trix! I'm gonna get those jeggings too, and also a wrap top. Do you know there's a MN discount code of 10% off and free delivery http://www.mumsnet.com/partner-offers/jojo-maman-bebe-discount

ordered! I wonder how long that code is valid, some of the sleep suits are so cute! bit pricey though.

keepitgoing Thu 08-Aug-13 14:45:51

awesome. me too - we'll match! grin

grin keep
oh I looked on Asda. only size 20 left. so they must be popular. did look good, really skinny in the leg and a nice colour.

ThedementedPenguin Thu 08-Aug-13 17:30:41

trix no, no sickness yet. It's so strange, I'm just waiting for it to hit me some morning. It will probably be the day I have to start caring for my elderly neighbour again.

Oh quick question about that, I read somewhere that you shouldn't lift anything heavy, I just assumed it meant later in pregnancy but what about now as I do a lot of lifting with this elderly man.

maybe hoping you feel better.

keepitgoing Thu 08-Aug-13 17:52:43

penguin I think the main risk with lifting is that you injure yourself due to looser ligaments etc. So make sure you life properly, ie with knees not back. Here's hoping for no sickness for you this time, they do say every pg is different!

just read some bad news on my other thread. I can't believe it. shes had an awful time already and has just found out her baby has died at just over 20wks. I can't believe it sad

GreenOlives Fri 09-Aug-13 07:56:07

Oh trix That's so sad sad sad sad Poor lady. Just remember that it's a really rare thing to happen.

keep I'll get those things in the post tomorrow for you. Can't believe you don't fancy any slogan t-shirts! grin Bet you end up wearing yoga pants round the house by the end though - I used to love getting in from work and putting mine on! grin

Waves to all you glowing preggos!

keepitgoing Fri 09-Aug-13 07:56:30

Oh god trix this is all so hard. That poor poor lady sad

Today we are pregnant. One day at a time. I think we will all be better parents for having gone through all this, I know I will. I'm really looking forward to meeting some of you next month. trix are you coming?

So we move into our rental house today. Well, I do while dh is at work. No internet till next week, so don't worry if I'm quiet. Tomorrow we hire as van and get our stuff here, we've just had the one suitcase. I of course am not lifting anything, poor dh...

solars I'm brooking you get your perfect blood results soon, and sweetie for your scan.

Solars Fri 09-Aug-13 08:12:20

Oh Trix how sad for that poor lady.

Good luck with the moving Keep. Yes no lifting for you! I wish I was coming up to the meet up, I'm sure you'll have a great time.

When is you scan Sweetie?

It's turned out quite grey today! Hope everyone has a lovely day x

where/when is the meet up? I think I'm not very near to any brookers.
I will admit it has scared me a bit even though as olives said I know how unlikely it is that it will happen to be. its just out of anyone I thought she would be lucky this time. she had a blighted ovum at the beginning of this yr and previously lost her little prem boy. its just not fair some times.

Trix that's so very sad. It's understandable to be scared. But things will be ok x

Keep good luck with the move. The best thing about not lifting, is that you can delegate. From the sofa. With tea and biscuits wink

Very grey here too Solars. I'm so excited you've told your family grin

SweetieTime Fri 09-Aug-13 09:12:06

Happy Moving Day keep try to let DH do all the heavy lifting. We managed ok until the new sofa arrived and DH was like "just get the other end of this" hmm NO!!! I had loads of lists on the go of jobs to be done, but the top of every list was Sweetie - growing twins!!! Just got to keep reminding them.

I am very nervous about my scan on Monday it doesn't help hearing about people losing their babies I want to be excited but struggle to get past complete fear that something will be wrong or even that they won't be both still there. My tummy is growing so something is going on it there but I haven't felt much in the way of movement. I have had the odd feeling but nothing I could say was really definite.

I asked DH to cut my toe nails last night, as a bit of a test, they really need doing. Well there is no way that will be happening, he made it very clear. I am struggling with my sore joints to bend my leg enough to reach my toes. As you said yesterday keep - the glamour of it!!! So I am going to try to do them myself today and then hope they last. I am hoping aren't I???

ThedementedPenguin Fri 09-Aug-13 09:17:33

Oh trix how awful. That poor lady.

Good luck with the move keep. This time last year I'd moved house and my Dps family wouldn't let me do anything. I wasn't even allowed to carry a pillow. So they proceeded to unpack and put everything in the 'wrong' place. I spent next few days moving it all around to the 'right' place. Was a pita.

Is grey here as well. Hopefully it will clear up a bit later.

Wow Sweetie, I think you really are hoping grin. Why won't he cut them?!

I know what you mean about the nerves, I can't stop thinking about Tuesday. But you will be absolutely brilliant. I just know it x

sweetie hope I haven't made you feel worse. I'm sure you be fine.
keep hope the move goes well.

Solars Fri 09-Aug-13 09:32:57

Sweetie I've already told DH he will be cutting my toenails in the later months, he said of course but whether he does is it at the time is another story! How about a pedicure? I'm brooking your scan will be all good!

As will yours Maybe is MrM going with you?

Sweetie book a pedi on DH's credit card grin and please be reassured that I had crippling fear just before my 20 week scan. To me it felt worse because I had already seen the baby at the 12 week scan and bonded and just wanted to much for it to all be ok. As we know it was fine and you babies will be too! With the movements I think it's normal for a first pregnancy not to feel regular movements before 21 weeks, a lot of it depends on where they're lying, where the placenta(s) are and whether they're active when you're resting and able to feel it or if they're going for it when you're busy and don't notice. Such a lot to think about. Also love the lists with 'Sweetie is growing twins' at the top grin

Keep good luck with the move, don't lift a thing!! Maybe your lists should have 'Kip on board' at the top since you don't fancy the t shirt (which I have also managed to avoid like the plague too) smile

Trix so sad for the other lady, but it will not happen to any of you here, we will not stand for it!!!

Right, off to tidy, we're having teen boo's grandma (my x MIL who is a very very lovely lady) stay for a few days.

That's lovely Boo!

Solars he is indeed. He is apparently coming to every appointment I have! Bless him.

keepitgoing Fri 09-Aug-13 15:26:55

It's near/in Birmingham, trix. Sept 22. Where are you?

I'm Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury.

keepitgoing Fri 09-Aug-13 15:40:21

Not too far......

I'm coming from Essex Trix!

the train is 2hrs 40ish min! hmmm not sure bout that date anyway. we might be having my mums birthday meal that day.

It is indeed Trix. But I'm sure we can arrange a London one at some point too!

I knew it was a long journey but didn't think it was that long.
did I mention I'm a bit scared of trains and have never been on one by myself. confused

Why are you scared of trains Trix?

Maybe you're coming?? grin that's the most amazeballs news grin

because I'm a great big wimp! I hate the gap between train and platform. I always think the train will leave before I've managed to get on. plus I don't trust my self to know to get on the right ones. I don't know why really. me and mum got on the wrong one once ages ago but didnt end up too far out of the way so its not as if I've had a bad experience.

Of course I am Boo grin

I'm just so used to trains Trix. I have to commute to London everyday!

Well, just back from by GP booking in appt. all good, though I do have a viral infection and have been told to stay at home till I'm well. Been referred for my 12 week scan and have filled out the paperwork for my exemption card!

OMG OMG OMG OMG Maybe is coming gringrin

SweetieTime Fri 09-Aug-13 19:56:12

Maybe it is a similar length train journey for me too. I have a friend who lives in Birmingham and I am sure it only takes 2 hours to drive. I am not sure Dh will let me drive on my own so might be train for me too. I am not sure if to just book it as all the early booking cheap tickets are nearly gone.

Well the twins won't be going naked. I just bought 4 girls sleep suits in tiny baby size for £5 and 10 boys vest things for £6 all in the sale at matalan. I realise I might have to return things if Monday confirms both same sex. I shall wait to see. Also my Mum has finished knitting 2 tiny cardigans too. So far from naked already

That's so exciting Sweetie!!! Woohoo!!

Boo I'm like the coca cola truck wink

ThedementedPenguin Fri 09-Aug-13 20:15:13

I couldn't have my Dp cutting my toe nails, I can just about stomach me doing them let alone anyone else.

I wish I could go to the meet up sad but one it's way too far, although it would probably be quicker for me to go than you trix however I can't afford it.

Is it crazy that I am going to look at a double pram tomorrow? It's an icandy pear so I plan on using it as a single with ds then as a double when number two arrives. My mum thinks I'm crazy but at the price it's going it would be crazy not to buy it.

sweetie how exciting, your scan is Monday? Can't wait to hear what gender your twins are.

Has anyone anything nice planned this weekend?

Solars Sat 10-Aug-13 10:40:02

Oh Maybe hope that infection clears up soon, but yay on your appointment sounds like you're on track. I don't know why but the exemption card really excited me, I've never got anything for free! can't imagine what I'd be like when I get my free bus pass and I've not got long to wait for that

Sweetie your baby clothes sound so cute, especially those little cardigans. I can't wait either to find out what you're having on Monday!

A bargain is hard to resist Penguin I daren't look at things yet but I am so tempted to.

Trix I'm not a million miles from you I think, I'm in Hertfordshire. Hopefully you can make the London meet up if someone organises one!

By the way I want to see lots of pics of the Brum meet up on the FB page!

I have been up since 5.30am this morning and am now feeling very tired [yawn]

Why up so early Solars?! It excited me too. Got to love a freebie grin. I did have an embarrassing moment when she asked what meds I was on, and I went completely blank. She said 'don't worry, it's completely normal to forget everything' blush

Love iCandy Pen so don't think it's weird at all grin

Solars Sat 10-Aug-13 10:59:36

I have no idea Maybe got up to go to the toilet and couldn't get back to sleep so got up and made aloo paratha for breakfast confused Symptom wise how are you doing?

Ive been getting up at least twice every night to go to the loo! So annoying isn't it?! But your breakfast sounds immense!

I feel sck most of the day and am finding it very hard to figure out what I want to eat. And I am crippled by tiredness. I fell asleep at work 4 times on Thursday, one of them being in the toilet blush. But I think it's made worse by the fact I feel ill anyway. How are you doing?

Just very worried about Tuesday now!

Solars Sat 10-Aug-13 11:14:13

I'm doing ok, I've been very lucky with the no morning sickness but I still have the tiredness but not as bad as during the first few weeks after BFP, so it will get better. About the sickness they do say to try and have lots of snacks, but you probably know this, I'm not sure what else to suggest, at least it's a good sign and it won't last! You will be fine on Tuesday, I'm brooking no argument about that!

Thanks lovely Solars. I think the fact I'm so tired is just making the sickness worse. Pink grapefruit squash is my friend.

SweetieTime Sat 10-Aug-13 22:22:18

Maybe I think been tired actually makes you feel sick even when not diffed. I found sour juice a real help but also plain water. Normally I am not a water drinker but I was so thirsty all the time for the first few months. Hope you feel better tomorrow.

Well I have enjoyed new born snuggles today. I can not believe I will have one of my own soon. Even DH had a hold and for quite a while too, I was very proud of him. The baby belonged to the wife of DHs mate. I have met her a few times before but don't know her very well. She was giving me loads of tips today, what to do feeding routine etc and where to buy things cheaply such as nappies. I might have to write them all down before I forget. I am sure I will be able to ask her again nearer the time if needed. They all looked bloody knackered though, even though the baby only wakes once a night for feeding. She said she got told off by the HV as she wasn't waking the baby for the middle of night feed and she stopped gaining weight so they have to strictly wake her. It was nice to see them and get some real life tips and advice.

Um, Sweetie I think you meant 2! It's lovely when you have someone in RL to speak to about the practical stuff! I'm always just a text or pm away too, if it helps xx

Maybe I think someone also mentioned carbs helped with the nausea. I found sipping drinks and small snacks helped.

That's lovely Sweetie, but Boo is right, you'll be holding 2!!

Thanks Boo, definitely small snacks. And lots of drink. Like you Sweetie I am constantly thirsty, like nothing can quench it.

SweetieTime Sun 11-Aug-13 09:46:59

Maybe have you tried crisps? I found I really like strong flavoured Seabrooks prawn cocktail and I also found Doritos tangy cheese very appealing. Also Jacobs do cracker packs that have about 2 or 3 in sealed packs so I used to keep them in my bag but I never got that sickly but they could have been very helpful. I also used to carry babybels with me. If I had ever had my bag checked I would have looked like a right freak.

Boo I know you are there to support and don't you worry I will be pestering the hell out of you too very soon wink

I know, I meant 2. DH has been looking online at baby clothes and kept showing me the things he likes, these were his favourites I think they are a bit pricey but if it keeps him happy and involved who am I to argue. I must admit I liked the Happy Camper and Let it Bee ones.
We have seen another car van for me online so are off to have a look at that today. Then we can chill out this afternoon, DH wants to watch footy and I am going to cook a Sunday roast. Nothing like gender stereotyping in the Sweetie household!!!

They are too cute Sweetie!! Sounds like a lovely Sunday. What roast are you having?

I carry crackers with me everywhere. They're slightly salted ones and are great. I had a thing for prawn cocktail crisps the other week, but now I can't even look at crisps! I have a massive thing for salad and veg though hmm

How is everyone else today? Hope you're settling in well Keep!

keepitgoing Sun 11-Aug-13 10:45:15

maybe the drinking then weeing thing drives me crazy. Once I know I am hydrated I just chew some gum, it fools the body.

First gp visit tomorrow! .... smile excited to get my exemption card too. I have no clue what else to get/ask for. Wonder if they'll be interested in my other notes.

sweetie I wish I could come for your roast, and good luck tomorrow! I think one of each.

Oh solars I wish you were coming too.

Exciting times Keep! I can't wait for it to come through! Do you think they'll give you anther scan? I really hope they do!

SweetieTime Sun 11-Aug-13 18:22:04

Maybe I was exactly the same in the early days, I used to find something I really liked, buy loads then go off it. My cupboard is full of Tunnocks Teacakes and Quavers.

keep I find now that I am desperate to go to the loo, especially in the middle of the night, only to go and only produce an egg cup full. Grrrr. Good luck with the GP appointment tomorrow, I will be Brooking no Argument that you get another scan too. I can not find my exemption card since we moved. I got a prescription for VitD and Calcium and have used it when I had a dentist check up.
As a slight aside does anyone else's dentist put "personal services" on their receipts? It makes me snigger every time. Just wondered.

I am sat here very pogged after cheats Sunday roast. We had chicken in garlic & herbs, roast potatoes, creamed spinach, carrots, mange tout, broccoli and cabbage. Ok so it all came ready packed from M&S but at least it is healthy and we are well fed.

We have also purchased the car van we went to look at this afternoon. Well it was almost a swap for my current car. We go Thursday evening to make the trade and shed a few tears I know I won't regret it as I have to think practically but I will be gutted to get rid of my beloved Fiat 500 sad

Hope no-one notices I am rambling to take my mind off the big day tomorrow

You have had a busy day Sweetie. What a veritable feast!! Sounds immense!! What van car did you go for in the end?

I have a thing for tea cakes at the moment!! Bless MrM. He went and did the weekly shop earlier, and has literally bought everything, just in case it's what I might like to eat grin

I get up at least twice in the night to pee. Not entirely sure where it comes from.

We had sausage, mash and red onion gravy. With mountains of peas. Can't get enough of them.

You've nothing to worry about lovely. I can't wait to hear what you're having!!!

SweetieTime Sun 11-Aug-13 18:54:15

MrM is a proper hero getting you a bit of everything. You can not beat sausage and mash either.

The car van is a Mazda 5, the main selling point is sliding back doors and massive boot. The buggy we want only folds to 105cm across so the boots needs to be this wide. The sliding doors will be a godsend in most car parks when someone always parks too close to open rear doors and of course I will need to be able to get into both sides. It isn't very glamorous but I think my life will forego glamorous as if it ever was for practical going forward.

Sounds amazing Sweetie. I totally hear you on the boot. MrM is not known for his love of practical cars, but we needed a boot big enough for a buggy and the pup so we had to get a new car too. Otis loves it!!

Yeah, MrM is a bit of alright I suppose wink. He also got me some Millie's cookies, which I needed. I don't think I have ever bought them before in my life grin

SweetieTime Sun 11-Aug-13 19:13:28

Maybe my DH is the same when it comes to cars, unless it has off the scale BHP and is THE most uncomfortable ride he doesn't want to know. Glad you guys are happy with your new car, were you due to swap it or where you waiting for BFP?
My DH is now looking at new cars for himself, he can not stand that I will be getting something different and he will have his old one. The fact he has only had it 8 months has been ignored. Bloody men!!!

Are we married to the same man??!!

We weren't really due to swap, but he is incapable of keeping a car for very long!! And he wanted a 'brand new' one. He just used the BFP as an excuse grin

SweetieTime Sun 11-Aug-13 19:36:04

My DH uses ANY excuse too for a new car. I have lost count how many he has got through in the 4 years we have been together. Nothing wrong with any of them in my humble opinion.

We've had 4 in 5 years. I know far more about cars than I want to!! I'm an auto trader widow!

TheLittleFriend Sun 11-Aug-13 20:12:06

Ooh sweetie is it scan day tomorrow? I know it's scary before you go, but once you see them both wriggling around it'll be magical. smile

good luck today sweetie
can't wait to find out what flavour they are!

GreenOlives Mon 12-Aug-13 08:04:39

Good luck today sweetie! Can't wait to hear the news! grin

Good luck Sweetie!! What time are you up?

Solars am I right in thinking you're getting some results today? (though I could very well be making that up wink)

SweetieTime Mon 12-Aug-13 09:24:09

Scan is at 12, I haven't made the same mistake I did with my 12 week scan by booking it for when dh finished work at 5.30. I was beside myself all that day but not too long to wait today. I am still very anxious about it but trying to think I cannot change it so best to know. I will let you all know how we get on, keep brooking for me lovelies

Brooking like nobody's business Sweetie. T-2.5 hours!!

ThedementedPenguin Mon 12-Aug-13 09:36:37

Sweetie will be thinking about you today. Good luck with the scan today.

So last night while going to heat up a bottle for ds, I slipped and went over my ankle down the stairs. Luckily I don't go down the whole stairs. Just 2-3 steps. Then in the kitchen my eyesight went and I couldn't hear and nearly fainted. First time that's happened.

I had to go straight to bed and couldn't get up. Very strange feeling.

keepitgoing Mon 12-Aug-13 09:57:06

Good luck sweetie, thinking of you. can you believe you're half way through already?!

keepitgoing Mon 12-Aug-13 09:58:56

Oh gosh pen should you call the doctor? Eyesight going is scary..

Pen I agree with Keep, you should go to the doctor. Did you hit your head? Or do you think you fell cos you felt faint?

ThedementedPenguin Mon 12-Aug-13 10:12:53

To be honest I'm not sure what happened. It was 5 in the morning. I was exhausted was going down the stairs then I was on the floor. I was okay when I stood up but by the time I got to kitchen I was felt awful.

Rang the doctor and they have nothing left today and not sure if I should push it today. Meant to be going to get a car seat today but not sure if I should drive.

Have you told the receptionist what happened Pen? And that you're pregnant? I doubt they'd turn you away

Solars Mon 12-Aug-13 12:08:30

Pen that sounds scary I would rest up today and try and push for an appointment today.

Sweetie brooking for you!

Maybe yes indeed I got my results back for my Harmony test and everything is low risk and I had another NT scan too and all looked really well. The dr gave us lots of scan pics too. I can't believe I don't get to see the baby until 20 weeks now! I'm wondering if I should book a 16 week scan. When we told the gynae who did my lap last year about being pregnant he told us to come and see him if we wanted a scan so may take him up on it at 16 weeks.

Yay Solars!!!!! I'm so happy for you!!nand hurrah for more photos!

We are going to gave one at 17 weeks, and another one in the third trimester too, I always think its bad that there isnt routine 3rd trimester scanning in the UK.

Solars Mon 12-Aug-13 13:09:38

Thanks Maybe I agree about the 3rd trimester scan. And how are you doing today? Are you feeling better? You didn't go into work today did you?

SweetieTime Mon 12-Aug-13 13:30:54

woo hoo Solars for the Harmony results, bet it was nerve wracking waiting for those to come back. I know what you mean about it been a painfully long wait from 12 weeks to 20 weeks. I am lucky that we will be scanned every 4 weeks going forwards.

So I am back, they were both still in there and very active--my fault for having a scone with jam & cream before I went-- Apparently I have both an anterior and posterior placenta which is why I haven't felt very much so far. All is well, both twins measuring exactly where they should and are more or less the same as each other. She was very thorough and explained everything she was doing. So she was certain twin 2 is a girl and pretty sure twin 1 is a boy, the umbilical cord was in the way for 100% certainty. So it looks like one of each for us. I am quite surprised as I was convinced we would be having 2 boys. That has confused the great name debate as I had been thinking of same sex names to go together, now I have to think of one of each back to Mary & Joseph then

Solars Mon 12-Aug-13 13:42:45

Excellent scan news Sweetie Yay!! I too was thinking boy and girl! How exciting I'm so pleased for you!!

ah sweetie I'm so pleased and so happy jealous its one of each! how cute.
great news too solars!

Oh Sweetie I am so very pleased for you thank god bert and ernie are out

ThedementedPenguin Mon 12-Aug-13 14:15:16

sweetie that's great news. A boy and girl how fantastic.

solars that's great about that test.

So I rang the doctor again and was speaking to a doc. She said I fainted which made me fall down the stairs slightly and almost fainted again in the kitchen. So ill just have to take it a bit easier.

Pen, is recommend keeping snacks by your bedside table. You would've fainted cos our blood sugar was low at that time of the morning. Little snacks really help.

Sweetie I'm still grinning from your news!!

keepitgoing Mon 12-Aug-13 14:56:45

Brilliant sweetie I'm so pleased all is good. So many scans for you, lucky girl. So twins are still the same size as singles at 20 weeks? One of each will be just lovely. Congratulations. Any tears? How long were you in there?

solars more lovely news smile congratulations as well, I hope you can relax and enjoy now.

As for me, I saw the dr this morning. 'Lots to do in ten minutes' she said... Asked me where I want to give birth, urine dip, Bp, history etc. And I'm seeing the mw this afternoon as she was very concerned I don't have any Green Notes... Naughty me... Will ask if they want to give me another scan. Hope they don't trust Thailand smile

pen also make sure you get up slowly to give your Bp time to rise. And are you drinking enough?

TheLittleFriend Mon 12-Aug-13 15:11:29

Wonderful news sweetie, so exciting!!

And brilliant news from you too solars smile

so exciting in here at the moment!
keep glad you've seen the doc, fingers crossed when you see the mw she arranges you a scan.
penguin hope you feel better. make sure you look after yourself.
I'm 17+2 now and am having a scan Wed afternoon. I'm very nervous/excited. I have the definate beginnings of a bump now. I still think it looks fat. but my belly feels harder and everyone else thinks it looks bump like so just me being silly then.

Exciting stuff Keep!! Really hope you get another scan!

17+2 already Trix! Amazing smile

Solars Mon 12-Aug-13 16:08:00

Wow scans galore this week! We've got Maybe tmrw and now Trix on Wednesday.

Keep brooking you get a scan booked in too.

Hope you're feeling better Pen

Solars Mon 12-Aug-13 16:10:34

Pressed post too soon was meant to wave to Little

Also wanted to ask, has anybody bought any pregnancy books? Any recommendations? I think my SIL has the what to expect when expecting one so may try and borrow that from her but wondered if there were any others that are good!

I have what to expect, and I also have the mumsnet pregnancy one. Which is so funny, very good for honest opinions. Also, if you have an iPhone, there's an amazing app called Sprout.

Little, thatee stick is still on my bedside table just ask sparks, she's seen the evidence

SweetieTime Mon 12-Aug-13 18:25:27

Maybe hope all goes well at your scan tomorrow. It is so magical to see the little flicker of the hb.

And Trix the following day, scans coming thick and fast this week. Good luck with yours too.

Thanks Ladies for your good wishes. I am feeling very happy at the moment, although it does still feel a bit unreal. I know it has to start sinking in sometime so it might as well be now. Also at least I have got my longest wait for a scan over with now.
Keep they are measuring normal for their "age" as singletons. I don't think they expect twins to be smaller at this stage. I think she said they were 12oz each. I did have a little tear on the way home, just because I feel so lucky and blessed to have got this far. How did you get on this afternoon?

I have the book that Keep recommended but to be honest I have hardly read it, I have gone with the flow. I might try to get something twins specific too.

<waves to Little who it is lovely to see popping in>

Thanks so much Sweetie. Keep having nightmares that there is no heartbeat. But there's nothing I can do now smile

You and MrS must be so excited!! I can imagine how surreal it must be. And that's great that you now get scanned every 4 weeks!!

Yay! Awesome news, sweetie?

Brooking for the rest of you, especially those with scans this week smile

That ? should have been ! - imps fingers as typing while feeding E.

Sweetie so pleased for you and Mr S smilesmile such brilliant news!

Maybe brooking for Fin to have a lovely little heart beat tomorrow smile

Trix good luck for your scan too, have you and DH relaxed a bit now? Did you have a detailed anomaly scan or is that this one?

Keep did you see the mw? Have you got new notes and a scan date?

Penguin definitely keep snacks near the bed, hope you're feeling better. I feel I should also add, I may have named Chick in haste and now think Pingu would be far more suitable, I will let the others vote on that gringrin

Solars I missed your post about the harmony results and can't scroll back on mw phone but I gather that they're good results, so pleased for you smile will pop back and read your post

So I'm still busy busy busy with X MIL, we're having a brilliant time and can't believe she has to leave soon. She has agreed to do the blood test to help us confirm the chromosome findings for teen boo smilesmile

Oh and thanks for the cake Maybe grin

ThedementedPenguin Mon 12-Aug-13 22:25:28

maybe I can't eat during the night, I wear retainers so can't eat. Also with the bloating feeling I dread eating. Would fruit juice work?

keep I'm not sure if I am. However I've tried to spent all day with a drink in my hand so hopefully not happen again.

sweetie just want to say again how great it is to hear about your babies. I bet it was just so lovely to see them on the screen again. Now just to think of names, I found this bit very hard.

maybe is your scan tomorrow? Hoping everything is good with fin and he/she is growing nice and big in there.

Poor you Pen. The juice would keep your sugar levels up, but may upset your tummy more. Have you tried a peppermint tea?

Thanks for the luck smile

ThedementedPenguin Mon 12-Aug-13 22:34:37

No haven't tried it. I don't really flavoured or herbal tea.

Ill maybe see if my mum has some but I'm not too concerned if she doesn't.

It really can help. My bloating has definitely eased off a bit this week, just hope that's not a bad sign!!

Pen, what about having some milk to drink? Should be better re the bloating.

Good morning smile just popping in to get some early brooking done for Maybe grin

Ooh yes, brooking for Maybe and Fin.

ThedementedPenguin Tue 13-Aug-13 08:28:47

Will see if I can find some peppermint tea. I didn't know that about milk. Ill def be giving it a go.

Brooking lots for your scan today maybe

GreenOlives Tue 13-Aug-13 08:29:19

grin grin grin FABULOUS news sweetie! One of each is lovely.
Great scan news from solars too! grin
Brooking for maybe and trix scans and much love to all!

TheLittleFriend Tue 13-Aug-13 09:02:47

Good luck today maybe x

Thanks you lovely lot smile

T-3 hours....

SweetieTime Tue 13-Aug-13 09:13:32

Popping in to say that I am thinking of you today Maybe hope all goes well

Thanks Sweetie grin

Solars Tue 13-Aug-13 09:25:51

Brooking for you Maybe x

Thanks Solars x

maybe. are you up now? good luck!
boo no, I've got that on 2nd Sept. tomorrows is an extra one at the private clinic and my last drip.

Solars Tue 13-Aug-13 11:26:49

Trix well done on your last drip! My last NK results came back clear so I didn't have to have a drip but still have to be re-tested again in 3 weeks time so brooking that will also be clear. How are you doing?

keepitgoing Tue 13-Aug-13 11:28:09

Brook brook for maybe x

Little baby measuring 3 days ahead at 8+2. 164 bpm and we saw him in 3d too!! So over the moon xxx

TheLittleFriend Tue 13-Aug-13 12:31:58

Hurray!!! Brilliant news Maybe smile smile

oh solars that's good hopefully that's your nks fully zapped then. they don't check my levels just do them as standard until around 16wks. I'm doing good thanks. u?
him maybe? grin congrats how amazing it was 3d too!

Solars Tue 13-Aug-13 12:55:29

Woo hoo Maybe excellent news!!!! <brings out the french fancies>

I'm doing ok Trix too. Glad to be past 12 weeks!

ooo French fancies!
I know it is such a relief! I just want to be 20wks now! not long to wait though just till the end of this month.

ThedementedPenguin Tue 13-Aug-13 13:23:54

Oh maybe that's fantastic. I'm so so happy for you. It's great seeing him on the screen.

GreenOlives Tue 13-Aug-13 13:24:57

Yay maybe! grin grin grin

SweetieTime Tue 13-Aug-13 13:48:19

aw Maybe I am so pleased for you, that is excellent new. So officially SEPP (scan endorsed pregnant person) Were any tears shed? I bet MrM was excited. It is such lovely news.

SweetieTime Tue 13-Aug-13 13:59:44

Ladies I just have to show you the cutest baby item EVER OMG I am going to have to get a couple of these, they are actually the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!

Sorry I am very excited - as you were.

keepitgoing Tue 13-Aug-13 14:20:06

grin maybe. What are you celebrating with? X

Thanks you lovely lot smile

I had a glass of orange juice and a couple of chicken nuggets. Go me. Hopefully when I start to feel less rubbish ill be able to celebrate properly smile

OMG Sweetie!! They are immense!!!

keepitgoing Tue 13-Aug-13 16:24:32

maybe you must feel brilliant! smile

I had a bit of a crying fit as we moved in the other day, a bit overwhelmed by stuff, and exhausted after a dreadful moving day involving a burst tire on our van in cambs. My mum dropped everything and came to the rescue. Still loads to do, but I feel less panicky.

I have my 'booking' appt on Thursday. Mw coming to the house. I have to go to the hospital for a Dr appt, then will be under mw care. Do you guys all have to go to the hosp at the start too? They might scan me there, appt will be in a couple of weeks at around 28 weeks, so they will do my anti d injection too (I am rhesus negative). Feel happy to be in the system.

Munxx Tue 13-Aug-13 16:25:30

Finally. A chance to catch up!

In order.....

solars congratulations on your scan and subsequent NT news I hope you enjoy telling everybody!

sweetie many congratulations on baby boy and baby girl news! Thrilled for you.

maybe thrilled for you too! Wonderful news

Sorry for not being here to brook before these important events. I won't bore you but life ain't easy chez munx at the moment.

keep and trix brooking for your scans, tomorrow for trix I think! And hopefully another NHS one for you keep

penguin hoping you feel better very soon.

Oh Keep it's a lot to deal with!! You're not just moving house, you were moving country too!! Thank goodness for your mum!

I'm so pleased you're in the system now. I don't go to the hospital here until my 12 week scan. Do they do your blood type at your first midwife appointment?

I do feel brilliant Keep. I was so nervous, and there was a pause before he found him! I have a retroverted uterus apparently, so he was hiding!

So lovely to see you Munx xxx

Solars Tue 13-Aug-13 16:35:21

Maybe it's just so lovely to see that first heartbeat. What's next for you? Is it the booking in appointment?

Moving can be very stressful so I don't blame you for feeling overwhelmed especially with all those racing hormones at the moment Keep. Good old mum though smile I only went into the hospital for my booking in and scan so you may well get scanned. I am consultant led which I'm a little miffed at as the only reason is I'm over 40!!

Solars Tue 13-Aug-13 16:36:11

Ooo a big wave to you Munx

It's like magic Solars!

keepitgoing Tue 13-Aug-13 16:43:53

Ah, makes sense, you'll all have been in at 12 weeks.

I think I underestimated it all, maybe, and bump was in the way of cleaning etc. Dh is trying to do everything as well as go to work, which is not good either. My mum is brilliant.

pen are you ok?

munx good to see you, sorry to hear of the stressy times at home.

<shuts door, and mind, to the room of chaos for the night>

Solars Tue 13-Aug-13 17:14:29

Maybe they took about 4-5 vials of blood at my booking in and they find out your blood type as well as testing for all sorts like HIV, hep B, full blood count etc.

It's a massive upheaval Keep. When does the new job start?

Thanks for that Solars! Will they repeat all the STD checks even though we had them done for IVF?

Solars Tue 13-Aug-13 17:30:21

Yes Maybe mine said to me I know you've probably already had these as you've just icsi but we have to do them again.

Well, I've got plenty of blood to go round I suppose grin

Brilliant news Maybe so pleased for you and Mr M!!

Good luck tomorrow Trix smile

Those are amazeballs Sweetie and I order you to purchase them immediately gringrin

Sorry not been around, X MIL only here for 1 more night so I should have more brooking time grin

hi munx hope things calm down at home for you.
so how would you describe it when you first feel the baby move? a bubble pop? is it really low down?

keepitgoing Tue 13-Aug-13 21:15:37

Yes, lots of people say a bubble. I felt it like a big heartbeat in the wrong place. Exciting! smile yes, can be low down.

the midwife said to me if it was really low down its quite likely it baby rather than wind. I keep thinking I can feel something lately but I'm not sure. I felt something earlier, I wasn't feeling gassy/bloated and didn't burp fart if that makes any differencegrin. baby or wind?

Exciting times Trix! Good luck for tomorrow smile

Thanks Boo! Enjoy your last night!

Good luck today Trix

SweetieTime Wed 14-Aug-13 08:28:57

Good luck Trix hope all goes well

keepitgoing Wed 14-Aug-13 13:48:10

Brooking for trix...

My appointment at the hospital has come through for Monday (that's quick!) And they say it'll take 2 hours/all afternoon, so I'm hopeful of a scan. smile

Hurrah Keep!

Looking forward to hearing Trix's news!

Solars Wed 14-Aug-13 14:13:25

Keep that is good news, I'm hopeful too for a scan! By the there was mention of you recommending a pregnancy book up thread somewhere, can you ET me know which one it is? Thanks.

Trix enjoy your scan and last drip, looking forward to your update.

Can I ask about headaches? Are they normal at this stage? I seem to be suffering at least a couple of times a week over the past few weeks, I haven't succumbed to paracetamol yet but have been using 4head which sometimes works.

Solars Wed 14-Aug-13 14:13:57

ET = let ....!!

Scan went well, measured exactly to dates. Was mooning us though. We decided to not find out the sex.

keepitgoing Wed 14-Aug-13 14:57:58

Great trix!

solars we have lesley Regan's your pregnancy week by week. We like it as its fairly medical. Some preg books make me want to scream, being chatty/cool or whatever. This has lots of info, but she also had twins herself, so I feel she understands our point of view.

Brilliant news Trix that's great smile

Solars yes to headaches, I got them a lot in my last 2 pg's. I found that only paracetamol would do.

Great news Trix

Solars, I was getting horrible headaches, but they've eased off for now. I too found only paracetamol worked

ThedementedPenguin Wed 14-Aug-13 19:47:17

Trix glad everything went well. I've no idea how you didn't find out, I'd drive myself nuts not knowing. I'm really hoping I can find out with this one as well.

maybe I downloaded that app sprout. Did you pay for it?

Solars I had really bad headaches during my first pregnancy. However, I did suffer badly with them before so I wasn't surprised. This time I seem to be okay.

I seem to feel a bit sick around tea/dinner time. Puts me off eating then it leaves, but by the time it leaves its far to late for me to start eating otherwise id feel bloated with lots of trapped wind all night. sad

Pen the way forward is to eat through the sickness. It helps in a weird way.

I did pay for it, as the trial only lasts 2 weeks.

SweetieTime Wed 14-Aug-13 21:07:10

Trix great news on the scan, are you starting to relax yet?

keep sounds like you are on for a scan with a 2 hour appointment. I would imagine they will do your booking in bloods too. Is DH going with you?

I have my NHS scan on Monday, as all was well this week DH says I can take my DM. She will love it as the pictures just don't do justice to seeing the wriggly babies on the screen. I bet there will be tears, bless her.

No headaches to report here, but I hope you all feel better soon. After tea (fish fingers, chips and mushy peas in case you are interested) I had terrible indigestion or trapped wind, whatever it was very uncomfortable. Anyone else suffering like this?

penguin we said no but out of interest I did ask if he could see and he said no, baby is not in the best position for it anyway. I was pleased the consultant didn't know! there's still the NHS 20wk scan, but we're sticking to our decision. ubb for me. although I'm sure I'd be tempted if they had seen and could tell us.
my private consultant is fairly quick doesn't really make any effort to try to get baby to move round or anything. hopefully next time baby won't be facing away.

Solars Wed 14-Aug-13 21:47:01

Thanks Keep on the recommendation, I'll look into it.

Great scan news Trix I don't want to find out either but I think DH wants to, it's funny though we both refer to the baby as 'he' or 'him' which probably means its a girl!

Thanks ladies about the headaches, I took a nap in the afternoon in the hope that when I woke up it would have disappeared, no such luck so I took a couple of paracetamols but it only took the edge off so I still have the headache. May just apply some 4head and try to sleep.

Pen hope that sickness subsides for you soon.

No indigestion or trapped wind for me yet Sweetie lots of free flowing wind though blush

I've have a real craving for spicy food at the moment!

Boo, Maybe hope you're both doing well!

keepitgoing Wed 14-Aug-13 21:49:57

I thought that was your nhs scan sweetie. Will be lovely to take your mum.

I used to feel sick in the evenings too pen. I agree, just force yourself to eat.

sweetie its not as bad recently but some evenings bloating is v painful. Actually I think I need to start eating smaller portions, but am still eating normal size. You're prob bigger than me what with your two, so maybe try that?

keepitgoing Wed 14-Aug-13 21:51:07

solars my trapped wind was worst at 4-10 weeks, so hopefully you've dodged it!

ThedementedPenguin Thu 15-Aug-13 09:18:04

keep I know what you mean. I only had a very small dinner last night but I couldn't eat anymore. Also I was too afraid of feeling bloated, so now I limit when I eat. Can't wait for the next few weeks to be over.

12 weeks cannot come quick enough.

keepitgoing Thu 15-Aug-13 11:02:52

Why do the midwives come to you house? Is it to judge? <frets>

<runs off to try and tidy, shut door to rooms full of boxes...>

Solars Thu 15-Aug-13 11:17:37

Keep is the midwife coming today? God I hope they don't come to our house! So far my midwife appointments have been at the hospital and the next one is at the gp surgery <frets too>

keepitgoing Thu 15-Aug-13 11:30:33

Yeah, in 30 mins, to do my 'booking'! smile I told her 'oh don't worry I can easily come to the surgery' but she was firm... I guess they want to see I don't live in a cardboard box. I don't live in one, but I do live OUT of hundreds one.

Oh well, at least I have an excuse. smile

You'll be fine Keep, not like you're Wayne and waynetta slob grin.

My appointments are all at the GP too, but I think they must come round at some point. I'll set the pup on her wink

We are hoping to move before baby comes anyway. We don't do things by halves in the Maybe household. New job, baby and new house. Well, good luck comes in threes they say.

How is everyone else today?

keepitgoing Thu 15-Aug-13 13:42:31

Neither do we, maybe! New country, two new jobs, new house (and plan on buying and moving when Kip is about two months!) new baby. Well, it's better than being bored, I guess.

Well, all fine with the MW. Kip has a lovely strong heartbeat at 152. smile

I asked her why they come round. She went on about it being more comfortable for us in our own environments etc, but eventually admitted it is a bit of a reccy smile

Ah, so pleased it all went well Keep! No, you definitely don't do things by halves grin

Does the new job start Monday?

keepitgoing Thu 15-Aug-13 13:59:54

No, its just been put back to the 2nd. At least that gives me a chance to unpack more.

Ah, that's good!! Are you looking forward to it?

keepitgoing Thu 15-Aug-13 15:03:06

In a way, I guess. But also not, as im lazy. And can i take my lunchtime naps?! It's only for 9 weeks anyway

Lunch time naps would be immense!! They should be compulsory!! 9 weeks will fly by!

keepitgoing Thu 15-Aug-13 16:08:12

I'll be mostly working from home, so should manage the naps. I get quite a sore back from sitting up too long these days, so am a bit concerned.

Right, am off to try the yoga DVD from the lovely olives. I read the booklet about hypnobirthing this morning and started crying - I can't believe it still sometimes.

Oh Keep lovely smile I'm not sure it will ever sink in.

Enjoy your yoga

ThedementedPenguin Thu 15-Aug-13 16:28:14

Glad the midwife appointment went well keep although why did you start crying?

I'd love a lunch time nap. Alas it's not to be this time.

keepitgoing Thu 15-Aug-13 17:18:53

Why did I cry? I think it was the thought of being in labour and meeting our baby at last, and that it's really happening.

olives' yoga DVD is very 1980s, though it says 2003. Odd! smile

grin Keep did you wear a leotard?!

shock OMG we got cake, cake for all, come on, everyone have cake and a brew

Ooh, pass me a slice of cake Boo

ThedementedPenguin Thu 15-Aug-13 18:15:47

I was hoping it was good tears keep that's why I asked.

Your yoga sounds very interesting.

Oh boo thanks for cake but ill save mine for later smile

Want a brew with that cake Maybe grin

cake is fun!!

I'm off brew Boo. Maybe I will just have another slice of cake instead?!

Off brew shock, more cake it is then grin

<wonders how many emoticons we can cram into a post> wink

grin Boo

Perhaps we can lay a buffet out. cake brew wine and biscuit with a nice thanks centrepiece wink

The other freds will be so envy of our spread, then they will be angry and hmm then sad.

Meanwhile we will be grin and smile

We shall [crown] you Queen Boo which I'm sure will shock and confused a lot of people. Once they realise who you are they will feel blush.

The crown has stopped!!

grin, the cake brew wine and biscuit buffet with the thanks centre piece will be made perfect with the arrival of a bowl of bear grin

Then all will be certain to be envy first then shock at how thorough our layout is. Followed by angry when we only let brookers in and sad as they try to get in anyway. We being nice will let them in making them smilesmile but our acronyms make them hmm and confused

Queen Boo will be blush at being made queen so hands the [crown] (<-- just testing) to Maybe making her grin

We are too good Boo grin


GreenOlives Thu 15-Aug-13 20:25:32

You lot make me grin grin grin

Glad the cd/dvd arrived safely keep I have to confess that the yoga dvd was given to me when I was pregnant with DS1 and I never even watched it never mind did it!! shock I was very cynical about the Hypnobirthing cd too but I'm fairly certain that it helped me during both my labours and if nothing else it always sent me into a lovely doze whilst listening to it! grin