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The PESH are getting busy and looking out for a cluster diff!!

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pinkr Wed 24-Jul-13 20:53:02

blonderthanred, boy, born 26th October 2012.
FriendofDorothy, boy, born 14th December 2012.
QueenRollo, boy, born 21st January 2013.

Need dates:

Rollerbaby, No pink here, expecting boy due March 20th 2012
IveBeenExpectingYou (CockDodger), A very active baby girl, due March 28th 2012
Silver, hoping for an easier sneeze, due mid-July 2012
Starryeyedmole, regretting recently investing in scales
cakeandcava approaching walrus proportions, DC1 EDD 21/10/12

LazyMachine (38) DC1 EDD 9/2/13
CamelKnees (34) fat and fatigued DC2 EDD 22/04/2013
HaveALittleFaith (31), Faithlet arrived 14.04.13
fertilityFTW (34) date needed.
pinkr, (33), any day now!!, DC1 due 22/08/2013
Jethro (36) head in the sand Edd 071013
Frankel (32) nauseous and knackered Edd 4/3/14
Noks - info needed
Sinky - info needed

Done my best - apologies for any misinformation or omissions!

Ahh, that's better!

Booking In appointment tomorrow afternoon. What should I expect oh wise PESH?

pinkr Wed 24-Jul-13 21:13:43

Not much! I felt it was a real anticlimax...a few questions and I think a blood test. Then was told I wouldn't be seen until 24 Weeks, other than scans.

Oh, definitely sounds like an anticlimax then grin

I've got my pack of notes that I've filled in (as far as I was told to), plus my write up from last week's scan which I was told to keep together.

My nausea is pretty much constant now and the tiredness as kicked in, I was in bed by 8.45 on Monday and am about to head off now for the night!

Nokkie73 Wed 24-Jul-13 21:27:33

Oh here you are ! Praise The Lord and a helping of saints knees all round.

I was with my midwife for about an hour while she completed all the paperwork, asked me utterly bonkers questions about what sort of birth I wanted (erm, one where the baby comes out please) and we then had a smutty conversation about piercings <for the record, only my ears are pierced, thank you>

I had to pee in a tiny tube and she took some blood. That was about it really.

Are you excited frank ?

pinkr my nipper is due on 28th December. How are you doing ?

FriendofDorothy Wed 24-Jul-13 21:31:04

Just checking in.

I have a non-sleeping baby attached to my boob still tonight!

JethroTull Wed 24-Jul-13 21:35:17

Yay!!! The PESH are back in action grin. Look at us - on the Actual List. Bet we all thought this day would never come <gets a bit emotional>
Thanks Pink. How are you feeling?

I second the anti climax of the booking in appointment. Weeing in a small pot is compulsory at all of my midwife appointments. And get this - after they test it, they give me the pot back & ask me to dispose of the contents & reuse the sample pot. Saving the planet one wee receptacle at a time.....

Nokkie73 Wed 24-Jul-13 21:49:10

It's batshit crazy alright, jeff

Do you know, I still can't bloody believe I am preggo. I think someone is going to tap me on the shoulder and tell me it's all been a massive practical joke.

FriendofDorothy Wed 24-Jul-13 21:51:19

Non-sleeping baby is now asleep. Praise the baby Jesus!

My booking in appointment was a bit of a non-entity too. Pissing in a teeny tiny pot is fine until your bump becomes so enormous that your aim is really shit.

When I went to the EPAU for my scan the nurse handed me what I swear was half an eggbox to pee in. T'was huuuge, and cardboard! You should have seen HWHNN's face grin

Nokkie73 Wed 24-Jul-13 22:04:19

My aim is brilliant at the moment. It gets worse then dot ? How frustrating. So you're telling me that i have spent many years having treatment and things stuffed up my foof for all that hard work to go to waste ?


pinkr Wed 24-Jul-13 22:21:36

Hi all...ok thanks! Having difficulty keeping my sugar levels high enough which is a strange thing considering the idea with the diabetes was to keep them low...a happy medium must be found soon!
Some idiot driving far too fast on a country road clipped me today so I'm having to spend money on a new wing mirror and some panel damage rather than on baby things...he didn't even stop!
Can I edit the list does anyone know?

JethroTull Wed 24-Jul-13 22:24:23

Noks I know what you mean, even with a sizeable bump I wake up Every Day and think, am I REALLY a preggo?

I'm not one to boast but there's nothing wrong with my aim gringringrin

JethroTull Wed 24-Jul-13 22:25:37

Don't think editing is possible Pink - unless you ask MNHQ?

Bloody idiots driving too fast. Are you ok?

pinkr Wed 24-Jul-13 22:36:43

Yeah but I suppose the fact my whole wing mirror ripped off means it was a close thing! Eight inches further over would've been a real crash. I was really angry and then I think I had a bit of shock later when I realised that my baby could've been hurt but a reckless idiot. He'd lost a but of control on a corner going too fast and over corrected

Nokkie73 Wed 24-Jul-13 22:42:25

Shit, pink, how scary. I hope you're ok. It's bad enough when there is just you to think about, let alone a bambino.

pinkr Wed 24-Jul-13 22:57:24

Yeah....one of the few times in recent months I really fancied a vodka and coke! what's annoying is money is literally pouring out my account at the moment...last minute baby stuff, sister has house warming, 30th birthday and wedding in the space of 7 Weeks, step mums birthday and dads 60th...its one dear year! I am grateful it was just the car but seriously for a few hundred quid I could've bought actual nice things for us grin

TWinklyLittleStar Thu 25-Jul-13 12:24:30

I've found you! pink that's crap about your car. I have to replace my car door too, since some fucker tried to nick the car and wrecked it. At least you and baybee are ok.

frank hope the appointment goes/went well.

I have my private scan on Monday and am filled with terror they will say there's nothing growing.

Nokkie73 Thu 25-Jul-13 13:10:38

I totally understand how you're feeling twonks but hopefully you'll get such a huge sense of relief when you see your little bean on the screen. Have you got anything nice planned for the weekend to distract you a little bit ?

If I'm really honest, I still cannot get my head around being preggo. I know I keep saying it but after my ivf fail, I had really convinced myself that I was going to have to come to terms with not being a mum. To lay an egg AND do the sechsing a week after I tested and got a bfn was just mental (having done the calculations based on my due date, this was the exact timeline). I reckon because of he way it happened, that is why I simply cannot believe it. Shit like this doesn't happen to me. Anyway, that probably makes no sense whatsoever, so I'll shut my big old double chinned face now. I'm not in any way depressed or having trouble believing it in a negative sense, it's just a continual series of 'wow, blimey, really !!'.

Also, I genuinely feel happy for the first time in what I now realise is YONKS. Of course I'm worried about the nipper and would love a scan every week to make sure everything is ok (the gap between the 12 week scan and the 20 week scan is a killer). However, I made a vow some time back that whatever happens, I really wanted to try to enjoy being preggo as it may be my last shot at it. If anything happened, what i didn't want to do was look back and think that I hadn't enjoyed a single day of my pregnancy. So, I am trying to grin like Brian Cox and stay zen like the Dalai Lama ( which probably means most people want to kick me in the neck) and just enjoy it, whatever happens.

I don't know if I am making any sense whatsoever.....but you're the PESH right ? You understand (if no-one else does !).

Grinny Ole Norks xx

frank how was your afternoon date with Hattie Jacques ? (On a completely unrelated note, I do feel a bit short changed if midwives don't look like her).

FriendofDorothy Thu 25-Jul-13 15:16:44

Noks, that makes perfect sense. I totally get it, although I didn't get that contesnt feeling until I was about 30 weeks pregnant because of the early bleeding I had.

These days I feel very content. I realise that I have changed so much since having The Little Mister and that is largely because I just don't feel so sad all the time. It makes a massive difference.

TWinklyLittleStar Thu 25-Jul-13 15:44:51

norks I totally get that you can't get your head round it. It is absolutely miraculous the way it happened, and I'm so pleased that you're so happy.

It's my birthday today, I'm out for dinner tonight, getting my hair done tomorrow, meeting a friend for lunch on Saturday, and having a barbeque for my birthday on Sunday. But I can't relax until I see this bean. My boobs have completely stopped hurting, I barely feel sick at all, I'm literally just waiting to go to the bathroom and find that I've started bleeding. I know symptoms can come and go and I might just be a drama queen but fuck this is so damn hard! I'm so happy to be pregnant but I feel like it's all about to slip away from me.

Sorry for all the woe is me.

Wotcha hags, I'm back!

No Hattie Jacques lookalikes I'm afraid, just a very nice older Northern Irish lady called Karen! Forms are completed and an armful of blood given. Plus I see what you mean about the aim on the urine pots - far too small!

So it's wait for the 12 week scan appointment now. Plus, what's this about drinking lucozade before one of the later tests?! I hate lucozade!

SinkyMalinks Thu 25-Jul-13 18:39:57

Howdy ladies.

Glad to hear all went well frank. Is the booking in appointment when you get your maternity notes? The lucozade test is the glucose tolerance test to make sure you don't get gestational diabetes. Drink it and get bloods. We did it at uni and could have a mars bar instead (just need a load of sugar!) but not sure you will be able to trifle with the protocol of midwives...

Twink, I'm back to epu on tues. also bricking it. What are you expecting to be? 7 weeks?

I am racked with evening sickness. And morning. Lunchtime not too horrendous. Thought I felt ok yesterday and went or a curry with a friend. Not reccomended.

I just need to see a heartbeat to know this is all for a reason....

TWinklyLittleStar Thu 25-Jul-13 19:10:47

<snuggles up to sinks>

Yes I think I'll be 7 weeks, or just shy of it. Oh dear to the curry, not good. I'm sure you'll be fine sinks, it sounds like you've got good strong hormones temporarily making you feel like death.

frank glad it went well today.

JethroTull Thu 25-Jul-13 19:48:05

Another one who understands that feeling Nork. I think I am feeling much happier in general since about 20ish weeks, I grin every time miniJeff moves!

Twink I had zero symptoms. No sickness, no sore boobs, nothing. Good that you have plans until Monday to keep you busy. The weekend before our 8 week scan I remember preparing myself for the worst because I felt so 'unpregant'. When the nurse showed us the screen I said 'is that An Actual Baybee??'.

Frank have you got a date for your 12 week scan?

Sinky does anything help the vomfest? <passes bucket & holds hair back>

No date yet Jeff, apparently it will come in the post.

I feel very tired and pukey this evening, I've eaten but I don't feel any better. I'm not complaining much, I am immensely grateful that I am pregnant and that I have symptoms to show for it, but I'd just like a teeny bit less nausea.

SinkyMalinks Thu 25-Jul-13 20:02:14

Salty carbs are good. Just eaten a monster bag of salted kettle chips. The poor boy is trying to tempt me to eat by buying cream cakes. envy

I'm still surreptitiously prodding my boobs to make sure they're still sore. After putting it off for a week I got 2 new bras yesterday. 2 cup sizes bigger... This will all settle by the second trimester, right?

And frank. The tiredness. I've seen your posts and think I'm matching you on the 8pm bedtimes.

JethroTull Thu 25-Jul-13 20:12:30

Sinky I hate to tell you this but my boobs are just growing & growing. I've gone from a AA to a DD and that's getting tight!! SSG is delighted.

Frank I got my date at my booking in appointment, she called the hospital and booked me in. I guess everywhere is different. I don't really have a choice of hospital though - do you?

I'm 29 weeks at the mo and cannot stop eating. Mostly sweets. And pineapple & mango. I also am Not Sleeping. Wake up every 90mins - 2 hours either needing a wee or with cramp. And I'm suffering with constipation - oh the glamour of being up the duff. grin

I've already chosen my hospital, I'm going to the posh new unit at The Rosie, Addenbrookes grin

I think I'm on the verge of needing a new bra, my A cup is binging to overfloweth! Should I just get a regular bra or a special pregnancy one?

JethroTull Thu 25-Jul-13 20:36:57

I think I just got a bigger size but with no underwire - apparently the wire can damage the boobs or something. I only just got preggo / BF bras last month as I thought surely these bazookas can not get any bigger. It appears I was wrong...

I hate our local hospital. It's a new building & there's nothing wrong with it but the maternity ward / ante natal clinc is on the same corridor as the fertility clinic. Every time I walk down there I feel stressed. Even now. Maybe over dramatic but it just brings back bad memories of always being disappointed. I probably need to get a grip.

TWinklyLittleStar Thu 25-Jul-13 20:37:20

Bloody hell, I'm a D cup to start off with, I'm horrified to think how big my bosom might be soon.

I'm shattered all the time, I'm off to bed in a minute.

SinkyMalinks Thu 25-Jul-13 20:38:07

I just got 2 tee shirt bras for £12.50 from m&s. Thought it was a bit of a bargain, and the slight padding sorts out my current nipple issue (constant smuggling peanut look)

I had to get 34dd. They didn't have 32e... Feck.

FriendofDorothy Thu 25-Jul-13 20:47:07

These are my favourite bras. Not very pretty but bloody comfortable!

Thanks for the bra recommendations folks.

I've been looking at maternity dresses online for a few weeks - I figured as I work in an office I could get away with buying a few wrap type dresses and be done with out all the rafting with tops and trousers. I'd seen one I really liked and then bugger me didn't the Duchess of Cambridge go and bloody wear it yesterday when heading to her parents. If I buy it now people will think I'm copying her though I do like her style. This is the dress

TWinklyLittleStar Thu 25-Jul-13 21:03:49

That's a pretty dress frank.

Given that I'm fat already, I feel like I might as well cut a hole in a king size duvet cover and get it over with. I'm kicking myself for not dieting harder - I've had so much time to get ready for this and just wasted it.

I just got a fb message from a smug instadiffer friend about how happy she is all the time. It's still infuriating.

SinkyMalinks Thu 25-Jul-13 21:04:59

I like that frank. But remember, we'll (hopefully etc) be big over winter. Not sure tha dress old go with tights/boots?

Nokkie73 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:22:43

Lovely dress, franks oh and jojo maman be be has a sale on right now. They do some great basics (jeans and wrap tops etc).

twonks HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU OLD TROUT grin. I now feel terrible about blithering on about feeling happy when you've been getting it on FB too. I have karate chopped myself in the neck and am having bad thoughts about Katie Hopkins to bring myself back down to earth. My smile has gone now, I promise.

I have double tittage in my bra now. I need to get a bigger boulder holder and pronto.

jeff are you a Haribo girl ?

slinks thanks for the bra recommendation.

TWinklyLittleStar Thu 25-Jul-13 21:27:44

norks you are allowed to be happy!! Everyone is allowed to be happy, but smug instadiffers can just fuck off to fuck - her baby is nearly a year old, it's not fucking baby hormones making her oh so happy, it's because rich parents buying her a house and a high earning husband mean she can just stay at home popping out sproglets having a perfect life.

Don't think about Hatie Cuntkins, it's bad for your baby. Like injecting mental heroin.

Ta for the birthday wishes. I've spent most of it crying! But am sure I will wise up and feel better tomorrow.

Nokkie73 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:31:50

Oh twonks you have just made me laugh out loud. 'Fuck off to fuck' and 'Hatie Cuntkins'. Absolutely brilliant.

Yep, that friend on FB can fuck off to fuck, the fucking fuckface.


TWinklyLittleStar Thu 25-Jul-13 21:36:24

Swearing is brilliant

Glad I have spread some joy today grin

Re clothing - the next town over from me has a New Look with an excellent maternity range for the town's many many teenage babymuvvers. I shall be buying basics from there probably, if it gets that far.

Night all.

SinkyMalinks Thu 25-Jul-13 21:39:08

Mental heroin.


Nokkie73 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:45:31

It will, twonks. I am willing this to be ok for you, I really am. I got some bits online from Look of the New. I was actually impressed, considering it's usually full of pram faced fuckers.

FriendofDorothy Thu 25-Jul-13 21:45:34

Jo Jo Maman Bebe do really good maternity clothes. Their sale stuff is well worth a look. Most of these dresses would be perfect for work in the winter.

Oh Twinks I missed that it was your burfday! Happy Oldness to you wink

Fair point about the dress being a bit too summery, I shall look again for something that can be worn with thick woolly tights and a nice cardi!

Night all!

Nokkie73 Thu 25-Jul-13 22:00:56

They're nice dot. There's a shop near me - I shall have a gander next week.

Nighty night franks !

FriendofDorothy Thu 25-Jul-13 22:03:53

I spend a fortune in Jo Jo. It's like a crack house of baby clothes and shit I don't need. The shop assistants over here know me by name. Last time I went in they asked me if my husband knew I was there!

pinkr Thu 25-Jul-13 22:14:00

Happy birthday twinks!
My boobs haven't grown but I'm 34ff so I was hoping they'd not get much more...I thought they grew the first trimester but it was swelling that seemed to settle once the sore boob stopped.
I'm 36 Weeks today...where has the time gone? !

TWinklyLittleStar Fri 26-Jul-13 12:32:30

Wow pink not long now!

I am pleased to say that I had a good night's sleep and by uncanny coincidence am feeling far less pathetic today smile

JethroTull Fri 26-Jul-13 12:53:04

Oh I missed it was your birthday Twinks -sorry! Glad you're feeling better today. Sleep is amazing isn't it? I'm really missing it at the moment, I'm vile without enough sleep. I hate to think how evil I'm going to be when the Actual Baybee is here!,

Pink 36 weeks grin do you feel 'ready'?

Am still chuckling at Hatie Cuntkins. She really is a prize one cock. I'm a big fan of swearing - SSG calls me potty mouth. Sometimes swearing just makes you feel better.

pinkr Fri 26-Jul-13 16:01:08

I think I'm getting less ready as time goes on! Hoping for early labour otherwise its induction on due date!

JethroTull Sat 27-Jul-13 08:30:59

Cramp is keeping me awake every night now. I've tried drinking tonic water, stretching before bed, I stay hydrated - anyone got any other ideas? Stopped in a hotel with work last night & am currently lying in a massive bed with a cup of tea watching tv. Never get to do this at home so it's bloody lovely. Am going for a swim & getting my nails done on the spa here this morning too gringringrin

pinkr Sat 27-Jul-13 08:55:11

Ooh that sounds nice!
I seem to get restless legs and it's a total pain...nothing seems to help annoyingly.

TWinklyLittleStar Sat 27-Jul-13 09:42:51

Oooh Jeff that sounds absolutely delightful! The only place my work ever sends me is dirty flats with angry dogs and even angrier people smile I don't know about the cramp. Is it sometimes a lack of salts? Maybe a lucozade sport could help.

This morning I left the house to drive to the station, feeling fine. Halfway there I started feeling sick, then retching. I had to pull into a bus stop and throw up out the car door. An old couple were waiting for a bus and I could see them judge me. Mortified.

SinkyMalinks Sat 27-Jul-13 09:46:53

Winks. You have my sympathies. I always have got car sick (some memorable moments in childhood!) and even driving defiantly sets me off now. My only vomiting has been as a passenger. The shame.

JethroTull Sat 27-Jul-13 18:24:15

Twinks how are you feeling now? I have it in my head you might be a police type person or am I confusing you with someone else?

Pink I also have the restless legs. Strangely the only thing that stops mine is doing The Sechs.... Guessing that's not really a priority at 36 weeks?!

TWinklyLittleStar Sat 27-Jul-13 19:06:01

Jeff that's me, yes. The queasiness went away at about 4 o'clock, I ignored it before that and went shopping. I bought two pretty vest tops which probably won't fit for very long, and a long jersey skirt that will fit for ages. Pure shattered now. How was the swim? Are your nails a vision now?

JethroTull Sat 27-Jul-13 19:54:05

I'm all about the jersey fabric. And the stretchy waistband! Most of my preggo clothes have been from Top Shop. And I've bought stuff a size bigger from other shops in normal ranges.

Swim was great, nails are ok but I prefer them when I go to my usual palace <picky>. Was nice to do nothing though & just laze about by the pool.

Are you up to anything exciting this weekend?

TWinklyLittleStar Sat 27-Jul-13 20:17:33

Booking in appointment tomorrow (on a Sunday, how weird) then my friends are hosting a birthday barbeque for me in the afternoon - though it may be an indoor meat party instead with the way the weather is going. I'm on leave this week so I'm actually off work until Wednesday, hooray. You?

pinkr Sat 27-Jul-13 20:42:24

sechs? What's that again mm.? It's up there with what my feet actually look like haha!

Evening all. Still feeling queasy here, though its not as bad as it has been. The tiredness is a real killer though!

I had lunch with my BF yesterday, who confided that she and her DP have started TTC for their second. Her little boy is 9 months old and they took almost 2 years to conceive him so it makes sense. She's offered me loads of books and things that she bought during her pregnancy.

I've had some spotting again today, but it's very small and definitely old brown stuff. I'll keep an eye on it though.

SinkyMalinks Sun 28-Jul-13 15:11:15

How's everyone today? After a great day yesterday when I had an appetite and ate everything in sight, I'm now back on the sofa, feeling sick. I've rediscovered pot noodles. I'm not sure how nutritional they are...

Frank- how are things today?

Twink- scan tomorrow! Are you ok? I'm alternating between quiet confidence and utter hopelessness...

Hope cramps/aches/etc are ok for those further on.

TWinklyLittleStar Sun 28-Jul-13 15:26:44

I am completely and utterly in denial sinks. It's the best way to be. Nothing wrong with Pot Noodles either.

SinkyMalinks Sun 28-Jul-13 15:53:56

Denial is good Twinks. I'll be sending you good thoughts.

Agree nothing wrong with pot noodles. It's just all I can stomach (well, ready salted crisps are also ok).

Who needs fruit and veg anyway?

Nokkie73 Sun 28-Jul-13 18:20:30

Slinks Fruit and veg are for girls and instadiffers <growl>. Pot noodles are pure FILF. Personally, I love the curry flavoured ones and have been known to inhale one when hungover.

I have brilliantly mad nap hair. I made a choca mocha cake, had a massive slice with a cuppa and passed out. I fucking love an afternoon nap after cakeage. It somehow feels so right, do you know what I mean ?

twonks good luck for tomorrow. What time are you having the foof cam ?

frank how is the spotting ?

jeff and pinks hello ! Hello to everyone else too.

I cleared out the spare room yesterday. I had to as I had nowhere to put my telly tubby clothes and I suppose we need to have somewhere to put the nipper when it comes. So, as they say in all good public schools.....this shit just got real. Tis exciting innit ?


Afternoon all, spotting has gone away thankfully. Nausea also seems to have eased off so here's hoping I'm through the worst.

My saving grace has been Tesco's Bacon Rasher crisps (cheapy version of Frazzles". Plenty o' nutrients in them wink

We had a wander round Mothercare yesterday, HWHNN is getting excited about the prospect of choosing an all-singing-all-dancing pram/travel system grin

Nokkie73 Sun 28-Jul-13 19:18:49

That's a relief frank. Did you reach any conclusion on a travel system for your nipper ? I daren't go and look just yet - I know that I shall want them all. Does anyone know what we should look for when choosing one ?

Jesus, I am soooooo it I ignorant about all these things. It is ironic, considering I have wanted a child for such a long time.

I haven't got a clue where to start Nokks! We think we want one that will last a while so birth to 2 years or whatever. HWHNN wants one that looks "manly" grin

I've looked at some but at the moment I seem to be drawn to the ver expensive ones blush

TWinklyLittleStar Sun 28-Jul-13 19:57:06

Camming at 11.30 tomorrow. I expect it to run on time, since it's costing money. That said, my last two nhs dildocammings ran so early I was out before I was due to go in, and my booking in appointment today (boring, and I have to be referred for consultant assessment because of my asthma, which is the mildest asthma in the universe) started bang on time.

sinks I am largely - emphasis on large - living off cheese and onion crisps, cherries, and calippos.

frank I'm pleased you're feeling a bit better and the spotting has eased. Hopefully it'll go smoothly from here for you.

HWCA had started looking at travel system things, but was overwhelmed by choice. I want one with a carrycot car seat so I can go out for walks into town, 25 minutes away, or drive to friends an hour away and let a sleeping baybee lie, without worrying about seat time limits.

pinkr Sun 28-Jul-13 20:16:12

What we found when looking at systems...we needed something that was easy to fold and could fit into the boot of our cars (polo and fiesta) without much fuss. That actually limited us down quite quickly to an oyster, quinny buzz or uppababy vista. A lot of the others that I liked such as the baby jogger simplywouldn't fit.
I liked the oyster but Mr df preferred the vista as it sits higher and he liked the push height etc. it can also be used for the baby to sleep in over night and the carrycot part is lovely and the nicest inside that we saw.
Other things to consider...wheel type depending on if you like pavements or country lanes etc. basket size. Feel when pushing. And of course price!
I initially thought the vista was far too pricey but we bought online, got a free maxi cosi car seat and got 8% back on quidco.

pinkr Sun 28-Jul-13 20:32:43

Oh and good luck with scans etc everyone grin
frank I think old blood just lingers sometimes...glad you're feeling better.
We went a dummy run to the hospital today...its quite far away I'm a city we don't really know but found the actual hospital ok...problem was they're doing building works and the road to the maternity suite was closed and no detour. Eventually had to go into hospital, ask directions and worked out we had to approach from a different part of the city which was 15 min detour. So a journey that should take an hour took two!

SinkyMalinks Sun 28-Jul-13 20:37:05

God. I'm clueless about all this stuff. My friend with kids assures me that Britax is a good but reasonably priced brand.

Ghj's in trying to convince me I MUST get a new car. Boot space apparently. I thought maybe a golf (but expensive) or a fiesta. Pinkr, is the fiesta boot pretty small then? I don't want a "mum" wagon!

Twink, I'm 11.30 on tues. I had to check the time to make sure I wasn't thinking of your time. Not heard yet about my booking appointment. Was it dull? I've seen people say it takes an hour? Not sure I can take an hour of dull form filling....

SinkyMalinks Sun 28-Jul-13 20:38:06

Pinkr, good job you did the reccy then!

TWinklyLittleStar Sun 28-Jul-13 20:44:39

sinks mine took about 45 minutes. I think being healthy, having no ishoos and no previous pregnancies sped it up a fair bit. Also she was about to discuss the home birth option, I looked at her in horror and said "we won't be doing that."

I drive a fiesta and got my friend's iCandy double chassis, along with changing bag and other bags, in the boot with no hassles so I don't foresee massive issues with boot space.

JethroTull Sun 28-Jul-13 20:59:07

Good news about the spotting stopping Frank. SSG was also the chief researcher for our 'travel system' - we ended up with a Bugaboo. I think he liked all the gadgets. And it needed to be able to easily go through fields along with the dog. He also swapped his beloved Gti for a Cmax - the blow was softened by the fancy digital radio I think.

Noks I had a massive Sunday lunch & then a nap on the sofa. Was lovely. Snoozing at random times is essential for preggos.

Pink do you get an organised 'visit' to the maternity dept? Apparently I will - had no idea until yesterday when a friend asked me. I just assumed you rocked up!

Glad your appointment was ok Twink & good luck for Tues Sinky.

pinkr Sun 28-Jul-13 21:25:06

The fiesta boot is smaller than my polo...he'll need to take one wheel off to get it in but its easy to do. We have a trailer for long journeys now so will probably use my car mostly round here and his for towing etc etc. my friend bought a new car to fit the pram she wanted but she said she wished she hadn't...I think you for whatever size car you end up with!
The first time I enter the labour ward I'll either be in labour or about to be induced, they don't offer tours which I thought was mean...the midwife led unit does but I have to go to consultant led and even though its the same building the rules are different hmm

TWinklyLittleStar Sun 28-Jul-13 21:32:08

The denial is fading and the pre-scan fear is kicking in, making me feel queasy in a way that has nothing to do with hormones. I'm dreading them not being able to find a foetus.

Twinks, lots of handholding here. I'm sure it will all be fine.

SinkyMalinks Sun 28-Jul-13 21:52:57

What about car doors (do I seem a little obsessed?). Me and ghj both have 3 door cars. I remember being thrown in the back of mums (seatbelt less) fiesta, but with isofix, and fancy travel systems, I wonder if I will be crying out for the back doors.

I laughed at your "we won't be doing that" twink. That's my thinking too. Why have all the mess at home?

SinkyMalinks Sun 28-Jul-13 21:55:15

Cross post. Handholding. I will be exactly the same tomorrow. It's natural isn't it? Even instadiffer friends tell me they fear the same thing prior to a scan. A friend who had a missed mc at 12 weeks ended up hiding in the toilets and missing her scan (for her now 18month little girl).

JethroTull Sun 28-Jul-13 22:13:13

Twinks I was exactly the same <hair strokes> <remembers I am rock hard PESH so throws fish too>

pinkr Mon 29-Jul-13 02:42:06

Both our cars are three door...its a bit of a fiddle but I suppose you can sort of sit on the back of the passenger seat whilst you do the belts up etc.
Its quite an old fiesta we have...think the boot of bigger in the newer ones.

TWinklyLittleStar Mon 29-Jul-13 07:23:46

Thanks for the handholding and fish. Awful night's sleep, but not long to go now.

SinkyMalinks Mon 29-Jul-13 07:57:01

Are you doing anything nice for the rest of the day?

TWinklyLittleStar Mon 29-Jul-13 08:01:58

Not really. Dropping HWCA off to the garage to pick up his motorbike after servicing hmm

Yesterday was a lovely day though. My birthday barbeque was great, and it was lovely to watch my friends' children playing without that normal afternote of sadness. I did discover that I'm still pissed off with my smug instadiffer 'friend' who upset me at Christmas, and she takes no interest in my life whatsoever. Fuck her.

What are you up to today? I must look like I never go to work on here smile

Good luck today Twinks.

I've got the week off work, we're not going anywhere I've just accumulated too much holiday and need to use it up before the end of the year! We're planning on doing lots of work on the house/garage but I'm so tired at the moment I'm not much use! We're off to Goodwood for the day on Thursday which will be nice too.

We have a landscape gardener coming today to dig some beds out in our back garden. When we started digging them ourselves last year we discovered the builder ad basically made our garden out of sand and chucked about 2 inches of topsoil on top before laying the lawn hmm After lots of arguing they've agreed to pay for a landscaper to come in and dig out a load of sand and replace t with soil.

SinkyMalinks Mon 29-Jul-13 08:51:21

I am doing almost exactly what frank is doing. I'm off work this week as had more than a week to take. Not going anywhere, but planning to enjoy so,e time with ghj before he galavants off for the summer (I'm not allowed to say he's leaving me in my moment(s) of need- he gets a bit panicked). Once he gets back from his long mates weekend that is.

Also had big plans to sort the house and garden out, but am exhausted. Mum is coming down today to give me a hand. I'm meant to have emailed lots of builder type people over the weekend, but I've mainly slept instead. Oh well.

pinkr Mon 29-Jul-13 09:06:04

Good luck today twinks!

Nokkie73 Mon 29-Jul-13 10:45:08

Good luck for today twonks.

Hello to everyone else. Nx

TWinklyLittleStar Mon 29-Jul-13 10:53:22

Thanks pink and norks. Leaving the house in a few minutes so not long to go.

frank what your builders did is shocking! How did they think they would get away with giving people sand pits instead of a garden?

TWinklyLittleStar Mon 29-Jul-13 10:54:08

And frank is The Hat coming back out for Goodwood?

Apparently it's a common trick Twinks, ours was the last house to be built in the small estate (8 houses), so rather than cart all of their surplus away they buried it in our garden hmm.

The Hat was hired so I won't be wearing it again this week, though Thursday looks like it could be bloody hot down in Sussex!

TWinklyLittleStar Mon 29-Jul-13 11:59:27

Its no good. There was an empty sac, no embryo. Missed miscarriage. I cannot even begin to process this.

Oh no Twinks sad I'm so, so sorry.

pinkr Mon 29-Jul-13 12:32:14

Oh love I'm so sorry sad

Nokkie73 Mon 29-Jul-13 13:32:44

twinks I am so so so so so sorry. I am absolutely gutted for you. Do you have anyone with you at the moment ? Xx

MsJupiterJones Mon 29-Jul-13 13:51:46

Oh no. I am so sorry.

TWinklyLittleStar Mon 29-Jul-13 14:24:49

Thanks all. norks HWCA is here. He is gutted too. My friends that knew I was having a scan have both offered to come over but I'm not in the mood to see anyone now.

Nokkie73 Mon 29-Jul-13 14:40:39

I am glad he's with you. I am really bloody gutted for you. For what it's worth, I think you're lovely and fab and if I was anywhere near you in RL, I would respect the fact that you didn't want to see anyone but I would still pop round and leave a big fat chocolate cake on your doorstep.

Fucking hell, that sounds like a total bag of jumbly shit but I hope you get the sentiment as it's (ham fisted but...) well meant.

TWinklyLittleStar Mon 29-Jul-13 14:42:35

I get it norks and it's greatly appreciated, thank you.

SinkyMalinks Mon 29-Jul-13 16:58:18

Oh Twinks. Life is a fucking shit bag of arse sometimes. I'm so so sorry.

I don't know what to say. You don't deserve anything so unfair.

Nokkie73 Mon 29-Jul-13 17:08:41

twonks I have just caught-up on the other board and thought I would offer my MC experience. I unexpectedly bled (which is how I knew I could be miscarrying) and it pretty much stopped. We were up at CASAF's Dad's for the weekend which was just rubbish. Went to the hospital, which was a waste of time because it was a Sunday and they couldn't do anything. We came home on the Monday morning and went straight to the EPU and they confirmed that I had mc'd. I then had nothing - no bleeding or pain. I was just at home, waiting for it to happen.....a week and a half went by and just nothing. In the end, I booked myself in for an ERPC because the waiting at home for it to start was like slow torture. I just wanted an end to the whole thing. The only caution I would sound with an ERPC is that it could have been a factor in my difficulty conceiving afterwards - the ivf consultant said that it was a possibility. Obviously until they have a rummage around your womble they can't tell for sure but it's something to consider.

I hope that helps.xx

JethroTull Mon 29-Jul-13 17:33:05

Twinks I am so so sorry. It is unfair & horrid that you have to go through this. I don't have the words to make you feel any better apart from feel free to rant / vent in here.

TWinklyLittleStar Mon 29-Jul-13 22:23:29

sinks I am.sincerely hoping and praying that everything goes smoothly for you tomorrow x

SinkyMalinks Mon 29-Jul-13 23:02:18

Thanks Twinks. I'm fucking terrified.

How are you coping?

Nokkie73 Mon 29-Jul-13 23:08:27

slinks good luck tomorrow. Xx

twonks how are you doing ?

JethroTull Tue 30-Jul-13 06:18:36

Hope everything goes ok today Sinky.

Twinks - did you manage to get some sleep? Hope you're being looked after today.

TWinklyLittleStar Tue 30-Jul-13 06:38:27

I didn't sleep brilliantly. Honestly I'm not doing wildly well. But the PESH isn't the place for this, I'm just hanging about to make sure sinks is ok - and she will be, the universe isn't that bloody unfair - then I'm going to let you lovely lot get on with it.

SinkyMalinks Tue 30-Jul-13 07:55:38

Oh twink. You're so lovely. I'll let you know how I get on.

Good luck today Sinky

Twinks again I don't have the words to say how sorry I am, but you are in my thoughts.

Nokkie73 Tue 30-Jul-13 13:00:26

twinks it's such a shame you won't be around here. For now. We will have to catch-up with you on the other board. I found that there were no quick answers to any of it, so don't put yourself under any pressure to get some. Take your time and seek whatever help you feel you need. Do whatever you need to do (cry, get pissed, laugh, go on holiday, stay in bed, whatever) and just be kind to yourself. None of this is your fault and none of it is fair - it's all steaming pile of dog shit. That said, we are all here for you if you did want to chat, rant or get some advice. We LUFFS you Twinkles.


SinkyMalinks Tue 30-Jul-13 13:41:46

6+3 and a flickering heartbeat. I cried. And got a photo.

TWinklyLittleStar Tue 30-Jul-13 13:44:56

Oh sinky I am so bloody happy for you love x

MsJupiterJones Tue 30-Jul-13 15:12:45

That is great news Sinky. So amazing to see that flicker.

I know you will have been thinking of Twinks as we all have. Hope you are being looked after.

Congrats Sinky grin

Much love to you Twinks

JethroTull Tue 30-Jul-13 18:22:26

That's great news Sinky - really pleased for you.

Echoing what Norks said. Lots of love Twinks.

Nokkie73 Tue 30-Jul-13 21:33:16

Lovely news slinks. Really chuffed for you. When is your next scan ?

SinkyMalinks Tue 30-Jul-13 22:21:19

No more extra scans now Nokkie. These 2 were a bit of a "favour" from the epu at the hospital I work in. Next will be 12 weeks I guess. But maybe a bit later because ghj is now out of the country till I'm 13 weeks. When should I hear fom th midwives about booking in? I spoke to them last week and they took my name, address etc. I thought if no word by 8 weeks, or is that leaving it too late to make a scan appointment?

The worry doesn't get better, does it? I still go to the loo every time, looking for bleeding.

I was told the midwives here like to do the booking in appt when you are about 8 weeks. I'm just waiting for my scan date now.

Oh, and I got a text from my GP surgery telling me that I need to bring in another urine sample as my first one was "insufficiently labelled".

A) How is that my fault? The midwife wrote the label out.
B) if it's not properly labelled how do they know it's mine?


pinkr Wed 31-Jul-13 09:15:39

I had my booking in on new years eve...midwife took bloods etc. got called a few Weeks later to have them repeated...turns out the lab was obviously shut for quite a few days and the tests couldn't be done on old samples. Had to redo the whole thing...I kept thinking surely she must have known it was a waste of tine taking them.I
Oh congratulations sinks! Fab news!

SinkyMalinks Wed 31-Jul-13 09:37:13

Despite (because?) having an inside view of the nhs, I despair of it at times.

Frank, it'll be because your pot and sample bag don't match. So in theory, it might not be your wee. It is bloody hard writing on the side of small pots though. Specially if they're already filled. I've always been a bit worried about leakage. Your surgery should have patient detail stickers though. It's the future. <knowledgable>

My booked scan yesterday (attended 15 min early, with full bladder) was 75 min late. I was fuming. Esp as someone who arrived after me, said she wasn't waiting in the waiting room but was going for a coffee, came back having missed being called through and then was rushed straight in because "she was going to wet herself". There was me, stressing and cross eyed needing to pee. The woman next to me was already in tears (5 healthy kids, but 2 miscarriages trying to have a 6th and bleeding again) and we were both left for over an hour.

And... People were being spoken to in the waiting room, including one lady who (I now know) has epilepsy and polyhydramnia. And a baby that's not growing well. So inappropriate.

But. This will not be where is get my antenatal care. Thank god.

JethroTull Wed 31-Jul-13 19:17:59

Grrrr it's all those little things that added together can make dealing with the NHS a nightmare. Sorry your appointment wasn't great Sinks.

Got my 30 week midwife appointment tomorrow. I see her at the GP's though not the hospital. MiniJeff has been a bit quieter for the past couple of days. Still feeling movement but just not as much or not as 'defined'. I think / hope it's because I'm getting bigger so baby has less room. Should I be worried?

SinkyMalinks Wed 31-Jul-13 19:32:29

No idea Jeff, but surely any movement is good? And good timing for getting checked over tomorrow. (And the less room idea sounds totally plausible)

Don't get me wrong - my appointment was amazing! I got to see the bean! I'm just really glad I don't go back there grin <slightly delusional that t'other unit will be efficient and shiny>

JethroTull Wed 31-Jul-13 20:02:55

That's what I thought Sinks - at least I don't have to wait.
I had such a miserable experience at our nhs hospital fertility clinic, it's put me off the place for life!

Glad you saw the bean - it's bloody brilliant isn't it gringringrin

pinkr Wed 31-Jul-13 20:06:22

I think at 30 Weeks they can still get into positions that mean its harder to feel etc...I ended up at the unit after not feeling anything for hours and the ultrasound showed her jumping about and I could see it but not feel it! That said they say if you are in any doubt get it checked!
I've got a scan in the morning and an appointment with the consultant...fingers crossed we actually find out something! I've not grown in size for the last five Weeks so I'm hoping the baby is bigger and the fluid decreasing.

JethroTull Thu 01-Aug-13 06:31:55

Hope it's all ok Pink. What time is scannage?

pinkr Thu 01-Aug-13 08:30:44

Thanks! ten and then the clinic and quarter past...of course no one told me about the scan and it wasn't on the letter, I only found out as I called up about something else and the midwife mentioned it!
Hope we get some answers today, taking Mr df as hr is less likely to be fobbed off than I am.

JethroTull Thu 01-Aug-13 19:40:46

How was it Pink? You ok?

It's BOILING here today. I feel like I'm swelling up like a balloon. Midwife appt was fine. Heard the Actual Baybee, am measuring ok but was dehydrated apparently & also my iron levels have dropped - would explain why I'm so bloody tired.

pinkr Thu 01-Aug-13 20:29:30

Ah it was ok...the fluid is still the same and baby is about two Weeks measuring ahead. The only fly in the ointment was my bp came in really high <sitting in a room with consultant, midwife, diabetic nurse and dietitian all at once no wonder> so I ended up being monitored for two hours till they were convinced my reasons were normal. Was hooked up to a trace the whole time listening to the baby which was nice.
I've to go back in two Weeks for an internal examination and sweep and then get induced the next week. I didn't get a chance to say but i'm not keen on a sweep unless labour is looking likely...I've read that they don't really work!

JethroTull Thu 01-Aug-13 21:54:47

Good that everything was ok & that you heard her. Why was your BP high? I have the opposite problem, mine always verges on the too low side.

If it helps....My friend had a sweep at 41+5 & went into labour the next day.

MsJupiterJones Thu 01-Aug-13 22:20:38

I had several sweeps, sorry to say they didn't work & nor did the induction.

Please be firm about what are and aren't happy with. There have been some recent threads on MN about internals and consent and it has really opened my eyes to some things. You don't have to consent to anything you don't want to.

Sorry if that's a downer. Hope very much you get the birth you want.

pinkr Thu 01-Aug-13 22:54:36

Thanks! I was surprised as he said 'we'll take a look and do a sweep' I hope he meant 'we'll take a look and if you're looking favourable we'll ask if you want a sweep'
As someone who often finds a smear quite stingy i'm not terribly keen unless there's good reason! That said I've long suspected our practice nurse is a bit of a butcher...
My bp seems to be high just because I was stressed...Mrdf helpfully told the midwife he knew I.e.. was because my voice goes funny and I ramble on

JethroTull Sat 03-Aug-13 17:07:20

How are we all PESH? My husband is away this weekend so I'm currently sat on the sofa watching Harry Potter. Been for a lovely lunch with my SiL & am generally chilling out.

How you feeling Pink?

pinkr Sat 03-Aug-13 21:22:42

I'm good thanks...was out for a meal with my sister, her dp, dad, step mum and Mr. it was lovely to all be together...she's 30 today and she's getting married in 8 Weeks! ! Very exciting!
How you getting on? How's everyone else? Its quiet round here!

I'm here. Not much to report, just the usual queasiness! Can't quite believe I'm almost 10 weeks already, though I'm still waiting on my scan date.

I really need to get a grip on my diet, I seem to be surviving on mostly crap and it can't be good for me or bean.

SinkyMalinks Sat 03-Aug-13 22:12:36

I'm about. Also queasy and eating crap (although did manage to make and eat spag Bol tonight).

7weeks now. Have appointment with midwife a week on wed when I'll be 8.5. I got my maternity notes through the post, bit of a surprise, I had assumed I'd be given them when I went to to the appointment.

Am now on my own for 6 weeks so it looks like ghj will miss the 12 week scan. (He gets back when I'm 13+3. Round here they limit your "12 week" scan to max 13+6). Bit rubbish.

Wotcha PESH, hope everyone had a good weekend.

Quick question for the Seniors/Grads - did your symptoms come and go? My nausea was markedly less yesterday and so far this morning, touch wood, I've had none. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow, so perhaps I'm just coming through the end of the first trimester but its got me worrying a bit.

They weren't wrong when they said you don't stop worrying once you're diffed were they?!

pinkr Mon 05-Aug-13 08:46:04

They def came and went with me...in fact my worst bout of morning sickened was four days in a row at 13 Weeks after feeling fine for a few Weeks! I think its normal to cone and go...I remember I used to prod my boobs every night as that was my main symptom!

FriendofDorothy Mon 05-Aug-13 09:32:54

I didn't have any nausea so I can't say whether it changed or not. I was just overwhelmingly tired until I was about 16 weeks pregnant.

Because I had bleeding I worried all the way through my pregnancy. It eased a little after 30 weeks but not much. I kind of regret that I wasn't able to really enjoy being pregnant because I was so sure something terrible was going to happen.

Having said that, the worry doesn't even stop when they are here. I found a lump just under The Little Mister's nipple and took him to the GP this morning. Apparently it is perfectly normal and is hormonal but it doesn't stop me panicking.

KeepTheFaithBaby Tue 06-Aug-13 21:46:03

Oh you're all here! I've just said and read through pages of posts!

My observations would be: Yes Frank, the puking started to come and go from about 9 weeks for me. Weeks 4-9 I chundered every day and was still sick occasionally later on (I recall being sick in the middle of handover at 23 weeks!).

Bras - I got measured at 11 weeks and I never grew any more through pregnancy. I got my measuring done at Debenhams but got my nursing ones at Mothercare. I went from pre-pregnancy 36D to pregnancy 38DD to nursing 38E! MSB supports the BF but says he feels like they're not his boobs any more confused

sinks awesome, awesome news that there's a baybee with a heart beat in your tum tum. Seriously, I'm so happy for you smile

pink doesn't sound like your baybee will be too ginormous then? Ooh not long now!

jeff tis true as they get bigger movement can feel different but if you have any concerns/worries get checked out, I ended up with a high BP due to anxiety because I didn't get checked out soon enough. Faithlet was fine but the monitoring put my mind at ease. One of the girls on my April '13 ante-natal thread had a change in movement and they ended up doing an EMCS. Both fine but they said if she hadn't acted quickly it would've been very serious sad not to scare you just to reiterate how important it is! They were so lovely when I went for monitoring.

Peeing - I found it easier to pee in a Doritos salsa jar and transfer it. Nice, wide brim! smile

FrankFrankFrank I'm all caught up with Sherlock! Flipping awesome! I luff it! Can't wait for the new ones! don't really fancy the snatch though, reminds me too much of my friend (who likes boys)

Right, after that essay I'll hang back a bit.
PS ooh I'm the other side of the 'not-list'!

Glad you enjoyed Sherlock Faith, tis truly ace! New series should be around the New Year.

Well yesterday I had a vomming incident. It was 4.30pm and I suspect it was more related to my lunch than pregnancy stuff. I had a yoghurt that was still about 5 days within date, but my stomach can be sensitive to "off" dairy at the best of times. So I chundered 3 times in the space of 20 minutes at work and had to leave a bit early.

I still can't shake off this bloody cold either, so all in all Frankel is not a well bunny!

KeepTheFaithBaby Fri 09-Aug-13 07:37:22

Poor Frank. I couldn't stomach yoghurt when diffed. In fact I would wretch down the dairy aisle in the supermarket. I have just started eating them again! Plenty of vitamin C to kick that cold. Hope you feel better soon [thank]

SinkyMalinks Fri 09-Aug-13 12:44:47

Hope you're half day is still going to plan frank. Have you got a quiet weekend planned to recover?

How are you meant to brush your teeth in early pregnency? I vomit every time. It's getting a bit tedious (I brushed my teeth in the shower this morning. Nasty)

I was thinking of booking a 9/10 week scan. £95. Last scan at 6+5. I think I just need more reassurance all is well (boobs still sore, few stretchy cramps, no bleeding, still nauseated). Am I just throwing money away? Is this a slippery slope to 14, 16 and 18 week scans...

Oh, and I seem to be off tea, coffee and red meat. Toegther with smelly cheese and wine, this covers all my favourite foods. Hrumph.

I think whatever makes you feel reassured Sinks. It's probably worth keeping in mind that if you have a healthy 12 week scan you have a 98% chance of a successful pregnancy (yes I did look up the stats blush)

I am back at home and eating toast. Several people in my building (who don't know I'm diffed) commented that I looked pale, so it was easy to convince people how ropes I feel.

Interestingly I had a cup of tea at breakfast and I can only describe the taste like rotting vegetation <boak>, so I'm now wondering if it was the cup of tea I drank 20 mins before starting upchucking yesterday was to blame. hmm

SinkyMalinks Fri 09-Aug-13 13:37:32

Seriously frank. I thought avoiding tea/limiting my caffeine intake would be a problem, but I've totally gone off tea and coffee (and chocolate -that was unexpected).

I have my booking appointment on wed. Maybe I'll wait and see if they are going to tell me when the 12 week scan will be. If its pushing towards 14 weeks, think ill "invest" in a private scan.

I went if coffee right away - tried to drink some decaf, but it tasted foul. I'm also off sweet stuff, which is apparently a "boy" thing hmm

I'm still waiting for my 12 week scan date. I'm 10+3 now so will give them until Monday before chasing them up. Because I asked for the nuchal fold test they said my scan had to between 11.5 and 14 weeks.

SinkyMalinks Fri 09-Aug-13 13:53:34

Yes. I'll ask for the nuchal measurement as well. And already mentally put aside £900 for the harmony blood test should I be high risk. Don't think I could go through an amino. (Over thinking? Probably...)

Not heard about the off sweet stuff was a boy thing. Off red meat is meant to be a girl thing. God knows what I've got!

I'm getting the "overly emotional" aspect of being pregnant. I just watched Top Gear from last weekend and cried like a loon at the Best of British but they did at the end blush hmm

SinkyMalinks Fri 09-Aug-13 15:42:38

I just cried at the best exotic marigold hotel. But I think we've already established on a prev BESH thread that old people are sad.

But now you've reminded me, I'm going to watch top gear on the I player.

MsJupiterJones Fri 09-Aug-13 18:15:59

I thought if you craved salty stuff it was a boy. I didn't have many cravings but did have a brief period when I was desperate for some salt & vinegar snackajacks. And he was a boy. I did also have a hankering for Percy Pigs, although that's more just because they are nice.

pinkr Fri 09-Aug-13 18:43:50

I've got proper panic! Was through at my dads to see him and some friends...we live 2 hours away...and everyone kept saying that next tine they saw me the baby would be here. Less than two Weeks. Shit i'm proper freaking out. I think I've just realised that this has got to come out somehow.

Don't panic pink! It'll all be worth it in the end and as has been said before (and I think it should be the MN motto), By Foof or Sunroof, Who Cares As Long As Everyone Is Safe & Well grin

pinkr Fri 09-Aug-13 19:33:00

I like that frank!
I'm a bit better now i'm home...Mr df if always able to calm me down and make me laugh. I was away last night staying at dads and I miss his effect - he's the only person who's ever been able to read me like a book grin

SinkyMalinks Sat 10-Aug-13 20:26:00

How's everyone? I've sofa bound with nausea and so tired. I blame a week of 13 hours shifts... But have discovered that I still like sweet potato and have managed to eat it 3 ways since dinner last night. I'd quite like the 1st trimester to be over now...

How're you feeling now Pinkr? And Frank?

JethroTull Sat 10-Aug-13 20:57:43

Sinks you have lots of sympathy from me. Tiredness sucks. Did you book another scan?

Pink - 2 weeks and you get to meet your Baybee!!! Aside from The Panic do you feel ready?

Frank I like your Foof / Sunroof mantra smilesmile

My smugness at having the easiest 31 weeks of diffment has been brutally shattered this week. I have back ache, I've turned into a hormonal mess, crying at everything. I've been ridiculously busy at work which I think has contributed to me sleeping for most of today. Have just spent a blissful hour in the bath though which has helped.

KeepTheFaithBaby Sat 10-Aug-13 21:27:10

pink it will be ok! When I reached 38 weeks I was so uncomfortable and joked that she was 'fully cooked' so she could come out when she was ready. When my waters broke I was nervous/excited. Bit like when you're on a roller coaster and you're being cranked up to the top!

jeff I reckon I spent about 25% of my pregnancy in the bath! I had one nearly every day. I can't believe you're 31 weeks already shock Other people's diffment goes quickly.

sink I recommend Ice lollies prior to eating to help with sickness. I went totally off tea when I got diffed, it made me sick. Even as the sickness wore off I lost my taste for it. As soon as I laid my baybee I got the taste back but have cut down to one a day <sobs> because it seems to make Faithlet's reflux worse. Can't complain though, she settled at 8pm tonight so I've actually been able to be sociable, whoop! grin

pinkr Sun 11-Aug-13 04:40:23

I'm ok now! Me and mr df had a wee day out today, probably our last alone for some time. We had breakfast out, wandered round a palace and gardens, had lunch out, wandered round st Andrews, went to a botanic gardens and topped it all off with dinner at our favourite pub. A lovely day!

I'm here! Had a ridiculous amount of sleep yesterday - had a 2 hour nap after dinner last night then went to bed at 9.30! 12 hours in total, not bad going!

I haven't been sick since Thursday night, but still felt ropey yesterday. Hoping that I feel a but better again today and that this bloody cold goes away soon - I'm main king orange juice at the moment!

Sorry about the back ache/general discomfort Jeff, but wow 31 weeks shock

I also can't type! "Main king" = mainlining

JethroTull Sun 11-Aug-13 08:52:42

Yes to ice lollies here too Faith. Fruit pastilles are my current favourites. I have at least one per day smile

Tbh the weeks have flown by for me too - the first 12 didn't but after that did. Think it's because I've been so well & lucky really. I'm going to bite the bullet & buy one of those pillows today in an attempt to help me sleep.

Pink your day out sounds lovely. grin

Frank lots of sleep is A Good Thing.

pinkr Sun 11-Aug-13 09:23:57

I loved ice lollies early on! anything fruity really. Seemed to help the nausea if I remember correctly smile its only now i'm starting to enjoy tea again...I went off warm drinks quite a lot as well.
Struggling to sleep much at the moment...although i'm really tired and keep trying to nap!
Jeff really not long now for you too...do you have everything organised? I keep remembering packing my hospital bag at 32 Weeks as the midwife was convinced I was at risk of premature labour <stares at large belly showing no signs of budging>
I keep thinking we've got everything then realise we haven't grin

SinkyMalinks Sun 11-Aug-13 09:51:05

Glad you're a bit more settled pinkr (and v jealous of a naice day out in St. Andrews. Quite difficult to do that now I live in England. Harrumph)

Jeff, I'm delighted to hear the weeks fly by after 12. I feel like I've been 8weeks for ever... I haven't booked another scan. I thought I'd wait of my booking appt on wed and see if I could get an idea of how long till my 12 week nhs one. Don't really have anyone to take either, and wouldn't want to go on my own. I have a friend who will hopefully be on mat leave by my 12 week scan, or I'll drag my mum down for that one. I'm trying to keep my scan obsession on the quite.

Faife, lollies sound amazing. But I have no freezer. This is the first house we bought. And questions like "is the kitchen big enough for the usual, standard appliances" didn't occur to us. I have started priceing up extensions while ghj is away...

And frank. Are you 10+ now? So jealous of those 2 weeks! I also have a cold. I'm blaming dampened immune system and hoping I all gets better once that pesky placenta is done implanting. <hopeful>

I'm 10+5 today grin Still waiting for my 12 week scan date though hmm. I shall be chasing up the midwives tomorrow.

JethroTull Mon 12-Aug-13 19:03:40

I did some baby shopping today! Little suits, mittens & hats. And a fleecy zip up thing. Also practical dull stuff for me like nipple cream & big pants grin

It's all getting a bit real now.

I bet it is Jeff. grin

HWHNN is dying to get shopping (for Blokey, gadgety stuff like prams, baby monitors, etc) and I'm having to hold him back until after the scan! I refuse to buy any clothes until after the 20 week scan, apart from the little "I heart New York" sleep suit I bought while on holiday in May wink

JethroTull Mon 12-Aug-13 20:50:51

We were the same Frank. I refused to buy anything until after the 20wk scan. SSG did all the 'research' for the buggy & then out of the blue exchanged his car.

I made a million lists & I've been slowly ticking things off. Almost done now. I still can't believe that the IVF worked. That we've been that lucky. It blows my mind.

pinkr Mon 12-Aug-13 21:21:48

Ah the shopping is great fun! Just wait till you wash them and put them all on the line...nothing cuter then little sleep suits flapping in the breeze. Mr df enjoys picking wee outfits etc now and he def came into his own researching monitors, swings etc.

Euch, I feel rough this evening! No actual vomming, but feel pretty close to it envy

SinkyMalinks Tue 13-Aug-13 19:38:55

Sympathies Frank. I was rough as yesterday. Bit better today, but getting a bit ropey again this evening. Did you get a scan date sorted?

It's my booking appt tomorrow- not half as exciting as a scan though!

Nope! Have left two messages on the midwives answer phone now so hoping they get back to me soon!

Hope the appointment goes well!

SinkyMalinks Tue 13-Aug-13 19:57:46

Thanks! Not really expecting much excitement though (holding out for that slim chance she'll whip an ultrasound machine out her back pocket...)

Your lot are leaving it late eh? Although I'm aware you had your booking appt at a similar time to me... Maybe I'll be in the same situation in 2 weeks hmm. What more can you do? I HATE answer phones. I never seem to get rung back!

How did the appointment go Sinks?

My midwife called back. Bloody hospital lost my paperwork so I wasn't in the system hmm. They've managed to fit me in to a cancellation slot next Tuesday (I'll be 12 weeks exactly) so I'm just waiting to find out the time.

SinkyMalinks Thu 15-Aug-13 18:11:35

It was fine. Midwife was a bit dishevelled (!) but seemed nice. She kept going on about not patronising me, no matter how often I said just treat me like any other patient (knew I should have written down an alternative career...). She was a barren too as well, had GIFT to have her baby. Which is naice.

Glad they've got you a scan sorted (finally!). I got my date yesterday - 9th sep, so it'll be my 12th week too. They can't book my 16week appointment yet though, so have to remember to ring in a months time...

I've not felt properly sick today, and am still awake at 6, so things looking up. Boobs still achy as ever, so not allowing myself to sink in to the "loss of symptom" menkulling.

How are you? Out the other side of voming etc? Please say yes....

SinkyMalinks Thu 15-Aug-13 18:14:19

Did much happen at you booking appt? I had already been sent the green booklet through the post, so had filled it in. My 30 week preggers friend locally told me I'd get 2 other booklets, but didn't, and didn't think to ask. No idea what they are though. Only that they're different colours!

Didn't get asked about birth plans etc (good really, not sure a blunt "hospital" would be liked..). Was told about parentcraft sessions, but not when or how I get on them.

I'm a bit useless in appointments it seems...

Not really. It was a case of pee in this, give me an armful of blood etc. My forms are pink and I profiled all my basic details but there were still other things to go through.

I've got to call to make my 16 week appointment once the scan has confirmed the all clear.

I haven't actually vommed for a week, but my gag telex has been kicking in when brushing my teeth. I feel a lot better but still utterly exhausted by about 8pm!

SinkyMalinks Thu 15-Aug-13 18:52:12

Glad it's not just me- brushing my teeth is so difficult - I have to keep spitting - too much froth and I just can't help vomit.


pinkr Fri 16-Aug-13 11:43:18

Well my morning sickness seems to have returned this morning...took some tablets and promptly lost them again sad
Just on my way to clinic to have a look see whether there's any point in a sweep. Strange that the thought of an internal is worrying me so much considering the size of that which must come out at some point this week!
The sickness should stop soon though sinks and frank and then you'll get the glow!

Oh pink how exciting! I get that you're nervous (I'm in denial about actually pushing anything out yet!) but the end result - squishy little baby!

Looking forward to the infamous "glow". I have a small bump already and I'm getting paranoid people will notice before long. Thank god we can go public by the middle of next week!

pinkr Fri 16-Aug-13 13:32:42

Well i'm 1cm dilated but the sweep didn't hurt at all which makes me think it won't work grin the hospital I have to deliver in is packed this week so I've not to go in till next sat...gives me two extra days to go myself...pineapple, curry and lots of walks in the menu!

MsJupiterJones Fri 16-Aug-13 13:48:29

My SIL's morning sickness returned just before she went into labour pinkr!

Glad the sweep didn't hurt - mine was painful but did fuck all so maybe that's a good sign? I was 1cm too but cervix was very high - hence lack of labour but also maybe why it hurt so much. If yours has moved down you might be closer to action.

Anyway don't want to get you all excited but that's my non-medical theory. We'll see... grin

pinkr Fri 16-Aug-13 15:05:53

Thanks! Keep looking for signs etc! I've had a huge appetite the last few days as well but that could just be me!

JethroTull Sat 17-Aug-13 11:08:54

How are you feeling today Pink?

Yup, we want daily updates from now on pink grin

pinkr Sat 17-Aug-13 19:13:23

I'll need to remember to check in smile
Nothing today unfortunately....keep knicker checking to see if any show etc but nothing. Spent most of today doing shopping etc...stocking up on things for visitors coming. Have decided to go to Glasgow tomorrow and meet friends for lunch <hopes that firm plans will get interrupted>
Been trying to juggle the family visitors who already want dates to visit etc...think inlaws etc. I like them but when mr df got off the phone last night he seemed to think they were planning on arriving next Sunday till the Thursday. the baby may not have even hatched until the Monday or tues depending on induction. My side is also starting on the visit booking. Is it wrong that I think I'll just want to be left to gaze at my wee bundle for several days without people trying to have a hold etc.

pinkr Sat 17-Aug-13 19:15:49

Actually its probably the hormones moaning and it'll be nice to see everyone....<hopeful> I think it's more the thought of how wrecked I'll be etc and whether the energy will be there. I'm quite selfish probably

JethroTull Sat 17-Aug-13 21:05:43

Pink I'd be the same. I've already said to SSG that I don't want anyone to come to the hospital. I'd like at least 1 day at home, just us. I don't think it's too much to ask. But then, I'm a miserable cow grin

pinkr Sat 17-Aug-13 21:21:56

Ha i'm feeling pretty much like a miserable cow as well! I bloody hate having people in my house at the best of times...well, when I don't feel great etc anyway. I like my space.
I have said that the day we come home it will be just us...problem is that done family will be travelling 6 of hours so i'm worried about being rude. That said i'm pretty sure that trying to go to the loo after a c section or tear with your relatives through the wall isn't really on anybody's to do list...we have one bathroom which it's through the wall from living room and paper thin walls <chatty>

KeepTheFaithBaby Sat 17-Aug-13 21:25:00

Pink it depends on the guests. My SILs arrived the day we were discharged. They were brilliant at helping, cups of tea, made dinner, held her when I needed a minute. Guests who expect you to wait on them will seriously piss you off! Good luck with impending baybee arrival.

Good luck to Frank with the scan and going public smile

Sinks and jeff sounds like things are progressing well.

That's if it happens Faith, I still don't have a time for the scan on Tuesday. I've been leaving answer phone messages all over the place in the hope someone will get back to me <frustrated>

pinkr Sat 17-Aug-13 21:58:19

I think I know i'm being unreasonable but I think it's just something hormonal just now or something to focus my attention. I'll be on cloud nine probably and not be bothered.
Yes good luck on the scan frank incase I get way laid!

pinkr Sun 18-Aug-13 21:01:09

Feeling better about the whole visitor thing today...think my hormones are seriously playing up! Went to Glasgow which is an hour and a bit away and had lunch which was lovely but after a while I had this overwhelming urge to get home as I missed Mr df so much. Strange grin
More cervical type pains today and <tmi> what I think may have been a bit of plug if plug resembles snot...

KeepTheFaithBaby Sun 18-Aug-13 21:17:03

Glad you're feeling better about it. It's nice to have people around, just tell them to a. Make their own drinks and b. make you one while they're at it! My mucus plug was mixed with waters but yes I think it does look like streaky snot!

<gets out deckchair and knitting in anticipation of more news>

pinkr Sun 18-Aug-13 21:25:42

I also have the urge to clean again...going to give the place a right good going over tomorrow, plus hope it kicks something off!

JethroTull Mon 19-Aug-13 06:52:32

Oooh the urge to clean? Emotional about being apart from father of child? (Marks symptoms on spread sheet)

I have a scan & appointment with consultant today - they will hopefully move me to midwife, rather than consultant, lead care. Excited to see MiniJeff on screen again smilesmilesmile

SinkyMalinks Mon 19-Aug-13 07:44:53

Pinkr, things are moving on!

Hope you can coax a scan time out of them today Frank. Are you going to ring the scan dept directly? My midwives seem to work a 24 hour delay - everything goes on to the answer phone and you get rung back at some point, maybe the next day.

Good luck with appointment Jef. Why might you be consultant led?

I'm back from a hen do over the weekend. Told everyone there - there is no excuse in the world that they would have believed about me not drinking and on the decaf tea. And a lot of them know about the barren-ness etc.

It nerve wracking to tell so many people at 9weeks. So, I may have acquired an ultrasound machine at work on Friday... And managed to see a heartbeat! Ghj is worried this will becom a weekly occurrence...

KeepTheFaithBaby Mon 19-Aug-13 08:42:34

I found it frustrating that I wanted to clean but didn't have the energy to do it for very long pink! I recall MSB telling me not to scrub the bathroom floor at 37+6 but I did it anyway!

Ooh good luck jeff, hope its MW led from now on.

That makes sense jeff. When I went to a&e with a uti tracked to kidney infection the doc said they had a machine and I could come any time..didn't know the team though so didn't take them up on it!

JethroTull Mon 19-Aug-13 17:13:20

Still consultant led. MiniJeff is in a breech position at the mo so have to go back in 2 weeks. I've been consultant led Sinks because I'm old, have had IVF & have had pre cancerous treatment on my cervix. sad

I told some people at 8 weeks just because they knew we'd had IVF.

Scan has been moved angry It is now on Thursday.

I called both the midwife and ultrasound department this morning. The nurse that answered the phone in the ultrasound department said she couldn't find my appt but had been on holiday for 2 weeks so would check with her colleagues to see if they knew about it.

I called back again 2 hours later and another nurse said they had no record of me having an appt on Tuesday. Thankfully she said they had just had a cancellation for Thursday afternoon and they could slot me in then.

I hope to god that my whole pregnancy isn't like this! The midwife was, quite frankly, useless as she just said "you need to phone the ultrasound dept" despite her assuring me that I had an appt and the ultrasound dept would call me


KeepTheFaithBaby Mon 19-Aug-13 20:02:02

Ah well jeff. Have you got a ball to bounce on to try to turn mini jeff around? Or are they saying c-section?

What a nightmare Frank. Thank goodness you wrtr assertive and got the scan sorted.

pinkr Mon 19-Aug-13 20:22:23

Admin at hospitals is a nightmare..we've been booked in for scans and not been told before! Still thurs will be here very soon frank
Jeff there's still time for turning isn't there? my midwife thought I was breech a few Weeks ago but I knew I could still feel her bum!
How's everyone else doing? noks?

pinkr Mon 19-Aug-13 20:23:50

Oh sinks and faith I could spend a lot of time on an ultra sound machine if given the opportunity...you've been very restrained!

SinkyMalinks Mon 19-Aug-13 22:34:12

Give it time pinkr. I have a friend at work who is terrible for encouraging all sorts of scan silliness...

Jef, time to turn yet? When do babies turn? <clueless>

Glad you finally have a scan date frank. I am wishing away th next 3 weeks...

Can I ask for the PESH wisdom on headaches? For about a week ice been getting at least 2 headaches a day (usually first thing in the morning and last thing at night) but its always in the same spot - in the area above my left eye or a bit further up on the top of my head. I'm taking Paracetamol which does clear it, but I'm not sure if the regularity or the fact that it is always in the same place is anything to be concerned about.

JethroTull Tue 20-Aug-13 06:38:33

When was the last time you had your eyes tested Frank? Diffment can cause changes to eye sight. Which could be a cause of your headache. Dehydration is also most common cause. I got headaches for a couple of weeks when I cut out caffeine.

Any laying news from Pink?

I wear glasses 24/7 as it is. To be honest I probably am due an eye test.

My over active imagination has me conjuring up images of a blood clot of the brain or something equally as awful hmm

SinkyMalinks Tue 20-Aug-13 07:40:27

I get awful headaches when dehydrated, and have been much worse since diffed. To the extent I'm doing that irritating, carrying a bottle of water with me at times (the students always do this, and I assumed they're either massively hungover or just clueless about normal water homeostasis. But now I do...)

Frank, if you want some, non-official, over the Internet medical advice (and obs refer this sort of thing to me/my team), we most worry about very severe constant, persistant headache, maybe with visual changes. The facts it's always in the same place wouldn't in itself worry me (my dehydration headaches are always behind my left eye)

pinkr Tue 20-Aug-13 07:41:34

No laying yet...my bump hasn't dropped or anything so I really think it'll be induction.
frank def get your eyes checked, that's why its free for pregnant but Jeff is right as dehydration caused me a few crackers early on! I am prone to ice pick migraines...literally a short stabbing pain that makes you almost cry out and then goes again! the chances of anything else is really really rare so don't panic!

pinkr Tue 20-Aug-13 07:43:03

Ha sinks great minds think alike!

SinkyMalinks Tue 20-Aug-13 08:32:25

You see, the PESH speak as one.

Can't believe I forgot the usual caveat - if you are worried, see a health professional...

KeepTheFaithBaby Tue 20-Aug-13 08:43:24

My MW said differs should drink twice as much as you normally do (so for me that's 4L a day!) 😱 but I would mention it at your next appointment.

pink I dropped the day before I laid. Dropped Saturday morning, waters went in the evening, baybee laid Sunday morning.

pinkr Tue 20-Aug-13 09:52:38

Here's hoping! I feel like a rib is going to burst...its very high and almost sharp pain when she kicks! going for another sweep tomorrow so we'll see...be nice if that kicks it off!

MsJupiterJones Tue 20-Aug-13 12:30:02

pinkr that feeling never goes away - well the others may differ but I still find myself rubbing that spot where his little bottom stuck out just under my ribs, I can still feel it (in a good way!) - my mum says she can still feel where my head was pushing into her ribcage (I was breech) smile

pinkr Tue 20-Aug-13 12:43:50

Ah yes the wee bottom is there...the midwife last week felt it and said 'oh she's a good size', that plus the ultrasound predicting at around eight and a half think she's going to be a big girl!

Thanks for the advice PESH. I will try to up my water intake and get an eye test booked.

grin The yard I'm doing my work placement at had a winner at Yarmouth ths afternoon - I gave her a bath ths morning before sending her on her way <all down to me obvs> wink

I'm so pleased for them, they're only a small yard with 11 horses in training and they've struggled a bit so far this year with only 1 other winner so far. They're running another one tomorrow, so finger's crossed for him too.

SinkyMalinks Tue 20-Aug-13 18:55:24

Great news Frank. I'm sure it's all down to your superior bathing! Why are you on placement? Is your job changing or is this all part of the exams you've been doing?

It's part of my college course. I've got to do a 40 hour work placement so I'm doing it in a local training yard. If I don't get it done now I'll have to postpone finishing my course until 2015 as I can't graduate without it.

JethroTull Tue 20-Aug-13 19:40:31

Good bathing skills Frank!!

pinkr Wed 21-Aug-13 10:01:25

Sounds like an interesting course frank!
Off to midwife today...trying to decide whether to give a sweep another shot! Strange thing is I really don't like my midwife, I find her very unfriendly and unapproachable, so i'm not sure I want her down there <hears in own head how ridiculous that sounds considering pretty soon I'll be exposed to all and sundry>
Thankfully rural midwives only deliver locally so no chance of getting her. She's just so off putting!

KeepTheFaithBaby Wed 21-Aug-13 10:30:18

Well pink you shouldn't do anything you're uncomfortable with...but if it means avoiding induction? Everyone seeing your fanjo during the labour is different because you're so focused on the labouring bit. Then afterwards you don't really care smile

pinkr Wed 21-Aug-13 11:24:28

grin i'm probably being a bit harsh but I have issues with medical staff and trust anyway so that doesn't help. she wouldn't do it anyway so that was that...

MsJupiterJones Wed 21-Aug-13 11:41:13

Not worth it to feel uncomfortable with someone you're not happy with in my opinion.

There are various studies about sweeping at 38 weeks, 40 & 42 and it is more effective the further on you are but if I had read these I wouldn't have had them.


SinkyMalinks Thu 22-Aug-13 07:33:59

Was midwife ok in the end Pinkr?

Good luck with scan Frank!

KeepTheFaithBaby Thu 22-Aug-13 07:50:17

Good luck today Frank. Praying for a healthy, wriggly baybee smile

Thanks all. Scan is at 3 and we're going to call in on HWHNN's mum on the way back to let her know, presuming all is well.

We'll then spend the evening phoning family. I had wanted to tell my parents face to face but they're 200 miles away and we just can't work the logistics of getting down to see them in the next week or two and I don't want to keep it a secret an longer!

SinkyMalinks Thu 22-Aug-13 09:05:17

Everything crosses for you to get great views of your wriggly baby!

Are you looking forward to telling people? I was oddly nervous about telling my parents - of course they were delighted!

pinkr Thu 22-Aug-13 09:28:31

Good luck today frank! !

Yes midwife was fine...just the usual. She wouldn't do the sweep as the head isn't fully engaged and if my waters went its better to be in hospital...the first sweep was in the hospital which is an hour away!

JethroTull Thu 22-Aug-13 13:02:29

Good luck for the scan Frank. Will this be the first time you've seen the baby on screen?

I'm waiting to see the midwife. I have been summoned due to MiniJeff's odd position. I have feet sticking in my side & it hurts to sit or lie down. Don't really fancy standing up for the next 5 weeks grin

Just checking in to say scan went well. Baby is definitely there, and measuring bang on for my dates grin

I guess this is really happening then! confused

pinkr Thu 22-Aug-13 18:03:27

Oh that's brilliant frank! Getting excited now I'll bet!
Jeff her wee feet have been under my left rib for Weeks...its awful sometimes especially when i'm lying down. Is that you only five Weeks to go? ! !

KeepTheFaithBaby Thu 22-Aug-13 18:50:58

Squeeeeeeee! Frank there's really a baybee in your tum-tum! Enjoy telling everyone grin

jeff that sounds uncomfy!

JethroTull Thu 22-Aug-13 20:19:21

Yay Frank!!! An actual baybee gringringringringringringrin
How did it go telling the parents?

Pink - yes, 5 or 6 weeks depending on what dates I believe. Midwife was lovely & said that if I decide to have an elective c-sec than that's totally my decision. She didn't try & persuade me otherwise which I thought she might. I would only go for one if miniJeff stays in this weird position but I want to know that is going to happen. I don't want to wait & see and then end up in labour for ages which results in an emergency c-sec. I'm wittering about it all - can you tell?!

Parents are thrilled thanks! My dad squeeed a bit grin. We've told parents and siblings tonight and will do close friends and other family in the next few days. Feels nice to know I can stop sucking my stomach in!

SinkyMalinks Thu 22-Aug-13 20:48:01

Frank! Is your stomach ridiculously overinflated? My uterus is grapefruit sized. This is not baby, yet I can't fit any trousers and swear I look v pregnant in all my dresses. There's been a lot of layering....

Yup! I'm sure most of it is bloat, but there may be some baybee there too! I had to buy some new trousers for this work placement and couldn't fit into my usual size 10 shock The size 12s are too baggy but my god the breathing room is nice!

The nurse weighed me pre-taking my bloods, I've put on about 3kg in the first trimester, which is about normal - I think!

KeepTheFaithBaby Thu 22-Aug-13 21:02:17

I've said it before and I'll say it again, probiotics!

jeff are they offering you the turny methody thing?

KeepTheFaithBaby Thu 22-Aug-13 21:03:09

Probiotics and elasticised waistbands wink

SinkyMalinks Thu 22-Aug-13 21:16:01

<whisper> I've been eyeing up some maternity trousers... I've heard how comfy they are!

I thought I'd avoid this. I'm pear shaped, and normally trousers that fit my hips and bum gape massively at my waist. No more.

KeepTheFaithBaby Thu 22-Aug-13 21:22:49

My best ones were Gap ones I got off eBay. They had a silky bump band and were sooo lush. I wore them from 13 weeks right through to 35 weeks for work. They were so nice I'd save them for the last shift of the week!

pinkr Thu 22-Aug-13 21:55:05

Ok someone please tell me to pull myself together....my sister gets married five Weeks tomorrow and we've just had a fall out,/ disagreement as I think she basically expects me to forget about baby for most of the day...i'm expected that Mr df will arrive at the church a good thirty to forty mins before the bridal cars, i'm not to hold baby during ceremony etc which is fair enough, I've not to feed in front of guests which is sort of fair enough as my bridesmaid dress is not boob friendly.

pinkr Thu 22-Aug-13 21:57:43

Oops posted to soon...the thing that's getting me which is probably stupid is the Mr heading off with baby and me bring apart from her till we get to the church etc forty mins later or whatever. I said could he not follow behind ie least time possible away from her but my sis is adamant there will be no fussing with baby and she wants them seated church before the bridal part arrives. Tell me this is just hormones please! !

JethroTull Thu 22-Aug-13 22:17:20

Yes Faith they've offered it but I've said no. It's only about 40% successful, is very uncomfortable for the woman & can distress the baby. And I'm not overly ok with some consultant manipulating me from the outside. Makes me wince just thinking about it.

Pink I think she's being a bit ott giving you these rules to follow...

SinkyMalinks Thu 22-Aug-13 22:17:33

Well. I'm choosing my words carefully, as its your sister... But it does seem a little much. Not sure I'd be leaving a ?4 week old for any longer than possible.

But I'm sure there's just copious hormones all round.

pinkr Thu 22-Aug-13 22:24:59

I wonder...she's my only sister and we're very close...I reckon she's stressed and i'm stressed and its not a good combo. She's having a very large and posh proper wedding which is a compete contrast to my own small and very laid back day so I wonder if that means more pressure for things to 'look' right to guests etc. she's probably a bit silly not to realise that talking to a woman who is due to give birth very soon about being apart from her baby us not good timing.

KeepTheFaithBaby Thu 22-Aug-13 22:32:06

I never got to that point but I didn't want it either jeff.

Well, I'm not diffed so not quite so hormonal....pink I think she's being unreasonable. Actually her restrictions might be quite difficult to meet with a 4 week old BF baby. At that point Faithlet's feeding was unpredictable and I had to be around her all the time (we needed each other!). The only thing that might help is if you'd consider giving her a bottle of expressed milk? That way at least Mr df could give baby that during the service. There was no quietening Faithlet if she was hungry at that age! It's not your hormones, it's her being a bridezilla!

MsJupiterJones Thu 22-Aug-13 22:39:25

I think she'll see pretty soon that you and the baby are going to be inseparable for a while. If she doesn't want you to bf in front of the guests where are you meant to do it? Don't get stressed about it, just know that you will do what you feel is right on the day. I'm sure it's possible to make her the focus while yours is on the baby. Hope you make up, it's not what either of you need.

KeepTheFaithBaby Thu 22-Aug-13 22:50:06

I never got to that point but I didn't want it either jeff.

Well, I'm not diffed so not quite so hormonal....pink I think she's being unreasonable. Actually her restrictions might be quite difficult to meet with a 4 week old BF baby. At that point Faithlet's feeding was unpredictable and I had to be around her all the time (we needed each other!). The only thing that might help is if you'd consider giving her a bottle of expressed milk? That way at least Mr df could give baby that during the service. There was no quietening Faithlet if she was hungry at that age! It's not your hormones, it's her being a bridezilla!

KeepTheFaithBaby Thu 22-Aug-13 22:50:39

Sorry didn't think that sent!

pinkr Thu 22-Aug-13 23:10:31

I know my Dad will take her side...he's already told me you can't be spoiling baby etc by letting them be pandered to too much etc. I think that he's got a old pov though...he's never changed a nappy etc bit he does love kids. Mr df is very supportive thank goodness...I feel bad causer I know my sister wants the focus on her and I can't provide that. The hen us next week so I've had nothing to do with that etc. that said its a strictly child free wedding apart from my baby so there has been compromise! She'll maybe calm down by tomorrow...

I'd try and have a quiet word with her pink. Perhaps if you talk things out rationally she will come round? <hopeful>

We've told all immediate family who are thrilled to pieces, BIL's girlfriend has already messaged me on Facebook offering babysitting duties when baby is big enough - they live 200 miles away!

pinkr Fri 23-Aug-13 07:44:47

Oh I'll speak to her later no doubt...she's very hot headed so she'll probably calmed down by tonight! Just drives me nuts when she just hangs up the phone like that!
Glad you're enjoying telling everyone frank! , its great surprising everyone...I loved telling me Dad, he was doing his usual 'you're putting on weight' sketch when I told him and his face was a picture!

KeepTheFaithBaby Fri 23-Aug-13 07:58:28

Luffley Frank.

Honestly Pink I think once baybee Pink is here she'll realise she's being unrealistic (I assume she doesn't DC?!). On the day she will be far too busy once things kick off to notice whet you're doing!

pinkr Fri 23-Aug-13 09:26:46

Yeah no dc...I explained my feeling to Mr last night and, bless, he totally got it. its the idea that at the moment she's always been with me, obviously, got induction tomorrow and the thought of not being near her sends me into a cold chill. The rational part says that I should be able to trust him with her of course but at the moment he's never even held a newborn before. Hoping my sister will come around...she's obviously more stressed about wedding than I realised as well.
I know she's really excited about her, hence why she's phoned every night this week! trouble is i'm doing nothing so I have no chat and it reverts to wedding talk. Tbh at the moment I don't want to speak to anyone really!

KeepTheFaithBaby Fri 23-Aug-13 09:58:33

I still struggle to be away from Faitlet and she's 18 weeks. After a while of someone else having her I'm like Right, give me my baby back!. Tonight we are going out for dinner while my Dsis babysits. First time since she was born. Partly this is because she's only started going to sleep before 9pm in the last few weeks but also because its hard to leave them. You've grown them for 9 months, they are dependent on you. That's understandable. Problem is your sister is too wrapped up with wedding stuff to see your POV. I would nod and smile, put it to the back of your mind and concentrate on having this baybee! Are you in that nervous/excited zone?

pinkr Fri 23-Aug-13 11:37:19

Yeah alternating between bricking it and not quite believing we'll finally get to meet her! ! Also terrifying myself reading a thread on birth stories...I never do anything medically by halves so I get the feeling I'll make a right pigs ear of it all!

KeepTheFaithBaby Sat 24-Aug-13 07:03:28

Good luck today pinkky! Eek you'll see your baybee soon! grin 👶 I would prep mr df to remind you to breathe during contractions - I kept forgetting!

SinkyMalinks Sat 24-Aug-13 07:17:06

Oooh! Good luck Pinkr!

Am on 12 hr shifts this weekend, when all. Want to do is sleep zzzzzzzzzz. I shall keep an eye on the fred to keep my spirits up. You do know we demand minute by minute updates and the breaking news, right? wink

JethroTull Sat 24-Aug-13 07:27:17

Eeeeek Pink - induction day gringrin
Hope it's a lovely easy shelling peas kind of birth & that your baby girl is here soon.

FriendofDorothy Sat 24-Aug-13 07:42:48

I am on holiday but keep popping in. Good luck pinkr.

Good luck pink! I'm on the final day of my work placement today - it's been fun but knackering!

MsJupiterJones Sat 24-Aug-13 08:27:11

Good luck pinkr!

pinkr Sat 24-Aug-13 08:53:28

Thanks everyone! I'll do my best to keep updated bit no idea what signal will be like in hospital! Got to go in at 430...eek! !

Nokkie73 Sat 24-Aug-13 10:24:02

I am trying to catch-up with everyone's news (i have been a shit PESH so i'm back in PESH School) but I quickly wanted to say GOOD LUCK PINKR. You will have an actual baybee soon grin. I really hope it all goes well for you today. Meeting your wee bairn (see, I can do Scottish) will be amazing.

This is well exciting ! I think half the time we go through so much, we actually forget that there will be a baybee at the end of all this.

Go, pinkr go

pinkr Sat 24-Aug-13 10:41:12

Ah noks was wondering where you were and hoping you were ok! Thanks!

Hope all is going well pinkr, I'm thinking lots of sneeze like thought for you grin

pinkr Sat 24-Aug-13 21:06:13

Hey all! Pessary inserted and told they examine again in 24 hours...feeling a bit crampy but of it didn't work apparently the next step is a balloon catheter. I'm allowed to wander anywhere as long as I get a six hourly check so we snuck off in the car to a local pub for tea...didn't fancy the food here much. Mr df has just gone home and i'm sitting bubbling as I didn't want him to leave. Strange how lonely you feel when left in a place like this! He can come back at 9 tomorrow but i've told him to rest at home for a few hours etc as it's such a long drive etc I want him to keep his energy up!

JethroTull Sat 24-Aug-13 21:21:09

Was just wondering how you were doing Pink. Hope you get some rest & that things start to work.

Noks!! You ok? Head in the sand still?

Nokkie73 Sat 24-Aug-13 22:30:59

Oh pinks you poor poppet. We have just come in from our Saturday night meal and I thought I would pop-in to see if ther was any news (I.e., bambino Pinks) but no.....you're there on your lonesome. That's a bag of shit if ever there was one. I hope the hospital is ok and you're not surrounded by looneys.

frank brill news on your 12 week scan. Did you get some good photos ? I loved my 12 week scan phots as they were so clear. Are you feeling ok ?

jeff naughty mini-jeff for not being in the right position. Any news on that ? Can you have reflexology or acu to help ? Sand is actually very cosy, surprisingly tasty and great for keeping cool on the summer grin. I had my 20week scan the week before last and everything is fine. I was absolutely bricking it for that as it's such a big one. I am actually allowing myself to look at buggies (what a total head fuck that particular decision is) and nursery furniture which is actually really nice. The nipper is moving about now which is hugely reassuring (until it is kicking the living shite out of me at 4am!). I think I'm now ready for all this preggo lark.....kind of ! Xx

eurochick Sat 24-Aug-13 22:34:14

pinkr I popped on to see how you were doing. You know the PESH/BESH/CRESH are here to keep you company, right? I hope it all goes well. You get you meet your actual baybee soon. Blimey. smile

Nokkie73 Sat 24-Aug-13 22:38:41

Hello to faif jupiter and dot too

slinks is all ok with you ?

Nokkie73 Sat 24-Aug-13 22:40:55

eurooooooooooooooo come on eurochicklet grin

eurochick Sat 24-Aug-13 22:50:48

Having said that, I am now off to bed before you have even posted. blush Sozzles. I'm a bit knackered. But if I'm up in the night and in the morning I will check in to see how you are doing.

Fanks noks how are you doing?

Nokkie73 Sat 24-Aug-13 22:55:29

I am absolutely grand, ta. I will be cheering you on next week pet. I have special glow in the dark tassels which I shall have on all week just for you.

pinkr Sat 24-Aug-13 22:58:40

Thanks euro and everyone else! Getting back pain etc so can't see sleep happening anytine! Like period pains I guess! Everyone else still has their partners here although ten was supposed to be kicking out time. I just want to doze as ten is usually bedtime. Noone had spoken to me since six apart from the tea lady! Ah well!

KeepTheFaithBaby Sat 24-Aug-13 23:06:27

Ooh good luck pink! You realise in this time frame after induction Faithlet had already popped out?! hmm Do you have a tens machine? I found that really helped with the back pain. Try to make friends with other women in there. I just got chatting to the people by me <over friendly>

Luffly to see you Nokkie! So nice that your baybee is wriggling smile I used to shush Faithlet and say Oi it's sleepy time! she'd go loopy when I was on nights and had a cold drink.

We are well thank you. Just been out for dinner actually (hope you enjoyed that meal pink cos its likely to be a while!), first time since Faithlet arrived (she's 19 weeks tomorrow). I had two gins and felt a bit squiffy! Really enjoyed it though and it was nice to chat without a small person demanding attention. Now I feel confident to do it again and venture further afield - we only went to the village - and got longer.

Sinks hope work wasn't too arduous.

Nokkie73 Sat 24-Aug-13 23:07:06

Are you being properly monitored pinks ? Are there plenty of health professionals around ?

SinkyMalinks Sat 24-Aug-13 23:09:10

Boo Pinkr, at least there's Internet access and us to keep updated eh?

Hiya Nokks. Am good. 2 weeks to 12 week scan and a touch nervous to say the least. Keep prodding boobs to prove I still have symptoms..

Hope you're ok Euro

KeepTheFaithBaby Sat 24-Aug-13 23:11:50

Oh yes, go eurochicklet! Cling on tight! smile

Nokkie73 Sat 24-Aug-13 23:30:37

Yeah slinks I did that. In the end, my norks were only sore because I kept jabbing them with my fingers !

MsJupiterJones Sat 24-Aug-13 23:44:39

I remember the night I was in for induction the corridors were full of women wandering around in the dark clutching their backs and bumps and breathing heavily. It was very surreal.

Hope it goes well for you, sounds like a promising start. I am intrigued about the balloon as they didn't try that with me but of course better if things just kick off from the pessary.

Exciting times, hope there's news in the morning smile

eurochick Sun 25-Aug-13 06:11:14

But "fortunately" I'm a bit of an insomniac so here I am for the early shift. How are you doing?

pinkr Sun 25-Aug-13 06:16:16

Morning! managed to get a bit of sleep...getting monitored every six hours so I've just been woken up. I probably managed half hour at a time since 1. Still getting the cramps but nothing else to report except if mr df thought I was a bad snorer recently I ain't got nothing on the Lassie in the next bed...crikey!

JethroTull Sun 25-Aug-13 07:27:38

Another insomniac here too. Have been awake since 5. I manage about 3 hours at once at the moment - guess its practice for when MiniJeff gets here!

Pink, listening to someone else snore is the worst!! Especially when you can't just shove them to get them to be quiet. What happens for you next then? When does this trick with the balloon happen?

In other news I have shingles. Had this weird rash since last week, was hurting but I just thought it was bites or spots. Showed midwife on Thursday, she said it was a heat or sweat rash. Showed my SiL on Fri & she said it was shingles. Went to the walk in centre yesterday & the doctor confirmed it. He Said it was due to stress & that I was exhausted. I've felt a bit rough but just thought it was due to being diffed!!

SinkyMalinks Sun 25-Aug-13 07:42:43

Poor you Jeff. Shingles is miserable. Hope it's not too sore.

If it's any consolation Pinkr, my cat gets lonely when. Work long days and so I've been kept awake my a small cat snoring and farting by my head. Lovely. When are you due to be seen? I need to know the next planographic action! (Seriously. Oncall weekends are bad. This is my little ray of enjoyment! Don't eat me down! wink )

SinkyMalinks Sun 25-Aug-13 07:43:03

Err. Let. Not eat. That's weird.

Morning everyone, what a chatty night. Sorry that folks are having sleep problems. I'm not too bad at the moment on that front, though I am waking up a few times in the night and the last two mornings I have woken up with a sore lower back. So I've bitten the bullet and ordered one of those gigantic maternity pillows to sleep with.

Sorry things are slow going pink, hopefully they get moving again soon.

We got 6 photos from the scan (£20) which are being distributed amongst parents, etc. We're not quite fully public yet but will probably let the last of our friends know via Facebook in the next few days.

Apart from the slight sleep disruption I'm feeling pretty good. The nausea has all but gone, it only seems to get to me if I haven't eaten for a few hours so I'm trying to keep nibbles with me most of the time.

My next scan is booked for 15 October and I need to phone the midwives to book my 16 week appointment.

KeepTheFaithBaby Sun 25-Aug-13 08:41:50

Poor jeffers! Shingles sounds ouchy. Hope you're resting.

I had a 3.30am wake up call and so the later one was 7.15 smile Morning pink. Might be worth asking Mr df to get you some ear plugs so you can get some rest in peace? I hope things get moving soon!

MsJupiterJones Sun 25-Aug-13 08:45:40

Gosh, shingles, not nice. Did they say to avoid other pg women in case they haven't had chicken pox?

Hope things are progressing pinkr!

Sorry jeff I completely missed that you have shingles. Ouch and lots of healing vibes for you.

Nokkie73 Sun 25-Aug-13 09:18:01

I too have been awake for the last hour, tossing and turning so I decided to get up and am watching the live GP3 race <random>.

pinks snoring in the confines of your own bedroom is one thing but a whole load of public snoring is just all kinds of wrong. Shove a cabbage in her gob next time she does it. Come on bambino Pinks - her expectant public are waiting !

franks were the photos good ones ? Did your dates get moved at all ? Mine got moved forward a bit which was great for taking a few days off the menkulling. I got one of those nine foot sauapsage pillows ages ago. It was the best twenty-odd quid I have spent in ages.

jeff shingles sounds like a right load of old balls. How the frig did you manage to get that ? People are supposed to really suffer with it so make sure you take care of yourself and mini-jeff.

slinks my cats farts are EVIL. Are you at home on call or at work ?

Morning to jupiter and faif and the decidedly non-sleepy euro

I have my Bet Lynch faux-leopard skin pyjamas on right now. Yes, all I need is a fag in a holder and a gin and tonic and I will complete the look <or a shower and some normal clothes, you lazy chav>

JethroTull Sun 25-Aug-13 09:45:49

Noks your Bett Lynch image made me grin.

Doctor said shingles appears when your run down / stressed. Think I have carrying on at the same pace & not really taking MiniJeff into consideration. SSG is always happy to let me get on with stuff & never really 'looks after' me. I just need to start taking it easy I think. And saying No.

Jupiter most adults in the UK have had the pox & you can only transfer the virus from skin to skin contact in the first 72 hours so I don't have to be quarantined smile

eurochick Sun 25-Aug-13 10:19:59

Poor you jeff. I think you need to tell SSG that you need taking care of and he had better man up! wink

pinkr slow but steady wins the race! How annoying about the snorer. And them being too far away/a stranger so you can't prod them and tell them to roll over and shut the fuck up in the night (or is that just me?)

JethroTull Sun 25-Aug-13 11:21:08

Thanks Euro. I was at my friends house on Fri night & had a full on melt down, saying I was fed up of everyone expecting me to do stuff. But I'm the one that has to just stop doing it! I find saying no difficult though.
Anyway, how's the EuroChicklet doing? Menkul? Or playing it cool?

Some of the pics were good ones, others not so much. Not sure why she couldn't just print 6 of the same off, but there we go! I'll have a crack at putting a good one on my profile in a bit.

I measured bang on for my predicted dates 12+2 so I'm guessing I'm still on course for 4th Match. 2014. I probably ought to read my notes to check!

HWHNN has taken to referring to him/her as Turnip, so I think that's going to stick!

I've uploaded a scan pic to my profile, but for some reason it is upside down!

SinkyMalinks Sun 25-Aug-13 23:34:29

Profile here frank? I can't open it!

I've read back my post from this morning. Bloody hell. I'm a rubbish typist when I'm tired! Finished for weekend, but the last 12 hr was particularly brutal.

Anyone got plans for tomorrow? I have it off, so am attempting to fit an entire bank holiday weekend into one day...

pinkr Mon 26-Aug-13 03:39:41

Ladies she's here! Had a hard time and ended up c section after pushing and forceps but she's blooming gorgeous! 8lb 2...full story to follow later

KeepTheFaithBaby Mon 26-Aug-13 06:51:27

Congratulations! 🎉🎊💝 looking forward to the full story smile

JethroTull Mon 26-Aug-13 07:10:27

Squeeeeeee!!! Your baybee has arrived Pink!!gringringrin
Hope you're all ok & being looked after.

JethroTull Mon 26-Aug-13 07:14:56

Sinks how are you coping with night shifts? You have my upmost admiration. I'm awake super early AGAIN. Plans for today - purchase changing bag, pack hospital bag & try & spend some time doing nothing. What about you?

Hurrah! Well done pinkr grin

SinkyMalinks Mon 26-Aug-13 08:11:13


grin grin grin grin grin

jeff, as it happens, that was my last oncall for 2 years (and, er, a few months of mat leave now I suppose!) so that's how I coped! This was a planned break form service to allow subspecialiastion prior to completion of training, but I'm delighted I don't have to contend with anymore long days/nights!

Shopping sounds fun. I refuse to consider and large purchases yet (pram, cot etc), but have let myself thing a bit about bags! Are you getting a "changing bag" or a bag you will use for changing, iyswim? All the designed bags I've seen have been a bit cutesie for my tastes. But I haven't done a lot of research, promise!

Sinks I'm the same - we've agreed no purchases until the 20 week scan is out of the way. We'll do all our research in the meantime but I know a couple who got awful news at their 20 week scan having fully kitted out their nursery etc. They were obviously utterly devestated and had to ask family to clear it all out for them as they couldn't face it.

MsJupiterJones Mon 26-Aug-13 08:31:53

pinkr congratulations, look forward to hearing about it. She sounds wonderful. Hope you got your tea and toast afterwards!

SinkyMalinks Mon 26-Aug-13 08:49:37

Yup frank. Lots my friends now know (that's what a hen do at 9 weeks will do) and I think most thn I'm mad that I'm still struggling into normal jeans, haven't looked at prams, haven't really given any thought to how our house layout will change (lose the spare bedroom?! But where will out infrequent house guests stay shock ). I have one friend who's maybe 3 weeks pregnant (missed period last week) who has already spend £400 on mat wear.

I really think its the confidence of an easy win.

I think you're right Sinks, without sounding like a complete pessimist, when you've had to fight for so long for your win its almost as if you expect something to go wrong.

I'm going to have to start looking at maternity clothes soonish. I was planning on trying to get away with 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of smart trousers, a few tops and some wrap dresses for work. I'm reluctant to spend a fortune on stuff that will only last a few months.

However, if I keep putting on weight at the rate I appear to have done so far, I may have no choice but to buy more! 3.5kg in the first trimester according to the midwife [ shock] but I don't quite believe it. My starting weight I weighed myself in my undies first thing in the morning, but this time the midwife weighed me fully clothed just after lunch - hardly an accurate comparison <denial>

Nokkie73 Mon 26-Aug-13 09:21:47

pinks congratulations ! Well done. You actually have a baybee. Wow. Looking forward to hearing more later.

franks I couldn't see the pic either.

I'm taking CASAF to Winchester for the day. The cloth eared nit that he is.

eurochick Mon 26-Aug-13 09:27:21

Congrats pinkr. I hope you are doing ok. That sounds like hard work!

Good luck to you all!

Right, now I can put away my cheerleading pompoms for a bit, I'm off back to the BESH.

KeepTheFaithBaby Mon 26-Aug-13 14:35:02

Re changing bags - my advice would be to join the Boots club and get your free one and see how you get on.

We made the big purchases around 25 weeks but started buying little things at 14 weeks. I was lucky with maternity stuff because my sister had plenty (we're the same size). I just added a few items to the collection!

JethroTull Mon 26-Aug-13 16:37:29

SSG bought our changing bag today. It's a Bababing one. Very practical, black & wipe clean!

We didn't buy a thing until after 20 weeks & even then I was really cautious. Think we got most stuff last month.

I've washed all of the baby clothes & bedding today. Was weird seeing little things on the clothes line. smile

JethroTull Mon 26-Aug-13 22:18:45

Just realised that I am next on the Not List. Shit. And hurrah. At the same time.

Nokkie73 Mon 26-Aug-13 23:09:51

You alright jeff ? Have you had one of those days where you realise that all this is getting real now ? When are you packing-up work ? X

Nokkie73 Mon 26-Aug-13 23:11:39

Oh and can anyone let me know where they got their nursery furniture ?

Where is pinks ? grin

MsJupiterJones Mon 26-Aug-13 23:28:02

I only bought a cot but it was from the Anna range at John Lewis which I highly recommend, tis beautiful, simple and reasonable.

Nokkie73 Mon 26-Aug-13 23:41:50

Cheers joops. What did you do about the rest of the furniture ?

pinkr Tue 27-Aug-13 00:52:46

Hi guys...still in maternity ward because of having section. Just lying here with my girl on me...madly in love. I will update full labour story but it'll need to wait till on a pc!

KeepTheFaithBaby Tue 27-Aug-13 07:49:47

We got a cot bed from Amazon (Winnie the pooh, bought by MIL) and a chest of drawers with changer on top from babies r us. I think we'll need a wardrobe soon though!

Aw pink, new baybee cuddles! Does she smell delicious?!

JethroTull Tue 27-Aug-13 10:01:40

I'm at home today Noks. Decided work is not my priority due to the shingles. Am supposed to be there for another 3 weeks but think I'm going to bring my leave date forward.

We got our cot & top changer from John Lewis. Think it's a 'Rachel'.

Post a photo Pink!! gringringrin

pinkr Tue 27-Aug-13 17:49:25

Photo in the other pace!

KeepTheFaithBaby Tue 27-Aug-13 17:59:11


Aw, I don't think we're fwiends in t'other place pinkr sad

SinkyMalinks Tue 27-Aug-13 19:45:02

Ditto. Looks like faife is a friend. Me and frank are naice, promise pinkr.

Can we see mini Pinkr?

<attempts puppy dog eyes. Almost loses a contact lens>

pinkr Tue 27-Aug-13 22:49:13

ok...pessary inserted at 6 on sat night, told it takes 24 hours to dilate enough to break waters. Waters go at 6am and start contracting every min.still not dilated.they won't give me anything and say they are waiting on labour suite. Eventually give me diamorphine. I get to labour store and i'm 8cm. Get has and air. Begs for epidural. At this stage they realise the pessary is still triggering and remove it. Epidural success...fully dilated at 6pm. Start pushing and they realise she's back to back and not moving down. Push for an hour. Told they have to intervene...get taken to theatre were they try forceps but not happy toproceed so section it is. I'm knackered and sore but she's worth out!

MsJupiterJones Tue 27-Aug-13 23:18:16

Wow pinkr you certainly went through the mill. Were you not happy to proceed with forceps or were they? I had a c section too, it takes a bit of recovery but not too bad. Much better once the stitches are out. My top tip is to lie flat on your back for a while each day, you will spend a lot of the next few weeks sitting up so make sure you get a lie down while it's healing.

Have a wonderful time with lots of newborn snuggles & keep us updated.

pinkr Wed 28-Aug-13 04:20:08

They wouldn't...my understanding is the tried to luck them in place and it didn't work safely enough.staff were brilliant though and it was not an emergency so to speak...she was never distressed etc and theytook the time to explain etc. mr df got to holds her first and I really think this has helped him feel special!
I've been moved from the big hospital, where the staff were excellent but busy, to a more rural unit. The wee one had been having a cluster feed night and she was on for hours but the two midwives have let me get a few hours and have actually got her settled in their staffroom...they are super heroes and I know she's perfectly safe.

MsJupiterJones Wed 28-Aug-13 06:26:57

Glad you and the baby are being looked after well pinkr.

JethroTull Wed 28-Aug-13 06:44:41

Blimey Pink sounds like you had it tough! Glad you are both ok & being looked after now. She is a beauty!

pinkr Wed 28-Aug-13 07:09:30

Oh the staff here are amazing...two midwives told me to go for and hour or at two after a few hopes constant boob...i've just woken up twenty mins ago feeling more human than days. The wee one slept fine with them and had had a feed now from me and is back over. I keep looking at her and amazed I made her!

KeepTheFaithBaby Wed 28-Aug-13 07:21:36

Oh gosh pink! That sounds intense. My sympathies with a b2b baby (ouch). Sounds like they radiated calm though and she's out safely, that's the main thing! Have you been able to BF?

Wow pink, that sounds epic <slightly scared now>. But worth it in the end, yes? Right?!

So PESH talk to me about bloating. My stomach is horrifically distended. It's not bump as I can suck it in if I breathe in deep enough, but it's uncomfortable. I feel like I need a good trump, but everything in that department seems regular <chatty>. Any ideas? Recommendations?

KeepTheFaithBaby Wed 28-Aug-13 08:34:03

How much are you drinking Frank? Lots of water and probiotics should help.

SinkyMalinks Wed 28-Aug-13 08:59:29

I was having this conversation just yesterday frank. Except things are a bit sluggish over here <chatty>.

Dunno though. I'm so thirsty I'm drinking 2 litres + each day. I can't drink more- I'll never be off the loo!

pinkr Wed 28-Aug-13 09:25:10

yes feeding fine...in fact she's getting what the midwife called gallons of colostrum just now, lots of yellow sick! The medical staff were never worries or flustered so it seemed pretty calm...I wasn't calm though especially when they quickly ran through risks etc.

I've upped my water intake to counter the headaches and they have definitely lessened. Perhaps it's still not enough though.

I shall invest in some probiotics? Any particular brands recommended? I'm off yoghurt so am probably looking at the drinks or pills!

KeepTheFaithBaby Wed 28-Aug-13 10:14:46

I went off yoghurt! In fact, am still off it! I had yakult (not too yoghurty) but you can get tablets from places like Holland and Barrett. Oh also what supplements are you on? Pregnacare contain a lot of iron which can make things worse. I preferred sanatogen.

Ah great news Pink! Not long til your milk will come in (Jordan eat your heart out!). I'm started to understand why some women get pregnant again so fast - I realise how big Faithlet is now (compared to miniPink) and wonder where my tiny baybee had gone?! smile

pinkr Wed 28-Aug-13 10:58:17

smile we're pretty certain she's going to be our only so i'm savouring every minute. Finances but also the birth etc plus age means i'm quite happy with one...for now anyway haha.
Any of you pregnant ones fancy a natal hypnotherapy DVD? I used it and it did relax me in the run up to birth....did nothing during birth but that was because I got thrown into instant labour with no build up etc. more then happy to post top the first claimant!

SinkyMalinks Wed 28-Aug-13 11:01:36

Faith, correct me if I'm wrong, but is faithlet not a weany 4 months old?!

Well done pinkr - sounds like you've got this breast feeding malarkey sorted.

For supplements, I've changed to loyds (chemist a work - therefore easy to get to) pregnancy ones- no iron. But still... Think I might move back to the tiny individual folic acid and vit d. Bloated.com

Does anyone remember my monumentally insensitive friend? Prob not, but she's the one who told me I was no friend if I couldn't get over myself to be happy for her when pregnant with her first and after the birth told me both that I could have no opinion as a barren (she didn't say barren, but...) (NB, I only suggested we took her screaming baby out for a walk in a pram to try and calm her down) and also that I was lucky I couldn't have kids.. Well. She's now 3 weeks preggers (yes - it's her that has already bought £400 worth of matty clothes) and has told me that it's a shame I'm not a natural at being pregnant like her, because she's not bloated or had any morning sickness....

Breath. She is v funny, and lots of fun. I think it fair to say however, that she's not someone you would turn to in times of stress...

KeepTheFaithBaby Wed 28-Aug-13 11:19:44

Why is she a friend sinks?! She sounds like a PITA! Do you ever call her on it? If she's lots of fun, be light hearted but just say the classic Did you mean to be so rude?. She probably doesn't realise how offensive she is!

Yes Faithlet is still just 4 months old and only 9th centile so not big! But she is definitely not a teeny newborn any more!

SinkyMalinks Wed 28-Aug-13 12:19:24

You must know the sort of person who seems to be entirely lacking any form of social filter? That's her.

I have a tough hide (and perhaps, can be a little spectrum myself) so all good. It is cathartic to moan about it though!

I have been on Pregnacare but am due to run out at the end of the week so have bought some Sanatogen on your recommendation Nurse Faith wink
As far as probiotic tablets go are they ok for us preggos or are their ingredients/herbal things we should avoid?

SinkyMalinks Wed 28-Aug-13 18:15:08

Probiotics themselves are fine Frank. I would just check there's no added nasties (cant really think what that would be, vit a? Surely not iron!). Vsl3 is the stuff we use in hospital, but don't know how available it is.

JethroTull Thu 29-Aug-13 06:33:40

Last day at work today. gringrin

Ooo Jeff, enjoy it!

KeepTheFaithBaby Thu 29-Aug-13 17:23:10

Are you done jeff?! smile

JethroTull Thu 29-Aug-13 19:26:58

Finished!! Had a lovely day, spent most of it eating grin. Have been summoned back next Thursday as my boss had planned to take me out for afternoon tea & apparently people have gifts planned too! Brilliant.

Aww how nice Jeff.

I got my results from the nuchal scan/blood test back today: 1 in 9,200 so I'm very happy with that!

Hope you're getting lots of snuggles pinkr grin

pinkr Fri 30-Aug-13 14:55:59

Yes...I officially love being a mum! Had a bit of a meltdown when we got home yesterday it was bit overwhelming but fine now. Midwife removed staples this morning and weighed baby...even though I was worried she's lost less than 10% of birth weight so feeding fine really! Milk started coming in last night as well!

KeepTheFaithBaby Fri 30-Aug-13 15:51:36

Ah that's great news Pinky! This is when your breast pads become essential grin

Frank that's good odds smile

Congratulations jeff.

JethroTull Fri 30-Aug-13 16:50:24

That's a lovely post to read Pink. Glad you're loving every minute grin

First day of mat leave & I've cleaned the whole house, walked the dog, done the shopping, done 2 lots of washing, ironed all the baby stuff and made the Moses basket up. Phew, I'm having a cup of tea now, won't be able to keep this pace up!!

KeepTheFaithBaby Fri 30-Aug-13 16:57:58

Ah that's great news Pinky! This is when your breast pads become essential grin

Frank that's good odds smile

Congratulations jeff.

pinkr Fri 30-Aug-13 18:01:04

Oh Jeff you're nesting! ! Kept me busy doing all the cleaning...I was trimming hedges the day I was induced.
Great news frank!
I'll let you ladies in on a secret...labour is a breeze compared to the fear of finally using the toilet after a week of bring unable to go <chatty>
I dread to imagine how someone with a tear etc manages...I was in there an hour and mr df said the moaning and grunting was charming blush

MsJupiterJones Fri 30-Aug-13 18:36:24

I actually texted my mum when I did my first postnatal poo.

FriendofDorothy Fri 30-Aug-13 22:59:27

I had a bad tear. Pooing was terrifying for ages but weeing was so painful!

KeepTheFaithBaby Fri 30-Aug-13 23:01:50

I had a second degree tear. Pooing wasn't as scary as expected. The MN advice to take a plastic jug for pouring as I wee'd was brilliant! Actually I was surprised - most people suggest the sechs after baybees is different because you're loose but for me it's been the opposite. Bit like losing my virginity again.

JethroTull Sat 31-Aug-13 07:05:38

I refuse to read posts about tears, stitches & painful pooing post birth. wink

Pink I have OCD tendencies when it comes to cleaning & when I'm stressed, angry or anxious I clean, add nesting to that & you can imagine what I'm going to be like for the next month! I've also just ordered some stuff from Lakeland - I feel a cupboard reorganisation coming on...

Faith - I've taken inspiration from you & will be batch cooking & freezing. Did you find it helped having stuff in the freezer or did you just end up eating toast?!

KeepTheFaithBaby Sat 31-Aug-13 07:29:03

Oh no the batch cooking was fantastic! It lasted us a month. I would recommend looking for a cook book like one I've got - from M&S- one pot meals. One pot = can eat one handed. I generally had a baybee on my boob while I ate in the evening. You could take it a step further than I did and do the carbs too like freeze mash, pasta etc.

JethroTull Sat 31-Aug-13 18:09:12

Thanks Faith. Have got a book with one pot dishes & also things that freeze well. My plan is to make a huge batch of tomato sauce, a lasagne, a chilli, a curry, 2 big pots of soup, a fish pie and a crumble... Doable??

KeepTheFaithBaby Sat 31-Aug-13 18:29:00

Yes! smile

Just wanted to say thanks for the anti-bloating tips. I switched to the Sanatogen tablets and got some Acidopholus from Holland & Barrett and it's made a difference!

I'm in a bit of a quandary about maternity bras still. I'm definitely starting to spill out of my regular bras, but all the maternity bras I've seen on sale start from a C cup - there's no way I'm that big yet (started out as a 34A). Any tips for the small of boob?!

JethroTull Mon 02-Sep-13 07:24:31

Frank I was an AA & was wearing a C cup not long after 16 weeks. smilesmile

I'd go & get measured. Only buy a couple as your likely to go up another size or 2 before The Foal arrives.

HaveALittleFaith Mon 02-Sep-13 07:26:00

I would go to somewhere like Debenhams, get measured (you might be surprised!). You don't have to buy specifically maternity bras, just better to wear non-underwired. I wore sports bras the first trimester!

Really pleased the anti-bloating tips helped smile

SinkyMalinks Mon 02-Sep-13 08:18:05

You can wear underwired- they just have to fit, and not nip any breast tissue. I'm much more comfortable with wires, and got £16 for 2 ones from m&s, so appy to keep an eye and bin and replace as needed.

SinkyMalinks Tue 03-Sep-13 09:02:55

Broke thread- sorry... blush

HaveALittleFaith Tue 03-Sep-13 09:38:09

Nah just think we post in fits and starts!

I am a happy bunny. I am going back to the ward I was working on when diffed. I was meant to go elsewhere but don't see eye to eye with the boss there. Feel much calmer about going back to work now! Off to get the chubster weighed.

I'm here too!

Think I shall go shopping at the weekend - aka bra hunt. I also want to try on some maternity clothes to gauge what size I should be buying.

I'm feeling a bit narked at work at the moment. I've worked here 12 years and am basically a senior manager but I'm getting vibes that they are only intending in paying me statutory maternity pay. I know that's all they have to do legally but I suddenly feel very undervalued IYSWIM. Problem is there is no maternity clause in my contract so I can't argue that I am entitled to more, only make my case for why I think I should get a bit extra.

I'm not expecting much, but a token amount on top would mean something. Whilst we can just about afford to live on HWHNN's wage and we've got savings to dip into, dropping to SMP is basically an 80% pay cut for me.

HaveALittleFaith Tue 03-Sep-13 11:21:44

Maybe you need to sit down and try to negotiate Frank? Like you say it's only hints. SMP isn't much.

Good plan re shopping. Unless you're gaining lots of weight you should just be in maternity stuff in your normal size.

JethroTull Tue 03-Sep-13 12:04:17

SMP is shit Frank. It's all I'm getting. Am going to find it tough but fortunately we will be able to pay all the bills & food with SSG's income so it will just be the 'nice' stuff we have to go without.

Thanks, I guess I feel a bit bad about asking for more because, as I say we can pay the mortgage and bills on HWHNN's wage, but I guess I sort of hoped they'd want to look after me seeing as I'm pretty darn vital to the running of the company. It's not an exaggeration to say I do the bulk of the work around here!

I will have a chat with my boss and my Chairman, but I don't want to come across as whiny and greedy.

Ah, it appears I was hasty in assuming the worst! I had a chat with my boss and she assured me she will put my case to the board and "do her best" for me. Feel much better now grin

SinkyMalinks Tue 03-Sep-13 16:51:17

If its any consolation, after 10 years in the NHS, I'm also facing SMP. Sigh. Because of my bloody research and a change in employer (still within NHS)

It is stressful. But, and it sounds like you guys are in a similar position, I keep telling myself that our household income will still be above the average on ghj's wage alone.

If I could just get a contract, I would know for sure (it's going to come down to wording...)

pinkr Wed 04-Sep-13 20:13:28

Ok still here! Baby pinkr is doing great...we have sort of got somewhere with the breast feeding...nipples not so spite etc but I'll confess to mixed feelings, part of me doesn't want to be a milk machine etc and wants my body back...the other part loves the milky grins and the cuddles etc. its a weird feeling!

SinkyMalinks Wed 04-Sep-13 21:05:31

Pinkr, I have no useful advice, but the milky gummy smiles sound lovely!

HaveALittleFaith Wed 04-Sep-13 21:52:15

pink you have to do what works for you. Aside from initial top ups, I managed 4 months EBF (with one bottle of EBF a day). However, I'll admit life is much easier now she has one bottle of formula a day! She falls asleep much earlier.

My poor baybee has the sniffles! She's been ok in the day but very snuffly the last couple of nights. 3 wake ups last night! Think I will put MSB in the spare bedroom so we can co-sleep if needs be without any worries.

FriendofDorothy Wed 04-Sep-13 22:12:42

I have to admit that I quite like being a milk machine. It's just so bloody convenient!

JethroTull Wed 04-Sep-13 22:17:39

Pink pleased to hear everything is ok & that the BF-ing is going well. I have the same thoughts about being a milk machine, I'm hoping to express so that SSG can also feed MiniJeff. I'd have no issue mixing formula bottles with the boob either.

pinkr Thu 05-Sep-13 00:30:37

Well it does seem to be getting easier but I think we will end up mugging with formula...its hard to be solely responsible etc.all i'm sitting here and mn is keeping me sane...Mr df is sleeping..

Jumping in with a quick question, does anyone know if it is safe to take diarrhoea relief tablets when pregnant? I've woken up with a shocking stomach and have to leave at 8am with a four hour drive ahead of me! I don't have time to go to a chemist to get an alternative. I've read the label and there is nothing to say not for use when pregnant, but I still want to check.

JethroTull Thu 05-Sep-13 07:22:56

Lots of differing opinions on-line Frank. Having a quick Google the general official consensus is no but then on forums plenty of people have taken it. Hope it passes quickly - 4 hour drive sounds horrid hmm

So MiniJeff is still breech. I have a date for a c-section!! If its moved on the day they will send me home to wait for natural labour to start though which is good. My Actual Baybee could be here this month gringringrin

Thanks Jeff, I googled the active ingredients and it was all very non-committal "not enough research has been undertaken on the effects on pregnant women". If I was going into work for a normal day I wouldn't bother, but the thoughtbf being stuck on the motorway and needing to go fills me with dread! Unfortunately it's a 4 hour drive each way for a work event, so it's going to be a long day!

Sorry, should have said woohoo for a potential arrival date. How do you feel about c-section?

FriendofDorothy Thu 05-Sep-13 07:29:09

I had a gastric bug when I was about 14 weeks pregnant... horrendous shits and the works. Couldn't take any anti-diarrhea stuff but in the end I took something with codeine in it just to bung me up a bit.

pinkr Thu 05-Sep-13 07:35:25

Woo hoo Jeff! ! are you ok about the section? Honestly i'm the biggest wimp known to man and it was nowhere near as bad as I expected...honestly my tooth problems and infection were much more painful! The recovery takes some time though...I can't push the pram for very long at all and will be house bound more or less when Mr df goes to work on Monday. The town is too far a walk and I can't drive!
!frank bad luck on the tummy front...i've no idea about the pills sorry but I hope your drive goes ok.

HaveALittleFaith Thu 05-Sep-13 08:59:31

frank you poor thing. I too had a dodgy stomach caught from work and I avoided diarrhoea tablets and increased my codeine!

jeff I imagine that's both a blessing and a challenge but the main thing is to get miniJeff out safely. I've seen planned c-sections, they're nice and calm and straightforward.

Faithlet was up for 2 hours from 3.45 and 5.45. I am shattered!

MsJupiterJones Thu 05-Sep-13 09:05:25

Pinkr I mix fed from 11 weeks, as it was for weight gain issues we started off initially 'topping up' as per doc/HV advice but had much more success with picking a couple of feeds per day for formula (first thing in morning & early eve). All feeds at night or while out were bf as so much more convenient. I am sure you will find the right way for you.

Frank I took Immodium in the first weeks of pregnancy but I didn't know I was pg so that's probably not very helpful sorry. I also had a dental X-ray and drank a shitload of mojitos after thinking I'd got my period, oops

HaveALittleFaith Thu 05-Sep-13 12:39:42

Oh Pink I started posting at 4am but lost it! You have to do what's right for you feeding wise. I found the milk machine thing hard to start with but now it's settled I love it. I only wish there were nicer BF clothes around!

pinkr Thu 05-Sep-13 13:00:12

Yeah I think it'll be ok...my nips are much better. Its the dependency thing, and the middle of the night feeds. That said she'll only stay on twenty mins usually...I don't know if that's average or not but some of the books i've read suggest ,45 mins

HaveALittleFaith Thu 05-Sep-13 13:03:41

Faithlet often feed for a good 45 mins-hour in the early weeks.

JethroTull Thu 05-Sep-13 14:50:50

I'm pretty ok with the c-sec idea, I just have this irrational fear that I will 'miss out' by not having a 'normal' birth, like I will regret it. But the thing is, if I went into labour now, I would not have a natural birth. Baybee would just not come out this way. So I'd end up having an emergency section. With all that in mind - a planned one would be much better. (I'm wittering now so will shut up).

Frank - hope you've managed to get through the day??

Got home about half an hour ago, blimey it was a long day!

I did take a tablet in the end, but I later looked at the packet and realised they were 3 years out of date so I doubt it was any use! Thankfully no more occurrences, but I a, bloody knackered after all that driving!

SinkyMalinks Thu 05-Sep-13 22:04:27

I'm not surprised frank. An 8 hour round trip with work in the middle? You have my respect! And glad the bowels behaved...

Have managed to cobble together a plan a work to let me do my work (involves X-ray exposure), by speaking to a variety of people and random departments. Occupational health, who I think should have done this as part of a risk assessment, have taken 4 weeks to offer me an interview on the 29th October. Useful.

HaveALittleFaith Sat 07-Sep-13 08:21:22

We went past Burghley yesterday! We are on our way to the IOW and stopped at Luton with MSB's Nan. How's the tum Frank?*

Oh yes occ health hmm always painfully slow helpful!

SinkyMalinks Sat 07-Sep-13 08:25:13

Ooh. Enjoy IOW. I've never been, (and in fact think I have been to the south coast once ever and that was Brighton) but it always looks lovely in photos/tv etc. What's the weather due to be like? (Not great up my way!)

HaveALittleFaith Sat 07-Sep-13 08:46:13

I've been lots of times - as a kid with family, teenager with crusaders and 4 years ago with MSB. Very kid friendly and exciting thing is one of my best friends from 6th form moved there recently so we get to meet up. Her DS is 3 tomorrow, dnephew is 4 (my sister, BIL and her DS are coming too!) so we're having a little party! I haven't met her DD (nearly 1) yet either. I'm really looking forward to it!

Weather is rainy at present but improving from Monday smile

Tum is back to normal thanks grin

Going to start looking at maternity clothes today, I can't fit into any of my work trousers and as its getting cooler now I can't keep wearing dresses/skirts!

Enjoy IOW Faith. I think I went as a small child but can't remember! Isn't the ferry crossing very expensive? I'm sure I read something that said cost per mile makes it very pricey.

HaveALittleFaith Sat 07-Sep-13 09:14:37

Yes Frank most expensive stretch of water in the world IIRC! Cheaper ferry crossing for us combined with holiday booking though.

Glad you're feeling better. Maternity clothes wise I recommend under bump for early days and over bump for last trimester.

Well boob growth is confirmed, I'm now a 36B! The lady in M&S said not to bother with maternity bras as ordinary non-under wired t-shirt bras were just as good, and half the price!

Unfortunately couldn't find any nice maternity clothes anywhere. Would you believe Next, M&S and John Lewis don't stick maternity in store? The only shop I found was Red Herring in Debenhams, but it was such a small range and mostly casual which is no good for work!

SinkyMalinks Sat 07-Sep-13 17:44:07

I know Frank! I thought I'd have a nosy for work things last week, but save mamas and papas, no stock anywhere. And all casual or black trousers. I don't really like black trousers for work - they always seem to go shiny (and I think look cheap. blush ). No navy or dark grey anywhere.

Jojo maman bebe was recommended, but they only have black trousers or jeans. And the jeans have quite.... ornate back pockets. Not really me.

But. Hair bobbles are still ok for me at the mo, and I'm wearing mainly dresses as well.

I'm in mainly dresses too, but mine are mostly summery dresses. I do like the Seraphine stuff but some is quite pricey (for stuff you are only going to wear for a few months).

I'll have to see if there are any specialist maternity stores near me.

JethroTull Sat 07-Sep-13 18:18:14

Frank Top Shop do some great differ clothes. Most of mine are from there. Recently I've also bought some normal stuff from Next (lots of jersey fabric!!) in a couple of sizes bigger - works for me!

SinkyMalinks Sat 07-Sep-13 18:58:22

Tops in think will be ok- I live in vest tops or t-shrts with cardies/layers. Figure I'll be able to wear my usual for ages. It's the bloody bottoms! Topshop trousers don't fit my huge arse normally, sadly.

How are you Jeff? Almost at the end....

MsJupiterJones Sat 07-Sep-13 20:57:55

I went to three branches of M&S before I found out they didn't stock maternity in store. I was so annoyed. The one time in your life you really need to try stuff on for a sudden new shape...

I got stuff from New Look and H&M mostly (but I am poor).

I've found there is a JoJo Maman Bebe not too far away from me so I'll head there next weekend. The prices seem ok but to be honest the main thing I want is to try something on!

FriendofDorothy Sat 07-Sep-13 21:24:56

Jojo clothes are good. Next stuff you can order and take back to store. Quite easy then.

JethroTull Sat 07-Sep-13 22:50:51

I'm ok thanks Sinks. Counting down the days now. Could be just over 2 weeks if I have the c-section!!

pinkr Sun 08-Sep-13 18:52:58

Oh Jeff getting exciting then! ! Are you all packed and ready" !

JethroTull Sun 08-Sep-13 19:37:11

Not really sure what to take for a c section - will be longer in hospital so prob more baby stuff? I need to do a few more things at home but I'm mostly ready. I'm really suffering today, had about 3 hours sleep last night, my hips / pelvis are agony. Had friends staying & SSG was out all day at a race so couldn't just stay in bed.

How's things Pink?

pinkr Sun 08-Sep-13 19:52:34

Ok...Mr df goes back to work tomorrow so i'm quite down and scared. we live quite rurally and all my friends etc are a drive away and no chance of buses etc. i'm actually going to be alone with her for the first time and its scary. Plus i'm still not really recovered yet and find lifting, bending etc difficult.
I'd recommend good granny knickers and very loose and soft clothing. Ssg can always bring you anything extra although my hospital were keen to discharge me the day after my section...well actually 12 hours after...they wanted me to go to my local unit in the car but I refused. I did have to go the next day though and then chose to spend two nights in the midwife unit a bit nearer to home.

HaveALittleFaith Sun 08-Sep-13 20:26:04

Ooh not long then jeff! Yes I'd say big pants - minis though so under your scar and lots of pjs. I bought nighties but I felt too exposed with the other Dads around. Jersey pjs and vests for me. Thin cotton vests and sleep suits for baby. I had a velour one for Faithlet but she overheated! Plenty of snacks for you. Dry shampoo!

MsJupiterJones Mon 09-Sep-13 09:31:01

I resisted the Big Pants at first but anything that sits under your scar is bad news. The granny pants will support your tummy too which will help as it will feel really weird for ages. And I pretend that they're actually a 1950s pin-up style rather than granny pants which helps my self esteem!

Sounds silly but a scarf tied to the end of your bed to help pull you up really helps in those first couple of days I found.

SinkyMalinks Mon 09-Sep-13 17:29:49

Howdy ladies. Dating scan went well, and got moved forward a week as a bonus. So now due 18th march and missed week 12 entirely - now 13 weeks - yay!

Baby was determined to do a head stand throughout, but some firm sonographer pressure got him moved (ow!)


Great news Sinks! I think "the foal" was asleep during my scan as no amount of prodding could persuade him/her to move. Thankfully he/she was lying in the perfect position grin

15w today and still knackered, when does the elusive glow kick in folks?!

Right PESH, talk to me about antenatal classes. They've been debating NCT classes on my March thread and a lot of second/third timers say they are expensive and a waste of money. I definitely want to do something myself as I want to a) be prepared for the birth and b) I know bugger all about baybees (never changed a nappy in my life), so figure I better find out what I'm doing in advance!

I've found a Lazy Daisy practitioner near me that runs a variety of courses/workshops. She charges £54 for a 6 week pregnancy/birth preparation class (compared to £150 for NCT) as well as a baby care workshop dealing with the first few weeks.

I know people say "Oh you'll learn what to do quickly when it's your baby" but I'm a control freak and the idea of going in to being a mum without a clue as to what I'm doing freaks me out!

JethroTull Tue 10-Sep-13 07:34:49

Frank we're doing NCT because it was a good way for me to meet other preggo's. The classes themselves aren't a revelation but do get you thinking about stuff. I think any class would probably do the same though.

That's the other thing Jeff, I want to meet folks I can make friends with. My best friend didn't do any antenatal classes as she felt she could get all the info she needed from books/online, but the upshot is she now knows no one at the baby groups she has tried to go to and has ended up leaving them as she felt ignored by the other mums sad

FriendofDorothy Tue 10-Sep-13 08:29:47

I didn't do NCT but that was partly due to cost and partly because the hospital offeredgood classes as an alternative. I know that our local NCT offers things like Bumps and Babies which is also a good way to meet people.

I think the social aspect is as important, if not more important, as the stuff you learn.

HaveALittleFaith Tue 10-Sep-13 10:51:46

We thought NCT were quite expensive and they demanded attendance for several weeks in a row and a daytime session which was impractical with our work. We hired a private midwife who did two sessions for £90 at our house.

Socially I've met another mnetter who moved to the area around her due date, we go out once a fortnight. Our babies are 8 days apart and we get on really well. I also have a couple of friends who have dropped recently. I've been to a BF support group but not really made proper friends from it. We're off to a baby music group when we get back off holiday which should be fun.

pinkr Tue 10-Sep-13 12:15:18

We just did the nhs ones...I wasnt paying to make friends! I met a girl in hospital who lives quite close so she's coming for coffee this week. Tbh the nearest nct is in the big city so I'd not likely meet anyone from our town anyway. I'm going to join done local group once i'm active again!
Have just stepped on the scales...I put 3 stone and i'm only 5 pounds over my original weight!

Well done pink! How are things going?

Ginfox Tue 10-Sep-13 12:30:39

Erm.. Hello!

I am a BESH/PESH of olden times, and newly diffed, and I need somewhere to menkul.

Please can I come in?

<waves at Pinkr> <hopes Pinkr doesn't pretend she doesn't know me>

pinkr Tue 10-Sep-13 12:44:19

Hello! <waves back>!
Things are going ok...just wish I could work out how to not have her sleeping all morning and early afternoon and then being wide awake all evening and night!

Ginfox Tue 10-Sep-13 12:52:22

Sorry Pinky but no-one knows the answer to that. It's early days, she's still getting used to life on the outside, daylight and everyfink.

I'm not going to tell you to "sleep when she does" because I could never manage it, although tis a great idea in principle. But it does get easier, and incredibly quickly too. Honest.

Hello Gin, I think you probably pre-date me as a BESH (soz about that!) but I think I've heard your name mentioned in hushed tones.

Come on in, pull up a comfy chair. How diffed are you? <nosey>

Ginfox Tue 10-Sep-13 13:09:46

Hardly at all Frank - 5 weeks - but mini-flood (presumably implantation) then feeling like shite for past week gave the game away a bit.

The problem with knowing so soon is that I don't want to tell anyone, but I do want to think/talk about it all the time. Suspect my boss will guess that something is up tho, so might tell her and wait for the news to leak out.

Re: NCT classes, we actually found them fairly useful (very little time spent around babies before our own) but NHS would probably have been just as good. And our group never really clicked enough to socialise afterwards. They do seem to vary a great deal across the UK. Ours were 2x Saturdays, and one evening, so not too onerous.

SinkyMalinks Tue 10-Sep-13 13:58:23

Hi gin. I'm of a similar vintage to frank, so don't think we've "met", but I'll be delighted to have you here and not be the newby anymore (I am ignoring the fact that you already have kid(s?) and so I will remain the most clueless..)

Was this a surprise rewin? (Nosy)

JethroTull Tue 10-Sep-13 14:03:16

<waves at Gin>

Pink I figured that as I'd paid to meet SSG (online dating) & paid to win a baybee, I might as well pay to meet some new friends! So far the classes have been good, it's the breast feeding session tomorrow which I'm hoping will teach me all I need to know...

Ginfox Tue 10-Sep-13 17:47:55

<waves at Jeff>

The surprise was that it happened so quickly, and in a month when Mr F and I barely had a chance of an uninterrupted snog. plus I'm still bfing the foxcub. BUt we were sort of trying (or not not trying).

HaveALittleFaith Tue 10-Sep-13 19:56:05

Howdy ginfox! <waves> I only know you from t'other place. I have obviously laid my baybee but still post here quite a bit too much.

I met MSB online sinks!

eurochick Tue 10-Sep-13 21:22:57

Alright, own up, which one of you is the flower arranger:


FriendofDorothy Tue 10-Sep-13 21:48:19

The Mister and I kind of met online.

Faify did you meet MSB on Christian Connection?

pinkr Tue 10-Sep-13 22:04:41

I met Mr df online too...is it just the way things are done these days? <ponders>

JethroTull Tue 10-Sep-13 22:40:28

I knew SSG when I was 14. We had a summer holiday snog at scout camp. Fast fwd 15 years & his profile came up as a 'match' on some site. A few emails & a couple of dates later he stayed at my house and never left!

JethroTull Tue 10-Sep-13 22:41:47

Euro that's brilliant - I wonder if it is actually an ex-PESH winkwink

Ginfox Wed 11-Sep-13 06:53:00

<waves at Faif>

I met Mr Fox on Match.com. My subscription was about to run out and I was giving up on the whole business and getting some cats. It's yer typical modern love story smile

HaveALittleFaith Wed 11-Sep-13 07:51:51

Not me euro, I get terrible hay fever! Made me grin though!

We met on fusion101 - I did free trials on Christian connections and another one but was too tight to pay! Fusion was free. I asked MSB why he joined and he said 'to make Christian friends cos I didn't know any'. Then I asked why he contacted me (he made first contact) and he said 'Cos I thought you were really pretty!' grin

Does anyone know, is it ok to get piercings done whilst BF?

Depends what you're planning on piercing Faith wink

FriendofDorothy Wed 11-Sep-13 08:27:14

I did Fusion101 for a while too. I hated it - thought it was the worst designed website ever!

The Mister and I originally met on a disucssion board, but never really met if you know what I mean, we were both on there and knew of each other's existence. Then a bunch of people from this website camped togetehr at the same festival (apparently The Mister was terrified of me and remembers first meeting me when I was sat wearing stripey PJ,s and stripey wellies, smoking a fab and drinking wine out of a mug!, and we were in that grioup of people. It wasn't until about 5 years after that when he and I got utterly pissed in the beer tent at this festival that we got together.

HaveALittleFaith Wed 11-Sep-13 08:44:20

Not nipples Frank! Can you imagine?! Just ears l think.

HaveALittleFaith Wed 11-Sep-13 08:47:39

Ps dor what an image! He must have thought you were a well classy bird! smile