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October 2013 - wobbling and sweating through the last trimester

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roxvox Wed 24-Jul-13 13:48:40

Baby due dates/sexes/name choices here

roxvox Wed 24-Jul-13 13:49:40

Thread title courtesy of claphamama!

xuntitledx Wed 24-Jul-13 13:52:57

Ahh, nervous about the hospital bag and items required!

Just looked through the lists on the previous thread and the linked thread and I've covered both sides of an A4 sheet - is all this stuff really necessary? Just wondering if the hospital will be "funny" if we come with heaps and heaps of stuff and lots of bags :/

claphammama Wed 24-Jul-13 14:02:04

Thanks for the new thread roxvox! Checking in

roofio87 Wed 24-Jul-13 14:02:52

checking in, thanks roxvox grin

Checking in thanks for the new thread smile

mamas and papas have a huge sale on great is your a size 8/10/12 really struggling to find any size 18 stuff but the prices are good and a lot of baby clothes are on sale too!!

PseudoBadger Wed 24-Jul-13 14:04:52

Hello smile

favellio Wed 24-Jul-13 14:09:00

Thanks for the new thread grin

Warlin Wed 24-Jul-13 14:28:38

I'd go for the brazilian clap. I got one for my hols and didn't find it any worse than normal, though some people say waxing is more painful during pregnancy.

Can't remember who asked about bleeding but mine lasted for a good 4 weeks if I remember correctly. Far heavier than a normal period too.

Wow another new thread....wonder if there will be any early births on this one grin

Umlauf Wed 24-Jul-13 14:31:35

Ooh new thread already?! Checking in! Busy moving flat at the moment and the new place has no Internet (god knows how I set that up in Spain!) but popping on when I can x x

roxvox Wed 24-Jul-13 14:33:47

I have just now clicked why you might want a small jug for if you're a bit sore after labour!

HotSoupDumpling Wed 24-Jul-13 14:37:57

Thank you roxvox! Marking place.

cuille - how satisfying that another passenger gave him an earful. I have developed a very powerful skank-eye that I direct at numerous people like him!

I really am wobbling and sweating. Such an apt thread title.

PseudoBadger Wed 24-Jul-13 14:42:51

I can't remember how long I bled for but yes at least 4 weeks - and this was after a section!

I'm having an issue with taste today - everything I eat gives me a horrid after taste sad

Flyer747 Wed 24-Jul-13 14:49:14

Checking in, thanks for the new thread.

Just bought 2 dresses for my wedding this weekend, Phase Eight have a good sale on. Had to go for a size 14 to get them over my bump and bum!

Shirehobbit Wed 24-Jul-13 15:27:31

Ooh a shiny new thread grin - thanks!

I've just spent a lovely couple of hours catching up with a friend, who has also passed on to us a complete travel system (Mamas and Papas Pramette). Funny how standing at the handles of a pram has made everything that little bit more real...<panics>

flyer - we moved around a lot when I was growing up and we lived in Southport for a few years. It was one of the happiest/best places we lived.

chickieno1 Wed 24-Jul-13 15:29:04

Thanks for new thread!

Great bag lists clapham and wicked! Have to get cracking....

Warlin I have that skip hop bag from ds. Do you ladies think I can risk putting it in the washing machine??

Re bags some hospitals don't have much space so maybe pack a small one for labour and few things for new baby and then leave bigger postnatal bag in the car or at home to be brought in later??

Also be careful with phones/charges/iPods/camera. Dh iPod and charger went missing when I was moved for emcs. Obviously he had other things on his mind so left them out of bag smile

Great tip about Vaseline legally

chickieno1 Wed 24-Jul-13 15:30:32

Hope you're getting some rest tucking and feeling a bit better xx

pinkbuttons Wed 24-Jul-13 15:31:25

Hi all, just checking in on the new thread, thanks roxvox also agree with the title bleugh.

Have had a hormonal emotional day of panicking about hving done nothing to prepare for this baby and have just come on to read everyone is feeling the same, which has made me feel a lot better. We moved 4 weeks ago now and there are still boxes all over the place, have found it so hard to do anything in this bloody heat.

Need to try and keep up better on this thread, although seems like its been a chatty day smile

and just finally to say glad BP was down legally, and send sympathy to all those hot, bothered and ill xx

legallyblond Wed 24-Jul-13 15:33:50

Just to clarify re packing for the hospital bag, I meant all that stuff plus what I would normally take for a night away:
- clothes
- hair straighteners
- make up
- phone charger
- a book
- washing / shower stuff (splash out on really nice shower gel - that first shower after giving birth is bliss!)

I used / will use two hold alls - one for baby one for me. They just slip under the bed.

Tarlia Wed 24-Jul-13 16:19:40

Bleeding lasts between 6-8 weeks for most, but I see some say 4 here. Mine also got heavier on the more active days - if I did too much walking etc. think mine lasted 7 but last couple of weeks was random spotting.

Feel sorry for those of you unpacking, moving and decorating in this heat. We moved end of feb - I hate moving, packing and unpacking blah.

Sat crocheting some little owls this afternoon for a pram string for baby smile

Checking in - a much more reasonable 25 degrees in London today, lovely!

I'd forgotten about the bleeding sad. It's amazing what our hormones minds block out.

PseudoBadger Wed 24-Jul-13 16:26:56

Mine was definitely longer than 4 weeks but I think I've blocked out how long exactly grin

legallyblond Wed 24-Jul-13 16:35:58

Think I bled for 8 weeks - also how long my episiotomy hurt for....

and the piles.......

Tarlia Wed 24-Jul-13 16:41:33

Urg, although I feel like a hot sweaty lump, especially as I have to lay around. I'm so pleased not to have to deal with all of that bleeding and keeping a tiny newborn cool in this weather!

legally kept meaning, but forgetting until after I posted, to say: fantastic that your bp has gone down now!

Nat what did MW say about your urine and how was shopping?

Wickedgirl Wed 24-Jul-13 16:47:46

Thank you for the lovely, new thread.

I remember still bleeding at my 6 week check but it wasn't much by then (thankfully)

I have had my bags packed for months and all of the babies things were also washed and ironed months ago. It is just a waiting game now.

We moved house 4 days before my 3rd was born.......it was horrible not being able to find everything straight away. I did keep my notes and bags in the car though so I knew I had the important stuff with me

chickieno1 Wed 24-Jul-13 16:49:26

I bled for ages! At least 8 weeks. Dreading that this time

And the awful sweats sad

Such a glamourous time

chickieno1 Wed 24-Jul-13 16:52:06

Are you guys using regular detergent/washing stuff to wash babies clothes? Need to start that so don't hav loads to do at the end. Also need to find somewhere to put clean clothes

NotYoMomma Wed 24-Jul-13 16:53:47

I never prewashed anything at all - seems like a pointless exercise to me. I don't pre wash my clothes.

that said we all had to switch to non bio when dd was born due to eczema sad

NotYoMomma Wed 24-Jul-13 16:54:52

I cant take the heat argh!!!

I have to go to the physio tomorrow as my left leg is in agony!!! leg/ groin, it is such a sharp pain

legallyblond Wed 24-Jul-13 17:03:13

By the way, I meant to say what my recommended water bottle with sports cap is also good for (take two - for drinking one for this): squirting over your bits as you pee the first few times after the birth. Makes it less sting-y and stops infection if you have a little tear (or a big one or an episiotomy!)....

roofio87 Wed 24-Jul-13 17:06:29

I've just bought a 'lovely' nightie from primark, size 18-20 so huge for me and buttons down the front for giving birth. £4.50 so will just throw away after!!!

Tarlia Wed 24-Jul-13 17:06:43

wicked what a nightmare! I think I'd have lost the plot! How did you muster the energy to unpack?? And time :O

Def reccomend washing all baby stuff, it's actually scary the chemicals that they put on fabric to stop them going mouldy etc. then think of the amount of people handling it - you've got the fabric maker, the clothes makers, the shop keeper and at least 5-30 people pawing it looking and finding the correct size in the shop. That's not to mention dirty factory machines and rats etc that live in these factories...
As for what you wash in, wash as you mean to go on, but be aware that babies skin is more sensitive so if you start seeing baby getting rashes you may need to move to something softer on the skin (more Eco friendly - less nasties).

Natalieand Wed 24-Jul-13 17:28:42

I never pre washed anything for dd and won't be this time either I will wash the stuff I'm reusing from dd (white baby grows) I also don't use special washing powder dd is rather sensitive in a sense allergic to ketchup and dogs but washing powder doesn't seem too bother her so hopefully this one be the same :-)

tarlia I'm glad u asked as I forgot u prompted me to text my midwife and she said unless I have urine infection symptoms then it is most likely caused by discharge ... How delightfull lol
On route back from shopping I brought couple of pairs of shoes for myself just primary cheapies few treats for dd and dh's nan came alot and she brought us some royal baby things in mother care! Will upload pics to Facebook later :-)

Flyer747 Wed 24-Jul-13 17:44:15

Nat I love Brighton I lived in hove for a few years. I loved shopping in the lanes. It makes me all nostalgic when I hear someone talking about Brighton. smile

claphammama Wed 24-Jul-13 17:52:19

I also prewash everything. I addition to everything tarlia said, so many of them would have ended up on the shop's floor at some point as people drop them and we don't know how / where they store them before they go out. I use Fairy powder and Fairy conditioner chickien as they are non bio and much more delicate for newborn skin.

I bled very heavily for a few weeks but was definitely done before me 6 weeks check. I remember I was surprised how heavy it was in early days.

Why did they give you episiotomy legally? I thought they didn't do it in the UK anymore? I tore really badly (second degree tears) and apparently have over 20 stitches. Couldn't sit properly for a week but it all healed nicely before my 10 day midwife check up. I remember I had random fevers in the first weeks though... no idea why. One day I would have 38-39C (sorry I think only in C), feel terrible and feel flu like, with no other symptoms, and it would go completely the following day. This happened several times in the first 3 months. like my body was fighting some infection... weird

Shootingstarsandcomets Wed 24-Jul-13 17:58:42

I always have a Brazilian clapham doesn't hurt too much but I'm so used to it now after years and years.
I bled really heavily for about 10 days and then much lighter but it went on for weeks.
Can't believe the chap on the bus cuillie

Soupqueen Wed 24-Jul-13 18:22:35

So the Royal baby is George Alexander Louis. Does that clash with anyone's plans?

chickieno1 Wed 24-Jul-13 18:25:31

Your names safe umlauf

whistlingdixie Wed 24-Jul-13 18:31:22

Evening ladies, just checking in to this thread for the first time (have been lurking before)... I'm due 16th Oct, it's a boy - will be my first (that's stuck this long).

Having had problems before I haven't wanted to get too excited but we've reached 28 weeks so I'm feeling much more hopeful and am suddenly very aware that I've not sorted anything out in prep for DS's arrival!! shock

Would someone mind posting the link to the previous thread containing the hospital bag list... I think I might need to start thinking about sorting out / buying some things.

Also, would appreciate some advice - I've booked in for antenatal classes from 31st August to 15th September (finishing 4 weeks before my due date). A friend of mine who is due around the same time is already doing classes... have I left it too late?!?!?

I knew it had to be George!

Welcome whistling smile

roxvox Wed 24-Jul-13 18:49:35

Welcome whistling! The previous thread is here and the posts about maternity bags are towards the end.

Tarlia Wed 24-Jul-13 18:50:56

Welcome, Dixie. Nope, the classes will be fine. I did mine up until 36 weeks, the others were all ahead of me. However I gave birth first at 37 week induction - others all 2 weeks to a month later!

Eeekkk, was there someone using George :/ I already have a DS with middle name Alexander, so wouldn't be using that. Nat was Louis off the list? Though middle names will soon be forgotten.

GTbaby Wed 24-Jul-13 18:55:36

Hello. Last day of work done. Summer holidays start. Will do a few days in sep. but I'm done. Woop woop. Off to catch up on you chatty lot grin

Umlauf Wed 24-Jul-13 18:59:43

woohoo!! Bertie he shall be! thank you Kate and Wills! Hope nobody here was using George, alhough after much thought id decided to use the name regardless. smile

roxvox Wed 24-Jul-13 19:05:49

I've really started to like the name George, but fortunately it wasn't top of our list.

I've had a look at the stats doc and there is no mention of George on there, so fingers crossed it hasn't scuppered anyone's plans!

I found some adorable blankets online from the wool company england


I think i am going to get the scottie dog one and pink lace shawl and a plain one that is satin trimmed 3 blankets should be enough?

textbook Wed 24-Jul-13 19:21:49

Just checking in - welcome Whistling smile

chickieno1 Wed 24-Jul-13 19:27:56

Is your name safe warlin?

Congrats and welcome whistling

Clapham, Brazilian doesn't hurt too much. I had a lip wax once which hurt much more. Though I think it is meant t hurt more opbefore a period, might be the same in pregnancy.

Bridget, I always buy my class activity books to keep them busy for a few days in the holidays plus we do a big ack of holiday homework that they can do independently and suggest signing up to the local library's reading scheme where they can earn prizes for books they read.

Thanks for the hospital bag tips. I have loads after looking at lists online but cut some out and got it all in a hand luggage suitcase. Though I think there is more to add so will do a separate bag for baby. I put in two packs of maternity pads which take up loads of space. I will be adding Vaseline, thanks legally.

Natalieand Wed 24-Jul-13 19:41:38

Louie was still a potential name for us although as the days go by its increasing looking likely he will be called theo, nothing's set in stone yet

Hope everyone else is ok about the royal name, I definately recall one or two ppl on here having George set in stone or high up on their lists

Natalieand Wed 24-Jul-13 19:46:26

flyer I didn't so any exotic shopping in the lanes just good old Churchill square lol x

Iheartcrunchiebars Wed 24-Jul-13 19:57:32

Marking place. Thanks for the new thread roxvox.

I haven't been able to get a midwife appointment since 18 weeks (now 28). I've spoken to her on the phone and she says its no big deal. I feel fine and haven't had any problems. Should I be worried?

Have you booked your next one crunchie?

We had George on our list but not a favourite.

Iheartcrunchiebars Wed 24-Jul-13 20:17:18

No I'm waiting for a call from the midwife at the moment. I can get one in 2 weeks time but I'm not sure i can actually get there in time (early in the morning and I live a long way away). Can I see the doctor instead and just take all my notes?

GTbaby Wed 24-Jul-13 20:44:16

General comments after reading.

I took a small wheelie bag (cabin carry on) for all my pre and post natal.
If everything doesn't fit some thing's can be kept in car boot. So I kept maternity pads spare nappies wipes there to reduce bag size. Also my towel and dressing gown was left in car.
I had a separate bag for lo. (Medium long champ bag) Clothes, nappies wipes etc. I had zip lock type bags. In each one had a vest, baby grow , muslin packed. So dh had to just get one pack out. Men are dumb sometimes and need things made easy for them! I also had a pack with 10 nappies and packet of wipes.

Spare things were bought into me when I was on post natal ward.

Bleeding lasted 4weeks here. Maternity pads tend not to plasticky like sanitary towels.

Slippysnow Wed 24-Jul-13 20:48:17

Hi all,
Thanks for the new thread , and all the hospital bag advice.

I have a quick question, there was a stage during pregnancy when people were saying the baby had reduced movement, some were even going to hospital to check things were ok.
As my due date is 25th oct I'm further behind you all, I'm trying not to stress because the baby is still moving its just slightly softer when I thought they would be harder and slightly less frequent (but I have been busier). Am I being sensible not to panic, I miss the lil belly jumps.

Natalieand Wed 24-Jul-13 20:52:38

slippy my midwife said they don't tend to monitor it until 28 weeks but if something is out of the norm for your baby then to lay down on your left side for two hours and if u are not feeling anything or hardly anything then then to give them a call. X

Tarlia Wed 24-Jul-13 20:59:19

Oh I'd forgotten about the freezer bag containing, nappy, first outfit, socks and bib. Really handy as GT said for a flappy DP to access easily.

Flyer747 Wed 24-Jul-13 21:09:24

I'm currently in maternity assessment unit due to reduced movements, felt nothing since 4am....called them and they told me to come down...heartbeat all ok, just waiting to have an internal after I mentioned the lots of watery discharge yesterday, I can't wait!

HotSoupDumpling Wed 24-Jul-13 21:14:26

Good luck flyer

legallyblond Wed 24-Jul-13 21:16:48

Glad heartbeat was fine Flyer, that's the main thing! Have fun with the internal... Had lots of those (plus the "dildo cam") for my cervix issues....!

PseudoBadger Wed 24-Jul-13 21:18:38

Oh Flyer, I'm glad you're getting checked out xx

Flyer747 Wed 24-Jul-13 21:22:18

Woman in the next cubicle has just been bought in after her waters went and is having contractions every 2 minutes she is 28 weeks...scary the thought of it. I hope she and the baby are ok. It makes my worries seem a tad silly.

sisteroutlaw Wed 24-Jul-13 21:22:30

Flyer an internal... hope they are uber gentle and nothing's actually wrong.
cullie that bus dude needs to be shot.
whistling welcome! So pleased you've got to 28 weeks if you've lost some in the past. Such lovely news.

You're all making me think I need to:
- dig out the newborn/0-3 clothes from the loft and wash them (dusty up there)
- pack a sensible maternity bag (not the hurried one I packed in early labour last time)
- reorganise the whole house so it works magically
- plan a new career to come back to after leave...

I'm feeling pretty buoyant though mood-wise. Just incredibly sweaty. Buoyant and sweaty.

Hmmm might also get the exercise ball down from the loft too to bob up and down on.

Hope it goes ok flyer. Glad heartbeat was fine.
I am quite pleased with the nhs from what everyone has said, it seems they do take worries like this seriously and people seem to have been able to be seen pretty quickly. That reassures me.

PseudoBadger Wed 24-Jul-13 21:32:19

Orange they were fantastic with me on Monday (I also had reduced movements) - I arrived at 9.10 and by 9.30 I'd had a scan and was on the ctg. They kept me there as long as needed to make sure all was ok, I wasn't hurried in any way.
Good luck Flyer x

pinkbuttons Wed 24-Jul-13 21:33:47

Welcome to the thread whistling grin
flyer glad your being seen, hope all is ok and was just an increase of discharge yesterday and baby being a monkey today.
Love the freezer bag idea, means I can have some control over what vest goes with baby grow and hat smile (perfectly satisfies my control freak tendencies)

whistlingdixie Wed 24-Jul-13 21:36:33

Thanks for the link to the hospital bag thread - really glad I asked for it now as there are loads of things I would never have thought of!! smile

Crunchie - if nothing is wrong and you're feeling fine don't worry about missing one but you may need to be quite persistent in booking your next appt... don't let them fob you off again. They should be doing regular checks even if its all fine, will help your peace of mind at the very least!

GTbaby Wed 24-Jul-13 21:36:48

Tarlia I asked dh to get out my vest and he pulled out my knickers and waved them about. He doesn't have a clue.

As its first day of summer break tomorrow. I may go through my new born baby clothes and pick out hospital outfits. Or rather just look at how tiny lo was only 9 months ago and get emotional.

whistlingdixie Wed 24-Jul-13 21:37:26

Good luck Flyer!!!

GTbaby Wed 24-Jul-13 21:40:23

Flyer it is very scary for the lady next door. But don't let it mk you feel like you are over reacting. You need to feel reassured everything is fine.

PseudoBadger Wed 24-Jul-13 21:40:39

Crunchie - as I'm 'out of area' for my hospital midwives many of my antenatal appointments were done by my gp. Personally I would get a gp appointment x

Tarlia Wed 24-Jul-13 21:42:40

Hope all ok, flyer. Def positive to hear HB. Scary about lady next door, poor thing.

pink indeed. Also easy for MW to find if DP is taking photos or passed out on the floor haha.

Bit of an early tip, but pack outgrown baby/kids clothes away properly, not all together in bags.. I've two sacks full to go through and sort of 6 months- 2years urg! I started off so well with storage boxes for the tiny stuff too!

GTbaby Wed 24-Jul-13 21:50:45

Tarlia I started off so well at first aswel. I used old pampers boxes and as stuff would get small to a change over.

ATM I chuck it all in a draw blush waiting for holidays to sort it out. Better add that to the list.

Off to write a to do list for over summer holidays. A good list. Including ppl I want to catch up with box sets I want to watch and a book to read. So it's not a bad to do list. I just put stuff off. And my summer resolution is to ensure I work towards something on my list every day.

Wickedgirl Wed 24-Jul-13 21:55:51

Because we don't know what we're having, I have bought really lovely outfits in pink and blue for the baby's first pictures. Not that I'm mad or anything grin

They will be easy for my dh to find as I won't be wearing tiny pink or blue outfits myself.

flyer I hope everything is ok. X

Natalieand Wed 24-Jul-13 22:00:45

Hope everything goes ok with your examination flyer and the woman next to u is a reminder of why we should all go get checked out if something doesn't feel quite right for us xx

claphammama Wed 24-Jul-13 22:21:34

good luck flyer. Thinking of you xx

Another new thread! We have got to be the chattiest lot on here, our threads are nearly always top of the list!

Anyways GT I meant to say on the last thread about your achy legs and arm, I've been getting that quite painfully, MW suggested it might be lack of vitamin d, as I don't eat eggs or oily fish it's quite possible (and my new great excuse to sit in the sun for some short periods!)

I hope everything is ok Flyer.

I've just had to buy more bras in a 34G. I didn't think I looked like I'd grown much but I put on a pre pregnancy 32E bra yesterday and it barely covered my nipples. Got somr big comfy cotton knickers in a size 14 I must remember to buy some more for my hospital bag.
On that note take double the amount of knickers you think you'll need as You will soak through them. I bled for 6 weeks and the first few days were really heavy. Every time I stood up I flooded. They say you bleed less with a cesarean but it's nonsense.
Be prepared for the bleeding to stop for a couple of days just to start up again too.

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Wed 24-Jul-13 22:34:45

Just a quick post as DD has only just, finally, settled to sleep. Arrrggghhh - hot weather, light evenings and end of term excitement has sent her sleep patterns haywire.

Fingers crossed for you Flyer - hope all is well.

A big welcome wave to whistling and congratulations on your little boy. I hope you are managing to enjoy your pregnancy and it hasn't been too clouded by anxiety. This pregnancy (post mc) has been mentally a very different experience from my first.

Sister - many congrats on passing your driving test. I hope it will be me one day. I've decided to take a break from lessons/tests for a while. I'm finding turning around for manoeuvres/observations uncomfortable already and I'm thinking of changing instructor too. He's been lovely but he's been teaching me for so long that he seems to have become 'blind' to my driving faults.

Orange - thanks for the workbook/library tips. We're definitely going to try to keep DD reading every day. She has just started to make real progress and can't really afford to slide back over the summer.

Consultant appointment tomorrow to discuss pelvic floor/birthing issues - not sure how it'll go.

GTbaby Wed 24-Jul-13 22:37:47

Also forgot to mention.
Latest bloods show I'm low in b12. So need to see dr for an injection hmm

Anyone else had this?

GTbaby Wed 24-Jul-13 22:42:16

Blondies gp suggested vitD supplements last time I saw them. So hopefully will sort itself out.
Taking so many pills. Should really sort out my diet!

legallyblond Wed 24-Jul-13 22:53:16

Bridget... I feel your pain! DD (2.9) settled at 10.15.... We're in the 'transition' period of dropping her nap... And she's also regressed potty training wise .... Argh!

textbook Wed 24-Jul-13 23:19:14

Hope everything is good with you/baby Flyer

What a brilliant idea about the freezer bags - I'm going to leave some of these made up at home too as I'll be in 3 days with my section, so otherwise will be literally taking a full-sized suitcase in with me shock

LostMySocks Wed 24-Jul-13 23:34:05

New thread. Can I moan. George was at the top of our boys list and DH's favourite. We're moving tomorrow. So glad that we've paid the extra £300 to et the removal men to pack everything. It's been bad enough getting DH to pack his overnight bag and even now I'm not confident that deodorant will find its way in tomorrow morning. Honestly he can be worse than a teenager

GTbaby Wed 24-Jul-13 23:49:35

Text book GOOD IDEA. At home leave spare everything in an easy to find place.
Staying in hospital longer will be stressful n dh WILL pick out wrong things.
So either a bag/ cupboard with following thing is a must
-clothes for baby, nappies, wipes
- for you, underwear, clothes, maternity pads, breast pads, toiletries.

tuckingfits Thu 25-Jul-13 00:09:16

Hi all. Great tips,I really ought to start thinking about my hospital ah I suppose.

I have felt dreadful all day,my sister came & looked after DS for a couple of hour this afternoon so that I could get some sleep.

Really sorry for the gross post last night. You probably didn't actually need as much detail blush

I feel a lot better tonight but glad I phoned work at lunchtime to say I wouldn't be in tonight either,not even sure I'll have the energy to go tomorrow night but I really ought to so I'll wait & see.

flyer will be thinking of you with everything crossed. It's great that they are being so thorough in checking you out.

My baby has been ridiculously active today after never being this bouncy,squirmy,wriggly or kicky before. It's been a combination of lovely & uncomfortable. When DS woke up from his nap he told me he liked the baby. "me like the baby". Heart melting! Despite not having really been told about the baby yet. Guess he understands more than we've been giving him credit for.

Flyer747 Thu 25-Jul-13 00:49:51

Back finally, we were there for about 4.5 hours in total, all seems to be ok, relieved. The lady next to me was properly moaning (contraction moaning not complaining moaning) she was being taken upto the delivery suite as I left, I was chatting to the nurse who said her baby would probably be born tonight, she was due the day after me 14/10/13, I'm not religious but will say a little prayer for her baby tonight.

Then the other cubicle had a lady 35 weeks who's waters had gone....It all made it seem to real hearing and seeing it.

tuckingfits Thu 25-Jul-13 00:59:08

Glad you're home flyer. Are you feeling movements now?

Poor lady next to you. I'm due 13.10 too & cannot imagine being in labour now. Not least because the bedroom isn't built & everything I have for this baby is spread throughout my house wherever I can squeeze it for storage purposes. Oh,apart from the furniture which is in my parents' garage...

Really need to get my backside in gear.

Anyway,pleased you are home & that all is ok with you & your little baby. Positive thoughts from here for the lady & her baby.xx

chickieno1 Thu 25-Jul-13 03:53:03

Glad you and Babba are ok flyer

Glad you and baby are ok flyer. Thinking of the lady next to you. Her little one has a very good survival chance now, I read 95% at 27 weeks, but how scary. I hope she wasn't alone.

GT I have never been low in B12 but am always very aware of getting good nutrition and have had it tested a couple of times as I eat a mainly vegan diet and B12 is the only thing you can't get from plants. It is added to cereal, marmite and alternatives like rice/soy milks and spreads if you don't eat much fish/egg/dairy which are the main sources. My pregnacare vitamins also have three times what you need (not all will be absorbed) but if you are deficient you don't have time to build up stores gradually and an injection boost for now sounds good.

Natalieand Thu 25-Jul-13 07:03:31

I am due 14/10 how scary for that lady! But even if one of us were to spontaneously labour now then it wouldn't matter that were not prepared because baby wouldn't be coming straight home anyway and if it was allowed to wear clothes in its incubator then it would be a rediculously small vest none of the cute newborn stuff we've all been buying.
Glad u got the all clear too flyer

All of this hospital bag talk is getting me so excited :-)

char1eston Thu 25-Jul-13 07:55:15

Welcome whistling - glad you've passed this milestone.

Glad you're feeling a little better tucking - take it easy today too. So cute what your ds said smile

Glad it's good news for you too flyer.

That's really not on, crunchie. Definitely try to make an appointment with someone. They should be regularly checking your urine and blood and it's also good to just talk things through with someone if you have any questions. This is my 2nd dc and they are seeing me every 3-4 weeks.

I also recommend packing some straws in your hospital bag as they are easier to drink from. When I was last in labour, the midwife bought me an ice pop and it was the best thing I'd ever eaten! Would also recommend pile cream (can't remember who mentioned that unthread) but for me, that pain was worse than my stitches (sorry for the tmi).

Warlin Thu 25-Jul-13 08:43:34

Morning alll

Sorry lost that they used George...would yuou still consider using it? Oct is still a few months away.

chick no thankfully we have Edward at the top of the list and they stayed clear of that.

welcome whistle and congrats on your little one.

slippy I had no movement really at the weekend but then it started again. It think it's normal enough as there is still space for the baby to move a lot and it could just be lying behind the placenta. I think they worry more after about 32 weeks.

I will wash all the clothes. I did last time but then as people kept buying things and our refluxy baby went through huge amounts of clothes I gave up. Will just wash the really early stuff in Fairy non bio but hoping Ds2 won't have sensitive skin. DS1 def doesn't as we only had our first bout of nappy rash last week after almost 14 months!

I had my WC vaccine yesterday and my arm still feels dead sad I hope I've done the right thing...really don't like the thought of injecting anything voluntarily into me at the moment. Poor baba

Warlin Thu 25-Jul-13 08:44:26

Sorry forgot to say flyer that must have been scary but glad all is ok. Must be reassuring to get checked and be told that x

char1eston Thu 25-Jul-13 08:54:09

What newborn nappies does everyone like? I hated the smell of the pampers newborn and had poosplotions with nature babycare. Any suggestions?

PseudoBadger Thu 25-Jul-13 08:58:33

It's tricky Char1eston as I also hated the smell of pampers and switched to Huggies. Felt that nature babycare were a bit stiff for tiny babies (and agree on their 'capacity'...)
I think I'll use pampers and see if I can bear it (as my nose is harder now after nearly 3 years grin) and if I can't then ill look around. I have heard that Sainsbury's own brand are similar to Huggies?

PseudoBadger Thu 25-Jul-13 08:58:45

So glad all is ok Flyer!!

Glad all is well with you flyer - how scary for that lady. I really must start carrying my notes and getting organised....

Feel terrible today as didn't get to sleep until gone 2.30am and then up at 6am with DS. DP and I started bickering at bedtime about what he was been feeding DS this week, and the row then escalated to him being an irresponsible moron with no regard for the consequences of his actions, and me being a neurotic controlling bitch. He stormed off to the front room leaving me fuming/tearful in bed for hours. Graa! I fear I may have been slightly hormonal and over the top, but after specifically asking DP not to feed DS crap all week, and filling the house with healthy food, fruit, homecooked meals in the freezer, yesterday DS had jam on toast for breakfast, a cake for snack, fish, rice and veg for lunch (one I prepared earlier), crisps in the afternoon, then an ice lolly, then a sandwich and crisps for his dinner. Thats crap isn't it - or am I just being dramatic?

And have long meetings today at work with a real pain in the arse sales manager who is going to attempt to blame my team for his team not meeting their target.

Sorry for moan - feel better now smile

ComtesseDeFrouFrou Thu 25-Jul-13 09:08:36

Well, yes Bowl that isn't great, but its one day. So you're both right wink

Never mind, today is a fresh start.

PseudoBadger Thu 25-Jul-13 09:11:36

It is pretty crap Bowl.... Sometimes DS gets similar at the childminders (if she's being pestered by the after school kids and then DS wants some too) and I inwardly seethe. I would outwardly seethe at DP though grin

HotSoupDumpling Thu 25-Jul-13 09:17:30

Bowful, I'd probably have a rant too at my DP, but only because I often need to get a grip and be less uptight about things!

I do tend to have a go at him without realising that I would have given myself a break in the same circumstances... (I'm thinking specifically of such HotSoup-mandated offences such as leaving shoes around the house)

Flyer - good you are well, and very reassuring that the NHS took your concerns seriously. Although you mentioning that lady makes me a bit scared about my lack of preparation! (quickly adds 'maternity pads' to the supermarket list...)

I think I'll be washing baby clothes beforehand. Probably because it's the PFB and I've got time. I can imagine giving up after a while! But it is true that the clothing industry treats the fabrics with all sorts of crap to make them stay crease-free and look good. And my secondhand ones smell of someone else's home/baby/washing liquid, and I want my baby to smell of us!

Natalieand Thu 25-Jul-13 09:18:55

Not the best day of food but it could be worse i guess. My dh is even worse if he takes dd down in the morning ill say what did she have for breakfast his reply is usually a biscuit and shared my cereal and by shared he means about 4 spoonfuls.

Have really let dd's behaviour slip alot recently and it really is getting to me she doesn't do naughty things like smack kids or draw on walls or break toys etc she just has a rediculous amount of attitude refuses to do anything I ask and cries about literally everything and she's almost 3. Wish my luck, cos I'm gunna need something short of a miracle to get me trough the next few days.

I only have one pack of nappies so far and they r tesco ones I think off the top of my head x

Wickedgirl Thu 25-Jul-13 09:30:15

Asda nappies are very good......I bought loads in different sizes when they had their last baby event.

I washed all of the babies stuff in non bio and baby baby comfort softener. It all smells so yummy now. You just don't know who has touched it or sneezed all over it while its been in the supermarket or being transported.

For drinks in my hospital bag, I've put in loads of Capri sun drinks. They have a straw so I can drink it lying down and because they are in a foil pouch, I have squeezed them down into crevices in my bag and they dont take up too much space.

Glad you have the all clear flyer Poor lady at 28 weeks but as i have said before this is when I was born I was in hospital for a month and it was very traumatic for my DM but I have no lasting issues at all and this was 1984 so I am sure things have improved in neonatal care since then too and baby might not be in so long.

Feeling overwhelmed at the hospital bag situation but i have a list so it might be ok! I plan to use Gnappies so I will buy there newborn starter set smile

claphammama Thu 25-Jul-13 10:22:09

haha - wicked, I misread your post at first and thought you said you "squeezed them down in your cervix"! Then I read slowly again...

bowlfull have you guys been eavesdropping on our arguments with DP?? "irresponsible moron not thinking about consequences" and "control freak bitch" - yes, I believe both of them have been used, and in a very similar context :-) A lot of our arguments are about food or DP's drinking (he never actually gets drunk but I just think he drinks too much for his health). I am very health conscious and he is not... and his mother is even worse. I would react exactly the same as you! I really believe that these early years are super important as we develop their eating habits for life and can teach their taste buds what to like! I also hate DS going to the holiday club. His school is really healthy and their school lunches are great (they are a trust school so have more independence and money to spend on food etc) But the holiday club is a different matter and they have kids from many nearby schools there. A real mix. So he often comes back complaining that everyone else had crisps and chocolate in their lunch box and he didn't. Very difficult to reason with a 5 year old who feels wronged and deprived of chocolate... Hope I don't sound like a snob but I really believe we are what we eat...

flyer so happy you and the baby are OK! How scary about the other ladies... I'm well paranoid now about DP going to HK in September!! It's a reminder to all of us that it can really happen anytime now... BUT I've seen so many great stories around me. My close friend had her twins at 27 weeks. They are 5 now and both perfectly OK - full of energy, healthy, bright and doing really well at school. You would never know. And DS goes to school with twins born at 31 weeks and again - they are perfect. Personally, I find it so reassuring but hope all our babies will stay inside for a few more weeks... I've been thinking about crookie a lot recently... I really hope all is good with her.

re: nappies, I used Pampers with DS and planning to use them again. Strange, I never noticed any particular smell! Need to smell them again now :-)

Haha, thanks for the comments ladies - I do know that for one day it really doesn't matter, and I'm not a food nazi, DS does get treats on a fairly regular basis. It's more DP doesn't see this as a one off bad day of food, he would quite happily feed DS that crap everyday. But probably do need to hand myself a grip grin.

30 weeks and my get up and go has got up and gone - roll on October!

claphammama Thu 25-Jul-13 10:25:15

wow falcon I forgot you are our own early delivery success story! grin

claphammama Thu 25-Jul-13 10:27:52

and bowlfull re: your meeting, sales teams ALWAYS blame other teams for not meeting their targets :-) I get it pretty much every quarter! Part of life

Cross post Clapham - yes sounds very similar! I doubt I am as healthy as you from your previous posts, but am very conscious of getting a balanced diet and especially ensuring that DS does. If we are out and about for the day I won't stress about him having crap - but will make sure he is getting something nutritious as well as the treats, and then having a super healthy few days afterwards. DP doesn't care, and doesn't seem to think it matters. Mind you, when I met him and he was living in a flat share his weekly shopping was lager, tins of tuna and pepperami's, so I suppose I should have known hmm.

And yes it's par for the course I know - but feeling particularly short tempered today and really don't want to end up telling him to fuck off, especially as my boss is in the meeting. Ho hum.

First day of the holidays yay! My lie in lasted until about 3am then 6am. i think i will try afternoon naps instead.

I am really achey after taking down my classroom displays and emptying out boxes last night. I got DH to come home early from work to help me with lifting and a couple of colleagues carried boxes to the car too, but still think I overdid the bending, stretching and standing. Very glad I booked my pregnancy massage for this afternoon!

Going to lunch with my friend and god daughter (15 months) first and having a very lazy morning looking at baby names lists online for inspiration. It seems all the names I like are in the top 50. Oh well we will have a common baby!

Clapham, the children who have only cake/chocolate for their lunches don't do very well in the afternoons at school. It is supposed to be banned at our school except for Fridays but there isn't a lot you can do when they don't have anything else other than give a bit of fruit. I have had to have a word with a few parents and give out a list of healthy suggestions which I hate doing as it often doesn't go down well! E.g when lunch is regularly just a bag of maltesers, or 4 cupcakes, or two slices of cake with chocolate spread as a sandwich, plus an extra slice cake. Another child regularly scoffs a few rushed pringles at the classroom door as 'breakfast' and then doesn't have a very good morning.

I have also had two children in my year one class over the last two years who have had to have all of their teeth pulled out and many with rotten orange/brown/ black/ crumbling/infected teeth? Your son with thank you for the decent lunch boxes one day!

Bowlful your DS had a decent lunch and a sandwich, and one day won't hurt as others have said, it takes long term neglect to cause the sorts of teeth I see. But I am a big believer in giving children (and adults) good food so I don't think you were being unreasonable to be a bit annoyed, especially as you had bought healthy foods.

legallyblond Thu 25-Jul-13 11:07:13

I used / will use Naty baby care nappies, then washables. Once DD was one and DH took over, we switched to pampers, as they are the best for big wees once the baby is that age! For newborns though, I couldn't do pampers.... The chemical stink plus occasional chemical crystal explosion was too foul for me!!!

legallyblond Thu 25-Jul-13 11:09:41

Oh, and meant to say... When I had my stitch at 24 weeks, the lady in the room next to me (I was on labour ward - own rooms) had PROM (ie waters breaking) at 25.5 weeks and was contracting every 4 mins... V scary at that stage. Getting beyond 30 weeks is really good... We're all doing great!

claphammama Thu 25-Jul-13 11:10:32

Thanks orange and your stories sound really scary... Gosh - it must be so awkward having to talk to parents about it... I really don't envy you this part. I can only imagine some reactions you get. DS's school doesn't allow (informally as they can't disallow formally) packed lunches in Reception. Probably for this reason? So all children eat school lunches. Then it's optional from Year 1 onwards but I believe a vast majority of children do school lunches there. I never see any children carrying packed lunches on the way to school. It's only afterschool and holiday clubs that give junk. However, I'm planning to be a SAHM for a bit once DS2 is born so not stressing about it too much as I know it's temporary.

legallyblond Thu 25-Jul-13 11:10:35

And.... (sorry) re getting stuff ready, I would realistically expect that you might well need it all done from 34 weeks....

PseudoBadger Thu 25-Jul-13 11:14:36

"For newborns though, I couldn't do pampers.... The chemical stink plus occasional chemical crystal explosion was too foul for me!!!"

That's exactly it!!

Smitten1981 Thu 25-Jul-13 11:22:29

Errrr, what's this about Huggies no longer being sold in the UK and Ireland?


Smitten1981 Thu 25-Jul-13 11:24:24

I was told Huggies were the best nappies, balls!

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Thu 25-Jul-13 11:27:28

Back from the hospital and all fine - green light for a vaginal delivery. As I suspected there wasn't a great deal to say, and though she was lovely it was clearly not her area of expertise, so I was very surprised she wants to see me again in 6 weeks confused

Flyer pleased all is ok with you and baby.

Can't remember which nappies we used when DD was small. When she was older we stuck to pampers active fit as they were by far the best fit for her body shape (very round tummy). I remember we tried loads of different brands but we ended with leaks in all sorts of places.

PseudoBadger Thu 25-Jul-13 11:27:43

It's true very sadly sad They couldn't cope with not being market leader. It's very interesting how opinion on nappies polarises - people who love Huggies, love them (like me). People who hate them, hate them!
My suggestion would be to go to places that are running their stock down (my Waitrose still has them, and some Boots) and buy them up.

roxvox Thu 25-Jul-13 11:30:31

Glad all is ok flyer! As for premature births, DH has regularly taken to telling baby to 'stay in there for a little bit longer please!' when I am getting braxton hicks or baby is being particularly active.

Reading through your discussions about what your children eat has got me thinking about what I have been eating lately. I think I really need to cut back on the sugar (she says, tucking into a chelsea bun). I haven't been putting on more than a pound a week and the midwife seems happy with the baby's development, but I know that I have too much fruit, orange juice and chocolate. I might download that Fitness Pal app and try to monitor what I am eating in the hope it will encourage me to cut back on the sugary stuff.

All I want to eat is sugar and carbs though. Vegetables and salad do absolutely nothing for me at the minute.

claphammama Thu 25-Jul-13 11:38:52

aaaa... based on your comments ladies, my first ever brazilian booked for this evening!! :-)

Good luck! Avoid tight trousers eg jeans today!

Ellie15 Thu 25-Jul-13 11:50:35

Glad everything's ok flyer. I'm feeling totally unprepared at the moment, all I have is some clothes and a pram which we got this week. Hopefully going to find a cot this weekend. I am feeling a bit guilty about the amount of sugar I eat to roxvox (I must try to do better).

As for nappies both my sister and sister in law use Aldi own brand so I'm going to try them. They get good mumsnet reviews. www.mumsnet.com/reviews/nursery/disposable-nappies/9873-aldi-mamia

Tarlia Thu 25-Jul-13 11:55:27

Agree, pampers are disgusting these days. I've heard Aldi own are fantastic, but never tried them myself.

Orange sounds heartbreaking watching these tiny hungry, poorly nourished and cared for children. God imagine having all teeth pulled at 6! Shocking! DS being a super physical boy has a couple of tiny chips on his teeth which make me wobbly, but with good hygiene and noutrishion I'm hoping will not become a problem.

Talking about teeth, whatever happened to rachel the dentist? Hope she is ok!

Clapham How about making some rawtella www.carolinecain.com/rawtella/ that will satisfy his chocolate neglect, but is also good for him shhh. If they keep the lunches in the fridge then coat fruit or nuts, if not pop in a small tub and it'll be a dip for chopped fruit. Very quick to make.

GT made me chuckle about the knickers, thats exactly what DP would do too!

Whoever said about leaving freezer bags ready at home, fab idea!

Tarlia Thu 25-Jul-13 12:02:12

Nourishment. Damn you iPhone.

Cross posted lots!

Good luck with the wax, clapham. Used to love Bare for my treatments.

Good luck clapham grin

ComtesseDeFrouFrou Thu 25-Jul-13 13:12:11

Also hear good things about Aldi nappies. I've got some, as well as son Sainsburys ones that I've realised will be too big initially and some pampers - all except the Aldi ones were for the freebies that came with them! I'm considering giving real nappies a go once we've got into the swing of things - I'll do a trial through the council and maybe get te nappy lady to advise.

Legally was it you who used them for your DD? Any recommendations? Will you go to disposables if you've got two to contend with this time?

I've seen the Cheeky Wipes (washable wipes) too and they look good, even if we decide not to use real nappies in the end.

Hello ladies, regular lurker, irregular poster here. I mainly wanted to post because I'm also Crookie1's sister and since you are so sweet to be concerned, I want to reassure you she is fine, no tricky consequences to losing that bit of mucus plug. Gosh it was scary tho! I was really panicked and worried about her, but apparent it can replenish, so if you get through the first day or so ok, you should be fine.

I'm totally unprepared in terms of kit, nursery, hospital bags etc. We are still mid decorating and I just feel like I don't want to bring anyone crap into our home until we've got places to put them! So we desperately need to get a boogie on with that. We're still planning a home birth but I'm quite aware we might end up in hospital anyway, so need to prepare for both.

On the other hand I'm feeling pretty good and prepared emotionally. DP is being largely lovely, we've done our hypnobirthing course, and just finished our NHS antenatal course which was really really good. I'm getting to pregnancy yoga now and then and still got NCT coming up. I've got disturbingly massive swollen feet and nasty acid reflux, and for the last few weeks (29 weeks yesterday) my body has decided it wants me to put on three pounds a week, but I think the oxytocin must be coursing through my body cos I'm happy and don't care about any of it really! Just really looking forward to birth and having my little baby! Best wishes to you all x x

legallyblond Thu 25-Jul-13 13:37:45

Contesse - yes, I did real nappies with DD until about 14 months (when DH became a stay at home dad). I will def do them again with two. They really are super easy! I ended up using Flips, but this time will stock up with extras (as there will be two bottoms to cover!) of the new bum genius all in ones and blueberry basix. I like the nappies that have built in stay dry/fleece lining.

I didn't use washable wipes... Not sure why. I used cotton wool and water for about 2 months, thd Hughes baby wipes. We live Higgins wipes so much that we haver seriously stocked up on them as they are cheap before being discontinued (we have almost 100 packs! blush blush)...

legallyblond Thu 25-Jul-13 13:38:42

Sorry for so many typos. Hopefully you get the gist!

Sparkeleigh Thu 25-Jul-13 13:54:55

Flyer Glad everything is ok! Take it easy today, you deserve a break after all that stress!

Pannacotta Glad Crookie is well!

Tarlia rawtella looks yum!

As for getting organised and decorating, we still have to shift around furniture and switch rooms to the bigger bedroom but I have no idea where half the furniture from it is going. DH is stubbornly refusing to get rid of the ancient energy eating TV that he watches once in a blue moon... I HATE it... Plus I refuse to sleep and have the baby sleep in the same room as his bookshelves, they're full of general crap at the front that just catches dust. When I complained he said it'd take 2 minutes to dust them, so I offered to get him a cloth and stopwatch and he backtracked rather quickly...

About the discussions on washing baby clothes - I used to work for Next and worked in a warehouse to mark down sale items for a couple of months over one summer. By the end of it, I'd come out in some weird rash on my arms and dirt was ingrained into my hands so I'll definitely be washing new clothes...

Good luck clapham, you need to report back so that I can take advantage of your bravery and decide whether to get one grin

HotSoupDumpling Thu 25-Jul-13 14:39:09

Been reading the Ina May guide to childbirth. It's very 'woo' but has some useful suggestions! Some really entertaining photos in there - I've shown DP the best ones and he is just 'EUGH OMG EUGH EUGH'. So, nice and mature.

Spark, that reminds me of DP, he has these ridiculous figurines in front of our bookcases. When I say they'll be an arse to dust, he says 'no, just rinse them in water'. hmm They're his! So he should do the blimmin rinsing!

Flyer747 Thu 25-Jul-13 14:50:25

Thanks for all your well wishes everyone.

Panacotta glad to hear crookie is doing well, that's good news after her scare.

Good Luck clapham, you'll never look back after having a Brazilian grin

I've been looking at the child benefits today (family allowance it used to be called I think) it's confusing. It seems to say if one of you earns over a certain amount you don't qualify for any. I just presumed I'd get it, i was going to have it to top up my maternity pay (obviously to buy stuff for the baby) can anyone clarify the criteria for me as its confusing and talks about higher earner child allowance if one of your earns over the cut off amount. Thanks

The amount you are entitled to declines gradually the more over £50k you earn. If one of you earns over £60k, you get no child benefit

So if you and DP both earn under £50k each, you get the full amount. If one of you earns over £60k, you get nothing. If one or both or you earns between £50k and £60k, you can claim child benefit, but you have to declare to taxman, as the reduced amount you are entitled to is clawed back through your tax code. The higher earner would declare.

Pointless, complex and unnecessary!

ComtesseDeFrouFrou Thu 25-Jul-13 15:13:57

Flyer I think that its if one of you earns over £50k. If you google it, there was a useful calculator online to show how much you'd be entitled to. I think the way it works is you have to pay back a certain amount pro rata to the amount over the threshold you are, but its probably worth claiming even if its not for the full amount.

Oddlife Thu 25-Jul-13 16:00:44

Hi October Ladies,

Can I come and join in? I have been lurking here for a few weeks and would like to join you in the final journey and hopefully beyond...

I am a first time mum at 49.... cant believe I have got to 28 weeks already! So far touch wood it's been a fairly uneventful pregnancy worst bit apart from the ms has been this heatwave which has sent me completely potty! Totally unable to sleep or do anything. Literally asleep at 02:00 and awake again at 03:00 until 06:30. A few external stresses on my plate - builders are in and its neck and neck if they will finish before the baby is born..... and DH away with a family bereavement not back for another month http://cdnmn.com/emo/te/3.gif

Baby currently due 11/10/13 but consultant keen to whip her out a bit early. Am umming and ahhing about my 2 given options of either an induction at 39wks or a planned C-S at 39wk. After desperately wanting a water or home birth and completed a hypnobirthing course can't believe I am now contemplating ELCS as my best choice! Am worried that that an induction at 39 wks could end up in emergency C-S after hours of an artificially induced labour and possibly forceps etc. Not sure my poor old vagina could cope with that....

Any thoughts from the more experienced mums?

roxvox Thu 25-Jul-13 16:30:53

Welcome oddlife. I see that you managed to fit the word vagina into your first post. I think you'll fit in fine grin ... Do you know what you are having (boy or girl)?

I am not an experienced Mum by any means (this is my first) so I cannot offer any advice I am afraid! That's a bugger that your plans of a water or home birth are being pushed out of sight though. Is there any reason why the consultant is keen to get your baby out sooner rather than later?

Glad crookie is doing well, thanks for the update pannacotta. Glad you are doing well too smile

I have just asked my boss (who has a 3 week old daughter) what nappies he would recommend and he said that they've happily used Pampers (I mentioned chemical smell but got a confused expression back), and he also said that Asda nappies were good. I also read that Aldi ones were meant to be pretty good. I have no idea basically. I might get a few and see what works best!

PseudoBadger Thu 25-Jul-13 16:37:38

Men try to avoid sniffing nappies roxvox - I bet his wife hates them wink

Welcome oddlife! My best friend's sister just had her first baby at 45; she was induced on her due date and ended up having a section as the induction made no progress whatsoever.

I was induced at 38 weeks, induction progressed fine but after dilating fully and pushing for nearly 3 hours DS had barely moved down! So I ended up with a section. I'm having a planned section this time.

What has your consultant recommended?

Shirehobbit Thu 25-Jul-13 16:47:54

Hello and welcome oddlife grin
I'm a complete newbie and the talk over the last two days about episostomies and tears and bleeding haven't freaked me out at all, oh no and can offer no advice, I'm afraid - but do come along for the ride.
I have actually taken on board the talk about hospital bags and the like, especially with flyer's experiences of women in early deliveries, yesterday (glad everything is ok, btw flyer). So I wrote a list and spent the last hour browsing Boots/Mothercare looking at changing bags and what might go in them. But I've not actually bought anything, of course!
Just what am I looking for in a changing bag?! confused

Welcome oddlife. Are you happy to go with their recommendation - I assume they want baby out early due to the increased risks to the baby at late stage as an older mum? You don't have to be induced or have c-section - if you want to you just refuse and go in for monitoring everyday.

If you are happy to go with the medical advice, it's a very personal decision but I would be tempted to book a c-section, but then get midwife to assess whether an induction is likely to work closer to the time. I think if baby is pretty much ready, just needs some encouragement to get going then inductions are fine. But if baby and your body are just not ready at 39 weeks, would probably be less stressful to skip straight to the c-section.

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Thu 25-Jul-13 17:21:31

A big friendly welcome to oddlife - sorry, I haven't any advice on the cs/induction dilemma either, but good to have you with us. Your post made me smile as "my poor old vagina" is an expression I use all too often!

Pannacotta - thank you for the update on your sis and I'm very jealous of your happy hormones. I'm a right moaning misery at the moment.

Shire - you sound like me...I spent ages browsing baby gear online but end up not buying a sausage. Re changing bags I think it is important to consider practical stuff like is it big enough? Does it have enough pockets for organising things? Are you and DP both going to use it? (he might not appreciate a very girly design)...

However, my top tip is buy one you really like (even if it is a touch more expensive). You are going to be lugging it around with you day after day, possibly for a good couple of years, so it pays to get one you are happy to carry.

Off on holiday tomorrow so won't be posting for a week. Lots of best wishes to all posters, and lurkers, and all our gorgeous October bundles to-be.

Bridget I think the prospect if a year off work is also massively c

Oh dear. Blooming phone. Was going to say, prospect of a year off work is also massively contributing to my cheery state! I definitely have a capacity for idleness and lazing about watching box sets, and after working full time for 4 and a half years, I'm ready for a change. I know having a baby will be really hard work but at least I won't have a difficult supervisor and office politics to negotiate. I'm also aware it gets trickier as they get older and start moving about...

ComtesseDeFrouFrou Thu 25-Jul-13 18:16:05

Very seriously jealous of all of you who are teachers and the like envy.

I have another 7 weeks to go and my due date is one of the early ones envy

Tried to go hospital bag shopping stressful and so expensive as i still needed to buy nursing bra/nighties and blankets going home outfit etc plus all the boring things like breast pads and maternity pads really don't want to go shopping again till baby is here but still have to buy a stash of reuseable nappies hmm

Oh and welcome oddlife. Although I'm going for a home birth etc, I'd go planned caesarian section over the chance of a failed induction - but like (argh can't read previous posts) someone said, could you book elcs and see if you're favourable closer to the time?

Shirehobbit Thu 25-Jul-13 18:19:38

Comtesse Very seriously jealous of all of you who are teachers and the like
Sorry blush
You don't want to hear about the long nap I had this afternoon either, then...

Natalieand Thu 25-Jul-13 18:21:07

Welcome odd I have had one dc and my opinion would be too book a c section in and then a few days prior to that have a vaginal examination too assess if they think your cervix would make u a suitable candidate for induction and then decide how u feel from there and in the mean time the c section date would give u something to focus towards.

Had my friend round today and she's having a sweep tommorow and being induced Wednesday I'm bursting with excitement and jealousy for her lol

Glad all is well With crookie x

I will be using disposable nappies probly a variety of what's on offer unless something Inpaticular doesn't agree with baby so pampers tesco and asda most likely. I won't use huggies wipes as I cannot stand them!

Isit bed time yet? yawns.......

Comtesse, I'm working til 9 days before my due date if that helps. 10 more weeks to go. Which again explains why I'm so looking forward to her arrival!

Comtesse, I'm working til 9 days before my due date if that helps. 10 more weeks to go. Which again explains why I'm so looking forward to her arrival!

Iheartcrunchiebars Thu 25-Jul-13 18:48:17

Thanks so much for all your advice last night (am just catching up, been at work since 430am zzzzzz). I think I will book a GPS appointment so at least I can get a few basic checks. It's just hard as only 2 hours of appointments a week a bit of a baby boom so it's a mad rush to get them.

Comtesse I'm working right up (and over) my due date so I feel your envy!!

Tomorrow I'm hitting the Internet shopping so I feel I've done something.

You guys are such a great support. I find this group so useful x

char1eston Thu 25-Jul-13 19:18:02

Thanks for the update on crookie, pannacotta, so glad that all's well. How exciting that you are sisters and due in the same month too smile

Welcome oddlife smile I have no experience of cs or induction but think I would be tempted to book an elcs and see what the state of play was closer to the time. Do you have people to help out with lifting if you have a cs?

Can't remember who was talking about change bags (sorry) but I recommend getting the free boots one (plain black and grey) - you get it free when you sign up to their baby club. Your partner can use that one an you can get whatever you want then wink
These are the things I found useful with my bag:-
1. Lots of pockets so I know where everything is for those dreaded poosplotions
2. Bottle warmer (like a sleeve you can put round a bottle of water to keep it warm then add formula - if you think you'll be using formula at some point)
3. Changing mat included
4. Clips inside to put keys/dummies on
5. Long enough straps to fit over your buggy handles
6. Side pockets for easy access to stuff
7. Wipe clean
8. Big enough to hold everything (you'll need changes of clothes particularly in the early days)

Think they are the main points for me!

ComtesseDeFrouFrou Thu 25-Jul-13 19:19:36

At least there's some solidarity there then smile

I may stop a bit earlier, since I've got another week's holiday to take. At the moment I get to Wednesday night and think Oh God! Another two days!

Shootingstarsandcomets Thu 25-Jul-13 19:45:57

Glad all ok flyer. legally I was that woman with prom last year but I ended up making it to 36 weeks with ds. Terrifying though. I remember googling each days survival rate until I hit the magic 30 weeks and then I relaxed a bit but not much.
Finally got my appt to see my new consultant which is next week. Fingers crossed he lets me have a vbac. Was talking to mil today and all the post cs section recovery just fills me with dread especially not being able to pick up ds who will still be a baby at 13 months. Anyway, will try not to obsess about and wait and see what he says next week.
Welcome oddlife and thanks for the update on crookie glad she's ok.

Slippysnow Thu 25-Jul-13 20:25:19

hotsoup I am also reading ina may!!! Nice balance of advice along with the hippy dippy stuff. But you cannot argue with her statistics of natural births vs medical intervention (I think it was 5 out of 2000), she must be doing something right!

I do have to agree with your dp, there was one particular photo that made me jump and giggle (it was the baby being born face first) my dp had a very similar reaction. I wish I could share the photo with everyone!

Slippysnow Thu 25-Jul-13 20:32:52

Well looky what I just found!!

Click if you dare,..,

roxvox Thu 25-Jul-13 20:36:22

Evening all, can I ask a bit of advice? My ankles are swollen (not the first time this pregnancy) and on my right ankle just above the ankle bone I seem to have developed a purple patch. It kind of looks a bit like a bruise, but redder. I would say it's blood pooling under the skin (although that sounds quite dramatic). It's been there for about 2 weeks (before the latest bout of swelling), but DH noticed it this evening and thinks I should get it checked out ASAP, but I've just assumed it's part and parcel of pregnancy. Any thoughts?

Shirehobbit Thu 25-Jul-13 20:46:05

I don't want to worry you roxvox, but I know a friend who needed injections to prevent deep vein thrombosis after her foot turned a bit purple - but I think it was because her swelling was just on one foot?

Thanks for the changing bag tips, bridget and char1eston. I went to the retail park and visited Mothercare to physically handle what I'd been looking at online. And...(drum roll, please)....I actually bought one! shock
Then, whilst on a roll, I bought a baby gym too, from Asda.
First official baby purchases made grin

GTbaby Thu 25-Jul-13 20:50:39

Rox. Not sure what to recommend re bruise. Dies it hurt? Maybe book gp app asap. Call nhs direct maybe?

Oddball. I had an induction. Pessary didn't work. Then they usually do some gell I think. But skipped that with me as I couldn't really Handel internal examinations (I was a woose). The drip worked and started contractions within a few hours. when it came to pushing they said they would only give me an hour. They used a kiwi 1hour and 2 mins later. Which wasn't so bad.
In early stages of induction I was worried it would all be for nothing and I'd end up with an emcs. But I was VERY scared of labour and pain. But also scared of a c section as mil n mum had scared me with issues they cause.

Natalieand Thu 25-Jul-13 20:52:31

Congrats shire what did u go for in the end?

roxvox is your leg or calf painfull at all? As a dvt usually although not always causes a painfull leg too.

This baby is sticking his bum right out and making one side of my belly feel really tight such a weird sensation!

Haylebop12 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:57:39

Evening ladies, lots to catch up on again!

I broke up from work yesterday for 13 days so very happy by lots to do as we go on holiday Saturday to south Wales, cannot wait but so much to organise and today I feel completely exhausted. Not crossed much off my 'to do' list. Once I return to work I have just 4 working weeks which US just 12 shifts grin

I'm definitely getting my bag sorted before 36 weeks this time. Had dd at 37+5 and my bag wasn't sorted. However, the hospital is so close it we couldn't be an issue for my dh or mum to pop in and pick stuff up. Gonna focus on that ok once I've broken up from work.

Have a nice him Bridget

Welcome oddlife you will find . Lots of support and advice here :-)

I bled for about two weeks after dds birth and although heavier then a period I was in maternity towels for as bout a week before I started using sanitary towels.

Sorry I can't help rox but definitely agree to get checked out. Best to be on the safe as side.

Anyone else feel their energy levels have slumped to that if the first trimester?

claphammama Thu 25-Jul-13 21:00:06

roxvox I would have it checked asap. You are more prone to clots in pregnancy. I had swollen ankles a lot in first pregnancy but no red or purple patches. Check it. Better safe than sorry!

thanks for the update on crookie pannacotta! Glad she is ok. We had no idea you were sisters!! How on earth did you manage to time it so well to be due in the same month...? Amazing

welcome oddlife! As someone said earlier, it's a very personal decision but I would go for induction not CS. (as bowlfull was asking, why do they want to do it before 40-42 weeks anyway?) I was induced with DS1 and it was fine. I don't believe it's induction in itself that slows down birth which then leads to potential emcs or forceps etc... but the fact that many induced women have epidural and epidural slows down everything. (is it what happened with you pseudo?) So, if you think you can cope without epidural, I would choose induction. Personally, I'm scared of CS and potential complications / infections afterwards. It's a big operation and recovery is long (as some girls here will tell you). My second degree tears from natural birth healed very easily and quickly in comparison. It's your body though and a very personal choice... and I may need a CS myself if my stupid placenta doesn't move sad

thanks for the recipe tarlia grin - very helpful. And where is Bare? It rings a bell but can't place it... I go to Tranquillity near Wandsworth Common, by the station. Do you know it? Just behind Jigsaw and Chez Bruce.

And, despite my best intentions, my brazilian didn't happen... the lady just didn't want to do it on a pregnant woman considering it was my first time. She said pregnant skin was too sensitive, the heat and humidity today made it even worse and my bump was in the way. She also said "things were a bit too puffy down there" (referring to my poor old vagina I presume?). So just high leg this time but it's now on my list of challenges to overcome in life so I shall be back after birth!!

Finally, I have my GP letter saying I'm fit to fly! Yay!! So holidays on Tuesday! Can't believe they charge 16 quid for this letter...

claphammama Thu 25-Jul-13 21:02:33

and have a great holiday bridget! Where are you off to?

PseudoBadger Thu 25-Jul-13 21:09:11

I think get checked out roxvox....

My baby has also been sticking her bum out today Nat!

roxvox Thu 25-Jul-13 21:11:26

Thanks for the advice everyone. I've not got any pain in my leg, but it has been getting annoyingly restless and jumpy of late (don't think that's relevant). At my last MW appointment they made me make a GP appointment as I only had swelling in one foot, had a vein removed last year from that leg and DVT runs in my family. The GP said it was just water swelling so was given the all clear. This is the other leg though! I hate to waste the doctors time, but will give them a call tomorrow and see if I can make an appointment. Or I might contact the MW first as it might just be a pregnancy thing, and I am seeing her on Thursday anyway.

Thanks again all. I'm so glad I've got this forum!

Shirehobbit Thu 25-Jul-13 21:12:49

natalie - I went with Mothercare's own courier-style charcoal grey one that I liked online. It matches the Pramette and is masculine enough for DH. It has oodles of pockets too.

hayle - I have completely crashed, energy-wise this week. I'm not sure if it's related to last weekend's wedding marathon (I managed the hen-do and family party fine, but spectacularly crashed during the actual wedding evening with tears and a mini-meltdown blush sad )
I was waffy and weak all day Sunday and Monday.

Sorry about the Brazilian, clapham, but good to be holiday-ready.

Hi Panacotta, thanks for the update. Didn't realise you were sisters!

God knows what I look like down there Clapham, been hidden by bump for a while! Glad you can go on holiday.

Had my massage today. Relaxing but not sure it was firm enough to make my aches go away. The baby liked it and was wriggling around for the whole thing. She also recommended a foam roller to relieve tension inn upper back, legs and bum muscles which were all tight.

Roxvox do have a maternity triage number on the front of your notes you can call? I agree you should check it out. My ankles go veiny when swollen and I worry they will stay, like DHs thread veins on ankle from multiple sports injuries but it never stays afterwards and doesn't look like a bruise.

Back to school tomorrow for some more tidying so the new person can move in (they are switching year groups around) and to meet with head about pay. Bleugh.

Flyer747 Thu 25-Jul-13 23:47:00

Welcome oddlife.

I think I have set a new record for the amount of dresses a person can buy for a wedding, my current tally is 12 so far and none are suitable, It's on Sunday no idea what to wear.

Roxvox I echo what everyone else says. Thrombosis also runs in my family, my nan had a dvt and I've seen one on a flight before. Usually the leg goes heavy, hot and hard (3 h's the way to remember it for my first aid exams) defo get it checked out just to be on the safe side. Fx it's just a bruise.

Irishfairy Thu 25-Jul-13 23:57:59

Hi oddlife,
Here is a link that provides information and statistics on induction at term for older mums. It is completely your decision at the end of the day. If I were you I would inform myself as much as possible about all my options and then go with my instinct.
Also you do still have the option of a homebirth if you decide that is your chosen direction. The hospital can't 'make' you do or not do anything with regard to the birth. They have guidelines that they follow but they are not set rules and any decision regarding birth is in our own hands at the end of the day. If you decide to try for a homebirth you may have to push for it but it is ultimately up to you.

Irishfairy Thu 25-Jul-13 23:58:17

http://www.rcog.org.uk/files/rcog-corp/1.2.13 SIP34 IOL.pdf

Here's the link!

legallyblond Fri 26-Jul-13 00:00:52

Welcome odd! I was induced with DD (but because of going overdue, so somewhat different) and it was a fab experience. I had two pessaries and refused the epidural they wanted me to have. Instead I bounced in the birth ball and paced the corridors to get everything going. Start (first contraction) to finish was 8 hours. I needed an episiotomy (Clapham - you asked about this - they def still do then here as I know about 5 people who've had them!) because I was pushing for 5 hours and the midwife felt I needed the help at the end, and a drip for the lady hour as my contractions tailed off, but I was fine on just gas and air. In all honesty, I might consider refusing induction AND cs at 39 weeks if the sole reason is your age, and go for daily monitoring. Then opt for induction at the usual time (40+12) if it's not kicked off by then. But it's v personal! I'm having twins this time and have opted for a c section (actually, wound have to have one anyway as they're both breech).

Rox - I agree, I would call labour ward just in case.

On an exciting note, went to John Lewis tonight and got the buggy and two car seats!!!! Ouch! Not cheap as we went for the bugaboo donkey....

legallyblond Fri 26-Jul-13 00:04:20

I wasn't pushing for 5 hours (typo) - I pushed for 3 hours, which felt like ages!!!!

legallyblond Fri 26-Jul-13 00:05:13

Oh, and for changing bags, go to babymel.co.uk. They're great!

Oddlife Fri 26-Jul-13 00:21:46

Thanks everyone for all your great advice - roxvox apparently the placenta can deteriorate quickly as an older mum so they like to take the baby out ASAP. 39 wks is full term so hopefully fully cooked by then. Wrt your ankle I would defo get it checked out - I had a painful foot and MW insisted I saw my gp.

pseudo I think I am the oldest mum my consultant has ever met... So he's playing it safe, first suggested an induction then last appt recommend

bowful I didn't know I could ask for daily monitoring that seems like a great idea - feels like it gives me the best of both worlds as does natalie's idea to have a csection in place if needed.

charleston I will have my DH and DM so feel confident that I will have the support I need if I go down that road. I suffer from Lichen Sclerosis which makes the skin around the vag/vulva area very fragile which is prob freaking me out more than anything wrt to an induction ending up in forceps.

slippysnow that's would make a great contraceptive advert!

GTBaby great to hear of a fairly straightforward induction story - although not sure about how the kiwi fits in.....

clapham I didn't know that about epidurals so will check that out - think you are incredibly brave to get even a bikini wax at this stage, I'm thinking I will ask DH to get the hedge cutters out when he returns....

So good to have some other pregnant women to talk to - most of my friends DC are teenagers or heading off to uni so they are all a bit out of touch!

Oddlife Fri 26-Jul-13 00:48:42

irishfairy I just had a quick look at your link - think I might need to read it a couple of times to fully absorb but certainly looks interesting and typically confirms that nothing is really set in stone. There is so much they have yet to discover about our bodies.

legallyblond again good to hear about positive inductions and sounds like you managed to avoid the dreaded syntocin which apparently can make contractions much more painful. Congrats on the bugaboo donkey perfect choice for twins.

I definitely have lots to think about now and still plenty of time before I have to commit to anything.

Sanjifair Fri 26-Jul-13 05:08:54

Aargh, wide awake, it's too hot and there is a cat fight going on outside my window. My own cats have lined up on the windowsill to watch and are growling too which doesn't help.

A lady on my running forum is having a section tomorrow to have her twins, she is 29+6, one of the placentas is failing. Scarily early, but fingers crossed for her.

That is interesting about the placenta in older Mums, oddlife, I had DS at 36, they induced at 40+12, he came out (forceps) at 40+14 (50 h labour!) and they said my placenta was 'gritty and starting to fail'. Mind you, DS was a healthy 9 lb 9 oz. I think I agree with what Nataliand said, ask for an opinion on whether an induction is favourable, and go for a c-section if it isn't. I'll be 39 on Tuesday, so definitely put myself in the 'older Mum' category!

People might remember my job woes/pregnancy discrimination issues I mentioned a few threads back. Well, my promotion is being announced tomorrow! So I am happy. My CEO got another good sexist remark in though (I am going to be deputy section head as well as department head) and he said 'I want the section run by two people, but one has to be in charge. Just as is common in home life, the man will be in charge!'. I nearly fell off my chair. At least this time it was tongue in cheek, whereas he previous behaviour definitely wasn't!

HotSoupDumpling Fri 26-Jul-13 07:00:10

Sanji, really happy for you! Although you'd think the CEO would have learned a lesson by now! I had a few guys at work who were stuck in the dark ages re how they talked about women (even as a joke, it was all a bit too close to how they really thought!)

Rox, I'm glad you're getting it checked out. Seriously, don't feel you're wasting the Gp's time - it's really worth it, even just to put your mind at ease.

Slippy, YES, that is the photo I meant!! I agree with Oddlife that if teenagers had more education into the realities of birth, it would make them more vigilant with the contraception!

Glad you got there in the end sanji (with job and labour!)

Odd life welcome! perhaps your condition is another reason for c section?

Legally I just got quite emotional imagining your two little twins head up cuddled together (I know they are in separate placentas so couldn't actually be). I don't suppose there is much room for them to turn now.
I think the donkey looks lovely as a double- have seen two about recently, I just don't like it in single mode with the shopping basket on the side.

We did a spreadsheet of our budget last night. Mortgage, bills, groceries and food leaves us with £76 a month for everything else on just DHs salary - clothes, holidays, presents, eating/going out, weddings/events, things for the baby, savings, major house purchases... Maternity pay will be about £7k - £9k for the year (if I go back) but we were hoping to save that in case i don't go back or to cover unexpected things like the car breaking down. (Which really wouldn't be that unexpected actually!) luckily we have done the big expensive things over the last year, wedding, honeymoon, new kitchen etc. Now we really need to cut back. Eek!

Oh and I think a kiwi is the same as ventouse.

Natalieand Fri 26-Jul-13 07:51:29

orange will I be entitled too tax credits or child benefit? I remember when preg with dd sitting down working our money out at 35 weeks nd crying on the phone to my mum I can't afford a baby and I'm gunna have to give her away but actually we are better off with me not working lol.

Your twin buggy and car seat purchases are making me excited legally I would need a bank loan to go and buy all that in one go lol

Although I started labour by myself with dd at 39+4!I had the pessary and syntoci drip as they suspected pre-e when I went in to be examined as my bp was like 190/110 with protein in my wee and so I also had an epidural in the end I was hoping to avoid the epidural this time but my midwife has already warned me if I have high bp like that agen I will have to have one as it can significantly lower your bp

Just talking n about labour is getting me excited. When I think oh 11 weeks left to go it seems ages but in reality the days r flying by rediculously fast!

Congrats on the promotion announcement sanji

Hope u manage to get some reassurance on your leg today roxvox xx

PseudoBadger Fri 26-Jul-13 07:58:23

It's possible that the epidural affected my labour (although I did have a mobile epidural so could feel and move quite a bit). However I had to have it due to my BP so wasn't an option really. Having it also made my cs anaesthesia much easier!

Empress77 Fri 26-Jul-13 08:43:11

hey guys,
Im sorry - i hardly ever get to posting as the thread moves so fast for me I mostly cant keep up/read it all-I just drop in and out every day! Hope you are all going well & coping with the heat. I see some chat about planned csections and so thought id ask as I thought its really hard to be allowed a planned c section? Im at the stage of worrying about labour and half hoping hes breech so I get the option - but youve made me wonder if there is the option even if hes not? ive so much to learn!xx

roofio87 Fri 26-Jul-13 08:47:16

morning all. glad everything is going well for everyone. welcome oddlife!!
I've been having the most stupid obsession the last few days that I can't see how my little baby is possibly happy right now squashed up in my dark uterus all day long. I know he is of course and he doesn't know any better, but I'm very claustraphobic and thinking about it, its my worst nightmare!! this makes no sense at all I know, but I feel so sorry for him!! ( I blame hormones!!)
off to hospital for anti d and bloods today, last visit took 2 people 5 attempts to get blood from my awful veins so we'll see what today is like!!smile

Natalieand Fri 26-Jul-13 08:48:00

empress all of the ladies in here that are having planned cs are for medical reasons Ie a complication of because of previous sections and no matter how worried u are about labour I really wouldn't recommend going for one unnecessarily it is a major operation and many ppl would love the option to give birth naturally but sometimes the choice is taken out of their hands. I don't mean to sound patronising but a c section is definately not the easy option. If u are genuinely in fear of labour your midwife wi be able to refer you for some councilling xxx

PseudoBadger Fri 26-Jul-13 08:50:26

Empress - all I can suggest is to have a look through the NICE guidelines and then have a think about whether you really want to have one. I don't know anyone who has had one who hasn't 'had' to IYSWIM.

Congrats on the promotion Sanj, though I can't believe your bosses comment, what a cheek!

Glad the comments have helped you out oddlife.

Empress in theory you have the right to have whatever birth you want, so are entitled to opt for c-section with no medical reason. The reality is this is often easier said then done! Try not to be scared of labour though, there wouldnt be so many of us doing it again if it was that awful - ask Caz, she is on number 6! And I'm sure those ladies who have had c-sections will tell you it's not necessarily the 'easy' option. I'm started to get quite excited about labour this time. Last time was petrified, which I think contributed to the pretty traumatic experience. This time I feel really up for challenge - keep watching OBEM and pushing with them haha.

Oh, and following the DP food scandal, he took DS to cinema yesterday - so more crap! DS was telling me what he had, DP made a sarcy comment about sleeping on the sofa. I played nice and said of course he has treats at the cinema. I then asked what fruit and vegetables he had had in addition to the crap. The answer? 'Er, there was some dried banana in his cereal'. I can kill him right?

Empress Claphammamma and I would both need a planned c section if our low placentas don't move out of the way of our cervixes in time as the way out is blocked for our babies! and legally is having one due to it being twins and other issues. I definitely want to avoid a c section if I can. Sorry you are feeling worried (I think we all are now it is getting close!) can you talk through your fears with midwife or partner? Someone reccomended some books about labour a while back but I can't remember the titles.

Natalie, we would be entitled to some child benefit as earn under £60k but as DH earns just over the lower threshold we would have to pay it all back again so doesn't seem worth the hassle of the forms and then DH having to do a self assessment tax return.

PseudoBadger Fri 26-Jul-13 09:01:59

My planned section is due to my previous (emergency) section and the likely reoccurrence of issues.

Umlauf Fri 26-Jul-13 09:06:22

Morning :-)

Welcome to oddlife and whistling have you been directed to the FB group? Its great for bump pics and bargains!

I missed all of your ideal flyer but have just caught up, so pleased you're ok but it must have been so scary, and how strange to think of the lady in the next bed. If I've got this right, everyone on the group is at least 27 weeks? I'm 31 today and due on sept 30th so I think that's right? If so, its brilliant that we have all got this far with no premmies.

Pannacotta thank you for the update about chickie1 that's a relief to know she is ok and that the plug can build back up, I didn't know that! You are sisters due in the same month? That is so lovely, I'm jealous! My SIL was due a few weeks after me but they lost their baby early on (many IVF rounds) and I don't know any other mothers. Starting antenatal classes on 1st August though, I'm ridiculously nervous because my Spanish is still crap and I'm not sure anyone will want to bother with me! Also much younger than the average Spanish mummy here it seems!

sanji congrats on your promotion! You deserved it! Although your boss seems a right tit, since joining mumsnet I have become very sensitive to sexism! I pick people up on it all the time haha.

Thankyou charlestone for the boots changing bag tip, I signed up last night and found the offer code online so my bag is ordered and delivering to my mum this week! Its not very attractive but I figured DH would be happy using it. In February I did a very naughty things and treated myself to a large mulberry Alexa as it was perfect for both work and I thought it might work as a nappy bag too!! Its huge and roomy but too girly for DH!

Had 30 week appointment on weds, I still have high blood pressure, and also high cholesterol which makes sense with how fat ive gotten. I've Put on another 2 kgs but in the 3rd trimester it has been approx 1lb a week which I think is the "correct" gain. Not too long to go I guess.....!! Next scan is at 34 weeks and I can't wait!!

Our move is still underway, amazingly our landlady gave us the keys 3 weeks early that we don't have to pay for, so we are moving a couple of boxes over each night, it is SO relaxing for a move!! We're going to ikea tomorrow for furniture and I'm very excited, they have loads of baby stuff as well like baby towels and little gyms. Also got the bugaboo and carseat from England, its not at all bad for a second hand one but I am going to try and hunt down new fabric for it today. It came with the fleece which looks a bit dirty (fleece clings to things doesn't it?!)

Orange, just on the child benefit, I seem to remember when it was changed lots of advice to claim - because if you are not working, NI contributions are still made for you while you claim, so no gaps in your pension. Plus if he is just over the threshold it will still be a quite substantial amount of money.

Slippysnow Fri 26-Jul-13 09:11:46

oddlife I' d recommend reading AIMS 'am I allowed' I've mentioned it before, it's quite short and is about your rights and entitlement during your pregnancy and labour. It also helps you to assert yourself to ensure you are doing what is right for you and your baby. Things like asking the doctor for evidence to back up why they are suggesting csection or induction. It's such a personal thing and you have been given good advice from people that already have had children. Inform and empower yourself and then make the decision best suited to you and your family smile

Definitely worth looking at it again bowlful.

HotSoupDumpling Fri 26-Jul-13 09:18:34

Empress, I'm having an ELCS, not for the purely medical reasons the other ladies have. I've known people who have done the same. I am preparing myself for a vaginal birth too, just in case I change my mind or cannot have an ELCS for any reason. Do PM me if you have any questions (although NHS hospital policies differ, my experience might not set a precedent for what yours may be).

I should say that I am not 'in favour' of ELCSs - as the other ladies have said, they carry their own risks and disadvantages. I would definitely advise that the earlier on in pregnancy that you deal with your fears (e.g. raise them with the consultant/midwife, write down and analyse what you are scared of, read lots of books on both - these are all things I did) then the better the result will be for you, whether you end up trying for a vaginal delivery or an ELCS. For example, sometimes the midwives can provide reassurance about certain aspects of a vaginal birth, which means you are far more comfortable about the idea of having a vaginal delivery. I would definitely recommend Ina May's 'Guide to Childbirth' as well.

pinkbuttons Fri 26-Jul-13 09:30:28

Morning ladies, just caching up.
Thank you for the news on crookie pannacotta, also vey jealous of you being sisters pregnant at the same time, I am the oldest of my siblings and cousins so no one is planning on having children anytime soon, which does make me sad for my children as we always had so many cousins and family of a similar age which was lovely growing up.

I have no experience of c section but would agree with what everyone has said about speaking to your midwife about your fears empress I would imagine making sure she is aware is the first step and it may be she is able to help reassure you in some way.

Welcome to the thread oddlife

flyer where have you bought all your dresses from? are they maternity? I have a wedding today and am wearing a maxidress from monsoon, bought it at the start of my pregnancy and just bought a medium instead of a small, fits well and still look pregnant not fat which is my main issue with maxi dresses atm. Have you got time to go shopping?
Have also had to give up on wearing heels due to feet swelling at in the heat. eugh.

PseudoBadger Fri 26-Jul-13 09:34:53

I can only wear my Birkenstocks or my dog walking sandals now pink! I wore trainers to walk the dogs in the rain yesterday and my feet went numb...

I bought some plimsolls from primark in a bigger size than usual for £4 as can't fit my work shoes any more but didn't want to buy expensive new shoes just for a few weeks. The rest of the time I am in flip flops or sandals.

Morning just a quick one for anyone thinking of reusables little lamb are doing a deal for 9 pocket nappies one size for £45 they only are doing 35 packs I have one its just for today too!! its on there facebook and their web page

Natalieand Fri 26-Jul-13 09:52:17

My feet went up a whole size in my last pregnant I have never had to wear bigger than a size 5 ever in my life could even get away with a 4 occasionally but since I had dd I have to wear a 6 without fail its depressing to me as I'm only 5ft 2 lol

PseudoBadger Fri 26-Jul-13 09:56:24

Well I've been up since 6 and have so far been desperate for a wee 4 times. Not just "oh I think I'll have a wee" but really needed too. Baby must be squishing me or something.

Empress77 Fri 26-Jul-13 10:00:30

Thanks so much for all your advice - it is very appreciated. it is so good having a forum here. I am so worried but guess no way is a good way. My best friends experience recently sounds so awful that I know I cant rely on anything going to plan, and think id so so much rather have a planned cs than an emergency cs (after hours of agony!). Guess im abit distrought as the only day my midwife centre has a birth/labour/parenting day where we look at birth options my husband cant come so fear hell be panicking as much as me on the day! But I know itll all be fine in the end and cant wait for it all to be over and have my little bambino here!

pseudo my problem is when I stand up. So will be sat at my desk, and 'oh i think I'll have a wee'. Then stand up, and baby presses down on my bladder, and I then literally waddle through the office as am suddenly desperate. Every time. Glamorous!

roofio87 Fri 26-Jul-13 10:20:41

bowlfull I'm the same, don't really need a wee then when I stand up and start walking it feels like I'm going to wet myself!! Haha.

I'm nervous about the birth, but mostly just want lo to come out safe and sound. but I'm just trying to.remember that.chances are everything will be fine and go to plan!!

Shirehobbit Fri 26-Jul-13 10:21:10

Morning everyone smile

Congratulations, Sanji
I can't add anything to the advice given, empress, but hope you are able to find a way to calm the anxiety.
Any news, roxvox?

A pretty rubbish night here - just couldn't get comfy, then DH started snoring like a warthog hmm so I took myself off to the sofa.
However, the boy has redeemed himself as my mini-shopping spree yesterday evening seems to have inspired him and he is all motivated to decorate and sort the room that will eventually be for the baby this weekend grin grin

So it's off shopping I go again...

rubytwosday Fri 26-Jul-13 10:33:21

Good morning! I know lots of you are far more organised than me but incase anyone is interested, I have just ordered the Maxi-cosi Carbriofix car seat and Easy fix base from babiesrus for £129 which is FAR cheaper than I've seen elsewhere. They have 22% off everything until Sunday (because Prince George was born on 22nd).
Day 3 of summer holidays and so far I have achieved very little...... really need to get motivated - have done nothing for this poor baby. Her bedroom is a building site but DH has been really busy at work so hasn't had time to fix the walls, replace the window or fit the radiator! Once the walls are flat (ish!), I can paint and get carpet and but furniture but can't do anything until he has done his bit. I know that its not his fault that he hasn't had time to do it but baby is due in 10 weeks which does not seem long at all!
Also wanted to add to the sentiments of some of the other first timers. Entire threads seem to pass without me posting, that is only because I don't often feel I have anything valuable to add but the advice from the ladies who already have DCs has been amazing. I have written a hospital bag list, looked up child benefit, learnt about the best breast pads and maternity pads and gained so much piece of mind from you all. So thankyou mummy-gurus!

claphammama Fri 26-Jul-13 10:47:47

Morning all. Another sleepless night here too... I just can't find a comfortable position. I regret not buying the pregnancy pillow now, when we went baby shopping last week.

And all of you ladies who go on the sofa when your DH snores... either you are angels or I'm a monster... as, if DP snores, I kick him out and quite literally!

flyer blimey! it's a lot of dresses! none you like? I'm afraid it's all a compromise in pregnancy, beggars can't be choosers :-) I'm also not happy with my swimsuits for holidays but will just have to bear it... by the way, as I believe you are exactly the same size as me (5'4'' and normally size 8 right?), I find that Pretty Pregnant dresses always fit me really nicely, and they don't break the bank. I have one very similar to this one and it fits perfectly and is not frumpy. They don't have a massive choice, cuts and colours, but I just trust the fit. I also have no idea what shoes to wear... and the wedding we go to is in mid August so also expecting swollen feet.

congrats on your promotion sanji! grin grin Don't let any stupid comments ruin it! You deserve it and it's all yours

orange you mentioned you always shop at Waitrose so, if you want to cut spending, you could switch supermarkets? I also buy everything organic and am really fussy about quality but find that Sainsbury's organic selection is great. DP likes to go to Waitrose and I like to go to Sainsbury's so we do a bit of both and, frankly, I really can't see a massive difference, apart from price! I actually had some yuk veg from Waitrose the other week... but somehow Waitrose always ends up so much more expensive...

roxvox hope your leg is better and you are ok today x

umlauf what a lovely landlady!

roofio of course it will be fine, you are a trooper! smile

And re: growing feet... yes, same here... one size up after DS and it stayed this way. They say it's the only thing that doesn't go back after birth. It doesn't mean I'm going to go up one size again with DS2 right??

claphammama Fri 26-Jul-13 11:00:54

ps. new mums - do you want to add your due dates etc... to our spreadsheet? Top of this thread?

Thanks for the babiesrus tipoff Ruby - just bought changing bag, moses basket mattresses and sheets - whoop!

roxvox Fri 26-Jul-13 11:11:44

Morning ladies!

I am just back from the doctors. She said that the purple patch is a gathering of veins that has come on as a result of pregnancy and the hot weather. Her advice was to keep it elevated as much as possible and to go back and see her if I get any calf pain, although there is no correlation between the purple patch and DVT. Phew smile
Thanks for all of your well wishes and advice. Glad to have had it checked out, even if I did feel as though I was wasting her time a bit!

Clapham, we tried using www.mysupermarket.co.uk last week to enter in our shop and see if it is cheaper elsewhere as I too thought Waitrose was probably way more expensive. Asda was about 50p cheaper in total on the foods they had, sainsburies and tesco were actually a few pounds more expensive. Ocado were also more expensive, even though it is the same waitrose food which was interesting. Asda didn't have quite a few of the things we needed in stock though (fennel, kholrabi, 1 pint size of organic skimmed milk, sun blush tomatoes, mussels, plaice fillets, canellini beans or pomegranate) which are probably not seen as every day essential foods but are not exactly exotic and are the sort of thing we always buy. (Oh dear how middle class do I sound?!) I will try it again this week and see if a different shop is better for this week's recipes, maybe buying basics somewhere else and going to the local Waitrose to buy anything missing.

DH has suggested we eat the same food this month (that means no meat for him, we usually do two versions of the same thing) to see how much of a difference that makes to spending. Oh dear a miserable month for him as he is a big carnivore!

Glad you got it checked roxvox and that it is nothing to worry about. Definitely don't think it was a waste of time.

Shootingstarsandcomets Fri 26-Jul-13 11:36:42

Glad all ok roxvox. Great purchasing legally!!
empress I'm only down for an elcs for medical reasons but I'm trying to get out of it. It really isn't an easy an option and it hurts for weeks afterwards. I'm a bit scared of labour too but having done the cs first time I think anything is better than that!

funkky Fri 26-Jul-13 11:39:31

Have felt very little movement since yesterday afternoon and decided to come into my walk in centre today. Lady at desk was horrified I waited so long and scolded me that I should have come in as soon as I felt no movement.

Panicked me a bit but glad to say she's checked heartbeat and there is one, just waiting to be monitored now..... Glad they take it so seriously though..

Glad heartbeat is all fine, hope the monitoring goes ok funkky.
We seem to have some naughty little babies in our group worrying their mummies at the moment.

PseudoBadger Fri 26-Jul-13 12:04:06

Glad you're being checked funkyy.

I might have mentioned before that I go on holiday next Friday to an island off the Essex coast that is on accessible by road for two 4 hour periods per 24 hours.
I'm starting to worry about what if I get reduced movements whilst I'm away? There is an air ambulance obvs for 'real' emergencies but I doubt they'd be pleased at coming out for a feeling of vague unease....

Bring your notes and just call for advice if you need it badger.
They seemed to suggest to others to try cold drinks/laying down for a couple of hours on your side to some others anyway so you could that while waiting for the tides to turn in the event.
Hopefully we have had our fair share of reduced movements now though!

Natalieand Fri 26-Jul-13 12:14:34

psudeo my only advice would be that when u are busy or pre occupied u are less likely to feel movements, so allow yourself time each day of your holiday to sit or lay down for an hour or so and check for baby moving then. X

PseudoBadger Fri 26-Jul-13 12:16:09

I already went for monitoring this Monday Orange which is why I'm worrying. I will try all tricks first and then call for advice. Thanks!

Empress77 Fri 26-Jul-13 12:38:05

Thanks all smile Am being proactive on the anxiety front with ordering a tens machine and a book and cd on relaxation! Glad I had a panic in good time so I can address my concerns early at least! smile

Natalieand Fri 26-Jul-13 13:42:49

Never brought n e thing clothing wise in m&s before but just noticed they do underwear catering for bigger ladies and saw a pack of 5 plain black granny pants (perfect for the few weeks post birth) just wondered what there sizing usually comes up like before I trek over there? And they do some not bad ones 3 for £10 for normal day to day so not a bad price

MrsO27 Fri 26-Jul-13 14:03:59

Hi all,not posted in a while but been keeping up as much as I can with you all. Can't believe some of you only have 7 weeks to go! I'm 27 weeks as of yesterday. Nice milestone, although slightly dreading all the aches and pains of the third trimester!
Had some reassurance on the job front from my boss and feeling less anxious about my return to work after mat leave. Have chilled out a lot this week and like others have said, my heads not really in a work place anymore so I think that helps too. More important things to think about after all.
In other news, got some great news this morning in the form of a £1083 redress from our previous mortgage provider. We were never overcharged that amount but due to an error on some of the paperwork they sent customers over a set period of time, they are paying back the interest customers paid during that time. Feels like a little lottery win, although will probably do the boring/sensible thing and pop it in our savings account, as tempting as it is to spend it on pretty baby things....or a spa break!

MrsO27 Fri 26-Jul-13 14:07:38

By the way natalie, I'm already in the m&s granny pants! Best maternity purchase yet. I bought size 14, was a size 12 pre-pregnancy and at 27 weeks these are still fitting fine so I would say their sizes are quite generous.

Shootingstarsandcomets Fri 26-Jul-13 14:16:56

Yup m and s sizing is generous I think. I had their lovely granny pants last time they come up lovely and high so covered my scar nicely and didnt rub!
I'm shattered these last few days, I've just had a nap. This trimester is going to be very long if the tiredness has already started.

PseudoBadger Fri 26-Jul-13 14:17:36

Could anyone link to what granny pants look like? grin

Natalieand Fri 26-Jul-13 14:20:54

I'm thinking of these post birth lol

gorgeous knickers x

PseudoBadger Fri 26-Jul-13 14:26:01

Ok they look like they'd cover a cs wound!

Natalieand Fri 26-Jul-13 14:29:05

Haha they definately do!im not keen on low rise knickers anyway I like kind of mid rise if that makes sense so figured I'd want high rise for the couple of weeks post baby

roofio87 Fri 26-Jul-13 14:53:45

just on way back from hospital. had anti d injection, stung like hell but only for 10 seconds or so!! it took 2 midwives and a doctor 4 attempts to get blood out but got there in the end!! mws are so lovely at my hospital, I was asked lots if I was happy with baby's movements and told to come in whenever if not!!
I'll be packing my usual big shorts style knickers and some.high up ones just in case of a cs, best be prepared!!

claphammama Fri 26-Jul-13 15:19:07

oh these are so sexy... In my current collection I have only g-strings (I obviously can't wear anymore) and low rise so need to add these to my shopping list. Lucky lucky DP...

Glad all is ok roxvox. And you are not wasting their time - it's their job! It was a valid reason for a doctor appointment.

hope all turns out to be ok funkky x

chickieno1 Fri 26-Jul-13 15:24:46

Hope all ok funkky

chickieno1 Fri 26-Jul-13 15:26:56

Pseudo is there a gp on the island? Or some kind of emergency health centre? If you were worried they would surely have a Doppler to check heartbeat. You could try and check that out before you go, that might reassure you a bit

chickieno1 Fri 26-Jul-13 15:28:56

Had M and S granny pants last time. They were perfect! Had to get sister to get them while I was in hospital as the boots disposable ones were rubbish for CS scar. I would go a couple of sizes bigger so they're nice and comfy smile

PseudoBadger Fri 26-Jul-13 15:36:16

Nope Chickie not even a shop! I'm taking my BP monitor as I take it most days.

legallyblond Fri 26-Jul-13 15:43:44

Hey all! I have the post cs pants too for this time (I used disposable ones after natural birth with DD)... I got the black m and s full briefs in size 14 (ie 2 sizes bigger than usual, one size bigger than now...).

I can't do the spreadsheet from my phone, but my c section date has been moved to 10th Sept, not 9th... And as of Sunday when I'm 31 weeks (due date for singleton would be 28 Sept), I've got 5 weeks until I'm twin "term"!!!!

HotSoupDumpling Fri 26-Jul-13 15:44:10

natalieand - Those are exactly the granny knickers I bought earlier this week for me! I got them in about three different sizes, as wasn't sure about fit, or how big I'd still be after birth.

I usually wear outlet-bought CK low rises (they still fit under my bump) but they will definitely rub on any CS scar.

Haylebop12 Fri 26-Jul-13 15:47:33

pseudo I live in my Birkenstocks too at the moment!

roxvox Fri 26-Jul-13 15:58:49

Thanks for making me feel better about the doctors time everyone smile

I hope everything is ok funkky

natalieand those pants look supremely comfy! What's the deal for those having a vaginal birth; would you recommend disposable pants for afterwards, or just buy some cheapy dark ones that you can throw away?

roxvox Fri 26-Jul-13 15:59:20

Oh, and I have updated the spread sheet legally!

Oops sorry badger, I thought it was falcon. I get the names mixed up! You can buy dopplers but if you don't hear a heart beat that might stress you out even more. What do you think?

I bought "full briefs" pack of 5 for £2.50 in primark, some for now and a bigger size for my hospital bag. Ey are 100% cotton and very comfy and cover most of my tummy.

Wickedgirl Fri 26-Jul-13 16:30:32

Roxvox.......I have both packed in my bag. Disposable for just after the birth when you're more likely to leak and then big knickers for comfort a couple of days post birth.

Legally........how exciting!

Natalieand Fri 26-Jul-13 16:47:32

That's the day my buggy is being delivered legally lol. How exciting! Everything is coming around so quickly now compared to how slowly the first few weeks dragged when we were all scared about m/c and getting to our first scans etc!

roxvox I think the pants thing is a personal decision I know a few ppl who have been happy to have disposable knickers but then equally I have known alot of ppl moan they r hot sweaty and horrible. I personally will use either those m and s knickers or something simular and just use maternity pads as that's what I used last time and was content as you can be with the equivalent of a nappy in your knickers with that. Anyway just think by the time we are wearing these knickers out extremely lucky dh/dp's Won't me interested in hanky panky and neither will we lol

Natalieand Fri 26-Jul-13 16:49:16

Also I meant to add according to my 28 weeks growth scan I didn't notice the other day it says if baby grows at that current pattern until term he will weigh approx 7lb 6oz which is a releif to me as dd was 8.8lbs at 39+5

That a a good weight Natalie. Are they usually accurate at this stage?

Sanjifair Fri 26-Jul-13 17:01:13

Hi all.
Thanks for the congrats.

I had my 28 week bloods and anti-D today, mine didn't hurt at all, Roofio! Guess I was lucky there.

I wore disposable Knicks last time, but didnt think much of them, might give the m&s granny pants a go!

Other ladies who are having a surprise, have you bought much in the way of clothing yet? I can't find any neutral clothes I really like, and have looked in a variety of places. Plain white doesn't really do it for me for babygros although vests are fine. It's annoying me as last time I found out the sex, and had a range of lovely outfits picked out (which didn't last long, as DS was so big!). And although I can order clothes online after the birth, I definitely won't feel like trekking round the shops, as I hate shopping at the best of times!

Natalieand Fri 26-Jul-13 17:10:15

orangeapparently the weight is 20% either side of the estimated weight so if someone good at maths wants to calculate that for me then feel free lol. They estimated dd would weigh 10lbs and she was 8.8lbs xx

sanji I'm not having a suprise but they do have a cute baby grow in mothercare ATM that's white and pale grey and would look cute on either. Its one of the reasons I can't have a suprise the suspense would simply kill me!!

pale grey and white grow

Sanji, I agree mothercare had some nice white things with grey details, also some cream/brown ones which I liked even more. Then we got a white baby grow set with hedgehog from gap kids. Boots also had some things. We haven't bought loads, will definitely need more 0-3 month stuff, probably got enough newborn.

I was going to go for all plain white but was tempted by cute details.

The only really colourful thing we got a a bumblebee top and trousers from mothercare.

GTbaby Fri 26-Jul-13 17:22:57

Rox I used those M&s ones with a normal birth. I quite liked having big knickers.

Also wore yoga bottoms and wore the band turned up as I liked the slightly tight feeling on my tummy after.

Welcome to the newcomers to the thread and so happy that those of you who have had worries have been checked and all is well.
I had my 28 wk appointment today and am measuring at 29 weeks ( I am 29 wks going by my own dates) They've booked me in for a growth scan at 32 wks. No signs of heart failure at the scan today, everything seems fine apart from the Tretalogy of Fallot.
I won't get my c-section date until I'm 34 wks so am very jealous of those of you who have yours already. The hospital are still undecided about where I should deliver. I really hope they let me stay at the Princess Royal but got to do what's best for Eliana.

GTbaby Fri 26-Jul-13 17:53:45

Baby event at tesco.
20% off George clothing at asda till Sunday.
22% off toys r us.

Any other discounts due to George Alexander louis?

Sephy Fri 26-Jul-13 18:01:47

orange you should still fill in a child benefit form so that HMRC know you're entitled to child benefit but then stop your claim (if you want to avoid the hassle of tax charge etc). That way you're protected with the NI contributions while you're not working, and if, hopefully not, your income was significantly reduced in the future it would be much easier to restart if they already know about your baby somewhere on the Child Benefit system.

There's more info at http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/childbenefitcharge/introduction.htm
if it helps at all!

Sephy Fri 26-Jul-13 18:07:18

Oh and I'd like to echo MrsO and thank all you chatty ladies for words of wisdom and Advice, even though like her I feel like I have very little to add most of the time!

So excited to be getting so close now!

PseudoBadger Fri 26-Jul-13 18:30:56

If any newcomers/less frequent posters are interested in our facebook group then please say so smile

monkeytree Fri 26-Jul-13 18:31:34

Welcome Whistling and Oddlife. Sadly I am more of a thread lurker than a contributor but pleased to help where ever possible.

Looking after my 7 year old dd over the summer hols so don't get a lot of spare time in the day to keep up with the thread.

Really grateful for this thread. Lots of useful info re sales/products/symptoms etc and I feel far less isolated so thank you all once again.

27 weeks tomorrow and starting to feel breathless. Had this with pregnancy with dd. Very emotional today probably a combination of hormones and tiredness in and out of bed to the toilet through the night is the biggest contributor to this. My 9 year old niece has been staying this week (lives 200 miles away) and is returning home tomorrow. My daughter is really going to miss the company and I feel guilty this hols that I am not on top form to keep my daughter entertained which is crazy really as I have bits and pieces planned for her next week - friends visiting etc. Once again feeling overly emotional and tired really doesn't help.

Having a girl in October. Had chosen the name Edward for a boy (my mother said she really did not like this name) but would have gone ahead anyway. Arabella seems a favourite for baby dd at the moment.

Wishing you all a restful weekend, MT.

Thanks for advice on child benefit. I had a look at the online calculator and I think the person with the highest income (DH) claims the benefit rather than me? So not sure if my NI would be protected or not. But it looks like we would only pay back about 30% of it in tax so think it is worth it after all.

Flyer747 Fri 26-Jul-13 18:48:37

Evening all.

This child tax benefit is confusing. As far as earnings are concerned we aren't entitled to anything, however dp pays himself part salary (so he pays paye income tax) then the majority of his salary is done on dividends as he is classed as a shareholder in his business, so we basically haven't got a clue I think we are going to speak to cab and see what they say.

Also I pay into my works company pension scheme does anyone know of this stops whilst on maternity or do you still keep making the contributions?

Pseudo if you would like a Doppler then you are more than welcome to borrow mine, it's no hassle I can post it to you and may help reassure you if you get a day of reduced movements (hopefully this won't be the case though) rather than you buy one I'd be happy to lend it to you....it's always found the hb when I've just it btw.

Flyer747 Fri 26-Jul-13 18:51:11

Funkky glad all was ok, hope the monitoring goes well.

roofio87 Fri 26-Jul-13 18:52:46

dp just made a lovely dinner to say thanks for having lots of needles stuck in me and hospital and docs appointments for his baby. it was so sweet!!

Flyer747 Fri 26-Jul-13 19:06:19

Also forgot to add that dress is nice clapham. I have finally found a compromise, it's far from ideal and what I would like to wear for a wedding....my heels are new (gonna kill my trotters) so must buy some gel in soles tomorrow, I'm taking a decent size clutch bag so gonna pop some flip flops in.

MoN what's the weather like in Glasgow? That's where the wedding is, I looked at the weather reports it said rain hmm although maybe this is better than stifling heat.

GTbaby Fri 26-Jul-13 19:23:14

Yes. PM me your full name and picture description. And I'll add you to our FB group. Although I think there is someone else who managed to do it. But I can't remember who.

PseudoBadger Fri 26-Jul-13 19:24:51

Gah it's so muggy tonight sad
Thanks Flyer that's lovely of you but won't you need it?

Flyer747 Fri 26-Jul-13 19:36:47

No I hardly use it anymore (even though I ended up in maternity assessment the other night) I got it in the early days about 9 weeks, and it was useful when I felt no movements due to anterior placenta. You are welcome to borrow it just pm me your address if you want to and I will post it to you...smile

Today has been really warm Flyer though Desperate Dan came home and asked if I'd heard the thunder today. He'd got caught in a massive downpour on the other side of the city.

roxvox Fri 26-Jul-13 20:58:30

Does anyone else get really uncomfortable evenings when it feels as though your stomach and back are under a lot of pressure and the only way you could be comfortable would be if you were naked and floating in a star shaped position on the Dead Sea?

Natalieand Fri 26-Jul-13 21:00:20

Bit tmi here but I figured u are the best ppl to ask as I don't think even my best mate could answer this lol. Have your downstairs areas changed since being pregnant? Dh helped me have a trim earlier and I felt so embarrassed rediculous in front of my own dh I no as he said the area of skin where your pubic hairs would usually grow has all gone dark as if the skin has a dark pigment too it suddenly? I'm yet to look in a mirror I might traumatise myself lol

Natalieand Fri 26-Jul-13 21:01:20

Probly just body aching from the day roxvox I find I ache less in the evenings as I'm up and about all day with dd and in the eve dh gets everything I want from the kitchen so I don't really move off the sofa till bed time lol

ComtesseDeFrouFrou Fri 26-Jul-13 21:57:56

Roxvox yes, me. Currently sitting on gym ball rocking in agony. I've got a short torso and the top of it, right by my rib cage and under my boobs feels so so and absolutely stretched to breaking point sad

If I try and stretch or arch my back to get some more space, my back ends up hurting. Last night I listened to the telly, rather than watched, with my torso and bump hung over the gym ball.

Sigh. DH suggested lying down, but if I go to bed now, I'll just lie awake for ages...

ComtesseDeFrouFrou Fri 26-Jul-13 21:59:05

That should be so sore not so so. It's much worse than so so hmm

I haven't seen mine for a long time Natalie but Not as far as I know. Is it like your linea nigra? Do that've quite dark skin anyway? I know you can get temporary dark patches on your face in pregnancy, maybe it is similar delicate skin? I am having stabbing electric shock type pains inside at the moment though, had it a few months ago, I think it must be when the baby presses on a nerve.

I ordered a maternity tankini for my French holiday from asos, feeling sad because neither the 8 or 10 fits even though you are meant to order pre pregnancy size (6-8) so I have just got fat. The bottoms dig in and the tankini top rides up exposing belly and new muffin tops. Eugh. Even my old sarong is now too small to cover me! And DH could see my pubic hair poking out the top. Feel like a bloated hairy monster.

Flyer747 Fri 26-Jul-13 23:11:24

Orange I hear you on the bikini/tankini/swimsuit front. I bought a few and they were uncomfy bottoms digging into my fat bits.

Whoever said about babies r us having 22% off thanks for the tip, I've just bought a maxi cosi pebble car seat, a baby bath, breast pads, a crib mattress and all our nursery furniture off there, saved a fortune, £180 discounted at checkout, bargain!

Halfords have an offer on the maxi cosi familyfix base £93 everywhere else it is £130, so again a big saving......had to reserve it from a store so dp has to go and collect it tomorrow.

Feel like I'm making progress finally smile

For anyone worrying about lack of movements can I suggest going the Cinema?! Went to see The Wolverine with DH as it's his bday today, baby was going absolutely mad! Highlight of the evening was an older couple sat in front of us who whipped out a whole packed lunch in the cinema, Sandwiches, grapes and a yoghurt grin We went for food after at Frankie and Benny's wasn't great, long wait, crap service and some of our order came cold sad (next time maybe we should take a picnic to cinema!) Planning a bbq tomorrow so fingers crossed for no rain in the SW please xx

funkky Sat 27-Jul-13 00:10:14

Thanks ladies! Yes monitoring was fine, baby was cheeky and moved a bt more while been monitored but he's been quite active tonight....

Thanks for all the sales info and want to add its lovely to get advice from mum gurus on this thread. as a first time mum, I feel like I have not much to add but been taking lots of notes from the advice given!

Glad all was ok funkky.

Tarlia Sat 27-Jul-13 09:13:34

Glad you are ok, funkky.

M&S are great for basic knickers, wash and wear very well. I've busted out the high waist granny Knicks from last time.

Who ever said maternity pads were like nappies - I will post a photo on facebook later of the maternity 'pads' the hospital give us here along with string knickers. Really sexy ;)

GTbaby Sat 27-Jul-13 09:37:31

I never put away my granny knickers from last time. blush

Dollybird86 Sat 27-Jul-13 10:13:02

Hi all can I ask what you will all be putting ur babies into sleep in at the start? Cant decide weather to go with a mosses or a crib.

GTbaby Sat 27-Jul-13 10:47:23

We used our push chair carry cot instead of a Moses basket downstairs. And a crib in our bedroom. We were given a crib for free. Wouldn't have bought a crib otherwise. Prob would have gone straight for a cot.

Lo only used his cot for 3ish months.

Smitten1981 Sat 27-Jul-13 10:51:18

We got a crib last week as it was the same price as a moses and more sturdy. We also thought it would last for more than one baby and hopefully it wouldn't be noisy and wake him up if he moves, which a lot of people have said happens with Moses baskets.

Shootingstarsandcomets Sat 27-Jul-13 11:19:45

We have a Moses basket upstairs and use the carry cot from the pram downstairs like gt. We never bothered with a crib, ds grew too big for the Moses basket when he was about 12 weeks and he went straight into his own room and his cot. He sort of slept ok there apart from the nights where he'd be unsettled and I'd sneak him into our bed which is what he wanted and he would sleep beautifully for hours.
They are a bit pricey but I'd recommend a bednest as little babies really do just want to be next to their mummies whether you breastfeed or not. We don't have one but I'm hoping we can borrow one from a friend. I never set out to co sleep with ds but we ended up with him in our bed so often it would have been worth the money.

Tarlia Sat 27-Jul-13 11:35:58

Last time we put DS straight into cot, but laying across it until he got to big. This time we plan to do the same, though will have the option to use a bassinet with real mattress as have ordered an old style emmjunga pram.
In the sitting room we used the phil and teds cocoon last time.

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 11:39:46

Last time I used a Moses basket and would have it downstairs in the day and upstairs next to me at night and dd went into cot at 8 weeks next to my bed then at 12 weeks in the cot in her own room and will probly do the same this time depending on how he sleeps as he will be sharing with my toddler

cuillereasoupe Sat 27-Jul-13 11:45:58

Does anyone know about Ryanair fit to fly forms? We've got one signed for the gynae (cheekily post-dated to the day before we fly - she offered!) for our trip to Spain on 6 August. Do we have to hand it in at the gate or do they let us keep it for the flight back? and it has to be dated within 2 weeks of flying - so is the 5th for the 19th OK, or do I need to plan a trip to the docs to get a form filled in while I'm there? I don't really fancy taking FIL along to the gynae to interpret while I get my cervix prodded hmm

Tarlia Sat 27-Jul-13 11:55:16

The form is for the duration of your holiday smile

Flyer747 Sat 27-Jul-13 12:00:17

The form is for the duration. Ryanair in theory should take a photocopy of your form on the outbound flight same for the return so you can keep a hold of the original. However this is Ryanair so anything goes generally!

cuillereasoupe Sat 27-Jul-13 12:13:59

OK, thanks - though it does say "this completed letter should be dated within 2 weeks of the booked flight" - is that only for the outbound flight then?

this is Ryanair so anything goes generally!

Good point - I might take a photocopy to be on the safe side!

Tarlia Sat 27-Jul-13 12:55:36

I think the idea of the letter is that the dr says that you are unlikely to go into labour or have complications on the flight there or back. Will not be going to the country on the basis that youll get stranded there and cause the airline a problem. A dr on holiday would not know your history and most countries avoid internals on preg women anyway.

You still have time to drop Ryanair a quick email or call though so maybe do that for peace of mind?

Slippysnow Sat 27-Jul-13 13:04:49

I'll be using a Moses basket at first, but I've heard lots of people saying how quickly they grow out of them. Was thinking when they grow out of it I might buy a cheap ikea cot for inbetween Moses basket and cot bed, just because our room is quite small and the cotbed would swamp it

Flyer747 Sat 27-Jul-13 13:05:02

2 weeks of the outbound flight it is smile

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 13:15:47

Feeling very sorry for myself today. My sisters mum auntie and cousins have all gone off for a weekend away for my sisters hen doo (wedding is next Saturday and I'm a bridesmaid) I opted out as it was like £150 and they booked it ages ago so I had no idea how I would feel and now I feel guttes I'm not going I no I can't change it now and in reality is choose being pregnant over a night out but still...

Even worse dh is goin out tonight for a curry so ill be indoors sulking on my own. Humph!

roofio87 Sat 27-Jul-13 13:58:39

Natalie I feel the same today, have nothing to do as the girls have all gone over to our friends in Manchester for a night out and dp is off to.cinema with his mates. I'm sick of being pregnant now, at least in a couple more months I'll have a little baby to entertain me!!

Flyer747 Sat 27-Jul-13 14:04:20

Ladies normally i'd tell you to have a chilled night in, a few glasses of wine (but we cannot drink) a hot bath (we can't have too hot baths) and paint your toes (but if you are anything like me you'll no longer be able to reach your toes) so maybe watch some crap saturday night tv and eat chocolate, that'll have to do i guess under the circumstrances!

Flyer747 Sat 27-Jul-13 14:11:17

In work and it's dead....i am so bored....roll on 6pm.

I bought the cot and crib bedding earlier from babies r us and I went for a collection called 'Olive and Henri' the design is an owl and a hedgehog and it's really cute it's green and beiges so perfect for unisex, can't wait for it to arrive.

Flyer i love that range!

I got most of my hospital bag stuff from mothercare yesterday they had loads on sale! I have done nothing today and i mean nothing, in my nightie still DS is playing wii games and house is a tip!! I feel like a terrible wife/mum sometimes but i just don't have the energy at all!!

Hope everyone else is having a good day!

roofio87 Sat 27-Jul-13 14:58:21

just reading 'the pregnancy book' given to me by my mw. I know its not given out everywhere anymore but you can access it online I think. anyway, the point is it has quite a bit on formula feeding and how to prepare bottles and formula. thought I'd mention it as some people had been saying they didn't know anything about it. also lots of interesting stuff on bf (although be warned its very favourable towards bf!!)

Soupqueen Sat 27-Jul-13 15:05:53

I always do this, come to post with lots to say and my mind goes blank and I forget all the thoughts I've had while catching up.

natalie I prescribe some ice cream and a cheesy film, make the most of a night in grin

I'm actually going out tonight, it'll be weird! I'm meeting some girls I shared a flat with at Uni, they're in town for the weekend so will be lovely to catch up. One of them is also pregnant, due a few weeks before me, so I'll have company in my sobriety.

DH and I went shopping today. Now that we've organised a lot of essentials, he was desparate to buy the baby it's first teddy bear. It's a lovely bear (I fear maybe a little too lovely to be drooled and puked on!) and we had a lovely morning, stopping off for ice cream and a sit in the sun. I'm now having a lazy afternoon, meal planning and writing shopping lists and recharging batteries so that I'm a bit more lively this evening.

We've ordered a bed nest (thanks for the heads up on the discount shire!) for the baby to sleep in. We're renting rather than buying.

I have done nothing re hospital bag. The lists scare me - it sounds like more than I pack for a week holiday! Really need to start thinking about that soon though.

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 15:18:16

Don't worry falcon I'm laying on the sofa with strategically placed pillows to keep me comfy and dd is playing with her peppa pig toys whilst multi tasking and watching Ben and holly. I can't be bothered to go out plus its chucking it down here too and she's quite happy

I think I will make dh get me some dinner before he goes out then when he's gone go to bed as I am rediculously tired. I forgot how much hard work being pregnant is !

I am so jealous if your hospital bag purchases falcon I really wanna get all mine but money just seems to tight every month dh isn't earning the commission we expected each month usually £300-£400 less than we had anticipated so its putting such a squeeze on our finances and I'm starting to panic about dd's birthday and Xmas cropping up as soon as he is born as dd's bday is nov 1st and the poor girl is desperate for a party with her 'best friends' with balloons and pass the parcel and I feel mean for depriving her just cos we will have a new addition by then

Sorry its all me me me today u no how it is when u feel sorry for yourself lol

Those of you wanting cheaper bedding options I got a set in primark which is a fleeced blanket a sheet and a cot bumper for £10 don't get me wrong its not amazing but its quite decent for the money n I can't warrant £50+ pound on bedding he won't even use yet ATM, if I don't like it when it comes to using it I can buy a different one then. X

I have had a lazy morning too, researching baby things online. Got to visit my sister to drop off neice's birthday present and return a parcel at the post office but haven't had the energy yet.

I bought some olive and Henri clothes this morning too flyer, very cute!

Mothercare have a £10 off £50 shop if you download their app.

chickieno1 Sat 27-Jul-13 15:53:18

To the ladies at home tonight I second ice cream, chocolate and a cheesy film! Something like the notebook so you have Ryan Gosling to look at smile

Don't know what we'll do about sleep. Last time we used a Moses basket but ds grew out of it super fast. Won't bother this time and think crib might be same problem. Might just go straight for cot in room and depending on what buggy we get carrycot/bassinet for downstairs . I think ds was in our room for about 9 months!!

chickieno1 Sat 27-Jul-13 15:54:05

There was recently a thread about this under pregnancy

Soupqueen Sat 27-Jul-13 16:01:24

Can I ask a really stupid question? What do I do with the baby if I was to go to a supermarket. I can't imagine pushing a pram and a trolley, but don't recall seeing pram parks or anything like that. I'm sure it must be blindingly obvious but I can't think how it would work!

Flyer747 Sat 27-Jul-13 16:14:28

And can i ask a silly question, do babies suck dummies from day one?

PseudoBadger Sat 27-Jul-13 16:22:06

Most places have trolleys you can either put the car seat in, or have a plastic moulded baby seat.
Dummies - never had any success sorry (but I didn't really want to as bfing).

Soupqueen Sat 27-Jul-13 16:23:14

But what would I do with the pram?

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 16:24:01

soup they have trolleys that accommodate a group 0 carseat alternatively they also have trolleys that have a seat suitable for a baby but u would probly want to lay as blanket of some kind in them first as they r hard plastic especially when baby is tiny xx

flyer not all babies need dummies and if they do they don't usually need them from day one usually in the days and weeks to follow u will discover if your baby would benefit from one some baby's like to suck for comfort and not for food and that's where a dummy comes in it soothes them without feeding them x

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 16:24:46

soup do u mean if u walked to the supermarket?

Soupqueen Sat 27-Jul-13 16:30:28

Yes, or got a bus.

roofio87 Sat 27-Jul-13 16:37:46

flyer I read today in my nhs book that if you're bf you shouldn't give the baby a dummy until bf is well.established, at least 4 weeks or the sucking motion can make it difficult for them to bf as its so different!

re shopping, if I'm taking the pram I imagine I'll get a basket too as wouldn't want to buy too much to fit in pram or carry home. or take dp with me so push trolley and carry shopping. if going by car can either put baby in trolley seat or some places have trolleys you clip your car seat on!!

Soupqueen Sat 27-Jul-13 16:41:00

Hmmm, I don't have a car. Looks like online shopping for me!

roofio87 Sat 27-Jul-13 16:42:09

me neither soup which is why I want a travel system with a lot of storage space!!!

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 16:42:59

Yeh will have to be online if u plan to do a big shop I think soup or a lift with a friends if possible? I guess it would be a nightmare to try and do it with a buggy and a trolley but I e never had the dialemma before so not entirely sure x

cuillereasoupe Sat 27-Jul-13 16:51:37

Thanks for the Ryanair confirmation flyer - I won't worry about it then.

ananikifo Sat 27-Jul-13 16:54:33

Soup I think a lot of people use the shopping basket of the pram while shopping, but obviously it only carries so much. I don't drive and my plan for the weekly shop during mat leave is to get it delivered. Delivery fees are cheaper of free during weekdays.

flyer if you'd like to bf you shouldn't use a dummy in the beginning. My plan (first-time mum planning to bf) is not to buy dummies yet and see how it goes. There's a thread from yesterday asking the exact same question about dummies and apparently some babies are "sucky" and seem to need a dummy but others reject a dummy. The advice was to see what your baby's like before getting a dummy.

ananikifo Sat 27-Jul-13 16:57:26

Cross-posted with others, sorry!

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 17:04:43

Is anyone else getting random hot sweats? Like normal temp one Min then sweating like they've run a marathon the next?

I used to just park my pram beside the security guard soup.

Dp's birthday today and would have been nice to go out together but nobody wants to babysit 4 children. We've not had a single night out as a couple in the whole time we've been together.

The cafe in the tesco near me has lockers meant for putting your trolley in while you eat but I used to put the pram in one of them.

ananikifo Sat 27-Jul-13 17:29:46

That's so smart, MoN!

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 17:31:45

That's a shame MoN do either of u have family near by that u could ask or send two to one grand parent two to another? I guess its simular from when I go from one child to two its not so easy to get someone to look after. Can u try and make it a special night in? Candle lit take away or something?

My sister stays 5 mins away but I know she won't be up for babysitting 4 as she has 2 herself. Going out at night would mean them sleeping over and nobody has the space. I'm going to suggest a takeaway and maybe just be extra nice to him tonight wink

Soupqueen Sat 27-Jul-13 18:10:58

Takeaway sounds like a good compromise MoN (and you can eat in your pjs)

I rarely do a big supermarket shop at the moment (do a fortnightly online shop for heavy items and shop locally for fruit and veg) but have a lot of Sainsburys vouchers which I was hoping would feed us when my salary drops/stops. I don't think they can be used online. Bottoms!

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 18:26:33

To choose that are choosing to formula feed what milk are u planning to use?

When formula feeding before I used Aptamil then switched to Cow & Gate which is cheaper when I realised they are both made by Danone to exactly the same formula. They are just branded differently.

pinkbuttons Sat 27-Jul-13 18:35:33

could you take pram and baby carrier soup? I used to push pram there then put shopping in pram back, bit of a faff we usually got it delivered but sometimes its nice to just a) get out of the house and b) choose your own food.
Hope you have a lovely night MoN special takeaway night sounds lovely.
Wedding yesterday was so lovely but now feel like Ive run a 10km race its ridiculous! my whole body aches and I really just sat down the whole day. We left at 10 using DS as our excuse but it was really me who was flagging. Glad you got a dress sorted flyer
pseudo Ive also been living in birkenstocks and have the most ridiculous tan lines because of it but theyre so comfy!!
We used a moses basket for DS last time and the carry cot for the pram downstairs. but he was really lond and grew out of moses basket stupidly quickly. This time have been given a crib which is a bit bigger so hoping it will last longer.
cuille Im flying ryanair on the 6th as well, mine says is 2 weeks before outbound flight but am by no means expecting it to be a hassle free processsmile when do you fly?
Hope those of you stuck in have a lovely night, I vote lots of nice food and a girly movie, Id also normally have a hot bath but its too hot to even enjoy it. bring on more thunderstorms!!

Flyer747 Sat 27-Jul-13 19:03:23

When they refer to third trimester tiredness I think mine may have started. Can hardly keep my eyes open, any other ladies experiencing this yet?

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 19:05:21

Right there with u flyer x

Wickedgirl Sat 27-Jul-13 19:35:33

Flyer......I am exhausted. My children think I'm pathetic for needing to have an afternoon nap but I just can't stay awake

For sleeping, we have a crib in our bedroom and another downstairs. We can also use the carrycot on the pram when out and about. My older 3all stayed in the crib until 6 months which is when they went into their own room and into a cot.

Tarlia Sat 27-Jul-13 19:45:06

You could always get a bike lock for your pram and lock it to something in the supermarket..
Here there are prams locked everywhere, but crime is generally much lower.

Tarlia Sat 27-Jul-13 19:49:13

mon such a shame, though you can still have a nice night at home. What are your kids ages? I thought one was old enough so could cover for an hour or two while you were very local!?

GTbaby Sat 27-Jul-13 20:11:40

Lots of ppl use bike locks at children centre as well.
But I guess it's also an issue of how would you get it back.
Using a sling n the pram to carry shopping is an option.
Or shop with a large bag (as if a basket) on each pram Handel. So you know how much shopping u can carry.
Do heavy shop online, then lighter items from sainsburys.
Ask sainsburys if you can use the vouchers you have to buy gift vouchers, which I think you can use online. Don't forget to join their baby group. You get a free gift.

Also nat you don't need to spend money to pack your maternity bag. Why don't you pack the items you have around the house to make a start. I imagin only things you won't have laying about are maternity pads and breast pads. Both cost less then £5 together from a supermarket. Dh old baggy t shirt to labour in. Comfy socks. A loose t shirt to wear as a nightie, u can just pull it up to BF doesn't need to be maternity. Toiletries, tooth paste and toothbrush, see if you have any sample pots you can empty to put shampoo and shower gel into. Sort thro your knickers and pack the old ones that should have been binned ages ago (admit it ladies we all have a few of them).
At least then you will feel prepared. Then as you have a few pennies to spare buy an item and replace anything you want to have as new.
Tbh I'm doing as above.

Yes I am knackered too flyer. I usually crash at the end of the school year and get really tired and ill for about two weeks but last couple of evenings I have barely kept my eyes open at dinner and think I feel more tired than usually would. 28 weeks tomorrow.

Whoever it was saying they felt a bit cheated of the second trimester I agree, I never had the burst of energy, beautiful skin, rampant sex drive etc. Maybe slightly thicker hair but also sore hips, bad sleep and for the last few weeks hot, sweaty yukkiness.

Wickedgirl Sat 27-Jul-13 20:27:20

My second trimester was being sick until 17 weeks and then having spd and heart burn kick in. envy

Tarlia my oldest is ds who is almost 13. My 10 year old dd is with her dad tonight so I'm sure ds and dd (11) would be fine left in for a while and I could have asked my sis to take Linah who's 4 but Desperate Dan wasn't keen to leave them home alone. Ds would have played Xbox happily while we were out and dd would have just sat on the laptop all night so it's not like they would have been getting up to anything dangerous.
We'll never have any proper time together if he doesn't learn to trust them and things will only get worse when little Eliana arrives.

Umlauf Sat 27-Jul-13 20:40:27

I'm exhausted too flyer and having much difficulty regulating my body temperature, I am always boiling hot!

Have had a mammoth day today, was in IKEA from 12-7.00 7 hours!! And spent 1000 euros which was 200 over budget. BUT apart from the nursery (which he won't be in until 6m anyway) our home is furnished! Just so much more packing to do and unpacking and cleaning and arranging before move day on Wednesday and I don't know how ill cope! I've no energy at all!

Also bought a new bugaboo fabric set which makes the 6 year old model look brand new, that was definitely worth getting!

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 20:42:34

Similar ages to my friends kids her oldest two is a ds(14) and dd (11) her youngest are 2 and 3 and she often debates about whether she could leave them alone or not. Its tricky isn't it cos like u say no reason anything dangerous would happen but would u have been able to relax had u gone out. ? Also I think leaving older children depends very much on the child has dh has a much younger sister she is 11 and there is no way I could leave her on her own she's very immature for her age x

Iheartcrunchiebars Sat 27-Jul-13 20:43:56

Flyer I feel your pain. I am completely exhausted. Would do anything for a day off!

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 20:46:18

Thanks for the idea gt but for some reason I have an obsession that I need absolutely everything new or my hospital bag, absolutely no idea why I have this urge to have it new?

Excellent news about your fully furnished house umlauf :-) as u say no rush for nursery furniture x

I've been fed and watered now and dh is out isit too early for bed? Lolx

I've often suggested to Do that we get the older 3 a DVD and a pile of sweets to occupy them then we only need to find a babysitter for the 4 yr old but he won't do it. He's worried the neighbours might report us. He won't listen when I tell him that it's not actually illegal.
He'll happily leave them in during the day while we go to the supermarket or whatever so not sure why he views night as any different really unless he believes in the bogey man.

claphammama Sat 27-Jul-13 20:57:01

I also have no energy and even the thought of upcoming holidays is exhausting me. Did over an hour of ironing this evening and thought I was going to first melt and then collapse. Saying this it's been a lovely day. DS was out at a long party this afternoon so we had a nice long "nap" with DP grin grin grin. So I've been in an amazing mood for the rest of the day. We also went for a nice long walk and bought a beautiful woolen blanket for the baby in a local shop. I love seeing how everything is slowing coming together!

MoN hope you are having a lovely night in with DP anyway! I can only imagine how hard it must be to get someone to babysit 4...! I must say I don't think I would be brave enough... but they grow up!

chickien DS was in our room for 8 months too. Mainly due to laziness. We built the cot in our room and then it wouldn't go through the door so we had to dismantle and build it in his room again. We took our time... smile And he never really woke us up (unless he started crying but then we wouldn't need to get up anyway, wherever he was) so we had no incentive!

re: dummies, I tried to resist them for 4 weeks as advised but DS was such a sucky baby... that I gave in after 3 weeks and my life got so much better! It didn't affect his BF at all at that stage. I will try to resist them for at least a few weeks this time too.

re: GP "flying" letter, my GP actually specified in hers that I'm fit to fly between 30th July and 20th August (although I told her we are flying back on the 10th)

gtbaby you mean those pants with holes in them at the bottom of our drawer...? NO... we are ladies, we don't have them... of course not!! grin grin

claphammama Sat 27-Jul-13 21:03:56

meant "we would need to get up anyway" NOT "we wouldn't need to get up"!

Dollybird86 Sat 27-Jul-13 21:10:06

Thanks for the info on cribs vs mosses baskets ladies, I think im gonna go with a crib and see how long it last before we move her into her own room and as for down stairs im thinking of getting a travel cot as the pushchair were thinking of doesn't come with carrycot.

We are staying in this evening just had pizza and were gonna watch a movie im way too tired to even consider anything else.

Natalieand Sat 27-Jul-13 21:12:59

Travel cots are rather big to have downstairs on a permanent basis? U could try and get a Moses basket second hand (or asda haz neutral ones cor £16 the ther day)for downstairs for the first 8-12 weeks and then i find after then I tend to put baby upstairs for a nap as they tend to develop little routines of sleep patterns around that kind of time x

Flyer747 Sat 27-Jul-13 21:32:23

MoN believe it or not I used to babysit 5 children, they were lovely quite a handful but very nice children. Their dad worked away Monday to Friday so their mum was basically a single mum through the week, it must have been so difficult for her I guess. I hope you and desp dan have a nice night together (I won't ask what'll you'll be getting upto, given what we know so far about desperate dan, haha) gringrin

monkeytree Sat 27-Jul-13 21:39:08

More energy today. Bought some lovely items in Debenhams blue cross sale (apparently the sale ends tomorrow). Also sorting through some of dd (now 7) clothes up to age 3, forgot what lovely condition some of them are in, also found gro bags in the bags that I had kept so real bonus.

Hoping that tomorrow brings me some energy too as lots to do. DH is starting to prepare for decorating nursery too, nesting in full swing!

Tarlia Sat 27-Jul-13 22:20:19

Yup , with you all on the exhaustion and lack of 2nd tri bloom. Still, nearly there ladies and its most certianly worth it!

mon he must believe in the bogey man! Still, at least it's his birthday, he made the decision to stay in so cannot sulk about it. Hope you had a lovely cosy evening anyway.

clapham just remembered I didn't answer about Bare - it's on the street that runs parallel with Northcote above the schools, through Wakehurst, forget its name but I'm sure you can very easily work it out. Had a small art gallery, lovely rose shop etc on.

30 weeks today - should crack on with the packing as I was in hospital 6 weeks from now last time! I'm seriously debating an ELCS but arrrrggg such a tough call. I had a 3hour start to finish labour last time without any drugs or gas (just oxygen for baby), but this time they are insisting on an Epidural (they were too slow to get it in last time), which I know would have slowed last labour down and know that I was on the verge on a crash CS as DS was in distress the whole pushing stage (when they finally took my labour seriously) and came out with the cord around twice etc etc I dread to think what a few more mins would have resulted in. This is mixed with we have very few who could look after DS while im in labour so the schedueling while he is at nursery school seems too convienent. Someone decide for me please!!

claphammama Sat 27-Jul-13 23:00:33

Webb's Road tarlia*! I remember seeing it now. The little art gallery is still there but the lovely rose shop closed months ago. They've now opened a Spanish delicatessen there - very nice but full of random stuff... I've never bought anything there and it's always empty so I wonder how long it will last.

No idea what to say on the birth front... your first birth was super fast!! 3 hours is nothing. My induced labour was 9 hours! They say the second one is always quicker so perhaps, even if the epidural slowed it down, it would still be ok for you if you are so quick anyway? Can your MW advise? And would it not be easier for you to look after two afterwards if you don't have a CS and could recover quicker? Your first birth sounds traumatic so no wonder you want to avoid something similar this time... Do they insist on epidural because of your blood pressure? X

chickieno1 Sun 28-Jul-13 01:19:55

Clapham and tarlia was also thinking bare was on webbs road! Went there for my pre labour wax smile they were very nice esp as I hate waxing and had this huge bump too.

Do you remember how long your ds used the dummy for clapham? We were 18 months and I felt was a bit too long but he was definitely quite sucky at the start. It didn't interfere with bf and I think he was about 3 weeks old too. I'm a bit apprehensive about using dummy this time.

Hope you had a nice night in MON. I don't think dh and I will be getting out much after number 2 arrives sad We were very spoilt in London as my sisters and dh s brother were around for free babysitting. We ve no one here and ds is quite clingy at bedtime so we haven't tried to sort out a sitter yet. I think he knows things are different cos most nights he wants both dh and I to put him to bed which can take up to 45 mins sometimes!!! I really don't know what to do about it.

Tarlia can you book the elcs so you have a date and see what happens? Would they do mobile epidural there? It's hard when you add in child care for ds. Again similar here in that no one to take ds at the drop of a hat if went into labour. Have booked elcs for first thing on a Friday am so hopefully dh can make it after dropping off ds!

Soup online shopping for bulky things is te way to go. Smaller things can usually fit under the buggy.

And to orange et al I am absolutely knackered!!

Sleep tight all

ComtesseDeFrouFrou Sun 28-Jul-13 08:01:11

Orange is was me moaning about the lack of a "proper" second trimester grin

I can't think of a single positive pregancy symptom I got - even though lots of people keep saying how well I look, I can't say I feel like that and I'm convinced its just clever use of makeup! No glossy, thick hair - just hair and nails that grow too quickly so I have to cut them every five minutes!

Even my nausea seems to have returned sad

I shouldn't complain, as it goes I've had a really very easy and trouble free pregancy, but I just don't understand anyone who says that they enjoyed being pregnant!

Prisci Sun 28-Jul-13 08:43:05

Hello, sorry I rarely post, just have barely time to read. For anyone flying make sure you have your Dr Letter but also a copy of your airline policy as the person checking you in, might not even be aware if it, and can be difficult sometime. Also, try to look less pregnant of you are worried, I know it is difficult at this stage but a black top and some make up seem to do the trick when I had to fly at 39weeks (long story), whilst when I had to fly at 31 weeks in the same pregnancy and I had issues.

Was feeling completely over run by the kids until last night as DH is finally back after a month, I just don't how single mum do it. He is going to be around all the way until the birth smile. I have not even started on the baby bag and we have to fly when I will be 34 weeks PG since one of our DS needs to have regular check up away, I usually go on my own but thought this time it might be best not too.

Thanks everyone, we did have a nice night in the end and going out probably wouldn't have been a good idea as Dp is working a 14 hour shift today and was up at 5.30 for work.
I'm meant to be going to visit my Gran and Mum today with youngest dd but she's adamant she's going nowhere as it's pouring down. I'll need to bribe her with sweets to eat on the bus.

Flyer747 Sun 28-Jul-13 09:28:37

Ewww it's raining mon? I'm heading to Glasgow in a few hours i will pack my umbrella!

Shirehobbit Sun 28-Jul-13 09:35:04

Our nursery decorating plans did not quite go to plan yesterday, due to the ongoing plumbing saga with the bathroom toilet, which kept DH busy (read swearing and sweating a lot).
I did manage to hang the curtains, prepare the walls with polyfilla and construct the IKEA purchases, but that slightly broke me and my back and shoulders got sore and went into spasm last night.
As this kind of rules me out of much painting today, I'm trying (no really, I am) to be really patient with DH. I've made breakfast in bed for him and given a good amount of time for newspaper reading and I'll walk the dog while he starts the prep, but can we not get started NOW?

Nesting instinct meets hormonal pregnancy rage - stand well back!!

Natalieand Sun 28-Jul-13 09:40:59

Nothing wrong with that shire there's an atmosphere in my house this morn as dh woke me twice being noisy when he got in from going out last night then I got up with dd and then I wanted to go hospital bag goody shopping but we had no money then dh just shouted up the stairs he's been paid so I said best deliver me some breakfast then and get dressed cos were going shopping lol. I'm really starting to feel like u ATM as soon as I get a baby related idea in my head I want it dealt with right there and then!!

Never mess with a pregnant lady :-)

I think it was waiting for you Flyer. Yesterday was lovely. It's really misty too. I can't even see the giant wind turbine on the hill opposite my house.

Flyer747 Sun 28-Jul-13 09:55:53

Sounds about right MoN rain arrives just as I do grin I hope it's nice tomorrow for my friends wedding!

Enjoy shopping Natalie

Not according to my weather app but you never know. I'm sure she won't let a little rain spoil her day.

Soupqueen Sun 28-Jul-13 10:07:34

Thanks all for the shopping tips, very useful!

I've not had the second trimester glow either, at least I don't feel as though I have. People keep telling me I look really well (I bite my tongue, smile and thank them, rather than regale them about the spd, sciatica, heartburn, insomnia!) so maybe the glow is only visible to others and we get no benefit from it at all.

Had a lovely evening last night, most of the girls have children and were all so positive about everything, it was lovely. They all had totally different birth experiences/ success or not with breastfeeding so it was great to hear a range of experiences - all with a positive spin.

Crookie1 Sun 28-Jul-13 10:11:14

Hello all smile

My sister (Pannacotta) tells me there has been concern for me here since losing my mucus plug. Thank you so much, I hadn't realised! I watch the fb group as it is so much easier to keep on top of!

Thankfully nothing worse came of it but it was fairly terrifying. I can't wait to have my baby safe and well in my arms (touch wood) but keep telling myself not to wish for that as I am still months away at 26+4!

I hope you are all enjoying it and not getting too warm. Thanks again xx

Soupqueen Sun 28-Jul-13 10:11:45

Forgot to refresh the page before posting. I'm suffering DH impatience this morning too. The cat litter needs changed. That's one of his jobs since I've been pregnant. I've mentioned it once (although why he can't tell it needs done himself I don't know!), don't want to nag but just want it done!

This is a niggle that predates pregnancy for me though, he is the world's biggest procrastinator where I'm more just get it done and out of the way. We're mostly very compatible but not in this respect!

Soupqueen Sun 28-Jul-13 10:15:31

Cross post, lovely to see you and good news crookie!

roxvox Sun 28-Jul-13 10:37:10

Pleased to hear you're doing well crookie!

I am so pleased I have got this forum to realise that I am not the only one desperately keen to get things moving on the preparation front! This weekend I have washed all of the baby clothes (they smell sooo yummy now, using Fairy non bio and comfort softener), and yesterday DH took me shopping and I crossed loads off of my list. Normally I don't buy much when he's with me (a weird guilty feeling) but yesterday I realised how ridiculous that was and started picking up what we actually need! Ticked loads off of my list, and then won a gliding chair on eBay last night too so we are picking that up today. I still don't think I've bought anything at full price! On the downside I have no idea where we are going to put the chair as there is still a whacking great double bed in the nursery! I have convinced DH though that we can dismantle it and put it in the garage once we've sold the car, so that's good! Just need to sell the car now!

Quick question; are muslin cloths really that great?! They are one thing that I didn't buy yesterday because they appear to be bloody expensive for what they are, and I can't see them being as absorbent as, say, a micro fibre cloth.

Shirehobbit Sun 28-Jul-13 10:39:21

We have paint on walls, but he's already thrown a strop about cutting in. Remind me, who's meant to be the hormonal one? hmm
Time to head out with the hound I feel. If only it could magically all be done by the time I get back...

Shirehobbit Sun 28-Jul-13 10:41:19

Xpost with roxvox - I washed everything Friday-Saturday, too. And then filed, in size order, in my newly constructed drawers. It was the best feeling ever!

PseudoBadger Sun 28-Jul-13 10:45:54

Muslins - if you need them, you'll know! DS has reflux and was very sicky, and I have approx 20 muslins.... Which sometimes wasnt enough! Now I use them to dry his bum before I put his nappy on. Love them grin

PseudoBadger Sun 28-Jul-13 10:46:46

Meant to say some people never need them as their babies rarely puke and they don't get how great it is to have a big pile of soft cloth to grab from which wash and dry so easily.

roxvox Sun 28-Jul-13 10:55:07

Getting paint on the walls is a good start shirehobbit! I have mentioned decorating the nursery many times to DH but he appears to have developed selective hearing of late hmm ... I too have folded all of my baby clothes perfectly and put them away in size order in newly constructed drawers grin ... I am wondering how soon after the birth I will be just chucking everything in there willy nilly!

Thanks for the advice pseudo. Although I don't know whether I'll have a sicky baby or not, I love the idea of having something in my change bag/next to the changing unit that I can grab and use to mop up any sick/wee/poo/dribble/snot/spillages or whatever else may be about! Are they very absorbent?

Flyer747 Sun 28-Jul-13 11:38:21

I also feel I never had that 2nd trimester glow..

The best pregnancy symptom I've had is hair free legs, literally 5-7 days without having to shave, I love it smile

pinkbuttons Sun 28-Jul-13 11:39:06

Having similar pregnancy rage at procrastination here to shire glad youve got paint on the wall though! Good start.
I have decided we need to finish unpacking today (is the first coolish day weve had since moving) I have spent 2 hrs emptying boxes and he emptied one box had a strop and has spent an hr digging 1 nettle root out of the garden hmm productive but not a bloody priority, when theres still boxes everywhere.
I'm having a break and a cup of tea and I dare him to comment...
Glad some people managing to get baby shopping done, our plan is to go to kiddicare next weekend. Hoping to get everything sorted.
Lovely to hear from you crookie glad all is going well.

Hope everyone else is having a calm and cool Sunday smile

PseudoBadger Sun 28-Jul-13 11:55:43

Baby having another quiet day. Movements there but less than I'd like and big gaps in between. I'm getting a bit fed up with this now.
Flyer I asked DP whether we should take your doppler on holiday and he wasn't keen. No idea why!

Tarlia Sun 28-Jul-13 11:58:52

Muslins - great for puke, a cover for breast feeding as light and breathable, DS loved to cuddle one with a knotted corner, perfect as a sun hat fisherman style if suddenly caught without, tied around neck as an emergency bib for bottle feeding/weaning, great to lay baby on if you need to put them down somewhere like a friends carpet that could do with a Hoover/ has pets or baby may puke, some baby change stations are not the cleanest and you may not want to even put your mat down - then shove in a nappy sack to take home to wash, pegged to pram to shade sleeping baby from sun, in cot under the head of a snotty or sicky baby. I could go on haha

I'm all typed out.. Hope you all have lovely and productive days and those DPs pull up their socks. Enjoy the wedding, flyer.

Maybe second trimester glow is just a big lie to get people through the first few weeks!

Glad you had a nice evening MoN.

Been out in the garden harvesting, weeding, pruning and deadheading roses for the last couple of hours and my back and back of my hips really ache now. Poor DH trying to rub it for me and it either tickles because the pressure is too light or feels like my bones are bruised when he presses too hard so he has given up!

Now selling more box sets on amazon to clear space and earn a few pennies while DH does some clearing in the loft. Filled three big boxes with stuff from school to go in the loft and put two boxes of children's books that I have collected over the years up on the shelf in the nursery. Things are slowly coming together.

My little one had hiccups for about an hour last night. Little pops every couple of seconds. I was quite cute at first when we realised that's probably what it was then it got very annoying as I couldn't get to sleep!

Pseudo/flyer how likely are you to not hear a heartbeat when there is one at this stage? I know that was a reason against using them early on. It might be nice to have so you aren't stressing about it and to reassure you if movements do slow while you are away.

Flyer747 Sun 28-Jul-13 12:40:06

No worries Pseudo if you change your mind just let me know.

Orange I've always found a HB and did from about 9 weeks. I tried to not use it too much but after a previous miscarriage and an anterior placenta the Doppler has been a god send and reassured me a few times.

Smitten1981 Sun 28-Jul-13 13:15:19

I got a pack of 6 muslin cloths for £6 in Sainsbury's yesterday. They have little monkeys on them and are really cute.

I stupidly bought 2 packs of 6 when I went to Kiddicare and they were £12 per pack, half the size of the Sainsbury's ones and really boring plain blue. I feel a bit ripped off, wish I lived closer to Kiddicare so I could return them and get the cute ones instead. Much better value.

I've felt really ill over the past few days and have had real trouble getting to sleep. Wonder if I've got low iron levels all of a sudden. Sigh. I have blood tests coming up on Wednesday so I guess I'll find out soon.

ananikifo Sun 28-Jul-13 13:27:40

roxvox i feel the same way. I was looking at things last night, little things, and some of them were on offer or decent prices, but i kept thinking I should wait because it's early. It's not early anymore, is it? There are now only two paydays till baby. It's time to buy things like sleeping bags, sheets, and hospital bag stuff. (Especially nursing pads blush)

I've been wondering how many muslins to buy. They come in packs of three at asda but on eBay they come in 6, 12, or 24. Is 6 about right in the beginning?

DH went out last night, posted on Facebook that he'd thrown up, which he never does, then his phone died and he texted me from a friend's phone saying he was coming home and took about an hour and a half after that to get home. I was worried he was drunk and unable to contact me, and because we've just moved here I was worried he forgot the address or the gate code... So long story short we went to bed at 2 am and he feels great this morning and I'm tired. Not fair! angry The third trimester fatigue is definitely starting. I've lost some of the energy I had recently.

pseudo my Willow has much longer periods of rest these days too and the movements are smaller but she is well. I have a growth scan on tuesday so i will update you on that but please try not to worry.

31 weeks today not long at all to go. I think i have most of the essential stuff (hopefully)