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Graduated elderberries - 30+ and looking forward to DC1! (Thread 6)

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HazleNutt Sat 20-Jul-13 16:52:10

Oh, looks like I wrote the last post! So new thread here where we will see more berry babies and hopefully loads more graduates as well.

Marking place

janey1234 Sat 20-Jul-13 18:14:56

Also marking... And agreed about more graduates, hope we get to welcome loads more smile

Quodlibet Sat 20-Jul-13 20:00:16

Hello new thread!

I am packing for a long awaited and much needed holiday, camping in Cornwall for a week. So looking forward to some quality time with DP.
We had another wedding yesterday, and aside from deciding that weddings just going on a bit too long if you aren't drinking I coped quite well. I did get kind of an achy stretched belly by the end of a night standing around (and too much food) - it's a weird feeling isn't it? Although people keep saying how small I am still, my belly is really starting to make its presence felt now, and I feel constantly like I have just eaten a Christmas dinner! By the end of the day when I am tired and letting it all hang out it is pretty unmistakeable I think.

Cavort Sat 20-Jul-13 20:18:17

Welcome back Mother, glad you've had a nice holiday. smile

Hazle RE clothes, Elodie hasn't even grown into First Size yet, she is still in Tiny Baby just about. We were completely caught out by having a much smaller-than-expected baby in a heatwave when the shops are full of New Season cold weather clothes. angry It's been like Groundhog Day since her birth as we rotate the same few Summer clothes that fit. I can't wait for her to grow into Newborn so we have a bit more choice.

Merk can you plan to tell your IL's just as you're about to leave with an unavoidable prior engagement to get to? <devious>

Ouchie indeed Janey, I hope Elodie doesn't earn that trick!

Hi Lol, I'm good thanks! Ok, I'm really tired but lets gloss over that. I had constant dreams that my waters had gone as I approached 40 weeks. I would find myself feeling the sheets as I was coming round.

I am very jealous of your holiday Quod. I love a bit of camping, especially in this weather. We have a campervan which, despite saying we would sell it when baby came along, we still haven't managed to bring ourselves to do it. It will be a black day when it goes. sad

Love the idea of telling them and hurriedly leaving but IRL its actually going to be tell them, OH leaves to play golf with the men confusedconfused and I get 4 hours with MIL and SIL!
I have got incredibly itchy skin this eve, am smothered in bio oil but its not helping

janey1234 Sat 20-Jul-13 21:13:52

Merkin I had that throughout pregnancy, it was really annoying. DP had to itch my back every night before bed!

Purple had it at a whole different level though, poor gal.

BelissimaLol Sat 20-Jul-13 21:57:22

Just marking place!
Got measured for nursing bra today but still baffled as to what to get. I'm currently 40c. What's your suggestion ladies?

HazleNutt Sat 20-Jul-13 22:31:26

lol where did you get measured? If it's Mothercare or M&S then you're not really 40C. Do you have a tape measure and can you take your underbust measurement yourself (pull the tape tight). I have bought several nursing bras, will do a review a bit later.

Cavort shall i post you some of the clothes Vic has grown out of? I have been given tons of newborn stuff and he's already using some 3 month sizes..

Cavort Sat 20-Jul-13 22:42:59

Hazle is our bra expert Lol so I'm sure she'll be along with some pearls of wisdom for you.

I just bought one stretchy nursing bra for straight after the birth and have bought a couple more since now I know what size I am. TBH I just wore my comfy sleep crop tops for the few days after the birth until my milk came in. I wore 34B/C before pregnancy. At 38 weeks I was 34D and I am now 34D/DD. I think everyone's different but when my milk came in mine didn't get much bigger, they just went really hard and hot.

Merk I'm sure your IL's are lovely but that would really piss me off if my moral support left me for several hours just after the big reveal. No wonder you are dreading it.

Quodlibet Sat 20-Jul-13 22:51:12

Merkin agree that does not sound fun.

Cavort oooh we have always wanted a campervan! Could you not use it with a baby? We are going camping with friends with an 18 month and they have a very basic van...On another subject, was it you with the Which subscription? We have been offered a Bebecar Ip Op by a friend of DP's mum and I have never heard of one and wanted to get the gist of what they are like. They look a bit bulky to me.

MotherOfCleo Sat 20-Jul-13 22:52:37

Oh hi lol nice to see a new name.

Beyond chuffed for you merk, try to think positive. I dont envy you re the inlaws though, Im lucky as my MIL is nice but I found telling people terrifying.

I'm having a real issue with fidgity, itchy legs, don't know what to with myself when it hits. Sucks big time!! sad

Hope all berry babies are doing ok, dont envy you heavily preggo ladies in this heat, I struggled at times on holiday and I'm nowhere near as far gone.

Cavort Sat 20-Jul-13 23:23:05

Yes Quod I am the saddo one with the subscription to Which?

Bebecar Ip-op Review

The Bebecar Ip-op pushchair is suitable from birth to 15kg, and works as a travel system in conjunction with a compatible car seat. The Ip-op pushchair also comes with a hood, foot muff, apron and carry cot - but is it a worthwhile investment? We put it to the test to find out.

The sturdy Bebecar Ip-op travel system benefits from a reversible seat unit, one-handed recline mechanism and a large shopping basket, but it's not as easy to fold as our Best Buys.

The Ip-op drives smoothly on pavements and uneven surfaces, and copes reasonably well off-road and around obstacles. It feels a little unstable on kerbs, but isn't difficult to push up and down stairs.

Fairly heavy to carry
However, at 13.9kg our female testers found it rather heavy to carry, though the male testers found it easy.

It measures 310 litres (54x100x57cm) when folded, which is huge, but it just about fits into a medium-sized car boot.

Quick release wheels
The wheels have a quick-release mechanism should you need to remove them. The storage basket holds 5kg and the items are accessible even when the seat is fully reclined.

This pushchair is suitable from birth to 15kg.

The well-padded seat and choice of recline positions ensure that baby has a warm and comfortable ride, and the adjustable handlebar makes it comfortable for the carer, too.

Fully adjustable
The backrest recline can be adjusted into one of four positions with one hand, and the leg rest is also adjustable.

The safety harness has padded straps, but they can't be lengthened to accommodate taller children.

Tricky to fold
Folding up is more complicated than for most models, but once folded the unit stands upright for easy storage.

The Ip-op comes with a hood, foot muff, apron and carry cot, and you have the option to purchase a compatible car seat.

The fabric cleans up fairly well and the covers are removable, though they're not machine-washable.

Do you already own this pushchair? If you do, click the customer views tab - above the picture - and tell us what you think of it.

Pros: Reversible seat unit, large shopping basket is easily accessible, backrest reclines with one hand

Cons: Huge, very heavy, complicated to fold

Our campervan is only small and when the bed is layed flat it takes up the whole of the back so there wouldn't be anywhere for Elodie or the dog to sleep and I also have a DSD who comes with us sometimes. There are 2 more berths in the lift-up roof and we also have an awning so we could get by I suppose if I evicted DH and the dog and had Elodie in with me. but I would rather sell it and hopefully get something bigger and more suited to our expanding family in a year or two. I feel really sad though as we've had some great holidays in it as a twosome. sad

Hazle how heavy is Victor now if he's already in some 0-3? I held up a 0-3 sleep suit next to Elodie earlier and it looked absolutely huge! She is looking a lot fatter in the face over the last few days so hopefully she's piling on the weight and will be in them soon.

Cavort Sat 20-Jul-13 23:24:14

P.S. I have uploaded campervan picture <sighs and puts on black arm band>

BraveLilBear Sun 21-Jul-13 04:37:54

Hello all.

<tiptoes in and whispers I think I might be in labour... >

Waters appeared to go at about 2am ish. Now contracting every 5-6 mins.

<tiptoes back out to try and get some sleep>

BelissimaLol Sun 21-Jul-13 06:52:58

Oh how exciting!!!!!! Go brave! Go brave!!!! grin
Hazle- I have measured it and it says 38 inches right underneath my boobs. Fairly tight but not uncomfortably so. I've also measured it over my nipples without wearing a bra and it says 41. Not sure what that means? I was measured twice in mothercare angry
What size shall I buy oh wise one??? Help!
Cavort- how the hell did u stay the same???? I was also 34c but have grown massively! At the moment I have two bras 38d and one 40c and they all fit me fine! I've only been buying cheap ones as I figured there was no point investing money.

Cavort Sun 21-Jul-13 07:18:09

Woo hoo for waters breaking Brave, that's great! Good luck sleeping through contractions though, I never managed it. You will be holding your new baby really soon, how exciting! grin The very best of luck for a nice fast lovely birth and keep us posted x

I have no idea Lol - I was desperate for the big boobs to arrive as soon as I got pregnant but it just never happened until the end and then was still a bit unimpressive. Just my luck. I put 2 stone on in total but mainly on my bump, bum and thighs so my back bra measurement didn't go up. I have got DH to promise me a boob job if/when I end up with spaniel's ears after BFing. grin

And I am no bra expert but isn't that 38C? I also only bough cheap bras while pregnant in anticipation of my boobs growing, which sadly never happened.

janey1234 Sun 21-Jul-13 08:30:14

Oh brace how exciting. Hope you're coping ok and that it all progresses quickly for you. Newborn hugs soon - weirdly I feel jealous as Miles has grown so much already.

Good luck!

janey1234 Sun 21-Jul-13 08:30:31

Brave even blush

Quodlibet Sun 21-Jul-13 08:42:53

Ooh good luck Brave! How exciting.

Thanks Cavort, that's really helpful. It does sound like it is too big and bulky really - whatever we get is going to end up cluttering up our narrow hallway, and seeing as we don't have a car and will be relying on public transport I don't want something that I can't get up and down stairs easily. Your campervan is lush - no wonder you don't want to get rid.

HazleNutt Sun 21-Jul-13 08:43:52

Brave so exciting!

cavort I'm not sure how heavy he is, home scales claim over 4 kilos now, but those can't be too accurate. But it's mostly his height, he's getting taller by the minute.

lol then you need size 38 bra, possibly 36, as many people find they get better support when they go for a tighter band. For a change, Mothercare is not that far off though.
As for cup size, try to measure when bending over so boobs hang towards the floor - yes I know it sounds ridiculous, but it usually gives quite an accurate starting point.

However, there is no accurate way of telling what your boobs will do after the milk comes in. The usual advice is to go up a cup size, but mine certainly grew more than just 1 size. Many people also find they go down a back size after birth, but again, that's not always the case.

So I would advise getting one of those more stretchy bras that can accommodate several sizes for the first days, and getting proper maternity bras once the size has settled down.

From those, I have both this
and this
Both very comfortable, but also stretchy and won't give too much of a support, especially the first one. But nice for sleeping, hanging around the house or possibly slow walks.

Now, after your boobs have settled down, I can recommend this one:
Feels like wearing a normal bra, excellent support.

janey1234 Sun 21-Jul-13 08:55:58

Lol I agree with hazle that you need something soft and very flexible for the first few days. I got two of these and loved them and still wear them now all the time around the house

Emma Jane bra

Alexandra6 Sun 21-Jul-13 09:29:11

Exciting brave!!! Lots and lots of luck! I still have to learn about contraction times but sounds like it could be happening very soon, I hope it goes really well smile

Woke up this morning and felt a cramp in my stomach, then looked down and my bump suddenly went into a rock hard square?! Was so funny, I showed DH! Only lasted a couple of minutes but wonder what position the baby got into for it to go like that, wish I'd got a pic as it was a perfect square, looked really weird! janey I remember yours went into a funny shape once, later on, thought it was too early for mine to be cramped and doing shapes on the dance floor!

Good luck merkin, think it's today you're facing seeing the in laws!

MotherOfCleo Sun 21-Jul-13 10:18:36

wow so exciting brave!!! Hope thing happen quickly and textbook for you and you get newborn cuddles soon!

cavort can I be a right pain in the arse and ask what the mothercare movix review is like? So far it is the only travel system I really like the look and feel of.

Cavort Sun 21-Jul-13 10:34:02

No problem, Mother. Would you also like the Mothercare Orb review? The Movix isn't a Best Buy but the Orb is.

Mothercare Movix

The Mothercare Movix pushchair is compact and can be used as a travel system by swapping the seat for an optional Maxi-Cosi car seat. It takes bumpy and uneven surfaces in its stride, but it's tough to turn. Are there other troublesome aspects to this Mothercare pushchair? Our lab experts and parent panel have rated this pushchair so we can give you our definitive verdict below.

The Mothercare Movix compact travel system is worth considering. It is easy to use on public transport, and will fit nicely into the boot of your car. The brakes are great and the excellent suspension gives your baby a smooth ride even on rough ground. But, this Mothercare lags behind our Best Buys because it is difficult to turn, and is not straightforward to fold.

What is it?
This Mothercare travel system has a reversible seat so your child can face the world or face you - which makes it easier to check on and chat to them.

You can use the Movix seat from six months. It's roomy enough for a toddler with a good seat depth, but, like most pushchairs, the backrest is a bit short for older children. The footrest height is not adjustable and will not suit a taller child. If you buy the pack including the optional carrycot (£570) - which replaces the seat - you can use the Movix from birth.

Another option is the Maxi Cosi car seat, which swaps places with the seat and fits straight onto the chassis. You don't need adapters to fit the car seat which means you won't be worried about losing essential parts, but it's difficult to remove the seat, so you won't want to be doing this too often.

What's it great for?
The Movix handles well on pavements and it is excellent on uneven surfaces, maintaining a smooth ride for your precious passenger. There are no brake levers to get caught on kerbs and there is space for a foot on the bottom bar, which helps when you need to tip the pushchair up.

The single brake pedal is very easy to use, works well and is flip-flop friendly.

The height-adjustable handlebar makes it easy for mum and dad to take turns pushing, and both parents will find it comfortable. The generous under-seat shopping basket is accessible regardless of the seat position, and zips closed so that everything stays put.

Our parent panel were reassured by the two steps needed to open the restraint, so a little one won't be able to open the harness themselves. And we like the fact that seat cover is easy to clean.

Is the seat comfortable?
The seat is deep and soft and protected by a sturdy hood, but the bumper bar can get in the way when you are trying to get your baby into the seat.

The seat supports a good posture and you can recline the backrest to a range of heights to make your little one comfortable when they doze. This is not as easily done as on other pushchairs though, as the recline buttons are hard and heavy to operate, especially when your child is in the seat.

What's it like to push?
The Movix feels a bit heavy and turning definitely requires an effort. Its weight also means it is tough to get up stairs. The pneumatic tyres make it easy to bump down stairs though, and also provide a smooth ride on all surfaces.

Is it easy to fold and store?
The Movix is easy to carry when folded, and it stands upright on its own making it convenient to store. But folding and unfolding the pushchair is not straightforward due to the number of steps involved, and you will need both hands.

It weighs 11.3kg which makes it a heavy pushchair, but this is still lighter than the average travel system. It's compact when folded (140 litres; 74x61x31cm). We managed to fit it into the boot of a medium family car (VW Golf) with space to spare.

Is there anything I should watch out for?
While the zip on the storage bag provides security, it takes a bit of time to open and get into.

Is there anything else I should know?
The step at the front of the pushchair is handy because little ones can climb in themselves, and when you need help to lift the pushchair the person at the front has a nice smooth place to hold.

Should I buy it?
The Mothercare Movix is certainly worth considering but it isn't as good as our Best Buys which are easier to manoeuvre around obstacles and easier to fold.

Do you already own this pushchair? If you do, click the customer views tab - above the picture - and tell us what you think of it.

Pros: Easy to push, can attach a car seat, good shopping basket, great brakes, reversible seat

Cons: Not easy to fold/unfold, tough to turn, awkward to remove and recline seat

janey1234 Sun 21-Jul-13 11:42:47

Alex - sounds just like braxton hicks to me! Started getting them (well, noticing them) at around the same stage as you. Exciting! My bump did go a weird shape once but that was at 37 weeks and turns out that was when baby changed to breech - don't think you'd notice that at 20 weeks as they flip around all the time then quite easily? By 37 weeks it's a very noticeable thing... Whenever I had BH my whole bump went rock solid and stuck out in an unusual shape. They were painless until much later on too....

Good luck Brave! FX for a sneeze birth!
ILs told 4 hours of excruciating helpful advice to follow!
Cavort, don't want to steal your role but happy to help in the which department, I too am sad have a subscription!

Cavort Sun 21-Jul-13 13:06:16

I'm glad it's not just me Merk. smile I only subscribed to find the best hoover for dog hair and have found myself unable to unsubscribe ever since. I have used it loads when buying baby gear though. Good luck with your 4 hour IL baby talk marathon.

MotherOfCleo Sun 21-Jul-13 14:18:28

Ohh yes please re the orb review cavort / merk , the movix doesnt sound as good as I hoped confused

I've not had any BH yet, when do they usually start?

I have my 25 week check this friday, just wondered what they actually do at the 25 week check, no real idea what to expect or how long it will take?

Alexandra6 Sun 21-Jul-13 14:34:36

janey said she got her BH from around 20 weeks and I'm 21 weeks.

How often do you get BH? Does it happen a lot?

I'm starting baby shopping soon!

Ooh exciting news Bear!

Cavort Sun 21-Jul-13 15:59:40

Alex I can't remember when the BH started but mine were never painful, they just felt like tightenings mainly when I was walking. I think I got them to some extent most days from mid-20's weeks.

Mother I can't even remember my 25 week appointment so I don't think it involved anything exciting. I think my MW started measuring fundal height at the 28 week appointment.

Mothercare Orb

The Mothercare Orb travel system pushchair has a seat that spins 360 degrees so your baby goes from parent-facing to forward-facing without you having to detach the seat. The seat also transforms into a pram body to give newborn babies a flat surface to sleep on. It seems like a great-value option, but how did it do when we sent it for testing by parents and experts at our pushchairs lab?.

The Mothercare Orb is a Best Buy because it’s easy to use and make adjustments to, comfortable to push and very adaptable. It does have a couple of minor niggles but overall it’s a great choice for parents who are looking for a well-made and good-value travel system pushchair.

What is it?
A travel-system pushchair with an unusual spin mechanism for reversing the seat. Instead of detaching the seat to turn it around (as you have to do with most pushchairs), you simply spin it round on the chassis.

It’s suitable from birth to 15kg. You can turn the seat into a lie-flat pram body by undoing two clips under it. You'll need to do this for babies younger than six months old because the way the whole seat tips back to create a lying position leaves their little legs up in the air, instead of creating a completely lie-flat surface.

You can buy adaptors to use the chassis as a travel system with the Maxi-Cosi Pebble and Cabrio child car seats - check out our child car seat reviews to find out if we recommend them.

The Orb is very easy to use as a travel system - the seat and car seat are simple to attach and detach (although the car seat adaptors are stiff to use). Changing it back to a pushchair from a pram is more challenging because it takes some strength to pull the clips under the footrest together. You may need to reattach some velcro straps, too.

What’s it great at?
This is a great urban pushchair. It glides on smooth surfaces, has no trouble with uneven surfaces, such as loose gravel, and handles kerbs easily.

Being able to spin the seat round is a nice idea - particularly helpful in cafes without high chairs. Spinning the seat is easy, as long as you pull the handle fully upright first - otherwise it can be tricky to put the handle back down.

The brake is easy to apply and release by pressing your foot down - a great advantage over brakes you have to flick off with your toes, which can tear the toenails of sandal wearers. Coloured indicator windows show whether the brake is on or off.

The hood provides good coverage, is sturdy and windproof and has magnetic clips on the window to make it easy to keep an eye on your little one when they’re facing forwards.

The fabric is taut and you can easily sponge food spills away with minimal stains left behind.

Is the seat comfortable?
The seat is better suited to younger children - the backrest and length of the seat to the footrest are both too short for kids over two.

The padding on the seat unit is fairly thin and, because the leg rest is not adjustable, the hard edge along the front of the seat may create pressure points on the back of little legs. But the pushchair does come with a pram and pushchair liner and footmuff to make it more comfortable.

The five-point harness is well padded. Undoing the buckle is fine once you've mastered the right technique - you need to slide the button down and press fairly hard.

It's effortless to recline the seat to four positions using the lever by the hood, although the handle can get in the way a bit if the seat is facing forwards.

What's it like to push?
The Orb is very comfortable to push, with an adjustable leatherette handle that offers a range of four heights for parents to choose from.

It’s easy to manoeuvre, with a tight turning circle, although you can feel a bit of 'give' in the frame from the spin mechanism.

There are no problems wheeling it up and down a short flight of stairs, although it does feel jerky doing it. It’s also fairly heavy to balance on an escalator - it weighs 12kg, which is reasonable for a travel system.

Is it easy to fold and store?
Although it’s simple to fold, the process is a bit long-winded. You have to remove the seat, reach forwards to operate a button and pull the chassis up. A clip holds the frame closed, but the velcro that holds the handle in comes undone easily (not the self-catching clip).

It's very easy to unfold, though.

It’s straightforward to lift and move when it’s folded because neither the seat nor chassis are particularly heavy.

It folds down to a 38x62x70cm frame and 29x45x83cm seat, which will take up about 272 litres of boot space - we could fit it in the boot of a VW Golf under the parcel shelf. Removing the wheels is a cinch if you have to.

Is there anything I should watch out for?
The storage is only designed to hold 2kg of stuff. It’s a reasonable size and easy to access, but one parent warned that 'the oval shape makes it look bigger than it actually is'.

Take care not to hold the handle in the centre if you take the pushchair on an escalator - what looks like a grip is actually the release for the seat spin mechanism - and you don't want to accidentally trigger it as you head down.

Because you spin the seat rather than detach and reattach to change its direction, it only fits on the frame in one direction. Take care to use the rather inconspicuous arrows to make sure you put the seat on in the right direction, because it's tough to get off again if you do it wrong.

Is there anything else I should know?
The back wheels splay out a bit from the central spin hub to beyond the seat, so you'll need to take care down the gangway of a bus, but it's no wider than most pushchairs.

Should I buy it?
Yes. It costs £400 for a sturdy pushchair with convertible pram-to-pushchair seat, seat liners, apron, footmuff and raincover, which we think looks like good value for such an easy-to-use and adaptable pushchair.

Do you already own this pushchair? If you do, click the customer views tab - above the picture - and tell us what you think of it.

Pros: Lovely pushchair to push, good for public transport, converts from pram to pushchair, travel system compatible, easy to make adjustments

Cons: Small seat, thin seat padding, buckle tricky to undo, necessary to remove seat to fold

BraveLilBear Sun 21-Jul-13 17:25:06

Hello thanks for the luck. Still no sign of baby. Waters confirmed as gone (and still going!) Contractions getting more painful but quite irregular, tho it doesn't help that I keep missing the start and end.

Purple I'm so sorry I ever sniggered at your waters woes... I totally understand now having at one point this morning chambered into the bath as I didn't know what else to do!

Now trying to get things moving cos if junior not here by morning I'll be going on the drip. Eek.

Re Mothercare Orb, we've got that. Will know in a day orthree how wwell it works!

HazleNutt Sun 21-Jul-13 17:55:53

Just took a tape measure and Vic is 60 cm tall already. No wonder the newborn and 1 month clothes that come on 50-54 cm won't fit any more.

Cavort Sun 21-Jul-13 18:26:56

Glad things are progressing Brave grin

I have no idea why I am attempting to give you advice after my rubbish body failed miserably to progress itself from latent into established labour, but I found walking up hills moved my contractions much closer together, which is doubtless the last thing you feel like doing but it really did seem to work for me. After about 2 hours of hill walking I had got my contractions from about 12 minutes to 5 minutes apart.

Good luck and I hope baby arrives very soon!

Hazle how long was Victor at birth? Elodie is on the boob for a change but I will measure when she's done.

BraveLilBear Sun 21-Jul-13 18:49:41

Lol thanks Cavort smile half an hour on the ball plus more time wandering around the house definitely increased intensity and liquid loss so will keep wandering.

In amongst everything else, had to bury one of our hamsters earlier. Poor little thing went downhill very quickly yesterday and died last night. Was our fave, too.Still, one less to worry about when our kitty arrives next month. ..

Never a dull moment here!

HazleNutt Sun 21-Jul-13 18:56:46

cavort he was 51 cm and google says that babies on average grow 3-4 cm during the first month. So if he has really managed 9 cm in 3 weeks, then either they messed something up at the hospital or he will be extremely tall. Will have an appointment next week to get him properly weighed and measured, but checked again and he really is good 59-60 cm.

Cavort Sun 21-Jul-13 19:48:28

I don't know if they do things differently in France, but the UK uses WHO growth charts where the 99.6th centile for boys at 3 weeks is about 58.5cm so Victor does seem really long. Are you and your DH tall Hazle?

Elodie is a little wiggler but I think she's about 50cm now at 16 days compared to 48cm at birth, which puts her on the 9th centile line for length. She is getting weighed again on Thursday but her last weight put her about the 9th centile as well.

I have got a midget and you have a giant grin

HazleNutt Sun 21-Jul-13 21:11:19

I'm average but DH is tall, 6'4''. So not a surprise really that Vic is taller than average, but 99th centile is quite impressive, if we have measured him correctly.

Cavort Mon 22-Jul-13 06:38:29

How are you getting on Brave? If baby hasn't arrived yet I hope you have managed to get some rest. flowers

Wow Hazle, 6'4" is very tall! It looks like he's taking after his Dad already.

5.15am wake-up call this morning and there's no sign of a sleepy baby yet. sad Thank goodness for caffeine!

Alexandra6 Mon 22-Jul-13 07:35:11

brave I'm excited for you! Middleton has gone into labour too, you're in good company! wink ooh maybe you're secretly her, we've found out in wasn't hazle!

janey1234 Mon 22-Jul-13 08:00:45

Ooh apparently you get a special coin if you give birth on the same day as kate... Brave - you're our only hope!

Hope you're doing ok x

BelissimaLol Mon 22-Jul-13 09:37:40

I too think brave is kate in hiding!!!!!!!
I'm at work for the last week - this time definitely! - and it looks like London will hit 34 today grin

MotherOfCleo Mon 22-Jul-13 10:06:30

Ohhh I'm strangely excited by Braves silence!!! Hope bubs is well on it's way!

On another note I've just realised I only have 14 weeks left at work, 13 really as I have a weeks holiday to take too. slightly scary thought....eeeeek!

Cavort Mon 22-Jul-13 11:02:46

Oh FFS I am sick of the Royal Baby non-news already. How is it possible to drag out so much media coverage on what is currently zero information? If this is a sign of what's to come post-birth I may have to leave the country for a few months. I would not want o be in the DofC's shoes with all this shit going on outside.

I hope you have air-con for your last week at work Lol!

Mother that will absolutely fly by. I remember thinking the same, seems like only 2 minutes ago. smile

Alexandra6 Mon 22-Jul-13 11:41:30

lol I hope it's not too baking for you in the office! Last week though woop!

mother I've got 18 weeks to go, suddenly all seems really close (although we're still negotiating the contract for our loft conversion so I'm hoping time slows down while we sort that out! Apparently it will only take 5 weeks to do the work hmmm)

Braxton hicks again this morning in my news. And cavort totally agree, I am not interested in all this boring royal baby news either, not at all <secretly checks online news and waits excitedly for name and gender announcement!> grin I am more excited about bear's news though!

I'm waving my Pom poms excitedly waiting for news from Bear

BelissimaLol Mon 22-Jul-13 17:06:17

Erm I'm freaking out. I have damp knickers. No pain or nothing else to worry about but def quite damp down there. How do I know if its my waters???? confused

Alexandra6 Mon 22-Jul-13 17:10:28

lol the people with babies will know better, just thought I'd mention I've been getting a lot of discharge today (wondered if it's the heat), it's the usual milky white but also quite clear at times. How much water/discharge is there? When is your exact due date again?

I came on to ask a question about baby stuff but will save it for when you have some answers to your clearly more urgent question!

Cavort Mon 22-Jul-13 17:43:11

Lol I don't know because my waters didn't go until they were artificially broken, but I believe they have quite a distinctive sweet smell so if you can stand to have sniff you should be able to tell? FWIW I had damp knickers (requiring a liner) throughout pregnancy but increasingly so in the later stages so it may well just be increased discharge or even sweat in this weather. If you're in any doubt whatsoever phone MAU and go get checked for peace of mind.

BelissimaLol Mon 22-Jul-13 17:46:35

Thanks, I called them and they told me to put a pad on and see if its damp in a couple of hours time. So I'm waiting. Ive just literally put it on now so now its just patience. I'm not feeling any different, just a few more BH than usually but no pain whatsoever. Maybe I'm just panicking over nothing!

Cavort Mon 22-Jul-13 17:57:47

Why are you panicking? Baby is fully cooked so isn't it a good thing if it's the start of something? smile

BelissimaLol Mon 22-Jul-13 18:34:58

True! I'm just like that ha ha.
Currently waiting to see if pad gets wet or not!
Will keep you all posted.
Thanks x

Cavort Mon 22-Jul-13 18:56:22

Yes please Lol, keep us posted. FX it's the start of something for you. I'm getting quite addicted to the excitement of all these births! smile

I hope things are progressing for you Brave flowers

janey1234 Mon 22-Jul-13 19:48:05

Ooh ooh potentially two more berries on the way? So exciting. Good luck to you both!

Miles has now regained birth weight (finally) so been discharged by midwife. Last week he'd put on 100g which the midwife said was good, but was still 40g under birth weight so had to go back today. In seven days he's put on just over 300g - I did warn her he'd been eating non stop! She said he was clearly thriving though which was so nice to hear. Sore nipples are worth it!

My waters went with a bit more of a dramatic gush than that Lol so can't really advise but fingers crossed for you that it's the start of something!

janey1234 Mon 22-Jul-13 21:22:06

Ooh bbc news says that brave has had a boy! wink

MotherOfCleo Mon 22-Jul-13 21:25:42

haha janey, I was going to say exactly the same grin

Alexandra6 Mon 22-Jul-13 22:44:55

How did you get on lol - any news from pad watch?! grin

BelissimaLol Tue 23-Jul-13 06:17:26

No news on pad watch. Maybe I just got a sweaty fanny in this heat grin
Will wear a pad from now on so as I don't put DH on standby for nothing! I really hope I'm not that overdue or ill go nuts. What's the maximum they let you go by the way? Is it 42 weeks or 40+12? At this point 2 days make a difference!
Where is brave and her royal baby boy?? Hope everything is ok!
How's everyone else? The heat last night was close to unbearable. Quite looking forward to thunderstorms!

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 07:14:01

Was woken up in the night by crazy thunderstorms in the night!

grin at sweaty fanny. Will google inducing timing!

I know it's a bit selfish and me, me, me but what if brave Kate chooses our baby name for a boy, do you think that matters?! We've got our heart set on it now! We're team green anyway so who knows if we'll ever even have a boy so could make no difference whatsoever!

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 07:17:34

Found this on NHS site. My midwife also said you can refuse inducement as long as baby not distressed until the timing makes sense by your dates, if you are 100% they're slightly out by dating scans (mine is 3 days out):

Most women go into labour spontaneously by the time they are 42 weeks pregnant. If your pregnancy lasts longer than 42 weeks and you decide not to have your labour induced, you should be offered increased monitoring to check your baby's wellbeing.

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 07:19:06
MotherOfCleo Tue 23-Jul-13 07:22:48

had such an awful nights sleep! sad Way too hot, had to move into the spare room in the end. Wish I didnt have work today and could nap.

BelissimaLol Tue 23-Jul-13 07:43:15

Thanks Alex. Looks like it could be 3 whole weeks until she's born then sad
I would not worry about baby name tbh. But that's just me! If you have your heart set on it then go for it!

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 07:54:38

Thanks lol we have our heart set on this particular name if it is a boy so don't want to change it! There has been quite a run of boys lately around me so that's making me think maybe mine's a girl (I know it doesn't work like that!!)

I wonder if you can be induced earlier if you wanted to be? You def would be if they thought it was necessary by the sounds of it. Hopefully it will kick off naturally before it comes to that, fingers crossed for you!

Cavort Tue 23-Jul-13 08:25:05

My LHA induces at 42 weeks and no sooner unless there's a potential problem.

People all over Facebook are moaning about being woken up by a big storm a few hours ago which I appear to have slept through. How strange that I wake up if Elodie makes the smallest noise but have slept straight through a massive thunderstorm. I am so tired though after 5 hours sleep last night. I can't wait to get back in bed when she nods back off!

janey1234 Tue 23-Jul-13 08:31:49

We woke up for the storm, but Miles slept right through it. Impressive as it was bloody loud! He did then wake up at 4.30am for a feed and hasn't gone back down properly since. He appears to have got out of the wrong side of bed today and is really grouchy. Fun day ahead it would seem...

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 08:53:21

Apparently *brave* Kate has had hairdressers arriving for a post birth blow dry, would love that! No I def don't feel sorry for her, I think she'll have a lovely privileged time with her new arrival!

I hope brave is ok! And hope Miles cheers up too!

Cavort Tue 23-Jul-13 09:07:07

The media gush all over her go on about how 'normal' she is but then she has hairdressers arriving at the hospital! Normal, my arse!
Admittedly I didn't have a bank of photographers camping outside thank fuck as I was walking like John Wayne when we left hospital, but my immediately post-birth photos are quite good and I hadn't touched my hair or make up.

MotherOfCleo Tue 23-Jul-13 09:32:48

Alex I was convinced ours was a girl and my friend was convinced hers was a boy, we were both totally wrong. blush It's odd, I still find myself thinking about our little girl and we are having a boy.....baby brain or what!! We seem to be one boy out of 4 girls, all of my pregnant friends that I know of locally are having girls, he should have his pick of the ladies at least. wink

I started painting the nursery last night, the furniture is coming thursday, although we wont be putting it up yet as we need new carpet first. Starting to feel very real!!!

I am bound to look shocking in the photos.....sweaty and drained....attractive.

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 09:35:36

Spoke to DH and he thinks it makes absolutely no difference if she steals happens to make the same name choice as us!

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 09:40:46

Cross post mother - exciting you're doing the nursery up! We have to wait until our loft conversion is started and finished I think before doing that up (although not sure how much it affects the upstairs bedrooms, better ask them!). So that could left until a month before the baby is due at this rate!!

You let people take photos Cavort shock I don't think anyone has been near me with a camera still and she's three weeks old! Thinking on it...when she grows up and looks at the photos she might think Daddy stole her as there's not much evidence I was even around grin

Cavort Tue 23-Jul-13 09:57:48

Alex I agree it doesn't matter if the Royals choose your boys name, unless your RL last name is Wales or Cambridge maybe. smile

Yes but they're only photos for us Purple, definitely not for public consumption. DH went a bit snap happy straight after the birth and I didn't really mind as I thought I would just delete them if they were terrible, but they're actually quite nice to look back on - even the one of me doing the first BF and pulling a funny face as she demolished my nipples for the first time. On most of the photos I have an absolutely massive grin which I think was relief rather than joy. grin

How are you getting on with expressing? I have bought a pump but haven't used it yet but FX it will give me a bit of freedom for DH to do a night feed on weekends so I can hopefully get something resembling a good nights sleep. Hazle and Janey are either of you expressing?

HazleNutt Tue 23-Jul-13 10:19:32

cavort I haven't yet, although have got a pump as well. Have to try it soon, as Dh will have to feed the baby somehow when I go back to work. But I don't want to try to bottle just yet anyway, in case Vic decides he prefers that and refuses boobs afterwards - not necessarily the case, but have heard this can happen. Then again, a friend had a bottle refuser so they were struggling for a month to get the baby to accept the bottle, so I shouldn't leave it to the last minute either.

Have bought plane tickets for mid-august to go see my parents and friends in Estonia. Oh, and Robbie Williams as well, as he just happens to give a concert in Tallinn when we're there. Will be interesting to do it all with the baby, quite a lot more to pack for the flight - no more flying with just a kindle and passport in the handbag.
Fingers crossed Victor's passport arrives on time - it certainly should, but I don't have a lot of trust in the French administration.

Ah well I suppose because I was in surgery for over an hour straight after the birth I missed out on any photos as poor OH was left on his own holding the baby.

We're off to see the breast feeding specialist today to try to find out what is wrong with my nipple phobic baby. She seemed impressed on the phone that I've managed to express constantly for three weeks though so I don't feel like I'm doing TOO bad a job.

MotherOfCleo Tue 23-Jul-13 10:51:22

Alex I dont envy you will all that work to cope with. Will be worth it in the end though!!

I wouldn't fret re the name either, I have a feeling they will go with something like George, Henry, Edward, James, Spencer etc. I love Spencer...although the OH hated it. Your baby will be yours, to name as you wish. smile Although people may assume you copied the royals, you can just tell them to do one. wink

Thankfully I think Prince Harvey Sebastian is unlikely, even our other shortlist choices, Dexter and Riley are far from royal so we have no worries in that department.

MotherOfCleo Tue 23-Jul-13 10:51:48

Purple you've done an amazing job!!!

Shhh don't tell my OH or he'll shoot me but I've put a picture of Daddy and his Princess on my profile grin

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 11:06:54

That is so cute purple!!

I'm dreading it too mother but DH has assured me he will do everything DIY wise from the nursery to loft extension painting etc. So in theory I shouldn't have to lift a finger, with very little nagging!

HazleNutt Tue 23-Jul-13 12:20:12

Now brave honestly, do you mind that your DHs grandmother has the final say regarding the names? And that you are pretty much limited to George, James and similar? wink

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 14:07:00

I was watching something about the name (whilst pretending to be nonchalant and not caught up in the hype at all) and apparently granny is very down to earth behind closed doors so they'll only have to inform, not ask permission. Have to say, if I was naming the future king, I'd def go classic - but then that's my taste in boy's names anyway, ours is a classic!

Cavort Tue 23-Jul-13 14:20:20

Aww Purple what a lovely picture. smile It makes you melt when you see them with their Daddy. I will put up a pic of DH with Elodie straight after birth but it's not as cute as yours.

I hope my expressing goes as well as yours, you must be a master by now! grin

I am taking Elodie to a BF support group tomorrow as I suspect she may have a slight posterior tongue tie which is manifesting itself as reflux-type symptoms occasionally. I am hoping one of the BF peers there can give me their opinion.

Hazle when were you thinking to first try with a bottle of expressed? I have read conflicting views on it but I was thinking somewhere around 6 weeks. I am hope to start expressing as soon as my steriliser turns up in the hope of building up a stash in the freezer.

A holiday to see your family (and RW) sounds lovely, but yes I don't envy packing for the baby. smile

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 15:07:56

Does anyone know where there is a good list of really essential baby stuff online? Have been doing some research and don't want to waste money (for example, was just reading an elbow is as good as a bath thermometer if you're trying not to buy too much) But do I need a thermometer for the baby, to check it's temp as someone on the same link is saying you do need an ear thermometer though? So far I've only bought the monkey toy I bought ages ago and a book called 'I love my daddy' for DH to read to it! Need to do some of the more essential stuff!

HazleNutt Tue 23-Jul-13 15:32:04

cavort I'll try that expressing thing in a few weeks as well, or maybe when it gets a bit cooler here - it will be 37 this weekend and I would just worry if Victor is getting enough to drink.

alex I didn't find any really good ones, as so much of the stuff really depends on the baby as well. There have been so many threads here on MN if you search for "what do you really need for a baby", but even there some people swear that they could not have managed without x item, and others say that that item is totally useless and waste of money..

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 15:44:25

37 - wow! Thanks hazle I'm tempted to just buy the absolute bare essentials beforehand and then I'm thinking I can always order other stuff online if I decide they would be handy afterwards. When do you need a baby monitor from? Can anyone recommend a reasonable brand that works well?

HazleNutt Tue 23-Jul-13 15:48:42

It's recommended that they sleep in the same room for 6 months, even for daytime naps, so I would think you only need the monitor after that. I haven't unpacked mine yet, so no idea how well it works (second hand and some generic one, so probably not the greatest).

Cavort Tue 23-Jul-13 16:35:55

Hazle 37?!! shock shock shock

Alex I don't think very much is essential when you first have the baby. So long as you have eating, sleeping, nappy changing, clothing and transport covered most other items are a luxury. Personally I tried not to go OTT with purchases and have only bought an ear thermometer and sensor mat since she was born.

janey1234 Tue 23-Jul-13 16:39:27

Alex - our other friend with a newborn popped over today and I asked her about a bath thermometer (was worried i was being a bit PFB saying i used mine!) and she said she also uses hers every time and can't tell the temperature without one. I've bought an ear thermometer too in case of illness as they last years, and the effects of a seriously high temp can be so serious (fitting etc).

Cavort - wrote and posted a whole message about expressing but it seems to have disappeared. In short I've been expressing since day one, as Miles was then fed colostrum through a tube in intensive care. Now I express a bottle each morning which he is given by DP before bed each night, generally after I've been feeding for well over an hour - Miles loves an evening cluster feeding session! I've asked midwives and health visitors and all have said one bottle of expressed a day won't cause nipple confusion, and he is taking both very well. Too many of my friends have had babies that would take a bottle until well after 12 months and I would hate that, so decided to keep up the expressing and bottle routine that was kind of forced on us through circumstances in hospital. Tbh I also like the break if gives me before bed!

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 17:13:09

Thanks janey have just been in with my neighbour and she says she uses one too - but apparently a very cheap fish tank thermometer will do so she's going to pick me up one of those when she goes to that shop next! I'll get an ear thermometer too. Then am going to try and make a practical list with just a few luxury items smile

Thanks cavort too, it does sound like it's better to go basic then get anything else post birth to save buying lots that doesn't really get used. I like the idea of a sensor mat, a few people have recommended that - I thought that was for a proper cot when they're left alone rather than Moses basket/newborn? Are you using yours yet?

janey1234 Tue 23-Jul-13 17:25:22

I'm using ours now. With his breathing issues it's been a godsend too for peace of mind.

janey1234 Tue 23-Jul-13 17:26:10

Oh only use it at night though not in the day!

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 17:30:03

Are you using a small one for the Moses basket then? Do you get another one for a cot later on or can you use the same one?

This baby stuff is so cute - the little hooded towels are lovely! Uh oh, I can feel my 'saving money and being practical' attitude going out the window as I browse online!

HazleNutt Tue 23-Jul-13 17:36:39

Did any of you get any advice about when it is ok to go swimming after birth? Dr google is all over the place of course and it's really hot here, but I haven't dared to use the pool yet. Of course, I would not jump into some murky river any time soon, but some sources say it's fine to take baths immediately, so how much dirtier can our own pool be?

HazleNutt Tue 23-Jul-13 17:39:42

oh, alex I find those little hooded towels quite useless and DS certainly prefers a proper big towel - he loves his baths, but not getting out, so the bigger the towel the better.

Also, don't get too many tiny clothes in case yours also decides to grow like mine. I have tons in 1-month size, but those are all too small already.

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 17:40:44

Found this hazle from NHS, haven't read it all but sounds like baby can go swimming really early on? Well, not actually swimming, might be too early for that! wink


Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 17:43:05

Cross post thanks - oh so not the ridiculously cute hooded ones but just a soft big one? Better remove that from my online shopping basket! Will be winter for me so I can just get a super soft large one.

HazleNutt Tue 23-Jul-13 17:44:38

ah sorry didn't specify, I was wondering about the mother smile

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 17:48:53

Oh sorry! grin Would that maybe depend on the birth itself and healing?

Sorry one more - is this the nipple cream you were all raving about? www.amazon.co.uk/Lansinoh-40ml-Cream-Nipples-Cracked/dp/B0006JLIFG/ref=sr_1_2?s=baby&ie=UTF8&qid=1374597850&sr=1-2&keywords=lanisoh

janey1234 Tue 23-Jul-13 17:49:27

Agree re towels. Def dont need the hooded ones, although they are v cute. Just any if your existing ones will do (just wash first though!). And all the newborn babygrows are getting too tight on Miles now too - I bought one pack of newborn vests and same for babygrows, def enough (although you have to do lots of washing!)

janey1234 Tue 23-Jul-13 17:49:57

Oh and I don't know hazle but I think post six weeks check?

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 17:50:28

ps where is bear! Hopefully ok and busy snuggling her newborn!

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 17:52:14

Thanks janey SIL has given me three unused newborn sleepsuits so I can use those!

BelissimaLol Tue 23-Jul-13 17:53:50

Anyone heard from brave????
I'm planning to express from as soon as I can as well - read it on the gina ford book and thought I'd give it a go. And am quite looking forward to DH feeding her once a day!
Alex - re baby shopping- it is tough as you don't want to go overboard then everything is too cute! But I would say the basics are (bear in mind I'm not a mum yet so could be completely wrong lol):
- somewhere for baby to sleep- either Moses basket or cot and bedding / blankets to go with it. Mattress protector if you want to
- things to wash baby with - towels / sponge / cotton wool. A bath if you want or I know some ppl wash babies in sink! Changing mat and bag.
- basic things for baby to wear- vests and babygros, hats for cold days
- feeding stuff. Steriliser if u plan bottle (will prob need it at some point regardless) and bottles. Pump if I plan to express. Muslin cloths for burping. Bras and tops for you if you are feeding
- safety- ear thermometer / monitor / room thermometer. Bath one I've been told does the same job as an elbow.
- transport - car seat or pram, depending on how u travel.
These are the basics I can think of. What do you other ladies think? Have I forgot anything?
On other news I have no news. No dampness today so back on just waiting!

Cavort Tue 23-Jul-13 17:59:07

Alex We bought this sensor mat. One mat fits in the moses basket now and when she moves into her cot we'll use both mats under the larger mattress. They use these in our local NICU so if they're good enough for them. I found the first few nights before we bought it I was up every 5 minutes checking she was still breathing so now I just look for the reassuring green light flashing in the dark. Definitely money well spent IMO.

Janey do you find morning is best for expressing? And do you do it while Miles is feeding from the other boob?

Cavort Tue 23-Jul-13 18:06:19

No, nothing from Brave yet. Hopefully she just hasn't got any phone reception in hospital and we will hear soon.

Yep Lol, I would say your list covers everything we bought in advance. Apart from basic vests and sleep suits I wouldn't bother with any clothes - we have received more as gifts than one baby could ever possibly wear.

Boo to more waiting!

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 18:09:57

I can imagine me not sleeping at all and watching the baby non-stop to make sure it's breathing, so this baby sensing mat sounds like a very good idea for me, thanks for the link! janey what brand are you using so I can look into both?

Oh and sorry - was that the great nipple cream on the link in my post above?

Cavort Tue 23-Jul-13 18:10:30

Oh and Hazle I don't know officially about swimming, but I am hoping to start taking Elodie to Water Babies classes which apparently most babies start about 6 weeks so I assume 6 weeks is fine for most mums as well? Hopefully the bleeding will have stopped by then, it's quite light now. From what I can see in a mirror in the shower my episiotomy looks nearly healed and certainly feels ok.

Cavort Tue 23-Jul-13 18:11:25

Yes that's the magic nipple healer grin

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 18:20:36

Bloody amazon have stopped doing free super saver delivery on a load of their stuff under £10 as of today! Magic nipple healer's ok though!

Cavort Tue 23-Jul-13 18:21:59

Really, the tax-dodging wankers?!

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 18:26:04

Yep you can still get free supersaver to some stuff still like books, dvds etc but they've introduced a £10 min spend in a number of product categories. Arseholes wink

janey1234 Tue 23-Jul-13 18:26:16

Miles only usually has a short feed first thing, then a nap. So I usually feed him from one boob, then express the other (get about 100ml) and then express the one he's been feeding from (get about 50ml). So now I have a bit spare in the fridge. And yes get much more in the morning as he's too greedy during the day for me to build up that much of a supply confused

Alexandra6 Tue 23-Jul-13 18:28:15

I was clicking around quickly and nearly clicked 'share on facebook' accidentally on my last purchased item - nipple cream! grin blush

BraveLilBear Tue 23-Jul-13 22:46:00

Hello all, very tired bear checking in after finding some 3g signal... Baby He Bear born at 220 this morning after a dramatic journey featuring synto drip and ending in theatre for assistance.

He's totally gorgeous albeit as yet unnamed! Will come by soon with more but too knackered to type right now!

Congratulations Bear!

Cavort Wed 24-Jul-13 01:26:19

Massive congratulations Brave, absolutely wonderful news! Very well done and can't wait to see a picture of little man. And get used to the knackeredness. grin grin wink

janey1234 Wed 24-Jul-13 04:29:31

Oh congratulations! Hope you're not too horribly whacked and manage to get home soon.x

Alexandra6 Wed 24-Jul-13 07:04:13

Congratulations bear and baby he bear!! Well done for getting through a dramatic journey! Can't wait to see a pic, big bear hugs to both of you x

Congrats Bear, lovely news x

HazleNutt Wed 24-Jul-13 07:20:49

Congratulations Bear!!

MotherOfCleo Wed 24-Jul-13 07:28:42

congrats brave, glad he arrived, shame it sounds like it was stressful.

BelissimaLol Wed 24-Jul-13 08:19:47

Yay kate brave! Congratulations!!
All the best for you. Any idea when u coming home?
I'm getting very very uncomfortable. Lots of twinges and nothing else. This last bit is horrendous angry

janey1234 Wed 24-Jul-13 09:10:47

Oh it really is awful at the end. I was so lucky to only get to 38+3 due to elcs, I was done by then! Was so uncomfortable (although that was obv exacerbated by baby being transverse breech) so you do have my sympathies. Not long now x

Cavort Wed 24-Jul-13 09:58:31

Agreed, the end of pregnancy really is awful. I went to 41+2 and the last 3 weeks or so were horrible, but at least it serves to reduce fear of the birth because you are so desperate to get it out! FX for an exit soon for baby Lol. smile

I have just been to register the birth. Based on the fact you don't need to take any proof of anything with you, I don't see why you can't just do it over the phone or online rather than dragging a hungry baby there pointlessly?

Alexandra6 Wed 24-Jul-13 12:21:50

Eek last bit sounds tough! lol I really hope things start happening soon smile

Things are going well at work but have the strong feeling they are looking to save money on my mat leave by not hiring someone full time and working on contracts (it means the current team would have to work harder) and if that works, I think my role would be made redundant. I'm just frustrated as am working hard, getting along with my boss etc but feel like it's all for nothing as what do I get out of it at the end of my stat mat leave - no job! Especially if there is no room for me to come back to part time work (which I'd like) because they've replaced my role with other freelancers and a more cost effective plan! Meanwhile they are talking about me doing a big launch when I'm in my third trimester and it's hard to be passionate when you feel that you may be screwed over purely for financial reasons - plus I'll need to be careful with stress/time on feet!

Sorry to rant!

MotherOfCleo Wed 24-Jul-13 13:18:39

I feel your pain Alex, my boss wants to get in one of our freelancers 3 days a week to cover my job. I am an account manager and she is a designer/artworker so our job roles arent exactly close. I feel like I've spent 3 years working my arse off getting payrises etc only for him to disregard my role while I'm off.
I worry that he will only have room for me to come back part time, or not at all. I would like to be able to come back part time but I want to at least have the option of full time if we need it.
Makes me a bit twitchy! Especially as he took me downstairs for a bollocking yesterday, he had 2 issues, 1 being that a colleague had made an error while I was away which he blamed on me, the other was an invoicing issue which I had sorted out before I left. Supposidly the invoicing problem made him feel vulnerable and made him question my other work...charming.
He also said I had been distracted and he didn't feel like my number one priority....he's like a child!!

Have to say I'm not looking forward to the last few weeks of pregnancy but I think it's that uncomfortable to stop you worrying so much about the birth, you just want your body back by that stage I guess.

Alexandra6 Wed 24-Jul-13 13:41:44

It's difficult isn't it mother - it's the unknown! I'm trying to think of plan B work options in case, part time would be ideal for me but I know how hard other people have found it to get part time work that ties in well with a baby/toddler. And it's just not very motivating - I'm thinking well why would I work really hard from now and stress up until my mat leave if I may not be able to go back! To be fair they have been talking about when I return and keeping in touch days already, but it's a small business and if they can save money by replacing my role with a cheaper option, they will I'm sure. I'm a planner and it's the inability to plan and know how this will pan out that's bothering me I think!

Cavort Wed 24-Jul-13 15:15:44

Elodie has gained 1lb 7oz on her birth weight at 19 days. I am going to have an obese baby! shock And she has been diagnosed with a sub-mucosal/posterior tongue tie so goodness knows what she would weigh if she didn't have one. shock shock

janey1234 Wed 24-Jul-13 15:40:31

That's brilliant cavort - well done Elodie you must be knackered though

Alex - just remember a) they legally have to keep your job open for you and b) you don't have to do any keeping in touch days at all. They can ask but you have every right to say no.

I'm very envious of your happily scoffing babies, mine is still broken. Spent an hour and a half with the breast feeding lady at the hospital yesterday and by some miracle we managed to get her to do one small feed.

Unfortunately despite every effort and attempt I've not managed to get her to do it since. Spent most of last night with her crying, me crying and both of us getting covered in milk as she screamed her head off and refused to go anywhere near my breasts sad I feel like an utter failure.

Cavort Wed 24-Jul-13 16:06:44

That's just it, mine isn't a happily scoffing baby, she's feeding every 1.5-2.0 hours day and night, very windy/colicky/irritable, leaking milk all over the place when she feeds, posseting... I could go on with a massive list which are hopefully mostly all symptoms of the tongue tie and resulting in me currently feeling like death.

Despite being the most natural things in the world, BF is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I can really see why women throw in the towel.

Purple you are absolutely not a failure, it is fucking difficult. You have done amazingly well to feed Lucy for this long by expressing alone. You have absolutely done the right thing seeking help but if it doesn't work out you can be proud that you did your best in a situation where many of us would have given up long ago. FX you can get Lucy on the boob but if you can't it's not the end of the world. formula isn't poison and you have no reason to beat yourself up about it. smile

Alexandra6 Wed 24-Jul-13 16:25:39

purple pls don't beat yourself up as I've heard so many people struggle to get their baby to BF and it's nothing they or you are doing wrong! Hope you have more success but if not, as cavort says there are other perfectly fine options! flowers

Thanks janey but I want to go back part time ideally so would love that to be the option. I think they can make my role redundant, and if I've outgrown the agency and they want to operate more cost effectively with freelancers, I wouldn't want to go back anyway! We'll see though, am trying not to plan ahead too much as it's impossible!

janey1234 Wed 24-Jul-13 16:30:58

Absolutely agree with you cavort. I was adamant that I would try my absolute bloody hardest to breastfeed. But I was also adamant that if it didn't work I'd switch to formula without guilt. My lovely cousin didn't enjoy the first few months of her DD's life as she also refused to take the breast; she expressed with a manual pump, and fed her that way. It knackered her out (she was always either expressing, sterilising, or feeding using a bottle) she was thoroughly miserable and now wishes she'd just swapped sooner and enjoyed everything more. If it's fucking tough stop: you've done the most important part (colostrum) and from this point on a happy mum is more important than breast milk vs formula. You are not a failure at all, the fact you've tried for so long proves what a brilliant mum you are.

Alexandra6 Wed 24-Jul-13 16:32:49

Just got an email from one of my bosses saying she was really pleased about some stuff I've secured this afternoon, well done etc - yeah you say that now but bet you stab me in the back when I want to come back! wink grin

Alexandra6 Wed 24-Jul-13 16:36:12

Oh and purple my MIL couldn't BF my DH, he just wouldn't do it, so she stopped and he's turned out perfectly well (brilliant in fact but I'm biased!) And he didn't even know he wasn't BF until I told him the other day so makes no odds to the person later on grin Good work for sticking at it and giving it a good shot!

janey1234 Wed 24-Jul-13 16:41:45

I was breastfeed for two days, and I'm five foot eleven - hasn't harmed me!

HazleNutt Wed 24-Jul-13 16:46:56

purple you are absolutely not a failure and have done way more than most people would. And as others said, there are options - BF does not make you any better mother and they don't give medals for crying and being miserable.

Thanks everyone, I've got no plans to give up expressing at the moment, I just feel like a failure because I can't feed her 'properly'. No doubt I'm just being daft, can I still blame the hormones after three and a half weeks? grin

It's h

HazleNutt Wed 24-Jul-13 18:43:54

So the Royal baby is called George Alexander. They certainly got the middle name right grin

On a different topic - I got some baby clothes from a friend in 1-3 month size. Nice clothes, but they are all proper clothes - trousers, t-shirts, turtleneck sweaters, several pairs of jeans etc. They all seem so stiff and uncomfortable, fiddly to change. I've been taking DS everywhere in just a vest - is that weird? He is comfortable and just a baby, so nobody should object that he's out in his underwear. Do your babies wear proper clothes?

Wish I'd placed a bet, I predicted she'd have a boy called George when she first announced she was pregnant. I must be psychic!

As for clothes, mines lucky if I even bother with a vest, she's been out in public in just a nappy quite a few times when it has been really hot and I don't give a damn what people think. Don't really see the point of proper clothes on a tiny baby, they look so much more comfortable in just a vest or a babygrow.

Speaking of clothes, what are all the new mums wearing? I can't fit in my old clothes if I want to breathe and my maternity wear is too big. I've been wearing the same pair of black maternity trousers for months and months and I'm STILL wearing them with the elastic well pulled in as I have literally nothing else to wear, I'm totally sick of them!

Alexandra6 Wed 24-Jul-13 19:52:45

I was quite surprised by Kate middleton's bump on tv, I suppose I've never noticed with friends but there is still quite a bump afterwards isn't there. I was thinking I'd go back to the dresses I'm wearing now at 22 weeks which are my usual dresses that have a loose or stretchy waist.

Cavort Wed 24-Jul-13 20:24:33

Purple I plan to blame hormones until she's 21 at least. grin

We have been given loads of actual clothes and she has worn precisely none of them so far. She just wears a nappy and vest every day with the occasional pair of leggings in the evening. It's too damn hot and I can't be bothered with the faff of getting her dressed when nobody cares what a baby wears.

As for me, I am back in my stretchier normal clothes and under bump maternity clothes. I optimistically tried some normal jeans yesterday which I can just about fasten but have a big muffin top so I doubt I'll be getting into them for a while yet. sad

I was pleased yesterday to see Kate's still big belly showing everyone what a woman actually looks like the day after giving birth. There are too many media imiges of new mums with unrealistic flat stomachs.

Alexandra6 Wed 24-Jul-13 20:58:38

I also loved her click-in car seat, how easy was that, 7 seconds they said on the news! I need to sort what we're doing with car seats and the pram. Our car isn't practical for babies (other parents shake their head and laugh) it's a slightly flashy convertible with doors only at the front. Hope we can make it work for babies as I do like it and don't want to swap it for something more practical like people predict we will! I need to find a nice pram that will also fit in the boot, with a cost effective car seat into pram option!

BelissimaLol Wed 24-Jul-13 21:13:17

I think kate has one of those isofix things for the car seat! We've been given one by friends and it really is amazing!!! Worth checking on eBay to see if you find a bargain!
I've also been given so many dresses its unreal!! Not convinced I will use half of it either! Lets see.

Currently sitting on a birth ball to soften my cervix. I am so impatient it's unreal!!! It's not even my due date yet!!!

Cavort Wed 24-Jul-13 21:24:33

FX for imminent labour Lol

A massive YY to an isofix base. It's just so easy with one.

Alex I have swapped cars with DH so he can milk the free fuel in my company car, so I am currently transporting baby in an impractical low sports coupe and it's been absolutely fine so far. I think it might get harder to get her in and out of the back seat when she gets a bit heavier but I haven't had any problems so far. Get a few funny looks when parking in the parent and child spaces though. grin

janey1234 Wed 24-Jul-13 21:30:18

Also stuck in limbo between maternity and normal clothes. Am a fatty oink oink.

Alex I think i was telling you that even skinny skinny people on the maternity ward had massive bump still the day after giving birth! It's weird but I guess it makes sense that your uterus takes time to shrink back down. I'm glad she didn't hide it - as you say the media is full of people with washboard stomachs after a baby and the reality is nothing like that so soon after birth.

Miles is living in just nappies, although occasionally we splash out and put him in a vest. You've got to live a little! wink

Alexandra6 Wed 24-Jul-13 22:32:57

I've got really bad stomach cramps, like period pain, do you think that's normal for 22 weeks? Wish I'd booked in for another cervix check now!

MotherOfCleo Thu 25-Jul-13 07:50:27

I've had stomach cramps but thats because I got 'tunisia tummy' on holiday sad nothing to do with bubs. Might be worth a call to the docs? I'm sure all is fine but best to put your mind at rest.

BelissimaLol Thu 25-Jul-13 16:15:58

Have had an eventful day so far! Baby didn't move for the whole morning. Cue panic mode! Came to hospital at around lunch time and spent an hour being monitored. Was told to go home and come back in 2 hours so am here again. Baby ok grin
Looks like I will have a sweep later today. They reckon she is moving out of space and not moving much as a result.
I cannot begin to tell you how scared I was. A bit more relaxed now.
My wonderful friend brought me here and now DH arrived to take over.
Hope u all ok

HazleNutt Thu 25-Jul-13 16:41:18

lol we understand the panic when you haven't felt the baby move! Good luck with the sweep.

alex always good to get checked out if you're worried.

Same old here, feed-change-repeat. Bloody hot. Vic's one month doc appointment tomorrow so will ask if it's ok for me to use the pool as well - will otherwise probably just melt.

Alexandra6 Thu 25-Jul-13 20:18:45

I've sent my consultant an email asking for a cervix check next week. Didn't have any cramps today but I've had a weird, heavy feeling between my legs so a scan would put my mind at rest. Feels like I've put a tampon in wrong, that's the only way I can explain it, but I had this before for 2 days at 17 weeks and all was ok in that cervix scan so am managing not to stress too much.

Who else did NCT? My course is only four lessons which seems quite short for bonding? (Two of those are long Saturday lessons, half nine to half four!!)

MotherOfCleo Thu 25-Jul-13 21:14:06

Hi alex, what are NCT classes? Ive sent my form off for the antenatal ones and Im going to do a pregnancy yoga course, but I dont fancy any full day courses at all! blush

Alexandra6 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:46:34

mother they're kind of like private antenatal classes organised by NCT (can google), you have to pay for the classes (they're not cheap) but I'd heard it was good for talking to other people at exactly the same stage of pregnancy who live in the same area (also you get tips on breathing, the birth etc). I'm hoping DH doesn't embarrass me by getting squeamish when they talk labour and birth! He can't watch even a second of one born every minute!

Alexandra6 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:48:27

Oh and the group is smaller than NHS ones I think. I'm not sure whether it's worth me looking into doing NHS ones as well as not sure if I know anyone who did those (my mum mentioned she did but that was years back!)

janey1234 Thu 25-Jul-13 22:18:14

I loved my NCT class, meeting them all for a pub lunch tomorrow smile In terms of bonding, we've done all ours after the classes so will be fine.

In terms of the NHS one, I'd at least make sure you do the one that's a your of the labour ward. I would def have done that had I been giving birth naturally, think it would really help you to know your way round and feel comfortable there....

Alexandra6 Thu 25-Jul-13 22:36:52

No ones mentioned that at my midwife apps (the NHS ones) - is it something I need to ask for/look into myself? Better make sure I'm not missing anything else!

janey1234 Fri 26-Jul-13 03:23:21

They didn't tell me about it or give me the schedule until the thurs trimester. You could ask if you wanted to though?

Feel like absolute shit. Aching and a fever of 39 degrees (the things you know when you own a baby thermometer!). Currently expressing as DP doesn't want me too near Miles!

Oh no! Hope you feel better soon Janey (I think you can tell we've got babies from what ungodly hour we're posting!)

FX for feeling better soon Janey. Every cloud and all of that, can you retire to bed to catch up on sleep while you get better??

Did anybody elses boobs grow super early? None of my bras fit which seems a bit crazy at 6 weeks

Alexandra6 Fri 26-Jul-13 08:53:22

Mine were looking better bigger really early on too. They haven't grown much, much bigger like some boobs do but my bras have been tight, I can only wear a couple comfortably that I have to keep washing (well they're not comfy but I'm squeezing into them!) Keep meaning to sort out another one or two, either bigger size or maternity, but I like trying them on before buying and get tired when I shop these days!

janey1234 Fri 26-Jul-13 09:07:23

Yes, mine went huge within the first couple of weeks (ask Alex - all my friends said it was really noticeable!) but then thankfully after first trimester didn't grow any more....

Temp 39.8 degrees now. I obv feel great... confused

HazleNutt Fri 26-Jul-13 09:13:31

poor janey! Any idea what it is?

merkin and alex, my boobs grew loads early on, but luckily then settled down for a while. I would recommend just buying normal bras in bigger sizes- those non-wired maternity bras are actually not so supportive. As pregnant women might not feel so gorgeous all the time anyway, there's no reason to also add ugly bras and droopy-lookikng boobs to that.

Victor has put on almost a kilo in a month. No wonder I feel like a cow..

Cavort Fri 26-Jul-13 09:32:25

I hope you feel better soon Janey. Having a newborn is tiring enough without illness adding to it. sad

My boobs didn't grow until mid-30's weeks. I was really looking forward to the novelty of massive norks as well. angry grin

I have expressed for the first time this morning which yielded 95ml after about 40 minutes and 2 attempts on each boob immediately after a short feed. This doesn't seem very much, how much do you get Janey and Purple? Elodie generally feeds little and often due to the tongue tie so it's not entirely surprising that I couldn't get more in one go. How many mls are your babies currently taking in one expressed feed? I am not going to give her any expressed for a few weeks, I am just building up a freezer stash so it's not really a problem if it's not enough at the moment.

MotherOfCleo Fri 26-Jul-13 10:08:38

Merk, mine got huge very quickly, probably went up 2 sizes by 10 weeks. blush Thankfully they stopped around 18/20 weeks. I'm currently 36e and started as a 34 c/d. Eeek.

Hope you feel better soon Janey!! thanks

Ahh yeah I did look at the NCT classes but they looked a bit full on, no way my OH would be up for that. I'm going to do the NHS ones and the the pregnancy yoga classes, they go through relaxation, breathing etc etc and they are hour classes each week for 6 weeks so should be quite nice.

janey1234 Fri 26-Jul-13 10:43:16

No idea what it is. But I only have the fever and aches and pains that go with that, so hopefully it's nothing scary like mastitis or an internal infection from my c section... Bloody hell though, looking after a newborn when you have a fever results in a whole new level of exhaustion!

Alexandra6 Fri 26-Jul-13 11:39:32

grin mother my DH didn't get a choice on NCT. Poor guy has the breastfeeding class on his birthday wink

Really hope you feel better soon janey and your temp goes down flowers

BelissimaLol Fri 26-Jul-13 12:54:04

Hope you feel better soon janey!
Well I had a seep yesterday after some panic over lack of movement and have been having some small contractions for the whole morning!
Lets see what happens x

Cavort Fri 26-Jul-13 13:06:05

That sounds very promising Lol. I hope this is the start of things for you. smile

janey1234 Fri 26-Jul-13 13:16:47

Oh exciting, good luck lol!

Oh and cavort re expressing it really depends on time of day. In middle of night or first thing in the morning I usually get 120-150ml now (was less when I started) in about 10-15 mins, but in the day if I've been feeding him recently I usually get 60ml or so in the same time...

Cavort Fri 26-Jul-13 13:18:55

Janey how much expressed milk does he take when you give it to him? Or does it vary?

janey1234 Fri 26-Jul-13 16:51:35

Really varies. Have been feeding him expressed milk today to avoid giving him the plague and he's been taking around 70 ml but at night he usually feeds off me and takes up to 100 mL! Greedy bugger wink

janey1234 Fri 26-Jul-13 16:52:05

I mean feeds off me and then takes 100ml after. He's a real evening cluster feeder though....

BelissimaLol Fri 26-Jul-13 21:38:45

Hi girls. Think I may be in labour!!!!!
Contracting every 5 min or so and have mw watching me lol. Told me they need to last 1 min each but so far bastards are only lasting about 45 sec. Don't know if things will slow down but right now I am in agony!!
Will keep you posted x

MotherOfCleo Fri 26-Jul-13 22:02:18

Ohhhh exciting!!! Hope things progress quickly and the pain doesn't last long!

Good luck Lol, how exciting

janey1234 Fri 26-Jul-13 23:16:04

Ooooh lol how exciting!!! Good luck - thinking of you...

Cavort Sat 27-Jul-13 02:06:41

Good luck Lol! Looks like there will be another Berry baby very soon grin

BraveLilBear Sat 27-Jul-13 06:00:01

Hello berries! Sorry for radio silence - have my hands quite full at the moment abd not cracked left hand phone typing yet! Hope all is good- will attempt a picture shortly.

More importantly, go go Lol! Sending bags of support, gas and air and luck your way..

Ooh good luck Lol!

Alexandra6 Sat 27-Jul-13 13:43:23

Good luck lol!!! Can't wait to hear how it all went, as smoothly as poss I hope! X

And hi mummy bear, let me know what it's like, hope you're enjoying having your new baby home and aren't tooooo tired!

Cavort Sat 27-Jul-13 15:29:49

Brave we need more info! Name, weight, what was labour like, etc., and yes a picture of your lovely little man. grin

I hope things are going well Lol.

HazleNutt Sat 27-Jul-13 16:50:26

Good luck lol and yes we need to see some photos brave!

In other news, I've got stretch marks! Just a handful, but wtf, why are they appearing a month after birth?? Not amused. angry And they'd better not multiply.

Also like an oven here, 37 degrees and not a hint of a cloud in the sky. I know we all complained about the cold spring, but this is not funny any more.

Cavort Sat 27-Jul-13 20:28:36

Stretch marks Hazle?!! shock angry sad I have to admit I was counting my chickens on that one, bloody hell I hope they don't show up to my party! At least you say there aren't many though.

janey1234 Sat 27-Jul-13 20:53:02

Agreed - I thought I'd escaped, who knew they could still bloody well appear?!

So I think I'm getting mastitis in my left boob. What a barrel of laughs. I'm not sure if that's what gave me the temperature (although didn't have sore boob yday) or if the fact I expressed all day (to avoid giving Miles a bug) means I've somehow given myself blocked milk ducts. I told DP last night it didn't feel like the machine was emptying my boob properly.

So rang the out of hours who said the antibiotic I'm on isn't the right one for mastitis. However, as my temp is lower he said to stick with it. Totally not convinced they're working. Argh. Still it's not too painful as yet to feed from that boob which is good. And temp down to 38 degrees which is so much better than yday...

janey1234 Sat 27-Jul-13 20:54:34

Oh and Congratulations brave!! Can't believe I didn't say it in my last post. Photos please smilesmile

And I know it's a cliche but enjoy the newborn hugs, they really do change too quickly hmm mainly through being greedy buggers and porking up really quickly

BelissimaLol Sat 27-Jul-13 22:11:48

Hi berries just a quickie to let you know that baby Lara was born this afternoon at 4:25pm weighing 7lbs 2oz. She is perfect. Staying overnight. Speak more tomorrow grin

janey1234 Sat 27-Jul-13 22:17:02

Oh lol how bloody exciting!!! Hoorah! Massive congrats to you and big hugs for baby Lara. Hope the birth was ok x

Congratulations Lol, hope you're enjoying lovely snuggles with Lara x

Cavort Sat 27-Jul-13 23:45:13

Great news Lol, huge congratulations to you and your OH (obvs more to you as you've done all the hard work grin). And what a lovely name. grin

MotherOfCleo Sun 28-Jul-13 01:24:22

Congrats lol and welcome baby Lara, what a lovely name grin

Congratulations Lol! flowers

Quodlibet Sun 28-Jul-13 09:31:09

Back from the Cornish wilderness to see that congrats are due to both Brave and Lol. Well done both of you! Lara is a lovey name. Brave have you named your boy yet?

Cavort Sun 28-Jul-13 14:24:46

I went out for a few hours this morning so DH took the plunge and gave 3oz of expressed (which is all we had) rather than me having to rush back. She guzzled it down no problem and has continued to BF normally since I got back so FX this could turn out to be simpler than I thought. smile I just need to work out how much to give her each time now. confused

MotherOfCleo Sun 28-Jul-13 17:09:06

My OH has been so so lazy this weekend I could scream! Leaves me in a general stressed/grouchy state the whole time, not the ideal weekend mindset confused

MotherOfCleo Sun 28-Jul-13 19:45:29

I asked him to walk the dog 3 hours ago.....she is getting more and more hyper but he hasn't walked her yet. Seriously he drives me mad! He is so focused on looking after himself he never notices the rest of us in the house.

He lives the dream, spent yesterday fishing then at a bbq, while I walked the dog, did the shopping, gardening, painting, cleaning, washing etc then the only productive thing he did today was clean his fishing gear....oh and feed himself.

I have a friend due round any time and she isnt keen on dogs, Im sure a hyper bouncy basset is just what she wants.....the thing is I have done so much this weekend I just dont have it in me to walk her again while he sits on his arse playing on his ipad sad sad Sorry for the moan just feeling really sad, depressed and alone today. sad

Hope you're feeling better Janey.

Cavort Sun 28-Jul-13 20:52:17

Oh dear Mother. It looks like there are some serious conversations to be had before baby arrives because, as I am sure you are aware, any spare time you currently have to do all that stuff will disappear in a haze of feeding, nappies and sleeplessness. grin

flowers Mother, I know just how you feel, mine was a bit if a chocolate teapot when I was pregnant and i found it reaky hard but he's been a bit better since the baby arrived although he's never bloody here so perhaps yours will up his game too?

Sorry for mistakes - expressing, bottle feeding baby and typing on phone at once, women are better at multi tasking because they have more practice!

MotherOfCleo Sun 28-Jul-13 22:13:32

Thanks guys, he is just the most frustrating person to live with! He just seems to lack empathy. Fingers crossed purple, he keeps saying all the things he is going to do when baby is here, I hope he follows through on it all! I just wish he had more of an urge to help me now.

Dog is now walked and my friend just dropped off 2 bin bags full of baby clothes so I'm in a better mood now. I don't think we will need to buy baby clothes for ages as we have been given so much stuff.

BelissimaLol Sun 28-Jul-13 22:15:04

Hi again girls. Came home today and it all feels surreal. Baby has been feeding well and I am completely overwhelmed! She is so beautiful.
I can go into details about labour Eric if you want to however I will say two things. Whatever you do, hire a tens machine! I don't know how I would have coped without one. And I 100% recommend an epidural!!
I will have a read later. Hope you a re all well grin

Cavort Sun 28-Jul-13 22:33:10

That's lovely to hear Lol, so glad you're enjoying it. Those first few days are so special. smile

And I absolutely second the TENS and epidural. They made a huge difference for me.

BraveLilBear Mon 29-Jul-13 00:54:59

Yay congrats Lol! Well done you smile and another one here for surreality smile

Get well soon Janey and sympathies Mother...

Will return soon with more.... tried to get photo up but failed first time. No name yet!

MotherOfCleo Mon 29-Jul-13 09:30:30

How lovely lol.

Congrats again to both you and bear.

I feel like crap today, tired, achy and generally ready to hibernate. sad

Alexandra6 Mon 29-Jul-13 09:44:23

Hi lol sounds like you're enjoying having her home smile yes please to labour details! Interesting about the tens machine, I wasn't going to bother with that but my neighbour said she'll lend me hers and I would need to buy new pads (the bit that goes next to the skin). Also good to know that you recommend epidural. Did you just let the midwife recommend when and how to do it etc?

Sorry you're not feeling great mother, I'm really tired and in zombie mode today. Trying to be positive and enthusiastic at work but it's not easy today! Sorry about your DP too, could you have a really nice chat with him when you're both in good moods with each other about how you're feeling and him helping and try and get him to understand a bit more and get his arse in gear?

Alexandra6 Mon 29-Jul-13 09:48:38

Oh and quod welcome back! And lol huge congrats too, I meant to say it to you yesterday but realised I didn't post the message as rushing around smile

HazleNutt Mon 29-Jul-13 11:07:48

Got a bag of baby clothes from MIL - DHs baby clothes, she has kept them for 36 years, can you imagine? They still look perfect, so it's quite cute to dress Vic in his dad's clothes.

MotherOfCleo Mon 29-Jul-13 11:15:16

Ahhh hazel that is so cute!! That's so nice of her.

I am overwhelmed by how much we have been given, I honestly don't think we will need to buy clothes for the baby for ages although I'm sure I will. I need to go through it all but we have everything from tiny baby to 2 year old, seems that it should all be about right season wise too. I might treat myself and go through it all this evening and split into ages so I can bag it up ready to go into the chest of drawers when we finally put it together. Plus I need to sort out the older stuff so I can put it away in loft till we need it. grin We've also been given a baby bath seat, top and tail bowl (had to look up what that was for) blush gina ford book, toys, blankets, grobags, muslins, more than I could have imagined. Didn't realise people were so so generous. smile The nursery is actually almost sorted, we just need to get new carpet so we can build the furniture.

Alexandra6 Mon 29-Jul-13 11:54:16

Baby hand me downs are so great! My mum has given me some of my baby clothes which will be handy if we have a girl - had no idea she still had them! Baby would have the retro look!

Alexandra6 Mon 29-Jul-13 13:06:08

cavort I remember you saying you were driving a sports car at the moment - which pram are you using and does it fit ok in the boot? janey's icandy wouldn't fit in our boot so I'm hoping to find a really small, compact one if poss, and ideally one that can also become a buggy for a toddler later on and is car seat compatible. And rear facing pram if poss. Not asking for much!! wink Does anyone else have a compact one?

MotherOfCleo Mon 29-Jul-13 13:42:48
MotherOfCleo Mon 29-Jul-13 13:47:24

The quinny zapp looks like it folds tiny alex www.quinny.com/gb-en/strollers-pushchair/zapp/#stroller-detail-lightbox

MotherOfCleo Mon 29-Jul-13 13:51:29

Currently I'm planning on getting the Mothercare Orb not sure how small it folds though.

Cavort Mon 29-Jul-13 13:59:04

Ah the baby car dilemma is always a good one. grin

It's not really a sports car Alex it's just got a big engine and is very impractical for a baby, it's a BMW 335 coupe so the boot is actually quite big, much bigger than in my sensible hatchback company car. We have an Uppababy Vista and I would have to take the wheels off it to fit the pram chassis in my boot but we have a roof box for the pram so we can put the dog in the boot.

Babies are very expensive when you have to factor in a new car to accomodate all their gear! Either me or DH needs to get a baby/dog friendly car but we decided to just get by with what we have until I know what I'm doing about work. DH loves his man toy car and doesn't want to change it so if I have to give my company car back we will get a family car for me.

Alexandra6 Mon 29-Jul-13 14:21:38

Thanks will look at the link mother! Also planning trips to mothercare and john lewis on sat morning. cavort ours is a BMW 330d sport cabriolet so not sure how those models compare on boot size - we obviously won't be having the roof down with a baby on board! We were ttc when we bought the car for a good deal last summer so I didn't want to turn down the offer and buy a practical family car when we were giving up hope on ttc - I wouldn't have it all any other way though when it comes to that! smile

My stepdad swears by one of these nappy bin systems (apparently twists the nappy bags up and locks the smell in really well). Are any of the new mums bothering with that? Or do you just bag them up and put them in the normal bin - or straight into the outdoor bin? (sorry, nice conversation!)

Am def going to get one of those baby body carrier things - a friend recommended Ergo.

Cavort Mon 29-Jul-13 14:47:16

Alex if the cabriolet's boot with the roof up is the same as ours then there's tons of room! You could fit 2 prams in there. grin

Alexandra6 Mon 29-Jul-13 14:52:22

I'm not sure how much smaller ours is (it's a funny shape boot because the hard top folds up and goes away transformer-style when you have the roof down) - we def couldn't fit janey's pram in there yesterday but you're giving me hope we'll find one that fits!

Alexandra6 Mon 29-Jul-13 14:57:51

I'm not sure how much smaller ours is (it's a funny shape boot because the hard top folds up and goes away transformer-style when you have the roof down) - we def couldn't fit janey's pram in there yesterday but you're giving me hope we'll find one that fits!

HazleNutt Mon 29-Jul-13 15:13:38

alex about nappies - breastfed baby's poop does not smell, so they just go into the normal bin for now.

Straight out to the wheelie bin here, no fancy bin necessary!

Poor little Lucy was at the hospital this morning having her tongue tie snipped. Poor Mummy is having to deal with a wingey baby (though who can blame her, if someone had attacked me with a pair of scissors i'd be in a pissy mood too) two mad dogs I can't walk and two cats all on my own as Daddy has buggered off for two days on a course and booked himself a hotel even though its only an hour away hmm

Cavort Mon 29-Jul-13 17:25:24

Purple do you think the tongue tie is the reason Lucy is not a fan of the boob? Elodie is getting hers snipped next week, which I am not looking forward to watching, but I need it for the sake of my poor nipples!

Couldn't you have ordered used your female powers of persuasion on your OH to get him to come home after the course? An hour is nothing, my DH commutes an hour to his office daily.

Well we will see if it makes any difference! (Please god)
It's honestly not that bad to watch although I'm generally quite pragmatic and not overly emotional (when hormones aren't ruining me) so maybe that's why it didn't affect me? they said I was very brave as it usually upsets mums too much and dads have to hold the baby but it wasn't any big deal - one small snip, couple of minutes of crying, no biggie it barely even bled. Am it

Sorry, multi taking again and hit the wrong button! Was trying to say Am I totally heartless?

As for OH I don't understand it at all - he said he would have to get up too early to go from home but the course starts at 9am. It's not even like it's much of a jolly sitting in a hotel room on your own for two nights!

Is OH sleep deprived by any chance? Seems likely he wants a beer, grub and an early, undisturbed night grin

Ha ha you could be right though the lucky bugger usually sleeps though all the night feeds/expressing/nappy changes anyway. Tbh I don't think he really thought it through about leaving me on my own and just booked a hotel like last time. I don't mind TOO much, the course is only once every two years so he's got no excuse to escape again for a while grin

Oh my god the baby just exploded in a volcanic eruption of vomit, seriously it was like a geyser of sick, I had to change everything I was wearing even down to my pants...nobody warns you about that!

Alexandra6 Mon 29-Jul-13 21:40:53

Eek purple I've got one itchy palm, been itching on and off over the wkend and today. Googled just out of curiousity and it's saying itchy palms and feet could be OC, really hope not as yours was awful wasn't it? Right no more googling, going to put my head firmly in the sand on that one!

Alexandra6 Mon 29-Jul-13 21:43:45

Cross post - really sorry but grin at geyser of sick! I thought baby sick was only cute little dribbles, clearly not!

<scratch scratch>

Hmm not sure Alex, just the one hand doesn't sound like what I had, mine was both hands and feet and then all over and I scratched until I bled but if you're worried ring your midwife and they can do blood tests to check.

Hopefully it isn't but don't panic, even if it is it was only bad for a few days until they gave me the magic drugs then it was all fine anyway. Cold seems to be the best way to soothe itching as well, cool showers, windows open, hold a cold glass of drink maybe? Hth!

I though babies just did little spit ups too, I stand corrected!

Bunnygirlie Mon 29-Jul-13 22:05:45

Apologies for intruding but wanted to share this - 

It's my Mumsnetaversary! Yep I have been on MN a whole year now and what a rollercoaster ride it has been. 
Some of the first few i met on the way Puppy, Pip, Happy, Aquarius, Yorkie are still with me and some lucky buggers like Janey, Hazle, Quod, Cavort/Rach have graduated (miss you ladies). Many have been and gone and there are some excellent slightly newer berries (you know who you are) still heading along the yellow brick road with me now. If you don't know it already I have appreciated every word of support, comfort and occasional sausage wang you have thrown in my direction x

P.s. congrats to all the new mums smile

janey1234 Mon 29-Jul-13 22:26:54

Oh lovely lovely bunny, is it really? That makes sense actually, I think we 'met' in aug when I came off the pill? It's crazy how a year has passed already.

Well I've got absolutely everything crossed that this next year is the year you get your BFP, I genuinely do, hugs.

Alex - if you read about OC I think it's a whole different level of itching to normal preggers itching. I actually made my lower legs bleed itching, but compared to what poor purple went through it was a different level!

Exploding vom? Lovely. Something else to look forward to. I had piss all over my legs yesterday, and poo in my hand a few days before that.

Shitty shitty day today. Breast feeding has become a nightmare suddenly (since I was ill) with non infectious mastitis, a blocked duct and now a milk blister on my nipple. All the above we're confirmed by a lovely breast feeding specialist I ended up calling this morning when I was in tears from the pain (and i don't think I'm a wimp with pain given I stopped taking painkillers less than five days after my c section). Anyway I have managed to almost clear my mastitis alone, she helped me with the latch which given all the other issues had gone a bit squiffy, and generally was lovely and saved my sanity and my boobs. On top of all that Miles has barely slept at all - managed two hours this afternoon but that was it really. So an exhausting day I don't mind putting behind me! Not that I'm really moaning, I wouldn't change a thing of course, so please don't think I'm being ungrateful. I'm not. But was very glad when DP got home and give me a break!

janey1234 Mon 29-Jul-13 22:28:44

Oh and bless her she was in my lounge within two hours of me calling for help - the nhs is amazing hey.

Cavort Tue 30-Jul-13 09:26:39

Happy MNversary Bunny! I look forward to your anniversary BFP. grin

Ouch, ouch, OUCH Janey, get well soon to your boobs as well, that sounds terrible. flowers

I feel pretty much at the end of my tether myself this morning after less than 2 hours sleep, which is pretty typical at the moment. sad Apart from a few slightly longer naps which she currently takes during the day, Elodie is now feeding pretty much constantly, anywhere from 1.5 hours to 20 minutes apart. The tongue tie means she is unable to feed efficiently as her jaw gets tired before she's full and she takes in loads of air. My nipples are very sore. And she rarely feeds to sleep as if she nods off I generally wake her up winding her, so by the time i've settled her back off she's getting hungry again. I can't not wind her as she will wake up screaming after 10 minutes. Added to this she has some kind of baby radar which despite being sound asleep she wakes the very second we put her down and starts niggling which gets gradually worse leading to hysteria until she is picked back up. DH has moved to the spare room on work nights to stop him falling asleep at his desk.

TT is getting snipped next Friday which seems aaaaages away. sad I am really hoping the tongue tie snip leads to more efficient and spaced out feedings and sleeps (as it should do) because if there is not an improvement on my current situation I will be moving to mixed feeding or formula while I still have a few shreds of sanity left.

Apologies for the moan. Everyone says it is hard but I have still been left surprised by exactly how hard it currently is. FX that everyone else has textbook babies! (some people must, the lucky buggers!) smile

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 09:42:26

Sorry you're having a rough time cavort flowers I can't lie, between your post and a post I've just read on making sure you remember haemorrhoid pads for the hospital bag, I am feeling a bit weird, daunted and freaked out about the whole thing! Have work stress too and have to keep reminding myself it will make no odds to me and my mat pay in three months time.

I've already said to DH I wouldn't mind at all if he wants to sleep in a spare room sometimes on work nights to get a better night sleep, think that's a good idea when it gets too much. He says he won't and will be fine. Yeah - we'll see wink

MotherOfCleo Tue 30-Jul-13 09:50:57

Ahh cavort that sounds so so hard! Could you call the hospital explain the situation and see if they have a closer appointment/cancellation, might be worth it, as you say for your sanity and wellbeing as much as anything else! I feel for you all. sad If you can express could you try to build up a bit of a stash hard I know when you are constantly feeding and have your mum or a friend round to look after her while you go to bed for the afternoon? I hope to use my mum and dad like that.....hopefully they won't mind.

They do say the sleep deprivation is the worst part, friends have recommended that my OH take the 2 weeks paternity and then take another 2 weeks holiday 3 to 5 weeks later as that is when it starts to get really tough re the lack of sleep. He was planning it take a month straight off.

Cavort Tue 30-Jul-13 09:58:27

Ha Alex I don't mean to scare you! Even though my current misery I know it is only short-term and the tongue-tie is obviously exacerbating things, which probably won't happen to you. And even through my bleary eyes she still makes me melt when I look at her. smile

I know DH feels guilty going to the spare room but he is under orders as I don't see the point in us both being knackered. He gets up to help out on weekends though so I get a little break and some sleep.

And don't worry too much about piles. I got some little ones from pushing which were never painful and went after a week.

janey1234 Tue 30-Jul-13 10:02:13

You have my sympathies cavort, you really do. Miles has generally been pretty good, but along with all the feeding issues refused to sleep all day yesterday. As predicted, he slept terribly due to being over tired last night, so I've been up since 2am. Brought him down to the lounge to try and let DP get some sleep, doesn't make me any less knackered though.

One thing - is she always 'properly' feeding? The breastfeeding counsellor yday pointed out when he wasn't swallowing too deeply and said he was comfort feeding and not taking too much milk, so to take him off at that point if I was too sore at the moment. Might be worth a try?

And I know absolutely how hard it is to find time (and enough milk) to express, but if there was any way you could express some for the weekend your DH could do one night for you? I'm sure just one night's sleep would make the world of difference. IME it's quickest and easiest to express between 2 and 4am, or first thing in the morning. I got 100ml this morning from just one boob, which I will be using this evening to give my poor boobs a break from the inevitable evening cluster feed...

Cavort Tue 30-Jul-13 10:04:34

Mother the clinic won't bump us up the queue as she is putting weight on so in their eyes it's not urgent.

I am expressing but because Elodie only feeds little and often that's how I am having to express to get a decent amount. I don't want to give her more than one bottle of expressed per day until she's a bit older but I might ask DH to start giving it to her when he gets up about 6.30am so I can sleep longer.

janey1234 Tue 30-Jul-13 10:04:39

Cross post cavort! I guessed he helped anyway at the weekend, but being able to sleep through one feed really is amazing.

I felt at the end of my tether yesterday too and almost ready to give up on breastfeeding as the pain was so bad. Thankfully I got some help straight away. You've got my massive sympathies that you've got to wait until the end of next week x

Sorry you're having a hard time Janey and Cavort, you both have my sympathy.

Alex - I didn't get any piles and I suffered virtually every pregnancy nasty going so they're certainly not inevitable!

Cavort Tue 30-Jul-13 10:18:43

Janey yes she does suckle and I do try to take her off when she does it. She's putting so much weight on I have no worries prizing her off mid-feed. grin

A full night's sleep sounds like heaven but I would still have to get up to express as my boobs would kill after a few hours of not feeding. Her night feeds are only short, like 20 minutes, so DH will get up at the weekend straight after each feed to wind, nappy and settle her off to sleep which is what takes longest and still sounds like a good deal to me. smile

HazleNutt Tue 30-Jul-13 10:26:42

Poor janey! Are you feeling any better today?

And poor cavort! I only had one night when Vic was fussy and didn't want to sleep - the day had been too hot and he was sleeping most of it, so was wide awake at night. And that was miserable already, I can't even imagine how exhausted you must be feeling.
Hopefully it is the TT causing the problems and the snip will make all the difference. Yes, ask DH to feed her so you can sleep at least a little longer.

I really should try out the breast pump so could get out of the house without the baby for a little while, but have simply been too lazy.

HazleNutt Tue 30-Jul-13 10:32:05

cavort have you tried not to change nappies in the middle of the night (unless she has pooped)? I did it at first as well, but that just woke him up, so now it's feed and back to sleep, even if he's a little wet. If he's had enough to eat, he will then fall asleep immediately.

Cavort Tue 30-Jul-13 11:08:55

I am pretty knackered (and I bet Janey is as well) but I am increasingly surprised by how little sleep it is possible to survive on. Elodie has been wide awake since 6.30am so I am hoping for a nap soon so I can get back in bed. I am still in my PJ's waiting for it! grin

I did stop bothering with wet nappies if she was asleep but because we have to wind her which generally wakes her I figure we may as well sort the nappy as well while she's disturbed. Sometimes she will burp while asleep if we gently put her over our shoulder in which case I wouldn't even consider waking her with a nappy change.

janey1234 Tue 30-Jul-13 11:34:49

I always do a nappy change - as without it Miles feeds for approx 90 seconds, then falls asleep. Then wakes up ten mins later starving....and repeat. So I generally try to wake him up properly once he's stirred, and feed him for ages. Apart from last couple of nights that takes about an hour and Miles usually means 3-4 hours sleep after.

That's the theory anyway. As the bags under my eyes prove, it's far from infallible. hmm

Cavort Tue 30-Jul-13 12:00:48

Despite vowing to hold out, I have cracked and tried her with a dummy, which she is currently sucking like her life depended on it. It will either be our saviour or downfall I suppose but I doubt it can make our current situation any worse. If she takes to it I will try to wait until she is comfort suckling at the end of a feed and then replace nipple with dummy in the hope she will settle without me while I get back to sleep. What could go wrong, eh? confused

BelissimaLol Tue 30-Jul-13 12:01:18

Well I'm the lest experienced of you lot in this motherhood malarkey and am only just starting to find out the joys of bf etc.
But our first two days went like this: Lara is quite happy during the day and feeds every 3 hours or so (although she did feed 3 times on the hour at around noon yesterday) as long as she is getting cuddles. She hates being in the pram or basket at the moment. Then from 11 to around 2/3 she cluster feeds manically. It is knackering. I come upstairs with her and let DH has his chilled x box time . He comes up then and cuddles her to sleep in his arms. That means he can only doze off as she is on him but I can sleep. I got almost 4 hours like that. Then I feed her and will cuddle her myself for the next shift so as he can sleep. Then after the 9am feed I managed to put her in the basket and miraculously she is still there so we both got another 3 hours. Mw said sleeping with her on you is ok as long as you put pillows etc to make sure you don't roll over and squash her. In our case I think it's just a comfort thing for her and rather than fight for her to be jan the basket and nobody gets any sleep, at the moment we are going with that option.
Def try expressing more cavort so as DH can do an evening feed perhaps even on a work night? I will start expressing as soon as I can to help me with the evening cluster feed as my tits are on fire at the end of it! My plan is to have enough for DH to do the first one or two of that marathon which should give me some rest.
I agree its harder than anyone ever tells you. But also more amazing.

I would not worry about piles either. But do get yourself some tea tree oil for when you come home in case you tear. I didn't buy any and am now having to go round pharmacies trying to find it.
I hope the baby talk is not getting too much for you ladies. We got kicked out of conception last time so we may need to move to post natal before it happens again grin

HazleNutt Tue 30-Jul-13 12:09:29

lol Vic did those cluster feeds earlier as well, but has stopped now, so might happen for Lara as well (beautiful name by the way).
I also tried the dummy as needed to give my nipples a break, but he absolutely refused that.

MotherOfCleo Tue 30-Jul-13 12:13:29

Nah, I like all the baby talk and tips, it's good preparation. Plus if you guys are going through it then it is likely I will too. Plus give it a few months and more of us will be on your side, obviously if we get heaps of newbies they may have other ideas but I'm happy to hear your baby news.

MotherOfCleo Tue 30-Jul-13 12:14:10

Oh and I am planning to use a dummy so don't feel bad cavort.

Cavort Tue 30-Jul-13 12:29:07

She sucked the dummy for about 5 minutes and looked like she was nodding off (I was getting the cake and party poppers out), but then seemed to realise it wasn't a boob, spat it out and would only have a nipple after that. Boo! sad I will try again a few more times and see how it goes.

janey1234 Tue 30-Jul-13 12:50:05

I've been using one since the start. In my defence they gave him one in intensive care once he was off the morphine and the ventilator, to give him some comfort as no-one could cuddle or touch him. Anyway it seemed to work so we have used one ever since blush bad parents

Cavort - sometimes Miles sucks furiously, realises no milk is coming out, then goes NUTS. But most of the time if we give it to him after a feed or when he's grouchy, it really settles him. So if you want to use one, Elodie may well still take to it.

So come on then knocked up folk, share all your pregnancy chat so we don't all get booted off ante natal clubs! Feeling good, bad or indifferent?

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 13:03:47

Who's left on the pre-birth side - there's me, quod, mother, who am I missing? Can't believe so many are post birth now! It's quite nice having post birth experiences in the same thread as we get tips on what methods/products you're trying, plus it prepares us for the reality of it all. And I'm not terrified at all about the crippling lack of sleep and exhaustion, nope, not one bit eeeeeeeeeek! <puts rose tinted glasses back on> grin I guess the bright side is no work at first as I can imagine your brain is fuzzy and energy levels are low with the lack of sleep!

I can't see the problem with a dummy as loads of people seem to use them - they can't be that bad if the NHS gave Miles one! What are the cons?

Cavort Tue 30-Jul-13 13:05:56

She just had a bit of milk and was then dozing while suckling, so I whipped the dummy in quick and I now seem to have a baby who is fast asleep sucking on a dummy. grin I won't count my chickens just yet but I'm off to bed while the going looks good! grin

Me! I'm (very) pre birth and still lurking between grads and berries until I feel more confident.
(very) early scan on Thursday to put my mind at rest pre hol, and assuming all is well will be joining you full time post sunshine break grin

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 13:13:46

Good luck with the early scan merk! How many weeks are you now? I had my early one at 8 weeks.

janey1234 Tue 30-Jul-13 13:35:35

I know that in theory the NHS advise against them for the first few weeks to avoid nipple confusion, but I guess they make exceptions!

Lordy just seen this . Ouchie.

Merk - good luck with the scan. I had one at 7 or 8 weeks too, exciting tes! Hope all goes well for you - and let us know!

Nobody is quite sure how best to date me due to late O and long cycles. I think 5+6 (based on 266 days from O) doc says 6+6 (??) so no idea really but super early. However its 2.5 weeks from finding out and the time goes so slowly! Perhaps because i'm worrying so much about everything! grin

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 13:43:53

Time literally crawls by doesn't it merk! Snap with the worry!

janey1234 Tue 30-Jul-13 13:45:48

First 12 weeks are ridiculously slow... 12-20 really slow, 20-40 are strange and don't seem to go fast, but before you know it, you have a baby...

So don't fear it does speed up. But yes, the first few weeks are unbearably slow. You have my sympathy!

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 13:46:27

I def relaxed a lot more after the first scan, and then even more after 12 weeks by the way, so it gets much better each week that goes by and time seems to be moving normally now for me!

MotherOfCleo Tue 30-Jul-13 13:54:52

I second what they are saying merk, the first few weeks seem to go by in slow motion! I had a scan at around 9 weeks as I was desperate to tell my folks and my OH wouldn't let me till we had a scan. TBH it was quite blob like but the heart was beating away merrily which put a smile on our faces. After the 12 week scan times seemed to go much quicker for me, I blinked and was at 20 weeks, thankfully things have slowed down a bit now.

My friend swore by the dummy as her son had ventouse and forceps and had a very bruised head for quite a while, the hospital recommended the dummy as it helped to release the pressure in the head or something. In the end she took him to a cranial osteopath who sorted him out and made him a far far happier little man.

Hears to a nice long nap for you cavort! Sleep Elodie sleep, mummy needs some zzzzz's.

MotherOfCleo Tue 30-Jul-13 13:58:59

Oh and OUCH to that huge huge baby, god can you imagine, gulp!

BelissimaLol Tue 30-Jul-13 14:33:16

Re this dummy debate. I was given a leaflet on how to prevent cot death before I left hospital and it says "there is a chance that giving a dummy to your newborn baby before they fall asleep may reduce the risk of cot death". So surely its not a bad thing then???!!!! grin

Quodlibet Tue 30-Jul-13 14:40:48

I feel like time has absolutely flown since 12 wks too - got my 20 wk scan tmw - where has the time gone?
In the past week I have gone from passing as not pregnant to getting a shock every time I look down or catch my sideways reflection in the mirror. Kicks have also got much much more definite very quickly, and now totally feelable from the outside. The big jolts are actually quite disconcerting sometimes if you aren't expecting it.

Right, I am still in need of holiday inspiration. I got all excited at the thought of going to Cuba, but then realised that it is hurricane season in September when we have to go. Wish list is: definite sun, something a bit exotic (so pref outside Europe), some good reasonably accessible nature and or culture, not too health-risky for a 26wk pg person...and not too long flying time. Oh and not too pricey once you are there. I want an exciting last-holiday-as-a-couple! Any ideas?

BelissimaLol Tue 30-Jul-13 14:56:26

Quod how about Sri Lanka? I went in September and it was lovely! Or Maldives? Goa is also lovely and hot.

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 15:02:09

Enjoy your 20 week scan quod and lots of luck! I've got my 24 week scan in mid-August to check on the head size. It's a really exciting time isn't it, I love that I look pregnant now and also love the kicks. I'm always telling DH when I'm being kicked, the novelty hasn't worn off for me. Find it hard not to tell other people every time it happens!

Ooh that's tricky on the holiday - DH and I had a last holiday in Spain recently and it was perfect for a pregnancy holiday, we just wanted to chill though. I went to the Maldives just before fertility treatment and love it there but it's pricey and far from hospitals etc. Hmm, what about Southern Italy? I know it's Europe but would be lovely and should be warm in Sept. Or somewhere really nice in Turkey maybe? Personally we decided not to go too exotic in pregnancy purely due to heat and stomach bug risks after a nasty bug in Goa a few years back!

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 15:04:32

Cross post lol but grin about Maldives and Goa!

I do absolutely love the Maldives, best place I've been to, stayed at two great resorts with amazing snorkelling. Better stop dreaming, will be a good few years before I'm back there!

janey1234 Tue 30-Jul-13 15:15:51

Kerala? I've been there and Goa, and def preferred Kerala. Or what's the weather like in Kenya or South Africa? Haven't been to the latter but the safari I went on in Kenya was one of the most amazing hols I've had. Thailand was lovely when preggers - although not sure about weather in September? I also went to Dubai, which I loved, but not sure it meets your criteria! But might be starting to cool down nicely there by then?

Ooh hazle had an exotic hol at your stage - poss to Costa Rica, but I might have made that up blush

I want a holiday! Although did fill in the application form for Miles' passport today! smile

BraveLilBear Tue 30-Jul-13 15:16:21

Just popping on mid way through a massive bust up with DP while junior naps on me post feed to say hi.

Alex- I have horrendous piles. But they don't hurt. So not overly worrying (tho the midwife who gave me a wipe down postnatally - spinal block not quite worn off - did say 'ooo that looks painful...' but she might have been referencing other damage! )

Lol I'm exactly in the same boat. Good as gold during day but turns into a milk monster by night- not latching,heheadbutting, won't settle after feeds. Midwife said it's to do with increasing supply - he fights because he's not really hungry but knows he has to suckle.

Was worst so far on nights 3-5 has improved slightly since but now in a growth spurt.

DP keeps saying we should just get formula because of the night disruption (can't believe he has the gall to complain when I'm the one doing it all) I keep telling him that being mildly inconvenienced is not a good enough reason to jack it in, which he says is selfish of me.

No wonder we can't pick a name really sad

BraveLilBear Tue 30-Jul-13 15:18:09

Oh and fingers crossed for all the scan action- so exciting!

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 15:22:39

brave poor you - on the piles and night dramas!! I don't think you're being selfish at all for what it's worth! Is DP on paternity leave or working by the way?

HazleNutt Tue 30-Jul-13 15:49:18

brave your "D"P thinks you are selfish if you prioritise your newborn over his mild inconvenience? If you decide to react appropriately, we will come help to hide the body.
Just tell him that if you use formula then that's an excellent opportunity for him to bond with the baby by doing the night feeds.

Quod I went to Puerto Rico but that was kind of so-so, would not exactly recommend. I personally would go to Asia, Thailand or Malaysia for example - although I do believe it's rainy season at least in Thailand. Of course, the nicest beaches are on relatively remote islands where you don't necessarily want to go when pregnant, but I'm sure you can find something that's close enough to decent hospitals.

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 16:19:29

I love Thailand too, if you don't mind the long flight when preggers (around 14 hours from memory??) but yes I think it's rainy season so I'd be annoyed if I did the flight and it pissed down! Just remembered a friend was pregnant when she went on hols to the west coast of the US and had a good time, in fact I think she went in September - long flight so again if you don't mind that! Let me know if you want me to ask her where/what she did.

MotherOfCleo Tue 30-Jul-13 16:31:58

Brave I'm with hazel, I'm sure we can dispose of his body if needed, just say the word. wink men are so frustrating aren't they, why do they have to try and 'solve' everything when all you want is some support and basically someone to whinge with about tiredness etc. I read that 'men are from mars women are from venus' book a few years back and have to say it is spot on at explaining our differences and why we wind each other up.
Stick to your guns/instincts, I feel for you but he is acting like a bit of a tool isn't he.

If you don't want a long flight perhaps somewhere like Lake Garda or Lake Como might suit, I know it's Europe but I've never been somewhere as lovely as Lake Garda, it was simply stunning, plus you can go on trips to Venice, Verona, Milan etc if you want to which makes it a bit more exciting. I seem to be suffering from pregnancy induced restless legs so even the 3 hour flight to Tunisia was a nightmare. Or what about the Cape Verde islands? They look stunning and aren't too far away? Something like a cruise down the Nile or on the Norwegian fjords could be fun, not overly exotic though.

My OH is originally from Africa and I wouldn't trust their hospitals, unless it's SA you go to.

Cavort Tue 30-Jul-13 16:50:33

Brave angry angry angry as long as you are willing to persevere with the BF (knowing it will get better) then I would argue your OH doesn't get a vote and he should sinply take himself off to a place where your 'selfishness' won't dusturb him and, more importantly, you won't have the distraction of his moaning while you are working hard to do the best you can for his child. Get rid of him and tell him to come back when he's had a think and is armed with an apology and some support.

I managed 2 x 1hr sleeps between feeds and almost feel human again, almost! smile

MotherOfCleo Tue 30-Jul-13 16:52:48

So please for you cavort, hope you can squeeze a few more naps in.

MotherOfCleo Tue 30-Jul-13 16:53:36

pleased not please......damn fat fingers

BraveLilBear Tue 30-Jul-13 17:10:02

Haha it's not that bad, just feels it at 3 in the morning when I'm part nodding off part sobbing lol

He's on paternity leave of a variety- he's had to take holiday as he hadn't been there long enough to be eligible. Think that's part of the problem tbh- he's not getting a 'holiday' really is he?

BraveLilBear Tue 30-Jul-13 17:17:57

Oops didn't see last page. Thanks for letting me know where to turn if body disposal becomes necessary smile

Have pointed out that after this week he's refusing declining to help at night so switching to formula now is pretty pointless.

Yay to stolen naps Cavort!

On the pram debate a few pages back, I can recommend the Mothercare Orb. Really nice functionality and folds down easily to fit in a small Yaris boot.

Cavort Tue 30-Jul-13 17:18:44

Yes the night can be very long and lonely, I feel your pain. He's had a baby before hasn't he so why does he find this surprising? If you FF your baby would still wake up and cry in the night at this age.

Have you got a short list of names?

flowers Bear, mine is the other way, he simply can't see why I can't just express night and day for the next six months even though it means I can't leave the house for more than a couple of hours at a time.

As for names, the surname debate is still raging in this house with no sign of a amicable solution, we register her birth at 11am tomorrow and I fear it may come down to a coin toss what surname we pick as we can't seem to agree any other way.

BraveLilBear Tue 30-Jul-13 17:43:48

Last baby was ff and slept 5-6 hour stretches from early on hmm

We are getting closer to names... there's 2 I really like and one I don't mind. He told his dad and family his favourite yesterday and they reacted very strongly against it - which was useful for us to test the water at least!

I wouldn't worry too much about other people's opinion on names - it's your baby, sod them! My Mum isn't too keen on Lucy but that's just tough luck!

BraveLilBear Tue 30-Jul-13 17:49:34

Crikey Purple that's cutting it close! Could you have theoother surname as an extra middle name?

The advice on these boards tends to be give baby yours unless you're married or have a wedding booked. Baby will have DP's surname but I think I might put my foot down snd insist on mine as an additional middle name-eespecially as our relationship is very on the rocks at the mo.

Let us know who wins!

Any naming dramas for the pregnant berries?

Brave poor you with new baby and relationship woes all to contend with at once, that's got to be tough
I'm laughing about it at the moment but it probably won't be funny closer to the time but OH and I have entirely different ideas on nice names!

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 18:05:45

No surname dramas as we're married and DH has a ridiculously cool surname so we've got the same name, but we do need to shortlist our girls names to a top one or two names. We've got 6 we like at the moment. DH thinks we could just wait and see what suits the baby rather than trying to pick a fave girls name now, but I'm a real planner so finding it hard to do that and worried I'd be even more indecisive when I'm tired post-birth! (Plus I'm not sure I'm sold on this whole thing about the name "suiting" the baby!) At least we have a boy's name sorted!

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 18:07:17

Oh and agree on not worrying about other people's opinions - turns out MIL didn't like SIL's name for their baby boy but they laugh about it as she's come round now! Personally I'd always act like I loved the name even if I didn't!

HazleNutt Tue 30-Jul-13 18:10:48

Oh tell us! Promise we will only say nice things about the names.

Alexandra I'm imagining your surname must be Bond grin

janey1234 Tue 30-Jul-13 18:24:43

It's not merkin, but it is ace. Tell them Alex!! And the name we saved for you smilegrin

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 18:28:29

I really want to hazle but I'm meant to be keeping them secret from people IRL and that includes lovely janey! Although that's just when we decide on a name (like the boys name), so because we haven't shortlisted them down yet I can tell you the girls names! We like Chloe, Sophie/Sophia, Isabella, Lara, Amy and then a couple of others too like Sienna, Annalise, Alexandra, Lauren. So more than 6 actually eek!

Alex that could practically be my girls list! They're lovely

<tries desperately to think of other cool surnames...>

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 18:34:01

No don't expose me merkin!! grin
What are we going to doooo on the girls names, how do we decide! grin

Quodlibet Tue 30-Jul-13 18:38:33

Oooh you are lucky having so many on your shortlist, We can hardly find any names that we both like and that won't sound daft with our surnames.
We also have the problem that we know our close friends, who are due the week before us, have our favourite boys name on their shortlist too. Aggh! I keep imagining it might come down to the wire about who pops out a boy first.

Quodlibet Tue 30-Jul-13 18:40:21

Thanks for all the holiday suggestions by the way! I will do some research.

Cavort Tue 30-Jul-13 18:41:54

Alex PM us all your favourite except Janey (sorry Janey!) grin We won't spill the beans! They are all lovely names. We didn't tell anyone in RL our names not that there were many but I bean-spilled on MN as I figured cyber mates don't count and you all knew about my BFP before most people in RL.

Merk we had the same differing opinions on nice names so I picked an early favourite and started working on DH to bring him round to my way of thinking which thankfully worked. When I first gave him a list with Elodie on it he said a definite no but it grew on him over the months. I also suggested he got free reign on the middle name as leverage.

Elodie is on my list and DH says it sounds made up because he is stupid grinhmm I love it
Alex do you know Janey in RL? Am I missing something or is Janey just a big blabber mouth??? winkgrin

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 18:45:58

Race to the blue finish line!! wink

They're all nice but I especially like Sophia, that was on my short list but I didn't like how it sounded with OHs accent when he said it. I think Alexandra is lovely as well.

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 18:49:44

Sorry that was to quod and made sense a few posts ago! grin yes I know janey IRL, she told me about all of you lovely berries! She isn't a blabber mouth or anything although we do make fun of her for exaggerating stories but we just want to surprise friends with the name after the birth!

Makes sense now! Janey didn't actually think you were a blabber mouth grin

MotherOfCleo Tue 30-Jul-13 18:57:12

Love your girls names Alex, especially Amy as thats my name wink Our girl name was going to be Savannah Brooke, other ones I liked were Isabella, Carmella, Melissa, Lauren, Felicity (OH hated that one), Alexa and Lois. I spent ages worrying about peoples reaction to Savannah then discovered we are having a boy, so I wouldn't worry too much just yet.
My surname is bloody awful! So quite glad to go with my OHs surname, his isn't great though, it's dutch so people always assume we are German. confused

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 19:04:47

Maybe I'll bully talk DH into thinking about girls names again tonight and trying to shortlist a bit more! He does like talking names but don't think he loves it quite as much as me!

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 19:06:34

Oh and I like yours too mother! I always think about what the names will be shortened too don't you - would you have Bella or Izy for Isabella as I think I prefer Bella? Although I guess it's up to the baby when she grows up!

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 19:08:24

Oh and I also got your blabbermouth joke a bit late merk! grin

Cavort Tue 30-Jul-13 19:19:19

Merk that's exactly what DH said when I first floated it past him having already decided that I wanted it. He said it sounded made up and reminded him too much of Melody. I had to show him this to prove it is an actual French name. We've had a very positive response to it since naming her, which has been lovely and proves to DH I was right. grin

Alexandra6 Tue 30-Jul-13 19:28:58

Cavort ages ago you posted a link where you could look into baby names and trends but it wasn't this one, it showed how popular the name was and was going to be, I don't suppose you can remember the link?!

DH and I have shortened down to four - progress!

MotherOfCleo Tue 30-Jul-13 19:36:29

Alex I would have gone for Bella, my friend has an Isobel and she calls her baby bel which I think is cute! I liked Ruby and Megan too by my OH hated them.

MotherOfCleo Tue 30-Jul-13 19:41:05

Oh and just to throw some boys names out their our shortlist was Harvey, Dexter, Riley, Sebastian, Travis, Harrison and Bryce, the decision so far is sticking as Harvey Sebastian.

BelissimaLol Tue 30-Jul-13 22:18:57

I love Isabella!!!!! It was my favourite but DH only likes short names. What about Gabriella or Gabrielle? I love them too. I see Lara on your list. We could have our first berry namesake grin. I also like Bella or belle as a name or as the short version of a name. Looks like we have similar tastes!
Agree on surname. I would def have mine if we were not married -- still considered it as DH's surname is ugly and mine is lovely -- grin

Quodlibet Wed 31-Jul-13 10:59:37

Reporting in from 20wk scan, all is well and normal on all fronts. It was a bit nerve-wracking as the baby was in a funny position and they spent ages looking at the heart and trying to see valves without success, but after sending me out for a walk and a cold drink it had moved and they could see what they needed, phew. It feels really really odd now though that I won't know the sex until it is born - all of a sudden I am way more curious!

HazleNutt Wed 31-Jul-13 11:19:11

woohoo Quod great news!

Cavort Wed 31-Jul-13 11:19:36

This has made my eyes water today! grin

Great news Quod and well done on holding out on the gender. smile

Elodie 'allowed' me 4.5 hours kip last night which I feel surprisingly fresh on. Oh how my life has changed. grin

HazleNutt Wed 31-Jul-13 11:23:38

this made me snort:

still pregnant berries - don't be scared, it's not really that bad. The birth plan might have been a tad unrealistic though.

MotherOfCleo Wed 31-Jul-13 11:24:21

Congrats quod!!!! Full respect to those of you who are not find out out the gender, I couldn't wait to discover if it was a boy or girl!! Your restraint is impressive!

I saw that yesterday cavort, serious gulp. The poor mothers bits must have been shredded sad sad sad Should definitely have been a C section baby!

Cavort Wed 31-Jul-13 11:45:11

Hazle that's so funny! <said knowingly and with the wisdom of hindsight>

Yes pregnant Berries, don't let it scare you, but also don't be naive enough to think contractions don't hurt. If you're prepared for the pain as a means to meeting your gorgeous little baby then you will manage just fine. I am a wuss and if I can do it anyone can, although I still strongly advocate an epidural. smile

Mother it looks like she has given birth to a sumo wrestler! It's a disgrace that the baby's size wasn't picked up and the poor mother had to give birth vaginally. As another website put it, "Mother and child are doing well according to the father, who was busy renting out her vagina as storage space to a small Vietnamese family." grin

MotherOfCleo Wed 31-Jul-13 12:03:19

So pleased you got some sleep cavort!!! smile Haha, love the renting her vag out comment, no amount of pelvic floor is going to help her is it!

My general plan for birth is that it is going to hurt like hell, but the pain won't last forever and it is for a purpose, at the end of it I will have my son in my arms. I want to be in a hospital maternity ward/delivery unit with access to any sort of drug and qualified person who I could possibly need, I am ruling nothing out. I don't really want an epidural but if I change my mind when in labour so be it. I generally plan to play it by ear and make informed choices. Oh and if I can not kill my OH in the process then all the better.

That story made me chuckle hazel. I can imagine that being me, I don't expect to maintain any dignity. The world and their wife can stare at my vagina if it hurries up his entrance into the world! I hope I don't tear, but if I do I will deal with it, make the best of it and try to remember that my son was worth all the burning agony each time I pee. wink

So we tossed a coin on the way in to see the registrar (no really, we did) and my surname won, yay! That way there can be no arguments and recriminations down the line about one of us giving in or letting the other have their own way. Otherwise I could just see it being brought up in arguments for years so the element of chance seemed fairer.

Congrats on your scan Quod, I found I relaxed a LOT once 20 weeks scan was on so I hope you find the same.

Mother, honestly? Peeing with stitches isn't nearly as bad as you might think, I was surprised.

Cavort Wed 31-Jul-13 12:31:04

Good news Purple, how has your OH taken it? Is he sulking as men do? Now all you have to do it convince him to take your name on marriage. wink

Mother I had an episiotomy, which is apparently on a level with a second degree tear, and I haven't had any stinging when peeing. I was all prepared with my jug of warm water to pour over myself to ease the pain but nothing was necessary. I was terrified of the first poo but even that was fine.

MotherOfCleo Wed 31-Jul-13 12:37:51

Haha, whoop whoop purple!

Yep that is my general plan, is that bad purple? I just figure I can plan for butterfly's and fairies but the reality is it's going to hurt something shocking and I am going to swear and moan A LOT, but it has to end at some point and at that point it will all have been worth it. I want to be open to all the options so I can do what's best for me at the time rather than feeling pressured to adhere to a strict plan. I guess I'm not being very positive am I?

Phew, glad the tear/cut situation isn't as bad as I feared, grateful for small mercies.

HazleNutt Wed 31-Jul-13 13:29:00

Purple grin at your way of choosing the name, brilliant.

I agree, got some stitches and it was nothing like the stories you can read on MN, didn't sting at all. Actually I've found that most things are not really that bad - I wasn't afraid everything will fall out when I go to toilet; I am not peeing myself; breastfeeding is not agony, hurt a little at first but not at all any more; I'm not a sleep deprived zombie only yelling at DH etc etc. I know I'm very lucky and it is indeed different for many women, but it's not always a total horror, like you might think based on Mumsnet threads.

mother your birth plan sounds very reasonable - trust your instincts and don't be afraid to ask questions if you are told that you should do this or that because it's "best for the baby." If it's not something you're comfortable with and not an emergency, there are usually options.

BelissimaLol Wed 31-Jul-13 13:47:32

Even my DH was giggling at that story!!!! It's more the fact that she thought it would be this serene thing really grin
Great news on scan quod. Now you can begin to relax a bit!!!!
Lara was an angel last night. Fed every three hours and I had to wake her up! No crying or fussing. We both had a full nights sleep! But she is fussy today. My milk came through and my tits are the size of melons!!!!
I had a second degree tear and it has been stinging a bit but not massively. Sitting in a bath with tea tree oil is helping though.

BraveLilBear Wed 31-Jul-13 14:52:48

Yay for scan news Quod! And I was totally the same- really wanted to know the sex after I'd said no lol! Downside was that I wss so convinced he was a girl I was a bit shocked when they held him up!

Stitches aren't so bad. I had an epi and forceps in the end (lovely spinal block in theatre) - stitches haven't stung at all, but they do ache if I do too much. I have some nice strong drugs for this tho smile

Definitely recommend tens machine- got to nearly 4cm with just that and a bit of gas and air before it got annoying.

MotherOfCleo Wed 31-Jul-13 15:01:25

Brave who do you speak to about the TENS machine, sounds like something worth investigating! Am I right in thinking you can rent them?

I was the same Brave, so so sure mine was a girl, but nope it's definitely a boy, I saw his bits on the screen! So much for mothers intuition huh blush

Alexandra6 Wed 31-Jul-13 16:09:57

Yay for quod! I had a good scan too - went in for my (hopefully) last cervix scan and all looking closed and fine smile He also measured the head and said to him it looks fine based on circumference! grin And he put it on 4D for a minute and I saw the baby in 4D, looked a bit funny but amazing!

I heard you can hire TENS machines from local NCT or somewhere?

The consultant asked today if I want to know the sex - sooo tempting but managed to say no and not to ask me twice! Would never have found out without DH there though.

purple I'm going to start settling domestic arguments with a coin toss! Good work on the win!

BelissimaLol Wed 31-Jul-13 16:55:44

If you google tens machine hire it will come up! I've hired it for 21 quid. It got me to 6cm. I could not have survived without that!!!!!

MotherOfCleo Wed 31-Jul-13 17:08:23

Found somewhere I can hire from, is one TENS machine better than another? Or are they all pretty much the same?

BelissimaLol Wed 31-Jul-13 17:29:13

From what I read they seem pretty similar- it's more about what you want from them and how much you are prepared to spend on a fancy one. Mine was a mama tens from a site called www.pregnancy.tens.co.uk. Think the place is called tens med. it was the cheapest place I found. My hire is a 7 week one so you have plenty of time to return it x

Cavort Wed 31-Jul-13 18:21:30

I bought a Femme TENS off Amazon for about £30. It has a boost button which you press during contractions which I found was very good.

I was going to hire one but there was little difference in price on buying one so I bought one which I will sell on eBay unless I am mad enough to have another DC. smile

I hired the same one as Cavort from my local children's centre for £10. Didn't actually use it in labour but used it before for a couple of weeks for my bad back.

Been back to the breast feeding specialist today and now she thinks she's got thrush in her mouth which is putting her off feeding - always something hey! The good news is we managed to get her to feed using a nipple shield so I'm still hopeful she will get the hang of it eventually.

Quodlibet Wed 31-Jul-13 20:18:27

Ah Purple that's some positive news.
Great stuff on the cervix/head reassurance Alex. Being in Team Green must be doubly hard with all those extra scans.

I am reading the Hypnobirth book at the moment with a massive pinch of salt. Lovely idea and something to aim for and I'm up for learning all the techniques, but realistically I am also keeping an open mind to the possibility of a 24 hr labour ending with epidural and forceps. Birth discussion points in this house are: a) shall we attempt a home birth? and b) shall we have my mum there? Until recently I probably wouldn't have considered it, but my sister had my mum at her birth and she was an enormous support, so I am thinking of asking her. DP is, happily, open to both ideas.

Alexandra6 Wed 31-Jul-13 20:31:02

Thanks quod smile as the head and cervix measured ok, I think it will be my last scan if all goes well! Feeling very pleased and touching wood, it sounds like getting a second opinion and not having the precautionary stitch early on was a good decision. Feeling very pleased and proud of bump and my cervix!

One of my midwives recommended looking into hypnobirthing. I kind of wrote it off at the time as hippy shit but I might have a little look into it if you are! I'm also up for just being informed, open to advice and taking it all as it comes on the day. And funnily enough a friend was tellin me today she had her sister and DH at her birth and it was great having the extra support, also meant they could share the support during her long labour/birth eek She suggested my mum, I could easily have my mum there for some of it so we'll see - wouldn't want to leave out MIL though so might keep it to just DH who is under strict instructions not to look at the business end

janey1234 Wed 31-Jul-13 21:14:20

I'll come with you Alex! I will make a great birthing partner and can have lovely work related chats with your DH so he doesn't get too bored wink

Fabulous news on the scans all round berries. smile

Cavort Wed 31-Jul-13 21:47:23

Alex when you are in labour you won't care if your DH, whole family, or the entire cast of EastEnders are down the business end. grin

I personally think it depends on your personality type as to whether Hypobirthing will work for you. I think relaxation will definitely help you in labour but only certain people will be focused enough manage it, of which I am not one.

Alexandra6 Wed 31-Jul-13 21:49:32

The consultant did over the belly scan first for the head measurements, and then I automatically got into the position for him to do dildocam without him having to ask, legs spread, knees up - and he made a comment along the lines of "oh you've done this before! How many vaginal scans have you had now?" It made me want to laugh! Glad to hopefully have had my last dildocam for a while!

janey I'll just tell DH you'll do it - he can go to the pub and we can girly chat, perfect wink

Alexandra6 Wed 31-Jul-13 21:51:14

Cross post cavort, thanks for the reassurance, I honestly am freaked out by the thought of DH seeing it looking all gross so glad I won't care at the time!

Cavort Wed 31-Jul-13 22:49:19

My DH stayed up the top end by choice for the whole of pushing and birth and then bizarrely decided to have a wander down the action end while I was being stitched up with my legs in stirrups, a scene I imagine resembled one from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre following an episiotomy. His resulting night terrors have just about stopped now. grin

BelissimaLol Thu 01-Aug-13 08:36:24

I remember the mw saying "the head is out, do you want to have a look?" And DH gave the most emphatic NO I have ever heard! grin He was walking around room while I was being stitched up but tried desperately not to look!

HazleNutt Thu 01-Aug-13 09:15:42

Mine insisted he is staying at the top end, but during the action, still managed to see the head appearing and like cavort's, for some reason wandered down while I was being stitched. Luckily he does not seem to be too traumatized.
As was said, you really won't care who sees you at that point, don't worry about it.

MotherOfCleo Thu 01-Aug-13 09:47:35

So far it seems everyone was stitched, is that something I should prepare myself for?

janey1234 Thu 01-Aug-13 09:52:56

Clearly I can't offer and advice as my stitches were due to an elcs! However my midwife told mr that 70-80% of first time mums have a tear - not sure if all of those would need stitching though....

Quodlibet Thu 01-Aug-13 09:58:34

Yes Cavort it strikes me that you would need extraordinary levels of concentration to get yourself into and keep yourself in a trance-like relaxed state during one of the most exciting, painful and probably scary days of your whole life. I do have a couple of friends who have managed it (one of them is a yoga teacher anyway so prob not representative) but I think it must depend on your physiology at least as much as your preparation.

HazleNutt Thu 01-Aug-13 10:15:18

another thing I would not worry too much about, mother. Most tears and stitches are not that bad, I took some paracetamol the first day but otherwise was walking and sitting just fine.

Cavort Thu 01-Aug-13 10:25:01

My episiotomy was quite uncomfortable for the first week, but not unbearably so and has been fine since. In fact I don't even know if it was the cut hurting or bruising from forceps so episiotomy might not have even hurt too much. I found Ibuprofen made things much more comfortable in that first week. If I was to go through another birth a cut or tear wouldn't show up on my worry radar. smile

Alexandra6 Thu 01-Aug-13 10:39:50

That sounds ok hazle and cavort - and I also heard from a friend yesterday that she had quite bad tearing/stitching but with a spinal block and epidural, she didn't sound tooooo traumatised by it and still said if she were me, she'd try and go vaginal. She also had forceps the poor girl, she was 29 at the time. What she did say was that she was the worst story in her NCT group and the other older mums hadn't had it as bad. Oh and I've heard another couple of quick birth stories recently. Can you tell I'm desperately trying to hang on to the positives? wink

She was also reminding me about her breast feeding experience - how she went into it determined to do it, but she really struggled and just couldn't after a couple of weeks, the baby wouldn't do it properly no matter what she tried and it just wasn't working out. So am going into that really open minded as she was saying not to beat yourself up if it doesn't work out. She has a theory that with my smaller boobs (C cup at the mo) which don't hurt at all during pregnancy and aren't even tender, that should help with soreness - hers were so tender during pregnancy and BF. Probably BS but don't care as I liked her theory!

Cavort Thu 01-Aug-13 10:58:39

I am usually a staunch Atheist but today I am wondering if there is a God.... Tongue Tie clinic just phoned to offer us a cancellation so she's getting it snipped this afternoon. Oh please let this be the answer to my sleep deprivation!

Alex I also had small pain-free boobs during pregnancy and they have stepped up to the mark when it came to BF. If anything I think I have a bit of an oversupply. Yesterday Elodie had gained 2lb 3oz on her birth weight in 26 days so I am feeling quite proud of my little boobs. grin But I agree there is no shame in FF and don't let any BF Nazis (of which there are many) tell you otherwise. It's a matter of personal choice.

Barging in for a moan. Am petrified of being/feeling sick and have now had permanent nausea for 3 days. Urgh. Am simply wallowing around moaning at DH! Questions. Did your morning sickness get gradually worse ? When did it disappear?

Cavort Thu 01-Aug-13 11:14:30

Merk mine didn't get any worse once it started. Started about 6.5 weeks and hung around until 16 weeks (sorry!), but it did get better from about 12 weeks.

I think everyone's different and you jut have to experiment a bit to find something which works for you, but for me personally it was ice cold drinks, the colder the better.

You have my sympathies, it really is awful but you will look back on this and laugh. smile

janey1234 Thu 01-Aug-13 11:17:48

Breast feeding is doing my head in. Was so easy (if sore to begin with) at first but since I was ill it has weirdly been painful and difficult. I have one really saw nipple - that's a bit red raw and peeling. Lovely.

Alexandra6 Thu 01-Aug-13 11:38:52

merk mine didn't get worse - gradually better from around 12 weeks, been feeling brilliant from 17 weeks with no more nausea or food aversions, just a bit tired/spaced out sometimes.

Yay to tongue tie cancellations cavort ! Really hope it helps.

I am deciding what day to start mat leave today - what would you all recommend? I can work from home quite a bit, but hard to know whether they'll let me go full time from home towards the end. I heard a theory that if you take it a bit earlier and don't cut it too fine, then you a) get to enjoy a few weeks of lazing around and getting final bits ready (I don't get bored lazing around at all - although to be fair have always worked so don't really know!) and b) you're more relaxed going into the labour process, if you do get stressed about work, which some people say is better for labour.

I'm thinking maybe starting it between my 36 and 37 week marks, and then using a remaining week of annual leave to grasp on to a bit of full pay at the end?

MotherOfCleo Thu 01-Aug-13 11:49:08

merk I was one of the lucky few who has had a pretty much symptom free time (touches wood frantically), I did suffer with nausea around weeks 8 - 10 though, I found that I felt worst when I was hungry so ate little and often to try and keep it at bay.

I survived on lots of apples, melons and strawberries, but had days when I could only really eat crisps and beige food. My big no no was rich food, I had a pasta bake one day with a rich cheese sauce and paid for that by bringing it back up an hour or so later, I suggest bland is the way forward. I'm afraid it's a bit trial and error to find what works for you though.

It might be worth trying some mint tea with honey or (if you can stomach it) some ginger tea as those really help to settle your stomach. I love mint tea with honey. Ginger biscuits are meant to be good too.

Hope you start to feel better, just remember it won't last forever, even if it feels like it is.

Thanks for the reassurance re the cut/tear scenario. Makes me feel much better. My evil ex friend yep rearing her head again spent so long moaning about her cut, saying how they spent over an hour sewing her up etc, how every toilet trip was like a blood bath etc, I know she is basically full of shit but it I thought their must be a grain of truth in it. I know she is a huge drama queen and I should ignore her but sometimes I wonder. For the record it turned out she had a small cut which required minimal stitching she just got carried away with the horror story. Her OH I don't see her anymore was telling my OH how their daughter is so much easier and how hard boys are etc etc, my OH came home a bit fretful until I mentioned that everyones second child is easier as you know what to expect and what to do. Also she is less of a diva this time so of course he kid is calmer.

Sorry, epic post ooops.

MotherOfCleo Thu 01-Aug-13 11:59:30

Yay cavort missed the tongue tie update, fingers crossed it helps your little lady start to let mummy sleep more!

MotherOfCleo Thu 01-Aug-13 12:03:07

Oh and alex I'm planning to start mine when I'm 38 weeks, 37 if I really need to. I only get 6 weeks full pay so need to make the most of it, I'm hoping by leaving it until 38 weeks I will get full pay almost until Christmas not quite but almost. I am hoping my boss will let me work the odd Friday from home...although he is a grouchy sod so might not.

Cavort Thu 01-Aug-13 12:03:24

Ah yes Merk, that's another thing. If you are actually puking (not just feeling sick) you need to consider what you are eating will potentially taste like on the way back up. I had quite a nasty one where I barfed a curry back up and the taste was much worse than the actual sick. Bananas and cups of tea taste quite nice in both directions. grin

Mother your ex-friend sounds like an arse.

Alex I finished at 36.5 weeks which was right for my job as it involved loads of long-distance driving which was getting a bit much. In an office job I might have chanced a bit longer. I was off work for over a month before the birth but ended up getting a bit bored towards the end of it even though I kept myself busy.

BelissimaLol Thu 01-Aug-13 12:11:17

I had no sickness whatsoever. Not even once. I know how lucky I am in that sense.
Merk I was at work on Friday until 4pm and Lara was born on satgrin. I don't believe how long you work ha anything to do with labour as mine seems to have been quite an easy one compared to others around. You have to do what you want really! Labour will be whichever way is meant to begrin
Great news cavort. Lets hope it makes a dif.
Janey why are you finding it so hard? I mean I know its tough but I was asking specifically. Can you get any other kind of support? What about La Leche League? Could they help? How long is your little one now? (I've lost track of who gave birth when)!

Laughed at bananas and tea tasting good in both directions. Unfortunately not actually being sick tho at this point would happily puke for a little relief!

HazleNutt Thu 01-Aug-13 13:25:04

alex I worked full time until my due date and then from home, but was still bored out of my mind and certainly not more relaxed, but could not wait to get the labour started. So of course it depends on your job and how you feel, but personally I would not start too early - especially if this means you get less time off after the birth.

Alexandra6 Thu 01-Aug-13 13:30:02

I've gone for 38+2 days start date, with a week of annual leave to take before that. Just working out how long my stat mat pay will take me into next year, it's measly isn't it, the first six weeks are good though which takes me to Xmas. I presume I have to pay tax on the 90% of my earnings for the first six weeks? Do I then need to pay any tax on the crappy amount I'll get for the next 33 weeks of stat mat pay? (it's around £135 a week). Does anyone know? Really hope not!

After 8 years service, you'd expect a bit more! That's small agencies for you!

janey1234 Thu 01-Aug-13 13:37:04

I don't know why lol. It was easy for the first four weeks (miles is 5 weeks tomorrow) but then I was ill with a 40 degree temp, and it's gone downhill. I think the antibiotics I'm on have upset his tummy a bit so he's more grouchy, and think he's been feeding for comfort. We had someone come round to help with the latch on Monday, and today is better than it has been - sooo painful for firstv10 seconds, then it's actually ok, so hopefully we're slowly getting back in track.

Alex - yes to tax I'm afraid sad xx

MotherOfCleo Thu 01-Aug-13 13:40:50

I'm planning to do exactly the same alex. I've put that my Mat Leave will start on 26th October, I'll be 38+2, depending how I feel I may take my final weeks leave beforehand so finish on Friday 18th, or I may take that from the 26th Oct and start my maternity a week later at 39+2.

I only get statutory too, sucks doesn't it! I'm currently saving £275 a month to help us survive on the measly £135 a week I'll have to contribute to the finances.

I can also confirm that tax and national insurance are deducted from all statutory maternity pay. sad

Alexandra6 Thu 01-Aug-13 13:53:05

You are bloody joking. Any idea what that brings it down to a week?? It totally sucks - I had good reason to stay with my agency (travelling sabbatical, wedding coming up, ttc with fertility apps) so I kept making excuses it never felt like the right time to move on for a new challenge, but I really wish my mat pay was better. Having said that, it's money for not working at the end of the day. Still shit though!

Quodlibet Thu 01-Aug-13 14:00:10

Merkin I had some MS between 8-13 wks, it wasn't constant, it was worse if I was hungry and usually peaked on the way home. Ice lollies were my saviour.
It was worse from 8-10 weeks, then it eased off slowly. Wretching made it instantly better.

Quodlibet Thu 01-Aug-13 14:09:47

Surely if you've been PAYE then you've been paying tax at a rate which assumes you will earn your entire year's salary, which you won't if you go on Mat leave. So it might mean that you've overpaid tax thus far and don't owe any extra on your SMP? When do you get taxed on it - surely not at source? Do you have to do an end of year return?

Cavort Thu 01-Aug-13 14:36:19

It all depends on how much you've earned in the tax year to date as to whether SMP is taxable as it's only actually c. 7k per year (plus 6 weeks at 90%) pro rata, but if you've already earned over your personal tax free allowance when you go on ML you will have to pay basic rate tax on your SMP over that amount. sad I don't think it's taxed at source though as the weekly amount is below the tax threshold so the £135 should be payed in full and then any tax owed will be calculated at the end of the tax year and reclaimed in subsequent tax years.

My company car means my tax code is very low and i have to pay quite a lot of tax on the crappy £135. Life sucks ass sometimes. hmm

Alexandra6 Thu 01-Aug-13 14:39:47

quod you lost me a little bit there, sorry blush We have an accountant at work who sorts everything so all I know is I get my monthly salary and pay slip! Presume he just pays tax the "normal" way for a standard full time office? confused

Alexandra6 Thu 01-Aug-13 14:42:29

Sounds like it depends on timing? So going on mat leave late in the tax year, I'd end up paying more tax on it until next April? Or am I just being a stupid wally slow here?

Cavort Thu 01-Aug-13 15:12:07

Alex I assume you get the full personal tax free allowance of £9,440? Assuming you have already earned over that when your ML starts, you will pay the basic rate (20%) of tax on your SMP until the start of the new tax year, after which your SMP will form part of next year's allowance so will only be taxed if your SMP plus earnings go over next year's tax free allowance. If you have earned more than £41,450 when you go on ML you will pay 40% tax on it until the start of the new tax year.

Alexandra6 Thu 01-Aug-13 15:55:59

Thanks cavort I think I get it now and it's even crapper than I thought Still, free money. Please let me know if there's anything else I should be thinking about! Heard something about childcare tax credits or something, don't even know what they are! Am going to save my little pregnant butt off for mat leave. DH tells me off when I say that as he says we'll be fine!

MotherOfCleo Thu 01-Aug-13 16:05:49

My OH gets childcare vouchers through his company but I currently have no idea what they are. Figure I can look into that when I'm on ML. smile

There's an actual 3.5mm baby with heartbeat in there! Am amazed! Have lots of pics too

Alexandra6 Thu 01-Aug-13 19:20:49

Yay merkin!! Ah made me a bit emotional there, brought back memories of my early scan smile Congrats x

BelissimaLol Thu 01-Aug-13 20:57:14

Aw merkin that's amazing!! How many weeks are you measuring????
Janey I really hope its just a glitch. Whatever happens you have done it for 5 weeks which is pretty good going. Have you tried expressing?
How did it go cavort??
I had my 5 day check today and Lara put on 30g from her birth weight. I got praised for good milk gringrin as they were expecting her weight to go down! I'm pleased about that.
Will attempt a car journey tomorrow. DH wants to travel to his parents. God helps us!!

Measuring just under 6 and should be 6+1 however she was not worried in the slightest

Alexandra6 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:12:57

merkin I thought you didn't know your dates or have I got that wrong? How do you know it should be 6+1?

I'm pretty sure my dating scan is 3 days out as I know exactly when we conceived but I don't think it matters - unless I go overdue and need to be induced, then I'll explain to them!

Alexandra6 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:18:08

Oh and a question for the berry mummies - what are you doing with regards to Moses basket/cosleepers/cot beds? Trying to decide what to buy. Saw a cotbed for around 100 on john Lewis and you buy a mattress for it. All the cosleeper type beds I've found seem expensive considering how long they're in it for?

6+1 is based on 266 days from o (which I know)

Sorry posted too soon. She said ovulation wasn't a perfect indicator of dates and implantation can take place over quite a wide time scale

Alexandra6 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:31:57

Yes it can take a couple of days I think. My dates are still wrong though as I hadn't even ovulated yet by their dates! (I saw it the follicle on a screen with the egg about to pop out!)

Well you couldn't have better proof could you? (Unless of course you had magic sperm that swam into your ovary and fertilised the egg before you even ovulated grin)

Alexandra6 Thu 01-Aug-13 21:50:32

I'm sure DH would love the idea of his magic powerful Olympic sperm but no I don't think that was the case grin

Aww congratulations on your scan Merkin! I remember not really believing it until I saw an actual baby then it suddenly feels exciting all over again like you just found out (or maybe I'm just dozy)

Re: beds, we've got a cot bed but obviously it's absolutely massive and a newborn would be totally lost in it so we borrowed a Moses basket which is sitting in the cot bed. For all of that, she prefers to sleep like a starfish in the middle of our bed!

Cavort Fri 02-Aug-13 00:36:56

Great news Merk grin grin grin That magic heartbeat makes all the difference. grin

Alex she sleeps in a moses basket and when she grows out of that we will bring the cot into our bedroom for a few months, which is luckily quite a big room as cots aren't exactly small!

HazleNutt Fri 02-Aug-13 06:48:33

alex for night time, I have this co-sleeper www.amazon.de/FabiMax-Beistellbett-Babymax-Matratze-PROTECT/dp/B009WQFPJ4/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1375421596&sr=8-1&keywords=fabimax
and it's really great, baby can sleep in his own bed, but I can just grab him for feeding and put back without waking him. For daytime naps, we have Amby hammock and Vic loves it.
Have a moses basket too, but baby does not seem to like it for some reason.

MotherOfCleo Fri 02-Aug-13 07:32:28

HUGE congrats Merk, its so amazing isnt it!!!! grin grin grin grin Really thrilled for u!

We have a cot for the room but I am hoping to use the moses basket-esk bit from the pram, will obviously check it is suitable when I get the pram but I figure it is basically the same thing and saves having both in the house. Plus then I can put him in the pram in the front room or kitchen and wheel him back and forth if he wont settle and he will be already used to sleeping in it. Thats the plan anyway confused

BelissimaLol Fri 02-Aug-13 08:21:34

I have a cot bed which I have not assembled yet and a Moses basket in my room. Although like cavort's, Lara only seems to want to sleep in our bed!
We were given a pram and have it downstairs for daytime naps. She also seems to prefer napping on someone's lap though.
From everything I have, her favourite seems to be a bouncy chair. In think it has something to do with the fact that is vibrates gently. It's the one place we manage to get her to settle for longer. Plus it's incredibly cute gringrin

MotherOfCleo Fri 02-Aug-13 08:58:07

ohhh we have a boucey chair, fingers crossed ours loves it too grin

Alexandra6 Fri 02-Aug-13 09:48:01

We have a swinging/rocking chair (swings on its own with batteries, has music too) it's a hand me down, can't wait to use it - wonder if it does the same job or we should invest in a bouncy chair too?!

Love your co sleeper hazle - shame it's not UK amazon as seems like a good price! Tricky to know whether to try a Moses basked first or go ahead and buy co sleeper now as sounds like some babies (like cavorts) don't mind the Moses basket all the time!

HazleNutt Fri 02-Aug-13 09:57:12

alex German amazon delivers that co-sleeper to UK for 14 eur. You can also buy 4th side and use it as a stand-alone cot later.

Alexandra6 Fri 02-Aug-13 10:13:15

Thanks hazle that might be worth it as I'm not finding much better on eBay (to be fair I've only looked once!) There's another on there for just 69 euros. Only prob is I can't remember a word of German (how did I get that GCSE A grade!) so need to find a German speaking person to sit with me and order it! Or be cost effective and see how I get on with a Moses first.


I can't wait to get to the stage when I can start buying baby things!
I signed up for a random baby club and they have sent me a free ginger and camomile tea bag. If this takes the sickness away I think I will send them a lot of money!!!

Cavort Fri 02-Aug-13 10:55:56

Alex I think Google Translate may be your friend here. smile

We haven't had any moses basket sleeping issues (we have got a teddy which plays womb-like sounds in it which probably helps,) but I thought I would try the cheaper option first before buying a dearer cosleeper if she didn't take to the basket. She sleeps in the pram carrycot for daytime naps but is not currently a fan of the vibrating bouncy chair, although she will tolerate it for 5 mins if I need to pop to the loo.

First night following TT division and she slept from 12.00-5.15 and 6.00-9.00 so I am a happy Mummy today. grin She is undoubtedly feeding better and longer but she is sucking way too strong (presumably as she previously struggled to get a good seal with the TT,) so she is taking too much milk in a short time which results in projectile vomit. There is always something! <sighs> Hopefully she will self-regulate this once she realises she doesn't have to work as hard now. Either that or DH and I will spend the next year covered in milk. hmm

Alexandra6 Fri 02-Aug-13 11:07:16

Sounds like a great night cavort , really glad the TT helped! You had a better night sleep than me! I got up early as we have suspected rising damp/mould on some walls downstairs despite DH having that all done and totally replastered when he moved in (as you can imagine we are not happy with the company!) so I had the guy round to inject chemicals into the wall and now we have to try and take it from there with letters, second opinions etc. What was worrying is the guy said damp/mould causes all sorts of health probs and really not good for a new baby. So if anyone else has an old house, keep an eye out!

See mine LOVES the bouncy chair so just goes to show they're all different (which is why it's so hard to know what to buy!)

Wow, that's pretty good going on the sleeping Cavort! (envy)

Cavort Fri 02-Aug-13 11:40:20

I am almost annoyed that she slept so well as DH is off today and had offered to get up and give her expressed bottles so I could have a good sleep. I was sneakily hoping she'd have a really fussy night like all the ones I've had to do while he snored. He got up with her at 5.15 but my boobs were like rocks by then so I fed her to get some relief.

I keep sneaking her into the bouncy chair when she's asleep but she just looks grumpy when she wakes up. angry

Alexandra6 Fri 02-Aug-13 11:58:33

That made me laugh cavort about you sneaking her into the bouncy chair! She's onto you!

MotherOfCleo Fri 02-Aug-13 12:12:05

Nice work Elodie!!! Let mummy sleep more grin although if you could stop projectile vomiting on her I'm sure she would appreciate it wink So glad the TT snip seems to have helped.

I had an awful night last night, so so hot, actually got up at 1am and put my feet under the shower as they were hot and throbbing, my OHs mint tingle shower gel certainly came into its own and helped to cool them and me down. Slept the rest of the night under a single sheet as was baking! I think the lack of sleep is why I couldn't find the word for 'carrycot' in my head this morning.....damn foggy baby brain!

On a different note we bought a used kitchen off of someone near us who is replacing theirs, got heaps of units plus a fridge freezer, washing machine and dishwasher for £300. Also it looks like you can buy extra bits from B&Q reasonably. It's only a simple maple one but it's nice as it means that doing the kitchen becomes a possibility, we want to do a few other bits i.e remove a couple of built in cupboards, move where the door to the garden is etc, but we thought all the work would cost about £3.5/£4k (as my brother and OH can do it) but having the kitchen bits means the cost is much lower. No idea when it will actually be done though, 12th of never knowing my OH!!

Mother, comfort yourself with the thought that even if it takes until 2016 it will still probably be completed before my bloody attic.

HazleNutt Fri 02-Aug-13 12:56:40

Go Elodie!

Tried expressing and bottle, as a friend said it took them a month(!) to get their baby to take the bottle. Vic luckily didn't have any issues.

However, I was just reading how much milk you would need of you plan to be away for a day. Apparently 600-900 ml. That's almost a liter! I buy cow's milk in 1 liter cartons..
So to build up a supply I would need to be pretty much attached to the pump the whole day, lovely.

Hazle - get yourself some ice cube trays or breast milk storage bags. That way you can express small amounts and freeze and build up a store. I measured how much each ice cube holds (mine are about 1oz each cube) that way your DH knows to just defrost 3 ice cubes per feed or however much yours eats. It lasts in the freezer for 6 months so it's just already there as and when you need it without you needing to make a mammoth effort to express loads in one day.

Alexandra6 Fri 02-Aug-13 13:49:12

That's so much milk!! Do you know, despite the fact several very good friends have had babies, it's only now I'm realising how often they get fed, nappies changed, their sleep patterns. Maybe I just didn't absorb it before but if you'd asked me a year ago, I would have guessed they maybe feed three times a day, one or two nappy changes and sleep for at least 6 straight hours each night if not more with lots of good naps in between! Now I get why new mums are so tired!

HazleNutt Fri 02-Aug-13 13:54:57

I have the storage bags, but even then it takes a lot of expressing to build up enough for even a couple of days..

Yes alex I'm afraid that perception might have been just a tad unrealistic grin
I can't say I'm that tired though, if you're lucky and get a good sleeper, the rest is not really that much trouble.

Quodlibet Fri 02-Aug-13 13:58:29

Ooh Mother, good score. We need a new kitchen at some point and will never have several £ks to do it 'properly' so I am always on the lookout for that kind of tip.

Great to hear of your scan Merkin, and that Elodie's tongue snip has helped. On the bed question, my sister used the carrycot on her pram instead of a Moses basket for a while, they could let the baby fall asleep in it in the lounge and then take her up with them and put the carrycot in the proper cot IYSWIM.

So we have pram dilemma. Sister has offered me her pram (Babysomething Oyster) and DP's mum's friend has offered us the IpOp. Neither is perfect for what I think we need - should we just opt for one and use it until I do work out if I need something else? Oyster doesn't have suspension and isn't that easy to collapse, IpOp is heavy...

Alexandra6 Fri 02-Aug-13 14:29:05

Ooh I'd be tempted to make do quod and see how you get on, think of the money you'll save there. Also I guess it's hard to say until you're actually using it, you might end up liking one. Having said that, you will prob use it a lot so need to be happy with it. I'd prob give it a few weeks and see?

So sounds like cosleeper isn't essential from the general consensus unless baby doesn't like the Moses/carrycot. Again I might see how I get on for the first few weeks. I though if I put the Moses right next to my bed, it's really close to me anyway so kind of the same thing as cosleeper?

Lucy is happily napping on a changing mat slung on the lounge floor with a Muslin over it at the moment because I couldn't be bothered to go upstairs and fetch the Moses basket my point being that in my opinion babies will make do with whatever you give them!

Re: prams, lifting a heavy pram in and out of the boot of your car is a total pita. Speaking from bitter experience.

Quodlibet Fri 02-Aug-13 15:40:02

Yeah we don't have a car - so it's going to be lugging heavy pram onto the bus/up and down stairs at the station etc. Which I am not anticipating to be fun! I did a show a few months ago where we used 5 different prams and really put them through their paces, and it is amazing how much of a PiTA some of them can be compared to others.

Alexandra6 Fri 02-Aug-13 15:47:18

I guess then if you do splash out on a new lighter pram quod you don't then need to buy all the travel system/car seat stuff so it would just be the price of the pram itself?

I'm going pram shopping tomorrow morning with DH and getting a few other bits like a changing mat, weirdly excited about our first baby shopping trip together! DH hates shopping though so planning to leave him in a coffee shop if it gets too much for him!

I have to say, apart from as a makeshift bed, the proper changing mat we bought never gets used, we always use the fold up mat that came with the free from Boots changing bag. Just something to consider - I suppose if you've got a changing unit you might use a proper mat but we just change her on the sofa or bed so don't need it.

Alexandra6 Fri 02-Aug-13 16:47:10

I've seen one in john Lewis, only about £6 and great reviews so think I'm going to get that tomorrow.

Question... Have just read a study that compared side of placenta to baby's sex, which had an incredibly high (95%) correlation. I won't post which side is which on here for those who don't want to know. But, do you know which side your placenta was on? Believe an abdominal ultrasound pic is mirrored (ie if on the right when looking at the pic its actually the left)

MotherOfCleo Fri 02-Aug-13 19:08:58

purple I also have the boots freebie changing bag wink grin I signed up for all the freebies and have so many trial packs of stuff now.

We have a changing mat to go on the changing unit in the nursery, my mum bought it for us as it went with the colour scheme, shes a very practical soul. grin

Merkin I have no idea at all which side my placenta is on?? confused blush Our sonographer scanned from both sides an the bottom so don't know how we would find out either.

Cavort Fri 02-Aug-13 20:24:10

Alex I don't have to get out of bed to get Elodie in and out of our moses basket.

Merk my placenta was posterior and no idea if it was slightly to one side so can't see if your study works for me, which is frustrating as I love that kind of thing and spent ages trying to work out the sex by the nub and skull theories which were both wrong.

We took Elodie to the cinema this afternoon. Well, we went to the cinema so she obviously had to come along - I don't think she paid much attention to the film. grin Apart from a few hairy moments where I thought she might start, she was very good and happily BF through most of it which pissed on the chips of the couple next to us who pulled a cats bum face when they saw we had a baby in the cinema.

Cavort Fri 02-Aug-13 20:43:09

And I am going to have my first glass of wine in 43 weeks tonight. Just the one but I am so looking forward to it... I am going to gaze lovingly at the glass and tell it how much I have missed it. grin I have 13oz of expressed on standby which I think should cover me. grin I will probably feel quite pissed after all this time on the wagon so DH is sole carer tonight.

Alexandra6 Fri 02-Aug-13 20:45:33

You took her to the cinema cavort?! I'm so impressed! Isn't that one of the things people bang on about you never get to do when you have a baby! I would have been scared of tears!

janey1234 Fri 02-Aug-13 20:56:26

Oh cavort you put me to shame. I've been having a glass every other night. Can you tell I missed booze?! blush

Tonight we're celebrating Miles' 5 week birthday with a bottle of veuve and a kebab. I am all class!!

Impressive re cinema, and good news re scan smilesmile

Cavort Fri 02-Aug-13 21:25:14

Alex I checked on Vue's FAQ's and it said you can take babies but they request you step outside if they cry, which is fair enough I thought, but also you can only take them to age appropriate films, which I find bizarre as she's hardly going to get cortupted by swearing/violence/sex at 4 weeks.

Janey I would have been straight on it after the birth but I had to wait to get the expressing cracked and check she would take a bottle before I indulged. Thank fuck she will, it's bern a long 10 months! How long after a glass of wine do you leave it before BF again? And happy 5 week birthday Miles, definitely a Veuve occasion! grin

I'm on the beer but I'd rather be having a glass of Veuve! I read that if you're only having one drink if you feed baby first it's then approx 3 or 4 hours before you need to feed again which gives it enough time for the alcohol levels to drop and then it's fine to feed as normal.

Umm I realised that 'on the beer' makes it sound like I'm having a party, I'm only having one!

Also...do you think the pregnant berries are going to throw things at us or chuck us off the thread in disgust for talking about drinking when they're probably teetotalling it? Although I did have the odd glass of low alcohol wine when i was pregnant before my liver broke. Oh gawd, I'm making myself sound like a right alcoholic aren't I...

MotherOfCleo Fri 02-Aug-13 23:03:16

I dont mind grin please can someone have an ice cold strawberry and lime cider for me! I really want one. confused

Cavort Fri 02-Aug-13 23:27:06

I promised myself I would just have one but I don't think the size of the one glass I poured myself constitutes just one drink it was brimming over the edge. grin blush I think DH can give her expressed for the next feed and I will BF her after that. My boobs are full already, I think I will have to pump and dump. So much for booze affecting supply! hmm

You can happily keep your wine! I am rolling around groaning at feeling absolutely minging and its the absolute last thing i fancy! Cant believe i have another 6 weeks of this shockshockshockshock (excessive moaning due to fear of feeling/being sick)

Cavort Sat 03-Aug-13 11:36:55

Err yeah Merk, terrible MS does make becoming teetotal that bit easier. sad

Mixed results on the drinking front... I thoroughly enjoyed a lovely large glass of Shiraz, but having missed a BF I woke up after 6 hours in loads of pain with boobs like Jordan. Ouch! They looked impressive though.

Quodlibet Sat 03-Aug-13 12:28:38

Bad news Merkin - I did a sudden morning vom this morning in the breakfast buffet of our hotel (away with a show today) and narrowly avoided hurling in front of my whole team. Thought I was past all that at 21 weeks!

Cavort, I maybe wrong but I remember reading somewhere about the length of time it takes for alcohol to get in your breast milk, and it not being immediate, meaning you can BF with a glass of wine in your hand quite safely... Can't remember the details!

janey1234 Sat 03-Aug-13 12:46:49

That's pretty much what I do quod! Start drinking towards the end of a feed - so it's out of my system by the next feed.

Poor you vomming - I was so lucky and didn't have any ms at all, let alone that late on. That sucks hmm

BelissimaLol Sat 03-Aug-13 12:58:47

Girls do your babies get hiccups? Lara seems to have them everyday!
I'm with the in laws and MIL doing my head in. Keeps taking her from me and interfering. This morning she said - I don't like her in this dress. U said - good job it's not your choice then. I like itgrin
Generally I get on really well with her but she's being really annoying!!!!
Rant over. Sorry confused

BraveLilBear Sat 03-Aug-13 13:11:12

Morning all... oh Quod I feel your pain but a breakfast buffet is rather spectacular. Poor you! I had a few out of the blue voms after 16 weeks but these were mainly made worse as they took me by surprise!

We now have a name. We've gone for Horatio with two grandfathers names in the middle.

My family have been diplomatic so far but we think it suits him so we're sticking to our guns.

BraveLilBear Sat 03-Aug-13 13:13:38

Oh and Lol, Horatio gets hiccups loads - just like when he was on the inside!

Anyone got an in utero hiccuper at the moment?

Cavort Sat 03-Aug-13 13:36:06

Boo to annoying PIL Lol. My Mum is the only annoying one but luckily we don't see much of her. And I am impressed at you putting her in a dress - Elodie lives in vests and babygrows so far.

Quod my understanding from reading The Food of Love is that alcohol only goes into breast milk at the same level as your bloodstream, which is only a few micrograms per 100ml unless you go on a massive bender and certainly not enough to be classed as alcoholic or get the baby drunk, but the alcohol affects milk let down/supply which is why drinking too much while BF isn't recommended.

Quodlibet Sat 03-Aug-13 15:00:15

Horatio = awesome name!
Aha Cavort yes - that's it.

Just to clarify, I didn't actually vom in the buffet; the 30 second warning was enough to make it to the disabled loo blush but yes it was a surprise ambush puke. At least it's quickly over too!

I haven't got a hiccuper yet but baby went mental the other day when I got really hot and, retrospectively, dehydrated - actually really massive lurchy kicks that were quite uncomfortable even though its only little. I've also had some braxton hicks I think, which was a very odd sensation.

HazleNutt Sat 03-Aug-13 16:05:59

Horatio is a fabulous name!

And yes, Victor gets hiccups a lot as well.

Alexandra6 Sat 03-Aug-13 16:10:33

Horatio! Ah lovely - I've got a soft spot for that name as one of my fave films as a child was Mr Horatio Knibbles! (about a man dressed up as a well spoken giant rabbit confused - apparently my poor parents had to sit through it a million times as I was a bit repetitive with films I liked!!)

Very jealous of the wine, beer and veuve! I hope I can get expressing nailed down quickly as it will be Christmas a couple of weeks after mine's born! I've had a couple of 'special beers' DH has made for me recently - really weak shandies!

So pram shopping went well - we found two prams that fold up really small woop! Can't decide between them, it's the city mini stroller and the bugaboo bee. Let me know if anyone has any experience of either or knows anyone with them!

janey1234 Sat 03-Aug-13 16:17:43

I loved the bugaboo bee too Alex. Chose the icandy in the end because I'm and impractical imbecile I couldn't quite master collapsing the bugaboo. Having said that DSIL had one and could collapse it really easily.

Miles has hiccups ALL THE TIME and sneezes several times a day too. He used to have hiccups several times a day when I was preggers so no shock there really.

Horatio is indeed a fabulous name, I love it smile

Once more for you knocked up folk... Get some lanisoh. After the traumas earlier in the week it has saved my nipples, which were on the pint if cracking and bleeding. It might be a tenner but i would pay £50 a tube if that's what it cost!!

Alexandra6 Sat 03-Aug-13 16:41:26

Already got my lanisoh! smile Was a teensy bit cheaper on amazon.

Bugaboo bee is great isn't it! City mini stroller is fab too though and folds up really compactly and sooo easily even a wally like me can do it I'm just a bit worried with the city mini about the bag situation and the carry cot, would love to hear a review from anyone with one. City mini is cheaper too, which DH tells me not to factor in and to go for whichever is best because we'll get good use out of it, but I can't help taking the price into consideration!

janey1234 Sat 03-Aug-13 17:03:26

You should look at resale prices on eBay - search for sold prices. DP and I fully intend to sell ours on, and icandy prams seem to sell for quite a lot. Don't know the other pram but would imagine bugaboo will be the same. Might make up for the higher initial cost?

Alexandra6 Sat 03-Aug-13 17:32:34

I'd love to make some decent money back on either but that won't be for a good few years. Just checked both on here and the city mini seems to better reviews compared to the bee, was surprised as seems to score quite a bit higher. What I'm trying to work out is that you need a big baby bag don't you, to hang on the back of the buggy if you walk round to someone's house? And the city mini doesn't seem to have a space to hang the bag. Do you all need big baby bags when you walk places? There is a space underneath for some stuff.

BelissimaLol Sat 03-Aug-13 17:34:44

We were given a bugaboo by friends and so far I love it. Haven't quite managed to learn how to fold it yet but it seems quite easy when DH does it grin
Cav I put her in a dress as a special treat cause we had friends over. It's a really cute dress and she had no business saying she doesn't like it lol

HazleNutt Sat 03-Aug-13 17:48:49

I don't need an especially large baby bag, in fact just using a large handbag. Maybe later when you need toys and food, but at the moment I just have nappies, wipes, muslin and a change of clothes - does not take that much space.

janey1234 Sat 03-Aug-13 17:54:07

It might be sooner than you think Alex - if you end up having another you may well end up needing a double buggy. We considered for a moment getting the icandy that could be converted to a double, but decided that we'd see how we got on with one baby first!

Don't know about whether a big bag is essential, but we always seem to have one - spare nappies, wipes, changing mat, spare clothes, blanket, muslin etc. Already I've found the space underneath v handy when shopping! Can you use a handbag clip on the other pram? They're brilliant and I would def want to be able to use one.

You need the lovely cavort to give you the which review for both!

Alexandra6 Sat 03-Aug-13 18:38:33

Thanks hazle and actually, by the time I need toys/food, the baby/toddler would probably be using it in a more upright position which might give more space for hanging a bigger bag on the back. There is some space at the bottom, just not masses of space.

Yes please to Which review lovely cavort!!

janey I did think about having two and the practicalities. I also remember when getting frustrated with ttc saying if I was ever lucky enough to actually fall pregnant, I would become a "baby machine" and pop out as many as I could blush However I'm now wondering if a slightly bigger gap might be more practical (obviously lots of time to decide on this and will be lucky enough to have just one!) When do toddlers stop needing a buggy?

MotherOfCleo Sat 03-Aug-13 19:52:31

My MIL is actually being ok, its my own mother who's being a pain!! She seems to think I shouldnt be doing anything, as if I can just sit and wait for the imaginary fairies to come and do the cooking and cleaning.

She also kicked up a huge fuss about us buying the kitchen as I should have other priorities and should just enjoy being pregnant. It didnt matter how many times I said we wouldnt be doing any work straight away and that we mearly took advantage of a good deal while we could get it. She even said we were being daft as we could get a cheap new kitchen anyway, shes mad, there is no way we could buy a complete kitchen and 4 appliances for £300!!

I told her we would store it until we'd saved the cash to have the work done which would.probably be in around 9 months. She's just so negative the whole time about anything and everything I do. I even found her and my brother moaning to my OH about me.....charming huh! blush sad

Would be ok if my OH stuck up for me but he never does sad It wasnt even my idea to get the kitchen, it was his. Families huh, who'd have em! sad

Cavort Sat 03-Aug-13 22:40:12

Sorry Brave seemed to miss your name unveiling earlier on. I love that you've gone for something slightly different and it's made even better as I quite fancied Ioan Gruffudd as Horatio Hornblower. grin Will you call him Horatio or an abbreviation/nickname? How cute!

I have got a medium-sized changing bag full of the usual kitchen sink baby paraphernalia which I prefer to keep in the storage basket underneath rather than hanging on the back of the pram (although it does easily fit on the back), but if we're only popping somewhere local or taking her out in the sling I just stick wipes, nappy, a nappy bag and a disposable change mat in my handbag.

Alex <clears throat>....

Bugaboo Bee

The Bugaboo Bee is the pushchair of choice for the city yummy-mummy. It's available in an eye-catching range of constantly-updated fashionable colours. We put the Bugaboo Bee pushchair through its paces in our expert tests to see if it deserves its place as one of the best-selling urban buggies.

The Bugaboo Bee, sometimes listed as Bee+ is a good enough pushchair to be a Best Buy. It is easy to use, compact when folded and lovely to push.

Bugaboo responds to Bee wheel problems:
"Unfortunately the Bugaboo Bee was been troubled by faults developing with its front wheels. Problems with shimmying wheels emerged in 2010 and the manufacturer's solution to that problem created another problem with non-swivelling wheels on some 2011 models. After sending the most recent version to our test lab for an extended wheel durability and swivelling test we believe that Bugaboo has taken effective steps to remedy its earlier wheel problems. But if you experience any problem with the front wheels of your Bee, contact your retailer immediately."

Introducing the Bee
Not only does it look great, but the Bugaboo Bee drives smoothly even when the going gets rough, and is nifty enough round tight corners.

Versatile and adjustable
This versatile pushchair can be used from birth to 17kg (which we'd expect to be a little longer than 36 months), and you can turn it into a fully fledged travel system by adding a Maxi Cosi Cabriofix car seat . If you want your newborn baby to lie flat, which we would recommend, you can buy the Bugaboo Baby Cocoon carrycot (for about £70).

Reversible seat
The seat is reversible so your child can face front or back, and the backrest can be reclined easily with one hand. The seat's height and depth can be altered as your child grows, but this one lacks a leg rest to provide support for children whose feet can't reach the footrest.

At 9.6kg the Bee feels light enough when pushing and steering. It folds to a compact 33x89x45cm so it will fit in most car boot with room to spare.

Lots of colour choices
The covers are removable and machine washable, and the fabric comes in a choice of in-vogue colours, which change each year. A hood and rain cover are included in the price, and if your budget allows you'll find plenty of matching accessories to choose from, such as a footmuff, parasol, cup holder and changing bag.

There's plenty of room in the storage basket, and it's easy to reach the items inside even when the seat is reclined.

Do you already own this pushchair? If you do, click the customer views tab - above the picture - and tell us what you think of it.

Pros: Fashionable, reversible seat, manoeuvrable, easy to recline, machine washable covers, excellent on public transport

Cons: No leg rest, harness isn't adjustable at the back for bigger children, problems with front wheels on models made between January and September 2011

City Mini

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is a fairly compact all-terrain pushchair that you can use with an optional car seat or carrycot. It features the one-handed folding mechanism that has made Baby Jogger pushchairs a playground favourite. But is it the best a mum can get? To find out, we sent it to our pushchair lab for parents and usability experts to test.

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT is one of the best pushchairs we've ever tested. It takes the elements that have made the City Mini such a popular pushchair - roomy seat, great manoeuvrability and a a brilliantly easy and compact fold - and has added an adjustable handlebar, handbrake and air-tyres. These features create a suberb ride and make it a Which? Best Buy.

What is it?
A compact all-terrain buggy with chunky air-filled tyres that's suitable to use from birth. You can use it as a travel system with a car seat, which you add via adaptors.

Baby Jogger claims this pushchair will last until your child is 36 months but, although the seat is very deep, the backrest and leg rest are best suited to children up to two.

What's it great for?
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It has a large shopping basket which is easy to access, and a handlebar brake that is easy to use and which feels extremely effective.

It's easy to get your child into the forward-facing seat and parents like the buckle, which is particularly easy to use.

Is the seat comfortable?
The seat is roomy and looks cushioned, but our parent panel felt that it could be improved with a bit more padding. They also noticed that the crotch strap is set quite far back in the seat, so might be a bit uncomfortable for bigger children.

The hood is large and easy to operate, and you can easily see through the mesh panel to check what your child is up to. It could do with being a bit higher up to prevent your child hitting the edge with their head.

What's it like to push?
A dream. It feels light and smooth to push, and is agile and easy to tip up for kerbs. You might think the wheels are too small for an all-terrain model, but they do a great job of ironing out bumps and help the pushchair to turn on a pin.

Is it easy to fold and store?
The one-handed fold action is a cinch to use, you just unpop the red straps under the seat, then pull up a handle on the seat and the whole thing folds up scissor style. The pushchair stays shut when you lift it.

It is compact when folded (28x61x78cm; 135 litres) and fits in the boot of a VW Golf with lots of space to spare.

It only weighs 10.1kg and the convenient carry handle makes it very easy to lift and move when it's folded.

Is there anything I should watch out for?
The two red straps under the seat (attached with poppers to the frame) are a safety measure - it is impossible to fold the seat when they are engaged. These straps make sure you can't accidentally fold the seat (otherwise it only requires a lifting action to fold). Remember to reattach the red straps every time you unfold the pushchair for optimum safety.

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It is supplied with a hood, but a rain cover must be purchased separately.

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Do you already own this pushchair? If you do, click the customer views tab - above the picture - and tell us what you think of it.

Pros: Compact and lightweight, easy to use and adjust the restraint system, copes equally well on pavements and rough ground, good in tight spaces, extremely easy to fold, good for public transport, large shopping basket and effective handbrake

Cons: Hood is a bit low, time consuming to attach car seat, raincover is an optional accessory and costs an extra £21!

MotherOfCleo Sat 03-Aug-13 23:30:03

snap brave. I missed it too, love the name, so original smile Hope you are getting a good response in RL too!

BraveLilBear Sun 04-Aug-13 04:46:39

Thanks for the name love team smile my family are being typically squeamish about it; and the Facebook announcement will break tomorrow. Am fairly confidenttho tthat our friends will totally get it as we're not the most conventional IRL!

I got a fab changing bag off eBay. Skip Hop, matches pram and in amazing condition for 15 quid including postage.

We use it during the day as well to cart changing gear round the house. Would definitely recommend a gander on eBay. ..

Cavort Sun 04-Aug-13 09:00:50

Do you think your family will come round to it Brave? My Sis called my Nephew a traditional Irish name which I have to admit I wasn't too keen on (I never let on though and said it was lovely), but it grew on me really fast and I genuinely love it now and it really suits him. I'm sure your family will be the same with Horatio, especially when there's a lovely little boy attached to it. smile

Alexandra6 Sun 04-Aug-13 09:12:44

I've had that situation too, where a name isn't a choice I'd make (it's so personal anyway) but then you come to associate it with that lovely baby and end up loving the name anyway! Like you cavort I'd never let on in a million years! Bet your family come round brave!

Thanks for the Which? info cavort I am still confused but the bright side is I don't think I can go wrong with either, they're good choices. Might go back soon for a second look.

Although last night I was shattered and really feeling the bump for the first time. We walked around the shops for around 4 hours and I was so achey. My long shopping spree days are over!

Quodlibet Sun 04-Aug-13 09:59:57

I think the City Mini might be what we go for if/when we actually shell out for one. The only thing putting me off one is that they can't face you when they are tiny unless you put the car seat on, which looks a bit clunky and faffy. So I reckon we could use one of the pushchairs we've been donated until they are a bit bigger, and then get a City Mini to whizz about in later.

I am also researching slings as I have a couple of friends who mainly boycotted the pushchair and used a sling instead. If you are travelling on public transport a lot it makes sense to me.

Another question (at the risk of you all thinking I am a total lentil-weaver): is anyone doing/thinking of doing reusable nappies? Again, a friend swears by them, we are thinking of giving it a go.

Alexandra6 Sun 04-Aug-13 10:07:39

They can face you as newborn with the city mini carrycot as well which you do have to pay for (about 80 I think), we would def go for that too if we go city mini. Or like you say, the car seat. If does look clunky with the car seat/carrycot attached, I wondered if the seat could be removed to help with that but not sure it can. It's still amazingly light and I honestly can't believe how compact it is folded and how easy. I'm totally torn!

A friend said she's lend me her sling which would be great, they can't stay in it too long I don't think. I really like those body carrier things so def want one of those, heard ergo is good.

It does horrify me when I think of all the nappy waste being produced each day...but not sure it horrifies me enough to actually do anything that requires extra time/hassle! How do they even work?!

janey1234 Sun 04-Aug-13 12:11:03

I thought about it quod, but then chickened out. To be fair I'm glad I did. I'm clearly a useless mum but am struggling to get all our normal washing done, despite not working, so not sure how I'd cope with loads of nappies too. It's hard to get much done when you constantly have a baby attached to a breast! Having said that once they feed less frequently I think it would be much easier, and the amount of waste disposables create really is awful...

I was really keen on trying washable nappies and where I live you can borrow a trial kit for a month to test a few different ones out before you buy them as they're quite a big investment if you do go for it (though save you money in the long run). I really wanted to like them because I'm a big fan of saving the polar bears and the waste with disposables is shocking but I really don't like the washables sad

They're really really bulky compared to disposables so look ridiculous on a little baby with this huge nappy on. They're so bulky it almost looks like she can't straighten her legs properly with this massive nappy round her, and that's the sized ones! (Others that are birth-toddler are even bulkier) Also the faff when you change them of having to change them upstairs so you can flush the pooey liner, then try not to get poo all over your hands as you put the nappy in the bag for washing, then have to use washable wipes so youve got shitty flannels sitting around wairing to be washed...even my inner Eco warrior is struggling with this one, I really wanted to use them but I just don't think I can.

I did buy some washable breast pads though to try to ease my conscience slightly.

If anyone has questions about washable nappies, I know a fair bit about them (and had always been a big advocate of them until i tired them) so just ask.

BelissimaLol Sun 04-Aug-13 14:12:57

My SIL works in the recycling management part of her council and did try to talk me into using them. I'm also all for the environment but I'm of the view this whole newborn thing is a lot harder than anyone ever told me so I've an excuse not to want to make it even harder.
On the subject of nappies though- how many do you go through in a day? I'm changing Lara about 6/7 times a day but now she has a red bum and I'm worried I'm not doing it often enough. I can't do it each time she feeds as this is between 15-20 times a day!!!! Any advice?

Buy some metanium nappy rash cream, I would say I change Lucy about the same amount of times as you're doing but a couple of times she's got a bit red, I've put the cream on a couple of times and it has gone. Tis good stuff.

BelissimaLol Sun 04-Aug-13 14:59:17

Purple is it better than good old sudocream?

It was recommended to me by several mums as
One of those 'have to have' brilliant products and it does seem to work well and quickly. I haven't used sudocreme on her (though I have got some)

MotherOfCleo Sun 04-Aug-13 16:59:18

I got some washable nappies for later on, when he's newborn Im afriad Im going for the ease of disposable I do have some biodegradable disposable ones though which makes me feel better grin

We bought our pram today, was planning on the mothercare orb but went for the mothercare expedia in the end as it was on special offer so was half the price. Im afraid it did just come down to money in the end....thats bad isnt it. confused blush It does look fab though, easy to use, fold, switch modes etc.

BelissimaLol Sun 04-Aug-13 17:11:13

Thanks purple. Just ordered it from amazon. It's not as red as it could be I suppose but I want to make sure I'm ready if it does! Trying to change her more often today. Will aim for at least 8 and see if it makes a difference.
Good news on pram mother. Price is important and as long as you are happy with it there is nothing wrong with getting a bargain!

Bepanthen is my recommendation for nappy rash. It's like glue but every mum I know swears by it and it's great for healing tattoos too

MotherOfCleo Sun 04-Aug-13 19:01:49

somehow having the pram makes it all seem very real.....that sounds stupid doesn't it!!

Hope bubs red bum goes down, think some babies are a bit more prone to it than others.

janey1234 Sun 04-Aug-13 19:10:15

I agree mother - somehow the growing bump didn't make it feel real, but buying baby stuff does! Odd hey...

BraveLilBear Sun 04-Aug-13 22:42:58

Totally agree about pran making it feel real. We were going to go for the expedia too mother but my folks offered to buy us the pram which made the orb possible.

Jury's out on whether parents will come round to Horatio. .. my dad visites today and made a point of expressing his concern for DS future welfare at school because of his name. I know he means well but this was very irritating. One because it suggested we hadn't given it any thought and two because he has no understanding of the naming conventions of today or the fact that this area has a high immigrant population in which Horatio would barely turn a head!

All good fun tho smile

Quodlibet Sun 04-Aug-13 23:06:48

On the nappies front, my friend said there's no point with reusables with a newborn - they are too little so the nappies end up being ginormouse and there's too much poo (Purple, that does sound like a lot of shit and things with shit on them to be dealing with). I agree about baby stuff all being hard and being able to cut yourself some slack. My plan was to get some reusables in via the voucher from the council and second hand off eBay so that we have the option. I don't want to put pressure on ourselves to make life harder and so plan to keep both options (disposalr and reusable) open - using reusables doesn't mean you can't use disposables when it's more convenient, right? And equally I don't want to resign myself to disposables without giving the reusables a shot.

I had a v long lunch with a friend who is a couple of months ahead of me today - it felt SO weird - and also great - being able to talk baby/pregnancy/birth stuff guilt-free for ages and not bore each other! Neither of us has had a RL mate to do that with up til now.

Alexandra6 Mon 05-Aug-13 04:00:55

Ouch! I just woke up on my back (I tend to fall asleep on my side then roll over in my sleep) and I'm in pain, really achey around my back and bump in particular. Is this just what it's like from now on?! I always make sure I sleep on my left these days as I know that's textbook for pregnancy but do you think right's ok too? Damn I've been sleepin like a baby (well not a baby, but something that sleeps really well!) up until tonight! Been lying here for half an hour grumpy and sore and determined not to worry that the pain is something other than normal at this stage! How did other people sleep from 24 weeks onwards?

Cavort Mon 05-Aug-13 07:48:00

Alex I was sleeping on my stomach until mid-20's weeks so I am probably not the best person to ask! Towards the end I always fell asleep on one side (I always found right side more comfortable tbh) and would always wake up on my back feeling quite uncomfortable. I'm sure what you are describing is normal but might be worth mentioning it to your MW when you see her just to be sure.

I'm with you Janey, struggling with just the normal housework without throwing disposable nappies into the mix. I'm afraid i'm all about the easiest life possible at the moment. blush

Quod I have a Boba Wrap fabric sling which I love as it gives me two free hands to get on with stuff/eat when I have a baby who wants to be held constantly and I have BF in the sling when out and about. 99% of the time she falls asleep in the sling. I have heard some babies hate slings though so it might be worth waiting until baby is here and going to a sling meet (these do exist apparently) to try different types out. The downside to a fabric sling at the moment is that it can get quite hot wearing it in the warm weather.

Brave you should have told your family you were calling DS something truely awful and when they found out it was a wind-up and was actually Horatio they would have been pleased. grin

Nappy rash (or lack of it) is a bone of contention in our house... DH keeps putting Bepanthen on as a 'pre-emptive strike' even though Elodie's bum is currently peachy and lovely and completely rash-free, but it drives me mad trying to clean it off her out of her skin folds and lady bits when I don't think it's necessary to put it on in the first place - like Merk says, it's like glue! I think I might hide the cream. grin

Alexandra6 Mon 05-Aug-13 08:28:16

Managed to get back to sleep at last but still kept stirring feeling sore. Am in a different bed tonight so could be a firmer mattress (stayed at my mum's last night in case that made me sound like a dirty stop out wink ) Everyone is telling me my bump is quite small/compact so it shouldn't really be causing me pain especially sad I might just sleep on my right too if you did cavort and not worry as much about rolling onto my belly, am being a bit goody goody about the left side thing but maybe it would help to swap sides now and then!

Alexandra6 Mon 05-Aug-13 08:29:31

And yeah hide the glue cream!

MotherOfCleo Mon 05-Aug-13 09:38:00

alex I sleep on my right most of the time too, I'm on the left hand side of the bed so tend to fall asleep laying on my right side with one leg on the quilt and one under it and the throw over me. I do sleep on the left too but find the right most comfy for falling asleep, I get kicked or punched if I roll too far and squish him. I really miss sleeping on my front, but it's just not comfy anymore, I had to give up on that at about 22/23 weeks.sad

I feel like crap today, think I have a cold coming on, have blocked nose and cough....oh good. Think I've overdone it this weekend, over 2 hours of dog walking, did all the housework, washing, cleaning etc. Picked up the kitchen Thursday, had friends over for dinner Friday, my brother around Saturday building us a wall, my folks were round Saturday too, then built the bed frame in the spare room Sunday and went shopping for the pram....not surprising I'm a bit run down really. Maybe I need to slow down a little? I am my own worst enemy though, I want things done and it is far quicker and easier to do them myself than wait for my OH. This weekend should be busy too as we have to take the old bed to the tip, then it's my mums 70th so we have lunch then are taking her to the casino for the first time. Eeeeeek, I'm tired just thinking about it.

Bless him cavort my friend said she brought 4 tubs of sudocream but has only used that tiny thimble sized one you get free as her son hasn't had nappy rash. I would hide it too or maybe let him put on some general moisturiser or talc if he feels he has too, but not such sticky cream, a tiny bit of talc might be a good compromise?

MotherOfCleo Mon 05-Aug-13 09:40:48

Oh and alex they should measure your bump at your next MW appointment, I thought mine was small too, especially as I didn't start to show until well after 20 weeks, but I was 25 weeks and measured 27 cm. About spot on, she said you should measure 1cm for each week, I guess maybe were not overly small just other people have huge bumps wink grin

You know, I'm not so sure about this new job, the pay is terrible, the hours are ridiculous and my new boss is an absolute tyrant!

janey1234 Tue 06-Aug-13 13:37:32

Brilliant purple! grinThe worst thing for me is the physical abuse - you shouldn't have sore nipples after a day in the office!

Mine head butted me in a temper earlier, you just don't expect physical abuse!

HazleNutt Tue 06-Aug-13 13:49:10

no holidays either..

Cavort Tue 06-Aug-13 13:52:19

Mine constantly invades my personal space. Lodge a grievance with HR? wink

janey1234 Tue 06-Aug-13 16:26:29

And he looks at me like a piece of meat. Am sure I saw him looking down my top earlier confused

BelissimaLol Tue 06-Aug-13 18:34:36

Haha. Second all the comments on this new job!
Had my 10 day mw app today and baby has put on 7oz from birth weight. I've been told that us excellent and I should be proud. Obviously spending the whole day attached to my boob is working well for her lolgrin

Cavort Tue 06-Aug-13 21:47:00

That's good news Lol smile I find that all the ridiculously long feeding sessions and sore nipples are much more bearable when you find out you're getting a decent weight gain.

Elodie has been a right PITA today - she just won't be put down. Every time she goes to sleep I try every cunning way possible of putting her down but as soon as I do the little monkey wakes up and starts whingeing. I really hope this is a new trick she doesn't keep up. hmm But she's also given me a couple of lovely big gummy smiles so I'll let her off just this once. smile

Have any of you other postnatal ladies dared to DTD yet? After an episiotomy the thought of it makes my eyes water, but I have to concede I am not really in any pain any more so I can't put it off much longer and wonder if we we should give it a try very slowly with gallons of lube. DH isn't expecting it yet but it's our anniversary on the 17th so it would be nice to be able to surprise him with a celebratory shag. grin

BelissimaLol Wed 07-Aug-13 10:40:29

That's exactly how I feel. Especially after a night last night - she must have spent more than half the time attached to one boob or the other! I'm knackered this morning.
Re dtd- the only thing I did is start to think about contraception. What are you doing about that!? Dh doesn't want to risk another one so soon if ever so that needs to be sorted first. I'm considering going back on the pill. What's people's thoughts on that?
Cav I think if its been 6 weeks you may give it a go? If all else fails guy can give him an anniversary blow job and I'm sure he will be happy gringrin

Cavort Wed 07-Aug-13 11:35:30

That should pass Lol, Elodie sleeps from 9pm until 6am now and wakes up generally twice and sometimes 3 times for 20 min feeds and then straight back to sleep. I know at the time you feel it will never end though.

I'm not a fan of hormonal contraception - I had a copper coil pre-TTC which I liked so I think I will have another one put in as soo