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December 2013 - blue, pink, what do you think?

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NomDeClavier Thu 18-Jul-13 11:19:44

New thread! Pile in!

Hooray! Can't believe it's thread 4 already! Congrats to those having scans and I'm so sorry to hear about your job emma
Typically now that I've had my scan and know everything's ok, this little monkey has finally started making her presence felt, at last at 21 weeks!

MollySJ Thu 18-Jul-13 13:39:05

Well seems like a good time to come out from my lurking -ness and join in the fun!
I've got my 16wk check up this afternoon, due with no2 on Dec27th (DS 2nd bday is Dec30, he was 12 days late, no Christmas again for us this year!!

13loki Thu 18-Jul-13 14:00:58

Arrrrgh! I can't get through to the midwife to book my next appointment. I saw her at 11 weeks, next appoint is meant to be 25 weeks, but I can't get through to book it. And work haven't given me my timetable for next school year, so I can't book appointments to try to kiss lesson times. I don't mind setting cover for my lessons, but setting cover for lab sessions is ridiculously difficult, as I won't be covered by science specialists, so they can't do any practical work. Grrrrrr. And I need the equivalent of the MatB1. "Rufus" is making sure I know she's in there, mainly by kicking my bladder all night.

Holly1977 Thu 18-Jul-13 14:08:53

marking place smile

welcome Molly.

violetbean Thu 18-Jul-13 14:43:14

abc, so sorry to great about your job sad Hand holding and hope all goes ok.

Heat is horrendous, I had to sleep with ice packs on my feet and a wet towel on my tummy last night. Bleurgh. To make things worse, it seems the boiler in our new house has a faulty valve and is making the heating come on in the evening even though it's in the 'off' position. DH says we may have to call a central heating engineer in but doesn't seem to be in a rush to do so. I'm not sure how best to explain that it needs sorting NOW!

See you all later, if I haven't melted! confused

itsliz Thu 18-Jul-13 14:46:57

Welcome, Molly! Hope your 16 week check-up goes well smile I have mine tomorrow, so it's good to know that I'm not the only one that's a bit behind all the other December bumps!

Can't believe so many of you are having 20 week scans already... DP and I have to wait other month until we can find out whether we're having a blue or a pink bean and the suspense is killing me!

And loki, that's rubbish! Don't give up on trying to get through - if someone is able to cover you then it's more important to get your appointment sorted so you can be sure that both you and bump are ok. And if the school moans about it then you can politely point out that since they didn't give you a timetable, you had no choice!

TakingTheStairs Thu 18-Jul-13 14:54:30

Hi everyone, had our 20 week scan today.
All good. No cleft palate, no spina bifida, no downs, low risk pre-eclapmsia low risk pre-term delivery, heart good, blood flow good, placenta high at the back. Couldn't ask for better. I'm delighted grin
Still a boy ;) though we found that out at 16 weeks.

Loki, Hope you get your appointment sorted soon. That must be very frustrating.

13loki Thu 18-Jul-13 14:54:57

Oh, school won't moan, but I will, as it is more work setting cover and catching up than actually just going to work! Will try again tomorrow, there are 2 hours a day when you can ring.

mumoftwoboysS Thu 18-Jul-13 15:00:26

just pasting my last post in as I think everyone moved over to this new thread!

I'm living in dresses too (not normally much of a dress person) and wearing my bargain £5 Matalan cotton sundress most days- had so many comments on it.

My bedtime routine in this heat to help my cankles/elephant feet consists of wading in cold water in the bath, body shop peppermint scrub, then peppermint foot cream, 2 ice blocks under the fitted sheet on my bed right where my feet will be, then fan on and ahh!

mumoftwoboysS Thu 18-Jul-13 15:04:44

and welcome Molly congrats on all the 20wk scans! v. jealous. Still 3 weeks to go for me.

sorry to hear about your job abc if they did know you're pregnant before they sacked you they can be done for sexual discrimination. Hope you're coping ok. I got made redundant 2 weeks after I got back from my last maternity leave- I know full well that they waited 2 weeks so they wouldn't be done for sacking me whilst I was on leave. It's crap sad

lisbapalea Thu 18-Jul-13 15:25:16

Hi all,

Had an appt with a consultant today to discuss options for another c-section vs. a vbac. Well, it was supposed to be a 'discussion' but really it was the appointment telling me that I should have the vbac and then saying, well of course it's your decision.

Hmm, it might be my decision but I already feel like I will be being 'bad' if I go for another c-section.

Am in a bit of a muddle over it all to be honest - can't make up my mind at all, and have already felt horribly judged by a neighbour when I said I was considering having another c-section, and now feel like the healthcare profs are also judging me.

But on a positive I did hear little plum's heartbeat again, which was lovely.

Am off to correct my due date on the stats thread - realised I had mis-remembered it and it is 22nd Dec, not 21st Dec!

Anyone else having the vbac vs. c-section dilemma?

lisbapalea Thu 18-Jul-13 15:25:47

obvs not the 'appointment' (?!) telling me - was the consultant doing the talking!

abcdemma Thu 18-Jul-13 15:29:47

Congrats on scans and feather for your new boy... seems loads of us have got little blue beans on the way!
Am I the only one loving the heat lol? Wearing all my skirts which is definitely more comfy but they either fall off me or I have to leave the top button undone... I like wearing all my vest tops too since bump is looking like a bump and now just blubber grin Just be careful to drink plenty of water and then some more!
Not dwelling on why I got sacked, just what to do about it. Still going for the flat since both our families have been amazing in offering help/furniture and I can get a little bit of help from Income Support etc. before I start claiming MA. OH been amazing about it which I couldn't ask for anything more, so am off to get on the job search! Thanks to whoever it was (too lazy to read last thread) who suggested temping, am getting on it now! And having an ice lolly for all of us wink

abcdemma Thu 18-Jul-13 15:31:14

not* just blubber even...

toni1bump Thu 18-Jul-13 15:32:21

Adding myself to the thread.
Hi ladies.
Im due dec 2nd with firat child. Lil girl xx

MollySJ Thu 18-Jul-13 15:42:06

Thanks for the welcome! Appointment was brief but I expected that, what I didn't expect was not being able to hear the heartbeat sad
She wasn't concerned as the placenta sounded healthy and she could hear lots of movements and even a couple of kicks! Said may be placenta very far forward still and not to worry.
Next midwife apt not til October?! But have a scan and a consultant apt in 3 weeks so fingers crossed for more noisy bubba then

Featherbag Thu 18-Jul-13 16:05:46

Ah, here you all are!

Featherbag Thu 18-Jul-13 16:10:17

Ooh, now the name game begins! Current favourite is Jonathan Anthony.

toni1bump Thu 18-Jul-13 16:15:36

M girl will be Alyssa Rose smile first and middle name smile x

StaceyP85 Thu 18-Jul-13 16:39:17

I have a scan in 3 weeks too.... seems to be going so sloooooooowwwwwly!

I am proper struggling today with the heat, and pretty sure baby has been moving around all afternoon - must be as uncomfortable as me smile

b0nker5Mum Thu 18-Jul-13 17:03:15

Ooo nice new shines thread...

Life still busy for us... Been busy with our flat which is being rented out next week and most of our belongings are in a mixture of places... House is currently full of holes but we have nearly all our new windows in!! Not sure when we'll move in yet...

Got 20week scan on Monday so hopefully off for a relaxing holiday on weds providing all ok with scan...

I travel to London bridge as well but haven't managed to get the badge yet... Today I just look a little over weight other days I look proper pregnant... I've never been offered a seat yet tho... Luckily journey not to long!

Congrats on finding out the sex of your beans... We are going to try hold off (unless we spot anything)... I think it's a boy as df has only boys in his family... We have mainly girls in ours though, 1 boy... So who knows... Wait and see... smile

b0nker5Mum Thu 18-Jul-13 17:03:41


MrsShrubs Thu 18-Jul-13 17:23:45

abc that was me smile fingers crossed you're able to get on a few agencies books! Cannot wait to get home and have an ice lolly!

itsliz definitely makes me feel like a rebel, I wonder if just your NHS maternity certificate would work instead of a MatB1 form? Really need to get mine sorted so I can give it to work too.

welcome toni1bump and molly

b0nker I think sometimes people are too scared to ask you if you want to sit down unless its 100% obvious you are pregnant just in case they're that person who asks someone if they want a seat because they look big around the belly and they're not actually pregnant and end up offending them! The baby on board badge works really well.

lisa go with whatever you are comfortable with, it's your body, your baby and your decision at the end of the day. You don't want to go into it feeling like you've been bullied into doing something you didn't want. Plus no ones darn business to judge what type of birth you have other than yours and your OH (well we let the OH's think they get a say anyway wink )

MrsShrubs Thu 18-Jul-13 17:27:09

PS newlooks having a huge sale at the moment online and in store and loads of their maternity stuff is in it too - ended up spending nearly £60 online oopsie! But definitely worth a look girls!

toni1bump Thu 18-Jul-13 18:07:59

Oooh thanks MrsShrubs im gonna have a look! :D

mumoftwoboysS Thu 18-Jul-13 18:14:48

When I was I'm London last Saturday 2 people offered me a seat on the tube- was very impressed (and somewhat embarrassed- I think because its the first time strangers have acknowledged my bump) I must have a big bump- so my mum keeps telling me! Tho the pleats on my sundress do accentuate it.

Thanks for the New Look sale tip!

I've just been spending money on Etsy. Problem with not working, when I do have time I have all these ideas about doing stuff to the house and making things (even tho I can only use the sewing machine if nothing goes wrong!)

musiceverywhere Thu 18-Jul-13 19:20:39

Hi all. New thread-exciting! (Although I noticed another antenatal thread for 2014 is up to thread 6 already!!)
Sorry I can't read back since I last posted to remind myself what everyone's been up to, but I have been smiling at all happy scan news and sad about house move stress/job losses/overheating etc.
I can't complain too much as I'm still on sick leave after hospital stay so thankfully no pressure to do much in this heat. Must be awful for all commuters, especially in London. It does make me sleepy though, which means I nap in day and then don't sleep at night. Today am trying to 'power through' so I get a proper sleep at the right time.
Feeling ok, still sore but healing. Wish I could feel some movement to put my mind at ease, 20 wk scan not till end of July. VERY tempted to find out gender, but some people make you feel like you're spoiling a surprise. Also someone else has said that not knowing the gender is part of what gets you through labour as you want to find out!?? Any thoughts?
Been (was taken) to New Look/Mamas&Papas today and got some total bargains for mat wear smile
Roll on scan so I can get more excited. STILL waiting on planning permission for extension. If/when we get it its going to be a massive rush to get all done by EDD! (If don't get it, will be a massive rush to move house...)

QueenofWhispers Thu 18-Jul-13 19:23:58


Alyssa1978 Thu 18-Jul-13 19:26:14


I love the name you've picked for your little girl grin
I'm having boy number 3 and can't find anything I like sad

Haven posted in a while, ds2 had his first birthday yesterday and he's been really ill with a viral infection, had him back to the hospital again, hopefully he'll be a bit better tomorrow.

Congrats o everyone on your good news 20 week scans.

QueenofWhispers Thu 18-Jul-13 19:32:47

Hi guys!

I have a few names to mull over:

Olivia Hero M (our last name starts with an 'm')

Featherbag Thu 18-Jul-13 19:41:31

Music, what gets you through labour is the prospect of it ending! By the end of my last one I couldn't have given 2 shits if it was a puppy just as long as it got the fuck out! Oh, swearing also gets you through labour wink

Featherbag Thu 18-Jul-13 19:43:27

Queen I love all if those names except Hero, but particularly love Eleanor! I like Olivia too but there are a million Olivias round here. Hero just reminds me of Myleene Klass I'm afraid, and she makes my teeth itch. However by the time these beans are adults I'm sure no-one will have the faintest idea who Myleene Klass was!

Alyssa1978 Thu 18-Jul-13 20:07:24

I agree with feather music, I just wanted baby out and didn't care what gender he was lol, after 25 hours he could have been a monkey and i wouldn't have cared.

My sis never found out the sex of her DD2 and she said she wished she had as she was that exhausted at he end she wasn't bothered whether it was boy or girl.

On the other hand my bf never found out and she said it was the best surprise ever, I think it's just gotta be down to personal choice.

I wasn't going to find out this time, but there was a penis on my 20 week scan, clear as day lol

Alyssa1978 Thu 18-Jul-13 20:10:13

Been looking through name book and I can only find a few i like.

Ds1 is called Lucas and ds2 is Logan.

I have.....
Other half likes Kane confused

yogafan Thu 18-Jul-13 20:23:38

Ha, feather! Too true, you just want them out.

I didn't find out first time round, but really wanted a girl. Obviously, was delighted with DD but would have been (almost) as delighted with a boy... Actually, I think it's now that I am pleased she is a DD, as I know her, and know what having a daughter is like. Even though I knew I wanted a girl I think I would have been equally thrilled to have discovered I had a boy in the delivery room.

Defo didn't get me through labour! I had forgotten that was a piece of info we'd be getting once out, I was just focused on delivering

musiceverywhere Thu 18-Jul-13 20:35:11

Thanks for advice. I think if I'm honest, I DO want to find out, some people just make you feel like you're doing the wrong/untraditional thing though. Although suspect that's true of parenthood in general!
Ooh names! Love Emma and Helena, Queen
Alyssa I like Owen and Riley.
Think DH and I are on the same page of a classic, simple name e.g Daniel/Sarah. Not very trendy, but then neither are we!

musiceverywhere Thu 18-Jul-13 20:36:37

LOL at 'could have been a monkey' Alyssa!

abcdemma Thu 18-Jul-13 21:16:20

I guess it would be a nice surprise after all that. I think if we have a 2nd I'd want to leave that a surprise since OH got his way this time.
I'm all for the name Emma Queen wink, but I love Eleanor & Helena as they were my grandma & gt. grandma's names respectively.
We've kinda chosen a name already(!) but not revealing it to anyone till he's here, and it's by no means set in stone yet.

MrsShrubs Thu 18-Jul-13 22:35:19

I can't remember who it was who said about the ice packs but I've put some on my feet and it is heaven!! Thank you!!

QueenofWhispers Thu 18-Jul-13 22:43:06

ooh now I'm totally curious abcdemma oh ahah--you have an 'emma' in your name. cheeky. smile

It's our 7 year (wedding) anniversary this August and I'm a little sad because we won't be able to go away for holiday this year, and cannot afford to spend the time to celebrate. We've got my sisters university graduation, birthday and engagement party all happening--not to mention it's Ramadhan and there is this wacky family feud happening. Sister in law has just got a law training contract---so too many other family functions to overshadow our time. It's been a rough few years dealing with our perfect DS and learning that the world won't see him this way...and at the end of the day, because we rely on soo much emotional support from our families we have to be there to celebrate their events when it means to skip our own.

froubylou Fri 19-Jul-13 06:45:27

Morning all.

New shiny thread. Makes me feel better about house being a mess. Least I can hide in here lol.

I love Tobias for a boy and Emmeline for a girl. Dp doesn't like either lol. Told him to come up with something different and he can't expect for Jacob for a boy which I like but is too common round us. Long way to go yet though. Dd was going to be Chloe until she was born. Now she's a Francesca or Frankie for short.

We will hopefully find out if it's pink or blue. Didn't with dd and got fed up of people trying to guess. And dd not happy about new baby so will give her chance to come to terms with a brother or sister.

Off mat clothes shopping today. Can't manage any longer with 2 pair of leggings. Will hopefully find some more and a couple of dresses that my ginormous boobs fit in lol.

mumoftwoboysS Fri 19-Jul-13 07:52:27

mrsshrubs I mentioned ice packs- a good second best to those gel pads you can buy on amazon! Some very posh names going around smile I like Isabella for a girl (but getting more and more common it seems] but don't want it shortened to Izzy -Bella is pretty (tho Twighlight has ruined that a bit!) funny I have a friend called Emmeline frouby it's unusual - she did say people always get it wrong and think she says Emily. I like Amalie/Amelie? though and that would have the same problem.

I'm so sure we're having a 3rd boy tho so not dwelling on girls names. Find boys names so much harder since we've used up two of our faves already. I like trad names like Harry and jack (but far too popular) but DH likes unusual ones like Seth (bleh!) so we'll probably struggle again. I like Jacob but its quite popular- like Jake too.
Alyssawe have an Ethan and Riley was on our list.

Please keep coming with boys names ideas, I need more inspiration!!

QueenofWhispers Fri 19-Jul-13 08:05:41

I just threw away 10 trash bags of clothes yesterday...and I have now promptly opened up tabs with mamas and papas and hm where I am about to make another 10 bags worth of mistakes.

mumoftwoboysS Fri 19-Jul-13 08:37:50

Wow 10 bags! Charity shops will love you! I'm putting a load of stuff on eBay this weekend to pay for any future purchases!

weechops Fri 19-Jul-13 08:43:29

Morning everyone smile

I have my 20 week scan at 11.50 today! Hoping to find out the flavour smile I'm feeling a bit nervous though, don't know why. Dh is really excited bless him smile

itsliz Fri 19-Jul-13 09:52:15

Best of luck, weechops! Hope your little one isn't being too modest so you can find out if it's pink or blue smile

mumoftwo, I'm planning to do exactly the same this weekend - going to try and kill two birds with one stone by having a clearout and hopefully making a bit of much needed money at the same time!
I've been putting it off for ages so feel free to pop on over the weekend and say how well it's going or how much you're enjoying it to spur me on...!

As for boys names, how about Harvey, Ryan, James, Miles or Brandon? (Just trying to think of ones that strike a balance between traditional and unusual!)

Oh and I've got my 16 week check-up this afternoon. Not sure what to expect from it but I get the feeling it's not going to be very exciting.
We are hoping to hear little bean's heartbeat though so fingers crossed...

TakingTheStairs Fri 19-Jul-13 10:11:10

Good luck at your scan weechops grin

Like abcdemma we've also chosen the name for our little boy but keeping it a secret until he arrives.

toni1bump Fri 19-Jul-13 11:04:11

Alyssa . . Im calling my daughter alyssa haha! strange! lovely name smile

i like kane by the way. your OH has good taste. And riley is lovely x

QueenofWhispers Fri 19-Jul-13 11:25:39

our ceiling has been boarded up--it's unsightly but at least the hole isn't visible.

cheeky cousin called yesterday to hear who else was invited--so she could bring 'enough dessert'.

TakingTheStairs Fri 19-Jul-13 12:30:33

Yeah yeah, enough dessert eh queen! I hope you just gave her a number rather than names

MrsShrubs Fri 19-Jul-13 12:52:40

Good luck weechops!!

mumoftwo it was just the best feeling in the world, remembered to put the packs back in the freezer too ready for tonight!

queen glad the ceiling situation is starting to get better.

I had my first practice last night of getting up and doing night feeds, my SIL works for the Met and someone had dumped a kitten in the police station reception, the RSPCA and Bluecross didn't get back in touch with them and as we're the only people she knows with cats we inherited one at 12.30am, had to feed it every 3 hours using a syringe and kitten milk!

mumoftwoboysS Fri 19-Jul-13 13:46:27

FFS, had another blood test on weds to check my platelet count and the receptionist at the doctors said the results are in but they can't tell me them until a doctor looks at them. She said this 'may or may not happen today'. Do they not realise that by telling me they're in but I can't have them, potentially till Monday is a tad unfair? Grr! I bet I have to wait all weekend...

froubylou Fri 19-Jul-13 14:15:27

Mum that's rubbish. Ring them every hour on the hour until they are fef up of you enough to get dr to have a look.

Been clothes shopping. Got some bargains from new look. But failed to find a maxi dress that doesn't make me look like a flump lol. So after much trying on and sweating I got a long vest type thing instead.

First time since starting to show I've been in front of a large mirror undressed. Was a bit of a shock! I am huge!

Having said that a mum at school was shocked yesterday when I told her I was pg lol. I've been wearing maternity clothes for about a month now including a 'hands off the bump' one.

Off out for a meal tonight with dp. Child free weekend. Used to get bladdered, smoke loads and end up gawd knows where on days like this. Tonight I'll be driving, chew some gum and be ready to come home for 8ish lol.

weechops Fri 19-Jul-13 14:19:34

We are having a BOY!!! Dd and ds are super excited to have a baby brother smile I really thought it was a girl too but I am so so happy and excited!

froubylou Fri 19-Jul-13 14:24:06

Mum that's rubbish. Ring them every hour on the hour until they are fef up of you enough to get dr to have a look.

Been clothes shopping. Got some bargains from new look. But failed to find a maxi dress that doesn't make me look like a flump lol. So after much trying on and sweating I got a long vest type thing instead.

First time since starting to show I've been in front of a large mirror undressed. Was a bit of a shock! I am huge!

Having said that a mum at school was shocked yesterday when I told her I was pg lol. I've been wearing maternity clothes for about a month now including a 'hands off the bump' one.

Off out for a meal tonight with dp. Child free weekend. Used to get bladdered, smoke loads and end up gawd knows where on days like this. Tonight I'll be driving, chew some gum and be ready to come home for 8ish lol.

Roselau Fri 19-Jul-13 14:34:00

WOOHOOOOOOOO off on holidays for two weeks!! And told my work about having to start mat leave early because of our move to LA so I feel so relieved and feels like I can really enjoy my holidays.

congrats on all the successful scans. I am so so so jealous because mine is still 3 weeks from today and I'm still not showing nor feeling a thing - 18 weeks tomorrow sad

at least holidays will distract me. will try to check-in once in a while smile enjoy the beautiful weather, stay cool!!

weechops Fri 19-Jul-13 15:19:20

Hope you have a fantastic holiday roselau ANC you can properly relax smile

TakingTheStairs Fri 19-Jul-13 16:02:46

Congrats weechops

LadyMedea Fri 19-Jul-13 16:33:07

Waving white flag...

Yesterday I was signed off work for two weeks for anxiety and depression. It's been building for 2-3 weeks but came to a head on Wednesday when by 10am I was sat at my desk at work uncontrollably crying. I've had anxiety before and was on Citalopram before TTC but I've never felt like this - completely out of control. I'm still crying on and off, just writing this sets me off. I've been referred for CBT but appointment isn't until 31st which is nearly when I'll be due back at work. Also not sure how it will work because it is an initial consultation then a computer based course.

Seeing my own doctor next Thursday to let her know. Left a message for the midwife today to let her know in case there is any other support.

I guess this could be antenatal depression. Whatever it is, it is thoroughly crap. I'm struggling to do anything, don't even want to watch tv or eat. Just spent the morning lying in a dark bedroom (finally a breeze through the window so it was bearable) with my eyes closed crying on and off. Forced myself to eat a cheese sandwich for lunch and to put away the washing.

My DH is being lovely as is my sister but she lives hundreds of miles away. This all really started with work stress, unfortunately being off just makes that worse as it will just pile up. I know I shouldn't really give a crap - no lives at stake - but it's hard not to.

God I hope this lifts or I find a way out of it. I can't bear the thought of being this miserable for another 20 weeks, and I certainly don't want to be miserable when twiglet arrives.

MrsShrubs Fri 19-Jul-13 16:54:19

Congrats weechops definitely seems to be more blue beans than pink from those who know at the moment!

have a great holiday roselau

ladymedea so sorry you're feeling this way, definitely try and get as much info and as much advice as you can. There was somebody else on here with a similar situation, I can't remember who now but I think their MW was able to point them in the direction of people who can help. I know it's easier said than done but just try to push work out of your head at the moment and concentrate on each day as it comes. If you need a day or two just to shut down and do nothing then do it, let yourself have some time to re-charge without having every day life get in the way. Just make sure you're drinking enough and eating (even though you may not feel like it) for you & bump. Main thing is you're aware you're not feeling your best, you've contacted all the right people and trying to do something to feel like yourself again, that's one giant positive leap in the right direction. Really hope someone is able to give you some support flowers

b0nker5Mum Fri 19-Jul-13 16:57:07

Lady, hope you feel better soon and get lots of support, can you call/Skype your sister? I know it's no replacement for a hug but at least you get to speak to her... Sending virtual hugs...

Frouby - does your daughter not like the idea of sharing you? My dd although a lot older has struggled a little (she is excited tho) she has been an only child for 16 years (when baby comes will be close to 17), so we have tried to keep her involved with everything, told her as soon as we knew, have bad extra scans so she could see baby and she is helping chose names (within reason), nursery furniture etc... She really doesn't want a brother though! wink How much involvement has you daughter had?

Weechops - congrats on your blue one. Wondering if I should find out... wink

violetbean Fri 19-Jul-13 18:22:35

Lady, hope you get lots of support and start to feel better soon. thanks I found that the website 'SuperBetter' helped me through a rough patch. It's like a series of tiny challenges to help you feel more in control. No worries if you don't fancy it, just a thought.

Rose, have a good holiday! smile

froubylou Fri 19-Jul-13 20:00:00

Bonkers she is horrified by it all lol. She was 9 on sunday. I did think she would be excited but she was pretty upset when we told her. Her behaviour since we told her as also left a little to be desired and she is normally an angel.

Have tried to involve her in everything. Have asked her what names she likes, taken her round mother care to get ideas about prams and stuff and have told her she can come to the 20 week scan. Have shown her piccys of the baby at each week and talked about what I'm feeling like etc.

She is still adamant she likes being sn only child lol. Little madam. I'm hoping that these holidays we can spend some time together and she will see the scan and we'll find out what colour we are having and she will bond a bit.

Lady big hugs. Get what support you can. Xxx

mumoftwoboysS Fri 19-Jul-13 20:04:26

Lady hope you start feeling better soon, and I ditto what the others have said, just take it one day at a time and try to beat those negative thoughts. I hope you get the support you need, it must be awful to feel so down flowers xx

roselau don't worry that you're not showing yet - is it your first? (can't tell as couldn't see your name on the stats list stating which child number this is) if so, that would explain it. I'm massive but it's my 3rd!

Got MW to find out blood results in the end and the platelet count has gone up to 135,000 so I'm really pleased about that but her text was weird. She said, and I quote 'we will repeat (the bloodtest)in 4 weeks unless doctor wants to do b4 we need not 2 worry but do nt know how 2 reassure u'

wtf?? what does she mean by saying 'don't know how to reassure you' does that mean I should be worried or that she's just got a really shit bedside manner and can't be sensitive and reassuring (actually, I know that for a fact now!)

god, I'm glad she's leaving in 2 weeks, she hasn't reassured me at all or told me in detail what having a low platelet count means and what it entails- I've had to do my own research online and found some reassurance there.

Went my son's friend's house this avo (met his mum a few times) and turns out she's pregnant and due 2 days before me which is lovely but she told me about her combined results being 1:2000 and she's 40 so really good results, I told her mine and she said, ooh so are you going to have an amnio? I felt like saying great, thanks I feel so much better now. Her nuchal fold was low, mine higher and with my platelet thing I'm already worried that baby might have something wrong with it.

made me feel sad anxious thinking maybe I should have had one- even though I'm not within the high risk zone so they'd refuse me one anyway (unless I go private I assume) anyway, I WAS thinking positively and was thinking its only 2 weeks till my scan then I'll ask for TONS of reassurance then.....

ccsays Fri 19-Jul-13 21:05:06

Crikey, this thread moves fast, doesn't it?

Got our gender scan tomorrow, after what feels like waiting forever. Excited, but also scared, I hardly look pregnant, having no real symptoms at the moment and keep feeling like I'll get to a scan one time and something awful will have happened. Argh, it's shite having anxiety confused

So sorry you're feeling this way lady, I was signed off with depression for a fortnight too about a month ago. Try and take the time to look after yourself smile

NomDeClavier Fri 19-Jul-13 21:14:29

You can ask to have an amino done at pretty much any point so if at the 2 week scan something looks odd it's an option you can explore, mum. Your MW sounds a bit bizarre...

Sorry to hear you're felling down lady. I had AND with DS and it's very hard. Don't put pressure on yourself, focus on what makes you feel better. I found exercise really helped, as did meditation, and don't be afraid to approach your MW about specialist support from the midwifery team.

roselau with DS I didn't show until after 23 weeks. I'm barely showing now, although more towards the ended of the day when my core muscles are knackered. It's also down to your body shape and how much room there is to go up before out is the only option! Enjoy your holiday grin

Names.... We have very odd choices so far, so I'm not sharing! Although DH is still convinced we should call a DD Serenity as a middle name.

LadyMedea Fri 19-Jul-13 21:55:19

Thanks for all the kind words and support it means a lot. violet I'll have a look at that website. I'm happy to try anything.

mumoftwoboysS Fri 19-Jul-13 23:37:23

nom well I don't think I want an amino- sorry the way I said that sounded like I do, I just want reassurance - I was happy and had come to the decision that my slightly high nuchal score (but well within what is deemed normal) probably means nothing but this woman's comment has just opened up that dark pit of doubt again! It doesn't help that DH is away so I'm spending my time watching crap tv and surfing online forums where people have had high NF and some bad outcomes. I'm an idiot, need to stay away from google!

NomDeClavier Sat 20-Jul-13 00:22:23

Well the 20wk scan will give you more info and until then you're bound to worry (everyone does) but as you point out you need to stay away from google!

If it's something you do decide then it is an option though.

2Labradors Sat 20-Jul-13 08:25:59

Ooo shiny new thread smile

lady I'm sorry you're feeling crap at the minute, glad you're seeking help.

Lovely to hear about everyone's boys & girls. My bargain Moses basket arrived from the next sale yesterday, it's gorgeous, all baby blue grin

I went to pregnancy yoga one evening last week, it was lovely. Not much exercise, lots of lying down & relaxing and some stretching. I would recommend.

However, this low lying placenta thing means I have to get permission from my midwife to go again, as apparently no exercise is advised. I do more exercise hanging my washing out. So I'm hoping she agrees to me going again.

I'm feeling like a bit of a whale. I'm over 21 weeks, and have a really comfortable maxi skirt I've been wearing but caught sight of myself from behind in the mirror and my arse is HUGE! I'm a all hips, bums & thighs girl but this skirt just makes me look like the back end of a bus. Think I'm going to stick to dresses, the flowing type that don't stick to my hippo like bottom blush my DD keeps telling me how lovely the skirt is too, bless her

Stom91 Sat 20-Jul-13 18:48:00

hey so im very new to this and dont understannd the abbreviations e.g. dh and ds etc.. im 18 weeks today .. when did you feel baby move in first pregnancy and what did it feel like..? i think ive felt bbay move but then im not sure if its just wind haha.. feel soo fat and frumpy right now and this heat is killing me. im due on 21st dec... really hope bump doesnt arrive on christmas lol x

ccsays Sat 20-Jul-13 20:04:56

It you go up to the top of this page Stom there's a link that says 'acronyms' which explains it all smile

Well we went for the gender scan aaaaand it's a girl! grin Couldn't be more chuffed, that was what I wanted (though obviously would be thrilled just to have a healthy wee bab). Plus I felt three little prods from the inside today (a 18 + 1) after having only felt little flutters that I weren't sure were actually anything, so that's pretty exciing too.

Aaaaaaaah, I'm having a daughter!! grin grin grin

MildredH Sat 20-Jul-13 22:34:15

Hi All,

Sorry have been incommunicado.. went on a long weekend abroad last week and managed to get our bag stolen from by the pool- lost both iphones amongst other things.. Replacements now arrived via insurance- was just pain in the arse!

All well pregnancy wise- feeling well just tired- especially in the heat.

Work wise am having an absolutely horrible time and don't really know where to turn. Long and boring story but basically tried to get referred to occ health to reduce 12 hour days to 8 hours and come off night shifts. Realise it's possibly a bit early- 21 weeks- but feeling really knackered and found the last set of nights knocked me off my feet for a week.

Occ health didn't have capacity to see me so advised me to see GP, which I did and she gave me a fit note for the above. Occ health then tried to talk me out of this before finally agreeing. My consultant who initally was supportive has now written an email to all concerned saying he has little sympathy for my situation, wants to know the reasons I can't do 12 hour shifts and even says that he's aware that I was "well enough for a holiday abroad last week".

I'm now wondering whether I was really unreasonable to ask for this? I also have to work with this consultant on Monday which is going to be really uncomfortable.

sad sorry for the long moan- it's really stressing me out. I now wish I had just struggled on as it's all become very unpleasant although I slightly wonder if this is their intention to try and put you off asking to reduce.


Music- hope you recover quickly! enjoy the rest if you can!
Feather- really glad you had a successful consultation at last-
Lady- so sorry to read you're feeling low. make the most of the support of your DH and definitely try to contact your midwife- maybe she could speed up an appt for CBT?

2Labradors Sat 20-Jul-13 22:44:42

mildred that's awful. How dare that consultant say you were "well enough for a holiday abroad", of course you were, it's a holiday not a 12 hour shift. I'm 21 weeks too and there is no way in his world I could handle 12 hour shifts especially night shifts. I work 6 hour days mon-fri and it totally drains me. You have done amazingly well to manage it until now. Stick to your guns.

ccsays congratulations on your little girl

NomDeClavier Sat 20-Jul-13 23:17:30

mildred shock at your consultant! The hardest decision you need to make on a holiday abroad is whether to have orange or pineapple juice while you lounge by the pool! If you feel you can't cope with 12 hour night shifts and you'll be able to work effectively for a longer period on 8 hours if you reduce now then they should respect that feeling.

Welcome stom I'm also crossing my fingers against a Christmas baby - my EDD is closer to the big day than yours wink With my first I didn't have any movement at all until around 24 weeks.

Double congrats for the pink bundle and feeling movement cc

Hmmm shopping....has everyone started making lists?

mumoftwoboysS Sun 21-Jul-13 10:08:57

Mildred I agree with the others! Don't let the consultant pressure you into changing your mind- at least I wouldn't, I couldn't do a 12 hour shift either and they shouldn't be endangering your health by making you work longer hours than you feel capable of. Good luck.

Congrats cc on your girl that's lovely!

anyone else still wearing 'normal' underwired bras? I have 2 maternity bras but my mum gave me a few she hasn't worn and they're really comfy tho underwired. Does it really matter??

Holly1977 Sun 21-Jul-13 10:09:30

Mildred, you have been treated appallingly and frankly if I were I'd go off sick. Your gp has said you shouldn't work those shifts, so has occ health. I don't know what your consultants problem is but he's being a massive bell end. That's the kind of comment we get from shitty employers, doctors should know better. Of course you're well enough to go on holiday, its a holiday! you're not being unreasonable AT ALL. I can barely manage 8 hours in the office! Stick to your guns love, put yourself and your baby first. If they refuse to accommodate you, just don't go in. I know that's.not ideal but they're not exactly being supportive are they? Your gp will give you a sick note I'm sure. And have a look at the working time regulations, they cover shift and night work and may mention pg specifically. By the way, are your employers undertaking annual health monitoring for you since you work nights? If not, they're breaking the law. Just sayin...

Gannetgob Sun 21-Jul-13 12:00:43

Apologies for this –So much to comment on so I feel it will be a massive post!

Thanks to all who gave me advice about work. My head of dept has sorted it. He is my hero!! I now don’t have my own classroom (which I don’t mind, its only 2 months after all) but I will always be in an English classroom so that is perfect really!

My worries about not feeling pregnant seem to have disappeared too. I think I was getting so worked up about work and money (will get to that in a second) and now those worries have been sorted I just seem to feel so much more relaxed and happy. Money stuff - We have been having DIY/ceiling issues (although not as bad as Queen). Our bath was leaking, and although it isn’t too bad, work still needs to be done. Our bath has cracked and so we were looking at redoing the bathroom. (don'y think it's been done for decades!) Anyway, to get to the point, I was worrying about how to pay for it (what with upcoming mat leave). We went to a bathroom place which was doing a cheap deal. They gave us a goody bag with a scratch card with the top prize being a bathroom. I scratched it, and we only bloody won it! So now that means we have a brand new bathroom on the way and have not had to pay a penny for it. Huge weight lifted from my mind. Happy bunny! Just got to sort the ceiling now!

Yes MrsShrubs, we do have the same EDD. I think I have started to feel a few movements, not too sure really! It has made me feel a bit better though. I don't look pregnant – ‘just a bit fat’ (as pointed out kindly by a group of year 8’s on Friday). Can’t wait to have a proper bump!

So sorry to hear about your job abc. Best of luck with the job hunt!

Lady, sorry to hear you are having a rough time. Hopefully you will be feeling more like yourself again soon!

Good news about the platelets Mum. Try not to worry too much, she sounds like a right wally!

Mildred, I agree with everyone else. You have been told not to do it, so you shouldn’t. I know it’s not always easy to do what you should when someone else is fighting against it though. I’m sorry you are in the situation – it’s the last thing you need!

So exciting hearing about all of the 20 week scans. So many boys! I’m convinced I’m having a blue one too. Only 9 days to go!

Some great names being mentioned! Frouby, I LOVE Tobias! Just can't use it because a boy at school called Tobias is my nemesis at the moment!

How do we get a MatB1 form?

Again, aplogies about long post – its nearly the summer hols though, so will probably be on here all the time then!

PistachioTruffle Sun 21-Jul-13 12:14:37

Ahh, so this is where you're all hiding! I thought it was weird there being no updates grin

Congratulations to everyone on the healthy scans and finding out the sex, it does seem to be particularly baby boy heavy thread so far!

lady, I'm sorry you're feeling so rubbish, but well done for being brave and taking action, I hope you feel better soon.

abcdemma, so sorry about your job, bigger and better things are waiting for you.

Mildred, I am disgusted by the consultants' attitude. Please do not back down, I'm sure that is what he's hoping
To achieve by being vile. I'm finding shifts very difficult, I don't think you're being unreasonable at all.

Whoever asked about the bras, I went for a fitting at bravissimo last weekend (up 2 sizes!) and they said as long as the bra fits well and the wires do not dig into breast tissue, they are absolutely fine to wear as long as you feel comfortable.

I have a little question about bonding with baby....does anyone feel as if they've started to form a bond with their baby yet? Does it become easier after the 20wk scan? I ask because at the moment I'm still so worried that something may show up at the scan that i feel quite detached. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, or if you generally get more of a bond towards the end of pregnancy. Hopefully the scan and finding out the sex may help too?

PistachioTruffle Sun 21-Jul-13 12:15:56

Ahh, so this is where you're all hiding! I thought it was weird there being no updates grin

Congratulations to everyone on the healthy scans and finding out the sex, it does seem to be particularly baby boy heavy thread so far!

lady, I'm sorry you're feeling so rubbish, but well done for being brave and taking action, I hope you feel better soon.

abcdemma, so sorry about your job, bigger and better things are waiting for you.

Mildred, I am disgusted by the consultants' attitude. Please do not back down, I'm sure that is what he's hoping
To achieve by being vile. I'm finding shifts very difficult, I don't think you're being unreasonable at all.

Whoever asked about the bras, I went for a fitting at bravissimo last weekend (up 2 sizes!) and they said as long as the bra fits well and the wires do not dig into breast tissue, they are absolutely fine to wear as long as you feel comfortable.

I have a little question about bonding with baby....does anyone feel as if they've started to form a bond with their baby yet? Does it become easier after the 20wk scan? I ask because at the moment I'm still so worried that something may show up at the scan that i feel quite detached. I'm not sure if this is normal or not, or if you generally get more of a bond towards the end of pregnancy. Hopefully the scan and finding out the sex may help too?

itsliz Sun 21-Jul-13 13:10:22

Gannet, I've heard that you can pick up a MatB1 form from your GP, all you need to do is get it signed and filled in by your midwife.
I need to see about picking one up at the doctor's tomorrow so I'll let you know whether any of that is true or not!

After 16 weeks, I FINALLY got to meet my midwife on Friday! She's lovely, very down to earth and has a great sense of humour - and after being messed around by my doctor's and the hospital for so long, words can't quite describe how happy I am to have been given a nice midwife smile
Apparently my blood pressure was far too high though, so I have to go back and see her again tomorrow... Fingers crossed everything's ok!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings! Hope everyone is feeling a bit better now that the heat seems to have died down?

QueenofWhispers Sun 21-Jul-13 14:34:02

hi everyone!

Dinner party went well I think. smile Not a silly sarcastic comment during the entire evening! I got to see all my nieces in one room and felt soo very happy. Unfortunately DS went to bed early and stayed asleep throughout the entire party. Everyone really missed him.

Well, there was one sarcastic comment, but it was directed to my sister by her future mil; I don't want to meddle, but I just know she wont fit into her fiance's family. Unfortunately for her, his culture dictates he takes care of them as they get older so she will have to be okay with her in-laws living with her when they get older. Her fiance is a lovely guy and I know he will do whatever he can to make her happy. I just think that my sister has a lot of expectations to live up to when it comes to this relationship.

gannet amazing and well done for winning a new bathroom! maybe you could pass some of that luck down to me? x

Featherbag Sun 21-Jul-13 14:54:08

Mildred!!! That's appalling! I thought my boss was an uncaring bitch but yours makes her look like Mother Theresa. You REALLY need to lodge a formal grievance about this, it's desperately important they aren't allowed to get away with it. You are in NO WAY being unreasonable, I've refused to do nights at all and got no argument!

abcdemma Sun 21-Jul-13 15:04:07

pistachio I was feeling the same re. bonding but once we knew all was ok at the scan and found out the flavour it's staring to happen for me. Also when I feel him move it's like he's saying "hello I'm here" and I have started talking to him when it's just me around lol. It'll prob get easier as we get further along.
mildred I agree with everyone else, it's appalling how you've been treated by the consultant and your request is by no means unreasonable!

Feeling rather tired again though, dunno if the heat is finally catching up with me or just having an off day. Cloudy up our way but can't be mithered to try and squeeze into my normal jeans that I haven't worn for weeks!
Job interview on Tues, and after much deliberation I've decided to wear a baggy top and only tell them I'm pg if I get offered the job. Just hoping rental company doesn't discover I've lost my job as then we've lost the admin fee sad Clearing out the loft though to see what I can flog online... Desperate times n all that...

MildredH Sun 21-Jul-13 17:09:36

Thanks for the support ladies. I just hate confrontation. It was one thing fighting with Occ health who I don't have to see daily but now the consultant I work under every day has taken against it as well it's horrible.

I'm not really sure why he's changed so dramatically after initially seeming supportive. Last wk we went for coffee after the ward round and he sat all friendly asking about my holiday and then used it against me in this email saying "he must say its lucky my condition allowed me to holiday abroad and travel around an island". It was 3 nights in a hotel
In Majorca ffs.

I've replied to his email saying I stand by what I say about nights. I pointed out that its not just the 12 hour shift itself, it's the fact we do weekends of them Fri, Sat, Sun after working normal hours Mon-Thurs. Totalling 69 hours in a week. I have relented and said if he feels it so unreasonable to just reduce these by a few hours to 8 hours then I will have to use my annual leave days to break up these long runs.

I'm dreading having to do the ward round with him tomorrow morning confused.

Would really love to tackle this and fight my corner but just can't face the confrontation and discomfort of having to carry on working in a relatively small hospital.

Totally ruined my weekend worrying about this.. Have been completely horrible to DH as a result and picked arguments about nothing. Luckily he's popped out for a bike ride. Will have to try and reconcile when he gets back!

Hope everyone else is ok and enjoying the sunny Sunday! X

Futterby Sun 21-Jul-13 19:13:31

Found you! Marking place, will catch up later on.

MrsShrubs Mon 22-Jul-13 08:37:36

So happy I've finally, after 19 weeks, gone 1 whole week without morning sickness!! Gone from being sick nearly every day to it finally disappearing! smile

froubylou Mon 22-Jul-13 09:30:26

Morning all

Mildred you must stand your ground hun. Its a hospital for FFS and he should be more understanding than most bosses. Point out that it was just a 3 night break on an island 2 hours by plane, and that your total travel time, including transfers and waiting at airport for the full weekend was about half that of a normal night shift.

Find the relevant research on your health and the babies and fetal development etc etc and link him to it so he is 'up to speed' with current theories. Then point out that Occ Health and your GP agrees with you and demand a new risk assessment be done for insurance purposes. I know its confrontational and I know when you are PG its the last thing you want BUT you still have quite a way to go and work and don't want this issue hanging over you.

Then when he has to backtrack, do a licky arse email thanking him for his support and consideration in this matter as though HE was the one who fought your corner. That way he will forget the confrontational stuff and just remember the nice email you sent him.

And by the time you come back off mat leave this will all be forgotten!

First day of summer hols here. Grey and cloudy lol. DD just got up so off to play ponies for the morning before it chucks it down.

lisbapalea Mon 22-Jul-13 09:35:36

Hope everyone's doing well after the weekend - it cooled down a bit here so was a bit more manageable but I have heard it's heating up again this week which I am dreading as I have a fair bit of train and tube travel to contend with!

Mildred glad you had a good hol but sorry you are having a tough time with work and hope you manage to make them see sense soon.

I had hideous heartburn yesterday afternoon - was completely shocked as I only remember getting that quite late on when pregnant with DD. Hope it was just a blip and I don't have to start necking gaviscon on a daily basis.

I was also having a really uncomfortable stomach over the end of last week and into the weekend. I couldn't really put my finger on what it was but I just didn't feel comfortable at all. DH reckons it was everything getting squished inside but again I don't remember feeling like that last time. Anyway, it seems to have settled down so hopefully I will be more comfortable last week.

Also, remembered the midwife picked up slighty raised leukocytes in my urine when I saw her for the stupid consultant appt last week, so I need to remember to call for the results of that. Hope I don't have a UTI, but guess it's best to know and get the anti-b's. I have no symptoms whatsoever, so the midwife said it could just be the hot weather messing the results up, poss because of dehydration - she said she had seen loads of women that day with raised leukocytes, so am hoping it's nothing to worry about.

Am totally not a royalist but am stupidly interested in the royal birth story today! I think mainly because I want to know what they call it as I am worrying they will go for my #1 boy name choice (George) which will send me back to the drawing board if they choose it!!

abcdemma Mon 22-Jul-13 10:05:43

Morning all! Quite excited that Kate's gone into labour (sad I know), and I think the whole world's just wondering what they'll call it too!

weechops Mon 22-Jul-13 10:54:31

I'm actually quite excited for Kate too! I love a birth announcement me smile

QueenofWhispers Mon 22-Jul-13 11:23:32

I'm quite excited too! I'll take DS to leave a card at their gate later. He's soo excited. I'm hoping they don't take any of my names either. I think it'll be a girl named Charlotte.

Rosenip Mon 22-Jul-13 11:48:38

Hi everyone, call I join you - though I know it's fairly late in the day smile?

I am expecting my first and had our 20 week scan a week ago today and.... it's A GIRL. So excited after the scary first 12-16 weeks, but things seem to be settling down now and I'm enjoying feeling her lovely little kicks.

I'm due 30 November but will be VERY surprised if I don't end up with a December baby. grin

Fingers crossed Kate doesn't steal our name either but that she has a good birth experience!

Hi, Rosenip my due date is the 27th November, was expecting it to be put back a few days at my scan as I have quite a long cycle, it happened with DD but not this time but I'm here now and staying put! grin

Got some baby vests and trousers from Morrisons in the half price sale, they are so cute! Now I've bought something there could be no stopping me (or so DP is afraid)

b0nker5Mum Mon 22-Jul-13 13:16:26

Just had 20week scan, baby all ok although took ages to find the kidneys!

The placenta is still low and they found a fibroid so got to go back for a scan at 32 weeks... And couldn't find out the sex if I wanted to because of the placenta and the baby being breech!!

Hoping placenta moves up or I will need a Caesarian and I've got my heart set on a homebirth now hmm

Chilli81 Mon 22-Jul-13 13:48:36

hi everyone. another late joiner-iner. room for more?
im 20+2 with ds 2 (just found out the sex of no 2 on friday.) was a bit disappointed at first as really quite wanted a girl but after feeling guilty and giving myself a telling off im really excited now.
haven't had a chance to read through all the posts but hope to catch up in next couple if days.

mumoftwoboysS Mon 22-Jul-13 14:37:45

Welcome Chilli and Rosenip congrats on your scans! Chilli, don't feel guilty about feeling disappointed- I've got 2 boys and I admit I had a pang of that when ds2 arrived but it vanished when I held him- he's just the most gorgeous happy little boy now! However...kind of wishing just as hard this time, that maybe DC3 will be a girl!!...

Futterby Mon 22-Jul-13 15:02:18

Welcome Rosenip and Chilli smile are you both due on the 30th of November? That's my due date grin

Congrats on your healthy scan b0nker5, hopefully your placenta moves up. Still plenty of time!

Mildred, please fight that consultant, that's absolutely bang out of order! Hope everything goes well for you flowers

DP got to hear bubs heartbeat for the first time today, I've never seen him look so proud in all the time I've known him smile our little boy was wriggling about while the MW was trying to doppler him, he just wouldn't sit still grin

Chilli81 Mon 22-Jul-13 15:09:04

thanks for the welcome. i am due on the 7th of december but will probably be at least a week late going by last time.
mumofboys- thanks for the sympathy. my ds1 aged 2 is the most gorgeous loving child ever so wld be lucky to get another like him.
havi g said that, good luck with your scan.

Futterby Mon 22-Jul-13 15:29:32

Duh, I forgot that I'm 21+2, not 20+2 grin

I wasn't going to share this but it's really been playing on my mind. My MIL decided yesterday to tell us that "I hate the names you've picked. If you call him any of them, I won't be calling him that. You'll have to change it." This was after her going on and on about how much weight I've put on and how fat I am, and how I've "put on weight everywhere! Like, all over!" I actually really haven't, my belly is huge but that's to be expected. I mean, I'm pregnant ffs. It doesn't bother me when people tell me how big I am normally, I quite like having a big bump but my MIL just says it out of nastiness and it's really getting me down. Is anyone else having trouble with their in laws? I just don't know how to deal with her.

PistachioTruffle Mon 22-Jul-13 16:55:08

Futterby, your MIL sounds like a complete witch. The next time she says anything about your weight or your bump, say 'actually, my midwife is really happy with my weight and mine and the baby's growth, Thankyou very much' and refuse to discuss it further. Likewise with the names, if she says anything again, ignore her and say something vague like 'oh well, you've had your chance to name babies, now it's our turn', and don't discuss it again. It sounds like she's purposely trying to upset you and undermine you, and hard as it is the best way to deal with it is to not let her get to you and ignore her bitter sniping. flowers

MrsShrubs Mon 22-Jul-13 17:29:38

Welcome rosenip and chili grin

futterby your MIL sounds awful! Did your OH react to that at all? It's not her choice what you call your children - even if you decide to call them Princess Consuela Banana Hammock (courtesy of Pheobe from FRIENDS) it's your business. She sounds like someone who isn't enjoying the attention not being on them for once. I'd nip that in the bud now before you start hearing throughout your childs upbringing - don't hold them like that, I'd never do that to discipline my child etc. I've been quite lucky with my MIL, if anything she's gotten more over protective of me than my mum! My StepMIL on the other hand is another story, 5 days after my MC earlier in the year she rang me and told me off for being at home and not doing something with my time and that I was moping - considering I was still high on pain killers and still bursting into tears every half hour I think I was doing pretty well to even get out of bed!

QueenofWhispers Mon 22-Jul-13 20:25:02

oh futterby

when I was pg with DS; both my Mil and Mother went into menopause. It was the most awful hellish experience ever. Both women were arranging and re-arranging my entire house (all the time); both women were obsessively picking on what food we ate, how much we spent, what we did. My own Mother actually started a campaign against DH because she believed he was being violent towards me (he is the most gentle creature you'll ever meet). Mil was batty with rage over the way I would spice my food and would come over weekly while I was out to throw out my cooking and replace it with hers.

Eventually both women were also not happy with our cleanliness so hired a housekeeper to clean our home and tell them EVERYTHING we did.

To be honest though, I really enjoyed the housekeeper.

MildredH Mon 22-Jul-13 20:56:35

The royal baby is blue! So at least they'll not pinch any of my girl names!!

Futterby Mon 22-Jul-13 21:18:47

Thanks flowers what is it with these MIL's?! Shrubs I have no words, after watching my own mother suffer a miscarriage I understand how distressing it is. I'm lucky enough to have never experienced it myself but after seeing how distraught my mum was, it's not something I would wish on anyone. Queen that's crazy! Wish my mum would hire me a housekeeper wink

DP didn't notice her sniping at me, he was chatting to his gran at the time but I did tell him later on that he can't let his mum speak to me like that. She's a really awful, awful person, my DP had a terrible childhood due to her verbal and physical abuse and we've decided that she won't be involved in our DS's life at all. Well, as much as we can manage. We won't be going to see her and she won't be coming to see us. She has such little interest in us that she doesn't even know where we live so that won't be too difficult. It's really terrible it's come to that but she's so toxic that it would be better for our little boy to have no contact with her.

I hope that when my little boy grows up and gets married, I'll be able to have a good relationship with his partner/wife.

Mildred now I'm worried they'll go for the name we've picked!

MildredH Mon 22-Jul-13 21:46:56

Ugh futterby- I have no advice for managing the monster-in-law other than trying to take the higher ground! I guess also remembering she'll more than likely be in your life forever so no matter what a pain in the arse she is you kind of need to stay civil. Way easier said than done!! Luckily mine is irritating and a wee bit interfering at worst. You have my sympathy though sad

Update on work woes.. Went in this morning dreading seeing my consultant. He took me aside straight away to apologise for his email. Said he sent it at a bad moment and really regretted it as he realises it came across as bullying.

Although still a bit annoyed that it ruined my weekend and gave me sleepless nights I appreciated his apology.

Feel like its getting a bit more sorted now..

Thanks again for the support- much appreciated!

musiceverywhere Mon 22-Jul-13 21:50:50

Hi everyone, welcome to newcomers. More scans! Very exciting- glad it’s all good news. Sorry, long post, but wanted to see how everyone is! V excited about royal baby boy! smile
Sorry about your ceiling Queen, glad it all got sorted and your party was a success. MrsShrubs how is the kitten?! Love cats, so sad when they get dumped sad And hurray on sick-free week!
Ladymedea- how are you? Really sorry you’ve been having such a hard time. Did you manage to get the support you needed? It’s not the same but I’ve been up and down like a yo-yo since surgery. It’s awful, that feeling of just wanting to cry all the time or not being able to find any excitement in anything. Thinking of you.
Frouby- hope your daughter is starting to come around to the idea of a sibling! Can’t offer any advice, only that I was one of 4 and can’t imagine life without my brothers, (even if we didn’t always agree on which tv channel should be on!)
Mildred glad you had a nice holiday, but what a pain they’re being at work! I agree, they have to consider your request and rather than a downright ‘no’ they should try and reach a compromise. The only thing I thought was that presumably, your 12 hr shift is then followed by someone else’s 12 hr shift? If you change to 8 hrs, does that mean there’ll be no cover at your grade for the missing 4 hrs? They’re not likely to manage to fill that small gap with existing staff and also might legally be obliged to provide a minimum level of cover over 24 hrs. So although you’re trying to be helpful by staying on the rota as much as you can, from their point of view it might be simpler for you to come off all together so they can just get a locum to cover all your shifts. Or would they/you consider 6 hrs? They’d be more likely to find someone to cover a 6 hr gap than a 4 hr one. They may also be more likely to agree to your suggestion of using up your a/l to break up the long runs as it’s a ‘neater’ solution to the rota (but sucks for you!). Hope it gets resolved. When things like this come up at work, it’s like all the hard work you’ve put in is forgotten and they just think you’re trying to ‘pull a fast one’.sad Your consultant needs to be very careful what he says to you and especially in emails, implying he sees no difference between a 12 hr shift at work and a holiday and referring to your ‘situation’!!
Pistachio I definitely know what you mean about finding it hard to bond. I’m hoping if all’s well at our scan next week that might help, but until then what with surgery and all I’ve really been holding back from getting excited.
Gannet- omg, how cool is it that you won a new bathroom?! Hope you’re enjoying picking it all out!
Futterby, can’t believe the cheek of your MIL! Try and ignore her, and certainly don’t change your names! I find with in-laws you have to mark your boundaries quite firmly or things will only get worse once DC are on the scene! Sounds as though you’ll be able to keep your distance quite easily if necessary though.
Right, step away from the keyboard.... night all. x

Chilli81 Mon 22-Jul-13 22:23:08

futterby your mil sounds horrific. at least it sounds like dh is with you on this though. there's nothing worse than evil mils when dh can't see it and think the sun shines out of their arses! not my experience thankfully but I've seen it happen to many friends.
have to say that although I'm not a monarchist in the slightest I'm pretty impressed that Kate Middleton popped out a 8lb. 6oz baby! who'd have thunk it...

ccsays Mon 22-Jul-13 22:55:56

Wow, futterby really? Tell her to fuck off that it's really not up to her, it's the decision of you and your DH alone. What a cheek!

Been excitedly planning out nursery decoration now we know the sex, going for nice pale purples (I'm not really a pink person).

Have found my moods varying between irritation/wanting to bawl crying/exhausted, but hey ho!

QueenofWhispers Mon 22-Jul-13 23:52:57

I can't sleep. sad

NomDeClavier Tue 23-Jul-13 00:00:46

Me neither queen. I'm fecked off my computer isn't connecting to the net...reduced to my iPhone and haven't been able to work since 10pm.

Futterby Tue 23-Jul-13 00:00:58

Glad I'm not the only one who was impressed Chilli!

Purple sounds lovely ccsays! So, so wish we had a nursery to paint for our lo sad

Me either Queen, pregnancy insomnia is a bitch :/

QueenofWhispers Tue 23-Jul-13 00:07:00

usually, I'm the first one in bed and the last one up.

pregnancy is just not my favourite condition to be in.

Futterby Tue 23-Jul-13 00:13:46

I absolutely hated it at the start but I'm kind of enjoying it now! Currently watching my bump jump about when I'm being kicked, love it smile

itsliz Tue 23-Jul-13 09:08:43

Futterby I'm so glad I'm not the only one wishing I had a nursery to paint! sad

We'll be living in a large studio flat until the baby is about 6 months old so the most exciting thing we can do is rearrange furniture in the main room... On the plus side, it means we won't have to bother with any baby monitors!

How has everyone else been coping with making space for their new arrival? Am I the only one that's struggling?!

yogafan Tue 23-Jul-13 09:14:39

itsliz - also on the plus side everything will be close, really handy in the first few months where getting something from upstairs seems like a huge mission and often you'll find yourself stuck in one spot, so being able to reach for / ask to be passed water/phone/food is great.
I would love to be decorating nursery too though...

TakingTheStairs Tue 23-Jul-13 09:26:17

Itsliz we've doing doing great big clear outs to try and make room for baby. We are lucky to have a spare room which will become the nursery but at the moment the wardrobes are filled with winter coats, skiing stuff, spare blankets & pillows etc. 3 large black bags went to the charity shop on Sunday and I suspect a few more will have to go in the coming weeks.

I think no matter what space we all have, we fill it!

ccsays Tue 23-Jul-13 09:49:35

Eep, didn't mean to make anyone feel bad, sorry! blush

We just bought the house we live in now and had bought it with the fact we wanted to have kids in mind, so we knew we needed more than one bedroom. It's filled with shite boxes at the moment though...

itsliz Tue 23-Jul-13 10:18:25

ccsays Oh no, don't worry about it, I'm just curious more than anything!

When we move out of this place next year we'll be looking for somewhere a bit bigger, it's just a case of learning to live with 3 of us in the same room in the meantime!
We do have a garden and plenty of storage space though so it's not all bad - although TakingTheStairs I'm in exactly the same boat, as every wardrobe and cupboard is pretty much full to the brim! I'm so determined to get it all cleared before I get too huge!

And yogafan I hadn't really thought about that... Our lack of space is actually starting to seem like a bit of a luxury!

MrsShrubs Tue 23-Jul-13 11:40:15

music all the cat rescue centers including Battersea were full so no one could take him in, a vets I went to to get him checked over said their stepdaughter was looking for a kitten so I sent across pictures and he was rehomed Saturday night smile if we didn't already have 2 young cats and baby on the way then we would have kept him, he was so cute, but it just wasn't practical. If we couldn't have gotten him homed then we would have kept him.

Hope everyone wasn't kept awake by the storms last night, was so hard dragging myself out of bed this morning!!

QueenofWhispers Tue 23-Jul-13 12:36:18

I finally went to sleep last night.

planning my neighbours baby shower--and all the party stuff arrived today. I could have sworn that I ordered a 'prefilled' pinata--but it's empty so I'll have to buy a bag of sweets to fill it with.

now, it looks like magic bean will be sleeping in our room. Sister 1 wont be getting married till next year at the best--so her and sister 2 share our third room. I'm pretty sure once sister 1 leaves, sister 2 wont want to be here. I hope sister 2 finds love and independence soon.

MrsShrubs Tue 23-Jul-13 13:00:29

YAY!! My newlook maternity sale stuff has just arrived at work! Cannot wait to try it on later and be extra comfy in this heat!

Futterby Tue 23-Jul-13 13:06:35

So jealous Shrubs! I'm finding it so hard to find some maternity clothes, I've got one pair of trousers and two vest tops that fit me and that's it. Really struggling!

mumoftwoboysS Tue 23-Jul-13 13:23:52

flutterby ditto the others, what nasty comments! Definitely has some issues of her own to put people down like that to make herself feel better. My mum is highly likely to not like any names we choose (she's very traditional) but wouldn't say so to us.

I really want to re-do the nursery- it's been yellow for both boys (didn't know what we were having) with winnie the pooh border and a few matching pics etc- so boring. My SIL showed me pics of their nursery (they live overseas) and she did one wall a lovely aqua and had a tree sticker/transfer on the wall with a shelf on one bit that was a branch. It looked so nice! Thing is, not sure what we're doing. Might have to move DS2 in with DS1 (which they'll probably love) and then I could re-do the nursery but still won't know whether to go for boy or girl colours! We're also thinking of converting the loft above the garage (probably for DS1 to go into) but that won't be ready till after DC3 is born.

or leave nursery boring yellow till DC3 is maybe 2 then change it to more boyish or girly colours....

DC3 will be in with us for a while anyway- any of your considering a bedside crib- one of those ones that attaches to the bed? www.nctshop.co.uk/NCT-Bednest-Bedside-Crib/productinfo/4364/

really tempted- there's a few different makes on the NCT website- you can hire the first one out for £99 for 6 months. I thought it'd be good value as a moses cot only lasts around 2-3 months if that, this would last up to 7-8 months if need be then I wouldn't have to kick DC2 out of his cot so soon....

damn just missed bidding on a skirt on ebay! Anyone seen any cotton lightweight maternity skirts anywhere?? preferably knee length.

Mumoftwo I was thinking about a bednest, DD would only sleep in her moses basket for about 5 months, even though she's small she was still filling it end to end!

I'm toying with the idea of getting a gulliver cot from ikea and fixing it to the bed to use as a cosleeper, was just doing a bit of research and theres a couple of threads here about the very same thing today!

Might be a bit of a squeeze though, will have to get the tape measure out later.

Had my first meltdown since being pregnant yesterday, I'm off this week and was really looking forward to it but somehow managed to do enough housework for my back and feet to be absolutely killing me but not enough to stop the place looking like a complete shit tip!

After I had spent ages chasing around after DD and doing bath and pyjamas she announced she wanted her dad to put her to bed by shouting at me 'I don't want you!' Normally I would be happy to get out of the story reading but I just lost it and ran off to bed in floods of tears blush

Hopefully the change in weather will improve my mood, don't think DP would be too impressed with 4 more months of this!

NomDeClavier Tue 23-Jul-13 15:29:00

Baby will be in with us for the first bit. We're getting a snuzpod (sourced by my lovely baby products dealer guru) which can be a standalone or a cosleeper. I wish is had one of those last time. That and the nursing chair!

I also spent a loooong time talking double buggies. Can't decide whether we'll need one as we walk a lot and it'll be foul weather. And I quite fancy a parent facing option....

I'm still not in maternity clothes but just borrowed my mothers which are a size up! Luckily she has excellent taste wink

mumoftwoboysS Tue 23-Jul-13 16:02:42

Nom LOVE the snuzpod- just googled it. And it's cheaper than other bed-attaching cots/bassinets. What I love most is that you can take the top off. My biggest reservation about the NCT bednest is it's not very mobile and with both our DC's we had them downstairs in the evening then carried the moses basket upstairs when we went to bed- so this would have that option. Definitely one to consider.

Clare here's the link if you want to look at the Snuzpod www.thelittlegreensheep.co.uk/the-little-green-sheep/snuzpod-3-in-1-bedside-crib-natural.aspx

5 months is a good effort for your DD to last in a moses basket!! Difficult if they like it that much that they don't want to sleep elsewhere so a good idea to go for a bednest/snuzpod that's a bit bigger perhaps.

I just hated having to get out of bed like a yoyo to pick DC's up when they were in a moses basket at night, what a faff.

Nom we've got a Phil and Ted which has been great as our DC's are 22 months apart. It's not perfect- I too would have preferred a parent facing baby carrier bit/coccoon but I got used to the coccoon that you slot in. Also, it's a bit heavy putting it in and out of the car, but great for walks esp offroad.

kyz1981 Tue 23-Jul-13 18:03:54

I love the look of the Snuzpod, I am looking at either the Babybay co-sleeper or an Arms reach full size. (if i go for the arms reach I may have to import it from the USA).

Mumoftwo I am really lazy I am going to get a cheap moses basket from Ebay with a new mattress just for downstairs.

My DS is still a part time co-sleeper and I found it really hard in the beginning getting any sleep when I was up and down all night - so my remit for this baby is to maximize sleep and I found post 6 months the worst period of all with him waking for a feed every 45 minutes.

Nom I really struggled with double buggys, my DD and DS are 15 months apart, I started off with an Icandy Pear as I wanted a parent facing option- It was like a tank I sold it after 6 weeks, Then went for a Phil and Teds it was ok but still quite heavy and I found it a pain at times, My fav was an out and about nipper- side by side but much lighter, my DD likes to walk so then switched to umbrella buggy with a buggy board. -

abcdemma Tue 23-Jul-13 18:09:47

Argh apparently one of the bookies favourite names is our chosen name!

We've just got a swinging crib my mum picked up... I was after a cotbed really for longer use but she got this and it's actually quite cute. Most probably in with us for the first few months then in his own room. I want to get one of those stick-on wallpaper borders for the nursery, we're (hopefully) renting so we're restricted as to what we can do (or have to re-paint it back when we leave) so a little something like that would be nice smile
Like you futterby I'm loving getting a bigger stomach - although your MIL sounds horrific, I thought mine could be bad but jeeeeees! No advice to offer as I'd run away in tears atm, just try to stand up to her and put her in her place like others have said...
Slipped up over weekend and ate home-made mousse. Wasn't till after a couple of mouthfuls that I realised, then didn't feel Archibald for a while so was nervous but he's been pummelling away for the last 24 hours.
Job interview today and had to tell the lady I was PG as unbeknownst to be the vacancy was for one of the more physical jobs, and then she asked about childcare and Xmas availability so I owned up. It's probably scuppered my chances but she said there are one or two other jobs in other departments going but am not too optimistic sad

NomDeClavier Tue 23-Jul-13 19:40:03

Isn't the snuzpod fab?! I just love baby-lady. She's recommending the city mini or city select for a double (I have a single city mini I'll get a buggy board for). We do a LOT of walking but I really don't like the P&T.

lisbapalea Tue 23-Jul-13 20:47:07

abcdemma am having same royal baby name worry!

Don't know if we're expecting a boy or girl but have George as top choice for a boy and am getting pathetically worked up over what to do if that's the name of the Royal One!!

I love Samuel too, but with our chosen middle name and surname it would end up with initials of STD. Not good...

I am 18wks now and worrying a bit about movement - I do feel occasional squirms but am sure my DD was more active. We have 20wk scan on 5th Aug so think I will just worry until the scan hopefully gives some reassurance.

mumoftwoboysS Tue 23-Jul-13 20:48:56

kyz feeding every 45 mins? omg, I would go mad with sleep deprivation! I struggled with 3 hourly (formula after failed bf)

one thing I'm worried about is if bf fails again will a bedside cot be worth the money, but then if I get one where you can put a side up I guess it doesn't matter.

so who's this baby lady nom I'm intrigued! Do you pay her to find your baby stuff?

Chilli81 Tue 23-Jul-13 20:53:05

I was just looking into the bed nest today but actually the snuzpod looks even better. I like the idea of it being portable. also I imagine it's pretty easy to resell on ebay afterwards.
Thanks for posting.

2Labradors Tue 23-Jul-13 21:02:54

mum we're thinking of renting the bednest. Think it's slightly cheaper if you rent directly instead of through NCT as NCT price going up.

nom the snuzpod looks fab. Going to show it to DH.

We have a Moses basket for in the living room, but both my DC didn't sleep well at night in their Moses basket, plus getting up and down to feed baby was a pain, really hoping one of the co-sleeper type beds will give us some better nights sleep early on this time.

Really interested in what the royal baby boy is going to be called. I've got a few names I like but don't think the royal baby will be called any of my possible names. DH & I can't make a joint decision on any names, need to work on him a bit grin

NomDeClavier Tue 23-Jul-13 21:05:02

I will message you wink Anyone else who wants her name let me know. I don't really want to out myself to tooooo many people!

She does a £95 consultation but it lasts as long as you need and you get to see alllll their cute stuff. I, however, have never paid that as I got my first one on a referral, bought everything from her (we were on the other side of the world, no shopping, I had a week in the UK to organise it all and she shipped it including stuff like Lansinoh and maternity pads how I love her--) so this one was free as a self-referral really --and she knows I'm going to place a reasonable order cos she can read me like a book.

All the stuff is RRP, for a first-timer it's worth the consultation fee and they organise delivery including assembly I believe, and I think the quality, the service and the time saved are worth it.

She really knows her stuff. Everything we got was spot on for us and our lifestyle.

NomDeClavier Tue 23-Jul-13 21:15:19

Oh and when you need a replacement rain cover/something 6 or 9 months down the line you can email and she will source. It's honestly the best service I've ever used and I wish I'd thought of the idea first!

kyz1981 Tue 23-Jul-13 21:25:46

Mumoftwoboys It nearly killed me, he never took a bottle no matter how much we pushed and still hates sleep now- However he has ASD and we later found out that he was using BF to gain sensory feedback, he has weaned now but still is a terrible sleeper and still in our room and in our bed for part of the night. Everything for the new baby has maximum sleep in mind for me as I cannot go through that ever again. I also have to work with his OT to move him out of a travel cot in to a bed an in to his own room by Nov- I have a feeling he will be keeping me awake more than the baby!

The Arms reach also doubles as a playpen and travel cot and I think if it fails I can recoup most of my money on Ebay as most of the co-sleeper cots seem to have a good resell value.

I have not really thought much about names, If we are having a girl we have a few but none that we agree on and if its a boy then we will be really stuck.

QueenofWhispers Tue 23-Jul-13 23:13:12

hi guys! so I've never been able to wear red. But today for the first time in my life I have been able to buy and wear a red lipstick. I am ever soo excited!

MultipleMama Wed 24-Jul-13 08:42:08

I think I was on the last thread but can't remember! I had my 20w and 3d scan on Sunday. My 2nd set are fraternal and are a little boy and girl. Although my due date is 3rd Dec 28w is my goal!

Hope everyone is enjoying their PGs! smile

lisbapalea Wed 24-Jul-13 11:45:42

Hi Multiplemama I remember you from the previous thread!

We now have a separate stats thread, so feel free to add yourself there. Hopefully this link will work: Dec 2013 Stats Thread

So lovely that you are having a boy and a girl! What do you have already?

PistachioTruffle Wed 24-Jul-13 16:13:06

Hello all, I had my 20 weeks scan yesterday afternoon and thankfully all looks normal, however mini pistachio was being awkward and refusing to open his/her legs, so we still don't know the sex! I'm very very happy he/she looks healthy, but really quite disappointed we couldn't find out, as is DH. We're considering a private gender scan, has anyone used babybond?

I'm another who has mounds of stuff to get rid of before baby appears, otherwise the poor little thing will be sleeping in a nest of old clothes!

kyz1981 Wed 24-Jul-13 16:40:19

Pistachio I have used them a few times and found them good, We also could not tell at our 20 week scan for the same reason as you, However the sonographer said she thought it was maybe a girl. We are having a gender scan on Friday.

ccsays Wed 24-Jul-13 17:21:38

Pistachio I used babybond and got a good, clear result. I think they offer a rescan if they can't tell.

Was going to post in AIBU but was afraid of getting torn to pieces. So hear goes:

Should start off by saying my best friend had a very early miscarriage about a year and a half ago after an unplanned pregnancy with her shitty boyfriend. She was happy for me when I fell pregnant, though a bit sad at the same time obviously, but generally supportive and we talked about it looked at my scan photos together, etc.

She recently moved abroad for a while with said shitty boyfriend. Talked to her a while ago, she knew I was going for a gender scan and said to let her know once I knew. I messaged her about a week ago to say how are you, how's the job hunt going, got nothing back. Messaged her once I found out the gender to say it's a girl, nothing. And I can see that she's read it.

AIBU to be a bit pissed off that she hasn't even managed a quick congratulations? She still has time to upload photos of her and twatty boyfriend. Argh, maybe I'm just being pregnant and hormonal.

MrsShrubs Wed 24-Jul-13 17:44:45

ccsays not at all! I've had a similar thing with a friend who just after I had my MC & spoke to her about it told me she wasn't happy in her marriage, she was talking to me fine up until I sent round a text to say at 12 weeks with this one we were preggers and since then nothing, have text her a few times since then and I can also see when she's read them and still nothing. I think sometimes some people just can't be happy for others. I can hand on heart say after having one myself & knowing people who did get pregnant while we still weren't that although yes I did get a pang of disappointment and upset that it wasn't working out for us it never stopped me from being happy for them or gushing with them over their news.

MrsShrubs Wed 24-Jul-13 17:45:40

ps congratulations on everything being healthy pisachio and hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer to find out what you're having smile

itsliz Wed 24-Jul-13 18:00:58

Totally agree with MrsShrubs! You've got every right to be pissed off!
If she was pleased for you and asked for updates then you'd have thought she'd be genuinely interested and eager to reply... Besides, it's not like you're not interested in her news - she could at least reply to the part about how she is and how her job hunt is going!
People really are rubbish sad

MildredH Wed 24-Jul-13 18:08:51

Pistachio- not sure where in the country you are? We've used MyUltraBaby which have branches in the South East. Found them really good..

MildredH Wed 24-Jul-13 18:21:06

Royal baby: George Alexander Louis

NomDeClavier Wed 24-Jul-13 18:47:09

Blah IMO. Nice names but a very unexciting combination.

abcdemma Wed 24-Jul-13 19:01:53

Woohoo not one of our names smile But kinda predictable... wish I'd put money on it now lol.
Pistachio you're right it doesn't take 2 seconds to fire off a quick 'congrats' text, I'd leave it to her now and wait for her to contact you since she's not responding to your attempts. Congrats on scan though flowers
Finally some good news for us: we've got the flat! Ridiculously excited-slash-nervous since it's finally happening and still waiting for outcome on a few jobs but yey in the meantime smile

ccsays Wed 24-Jul-13 19:06:13

Glad it's not just me being a cow then. I can totally understand how me being pregnant might be hard for her but as I say, a quick congratulations would be nice sad

Re: Royal baby, I'm a bit angry about George because it's what I've wanted to call a boy (after my late Grandpa) before I was pregnant and before I'd even met DP (obviously Kate should have known this, bitch!) I'm sure there's a bunch of 31 year old Williams though that people don't really make that connection with, so hopefully it won't really matter when/if we have a DS.

MrsShrubs Wed 24-Jul-13 19:06:43

abc that was my reaction too!! I know I was thinking Alexander George Edward or something like that

PistachioTruffle Wed 24-Jul-13 19:44:07

Thanks for the advice re. Babybond, we've booked their next available appointment, which isn't for 3 weeks! I feel like such a spoilt brat dwelling on it though. All the people who I mentioned earlier who were adamant that we shouldn't find out are now smugly saying 'oh I'm quite pleased you couldn't find it, it's much better this way', and 'it'll be a lovely surprise for you on the day!'.......well it isn't up to them, it's our decision and we'll find out if we want to! It's still a surprise wether we get the news at 20 weeks or at birth, and really, there are only 2 options! If you can't tell, they've really got on my nerves!

I'm also annoyed that William and Kate have chosen Alexander as part of the name, it's my favourite boys name and one the few that DH and I agree on.

Congratulations on the flat abcdemma!

abcdemma Wed 24-Jul-13 19:55:04

Argh just realised I meant to aim the congrats to pistachio and the friend related post to ccsays... latest bout of pregnancy brain lol

PistachioTruffle Wed 24-Jul-13 19:58:04

abcdemma, I knew exactly what you meant, from one pregnant brain to another! grin

ccsays Wed 24-Jul-13 20:15:54

No worries, I knew what you meant abcdemma. And congrats on the flat! smile

Yeah, I got a lot of weirdly disappointed folk too, pistachio hmm Don't let it bother you though, it's so lovely when you do find out. Plus with babybond you get the novelty of pre-warmed ultrasound gel grin

PistachioTruffle Wed 24-Jul-13 21:08:38

Ooh pre-warmed gel, how luxurious! grin

Chilli81 Wed 24-Jul-13 21:30:46

pistachio I also hate it when people try and tell me that I shouldn't find out about the sex. it's my decision. it's still a surprise, just an earlier one. I found it something to look forward to halfway through pregnancy.

on the subject of names, I need some help. both dp and I were born here but are of Latin American origin so speak Spanish. We both love our first sons name and chose it really quickly. however we are struggling with choosing this ds name. open to suggestions which are ok sounding in both English and Spanish. so far we have:

won't be offended if people hate any of these. I feel like I've lost perspective on whether they are nice or not.

MrsShrubs Wed 24-Jul-13 22:37:52

Love how Gabriel sounds in a Spanish accent & also Sebastian & Diego. Also ( I know its not on your list) but Emmanuel also sounds amazing in a Spanish accent!

QueenofWhispers Thu 25-Jul-13 06:48:44

I've never met a bad 'Benjamin'

on the subject of names though--a close friend who knew I wanted to name my dd1 'Olivia' has had a daughter last weekend and named her 'Olivia'...I'm quite upset about it.

MollySJ Thu 25-Jul-13 07:03:45

I adore Emilio but that may have something to do with my l

MollySJ Thu 25-Jul-13 07:04:19

Love of 80s films! Either way I think it's a great name

violetbean Thu 25-Jul-13 08:21:34

Chilli, I'm in a very similar situation, have Latin American roots so looking for a name that goes well in both Spanish and English.

From your list my favourites are Benjamin and Sebastian. We have also been considering David, Martin, Daniel or Thomas/Tomas for a boy. Tricky though!

froubylou Thu 25-Jul-13 08:34:14

Love both Benjamin and Sebastian. Dp snorted at Sebastian tho and we already have a Ben in the family.

Dp and dd both decided that they don't like Emmeline or tobias. I love both. Have William with a nn of will and amelia as reserves.

Terrible about the train accident in Spain.

TakingTheStairs Thu 25-Jul-13 09:18:32

Congratulations on the flat abcdemma

George was the top of our list, I guess we'll be rethinking that now. If like ccsays it was after a family member, we'd still be using it, but for DH and I it's ruled out now.

Queen that is frustrating but luckily you've still plenty of time to think of another lovely name.

itsliz Thu 25-Jul-13 10:33:43

I really like Benjamin, Gabriel and Diego smile
DP and I have so many girls names that we like but hardly any boys names... Don't think we'll be drawing up any shortlists until we've found out which one we're having!

And thats great news about the flat abcdemma! Congrats!

mumoftwoboysS Thu 25-Jul-13 11:11:20

I like Gabriel and Sebastian- love how Gabriel can be shortened to Gabe but not sure about Seb. Sebastian is on our list but it seems to be getting more and more popular and DH and I do like less common names.

Chilli81 Thu 25-Jul-13 12:19:01

Thanks for all your replies. Very helpful. At least we have a while to decide.
Molly SJ You made me laugh - I think the association with Emilio Estevez is inevitable for 80 children.
Re Royal baby name - I reckon that those of you who had chosen it for yourselves could still use it. As someone else said I'm sure any Williams born in the same year as prince William don't get the association.

Gannetgob Thu 25-Jul-13 13:55:36

I love Sebastian!

Queen, that's rubbish. On the bright side, as taking said, you have ages to find one you like even more!

I have a confession to make.......... I have not been doing my pelvic floor exercises. I have good intentions every so often, but I always forget to do them after a couple of days.

So, I have downloaded an app. It's called 'my pff'. It's not fantastic, but you can set a reminder and it opens the app up and takes you through a little exercise. It only lasts about a minute or so but it is definitely better than nothing! It's free too, so that's an added bonus.

Futterby Thu 25-Jul-13 15:09:58

I wet myself yesterday, and while laughing about it later with my dad he looked really confused and asked me "are you going to Europe next week?" I was really confused so I just went "what? confused" and he repeated "are you going to Europe next week?" and I just said "no..." and he goes "oh. I thought you might be incontinent."

Cheeky git! grin just thought I would share! grin

Gannetgob Thu 25-Jul-13 16:31:48

Oh no Futterby! Your dad should be on the stage grin

When you say wet yourself, was it a lot, or just a tinkle when you laughed or sneezed?

I haven't experienced any of that yet, something to look forward to I'm sure!

Futterby Thu 25-Jul-13 16:42:23

I didn't even notice it! Just went to the toilet, pulled my trousers and pants down and there was a huge wet patch! I panicked and thought my waters had gone which prompted a trip to triage for a speculum and a three hour wait just to find out I'd pished myself grin

mumoftwoboysS Thu 25-Jul-13 16:51:22

Oh dear flutterby! I'm sure that's happened to me before- recall going to the loo then pulling my pants up and wondering what that small trickle was down my leg! Hasn't happened recently tho. I have a mild prolapse (from pushing 2 babies out already I guess!) so I'm paranoid about it getting worse. Was seeing a specialist when got pregnant so stopped going- not much point right now! But she just gave me exercises to do to improve it. I find it SO hard to remember too. Might try that app! I was told I had to do it at least 10x a day!! I'm lucky if I remember to do it once. Just in case any of you don't realise just don't do them on a full bladder or you can get a uti.

mumoftwoboysS Thu 25-Jul-13 16:52:44

Oh dear flutterby! I'm sure that's happened to me before- recall going to the loo then pulling my pants up and wondering what that small trickle was down my leg! Hasn't happened recently tho. I have a mild prolapse (from pushing 2 babies out already I guess!) so I'm paranoid about it getting worse. Was seeing a specialist when got pregnant so stopped going- not much point right now! But she just gave me exercises to do to improve it. I find it SO hard to remember too. Might try that app! I was told I had to do it at least 10x a day!! I'm lucky if I remember to do it once. Just in case any of you don't realise just don't do them on a full bladder or you can get a uti.

MrsShrubs Thu 25-Jul-13 17:07:23

I am so glad this has come up because I was just going to ask if I was alone futterby mumof two gannetgob I've just coughed and little bit came out hmm and when I was in the throes of being sick the last couple of weeks always a little bit would creep out, I am so so glad this is not just me!

abcdemma Thu 25-Jul-13 18:34:26

I've been thinking about that too... I seem to go through a period of doing them every day for a few days then forgetting for a week or so. I have had slight problems for years when I sneeze etc (picture me copying the ministry of silly walks when sneezing out in public) so should really be doing it regularly!

mumoftwoboysS Thu 25-Jul-13 18:48:29

flutterby downloaded that app but can't figure out to get it to remind me??

Gannetgob Thu 25-Jul-13 18:49:33

Go to homepage and then my reminder.

mumoftwoboysS Thu 25-Jul-13 19:00:43

Do you mean on the iPhone? So the app itself doesn't have a reminder, just use the phone one? Sorry baby brain!

Gannetgob Thu 25-Jul-13 19:06:30

No, it's on the app! There's 6 pink boxes and its one of them. I've just downloaded another, called birdi. It's got different levels of intensity. It's ok. I've downloaded 2 others too. Haven't tried them yet though.

mumoftwoboysS Thu 25-Jul-13 19:28:12

Maybe I've got a different app? On the first page there are only 2 boxes 'Learn my pff' and ' my pff exercises' can't see any home page with 6 boxes?..

MsCatShoes Thu 25-Jul-13 19:44:53

Is a new person adding to the thread due on Dec 12th with my first.

Been suffering in the heat too and finally succumbed to a ceiling fan

Have my 20wk (actually 21 once an appointment was found!) in a fortnight and quite nervous!

MildredH Thu 25-Jul-13 21:24:22

Welcome MsCat!

Chilli81 Thu 25-Jul-13 21:34:30

welcome mscatshoes
good luck with your scan.
I have been absolutely rubbish with my pelvic floor exercises. can't seem to remember to do them. an app sounds like the way to go.
mumoftwoboys thanks for the info
about the full bladder. I didn't know
that. given that I need to people pee
every half hour that leaves
even less opportunity for pelvic floor exercises!

Futterby Fri 26-Jul-13 00:58:57

Welcome smile

Sitting crying my eyes out at OBEM. What a saddo grin

MildredH Fri 26-Jul-13 07:06:48

I haven't even thought about pelvic floor exercising!?

Kind of just hoping the "wee & trump muscle squeezing" we do once a week at antenatal Pilates will be sufficient .. That said, I'm never quite sure I'm doing them right looking around at the other ladies faces. ...


MildredH Fri 26-Jul-13 07:07:34

Ps- futterby you're brave! I've not watched a single OBEM since the second blue line appeared..

froubylou Fri 26-Jul-13 08:54:17

Futterby I watched the last episode of series 4 the other day whilst doing the ironing. Cried like a baby lol. Just a warning though if you are watching that series on 4OD. There is one episode towards the end when a baby doesnt make it. Possibly episode 12? I haven't watched it as I don't think I could cope. Much as I would like to out of respect to the family who allowed it to be filmed but I can't bear the thought of it just now.

Normal episodes are bad enough just now, like watching a horror movie on your own in the dark!

Pelvic floor excercise are something I remember to do about once a day, usually when I've sneezed/coughed and peed my pants lol.

Well am 19 weeks today. Feel mahosive at the min but think I have been constipated sigh. Did manage a poo this morning. Thought it was a dry run for labour! Ouch. Must up the fluid intake!

Anyone else having restless legs? Mine are driving me absolutly mad. Think I read somewhere on here it could be a magnesium deficiency? Going to Holland and Barret if I get time today to try and get something for it. As soon as I get lovely and comfy in bed and relax, bang, my legs feel like they have to stretch and twitch and as though I need to get up and move around. I end up laid on my back lifting them up and down and peddling them around. DP thinks I have lost the plot! Such a difficult thing to describe to someone.

Welcome MsCatShoes!

violetbean Fri 26-Jul-13 09:20:15

gannet, thanks so much for suggesting the apps, they are great! Couldn't get 'my pff' to work but really like 'kegel kat'! smile

I find OBEM fascinating at the mo, it's like a window to a different world. Do cry at a lot of them but then I cry at the news these days... and at school plays... and at my DH leaving the window open and the light on at night and letting in moths... angry

MrsShrubs Fri 26-Jul-13 09:54:20

Welcome Mscatshoes!

So glad can come on here and share these things, thanks for the mypff tip it has been dowloaded & exercises started, my girl friends would be slightly freaked out by all of this - all the wonderful parts of pregnancy no one tells you about smile

I haven't dared watch OBEM since we found out either, had a slight freak out the other day about the labour itself and the pain factor but women have been doing it for thousands of years so shouldn't worry - at least we have the option of pain relief if it's needed!

Yesterday and today I've ended up sitting next to guys on the train into London and both of them have just stared at my bump, the one yesterday was starting to freak me out a little bit, not sure whether that's the closest they've ever been to a pregnant lady or if they thought I might give birth any second but it was so weird!

mumoftwoboysS Fri 26-Jul-13 12:18:16

ahh, SIL had a little girl last night- I want mine now, no fair! I don't want to have to wait 5 months!....

MsCatShoes Fri 26-Jul-13 13:39:12

Thanks for welcomes smile

Had the most movements I've every had last night after driving all day.

DH finally got to feel it too!

TakingTheStairs Fri 26-Jul-13 13:56:12

Frouby - I get restless legs too. Normally when I'm overtired but I find that upping my dairy (calcium) intake and iron (spinach or greens, don't want to chance constipation!) makes a massive difference

mumoftwoboysS Fri 26-Jul-13 15:11:56

The only thing that I've found that helps with restless legs is the ice blocks under the bed sheet- cold seems to stop it before it gets really bad.

Featherbag Fri 26-Jul-13 20:14:06

Hey everyone, I've been on holiday in a little cottage literally in the middle of nowhere for a few days so will catch up when I can - have had very intermittent Internet and no phone, it's been brilliant!

After the arrival of the little prince DH and I have started referring to impending DS2 as 'NotGeorge'. He seems to approve as he's been incredibly active for the last 4 or 5 days, felt kicks from the outside a couple of days ago too!

Hope everyone is well, I'm currently in a lovely hotel with DH and DS breaking our journey as didn't fancy a 7 hour drive with a toddler and sacroiliac dysfunction! Just waiting for DH to persuade DS to give up and go to sleep, then it's takeaway, bath and film although haven't decided on the order yet smile

Futterby Fri 26-Jul-13 20:20:14

I've heard that magnesium supplements are good for restless legs and leg cramps. No experience though.

Glad you had a good time feather, sounds like a great night! grin

2Labradors Fri 26-Jul-13 20:22:38

Welcome mscat

I'm guilty of not doing my pelvic floor exercises enough. I couldn't jump on a trampoline pre-pregnancy without weeing a bit, so god help me after baby number 3 blush

Well, after attending pregnancy yoga last week and loving it, I asked permission from my midwife to go again this week (as I have a low lying placenta) and the answer was no sad I'm gutted. She said I can't do aqua natal either, no exercise allowed. It's actually scared me a bit, makes it all seem really serious as pregnancy yoga really isn't exercise at all, it's breathing and stretching.

I do quite a bit of walking, as I have 2 dogs (Labradors would you believe haha) and I'm worried now about doing too much now. I've got 2 kids, I lift stuff all the time, nothing too heavy but baskets full of washing, boxes of toys etc

We have another scan in just over a week (20 week scan again, at 23 weeks) and I'm really hoping my placenta has moved but my midwife didn't seem to think it will have, she said its more likely to have moved when we have the 34 week scan.

DaleyBump Fri 26-Jul-13 21:49:06

Just wanted to say, I've NC from Futterby smile hated that username, it was the first one I could think of and I even misspelled it and didn't notice until after I'd made lots of posts so just left it grin

That's rubbish 2Labradors sad hopefully it'll have moved and you'll be able to get back to it. I would really love to do it but they've recently closed all three of the pools in my local area and I would feel dead self conscious doing yoga in the one place that does it because they have a great big clear window out onto a café so the people eating can watch you. It's strange confused

mumoftwoboysS Fri 26-Jul-13 22:14:50

lol Daley I didn't even notice you'd misspelt it!! Just shows how our brains work to fill in the missing bits so stuff makes sense (or maybe it's just me- I remember learning about that in psychology anyway!)

Hope it does move 2labs that must be worrying though I'm sure they're just being overly cautious by telling you not to do any exercise (just rubbish for you). I'm really annoyed as I really want to do pregnancy yoga or pilates and there doesn't seem to be any classes in my area- the one class I've found is too early (before DH can get home to watch kids) and another is re-starting on a tuesday in september, the only night I can't do as DH has swimming training. Grr! Going to try and keep swimming every week but would love to do some stretching exercises as my back starts to ache if I overdo anything.

QueenofWhispers Fri 26-Jul-13 22:31:11

ahhh! this pregnancy malarky is taking far too long. i agree with whomever said they wanted their baby now! I want to meet mine too...although my house is in a crazy state. Ceiling is fixed, new bathtub has been installed, but the toilet seat is still broken (16 months since I requested it to be fixed) and the flooring is still coming apart.

on one hand, I really love my location and I just don't want to live anywhere else; but on the other hand...I do pay rent and I'm sure that entitles me to a safe and secure home.

abcdemma Sat 27-Jul-13 12:25:28

That's rubbish Queen, the landlord has a legal obligation to provide you with a safe home and by the sounds of it he's definitely not fulfilling his end of the contract! I'd absolutely hound him until everything is fixed, I'm sure he'd do the same to you if your rent was behind etc.
Baby can stay where he is for a while as far as I'm concerned as we're no-where near ready lol

2Labradors Sat 27-Jul-13 14:56:29

We're just about to start the big decoration/move around, as we're all moving bedrooms to 'create' a bedroom for baby. New window being fitted, plasterer booked.

Need to have a rant! Our American style fridge/freezer broke mid-June. We have cover and 2 engineers came to try and fix it but it was un-fixable. What feels like hundreds of phone calls and hours of being on hold and we eventually got a voucher to buy a new one. Today is the day that it arrived, we paid extra to have the new one all plumbed in, as it has chilled water and ice. It's been here for 3 hours and DH has just manged to snap the connection, water has gone everywhere and it can't be put back together. He was brushing behind it. I'm gutted. The fridge/freezer itself will work (isn't turned on yet as needs to settle but all should be fine) but the water & ice won't as that all has to be connected through this filter. I want to cry. I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to have ice cold drinks. I can hear him banging downstairs now, what the hell? We're meant to be at a friends for 3pm for a BBQ but my kitchen floor is full of water.

It was all set up and ready. We've had a teeny tiny camping fridge for bloody weeks.

I really need to scream right now angry

musiceverywhere Sat 27-Jul-13 16:54:08

sad 2labs that sucks. That was what killed our old fridge, but as it's pretty old and we're getting a new kitchen we didn't get it fixed. We're managing with a camping fridge too and like you I can't wait for new fridge. Is there no way it can be fixed- could the company send you a replacement connector? At least DH was trying to be helpful, but I'm sure that doesn't help the frustration.
Had a crap day here. Decided to try going out for a bit involving travelling on public transport alone (still can't drive as only 2 wks post op), got 5 mins round corner and almost passed out from heatstroke/dizzy/nauseous. Had to call MIL to come rescue me as couldn't walk home! sad Didn't realise how hot it was and there was no shade. So now taking it easy. Think blood pressure naturally lower in second trimester also. Hope everyone else coping ok in the heat.
Scan on Tues. Worried as don't know if I've felt any movement yet. Has anyone else not felt anything yet? (I'm 20 weeks now)

Gannetgob Sat 27-Jul-13 17:10:02

Music that must have been horrible, you poor thing! At least MIL was able to rescue you!

I am 20 weeks today, scan on Tuesday too. Shitting myself if I'm honest, not looking forward to it at all.
I haven't felt anything yet either. Every so often I feel a little something, but I'm never sure whether its baby or my stomach. So I haven't felt anything I can say is definitely baby.

My scan isn't until 4 so that's going to be a long day. I thought it would be best so that hubby wouldn't have to have a day off work, but now I'd rather just get it over with in the morning.

Ho hum. What will be will be.

MsCatShoes Sat 27-Jul-13 20:44:49

Gannetgob - sorry you're so worried about the scan sad

I was frozen with anxiety at the 12 week scan to be honest (spent the morning at work being mostly sick between lessons!) and I told the sonographer the minute I got in. She was really quite nice and settling.

Best wishes smile

MildredH Sat 27-Jul-13 22:15:21

Try not to worry about not feeling movements. I know it's not much reassurance as everyone is different but I've only known for sure I'm feeling something in the last 1-2 weeks and I'm 22 weeks today.

I was worried and kept looking up different things about it. It's a massively variable thing.

That said I know I say that from the reassured position of having had my 20wk scan. I hope it comes round quickly for you! X

LadyMedea Sat 27-Jul-13 22:59:11

Hey music you are not alone... I've been having faint spells for a while but today I had a proper faint on the bus. Started to go just as it pulled in. Managed to convince myself to get on as normally it will pass. Ths time it just got worse until I was sweating and going in and out. As the bus was emptying in town i had to get two old dears to tell the driver. She was lovely and anther driver gave me a bottle of water. Normally I'd feel like a right numpty but I felt too awful for that.

The friend I was meeting came and found me and put me in a taxi home. Arrived back same time as DH from shopping, he got a bit of a shock. Felt rotten the rest of the day. If it happens again I'm back to the docs... They are going to be so sick of me!

Chilli81 Sat 27-Jul-13 23:21:34

I would second that about movement at this stage. this is my second so I'm supposed too feel it much sooner but have only really started feeling movement in the last week or so and I'm 21 weeks.
good luck with scans for any of you that have them this week.

musiceverywhere Sun 28-Jul-13 01:09:16

Ladymedea- you poor thing! It was really scary, can't imagine coping with it v often sad Glad you got help and sympathy from DH.
Thanks everyone for reassurance on lack of movement, but don't think I'll truly relax till scan tbh. Keep thinking maybe surgery upset things and baby not happy. Will have to try and think positive.
This insomnia is driving me mad! Haven't been to sleep before 2am for weeks and then need loo about 4am anyway! I think it's common in pregnancy, but is compounded by heat, worry, lack of activity during day and sleeping in late as not currently at work.
Oh dear, I'm whiny today! Must try and sleep (and not wake DH up)

Soopermum1 Sun 28-Jul-13 11:57:10

I thought i felt something at 12 weeks but then nothing until a few odd movements at 18 weeks. am 22 weeks today and kicking has really stepped up in the last few days. very active baby, kicking a lot and pretty strong now. her speciality seems to be stamping on my bladderhmm

anyone been pram shopping yet? went to John lewis yesterday and really liked the uppababy cruz

Gannetgob Sun 28-Jul-13 13:16:40

Music, your insomnia sounds rubbish! I haven't had any of that, but I have been waking up several times in the last couple of nights because my hips are aching. Last night was do bad that they are still hurting now. Anybody else suffering with this? I changed the bed earlier so put a spare duvet under my sheet so hopefully it will help!

Soopermum, I have been looking at prams but there are just so many! I quite like the silver cross surf at the moment, but I'm sure next time I go to look I'll move onto another!

I have been doing my pelvic floor exercises! I'm so proud of myself for sticking to it (I know it's only been about 4 days, but it's a new record for me!)

Is anyone sleeping with pillows around them /supporting them yet? I don't really like the look of the ones which pretty much wrap around the whole body (and are about £40-50) so I might just get a v-shaped pillow and have that positioned between my legs and under my bump. Will get round to buying it at some point!

DaleyBump Sun 28-Jul-13 13:53:08

Ganet, I got a body pillow from amazon for like £15 and it's brilliant. It's a great big long pillow and I find it supports my bump brilliantly. Don't buy into the whole maternity pillows malarkey, they're just expensive body pillows.

DaleyBump Sun 28-Jul-13 13:54:07

*Gannet, sorry smile

mumoftwoboysS Sun 28-Jul-13 18:34:01

Lady and music that's rubbish about the feeling faint/fainting spells- I have heard its fairly common in pregnant women tho I've never had it myself. I'm getting a lot of breathlessness after going up the stairs (god I feel so unfit!) and achy legs- that lactic acid feeling in my muscles.

Talking about pillows, I've got a dream genie pillow (or whatever it's called) it kind of supports your belly and back so you can lie on your side then the long bit goes between your knees. I bought it when pregnant with DC1. It is good tho I found it could have done with a bit more in it for support during the latter stages. And I've lost the cover so may just make do with a few standard pillowcases this time! Also have a v shaped pillow which was great for wedging behind me when reading later on in pregnancy and when breast feeding - must get them down from the loft...

itsliz Sun 28-Jul-13 19:14:27

Lady and music that sounds horrible sad Hope you're both feeling a bit better for some rest? I've been feeling really dizzy lately, whenever I get out of the car or off of the sofa too quickly... Has anyone else been getting this? Not sure if it's down to being of or just the heat!

As for pillows, I bought one of the huuuuge v-shaped body pillows from Amazon for about £30 a few weeks ago - expensive for what it is, but I'm so, so happy with it!

Ooh and we went pram shopping yesterday! DP and I both fell in love with the Graco Symbio travel system and ended up buying one online when we got home (I know it's early days but my contract at work runs out next month, so thought we ought to get it before funds get too low.)
So excited to have such a major purchase ordered and out of the way!

2Labradors Sun 28-Jul-13 19:35:55

music and lady hope you're fainting spells stop soon. I've had a bit of dizziness and plenty of nose bleeds but luckily haven't fainted. Take it easy.

Think I've overdone it a bit today. I took the kids out to mothercare and shopping around town. Felt period type pains now I'm home, but I also think I've not been drinking enough today. The pains aren't there if I sit or lie down. It's hard weighing up 'no exercise' because of my low lying placenta with living a normal life. I did stop at Starbucks for a drink and a rest. Sometimes I get a bit of pain when I'm constipated but I've been ok in that department for the past few days. Taking it easy for the rest of the evening now smile

abcdemma Sun 28-Jul-13 20:51:58

I've been having slight dizzy spells too but only really when getting up too fast from sitting down. I think there's a lot to be said for keeping your fluids up and have taken to carrying a bottle of water around everywhere. Downside is I'm rushing to the loo every half hour but I can deal with that wink
MIL said she'd help out with a pram which is really nice of her but would feel guilty spending too much of her money. Either that or my mum's got a million workmates who have prams from their DC's so we're prob not gonna struggle in that department lol

MrsShrubs Sun 28-Jul-13 22:15:10

gannet my hips have been really achey while sleeping, been using a memory foam pillow and that helps but am going to look into a body pillow soon though.

Haven't had dizzy spells but if I'm on my feet too long or its a hot day I'm getting cankles, so attractive!!

Got our 20 week scan at 10am tomorrow, getting so nervous/excited! Hoping to find out the gender too if babies willing to play along.

DaleyBump Mon 29-Jul-13 02:22:03

Best of luck MrsShrubs!

My belly-button is so weird! I've always had a really deep belly button not because I'm fat, oh no but it's getting shallower and shallower and kind of squinty hmm just thought I would share, pregnancy does weird things to your body grin

DaleyBump Mon 29-Jul-13 02:24:28

Also, mothercare are doing some awesome deals on prams just now. We got ours a wee while ago and it can either face towards you or away from you, converts into a buggy that can also face towards you or away from you and comes with a car seat. It was £270, I think, and it's a really really lovely pram and I absolutely can't wait to use it!

Good luck for the scan today Mrs Shrubs

The feeling faint and dizzy is rubbish isn't it? Hopefully the weather will cool off a bit now and that will help.

Have spent most of my last week eyeing up prams, we do have a silver cross from DD that will probably be fine with a clean up but I want a nice new one <stamps feet>

Back to work today after a week off which flew over, only 55 days to go not counting or anything grin

MildredH Mon 29-Jul-13 07:34:42

Good luck mrsshrubs- enjoy the scan! Gannet- not long to go til yours..

Errm so, I think my boob just leaked??

Pottering around in pjs making coffee then suddenly notice wet spot in front of left nipple.. Is this normal? Will this last?

I'm hoping I splashed it filling the kettle but doubtful as would be v good aim with just one spot..

Eesh. In addition to constipation, palpitations and nosebleeds another charming distraction confused

mumoftwoboysS Mon 29-Jul-13 07:50:00

Good luck on the scan Mrsshrubs! 5 days till mine! Seems like I've been waiting forever!! My fears/worries about nuchal fold etc have eased these last few weeks but not sure how I'll feel on Friday....going to dinner and a play after (won tickets to see the play, yay!) so that'll be a lovely end to the day (all being well)

Mildred, have heard of leakage during pregnancy tho thought it would be later on. I've never experienced it but I'm sure if I tried @ 35+ weeks (ie squeezed one) something would come out- maybe at this stage the body is starting to produce fluids that will make up the milk??

yogafan Mon 29-Jul-13 08:13:53

Good luck for those who have scans coming up. We took DD along to ours last week, all good thank goodness. She got to see the baby and gets it all a bit more now.
I would def recommend keeping your fluids up everyone - I think I got a bit dehydrated last week and felt rubbish. Took some dioralyte and that helped, but it happened so quickly I was a bit surprised.
First home birth midwife appointment today. Hope we get to hear heartbeat!

PistachioTruffle Mon 29-Jul-13 08:36:01

Good luck to all for the scans this week flowers

I've been getting dizzy spells too, I don't think the heat and dehydration helps so I've been trying to drink plenty. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to sit up in bed without pulling a muscle or something, and my back gets really sore!

Pram wise, we've ordered the bugaboo buffalo grin we got it from a local shop who did a great deal, and as we've been so careful with spending on everything else and pil are contributing we felt able to stretch to it. I love it! Cannot wait to push it about grin

StaceyP85 Mon 29-Jul-13 08:52:51

Good luck to all who have their scans this week.

Mines on the 6th, and I am sooo excited!

We ordered our pram last week - The Britax Affinity. It's being delivered today and I'm looking forward to having a play with it! smile

NomDeClavier Mon 29-Jul-13 10:58:17

I can't decide whether I need another pram (well, a double). I have a Silver Cross carriage pram and a baby jogger city mini (with all the trimmings) but I'm still so tempted by the city select or the city mini twin. The mini is just soooo practical for travelling and around town I'm going to put a toddler seat on the Silver Cross so wouldn't need a double really. It's just if I'm going on public transport/flying with the pair if them alone it'll be useful to constrain them!!!

Just got back from the UK, rediscovered that DH's version of housework is very different to mine, got to unpack, wash and repack before leaving at 7 tomorrow to see PILs and fit in a MW appt!

My scan isn't for another 2 weeks <stamps feet> but I'll almost certainly see baby today so I'm not that fussed!

mildred leakage can happen at this stage. You might want to invest in some washable breast pads just for safety's sake.

mum it must be a real balancing act not soon too much but still living sad is it a placenta praevia or just low lying?

daley just wait until your belly button pops out! Although mine never actually did it was really close by the end!

Reminder for all of you with more than 1 DC planning to reuse your infant carrier to check the sticker for the expiry date!

MrsShrubs Mon 29-Jul-13 13:00:36

Thank you everyone for the well wishes! Everything looks happy and healthy and IT'S A BOY!! So so excited to finally know who we are going to meet in December. OH's face was a picture bless him, he couldn't make the 12 weeks scan as his own clinic was too full to cancel so it was his first time seeing him and to find out he was having a son has just made his year. Thankfully the royals didn't use James as that is our front runner for boy names smile

froubylou Mon 29-Jul-13 14:04:20

Brilliant news Mrs.

My scan is next thursday. Gulp. Very excited and very nervous. Both OH and DD are planning on coming with. Hope they can both come in with me. DD needs to see the bubba I think to bond a little and OH didnt get to come last time so will be his first view of the baby.

Still not feeling a great deal of movement. Am 20 weeks on Friday but placenta at the front so will muffle it apparantly. Did feel an alarming boot last night that felt as though it was up my bum lol. Am assuming that was baby kicking something. Sonographer said I'd feel more movement in my back than front so bet that was it.

Really knackered today. Was at a pony show all day yesterday, had a BBQ friday and between getting pony, pony clothes and people clothes ready as well as picnic on saturday then being out all day yesterday house looked like a bomb had gone off this morning.

Tidied around a bit now though and done loads of washing so it looks a bit better.

DD is playing out. Shes 9 and its the first holidays she's been big enough to be OUT with her friends lol. There is a little park at the top of my road (about 200 meters) and a school field at the back of my house so they are all on there. All little girls from her school, all about the same age and all pretty sensible. But I still don't really like it. But I can't lock her up forever. No roads or anything to cross and I can hear them on the field from my back garden but I keep wandering up with the dog to check.

And they been and raided the freezer every hour or so, and my house the nearest so in and out for the loo, to 'do their make up', to get drinks etc etc.

Easier having her home TBH lol.

Heatwave back by thursday. Make the most of the cooler nights ladies, we're going to be fat and hot and grumpy again. Well I know I am anyway!

mumoftwoboysS Mon 29-Jul-13 14:14:24

Ah Mrs Shrubs a boy- lovely! I'm not going to find out the sex (despite my huge curiosity!!) anyone else not? It seems that most on here are.

Anyone else still feeling a bit queasy occasionally? I sometimes feel sick after a meal- I thought it was after cereal (maybe the milk?) but just had a big salad and feel the same. Maybe I just ate too much!

MrsShrubs Mon 29-Jul-13 15:45:11

thank you!!

mumoftwo I was being sick every day and feeling sick up until 2 weeks ago (stopped at week 18) so I feel for you.

Baby Shrub tends to move after I've eaten something or drank something sugary, I've just had a glass of cloudy lemonade with lunch and he's gone all hyper so maybe see if that stimulates anything? Always does with me after drinking water all day coke/lemonade sets him off!

QueenofWhispers Mon 29-Jul-13 18:28:07

Hi everyone!

excited on behalf of everyone and upcoming scans!

So I never lost the last round of baby weight from 5 years ago, and I'm just adding more to the load. I feel like the ugliest girl in the world these days.

I helped organise a friends baby shower yesterday and for once was in a room with a group of really nice women. I'm not used to large groups of nice people...I'm really starting to think I need to re-adjust who my friends are. I remember my last baby shower three different friends thought it would be funny to bring me MAP's as gifts...these were women I was at university with.

mumoftwoboysS Mon 29-Jul-13 18:42:10

Sorry what's a MAP queen?

PistachioTruffle Mon 29-Jul-13 19:19:30

I interpreted it as Morning After Pill Mum, but I really hope it's not. If it was Queen, that's a really inappropriate thing to do and I would have been quite offended! If it wasn't, please correct me!

PistachioTruffle Mon 29-Jul-13 19:20:42

Sorry, to clarify I meant that if I was you i'd have been offended Queen, not if I was the friend bringing it!

QueenofWhispers Mon 29-Jul-13 19:28:19

I was offended! I learned that day what a 'frenemy' was. Totally over it though...just a bad experience I remembered and thankfully got over quickly. In a million years I would never ever have thought of doing that to someone.

anyone else thinking of having a baby shower? or a gathering to celebrate pregnancy before baby comes?

PistachioTruffle Mon 29-Jul-13 19:54:09

Phew! I was really quite narked on your behalf Queen grin

To answer your question, I went to my first ever baby shower for a friend of mine the other week, it was good fun and I really enjoyed it! Another mutual friend was there and she asked me if I was having a baby shower, so I replied that I hadn't thought about it really, as I didn't think it was the kind of thing you threw for yourself (rather, someone else should offer to have one for you, IYSWIM), and she got quite excited and asked if she could organise one for me amongst our friends. So I might have one!

Oh, and Congratulations on baby boy Shrubs, MrsShrubs! flowers

QueenofWhispers Mon 29-Jul-13 20:47:12


I'm not sure if I want one, I know my sisters really want to throw one...but not sure if I'm ready for the stress of having it at my house.

mumoftwoboysS Mon 29-Jul-13 21:08:48

I'd love to have a baby shower but don't think I will-since I'm not working I only have a handful of friends that live in the area and don't think they'd think of doing one. I had one with my first -well a gathering wtih food and gifts at lunchtime at work and I was so overwhelmed and touched! 2nd child got a voucher and 2 teddybears- lol- I guess the novelty had worn off!

I kind of secretly wish someone would throw one for me but like you say Pistachio, its not something I could throw myself, would seem self indulgent really!

QueenofWhispers Mon 29-Jul-13 21:41:24

we could all just throw a giant collective baby shower for ourselves in a park or something. everyone brings a dish and we can play the ridiculous games. we don't have to bring presents.

DaleyBump Tue 30-Jul-13 04:03:03

Congrats MrsShrubs!!

Best of luck to everyone with scans coming up.

It's bloody bloody bloody four in the morning and I still can't sleep. Bloody fuck. Entertaining myself by making my DP talk to me in his sleep which is hilarious but I'm probably just doing it out of jealousy because he's sleeping and I'm not. Arse.

PistachioTruffle Tue 30-Jul-13 05:29:14

Morning Daley wink I've been awake since 4 too. Blaaahhhh.

NomDeClavier Tue 30-Jul-13 05:33:22

I'm up because we have a train leaving in an hour and I feel like shit and we're not completely done packing. Typical...

b0nker5Mum Tue 30-Jul-13 07:27:32

hi all, I'm in sunny Majorca having a lovely time but I am having dreadful back pain after every meal, has anyone else had this?

Also 2labs, I have a low lying placenta but wasn't not told to avoid anything (eg exercise) by the sonographer, I am not due a midwife appointment until 28 weeks, who told you to avoid exercise? I am a little worried as I have been doing more than I'd do at home!!!!!

I can't remember who asked but I'm not finding out the sex well the sonographer said he couldn't anyway due to the position which was fortunate as my dd really wants to know!

Can't believe how many boys are due.... I have a feeling this is a boy, but I did with my daughter... The bump has a girls name but I refer to it as he which is a little confusing to others!

mumoftwoboysS Tue 30-Jul-13 07:57:00

So, I'm curious how much caffiene others are drinking- any coffee lovers out there? I have 1 small in the morning and 2 cups of tea during the day. I feel like I need another coffee on top of that (so tired sometimes) but I don't.

I don't know why I feel so guilty about it, SIL didn't curb her coffee habit during her pregnancies (lives in part of Europe where they don't have recommendations during pregnancy) and her kids turned out fine. I have had 2 babies under 7lbs tho and do wonder if my caffiene intake had anything to do with it? (They say too much produces small babies) but then I'd expect you'd have to go way over the recommended 300mg caffiene limit to have any effect on baby surely?

I can do without the wine but no caffiene would probably drive me insane [grins]

mumoftwoboysS Tue 30-Jul-13 08:00:18

Sorry didnt read posts this morning- sorry o hear some of you didn't sleep well!

Bonkersmum I'm convinced mines a boy but I think I'm telling myself that as if I think for a minute it could be a girl I might be setting myself up for disappointment. Am going to be over the moon with whatever, just need to come to terms with the fact that I may never have that little girl I always thought I'd have! sad

lisbapalea Tue 30-Jul-13 09:13:08

mumoftwo i have been having the exact same caffeine worries! I have about two cups of coffee a day, usually one instant and one "proper". I don't think that is a lot so i am sticking to it to keep me sane and awake!

We have our 20wk scan next Monday - not going to find out the sex. Am quite nervous about the scan as i am still stressed that I haven't felt enough movement - some flutters and squirms but nothing more punchy!!

i kind of think it might be a boy but really have no idea! Thought dd was a boy and got that wrong so i don't think I should trust my own guesses!

I hope all those with poor nights' sleep have reasonably manageable days...

weechops Tue 30-Jul-13 09:44:06

MrsShrubs congrats on your boy!

Mumoftwo I'm not convinced caffeine affects baby's size. With ds I probably drank more coffee than I did with dd. and he was a whopping 10lb4. This time round even the smell of coffee turns my stomach smile

We bought a new pram yesterday, dh said he wanted me to have it since this is our last baby (maybe need to have another to justify the cost tho!) got a stokke crusi in beige. Love it and can't wait to get it home (in November smile )

QueenofWhispers Tue 30-Jul-13 11:00:31

I drink a few cups of coffee a day..don't always finish my third. My DS was huge! smile

I love love love coffee. I dream about it!

Oooh! I'm soo excited about your stokke crusi! not sure what I'll be doing. our last buggy was sacrificed to an unfortunate experiment.

MrsShrubs Tue 30-Jul-13 13:00:48

Thank you everyone thanks went out yesterday in my lunch break to M&S and picked up some baby boy sleep suits and baby grows, couldn't resist getting something in after finding out.

I'm not sure on the whole caffeine thing as I'm hyper sensitive to it so I stay away most of the time anyway, I would have thought that as long as you're not drinking neat espresso all day every day as your only fluid in take that you would be ok? Maybe just make them slightly weaker or in a slightly smaller cup so you don't feel as guilty?

Is anyone else getting trapped nerves on their side near their chest when sleeping on your side? It is driving me insane at night, starts to feel pins & needley.

For those missing alcohol OH & I have found some amazing substitutes Becks Blue the alcohol free beer tastes exactly like normal beer, and alcohol free pear kopperberg tastes exactly like normal pear kopperberg. Means on a weekend I can have one and feel like I'm having a drink when I'm not smile

musiceverywhere Tue 30-Jul-13 13:52:43

Had scan this morning- all looks well and as they would expect. Histology of cyst also fine, was benign. Relieved! And... It's a girl! Think we were due a girl on this thread- lots of lovely boys so far! So happy smile

lisbapalea Tue 30-Jul-13 13:58:21

Congrats music great news about the scan and the cyst!

MrsShrubs am totally with you on the Becks Blue! It's such a relief to have something that doesn't feel like a children's drink when you're out and about - it's my new drink of choice! It makes the non-drinking thing so much less obvious at social occasions, and means I can sort of pretend to be drinking which means I end up being more chatty, which is a bit weird / sad really!! Going to try out the Kopparberg now as well though - thanks for the recommendation!

I meant to ask about sleeping positions - is it right that we should really only be sleeping on our left sides? I just can't do that comfortably all night long and end up feeling completely seized up if I am in the same position all night! Is it really that bad to lie on our right sides, or even on our backs? I never normally lie on my back, but since being pregnant I really quite like it! How bad can that be?!!

itsliz Tue 30-Jul-13 14:08:02

Awww, that's lovely MrsShrubs smile I can't wait to start buying blue or pink things... Still got another 3 weeks until we find out, but as soon as we do, I'm heading straight to the shops!

As most people have said, I don't think the whole caffeine thing is a problem as long as you're fairly sensible with it. I used to love coffee, to the point where I couldn't function without one in the morning but I've ended up cutting out completely as although I still love the smell of it, I can't stand the taste now that I'm pg! sad

Oh and if you like pear Kopparberg, try the the mixed fruits alcohol free one - it's incredible! Highly recommend it!

MrsShrubs Tue 30-Jul-13 15:35:47

congrats music we were definitely due a girl along the line - at least she will have the pick of the men when she's older at this rate!

I'm the same lisbapalea if I lie on my left I get the trapped nerve thing but I don't on my right so have been sleeping on that side but I know they advise you to go on your left.

itsliz hadn't seen the mixed fruits alcohol free one, where have you been getting it from? I shall be purchasing them for this weeked smile

weechops Tue 30-Jul-13 15:36:12

Music that's brilliant smile

lisba I think they advise not to sleep on back in later pregnancy more for our sake than the baby's. something to do with oxygen and lying on nerves. You'd think id remember by now seeing as this is dc3 ;) I lie on my back in bed as its most comfy for me.

abcdemma Tue 30-Jul-13 15:39:37

Congrats MrsS & music, all so far so good!!
Caffeine-wise I've only been having a glass of coke every now and then (maybe 2-3 a week), don't drink coffee anyway and I'm on decaf tea on the rare occasions I drink tea. I'd feel bad having coke everyday, and you can't get caffeine-free in the small bottles sad Can't find the mixed fruits Kopparberg anywhere but love the pear one!
lisbapalea I hate not being able to sleep on my front! I normally sleep on my right so finding it a pain to keep turning to the left. I love starfishing on my back atm (much to the dismay of OH) but feel guilty as it's not good, but I think moreso for mum than baby.
Picked up some 'proper' baby stuff this week (ie. not just clothes lol), and got the Emma's Diary pack from Argos which has a full pack of wipes in and some Johnson's Baby Bath samples which smell amazing, can't wait to give Archibald a bath in them grin

itsliz Tue 30-Jul-13 16:13:50

MrsShrubs and abcdemma, try Asda for the mixed fruits Kopparberg!
I managed to get a crate of the coke can-sized ones for about £4 a few weeks ago, which made coping with the heat a lot easier! grin

Here you go:

PistachioTruffle Tue 30-Jul-13 16:39:27

Congratulations Music, glad all is well after your worrying start! Have you any girly names in mind?
I've been having maybe 1-2 caffeinated drinks per day, I was really careful in the first 12 weeks and had none but I feel like a couple here and there won't do any harm. As for sleeping, I'm just glad to do it any way I can!

musiceverywhere Tue 30-Jul-13 17:04:03

Realised I didn't add anything to caffeine discussion! Before I was pg I started every day with a coffee (basically instead of breakfast hmm) but nausea at coffee time at about 8 wks meant I didn't mind giving up. Now have about 1 cup of decaf tea every day or so. Hardly ever drank coke anyway, but do get cravings for it every now and then so not a big problem if I have some. Really can't wait till I can have a little glass of bubbly at Christmas though!
Sleeping positions- as others have said, not sleeping on back is more for our benefit than baby's as it can put pressure on a major blood vessel which can make you feel light-headed/short of breath. I can sleep on left or right side, but did buy an expensive maternity pillow (no time to shop around after a sleepless night due to hip pain!) which helps too.
Names... I did like Emma or Sarah but now not sure. Something quite simple I think.

Gannetgob Tue 30-Jul-13 18:28:34

Excellent scan news mrsshrubs and music.

I had my scan earlier too. Everything is as it should be and it's a girl!! We were so shocked - we were both certain it would be a boy! We are over the moon though and so relieved that everything is ok!

I'm not really sure about the caffeine, don't drink tea, coffee or coke. I drink lemonade, not sure if its I'm that, but I don't have too much.

As for sleeping, I'm just doing whatever is comfortable at the moment - nothing is comfy for too long though!

abcdemma Tue 30-Jul-13 18:38:08

Congrats Gannet flowers

abcdemma Tue 30-Jul-13 18:48:23

And totally scouting out our Adsa for the cider... cheers itsliz

QueenofWhispers Tue 30-Jul-13 18:53:28

ooh for sleeping, I got the giant snake pillow: http://www.amazon.co.uk/PILLOW-PLEASURE-MATERNITY-SUPPORT-COTTON/dp/B004T31A8U/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1375206750&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=maternity+snake+pillow

i still sleep on my right side sometimes though.

lisbapalea Tue 30-Jul-13 20:36:14

Ah thanks all for the sleeping advice! Happy to take the risk of light-headedness for me if it means I have some more options! I'll be stricter with myself in a couple of months maybe!

queen I do actually have one of those pillows but need to reclaim it from a friend who had a baby in April! In fact I need to get a load of stuff back from her so I know what I have already! I keep getting tempted to buy new bits and pieces but know I should just be thrifty and use what we have already from when dd was a baby.

I am scouring ebay for a bargain off-road buggy though! We lived in a small city when dd was small but are now in full-on rural surroundings, and also have a dog, so we will need a buggy which can handle muddy fields, which our original one definitely cannot!

MrsShrubs Tue 30-Jul-13 21:04:07

gannet congratulations!!!!!!!

2Labradors Tue 30-Jul-13 21:20:26

Congratulations MrsShrubs, Music & Gannet smile

Had to go into hospital today, as I found bright red blood when I wiped this morning. I work in a GPs so they kindly rang ahead (I was in work) and I contacted hubby who came too. Was all a bit scary, as I have a low lying placenta, although finding blood in any pregnancy is scary. It was only a small amount and luckily didn't continue. I had a horrible internal where the midwife checked my cervix with a torch, was a bit painful, and has meant I've been losing old brown blood since but they told me to expect that. I was told to take an overnight bag but they didn't keep me in luckily, I came home and went straight to sleep. They checked baby's heartbeat and we knew he was fine as he kept kicking the Doppler and making us chuckle.

I'm resting tomorrow, although our big house decorating plan starts tomorrow with our huge front bay window being replaced, so not much sleeping, I might sneak to my parents' for a snooze as they're away at the mo.

I'm 22+5 and am wishing this pregnancy away a bit now, as I want to be at the 'safe stage' in case something happens. Trying to keep positive though and we have the 20 week scan again next Tues to complete checks so fingers crossed this placenta has budged and also that baby is healthy too.

MildredH Tue 30-Jul-13 22:14:36

Congrats to you ladies with positive scans- great news!

2labs you poor thing. What a horrible day you must have had. I've started thinking about getting to 24 weeks for viability.. Sometimes pregnancy feels like a load of little goals to reach ANC feel slightly less worried!

Kind of feeling that times going quickly ish though.. Approaching 23 weeks- I remember looking in my diary and feeling like that was ages away..

MildredH Tue 30-Jul-13 22:15:29

To reach and feel slightly less worried. Flipin phone.

abcdemma Tue 30-Jul-13 23:02:47

2Labs glad it turned out that all was ok, no idea what I'd do if it happened to me...
I'm 2w away from the 24w stage but it's definitely gonna feel like a milestone once it's passed. I mentioned it to OH and his response was "why would you even say that?" but to me it's an important hurdle...

musiceverywhere Tue 30-Jul-13 23:59:27

2labs, that must have been so scary hmm glad the hospital were helpful. Try and take it easy (easier said than done I'm sure)- are you due any time off?
On a silly note, can all you sensible ladies please slap me/tell me not to worry that I've just realised my EDD is Friday the 13th?!... shock

DaleyBump Wed 31-Jul-13 00:16:57

Congrats music and gannet!!

2Labradors, that sounds terrifying! Glad everything's okay though flowers

DaleyBump Wed 31-Jul-13 00:18:15

<slaps music>

My aunt was born on Friday 13th smile if she's born then, that'll be an awesome birthday! smile

Alyssa1978 Wed 31-Jul-13 01:10:29

Been a bit AWOL lately, its just been hectic with work etc.

Congrats mrs and gannet on your scans, so pleased everyone was healthy and congrats on your little pink bean gannet and blue bean mrs.

2labs its always worrying when that happens, lost count of how many pv bleeds and trips to er I had with ds1, so glad everything turned out fine.

Sorry to anyone's posts I've missed, didn't realise I'd been off mn for that long shock

I just turned 22 weeks on Monday and little man is kicking up a storm, DF actually felt him about a week ago grin

musiceverywhere Wed 31-Jul-13 01:28:23

Thanks Daley, will try and see it as a funny coincidence!
Have given up on sleeping for now and have joined the cat in the living room watching tv. Felt bad I was keeping DH awake as he has work in morning. Will try again when I actually feel sleepy. Doesn't help that I've been to loo 3 times in last hour! (that'll teach me to stay in pub until 10pm drinking fresh orange juice) Anyone else out there??

DaleyBump Wed 31-Jul-13 01:34:03

Me! It was half four before I got to sleep last night confused really struggling with this damned insomnia. Entertaining myself by making my DP talk to me in his sleep. It's so, so funny grin

musiceverywhere Wed 31-Jul-13 01:58:20

He he, what is he saying?? Mine mumbles away but is usually incoherent.
I think trouble with sleep is mixture of anxiety and lack of daytime activity. Might give swimming a try tomorrow as I don't need to drive there!
Ooh we had planning permission granted! Now is obviously the best time to knock a giant hole in the back of our house hmm
Any advice on best small 'family' cars? Starting to look around and having disagreements on priorities!

lisbapalea Wed 31-Jul-13 09:25:52

Glad it's not just me who's struggling with sleep. DD came into our room at 3.40 thinking it was wakey time! I settled her back in her own room but it took me over 2hrs to get back to sleep, and then only for a short while until I had to get up again! I definitely got out of bed the wrong side this morning!

music I was born on Friday 13th and I like it! We also got married on Dec 13th so I would actually like it if this DC is born then, as 13s are generally special or lucky in my mind!

2Labradors Wed 31-Jul-13 10:26:59

Thanks everyone. I'm trying to rest up a bit today and looking at going back to work tomorrow as I have next week booked off already, my week with the children smile

Baby is kicking and active so much recently, I'm really glad after yesterday as it puts my mind at ease. He actually hurts sometimes, got a real kick on him grin

I've been lucky on the sleeping front. Struggled a bit when it was roasting hot but most of the time I drop off as soon as my head hits the pillow. I swear I could close my eyes in work sometimes and I would be asleep, I have the odd cup of coffee when it's bad but mostly tryin to avoid too much caffeine.

Dusty04 Wed 31-Jul-13 11:44:15

Really struggling today.. Headaches and have the awful socky feeling I had when I had morning sickness.. Please don't let it be coming back!! Shattered too..

Hiding away in a spare office while I bring myself together.. Work don't know about the baby yet, trying to keep it that way until 20 week scan.. 8 days and counting!

mumoftwoboysS Wed 31-Jul-13 13:18:50

Glad all is ok now 2labs that must have been scary- had a bleeding scare @ 6wks and I was a mess.

I'm like you re sleeping too- sleeping no problem- apart from needing a wee in the middle of the night! I lay down yesterday when DS2 went for a nap, 1 1/2 hours later I got up! Just hit a wall, felt like I couldn't do anything I was so tired...

I'm struggling too with my stomach- think it was too much fibre yesterday! Now I'm getting lots of pain. Also have a red slightly itchy rash on my belly- it's just like the type of rash I get if I get an allergic reaction to something- the only thing I can think of is I wore a new top without washing it the night before last? My skin is pretty sensitive right now... not sure if I should go to the doctors or just see if it settles.

Dusty I can't believe you've kept your pregnancy hidden till now! My tum is huge, no chance in me hiding it!! Are you worried they won't react well to the news?

I'm trying to keep my news away from the FB domain till after my 20 week scan -just for me to be happier that baby is ok before broadcasting it to the world! But a friend said congrats yesterday onlne and then someone else said for what- so I'll see if I make it to my scan on Friday before everyone knows!

Dusty04 Wed 31-Jul-13 14:47:57

mum my stomach isn't that huge yet.. Well it is for me as I normally teach fitness classes (something I've not done for months based on medical advice) but some maternity jeans and a few floaty tops have kept me going..

There's a few changes at work and my current line manager has left, didn't get on that well with her so wasn't bothered not to tell her.. Plus nothing is kept private in an organisation this size so wanted to keep it quiet until we know everything is ok!

froubylou Wed 31-Jul-13 15:10:20

Afternoon everyone.

not posted for a while as been busy with school hols. DD (9) is allowed to play OUT now. Which is fine in theory but in reality means half an hour OUT then a series of little girls traisping through for drinks/snacks/icepops/wee's/come and play in the house cos its raining etc etc.

Was easier when DD was IN. Bored I can cope with, the rest of the kids off the street not so much. And if you say she's only allowed 1 friend in then someone gets left out. And they all have holidays/weekends away etc etc so I want her to be friends with more than 1. Sigh. Haven't been in her room for 2 days and she had a sleepover last night. Up until 3am they were giggling, then awake again at 7am. Think an early night is in order!

Restless legs seem to be easing up a bit but I've been making sure I have at least a pint of milk a day so whoever suggested that thanks muchly!

DP delighted that my sex drive has returned lol. Have had the horn for the last week now!!!

And I can feel baby under the surface of my skin. Not caught him/her moving yet through the skin but when baby is in a certain position it is definatly feelable if you know what I mean? Scan next thursday so will hopefully find out if it's pink or blue! Dp in the doghouse as I dont think he can make it. Issues with work, new contract due to start etc etc. Sigh. Be me and DD I bet but nice for her. Just a bit worried in case anything isn't as it should be and I'm on my own with her. Going to take her kindle and tell sonographer that if they have anything private to discuss then she will wait outside. Overwhelmingly though the odds are good and she'll just get to find out before anyone else if she's having a brother or a sister!

DaleyBump Wed 31-Jul-13 18:50:04

Sorry music, internet went down last night <grumble grumble>

I've just bought this in a charity shop for £6.50. Oh my god! Proper working and everything! It just needs to be disinfected and we're good to go! gringrin

mumoftwoboysS Wed 31-Jul-13 19:36:13

daley we've got a pink one of those someone gave us- my boys didnt care about the colour-lol! My eldest especially loved bouncing and spinning around on it- you got a bargain!

Ds1 just been sick in his cot sad please don't let this be the beginning of a really long night clearing up sick. Might explain my dodgy tum too...fingers crossed its a mild case of whatever it is!....

DaleyBump Wed 31-Jul-13 21:43:27

Couldn't believe it when I looked it up when I got home! That's a wee shame, hope it passes and you both feel better sad

itsliz Wed 31-Jul-13 22:45:24

DaleyBump That's brilliant! What a great bargain grin

A friend recently gave us an electric Tommy Tippee bottle steriliser for free. Didn't realise it was worth about £50 until today!

Ooh and we picked up our travel system today - another bargain, considering it's worth £500 and we managed to get all the bits for £150. Prices aside, I'm so, so pleased with it! Everything suddenly feels a bit more real now that we've got an actual pram sat in the hallway, haha grin

So has anyone else managed to nab any good baby bargains lately?!

DaleyBump Wed 31-Jul-13 23:01:44

Does anyone need any baby clothes? People just won't stop buying me clothes that are 0-3 months. We're in a 1 bed flat and we just have no space at all. It's so bad that I have to step over bags of baby clothes in my living room. I've not sorted it out yet but I'll be getting rid of some of it, if anyone wants it. We also have a baby walker that we won't be using if anyone wants it. I think it's pink/red but I can't remember, it's in storage at my DP's dad's house.

We've had a bottle sterilizer for free, a changing table with a bath and two shelves in it for storage for £20, travel system for £270, baby gym for £15 (reduced from £50!!), a free high chair, a free baby walker, (the one we're not using) cot for £40... There's more but I can't remember. Love bargain hunting! smile

DaleyBump Wed 31-Jul-13 23:02:28

Meant to say, that's fab for £150!!

DaleyBump Thu 01-Aug-13 01:08:53

DP is talking in his sleep again, and he's just told me that he's getting a sonar report in from the USA. What goes on in his head?!

violetbean Thu 01-Aug-13 07:33:12

Daley we would love some baby clothes if they are really going spare, my last paycheck just came (was on a fixed term contract which just ended) and soon my back balance will be looking grim! But don't go to any trouble, it's so lovely you have been given so much already and you may have others closer to you who can take the spares off your hands. thanks thank you for offering. thanks

DaleyBump Thu 01-Aug-13 10:54:22

Sure thing violet smile I'll be sorting them out soon because it's really starting to bother me, so just send me a pm with where you want them delivered smile do you mind if some of it is second hand? It's all been washed (twice) but a lot of them came from charity shops or ebay.

abcdemma Thu 01-Aug-13 12:22:10

Loving hearing about all the bargains smile My mum's got a lot of stuff for us but my proudest achievement is getting a baby bath, changing mat & steriliser on ebay for £6.50! Turns out the steriliser is worth £20 (only a mini microwave one) so was well chuffed smile
That reminds me I got a pair of red winnie the pooh 0-3m leggings which are a bit too girly (didn't notice the pink flower lol) so if anyone wants them they can have them.
How much/many (?) clothes will baby need though? We have umpteen body suits and sleep suits but not too much nice stuff (how much nice stuff will a newborn need anyway?!). I imagine he'll spend most of his time in all-in-ones for the first couple of months...?

kyz1981 Thu 01-Aug-13 13:00:45

We had our Gender Scan and we are Team Pink! Really happy as it means we don't need to change the rooms round. However Baby was measuring a bit small- due to have growth scans at 28w and 32w so just hope she has a growth spurt.

Now I know its a girl I just can't stop shopping. However I have managed to snap up some bargains from Ebay, I got a stokke bounce and Sleep daybed for downstairs for £40.00 boxed and as new and a Silver cross surf for £175 and its immaculate - so pleased as I nearly brought a moses basket in the sale at mamas and papas for more than that. I also got a set of MAM Anti-Colic Self-Sterilising Bottle Starter Set at amazon really cheap.

I am trying to not buy to much as space is tight and its our third so don't actually need that much more- (already have car seat, Breast pump and other bits from DC). I think the only big things I still need to buy is a car seat base and a bedside/co-sleeper cot and a trial pack of reusable nappies- will look to buy more when I know which ones work best.

Hope everyone is well and congrats to all ladies with happy positive scan news.

DaleyBump Thu 01-Aug-13 14:43:33

Congrats kyz!!

Anyone for the baby walker? We're not going to use it, just a personal decision but my gran got it for us (second hand) without asking us.

mumoftwoboysS Thu 01-Aug-13 15:26:38

for those of you looking for bargains do you know about the Baby and CHildren's markets? Here's the link-


they have them around the country- I have been to the one near me quite a bit and have got some great bargains in the past- basically it's mums(and dads) selling their baby stuff from clothes to buggies, highchairs, sterilisers, toys, bedding - basically everything and it all goes really cheap usually as most of them just want rid! I got a slide and a small trampoline once for £5 total! And another time I got a great practially new baby gym for £4 amongst other great nearly new clothes etc.

there's also the NTC sales but I think you have to pay a bit more to enter- still worth a look.

I've still got that itchy rash on my belly, plus a huge (seriously, almost grape sized) spot or something on my neck! My skin has got so good recently but then this thing appeared! Not sure whether to get it checked out it really hurts and is like a boil or a mammoth zit- gross! Also now something's gone in my lower back and I can hardly walk- I think as the muscles are tight somethings pulled out a bit - I have had it before and an osteo straightened it.

I think it's happened as I haven't been doing my Pilates. So annoyed, called another place that said they do Pilates and were willing to take pregnant women, turns out the instructor is going away 'for some time' and the replacement can't teach pregnant women. So I'm stuck with no pilates or yoga classes within a 20 mile radius of here- it's unbelieveable. Meanwhile my back and core strength is suffering...

and that's my moan over!

abcdemma Thu 01-Aug-13 16:33:00

Congrats kyz smile
mumoftwo have you tried looking on youtube etc for pregnancy pilates? I'm the same with no classes anywhere near and some of these are alright, probs worth a try if you're suffering so much? No harm in going to docs for your skin too - especially with free prescriptions...

DaleyBump Thu 01-Aug-13 17:35:42

Thanks mumoftwo, I'll check that out! Have you seen your GP about the rash? A rash is one of those symptoms you're not supposed to ignore. Sorry you're feeling so rubbish sad

mumoftwoboysS Thu 01-Aug-13 20:58:20

No, I'm going to go to the docs tomorrow about the rash and the boil (pretty sure that's what it is-eew!) I also googled rashes as I've heard about that and pre eclampsia etc- pretty sure it's just an allergic rash but I agree, better for gp to have a look.

Abc good idea re YouTube - can access it from my tv so if I find a good video could potentially do it in my lounge a few times a week! Thanks for suggesting it, hadn't crossed my mind.

DaleyBump Thu 01-Aug-13 23:45:20

My left boob has just leaked all over my top. Bloody bugger. Have a box of breast pads sitting in the bathroom but didn't think I would have to use them yet!

Hi everyone, been having really bad stomach pains for a couple of days, rang triage who told me it was just aches and pains of pregnancy and to just take paracetamol and gaviscon.
As no better 2 days later, went and saw GP who sent me to hospital for check up and now 6 hours later I'm still here with suspected appendicitis angry

Doctor who examined me a couple of hours ago seemed quite hopeful that I would be able to go home if I don't get any worse by the time they examine me in the morning. Fingers crossed everyone please!

PistachioTruffle Fri 02-Aug-13 07:06:23

Oh Clare, hope you feel better soon flowers

violetbean Fri 02-Aug-13 08:01:59

Feel better Clare! Hand-holding... thanks

Thank you!
Feeling much better now but have to be examined by surgeon and possibly a scan before any chance of going. Currently sporting a lovely IV drip as an accessory! Everyone else in here seems to be being induced, makes my achy tummy seem very trivial!

mumoftwoboysS Fri 02-Aug-13 09:45:11

clare hope you recover soon :-( not something you want to have to deal with when you're pregnant.

I'm at docs now waiting to be seen- typical my rash seems to be clearing and swelling on neck gone down a lot! I well, still want a referral for an osteopath about my back/pelvis and may as well get a large bottle of Gavisgom while I'm here. Only had the odd bout of indigestion but I know it's going to get worse and want some to hand! Last 2 pregnancies Gavisgon was my friend!!

Just 'saw' baby kick for first time this morning! Have felt lots but lovely to see my tum move- was quite a big kick!! DH should be able to feel it soon (always that tricky part of timing it right- as I remember saying 'feel it now'then nothing would happen!)

13loki Fri 02-Aug-13 10:13:26

Clare hope you feel better soon.mum glad the rash seems to be clearing.

I am on my way to Norway for the third time in 2 weeks. Went on holiday, my car broke down, roadside assistance couldn't fix it, so gave us hire car. Went back 4 days later to return hire car. Now my car is fixed, so back to collect it. Bloody long day, though. Left home at 6:30 this morning, will probably get home about 11 tonight. But the mechanic felt sorry for the pregnant woman, and got me a cheaper, second hand part, so in total the repair is costing less than the new part he quoted for. And I still get the same warranty.

TakingTheStairs Fri 02-Aug-13 11:26:34

Morning all,

Clare you poor thing, I hope you start to feel better soon.

Mumoftwo hope you get some help for your back/pelvis. I'm seeing an osteo every week for my back and doing pilates twice a week to try and help the pain, so I understand what you're going through sad

Hooray I'm free!
Docs weren't sure of cause, said could be appendix but as in much less pain and CRP? levels in blood had gone back down they were happy to let me go, I just have to call them back if pain returns.
Such a relief to be home! smile

DaleyBump Fri 02-Aug-13 12:12:08

Fantastic clare, glad you're feeling better smile

mumoftwoboysS Fri 02-Aug-13 12:13:59

Thanks-well doc wanted blood test for rash (test liver function and some virus that causes slapped cheek? Can affect the foetus.) I will NOT worry until results come back- he said its unlikely so I'm holding on to that thought. 2 hours total today at hospital and doctors- kids luckily were v well behaved bless them

mumoftwoboysS Fri 02-Aug-13 12:17:51

takingthestairs is that private or NHS? If you don't mind me asking? Doc said they don't use osteo for referral only physio - my experience of physio in the past has been very underwhelming. He said he'd 'make a note' of my pain and now have to see if private insurance will get me an osteo. I can't afford to pay regularly myself.

clare glad all seems ok, what a relief!

TakingTheStairs Fri 02-Aug-13 12:52:41

Mumoftwo It's private. My health insurance covers the cost of the osteo but not the pilates (obv)
Do you need a referral to get your insurance to cover the cost? (if you don't mind me asking)

PistachioTruffle Fri 02-Aug-13 12:58:48

Glad you're free Clare! grin

I need someone to have a word with me please. I saw the bus coming earlier and jogged/ran to the bus stop - only about 10 metres or so - and now I'm getting twinging pains down near my pubic bone. I haven't done any damage have I? Probably just pulled it but I'm having a little stress out now.

TakingTheStairs Fri 02-Aug-13 13:14:29

you absolutely haven't done any damage pistachio
Maybe a little muscle strain at the most, but no damage

PistachioTruffle Fri 02-Aug-13 13:17:17

Thankyou Taking, sometimes I think I just need someone to tell me I'm overreacting! I feel better now grin

TakingTheStairs Fri 02-Aug-13 14:22:03


NomDeClavier Fri 02-Aug-13 14:26:13

You'll be fine pistachio I ran regularly throughout my previous pregnancy so 10m jogging won't do any damage unless you've got a pre-existing condition.

It seems we've reached that stage already where we're all cracking up, although clare doesn't seem to be pregnancy related! Hope all is ok with your tummy now.

Rash is definitely something not to ignore mum so glad you went to get checked out. Fingers crossed the results come back clear.

That sounds a really nightmare with your car, loki. Didn't it break down at ikea or something recently too?

I buggered my hip last night having a bit of fun with DH and I have really tense and achy calves too sad <whine whine>

Gannetgob Fri 02-Aug-13 17:55:19

Oh gosh, its all going on!

I hope you are feeling better clare, must have been scary for you.

Mum, I hope your rash gets sorted too!

I was a bit jealous of all of your bargains so I have joined the scary world of ebay! I am getting a bit carried away I think. I have spent a lot, but the money I have saved/will save if I win what I have bid on is much more. So I am a happy bunny and it turns out that ebay isnt so scary after all!

Earlier on in the thread, someone (I can't remember who - sorry) mentioned leaky nipples. Mine have started too! It was really bad last night. Are people getting some kind of pads or just putting up with it?

Gannetgob Fri 02-Aug-13 19:10:10

I don't think I'm cut out for ebay after all. I feel anxious about whether or not I will win and if I don't, I get a bit stroppy. It's very stressful!

I'm so pathetic.

QueenofWhispers Fri 02-Aug-13 19:25:28

it's our 7 year wedding anniversary today...and he's walked out to get bbq sauce. It's been an hour.

Not sure if we'll continue with this relationship after this weekend, but I definitely need more attention than this.

froubylou Sat 03-Aug-13 10:37:49

Queen, LTB lol.

Hope anyone who has been feeling poorly feels better now.

Think my milk is coming in too. I'm only 20 weeks FFS, and don't fancy another 20 weeks of leaky nipples to add to my woes. Boobs gone even more massive, hard and sore and am getting a little white matter from them if I mess in the bath or shower. Not a liquid though (yet).

Gannett I'm the same as you with Ebay so I don't bother lol.

Not much for us to buy. Just had a baby boy and a baby girl in the family so either way got lots to be passed on. Pram is main thing, going to suss out the clothes situation once I know what colour I'm having. Have been given cot, moses basket and changing mat already (though I havent picked them up yet). Will be glad to find out so i can start collecting things and working out what I need.

mumoftwoboysS Sat 03-Aug-13 14:43:06

Well after a looong wait had my 20 week scan yesterday and all was well!! So relieved. All checks came back good and baby showed us some good kicks. Still don't know what we're having- she asked us if we wanted to know the sex and I reluctantly said no!

now just waiting for blood results for rash. Have read up on slapped cheek- really doesn't seem likely as the rash is on the face-mine is on the belly. Also liver function problems- Cholastasis or something, again I'm feeling optimistic that it's nothing as serious as that either. It feels just like the allergic rashes I occasionally get from creams or something that has come into contact with my skin. And my skin is particularly sensitive atm. (she says crossing her fingers tightly)

But overall, sigh of relief that baby seems healthy and now I'm going to allow myself to think more about names and stuff we need. Went through the top 100 list of boys and girls names with DH on the way back from the hospital and from the boys names I liked about 3 seriously!

Congratulations mum it's such a weight off your mind having a scan!
Feeling so much better now, keep half expecting the pains to return but all good so far.
Haven't yet bought any baby stuff off eBay but got most of my maternity gear from there, I get full on eBay rage if I get outbid (which happens a lot) grin

merr Sat 03-Aug-13 20:35:16

well, its busy in here!

Loki, I'd love to go to Norway once, but the car trouble sounds rubbish, sometimes I'm glad to be in a no car family (not bloody often though...)

Mum, glad your scan went well, hope the rash gets sorted out.

Gannet, its worth looking here http://www.littlelambnappies.com/accessories/washable-bamboo-breast-pads as they sometimes do a half price offer on washable breastpads, I used them last time and they were lovely and soft. I also get the Ebay rage, and do some stupid bidding just to win, ended up paying double the expected price for something last week by putting in a huge last minute bid ;(

I'm just back from camping with my hubby and sons, can't believe some people had full blow up sofa/beds, tvs & games consoles in tents, one had almost a full kitchen I could see. This is when I'm especially jealous of car drivers as we have to carry everything!!

20 week scan not so far away now, 16th August and I can't wait to have another look

QueenofWhispers Sat 03-Aug-13 21:00:04

Looks like I can't LTB...he said he was going out for bbq sauce. He came back with a months worth of my favourite home cooked meals, and he's stocked the freezer. I love this bastard!

violetbean Sun 04-Aug-13 12:45:59

Queen, that's sweet! Happy anniversary.

I am feeling very 'big' today, even the maternity jeans feel tight around the hips sad Doesn't help that at a friend's wedding yesterday DH took a photo of me that just looked awful!
I guess that maybe the plus side is that for the first few months of next year I may not have time to think about what I look like!

Weird dreams at the moment, last night I dreamt I took in a family of 5 foster kids into a one-bed flat. And that I had to go round confiscating knives off the small children before bed. confused
The slightly cooler weather is welcome, am not eating as many cornettos and ice pops as I had been in recent weeks!

Hope everyone is well. Love hearing the scan stories, mine's on Tuesday. smile

Featherbag Sun 04-Aug-13 13:47:34

Hi all, moaning again I'm afraid. I've had epigastric pain for a few days, I, the midwife I called and the out of hours GP all put it down to pregnancy-related heartburn, although it's constant and not a burning pain. Anyway, went into work today and noticed my pee had turned a very disturbing shade of neon yellow, and that in scratching constantly. So I got one of my colleagues to do my bloods, just to set my mind at rest - figured it was pregnancy paranoia making me worry about my liver. Now I'm sitting at home with my bag packed waiting for a phone call to say my bed's ready, as my liver tests were all over the place and I have to have a liver scan. I'm so desperately worried, and so desperately cross with the midwife and GP who dismissed it as heartburn!

PistachioTruffle Sun 04-Aug-13 14:09:02

Oh feather, you poor thing! I really hope everything turns out ok flowers

Featherbag Sun 04-Aug-13 15:41:20

Fed up. Sitting on the ward next to one of my regulars, who keeps talking to me. Have sent DH and DS home, DS was getting bored and shouty and there are ill people on the ward. My neighbour doesn't seem to get that the me in uniform isn't the same as the poorly worried me sitting here in pain. They're going to try and get me a side room but not holding out much hope!

mumoftwoboysS Sun 04-Aug-13 15:51:01

Oh no feather, sorry to hear that. I'm waiting blood results for my liver but won't find out till mon/tues - what are your itching symptoms? Is it a red rash? Mine is red (but not really red) and a bit itchy but not that kind of unbearable itch. Hope they have some answers for you soon

Featherbag Sun 04-Aug-13 15:53:43

I've got no rash, but my whole body is itchy, my hands, feet, legs and abdomen unbearably so. It's like having intensely dry skin, except my skin isn't dry!

MsCatShoes Sun 04-Aug-13 17:14:06

Best wishes to you Featherbag - it sounds awful, I hope it doesn't go on too long

QueenofWhispers Sun 04-Aug-13 17:23:49

oh featherbag! sending lots of good vibes your way!

MsCatShoes Sun 04-Aug-13 17:26:53

Didn't mean to put this in a second post but over-enthusiastic clicking does that to you ... apologies

Got 20 week scan tomorrow (at 21+4) and have already started winding myself up about it.

Doesn't help that, like violet the weird dreams have kicked in and seem intent on pulling out my worst fears and showing them to me in glorious technicolour!

DaleyBump Sun 04-Aug-13 17:44:43

Hope everything goes well for you feather flowers

DaleyBump Sun 04-Aug-13 17:45:01

Hope everything goes well for you feather flowers

harry78 Sun 04-Aug-13 18:09:33

Hey all.20 week scan today and all good smile. Just read through my notes though and the sonographer had put 'poor visualisation due to high maternal BMI' and I have come down to earth with a bang! sad She never said anything about it whilst I was in there and she got all the measurements she needed. Has anyone else had this?

weechops Sun 04-Aug-13 18:48:37

feather I hope all goes well for you. Big hugs.

I'm just plodding along. 22 weeks tomorrow and starting to feel quite heavy and awkward now. I think this is going to be another big baby.

violetbean Sun 04-Aug-13 19:02:48

feather, hope they find you a side room! Sounds awful, hope the scans come back ok. Thinking of you. thanks

Hope everything goes ok for you feather thanks

PistachioTruffle Sun 04-Aug-13 20:15:46

Ah feather that sounds dreadful, can they not put you on a specific antenatal ward? X

Featherbag Sun 04-Aug-13 21:42:46

Thanks everyone, believe it or not knowing you bunch of strangers on the Internet are thinking of me does help! 2 of the ladies in the bay have dementia and are rather vocal, I'm hoping I get moved soon, I'm exhausted and desperate for sleep. The obstetrician has decided whatever's going on with my liver is unlikely to be pregnancy related so I'm on a general ward. It's the admissions ward, so there's a steady stream of my colleagues bringing patients through from A&E, and although I'm grateful for the sympathy I'm getting sick of explaining how I ended up in here!

Featherbag Sun 04-Aug-13 21:42:46

Thanks everyone, believe it or not knowing you bunch of strangers on the Internet are thinking of me does help! 2 of the ladies in the bay have dementia and are rather vocal, I'm hoping I get moved soon, I'm exhausted and desperate for sleep. The obstetrician has decided whatever's going on with my liver is unlikely to be pregnancy related so I'm on a general ward. It's the admissions ward, so there's a steady stream of my colleagues bringing patients through from A&E, and although I'm grateful for the sympathy I'm getting sick of explaining how I ended up in here!

Featherbag Sun 04-Aug-13 21:43:23

Sorry for the double post, on phone and not sure how that happened!

QueenofWhispers Sun 04-Aug-13 21:59:51

don't worry!

so I saw the bugaboo buffalo in person today and I think I may want it. I just can't decide though. I've already got a Cameleon2, I should just upgrade to the Cameleon 3 chassi and keep everything else....but the buffalo seems sturdier.

not sure what to do, we have to buy another car soon too. blah.

MildredH Sun 04-Aug-13 22:02:31

Aw Feather- so sorry this is happening. Hope they find you a side room! Are you friendly with the bed managers?

I've just come off a weekend on call- if only you were at my Hosp I'd have demanded isolation for you!!

Do they have ear plugs at your Hosp? They have them on drug trolleys at ours..

Hope they sort scan tomo- keep us posted xxx

Featherbag Sun 04-Aug-13 22:29:08

Thanks Mildred - I am very friendly with them but the hospital's stupidly busy at the minute and I wouldn't want to take a side room from someone who really needed it. I may change my tune in a few hours though!

musiceverywhere Sun 04-Aug-13 22:49:46

Aw Feather that sucks. I guess its good that they've spotted it and are investigating, but I can imagine how awful it must be stuck on Admissions sad Hope they move you soon, I'm sure they'll give you a side room if at all possible. Ear plugs and eye masks were essential while I was in, and curtains round at all times. Don't care if people think I'm rude! Will you have people coming to see you tomorrow? Try and relax if you can, we're all here to listen too flowers
Queen, very cute story of your DH stocking up the freezer- told my DH but don't think he got the hint!
Mildred did you get things sorted with work?
Ladymedea was thinking of you, are you feeling any better?
Not much going on here, starting to feel more movement smile Still have 2 weeks sick off work left and have decided to start mat leave at about 34 weeks (using annual leave) so only 10 working weeks left! I'm sure they'll make the most of it though!
Bought first thing for bump today- little soft toy 'Tigger' in Sainsbury's. Only cheap, but soooo cute. smile

Featherbag Sun 04-Aug-13 23:42:52

Have been moved, not a side room but a 4-bed bay on a brand new ward, only 2 other patients in and they're fast asleep and not even snoring smile

musiceverywhere Sun 04-Aug-13 23:54:20

Yay! Big improvement. Now try and get some sleep. Hope you're not waiting too long for scan tomorrow. x

QueenofWhispers Sun 04-Aug-13 23:55:04


I'm happy they've moved you to a more quiet space. I hope you a speedy recovery!

As far as our anniversary goes, this has been a strange one. There has been no jewellery, or gifts, nor flowers or fancy dinners. We did go to a quote along viewing of the princess bride at the prince charles cinema which was nice--and included in the price of ticket was a drink and a slice of pizza.

We were supposed to go buy new sheets today at peter jones, but ended up at harrods to look at prams and nursing chairs. I guess 7 years just means being happy with whatever we've made with each other and just learning to be content. I guess I have to settle for a freezer full of food (which I am quite happy about) but where is the romance and thrill? on one hand, I am happy, but on the other hand---shouldn't I be expecting more?

musiceverywhere Mon 05-Aug-13 00:07:38

Well this year was only our FIRST anniversary AND I had surgery 2 days later. Have I seen a single bouquet/pot plant/daisy chain from my DH? No. sad
Movie trip sounds fun, maybe this year is just more 'low-key' for you guys?
Gonna head to bed, hoping sleep a bit easier tonight.

QueenofWhispers Mon 05-Aug-13 00:29:07

I think that I need to readjust my expectations of what 'romance' means in our relationship. I have a feeling that this is exactly how he envisioned all our anniversaries. I think next year, it may be us at some sporting event with his friends and I'll be sent off to get the snacks.

Featherbag Mon 05-Aug-13 01:20:23

I am feeling so very sorry for myself, my whole body is so itchy I feel like I'm hosting a fire ant convention, I could just rive my whole skin off. And there's NOTHING anyone can do about it that isn't already being done. This is horrible, I feel wretched hmm

musiceverywhere Mon 05-Aug-13 01:43:51

Oh feather, it's so rubbish. Laid awake while everyone sleeping and feeling v lonely. I've been there. What are they doing for you? If the itching is related to your liver, then antihistamines prob wont touch it (am a pharmacist, but obviously tend not to use them in pregnancy anyway).
It isn't much help right now, but when I've had really bad hives in past (awake all night with it) calamine lotion was the only thing that soothed them. I didn't care how messy it was! Could someone bring some in tomorrow? (check with docs first though!) Can you ask nurses to put some E45 in the fridge for you in meantime?
Hope the nurses on the ward are sensitive to your pregnancy. That was really important to me. If you want them to scan/Doppler tomorrow (which would be understandable as you'll be anxious) give them a heads up so they can find a machine. (unlikely to have if not antenatal ward). Unless you're feeling movement which is obviously a good sign!
Try not to watch the clock, do you have something to read (not online) to try and take your mind off it?
I hope it eases off so you can sleep and you get some answers soon. x

Featherbag Mon 05-Aug-13 05:50:25

Thanks music, I slept on and off for a couple of hours but woken by pain and that damned itching again! Have more IVT up, and just had more painkillers, bloods have just been redone too. Not sure how long results take to come back on ward bloods, pretty sure it won't be the 30-60 minutes of A&E but the bag of fluid they've just started is a 6-hour so not going anywhere anyway!

MildredH Mon 05-Aug-13 06:06:36

Morning feather,

Just thought I'd say hi so you know you're not the only one awake at silly o clock!

DH just left for work. I bloody told him he'd end up waking me- grrr. My first day off after 7 on. He's in the spare room next time he leaves this early!

Hope your bloods come back soon. Should be c.2 hours max from wards. Expect they've done this them early to have results for morning ward round?

I know they think not preg related but are obs team aware you're in? You should be shared care really.. and unless you're totally reassured by lots of movements I'd ask for a Doppler for reassurance. I think at my Hosp a midwife would pop down and do one if needed..

Have you at least got tea & toast coming? Surely only upside to being an inpatient! wink

Featherbag Mon 05-Aug-13 07:46:06

Think I'm going to push the boat out and ask for porridge Mildred! NotGeorge has spent all night dancing so I know he's there x

mumoftwoboysS Mon 05-Aug-13 08:09:01

Oh feather that itching sounds so awful. And there was me going on about my rash (which I'm sure is nothing) hope they see you soon- I'm surprised they say its not pregnancy related- how can they be so sure?
Queen when I first met DH he brought flowers and champagne when we met every month for the first year- I thought he was so romantic! I married him and have since discovered he's more of a practical type and I'm more likely to get a book for an anniversary present (but to be fair he does take me out for dinner) he tried really hard one year and bought

mumoftwoboysS Mon 05-Aug-13 08:12:33

Oops- bought underwear and it was awful! So I've accepted he's never going to bring me exactly what I would have wanted (beautiful jewellery, big gestures) but that's ok as I love him anyway! (Though it has been a good few months since I last got flowers hmm. I think we do kinds of have to adjust our expectations and there's always going to be someone out there (usually some annoying person on FB) who tells the world what her amazing romantic OH has bought her this time!

MollySJ Mon 05-Aug-13 08:40:47

harry78 in the group I was on with DS1 a few had this added to their notes when no one had said anything to them directly or had any issues getting all the info. The conclusion to it them was that many sonographers put things like this to cover themselves when they see a 'high' BMI incase they miss anything that might be come back to bite them. A bit naughty but I suppose in this litigious age it's becoming more standard :-(

MildredH Mon 05-Aug-13 08:55:23

See Feather.. Breakfast in bed- cloud! wink

Seriously though- hoping for good results for you today.

Am sure you know this but make sure the medical team realise you're staff.. It does make a difference to how you're treated..

MildredH Mon 05-Aug-13 08:55:52


harry78 Mon 05-Aug-13 09:01:09

Thanks molly
the thing is although my BMI is higher than it should be my midwife wasn't worried. It was 26 at booking in and is now nearer 28... I feel a bit hurt by it to be honest and now worried the pics wrent good enough. I have always been self concious about my weight and lost two stone before getting pregnant, and now the words 'high maternal BMI' just keep going round and round my head sad

Featherbag Mon 05-Aug-13 09:26:11

They know Mildred, it's already made a difference, that's how I scored a bed on this ward! It's a dialysis ward, so nothing to do with what I'm in for, but the night matron had me moved here as the 'next best thing' when she couldn't get me a side room, as it's known for being quiet and peaceful here, with plenty of staff. Have to say I can't fault anyone here, they've been so attentive and sympathetic and just NICE!

Just spoke to DS via FaceTime, got a big sloppy kiss via screen with full mmmmmmmmmMAH! sound effects!

lisbapalea Mon 05-Aug-13 10:08:07

Feather you poor thing - hope you get seen to swiftly today and they have the latest results and a plan on what to do with them so you can get out of there and back home with your lovely sounding DS!

I am off for my 20wk scan shortly - can anyone tell me if I need to have a full bladder for this one? It doesn't say so on the letter, but wanted to double check!

froubylou Mon 05-Aug-13 10:12:18

Oh Feathers, I hope you feel better soon and get some answers. Nothing worse than itching. My nipples and boobies have been horrendous whilst PG so to have your whole body feel like that must drive you mad. Big hugs and look at it as a bit of an enforced rest though I know hospitals arent that restful. Do you have something to read or a kindle to keep you occupied? Are you allowed out of bed for a little walk around the hospital if you tell them where you are and when you will be back? My DP was in hospital for 2 weeks the other year and towards the end he was 'allowed' down to the coffee shop for half an hour if we let the sister know where he was going. Poor bugger looked forwards to those little trips!

Well I had a horrible day yesterday. Sigh. We were supposed to be going to a pony show but sisters 4 x 4 died saturday night (after bathing a filthy white grey pony for an hour) so that was a big disappointment for us all.

Got up sunday and took her for a ride instead so that killed a couple of hours. Got home, tidied round a bit then decided to go to M & S with DP and DD (9) for some picky stuff for tea. We usually have a takeaway on Sundays after a show so had nothing in.

All good. Until DD asked for a subway for lunch. It was 2.30pm by this time, we'd had bacons and eggs at about 12.30ish after her ride so it wasn't as though she was starving and the Subway was right across the other side of the (very busy, very big) shopping centre.

Because I said no she went running to DP and asked him who said 'see what mum says but I think it's too late'. I again said no.

Lots of big fat tears. Cuddling up to DP making me look like I was being mean and nasty. Finished rest of shopping and got halfway home.

Said (jokingly) to DD to try and cheer her up 'Good job we went to M & S and not aldi otherwise daddy would be crying too' DP hates Aldi, likes lots of their stuff but hates walking around it.

DP replied (quite snottily) 'Well I don't work 50 or 60 hours a week to traipse round Aldi on a weekend.'

I took that as him having a go at me over 1) not working F/T which is grossly unfair as I've said loads of times (before PG) I would be happy to go back F/T and 2) that I spend too much money which isn't true. he doesn't understand the cost of things at all (I deal with all the finances) and would fritter away everything we had on shite we don't need.

So then I burst into hysterical tears as well. And couldn't stop crying. And then DD set off again as I was crying.

FFS, hormones are raging in our house lol. DD is approaching puberty I think (I was the same at her age) and I know I spent a good few days a month weeping when I was PG with DD.

So I had a bloody awful day yesterday. Feel drained and headachey and am still angry with DP. He's a star most of the time BUT when he's an arse he's an arse. He was pissed off yesterday because we didn't get to the show. Which is fine I understand that. But it wasn't my fault sisters car broke down. He wants us to have our own 4 x 4 and trailer so we can go on our own next year. Which I would love. But I can't see us being able to commit to affording it until we know what work is like for DP next year (he's a builder) and to be honest I have other priorities just now. But he's adamant thats what we are having.

I think we need to move house first as we only have 2 beds at the min and are hopelessly short on space. But all he talks about is a big fancy 4 x 4 and a posh trailer.

Wouldn't mind but until this year he didn't 'do' ponies at all and viewed them as an expensive waste of time pmsl. Its only because he's been showing instead of me that he's 'got the bug'.

Anyways now I've had a good bloody moan I hope everyone else is OK?

Harry don't worry about that comment. My BMI was about 28 I think at first appt and nothing has been said or noted on my records.

Hope Holly is OK? She's not posted for a while.

weechops Mon 05-Aug-13 10:31:25

AW frouby what a day you had sad hopefully you and dd are in better moods today.

Lisba you don't need a full bladder for 20 week scan. My sonographer asked if I wanted to go for a pee when she started scanning as mine was so full smile

Featherbag Mon 05-Aug-13 10:49:10

Good news here! Bloods are looking better, so as long as there's nothing drastic on the scan (in a couple of hours) I should get home later, and the pain and itching should settle within a couple of days. They think I might have had a temporary blockage in the bile duct which has shifted on its own - I've no history of gallstones but weight loss and pregnancy can bring them on apparently. Will know for sure (hopefully) later today.

lisbapalea Mon 05-Aug-13 11:03:55

Thanks weechops that's a relief as I drank loads of water before heading to the hospital and am now busting! Thank god I can get some relief otherwise don't reckon I'd be able to concentrate on the scan!

Good news feather - fingers crossed you get home soon!

hetsto Mon 05-Aug-13 11:18:11

Hello all! Sorry to join the party late, but hope noone minds. I'm due on 15th December with my first, and v excited! Anyone else living/working in London? ...The tube is killing me at the moment.

harry78 Mon 05-Aug-13 11:18:29

Thanks frouby...

LadyMedea Mon 05-Aug-13 11:24:39

Hi music and everyone else.

I'm still off work with anxiety and depression. Started back on a low dose of my old anti depressants just over a week ago. Fingers crossed that will help me cope with going back to work on Friday. Had a totally disappointing CBT session... so vague and no practicall suggestions. the rest ofit is self help but the book ive been reading is far better. Seeing doc on Thursday and will see what she says but I think I have to try.

Went over the finances with DH last night as I need to put in my mat leave forms when I go back. Decided to go even earlier, finishing work at 30 weeks with four weeks leave to start with, then mat leave. As I have more leave than I thought this only actually puts us two weeks worse off than going at 34 so I don't feel guilty. Not sure if I'll make it through 7 weeks at work but if I end up back signed off so be it. My health has been a nightmare since I started this job 18 months ago so feel guilty, but then the job has been a nightmare too so part of me doesn't give a flying f**k.

Been having fun with my blood pressure this week as its been plummeting and my heart racing! I normally have high blood pressure so now experimenting with no meds for a couple of days.... What am I like!

Chilli81 Mon 05-Aug-13 11:30:47

hello everyone. not posted in a while as been off on hols to Edinburgh for a week. was lovely and the weather was surprisingly ok.
welcome hetsto
feather you poor thing. sounds awful. glad it sounds like you might be going home soon.

Chilli81 Mon 05-Aug-13 11:34:00

ladymedea sorry to hear you're still feeling crappy. sounds like you're doing all the right things though.
work wise I'd say prioritise yourself and your baby. a job is a job. thanks thanks

harry78 Mon 05-Aug-13 12:09:58

Hey hetsto you are due just a couple of days after me...13th here.

lisbapalea Mon 05-Aug-13 12:22:59

Just had 20wk scan and all is good - little plum was wriggling like a wriggly thing! Apparently my placenta is lying in front which explains why I haven't felt so much movement.

I feel so excited now!

harry78 Mon 05-Aug-13 12:35:41

Congrats lisba

itsliz Mon 05-Aug-13 12:40:06

Welcome, hetsto! I live in Surrey but commute to and from London every day at rush hour. Luckily I rarely have to use the tube, but the trains are just as hot and stuffy and packed at the moment, so I feel your pain!

Sending huge, great big hugs to Feather, frouby and Lady!
The worst I've been lately is feeling horribly dizzy, headachy and crampy so I can only imagine what you're all going through sad
Lady and Feather, I hope you're both back on the mend soon! flowers

MsCatShoes Mon 05-Aug-13 12:47:26

Hi everyone - best wishes to Feather and frouby - glad things are looking better for you Feather

LadyMedea - like you I found CBT to be vague and unhelpful but was moved onto deep-set CBT which was a bit more solution based and less "It's all your fault".

Had the 20/21 wk scan and all is well - placenta is on the back, measurements are good and little feet are all kicky. We also found out that DC is a DS so it's blue for me smile

mumoftwoboysS Mon 05-Aug-13 13:15:35

Congrats lisb are you another one who hasn't found out what you're having? And mscat very exciting! I'm convinced mine is also a boy - DH says he think he saw something on the scan, but I'm sure it was part of an arm?! It was too big to be a willy- lol (I'm sure dH was just proudly thinking how well endowed his baby is already-lol!)

lisbapalea Mon 05-Aug-13 13:25:55

Hi mumoftwo yes, we are in the dark regarding gender! I do find myself thinking it's a boy, but I think that is because in my heart of hearts that I what I would really like, although I would be happy either way, as I have DD already and know that girls are fab!

My brother died a couple of years ago and I would just love to honour him by using his name if we had a baby boy, so that's my main reason really.

When we had our scan with DD my DH thought he spotted a willy until I pointed out that it was the umbilical cord, and perhaps he needed to revisit his human biology knowledge!

mumoftwoboysS Mon 05-Aug-13 14:29:17

Ah I didn't think of that- maybe it was the umbilical cord not an arm - it was navel level...

That's a lovely idea using your brothers name in his memory- I used my dads name as a middle name for one of mine in his memory, was very bitter sweet when we first told people.

Anyone else feeling so drained sometimes? I can only describe it as pure lethargy. Despite a decent nights sleep I feel like I'm dragging myself around the place today. Would normally reach for a coffee but...maybe a tea, slightly less caffiene

MrsShrubs Mon 05-Aug-13 14:46:05

lots and lots to catch up on

welcome hetsto you are due the day after me! I'm working up in London but thankfully I only need to get the overground and can walk just 10 minutes to the office, the train is bad enough let alone the tube.

glad things are hopefully okay feathers

lady as chilli says you're doing the right thing, you and baby come first everything else second. Work will just have to deal with it.

Really sorry if I've missed various people off, had about 4 pages to catch up on.

Have gone slightly OTT on the M&S sale for baby boy, although I have mostly bought stuff for next summer as it's mainly summer stuff in the sale. Must reign myself in and buy practical things like changing bag and breast pump etc but they're not as exciting to buy!

Featherbag Mon 05-Aug-13 15:45:19

Turns out I've got about a million gallstones, more than likely caused or encouraged by pregnancy! So now I'm sitting waiting for surgeons to come and tell me their grand plan, after which I'm going home. Could be any time in the next few hours, but at least I know I'll be sleeping in my own bed tonight! Thanks for the support everyone, I've been so worried x

hetsto Mon 05-Aug-13 15:49:16

Thank you all for the welcome - it's so nice to be able to follow pregnancy chat and find some like minds and bodies at the moment!

MrsShrubs and harry78, sounds like we could all be very close together, do you know where you're going to be?

itsliz and MrsShrubs, I imagine the train can be even worse! I'm quite lucky that there's a tube every couple of minutes so I can get off and have a short break on the platform before getting back into the chicken coop two minutes later. ...I'm pretty sure the station staff think I'm completely mad!

rylea Mon 05-Aug-13 15:51:28

Hi anyone else noticed reduced movement? I felt so much movement last week and then the past couple of days hardly anything and today barely a thing (not sure if am imagining) I want to call midwife but I don’t want them to think I’m a drama queen, I’ve tried eating, lying still and going to try a warm bath when I get home, but really scared…..

How many weeks are you rylea? I read on here the other day that someone had been told by a midwife that movements should be regular from 24 weeks onwards but I would give them a call to put your mind at rest.
There's nothing like getting checked out and being told everything is fine to get the little blighters somersaulting! grin

mumoftwoboysS Mon 05-Aug-13 17:14:59

rylea have you tried orange juice or even tea/coffee (not suggested by midwifed generally but the caffiene might get little bean moving!) or a chocolate biscuit- I find mine active after eating.

So my blood tests have come back all clear (phew!) but still have an itchy tum. Anyone know of a belly/stretch mark cream that is unperfumed? Not sure if mine is causing the rash. It says hypoallergenic but does have a fragrance.

mumoftwoboysS Mon 05-Aug-13 17:46:56

feather meant to say glad you've found out what's wrong. Are gallstones something that can be left till the baby is born? I guess the pain could be too much for that time tho?

harry78 Mon 05-Aug-13 18:38:25

Hi feather so glad to hear you have got some answers...hopefully your mind will be eased

Roselau Mon 05-Aug-13 20:51:05

Hi all! Back in the uk just wanted to say hi. Sooooooo much to catch up on but I hope everyone is well.

Impatiently waiting for next scan on Friday. Can't wait to see if it's a little boy or girl and crossing my fingers for everything to be ok. Can't help worrying.
Have just gained 6 lbs in 20 weeks. Just enough to feel fat but not enough to look pregnant. Ah well as long as everything is ok I'm happy.

Ok off to reading everyone's updates!

Roselau Mon 05-Aug-13 21:46:58

Omg feather what a drag. Glad that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Hang in there.
So I feel very lame reading about anniversaries. Saturday was our 1 yr anniversary and we were in a redeye flight from Canada. Slept all day and went to bed early. BUT our friend gave us the idea to ask the technician to write the sex in an envelope instead of telling us on the spot so that we can open it at the restaurant in the evening. Booked us a table at the new Balthazar in Covent garden. Combo anniversary / baby celebration. SO excited (pending everything else goes well in the scan).

Hetsto I live central London but so lucky to live 20 mins walk away from the office. Although I must say the morning walk is already getting harder (uphill). Especially when it was so damn hot

Congrats all on the scan. Great news all around!

MildredH Mon 05-Aug-13 21:58:35

So glad all well Feather.. Guessing they're just going with advice of low fat diet to reduce pain for now?

Frouby- you're right Holly hasn't posted for ages.. Hope all ok.

Despite the too early wake up I've had a lovely day with my mum pootling around Sloane Sq and Kings Rd pretending to be all posh. Bought DD her first little outfits. Can't believe they'll be filled with podgy little limbs in less than four months!

WarpKitten Mon 05-Aug-13 22:21:55

Hello i am new to this thread. I'm due 28 December my 20 week scan on Monday, can't wait to find out what we're having. It's my first baby.

Rylea i have just started to feel it moving in the last week and then I thought it stopped for a few days - could it be that they turn around? I figured if it was facing my spine perhaps I couldn't feel it so much. Anyway its moving about again. It's a lovely feeling and reassuring I'm sure all is well.

anyone else been very breathless and faint? iHeat and packed Victoria line doesn't help.

QueenofWhispers Mon 05-Aug-13 22:46:03

hesto I'm in London too!

There are quite a bunch of us from London! x

AuroraOrtiz Tue 06-Aug-13 03:02:13

Hi everyone, I have not been on here for ages, as since moving have been really busy painting and decorating and feeing generally too exhausted to do anything other than slump and sleep when I get back from work! I live and work in London too and the tube is bad if I don't get a seat, but am finding the baby on board badge is helping..

Congrats to all of you who know what you are having! I am 20 weeks today and have my scan later this morning - very nervous hence being awake now at 3am! Think we will find out the sex if we can. Am not sure if I have felt the bump move yet. Sometimes I think I can feel 'fluttering' when I'm lying in bed, but don't no if it's my imagination or not! Will feel much better when I've had the scan!

AuroraOrtiz Tue 06-Aug-13 03:05:27

Oh and warp I am on the Victoria line too! And have also been feeling quite breathless recently. I am also being woken up every night with cramp in my leg - very annoying!

itsliz Tue 06-Aug-13 07:40:57

Glad you made it back safe and sound Roselau, sounds like you had a lovely trip smile

And welcome, WarpKitten! Looks like you're a week ahead of me as my scan is on the following Monday! Completely sympathise with feeling breathless and faint - I had to take last week off of work because the room felt like it was spinning every time I got up...!

Aurora best of luck with the scan today, hope it all goes well! And the baby on board badge is a lifesaver isn't it?! Not sure if its the same on the tube but people on the train are a lot more willing to give up their seat than I thought they'd be.

WarpKitten Tue 06-Aug-13 07:50:10

Good luck with your scan Aurora! Let us know how it went.

The baby on board badges are great but sometimes people, especially women, pretend they haven't seen it lol. I had one race me to a seat, then looked at me, read my badge, and opened her Metro.

I'm so fat now I don't need the badge. Anyone else put on a stone already?! I'm not much bigger elsewhere, just the bump. My mum only put on a stone in each pregnancy. But then it was the 70s and she smoked.

AuroraOrtiz Tue 06-Aug-13 08:12:32

Thanks itsliz and warp! Yes it is brilliant, but yes I do seem some people stare at the badge and then shut their eyes and pretend they are asleep! And I agree I think men are a bit better at giving up their seat than women in my experience.

Yes after weeks thinking I don't look pregnant and pushing my belly out on the tube in case people think I'm tricking, I definitely have a bump now, and a few people who I hadn't told have now asked me if I am! If all is well today will have to go and buy some maternity clothes - tops are still ok but trousers are really too tight now!

hetsto Tue 06-Aug-13 10:19:22

Yes to feeling faint WarpKitten. Do you have low blood pressure?

I also thought morning sickness was long behind me then suddenly this morning, it hit me all over again and I had to lean against a wall in a cold, dizzy sweat for 10mins - so embarrassing! Fingers crossed it's just a hiccough and I'll be back to feeling second-trimester-bright-and-breezy again soon!

Agreed that the Baby on Board badges are brilliant, although no one could fail to notice my bump these days!

Roselau Tue 06-Aug-13 12:01:50

warpkitten welcome!
i have the same issue. Had to put my head down in the lift today to make sure i would not pass out. embarrassing - people were like: what the hell is this girl doing? especially as i don't look particularly pregnant, I just look like a crazy lady.
I also almost fainted on the plane on Saturday, and properly fainted 3 weeks ago as I was getting a massage. So you're not the only one.
I have a history of low BP, and although every time they've checked since I've been pg, it's been normal, I think the heat thins your blood and I blame it on my low BP. When I properly fainted, we called the emergency midwife and she told me to not come in, it was probably just the heat.

so it seems like it's a normal thing in pg. baby sucks all the blood!

QueenofWhispers Tue 06-Aug-13 12:26:44

off to chiswick today, theres a fancy virgin active gym that has an outdoor pool. I'm going to dress like I'm on holiday and just lay in front of the pool for a few hours.

got to have lunch first though. Whats everyone having? x

mumoftwoboysS Tue 06-Aug-13 12:37:04

queen since you're asking and I'm sat here munching- I made myself a salad with lettuce, spinach, avocado, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, olives and feta with a home made French dressing, yum! Loving tangy salty things like feta and olives right now. Oh damn, just realised I had sundried tomatoes in the fridge! Oh well, tomorrows lunch!

I don't live in London but a few weekends ago I was on the tube with my mum and had people giving up their seats left right and centre- I was so impressed with such helpful Londoners - I must have just been lucky with the crowd that happened to be on it!

rylea Tue 06-Aug-13 12:56:46

Hi she started up again last evening after food so I’m thinking maybe she was a sleep all day yesterday?! Thanks for all the replies, I’m now 23+1

MrsShrubs Tue 06-Aug-13 13:02:07

Definitely agree men are more likely to give you a seat than a woman, I found the other day this woman staring at me as though daring me to ask her if I could have her seat, just went and sat in first class instead.

Welcome warp

I can't think who asked but I've put on about 8lbs I think but it's difficult to know for sure because of getting pregnant again 4 weeks after our MC I hadn't lost the few pounds I'd put on then too. Apart from my bump though I don't feel as though I've really put on too much elsewhere. Have had my first angry stretch marks suddenly appear but not on my stomach or hips but on my boobs, I was quite lucky in that department anyway but now they've got a mind of their own!

I can't remember who asked now, maybe hetsto about where I'm having baby shrub, we'll be at the PRUH which is Orpington/Bromley area.

Good luck with your scan today Aurora

Dusty04 Tue 06-Aug-13 14:04:43

I think in finally feeling some m

Dusty04 Tue 06-Aug-13 14:05:48

Argh! Feeling some movement over last few days.. Scan on Thursday so fingers crossed alls ok! Then I can finally tell work!

StaceyP85 Tue 06-Aug-13 14:41:11

Hi Ladies!
Had my 20 week scan today, and it's a BOY! smile

Was a funny scan! They told me it was a girl at first as they couldn't see anything, but I had to go for a wander to get baby to move so that they could see the heart properly and when they 'double checked' after you could clearly see it was a little boy! I was surprised he was so shy, my DH isn't when it comes to his bits! wink

All was fine, only issue is I have to go back at 32 weeks as I have a low lying anterior placenta. The lady explained I may have to have a CSection, but didn't seem too worried.

Any other ladies had experience of this?

hetsto Tue 06-Aug-13 15:18:51

Ahh, congratulations StaceyP85, that’s lovely news! smile It’s my scan tomorrow and we’re thinking that we’d prefer a surprise if possible, but now I’m tempted to find out! …Perhaps ours will be modest too and then we won’t have a choice! Either way, I can’t wait - it seems like ages since my dating scan.

I don’t know anything about low lying anterior placentas I’m afraid, but no doubt others will; I’m sure you’d know if you needed to worry. Were you thinking of a c-section anyway, or not?

StaceyP85 Tue 06-Aug-13 15:49:52

Thanks Hetsto

I think I would have been gutted if I couldn't find out. I am such a planner and am dying to buy blue or pink things! smile

I hadn't really thought a lot about birthing options yet. The only thing that worries me about a csection is the recovery time. We live in a top floor flat and not being able to get out and about easily may drive me a little mad!

It sounds silly, and I don't want to offend anyone who has had Csections in the past, but I kind of want to really experience birth If you know what I mean, I think it will feel like a massive achievement. Like an amazing ending to the last 9 months.

MsCatShoes Tue 06-Aug-13 16:48:40

StaceyP85 me too - I felt I just needed to know the gender (plus the grandparents are desperate to start shopping).

Hopefully you might not need a C-section - a friend of mine had low-lying and said they might have to, but they said she would be fine to go naturally in the end. I think they do keep you informed.

MrsShrubs Tue 06-Aug-13 17:46:05

Congratulations Stacey welcome to the blue bean club!! Someone we know had a scan at 17 weeks as there appeared to be some complications (luckily all was fine) and was told then they were having a girl only to get to their 20 week scan and be told they are in fact having a boy! These boys are obviously feeling very modest on camera!

b0nker5Mum Tue 06-Aug-13 17:50:55

Boo just typed a long message and deleted it... Will try remember!

Mrsshrubs, I'm under PRUH as well but still keen on a homebirth..

Haven't managed to find where to get the badge yet but a kind lady offered me a seat (still convinced I look fat rather than preggers!)..

I'm late finishing today as back to work today after holiday and had to interview my maternity cover... She seems very nice and ideal for the job but a little worried that they won't want me back!!

QueenofWhispers Tue 06-Aug-13 18:00:36


your lunch sounded delicious! i was craving some aubergines and courgettes so had those and some beetroot...then decided it was too healthy and had a bag of crisps (sweet chilli flavour) and then topped it all off with orange juice. sad I am ever soo un-healthy!

ccsays Tue 06-Aug-13 18:16:23

Hi all, just wanted to pop in to say hello, I do read it all even though I don't post very much. Been getting increasingly large bab kicks in the last week and I've got my 20 week scan (at 21 weeks) tomorrow, after which I'm officially allowing us to buy stuff! MIL has said she will buy us one 'big' thing for the baby, so we're going to ask her to buy a travel system (moderately priced, don't want to take the piss!)

Excited for baby stuff buying though, particularly loving this lovely Scandinavian style sleep suit set. Well definite not be shelling out three grand on pink and frilly stuff like these pair of numpties people just in case! (apologies for The Daily Fail link).

PistachioTruffle Tue 06-Aug-13 18:32:40

cc, that link made me laugh a little bit blush At my hospital at least, they apparently tell everyone that its 'likely' to be a boy/girl. I'm not really sure how its a news story either, as everyone claims to know someone who it has happened to! It looks like most of the room and the furniture was neutral anyway grin

mumoftwoboysS Tue 06-Aug-13 19:28:27

ccays love those sleep suits-so cute! If I have a girl I'll also be avoiding cutesy frilly pinks but just know that's all my mum will buy!! I don't mind the ofd pale pink bit but girls clothes these days seem to be so overly pink. When I was little I wore red, brown, blue (but then it was the seventies!) anyhew, I probably won't have the fun of shopping for girls clothes as convinced its another boy so poor thing will just get worn out hand me downs (at least I'll save money I guess!) grin

mumoftwoboysS Tue 06-Aug-13 19:29:48

Should have said 'the odd bit of pale pink'

mumoftwoboysS Tue 06-Aug-13 19:52:42

queen that's not that unhealthy! I eat salads so I can still have the crisps/biscuits and not feel so guilty!

I'm not sure what's average but I've put on just under a stone so far (13lbs) and half way, so does that mean I'll put on 2 stone by the end??..

QueenofWhispers Tue 06-Aug-13 20:01:33

I'm not sure how much I've gained, I'm super scared to find out.

Roselau Tue 06-Aug-13 20:34:30

baaaaahhh had also typed a long post on the stupid ipad and it crashed as i was going to post
i'll try to remember

queen, that is not bad what you ate. I know i can't stop the junk altogether so i also eat the healthy stuff to allow myself the daily treat (unfortunately sometimes more than daily). had smarties tonight yum

mum not a pinky person either so quite worried about parents' reaction when they find out. they will go crazy overboard for sure.

re: weight gain i'm encouraged to see it's kind of all over the place for people mid pregnancy. i will try to stop worrying about gaining so little, but will only be fully reassured after the scan i think... only 3 days left. i'll actually be 21 weeks at that stage.

oh and London ladies: i'm having a pg massage at cowshed on saturday. I looooove cowshed. they have a couple of locations and they are decently priced (for a london spa) and super professional. only have had good experiences there and i'm a regular. also go for the ultimate pg cowshed pedicure - it's to die for.
i really need it, my whole left leg including butt cheek has been cramping up like crazy just as I'm typing this - i hear it's normal. has this happened to anyone else? what do you do?

Featherbag Tue 06-Aug-13 21:28:03

Argh, just realised my huge update from earlier has disappeared into the ether! NotGeorge had hiccups for the first time last night, it was so funny! I can remember DS having them, but not til much later so this feels different.

Pain's a lot better today but I'm still trying to scratch my skin off, and I'm exhausted. The doc told me to take the week off work, but I'm not at all popular! I thought he was being over cautious, but I've spent most of today asleep (2 hours napping to 1 hour awake on average!) and I'm still in bed by 8.30 even though we have guests. DS has been a little monster all day so DH is in fine fettle, I feel terrible that he's had to deal with him all day but I really do just feel totally drained, plus I'm still having dizzy/vomity episodes. Dreading tomorrow, DH has to go to work so it'll just be DS and me all day and I honestly don't know how I'm going to get through the day. Plus DH has to go back out to a meeting at DS's bath and bed time, which is usually a battle of wills! Still, has to be gotten through, so get through it I will.

Mildred, I forgot to ask, what happened with your consultant? Was thinking about you while I was on holiday!

itsliz Tue 06-Aug-13 21:41:27

Ooooh Roselau, just had a look at the Cowshed website and their treatments sound fab! The back massage is just what I need right now... Going to have to see if I can get DM or DP to treat me to a spa day grin

Might have slightly fallen in love with the Floyd the cow toys too, haha!

Thanks for the recommendation smile

MrsShrubs Tue 06-Aug-13 23:32:10

b0nkermum you get the badges from the tube stations at the ticket or information desk, they don't do them at the over ground stations though.

Has anyone taken any laxatives during their pregnancy, I'm suddenly blocked and its making me feel sicky, if so would you recommend or not really?

LadyMedea Tue 06-Aug-13 23:35:48

Yeah eBay bargain - hardly used £169 cot bed for £30 as no one else bid. And kiddicare have half price mattresses at the mo so ordered one of those too.

I'm an obsessive bargain hunter - even my wedding dress was 1/3 price as I imported it from the USA. My dad said in his speech that it was only my knickers that hasn't come from the Internet!

DaleyBump Tue 06-Aug-13 23:46:17

I wouldn't recommend it personally MrsShrubs, they can make you dehydrated which isn't good for the wee one. I'm so constipated just now and I've heard Fibogel (or something like that) is really good but I've not tried it myself.

I've gained over a stone at last count and am nearly 14 stone now. I spent the best part of a year losing weight and I'm right back up there now <grumble grumble> not too worried though, I'll just have to make the effort when the little man is born smile

Congrats to everyone having good scans! So exciting!

A wee group of women were asking me when I'm due and everything today smile that made me smile, so glad I actually look pregnant smile a lovely lady in Morrisons also helped me get my shopping from the basket on the floor to the till which was also really nice smile although, a huge woman barged me off the pavement and onto a busy road in Glasgow today, and then screamed at me in the street saying that it was my fault! It really wasn't, her and her mates were standing chatting taking up all of the pavement and I said excuse me and tried to walk around her when she took a deliberate step back. If I had knocked anyone onto the road I would be hugely apologetic, never mind a pregnant woman confused

We don't get baby on board badges here, they sound fantastic sad

ccsays Wed 07-Aug-13 02:48:50

Eesh, sounds awful daley! Ah Glasgow, never lets you down with the mentals.

Just out of interest, does anyone else get mega kicks when lying on their back? The bab has been bouncing about like crazy for the last hour (must be a night owl, like her Mum!)

DaleyBump Wed 07-Aug-13 03:02:30

God, I know. I love Glasgow but some of the people you meet...

I do, I was even able to video it when lying on my back!

ccsays Wed 07-Aug-13 03:22:27

My DP says your hometown is a bit like your Mum: you can make fun of it but hell mend anyone else who does! grin

Featherbag Wed 07-Aug-13 04:49:56

Daley I'm a similar weight (+half a stone or so), and had managed to get from 16st 5 down to 13 flat before conceiving, so I have the same worries! Fancy a loser buddy when we've popped?

Been up since 3 scratching again, really fed up hmm

AuroraOrtiz Wed 07-Aug-13 04:53:59

Had the scan and all looking okay - such a relief!! Bit she was not very sure about sex - thinks it's a girl but when I asked her how sure she was she said between 50 and 100%, which does not sound very certain. To start with its legs were crossed and the bottom was aim a funny position so she couldn't see anything. So I don't feel it's helped me on nursery colours! I kind of am thinking it is a girl, but that it could be a boy. Told our parents and a couple of friends, but I think for everyone else we are just couldn't say we couldn't see, as I don't want everyone thinking it's a girl in case it turns up a boy!

Hadn't slept since 2am last night so was shattered, but went to H&M afterwork to get a few maternity bits, as was in desperate need for clothes!

20 weeks until Christmas Day everyone!! X

Roselau Wed 07-Aug-13 07:54:46

i hope you enjoy it itsliz. i think we're going through enough that we should treat ourselves once in a while. or even better get dp to treat smile

mumoftwoboysS Wed 07-Aug-13 07:57:15

Yep I was lying in bed last night feeling the kicks! So nice to feel, tho that coupled with restless leg meant I don't fall asleep for a whole! Also got bloody thrush from the antibiotics ive been taking for that mega spot/boil that has now gone. Does it really matter if I don't finish them?? Finding it hard enough to take them as have to be taken an hour before food or 2 hours after 4x a day- are they having a laugh? i eat practically every hour so my stomach is never empty! Now I have to go to the docs for some cream- grr!

So anyone found a really good pair of maternity leggings? I've got a pair from last time but they're a bit out of shape and have a mark on them so look pretty scruffy and I know I'll be living in them most of the time so need to invest in another few...

mumoftwoboysS Wed 07-Aug-13 08:34:14

Bloody iPhone always mistyping- 'didn't fall asleep for a while'!

lisbapalea Wed 07-Aug-13 08:54:01

I am also worrying about weight gain daley and think I am prob about the same as you although I don't dare weigh myself to find out! Definitely keen for joining folk for a weight loss plan in 2014 - reckon I'll be trying to lose about 4 stone - yikes! feather how did you manage such an incredible weight loss before ttc?

I was reading a MN thread yesterday about the benefits of weight loss and it really made me feel determined to sort myself out next year. Easy to be determined now though....!

And mrsshrubs am with you on the blocked up feeling! Was in absolute agony and actually yelled out loud when on the loo yesterday (sorry tmi)! Have been eating loads of fruit and always have a high fibre breakfast, but I do know I have been slack and have indulged in some less than healthy options, especially when i am,especially knackered, which I don't think has helped. Am snacking on prunes now, and swapping my coffees (only max 2 a day) for peppermint tea. Also just trying to drink a lot more water which I don't think I have done enough. I know pharmacists won't give constipation remedies to pregnant women as I asked them, so am trying to fix it myself!

QueenofWhispers Wed 07-Aug-13 09:32:58

I love the cowshed! If you go to the one in holland park--I hope you get Susie K! She's the best mani/pedi I've ever had. Also, she's one of the sweetest therapists I've ever met.

As far as the leg pain/butt-- the massage therapist I was using had her baby so I have no one right now...but Standing up straight, aligning my back and then taking turns with each leg, I take a step backwards as far as I can go while keeping the entire foot on the floor, once it's there, I gently bend my backwards. It helps me; I hope it helps you! x


MrsShrubs Wed 07-Aug-13 09:36:09

It's so frustrating and every time I eat I just feel like everything's piling on top of each other all stodgy and bloated. Even bran flakes doesn't seem to do anything, haven't tried prunes though so might get some today.

Glad your scan showed everything is looking good aurora even if you couldn't find out the sex.

MrsShrubs Wed 07-Aug-13 09:39:24

Ps to the losing weight after pregnancy will be joining up to slimming world so up for weight loss friends after little ones here, is overindluged after we got married and was heavier than I normally would be when we got pregnant so have baby weight plus about half stone from before that to try and lose

violetbean Wed 07-Aug-13 09:59:41

feather, really hope you feel better soon. And those with constipation too, hope the prunes do their magic.

I had my scan yesterday afternoon and it went pretty well. Unlike last time we didn't have to wait for 1.5 hours to be seen - was only delayed about 15 min! The sonographer was lovely and talked us through what we were seeing on screen. Baby was in a good position at first and allowed us to have most of the measurements taken (they seem fine) but then moved to face down and despite my wriggling, jiggling, squatting, walking, eating and drinking, baby wouldn't move out of that position! Clearly just as stubborn as his parents grin

So yes, it's a boy! 'Almost definitely' smile ...and we get to see him again as I have to go back for another scan next week, to finish the measurements.

She also offered and gave me an internal scan, to see how wide my cervix is. Was expecting that to be like a smear test but wasn't half as uncomfortable.

She said I have an anterior placenta (high) which I guess explains why I haven't been feeling much movement.

Now looking at boys' names and waiting for DH to come up with his shortlist...

Featherbag Wed 07-Aug-13 10:21:32

I lost weight with WW before TTC, I'll probably do the same again if I manage to establish bf, but if I end up ff I may try the 5:2 diet as there are a lot of people I know who've done well with it. Don't fancy fasting while bf though, I only managed 10 weeks with DS1 but I remember how hungry/thirsty it made me!

Roselau Wed 07-Aug-13 12:42:04

thanks for the tip queen! i will definitely try it tonight. the pain is making me toss and turn at night and it's in my left leg which means that i find it hard to sleep on the left side, which I hear is the ideal sleeping position for baby.

Re: cowshed I alternate Holland Park and Carnaby Street. Pretty sure I had Susie for a pedi a while back and she was adorable.

MrsShrubs Wed 07-Aug-13 16:36:29

Soooooo just went to the toilet at work, got as far as walking into the cubicle, did a huge sneeze and the pelvic floor exercises are not working as well as I thought they were! Thank god I've been wearing pretty good panty liners anyway otherwise I'd be feeling very uncomfortable till 7pm when I get home. The joys that come with having a baby smile

13loki Wed 07-Aug-13 17:48:18

Grrrrr. Teambuilding day at work. I've had to walk between 10 and 15km today, after our boss said it was 20 minute strolls with activities in between. Yep, the activities included an obstacle course, riding scooters round an obstacle course, fitting as many people and objects into a mini, and my personal favourite, a human pyramid. I had a tantrum at that one when I was told the whole team had to be in the pyramid. Our boss kindly said at the start of the day if we pregnant ones didn't feel up to it, we could sit at one f the stations all day (but we would have to say in front of the entire staff that we weren't doing the team building). I have been so careful not to overdo it up until now, last pregnancy I was signed off at 30 weeks with SPD, which work know about because I told them when I said I pregnant.

2Labradors Wed 07-Aug-13 20:50:23

loki that sounds awful

* mumof* I got some maternity leggings from next which I like but I also got a pack of 2 from new look the other week, they're comfy and worked out cheaper, I got a large so I have plenty of room to grow. I have some maternity dresses in a size 12 that I'm thinking won't fit for much longer if my bump gets bigger, which obviously it's going to and my boobs are starting to burst out of them too. Really don't want to buy much more, I might look on eBay again, I know I will be in my maternity stuff after having the baby for a while too.

We had our scan again yesterday, as all checks couldn't be completed first time round, and all is great with baby. I'm so glad grin
And as a bonus my placenta is no longer low lying, so I can exercise again and give birth naturally as long as everything goes to plan yey. Still have a scan at 34 weeks to check placenta position but I'm feeling positive smile I took the kids on a long walk to the park today now that I can, didn't feel so guilty eating 2 scones earlier now blush

13loki Wed 07-Aug-13 20:59:42

2labs yay!

PistachioTruffle Wed 07-Aug-13 21:14:00

Evening! Today we discovered that MiniPistachio is a boy! I had no preference either way, but had a feeling it was a he grin Unlike last time, as soon as they put the sensor on it was immediately obvious he was a boy! This does seem to be a very boy-heavy group wink

Lady, thanks for the tip about the half price matrestess at kiddicare, I'm going to order one tomorrow.

loki, that sounds dreadful, and completely unsuitable for pregnant women!

MildredH Wed 07-Aug-13 21:15:20

My asos mat leggings are v nice. I'm
5'2" and got the cropped ones which are actually perfect length for me.

Feather- yes, sorted eventually with consultant. Can't remember if I already posted but basically after the awful email he apologised on the Monday and said I'd be within my rights to report him for bullying ( which obvs I didn't want to do). Was pretty uncomfortable working with him after that but med staffing got the hours reduced and its waaaay better. Switched jobs today ( black weds and all..) to a lovely ward where I know and really like all the nurses, therapists etc so work much better overall.

How are you feeling now?

MildredH Wed 07-Aug-13 21:16:48

Sorry cross posted with you pistachio- congrats!

Chilli81 Wed 07-Aug-13 21:30:12

aaargh. constipation is really doing my head in too. I think cutting down on my coffee intake is making it worse. I'm definitely going to get some prunes tomorrow.
just went to a pretty useless healthy pregnancy workshop which my hospital are making me do before they'll refer me to a physio for sciatica. two hours being told how to do pelvic floor exercises and what not to eat= not helping the sciatica!
well at least I can say I've done it now.
really jealous of the cowshed massages. We are trying to save save save but I might have to book myself in for one anyway.wink

MildredH Wed 07-Aug-13 22:19:26

I've been using glycerin suppositories occasionally when things get really uncomfy.. Not everyone's cup of tea but at least it's instant relief!

DaleyBump Thu 08-Aug-13 02:49:38

Well I've just spent three hours in triage because the wee man decided to change position and I couldn't feel him move. Heard him kicking away on the doppler but couldn't feel it, then he had a good old wriggle and I could feel him again. They're scanning me again tomorrow to make sure there's enough amniotic fluid around him and that his growth is on track. They also found glucose in my urine so they want to rule out GD. Have to say, the midwifes and doctors were absolutely bloody brilliant and I'll be putting in a compliment about them, they really put my mind at ease when I was having a good old panic.

Featherbag Thu 08-Aug-13 07:13:55

Regarding maternity wear - I have a pair of practically new size 14 New Look under bump maternity jeans if anyone wants them? I bought them rather optimistically after JUST dieting down to a 14 pre-pregnancy, and they fitted for about a week. Also a pair of navy linen over-bump ankle skimming trousers, would say these are a large 14-small 16 (H&M 16). Seriously, if anyone wants them just pm your address, I can't be bothered to eBay them.

froubylou Thu 08-Aug-13 07:35:57

Morning all

Off for my 20 week scan this morning (even though I'm 21 weeks tomorrow). Very excited but very nervous.

My letter says drink 2 pints of water an hour before. If I did that I'd piddle myself lol. Had 1 coffee and 1 glass of water and taking a bottle with me to sip on. Will hopefully find out whether baby is pink or blue! So excited.com.

With regards to constipation I found 2 days of maximum veg did the trick. Sunday dinner one day with 5 lots of veg, big stew the day after with lots of root veggies. And plenty of water and a good walk. Seemed to shift mine along without having to resort to anything else. Maybe worth a try for anyone suffering?

I know we are all eating plenty of salads and probably any veg we have is peas or sweetcorn (was in our house anyway when it was hot) but root veggies seem to do the trick with me and I was pretty bunged up.

Have plenty of fluids though. My first poo was very, very hard after being in there for about a week! TMI I know but it was like a trial run for labour lol.

Featherbag Thu 08-Aug-13 08:27:08

Constipation is the worst - I've been relying on codeine since Sunday for this gallbladder pain, and consequently the last time I had a poo was Saturday. I feel full up! I haven't taken any since last night now, going to see if I can manage with paracetamol, and will have to invest in some prune juice if no joy by tea time I think!

Dusty04 Thu 08-Aug-13 08:50:27

I've got my 20 week scan today too frouby.. Nervous! I don't know if m meant to drink water or not, my appointment was just made at my 12 week scan so no letter.. Going to drink some just in case!

MrsShrubs Thu 08-Aug-13 08:56:14

Dried apricots did the trick for me yesterday, never felt so relieved in all my life, although I was the same as you frouby and ended up bleeding a little but hopefully things will keep moving. chilli I think that's completely true, caffeine definitely helps things move along!

frouby good luck for your scan today!!

daley hope you're okay

pisachio congrats on the blue bean - we are definitely more blue then pink in here, unless all of those who aren't finding out the sex are having little pink bundles!

violetbean Thu 08-Aug-13 09:00:27

Good luck for the scans Dusty and frouby!

Daley, glad everything's ok with your little one, sounds like you have a great team at the hospital smile

I feel guilty, haven't been eating many salads in the hot weather, just a lot more ice cream than usual! confused

hetsto Thu 08-Aug-13 09:14:31

Hi all,

I know I haven’t been on here very long, so I hope no one minds me coming in with rather a detailed post so soon.

We had our 20 week scan yesterday and after a lot of scanning around the sonographer told us we’ve got twins!

The babies are both on the small side but, more concerning is that are looking rather different to each other at the moment. They’re sharing one placenta, but are in separate sacks and one of them has less amniotic fluid than the other, so there’s a risk of Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome. We’ve got an appointment with a specialist at King’s tomorrow to investigate further and discuss options. Having said that, the fact that I haven’t had any adverse symptoms so far, and that both of them have reasonably strong heart beats bodes well. stay positive stay positive stay positive

I had my dating scan at 8 weeks and there was no mention of more than one baby at that point. Since then I feel like I’ve been growing at a rate of knots but otherwise haven’t had any particularly unexpected symptoms. Not that I really knew what to expect with my first! There’s a large part of me that is feeling really indignant and wondering how on earth they could miss a second life in there with current ultrasound technology, but I’m trying really hard to focus on the here and now rather than getting uptight about that.

I’m not quite sure how I’m feeling at the moment – simultaneously elated and terrified I think! We were totally unprepared for the shock and had been rather blasé about the whole thing up to now, not really worrying about anything major and thinking about lovely things like whether to find out the gender and names etc. This feels like another level.

I’m not sure what I’m expecting in terms of replies, but just feel like we can’t get enough input at the moment as we certainly don’t know what to think ourselves… TWO BABIES?!

violetbean Thu 08-Aug-13 09:35:19

hetsto, what a shock! You're handling it really well, sounds like you're in the best hands too. A friend of mine is at King's and she is getting 5* treatment.

Fingers crossed things will work out well. We're here for you if you need to talk. thanks

mumoftwoboysS Thu 08-Aug-13 09:42:28

another tip for constipation - I may have mentioned it before but ground flaxseed is a natural source of fibre (as well as omega 3 and minerals etc) so is great for helping shift the brown stuff grin you can get packs of it by Linwoods in Sainsburys. 2 desert spoons on your cereal in the morning is enough (or it can be put into casseroles, soups etc) I also sometimes buy the other mixes (some with goji berries, pumpkin seeds etc) for extra nutrition.

Good luck on your scans dusty8 and *frouby too!

wow hetsto twins! I'm not surprised you're reeling a bit from it all- what a shock! People do usually find out at the first scan so this must have been a lot to process! My sister in law did tell me about a friend of hers who found out she was having twins at 7 months -one had been hiding behind the other at previous scan (in Holland so not sure how many scans they have) so it does happen!

Did they explain to you what potential twin transfusion syndrome means or the implications? It must be scary being told about potential complications but it sounds like they're just being cautious and want to monitor you/give you specialist care to make sure they can tackle any problems that might arise. I know a few friends with twins who had successful pregnancies and births (one cesarean and one natural) so think positively.

Have you got any other children or are these your first?

good luck with the appointment tomorrow- hopefully they'll reassure you and you can feel more positive and less overwhelmed smile

Featherbag Thu 08-Aug-13 09:50:46

Wow Hetsto!!! Congrats!

hetsto Thu 08-Aug-13 09:57:29

Thank you featherbag, mumoftwoboysS and violetbean, it’s lovely to have another community to chat to.

Yes, they did talk to us a bit about Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome but to be honest, we were still shaking from the shock and the words ‘potential complications’. I’ve done some research since then though, and although it sounds very scary and the stats aren’t brilliant, I think we’re in the best position possible to tackle it if we need to. King’s seems like the place to be if there is a problem and I have found a fair few good news stories as well as the horrible numbers. It’s just so strange when you’re feeling ok – yes, heavy, massive and uncomfortable but broadly ok to think that things could be going wrong inside.

This is my first pregnancy, so first and second babies on the way – lucky we hadn’t really started shopping yet! I have no idea how we’ll cope with two babies… muddle through and do our best, I guess – eek!

PistachioTruffle Thu 08-Aug-13 10:32:48

Oh Hetsto, congratulations! flowers But what a shock! It does sound like they are going to look after you really well, and you have all of us rooting for you and the twinnies too. Did you find out the gender?

Holly1977 Thu 08-Aug-13 10:48:47

Hi everyone, I've been awol from here and mumsnet in general for a while now for various reasons. I haven't caught up on the whole thread as I'm at work but just wanted to pop in really quickly to say we had our 20 week scan yesterday, everything was spot on and we're having a GIRL!!! I'm soooo happy and it feels so much more real now I know what we're having. I love that I can talk to her now, call her by her name (Isabel) and am starting to feel like I'm actually going to have a baby now. I even sang to her in the shower this morning! And I'm going baby shopping this afternoon, bugger the expense! I want to go buy some PINK stuff! My dad told me not to go mad after reading about that stupid woman this week who spend £3000 on pink stuff then had a boy. Obviously I don't have that much money to spend and wouldn't even if I did because I'm not mad! But it was very clear on the scan last night and the sonographer was very emphatic about it. She's 30 weeks pg too and having a girl and it's the second time she's scanned us so it was really nice. Anyway I'm going to have a wee splurge on some nice girly things and some pink / girly colours yarn and crack on with my knitting. I've nearly finished my first cardigan and now I know it's a girl can do the cute hat to go with it.

I thought I hadn't felt any movement then it suddenly dawned on me last night that the wee niggling pains I've been getting at the front very low down, kind of like mild period pains, were probably her moving rather than the growing pains which I thought they were. I have felt the occasional flutter after dinner but now I've seen her somersaulting around and putting her legs over her head (obviously going to be a yogini like her mum!) I've stopped fretting about it.

hope everyone's doing ok, I'll catch up on all the news soon smile

Roselau Thu 08-Aug-13 10:59:43

omg hesto you are handling it so well - this has been one of my biggest fear to find out it's twins (my mom is a twin and so was her grandma). I'm sure though that at the end of the day, you will love the experience. everyone i talk to that's had twins tells me to not worry because it's double the happiness. best of luck with the tests and keep us posted.

congrats on the girl holly!

scan is in 23 hours. not that i'm counting down or anything. Need to make sure baby Rose is growing ok. I read that it should be about 20 cm long and I really don't know where it's hiding because I barely have a belly. Everyone telling me I should be bigger by now stresses the bejesus out of me (still wearing non-maternity skinny jeans, just had to put a hair elastic at the buttons to not be uncomfortable although they still close). The only thing that makes me feel a tiny bit better is that I do feel the flutters about once a day, mostly in the evening when I lie down on my tummy.

hetsto Thu 08-Aug-13 11:03:18

Thank you PistachioTruffle! Yes, a massive shock – scary and exciting all at once. We didn’t find out the gender yesterday, I think everyone was too preoccupied to be honest. It sounds like I’ll be having lots of scans over the coming weeks though and although we wanted a surprise before, I’ve had enough of those for now so I think we will find out when we can. It all feels a bit surreal and separate at the moment, despite the enormous belly, so I’m hoping knowing the gender will help us to feel more connected to what’s going on.

Congratulations Holly1977! Buying pink things will be lovely; enjoy it! I really like the name too; happy singing!

hetsto Thu 08-Aug-13 11:11:18

Oops, sorry Roselau, I crossed posts with you. It’s funny isn’t it; twins never crossed my mind and there are none in my family. Apparently identical twins are completely random though and don’t run in families. As long as they are healthy we will adapt and cope and I’m sure we’ll enjoy the experience, I’m just scared that it could all go wrong!

Best of luck for your scan, I wouldn’t worry about the size of your bump, unless your doctor thinks there’s an issue – everyone’s different. I’ve got a new perspective on it now, but I seemed to pretty much just pop one day and then felt like I was growing an inch every night. Lovely to feel the flutters too, enjoy it and let us know tomorrow!

NomDeClavier Thu 08-Aug-13 11:17:18

Wow congratulations hesto. Identical twins! Double the fun, double the shopping wink ID twins are easier to miss than fraternal but you know now. There have been cases where it's not been known until the second baby pops out...

Lovely news on all these blue and the occasional link bean popping up. I can't wait for our scan on Monday!

As for losing weigh after pregnancy I found BFing the best diet, so good that I lost too much weight and then developed a chocolate habit which I've not quite shaken. I'm trying to guilt myself into rating properly by using MyFitnessPal as a food diary.

itsliz Thu 08-Aug-13 11:36:41

Wow, so much good news on here this morning!

Congratulations, hetsto!!! I can only imagine how you must be feeling after finding out so late on but as the others have already said, it sounds, like you're in safe hands and you're dealing with the whole situation brilliantly (don't know how you're staying so calm, I think I'd faint if I was told I was having twins...!)
Let us know how everything goes though, wont you? I'm sure it'll all be just fine since you're being so well looked after and you've still got plenty of time for the doctors and nurses to work their magic (and for the news to sink in!)

And and a huge congrats to you too, Holly! Isabel is a beautiful name and she sounds like a right little character already, pulling shapes like that grin Have fun shopping for all things pink (and don't worry too much about splashing out... That's what credit cards are for, right?!) wink

Holly1977 Thu 08-Aug-13 11:52:14

Thanks guys, going shopping soon, squeeee!

Congrats on the twins Hetsto, I've always wanted twins. Even more so I know what a ball ache being pg is! But it must be a huge shock finding out so late on, you seem to be handling it very well.

hetsto Thu 08-Aug-13 11:55:19

Thank you Holly1977, itsliz and NomDeClavier! I’m not quite sure why/how I’m not running waddling around screaming or passing out either; it’s a bit like an out of body experience right now. Yes, I’ll be back on here tomorrow after we’ve been to King’s, hopefully with good news. Fingers crossed!

I’m not quite sure what to do with myself today; I can’t really think about anything else but endless research of TTTS is not helping my peace of mind. Perhaps a leisurely walk before lunch…

froubylou Thu 08-Aug-13 12:08:02

Well all was good at scan and little one waved his willy at us so definatly team blue!

Hetso, what a shock for you all. Don't do too much googling. In my opinion you get a bit of a biased view on the old t'internet. More bad than good so wait until you have had your consultation. Write a list of questions before you go as well and don't be afriad to take notes during it all so you can remember what has been said. x

Holly good to see you back. Was wondering where you had got to. Congrats on the pink bubba and I'm glad you are feeling more positive about your pgy. Hows things at home generally? Better I hope. xx

Holly1977 Thu 08-Aug-13 12:24:00

Congrats on your boy Frouby, is that one of each for you now? And thanks for noticing I'd been gone. Things have been pretty shitty at home to be honest. Things came to a head a couple of weeks ago and I went to see the GP as I'd reached the end of my tether. He was very nice and has referred me to community mental health but I'm not expecting anything to come of it really, at least not in time to be of any use! Medication isn't allowed so that's that. I'm up and down but today is a good day and