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The Short Cervix Club

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Pizdets Mon 10-Jun-13 19:25:31

Given the high number of threads started in 'pregnancy' on short/incompetent cervixes of late, I thought I'd have a crack at starting a club which we can join to share how we're getting on and pool the information we've been given which hopefully can also reassure or inform other ladies coming on here and worried about the state of their cervixes.

I'll kick off with a bit about my own story:

I'm currently 24+4, due 26th September. I had a scan at the prem clinic at Queen Charlotte's in London who measured my cervix as 2.3/2.4cm and advised a stitch (they do this for anyone who measures under 2.5cm). I had the stitch put in at 15 weeks with a spinal block and so far so good - I'm walking the dog, doing pregnancy yoga, still fairly active and no problems or twinges at all (so far!).

Please feel free to share your experiences, ask questions or update, it's great to hear from other people going through the same worry and so reassuring to know if things are going well!


Alexandra6 Mon 10-Jun-13 19:44:10

Hi piz I'll post my story on here soon but just wanted to say hi and let you know I've found you! My DH is away on a golf trip with work in Spain so I'm planning a night off with my feet up (am a BIG fan of giving my cervix a break!) and watching tv. Silly question maybe, but do you think sitting down counts as giving a short cervix a break or do you still think it feels pressure from the baby? Is it just lying down that takes the pressure off? What do you think?

Hi other cervix club ladies!

Pizdets Mon 10-Jun-13 20:14:20

Hi Alexandra, sorry to hear you're a golf widow too! My DH is most annoyed the baby is due a week before his annual golf holiday and I'm sure would try and find a way to go if he could!

I think sitting down definitely counts. I was told yoga was fine as long as I didn't engage my core too much, so I assume anything which takes pressure off your core will be good for the cervix!


RainboxFX Mon 10-Jun-13 21:53:05

Hello again!

Joining in with my story. My first son was born out of the blue last year at 24+1 weeks. He lived for two weeks but was sadly just too little to survive. I had no problems, symptoms or warning at all, and with hindsight the verdict was Cervical incompetence. I was lucky enough to get pregnant again fairly quickly and it has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster! At 13 weeks my cervix was measured and was found to be 2.5cm. With my history and borderline measurement the consultant advised a stitch and we agreed. I have also been on progesterone pesseries since 12 weeks. I am now 31+5 weeks, due in early August, and all seems to be going well so far. In fact I have been given a date for the stitch removal so there is something to look forward to!

I am usually an occasional bicycle widow but DH has broken his collarbone while riding said bicycle!

Have never done any yoga, so have no advice there, but I was told to rest my pelvic floor. So, no heavy lifting or high impact sport. But I would have thought sitting was giving your cervix a good rest. At the moment the only position I find comfortable is lying flat on one side, or on all fours on the floor. I am sure it looks hilarious from the outside!

Nice to "see" you both again smile

Kelly1814 Tue 11-Jun-13 07:25:10

hello ladies! lovely to see you and to hear how we are all getting on.

i had a stitch at 14 weeks, my cervix measured 2.3, and was actually much less, .5 in some places when they put the stitch in.

i've been forbidden from doing even pregnancy yoga, to stand/walk for a max of 20 minutes, no sex (not even to climax!!) so that's been a bit frustrating. but all worth it in the end.

have been on progesterone pessaries 400 mg since week 7 and will be until the end.

am 23+1.

at the risk of sounding overly emotional, i have to say thank you for sharing your stories, your kindness and support. it has meant a great, gret deal to me.

hopefully many more positive stories to come from this thread and good advice to be shared.

sw25 Tue 11-Jun-13 10:29:58

Hi ladies,

Great idea to start this thread. I am 24+5 (due 25 Sept) and only had my first cervix scan at 21 weeks when it measured 28mm. I had a cone biopsy 10 years ago when they removed 1.3cm of tissue.

Since my first scan, my measurements have been 25.7mm and then 27mm last week. I've had 2 speculum examinations when they observed that my cervix was far back and closed tightly. I also had no evidence of funnelling.

With all this in mind, the consultants have agreed that my cervix is normal and there is no need for a stitch. I am naturally very anxious about the chance of my cervix suddenly shortening before 30 weeks, but I trust the consultants, who have been very reassuring. Keeping fingers crossed that nothing happens during the next few weeks, but taking it easy in the meantime.

So good to hear all your stories, although concerned that I'm the only one without a stitch. I'm guessing it's because my measurement was taken later in pregnancy.

Hollygolightly77 Tue 11-Jun-13 10:33:32

Thanks for pointing me to this Pizdets, it just helps to know other people are going through some of the same feelings and I am not alone with me and my cervix issue.

So I had a procedure on my cervix in 1996 because of abnormal cells, my medical notes do not shed any light on how much cervix was taken.

I had my first check at 14 weeks and had a measurement of 3.2 (closed cervix), my 18 week appointment showed that my cervix has shortened to 2.7 (still closed cervix)

Cue many tears from me, I saw a consultant that day who did not seem unduly concerned and told me I would get it checked again at my anomaly scan in 3 weeks.

After calming down at home, I realised that I was not at all happy with this! what if my cervix suddenly shortens dramatically? what is it shortens by the same amount and its too late for a stitch?

Long story short, I have another scan in a week, another at my anomaly scan on the 28th so hopefully any changes will be caught in time.

Has anyone else had similar measurements at 18 weeks?

Can you get a stitch at about 20 weeks?

Will they give progesterone and does this work?

Is there anything I can do to help myself until my next appointment?

I find I have to push and push to get what I want from my doctors so any advice would be so appreciated, I need to go armed so I do not get fobbed off. I will do anything to do the best for my baby.

Sorry for long post - really worried and nervous...

Gingerbreadpixie Tue 11-Jun-13 10:44:20

Hi, ladies. I'm 29 weeks today. I was under cervix surveillance clinic from 18 weeks due to previous cone biopsy. I was an absolute nervous wreck in my second trimester regarding my cervix (and big bleed at 12 weeks didn't help). Especially in the weeks leading up to my 18week appointment. I didn't want to lose this, my first pg, before anyone could tell me if I had an incompetent cervix. I went to EPU at 16 weeks with low down pressure and cervix measured 2.9cm. I thought I'd need a stitch by the time I got to my 18 week appt. but I ended up measuring 4cm at that. I was monitored up to 22 weeks and received fetal fibronectin tests and stayed in normal range, thankfully. I've had two internal examinations since then and cervix was tightly closed.

So hopefully that means all will be well with my cervix now.

If I can offer any advice or support to anyone, particularly those going into second tri, I'll try my best!

I am very sorry for your previous loss Rainbow. It's good to hear you're now at nearly 32 weeks x

Gingerbreadpixie Tue 11-Jun-13 10:49:28

Hi Holly, could you ask for a fetal fibronectin test? It's a cervical swab to check for leaking fluid from the womb and is a good indicator if you're likely to go into prem labour within two weeks. It is apparently v accurate. It used to give me a bit more confidence between scans x

Gingerbreadpixie Tue 11-Jun-13 10:54:51

Hi Sw25. Sounds like you're in a similar situation to me, with regards to hanging in there for the 30 week mark.

Thought it might help to list my measurements to show how they can change:

13 weeks - 4cm
16 weeks - 2.9 cm (panic set in here)
18 weeks - 4.2 cm (all-clear FF test)
22 weeks - 3cm (all-clear FF test and discharged from clinic)

I think I would have liked an extra scan between 24-26 weeks to be honest. But I too had to just have some faith and hang in there. X

Hollygolightly77 Tue 11-Jun-13 10:55:38

Hi Gingerbread,

I just heard about that through my obsessive googling, I will see if I can get through to my consultant, the problem is getting hold of them.

thank you for the idea....


Hollygolightly77 Tue 11-Jun-13 10:58:48

I have just seen your post and measurements Gingerbread, interesting how your cervix lengthened!

I am so worried that as mine has shortened once, it will continue to do so but not for definite as seen in your case- which is encouraging!

Gingerbreadpixie Tue 11-Jun-13 11:16:24

Holly - yes I would definitely persue this test if you can. It is still fairly new and maybe it's not available in all parts of the country on NHS yet. (I'm in London) But it helped keep me sane between scans. If you're in london or south east let me know and I'll PM you details of my hospital. They have the leading prem clinic in the country apparently with a 90% success rate.

Yes the lengths can vary. I assumed because I'd shortened by a cm between 14 and 16 weeks that it was just going to deteriorate from there. But I think cervix's are quite difficult to measure accurately and can present themselves as looking shorter than they are, from what i understand. I wasn't on bed-rest between those weeks either btw, I was actually working full time.

legallyblond Tue 11-Jun-13 11:24:20

Hi all! Well done Piz - this is a great idea!

My story is.... I have a DD, now 2 years 7 months and had a totally trouble free preg with her. I carried her to term and then some (was induced at 42+12 and she arrived naturally, just gas and air, at 42+14!!). My cervix was never measured as I was low risk (apart from being booked in high risk for old medical stuff,but immediately put down to low risk after seeing the consultant once). I have never had any procedures on my cervix... Had a couple of odd smears nut always cleared by the follow up. I have never had a miscarriage.

This pregnancy is surprise twins! A HUGE surprise at the 12 week scan! Because its twins and because, I think, I have a v hands on consultant (he is a national twins expert and also nationally known for scanning, so he does my scans!!), I was offered and accepted a cervical length scan at 23 weeks. Total surprise was that it was only 21mm - very short given no history and DD going to 42 weeks. My cervix is also very very awkwardly positioned... Anyway, my consultant plus a second opinion from another consultant (requested by me) felt that given the extra pressure etc from twins, it was important to take the preventative step now of a stitch before it gets too late. Of course, it is possible that the short cervix is just me and would hold, but apparently that really is worryingly short for a twin pregnancy (he dud say that he would feel less certain with a singleton given my good preg history).

I had the stitch on last Tues, at 23+3 and there were no signs of funnelling and membranes were high and away from the cervix, which is positive. I have since had a couple of scary days with some bleeding (mostly old blood, some fresher), so much so that I went back to labour ward yesterday. The twins both looked fine and no pains or anything. I put myself on bed rest until now but, to be honest, I am getting up now as I think the bleeding was delayed because I have been in bed. By getting up, I hope to clear out the blood from the op and then be clear...

To be honest, I worried with DD, I think because I am a lawyer and so automatically think of risks and worst case scenarios, but the fear is much more tangible this time. I want the next 12 weeks to pass uneventfully!

I am 24+3 now and my goal is 1 September at least (36 weeks)... Fingers crossed!

Pizdets Tue 11-Jun-13 19:10:48

Hi guys, thanks for posting, and good to hear from you all. Seems like maniacare a few of us due in late September...will be interesting to see when our babies actually turn up! I asked at my last appointment about the stitch coming out and she said 3% go into labour within 24 hours but most will deliver within a week or two.

It does seem like some hospitals are less inclined to put a stitch in than others, how odd! Mine is part of a big project to pick up signs of early labour so I get some lovely swabs each time I go in. Hoping that what they learn will help me and other ladies in years to come so perhaps we can get a bit more clarity on the best thing to do.

Kelly, I'm not off my feet but also told no sex. I'm not exactly a sex maniac but am counting down the weeks until we can go for it again, the dreams have been driving me mad!! Just over 12 weeks to go!

Holly, hope you feel a bit reassured by being in company, at least!

Strong cervix thoughts to all the other ladies!


Alexandra6 Tue 11-Jun-13 19:53:31

Just a quick summary about me for anyone who doesn't know or has forgotten smile

16 weeks pregnant, first pregnancy, had LETZ years ago on my cervix, have seen two consultants about my cervix and been scanned both times. First advised precautionary stitch, the second said their policy was to keep monitoring with my kind of length. I really don't think cervix scans are that accurate, but mine came out as 2.4mm at the first scan and "around 2.5-3" on the second. I'm having cervix scans again next week. I'm also having fetal fibronectin testing from 20 weeks.

Feeling a lot more positive these days which is weird for me as I want this pregnancy soooo much, and was really anxious about the cervix situation from weeks 12-14. I can't wait for my scans next week to see how it's looking and am praying it measures up ok. I think I'll be really anxious between weeks 18-28.

I'm trying to work out how much of a high risk situation I am (but even the consultants can't predict) and I am trying to stay off my feet as much as poss. Wasn't happy at work today as I had to walk around an event for a couple of hours. I can imagine me putting my foot down from weeks 18/20 onwards. I'm also very confused by differing research/hospital policies/scan results but at the moment, I'm feeling a lot more relaxed than I was.

Anyway sorry for the long post but think this thread is a great idea for staying in touch and hearing people's stories, I hope we all have healthy, happy babies at the end! (My due date is November, seems aaaaages away!)

Gingerbreadpixie Tue 11-Jun-13 19:56:46

Here, here! Strong cervix thoughts all round! x

Hollygolightly77 Tue 11-Jun-13 20:11:16

I also can't wait for my scan next week, I am praying that the measurement has not gone down....

Although currently every twinge or ache makes me petrified that my cervix is giving way completely....

Fingers crossed our cervixes keep holding on smile

My due date is not until 9th November so it feels like a a long way to go yet

legallyblond Tue 11-Jun-13 20:12:51

Oh yes, sex.... I've been told by my c

legallyblond Tue 11-Jun-13 20:18:25

Sorry, on iPhone.... By my consultant (and all other staff) that absolutely no sex until they arrive. Not enjoying, and had sex all the way through with DD! I am, unless I go into very very fast natural labour, having an elective Caesarean with the twins as it seems the safer option. The only risk is that I go into labour naturally and by the time I reach the hospital, am too progressed for the c section, but I am hoping that's unlikely! Chances are, my stitch will be removed during the c section.....

It does sound like there's a lot of differing views and policies out there re short cervical lengths! I think he compounding factor for me was twins. When they actually got in there with the op, it was 20-25mm, so the scan was accurate.

Gingerbreadpixie Tue 11-Jun-13 20:19:08

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit more relaxed Alexandra6.

With regards to work, I think you'd be well within your rights to tell them you're having some potential complications and need to take it easy/easier until you know more.

Pizdets Tue 11-Jun-13 20:29:01

Hi Alexandra, I've been running an event today and made other members of the team do the actual running around. I've found now I have a visible bump that people are very kind and keen to help me (even where not wanted or needed!) So definitely put your foot down but you might find it gets better anyway.

Holly, September seemed a long way away not long ago but now I tell people and they say 'not long to go now' argh! Hope you can relax a bit before the scan next week.

Legallyblond...no sex at all until the babies come?? I asked about that last time and they said once the stitch was out it was open season, but maybe because I'm not planning a cesarean? Although lots of sex and a weak cervix will prob mean we don't get much time anyway!


Alexandra6 Tue 11-Jun-13 20:30:23

Thanks ginger I have told them everything and kept them up to date. My boss acts very concerned but then accidentally makes comments so I know she isn't very happy I need to take a little bit more time off work for the scans. They are aware and say they'll take it into consideration but then expect me to spend time on my feet (like at the event today). I think from July onwards I'll just be firm about it and make sure I'm comfortable with what I'm doing.

On the sex side of things, we haven't had sex since I got my BFP as I was already worried about doing damage! DH doesn't seem to mind at all as I don't think he was really up for pregnant sex anyway!

Alexandra6 Tue 11-Jun-13 20:53:33

Argh literally after I just said I've been more relaxed, I've had some weird stomach twinges while I'm sitting watching tv and am now worrying I was on my feet too much today and the baby is getting bigger! Eek.

Hollygolightly77 Tue 11-Jun-13 20:55:47

I haven't been given any guidance on sex, keeping off my feet or anything else so far, I have by myself stopped lifting heavy things, and sitting down more, drinking loads to keep hydrated; sex wise I have been too paranoid all the way through the pregnancy in case so no change there sad I was hoping we could soon cause the hormones are raging.....

dizzy77 Tue 11-Jun-13 21:38:44

My goodness. Hi ladies wanted to check in as I was a member of the short cervix club, with DS2 who is now 7 days old and was born at 39+5.

They routinely scan cervixesin my area at the 11-13, 19-21 and 30-33 wk scans. Mine was found to be 13mm at the 21wk scan after normal measurements earlier, and I was told we had a 25% chance of pre-term birth. They didn't recommend a stitch as Ds1 was born at term but I was put on progesterone pessaries and fortnightly scans. My cervix reduced to 11mm but then stabilised there. I was advised to "do what I think best" re activity: my fetal medicine consultant implied continuing withlife (avoiding heavy lifting and anything strenuous) changed outcomes. That was as far as the official advice went.

I happen to know one of the obstetric consultants at the hospital through a hobby who'd offered me her professional ear if I needed her. She explained (unofficially) that in her role she sees all sorts of cervixes, and after a vaginal delivery no two are the same, and whilst its anecdote not data, she sees a lot of people in her role diagnosed with short cervixes who come in for inductions when they go beyond 40+10. She helped me understand what would and wouldn't help activity-wise - my life is quite hectic, I walk and work out a lot, and basically I cut out anything discretionary but with a toddler and an office-based but frenetic part time job there was only so far I could go. Re sex, she suggested best use a condom and "go easy" as the risk was minor but related to the prostaglandin in semen (for the same reasons its enouraged to dislodge an overdue baby).

I hope this goes some way to reassuring some people. I found as the weeks ticked by and the baby became more viable I relaxed, but also less willing to risk over exerting myself. The first few weeks were the most terrifying (I worried every time I sneezed!), as we got more info from the scans and things stabilised it became easier.

Good luck with your pregnancies. I send cervix closing vibes.

dizzy77 Tue 11-Jun-13 21:57:06

Just reading some of the posts again, my friendly consultant said the measurements are very user dependent, eg on the amount of pressure applied with the wand, so they can vary - the sequence of mine was something like 13mm, 11mm, 12mm, 11mm etc.

I did notice a lot of "uterine activity" - painful tightenings not unlike cramps but longer lasting. I called the delivery suite as advised if i was worried i was going into labour the first few times. I had my first big one, pre-scan of doom, at work at 19 weeks and was terrified it was the end of my pg. when I told the sonographers about this they all looked at each other pointedly, when I relaid this to one of the triage midwives they were much more breezy. The advice was always to take a couple of paracetamol and rest, take a warm bath if possible, and every time this eased them. When I got used to this I stopped avoiding orgasm grin.

My experience was other HCPs were much less informed about this and if I explained I had a shortened cervix they immediately adopted their high risk pregnancy stance and were supportive of what I wanted to do. This meant my GP was willing to sign me off - I first reduced my hours as I did want to continue working, until it got too much and pelvic pain kicked in at 32 wks. Work were supportive too but sent me to the Occupational Health nurse because of the amount of sick I had to take, and she was willing to recommend I work entirely from home. This would have driven me nuts (as was I was only in the office one day a week) but meant that work were willing to continue to pay me until mat leave started.

Gingerbreadpixie Tue 11-Jun-13 22:02:25

Alexandra6 - hmm, your boss sounds a bit like mine. I'm a T1 diabetic too so two lots of "high risk" for pregnancy. I was made to feel guilty for all the appointments. Needless to say I went on mat leave early.

I too have had lots of stomach jabs and twinges. All felt cervical. Ive had a few internals and swabs for infection after going into antenatal walk-in. Theres never been anything worrying and doc thought it was constipation in my case. I have SPD too so always get pressure and pains low down. It takes a while to work out what's "normal" for you. Best to monitor any pains though and report to MW if it gets concerning.

With regards to sex, I had a massive bleed at 12 weeks the same day DH and I last got intimate. All was fine with bubba but I've been too terrified since, even though the bleed site in the womb has gone now. Maybe after week 30 we'll feel more confident.

Wow, looking back at that I have had quite a nerve-shredding time of it. I am starting to enjoy pg now though, honest!

Gingerbreadpixie Tue 11-Jun-13 22:18:53

Hi Dizzy. Thanks for the info. It's good to hear your DS was born at term and all was well x

Pizdets Tue 11-Jun-13 22:22:25

Dizzy77, thanks so much for sharing your news and huge congratulations on your new arrival! Really interesting that your cervix was so short but they still didn't advise the stitch, just goes to show how varied the advice is!

I do occasionally get a bit of a 'pulling' sensation across the bottom of my bump when I'm out walking but I'm never sure if this it cervical or just normal pregnancy growing pains, I sit down for 5 mins once they start then generally finish the walk more slowly (am used to stomping around with the dog so I often forget myself and go too fast).

Can I ask what labour was like? Was it faster or were any parts of it more sudden than you expected? Did they comment on your cervix at all during labour?

Gingerbread, I know what you mean. We lost our first baby (not due to the cervix, she was very ill) at 18 weeks, so for the first few weeks I was having appointments with the centre for fetal medicine, the prem clinic and the usual midwife appointments, feels like I've really been through the wringer already! But the last few weeks have felt much happier and more settled.

Thanks again to everyone for sharing news and stories, really helps! Piz

Gingerbreadpixie Tue 11-Jun-13 22:27:26

Sorry for your previous loss Piz. Sending you a hug and good wishes for this pg. This really is a very helpful and supportive thread. Well done for starting it x

dizzy77 Wed 12-Jun-13 05:21:41

Thanks for the congratulations. Whilst I shared info on my cervix no one had the chance to comment during labour as i arrived fully dilated and DS2 was out within 20mins of arrival at the delivery suite! This was faster than I expected but it seems not that unusual for second babies and I thinkin all honesty I'd been in very slow "labour" for a week or more, I'd had a couple of false alarms.

Piz, those pullings sound familiar, I'd get something like that when I'd had an active day and yes, rest eased them. I think there is a lot that I would put down to the cervix but was probably in the normal growing/stretching range that I'd not paid as much attention to in my last pg as I didn't have this extra risk hanging over me.

I did not mention I had 2x shots of steroids at 24 weeks to give the baby's lungs a better chance of inflating properly if he arrived early. I had the choice of thigh or buttock and is recommend buttock.

Alexandra6 Wed 12-Jun-13 10:21:15

Hi dizzy congrats on your brilliant news smile and what a good story to share with the cervix club! Just one thing - I got a bit confused about what the doctor's advice was re activity and what you actually did, activity wise. Do you mind giving some detail please? Oh and also, did you get any advice about flying/going on holiday? Only asking as we booked two weeks in Spain before we knew about the cervix issues, and we're due to fly the weekend after this one. I do have cervix scans booked for next week to see how it's looking just before I go (I'll be 18-20 weeks then).

Thanks again for your story and advice.

Alexandra6 Wed 12-Jun-13 10:23:47

Oh and by the way, I wasn't recommended to try progesterone by other of my consultants - one said he doesn't have enough experience of prescribing that and hasn't seen strong enough evidence it works (he also mentioned unpleasant side effects), the other I'm going to ask when I see him next Tues. Seems strange so many other people are prescribed this.

Alexandra6 Wed 12-Jun-13 10:24:07

Sorry meant either of my consultants, not other!

sw25 Wed 12-Jun-13 10:37:01

Hi again ladies. Alexandra6 I've been exactly the same with weird twinges. I've had what feels like period pain on and off for last few weeks and even ended up going in to labour ward at 11pm last week to be checked out. They were very nice, looked at cervix with speculum and checked for contractions etc. Dismissed pains as stretching/growing pains but they don't feel muscular if that makes sense. Mind you my belly is getting much bigger and feels very uncomfortable most nights. I'm also quite constipated so that could have something to do with it.

gingerbreadpixie yes, our situations sound similar, although i wasnt granted the FF testing despite asking about it. My consultants don't want to do any more cervical length scans as they feel it may just increase my anxiety. I'd quite like to have at least one more between now (25 weeks) and 28 weeks when at least if the baby was born, he'd stand a good chance of survival. Are you going to push for anymore scans or put your trust in your consultant?

starlite12 Wed 12-Jun-13 10:42:28

Hi ladies, I wanted to know if any of you havr had any experience of a abdominal stitch. Any replies would be welcome...

starlite12 Wed 12-Jun-13 10:45:35

I've had two previous late miscarriages last year in march and October, it was a very difficult time for me. I had two cervical stitches and they both failed. Now the consultant is requesting that I have a abdominal stitch.

Alexandra6 Wed 12-Jun-13 10:52:53

Oh starlite that must have been so hard to go through. I haven't had one but have heard of this from my obsessive googling, it's more unusual but I get the feeling pretty sturdy. I think you can only have c section birth after but that's obviously not a problem. Would you have it done pre-pregnancy or early stages? What is your cervix like - what measurements? I'm going to keep my fingers firmly crossed for you x

dizzy77 Wed 12-Jun-13 10:59:37

Sorry have re-read what i wrote and appreciate it was confusing. posting one handed doesn't help!

Re activity, the official advice was "do what you think best" hmm. I didn't really get anything helpful from the FM consultant when I asked about my workout regime and commute: I swim a couple of times a week with a club and she seemed to imply there was no reason not to continue, although when I spoke to the friendy O consultant who knows what that involves she suggested a few laps at a public session might not do any harm but I'd probably want to lay off the coached sessions. I was able to and did continue a normal life: before this I'd say take DS out in the buggy and walk half an hour to a group but after I would take the car (like a normal person!). That said, when I told the FM consultant I'd packed up work (she was familiar with my 90min journey) she seemed relieved.

I think the jury is out on the progesterone so I'm not surprised the advice is mixed. The fm consultant was keen to put the stabilisation of my cervix down to it and I was happy to use it as it seemed harmless enough (I did a bit of research), I understand its used as a muscle relaxant in this capacity to reduce cervical/uterine activity. I'm told it also relaxes the other muscles in the area and can lead to constipation: I did not experience this bit my diet is pretty good and I've been lucky as I know many experience this in pg anyway. The greasy discharge was less fun, I just got into the pant liner habit.

Kelly1814 Wed 12-Jun-13 14:06:19

gosh so much different advice! on the progesterone, my consultant rescribed without thought, said benefits far outweighed side effects. as i've been taking tit since 7 weeks i can't really remember any side effects.

i've been having and still have daily braxton hicks. naturally i worry am ging into labour every time i feel one. they do scare me but trying to stay relaxed.

since the stitch it has to be deposited up my bottom (hideous) so that is in a way a hoirrble side effect! the things we have to do!

i still haven't told work and am 6 months next week. cat will have to come out of the (fat) bag next week ithink!

legallyblond Wed 12-Jun-13 17:24:40

Hi all, just had a really positive cervical length scan! It was my first cervical scan post op and..... All has fully healed, cervix is fully closed all the way to the top and has lengthened to 39mm (from 21mm)!! Also, the surgeon "rearranged" me internally (yanked my cervix forward to be able to clamp it) and it is now easier to access (MUCH!!! Last time was not comfortable!) and generally looking good! Bleeding has also totally stopped.

I'm being scanned again in 2 weeks (plus another growth scan on the babies - because they're twins, they get scanned for growth every 4 weeks).

Big phew,for now!

Pizdets Wed 12-Jun-13 18:21:15

Wow, so pleased to see everyone using the thread and getting useful info out of it!

Starlite, I'm so sorry to hear about your losses. I'm afraid I don't know much about the trans-abdominal stitch but if you search 'stitch' and 'cerclage' on here I know it turns up some quite interesting stuff. Can you talk to your consultant about it too?

Dizzy, I'm amazed they told you it was OK to swim, it's one of the few things I've been emphatically told not to do! Why on earth there aren't any standard guidelines about this kind of thing I don't know. Particularly when I went in for the op, I'm sure lack of information made the stress twice as bad.

Legallyblond, fab news about the cervix growing! Bet you're feeling very relieved. When I went for my first scan after the stitch mine had grown by about half too, they said something about the stitch taking the pressure off the cervix?? Either way it's a good thing to hear.

All good here, am shattered after running this event for the last 2 days so spent most of this afternoon in bed. Luckily the dog is fairly forgiving given the horrible weather outside!

Does anyone else worry when the baby kicks downwards? I've had some hard jobs to the cervix recently and am worried he's going to do some damage!

Gingerbreadpixie Wed 12-Jun-13 19:01:06

Sw25 - as I'm 29+1 now I won't push for any more cervix scans. I could have shown up at the prem clinic walk-in service had I had any problems though after i got discharged. They said to come in if I had any problems.I do have growth scans related to my T1 diabetes though and I've had some lovely sonographers who'll have a quick check of my cervix if I ask nicely. Even the lady who did my anomaly scan checked my cervix for me on request!

Legallyblond - good news on your cervical measurement. That's very encouraging, I'm pleased for you smile

legallyblond Wed 12-Jun-13 19:04:32

I have also been told categorically no:
- sex (not just no semen);
- swimming;
- very long periods on my feet; and
- very heavy lifting.

I was told to "take it easy" for a week post op.

Piz, the consultant said he often sees lengthening after a successful op but can't categorically say why - it just seems to help with general strengthening.

He was really pleased I'd had the stitch... He said in his view, the stakes are so high, that any chance of staving off prem labour is worth it..

I am not having any progesterone, also not having the ff(?) testing,just fortnightly monitoring. Treatment certainly differs!!

Gingerbreadpixie Wed 12-Jun-13 19:21:15

Hello Starlite - sorry for your losses. I don't know very much about the abdominal stitch either I'm afraid. But I just wanted to day welcome to the thread and I hope you can find some answers x

Hollygolightly77 Thu 13-Jun-13 00:18:20

Wish me luck ladies sad

went into EPU out of hours as had a feeling of pressure all day, and after a manual exam I have been admitted to get scanned in the morning- potentially I will need a stitch ...

So scared and worried, cervix appears to be closed but will not know more until the morning xx

Pizdets Thu 13-Jun-13 07:16:21

Oh Holly, how scary for you! At least you're in the right place, and you know from the rest of us in here that getting a stitch isn't too awful!

Will be thinking of you, keep us updated when you can!


legallyblond Thu 13-Jun-13 07:27:27

Good luck Holly. I know how scary it is .... I already feel I know my local labour ward far too well! As Piz says, stitch may be just the right thing and, having had it last week (at 23 weeks), although its scary and a "proper" op (I recommend general anaesthetic) seems to do the trick more often than not! Hugs x x

Alexandra6 Thu 13-Jun-13 07:29:11

Thank god you went in and are being checked and seen to holly and also it's really good the cervix is closed. Your measurements sound similar but were actually longer than mine (you're further along than me - aren't you about 19 weeks now or have I got that wrong?) I didn't realise you can actually feel pressure as a warning sign. Lots and lots of luck and please let us know how you get on today and if you need a stitch or not xx

Alexandra6 Thu 13-Jun-13 07:31:15

Oh and I haven't had it yet but would probably go local for anaesthetic personally if I need it, get them to discuss the pros and cons with you though xx

Hollygolightly77 Thu 13-Jun-13 09:47:35

Not even sure if pressure is a warning sign but I was worried and clearly they were concerned enough to admit me for further checks today sad just waiting now for a scan am so scared something has happened to my baby or that they won't be able to do anything for me sad

Godamned cervix! I hope it's doing its job for me right now.

Thanks for your messages, it does help x

Hollygolightly77 Thu 13-Jun-13 12:18:29

The length has remained the same but some slight funnelling seen. I have been offered the stitch, or to monitor.... I don't know what to do sad

Am scared if I have the stitch, will get an infection and lose Smudge but am scared if do nothing, the cervix will get worse and ill lose Smudge anyway. Help!!!

RainboxFX Thu 13-Jun-13 12:29:46

Offering a hand to hold Holly

It is a tough decision, I know. I went for the stitch early, as I personally decided it would be best for me. Only you know yourself but we are here to listen. Do you have a good consultant you can talk to and discuss your fears? They will know your situation and be able to give you the best possible advice. AFAIK Infection risk is very small. I found the stitch (under GA) very easy to recover from and not too painful or traumatic at all.

Am thinking about you x

Pizdets Thu 13-Jun-13 12:33:22

Oh Holly, how stressful! Well the good news is that it's only 'slight' funnelling and they're obviously not panicking if you're being given options.

I've found the stitch to be fine, but I know it's hairy opting for surgery in the middle of your pregnancy and you don't want to have to take a risk either way. Have the doctors given you a steer either way? Maybe it's bad but I'd ask them either what they'd do or what 'most people' would do in your situation. I find that generally that's a good want to put pressure on them to commit to giving you a bit more of their gut feel as they so often try to be impartial.

Love to you and Smudge and good luck making the decision. Feel free to ask questions if you need any info on surgery and how it was.


Hollygolightly77 Thu 13-Jun-13 12:54:53

Thank you everyone - I think I am going to go for the stitch. If I have funnelling now at nearly 19 weeks, then the potential of it getting worse is high as the baby grows bigger. I want to do everything that I can to keep Smudge inside and give him/her the best chance.

If I have seen changes in a week I am worried to go with the conservative approach at this stage. If there had been no funnelling and no change in length then I might have thought differently but the funnelling is worrying so early on.

How long did it take to recover? I will be having a spinal anaesthetic apparently. What happens afterwards? Is there lots of bleeding? Can you 'feel' the stitch?

Sorry for the essay and questions x

legallyblond Thu 13-Jun-13 13:35:47

Holly I was in EXACTLY your shoes a week ago on Friday. It was a really tough decision. As I understood it, more than the risk of infection, is the (VERY slim - much greater if the stitch is needed as an emergency later) risk of the stitch/poking around with the cervix triggering labour. I asked my consultant what he would tell his wife to do re their baby. He said he would say go for the stitch as the stakes are so high. I got a second opinion (requested) from the consultant who actually did my stitch before I had it done. He said the same. I was a bit further along than you - 23+3 when it was put in.

I would also recommend discussing with the surgeon and the anaesthetist which to choose from general or spinal. My consultant surgeon said he would be unwilling for me to have the spinal as, given that my cervix is awkward, it would be quite a traumatic procedure for me (legs clamped high, lots of tugging and people clamping things in there) which he felt wouldn't be good for me/babies. Anaesthetist said both GA and spinal carry small risks, but both are safe. I went for general - very glad I did.

re bleeding etc, I bled a lot the first time I got up after the op (gushing fresh blood like the very heaviest period). I only needed normal sanitary towels though -not maternity ones or anything. I had the op at 3pm, stayed overnight and by 10am the next day(when I went home), it had stopped, but I kept wearing pads for brown discharge. I stayed on bed rest (ish) for 5 days or so and I did feel a bit bruised and battered down there. I had a small bleed (mostly old blood, some fresh) when I got back up and about as normal (Sun/Mon) - I had to go into the labour ward and they scanned the babies - all fine and I had no pains or tightenings. The bleeding has now totally stopped and I cant feel the stitch.

I had a follow up cervical scan yesterday (1 week after the op) and all is healed and my cervix has doubled in length!!

Ask any other questions you want - I know exactly what it is like at this moment!!

Alexandra6 Thu 13-Jun-13 13:50:07

Oh holly I am really feeling for you. When I was offered the stitch early on and declined, I knew I could well end up where you are and having to make the bloody hard decision again. Lots of luck. I do agree funnelling sounds like a good indication that it might be necessary. Thank god you're being monitored, and I am praying and keeping everything crossed that you and Smudge are ok and get through this together.

I have a holiday booked for the weekend after this one and am really unsure whether to go now as I'm having my two cervix scans next week but it sounds like situations can change really quickly. I'm scared and scared for you too holly, wishing us both the absolute best of luck xxx

Pizdets Thu 13-Jun-13 14:28:37

Holly, good to hear you've reached a decision at least, and you can try to do something and move on.

I had the spinal. It was fine but if I did it again I'd probably go for general anaesthetic. The injection was OK, I had lots of local in my spine so didn't really feel much at all. Unfortunately they discovered I have a bit of a curve in my spine so it took 3 attempts, which was a bit upsetting but not as bad as it sounds! I was quite upset by the time I got into theatre and they gave me some kind of sedative then the anaesthetist was lovely (or feeling guilty!) and sat by me the whole time and talked to me about holidays and our cats (ie we both have cats, not cats in common!) which helped a lot. They put up a screen over my tummy so I couldn't see much and I didn't feel much at all.

Actually, the girl in the bed next to me had general anaesthetic and she was discharged sooner than me, as I had to have a catheter and they wanted me to prove I could wee before they'd let me go (I've never necked as much water as I did that afternoon!). Recovery from the spinal was easy - I slept for an hour or so when I got out of theatre and woke up with a bit of movement back. It is a bit like when you sit on your leg and it goes to sleep - bit pins and needles-y but not painful. It took about 3 hours to wear off completely, I think.

I recovered really fast, op was on the Friday and I was out for a short walk in the sunshine by Sunday. I had very little blood, less than a period, and it lasted about 5 days. I can't feel the stitch at all, although recently I've wondered if maybe I can a tiny bit sometimes. But it's not present or uncomfortable in my day to day life, if you see what I mean!

Hope that's some help. It's not a fun procedure but was over quickly and not highly traumatic. Hopefully once it's out of the way you can relax a little and enjoy the pregnancy!


Gingerbreadpixie Thu 13-Jun-13 15:41:38

Just caught up with this thread. Just wanted to send you a hug Holly. Hope you're ok and have support x

Hollygolightly77 Thu 13-Jun-13 22:25:06

Hi guys I write this from my hospital bed where I still have a slightly numb bum from the spinal.

All appeared to go well and I hope to escape tomorrow.... Would really like to get home now...

Am hoping this will work nicely and no side effects happen. Smudge was checked before and after with a Doppler and seems undisturbed thank goodness!

All your help and stories really have helped, I will be asking all sorts of questions regarding recovery over the next days I am sure

sw25 Fri 14-Jun-13 02:57:27

Good luck Holly, you're in the best place and from what I've heard from the other ladies, a stitch is pretty straightforward op but still understandable to be anxious. Please let us know how you're getting on. I've also been plagued by weird pains/pressure the last few days so going to get checked out tomorrow too. Better to be safe than sorry.

Alexandra6 Fri 14-Jun-13 07:21:32

Well done holly and well done smudge! Take it really easy now.

I'm not sure what to do as I don't know if this is just psychological or not, but I keep thinking I'm feeling pressure down below - all last night and again this morning. Just feels a bit like I've got a tampon in?! I've got my scans booked for next week, one on tues, one on fri, so they're better timed for just before the holiday. Am manic at work and also really tired today so just not sure if it's worth an emergency trip to EPU? Argh hate all this anxiety sad

legallyblond Fri 14-Jun-13 10:04:33

Alexandra - I would say listen to your gut... Not that helpful, I know! How worried will you be until Tues if you don't go in? That said, that feeling sounds like it could be the beginnings is vulval varicose veins - nothing they can do for those, just part of the glamour. They are, my consultant said, caused by all the progesterone flying around... As the muscles down there relax, varicose veins pop out! They usually disappear after birth. But if you're worried, I personally would call labour ward as they will advise you whether or not to go in...

Holly - well done, and well done smudge! Hope you go home today and put your feet up!!!!

legallyblond Fri 14-Jun-13 10:08:36

And good luck getting checked out today sw25 - keep us posted.

Hollygolightly77 Fri 14-Jun-13 10:35:22

Oh ladies I am so sorry if I have unwittingly caused a panic sad I do not know if the pressure feeling was caused by the cervix still, I can only say that whatever it was made me uneasy and I wanted to get checked out. I so try to listen to my gut and at the end of the day - even if its nothing it saves days of worry potentially - hope its all ok when you get checked SW and Alexandra xxx

Gingerbreadpixie Fri 14-Jun-13 10:46:05

I had pressure and twinges low down that felt "cervical". Went to epu at 14 weeks with it and again to maternity triage a little later. All was fine with cervix and eventually the pains were put down to constipation and the pressure I now believe was the start of my Pelvic Girdle Pain/SPD.

But an incompetent cervix can present as a pressure low down and pain apparently (I obsessively googled at the time) If you're worried please check it out. I know it's a faff having to go and wait in the maternity clinic for hours but if you tell them about your cervical history they should have a look internally to check cervix is closed and can swab/take urine to double check for infection which might be causing pain or discomfort.

RainboxFX Fri 14-Jun-13 13:12:48

Really glad to hear things have gone well so far Holly and well done smudge! I think I would have made the same decision in your shoes. Wishing you a speedy recovery. I had red bleeding on day one, brown for about 3 days and was pain free and felt well in about 4-5. Since then I honestly would not know I had anything done. It has made me feel more confident and secure though. I must admit all I really want is sex and a bath though! :D We were told no to either.

Alex and sw25 thinking about you. I agree it is totally worth going in to get checked out if you are at all worried. Spent yesterday in myself with concerns about reduced movements at 32 weeks! Turns out everything was fine, but all the midwives and doctors were very clear that they would rather see a thousand worried women with no problems than miss anything. Even if it just puts your mind at ease it is worth it. I also had problems with feelings of preassure earlier in pregnancy which scared me half to death. Turned out to be constapation! blush laculose is your friend.

Wishing everyone well x

Alexandra6 Fri 14-Jun-13 13:16:24

Thanks the advice I get isn't great, basically my consultant says he thinks it's unlikely to be anything to worry about without cramps, bleeding or discharge, he can't see me until Tues. That isn't what I've read online though, cervical incompetence doesn't have many symptoms and the 'heavy vagina' feeling I've got sounds exactly like the only early symptom I can find online. EPAU won't give advice on the phone, said come in to see a doctor but the only time they could do was 1.30 and my car is out of action so couldn't have got there in time for that by the time I booked it. I guess I'll have to wait until Tues. Annoying the hospital isn't more flexible/helpful, I always seem to know more than them about cervix issues from my research!

I thought it had gone so I wasn't worried but in the last ten mins the sensation has come back, damn sad

Alexandra6 Fri 14-Jun-13 13:17:42

Oh and can't be constipation for me as no problems there. Maybe the swollen vaginal/vaginal veins think, really hope so. Feel so scared sad

Hollygolightly77 Fri 14-Jun-13 13:22:12

Don't your hospital have a drop in clinic or anything? I didn't have pains or cramps but ended up being admitted so maybe you need to keep trying?

Best of luck xx

Hollygolightly77 Fri 14-Jun-13 13:26:16

Ladies who have had a stitch can I ask some questions?

How long did you get told to rest for after the op?
When could you drive again?
How long did the spotting last? (I have had a bit after the op and a bit more this morning, it had started going brown til they did an internal scan and now had a bit more)
How achy and paint did you feel in the days afterwards?
What advice were you given about activity afterwards?

Thanks in advance x

Alexandra6 Fri 14-Jun-13 13:29:09

Holly I can't help but can I ask you a question - what was the pressure you felt like? Can you be really specific? Thanks x

legallyblond Fri 14-Jun-13 13:58:38

Holly - I was told to "take it easy" for a week, it was my choice to do a sort of bed rest for a few days. I was told no sex is the main thing, until the stitch is out! I wasn't told anything about not driving, although in fact I haven't yet. The spotting totally and completely stopped exactly a week after, but 80% of the time it was just brown discharge rather than spotting. As I said, I had a bleed 5 days after the op (having had brown discharge only from 24 hours post op) - this isn't normal hence being called into labour ward (all was fine!). I felt in increased pain because, while out cold, I kicked the surgeon(!!!), who nicked the bottom of my vagina, so I needed two stitches, like you might after giving birth. I am in zero pain now 8 days later, but only really ached for 3-4 days. With me, because I also had a strangely positioned cervix, they tugged it right forward, so that may have increase the bruised feeling (and was why they wanted to do it under general).

Hope that helps.

legallyblond Fri 14-Jun-13 13:59:31

Alexandra - I would tell labour ward you are really worried. They will usually prefer to see you....

Alexandra6 Fri 14-Jun-13 14:34:16

Thanks I'm in EAPU now, they said it will lots of waiting around but hopefully someone will see me, keeping everything crossed it's nothing. Feeling very down and anxious about everything!

RainboxFX Fri 14-Jun-13 14:42:26

For Holly

How long did you get told to rest for after the op?

Just a few days. I was in overnight Thursday/Friday and have quite a physical job so also took Monday/Tuesday off. If I had been in an office or something I would have felt fine to be back by Monday.

When could you drive again?

Wasn't told anything about driving, and I drove six days afterwards. Although I probably would have been able to two-three days later.

How long did the spotting last? (I have had a bit after the op and a bit more this morning, it had started going brown til they did an internal scan and now had a bit more)

I had bright red flow the first time I stood up after the op, but this had faded by the next day. I then had slight brown discharge for maybe a week at the most. Not even enough to need a pad for, and certainly less than I expected.

How achy and paint did you feel in the days afterwards?

The first two days were fairly uncomfortable, but not painful or anything and I didn't feel like I needed any painkillers. This went away within a week though and I have not noticed to stitch at all since.

What advice were you given about activity afterwards?

No heavy lifting at all, nothing heavier than a full kettle. Basically avoid anything that puts strain on your pelvic floor. No sex. No immersion in water (due to increased infection risk) so no baths, no swimming etc. Regular rests. My consultant also said that full bed rest would do no good at all, so try to carry on as normal as you can but taking sensible precautions.

Alex does your EPU work at the weekend? Could someone maybe take you up there tomorrow?

RainboxFX Fri 14-Jun-13 14:43:04

Alex x-post! Glad you are being seen. Hope they can put your mind at rest xx

Hollygolightly77 Fri 14-Jun-13 14:50:46

Basically I felt very full in the pelvis a bit like when you have a full bladder and really need the toilet. A heavy feeling that seemed more noticeable when I was on my feet. Does that help a little? X

Pizdets Fri 14-Jun-13 14:54:04

So funny to hear how we've al had different advice! Holly, I was told to 'take it easy' and 'listen to my body' but not given much of a steer on what that meant. I don't drive much (live in London) but would have felt fine to within a few days.

I didn't have much pain 'down below' at all - mostly I had back pain from the injection, which eased off after about 3 days and was tender (like a bruise) rather than agony. I think I only took one paracetamol after the op, and that was for my back.

Bleeding, similar to Rainbox, I had red blood for a day or so, then brown/watery blood for about 4/5 days afterwards. I remember it felt like ages to be bleeding at the time but in retrospect it wasn't bad at all.

Alex, huge fingers crossed for you. I hope they can help and/or put your mind at rest. Keep us updated.

Long cervix vibes to all the other ladies on here!


Hollygolightly77 Fri 14-Jun-13 14:56:29

Thanks for the replies- the doctors all say slightly different things and are unclear about details!

I feel ok today a bit achy and uncomfortable but nothing unbearable.

One last question (possibly!!) - how quickly would any infection or leak show?

Alex- I am glad you are going to be seen, fingers crossed its nothing to worry about x

Hollygolightly77 Fri 14-Jun-13 14:59:10

Oh forgot to say that had a scan today and cervix currently 3.4 and closed - will have a cervix check on 2nd July.... Fingers crossed and positive cervix thoughts to everyone else smile x

Alexandra6 Fri 14-Jun-13 17:47:13

Thanks all, was finally seen after a long and boring wait at EPU and the sonographer did an external over the belly scan and said she couldn't see funnelling and the cervix looked fine to her. So no idea what the feeling down below is but am now forcing myself to relax! I do think I did the right thing, better to be safe than sorry and am hoping they can tell enough from an over the belly scan. Baby looked well, heart beating and moving, yay!

holly 3.4 and closed sounds good smile

sw25 Fri 14-Jun-13 18:55:21

Hi Alex, yes agree with legallyblond. Your mat notes should have a number for the labour ward. That's where I went this morning at 7am to be checked out. You have to call them first, explain symptoms and say you'd really like to be checked out. They have been really lovely to me both times and didn't make me feel stupid at all. Anyway, had the once over again by midwife then a doctor and they think I could have the beginnings of SPD... Eeek. Really don't want to be crippled with that for next 3 months. She didnt look at my cervix as she said repeated examinations run the risk of stimulating it or causing infection. The pressure symptom has eased but the period type pain and sore groin/pubic area is constant. Apparently it can get so bad you end up in a wheelchair.... great!!! Blimey this pregnancy is beating the crap out of me... Really feeling quite depressed and anxious over it all.

sw25 Fri 14-Jun-13 19:04:36

Sorry I keep being very annoying and posting late... Glad all well with your scan Alex - defo better to get it checked out. EPU is always a nightmare wait but I'd rather that than labour ward which is full of screaming women! It's scary!!!

Gingerbreadpixie Fri 14-Jun-13 19:36:25

Glad you're ok Alex. My "pressure" started at about 16 weeks and was the beginnings of SPD. I was pretty pissed off to have that along with diabetes, cervix etc etc. was really scared I'd end up on crutches. But it hasn't really gotten any worse (yet!) I saw a physio a couple of times and given a support belt and some exercises and stretches. I don't like the belt but do try to keep up with the exercises. I really notice the pressure if I've been on my feet too long.

Other SPD symptoms to watch out for - sore inner thighs, pain when opening legs, hip/bum aches, bruised/achey/heavy vagina feeling (lovely!).

I highly recommend pushing for a physio appointment if you do suspect SPD so you can get stretching and strengthen the muscles.

Hollygolightly77 Fri 14-Jun-13 20:38:37

So glad your ok Alex! And got to see baba again smile

This whole pregnancy has certainly not followed the rosy picture I had imagined I have to say!

It's going to be worth it when I get to meet my Smudge (fingers crossed)

Sw- glad its not the cervix but sorry it might be SPD sad

Have finally been released and am home on the sofa watching CSI, am delighted to be back with my hubby and cats smile

Alexandra6 Fri 14-Jun-13 21:14:08

Will all totally be worth it when our babies are here smile

I'm a cat person too, have a lovely little one. What will you do about the cats and baby when it's born? Will you bother with cat nets so the cats can't sleep with and risk smothering the baby? Or do you think it will be fine?

Hollygolightly77 Fri 14-Jun-13 21:39:20

I was talking about this with my husband the other day, and we can't decide what to do!

Hopefully they will not like the crying and keep away, we are going to start by keeping them out of the baby room and keeping doors shut- has anyone else ever had experienced cats and babies - any tips for us?!

Pizdets Fri 14-Jun-13 23:02:53

Oh god, we have 2 massive cats and a dog! I was a bit worried at first but I'm now thinking we'll just have to middle along together. None of them sleep in our room every night (cats do at the weekend as a 'treat', although not sure who it's a treat for!) So I'm just thinking I'll keep doors closed and manage animal movements around the house more carefully. Very keen to get advice from someone who knows better, though!

Alexandra6 Sat 15-Jun-13 09:06:04

Ok just asked a friend with cats, she has one toddler and a new baby, she says she bought a net but has never used it. They just control where the cats can go and the cats tend not to come near the noisy baby anyway! I'm thinking it's only at night the baby would be at risk when I'm asleep so we'll need to put a lock on our door or heavy doorstop (our cat can push our doors open herself otherwise!) Then when the baby moves to the nursery, we can cross that bridge, would def rather have the nursery door open. Maybe we should post on the main pregnancy page about this? I bet our cat will take one look at the noisy baby and think "what is THAT doing in our nice quiet home?!" grin

Hollygolightly77 Sat 15-Jun-13 16:58:19

I have been lying around and sleeping all day, no pain and tiny bit of brown discharge.

I have loads of meds! Oral antibiotics, antibiotic cream to insert vaginally, progesterone pessaries for the backside, and pills to relax any womb contractions!

I will need to use the prog pessaries for the rest of my pregnancy apparently-

I had an unexpected treat yesterday when I asked the cervix sonographer to have a quick look at baby to make sure ok, she was nice and had a look, Smudge was having a little wriggle, and sucking thumb - so cute smile

I feel guilty today, as if I am letting Smudge down by having such a dodgy cervix sad


legallyblond Sun 16-Jun-13 06:49:44

How cute re thumb sucking! And I'm glad you're on the mend Holly. Just goes to show the different approaches though..., I am on zero meds post my stitch - no antibiotics, no progesterone etc!

Just to say - not all short cervix pregnancies are so stressful as this. Like I said, I carried DD with no complications at all to 42 weeks. Generally though, I hound having a newborn a LOT less sttressfull / worrying / anxiety inducing that being pregnant! Having a newborn is actually quite easy! On the breast or asleep pretty much!!!

Pizdets Sun 16-Jun-13 10:37:44

Sounds good holly, pleased you got a good view of smudge happily in there! Please don't feel guilty, if it's not one thing it's another and I'm learning that very few people have the 'easy ride' pregnancies I'd always imagined. Once you're over the op you''ll feel much better.

Legallyblond, LOVE the idea that having a newborn will be less stressful - yes please!

All seems fine here, I was a bit naughty and bought a bouncy chair in the sale then carried it home and felt it in the bump but took it easy and felt fine again since. I actually see people running or being active now and feel sad about it, I'm usually a pretty active person and not doing stuff drives me a bit mad! But itcsb

Pizdets Sun 16-Jun-13 10:38:58

Stupid phone, sorry. Meant to say it's for a good cause and only 11.5 weeks until the stitch comes out (eeeek!).
Long, closed cervix thoughts all round!


Hollygolightly77 Sun 16-Jun-13 14:35:47

Can I ask a question about the progesterone pessaries? I have been having some headaches since I started taking them or I suppose it could be after effects of op?

As you can see worrying about everything here...

Thanks in advance x

RainboxFX Sun 16-Jun-13 22:29:02

Hi again Holly. I had mild headaches for about a fortnight after starting the progesterone, but they did go away. I mentioned them to my consultant and she said this was not unusual, and they should stop. She did offer to put me on a lower dose if I wanted and the headaches were too much to cope with!

Another pet household here, two cats and a dog. We planned just to be really vigilant and see what happened! Both DH and I brought up in houses full of animals so in theory it should be possible smile

3 1/2 weeks for me now til stitch comes out. eeek!

Hollygolightly77 Mon 17-Jun-13 11:04:21

Ah Rainbow - that's great! Only 3 and a half weeks to go, how wonderful smile

Thanks for the reply, I guessed it was the extra hormones xxx

Kelly1814 Mon 17-Jun-13 12:04:56

hello all, been a little while since i checked in on this, so good to hear everyone's progress.holly, very glad to hear you are feeling better.

i've been on progesterone since week 7 and no side effects that i've noticed.

my answers to questions asked in case they help anyone else:

How long did you get told to rest for after the op?
i was signed off for 2 weeks, i could have been back at work after a week but i took advantage of this and rested.

When could you drive again?
i don't drive but would have felt fine to do this after a few days.

How long did the spotting last?
i had hardly any bleeding at all, maybe one or two days of a little bit of brown gunge, that was it. was expecting much worse.

How achy and paint did you feel in the days afterwards?
not really at all to behonest, i honestly was expecting mayhem and it was almost pain free and back to normal within a day or two. now i completely forget the stitch is there!

What advice were you given about activity afterwards?
very restricted (my cervix was shorter than they at first thought when they actually went in to do the sticth)

no standing or walking for more than 20 mins, no sex, no orgasms (!) no pregnancy yoga, no swimming (i have been in the pool a few times, i live in a country where is is currently 47 degrees!) and as much time with my feet up as possible. i am still working.

Hollygolightly77 Mon 17-Jun-13 16:55:12

Thanks Kelly, I am trying to put together all the advice given and come up with a plan for myself. It surprises me that there's nothing consistent even different doctors said wildly different things while I was at the hospital!

I am finding it difficult to lay around, I am normally pottering around, up and down stairs, shopping, driving, housework, cooking so this is hard for me.

I am trying to stay positive and start looking forward to the next scan (on the 28th) when we will get to see Smudge again.

How do you all stay positive? Should I just think week by week?

Pizdets Mon 17-Jun-13 18:12:47

Holly, I think you just get on with things! Slowly you realise that the stitch is in now and I 'got over it' a bit and the fear has taken more of a backseat. I think normal life just reasserts itself (or it did for me at least) also like you I'm a pretty active person so can't be doing with too much sitting around.

Rainbox, I can't believe you only have 3.5 weeks left! Time seems to be flying. We're all going to be on here expecting hourly updates from you as to how it all goes once the stitch is out!

legallyblond Mon 17-Jun-13 19:00:06

I agree - I think you just get on with it despite the worry! Having had one pregnancy without cervix, I think you just have to realise that it is a really anxious time.... If it ain't one thing its another! With DD for instance, I had an anterior placenta and as a result felt no kicks or anything until 26 weeks, and then only limited... I was beside myself with worry!!! I think you just have to take the view that, until there is actually something to worry about (i.e. You start getting contraction/ go into labour at 23 weeks or something), there isn't anything to worry about... Just follow the advice given (the doctors have seen it all hundreds of times before) and try to relax.... MUCH easier said than done, I know!

legallyblond Mon 17-Jun-13 19:00:52

I meant one preg without cervix worries..!

Hollygolightly77 Mon 17-Jun-13 19:42:23

Yes, just to add to my worries, I have an anterior placenta as well smile talk about worry! Although I do think I have felt movement at the sides mainly...

I think lying around resting has given me too much time to think and fret and worry, I will be better once I can be up and around and get back to work xxx

Alexandra6 Mon 17-Jun-13 19:44:18

I'm really trying to take that attitude - right now the baby is still inside and I'm still pregnant. Trying to relax and not worry as I do think I've been massively stressed and I'm now wondering what harm that can do to the poor baby when it has stress hormones pumping through it all the time!

I know the majority of you have stitches but does anyone have any advice/views on swimming with a short cervix but no stitch? Wondering whether it's worth going in the pool on holiday.

Pizdets Mon 17-Jun-13 19:47:48

Alex, I was advised not to go in the pool because of bacteria and the fact there's a foreign body threaded through my cervix. I'm sure if you don't have the stitch you'll be fine, in fact it''ll prob do you good to take the weight off your feet and get some nice gentle exercise.

Where are you going? So jealous!

Alexandra6 Mon 17-Jun-13 20:11:42

To Spain! Have a cervix scan tomorrow and Friday, if all looks ok I'm going to print nearest hospital details and head off to Spain on Sat for two weeks grin it's a friend's villa with a private pool shared by just a few residents and it's by the sea and really relaxing, plus nice sofas and sky tv - perfect for pregnancy and taking a break from the sun!

Maybe this is really shallow/silly but I am having a wax on Sat morning (legs and bikini) so will be hairy for my cervix scans, that doesn't matter right?! Don't want them to think I'm a hairy monster wink Clearly it's NOT my priority at the scans though!

Hollygolightly77 Mon 17-Jun-13 20:33:01

Good luck at both your scans Alex and enjoy Spain smile sounds great x

legallyblond Mon 17-Jun-13 23:32:05

Ha ha - Alex, my first cervical scan at 23 weeks (where the short cervix was picked up) was a surprise - I didn't know I was going to be offered it... I was not in the best state down there at all... Not at all pretty! Ended up with an audience of 4 for the scan (male consultant, male registrar, female "chaperone" (auxiliary midwife assistant) and female midwife) because my cervix was so, so awkwardly placed. They did the first scan with the internal ultrasound wand (just consultant and chaperone) - couldn't find my cervix at all. Cue entrance of registrar and midwife for (1) internal "feel" by the consultant with registrar assisting(!); (2) internal manual look using massive lamp (angled by midwife) and clear plastic thing (held by registrar); then, once they'd found it (3) second ultrasound wand to measure... My legs were also hideous. No one blinked an eye. They have now, thankfully, rearranged my cervix so the rigmarole is avoided!!!

Pizdets Tue 18-Jun-13 09:45:45

OMG Legally, that sounds traumatic! I actually started to have stress dreams at about 16 weeks where I was in the hospital going from one person to another who poked and prodded and then knocked me out and woke me up with another problem! I think from about 11-20 weeks I was going to the hospital at least once a week for one reason or another, it's been bliss since then to 'just' have normal midwife appointments and the occasional prem clinic scan.

Alex, enjoy Spain, sounds wonderful! We're off camping in Shropshire this weekend which will be much less comfortable and I'm really suffering with hayfever so bit worried about it al!

Holly, hope you're feeling better and a bit of confidence in the stitch is coming through!


Hollygolightly77 Tue 18-Jun-13 10:31:19

Legally, I know just what you mean...when I was admitted last week, I had not done any 'pruning' for a while, during the stitch insertion I was surrounded by people, theatre lights shining on down highlighting my hairy legs and 70's looking bush (ahem) Eeeek!

Alexandra6 Tue 18-Jun-13 10:40:53

Oh I'm so glad they see 70s bushes and hairy legs all the time! I wasn't sure whether to flag it up and mention I'm getting a wax on Saturday before my holiday or if that's just ridiculously inappropriate grin

Alexandra6 Tue 18-Jun-13 19:39:28

Hi cervix club, just a quick update on my scan - he said the cervix looks fine and even mentioned he wouldn't be able to tell it apart from a normal cervix looking at the scan today?! It measured around 3.5! I don't get why it's measuring more, again it probably shows how inaccurate these scans are, but either way it's brilliant he doesn't think there's a problem at the moment!

I'm now wondering whether to go to my other consultant on Friday for my second opinion scan. It would be my third scan in a week after going to EPU on Friday. I'm sure the scans don't do damage but you never know. It would be my last scan for three weeks because of my holiday which I now feel confident enough to go on woop!

legallyblond Tue 18-Jun-13 21:31:47

Alex, would the second consultant do another internal cervical scan? My consultant (I just have the one!) is reluctant to scan or generally "poke" the cervix more than once a fortnight as it aggrevates / stimulates the cervix. Does the second consultant know you had a cervix scan just three days before? I expect it's fine - they all say different things!

Alexandra6 Tue 18-Jun-13 22:06:23

It would be internal but dildocam so nothing too invasive (as I can barely feel it when they do that). At the same time, that's a good point, it is something being around the cervix. The Friday scan consultant doesn't know I'm seeing someone else (affair-like!), the only reason I am is because he originally told me to get a stitch and I wanted a second opinion.

Hollygolightly77 Tue 18-Jun-13 22:24:40

Alex, that sounds great! You must be so pleased smile

I can't imagine you would need another scan after 3 days, can't you rearrange for when you come back from holiday?

Have a fab time xx

Pizdets Wed 19-Jun-13 10:43:34

Oh Alex, that's good news, you can feel much more relaxed off on holiday now! Can't advise on Friday, depends how confident you feel in the consultant you saw already I suppose?

I've got another 2 days of work until a long weekend and can't WAIT. We've canned camping after a dreadful weather forecast and think we've found a cottage to rent, which is a relief for me because I was a bit worried about everyone setting off on nice long walks and me having to choose between going and slowing them down or staying at the tent alone!

Thinking of you all.


legallyblond Wed 19-Jun-13 16:42:11

Alex - only comment I would make is if your Friday consultant is your NHS one (I assume as they don't know about each other, the Tues consultant is private, rather the second NHS opinion you are legally obliged to if you want it?), he may want to see you for other reasons? My consultant (NHS) is always combined with urine, blood pressure, growth scan in the twins (appreciate that frequent growth scans isn't normal with a singleton!). Not sure, but although you are obviously mostly concerned with your cervix, the NHS consultant might need to check other aspects?

So jealous of your holiday!!! And yours Piz!!!

Animol Wed 19-Jun-13 17:11:07

Hi ladies - feel for you all with this problem - I had it with my first two but not at all for the next two and hopefully not for this one - I'm19 weeks smile

I had premature contractions with the first two and worked myself into a total frenzy sad which I'm sure just made the whole thing worse. DC1 was 3 weeks early born as soon as I came off the tablets and had sex again smile smile With DC2 I had steroid injections for lung development as from about 30 weeks my doc said she could arrive any day sad I came off the tablets at 37 weeks and she didn't come and she didn't come and she didn't come - she was born at 39+5 in a very fast labour. We moved house and I changed doctors when I told my new doc about my previous problems he examined me and said - you're having a completely normal pregnancy - It was one of the most wonderful things anyone has ever said to me! Had none of the problems with 3 and 4 - in fact they were both late!

Hang in there everybody!

Pizdets Wed 19-Jun-13 17:49:28

Oh Animol, Congrats on the new pregnancy and thanks for posting! It's very reassuring to think it isn't necessarily going to be like this every time (or I hope just 'both times' for me!) and good to hear your first two did well. It's scary but there are some good stories out there which is reassuring.

Legallyblond, not sure a long weekend in rainy Herefordshire is much to be jealous of, but I work for myself and am wrapping up a project and handing over to the client tomorrow so I'll be able to completely relax which I'm really looking forward to!

Hollygolightly77 Wed 19-Jun-13 22:00:02

Ladies, I need some reassurance if possible....

I had to go to my midwife today which obviously involved getting up, a short drive etc.

Since then, I seem to have an increase in discharge, quite watery. Am completely paranoid that I am leaking amniotic fluid.

Any advice? Is there a smell or something I can check for? Am really worried sad

Alexandra6 Wed 19-Jun-13 23:20:56

holly I know our situations are different but I had watery discharge on the weekend. I'm hoping it's normal. I then had my cervix scan on tues and looked ok so hopefully nothing to worry about. Let me know if you find out anything about it. Big hugs.

legally they are both NHS, just a complicated situation. Would be purely a cervix scan on Friday. Am now wondering about the watery discharge again and whether I should be reading more into that.

piz thanks, I will try and relax, I manage for a couple of days and then get worried again!

Alexandra6 Wed 19-Jun-13 23:21:33

Oh and enjoy your relaxing break piz I think the cottage was a VERY good shout!

legallyblond Thu 20-Jun-13 15:20:29

Ok... This is a tmi question that I am too embarrassed to ask in RL!

Like most who have had a stitch, I have been told no sex at all until it is out. I wasn't given reasons, but I assume there are two: aggrevation to the base of the cervix plus the prostaglandin in the sperm that causes contractions/ can provoke labour. But... What about just getting aroused? blush

Obviously, I and DH will totally abstain if that's best, but, as I gather is common (I was like this last time too!), although I had zero interest in the first trimester and the end of the final trimester, during the second / early third, my hormones went / are going crazy! Is getting aroused ok, or is the whole thing totally off the cards! blush

legallyblond Thu 20-Jun-13 15:35:22

Ok... This is a tmi question that I am too embarrassed to ask in RL!

Like most who have had a stitch, I have been told no sex at all until it is out. I wasn't given reasons, but I assume there are two: aggrevation to the base of the cervix plus the prostaglandin in the sperm that causes contractions/ can provoke labour. But... What about just getting aroused? blush

Obviously, I and DH will totally abstain if that's best, but, as I gather is common (I was like this last time too!), although I had zero interest in the first trimester and the end of the final trimester, during the second / early third, my hormones went / are going crazy! Is getting aroused ok, or is the whole thing totally off the cards! blush

legallyblond Thu 20-Jun-13 15:36:21

Oh god, why did that have to post twice!!!???

Hollygolightly77 Thu 20-Jun-13 16:07:42

Can anyone give me any advice? Am so worried sad

Legally, from what I understand, getting aroused would not cause you a problem but an orgasm causes small contractions in the uterus, and penetration could cause a disturbance in the cervix area. I am sure some of the others have a better explanation x

legallyblond Thu 20-Jun-13 16:14:48

Thanks Holly!

re the discharge, generally,women get more discharge during pregnancy because of all the progesterone. With these twins, because I have loads more of all the preg hormones swimming around, I have been drenched from day one blush (yes, an embarrassing day for me today!). My assumption would be that the extra discharge is a direct result of the progesterone kicking in!!! Someone else, much further along than you/having had the baby(?), mentioned heaps of discharge from the extra progesterone in the pessaries... Its somewhere upthread but I can't scroll up now I am writing this post!

Pizdets Thu 20-Jun-13 16:23:44

Holly, how much watery discharge is there? I think it's really normal in pregnancy to have increased discharge but I know it did freak me out a first. For example (tmi) I can sometimes feel it 'gush' a bit, but when I look there's a little wet patch about the size of a 50p in my pants. If it's like that then I think you're prob fine, I've had scans since this started and no probs. If it seems like a lot more then maybe call the hospital for some reassurance.

Legally, I have totally abstained (assume when you say 'aroused' you mean the big o without penetration??). If I'm totally honest, they weren't clear but I'm too embarrassed to go into the prem clinic and say 'can we indulge in a bit of frottage to the point of orgasm?' to the nurses there. I also think it's unlikely they'll say yes for the reasons holly mentioned above...although I'm finding it really hard. Halfway through the drought today...11weeks down and 11 to go! We're both hoping he stays put for a while so we'll have some quality time together before the birth ('hammer and tongs' is the phrase used most often in our house right now!)

legallyblond Thu 20-Jun-13 16:26:30

Its not just me suffering then! Gosh, its not easy! Oh well - I have max 11/12 weeks to go too!

Hollygolightly77 Thu 20-Jun-13 17:06:02

It's so difficult to tell, I seem to veer between white creamy stuff and clearer watery stuff, combined with the antibiotic cream I have to insert and the fact it's kinda warm down there with big pants, liners and all the lying around... It could be bl**dy anything sad

If I am still worried tomorrow, I will get a docs appointment and get checked out. I did call the ward but they were more concerned with blood or smelly discharge.

Soo stressed at the moment sad

Re sex, I keep having sexy dreams and waking up feeling very interested! It doesn't help relaxation I have to say.....


Alexandra6 Thu 20-Jun-13 17:16:10

Snap on the sexy dreams, I've even blush climaxed in them even though I've been trying to avoid that because of the uterine contraction thing mentioned above. And I'm guessing as it's a mental thing, your uterus does the same thing even though it's a dream! Apart from that, I'm doing ok without sex weirdly, have kind of got used to it and my worry about my cervix etc would def kill the mood for me anyway! (makes me sound massively boring)! grin I think what's also making me not mind, is that I think DH would be a bit freaked out (what part of the baby is he poking near etc) so I think he'd find pregnant sex a bit weird anyway!

holly I'm having a mixture of watery discharge (as I said quite a bit on the weekend) and creamy white. Perhaps post on the main pregnancy forum as would be good to know about normal pregnancy discharge and if other people are getting watery discharge (let me know if you do post), but I am getting it too so hopefully it's normal xxx

Hollygolightly77 Thu 20-Jun-13 17:30:02

I don't seem to mind the lack when I'm awake, I just worry about my husband, it must be pretty awful for him as well as my constant worrying- poor fella x

Kelly1814 Thu 20-Jun-13 20:16:53

Hello ladies! I am sooooo with you all on the sex frustration thing. Was told categorically no orgasms. I feel very low about this, so unsexy and un attractive. I still indulge my husband, but really it's so frustrating as I get worked up and nothing can happen for me.im reluctant for him to touch me as it just gets me more het up.

This combined with baby exhaustion when baby is born could mean almost a year with no sex, intimacy, or orgasms. Really getting me down.

On a positive note, am 24+2 and grateful to be pregnant smile

On the how to stay positive and cope with it all question, I am really week by week. To be honest getting back to workandinto a bit of a routine again really helped, I find hard to worry touch about stuff when working 12 hour days as I'm just too busy to have my mind wander.

legallyblond Fri 21-Jun-13 09:31:17

Ha ha.... I am glad it's not just me!!!! DH occasionally says, although frustrated, that it's not that bad...... Yes dear, that's because you're stilling getting bloody blow jobs! Still, this is obviously a very m

legallyblond Fri 21-Jun-13 09:32:19

Oops... Very minor issue compared to the scare of having the stitch and them arriving early etc!!

Alexandra6 Fri 21-Jun-13 09:36:04

You're all still giving blow jobs and things?! My DH is getting nothing but cuddles! He isn't even hinting about anything like that, think he has me on some holy pregnancy pedestal in his head - not sure if I'm flattered or annoyed! wink

legallyblond Fri 21-Jun-13 11:00:02

Sorry - I have dragged the thread down a little! Alex - yes, still doing that kind of thing. It is our second pregnancy, so me being pregnant isn't a new thing for DH. Tbh though, we continued with normal "intimacy" until the day before DD was born. It didn't really seem to be an issue for either of us. In fact, DH has often mentioned that he loves me being pregnant...!! Like everything in this, ahem, area, I suspect it's horses for courses! I certainly don't like being pregnant much in terms of how I feel about myself in that regard!

Anyway..... How are you feeling worry-wise today Holly?

Hollygolightly77 Fri 21-Jun-13 12:12:52

Legally- sex is never a minor issue! Lol! Tbh you lot talking about the big o and blow jobs has cheered me up- alway enjoyed lowering the tone smile

I am feeling a bit better, went to the doctors who examined me, got a speculum and made me cough, she said nothing came out which would be expected if it was amniotic fluid. she took a swab to get checked further as well.

So sadly I could just be wetting myself a bit... Or is just increased discharge...


Alexandra6 Fri 21-Jun-13 12:39:07

I had a cervix scan this morning, went really well, amazingly I'm now measuring up ok on scans and longer than I was, I'm just praying they're accurate and the situation stays the same! The consultants don't seem worried at all which is brilliant! Anyway holly I mentioned the watery discharge on the weekend and he said that increased discharge is normal in pregnancy due to hormones. It's now back to creamy white (sorry tmi!) I know your situation is different but just wanted to reassure you that I'm getting it and (if he's right) nothing is going wrong. If you're really worried and it keeps happening, find somewhere that does fetal fibronectin testing and ask for a referral and see what they say.

And feel free to lower the tone and lighten the mood! (although I now feel like a freak for DH and I not being fussed about pregnant sex!) I'd just be so aware the baby is right there! Maybe I think too much...grin

legallyblond Fri 21-Jun-13 12:46:12

But then Alex, it's going to be right there is the cot next to the bed (or more likely, in your bed!) for at least six months after its born.... wink. A bit different actually, I suppose!!! So glad your scans are going well... Enjoy your holiday!!!!

Hollygolightly77 Sun 23-Jun-13 15:35:04

I hope I don't become the pain of this thread, am going back to work tomorrow and am feeling anxious about it.

Yesterday, I walked to the library, around a couple of shops, and then home, today I am feeling some tiny pains like stitch on my left hand side low down on the pelvis, also a slight feeling of pressure that is fine when sitting down. Do you think I overdid it a bit yesterday?

I don't know if its a normal pregnancy twinge or something else sad

I am also really over anxious about my 20 week scan on Friday, have been having worries about if they find anything wrong- everything seems very scary at the moment - not sure how I will concentrate on work sad

Pizdets Sun 23-Jun-13 18:33:40

Hi holly, you're not coming across as a pain at all! We all worry about this stuff, so annoying. I think getting the 20 week scan will help you to relax a bit.

I get twinges and pains down the side of the bump sometimes. I think it's more muscle pain from stretching than anything else, but I try to sit down and take the weight off my feet until it passes and all seems ok so far. It usually only takes a couple of minutes to pass. The consultant after my op said that it's not about how long you're on your feet for it's how intense the exercise is. Do you have a job where you're on your feet a lot?

I definitely overdid it this weekend. Decided to walk to the pub yesterday over a big hill which took about 90 minutes, then had a short walk after lunch too, plus spent a lot of time carrying and holding friends' toddlers and babies. Today woke up feeling like i'd pulled a muscle in my tummy and am absolutely shattered! On the plus side, despite being so silly, no apparent problems with the stitch. Have taken it very easy today and will do the same tomorrow!

On the sex front, I'm also not helping out my husband at all! I just can't bear it, at least he can go off and take care of himself, I don't feel sorry for him at all! I'm the one really suffering in this situation as I can't do anything. So we're avoiding anything bar platonic cuddles, which sucks but at least doesn't set anything off. 10.5 weeks to go...

Hollygolightly77 Sun 23-Jun-13 20:31:32

Thanks Piz, I am feeling quite neurotic and can't stop myself googling all the time.

Luckily my job is a desk job so should be able to stay off feet most of the day except going to the loo, getting lunch and getting home.

I have sat down with my hubby and explained to him that I really cannot do a lot for the next few weeks. No long walks, hoovering, etc, I really want to make it to at least 24 weeks and then see how I am and how my cervix is doing.

I just want a bath and to feel free to do normal things! I am scared everytime I get a twinge or pain sad

I might send myself mad over the next weeks sad xxx

legallyblond Mon 24-Jun-13 14:53:27

It's totally normal to worry about this stuff Holly. I worried throughout with DD and I had no known cervix issues then! Thd 20 week scan is terrifying for everyone as it is when the most problems are picked up - that's why it's called the anomaly scan! I don't say that to scare you but to reassure you that it is a rational and entirely normal thing to be worried about. Chances are all will be fine, but I expect 99% of us are scared s**tless!

Work will help I expect... Less time to worry! X x

Pizdets Mon 24-Jun-13 21:00:05

I was terrified of our 20 weeks scan (esp as we lost our first baby at 18 weeks as she was very poorly) but once it was out of the way it made a huge difference to how I felt about the pregnancy and I relaxed a lot more.

Have been enjoying a bit of online maternity shopping tonight. With 2 weddings and 2 hen dos in the next couple of months I've got plenty of excuses! Also think that iI might be starting to get mild Braxton hicks, when I'm out with the dog the bottom of the bump starts to feel tight, but passes off when I sit down for a minutem anyone know if that's something I should be worrying about??

legallyblond Tue 25-Jun-13 11:30:00

Piz - I had that with DD also on long walks etc. I don't think it's Braxton Hicks (which are non painful contractions - the only time I got these was after sex, a single one each time) which feel very different.... Braxton hicks are more of a single event rather than a gernersl aching and tightness. I think the latter, from walking erc, is totally normal and just your muscles working hard and complaining a bit. I went on long walks until the day before DD arrived and had the muscle aching always. I think nothing to worry about!

Just had another growth scan on the twins and cervix scan (am 26+4 now!) all fine and cervix is 35-6 mm! Yay! I love that the stitch did a good j

legallyblond Tue 25-Jun-13 11:30:40

Job... Grrr iPhone!

Pizdets Wed 26-Jun-13 11:04:50

Thanks Legally, good to know it's all normal! As it's not pain in the cervix area I wasn't too concerned but it's always reassuring to check! The little guy is going nuts in there at the moment and has been since about 3am, he's usually fairly active at certain times but then he'll have a 24 hours period where he's even busier than usual, I don't know why as I've not really eaten or drunk anything out of the ordinary!

Fab news on your cervix length, that's so reassuring. I have my next scan on Monday and feeling fairly relaxed about it, but will be nice to get some reassurance as it's been over 3 weeks since the last one.

Holly, thinking of you for tomorrow, what time is the scan? It's nerve-wracking but once it's out of the way I think you'll feel much better and able to relax a lot more about everything, cervix included (I asked them to check my cervix in the 20 week scan too for a bit of extra reassurance).

Thinking of you all and feeling especially jealous of Alex getting some sun!


Pizdets Fri 28-Jun-13 13:12:24

Hi Holly,

Thinking of you today, let us know how you get on!


Hollygolightly77 Fri 28-Jun-13 20:51:59

Hi Piz,

Thank you for your message, the scan went really well, Smudge is doing great and I feel so relieved smile

They did a cervix check and it is closed and measuring about 3.4 - so great news all round.

Very happy lady here lol!

How's everyone else doing today?


Pizdets Sat 29-Jun-13 17:51:15

Great news Holly, so pleased for you! Hopefully you will be able to relax a bit more now!

All ok here, enjoyed a lazy dog walk in the sunshine, got back and husband and dog have crashed out leaving me watching crap tv. Am also a keen quilter so busy embroidering a quilt for the baby when he comes.

Nice long cervix thoughts to everyone else, hope all going ok!


Pizdets Mon 01-Jul-13 17:15:23

Just back from cervix scan. All looks good and got great news too...sex is back on the menu! Apparently after 27 weeks they say it's ok with a condom if your cervix looks ok. Mr Pizets is very happy!

Bit quiet on here recently, hope everyone is ok!


legallyblond Mon 01-Jul-13 17:49:11

Really Piz... Wow! I am 27+3 now.... Not been given that advice though so not sure I dare... The stakes are very high as the twins are only just over 2lbs each at last scan, so still so tiny!! I might risk it at 36 weeks!!

Kelly1814 Mon 01-Jul-13 18:58:38

Hello ladies! So glad we are doing well and that your scans were good.

I'm 26 weeks tomorrow.

Have been feeling really good, then raging thrush/UTIs came back with a vengeance. It's virtually impossible to sit down and not a huge deal to be done about it. Probiotics helped before but not this time it seems sad

As I'm sure you can imagine, lots of worry about stitch being infected, premature labour as a result etc etc, but trying to stay positive.

Piz am loving that sex is back on the menu! I am not sure about it as when using a caneesten pessary, I could feel the stitch (sorry tmi) so am sure husband could too.....it is deff one I shall be asking the doc about.

Pizdets Mon 01-Jul-13 19:51:36

Legally, I'd be nervous with twins too, and of course so much different information given to everyone on here...so can understand you sticking with your own HCPs.

Kelly, so sorry to hear about your thrush/utis. Have you tried live yoghurt 'up there'? My mum swears by it. Theysaid to use a condom and stop if he feels the stitch. But I plucked up the courage to check specifically that I can have my own orgasms so even if we can't have full penetrative sex we can at least amuse each other (sorry if tmi!). Def ask the doctor about it, it's been the nicest surprise of this pregnancy so far!

Hope your probs clear up a bit for you soon, will keep fingers crossed for you.


Kelly1814 Tue 02-Jul-13 11:31:40

hi piz, haven't tried live yoghurt, but this is now next on my list!

love you plucking up the courage to ask about orgasms, i REALLY want to do this at my next appt (two weeks time).

bear in mind i live in a muslim country so it feels even more embarrassing to ask - but am getting so desperate, i think i will have to front it out!

Pizdets Wed 03-Jul-13 09:36:21

Google the live yoghurt before you do it because it's been years since my mum told me about it! But apparently somehow the active bacteria in the yoghurt counteract the bacteria in the thrush and it's supposed to be a good gentle way to clear it up. Also - have you had a firm diagnosis of thrush? I had what I thought was dreadful thrush for years and it kept recurring and recurring and eventually I want to a specialist who found out it wasn't thrush at all but a skin condition! Within a couple of weeks it was under control and much better. Just worth considering if you've not had a swab?

Do ask about the orgasms, it's embarrassing but we're grown married women, we shouldn't have to be ashamed about this! I'm soooooo pleased I asked because it's made the next 9.5 weeks (eeek!) seem so much more bearable.

Hope everyone else is OK and sorry for the TMI in my post!


RainboxFX Wed 03-Jul-13 10:18:22

Hello all, it has been ages since I checked in!

Firstly, OMG sex may have been on the cards since 27 weeks? I am 35 weeks tomorrow!!! Arrgh! grin Sadly I have gotten so huge and uncomfortable I think the logistics rule it out here...

Have also been having wild braxton hicks, but only when I have gotten fed up and overdone things. Like stupidly putting together flat pack furniture! What I was told was if they don't get worse with each one, are infreaquent, and stop when you change what you are doing, then you are fine. Also with the discharge, I have had a massive increase since being pregnant. Both creamy white and thinner clear stuff that has me panicing about a leak everytime. I always ask at anti natal appointments, and they always say it it totally normal.

I am pleased to hear everyone seems to be doing well. Worried, but well, but I guess that is to be expected!

I get my stitch out a week tomorrow. Will definately be here the next day to tell you all about that! Then, three weeks afterwards, I will be having an elcs. Hard to believe that in four weeks at the most, all being well, we will finally be meeting Tiny.

Sending more long, closed cervix thoughts to us all!

Kelly1814 Wed 03-Jul-13 17:24:25

Hi ladies

Rainbow, great news that you are so far along and piz thanks for the advice. Been swabbed and blood tested to within an inch of my life!

Not great news for me today, had been feeling rubbish due to UTIs etc so mu consuotant said to come straight back into hospital.

scanned me and huge panic as baby's head is extremely low, right behind pubic bone and actually hard to see on scan as so low (not sue eid this what 'engaged' means, was too stunned to ask?)

I had thought that something felt 'off' due to cervix feeling so low and being able to feel the stitch, didn't think it would be this though. Am signed off and on immediate bed rest. Getting another scan on Sunday to see if the baby has moved back up ( apparently they can) so fingers crossed.

Am so not ready for this baby to come at 26 weeks sad

legallyblond Wed 03-Jul-13 20:51:10

Oh Kelly, how scary.... Can you be on bedrest at home, or is it hospital bedrest for the duration now? A close friend of mine was in this situation - had short cervix issues then head engaged and she began contractions at 26 weeks. They immediately transferred her to a bigger hospital on the mainland (she lives on an island - I know lots people who live on Jersey and Guernsey through my work!) and was on hospital bedrest, plus drugs to stop contractions and steroids just in case. The baby held on until almost 38 weeks and she went home the next day!!

Thinking of you and please keep us posted x x

Kelly1814 Thu 04-Jul-13 05:11:47

Hi legally. It's bed rest at home. Have been having Braxton hicks too since early on which is quite scary. Hoping they don't turn into the proper thing. Have had the steroid injections at 24 weeks and am also using progesterone suppositiories every day.so glad your friend went to 38 weeks, and funnily enough, I'm from jersey originally!

Obviously will do whatever the doc says in terms of bed rest and work, but this is extra stressful as I live in a country with minimal maternity so stopping work more or less equals no salary. And we are having to pay to go private which is an arm and a leg. A baby in NICU is 1k gbp per day.

Fingers crossed on Sunday the baby has moved up.

Thanks for the support, it really does help smile

RainboxFX Thu 04-Jul-13 06:28:20

Kelly I am sorry you are going through such a frightening time sad I am glad your consultant is taking you seriously though, and hope you are surrounded by good RL support too.

Pizdets Thu 04-Jul-13 09:37:00

Oh wow, Kelly, so sorry to hear your news! At least the good news is they've identified a problem and you can take action. Did I already mention my friend who was born at 29 weeks? She's about 5' 11", blonde and athletic and one of the top people in her field at what she does - thinking about her really reassures me as you'd never know she was born so early (I didn't know at all, she told me after I told her about the stitch).

Also loving Legally's story about her friend who got to 38 weeks, that's a really hopeful story and a good sign for you and all of us!

Can you work from bed at all? Or is that a really stupid question? I work from home and reckon I could prob do about 70% of my job horizontal, but then I suppose mental attitude is as important as lying down. Keeping fingers crossed for Sunday for you!

Rainbox, I can't believe your stitch is coming out already, it feels like time is flying. When you first responded to me I think you were only about 22 weeks and it all seemed so new. Will be on here pressing 'refresh' all day waiting for an update and hoping (for your sake as well as the rest of us!) that it's quick and painless and doesn't set anything off too quickly! I found out on Monday that mine will come out on the labour ward, which surprised me as it was put in by the prem clinic and I've been monitored there ever since. Where will you have yours out?

Sending love and long cervix thoughts to everyone else (and 'get back in there' thoughts to Kelly's baby!).


Kelly1814 Fri 05-Jul-13 07:17:35

Piz you are right, am glad I went in and they discovered that the head was engaged, otherwise who knows what might have happened next.

In theory I absolutely can do the nuts and bolts of my job whilst horizontal, it would impact on my clients and team a lot though so I'm really not sure how work will react. My MD has been very supportive so far, she had a 'miracle' baby after lots of problems and being told she was infertile, so am hoping she will be sympathetic. Legally, they don't have to do anything where I live so it really is at their discretion.

Have been lounging around for one day, so unlike me, feels likes weeks!

Hope everyone is doing well, sending huge amounts of positive vibes ( even more than usual, I have a lot of time on my hands!) and hope to keep hearing good news from everyone smile

Pizdets Sun 07-Jul-13 18:46:05

Hey Kelly, thinking of you, hope all going ok and everything's staying put!


Alexandra6 Mon 08-Jul-13 11:00:08

Hi everyone, back from my hols and believe it or not I managed to relax and not worry, I even swam in the pool and it was soooo good for me to be anxiety free for a couple of weeks! Had a brilliant time! Have had a sharp pain coming and going on my right side since sat night, I'm telling myself it's just round ligament pain (did anyone else have that?) but am determined not to start googling appendicitis and ovary issues (I had an enlarged ovary filled with fluid noted on my 8 week private scan) - I am trying not to get back from my hols and start stressing straight away! wink Have my 20 week scan tomorrow so will mention it then and ask them to look at the cervix too, am looking forward to it.

kelly poor you, how did the scan go yesterday? Thinking of you. A girl in my office was born at 27 weeks, no probs. I'm still hoping yours moves away and stays put for now and am glad they spotted the potential signs so they're watching it.

Kelly1814 Tue 09-Jul-13 14:47:31

hi everyone. thanks so much for the support.

so, I went back for a scan and baby had moved up a bit - so am allowed to work, have to try to keep feet up (not easy at desk!) and as soon as i get home, get flat on my back. consultant even suggested lying with my legs up against a wall! so that's good news, for now.

needless to say, we are so relieved. it was just awful and made worse by the fact it was such a huge panic in the hospital and not what was expecting at all.

have glucose test this thursday and another scan next week. am constantly worried when the baby kicks are low in case it is engaging again.

alexandra your holiday sounds lovely and just what you needed! stay away from dr google smile

hello piz! and hope all other ladies are doing well and our babies are staying firmly put!

youaintallthat Tue 09-Jul-13 16:11:55

Hi new to this thread I'm currently 19/40 and had stitch 6 weeks ago. My story a bit different to usual I think ...
I was butchered mistreated by an incompetent midwife / doctor when I had dc1 and they really damaged my cervix. Vagina...everything really.
I was ill with dc1 and told I needed drugs that would make him much larger than expected. I was also told I would need elcs but then my consultant left and I got a new cow bag of one who decided that elcs was not needed even though I was measuring 40cms by 30 weeks pregnant and I am not very tall, with a family history of very small babies. (most babies in my family have been 4-6lbs)
I pleaded with doc for elcs but was told I would only be offered early induction so I was bullied into that really . It was so upsetting to know things were going to go wrong in advance but to not have anyone onside.
I was induced at 39 weeks measuring about 50cms and on delivery suit when I got to10cms dilated. i knew straight away dc was stuck he just wasn't moving but was told I was being dramatic by the midwife this went on for over 2 hours. Dc's heart rate then dropped to 40 and it wss all panic stations 3 doctors and 4 nurses came in realised baby was also breach midwife failed to notice this in the at least 5 internals I'd had. Theatre 'wasnt an option' by that point not sure why so I was then was given emergency episiostomy ( which went wrong they cut to high to far) all without pain relief as I'd just been using gas and air that was taken off me so I could concentrate! Dc was literally dragged out of me with much drama a crash team for him and a crash team for me o think half the hospital were there! Thank goodness dc was ok. I lost more than 60% of my blood had no recordable blood pressure and my heart rate was about 170 I remember nothing of this! I went straight to theatre for emergency surgery was there 8 hours.
Anyway as a result of everything my cervix and vagina were really damaged. They can't be fixed until my 'family complete" so I had to have cerclage with current pregnancy due to the injuries.
Its a little bit complicated though as I can't have internal scans due to the damage internally so no one can really monitor me. Im on modified bedrest and I am counting the days until 24 weeks pregnant then 28 then 36 when I should be getting elcs. Obviously I'm under s different hospital who were mortified when they got my notes from previous hospital. I'm due November but not telling anyone for a while yet I just can't wait until this lo is safely in my arms.... Sorry for war and peace everyone smile

Pizdets Wed 10-Jul-13 11:28:02

Oh my goodness youaintallthat sounds like a very stressful time for you! You're very welcome here at the Short Cervix Club, between us I'm sure we must have enough horror stories to put anyone off pregnancy for life, but we still seem to be soldiering on.

Have you made a complaint about the last hospital? I hope you feel more confident with the new one and are getting the support you need.

Kelly good news you're back (partly) on your feet and don't have to worry about missing work etc. Well done baby for knowing that it wasn't time yet!

Alex your holiday sounds amazing and am very jealous! As someone currently sweating from the most inappropriate places a dip in a pool would be too good to be true right now!

Rainbox, am I right in thinking it's tomorrow your stitch comes out? If so then sending you a huge fingers crossed and staying tuned for the gory details.

I met a girl on the tube yesterday whose sister had a due date 2 days before mine...and who had her baby last week! She's still in the hospital but so far so good, brain and lungs seem to be doing OK, she's putting on weight etc. Obviously not best case scenario but thought I'd share as stories like that always reassure me a bit!

I'm seeing the midwife on Friday who should book me in for the stitch removal in about 7/8 weeks. Currently working myself into a state as the baby is breech. I know it's early days but I keep reading stories about people's babies turning at 37/38 weeks - I might not get that far! I think I just need something to worry about, to be honest.

Hope all the other short cervix ladies are doing well and looking forward to hearing news.


Alexandra6 Wed 10-Jul-13 12:44:51

Eek youaintallthat sounds awful, it scares me how much faith we have to put in doctors/midwives/consultants. Although there are some great ones out there. Lots of luck.

kelly that's great news, and yes well done baby for staying put!

Good luck rainbow

piz how far are you exactly now? Around 27/28 weeks isn't it? Nice story about that girl on the tube, it is reassuring to know you're past the point where the baby stands a good chance of survival smile I've still got a good few weeks to go for that but feels better each week.

At the risk of sounding massively cheesy, just wanted to say thanks for the support from all of you when I was deciding on the stitch etc, I've feeling more positive now about things and just wanted to say thanks as it's brilliant talking to others with the same worries etc!

youaintallthat Wed 10-Jul-13 13:33:25

Hi thanks for accepting me to your thread...
Pizdets I've complained just waiting for it to be sorted. My new hospital is great I'm under a really nice.consultant who agreed to do the stitch without my previous notes arriving or internal scan. I was expecting a right performance about it but he just took the history from me and booked me in 4 days later for proceedure.
Then when i mentioned csection and was expecting another battle (he had my notes by this point) hewas all for it. Couldn't be more different to last hospital.
Alexandra6 it is scary being pregnant and having to trust consultants especially if you think they're wrong. But like you say there are some great ones I was just unlucky last time. But at least ds was ok despite all the mess ups.

I am finding it difficult being on bed rest though I live about 10 mins away from friends and family and have only had one visitor in 2 months. A lot of my friends don't have cars so I think have got reliant on me making all the effort. I'm constantly getting texts saying I'm miserable cos I haven't seen them in weeks. I keep saying come up but getting texts back saying it's too far can't you just drive to see us.
Sorry for moaning but a friend o haven't seem in weeks textd me this morning saying we've got to meet up. I said whenever you want to call by do I'm always home to which she textd back saying oh never mind will see you when you're up and about! Didn't realise my friends were so fine weather. Sorry to moan on second post just feel so isolated

RainboxFX Wed 10-Jul-13 14:14:01

Welcome youaintallthat, I'm sorry you have had such a horrific time! Glad this hospital are treating you better. I can't believe everything you have gone through. You are clearly a very strong person. Glad to hear your DS is well despite everything. Pregnancy, even a totally uncomplicated one, can be hugely isolating. I'm sorry your friends are being so crap. Do you at least have a supportive partner? I have found mumsnet to be a great help. I am 36 weeks with my second pregnancy, my first child was born last year at 24 weeks, and sadly died two weeks later.

Alex your holiday sounds wonderful, and just what you needed! I am not coping with the heat here very well. Think I am eating about 20 ice lollies a day! Also, stay away from Dr Google! He is no one's friend! I had all sorts of odd aches and pains form about 20-30 weeks, most of them are utterly, utterly normal smile

Kelly glad you are having a better time too. Everything is just terrifying, isn't it? You are doing so well. Hope work are being kind to you, I am glad you have an MD who maybe understands some of what you may be feeling.

Piz lovely story about the girl on the tube. As soon as you hit 28 weeks the odds of all being well really do sky rocket. I know I never thought I would see 36, but here I am! There is still plenty of time for miniPiz to turn though, I hope you are not too worried.

I am in tomorrow for the stitch removal! I think they do them in the labour ward up here, we don't really have a separate prem clinic. I have heard that the chance of labour kicking off is only about 3%, so really low. They are planning to take the stitch out, observe me for a couple of hours and then let me go. If anything is going to happen, it will happen really quickly. I am kind of nervous, I have no idea what to expect! My consultant reckons most of the time the removal is no worse than a smear test. I promise I will be back on as quick as I can for a full and gory debrief!

Baby-Stay-Put Vibes for all x x

Pizdets Wed 10-Jul-13 16:01:13

Alex, I' actually 29 weeks tomorrow! Don't know where the time goes! I've also got a lot out of talking to you all on here, very reassuring to not feel so alone and to be able to compare experiences, so thanks.

youaint Good job for making a complaint about the last hospital. Of course you can't change what happened but it sounds like you were treated dreadfully. Good news that your new consultant is so sensible and willing to take care of you as you need.

Sorry your friends are being rubbish, I've been quite lucky that the stitch hasn't changed much for me so I'm still able to meet people and go out, think it would be a different story if I were to try and get them all to come here. Can you organise something formal like tea and cake one weekend afternoon and ask a few people round? Maybe once they've been and seen you it'll hit home that you're not just being grumpy!

Rainbox fingers crossed for you tomorrow. I was also told only a 3% chance of going into labour there and then which is quite reassuring. Hope there's a decent amount of time but your little one doesn't hang on too long either! I was also told it's like getting a smear, think I need to take your advice on Dr Google for this and not look! But then some people say having an amnio is agony and when we had one last year it was almost entirely painless, so I think the internet is full of people with low pain thresholds!

Off to NCT tonight. it's interesting but I do feel like a bit of a special case as half the info she gives out is then followed by 'but this won't apply to you with your stitch, Pizdets'.

Thinking of you especially tomorrow Rainbox and of everyone else as standard!


Hollygolightly77 Thu 11-Jul-13 10:12:47

Hi everyone, I am still here lurking!

Hope you ok Kelly, and good luck tomorrow Rainbow!

I am soldiering on, I have another cervical scan next Thursday which I am starting to get nervous about.

I seem to have a week or so where I am relaxed and then the fear creeps back in sad

I hope this is not TMI but I have some sensations and feelings down below that I worry about, they could be cervix related or they could be normal pregnancy things - I feel much more swollen there than usual, sometimes I feel numb and tingly.. also I get twingy feelings in front and back. On occasions, I have had a feeling as if there is something inside the vagina, a bit like there is a tampon in slightly skewed. This comes and goes.

Also I think i can feel baby kicking or punching my cervix areas which feels like bubbles popping on the inside - It makes me really jump when it happens.

Does any any one have the same and should I be worried?

Alexandra6 Thu 11-Jul-13 10:26:18

holly how far are you again? I had the tampon-in-wonky-and-falling-out feeling (exactly how I described it at the time) at 17ish weeks and went to EPU, sat for hours for emergency scan and then they said all looked fine. So I put it down to blood build up (you have more blood down there), could even be those varicose vains or swollen vagina people get in pregnancy. Go to EPU though if you need reassurance.

Oh and depending how far along you are, the pains could be lightning crotch, pregnant friends warned me about that. Bet it's going to make me anxious when I'm further along.

Sorry, baby brain - you have the stitch don't you?

Hollygolightly77 Thu 11-Jul-13 10:37:32

Hi Alexandra,

I am 23 weeks on Saturday and have stitch in.

I am just anxious a lot of the time and I worry that the EPU will get fed up with me sad I've been in and out so many times.

How have you been? How far along are you now?


Pizdets Thu 11-Jul-13 15:43:16

Holly, I get that 'tampon' feeling sometimes too - I think it might be the stitch (I don't feel it very often) and for me it's reassuring as it means the cervix is long enough for the stitch to be felt! (That's how I try to cheer myself up about it, anyway).

My little bugger has also kicked/hit the cervix a couple of times and it's really uncomfortable but no ill effects from it as yet so try not to worry. I think the other feelings sound normal. The swelling down there is normal for pregnancy, I think, so don't worry about that. Random pains also pretty normal from what I've experienced and understand, although it cant hurt to get it checked out if you're really worried.

I've been feeling a bit lightheaded from time to time over the last couple of days. Not sure why, I'm eating well and lots of iron, getting fresh air and sunshine, think it must be a growth spurt or something. Makes me very pleased to work from home and be able to sit/lie down when I need to! Midwife appointment tomorrow and I'm hoping to book in the stitch removal through her (the prem clinic told me I should but what's the betting the midwife sends me elsewhere??). Will be odd to have a date in the diary!

Rainbox, hope all went well today!


jinglebellmel Fri 12-Jul-13 15:13:48

Hi all, Sorry to crash your thread as I don't have a diagnosed incompetent cervix and could just be paranoid. I was wondering if any of you might be able to share your wisdom?

I used to check my cervix before getting pregnant, so I am familiar with it, although it never noticeably opened throughout my cycle and always felt fairly closed. I checked it at about 8 weeks pregnant (not knowing that this was to be avoided) and it felt more open than it usually would throughout my cycle. Currently at 16 weeks and although I now know its not a great idea, I checked again on Monday (with very clean hands and nails) due to feeling very heavy down there (this feeling has gone now). It felt much the same as at 8 weeks, soft, low enough for me to reach whilst sitting down and slightly open. As I said I don't really know what an open cervix feels like, but this didn't feel tightly closed - kind of like a slit that my finger could be pushed into (don't worry I didn't push it in!) rather than a gaping round hole. I mentioned it to my midwife a day later at 16 week appointment and she just said that as I don't have any risk factors they wouldn't check it and I should stop worrying. This is my first Pregnancy by the way.

Does anyone have any feeling son whether I should be worried about this? I'm thinking that maybe you are all to sensible to have gone prodding round at your cervixs so maybe my description doesn't mean much to you! I am really sorry to ask when this could well be nothing an you all have real problems of your own, but if anyone does have any comments I'd be really grateful.

Alexandra6 Fri 12-Jul-13 15:24:53

Hi jingle it's my first pregnancy too and I totally understand the anxiety smile I know you know this already but please go easy with it - one of the things I worried about with my cervix checks was aggravating the cervix do try not to prod around! Someone else can correct me if I'm wrong but I think you can only feel the external part by doing that and not if it's funnelling/opening which I was told that it usually does from the inside. At your 20 week scan, maybe ask her to check for funnelling etc and how the cervix is looking from the over the belly scan.

Did you have treatment on your cervix in the past? What's making you so worried about it?

And hi holly I'm well thank you, glad to be past the 20 week mark! We're both getting closer aren't we smile Have been feeling lovely little kicks lately and DH felt it from the outside this week, last night he put his mouth right on the bump to talk to it and the baby kicked him in the mouth grin I told him baby was trying to kiss him wink

I am feeling more positive about the cervix stuff after positive scans and still hoping not having the stitch was right for me. Looking forward to getting to around 30 weeks and then the home run, all so exciting.

jinglebellmel Fri 12-Jul-13 15:47:22

Hi Alexandra thanks for replying, and I'm pleased that things are going well for you smile

I'm trying not to poke around in there again, partly because as you said I don't want to make anything worse and also because I don't think its good for my stress levels! I don't have any real reason for being concerned (which is why I'm sorry to crash the thread, as I appreciate that you all have real issues to worry about and possibly I am just being a paranoid first time mum) other than having checked cervix due to it not feeling quite right, finding it still felt a bit open and then making the huge mistake of googling if this was normal. Obviously all I found on Dr Google was horror stories and that you can't get a diagnosis for this until after the fact, which just got me worrying.

I think that as the Midwife isn't concerned or willing to do any checks I will just have to have faith in her and hope all is well. Perhaps this is just the way my cervix responds to pregnancy as its been this way since about 8 weeks which I guess is too early to be caused by pressure/weight of baby. I hope everything continues to go well for you and you have a lovely full term baby.

RainboxFX Fri 12-Jul-13 17:12:24

Hi Holly, I too have had exactly the same feelings as you. Like there is something "up there", and definately the feeling of being kicked or punched right in the cervix! I bring it up with the midwives and they have reassured me everytime that this is a totally normal pregnant thing, not a cervix-y thing. But I do think it is natural for us to worry about every little thing! Also the EPU will never get sick of seeing you. That is what they are there for.

Hi Jingle, I'm sorry you are feeling worried. It is never a nice feeling. I am going to echo Alex, I think the external "feeling" is less important than what is going on at the other end of your cervix. I would also ask them to check for any opening or funnelling next time you have a scan. Is there an EPU you can self refer to near by? Just to get some reassurance since you don't feel "right"? IT is exactly what these units are for.

Just a short one from me today, I am knackered and a wee bit sore! I was one of the unlucky ones who had to have a spinal to have the stitch removed. Apparently I have a very high up cervix that points towards my back, so they just could not see the stitch with a speculum at all! So I had my first spinal and stayed in overnight. They were very quick to point out that this was not the usual way these removals went, and they were usually just a couple of quick snips and you can escape again! I got the lucky combination of odd anatomy and a very well put in stitch grin Most of my recovery was down to having the spinal and a catheter. I have had a wee bit of bleeding today, but not much and everything feels a little "raw". Not exactly painful, more uncomfortable. Baby stayed put and shows no sign of budging anytime soon! Cervix is now a little open, but totally normal for 36 weeks.

I feel like I am babbling, it is way too hot to think and I have very low blood preassure! If anyone has any questions I would be happy to answer from the best of my knowledge!

Waves to everyone. We are doing brilliantly and every day in another victory!

missesjellybean Fri 12-Jul-13 17:50:57

hi all Rainbow its so reassuring to read that you are now at 36 weeks i can't wait to be there!
sorry you ended up having a spinal to have the stitch out, but it's out now and you're just on countdown for you Lo. so exciting grin grin grin grin grin

missesjellybean Fri 12-Jul-13 17:51:33

oh this is youaintallthat I had s name change smile

Pizdets Sat 13-Jul-13 04:54:12

Hi jingle sorry to hear you're stressing. I can't add much beyond what the ladies above have said. I was obsessed with checking my cervix when ttc and did a couple of times during the first few weeks but since then have left it up to the experts! At 8 weeks it was def low and hard still, though. I think the os (hole) being larger is normal if you've given birth before? Second trying to get your midwife or someone to take a look if it's worrying you.

rainbox thanks so much for reporting back and sorry you had to have the spinal! Yuk, bet it was a bit of a slap in the face when they told you, but seems like it all went well at least. Great to hear your baby didn't drop straight out with the stitch removal...your body's getting it right by itself!

I have a couple of questions if you don't mind...firstly, did they monitor the baby the whole way through? Could you tell if there was a big effect on him/her from the anaesthetic? Have they given any indication about when things might kick off or is it a real 'suck it and see' time? Finally, did they say anything about your birth choices and whether they might be affected by having had the stitch? Sorry, hope not too many questions and you feel sufficiently recovered now! At least it's done and the countdown is on!

Last time I went to the prem clinic they told me I'd need to book the stitch removal through the midwife. Saw the midwife yesterday and of course she insisted it's booked through the prem clinic! She also told me I was being hasty and they'd only usually book removal at about 34 weeks...but that only gives me 2 weeks to make sure my husband has the day booked off and to plan and prepare etc. I'd really rather get it booked in sooner so I can mentally be ready. What has everyone else's hospital said?

Right, been awake for the last hour and finally feel a bit sleepy again. Hope you all have lovely, strong-cervix weekends (except rainbox now, I suppose! Not too strong for you!).


legallyblond Sat 13-Jul-13 09:04:17

Hello hello! Sorry I haven't been around for a while.

Apologies if I miss anyone, but:

Welcome youaintallthat. What an awful experience. So glad you are being looked after now. I had an episiotomy with DD, also without pain relief, but it was a fine experience and went right and healed right. I was still in pain for 10/12 weeks though..

Also welcome jingle. If poss, I would try not to worry.... It is normal for the cervix to open slightly in preg. The things to worry about are impossible to see /feel yourself i.e shortening and funelling (opening from the TOP - only poss to see on scans). I would ask for a cervix scan at 20 weeks to put your mind at rest.

Ummm... Rainbow... Eek!!! Final countdown! As I'll have a planned c section at 37 weeks or so, think mine will come out then...

Holly - swelling etc down there is totally normal. That feeling could be vulval varicose vein...? V common. They go after birth.

I am 29 weeks today... Yay! 8 weeks probably until the twins arrive!

RainboxFX Mon 15-Jul-13 09:39:48

Right, questions!

1)did they monitor the baby the whole way through?

No. They doppler-ed him regularly after the procedure, and checked up with me often to make sure I could still feel movement. Before they let me home on Friday they ran a trace on him to make sure I wasn't contracting and he was well. I am sure they would have run a trace the previous night if I had asked for one, but I felt well and happy, and could feel plenty of wriggiling!

2)Could you tell if there was a big effect on him/her from the anaesthetic?

I don't think there was any effect on him AT ALL to be honest. I don't think the spinal works that way, I think it just kills nerve signals rather than sedating if you see what I mean? The wierd thing was while waiting for it to wear off, I couldn't feel any kicks or movement at all, but I could see my bump moving! DH came through to sit with me in recovery, and he was able to feel movement by putting his hands on the bump, so again I wasn't too worried.

3)Have they given any indication about when things might kick off or is it a real 'suck it and see' time?

No indication given at all! Apparently if the stitch removal is going to kickstart anything it will happen very quickly, and this only happens in about 3% of procedures. Everything here looks like a totally normal 36 week pregnancy, so I just have to wait and see smile

4)did they say anything about your birth choices and whether they might be affected by having had the stitch?

I don't think it has had any effect at all. I am booked for an elective at 39 weeks, because of fear after my first birth, but all the midwives were really keen to point out I would be an excellent candidate for vaginal birth if I wanted to, and I can always change my mind. Not going to though! grin but I hope it is reassuring to others that they still see that as very much an option. I would assume (excluding special circumstances to individual cases) that even with a stitch removal, you can still work toward whatever birth choice you feel is best for you.

Recovery wise on Thursday and Friday I had the "raw" feeling and some red/pink/brown bleeding with a few small dark clots. By Saturday I had no pain or discomfort at all, and only a tiny amount of pinkish brown discharge. Today I wouldn't know anything had happened! So even if you de need a spinal to have the stitch out, recovery seems very fast.

I am so close to the end now! It's scary! My main fear at the moment is that I do not want to go through a labour and birth. So every tiny twinge sparks the "Oh god, am I in labour? Do I go to the hospital?" panic. Going to be a long 17 days!

Thinking about us all. We are doing brilliantly. And thank you for all the good wishes, they really do mean a lot thanks

Sleepthief Mon 15-Jul-13 13:21:59

Hi ladies. You seem pretty well established here, but is there room for one more?

This is my 4th pregnancy, and my third under the care of the cervix clinic at Kings. I had 'work' done on my cervix back in the day to remove abnormal cells and now it is rather short. However, with progesterone plus a weird peasant thing I've been lucky and taken all my pregnancies to 39+ weeks.

I had my first scan at the clinic today at 13+6 and they've measured my cervix at 23mm and, just to put it in context for me, pointed out that DS2 (pregnancy 2) was 33mm at 22 weeks [erm].

So, despite my self-assurances that I wouldn't worry this time round, having had 3 full-term pregnancies, I am very worried. Still, I'm starting on the progesterone todsy and will be scanned every two weeks, so I really feel I'm having the best possible care smile. And if it gets really bad, they'll talk about a stitch.

Anyway, good to share with people with similar experiences (my family and friends are far too familiar with my internal workings!).

Here's to strong and long cervixes all round x

Sleepthief Mon 15-Jul-13 13:27:52

* pessary (not peasant grin)

Alexandra6 Mon 15-Jul-13 14:16:44

Hi sleepthief welcome to the club none of us wanted to be members of wink Def room for one more.

I had lletz years ago on my cervix and am 20 weeks with my first. My cervix lengths have varied at scans (I don't think it's an exact science) but I decided against a stitch for me early on and am praying it was a good decision. My cervix actually measured up quite well (longer) at my last two scans so I was really pleased.

I'm now debating whether to ask for more scans on it or not. Part of me has relaxed and thinks it will be fine so why take time off work to trek to the hospital for checks, then another part of me tells myself it's worth the time/inconvenience to be on the safe side. I think I've just talked myself into going for a check either this week or next.

Anyway lots of luck to you and I hope your cervix does the job again, my consultant didn't advise progesterone pessaries, it does seem advice and treatment really varies.

Pizdets Mon 15-Jul-13 15:04:56

Hi Sleeptheif of course room for one more and pleased you found us - I for one have found it much more reassuring to know there are people to talk to going through the same thing. Congrats on the 4th pregnancy, sounds like you have a good plan for preventative action and monitoring to keep an eye on this one. I do love the idea of a weird peasant thing though, and I'm quite disappointed it's turned out to be a pessary!

I lost my first baby at 18 weeks last summer - nothing to do with my cervix, she was very ill and we took a difficult decision to terminate as they didn't think she'd make it. I think the surgery around this time, combined with past lletz treatments, has done for my cervix, so I had a stitch put in at 14 weeks. Am now coming up to 30 weeks with no complications and all looking good so far, so stating to relax a little.

Rainbox I can totally understand your feelings about a vaginal birth after what you went through last year, fingers crossed the baby stays put for 17 more days! Thanks so much for answering my questions, that really helps a lot! Last question - when you found out you had to have a spinal, were you tempted to just ask them to hang on a couple of weeks and then do the stitch and the section at the same time? I'd quite like to try a vaginal birth with this one but if I have to have the spinal and go into theatre I'm wondering if you could just get it all out the way in one go!

Legally I think our due dates are about the same so we're level pegging! Have you spoken to anyone about having the stitch out yet? Or are they fobbing you off too? Time seems to be flying at the moment, don't you think? I'm starting to feel like this baby is using up all his space and pushing all over at the moment so goodness only knows what it must be like for you with twins!

Long, closed and healthy cervix thoughts to everyone!


Sleepthief Mon 15-Jul-13 17:20:30

Hi Alexandra and Pizdets and thanks for the welcome grin. You're right about the varied treatment plans -at Kings they seem to treat the stitch as the last resort and fingers (and legs) crossed that the progesterone works for me again. I've also had very varied cervix lengths - with DS2 it started at 33mm at 22 weeks and decreased gradually, but steadily over the next 17, where with DS3 it was stable for ages and then shot down to 10mm inside the space of about 4 weeks at 28weeks, then plateaued (just avoiding the need for steroids). It's just the extreme shortness at only 14 weeks that has me worrying - and this is only the beginning of a lifetime of worry wink.

Pizdets, I'm so sorry about your loss, and can only imagine what you've been through. Things sound really promising for this pregnancy. 30 weeks is great, and I clearly remember ticking off each week as yet another milestone.

missesjellybean Tue 16-Jul-13 14:35:12

hiya everyone its youaintallthat post nc.
I've got my 20 week scan tomorrow even though ill be 21 weeks...a bit nervous as I'll be on my own eeek. will take my phone and distract myself with mnet grin
can't believe I was moaning about no visitors last week as this week I'm banned from having any shock
my lo who has had MMR jab has measles! thankfully I've had it as a child so should be immune and bump should be fine...bit dh has never had it so him and lo arent allowed out at all. Most of my family haven't had it either or friends / and their children due MMR's.
we decided not to find out the sex of the baby tomorrow so we could have a surprise...not sure how good I'll be about that grin.
hope you are all doing well and managing to enjoy this lovely weather smile smile smile

missesjellybean Tue 16-Jul-13 14:39:06

when I say most family members hadn't had mmr I mean adult family members as it wasn't out when they were little.. all friends dc aren't old enough yet ... though I think most of my family members are off for mmr jabs this week! as they've seen me but luckily I haven't seen any friends or their dc!

Hollygolightly77 Tue 16-Jul-13 19:48:46

Hi guys, welcome to the new ladies,

I had a cervix scan this morning and I was measuring the same as just after the stitch, 3.4 and closed- really happy with that smile

They don't want to do any more scans now which worries me a little but I suppose I need to try to relax now.

How's everyone? Any sign of baba yet Rainbow? Xx

Pizdets Wed 17-Jul-13 09:49:13

sleepthief yes, so different! I'm at Queen Charlotte's and they did one scan and were like 'you're 1mm under the cutoff - let's book you in for the stitch next week' and that was it. Having said that I've been really lucky and had no complications etc so far. You're right, although I've lost one before, as each day goes by I feel a bit better and more confident, to the point where we're now having a panic about the fact we've got nothing ready!

jellybean sorry to hear about the measles, that must be a massive pain! Fingers crossed for a good scan today!

holly really good news about the cervix scan, what a relief. Do try and relax, I'm sure they'll see you if you're worried or need them in any way!

All good here, 30 weeks tomorrow and feeling pretty good, apart from melting in the heat. Last couple of days the bump has been a bit sore but not anywhere near the cervix, so assume that's some kind of growing pains and probably normal. Time seems to be speeding up, although it does feel like I've been pregnant forever now!

Long cervix thoughts to everyone, and re-instating them for Rainbox for another 2 weeks too!


Alexandra6 Wed 17-Jul-13 10:52:33

piz it's nice hearing you're at 30 weeks. I'm not counting my little chicken before it's hatched but I am feeling better and better each week. Time doesn't seem as unbearable these days, it was dragging so slowly - and while I know I'm only 21 weeks so a crucial cervix time, I am feeling better about things and finally enjoying pregnancy more! (the lovely little kicks are really helping!)

I think I'll go for a cervix scan next week and then have my 24 weeks growth scan and then hopefully I'll be at your stage before I know it piz!

missesjellybean Wed 17-Jul-13 12:02:35

just had my scan waiting to see the doctor....I couldn't resist and found out the babies sex, not sure if I should confess to dh shock shock though I'm sure I won't be able to resist the second I see him.
they could only scan my cervix externally over my belly but from what they could see, they said all looks well. I have to come back again in a month for another scan just to check

Alexandra6 Wed 17-Jul-13 12:51:47

Glad all looks well! I would tell DH about the sex, couldn't keep that a secret - maybe buy something like a little baby outfit or toy in blue or pink or something cute like that and see if he figures it out straight away?! Unless he really doesn't want to find out in which case I'd probably fess up but ask him if he wants to know too first!

missesjellybean Wed 17-Jul-13 15:37:50

told dh he told me he knew I'd break and ask if I was on ny own grin.

Alexandra6 Wed 17-Jul-13 15:58:01

You're making me curious again! Managed to resist asking at the 20 week scan so going to try and resist at the next scans!

missesjellybean Wed 17-Jul-13 16:07:40

I really tried I was so determined not to ask then she asked if I wanted to know... I was like.....YESSSS grin grin grin hopefully you'll have more will power than me wink

RainboxFX Thu 18-Jul-13 09:35:27

SO many good scans! I am delighted for us all! grin Holly great news about the length and that everything looks closed.

I am in Scotland, where they will not tell you the sex on the NHS. So we paid to find out because I was just dying to know. I am very much a Christmas present squeezing person! Congrats on finding out jellybean! I hope your LO gets better soon as well, having measles even after the MMR! That is horrible luck sad

Welcome sleepthief. Sorry you have found yourself anxious and here, but you are very very welcome. I hope you don't mind, but it is really inspirational to hear about someone being on their 4th pregnancy and facing cervix "issues". Glad you are under a good team and getting regular scans. My first son was born last year at 24 weeks, and lived for a fortnight. Sadly he was just too little to survive any longer. I have been on progesterone this time round, and had a stitch at 14 weeks.

Alex glad you are getting those kicks. They are so reassuring, aren't they? Time will pass, you will get there! You are doing brilliantly.

Piz congrats on 30 weeks! Feels like such a milestone! The heat is just mad though. I am in NE Scotland, and it is 26 degrees already. Madness. I would have loved to have left the stitch in for another few weeks! Get everything done in one go. But my consultant is really keen not to do elective sections before 39 weeks if at all possible. And she is equally keen to remove stitches no later than 36 weeks in case of damage caused by going into labour. Bit frustrating, and I am sure other consultants would look at it and come to different conclusions, but I can understand her thinking. And at least I now know what to expect from a spinal. I really think there is no reason you won't be able to have a vaginal birth if that is what you would prefer.

We had a bit of an exciting start to the week with a false alarm on Tuesday night! I was utterly convinced I was in labour. So we rushed into the hospital and after a night on a trace, turns out just to be painful Braxton Hicks blush So I am on sofa rest for a bit! I am totally fine, unless I move too much when I start getting these fake contractions again. Tiny has also dropped and engaged quite well, so I really doubt he is going to hang on for another fortnight. But I am 37 weeks today, so anytime he is ready will be fine.

Closed Cervixes and Ice lollies for everyone!

Kelly1814 Thu 18-Jul-13 12:00:14

hello everyone and welcome to the newbies!

rainbow - it is so exciting hearing that you are at 37 weeks and your stitch removal went so well.

i'm now 28+2. had a scan on weds and not great news, baby now measuring v small and 3 weeks behind. so on top of having a crxp cervix i could also have a crxp placenta! feeling like a total falure right now.

back again in 10 days, if still measuring small they are going to have to whip the baby out early via c section. eek. aside from the obvious stress and trauma, a baby in NICU in the country i live in costs an arm and a leg.

anyway it has taken my mind off my cervix a bit, for a few days. really really trying to stay positive and the fabulous stories and support on this thread help hugely.

hope everyone is surviving the heat wave and good luck for the next few days!

RainboxFX Thu 18-Jul-13 12:40:21

Kelly I am so sorry, that is really unfair for you to have so much stress to deal with. If I can share an anecdote, a friend of mine had her little boy last year at almost 31 weeks by emergency section due to poor growth. He is now 15 months old and a little star. He did have a NNU stay but his main problem was gaining weight. After 28 weeks odds and outcomes are so good. Will be thinking about you and hoping the next scan goes well. You are NOT a failure, this is not something you have done. I would give you a massive hug if I could. xx

Pizdets Thu 18-Jul-13 12:58:14

Oh, busy thread!

Alex good to hear you're getting movement, I found the time from the 20 week scan to now has flown, it definitely speeds up!

jellybean I can never understand how people can resist finding out the sex of their babies! How exciting to know! I think it makes it easier to plan and bond, which is important for us with everything else going on.

Rainbox you sound so wonderfully chilled out about it all, really inspirational for us! Pleased the baby is lining up. In an ideal world I'll have a vaginal birth at about 38 weeks, I'm dreading the idea I have all this stress during the pregnancy then go overdue and have to be induced. I know you're booked in for a CS, would you be happy to have a vaginal birth if he comes sooner? Or could you still get a CS? I had an NHS birth class today and was told I can most likely use the birthing centre rather than the labour ward, which I'm really pleased about.

Kelly is does feel relentless, doesn't it? Sorry you've got so much stress going on, worrying times. Like Rainbox, my friend had a little boy by CS at 31 weeks and he's now 6 months (4 months adjusted) and absolutely gorgeous. I know the costs etc must be looming over your head but he wasn't in NNU (if that's what you call it?) for too long. Is there any chance you can come back here and have the baby on the NHS?

I know the feeling of being a failure very well, I felt much the same many times - I failed my first baby by not even managing to grow her with all her chromosomes, and then put my second at risk with this rubbish cervix. I can't even bring myself to tell most people about it all because I'm embarrassed about all the things which have gone wrong. But at the end of the day you've got a little baby inside you with a very good chance of doing well, who's drawing his nourishment and love from you, and you'll love him to bits when he gets here, however that is - that's not failure.

Sorry, bit of a ranty reply to you all. Kelly, sending growing thoughts your way, please keep us updated.

Nice cooling and long cervix vibes being beamed to everyone else.


legallyblond Thu 18-Jul-13 15:22:47

Just time for a quick post...

Kelly my consultant's aim was always to get me ton28 weeks minimum as the lungs should have a fab chance by then with the help of steroids. You can't alter what will happen, so try try try not to worry too much.....

Piz - I dreaded going over and bring induced with DD. I did and I was (induced at 40+12). It was a really good experience. Not in any way stressful. I felt v much in control and had her in 8 hours from the first contractions with just gas and air. I shouldn't have wasted any time worrying!!

legallyblond Thu 18-Jul-13 15:24:49

Oh and Kelly, I agree about poss coming back...? I have two friends who live in Dubai and both came back at 7/8 months preg to give birth here!

Pizdets Sun 21-Jul-13 09:42:51

Thanks legally, that does make me feel a bit better!

Kelly thinking of you a lot and hoping you're doing ok. When is the next scan?

rainbox hoping all stays in place for you but looking forward to news when the time comes.

All ok here, getting shoved but less down below than before...wouls be lovely to think he's head down now!


Kelly1814 Sun 21-Jul-13 09:51:06

hi all. thanks again for so much support. my next scan is on 30th july when i will be 30 weeks. delivering in the uk is something we have thought about. assuming that my doc even says i am fit to fly (air travel been banned since the stitch) i have no clue how to go about registering and sorting medical care.

also scared of potentially being at home for weeks on end before delivery with nowhere to stay (my house is rented out) and my husband only flying in for the birth and then leaving. not relishing idea of having newborn (potentially in nicu) with all the emotional trauma that brings and having to handle it alone. no ideal scenarios it seems.

legally, do you have any more info on your friends who flew back from dubai - how they sorted their medical care primarily? thanks so much.

hope everyone is feeling good, thinking of you all lots smile

legallyblond Mon 22-Jul-13 11:30:36

Kelly - they both flew back at 30/32 weeks and in each case my friend stayed with her parents. All they did is go to the local gp, day they were back in the UK for the birth, got booked in with the midwife at that stage and then had the usual care at the local hospital. They were both British citizens. As I understand it, entitlement to NHS care is dependent on residency. They, I think, will have had to say that they had NOT left the UK permanently i.e. They were planning on moving back but, for now, their house is rented out so their UK address was parents'...

legallyblond Mon 22-Jul-13 11:34:36

Do you still pay tax and NI in the UK Kelly? If so, you can get a form A1 to prove that you are still entitled to healthcare here. If not, you should have a form S1 giving you the same healthcare as residents of the country you're in (which may be crap!). Does your employer abroad still pay fir UK private medical insurance (eg, I know law firms usually do this when you're on even long term secondment abroad).

Kelly1814 Mon 22-Jul-13 17:02:30

Thanks for the feedback legally, much appreciated. I left the uk over 5 years ago so no tax or NI paid. I am still registered with my UK GP though. My parents aren't in the uk either so couldn't stay with them. I do have private medical here (it's law to be provided with it by employer) but mine rubbishly does not include maternity....

From talking to ex pats here I could fly back and wing it and be ok, equally after 5 years abroad they can charge you for NHS, in spite of having paid tax your whole life up until the point you left. Anyway will stay positive and see what the doc says at my scan next weds.

How are you feeling? And how is everyone else on here? Hope we're all hanging in there!

Pizdets Mon 22-Jul-13 17:53:22

Hi Kelly,

Sounds like a pain, esp if your parents aren't in the UK and you don't have a base to be comfortable. Fingers crossed the scan goes well for you next week.

I'm OK, struggling a bit at the moment but I think it's just a combination of hormones, the baby running out of space and the year anniversary of the baby we lost coming up. I'm feeling quite sick and dizzy at some points in the day and have gone from feeling fighting fit to feeling fit to burst and uncomfortable all the time - and I just want to cry! Sorry, bit of a rant, it's OK really, it's reassuring to feel him moving around in there but over the last week I really feel like he's running out of space and the rest of me is having to move out of his way. I've got my 31 week check with the GP on Thursday and will ask them about the sickness etc but from what google says it's fairly normal about this point to start feeling rubbish.

I called today about the stitch removal but the girl I need to talk to is still away and not back until Wednesday. When I explained the situation to the lady who answered she laughed, which made me feel a bit better as at least someone else recognises how ridiculous the situation is!

Hope everyone else is OK and feeling a bit more perky!


Kelly1814 Tue 23-Jul-13 09:41:41

oh piz, sorry to hear you're feeling down. i think it's completely natural to feel down at times. pregnancy (even a 'straightforward' one) can be such an alien and tough time, when you throw in all the stuff we are having to deal with as well, it is no wonder it is going to get you down!

i completely relate on the running out of space feeling, i've been feeling claustrophobic and breathless recently. and then i feel guilty for feeling like that! and it must be even harder with your first baby's anniversary coming up. sending a huge virtual hug to you.

31 weeks is amazing. i'm 29 today and when i had the stitch at 14 weeks i could only dream of getting this far. we are doing brilliantly.


Pizdets Wed 24-Jul-13 13:42:41

You're right, we've done really well, and I shouldn't be whingeing to you when I don't really have anything to worry about, just feeling sorry for myself.

29 weeks is when one of my best friends was born, I must have mentioned her on here before, she's tall and Amazonian and gorgeous so 29 weeks is a big milestone for us! A friend of ours also had a little boy at 31 weeks in January. I think I did myself a disservice looking back at pics of him when he was born over the weekend as I've had preemie baby dreams since then! (He's now gorgeous and doing really well!)

Rainbox, hoping all going well for you and looking forward to an update when you get time! Beaming thoughts north for you in the mean time.

Hope everyone else doing OK and long cervix thoughts to you all!


Kelly1814 Wed 24-Jul-13 21:06:56

You are not whingeing! At all! I had a complete meltdown last Thursday and boo hoo-ed for hours. Actually feel much better this week. It's one day and week at a time and we need to be kind to ourselves. I am the world's worst at beating myself up over feeling upset, ending in a silly downward spiral. You are having a completely natural reaction to a very very stressful situation.

I love the story of your Amazonian friend smile

Myloves4 Sun 28-Jul-13 09:40:52

What an informative thread. Very heartening that many of you are progressing well in pregnancy.
I'm starting out on your journey. I am 16 weeks and this week found out I have a short cervix. My local hospital measured it at 24mm and wanted to take no action. I sought a second opinion the next day, it was re-measured at 28mm and a course of action agreed. Feeling much more reassured by my the second hospital. I've got a fibrenectin test at 18weeks and then they will reassess adding the stitch.
In August of 2012 I lost triplets at 23 weeks. A daughter Lyra and two indentical sons Asa and Bo. I was hoping for a smooth run this time around. With the triplets my cervix shortened at 20weeks to 1cm. I have a three year old daughter who I carried to 40+5 and was told a another single pregnancy should be fine. Seems to be a lot of guesswork involved, mainly by the medical profession.
Fingers crossed for us all.

Pinkfairy2 Sun 28-Jul-13 15:20:21

Hi ladies

I'm so glad I found this thread. Here's my story so far.

I had lletz in 2009 where they removed quite a big bit of cervix. I've been told since then that my cervix is 'flush' and there's little left. I had IVF in April (unexplained infertility - we had been trying for 3.5 years) and was extremely lucky to find myself pregnant. I'm now 16+5. At the start of my pregnancy I mentioned about the lets, having already done research on cervical incompetence. Nobody seemed all that bothered and said one treatment was unlikely to cause a problem despite me giving them the measurements of the bit they removed (4.2cm x 1.2cm and 2.2cm x?? Cm). They agreed to do a cervical scan at 20 weeks and said I was to be consultant led. I wasn't too happy and wanted it done sooner.

At 8+1 I went to EPU following a little brown bleed. This was apparently due to a bruise next to the sac. I then had brown discharge which continued.

At 12+4 I was admitted to hospital following a big bleed. I continued bleeding red, or 'spotting' for 2 weeks then brown for a further week.

During all of this I managed to get a cervical scan arranged for when I was 16 weeks. The doctor was 'honouring my wishes'. I've never seen the doctor, despite being consultant led.

So the scan was last week. My cervix measured 2.5cm, right on the borderline for no intervention or considering treatment. I've not spoken to a doctor about this. In fact, the scan report is being sent to the midwife and not the consultant. I've got another cervical scan arranged along with the anomaly scan which is now 3 weeks away. I'm not happy about leaving it that long given the measurement. I also want progesterone, as this can help support the cervix.

I would appreciate any support. I'm struggling to cope and I'm terrified that I'm going to lose my precious baby. I'm scared to move, luckily, being a teacher, I'm on holiday just now. But I can't even think about going back in 3 weeks time (I'm in Scotland). There is no way I can cope with the worry of being on my feet all day. I would be so scared about my cervix.

I've read this entire thread and so pleased to read that so many of you are doing well. It's also nice to know there are others at the same stage as me.

Look forward to chatting with you all!

Pizdets Sun 28-Jul-13 16:34:00

Hi Ladies, welcome to the thread.

Cara, i'm so sorry to hear about the loss of Lyra, Asa and Bo, beautiful names and they must be in your thoughts often. We lost a little girl at 18 weeks last August and I'm finding it tough as the anniversary approaches, so I'll be thinking of you too.

I think your recent experience, and pinkfairy's seem tobe symptomatic of short cervix treatment on the NHS, there's a lot of guesswork and treatment seems to depend very much on the hospital and even the doctor you see. I'm sure if you've read back through the thread you'll see that we've all had such different advice and treatment. I measured 2.4cm at 14 weeks, they went straight for the stitch and nothing else, have been told to carry on as usual and that's about it!

I think it's definitely good to push for more monitoring. The prem clinic saw me every couple of weeks at first, then monthly as the pregnancy has progressed. If you're really worried then they should help you to keep an eye on it.

Do keep us updated or come on here if you want a rant or any advice, sometimes it's just good to bounce thoughts and feelings off people going through the same thing.


Myloves4 Sun 28-Jul-13 16:43:51

Hi pink fairy
I've found you have to fight for everything. You have to get in front on the right person ASAP. Which are the major hospitals near you? I don't mind researching with you, if you let me know where you live? Research/teaching hospitals are the most innovative. Once you know where you want to be seen just get on the phone and beg.
We are in a really similar position and therefore I think the next landmark for you is the fibrenectin test at 18weeks (it doesn't give clear results before then). The test determines if the bleeding and shortening is anything to worry about, eg is fluid leaking from the womb. You might even be able to have an elective stitch in the mean time.

Myloves4 Sun 28-Jul-13 16:46:17

Thanks Piz. I'm feeling at home already. Hopefully f
or the long haul!

Pinkfairy2 Sun 28-Jul-13 18:35:10

I second that myloves, really hope I get to stay here!

Thanks for the lovely messages. I'm in Edinburgh so its the ERI. I know which consultant I'm meant to be under, its just getting hold of them. I phoned on Friday but apparently she's on holiday. I left a message with the secretary to call me back but she didn't yet. So I will be hounding them tomorrow until someone speaks to me about it!

There's just such a fine line between treating and not treating. The NHS guidelines say above 25mm with no funnelling = no intervention whereas below 25mm or with funnelling = two weekly scans, consider stitch, consider bed rest

As my measurement is 25mm I'm so close to that.

Does anyone know how quickly the cervix can shorten? And is it a case of it starts with funnelling?

Do you think I'd be ok to have another scan a week tomorrow? Or is that leaving it too long? I've got another one on the NHS on 15 August and was going to have a private one inbetween the one ve just had and then (so a week and a half between them).

Myloves what's the plan with you? I noticed your measurement went up in a day. I hope mine hasn't gone down!

Sleepthief Sun 28-Jul-13 18:48:25

What's the consensus on exercise? I've got an exercise bike and was thinking of taking up swimming again to try and combat a sloth-like decline into lardiness. I thought these wouldn't be too much stress on the old cervix. I'm being scanned again tomorrow (fingers crossed it's stabilised with the progesterone) and will ask the dr then, but it's always good to get a range of opinions smile. So what has everyone else been advised?

Kelly1814 Sun 28-Jul-13 19:47:50

Hello everyone, glad this thread is helping us all!

Since my stitch I have been advised no exercise at all. No standing for longer than 15 or 20 mins, no swimming (risk of infection). Not even yoga or pilates. At 26 weeks had scare that baby's head was engaged so went onto bed rest for a few days. This was after a weekend where I had been quite active.

I think everyone is different but I would certainly try to avoid anything too strenuous.

Oh, I also have to sit with feet up all the time on a chair when at work, I look like a right lazy arse at my desk, but needs must!

Pizdets Sun 28-Jul-13 19:58:44

My hospital are much more relaxed about exercise but still said to take it easy. I walk the dog for at least an hour a day but it's become more of a dawdle unless I forget myself and get marching! I also take a break halfway round so I don't strain too much. I was also told categorically no swimming, this is mainly due to infection risk from getting water 'up there', so definitely best to check. I really can't wait to get back on my feet and exercising once the baby comes!

Kelly, how are you? Is the scan this week? Hoping all ok and thinking of you.


Sleepthief Mon 29-Jul-13 14:30:37

Thanks for the replies. Back from my scan and thankfully cervix seems to have stabilised at 24mm (worst-case measurement; was measuring 26/27mm from some angles) at 16 weeks, so I can breathe again - well, for the next two weeks anyway grin.

Also asked about exercise and they said that it was ok to carry on with the bike/swimming (maybe you only need to avoid if you've had cerclage?) as long as I'm not planning to run any marathons... thus proving once again that everywhere is different hmm. Will give it a - gentle - go, and they said they would tell me if they were concerned smile

Anyway, strong cervix thoughts to all x

Sleepthief Mon 29-Jul-13 14:31:46

Oh, also looks as though I'm adding no.4 to my collection of boys grin. Just had to share..

Kelly1814 Mon 29-Jul-13 15:38:44

hello piz!

yes, my scan is on weds, thanks for your kind words. have everything crossed that it will be good news. hormones have been all over the place these last few days and keep dissolving in tears. once at work, not a good look. must stop looking at pics of my friend's premie baby. MUST.

hope you're feeling a bit better this week? am visualising fat, full term babies for all of us smile

Pinkfairy2 Mon 29-Jul-13 16:24:45

Great news sleeptheif, both about the cervix and a boy! So are you 16 weeks too?

Well after a pretty useless visit to the hospital today (arranged by my midwife literally this morning), I've been refused progesterone and another scan. They were going to give me one at 18 weeks but changed their mind when they found out that my anomaly scan (plus CL) is actually at 19 weeks, not 20. They said a week won't make a difference. Hmmm I beg to differ.

So I've arranged a private CL scan (plus another sneak at baby!) for a week tomorrow, so will be 18 weeks. £130 down but if it helps look after my baby, money well spent!

Wish I could get the progesterone. Hope everyone else is well.

Kelly1814 Mon 29-Jul-13 18:37:10

Hi pink fairy, who wouldn't they give you the progesterone? Seems like treatment can vary so much. I've been in it daily since 7 weeks...My doctor did advise it immediately, but i do also live overseas and you can just buy it over the counter here if you want to...
Enjoy your extra scan!

RainboxFX Tue 30-Jul-13 11:16:26

Hello everyone, and welcome to the new ladies as well. I am so sorry you have had to find yourselves here, but you are very very welcome. It has been a lifeline to me being able to share worries with others who understand the things we are going through.

I am 38+5 today with my second child. My first son was born at 24 weeks last year, and sadly only lived a fortnight. I was diagnosed after that with an incompetant cervix. This time I had a stitch in at 14 weeks, and progesterone pesseries throughout. Stitch has been out since 36 weeks, and I have an ELCS booked on Thursday.

Despite feeling like Tiny could fall out AT ANY SECOND for the last two weeks or so, I am still here! We only need to hold on for 2 more days and then all will go according to plan. I am torn between being desperate to meet him and terrified because I am not ready!

Any pregnancy I think is going to be very emotional. Add any sort of issue or setback and it can become terrifying. We are allowed to be sad and whine if we need to, it is theraputic and better than bottling things up and leaving them to fester.

Sending good cervix vibes to everyone. x x

Pizdets Tue 30-Jul-13 11:54:23

Oh, sorry sleepthief I'd forgotten you don't have the stitch! Lost track! Yes, the infection risk for swimming is only if you have the stitch so sure you're fine, good news that you can be active and keep busy. I went to the beach the other day and was DYING to get into the sea for a swim.

pinkfairy sorry they seem to be fobbing you off, sure the private scan will give you some peace of mind about it all. Hopefully when you have your anomaly scan you can get a clearer picture of how things are going and push for more if needs be.

Kelly will be thinking about you tomorrow and hoping all goes OK. I'm exactly the same with my friends' preemie babies and it gives me such vivid dreams! A girl from our NCT gave birth to twins last week at 33 weeks and the smaller one was only 1.5(ish)kg, but they're all doing really well and just on the normal ward for a few days.

Rainbox I rather thought we'd hear from you with some news! Good to hear Tiny is still brewing up nicely and things are going according to plan. I don't know about you but pregnancy is pretty OK mentally because I've been pregnant FOREVER between the two pregnancies this year and last, but it does seem to make the idea of taking a baby home more and more distant. Hoping things will all go smoothly for you and you'll be back home and settling in, I'm sure you're a lot more ready than you realise.

All fine here, he's still kicking away and I have a scan a week today to check the placenta has moved up (which ladies at the prem clinic confirmed, but of course one department doesn't speak to the other). Time seems to be flying by.

Hope everyone is good and all the usual cervix vibes heading to you all.


legallyblond Tue 30-Jul-13 17:43:45

Hey all, sorry I haven't posted in a while.

Piz - hope you're feeling a bit less "teary". I'm sure it's tied up with the one year anniversary coming up.. A tough time. Rainbow..... Nearly there!!!

Myloves - I am so sorry for the loss of your triplets. I understand the worries of a multiple pregnancy... I am expecting twins now (31+3). I too carried a singleton fine (DD came at 40+14!) but a routine cv length scan at 23 weeks showed my cervix had shortened to 20mm - exceptionally short for twins.. So I had the stich a day or two later...

All fine here - cv length at 30 weeks was holding up at 39mm. Next measurement at 34 weeks when, really, I'll be mostly out of the danger zone anyway. I really, really want to make it to 36 weeks....

Re exercise and activity etc, I was told no sex and no swimming. I took it v easy in the week or two following the stitch, but am back to normal now. I have no choice really. Still working full time (ten hour days) and DD (2.9) still needs picking up loads... Not much I can do to take it easy really!

Kelly - try, as ever, to focus on not worrying unless and until there is actually something to worry about. When I was on labour ward for my stitch, there was a woman next to me with PROM (waters br

legallyblond Tue 30-Jul-13 17:45:17

Sorry... broken) and contractions every 2 mins at 24 weeks. None of us are there right now (although I know some of us have had this experience)... I've tried to focus on that...

Kelly1814 Thu 01-Aug-13 15:28:49

hello everyone!

some positive news from me for once, scan yesterday went well. stitch is holding and the baby has grown! i have literally been eating everything in sight so this is a huge relief.

small milestones, am back again to consultant in two weeks. she said the aim is to get to 34 weeks and anything after that is a bonus. if anything changes then it will be straight in for a c section. she also said not to be too far from the hospital - so have agreed no more crazy work car trips and am using holiday time to work half days for the next month.

am going to pack hospital bag so am mentally prepared if we need to make a dash!

hope everyone is feeling good. as ever you are all in my thoughts.

rainbow, when will we hear baby news from you smile

Pizdets Thu 01-Aug-13 16:55:16

Hurrah! Kelly that's great news! Your little baby will be in there brewing for a while longer, 34 weeks is a really good number to work towards, another of my NCT class just had a little girl at 35 weeks and all seems very happy and healthy (they're all going early!) with no real concerns at all.

Legally, I am feeling a bit better, thanks, think it was some kind of hormone surge, just found it hard to get over it like usual. We have a scan on Tuesday and I'm sure seeing him in there and being able to check he's OK will do a lot of good, you can't help but worry. Good news all measuring well with you. When will you go off on maternity leave? 10 hour work days sounds awful, I'm horribly lazy working from home at the moment, can't imagine a full day in the office right now.

Thinking of you today Rainbox and hope the ELCS is going/has gone well. How amazing to have your rainbow in your arms.

Thinking of you all and sending the usual.


Kelly1814 Sat 03-Aug-13 08:11:59

piz, am so glad you're feeling a bit better, and i'm sure the scan on tuesday will make a huge difference.

am i right in thinking that rainbox has her c section today? or yesterday? terribly exciting!

Pizdets Tue 06-Aug-13 14:07:20

Right, scan done, he's head down and the placenta has moved up! Very pleased and feel relieved that I can try and attempt a vaginal birth now. I have another (and my final) cervix scan on Monday. I don't think it's really for me, but for the research study I'm a part of, but will be good to see them a last time and ask any last-minute questions before the stitch comes out in early September.

Kelly, hope all holding up well and growing nicely at your end. Rainbox, thinking of you and looking forward to news when you have time.

Long cervix thoughts to everyone else!


Kelly1814 Fri 09-Aug-13 09:08:00

Piz that's great news on the scan! What's the due date that you're working towards?

Not much to report here, painful hips which doc has given me magnesium for...trying to stay out of the heat and relax as much as possible. Next scan on the 18 th by which time will be 32+5, every extra week is so exciting!

Hope everyone doing well smile

Kelly1814 Wed 14-Aug-13 07:17:30

hello everyone, just checking in to see how we all are?

i can't believe i'm now 32 weeks, have definitely started to (try) to relax a bit more now, knowing that the baby is almost cooked....34 weeks is so close now!

friend here with a stitch just delivered her twins at 29 weeks. not sure if it was spontaneous or if the stitch gave out....they are in NICU so fingers crossed for them all.

am still working but completely over it to be honest! tired and achy and not sleeping so well....but VERY happy to still be pregnant.

hope everyone is doing well, have been thinking of you all smile

Pizdets Wed 14-Aug-13 10:48:48

Hi Kelly,

32 weeks is great, well done! Very pleased for you and fingers crossed for your friend.

I'm 34 weeks now and was discharged from the prem clinic this week - if he comes now they reckon he'll be fine - very pleased and freaked out to have got here.

They did worry me a bit about the stitch removal, though, from telling me originally it was going to be 'like a smear' they're now talking about gas and air and epidurals - has anyone who's had a stitch removed got any experience of this? What was it like for you?

I'm also still working but from home, of course, and counting down the next 2.5 weeks when I can lie in bed or nip out without feeling guilty!

Thinking of all of you and hoping things are going well!


Kelly1814 Wed 14-Aug-13 16:10:43

gas and air and epidural, really? yikes?! maybe they are being over cautious, there has been no mention of this to me!

i have a scan on sunday so will ask then. although as i am having a section i think now they will just whip it out when epidural is in.

when i was having my coil fitted i had heard all sorts of horrific stories, my doctor wanted to give me a sedative - was terrified. in actual fact it pinched for about 30 seconds and i was absolutely fine.

34 weeks is amazing, how far we have come!

enjoy your last 2.5 weeks smile

Tulipsandbuttercups Wed 14-Aug-13 19:53:44

Hi ladies, please can I join in.

I am 20+5. Back in January I had two cysts removed one on each ovary. During the op the consultant noticed that I had a unicornuate uterus and a rudimentary horn, because of this when I got pregnant I been closely monitored to where the baby is, as if it is in the Rh it can be really dangerous and there is not enough room for it to grow. From 15 weeks I have been having cervical length scans.

15+4 - 43mm
18+4 - 39mm
20+4 - 30mm
No funnelling.

Yesterday they prescribed me cyclogest but also discussed having the stitch, but they said with the stitch there is a huge risk of mc or infection.

How do they do the stitch is it a local anaesthetic?
What is the latest you could have the stitch?
Is it if it gets to 25mm you have to definetley have to have the stitch?

They tell me so information in appointments and when I come out I don't remember half of it.

Lou x

Kelly1814 Wed 14-Aug-13 22:02:17

Hi Lou

Welcome to the board, sorry you may need it but hope you find it useful. To answer your questions:

I had my stitch under a general. I have heard of people just having a spinal block but this was never given as an option as my doc deemed it too stressful and I agree.

I had my stitch at 14/15 weeks as was told the earlier the better.the later it gets the more risky.

Th risks of mc or infection are very low, I amot sure where your doc is getting the word 'huge' from. Any risk is out weighed by benefit of stitch, in my opinion.

I'm also on cyclogest and have been since week 7. Am 32 weeks now.

My cervix measures 2.5 on average and there was never any question by my consultant that a stitch was the best way forward. You will hear of others who get slightly different advice though, it can be confusing.

Personally I am really glad I have had the stitch, in my case I don't think I would still be pregnant without it, my consultant actually said she never thought I'd make it this far, even with it.

It's not the most pleasant thing in the world to to go through but really not that bad.

When is your next scan? K

Pizdets Thu 15-Aug-13 11:56:02

Hi Lou,

Congrats on your pregnancy and sorry you've had some stresses. All of your measurements look good to me so far but clearly if it's a case of running out of room it's not that straightforward!

If you read back over this thread you'll see we've all had very different experiences, it doesn't seem like there's definitive guidance on what's best to do unfortunately. To give you my answers to your questions:

I had a spinal for the stitch. I think this is the 'least' anaesthetic they offer, if you see what I mean. Like Kelly says, it wasn't pleasant but was quick and straightforward.

I don't think there's a 'latest' for the stitch, I was told by my prem clinic that they worry most up to 27 weeks, after that it's less of a concern, so maybe if you get past 27 weeks they'll find another way to manage it? From what I've been told it's better to have a preventative stitch than to wait until there's a problem and then put one in - that's when most of the infections and complications seem to occur (although still a good chance of it being fine).

At my hospital they will always recommend a stitch if your cervix is shorter than 2.5cm, but I know elsewhere it's not guaranteed and some hospitals treat in different ways. For example, I found out this week that my stitch is nylon, which is different to most other hospitals. Also I've not been given progesterone or antibiotics...nothing, whereas our sister hospital gives antibiotics as standard after the stitch has gone in and a lot of people on here seem to have been prescribed progesterone too!

In terms of the risk, I was told the 'official' risk is 1:100, however the doctor told me confidently that she'd never had any problems with putting a preventative stitch in and she does about one a week (on average). If your doctor isn't confident then could you look at getting it done at another hospital? I don't know where you are but I know Queen Charlotte's in London specialises in this stuff, and I think Guy's and Thomas' is also very good.

I'm not 34 weeks and all seems fine so far, life has gone on pretty much as normal and I'm now counting down the last 3 weeks until the stitch comes out. I'll never know if I needed it or not, but very pleased to have carried a healthy baby this far.

Good luck and keep us updated!


greymoose Thu 15-Aug-13 14:37:04

hello, sorry if this has been answered already, but does anyone know if you can get them to check your cervix when you're having a scan? all doctors so far have sort of laughed it off so far without checking or even attempting to offer me some sort of reassurance, I'm 11 weeks pregnant and would really just like the reassurance as it's something I'm really paranoid about - any advice is appreciated!

greymoose Thu 15-Aug-13 14:39:41

sorry i probably should have included that what I'm paranoid about is that my cervix is short and 'open' and has been since surgery after a miscarriage, although i don't know what's normal/what may be problematic.

Tulipsandbuttercups Thu 15-Aug-13 18:36:56

Hi Kelly. My next scan is 27th August so we will see what they say then x

So on day one of taking cyclogest I was a little itchy but thought nothing of it.
Last night was however a different matter, I put it in at around 6.30 and by 8.30, It was so itchy and felt like it was burning, I had to have a shower and try to stop the pain, OH started to get really worried, I was so irritated, sweating, I felt like I was in hell! By around 10ish it started to calm down.

So I will not be taking that anytime soon!


Pizdets Sat 17-Aug-13 10:35:03

greymoose sorry to hear your hospital has been dismissive, that's not good. I had my cervix scanned at about 13 weeks and the stitch put in at 14, it was done by the prem clinic. Can you ask your midwife about a referral? Just to reassure you a bit, I think often the cervix can feel quite 'open' from the outside but it's what's happening on the inside which is most important, so it doesn't necessarily mean there's a problem...although you have every right to get checked out if you're worried!

tulips sounds like a horrible reaction to the cyclogest, how horrible! Can you go back and get them to prescribe something else?

Best of luck to everyone else and long cervix thoughts!


Alexandra6 Sat 17-Aug-13 12:10:04

Hi everyone, hope you're all well and great to see the original cervix club like piz doing well smile hi and good luck newbies, let me know if anyone has any questions about my experience - as someone else said, the advice and treatment you get varies so much!

Just a quick update from me, I had a cervix scan a couple of weeks ago at 23/24 weeks (my last one hopefully) and it was over 3 and not funnelling/open from the inside. I'm actually really glad I didn't have a stitch as touching wood and crossing fingers, it sounds like I'll be ok without it so feeling good about things. That's not to say I blame the first consultant who originally recommended the stitch to me - it's such a difficult call to make especially for a first timer. I'm now 25 weeks woop! Stitch or no stitch, it's so good ticking weeks off isn't it!

greymoose Sat 17-Aug-13 16:45:38

thanks piz, i have booking in and scan on thursday so will ask them! thank you, you've put my mind at rest a bit!

Kelly1814 Mon 19-Aug-13 11:57:18

HI all

tulips - no need for the reaction to cyclogest! i've been on it since week 7 so i can't remember what is 'normal' any more! i mentioned to consultant that i am boiling all the time. i live in a v hot country (47 degrees today) so thought it was normal, she said it's probably the cyclogest....hey ho. am 33 weeks now so if it has contributed to the baby staying in i shall have to just suffer boiling to death!

at my scan yesterday all was good, baby is still measuring small but consultant not too worried. aiming for 34 weeks now.

they will deliver me at 37 weeks, via section, actually have a date booked in - sept 17th! eek!!! so close....

that's obviously if the baby doesn't come before.

aside from anything else i have a hair appt booked two days before, so it had really better hang in there smile

hope everyone is doing well!

RainboxFX Tue 20-Aug-13 02:36:10

Hello all,

sorry I have been quiet for so long, the ELCS was a total success and I am now trapped under my sleep refusing bundle of joy smile

Baby boy born at 16:36 on August 1st, weighing 6 pounds 15 ounces. He was born with a full head of hair, is super cute and we love him to bits. It is tough sometimes, now we have DS2 home and safe and well we realise how much DS1 missed out on and it is really sad. It's been a long, hard journey and it is really only just beginning.

Glad to see everyone seems to be doing well, and hello to the newcomers! Will try to stay in touch a bit better x

Pizdets Tue 20-Aug-13 16:36:54

Hurrah! Safe arrival of the first Short Cervix Club baby! So pleased he's doing well. I know what you mean about realising what DS1 missed out on, I've felt a bit like that it various points during this pregnancy, but you love them both and DS1 will always be with you in your thoughts and your hearts.

Alex, so pleased things are going well for you, it's hard making these decisions but good that all's going well. 25 weeks is great, you'll be 35 before you know it!

Kelly how exciting to have a date already, really good news the baby is looking so good. You're probably going to end up having yours before me in the end! Was it someone on here saying that once the baby gets over a certain size it rests on the pelvis rather than the cervix, which is why you can need a stitch but then still go overdue? I'd love it if he turned up abut 38 weeks but trying to prepare myself for 41+ just in case!

greymoose good luck for Thurs, let us know how you get on.

Long cervix thoughts to everyone.


legallyblond Mon 26-Aug-13 09:43:15

Hello all! And hello newbies. This thread dropped off my "threads I'm on" for some reason... Sorry I haven't posted..

Congratulations Rainbow - so happy for you!

Hi Piz, Kelly and Alex!!

I'm 35+2 now, amazing after fearing the reins would arrive at 23/4 weeks!! C section (they're both breech) is booked for 37+3.... Really hoping to make it till then. They are taking the stick out during the c section.

Not long now!

legallyblond Mon 26-Aug-13 09:47:17

Oh and at my 34 week scan I (finally!) didn't have a cervix scan! At 30 weeks it had held at 38mm or so (it went up from 20mm to 38/9mm following the stitch - it was scanned every two weeks from 23 weeks). Nice not to have the fun of the dildo cam!

Kelly1814 Tue 27-Aug-13 16:06:28

hello all!

rainbow, so thrilled for you. loving good news of happy healthy babies!

am 34 weeks today and had a few dramas in recent days...waters leaking, my usual contractions worrying the consultant. i am just back from the hospital where i came a hair's breadth from having an EMCS.

they've sent me home and i am back in tomorrow morning for a check. luckily my hospital bag has been packed since various scares at 26 weeks.

whilst i know 34 weeks is amazing to get to, it all suddenly feels very real and the thought of being sliced open is terrifying me.

fingers crossed can keep him or her in as long as possible. 37 weeks may now be a bit ambitious, but one more week would be amazing smile

good luck everyone smile

plentyofsoap Wed 28-Aug-13 21:48:04

Hi, can I join please. Had a scan today as I have had some brown discharge and a previous pre term birth at 33 weeks. I am 26.4 days now. It showed my cervix was funnelling at 16mm but was shut on the outside. Had a steriod injection and have been given cyclogest pessaries. I'm in a bit of a state to be honest.

Alexandra6 Thu 29-Aug-13 08:35:37

Congrats rainbow, so so happy for you! Yay!

kelly how are you doing?

Hi plenty how scary for you flowers Have they recommended bed rest (think that seems to be more a US thing but worth asking about). Thank god you caught it and had steroids though. Take it really really easy and I hope it holds tight. Every day that passes is good. Lots of hugs.

plentyofsoap Thu 29-Aug-13 09:09:27

Thank you. Managed to get to sleep about 5 this morning slightly calmer today (just) I need to get to sat when I will be 27 weeks. Baby is measuring 28 weeks so that is a positive too. I'm going in for second steriod injection later. I have been told to do nothing but bed rest. I can see the pile of washing mocking me but not going to risk it dh is off to help.... Its good to know others are counting the days down too.

Pizdets Thu 29-Aug-13 09:11:34

Hi Guys,

Kelly so good to hear you're past the magic 34 week mark! I know what you mean about reaching milestones and wanting to go further, I am 36 weeks today though and suddenly thinking about getting him out! Fingers hugely crossed for you and hope that you can make it through another week or two. Keep us updated!

plenty sorry to hear you're in this situation. I know quite a few ladies on here have been treated with progesterone and it's worked well, and the steroid injection will help your baby a lot. Have they kept you in or are you at home? Did they plan out a course of action with you? Hope things go well for you.

Alex how are you? You must be well into the 20s now? Are they even looking at your cervix any more after your last good result? Hope you're having fun and feeling chilled out about it all.


plentyofsoap Thu 29-Aug-13 10:34:56

Hi, its good to hear positive news about the cyclogest working on others and its good to read positive outcomes. The plan is bedrest and cyclogest and another scan next thursday. Its come out of the blue. Although my son was born at 33 weeks nothing was picked up about my cervix as I had a big bleed at 30 weeks then my waters went. He has done amazingly well and hopefully i can get that far again. Feel anxious and tearful. I spoke to my midwife and she told me to hang on til 34 weeks. Great advice that had never crossed my mind!!

plentyofsoap Thu 29-Aug-13 10:35:39

They have sent me home to rest.

Alexandra6 Thu 29-Aug-13 11:36:19

Don't do ANYTHING plenty keep those feet up and the pressure off the cervix, that's what I would do, I know there are mixed views on bed rest but it seems so logical that the less pressure on the cervix, the better. I remember googling and bed rest seemed to help lots of people get to a later stage. Get DH to do everything! Was everything ok with your son at 33 weeks birth? Bet the days will drag for you but every minute/day that passes is good, plus it's good the baby is measuring 28 weeks, sounds like a strong little one especially now it's had steroids too. Do you know what it is?

piz I'm good thanks, part of me debates having an extra cervix scan but the consultant didn't seem to think I needed it after my last decent measurement. I know you have to be cautious and push for things but I'm now 27 weeks so feeling quite good counting off the days. I've got a big event I'm working on this weekend for four days and it usually involves long days, stress and lots of time on my feet so I was a bit worried about that. Not quite sure how easy I should take it, what do you think?

plentyofsoap Thu 29-Aug-13 11:55:27

I have my feet up and dh is doing everything. My ds was also given the steriods and it makes a massive difference. He was not good at feeding and has always been on the smaller side but is way ahead in development. We are proud of him. I really wanted a normal pregnancy, but I guess its not too be. I know the health of the baby is the most important thing im just feeling sorry for myself atm. Its a little girl who maybe wearing blue premie clothes.... but hopefully not yet! Happy to send to a good home though if anyone needs them. How far along are you?

plentyofsoap Thu 29-Aug-13 12:05:58

I have my feet up and dh is doing everything. My ds was also given the steriods and it makes a massive difference. He was not good at feeding and has always been on the smaller side but is way ahead in development. We are proud of him. I really wanted a normal pregnancy, but I guess its not too be. I know the health of the baby is the most important thing im just feeling sorry for myself atm. Its a little girl who maybe wearing blue premie clothes.... but hopefully not yet! Happy to send to a good home though if anyone needs them. How far along are you?

plentyofsoap Thu 29-Aug-13 12:05:59

I have my feet up and dh is doing everything. My ds was also given the steriods and it makes a massive difference. He was not good at feeding and has always been on the smaller side but is way ahead in development. We are proud of him. I really wanted a normal pregnancy, but I guess its not too be. I know the health of the baby is the most important thing im just feeling sorry for myself atm. Its a little girl who maybe wearing blue premie clothes.... but hopefully not yet! Happy to send to a good home though if anyone needs them. How far along are you?

Alexandra6 Thu 29-Aug-13 12:07:09

plenty I really sympathise, I researched/googled this obsessively when I was trying to make a decision on a precautionary stitch and read so many stories and the whole thing is so unfair and hard. However, so many of the stories I read were positive and ended well, like your brilliant son! Not sure if I've got confused but are they considering a stitch at all? I don't think you've had this done already by the sounds of it? I'm 27 weeks with my first but was very lucky as despite early concerns about my cervix, it's measuring a decent length after my last scan so I'm trying not to be complacent but am feeling more relaxed.

plentyofsoap Thu 29-Aug-13 12:13:26

Whoops sorry!

legallyblond Thu 29-Aug-13 15:07:37

Really feel for you Z

legallyblond Thu 29-Aug-13 15:12:42

God, sorry ... Plenty... I had the stitch relatively late (at 23+5) but they did say I was at the upper end. Are they considering stitching at all? Agree re bed rest, although I have a young DD (almost 3) and know how hard it is. I managed it for two weeks cobbling together child care etc, but since then, haven't been able to take it easy at all... I didn't have the steroids when I had the stitch as I was told that the hospital def would not attempt to resuscitate if, as was the big risk that late, the stitch triggered prem labour. I'm expecting twins and they were only measuring about 22 weeks then... But all fine now - I'm 35+5!!!! Miracle.

Sending hugs x

plentyofsoap Thu 29-Aug-13 16:32:48

Hi it is hard with a little one but dh is off next week then ds starts school so it should get easier. Its too late for the stitch just need to last at least another week. It sounds like you are doing well but try and rest too x

legallyblond Thu 29-Aug-13 20:26:46

Desperately trying.... But I do keep reminding myself that first 28 weeks was my goal, then 32, now 36 (but secretly 37+3, my c section date!!).... So everyday is a blessing. It really, really annoys me though when people make comments like "Oooh, I bet you wish they were out now"..... Err no, I'm bloody grateful they're not out!!!

plentyofsoap Thu 29-Aug-13 21:07:10

It is difficult. People can be very insensitive and say the most silly things. Last time with my ds my friend went overdue and said i was lucky he had come early!? I'm prepared more for comments now, but its still upsetting and if you havent been through its hard to understand. You are doing well and its good to have a goal. Hopefully i will get more sleep tonight and start to feel more positive.

plentyofsoap Thu 29-Aug-13 21:11:11

I have stopped doing the google thing now its not your friend at times wink thank you for your comments though they have really helped.

Alexandra6 Fri 30-Aug-13 07:33:10

Yes googling can backfire as you get the fear reading the worst of things! Hope you're as ok as you can be plenty and it's another day further along today.

Myloves4 Sat 31-Aug-13 22:02:38

Hi there All,
well done Piz, Kelly and Legallyblonde on getting to such good week numbers, real milestones passed. I'm chipping along slowly, now 21 weeks. Having a bad day, it's a year to the day I lost my triplets. Being pregnant has been a comfort for the first half of the day but for the second I've become increasingly fearful it's just going to happen again. Next check-up is on Wednesday. Wish it was sooner. I was 28mm at 18weeks and fibrenectin negative which was positive but it was a long time ago and it was around this time with the triplets my cervix shortened to 1cm. Wish I'd pushed for the stitch anyway.
Sorry to moan on.
Cara x

Pizdets Sun 01-Sep-13 08:48:28

cara I'm so sorry, only just saw this. Passing anniversary of your loss can be so hard, I found the whole week around it very difficult and did a lot of crying and thinking about the 'what ifs'. I did find it easier to move on a little once it had passed (3 weeks ago now) and to think of it as a new year. I hope it might be similar for you too.

Remember, you've got a healthy single baby in there who isn't putting half as much pressure on your cervix, and you made an informed decision with the doctor originally...hope time speeds by to Wednesday and you can talk over your concerns and get some comfort.

plenty hope you're managing to take it easy and keep the weight off your feet.

legally where has the time gone? I can't believe it's September today and our babies will be here soon! On my phone so struggling to read messages back...when is the section booked for...about a week tomorrow? Hope you're doing well and all ready (i am not in the least, every day I get up and say 'I must pack my hospital bag' but I can't eeek to bring myself to do it and make it real! Stitch comes out on Friday and I'll have to have it done by then.

Alex I can't believe you're 27 weeks already! That's brilliantx esp with everything looking so good.

Kelly still thinking of you often and hoping all ok. Your baby will have such a good start now and every day is a bonus!

Ling cervix thoughts all round,


legallyblond Sun 01-Sep-13 09:19:26

Hey Cara... Piz is right, much, much less pressure with a singleton, but that doesn't stop it being a very very tough time. I think it's normal to grieve afresh at anniversaries, pregnant or not. As encouragement though, my cervix held up brilliantly with DD (never had it checked and I carried her to 42 weeks!!)... Whereas it was shortening drastically at 23 weeks with these twins... Also, if the cervix is shortening on Weds, def not too late for the stitch. Mine went in at 23+3 and has been v successful.

Piz - I know!!!!!!! Time has flown! Although it didn't feel like that at the time.... 36+1 today and c section is a week on Tues!!

plentyofsoap Sun 01-Sep-13 20:25:02

Hi hope everyone has had a good weekend. So sorry you had your loss Cara it must be hard, but like others have said this is a different pregnancy and you must try and stay positive. It is not easy at times though. I have stayed in bed and thankfully had no more discharge so praying the hormone treatment is working. The steriods have had time to work and I'm 27 +2 tomorrow so everyday counts. I have felt very tired and my ds is rather stressed with the sudden change in responsibilities and ds has been naughty today too. This is a silly question but before this happened I had ordered some nursery bits which need collecting, i'm scared to get them sent here as I feel I can't enjoy preparing for her now in case she comes soon. Does that make sense?

Kelly1814 Tue 03-Sep-13 08:27:23

Hello all, just checking in to say hi and see how we all are?

I am 35 weeks today! Two weeks until my ELCS, if iget that far!

Still having very regular, very uncomfortable Brixton hicks. Am now off work and doing emails etc from the sofa. I can just about manage the BH if I lie on my side.

Plenty, I completely understand about holding off getting baby things, I felt just the same. In the end we had to bite the bullet as the baby kept threatening to pop out and I felt a bit more in control knowing it wouldn't have to sleep in a shoe box! So I tried to see it as me taking back control and telling the universe...I AM going,to have a healthy baby, rather than tempting fate.

Hope everyone is holding up as we slowly tick through the days and weeks. Cannot believe how far we have all come smile

plentyofsoap Tue 03-Sep-13 09:47:13

35 weeks is great! Not long until your c section now, you must be feeling more excitement than anxiety. I got dh to pick up the nursey bits so with the "help" of ds we put the pink stickers on the walls yesterday. Adjusting to bed rest although online shopping is dangerous! grin

Pizdets Tue 03-Sep-13 11:58:29

One week today legally so excited for you!

Kelly, you're doing so well, wish we could go back 10 or even 20 weeks and reassure ourselves! 2 weeks to holdon is no time, and your baby is pretty much fully cooked already!

plenty totally with you on putting off things. I still can't bring myself to pack my hospital bag. Am going to bite the bullet this afternoon as want to make sure we're ready for the stitch coming out on Friday.

I still don't really feel like I'm having a baby, not much Bh and v irregular, he's 2/5 engaged but don't feel much pressure. Reckon I'm going to be one of those ladies whose stitch comes out but then goes overdue anyway, will be such a huge headfuck!

Sending lots of long cervix thoughts to you all (except myself, sending myself 'getting ready' cervix thoughts now!)

Kelly1814 Tue 03-Sep-13 20:26:08

Piz I can't believe your stitch comes out on Friday. Did you get any clarity on the need for gas and air?

Am back at hospital Thursday, hopefully the baby has put some weight on as was measuring 5 weeks behind last time so still very little hmm

Contractions soooo uncomfortable, they may whip baby out there and then if they measure as strong as last time. Feels like an endurance test! But we are all getting towards the finish line smile

plentyofsoap Wed 04-Sep-13 09:14:48

Good luck tomorrow kelly im back in too for my next scan so fingers (and legs) crossed all round! Although i found my first grey hair this morning so the stress is obviously getting to me x

Pizdets Wed 04-Sep-13 21:32:48

Good luck tomorrow Plenty and Kelly will be thinking of you both.


legallyblond Thu 05-Sep-13 10:04:10

Thinking of you Plenty and Kelly.

Piz.... Not long!!!! Get that bag packed!!

I am full term (37 weeks) on Sat. Cannot believe I've made it far!

pali1978 Thu 05-Sep-13 10:10:04

Piz kindly pointed me in the direction of this thread when I asked a question elsewhere re short cervix. I was scanned for the first time at 16/5 and measured 27mm then again at 18 weeks and measured 28mm. The doctor has told me that at over 25mm, the risks of stiching aren't justified by the (low) risk. They said they'd monitor every two weeks but I put my foot down and insisted on every week plus on being given progesterone. I guess my question is whether others in a similar situation have been monitored - rather than stitched immediately. Part of me would like to have a stitch and then feel like I was a bit stronger, but I'd also really rather not have surgery if I can avoid it...Apart from the progesterone, I've been told gentle exercise only but otherwise no restrictions at present. I have though put a ban on sex for now as I just feel too worried. I work very long hours at the moment which isn't ideal but all on my bottom in front of a computer...I am trying just to focus on each next scan and not think beyond that. I sort of have the impression that the real danger zone is 18-24 weeks and after that things begin to look less scary. Is that right? I'd be really grateful for any experience/thoughts.

legallyblond Thu 05-Sep-13 15:19:29

Pali - hi! Alexandra is in the same boat and chose not to have the stitch... If you read back through the thread you'll see her story/posts (she's nearly term now!!) and hopefully she'll be along soon....

Myloves4 Thu 05-Sep-13 18:08:38

Thanks for your kind words. My appointment went well. Cervix has lengthened and fibrenectin negative. Breath again. Same as Piz hope it went well today Kelly and Plenty. Piz- you packed yet?

Pizdets Thu 05-Sep-13 19:53:57

Thanks guys, they've asked me to get to the labour ward for 10am tomorrow but I think they said the doctor who'll do it is also the one doing c-sections for the day, so I assume I'll just have to fit in.

Cara and legally I can confirm that the bag is now packed! Not taking it tomorrow as don't want to tempt fate but it's in the bedroom and ready with just a few minor things to add in.

Pali the prem clinic told me up to 27 weeks is the danger zone as babies are much less likely to struggle if born after that point. If they're telling you that you don't need the stitch I'd deffo swerve the surgery, but it sounds like you're very clued up and focussed on what you need which is great! Alex was v worried earlier on but is doing really well now, hopefully she'll be along soon to tell you more!

Will update over the weekend with a blow-by-blow on stitch removal for those of you still waiting to have them out! Hoping for minimal fuss and pain for all our sakes!

Appropriate cervix thoughts to everyone!


plentyofsoap Thu 05-Sep-13 21:16:55

Hi, well it seems the hormone treatment worked?! The funnelling is still there as expected, but cervix length has increased slightly so it hasnt got any worse which is the main thing. Back in two weeks and remaining on the hormones and advised to do very little. Hope everybody else is ok. I may get some sleep tonight now!

Kelly1814 Fri 06-Sep-13 08:09:41

Good luck today piz, will be thinking of you!

Plenty, that's great news. There is some debate about the progesterone but I've been on it since week 7 and still pregnant smile

Scan was ok but baby still not growing much at all as we suspected.they will let me go another week, hoping it gets up to 2 kilos. Confirmed it will get taken straight to SCBU, how long for exactly is anyone's guess. I had obviously researched this so wasn't surprised, poor DH has been in blissful (chosen) ignorance so was a bit emotional about going home without a baby.

Such a roller coaster.

Anyway, thinking of everyone and especially piz smile

plentyofsoap Fri 06-Sep-13 08:26:08

Hi Kelly, my ds was 1.99 kg when he was born at 33 weeks and 1 day. He had been given the steriods too. Have you visited the unit yet? Also I had a section and remained in hospital with him for two weeks until we came home. Dh continued to work and took paternity leave when we came home. I guess like me if you know its likely baby is coming early you can prepare yourself in some way. I know this time I will not be able to stay as I have ds at home but I know this time to get more support as i felt quite isolated last time. There is a good local ptem support group who meet up each week which I will go to again. Do you know what you are having?

Kelly1814 Fri 06-Sep-13 08:47:10

Plenty, thanks for sharing. We live overseas so not much support. I will stay in hospital as standard for 4 days post section. It's a private hospital and lovely so am happy to stay in. Have visited the unit and hospital is close to home.

Am trying to think positively, we know this is going to happen, so I can use the time to rest and heal from the section. As with all births, I suppose it is the unknown. And I feel like a huge failure for not being able to to grow the baby properly, poor little thing.

Keeping the sex a surprise smile

plentyofsoap Fri 06-Sep-13 12:33:50

Kelly please don't blame yourself you have done nothing wrong at all. I felt like this after my ds was born. I work with the general public alot and dealt with women who drink and take drugs during pregnancy and still get to term and it used to make me angry as i did everything right and it still went wrong. It has again too. BUT it made me a better mother because I made up for it when he was here maybe more than if he had been term? Each baby is a special, but because you have been through this you will never take anything for granted and everything your baby does will extra special x

Pizdets Fri 06-Sep-13 16:20:24

Kelly plenty said it much better than I could have. I've learnt over the last year that there's no karma or reason for why things happen, but you''ll make it count for your baby where you can.

Stitch is now out and I'm back home on the sofa. Had to wait 4.5 hours to get a slot with the doctor but whole procedure was about 10 mins. As the stitch was high she did suggest surgery again but the pain was really not too bad...I found the worst thing was the gas and air, which totally tripped me out! The speculum being opened was quite painful, and the stitch itself coming out was a sort of dull pain, like a bad period pain but by no means unbearable. Best thing was that it was vvv quick! Sat on the monitor for 30 mins, some contractions but nothing major and even if I were to go into labour tonight I could still go to the birth centre.

Apparently the cervix looks pink and healthy, no scarring, although it had grown around the stitch a bit, which is why it hurt coming out. No bleeding at all at the time or now.

Trying to think if there's anything else I can say which might be useful, let me know if anyone has any questions! Am v relieved it's over and everyone was lovely. Last hurdle overcome and now I'm like any 'normal' 37 week pregnant woman, hurrah!

Hope all ok with the rest of you.


Alexandra6 Sat 07-Sep-13 09:12:36

Yay piz! Wow you get to meet your baby soon!

Hope you're ok kelly and hope the baby gets bigger, you're doing a great job for it and your best under circumstances which aren't your fault at all.

plenty I'm glad you're doing well. My doctors didn't advise progesterone and one said he wasn't sure about it but if it's working for you and your cervix is holding up, brilliant.

pali your story is similar to mine so far and I'm now 28 weeks smile it's very hard for the doctors to make predictions on the cervix especially with a first baby but I decided to go with my second opinion that I was low risk as the doctor is well respected and sees a lot of cervixes. I'm glad I didn't have a stitch but of course it is sooo much easier with hindsight! I would have got scanned every day if I could but I decided to stick with fortnightly and it was showing up longer around 20/23 weeks so I decided to try and relax and wasn't scanned beyond that. It's so hard to make a decision on it (made much harder for me by two different medical opinions). I'll never forget the HOURS of googling and being scared to move, the whole thing can be so difficult mentally, I also felt guilt about my body and when the baby would pop up in the background in vaginal scans, I'd just feel sad for it. Annoyed me when other people said "oh you get lots more scans then, that's a good thing!"

Anyway sorry for rambling, keep me updated everyone, and lots of luck xx

Kelly1814 Sun 08-Sep-13 12:03:53

Thanks everyone for your kind supportive words smile

Piz, sounds like a very successful stitch removal! I had wondered about the effect on the cervix afterwards...

Friend who had stitch went into labour two days afterwards....watching and waiting with huge excitement!

pali1978 Sun 08-Sep-13 23:10:33

thank you again, Piz and Alexandra. It is good to hear such encouraging stories and also good to see that I'm not the first person to be slightly confused and alarmed by the range of different approaches to this.
At my scan last week (18 weeks) I was 28mm so the doctor was happy - and so was I! I insisted on another scan this week so am going in on Friday (19+3). I also asked for progesterone and was given it. Thought it can't do any harm. Sort of wish I could fast forward the next four or five weeks and know things were still stable.
Hope all is well with you all.

Pizdets Mon 09-Sep-13 09:48:07

Pali pleased the thread has been some help, sounds like you're very focussed and demanding what you need which is fab.

Kelly nothing to report here yet, don't get too excited! Although after finally getting a weekend of 'how's your father' without feeling hugely inhibited and worried, we do seem to have triggered off a lot of bump pains and a little watery bleeding this morning. Hoping we've just got a bit carried away and we didn't go for it too soon, wouldn't want to hurt my poor cervix after everything its been through over the last few months!

Will of course keep you all updated but trying to prepare myself for the fact it could be another 4 weeks until anything happens!

Long cervix thoughts to those who need them (you can have my spares too!)


Kelly1814 Mon 09-Sep-13 12:06:27

Sorry to sound juvenile but I am SO JEALOUS that you have had sex!!!!! Am still such a caton a hot tin roof where that is concerned.

It will be so interesting to see how long now for you.

Just getting my head around the fact that this time next week I will have had my section and will have a REAL BABY. Eeeeeek!

Pizdets Wed 11-Sep-13 16:07:23

Kelly when is your section booked for? Thinking of you! Just a quick report here - no sign of anything happening this end. Monday I had contractions on and off all day, getting more distinct and regular in the evening but then I woke up yesterday feeling fine and haven't had anything since apart from increasing pelvic pain as I imagine he borrows down. Does make me wonder what filled my body before I was so full of baby.

Fingers crossed he shows up soon, am ready to go now!

Hope all good with everyone else.


plentyofsoap Wed 11-Sep-13 16:14:33

Good luck Piz! I'm sure he will be on his way soon. I'm very nearly 29 weeks now so thats better than 26 when we found the problems. Still on bedrest which is dull but happy to remain if she stays put! legscrossed wink

Kelly1814 Wed 11-Sep-13 16:25:11

Hello hello! Check up today, baby is engaged, which explains this shooting pains in my left bum cheek (treat). Still lots of contractions. Placenta holding up on but baby STILL a tiddler, has just hit the 2 kilo/4 and a quarter pound mark.

Another check Saturday, meeting anaesthesiologist (sp?) Sunday, section at 1.30 Monday. Eek.

Although they are still saying brace yourself as any sign of this baby moving and I am straight in and on the operating table.


plentyofsoap Wed 11-Sep-13 18:22:28

Kelly you must feel anxious but excited?! I found my c-section to be very calm and stress free x

Kelly1814 Wed 11-Sep-13 20:12:19

Plenty that's so good to hear.

I am exited but scared what with it being a tiddler and needing the extra care. Cannot imagine caring For such a tiny baby.

Also am still struggling to believe I am actually going to be a parent, have no clue about babies or children. For a long time we'd resigned ourselves to the fact that this pregnancy might not happen so i think there was an element of self preservation.

How soon were you up and about and feeling some way towards normal again?

plentyofsoap Thu 12-Sep-13 12:28:42

I had him about 5am and was up and about by early afternoon. They took me on my bed to see him though before then. I over did it as i wanted to be there for him so beware! You will be fine and like you i had no idea about babies but i learnt alot with the nurses on the ward which helped my confidence. He was under 4ib when i took him home. we were protective and limited visitors and didnt go out really at all! I expressed milk but didnt get to grips with breast feeding which added to my guilt so try not to put any pressure on yourself. My scar healed fine and I took painkillers for about 5 weeks. I have requested another section which may be agreed if i get further alone x

Pizdets Thu 12-Sep-13 13:25:45

Eeeeek Kelly! Just been out with my nct friends. One mum had twins at 35 weeks and the girl was 1.9kgs. She's 7 weeks today and now about 3kgs, still tiny but absolutely perfect! Didn't need any special care at birth, they stayed in for about a week to keep a check on them and help get breastfeeding established but that's about it. Sounds like your baby is in a really good position for being healthy!

Still nothing here, yukky pelvic pain and the odd cramps but nothing to make me think he'll be putting in a quick appearance!

Kelly1814 Thu 12-Sep-13 14:23:06

ah great feedback ladies, thank you. where i am delivering it is standard to keep you in for 4 nights/5 days so i am actually looking forward to having support and help and learning all i can from the nurses.

fingers crossed that that is all the time the tiddler needs and he/she can come home with us.

please keep us posted piz!

Alexandra6 Sat 14-Sep-13 10:58:18

Good luck kelly!! And piz - are your nct friends nice? I start NCT soon and am really hoping for a nice bunch so we'll stay in touch.

plenty glad you're doing well on bed rest. Your not far behind me in timing as I turned 29 weeks on Thurs.

Alexandra6 Sat 14-Sep-13 10:59:01

You're I mean! wink

plentyofsoap Sat 14-Sep-13 14:52:43

Glad everyone is doing well. I didn't join nct last time, but they do a bumps and babies group near me which i will try and go to. I made the most of surestart playgroups with my ds especially when he was a toddler and have made a couple of good friends by going too. I had to go to hospital this morning ad I had some brown discharge but cervix is shut and doc could not see any blood. I have the consultant on thurs for another scan. 29 weeks is ok though, still aiming for 32!

Pizdets Sun 15-Sep-13 14:05:28

Am i right in thinking we're expecting no less than 3 short cervix babies in the next couple of days??? Will betthinking of you Kelly and legally tomorrow and Tuesday and look forward to hearing how it goes!

Alex nct girls are lovely and we meet weekly now, you will enjoy it!

Not much to report here, cramps and back pains in the night never come to much. Had some pains and felt sick in waitrose earlier but looks like that free shopping for life has eluded me and back on the sofa feeling sorry for myself! Come on crappy cervix, do your crappy thing!


Kelly1814 Sun 15-Sep-13 17:19:50

Hi everyone. Just checking in to say hi and a heartfelt thanks for all your kind words of support, they have really made such a huge difference during the most stressful period of my whole life!

Met with anaesthetist today, possibly the coolest man alive (Dutch?) who said he has a 'huge list' of post operative drugs for me to get involved in so not to worry about any pain.

Updates to follow and good luck everyone! Thinking of you all smile

legallyblond Sun 15-Sep-13 19:14:49

Hello hello! My c section was last Tuesday! Just been too crazy to update.... Hugo and Valentina arrived at as planned at 37+3 weighing 6lb2 and 5lb3. Because I'd had steroids, neither needed any help with breathing and didn't go to NICU or SCBU! Yay!!

They removed the cervical stitch at the end if the c section operation. The CS was weird and the pain for the first 36 hours was not good, but all felt MUCH better within 48 hours and I was up and about fine. The first wee then shower wasn't good but Kelly, bear in mind that that time tomorrow, you'll be fine.

Breastfeeding going mostly fine, but the little girl has ebm top ups after each feed from a sippy cup till she's gaining weight again.

Good luck Kelly!!

Pizdets Sun 15-Sep-13 19:44:39

Oh my goodness legally where has the time gone? So sorry I lost track! Love love love Hugo and Valentina as names (in fact Hugh was top of my list but vetoed by my husband). Great weights for twins at 37 weeks too, sounds like you're doing an amazing job.

So exciting to welcome more healthy short cervix babies into the world. Kelly your anaesthatist sounds like a legend, good to hear he'll take care of you.


Myloves4 Sun 15-Sep-13 23:01:37

Congratulations Legally!! Two babies to cuddle, wow. Go Kelly and Piz!! Xxxxx

Kelly1814 Tue 17-Sep-13 04:00:12

Hi everyone

Baby Aya was born yesterday at 4.9 pounds. She's the most gorgeous little thing I have ever seen! She's been in NICU overnight whilst they keep an eye on her and see if she can regulate her temperature on her own. Hopefully she will come back up to my room today and stay with us today.

In hospital until Friday and taking full advantage of the nurses support and fussing, they are wonderful.

C section was surreal but great. She came out so fast it was unbelievable, and she came out screaming which must be the best sound in the world!

It all feels like a crazy but wonderful dream, I still can't believe it!

Alexandra6 Tue 17-Sep-13 07:45:11

Ah kelly my hormones must be crazy this morning as you brought a tear to my eye and struggling to hold it back on the train! Congrats, love the name too xxx

Pizdets Tue 17-Sep-13 07:58:06

Brilliant news Kelly, congratulations! Sounds like it all went as well as possible and 4.9lbs is a fantastic weight. Enjoy the rest of the week (and all those lovely painkillers from your Dutch friend!).

Am so jealous now, my bloody cervix seems to be working too well, hurry up baby pizdets!


Alexandra6 Tue 17-Sep-13 08:59:24

God you never know where you stand with a cervix hey piz wink Lots of luck!! Have my 30 week midwife app this morning, another milestone and all becoming very exciting and real!

plentyofsoap Tue 17-Sep-13 09:01:59

Thats fantastic news! She is a good weight and sounds like she is doing really well. Lovely name too smile Make sure you get some rest as well x

Pizdets Fri 20-Sep-13 14:08:18

Still nothing doing here. An important lesson to anyone with an 'incompetent' cervix...don't assume you''ll get your baby earlier as it makes the last few weeks a killer!

Having some good old cramps and pains still but not leading anywhere so far. Also got a huge breakout on my chin which I'm assuming is hormone-related as my skin is usually pretty good, cross fingers he comes some time in the next week!

Hope the new babies are settling in well and that everyone else is doing well too.


Alexandra6 Fri 20-Sep-13 14:15:12

Are you trying any old wives tales tricks to speed things up piz?

My consultant said at my last scan that I will probably now go over ironically after all the worry. I laughed but said I won't complain when I get there if that's the case after all the anxiety bet I do complain though

Was just getting worried about bumpy as I accidentally whacked by bump with my work laptop earlier and it really hurt, so I got scared I'd damaged the baby's face/head. Haven't felt it move since but I think I just felt a little flicker movement. Trying not to get obsessive and worried about that now!

Pizdets Fri 20-Sep-13 17:31:08

Oh Alex I did the same about 30 weeks, think he had a growth spurt and I whacked into a door handle! Called the midwife and she said it would be fine, think most people bump their bumps at some stage or another.

I have been trying pretty much every trick in the book: lots of sex, long walks every day, cuddling other babies, raspberry leaf tea, curry, clary sage, reflexology...you name it! He'll come when he's ready but I mostly just really don't want to be induced, there's been enough intervention in this pregnancy already, I want something normal and natural please!

Alexandra6 Fri 20-Sep-13 18:16:43

I feel the same on induction piz I want a natural birth - although I will go epidural if I need to and can! Just remembered I have an acupuncture session paid for as I was doing that for fertility and then stopped when I got preggers, I wonder if that's a good idea for bringing on labour? Or at least getting the body ready for it?

Oh don't forget lots of pineapple!

plentyofsoap Fri 20-Sep-13 21:09:29

Hi glad to hear everyone is doing well. I can't imagine getting to term you must be so excited Piz.
Think we are both 30 weeks now Alex which is great. Had scan and there has been no change so back in 4 weeks this time and still on the hormones. Bump is measuring 33 weeks and is very very low so having to watch where I am going. I had a bad bump at 30 weeks last time its so easily done. Just two more weeks and I will start to relax (a little bit)

Magpieblue Sat 21-Sep-13 09:14:00

Hello everyone, just been reading through the thread and I'm so sorry for anyone who has suffered losses. It's made me really worried. I'm in my first pg, currently 14 weeks. I had LLETZ about five years ago and I'm being referred to a consultant to check my cervix but it's not for another three weeks, when I'll be 17 weeks. I've been reading stuff that says stitches are normally put in at 12-14 weeks. Should I be pushing for an earlier appointment, and have I left it too late already?? Does anyone know? Sorry for panicked post, but I've got myself into a state!

Alexandra6 Sat 21-Sep-13 09:40:16