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Graduates of the wine-and-shagging-after-mc thread come hither! ..again!

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icequeenkate Wed 29-May-13 17:40:19

There's more....again...
Seeing as practically all of us have now got our babies, here is a new(ish) home to carry on chatting and waiting for those final babies to pop out! Today we are pregnant or have a baby! grin

icequeenkate Wed 29-May-13 17:40:49

Nearly wine o'clock.....

WildeRumpus Wed 29-May-13 18:47:24

Oooh shiny new thread smile exciting thanks ice!

Hope everyone is well?! My baby is still super lush and chilled but am still pretty hormonal. Hv came over today and I cried all over her which is all.rather embarrassing.She is back next week to see if I have perked up any. She knows about my history of.anxiety and depression so seems keen to keep an eye on me tho I.feel silly about it all. we agreed that I am most likely just a wee bit lonely atm what with moving and all so am armed with a list of baby groups to explore after half term... Would love to make some friends! Was so easy with ds1 as I had my antenatal group.

Hope everyone's babies are thriving, that you are blooming snow and you are ok chandelier smile

Still feel somewhat haunted by the loss of.chucklemonster. I wonder what happened?

booboomonster Thu 30-May-13 18:08:09

Found you!! Back soon to post.

WildeRumpus Thu 30-May-13 20:31:34

Omg. The baby wont stop feeding! He's been more on than off for about five hours now. I had quite forgotten about this. Eek!

icequeenkate Fri 31-May-13 20:01:36

Evening all!

Just had a lovely lovely day celebrating DS1's 9th birthday - he had such a great day, and DH and I were so pleased to see him with his friends.

Anyway, am incredibly lucky to have such a great family. Just ordered a take away with my bestest oldest friend and her DH who are struggling to conceive dc1.sad. Am most fortunate.

Have a good weekend all. wine [curry emoticon] wink

icequeenkate Fri 31-May-13 20:03:33

Ps Wilde - glad you mentioned worries to HV. MUCH better to flag them than bury them.

Pps - also love that snuggling time with tiny babies when they feed loads.

icequeenkate Sat 01-Jun-13 14:20:46

Wilde - just seen your FB post. Baby pox! Poor little chap. At least it isn't too hot so hopefully he won't get too itchy. Can you check to see if he can have calpol if his temp goes up? Bless him.

Good luck over next 48 hrs. brew, more brew and some biscuit.

WildeRumpus Sat 01-Jun-13 19:01:00

Aw thanks ice. Am in hosp with him atm, rang drs to check is ok for a newbie to.have pox and so sent here. May have to stay in if they give him a drip of abs sad gutted.

On a positive note tho have stopped my daily crying so was probably hormonal and just normal life stuff. Phew!

And ice that cake for.your ds looked amazing! Amazing!Wantsomeneedsome smile. Hope he had an.ace day!

Ds2 has put on a lb in 6 days?! Feeding monster smile yes snuggles are yummy indeedy.

icequeenkate Sat 01-Jun-13 19:43:51

Oh Wilde. Thinking of you and little DS2. Will be fine. Let us know how he is in the morning? < potters round worrying >

WildeRumpus Sat 01-Jun-13 20:06:58

Ah we busted out of hospital smile I decided that after three hours of listening to another newborn cry his heart out there was no way I was sleeping there sad so the registrar can call us if we are needed to go back in but we are ok to keep an eye on him ourselves for now. Thank goodness we piped up because the Dr was saying she won't see the reg (who we have been waiting on since half five) till after 9.30. Nightmare.

Picking up ds and home for takeaway asap.

Taking your wean to hosp is so stressful isn't it? He is fine tho yay smile smile

icequeenkate Sat 01-Jun-13 20:50:53

Good. Hate hospitals.

Hope you have a peaceful night - the advantage of co-sleeping!!

WildeRumpus Sat 01-Jun-13 22:43:22

Feck. Hospital rang we have to go in. Probably for ten bloody days sad

Completely gutted. Never stayed in hospital before. Baby will have a drip sad hospitals give me the chills never mind being on a ward with really sick crying babies. Wish me luck!

icequeenkate Sat 01-Jun-13 22:51:46

Oh bloody hell. hmmsad

Perhaps if he is only slightly spotty, they might let you out sooner? Oh gosh. Wilde, keep him on the boob as much as possible!! You will both be fine. Good luck, and please keep us updated. Big cuddle for DS2 (and DS1).

WildeRumpus Sun 02-Jun-13 02:33:03

Aw thanks ice. He is very spotty now! Ds1 had to go to grandma's at 11 and me and ds2 are now in our room at the hosp. He has a cannula in and is being given retro vitals (sp?!) And now.finally I think we can sleep. Feel better now we here and sort ofsettled in... 10 days tho. I will.miss my home and personal chaos so much! Anyway. Ds2 is being looked after and that is what matters.

Night smile

booboomonster Sun 02-Jun-13 09:42:34

Just read up on here - oh no wild poor you! Hope DS2 is ok, what a bummer about hospital - I didn't realise it was necessary for chicken pox. Hopefully it will be less than 10 days? 5 days did my head in - I still feel like an escaped prisoner! Sorry that prob doesn't make u feel any better. Hope it goes fast, and at least u know DS2 is safe.
Will post more soon - just off for a nap now, had first bad night with E feeding non stop and then bringing it back up.
I want to see the cake, ice!!?

WildeRumpus Sun 02-Jun-13 11:01:31

I want to eat the cake! Craving choccy cake...

Ds2 is fine thank you boo! He is just fine. Sleeps, eats, sleeps, cuddles etc etc. Very poxy and has his drip in but he doesnt seem to notice. This is the essence of ds2 tho. Surrounded by drama while he.is in ignorant bliss smile.

Bugger to hear about your tiring night. Bringing feeds back up is rubbish. Ds2 is doing that when my letdown is particularly strong which atm is is often poor thing. Hope feeding going ok otherwise? Have a lovely nap smile

icequeenkate Sun 02-Jun-13 12:07:50

Cake went! grin In about 5 minutes, devoured by 10 chocoholic 9 yr old boys.... Sorry! biscuit???

WildeRumpus Sun 02-Jun-13 13:53:40

Just bought loads of maltesers to mitigate cake lust. Did.you get a look in on.your sweetie masterpiece ice?

Consultant says ds2 doing really well and so we can go home day after tomorrow hopefully and give him drugs orally.

Hoo bloody raaaaaaay!!!

My sil and niece have also been infected. Is like 28 days later round my gaff...

Thanks for the love peeps, has really helped smile

Such a gorgeous day outside!

icequeenkate Sun 02-Jun-13 18:34:23

DS4 has just rolled over to reach something. Quite deliberately. He'll be a teenager next!

Wilde -yay for good news about getting out of hospitals and back home. Well done you and DS2. Phew, indeed. grin

Where's everyone gone? Had super dooper day at Frinton today - meeting up with friends currently residing in the US. Was great!

Back to school tomorrow. Will miss my big boys.

Hi everyone! Lost you for a while - now I'm back smile

31 weeks tomorrow - 9 more to go. Feeling exhausted - iron levels have dropped so taking mega yuck iron tablets and trying to get stuff done. Taken today off work cos have a bloody cold of all things - more than ready for no. 2 to make their entrance but trying v hard to be patient lol

LOVE all the pics of these gorgeous newborns you lucky ladies keep having over on fb btw! Hope you're all doing very well xxx

icequeenkate Mon 03-Jun-13 13:54:21

Hi Snow - apricots! Full of iron (and they counteract the digestive effects of iron tabletswinkwink)

WildeRumpus Mon 03-Jun-13 14:00:54

Ooh ice well done ds4! smile

I would refuse to go to school today, the weather is magnificent! Sadly am in baby jail but did get to take ds1 to the hospital park for five mins before being called back to see to the poxy milk monster. Twas lush.

Yo snow 31 weeks! Wow! Low iron tho boo. You have been thru it this pregnancy you poor thing! Has the pukiness gone yet?

Laters, little bubs needs more milk. More!

ice - a friend of mine is also pg at the min and shes been emailing me loads of stuff about eating dates for a smoother delivery - they taste pretty foul to me but im experimenting with hiding them in smoothies etc lol Guess i should also add dried apricots to my shopping list too!

wilde - im back in work invigilating exams today & its perfect exam weather out there! Just a half day tho so shd see some sunshine this afternoon - tho getting a bit tired&puffy to enjoy the heat but I can potter in garden with DS and hav an uce lolly anyway...plus i can get some washing out in the line. Bonus lol Glad your little bubs is hungry and thriving! Pukiness is mostly gone for me now so I expect that with less puking and less mobility thanks to spd i'll be a whale shortly. I'll post a bump pic on fb group so you can all NOT miss being pg grin

icequeenkate Wed 05-Jun-13 20:29:22

Wilde - how you and DS2?

WildeRumpus Wed 05-Jun-13 23:22:14

We are home ice. Is wonderful.

Will post properly tom when not on phone.

icequeenkate Thu 06-Jun-13 15:50:18

grin For being home in wonderful sunshine, Wilde!

WildeRumpus Fri 07-Jun-13 09:18:51

Omg am finding looking after two really difficult! Ds2 is up at 5 for fussy hour so am already half dead when ds2 gets up. Nursery prep is a nightmare and brings out my short fuse sad no brek for me then ds2 bfs all morning till I feel faint. Outside too hot for ds2 who just wants to bf while ds2 wants food, drinks paddling pool - all v reasonable requests but arrrrrg am frazzled.

How do you cope?! Newborn fine on own, ds2 ditto but together?! Sad stressy shouty crap mum me sad

Sorry for me me me. Have no one to talk to in rl and dh doesn't get it. Can't look back on phone to see posts to reply properly sorry sad

WildeRumpus Fri 07-Jun-13 09:24:26

Arf ds2 often meant to Say ds1! Tired and whiny, ignore, ignore. smile

booboomonster Fri 07-Jun-13 11:05:06

sorry for radio silence - DH just gone back to work today and we have been having family time. plus very busy!!

sorry to hear you are having a tough time, wild - when is DS1 in nursery? Can you sleep and catch up then? I find baby just has to fit into others schedule really - it seems to work ok (but as I say, not been on my own yet so we will see!). I had to wake her up this morning to take girls to school, but then I fed her in bed when we got back and she dozed off again - she seems to like our bed! Mind you - she was a right wriggler since 5am and I didn't sleep much after that. She is sleeping now and so should I be really but it is just too sunny outside and nice to get the house into shape after the mess of DH of us all being home. Can you doze while he bf, wild? I find I can - though not as good as proper sleep it is ok... sorry I am probably not being much help am still on a post baby high.

We had another ultrasound for E and they think the fluid in her belly is an ovarian cyst. It could go away, or it might need to be removed. It's not putting any pressure on any other organs, which is the key thing so at the moment it's not a problem as such. We just have to hope it doesn't get bigger really. And from what I've read online, even if it does have to be removed it shouldn't affect future fertility as long as other ovary is ok.

I think I still can't believe everything is ok with her. I don't really know why - I am feeling exceptionally grateful for having her and having my healthy little family. I am actually enjoying all the little things - such as not being pg anymore (being able to roll on front, bend over etc) and just functioning day to day! (I'm not sure how long this will last!) Life seems much simpler as a sahm in that I can actually do things properly rather than everything in a whirlwind rush.

Anyhoo - please do feel free to moan, wild - I will no doubt join you shortly!! Hope things are going well, everyone else, I need to catch up with the thread I think! flowers for everyone!

icequeenkate Fri 07-Jun-13 11:07:24

Oh bless you Wilde! It's tough adding in dc2; as you say easy to cope with either but not both. DS1 will learn to be more independent in his play, and it will only last a couple of weeks. Once DS2 starts smiling at DS1, he will become more of a companion for him rather than a hindrance?

You are NOT a crap mum. You've had huge amounts to deal with in last couple of weeks! You are a FAB mum! brewbiscuitthanks

booboomonster Fri 07-Jun-13 11:15:07

snow just saw you post about being pg - sorry didn't mean to gloat! Will check out your bump on fb. You've got all the lovely highs to come!!

I need to get a grip. My DD2 is at nursery school today and they are going for a picnic in the park. She just walked past the house with a teacher and I wept! Emotional? ME?

booboomonster Fri 07-Jun-13 11:16:24

crossed posts ice. Hello! I don't know how you juggle 4 I have to say!!

WildeRumpus Fri 07-Jun-13 15:08:13

.boo will the cyst inevitably affect your dds ovary? Sorry to hear that she has one. How are you about it? Hope you are ok, here to listen if not...

Thanks for your reassuring words of wisdom ladies. I need to. Chill out and stop catastrophising. Today has been the opposite of yest as ds2 sleeps and I have done lots of fun stuff with ds1. Lovely.

Man.it is hot! Hurray!

WildeRumpus Fri 07-Jun-13 17:40:33

I have had it with being uptight momma! I am going to quaff some vino. Yay for not being preggers! (Sorry snow!)

Happy sunny Friday night all smile

icequeenkate Fri 07-Jun-13 18:41:10

winewinewine brew(For snow) (and wine for chandelier, if you are lurking quietly?!)

booboomonster Fri 07-Jun-13 18:54:35

Yes already having a glass here after a challenging hour of crying! (DD3 not me!!) Poor DD3 (feels weird writing that!) has terrible nappy rash - she poos as soon as I put on a clean one, it's continuous!

wild not too worried about cyst as its soooo much better than it could have been (they were talking about twisted bowel and stuff which is v v serious). Obv hoping it won't result in surgery as that will be stressful for her & not ideal to lose an ovary. I think there is a chance it will go away or just not need treating.

Glad you had a better day wild - it can vary wildly from day to day can't it? We have to remember this!
DD3 is not letting me put her down at the mo... Might be tricky putting the DDs to bed!

booboomonster Fri 07-Jun-13 18:55:08

ice like your fb update!!

WildeRumpus Mon 10-Jun-13 15:20:02

How was everyone's weekend?

boo ds2 also poos constantly and had terrible nappy rash from it sad was that what was making dd3 upset or was it something else? Poor babies bums.

We had a smashing weekend... Am feeling generally much better in myself and sort of getting to grips with my new life. Ds2 does sleep well (tho only in with me hmm) but feeds a lot at night and has fussy time between 5 and 6am. Am getting out and about with them both and each time the feeling of accomplishment is very satisfying! Hehe.

Got news that I have definitely got my PhD today smile all done diddly done! Am.delighted and will celebrate with a Thai take away and the fall on Tele smile

Oh god, had to call 999 on sat am as ds2 was crying then went blue! Totally freaked out and knew that while I tried to work out what was causing it we had to.have an ambulance on the way so called them. Thank goodness he was fine tho and settled on the boob. They reckon he just got too hot and.crying meant he wasn't getting enough air so went blue. Was horrid but ambulance peeps were so nice about it. Never been so frightened.

Other than that, great weekend in the garden (keeping ds2 indoors!)

booboomonster Tue 11-Jun-13 15:23:39

oh dear I spoke too soon. Am totally knackered the last few days have done me in!

DD3 seems to just want me to hold her, all the time. Whenever I put her down she wakes up (or DD2 wakes her). The only place she'll sleep is the buggy/ sling or bed, in which case I have to be with her in (the bed - not buggy or sling that would be tricky!).
Yesterday evening she just cried the whole time, and i'd had her in the sling during the day out and about so effectively I was holding her all day. I had kind of forgotten about this stage and also I can't help worrying that something is wrong... though she reminds me very much for DD1 and it was just a bit of colic really.

So yesterday evening while I was preoccupied with baby DD2 took my new lipstick (and about the only thing that I can wear that 'fits' right now iykwim) and smeared it on her face and into a messy mess. This was after I had told her not to touch it about 5 times (but forgot to remove it from the kitchen whilst attending to screaming baby). So I went really mad and sent her to bed. Turns out she's not very well - cue me feeling really bad (though she did deserve the telling off imo) and her having the day at home today. So today I've two clingy crying DDs with very different requirements! AND I have MIL coming tomorrow and no food in the house, was going to do supermarket shop today. AND I'm knackered. This is after a day of visits on Sunday which included DSDs birthday so me, overweight and dribbly of breast, on best behaviour at DSDs house with DH's exgirlfriend and parents, family friends etc.

Ok, moan over. I mean, this 'bit' doesn't last long, does it - they grow up fast and next thing I'll be missing the newborn bit...

Anyway, aside from me me me ... glad DS2 is ok, wild - how come blue, was that just from a crying fit? scarey stuff! And CONGRATS on the doctor entitlement! flowers and wine.

ice how are things for you - loved the pic of DS4 on facebook with pudding! How is he getting on?

Hope alls well with everyone else!

WildeRumpus Tue 11-Jun-13 16:23:51

boo you poor thing, really sounds like you have your hands full atm. Ds1 couldn't be put down either so you have my sympathies but yes, it will pass. Newborns can be such hard work! Hope dd3 doesn't have colic and whatever ails her passes quickly. Sending you lots of wine! Can you do an online shop? How long is mil over for? Hope she can help take some of the strain for you.

Yes, he cried himself blue. He wasn't crying for long! Scary stuff. Am paranoid now.

Love that pic too ice!

booboomonster Wed 19-Jun-13 11:07:09

hello! sorry for such a delay in responding. It's all rather time consuming isn't it?!!

Anyway, things have improved a bit. Nappy rash has cleared up (with help of thrush cream) and DD3 seems in a better mood, although she has now caught second cold thanks to DD2 who had a temperature all last week together with nasty cold and cough and insists on hugging and kissing baby effusively!

She has also had good sleeps in the crib, and in the buggy so at least I get some hands free time (it's so hot for the sling at the mo!). She also seems to settle reasonably well come the evening, and isn't up too much in the night (although it's all a blur to me!).

The good news is that she is now up to 12lbs3 so had a big weight gain, so that's a relief!

The difficult bit is making sure the others get enough attention, tbh, not quite sure I am achieving that.

The next challenge is DH is away from Friday to Sunday. It's going to be interesting!!

How is everyone else getting on?

icequeenkate Fri 21-Jun-13 12:30:00

First tooth!!!!shock

My baby is growing up ... 5 months tomorrow.winewinewine <and a sneaky biscuit or two biscuitwink>

booboomonster Fri 21-Jun-13 14:37:02

Hurrah for first tooth - wow 5 months already, time is flying!
Definitely cause for a drink or few!

WildeRumpus Sat 22-Jun-13 10:04:40

Teeth ice wow. And can't believe he is 5 months already!

Congrats on the weight gain boo. Glad she is quite settled too smile. And altho it is germ spreading is lovely your weans are bonding so happily. Yay! Hope all getting better?

Sis coming to stay Mon to Fri as dh is away... Love her but she can be hard work. Dreading it a bit but who knows, could be fun.

Boo look after yourself when dh is away won't you! Hardest thing is getting time to eat I find.

Biccies and cafe au lait for all!

icequeenkate Thu 27-Jun-13 20:04:27

Hellloooooo? <echoes in here, is so quiet)

Everyone ok? Please say yes?!

I have something to say: breast feeding a 5 mth old with a new tooth bloody hurts. DS4 has discovered biting. confused

And he's on breakfast and lunch. Insatiable. It'll be MacD's next if I don't watch him... He's being baptised on Sunday - I bet he lunges for the cake!grin Did that last week - was consuming a sneaky scone and jam with my coffee with DS4 on my lap, next thing I knew he'd face planted in it and was licking jam from his lips!

brew and biscuit for all.

WildeRumpus Sat 29-Jun-13 13:25:09

Good luck tomorrow ice! Hope you not too tired out organising. And teeth and bf no fun till they learn not to, so nervewracking.

All ok here, both dcs lovely! Ds2 just coming thru a very narky spell courtesy of a growth spurt. Such fussing and grizzling unless we sat in near silence for hours. Hmmm.

How was your time without dh boo? Hope you coped ok. My sis didn't come down in the end but we did ok while my dh was away. Alive anyway!

Got diagnosed with pnd yesterday at my 6 week check. Got some tabs and counselling lined up... Feel much better that I owned up and Dr believed me tho the tabs make me feel a bit woo. Eck.

Hope you all well, wave to snow and chandelier

icequeenkate Sat 29-Jun-13 13:45:08

Wilde - sorry to hear about the pnd, but well done you for opening up to the dr and getting it sorted early. Here's to getting things back on track again - in spite if the 'woo' tablets!!

smile For everyone else too.

Sunny day here - forecast good for tomorrow too - will chuck everyone outside and feed them the copious quantities of strawberries I'm currently hulling...

Sheldonella Mon 01-Jul-13 09:41:34

Hello, long time no post! Life has been quite hectic, but in a good way smile I'm loving this motherhood malarkey but where did all my time go?

Things are going very well here, I can't believe my baby is almost 4 months old already but she suddenly seems very grown up. She now chatters constantly and properly plays with her toys, it is adorable. Unfortunately she has been suffering from a stomach bug this past week so I'm stuck in the house a bit but we have been out in the garden in the lovely sunshine so I'm not complaining smile

wilde Sorry to hear about the PND but glad you are getting the care you need for it. thanks

ice The tooth appearance is both fab and scary! I think this is imminent here as DD is constantly chewing her fingers and dribbling. Bit scared of the biting. Hope Sunday went well!

snow and chandelier I hope all is well.

icequeenkate Sun 07-Jul-13 21:12:47

Hi girls - I need your advice?

DS4 is desperate for food. He's grabbing it from our plates and shoving it in his mouth. I'd decided to do baby led weaning, supplemented by a bit of fruit purée. But over the last few days under his chin(s) he's developed a rash. Today it's got really sore (he's itching it), and seems to be spreading down his chest, and his arms too. It looks really sore. Am worried that he's allergic.sad He's eaten brown toast, croissant, smoked salmon, scrambled egg etc Looked it up on Internet and apparently I shouldn't have given him any of those.

I've given him 2.5ml of piriton (on dr advice).

Boo, Snow and Wilde - (Sheldon - you may not know cos you are on DC1 smile) any knowledge you can pass on? Please?

Or is it just heat rash? wink

worrying never stops no matter how many kids you pop out

WildeRumpus Wed 10-Jul-13 10:37:50

Oh ice that sounds worrying. I gave ds anything and everything with blw, smoked salmon ans eggs was a fave from about 7 months! I remember very citrussy food would give him a bit of a dribble rash and sore bum but don't think that is what you are describing... Does sound like an allergic reaction but am no Dr!

My ds2 has a wee rash on his back and chest but he has a virus...

Good luck ice, let us know how he is won't you?

Love to all, love hearing your news smile

icequeenkate Wed 10-Jul-13 15:26:30

Thanks Wilde. It does seem to be getting a bit better, but flares up when he gets hot and sweaty, particularly when feeding. We are off to Portugal for a week tomorrow - 30 degree heat - am slightly worried! I shall avoid dairy to be safe I think; trouble is he just grabs anything and everything. All 3 of my others have been so 'slow' in comparison developmentally.

How is little DS2? How will you know when his virus is hone? he has had a bucketful, hasn't he, poor little chap --must stop sounding like my mother--I hope you're managing to get some rest and time with DS1?

Sheldon - my bf is moving to your neck of the woods soon, with 3dc, the youngest of whom is 7 months. I shall be asking you for baby group recommendations! How is DD? Still beautiful? Isn't it fab just to marvel at what we can create? Love it.

Boo? You ok? Surviving? Or have you sunk under the mound of washing created by 3dc?!!! grin Another thing I find astounding. Definitely need an American styleeee washing machine here.

Snow! Bump?! Remind us if your due date?? Summer baby. Will you be naming it the same as Kate and Wills?! Hope you are keeping fit and healthy.

<waves to Chandelier>

icequeenkate Wed 10-Jul-13 15:27:12

must also get the hang of scoring out on mobile phone


icequeenkate Wed 10-Jul-13 15:28:48

And it cut off my

<waves to Chandelier > bit!!

icequeenkate Wed 10-Jul-13 15:30:06

And again!!

I SAID I WAS WAVING to Chandelier!!!!confused

icequeenkate Wed 10-Jul-13 15:30:57

And I didn't add in that face thing!

angryangryangry blush

WildeRumpus Tue 16-Jul-13 13:18:27

Have a great holiday!

Hope everyone is well smile x

booboomonster Thu 18-Jul-13 16:16:21

Been meaning to update for a while but just not had time. Anyway, all well here. Sorry to read about your PND, wild - hope you are ok, and good that you could diagnose early and get help. Did you take meds for it last time? When did you stop? Thinking of you flowers

ice you are on hols now but hope DS4 is ok with allergy related things... Hope you are coping in the heat.

sheldon loving your pics on facebook - can't believe how grown up DD looks!

snow what news?!?!

Hello to chandelier!

IT IS SO HOT! I get really really hot just touching the baby, let alone feeding or bouncing or walking with her, jeez. I love hot weather normally but a couple of days recently there has just been no breeze at all and it was just stifling.

As for me, just coping really! Super busy with the DDs - and about to break up for school hols so next week or two will be manic, then we go on holiday. DD3 is pretty good really - nights aren't too bad at all, daytime can be hit and miss. She's sleeping now so smile.
I do keep checking the thread, just don't get much time to post.

wine and flowers to you all. xxx

Lost our thread for a while but I'm back so just goung to read up on all your news for a catch up smile

I see HRH has gone into labour...jealous!! 37+3 today - less uncomfortable & wiped out now it is less hot thank goodness! SPD getting worse & worse tho as baby gets heavier & lower in pelvis so cant do a whole lot of walking. So just washing all towels & sheets, bouncing on birth ball and doing acupressure points everyday, coercing DH into some shagging. Can't hurt!! At last mw appt on Fri baby was right way round, not back to back and head was engaged so keeping fx for a slightly early arrival grin


sheldon - 4 months already! my goodness! What a lovely age tho, DS was that age around xmas 2010 and he was just so cute didn't dress him as an elf or anything hee

boo - I used to love the heat but since having an Aug baby during mini heatwave of 2010 i have developed a real aversion to anything hotter than 20 degrees. All it means now is sunhats, factor 50 cream, worries about heat rash/dehydration lol I'm sure your 3 are keeping you v busy in this weather!

ice - hope your DS's rash is a bit better? Heat prob hasnt helped - slightest skin flare up always magnified when it is warm like this. Hope it clears up - enjoy Portugal!

wilde - Sorry to hear about PND, hope you are being well looked after xx And also big congrats on PhD!!!

Hi Chandelier!

Hope everyone is doing well? It's quiet on here!! No baby news here yet, but pressure down below and SPD has really ratcheted up in the last day or 2 so I'm guessing the head is more fully engaged now and hopefully it won't be long now - sweep is happening this Friday any with any luck I'll have some news for you over the weekend!

icequeenkate Tue 30-Jul-13 20:09:02

Ooooo! Good luck snow. Have been thinking about you. Will be sending you calm and positive thoughts... grin So glad it's not me!!

I'm off on hols again on Saturday. We are going to Tresco for the week, staying in one of the Sea Garden cottages (used to be Island Hotel). Going with DH's family all of them and if the weather is kind to us, it is like the sub tropics. If it pours with rain all week I will be hitting the bottle big time grinwink

Hope that you are all doing well? DS4: controlled crying for last 2 nights. Am exhausted from feeding him 3x during night - he doesn't need it, he just fancies a cuddle! Tough mother here --fortified by glass of wine--winewine he's dissing the purées and downing anything he can wrap his little fists around. LOVE baby led weaning - so easy! Pizza, pasta, vanilla cheesecake, sticky toffee pud and choc icecream on Saturday for lunch all foraged from our plates! Definitely his father's child grin

WildeRumpus Thu 01-Aug-13 15:10:04

Hey all. Love hearing your newses smile

Good luck.for Friday snow!

Happy hols ice!

Where you holidaying boo? Not had pnd or.meds before so all new. Am keeping head above water but that's about it atm. Baby is beautiful tho, very long is in 6-9 month babygrows at 10 weeks...

Yay for smiles and cuddles Sheldon!

Be well ladies x

icequeenkate Thu 01-Aug-13 17:56:15

brew and biscuit for keeping your head above water, Wilde. Well done - that's about all I can manage most days but today's heat has scuppered me. I NEED A POOL!

Hey ho, heading down your way at the weekend so it's sure to rain... it seems to follow me when I frequent the south west, so sorry if there's a sudden change in climate hmm

Snow - what news?!

biscuit Or wine or brew for everyone. Personally the wine is my choice, if only because its chilled. wink

Hi ladies!

ice - your DS sounds like he is taking to baby led weaning really really well, though sounds like there has been some very nice food on offer so I don't blame him! Enjoy your holiday, hope rain stays off and you all have a fab time/

wilde - Well done on holding it all together. I didn't get PND but I do think working on thesis right up til DS was born and then having to start back into it when he was only 3 months and not the world's best sleeper was very stressful and it did make me feel a bit drained and not quite all there a lot of the time, at least at the start. Nothing like what you are going through, though, but I do empathise. V glad they have you on meds and hope GP and your DH are keeping a good eye on you to make sur eyou get lots of support.

Had sweep done this afternoon - took some cocodamol beforehand to compensate for dodgy pelvis so it was great, barely felt it lol Also got a scan to check position and everything looks good grin

2cm dilated but still good bit of effacing to get thru so hopefully things will kick off over the wkend but if not they have booked me in for another sweep on Wed. Would rather baby was here sooner rather than later but at least seeing him on the scan today made it all feel real and exciting again - I guess he'll get here when he gets here!

Happy Friday everyone, hope u all have good weekends!

icequeenkate Fri 02-Aug-13 18:41:56

Sending you stretchy effacing type vibes, Snow!! Good luck. grin

Rain forecast for Sunday...confused

WildeRumpus Fri 02-Aug-13 21:22:12

Good luck snow! Am sooooo excited for you smile hope younot too uncomfy.

Bah to rain ice!

Thanks for your kind comments friends. Am ok,meds working in the main... Think moving and not having my own friends not helping. Am ok tho, getting on smile

WildeRumpus Fri 02-Aug-13 21:23:31

Ps snow that must have been awfully stressful for you! Every day I breathe out with relief that the PhD is over.

wilde - 2 years later and i am still breathing out with relief that it's all over, viva, corrections & all! I epuld def find not having friends / family around v tough going under any circumstances so you are doung amazing coping with that in top of PND.

ice - rain rain go away! grin

Not much action here, bouncing in ball, got DH to do acupressure points and now heading to bed early with a mountain of pillows & fan on. Now cocodamol has worn off pelvis is killing me again but nuce early night will def help. Hope my next update is more exciting!!

WildeRumpus Sat 03-Aug-13 21:05:06

Thanks little smile

How you diddlin'?!

Argh still bouncing on ball, trudging / waddling round park in glam pelvic support belt and doing vigorous housework but nothing doing!! 39+3 today, next sweep is in t minus 54 hours grin Have house to myself today tho since DH is in work & DS is at childminder just as a one off so going to rest up, enjoy peace & quiet and have a bath...bliss!!!

WildeRumpus Mon 05-Aug-13 11:26:18

Enjoy! Hope pgp eases from bath for you smile

icequeenkate Mon 05-Aug-13 14:27:28

Il pleut! wink

I read that as DS at work and DH at childminders, Snow! Either way works I guess.. Just checking up on you!

Hellooooo to everyone!

<re-lurks on wet island 26 miles from Lands End>

lol at DS being at work in DH's office, wanting crayons and juice every 5 mins wink

Sorry it's raining ice - I'd love nothing more than a good ol soaking but stupid Belfast and its never ending stupid heat wave is not obliging. Hopefully weather will pick up for you and you can get on with enjoying your hols tho!

Still sore, tired and contraction free over here! <returns to twiddling thumbs and...zzz...resting...bored>

WildeRumpus Thu 08-Aug-13 08:18:16

How you doing snow?! Excited for our imminent snowbaby smile

Sorry about the rain ice. It really was torrential for you!

Waving to all of you, including chandelier of course.

icequeenkate Fri 09-Aug-13 04:14:27

Just checking in for any news?

Was sunny yesterday grin

<pops DS4 back into travel cot, still hoping that one day he might just decide to sleep through>

NO SIGN OF THIS BABY YET!!! He's winding me up something shocking - lost some of plug yesterday afternoon and then woke up having some proper contractions during the night last night, which I have to say felt v different since this one isn't back to back so I could actually feel the contractions across my abdomen instead of like being kicked in the back. Not exactly fun, but far easier to stay in bed!!! Anyway, after half an hour, all settled down again angry Bounced on birth ball like a mad thing this morning, made DS's breakfast, loaded dishwasher and I've had a shower and still...nothing... DH is taking a half day today tho to give me a hand with DS and we're all going to go for a good long walk round the park this afternoon and see if that helps. ZZZZ. Whenever you're ready baby! Any time!! It's EDD today!

ice - woo hoo, here comes the sun!!

wilde - Waves to you too - genuinely hope this snow baby is imminent wink

WildeRumpus Fri 09-Aug-13 15:12:55

Happy edd day snow! Sounds like is starting for you smile smile Sooooo excited! Have a lovely afternoon!

My baby doesn't sleep thru ice... Or alone!

icequeenkate Sat 10-Aug-13 22:34:58

Just got home....what news?

Am sunburnt!!!! grin

Sunburnt? Poor you ice, but glad rain cleared up!!

wilde - argh don't remind me of the lack of sleep awaiting me on the other side for the rest of 2013 and beyond hee grin

No news here!! EDD came & went y'day - having twinges, mild contractions and have lost all of or most of plug but waters in tact and contractions are nothing to write home about. Back to hospital again on Mon afternoon but they'll hardly bother with a 3rd sweep and if nothing happens I have induction to err look forward to on 19th confusedconfused

booboomonster Mon 12-Aug-13 08:03:13

Hey girls!
Writing from depths of deepest France to say good luck snow!! How exciting, sounds like things are imminent! Can't wait to hear lovely news!

Glad everyone ok - sorry to hear you are struggling, wild - I am sure moving & new area won't help. Thinking of you xx

Good luck with the sleeping through ice! Any joy yet?

We're fine - in France for a month. DH flew home yesterday after a week and my Mum arrives today. Busy with the DC but generally everything's fine. DD3 sleeping quite well but not through the night. Am trying to lose baby weight not too successfully yet and my boobs are depressingly massive (and will stay that way til I stop bf as I know from experience). Can't believe that this time last year when we were here I wasn't even pregnant (conceived here I think). So weird how time flies.

Anyway, sending good vibes to you all and come on snow - baby!! Xx

Hi boo!! France for a month sounds gorgeous, hope you are eating a lot of patisserie grin I was reading Lauren Laverne's fashion column in Guardian today all about beautiful things to wear this autumn and all I could think about were how massive my boobs are now and how much more massive they will be once baby arrives. I'd love a new coat but it would have to be in such a ridiculous size that I don't think there's much of a point!!!

40+3 today, ladies, and the baby is still hiccuping, which (apparently) seems to mean that he is still practice breathing and they are supposed to stop doing that two days before they are ready to be born! Don't remember if DS1 had stopped doing that but he probably had. On the other hand, I can't helped but be surprised by my EDD this time, because it would have implied my cycle was exactly 28 days when I conceived and with my pcos and v irregular, dodgy cycles I am not convinced I've had a nice regular 28 day cycle in my life!! DS was 4 weeks out according to dates for example... But scans this time round seemed to confirm dates so I thought maybe just this once I'd had a regular cycle. Now I'm thinking, though, that maybe this baby was just big for dates all along and perhaps I should really only be 39 weeks this week or something... Oh well, induction a week today!

icequeenkate Fri 16-Aug-13 06:46:50

Morning all!

Hope summer hols going well?

France for a month sounds the way to go, Boo. Do you hire a house? envy

Wilde - how you? Loved the photo of your DSs - very sweet; those innocent wide eyes will break a few hearts! wink

Sheldon - how is DD doing? Is she having food yet? Are you pureeing or baby-led? Was in your neck of the woods last week - went to an outdoor kids pool nr my old school. Reminded me of what a great city it is and a great place to raise kids.

Oi! Baby Snow! Where are you?

DS4 currently teething again - 3 and 4th teeth making a slow appearance. Can see them bulging, but they won't cut. sad And yesterday in the space of an hour I learned exactly how far DS3 could pee - about 1.5m in order to hit the opposite wall with hand towel and basin. Twice. Then DS4 did a poonami at lunch (to make room for more food, obviously). Then DS1's friend arrived 2 hours early for sleepover as mum wanted some time to herself...and finally DS2 caused DS3 to have a meltdown at the garden centre. As I dragged him out by the wrist whilst pushing buggy, and holding tray of plants and calling the other two to please hurry up, I heard all the old dears tut-tutting (was Thursday so they were out!). Felt like the woman on the advert a year or so back who imitates her toddler in the middle of the aisle!

Have a good day- early cuppa? brew

WildeRumpus Sun 18-Aug-13 19:26:17

Just popping.in - little are you being induced tomorrow?! Goooooood luck if so smile smile smile

Wave to all - ice love your ds stories! Boo - a month in.France! Wow weeeee! Sheldon I love your new pic on fb smile

Plodding on here. Ds2 is gorgeous, such an easy baby now and takes delight in everything. Ds1 is hyper and hilarious. I am ok, adore my kids and am getting on but have to be frank and say some days are such a struggle. I just feel so flat. Am still on the ads, being looked after by a wonderful gp and having counselling again so hope to get sorted soon smile

booboomonster Sun 18-Aug-13 21:30:40

Hellooo all
Glad to hear you are ok, wild. I must check out the pic that ice mentions on Facebook!

In France at my mums house - my dad built it 15 years ago and it's lovely. Quite full on with the 3 kids but nice to be in the sunshine, have lots of space and pool for them to run around / play in, and my ma for me to chat to.

Ice loved your description on family life - yes I often feel like the woman in that ad too. Poor DS4 with teething - I think Dd3 is heading that way soon - we have a lot of drool....

Sheldon - gorgeous photo of you & babe. Weaning! How time flies eh?

Good luck snow thinking of you - and will be checking in here - xx

Sorry for brief message - am on phone, in dark, with sleeping DD3 next to me.

Snow baby birth announcement grin grin

Well DS2 arrived at 9:49pm, 10lb3oz (!!!), just tens & gas and air lol Arrived at hospital about half 7 at 6cm. On v short walk from carpark into maternity centre, contractions seemed to really step up a gear and i started feeling v warm and queasy all of a sudden.

I'd had an idea i might like to use birth pool and one was free so midwife brought me on round while DH got our stuff from the car. By the time he got back ten mins later I had to throw up, then started on the gas and air while midwife started running the water for the pool. It was nearly ready for me to get in and then waters broke all over the floor - still was wearing shoes & leggings grin Merconium in waters tho so no pool for me in the end. Straight away started feeling like i <could> push which caught me a bit unawares. So too late for any other pain meds. Just less than an hour later and there DS2 was - pediatrician hadnt even had a chance to get her scrubs on!!

Needed a few stitches and i am pretty sore down below but he's absolutely gorgeous and me, DH and DS have the room to ourselves for the night so it's really peaceful & lovely.

Will check back to read everyones news smile xx

WildeRumpus Mon 19-Aug-13 08:44:57

Hurray hurray snow congratulations! smile smile smile smile smile ds2 sounds like he was in quite a hurry! So glad he is here and you are well. Hurray!

icequeenkate Mon 19-Aug-13 18:54:25

gringrin Bloody brilliant! thanks Massive congratulations, Snow and family. (Literally - 10lbs+!!!) smile

Love a good birth story. So glad all safe and well. Phew.

Enjoy those cuddles. And wine!

Sheldonella Tue 20-Aug-13 09:16:20

Congratulations snow!! thanks smile What a great weight and what an amazing birth. Hope you are recovering well smile

booboomonster Tue 20-Aug-13 16:34:59

Hurrah! Well done snow!! So pleased for you - loved the fb pics. Enjoy every minute. Love the name btw (would have chosen if I'd ever had a boy!) xxx

Checking in while Oisín is feeding like crazy!!Things great here, Oisín is not quite back to birth weight but he's well on his way. Some nights sleeping well, other nights not so much!! I'm so much better this time round tho, recovering really well from delivery and getting out and about plenty with both DSs to park, grandparents, even cinema! Hectic having 2 tho, i can only assume (hope) that i'll get better at juggling them both with practice grin

Hope everyone is well - DS starts playgroup a week tomorrow, hoping having a new activity to distract him will alleviate his somewhat ruffled feelings at having this new baby invader to contend with in the house!

WildeRumpus Mon 02-Sep-13 16:14:11

Hello snow! Adore your baby's name - and ds1 looks like such a cutie! And love your pics sheldon, cannot believe how these babies are growing smile

I recovered physically after ds2 so much faster too snow. Were your afterpains ok? And yes juggling will become second nature very soon!

Blazing sunshine here today... Gorgeous but ds2 not best impressed with the heat so am inside!

Love your ds chaos story ice!

Boo have you seen that the May an board is up for next year?! saying that tho I got my bfp around now last year... Aw.

How are you feeling at the minute wilde? Is the medication working ok? Hope things are starting to even out a bit for you. I find that even without PND to contend with, the broken sleep, hormones and toddler tantrums can make me feel a bit on the volatile side hmm But Oisín is starting to sleep a lot better, or at least more to a pattern now so I think that will def help.

Hot here yesterday too, bit cooler today. I can't wait for the autumn now, I used to love the summer but small kids and / or being heavily pregnant has ruined any enjoyment I used to have for the heat. Bah and indeed humbug!!!

WildeRumpus Wed 04-Sep-13 09:07:50

snow I know what you mean about heat! I love a warm cloudy atm, don't like having the baby out in full sun and its hard to apply sun lotion to the bigger one with one hand! Have missed lots of opportunities to go to the beach because it was too hot but next year will be there lots of visits I hope.

Am glad oisin (sorry can't work put how to get accent on second I) is finding a pattern for you. Ds1 is pretty good at sleeping on the whole tho has been up a lot recently. Cosleeping helps lots tho at some point I should try settling him into his cot... But I love sleeping with him so am reluctant smile

Mood wise am ok thanks snow. Have good days and bad days like anything really. I miss my friends from oop north but am slowly carving out our life here, settling ds1 into clubs etc. When he is busy I think I will relax a bit more and not be so anxious.

Better get dressed! Hope everyone is fine and dandy?

DS1 starts playgroup next week and I am nervous about that too wilde! He has done well at the childminder but he has various as yet unidentified issues - he was very slow learning to speak, though his speech is fine now, and certain things / noises / situations really freak him out. He is probably going to get referred for ASD investigations but it seems like he will be at the v high functioning end of the spectrum (if he is on it at all) which is obviously great but tricky too, since DS1 seems very 'normal' and then people are taken aback by some of his strange behavioural quirks / meltdowns. Fingers crossed the new environment will work well for him though!

I hardly dare ask this but is anyone already thinking about maybe having another one? I was so put off by pg and birth with DS1 it took me 18 months to even consider no. 2 but this time I am already thinking...maybe next year?! Crazy! Hormones must still be up in the air!!!

WildeRumpus Fri 13-Sep-13 16:29:50

Good luck with ds1 and playgroup snow! My ds1 has made the transfer from childminder to.nursery better than I could have hopes - he lives the busy variety and has made quite a few friends which is great as he was always very shy. Am sure even if your ds1 does have any form of asd his playgroup will look out for him as an individual and the kids will be too little to notice quirks as anything other than a different type of 'normal' I reckon smile my ds went in dressed head to toe as a firefighter last week... And got cross at all the childen in the 'hat shop' he had set up... Wtf is 'normal' at that age eh?!

Yeeeees my adorable baby is making me broody too! Hehe! Just like you with ds1 t took ages for me to contemplate getting preggers again but having a bigger family is so much fun and am excited about completing it with number three (even with pnd tho am getting sorted so is really a positive thing that has made me fix long standing mental.health issues). And having a bigger child makes me appreciate ds2's baby-ness thatmuch more as I know it will be over in a flash. Boo sob.

Big waves to everyone, and Friday wine (tho I have hot choc as dh is working allllll weekend. Tut! )

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