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September mums-to-be - the bumps get bigger and we all get more excited!

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HettySunshine Tue 28-May-13 20:04:10

Here we are ladies. A shiny new thread for us all. Let the chatting continue!

SGJ Tue 28-May-13 20:26:17

Well done Hetty! Shiny new thread smile

frogchops Tue 28-May-13 20:32:18

Can't believe how quick we waffle through these threads!!

CharlW1 Tue 28-May-13 20:38:24

We chatter so much - so glad I am part of such a lovely group!

Hello, shiny new thread! I did a bit of baby buying today - I am down in Devon with my parents and went to the Heathcotes fabric factory shop - got a piece of printed cotton in a baby pattern the size of a cot quilt. It is blue all around the sides, yellow, red and green in the middle with pictures of robots and funny clockwork animals. I got a piece of red cotton to be the backing side, and will get wadding in my local market and teach myself machine quilting - it will become a playmat/emergency quilt.

ION, I am delegating all the nesting to DH. He finishes work at the end of this week to become househusband, so I have been preparing him a very long list of things to do grin including going to baby first aid class, building cot and changing table after getting them from the loft and maybe sanding and repainting the table, sorting DS out with school uniform and when to turn up in Sept. Thanks to excellent reminders at the end of the last thread, I'll add 'prep a birth-bag' to the list, although am still planning a home birth. I might take him to my next MW appointment, and we can ask about a hospital tour - I'm thinking that we need the "if you transfer in by ambulance" type of tour, which is probably a bit different. I wonder if they do those at all. It will be bewildering and stressful enough if that has to happen, without the added factor of never having been anywhere other than the scans dept.

Just checking in so I can find you all again! smile

CharlW1 Tue 28-May-13 21:44:50

Flo apparently using cream down below is off the banned list now - though it will be a while until I am brave enough to put any more down there for a while blush

I have been getting bits and pieces for baby but I am getting loads from my sister so will be getting cot etc in the next few weeks. I have been quite creative though and I'm currently knitting my second baby blanket, I also have a cardigan on the go. I also love sewing so Rake I'll be doing the same as you and getting some lovely fabrics and being all creative - I think the first thing I will do is something I can hang on the back of the door with lots of pockets for nappies, cream, muslin clothes etc so they are at hand.

Kittenkatzen Tue 28-May-13 22:03:25

Marking place, thanks hetty

Ooh rake thanks for the reminder to look into baby first aid classes...

Can't remember who was asking about cloth nappies at the end of the last thread...my bro is giving us some G nappies so we're going to see how we get on with those (think I may end up getti g disposable inserts at the very least as we have nowhere to dry the washing!). We've also got a cheeky wipes kit which seems a fairly straightforward replacement for disposable wipes.

weebarra Wed 29-May-13 07:17:56

Hello new thread!
Really annoyed, was at the supermarket last night and when I got back some lady accused me of denting her car door with mine! I know I didn't as I am always really careful now the bump is bigger. She wouldn't believe me and said she'd report me to the police. I was actually quite pleased I held it together til I got home and cried on DH

Kitten I have been getting these things by email. Last MW appointment I had (they are held in a children's centre, formerly a sure start centre) they made me sign up for information, and so far I have had three: the first was a course for "mums of boys aged 2.5-5" very specifically not parents of boys, about how "boys are different" which made me angry at first then confused and irritated because it gave no location or timings, so on balance I think it was for mums of boys with no father figure in their lives. Then I got the first aid one, then the latest is "handling anger in the family" ?!? ... we live in a quite deprived and low employment area, I suppose the child and family services reflect that.

Kittenkatzen Wed 29-May-13 08:00:29

Wow rake that's a bit worrying/scary! Especially the anger one shock still, at least some help is being offered I guess which can only be a good thing. The "mums of boys" one sounds odd - you'd think they'd stipulate that it's for single mums if that's the case!

Wincher Wed 29-May-13 08:28:47

Hello all!

Suffering a bit of pelvic pain this morning, am hoping it's just an after effect of swimming 1km last night and that it will pass soon .

Had my GTT yesterday so am glad that's over - I'd be verybsurprised if I have gestational diabetes but you never know I guess.

JammyTummy Wed 29-May-13 09:24:38

DH had me in tears this morning relaying the story/ photos of Baby 59 from China who was found in a drain pipe. It's such a sad sad story, really makes you think about the different circumstances under which people have babies! Makes you feel so lucky.

flipflump Wed 29-May-13 10:04:53

I'd love to be creative, like you ladies. I have the best intention, sewing machine etc but I seriously lack skill!!! There is a local fabric shop running courses, thinking of treating myself, so said machine can be put to use. I tried making some bunting for the nursery, got frustrated and abandoned it - told you I was rubbish! My mum is a dab hand with knitting needles and has made 2 gorgeous pram blankets, 3 cardigans, 2 little beanie type hats and a teddy bear. So amazing!!! She has now started on the most stunning shawl. Maybe that's why I don't try harder?! This will be 5th grandchild for my parents, I thought she would be bored of knitting by now.

flipflump Wed 29-May-13 10:09:18

Jammy DH showed me that video last night too. So terribly sad! Awful that parents felt that was their only option. It is wonderful that baby survived but tragic that his life history is so tainted when it has only just begun.

ION, how did it go on names board? How's everyone getting on with choosing? We think we have one boys name and one girls, unless we have a wobble. We haven't gone for anything unusual, they are fairly popular but all names we love are popular and I think that's for a reason.

frogchops Wed 29-May-13 10:37:09

Hormonal emotional teary snivelling mess I am today. I feel like lots of little things have accumulated (although I couldn't name them :-/) and have me ready to blow. Then I get to work and some fat lardarse obnoxious vile woman picks a petty issue with me and I lose it. confused

Kittenkatzen Wed 29-May-13 10:44:26

<hands chocolate to frog> bitch slap her and blame it on the hormones grin (ok I'm joking, don't actually do that - but the thought might make you feel a bit better!)

flip I didn't get round to posting on the names board yet as there were one or two similar threads already there so thought I'd see how they develop first. Might go and do it now though....we have a girls name chosen, it's boys names we're struggling with.

Aw frog, I hope your day gets better. Go hide somewhere and have a good cry, always makes me feel better. ((hugs))

I'm avoiding any reports on that poor baby at the moment, I know I will end up a sobbing wreck. sad

Love my new bump band, I might have to go buy another so I never have to go without! I slept in it, and I didn't wake up in pain at all. Big improvement.

Got my midwife appointment very soon, so will be meeting my new midwife, the third one. Supposed to have continued care by one midwife, but through one admin error or another, I've had all my four appointments with different people, three midwives and a consultant, who was confused as to why I'd been referred! grin Not really worried though, it's pretty much the same community team as when I had DD1, and I know a fair few of the hospital team as I work on site.

RunningBear78 Wed 29-May-13 10:57:30

Hello shiny new thread!
Just back from my mw appointment. Managed to remember to mention my funny turn at the swimming pool the other day, she just smiled and said she had some other poor lady faint on her the other day ... clearly she isn't worried! Totally forgot to ask about hayfever medication in anticipation of one of the worst summers for pollen, and was there some form we need to get?
bub's heart is still working and just by looking apparently the baby's growth is fine.
that was it. at least she isn't worrried about me!

Kittenkatzen Wed 29-May-13 11:03:10

runningbear I think you're supposed to be given your MATB1 form around now for handing in at work - I've my mw appt tomorrow and have been told she'll give it to me then. Might be worth a call just to check a I know there's a deadline your work will need it by?

Name thread started - eek!!

Wincher Wed 29-May-13 11:26:11

I don't have a 24 week appointment so won't get my matb1 formnuntil my 28 week appointment. I checked with work but this is fine apparently, the important thing js I've let them know and I can give them the form and all the other paperwork when I have it.

Joskar Wed 29-May-13 11:43:47

You need to notify work 15 weeks before the due date but you can send the MATB1 in later. I filled out my paperwork two weeks ago so they could advertise for a replacement (which they did immediately!) and I'm going to give them the MAT form tomorrow.

readytosettle it was me who mentioned cloth nappies. Two of my friends are using them with great success. I'm pretty uncomfortable with the notion of all the extra landfill but I don't want to make life impossible for myself especially as we don't have mains electric so doing laundry is always a bit of a headache. I thought I'd at least try it though. Seemingly if you use muslin squares at first they are cheap and dry quickly and you get waterproof outers.

Has anyone used them before? Where did you get them? Is it worth it?

juniper9 Wed 29-May-13 12:48:59

I bought a mamalicious support band too- feels great! Also wearing compression socks as I'm just about to go on holiday! Off to ibiza hmm. Not sure I'm going to be their typical type of tourist (with my gaviscon sachets).

If anyone has any tesco club card vouchers, quite a lot of the baby stuff on tesco direct is part of their double up scheme. My mum's buying us a cot with her vouchers smile

redandyellowandpinkandgreen Wed 29-May-13 12:57:20


Panicking a bit now as we don't have a room ready for the baby! I think I may have to start doing the DIY myself soon or shame DH in to it. I haven't bought a thing either but I have most things still from DS. I do need to sort my life out a bit.

weebarra Wed 29-May-13 13:05:02

I use reuseables with DS2 who is 2.5 and plan to with DC3. It probably is a bit more work but you do get used to it!

frogchops Wed 29-May-13 13:45:46

Juniper..... Thanks for the heads up on doubling tesco coupons!!

HettySunshine Wed 29-May-13 13:52:17

I'm planning to use disposables for the first couple of weeks until the shock wears off and then move on to reusable ones.

I got a big bag of them with the wraps and some liners at the nct sale but I don't know what size baby they're for as no labels! I'll just try them and see. They seem to be adjustable as they have four poppers on each side.

kipsonline Wed 29-May-13 15:02:26

Hello new thread! We used motherease one size for our 2 DS, after the first few weeks of crazy bowel movements ;)
We're also struggling for boys names (used all our faves already), but not sure I'm brave enough to start a names thread!! Some of the posters are brutal...

Mooster1709 Wed 29-May-13 15:55:06

Hello new thread! I am technologically incompetent and lost you all for a while there...

charl your idea for the hanging holder thing for the back of the door sounds brilliant. I can't sew at all but am going to see if anyone will sell me one!

Runningbear I get very bad hayfever very early (and, touch wood, it seems to have gone now - tree pollen rather than grass I think). 2 GPs very reluctant to give me anything at all for it. Definite no-no to antihistamines apparently. My eyes are particularly bad though and they said Opticrom (sodium cromoglycate) eye drops were fine, even though pharmacist wouldn't sell it to me OTC (got a prescription). Also tried Prevalin nose spray which is safe, but didn't do much for me.

I'm well ahead on all the shopping, but it's all just sitting in boxes in our garage... We're having building work done so can't put anything in what's going to be the nursery yet, or actually build the furniture. I fear I'll be doing that a week before I'm due, the rate the house is progressing...

JammyTummy Wed 29-May-13 16:10:45

Ooh I'd like to see the names thread! Can someone pleas post a link?

Mooster, Ikea hanging holder thing. We got one for DD, she now keeps her hats in it! smile

jennimoo Wed 29-May-13 16:42:38

Joskar - we did cloth for DD from about 2 weeks for a year or so. I didn't find it that much extra work, and nice not to have a full stinky bin. However I don't think we saved money as I bought loads and they started to give DD nappy rash towards the end (that's why we stopped) so I don't know if ill be able use them with this one. There are l

jennimoo Wed 29-May-13 16:43:22

Loads of places to get them, I quite like fill your pants as the name uses me ;)

jennimoo Wed 29-May-13 16:45:25

Amuses that should be.

And for Rake do remember that if there are lots of people in labour they may not have a MW to send you so be prepared (mentally as we'll as practically!) for them to ask you to go to the hospital... This is what happened to me last time around, but I knew there was a baby boom and therefore it was a strong possibility!

Joskar the g nappies have the option of using biodegradable inners instead of washable ones, which might be the answer if ur more worried about the environment than the cost: http://www.gnappies.com/

Jenni I had a friend who were told they didnt have enough midwifed & she just said 'well I'm not moving so either u send someone out to me or I give birth on my own'....I imagine it was unpopular, but it got her a midwife & a home birth!

Mooster1709 Wed 29-May-13 16:55:50

Thanks mrsMango, though for some reason I first read its name as 'Pussyslinger' and sniggered away to myself. This, I fear, says nothing good about the inside of my head.

fl0b0t Wed 29-May-13 17:05:19

Joskar I plan to use a mix- reuseables for the bulk but disposeables when it suits- environment and cost issue. I've picked up LOADS of outers second hand (yet to work out how they all "work") so they've cost me nothing. I appreciate they can be a bit fiddly and some people report higher nappy rash incidents (whilst others say they got it worse with disposeables), but they're my ideal. Will see how it goes anyway.

I am feeling grumpy today because I had some really scary tummy pains earlier, which have thankfully turned out to be a bit of a tummy bug. Been on the loo all afternoon. Mixed with acid reflux and nausea, I want to hide from the world today.

EmmaDee Wed 29-May-13 17:18:16

Hi all, had a minor panic couldnt find you for a minute!!!

Being considering the reusable nappies myself as I care about the environment, but I actually have no clue how to use them! Must get researching!

I read the first bit of my labour book last night, and actually it disnt scare me as much as I though, cosidering the thought of it turns me into a jibbering wreck! I have been sticking to the notion that Babydee will be delivered by stork or left in the cabbage patch around the 25 September, however the time has come to man/woman up!!!

I also wanted to ask, is there anyone out there who still hasnt felt anything? I havent 23 weeks today. I ocassionally get a feeling as if someone is pushing down on me quite low down, but thats it. I stupidly read some updetting story in the daily mail about a woman whos baby was never moving in the scans etc and have freaked myself out!! But to be honest my baby wasnt moving either. Ugh.

Im sure alls well, but if anyone else has experince I would be really grateful!

Mooster grin

The actual name is no better if you say it out loud, but I suppose it's at least accurate as anyone who's potty trained a child will know!

My new midwife is lovely, and seemed quite confident and no nonsense, which is what I was hoping for. I'm hoping if I start getting stressed and panicking she'll give me a slap and tell me to snap out of it. grin

RunningBear78 Wed 29-May-13 17:30:03

We've been given a ton of re-useable nappies to have a go with, lots of different kinds so i hope some will fit. I suspect we may also go with disposables for the first week or so, until things settle down and i stop panicing

The nappy lady does all sorts of useful re-useable related stuff, including trial packs of different kinds of nappys. They also do flushable paper liners which look like a brilliant idea to me! www.thenappylady.co.uk/liners.html

I have to say I'm struggling to get my head around what I am supposed to do with a nappy full of poo ... i read somewhere to put soiled nappys in a string bag, but surely if you put a nappy full of poo in a string bag for a day or two that is going to start smelling pretty dreadful quite quickly?

thanks for the heads up on the MATB1 form ... work have just asked for one. our on the ball mw totally forgot to sort one out for me today, so just phoned and she'll sort one out for me. wonder what else she has forgotten to do hmm

thanks for the hayfever info mooster i think i might just have to wait and see how things go if it ever stops raining!

Kittenkatzen Wed 29-May-13 17:44:08
JammyTummy Wed 29-May-13 17:49:51

Aww boo its a boys name thread sad
Thanks anyway Kitten
We seem to be taking one step forward two steps back with girls names! DH is being mega picky and not contributing an awful lot!

frogchops Wed 29-May-13 18:14:52

Oooo a boys name thread, exciting. I like seeing everyone's ideas. You're brave kitten, there's some brutal name commenters!!

Kittenkatzen Wed 29-May-13 18:37:55

I was thinking I'd got off quite lightly judging by some other threads I've read! I don't mind the harsh comments tbh - they might point out something awful I'd not thought of, and if not then I'm at liberty to ignore them - the beauty of the Internet grin

jammy my DH is being the same with boys names - I'm getting a flat "no" to almost everything I like, whilst his contributions so far have been Giles and, er, nope I think that's it! hmm

Kind of hope baby is a girl just to make naming easier ha!

Blanketsandpillows Wed 29-May-13 18:45:21

Hello all. I've not really been on these Sept threads but thought I would say hello! I am 25 weeks now....but already I'm feeling impatient and want Sept to be here! Not that I'm ready at all yet!

kimjayne Wed 29-May-13 18:49:25

quick question. Has anyone else booked their whooping cough vaccine? ive booked mine for the 11th june which will be the first day of week 28 for me. ive just read you should have this vaccination between weeks 28 and 32 ideally. I just wondered if I should leave it a little later maybe in order for best protection for baby? also, it worried me slightly that these vaccines arent actually tested or officially proved safe during pregnancy? im guessing it will be fairly safe but just wonderes what your thoughts/experiences might be on this one??

C0smos Wed 29-May-13 18:56:46

Also a very late joiner although I was on the first thread back in January. I have an ELCS booked for 19th Sept so I have a date to aim for.

I have done absolutely nothing so far, my parents are visiting from overseas in November so I want to keep the spare room as it is for them. Baby will be in a travel cot in our room for the first few months.

I have a girls name I love, but DH not keen, not even thought about boys names yet.

fl0b0t Wed 29-May-13 19:02:17

emmadee our baby is called babyd because of our surname smile

I feel like I'm being a bit lax leaving things up to the midwife (whooping cough etc).... but I'm trying to relax and enjoy pregnancy.

jennimoo Wed 29-May-13 19:12:04

Reusable nappies and poo... Newborn poo pretty much bypasses all liners but as its liquidy the washing machine does the job. And I was disposable liners so you just put them down the toilet with most of the poo. As long as you dry pail (don't rinse / wet them, leave in tight sealed bucket) smells fine.

Kittenkatzen Wed 29-May-13 19:20:17

Welcome newbies smile

Is c0smos our first confirmed ELCS date? Or have I missed someone else's news? Exciting either way!

I haven't booked my whooping cough jab yet, was going to ask the mw about it at my 25wk appt tomorrow. No experience/real knowledge as to the safety of it but I seem to remember there was a thread on the pregnancy board not too long ago discussing it - might be worth a trawl back to find it?

Does anyone have any bottle advice? I'm planning to bf & have bought a medela swing pump...I want bottles that will interchange well with the real thing! So many options it's really confusing.

Joskar Wed 29-May-13 20:04:17

I trust the whooping cough jab. After everything that's happened with the MMR and the measles epidemic I wouldn't be taking any chances.

NTMummy059 Wed 29-May-13 20:25:06

Hi all.. Just wanted to join please! Due with my first on the 5th September and it's a little girl grin

So excited only 3 months to go!

Is it really weird that I actually want her to come a bit late so she will be oldest in school year? Although I'm sure I'm living in denial about how uncomfortable I will be by then haha!

JammyTummy Wed 29-May-13 20:26:30

I bought a 4 pack of Tommee Tippee closer to nature bottles, the ones with the little anti-colic thingy inside. Obviously have no previous experience with them but I heard they're meant to be good!

Kittenkatzen Wed 29-May-13 20:33:49

I have the same as jammy, also planning to bf but hoping to express too so DH can do the 3am feeds get involved smile

Welcome NT!

frogchops Wed 29-May-13 20:36:54

I'm the same kitten, and totally agree with the three am DP call out sharing. Although I'm embarrassingly scared by my breast pump!!

weebarra Wed 29-May-13 21:33:05

ready, my friend is a paediatroc dietician (and also had a 32 weeker) and she said NICU recommended nuk bottles. They are what I used when I gave DS2 a bottle occasionally.

I've read quite a lot about the newer tommee tippee ones leaking....but I guess none of u guys have had a chance to try them out yet so it's difficult to comment!

Hadn't considered NUK...thanks for the tip off weebarra. Was leaning towards Mam, more research required!

Fozziebearmum2b Wed 29-May-13 22:07:32

Ah-lost you all wink wondered why no-one was chatting!

My first baby purchase arrived today-moses basket which is so lovely, got in the sale at M&P. Dh and I just stated at it, can't believe a little person will be in there in about 17 wks...

CharlW1 Wed 29-May-13 22:13:42

I want to bf if I can but want OH to be involved too so have been looking at bottles and everyone seems to recommend nuk - anyway I was in TK Maxx atthe weekend and they had a set of 4 nuk bottles suitable from birth for £12.99 instead of £19.99 - so keep an eye out if you want to go with nuk - otherwise the price for nuk does seem more expensive than other makes.

Welcome to the newbies on the thread smile

Blanketsandpillows Wed 29-May-13 23:24:50

My midwife suggested that I have the whopping cough vaccine at the same time as my 28 week appointment. She said any time between 28 and 32 weeks is ideal.

kimjayne Thu 30-May-13 08:40:40

my midwife doesnt get involved in vaccinations which is annoying as im now having to make a special trip to our gp for the jab. its already proving tricky to get the time off wrk for all these appointments.

badguider Thu 30-May-13 09:54:12

Hello new thread smile

I hope everybody is well? I am feeling very thankful for amazing friends. An ex-work friend I kept in touch with has just given us a whole 'travel system' with pram, buggy and carseat. It's a mamas and papas pliko pramette and looks great. Also a moses basket with stand and a nappy bin and a big bag of maternity clothes.
Another friend has offered us a baby bjorn and bath which we'll get in July.
And an american friend is coming over in the summer with her 16wk old and is bringing me one of these which are £100 here but only $20 there.

So all that's left for us (even though we've not bought anything yet!) is to hire the bedside cot from nct and buy some babygrows, muslins, nappys, creams etc and something for the baby to sleep under (blanket, swaddling blanket, grobag).

Kittenkatzen Thu 30-May-13 10:51:47

Morning all smile

Just ha my 25wk appt with the midwife. All well, hb in the 150s, am measuring a week ahead of dates but she didn't seem concerned. Have booked whooping cough jab for 29 weeks. She pointed out the appt schedule from now on - every 2/3 weeks from now until the end, which brought everything home a bit!

jemimahpuddleduck Thu 30-May-13 11:00:23

Morning All

Back from my holiday and have managed to keep up with you.... Just!

Also had my 25wk appointment yesterday but nothing at all mentioned about the whooping cough, I'm seeing her again at 28 wks do you think it will be too late to talk to her about that then?

I'm not sure if it's because I've been away but tiredness seems to have returned now other than that feeling pretty good.

badguider Thu 30-May-13 11:03:28

hi jemima i'm 26wks today and was told at the 24/25wk one that WC vaccine is not given till after 28 weeks (cause it's for the baby not the mother). I think it might even be 32 weeks here...

The nhs page here says anywhere from 28-38 weeks so you're not too late smile

Wincher Thu 30-May-13 11:05:25

My DH also vetoes pretty much every name I suggest, but won't suggest any himself. It is really annoying! I really like Giles myself, but it doesn't really go with DS1's name.

Wincher Thu 30-May-13 11:08:33

It's weird how different it is for second time mothers, kittenkatzen! I last saw a MW at 16 weeks and won't see her until 28 weeks. Then I don't see anyone again until 34 weeks - at which point I think it goes fortnightly, then weekly at 39 weeks I think.

Kittenkatzen Thu 30-May-13 11:28:42

jemima you're supposed to have the WC jab between 28-32(?) weeks....my mw just said I had to make an appt with the surgery nurse for it - maybe give her a quick call to double check? Hope you had a lovely holiday!

wincher 16 - 28 weeks is a long wait shock

fl0b0t Thu 30-May-13 11:32:25

jemimah I'm tired again too! Not quite 1st trimester tired yet, but grateful of a nap tired!

I read out my list of names I liked (as middle names as we've chosen 1st names) and husband managed "I don't like some of those". I decided this was a Good Thing as he's having an opinion.... he did follow up a good 20 second later with "but I do like some of them"... yes dear!

Mooster1709 Thu 30-May-13 11:53:27

I've booked in my whooping cough vaccination for week 29 I think - I got the impression it didn't make any difference when you had it, as long as between 28 and 32 wks, so wouldn't worry kim.

Emma - what's your labour book? Is it any good? Have been wondering whether to buy a specific book for this. There are bits at the end of my pregnancy books, but wasn't sure if I needed to know more. Also, can any second-time mums out there recommend good baby books? Realised i know an awful lot about being pregnant but not much at all about what to do with an actual baby...

Also, any recommendations for gym/birthing balls? I'd like to try using one as a chair in my office because by the end of the day I'm in agony, but don't want to spend much, so would be good if it could also be used as a birth ball (and on a related note, are birth balls any good? do they help? or just another bit of kit to lug to hospital?). Got one off ebay that arrived yesterday, spent about an hour trying to inflate it, before realising that there was a tear in it...

Mooster1709 Thu 30-May-13 11:55:18

ION our builder has managed to fuse all the electrics in the house, there is a bath in our spare room, and I had to sleep on a sodding futon mattress last night so am in absolute SPD agony this morning. And to top it all off, a yogurt leaked all over the inside of my handbag so I'm going to smell like off milk for weeks.

Mooster1709 Thu 30-May-13 12:02:16

On bottles - I have heard good things about the Medela Calma bottle/solitaire teat. Supposed to work well with bf. Any experience of these? They're not cheap at all, but I find this stupidly reassuring blush.

Hi NT I'm due 29th August and am also hoping she'll be a week late to make it into the next school year! I bet by the end of August I'll change my mind though..

Hmm, in contrast DH and I are kicking ourselves for aiming for a sept baby having established that we may well end up spending £16.5k per yr on childcare....could have saved a packet (and maybe just spent a little on some private lessons to get LO up to speed if they were left behind!)

weebarra Thu 30-May-13 13:10:28

bad guider - how much is your rented co-sleeper from the NCT going to cost? We're looking into this as it was actually pretty difficult trying to scoop DS2 out of the moses basket and put him back after feeding, post-section, so thought a co-sleeper might be the way to go!

NTMummy059 Thu 30-May-13 13:21:40

I've just got some tommee tippee bottles and am planning to bottle feed from birth.. Does anyone have experience with babies refusing them or are they closest to breast?

I'm also DREADING July/August as will be huge and in the height of summer! I will be so grateful if this crappy weather carries on grin

SGJ Thu 30-May-13 14:15:10

Tommee Tippee are pretty good, fairly similar to nipple! We had no problem when we used them and that was infrequently, so they can't have been too repulsive for DD. however, we switched to Avent after a while because they were more secure and easier for DD to hold herself (something you will be keen for them to pick up quickly!)

MeanMrsMustard Thu 30-May-13 14:16:36

Ready - hopefully your child care wont be that much once your child is over 3. Firstly the ratios change, so nurseries need far less staff per child (it goes from 1:3 with under 2s to 1:8 with 3 year olds (or 1:13 even if there is a qualified teacher in the setting) for over 3s) assuming your child is going to a nursery that seperates children by ages (and most do) it will get cheaper just for this reason. Also, from their 3rd birthday, your child gets 15 free hours a week child care in the form of a free educational nursery place. Again, you need a qualified teacher in the setting, but lots do have this (children's centres def do), so your fees drop even more. Im currently a teacher in a central London children's centre and the fees half in price from when the child is 23 months to when they are 36 months. You might still be looking at £6/7kish for that extra year, but it's more bearable than £16k!

Does anyone know what kind of steriliser you need if you are going to sterilise electric breast pumps? Or are sterilisers just things that end up taking up space when a pan and water could have done?
I always start off so determined I won't get caught up in a spending frenzy, but then get seduced by "essentials"! Having said that, I have only bought a pram so far. Its just I can tell I'm getting sucked in slightly with lots of other stuff ;and my mum isn't helping - I was trusting her to be a voice of reason, not an enabler!)
Despite having bought virtually no baby stuff yet, the baby fund has been getting a massive bashing as I've been buying lots of household things I can no longer put off - a wardrobe for DH and me which will help us maximise space, a carpet for our stairs (the last one was downright dangerous) and a tumble drier (I keep on reading how essential they are, and our flat can look like a laundry with just DH and my clothes drying on racks. Add baby clothes and hopefully reusable nappies and I doubt we'd have any space left!) all that's come to well Over £1000. I wish I'd spread the cost out over the last couple of years now. It's depressing!

fl0b0t Thu 30-May-13 14:28:36

mrsmustard we were given an Avent Naturally Express microwave steraliser. Used it when SIl was here and all part of pump (non elextric, no metal) pump and bottles fit into it. Very good and quick smile

ION anyone see THIS: blogs.discovermagazine.com/science-sushi/2013/05/26/dolphin-assisted-birth-possibly-the-worst-idea-ever/#.UadS2NKKKSp WTF?!

Thanks for the reassurance mustard!

I've ended up ordering some self sterilising Mam bottles as the kit was 1/2 the price on Amazon that they are in boots....no idea if they'll work, but they look pretty & I think it'll mean I can go without a steriliser in the short term at least:


badguider Thu 30-May-13 18:37:50

weebarra nct bed nest is £50 for six months plus another £50 for all new mattress and fabric sides.

Google "hire nct bednest" for the website.

jennimoo Thu 30-May-13 18:53:54

Just an updatd on my bump ache. It was so uncomfortable and aches last week but since the weekend it feels fine again! I think the baby must have had a growth spurt or something.

Just thought I'd share in case anyone else is suffering and wondering like I was how I'd get through another 3 months if I was so achey already!

Kittenkatzen Thu 30-May-13 18:57:55

Oh dear mooster, here have some thanks and a brew. Hope your day for better!

fl0 that is quite possibly the most bonkers article I've ever read! And rake shockshock respect indeed, and she already has a 5yr old!

ION this is a message for the selfish idiot I have the misfortune to be sat next to on the train - no no, don't you worry...of course you should slob across a seat and a half with your paper flapping around and your legs as wide as possible while the 6mth preggo perches precariously on the half seat next to you. Clearly your balls must just be THAT BIG angryangry

jenni mine comes & goes too....but then I read something about rib pains at this stage & now I'm thinking that the 'bump' pains are actually caused by my ribs expanding. Somehow it helps sort of knowing what's causing it!

Fozziebearmum2b Thu 30-May-13 19:24:46

Omg Flo, that article is insane! Dolphins....why??!

I've just read one on hypnobirthing which sounded interesting, Is anything planning on a hypnobirth?

In terms of aches Im not having rib pain, but have horrible shoulder pain and achy legs which keep waking me up in the night! I have to get up every couple of hours and pace the room for it to go away :-( dh sleeps through it. ...wondering if he'll also sleep through the baby cryingshock

KamikazeeKid Thu 30-May-13 22:56:42

Wasn't aware of the hooping cough vaccine - didn't have with ds 2 years ago....

Has anyone had it? Been reading some of the side effects!! Obviously having the immunity is important but was alarmed at people's experiences!

Another spd sufferer here - ouchy!!! Waiting list for physio is stupid tho as I'd finally be scheduled physio AFTER baby arrives!

Has anyone else been suffering with leg cramp at night? I got it last night & woke both myself & DH up rolling around in agony! It's really not nice so if anyone knows how to stop it happening that'd be good...

Fozziebearmum2b Fri 31-May-13 07:29:56

Ready-yes! I wake up every night with achy legs and have to pace the room and rub them. No remedy that I'm aware of...

Kittenkatzen Fri 31-May-13 07:50:26

Urgh....am having the morning from hell so far sad. Woke up at 3.30am thanks to leg cramps and a partying baby, not been to sleep again since. DH away this w/e so drove self to station - realise I forgot change for the car park. Scrape together enough 10p's, spend 5mins plonking them in the machine....40p left to go in and it stops taking them - turns out there's a coin limit hmm. Walk round corner to newsagent with cash machine....newsagent has flipping well shut down. Obviously have missed my train by now angry. End up walking right round to other side of station to other shops, get cash, get change, walk back to car, buy ticket.....wait 20mins on platform for next train which, of course, is rammed. Sigh.

Kittenkatzen Fri 31-May-13 07:53:26

Urgh....am having the morning from hell so far sad. Woke up at 3.30am thanks to leg cramps and a partying baby, not been to sleep again since. DH away this w/e so drove self to station - realise I forgot change for the car park. Scrape together a fiver's worth of 10p's, spend 5mins plonking them in the machine....40p left to go in and it seizes up - turns out there's a coin limit hmm. Walk round corner to newsagent with cash machine....newsagent has flipping well shut down. End up walking right round to other side of station to other shops, get cash, get change, walk back to car, buy ticket. Obviously have missed my train by now angryso wait 20mins on platform for next train which, of course, is rammed and will make me late for work. Sigh.

Hope everyone else's Friday goes better than mine...!

Kittenkatzen Fri 31-May-13 07:54:15

Ooh random double post, sorry!

jennimoo Fri 31-May-13 11:13:05

Sounds rubbish kitten sad

For leg cramps I think tonic water is supposed to help. I haven't had any cramps yet this time but remember how excruciating it was last time.

LCR77 Fri 31-May-13 11:16:15

ready fozzie & kitten another one with the dreaded leg cramps in the night. Just so painful, legs ache for days after too. Had them for few weeks now. Tried putting tiger balm on them as precautionary measure before bed but not made any difference. Tips to relieve the pain would be gratefully received smile

Freaked myself out yesterday and got v upset (I blame the hormones!) - must remember Google is not always my friend re. little/ no movement still from baby at 25 weeks. Read something that need to get in touch with mw if no movement by 24 weeks as may need investigating. Got my 25 wk appt this aft so hoping to get reassurance from hearing heartbeat. Even had DP with his ear to my bump to see if he could hear anything last night as I was inconsolable when he got home.

jennimoo Fri 31-May-13 11:20:16

Lcr - I'm glad your appointments this afternoon, I'm sure your MW will be able to put your mind at rest. Is your placenta at the front ?

EmmaDee Fri 31-May-13 11:29:41

Hi all,

I know for normal cramps bananas are the remedy due to the potassium but I dunno if it works for pregnancy ones (or you all have already tried this and Im being slow!)

Mooster the labour book I'm reading is The Good Birth Companion by Nicole Croft, only read the first two or three chapters but so far so good, mostly about the organising and birth plan and relaxation techniques!

LCR hope all goes well at MW, I am in the same boat, 23 weeks and no movement, but I have my home doppler and the HB is good and strong. Im sure all will be fine.

LotsaTuddles Fri 31-May-13 11:33:08

I'm so bad at keeping up, I do try to lurk though.

To be fair, I am a bit busy.... getting married next Saturday and am in the process of buying a house, that will be ready to move into in ... SEPTEMBER (possibly not the best idea I've ever had).

<Off to catch up again>

fl0b0t Fri 31-May-13 11:48:04

Kitten I had that the other day, but it was a lady! jabbed me in the ribs with her elbow rooting in her massive handbag for 50 mins all the way to clapham! Grr. And then this week on a damp train I had BIG SHOULDERED WIDE LEGGED MEN either side on their fucking laptops. These is no space, have a nap like a normal human! Sounds like you're having a crappy day- definitely due a pain au chocolat and a cuppa!

Fozzie I'm sceptical of the concept (and the size of the book) but interested. SIL gave me book and CD, which I probably should have started listening to/reading by now?

I've gone from sleeping like the dead (and having a nap) to not being able to sleep last night. I've not had much exercise this week but still! I don't feel tired this morning as expected though.

Random thought, do you recon they'd let me have some of my very large and slightly mad collection of rubber ducks in the birthing tub with me? smile

fl0b0t Fri 31-May-13 11:51:56

lotsatuddles that's a lot going on- goodluck! smile

LCR77 Fri 31-May-13 12:25:49

Yes placenta at the front and low lying and rationally I know everything will prob be ok as all scans been fine. Although had scare at 17 wks and a previous mc so think it's just adding to the anxiety.

Wish I'd bought a home doppler now but thought I wouldn't need it for long!

CharlW1 Fri 31-May-13 13:27:56

flo I am loving the thought of your large rubber duck collection - just made me laugh. I am sure it will be fine but ask the MW and let us know her reaction grin

LCR - I'm sure everything will be fine - I had a friend who was expecting twins who had a front placed placenta and she said she hardly felt any movement throughout her pregnancy.

flipflump Fri 31-May-13 13:32:58

Leg cramps are so bloody painful, made the mistake of putting my hand on my calf and felt the cramp bulge out - freaked me right out! After rolling around in agony and walking it out, it's impossible to get back to sleep!! Tonic water hasn't helped me, hoping someone has the magic cure.

I'm still in pain now....it's really not a nice thing to be woken up by is it?!

I've going to try leg stretches before bed & see if that helps.

jennimoo Fri 31-May-13 13:47:05

Those of you getting cramp: are you still taking vitamins? I am but didn't last time, and no cramp yet. I doubt that's it but would like to help as know how bad it is.

I think the usual 'cures' are bananas (potassium) broccoli (magnesium) tonic water (quinine...) and drinking plenty. Or giving birth, I think that worked for me last time...

Kittenkatzen Fri 31-May-13 13:57:32

thanks LCR let us know how it goes with the mw

tuddles you mad thing doing all that at once! Hope the wedding goes well next weekend!

fl0 commuters can be horrid can't they? Although I'm sure my patience levels have decreased somewhat recently grin My faith was restored a little this morning by a lovely man offering me his seat. Oh and I think you should insist on the rubber ducks!

In cramp news, I think I read that salt levels can be a trigger - both too much and too little...

flipflump Fri 31-May-13 14:15:08

Interesting about salt, I'll monitor that. Will also eat more bananas, broccoli and do leg stretches - good idea! I spend the day on my feet, could that be making it worse?

weebarra Fri 31-May-13 14:21:21

Yes, the cramp is awful; have had it in all 3 pregs so far. Poor DH gets woken up by me trying to stretch my leg above my head! grin

CharlW1 Fri 31-May-13 14:53:36

When I get leg cramps I put my leg in the air and get OH to push my toes back (towards shin) and the relief is immediate.
I have had a few painful cramps but not that many thank goodness.

JammyTummy Fri 31-May-13 18:42:54

I am definitely in the leg cramp camp! The other night I woke up screaming 'craaaaaaaamp' as it was so bad and I think I'd freaked out the living days out of DH. I felt so bad cause he looked truly frightened, so I just about managed to squeak out a little 'leg! It's just my leg'! Although it did feel like the baby was coming out through my calf!
I'm still taking my vitamins every day so I don't think they contribute to not having it sadly.

Just back from a trip to The White Company- MIL (as previously mentioned) loves a blanket so we left with yet another lovely baby wrapping garment. Love that shop.
Oh, and also, to those who are struggling to sleep- I can really recommend their white lavender pillow mist. It smells absolutely divine, and at least in my head it makes me sleep better.

LCR77 Fri 31-May-13 18:45:47

Appt went well little one's heartbeat ticking away nicely. Such a relief. Mw was brilliant said if I was anxious before next appt about no movement I could pop along at the end of the clinic and they'll listen in no problem.

Had to ask about the ante natal classes as only get one 3 hr session in our area. So glad I've booked NCT

Glad everything's ok LCR :-) hopefully u can relax and enjoy for a bit now.

kimjayne Fri 31-May-13 19:47:28

im in leg cramp hell too! I get it mainly in the daytime if I crouch down? but ive had two or three middle of the night attacks and its horrible. I tend to keep a big glass of water next to the bed and twke big gulps everytime I wake for a wee. I heard that cramps are sonetimes due to dehydration so I figured drinking regularly might help? I guess most of you might know this though.
ION I have just finished work for a week grin woop woop. We are off to stay with family in Hertfordshire for a week and getting lots of free baby gear whilst we are there. Not sure how we are gonna fit a bugaboo, high chair, car seat, travel cot, moses basket and rocker into our VW Golf??? eeek

Kittenkatzen Fri 31-May-13 20:47:16

Ahhh good news LCR, sounds like the midwife was lovely too smile

I'd like to claim the non existent Least Nutrious Pregnancy Meal Ever crown please....DH is away so my dinner tonight consists of onion ring crisps, some little smoked salmon appetiser thingies and a whole ball blush of really nice mozzarella. So wrong but yet so right....nom!

SGJ Fri 31-May-13 21:32:16

I'll challenge you, kitten, DH is also away so it's Dominoes for one tonight!
My sister is coming over tomorrow and bringing her Doppler from work so will be able to get a bit of peace of mind, hopefully, as the baby has been fairly chilled out about moving - haven't had any big kicks in a week, just small wiggles now and then... haven't got another 'official' appointment until next Thursday and feeling impatient to make sure everything's ok....

My DH is out too....really fancied going out but didn't want to sit there making him feel guilty about drinking etc so stayed at home alone. Ended up in Sainsburys...came home with pizza, ginger beer, dough balls, Ben & Jerry's & ice lollies. Comfort eating much?!

Creamtea1 Fri 31-May-13 22:48:52

Hi ladies, thanks for new thread and haven't been on for a while. Been off work (holiday) and camping (very wet!) just read through and trying to catch up.
Re purchases: have got pram, car seat, steriliser, bottles - tommee tippee and avent natural. All still in boxes. Have got 3 sleepsuits, 4 vests and a coat. Free change bag from boots and that's about it. Will assemble pushchair at 30 weeks ish and pack hospital bag a bit after.
Re bump: around the same size as some of the photos but am sure my arse and boobs are fifty times as big. Fresh quotes from mum: 'if you are bothered about getting huge why did you get pregnant then' and 'you are nowhere near as massive as you were with DS's'
Also confirmed with childminder (she is a friend and have used with DS2) and confirmed with mum and dad that they wish to assist with none of it hmm- so 4 days at the childminder it is.
Anyone else hating their boobs? Underwired bras are so uncomfortable now, but non wired just don't support enough and feel so saggy, and boobs just are huge and feel like everyone is looking at them! (paranoid)
No ante natal or other classes offered or booked. And lastly, first name sorted but not middle name yet.

Creamtea1 Fri 31-May-13 22:50:09

Ooh forgot too - drinking - have become super aware of people getting drunk and can spot a mile off when DH/ parents etc have had a drink which then proceeds to annoy me soooo much...

PurplePoppySeed Fri 31-May-13 23:31:48

Hi All, 5 pages in already! I think I've caught up but I've already forgotten who I wanted to flag replies/questions to, so I'll just guess from memory

Jeni and Ready thanks for the bump ache updates, this week I had my first bout of proper bump pain and literally overnight I finally got my bump YEY! Was starting to wonder where the baby was hiding! Anyway, it was a bit worrying on tuesday as it hurt to walk, hurt to wee, hurt to just sit down, etc - Not good! Still - all better now, I finally look pregnant and your updates helped a lot smile

On the train front - just thinking about the commuting worries - this week I've finally taken advantage of the SouthWestTrains mums-to-be programme... it's just made life a million times easier. Fl0 I guess you probably use their trains too?

So in case anyone hasn't found out yet and does commute on SWT with 1st class sections, if you have a season ticket card (even if you only buy weekly tickets) all you have to do is fax off copies of their application form, your current season ticket (mine was a monthly) & rail card + copy of your MATB1 and they will send you a first class pass that lasts until the week you are due.


Kittenkatzen Sat 01-Jun-13 06:01:54

YAWN. Pregnancy insomnia sucks balls sad although this morning's 4.45am is an improvement on yesterday's 3.30am. Anyone else struggling to stay asleep?

Glad to hear I'm not the only one shovelling junk food when left to own devices!!

Ohhhh creamtea I'm totally with you on being super sensitive to drunk people at the moment. I could even feel myself getting a tiny bit annoyed with DH last night when he called and mentioned he'd had a couple of beers ...he's on a lads weekend away and literally did mean a couple as they had to be up at 4am this morning! Unreasonable much?!?!

Am off to bf's house for a BBQ tonight armed with a chilled bottle of schleppes fruit punch (which does a passable impression of pimms) - I already know I'm going to get <rolly eyes> and "I'm sure you could just have a small glass". Sigh.

Kittenkatzen Sat 01-Jun-13 06:02:46

Forgot to say purple thanks for the commuting tip, I'll have to look up whether Southern have something similar.....

Kitten, arguing the point with that one never works, and saying "I don't want to" seems to make people want to convince you it's allowed. I find it best to just say "Oh I know, but for some reason the taste of anything alcoholic makes me feel quite sick at the moment. Hormones huh!" Seems to work quite well, I don't think anyone wants to make a pregnant women throw up. grin

I actually don't mind other people drinking around me. Went out last night with work friends and I actually really enjoyed watching people get merrier. Certainly entertaining.

I'm also getting leg cramps, mainly at night, but I did get one this week in the office, which had me hopping up and down. blush

TripleRock Sat 01-Jun-13 09:17:32

Hi everyone, been good catching up on all your news.

Saw this yesterday and wondered what you all think.?Basically it's a mark which shows on most womens bums as labour progresses which indicates how dilated you are. More reliable and obviously less intrusive than vaginal exams throughout.

Did wonder whether it was even true tbh, however it was reposted on The Analytical Armadillo which is reliable and the comments backed up it was true. If it is, how have I never heard of this before!


Joskar Sat 01-Jun-13 11:50:19

KamikazeeKid make a huge, huge fuss and insist on an acute appointment ASAP! You do not want to end up unable to drive or walk the length of a room. The sooner you get proper treatment from a proper physio the better. My physio has been making a huge fuss on my behalf and I've managed to get an orthopedic appt for the 19th June even though the waiting list is three months minimum. I'm hoping that when my foot issues are resolved my mobility will improve. In order to get to see the physio in the first place I enlisted the help of my GP and the MW. All's fair in PGP and pregnancy!

Joskar Sat 01-Jun-13 11:58:48

Re Cramps


I've found these exercises quite good. Although now I've said that I'll probably have hideous ones tonight!

I didn't ever get cramps before and I reckon it's because I've always had a steady G&T intake.

In September, I'm having a G&T and some pate and some really stinky, runny unpasturised cheese. I don't know if I'm more excited about that or the bairn!

Fozziebearmum2b Sat 01-Jun-13 14:36:26

Thanks for the exercise tips Joskar will try that def, was up about 4 times last night pacing so willing to try anything!

Triple-really interesting article, that's def one thing Im dreading bout labour.. And would love a far less invasive way of seeing how dilated you are. Seems so wrong to have someone put their hands inside you!! shock

ION-Im starving all the time. I've hit 23 weeks and stomach is constantly rumbling!! Is everyone like this?

check this out - artist's impression of royal nursery! oooh that looks lovely. I can't even imagine living in a house big enough to have a whole room that size for a baby, but I suppose if you do, you don't stick them in the corner of your own bedroom with stockpiles of nappies and the next size up of clothes shoved under the cot

Ooh there's another thrift/useful tip I have - buy nappies in boxes. (a) it is better value than smaller packs, of course, but (b) They are a useful size to put away clothes that baby has grown out of, but remember to write on the outside of the box what it contains, or even just the date you start/close the box as that will give you a guide later of how old baby was.

JammyTummy Sat 01-Jun-13 17:00:59

Oooh that is lovely... Love the rocking horse!

Creamtea1 Sat 01-Jun-13 17:53:52

Yep fozzie am starving most of the time too! Luckily not in the sick feeling way like early on, just general starving. So I either ignore it or have some water or cup of tea to try and stave it off until breakfast/dinner time.

badguider Sat 01-Jun-13 18:43:46

Just ordered yet another bra - this time a 38F - ffs!!!!!

My band size still measures 36" but I am in the loosest hooks of my size 36 bras and they're getting tight so I'm ordering 38 anyway. My bust is measuring 43" so if I were in a 36 that would be an F so that's what I've gone for - at this rate I don't think I can order too big as I've still got fourteen weeks of pregnancy to go plus the whole 'milk coming in' thing. This is the first one I've ordered with feeding cups but at this rate I will need much bigger ones for the first weeks of feeding.

Grr.... NOT enjoying the extra size. I REALLY hope they go back to a sensible size after and I can get back into my 34D-DD sports bras by the time I'm ready to run again. If they don't then I'll never find clothes to fit ever again as I'm normally a size 12 in the waist and hips and obviously hope to get back to that too, if my boobs go any larger than 34DD then I wont' be able to wear size 12 tops/dresses.

herewego2 Sat 01-Jun-13 19:46:04

Joskar - I was missing Prosecco and really good shell fish today.... we'll have to set up a virtual party for October where we all have what we've been missing on the same day.
I really noticed my boobs today... dreadful... am starting to be able to nod off any moment I get the chance.

Creamtea1 Sat 01-Jun-13 21:24:09

I had to wear a sports bra today as I just can't wear my underwired ones at the mo or find a size that fits right - am even going to buy another sports one tomorrow I think as its all I can get comfy in.

In other news I just cannot stop thinking about jam roly poly and custard!

Joskar Sat 01-Jun-13 21:33:08

herewego2 I think that's a magic idea! Shellfish and prosecco are on my list too. It's funny I've only recently started missing booze. Maybe it's the stress of realising how ill-prepared I am!

Can I ask a stupid question? Or actually a bunch of them. What stuff do I really need for this baby? I'm really baffled by the massive quantity of "things". Do I need a moses basket? Can baby be in a big cot from the start? What about those sleeping bag things? Could baby just sleep in a travel basinette thing for a bit?

SGJ Sat 01-Jun-13 21:34:35

Mmmm, went to M&S this morning & bought the comfiest, most massive pants ever. 3 pairs for £10 so not the cheapest pants ever, but probably better paying stupid prices for maternity knickers!
Heard baby on my sister's proper hospital Doppler this morning, she had a good prod as well and apparently the reason I've not been feeling much is because the angelic child is already in the perfect position - head down, back to my tummy and arms & legs tucked in at my back. With an anterior placenta that's why I'm hardly feeling anything at the front and only in my groin when it stretches its arms. Hooray!
And to top it all off, because she's on maternity leave at the moment she doesn't need her Doppler for work, and said I could hang on to it - TOTAL HOORAY!
ION - will be in the theatre from 10am to midnight tomorrow to perform in a concert - wish me luck! It's my last hurrah before the serious baby prep begins!

EmmaDee Sun 02-Jun-13 02:29:39

Hi all, just checking in after my first sober wedding! Andtoo be honest iI really enjoyed it, was slightly worried that is be bored, if everyone else was sozzled!
But it was cool! Phew!

Sgj wish I knew someone with knowledge on all this pregnancy lark, would be really reassuring!

Hope everyones weekend is going well.

LotsaTuddles Sun 02-Jun-13 04:50:27

Ooh exciting SGJ, if I had one of those machines at home, not sure if every do anything other than sit and listen to the baby grin

I have te opposite child to you EmmaDee, it's a little shit, at first scan, wouldn't lay right so the woman could see the fluid on back of neck, at second one, was perfect all the way through, until she wanted me make one last measurement and it rolled up into a ball. And it always hides from the midwife when she tries to listen to the heartbeat, I have to then have a drink, go for a wee and do a dance.

It's favourite past time seems to be freaking DP out, he doesn't like the feel of it when it rolls over, so more often than not, it will wait till he puts his hand on my stomach or I cuddle up to him in the night. To be fair, it is funny and I'd revel in doing that too grin

Kittenkatzen Sun 02-Jun-13 06:02:47

Mmmm a post pg feast is definitely on the cards - I'll be bringing runny poached eggs, some really decent sushi, liver pate and stinky cheese! Probs not to eat all at the same time...grin

joskar I'm no expert but can tell you that my brother had both his boys in the main cot from the start so I think that's ok. I have also seen some travel bassinets that specifically say "suitable for overnight use" - I think it's more to do with the quality/grade of the mattress than the cot/bassinets itself. I have been given a couple of sleeping bags by a friend who found them invaluable - it think they just come down to your baby's own preferences though (ie some will like them, some won't, some will prefer swaddling etc).

Massive good luck today SGJ hope the concert goes well!

Kittenkatzen Sun 02-Jun-13 06:13:15

Mmmm a post pg feast is definitely on the cards - I'll be bringing runny poached eggs, some really decent sushi, liver pate and stinky cheese! Probs not to eat all at the same time...grin

joskar I'm no expert but can tell you that my brother had both his boys in the main cot from the start so I think that's ok. I have also seen some travel bassinets that specifically say "suitable for overnight use" - I think it's more to do with the quality/grade of the mattress than the cot/bassinets itself. I have been given a couple of sleeping bags by a friend who found them invaluable - it think they just come down to your baby's own preferences though (ie some will like them, some won't, some will prefer swaddling etc).

Massive good luck today SGJ hope the concert goes well!

Had to sit through a 5 min lecture from a friend yesterday about how she can't understand why anyone would breastfeed as its all a bit icky and she doesn't really "get it" - she wasn't breast fed and she's still alive...oh and my baby had better not spit up on her apparently as then she'd be "wearing kitten" and that would be be soooooo wrong. Gah. I just fixed a fake smile on my face and made noncommittal noises whilst screaming "FFS how old are you??!" in my head.

Also managed to offend my mum yesterday when she mentioned in passing about how I'd be bf'ing 10 mins each side....instead of just smiling and nodding I spouted off what i've read about how that's old advice and foremilk and hind milk blah blah blah. I knew i should shut up as it was neither the time or the place, but I couldn't seem to make my mouth stop talking confused

Sigh. Really hope I start sleeping better soon as my rational brain is being addled by lack of sleep here!

TripleRock Sun 02-Jun-13 07:55:59

Joscar, I know what you mean! With DD we had a crib in our bedroom, moses basket downstairs, plus a carrycot on the pram. Not to mention her actual cot and also travel cot, she had a bed in every room, completely unnecessary!

This time we will just be sticking to a crib in our room and using the pram carrycot (or sling) for daytime.

Last time, DD stayed in our room until about 4/5 months before she went into her big cot. But with hindsight it would have been easier to keep her in with us longer for nightfeeds etc, so given the SIDS guidlines say 6 months anyway we'll be aiming for at least that this time.

Fozziebearmum2b Sun 02-Jun-13 09:56:24

Def fancying a post pg feast! Pâté, Camembert, Seafood and a glass of cold vino! Mmm! Oh and possibly a raspberry mojito smile

Question though-does anyone know what food restrictions you have whilst bfeeding? I imagine drinking is out, but wondered about the rest (please say no....)

Anyone else stressing bout this sleeping on left side stuff? I've got a dream genie but seem to ignore it when I'm in a deep sleep and wake up on my back. Baby doesn't like it at all. Dreamed last night that someone was elbowing me in the stomach and then woke up and pretty sure it was lo trying to wake me up. I'm such a deep sleeper though it takes a lot... Read its not great for mum, but worried Im hurting lo....

Fozziebearmum2b Sun 02-Jun-13 09:56:57

Hmmm-that was meant to say pate shock

Fozzie I wake up on my back all the time. They say not to worry about it, it's about cutting of the blood supply to ur legs I think....but if it's causing a problem then ur body will wake u up.

badguider Sun 02-Jun-13 10:56:21

The thing that can get constricted if you sleep on your back or right is the 'inferior vena cava' - it's the main vein taking blood from your lower body back up to your heart. It runs from your legs behind your uterus but in front of your hip bones on the right hand side of your pelvis - so if the weight of the uterus is on it then it can get restricted.
If you're also having bad leg cramps or swelling in your legs/feet/ankles in bed or dizziness or lightheadedness then you'd be sensible to try to prop yourself onto your left instead... but otherwise the obstetric physio here said there's no point worrying.

Fozziebearmum2b Sun 02-Jun-13 11:06:29

Thanks guider/ready smile mw was a bit useless when I asked her-she just said 'well you're not meant to' and kept telling me to sleep on my side. No idea how you're meant to control what you do when asleep...

Joskar Sun 02-Jun-13 11:23:33

Fozziebearmum2b alcohol isn't out. Alcohol isn't stored in breast milk so as long as you wait to clear the alcohol from your system (an hour per unit) then baba won't get any at all. Even if you were to breastfeed straight after having a drink the dilution would be so great as to not make much difference. Obv not a good idea to get totally sloshed but def able to have a few. I don't think there are any food restrictions but strongly flavoured food will flavour the milk. "Bumpology" by Linda Geddes is a great book for proper scientific information about this.

Thanks for the advice Kittenkazen! I think sleep deprivation from SPD is stressing me out completely. We have a wee house and really wee rooms and I just can't work out how to fit all this baby stuff in. Added to which we'll be bankrupt if we buy everything we're "supposed" to.

Fozziebearmum2b Sun 02-Jun-13 13:53:05

Ahh smile really useful thanks Joskar

SGJ Sun 02-Jun-13 15:40:54

Just finished act 1 of the matinee and it's going well... Hope my voice holds out for the evening show! Sooo pleased I'm not at work tomorrow and DH has a day off, I'm gonna be knackered!

fl0b0t Sun 02-Jun-13 17:39:19

purplepoppy I only go into my office 2 days a week and travel all over the south east the rest of the time so sadly don't have a season ticket!

Luckily, it turns out that over night I went from being rather pregnant to hillariously huge so I'm sure I'll get a seat most days!

Just been to the most wonderful wedding of a close friend, and pregnancy hormones plus general emotions meant I actually sobbed my way through 30% of the reading! Oh the shame.... I also am starting to miss booze, had two glasses of fine champagne over 12 hours yesterday for the wedding which was diving, but my there was some amazing booze flowing. I could have drowned in it. Twice. Luckily I am naturally mental so was happily dancing away with the sloshed people and have no resent for those drinking around me. Was hillariously fun smile

Ps I am suffering today. Have mostly sunbathed and hung out with my friends who stayed over at ours (yes designated driver!) and everything hurts. Shold have changed fm heels to Wellies earlier and possibly danced a bit less enthusiastically!

fl0b0t Sun 02-Jun-13 17:41:39

Also... We double checked and the cheese wedding cake was 90%pasturised cheese! Result! We may have brought a bag of cheese home.... smile

LotsaTuddles Sun 02-Jun-13 18:08:42

I sleep slightly on my fr

LotsaTuddles Sun 02-Jun-13 18:11:11

I sleep slightly on my front. But kind of on my side. But keep waking up on my back and feels like it's on fire. I didn't know we weren't supposed to lay a certain way apart from on back.

Aagh, 6 days to go till wedding. Am slightly starting to stress now

HettySunshine Sun 02-Jun-13 18:32:02

Well, DP and I have excelled ourselves this weekend. Just got back to Cheshire after spending a couple of days at my mum's and have just had a text from her to say that we have left my notes there! Eek! confused

I'm seeing the midwife on Thursday! Mum's going to post them back recorded tomorrow but I am really worried they'll get lost in the post or something!

We were so pleased with ourselves for remembering to take them with us too! sad

Dorita75 Sun 02-Jun-13 18:55:34

Marking place...just back from hols with rubbish internet access so not checked in for ages!!

Mooster1709 Sun 02-Jun-13 21:37:27

Just wanted to second joskar's recommendation of the Bumpology book -it's absolutely brilliant, and tells you actual peer-reviewed scientific evidence for various things so you can weigh up the risks/benefits. It's the only pregnancy book I've read that hasn't sent me into a rage. Just wish my midwife would read it and stop offering me wholly unscientific and unsupported opinions!

Mooster1709 Sun 02-Jun-13 21:41:38

ION I'm flying from Birmingham to Glasgow on Wednesday and have just had a panic about whether they'll let me fly. Because it's such a short flight I wasn't really thinking of it as flying when I booked, but have just read flybe's instructions and they say you can only fly after your 28th week with a note from doc saying it's ok. I'm 28 weeks on Thurs. Not sure what to do -I can't get an appt with my gp before then.

Do I risk it? Anyone had any experience of this?

Kittenkatzen Sun 02-Jun-13 22:00:02

Ooh thanks for the book recommendation, have just downloaded it on my kindle smile

mooster sorry no experience to offer but could you maybe call your surgery and ask if they can prepare you a letter to collect without having an appointment?

PurplePoppySeed Sun 02-Jun-13 22:25:09

Doh! Sorry fl0. Kitten - I hope you have some luck with southern trains smile

PurplePoppySeed Sun 02-Jun-13 22:28:44

Ps. Am I the only one still not buying anything for baby? We've been offered a car seat and base + i have the door knobs I bought the other week to upcycle an old chest but that's it! I really want to buy the minimum possible and then get things as and when I realise I can't do without them instead of having stuff I don't need, but I'm worried I'm leaving it a bit late!

LotsaTuddles Sun 02-Jun-13 22:40:01

We only have what we really need at the minute. My mum bought travel system, DPs sister has given us her old Moses basket and we bought a baby bath (no bath here, in our new shiny house there will be, but baby's likely to be born before we move). DPs mum is going to buy the cot, that's it really, as we don't know what the baby'll be like/want.

SGJ Sun 02-Jun-13 23:09:56

It's done! From a 10am dress rehearsal via 2 performances in front of over 300 people a show, the show is done! I've been wearing heels since 10am, someone pass me a medal!!

Mooster I diligently went & got the letter approving me to fly...wasn't asked for it in either direction. You're prob a bit bigger than I was as I was only 22 weeks so I'd recommend getting one if u can, but failing that just take your notes & your innocent 'I had no idea I needed a letter' face and hope for the best.

Kittenkatzen Mon 03-Jun-13 07:14:34

<hands SGJ a medal. And a foot bath!>

Well done and much respect SGJ and hope you have a good rest today!!

I'm in the not-buying camp too, well, the things I have bought have been second hand, and I've also now had two deliveries of stuff from 'the tribe' -friends having babies neatly out of sync with each other. Yesterday my front room filled up with a bouncer seat, two playmats/gyms, a car seat, all the breast-pumping stuff possible, two TENS machines, and a selection of insulated cool bags. I already had the "first week box" which is stuffed entertainingly full of mahoosive sanitary pads, bed pads, creams and potions, a wordsearch book (???) and some teeny clothes and newborn sized nappies.

We had a very active day yesterday - swimming and a serious house-clearing/cleaning session our dishwasher has joined the tumble drier in the land of broken-down-ness so DH has a job now to decide whether to get it repaired or get a new one. Standing up doing washing up properly tired me out yesterday.

<Cheers at SGJ and throws flowers > grin

Mooster, so you'll be flying when you're 27+6 ? Then surely by their own rules you can fly without a letter? I think they'd be on very rocky ground legally if they refused, especially if it's worded "after your 28th week" as you could claim that you have a week and one day left to travel without sign off. If you can't see your GP, I think I'd just risk it. You can always wave your notes at them to prove you're not quite 28 weeks yet.

I've started getting proper SPD pains now. sad Thankfully only when I first go to bed, or when I've been sat at my desk for a long time. I will be taking in more cushions for work tomorrow, and walking about a bit more. At least my back is still fairly happy, thanks to these bump bands. smile

As for buying things, so far I have bought the new mattress for the moses basket, and a very cheap changing mat as the old one disintegrated. Just need to buy more muslin squares, and some nappies, and we'll be done for shopping. Now I just need to fix the wall and floor in the new bedroom, get it safe for habitation, decorate, furnish, move in DD1, pull all DD1's baby stuff out of storage, clean it up, and we'll be finished! So we're no where near nearly there! grin

CharlW1 Mon 03-Jun-13 07:53:50

SGJ you certainly do deserve a medal! well done for getting through it - quite an achievement! flowers

purple we've hardly bought anything other than a baby monitor (the one we wanted was half price) some nuk bottles (half the price of anywhere else in .tk maxx) and a few baby grows (excitement after 20 week scan). We are getting everything else given to us from my sisters and friends - the only things we'll need to by are mattresses and bedding and a steriliser.

Hope everyone has a good week this week.

andadietcoke Mon 03-Jun-13 08:06:46

purplepoppy nope, not bought a single thing.

Off for my GTT this morning. Remember getting the letter through and thinking how far away it seemed! Anaesthetic review next week, and then 28w scan two weeks tomorrow.

Developed this weird breathlessness thing last night - every time I dropped off to sleep I seemingly forgot to breathe and woke myself up gasping for air. I was on my left side too. Weird.

badguider Mon 03-Jun-13 08:59:32

Not bought anything but been given a Moses basket so may order the new mattress and sheets for it soon.

Pram & carseat ("travel system") given to us 2nd hand too.
Bath and sling will be given also 2nd hand in July.

And I'll be ordering hire of a side-cot nearer the time (not an issue if its late now as we have the Moses).

Anybody else thinking about using a baby sleeping bag from birth? Apparently you can and it seems much easier for lifting out to feed regularly...

We've still got a ton of stuff in what will be the baby's room to clear out and find a new home for (Xmas decorations?) so it still looks like a bomb site.

fl0b0t Mon 03-Jun-13 09:01:22

Yup, well done sjg! That's how tired I was after saturdays wedding- actually had to ask husband for a foot massage (which I have never done in 10 years together) last night!

Yesterday I had my first proper pregnancy emotional state moment. I couldn't get up (tired legs, plus bump) and a little bit stumbled. Burst into hysterical laughter and 30 seconds later was crying about how tired and sick I felt! Weird! And then continued to cry on and off until dinner was ready, then refused to eat it! <going mad!

Seeing MW today so need to think about questions. Mostly whooping cough, matb1 and letter for flybe (they say 26 weeks and I'm flying at 25+6 but not risking it)

fl0b0t Mon 03-Jun-13 09:50:53

Or not. Much more useful if they hadn't booked my appointment into the wrong month.

We'll be using sleeping bags from birth badguider (well unless baby wants to be swaddled). My bro's donating, and they do sound like the easiest option.

Mooster1709 Mon 03-Jun-13 12:17:11

Thanks for everyone's thoughts on the flying problem - Mrs Mango they word it 'from the 28th week' I think, so from 27 weeks onwards and I'll be 27+6, so don't think that's an out! Same for you I would think fl0bot - if you're 25+6 that counts as your 26th week (though to confuse things even further, I'm flying with flybe too, and they told me 28 weeks, not 26).

Had my 28 week scan this morning, which was uneventful, but really nice to see babymoose again. Apparently she's the right size and everything, which is good to know!

I was thinking of using sleeping bags from birth if possible as well. I had a look and it seems ok if the baby's ober 7lbs. Are there any reasons not too that I've missed do you think? Might get a swaddling blanket as well, just in case.

Sorry, this is turning into an essay. Last thing: went to MIL's in cornwall this weekend (bliss) and she gave us a beautiful rocking chair for the baby's room. I think this menas in terms of 'stuff' we have most of the big bits (mainly unbuilt in boxes in garage). Still none of the small stuff - clothes etc - though.

We had a sleeping bag for DD1 that was "from birth" if memory serves (which is a bit hit and miss at the moment!) I can clearly remember it having extra poppers in the shoulder straps and under the arms so you could adjust the size a bit so they couldn't wriggle down into it. It was also very thing, so needed extra blankets, but better that than over heating. Being in the bag meant DD didn't kick the blankets off too.

Kittenkatzen Mon 03-Jun-13 14:17:35

Yep we have a couple of sleeping bags that were given to us so we'll be giving them a go...although all of my nephews have preferred swaddling so we won't buy any more, just wait and see what baby prefers

weebarra Mon 03-Jun-13 16:33:21

We swaddled DS1 from birth but DS2 didn't like it, so sleeping bags it was. I think they're the only newborn things we didn't charity shop.
Have bought nothing but a few babygros. I don't think we need anything, although I'd quite like a new baby monitor as ours got a bit tempramental before we stopped using it.
Also need a new moses basket mattress and to get the pram serviced but think that's us.
Had friends staying this weekend with their new DS2 who is 5 months and lovely and squidgy. Made me very broody!

fl0b0t Mon 03-Jun-13 17:20:05

Sleeping bags sound good to me! Got one and acquiring more I hope!

finally got in touch with Hauck who can send a new frame (£45) for our second hand push chair smile

And click my name to see how ridiculous the spacehopper bump is now. Apologies for being in a bikini, it was hot! smile

envy fl0b0t, you look stunning. smile

God I can't wait to shift this extra bulk, and we've still got 3-4 months to go! <wails> Having a fat day today, probably not helped by being the only pregnant woman at the swimming pool.

Joskar Mon 03-Jun-13 19:01:58

fl0b0t you look amazing. I didn't look that good in a bikini before I got pregnant far less now!

I was doing fine for ages but since the bad SPD has left me almost completely immobile I've just got fatter and fatter. My mother keeps telling me that "it's all to come off at the other end" which, strangely, doesn't make me feel better about being in constant pain and gaining weight at a rate of knots. angry

Mind you, it wouldn't take Sherlock to realise that there are chocolate stains on my pyjamas and this might have something to do with it. grin

CharlW1 Mon 03-Jun-13 20:29:54

Flo you look amazing! my bump is so similar to yours in shape and size!

Today I booked a private scan for next Monday to see if my placenta has moved. I really want to do hypno birthing but it's not worth paying to do it if I know I am going to have a c section. Although I am having a NHS scan at 32 weeks so I know things could change between week 28 and 32 if it hasn't moved!

Its my first NCT class tomorrow night - will report back to say how it goes.

JammyTummy Mon 03-Jun-13 20:35:01

I think I'm on the other side of the spectrum with my over prepared nursery... DH had finally finished installing the shelves in the baby wardrobe so I was able to put everything away today to where it belongs, which was a nice feeling.
Ordered a nursing chair today too, really hoping its nice when it comes! Didn't really get it for its gliding abilities but rather it was the cheapest option out of getting a nice arm chair/ rocking chair etc. it's a Sereno chair, so if anyone has any previous experience with one I'd love to hear it!

Bump seems to be growing in the sun! I am positively massive now! Was at an event on Saturday night and had several people inappropriately massaging patting it. On the upside I had a lovely glass of prosecco and got to wear a nice dress!

JammyTummy Mon 03-Jun-13 21:28:51

Ps According to my app I go into my third trimester tomorrow!!! Ahhhhh!

PurplePoppySeed Mon 03-Jun-13 21:34:49

Phew, I'm not alone in not having anything!

Oh no, third trimester, scary. Someone recently told me they are called "Dreary", "Cheery" and then "weary" so tiredness here we come! But on the bright side, we're all moving onto the home straight now smile

badguider Mon 03-Jun-13 21:46:01

What week is officially the third trimester?

I had a couple of wobbles today... Felt really wrong in the lift going up to my office this morning - it's a fairly fast one but six floors shouldn't give you a head rush!! I have lower than average blood pressure and its consistent with that, so I made myself drink lots and had a packet of crisps with my lunch, which did seem to make me feel more grounded. My eyesight was a bit funny too - really short focal length, so if I was reading at the edge of the page and could see the desk surface a couple of inches behind it, the desk would be sort of swimming in an optical illusion sort of way.

Just looked up when to have the whooping cough jab, and my NHS trust says 28-38 weeks and preferably 28-32. I have my 28 week appointment at the end of next week when I think I will be 29+3, so I am wondering if I should call to make sure the MW can do it at that one, or if I should make a separate appointment with my GP. I think I'll see what the stereotypically grumpy GP receptionist says on the phone some time tomorrow.

Fl0b0t, you are just too bloody gorgeous. And that pout! envy

I remembered something funny from swimming on Sunday. My comedy boobs were floating like sailing boat fenders. I was a bit concerned they would float out of the cups of my swimsuit... They didn't though.

Sitting in bed with a cuppa just now... I have the most insanely itchy nipples!!!!!!!

CheeseStrawCraving Mon 03-Jun-13 23:33:25

<waves> hello all! Found you! 3rd trimester officially 26+6 I think.

juniper9 Tue 04-Jun-13 00:51:56

If anyone is interested in a nursing chair, check out eBay. Loads of people sell them as a local collection only, and they tend to not have too many bids. I bought a Dutalier chair for £30! Pretty good going, in my eyes.

My nursery is non-existent. I'm in the early stages of buying a house, so it's all very stressful. I swear my brain is seeping out of my ears.

I'm having a 24 hour ECG device fitted tomorrow, so the visit to the mortgage advisor should send it packing! Joy.

flipflump Tue 04-Jun-13 10:21:33

Rake, that's hilarious, buoyant boobs!!!!

Slightly petrified we have 3 months to go but can't wait to meet this baby and hear about all your new arrivals. Scary thinking how big bumps have become in 3 months and the still have another 3 months growth - eeeek!

I made the mistake of looking at name boards. Our chosen boys name has been classed as "chavy" hmm Baby will be half Scottish, we are a very normal couple, live in a nice, pretty, English countryside town, honest opinions please, is Archie really that bad??
Can a name really be chavy?

I love Archie, but it has become very 'common' in the last few years which made me discount it tbh. Have u checked the Bounty hitlist for your region? It may just be in certain parts of the country...

Eeeknumber3 Tue 04-Jun-13 10:41:10

Hello, hello...*waves like a lunatic* I'm back, bet you've all forgotten me. Sorry been gone for few weeks, have been very poorly with proper full on flu, never had it before and will now correct people when they have a cold and think they have flu! On road to being ok now, but so I'll, coughed so much I broke some ribs...yak, yak, yak.
Lovely to read everyone's news. We are club blue and our new blue number 2 is to be Joseph Peter (joe or joey). Quite traditional compared to DS1 and DD1, Max and Lois, but love it. I love my little girls name Lois Elizabeth, but beware people of names you think are straightforward to spell, people rarely get poor Lois right!

EmmaDee Tue 04-Jun-13 10:45:37

Flipflump I really like Archie, my friend's son is called Alfie and I really like both, I dont thinlk they're chavy!

I think those name boards are just an excude for people to be nasty!! Scared to look at them!

weebarra Tue 04-Jun-13 10:58:04

Flip - as a Scot, I think Archie is a lovely name and can't think of a less chavvy one. We're thinking of Murdo or Innes if it's a boy but haven't braved the names board just yet!

Mooster1709 Tue 04-Jun-13 11:10:08

Flip I think Archie is lovely. And no, I don't think names can be 'chavy'. I think classing names as chavy is pretty chavy though, IYSWIM, so wouldn't pay too much attention to the name boards personally.

I nearly killed myself reassembling the buggy last night, having taken it all apart to wash (second hand). I'm pretty sure I've got some of the key bits wrong as well... am clearly not qualified for this parenting lark.

flipflump Tue 04-Jun-13 11:11:49

Thank you ladies, would far rather your opinions than those of the name boards.

It's a family name, we know no others and it doesn't seem popular in our area. My DH isn't a fan of more unusual names - I however love them. This is the only one we both agree on. I don't want to lumber the poor child with an awful name but I'm not too concerned about popularity. I think names become popular with good reason, because they are lovely. My nephew was given a lovely name 7 years ago, it's now one of the most popular names in their region, it was almost unheard of 7 years ago. You can never be too sure what the next trend will be.

badguider Tue 04-Jun-13 11:14:42

I really like archie and live in southern scotland were it's not 'chavvy' at all.... It was popular for a while maybe 5 years ago..

In scotland it was the 37th most popular boys name in 2012..

I am aiming for one that is not in the top 20 but is in the top 100 so that it's not 'unusual' but also not 'common'...

badguider Tue 04-Jun-13 11:18:22

Popularity only bothers me because at primary school I was often "the other xxxxxxxxx" which I bloody hated angry

But that was a quirk of location/time and in the wider world my name is not that common, though it is well known.

Alfie & Archie are both in the top 20 where I am (Alfie is top 10). Maybe a southern thing??

fl0b0t Tue 04-Jun-13 15:02:49

Joksar you've just reminded me of the chocolate in the fridge (I had a lunchtime picnic and left it in the sun- whoops!)

jammy- prosecco and a nice dress feels great right? smile I was only touched by people who know me who have all asked first so far! smile

rake bless you, I am a photographer and very good at photoshop grin and incapable of anything but looking slightly mardy in a picture!

flipflump Archie is pretty middle class around here- I also love it!

eeek- welcome back! Sorry to hear you've been poorly, can't be much fun with a bump! hope baby's not kicking you in the ribs til they heal!

My fave names (boy and girl) don't seem to be very common at all. Boys name is a bit oldschool but lovelylovely and girls name is a bit more modern but still not in any top 100s that I can see! (hopefully means no friends will nic it before I get to have my baby!!)

I am sure my belly is going to pop. That's what happens, right?

fl0b0t Tue 04-Jun-13 15:58:34

Also- as I now have to wait to next week to see the midwife....

Anyone else really uncomfy? I feel like I should expect this now, but I'm scared that I have 15 weeks to go and if I breathe deeply I feel like my insides will literally wrip through the tight skin of my belly and explode out into the open. My skin is SO tight across my belly (which is nice in as much as I've not really put on much fat around my tummy, but disturbing as it feels like I really will pop). That sounds silly but it's very unnerving!

Also, who is experiencing BH? What does it feel like? I wondered if the tightness I'm feeling almost constantly is linked to BH?

Had the tiniest bit of boob leakage the other day and I rushed to show my husband. Luckily we both laughed, but after our last experience of trying to dtd (rubbing bellies) I bet he'll stay away for a while yet!!

frogchops Tue 04-Jun-13 17:47:50

Am off out for a meal with a friend who hasn't seen me since 10 weeks.... She's in for a shock! So there will be food and drinkies aplenty!
Am also feeling sooo uncomfortable, I can't bend, get up without help, walk at any decent speed, and have a full on waddle. I'm only bloody 24+5. Oh my.
Am also wondering what BH are meantto feel like? An when to expect them?

JammyTummy Tue 04-Jun-13 18:05:12

flip I know a little boy who was born today who got named Archie, I think it's a lovely name! Would he be Archie or Archiebald? Oh, and his brother is called Alfie!

Went to JL today with MIL and got our iCandy ordered today! So exciting! They're cheeky though, you pay extra for your cup holder, and another tenner on top of that for the cup holder holder!!!

HettySunshine Tue 04-Jun-13 18:32:29

I'm off to my first pregnancy yoga class in a mo. is anyone else doing them? I will report back smile

Kittenkatzen Tue 04-Jun-13 18:44:50

hetty I'm doing daisy birthing classes which includes some yoga. Realllllllllly gentle though - frustratingly so tbh. Can't find a preg yoga class near me that fits with my commute though. Hope you have fun!

I don't think the name Archie is chavvy in the slightest. Plus as others have said I think the whole "chavvy" thing is pretty regional anyway so I wouldn't worry about it!

On braxton hicks - I think they're what I've been getting whenever I walk for more than a few minutes...belly goes rock hard- it's uncomfy but not really painful. The tightness for me is in the muscles though, not so much the skin itself.

I also get a side stitch but I think that's most likely just down to lack of proper exercise this side of Christmas!

fl0b0t Tue 04-Jun-13 18:55:26

frog maybe we'll both pop?!
Belly feels v v hard al the time.....feeling very uncomfy like indigestion and a stitch quite a lather chunk.of the day. Will have to ask mw.

Start pregnancy no autocorrect not tits yoga tomorrow! Yay!

Keepsmilingsunshine Tue 04-Jun-13 19:41:34

Hi all, hope everyone is enjoying the good weather.

I'm sat in the garden eating strawberries, meringue and ice cream, mmmmm - divine!

TripleRock Tue 04-Jun-13 20:00:22

Hi everyone, unfortunately had a bit of a shit day. We found out that DDs cat has sadly passed away, he was knocked down by a car.

Shes taken it very well. I however was a blubbering wreck for most of the morning! I'm sure preggy hormones at least partly to blame.

Seems so unfair, he wasn't very old and he belonged to a lo who was very attached to him. Ho hum sad

flipflump Tue 04-Jun-13 20:09:57

That's so sad triple, hope you little one is feeling a bit better. I'm useless when pets pass away.

Thank you all so much for your opinions, feeling much more reassured. We love the name and really that's all that should matter. It's such a huge responsibility. No concerns over chosen girls name, huge wobble over Archie has now been resolved.

Anyone else willing to share names? Wouldn't tell a sole in RL but I value you all, even if you we are all strangers.

I was having a nose on the May due date thread. I wanted to see they'd all had their babies etc. they have set up a private Facebook page to announce news, share photos, keep in contact and share the next step together. I thought it was a fantastic idea. Would anyone else be up for that towards the end?

weebarra Tue 04-Jun-13 20:15:37

I think that's a really good idea flipflump - we will all want to share our news but I wouldn't want to put all my personal details all over MN!

Just wanted to recommend a website for those checking out names....nameberry.com. It's US based so the stats aren't quite right for the uk, but the name backgrounds & trend analysis seem much more in depth than any other sites I've seen.

MammaGnomes Tue 04-Jun-13 20:48:17

Wowzers I was only away for a couple of days- I've had a lot to catch up on!!!

Names wise I really need help with boys I've half convinced myself its a girl so not really considered boys names! Girls we have Eliza (my choice) or Isla (OH choice) what do we think???

TripleRock Tue 04-Jun-13 20:58:47

I agree, its a great idea Flipflump

On names, we are keeping our thoughts a big secret in RL. But DH loves Dante which I'm warming to. Any thoughts, ps we have a very Italian surname so a continental flavour is in order and also to match DDs name which is Mediteranean origin. I like how it can be shortened to Dan or Danny, so its quite flexible. Other thought is Rafael but DH is not keen...

kimjayne Tue 04-Jun-13 21:14:27

oh thats a fab idea flipflump. one of my mates who has a 3 yr old was on mumsnet and did a similar thing. They actually met each other for the first time recently on a group outing to manchester.

name wise we have chosen joshua james (james is my husbands name). what are your thoughts? smile

juniper9 Tue 04-Jun-13 21:16:29

Mamma I'm considering Isla too but I know quite a few (occupational hazard of being a teacher) and so it puts me off. Also, my surname starts with an F so worried about Isla
Fisher connotations!

I love Joshua....my bro is a Joshua so not one I could use, but def would. Also like JJ as a nn kimjayne.

DH and I still have quite a long short list. Really wanted Theo but that's a definite no from DH :-(

HettySunshine Tue 04-Jun-13 21:32:07

That's a lovely idea flipflump.

Yoga was great, not too tiring and a really nice bunch of ladies. Ranged from 15 weeks to 37 and bumps of all shapes and sizes. It made me feel really relaxed too. Definitely recommend it.

Currently we have Maisy Grace for a girl and William James for a boy. I'm keeping in mind that we may change our minds when we actually meet them though.

flipflump Tue 04-Jun-13 21:53:49

All your names are lovely! We love Isla too but it doesn't go with our surname sadly. We love the island of Islay and would have been fitting.

Weebarra, my thoughts exactly, don't want to share every detail on MN but want to share with fellow Sept bumps. Glad you are all up for it and think its a good idea.

JammyTummy Tue 04-Jun-13 21:54:10

I'm trying to have a list of three or four names ready for when baby comes, as I'm sure she might look like more of a one name than another. So far we're liking Stella, Vera and Serena (with DH changing his mind on a daily basis). I also like Mariella but worried it might not be great with our surname.

Joskar Tue 04-Jun-13 21:58:51

weebarra I'd figured you were an islander but Murdo as a name choice confirms it! I love it but my foolish mainlander husband is dead against. He also thinks Seoras and Fionnlagh are too much for mainland mouths to manage. He may have a point!

Mamma and Juniper I really like Isla but Eliza is also lovely. I'm a teacher and I've been marking for the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) so I've looked at hundreds of names in the last couple of weeks. It sours you. It definitely sours you!

herewego2 Tue 04-Jun-13 22:13:12

Great idea with facebook ....
For us its got to be 'Lucy Anne' (I have known a couple of great girls called Lucy and my mum is called Anne) and we are absolutely stuck for boys. I've had a really soppy, loved up day with DS1, bring on love bomb number 2!! You just wait you lot!! Best thing you ever did!..... this might be the hormones talking.
I'm def in discomfort when walking longer than 10 mins but strangely ok if doing squats, lunges and hips rolls a la Zumba and body pump... this is a bit weird.

kipsonline Tue 04-Jun-13 22:21:48

Oooh loving the names and the Facebook group suggestion, great idea! hope you're feeling better eek. Our car has been in the garage all week so have been doing a lot of cycling and walking... Shattered tonight! House swap worked a dream though, would def recommend for a free hol.

kipsonline Tue 04-Jun-13 22:23:10

And so sorry about the cat triple, that's rubbish...

Kittenkatzen Tue 04-Jun-13 22:43:04

Oh triple that's so sad sad big hugs to you and your dd

I'm definitely up for joining a fb page - am already on one from another tread I'm on and it works really well

On names I'll not be sharing our girls name with you all as have made a pact with DH not to tell a soul once we've made a definite decision grin Boys is another question though, we just can't decide at all - Miles is the only one we've come close to agreeing on but I think I'm going off it a bit tbh. I adore Milo but DH doesn't like it....suggestions welcome, and I'm excited to see what you're all considering!

mammagnomes I like both of your girl choices...think Isla just pips it for me though smile

triple Dante is lovely, very exotic sounding without being difficult to pronounce

You all have such lovely taste in names grin Loving the Scottish names too - how is Seoras pronounced? And is Fionnlagh like Fiona with an L?

MammaGnomes Tue 04-Jun-13 22:48:26

I love Joshua James it was one of the front runners before I got preggo (been trying for 2 years)
I have a sister called Maisie - she's 9 and such a lovely little girl really suits the name (maybe a bit bias)

I like Isla but a girl I was best friends at school with has a little girl named Isla. We don't speak anymore not even FBI friends so only heard it from mouth but still think it would be odd to call mine the same.

MammaGnomes Tue 04-Jun-13 22:51:23

Ha ha I obv meant FB as in Facebook not FBI dam phone!!

Ps just been watching old episodes of OBEM I'm a right mess - eeek

SGJ Tue 04-Jun-13 22:53:37

Loving the name sharing, what a fab variety. We are not telling in RL (my students in particular are desperate to know but are the biggest blabbermouths of anyone) but DD is Jessica, which gives an indication of our style... not totally boring but not too outlandish. Fairly common I suppose, though unusual in that we've never called her Jess.
Having taught for 10 years now, there are definitely a few names I would not consider, and so far I haven't taught anyone with our current top choices.
Facebook group sounds great, I have a similar one for all the lovely ladies I 'met' last time round (though have only managed to meet 3 woman in RL!)
I think I'm having occasional BH - tightenings, at least, a bit uncomfortable and rock hard but not painful. They're not bothering me at all, so maybe just the effects of eating too much??!

frogchops Tue 04-Jun-13 23:03:06

I've eaten so bloody much. I wouldn't even know the difference between BH and food pain right now!! I'm so uncomfortable and now realise I def did not need that vanilla milkshake to top it all off ;-/
Am loving the name choices.... Can't remember who picked what but I like Archie, Joshua James is lovely too and I absolutely love Lucy Anne. Isla is a fave.... In fact it was our girls name before we found out we were team blue! I don't like Alfie though, purely because I don't like it shortened to alf.
We are stumped a little bit.... We kind of like Aaron and Alex....and DP likes Robin :-/ i don't!
ION.... The brakes on my car failed twice.... I shit myself! shock So now I'm car less. Bugger.

juniper9 Tue 04-Jun-13 23:48:23

My class well the girls are very excited about my growing bump, and have been offering me lots of 'useful' name suggestions. Unfortunately, some of them I actually like but have now been soured!

Triple sorry about your cat. When my cat died, I cried for a week blush and I didn't even have hormones to blame. Hope your DD is coping.

CharlW1 Wed 05-Jun-13 05:59:47

Isla is a definite favourite of mine song OH as well - I thought it was quite unusual but looks like it will be popular. Its the only girls name we both like. Her middlename will be Olive - which is my mom's name.

Me and OH went to NCT last night - OH was dreading it but we have such a great group - lots of info to take in but done in a none preachy way - the time flew by!

Great idea about a FB group too! smile

Kittenkatzen Wed 05-Jun-13 07:22:41

Ohhhh frog I love love love Robin, but we can't use it due to surname issues. I'm envy that you can even consider it!

frogchops Wed 05-Jun-13 07:36:49

It's not that I hate the name robin...but it will get shortened mainly by vile SIL to rob. Baby rob? I think not.

Kittenkatzen Wed 05-Jun-13 07:59:16

Yeah that's a fair point I guess - it's a bit like baby Dave or baby Trevor! (Sorry if anyone has Dave or Trev on their list grin). I do prefer it as a girl's name, which is less likely to be shortened that way.

weebarra Wed 05-Jun-13 08:09:23

I work with young people so I've had a lot of exposure to different names over the years. Means there are some lovely names I can't use because I associate them with certain people! Think we're going for Mairi or Megan if bump is a girl. I like slightly more exotic names but DH is boring so it's hard to agree!

frogchops Wed 05-Jun-13 08:17:38

Oh yes I love it as a girls name, probably spelt with a Y. But it aint happnin over on team blue! Plus DP is a man utd fan so I knew exactly where it had come from :-/

badguider Wed 05-Jun-13 09:29:25

I love Isla and Mairi... but a very good friend of mine has a sister called Mhairi and a 16wo baby called Isla smile

I don't think I can tell you our boys name. DH and I hit on it in about 30 seconds before we even knew we were having a boy and I feel like if I say it out loud before he's born somebody will have a reason we can't use it and we have to smile

Girls names we weren't sure about at all so I'm glad we don't have to think of one - Rhona and Cara were both options... we wanted Scottish but not too overtly gaelic as we're east-coast lowlanders.

badguider Wed 05-Jun-13 09:35:45

Oh, and somebody I know has just had a baby at 33 weeks while away in Inverness. A little boy who is over 5lbs and doing brilliantly, no major concerns at all!

I have totally got it into my head that mine will be really late - I was late to feel sick, late to stop feeling sick, late to grow a bump... still not hugely bumpy, definitely no bh or breast changes except their growth to a comical size....

But this made me think about early arrivals... obviously the couple involved are now stuck in Inverness for a while... we're off to Northumberland next week... I better remember my notes - not that there are any major maternity hospitals in the middle of nowhere!!

fl0b0t Wed 05-Jun-13 11:26:39

So sorry to hear about the cat sad huge cat lover here. My massive ginger lump little man is the love of my life!

Great idea re fb, I'm happy to co-ordinate and moderate etc if you like? smile

flipflump Wed 05-Jun-13 12:14:15

Flobot, that would be great if you were up for setting it up, moderating etc. We can PM our names etc. I'm always on my phone, which is handy but not great for doing the more technical bits. In fact, I don't even know where my laptop is - bit of a technophobe!!

Derpess Wed 05-Jun-13 13:57:56

Hi all

I'm also very sorry to hear about the cat.

What does everyone think about Luke and Megan for my twins? Weebarra- great minds etc! We are 100% set on Luke but I keep dithering over Megan, don't know why. Also live Isabella but not happy with the twilight link to Bella and think that name may be very popular.

Ion, saw midwife today and she is referring me to a specialist midwife as my anxiety levels are through the roof at the moment. Have had depression in past so think they are being cautious. Anyone else suffering with this? Just really want to switch off and relax but constant irrational worrying is really getting to me.

jemimahpuddleduck Wed 05-Jun-13 15:17:45

Hi girlies

Thanks for the advice on Whopping Cough Jab (I know it was pages ago now!).

I really must post more often, I am always reading all your posts but rarely post myself so I am going to make more of an effort as of now!!

I think a facebook group is a fab idea, I am not on facebook personally but have just registered as Jemima Puddleduck so I can join you all when it gets sorted smile

Loving all the name suggestions so far.

JammyTummy Wed 05-Jun-13 15:29:40

shock @ Kim 'I'm going to eat my baby's placenta' Kardashian! I have never heard of that before!!!

flipflump Wed 05-Jun-13 15:35:07

Derpres, I hope they offer you lots of helpful support. No one deserves to suffer alone.

Beautiful names, love Megan and Meg. I have a nephew called Luke, I'm biased but he's an absolute angel. He has a huge personality, heart of gold and a real character. It's a fabulous name and makes me think of my handsome little Luke.

Derpess Wed 05-Jun-13 16:27:50

Thanks flipflump- your nephew sounds adorable!

juniper9 Wed 05-Jun-13 17:27:09

jammy apparently there's a craze over in America at the moment to not detach the placenta- people carry it around in a little bag until it falls off! Urgh!

Has anyone else been told to carry their notes at all times? I've been told to not leave the house without them- wonder if its because of my asthma making me high risk?

fl0b0t Wed 05-Jun-13 17:52:25

Placenta eating has been a "thing" for years! It's one those things that is nature (animals do it) and makes great sense.... But is also highly gross in many peoples opinion. I can't even get my head around the concept of someone having to cut the chord! Yuck!

I'll see what I can go moderating and setting up s fb group. I use the computer quite s lot and relatively tech savvy (plus heel husband) smile

fl0b0t Wed 05-Jun-13 17:53:40

Placenta eating has been a "thing" for years! It's one those things that is nature (animals do it) and makes great sense.... But is also highly gross in many peoples opinion. I can't even get my head around the concept of someone having to cut the chord! Yuck!

I'll see what I can go moderating and setting up s fb group. I use the computer quite s lot and relatively tech savvy (plus geek husband) smile

Kittenkatzen Wed 05-Jun-13 18:27:04

The carrying the placenta thing around is called a lotus birth, it's not a new thing I don't think. Not for me though, can you imagine the smell?! shock Definitely no placenta eating going on at chez kitten either - did anyone see the river cottage episode where Hugh F-W serve up some woman's placenta on canapés and they had the neighbours round for a party?! <boak>

I haven't been told to carry my notes around, but have started wondering what would be a good point to start doing so...especially considering I work 40 odd miles/2hr commute home so couldn't exactly nip home to collect them....don't want to ruin them though!

Good work on the fb page fl0, I'm on a private group for another thread too so let me know if you want me to nose at how that one got set up smile

frogchops Wed 05-Jun-13 19:14:41

No placenta eating in the frog abode either!! Yuk! Each to their own though.

JammyTummy Wed 05-Jun-13 19:47:10

It said in the Daily Mail article that you are recommended to blend it into a fruit smoothie as it hides the taste. Cause it normally tastes like liver... vom

Had a trying day with my usually amazing MIL who was just trying to do everything her way, from rearranging my nursery furniture to claiming that the dogs' dinners have too much hot water in them... Sigh... Just sat on the sofa after she left and ate a box of cold chow mein from yesterday.

EmmaDee Wed 05-Jun-13 20:11:33

Hi all, I read the placenta article too, no need!! I don't really fully understand how you can just wait for it to fall off??

Fb sounds good, let me know when its all ready. Sounds like s great idea!

CharlW1 Wed 05-Jun-13 20:17:05

Oh dear Jammy MIL sometimes think they know the best way to do everything - sounds like it was a blip. We had mine stay at the weekend - she was do much better than last time she stayed but still heard quite a bit of 'there was none of this when I was pregnant' cue me holding breath and stopping myself saying 'because things have moved on from 35 years a go!'

Just got in from work to find I have lots of lovely parcels from the fabric I have ordered from ebay to make my baby door hanger and some patch work cushions - can't wait to get started now smile

Joskar Wed 05-Jun-13 20:40:54

Derpess I think Isabella/Bella is a lovely name. I wouldn't worry about the Twilight connection: it's not what you'd call a classic and no one will remember it in a few years I'd bet. In fact it's quite old hat with 11 year olds already!

Did anyone hear the homework on the Simon Mayo show this evening? Seemingly there's a spike in the birth rate for the first two weeks of September. They reckoned it was a bit too much of the Christmas cheer!

I'd eat placenta, but perhaps not a whole one grin - I definitely want delayed cord cutting and natural third stage this time, assuming there isn't anything else going on like excessive bleeding. Even if you have a c-section you can keep your placenta and have it dried and made into pill supplements. Did I read that on here somewhere? Search for IPEN - the placenta has lots of hormones that (so the theory goes) your body could do with having back, so as not to get the fourth-day blues etc.

Booked my WC jab for Friday afternoon, and the actually very nice GP-receptionist said that a pharmacist would be qualified to tell me what hayfever remedies are ok.

Am presently in a lovely hot bath after a long long day. DH is mid way through his first week of being a househusband, and has done lots of very yummy cooking and useful washing/ironing, as well as lifts to/from station and almost all DS' bath/teeth/bedtimes, but has also done a lot of chaos-creating and clutter-accumulating ... which would normally be ok except that on Friday we have my brother and his months-old puppy staying for the weekend...!

I need to get out and help, I think. <habit of a lifetime, usually me that creates the clutter so feel guilty when I see any>

SGJ Wed 05-Jun-13 22:27:00

Delayed cord cutting wasn't an option for me with DD as the cord was too short to lift her up & put her on my chest! Had to cut it as I wanted skin to skin contact on my chest and that wouldn't have been possible for a while if we'd waited for the cord to stop pulsing/natural placenta delivery etc.
Not too fussed about delayed cord clamping, I'm fairly pragmatic about most stuff so will just see how things go on the day.

Quick poll: is anyone hoping for a home birth?

fl0b0t Wed 05-Jun-13 23:04:48

I have no idea why I'm up so late, I'm bloody shattered (struggled to get a seat on a busy train out of Clapham today!)

I have created a mumsnet group for Sept 2013 on facebook

It's here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/162292377284543/members/
(no idea if this will work!)

Or alternatively if you search for the group:
September 2013 babies- Mumsnet

The only member is me (picture of my wedding day making funny faces is my profile pic) and the banner image is my fat bump in a pretty dress! Sorry it's all about me, the more we add, the more we can do! smile

juniper9 Wed 05-Jun-13 23:23:08

I can't get it to work sad Can only see you as the admin, but not the group. And search isn't showing anything either.

I am trying on my phone, though, so might be the problem.

juniper9 Wed 05-Jun-13 23:24:33

Ah, it works if you take off the 'view members' bit


jennimoo Thu 06-Jun-13 05:29:34

I've been 'off the grid' almost a week but thanks to pg insomnia have caught up! FB group sounds like a great plan, I've clicked join.

Days ago there was talk if post-birth food and I'm definitely thinking of funny eggs, rare steak and Brie smile

Some of you mentioned shellfish and sushi but I thought they were fine as long as shellfish is cooked and sushi fish is frozen (which is usual I think) so if you're craving these do double check, especially as they're really healthy!

ION my aches and pains have arrived: had to keep standing in meeting yesterday as hips/ bum hurt so much. Time to start carrying my cushion around I think...

jennimoo Thu 06-Jun-13 05:30:00

Funny eggs!

HettySunshine Thu 06-Jun-13 06:59:19

I've clicked to join too. What a great idea. I did wonder what would happen once we had all had out littleys. Lovely that we will be able to stay on touch smile

Derpess Thu 06-Jun-13 07:24:30

Good point Joskar, I've got a while to dither for a bit longer anyway!

Eeeknumber3 Thu 06-Jun-13 07:41:02

Bleurgh placenta eating and dangling. With both of my other babies I couldn't get over the sheer size of the thing, it's massive, don't know what I was expecting, but it would feed all of us for a week!

Kittenkatzen Thu 06-Jun-13 07:45:19

Ohhhhh I was woken by the most hideous cramp in my right calf at 5.30 this morning - I knew as I stretched that it was going to happen too....poor DH got the shock of his life when I shot up scream/cry/laughing, the cats went flying everywhere! Ouch!

jenni thanks for the food tips - I love sushi and it was one of the first things I researched (priorities!)....sushi from supermarkets and most chains like Pret a Manger is fine as its all been frozen. Itsu freeze their tuna, but not their salmon (boo), and as you go up the sushi chain to nicer places/Japanese restaurants etc, the less likely they are to have frozen their fish (it's considered better quality as it's obviously fresher). I'm a sushi snob and would rather have no sushi than rubbish sushi, so have DH lined up to ship me in a shed load of salmon sashimi once baby pops out...mmmmmm smile

Right, sushi lecture over - I'm off to join the fb page!

jemimahpuddleduck Thu 06-Jun-13 08:59:10

I've asked to join too, as said previously I don't have Facebook so set up one to be solely used for our group which is why I have no friends blush

I've had a couple of cramping episodes but not for a week or so, did wake up with an achy bump this morning though!

I've asked to join too.

Joskar Thu 06-Jun-13 10:18:30

I signed up on the FB page too.

flipflump Thu 06-Jun-13 13:25:49

It's awful Kitten but like you say funny too. My DH suggested doing what footballers (typical) do and lie back and raise my leg, then flex foot back and forth, it really works!!!!

Mmmm sushi, can't wait to eat really good sushi!

fl0b0t Thu 06-Jun-13 13:54:10

Hi all,
juniper thanks for posting the link- sorry about that!
Should work. Got a few members! Please feel free to add cute bump pictures or anything else that takes you fancy!

I went to my first pregnancy yoga last night and it was great. I've bloody missed yoga. Not a hard class, but lots of contraction visualisation/ positions as well as normal yoga. There was one other lady at 25 weeks and the rest were past 30 weeks. Some of the ladies were a similar age to me and really nice (and also upfront about looking for nice mummy friends), and I think I've made a friend! Yay!

I can eat sushi?! no time to pick any up tonight sad but I can tomorrow! grin

SGJ Thu 06-Jun-13 17:00:10

Hooray, I have joined shiny new FB group. I must be the easiest person to match up with my mumsnet name as, duh, it's my initials... imaginative, non? Anyway, feel free to dona friend request and have a nose at my hundreds of photos.

Just got in from doctors appointment; couldn't get in to see midwife so got doctor instead and she was lovely! Was just back from mat leave herself so was really chatty and interested, yay! Gave me my whooping cough jab which I hadn't expected but was fine. It's the same one they give babies at 8 weeks so I felt like I could probably cope with the scary injection!

Fozziebearmum2b Thu 06-Jun-13 17:22:45

I've clicked to join!

Random question-what on earth do you wear in labour? I tend to wear v little in bed but would prefer something longish ie-covering my bum for hospital? And obv def not sexy, but can't seem to find anything appropriate....any ideas?

HettySunshine Thu 06-Jun-13 17:30:12

Fozzie, maybe a maternity nightie? That's what I'm planning on. I'll see if I can post a link to the one I have bought. Or if they don't float your boat, maybe just a big t shirt?

Here we go: https://m.mamasandpapas.com/products.php?category=maternity-clothes/shop-by-product/nightwear-loungewear#product-S0009893

Probably won't work but hi ho! smile

HettySunshine Thu 06-Jun-13 17:34:09

Oh well, I knew it wouldn't work (on my phone!) but mamas and papas have a few different ones and they are on sale at the more.

Mine is the purple one with the matching dressing gown a bit further up the list.

Fozziebearmum2b Thu 06-Jun-13 17:36:23

Thanks for the tip Hettie, I'll take a look :-)

Thanks for the fb group Fl0!

I posted a pic of our little bubba's new wardrobe :-)

flipflump Thu 06-Jun-13 18:14:53

I've bought a couple of (huge) nighties from Tesco. Didn't want to spend much incase they need to go in the bin post birth. My DH bless him asked if I wanted a onesie for hospital, had to explain the access issue!! grin

badguider Thu 06-Jun-13 18:42:27

sigh... need to head out to preggy yoga in ten mins but I really can't be bothered. Been out every night this week so far and just want to chill.... but next week we're on holiday so I should really go (and it's already paid for).

You know it's bad when you can't be bothered going to the most relaxing yoga class in the world blush

SGJ Thu 06-Jun-13 19:34:35

I bought a maternity nightdress last time and in the end just wore a really long maternity t-shirt from H&M that covered my bum - most likely because I went in to be induced at about noon so felt like a bit of a fraud putting the nightdress on at only 3cm dilated! After things sped up there wasn't really time (or inclination) to get changed!

ION, my arm is now really throbbing after my whooping cough jab. Bummer. Hope that's normal...!

Joskar Thu 06-Jun-13 19:38:09

SGJ Re: Home births

Are you thinking of doing a home birth? My sister-in-law is due two weeks before me and is all for it. She's totally against the "medicalisation of a natural process" hmm. I'm not allowed (according to the MW) because we're awfully remote and if anything went wrong the ambulance would have a bit of a job getting to us and getting us to a hospital with any speed. My absolute dream though would be a big water tank in the garden - hippy dreams dashed! On the other hand, I do quite like the idea of someone else cleaning up and the docs and so on being right there in case anything went wrong.

flipflump Thu 06-Jun-13 20:05:01

SGJ, my friend had hers last week and complained of a sore arm the following day. She struggled to even use hers, so I'd say it's normal and I'd also say, I'm not looking forward to it!

I was very keen on a water birth, I'm not a fan of hospitals and love the idea of being in my environment. My DH wasn't keen and after speaking to a few people that have had them, decided against it for this baby. Everyone has said both of us need to be 100% behind it. If this birth goes well, I'd consider it again, should we be lucky enough to add to the family.

SGJ Thu 06-Jun-13 20:46:49

I could be tempted by a home birth - had nothing but a tens machine and gas&air last time so wouldn't be fussed about pain relief, but don't think DH is too keen and depending on the time of day it might be a bit inconvenient if DD was ar

SGJ Thu 06-Jun-13 20:50:23

Grrr... if DD was around, plus don't fancy the clean up afterwards (though I wouldn't care at the time!)
Will probably just head to the midwife led unit at hospital if I don't go overdue again, as I am never ill and would like to make the most of the fact that I've been paying towards the nhs for years!!

Regarding my aching arm - it's now painful to lift and my sister tells me it'll be like this for 24 hours. HOORAY! Good excuse to make DH bring in the dry washing though!

Geesescareme Thu 06-Jun-13 21:08:17

Hi everyone I thought I would FINALLY pop by and introduce myself! I have been reading the posts for about 2months now and have finally gotten the kick up the bum to write something lol! The thought of everyone staying in touch on the new facebook page and sharing their baby news did it for me in the end and I definitely didn't want to miss out after reading about you all and your bumps for so long!

I am 25+1 weeks pregnant with a little boy, due 18th Sep. I had my midwife appointment last week and the heartbeat was fine. I was really worried my bump is still quite small but it measured fine which is a relief. I have the glucose test on Monday along with a growth scan and obstetrician appointment - gonna be a mega day! Also booked the WC jab for 28 weeks.

I have high blood pressure due to kidney problems and take tablets to stabilise it. Everything so far has been fine and its under control. Anyone else with high blood pressure? They want to keep an eye on if baby is growing properly so I will have quite a few scans from now onwards. Me having a small bump has only fuelled my worries on him growing though!

I want to reply to all the recent topics of convo but I think I might be here for days! On the nightwear front, this is something I have been wondering about, what to actually wear at the hospital! I have seen this one which looks good as don't want to spend a lot, hate nighties and only normally wear PJs.


Instead of me obsessively reading everyone else's updates every evening I might actually now contribute my own lol!!!

SGJ, there's a homebirth in Sept/Oct thread here. The MWs do the clean up for you in your own home, leave you alone in your own bed/sofa, and come back to do your day 1 checks once you've had some sleep. Plus, no infuriating hanging around to be seen by a paediatrician before they "let" you leave, no overheated post natal ward full of other mums and babies not getting any sleep... If it goes well, it'll be the absolute best. We are five minutes from hospital so if things weren't going well I know it isn't a bad transfer, and I also had a longish but straightforward first birth with just tens, pool and G&A... Fingers crossed!

Geesescareme Thu 06-Jun-13 21:38:32

Ps I have requested to join the fb group too, hope that's ok!

flipflump Thu 06-Jun-13 21:39:37

Rake, you've just described my perfect birth!! Might have another chat with DH and see if I can quash any fears.

MammaGnomes Thu 06-Jun-13 21:42:28

Anybody getting swollen feet? Just noticed mine are quite fat one in particular Its like twice the size, I'm at MW next week so going to mention it then

jennimoo Thu 06-Jun-13 21:59:20

I think my feet and possibly legs feel swollen the last few days, my shoes were definitely feeling tight. I don't think I had this last time but I think it's pretty normal.

The MW (mines gone and retired) at my 28week appointment a few days ago couldn't believe I hadn't been seen since 16 weeks and did loads of stuff: bloods, wee, anti-d , mat b1... However she didn't mention whooping cough and I forgot so had to text her, and have got appointment at GP surgery in a week or so. Not looking forward to it after hearing about achy arms!

jennimoo Thu 06-Jun-13 22:01:13

And I wore a size 20 (normally a 12) long sleeveless top thing in labour and in the pool with DD. Took it off right at the end though so MW could see what was going on. I found it today and it looks like it m

jennimoo Thu 06-Jun-13 22:01:43

Might fit well now this time around as I'm so much bigger...

Derpess Thu 06-Jun-13 22:07:06

Welcome Geesescareme!

CharlW1 Thu 06-Jun-13 22:09:09

Welcome Geesescareme to the group!
Sounds like you are being well looked after if your having lots more checks.
No one has mentioned the WC vaccine to me yet - I'm nipping to have yet more bloods taken on Monday so will have to go to the ante natal clinic and ask.

Yes to suffering with swollen feet and legs - I gave a pair of sandals on their last legs which are bliss and a pair if flip flops - everything else feels a bit tight!

SGJ Thu 06-Jun-13 22:14:36

Thanks Rake! Once I've finished my super-geeky MN-FB spreadsheet I'll take a look at that thread!

Kittenkatzen Thu 06-Jun-13 22:25:49

Hooray for the lure of fb bringing out the lurkers grin

It hasn't even occurred to me to even think about what to wear in hospital tbh! Am hoping for a water birth though. Have you all started packing your hospital bags yet? What are you putting in them?

My bump feels really tight and uncomfortable this evening. Probably nothing to do with the massive bowl of spaghetti & meatballs I had for dinner. My belly button is looking suspiciously shallow though - has anyone else popped out yet?

Oh and I'd like to you to join me in a moment's mourning please, for the loss of.....my ankles sad I now have proper cankles <cry>. mamagnomes I am feeling your water retention pain!

EmmaDee Thu 06-Jun-13 22:36:09

Kitten, I know the feeling, had the biggest bowl of mussels for dinner, belly/bump feeling a tad sensitive. Feel a bit bokey to be honest. Ugh.

Cracker idea fir the fb page, great to put faces to names!

MammaGnomes Thu 06-Jun-13 22:43:28

hmm Kitten they feel like they are going to burst open, think the heat and the half hour walk earlier might have something to do with it though

Joskar Thu 06-Jun-13 22:55:47

So nice to see all the other bumps on the FB page. So many comments from folk about twins etc that I've been panicking about being too big. Plus my ma going on about weight... sad

I've eaten chocolate every day for months and I don't even like it normally. D'ye ever feel like an alien has taken over your whole mind and body?!

Anyway thanks you lovely supportive people for making me feel so much better. grin

juniper9 Thu 06-Jun-13 23:05:16

Joskar I played a fun game of 'am I bigger or smaller than...' with my DP earlier poor lamb He reckons we're about the same size and I'm only 23+4. I didn't think I seemed big but now I'm worried! Have finally put on some weight, though, which is a relief. Only 7lbs when it should be nearly a stone, but baby is booting me and I feel fine so I hope it's not a problem.

Kittenkatzen Thu 06-Jun-13 23:23:49

Yy to the heat and walking making the swelling worse. I think know I've also not been drinking enough water so will make more of an effort with that tomorrow. Just so frustrating needing to pee literally every 5 seconds!

Urgh emma I normally love mussels but the thought of them makes me slightly queasy now!

Was going to post a bump pic but decided I looked too ropey after a day at work/long commute! Will do one tomorrow/sat instead!

Seeing everyone's bumps is so re-assuring. About 2 weeks ago everyone was saying how big I was, now all the comments are 'you don't look very pregnant'. Was starting to freak a little as weight gain def slowed last week (am +11lbs at 24+4). I think DH thought I was mad when I shared my concerns with him he obviously thinks I look massive. Anyways, it looks like I'm fairly average compared to the group so can relax a little...will post a pic later as I really should be sleeping right now

Yes, yes to the swollen feet. I've bought new shoes for work that are a whole size bigger so I can still walk when my feet swell. I made a spray thing for them, which is basically a watered down moisturiser with lots of minty oils in. Only helps the swelling slightly, but is very soothing.

As for weight gain, I lost a little to start with, so I've put that back, plus 11lbs! I didn't think I was doing too badly, the MN pages says 17.5lb to 30lb overall. I put on so much last time round, was really hoping I wouldn't go the same way again. (not normally obsessed with my weight, I promise! grin)

ION, my lower back and hips are very sore today after a busy day at work yesterday where I ended up covering a double shift on the reception desk. sad Will be waddling in today in flipflops with extra cushions.

PurplePoppySeed Fri 07-Jun-13 07:59:40

SGJ - I'm definitely hoping for a home birth, have also signed up with an independent midwife last week! Very exciting.

Rake - I'm going to check out that link too thanks smile

Fl0 - I'm still not "out" on FB, would love to join the group but don't have any clues I'm pregnant on my page just wondering if the group would show on my profile?

Purple I'm pretty sure it's hidden on mine...but then I'm also fairly sure I have a privacy setting that says 'don't share anything related to groups i'm in on my news feed'.

FB privacy has got so complicated nowadays that I'm never 100% so end up going in as my husband to check what other people can see!

Eeeknumber3 Fri 07-Jun-13 08:14:23

Ooo will join Facebook grou now, I'll be the one with the photos of my misspent youth as a profile pic and my now 7 year old boy when he was one!

Joskar Fri 07-Jun-13 10:53:42

Joining the group on FB has made me finally decide to out my pregnancy on FB cue a thousand nice messages saying hurrah. That's quite nice.

Someone said to me yesterday I have a very tidy bump <nearly hugged her> and it was all up high. Even better, she didn't follow that with an old wives tale about how it must therefore be a boy/girl/whatever.

purple, I don't think joining the group will show uup because it's a closed group. But I can't be sure.

Mooster1709 Fri 07-Jun-13 11:30:27

Trying to catch up - you lot are fast - I was only away for 2 days and feel like I've missed loads!

Welcome Geesescareme!

FB page a brilliant idea - have signed up (mine's the pic of a romantic saga book cover - doing these pictures was how I funded myself through my PhD, and I look nothing like it in real life).

YY to swollen feet. Mine are enormous. Flew back from Galsgow yesterday and completely lost my ankles. They don't seem to have re-emerged today either.

Had GTT this morning at hospital, so was up at 6.30 and didn't get to eat anything until just now (11.30). Made me feel very odd/lightheaded. I compensated with a full fat latte and a cinnamon swirl. One is never enough though, I find...

Also thinking about what to wear in labour. Maternity nightdress sounds perfect, but they seem to only come in 'pretty' colours and really I'd like black, charcoal, or navy at a push. And since I'm not a nightdress wearere the rest of the time, I really don't want to spend very much. Bit stuck for ideas.

badguider Fri 07-Jun-13 12:16:26

Yikes! Have just agreed to do some work for a cient I REALLY want to work for that involves running a workshop when I'm 37 weeks and finishing the report by the time I hit 39 weeks.... Oh I REALLY hope he doesn't come early or I am going to be emailing in labour and on the post-natal ward!!!!

I will only be working around 2-3 days a week in total from 35weeks onwards but I just have to squish this in as I want to go back and do the next phase for them next year....

PurplePoppySeed Fri 07-Jun-13 12:21:25

thanks all for advice, I'll try and sign up now...

PurplePoppySeed Fri 07-Jun-13 12:25:49

Facebook is a funny thing isn't it smile it's not the end of the world if people know now and all my friends already know - I've just been really lazy about it - just checked and I've made a few comments that hince about being preggers and I'm in a photo with preggy friends so noisey ppl would probably have guessed already smile I'm the one with motorbikes as my profile - I know - very random, but it is TT week smile

Fozziebearmum2b Fri 07-Jun-13 12:42:38

So true that it really comforting to see everyone else's bumps. I've been told for months how massive I am by everyone I see-I got a bit of a complex. So nice to see that Im just the same as everyone else who's 6 months prg!

Will post a bump pic

flipflump Fri 07-Jun-13 14:38:41

No one has commented on my bump - they must be too scared! I was a size 16 pre preg. I think for a while I just looked bigger, rather than bumpy. I'll brave it and put a pic on the fb page later. Visiting family at the end of the month, they're more likely to comment! I'm proud of my bump, don't mind if folk say its huge, we're growing little human beings, we're supposed to be big. grin

kipsonline Fri 07-Jun-13 18:30:25

Ooh hello everyone! Just catching up! I've requested to join fb group too, will be lovely to get to know everyone better... Another cankles sufferer here, got v bad varicose veins in last 2 pgs so think I am prone to old lady legs on general sad I'm booked in for WC at 29 wks nxt wk, really looking forward to the dead arm now then?!? Also got another growth scan nxt wk and GTT...may use the image of placenta munching to stop me wanting to eat during the test!! Boak!! Am off camping in sunny peaks this w/e with 2 v excited little boys, hoping I can get comfy on my air bed??

PurplePoppySeed Fri 07-Jun-13 20:21:48

I'm the opposite fozzie I'm starting to realise that mine is still small even though its grown massively in the last couple of weeks!

Joskar Fri 07-Jun-13 20:25:34

The only thing is can we make a pact to not mention exactly how many lbs have been put on? Every time I read about the lbs it makes me freak out.

PurplePoppySeed Fri 07-Jun-13 20:49:04

Good plan!

SGJ Fri 07-Jun-13 21:18:17

That sounds like an excellent plan Joskar! I'm assuming weight gain is all in the boobs and stoically ignoring the scales... and eating pizza & chocolate!

jennimoo Fri 07-Jun-13 21:24:28

I've weighed myself once this time around. Wasn't too bad but would rather not know! I weighed myself regularly in first pg and my app kept saying I was on track, but doubt it would this time!

herewego2 Fri 07-Jun-13 23:31:59

I covered my eyes today when the midwife cattle prodded me on the scales! Also, have the cankles y DH keeps filling a bucket of cool water for my feet. On a different note I appear to have fallen in love with marmite....

Dorita75 Sat 08-Jun-13 07:01:26

I'm totally out of the loop after a week's holiday and the thread is sooooooooooo long! Hello to new people!

Sorry to hear about the loss of ankles. I still have mine and instead am suffering from the worst cramp of my life. Woke at 4am 2 nights on the run feeling like my calf was being twisted from the inside! Horrible. Ok last night and wonder if it's because I spent all yesterday stretching it during the day and got some exercise my riding my bike to work?

Anyone else had these leg cramps?

fl0b0t Sat 08-Jun-13 11:31:38

purple I think it may well, so sorry about that! I'd I'd made it private then no-one would be able to see it to join sad

Girraferama Sat 08-Jun-13 14:00:34

Hi all, it's been a while - have had a few manic weeks as well as 2 weddings, a week in Spain and a camping trip! Great to read through (most of) the posts and hear how everyone 's getting on.

Haven't really mastered mumsnet enough to post pcs or view anyone else's but will hopefully be better on Facebook!

All is well here, still got my ankles - had a couple of swollen days and a few cramps but largely trouble free.. My biggest complaint is a permanenct stuffy nose, which is apparently common in pregnancy (though my midwife had never heard of it) which is causing me to snore really badly and driving my husband and me mad! Have bought some (really sexy) nasal strips from boots which do work but keep peeling off in the middle of the night! Anyone else having this problem and got any solutions?

Holiday was fabulous and heat was no problem, but I did miss my body pillow - now booked in for physio next Friday to sort my hips out!!

Girraferama Sat 08-Jun-13 14:24:08

Oh and one more thing.. How much movement is everyone getting? I'm 26 wks now and feel something every day but it varies dramatically and I sometimes barely feel her at all. Also there is no pattern to it or response to loud noises/cold drinks/ prodding etc like all my emails keep telling me.. Not really worried but wondered if I'm the only one?

SGJ Sat 08-Jun-13 15:04:10

I went through a phase of very little movement a couple of weeks back - I'm now 28+3 and it's more noticeable again. The community midwives were crap and said 'oh, as long as it is moving a bit, we're not worried', which my midwife sister said was an awful response and when she mentioned it to the other midwives & doctors at her hospital they agreed & said to be sure to demand an appointment to listen to HB if I was ever concerned again. They even said they'd do a cheeky scan!!
My lack of movement was due to an anterior placement and it being in a well cushioned position, and like you didnt seem to respond even to ice cream - it was a fairly stressful couple of weeks but all is ok now baby has shifted a bit.

I have less movement today and am trying not to be concerned - had the usual first thing in the morning kicks and then just the odd single wriggle.

Had WC jab yesterday and my arm is really tender today, like I've been given a manly shoulder punch! DH is doing absolutely everything around the house to let me simply go to work then come home and relax and I still manage to feel perma-tired...

andadietcoke Sat 08-Jun-13 17:15:52

giraffe and rakea I'm the same - 26+5 today and have actually booked a 4d scan for tomorrow (cheapest way to get a reassurance scan as I swore blind I wouldn't have a 4d one!!) to check everything's okay. I feel one baby regularly, but the other one is quieter (she has an anterior placenta though) and causes me a lot of worry. Lying on my left after eating and drinking always seems to work to get the more active one moving though.

PurplePoppySeed Sat 08-Jun-13 17:53:03

No worries fl0 it's about time anyway smile

Dietcoke - this may seem like a silly question, but how do up tell which ones kicking, my kicks come all over so I just wondered? Must be amazing having two in there smile

TripleRock Sat 08-Jun-13 17:56:43

Just caught up and sent a request on the fb page too, great idea

andadietcoke Sat 08-Jun-13 18:46:09

purple I don't, most of the time, so I worry that only one is kicking! I asked the mw about counting the kicks when i couldn't tell who was who and she laughed at me and said I'll never know which one is kicking. Maybe after my growth scans start at 28w and they haven't got room to move around I'll have a better idea. One has an anterior placenta too, and that's the side I feel less movement on too, so I attribute some of the reduced movement to that too.

ION just realised the scan is £55 more than I thought it was because I wasn't clear when I booked it. Not sure whether to cancel given my next NHS scan is in ten days, but I do have a really important work week this week so it would be nice to have less anxiety. Argh.

JammyTummy Sat 08-Jun-13 19:48:50

dietcoke I find your twins absolutely fascinating! I keep thinking it must feel so different to just the one! It's a shame that they don't always have the same placenta, I bet it would be so much nicer for them to kick about together!

Joskar Sat 08-Jun-13 19:55:38

Every time my DH puts his hand on the bump she/he stops kicking. DH reckons it's his natural authority (ho, ho, ho grin) transmitting to baba.

I haven't got the ankles thing but the carpal tunnel I've had since 10 weeks has got dramatically worse recently. I think it must be a combo of the heat and the swollen hands. It's mostly in my right too which is a complete bugger.

Any one else had a perfectly lovely day soaking up the sun? Our nearest neighbour is 2 1/2 miles away so I took the opportunity to let the bump have some rays. Also watched the lambs and calves playing and thought about how much nicer everything is when the sun shines.

Happy days!

EmmaDee Sat 08-Jun-13 22:30:47

Hi all,

Joskar I had the most amazing day just sitting on an island in strangford lough, looking at how beautiful everything is!! I do get really roasting now though, and have started to burn, never burnt before in my life, especially not in northern Ireland!!!

U also have the snoring issue, my hubby keeps giving off about it! Any suggestions on how to sort it are welcome!

andadietcoke Sat 08-Jun-13 22:31:08

jammy except if they're anything like my sister and I they'd be merrily kicking each other in the head wink

Will see where they are and what they're doing tomorrow hopefully - at 24w they were both breech and facing each other.

SGJ Sat 08-Jun-13 22:50:21

Aw, they were cuddling! Or challenging each other to fisticuffs, I suppose...
Rake, my WC jab was Thursday afternoon & the dead arm feeling has almost worn off now so hopefully you'll be back to normal by tomorrow night.

andadietcoke it would be great to see a scan photo...I'm also intrigued by what happens when there are more than 1!

I didn't have the best day yesterday, it was my nephew's first birthday & my chaotic bro made a complete shambles of it! Not really surprising, but very stressful for my parents who were hosting. I ended up completely exhausted & hungry to the point where it got to about 6pm and I had to go and hide and have a bit of a cry. I think my body is teaching me how it feels to be a small child....just all got too much! Anyways, fortunately DH had agreed to drive us home so although we didn't get back til 10.30pm at least we have the day to ourselves today...hopefully it'll be a little more relaxing!

I can't remember who mentioned the stuffy nose, but yes I'm still suffering...and snoring. Not tried any remedies, DH is just having to put up with that one....after all, he got me into this state!

I lost you all for a while. Been back at work for 3 weeks and I hardly get to look at MN. I've asked to join the group, my profile pic is me and my baby on a big tyre swing thing.

Still have ankles but my feet got a little burnt yesterday so that's sore. Feeling much sorer the second time around. Probably due to the small gap between my pregnancies. Hope everyone's doing well

PurplePoppySeed Sun 09-Jun-13 09:19:40

dietcoke I've got an anterior placenta too - some days I don't feel much at all, some days I feel loads. Most of the kicks tend to be downwards, on my bladder and inside my pelvis still + occasionally directly down which is the wierdest most horrible feeling! If you get any of those type kicks its probably your anterior placenta baby smile. It would be amazing to really understand the difference, as I've got much more tuned it to feeling it now, but they are rarely strong enough for DH to feel even now. I understand you feel so much more with the placenta at the back!

Ps I have a funny mental image of them kicking each other in the head now, knowing a friend with twins, I would imagine you're not far off ;) at nearly 2, her little girl still hits the little boy round the head when he doesn't do what she wants!

Geesescareme Sun 09-Jun-13 09:43:13

Girraferama I suffered with the most horrific blocked nose at the beginning of the second trimester. Have to say it lasted 6 weeks in total and was a nightmare. I must have spent near on £50 on various remedies and sprays! The only thing I found gave me any relief was vix sinex soother spray but you can only use it for a week I think as it can become addictive, I have to wean myself off! I expect th high pollen count at the moment is making it worse for you, I do sympathise it was horrible sad

I have varied days of movement (25+4) and no pattern yet with no response to sweet things/prodding either! I'm not really too worried as have a layer of fat for him to kick through he he and sometimes it's just annoying when he's moving around anyway!

Had the most horrific stomach pains last night, think it was trapped wind or something in the end but was a bit worrying as did feel like period pains. I'm going to be a nightmare when it comes to 'proper' pains!

frogchops Sun 09-Jun-13 10:25:51

Just wondering... If you have anterior placenta... Can it move? I'm feeling my boy move ALL the time, he doesn't stop for very long at all, day or night. I can't imagine feeling him more than this with a placenta at the back?! I can see him shifting about too, most bizarre!

After a few very busy, very tiring weeks (thank feck I've not hit 3rd trimester exhaustion yet!) I slept 9-7 last night, and have been ravenously hungry all morning! We're off out for lunch at DSILs in a bit, think I might have to eat before we go so I don't single handedly demolish the entire buffet! blush

My placenta is high and to the back, and all my kicks bar one have been down and in, so that must just be the way DD2 is facing. I can still feel them clearly, as they're not being cushioned, but sadly no one else can.

Have a lovely day all, I'm off to raid the fridge! grin

Holy mother of ... well, of pfb manic consumerism!! ... I've just spent the morning getting 0-3y everything out of the loft to have a sort through... actually not quite everything, I've left the cot, buggy and car seat up there. And most clothes and quite a lot of toys are out doing the rounds of friends' children. But the rest, dear god, just the stuff I wanted to keep would fill a decent sized box room.

Have already decided to sell off a very last-resort umbrella-fold buggy (in a fetching shade of poo brown) and a pair of stair gates that have to be drilled/fixed into the wall. Just a minute and I'll post a pic of the rest to FB...

TripleRock Sun 09-Jun-13 12:12:46

Frog, another one here with an anterior placenta but being prodded, kicked an wriggled to pieces!

Had same anterior placenta last time wirh DD and never remember the kicks being so strong!

About 26 weeks here now

JammyTummy Sun 09-Jun-13 13:06:36

DH and I have had yet another fall out about baby names.
All the ones we've ever agreed are now off the list, and he's yet to come up with something good and not just shoot down everything I suggest!
A severely hormonal outburst of fury ensued from me this morning after I came up with yet another lovely name in my opinion (Kiera) just to be told it was 'too Catholic'. WTAF does that even mean?!?

Jammy ... has DH got some hormonal pregnancy thing going on?!? what a random response!!

Kiera is a perfectly lovely name. Hope you find one you agree on, some day...

frogchops Sun 09-Jun-13 13:19:18

Went to see a midwife led unit closer to where I live.... Never seen one before but oh my life it was lovely! I wouldn't want to go home! Big decisions on wether to transfer to hopefully have baby there or stick with slightly closer to home hospital :-/

SGJ Sun 09-Jun-13 14:47:42

Jammy, I only know one family with a Kiera, ironically they are Catholic, however I've never once thought 'oh, that's obviously a religious choice'... now, Mary on the other hand...

JammyTummy Sun 09-Jun-13 15:46:00

I've asked to sit down and come up with a list of ten names which are not in any 'top 20/40' list and which have not been used by anyone we know for their kiddies/ themselves'. I just want something a little bit different and he seems to be completely unable to wrap his mind around that! Anyway, that whole Kiera incident has put me in a right grump today! And it was only made worse by finding that there are no biscuits in the cupboard...

fl0b0t Sun 09-Jun-13 16:05:14

joksar- baby does the same here for any of my friends. None have got a kick yet! Every evening when baby starts it's workout, I make husband keep his hand on for hours so he gets to feel as much as possible!

jammy- WOT NO BISCUITS?! eek biscuit
I made cheesecake last night so I have cheesecake AND leftover biscuits. And lemon jelly which I made to use to set the cheesecake with. And leftover cream. I think I win today!!

PurplePoppySeed Sun 09-Jun-13 18:15:14

frog and triple maybe it depends how high/low it is - but I'm sure they can all move - as they always talk about low placentas moving out the way. I guess the same for anterior ones - esp as we get bigger?

frogchops Sun 09-Jun-13 18:41:03

Hmmm maybe, I didn't properly feel him till 21/22 weeks but now at 25 he's non stop! I didn't get the whole flutters/popping thing either, just a good jab!

frogchops Sun 09-Jun-13 18:48:39

ION I am currently sulky about DP buggering up my plans for today. I planned to do some plants shopping, tesco shopping, plant the plants and then visit a cousin that's given us loads of baby loveliness.
DP decides he's going to invite evil SIL round mid afternoon while I'm shopping/planting/tidying/cooking/out visiting. She then decides she needs picking up because she's lazy (two kids in tow) and gives us a time that she's happy with. This meant we had to stop shopping in the middle of tesco, pay and go fetch her. She comes to our house, watches me put the shopping away, talks bolloks while I'm trying to plant things and gives up all responsibility of her children while she's here. After heavy hints to fuck off bk home go, 2 hours later she's just gone. It's now too late to visit my cousin and im starving. Proper huffy I am!! Grrrrr.

frogchops Sun 09-Jun-13 18:54:35

Rant over. blush Most annoyingly we didnt make it to the goody aisles in tesco. confused

KamikazeeKid Sun 09-Jun-13 19:15:48

My life ladies! I left you all on page 6 of the last thread and you are all knee deep in a not so new thread!

Hope I've not missed too much and everyone's ok.

28 week check in 2 days.

Terrible 2s have kicked in with ds!! nural how is your 22 month old coping?

I have done some baby-stuff sorting. I now have the whelping kit (thanks for that lovely term DBro) box in my bedroom, lots of wipes and bum cream, and a whole crate (you know, one of those fruit boxes from the supermarket) full of feeding/expressing stuff. I have enough absorbent bibs but only a tiny amount of first clothes - think the rompers and sleep suits must have all gone into circulation amongst friends.

Then I have a pile I call 'not immediate but up to 6 months' including cloth nappies, nappy pail, also short on clothes. Then a pile of 6-18 month (including what seem so tiny sized 'weaning tubs' and many many plastic full-body bibs), a small selection of toys and multiple sleeping bags. These might/might not stay in the spare room according to the redecorating scheme (as yet undecided) Going straight back to the loft are the boxes of 12 month plus clothes.

I am really surprised how stereotypically boyish the clothes we have are, though. And the toys and books are heavily tractor/vehicle based. I am going to have to get some good explanations ready that don't sound too right-on and wanky if it turns out we have a girl. She would/will wear the same stuff and some new, but so would a second boy.

frog, why on earth did you go running as soon as she called? I'd have explained nicely (once!) that we were shopping right now, but we could head over after we'd taken the shopping home. Next time tell her she can fecking well wait! Grr, making me feel grumpy on your behalf! <throws a snickers bar at frog>

kimjayne Sun 09-Jun-13 19:57:15

so today my boobs have started leaking!! really freaked me out as I didnt expect that to happen for a little while yet. ive always had fairly small boobs (B to C cup depending on the bra) and generally they havent grown much really. not been too sore so it really caught me by surprise.
hope u ladies are all enjoying the sun. x

frogchops Sun 09-Jun-13 20:17:39

Wasn't me mrs.... Was DP. Believe me I had my say, as I usually do about her in tesco. Unfortunately she is the stem of most of mine and dps arguments. He's just stupid and comes from a family who have to pin people down to times and specific arrangements. As soon as DP test to say how long wed be, she turned on the whole 'well I'm not sure it's worth coming if you're going to be that late' bullshit lark. At tht point id have said 'ok, never mind' but DP is FAR too nice. hmm

Ps. I don't like snickers. Any double deckers available? wink

frogchops Sun 09-Jun-13 20:19:24

Not that I only moan about her in tesco, lol. I just re read that! I could moan about her anywhere!