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Twins due in Novemeber - any others?

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Franykins Thu 23-May-13 09:07:10

Hi all, I found out at my 12 week scan yesterday that I am having twins!! What a shock that was, they aren't in mine or my DP's family so a total curveball!

Needless to say I feel a little all over the place this morning and pg hormones have gone into total overdrive. I am so overjoyed and excited but also shocked and nervous, if not a little scared to be honest.

Just looking to chat with people in the same situation to shares the joys and worries that may be ahead.

I have a big supply of brew and biscuit to share...............................

mumtolilh Thu 23-May-13 20:18:24

Oh wow I'm so jealous! I would love twins! I'm not in the same boat but wow huge congratulations to you! What a blessing ;-)

TulipMrsB Thu 23-May-13 22:23:39

I'm also pregnant with twins and found out at 12 week scan which turned out to be 13+1. Total shock and surprise! Now 15 weeks and getting used to the idea and getting excited. What kind are yours? Mine are MCDA.

Franykins Fri 24-May-13 09:05:45

Hello TulipMrsB how exciting smile and congratulations. I thought I was 12+2 at my scan but they moved my dates by a whole 2 days haha to 12+4. I am soooooooo excited!!! It's gonna be crazy but amazing grin Mine are DCDA so was informed by the sonographer that they are non-identical, have since found out from here that that is not necessarily true. Just have to wait and see I guess. But either way its gonna be great.

Having twins is going to double the number of children in the house though, as DP has 2 boys from a previous relationship that we have week on week off.

Do you have twins in your family?

Thank you mumtolilh

MrsKnocker Sat 01-Jun-13 07:50:29

It's lovely to find this thread! I found out yesterday that I am 13 weeks pregnant with non identical twins. Massive surprise as our intended third baby has turned into our third and fourth! Due 1st December which I am told means mid November as I'll be having another c-section.
Are you ladies getting your heads around it?

Sam1844 Sun 02-Jun-13 21:38:51


We have DCDA twins due in November and can't wait! It's great to have found this forum as I feel completely clueless!

MrsKnocker Mon 03-Jun-13 06:57:42

Me too! I think ours are DCDA too. Is that when they are non identical? It's all a new world to me!

TulipMrsB Mon 03-Jun-13 19:15:36

Congrats all! I'm just getting used to the idea now. PBS confirmed that due date will be around 36/37 weeks, csection most certainlyshock. Just been researching all the things I might need over the past week. I'm soo confused!

TulipMrsB Fri 14-Jun-13 18:50:19

Hope you're all alright. Had our 18 week scan today and both are growing well. Anomaly scan in a couple of weeks.

We're not finding out the sex, keeping that as a surprise.

Off on our last couple hold in the sunshine!

Bibblebo Mon 17-Jun-13 22:06:48

Mee too! DCDA twins and 20week scan 3rd July.
Saw a great doctor. I'm thoroughly encouraged to have a vaginal birth if all is normal - I'm surprised!

Franykins Tue 25-Jun-13 10:13:55

I lost this thread! Silly seen as I started it hehe.

I am now 17+4. We had a private scan on Sunday, hoping to get a pic of them together but she couldn't because of the way they are laying, but we did find out its one of each grin I never wanted to find out when we thought it was just one, but I'm thinking forewarned is fore planned at the moment as we have so much going on. We are not telling everyone though as we are waiting for it to be confirmed at the 20 weeks scan (still waiting for the date of that) They are both about 13cm though and little girl was a bit bigger - however little boy was kicking her in the head! Is this a sign of things to come (confused) haha.

How is everyone feeling? I am fine, other than tired! Have started to feel them move a bit as well grin

Have any of you started your shopping? We are going to Kiddicare on Friday to have a look and hopefully put an order in grin I can't wait, we only have two little pj sets atm.

I would like a vaginal birth if its possible, the thought of a c section and then being left home alone with two babies scares me s***less to be honest. Well the whole c section thing does really. I haven't had anyone talk to me about this yet though and haven't got another midwife app till I'm 21 weeks and not seeing consultant until I'm 24 - is this normal or am I missing out? I thought we were meant to be seen more, or is that just towards the end? I have had all my growth scans booked in - the sonographer booked them when we were at the 12 week scan.

Sorry that was all a bit long winded!

Oh and DCDA can be identical if the egg split within the first 4 days smile

SweetieTime Fri 12-Jul-13 13:05:22

I am a bit behind you at 15+3 but know how i have a million questions. We are going to find out, if we can, what sex we are having. I prefer to be forewarned as I feel there is a lot to prepare for. We are paying for a private 20 week scan on 12th Aug and our NHS one is the following week. I get seen by my local mw every 4 weeks, although I have been less than impressed with her so far. Her opening statement was "I know nothing about twin pregnancies" - what did she miss that topic at midwife school? So far my last pee sample has been lost and my bloods so I have to have them all repeated at my 16 week appointment. We should be listening for the heartbeats at this appointment too but I won't be holding my breath.

We saw the twins consultant at our 12 week scan and then will see them every 4 weeks from our 20 week scan. Not much was discussed at the 12 week scan, although the consultant seemed to be pushing us down a natural birth route. I would prefer a c section myself, it is each to their own on this. She did say a decision wouldn't need to be made until much further down the line. She didn't mention if I should be only suppliments or anything, I will ask again next time I go.

I have been really well so far, very few symptoms, only sick twice. I was more tired about week 10 but now feel back to normal. My bump is starting to show a bit, although I just feel fat. I am sure people would think I have just put weight on. My feet are so hot in this weather, I have taken to sitting with my feet in a bucket of cold water. And I have been getting through ice lollies like nobodies business.

We went to kiddicare a few weeks ago to look at buggies. It was quite overwhelming the amount of choice. We will be going back after our 20 week scan, when we know all is well, to start making a list of thing we want to get. Have you decided on a buggy yet? We found this the most difficult thing as there are different options, not as many as for a single baby but still many options to consider. We also need to get a new car as I only have a fiat 500 so no way a double buggy will be fitting in the boot.

Gosh this post has got a bit long winded too, sort of runs away when I got going.

LLNO Thu 25-Jul-13 08:17:32

Hi All

I;m 25 weeks pregnant with DCDA twins but haven't bought anything yet. I'm not sure if I'm being lazy or a bit paranoid that I don't want to tempt fate as from finding out it's twins I've felt a lot more worried that something might happen during pregnancy. I wasn't this bad with my daughter (now 2.5). Has anyone else been the same?

Thanks xx

millsy44 Sat 03-Aug-13 20:54:41

Just the kind of thread I was hoping for. Just hit 19 weeks, with MCDA, so likely due 1st week December. Also found out at 12 week scan, and v surprised has had been healthiest start I've had in 4 pregnancies. Struggling a bit with SPD, as last 2 times, plus nausea just kicked in, poss indigestion? Definitely more worried about everything turning out alright, esp as this is my smallest gap, 2 1/2 years, so still have dependent toddler. Just really looking to see how other people are holding up & any tips on useful bits of kit

Hi All
I've just joined the site for exactly this reason! I'm a bit further along as we are currently 28 weeks with MCDA and have just booked our elective C-section for the end of September. I had been really calm ever since finding out that not only were we expecting one baby we had two hiding in there. But now we've picked their birthday I've started panicking so much!
Because we moved during the pregnancy I've had to change midwife and GP which has meant a fair bit of conflicting opinions. Luckily, my consultant hasn't changed with the move although I haven't been able to see him at every scan and appointment.
I have been suffering from high BP throughout (it was borderline before I found out I was pregnant) and this has meant every time we see someone other than my usual consultant, we get booked in for extra BP checks and hospital appointments which - when we attend them - we are told by the hospital we don't need. I've never had so much conflicting opinion about anything!!!
Wondered if anyone else was finding the same thing with conflicting advice from their medical profs?

Franykins Mon 12-Aug-13 09:36:13

Hi everyone, how are you all doing? We have been busy sorting the house out, but I still don't feel we've got anywhere! Just feels like we have so much to do and so little time to do it in.

I am now 24+3 and feeling great though which is good, even with the lack of sleep! I have finally sorted my maternity leave and will be finishing at 34 weeks with a week of annual leave and then mat leave starting at 35 weeks. Although I am doing well and feeling ok I can't wait to finish work.

We thought we had decided on names, but have since found out one has become VERY popular this year which is putting me off slightly. I still love it but as I have grown up with a rather uncommon name I wanted the same for my children. However, my next choice DP isn't so keen on sad its hard work this picking names!

Had my last mw appointment on Friday and she is pleased with how I am doing. BP and urine both ok, just my ankles have started to swell slightly but not enough for her to worry. Unfortunately the special twin antenatal classes that they run in our area had to be cancelled this month due to ill health and we have been told that we will be added into the October ones, if they start back up by then, but I'm worrying it will be cutting it fine for us. I said this to my md and she said that if I haven't heard next month about then starting again she will do me a one on one session just to cover the differences between singleton births and twin births, which I thought was so lovely of her smile As it stands at the moment I am not worried about labour (just as long as our babies arrive healthy and safely) I've always been a believer that if you panic about things then you are more like to have something go wrong. I could be being naïve as these are my first, but my mw said its a very good view to have as the calmer you are the more 'calming hormone' your body produces - sounds good to me! Saying that I would personally rather a natural labour, but I am willing to be ready to adapt to what is best for babies. Sooooooooooo excited I can't wait to meet them smile

I We have been busy buying bits and pieces as we wanted to spread the cost. Saying that I was worried about buying the buggy at 18 weeks, but we got it half price with the carrycots so it was a deal we couldn't walk away from. It is being stored at DP DM's house, bless her. We also went to kiddicare and chose the Mountain Buggy Duet as it is still narrow for a side by side which I really wanted. I am thinking by the time they are two/three they will want to walk a lot so will chop it in for an umbrella fold stroller. Also have a good selection of clothes atm, so now want to concentrate on the cot and bedding. My mum says I'm being far too organised haha but I've just wanted to be a mummy for so long that I can't help myself grin

Sorry that turned into a mammoth post!

SweetieTime Mon 19-Aug-13 21:45:10

Evening all. We have had our 21 week NHS scan and found out we are expecting one of each and both are doing really well. They are both the same size as each other and slightly bigger than a singleton, so all really pleased.

We too have a short list of names for both, we went through the 2012 most popular names and chose the names we liked the most. Fortunately we had a couple of names that matched on both our lists. Of course we may change our minds before they arrive.

We are going to get our buggy, also Mountain Duet too, this weekend too. We are also going to get car seats and bases. We have a 10% voucher from Kiddicare so that is where we are going to get the lot. I am really looking forward to it. We haven't bought much else yet. I am going to start getting a few bits each week. I am only going to get Newborn and Tiny Baby sizes and then see what else we need after that.

I haven't got my mat leave sorted. I have 4 weeks annual leave to take so am thinking of going off from early Nov about 32 weeks with official mat leave kicking in at 36 weeks. We haven't talked about birth options yet but at our next consultant appointment (24 weeks) I am sure we will discuss it. We know T1 is currently breach but I suppose that all could change. I too have been blessed with a really good pregnancy so far, I hope it continues, but I realise as I get bigger things will become more difficult.

We have booked to do the TAMBA Practical Parenting course but nothing else yet. I am toying with NCT but not sure it is worth the £135 just to meet other new Mums. I don't know any other Mums, none with twins, but I am sure there are twins groups that will be good support networks.

We have ordered some forest wall transfers for our nursery as this seemed a neutral decor for mixed sex twins. We are going to get white furniture but haven't seen any yet. We will have a good look around. I like being organised too, I want everything ready and sorted by 30 weeks just in case. I can not imagine I will want to be trailing around shops when I am massive or when the twins come along.

Hope everyone else is doing well too.

ChocChaffinch Tue 20-Aug-13 20:51:14

hello twin mummies to be! I am reading with interest as would love twins, am 7+4 and unscanned and very very very sick...so who knows

just a note - if you buy baby clothes leave the labels on as people bought me the smaller sizes but needed more of the 0-3 and 3-6 mth sizes, also people buy seasonally inappropriate cloths in sales and the like, get ready to exchange like a diva! grin

congratulations to you all thanks

hetsto Wed 21-Aug-13 09:54:23

Hi all, My twins MCDA aren't due 'til December, but I'm hoping it's ok to join you on the thread anyway. How's everyone feeling now?

We're having two little girls and are so excited! It's been a bit of a bumpy road so far, but I think we're all doing ok now and aside from being rather big and tired I'm feeling well.

What are you all thinking of in terms of 'travel systems'? We took a trip to John Lewis last week and were totally overwhelmed!

SweetieTime Wed 21-Aug-13 10:07:28

Choc I have had very few symptoms, only sick twice at 11 weeks. So you just never know. When are you having a scan? We have loads of excited relatives already buying clothes so I am not sure what we will be getting. I am sort of hoping I will be able to buy my twins something and was thinking of getting things in Tiny Baby and Newborn as hopefully people will only get 0-3month stuff. I know I should be grateful but I was really looking forward to going and getting my own stuff and now feel that has been taken away from me somewhat.

Hesto is your Dec due date for 37 weeks or 40 weeks? My 37 week due date is 10th Dec but I am convinced they will arrive in November. I have nothing to base this on other than they are already measuring big and I am only smallish at 5ft 4. So I just think they will run out of room. Congratulations on the girls. We are having b/g DCDA twins. I am starting to fill out now too, I have posted a 20 week bump photo on my profile if you want a nosy. I am going to have to face reality a get into my maternity clothes I think. So how have you been? Glad the rocky start is behind you.
We are going for a Mountain Duet travel system with carry cots and intend to use the carry cots instead of moses baskets. We went to Kiddicare and were totally overwhelmed by the selection there too. So far we have bought very little but are planning a trip back to Kiddicare this weekend to get the major purchases out of the way. What buggy are you thinking of going for?

hetsto Thu 22-Aug-13 13:05:20

Hi SweetieTime, my Dec due date is for 40 weeks, so 24th November (or even sooner!) is probably more realistic for 37 weeks really... Congratulations on your b/g twins too, so exciting!

I've been feeling pretty well thanks, although, like you said, getting quite big now and running out of things to wear. Commuting to work is getting trickier and I tire quite easily, but I'm not feeling too bad in myself. How about you?

No idea really about buggies, there's an insane part of me that's tempted to just go for two single buggies for taking them out with DP and just use a buggy and sling when I'm on my own. That might be totally mad though! I've been buying a few bits of clothes, but I'm not sure how small to go really - just been buying the tiny baby and new born sizes so far...

SweetieTime Thu 22-Aug-13 15:26:40

hetsto I was told by consultant to consider 37 weeks my due date as they won't let you go longer with twins, although I have heard differently since. They did tell me 50% of twins come before 37 weeks so best be prepared.

Great you have been feeling well, I remember going for a 7 week scan and the nurse saying that all symptoms, sickness & tiredness will be multiplied because it was twins. Well that certainly hasn't been the case for me, I would hardly have known I am pregnant.

I don't envy a commute though I am lucky to be able to work from home as often as I like. That might be why I have found things easier as if I have wanted I have stayed at home in my pjs and taken it easy. I am thinking this will be really even better in coming weeks & months when I no longer fit behind the steering wheel and have nothing large enough to wear.

I am defo going to go for a sling, there is a sling library near me where you can try out and borrow different ones. Might be worth looking into if there is something like this near you. I am not sure I would be brave enough to not have a double buggy somewhere in the mix though. DH has said he will wear a sling too so we can have a twin each if we go somewhere busy, we love a farmers market.

Have you had much movement? I have only started to feel regular kicks in the last few days. It is bizarre as it seems to be the same time each day like they have already got themselves a bit of a routine.

hetsto Thu 22-Aug-13 16:44:15

Hi Sweetietime - yes, I think 37 weeks is much more likely, but I was told I won’t be allowed to go past 38. I definitely need to get prepared, there’s so much to sort out!

Working from home sounds like heaven right not, although I’m not sure I’d get very much done right now! Hopefully I’ll be able to do that once I get a bit further along though and the commute becomes impossible.

A sling library sounds like a great idea, I’ll have a look – thanks! Not having a double buggy may be total folly, but the idea of lugging such a massive thing around just fills me with dread really… We’ll have to do some more looking I think.

I’ve had some movement, but I can’t distinguish who’s who yet, I’m working on it!

SweetieTime Mon 26-Aug-13 16:55:26

hetsto we went to Kiddicare on Saturday and got our buggy, Mountain Duet, and car seats etc. If there is one near you it is worth going as they have loads of different buggies on display and are happy to talk you through each, how it folds and so on. They were really helpful. I know what you mean about the size and weight of them though.

I hadn't had much movement until very recently and even now it is mostly on my right side which is where the girl in on my last scan. I was told I have an anterior placenta so think this must be blocking more the left side where the boy is as I only get the occasional movement from there.

My bump has really come on in the last week or so but DH makes a good point saying that now we are at the proper growing stage the bump will grow twice as quickly as a singleton bump as there are two babies within. I hadn't thought of it like that but he is right so this is when we will really start to get bigger. I am not sure where I read that by 28 week and twin pregnancy will look the same as a 40 week singleton. I know everyone carries differently but I am a bit scared already.

Franykins Tue 27-Aug-13 12:57:07

Hey everyone, pleased to read you are all doing well smile

I have had a week off with DP's sons and three days with DP too so been very busy and not logged on. It's been a great week but my god has it been hard! We did Brighton pier on Monday, Pevensey bay Tuesday, Brighton shopping on Wednesday, London for museums on Thursday and then Friday I spent the day with a friend. I was pooped by the end of it and think I may have done too much. Saturday we DP moved furniture around and I did some more baby clothes washing and ironing, Sunday I did SOD ALL and loved it, then yesterday we went back to Kiddicare and ordered our cot and mattress for home delivery but also got a great deal on car seats (not fussed about them being able to attach to the mountain duet frame as they can't be in them longer than 2 hours recommended and they are not the same but two seats for £70 I wasn't complaining) also got some other bits and pieces so feeling a lot more ready now at 26+4 smile just need some cot sheets and bouncers and some smaller bits.

I can feel bubbas moving a lot now and can tell who is who (unless they have totally swapped sides but they've always been in the same position) Little boy to the right and little girl to the left and VERY low, as she always has been. She has also always been head down so as long as she stays like that hopefully I can have a natural birth as that is what I would prefer. My bump is now rather massive! But I love it, and I love it when people ask when I'm due and watch their jaw drop when I say November. I know what they are thinking, oh god she's big, so then I just casually drop in 'it is twins though' then get all the questions that go along with that.

hetsto I'm so pleased things are going well for you now and two little girls, how exciting smile 37 weeks for me is 9th November but who knows when they will come.

sweetietime I also read that by 28 weeks with twins you look like 40 weeks singleton, and I can vouch for it and I'm 1 1/2 weeks off 28 atm haha. I'm totally embracing my bump though and I love it (remind me I said this as I get even bigger) Although I must admit I wear a bump support but think that is mainly to do with bubba girl being so low down! They have to tip the 'bed' up when I get scanned to check her head!

Well that turned into a mammoth post, sorry.

cake and brew all round (I'm rather obsessed with cake atm hmm)

hetsto Tue 27-Aug-13 16:28:47

Hi all,

Thanks SweetieTime, I might have a look for a Kiddicare, there must be on somewhere nearby. Well done on getting your buggy and car seats sorted too, you must be really pleased.

I know what you guys mean about the bump growing too – I’m feeling pretty big now and people do look rather stunned when I say I’m only 24 weeks! I’m ok with getting big to be honest, as long as it means the babies are growing nicely… I’m just not sure what I’ll be able to wear; I might have to fashion a dress from a duvet cover if I keep going as I am at the moment!

Pleased to hear you’re doing well too Franykins, sounds like a fun but busy week off! Good work on the cot and car seats too.

Is anyone else still feeling sick, or had it return? I’ve been generally feeling ok since about 13 weeks, then morning sickness has made a sudden and gruesome come-back over the last few days. Dashing to the loo and crouching by the toilet bowl is a lot trickier now than it was backthen! Eugh.

hetsto Wed 28-Aug-13 15:24:56

Hi Sweetietime - I was thinking of what you said about bumps today, when I went to try some non-maternity clothes on in Next. I took a couple of pictures 'cause I couldn't quite believe how much my belly has jumped out recently! I guess we'll all be growing growing growing over the next couple of months but it's kind of hard to see how...

SweetieTime Wed 28-Aug-13 17:58:12

hetsto I think we will be growing at a speed now past the 20 week stage. The last 2 weeks I have really come on too. I look quite big now but I am trying not to care. It isn't for very long in the scheme of things and it is such an important time. I did ask my hairdresser if I could borrow one of her capes if I get desperate. I have a couple of more roomy maternity tunics I got from ASOS, I nearly sent them back as they seemed so massive but now I can see they may be the only thing that I can fit into soon.

Franykins can I ask about your planned sleeping arrangements for the twins? I am still stressing what to do for the best when we first get them home, then when to put them in their own room, and in their own room should they be in one cot or separate? I am sure I am over thinking it and things will just evolve naturally.

Have either of you bought any twins books? I am not sure if I want to take a prescribed approach in a book but probably need the tips and advice. Any recommendations?

hetsto Thu 29-Aug-13 09:43:17

Yes, I think you’re right SweetyTime! It’s not that I really mind, in fact I quite like my bump at the moment, it’s just a bit of a shocker and scary to think what it’ll be like by the end of the pregnancy. By the way, I had a nose at your photo and I think you look great, you inspired me really! Hehe, good work on the hairdressing cape, I’m going to scour ebay for stuff I think.

I haven’t bought any specific twin pregnancy or childbirth books, but did get the booklet from Tamba. There is a bit about twins and multiples in ‘What to Expect…’, but I’m not sure I rate it really. I have, however, bought a couple of books on parenting twins, including ‘Mothering Multiples : Breastfeeding & Caring for Twins or More’, by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada, but I haven’t actually read any of them yet…

I just thought I’d stick in my two-peneth on sleeping arrangements: we’re going to buy two bed-cots for them in their own room as I guess we’ll need them eventually anyway, then we can decide about co-sleeping them later. I’ve heard mixed opinions on that, with some saying it’s unsafe for them to share, and others saying it’s hugely beneficial! confused We’re going to go with moses baskets in our room to begin with I think…

Franykins Thu 29-Aug-13 09:50:19

Hi guys, I'm struggling this week! I think I defo over did things last week with the boys :-( but wanted them and me to have a good week off. By the evenings I am finding it hard to get comfy and sleeping is becoming a bit of a nightmare! I'm hoping it will resolve its self soon otherwise think I will have to mention it to my mw. Generally I feel fine though, just a lot of low down pressure by the evening but I was expecting this as bubba girl is lying soooooooooooo low down all the time. And the tiredness has returned. I'm 26+6 today so again I was expecting this as I got closer to the third trimester. Bless DP he keeps offering to sleep in the boys room when they are with their mum but I want to be close (well as close as possible) to him so tell him not to unless I am keeping him up, he's a good sleeper though so its not often I do smile However, on a good note I am still loving being pregnant grin and can't stop talking to the bubbas or rubbing my bely smile

SweetieTime as we are in a two bed house the bubbas will be sharing a cot in our room until we move, or they get too big then we will have to rearrange the room to get another cot in. I came of the pill in Jan after 16 years so we thought we had time to move etc before conceiving but nature had other plans, I only had one proper AF and then fell. We have said that as they get bigger if we are still in the house then when DP's boys are with their mum for the week we will get a travel cot and put it in their room so we can see how they do in a room on their own and get a bit of space back if that makes sense. I think by the time they go in their own room we will put them in a cot each but next to each other so they are still close.

I did by a twin book (can't remember the name of it or who it was by so will have a look when I get home and post later) However, I have found it so hard to find books that give me the info I wanted on twins and have found that internet research has been much more informative to be honest. I wanted something that gave a week by week diagram and information like you get with singleton books but just can't find one!

On the subject of bumps mine is massive!!!! I have just measured and my 'waist' is now 49"!!!! I was a 14/16 before getting pg so wasn't little but wasn't massive either. Surprisingly I can still fit in some of my stretchy size 14 pre pg clothes though but have gone up to a size 18 top, I've just been wearing primark vest tops and fitted t-shirts rather than buying loads of maternity wear. I have got maternity jeans, leggings and a few dresses though. I have had a fair few people telling me I look ready to drop. Well yes I have two babies, two placentas, two sacks, twice the water and extra blood flow, what the hell do they expect, I am over half way. I just ignore them and loving rub my bump with pride. We are amazing growing two babies grin I'm not saying growing one isn't amazing, but go us!

Why do my posts always end up long atm? Sorry x

SweetieTime Thu 29-Aug-13 13:15:28

Loving all this expectant twins chat, it is nice to have others to share concerns, hints & tips with.

Franykins you are a bad influence as I have had to measure my lack of waist and can report it is 40.5". I have a tracking spreadsheet, I am obsessed I know, for my weight so will record waist measurements now going forward. Not that I even had much of a waist to start with, I was a size 14 before getting BFP too. I have only put on 9pounds so far but think that is more to do with super healthy eating and no booze. I also take weekly pictures of myself in leggings and vest so I can see my growing bump getting bigger. I hope this will be a really nice record to look back on when I am back to normal, I am sure I just won't believe how big I got. I still fit into some of my pre mat clothes too, stretchy tops and jersey things are my friends. I have got mat jeans, tights, leggings and a few tops/tunics. I did get a nice beaded tunic top from Next the other day as I felt I had nothing special to wear going out. I hoping this will do me over Christmas when the twins are here but I am still carrying weight.

hetsto I have found the TAMBA booklets a bit rubbish too. I am going to see if the library has anything. I don't want anything too regimented, such as Gina Ford, just tips and guidance that you can take or leave. When you don't have any kids or even been around babies to be having twins is quite daunting. Let me know what you think of the book you have when you make a start. We have the TAMBA Practical Parenting session on Monday so I will share any tips from there too.

On the sleeping arrangements we have ordered 2 cot beds for the nursery and we have 2 carry cots for the buggy which I intend to use instead of moses baskets at first. We can not fit 2 cots in our bedroom so am thinking of using the carry cots and maybe even a travel cot when they outgrow the carry cots. I have heard the same mixed advice as you hetsto so not sure what to do for the best.

I am loving being pregnant too, especially now I actually look pregnant rather than I have just eaten all the pies. I am so lucky that I have been blessed with a really easy time of things so far. I am hoping it won't catch me up at the other end but so far so good. It is such a miracle that is happening inside us, it freaks me out a bit if I think about it too much.

YummyMummy2Twins Thu 29-Aug-13 20:48:22

Congrats to you all! Just reading some of these posts full of excitement and preparation brings back memories.

You will love it! My twins are 6 months this week. If you have any questions please shout. I'd be happy to share my experiences.

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 09:16:30

SweetieTime if I'm correct your about 22 weeks atm? I can't remember what my waist was then, but so far I have now put on about 2 1/2 stone. I'm sure this is above what it should be blush but I can't stop eating chocolate! I make sure I have healthy stuff too, but for someone who has never really had a sweet tooth its taken me by surprise. I was looking forward to stuffing all the pies and crisps haha. God that makes me sound bad! I was on weight watchers before falling so haha very healthy diet pre pregnancy, but all I can think about is chocolate! I'm sure I will regret it after the birth but I am just so enjoying being pregnant grin I also take a weekly picture in leggings and vest top smile love seeing the changes.

To be honest I have joined TAMBA and looked at a couple of the leaflets, but haven't taken up any of the courses or anything. From what I can see most of them are too far from me so haven't bothered with them. The book I got that I was talking about is called Twins - by Dr Carol Cooper & Katy Hymas but like I said its not perfect. I do still go through it as it has some useful info but its only quite small (I ordered it online and thought it was going to be a lot thicker sad) bought it cheap on eBay though so not to bad. I did have a look in my local mothercare to see if they had any twin books but they didn't.

Re the sleeping, you can get cot dividers if they are not getting on well co sleeping, so it kind of turns one cot/cotbed into two smaller ones if that makes sense. This will be our first port of call if co sleeping doesn't work. WE have had to get rid of so much from our room already and move a lot about so if we don't need two cots in there it would be so handy. Having said that of course whatever turns out to be best for the bubbas is what we will be doing. We have got a crib/moses basket form my mum as well, its the one she had for my sister then me, then two of course cousins went in it, then my niece and nephew. If rather big and is a proper basket type crib, not the soft moses type (if that makes sense) and my mum has made new bedding for it like she did for my sisters 2. Of course I have a new mattress for it. So if they don't' get on co sleeping we can use that for a while but my plan was to keep it in the lounge but it will fit in our room too. My mum is also in the process of making two patchwork quilts for them grin Love her! Then I have my nan knitting two blankets and a very close friend is crocheting pram blankets for us as well - one in purple, lilac and grey then the other in green, dark blue and grey. It's safe to say I'm feeling the love grin

Thank you YummyMummy2Twins smile

hetsto Fri 30-Aug-13 11:15:45

Hello all,

Glad to hear your still enjoying your pregnancy despite the return of tiredness Franykins! I suppose it’s inevitable as we get further along that we’ll start to feel the strain. Fingers crossed you’ll regain some energy as you get over the fun-packed holiday though, great that you had such a good time!

I’m going to have to join in with you two Franykins and SweetieTime on the ‘waist’ measurements – it’s just phenomenal! I’ll take a measurement when I get home later and let you guys know. I’ve only just started on the weekly photos, but I wish I’d done it sooner and also taken one of my pre-pregnancy belly as I’m pretty sure I’ll never see that again! smile I’ve discovered over the bump maternity jeans and they are the comfiest things ever! I might have to get another pair as I’m just living in them at the moment! I thought dresses were the best way to go, but actually these are way more comfortable.

Thank you YummyMummy2Twins, I’m sure there’ll be lots of questions as we go on.

Happy Friday everyone!

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 13:12:35

Haha looks like I started something with the waist measuring.

Definitely inevitable I think Hetsto but still worth it. I have just woken from a snooze at my desk! Luckily we're very quiet and the two guys I work with have come to accept that mid day I just need to snooze! I have Monday off with the boys too so trying to think of something to do that will wear them out but I can just sit an watch! If the weather is nice I'm thinking kiddie cinema in the morning then off to the beach with my mum, just have to wait and see. Also only have 7 weeks left till I start maternity leave - can't wait!

I started my photos at 11 weeks when I thought I looked 'normal' but DP said he could see the start of a bump (I should have been alarmed I suppose or guessed towards twins as I wasn't expecting a bump to show till later with my pre preg tummy haha) but going back over the pics is amazing! The difference between some weeks is mental.

Ditto with the maternity jeans Hetsto I love love love mine and want to live in them too, however I just seen to get too hot in them atm so am (sadly) waiting for the cooler weather to kick in. I think I struggle with the dresses now because I find it harder and harder to close my legs! The shame! Haha. Little girl is just so low that I can feel the pressure. So i'm being rather unladylike these days. Oh well. I love to wear my jeans with tight t-shirts and vest tops, anything to show off my mega bump grin

Ditto to Happy Friday smile only 3 more hours left at work then a mini pamper session for me, nails then hair cut (which has been left to grow for 13 weeks! No excuse as my best friend is a hair dresser and has cut it for the last 13 years for free!) All in preparation for a family members vow renewal/joint 21st birthday party tomorrow. Another long but fun day ahead I think.

SweetieTime Fri 30-Aug-13 13:18:35

hetsto I have only just started wearing my over bump mat jeans this week too. I have made do with my non mat linen trousers until now. But now it is a bit cooler I am glad I have the jeans to turn to. You are right they are so comfy, I am surprised by this too. I have mat leggings and tunics as an alternative standby. I have been wearing jersey skirts or dresses for work with M&S mat tights - again surprisingly comfy.

Franykins I have never had a sweet tooth either and really went off chocolate and ice cream in the first trimester, it was strong flavour crisps all the way for me, such as Seabrooks prawn cocktail, Doritos cheese and quavers. Now I am back to normal and the only thing I "crave" is grapes but only the purple ones. So at least it is a healthy craving.
My Mum is also knitting, she hasn't done blankets but has done these super tiny cardigans. So far we have one each. She has done only white as she started them before we knew what we were having. I know it is lovely for people to be making things for the babies isn't it.

Yummy can you tell us how/where your twins slept when you first got them home and how you found it & where they sleep now? Any other top tips you can offer us?

I have felt super tired today. Do you also have days when you seem to do nothing different but are hit by extreme exhaustion? I has only happened a couple of times so far. I am not sure if it when the twins are having a growth spurt but judging my how much my bump has grown this week that could be the case.

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 13:42:09

Oh god SweetieTime I had a major thing for prawn cocktail crisps too after having a dream I got drunk with my mum on red wine eating prawn cocktail crisps. Very odd but that kicked something off for a couple of weeks, and they had to be McCoy's nothing else would do. They are hard to find, I ended up buying the multi flavour packs but they only had two prawn cocktail ones in, DP had a lot of crisps to eat haha. I can't wait to get some of the things being made for us smile my friend who is doing the blankets is also pregnant, 14 weeks this week, so she said she will start them soon for me bless her. I told her not to worry now she is pg too as I don't want her being all busy on my behalf but she said not to be silly and that she really wants to make them grin

Good question for Yummy SweetieTime

Yes I have days like this (although its seems to be constant this week) and also put it down to bubbas having a growth spurt.

Just wondering how you are doing on picking names? DP and I are lucky that we like most of the same names, i'm just finding it hard to commit to any atm. I think I've made my mind up then have a wobble and change it. Nightmare! Haha.

hetsto Fri 30-Aug-13 14:04:17

I know what you mean about closing your legs Franykins, I haven’t quite got to that stage yet, but I do find myself naturally sitting differently to how I would have done before – never ever with my legs crossed and usually with feet and knees further apart. ..By the end I’ll be doing the splits! I like the jeans with t-shirts and vests too! smile

The pampering session sounds lovely Franykins, enjoy! I actually managed to get DP to paint my toenails for me last week – hehe! Have a great time at the party tomorrow – sounds like loads of fun!

It’s funny with the sweet tooth thing; I’ve always loved sweet food, but suddenly I’m all about spicy and savoury stuff – wasabi peas and chilli puffs are my current vices.

I’m similar with tiredness SweetyTime; often I’m totally fine and have plenty of energy, but some days it feels like everything is a huge effort and I just want to sleep constantly. I think it could be linked to the babies growing as I was pretty knackered last week and seemed to grow loads too.

We’ve started thinking about names and were going ‘round in circles a bit to be honest; we agreed on the types of names we liked but had different favourites. We don’t know many other people who are expecting at the moment, so have shared our thoughts with family and friends to get their opinions too, but now I’m even more confused to be honest! We’re currently thinking about Rosa Josephine and Eleanor April, any thoughts? …I can’t decide if I love the alliteration or hate it at the moment!

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 14:19:50

Yes I noticed I was sitting differently quite quickly, now I just have to have my legs apart!

I can't wait smile hopefully it will chill me out enough to get a really good nights sleep ready for the party. Somehow, and don't ask me how, I am still managing to paint my own toe nails! I hate feet and hate having mine touched so can't bring myself to ask DP to do it, although I'm sure he would do a great job as he paints model kits (my big baby!) so has a good steady hand. I do however love babies feet (which is handy seen as there are going to be 4 of them!) its just when they start to get walked on I get an aversion to them hmm

Oh they are lovely names Hetsto I really like them together as well smile So far we have Austin Leonard and Beatrix Pearl. Shortened to Oz and Trixie. My first choices were Evelyn Pearl and Oscar Leonard but both are so popular now (I should of had my babies 10 years ago when I fell in love with the names!) I know its not all about popularity but growing up a Francesca we didn't really know any others so it was nice an unique (Until I went to Italy for work of course wink) I've of course heard/met a few more now I'm in my 30's but still feel its got a uniqueness to it and want that for my children to. My sis on the other hand and her fam ( DH,DD & DS) all have very popular names that are all in the top 50.

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 14:23:02

Can I just add that I am really enjoying talking to you girlies and sharing our exciting times grin x

hetsto Fri 30-Aug-13 14:56:35

They’re gorgeous names Franykins, I really like them! I know what you mean about the popularity thing too – I really like Eleanor but I know it’s so popular now that I’m beginning to think again, I also loved Lily, but that’s rocketed in popularity too. I’m called Heather, and like you, always really liked having a name that people knew how to spell and pronounce, but that was rarely rare. I’d like that for my girls too, but not at the expense of a nice name!

It’s great, isn’t it?! I’m really enjoying being able to share this journey with people having similar experiences too!

SweetieTime Fri 30-Aug-13 15:20:11

I haven't noticed I sit differently, I will take more notice now. I can imagine I will be mortified how unladylike I have become.

Franykins you are very brave all bump on show, I have been trying to keep mine as discrete as possible but I know that can not last much longer. Good luck with asking DP to paint your toes, I asked my DH to cut mine the other day and anyone would have thought I had asked him to cut off one of my legs. I ended up getting the Minx lady to do them, she wasn't fussed at all and said she would do them every time for me. Luff her. My twins feet have been the best bit of my scans. I have loved seeing them the most, the little flats of their feet. Surprisingly big I have always thought too, I can not wait to kiss their little feet - how soppy am I??

hetsto & Franykins both have chosen such lovely names, I really struggled with girls as there were too many I liked. We knew the sort of names we both wanted, something not too popular but not so extreme that no-one would know how to spell it. Franykins like you my DH has a bit of a different name, Joel, which he really likes but isn't too out there and we both wanted the same for our kids. I have a really common girls name of the 70s and don't want the same for mine, I have 3 friends with the same name as me. We didn't want old fashioned or too modern either plus we have a difficult surname. It is so hard isn't it.

We haven't told anyone the names we like as everyone has an opinion and their judgement changes how we feel so we decided to keep it a secret much to my DM and DSiL annoyance.
Our current favourites are Felix William and Amber Grace. Although my top would be Japser & Beatrix Franykins great minds think alike, I cannot believe we have the same names and it is something quite unusual. I am still working on DH for the Jasper/Beatrix combo but will see. We also have Frankie and Martha or Tabitha but DH is less keen on those.

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 15:31:11

Hetsto Heather is on our list. I've only ever known one and I was much younger then. It's a lovely name smile

SweetieTime I just find that if I try to hide my bump I look even bigger and before I joined weight watchers I was a size 20 so once I got down to a 14 I felt much more happier with myself and shape so my clothing changed as well. As all my weight gain has been bump I just thought 'sod it' lets get it out there. Of course its still covered just in tighter (but comfy and stretchy) clothes. I've always wanted to be pregnant as well and so I want the whole world to know haha.

We both really like war era names. I also like Mabel (little Mabs) but can't bring myself to use it. Also on the list were Martha (DP vetoed Tabitha but god knows why!) So looks like we have very similar likes SweetieTime I love the Jasper/Beatrix combo as well. I did have to work on DP for Austin, the first few times I mentioned it he just said 'shit car' But when I told him how popular Oscar is becoming he changed his mind and is now happy with Austin haha, I guess because they sound similar and we can still use the nickname. Like you I have stopped mentioning names to people (I have shared with family and very close friends though and they all like them but have their favs between the 4)

I've also really liked Ava, Ada and Ivy but a friend has just had a little girl Ivy and the other two are getting popular as well.

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 15:34:50

Oooo and Harriet (little Hattie) Constance (family name, little Connie) Heidi and the curveball of Genevieve. The only other boys name we considered was Max but both changed our minds on that.

SweetieTime Fri 30-Aug-13 15:42:07

OMG I love Mabel, I wonder if I can talk DH into Mabel as I am not 100% on Amber. DH has red hair so if twins take after him would it be cruel to name a red headed child Amber?

Franykins well done on the weight loss, that is an amazing reduction. You deserve to be proud of yourself for such an achievement. Out there and proud sounds like the way forward.

We went through the 2012 most popular names lists to get inspiration and wanted to avoid those most popular. Ava and Isla are really popular here recently.

SweetieTime Fri 30-Aug-13 15:43:38

I loved Kitty and Lottie too. We had Connie on our list too. Max and Zac were there but again too popular.

Franykins Fri 30-Aug-13 15:47:43

Go for it SweetieTime I think it is still an option for us, its a family name on DP side but I didn't know that when I said it. Amber for a read haired girl could go either way I think. That's a hard call. Sorry, that really doesn't help. Its a lovely name though so don't discard it just yet, you might take one look at her and just decided she is an Amber. Its such a hard choice, which is why I don't refer to the babies by name yet, they are my little bubbas grin

Thank you . Had a bit of a roller coaster over the last 5/6 years and my weight was all over the place, hence in the end going to ww to get myself sorted! Was so pleased with the results and will be going back when bubbas are born (but not in any hurry!)

That is what I did too smile

SweetieTime Fri 30-Aug-13 15:51:56

We also had Rosie, Sylvie, Eloise, Layla and Piper for girls. For boys Elliott, Stanley, Billy and Hector. I love thinking of names but it is very difficult when it is for your own.

YummyMummy2Twins Fri 30-Aug-13 21:27:39

Hi SweetieTime

To specifically answer your question - so we bought a big travel cot to put in our bedroom where they both could share and be together. This was only because a cot wouldn't fit in our room. The travel cot is a big nice one from Toys R Us where the mattress is raised, has music, night light and vibration effects. I only ever use the night light though. Plus when they finish it can be used as a play pen for downstairs.

I found this to be the best option because two Moses baskets again wouldn't fit in our room and they grow out of it so quickly. They sleep in it width ways instead on length ways and there was big enough space for them, and I put it right next to my bed so it was easy for me to pick them up at night just by reaching over. I was very close to them and could hear their breathing which was reassuring.

We still bought two cot beds which is in their room and we are just at the stage of transitioning them in their own cots. We are putting them in there for lunchtime naps so they get used to it before going on to the nights. But for now they are still in the travel cot as I'm still breastfeeding sometimes in the night so it easy for me to pick them up and put them back to sleep quickly.

Ok other top tips. Sorry for long essay.

First of all let me say, everyone's situation is different and what might have worked for me might not work for someone else. But I hope this does help you. I found as well as support, we had a lot of interference, advice, what you should and shouldn't do blah blah blah (mainly from parents who BTW never had twins) Best advice is do what works for you and your babies.

So this is what helped me:-

~if you or someone else is planning a baby shower on your behalf. Do a raffle to win a lovely prize of some sort. Their entry fee will be a pack of nappies. My aunt planned this this for me at my shower and we had soo many nappies which lasted us for 5 months. Some people bought boxes of them and loads of baby wipes. It helped us loads costwise and we never had to leave the house! Was such a good practical idea.

~if you happen to be by yourself on the ward in hospital, don't feel afraid to ask midwives to take babies for a few hours in the night so you can rest. One lovely midwife offered to do this for me and fed and held them so I could sleep. I asked again the next night.

~ if you can, get mum, in laws, a close friend to come and help for the first week to help get you settled. For the first week my mum stayed with us to help with feeding, meals etc. My mother in law cooked and sent batches of food. I hated my hospital experience and just wanted to go home. Going home to a freshly made bed, a hearty dinner prepared, babies cot ready was absolutely divine. Sometimes mums do know what's best smile.

~if bottle feeding, for night feeds keep bottle warmer upstairs with all the feeds your will need for night. We used the ready made up milk and prepared 2 bottles each from 10pm onwards for the 1am and 4am feeds. You can use a cool bag/ice box with some ice to keep it fresh. I decided to do this because one night I literally nearly fell down the stairs going to the kitchen, I was so tired.

~ keep the little mini bottles they use at the hospital and sterilise and use when you get home. I did this because one of my twins was 5 pounds and her mouth was so tiny she couldn't even latch on properly or feed from the normal bottles.

~my milk didn't come in for about a week, so I used the Ameda double pump to help things going which was fab. I pumped and then fed from bottle because I just couldn't get the hang of feeding them from the breast at the same time. Managed it 3 or 4 times with tons of pillows but it was a struggle to do it all the time.

~go with the flow I would say for the first few weeks, then try and establish a routine. I used the Gina Ford book for guidance, but I didn't follow everything she said. I just took bits that would work for me but I must say it helped with a routine I still use today.

~for the first couple weeks at least avoid visitors coming unless they are coming to help cook meals, tidy up, washing etc. There will be so much excitement, but you will need the rest.

~I bought the Bugaboo Donkey. Well worth the investment as it lasts up to they are 5. Bought it with carrycots, car seats, chair sets. Plus it can reduce to one if you only have one baby for the day.

Hope this helps for now. Any other questions let me know.

Franykins Sat 31-Aug-13 04:29:41

Wow YummyMummy2Twins some good advice there smile thank you. I've already had yo laugh at my sister as she said 2 won't be much different/harder than one. I just thought ok so I've never had one and i'm sure it's hard work but I'm sure two is gonna be a fair bit harder. Double the joy too I'm surrenders though and well worth it - i can't wait. Remind me i said this haha seen as yet again i can't sleep.

YummyMummy2Twins Sat 31-Aug-13 08:51:28

It will be hard work, no doubt. But equally rewarding!

Two is most definitely harder than one. Not to say that having one is not hard as having a baby is hard full stop. But with two its more time consuming especially if your on your own.

It will make your life easier if you get organised and delegate to DH, DP or whoever is your support network. DH would wash and sterilise the bottles for me every morning and evening before work and when he got home. He would prepare the night feeds and my evening meals.

You will find people will want to help (everyone loves twins), so never refuse because you will need the respite. Don't feel like you have to do everything by yourself.

SweetieTime Sat 31-Aug-13 09:50:38

Yummy thanks for all the great advice in your post.
We intend to bottle feed and have already started stocking up on the ready made cartons. I was thinking of getting a travel cot for when the twins get too big for their carry cots and also use it as a play pen downstairs too. I will look at this option again. I think the preventing visitors will be more difficult, especially as ours are due in December. So I would imagine everyone off work will be dropping in!! Also if twins come early and are in hospital I am not sure how I will keep people (DHs family) away. How long were you in hospital and did your DTs arrive early?

I am on the same lines of you Franykins I am excited but know it will be a challenge too.

We have a great support network around, my parents live walking distance away and they are retired so "free" in the days to help out. Even if it only a bit of house work or DF taking twins out in the buggy for an hour. Every little helps.

YummyMummy2Twins Sat 31-Aug-13 12:06:40

Hi Sweetie

Great that you have a good support network, it really does help.

Yep carrycots can be an option too, espcially if your getting them already as we also considered that. But we thought it would be nice for them to be together and keep each other company. Really for us it was a space saving issue, but whatever works best for you.

In terms of visitors I know it will be difficult. But trust me you will be shattered!! And won't even have time to answer your phone or text. For us the hospital visiting times were restricted anyway. We kept the visitors to parents and siblings only for hospital visits. Then when other friends/family visited (after 3/4 weeks) we asked them to come between 2pm - 7pm. This allowed me to plan and pump beforehand and get ready for the night ahead without too much distraction.

My DT's were born full term at 37 weeks and I was booked in for induction. For me I didn't progress and ended up having a C section for which I was in hospital 6 days also because they needed to monitor one of my DT.

So after I had them, with all the meds, unable to walk properly, no sleep for what felt like a week. I wasn't in the mood to see people apart from family. Plus I wanted to whip out the odd breast whenever I felt like it without having to run upstairs for a feed. I wanted to feel free in my own home.

Luckily most of our friends and extended family have kids and held back from visiting because they know what's its like when you leave hospital with a newborn especially after an operation.

What helped us was my DH's family held a blessing ceremony at their house (due to their culture) for DT's and invited all friends and extended family. So everyone saw them all at once which was great so we really didn't have too many people dropping by. An idea you could do. They do this in America a lot in the south called a Sipp n See.

But see how you feel, completely up to you. I know it's an exciting time, just make sure you have people around you that are going to help you rest and recover in the first few weeks.

Just dropping in to say hi!

If I said 66" (and that the tape measure wouldn't go around my waist) would you believe me? I finally popped at 34+5!

SweetieTime Sun 01-Sep-13 15:31:49

Aahhhhhhhh 66" shock NeverSleep and at 34+5 gee wizz. I might have to erase those stats from my head, hope you don't mind? Any tips for us twin novices? I love top tips I do.

Yummy as with most things on this journey so far it will be a suck it and see situation. We will just see how we get on and take it from there. I like your idea of a drop in one off event for everyone to "meet" the new arrivals.

Just to let you all know that this months Prima Baby has a bit of a twin feature in their "day I met my babies" section. Three lovely twin birth stories, you hear so many horror stories these are all really positive.

Top tip would be to watch your mood carefully. It is normal to feel quite down soon after the birth and sometimes overwhelmed with all there is to do. Speak to your GP if you are worried about it. PND with twins is more common than with a singleton. I wish someone had warned me about this.

Sterilising: I found using a Milton sterilising tub easier than steam sterilisers. I had one for each baby. They use them to sterilise in the NICU so that eased my concerns about them.

Mothercare do nice early baby clothes. Under 7lb vests & sleepsuits are useful as even at term most twins are dinky. Mine were in early baby for 4 weeks then in Next Up to one month until they were 9 weeks. Then 0-3 months. Don't underestimate how many vests you will need. I would advise 7/8 per baby.

Muslins. Have loads of these. I had 12 per baby.

A sound machine is brilliant to get them to sleep. I bought one on Ebay and we still use it now. Waterfall sound (which is like white noise).

Will post more if I can think of any.

Oh and yesssssssss grin 66 inches. My mum was here just before the birth and was knitting the babies cardigans. She measured my bump and ran out of tape! The registrar who did the c section (she was quite petite anyway) had to stand on a box to see what she was doing!

hetsto Mon 02-Sep-13 10:18:56

Good morning all! Lots to catch up on today! We had a fairly busy weekend seeing family and friends so haven’t been on here.

I love all your names Franykins and SweetyTime, they’re really lovely.

Thank you so much for all the tips YummyMummy2Twins, that’s so helpful!

I’m still feeling really excited but the magnitude of having TWO babies to look after is beginning to hit home a bit now – I was in a state of total shock when we found out, then had all the stress and panic of TTTS (just went into ‘get on with it and keep these babies alive’ mode) and now things have levelled out I’m starting to really get my head around what we’re in for. I know it’s going to be a brilliant and happy journey but I’d be lying if I said I’m not a bit frightened too. I just don’t know how we’re going to adapt to going from two adults to a four person family overnight and with the other two people completely dependent on us!

Wow! 66”! That’s pretty incredible! I’m 25 +2 today and measuring 41”…

SweetieTime Mon 02-Sep-13 11:12:48

NeverSleep I think you are right about watching our mood as we are all due as Winter approaches it is easy to become house bound and fed up in Winter without new born twins to look after. I expect there will be low moments and tears but as Spring comes around we will all emerge like butterflies ready to show our new arrivals to the world.
I might have a look at the Milton sterilisers tubs as I have bought a microwave one but it looks small for all the bottles I will be getting through. I haven't bought any muslins yet, they are on my list, but these can be picked up anywhere. I have seen them in Bargain Madness for next to nothing and surely they all do the same job.

hetsto I think it is totally normal to feel excited and terrified by the prospect of one new baby let alone 2. We were in shock and denial at first too, it took ages to accept it was happening but now I am trying to embrace the whole adventure. I have even ordered my first twin book this weekend. I will let you know what I think when it arrives.

I am very excited about our TAMBA Practical Parenting seminar this evening. I hope it is really useful with loads of advice from twin parents. I will report back as to what they say. I am also going to have a sneaky look at the size of other ladies bumps as you guys know it is my secret obsession, although I am sure all pregnant ladies do it to some extent.

hetsto Tue 03-Sep-13 10:18:47

Morning all,

I’m sure you’re right about keeping an eye on moods SweetieTime and NeverSleep, I think we’ll be so busy once the babies are here too that it will be easy to overlook, so good to be en guarde!

How was the TAMBA Practical Parenting seminar SweetieTime? Hope it was useful and you got some good bump-watching! Please do report back. I’ll put up a new photo when I get a minute…

Is anyone else struggling with nausea and sickness at the moment? I was fairly sick at the beginning, but had been feeling ok since then. Then the last week or so I’ve had a few episodes of feeling nauseous and sometimes being sick too. I thought it might just be eating early in the mornings that was upsetting my stomach, so decided to start having breakfast en route to work, then this morning I was sitting on the tube (after someone had kindly given me their seat), eating my croissant and banana for breakfast, and reading my book. A few stops later that feeling of nausea began but since I wasn't far off my stop and had a seat, I thought I'd stay put and let it pass. My stomach churned and I promptly threw up in my hands and all over my lap. Yuck!

I think it’s just that there’s so little room in there now, that I need to try to eat more slowly and smaller amounts at a time. I’m constantly hungry so find myself wolfing down meals and then puking them up again fairly quickly. Has anyone else felt similar or got any other tips for avoiding more of the same? I actually feel pretty much ok in myself (especially immediately after I’ve been sick) so I’m mainly worried about maintaining weight gain for the babies really…

Franykins Tue 03-Sep-13 11:17:08

Morning. Like you I've had a busy weekend, but a really good one. However, we didn't get back from our trip to the family vow renewal till 1:30 in the morning on sat/sun and I did all the driving, a total of 5 hours! DP can drive and did offer to drive there but as it was his family asked if I would drive home so he could have a drink which is fair enough. I don't like his driving though so insisted on driving there and back, well done me! He's not really a bad driver just gets impatient in traffic and I don't like that. I woke up on Sunday with a full on 'hangover' even though I didn't touch a drop! I spent the day doing sod all (ok so popped out for the weekly food shop) and felt so much better yesterday. I was off again with the boys so took them to the park and beach after a morning of full on housework, why do I insist on doing this! Then had a lovely meal out with one of my friends for some girlie time and a catch up. Tired again today and my hips are hurting more so I am going to talk to my midwife on Friday about it. I am still feeling great otherwise though grin

Lots of good advice coming now smile keep it up. Totally agree about keeping an eye open for PND, and SweetieTime has made a good point about them all being winter babies so we may be rather house bound. Hopefully we will all still be here (when we can be!) to encourage and support each other. I have already told family that we shall not be going out over the Christmas period as they will be so little but people are more than welcome to come to see us at home on Christmas day. I will put a large gammon in the slow cooker over night and then we can just do some veg, potatoes and stuffing etc for dinner. My dad has already said he would like to spend the day at ours if that's ok, which it is and as he is a great cook I know I can leave the Christmas dinner to him then smile although I will prob end up involved, I love cooking and Christmas dinner is one of my favs!

Hetsto I am not at all surprised you went into 'keep the babies alive mode' and it must have been such a stressful and unnerving time for you. So pleased everything is going well now though, apart from the return of your sickness. I have been feeling a bit more nauseous again but as I had such a small amount of sickness (only 5 times) to begin with I'm hopeful I won't actually be sick. The train journey does not sound good. I hope it all passes quickly. I find I am hungry in the morning but as the day progresses I just can't eat and constantly feel full.

I'm interested to find out how the TAMBA class went SweetieTime I have my first antenatal class today and am going alone sad DP just can't get the time off work for it and I would rather have him there for the scans and consultant appointments. I still waiting to hear if the special twin classes they do here are going to back on in time for us (DP said he will come to these as he knows what to expect from labour but not a twin labour) I really hope they are, but if not my midwife said she will do a one to special with me.

We also have our first growth scan to look forward to next Monday and I am really excited to see the bubbas again but just hoping that they are doing well. I have been feeling them move a lot and the few days have been feeling what I think must be hiccupping - a very strange sensation especially as little girl is head down and VERY low

Sorry another mammoth post from me! I just seem to have too much to say confused blush hmm

SweetieTime Tue 03-Sep-13 17:11:59

hetsto you poor thing being ill on the underground, did anyone come to your assistance? you will have to start carrying an empty carrier bag with you just in case. I have no advice as I didn't suffer morning sickness either and haven't felt sick at all. In fact I keep thinking I must reduce my portions now I am getting bigger and the room for food must be less. I haven't suffered with heartburn either and still enjoy spicy food. I am making the most of it while I can.

My twins book arrived (Double Trouble), some of the advice seems quite out of date from what I have read so far. It says to aim for 3000 calories a day, my midwife was at pains to say not to increase calorie intake until third trimester. I probably do eat slightly more than before but try to snack on more healthy things such as fruit, nuts or chopped vedg. The book did say to go for quality over quantity so make all meals and snacks as nutrient rich as possible and this does make sense.

Franykins we have our first growth scan on Monday too at 24 weeks, it amazes me how things are done differently in different places. Is your antenatal class through NCT or your hospital? My hospital runs a specialist twins antenatal class but I haven't booked a place yet. I have to take my completed form with me on Monday as they hold them when we are 32 weeks which seems a bit late to me.

The TAMBA course was really good, there were 4 couples and the instructor who was a twin Mum herself. It was more practical tips on what to expect out of the last weeks of pregnancy, mat leave and when to take it, what to prepare, prior to birth going to visit NICU as 44% of twins need additional help which can be quite upsetting to parents who aren't prepared. It didn't cover the birth bit as she said they could spend the whole 2 hours talking about the different options. The second half covered when the twins have arrived sleeping, feeding, visitors in the early days, the guilt of leaving a crying baby and interactions with siblings. I am at work now so will look at the handouts to see what I have missed. On the whole very interesting but also daunting. I am glad DH was there as I think it will be a real shock to him when they arrive.

On bump watch it was a bit of a mixed bag, as these things tend to be, one lady was similar date to me and massive yet another lady was 32 weeks and similar to the 24 week lady.

OliviaMMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 03-Sep-13 17:16:06

Hello ladies
Peers round the corner.
May I mark my place here?

SweetieTime Tue 03-Sep-13 20:18:11

Exciting Olivia are you expecting twins too? It is lovely to have others to share concerns, hints and tips.

Franykins Tue 03-Sep-13 21:21:23

SweetieTime it amazes me to. Although i'm not overly happy with my care so far. my midwife is really nice but twice I've had to change appointments as she has booked me in a week or two late! I had to chase my 20 week scan as they were passing me about between two hospitals, one refused to scan me because i'm a multiple pregnancy! Charming. I've seen the consultant only twice but all he has done is blood pressure and check bubbas heartbeats and told me I'll have them by 38 weeks. I'm hoping he might talk me through my birthing options and what to possibly expect expect expect next time. My antenatal classes are through the NHS, we're not doing the NCT ones. We were on the twin NHS. classes too but due to illness they were cancelled last month when we were meant to go. Been told they will hopefully be back in October, which i feel is leaving it late. TAMBA sounds interesting, I'll have another look into it tomorrow but i don't think there are any near us.

Hello Olivia, welcome smile

SweetieTime Wed 04-Sep-13 11:11:36

Franykins I am pretty underwhelmed by my experience so far too. I am relieved I have been so well. I have only seen the consultant once after my 12 week scan. I have seen the midwife a couple of times but she doesn't give me much confidence. I haven't had any conversations about birth options either so I will be asking about this on Monday.
The booklet from TAMBA on Practical parenting is useful if they will send you a copy. it covers the same as the seminar and in more detail. They don't hold TAMBA NCT classes close to me either. I made enquiries about normal NCT classes but I am not sure they would meet my needs and it is an expensive way to meet other new Mums.

Franykins Wed 04-Sep-13 11:55:50

I think it's so bad as the NICE guidelines say we should have more appointments I think, or that's how I understood it. My midwife is nice and friendly, just books me in late. I have been sneaky this time and not cancelled the appointment I was swapping so I might get away with an extra one. Your lucky your getting a scan at 24 weeks smile and how exciting we're 'doing ' it together, we can compare. I really can't believe I am 28 weeks on sat! Where has the time gone.

I think I have printed that booklet off but will double check when I get home. NCT is expensive in my opinion. My sister did it with her two DC (mum paid for the first set, which she isn't in a position to do for me) and she didn't really get on with the other couples, but fund the second time round better. I would rather have spent the money on Hypnobirthing but when we found out it is twins we thought the money would be better spent elsewhere - extra cot, carseat, supplies, etc. As I have suffered very bad back in the past and received treatment for that I do have some understanding of breathing for/through pain and I also had trouble sleeping in my id teens (anxiety about parents slitting up) I had a relaxation course so again plan to adapt this for labour. Having said all that it will probably go out the window and I'll just shout at DP wink

I have found a couple of local twin groups that I plan to go to once I start maternity leave (only 6 weeks to go!) and also have friends with youngsters and a couple expecting so I have some mummy friends around already which is good.

SweetieTime Wed 04-Sep-13 12:28:38

I have been going for reflexology for quite a while now. I started going when ttc to get everything balanced. I go to a fertility and pregnancy specialist practitioner. I go about once a month and really look forward to these sessions.
To be honest I am terrified about the birth bit. I felt my fear of giving birth actually held me back from concieving. I am almost relieved to be having twins where intervention is more likely. My preferred option would be an ELCS. It is lack of control that worries me the most in a normal delivery. I have even asked DH if we can pay for a private c section. He told me to get a grip and that he would support my wishes with the consultant. So will see what they say on Monday.
I have joined a local twin group on fb too. they seem to have a few different weekly meet ups and I too plan to go along when on mat leave. I am working on taking mat leave from 32 weeks so another 2 month to wait yet.

Franykins Wed 04-Sep-13 12:37:36

I did start going to pregnancy yoga, but it was costing £15 a week with parking so again when we found out it was twins I decided I could get a book and do it at home. However, I may go back when on mat leave.
For some reason I have always been calm about labour, even before being pg. I don't know why, its not like I enjoy pain or anything. My preference is a natural birth, but I will of course follow any medical advice given to me and see where we end up. Hopefully they will support you in wanting a ELCS if that is what you want, they really should allow it.
I've found the twin group useful, and have had some great freebee's too! How kind they all are. I plan to give stuff away on there when I no longer have the use for them. My mat leave kicks in at 35 weeks, with a week of annual leave before, and I can't wait smile

hetsto Thu 05-Sep-13 10:18:19

Welcome OliviaMMumsnet

We had another scan and check-up yesterday and our girls are doing really well! So happy and relieved! smile Apparently the twins are not quite as big as they’d like right now, and we were told that growth tends to slow down towards the end, as they run out of room, so they want me to pack the lbs on now while I can. That led me onto discussing my recent sickness with them, as although I’m not feeling too bad generally, that can’t be helping with weight gain. They’ve given me some anti-sickness pills to take and recommended lots of v small meals as they think it’s probably just down to the pressure on my stomach, so fingers crossed that clears up soon!

We also discussed the birth and they’re happy to let me try for a natural birth provided things continue to go well and the babies both stay head down. Hopefully it’s a way off yet, but I was reassured to hear that they’re not going to immediately recommend a c-section, as I’d rather avoid one if possible

Has anyone here been told anything about the anti-D injection? It sounds I’ll be having that one too (just load me up, I say!?!) as I’m O rhesus negative. As long as you’re ok with needles I think it’s ok and a fairly straightforward solution to a potentially serious problem.

Glad to hear the TAMBA class was good SweetieTime

I have to say, I’ve been really impressed with the care we’ve received so far, but I think that is in part due to the TTTS and the fact that they’re now keeping a very close eye on us in a fairly specialist hospital. Counting myself lucky on that front really!

Hope you’re all doing well!

Franykins Thu 05-Sep-13 10:50:43

Hey Hetsto so pleased the girls are doing well smile such a relief after what you went through. Lets hope the anti sickness pills work and you can get the weight on.

I will definitely bring the birth up with my consultant when I next see him, a week on Monday, as I want to know what he's thinking etc. If they both stay head down and now other complications I'm pushing for natural labour, but of course will take advice. Even if bubba boy goes head up as he is twin two i'm hoping they will still let me try for natural as there is no guarantee he wouldn't spin round from head down once she is out anyway. Just have to wait and see I guess.

I've heard about the anti-D injection, my midwife explained it a bit when she took my first bloods just to inform me. I also have a friend who is rhesus negative so she had it. I am not though so won't be needing it.

I'm pleased you've been receiving such good care smile it's good to know that if it's needed you get it smile I'm sure if I had any real concerns and I contacted the md or hospital I would be seen asap, so just pleased I've not had the need. I am getting nervous about the scan on Monday though, hope bubbas are ok. I'm sure they are an I will probably end up with two 7lb'ers haha. (ouch)

hetsto Thu 05-Sep-13 14:27:53

Thanks Franykins, I’m really pleased! Even sickness can’t get me down now, …just keeping on stuffing my face with as much healthy-nutrient-rich food as I can! smile

I’ve just been looking into plans to visit some friends in New Zealand next year and discovered that BA won’t let 1 adult travel with 2 infants! This wouldn’t usually matter but my DP won’t be able to join us this time as he’ll be really busy with work at that point. I’m not sure how we’ll get ‘round this, but I’m learning to readjust my expectations to having two babies! Any ideas from well-travelled women on here?

SweetieTime Thu 05-Sep-13 19:54:23

Hetsto glad the girls are doing well. Sounds like you are taking the sensible approach to eat a healthy diet while you still can. Hopefully the anti sickness meds will make all the difference.
You are very brave thinking of travelling so far alone with DTs next year. I would post in Long Haul where posters may have more advice.
We are thinking of going to Lanzarote while our DTs are small as family have a lovely apartment over there that would be great home from home for us. We have been loads of times and love it there. I am thinking this would be just about manageable in April or May next year.

Franykins I have managed to save 4 weeks annual leave so if I finished at 32 weeks the first 4 would be leave before my mat leave kicks in at 36 weeks. This would mean 10 weeks full pay rather than just the 6 we get on our mat leave where I work. So the drop in wages would kick in after Christmas.
I have my list of questions ready for our consultant appointment, I seem to have more to ask every time I have a good think. I am worried I will also have jumbo twins as ours have measured big throughout and DH told me, only the other day, he was 10lb5 when born - my eyes are still watering.

I think my twins have shifted position too as until the last day or so all the movement was in similar places and I thought I could tell who was kicking. Now I am not so sure. There is still plenty of movement but the location is much more random and seems more left sided where I thought my placenta was. I will ask about how they are laid when I get scanned on Monday. Anyone else noticed their movement changing locations?

hetsto Mon 09-Sep-13 10:36:38

Good morning all! Nice weekends? Mine was a bit of a whirlwind of family visiting - both mine and DP’s over the course of the weekend, but was lovely all the same.

It really feels like autumn has arrived today in London and I have to say, I’m quite happy about it! I haven’t really changed what I’m wearing to work, but I’m so much more comfortable. Phew! Roll on chilly days and big baggy cardigans! smile The change in temperature and the anti-sickness meds are really sorting me out now too; I haven’t been sick since Friday and have been feeling much better generally. smug face

Thanks for the tip on posting in long haul SweetieTime - I did and they were really helpful! I think it’s going to be best if I wait until the girls are at least 6 months old, and then I’ll just have to do some careful negotiations with the airlines, but it should just about be manageable.

I felt some really huge movements from my girls this weekend, they weren’t really painful but did stop me in my tracks a bit – I’m hoping they haven’t both flipped over as they were nicely head-down before… Hope the scan goes well today SweetieTime and that everyone’s feeling good!

Franykins Mon 09-Sep-13 14:55:10

Morning everyone. Weekend was a busy one decorating - and boy do I feel it today, stiff is not the word! Oops.

On a good note our growth scan this morning went well. Both bubbas doing well. Although the statement of 'Oh she's a little fatty' got me worried when they measure her tummy! Little girl is approx. 2lb 13oz and little boy is approx. 3lb! I am going to have huge babies! Everything I read says they should be about 2.2lbs atm. Oh well as long as they are healthy that's all that counts. When I look on the growth lines though they are pretty much smack bang in the middle. However, little girl is twin one and after spending 28 weeks (as far as scans go) being head down she has now decided to turn breech sad and little boy is transverse. I hope she flips back round to head down again, I really want a natural labour. Oh well DP said he wanted a diva for a daughter, looks like he got his way!

Hetsto I am so pleased the weather has cooled down as well. So much more comfortable. Although all the hanging around in the hot hospital (been there since 9:30 as had my GTT test first then scan) has made me hot. I'm now at work with my feet up and a bottle of very cold water. So pleased the change in temp and the anti-sickness meds are all making a change for you smile

I think you are very brave to think about taking them away on your own smile

Love feeling the big movements smile

SweetieTime Mon 09-Sep-13 20:59:57

Glad you both had lovely busy weekends. We did a weekend trip to London to go see Charlie & Chocolate Factory and tour of Buckingham Palace. It was a very busy weekend but loved it. That is the last weekend away we have booked.

I am glad of the change of weather too, my feet and ankles are feeling the relief already. I have embraced my maternity jeans this weekend too.

hetsto glad you are feeling much better, sounds like the meds and cooler weather are doing the trick.
The movements I am feeling are also getting stronger too. The movements are usually after meals and at bedtime. I don't think they are strong enough to wake me up if I am asleep yet.

Franykins glad to hear the scan went well and the twins are both a good size. My scan was similar although mine are smaller. Boy twin is 1lb7oz and girl twin is 1lb5oz. I think we are on for jumbo twins too. Mine have both been breach for the most of the time but are now both heads down, their heads are next to each other. I had thought they had moved as the kicks are now under my bust. The Dr said they will have plenty of room to move until 33 weeks and even after if they are determined so I wouldn't worry at this stage about yours going back to head down ready for natural delivery.
We are starting decorating this week as new carpet is delivered next Wednesday so it has to be ready.

hetsto Tue 10-Sep-13 14:23:02

Hello all, Glad to hear the scan went well Franykins and that they’re growing nicely. You’re right that their health is the most important thing, and I gather bigger is almost always better with twins! Keeping my fingers crossed that your little girl flips back ‘round – there’s time yet!

How was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory SweetieTime? I’ve heard really good things about it! Sounds like a lovely weekend. Very pleased your scan was good too!

They’re doing an ‘Active Buildings’ assessment at my work and have asked some randomly selected people to wear little monitors to see how much activity we get during the day – I was selected and I’m pretty sure I’m going to warp their readings! I’m up all the time to go to the loo but it takes me about 10 minutes to get out of my seat!

SweetieTime Thu 12-Sep-13 10:28:43

Hetsto how long do you/did you wear the monitor for? I am sure you won't impact their results.
How are you feeling now? Have the med and cooler weather worked a treat?

Franykins how are you getting on with packing your hospital bags? I was looking at your thread from a few weeks ago about this. I have made a list of things to include in my bag and the babies bag. I was prompted to do this when unpacking from our weekend away. I thought I might as well leave my toiletries and travel make up bag I know I might be kidding myself on the makeup front in the overnight bag we used and just add to.

We have made a start on the nursery too, DH has taken up the old carpet and painted the skirting boards. The new carpet is delivered on Wed and the furniture on Friday. We might not put it together for a while but it will be here.
I have ordered a travel cot with proper mattress for our room too. I have arranged to have this delivered to my parents as they wanted to buy it for us. It is saying early Oct for delivery so a while off yet and hopefully we can store it in the nursery when we get a bit nearer to needing it.

Have you made any arrangements for your mat leave yet? I have a meeting with my line manager next week and am not really sure what to say. I feel so well at the moment I am not sure now if to go at 32 weeks as I had planned or leave it longer. I am worried I might be sat at home twiddling my thumbs and bored out of my head for weeks.

SweetieTime Fri 13-Sep-13 12:29:17

Messages for Franykins who is struggling to post on threads at the moment so I have cut this from a message she has sent me.

This is my post from earlier in the week:

Sounds like a lovely weekend SweetieTime Hope Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was good. We have our last weekend (well night) away planned for mid October with DP boys. My cousin is getting married so we're off to that, although I have pre warned them that I will be rather far along in my twin pg so all depends on how I feel etc, they have said that is ok I do hope I can make it! so pleased your scan went well too

Thanks Hetsto was so lovely to see them again just 4 weeks till my next one. Where is the time going though? This has been the quickest 28 weeks ever and I've never known a pg to go so quickly, everyone is saying to me its just flown by. I'm so pleased I've had no issues, and all my blood tests and GTT test came back fine, but I can't help but think I'm going to miss being pregnant. As DP has the two boys already he may not want any more which I have to respect and who knows I might not want more after twins! I'm just enjoying it while it lasts like eating two choc hazelnut croissants for breakfast oops

That should be interesting Hetsto everyone just laughs (in a nice way as i'm laughing too) at me when I try and get up, it is an effort! My mum even told me I was waddling on Monday. I had to point out that I had spent all Sunday decorating so not only was I pg my whole body ached! My thighs were agony - so please take note SweetieTime with your decorating and don't be as stubborn as me! I sat down for approx. 3 hours in total but throughout the day and we were going from 9:30 in the morn to 9:30 at night. DP kept telling me off but I just couldn't watch him try and do it all in one day bless. We were meant to spread it out over the two days but due to sisterly issues grrrrrr Saturday was wasted! I was not impressed and what makes her life more important that everything has to be put on hold! Sorry rant over.

This is from this morning:

SweetieTime so far I have packed most of things babies will need (although going to go through this at some point as I think I put all babygrows up to 7.6lbs and am a little concerned they may be too small after the scan!) As for my bag atm its all in a carrier bag as I keep as DP to get the over night bag out the loft whenever he goes up and he keeps forgetting. What I have for me so far is 2 pairs light weight pj's, two open front nighties, one for labour and one for after just in case I have to have a catheter (lovely thought) I have a lightweight dressing gown, pair of slip on slippers with proper rubber soles. Some little bottles to put disperse things like shampoo/conditioner/shower gel into. A travel size face wash and moisturiser. Also a face of face wipes and baby wipes. My make up will defo be going in! I am also (very vain I know but I hate myself without make up ) tempted to get a beautician friend of mine to put lash extensions on so I dont' have to worry too much about those first pics after birth! I will not keep these up once they fall out/off though it would be a one time thing. Also on the list I have dry shampoo, clothes for coming home, moist toilet wipes (been advised on this one due to soreness and normal toilet roll) hair bands, maternity pads, breast pads, socks, lip balm/Vaseline, comb, sweets, juice (to make warm temp tap water taste better) phone charger, camera, sports top bottle to drink from and music. Hmmm seems a lot! But it's what I've been advised to take. some of it will be going in a separate bag for after labour though and I'll leave it in the car till its needed. Then I can swap stuff over and DP can take some of it back home. Don't want the hospital to think I'm moving in.

Regarding maternity leave I have 5 weeks left today I am starting with a week of annual leave (all I have left) then mat leave starts on the 28th Oct. To be honest although I generally feel ok and have a stress free job I can't wait! I just get so tired and end up napping at my desk Luckily we aren't overly busy here at the moment and guys just leave me to (embarrassing!) As it is by 8:30 in the eve I tend to be on/in bed. I just can't get comfy on the sofa and am so tired. I don't go to sleep though I read or watch some TV. Generally DP joins me bless him but I do tell he doesn't have to.

Talking of DP I was so worried he wouldn't get any paternity leave as he hasn't been in his new job long enough (he started about the time we conceived!) but they have been so nice to him and have given him an additional two weeks leave full pay and a month of light duties! This is on top of his normal annual leave, so really we're quids in on paternity leave. Feeling blessed!

Ok I know I say this a lot but sorry for the mammoth post! As I said I've not been able to post since monday!

Hope your all well

Don't worry about replying in full to me - I just didn't want you both to think I was AWOL Hopefully it will be sorted soon, I am still reading your posts though.

Hope you both have a good weekend x

Franykins Mon 16-Sep-13 09:39:19

Morning, how are you? Hope you've had a good weekend. Mine was, interesting!

My dad came down so kindly wallpapered our hallway smile so pleased to be getting somewhere with it all. However, I spent Saturday night in hospital sad I was worried about bubbas movements on Friday, they weren't what they usually are. Then on Saturday I felt them only twice and that was with a LOT of prodding and poking. I went in about 8 and was monitored, they found their heartbeats straight away smile but as I still couldn't feel them they scanned me. There were slight movements but only gentle (I did get to see little boy practising his suckling though, how cute!) So they decided to keep me in. I wasn't really thinking they would do this so I had driven in with my mum, who can't drive my car (didn't help I squeezed it into the smallest space!) so by 10:30 she was ringing round to see who could come and get her as I wouldn't let her bus home on her own on a Saturday night from Brighton. Luckily a friend picked her up, I was going to pay for a taxi. Then my dad and sister came to get my car as it was parked on a road that needed to be paid for come the morning. They also dropped off a nightie and phone charger. Of course they could have taken mum home but didn't get to me until 11:45 when I was on the ward. Was monitored throughout the night and again in the morning. I was now feeling movements and rather strong ones, think bubbas where fed up with all the straps round my bump and prodding and poking from the midwives. Then the consultant came round in the morning and scanned me again. When I said I had felt them quite a bit by this point he was happy for me to go home smile I have to see my consultant this afternoon anyway so the ward consultant was happy with that. Not an event I want to be repeating! I was really worried when they said they were keeping me in. There was another lady in the bed opposite me who was expecting triplets smile she was taken up Sunday morning for a C-section. She sounded so relieved bless her.

Well I hope you had a less stressful weekend than me!

Franykins Mon 16-Sep-13 09:39:31

And yay I can post again!

SweetieTime Mon 16-Sep-13 11:23:54

Franykins great to have you back with us. Gosh what a scare at the weekend, so pleased everything was ok for you and the bubbas. Glad the hospital took you seriously and you weren't fobbed off. Sounds a bit comical with all the logistics of getting cars sorted out though. You will have to see what your regular consultant says when you see him. Have the twins move position much? I haven't felt the same movement over the weekend but they have been going for it this morning so far. I think mine have shifted around as the kicking is now in different places. I too was a bit worried yesterday as I hadn't felt a lot of movement but I had been busy with DHs niece staying with us and if they were moving about they might have been kicking less. Who knows but I would be popping along to hospital if worried.

We went to Mamas & Papas outlet at the weekend and got a couple of pram suits in pink and blue. They are so adorable, I went for newborn up to 10lb size. As this should see them through the worst of winter. I also got a pack of 7 tiny baby, up to 5lb, vests for £2. I couldn't refuse such a bargain. Of course we have no idea what size they will be when they arrive so it might be £2 wasted. I think the majority of other things I have got so far are up to 7lbs.

Thanks for sharing the hospital bag list too, I have a list so will add a few of your suggestions too. I just keep adding to now. Might be worth keeping an emergency overnight essentials bag handy for situations like you have had this weekend though.

My mat leave cover has gone through this morning and she is starting from 1st Oct. This is a massive relief as I was thinking I would end up just leaving things when I go. My job is very flexible and I can work from home which has been a huge benefit. I have been able to factor in a rest or nap most days when I work from home, meaning I cover the time later in the day. I am sure this has helped me to keep so well during my pregnancy. I am still thinking of going off or very reduced hours from 32 weeks which is 8th Nov. I will have a word with my line manager, now my cover is sorted there might not be that much for me to do anyway. At least at home I can do all my batch cooking for the freezer, order Christmas pressies, write all my Christmas cards, wrap pressies and of course make sure all the baby clothes are washed and ready. Nothing like being prepared is there?

Franykins hope all goes well with the consultant today and you can rest up for today.

Franykins Mon 16-Sep-13 12:14:59

Was definitely rather stressful. I really didn't expect to be kept in though otherwise we would have gone in my mums car. DP would have come but we had his boys so he needed to stay home with them, and part of me thought I was over-reacting but I guess not! DP and boys picked me up in the morning and took me for a fry up though, naughty but so nice! It was rather comical with all the sorting of cars and getting mum home, just totally unexpected. I've been up with a few people over the years for monitoring and they've always gone home after an hour so I just assumed I would too. All the staff were so nice though and I would love Rosie the midwife to be on duty when I have these bubbas. She was so friendly and reassuring smile Little boy to my right has moved again. Sat night he was transverse with his head to my right side, Sunday morning he was transverse with his head to my left looking at his sister. , who is still breach. I said they were nattering away about the stress they had caused me. We saw little boy practising his suckling on one of the scans too - so cute! I was also told that one of the placentas is anterior, whereas I have always been told they were both posterior so not sure what to think about that.

They are so cute! I have two matching lamb ones from the Next sale. They are first size and up to 7.6lb I think so won't last long, but they are not overly thick and only cost £7 each so I got them. Will need to get thicker ones for when winter really sets in but will wait so I have an idea of what size to get.

Re hospital list I am also thinking tiny baby nappies, but will wait till our last growth scan before buying any just in case we don't really need them. If I do buy them and they aren't needed I will give them the special care baby unit instead. I think you might be right about an over night essentials bag too. silly thing is I had just that day put all my stuff in my hospital bag so would have been no hassle to grab out m y wash bag and a nightie!

It's good your mat cover is in place. Mine is coming in next week for me to show her what she needs to do. I am definitely counting down the days till I start mat leave now, I'm constantly tired even though otherwise I feel fine. I just want to put my feet up, sleep when I like and watch all the chick flicks DP won't watch with me. I also plan to go to a couple of local twin groups I have come across and introduce myself before they arrive. And like you say SweetieTime batch cook some food for the freezer.

Thank you, I'm already wondering what he will say about my stay over night. Thankfully bubbas have both been VERY active last night and today grin Its so reassuring even if it does keep me going to the toilet I won't be coming back to work after the appointment so can go home and flop until the boys get back from school.

hetsto Mon 16-Sep-13 16:40:32

Hello all! It’s been ages, so sorry! I’ve seem to have been really busy over the past few days, well, either that or sleeping!

SweetieTime, yes, the sickness meds and cooler weather have sorted me out thank you, it’s very nice not spending any time kneeling next to the loo! As a result I seem to have grown lots in the last week too, which is great! I’ve just posted a new photo up if you fancy a look; 27 +2 today – so exciting! I give the activity monitor back tomorrow, so I’ve been wearing it for just under a week and I reckon I’ve been more active than some people, despite being pregnant. I had a lovely swim at the weekend – it feels so good to float around in the water, tummy bobbing on the surface, hehe!

Thank you both for all the hospital bag help; I’ve started packing mine, but there’s a fair bit still to do.

Good work on the nursery Sweetietime, I’m very impressed! We’re not too far off with ours but it isn’t as pretty as I’d like. I might take a trip to John Lewis at the weekend to get some nice bits to put in there – it looks kind of clinical and bare at the moment.

My maternity leave is sorted for 34 weeks, which is right at the beginning of November, but they’re being really flexible so I may well end up bringing that forwards. I’ve also got some annual leave to take, which would give me another two weeks. I’m also quite lucky in that I can work from home quite a bit, although I do like the company of coming into the office most of the time, so that might allow me to keep going a bit longer. We’ll see.

Thanks so much for messaging Franykins, it was good to know you hadn’t disappeared! So sorry you had such a scary time this weekend though! Very glad to hear you and the babies are doing ok now, but do rest up as much as you can! How did it go with the consultant? Really hope you’re ok and not reeling too much from the stress and panic of it all! Take good care of yourself!

I’ve got an appointment on Wednesday, which I’m quite looking forward to – having complained about being monitored all the time, I actually really enjoy seeing them and it’s good to get some reassurance that everything is going ok.

We’ve got quite a few clothes from Baby Gap, which are so cute! I got mostly up to 7lb, but I wonder whether I could do with getting a few more teenie ones.

Has anyone else been having many Braxton hicks? I’ve been having them on and off for a while now, and have been told it’s nothing to worry about – they don’t usually hurt, just a tightening really, but in the last few days I’ve been having more and they’re definitely stronger. I guess it’s just a symptom of getting further along and growing bigger, but they’re a bit disarming. My whole bump goes very hard and feels tight, particularly across the top.

SweetieTime Mon 16-Sep-13 16:57:04

hetsto amazing bump, thanks for sharing. I find it fascinating the different shapes and sizes everyones bump is. Yours in much more pointy out than mine, mine seems longer and flatter. I will take a post a photo later in the week so you can have a look. Good news that it is growing well, always a good sign. Mine seemed to have a spurt between 21 - 23 weeks but not so much recently, or maybe I am just getting used to it being there.
Glad the meds and cooler weather are helping and giving you a break from feeling so poorly

I have been through all the baby clothes I have bought so far and made a list as I had forgotten what I had already bought. I am not sure how many clothes babies will actually need.

So far we have got
7 x tiny baby vests (up to 5lbs these look really small though)
6 x newborn vests (up to 7/8lbs)
5 x up to a month vests (up to 10lbs)

8 x newborn babygros
11 x up to a month babygros
2 x 0-3m girl babygros

4 x jersey hats
4 x pairs of scratch mittens
12 x pairs of socks
2 x pramsuits
2 x cardigans

Does this sound enough? What have you guys got so far?

Hope all went well today Franykins

Franykins Wed 18-Sep-13 15:07:20

Hope your appointment goes well today Hetsto My consultant on Monday was a bit, how shall I put this, underwhelming? Didn't really mention me being in on Saturday night and just did the normal, blood pressure, urine and heartbeats. I feel like they are just another midwife app really but I always drag DP along in case they say something important. I did bring up labour but he said oh we won't even talk about that yet! Erm hello I have 8 weeks to go, when are we going to talk about it? Anyway, bubbas and myself are all ok so that's what matters smile They have been wriggling away all week so that makes me happy grin

Your pics are great Hetsto and what a difference the week made with meds and cooler weather (which I am loving!) smile My bump is all out front and people keep saying I look small for twins, I feel massive. One of the teachers at the boys school, who I saw when picking them up yesterday, told me how dainty I still look. I love her! She has had twins and said she was massive. Seen as I'm carrying around over 6lb of baby by now being called dainty is lovely smile

I have 3 storage boxes of clothes blush One for little girl, one for little boy and a unisex one. Only the unisex one is full though. However, the age ranges in each box are tiny baby to 6-9 months. I am worrying we haven't got enough to be honest, but we have enough to get us through to begin with and then we can see what we actually need more of. Plus I have friends who are giving me bags of clothes to go through. I do want more cardigans though to put on over the babygrows.

Re hospital bag, mine is pretty much packed now after last weekend. I just thought get it done! I do still have some bits I need to put in, but the essentials are there just in case.

I've not been having Braxton hicks yet, but in the evening my bump just feels really tight. I'm worried I won't know what they are if I do get them. Does everyone get them?

4 1/2 weeks till maternity leave not that I'm counting

hetsto Thu 19-Sep-13 09:27:00

Good morning!

Thank you both for the sweet bump comments – it’s definitely getting bigger, and yes – pointier too SweetieTime! Like you, Franykins, it only seems to be growing outwards at the moment and not very much at the sides, I’m not sure why but at some point I’m going to topple right over! To be fair, the buttons on the cardi’ I’m wearing in the picture do make it look even pointier too.

Glad to hear your appointment went well Franykins, despite being a bit of an anti-climax. Are you feeling ok about it? Hopefully you can get the birth onto the agenda of your next appointment!

Yesterday’s appointment went well for me too thanks, and as predicted, the girls have put on a growth spurt. It’s amazing how much difference a couple of weeks has made! smile I also spoke to the consultant about the Braxton hicks and apparently not everyone gets them, but it generally isn’t anything to worry about if you do. He was a bit surprised that mine are as strong as they are, but said that could be due to the growth spurt, I was glad that I had a couple whilst I was there to prove it! Hehe. I wouldn’t worry about not recognising them Franykins; it doesn’t really matter anyway but mine do feel decidedly different to normal – my whole bump goes very hard and tight and across the top it feels kind of like you’re sucking your diaphragm in.

In terms of baby clothes, we’ve got tonnes but a lot of it has been handed down:

10 x tiny vests
10 x newborn vests
10 x 0-3 months vests

10 x tiny babygros
10 x newborn babygros
10 x 0-3 months babygros

6 x jersey hats
6 x pairs of scratch mittens
10 x pairs of socks – these are so cute and tiny, my total favourites!
2 x pramsuits
4 x cardigans

…I’m not sure why I’ve done everything in 10s!

Franykins Thu 19-Sep-13 10:07:47

Morning. So pleased your appointment went well Hetsto and the girls have grown nicely smile must be very reassuring for you. I'm feeling ok about mine, i'm just never sure what to expect really and feel bad I drag DP along for basically a midwife appointment. At least all our others are now after the scans so he will already be with me and my next one is at 32 weeks so maybe we will discuss labour in more depth. Who knows.

I had a bit of a panic this morning and pretty much finished my hospital bags and put all of the bubbas bedding and towels in the wash. Had a really bad nights sleep and was feeling very uncomfortable with a fair bit of pain. This morning I wasn't sure if I was feeling sick or not. I think I'm worrying myself that they are going to come too early. I have come to work though as there isn't really much to do and I can sit here with my feet up. I have my last antenatal class this afternoon so only have a half day anyway and my classes are run by my midwife so I will have a chat with her about how I'm feeling. Bubbas are being very wriggly so I know they are ok. I don't feel in pain atm so I think maybe its just the way I was laying. God I feel like a drama queen this week!

SweetieTime Thu 19-Sep-13 20:55:27

Franykins not a drama queen at all. How are you feeling now? Sounds very sensible to get everything prepared regardless. It is very unlikely you will go into early labour. My consultant told me less than 5% chance.
How did your antenatel class go? did the midwife say anything about how you were feeling last night?

hetsto great news that the girls have been having a growth spurt. Were they pleased by their progress? I haven't had any Braxton Hicks either, but it might be a bit soon for me as I am only 25 weeks.

I have got all the different vests and babygros out tonight to compare the sizes. OMG what a lottery. They all vary in size so much depending on where they were from. I still need some small size vests but seems to have quite a few small size babygros. Just goes to show how things differ.

Nursery furniture due to be delivered between 7am - 9am tomorrow morning. Very excited.

SweetieTime Fri 20-Sep-13 08:21:24

Nursery furniture arrived - now it just needs assembling!!!

I have posted a bump photo in my profile if you want to have a look. I am not sure how to rotate it so I hope you don't strain yourselves looking sideways on.

Franykins Fri 20-Sep-13 09:29:42

I am feeling ok now thank you SweetieTime just tired and a fair bit of low down pressure, but bubbas must now weigh a combined total of about 7lb so I guess that's why. As long as I can go the next 5-6 weeks at least so i'll be 35-36 weeks I will be happy with that. I know the longer the better but I am just so tired now. Although everyone keeps telling me how good I look and that they thought I would be bigger haha. Makes me feel better though grin I have loved being pregnant.
Antenatel class was ok, all on breastfeeding but I guess if I want to tandem feed I will have to adapt it slightly. It wasn't my midwife, there was cover so I didn't ask blush silly I know but I was feeling ok. I felt the same this morning but felt better after breakfast so think it was just hunger and the pain probably more stretching?

After hanging the washing out last night I think it is safe to say we have LOADS of vests up to 0-3 months! Might have gone a bit ott there blush so going to go through it all this weekend and make a list, see if there is anything that we might be short on. I have got a list but it was made a while ago and I have been adding clothes and not writing them down, very unlike me as I love lists smile But your right, I have found that different shops have different sizes for the 'age' they are.

Yay about nursery furniture grin how very exciting. I really wish I had a nursery to decorate sad very jealous hehe. DP and I are going to put some stickers on the wall with the cot to make it more 'baby' though smile

Lovely pic smile and lovely bump smile makes me feel huge though haha, I will see if I can post a pic today 9never have done before so this should be interesting) I now have a 50" 'waist'! but have only (?!?!) gained 2 1/2 stone so its all bump and some boob I guess.

Franykins Fri 20-Sep-13 09:47:49

Bump pic is up!

SweetieTime Fri 20-Sep-13 12:43:46

Franykins I think your bump looks great for twins at 30 weeks. Yours is very pointy too, I have pointy bump envy. I think everyone feels HUGE just cos it is so different to normal. My waist was 42" when I measured earlier in the week. Another of my worries is on weight gain. I have only gained 11lbs so far, I am sure I should have gained more as I wasn't sick in early pregnancy and have eaten normally, and more besides, throughout. Both twins are growing well and both were bigger than a singleton at the same stage at my last scan so I suppose I shouldn't worry but these things creep in to my mind at the dead of night.

People keep telling me I look really well, I am not sure how I should look but I am happy to be told I look well. The make up is obviously doing a good job. I haven't hated being pregnant, it has sort of just happened. This experience so far wouldn't put me off doing it again, if I had started younger I might have ended up with a football team.

You should have said something to the stand in midwife, that is what they are there for. If you get any more twinges I would ring them, just in case. Even if they have you in for monitoring again it is all for the best.

You must compare the sizes of stuff against each other, I was shocked how Up to a month size vests from Tesco came up smaller than Tiny baby from Matalan. How can that be? I am now very confused what I still need. I love a list but am not sure how to list things we still need now. It is the really small things we may be short of, but if they are jumbo twins when they arrive we might be ok.

It will be weeks until all the assembly of furniture is done and then the wall stickers but when it is all done I will let you guys know and post some pictures.

BTW have you packed your own towels for your hospital bag? I have put a couple of old navy towels in just in case.

Franykins Mon 23-Sep-13 11:03:30

Hi, hope you've had a good weekend.

Thank you SweetieTime I love my bump smile Wow 11lbs is great, as long as bubbas are growing ok then there's nothing to worry about surely, especially if you midwife etc aren't worried. I have put on almost 3 stone now blush but it is all out front and just bump. I wasn't really sick or anything either but I must admit my chocolate intake has gone way up! I never really had a sweet tooth until about 10 weeks ago, now I am obsessed with choc! Not good really. Although this weekend the choc has been replaced with gingerbread!

I've had people telling me how well and good I look, however that changed this weekend when I dared to pop out without my make-up, something I rarely do blush but I was just popping to a friends and my mums. My friend asked how I was and I said oh really tired today (she is also pg and is 17 weeks) she replied with you do looked tired today hun, but then I never see you without make-up. The fact I went to a party the night before and didn't get home until 11 (get me! I'm normally in bed by 9 these days!) probably had something to do with it. Her mum also said I was starting to look tired and to go home and rest. I know they weren't being mean but I do look like crap without the 'warpaint' not that I wear loads but I must have a good concealer! I have really enjoyed being pregnant though and would definitely do it again if DP agrees, but I haver to accept that he now has 4 children so may not want more, which I can understand.

You are right I should have done, she just seemed a bit 'willowy' if that makes sense and I didn't feel comfortable. I feel absolutely fine now so that's good smile and am feeling lots of kicking, summersaulting and hiccupping now so that makes me very happy.

It's my DP birthday today and it's the first time he has felt the hiccups smile I then got told off (in a nice way) for his bday presents as he doesn't really 'do' birthdays. I'm in big trouble later when he gets more from the boys and me wink I haven't gone mad as I know we have an expensive time coming up but also this may be the last time for a few years we can get each other some of the more expensive things we want. If that makes sense.

I have lists of the things we have, unisex, boy, girl, and have just done it in weight rather than ages as they differ so much. I did go through the unisex stuff again this weekend as I had washed some more stuff. It is safe to say I have gone rather overboard with the white vests up to 7.8lbs, we have 20!!!! How the hell did I manage that when I have lists! Silly me! I said my friend please don't buy any white vests as I have loads you can have!

How exciting! I still need to order the stickers for the wall in our room where the cot is. I want to make it a bit more baby, even though they won't remember. I want some nice woodland creatures and have found some really cute ones on eBay.

I have put my beach towel in my hospital bag as its nice and big. I haven't put any in for the bubbas though as I don't think you are meant to bath them for a while. Maybe I will pop one in for them though just in case. I'm also going to rethink how I've packed things. So far I have done a bag for me and a bag for them. I might change this to a labour/straight after labour bag and just have an outfit each for them in there and the essentials for me, clean nightie etc, and then put all the other stuff in the bigger bag for DP to bring up from the car when needed. What do you think? How have you done yours?

SweetieTime Mon 23-Sep-13 20:41:58

Franykins happy birthday to your DH, i am sure he enjoyed his presents anyway.

I have been to Primark today and got these slipper things for me for only £1.50 so they have gone in the bag. I also got big black knickers these are in the wash but will be going into the bag.
I have also been to Superdrug and stocked up on bronzer. I wear tinted moisturiser, eye liner and mascara everyday as a minimum. I think bronzer will be a must going forward.

I think I would take as much as possible in your bag and then additional stuff in a second bag that you leave in car or at home to be brought in if or when needed. I intend taking a couple of nighties (one for birth and one clean) and at least a pair of pyjamas (that don't look like pyjamas) or comfy outfit in case I have to visit twins in SCBU. Slippers, socks, underwear, toiletries then snacks & juice plus phone, kindle and charger.
Then I am thinking of taking at least 6 vests and babygros for the babies, plus hats, bibs, socks and cardigans. Not sure if we need to take our own nappies, I will ask.
I might put extra nappies, if needed, and baby clothes in my spare bag plus other things for me.

hetsto Tue 24-Sep-13 17:07:48

Hi there, I just wanted to post a quick message to wish you guys all the very best and thank you for all your kindness and support. I'm going to post what's been happening with us in a separate thread as I'm afraid things haven't gone well, but I really don't want to bring you guys down or normalise it, so please don't feel you need to read it. Just thought I'd wish you lots of luck and love as I don't think I'll be about on MN for a little while. Take care, you'll be brilliant mothers to beautiful twins, I know! xx

Franykins Wed 25-Sep-13 09:51:22

I am at a loss of what to say today sad I just hope everyone is taking care of themselves. All the best to everyone xxx

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