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January 2014 - Thread 3 (Danger: Due to the influence of pregnancy hormones I could either burst into tears or kill you in the next 5 minutes.... You have been warned!

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LittlePeaPod Tue 21-May-13 22:31:27

Thread three... Rock and Roll......

SlinkyB Tue 21-May-13 23:08:15

Checking in!

gemma277 Tue 21-May-13 23:18:12

Woo hooo thread 3, wowsers!

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 06:16:24

I'm here. Thanks, pod smile

LadySpencer Wed 22-May-13 06:17:41

Checking in!

LittlePeaPod Wed 22-May-13 06:38:35

Sultanajo. Good luck with the scan today... smile

Vatta Wed 22-May-13 06:39:48

Hello! No mood swings for me so far, just very very tired. Have chosen my hospital for maternity services, now ploughing through "Emma's diary" (does everybody get that from their gp?)

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 06:48:05

Good luck, sultana!

The ubiquitous "Emma's Diary" went straight in the bin, along with absolutely everything else in my Bounty pack grin

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 07:26:29

Thanks so much ladies. Didn't know which thread to post on this morning so have mixed it up a bit! wink

Can't believe we are on a third thread already!

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 08:08:22

I'm just back from having my bloods done. My arm aches now!

Checking in! Feeling especially murderous this morning grin

MrsAVB Wed 22-May-13 08:13:52

Checking in... And now going back to fill up t'other Fred/ bread. Thanks pea. X

MrsVDB Wed 22-May-13 08:15:19

Marking my place smile

sarahleanne Wed 22-May-13 08:27:03

hello thread 3 ...morning peeps! feeling sick today woohoo im so happy haha.

CatchAsCatchCan Wed 22-May-13 08:34:41

Hello thread three! Have my early scan this afternoon, bricking it! I don't feel the same way I did with the ectopic last year, so I'm fairly confident everything's in the right place this time, but who knows.. For now just dreading the idea of a full bladder. Does anyone else secretly prefer a transvaginal scan like me? I know some women find them uncomfortable/invasive, but I think they're so much less faff and discomfort.

Hope everyone's feeling good today!

gemma277 Wed 22-May-13 08:40:01

Ou good luck Catch!!!

MrsAVB Wed 22-May-13 08:43:46

Good luck catch! I have no experience of the foo foo scan so couldn't say... although I have to say it doesn't exactly appeal....
sarah err... Congrats on the sickness! Haha!

Morning! I'd left a ranty post on the other thread, but that got deleted. Ha ha

My internet still isn't working, I called bt to be told there's a fault they are working on. Great.

My sour cream Pringles taste like salt. Boo!

sarahleanne Wed 22-May-13 09:00:34

haha thanks avb!! its waves of sickness so im happy with that,im glad I feel a little bit pregnant now smile

LadySpencer Wed 22-May-13 09:01:27

Hello ladies! I have my GP appt this afternoon to tell them I'm pregnant. Not sure what to expect?! This is my first pregnancy and awfully anxious about everything, because my boobs aren't hurting a lot I'm thinking I'm not pregnant anymore and other silly things! I'm trying to resist going to buy another test! I haven't bled at all and know that's a good sign. I suppose this anxiety is normal?!

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 09:17:10

Pod that scan picture is amazing! Fingers crossed I'll get to see something similar next week, by then I should be 7+2 ish (first scan was 5+6 I think)

Good luck Catch! I had both types of scan yesterday, I'm not sure I prefer it but it definately wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. And (being a neurtoic first time parent to be) I didn't really like her pressing down on my belly for the normal ultrasound.

Sultanajo hoping today goes really quickly smile

Lady I'm the same, the first week I knew I took a test everyday because I was so scared. I've tried to calm myself down because I haven't had any bleeding but it is scary! Hopefully once we get into the second trimester we can all stop worrying a bit and enjoy it (and hopefully those with ms will feel better too!)

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 09:26:35

Well, I'm definately identifying with feeling murderous this morning, I just got very irrationally angry that my husband has unplugged the extension lead. I think he's very glad he's working at the moment, usually by the time he gets home I realise I'm being silly and manage to stop myself shouting at him!

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 09:28:05

Good luck, Catch smile

LadySpencer Wed 22-May-13 09:35:23

I keep on trying to get a grip. Only found out 5 days ago though so still sinking in. My dh is a positive thinker so he is tasked with keeping my feet on the ground and not letting me think of bad things happening!

Can I ask...how are some ladies having early scans? Are they private ones? Or dating ones? Because I'm anxious some friends have told me to say to the GP that I'm unsure of dates so I don't have to wait until 12 weeks. I'm 5+2 today so don't know how much I'd see if I had one soon or if I'd see a heartbeat? Don't want to make myself even more anxious!

Good luck with scan this afternoon Catch!

GSR glad that somebody else is feeling the same as me!

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 09:41:02

I htink most people have just been offered the 12 and 20 week scans, I was planning on paying for one at about 10 weeks (which I still might) as we are going to see all our families just after so it would be nice to be able to tell them everything is ok and show them some scan pictures.

Some people get extra if they have had a few miscarridges previously. I have been given one (and am having another next week) as I had some pain in my lower left abdomen last week and ended up in a&e. In all honesty I'm not sure if they would have given me a scan if it hadn't been for the fact that the first nurse got my blood test results the wrong way round and basically told me I had probably miscarried!

cosmickitten Wed 22-May-13 09:45:35

Morning lady can't believe we're on thread 3 already!

LadySpencer Wed 22-May-13 09:47:47

GSR that's awful! You must have been so upset. Well...I think I will just see what happens with the GP this afternoon and then go from there! I just need to trust that my body will do what it's made to do (easier said than done!)

Will no doubt let you all know!

sarahleanne Wed 22-May-13 09:49:13

ladyspencer- I think 5 weeks is a bit early to see a heartbeat, most heartbeats show up at around 6 weeks ish I think, I had one with my 2nd pregnancy at just over 6 weeks and it took them a while to find the heartbeat cus its so small.

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 09:52:20

People lie to their GP to get an earlier scan?! shock

sarahleanne Wed 22-May-13 09:53:29

haha love the sarcasm toby

MrsAVB Wed 22-May-13 09:53:58

Hi lady, ladies on this thread have had variable experiences with GPs, so don't get too excited! Most don't seem to do a urine test as they are not any more reliable than hpts. But FX your appointment goes well. Xxx

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 09:57:57

I wasn't being sarcastic confused I didn't know people did that.

sarahleanne Wed 22-May-13 10:03:36

oh lol sorry toby I thought it was sarcasm.

extracrunchy Wed 22-May-13 10:04:02

Sarah - we maxed out the other fred!! Was just going to say I love our Boba carrier - it can be used on front or back so is very versatile and has lots of longevity.

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 10:05:26

I just tried to post on the last thread but it's full!

Sarah About the double buggy, I think the Baby Jogger city select is a convertible that can be used as a single or double buggy. The extra seat and fixings to make it into a double are £150 from kiddicare (although possibly cheaper elsewhere) so it's not too expensive and you could still use it as a single after your eldest has grown out of it or if they're at nursery etc smile

carrotcakecupcake Wed 22-May-13 10:06:05

Hello thread three - can't believe how fast the discussions move!

I'm starting to get really jealous of everyone's scans - the midwife is supposed to be contacting me to make an appointment, but the drs were really vague about when they might get in touch ("two or three weeks, maybe"). If I haven't heard anything by the end of next week I'm going to give them a call.

fryingpan I had the same issue with a bowl of soup over the weekend - it was supposed to be carrot but just tasted like salt, salt and more salt!

CatchAsCatchCan Wed 22-May-13 10:10:27

I'm personally having an early scan because of a previous ectopic. The EPU told me that I'll now always be considered "at-risk," so I automatically get a 6 week scan to check for placement. I'm not actually 6 weeks today, but 5+5 is hopefully far along enough that they can see something. If everything looks ok but no heartbeat, I hope they'll offer me another in a couple weeks, but as there haven't been problems yet, they may not. If not, we're going to pay for a private scan at 7 or 8 weeks to see heartbeat. I hate my GP so would have no qualms about lying to her to get an early scan, though! blush

extracrunchy Wed 22-May-13 10:10:58

Ladyspencer - tempting is it is, try and hold out for a scan till 6 weeks plus because at 5 weeks they may just see an empty sac, which could be totally normal but might not be and the wait till the follow up scan is just agony!! (I've just experienced this - all fine now but could have done without the stress)

LadySpencer Wed 22-May-13 10:11:35

Thanks AVB. I've never met my GP either so hoping that he/she is nice!

Toby It hadn't occured to me either until a friend suggested it as I'm so anxious!

extracrunchy Wed 22-May-13 10:11:37

Ooh catch good luck!! So exciting smile

chocoholicalcoholic Wed 22-May-13 10:12:11

sarahleanne - following on from the buggy question on the other thread, I used a sling and then buggy board as extracrunchy suggested. Worked well for us DC1 was 2 yrs 4 months when baby arrived. I also spent a lot of time taking DC1 for walks with her holding onto side of buggy whilst I was pregnant so she got used to walking sensibly and not darting off, so that when the baby needed the buggy DC1 could walk if needed then buggy board when tired/long distance etc. Hope that makes sense!

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 10:13:00

Catch I think I was about 5+6 yesterday (or 5+3 if I go by when I thought I ovulated and not LMP) and they could see the fetal pole (but no heartbeat so I'm going back next week) so hopefully you should be able to see something.

sarahleanne Wed 22-May-13 10:14:21

thanks exra and gsr- that city one sounds good im gunna have a look now

gemma277 Wed 22-May-13 10:15:27

Spent too long typing on the other thread it reached 1000 and didnt go threw shock so here goes again...

Thanks for all the advice regarding prenatal vitamins. I use pregnacare original but notice they give me tmi soft green stool. Probably because i'm usually a bit anaemic so the extra iron is sending my body in overdrive.

Also, I read that it dosn't have enough calcium or DHA in it, maybe the pregnacare max is better.

Sarah- re double prams I shouldn't think if your child is over 2 that she would need a buggy. My daughters 2.10 months and stopped using the pram at about 2. I am going to get this attachment for my current pram that you clip on the back and its a wheely thing that they can stand on if they do get tires. Double prams seem like too much hassle especially if they wont even use it!

CatchAsCatchCan Wed 22-May-13 10:17:21

Thanks MrsGSR! I'm trying not to go in with any expectations beyond, "Please let it not be in my tube again!" A fetal pole would be amazing. I think DH might cry and faint if we happen to get a heartbeat grin I know we won't, but he's taken previous failed pregnancies really hard, so I want him to get good news as much as I want it for myself.

chocoloulou33 Wed 22-May-13 10:17:22

Eek I have an early scan date finally. Epu just rang, they were so lovely. Got over a week to wait, next friday aaaghhhh. So excited though. I'll be just over 8 & a half weeks by then if my dates r correct. Wooooop x

chocoholicalcoholic Wed 22-May-13 10:19:06

That's great Choco grin

Oooh, a lovely new thread.

Good luck sultana on the scan, and anyone else who's having one today.

Will come back as and when I have anything interesting to say. smile

sarahleanne Wed 22-May-13 10:21:11

gemma,chocoholic-sorry I didn't c ur posts before...... actually I think u may be right,maybe buying a double pram isn't necessary and I can get away with a sling for baby then put baby in the pram that my daughters in now.i'll have a little think and discussion with the other half.

gemma277 Wed 22-May-13 10:21:37

Good news choco!!! Lucky you smile

LadySpencer Wed 22-May-13 10:30:58

Thanks catch and crunchy. I'm so happy I've found this forum, feel better already after hearing people's advice.

Think I'm finding it hard as I lost my mum in December and she would give me the reassurance I am craving in her own special way. This pregnancy wasn't planned at all so I keep trying to think it's meant to be, that now is the right time smile.

Don't mean to be depressing!

chocoholicalcoholic Wed 22-May-13 10:33:54

Aww bless you LadySpencer, so sorry to hear about your mum flowers

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 10:34:50

Excellent news, loulou smile

CatchAsCatchCan Wed 22-May-13 10:58:33

That must be really difficult, LadySpencer, especially as it sounds like you two were very close. flowers Don't worry about being depressing! We're all playing out our own private dramas in these early stages; it helps to know everyone else has fears and doubts too.

I have managed to get my mil to take as for a couple of hours today so I can sleep. I'm so tired!

I moved my private scan to 13 June, it's only two days earlier, but my dh couldn't make the 15th anymore. So I'll be 8+5 for the scan

Gobbolinothewitchscat Wed 22-May-13 11:26:46

Hi all - sorry Ive been AWOL - lots happening in real life

Congrats to everyone with good scan and thanks to those who have had bad news

I had my first midwife app today - she just laughed when she saw me grin. Got to wait for my booking in appointment now and then I'll get a scan date. We have a private scan on Saturday though.

DS being great and back to sleeping through from 7 - 7 so not feeling too bad. Well done to all of you at work. I'm finding it easier being at home with DS as I can have a little snooze when he does.

Healthy eating isn't going too well so thinking of trying slimming world. Am feeling rather guilty as just enjoyed a very nice skimmed latte and chocolate muffin with DS in Costa

Gobbolinothewitchscat Wed 22-May-13 11:31:07

Re prams - I've got a bugaboo donkey. My parents really kindly bought it for us. I'm very sentimental so I've had got a cam and then had to get another double pram, I would probably have cried!

DH suggested the donkey and I love it. Just didnt realise I'dhave to use it in dour mode so quickly

I also have a city mini jogger GT that I'll use as a buggy for this years holidays.

Morning! Checking in here.

pod WOW! Those pics are AMAZING! You have a real mini pea!

catch and sultana good luck this afternoon.

Vatta and Lady I got fuck all nothing from my GP apart from a referral to midwives, but that's because I live in the shittest area of London (when I went to have my coil out, they were SHOCKED that I didn't want other contraception, when I explained we were going to try for a baby, they were nonplussed. As if this has never happened in grotty old Newham. Probably hasn't.)

Toby sorry to hear your arm hurts, you probably need a brew and biscuit.

specific me too. Rage away, my friend. Tis good for the soul.

Sarah congrats on feeling sick... I think!

loulou yay for scan! I am starting to get jealous of all these scans. Must. Hold. Out. For. 12. Weeks....

Who was it who said they hadn't heard from midwives? I haven't either, so may also be chasing. I don't want to miss the window for the NT test at my scan, and I just know it's going to be inefficient and useless round here.

Also ragey here, and sicky feeling. Bleurgh.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Wed 22-May-13 11:36:17

Oh god - please ignore my awful spelling and punctuation

We should start a rage club. We could all sit in a corner and quietly hate everyone and everything from it.

We can turn it into a crying corner for as and when those hormones hit. I love being pregnant grin

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 11:45:58

Well after saying the rage had left me and I was just weeping at everything, the crying has suddenly gone and been replaced by RAGE again!!!! Frickin work - I could happily punch someone right now! Feel as though I am banging my head against a brick wall - very much losing patience! Fecks sake!!! So much petty shite going on and everything is soooo frustrating at the moment - thinking of investing in a punch bag!!!

Humpty I could feel the rage in your post. grin

Catch hope your scan goes well! x

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 11:48:02

Lady so glad you have found us too. flowers

Sarah yeay for the waves of nausea!

I would LOVE to be a SAHM for a while, but financially don't think that's gonna be an option. Hoping to take the full year off however!

MrsAVB Wed 22-May-13 12:00:22

loulou, yay for the scan date, exciting!
lady so sorry to hear about your mum, that must be really tough. Never worry about being depressing on here; we all have our turns and picking each other up is what the threads for.
Am WFH today... Think it's going to be a highly productive day on MN hmm.
Re. prams. Does anyone have any recommendations that are good on public transport and light for carrying up stairs. Yup, lucky me!

LittlePeaPod Wed 22-May-13 12:01:47

Sorry ladies. At work, on phone and no chance to catch up. Just sat in toilet cubicle trying desperately to wake up. I have a two hour meeting at 12 with a load of technical people. This tirdness is getting worse by the day. Is anyone else suffering from extreme exhaustion from the second they wake up?

Rant over. [Sad]

enjoying and sultana we are the queens of rage. I like the idea of a rage club. I also have the weepy hormones already. Isn't it FUN? DH walks on eggshells around me, poor lamb!

sultana I know what you mean about petty - I want to SCREAM at them (my work/visitors at work etc) 'I HAVE BIGGER THINGS TO THINK ABOUT THAN YOUR NONSENSE SO BE A LOVE AND FECK OFF, EH', but I don't. I just think it. And say it with my eyes.

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 12:05:08

Lady sorry to hear about your mum, I lost mine in Jan so have an idea of how your feeling, mine was a nurse and all of the family turned to her for advice when they were pregnant/had small children, so without this forum I'd be very lost!

Talking of prams, I've fallen in love with the Jane Trider. It's very expensive, but so pretty!

Lady keep meaning to say - also sorry to hear your mum isn't with you anymore. I can't imagine it, so do use us to chat to instead, if that helps?

MrsG which Jane Trider? I like them ALL!

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 12:16:34

Oooh, that Jané Trider looks nice. I have added it to my secret Baby Stuff Pinterest.

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 12:17:38

This is the one I mean. I just googled. I didn't know there were different ones blush

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 12:19:03

I'm not sure, I didn't know there were different ones! I like it in 'graphite' with the strata car seat, transporter 2 carry cot and the normal seat unit. The Strata and transporter have got good safety ratings on which. When we thought we might be having twins the only downside I could think of was I'd have to chose a different pram!

Penny31 Wed 22-May-13 12:20:40

Hi chatterboxes!

Sorry you have lost your mums mrsg and lady xxx

This morning I have no symptoms. I think I get them more late afternoon now. Normal right?

My rage has gone, my weepiness has gone and to be honest I feel quite good right now! I am 8+3 so perhaps a bit further on than some and maybe my symptoms are settling down already?

Still holding out for 12 week scan. It's bloody hard work!

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 12:21:43

I have a secret baby board on pinterest! It's got so much stuff on! I quite like the trider in shadow too smile

I went for a walk with my best friend a few weeks ago (who is male and uninterested in things like prams!) and saw someone out and about with it, it's so nice smile

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 12:22:54

My symptoms (other than sore boobs) seem to be confined to the late afternoon, Penny. The nausea hits between 3pm and 4pm, and carries on for most of the evening.

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 12:26:28

penny my symptoms seem to be mainly in the evenings, I think a couple of people have said the same.

Has anyone read the thread about iodine deficiency today? (as I wrote that the news came on and mentioned it!) As if we don't have enough to worry about!

Iodine deficiency?

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 12:34:20

Humpty you are SPOT ON!!! That's EXACTLY what I want to yell. When things are very much put into perspective for you, you suddenly realise how petty and pathetic the little grumbles people have at work are!

Prams/car seats - OMG how many are there? Confused.com! Not gonna start looking til much later, but when I was looking last time I kept thinking "how on earth do I choose"? They say "think about what you will use it for", but honestly I am not sure how I will know that until the little one is here, because with the best will in the world I am sure my thoughts and perspectives on things will change after he/she arrives. There will be nothing worse than getting one and then finding out it actually isn't suitable at all for what you want it for and you are then stuck with it....For example, we often go for forest walks so was thinking of getting something that would work off road, but actually thinking about it, I am wondering how much I will actually get out to the forest and perhaps I will use it more street walking, in which case I am not gonna want a chunky off roader. Also considering getting a bjorn baby carrier so it's easier on things like forest walks, but then read that if you use them too much it can affect their legs???

I think most pregnancy multivits will contain iodine. If you're planning on taking one throughout, it should be nothing to worry about.

It's a very marginal effect, anyway, so I wouldn't spend too much time on it!

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 12:38:23

Also can't find who said it now, but I too an taking pregnacare and my pee is bright yellow all the time, despite drinking plenty! Now I know it's because of the vits I will stop worrying about that! Phew! One less thing!!!

Not even going to look at the iodine - must stop scaring myself!

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 12:41:05

Pod I really feel for you. Hope you managed to get through your meeting without actually dropping off. I too am struggling and finding it hard to concentrate - some days are better than others - I am finding it a little easier than I was around a week ago, but still finding it hard!

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 12:41:54

Apparently wrap slings are far better for the baby and the parent. I'm going to get one of these.

The iodine thing is one more thing I'm not going to be worrying about.

Berocca wee! My DP thought he was dying after he started taking berocca, only to find it was the B vits. Mine is glow in the dark yellow too (TMI, apologies).

Pram wise, we're going to use DS's old one, which is probably well out of fashion now! Going to treat myself to a new sling though - really want a rose and rebellion (so pretty). Might need a new carseat though - the old one went in the filthy loft without a cover and I don't think I could put a shiny newborn in it knowing where it's been.

How dare you try and leave me out of the rage club angry


I am 6+1 today, and my fertility friend app says baby is 4-5mm and "is now identifiable as a human baby". <cue undignified squeeeee noise> But it still has a tail, which I find unreasonably amusing.

I heard the iodine thing today too! But apparently dairy is rich in iodine, and I usually have cereal and milk for breakfast. Plus my multivitamin provides most of it too, I think. So it's fairly low on my list of worries!

I would love to be a SAHM but I don't think we could afford it sad Though I don't think we can afford much childcare either! Hoping that I can go back to work part time and that family will be generous and provide some free childcare, or things are going to be very tough.

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 12:46:04

Ohhh that wrap looks interesting Toby - will investigate!

Enjoying "shiny newborn" and "Berrocca pee" - Lol!

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 12:49:20

Specific Squeeee! You are definitely IN the rage club!!! grin Childcare costs are so expensive! I am trying to weigh everything up, but then thinking that when they are at school there will be minimal childcare costs. It's gonna have to be a lottery win I think! I'm not greedy - just enough to pay off the mortgage and do our extension would be fine with me, with perhaps a little bit left over....! wink

LadySpencer Wed 22-May-13 12:56:48

Thanks for your support ladies. The difference I have felt since joining you has been big so thank you.

MrsG sorry to hear about your mum. It's a really confusing time isn't it...feeling happy about pregnancy but sad they aren't here. Feel like I'm pulled in different directions.

GP appt in 2 hours! I'm determined to enjoy this experience damn it!

MrsAVB Wed 22-May-13 12:58:22

So many nice things to buy that are so expensive! I like the idea of a sling though. Xxx

LadySpencer Wed 22-May-13 13:04:01

I like the idea of slings too. I was born in South Africa and mum took a lead from the african women and carried me around on her back swaddled in a blanket. So exciting to think I will get to do the same!

carrotcakecupcake Wed 22-May-13 13:17:36

enjoyingscience I think I'll set up camp in the crying corner - today I had the slightest hint of criticism for something I'd done at work and wanted to burst into tears...deep breaths.

peapod I find I feel quite spritely in the morning, until I have a shower then by the time I'm out with the dog I'm dragging my feet and wishing I could get back into bed rather than go to work. Last night I was so tired I wanted to cry and DH isn't being very forthcoming with the sympathy angry.

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 13:20:37

Sultanajo if your taking pregncare you don't need to worry about Iodine anyway, and as enjoying said it's a tiny effect! There's just so many scary stories to try and avoid!

I'd love to use a sling, but I have a bad back anyway from an accident when I was a kid, so it might not be an option. The Trider (I'm going to sound like a sales woman, I just love it!) is an off roader but it's pretty small so it would be fine for shops etc. What sold it for me was that you don't need adaptors to attach the car seat (I would lose adaptors...) and the car seat has really, really high saftey ratings. And the transporter 2 is the only lay flat car seat which recomends, we live 4 hours away from our parents so it will be good to have as they recommend only using normal seats for 2 hours a day.

On the subject of funny coloured wee (and TMI) my mum drank loads of beetroot juice when she was ill, and had to keep explaining that to doctors when they took urine samples!

Childcare is so expensive, and we live so far away from both families so wouldn't have any help from them. Also we move around every 2 years or so, so part of the reason I'll stay at home is so our kids have some continuity. When they're in school I'll try and get a job that is only school hours!

I have a kari-me wrap, it's brilliant. Ds was in it all the time until he was about 6 months, then I left it at my moms. Would totally recommend it.

specific my humblest apologies. You are of course a founding member of the Rage Club.

Toby I want to use a sling too, and that's the style I like best!

re preg vits, I am on superdrug own, was on pregnacare conception, but they made me constipated. I like the s/drug ones! Smaller pills as well. I sometimes supplement with chewable Vit D as there's not quite the RDA in the s/d ones.

carrot you are allowed to cry in Rage Club grin. It's the second rule, after Rule #1: 'You don't talk about Rage Club'. I am weepy all the time I'm not ragey. I HOWLED when I passed my driving test. Like a proper weirdo.

Right, I'm starving, off for lunch. Be-have, you 'orrible lot grin

gemma277 Wed 22-May-13 14:11:23

O god so here for rage continued....

Ive got a dreadful cold which I caught of DD whose still on antibiotics for hers because it went into her chest. Don't think mines that bad but still feel horrible just batting it out with the honey and lemon. My mum always comes over on Wednesday to see DD and called me this morning i sounded horrible but said to her please don't buy me anything, I've got everything already. Then she comes over with a bag full of drugs, first defence, beechams, vicks, spresils.... Grrrrrrrrr none of which I can take(she dosnt know that obviously)

Lovely thought but i said I dont need anything. Its just annoying

Sorry for the rant and sounding ungrateful I just hate lying I said ive just taken one so cant have another until four hours.... Don't know what to say then hmm

extracrunchy Wed 22-May-13 14:39:39

Little - me too. I'm seriously struggling to do ANYTHING.

Re slings - I wouldn't get another Bjorn. Had one for DS and they're not all that comfortable, he grew out of it quickly and apparently it's not good for them to bear all their weight on the base of their spines...

Look at this though!! We have one and it's total genius. Love love love it. From birth, healthy posture for baby and really versatile. Also lots of lovely colours and patterns smile

(Sorry I'm on my phone - does someone want to do the link for me??)

CatchAsCatchCan Wed 22-May-13 15:37:18

Honorary member of rage club here. I was on the train earlier gagging at somebody's horrible perfume and really wanted to shout, "You smell like a horrid old lady, move away from me!" My tolerance for shenanigans is nonexistent now.

Scan went ok. The consultants were lovely, which I always appreciate. All we could see was the yolk sac, but it was all in the right place, so that's very positive. DH said he shed a little tear, haha. Another scan booked for 2 weeks time, so hopefully we'll see the whole enchilada then! Still trying not to get my hopes up too high, but definitely feeling good about things.

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 15:55:14

Catch really glad the scan went well and you're feeling positive. Lets hope the next 2 weeks fly by and that you get to see a heartbeat at the next scan smile

gemma277 Wed 22-May-13 16:25:41

Excellent news catch!! Not long now sultana grin

MrsAVB Wed 22-May-13 16:37:52

gemma hope you're feeling better. DH has a cold ATM (= snore o'clock all damn night) so am hoping I don't get it.
catch glad your scan went well.
I feel like I need to develop some rage, I don't have any. Just vomming and lethargy. Maybe it's hard to be ragey when you're being a sloth.

MrsGSR Wed 22-May-13 16:56:20

sad Hope you feel better soon MrsAVB, I've still managed to avoid nausea, but I am struggling to think of any food I want to eat!

gemma277 Wed 22-May-13 17:03:54

Thanks AVB, i feel like crap and have so much to do! Careful of your DS, there are nasty viruses going around and being pregnant makes you more susceptible to getting it, something about your immunity dropping or something.

gemma277 Wed 22-May-13 17:05:32

Hope you feel better too! I haven't started voming yet which is a plus but feeling your nausea and lethargy!!! Im not bothered to do anything.

MissMedusa Wed 22-May-13 17:26:21

Congratulations on your scan catch, with your dates, I think you're exactly where you should be.

mrsgsr I have a secret baby board on Pinterest too blush

Frogcatcher Wed 22-May-13 18:23:07

Evening all. On phone so a bit hard to catch up but can def relate to rage tho mine usually coupled with tears. Great combo when you have your end of year performance review like I did at work today [shame]. Boss must think I'm a fruitcake as I have no intention of telling them till after 12 weeks.
My GP was the proverbial chocolate teapot as I was 10min late due to terrible traffic & he wouldn't see me. Not necessary apparently as went in midwife book & she will call tho who knows when. Oh & they'd run out of bounty packs. I've booked a private scan for 2 weeks tmrw when I'll be 8+4 so hopefully they will be able to see enough by then.

sarahleanne Wed 22-May-13 18:32:54

good news about scan catch...congrats.

been having very crampy feelings all day at work,in stomach and very lower back.i kept going toilet to check im not bleeding,so far so good but im a little worried.cramping has eased off now.

DawnOfTheDee Wed 22-May-13 18:59:54

Evening all!

Just marking my place on the new thread smile

Besides eating all manner of pickles I'm pretty much symptomless. Not too fussed as I was like this last time but think i'll do another test in a couple of days to be sure. An actual scan seem like forever away....

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 19:35:46

Yeay catch so pleased your scan went well!

Thanks so much ladies for all your well wishes! Really thought it was game over this afternoon after heavier bleeding and cramps, but.....am still in the game for now! Bubba seen with strong heartbeat thank god! They couldnt find the cause of the bleeding and said while its not normal its very common and nine times out of ten they dont find out why!

Cant tell u how relieved and amazed I was to see the little one doing ok! Next hurdle is getting past 9 weeks when it all went wrong last time so have booked another scan for ten weeks just to make sure....!

LittlePeaPod Wed 22-May-13 19:38:13

Hi Ladies,

Firstly I can't believe you all managed to get to 105 comments and five pages since this morning... WOW.

Secondly I am really sorry but I have to admit I have read all the comments. I tried but so tired the thought is daunting... Sorry.

Catch great news on your scan.... Congratulations

Chocco great news on your scan too.

Sultanajo I know your scan was at 6 so hope all went well and looking forward to hearing your update...

Sorry f I missed anyone with regards scans and bloods today. I hope it went well for everyone.

Reading through notes I am slowly starting to realise I may be really lucky where I am. My NHS 12 week scan confirmation letter has arrived and its on the 24th June. My free prescription card has arrived and I am due to see my MW for the second time next week. I just don't understand how it can e so different all around the country...

Well today has been shit... I can't explain how tired I feel. Struggling to hold alf decent conversations. Spent most of the day (between meetings) sat in a toilet cubicle. Sorry for the me me me ohhhhhhhh woooooo meeee note but I am in the burst into tears camp today.....

I hope you ladies had a better day than me.... Now off to try and force feed myself as I have gone off all food.. sad

LittlePeaPod Wed 22-May-13 19:39:20

Sultanajo. Fantastic news. Sorry sent note before reading your update...

LadySpencer Wed 22-May-13 19:41:43

Evening ladies! Had my appt with GP this afternoon, she was lovely. Midwife will hopefully get in touch next week. Do you have an initial appt with her first and then have to wait for another one for the scan?

Can anybody tell me how I organise a private scan?

I'm pretty much symptomless too Dawn, aside from dull cramping every now and again. I'm only 5+3 though so may be on it's way over the next couple of weeks!

extracrunchy Wed 22-May-13 19:46:15

Thanks Humpty!

Lovely news Catch and Sultanajo!!

LittlePeaPod Wed 22-May-13 19:48:15

Lady. Glad your appointment went well. The who,e MW system seems to be different all around the country. At my first MW appoint I was only 5 weeks and she took all my bloods, sent scan and free prescription form off for me.

With regards private scans I went/am going here (link below) and they are fantastic. But depends where you are.... Other option is looking online or speaking to your doctor for a recommendation.


Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 19:48:43

Aw Pod so sorry your day didnt get any better. It will get better again and you are more than entitled to feel sorry for yourself and open your heart to us. Sending you huge virtual hugs!

LittlePeaPod Wed 22-May-13 19:54:45

Thanks Sultanajo. Sat in bed eating cheese puff ball crips and coleslaw so feeling a tiny bit better......

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 19:54:50

Lady if you google private scans in your area it should bring up any companies who offer private scans. Price tends to vary depending on where u r - I am lucky that mine was £60, but I know in other areas they are £100 upwards....

Normally what happens (well the way it works here) is once u have seen your GP (so pleased u have a good one and not a chocolate teapot like mine) u will have your booking in appointment with your midwife where she fills out tons of forms and gives u yr notes and then she will arrange yr scan date which u receive in the post.

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 19:58:18

Bless u pod with your coleslaw obsession and your cheesey puff balls which I am now craving! wink

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 20:02:24

Great news, sultana smile What a relief for you!

Sorry you had a crap day, pod.

I'm really tired this evening and it seems the nurse caught a nerve when she took my blood this morning. My arm is very swollen and has a big hard lump just under where the puncture site is. Google says it should go away by itself, which would be nice!

My nausea has abated in the last couple of days, which is worrying. Boobs are still killing me, though, and I had a wobble yesterday and POAS again and it was such a strong positive that it was darker than the control line. So it should be at 8-ish weeks! I can see me doing another test before the scan on Sunday, though.

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 20:19:59

toby the worrying just never stops does it?!? So pleased u have a scan on sunday! Hope your nausea comes back again to reassure u!,x

BookTart Wed 22-May-13 20:28:00

Hah toby, I poas today as well (still +ve, phew!) I've got a scan on Sunday as well so hopefully we'll be able to compare pics smile

I'm veering wildly between utter hysteria and being stoic about the whole potential ectopic thing. I woke at 1am and got up at 3 because I had lost all my symptoms and just knew I'd lost the baby. However, I now feel so sick that all I can eat are a few over chips, so the symptoms seem to be back! I've lost all my CM now though, but that might just be low progesterone or something so I'm trying not to panic too much she says, panicking

can't believe we're over 10% through this thread already grin

Catch, really glad your scan went well! smile

MrsAVB, half of the people in my office have a cold, so I think I'm doomed. But I still don't want one! Especially as I can't dose myself up with meds…

Sultana, so pleased to hear that baby has a strong heartbeat! That's wonderful news.

You poor thing, pea. You sound like you need a nice bath, a cup of brew and an early night. Hope you feel brighter tomorrow!

Toby, I keep feeling the urge to poas again too… crazy, isn't it? At least we can blame the hormones!

I am feeling so very very tired, and my boobs hurt so very very much. <cries> But apart from that I'm actually quite cheerful, haha. Still chanting "I'm having a baby!" in my head every few minutes! grin

gemma277 Wed 22-May-13 20:29:48

Excellent news about your scan Sultana!

Hope everyone that feels crappy feels better soon!!!

I just can't wait to get to bed.... Ahhhh

LadySpencer Wed 22-May-13 20:32:26

Just looked up private scans now in my area so will get in contact with them tomorrow. It says they only do them from over 7 weeks so will be in a couple of weeks.

Differing processes are a pain! I'm in Wales too so it can be completely different.

Hope everybody is okay, and coping with symptoms and worries smile The days are going so slow at the moment!

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 20:32:56

book I feel for u. The scan will keep me going until tomorrow but then the fretting will start all over again til the next one.....I never expected this to be so incredibly stressful and scary - its the biggest emotional roller coaster ever isnt it? shock

Sultanajo Wed 22-May-13 20:35:22

Yeay specific so pleased u have a happy little mantra! It should be a really exciting time! grin

LadySpencer Wed 22-May-13 20:36:05

Ive poas today too, still a strong positive...I still have another test spare for next week. Knowing me I'll do one each week to try to put my mind at rest. Glad I'm not alone in doing this!

Penny31 Wed 22-May-13 20:41:00

sultana that's great news!
pod I'm sorry you feel crap today
toby I am 8+3 today and I literally have no symptoms at all. Even my food aversions have gone. Hoping I'm just lucky and have had my share of nausea etc? On the other had I'm seriously panicking and on the verge of crying with worry! I was doing so well staying positive and holding out for the 12 weeks. sad

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 20:44:07

Oh, Penny. I'm sure we're fine, but it's so worrying, isn't it?

Bikey86 Wed 22-May-13 20:52:57

Hello all, I cant believe how fast this thread is moving, so hard to keep up. So reassuring to know that everyone is as worried as I am. Dh thinks I'm mad. I'm only 4+4 and have really sore boobs and cramping but no other symptoms yet...but like you lady I fear the worst all the time. Got my first gp appointment next tuesday and then i will have to wait painfully for the 12 week scan!!!!

Frizz1986 Wed 22-May-13 20:57:52

Wow how many posts on this thread already!!

Have only scan read posts as am feeling tired after a meal out with some work friends. I know what people mean about rage tho as there were supposed to be 7 of us for our meal and then today people decided they had double booked themselves (we arranged the meal weeks ago and their new events were booked over the weekend) but they decided not to come to the meal i actually wanted to punch people.

Am glad people seem to be doing well, scans have gone well and scan photos looking good.

Am feeling v jealous of early scans now. Would like to know if there is actually something in there. Need to keep reminding myself that I don't need it but I may crumble.

Thankfully i go on holiday on sat for a week so i will be thinking of other things (i hope) God knows what thread we will be on by the time i get back!!

MrsAVB Wed 22-May-13 21:26:15

Evening all!
sultana so pleased you got to see bean and heartbeat! Very exciting.
pea lots of love. Spending time in toilets is not fun. I think we are allowed to wallow in some woe is me though so don't give yourself too hard a time.
Love to everyone else who is feeling fretful and crap!
I think we need to channel some beyonce or similar. WE ARE STRONG INDEPENDENT LADIES! WE CAN DO THIS BABY SHIT! <<<snap snap snap>>> girlfriends!!!
<steps into her "single ladies" leotard... does the dance>
<leaves the thread when no one joins in>

Alexandersalittlemonkey Wed 22-May-13 21:27:21

Completely agree with how fast this thread moves! I'm sure I only posted last week and there's been so many since then!

I'm 7+4 now and really looking forward to my midwife appointment next week. Last time I had my first scan at about 9 weeks so I'm hoping it will be the same this time so I get to see the lo really soon!

I've still managed to not tell anyone. Went to a wedding on Saturday with my work colleagues and even though I've been out drinking with them a few times before they actually believed me when I said that I hardly drank at all and was fine on soft drinks.

Also, has anyone else found that everyone around them is talking babies, I keep getting so close to saying something. My sister is going on about how she's gonna start trying in January, the woman at work has just had someone give birth and I've even been asked whether I am thinking of having another one. So tempted to blab but was very impressed by my ability to keep a straight face and say it wasn't on the cards at the mo.

Really looking forward to getting the scan photo and revealing all.

Just as an aside, is anyone else always really hungry? I'm sat here and all I can think of is how I really need to eat the hot dogs that my dp has left in the fridge from his lunch. The smell is so tempting I might just have to finish them off!

Ginny88 Wed 22-May-13 22:01:25

Oh my god yes I ate 5 crunchy nature valley cereal bars today! Still have a horrendous aversion to all things onion related.

To those worried ladies I heard you're bound to cramp around 6 weeks as your tendons attached to your uterus are stretching... So that's what I'm telling myself.

Wishing every other grouchy mummy to be lots of happy thoughts. I just cried because I spilled some rice xxx

Frizz1986 Wed 22-May-13 22:18:24

So i caved and have emailed a private scan place to see if they have anything available when I am 9 weeks!
Dh told me to stop being silly and just find out if it might make me feel better. I know it may only be 2 weeks before nhs one but I could be left waiting until 14 weeks.
Read on a website that if there is a heartbeat at 8 weeks there is a 97% chance u will carry to term and I am a numbers girl so these percentages have reeled me in (damn them - not even sure how true they are)

I had a lot of random cramps at 4-6 weeks but hardly have anything now. Starting to wonder if anything is actually there!

sultana and catch yay for scans!

Also, gemma, catch and frog welcome to the Rage Club! Bizarrely mine is better when I'm driving - did the first part of Pass Plus today and I was fine!

toby and book I am now rationing POAS, but still doing it. All the best preggos do, y'know...

lady I know what you mean about slooooooooow days. COME ON TIME!

pod sorry you had a crappy day.

MrsAVB I am WITH YOU. <dons leotard, watches as people run screaming, clutching eyes>

I had a good day - sicky feeling on train (of course), but work was fine, and driving 'lesson' was good, got home to find my BOB (Baby on Board) badge has arrived AND my referral for my booking in appt! Exactly four weeks today! So excited now!

I'm off for the weekend tomorrow, so fully expect to come back to another three threads worth of chat... grin

TobyLerone Wed 22-May-13 22:26:17

Well, I'll be POAS again tomorrow -- bit more pinkish stuff this evening, so feeling quite wobbly.

MrsAVB Wed 22-May-13 22:28:01

Have a lovely weekend humpty! Hope you are doing something nice...

Penny31 Wed 22-May-13 22:28:57

toby hoping the pinkish stuff stays just pinkish stuff. It's awful that we have to go through this stress. X

MrsVDB Thu 23-May-13 07:41:11

I think the 97% at 8 weeks is only on an external scan but at 8 weeks I do think a lot of the danger has passed (that's what I'm hoping anyway as cant worry like this for another 35 weeks!)

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 07:45:57

Well my staple breakfast of peanut butter on toast is no more! Blerghhh! Just bought a new jar too!

MrsAVB and Humpty snap snap snap! <tries to yank up leotard but gets stuck over arse and squishes sore boobs too much!>

Alexander YY - so many people talking about babies and several friends are pregnant, so it's been really hard not going "I know what you mean, I had that".... Off to see one friends new bubba next week - may end up telling her because she will know straight away something is up, but I know she will keep it a secret. Arghhh! Still not sure how I am gonna keep it from the other friend I am meeting up with who I really don't want to tell yet. Am sure I will wangle something....

Frizz how exciting you have a 9 week scan! That will give you something to focus on now!

Humpty it's so exciting when you get dates through isn't it! I have my booking in appointment next Tuesday and then I should hear when my official 12 week scan date is gonna be! Probably won't be for another 4 weeks, but these interim appointments break up the lonnnggggg wait!

Toby sending you really positive vibes this morning. My discharge is still there and I crap myself whenever I have to go for a wee, worrying what I will see, but I am trying to hold on to the sonographers indifference to the bleeding yesterday and the fact she told me it was so common. Keeping everything crossed for you it's just random spotting and bubba is safely tucked into it's little nest....

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 07:53:34

Found this on the miscarriage association website:

"What if I see a heartbeat but I am still bleeding?

If the scan does pick up a heartbeat and the baby appears to be the right size according to your dates, this can be very reassuring, even if you are still bleeding.

Research has shown that if you see a heartbeat at 6 weeks of pregnancy, the chances of the pregnancy continuing are 78%.

A heartbeat at 8 weeks increases the chance of a continuing pregnancy to 98% and at 10 weeks that goes up to 99.4%.

So things could still go wrong and sadly sometimes do, but as long as there is a heartbeat, the risk of miscarriage decreases as the weeks go by."

It gives me hope despite it all going tits up last time after the 8 week scan. Fingers firmly crossed - this is a different pregnancy and therefore there WILL be a good outcome this time!

TobyLerone Thu 23-May-13 08:03:22

Thanks smile It stopped as soon as it started. I'm a bit crampy, but that's no different to the last 4 weeks. Trying to convince myself that it's a coincidence/my imagination that my boobs seem to hurt less today.

That MA info must feel lovely and reassuring for you, sultana smile

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 08:11:19

Well it ain't gonna stop me worrying Toby but it gives a glimmer of hope....

That's great it stopped as soon as it started. Mine keeps lulling me into a false sense of security - like first thing it will have gone and I start to feel relieved and then an hour later it's back and I am back to worrying again. I am constantly poking at my boobs and feel as though they aren't as sore as they were a few days ago too. In fact I jumped up and down this morning to see if that hurt! The sonographer yesterday did say symptoms can fluctuate due to hormones. I feel as though we have come such a long way already but we have such a long way to go.... I have confidence we will all get there!

TobyLerone Thu 23-May-13 08:12:44

From our BFP onwards is where the worrying starts. For the rest of our lives!

cravingcake Thu 23-May-13 08:15:22

Can I join in? I've just got my BFP today, all rather exciting. Have worked out due date to be 2 Feb but as this is my second and I know I'll be having an ELCS it will be at least a week earlier so that makes me end of January.... scary stuff even having done this before.

Frizz1986 Thu 23-May-13 08:32:29

Welcome craving huge congrats on ur bfp.
sultanajo that's similar mc stuff to what i saw. I know if i go for a 9 week scan I will still worry and there is still a chance of things going wrong after but I am still not convinced I am even pg. Only slightly sore nipples, a bit tired and possibly some ms so if like to know I am not imaging that positive line. Also as i may only get a scan at 14 weeks with nhs I'd like to know sooner if something has gone wrong.

It's nice knowing that some people are getting their appointments through. I really wanted my dates to arrive before I went away but it's looking unlikely.
Think you guys on here makes things go a little faster as everyone is at different stages so i can learn everything :-)

TarkaTheOtter Thu 23-May-13 08:33:00

Hi everyone! Just catching up on the new thread. Having a terrible week (non pregnancy related) so not been thinking about pregnancy much. Starting to feel pretty sick though!

MrsAVB Thu 23-May-13 08:37:35

Morning all, how are we?
Vomming seems to have settled into a routine now; I haven't vommed at all the last few evenings but every day fit in 2 before leaving for work.
Not looking forward to work today as know that my white, middle class, older, woman, SE London colleagues will have some intolerable opinions on yesterday's events in woolwich which will give me the RAGE!
humpty and sultana thanks for joining me in your leotards!
toby hope you're feeling ok this morning, not long to wait til your scan, right? Or did I remember wrong...?

TobyLerone Thu 23-May-13 08:39:47

Scan's on Sunday, MrsA. If it wasn't, I'd call the EPU today, but I doubt they could fit me in til next week anyway, so I might as well just wait til Sunday. Thanks smile

carrotcakecupcake Thu 23-May-13 08:42:54

Morning all!
Is anyone else having really mad dreams? I was enjoying mine so much this morning that I really didn't want to get up - but now I can't remember what it was about! It's like watching a movie or something, and similar to dreams I had years ago when I was on anti-malarials on a trip to Africa.
Still no MS and I'm 6+2 today (phew, am so worried about how I'll manage it when it arrives), though I have been noticing my food tasting funny. Was so looking forward to my thai green curry last night but in the end all I could taste was salt and garlic, and was left with some delightful hb from the spice...lovely.

Vatta Thu 23-May-13 08:47:41

Morning all. Am on the bus to work - normally I'm a regular at the coffee shop by my office (skinny cap and choc croissant, they start making it as soon as I walk in!) but now the very idea is making me retch. All I can think about is almonds, with some salt, and apple slices, neither of which i normally eat at all!

Didn't expect cravings this early but I suppose my body needs nuts and fruit more than choc and caffeine.

My colleagues are bound to notice I'm not having normal breakfast, will have to claim I'm on a healthy eating kick I suppose, Amy other techniques people are using to avoid nosy parkers at the moment?

TobyLerone Thu 23-May-13 08:50:56

I'm currently getting The Rage with thick racists on FB/twitter, so I wish you luck in the office today, MrsA.

Penny31 Thu 23-May-13 09:11:53

toby I'm pleased that your pinkish stuff went away!

I am still symptom free, this time last week I was so ill I just don't understand it! I have read that symptoms can disappear as the placenta takes over but of course I have also read that it means bad news.

I have to confess I bought a Doppler last night blush I had a moment of craziness. I realise that if I use it and don't find a heartbeat it will make me worse. Someone slap me please!

TobyLerone Thu 23-May-13 09:17:45

If I get to 12 weeks, I'm buying one too, Penny.

4athomeand1cooking Thu 23-May-13 09:23:23

Hi everyone, can I pop in and say hello.

I am expecting my 5th baby in Jan. Complete surprise to us as never had a problem with contraception before and was just discussing a vasectomy. shock

3 of my children already have separate birthdays in January so timing could have been so much better. (I must be extra fertile in April).

I am planning all of my answers for when I start to let people know like my TV is on my ceiling etc...... grin

It will be great getting to know you all. I used MN back in 2003 with my first and it was a great source of comfort.

extracrunchy Thu 23-May-13 09:25:19

I nearly bought one last time and then my friend told me they're not good for baby (probably not proven!) and someone else told me they just freak you out more cos you can't always find a hb even when it's there. I'm still sitting on my hands!

extracrunchy Thu 23-May-13 09:26:18

Hi newbies! X

4athomeand1cooking Thu 23-May-13 09:36:50

I can give you my advice with a Doppler but do not want to be blamed for scaremongering and nothing was proven only my feelings.

I was a little obsessive with my Doppler with my second. In the early stages you can be pushing down for 10 minutes a time trying to find a HB and I did this ALOT. Probably once a day.

At 12 weeks my waters broke. from week 12 to 19 I bled heavily and they expected me to loose DD. In the end she lost an arm due to the bands in the amniotic sac caused by the inner layer breaking.

I have never had problems with any other pregnancies and this is the only one I used a Doppler in. I know many people who have also used a Doppler with no problems but I would just say be aware. I cant help but wonder if all the pressure I applied to my uterus put extra strain my growing uterus.

MrsAVB Thu 23-May-13 09:45:02

carrot, I have been having bizarre dreams. They started even before I got my BFP and were originally kind of sexy terrorist kidnapping type dreams. But the other night I dreamt we were having a party for baby at my parents house, and Cisse the footballer turned up. Turned out DH had invited the whole of the premiership but he came as a representative. Then there was a big panic about where he was going to stay, mum was panicking about the food etc, and I was raging at DH.
vatta, I'm in the same position, I'm sure people at work have noticed me not drinking coffee and sucking on sweets and eating oatcakes, but hopefully no one will say anything!
penny glad your sickness is gone! It gives me hope as you're about a week in front of me I think, that mine will be gone soon. Ooh a Doppler! You'll have to keep us updated, although I think if I had one it'd drive me round the bend.

MrsGSR Thu 23-May-13 09:47:30

Sultanajo I'm so glad your scan went well!

Lady I keep poas, I have loads of internet cheapies!

Frizz, I've read the 97% statistic too, it is quite reassuring smile

Welcome craving!

Penny I looked at the Doppler, all the ones I could find on amazon had bad reviews so I haven't bought one yet (although I have stolen my mum's old stethescope, even though it will probably be useless until the last trimester!) Just remember that the baby might just be at a bad angle, apparently you can usually only hear it if the back is facing outwards or something?

Welcome 4athome smile

I am feeling really nauseas this morning, haven't been sick yet but can't handle the thought of eating either!

sarahleanne Thu 23-May-13 10:02:09

im eating chocolate cake for breakfast but its ok cus baby wants it.

just po another s! came back 3+ so im happy,thats the most weeks that's shows up on a first response and same as about 4 days ago lol.

morning peeps!! and newbies!!

LadySpencer Thu 23-May-13 10:19:20

Morning all!

Have been wondering...my boobs are not massively painful. If I press on the side of them they hurt but just concerned that they aren't as painful as they should be! Perhaps I should just count myself lucky? Not feeling sick either. I'm 5+4 today? At what point did your symptoms arrive? I know we are all different but just find it helpful to hear other people's experience, especially when they are similar to mine!

Still having dull cramping but no bleeding so that's a positive.

Good morning!

Today i'm at work sad But it's going ok. I appear to be totally symptom free which is a little concerning to be honest. But i'm just going to ride it out. In 3 weeks I have the scan. So i'm holding on for that.

I have a doppler, the Angel Care one. It was brilliant. I was able to hear the heartbeat with DS at 14 weeks. It was lovely.

sarahleanne Thu 23-May-13 10:25:35

lady-I am also 5+4 today and my boobs are sore at the sides wen I press them and when I take my bra off at the end of the day.i only get waves of sickness at the moment too that comes on strong then disappears again. try no to worry too much,u have symptoms, and morning sickness doesn't always kick in until 6 weeks or over.

LadySpencer Thu 23-May-13 10:37:59

Thanks Sarah - that has made me feel better. Mine are sore when the bra comes off too. I keep telling myself count myself lucky that I'm not having the symptoms too badly but that lasts for a short time and the worrier comes out again! blush

carrotcakecupcake Thu 23-May-13 10:53:40

Lady I'm 6+2 and my boobs are only faintly sore - similar to you they ache a bit when I press on the sides and when I take my bra off, but nothing like what I hear other people say. I also haven't had much sickness, just a bit of nausea that I think is more caused by being anxious about something (perhaps because there's a baby inside me?!).

Mrs AVB ummm, that sounds incredible! I have now remembered that Puck from Glee was involved in my dream, but not much else. Don't even know why as I don't (really) watch Glee and think he left a season or two ago...bizarre, though I did have a thing for him. No footballers yet, though the Lions tour starts soon so I'm sure some men in short shorts will be popping by!

carrotcakecupcake Thu 23-May-13 10:54:03

Lady I'm 6+2 and my boobs are only faintly sore - similar to you they ache a bit when I press on the sides and when I take my bra off, but nothing like what I hear other people say. I also haven't had much sickness, just a bit of nausea that I think is more caused by being anxious about something (perhaps because there's a baby inside me?!).

Mrs AVB ummm, that sounds incredible! I have now remembered that Puck from Glee was involved in my dream, but not much else. Don't even know why as I don't (really) watch Glee and think he left a season or two ago...bizarre, though I did have a thing for him. No footballers yet, though the Lions tour starts soon so I'm sure some men in short shorts will be popping by!

carrotcakecupcake Thu 23-May-13 10:54:38

woah, didn't mean to post that twice...

I'm 5+5 today, my boobs are sore on the side, but that's it. Although, i'm so tired it's unreal!

My Mumsnet guide to Pregnancy came yesterday smile It's really good, would totally recommend

Vatta Thu 23-May-13 11:11:51

MrsAVB - you have made me crave oatcakes now! Hopefully you're right, even if people suspect they'll be too polite to say anything!

LadySpencer - I also find it's the sides of my boobs and when I eke my bra off, so I think that's ok for this stage (I'm also 5 weeks and a few days)

Vatta Thu 23-May-13 11:13:09

When I take my bra off, obviously.

MrsGSR Thu 23-May-13 11:57:43

Sarah I keep telling DH that baby wants chocolate, I think he's getting a bit tired of hearing it already!

My boobs hurt when I touch them and when I take off my bra (which is very uncomfortable at the moment, I might have to look at getting a wireless bra)

chocoloulou33 Thu 23-May-13 12:25:04

I had angelcare doppler with dd & heard heartbeat from 10 wks (was a lot skinnier back then though lol) I borrowed it from a friend last time & she's sold it since but am also thinking of getting one x

chocoholicalcoholic Thu 23-May-13 12:39:15

Hi all,

Beautiful day huh?

Welcome new ladies.

I'd love a Doppler but I know I would obsess over it so won't be buying one!

Those with little symptoms at 5 ish weeks - I was the same and have full on symptoms now at 8+3 so don't panic, enjoy the time without them wink

Hope everyone is doing ok? Sorry I can't namecheck my phone won't cooperate and neither will my brain.

Can't keep food or drink down now so I look and feel stunning. One more day down though...

Frizz1986 Thu 23-May-13 13:19:38

I have only just started with Ms and just have sore nipples (you can see they have become larger tho) I am 6+6 and fully expect boobs to start going in the next few weeks.
Any one know any scan places near Preston, Lancashire. Tried to get an eve one at a place in st Helens in 2 weeks but they are all full sad Everywhere else seems to cost £100 and mow we have half decided to have one I really want one.

On a food note, today I have eaten 2 apples and now the sickness has gone, 2 slices of toast, 2 crumpets and a flake yoghurt and as the crumpets were so yum I may finish off the rest of the pack (4 more to eat!) Work are gonna think i am a complete food loon.

extracrunchy Thu 23-May-13 13:26:50

Choco if you can't keep food or drink down you need to get to the doctor's - you could be dangerously dehydrated xx

extracrunchy Thu 23-May-13 13:28:45

Sarah I had chocolate cake for breakfast too! Ahem...

Vatta Thu 23-May-13 13:46:40

choco you should call your dr if you're not keeping anything down, they can give medicines to deal with that kind of severe ms. You'd be just like Kate Middleton, it's almost glamorous now.

LittlePeaPod Thu 23-May-13 14:12:00

Hi ladies,

Well same old same old for me...... Thanks for your supportive notes.

Congratulations to all the new ladies with BFPs flowers

Sultanajo my obsession is getting ridiculous. Today I have had 4 clementines and coleslaw - I mixed the fruit into the coleslaw... Loved it... Why don't you try it instead of the peanut butter? Asked DF if he wanted some and he looked at me like I had lost my mind grin. On a separate note regarding the mc website information. When I mc it was pretty awful and they admitted me into hospital. The doctor that examined me said a lot of ladies bleed (really common apparently) through early pregnancy when there is nothing wrong with baby. Normally they don't even know what causes the bleeds but as long as there is a heart beat then nothing to worry about. Hence I bought the package scans before 12 weeks... I know it sounds crazy but I need to see that heart beat or I may just drive myself crazy...

Toby. I got a massive black bruise when thy took my bloods. I have rubbish veins and deep set so they really struggled. I feel for you, it's awful because you walked round looking like a drug addict... Not a good look. I guess we better get used to it..... Ha ha wink. Good luck for your scan on Sunday... And great to hear the spotting stopped as soon as it started...

Alexandraslittlemonkey. With regards hunger... I am jealous. envy I am 7+2 and I have gone off everything.. Having to force feed myself, it's awful.. I wish I was starving and could eat normally...

Frizz my sonogapher told me that if you get a heart beat at - 6 weeks 78% - at 8 weeks 98% - 10 weeks 99% chance you carry to full term. Also the company i am having my scans from also have an office in Manchester and they open weekends and one evening a week... Here's the link. www.thisismy.co.uk/early-reassurance-dating-scan/

Humpty enjoy your weekend...

Penny I was speaking to my SIL (1DS & 20 weeks pregnant now) and she had horrendous ms. She said it literally stopped overnight at about 9/10 weeks when placenta started taking over from the york.

MrsGSR & MrsAVB I hope you both start feeling better soon...

Lady my boobs were the same as yours at 5+4, then started with more symptoms at 6 and the it just got a thousand she says not trying to exaggerate times worse at 7 weeks (now 7+2 and feeling crap)... Now looking forward to placenta taking over before I lose my mind...

As for me... Well still feeling exhausted and struggling to stay awake... Working from home this afternoon more like doing jack all from home this afternoon

Hope you all have a lovely day...

Mythreeknights Thu 23-May-13 14:24:11

Can any of the ladies who are 6-8 weeks pg tell us if you are still fitting normal clothes? When does your tummy suddenly bugle out? I'm only 5+4 but keen to keep it quiet for as long as possible. I didn't have to waer mat clothes until about 16 weeks last time but I have a sinking feeling I won't be so lucky this time lol!

Penny31 Thu 23-May-13 14:25:30

I'm being totally thick. I'm 8+4 today, am I in my 9th week therefore? blush

LittlePeaPod Thu 23-May-13 14:32:10

Penny yes you are in your 9th week and nearing when the placenta starts to take over...

Mythree I am 7+2 and I have gone up a size. But that's becaus I can't stand anything tight round my tummy...

Madratlady Thu 23-May-13 14:53:39

Does anyone else worry because they don't feel pregnant yet? I'm 5+2 and apart from some mild nausea occasionally I don't feel any different!

I'm also debating cancelling an interview I have tomorrow. It's for a full time 1 year long course starting either this september or next. Obviously I can't start this september because I'll be too pregnant but I don't think I'd either want to leave an 8 month old baby for 10 hours a day 4 days a week or be able to afford the childcare if I started the course next year. What do you think? We haven't told anyone I'm pregnant yet so I have no one to discuss it with other than DH who isn't being very helpful!

MrsAVB Thu 23-May-13 14:55:18

choco the advice I got about morning sickness and when you should seek medical help was:
1) weigh yourself and calculate your weight loss percentage; if its more than 5% of your weight seek medical help. (My weight loss has been about 4%)
2) check your urine colour for signs of dehydration.
3) how much is it impacting your day- to- day normal life; ie. can you go to work and do other normal stuff.
If weight, urine and day-to-day is fine, then don't bother!
three my normal clothes are fine at the moment. I'm hoping I won't need anything until after we've gone public cos am hoping people with give me clothes grin. I do have a wedding to go to when I'll be 15 weeks though, so a bit worried about what to wear for that.

MrsGSR Thu 23-May-13 15:00:52

pod hope your feeling better soon, I'm considering a nap this afternoon!

I'm wearing the maternity stuff around the house as I hate things that are tight on my stomach too.

I'm doing an open uni degree and I just can't concentrate at all. Annoyingly is a module I was really excited about doing and now it's taking all afternoon to read one page!

I'm still feeling sick, all I think I could stomach are McDonald's chicken nuggets, which are probably not healthy!

Yonionekanobe Thu 23-May-13 15:02:20

I kept checking threads I'm on and couldn't work out why no one was posting anything new...shiny new thread!

MrsGSR Thu 23-May-13 15:04:34

Madrat It might be worth going to the interview just so you have the option next year (that's what I've been saying to my little sister, she's decided she probably doesn't want to go to uni but she decided to go to the interviews and apply so she has the option, and for experience of interviews as she hasn't had many)
Is there any possibility of doing the course part time or the year after next?

TobyLerone Thu 23-May-13 15:05:16

Ooooh I really fancy chicken nuggets now! DH laughs at me for being so suggestible.

Yonionekanobe Thu 23-May-13 15:07:25

I could murder some chicken nuggets which is bizarre as just been very sick envy

I feel so rubbish I'm having my first ever day off work. DD is recovering from her chicken pox and we're at my parents' being looked after.

Madrat I'd still do the interview - you don't have to take up the place if offered it and it may help you focus your thoughts going through the process.

MrsGSR Thu 23-May-13 15:07:58

Toby I'm really bad with adverts, I spend the any time we watch TV going 'Ohh, we should buy that!' which drives DH mad!

MrsGSR Thu 23-May-13 15:09:24

sad hope you feel better soon Yoni, glad you've got your parents to look after you! Glad you DD is getting better smile

LittlePeaPod Thu 23-May-13 15:10:23

Madrat I was just about to give you exactly the ame advice as MrsGSR. You have nothing to lose keeping your options open...

MrsGSR & Toby. Chicken nuggets and coleslaw........ Mmmmmm even I could eat a few of those I think?.

LittlePeaPod Thu 23-May-13 15:11:36

Yoni hope you feel better soon...

gemma277 Thu 23-May-13 15:18:22

Madrat I went back to university after DD1 was born but I took the course Part time so over five years instead of 3. It's in the evenings too so as soon as DH gets home from work, I go out and it's only 2/3 days a week. It works quite well as its nice to do something for yourself. I say that now revising for my exam with DD drawing on my work and running to and from the bathroom vomming.... grin

And I have another 2 years left, planning could have been better but I didn't want to leave too big a gap between them and its still doable... just...

pizzaqueen Thu 23-May-13 15:20:46

Thread 3 wow I haven't been able to keep up.

I finally got through on the maternity booking line (don't go through GP here) it took a week and my booking appointment isn't for another two weeks.

I have no idea how I will make it to the first scan, I just keep worrying maybe something's gone wrong and there won't be a heartbeat on the screen sad. How are others coping with the 12 week wait?

I don't have many symptoms just really really tired and I would call it 'evening nausea' rather than morning sickness.

cosmickitten Thu 23-May-13 15:31:56

afternoon all and welcome all newbies.

Today I'm mainly feeling green. Although reassuring the non-stop nausea is not fun. Before today I havefelt sick for an hour or 2, then been sick, felt ok for several hours and the cycle repeated. Today I just feel sick all the time.

Also my skin is awful it hasn't been this bad since I had Take That posters on the wall. Just to top that off every fair downy hair on my fair (you know the ones only you can see?) is turning dark brown. I look as bad as feel.

On the plus side is I'm not working at the mo. I do supply teaching and having to take time off post bleed last week, has left me without bookings until after half-term. So at least I won't scare any kids!

gemma277 Thu 23-May-13 16:01:29

Pizza & Cosmic I think it should be called sickness 24!
I just feel nauseous all day long! I didnt getting nausea until late in my first pregnancy or maybe I just don't remember it. hmm

Pizza the 12 week scan wait is HORRENDOUS!!!
I don't have any reason to have an early scan and in my area the cheapest I can find is £150 so not sure if its worth it. I'm only 6 weeks so need to wait another 6 hole weeks for it. I haven't even been to the GP to get referred to the midwife I've been so busy (she says typing on MN) but will try and do it for next week! As for the scan I guess we just need to hold tight. sad

cosmickitten Thu 23-May-13 16:11:15

gemma £150 that is very steep!!!!!

It is a much more sensible £60 for me. Which was a god send when I was deemed too early for the epu after a big bleed.

cosmickitten Thu 23-May-13 16:13:18

my best friend asked if I could simply rearrange things until 11 ish when the morning sickness would stop. How I wish she was right!

TobyLerone Thu 23-May-13 16:25:12

You buggers made me go to McD's!

gemma277 Thu 23-May-13 16:32:20

Yeah £150 is a bit steep, blooming central london for you, mind you that was harley street... could look a bit further out...lazy me!!! Think i'm going to hold off tho for the good ol NHS, of which I've put enough money into so at least by using their services I feel like a get a teeny tiny bit back... lol sorry for the taxes rant.

O Toby, McD's.... I want a fillet of fish meal!!! ummmmmm love that white sauce. just manages a tuna sandwich but I'm staaaarving and need to cook but DH is late with meetings tonight so might need to snack, hmmm and there is a McD's round the corner, and I could get DH a happy meal, hmm no must resist the temptation!

gemma277 Thu 23-May-13 16:34:05

wooops DD a happy meal not DH! lol he would be like WTF...

Yonionekanobe Thu 23-May-13 16:34:31

My skin is very spotty and my hair seems to be falling out, I think it was the opposite with DD.

Thanks for the well wishes - feeling very sorry for myself today and so irritable!

In terms of the 12 week wait it is horrible and in some ways I don't feel any better having had to have a six week scan. I mean anything could happen in between. Sorry very negative...will rerun when feeling more upbeat sad

LittlePeaPod Thu 23-May-13 16:38:57

yoni my hair is falling out too... It's crap.. sad

Frogcatcher Thu 23-May-13 16:48:47

I have also developed spots on my forehead. At least when I was a teenager I had a fringe and lots of thick cheap make-up as I didn't know any better to hide them under. I'm also hideously emotional & unable to concentrate at work at all which is a bad combo as we are currently doing end of year appraisals.

On the plus side I'm 6+3 & the only time I've felt nauseous is when I'm a bit late eating breakfast. An egg & mushroom muffin sorted that out though grin.

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 17:09:22

Pod if I wasn't allergic to clementines I would sooo have that, although apple would work too I am sure. Hmmmm <starts wondering if can face a supermarket to get coleslaw> I totally get your need to see the HB, that's why I booked another for 10 weeks. I am becoming a HB junkie!!! wink Glad we are all as crazy as each other!

Frizz get food down you while you can. If I fancy something I make sure I then have it because it is happening so infrequently at the moment and am struggling like Pod with food. Touch wood the cheese and ham toasties with BBQ sauce are still going down, but am sure they will be a thing of the past in a few days and I will be back to square one!!!

Re: Dopplers. I got the Angel one last time recommended by a friend. However, I was happily listening to what I thought was the bubba and instead it was my own pulse! Seriously! I made DH listen to it also! What a twat! So just be careful!!!

Carrot and MRS AVB OMG the dreams! Soooo vivid! I have had some really great raunchy ones, but last night I dreamt I was smoking (haven't smoked for YEARS) and when a friend saw me I tried to justify it by saying I wasn't having more than 10 a day so it was OK. Random! Wonder what that was all about!!!

Mythree I am still in my normal clothes at 8+1, BUT everything is stretchy. Although I CAN fit into my jeans, they are soooo uncomfortable, particularly when sitting down that they aren't being worn....

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 18:03:47

pod if I wasnt allergic to clementines I would go for it, although I reckon apple would also work! <wonders if can face the supermarket just to get coleslaw>. I totally get what u mean about the heartbeat! I am becoming a heartbeat junkie! Glad we are all as obsessed as each other!

Re dopplers just be careful you dont do what I did and mistake my own pulse for the babies heartbeat! What a twat!

Frizz get food down u while u can! I am struggling like pod to find anything I want, so if I crave something I go for it. Am sure in a few days I wont want the cheese and ham toasties with bbq sauce that have been my staple this week!

carrot and mrsavb my god the dreams! Sooo vivid! Had some great raunchy ones but last night I dreamt I was smoking (not smoked in years) and when a friend questionned me I said it was fine because I was under the ten a day limit! Lol!

mythree at 8+1 I am still on my clothes but they have to be stretchy. I can fit in my jeans but they are just too uncomfortable!!!

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 18:34:16

Welcome to everyone who has recently had a bfp!!!

Sorry people are feeling rough. Feeling sorry for myself this end too, although all the McDs talk has given me a craving for nuggets, fries and coleslaw (a la pod)wink

I am becoming a spotty teenager too - all round my mouth which makes me look like a clown and my scalp has become dry but my hair is greasy!!! Wtf! How is that possible! Gonna have to start washing it more often but I dont have the energy!!! blush

Frogcatcher Thu 23-May-13 18:34:55

Anyone ridiculously short of breath? Just walked briskly to catch train & sound like I've run a marathon. Also got a tickly cough & can't take anything for it according to pharmacist apart from the honey & lemon stuff that does nothing just soothes. Moan moan moan I know!

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 18:42:38

Yes Frog! Someone at work thought I had run for the phone the other day. All I had done was walk upstairs! Was so embarrased I said I had indeed run for the phone! I must have sounded like a heavy breather!!! blush

coco4242 Thu 23-May-13 18:52:38

Hello, have just discovered I am pg with dc3! We are over the moon - although a little shell shocked. We have had long discussions about baby number 3, finally decided this month to try so stopped all protection and here I am pg! shock grin

DawnOfTheDee Thu 23-May-13 18:54:25

Welcome newbies and congrats!

I didn't get morning sickness last time and haven't so far this time. I do however sometimes get a bit of a weird grim feeling and the only thing that cures it is a maccy d's cheeseburger....

Someone at work announced today they are pg...I soooo wanted to shout "Me too!" smile

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 18:55:09

Hey coco! Huge congratulations on number 3! How exciting!!! X

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 18:56:45

Dawn its so hard isnt it when other people announce! Cant wait to finally be able to be in a position to tell people!,grin

coco4242 Thu 23-May-13 19:02:10

Thanks Sultanajo. This is my last baby so I hope to cherish every moment of this pregnancy and not let The Fear take over.

I am already thinking baby names - which I never dared let myself do this early with my other two dc

Madratlady Thu 23-May-13 19:06:45

It's hard not telling people full stop. I'm seeing my mum next Friday and I want to tell her so badly (although how she will react is a bit of an unknown).

I've been really spotty since coming off the pill. I was hoping being pg might clear my skin up but sadly not!

I'm feeling a bit bloated but a long way off needing maternity clothes.

And so hungry! I suppose I should make the most of it in case I get sickness in a week or so!

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 19:11:01

coco thats great! Dont let the fear take over! Have fallen into that trap unfortunately....shock

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 19:13:14

I had to tell my mum madrat. She know what happened last time and although I didnt want to worry her this time, she would have known because I quite often visit her and havent been able to due to the nausea. She was pleased I had told her, so am glad I did! X

MrsVDB Thu 23-May-13 19:18:13

fryingpan in an earlier message you have that you are 5+5 and on the stats thread your dd is same as mine (25th). I thought I was only 4+5. Please tell me I've worked it out wrong? I'd love to be getting closer! smile

Hi MrsVDB My dates were wrong, lmp was 13th not the 20th like I thought. Sorry to get your hopes up.

Today I spent a grand total of 6 hours in the hospital. I've been badly cramping for two days now, but today there was also blood when I went to the toilet.

In hospital I was triaged, then told to put on the gown and they took loads of blood etc. After a while I was scanned where it was discovered that the baby is fine, very small! About 2 mm apparently (all the same, there's a picture on my profile) and the sack is there and is 2cm, but there is also a sizeable cyst in my uterus with it. The cyst measured about 7x7cm and is taking over the uterus. I have to go back in 2 weeks for scanning and to see if it has shrunk before they decide what to do about it. It's all a little concerning.

Good news is, though, that we are going to get regular scans and they are going to look after me :-)

MrsVDB Thu 23-May-13 20:00:45

fryingpan never mind, I'll get there!

So to hear about your cramps. I hear cysts are quite common in pregnancy so try not to worry too much, it sounds like you're getting we'll looked after


I wasn't that worried until she said "You know how you can get cysts with hair/teeth in? well, the scan is picking up something which could mean it has bone in it"

Not so fun then! ha ha

FidgetPie Thu 23-May-13 20:16:23

Hi all

I posted once on the last thread. I am 7+3 and am feeling pretty rough - headachy and sick (but having TTC for 2 years, I am trying hard not to complain!).

Reading the food posts above has made me really want a cheese toastie! I had forgotten that when i was pregnant with DD1 I consumed my body weight in white sliced bread.

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 20:17:44

Oh blimey frying! So pleased they are looking after you. Didnt realise cysts could come with hair and teeth! So pleased your little bean is doing ok in there. What a day u must have had!!!

Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 20:19:42

fidget only white bread will do at the moment, which I havent had for years, apart from baguettes! Its very odd how finicky I have become. blush

TobyLerone Thu 23-May-13 20:20:16

Wow, fryingpan (every time I see your name it says Frying Panto Face to me grin ). That's a bit weird. I'm glad they're going to look after you.

LittlePeaPod Thu 23-May-13 20:24:34

Well following talks of McDs etc. my DF has just been out and got me a KFC (3 drumsticks, chips, gravy)...... Mmmmmm ate the lots.. That's the most I have eaten all week... Off to bed sleep... Good night ladies...

Frying great to hear you got and are getting good care...

TobyLerone Thu 23-May-13 20:26:31

Well done, pod!

Thanks everyone! I'm just plodding on, it was all very weird, but still, the baby is hanging in there.

toby I used to have a different name, but DH told his sister what it was. When I was complaining to mumsnet, I was told I should hit dh with a frying pan to his face. Hence the name.

I read it now as frying panto face to be honest grin

TobyLerone Thu 23-May-13 20:27:39


Sultanajo Thu 23-May-13 20:54:11

Nice one pod! Sweet dreams!

LadySpencer Thu 23-May-13 20:56:53

When I say I am 5+4 today that means 5 weeks 4 days right? From the date of the start of my last period? NHS birth date calculator has told me that I'm due January 18th. Want to make sure I'm on the same page as everyone else!

Vatta Thu 23-May-13 21:05:35

ladyspencer I think that's right, that's how im counting...

sarahleanne Thu 23-May-13 21:12:10

now im confused! my due dates 19th jan but im 5+4???

TobyLerone Thu 23-May-13 21:15:12

I'm not really bothering about my dates until the scan. That's the date they usually go by. I'll be between 8&9 weeks at my scan on Sunday, all being well. I'll take more notice after that.

gemma277 Thu 23-May-13 21:24:30

Welcome Coco and congrats!

Fryingpan sorry to hear that, hope they look after you and it all heals in no time!

MrsAVB Thu 23-May-13 21:29:28

Welcome coco! panto wink, I always read it like that and was trying to make sense of it...pan to makes so much more sense now you point it it. That sounds like one scary cyst... Hope you are ok!
pea high five on eating woop woop!
I am on an interview panel 8-2 tomorrow. Fuck knows how I'm going to get through that without vomming, burping or farting. hmm
Sweet dreams (of sexy footballers and the like) ladies xxx

LadySpencer Thu 23-May-13 21:34:16

Sarahleanne my cycle length is 30 days rather than the average 28 so I think that's made the difference with me...not sure how mind!

LadySpencer Thu 23-May-13 21:41:19

Wait a minute...now it's saying my due date is 20th January. I've used the NHS website to calculate it...how has everybody else?

Frogcatcher Thu 23-May-13 22:06:23

I wouldn't worry too much about the odd day different as only 5% of babies arrive on due date anyway! And my friend who's pg & French says that in France they calculate pregnancy as being a week longer so that v few women in France are ever 'late' whereas here it's v common! I'm due on 13th if you go by when I ovulated (which I know as I was tracking temps) or the 14th by LMP & a 28 day cycle which i didn't always have. I'm going with LMP for now as that what midwife will use. The cycle affects it as they assume that conception takes place on ovulation which is usually 14 days before AF arrives. That can vary as well though.

Frogcatcher Thu 23-May-13 22:07:54

Or that's my layman's approximate understanding anyway as I'm not a dr or anything!

LadySpencer Thu 23-May-13 23:03:34

Thanks Frogcatcher. You are right...a couple of days don't matter...It's all so exciting!

MissMedusa Fri 24-May-13 06:44:55

fryingpan I've had one of those cysts. It's called a dermoid and they're fairly common. As far as I know, those types, while harmless, don't shrink on their own. Mine was on my right ovary and I had to have it removed, it's the type of thing that develops over years (possibly since birth) so as long as its not interfering with anything they will likely leave it for now.
Fx it's just a regular old cysts and will be gone by your next scan.

Sultanajo Fri 24-May-13 07:56:44

Morning ladies,

Was wondering if any of you have experience of pet/dust mite allergies in pregnancy? I am cat sitting for my Mum and Dad for a week soon and I sneeze a lot when I go over there and it sets off my asthma. I can control my asthma, but obviously can't take antihistamines as I normally would in the first trimester.

I am taking as many precautions as I can to minimise the effects, but I am concerned that my body having an allergic reaction could affect the bubba in some way. My GP was as useless as a chocolate teapot (can feel the RAGE coming back along with tears of frustration), so I will be speaking to my midwife next week at the booking in appointment, but just wanted to know if any of you have had any experience of this?


extracrunchy Fri 24-May-13 08:06:16

Crazy pregnadreams have started here too! Mostly scary ones, unfortunately. Last night I was in a plane crash with DS. Couldn't get back to sleep for ages...

Thank you missm that's made me feel a lot better.

I wasn't aware you can take anything for allergies, sorry! Try calling the pharmacy, they are usually really helpful.

Oh extra what an awful dream!

TobyLerone Fri 24-May-13 08:13:38

I have awful allergies to all sorts of things. I spoke to my GP about antihistamines and he said they're not advised in pregnancy. The trouble is, it's not necessarily your GP being useless (although I totally understand the RAGE). It's just that they genuinely don't know what's safe when it comes to a lot of drugs because nobody tests on pregnant women for obvious reasons.

I just suck it up, really. I had 3 full years pregnant/bf-ing/pregnant/bf-ing when I couldn't take anything. Then I realised that I could manage without them. It's not comfortable, but it is do-able.

Keep the windows open as much as possible when you're cat-sitting, keep the cats off you, hoover a lot and take your inhalers whenever you need to.

chocoloulou33 Fri 24-May-13 08:24:26

Morning all. Well my dream wasn't scary... Well I spose it was a bit. I had twins! Was pushing them down the town! A boy & a girl. Fun fun fun haha x

Sultanajo Fri 24-May-13 08:37:32

Thanks Toby. It's not me I am worried about - I am used to feeling rough with my allergies, as uncomfortable as they are - dealt with them all my life and I just suck it up. What I am worried about is whether my body reacting could harm the fetus (particularly in the first trimester - am being overcautious and paranoid probably I know, but I just wanted some reassurance that it's unlikely to cause the fetus any harm - just so desperate to hold on to this little bean!).

So I asked my GP on two seperate occasions "is there any risk to the fetus when my body is having an allergic reaction?", two weeks apart, and rather than saying he didn't know (which he clearly didn't), he looked blankly at me and then started looking up antihistamines on his computer (after spending 5 mins figuring out how to use his computer). The first advice he gave was "well I wouldn't use antihistamines unless the benefits outweighed the risks, as we don't know if they are safe as no studies have been carried out for obvious reasons". This was no great surprise to me, but it wasn't the question I asked. So I asked again and he just repeated his advice about antihistamines, so I gave up!

I thought I would try the second time I saw him (after in the meantime just asking my pharmacist whether antihistamines were safe to take in the first trimester, which he straight away confirmed he wouldn't recommend). This time he said "we use antihistamines for morning sickness, so it shouldn't be a problem to take antihistamines - we don't have any evidence either way as to whether they cause harm, but I am sure we would have heard by now if they did!" So he completely contradicted his previous advice and STILL didn't answer the question I actually asked. FFS! Hence why I feel he is as useful as a chocolate teapot.

TobyLerone Fri 24-May-13 08:47:13

I have been given an antihistamine for sickness, but I usually find that only cetirizine works for me and the tablets I have don't seem to be having any effect on my allergies.

I haven't been able to find any evidence that allergies will effect the baby. I have certainly never been told that they might, and mine are often very severe (along with the asthma).

extracrunchy Fri 24-May-13 08:50:34

Haha choco depends how you look at it! Wouldn't one of each be lovely though..
How are you feeling today?

Sultanajo Fri 24-May-13 08:51:54

Thanks very much Toby. It's reassuring to hear your experiences. I am sure someone would have said something by now if allergies were really detrimental, but I came across something while googling (I KNOW - STEP AWAY FROM GOOGLE) which started me thinking and I then just wanted to know for sure. I wouldn't be this concerned I am sure if I was in the second trimester.

<slaps self and tries to pull it together>

TobyLerone Fri 24-May-13 08:59:03

This is the only thing I've found so far which focuses on the allergic reaction, rather than the risk of passing allergies on to the baby, or the potential risks of taking medication.

You've got me googling now!

Sultanajo Fri 24-May-13 09:03:37

Lol! Sorry Toby - didn't mean to get you googling! That article is also reassuring! grin

chocoloulou33 Fri 24-May-13 09:24:50

extra ermm well I have dd & dsd who lives with us & also dss that stays at weekends so we r quite a busy household as it is lol. So hoping there is just one in there smile x

lovelilies Fri 24-May-13 10:33:58

Morning all, firstly apologies because I haven't kept up with what's been going on with you guys, we've had a pretty hectic week here! I will scan through soon thoughsmile
We had the repeat scan at epau today (6 weeks) and 'Pip' is doing fine, growing well, even saw a teeny heartbeat! grin
I accepted an offer on my house and we put in an offer in our dream family home on Wednesday, and they accepted too smile smile
Dd "found out' about Pip too, so it's all going on! She's mega excited smile
Hope you are all well, we are planning a few days away in France soon, to de-stress!

TobyLerone Fri 24-May-13 10:38:25

Wow, it's all going on for you, lovelilies! Glad it's all going well smile

lovelilies Fri 24-May-13 10:42:36

Thank you Toby smile

CatchAsCatchCan Fri 24-May-13 11:46:23

Sultanajo it sounds like your GP and mine went to the same med school for training. So frustrating.

I didn't think I was having strange dreams, but then had two early this morning featuring Sheldon from Big Bang Theory, so I know something crazy is going on with my hormones! grin

So glad it's Friday, I have to say. Unfortunately, I've managed to do something terrible to my achilles tendon, and can barely walk right now. sad I'd normally take an ibuprofen because it's quite swollen and tender but guess I'll have to settle for paracetamol and icing it. maybe I should be grateful for a legit excuse to laze about now?

So exciting to hear that others are seeing their bbs on scan now! Can't wait to see a heartbeat here.

Frogcatcher Fri 24-May-13 12:50:03

I had a dream about being at a swimming pool and I was trying to put my stuff in a locker but they were all too small or funny-shaped. At the same time one of my bosses was trying to discuss some work stuff with me & I was really conscious that I was in my swimming costume with a towel round me. Just weird! DP said I was tossing & turning in my sleep & told me off for agitating bubs!

Frizz1986 Fri 24-May-13 13:13:05

Just quickly checking in with everyone as am off on holibobs tomorrow for a week. Glad everyone seems to be doing ok. Can't help with allergy advice as i don't have any at all. Haven't been having crazy dreams myself either but don't think I want them. I have vivid enough dreams normally!
Dh has decided he doesn't think we should have am early scan now. I totally get why and he needs to be to sane one for the next few months. I think if he wasn't losing his job it might be a bit different. At least today I got my booking app and booklet through. 2 weeks today! Guess I will get a scan date after that. Am hoping sooner rather than later.
Anyway I will attempt to catch up as much as possible on my return. Hope everyone has a fab week!

You lot are too chatty! grin <attempts to catch up>

If anyone tries to make me wear a leotard, I will poke them in the eye. <glowers>

I am jealous of those with pregnant friends! I will be the first of mine to have a baby, so no one in real life to share the experience with. Will be trying to find local mums to be to make friends with in a few months, for sure! And might be making puppy dog eyes at those of you in London and the environs on this thread, haha.

carrot, I am having some super crazy dreams too – although I can never really remember what they are when I wake up, just that they were intense!

littlepea, clementines mixed into coleslaw….? <boak> Rather you than me! grin

mythree, I am 6+3 and I just about fit my normal clothes, but they are tight round the middle – though I think it’s bloating rather than a real baby bump, if you see what I mean!

frying, eeek! Fingers crossed all will be well. Sounds like they’re looking after you well, at any rate, which is good news!

lilies, so much good news! Yay! I am jealous of your holiday. Can I come with you? wink

Glad to hear I’m not the only person with skin troubles at the moment. Mine is usually on the dry side, but it’s awful at the moment, especially on my face.

I finally got round to calling up the GP to get things started, so I am just waiting on a call back. smile Exciting!

Crosspost - have a lovely time, frizz!

extracrunchy Fri 24-May-13 13:21:20

Have a lovely holiday Frizz!

Lovelilies - sounds like everything's falling nicely into place!

CatchAsCatchCan Fri 24-May-13 13:28:33

Can the London ladies shout out their neighbourhoods if they feel comfortable? (I know some already have..) I'm in Enfield, so not really London proper, but maybe there are some others up north too?

Hi all! Had our early scan this morning. All's looking well, teeny heartbeat flickering away, measuring ok for dates (she said 6+0, I say 6+2, but at this stage there's a lot of error). The sonographer said she was impressed with how full my bladder was <weirdly proud>

So happy to have that reassurance, I feel like I can relax on hols a bit now. Once I've packed anything, that is. Eek.

Sorry I can't namecheck ATM - just posting super quick back at work. Hope everyone's well and happy smile

keskiviikko Fri 24-May-13 13:36:53

Hello everybody!

I'm in week 7 now, ETA 7th January. I haven't seen anyone medically yet, but the circus begins next week with a trip to see 2 doctors at the hospital and the midwife the week after. This being my first I have no idea what to expect, and I am not looking forward to it. Infact it's the only thing I am getting enraged about! Never been one for dr's and all the things they seem to think are needed.

But thankfully, other than being feeling a bit sick occasionally and wanting to run away to a cottage by a lake in Finland, I seem to being doing ok!

extracrunchy Fri 24-May-13 13:39:06

Have a lovely holiday Frizz!

Lovelilies - sounds like everything's falling nicely into place!

Mythreeknights Fri 24-May-13 13:40:28

Hello everyone, well, good news, I am definitely pg despite the wierd brown spotting right at the start. POAS this morning (CB) and it said 3+ weeks so that makes me 5-6 weeks which is where I think I am :-).
Feeling DELIGHTED to feel properly in the Jan 14 baby club now! Having felt absolutely fine until now, yesterday I started feeling properly nauseus and smelling a herbal tea bag made me gag slightly, so I suppose that's all good too [hmmm]. EDD is 22 Jan so I'll update my stats now on the other thread. I am on hols tomorrow for a week (nowhere too glam, west coast of Scotland!) so will call GP and book in on my return when I'll be 7 weeks.
I hope all of you suffering bad ms are feeling a little better now? xx

I am in Cheshunt, so just outside North London. We're quite close, Catch! <makes a note of your username for possible stalking friendship> grin Have you thought about which hospital you're going to go to?

Great news, enjoying!

Hello, keskiviikko! I am actually quite looking forward to seeing the doctor blush I think it will make things feel more official. Right now I still feel a little bit like I've made the whole thing up!

Yay, mythree!

Why is everyone but me going on holiday, you're all inspiring me to feel more RAGE angry


extracrunchy Fri 24-May-13 13:47:38

I want a holiday!! Not fair.

Mythree - brilliant news smile

TobyLerone Fri 24-May-13 13:47:59

Have lovely holidays, Frizz and enjoying smile

Lovely news on your scan, enjoying. Glad you're feeling reassured.

Catch, I hope your foot feels better soon.

I've had a kind of pulsing pain on the left side, right by my hipbone, for about an hour or so this morning. It's stopped now, but no idea what it was.
Had a teeny bit more pink stuff last night and then nothing again. I just need it to be Sunday, so that I know one way or another whether everything is ok.
I've felt quite sick today, which is unusual for me. Usually my nausea isn't starting until the late afternoon/evening, but I've had a nasty taste in my mouth and have felt quite horrible most of today. I've just had some delicious sushi from Waitrose (and got some of that delicious apple and ginger juice, Sultana!) and I'm feeling a bit better for now smile

What has everyone got planned for the weekend?
DH and I are babysitting my gorgeous 18mo nephew tomorrow, so we're going to take him to a nearby castle to run riot in the grounds and feed the ducks/swans. Unless it rains. Then we'll be stuck in all day sad

Then Sunday is the (dreaded) scan.

TobyLerone Fri 24-May-13 13:49:04

Oooh, have a lovely holiday, mythreeknights.

gemma277 Fri 24-May-13 13:52:00

Congrats to everyone whose had lovely scans and all is ok.

Hope all going on holiday have a fab time!!!

Love, so nice to hear the jigsaw is slotting together nicely ! Good luck with the move. I am currently still moving after just renovating and can't wait for it all to be finished!

Hope everyones rage is easing away... Slightly.... And sickness isn't too bad.

I'm in London but more central sw.

I'm lucky tho because 2 of my sister in laws are both 18 weeks preg, they are both due in October weird! But they will all be in the same school year so thats nice grin

Mythreeknights Fri 24-May-13 13:52:16

Thanks Toby - and enjoy your babysitting (...) x

Pop2014 Fri 24-May-13 14:01:13

Hmm thought I'd change my name after much disclosed information.... Was gemma277 will update

I can imagine how you're feeling toby let's hope the Sunday comes quickly!

CatchAsCatchCan Fri 24-May-13 14:20:39

Ooh, Specific, we are quite near to each other! I'm really hoping for a home birth with an independent MW if all goes to plan, but I think I'll be forced to go to Barnet otherwise. I'm being seen at the EPU at North Middlesex atm, though. What are your plans?

I'm thinking North Middlesex. My GP said that in her opinion all the hospitals in the area were much of a muchness, so go for the most convenient. (Enfield Chase is actually my nearest, but they are shutting down their maternity ward, the sods!) NM are building a new maternity ward though, so hopefully everything will be new and shiny and amazing.

Home birth sounds wonderful. I would be too scared to go that route for my first though - maybe if it all goes smoothly this time, I'll do it for my next(!)

CatchAsCatchCan Fri 24-May-13 14:47:55

Chase Farm is most convenient for me too, so I'm also annoyed about the timing. North Mid is next closest, but apparently I would need to put in a special request to deliver there, and as I didn't want to make a fuss only to do a HB, I'm stuck with Barnet. I'm slightly nervous about something going wrong at home, but there seem to be several really good IMW groups around here, and I have such a strong fear of cascading interventions and ultimately being forced to have a CS that I'm keen to do things on my own terms right from the start. But I'll cop to being quite "crunchy", haha.

keskiviikko Fri 24-May-13 15:31:18

Wow you people are organised! I haven't even started thinking about the birth yet. I don't really have a choice of hospital as there is only one close by, but haven't bought myself to think about it because of my hatred of all things being medicalised. I've still got to get through the first couple of appointments with dr's and midwife without running to the hills.

BookTart Fri 24-May-13 15:49:45

Have flowers toby, waiting for a scan is so difficult isn't it. I've got everything crossed for you (and I may bump into you with my scan if yours is at the WHH!)

TobyLerone Fri 24-May-13 15:59:59

Aw, thanks, BookTart smile
I must admit that I'm not holding out too much hope for this. I'm still getting very strong positives when I POAS (yep, still doing it!), but the pink stuff and the cramping are definitely a worry. I'm practically symptomless, too, apart from sore boobs, a bit of comparatively mild nausea (which could all be in my head) and bloating (which might just be because I am fat!)

Not at the WHH, though grin

CatchAsCatchCan Fri 24-May-13 16:38:05

Keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you, Toby. Hope Sunday brings lots of reassurance!

sarahleanne Fri 24-May-13 18:59:24

GL for Sunday Toby.

I've been feeling seriously sick today so turns out I'm not one of the lucky ones. I also fell asleep for 2 hrs this afternoon , woops.

On the plus side ( totally irrelevant) husband has a job interview next week for the rigs, he is jobless in August as leaving the navy so we really need this!! Baby number 3 was very unexpected and the thought of him not having a job is a very scary one. It will take the pressure off him anyway, bless.

Hope everyone is feeling ok today.

Sultanajo Fri 24-May-13 19:07:58

Hope everyone has fab holidays! You lucky lot!

Toby will be keeping everything firmly crossed for u for Sunday! Nearly here finally! The waiting and not knowing royally sucks! Xxx

Sultanajo Fri 24-May-13 19:09:52

Glad u found the apple and ginger Toby! Its lush with ice, but has been giving me wicked heartburn (like most things), so have been limiting my intake....sad

Yonionekanobe Fri 24-May-13 19:14:19

Best of luck for Sunday Toby

Madrat did you do the interview?

Londoners - I'm SW12. I also didn't know anyone else who was pregnant when I had DD but that soon changed through NCT, yoga etc. I'm more worried this time actually as probably won't do as much of those things and my NCT group have all moved from the area or, like me, are back at work and to my knowledge not expecting more mat leave! I have one very good friend who is also a neighbour, she is a SAHM so will be around but I don't want her to feel I'm latching onto her lifestyle for what may well only be 4 months or so. (I'm at quite a critical stage of my career - make or break to a big job so not ideal timing. Having said that work already know due to their bing sickness and emotional roller coaster and are still get supportive of my next steps).

Pop2014 Fri 24-May-13 19:34:43

Yoni, I'm in SW3, but I grew up in SW18, Wandsworth Common which is not far from Balham. I miss it so much your in London yet it feels different and is a lovely place to bring up a familygrin

omama Fri 24-May-13 20:03:32

Wow all I can't keep up! Am pretty busy at mo revising for exam so only getting chance to pop on every now & again.

Am now 7+1 & feeling absolutely shattered - not helped by having ds to chase around with during the day & then having to bury my head in books once he's in bed! I also seem to have a strange symptom of sore feet!

Toby - hope everything is ok on Sunday.

Interesting you are talking about what kinds of birth you want. I had ELCS last time due to ds being breech, so doubt i'll have much choice except hospital birth with monitoring, or another section which tbh I'd like to avoid.

Speaking of sections - anyone else had one 1st time around? I'm getting quite a few niggles/pains where my scar is & not sure if its normal or not?

SlinkyB Fri 24-May-13 22:20:13

Hello, been lurking lots but not had time to post sorry.

Toby thanks for the info on sushi - you've made my weekend! Good luck for scan on Sun

Omama I too am expecting dc2, after having ds by EMCS as he was breech (midwives didn't realise til I was about to push!). I'm 5+1 and also think I'm getting weird twinges in my scar. When did you have your ds? Mine is 2.4 at the end of the month.

I'm hoping for an ELCS this time as am a complete bit of a control freak grin

TobyLerone Sat 25-May-13 08:31:43

Enjoy your sushi, slinky smile I felt quite sick yesterday, got some from Waitrose (all supermarket sushi is fine, obv, because none of it is raw), and it sorted me right out!

I'll be back properly later. I must get up. I've a picnic to make and a delicious baby to collect from my sister! Have lovely days, all smile

So glad it's the weekend! Planning on having a nice relaxed one, with maybe a country walk or two. Will join toby in wishing everyone a lovely day! smile

MrsGSR Sat 25-May-13 11:52:27

I'm on my phone, so struggling to keep up with names, but congratulations to those who've just joined and those who've seen a heartbeat! fx for all scans in the next few days smile

I've not been sick yet, but am very nauseous and basically useless. I have so much sympathy for those having to work or look after little ones when feeling like this! Have thrown my nutrition plan out the window for now and am just eating anything that doesn't make me feel worse. Much as I'm not enjoying feeling like this it is a bit reassuring.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sat 25-May-13 12:28:52

Hope everyone is having a lovely day in the beautiful weather

We went for our scan today. Should have been dated at 7 weeks but she said around 6. We did see a heartbeat though so trying not to panic too much. May go back for another scan in a few weeks but just as we're going on hols so if there is a problem I would rather know beforehand

The baby was in quite an awkward position so it was difficult to measure so hoping all is ok and trying to reassure myself that the heartbeat is a good sign. Will the worry ever end!

Good luck to everyone with scans over the next few days

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sat 25-May-13 12:30:07

MrsGSR - I'm having to go diwn that food route too! Just had a packet of salt and vinegar squares and contemplating some soup

4athomeand1cooking Sat 25-May-13 14:24:43

Hi everyone. Loving the little bit of sunshine we are having today!

Toby good luck for your scan on Sunday. I bled very heavily right through from 12 weeks to 20 weeks with one of mine. It is surprising how strong they are. The doctors told me the longer I bled and didn't miscarry, the more chance she had. so fingers crossed for your LO

Catch I also want a HB. I hypnobirthed with my last son and I cant rate it enough. If anyone is thinking about it I would whole heartedly try it out. I also LOVE my TENS machine and the water so plan to use both hopefully. In the past I have had epidural with one, pethidine with another and Gas and Air with another and nothing beat the Hypno Birthing.

My signs and symptoms usually die down. In the past I have had crazy symptoms up until 6-7 weeks and then nothing until week 10-11. Those weeks in between can be quite scary but losing symptoms means nothing at all.

Waiting for my ice-cube obsession to kick in. In my previous pregnancies, I eat about 8 large glasses of ice cubes a day. I don't touch them any other time as cannot stand the sensitivity on my teeth.

LadySpencer Sat 25-May-13 14:49:54

Good luck for tomorrow's scan Toby.

4athomeand1cooking I've heard good things about hypnobirthing. Quite intrigued!

Hello ladies! Back from our days away with some friends in the West Country - and AND AND!! I drove all the way home! First time on a motorway, and I not only was okay, I OVERTOOK people! In the outside lane! I also popped into town on my tod from our mates' house, and could not BELIEVE I was allowed to do that from now on (admittedly, we'll have to buy a car first, not just keep hiring...)

Symptoms seem to have abated a little, boobs not as sore, nausea not as bad, so am hoping I might be slightly ahead of my LMP date of 7+1 (I reckon I ov'd a week earlier) and this is the placenta kicking in.

Resisting the urge to POAS, or book an early scan...

Good luck to all those with scans in the next few days, and hope every one is feeling as well as possible.

sarahleanne Sat 25-May-13 15:35:08

does anyone have cocktail sticks to keep my eyes open? I am so bloody tired.good news is dh has gone camping with the eldest so I get the bed to myself-woohoo.its the little things in life smile haha.

I am feeling positive today.apart from being exhausted and struggling to stay awake.my skin has also gone horrendous!! I look like a spotty teenager!!

midwife appointment still feels like an eternity away...hurry up 12th june!! although im a bit nervous a the receptionist said the midwife see's woman from 10 weeks and im only gunnabe 8 weeks then?hmmm.

Pop2014 Sat 25-May-13 15:43:09

Lucky you Humpty I still have not got my licence sad and my theory these expires in October so I'm determined to do it this summer. Public transport with DC1 was a nightmare!!!

Good luck for your scan tomorrow Toby

Gobbolin So happy for your scan and to hear a little heartbeat envy, try not to panic, most of the time it all turns out absolutely fine!

Today I feel completely FAT, havn't put on weight and not eating too much but my tummy looks horrendous! I'm so bloated and my jeans just feel so uncomfortable, and i'm someone that lives in jeans. I don't remember this happening until at least 16 weeks with DC1, [sceptical] guess it calls for a shopping trip but didn't want to buy any maternity clothes until after 12 week scan, and Im only in 7th week blush

extracrunchy Sat 25-May-13 15:53:15

Anyone else feeling like they just don't want to do anything? I'm properly grumpy today, just want to sit in bed and do nothing, but the more I sit here the grumpier I get because I haven't done anything! Humph. hmm

MrsGSR Sat 25-May-13 15:55:47

Well done Humpty smile

Gobbolin seeing a heartbeat is definately a good sign, don't worry about the size, at this stage it isn't that exact, plus you might have ovulated later than you thought, or implantation may have been later, or both.

I'm really bloated Pop, it's horrible!

MrsGSR Sat 25-May-13 15:58:00

and yes extra I've been really lazy this week! We went shopping earlier for vegetable soup (which is a very healthy craving considering I'm a chocoholic usually!) and now I'm lying on the sofa watching 'bones' dvds, and don't really plan on moving again, possibly ever!

extracrunchy Sat 25-May-13 16:03:06

Ok that makes me feel much better! DH keeps making helpful suggestions and I just keep going "nope!" grin
Vegetable soup - good craving. I want a KFC and I've only ever had it once before!

CatchAsCatchCan Sat 25-May-13 17:03:07

The nausea has hit very hard today. All I can think about is eating cakes, too! Haven't actually vommed, but it's almost worse to be in a perpetual state of feeling as though I might... On my phone, so can't really keep track of everyone, but it sounds as though most are enjoying this fab weather. Hope everyone's getting a nice break!

Bikey86 Sat 25-May-13 17:04:28

extra I can really relate to that. Dh is at work until about 10pm and I'm so bored but can't be bothered to do anything about it. The weather is beautiful too...feel like I'm wasting such a nice day :-(

Penny31 Sat 25-May-13 17:10:59

Hi all,

toby good luck for tomorrow. I won't be around until Monday so will catch up then. I'm off to a wedding so hoe the weather lasts!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

rosalux Sat 25-May-13 17:11:34

Hello All. I have been lurking these past few days and fxing for everyone with scans. I'm going to try to hold out until 8 wks (currently 5+3) because I can only go on a Thursday due to childcare issues, so either 7+1 or 8+1 and I figure the latter will be more likely to be conclusive. Hopefully in a good way. This may all go to pot closer to the time though ;-)

Had a terrible day on Thursday when I did a CB test and it said 2-3 weeks, just like the previous Friday. Spent the whole day in tears and on the internet convincing myself it could only mean one (bad) thing, but then I did a cheapo boots test last night and the test line came up strong pink even as the control line was just starting to show, so I feel a bit better. I have also just spent the last 3 hours in bed feeling really awful (though no actual sickness). Am hoping this passes quickly as I can't do this when DH isn't here to entertain DS.

Frogcatcher Sat 25-May-13 17:16:05

Oh rosalux step away from the tests! You might have only just been on the 2-3 week borderline the first time. They're not massively accurate as other people here have had varying readings too. Or you might just have been more dilute second time. Think positive! flowers

Frogcatcher Sat 25-May-13 17:19:10

Oh & I'm 6+5 & still relatively symptom light beyond moodiness & tiredness. Slightly heavy boobs. Poor DP got it last night when he didn't buy me a naan bread with my takeaway curry - my extreme unreasonable emotions always seem to be food related!!

BookTart Sat 25-May-13 17:41:14

I don't think that's unreasonable frog. Curry without a naan merits both barrels in my opinion grin

extracrunchy Sat 25-May-13 18:01:26

Yup bikey - exactly!

Rosalux those digital tests are pretty dodgy. Don't stress!

Frog that is classic! Haha I can imagine being effing furious!

rosalux Sat 25-May-13 18:04:30

Thanks Frogcatcher (curious name - is it cat related by any chance?). Easier said than done, but I am trying. DH took DS to the vegfest this afternoon and by all accounts he had a great time, mostly eating! Still, all good healthy food so can't complain. I'm also becoming (even more) crazy unreasonable at the drop of a hat. Last night, as I sat scoffing (home made, somehow this makes it better IMO) chocolate walnut brownies, DH said something gently ribbing, and I had a massive strop and sulked off to bed to read the papers for the rest of the evening blush

Frogcatcher Sat 25-May-13 18:21:36

Yep the name is cat-related! When I joined MN my cats were having a frog phase & I was always having to catch them as my DP is a total wimp about things like that can't stand them.

The naan bread was possibly justifiable. However You should have seen me in tears the other morning because he'd accidentally eaten the Quorn pieces I was going to take for lunch thinking they were chicken when drunk & left me a fridge full of meat stuff. He thought I had lost the plot!

Vatta Sat 25-May-13 18:26:38

4athomeand1cooking - you mentioned getting ice cube cravings in your previous pregnancies. You probably already know this, but that's a symptom of anaemia. I'm long-term anaemic and was told to watch out for that and various other things as a warning of low iron levels. Just thought I'd mention it in case you hadn't heard before!

sarahleanne Sat 25-May-13 19:09:23

omg I must seriously STOP looking/thinking about baby names...way too early!! dh has already decided on a girls name,atleast he's showing an interest I suppose lol.

MrsGSR Sat 25-May-13 19:19:55

We've already decided a girls name sarah, middle name and all! We have a couple of names we like for a boy. We decided them all before we even got pregnant, the joys of TTC for 5 months! I also have a spreedsheet with everything we need to buy (including links to online shops) so there is nothing much for us to decide now we're actually pregnant!

sarahleanne Sat 25-May-13 19:22:24

wow u r seriously organised mrsgsr smile im really stuck on boys names.im thinking about naming baby after my husband (if its a boy),a bit unimaginative but I kinda like the idea of it.

Yonionekanobe Sat 25-May-13 19:49:59

Wow - extreme organisation on here! As we have most things there's not a lot to so. DH is convinced it is a boy this time (for the record I say another girl) so there will be clothes. I'm afraid DD's clothes weren't all bright pink but most are definitely girls.

Re. names - the night before my 20 week scan with DD, knowing we were going to find out the baby's sex, DH and I each wrote names for boys and girls on post it notes, vetoed a few so we had ten of each and then when we knew DD was DD ranked the girls' names every week, knocking the bottom one out until we had a winner. Looking back we struggled to get to ten boys' names and will really struggle if we have to settle on one!

I've also just got up from a three hour nap rosa. DD is ignoring me now in favour of DH and my parents and 'Mummy, bed, tired.' She is 2.3 and a but out out that in struggling to stay awake at weekends and she is at nursery during the week, so another thing to feel guilty about!

frogcatcher I keep thinking about curry now! We went out for a family lunch and I had a Maragita pizza with nothing other than chillies to try and keep it simple and it was wonderful.

MrsGSR Sat 25-May-13 19:53:39

Too organised i think! I love the idea of naming it after DH, I've always loved his name anyway. I think it might get a bit confusing though! Although my BIL is named after their father, who was named after his father... we've gone back to 1850s and they're all named after each other!

Yonionekanobe Sat 25-May-13 19:56:18

One of each generation of FIL's family have the same name but are all known by their middle name to avoid confusion!

coco4242 Sat 25-May-13 19:57:05

I have my girls name Charlotte. Middle name will be my mums.

Boys we are stuck, although I think Oliver is top atm.

Yonionekanobe Sat 25-May-13 20:05:28

coco that is an excellent choice and one I would imagine it would be very nice having both as a child and an adult. (ahem).

sarahleanne Sat 25-May-13 20:07:09

I have maizie rose for a girl.I already have a little girl called Paige Olivia.If its a boy it will probably be Danny jr. but im not 100% on boys name yet.i love Zachary but dh is having none of it!

Vatta Sat 25-May-13 20:11:30

MrsGSR - don't suppose you'd like to share your spreadsheet at all? You are much more organised than I am, I don't even know where to start! I would send you many good vibes in return.....

MrsGSR Sat 25-May-13 20:19:42

I'm not sure how to share it, I've probably missed a lot off it, its my first baby so I'm not really sure what we'll need!

sarahleanne Sat 25-May-13 20:33:55

I went a bit crazy with buying stuff for 1 and 2...gunna try and not buy all the useless crap this time...easier said than done smile

Yonionekanobe Sat 25-May-13 20:48:02

I bought some really pointless things with DD. I think the worst buys were various breastfeeding covers. Couldn't get o grips with one style so moved on to the next. £s later just a normal scarf, pashmina or swaddling muslin was definitely the best option.

Baby baths are often discussed as a waste of space/money - we used a sling thing in the normal bath which was cheaper more compact and perfect for DD.

Best buys were a set of swaddling cloths (as above also for bfing purposes), DD loved her Lamaze baby gym and wiled away many happy times and her sleep sacks from the gro store were well used.

Will try and think of others...

sarahleanne Sat 25-May-13 20:53:20

definitely not bothering with a baby bath this time,i think we used the last one about 4 times.Not bothering with changing mat either,apart from a fold away one for the baby bag.
I used swaddling cloths for bfing too,very handy.
don't think I'll bother with a monitor either,rarely used the last one and our bedrooms close enough for when baby goes into different room.
There are definitely a lot of gimmicky things on the market that are not really needed.

curlywurlyllass Sun 26-May-13 04:55:04

Hi everyone

Ive been reading since the 1st january thread but darent post for fear of jinxing things, but feeling a bit more confident nw (previous ivf cycles with the ex were fraught with dissapointment and 2x early m/c)

No idea when im due as wasnt noting my cycles (or ttc)
Have had an awful journey with lying GP's and ignorant midwife so far, but have been referred for an EP scan on monday morning, hope to see something positive and get a hint at how far along i am- deffo 6+ at least

My heart goes out to all those who have sadly left the thread already, and to those stressed out with worry and anxiety- ive never got past 6w6d yet- hope you can all get some reassurance asap

so feeling the crankiness lots of you have- im nightshifts with backache, nausea, tiredness, hunger, heartburn, drunken teens kicking off and what i hope is just a seagull walking on the buildings roof- theres no way im gonna go look!

Hope you have a lovely sunny sunday

Good luck for your scans (toby?) and anyone else

curly x

coco4242 Sun 26-May-13 07:19:50

Yonione - its a beautiful name, but I think you already know that wink grin

I agree with not being sucked into buying loads this time around.

Also learnt the hard way with dd1 that its not worth buying masses of newborn things incase you have a big baby - much better stocking up on size 0-3 baby grows and not buying masses of newborn size nappies.

And I won't be bothering with a baby bath either - or a top and tail bowl!

LittlePeaPod Sun 26-May-13 07:24:46

Morning ladies,

Toby good luck today. Please let's us know how the scan goes. How exciting... grin

congratulations and welcome to all the new ladies with gorgeous BFPs.

As for me. Today I am mostly in the kill you camp. Not been on for a day or so as my tiredness and aversion to all food has got even worse. Even gone off coleslaw.. DF is really worried and thinks I should see GP as had very little to eat the last few days (losing weight) and the lack of food not helping with exhaustion.

Sorry still struggling to keep up with news.. Hoping (FX all ok) that I start feeling better soon when placenta starts taking over from york and hormone levels stabilise. So I hope veryone is having a lovel weekend and m thoughts with everyone feeling crappy.

To top it off had PIL over yesterday and as much as I love my MIL she is a real pain in the arse sometimes.. EG yesterday banging on about what I should do in terms of ML leave. She's old school and was a SAHM so thinks all women should give up their careers to become SAHMs. Bearing in mind the reason I am having our first at 37 is because I have always been a career girl this went down like a tone of bricks. Told her straight that I am going back full time as soon as reasonably possible. No chance am I staying out of the business for more than 3 months... angry sick of people trying to make me feel guilty about my career... Very angry about this point today...... Becoming a mother doesn't make me any less ambitious.. Really sorry for the rant..... But I don't judge SAHPs so wish others would p off with their stupid thoughts about career women. angry

Yonionekanobe Sun 26-May-13 07:44:31

Littlepea welcome to my world! Luckily mum and MIL very supportive of my career as also worked but you do get some real crap from people who don't get it, not least on Internet forums sad to say - and it does cut both ways. Some of the comments directed at SAHPs is equally as hmm Live and let live!

Hope scan goes well today Toby.

Welcome curly - hope the rest of your shift went okay.

I'd forgotten top and tail bowls coco. That is one thing I didn't succumb to!

Yonionekanobe Sun 26-May-13 07:46:17

'Comments is'? 'Comments are'! Now I am losing my grasp of English as well as my breakfast, figure, very dignity.

LittlePeaPod Sun 26-May-13 08:10:37

Yoni if it helps any I am losing my grasp of patience and tolerance to stupid things.. grin. It's a shame people don't just accept others choices and be happy for them. It would be a very boring world if we all did and wanted the same thing.....

Right off to try and force feed myself but chances of success are probably 1000/1.

Really impressed with how organised some f the ladies on here are. Haven't even started looking at anything. Not even browsed on the net... blush

Sultanajo Sun 26-May-13 08:17:23

Thinking of u today Toby. Got everything firmly crossed for u! thanks

SlinkyB Sun 26-May-13 08:34:51

What's patience and tolerance?! I lost all that when I got my bfp last Tues grin I'm getting seriously wound up by even the smallest things, bloody hormones, I'll have no tongue left soon

Also been feeling a touch blue, so thanks to anyone feeling the same.

I'm trying not to think too far ahead, want to get to 12wk scan before making any plans. This is dc2, and dc1 is 2.4, so hoping we won't need to buy much (am I deluded?!) As I've kept most things.

Hope you're all having lovely Sunday mornings. Good luck today Toby and welcome to any newbies (and congrats!)

Sultanajo Sun 26-May-13 08:39:06

I havent been able to keep up with u ladies. Not sure whats wrong with me but just havent felt like posting. Got a lot running thru my mind at the mo plus feeling completely shite by 6pm means am pretty useless atm. Am sure will snap out of it...

pod no, cant believe u have gone off coleslaw now! Hmmm...its so hard isnt it! If u keep losing weight and hardly eating anything then perhaps a chat with your GP would be a good idea? My food world is shrinking rapidly but am still able to force things down - went off nature valley bars yesterday. Meant to be going for a pub lunch with friends on tuesday, but have looked at the menu of where they have chosen and am already cringing as no idea what I am gonna have and even then I know I will only manage a small amount! I was thinking it was better meeting in public in case I felt like vomming rather than going to their house to see their new bubba, but am beginning to dread it now! Was hoping there would be normal choices like jacket potatoes, but its all main meals with fancy accompaniments which fill me with horror right now!

Never let anyone make u feel bad for the choices u make! Everyone is different! I will hopefully be taking the full year off and if it were financially viable I would take more, because thats what I want to do. All my friends have gone back to work after having their kids because they wanted to. I would be happy as a sahm for a few years, but unless we win the lottery that aint gonna happen! As u say, everyone is different and it would be very boring it we were all the same!!! wink

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 26-May-13 08:44:39

Welcome newbies <waves>

toby - thinking of you today.

Thank you for lovely kind messages - they really helped me get things in to perspective. I did some googling last night mad and found out that a 4mm crown to rump length is equivalent to being 6+4. I think I am around that on reflection as the clearblue tests never used to change for me til the Thursday.

Humpty - congrats on the driving! Toot toot!

pea - ignore MIL! Easier said than done, I know!

Re things to buy - second a play gym. DS adores his. I would recommend trying to get one with sides (ideally plastic ones covered in fabric) as then the baby can't role or wiggle their way out. From 10 weeks DS could shuffle places on his back shock

Off to catch up but second the feelings of being totally irritated 98% of the time!

LittlePeaPod Sun 26-May-13 08:59:15

Sultabajo. Yes an you believe it. Splattering loads on coleslaw on everything was the only thing helping me eat. The last enjoyable thing I had was coleslaw on cheese on toast. The thought now makes me gag. sad. So feel for you on Tuesday.. That sounds like my idea of a total nightmare... What about pulling the tummy bug ploy? Then try and just have a bit of soup from the starter menu? Or am I pulling at straws because I can't even bear the thought of soup at the moment.. Ha ha what have you got left on your menu! Are you still on with the cheese toasties? On the MIL front I normally ignore her when she starts but my tolerance levels are so low at the moment that when she talks, I find myself thinking "shut up, shut up, shut up before it tell you what I am thinking" grin

Slinky not sure what's worse. Feeling really sad/blue or feeling extreme anger/rage. I seem to flick from one to the other.... grin

LittlePeaPod Sun 26-May-13 09:05:22

Gobbo glad you are feeling better. Plus another really positive nought. Remember a heart beat at 6 weeks equals a 78% chance pregnancy will go full term and at my 6+4 scan chickpea was 6.6mm so it works out right that 6+4 would be about 4/5mm. From what I have read, havin a heart beat is the most important thing and the early the heart beat the better...

LittlePeaPod Sun 26-May-13 09:08:33

Sorry that should be about 6 the 4/5mm should be right... Well from what sonogapher said anyway...

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 26-May-13 09:15:33

pea - thank you. That's made me feel a lot better. The scan lady was very nice and kept saying she had seen nothing to worry about.

I think I'm just a bit hyper as it took her ages to find the baby as it was tucked away down in a corner so my nerves were a bit jangled to start with

Second worrying g about what to eat when out. We're going for lunch with some friends tomorrow and feel quite sick at the thought of it.

I've found that salt and vinegar discos help with the sickness as do raspberries and toasted plain bagels with boursin. Not very healthy bar the raspberries

LittlePeaPod Sun 26-May-13 09:38:04

Gobbo. It took the sonograher some time to find chickpea too. Chickpea was playing hid and go seek... But I know what you mean. I was shaking as thought all had gone wrong again.... smile

Been in and out of the kitch sine 8am and still haven't eaten anything... sad

LittlePeaPod Sun 26-May-13 09:38:35

Kitchen since 8am...

I hate predictive text.... Grrrrr

Sultanajo Sun 26-May-13 09:39:54

gobbo may give salt and vinegar discos a go. Been having raspberries but they are giving me heartburn!! Grrrr!

pod I hate soup at the best of times and the one on the menu is full of cumin and chilli which makes me wanna heave right now! Am hoping they will have specials for more of an option, but judging by their menu, the specials will probably be something random like rabbit or oysters!!! envy

LittlePeaPod Sun 26-May-13 09:43:21

sultanajo. Ohhhh. Then we are back at the tummy bug excuse.... wink. Read the Oyster comment and started gagging....

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 26-May-13 09:44:29

sultana - I find the discos really good. They are very sour and salty and vinegary and that really seems to help.

BookTart Sun 26-May-13 09:54:06

Morning all. Sorry to those that can't face eating at the moment sad toby, I've got everything crossed for you.

Just back from the EPU, everything is fine and measuring exactly right for 7+1. Feeling a bit odd, because I couldn't actually see what the sonographer was talking about at all, just blobs, but she seemed happy with it and said there was a heart beat.

Still not much in the way of symptoms here - apparently most of my pain is due to wind/my IBS blush and the only other thing is horrible reflux, all my bloating has gone down and I feel exactly the same as I do when I'm not pg. I guess I should be pleased, but it is still a niggling worry.

LittlePeaPod Sun 26-May-13 10:00:27

Booktart. Congratulations. Sorry I didn't realise you had a scan today.. Great to hear about the heart beat.

BookTart Sun 26-May-13 10:05:40

Cheers pod, had to go to EPU as had lots of pain on my left side last Sunday that was so bad I couldn't lay on that side or move much at all. Wind, apparently. Oh the shame...

Have you managed anything to eat yet? Could you manage a biscuit or something?

LittlePeaPod Sun 26-May-13 10:09:42

Book. Ohh I feel for you...wink

Nope still wondering around aimlessly in the kitchen... Last time I ate anything substantial was Friday night...

MissMedusa Sun 26-May-13 10:13:36

littlepeadpod I'm a bit confused about your statistics. I've read that too that the miscarriage risk drops to 78% percent after you can detect a heartbeat but that still makes the chance of mc 1 in 5 or 20% which I thought was meant to be the miscarriage rate of all confirmed pregnancies. To me that says that there's no drop in risk at all but how can that be, it must be a good thing to see the heartbeat and everything I read confirms that but the numbers don't add up for me?

This is just me being paranoid and desperately hoping the mc rate goes down as have had some more spotting and worrying myself sick.

Sultanajo Sun 26-May-13 10:21:15

book thats great u r measuring where u should be and there is a heartbeat. Try not to worry too much about lack of symptoms - everyone is different!

missm the risk reduces according to the miscarriage association website each week, so if a heartbeat is seen at 8 weeks for example, if I remember correctly, the chances of carrying to term is 98%.... I am still spotting too - been 1.5 weeks now....

extracrunchy Sun 26-May-13 10:21:19

Lovely news, Book!
Pregnancy does really strip all your dignity - they had trouble finding DS at an early scan last time because there was so much "bowel" and I was so constipated... blush

Sultanajo Sun 26-May-13 10:25:19

pod writing it made me gag too.

gobbo I think thats why my bbq sauce is working for me in my cheese and ham toasties, although am not sure I can face one today.

Really fancied steak and mash yesterday - DH bought some but we didnt end up having them yesterday and today they are making my stomach turn, but gonna have to try and eat one because DH would kill me if I didnt after he went and got them yesterday!!! blush

LittlePeaPod Sun 26-May-13 10:26:49

MissMedusa basically the sonograher we are seeing says, heartbeat at 6 weeks is 78% chance pregnancy will go full term. So yes there is still 22% chance you may mc and something may go wrong at the early stage. But no heartbeat increases chances of mc (didn't ask so do not know percentage). These stats increase as you progress through the weeks so heartbeat at 8 weeks increases chances to 98% and 99.4% at 10 weeks. But the stats also differ if you have suffered a mc in the past.... It's basically a general guideline.. Things can go wrong later. A friend sadly lost her twins girls at 26 weeks completely unexpectedly.. I think from my perspective (probably due to mc) it's just good to know that the chances of going full term increase with the heartbeat and the weeks...

BookTart Sun 26-May-13 10:27:59

One thing that the midwife did say to me today was to expect some spotting due to previous coloposcopies and a cervical polyp - don't know if that is relevant to anyone spotting at the moment but thought I'd mention it in case it was reassuring to someone.

crunchy, the sono report actually says that my right ovary was completely obscured by bowel gas. Dignity. Shredded!

extracrunchy Sun 26-May-13 10:29:50

Haha Booktart the shame.....

Sultanajo Sun 26-May-13 10:39:02

book they couldn't see my right ovary either for similar reasons! blush

Toby fingers and toeses crossed