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Nervous nutjobs pregnant with no.2

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winterpansy Fri 17-May-13 11:02:48

Just set up this wee thread for the nutjob graduates. I am hoping all our lovely thread dwellers will be on here very soon.

We should do some stats. I'll kick off:

winterpansy 1 DS edd January 5th

Hi winter thanks for setting this up! The other January thread is so big I have no chance of keeping up.

I'm feeling pretty lousy now. Doesn't help that DS has a stomach bug - we've had to change his bed twice through the night and now the diarrhoea has started... It could really have waited until I was feeling less sick!

winterpansy 1 DS edd January 5th
nomoreminibreaks 1 DS edd January 4th

2beornot Fri 17-May-13 14:35:52

Thanks winter. I've not been on the ttc thread recently because I felt that as I had a progressing nicely pregnancy it wasn't for me.
And the Dec antenatal club is massive and focused on those who are having problems (quite rightly too).

I've just got round to seeing doc this week(!) so now just waiting for midwife to phone with booking appointment. Was disappointed when I saw doc thr my BMI is 36! I thought it was 30-35, so now Im worried that my options are limited. I get that my high BMI is a risk factor but I don't have any others so I personally don't feel there should be too much emphasis on it.

Have added myself to the list (and ordered it coz I'm odd like that smile.

2beornot 1DD EDD 27th December
nomoreminibreaks 1DS EDD 4th January
winterpansy 1 DS EDD 5th January

winterpansy Fri 17-May-13 16:39:15

Nice to see you here!

The Jan thread is far too hectic for me to cope with. I get sleepy just reading it so I thought it would be nicer for us to chat here - since we've all been through the ttc together too!

nomore DS's nappies are revolting me at the minute - I think diarrhoea might send me over the edge. Hope the wee pet feels better soon.

2be My bmi is around 35 too I think. It was last time too and I had a waterbirth with absolutely no complications so hopefully it won't be an issue. I did have gestation diabetes though which will probably happen again but it was well controlled with diet and exercise. It'll all work out!

My lovely mum and dad are so excited - I told them today after the scan. My DB is gay and my DBIL is single (and probably always will be at this point!) so we're the only hope on both sides of gc. They have offered to take DS tonight so we can go out for dinner and have an early night. I'm very happy about that!

MrsHuxtable Fri 17-May-13 16:40:24

Hello everyone,
I only posted a couple of times on the other thread before we were even ttc but things moved quickly and I managed to conceive despite still breastfeeding a 15 months old milk monster.

Anyway, because of the breastfeeding I had irregular cycles so can't be sure of cycle length (will go with 28 days for the sake of easiness). A only somewhere in week 5 so super anxious about early miscarriage etc.

2beornot 1DD EDD 27th December
nomoreminibreaks 1DS EDD 4th January
winterpansy 1 DS EDD 5th January
MrsHuxtable 1DD EDD 18th January

gemmeg Fri 17-May-13 18:53:19

Hi all!

Thanks for setting this up winter. Sounds like you're in for a lovely evening. I told my parents my EDD y.day and my dad (who fancies himself as a comedian) text me to say that he hopes I'll still be able to reach the cooker to cook his Christmas dinner this year hmm!!

nomore That sounds crappy. I hope your DS feels better soon for both your sakes.

Anyway, I'm being a complete nutjob now about miscarriage. As I mentioned on the other thread, one minute I'm excited the next terrified. All par for the course I suppose.

2beornot 1DD EDD 27th December
nomoreminibreaks 1DS EDD 4th January
winterpansy 1 DS EDD 5th January
gemmeg 1 DS EDD 9th January
MrsHuxtable 1DD EDD 18th January

Ahhhh... This feels much more comfortable than the January thread. Lots of lovely ladies but if you blink there are another 50 posts to read!

Gemmeg crappy is what it is! Think I've got the bug a bit too so nausea is twice as bad as it has been. He hasn't really eaten all day but has been in very good sprits so fingers crossed there'll be no more sick to clean up in the middle of the night again.

I know what you mean about worrying. I think I worried a little bit last time (even though I had cramps and bleeding and an early scan) but I think I was quite ignorant about what it could actually mean. I think seeing what other women have been through on our thread and others has made me realise it does actually happen. It almost feels unfair that I would 'get away' with two straightforward pregnancies.

Evening ladies!!

winter thanks for setting the thread up hun and congrats again on the scan - such brilliant news.

I am doing okay - counting down the days until my scan next Friday - we have a busy weekend and I'm busy at work next week so I'm hoping the time flies by (yeah right!!). gemmeg I completely understand the irrational researching - DH has banned me from using Dr Google for self diagnosing!!

My boobs have started hurting - mainly once I have taken my bra off and tonight I am shattered so I'm hoping they are good signs. No sickness yet but I am super hungry! I too have a high bmi (never lost the baby weigh from DS) and worried about any weight lectures from drs or midwives as its a sensitive subject for me (v.sensitive about my appearance!)

Could one of you lovely ladies add me to the list as I'm on my phone.

Mummytothearkbuilder - 1DS EDD - tbc (irregular cycles - scan 24.05)

Thanks lovelies xxx

2beornot Fri 17-May-13 21:26:54

We should be enjoying our pregnancies!!! I must admit I would be freaking out at the sight of blood though. I'm glad some of you have had reassuring early scans.

I've had little in the way of symptoms. V tired (but the work is manic and I have a 2 year old) and early evening nausea (no actual sickness yet). So I consider myself lucky!! That said I will be convinced by my twelve week scan that I've made it all up!!!

Has anyone had any gut feelings about which sex they might be carrying? For some reason I have only been looking at boys names!!!

2beornot 1DD EDD 27th December
nomoreminibreaks 1DS EDD 4th January
winterpansy 1 DS EDD 5th January
gemmeg 1 DS EDD 9th January
MrsHuxtable 1DD EDD 18th January
Mummytothearkbuilder - 1DS EDD - tbc

I never even thought of miscarriage or anything sinister but my miscarriage in feb has made me so nervous. I think once I see the heartbeat I will feel more reassured.

I think we will have a girl but DH thinks we will have a boy - I am the only girl on my Dad's side so we are due another girl!! It's the thought of picking a name that I'm struggling with - I LOVE DS name (Noah - you probably guessed by my username!!) and can't imagine loving another name as much as I love his!! X

I'm convinced I'm having another boy as things have felt quite similar but then again a boy is what I'm familiar with so that might be it. I can only think of boys names but don't like any as much as DS1's (Henry) and the ones I like are in the top 10/20, which puts me off. Plus I've gone off the girl's name we had when DS was born (Rosie).

MrsHuxtable Fri 17-May-13 22:55:09

I'm not even 5 weeks and I'm already starting to feel off my food. Nothing really appeals apart from the odd thing and then when I eat it, it tastes disappointing. I hope that's not the start of Hyperemesis like last time. I was sick for 7 months. Really can't afford it this time with a new job (that I need to keep the pregnancy from for as long as possible) and a 15 months old that is still breastfeeding all the time. Oh dear.

I'm really, really, really hoping for another girl. We've had names picked since before conception. That's how nutty we are. Oh, and I hope it's not twins as there's a 13% chance if you conceive while breastfeeding. I don't know how we would cope with 3 under 2/3. On the other side, we wouldn't have to chose whether to have 2 or 3 children which is quite a hot topic between DH and myself.

How many children is everyone else planning altogether?

I love the name Noah btw. Our boy name is Phillip and a girl will be Henriette (Hettie).

MrsHuxtable Fri 17-May-13 22:55:47

Oh yes, and because I really want agirl, I'm convinced I'm having a boy!

nomore I know what you mean about popular names - I love the name Amelia for a girl - I have loved it for years and now it's the top girls name!! Think I would still go with it though :-) Henry is a fab name and on my shortlist for a boy - DH really likes Louie which I am warming too.

mrshux I have always wanted 3 children but the anxiety of early pregnancy and the sadness that came with the miscarriage has made me wonder if we might stop at 2 - who knows!!

I am trying hard not to get too ahead of myself (thinking of names etc) as I am still so early but it's so hard and part of me thinks to just try and stop worrying about things - today I'm pregnant and that's what I should focus one!! Xx

gemmeg Sat 18-May-13 10:16:17

DH told me today he feels very strongly that we're having a girl but I think it could be a boy....no real biological evidence. It's purely based on the fact I'm craving savoury/salty foods and normally I have a sweet tooth. I am also hungry all the time. I used to wait until DS wakes from his nap to eat lunch with him but now I can't wait and eat without him. Completely off coffee now too which was always my favourite part of the day. I even bought a posh de-caff but even the smell of it puts me off.

We also try to avoid the most popular names but we have the added difficulty if finding a name that's appropriate in England, Austria (where we live) and Hungary (DH is half Hungarian and we spend a lot of time on holiday there. I love old fashioned names. DS is called Stanley. I'm with you though mummy....trying not to get ahead of myself!

2beornot Sat 18-May-13 13:56:19

We're planning on two - so this will be last pregnancy! DH completely dismisses the idea of any more, but I think never say never and who knows what we'll think in 5 years time?

I hope it's not the start of hyperemesis MrsH. I've been soooo lucky to not have a single bout of morning sickness, but I can imagine how awful it is.

We picked a fairly common name for our dd but I love it so much I didn't care. Wish we didn't have such a common surname too though!!

Ladies can I feel sorry for myself on here? I've been struck down by DS' bug and spent all last night with sickness and diarrhoea. I'm hoping it is just the bug and not the start of hyperemesis, which is just about my worst nightmare in pregnancy. I'm such a wimp when I'm sick! I don't quite cry anymore but kind of wail pathetically to myself like a child.

On a plus note, DS' 'pourty' potty is perfect for throwing up into and really doesn't drip! I'd recommend it smile

Oh no nomore - sounds awful hun :-( really hope it's just a bug and you feel better soon.

I am having one of those nervous days - just don't seem to have any symptoms other than sore boobs - no sickness or anything - could I just be one of those people who don't get many symptoms??? X

imme Sun 19-May-13 10:03:32

May I join this thread? Tested positive last week with due date around 18th January and the January thread seems too busy to keep up with.. Already have a DS who is nearly 3. Last time around I got the BFP only when I was about 8 days overdue so was surprised to get it at 2 days late this time. Sickness hasn't started yet but feeling very tired and bloated. Would be great to share our pregnancy experiences here.

Welcome imme - I looked at the Jan thread too but it was moving so fast I couldn't keep up!! I think my due date may be around 18th too - I'm having a scan in Friday to confirm the due date - so nervous!! X

2beornot Sun 19-May-13 17:55:25

Nomore, that's sound just what you don't need!! Really hope it is just a bug.

Imme-welcome!! I know what you mean about the antenatal month clubs. There is just too much traffic!! I can't keep up!!

gemmeg Sun 19-May-13 19:12:35

Welcome imme!

nomore how are you feeling now?

mummy I also have few symptoms. Just feel a bit queasy and hungry but don't know what I want to eat!!

Hi - I'm out of bed now (finally managed it at 5.30). Haven't been sick for a while but just feel exhausted. Only had 2 pints of flat ginger beer and a rich tea biscuit all day but don't feel like eating at all.

Today I would take few symptoms over this but I know what you mean. It can put your mind at rest to 'feel' pregnant until scans and kicking.

Welcome imme!

winterpansy Sun 19-May-13 21:11:11

Oh no nomore That's so grim. I hope you feel better tomorrow.

mummy Are you feeling any better about it all this evening? My symptoms kicked in properly at 6 weeks exactly. Before that I was a bit unsure too.

I've been feeling totally awful all weekend. Bloated, sick, constipated, exhausted...grumpy - the whole heap! I had totally forgot how awful early pregnancy can be!

Counting my blessings though, of course.

I was totally convinced DS was a boy right from the minute we found out last time but not sure about this one. I have different symptoms this time. I suppose all will be revealed at the 20 week scan! This will definitely be our last (I always wanted 3 but have changed my mind!) so whatever will be, will be. A boy would be handy as we have so many boys clothes but DS has quite an unusual name which will be hard to match with another boy so a girl would be easier to name!

Hi ladies!!

How are you all doing? Hope those of you who were feeling poorly are feeling a bit better!

I am still fairly symptom free - my boobs are hurting at night (when I take my bra off) and I am a bit more tired than usual but other than that (and a strong sense of smell) I am feeling fine. I have been thinking back to when I was pregnant with DS and I actually never got sickness - I felt a bit of nausea around 10 weeks but that's it - trying to think positively!!

We have our scan in Friday - both me and DH are so so nervous - Friday seems like a lifetime away!!


gemmeg Tue 21-May-13 19:28:51

Hi! I've been having queasiness on and off but can't really complain as other than that all i've had is tiredness and a repulsion to the smell of coffee. Not long to go now until your scan mummy!

nomore and winterpansy how's the sickness?

Hi gemmeg it's quite reassuring to hear you also haven't got full blown sickness too!! I find if I don't eat regularly then I feel a bit queasy - mid morning and mid afternoon but that's it. I was so worried I posted in the pregnancy section today and there were quite a few replies from people saying they didn't have any symptoms so I'm trying to be logical!! X

Hi ladies!

The bug has now passed... on to DH! I'm back to just the pregnancy nausea now, which is a relief following the weekend. Thanks for the support though, I needed it!

Mummy I know Friday must feel like a long wait but I bet it'll be fine. Really you're just having the same as your first pregnancy and that all turned out well so fingers crossed! Think of all those women who don't find out until they're 5/6/9(!) months pregnant - they couldn't have had any symptoms either. I know it's not always as simple as 'thinking positive' but logic says it should be ok. smile

2beornot Wed 22-May-13 08:47:08

Morning all!!!

Mummy - thesis the stage when I start to get nervous too. The minor nausea I've felt has gone and I've stopped feeling pregnant. I keep telling myself that I haven't had any anti-pregnancy symptoms either, ie. no AF, no pains but its hard isn't it?

One thing I seemed to have developed is a pain that runs from my left bum cheek down my leg. Bit of googling suggests it might be something called Pelvic Girdle Pain. Has anyone had this before?

gemmeg Wed 22-May-13 18:28:44

2be I had that with DS so it does exist. I've been getting it now too after exercise (who says sport's good for you?!).

I haven't had it 2be but my friend had something similar in her pregnancy.

I am literally counting down the hours to Friday - I've had no pain or bleeding so things must be okay - surely xx

ASmidgeofMidge Wed 22-May-13 19:42:12

Hi all. Was on the previous nut jobs thread and got my BFP earlier this week.

Yay smidge welcome!! I'm not sure about the others but I am just as much of a nut job since getting my BFP xx

ASmidgeofMidge Wed 22-May-13 19:46:39

Posted too soon! Mummy try not to worry, as 2be says no anti-preg symptoms either. Hope you're feeling better nomore?

Welcome asmidge! Yes feeling better thanks, in fact today I've hardly felt anything and was slightly nervous about that!

I should probably say - I started a thread the other day about one to one midwives - available on the NHS they offer one midwife all the way through pregnancy (including appointments at home and scans), birth (home birth or they will support you in hospital) and 6 weeks after. Here's a link to their website

I'm signed up as they've just started here but wanted to spread the word. I had a difficult birth and PND with DS and feel really positive that I'll have someone who understands what happened last time and why I'm already anxious about this pregnancy. She's going to bring me some books on hypnobirthing to see what I think and has said we'll spend time dealing with my anxieties. It sounds too good to be true!

Oh nomore I will take a look - I also had PND with DS - no bonding issues at all between the two of us it was just the massive amount of pressure I put on myself to be 'perfect' - it is something I am worried about with this pregnancy too (something else to worry about!!) xx

I meant to say mummy they're not everywhere just in certain places but I don't know where! I was just told about them by a friend.

Had a look nomore and don't think they are in my area - I'm in Cambridgeshire - it does look like an excellent service xx

2beornot Wed 22-May-13 22:22:26

Hi asmidge!! Pleased we've got more nut jobs joining!!

I haven't heard from midwives yet - do you think I should chase? Doctors appt was last week and she said they would contact me, I'm 9 wks on Friday.

ASmidgeofMidge Wed 22-May-13 22:23:26

Wow that looks like a great service-am going to look and see if they're in my area (Notts); also had and and pnd with my first...

ASmidgeofMidge Wed 22-May-13 22:24:02

2beornot - yes, I'd give them a ring x

gemmeg Thu 23-May-13 07:50:25

nomore you mentioned hypnobirthing....I practised that with DS and I had a fantastic birth experience. Completely drug free (they don't really do drugs here in Austria anyway) and all managed with proper breathing and visualisation techniques. I bought the Maggie Howell book & cd and recommend it to anyone who's expecting. Even if you're not into the whole hypnobirthing thing, the book itself is really interesting (I'm a geek like that) and explains how it has come to be that many women are so afraid of giving birth. It's very empowering. I went from terror to excitement just by reading the book and using the cd.

Thanks gemmeg. I have to admit I didn't like the look of hypnobirthing when I first heard about it - it sounded a bit lentil-weaving for me! This time I'd like to be more open minded, plus I'm bringing all the fear from the first birth with me and so techniques to deal with that will come in handy. I'll certainly look into the book you mentioned if its not one of those the midwife brings. smile

2beornot Thu 23-May-13 18:34:15

mummy any news?

I'm going to phone doctors tomorrow - don't have number for midwives.

Hi ladies

Scan tomorrow morning and we are petrified!! I am fairly certain it is too early to see a heartbeat - I think with my long cycles and hormone levels at the lower end of the scale I am expecting my dates to go backwards slightly. I am so scared x

Mummy don't be scared! I'm no expert but there's no reason to think that anything's gone wrong is there? If you didn't have many symptoms with DS then all you've got so far is a very similar pregnancy. Might not be any use but try to stay positive xxx smile

gemmeg Thu 23-May-13 20:23:41

I can understand why people are put off hypnobirthing nomore. The name makes it sound a bit airy fairy but actually it's more about learning deep relaxation techniques through correct breathing and using your mind to see pain in a different way.

Good luck for tomorrow mummy! I was only 5 wks 5 days when I had my scan and saw a heartbeat. How far along do you think you are?

I've felt completely wiped out today and proper queasy. My OH is in bewilderment as I've turned down his every offer of a brew....just do not fancy it at all which is so weird for me!

Thanks guys - so nervous!! Don't know how I will sleep tonight!!

gemmeg I have long irregular cycles so it can be hard to date my pregnancies - not sure how far I am anywhere between 5-6 weeks - I think I'm closer to 5 than 6 though. I guess we will see tomorrow.

I wish I had learnt a few more relaxing techniques for my labour with Noah - it was 36hrs and I ended up with an epidural and an assisted delivery with 7 additional people in the room - it was all totally necessary and for the sake of Noah but I always wonder whether a more relaxing labour would have meant I was less likely to get PND - basically because I had an epidural I felt like I had failed straight away (I harped on all through my pregnancy about not having drugs!!).

2beornot Thu 23-May-13 22:51:32

Sorry mummy thought it was today (is it too early to blame baby brain?). Good luck for tomorrow. I'm sure it will be fine and you'll hear a lovely little heartbeat!!

I'm generally quite calm and level headed and coupled with a cooperative baby meant it was a lovely experience. Is it weird to be looking forward to doing it again?!

1hr and 10mins to go - I am petrified. I just want everything to be okay :-(

Fingers crossed for you mummy smile

As predicted its too early to see anything. She saw a sac, yolk and embryo measuring 2mm - she said we wouldn't see a heartbeat until at least 7mm long. She puts me a 5 weeks and 1 day which given my long cycles and late ovulation is totally plausible.

Back for a re-scan on 7th June x

Mummy I'm guessing at this early stage that's the best you could have hoped for then? Good news?

I think so - initially I was thinking its bad news but I always knew my dates could be out. The hardest thing is that this is where we were last time - I had the scan at EPU and told come back in 2 weeks but its during that 2 weeks that the miscarriage started - just have to hope that doesn't happen again x

Ah OK - I see why you'd still be worried but this would have been just the same if you'd had an early scan with Noah and everything turned out ok that time. It's as positive as it can be at this stage xx

Woke up this morning and having some brown spotting. Trying to be positive but I am already so emotionally drained by it all - in all honestly I don't think I was over the miscarriage in Feb when I got my BFP.

Could it still be okay or am I starting miscarriage number 2? X

imme Sat 25-May-13 10:37:33

Mummy I had some brown spotting when I was about 9 or 10 weeks along with DS. I had a scan at the EPU and all was fine. I think they say it could be old blood from implantation. Hope all will be ok!

Mummy I also had spotting along with very painful cramps (had a scan at 9 weeks because of it) and everything was fine.

gemmeg Sat 25-May-13 10:57:08

I've heard that spotting is very common in early pg and as imme says, brown blood is old blood so poss remnants from implantation. Has it stopped now?

I also have a question- since yesterday morning when I woke up I've had a stomach ache which is under my belly button. I was poking my belly this morning and found the pain to be more on the left. It comes and goes in waves and hurts more in certain positions. It's too high up to be in my uterus. Is this what constipation feels like? I did go to the loo y.day (sorry tmi) but it wasn't a lot. Just making me worry a bit.

Mummy how are you feeling today?

The spotting slowed down during the day and there isn't any today but I just can't shake this feeling that something isn't right - my boobs aren't sore today and I'm feeling fine - no pregnancy feelings at all.

I'm going to phone the EPU on Tuesday morning and beg them to scan me earlier than the 2 weeks.

Hope everyone else is okay - sorry to he so negative - I don't want bring the thread down :-(

Not at all mummy! That's what we're all here for. Remember how we got started smile

Was it still just brown spotting?

I think ringing on Tuesday is a good idea if it will help to put your mind at rest. I wonder if it's also an idea to speak to someone about the anxiety around your miscarriage? I don't know much about it but there must be support out there - especially when dealing with the next pregnancy.

Thanks nomore - yes it was just brown spotting - I know that's common this early in pregnancy it's just how the miscarriage started as well so it's hard not to compare.

I am going to speak to the midwife about how anxious I am following the miscarriage - I think once I get into the 2nd trimester I will feel better.

The situation we are in again is exactly the same as the pregnancy we lost so it is bringing all the memories of that back xx

Of course it will bring the memories back. You probably felt your mind was put at rest by the early scan in February then went on to have that hope shattered, so it must be really hard to let yourself relax. I'm so sorry that you've found it so hard to enjoy it this time round. We're all here for you x

Thanks nomore really appreciate all you lovely ladies support xxxx

2beornot Mon 27-May-13 12:37:34

Hi mummy. I'm sorry you're having such a miserable time. The problem is that only time will make you feel better. Even if you had an early scan you'd still be worried that it might still go wrong. We'll all cross put fingers and toes for you and hopefully you'll be fine. Sending hugs x

ASmidgeofMidge Mon 27-May-13 14:33:11

Thinking of you mummy. I think chatting with the midwife is a really good idea. I had awful anxiety all the way through my last pregnancy and pnd following the birth. Feel okay at the moment but am planning to chat to my GP about the perinatal mh service this time around, although on other occasions I wonder if that's a bit ott. There's lots of othe stressors happening for me over the next year or so (new job for dh, possible move away from area, awful neighbours where we are currently) and I did have a bit of a meltdown at work on Fri. Of course, no-one there knows I'm pg.
Am struggling a bit with low mood and irritability, as well as tiredness, this time round. Don't remember this bit from last time-is this normal?

Sorry-this has turned into a bit of a saga....

gemmeg Mon 27-May-13 19:00:25

How are you feeling today mummy? I can't imagine how difficult it must be for you. I've not had a miscarriage and I feel anxious so for you it must be extremely stressful. I hope you get the reassurance you need soon.

asmidge I think it's a good idea to get talking to as many people as poss about your situation. Whatever makes you feel more confident. I know what you mean about the tiredness, irritability etc...I felt great when pg with DS but the past couple of weeks I've felt so lacklustre and crappy! I know it's all part and parcel but just didn't have this before. Headache- meh!

Hi gemmeg - I have had no spotting since Saturday so hoping it was just a one off thing. I did have an internal scan on Friday so not sure if that contributed to the spotting???? It is just a waiting game until the next scan to see if the little one has developed a heartbeat and growing - desperately hoping it has. Hope you feel better soon Hun xx

ASmidge - I was talking to DH about the same thing this evening. I had PND after my birth with Noah - nothing to do with bonding or anything like that it was just me and my control freakiness / massive expectations I put on myself - I honestly thought I would turn into a perfect mix of nigella lawson and super nanny following his birth but that is not real life!! I need to learn to deal with anxiety and situations I am not in control of so planning on speaking to my midwife about it - I don't think it its OTT at all and if it makes you feel better then its worth doing xxx

2beornot Mon 27-May-13 21:57:46

ASmidge - definitely get talking as soon as possible. It's better if the professionals know as much as possible about you, as soon as possible. That way if you feel yourself deteriorating, you can get help a lot sooner.

Take care everyone x x

winterpansy Tue 28-May-13 14:01:25

Hey all, hope you're well.

mummy Sorry to hear you are unsettled and the scan didn't show as much as you'd hope but I am sure all will be well - did you phone this morning to try for an earlier appointment?

asmidge You're not alone! I've been feeling really, really down over the last week or so. Talked it over with a friend and felt better for that but will probably mention it to the dr (I'm seeing her tomorrow). Mine is probably situational (work issues) but I've also been feeling so physically crap that it's getting me down. Hope you come round a bit soon.

gemmeg How is your pain now?

Hello everyone else, how are things?

Nothing much to report here - I've work shite going on and feel crap but starting to relax a little bit now I am 8+3. Time seems to be speeding up a bit, which is good, so hopefully I'll get my 12 wk scan date soon. We've told our family and a few close friends (and I told work...hence the work shite!) and everyone is very excited so that makes me a little more cheery. Lots to look forward to as well - DS 2nd birthday party this weekend and booking a holiday for July.

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 28-May-13 20:41:28

Thanks all. thanks
mummy - glad you've had no more spotting. Could well have been the scan.

winterpansy - sorry to hear you're feeling down too. I can't work out what's hormonal, what is work shite -(happening here too)- and what might be something more sinister, ie the return of GAD/depression. Will definitely speak to GP...

MrsBB1982 Wed 29-May-13 08:03:34

Hi lovely ladies - got my BFP! Still slightly shell shocked as when we decided to try for number 2 we foolishly thought it would take ages! Have DS aged 21mo and due in January

Sorry to hear about people's preggo symptoms. Feeling horribly sick - I'd forgotten about the joys of morning (ha, try all day) sickness and the soul destroying tiredness

Congratulations MrsBB and welcome! How many weeks are you? My sickness has progressed from low level but constant to feeling almost normal with waves of oh-my-god-I-think-I'm-going-to-throw-up-right-now! Such fun...

Getting funny looks at work for wearing my anti-sickness bands. Ready to tell someone I'm going for a game of tennis at lunchtime!

Welcome MrsBB and congrats on your BFP! X

MrsBB1982 Wed 29-May-13 20:41:04

Somewhere between 6+2 and 6+6 (irregular cycle) but have a scan tomorrow for some spotting so hopefully will get an idea then. Hoping the spotting is just implantation bleeding like with DS...
nomore very much in the I'm fine, I'm fine, oh god I'm gonna hurl stage at the moment!

2beornot Thu 30-May-13 08:24:11

Hi MrsBB. Welcome to the nutjobs and congratulations!!!

I'm currently waiting for the midwife to come round for my booking appointment. I'm hoping she'll listen for heartbeat! Can't believe I'm 10 wks tomorrow. Really can't wait for 12wk scan now!!!

winterpansy Fri 31-May-13 10:44:19

Hi all.
Just got my booking in and scan appointment through - 11th June! I'll be 10+2. Most of our family and good friends know already so I hope everything is OK.

Bit of crap news from me - I told my work I was pregnant last week (and found out they were not paying my tax and national insurance so I called them on it) so funnily enough my probation period didn't turn into a perm position. I hated the job anyway but I'm a bit freaked out about having no money! I am going to try and get some temping and apply for maternity allowance as soon as I can. Luckily DH earns ok money so we'll just about survive and I'll find something once the baby is a few months old hopefully. It's just taken the shine off it all at the minute.

But in better news it's DS's birthday weekend (he's 2 on Monday) so we have lots of fun things planned to take our minds off the crap stuff.

Hope everyone is set to have a lovely weekend!

2beornot Fri 31-May-13 17:15:16

Exciting news winter. Are you in the UK? Seems early for a scan. I'm not sure if ill get mine before 12 weeks coz they only sent the form off yesterday and I'm 10 weeks already! Still at least that's less time between scans.

Sucks about the job though. Fingers crossed you can find something soon. Enjoy the birthday weekend. We've got a fun packed weekend too.

gemmeg Fri 31-May-13 19:49:08

Hi all! Sorry I've not posted for a while. I have been reading and keeping up to date with your posts though. So how is everyone?

winter great news about the scan! Bet you can't wait smile. Sorry things are crappy with work. It's the last thing you need to worry about when your pg but I hope it'll all work out for you. Enjoy the weekend smile.

mummy how are you bearing up? Sorry for asking again but when is your next scan?

mrsbb welcome! Hope your morning (!) sickness wears off soon.

2be I can't believe it's been 10 weeks since you posted the news of your BFP!! The time's really flying.

I am now 8+2 and keep getting bouts of utter exhaustion and nausea (which usually means I HAVE to eat something right NOW). Other than that I don't have any other symptoms. Not even sore boobs. I have a drs appointment next Thur when I'll be scanned. Not sure when the next one will be after that though. Here they do a scan between 9-11 wks then btwn 18-22 then another towards the end. It just seems so early to have the first proper scan.

winterpansy Fri 31-May-13 19:56:56

Thanks 2be I'm in N.Ireland and the hospital I am going to do a scan and booking in at 10-12 weeks. By my lmp I should be a week or so further ahead than I am but because I ovulated later and had the early scan I know I'm a week behind.

gemmeg Hello! Yes, can't wait to scan. DH has the day off so my mum is going to mind DS so he can come with me, which will be lovely. Trying to think positively about the work stuff and not let it get me down. Oooh scan next week - you must be pretty excited!

Hi ladies - hope you are all having a lovey weekend!!

Winter - exciting scan news!! Rubbish work news :-( hope you have a lovely time celebrating DS birthday though!

Gemmeg - I am fairly symptom free too although I am feeling über tired in the evenings now, however I have started waking in the night and not being able to get back to sleep for hours (hence me writing this at 4:30am!!)

2be - wow 10 weeks!! Hope the midwife appt went well hun!

We have a super busy weekend - huge party today to celebrate my aunt graduating (my family LOVE a get together and always do it in style) and out for DH birthday dinner tomorrow. We have the re-scan on Friday so I'm hoping the week whizzes by!! I have been a lot more chilled about it than last time so I'm hoping that's a good sign plus no bleeding or cramping (other than the stretching pains) - fingers crossed we see a little heartbeat!! Xx

imme Sun 02-Jun-13 12:24:53

Hello! Sorry haven't posted in a while. Having a pretty rough day, first time in this pregnancy! Have a throbbing headache and was sick twice. Very reluctant to take any painkillers.
Also got my mw dates and scan dates last week but they are still feeling very far away - 24 June and 10 July. Time always seems to stand still in the first trimester!
Hope you all are feeling better!

Imme - I have a throbbing headache too hun - I had to take some paracetamol just to function - when I spoke to my midwife she said its perfectly safe but still feel guilty :-( im counting down the hours until bed time!! Hope you feel better soon x

Hi ladies

Sad day today - this is where I leave you :-( I had some light (ish) bleeding last night and the EPU scanned me this morning and there has been hardly any growth since the last scan (it has grown 2mm in 10 days and it should grown 1mm per day).

I am just deciding whether to have the surgical option or to wait to pass it naturally but don't know whether I can sit around waiting for it to happen but on the flip side I am nervous about surgery and the recovery period.

I wish you lovelies all the very best for the rest of your pregnancies. Thank you for all your support. We are going to take a break from TTC for a while to recover from this - 2 miscarriages in 4 months has taken its toll emotionally on us.

Big hugs to you all xxx

2beornot Mon 03-Jun-13 22:01:33

Mummy - I am so so sorry this has happened to you again. I don't have a way with words so I'm just going to send you a (((hug))). Take time to let yourself recover. Best of luck x x x

Mummy I'm so sorry. I'm gutted for you. Sometimes life is just shit hmm

Look after yourself and take time to feel better. I really wish things had turned out differently for you.

winterpansy Tue 04-Jun-13 08:19:58

Oh mummy, I am so, so sorry to hear this terrible news. Life is so unfair sometimes. I hope you and DH get through it all the best you can and little Noah gives you extra hugs and kisses.

Take care of yourself and know that we're all thinking of you xxxx

imme Tue 04-Jun-13 08:21:42

Mummy I am very sorry to hear! Take care of yourself!

Thank you ladies - you are all so lovely.

I have left a message for the EPU today to arrange the surgical option. I am only on day one of waiting for nature to kick in and the limbo state is awful. I keep expecting it to start like it did last time but there is nothing there - no bleeding or anything - it's like a cruel trick my body is playing.

I have lots of positive things to focus on - we have a little holiday in July, seeing my dad who lives in Madrid in August and Noah starts school in September. I am going to focus on completing the qualification I am doing with work and blitz my body back into shape. It's a different plan to the one I had for the next 9 months but its still an exciting one xxx

That sounds like a great plan mummy. Lots to keep you busy and hopefully get you into a better place mentally in preparation for TTC again. Wishing you all the best smile

gemmeg Tue 04-Jun-13 18:52:45

mummy I am so utterly sorry to hear that news. Just awful for you. I don't blame you for taking some time out to concentrate on yourself and Noah. I wish you all the very best xx

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 04-Jun-13 21:05:57

So sorry to hear your news mummy. Thinking of you x

mrscookie78 Wed 05-Jun-13 08:15:29

can I join you ladies in this group now? bfp yesterday, due between 8-20th feb smile

Welcome cookie and congratulations!! How have you been feeling so far?

I'm 9+4 and feeling awful. Laid in bed at the moment while DH looks after DS. He's being amazing at the moment. I really owe him!

mrscookie78 Thu 06-Jun-13 07:23:37

Thank you, yes ok so far. Bit of backache, starving so I eat then I feel sick smile
oh no, hope you feel better soon smile

2beornot Thu 06-Jun-13 21:26:17

Just got my scan date through - next Friday!! I'm excited and nervous in equal measures! Excited because I'll get to see my baby, hear the heartbeat. Nervous because )like before) I've had so few symptoms I'm worried they'll be nothing there!

Eeek 2be! Very exciting. I'm still waiting for my scan date and am eager to get it done. I had one at 9 weeks last time so am quite impatient! Hope it goes well smile

gemmeg Fri 07-Jun-13 12:45:28

That's exciting news 2be! I hope it goes by quickly for you smile. I had another internal scan yesterday and all is well. My thyroid wasn't quite so well so I've got stronger tablets and I'm hoping I'll feel a bit less tired now hmm. Anyone else's belly growing already? I'm 9+1 and def have a little bump.

I have a little bump now too, plus I've already had to dig out my maternity jeans as I can't stand anything with a waistband. I don't know if people can tell though, as I had a bit of a paunch before losing all that weight, they probably think I just fell off the wagon! Can't sleep on my front anymore either. I miss it so much already!

2beornot Fri 07-Jun-13 13:46:25

Unfortunately DH couldn't make that date so I've had to put it back to Tues 18th angry.

Hope you get your date soon nomore. Nice to have it to look forward to.

gemmeg glad your scan went well. And hopefully the new tablets will give you a little more energy!! I've noticed my clothes are a bit tighter, but I've got a fair bit of padding, so bump won't be noticeable for a bit!!

mrscookie78 Fri 07-Jun-13 16:34:39

Good news re your date 2b even if you had to change it! Anyone had a c section for their first child? Just wondering how this second pregnancy affects the scar?

mrscookie78 Fri 07-Jun-13 16:34:39

Good news re your date 2b even if you had to change it! Anyone had a c section for their first child? Just wondering how this second pregnancy affects the scar?

winterpansy Fri 07-Jun-13 21:56:25

Evening all. Hope you're all well.
I'm starting to come out of the sickness/nausea and will be 10 weeks on sunday. Feeling still as tired but a bit better in general. I'm definitely getting a bump already too! I didn't show until around 17/18 weeks last time (I also have rather a lot of padding!) but there is certainly a bump shape developing that I can't hold in! Scan on Tuesday so I'm looking forward to that.

I just found a private place that does quick gender scanning at 18 weeks for £39. I'm so tempted to book in for it nearer the time. We'll find out at the 20 week scan anyway but I'm so nosy I'm not sure I can wait - not for that price anyway!!

2beornot Fri 07-Jun-13 23:46:48

Is anyone else planning to find out the gender? I can't decide. We did with dd, and DH wants to again but I'm leaning towards waiting. Glad you're starting to feel better winter.

A friend of mine had her CS scar reopened for her second birth. It was fine afterwards, you wouldn't have known it had gone through two births! I take it you had a CS last time? Are you going to have one again?

We're planning on finding out the gender this time. We didn't last time but we strongly suspected it was a boy as he was so big on the scans (we had quite a few as there were some risk factors) - I know there's hardly any logic to that but it turned out to be right.

This time I think I'd need some time to adjust if we were having a girl. Probably sounds silly but I'm just used to a boy and would be very happy to have two. I've already had the 'well you just need a girl now and you'll have the full set' comments. A girl would be scary to me!

gemmeg Sat 08-Jun-13 13:03:44

nomore I'm exactly the same as you about the whole girl/boy issue! Of course I'm happy whatever the gender but I'm just so used to having a boy I can't imagine how it'd be to have a girl.

mrscookie78 Sat 08-Jun-13 17:06:04

Yes 2b ds was breech and stuck unfortunately. Tbh im not sure what i will do, think I'll wait till ive seen the consultant which will be months away. wink

2beornot Sat 08-Jun-13 21:21:52

mrscookie I guess it a case of waiting to see which way round this one ends up?

DH and I chatted again today. He is going to find out, I won't. Everyone else will think neither of us know. Gonna be an interesting time!!

mrscookie78 Sun 09-Jun-13 22:26:31

Yes, will have to wait and see.

I would like to find out again, I'm sure my dh will too. smile

Glad it's not just me gemmeg! I don't want anyone to think I'd be disappointed to have a girl but its just different to what I'm familiar with.

Got my scan on Thursday and I'm really tempted to start telling people if all goes well - but I'll only be nearly 11 weeks. I'm sure I read on here that once you've had a healthy scan the pregnancy's far more likely to be ok?

ASmidgeofMidge Mon 10-Jun-13 19:15:26

Hi all. Hope everyone is well? Am 7weeks now and booking in appt is next week... Reading people's thoughts about finding out the flavour is interesting. We had a surprise the first time with dd, but an tempted to find out this time as have this idea it'll make it more 'real' for dd if she knows it's a brother/sister. Hmm. Will have another think-haven't even got date for 1st scan yet!!!

gemmeg Tue 11-Jun-13 10:49:59

nomore according to my, ahem, online research after a heartbeat has been detected miscarriage is far less likely. I checked the stats (nut job!!) for 9 wks and the chance of mc is about 2%. I would say that you'd be fine to tell people.

winterpansy Tue 11-Jun-13 21:27:24

Hey all! Hope everyone is good.
I had my booking in scan and appointment today and I've been moved on 3 days so edd is now January 2nd which makes me 10+5 today. Hurrah!
I was 5 hours waiting in total though as I had to see the metabolic team as well as the usual people as I had gestational diabetes last time so am fully wrecked this evening. I've also got an important meeting in the morning about some consultancy work and I've lost my voice as I seem to have a throat/chest infection - so it's all glamour in this household, I tell ya!

I think we'll start making it all a little bit more public too now we've seen a healthy wee baby waving and dancing away. It's all becoming real - even DH is very excited now!

2beornot Tue 11-Jun-13 21:59:42

Brilliant news winter. Must be so exciting to finally see a little baby and did you hear/see a heartbeat too? I've got one week til my scan (and blood test for downs). I can't wait!! I've already told family and some friends. Keeping schtum until a big longer at work as there's a bit of restructuring going on.

That's great winter!

I'm still waiting to get excited to be honest. Hoping the scan will help on Thursday. I'm having all my blood tests etc done then too as it happens all in one place with the one to one service.

I think all I'm thinking of is how hard it will be with two and DS was a 'challenging' baby so I'm fearing the worst. Wish I could concentrate on the positives!

2beornot Thu 13-Jun-13 23:12:02

Hi ladies - bit nervous. Just had blood when I wiped and a little clot when I weed. I'm 11+6. I don't want to phone anyone (will make my fears more serious) so will see how I am in the morning. Not a great feeling.

Scan in tues - not soon enough for my liking!

2be you poor thing. Maybe your midwife can offer some reassurance if you call in the morning? I had spotting and awful cramps with DS and everything turned out ok. Thinking of you xx

2beornot Thu 13-Jun-13 23:21:11

Thanks nomore (I'm so glad you're online!). I know that's its perfectly normal and common. I found another thread in pregnancy where a lot people had this. I'm sure it'll be fine!

mrscookie78 Fri 14-Jun-13 07:20:42

Great news Winter smile , how you feeling this am 2b? Give your midwife a call for some reassurance rather than worrying.

2beornot Fri 14-Jun-13 07:45:21

Morning!! Had a pad on last night and there was nothing in it this morning, and no other signs either. So I feel better - was scary for a bit that's all.

mrscookie78 Fri 14-Jun-13 18:34:38

Glad you haven't had any more grin

That's good 2be! Glad to hear it.

We had our scan yesterday. All looks good and measuring at 10+6 so need to go back for nuchal translucency scan in 2 weeks. It's quite a little wriggler!

2beornot Fri 14-Jun-13 23:10:01

Excellent news no more. When does 10+6 make your due date? I think that's my dd birthday (11th Jan?).

Thanks! Think by LMP it would be 3 Jan but because of my long cycles while TTC we've agreed on 5 Jan with midwife. She originally suggested 10th! I don't quite understand how it works but we thought making it a bit later than the 3rd gives things more chance of happening naturally but hopefully not let it grow to monster proportions as DS was nicknamed enormobaby

2beornot Tue 18-Jun-13 20:47:57

Hi ladies. Another one leaving you I'm afraid. Had 12 week scan today. Sonographer said "I'm sorry, I can't see a 12 week baby in there. I can see an 8 week baby but there's no heartbeat".

A lot to take in at the moment.

Best of luck to you all in your pregnancies x x

mrscookie78 Tue 18-Jun-13 20:56:46

Oh bless you 2b, im so sorry to hear that. take care of yourself x

I'm so sorry to hear that 2be. Awful news. Take care of yourself.

Well I have just found you after graduating from the nutjob thread and I see there is sad news on both sad Sorry for your loss 2be

I got my bfp yesterday. I actually got a faint line on Monday morning just before DH went away with work but I didn't want to tell him until I was 100% sure and now I am impatiently waiting for him to come back tonight. based on my lmp I will be due roughly 21st-25th Feb, which means dc2 might arrive for my birthday! My instinct is though is that they will be late and arrive in March to join the rest of my extended family).

I might tell my parents if they come to visit this weekend otherwise I will be keeping the news quite until mid july (for family) and the 12wk scan for everyone else. I will have to be careful about what I say in front of ds (2) as he has a habit of repeating!

Now I need to go and register with a new medical centre and arrange a booking in appointment.

2beornot Wed 19-Jun-13 16:45:42

That's fab news, petty. Almost one in one out here!! Looks like I'll be heading back to the nutjobs, although I can't think about that just yet.

Great news petty and welcome to the graduates! I've had a poorly DS today and have had to stay off work. Now I'm crapping myself again about having 2 as I cannot see how I would have looked after a baby at the same time!

gemmeg Wed 19-Jun-13 19:50:43

So sorry to hear that 2be sad

imme Wed 19-Jun-13 22:55:11

So sorry 2be, take care of yourself!
And welcome petty, hope all goes well!
I will have my 12 week scan in a little less than 3 weeks but it still feels like ages! Have told my manager at work already as I did not want to have to come up with an excuse for my antenatal appointments. She was really nice about it and said I should let her know if I need time off or not feeling well. Luckily my nausea is not too horrendous.. Have not told family yet though just a few friends so far.. Wonder when and how to tell DS (3). He loves babies..

ASmidgeofMidge Sun 23-Jun-13 16:19:26

So sorry to hear this, 2be. Thinking of you.

ASmidgeofMidge Sun 23-Jun-13 16:23:02

Welcome petty!

Had my booking - in appt last week and am now awaiting scan appt as I head for 9 weeks. Still feeling quite anxious and circumspect, and whilst we've told (v close) family, have been far more cautious about letting people know our news than last time. Teary & exhausted feelings still ongoing too, although no meltdowns at work for 3 weeks now!

I'm only 5+2 at most but I told my mum and sister as they came to visit today (my mum lives aaaages away) and my sis cried bless her! She is very excited to be an aunty again! No one else will know for a bit (ok my mum will tell my dad when she gets home), and only immediate family as and when we see them. The rest of the world can wait until after the 12 week scan.

I'm busy stalking my old midwife to see if I can register somewhere where she is as I have recently moved house. If I can't have her I will get booked in with our local surgery, and I'm pretty sure the mw there was the other delivering mw for ds so that will hopefully be a nice link grin

winterpansy Mon 24-Jun-13 20:30:20

Oh 2be I am so sorry to hear that. Please look after yourself and fingers crossed for a quick conception once you are ready to try again flowers

Not much to report here. 12+4 today and feeling good. Starting to think about the birth - DS came at 37+5 and I had a 10 hour labour so am hoping for another early one with a quick labour but I guess there is no rhyme or reason to these things.

Welcome petty and congrats! Nice to see another graduate popping over.

Coolhand Mon 24-Jun-13 23:06:39

Hi Ladies, cautiously joining you as just got BFP today, so just 4 weeks. Was over on the other thread for the last month or so.

Think I'll be due around 6th March. Had a m/c before DS and from reading the posts on this page alone, know that this is only the beginning of journey that can be very bumpy. We have no intentions to tell anyone for a while if we can avoid it but it's always good to have some virtual company along the way!

Welcome coolhand! Congratulations on your BFP. This thread had made me realise how fragile they can be but also to count my blessings.

I'm having my second scan on Thursday (will be 12+6) as it was too small last time to do the nuchal translucency.

Still feeling pretty rotten - I thought I'd be better by now as I was with DS. Makes me think it could be a girl this time?

gemmeg Wed 26-Jun-13 20:51:15

Hello all and welcome to the new graduates smile. Been away for a while as I've been having a major panic over the last week and had to ban myself from reading stuff on the internet. Basically got it into my head that something has/is going to go wrong. Had an early first scan at 9 weeks and next one booked for end of July. Have spent the last week frantically searching for a gynaecologist who can scan me this week before I start the journey to the UK where we want to reveal the news to our friends. Finally got booked in with a private doc for tomorrow...phew...DH doesn't completely agree with me paying for a private scan but for me 60 euros is nothing for peace of mind. I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow and just need that reassurance that all is so far so good....just kept thinking that something could have happened since last scan and completely worked myself into a hysteria (nut job!!). Sorry for the essay but it's good to get it off my chest...that's why we're here, right? Didn't want you lovely nut jobs to think I'd buggered off for good wink.

Glad to see our original nutter is still nutty gemmeg grin Fingers crossed you are just being nutty and everything is fine with the scan. This pg i have stopped myself from poas before i told each person (you know, just to make sure its real!) so i kind of understand wanting the extra scan before making a big reveal!

Coolhand Wed 26-Jun-13 23:17:07

Gemmeg totally understand - with my last pregnancy had a scan at 10 weeks then remember panicking at 12 weeks in case something had happened in between!

Hope you get the reassurance you need tomorrow.

gemmeg Thu 27-Jun-13 11:17:30

I know petty I so wish I was a bit more laid back! I'm nervous about so many more things now that I'm a growed up wink......I'm now scared of the dentist and never was as a child, I get scared of even the least scary rides at the fair and shit myself every time I have to drive somewhere (I only passed in 2011 and only have a car when I'm in the uk). Funnily enough though, i was cool as a cucumber giving birth and did it without drugs. Nervous and excited for the scan! How were your first births?

my first birth went really well - had ds at home with a bit of g&a and hypnobirthing. shame dh missed it grin hoping for more of the same this time but maybe with dh in the house (but not with me - he would annoy me shock )
I am also terrified of dentists and I technically work in a dental surgery grin

PastaBeeandCheese Thu 27-Jun-13 22:08:31

Hello, can I join you please? I'm a grad from the nutters thread. I got my BFP at a similar time to coolhand but I've been putting it out of my mind for a few days as the line was so faint.

I've now got a very reassuring and dark line so I can breathe a little bit easier as I was getting a bit stressed that the line didn't appear to be getting darker.

Due 28th Feb I think!

Welcome pasta! Congratulations.

I had my nuchal translucency scan today and I'm measuring even further on - last scan I measured 3 days ahead and today 6 days ahead, so my due date might now change from 5 Jan to 30 Dec! Worried its going to be another monster baby...

PastaBeeandCheese Fri 28-Jun-13 06:40:05

How big was your first nomoreminibreaks? I thought they looked at growth rate of major organs when they moved dates rather than overall size of the baby???

Are they going to do a growth scan in your third trimester?

DS was 9lbs 11oz but was a few days early as I was induced. All they were measuring was crown to rump size yesterday. We haven't agreed whether to formally move my due date but seeing the midwife today so I'll ask her.

I'll have the usual 20 week scan but don't know about additional scans. I had them last time due to risk factors that I assume will still count this time.

PastaBeeandCheese Fri 28-Jun-13 14:13:24

9lb 11oz. That's big for a first baby?? That must have been hard work. I expect they will see how the LO is doing as you progress??

How do you feel about having your dates moved?

PastaBeeandCheese Fri 28-Jun-13 14:15:43

Just getting the first waves of nausea here. How I've missed that.... Not.

Bought a sandwich on train. Starving because it 14.15 and I last ate at 7. Took one bite and realised I'd have to be sick in my handbag if I ate anymore.

Yes it wasn't my ideal birth to be honest - induced due to pre-eclampsia and his size, waters broken, drips etc then 3 hours pushing followed by ventouse and forceps. I'm looking into hypnobirthing this time round as I'm pretty anxious!

Sorry to hear about your sickness, it's crap isn't it! I thought mine would have gone by now but at 12+5/13+4/whatever the hell I am it's still here and really wearing me out.

Midwife agreed we'd see what the 20 week scan said in terms of growth and look again at the due date and possible other growth scans.

PastaBeeandCheese Sat 29-Jun-13 06:56:19

I didn't find sickness too bad last time. It mainly manifested as strong food aversions. I'd be eating something I like and suddenly think 'I can't eat this, I feel sick'. Very annoying and even extended to chocolate shock

My birth was ok I suppose. Well, it went really well until the end. I managed to stay at home for ages and felt I was doing well. Had some gas and air but DD became extremely distressed towards the end and her heart rate plummeted as I pushed. Had forceps to lift her out quickly so they could give her oxygen etc. Too late for an epidural so the forceps were incredibly painful but it ended quickly and DD was fine in the end.

I put it down to being a typical crap first birth and comfort myself with the thought 2nd births are much easier??!

Coolhand Tue 02-Jul-13 23:07:22

Hi Pasta - sorry to hear you're feeling ill. I was ill on Saturday for 24 hrs - kept vomiting but think it was just a bug and not pregnancy! It was not a good start to my holiday but all well now. Haven't been too bad with the nausea yet just feeling bloated and a bit tired.

My 1st birth didn't go as planned - did all my natal hypnotherapy, was hoping to go to a midwife-led home from home ward with all the active birthing paraphernalia - went into labour, was 5cm dilated, doing well but midwife couldn't find the head - when they scanned, discovered DS was a 'misdiagnosed breech' - basically my midwife had mixed up his bum and his head, so we didn't discover he was breech until in labour. At that point, I was told he looked 'big' and that they don't take the risk with breech/first births and sent to a labour ward for a emcs!

That said, labour feels a long way off for me right now. I'll start thinking about that when I get through the 1st trimester!

PastaBeeandCheese Wed 03-Jul-13 07:26:53

coolhand pleased you are feeling better now. It sounds nasty. Especially if you are on your holiday.

The bloating is rubbish isn't it. My skirt was too tight at work yesterday and I know it isn't bump! Last time I thought I had a proper bump at 12 weeks but it was all bloating and I was significantly smaller by 16 weeks which was nice as I could stay in my clothes for ages.

I think I am going to get one of those bands so I can undo the top button on my skinny jeans towards the end of the day! I went out to dinner last night with friends and was fit to burst on the drive home because I'd eaten 3 courses

winterpansy Fri 19-Jul-13 11:41:02

Hey fellow nutjobs,
How are you holding up in the heat?
I'm fed up with it now but thankful I am not in the last trimester yet - I was at the hospital for the quadruple test and saw lots of very hot, sweaty ladies ready to pop!
I'm 16+1 now and time is going to fast now. Keeping well and just looking forward to 20 week scan.

Hi Winter! I'm feeling for the very pregnant ladies too. My friend came round who's 38 weeks today with DC2 and it must be horrid. I'm getting headaches from the heat.

I'm looking forward to the 20 week scan too - 8 Aug for ours. We're hoping to find out the gender but I'm still really struggling for names!

Got a real bump now which is nice but need to go shopping as my maternity stuff was all for winter last time. I'm getting a few things from eBay meaning I can get better quality for my H&M budget!

BartBaby Wed 31-Jul-13 22:32:34

Hi ladies smile can i join in with the nutters graduates?

Got my bfp over the weekend so its just starting to sink in. I e been trying not to get too excited, just in case, but thats not working! The ttc nuttyness has well and truly swapped to baby nuttyness. Please tell me im not the only one?! grin

Ive not read through the previous threads yet, will give that a go tomorrow. It may take a while.

But my edd is around the 8th april. So still very early days yet.

How are all you lovely ladies getting on?

AbiBub Mon 05-Aug-13 14:25:46

Hey ladies! Im being brave and coming in to say hi!! Still dont know exactly how far gone I am, but say I was to base it on a 'normal' 28 day cycle I would be 6+2 I think.

I have a docs appointment this wed, so they can refer me to midwife, and then hopefully I can ask for a dating scan!!

How are you all doing? :0)

BartBaby Mon 05-Aug-13 21:55:11

Hey abi it seems pretty quiet on here... Hope everyone is ok? Will message on the other nutters thread smile

AbiBub Mon 05-Aug-13 23:10:40

It does doesn't it Bart! Hey ladies how are you all doing? ? Seen the other thread Bart, will reply! :0)

Hi ladies! I'm still here but not sure where others have gone. Welcome newbies!

Not much change here - 20 week scan on Thursday. Feeling much better than before but don't remember feeling this tired in the second trimester last time (though didn't have a 2 year old to keep up with I suppose...). Hope everyone's well? smile

AbiBub Tue 06-Aug-13 09:50:10

Hey nomore! Perhaps other ladies have got preoccupied with their pg?!

Wow, 20week scan!! Eeeeek, thats flown by, does it feel like that for you? Are you going to find out the sex? Got my docs appointment tomorrow who will then refer me onto midwife and then hopefully I can get a dating scan, none of my cycles over the last 6months have been the same length! ! I dont even know how they work out thd weeks for longer cycles, surely a week is a week? !? confused

How you feeling in yourself apart from tiredness? I hear ya on that one, tiring isnt it, must be because of having another LO. My ds starts school this sept, im gonna be shattered! !

Is anyone else around? Hello and how are you all?


BartBaby Tue 06-Aug-13 19:20:11

Hello nomore smile blumming heck 20 weeks already?! Where on earth has the time gone! Glad you are doing ok though.

abi let us know what the doc says tomorrow about your scan. I hope you get it. Im thinking if i mention that my af last month was very light and only a day and a half maybe they will offer me one just incase it wasnt real af?! But i think its just wishful thinking! Lol

AbiBub Tue 06-Aug-13 22:27:31

Hey Bart, will deffo let you know how I get on for sure! Might be worth mentioning that, I would if I was you!! Im going to mention that my bfp line came up straight away on all the tests ive done, if you have concerns they can do more than the standard 2scans throughout the pregnancy. My concern may get me more this time round, with ds being a back to back horrendous labour last time I dont want that happening again!!

Nomore, still cant believe time has gone that quick, 20 weeks already :0)

BartBaby Wed 07-Aug-13 17:29:01

How did it go abi ? I will definately mention it. Might call up on friday or monday when im nearer 6 weeks. I certainly dont feel 5 weeks right now! My tummy is i can only assume to be bloated and huge! I feel more like 5 or 6 months when im sat down. Im sure it doesnt habe anything to do with the pizza hut i had for lunch hmm but its just like ive got a bit round ball up my top lol

AbiBub Thu 08-Aug-13 09:21:09

Hey bart! How's things with you? Im good, morning is worse for nausea for me this time round so feel that my mornings are wasted by just feeling lousy!! Im like you, I think water retention maybe my cause as I dont always feel bloated. I have to be honest if I put aside the nausea, sore boobs and dizzy spells/ tiredness it actually doesnt feel like im pg. I know I still am as did s test tuesday night and the line came up straight away again and it was dark and thick! The doctor was lovely. She noted all my concerns and has made a note I would like an early dating scan because none of my cycles are the same length, she said there was quite a range!! She also noted my concerns about another back to back labour like our ds was, it makes me nervous as he was a horrendous labour, he came out dark purple and almost a blacky purple with the cord wrapped round his neck, ventouse, episiotomy and epidural, i think thats why i have put off having a second one for so long tbh. also she's logged a edd as 27th March but she said hopefully a scan will clear that up!! Hopefully the midwife will pick up my forms and give me a buzz as soon as poss :0) hee hee your pizza hut comment made me chuckle!! Hows is all going with you? x

Hey are there any other ladies around on this post? How are you all? x

BartBaby Thu 08-Aug-13 09:52:37

It sounds promising for your scan then abi smile my bloating is thete all the time, i just feel fat and huge lol. But ive lost half a pound rather than put any one. Ptobably due to being off food apart from the pizza hut of course mornings arent great for me either. Its starting to get a but worse every couple of days.

Ive also been thinking about the birth awell.... I had an epidural, episiotomy and forceps and ds started breathing too quickly. I then lost a lot of blood and passed out for a while and needed a blood transfusion. I ended up with (tmi) haemarroids, which with the tearing meant i couldnt sit down properly for weeks. They cleared up but things havent been the same back there since and im very worried as i know it will happen again this time. Im more scared about that than tearing again or losing blood!

AbiBub Thu 08-Aug-13 14:14:03

Yeah just when I think ive controlled the nausea it comes back with a vengence!! :0/ Omgosh your previous labour sounds horrible! ! Well done you for looking past that and wanting to do the baby thing again :0) the beauty of that previous experience is that you can express concern and that you want more care throughout the pregnancy :0) oooh do you know what, I dont think ive checked my weight yet!! Hmmmmm :0/ got baby brain totally, when is your appointment with docs/midwife?

Nomore- how has your scan gone? How you feeling?

Anybody else out there?


BartBaby Thu 08-Aug-13 14:36:07

I think it sounds worse now than it seemed at the time. Although i do remember dh crying a little bit when i was in and out of consciousness so it obviously wasnt great. The birth itself was mostly fine. And i didnt feel any pain because of the epidural. Just afterwards! Lol.

My appt is with the midwife on 20th august. So i will be 7 weeks then. She said its a group booking type of thing where there will be a few people, then she will take everybody off to the side to do the personal stuff i assume. Ive not heard of it done like this before?!

AbiBub Thu 08-Aug-13 15:36:14

Do you know what ive never heard of it being done like that either, perhaps its a new way of doing things?! I'll let you know what mine will be like when I hear from the m/w !!

Yeah I was a slave to myself first time round because I wanted to only do it with gas and air so 10hours in I was told I should really have epi to take the swelling down in my cervix, do you know what, the epidural was the best decision I made!! Also they put a catheter in and my goodness it was such a release of pressure, it was the best feeling I had had that day!! :0) I agree with the pain thing afterwards, my scar ended up getting an infection god bless tea tree oil in baths

Feeling nauseous again, feeling the need for an apple?!?

Is there anyone else out there! !??

apprenticemamma Thu 08-Aug-13 16:14:42

can I play? so much chatter on these threads it's hard to get a word in edgeways..seems not quite as frantic here as the march 2014 thread. Anyone else more terrified second time round? wink

Welcome apprentice! Just got home from my scan - another boy! Would have been excited either way but think this is the easier (and cheaper, which DH is very pleased about!) option. Due date of 30 December.

apprenticemamma Thu 08-Aug-13 17:11:06

congrats no more! Fab news. I'd be very happy for a second boy. So mischievous and fun. I've got a feeling it's a boy bc can't stop munching red meat .. Hope ur keeping well. x

BartBaby Thu 08-Aug-13 17:39:28

Hello aprentice and nomore smile

Congrats nomore we dont hwve much stuff left from ds so we will need lots of new things anyway so im hoping for a girl i think. But have a feeling it will be another boy aswell. Which of course i will be just as happy about. And it will be good for ds to have a brother. But part of me wants to go out and buy pretty dresses! Lol.

aprentice yes definately more scared second time round. I think i was so naive the first time. I just assumed everything would be ok, which it was. This time ive heard so many horror stories and know so much more about pregnancy, that i cant help be a bit more aprehensive about things.

abi i have been eating apples aswell. I like the juicy crunchyness as you bite them. Mmmm. So tired again today. Had to 'rest my eyes' again after making tea for ds! Just cant keep them open.

Ive told my mam today aswell. Only told her and a couple of close friends so far until we know things are ok in a few more weeks. I think were planning on taking ds to the scan with us and not telling him until he see's the little wriggly baby in there smile of course that could be a disaster if something is wrong. But positive thinking and all that!

AbiBub Fri 09-Aug-13 10:09:23

Hello!! :0)

Welcome apprentice! How are you doing? So inwardly terrified for sure!! I think its because we know so much more the second time round!!

Nonmore - wow another boy! Bet you're chuffed! We would love a girl this time but will probably end up with another boy, the main thing at the end of the day is that they are happy and healthy smile . How you feelibg today? You're half way there! ! :0)

Bart hello! :0) I like you could probably sleep for england at the mo! It seems like 'blink and you'll miss it'kinda sleep!! Glad I had the apple made a giod difference! We've already told ds as he has a habit of doing leaping hugz!! Would like to take him to scans if its not in school time as it would be lovely to include him in as much as possible of this then hopefully he won't feel pushed out by new sibling!! Its so tough to know how they'll feel when a new baby comes along!! :0)

How are you all feeling today? smile

BartBaby Fri 09-Aug-13 13:37:17

Yes abi not sure how ds will react once new baby is here. It seems so far away though! I think he will enjoy helping out. Im dying to tell him. But i know he will gontelling everyone lol. And if things go wrong how do i explain that?! I told him last week i have a poorly tummy and to be careful so he hasnt been climbing on me as much grin

apprenticemamma Fri 09-Aug-13 14:15:11

my terror is less about pregnancy labour but just..how the feck do you manage two, keep house reasonable, maintain relationship career & social life .....waaah! Good to share fears ladies. Also lots guilt ...ds is watching far too much tv and not enough park/ stimulation I am soooo tired today shock

apprenticemamma Fri 09-Aug-13 14:17:20

Bart and abi how old are your boys?ds is two so telling him prob about 20 week scan time and well know what we r having. I keep pointing out babies and pregnant ladies though so maybe idea won't be such a freaky one when it comes ..

BartBaby Fri 09-Aug-13 17:54:04

My ds was 4 in june. So i think he will start to notice my tummy getting bigger. Give him time to get used to the ides aswell lol. Im sort of glad we have left it a bit later now its happening as having him at school every day will give me that little bit of a break to nap during the day when/if baby naps!

winterpansy Fri 09-Aug-13 21:23:15

Hello hello!
Sorry I've been a bit AWOL lately. I just seem to have been so busy during the day, despite being unemployed, and then going to bed early as I am so knackered after looking after DS all day. He is such a good child but yet utterly exhausting.

Hope you're all well. So good to see me old pal abi here and a big welcome apprentice

Everything is all good here. 19+1 and I've been being monitored for the gestational diabetes which hasn't raised its head yet and since I've been sticking to the diet anyway, I've lost 5lbs since my booking in appointment so I am well happy about that. I had a midwife appointment on Tuesday and had a scan and all is looking well for little bambino. Our big scan is on the 20th so not long to wait now. So excited to find out the gender! DS is a little bit aware that a baby will be coming to live with us and sometimes he even says it will be allowed to share his duck toys :-) We shall see how it goes, I'm planning to get him some little books to help explain what's going to happen.

Anyway, must head off here for some ironing and then bed. It's all glamour here! Hope y'all have a nice weekend, fellow nutjobs grin

AbiBub Sat 10-Aug-13 00:13:31

I promise I will write on here tomorrow! ! Just touching base to say hi quickly!! Way past my bedtime but thats another story!! :0) x

apprenticemamma Sat 10-Aug-13 06:44:57

morning all and winterpansy glad you are keeping well. So cute about what your lo says about sharing his toys. Books are a great idea so i will research them. My littlie got me up at 6.15 , earlier than usual and I am so shattered. Dh also v shattered so I am being a morning martyrwink but I'll crawl back to bed at 9.30am ..Anyone else up? I guess days of pampered pregnancy are over shock

BartBaby Sat 10-Aug-13 07:09:10

Yes I'm up aprentice sad and struggling this morning aswell. Been up since about 6.20 aswell and feel totally drained. Having some nice cuddles though with ds watching peppa pig. I will be getting dh up about 8.30 and then going back to bed for an hour. I can't wait!

apprenticemamma Sat 10-Aug-13 07:39:30

not long now Bart! Managed to sneak in a snooze during Thomas.Ds loves peppapig too. And yes cuddles defo ease the pain. My ds even apologised for the early start when he saw grumpy mummy! haha.

ASmidgeofMidge Sat 10-Aug-13 08:13:38

Hi nutjobs! Am also back after a bit of an absence - RL stuff took over a bit! How are we all? Good to see the 20w scans are starting-it's all getting v exciting! Know what you mean about the days of pampered pg's being over: couldn't work out why I felt so much more tired in this pg than last time, til someone pointed out that this time round I have a dd (5) to look after! Hoping people's nausea and stuff is starting to come to an end. I haven't really suffered this time, apart from some food aversion type stuff, and didn't with my last pg either - makes me wonder if we're having another girl. Am 16+2 at the moment and trying to decide on whether to find out th flavour, dd was a surprise.

ASmidgeofMidge Sat 10-Aug-13 08:15:12

Are people starting to feel movement? I have been for the last week or so-took me by surprise as it seems so early, but mw told me that's what happens in 2nd pgs. Have also had to do a lot of maternity clothes shopping; none of my current trousers fit

BartBaby Sat 10-Aug-13 18:34:11

Hello smidge we found out that ds was a boy. And i imagine we will find out this one aswell. I'm impatient and dont like surprises! grin i like to be able to plan things.

aprentice still so very tired today even with my extra hour. Feel like I could just go straight to bed at the same time as ds!

abi how are you doing? We decided to tell ds today. Mainly so he is careful and doesn't jump on me and kick me etc. Simply telling him I had a poorly tummy didnt seem to stop him lol. He is very excited. And keeps referring to it as 'my baby' - as in his baby grin and he's asking lots of questions! How it got in there and how will it get out?! And I told him he doesn't need to go telling everyone, that only us need to know for now. But I can't see that somehow and I'm sure my auntie will know within 10 minutes when we go there on Monday.

ASmidgeofMidge Sat 10-Aug-13 22:14:43

Hahaha Bart - we told dd after 12 w scan and literally moments later she saw a school friend across the rd, and literally screamed our news out of the open lounge window. So much for discreet, need to know info sharing! grin

ASmidgeofMidge Sat 10-Aug-13 22:18:08

I like the idea of planning too, especially as we've kept a lot of DD's clothes that will be no good if this one's a boy. Am sorta 70:30 in favour of finding out, but am also v neurotic and it's whether I'll believe the sonographer or decide we must be in that 1% margin of error!

AbiBub Sat 10-Aug-13 22:38:49

Hello ladies!!!

How are we all feeling today? Waves of nausea here and there are doing nut in!!

Winter - hello lovely! !! So good to hear from you! Wow how quickly has that time gone!! I bet you are really looking forward to the 20th!! Do let us know how you get on!?! Glad you are feeling good and doing well, hopefully the gestational diabetes will stay at bay and not give you any hassles!! I have shown our ds my pregnancy book and he is really interested in it all, I like him to be as much a part of it as possible! Thats so adorable that your LO wants to share duck toys!!

Midge - hello! Yep, we are all likely to feel more tired as we have dc#1 to sort as well as growing a whole new one! ! Its amazing how much energy we need just to keep going! Nausea no good, felt awful when it goes in waves. Wow cant believe how far along you are, where has the time gone, it seems like yesterday when everyone on here announced their bfp on the other thread!

Bart how you feeling today?

How are the other ladies? Still about or way too busy!!? smile

AbiBub Sat 10-Aug-13 22:42:21

Cross post by hours here!! Sorry its taken me ages to reply! !! Had it stuck in the comments box for ages before I posted it!! Baby brain ahoy!! :0)

AbiBub Mon 12-Aug-13 22:45:09

Hello ladies!

How are you? Let me just point out that honey nut cornflakes should not even be an option for a recently pg ladies cupboard of cereals! !! Yuk and double yuk this morning. And then that has set me up for tender tummy ffor the rest of the day :0 (

How is everyone else getting on? x

BartBaby Tue 13-Aug-13 04:10:39

abi also ready brek aswell. Really fancied it the other day but made me feel ill all day!

Well I've been feeling pretty rotten. I know I shouldn't complain as we were ttc for ages and there are people who would give anything to be in my position, but hell no I'm going to complain! It's pants! I've even felt to bad to post on here for a few days lol. The mornings tend to be the worse but the nausea is lasting most of the day. Although I am grateful Ive so far avoided actually being sick, I had a brief moment of ok-ness last night after some lucozade which helped, but now im awake with a banging headache. Having dreams about prams and travel systems and chicken! Which isn't helping with the queasy hmm
Luckily I am ds free and dh free so I can have a much needed lay in in the morning. Ds has been getting up really, and I just can't keep my eves open by 7.30-8am especially when we're watching all the crap kids stuff, so I feel a bit guilty about it that he's not getting so much attention or I'm not doing as much with him. Hopefully it won't be for too much longer!

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 13-Aug-13 17:50:49

brew and flowers for all of you with horrible nausea

winterpansy Tue 13-Aug-13 20:46:13

Oh no, sorry to hear of all the nausea. I'm so glad that is behind me (touch wood!). I've just been blighted with hideous constipation at the minute! It's such a delightful process this, isn't it!

Asmidge I've been feeling little flutters for a couple of weeks but they have definitely got much stronger in the last week or so probably in retaliation for the constipation straining! I don't think I felt anything with DS until around 22/23 weeks so this has been much earlier.

abi I know! The time has just flown in. So excited to think that this time next week we will know if this is DS or DD! Most people are predicting a DD. I don't mind either way at all.

AbiBub Wed 14-Aug-13 00:06:09

Hey lovely ladies!

Eeeeek winter its so exciting, will you keep us updated?NNot about the constipation of course but the 20week scan! ! Although feel free to offload (pardon the pun!) About your gripes with constipation too! Plenty of waterhhelps and bananas apparently, worth a try maybe! So exciting that both you and midge are feeling movements Eeeeeeeek!

Bart, I am with you on the complaining, complain away seriously!! I certainly didn't miss this bit of pg thats fit sure!! I was literally in tears this morning with the constant fear of hurling!! I was afraid to eat anything, dried toast didnt help, but rich tea did a bit. But I just haven't been able to get anything done. Phoned my mum up in tears and she wax trying to think of ideas. I tried a white bread roll and that settled better than brown bread!! I have bought two multipacks of watet as tap water not cutting the mustard and tge bottled water so much better! ! Me and mum vaguely remembered when I was pg with ds that mum used sea bands (anti sickness travel bands) and they worked last time. We couldnt find any so I nipped down to chemist who actually stock sea bands 'mama' for morning sickness! ! They work by using acupuncture, yhe wristbands have a bit that presses on your nei kuan pressure point which helps ease sickness! Well yhis afternoon it has worked so far, but tge real test is tomorrow morning! ! So I shall keep you updated if you want? They are about8quid but if ythey do the job, they'll be priceless! !!

Apart from the nausea not else out of the norm pg symptoms yet, just waiting for m/w to get in touch!!

How are you all?

AbiBub Wed 14-Aug-13 00:08:02

Sorry typo's galore! ! :0/

apprenticemamma Wed 14-Aug-13 17:46:57

hello sickly ladies. Sorry to hear you feeling so rough. Worse still limited in who we can moan to when pre scan so here is so therapeuticwink . on another note ...*baby kicks* anyone?I felt a butterfly fluttery feeling in my left lower abdomen today. I'm pretty sure it was puffin moving around.grin grin grin With muffin (ds1!) he kicked much later 17 weeks. I'm eleven weeks now. What are yourexperiences? x

AbiBub Wed 14-Aug-13 18:17:10

Apprentice thats so exciting! ! Well they do say that the second one you can feel moving sooner than the first, and I think that if your in tune with your body then there is no set time to feel the flutters!! grin with ds I felt movement at about 16wks and by 18 wks he was a real mover! ! grin

Im so glad I can moan on here!! Nausea was less thid morning, due to the anti sickness bands, and then I had to take them off to have a bath and it crept back in a little, thdn went off again when I put them back on. Then when I took my folic acid and multivitamin an hour later the nausea came back with a vengence, but theres folic acid in the multivitamin too plus any extra natural folic acid in cereals and wheat products too means probablya daily intake of 1000 a day!! So im gonna stop taking the individual folic acid tabs and stick to my multivitamin plus natural intake and see if that makes a difference as I googled it and a lot of women can get nausea with taking folic acid. I dont want to cut it out as I would be worried to take the risk, so just reducing it may help. I thought earlier how weird that most women's morning sickness lasts just the first trimester and its only the first trimester that you need to take the extra suppliment!! Hmmmmm coincidence. .... hmm

So how are you good ladies doing today? smile

apprenticemamma Wed 14-Aug-13 18:25:39

Abi thanks it's nice to share excitement ! I've been much more nausea after taking those giant fecking horse biscuits pregncare. My spewing which is rare seems v much correlated to pregnacare consumption! im also not taking them regularly subcondciously bc of this...so u may be right in thinking.

apprenticemamma Wed 14-Aug-13 20:26:05

oops best stay away from Google...apparently early movement a sign of twins panic !!!!!shock

AbiBub Wed 14-Aug-13 21:50:32

Ahhhh apprentice so there maybe some method in yhe madness on the folic acid thoughts then. ...hmmmm. oooh im such a Google freak, I google anything me!! Hee hee I guess you'll find out on your scan!! Whens your first one for? Twins run on both sides of our family and am a bit panicky as when I did POAS a day after af was due the result came up straight away as soon as I had literally finished POAS!! So you're not on your own on the panic thingy! !

Am hoping the midwife will ring tomorrow, really want an early dating scan because based on tge docs edd I should be 8 weeks from tomorrow I think?! So not sure!!

Any good plans for the weekend ladies? (Did I already ask that? !! confused

apprenticemamma Wed 14-Aug-13 22:06:47

abi if you wanted to get inside my head just check out my Google search history. Currently all about pregnancy qs and home improvement . It's a great reassurance/panic inducing device how did we manage without? Twins on both sides huh. We do too , dh dad a non id twin and mums cousins but I think so distant surely not...Well will find out on august 26th. You?

AbiBub Wed 14-Aug-13 22:29:51

Eeek thats not that far away excited for you! ! Erm I think my partners bro was one of a twin from what mil said but the other didnt make it. My mum was one of a twin again the other didnt make it, and 4 years before my mum was born my nan miscarried twins, so although not all made it through there is definitely something on both sides, there is probably more sets oftwins if we bboth looked further back too! But still need my booking appointment with m/w yet so until she gets in touch no early scan as yet!!

Feeling hungry and sleepy all at the same time, is that even possible?! Lol!

Bart how you feeling lovely?

ASmidgeofMidge Thu 15-Aug-13 17:50:26

Pregnacare made me feel sick too-solved by taking before bed. Would that work?

apprenticemamma Thu 15-Aug-13 22:24:27

abi bub ...wow...strong genetic chance of twins then? exciting! But so sad about the lost twins though. Sore in my left abdomen tonight and no flutters. ..might just be uterus stretchy pains. Thankfully got the mumma here totally providing domestic and baby minding back up. smidge I'll try the horse biscuits at night. I just have an aversion to them now I think sad

BartBaby Thu 15-Aug-13 22:33:17

Had another bad day again. Up loads during the night to pee. Then up from about 6am with the sickness. Dh got up with ds at 7 so I was in the ensuite for an hour crying ti myself and feeling rotten not wanting dh to go to work, then managed to get another hours sleep. And dh decided to work from home anyway so I was very relieved. So I've spend half the day laid on the sofa, and the other half being moderately ok. Managed to keep lunch the small bit I had and tea down. Had a mad urge for tiger bread and tomato ketchup just before tea and it was lovely! Lol. Spoilt my tea somewhat though. And dh and ds brought me some lovely flowers from the shop to help me feel better. Very sweet of them.

I've turned the house upside down looking for my sickness bands that I had with ds. I can picture them somewhere although we've moved hous 3 times so really could be anywhere so I will have to get some more. I don't recall them working all that well with ds but I'm willing to give them a go again. Ginger biscuits seemed to help last time, and this time I can't even face them.

And I've not had my pregnacare vitamin today. Just thought I would test it and see if I feel any different tomorrow without it.

Glad you felt a little better abi

apprenticemamma Thu 15-Aug-13 22:40:56

Bart baby sorry to hear you 've been feeling miserable. Your dh sounds like a diamond though smile x

AbiBub Thu 15-Aug-13 23:24:40

Oh bart hun I did wonder how you you were getting on, you poor might. I like you don't cope too well with the nausea and sickness :0 ( im willing to give most things a go to not feel wretched tbh!! The anti sickness bands so far seem to be helping, its not getting rid of it totally but it is masking it because before I was too afraid to eat anything and these bands mean I can still eat some things without hurling! The morning is still worse for me atm. I only took my multivitamin (which has 200 mg of folic acid in) not the folic acid and that seems to have reduced it a bit too. Sweet things in the morning are a no go. They do suggest rather than ginger biscuits which are quite sugary to try a lemon and ginger tea or a ginger infusion, maybe worth a try? I find rich tea can help. I am deffo veering towards savoury more. White bread is better settled than brown too if that helps. Do invest in the bands and make sure they're on the right point, I think it may subdue it a bit. Its no fun fir sure, I was finding it really disrupting my day to day stuff, which upset me more as I have little chap starting school in sept and I need to be functioning properly for that!! Biggest hugz to you. x

Midge I thought that but it just makes me feel sick first thing when I wake!! So going to just take my multivitamin which has 200mg folic acid in and then its topped up with cereal and wheat products during the day that way its not all at once!! But thanks for the suggestion!

Apprentice, gotta love the mumma's help, its a godsend when they're available to help isnt it!! Ahhh yeah that's probably uterus stretching as baby will be putting on weight and length quite rapidly now, I vaguely remember that with ds!! A week Monday your scan isnt it hopefully that week will go quickly!!

Well ive still not heard from midwife yet and I left another msg on answer phone! ! Getting a bit impatient now may have to ring docs to see whether she's on holiday. According to the Secretary at the doctors she said the doctor normally can provide a pink slip for a request of early dating scan so that gets the ball rolling? ! It would be nice to know whats going on! !

How is everyone else? Where are all the other ladies about? All ok I hope!! :0)

BartBaby Fri 16-Aug-13 15:07:58

I've got some of the travel bands. £1 in Savers! Total bargain. Not sure if they're in the right place yet I will check online when I get home. But so far I'm sat having a hot chocolate in Starbucks with ds and don't feel too bad.

Spent a lot of the morning retching. Not being sick much but I think there isn't enough in there. So fx for the bands!

apprenticemamma Fri 16-Aug-13 18:29:14

Nice one Bart, things are looking uou thenhopefully. Having a fly forty winks in front of Thomas after a mainly productive day toilet training (apart from the shit on the carpet). I'm fucking suck of the sight of Thomas but it seems to calm ds down smile

AbiBub Fri 16-Aug-13 22:21:46

Oh Bart that seems a positive thing :0) yayh I really hope they work out for you, they have stopped me from being completely scared of food, im still cautious but feel a bit better. The other thing I found online was sparkling plain water. Got some value stuff thr other day, used it today and it has been a god send! ! It sayd on my bands that you place the dot bit three fingers down measuring from your first crease on your wrist, it should be in between the two tendons that run down your arm. I hope that helps, its called the Nei Kuan point I think!

Apprentice sounds like you've had an interesting day fir sure!! Glad the toilet training is on its way and progressing well! :0) I hope its all sorted in no time. The only confort I can give you is that it seems like total pants when you're doing it but when you look back you'll think actually that it wasnt as bad as you think it nay have been!! I thought it was horrendous at the time, but looking back I can only vaguely remember parts of it now!!

Hows all the other ladies on here doing?

Well managed to get a hold of the midwife today who had started doing things on my behalf yesterday. Which benefitted me greatly today because it meant I could ring through and book my early dating scan today! Its for this Thursday coming, which is fab! So hopefully will know more then!! She also booked my booking in appointment for this wednesday coming which is fabby!! Im still getting some nausea but trying to manage it as best I possibly can. Feeling quite tired lately so alll fun and games!

Quick question sorry if tmi, ive started getting sone dark hairs round my nipples just odd ones, I dont remember having those when pg with ds, anyone else? ?

I am so random!!

apprenticemamma Mon 19-Aug-13 07:00:09

Hi abibub. Good to hear nausea is improving and hopefully same for Bart. Hope booking scan goes well also . I am always so impressed at your lengthy and thoughtful replies! Another weekend of pooper scooping birthday party and playdate . Mums been a star but energy is coming back. The title to this thread is so appropriate. Met my sil yesterday, I let my mil tell her as suspected negative reaction. She spent the first five minutes telling me about her new outfit before acknowledging the pg and even then it was v brief, didn't even ask me how I was keeping/scans which I'm sorry I think would be the expected response. She is clearly disapproving (dh is 47 and it's his fifth our dc2 though) or jealous (our dc are same age ) . That and a couple of other conversations have got my back up. People can be so judgy and I don't have time for it. But then I do think are we crazy for having a second. Panic! dh and I have terrible relationships with our sisters and it's hardly selling the idea of sibling friendship. sorry just needing to rant and could do with some kind words from you ladies. xxx

AbiBub Tue 20-Aug-13 09:44:44

Hey apprentice!
That sounds so insensitive of your sil. Just goes to show that you know what she's like if you're needing support from mil to tell her the information. If someone was telling me that news I would be over the moon and asking all about how they were doing! I just dont get some people! And it really doesnt matter how old DH is and how many kids in total he has, the main thing this is your second child together, and you are both over the moon about having another and you will love this child just as much as any of your other children and thats all that matters! ! The concern you have about sibling relationships will soon pass im sure because you are both aware of it it will be something you will concentrate on making sure its alright!

Bart, how you feeling lovely? And how about the other ladies on this thread?

So the nausea not completely under control, was doing well, but over the weekend and yesterday ive fekt awful. Im not sure I have got the right point in my wrist using the bands, and I keep getting nervous about what to eat!! Im finding it really difficult to know what to eat normally im good at going with my body's instincts but atm im not sure! So just thinking of things I can have. Im more of a savory person and sweet doesn't settle very well in the mornings for sure. People have suggested things like rice cakes and pretzels as nibble type things. Ive had two slices of dried white toast which is ok, am getting hungry again. Any ideas lovely ladies? Feel very sleepy again!

How are you all feeling? x

BartBaby Tue 20-Aug-13 17:48:06

Sorry I've been a bit absent ladies, I've just been feeling so bloody awful! I don't think the bands have made a difference really, I've worn them constantly since I got them, but forgot to put them back on today after my shower and feel no different. I might just give up on them as they irritate my wrists.

It's almost impossible for me to eat anything on a morning abi I've tried ginger biscuits, cereals, crackers (dont like rice cakes though) i managed 2 small pains au chocolates yesterday mid morning but the thought of them made me feel ill today. the only thing I've been able to manage today was an ice lolly, and that didnt stat down. And I managed and quite enjoyed a cup of soup for my dinner, but that didnt stay down either!

I mentioned it to the midwife at my pre booking session thingy, and they said to take the tablets the doctor prescribed. They checked the name of them aswell and said they are totally fine! Why couldn't the doctor just say that last week rather than umming and ahhing about them?! So I will take one tonight and see if they help tomorrow.

Good luck for your appt and your scan this week abi I'm glad you are managing to control the nausea a little.

apprentice I wouldn't worry about your sil too much. As long as you and dh are happy that's all that matters. Sod the rest of them! How many weeks are you now?

apprenticemamma Tue 20-Aug-13 18:45:34

Hello sickly ladies. I'm pretty lucky by comparison just mainly dry retching and mainly morning . I do know that yogurt and yogurt drink seems to help . Milk. Jacobs cream crackers and Philly. Jamaica ginger. And lots of toast. Thanks for your feedback re my SIL. Valued your kind words, usually tougher but pretty weak at dealing with crap with hormones. Also bc things have now deteriorated so much with one of my sisters since April (the only aunt who we thought had a good relationship with and who showed an interest and had been v good to ds) there's a lot of sadness that I can't share the news with my own two sisters. The other sister has a longstanding dislike of usand was so uninterested last time abnounced pg. However our kids are blessed with amazing grandparents siblings and surrogate aunts uncles grin and really ...sod toxic /uninterested sisters. Time to focus on our babies now. btw twelve weeks scan next Monday smile

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 20-Aug-13 18:55:34

Sorry to hear about the nausea, bartbaby apprenticemamma and abibub . Wish I had some suggestions/advice but it sounds like you have tried so many things :-( Hoping the meds work, bartbaby.

Just waiting for my 20w scan now-feeling very impatient!

BartBaby Tue 20-Aug-13 19:33:42

I'm so jealous of you both having your scans shortly! I'm only 7 weeks so still have ages to wait! I still don't think it seems real until you seem the little bean there on the screen. (Although it is hard to miss with the sickness!)

We've got a weeks holiday away though in September so hopefully the time will pass quicker

apprenticemamma Tue 20-Aug-13 21:34:54

oooh smidge are u going to find out what you are having?

AbiBub Tue 20-Aug-13 21:35:46

Hey ladies!

Bartbaby the nausea for me is horrid in the mornings. I tried plain white bread toast dry and it did help a little but I got hungry then nauseous really easily. Im gonna try rice cakes tomorrow morning see if that helps. Apparently pink grape fruit it supposed to help a good amount bc although its citrus it actually turns the acidity in the stomach to alkaline making you feel less nauseous. So may try that after dry toast or rice cakes when I've managed to buy some the nausea is actually stopping me from getting on with things which is really frustrating. So sorry to hear you're having such a tough time with it the sickness you have my complete sympathies. I really hope that the tablets work for you, will you let me know how you get on with them? Fx tgey are just what you need. I think im going to ask for a prescription of those as I am really worrying about when it comes to getting ds ready and to school in 2weeks time when he starts primary. :0/ they might just be what I need. I hope that the hols away in september is just what you need! :0)

Thanks midge! Its just trying to work out whats best and it doesn't help when you're afraid to eat most things just for the pure fear you're gonna bring them back up again!! So exciting about the scan for you, when us it? Did you say you were going to find out what flavour?

Apprentice, so excited for your 12 week scan!! Hopefully your dry wretching etc will soon end!!

Hey, does anyone know where all the other ladies on the thread have gone? ??


apprenticemamma Tue 20-Aug-13 21:37:38

pregnancy such a waiting game Bart . I'm looking forward to the scan though apprehensive about the Nuchal testing as we r older. I'm really wanting to find out what having though...it's killing me the not knowing. I'm happy either way...ok ...secretly might prefer a girl ever so slightly ... How people keep it a surprise till the end is beyond my impatient ways !!

BartBaby Wed 21-Aug-13 08:18:18

So I took my tablet last night, still felt a little sick when I woke up numerous times in the night to go pee. I still feel sicky this morning, but its the manageable nausea, not the uncontrollable cant get anything done or move out of the bathroom one. So it's great so far! grin I've even managed half a pain au chocolate for breakfast and some exotic juice. I only have one before bed so I hope it lasts all day. I feel so different it's really brilliant so far.

abi aswell as these I've seen the names of a few others mentioned on the April thread (have you been on there at all? The ladies are lovely and most of them are feeling pants with the sickness aswell) so I would definately ask your midwife. Is it today you see her? Maybe they can give you a list of some of the ones that they think are ok for us to have. I think they know what they are talking about with this kind of the thing more than general gp's do.

apprentice I'm sure everything will be ok for you at the scan. Everything about pregnancy is worrying. First it's the ttc, then once pg it's hoping it sticks, then hoping it develops ok, then hoping the birth is ok. It just doesn't end grin I think I would secretly like a girl aswell, so that we have one of each. But I'd be happy with a boy aswell. It would be nice for ds to have a brother and hopefully be interested in similar things. And I've got this feeling that it will be a boy. I've even referred to it as a he without realising a few times. Do you have any feelings what you think? I know it's impossible to really know. But with ds I sort of felt like it was a boy. When we first started the scan the woman said she thinks its a girl but would go back and check at the end, and it just didnt feel right, then when she checked and it was a boy, it did feel right. Although I don't think I got that feeling last time until a week or so before the scan so might still be a bit early for us yet!

AbiBub Wed 21-Aug-13 11:42:16


Bart thats great that you are starting to feel better!! I hope it continues to get better and better! I am so asking for them as I just cant function!! I was sick this morning and I hadn't even eaten anything so was horrid :0 ( just wish the feeling would stop. Yes, tis today, Looking forward to my booking appointment this afternoon! Then I can see if I can get these tabs too!! I will have a lookon the april thread in a bit maybe, but it would be lovely to have sone of the usuals on here too!!

Hows the other ladies doing? x

AbiBub Fri 23-Aug-13 13:32:53


Hows everyone getting on? Still got nausea, have got antisickness tabs but reluctant to take them if I can help it because I just want to see how I go, does that sound silly? Had midwife appointment wed it went well got my notes all set up, and she is lovely and very efficiant! Went for early dating scan yesterday and awwwwwww! Only 1little bean thank goodness I secretly hoping for a pink bean rather than blue but will probably end up having blue!! Im 8+6 today so we were spot on even though cycles were up the shoot!?! Also managed to book a 12week scan too for sept 16th for combined!! It was so cute to see little bean at that stage. Ds was so excited he grinned and did an excited body shake! ! And we saw the heart beat bleeting away was sooooo cute! Makes it all the more real!! :0)

How is everyone? x

winterpansy Fri 23-Aug-13 20:26:12

Hello everyone!

How are you all doing? abi sorry to hear you are still feeling sick. That's really crap. Yay for a great scan! The time until your 12 week one will fly in.

bart hope the tablets continue to help make you feel better. Very jealous of your holiday!

smidge How did your 20 week scan go? I had mine this week and found out we are having a DD. So excited! I always pictured myself with 2 DSs but now we will have one of each which will be just lovely. The scan was so clear and I actually shed a little tear after (I am not usually very emotional!). Everyhing looks perfect and dates are matching so now it's full steam ahead to get DSs new room ready as I am sure the next 19 weeks (or less..DS was nearly 3 weeks early!) will fly by.

Good luck for mon apprentice. Sorry to hear you are having family issues but soon you'll have your hands too full to even think about it all.

Hi to everyone else - hope you're all blooming and blossoming!

AbiBub Fri 23-Aug-13 21:18:41

Hello winter! !! So glad to hear from you!! :0)

Thats wonderful news about your scan and that you're going to be having a DD Eeeeeeeek! I would love a DD this time thay way we would have one of each too, but i bet we will end up with another boy! How was your nausea this time compared to the last time with ds? I only ask as apparently women suffer worse nausea with dd than ds earlier on! Im so excited for you!!
The nausea is worse in the mornings for me, but hoping that it will be the first trimester where I have tge worse of it. I cant have milk very well at the moment so dry toast and rice cakes in the morning and not really sny milk at all at the moment which I really miss!! Hoping that will subside soon :0/

How are you all doing? x

winterpansy Fri 23-Aug-13 21:36:23

Hey abi!
I was definitely a lot sicker this time round than with DS but it lasted around the same time - from around 5-10 weeks. Other than that I kind of feel the same. Kicks are lot lower down (from what I can remember!) with this little lady but she's quite active already and seems to like 6am. Oh joy! I must say, I am looking forward to doing some baby girl clothes shopping! Cute little dresses, hurrah! I will keep everything crossed that you get your DD but another DS would be amazing too. I am kind of glad that DD is a DD though because another boy would have to live up to the goldenboy status that DS has aquired from the whole of both families grin DD can be the goldengirl!

AbiBub Fri 23-Aug-13 22:42:21

Awwww girlie clothes shopping, how I long for that!! Well I guess if we end up having a ds again the main thing is that the baby is healthy and happy! ! Hee hee made me chuckle about goldenboy and goldengirl status wink
My nausea with ds started later than this time and lasted 9/10 weeks till 16weeks. This time round it started earlier at about 5weeks so it would be lovely if it didnt last as long as last time! I have heard girls are supposed to generate higher feelings of nausea and sickness, but I guess I'll find out when I have 20week scan!! (Hopefully all will be well to last the whole pg) yep still nervous thank you for your info on how you've felt etc its really helpful!! :0) x

BartBaby Fri 23-Aug-13 22:47:18

I'm pleased everything is goin ok with you winter and so pleased you will get your DD. Another one here secretly hoping for a girl so I have one each, but thinking its a boy so far. Ds says he wants a little sister, which I was quite surprised at. Still a long way to go though until we can find out!

abi I know what you mean about the pills. I held off for a week after getting the prescription before taking them, but I was just feeling so bad I had to give in. I'm still not 100% or even 70% but it's a definately improvement. I was late taking one today and by god did I know about it! I don't think they are lasting as long as they should be though so when these run out I will speak to the gp to see how many I can actually take within a 24 hour period it says up to 4 on the box, but gp has said 2 so far, although i had to have an extra one today or if I need to change to something different.

I hope you are all ok anyway. Im feeling very achy today. not sure if its pg related though or if ive just been sat funny! Bedtime now for me ds will be up between 6-7. Although I will get to go back for a little nap once dh is up grin

AbiBub Sat 24-Aug-13 23:11:11

Bart, hey you! Our ds says about a little sister too. Would be lovely if we had girls eh! Im telling myself we're having another boy snd if its any different then its a bonus!! Glad the tablets are working for you if only for a little bit to take the edge off. Are you managing to keep food down and manage normal stuff or are you still restricted? So I I've been sick again today :0 ( wondering whether I should start take the tabs, as I am just not getting anything done/achieved and just seem to be sitting around all day :0 ( might be worthwhile going back to doc and asking about it. Are they the ones that you put in your lip between lip and gum and let dissolve? Mine are to be taken twice daily like that, but can cause drowsiness, but im really thinking about starting to take them as this feeling sucks and I hate being sick!!

How are you all doing? x

apprenticemamma Sat 24-Aug-13 23:58:09

abi and Bart ...I think we are on the same song sheet re gender! Also telling self it's a boy and anything else a bonus. Statistically at least one of us is getting a dd...right? And perhaps the ms is a sign (though think I got off lightly vs you two shock ). Tonight though accepted that I just can't cook anything which involves handling raw fish and meat , major boke, not without assistance wink anyway. Scan fast approaching..Mon pm... and crapping myself and saying a few wee prayers, esp when hear not so good news on other threads. Do they tell u nuchal result straight away ? winter?

AbiBub Sun 25-Aug-13 11:16:51

Hey apprentice

I am sure your scan will go fine, but let us know how you get on. I think the actual number results you have to wait for but they could probably put your mind at rest a bit whilst you're there. Im on the march thread and did see a post about the results on nucual being higher for that lady. I know its a concern when we get older but it does depend on the person. When we were having ds, I was worried bc I am an older mum and the levels come back and they were better than someone of my age so you never can tell!!

Still umming and errring on whether to take these tabs?! I just dont know!!??

How are the other ladies on tge thread?

BartBaby Mon 26-Aug-13 08:44:32

Hi ladies smile not much to report here. Feeling just about the same. Will need to go back to the go's this week to either get some more tablets or change to some different ones. These aren't lasting long enough, and need to take 3 a day (it does say up to 4 a day on the box but as I'm pg I'm not sure if I'm supposed to take that many)

We have dsd staying with us this week (she's 11) and will be telling her about the baby. Her mam is also pg aswell so I'm sure she won't be too bothered lol.

apprentice good luck for your scan today flowers

abi you will know when the time is right to take the tablets. I resisted for a week then just couldn't manage anymore and had to take them.

apprenticemamma Mon 26-Aug-13 18:05:40

Hi all. Today's scan went well thanks for your good wishes.. Little Puffin was sleeping and needed to be jiggled for the measurements!NT was 1.6. The Dr wasn't v forthcoming with result she kept reminding me that the bloods will have the final say in a fortnight but for now we are smile .

apprenticemamma Mon 26-Aug-13 18:08:32

abi how old are you? I'm 35. Bart good luck with sharing the news. It's great having older sibs. ..We r v lucky and have two fab older sdd and a sds.

AbiBub Mon 26-Aug-13 22:01:48

Hey all!

Bart, sorry to hear you are still feeling it. Yesterday was a bad day for me :0 ( I took a tablet in the afternoon and as they are the disolving on the gum kind they taste bloody awful!!! Didnt make me feel better at any point yesterday. Today have felt a little better but didnt have rice cakes today just had dry toast then about an hour later had wheatabix with hot water and mixed in a spoonful of sugar to dissolve just to help it be more palatable. Haven't eaten tonned today and have tried to keep it basic, have been having bottled water. And I have actually managed to feel half way normal. Cant tell whether its the tablets working late how quick they supposed to work? or that ive just been up and moving round more or that ive been better with which foods I eat? Any ideas ladies? I guess I'll find out tomorrow with the food thing if I do the same, as havent taken a tablet today at all!!

Apprentice thats great that your scan went well even if you did have to jiggle a bit :0) hopefully thr fortnight will go quick for you! Im going to be 32 at the beginning of October, so I too share my reservations on how the nucual scan will go, but I guess I'll find out on the 16th sept!!

Boobs dont feel as sore today but dont know why I hope its not a bad sign?! Anyone else had that??

Hows all the other ladies? x

apprenticemamma Mon 26-Aug-13 22:41:19

hey abi ...admiring as ever your long post stamina! Sounds like those tablets must be working then? also, 32 is not old!!!That was how old I was when I got pregnant last time. I'll be 36 when Puffin hatches and its a sign of the times that still have many friends who are ttc or putting it off.. and they 're my age. Yet in our parents' day a baby over 30 was positively deviantgrin

AbiBub Tue 27-Aug-13 19:39:46

Ha ha yeah for sure it was very different in our parents day completely! ! Well the tablets didnt work in the end as yesterday I tried it without and did the same sort of thing foodwise and I have done the same today foodwise and getting myself up and about and I have again felt halfway normal. Going to keep testing it and see how I go, but I have tabs on me just in case.

How's everyone feeling? Good weekend? x

winterpansy Tue 27-Aug-13 20:52:57

Evening all!

abi Sure, you're only a young thing...I'll be 33 soon! Glad you're feeling slightly more normal...hopefully it will all pass very soon and you can shake all the horribleness off and concentrate on the excitement of growing the little person smile

apprentice I'm in NI and we are offered the quadruple blood test instead of the nuchal so I can't help out on that. Took about 14 days for my results to come through..all low risk, thank goodness.

bart Thats sweet that your DS wants a little sister. You'll find out in good time! My little munchkin put the blanket over my belly when we were lying in bed watching Timmy Time before bed and said 'keep our baby warm'! So cute!

I'm feeling utterly exhausted this week - DH is away on a business trip and won't be back until late Friday night so we're home alone and it's taking it's toll. In fact, I'm off to bed now. Night night all!

apprenticemamma Tue 27-Aug-13 22:46:40

How far along are you winter? My dh rarely works away (own business) but does work 80 hour weeks so I know how lonely and tiring it is. Evening time is my sanctuary! Are u working atm? I'm 12 weeks and not getting this magical second wind thats for sure...Re the tests not getting stressed about the DS test..just gotta wait now. I told a few motormouths at work today and they duly went out and spread the gossip! A few ppl flung their arms round me and were v excited..more excited than me shock !!! Feeling v real now....

AbiBub Wed 28-Aug-13 10:20:09

Awww thanks winter! Im hoping that it passes soon, I'll be 10wks this sat! Would be really lovely to be able to have milk again at some point! ! Thats really sweet what your ds did with the blanket, too cute! :0) sorry to hear you're feeling the strain with dh not being there. Hopefully friday will come round quick enough and you'll get some restbite!

Apprentice, hopefully you'll get that second wind at some point. Glad its feeling more real for you now, even if it was down to a few motormouths at work!! Do you suffer with any nausea now?

Bartbaby how you doing? How's thd tsbs working? Did you manage to get to the docs with regards your tablets? I hope you're feeling better now.

Nausea has subsided a bit, still not gping to attempt trying milk again yet!! But my boobs feel a little less achey. Starting to worry now that somethings not right?! Did anyone else have that at any stage in their pgs? x

apprenticemamma Fri 30-Aug-13 16:24:03

just had a preliminary chat with nursery that ds at three days a week. I need to speak again to the person who sorts waiting lists but basically looks like I'll have to keep him in three days a week in order to keep his place. Had hoped to dtop to 1.5 hours. So pissed off! So I'll have to shorten my mat leave prob to six months to fund ds nursery placeangry . What are other people doing? I'm so pissed off I can't think straight! !!!

AbiBub Fri 30-Aug-13 17:15:59

Oh no apprentice that is infuriating!! Why do they do that? Its so ridiculous that you cant drop it down without losing his place, is there anywhere you could go to where they wouldn't be like that?

Im a stay at home mum, and self employed as an art and crafter since Jan although becoming pg and sickness has reduced hours recently that are as productive so I work my hours round kids etc. But I think I will go on mat leave at either normal time or see how far I can go into pg. But for self employed there's such a thing as keep in touch days which I may do!? Not sure its do early to tell! What would you like to do?

Hows bartbaby and winterpansy?

Nausea here still, still keeping fx that sickness goes after 1st trimester! How is it for everyone else?

apprenticemamma Fri 30-Aug-13 18:05:08

I know. that should say 1.5 days not 1.5 hours btw. I'm thinking now I'm calmer cut to two days and re register for the third day. If I don't get it sure a local childminder could cover the one day. ...shock

BartBaby Sun 01-Sep-13 20:14:48

Sorry I haven't been on for a while. Been lurking but had a hectic week with step daughter visiting. On one hand it is probably easier looking after her and ds when she is here as they entertain each other and she keeps ds occupied, on the other hand she stayed up quite late with her being older and it's the holidays so there just was no break! Lol. In fact I think I went to bed before she did 3 out of the 4 nights! blush

apprentice I'm glad your scan went well. And I hope you can sort out your problem with the nursery. How old is your ds? When my ds went to nursery he only went for 2 days, and they were always brilliant. Even the school nursery let him go for just 2 full days without losing his place. He starts full time in reception this month though which he isn't going to like at all! He didn't even like going for just 2 days. Secretly though I can't wait for a little bit of me time again!

abi how are you feeling now? I've had bad days, and slightly better days. I just got a repeat prescription for my meds. What a faf on trying to get an appt. I do know one of the receptionists there and have just asked for her a few times and she always sorts me something out, but I don't like doing it too much and will probably need to ask her next week for my appt! I had very minimal sickness yesterday and even managed to go for and actually enjoy a nice meal out with dh. Then we went to see DH's friend play in a band for a bit. Obv on the orange juice and driving duties!

I hope everyone else is doing ok

winterpansy Tue 03-Sep-13 14:40:21

Hello all!

apprentice I am currently unemployed after not passing a probation period after telling my last employers I was pregnant so am at home with DS all day at the minute. I'll be starting to look for a job when this little once is around 6 months. I'm almost 23 weeks now - my app is scaring me on the countdown..17 weeks to go. Better get a move on sorting out baby clothes and getting DS's new room ready!
I'm glad DH came home on Fri - being 24/7 with a toddler and not much adult conversation can be a little trying smile Glad you are very excited and people are so happy for you!

Hello abi I'm all good, well...apart from a bit of general moaniness this week. I think I might be getting a little bit of spd and had the most awful stitch like pain in my left side yesterday. Luckily a quick google reassured me that it was probably stretching pain and little DD is kicking away to her heart's content so everything seems to be fine. I'm completely exhausted as well so haven't been in great form. I need to snap out of it before the shit truly hits the fan in the 3rd trimester grin.
How are you doing? How is the nausea this week?

Hello everyone else - hope you're all good!

Now we have a few more members on this group I was thinking we should do a little stats update?

I'll kick off:

Winterpansy 1DS EDD (DD) 2nd January 2014

apprenticemamma Tue 03-Sep-13 23:34:05

hi all winterpansy and Bart . So I spoke to nursery woman who said I CAN reduce ds days to 1.5 and she has already put him in the waiting list fir Jan 2015. Can't guarantee but v likely should be fine phew! The person I spoke to first was a younger member of staff suspected to be slightly clueless. Also I've to register dc for Jan 2015 NOW! Wtf! In other news my little one's chicken pox is clearing up, I shipped my mum in to help with c care and it's been lush to have her amazing home cooking nom! Sorry for those still nauseas, I'm on a second trimester eating mish nowgrin I hope you can join me soon.....winter that sucks about your probationary period. Thought your maternity rights were protected? I know two people who got upduffed during probationary time one was squeezed out under the guise of an apparent workplace error/disciplinary issue, the other was passed over for promotion that was promised as part of her role sad

apprenticemamma Tue 03-Sep-13 23:35:51

I can't cut and paste on phone but here's my stats: apprenticemamma 35 ds 2.4 edd march 7th 14

AbiBub Wed 04-Sep-13 15:45:49

Hey ladies!

Apprentice thats great news about nursery and bookingfor next one too! :0) also glad the chickenpox are clearing up! Yayh!

Bart, glad the nausea is reducing! Even if its sketchy at least you managed a meal out, ds, dp and myself managed to di that last week which was fab. Hopefully an appointment can be got soon to sort out tge meds properly. I am also having good and bad days :0/ yesterday was awful, I was trying to get ds ready for school etc and kept on having to rush only to wretch and nothing come up. So horrid! This morning was a little better, but still got nausea. Still miss milk majorly and very much food restrictive, so cant wait to get get to tge point that apprentice has got to (hopefully the nausea will do one and bugger off for us both soon!! )

Winter! Hello! sorry to hear about the probationary period etc they are truly missing out! Hope the spd buggers off, that is just no fun. I know what you mean about feeling exhausted! ! Have you thought of going for at least 1walka week to start off with? Ive got a yoga for pg book but still havent attempted it as nausea has got in the way, or im busy being mommy and housewife. Nausea was awful yesterday after a few days where it wasnt to bad but today not as bad as yesterday, do hoping that it will start easing off at some point!

Must finish of doing these labels. Ds started primary school yesterday and I got one set if uniform labelled but need to finish the rest off!! I will see if I can copy and paste in a new post!

Hows everyone else on here?


AbiBub Wed 04-Sep-13 15:51:36

Winterpansy 1DS EDD (DD) 2nd January 2014

apprenticemamma 35 ds 2.4 edd march 7th 14

Abibub 31, DS 4.5 EDD 29th March 2014.

(Nearly 32!! Currently 10+4weeks winter cant believe you're 23weeks eeeeeek.)

BartBaby Wed 04-Sep-13 19:21:19

Winterpansy 1DS EDD (DD) 2nd January 2014

apprenticemamma 35 ds 2.4 edd march 7th 14

Abibub 31, DS 4.5 EDD 29th March 2014.

(Nearly 32!! Currently 10+4weeks winter cant believe you're 23weeks eeeeeek.)

BartBaby 27, ds 4.2, EDD April 7th/8th 2014

BartBaby Wed 04-Sep-13 19:28:23

I've added my stats ladies

Nothing much to report here. Still having bad days and not so bad days. I have my booking in appt in the morning so I'm going to speak to her about the meds then, then go to the gp Friday to get more again, or change them.

My comment has gone on to the next page now so I can't see who has written what! Oh dear.

abi my ds doesn't start school until next week! I will miss him when he is there full time but by god I'll be glad of the rest grin I ordered some iron on labels off the interweb with his name on and got my auntie to do the first lot for me lol. Only 4 things left for me to do, although I'm sure I will mess it up somehow.

BartBaby Wed 04-Sep-13 19:37:29

Right I've read the other messages again...

apprentice I'm glad you managed to sort out the nursery place. It's a right pain when you get someone that has no idea what they're going on about. Made worse by the fact that they just try to blah their way through it, and then get it wrong! It would have been much better if she had just said she didn't know, and would check, and save you a whole heap of worry.

winter that is definately rubbish behaviour by your previous employers. I'm also a stay at home mum, although that was through choice as I really hated my job and ds was being looked after all the time by my aunt and uncle, which they loved having him, but when it gets to the point when he would rather stay there than come home, its time to do something about it. It's nice to be able to spend lots of time with them though isn't it. I was intending on looking for another job this month once school has started, but luckily no point in that now! phew!! grin

winterpansy Mon 09-Sep-13 20:43:29

I know abi! Doesn't seem like that long ago I got the BFP. Amazing how the first 12 weeks draaaaggg then time seems to speed up double fast! I've seen Christmas stuff in the shops which is panicking me slightly...really need to get stuff organised!
In terms of the exhausted and possible spd I'm out doing gentle walks with DS every day but I really notice a difference on days I am probably doing too much but there is not much I can do about that. I did pregnancy pilates in my last pg and enjoyed it but just haven't got round to signing up to anything this time. Maybe a DVD or YouTube videos would help to guide me with some gentle stretching. I've a docs appt next week to see about the spd anyway so will get her advice (my doc is totally ace - she's had 4 kids and is really down to earth!).
How are you this week?

bart & apprentice Yeah, my employers were arses and behaved illegally but I took the job after being forced out of my last job because of bullying/harassment/maternity discrimination by my previous boss and a very stressful legal battle (but they settled out of court in the end) so couldn't really be bothered doing much about it. If I'd actually liked the job or cared about it then I would have but it was a bit of a shit job, in a shit location and the boss was seemingly a pathological liar so I was well out of it. Luckily DH is on an OK wage and we'll just about survive on at and maternity allowance so I'll worry about getting a job only when I absolutely have too a few months after DD is born.

How is everyone else doing? I'm wrecked as usual but happy that Autumn is finally here - it's my fave time of year!

AbiBub Thu 12-Sep-13 14:53:01

Hello ladies!!

Bart how has it gone this week with getting ds to school etcc and how has he been? Im hoping your nausea is subsiding a bit. Your edd falls around my ds birthday! ! Easter baby!!

Apprentice how are you getting on now? Are you on the march 2014 thread? I made an appearance a few threads back, but I find its really quick and I just cant keep up!!

winter how are you lovely? Hows the spd? Did you manage to speak to the doc? Dvd on pilates? I hope you're not suffering too much. Biggest hugz.

How are you other ladies if you're still about??

Well for me, really tired today and suffering with nausea and was nearly sick again this morning, lots of burps and dry wrenching :0 ( I find if I dont get enough sleep the nausea us far worse, bart is that something you find? Im 12 weeks on sat!!! Im hoping that this subsides after first trimester as this officially sucks, I still cant have milk and really missing it, I havent had it in weeks, and im to scared to try it yet, did anyone else have a problem with milk? Got my combined tests on monday so dp has taken day off to come to the hospital to see bubba, and my mum is picking up ds from school!! I cant wait for the 20week one snd then hopefully we can find out the sex!!

Gosh sorry have waffled on! x

BartBaby Thu 12-Sep-13 19:55:45

Hi abi sorry to eat your sickness is still hanging around. I'm not much different, changed my meds last week and haven't actually been sick for a few day, but the sick feeling is there constantly. Never ever let's up. I don't think it's any different whether I'm tired, just woken up, not really tired, its just there. Hoping it won't last too much longer. I've started eating more i think this past week. Milk is just awful if its brought back up! I don't drink it first thing just incase I am sick, but sometimes get the urge for a mouthful later in the day. Although I've never been a big milk drinker anyway.

Ds has been ok at school. Not had any crying which is good!

How is everyone else doing?

apprenticemamma Thu 12-Sep-13 22:05:01

hi all. I've been a bit tired this week. Work 30 hrs a week absolutely crazy busy. Maniacally going all day put ds to bed, make dinner and collapse. How the hell we'll cope with two I'm not sureshock . lots. of. coffee wink !! I'm sorry to hear ur both still suffering abi and bart . I get moments of food aversion fussiness e.g. tonight's chicken pasta was rank...but generally eating like a horse. I am also extremely excited bc tonight I booked a weekend away with oh to Dublin on Octobergrin grin grin grin . Have a family reunion on the Saturday but other than that we are going to indulge a little and be tourists. Yay! We've also come to the realisation that trips away are possible in the future if we keep the kids in nursery and go away Mon-wedgrin minimising the stress on family...and surely cheap spa deals take place on these dayswink..right? . I don't know about u guys but I'm already panicking about who will mind two kidsgrin for a night let alone a weekend. God just realised how selfish this sounds..I'm not ...just totes needing a holiday!!

AbiBub Fri 13-Sep-13 23:58:01

Hey all!

How are we doing? This week has flown by!! Ds is getting there with school, he is only part time atm. He is really stroppy and refuses to go to bed which has ben a couple of months thing really so cant really blame it on school!! The trials of being a mum eh! Glad your ds is going well at school bart how are you finding getting out the door in the morning with the nausea? Ive had a few occasions where ive literally been or nearly been sick and then got in the car and driven ds to school!! 12weeks tomorrow and have my combined scan and test on Monday! So excited to see little bean again! Nausea still here too atm bart you're not alone!! Today I got fed up as the things ive taken out of my diet which I thought were causing the problem and yet I still have nausea and sickness. So tonight I braved it and had something other than water ( which is the only thing ive been drinking since I stopped having milk) I had slightly flat cola. It hasnt come back up yet, do that's a start! The main thing I want to try and introduce this weekend again is milk (didnt want to do it during the week as getting son to school more important! ) just wondering whether it will help trying to introduce in afternoon to start off with? bart how are your meds going so far? Whens your 12week scan date?

winter how are you lovely? Hows the organising going? Do you feel less hectic?

apprentice hello! Glad the food aversions are all but non existent, I hoping mine will be like that soon!! Eeeeeeeek bet you're really looking forward to the time away in October! I often think about how im going to cope with two also and the baby sitting issue if two kids etc luckily I dont often have the money to go out with so I doubt it will be a huge issue but I still think it will issue at some point! I dont think you are selfish to think that either, we all need our own time off, we are parents for such a long time in our lives and a day off here and there my mum said is essential to keep going! !

Oh gosh ive prattled on again!! Sorry!

winterpansy Sat 14-Sep-13 21:23:14

Evening all!

abi 12 weeks today!! Eeeek!! So exciting grin
How are you feeling? I hope that you magically feel better now you have hit the first milestone. We're having issues with DS going to bed too - he screams 'NOOOOOO, NOOOOOO' every night! He'll hopefully be in his big boy bed and out of the cot within about 6 weeks or so and I hope he'll stay in it! I'm feeling slightly less stressed about sorting stuff out and will make a dent in it all during the week -nesting is kicking in to my brain, my actual willingness will hopefully follow soon...

apprentice Ooh, nice one! A weekend is Dublin will be great. There is so much to do and it'll be nice to have a few days away. DH and I went away for a few days a few weeks ago and it was just lovely. Lots of sleeping, relaxing, eating and dtd - all of those things that will soon become a distant memory grin
We're very lucky that my parents live close by and always are up for some babysitting (DM is a firm believer that having some time on our own from time to time makes us better parents and is good for DS) but I am wondering how long it will be before they will take two on! We have a wedding to go to next May so DS will be about to turn 3 and DD will be almost 6 months so not sure how that will work. I'll worry about that next year, I suppose!

bart How are you doing?

Anyone been on the original nutjobs thread recently? Have we any more BFPers to join?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend x

BartBaby Sat 14-Sep-13 22:23:45

Hello winter i am doing ok thanks. Still feel sick all the time but not actually been sick in over a week so can't complain. Although been totally exhausted the past few days. Fell asleep tonight on the sofa, despite having a nap from 10-12 today! I'm sure your ds will settle down at bed times soon. We had a rough couple of weeks with our ds when he was quite young getting him to stay in his own bed, but they do learn. And he never gets out of his bed at all now.

We're off on holiday on Tuesday and I can't wait for the break! Last bit of sunshine before we bunk down for winter grin

abi sorry to hear you are still feeling pants aswell. I've not been to bad this week on the mornings. I've been waking up and having my tablet and a yoghurt, then managing to get us ready and ds dropped off at school before rushing to asda's cafe for some breakfast! The thought of my sausages, hash browns, beans and egg has been getting me through grin I've found if I eat as soon as I'm hungry, I don't feel quite as bad as if I don't eat.
I've got my scan for the 30th sept when I will be 13 weeks. Then I've got a consultants appt for 9th oct as I'm classed as high risk because I lost lots of blood having ds and ended up needing a transfusion. I think we just need to make a plan and they will be more prepared next time incase it happens again. It's a worrying thought that I'm trying not to think about too much.

I've been lurking on the old nut jobs thread. Muzzy has had a bfp within the last couple of weeks so hopefully she will join us when she is ready. Im 10+4 today and seems like ages away I got my bfp. Seems like its flown by now, but at the time feels like it is going so slowly, if you know what I mean. Off to bed for me anyway.

I hope all the other ladies are doing ok?

AbiBub Sat 14-Sep-13 23:43:48

Hey winter and bart and apprentice any other ladies that may be lurking (where are all the others? ?????? )

winter Im glad you're feeling less stressed, I always think we should go with our bods on these things and when the time is right we will be good to go on getting things sorted for sure! Yep 12 weeks and its gone quite quick in one sense but not from the nausea and sickness point of view! On cue this morning I was sick, but with just acid?! Horrid! Im really hoping this ends soon as im just fed up of feeling this nausea and sickness! Im sure your DS will really enjoy his big boy bed, fx it means he'll feel happy enough to stay and go to bed! !

bart glad your feeling a bit better, sorry read that you had mentioned to winter you hadnt been sick in about a week, which is wonderful!! I was sick this morning with nothing but acid, was yuk! You're a braver lady than me, I cant have yoghurt or milk in morning! ! I feel better when I've eaten, but it doesn't last long and I find if I overeat then I feel worse in evening!! Ive stopped my multi vitamins as of today, and this afternoon ive had a few gulps of milk, which so far has stayed down. First day in way over a month ive been brave enough to have milk!! My thinking was I had to reintroduce milk at some stage before I cant have it anymore. I love milk. I used to have it when pg with ds it helped irradicate heartburn. So im thinking along the same sort of lines that it might help to start coating my stomach again! What did you think? 30th will soon creep up for sure, ive got my scan Monday :0) ahhhh my friend was high risk, and once they know that they should keep a really close eye on you. Im sure everything will be fine for you. :0)

Muzzy was one on the thread but was there another? Or I must be going mad? ! Im still lurking as I want yo know how they're all getting on!!

AbiBub Tue 17-Sep-13 23:06:22

Hey lovely ladies!

How are you?

Scan yesterday went well, although the lady doing it was pushing really hard down and tapping and banging the ultrasound against my tummy really badly to 'try and wake baby up!' My tummy still feels tender today and im still suffering with ms. I feel lousy. Bubs seems ok, all healthy two arms, to legs etc but she wouldn't give me the ratio results? ! Just said everything looks to be how it should and you'll hear from midwife soon?! Thanks a effing bunch you Stooooopid scanee lady!!! Sorry rant over!

muzzy1 Wed 18-Sep-13 17:43:32

Hello ladies...I think I might join you although am still very scared being such early days.
I will have a read back and see what has been going on but glad to scan read and see everyone is doing well, except for the dreaded morning sickness! I think mine is just starting up but am not complaining.

AbiBub Wed 18-Sep-13 23:13:46

Hey muzzy ! Welcome to the thread! We dont do lots of posts here but hopefully catch each other at the right times!! Lets hope you manage to sidestep the ms betterthanus!! :0) my advice, take each day as it comes, but remain positive and hopeful :0) and if in doubt, seek reassurance ; 0)

2beornot Wed 18-Sep-13 23:20:56

Hi ladies. Saw this on active threads so thought I'd pop in to say hi. I hope all your pregnancies are going well!!

BartBaby Thu 19-Sep-13 20:13:22

Welcome muzzy and hello 2be smile

Just a quickie as I'm away on holiday. Glad your scan went well abi I'm sure everything is fine she would have said if not surely?

I hope everyone else is doing good? I've had a few good days whilst away so I'm very pleased I'm not ruining the holiday! Lol. And I've only needed 2 tablets today rather than the usual 3.

AbiBub Sat 21-Sep-13 13:51:21

Hey 2be! Hope you're ok?!

Bart! That fabby that you were able to take less tablets lets hope thats a sign that the sickness is winding down!

Hows everyone ?

Well got results from my combined test and im low risk!My results are 1:13728 one very happy abi :0)

Whats the hcg maternal serum free beta for and maternal serum PAPP-A ?

Any nice plans for the weekend?


apprenticemamma Sat 21-Sep-13 21:48:55

hi all... congrats abi that's amazing and that was quick. I thought our one on 3314 was decent. Been hanging out when I've had time in the march 2014 thread but it moves so fast. I'm off to bed sadly with laptop to prep an upcoming work project. Meh. sad Meant to be going on Thomas tomorrow but it's gonna be an all day thing and contemplating sending the boys with my dad so I can get leave to get this project done and sleep grin ..folowed by thoughts of guilt. Am I being unreasonable ..?

AbiBub Sun 22-Sep-13 21:27:27

Hey apprentice!

No, you weren't being unreasonable at all, pg at thd best if times really is quite tiring (we are growing humans after all! ) what did you decide to do in the end?
Your downs result us still fabbyly amazing! :0)

Hows everyone getting on ?

AbiBub Sun 22-Sep-13 21:28:52

Also apprentice, I forgot to mention I to am on March 2014 thread but it does move so quick, I spend most my time catching up! !! ; 0/

apprenticemamma Sun 22-Sep-13 23:09:18

abi I went #martyr and am so tired and hAve a very sore back (moan). Reading journal articles in bed not a good end to weekend either. ..but my DS was ecstatic so that made us v happy grin

winterpansy Wed 25-Sep-13 21:40:50

Hey muzzy and hiya 2be!

How is everyone doing. OMG time is flying so fast now! My app tells me today I have 98 days of pregnancy left. Double figures....! I hope it's more like 80/85 days left but we shall see if the little lady plays ball and comes before Christmas grin. I have such a bump now and have started waddling a little! 26 weeks tomorrow, can't quite believe it! I'm feeling not too bad - trying to make the most of it because I just know in a few weeks I'll be utterly knackered again. I'm starting to get stuff organised and am making progress with the Christmas shopping and DSs room. We're having a little trouble with the in-laws at the minute though..controlling MIL thinks we are coming to their house for Christmas day - I don't think so!! We'll either have a teeny baby or I'll be fairly immobile. There is a row brewing but I don't really care - DH can sort it out!

abi Great news about your test results! How is the sickness?And you bart?

apprentice How is your back now? I saw an osteopath at the weekend for spd (was offically diagnosed last week) and sciatica and am like a new woman - he was a miracle worker and I am really enjoying the pain-free walking while I can (till my pelvis pops out again!).

apprenticemamma Thu 26-Sep-13 21:39:52

hi all

sorry been quiet.. been feeling really sad sad and don't want to lower the vibe in here. Stressed at work tired not well and panicking re having two again. Today been crying on and off all afternoon since finished work, does anyone else get uncontrollable crying fits? Just curious. It's like a switch goes inside me and feel overwhelmed with upset. Then get days when feel much better. Wtf...!

apprenticemamma Thu 26-Sep-13 21:42:47

Winter your mil is being unreasonable. Things need to be on ur terms so close to the E.D.D. Perhaps she feels she is being supportive by taking care of the meal etc & helping with your older one. I wouldn't be having this though wink!

BartBaby Fri 27-Sep-13 07:56:03

apprentice I wouldn't worry it's probably just the hormones. I know its a cliche but we can blame almost anything on the hormones! grin and its only natural to worry about having 2. I've not started panicking yet but I'm sure it will come! But we will manage. It's what us women are made for. And we're almost experts by the second one! Once you get into a routine it will be easy peasy at least this is what I'm hoping anyway! could you maybe have a few days off work to get a bit of rest? I had a fair bit of time of with ds. I really don't know how I would manage if I was still working now. Definately hats off to you flowers

winter I agree mil is being unreasonable not asking what you want to do and just assuming. Like apprentice said she is probably just thinking she is being helpful so you don't have to do any cooking or anything, but as we all know why they think is best and what we actually want are offer very different. Just get dh to explain that it is too close to due date and whether you have had her or not, you will be having a quiet family Christmas at home. Luckily I don't see my mil very often. She's ok, but she's a bit ill, so its just hard work with her. In fact I've only seen her once since march as I'm annoyed with her over something to do with our wedding (which she chose not to come to) so it suits me that dh goes round with ds and I get some peace! grin

abi how are you doing now? Great about your test results! Must be one weight off your mind smile

Well I'm back off holiday and sickness is back to pretty much what it was before I went away sad I think my body just prefers the holiday routine more than the home routine! I'm 12+3 now though so hopefully not too much longer left. I got a doppler off my friend and have heard baby's heart beating a few times now. It's such a lovely reassuring sound. I've even managed to record it on my phone. And I'm sure I've felt baby turn over this morning while I was laying in bed. Felt just like it did a somersault! And I've read that you can often feel the movements sooner with the second one. So I'm sure it was that and I didnt need to pump so can't have been that blush

Got my first scan Monday and I can't wait for it! It was supposed to be yesterday but dh is away with work so I changed it. Stoopid work I could have had it by now!

Hope everyone else is doing ok?

winterpansy Fri 27-Sep-13 14:14:56

Aww apprentice sorry to hear you have been sad. I actually had a crying fit this morning (first one so far!) because of really stupid stuff. Poor DS didn't know what to do so I pulled myself together but think I might need to take myself off over the weekend and have a good old bawl to get it out of my system. Hope you feel better today.

Thank you both for the back-up on the MIL issue. There is a bit of a huge backstory which I will not bore you with but she's not just trying to be helpful, she just wants everything her way ALL THE TIME without asking any consideration to what we actually want or DS actually needs. She thinks DS is her son, rather than GS, and has a huge chip on her shoulder that my parents live just round the corner and see more of him that she does. Christmas at their house is always very noisy - TV blaring all day and them just getting more and more drunk. We want some peace and quiet this year and every one hereafter. My parents are totally cool with us wanting to have our own day as they respect what we want. Arrgg...families!

Any nice weekend plans? We're going to hangout with some friends tomorrow and that's about it. Keeping it nice and easy to try and fit in some tiyding time...the house is a pigsty! I might fit in that bawl somewhere as well as I can't have any wine!

apprenticemamma Fri 27-Sep-13 22:01:41

thanks ladies for your support. Feeling better now. Had a good chat with dh , flowers and a visit from mum. Blessed with amazing parents. I'll read thru properly tomorrow and compose a less self centred reply wink night

onelittlepiglet Mon 30-Sep-13 15:18:52

Hello all, I am tentatively joining after getting my BFP two weeks ago! I am only 5+5 today so still very early days. I was complaining to Dh I had no symptoms and worrying myself something was wrong (can't remember when the sickness etc started last time) but today I feel really queasy and rubbish so think this might be the start of it.

How are you all today?

BartBaby Mon 30-Sep-13 19:26:08

Welcome one smile nice to have you graduate with us.

Hopefully you won't get the sickness too bad.

I've had my scan today. All seems well with baby bart. They've moved me forward a day so now 13 weeks today and due 7th April. That's what I thought it would be based on ovulation rather than lmp. So only 3 days after our 1st wedding anniversary!

How is everyone else getting on?

AbiBub Wed 02-Oct-13 12:19:30

Hello ladies!

Long time no speak, sorry!

Apprentice - sorry to hear you were having a tough time, but glad you are starting to feel better! Its amazing what being pg does to us eh! This is deffo the last time I'm doing this!!

Winter - hello my lovely! I have the same issue with my mil and it really pisses me off so you're not alone. She is being unreasonable and you are entitled to your own time and space! Biggest hugz to you! 2 7weeks tomorrow isnt it? Well done you!

Bart - hello! Shame the ms was back with a bit of vengeance, how is it going this week? Yayh to the scan and also if your bubs does arrive on the right day they will share a birthday with our ds :0)

Welcome - one - how are you feeling today? My ms started at 5weeks, do yours may be on its way. Go with the flow on what you can tolerate food and drink wise. I am hoping that yours will not be too bad! Im still getting it!

Muzzy - you still with us sweet? How you feeling? How many weeks now?

Well ms still here atm but trying yo take it in my stride as cant change anything about it. This sat I'll be 15weeks!!! Where has thr time gone? ! Im trying to get into a better routine, do hopefully I can feel like im achieving more. I was really chuffed with my downs results for sure and really can't wait for my next scan and the 16weeks appointment! I am really considering getting doppler as would really like the opportunity to hear little bubs when I want. Can feel little flutter movements and such like which is just fabby!

How are we all?

ASmidgeofMidge Sat 05-Oct-13 20:05:23

Hi all, so sorry for long absence. How's everyone doing? I am now 24+2 - winterpansy our scan showed up a DS - very clearly grin
I've also been feeling quite stressed and emotional - am trying to look after myself with some early nights but it's definitely harder with one to look after already, and with dh's shifts as they are at the moment.

My stats: ASmidgeofMidge, 34, DD aged 5, EDD 22nd Jan (DS)

AbiBub Sat 05-Oct-13 21:20:32

midge!! Hello lovely! Sorry to hear you're stressed and emotional, but I think you're right with the early nights, I too find I feel much much worse if I dont get good sleep! Hopefully you'll be able to get some good nights sleeps soon smile x

Hows everyone else?
I'm 15 weeks today smile nausea and sickness still present atm. Hopefully it will wear off soon! So tempted to get a doppler as I have another 5weeks till scan and then after that, nothing!! I had requested and extra scan or so as am worried about having another back to back baby, but my midwife just said you'll be fine, you probably wont but if you do I hear its not as bad the second time around! ! Bloody useless I miss my old midwife :0/

muzzy1 Sun 06-Oct-13 14:34:19

Hi abi...yes I'm still here...lurking occasionally smile I haven't been on much recently as am really suffering with all day sickness and generally feeling really terrible. I will be back once I have the energy to focus on anything for long....am gutted to read you are still suffering with ms though! Poor you.
Sorry for the lack of personals but glad to hear everyone is doing well. I am 9 weeks now and saw one teeny baby at our 8 scan so so far so good smile

AbiBub Sun 06-Oct-13 16:56:26

Hey muzzy sorry to hear you're suffering with ms or all day sickness. Big hugz to you. I suffered ms with ds till 16weeks although it wasnt this intense!! So hopefully it will subside soon! 9weeks eeeek! So chuffed hopefully you wont have to suffer the ms for too much longer!

Bart - hows you lovely? Hows the sickness now?

How is everyone? Its my 32nd birthday today and im feeling old!! Lol!

Have a good sunday peeps grin

BartBaby Sun 06-Oct-13 18:29:05

Oohh happy birthday abi flowers I hope you are getting a little bit spoiled. 32 isn't old! My dh is 32 and he isn't old grin

Sorry to hear the morning sickness is still there. Hopefully it will kindly do one soon, so you can enjoy being gp for a while before the 3rd trimester nastyness kicks in.

muzzy great to hear you are still with us smile sorry to hear about the sickness with you aswell. I've had it really bad so can definately sympathise. Just keep thinking that it will get better. And it's supposed to be a good sign!

smidge great news on the ds! What do you have already? I can never remember these things! grin keep on trying to get that rest. I'm sleeping as much as I can, while I can and still shattered! I second that it is definately harder with one to look after already. My dh is working in London this week Monday til late Thursday, so it will be just me and ds. Tired just thinking about it!

Things are still the same with me really. Sickness is very hit and miss. Sometimes I feel absolutely terrible. And other times I'm relatively ok. I've found I feel worse when I'm hungry. So that isn't really helping my waistline!

We've decided to book a private scan at 16 weeks to find out the gender, as were both so impatient! I can't wait for it grin it was £79 so not too bad really. They check baby is ok, and we get a 4d preview aswell, and some 2d and 3d pics. Roll on 26th October grin

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 08-Oct-13 21:14:51

Sorry to hear people are still struggling w/ sickness. I've largely dodged much of that, so can't complain. Bart, I have a dd already-she is 5 and v excited about her upcoming brother!

Abi-I also had a back to back labour w/ dd. I've got a midwife appt soon and also planned to ask about the chances of it happening again...

Hello everyone! Sorry it's been so long - where has the time gone?! I'm 28 weeks already and feeling very third-trimester-y... The bump is very cumbersome and quite uncomfortable. I've been having pretty painful Braxton hicks, which was never a problem last time but could be down to stress at work at the moment.

It's great to see new ladies on here! Hope everyone's oksmile

winterpansy Wed 09-Oct-13 11:09:19

Hey all, sorry I have been a bit quiet - I've had lots going too.

asmidge Brilliant news about a DS - you must be ecstatic! How is DD feeling about it all?

abi Can't believe you are still feeling sick sad I'm so hoping it passes soon. Happy belated birthday! I was 33 last week myself - had a lovely day with my family and then DH took me out for dinner and the movies at the weekend. I got lots of vouchers too so can't wait to spend them all on myself before I have to spend a lot on DD!

Muzzy congrats on seeing the little 8 week old bambino - hope all is going well!

Bart How are you doing? the countdown is on until 26th then, eh? It'll fly in and you'll be so excited to find out the gender. I couldn't persuade DH to part with the money for a private scan so I was busting to find out by the time 20 weeks came!

Nomore I'm with you on the 3 trimesteryness feeling! This pregnancy has been such a slog compared with my first one. I always wanted 3 children but am now fully in the '2 is more than enough' camp now! I couldn't go through this again with 2 to look after, it's so hard with 1 little mite already to deal with.

Hello to anyone else I have missed!

Things have been a bit stressful here - my SPD has got quite bad and I now been diagnosed with gestational diabetes again. My gtt results were very borderline but I am automatically included in the DG category now. I'm a bit raging because I've been so good with my diet and am still lighter than I was at booking in, despite a massive bump! This means they won't let me go any further than 38 weeks so it looks like DD will be here before Christmas. I'll be trying everything to evict her naturally from 37 weeks though as I want to have another waterbirth! DS arrived at 37.5 so there is hope!

In better news, we're making progress on DSs room and all the santa presents are bought grin

onelittlepiglet Thu 10-Oct-13 17:54:44

Hello all

Not been able to post for a week as we've been away. I am so, so sick now too which is making me very miserable! Constant nausea and really don't want to eat but have to in order to stop feeling sick. I'm retching a lot but not actually being sick (thank goodness).

I don't fancy eating anything....just trying to eat cheese sandwiches and plain things. Smells make me gag too so I can't really cook.

I'm not in the uk any more and the food here is very American and so fried, manufactured and not very nice. I am craving plain, fresh food and things like M&S sandwiches! Things here make me really ill (I wasn't that keen before I got pregnant...).

Sorry for the moan - I can't believe how I had blocked this part of pregnancy out sad!

I'm 7+1 now so not even likely this will end anytime soon. Got my scan in 4.5 weeks so am a bit scared about it but trying not to think about it too much.

Hope everyone else is feeling more human than me!

BartBaby Sat 12-Oct-13 19:49:39

Sorry the sickness has got you one I can totally sympathise with you as I'm still feelin it at nearly 15 weeks! Surely it can't go on much longer?! 10 weeks of constantly feeling sick, so I've had enough of it now. I did get some tablets off the doctor which helped with the actually being sick, but didn't stop the sicky feeling. Although I have stopped those this week so I'm just hoping for the best! Just eat whatever you can, when you can. Hope you are enjoying America! (Well apart from the food!)

winter I hope your SPD isn't causing you too much bother. Hopefully baby will arrive of its own accord then if ds was early aswell. Are you not able to have a water birth if you are induced? I'm going to ask my midwife about water births. I don't even know if they have facilities for them at my hospital. I don't remember one from last time. I think ultimately I will end up with an epidural cos I'm a whimp but I'd quite like to give it a go in the water to start with and see how that goes. It will be lovely to have the baby there for Xmas though smile I really can't wait to find out the sex. Literally counting down the days! grin

nomore sorry to hear you are struggling with Braxton hicks. It could be stress related. Hopefully they will ease off soon for you.

smidge a little ds will be lovely to go with your dd. I've loved having my ds. I would love a little girl so I have one of each, but I'd be happy either way.

abi how are you doing?

Abibub Sun 20-Oct-13 00:41:37

Hey you Ladies

Sorry for such the late reply ( I am awful!!)

midge ahhhh back to back sucks doesn't it! Well I spoke to my mw at booking about it, and all she said to me was that apparently the chances of having a second B2B baby is slim, but even if I did, then apparently it wont be as bad?!! WTF!! I was trying to avoid the what I can only be described as the most horrendous labour I had first time round, and now they aren't even offering me one extra scan between 20 and 40 weeks?!! I really hope you get more joy than I did! I have already started getting back ache that just reminds me of B2B and panicking sad I may have to push it a bit more when it gets nearer the time, as I really don't want to go through that again!!

nomore hello and welcome back!! 28 weeks, really!! where has the time gone!! Hopefully the Braxton Hicks have not been so horrid recently.

winter hello lovely! habby belated birthday for the other week, glad you got a bit spoilt and hope you spent vouchers on yourself? oh poop to the SPD and GD, lets hope your LO makes an appearance before they get to intervene, in in which case that probably isn't that far away!! Glad you are managing to still get things done regardless, well done you!

Bart bet you're excited for next weekend eeeeeeek you'll find out sooner than me!! I'm like Winter where we cant really spend out on an early scan, but i'm 17 weeks today so only another 3 weeks to wait!!

one sorry to hear about the ms - it totally sucks doesn't it!! Hopefully it will be a little kinder as the weeks go on.

Well I'm 17 weeks today and I'm still suffering with the nausea, dry wretching etc, which totally sucks, it had started to ease off but then speaking to some family members one weekend, I told them that and clearly spoke to soon!! I really do hope it subsides soon, as this totally is utter crepe!! Have felt some flutters here and there but nothing for the last few days :0(

Best shoot off to bed, but just wanted to get on here and say hi before you thought I had all forgotten!!

Hows everyone this week? smile

apprenticemamma Thu 24-Oct-13 23:23:58

hi all and wrlcome newbies I've been hanging out on the march 14 Fred and the babynames thread.

Sorry to hear of continued nausea for some and other issues e.g. b2b. Sounds horrendous, cant teally say anything else wink .Just had our scan and I have a lower anterior placenta....unless it shifts which it prob will will need a c section. After last time I'm.not too bothered though wink !!

And. .. we are having a girl! Thrilled to bits . Ds decidedly nonplussed and wanted to watch Charlie and Lola on the big scan tv they have. Funny (maybe symbolic though....?)

BartBaby Sun 27-Oct-13 19:36:15

Hello ladies smile how is everyone doing? It's been so quiet on here lately. I'm sure people are just tied up doing real life stuff!

apprentice congratulations on your baby girl! I'm sure your ds will be slightly more interested when she arrives. Was he hoping for anything inparticular or is he just not that interested? grin

abi I think a lot of midwifes just go through the motions so you may have to keep on at her to get that extra scan. Fx crossed for you though. The consultant wats me to have extra scans at 26 and 30 weeks I check the growth as ds was apparently quite small for full term. I'm not complaining about the extra scans though.

Things are improving here for me. Nausea only intermittently and not much being sick. I have to be careful and eat something when I start getting hungry or that just makes it bad again.

We went for a scan yesterday and were having a girl aswell! The awkward little monkey had her legs crossed most of the time there. Even after a walk around, a few jumps and a cold drink! But we got there in the end, and the bloke said he wouldn't have told us if he wasn't sure. I'm still not going to buy lots of girly things until after the 20 week scan, just incase. It will be good to have 2 opinions!

Abibub Mon 28-Oct-13 08:50:13

Hey ladies!!

Thats great bart that your ms is calming and under control :D ☆ ★ ☆ I guess the quietness on here is down to being busy, ive been fairly busy and still likely to be hence why less posting on here, and also the Martians thread I'm on too! Fabby news on the girl result glad all is well with baby too. At least they are keeping a close eye which is the main thing, plus you get to see LO a few more times :0)

Great news apprentice on the girly front :0) I bet ds will ve chuffed to bits when she comes along! I had heard a low anterior placenta means possible c section but if you happy with that then that's all that matters! :0)

How is everyone else doing?

Nausea still off and on, but when I do have good days I dont want to take it for granted and say that its going as it comes back with a vengence! ! 18 + 2 here today! Feeling very tired after all the big weather last night so hoping to squeeze a nap in today!

winterpansy Fri 01-Nov-13 20:50:09

Hey all!
Just checking in to see how everyone is. Hope everyone is feeling OK.
I've been a bit under the weather this week with a chest infection, as has DS so it's been a bit rough, and we had this little scare www.mumsnet.com/Talk/pregnancy/1897295-31-weeks-babys-growth-has-slowed-panicking-slightly but fingers crossed all is alright and little DD is just being a madam! SPD is hit and miss...so days good, some days bad. So I'm just taking each day as it comes. That's my whinging over for tonight smile promise.

So glad to hear nausea is finally getting better bart and abi. Enjoy your glowing 2nd trimester before the 3rd trimester exhaustion and crapness starts! I am so glad I have decided this baby will be the last I have grin

Yay for your girls apprentice and bart!

Hello to everyone else - really hope all is going well.

Have a good weekend everyone x

Abibub Wed 06-Nov-13 08:20:40

Hey all!

How are you lovely ladies?

winter just read your other thread. So sorry you have been left with worry sad lets just hope it was a one off scare and that she'll back to what your happy with growth wise. Its good to know they are keeping a close eye on it. Could it be because you had been poorly? How are you feeling now? So the next scan is a week friday then? Do come on and let us know how you're getting on! !? How many weeks are you now?

Well how are the other ladies on the thread?

Im nearly half way through pg (this sat is 20 weeks!) And we have 20 weeks scan on monday. We got a doppler jusy recently and its sooooo lovely to hear babies hb :0) im deffo gonna use it a good amount as this baby movements are not what I call wriggly but I get to find where abouts my placenta is on this next scan so I may just not be feeling it!

Ds started full time on monday just gone and its lovely! ! He also seems to be enjoying it which is fabby :0) x

BartBaby Wed 06-Nov-13 09:43:40

Hello ladies smile not doing to bad here for a change.

Still occasional nausea but nothing too bad. Was a bit achy/crampy yesterday but I'm sure it's just everything stretching and getting kicked and punched grin

winter I know it's easier said than done but try not to worry too much. It's great that they are keeping an eye on it, and all babies grow differently so she may have just had a slow couple of weeks. I'm also having a couple of extra scans as ds was born weighing under the 10th centile. They put previous IUGR on my notes but I very much doubt that he actually had it. He had no other symptoms and is perfectly fine with loads of energy, he's just always weighed under average.

abi I'm nearly half way through aswell 18+2 is near enough and I can't believe how the time has flown by! Have you bought much stuff yet? I've got the Moses basket and stand and that's it so far. Oh and a pack of beast and 2 packs of sleep suits. The dopplers are great aren't they?! I've had mine since 10 weeks. Although didn't hear the hb until 11 weeks, and then not consistently until about 13 weeks. It's very reassuring though.

I've been feeling movements like somersaults for a few weeks now, and started feeling the first kicks a few days ago. I can even feel them from the outside now, although they aren't very strong yet.

Hope everyone else is ok?

Abibub Wed 06-Nov-13 11:40:43

Hey bartbaby smile glad you're feeling better, I too still have bowts of nausea but im either managing it better or its subsiding but I still have food aversions. Yep 18.2 is close enough!! Im 19+4 so we're quite close! grin

Love my doppler, im deffo gonna get my money's worth at only 25 quid! Babys hb seems to be at 145-148 when asleep then when its woken its at 150-155 . Ds heartbeat im sure was slower?!

Cant wait to see little beanage again on Monday's scan,hopefully everything is ok, and hopefully we'll get to find out the sex?!! Movements for me I hardly feel atm so would be intetesting to see where my placenta is!

Really tired, haven't been sleeping too well lately. Hopefully that'll change!

How's everyone else? x

winterpansy Fri 15-Nov-13 11:14:25

Hey there, how are you all doing?

I had my scan and DD has put on 200g over the fortnight which is much better than the 100g the previous fortnight so while she is still small, she is growing so that's a relief! She's still breech though so I am hoping she'll turn as I am so hoping for a waterbirth again and can't think about dealing with DS and newborn DD while recovering from a section!

I'm 33 weeks now and the end can't come soon enough - spd is so bad I've been given crutches for my worst days and I am a bit down about it but the end is in sight and it will all be worth it. Not being able to do much combined with mad nesting has left me a bit frustrated but bit by bit we are getting little odd jobs down around the house and the place is almost ready! DS has gone into his big room (he LOVES it!) and has been sleeping so well in his bed so that's been great.

Enough about me...how is everyone? abi Did you find out the sex??
bart apprentice nomore How are things?

BartBaby Sat 16-Nov-13 08:47:05

Yes abi I forgot about your scan!! I hope everything went well?

Good to hear from you winter and so pleased that baby has grown some more. Sorry to hear about your bad SPD. I've had a few pains hear and there in my bum cheek and down my right leg, but only now and again so far. Nowhere near as bad as you flowers my nesting definately hasn't kicked in yet! I'm still in the very tired and want to do nothing stage grin we need to move ds into his new big boy bedroom aswell. Although he isn't too keen to move. I want him to be in by Xmas though so will need to get a move on. We need to get a new curtain rail and put that up first, and it seems like such a massive task!

Things are ok here with me. Apart from being tired constantly! I'm not even sleeping too bad. Waking up loads for wees, but straight back to sleep. And even naps in the day. And I'm still tired! Sickness is all but gone though. Only feel sick when I'm hungry but I just need to eat an I'm fine. 19+5 today so nearly halfway. Scan next Thursday to hopefully confirm girl smile

How is everyone else doing?

muzzy1 Tue 19-Nov-13 20:06:11

Hello ladies...I haven't been on for ages! Glad to see everyone is doing well although sorry to hear about your worry winter...sounds like things are ok now though and not long to go!!

How was the scan abi? Hope all went well. Glad the nausea is a bit better.

Congrats bart and apprentice on your dd! I love having a girl....she just turned two and we got her a lovely dolls house which I think I'm more interested in than she is!

I'm 15w3d now and all was good at the 12 week scan. We are going to keep the sex a suprise again! My nausea and tiredness is much better but both dd and I have a horrid cold and DH is away for 10 days so I'm feeling pretty sorry for myself!

How are you one?

onelittlepiglet Mon 25-Nov-13 14:35:03

Hello everyone hope you are all ok. Haven't been in this thread for ages apologies!

I'm still very, very sick several times a day and constant nausea. I'm 14 weeks now and no sign of it going. In fact it seems to be getting worse.... I've had it for 9 weeks now so pretty fed up. I'm not in the uk and food here is not great - no lovely M&S sandwiches (which I'm craving) so I'm living on tinned soup and pitta bread, and mostly beige food. But whatever I eat in the evening, I am sick so it doesn't seem to make much difference.

On the plus side I haven't put in a single ounce since getting my BFP even though none of my shorts now fit my expanding tummy!

Please let it go soon because I'm very fed up.

Hope you are all ok - I think I spied another couple of BFPs n the conception thread but it might be a bit early for them to move in over but I hope they do soon!

2beornot Mon 25-Nov-13 15:23:40

one we may just be lurking because we can't quite believe it! I'll be here stressing properly in a couple of weeks!!

BartBaby Mon 25-Nov-13 22:20:54

Hello ladies smile you are all more than welcome once the bfp's have sunk in. And congrats to you!

one I hope the end isn't too far away for you. My sickness started to ease off at around 16 weeks I think. Now it's only if I get too hungry so I feel like I'm eating all the time! But it will get better, and then you will all but forget the nastiness as the kicking starts. Have you felt any movement yet?

muzzy I hope you and dd are feeling better now. My ds had a nasty cold but I think I've been lucky and got off quite lightly with it. I'm so looking forward to the dolls and dolls houses! I've still got a big silver cross stagecoach dolls twin pram in mint condition that I got for Xmas 24 years ago. So I'm very pleased its a girl and I don't need to sell it!

I had the 20 week scan this week and happy to say everything looks good. They did put on the report that the amniotic fluid was low, which has given me a bit of worry over the weekend. But I phoned them today and they says it's an error and it's all fine. I will be annoyed with them later but for now it's just a relief. I've also got the extra growth scans in the new year so I will get them to double check it then. The little monkey had her legs crossed again! So they couldn't confirm the gender. So I'm really glad we paid for the private scan. Although I'm worrying now that it may have been wrong and daren't buy too much girly stuff just incase! Something else to check at the extra scans I think.

abi where are you??? I hope everything is ok!

winterpansy Wed 04-Dec-13 14:37:49

Hey, how is everyone?

All OK but a bit stressful here - baby is breech and I've a consultant appointment next week to book a section. There goes my waterbirth out the window! But as long as she gets her safely I don't mind. SPD is making me almost housebound at the minute so I am going to try and convince them to do it the week before Christmas at 38 weeks so hopefully all the stress will be over very soon. She is still measuring small but I'm in for growth scans weekly which is exhausting but reassuring.

How is everyone else doing? Hope all scans etc. have been going well and sickness has disappeared for everyone thanks

Abibub Sat 07-Dec-13 16:46:08

Hey ladies!!! My gosh long time no hear, I am so sorry I started writing a post after my 20 week scan but got side tracked and now feel ive neglected here a little. :0 (

Winter - sorry to hear spd is causing issues and now with the breach too, I hope all goes ok with baby from here on in. So not long now then? What day is your appointment with consultant? I am keeping my fx that your section date is the date you want. I still cant believe 38 weeks for you will be the week before xmas!!!

Bart, muzzy, one how are you doing lovelies?

Did I see 2be lurking on here too? Are there any more lurkers? I hope you're all doing well? What stages are you all at now?

Well im 24 weeks today. Still get nausea and gagging but no way near as bad as before, that probably all really stopped about 18/19 weeks. Its mainly now diwn to lack of sleep and some food aversions! 20 week scan went well in that baby is all ok. But we had do many people interrupting and when she did the gender she didnt leave it up on the screen for very long. She said straight away oh definitely a boy. I didnt think they were allowed to be do confident with their answers? Anyway I struggled to come to terms with having another boy, but there were other reasons involved with why it was affecting me, down to fears of labour and nit bonding with ds within thd first 2weeks after he was born. I think ive conquered my fears (apart from thd labour bit) and feel a little happier now. What really helped was going for a private scan. She was really lovely. She said she thought it was a big too but never would guarantee it as its never 100% accurate. She said something as simple as a foot or umbilical cord can be mistaken for boy bits!! Has anyone ever heard ofaanyone having what appear like definite answers on tgd sex of baby anf then at birth it being opposite?


BartBaby Tue 10-Dec-13 14:38:29

Hello abi smile good to hear from you I was starting to worry! I'm glad everything was ok with the scan. Congratulations on another little boy! It's only natural that it takes a while to sink in. And any problems you may have encountered with the first aren't necessary going to happen again. I've heard that's it's more likely to get a girl prediction wrong than a boy prediction. Although I'm sure it happens both ways. But I would say if both say it's a boy then I would be pretty sure that it is. I always loved having a sister. I'm sure your ds will love having a brother smile

Things are ok with me. 23 weeks yesterday and eating lots of crap! Got a bit of pain in my right hip. It's ok most of the time but sometimes stops me in my tracks. It's lots better than the sickness though so I can't complain.

How is everyone else?

Abibub Tue 10-Dec-13 22:59:08

Hey Bartbaby!

Glad the sickness has disappeared! I still get nausea atleast a few times a week but its ddifferent now. So thinking im coping better! (I hope!) I am 24 weeks will be 25weeks on sat!!! Ahhhhhhh !! Yeah at least we save on budget for clothing ;) !!

Winter - have you had your consultancy appointment yet?? I hope all is ok with you? :0) x

Hows everyone else? x

winterpansy Mon 16-Dec-13 22:18:55

Hey all,
Due to hopefully get my section date tomorrow as when I went last week they sent me to the breech clinic where I refused ECV then they told me I wasn't suitable for it anyway as baby is small, fluid is low and the spd could be a problem! I feel so much in limbo now so want everything sorted out ASAP. I'm 37+4 and really feel like little madam would be better off out than in because of all these problems.

DS has just woken up so I need to go to him - sorry I haven't replied to everyone but I do hope you are all keeping very well and looking forward to Christmas. Will keep you posted on the news here smile

muzzy1 Sat 21-Dec-13 16:27:54

Hey ladies
Hope everything goes ok winter. Sorry you've got all that worry....hopefully your date will be soon!

I would say 2 boy opinions are going to be right abi. Your ds will love having a little brother I'm sure. We had our 20 week scan last week and weren't going to find out the sex but she went right between the legs and I defiantly saw that it was a boy!! Although a surprise would have been nice Im so over the moon to have a ds to go with dd!
It's actually nice finding out isn't it...i feel even more excited now.

Hope you're well bart and one. Hope the nausea isn't too bad.

Happy Christmas ladies

Hi everyone - sorry it's been so long! I'm 39 weeks today (EDD was changed to 30 Dec) so just waiting for things to happen now - and hoping to avoid Christmas Day itself!

Hope you ladies are all well smile

BartBaby Tue 24-Dec-13 22:45:15

Hello ladies smile

abi glad you're doing ok and feeling a bit better. Is t it just so much better when you don't feel sick constantly?!

winter did you get your section date through? How are you doing now? I hope it's not too much longer for you now.

muzzy yey for a little boy! Boys are truly lovely. I've found out with both DC now I really don't think I could wait! It makes it easier to plan aswell I think.

nomore how are you? So close!! I hope you make it past Xmas day, but that it's not too much longer for you. Please come back and let us know how it all goes smile

As for me I'm constantly tired, but feel better than I have in a long time! I'm 25+1 and have a decent sized bump so I'm starting to get a bit uncomfortable sitting or laying in certain positions. I know it's going to get a whole lot worse though yet so can't complain. It amuses dh that it's killing me already going up the stairs. Were in a 3 storey so have 2 flights and I'm totally knackered by the time I get to the top!

I am loving all the wriggling about and kicking though. I love just laying and watching my bump moving about, although it does feel quite weird, and I'm finding it a bit of a passion killer with me and dh... Ds is also being very cute giving baby lots of cuddles and kisses and singing songs.

I hope you all have a brilliant Christmas and get some lovely presents grin

Abibub Sat 28-Dec-13 00:32:01

Hey all!! Just stopping in quickly as I need sleep!

Winter - hun I hope you have your date through by now? And that all is going better for you!

Bart - it us so much better not being sick every single morning for sure isnt it! I still havd food aversions but work around those! I am getting really tired now too am27weeks (sat 28th) and get battered ffrom the inside quite frequently! !

Muzzy - welcome to the boy team!! :0) im just going with its a boy anyhow. ( although how lovely would a surprise ov a girl be!! Lol )

Nomore - how are you now? I am hoping all is good with you and that you are either getting to the point if just wantinv to have baby or you've had baby! ! Eeeek how exciting! :0)

Big hugz yo you all? Xx

Hi ladies!

Yes I made it through Christmas so just trying to hold on for as long as possible now to hopefully get that separation between Christmas and his birthday - even though I feel like I'm the size of a house!

Getting lots of very painful twinges (like being stabbed in the cervix) for a few days now but nothing regular so I guess it's all part of the fun....

Also we still haven't decided on a name yet!

Abibub Sun 29-Dec-13 19:20:13

Ahhhhh nomore, your body must be building up to the big moment!!! Very excited for you, I am sending well wishes for a good and productive labour lovely!

Hey ladies how are the rest of you? Winter hun?


ASmidgeofMidge Sun 29-Dec-13 23:42:38

Hi all. Really sorry it's been so long! Hope you are all ok? Not long now for us all... I've been struggling a bit emotionally (depression & anxiety) but with good days as well as bad. I feel ok physically except for the usual aches & pains. Am now 36+3 and hoping I don'tgo as overdue this time as I did last time!

Smidge poor you! That must be really tough. I'm struggling to keep a lid on my emotions at the moment. I seem to be unable to 'have a word with myself' when I get anxious as I would normally so get myself really worked up over small things. So what you're dealing with must be so hard. Hope you feel better soon.

winterpansy Tue 31-Dec-13 10:27:26

Hello all! Just popped in to let you know that our absolutely gorgeous daughter Nancy was born via a traumatic planned csection (spinal didn't work..) on Christmas Eve. She was 7lb 4oz so all that worry about IUGR for nothing! She's a dream baby so far, eating and sleeping well. We got home late on Boxing day and have settled in nicely. DS has been amazing with her and DH and my parents has been incredible at looking after all of us. I'm feeling a lot better but was frustrated and upset about how awful I felt for the first 5/6 days. Things are on the up now though and we're counting ourselves so lucky to have our family healthy and complete smile

Will read back when I get a chance to catch up with you all. Maybe we can get a postnatal thread together once there are some more babies so we can help each other through the pitfalls of dealing with 2. Thanks to you all for your support over the last 11 months - right from ttc to now! Hope you all had a great Christmas and are keeping well thanks

Congratulations winter!! Glad you're home and feeling better. What an exciting Christmas!

I'm officially overdue today and, after a curry for tea tonight, plan to start on the home remedies tomorrow, which DH is quite excited about!

BartBaby Wed 01-Jan-14 08:48:27

Congratulations winter smile what a lovely Christmas present for you and your family. Glad you are starting to feel a bit better aswell. I think there is just so much to take inane adjust to in the first few days. I'm definately up for the one baby has arrived thread. You will be an expert by April grin

nomore I hope it's not too much longer for you now. The week before ds due date we went on a long walk, had the curry, had the sex and I bounced on my gym ball constantly. Not sure if any one of those worked particularly but he was born a day early. But it made me feel better for at least trying!

smidge I hope you are doing ok now. The next 4 weeks will fly by.

abi I hope you are doing ok aswell. Up to now I love the getting battered from the inside grin although it is gettin a lot stronger now so I'm sure it will start being uncomfortable sooner rather than later.

And happy new year everyone! I hope you all had a good night. We didn't do much but I wouldnt have changed it. We have dsd visiting for the week so it was nice to just sit in and watch a film all together and eat sweets grin I also had a cheeky blue wkd aswell and I must say it was lovely!!

ASmidgeofMidge Fri 03-Jan-14 12:20:35

Congratulations winter! Love the idea of a postnatal thread re dealing with two, as well. Hoping it's not too much longer nomore...
How's everyone else?

Abibub Sat 04-Jan-14 15:44:33

Omgosh Winter! Congratulations! ! Very chuffed for you, and so glad that you feel more settled now too smile Nancy sounds like she had a really healthy birth weight smile how are you finding it all now? Sorry to hear about the traumatic c section though :0/

Nomore - hope everything is has gone forward for you now? How are you?

How's everyone doing now?

Bart - still being battered here and the amount of movement is insane! Dp and I think he may be early because he is so much of a wriggle butt!!!

28 weeks today here! Feeling very tired so think iron is low like it was with ds! Feel like we're stagnating at home because we really want to move, but we're not sure if we can do it. We viewed a place this morning which was fabby and perfect really but because dp hasnt been giving info on his possible wage rise due at some point in January and because we rely on housing allowance top up and im not sure if that changes if our rent increases and we would need to get the deposit from somewhere I just think we cant do it. Im gutted as it was a good place and im fed up of living here as we just dont know when its being sold. :0( so I think its back to square one!! Xx

James Alexander was born in a hurry yesterday morning! I woke at 6.30 having contractions (had been feeling them before I went to sleep but told myself they'd keep me awake if they needed to) and was told by labour ward to wait at home until the contractions lasted a minute. They then started to get pretty strong and luckily we called again and insisted we go in. By the time I got there and I was looked at I was fully dilated - I just managed to get in the pool before he crowned and popped out at 8.30, just 30 mins after we got there!

My hypnobirthing plan went a bit out of the window as the panic of the rush didn't lend itself to feeling relaxed but I'm so happy that I had the natural waterbirth I wanted do badly after DS1's traumatic birth.

Also, it turns out I'm a screamer! This horrendous noise just came out of me when he started to descend. I'm still cringing thinking about it now! blush

BartBaby Sun 05-Jan-14 09:15:20

Yey congratulations nomore !! Lovely name too smile

It sounds like a perfect birth aswell. Just what I'm hoping for! Ha ha. It's lovely when everything works out just as you want it.

Hope everyone else is ok

ASmidgeofMidge Wed 08-Jan-14 08:51:44

Congratulations nomore!

Abibub Fri 10-Jan-14 00:40:40

Oh wonderful stuff nomore! Congratulations and welcome to the world little chap! I hope you're all doing well. Big hugz!

Hows everyone else doing? Xx

ASmidgeofMidge Tue 14-Jan-14 22:28:25

Hi all, how is everyone? I'm now 38+ 6. Have had some period-like cramps all afternoon but nothing I could call super regular or particularly painful. Feels a bit like upset tummy. Still poo-ing lots. No other signs...

winterpansy Thu 16-Jan-14 22:27:11

Thanks for all the congrats! And congrats from me to nomore! Glad you got the waterbirth you wanted. I had one with DS and it was great, a fab experience. How is it all going now for you?

abi How is the house situation? Have you had your iron levels checked? Hope you're feeling a bit better. Time is flying in...your LO could be here in 10 weeks!

asmidge Any news from you? How are you feeling?

bart Are you still enjoying the battering or starting to be uncomfortable? I must say, when I see pregnant ladies out and about at the minute I just feel sorry for them. My last few weeks were so uncomfortable with BHs and a head battering my ribs!

muzzy How are you? Hope you're still very excited about your impending DS. Boys are mad but super fun!

All good here. I'm feeling about 90% back to normal except my tummy feels bruised from the inside and my scar is a bit itchy but other than that I can't complain. I'm knackered, obviously, but things have fallen into place quicker than I thought. It's so different with a second baby - I feel much more confident and able to respond to DD intuitively rather than panicking about everything like I did with DS. She's going 2.5/3 hr between feeds at the minute so I think she's midst 3 week growth spurt. Joy!

DS, despite his promising start with the sibling acceptance, is having a bit of a hard time - he's had a few tantrums and toilet accidents and has woken up a few times at night over the past few weeks and wanted to come in with us. I guess we just have to ride it out and hope he comes round in time. We've given him lots of attention (and too much chocolate!), as have our families and friends, but I'm sure his nose is more than a wee bit out of joint with the whole thing. He's a lovely boy though and is very kind to his sister - I think he is just fed up with us me for bringing her here! It's not too bad though..I just feel bad for him and more than slightly guilty but I know having a sibling will benefit him in the long run.

I had forgotten how little you get done when you have a newborn and throw a toddler into the mix and nothing gets done at all - I meant to post on here last week and suddenly another week has gone by!

BartBaby Sun 02-Mar-14 10:10:49

How are we all doing ladies? Are any of you still on here? I come on and look at stuff but havent been getting round to replying much.

Do we have any new babies yet?? smidge any news from you?

winter and nomore how are you getting on?

abi how are you? Not much longer for us now i hope things are going smoothly for you.

Things are ok with me. 35 weeks tomorrow smile had a bit of a scare this weekend though. Caught a sickness bug and got rather dehydrated and it set off contractions so i spent friday night on hospital on a drip and being monitored. Luckily the contractions have stopped but i had to have the steroid injections just incase. Apart from that everything has been ok. Weve got most things sorted now just the last few bits to get.

Hope everyone else is doing ok aswell

fedupofrainydays Fri 07-Mar-14 12:52:26

Just found this thread full of my old friends! How are you all? Some of you must be mums again now?

I think a fair few of you may remember me... I'm currently on third preg of ttc #2. Had two mc last year. Even more nutty now than was when ttc!

muzzy1 Sun 09-Mar-14 19:43:32

Hey fedup! Good to see you here...although this is a pretty inactive thread these days!!
How many weeks are you? Have you had a scan yet?

Hi to everyone else. How is it going Winter? Hope dd is doing well and ds is getting used to things!

Hope all ok now Bart? That must have been scary!!

I'm 31 weeks now and being beaten up by my little boy! He's a real kicker!! Am grateful that since the ms went I've had a good pg so far.

How are you Abi??

muzzy1 Sun 09-Mar-14 20:55:44

Bart just saw your post on the April thread! Congratulations on your dd! Hope you get home soon x

BartBaby Mon 10-Mar-14 09:11:25

Hello smile what a busy week it's been.

Good to see you here fedup I'm not sure how many of the ladies are still around though.

Well little lady Elena decided to make her appearance on friday! I was only 35+4 so a little bit early but still perfect. She's a teeny 5lb 10oz although that is a good weight for her gestation so could have been worse. We just need to wait on some blood results now to check for infection, and if all is well hopefully we can go home later today.

I hope the rest of you are all well

fedupofrainydays Mon 10-Mar-14 13:41:08

Yeah I kind of gathered this was a bit of a dead thread after I posted.... Shame! But lovely to hear from you both!

And also see abi was on here... She must be overdue as was ages ago on the thread she has her bfp.

Congrats bart - that's lovely news!! Glad all ok with Elena despite the early arrival. Enjoy new born cuddles (I'm a bit jealous!!)

And muzzy a little boy! My ds was mega energetic inside too and still is. He's dropped his nap so no sneaky afternoon naps for me now which is tough at the mo with horrible ms. I'm 9 weeks. Been (and still is) a scary road for us. After 2 mc last year, one a suspected ectopic so was relieved to find this one in the right place at 6 weeks. I don't think I will ever relax with this pregnancy, every time I do a wee it's a major panic in case I find blood. But it will be a relief if I make it passed 12 week scan ok.

Hope everyone else is well!