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October 2013: Almost halfway!

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cherrycherry41 Fri 10-May-13 23:50:30

Thread 8 of 1,000 wink

checking in! Halfway point on Sunday for me!

cherrycherry41 Fri 10-May-13 23:56:45

Woo falcon!
A week on sunday for me! grin

Flyer747 Fri 10-May-13 23:58:57

Checking in thanks for the new thread x

legallyblond Fri 10-May-13 23:59:48

Checking in! I'm well over half way! At the very latest, they'll be here in 18 weeks exactly!

cherrycherry41 Sat 11-May-13 00:24:23

Eeek legally very exciting! My dads next door neighbours was telling me about her twins the other day- natural births on separate days (like 23.50 and 00.10 something like that), carried them until 38 weeks and they were 7lbs+ each! Although this was 18 years ago i still find it amazing!!

tuckingfits Sat 11-May-13 00:24:51

thanks for doing the new thread! Great news from all todays scanees & good that Natalie's husband didn't need another operation. If he pays his NICs,surely he's entitled to something... I don't understand at all!!

I'll be 18 weeks on Sunday & I think I've only.put on a couple of lbs thus far,which is pleasing me but then I remind myself that I was starting from a stone heavier than I was when I fell pregnant with DS smile

No scan date yet either,I was told it would be automatically generated & when I asked (dubiously, after prior experience) how long I should wait before chasing it up,they said give it til 18 weeks,so they've got til Wednesday (great minds mon!) before I start making enquiries. Prior to kicking off!!

GTbaby Sat 11-May-13 01:19:54

Naughty naughty! Still 2 more posts for last thread. I'm off to finish it. grin

chickieno1 Sat 11-May-13 02:44:49

Congrats on all the good scan news! So exciting!

Happy birthday Roxvox.

Hope you re feeling ok bronze.

Cuille just an idea, and you might already know this, I found a good probiotic tablet helped with thrush.

I've gained a lot of weight sad about 5kg and I'm only 17 weeks! Seems more than with ds. Hope it starts to slow down or am in trouble. Am normally about 55kg, might have been a bit underweight in dec due to stress so maybe thats got something to do with it???

Wickedgirl Sat 11-May-13 06:39:04

The only thing I have craved so far was when I was about 8 weeks pregnant and being sick everyday. I woke at 2am really wanting to eat a beef flavoured pot noodle. I got one the next day and is was yummy (and stayed down!)

I haven't had one since though

roofio87 Sat 11-May-13 07:14:00

morning all,checking in. I've been craving lots of fruit recently, not a bad thing at all!! I'm up this Saturday morning with a taste of what its like to have kids, 3.5 yo nephew came racing in "auntie Ruth its 07:00 (said zero seven zero zero as he reads the clock) so I can get up now!!!"grin

Soupqueen Sat 11-May-13 07:14:52

Morning all! Thanks for shiny new thread grin

I've not been around this week due to work being mental, and doing a bit of work travel. I am ridiculously tired, plan to do very little this weekend.

natalie, I've not had the full results, expecting them early next week..... I also have my anomaly scan on Thursday ( moved to 18 weeks because of my super high HCG levels), so just need to get through next week, with good news X 2 and can then relax.

Saw the midwife for my 16 week check in Wednesday (at 17 weeks), everything fine. She got the heartbeat immediately, 130 bpm so if the old wives tale is to be believed, it's a wee boy in there. My cravings are mainly for cheese, but I'm not reading too much into it as that was true pre pregnancy too! orange, she confirmed that being veggie can give increased HCG, so hopefully that eases your mind a little!

Have a lovely weekend all!

funkky Sat 11-May-13 07:36:21

Tx for new thread cherry
Not sure about old wife's tale as baby's hb at first two scans was over 150bpm and we def saw a w...y confirming its a boy yesterday. Suddenly overwhelmed with what to buy etc plus we just put in a third offer for a house! So moving prob late July/ August should be fun.

legally felt goosebumps reading your post, you are over halfway mark, it's really going to start happening soon.......eek

Tummy feels noticeably heavy now am 20+3 weeks, want to start yoga but spdhmm, also got the 'your belly is big for 5months' comment last week but hey ho.

Morning! Thanks for the new thread, 2 weeks in Tuesday until my scan at 20+1. Realised already that feeling baby has its downsides as I now want to feel movement all the time so I know I have a healthy babybell in there!

Claphammama I definitely agree, babies need calcium so when I eat cheesy chips its because the baby asked for it grin

Happy weekend, hope you all have nice relaxing things planned- and Soup just stay horizontal and get someone to feed you cheesy stuff smile

Haylebop12 Sat 11-May-13 08:04:02

Checking in.

Day off just me and dd today so lots of housework sad

Thanks for letting me know soup, you never know how true things are on the Internet so glad to know the midwife thought being veggie made hgg high.

I am not able to eat milk but have also been wanting cheese. And cheap milky chocolate. Also orange juice, that one I can have.

Carpet measurer coming this morning then a friends birthday party this evening. Been very tired playing with my niece every evening instead of flopping but been nice to practice having a little one around. The only problem is having only one loo with all the extra people.

Claphammama Sat 11-May-13 08:11:49

checking in!

flying back to London today - back to the reality... :-( but desperately missing my little boy!!

char1eston Sat 11-May-13 08:14:36

Thanks for the new thread cherry
Dp's older brother and sister are twins born on different days (but they are in their 40's so not the same ones as you know).
legally only 18 weeks - that seems like nothing!
20 weeks today for me and scan on weds. We're going to take dd with us. She's 1.11 - hope she doesn't get too freaked out!
I've been craving the same stuff as last time. Sharp drinks (oj, limonata) and sweets. Another girl? Won't be finding out at the scan.

roxvox Sat 11-May-13 08:14:39

Thanks for the new thread cherry, I wonder if it will see us all through the halfway point!

Thanks to everyone for my birthday wishes! I went shopping and bought some next maternity jeans (with a band that goes under the bump) and they are just so much more comfortable than normal jeans! Very pleasing.

So pleased that everyone's scans went well! I think I am subconsciously quite anxious about ours on Tuesday, so it's lovely to see that you're all getting positive scans. Can't wait!

Today is weigh-in day (always weigh on Saturday before I eat anything). I am yet to weight today, but up until now I had put on about 7lbs I think (only in the last few weeks though). Still no real bump here (20w on Wednesday), but family keep assuring me it's because I am tall! I would like a nice bump though instead of this oddly shaped hard lump protruding from my tummy!

roxvox Sat 11-May-13 08:42:51

I've just weighed and my weight hasn't changed for 2 weeks. My weight stayed the same for the first 17 weeks, then jumped 7lbs one week, and has now stayed at that new heavier measurement for 3 weeks. Seems a bit odd! Not worried though smile

roxvox Sat 11-May-13 08:43:45

Well that made no sense. Message to Mumsnet - please add some features so we can edit/remove posts!

HotSoupDumpling Sat 11-May-13 08:47:00

Marking place, thanks for the new thread cherry!

Am surviving on regular jeans with elastic band extension, then long maternity tops to cover it up. But I've done a few massive maternity shops online (I always end up returning most of it and only keeping a couple of items, but it saves a trek into town and the inevitable frustration when they have limited stock...).

Felt the first champagne bubble sensations this morning! Or was it digestion...?

pinkbuttons Sat 11-May-13 08:47:30

Thanks for the new thread cherry
Exciting that were all nearly have way and some of us are already!
1 more week for me until 20 weeks but who knows maybe this baby will be a week or so early making me half way now smile
Also been getting comments about how big my bump is funky and asking if Im having twins... not helpful.

pinkbuttons Sat 11-May-13 08:55:59

Just got my email from babycentre telling me about this week of being pregnant, and it says Congratulations your halfway there?! Now Im confused is 19 weeks half way or 20 weeks?

Hi all, just marking my place, I've still got 3 weeks till I'm 20 weeks and scan, so will be touch and go if this thread lasts that long! Having a lovely lie in with my girls as DH is in Portugal this weekend on a stag do!

Cravings are definitely more savoury, but heartbeat at 16wk app was 149bpm so your guess is as good as mine, still undecided as to whether to try and find out what flavour smile

Natalieand Sat 11-May-13 09:09:22

I will be 18 weeks on Monday and its 13 days until 20 week scan (19wk 4day scan)

pink I personally think that 20 weeks is half way unless u no u are delivering early like in legallys case.

Not even out of bed yet and all of a sudden I have a full ache type pain all the way round my back and right low down of my tummy... More uncomfortable than painful ATM I'd say. Anything to worry about do u think? X

Natalieand Sat 11-May-13 09:12:38

Oh and for those wondering about old wives tales with gender this is how it is for me
1st pregnancy dd was always around 160bpm and I loved ice lollies orange juice and curry sauce

This time I'm having a boy and at the gender scan the heart rate was 140bpm and I am going mad for cheese and pickle rolls and fizzy drinks lol

textbook Sat 11-May-13 09:28:43

My midwife didn't mention heart rate of baby after listening to it sad do you think it will be written in my notes?

pinkbuttons yes I am very impatient and a total control freak, so will be finding out if we can! So more girl/boy news due on Thursday everyone grin

JellyCurls Sat 11-May-13 09:33:42

New thread already, glad I found you all.

Morning weigh in today and put on 8lb so far so quite happy with that. roxvox with dc1 I had no permanently noticeable bump till about 26 weeks so hang in there. Never ever got my much desired shelf to put my dinner plate on but that's what happens when you tall.

On girl / boy debate.

Dc1 is a girl, hb of around 158 and I craved fruit and ice cream.
Dc2 is a boy, hb of around 138 and I craved chocolate.
DC3 is ???, hb if 150 at 16 weeks and no cravings at all

JellyCurls Sat 11-May-13 09:34:53

text should be written on your notes that's where our is recorded

Haylebop12 Sat 11-May-13 10:05:56

Mine wasn't written in my notes, I asked the midwife what it was :-)

Shirehobbit Sat 11-May-13 10:09:12

My notes seem to record very little of any interest, tbf.

Having said I was wolfing down craving savoury foods, I've just demolished two Eccles cakes. Oops blush

Natalieand Sat 11-May-13 10:40:53

Currently eating pancakes with sugar and lemon. I had wanted a cheese toastie but we appear to have run out of cheese I blame dh so pancakes will have to fill the gap for now lol

Flyer747 Sat 11-May-13 11:07:17

Is anyone else suffering with trapped wind? I have it near enough constantly it's so uncomfy....I really want to fart (sorry tmi) but can't!

Flyer747 Sat 11-May-13 11:10:09

Following on from that I ate a small tub of dried fruit and nuts yesterday and I was on all fours trying to expel the air last night....then when it did expel my god I nearly gased the house out! Haha, I'm such a classy lady.

All the time flyer! its horrid!!!

Racheld33 Sat 11-May-13 11:37:20

Hi all, just committed the biggest faux-pas...... Doing a food shop whilst hungry-the rubbish I have bought!

Claphammama Sat 11-May-13 12:07:55

flyer this made me laugh so much! The image of you on all fours!! Haha
Unfortunately, I don't suffer from trapped wind but from uncontrollable wind. It just sometimes happens, with no warning, no respect for where I am or who I am with! Lucking, happened only near DP so far (very sexy) but dreading it happening in the office one day...

Smitten1981 Sat 11-May-13 12:27:55

Just back from the scan. It's a boy, how wrong was I? The heart rate was 167bpm so the heart rate thing can't be that reliable.

I'm a little disappointed, but I'll get over it I guess.

Placenta is at the front so I can expect to feel movement very soon.

Natalieand Sat 11-May-13 12:31:16

smitten I can sympathise with your disappointment, I spent the first 48 hours randomly bursting into tears I've known for 10 days now and am beginning to adjust to the idea.

Remind me smitten do u have any dc already? Xx

Claphammama Sat 11-May-13 12:35:00

Congrats smitten! Trust me - little boys are adorable!

Smitten1981 Sat 11-May-13 12:39:53

No kids Natalie. First one!

Natalieand Sat 11-May-13 12:42:25

Aww just give yourself a few days Hun and go out buy some cute boy clothes and you'll wonder why u was ever dissappinted xx
How does do feel a out having a boy?

What changing bags does everyone have/buying I'm just browsing on google and not really sure what to go for. My sister gave me hers with dd and it was just plain black but its had it now so can't re use it for this baby c

Having a boy first is awesome I love my wee man but then obviously I am biased but you will love it they are so loving to their mummys too smitten xxx

I promised dd yesterday I would take her to soft play but after hunting all morning for my only other clean pair of maternity leggings I have just discovered them at the bottom of the Laundry basket.
I'm so fed up of having nothing to wear.

ananikifo Sat 11-May-13 13:45:50

Hi, everyone.

roxvox I hope you had a lovely birthday.

Congrats to everyone who had scans! I admire the restraint of those who didn't find out the sex of the baby.

I went to work yesterday and wasn't too bad but today my whole back aches. I had an idea that we weren't allowed hot water bottles (to avoid overheating) but Dr Google says its ok so I've made very good use of it! I've also finished knitting my little cardigan and now I need some cute buttons and a new project.

Also, on the subject of moving, from the previous thread, we started the process of buying a house before I knew I was pregnant and are expecting to close in the next month. I think the excitement of the baby is distracting us from the stress of moving and buying a house. Of course our stress is nothing compared to the stress of a woman at work who is due on the 25th and moved last week! Her first baby had been early so she was understandably nervous about the timing of this move.

cherrycherry41 Sat 11-May-13 14:36:56

Congrats smitten! smile

Changing bags wise- i have a Cath Kidson bag and its lovely! It in green polka dot and come with lots of extras like a changing mat, dirty clothes bag, bottle holder (keeps hot/cold), flannel etc
I spent £75 on it and get lots of compliments about it, will be using it this time too smile

So today i fainted in the hairdressers- it was eventful to say the least. Started to feel funny/dizzy/seeing alot of white whilst she was blowdrying my hair so i asked her to stop and went outside for 5 with some water. Felt ok when i came back in, then i sat down and i started to feel a little sick so i went to the toilet, wasnt sick...
Came back to the chair and as i went to sit down i went really light and just completely blacked out! They knew i was pregnant so they rang a blooming ambulance blush
Paramedics came and checked my bp which was a little low but otherwise ok. Told me to keep hydrated and eat plenty of sugary foods to stop it from happening again!
I was very embarrassed to say the least! confused

ananikifo Sat 11-May-13 14:42:18

Aw cherry how awful. How do you feel now? It may feel like a lot of fuss but it's better to stay on the safe side.

cherrycherry41 Sat 11-May-13 14:50:42

I feel fine now tbh, came home and had some pasta and a jam doughnutwink It was very weird how it came on all of a sudden! Just packing for our holiday tomorrow (off to cornwall in the rain woo!angry ), DD is with PIL and DP is home at 5 so after ive finished most of the packing im going to put my feet up smile
I agree, better to be safe smile And itll be a good story to tell little bean when he/she is older! grin

GTbaby Sat 11-May-13 15:16:54

Aww cherry! That's horrible bits my worse nightmare to faint. Just imagin in wearing a dress n everyone sees my knickers! Yes that's how bizzar my thinking is. blush

Nat n smitten. Dc1 is a boy. I wanted a girl BUT having a boy meant culturally I was relieved. Big pressure to have a son. This time I desperately want a girl n I'm scared of finding out. As I'm worried ill be disappointed if its another boy. I love my lil boy. He is adorable. However with current SPD n MS early on. I know I can't/ don't want to go thro another pregnancy. So if I have another boy I have to come to terms to not having a girl. DH got very annoyed when I expressed this to him. As I should be happy regardless of what gender I have. Obviously ill love my baby regardless but I am worried ill be disappointed hmm stupid man just didn't get it.

Smitten wrt nappy bag I use my large LV bag or my longchamp bag. No proper nappy bag. However I think I might get one now as nappy bags usually have dividers n compartment inside which are good for keeping things organised. Which will be useful with two dc in nappies. OR I might buy a racksack. Easier as hands free. Might be good as if I need to case it it won't swing about n is kinda out of the way.

HotSoupDumpling Sat 11-May-13 15:19:46

Woah Cherry, glad you got some carbs and sugars down you!

cherrycherry41 Sat 11-May-13 15:30:42

Ive never fainted before GT, i always thought itd hurt but it didnt surprisingly! Luckily i was wearing jeans haha.

Wickedgirl Sat 11-May-13 15:49:04

If you join boots mum and baby club, boots send you a voucher for a free nappy bag(normally about £30)if you buy a packet of nappies.

I am picking mine up next week

pinkmoonlight Sat 11-May-13 16:36:11

I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago cherry- at the till in Accessorize! The (30 week pregnant!) shop assistant helped me and found some chocolate and water! I think with me it's to do with overheating- I've done it several times abroad but never in UK! I was so embarassed and couldn't wait to get out of there. I've now got an emergency energy drink in my handbag! Glad you're ok and fx it doesn't happen again x

Smitten1981 Sat 11-May-13 16:52:58

Oh no Cherry. Hope you're feeling better now.

I'm going to go shopping for a few boy bits tomorrow to try and get me more in a boy frame of mind.

On the plus side I can get the light blue striped Bugaboo I've been eyeing up!

roofio87 Sat 11-May-13 16:59:42

cherry I fainted in Tuesday, but fortunately was at the gp surgery. I had walked there (not far about 1.5 miles) and it was about 100° in the waiting room and I fainted when they called my name to go in to see the doc. very embarrassing but at least a good place to do it. the receptionist gave me a banana and some water and gp said I had low bp but was just hot and dehydrated I think. hope you're feeling better x

Glad you're ok Cherry my default when ill is to feel dizzy and sick although I haven't actually fainted since I was a kid. Luckily it's usually at home, have flung myself onto the bathroom floor (nice cold tiles) a couple if times to stop myself fainting recently. Only other issue is the bloody train- have to wear my baby on board badge and wait for someone nice to offer me a seat as I know I can't make it through my whole journey standing. It scares me when nobody does, I had to ask once (before I had the badge) as my vision started going... Packed train... When I sat down I went into a cold sweat it was horrible. I'm more scared of feeling dizzy/sick during labour than of actual pain confused

Awww poor Cherry When I had Scarlet fever a few years ago I fainted and fell forward into a mug of Lemsip I'd just made. I had a burnt nose that was red raw for days.

Slippysnow Sat 11-May-13 18:01:44

Seems to be lots of fainters on the thread! cherry hope it doesn't happen again, I suppose the heat of the dryer would've tipped you over. Can't remember whether I congratulated the scanners, so will do it now just incase. Lovely to hear such positive news I hope all of your families were thrilled too!

Smitten1981 Sat 11-May-13 18:11:55

Going to the hairdressers always makes me feel a bit sick and dizzy cause its always hot and busy and takes ages.

xuntitledx Sat 11-May-13 19:18:58

Major craving for lucozade and ice lollies this week!

So excited for my scan on Monday smile

Haylebop12 Sat 11-May-13 19:24:42

Never fainted in my life...! Ooh with all these boys does that lea the ones who haven't found out are probably having girls? It's gotta be roughly 50/50? Ill have a girl to even it out grin

roofio87 Sat 11-May-13 20:07:02

so tired tonight after having my niece and nephew here. I have so much respect for those of you with dcs already!!!
loving being able to feel flutters now. slightly less obvious and in a different place today so baby must have moved but definitely still them I can feel. its weird, but in a lovely way!!smile

Claphammama Sat 11-May-13 20:33:24

hope you feel better cherry! I've never fainted in my life but must be quite scary... have a lovely holiday whatever the weather. I love Cornwall!

Low blood pressure seems to be such a common problem. I struggle with it too. Frequently around 80/50 - ridiculous. I don't faint but feel utterly exhausted.

Just got back - nice to be away but so nice to be back too! 3 hours delay from BA turned it into a 10 hours journey... I don't love them at all after the last two flights. Especially that I've been feeling ill again the last two days - lost my voice again and couldn't sleep at all last night coughing my lungs out. it's been over 5 weeks now... fed up...

cherry I am also planning to get exactly the same Cath Kiddson bag :-) green with white dots - have had my eye on it for ages :-) had the Hip Hop bag with DS bit it's quite mucky now so fancy a new one.

The decorator did the baby's room when we were away. So we have an olive nursery now - a strong colour but I love it!!

So jealous of all of you scanners! gt baby hope it's a girl for you this time then!

Tarlia Sat 11-May-13 21:09:02

Congratulations to today's scanners, sorry on phone and have forgotten. Lots of boys on this thread!

cherry hope you are feeling ok this evening. I find hairdressers a bit too warm and all the chemicals on a warm day are awful even when not pregnant.

MoN ouch with the burned nose, poor you!

Change bags - I have a gorgeous Oioi Hobo which is a pale green with tiny flecks of pink if you look really closely, you kinda have to know its there to see - with a shocking pink lining and accessories. It was my one allowed semi girly purchase that DP was happy to carry around too even if we had a boy. It's still almost new as we ditched it for a rucksack as was living on 4th floor without a lift!! Now we have a lift, thank goodness so will be able to use it easily. Love all the compartments.

Cravings, DS was satsumas, beetroot and lemon squash. This one it's sweeties (starburst type or pink/blue fizzy bottles), orange juice and ice lollies. I think it's a boy but would love a girl. I'm getting a bit antsy about Tuesday since we will then know and possible problems.

GT sorry your DH wasn't very sensitive. I understand how you feel , I cannot see life without a little girl although I love my little boy to bits and healthy baby is most important over gender, it would be so nice to have another boy buddy for him but its a meh feeling that's hard to shake. We will all support eachother as we are fortunate to have a few that understand and nobody judges on this thread which is so nice. I wouldn't dare being 'upset' over gender publically on MN, we'd be slaughtered haha.

Natalieand Sat 11-May-13 21:27:30

cherry sorry to hear about your fainting situation. Hopefully you have your feet up now!
I've never fainted must be quite scary especially in a public place like that

I'm looking at the yummy mummy pink lining bags but are they worth the £50-£70 price tag? Like really worth it? Lol

Hope u have fun boy shopping smitten

roxvox Sat 11-May-13 23:17:30

Only a few more days Tarlia and it will be our turn to see our little ones again! Can't wait. Feeling very jealous of everyone finding out the sex, even though we've decided we aren't going to.

I've been looking at a few changing bags, and saw one that I fell in love with, but it was obviously feminine and I read somewhere that it makes sense to buy one that your husband would be happy to carry, so I am focusing on that really now. Black or grey I think it will have to be!

I've just finished knitting a little hat. It's not perfect by any means, and it has taken me a while to do (started it 2 weeks ago!) but it's the first thing that I've ever knit so I am feeling pretty pleased with myself grin

GTbaby Sun 12-May-13 01:09:48

Rox. Get the free boots changing bag for DH to use n u buy the one u want!
Personally don't think have two bags is more hassle, I re pack mine every time I go out anyway.

ananikifo Sun 12-May-13 01:47:23

That's good advice, GT. I have a changing bag with cute animals on it that came free with a vertbaudet order. This is something that could live in the basket of the pram but I wouldn't wear it. I'll probably end up getting the free boots one as well.

I would like to carry the baby in a sling when possible but I don't understand what kind of bag you could carry at the same time. A rucksack maybe?

Sanjifair Sun 12-May-13 05:57:17

Hi all, just catching up on the thread. Cherry, sorry to hear about the fainting, I fainted all over the place last pregnancy and blood pressure was 90/55 last mw visit so looking low and like I'll be heading that way this pregnancy too.
I have a stokke pram and really the only suitable changing bag is the one that comes with it as it clips on to the bottom of the pram. Otherwise you have to carry it everywhere as I found out last time!
Lots of boys on this thread! I think I have a boy as well, but going for a surprise this time. Mind you my instinct is rubbish as last time we found out, and both my DH and I thought 'girl' but we were 100% wrong! I was a little unsure about having a boy to start with but he is such a little joy! I would be fine about having 2 boys so have gone for the surprise this time. Would be happy with a girl too and DH would really like 1 of each, but we will get what we get!

Claphammama Sun 12-May-13 08:22:37

I am so excited! the baby was moving so much last night - wriggling for 5min! it was the first time I was sure it was the baby and not my impression and wishful thinking!! so excited this morning

pinkbuttons Sun 12-May-13 08:32:36

Morning ladies, yey claphammama very exciting!
We also had lots of movement last night and DH felt movt for the first time smile baby must have fully flipped round while he was feeling because felt huge to me but he felt a small movt which is great.

cherry sorry to hear about your fainting, I ended up admitted to hospital for 2 weeks in my last pregnancy because it got to a point I was fainting every day. Hope your feeling better today. xx

Claphammama Sun 12-May-13 08:47:14

so lovely pinkbuttons! I'm only 16+5 today so I think DP will have to wait a bit to be able to feel anything. I'm so happy I can share it with all of you as he thinks telling him about it 5 times since last night is more than enough. I don't... :-)

I'm so in the mood for shopping today... want to buy everything now - changing bags, baby clothes... you name it. Want to go with DS to make him excited and make him feel like he is part of it.

cherrycherry41 Sun 12-May-13 09:07:54

Sounds like fainting is a real problem in pregnancy! Im feeling fine now thank you all for asking thanks
Been up early as setting off to Cornwall soon, driving 5 1/2 hrs to taunton first and staying there the night then doing rest of the journey early tomorrow! Hoping my DD gets some sleep on the journey so i can too! brew

Whose scan is it today?

Haylebop12 Sun 12-May-13 09:16:18

claphamama I took dd when we went to the asda baby event. Told her she had £5 to spend on the baby and she chose a babygro and hat. She is really loving being involved and helping choose things. So definitely a good idea smile

Work tonight booooooo!

roxvox Sun 12-May-13 09:46:08

Top tip GTBaby! I like it. Back to girly changing bags shopping it is then smile

Glad to hear you're feeling movement claphammama! I am still getting 'kicks' throughout the day. No squirming though and DH certainly can't feel them. Starting to doubt whether I am feeling what I think I am, but it must be so I must stop being so doubtful!

roofio87 Sun 12-May-13 10:22:37

I've been feeling little one properly squirming away this morning (eating left over sugary cereal from my nephews visit,think they like it!!)
glad your feeling better cherry!!

Natalieand Sun 12-May-13 11:06:59

I'm jealous of all these movements :-( I think I have felt a few little movements over the last few weeks I wouldn't say I'm 100% sure though but at my 12 week scan the sonography said my placenta was anterior but I'm gunna ask them to check again at 20 week scan.

Had my first orquad belly pat this morning? Why do ppl think its ok I mean it was my landlord who patted me lol

Natalieand Sun 12-May-13 11:07:18

And he's a male landlord lol

roxvox Sun 12-May-13 11:17:40

natalieand I don't mind my DH or family putting their hand on my tummy unexpectedly, but when my FIL did it it caught me off guard and surprised me, so I can only imagine what it must've been like to have your landlord do it!

My Mum and Dad have just bought a Silver Cross 3D on eBay to keep in their car! I told them they needn't bother because they can use whatever buggy we buy, but it was local and I don't think they could resist a bid and ended up winning it for £40! It's practically new too, because it was bought by the previous owners new for the same purpose (to keep in their car for when their grandchild is staying with them). I think Mum and Dad might be getting a little bit excited about being grandparents (this is their first grandchild). Dad has even started sanding down an old wooden rocking chair so he can paint it up and put it in my room at their house, and mum is making some cushions for it. Makes me smile that they're so excited!

cazboldy Sun 12-May-13 11:21:42

I fainted twice in my 2nd pg with dd1 - I had low bp too.
1st time was at 10wks and was very scarily carrying ds1 downstairs at the time..... I remembered being at the top and then i was laying in a heap at the bottom and he was shreiking the place down! We both got checked out and were fine, but was very scary.

2nd time I was in a massive queue in a chip shop and it was very weird. I could hear them all talking about me, and ringing an ambulance and I wanted to say "don't, i'm fine!" but I couldn't. It was like i was half concious cos I could hear them but i couldn't wake up.

Must be a common sensation. I found a man collapsed once and when I rang the ambulance I was describing him, his age etc and told them he was about 40 and the first thing he said when he woke up was "I'm only 32!" grin

roxvox They'll soon regret the silver cross 3d once the baby is past the newborn stage as it is so heavy.
I had it with my youngest and bought something else a few months later.

That would have annoyed me too Cazboldy I'm only 32 and everyone thinks I'm atleast 40.

Sparkeleigh Sun 12-May-13 12:49:48

Just checking into this thread, sorry to hear about you fainting cherry, glad you're recovered now though! Hope the sun comes out for your holiday!

GTbaby - I get you, I hope I have one of each eventually...

I think my bump is going to come out properly now, I've had stretchy pains for the last few days and I'm 16 weeks as of yesterday. A bump would be good because I'll know everything is going along ok in there, but bad because I'm going camping for a few weeks soon! Going shopping for a fancy inflatable sleeping mat today smile

Afternoon all,

I went for my Iron transfusion and they could not locate my notes the consultant is supposed to have them so I came home have to go on tuesday now to get it done. Mw were lovely and i got to hear Willows heart beat again so not too bad. I have a cold though so i think i am going to hole myself up in bed with a book!

Roxvox your parents sound so sweet, bet they will be lovely grandparents! My dad brought me round details of the pregnancy massage treatments they do at his gym- just need to tell him when to book for grin

Has anyone thought about going to pregnancy yoga or started already? I've never done yoga before but thought it might be helpful as I'm already getting occasional back pain and am not as healthy/active as I should be. I also don't think we're going to do NCT classes so this could be a nice way to meet local mums...?

GTbaby Sun 12-May-13 13:52:36

Anan. I'm also considering a sling (check out a sling library to try them out) as I don't want to buy a double buggy. So am looking at buying a rack sack. You can hook it on to a pram n carry with ease. Will be looking into fashionable rack sacks wink no need for style to suffer at the expense of practicality.

ananikifo Sun 12-May-13 14:35:10

Hmmm I've just checked out the local sling library and it looks very good. I just want to make sure I have something in time for the birth.

Claphammama Sun 12-May-13 14:42:50

feminist I'm doing pregnancy yoga. It's very gentle and focused on stretching, strengthening back muscles, arms, legs etc... and very calming. I've done yoga for years and carried on with my usual ashtanga practice throughout the first pregnancy. However, with this one, my body feels much more fragile and refuses anything strenuous! So I find pregnancy yoga lovely and very gentle. Also a great way to meet other local mums to be.

You live in London right? where exactly? I'm going here: www.theshala.co.uk It's in Clapham North.

Claphammama Sun 12-May-13 15:02:48

ps. what a day... DS has over 39C temperature and DP also sleeping on the sofa the entire day, clearly coming down with something... a proper hospital!

GTbaby Sun 12-May-13 15:48:48

Anan- I bought two online n neither seemed right when I bought them. But advice I've been given is you really need to try it with ur LO. As they might not like it. Then you may end up wasting money. With the library you can borrow a few, try them out at home for a few weeks then invest in whichever you prefer. Before the birth you can visit the library n get a short list of which ones you like. This is what I'm gona try and do, but my best laid plans usually go tits up. grin

I am planning to start pregnancy yoga once I feel I can't do my normal Pilates classes anymore. I have already stopped the parts on my front and do exercises on all fours instead.

I am a bit worried about all those with spd saying don't stretch. I presume they wouldn't do it at the hospital if it is a problem.

That's a pain that they lost your notes and couldn't do it falcon! And sorry to hear about fainters.

My baby has gone from avocado last week to apple this week according to sprout app. Hmm shrinking baby hmm

Soupqueen Sun 12-May-13 17:08:18

Must be a huge apple, orange!

I started pregnancy yoga last week and really enjoyed it. All the others in the class were a lot more pregnant though and seemed to all know each other pretty well so I'm looking forward to some more newbies joining. They weren't unfriendly at all, but not particularly friendly and I'm very shy - especially when walking into a room of people who all seem to know each other. The class was great though and I've been practising the breathing. It could be my imagination but I thought it really helped my sinus pain when flying this week - didn't do it on the way out and did on the return and it was much less painful.

I'm relishing not being on a diet for the first time, probably in my adult life (I'm not overweight but have to work really hard not to be). I've just made a a banana, walnut and chocolate chip loaf and it smells divine!

ananikifo Sun 12-May-13 17:47:03

GT: that's really interesting. I was hoping if I used it from birth the baby would be used to it!

Tarlia Sun 12-May-13 18:24:56

orange why does the no stretching for us with SPD worry you? Do you know something or do you mean as yoga is offered at hospital and makes you wonder if its a good thing? Stretching in a normal pregnancy is one of the best things you can do and toning your core muscles too, but if you have SPD your pelvis has split way too early and everything is loose so rule of thumb is to keep your knees together to reduce pain.

soup enjoy the banana bread, yum! I love to bake and made the most amazing chocolate muffins yesterday.

Claphammama I'm in Sydenham so a bit far if I want to stick at it- looks really good though! The leisure centre I used to do swimming lessons at does it so will look into it there.

That's really helpful Soup I'm not very shy but would definitely feel uncomfortable if it seemed a bit cliquey. Think I'll leave it until after the scan in 2 weeks and have a look on YouTube for some pg yoga clips in the meantime so I don't look like a fool when I start!

Tarlia I wondered if it was caused by doing too much stretching?

Tarlia Sun 12-May-13 20:05:30

I did wonder if that could be a worry orange. I think SPD is something you'll get or you won't and staying as agile and fit as possible will help in labour, hence they encourage yoga for pregnant ladies. I have joint hyper mobility syndrome (one of many on the thread which is fun as never met anyone outside my family!) so even without all of the relaxin hormone from pregnancy I can easily over stretch eg my wrist came out of place 3 weeks ago getting into bed.

I have taught a couple of children with hypermobility. Sorry to hear it gets worse for you in pregnancy.

I always worry about whether I am doing the right things.

CocktailSausage Sun 12-May-13 23:42:04

Checking in and I need to catch up.

CocktailSausage Sun 12-May-13 23:55:55


Shirehobbit Mon 13-May-13 07:34:30

Morning all smile

Hope all poorly/low bp/spd people are feeling a bit better?

Who's scanning this week?

I'm going to try an aquanatal class tonight - stupidly nervous, for some reason blush

Tarlia Mon 13-May-13 07:59:11

Good morning!

Good luck with aquanatal - sounds fun!

I will be in my scan around this time tomorrow - eeeekkk!

cocktailsausage I vant to eat you cocktail sausages now!

Warlin Mon 13-May-13 08:25:52


Just marking my place on the new thread ( a new one already....you ladies can talk!!).

Anyway will catch up on everyone's news later. Arrived late into work thanks to a clingy baby who wouldn't be set down and now I have snot on my trousers (his, not mine!) Good start to the week.

We had a gender scan yesterday and are having another ds. I was certain it was a boy so no real surprise and will make it so much easier as they will be very close in age and I have all boy stuff. I suppose a tiny part of me is a little sad I will never have a daughter as dh is adament this is our last! I will just be so delighted if all being well we end up with 2 healthy boys mind you. Baby was kicking away and in typical male fashion couldn't seem to take his hand off his willy for long smile They do start early don't they??! Have posted a pic to fb page. I'm bang on with my dates and baby measured 19+3 and 11 oz

roofio87 Mon 13-May-13 08:31:50

Haha, only half awake still and for a second I read that as 11 lbs not oz Warlin I thought 'jeez how big is it going to get?!' I think I definitely need a coffee today. congrats, another boy!! my scan is a week today can't wait!! hoping to find out sex although have a friend who couldn't find out theirs at 20 wk scan last week so trying not to psych myself up too much just in case, as long ad everything else looks good I'll be very happy and might think about paying for 3d scan later.
hope everyone is feeling well today!!smile

Soupqueen Mon 13-May-13 08:56:52

Another boy! Congrats warlin

shire, I've got my first aqua natal class tonight too grin

Haylebop12 Mon 13-May-13 09:20:23

Morning ladies, just settling down with a brew and marmite on toast smile

I've also been looking into aquanatal so I called my leisure centre to check how many weeks you have to be and they have no idea? I don't seem to have a direct number for my midwife. Anyway it's on a Monday morning but I'm not going today so probably start next week.

Congrats on boy no. 2 warlin

roofio87 Mon 13-May-13 09:29:51

hayleybop at my leisure centre it says 'after your first scan' but midwife said more like 18weeks+ I'm going to go to it, just need to buy a swimsuit I can actually fit into first!!

pinkbuttons Mon 13-May-13 09:36:55

Congrats on boy number 2 warlin
I have my scan on Thursday and cant wait to see baby again and hopefully either get confirmation baby is a girl or a surprise boy smile
Good luck to those starting aquanatal, let us know how it is. Am interested in starting but is a bit of a trek from where we live atm.

Haylebop12 Mon 13-May-13 09:41:56

Thanks roofio I think I remember the mw mentioning after scan which I thought was early but I'm 18+1 today so should be ok for next week.

Claphammama Mon 13-May-13 09:58:28

another little boy - congrats warlin!!! do you have a name in mind?

PS. first day back in the office after 2 weeks off... boooooooooooo

roxvox Mon 13-May-13 10:06:36

Morning all.

This time tomorrow I will be wetting myself (hopefully not literally, although a full bladder will make it plausible) as I will be just about to go in for my 20week scan! I am trying not to think about it too much today, but I am hoping for the same sense of relaxation and joy that I experienced at/after the 12 week one! I'll be checking the thread prior to the scan to see how you've got on Tarlia! Are we the only 2 scanning tomorrow?

Congrats Warlin! It will be lovely that your 2 boys will get to grow up together, my brother is the only boy and he has 2 sisters and I always remember him saying that he wished he had a brother to play with! However, whilst my sister is very girly, I was/am quite the tomboy so I used to play with his Action Men and Lego with him which I think made it a bit more acceptable for him to not have a brother! I still think he would've liked a brother though.

My back is absolutely killing me today. The pain is in my lower back and I am struggling sat here at my desk. I have started trying to do 10 minutes of pilates a day to help, but at the minute I am quite convinced that it is just making it worse!

Natalieand Mon 13-May-13 10:18:17

Congrats on the baby boy *warlini baby boys are taking over the October thread lol I'm also on another October group its mainly American ladies on there and boys are well out numbering girls on there too which is interesting.

I need a rant this morning, I feel like death warmed up my whole body aches, dd was awake for a large chunk of the night I've been awake since 4am and thought its ok I have the midwife at 11am today (something to look forward too) then BAM she cancels one of her ladies has gone into labour so she has to go to the hospital and has re scheduled me for Friday boohoo. 18 weeks today 22 to go.

Have fun at aqua natal ladies sounds fun but like others have said I'm not confident enough to just turn up not knowing anyone lol

Yey another boy warlin grin

Good luck to those scanning tomorrow, anyone today??

I have school meeting to see if ds is getting in today so i am hoping he does as the school is 300 yards away and i don't want to go the 2 miles to the next closest!

cherrycherry41 Mon 13-May-13 10:32:09

Congrats Warlin! grin
Alot of boys on this thread!

My scan is a week today, very excited!! grin
Stopped the night in Taunton and now we're back on the road going down to Perranporth smile Weather still isnt great but at least its not raining!!

roxvox Mon 13-May-13 10:47:41

Ah cherrycherry41 I have been meaning to ask where you are staying in Cornwall. Perranporth is the home town of both me and my DH! My parents live in Rose (which is a small village at the top of the hill just on the outskirts). DH and I met in the surf club that is on the beach (we were both members there for years), we got on engaged on flat rock (the bit of rock that cuts off the second half of the beach at high tide), we got married at Perranzabuloe Church which is just up the road from my parents house (and is also where they were wed) and we had wedding photos taken in front of Chapel Rock on the beach!

Sorry, bit of a life story there, but we are a tad passionate about being Cornish blush

GTbaby Mon 13-May-13 10:58:01

Come on the boys! Surely if boys out number girls those of us still to scan are more likely to have girls? Wishful thinking???!???

Managed to go out last night! For early dinner. Was sitting so not so bad. I'm a bit more confident now knowing I can cope. Also left LO at home. So that helped wink

My scan isn't until 28th. So far away!

Quick question ladies, my DD's were potentially exposed to slapcheek yesterday (bloody mil and bil not thinking!) No record of me ever having it as a child, is it worth getting a blood test to check immunity or just wait and see, there's chance of girls not even getting it I guess! They saw my nephew who was diagnosed last week, and is no longer contagious, but I'm worried his sister (who isn't displaying symptoms) may have it and have passed it on! Feel free to tell me I'm overreacting smile

roxvox Mon 13-May-13 11:21:44

Unfortunately I am not very clued up on all of this stuff thethreeblondies, but it might be worth just asking your midwife as she will have a better grasp of it and won't think you're overreacting if you phrase it like you did above (i.e. just checking). There's nothing wrong with being cautious when pregnant!

roofio87 Mon 13-May-13 11:22:31

threeblondes I was told they would only test if you have definitely been in contact with someone who has had it not second hand so if u want to be tested say you saw your nephew when it turned out he had it.
but maybe not worry unless ur girls show the signs of it!!

CocktailSausage Mon 13-May-13 12:08:18

I hope you got your sausage fix Tarliawink

Good luck tomorrow roxvox on the scan. grin

Congratulations on another boy Warlin. grin

I think I'm also having another boy this time. If it is it'll be dh 4th boy but my second. We're all hoping for a girl - I'm well prepared if it isn't.
We won't know until 24th.

This baby is very active he's been kicking me all day. I didn't feel movement with ds 1 until about this time last pregnancy. I don't remember him being this active. Then again I have been feeling movement with this one since 10 weeks, and this one is measuring bigger at 90 percentile at my last scan.

Looks like I'll be tested for gestational diabetes again hmm

JellyCurls Mon 13-May-13 12:35:23

threeblondies my son had slapped cheek when I was still in 1st trimester. I have never had it so called midwife team. My booking bloods were sent off to check my immunity and thankfully I was immune. With slapped cheek you are contagious up till rash appears and ok after rash has broken. Maybe call midwife team and ask what advice is for your area.

20 week scan is on Wednesday morning so nervous and can't decide whether to find out flavour or not

Tarlia Mon 13-May-13 12:37:47

No sausages sad. I wouldn't mind but I don't really like them! I'm eating a chicken, tomato and mayo sandwich though which is hitting the spot.

rox I think it's just us. And now I'm thinking about Cornish pasties and clotted cream (not together!) after your reminiscing mmmm. What is wrong with me today?? Maybe a 19 week spurt?

I hopped on the scales this morning, I've put on 3 kg at 19 weeks, the recommendation is 10kg throughout the whole pregnancy so I'm doing ok, I think!? Can't remember last time.

Wickedgirl Mon 13-May-13 12:48:24

So who is having a girl and who is having a boy?

I just had a quick look at the October stats thread and only one person has updated to include gender

Those of you with SPD, how do you turn over at night without waking in pain?

Natalieand Mon 13-May-13 12:57:35

Wicked are u able to add a link for stats thread and I will add baby's gender on for myself

roxvox Mon 13-May-13 12:59:57

Tarlia mmm... pasty.

Claphammama Mon 13-May-13 13:08:02

roxvox we love Cornwall too!! Especially ice-creams made with that delicious Cornish cream... yum... yum yum... YUM

Good luck to everyone having scans this week - so exciting!

And hope you feel better natalie

xuntitledx Mon 13-May-13 13:39:01

Had my scan today and I'm also having a boy!

A little disappointed that it's not a girl - maybe next time. I'll go and update the stats thread too...

With my scan, the baby was face down so couldn't get any pictures and the radiographer unable to check all of the tests so I'll be going back at the end of the month for another.

GTbaby Mon 13-May-13 14:11:12

Blondie for piece of mind is go with roofio idea. Say u saw you nephewwink maybe say you have see Him a few times over last few weeks. blush If it means you get tested and don't stress for weeks waiting to see if they get it the surely the little white lie is worth the dishonesty. Well I feel it is worth it.

Warlin Mon 13-May-13 14:29:06

Lol roofio if my baby was 11lbs already I'd be in that delivery room asap!

xunt congrats on your boy! It's lovely to be able to pick a name and plan. There are no boys names that dh and I can agree on....I'm yet to find one that I love.

GT how old is your baby now and what sex is it? I do think same sex is easier when they are close together but I would have loved a girl too.

blondie I agree with the others...tell a porkie and go for the peace of mind option. My experience of the NHS is that you have to be pushy to get what you want.

I was well chuffed with my scan as it was just a baby bond £79 one but she did it in 3D and gave us about 10 pics. Plus she is due to do the clinic on Fri at the hospital I'm going to so she took quite a detailed look at the baby which I wasn't expecting. I thought it would be gender and that's it.

JethroTull Mon 13-May-13 15:05:14

I had my scan today. Everything was fine grin

We told the sonographer that we didn't want to know the sex & she turned the screen round at the appropriate point so it's still a secret. It was so detailed!

Shootingstarsandcomets Mon 13-May-13 15:20:20

Found you all! Been away for a few days and there's a new thread already! Not up to date so apologies if I've missed anything major.
Seems like lots of boys on here. My first is a boy and don't worry ladies who are disappointed now I was a bit at first but now I actually think I don't want a girl! Ds is currently asleep with his arms round my neck and his head on my shoulder and is the most loving little thing.
I bought my first thing for this baby yesterday- a lovely hot air balloon that hangs from the ceiling. Got blue for ds and yellow for the bump. Going to tackle my washing mountain now- only a few days away why is there so much to wash?!

Slippysnow Mon 13-May-13 16:04:44

Wow so many boys congratulations on all the healthy scans. smile the amount of boys is suggesting mine will be a girl. Either way I'm happy, it's still ages away though ( 13th June). But midwife tomorrow, and we booked our last holiday as a couple to a villa in Portugal today smile

Claphammama Mon 13-May-13 16:07:28

I'm exactly like you shooting! For some reason (no idea what reason) really wanted a girl when I was pregnant with DS and was very disappointed when we found out it was a boy. (also really struggled with boys' names warlin!) But now, with the most gorgeous and affectionate 4 year old boy in my life... (such an objective mum :-)) I almost can't imagine having a girl... so, although I have no preference this time, boys are more of my comfort zone... although, based on the previous experience, I already know that it wouldn't matter a bit 5 min after it's born!

Still 3 weeks to my scan...! The wait is killing me!! I wasn't desperate earlier but now, all your talk and all your scans are making me envious! May have to book a private one if it doesn't improve... :-)

Claphammama Mon 13-May-13 16:10:30

ps. my shopping urge remained unsatisfied yesterday due to both DS and DP being ill. Have to buy something next weekend though! Still haven't bought anything for this baby. 16+6 today

Smitten1981 Mon 13-May-13 16:14:51

Warlin We're struggling with names too, we had a few girls ones that we both loved, but boy names so far we aren't so passionate about.

We have Felix, Sebastian and Seth for first names, DH is still angling for Gulliver (I've said no way! Although remarkably my mum has one in her year at the school she works at). We can't agree on one of them!
We've picked the middle name though - Frederick, after my grandad who died last year so at least that's one name in the bag, albeit the middle one.

For girls we had: Darcy, Eleanor or Astrid. Sniffle!

Claphammama Mon 13-May-13 16:18:45

I love Felix smitten!!! one of my favourites! but not allowed it as apparently it's a cat... still hope I can change DP's mind on this one...

Slippysnow Mon 13-May-13 16:22:08

I like the name Seth smitten. It's a name you don't hear of much and I think it's sounds strong. Also could fit into most circles academic, creative arts, sciences an all rounder

Shirehobbit Mon 13-May-13 16:22:17

Congratulations on all the scan news! How exciting to have seen your babies again grin - I can't wait!

In other, less exciting, news, due to a certain trophy-winning football team with a retiring manager holding an open-top bus tour around the streets tonight, my aquanatal class is cancelled.
Got myself worked up for nothing!
Now on the hunt for a pregnancy yoga class for later this week, while I'm still motivated to start something.

Smitten1981 Mon 13-May-13 16:22:30

I'm with you Clapham It's been my favourite boy name for years. I always prayed that no one I knew stole it when they announced they were expecting! Ha ha.

Shirehobbit Mon 13-May-13 16:24:15

It's interesting that both Felix and Seth have been on our boys shortlist at various points, too.
They're not amongst our current favourites, though.

Claphammama Mon 13-May-13 16:28:22

I also really like Sebastien smitten. Not convinced about Seth though... no idea why! These things are so personal and illogical anyway!

Warlin Mon 13-May-13 16:32:10

I'm with you all on the loving little boys. I was a bit disappointed first time round as had no clue about boys. My little boy is the most adorable boy in the world (another objective one here smile ) and I feel more confident with boys than girls. DH admitted to being relieved it is another boy as he doesn't think he could handle a teenage girl lol.

For boys names I like (but don't love) Henry and Arthur. DH has said no to both. We both like Ed/ Eddie but not that keen on Edward. We will have David as a middle name after my dad and brother as dh got his way last time on the middle name! I have trawled through the baby name books but just can't find a name I love. We had DS1 name picked at 12 weeks and I never thought it would be this hard sad

We both liked Jessica for a girl.

Good luck with all the scans tomorrow!

Claphammama Mon 13-May-13 16:47:02

what's your DS1's name warlin? Just being nosey! :-)

and teenage girls... I think I mentioned somewhere on the thread weeks ago what my dad's reaction to my pregnancy was: "lets hope it's another boy". My sister and I must have been lovely then...

roxvox Mon 13-May-13 17:10:15

My in-laws haven't really made much of a secret that they would like us to be having a girl (which I find odd because their only other grandchild is a girl). My Mum and Dad aren't fussed either way (or so they say, but I think my Mum would like us to be having a boy), but this is their first grandchild.

I think I would like to be having a boy, but I keep feeling like we are having a girl (although my symptoms/cravings suggest boy) and am completely happy with that too! We aren't looking to find out whether we're having pink or blue tomorrow, so the suspense will drag on a bit more yet.

roxvox Mon 13-May-13 17:13:56

Oh, and thank you for the good luck for tomorrow wishes everyone smile

As an addition to my post above; we have about 5 boys names, and 1 girls name (that we are not 100% sure on). We seem to be struggling a bit on the name front, but I aim to put some more effort in after the 20 week scan if all is well! I was a bit disappointed to find 2 of our boys names, and a different spelling of our girls name appear in the latest Top 10 names list on Bounty! I don't want my baby to have the same name as a lot of his/her class!

Wickedgirl Mon 13-May-13 17:15:08

stats thread

If baby 4 is a boy, I like Theo, Leo and William for boys names. I already have a James and a Harrison so need a nice name to go along with those. DH isn't too keen on theo which is a shame because I really love it. Still I have 22 weeks to change his mind grin

Claphammama Mon 13-May-13 17:21:00

I love Theo too! But can't really have it as already have a Leo... a bit too similar. DS is actually Leonardo and everyone calls him with the full name (which I love) but I'm sure it will become Leo with school friends when he is older... so I made sure I was OK with Leo too when I named him

DP still refuses to discuss names until we know the sex but I love talking about it!

Afternoon ladies. checking in on thread 8! wow! chatty lot aren't we.

Made a fellow preggers lady at work cry today, oops. She's 7 weeks ahead of me and been proper poorly the whole time (she's a bit of a wimp delicate flower at the best of times). She's been off for a couple of weeks with tiredness and came back today. I went to see her and check she was ok and got chatting. Told her about my scan last week and not finding out the sex, she said she had to to find out because she really wanted a girl (first DC) and needed 20 weeks to get used to it if it wasn't. It is a boy and she burst into tears just saying the word 'boy'. I felt awful! Then we got onto breast feeding and I said I'm going to try but won;t beat myself up if I don't manage it and she said, she's not allowed. I thought oh, that's weird. I asked what she meant and she started crying again, saying she's high risk of Post Natal Depression and will be on tablets so can't breast feed on them. Talk about wanting the ground to swollow me up! I couldn't say anything without her crying so I just took her into the loos at work and she calmed down eventually. I never thought wanting one or the other so bad could affect people like that. Me and H2B have both said we are slightly swayed toward girl for our first but I know if it isn't, the disappointment will be short lived after the birth. I am almost convinced I'm having a boy so it will have to be!

Natalieand Mon 13-May-13 18:04:06

Boy names are a mind field for me. I don't particularly love any boys names I like a few but dh is insisting it begins with an L as his name begins with an L I quite like Kyle, Connor, jake and we both like Louie so unless between now and October the 14th ish someone creates an amazingly nice boys name beginning with L its more than likely going to end up being Louie. I loved Leo when I was expecting dd but have gone off that now

Congrats in the good scan news and good luck to those scanning tommorow, mine is next Friday 24th so a while to wait still. On the plus side I'm pleased I seem to have started feeling movements as opposed to flutters in the last few days which is nice.

Can't remember who done the stats thread link I have updated it with baby boy xx

Congrats scanners. Sorry they couldn't see well untitled, but great at you get another scan soon.

Not much news from me today. I was woken by screeching foxes most of the night, must be mating season. Horrible noise. I am getting increasingly sure that I am feeling the baby move. I can't wait for some proper kicks though. My bump was rock hard this morning and is feeling heavier this week. Just weighed myself and I have put on 11lb so far at 17+1 which I am happy with. I think it will be a bit weird when My BMI moves into the "overweight" category on the wii fit which I imagine I will at some point (even though I know it doesn't count when pregnant). It is nice to have an accurate measurement and I do like a good graph!

Congrats on feeling big movements Natalie. Re names, I prefer Jake and Louie to Kyle or Connor.

How many people are planning to decide a name for certain before the baby comes? I think we will probably have a short list then see which name suits the baby best when we meet him/her.

Shirehobbit Mon 13-May-13 18:44:03

We're definitely shortlist until arrival, then see what's best.
Especially as we won't know if it's pink or blue before then.

Smitten1981 Mon 13-May-13 18:56:27

I'd love to pick a name before but I think we're going to be shortlist till arrival too.

Haylebop12 Mon 13-May-13 19:00:34

warlin we also are having David as a middle name for boy. Front runner and probably only one in the boy category we agree on is Isaac.

Still no agreement on girls but like someone said up thread I've got 22 weeks to get him round to my ideas! Names are so important to get right aren't they?!

orangeblossom with dd the name was decided near enough from day one as I've wanted an Amelia for a few years blush thank god dh didn't need much talking round back then! Whether it suited her or not that's what it was going to be and now I can't imagine her called anything else. Except maybe her middle name which is Caitlyn.

Banging headache today so dd is bathed and ready for bed but not showing any signs she's tired despite PE at school today and kickboxing lesson this evening. I NEED some peace and quiet!

littleducks Mon 13-May-13 19:05:30

I am so tired today....picked up kids from school and then fell asleep before making tea. Off out now for swimming lessons [yawn].

Slippysnow Mon 13-May-13 19:18:01

natalie how about Liam? If your looking at L names?

Me and dp have been very lucky that we have agreed on a very short shortlist we have a boys name we are almost certain about as it stands but alot can change and the baby may not suit the name. Girls we have 2 names we will be picking from when the baby arrives. Not too much disagreement which is nice.... One name we both liked was Dylan I would only have it if it was spelt Dylan he would only have it if it was Dillon and we both thought each others was silly- so name got dropped still like it smile

Slippysnow Mon 13-May-13 19:18:47

*but I still like it, oh well!

Natalieand Mon 13-May-13 19:19:49

With dd we had honey and Amelia as our ''short listed names' but always knew that it was more like 80% honey 20% Amelia and I think cos we are so limited on names we like for this little boy we will probly have decided before plus I think it might help prepare dd for when 'baby Louie' or baby -insert chosen name- instead of just calling him baby boy to her all the time lol

GTbaby Mon 13-May-13 20:09:46

Hahaha. I Love this name decision. Sarcasm. hmm

We will not be. Choosing a name before. It is customary to go to the temple once baby is born. To have our holy book open at a random page and then choose the name based on the first letter on the page. shock Yes. I hate it.
Last time we had a list of fav names for each letter. We then thought about bit more when we had the letter. Our final chosen name wasn't even on the list! It really sucks. Makes life so hard. But saying that I love LOs name.

roofio87 Mon 13-May-13 20:13:58

GTbaby what religion are you? fascinating, I've never heard of that before. yeah having a possible name for each letter is a good idea but I'm struggling to think of one let alone 26!!

roxvox Mon 13-May-13 20:30:24

Hi all,

Who was it who had an issue with their ovaries? My right one started aching a little bit at about 4pm, and has been getting progressively worse, but now my left one has started hurting a lot too and the pain is getting sharper. Walking around I am most comfortable when bent over, but generally they are hurting constantly.

Of course it may not be my ovaries, but it's in the right place and I just have a feeling that it is them if you know what I mean! At first I thought it was just muscle pain in that area but now it's got sharper and is constant.

Anyone have any ideas? I am hoping it will just pass at the minute.

Tarlia Mon 13-May-13 20:31:02

Thank you for all of the wishes for tomorrow. Don't think I'll sleep a wink tonight. We havnt decided if we are sharing the babies sex with anyone yet. There is family pressure for a girl which is upsetting since I'd like one anyway.

Lots of lovely boys names mentioned. DS was nameless for 5 weeks as we couldn't decide. I love Rasmus, but cannot use it due to last name sad. And Jasper but can't have a 'J' name due to pronounciation. Currently only thought of boys names as I'm sure that's what it/he is. DS1 name is Zachary, just to throw it out there for anyone who may like it ;).

pinklady eekk sounds like anything you said would have lead to tear. However, she can breastfeed on antidepressants, there are some that are compatible.

GT wow so technically you like 27 boys names, I wish I did. But sucks you cannot choose your absolute fav regardless of letter. Is this really expected of you?

Tarlia Mon 13-May-13 20:34:07

No ideas, rox, but if a paracetamol and a warm hot water bottle doesn't shift it in 40 min (or it gets worse) and you are worried do make that call. Im feeling grotty too, but mine is stressing about tomorrow.

Unmumsnetty hugs to my scan buddy.

GTbaby Mon 13-May-13 20:52:18

Sikh religion. Just checked my list n we had 6 names for not quite 26 letters.

Don't know either rox. Maybe give labour triage a call for advice.

Soupqueen Mon 13-May-13 20:53:29

How about Laurie or Laurence, natalie? Or tell OH that it doesn't matter if the baby has the same initials as him wink

I think we'll have a short list of names and then choose, we are nowhere close to agreeing on any yet though!

Aqua natal was fab, loved it and think I will really appreciate it when I get big. Talking of which, my lack of bump is really starting to concern me. I'm 18 weeks, surely I should have a bump? My stomach looks slightly bigger to me, but only because I know what it's normally like!

Soupqueen Mon 13-May-13 20:55:48

Sorry, took me ages to type that so missed your post, rox, I'd give them a call, sure it's nothing but better to put your mind at rest.

pinkbuttons Mon 13-May-13 20:56:26

Haven't had chance to catch up on everyone's news today, but saw positive scans and another boy added to the thread smile Congratulations.

roxvox I had pain in my right ovary in first trimester which ended up being a cyst that has since gone. If still in lots of pan and paracetamol not working would call midwife just for reassurance. Hope your feeling better now though.

Also love the sharing of boy names on here as were really struggling, some of my favourites have been mentioned including Jasper and Felix, DH much more picky than me and I dont like his names. Just going to have to hope its a girl...

Seems like a busy week for scans [smile} love checking in and hearing all the good news

roxvox Mon 13-May-13 20:59:30

Thank you for the advice everyone! I have taken some paracetamol, and DH is making me a hot water bottle as we speak, so fingers crossed that will shift it! If it's still really bad then I will call the midwife and ask her what to do, if it eases a bit then I might see what it's like tomorrow.

Thank you all, hugs all round smile

So exhausted. My sis in law died last week and the funeral was today.
She was an alcoholic and my elderly dad had been her carer since my brother died 10 years ago so he's taking it hard and kept bursting into tears and setting me off too.
I had 2 white wine spritzers and am now worried that maybe it was too much.

Haylebop12 Mon 13-May-13 21:03:44

tarlia I love Zachary! But... My cousin is zak... Hence why I've settled for Isaac!

I am sure that is fine MoN. Sorry to hear your sad news. A stressful few weeks for you. Two more days to wait for your full results isn't it? Fingers still crossed for you.

My best friend is Sikh GT and I never knew about the name choosing rule.
She had a little girl last year and called her Anisha.

Livened Mon 13-May-13 21:13:18

Soup I'm 18 weeks and this is DC2 - everyone says you show earlier with your second, but just like last time I am not showing at all! No bump, no movements. I've actually lost about a stone since bfp due to plenty of light exercise each day and eating relatively sensibly. My bump did appear in the end, but was never obviously pregnnant. When my DS was born he was a healthy 7lbs 7 :-D

I'm very jealous of people feeling movement already, and also my 20 week scan isnt until the 31st - I'm not patient at the best of times... Cannot wait to find out whether our gorgeous DS will have a baby bro or sis!

I'm so panicky about everything this time orange. I woke up with agonising stomach cramps 2 nights ago and was almost convinced I was miscarrying. It took me 10 mins to get out of bed as it hurt so much to even move. It died down 30 mins later so maybe just trapped wind or something.
Good job I never woke Dp up and panicked him for nothing. He wants to go into town tomorrow baby clothes shopping but I'm still nervous about buying things until we have the full results. Roll on Wednesday.

JellyCurls Mon 13-May-13 21:24:03

MoN sending you a big supportive cuddle.

We not bought anything for baby either and won't till after our scan on Wednesday. They tell us dc1's condition is not hereditary but until I see the brain on the screen I can't relax.

Good luck for Wednesday

Smitten1981 Mon 13-May-13 21:27:12

Ok, this is really odd and I'm wondering if its just me, but...

I can't wear any of my jeans anymore because they all smell overwhelmingly of mushrooms. I can't get rid of the smell, I even washed my favourite pair twice and I've been wearing them today and they have reeked of mushrooms all day.

I'm so put out by this hmm

I'm aware I sound like a crazy woman, DH thinks I'm nuts, but I can't work out where this God awful pong has suddenly come from.

Natalieand Mon 13-May-13 21:54:58

livened I hadn't felt movements at all except the odd easily mistake able flutter but yesterday evening and this evening also I have felt propa movements anytime in the next few weeks will be your turn give it anther 10 weeks and we'll be moaning its hurting lol

Thankyou Jelly It's unbelievable how much stress a baby can cause before it's even born.

Smitten did you leave them in the washing machine for too long before tumble drying/hanging up to dry? I have had jumpers go smelly when I do that that never really washes out and I don't wear them again. (Making myself sound like a slob blush )

Claphammama Mon 13-May-13 22:16:42

Mon this sounds like a horrible day... Good it's over. Sending you a big hug. I'm sure two glasses of spritzer are OK. It's basically equivalent to a glass of wine. And it's a one off.

roxvox could it be growing pains? I had something like this when pregnant with DS1. It felt pretty much like period / ovaries sharp pain and the mw told me it was simply everything inside me beginning to stretch and widen. I had it around 20 weeks so similar. See how it goes.

pinklady I agree with the previous comment - most probably everything would make this lady cry. Perhaps she has antenatal depression?

I'm worried about DS... His fever is gone and he seems OK but his skin is all blotchy and he seems to be covered by some strange rash... Will see how he is tomorrow before I panic...

First day back in the office was solo looooong... All motivation gone now

My sense of smell is always sensitive but I think it is even stronger at the moment. I took an instant dislike to a friend's new girlfriend at a party this weekend because her cider made her breath and the whole room smell like sick. It was really horrible. And flash wipes still make me feel like I am suffocating even when I am in the other part of the open plan living room/ kitchen. They were one of my major nausea triggers in the early days.

Anyway what I mean is hopefully no one else will notice you smell of mushrooms!

Smitten1981 Mon 13-May-13 22:41:26

Orange - nope, I washed them twice then (because I'm like an obsessive demon over this smell) I immediately hung them out to dry outside when it was sunny last week. So they dried fast.

I've just chucked them in the washing bin as I had to get them off me. I'm going to boil the buggers and then consign them to the back of the wardrobe.

Just got DH to sniff them and he said they did smell a bit mushroomy. Be gone stinky jeans!

Nikita1 Mon 13-May-13 22:49:21

Hi I'm 19 weeks Saturday nearly at halfway point. It has gone so slow xxx

LittlePeaPod Mon 13-May-13 22:54:44

Hi ladies. Hope you don't mind as I am on the jan 2014 thread now but I suggested Nikkita join your group.. She new to Mumsnet... smile

Livened Mon 13-May-13 22:56:46

Thanks natalie - I guess it's actually other people making me worry tbh. Being my second baby I should know y now not to worry becuase of other people thinking my bump is too small, or that I surely should have movements by now etc...

orange I know what you mean about smells. I can smell my sons bum needs changing at 50 paces!

cazboldy Mon 13-May-13 23:01:11

Hi Nikita - you found us then smile

GTbaby Mon 13-May-13 23:02:14

Soup. Relax. Soon you will b waddling around!

MoN im sure two spritzers will be fine. If you feel bad. Just don't do it again. You can be made to feel bad about alot of things. Just move on. Don't dwell on it. Imagine the guilt you will have when you drop/bump your LO... Cos it will happen to all of us. It will.

Rox hope you feel better and are Asleep.

Haylebop12 Mon 13-May-13 23:02:40

Welcome nikita

Have you had your 20 week scan yet? Have you/ are you finding out the gender?

GTbaby Mon 13-May-13 23:04:39

Welcome nikita and congrats littlePea.

GTbaby Mon 13-May-13 23:34:14

WOOP. I'm laying on my side! And I'm not in pain! Slight discomfort. But not pain grin. I'm wondering if the short walk yesterday helped. DH is off after tomorrow so will mk him take me for some more walks. And I don't want to just walk around my living room. I don't want to walk up the street as ill get spotted by extended family.

Oh n MoN the custom is kinda dying out amongst younger sikhs. Don't know many who have done it at all actually. But Yeppie, DH insists we do it hmm it makes a difficult task alot harder, which I guess is why alot of people don't do it anymore.

Nikita1 Tue 14-May-13 00:23:57

Hi not had 20 week yet got it in 3 weeks. Had a private scan last week as husband can't make next scan and all ok and she said we was having a little girl x

Nikita1 Tue 14-May-13 00:24:30

I did but still trying to work it out. Ill get there x

Hi Nikita. Ooh baby girls are a rarity on this thread at the moment!

I have my 16 week appointment with consultant this afternoon. Fingers crossed I get discharged back to midwife led care. I am always nervous about every appointment I have. Silly as I think this is a bit of a nothingy one.

Natalieand Tue 14-May-13 07:11:13

Welcome nikita congrats on your baby girl :-) isit your first baby?

With regards to smells. I keep smelling fish, was the same with last pregnancy too makes me wanna Vom lol.

Much less stressed this morning and looking forward too my rescheduled midwife appt on Friday.

Also livened do u no the position of your placenta? Because if its anterior than can delay how early u feel movements? Xx

MoN after all u have been through the last few weeks I think u deserve a drink or too. Xx fingers crossed u get your full results in the next 24 hours x

cuillereasoupe Tue 14-May-13 07:25:29

Just back from a lovely long weekend in Burgundy. Drove back with a car boot full of booze hmm We'll see how much of it is left in six months.

Nathalie, how about Luke for an L name?

roxvox Tue 14-May-13 08:10:08

Morning all!

Firstly, thank you all for your advice last night re ovary pain. Paracetomol, a hot water bottle and some Marmite seemed to do the trick and whilst I am still aware of them today, the sharp pain has completely gone. I really was getting quite worried when I couldn't stand upright with the pain, so thank you for your support everyone!

Welcome to the thread Nikita!

smitten you could maybe try getting some of that Febreze spray and just spray some liberally on your jeans and leave them to dry overnight. I wonder if that would take out the smell? It's something I used to do back when I worked in a pub years ago before the smoking ban... We were only given one work shirt each, but if I was working until 11pm and then had a 10am start then I didn't get a chance to wash the smoke smell out of the top in between, so I would Febreze it. It was surprisingly effective!

Good luck this morning Tarlia - let us know how you get on! I think you'll be having your scan about now?

Right then, off to drink 2 pints of water and hope my bladder can hold it!

Shootingstarsandcomets Tue 14-May-13 08:21:29

Morning all, we are in the hospital with a poorly ds sad I think he's fine but we had to come yesterday as he had a very high temp and apparently babies with high temps can he fits?! He didnt and its back down now but he's so not himself he's gone back to sleep on me and is very listless. So awful when they get sick and you don't know what's wrong.
Bump is fine though I think and enjoyed its McDonald's that I indulged in last night!

Warlin Tue 14-May-13 10:21:34

moN so sorry to hear about your sil....how sad flowers. Hope you're ok

GT wow, do you have to pick the name on the spot?! Such pressure! What happens if it's a letter like V or Z where there is a limited choice? It's a nice tradition I guess but not sure I could cope with that!

I made the school boy error of using a middle name last time that I would now like as a first name...doh! Warning to those having your first dc...don't use all the names you like on one child! My ds is Thomas William...in hindsight if I'd known I'd have 2 little boys they would prob have been Thomas and William....dh suggested William Thomas for ds2 smile Thankfully he was joking! We are totally stumped on a name....we have trawled through baby books, family history etc and I listen to every boy's name mentioned but am yet to find one I love (and that dh agrees on!) It's frustrating as I like to name them asap and then refer to them as that. We don't have back ups as I think the baby will always grow to suit the name.

It's funny how you go off names too..I loved Oliver first time round and not so keen now.

I am wrecked today and having zero motivation in work. We were up from 4am as ds has caught my cold and bless him he can barely breath when lying down. He finally fell asleep as my alarm went off and then I had to waken him again to get him ready for nursery...grrrr. We are going through a tough phase with him at the minute. He is normally a great sleeper but the past few weeks have been a nightmare...I think it's part teething and part developmental but I really hope it passes soon. GT are you worried about having 2 little ones and both being babies? Sometimes I really worry about how the hell I'm going to cope!

Morning all,

I have the flu :'( I thought it was the cold but no it was the flu so im aching and have the headache from hell. dishes are piled up and DS is off playgroup as i was supposed to go to the consultants clinic today wonder what else is going to go wrong!

hope your all well xx

Never say what else can go wrong! Turns out the hospital still cant find my notes!!! angry

roofio87 Tue 14-May-13 11:59:25

Aww falcon, so sorry ur feeling so rubbish!!
I've just spent the last half hour stubbornly proving that just because I'm a woman and five months pregnant doesn't mean I can't mow our garden!! shattered now
sat down and baby is kicking away, think they're telling me to rest!!wink

roxvox Tue 14-May-13 12:05:53

Morning/afternoon all!

Just now back from our scan, and all is good grin . Took a while to come to that conclusion because a) I overdid it with the fluid intake before the scan and ended up having to use the loo before the scan, and b) baby was sat upright! After a bit of rolling around (me), baby moved though and ended up in quite a good position lying on it's back with it's feet up! Will upload a picture in a bit.

DH saw a man who looked a bit like his Dad (from a distance) carrying his 1 year old-ish grandaughter and has been having spurts of crying ever since. I think we're both feeling pretty relieved!

Tarlia how did your scan go?!

Sorry to hear that you aren't having a great day Falcon, that's terrible that they have misplaced your notes!

glad your scan went well roxvox i take it you never found out sex?

roxvox Tue 14-May-13 12:27:11

Thanks falcon, no we decided not to ask. That didn't stop me from looking though and at one point I thought I saw something dangling, but then the second time I thought I saw something I thought it was just 2 lines, which I understand to be a girl. Both times she was so quick whizzing over that area though that it was impossible for me to speculate really!

Great scan news Rox. Check out the little feet on the photo, so cute.

I'm about to go and see my friend and meet her 3 month old girl Esme. Got her such a cute little outfit, i want to keep it incase we have a girl. Looking forward to cuddles soooo much.

Thankyou to everyone for the kind messages regarding sil and also my panic over the white wine spritzers.
I'm heading into town baby clothes shopping soon and going to follow haylebop's lead and give youngest dd £5 to buy somethng for her baby sister. She's really excited. I'm still feeling a bit apprehensive about buying anything.
Dp insisted on ordering a pram last week so just hoping that we haven't made a big mistake

pinkbuttons Tue 14-May-13 13:19:27

Sorry to hear your DS is ill shootingstars is he any better this afternoon?
Also sounds like a really rubbish day falcon wont say anything to jinx it but hope this afternoon gets better and you feel better soon
Congrats on scan roxvox your picture is amazing!
Have fun baby shopping MoN I havent bought anything yet for this baby and not sure why im being so superstictious(sorry no idea how to spell that...) 2 more days and ill hopefully be able to relax and go on a big shop smile Lovely to hear everyone elses scan news in the meantime though.

GTbaby Tue 14-May-13 13:29:22

Warlin. Thankfully don't have to choose on the spot bi don't think I could Handel the pressure.

Yes totally freaking out at thought of having two babies so close in ages. How we will sort sleeping arrangements. Pushchair. Car seats. Nappy bag selection. Lol.

Roof. Take it easy! Lawn mower is really hard going on your body. Ur doing an amazing job making a baby, u don't need to prove anything!

roofio87 Tue 14-May-13 13:47:16

Hehe thanks GT maybe put a bit of pressure on my back but glad I did it and relaxing all afternoon before work now!! baby was kicking away afterwards so don't know if they loved it or hated it!!

Racheld33 Tue 14-May-13 14:40:12

Good news on the scan roxvox picture is great!

Took my DS swimming this morning, I am now slobbed on the sofa exhausted whilst he has his nap, everything wears me out now!

What do you ladies think about booking a uk holiday two weeks after my due date is this madness? Ds was a due date baby but i know it may not go that way this time?

tuckingfits Tue 14-May-13 15:39:34

Total madness!!! DS was 13 days late,there's no way I'd have been going on holiday! He was born by c section 13 days late after 18 hours of contractions. I was gubbed. I was also kept in hospital for 3 nights after his birth (standard for c section) so although it probably wouldn't happen to you,you need to be aware that it's a possibility & you could be stuck in hospital watching the days of your booked holiday tick by without you.

Besides which I don't think I'd have been up for it had I had an uneventful,normal delivery,the early weeks are exhausting & if you're breastfeeding (sorry,can't remember your plans re feeding) then you'll still be establishing etc. However,having said all that,perhaps I just didn't take too well to motherhood first time round (understatment of the century) & you'll be fit & well to go on hols as soon as your baby is here... smile

Why not see what your midwife says?

You maybe right I am going to have to wait till easter holidays sad boo I miss a holiday this year. so march it is!

pinkbuttons Tue 14-May-13 16:09:22

Another one here who definitely wont be booking a holiday 13 days after due date falcon DS was born day after due date but was still sore and so tires 10 days later... Also would definitely feel like I was going to jinx the whole thing if I booked a holiday baby would deliberately be 2 weeks late just because thats sods law... I am however thinking of booking a weekend away at 38 weeks to try and encourage baby to come a little bit early grin

Falcon not sure that's a good idea... quite possible that the baby won't be here yet, and even if it is you might still need to be in hospital or at the very least have a very little baby to get used to and look after. Any reason why you were thinking of a holiday on that date?

Sorry about your son shooting stars and the notes/flu falcon.

I had my 16 week check today. All seemed well. Heard the lovely little heartbeat. Baby was wriggling around again so she had to keep chasing it to let me listen for a while! Exactly 150bpm so no help in the boy/girl mystery. Problem with low bloods was because i drank lots of water for the scan and diluted things, and the hcg and pappa doesn't seem to be a concern. I have been discharged from consultant care and told I am low risk woohoo! Apparently it was for low BMI as well as the asthma/pneumonia last year, which my MW didn't tell me, but consultant's assistant that saw me seemed satisfied that i had put in a stone since getting married in August and 11lb since getting pregnant. didn't even weigh me so it can't have been that much of a concern. Home birth or midwife unit are now both allowed again woohoo. And I was advised to carry on with yoga/Pilates, no problem.

Lovely to be home nice and early. Thought about going back into work but decided against it!

Claphammama Tue 14-May-13 16:20:58

pinkbuttons my friend just had a baby (last Monday) exactly two weeks before due date :-) They went for a long weekend in Cornwall and her contractions started in the car, on the way back to London. It was a long drive! Once she got to the hospital, she was so ready that she gave birth in 25 min (and it was her first one!) so you may be onto something here... :-)

By the way, I just found out that my friend who lives in the US is pregnant with twins and is due in mid August! The twins are both girls and she already has a 3 year old DD. Her husband is freaking out at the prospect of life with 4 females in the house :-)

My days in the office are so unbearably long now... one day feels like a week. Feeling my baby move around made them so much better though!

pinkbuttons Tue 14-May-13 16:30:14

claphammama thats proof enough for me will tell DH my plan is clearly flawless and tell him to book now grin even if it doesnt work will get a nice weekend away surely thats win win.
Yikes gor your poor freinds DH. I would definitely be worrying about having 3 boys, its bad enough with 1, Im surrounded by football and dinosaurs and outnumbered for weekend tv, and hes only 2!
Glad appt went well orange that sounds lovely, im hoping to be signed off by consultant next week. Theres apparently a lovely MLU very near where were moving and would love to be able to use it.

pinkbuttons Tue 14-May-13 16:32:19

p.s just to add I love having a boy but the poor child has been indoctrinated into liking football (thanks DH) Not sure if would make any difference if he was a girl anyway. grin

Claphammama Tue 14-May-13 16:34:35

LOL pinkbuttons. Last night, just as I was about to fall asleep, I found a fire engine and a spiky dinosaur in our bed... this is how you know that you have a boy...

Claphammama Tue 14-May-13 16:38:03

ps. my DS is 4 and has already been indoctrinated into loving football and cars... all I can say - prepare yourself for long freezing mornings in the park, rain or snow... every Saturday morning for us... local "football league"

roxvox Tue 14-May-13 16:49:36

Thanks for the comments re my scan picture everyone! I can't stop looking at his/her little toes! Still no news from my scan buddy Tarlia though, I hope everything is ok.

pinkbuttons I am liking that idea! Good excuse for a weekend away, and even if baby comes early just to be a little bugger then at least having a baby in your arms will make up for missing your weekend away!

DH is going to be 200+ miles away from me for most of the week days during the last few weeks of my pregnancy as he will still be working and I will be at Mum and Dad's. I will need to call him as soon as I start to feel as though I am going into labour so he can head down asap. Fingers crossed it will all start over the weekend when he is with me, but sods law says it will start when he is in flipping Norfolk or something!

Fortunately for me, DH is not a football fan (growing up in Cornwall the nearest big team is Plymouth, so you don't really get brought up with it). I am quite happy for my boy or girl to be indoctrinated into surfing though smile

tuckingfits Tue 14-May-13 16:53:24

Hmm,might have to plan a weekend away a few weeks before due date! Not keen on being late again!!

Sorry if I sounded preachy & patronising,didn't mean to - I just know I wasn't up for going anywhere for weeks afterwards. However I do freely admit that I really didn't adapt well with infections,a baby that had a few infections early on & problems with breastfeeding. I know it's not like that for everyone.

tuckingfits Tue 14-May-13 16:56:55

All your scan pics are makingme really impatient to even have a date for my 20 week scan it had better come in the post tomorrow or they'll be getting a phone call to chase it up!

Roxvox,your baby is so cute with their feet up - just chillin'!!

Claphammama Tue 14-May-13 17:08:54

don't think you sounded preachy and patronising at all tucking. I fully agree with you and would give the same advice. DS1 was 6 days early - I had to be induced and had second degree tears (couldn't sit properly for days - ouch!) but, apart from this, the birth went well, I recovered very quickly, had no major problems with feeding and loved my first days as a mum. Still... I would not travel so shortly after giving birth. The sole idea of packing etc. would just be too much. I now also appreciate - following my first birth that didn't quite go according to plan - that, as much as we try to plan, mother nature totally ignores our plans! So I'm trying not to plan or assume anything this time!

Shirehobbit Tue 14-May-13 17:14:23

On the football front, boy or girl, ours will probably be taken to their first match before Christmas. When they're old enough, their team choice could be political in this household wink

I've just had an attack of the Pacmans and hovered up two packets of crisps and a kitkat.
I don't think that "the baby obviously needed it" excuse will wash, as that mini-feast has next to no nutritional value blush. Oops.

Shire hobbit my one slice of bread turned into four or five just now. Mmm it is so good! But again not much value in white bread other than the poppy seeds on top.

pinkmoonlight Tue 14-May-13 17:59:23

Warlin that is so strange! Our little boy will be William and we've decided not to use Thomas as his middle name because we need it 'in reserve' in case we have a second son! We don't agree on many boys names! Clealry we have similar (good) taste! x

pinkbuttons Tue 14-May-13 18:20:15

haha glad to hear my house isnt the only one overtaken by football. have to admit ts giving me pleasant relief on a Saturday morning when DH takes DS to toddler football, but am not looking forward to being stood in the rain claphammama Maybe this one will be a girl and I can take her to gymnastics... Or more likely will be a girl and Ill just be running between 2 different pitches in the rain because shell love football too grin
I have eaten 2 full beetroot today... slightly disgusted at myself although at least its healthy I suppose although to be honest Id love a Big mac meal too(not that I can blame the baby on that one) Any other odd cravings at the moment?

JellyCurls Tue 14-May-13 19:15:04

Great scan roxvox, your baby is going to have big long legs I think.

Tucking, are you scanning at AMU? If so call, they lost my friends referral when she called up so have had go squeeze her in for a date soon. Baby boom going on in the west of scotland

Tarlia Tue 14-May-13 19:54:15

Hey just a flying post as I have another migraine, to say, huge congratulations, rox, fab scan pic! Love the little toes!!

Our scan went well, baby spot of for size etc and blood flow to heart was interesting to watch (didn't have such a detailed scan last time). There was a hairy moment when she said she had to grab a colleague to check the heart and I may have to go for a walk - she had been looking at it for ages and I couldn't see the four chambers either. New lady came in, scanner on and there is heart with four perfect chambers instantly, little one had moved into perfect position and had finally I scrunched 'it's' legs too, but I have to keep you all in suspense on that one for now.

Hope you've all had a lovely day x

Tarlia Tue 14-May-13 19:55:44

*unscrunched legs (doh)

tuckingfits Tue 14-May-13 19:56:44

Thanks for the tip jelly,yes I am scanning there,they lost my 12 week referral last pregnancy so I was only ever giving them til tomorrow anyway to get the date to me. useless articles I hate that the standard of care we are all receiving is so varied & that some of us are having to push all the way to get the bloody basics... Ah well!

jellycurls did you get your scan date? I think I remember that we were both going to start chasing up on the same day? As for the baby boom - yes,it's starting to be on my mind that resources could be stretched somewhat come d day. Elective section starting to feel rather more appealing.

as for names - my little boy is William,and should this one be a boy Thomas is up there on the list (only short as haven't really got into it yet). How funny!!

JellyCurls Tue 14-May-13 20:11:00

Scans tomorrow morning tucking with a super consultant. Panick mode has hit but be back in touch after scan.

Night night ladies x

roxvox Tue 14-May-13 20:20:45

Thanks tucking, jellycurls and * tarlia*. Yes I think we might have one gangly, chilled out baby! Just like it's Mum and Dad smile

tarlia I am glad your scan went well! Our sonohrapher had trouble seeing our LO's heart at first too, she had to get me to roll on to my side in an attempt to get the baby to change position (which fortunately worked). Did you find out the sex then but are just keeping it to yourselves for a bit, or are you saving it until the birth?

I know a family with 2 boys called Thomas and William (they are a bit older though and are at least 14). I can see why people would put the names together, they go really well.

Shootingstarsandcomets Tue 14-May-13 20:21:15

Glad to hear all scans are going well so far.
Ds is so much better. He even managed to give me a kiss and wave bye to grandma this afternoon- he's only 8 months so these two things aren't everyday yet! I am now looking after my latest casualty out lovely dog who has really hurt his paw. Got to take him back to the vets tomorrow for an X-ray - poor chap.
I love William and Thomas as names but have friends with babies who already have these so can't use them. Seems everyone has started already on name lists perhaps we need to get cracking as we really struggled with a boys name for ds.
Anyone else got sore boobs? Mine haven't been site at all but the last few days have got really tender. Not nice at all. Oh and also horrid skin, my chin is a little breeding ground for disgusting spots. So odd as I had lovely skin with ds.

roxvox Tue 14-May-13 20:41:46

shooting my boobs seem to have bad days when they get quite sore, but then the next day they'll be fine! Do you wear a night time bra?
We are really struggling with names. We have 1 girls one and about 3 boys ones, but we aren't totally enamoured with any of them to be honest! I think it might be time to buy a baby name book.

My Gran bought us a baby name book. I think she may have seen the words 'baby names' and just bought it. It's actually a book about naming your second/third child something that is compatible with your current children. Very sweet though smile

Natalieand Tue 14-May-13 22:19:03

Now I no this is a pregnancy related thread but you lovely ladies are the only ppl I can think to ask where I will get a wide variety of opinions I picked up my new glasses and contact lenses today (new prescription) and wore the lenses all day with no problems when I took then out this eve and put my new glasses on they literally make me feel like I've had a bottle of wine I can see clearly out of them but they make me feel drunk lol like I'm gunna walk into door frames etc do u think I should take them back or will I just get used to them?

Smitten1981 Tue 14-May-13 22:25:23

Natalie that happened to me. I went back and moaned about it and they said 'try them for a week and if you're still not happy come back' I got used to them in 2 days. They must have a different curve than before.

roofio87 Tue 14-May-13 22:28:25

if I get a new prescription they definitely feel weird for a few days. I agree, try them for a bit longer and go back if u can't adjust to them!!

Sparkeleigh Tue 14-May-13 22:36:22

Natalie that happens to me when I switch straight from lenses to glasses, it's better than it was at first but I still have to be careful walking down stairs. I have got terrible eyesight though, my prescription is practically into negative double figures.

I'm worrying a bit tonight, I was out gardening and accidentally inhaled a bit of weedkiller before I realised what was happening and stood up... I wouldn't normally think twice about it but pregnancy has made me paranoid. Dammit, I was being so careful until then!!

Natalieand Tue 14-May-13 22:47:46

Thanks ladies ill I've then till Friday and maybe wear for an hour at a time and if I still feel drunk as a skunk with them ill take them back! I best get used to them I brought two pairs the same so I have a back up pair lol. My prescription changed quite a bit I guess my right eye went from -1.25 to -2.50 and my left eye changed from -1.25 too -2.25

Congrats on today's positive scan news ladies. Is anyone scanning tommorow? How long will u keep us in suspense about babies flavour tarlia

MoN did u hear back about your final am up results or are u gunna kick their bums tommorow?

Natalieand Tue 14-May-13 22:48:55

Sorry MoN it changed the word I meant

Did u hear back about your final amnio results today? Xxx

Claphammama Tue 14-May-13 23:08:08

I wouldn't worry sparkeleigh - I really don't think a one off accident is going to do any damage. (unless this one off is a holiday in Chernobyl for example..) Don't think you can avoid mistakes for 9 months and things can't be perfect for all of 9 months.

Don't get me wrong - I worry and get paranoid myself. I'm actually very good at this! So I know that I need people to tell me I'm exaggerating and being paranoid - to bring me back to normal. For example, I died my hair the day before I found out I was pregnant - it was ammonia free semi-permanent home dye only so pretty harmless but I lost a few nights sleep over it! And now, with my laryngitis still here after more than two weeks... I still have practically no voice girls... our CEO just publicly announced that his voice is permanently damaged (nerve / virus damage from a bad cold he caught 14 years ago), so now I am obviously super paranoid about my vocal cords being permanently damaged...

I keep telling myself I'm stupid... perhaps it's really better to have boys... really don't think men get like this :-)

Claphammama Tue 14-May-13 23:09:18

dyed hair obviously... :-) not died!

legallyblond Tue 14-May-13 23:10:50

Thinking of you tomorrow jellycurls... I know this scan is a big hurdle for you after your experience with DC1 x

tuckingfits Tue 14-May-13 23:41:43

Good luck for tomorrow morning jellycurls. Fingers tightly crossed.

Who is your super consultant? Mine is dr Brogan,I met her once for the debrief after William's birth,she was very nice,very understanding & as apologetic as she could be about the debacle that was my experience. I saw her registrar at 16 weeks and was similarly impressed. Am hoping my consultant appt at 32 weeks will actually be with dr Brogan though...

Claphammama Wed 15-May-13 00:04:31

good luck jelly!!

SeriousStuff Wed 15-May-13 00:20:03

Amazing scan roxvox! Look at those toes!

And good luck jelly.

Now that we've moved, I'm having to have my booking appointment again with a new MW. Not happening until I'm 20 wks which means my 20 wk scan will be later...the wait is killing me!

pinkbuttons Wed 15-May-13 06:48:21

Thinking of you today jellycurls will be looking out for your news.
Also hoping you get your full results back MoN amd managed to do some lovely shopping yesterday smile
How are you feeling today falcon?I have woken uo with horrible chesty cough and headache thankfully had flu jab so shouldnt be that but still feeling sorry for myself.
Are there any other scans today?

Slippysnow Wed 15-May-13 07:11:02

Good luck jelly and anyone else scanning.

natalie re the glasses, I wasn't sure if you had heard before but the hormonal changes in pregnancy can affect your vision, so if your not used to the glasses by a week I'd go back to discuss it, maybe it's because contacts are bang on your eyes where as glasses are slightly forward as they rest on your nose?

Re the weed killer (I can't remember who posted this short term memory loss aka baby brain) I think you and bump will be fine, I don't blame you for worrying but it wasn't long term exposure on a daily basis etc.

As for my paranoia, I'm starting to panic about booking my holiday so close to the 20 week scan. I've read that they won't let you fly if you are told you have a low lying placenta - i read on the Internet that these are quite rare but my friend was told she had one at her 20 w scan (it did move) and after a quick search on mumsnet they seem more common than was described. Knowing my luck they will say I have one, I won't be able to go on my hols and it will move a week later!
Anyone had one or heard of one ?

Soupqueen Wed 15-May-13 07:29:15

natalie, same happened to me last time I had new specs. They had mixed up the right and left lenses!

Good luck to today's scanners.

mon, hope you get your full results today, and it's good news. I've got a horrid feeling something has come up in mine so they're waiting to tomorrow for my scan to tell me in person.

slippy, that did happen to a friend of mine, but I'm sure it's very rare and you'll get your holiday! I think it has to be seriously low. My friend had placenta praevia with her first so her history didn't help.

Shootingstarsandcomets Wed 15-May-13 07:47:58

Glad it's not just me with weird boobs then!
slippy I've had friends with low lying placentas, I don't think it's that rare but I'd never heard that you couldn't fly with one. Maybe check with your airline?
Good luck today jellycurls

Shirehobbit Wed 15-May-13 07:58:02

Good luck to today's scanners smile

And brews all round for those who are stressed/worried.

Had my first experience of night calf cramps last night. Ouch.
And my boobs are definitely up and down, pain and growth-wise. They do seem to be going through a spurt of growth at the moment (the week after I bought new bras, of course!) and one is, erm, ahead of the other in the growth stakes hmm

funkky Wed 15-May-13 08:20:59

@slippy. I was told at 20 week scan last week that placenta was a bit low. She did say not to worry at all and continue as normal because a.) it can be quite common at ths stage. b.) it does change position.

She had to book me for another scan t 34 weeks and said if it s still low that's when to worry and look at next steps.

I do have another scan next Monday as baby was lying face down and she couldn't look at head properly, could ask about flying when I go in.

Sparkeleigh Wed 15-May-13 08:25:47

Thanks for the virtual shake and reassurance slippy and Claphammama flowers

Good luck today jelly

Re baby brain - mine kicked in yesterday with a vengeance. I was working from home and my manager asked for my number to ring me. Unfortunately, the number I gave him wasn't mine - it was my mother's blush both of them killed themselves laughing at me... No idea WHAT I was thinking blush

Hi all, marking place - just back from 8 days on holiday so have a lot of catching up to do!

Hope everyone is well

Sephy Wed 15-May-13 08:57:05

More good luck from me jellycurls hope it ends upbringing the lovely experience we're all hoping for.

And I know I'm late, but love your photo roxvox, can't wait now til 3rd June for my scan

Slippysnow Wed 15-May-13 09:16:55

Thanks for that. Just as I had suspected it does seem to be more common, maybe it's rarer for it to be low lying when you go into labour. funkky if you wouldn't mind asking at your next scan that would be great. But you are probably right it is likely to be more risky the lower it lies- I think they are concerned it could rupture on a plane and don't want to take any chances. It's not a long flight, just to Portugal and I won't be doing anything strenuous when I am there... Believe me. Dam me for reading into things!

Thanks again

Warlin Wed 15-May-13 09:31:00

Ah a bit panicked here. My friend who has a ds the same age as mine is expecting and her waters have just broken at 32 weeks! She is in hospital and they have given her steroids to try and prevent contractions as they are trying to get her to 33 weeks. So scary and it means there will only be 10.5 months between her 2 boys! I was 3 weeks early with ds and am scared of going early...would die if it was that early!!

pink and Tucking* coincidence on the name front! We were discussing names last night and we are both considering Oliver again after ruling it out completely last time. I don't love it but really can't find anything I love. Need to use it and say it for a while to see if I like it. Thomas and Oliver (Tom and Oli) are ok together I think.

shooting so jealous of your kiss. My ds is 11 months and still doesn't kiss! Had a heartwarming moment when picking him up from nursery yesterday as I came in with 2 other woman and ds looked round, saw me straight away and made a bee line for me, giggling away! So cute! Hope your dog is ok. I hate it when they are sick. My dog has been off her food for the last few days but seems fine otherwise. I gave her a tuna steak for her tea last night which she ate fine and thankfully ate her breakfast. I wish they could tell you what the problem is.

sparkleigh try not to worry about the weed killer...a one off shouldn't go any harm as long as you're not regularly inhaling it!

Another day in work <sigh>....roll on home time

Claphammama Wed 15-May-13 09:43:24

haha - this is a hilarious example of baby brain sparkeleigh!

warlin +1 to your sigh...

warlin try not to worry each pregnancy is different and each woman is different, you might be late this time not early!

LOL have to laugh at all the name choices DH is Thomas and DS is Oliver, so i have to say i am quite keen on them grin

pinkbuttons I am still full of the cold/flu I feel dreadful. I have not managed to go to my appointments hospital, dentist nothing and Oliver has not got into playgroup as i have been to ill to take him.

Which brings me on to my next problem Oliver, he was an angel child i swear that has now been replaced with a demon, at least the shouting DM and DF did on holiday was justified. He was rude "get me this now..." he would not eat with knife and forks at all even when he had a fried egg!!!!! he would not listen to anything they said and screamed the place down when he did not get what he wanted, He is 4yrs 3months what has happened to my child??? He has been similar with me since he came home and found himself sent to his room too he seems to have had a character replacement overnight!!! what am i to do?

Natalieand Wed 15-May-13 10:05:15

Morning sickness at 18+2 surely not? Didn't have it with dd and I'm having a boy this time haven't been sick up till now I've felt sick quite a bit was standing there putting my shoes on all of a sudden started gagging and made a beeline for the bin feel fine now and felt fine before tbh lol

Texted midwife and she said yes it can start at 18 weeks but I've never heard of anyone getting it this late?

Claphammama Wed 15-May-13 10:12:50

falcon they seem to be going through stages.... my boy is 4 and 9 months and also - angel for a month and then a devil for a couple of weeks and I find that I have to rein him in now and then. He keeps testing me to see how far he can go. Trying to be bossy with me or being super obstinate for no reason. This morning he had a massive tantrum (worthy of a two year old) - tears, throwing himself on the ground etc... reason? When I took him to the breakfast club, he wanted to go in through the gate that was closed and not through the gate that was open (only 10 meters away...) You explain it to me...

My problem seem to be the opposite actually - his grandparents are far too easy on him and, with them, he can get away with everything. So now that he was with them for a week when we were away, we are struggling to rein him in. They are going back to Italy on Saturday which is both bad and good - good as he is better behaved when they are not around and bad as we are back to no help with childcare are anything...

Claphammama Wed 15-May-13 10:13:10

or anything not are anything

Ah claphammama glad in a way its a 4yr old thing I will just have to stay consistent and firm with him. Its hard to see your beloved angel son take these turns, so next time he does i will take comfort in its just a phase (that i hope passes sooner rather than later though i think 5 is normal, eek a year of this!) Thanks for letting me know i'm not alone xxx

Claphammama Wed 15-May-13 10:57:10

you are definitely not alone! :-)

JellyCurls Wed 15-May-13 11:06:45

2 legs, 2 feet, 2 arms, 2 hands, 1 healthy heart and a brain with all the important parts. All in all a healthy looking baby can breath a sigh of relief now grin

HotSoupDumpling Wed 15-May-13 11:22:44

Yay, that's great news Jelly!

Mine's next week, trying not to think about it...

Feel really under the weather today, after a few weeks of feeling great I'm all nauseous and retchy again. Oh dear.

Shootingstarsandcomets Wed 15-May-13 11:23:46

Yay jelly!
How awful to get morning sickness now natalie, hope it disappears soon for you.
Funny how all babies develop differently warlin ds can wave and kiss but at 8 months is nowhere near being able to move whereas some of his friends have been crawling for weeks! Am sure you'll get a big sloppy kiss soon smile

Slippysnow Wed 15-May-13 11:24:26

That's great news jelly are you waiting to find out the sex?

pinkbuttons Wed 15-May-13 11:52:34

Great news jelly smile so glad all went well

natalie I was sick too this morning making DS breakfast and just coughed and was sick bleugh. past couple of days have been getting nauseous in the evenings again think is defintely triggered by hunger for me. Hope your feeling better.

Sorry still feeling rubbish falcon and that DS is being a monkey. not what you need when your feeling ill.

Flyer747 Wed 15-May-13 12:04:10

Congrats Jelly really pleased for you :-) xx

Haylebop12 Wed 15-May-13 12:21:04

congrats jelly

natalie I too have been sick a few times in the last few weeks and still very nauseas. Especially in the evening.

2 weeks till my scan and its dragging! Didn't feel much movement yesterday but I was on the go all day. Hoping baby shows themselves today with a few good kicks!

Soupqueen Wed 15-May-13 12:56:12

Woo hoo * jelly*

Sneaky, quick (at work) post from me. Got the full amnio results - all clear!! grin

Just tomorrow's scan to get through and we can hopefully put this horrid experience behind us.

Claphammama Wed 15-May-13 13:21:17

fantastic news jelly and soupqueen! must be such a relief! have a lovely evening to celebrate x

Flyer747 Wed 15-May-13 13:22:31

Great news Soup :-)

great news soup and jelly!!!

roxvox Wed 15-May-13 14:02:04

Congrats soupqueen and jellycurls - great news for you both! MoN when do you get your final results?

chickieno1 Wed 15-May-13 14:08:35

Congrats jelly and soup very happy for both of you.

Can't wait for my scan, had appt for 23rd but hd to move it and earliest date they could give me is 5th of June! Boo sad

Natalie as slippy said your vision can change with pregnancy, your optician should have told you that. See how you get on but might have to have another check after Baby arrives

Warlin Wed 15-May-13 14:08:51

Congrats jelly and yay soup..what a relief! After all that stress.

I am really struggling in the afternoons at work. I fade after lunch. I think it's because I am up so early and just generally exhausted but not good for the work productivity! Not looking forward to dh being away for 3 nights next week...not sure how I am going to manage the dog, the baby and work from 8-9....might need to slot in a pretend midwife apt to help me one of the days or try and work from home...yikes!

Can't wait for me scan on Friday...nervous but just want to see baby again smile

roxvox Wed 15-May-13 14:37:40

Warlin I hit an afternoon lull as well. I think that it's the lunch time food (just a sandwich) that just seems to tip me over the edge and I could easily have a nap.

I know we have discussed it before, but maternity leave - when are you all thinking of starting yours? My due date is 2nd October, but I know when I ovulated back in January and so think this is a bit early (more like 11th/12th October would be 9 months). I said to DH that I would potentially be looking to start my leave after the first week in September, but he thinks that's crazy because then I will have a month of twiddling my thumbs before baby gets here, and only 5 months with the baby afterwards. I do want more time after the birth than before, but at the same time you never know when the LO might decide it's ready to come out, and I don't want to still be sat at my desk when that happens! Any thoughts on this?

Claphammama Wed 15-May-13 14:39:29

it's not just you warlin. I struggle too... both with tiredness and lack of motivation... working 5 days a week and my job is long hours and really intense... (saying this - spent most of my day today on Facebook and mumsnet as I have no brain for anything more intense than this). Also, DP has quarterly management meetings this week - so out for dinners last night, tonight and spent all Monday night working on his preso. So having to do everything at home too. I know exactly how you feel... being pregnant, working, running a house and looking after little things is tough... I honestly can't wait for my maternity leave. I know having two including a new born will be hard but work is too tough right now... feel free to PM me if you need a moan!

Claphammama Wed 15-May-13 14:46:11

*roxvox I've been thinking about it the entire day :-) I also want to leave it as late as possible but it's getting a bit too much for me... mentally and physically. So I'm thinking about late September - about 4 weeks before my due date. Do you have a decent maternity pay you could stretch to stay home a couple of months longer?

Warlin Wed 15-May-13 15:20:19

clap you sound like me...I have a tender to write but have spent most of today on fb and mn....now I'm just clock watching. I came back after mat leave to do 4 longer days and off on a Friday which is def worth it but the Mon- Thur part kills me!

My DD is 3rd Oct (we are nearly the same roxvox). I finished last time at 37 weeks (and had ds at 37 weeks). I had planned to work until 38 but was just too tired to do the commute etc. It meant I left work on a Friday afternoon and by the Monday was home as a full time mum! I found that tough as had been really busy in work and needed some relax/ me time before baby arrived. So this time I will finish prob end of the first week of Sept but will see how things go. I'm scared I'm going to be early again. My mat leave isn't great but last time I got only stat so will be an improvement! I will prob take 9 months again if we can afford it.

roofio87 Wed 15-May-13 15:24:42

I work with children and teenagers and will be surrounded by them full time all summer hols so I'm planning on finishing beg of September and just collapsing!! (my dd is Oct4th) so will have about 4 weeks before. I know it is a long time but it will be best in terms of my work to not go back for the September term and let my replacement take over for the fresh year!!

legallyblond Wed 15-May-13 15:25:20

Re maternity leave, with DD I had "booked in" to stop 3 weeks before the due date, but felt great and so was able to be flexible and just keep extending the leaving date. I am a lawyer, then at a big London firm, so cover was no issue - I just bad to handover to various colleagues. They were happy with that and I worked until 39+1, 6 days before due date. In fact DD was 2 weeks late, so all was great.

This time, my adjusted due date (ie 38 weeks) is 14 Sept, but I plan to stop in early August. I'll be massive with twins and am already finding the preg much, much tougher than a singleton pregnancy. Plus I have this feeling that by really resting, that will help prevent premature labour, which is a huge risk with twins...

roxvox Wed 15-May-13 15:26:47

Thanks claphammama and warlin. Unfortunately my maternity leave is just statutory. What I really don't want is a) my labour to start whilst I am in the office (which is 200 miles away from the hospital I would like to give birth at) and have no resting time, or b) for baby to be late and for me to have eaten into 6 weeks of my maternity leave before the baby even arrives!

I wish babies could give us more exact times/dates!

legallyblond Wed 15-May-13 15:28:41

Oh and my mat pay last time was really good, but I get statutory only this time... Nonetheless, will be using all our savings to have a year off if possible!!!

roxvox Wed 15-May-13 15:29:37

Sorry, cross post legallyblond - that's fantastic that you were able to delay leaving! I may see if I can work from home (well, my Mum and Dad's) for the last couple of weeks... That would avoid the risk of being too far from the hospital, and also I would be able to work until much later in my pregnancy!

roofio87 Wed 15-May-13 15:29:59

ps I have 5 weeks hols to tag onto beginning and end of my mat leave too so that gives me a bit more time so mat leave won't technically start until late Sep

legallyblond Wed 15-May-13 15:30:37

Oh, and huge huge enormous congrats Jelly and Soup!!! MoN... Thinking of you... Let us know if you can x

GTbaby Wed 15-May-13 15:49:20

Wrt maternity leave. It's something I obsessed about during my last pregnancy. When was the best time. In the end I was exhausted 5weeks before my due date. MW told me I was exhausted n needed rest. I then went a week part time (unheard of for my school to agree but I'm a curriculum leader so they couldn't have me leave without a full hand over) and then a week full time (but it was a "easy" week at school) Friday last day. Saturday morning in hospital! Where OC was considered. I then had to go into hospital everyday (a week) for obs and monitoring till I hit 38 weeks when I was induced.

Basically my body told me to stop. Maybe discuss with HR how flexible they will be with last day at work. It's hard to know now how you will feel in 3/4 months time.

This time I was planning on leaving at 37 weeks. Keeping in mind I have summer break and will only be at work a week then onto maternity. But with my SPD I'm unsure of even being about to finish a week! But aim is to go in for at least a day. As otherwise my summer holidays will get counted as my maternity leave!

Smitten1981 Wed 15-May-13 15:50:34

Great news Soup and Jelly. Time to relax and enjoy the second half now!

I'm hoping to work my last month before I take mat leave from home, I know they did this last year with someone so they can't really say no to me - ha! Hope to be done with the office in September then work up till when I pop from home.

I've realised I get heartburn when I'm getting hungry rather than when I'm full up I've been getting it religiously at 3.30pm every day and just before lunch.

Am I weird that I really like the taste of Gaviscon? I was dreading it as everyone was saying it is foul but I love it! I just necked a cheeky capful at my desk.

I was told at the scan that I have an anterior placenta, so I was wondering, because I don't have much of a bump at all, maybe the baby is growing inwards rather than out and that's why I'm getting such bad heartburn so early. Maybe my stomach is squashed.

I'm eagerly awaiting kicks, but I doubt I'll feel anything for ages with this front facing placenta - sigh!

Wickedgirl Wed 15-May-13 15:51:55

The family I work for are moving in July or August so I will go on maternity leave then although I will take my holidays first (I have deliberately saved all of my holiday allowance for that very reason).

Claphammama Wed 15-May-13 15:53:33

warlin this is what all my friends who work part time say - if you work 4 days a week, you still end up doing 5 days worth of work. If you work 3 days, you end up doing 4 days of work. So much for flexible working!

roxvox I had exactly 3 weeks at home before my son was born and it was lovely. I wasn't bored at all. I washed all new baby clothes, did some more shopping, met friends for lunches and coffees, slept and caught up on my reading. Also my nesting instinct really kicked in so I ended up cleaning all our windows 3 days before giving birth. I remember it as some lovely time to myself

Haylebop12 Wed 15-May-13 16:16:44

I also loved having a few weeks "me time" before dd arrived. I didn't move in with (now) dh until I left work at 34 weeks so had lots to do irt getting baby stuff ready but also settling into my new home. Dd was born at 37 weeks.

This time in finishing at 36 but I also have 5 weeks holiday to fit in so adding 2 weeks to beginning and 3 to the end :-) I'm looking forward to a few weeks settling dd into school (even tho its the same school she attends the nursery of) and relaxing etc. I think I'll only get fed up if I go over as I REALLY don't want to be induced!

Congrats to jelly,soup and * me*.
My full results came back clear.
I'm having a detailed scan on the 6th of June so don't all go uncrossing your fingers just yet.

Sparkeleigh Wed 15-May-13 16:50:32

Oh, flip, reading these has made me wonder. I'm thinking of finishing at 39 weeks but using annual leave to take a week before that. Am I being ridiculous? Feel free to laugh if I am!

I'm probably going to be able to work from home at least 2 days a week in the weeks running up to then and I hate the thought of using up maternity leave before the baby arrives!

Natalieand Wed 15-May-13 16:56:17

What do u do for a living sparkleigh?

Big huge congrats too jelly soup and MoN xxx

Sparkeleigh Wed 15-May-13 16:57:45

Cross post! Congratulations MON that's wonderful newa! Will keep everything crossed until the 6th for you!

Sparkeleigh Wed 15-May-13 16:59:25

I'm a software engineer Nat so it's all desk work...

Yay, good news day on the thread! Congratulations to Jelly Soup and MON you must be so relieved!

I'm planning to go back for a week or 2 after summer hols so be gone by 35 weeks. Don't think I'll be twiddling my thumbs, I'm getting uncomfortable enough on my 1.5 hr commute on London transport already, knackered by the time I get to work! GT baby are you sure your summer hols counts towards mat leave if you don't go back in sept?? Here, it starts from the first day back from term when you should be at work- same as a friend I know that went on leave at the beginning of Xmas hols and leave started in Jan.

New name idea- Raphael. DPs favourite turtle (I'm not joking). I used to laugh whenever he mentioned it, now I'm warming to it. Although- has anyone considere possible difficulties if the baby ends up not being able to pronounce their 'r's? Someone mentioned it today, had never crossed my mind hmm

Haylebop12 Wed 15-May-13 17:03:58

Finally started looking into things we need/want for baby's arrival. As we don't know flavour and I'm not fussed about total blue/pink takeover I've been looking at unisex stuff. Especially a swing, but even the unisex ones I'm finding quite boyish? Same with clothes!

Haylebop12 Wed 15-May-13 17:04:58

Congrats MoN still have everything crossed!

Claphammama Wed 15-May-13 17:25:43

really like Raphael feminist sounds very delicate and sophisticated. Also never thought about "r"s! I suppose Raphael would sound more like waffle? :-) what are the odds though!

sparkeleigh a female software engineer yay!! I work with hundreds of soft engineers so appreciate it's a rarity! And I know a lot of women who worked right up to their due date. My VP actually sent me a note after giving birth saying "sorry I sounded so short on our last conference call but my contractions started so I was in a bit of pain". she still finished the call. crazy!

ananikifo Wed 15-May-13 17:30:09

Congrats jelly, soup, and mon! Fingers crossed for good news only from now on!

I have to use my annual leave before I go on mat leave because I'm not allowed to carry any over to the next year. I'm hoping to take four weeks annual leave and start mat leave as late as possible. I expect you need to plan your mat leave to start no later than your due date, so that's what I'll aim for. Mat leave starts automatically if you give birth so I see no point in scheduling it to end early if I'm off work anyway. Starting it as late as possible gives me more time with the baby! I'll also have another year's annual leave allowance to add to the end. We're planning baby's first trip to Canada for June 2014 when my friend is getting married and I need to still be off work for that.

DH has invited friends over for dinner tonight and all I want to do is relax with a hot water bottle on my back and neck. Our friends are lovely and fun but I'm in more of a hibernating mood these days and cleaning and cooking for them last night (to reduce the work for tonight) was not fun.

textbook Wed 15-May-13 17:48:53

Such good news from jelly, soup and MoN!

I'm starting to get excited/nervous about my scan tomorrow - baby has been kicking the crap out of me all the way home this afternoon (and is still wiggling about now) so hopefully that's a sign that all is well smile

Racheld33 Wed 15-May-13 18:05:47

Great news soup jelly and *MoN so chuffed for you all

With DS i started maternity leave at 36 weeks and loved it, pottering at home, trips to ikea, meeting friends, out for lunch, I had the best relax, so I would encourage people if you can to take a bit of time to relax, not had a second to myself since he was born nearly 3 years ago! He was born 39 + 4 so was ready for him by then. Going to do the same this time smile

Soupqueen Wed 15-May-13 18:07:42

Wonderful news MoN! I'll keep my fingers crossed until the 6th for you.

I can't quite relax yet, but thankfully don't have long to wait. Because it was my HCG levels which were out (10X normal), that can indicate a placenta that isn't functioning so they'll check all at out tomorrow and, fingers tightly crossed, I can then relax a little and enjoy being pregnant!

Re maternity leave, my current thought is to finish work at 38 weeks but take a week's holiday before that, so I'd be finishing at 37 weeks. My work have said that I can bring it forward or move it back when I see how I'm doing nearer the time. I would like a proper handover with my cover though - and as they haven't advertised yet and many people are on 3 month notice period, that could be tricky!

roxvox Wed 15-May-13 18:39:06

Brilliant news MoN! Will continue to keep these fingers crossed for you.

I am finding problems with unisex stuff too haylebop! The girls stuff is all pink, boys stuff is all blue, and the unisex stuff seems to be boyish too. Have you felt baby moving again today?

Thanks for all of your advice regarding mat leave. I am going to try to leave it as late as possible, and hope that work will allow me to work from home for a week or so. I would be happiest to officially start my mat leave at around 38 weeks, but with a relaxed couple of weeks from 36 weeks. Or maybe I'll take that time as holiday or something.

pinkbuttons Wed 15-May-13 18:41:54

Congratulations soup and MoN so brilliant to hear good news from you both, will keep my fingers crossed until both scans are done but so happy for you both.
feminist my DS is called Rory and only thought of the R problem after wed decided on the name. I made sure he had a none R middle name just in case... then he could use that, luckily at 2.4 his R's are all ok. grin
Also a friend of mine has a little boy called Raphael and he is so gorgeous and the most chilled out baby Ive ever met. Just in case that helps grin
Feeling for those of you dealing with maternity leave I got signed off at 34 weeks last pregnancy and was bored stiff when DS finally arrived but a few weeks would definitely have been perfect.

Haylebop12 Wed 15-May-13 18:55:22

Yes thanks roxvox it seems the more I do the quieter it is as today I have been quite lazy and had some strong movements grin

I think I'll just wait to buy anything until I know. I don't want a dead Girly pink wardrobe if its a girl but similarily I don't want her to be mistook for a boy!

chickieno1 Wed 15-May-13 19:14:13

Great news mon !

Fingers crossed for scan soup

Huge congrats jelly, soup and MoN.
Wow MoN it must be really unusual to have your early results and then completely clear full amnio results (I hope you don't mind me saying). I will be using your case as an example forever more as a positive story if my friends or I have any scary scans. I am so pleased for you and your family.

I am knackered today and was really ratty with my class. They have been monkeys this week, unsettled by SATs keeping us inside and quiet, me being out on a course then antenatal appointment. They were horrible today and I wasn't in the mood for it. All I did was daydream about maternity leave! I will be going back in September for as long as possible if I can but the summer holidays should be a good break and time to get things ready. I haven't given an official date I plan to leave yet but as I won't be given a class I can slot in easily for as long as I want.

I just won a vegan cake cookbook from MN. Mmm!

JellyCurls Wed 15-May-13 19:34:26

Ladies thank you all so much for all your good wishes and sorry for short post earlier. Scan was great consultant showed us toes, fingers and even got to see up babies nose!

Went pram shopping after scan and have no idea where to start so I came home with a ball of wool.

MoN and soup so glad your amnio results are clear will keep everything crossed till your scans are over.

Slowjogs Wed 15-May-13 19:45:46

Great news Soup, Jelly, MoN - you must be so relieved!
Natalie I don't know about ms starting at 18 weeks, but mine is still going strong ever since week 6. I'm still throwing up several times a week although the nausea has improved. The worst time seems to be at the end of the day, on my way home from work. My current trick is to walk into the supermarket, pick up two items, drop them at the door, run back to the car and be sick in a plastic bag. Nice! blush
warlin I'm finding afternoons really tough too. I try and get anything difficult done in the morning and save my easy jobs for after lunch! I'm a lawyer so am hoping to start working at home one day a week to see if that helps. Mat leave seems a long way away!

Not at all Orange I know how unusual a case like ours is. Maybe more babies would survive having such a big hygroma but so many women choose to teterminate without even having the amnio. I was prepared to do the same myself a few weeks ago. Thank goodness the consultant talked me out if it.

roxvox Wed 15-May-13 21:26:33

Don't feel like you've got much of a pregnancy bump? Follow my simple 3 step plan:
1. Scramble 4 eggs and toast 1 slice of bread
2. Scoff the lot whilst it is still painfully hot for your mouth
3. Admire your pregnancy bump (aka huge bloat)

Shootingstarsandcomets Wed 15-May-13 21:35:11

Such great news mon, soup and jelly! Such a relief for you.
I planned to work up until 38 weeks with ds but then everything got complicated and I had him at 36 weeks in the end. Don't forget you have holidays and bank holidays you can use and then also next year when you're on mat leave you still get hols and bank hols so you can tag a bit of extra time off by using them up before you go back. This time I don't need to worry as wont be going back grin
Poorly dog is home from vets with a big bandage and a cone on his head. He may have to have his toe amputated if the infection doesn't clear up sad

roxvox Wed 15-May-13 22:43:12

shooting sorry to hear about your dog, I hope he's ok and that the infection clears up.

Random question, but has anyone else's stomach become more hairy?! I noticed it a few weeks ago now, but I am sure it is getting worse! It's only fine hair like I have on the rest of my body, but there is definitely more and it is longer than before, but only on my stomach near my belly button...

tuckingfits Wed 15-May-13 23:51:46

Congrats to soup, jelly & mon. Excellent news all round! What a relief for you all.

I phoned about my scan today & yep,they'd forgotten. Amazing. However I got an appt for next Fri the 24th,day after my birthday & three years exactly since i had an early scan to check William was still there after bleeding! Fingers crossed for a good one!

Tonight at work my colleague got some glass in her eye & as i rushed off to get her an eye wash,i caught my trousers on a piece of broken & jagged perspex some fool had left sticking out from a shelf too narrow to accommodate it. I looked down expecting to have an annoying catch in the fabric,but no - the hem of my only maternity work trousers had ripped from hip to knee! Horrendous in front of a crowded bar! I had to staple the bloody things together. Classy. Am so annoyed,it took me ages to find these trews last pregnancy & now I'll have to buy some new ones of i can't sew them up to be decent again.

At least the customers got a laugh eyeful

tuckingfits Wed 15-May-13 23:53:05

Oh & colleagues eye is ok!

Roxvox my tummy is getting hairy too blush

Oh no tucking fits!

Slippysnow Thu 16-May-13 07:10:49

Mine too sad I don't like it! Starting to look chimp like, it's darker too (I'm blonde). Old wives tale is your having a boy.

Natalieand Thu 16-May-13 07:15:52

Hairy belly here too!

tucking I am also scanning on may 24th. At 12.20pm I think quite a few of us r. Shout if your scanning may 24th :-)

pinkbuttons Thu 16-May-13 07:42:07

Morning ladies, another hairy tummy here, is still blonde but definitely hairier. On a positive note hormones seem to be helping the hair on my head grow super quick and it actually looks healthy. maybe worth a hairy tummy...

Good Luck to soup and textbook and anyone else scanning today.

DH has let me go back to bed as hes got the day off for scan but Im too awake, nervous and excited to go back to sleep!

cuillereasoupe Thu 16-May-13 08:11:41

I'm definitely getting a hairy line down from my belly button too.

Re. maternity leave, I'm in a bit of a quandary. I got the job I went for on Tuesday and now have a massively kick-ass job title grin shoehorned into my smart dress with a scarf. I don't think they could tell because I was sat behind a desk for the interview itself. I now have the pleasure of telling them I can only start in January not September (teaching job). Legally there's nothing they can do but I'd still like to get off on the right foot. Argh, how to break the news?!

favellio Thu 16-May-13 08:51:32

OMG!! I was just googling about hairy bellies last night lol
Yes I've got a much hairier belly...mainly blonde, with the odd scarily dark hair!!!!blush

HotSoupDumpling Thu 16-May-13 08:56:45

Ooh that's difficult Cuille. Maybe someone here has had to do something similar? Just remember that you were morally (as well as legally/technically) entitled to apply for the job even though you knew you were pregnant. And that if they were in your position, they would probably have done exactly the same thing!

No noticeable hair here (maybe because I'm already hairy...) but definitely can spot the beginning of the linea negra.

Congrats on everyone for the good news yesterday, and good luck for scannees today!

Warlin Thu 16-May-13 08:58:59

cuiller congrats on the job! At least you weren't due to start until Sept...I was wondering how you were going to tell them you could start next year if they wanted you now smile Jan though? Are you not taking much maternity leave? As you say there is nothing they can do so just be honest. I wouldn't be apologetic about it...just act like it's great news and you have recently found out smile

I have a meeting today 2 hours away from work. It's stressing me out as I hate being miles away from the nursery in case I'm needed and also they think it's from 1.30- 4.30? I'm going to have to break it to them that I will need to leave by 3 to be back for the nursery pick up. It's hard to go from working when required to having to leave at 5 on the dot...but what can I do? The last thing I need is to be stressed and stuck in traffic.

Hairy belly here too...disgusts me. I shaved it last time and now I look like I have belly stubble hmm

Good luck soup and textbook for scans today.

Ours is tmw and I'm nervous but exciting. Thrilled with your news moN..must be such a relief after all that stress

legallyblond Thu 16-May-13 09:42:27

Oh yes, hairy tummy here too. And my tummy button has never been the same since DD!

We've picked names! We need 4 as we are not finding out sexes... DD is Matilda (outer if you know me!). We like:

Valentina (we used to live in Italy, both DH and me)

Bonne chance with the scans!

roofio87 Thu 16-May-13 09:44:55

legally I've just said all combinations of those aloud and they all work imo!! I like them!!
good luck everyone scanning today xx

Claphammama Thu 16-May-13 09:58:09

warlin I know how it feels... so stressful. I always have a problem with it as I work a lot with the US, West Coast, so most of my calls with them are scheduled for 5/6pm when they wake up... But I have to leave around 5pm to pick up DS from nursery / afterschool club... Had to rely a lot on DP over the last years but he also has a lot of work dinners and travels so not always possible. So I end up doing calls with the US at 8 / 9 or even 10pm to make up for leaving early but don't think anyone sees / appreciates it... also my company is very young and ambitious, most people don't have children yet and are all focused on their careers and I regularly feel horrible, like a slacker for leaving at 5pm approx. 3 times per week... they stay in the office until 7pm...

I'm also really upset today... we had our quarterly appraisals yesterday and my ratings went down from "exceeds expectations" (for the last 7 quarters...) to "meets expectations" last quarter. I should be up for promotion now but this effectively sets me back and disqualifies me. I was given no reason why they went down when I challenged it (simply "you are doing a great job but it got harder to get good ratings") and it strangely coincides with my pregnancy... they did it to me, in exactly the same way, when I was pregnant with DS five years ago and I had to come back from my maternity leave and work my ass off to get back on track... and now again... I feel so down about it... DP keeps reminding me that it doesn't matter as we've already decided I wouldn't be going back after maternity and stay at home for a couple of years but it's a pride thing and still hurts... my director is gay and my VP has a stay at home wife. Perhaps they simply don't think it's a place for a woman with family... I get this feeling a lot. One of my friends (with a child) left our team a year ago telling me exactly this - she felt she became invisible and not worth investing in once she had a child. So she went to a different team

Sorry for this moan but I feel really upset about it today. I know I should focus on more important things - having a great and supportive DP, beautiful DS and another little one on the way. Much more important...

Claphammama Thu 16-May-13 10:04:41

legally I also like all the names . Especially Hugo and Ralph go so nicely together!

The only thing I would say about Isabel - there are so many of them these days... Isabel, Isabella etc... or perhaps it's just a coincidence that I'm surrounded by them!

Warlin Thu 16-May-13 10:13:20

clap I feel your pain. It's so hard to manage a career as once you have kids they do normally right you off a bit. I used to work for PwC as a management consultant and spent most of my time travelling Mon- Fri. I loved the job but the lifestyle wasn't compatable with family life and they made no allowances. My friend there came back from maternity on a Monday and was sent to London (we are NI) on the Thur and is still there a year and a half later. She gets home at weekends but there is no way I would do that. So I left and am now Head of Bus Development for a big charity. It is good as the culture is much more pro family (I still feel bad that I am having my second maternity leave already and haven't even been here 2 years) but at least I know I won't have to travel. The job is still demanding though and I would love to be asking for more pay etc but feel I can't. I do miss my old place though but it's just not right for me at the moment.

Your priorities are different though...before DS I was all about my career and now I'd love to find something 3 days a week or with term time working! I guess although it's hard, employers do view you differently, rightly or wrongly. At least if youre not going back it won't be as difficult. You just need to develop a thick skin and not take it personally.

shooting hope you dog gets better. At least he got home ok.

Claphammama Thu 16-May-13 10:28:29

thanks so much warlin xx
you are right - it's so difficult to balance it, we want to be the best mums and prioritise our families but we still want to use our brains and it's hard to let go of ambition and something we've worked for for years... I will try to work on growing my thick sink. Something I haven't been able to achieve in all these years :-)

I'm also planning to retrain and do something totally different in the future. I'm doing Corporate Comms / PR right now and am so over this career... what on earth made me choose it years ago...

textbook Thu 16-May-13 11:04:38

Thanks for the luck messages - my scan's not until 4:25 so I will update later (hopefully with good news)! Thinking of my fellow scanees soup and pinkbuttons and anyone else scanning today, and keeping fingers crossed for good news all round.

Hairy belly here also - I look like a man blush

legallyblond Thu 16-May-13 11:17:40

Thanks Clapham. I know Isabel is popular (although funnily, not really that classic spelling of it). Our next runner was Grace - even more popular. It doesn't bother me. I sometimes think people go too far the other way!

Re work - I know what this feels like and how frustrating it us. It, and the lifestyle, was why I left a big city law firm (and in fact, left London altogether!).

I don't have the magic answer .. My situation is a bit different in that I am the breadwinner, so did with DD and will again go back full time with DH at home (he used to be a banker, retrained as a teacher and us now a weekend kids rugby coach and has an internet business!)... But, I left because the hours required to progress and be respected at my old firm were to me not compatible with being a parent (average day was 8.30am - 10pm...). Its a mans world sadly.

pinkbuttons Thu 16-May-13 11:41:13

Hi ladies, just back from our scan so thought Id leave a quick message to say scan went well and were having a girl!! very excited and relieved. smile

pinkbuttons Thu 16-May-13 11:43:13

relieved that all is ok not that were having a girl although am very excited at the prospect of girly shopping.

Sparkeleigh Thu 16-May-13 11:43:27

Claphammama I can see why your VP stayed on the phone during contractions now. That's a pretty horrible work environment. Maybe it's just the company and not the job that's the problem? I was sick of my job working for my last company and really regretted not doing something else until I moved companies then I loved my job again. Mind you, not terribly impressed with the company that's bought us over so far but I'm hoping it won't change too much.

Warlin Thu 16-May-13 12:00:47

Yay for the girl pink, congrats.

I'd love to leave work and set up an animal sanctuary but unfortunately that wouldn't pay the bills <sigh>. It's def a man's world...not fair that we have all the burden of telling work our news and but have to take the negative consequences whilst men don't have to do anything!

So on the name front, we are now moving towards Edward. DH is very conservative in that he wants something that won't date. I do quite like Eddie and Ed when he's older but dh doesn't really like Eddie...the debate continues!

Can't remember who mentioned Raffael but I think it's nice too. My friend called her wee boy Rafferty which I thought was awful at first but has grown on me. He gets Raffie which is nice.

Flyer747 Thu 16-May-13 12:02:03

Congratulations pinkbuttons, another girl on the thread...these boys are taking over :-) lovely news xx

Claphammama Thu 16-May-13 12:08:40

wow - congratulations pinkbuttons! So exciting! Are we entering the girls phase now? :-) Go and overdose on shopping for little dresses and all the girlie things!

thanks for your note legally. I have a few friends who are lawyers working for big city firms and they work crazy hours... sometimes until 1am or saturdays / sundays. They regularly have dinner delivered to the office. The money is amazing but the price you pay for earning them is in proportion... So I totally understand your choice. I also understand how it is to be a breadwinner. Until very recently I was one, earning three times more and with a massive mortgage. So had no choice but to leave my little baby in the nursery until 6pm every day when he was only a few months old. All the emotions and feeling torn that comes with it... Things changed completely recently though and, because of my past life, I really appreciate having options and less pressure now. Don't think I would appreciate it that much otherwise.

sparkeleigh my company is amazing in many ways, I have to be fair to them. My team is not. So it's not the company but my team and my team's management. Having a VP (she is now SVP and moved to the US) who almost gives birth during a conference calls filters down and dictates the culture of the team as she's hired people who are similar to her for all senior roles. She almost never sees her two little children (2 and 5), having a day nanny, night nanny and an emergency nanny in case one gets sick. Two of my friends (both with children) moved to other teams and are really happy. So it's not the entire company.

Claphammama Thu 16-May-13 12:15:46

warlin really like Edward and all the abbreviations. Was on my shortlist for DS

cazboldy Thu 16-May-13 12:33:51

MoN Soup and Jelly so pleased about your good news yesterday.

Good Luck to those today smile

legallyblond Thu 16-May-13 14:28:35

Clapham, I di find it very hard being the breadwinner... But actually, although I miss DD lots, I get great comfort from her being at home with Daddy full time! I get teary and i know she misses me, but it is easier knowing she's with a parent....

Just going to moan ladies so feel free to ignore, I am really sad that i have an anterior placenta when i had DS i could feel kicks by now and this time i only feel flutters and kicks on my bladder, even then i can go days without feeling her I know i should not worry but i do sad

Natalieand Thu 16-May-13 16:06:29

I'm with u there falcon anterior placenta over here too

Its crap isn't it natalie!

Still haven't caught up so apologies for the 'me' post - but had 20 week scan this morning and all good - everything where it should be and measurements spot on - very happy grin

congrats bowlfull smile

Slippysnow Thu 16-May-13 16:53:04

Great news bowlfull smile

I too have an anterior placenta, I'm 16+6 so probably a bit behind you - must be frustrating when you felt it earlier last time. Fingers crossed you feel more movements soon. Perhaps you have calm babies any way?

Shirehobbit Thu 16-May-13 16:54:15

Congratulations pinkbuttons and we should hopefully have some news from textbook soon....

I still have no confirmation whether I'm in the anterior placenta gang, yet. I guess I'll know after next week's scan.

Slippysnow Thu 16-May-13 17:07:16

I wasn't told during my 12 week scan I just saw on the notes after. I don't know whether they move?... I'm new to all this pregnancy lark ;)

Smitten1981 Thu 16-May-13 17:12:20

Anterior placenta here too. I want to feel something!

Soupqueen Thu 16-May-13 17:18:57

Congrats pinkbuttons and bowlful

Just back from my scan and, while they couldn't see anything wrong, they couldn't see everything so I've to go back in 3 weeks for another scan. I'm trying to tell myself it's good that they couldn't see anything to worry about - but I really thought we'd have more certainty by now.

I'm another member of the anterior placenta gang too.

textbook Thu 16-May-13 17:21:16

Hi all - looks like my baby is going to be a total nightmare. All looking fine at scan but baby lying on it's tummy so they couldn't measure the heart, see the face or tell the sex sad

I've been rebooked for the 31st to check the final few boxes, so hopefully will find out all is well then. It all felt really rushed compared to my 12 week, and honestly I'm gutted I don't have the 'all clear' just yet. Oh well - another 2 week wait... glad I have a high posterior placenta (one thing they could see!) so am feeling lots of movement to cheer me up.

Glad to hear yours went better pinkbuttons smile

textbook Thu 16-May-13 17:22:25

Just saw your post soup - looks like we had a similar experience!

Soupqueen Thu 16-May-13 17:25:23

Yep, naughty babies!

pinkbuttons Thu 16-May-13 17:31:36

oh no soup and textbook what little monkeys you both have! but glad nothing ws seen to be wrong and just think it means you get to see your babies again!

Claphammama Thu 16-May-13 17:36:47

congrats bowlfull! so you've decided not to find out the sex?

textbook and soup at least nothing is wrong - hope your next scans will work out better!

Just back from my 16 weeks appointment with MW (I'm 17+2 today). Very uneventful but heard the heartbeat which was lovely. Strange - just checked my notes from 12 weeks scan and apparently I also have anterior placenta... but I'm feeling movements... could it have moved? No idea. If yes, hope it will move for all of you too!

legally feel free to PM me if you ever need to vent... I know exactly how it feels and have had several meltdowns from all the pressure over the last few years. It's tough. And yes - at least you know she is with daddy! I was always worried about the nursery - not knowing how they really look after them and what they eat... I'm a bit health conscious (obsessed)

Seems there is a few of us, they can move but unlikely to become posterior I feel kicks in my fanjo as we speak its odd! When i was on hospital the mw said its not uncommon to not feel them for days with an anterior even at 30+. Its common to feel movements low down and on either side but i would love the feelings i had with DS just now. I suppose the fact she is ok should be enough I may just be in and out of hospital getting checked all is well!

pinkbuttons Thu 16-May-13 17:46:18

sorry missed your post bowlful glad scan went well too smile
what a busy day for scans!

yeah forgot to say sorry scans did not go to plan, little mischiefs grin least you will get an extra scan and see them again before your due dates

Shirehobbit Thu 16-May-13 18:25:02

Oops missed bowlful's scan news, sorry!

I'm just building up courage to go into my first pregnancy yoga class...wish me luck!

Shootingstarsandcomets Thu 16-May-13 18:42:43

Good luck shire!
Ladies with anterior placentas do not fear! I had one last time and felt movements every day from about 20 weeks ish. Sometimes uncomfortably so and DH took longer to feel them but he did feel them too so honestly don't worry.
We go on hols tomorrow! Yay! So looking forward to it. We had to cancel our holiday last year due to my pregnancy complications so feel like this break is long overdue.

20+5 here shootings I must be one of the unlucky ones!

MrsO27 Thu 16-May-13 19:40:46

Hi all, congrats to all who've had good scan/screening results. I'm just 17 +1 so another 3 weeks to wait for my scan (7th June anyone?). Where i live they don't tell you the sex so we'll be leaving it as a surprise until the big day! Had my 16 week midwife checkup today but fairly uneventful. She couldn't give me any more info on why my downs screening was lower than average (1 in 386) so none the wiser if it was anything to do with PAPPA or HCG levels. Didn't hear the heartbeat either. She said that would be at 24 weeks. However, have felt what I think might be the baby moving, but as it's my first, I'm not 100% sure.
Clapham I can sympathise. I'm in same line of work and I also think I want to retrain to do something else when I go back to work. Hearts just not in it anymore.
Not sure if this has been discussed before, but has anyone any experience of the NCT classes? Midwife gave the impression that the NHS cover all the same info, and more, in their classes although class sizes are bigger.

Smitten1981 Thu 16-May-13 20:28:49

We did consider NCT classes, but we have decided that it would probably be more beneficial (and the same price) to have hypnobirthing sessions instead.

No one has mentioned NHS classes to me at all so far.

Congrats to those with scans today, sorry soup and textbook that you couldn't see everything but good that y get another peek in a few weeks time. Ooh a girl to even things out pink!

Clapham, I too have started getting negative feedback since announcing my pregnancy and asking to be moved to the upper payscale. I got good/outstanding observations during first trimester when I was exhausted and sick and maybe not doing as good a job as usual, and always good/outstanding for the last two years as well so not nice to have two not so good ones recently. I am sure it is not because I have suddenly got worse at teaching. I think if they treat me badly that will help me make up my mind not to go back.

Almost all of my friends are lawyers/bankers/consultants. The hours can be long and inflexible and not good for family life. Several are already moving to other jobs/out of London. Teaching is maybe a bit more flexible but still not sure what I want to do. My lawyer best friend decided to resign and never go back after maternity. Her firm were very surprised, not many women left to have babies in their twenties there. Her mil is a lawyer too who went back shortly after giving birth and had a night nurse and a full time nanny who they have kept on ever since. That is not a lifestyle I want (or can afford!).

Shirehobbit Thu 16-May-13 20:38:03

I survived yoga grin

I was really surprised how minuscule my fat bump looked compared to the other women who were 18-19 weeks.

Glad it went ok shire hobbit! Are you in a group with all other people at the same stage as you?

JellyCurls Thu 16-May-13 20:46:13

Congrats on the scans today ladies and for those with wee monkeys I hope they have moved for your next scans.

legally & clap I too am breadwinner and DH stays at home. It's great knowing kids at home with their dad but sometimes I just wish it was me. Hate dc1 going to school with wild hair and not being there when they are sick but that's the way if has to be. Finding pressure of long days, stressful job a bit difficult this pregnancy but I guess only 18 weeks till I can stop and rest

Shirehobbit Thu 16-May-13 20:50:26

No, it's a mixed group, one woman was 40weeks shock

I'll give it a go for 6 weeks, and then see if I want to do another run of 6.

I'm currently the main earner, too. But we're keeping our options open as to what we'll do next year.

Shootingstarsandcomets Thu 16-May-13 21:02:29

Oh sorry falcon sad
mrso I've got to wait until 4th June for my scan - feels ages away. We did nct last time but not nhs so can't compare for you. I thought the nct were good, we had a good teacher who wasn't too preachy about breastfeeding or anti pain relief which some are and I liked the small class size. Still see my other nct mums now.

JellyCurls Thu 16-May-13 21:12:46

Our NHS classes with dc1 were an eye opener and an education. Midwifed and physios were super but the people attending were, erm... unique in there own way. We had a mum and daughter being each other birth partners, both younger than me and DH and we were under 30. Anyway daughter was on dc1 and mum was on dc2 and were due on same day. Had seemingly been to a party together. We also had 3 14yr olds due on same week who went to school together and 3 mums who didn't know who the dads were so were on their own.

Hope not upset anybody by describing our class mates as unique, was just a bit of a shock to me that only me and DH were together in any way

Sanjifair Thu 16-May-13 21:14:42

Lots of lovely scan news today. Hope the cheeky monkeys who were lying in the wrong position turn round for the next scan!

I have another work tale of woe/discrimination. When I announced my pregnancy my CEO called me in and after the congrats etc, said it was really bad timing as he was going to make me head of dept but as I was pregnant he wasn't going to do that now and was. Going to give the position to someone else instead. I was slightly gob smacked and didn't say much at the time but then got really mad afterwards and went back to see him again. Asked him what he would have done if I had announced my pregnancy after he had made me HOD. Would he have demoted me and put the other person in my place? He said 'oh no, I wouldn't have done that' so I said 'well how is this any different then?' He then said he would have to think some more.
At the moment it looks like I will get the position but until it is announced I won't be celebrating! And if I don't get given it I won't be going back. And will be citing illegal discrimination against pregnant women as the reason.

Re: NCT we did the course and it did give me confidence to ask questions during the birth. I still meet up with the ladies and toddlers every Friday and my DS is 2-8. I also went to a free 'first time parents' course at my sure start centre and met some lovely ladies there too.

18+4 so scan not for a couple of weeks.

Claphammama Thu 16-May-13 21:18:22

wow - so many of us in similar situations workwise... I'm so happy I posted my grief earlier today. Was worried it was a bit too heavy but I'm really glad I did. It helped me so much to chat with all of you today - so easy to take things personally and lose perspective... hope it helped others too - to know how many women go through the same stresses and motions!

mrso yes, lets get out of what we do while we can smile far too much form over substance... one of my friends retrained to be a personal trainer and one became a gardener - can't go more extreme!

I did NCT classes when I was pregnant with DS and loved them. Met some great local ladies and am still in touch with some of them. The group was small, somehow we were all similar ages and had similar ideas about babies. Yes, they brainwash you a bit into no pain relief and breastfeeding but my lady did it in a really nice and sensible way. I would really recommend them. Didn't do NHS classes so can't compare I'm afraid...

shooting you are my scan buddy - I'm also on 4th June! Feels so far away... can't wait.

well done on your first pregnancy yoga shire :-)

char1eston Thu 16-May-13 21:20:30

Big congrats soup, mon and jelly on your results. What a relief.
We had our 20 week scan yesterday and all was well. Didn't find out the sex but went in thinking it was a girl and came out thinking boy!
With dd, I left 3 weeks before due date and she arrived a week late so I had a whole month off. Planning to do the same this time.
Can't remember who mentioned Nct classes. Personally I would recommend them but mainly for the friends I made. We still meet every week grin
Just in case anyone missed it or for newbies too - there is a 'secret' Facebook group which has been set up for people to share pics etc.
happy to add people if I can - pm me if you're interested.

Smitten1981 Thu 16-May-13 21:23:57

Sanji - that behaviour from your boss is terrible, not to mention discrimination. I'm aghast they even said that to you.

Claphammama Thu 16-May-13 21:49:11

Congrats char1eston! Although slightly gutted we don't know what you have :-)

sanji just read your post... shocking and I have all my fingers crossed for you. Really hope you get it! Sadly... I believe they can say something like this... exactly 4 weeks after giving birth to DS my director called me to let me know that they were going to appoint someone else above me, someone I would be reporting to, who would effectively end up doing my job (ie. demote me without using this word). He ended the phone call saying "you still have a job here and we hope you come back". It felt like he was really saying "we have to have a job for you here but we hope you choose not to come back". I emailed them asking for reasons, my new job description etc. but they would just ignore my emails and always call me back - so there was nothing from them in writing, at any point. They obviously knew what they were doing was illegal. It was 4 weeks after birth and all I could do then was cry and get depressed for 3 months. I also had to go back after 7 months as was then the main breadwinner. I won the battle only by getting a completely different role in exchange which was OK longterm but I felt cheated. And I supposedly work for "one of the best employers in the UK"...

ananikifo Thu 16-May-13 22:11:05

Congrats to today's scanners.

My back has been sore so I've decided to try some if this exercise I keep hearing good about. I found some Pilates videos on YouTube and I've ordered a mat. Pilates had been good for me in the past so I'm hoping for good things!

ananikifo Thu 16-May-13 22:13:57

I accidentally tapped post before I was ready. I wanted to say that I really feel for you ladies having a hard time at work. In this day and age you would think things were better, and I really do hope you fight this, sanji.

Natalieand Thu 16-May-13 22:35:18

Congrats to today's scanners hopefully the two ladies who have to go back for final checks can enjoy getting an extra peak their little darlings when they get the all clear

Sorry to hear some of you are having a hard time! It's so horrible that I have to decide between family and work and that ppl without families get chosen over u - even though they may not technically be best for the job!

Anterior placenta over here at 18+3 I've felt movements about 5 times id say if that, certainly nothing to write home about!

Midwife tommorow I didn't get a 16 week appt as I saw her at 6 and 13+5 so was pointless seeing her at 16 weeks so hoping to hear the heart beat and show off my 3d scans to her I have the same midwife as last time and she visits me at home for every appt (except consultant and scan appts) then she is there for u for the duration of labour providing there are no complications that require extra intervention

Wrt ante natal classes I didn't attend them with dd and don't have any attention of doing so this time round eithe

Think I've covered everything lol sorry if I've missed something out its hard to look back and type on my phone at the same Time!!

Just wondered what everyone's tiredness levels are like? My tiredness has gone back to being the same as it was at like 7-8 weeks pregnant if not worse

P.s thanks to those who advised me on my new glasses the other day I now feel I can wear them without walking into door frames Etc xx lol

Natalieand Thu 16-May-13 22:36:35

Ugh I wish I could edit posts I meant to put

It's so horrible that u have to decide between family and work

PseudoBadger Thu 16-May-13 22:39:00

I am absolutely worn out Natalie! Not helped by the competitive tiredness of my childless, non pregnant colleague today, who I nearly kicked up the arse grin

PseudoBadger Thu 16-May-13 22:41:28

Sanjifair - that's awful, but your boss is an arse. What a thing to say to you - his HR dept will be furious with him as it's a clear path to a tribunal. Good luck x

GTbaby Thu 16-May-13 22:50:03

Haven't caught up on today's news.

But I keep thinking this but forget to put it in a post.

Random tip. In hospital the bounty lady takes photographs of your LO. Love them or loath them its worth knowing they are expensive. Starting from £50 from what I remember (ha only 7 months n I can't remember). I love my pics. And life was so hecktik that we didn't get any other professional pictures taken. N fact he is almost exactly 24hours old in the pic makes them brilliant.
But it is worth keeping in mind the cost as I didn't expect it!

Right lets catch up on today's chat.

roxvox Thu 16-May-13 22:51:43

Just checking in after a stupidly busy day. I have read all of the posts - but sorry if I miss anything;

Congrats to all those who had scans today! Pleased to hear about healthy scans. To those who didn't get to check everything; like Natalieand said, it will be another chance to see your baby on the screen, and hopefully you'll then get the all clear.

Sanji I cannot believe that your manager said that! Based on what claphammama said about not having anything in writing, I would be tempted to take a hidden recorder (or your mobile, but recording) into his office next time you go to see him, otherwise I assume you'll have no evidence of it.

natalieand at just over 20 weeks I have spent the last few days coming home from work and having a nap. I thought I was over that (haven't had to have naps for a good few weeks now) so it's quite frustrating that the tiredness has come back! I still consider myself fortunate to not have had MS/be having it now like someone said they were (sorry, I have forgotten who!) ... I find it best if I set an alarm for 40 minutes, otherwise I will sleep for hours, wake up starving at 9.30ish, eat, and then not be able to get back to sleep because I am too full/bloated and haven't long got up!

Back to being constantly exhausted here too Natalie I just can't stay awake and end up eating a lot of rubbish for a quick energy boost to get me through then ofcourse come crashing straight back down again a while later.
I'm desperate to get to bed but got to wait for the washing machine to finish its cycle or I'll have nothing to wear tomorrow. Dp said he'll wait up but he's a bit tipsy so he'd probably fall asleep leaving it all in the machine.

ananikifo Thu 16-May-13 22:56:29

I am exhausted too, Natalie, at 17 weeks. I haven't gotten any more energetic with time.

JellyCurls Thu 16-May-13 22:57:13

Restless legs tonight again, how the hell can I get them to calm down so I can sleep? Supposed to be up at 4.30 for work but its 11pm and I can't get my legs and feet to stop wanting to move. Is this a crazy pregnancy symptom that I have avoided till now of am I losing the plot completely

I get that too jelly It always starts just as I'm drifting off.

GTbaby Thu 16-May-13 23:56:33

Shocked at the work stories! It is so tough. Particularly in some jobs. I'm sure my work are not happy at my situation. But it's tough for them. As I've progressed as far as I can, no further up for me anyway. N I went through my pay scale review before having ds1.

DH actually mentioned DC3 today. As in "how about we start trying for dc3 in January" so there is an even gap between all of them angry was my reply. "When we have a full time nanny AND cleaner, then I will discuss it" that will never happen! Lol

tuckingfits Fri 17-May-13 00:35:22

Quick tip on restless legs - apparently it is caused by a lack of potassium (I get them too & it drives me insane). A quick way to boost your potassium levels so you can get to sleep is to eat a banana. I think it would be worth mentioning to midwife to see if she can suggest a supplement,can't imagine having to deal with another 22 weeks of stupid twitching legs. And there are only so many bananas a person can eat.

GTbaby Fri 17-May-13 01:11:41

Oh n I'm sure I read that restless leg is an actual thing. N can occur in pregnancy.

I keep clenching my jaw. N it makes my jaw, cheeks, teeth and tongue hurt. Sucks.

GTbaby Fri 17-May-13 01:41:58

Opps tucking. Didn't read before posting.

Sanjifair Fri 17-May-13 06:11:10

Hi all, thanks for your comments. It was completely outrageous of him, but behind closed doors and verbally so nothing I could do legally even if I wanted. It's now been implied to me by both him and HR that I will get the position, but no announcement yet. Unfortunately the timing may not work in my favour as I have a new boss who starts in August. They make wait and let him decide who gets the position, and I'll be leaving mid September, so not exactly long to make an impression...wouldn't surprise me at all if what happened would be essentially what clapham described, and they make an announcement that the other person got the job after I leave.

It was a massive shock to me, they were fine about my previous pregnancy. Has definitely changed how I feel about re company/CEO.

Talking about crappy work I got an email this morning listing problems. My maths lesson started 12 minutes late (I carried on all afternoon), perhaps I should do more maths to compensate (we already do 6.5 hours a week instead of 5) as maths is a concern in this year group (only since announcing my pregnancy) and another thing please would I attend Friday morning meetings (one person from the team does and reports back to save time. And they are listed as optional and in non directed time in the handbook).

Argh! Wanted to just reply fuck off but I am not sure that would be a great career move...

legallyblond Fri 17-May-13 08:14:38

Just because something is said verbally doesn't mean you can't do anything. I would make a contemporaneous note of exactly what was said now. Email it to yourself to date it.

To be fair, it can work both ways. DH was "managed out" of his last job as a part time primary teacher for similar reasons. He had always had good/outstanding one. Suddenly, the head did three unannounced one which she said were not good. She made DH do weekly progress meetings with her outside his hours (so no childcare!), and said "men don't make good primary teachers, especially not if they have childcare commitments outside work". She also wanted him to change his days on one weeks notice - impossible with childcare. She then said "if you can't be flexible, I don't think there's a place for you here". When he applied, his days were what was advertised as a part time role hmm. He is leaving. Not a single member of staff that remains at the school has young children sad.

legallyblond Fri 17-May-13 08:15:33

Above, one = obs!

MrsO27 Fri 17-May-13 08:23:55

Thanks for all the responses on the NCT classes. Midwife did say that I would be more likely to make mummy friends on the NCT classes as they are smaller, but then she did warn me that they are very "pro-natural birth" and won't really discuss the full range of pain relief options. Having never gone through labour before i'll happily say that i'll have a natural birth, but the reality is I would like to know all the options available to me for when the time comes. At the moment i'm considering doing the NHS for the info (and maybe an education jellycurls, based on your experience!) and NCT for the social aspect, but not sure if that would be overkill!
smitten my midwife will book the NHS classes for me but they won't start until 32 weeks so probably still plenty time for them to mention it to you. Although there is one called "fit for pregnancy" that i have to attend in the next couple of weeks. That could just be a local thing though.
clapham I would love to be a gardener. Really fancy getting out of stuffy offices and boardrooms!
Can't believe what some are going through at work. Be strong ladies! In this day and age it's a joke that there are still people out there who see pregnancy/motherhood as the end of a woman's career.
Charleston is the FB group the same as the one GTBaby has set-up? (p.s. i have pm'd you on that GTBaby as i would like to join please)
Better get on with some work. At least it's Friday! I'm knackered this week too, but just back to work after a 2 week break and was a bit jet-lagged at the start of the week so hoping that is the main cause. REALLY hope this isn't a return to the tiredness I had earlier on.
One more thing, if anyone else has started experiencing dry arms/legs, i got a really good Aveeno moisturiser from Boots with Shea Butter for extra-dry/sensitive skin. One of the best moisturiser I have used, although does smell a bit oaty smile
Have a good Friday everyone!

Flyer747 Fri 17-May-13 08:39:44

Have any ladies here done a long haul flight whilst being pregnant? I'm due to go to China a week on Sunday and starting to worry the 11+ hour flight and 7 hour time difference will be too much for me....DP's brother lives in shanghai so we are visiting him for 6 days, starting to think I've over committed myself and shouldn't be flying so far and especially to china where the medical care probably isn't the same as here! I wish I'd never agreed to go now....

Flyer747 Fri 17-May-13 08:41:56

Oh and sorry also meant to ask do you need to advise your travel insurance company that your are pregnant beforehand?

Natalieand Fri 17-May-13 08:48:18

Never flown long haul I'm bad enough on short haul when not pregnant so can't help there flyer but I deffo think its worth mentioning to your travel insurance about being preggo just to cover yourself x

Flyer747 Fri 17-May-13 08:58:21

Oh and Natalie and all the others in the anterior placenta gang I'm with you on not feeling any movements etc its really starting to do my head in now and I just want to feel something, anything!

ananikifo Fri 17-May-13 09:00:55

How's this for a baby brain story:

I have a monthly tram pass and bus pass for my commute to work. I normally keep it in the inside pocket of my bag but yesterday it slipped into my lunch bag. I didn't need my lunch bag today because we do canteen lunch on Friday (highlight of my week), so I left it at home. They were checking tickets this morning. I got caught without my pass, and given a £100 fine. I then had to walk home and get my pass and phone (which I accidentally left at home as well) and call in to work because I'm going to be late. How humiliating! blush

HotSoupDumpling Fri 17-May-13 09:09:07

sanji, was going to say exactly the same as legally. Lawyers, hey. The fact he spoke to you with no other witnesses might make the event more difficult to prove, but does not at all mean that it doesn't count as discrimination. Definitely definitely write a note to yourself, factual, dated, non-emotive. The key bit was "he was going to make me head of dept but as I was pregnant he wasn't going to do that now and was. Going to give the position to someone else instead".

ana - that is really really annoying. But at least it happened on a Friday!

MrsO - snap, I've just discovered Aveeno as well, thanks to MN. I use the handcream and it's the only one I've found that stays working despite my constant hand-washing. But as you say, it does make my hands smell a little... agricultural.

MrsO27 Fri 17-May-13 09:33:24

flyer747 I flew to East coast of the USA and back recently, so not too long a flight, was a 5 hour time difference, and I was fine. Jet lag was a bit worse than i expected though. I just booked an aisle seat near the loo, which was very handy! You're best to tell your insurance company too, just in case.

roofio87 Fri 17-May-13 09:44:27

morning all!! just been catching up!!
I have terrible back ache, just on the left side right down into my bum. I had it after having surgery a few years ago and its back now!! will try looking up some pregnancy pilates on YouTube too!!
I'm 20weeks today, so half way there!! i don't know where my placenta is (sounds like I've lost it!?!) but I've been getting quite a lot of movement. didn't feel much yesterday, but had some faint kicks very low down so think lo had moved position. had a lot more again today so not worried. scan on Monday, cherrycherry I think you are the same? anyone else?

Soupqueen Fri 17-May-13 09:44:37

ana, what a dreadful start to your day, hope it gets better from here.

sanji, I can't believe your boss said that! I'm with my fellow lawyers on this though, keep a contemporaneous note of everything. As legally blonde suggests, emailing it to yourself proves the date. Alternatively ask a colleague to sign and date (they don't need to see the content, they're just confirming the existence of the document).

orange, to an external observer that sounds very fishy. So your performance was great until pregnant and now they have concerns? Idiots. Are you a member of a Union? Might be worth a chat with them (they'll often cover legal fees too if you decide to take it further)

I had a horrid situation in my previous employment, not pregnancy related though. After years of great reviews, there was a change in manager. He took a dislike to me, to this day I don't know why, and made my life a misery. It was 2 years ago and I still regret not taking action. Thankfully, my current employers are a lot better. I really feel for those of you in this position though, it really affected me badly.

Yes on the tiredness. I'm still waiting for the 2nd trimester burst of energy. I've taken today off, just to get some rest as I'm knackered.was meant to be saving my holidays to stay off longer with the baby, but I really needed a day.

I'm planning to do both NHS and NCT classes. I know nothing about babies so need all the help I can get! Also hoping to meet people at the same stage as me.

legallyblond Fri 17-May-13 09:48:50

I expect you'll be fine Flyer, but I would also tell insurer. Last pregnancy, I flew to NY then the red eye back at 31 weeks!!! I needed a special note from my doctor though as I was over 28 weeks. It was for work. They insisted. City law firm... And I had to be back at my desk fir the day after the red eye return... I don't work there now!!!!!But the flight etc was fine. I took a travel cushion for my back which helped a lot.

Flyer747 Fri 17-May-13 09:57:25

Thanks...I'm sure I will be fine, my goodness I work as cabin crew (not whilst up the duff though) I need to chill, all i seem to have done in this pregnancy is worry! I have put upgrades on my booking so fingers crossed (staff travel, standby) the red eye JFk-LHR until my BFP I did about 2 of those a month, I don't miss them it has to be said....I may have even served you at some point legally!

WinterMammy Fri 17-May-13 10:22:52

Can I join in grin

17 weeks due at the end of October, 2 days before my birthday !!

DD was also my early Christmas present back in 2009 smile

Natalieand Fri 17-May-13 10:24:36

Welcome winter xx

Is anyone scanning today? Best of luck to u if you are xx

Will be my turn next Friday :-)

Claphammama Fri 17-May-13 10:33:34

flyer my company made me fly to San Francisco when I was 7 months pregnant (in economy class...) I must say I found the long flight and 8 hours time difference really tough... And my legs were really swollen for a couple of days. I was ok physically otherwise. I think you will be OK at 5 months pregnant but get all the upgrades you can get! China - how exciting!! Always wanted to go there.

sanji I did exactly what all the lawyers suggested. I was sending them emails after every conversation saying "further to our conversation earlier today, I understand that... etc..." to put it all in writing, even if they weren't responding. To keep track of all developments. I also got some advice from a couple of employment lawyers who said I had a clear case but also warned me about what would be involved (emotionally, financially and timewise) if I wanted to file a case against such a big and strong company. And after all, my company "doesn't do evil"...

ana really sorry to hear about your morning... sounds like a nightmare but it's almost the weekend! Take it easy

roofio hope your back gets better!

jelly forgot to mention yesterday - your NHS classes story was hilarious!

Finally, for those of you looking for potassium to fix jerky legs, coconut water is amazing. Apparently one glass is equivalent to eating 3 bananas. It's an aquired taste (I love it now) and it's quite expensive but amazing. Also great for hangovers although this is not a concern for another year :-)

Kayshields Fri 17-May-13 10:35:03

Hi im new here and halfway point today! Expecting baby for the 4th of October smile

Natalieand Fri 17-May-13 10:50:35

Welcome kay xxx isit your first dc?

Morning all,

I has banked my assignment scores for my OU degree going to complete my current module in Feb.

I couldn't get the lovely pushchair in the end had an unexpected bill come out sad

Will be trawling ebay when DH gets paid lol

How is everyone, sorry to here of those with difficult work situations I really feel for you!

roofio87 Fri 17-May-13 11:19:12

kayshields due date buddies!! I'm due the 4th too!! exactly half way today!!smile when is your 20wk scan?

shellandkai Fri 17-May-13 11:19:49

Hey I'm new I'm due 10th of October with my 2nd got my scan next Thursday soooo excited to find out what we're having can't wait. smile

Flyer747 Fri 17-May-13 11:25:48

Welcome to the new ladies, shellandkai I also am scanning with you next Thursday....excited and nervous x

Hello to all the newcomers.
I used to love coconut milk Clapham until some idiot somewhere decided it was a "superfood" and it tripled in price.

Coconut water even.

cherrycherry41 Fri 17-May-13 11:49:14

Yes roofio my 20 week scan is monday @ 4.30pm! grin

Just in the car on the way back from Cornwall, had an eventful but enjoyable holiday smile I am shattered so i will catch up later on the laptop!

Flyer747 Fri 17-May-13 12:05:24

Claphammama that's a bit harsh sending you to San Fran at 7 months, I always find it difficult to sleep on the west coast USA, at 7 months if you'd have been on my flight you would have been upgraded put it that way!

cazboldy Fri 17-May-13 12:08:46

Hi to all the new mummies smile

I will be 20 weeks on Monday, and have my scan on tuesday

Falcon - I just submitted my last assignment for this module yesterday, have a day school tomorrow and an exam on the 13th of June [eek!!]

Really don't envy you ladies with your work related problems - how stressful! just what you DON'T need!!

Natalieand Fri 17-May-13 12:13:54

Just see midwife for my appt 18+4 heard heart beat she said he must be hiding right at the back of the womb as his heart beat was so quiet lol

I told her we had the private scan and found out he was a boy then spent ten minutes crying to her about it she was so nice she put her arm round me and held my hand till I composed myself lol and seeing me again at 24 weeks then again at 28 weeks then 2 weekly from then on as I had blood pressure problems last time

Overall a good appt though :-)

PseudoBadger Fri 17-May-13 12:22:55

Cherrycherry my scan is on Monday too at 2.30 smile

roofio87 Fri 17-May-13 13:34:56

our scan is 1 30 on Monday, can't wait!!grin

Sanjifair Fri 17-May-13 13:46:04

Thanks to all the lawyers and others giving advice. I didn't write a follow up email, but did transcribe the basics of the conversation that evening in the 'employment' forum on here (under a different user name). So I do remember the date. Hope things go my way, and i dont have to go down a legal route (not sure i would anyway) but who knows at the moment.

Re: NCT classes, mine did go through pain relief choices and c-sections, even down to going through what medical staff would be involved. All teachers are different I guess. Mine had had 5 kids and different births for all, including c-section. She wasn't at all 'preachy'.

Flyer747 Fri 17-May-13 14:34:11

Just eaten half a tub of Nutella, (with a spoon, disgusted with myself) now want to throw up!!!

Claphammama Fri 17-May-13 14:44:56

working from home today but HAD to pop out shopping to get falafels and tzatziki. HAD TO. On my 12th falafel as we speak

welcome all new mummies!

PseudoBadger Fri 17-May-13 14:46:04

I just had a McD choc milkshake whilst DS naps in the car...

Gad i'm not the only one who is starving today!

roxvox Fri 17-May-13 15:39:44

I have just eaten 2 slices of banana and marmite on toast. It was delicious I can tell you! And, although it is the first time I have had it, I have had Marmite and banana together before, so it is not a weird pregnancy thing! Just fancied it smile

Been really enjoying my granola recently though. Eat a bowl when I get in from work, then nap, then have tea.

Welcome to all the newcomers!

Soupqueen Fri 17-May-13 16:04:13

I've never tried marmite and banana but will definitely give it a go!

BreeWannabe Fri 17-May-13 16:25:52

Hi ladies! Do you mind if I join you? I am a longtime lurker and have just plucked up the courage to come and say hello as I had my 20 week scan today and everything was great :-) I am due on October 3rd, with DC1, and I am 31. I know I'm joining the party pretty late so hoping there's still room for one more! Hope everyone is having a lovely Friday smile

B xx

Sparkeleigh Fri 17-May-13 16:51:26

Wow, got a lot of catching up to do!
Congrats on the scans smile and hi Bree

Claphammamma I'm in the same sized boat as you I think. I went to an employment solicitor after finding out about the changes in T&C after the takeover more than halved my maternity pay but when they offered me the difference in cash for this pregnancy I took it. I still don't think it was legal but I figured I didn't need the stress and what chance would I stand against a company that size? But I do growl at blue men now wink

I've also been starving and exhausted this week. DH practically had to carry me to bed last night grin

ana that sucks! Have some thanks

GT how's your SPD? Hope it's improving!

Natalieand Fri 17-May-13 17:07:51

1 good reason day time naps aren't good for u- at 2.15 I thought right me and dd can have a little nap set alarm for 3.30 (so she still goes to bed) next thing I no were waking up at 5pm stupid phones

Claphammama Fri 17-May-13 17:13:42

LOL sparkeleigh both of them are a bit too "cloudy" aren't they? :-)

welcome bree - room for everyone here!

and soup, roxvox... marmite... no no no!!! OH NO

I spent a lovely afternoon at the park with a friend and her one year old son and my youngest dd.
I forgot how much work going to the park with a toddler is though, all the running up and down at their backs trying to stop them running into swings etc. Thankully I got to sit on a bench looking after bags and coats and enjoying the sun while my friend did all the running around.
I've eaten far too much sweet stuff and now have to eat a load of savoury stuff to restore balance. Does anyone else have this warped logic?

BreeWannabe Fri 17-May-13 18:35:53

Thanks for the welcomes ladies smile Will be nice getting to know you all.

Has anyone else found that the tiredness is back with a vengeance at around the 20-week mark? During my first trimester i was sleeping crazy amounts, but from about 13 to 19 weeks felt fantastic... But then BAM the exhaustion returns! I can't even blame work at the moment (I'm a teacher and a significant number of kids are off on study leave so I have a light timetable just now). I'm averaging a 2-hour nap on the couch in the evenings (missing episode after episode of the DVD box set I bought DH for his birthday then annoying him when I wake up with "what did I miss?") then sleeping right through the night but waking up knackered!

I guess I'd better enjoy it while I can before baby arrives and sleep is a rarity! smile

Welcome winter, Kay and bree. Congrats falcon on getting the OU stuff in.
My tiredness has not gone away yet, 18 weeks this weekend. Although not asleep by 8 like early on, I could easily be!

I think my blood pressure/sugar was a bit low this afternoon. Went dizzy, shivery and saw spots. Better after a sit down, some apricots and a drink. Not happened before though so a bit unnerving.

DH away on a stag do this weekend and sister, bil and niece who have been ataying with us are off home for the weekend to tidy up their old house before landlord inspects it so I am going to be on my lonesome. Hoping to be super efficient and get all my reports and planning done. Starting tomorrow...

I'm so tempted to go to bed right now, especially as dp is on night shift and I'll have the whole bed to myself.

Do it MoN! You could always bring a book and enjoying spreading out all over the bed.

Natalieand Fri 17-May-13 19:52:12

Do it MoN as dd had a late nap she is still up and dh grandparents have come round for a Chinese so no early night here for us! And I have a toddlers party to attend tommorow and then I'm doing a car boot sale Sunday morning too sell off all pink baby items lol I'm gunna be shattered come Monday! Xx

Slowjogs Fri 17-May-13 20:06:56

Still feeling exhausted at 18 weeks. I've had a cold and cough all week which has wiped me out. Was working from home today but had a cheeky nap this afternoon so will have to catch up this weekend.
orange my DH is also on a stag do so I'm going shopping with my MIL tomorrow. I just need some mat clothes but will probably need to hold her back from buying everything the baby needs in one go! Just the thought of shopping all day is exhausting.

Ok then you've talked me Into it. Should be sorting out laundry first I suppose but sod it.

Damn. Just discovered that Dp stripped the bed before heading to work and hasn't put any clean bedding on it.

JellyCurls Fri 17-May-13 20:50:50

Oh MoN that sucks, my DH does that all the time but only after I tell him to strip the bed would never do it without being asked

Wickedgirl Fri 17-May-13 20:53:27

I only work 2 days a week so I have managed to have an hours nap 3 days this week. I am shattered and the insomnia isn't helping. I think my DH is "nesting" already as he is repainting the inside of the house and some of the outside too. Bless him.

I am 20 weeks on Wednesday (so very nearly half way now) and have my scan on Thursday. I can't wait for the reassurance that all is well.

In bed now eating tiramisu. Dp would not be happy with me eating in bed but while the cat's away...

I'll be 21wks by the time I have my scan wicked. I'm getting impatient now. I just want to know that all is well then I can truely relax and enjoy being pregnant.

GTbaby Fri 17-May-13 21:28:43

Hello new ppl. grin

Spark SPD is getting better. I can kinda hobble without crutches. But walking is hard. N night time laying down hurts. But still. Getting better. So that's the important thing.

Any tip to stop me clenching my jaws together? My jaw, tongue, head, face is hurting n I think it's because I'm clenching my jaw. Seems to be an evening thing. 3rd evening in a row I've noticed it.

passed out in asda feel like a prize turkey, probably something to do with only having a mcflurry and sweeties since 1 o'clock, plonker that i am!

Racheld33 Fri 17-May-13 21:40:09

Hi GT the advice I give to my clenching/grinding patients is relax (easier said than done), rest your to tongue between your teeth (to act as a spacer between top and bottom teeth), or rest your mouth open about 10mm as if your mouth breathing (not the most attractive look!) and keep trying to do this for a few days.
It's to try and stop the bad habit of teeth clenching, ideally at rest, teeth should be about 15mm apart, so when you clench you just stress all muscles/ligaments/etc.
Hope it helps smile

Racheld33 Fri 17-May-13 21:41:00

Sorry falcon, hope the Asda staff looked after you!

Haylebop12 Fri 17-May-13 21:41:33

No naps yet for me this week... Although 4 days off now so who knows!

I'm having my hair cut tomorrow... Long overdue and as my hair is quite long the ends are atrocious! Think I had it done last in January! I'm shamefully excited grin and hoping it'll give me a new lease of life! Ha!

Still over a week till my scan... Humph!

Think I've had a growth spurt mind. Bump is quite achy after work and been getting lots of twinges. Hopefully that's just a sign its stretching smile

Anyone got anything nice planned this weekend?

Oh no! Hope you are ok now.

I am ok phoned mat triage they were lovely and explain eat put your feel up but if you still feel dizzy/sick or get any pain/discharge then phone back and they will get me in I will be fine like i said i just felt like a plonker!

lying in the middle of aisle 4 like a sack of potatoes blush The staff were very nice!

PseudoBadger Fri 17-May-13 21:53:47

Oh no Falcon, glad you've spoken to triage.
I'm getting quite a lot of pain around my c section scar (not on it, but above it) Hayle.
I. Feeling quite positive as by now with DS I had spd/pgp, carpal tunnel and awful heartburn. 19 weeks tomorrow and so far just mild heartburn and a couple of spd type twinges that I'm ignoring.

roxvox Fri 17-May-13 21:55:52

Oh no falcon! I have moments when I'm out shopping when I just have to find somewhere to sit down for 5 minutes... Haven't yet got to the point of fainting though. I hope you're ok.

My bump isn't really if enough for maternity clothes yet (I am over 20 weeks, but am tall) but am going through a bit of an identity crisis where I take forever deciding what to wear in the mornings, but tend to settle for the same items of clothing and leave the house feeling really quite frumpy and horrible. I actually think I look my best in my pyjamas! Anyway, I have just ordered a bunch of maternity stuff on New Look. I really hope it all fits!

Poor you Falcon.
I too am getting pain that seems to be behind my c section scar. I hope it's just stretching but I don't remember feeling it in my other pregnancies but I suppose I'm more panicky this time because of all we've been through .

PseudoBadger Fri 17-May-13 21:59:49

It's quite unpleasant isn't it MoN. For me it almost feels like perhaps where the internal incisions are/were. Although I did have terrible bladder pain for months after my section, so maybe I have adhesions or something.

GTbaby Fri 17-May-13 22:15:13

Oh no falcon! Start eating sensibly ignores own advice

Thanks Rach! I guess I need to be more aware of it. As I don't realise until its hurtinghmm

Lol I know i will be more aware of time and eating decent food till shes here! feel so bad for those of you in pain right now spd and c-section scars etc not nice! I hope you get help with it soon xxx

Haylebop12 Fri 17-May-13 22:28:22

falcon oh dear. Hope your feeling ok.

I haven't had a section but seems to be fairly low down, where I feel baby. My stomach retracted quite well after dd so reckon it'll probably need to stretch. Hoping to avoid stretch marks again though! It's not painful though just uncomfortable. Think I had this with dd but much later on. Took me a whole to show with her though.

That's exactly what I'm thinking it feels like Pseudo. I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing it.

char1eston Fri 17-May-13 22:56:39

Big welcome to the new ladies grin

MrsO27 - yes, it is the same fb group that gtbaby set up.

Those of you with heartburn - a friend suggested refreshers.

Re Nct classes - we went through all the different forms of pain relief but they did suggest that the more interventions you have with the birth, the more likely it is to lead to further interventions. I found that the classes empowered me to ask questions whilst in labour and have an idea about how I'd like my labour to be. Ended up having dd in the pool (which I wanted) and managing with gas and air.

xuntitledx Fri 17-May-13 23:24:18

textbook - looks like we're scan twins! Baby lying on tum here too so couldn't carry out all of the checks, rebooked for 31st too.

Been advised to have fizzy drinks before the scan to encourage movement so worth trying!

On ours they said 99% it looks like a boy so just waiting for this to be confirmed, excited and very glad to get another look at baby.

Enjoy your extra scan untitled. Sorry they couldn't see everything.

cuillereasoupe Sat 18-May-13 07:11:45

We have to wait until June 15 for our next scan, a whole month! Not fair! We did hear the heartbeat at the gynae yesterday though and she said everything seemed absolutely fine, which was reassuring.

I told the new job people about the pregnancy. I don't think I'm flavour of the month but there's not much they can do about it. If they try to retract I'd have a cast-iron case for an employment tribunal and they know it.

roxvox Sat 18-May-13 10:23:30

cuillereasoupe I am glad you've managed to tell your new company about your pregnancy. I can't imagine that it would've been easy to do!

If anyone is missing wine, then I would recommend M&S non-alcoholic sparkling rose. It comes in a bottle similar to a champagne bottle, and is on 3 for 2, so you can get 3 bottles of it for about £5. I am loving it, and don't miss wine at all. To be honest I wasn't a big drinker before though, so it may not be to everyone's taste if you are normally a wine lover!

Haylebop12 Sat 18-May-13 11:45:49

rox might try that one. I'm not a big drinker either and have had two small shandys so far but I am missing rose wine a bit!

cuille I was scared enough telling work I was pregnant after being there 8 months. How scary... Well they will have to get used to the idea :-)

pinkbuttons Sat 18-May-13 12:16:07

ooh thankyou for the tip rox might try that.
Glad you told then cuille better to get it out of the way and you can stop worrying. Congratulations on getting the job though thats great.
Am a bit behind after mental day yesterday but glad to hear all scans have gone well so far although sounds like some little ones have been monkeys!
20 weeks here today. yey! so excited to be half way and had my final ever uni exam yesterday so a very good day. Now just a 4 week placement to do and I can focus on this baby grin

Sanjifair Sat 18-May-13 13:51:52

Anyone else watching Eurovision tonight? I have a feeling it won't be as hilarious as usual as I won't be drinking. I have bought some Becks Blue to drink which tastes just like the real thing. I took some to a party once and someone else took one without realising and didnt notice the difference!

I am my own tonight so some rubbish tv later sounds just the thing. DH doesn't usually like to watch Eurovision.

I have been very productive with school work this morning so feeling very pleased with myself rather than the usual laziness. I am determined to do some exercise this weekend too.

BreeWannabe Sat 18-May-13 14:01:47

Happy Saturday ladies smile Still got a smile on my face after our 20 week scan yesterday; it was amazing being able to see all of the baby's organs and a close up of his/her face smile He or she was moving around loads and flipping over-it was amazing to watch. It's still so strange (in an amazing way) that that is our child in there (first time mum can you tell?!)
It was my birthday a few days ago so DH is taking me out for dinner tonight... Think I'll be judged by people in the restaurant if I have a little glass of wine?! confused

Slippysnow Sat 18-May-13 14:06:55

Hi, hope you're all enjoying your weekends. I was wondering whether anyone is planning on going to the mothercare baby and me event. Or if anyone has been to one before.

They have:
We will be giving advice on:
Car safety and car seat fitting
Pushchair and pram choices
Essential nursery furniture, cot mattresses and the latest sleep safety advice
Toys, play and baby development during the first 12 months
We’ll also have midwives, health visitors and other health professionals in many of the stores holding these events. The professionals are on hand to talk to you about feeding and any questions that you may have about parenting
British Red Cross trainers will be in selected stores providing essential first aid information to expectant parents. Lazy Daisy and MamaBabyBliss will also be in selected stores offering information on baby massage and baby yoga
Our trained bra fitting experts will be on hand for personalised advice and bra fittings
A gift bag will be given to all mums-to-be that attend
And it's also a chance to meet other mums-to-be

To be honest I just want the free goody bag. I'm pretty sure they do 10% off too. Any experiences may sway my attendance :D

roofio87 Sat 18-May-13 15:52:26

I haven't been to the mothercare event, but was thinking about it!!
been getting more and more kicks, dp even managed to feel some yesterday, it always goes crazy when I'm on the bus and it stops!! if I'm ever worried about movement I'll just have to go for a bus ride!!
having all my friends round for a Eurovision party tonight. everyone will have a country for the sweepstakes and has to bring a dish of food from a European country!! (I've made pizzas!!)
hope everyone else is having a good weekend, I can't wait for Monday for once ad its scan day!!grin

PseudoBadger Sat 18-May-13 16:18:30

Roxvox - I couldn't find anything called non alcoholic rose so I got 'pink fizz' - is that it?

Smitten1981 Sat 18-May-13 16:28:07

Hi ladies

Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

What's everyone doing for changing bags? Do you have to buy a 'proper' changing bag or can you just use anything? Do the expensive bags really make a difference or do they just look nice?

I can't decide whether I want to fork out for one or just get a normal backpack to sling everything in.

textbook Sat 18-May-13 16:32:19

Sorry to hear that untitled - but glad to have a scan buddy grin Roll on the 31st when our naughty babies better start behaving...

Natalieand Sat 18-May-13 17:09:31

Just home from a friends daughters 2nd birthday party and I'm officially shattered best start some dinner in a min - currently debating whether to do a bootsale or not tommorow weather forecast isn't looking too optimistic where I am!

Wrt changing bags I personally think yes u deffo need a propa changing bag not necessarily a £100 one mine was £40 its a cath kidston one last time I just had my sisters off of her.

Wrt to Eurovision I won't go out of my wy to watch it but will probly flick between that and whatever other rubbish is on lol

Not even heard of a mother care baby event so won't be attending one but the 10% sounds good :-) anything is a bonus with the price of baby's stuff these days

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend zx

Flyer747 Sat 18-May-13 17:38:16

My tv died yesterday so I can't watch the Eurovision! Highly offended as I love watching it because basically it's just so naff....

char1eston Sat 18-May-13 18:45:40

Haven't read through today's posts yet so apologies if I'm ignoring anything.
Just wanted to say that you've inspired me and I am going to give crocheting a go. Does anyone have any tips on what to buy as a basic and where is good for hooks and yarns please (uk based).
Had a quick look on youtube at a basic lesson and I'll take it from there smile

cuillereasoupe Sat 18-May-13 18:52:06

DP is playing tonight (he's a musician) and I'm sending the ILs to watch him specifically so I can loll on the sofa watching Eurovision.

Claphammama Sat 18-May-13 20:47:11

Hi girls. Busy day today - end of the season football tournament with DS, freezing my ass off in the park. Then managing a group of 5 year olds playing at our house. Cooking some curry now on DP's request. Feeling like my feet are going to fall off.

falcon and all the ladies who felt poorly last night - hope today is a better day and you've managed to get some rest!

sanji I'm also totally hooked on alcohol free beer now. I don't have a sweet tooth so struggle with too much juice. Beer is a lovely change. Have you also tried Bavaria? I prefer it to Becks Blue as it's a bit less sweet, more like a German / Czech lager I tend to prefer. But it's all a matter of taste!

Claphammama Sat 18-May-13 20:50:25

ps. Bree hope you had a lovely birthday dinner and allowed yourself that glass of wine, without worrying about other people judging you!

Got a really sore coccyx again. I can't get comfortable sitting and it hurts to go to the toilet blush . I have probably done too much sitting at the computer today. Sitting on cushions didn't help so now trying a sort of sidewards sitting watching Eurovision. Hope you are enjoying your birthday dinner Bree.

roxvox Sat 18-May-13 21:52:24

pseudobadger I've just checked the one I've got in the fridge and it's called 'Sparkling juice non-alcoholic Rose Grape'... Pink fizz sounds good though, what's it like?!

sanji I am not a big fan of the non-alcoholic beers. I prefer weaker lager (Bud 66 being my favourite) when I am drinking and find Becks Blue too strong tasting. However I am really enjoying mixing it with lemonade for an alcohol free shandy! DH has one right now too smile

roxvox Sat 18-May-13 21:55:34

Ooops, posted to early!

Hope you're having a lovely meal out Bree. People probably will raise an eyebrow at you drinking wine - but it's only through lack of understanding on their part!

Sorry to hear about your coccyx orangeblossom. If it makes you feel any better, I too am watching Eurovision at an awkward angle as I overdid it today and have bad backache now!

Hope you're all having lovely evenings!

Bored of Eurovision now, off to bed. Night all!
Message from DH, he survived hungover coasteering (leaping off cliffs) on the stag do and didn't lose his wedding ring in the sea so I am happy! And for once it is possible the boob