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January 2014 - Start the new year off with a pop

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MissMedusa Wed 24-Apr-13 21:18:23

Any one else hoping for a 2014 baby?

I'm hesitantly dipping my baby toe in the pool after having a mc last October. I'm 4+2 today with my first and hoping and praying this one sticks.

Here's to 2014!

ClearlyDad Thu 25-Apr-13 00:34:34

Hmmm... last time I checked it wasn't a toe you dipped to get pregnant!

I wish you the best of luck.

MissMedusa Thu 25-Apr-13 06:16:39

Maybe that's what went wrong last time ;-)

Trying not to get my hopes up yet but this one already feels different. CBD says 1-2 weeks pregnant and I'm 10 dpo. Last time I didn't get a BFP until 16 dpo which was a bad sign to begin with.

Anyway that should put the ETA at January 6, 2014. Yeah!

MissMedusa DC1 34 January 6, 2014

Penny31 Thu 25-Apr-13 10:38:16

Hi can I join please? I am 4+4 with my first ever BFP. I think my EDD is 29th December but everyone is already so far ahead on the December thread. Hope you don't mind!

Have sore boobs only when I take my bra off, had very mild nausea a couple of days ago but nothing else. A bit worried about lack of symptoms. I don't really feel pregnant like I did a few days ago....

MissMedusa Thu 25-Apr-13 15:38:22

My symptoms haven't been so much different than premenstrual but I do have some localized cramping, slight nausea and I definitely have a heightened sense of smell. For the most part I think it's too early to experience too many symptoms.

I remember from last time that sore breasts were the first major symptom I felt (to the extent that I had to wear a sports bra to bed) I haven't really had that yet.

Iwish Thu 25-Apr-13 16:32:16

Hi. Can I join? Little bean due around 3rd Jan. currently feeling very sick but I thought that was too early?

How are you? Xx

Chottie Thu 25-Apr-13 19:55:02

Congratulations to you all! What a lovely way to start a new year by welcoming a new baby into the world smile

donttrythisathome Thu 25-Apr-13 19:55:20

Ah, I'm glad someone started this, thanks!
My EDD is actually 31 Dec, but it is likely to be Jan 2014.

This is DC2 for me (I have a DD who is 3). I had two mcs, one last July and one in November. I'm old though, so it wasn't so much of a surprise.

My only symptoms are tiredness, a weird feeling in my pelvis sometimes, and some stomach pains last night (didn't have that with last 2 mcs, so will assume is not a mc). Positive, me.

I feel ready for another baby now - I wasn't really with the two pregnancies I lost. New Year Eve's baby would be exciting.

Yonionekanobe Thu 25-Apr-13 19:57:10

Hi everyone. I'm 4 weeks with my second pregnancy. I had an ectopic before DD, who is just 2, so very nervous.

I had a breeze pregnancy with DD but already nauseous with this one. Had a cup of fresh mint tea last night which I thought would help but had me gagging! I'm also worried about how knackered I'm going to be - I worked part time when pregnant with DD as was studying but now have a stressfully full time job and a two year old!

Penny31 Fri 26-Apr-13 13:40:12

The very few symptoms I did have seem to be disappearing. I'm a bit concerned. My boobs are still a bit sore so I'm hoping that means all is well. My friend had an MMC recently so I'm paranoid. Dont know how I can wait for another 7 weeks to find out if everything is ok!

Telling our parents the news at the weekend. I'm 33 and been with DP fpr 15 years, but still feel anxious about telling them!

Just popped on to say good luck to you all! I'm on a November thread and we were excited to see a January one started!

SadPander Fri 26-Apr-13 21:20:27

Hi Ladies, hope you're all doing okay, could I join please? I'm expecting number 1 on the 31st December (so probably Jan). No idea what I'm doing really, have filled in some forms at GP surgery and called the hospital to book my scan and 1st appointment as instructed, only be told its too early and I can't book till 7 weeks! Guess I'm getting a bit ahead of myself?! The GP receptionist said I need a pack from them but they can't find any to give me -love my Doctors!

Also a bit worried by lack of symptoms, very mild nausea (could be all in my head?!) constant trapped wind and slightly sore boobs - keep thinking maybe I'm imagining it!

MissMedusa Sat 27-Apr-13 08:34:36

I think it all depends on where you live. Where I live, they will give you your first scan as early as 5 weeks and then every 2-4 weeks after. I'm going to put off having my first scan for a few weeks as last time I had already had 3scabs by the time I was 6 weeks along and they just added to the worry when things weren't developing the way they were supposed to yet it was too soon to tell for sure if something was wrong. I'm trying to take it easy on the worrying and anxiety this time (easier said than done).

Stupid question (I thought I knew the answer but now I'm confused). If I conceived on April 15 (I'm certain of the date due to temping and peeing on sticks) how far along am I in my pregnancy? I thought 4+5 but DH says that makes no sense as I only conceived 13 days ago.
Gah, pregnancy brain kicking in already.

Penny31 Sat 27-Apr-13 08:52:52

sadpander my first docs appointment isn't until 9th May and i will be nearly 7 weeks! I wont have seen anyone before then. It just feels like forever doesn't it? I get concerned about lack of symptoms too but I do have very sore boobs so I'm keeping positive.

missmedusa you count it from the first day of your last period. The two weeksish before you conceived are classed as the first two weeks of your pregnancy even though you weren't technically pregnant. Ifyswim....

SadPander Sat 27-Apr-13 08:57:48

MissMedusa - think its calculated from the 1st day of your last period, so roughly when you conceived + 14 days (assuming you ovulate around day 14). Wow a scan every 2-4 weeks! Think we just get 2 where I am. Hope it all goes well for you this time and I know what you mean about the worrying.

So I can't book my hospital appointment and scan until I am 7 weeks (and I think they then book me in to have these at around 12 weeks) but I've heard others saying they have a booking appointment at around 8 weeks - is this with the community midwife? Do I just wait for them to contact me?

qumquat Sat 27-Apr-13 10:12:06

Oops, just started a new thread as I hadn't seen this. Due date 1.1.2014! Very excited! No symptoms yet apart from a weird taste in my mouth. It's a weird feeling that there's nothing really to DO right now, just let things develop; I keep wondering if I'm just fooling myself and I'm not pg at all! X

MissMedusa Sat 27-Apr-13 10:24:35

I ovulated on cd18 so counting back to my period won't be entirely accurate. What I'm doing is just adding two weeks on to the time of conception. I think DH might be right in that it makes me 3+5 and not 4+5. Somehow I got confused because I'm in my fourth week.

Really excited about all the 2014 babies, we're all just starting to find out now.

donttrythisathome Sat 27-Apr-13 12:05:22

MissMedusa can't believe the number of scans - are you in the States?

It's normal to have no symptoms yet for anyone worrying!

My DD has chicken box, and I don't think I've had it. It can be dangerous, so off to A&E to get a blood test to see if immune. Oh the joys of pregnancy. While I love being pregnant, I hate having to be so cautious all the time!

And not drinking...top tip - Becks Blue actually tastes like beer. Drank it last night at a dinner party and didn't miss the wine.

donttrythisathome Sat 27-Apr-13 12:05:52

Emmm, chicken pox!

winterpansy Sat 27-Apr-13 13:02:02

Hello ladies!
I'm cautiously excited about being pg with DC2! I was using opks so have worked out that I think I am 4 weeks today (ov on 12th April), with an edd of 4th Jan.

No symptoms yet apart from being a bit tired but having a 22 month old DS makes me tired anyway!

Not sure when to go to doc. I did have gestational diabetes last time so think I need to be monitored early but not sure how early. Might leave it for another week or so to make sure everything is sticking.

Yay for little New Year babies smile althought my DS was 2.5 weeks early so who knows when this wee one will arrive!

MissMedusa Sat 27-Apr-13 13:32:33

I'm in Germany, the healthcare system here is expensive but very good.

Figgygal Sat 27-Apr-13 14:45:13

Hi Ladies can i join?

Tested yesterday as AF was late and got a BFP it is completely unplanned and am very confused about how i feel about it. What doesnt help is that DH is away for the weekend and so cant tell him until he gets back, that means until Monday have only the anonymous joy of mumsnet to offload to. This will be DC2 have a 16mo ds (Dec 11) who though a joy is becoming more challenging daily i.e peppa pig obsession, refusal to brush teeth.

The EDD calculator suggesting end of Dec but i dont trust it as have no idea how long my cycles usually are and i know that I conceived on 01st April due to a particularly unusual reckless evening. DS was 12days late so i think start of Jan is much more realistic.

Figgygal Sat 27-Apr-13 14:53:21

Oh meant to say in terms of symptoms i havent had any yet though last time i didnt have any at all apart from sore hands and wrists which lasted from about 3 months.

I took pregnacare religiously last time and i credit it with lack of sickness, tiredness, discomfort etc so will be off to get some again soon by the looks of things.

I foolishly gave away everything of DS's Baby stuff i.e all his clothes, his moses, his swing, bouncy chair, i even gave the midwives back my NHS pregnancy book as didnt think i would need it....bugger. Oh well if it is a girl it wont matter if i have to rebuy all the clothes will it.

SadPander Sat 27-Apr-13 14:57:05

Hi penny yes it seems so long to wait just hoping everything is okay doesn't it?! Trying not to get too anxious about it all, but also not too excited is very hard!

It's comforting to hear that it's normal not to have too many obvious symptoms at the mo. Feels great to be able to chat about it on here at this stage when I can't talk to people in real life. Seems crazy when people ask if you've been up to much and you say "no not really" when in fact the biggest thing in your life is happening and you're bursting to tell them!

MrsAVB Sat 27-Apr-13 17:03:10

Hello ladies, may I join you? Have done two hpts Thursday and today, both BFPs! Today's was a digi test which said 2-3 weeks pregnant! Very exciting but crapping myself too. Have had two early miscarriages last year so very nervous about this one.
EDD is 6th Jan, baby #1

SadPander Sat 27-Apr-13 17:11:18

Hello mrsavb congratulations! Hoping all will go well for you this time.

Penny31 Sat 27-Apr-13 17:18:01

Hi MrsAVB! Fingers crossed for a sticky bean!

Told the parents and in laws this afternoon. They were really happy for us smile won't be telling anyone else until after the scan. I felt so anxious about telling my parents, no idea why because my mum seemed delighted, my Dad was in a bit of shock but he will get over it! It's a relief that its out in the open now.

I'm seeing a friend tonight who miscarried at the beginning of the year. She has been TTC ever since and knows we stared TTC. She said she would be devastated if anyone got a BFP before her because she feels its should be her. I can completely understand. I don't think I'll tell her my news tonight sad

MrsAVB Sat 27-Apr-13 17:30:19

Thanks guys! penny nice to see a familiar face from the April bus! And meet some new faces too!
I think we're going to leave it as close to 12 weeks as possible before telling anyone, even the parents. Am not sure how this will pan out as will have a few friends who I think will be suspicious.
Has anyone bought, or can recommend any pregnancy books?

Penny31 Sat 27-Apr-13 17:32:49

I've been looking at the what to expect when you are expecting one and I'd also like a pregnancy journal. The journals I have seen so far look a bit to cheesy for me though!

SadPander Sat 27-Apr-13 18:36:15

Glad everyone was happy for you penny! Think we are going to try to wait till after scan, bet it feels great now they know smile

Figgygal Sat 27-Apr-13 18:49:35

I had the mumsnet book it was good and there is an nhs one which was good but not sure if they still handing them out or not.

Yonionekanobe Sat 27-Apr-13 20:12:30

In terms of actual parenting books I lliked Lucy Atkins's 'First time Parent' when I had DD. DH liked 'The Whole Nine Months' by Mark Woods whilst I was pregnant and I learnt a lot from that too!

Hi all can I join? Currently very early on like all of you, very hesitant as anything can happen at this stage, currently 4 +3, feeling very sick and have had loads of cramps, oddly not as tired as I was the first week after I ov though! I knew something a was up from about 4 dpo, which is mental I know but just felt odd..this will be #2, have a dd just turned 3, we had been trying about 3 months, much quicker than last time, so a bit surprised! Only one of my friends and a work friend know plus Dh at the moment, we have a wedding abroad next week though with lots of family and friends, I am generally a bit of a lush so no idea how they will not notice! we have pil visiting for 2 weeks from tues, they are going to drive me mad, we will prob tell them the weekend before they go with my parents, as will be 6 weeks then.
Due 3rd Jan, although dd was early, breech c sect, desperate to avoid one this time...
Glad you lot are here, will mean I can avoid obsessing in real life!

MissMedusa Sun 28-Apr-13 09:43:27

Penny, I think it's a good idea to avoid telling your friend tonight but when you do, do it one on one. I was in a situation last year, about a month after I had my MC when our closest friends (who got married 1 month after us) and who have hit loads of milestones with us announced their PG when we were out in a large group for dinner. Of course, I was so happy for them but it reopened a wound that was still really raw and while I was smiling and congratulating them, tears were running down my face and I had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom. I tried to be subtle about it but a few people I really didn't want to see did. Not to mention it's not really the reaction I would have wanted to give the happy couple either. I just wish they had pulled me aside and told me one to one, they had known about the miscarriage. I am truly happy for them but those are emotions I couldn't control.

We're not planning on telling anyone right away as untelling people is just the most heartbreaking thing to do. I have a feeling close friends will figure it out as we go out often to events where there is alcohol. So far, I've had the bartender put apple juice in a Magners glass which worked well but having a sprite and calling it a vodka and sprite has resulted in people assuming I'm drinking water and when I insist I'm not, demanding to sip or smell so that's not really working. My parents come in a couple weeks so I'll try to hold off telling them until then. At that stage we should know a little more about the viability of the PG and while I would tell them if I had a MC either way, I want to spare them some of the anxiety of the not knowing.

Yonionekanobe Sun 28-Apr-13 10:44:03

It is such a minefield telling somebody you know has miscarried or is struggling to conceive that you're pregnant. I've been on both sides of the equation. After my ectopic a friend of mine became pregnant but didn't tell me. At the time I was taking a Masters course which included one exam. My friend came into the stifling hot exam room late, took off her jacket and revealed her tiny, but noticeable, baby bump just as we were told to turn over the paper. I realised then that she, and others had kept her secret from me for quite a while. I was more upset that nobody had told me that she was pregnant than the news itself! (Unbeknown to me I was actually just pregnant with DD on that day!).

Anyway...how is everyone doing? I've been staying at my parents house this weekend as DH is on a stag do so it was a good opportunity to come and rest. I've not told them as I want to have my early scan to check all is okay first. Avoiding caffeine in this house is impossible! Having terrible headaches and nausea this time, so it won't be long before the secret is out I'm sure!

Penny31 Sun 28-Apr-13 13:13:38

I didn't say anything to my friend. It's awful because all she talks abut is TTC and that she dreads anyone saying they are pregnant before her! I am praying it works for her next cycle so that we can be happy for each other. I don't t like keeping it from her sad

Figgygal Sun 28-Apr-13 13:25:32

Having lots of the stomach tightening cramps today had these last time too still not tired or feeling sick just desperate for DH to get home tomorrow so i can tell him and we can work out how we are going to afford another lo let alone work out where to put it grin am off my food not sure if that is because i am stinking with the cold or if its the pg.

Am not telling anyone until after 12 week scan i am going home to scotland in may to see my family and friends going to have to hide the lack of drinking though since having ds i have lost the taste for it somewhat especially since ds is an unpredictable riser which doesnt go hand in hand with hangovers!!

CrabAppleTree Sun 28-Apr-13 15:02:20

Hello ladies
Just popping on to say hello as well.
Took the test on Friday 1-2 weeks pregnant with number 3 - due on 2 Jan according to some kind of EDD calculator online.

It is v reassuring to see no one else has much in the way of symptoms

DP and I completely in shock as we had sort of said, okay, yes lets go for it but really it happened v quickly.

Couple of MNers I know said how brilliant their AN threads were. I know they are VERY fast moving, I tried (under diff nicknames) to keep up with DCs 1 and 2 but didn't manage it.

MrsAVB sorry to read about your MC and hope that this one sticks for you.

I can't remember when we have to let the system know about the BFP but it still feels VERY early

Am a bit worried too as have a couple of big social things where its going to be hard to lay off the booze - as in people will guess, rather than I will want it.

MrsAVB Sun 28-Apr-13 18:07:19

Afternoon all!
Was thinking we should start a list? Have tried to put one together from previous posts but just correct if I've forgotten or got anyone wrong. I'm not normally the organised list person but am having a lazy afternoon!

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #?
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
Yonionekanobe EDD?. Baby #2

Hope everyone's well!

Yonionekanobe Sun 28-Apr-13 18:52:30

Good idea MrsAVB! I'm due 2nd.

I know what you mean about the fast moving thread CrabAppleTree! I failed to keep up with February 2011 completely but will try harder this time grin

Just back from a lunch with friends I made at pregnant yoga first time round. To avoid the 'no wine' question I elaborated a story about being hungover in the way there but when I arrived none of the Mums were drinking!

Hi all - I too have a friend who had a miscarriage, she is a work colleague and we are close, I am really worried about telling her as she is so down about work and everything at the moment as I think she feels she is running out of time, as they have had problems TTC. It is early days though but think I will tell her once have had the scan and before anyone else. I will try to tell her when it is the end of the day, so at least she doesn't keep having to bump into me and be nice, as I am sure she really will be thinking 'cow'.

I have had horrible tightening type cramps, so uncomfortable, ry uncomfortable been going on for about 4 days now, keeping me awake most nights. Nausea is still with me, most of the day today, seems to be when I am hungry, so doesn't bode well for keeping my weight stable - I only just lost a few pounds, everyone has been saying how well I look, don't want to bugger it up now!

I didn't manage to join a thread last time, would like to try to keep up this time. I struggle for real life friends with children the same age as I never got to meet anyone at antenatal and everyone elses kids are either a lot older or a lot younger, so good to have someone to talk to about all these niggles.

Thanks Mrs AVB, very good list. I like lists. Currently working through mine for when the in laws arrive on Tuesday. Most of it not done, but I am, think I might have a bath and head to bed...this is as exciting as it gets for the next 8 months I suppose!

Figgygal Sun 28-Apr-13 20:33:15

I love my other thread there is still quite a few of us posting on there and sharing stories about toothbrush refusals and toilet paddling grin ds is 16mo i kind of feel bad for taking another lo into the fmaily at this stage as he really wont understand what is going on and i dont want to neglect him in any way.

Can finally tell dh tomorrow when he gets back it has been hell not being able to talk to him about it.

winterpansy Sun 28-Apr-13 21:14:54

Good list making there mrs! It's nice to see it there in black and while.

I am so paranoid I am going to mc. I don't know why. I even took my last cb digi last night and although it came up pg 2-3 weeks straight away (with very diluted evening urine) I can't shake the feeling that something is going to go wrong. I'll just take each day as comes, I suppose. By lmp I'll be dated a week earlier than I when I know I ov'ed so hopefully I'll get a scan around 9 weeks or so but I am seriously considering paying for a private early scan. Maybe it's because I have had no problems at all conceiving DS (I was on the pill) and this one (2nd cycle) that I feel I am 'due' some bad luck in this dept. Sorry for rambling but I need to let it out somewhere and DH doesn't understand as he is just so happy about the whole thing!

I still have absolutely no symptoms apart fom tiredness. No cramps or twinges or sickness. So I'm worrying about that too. Arrggghh!!

MrsAVB Sun 28-Apr-13 21:42:40

Have updated below.
How's everyone doing? It must be upsetting for those of you that have people you're feeling uneasy about telling. Most of my friends are either way ahead of me and already sprogged up, or still single, so there's no one I'm dreading telling. I think my mum is going to be the hardest, not because she won't be happy but because she's developed a serious health problem in the last few months, which means she's very limited in what she is well enough to do at the moment, and it's likely to impact her indefinitely. So it'll be hard for her (and me) to think about being a grandma and not being able to do any of the things she thought she would as she's fairly young and has always been active.
I'm very nervous about miscarrying again too. It's hard to get the balance right with being excited but not too excited or get too ahead of ourselves.
The symptoms I have are really tender heavy boobs and some nausea. I've had a stinking cold the last few days as well so some of the exhaustion is probably down to that rather than pregnancy.

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #?
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1

qumquat Sun 28-Apr-13 22:32:24

Hello all! Amazing to see my name on an actual list- makes it seem so real! This is baby #1 for me. I also have friends who are struggling ttc or who have miscarried. Will wait to 12 weeks to tell I think. I'm still testing every day to check bean is still there!

donttrythisathome Mon 29-Apr-13 00:11:19

I've been on both sides of the telling a friend who miscarried. Definitely do it one on one. I'd prefer a text or e-mail so I could react in private-no rearranging of face, or having to go with normal conversation after the bombshell! Some might see that as cop out, but just explain your reasoning.

cosmickitten Mon 29-Apr-13 10:24:39

Hello, can I join you lovely ladies please? Took my test on Friday and have a due date of 2nd Jan!

I think the bfp is still sinking for me. We have been trying for 15 months and the tests I've had weren't all that reassuring in the fertility stakes (low AMH, no ovulation and lots of scar tissue one ovary). This Thursday we are due to go see the fertility consultant via NHS to arrange tube check and clomid.

I had totally given up all hope of a natural pregnancy. I'd been charting my temps all cycle as ( information gathering for fertility treatment )and there were no clear sign of ovulation, however my temps kept going up in the week before my period was due. I'd been feeling rather coldy and ill and assumed that was why. However after 5 days, I got so fed up of the unfairness of a pregnancy symptom on my chart when I couldn't be pregnant, took a test to stop 'the pointless hope'.

The test was positive, as were all the ones I took after. Feeling stunned, happy and scared all at once. Hubby can't stop grinning. Accidently told my best friend as she called to see how I was feeling about starting fertility treatment, while I was still holding a positive test! Babbled in it out in shock really. I feel bad that I told her and not my mum, but I trust her to keep it quiet and it feels far too early.

My lovely friends and family have been checking in over the weekend to support us, re fertility treatment starting in May. I feel like fraud, but also have a strong fear it will jinx everything if we tell someone else. I can't quite bring myself to cancel the long awaited fertility appointment until the last moment. Which I know is selfish as it will be a god send for someone else to get a cancellation. But it feels like tempting fate to call too soon!

Wow sorry that was a long unloading session!

MrsAVB Mon 29-Apr-13 10:34:57

Hi cosmic, welcome and huge congrats flowers! This must be a very special and nervous time for you grin.
Have made a GP appointment for this afternoon. I know there's nothing much to be done at the moment but wanted to get started. Plus when I went to by a test on Saturday there were posters in the pharmacy saying "see your gp as soon as you're pregnant". I don't know whether that's because it's quite a deprived area...? Exciting though!
Have updated list below... But please note I am not precious about the list! Have a good day everyone, and good luck concentrating at work haha!

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1

Figgygal Mon 29-Apr-13 10:57:01

MrsAVB will be interested to hear about your gp appointment we don't see them here once we have a +test they have us register straight away with the mw team which covers all local surgeries to arrange booking in appt. not done it yet as still to tell dh but he will be home soon grin

Congrats Cosmo lovely story wish you lots of luck!!

I've lost 2lbs over the weekend must be the shock same happened last time!!

SadPander Mon 29-Apr-13 12:03:07

Hi all, hope everyone is doing well?

Winterpansy I know just how you feel - I think from what I have heard and read it is totally normal to feel a bit paranoid about something going wrong, especially at this early stage. Trying to stay positive but realistic if you know what I mean?!

Can I just ask is anyone else experiencing trapped wind type stomach pains? I'm getting them on a off throughout the day and I feel like I want to vomit when they are at their strongest! This isn't something I normally suffer with, but have been having this the day before my missed period and not sure if I should be concerned, or if it is just trapped wind or normal pregnany symptom?!

Sleepygiant Mon 29-Apr-13 13:05:12

Hello Ladies,

Can I join. Just got a very faint BFP 3 days before AF due, pregnancy calculator says due 6th Jan. Bit stunned really, We only DTD twice in the first month of trying (sort of). Didn't expect it to happen so quickly. I Just knew I was pregnant last week when I felt slightly nauseous on waking and then really sensitive to smells - normally I have a rubbish sense of smell, but convinced myself I wasn't when the test I took last week said negative, that will teach me for testing too early.
Eek, feeling scared, this will be #2, DD is 2 and an absolute love, but getting stroppier by the day. Worried about telling people I only started a new job 3 months ago and am on 6 month probationary period, they aren't going to be happy when they find out, but need to keep it secret!

cosmickitten Mon 29-Apr-13 16:23:10

Hello all,

after spending the afternoon feeling very sick and very very happy that I'm feeling sick. I have been brave and cancelled my fertility appiontment. Right now I am pregnant and that appiontment should be used by someone else.

SadPander -I'm have lots of trapped wind type stomach pains too. They feel like the onset of a monster period and I've been sure that somethings is wrong. However, I'm starting to think that unless they get much worse that maybe they are all normal.

glorious Mon 29-Apr-13 16:33:56

Just saw this in active conversations and thought I'd pop in to say congratulations. This was me last year and DD is now 3 months smile I remember the early days being quite uncomfortable so that can definitely be normal for those who are worrying.

SadPander Mon 29-Apr-13 16:37:47

Glad it isn't just me then cosmickitten! Feels awful, but like you I am comming to think that it isn't getting worse and no bleeding so hopefully just a normal (if not very nice) symptom of pregnancy. Well done for being brave, must be an amazing feeling to find out you're pregnant when you thought you would be going to a fertility appointment.

SadPander Mon 29-Apr-13 16:39:03

Thanks Glorious and congratulations on your DD! smile

MissMedusa Mon 29-Apr-13 18:11:57

Sleepy giant, I'm the same as you, just started a new job at the beginning of the year and am in my 6 month probationary period. We've been ttc for almost a year and a half and job or no job I couldn't justify waiting to ttc. The good thing here is that your job is protected when you're pg so they can't let me go now even if they really don't like it.

Very happy this morning that the CBD test said 2-3 weeks. Today is exactly 14 days since I conceived so things are right on schedule which is such a relief. Last time I didn't get 2-3 weeks until 22 dpo. Anything that feels different than last time feels like a good sign to me

chocoholicalcoholic Mon 29-Apr-13 19:40:56

Hello and congratulations to all of you! Extra congratulations to cosmic, what a journey.

May I join?

Got my BFP on Sunday and am due on the 30th Dec but will more than likely be Jan. This will be number 3 for us. Absolutely shitting it as well as being delighted as I had an early mc in Feb. Taking each day as it comes at the moment.

How are you all feeling? I feel fine apart from sore boobs and some low tummy aching, had a tired spell this afternoon where it was reaaally hard to keep my eyes open.

I'm pleased to see a busy Jan thread already, it is so nice to be able to chat to people in the same situation! Sorry for bluntness in this post, writing on my phone and it has got a mind of it's own!

chocoholicalcoholic Mon 29-Apr-13 19:53:23

Also meant to say, sorry to those of you who have had mc and good luck for this journey. I never understood how heartbreaking it was until I experienced it myself. No one knew about ours as it was so early on so to be able to share worries/nerves on here is helpful and nice to know if that makes sense.

measureformeasure Mon 29-Apr-13 20:28:53

Hello Ladies,

Can I join too? I got my first BFP on Friday with EDD of 3rd January. Symptom-wise my boobs were very sore but not so bad as they were. I too have lower stomach cramps/pressure. I don't really know how to describe it. I'm also really hungry and thirsty. This is not something I've noticed others mention. Is this normal so early?

Penny31 Mon 29-Apr-13 20:31:16

I'm so relieved to hear that other people are having strange pains! I had a few strong pains at work earlier, really low down and they spread into my hips! Hopefully it was wind or stretching......no bleeding so ill have to assume all is ok. My tummy now feels like it is hungry but I've just had my dinner!

Hi to all those who just joined and congrats! I look forward to sharing this journey with you all xxx

glorious Mon 29-Apr-13 20:54:40

Thanks pander and good luck to you all. Feel free to drop by on the Jan 2013 postnatal thread if you want a taste of things to come!

MrsAVB Mon 29-Apr-13 22:13:06

Evening all!
figgy, GP was fine, didn't ask for a urine sample or anything but worked out due date and filled out referral forms for midwife and gave me a book called Emma's diary, which is a little cheesy but has some useful stuff in it, plus vouchers. Told me when I should expect to hear about appointments etc. and different hospital options. So am glad I went!
Hope everyone's doing ok... Am shattered. Nausea seems to be worse when I am more active - I have about a mile's walk each way as part of my commute and was really vommy both ways today. FX no actual sickness though!
cosmic - high five for bravery!
Updated list...
Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2

winterpansy Mon 29-Apr-13 22:16:38

Evening all!

Thanks SadPander - glad to hear it's not just me freaking out. Just wish I could get to 8 or so weeks and then I think I'll relax. just 3.5 weeks to go smile

Congrats glorious! Glad your DD is doing well.

Still not much to report in the way of symptoms here - felt a bit dizzy today a few times but that's about it. Had a great day with DS so I am in good form! Planning a few holidays and trying not to let anything slip to my mum just yet was hard today though - I'll tell her if something goes wrong but don't want her to get all excited just yet until we're sure all is well. MIL would be a nightmare too - she'd text everyone and announce it on fb I think!

Hello and welcome to the newbies. January is going to be busy for us all!
Not sure when to phone docs to get referred to diabetes dept for early monitoring. Anyone any experience of gestational diabetes monitoring in second pregnancies?

Hi all, just checking in before bed, have had a busy day - still feeling sick every morning and most of the day and the cramps continue - someone upthread said it is a strange feeling, it is, just very uncomfortable and 'stretchy' - don't remember it so much last time. I am horrendously bloated, I have a massive tum already, and my boobs are killing...

Did pilates tonight, going to try to keep it up as long as possible then move to yoga - the woman who teaches it did a little squeal as I had to tell her has didn't want her to make a big deal of me running out if I felt sicky - I bent over yesterday and it set off a bout of retching!

When have people decided to tell family? We are going to have to tell mine and PIL the weekend after next, will only be 6.5 weeks, seems far too early but they will notice soon as see my mum every morning and keep looking green, plus there will be weddings and family get togethers when they will notice no drinking etc. They are all together for the first time in about 3 years so will be the best time - winterpansy my MIL is a nightmare too, she will fuss...

Does anyone know if booking in, which is meant to be 8 weeks, has to be 8 weeks? I can't make the appointment because of work, will have to go at 9 weeks...can't remember if there is anything important or not...if it is just getting blooming Emmas diary then I won't worry too much! (although the vouchers are useful, be wary of filling things in because you get people calling you for years afterwards with 'offers' at annoying moments.

LittlePeaPod Tue 30-Apr-13 18:16:20

Hi all, can I join?  Just got a BFP...  Very happy, nervous, excited but most of all scared.  Had a mc 4th March so keeping everything crossed this little pea is really really sticky..

Congratulation to everyone.  I hope you don't mind I have update the stats to include mine.  smile 

Updated list...
Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1

Yonionekanobe Tue 30-Apr-13 20:32:14

Hi everyone and congratulations to everyone who has joined!

missmakesstuff I don't think there is any reason why booking in is at 8 weeks. My memory is a bit hazy too but I think with DD one thy talked a little but about what type of birth is like (which I hadn't given much thought to) and told me lots of patronising stuff about diet etc.! I think they also took DH and my family medical history at that one.

Feeling very crampy today so I did another test but all seems fine and memories of the weird and wonderful pains are returning. I did a circuits class this morning and was told not to do the jumping moves so I now have a very sore bottom from the replacement squats. I am determined to keep exercising though - with DD I was so unfit. I'd had months of exercise recovering physically from an ectopic and then was so scared I just rested as much as possible. Consequence? Horrible birth but the less said about that the better!

Hope everyone is well and not too much morning sickness etc.!

SadPander Tue 30-Apr-13 20:45:01

Well done with the circuit training Yoninekanobe I've been feeling so bloated, crampy and blurgh that I haven't done any exercise for 2 weeks! Does being unfit make a difference to giving birth then? (Excuse my ignorance this is my 1st) I am very conscious of my weight as I was planning to loose some before I found myself pregnant a little ahead of scheduled, but not sure what would be considered too strenuous and am terrified of doing something to risk the pregnancy.

MrsAVB Tue 30-Apr-13 20:55:36

Hi littlepea, nice to have you on board. FX for a sticky pea. Xxx

LittlePeaPod Tue 30-Apr-13 21:22:11

Thank you for the lovely welcome.. smile

It doesn't feel real..... Haven't had a chance to read all the comments. Has anyone got any symptoms yet? I just eat and feel a little tired mid to late afternoon. Oh yea and had a couple emotional break down days... Ha ha ha

MrsAVB Tue 30-Apr-13 21:51:00

My boobs feel really full and achy and tender. DHs response: "we'll I'm not not touching your boobs for 9 months". Apart from that I've had a little nausea but nothing major. X

LittlePeaPod Tue 30-Apr-13 21:56:54

Your husbands response made me giggle.. My DF is walking round like John Wayne. Honestly you would think no other man had impregnated a woman before! hmm Ha ha

cosmickitten Tue 30-Apr-13 22:25:51

Just popping into say hello and welcome to new Jan 2014 ladies :-)

I think will just stick with what fits me for booking in, I seem to remember coming away feeling underwhelmed last time! sadpander I think being fit can probably give you more stamina for the birth, I found yoga and swimming good for keeping my back healthy as suffer with a lot of back pain. I am determined to keep fit as I had to have a c sect last time, dd was breech and never even went into labour! Hoping for a natural birth this time, but also just want to stay fit as have a 3 yr old to run around after!
Anyone else find they can't concentrate? I have so much on at work, but just can't stop thinking about being pregnant!

TobyLerone Wed 01-May-13 10:15:02


I'm tentatively joining the thread, if I may.

EDD of 1st Jan. Baby #3 but with a huuuuge age gap -- DD (DC2) will be 12 on Friday. DS is 13.

I've had several mcs in the past, so we're very reluctant to get too excited, which is a shame. We're going to pay for a private early scan at 7/8 weeks.

Similar symptoms here -- cramping, tiredness and horribly bloated. Very little nausea so far, although I've just seen my GP who has given me some meds for if and when it happens -- I had HG last time, and am normally on medication for gastritis, which I've had to stop, so these are a replacement if necessary.

GP also just told me to make an appointment with the mw, so I have one for next week, when I'll be 6 weeks. I thought that was too early, but apparently not.

MrsAVB Wed 01-May-13 13:43:54

Hi toby! Nice to see you here! FX for a sticky one! Xxx

cosmickitten Wed 01-May-13 17:00:24

Congratulations, hello and welcome TobyLerone, love the name by the way.

My mum had a smiliar gap to you I was 12 and my brother 10 when she had my second brother. Brother number 3 came along 2 years later!

Despite the age gap we are all very close and always have been. I totally loved being a cool big sister. Athough being 14 and helping mum to the GP with mastitis was the most effective thing to put me off teenage pregnancy ever!

Now that they are all grown up I kid myself that they keep me in touch with youth culture (my brothers find that idea very funny, it seems I'm not longer cool).

Yonionekanobe Wed 01-May-13 17:06:42

SadPander, I think it probably does. I wa certainly not totally unfit when I had DD as live in London so walk quite a lot but having more strength and stamina would have helped I am sure. Regulate exercise also ups your pain threshold and some studies say that regular exercise during pregnancy could reduce labour time by 30% according to a friend of mine who works in sports science. No idea how they can test this though confused

Speaking of emotional breakdowns LittlePeaPod I totally lost it in the office on Monday blush I ended up having to tell my boss I was pregnant because I wept all over him - I am up for quite a significant promotion and am terrified that when the big bosses find out I'm expecting another baby they might find an excuse to delay. Luckily I'm close to my boss and he was amazing about it, just kept saying 'why are you crying, you should be so happy!'

I can't concentrate at all missmakesstuff and keep getting words mixed up. Kept talking to a client today about focusing something when we meet 'yesterday'.

stickortwist Wed 01-May-13 17:16:28

Oh my goodness. I am pregnant . This will be dc4!!!! Argh. Already have 3 boys and i have run out of boy names!

Edd somewhere 1-6 january... This was our first month ttc and we only dtd once but neglected to write down yhe date

Feeling a bit woozy and cant go into kitchen without wanting to hurl wjich is a good thing i think. lots of cramps though... Have been convinced af was going go start all week but it hasnt!

Good luck and handholding to all!

TobyLerone Wed 01-May-13 18:13:23

Thanks, cosmic. That's reassuring smile

Penny31 Wed 01-May-13 18:38:37

Hi Toby!

Well last night I had awful backache and it was still there this morning. It went off by the time I got to work thank goodness. Hope it doesn't come back tonight. I am also finding I have to unbutton my trousers already! blush anyone else?? I hope I'm not eating too much already, I'm going to be HUGE! I seem to have escaped sickness so far, hope I'm not speaking too soon.

winterpansy Wed 01-May-13 19:58:56

Evening all!
Hello to all the newbies.

All fine here. Had to tell a neighbour as she called over to invite us over for a big boozy night at the weekend (we're good friends) and my face must have said it all - she guessed straight away. I feel bad I have told a few people before my parents know but it's my Dad's birthday on the 20th so I'm hoping to hold off until then, I'll be 7 weeks then.

Still don't feel very pregnant though apart from a bit tired and bloated. No emo breakdowns yet either - I'm in happy form!

Yonionekanobe Wed 01-May-13 20:12:53

I've ended up telling quite a few people this time but haven't yields parents or in-laws! blush

Yonionekanobe Wed 01-May-13 20:13:07

Yields!? Told!

TobyLerone Wed 01-May-13 20:22:05

Hi, Penny! Nice to see some familiar faces.

I haven't told a soul. We're going to tell the DC after we've had the private scan in a few weeks. Then we'll tell parents/inlaws/family/friends after the 12 week scan. It's quite fun that just DH and I (and a few internet strangers!) know.

chocoloulou33 Wed 01-May-13 21:11:20

Hello ladies. Am here to join you. Got my bfp on monday but been to nervous to write anything on here lol. Have been on the ttc 'buses' on the conception forum for last 8 months so am very excited to be here smile think I recognise some names already. So am 33, have dd aged 5. Step-daughter who is 7 & step-son who is also 5. The 2 girls live with us & have ds-s at weekends. This is mine & OH's first baby together so we r complelty over the moon right now. Just keeping everything crossed that I'll be ok as had 2 m/c's b4 I had dd. Well that's bored u all with my life story lol. Can't wait to get to know you all xx
Chocoloulou33 baby#2, EDD 6th Jan

LittlePeaPod Wed 01-May-13 21:12:15

Good evening ladies,

Hope everyone is doing well. Congratulations to all BFP grin

Yoni - thank you for sharing your breakdown story.. I honestly feel like I am losing it. I have been unexpectedly emotional on and off since last Thursday. Had another meltdown tonight. I Cant seem to control it when it happens. So far nothing at work. she says hoping to god that lasts

We have only told SIL, my close friend and telling another. We want to wait till at least 9 weeks before telling parents as really scared because of mc in March. FX.

Toby, we are going for private scans too just to hopefully get some peace of mind. Has anyone had them before?

Mmmm one more question.... Has anyone else started getting wind.. I spent most of yesterday farting and still windy today. blush. Is this a normal? blush

chocoholicalcoholic Wed 01-May-13 21:41:36

Hello and congratulations to all of the new additions!

Littlepeapod - yes to the wind question! Haha glad it's not just me!

Penny - I've had to unbutton my trousers too, it's ridiculous! I'm not impressed.

No emotional outbursts yet although I'm sure it won't be long!

chocoloulou33 Wed 01-May-13 21:59:26

chocoholicalcoholic oh look at us with our similiar names smile hope people don't get us muddled! X
I feel v bloated too & almost feel silly that I think I'm showing already at 4 weeks but I bloody am haha!! God knows how I'm gonna hide my bloated belly up until 12 weeks!! Xx

Hi to everyone that's new,I am so glad others are saying about bloating an wind, we are off somewhere hot on sat, I am really worried about what to wear as it is a family wedding and am sure people are going to notice the belly...

honey86 Thu 02-May-13 00:08:58

chocoloulou!! i remember you from the march bus grin just popped in to have a nose at the new year thread and noticed your bfp! so glad to see youve got your turn smile congratulations thanks and to all others. all the best for healthy pregnancies xx

dataprotection Thu 02-May-13 08:19:29

hello all - I reckon I'm due 3rd jan. I'm not counting any chickens though and it's a bit of a waiting game for me as I had to have a termination in Oct last year at 13wks after the 12wk scan showed incompatible with life diagnosis. there where no chromosome reasons, just bad genetics and they reckon and I've got a 1 in 4 chance of it happening again but they can only tell by scans (can't test for it as they don't know what it is!). didn't know i had any problem until then as i have a healthy 4.5 year old son. essentially a girl is fine (either unaffected or a carrier - presumably like me) and a boy is either fine (like my ds) or affected (like the baby i had to terminate). i'm waiting til next week and then will phone the hospital as they said to go through them next time rather than gp/community midwives. so, anyway, bit of an essay but hello and good luck to everyone.

MrsAVB Thu 02-May-13 08:32:41

Morning all! Welcome on board and congrats stick and loulou. How is everyone? cosmic how are you and your super precious bean (not that the rest of them aren't...) doing?
My boobs are still really painful. Met some friends last night and hugging hello and goodbye was really ouch! I can't wear any bras that have sheer cups because I would be both indecent and in even more pain! Don't really seem to have any other symptoms apart from very occasional nausea. I did have a meltdown at DH last night, but I think that was more to do with him being an idiot than pregnancy hormones, I mean it couldn't be my fault, could it? grin.
I'm going away with some friends for a few days, without DH. Am hoping the not drinking will be ok as one of the others has a new baby and is BF so it's not going to be a boozy one. But the baby is going to make me very broody! We still haven't told anyone and don't intend to, hopefully until we've had the 12 week scan...
Have a good day all! Have added the newbies to the list...

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2

MrsAVB Thu 02-May-13 08:38:11

Sorry data cross posted with you. Very sad about your termination, we are here to hand hold if you need it. Congrats and FX for this bean, lots of love xxx

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2

TobyLerone Thu 02-May-13 08:38:41

Morning all, and welcome newbies smile

I'm so tired this morning. And I have a rainbow cake to make.

Penny31 Thu 02-May-13 09:21:44

Morning everyone,

Had a mini meltdown this morning because I only have one pair of work trousers that fit and I'm wearing loose tops that just make me look fat. I feel a right mess! Might have to hit the shops at the weekend.....

chocoloulou33 Thu 02-May-13 10:03:33

Thanks honey
penny i know how you feel, last time i was pregnant the early days were in winter so was easy to cover up, now hmmm not so much. Just feel fat like you said. We told our parents last night, just coz they all knew we were ttc anyway. they were all v happy smile

LittlePeaPod Thu 02-May-13 10:16:24


Just checking in to say morning and congratulations to all new BFPs.

Data - so sorry to hear what happened in Oct flowers. I lost our first pregnancy early March and I know how you feel about not wanting to count your chickens this early on. Trying to stay positive but very very scared that it may happen again. FX

Had a bit of a panic coming into work as thought I may have had a little bleed but thankfully it was a little discharge (gross I know sorry). I seem to be constantly in the bathroom checking! My friend says it's not surprising I am constantly checking and it will be because of the mc. Is anyone else constantly checking to make sure all is ok?

Nice to hear more breakdowns happening, makes me feel normal. It's the only real symptom I have at the moment so holding onto it when it happens. smile Although I am totally fine today with no hint of an emotional moment (even with my mini panic earlier) but there is time yet.. ha ha

Ciao for now ladies…..

Penny31 Thu 02-May-13 10:43:03

Chocoloulou I'm pleased everyone was happy for you! My parents are more excited than I expected them to be and it's lovely smile

Littlepea, I am always checking too! I had really strong pains earlier
in the week for a couple of hours and really panicked but had no bleeding and put it down to stretching.

Backache and sore boobs are my stronger symptoms at the moment.

TobyLerone Thu 02-May-13 10:49:37

I think obsessive knicker-checking goes with the territory grin

God, my boobs are bloody enormous.

Penny31 Thu 02-May-13 10:52:17

Haha Toby mine too! I feel huge in general already!

LittlePeaPod Thu 02-May-13 11:04:25

Thank you ladies. It's good to know that turning into a starving, paranoid knicker watching, unpredictable emotional wreck suffering from aches, pains, cramps, sickness etc. and constantly tired is normal! That's good… So far I can tick off 4 but mainly just the unpredictable emotional wreck and paranoid knicker watcher (that sounds wrong on too many levels but you get my jest)! grin

donttrythisathome Thu 02-May-13 11:23:59

So sorry to hear about all the past mcs, and your termination dataprotection. This is a very exciting time, but a fraught one.

I was thinking of whipping out my natal hypnotherapy CD, sticking the yoga music on or even doing some pregnancy yoga, as I think its good to balance all the fears with some affirmative action!

It's getting busy here. Congrats to all the new people!

donttrythisathome Thu 02-May-13 11:25:14

Meant to add - yes, I am a semi-paranoid knicker checker!
I'm due for a first scan the end of next week (due to recurrent mcs). Wil be 6 weeks then.

chocoholicalcoholic Thu 02-May-13 11:28:23

LittlePeaPod - another one here constantly knicker checking. I was this far along last time when I had the mc so each day I'm getting through this week feels good. Still can't relax though, not until I see that scan image.

Chocoloulou - haha yes check us out with similar names! Think I might need to change the alcoholic part of mine now though...sob. Missing the wine already!

Data - so so sorry to hear about last Oct. Hope you're doing ok. Good luck and fingers crossed for this little baby.

Toby - I'm owning some proper large knockers at the moment which is quite a treat for me, they are normally rather small. Shame they hurt so much but can't have it all hey.

I feel I'm missing out on these emotional breakdowns! I want one!

winterpansy Thu 02-May-13 13:41:51

Hello ladies, I'm in a bit of a panic.
I have had some brown spotting mixed in with cm when I've wiped after the loo twice today. I did another cd and it says 3+ so I am hoping this is a good sign? I had a bit of bleeding with DS but I was 7 weeks so they sent me for a scan. Think it's too early at 5 weeks. Not sure whether to phone the doctor or not? Any advice? Thanks in advance x

LittlePeaPod Thu 02-May-13 13:58:24

Winter - from experience. If it's brown discharge its probably just spotting however if I was in your position I would properly call the doctor, even if its just for reassurance. I believe they can give you a scan to make sure everything is growing and is the right size etc. at 5 weeks. flowers

winterpansy Thu 02-May-13 14:07:42

Thanks so much Littlepea They take calls from 3.30pm so I will back then and see what they say. Oh, such a worrying time!

chocoholicalcoholic Thu 02-May-13 14:19:05

Winter - hopefully it is just spotting. Let us know how you get on flowers

Penny31 Thu 02-May-13 14:25:02

Hope everything is ok Winter. I'm no expert at all but I've heard spotting is VERY common but best to be reassured by the doctor.

I'm fighting the urge to spend £100 on a private early scan. I don't know how much difference it will make. If everything is great at the early scan i will still be worrying that something will happen in the few weeks before the 12th week scan. Unless I drive myself totally crazy I will try and hold out.

TobyLerone Thu 02-May-13 14:27:52

Yy, I've heard that spotting is very common too, winter. Hope everything is ok.

Very sensible, Penny! I wish I could be so sensible.

qumquat Thu 02-May-13 16:01:35

Hello all. I hope everything's ok Winter. It sounds like it's quite normal.

I am seriously panicking about tiredness and coping at work. I'm a teacher on my feet all day. I normally work 11 hour days then at least one day at the weekend, but I'm already keeling over at 4.30 and the work is piling up . . . . We are also due for Ofsted and I just know they're bound to come when all my marking is out of date; I doubt they'll accept pregnancy as an excuse! So here I am moaining instead of getting on . . . Off to do a couple of hours intensive marking - I know I'll feel better once I've done it . . . (if I stay awake . . .)

winterpansy Thu 02-May-13 16:06:13

Thanks everyone.
Phone doctor and she told me to phone epu to try and get a reassurance scan next week even though it's too early to see the embryo/baby they should be able to see a sac etc so we'll know if everything is heading the right way. She also said to go straight to a&e if I get any pain. So, we'll just wait it out.

CrabAppleTree Thu 02-May-13 16:08:04

Hello again
Still trying to keep up with you all.
Welcome new people.

Feeling weird - DESPERATE to tell people - much more so than before
Don't know if I tested earlier this time - feel like i have got AGEs to go

Haven't done anything about booking in yet - again feels so early.
I've got quite a lot going on in in RL atm - not sure i feel ready for the upheaval that will come next year.

Was quite sick last time a lot - and my life is a lot busier now than it was then - school runs etc whereas DC1 didn't start preschool until after DC2 was born so I didn't have to leave the house etc. Worry worry worry.

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine - spring was obviously in the air if all the BFPS are anything to go by winkgrin


Please add me in for first week of Jan. I think my due date should be Dec 29th but here in France they count pregnancy as 41 weeks which should bring me into the new year. Picked up blood test results today, back to doc today or tomorrow.

Glad I'm not the only paranoid knicker checker here. I don't know what happens to me when I get pregnant. Don't remember having symptoms with DD but this time twinges cramps and back pain are definitely present. Probably my monkey of a daughter not helping. smile Will be glad when first twelve weeks are over.

Anyone else getting a lot of wind? Would also love to hear opinions on telling parents and in laws. Last time had to tell early because of bleeding scare. This time feeling quite reticent about it.

I'm glad of the company this time around. I'm already driving husband mental. Good luck everyone!

SadPander Thu 02-May-13 17:19:51

alteredimage - yes lots of wind, trapped and v painful! Today is the first day I haven't suffered with it since day af was due. penny I am having to sneakily undo my trousers every time I sit at my desk as it almost feels painful to have them done up! I've actually lost a few pounds over the last couple of weeks so devistated that I am resorting to undoing buttons!

I went to my gp surgery again today to try and pick up some pack they told me I need, but they still don't have any. They then said that the hospital don't have any so they can't get me one. I asked if there was anything I really needed in the pack and she said "probably but the hospital will have to deal with the consiquences of you not having it as its their fault". Should I be concerned that I don't have this pack? What's actually in it? This is my first so I'm just trying to do the obvious like not drink and eat raw eggs but I'm a bit clueless and apparently I'm not allowed to phone for my first appointment until I'm 7 weeks.

TobyLerone Thu 02-May-13 18:07:33

I might have eaten my bodyweight in raw cake mix today, so the raw egg thing isn't going so well for me so far grin

LittlePeaPod Thu 02-May-13 18:50:01

Winter glad to hear you are feeling better and getting a reassurance scan.

Lots of wind here too, been farting for about six people since about three days ago. At one point I am sure I avaeraged 1 every two/three minutes for what felt like four hours. blush.

Sleptreally well last night but feeling tired now. Not exhausted just a little tired. Does the tiredness get worse?

Anyone got any morning sickness?

stickortwist Thu 02-May-13 19:04:10

Lol at the knicker checking. I have done six pregnancy tests in the past few days!
Im a little worried as im not actually throwing up like i was in previous pregnancies. However i do feel bit woozy and have delegated all kitchen duties to ds1 and dh this time round!

Im desperate to tell to tell the dc but far too early. Ive had to tell some friends so they wanted.me yo help with lambing and i couldnt think up a quick excuse....just fingers crossed all goes well

stickortwist Thu 02-May-13 19:05:31

Dont worry about the pack... I think has vouchers and advice about what to eat.

SadPander Thu 02-May-13 20:30:44

Thanks stickortwist, I was hoping that was the case, bloody gp surgery is worse than useless!

Winter- hope everything is okay for you.

Glad it's not just me that is compulsively knicker checking every time I get a twinge!

Wardy17 Thu 02-May-13 20:40:35

Hi can I join please? BFP on sat and again today EDD 09/01/14!!

Had MMC November and at the moment can't decide whether to have an early scan or not, not sure if it will help or not!!!

chocoloulou33 Thu 02-May-13 21:23:47

Hurray wardy welcome!!! X

winterpansy Thu 02-May-13 21:28:22

Thanks littlepea and pad.
The spotting seems to have stopped now so fingers crossed for good news at the scan.

Ironically, today is the first day I have actually felt a bit pregnant/ So, I have to be positive and be of the mindset eveything is going to be OK!

Just back from dinner and a gossip with a friend so that cheered me up!

How are you all this evening? Welcome and congrats to all the newbies :-)

BohoZenMummy Thu 02-May-13 21:40:15

Hi everyone. I had a BFP yesterday! Although this is my second, my daughter is 7 and I've forgotten everything! Should I be calling my GP this week? Do I need to decide where I want to deliver??

No nausea but metallic taste in mouth, sore boobs and weird period type pain all the time. ..

LittlePeaPod Fri 03-May-13 06:35:57

Morning all

Hi and big congratulations to all new BFP......

So woke up all paranoid this morning and convinced myself my first pregnancy test was a false positive...... So did another test (I have had several in the draw hopefully waiting) this morning... Still positive! grin. Counting day down to reassurance scan on 18th. Paying for it, hoping it helps relax me. FX all is well.

Winter great to hea you are better and spotting has stopped.

BoHo, I am a first time mum to be so not sure what process is but I have booked an appointment with mw at doctors surgery for the 15th.

SadPander, what's with that advice from your surgery confused? Not very comforting!

Enjoy your day ladies.....

Figgygal Fri 03-May-13 07:54:26


I have dropped off this week as have been in utter tormoil about being pg it has been a week since my bfp and have pretty much crieed and stressed my way through since then with DH. We have a 16mo and werent convinced we Wanted another baby we foolishly managed to get pg on 1 reckless session, dh job very uncertain at moment and he is making no money, he works from home in 3rd bedroom so no space for a baby and i have just had a massive promotion at work and wanted to pursue it. BUT yesterday the shock finally wore off and i am finally happy about it and whereas last. Week i would look. At ds and think sadly about how this would affect him i now look at him and cant wait to have another because he is. Gorgeous even if i do say so myself.

I am pt since going back to work after dh last year so i hAve today off taking him to his swim class and. Off to get his first official haircut. Also need to finally book in with mw's grin

Still no symptoms really which was the same last time although am very bloated despite having lost 4lbs with the stress of it all. have had a terrible headache the last few days need to book in with mw and make sure it isnt blood pressure not that i have ever had a problem there.

suedehead Fri 03-May-13 08:45:35

Hi ladies

Can I join please? Three BFPs now :-) (never can quite believe it, can you?!). EDD works out at 1 Jan, but I think it'll be about a week later (based on experience from DC1 - we'll see after the dating scan)

Here's an updated list:

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2

Good luck everyone - sticky beans all round please! x

suedehead Fri 03-May-13 08:48:08

Oh and Figgy, having headaches here too. Felt really queasy for weeks too, which I didn't have at all with DC1. And definitely busting out of trousers already. Bring out the fat wardrobe... Fortunately for me, I'm a bit of a tunics and leggings kind of girl, so should hopefully be able to hide it with some careful dressing at work!

Good luck all x

TobyLerone Fri 03-May-13 09:13:08

Welcome, suedehead, wardy and Boho and anyone else I missed.

Reading this thread makes me so grateful for the fact that I'm a housewife (I can't say SAHM because I don't do anything! My DC are 12 and 13 grin ) and don't have to worry about work clothes or feeling sick at work. I really sympathise with those of you at work. I've been there and it's awful sad

LittlePeaPod Fri 03-May-13 09:16:08

Figgy - sorry to hear about your last week. Glad you are feeling better..

Suede - nice to see you again. We were both on the thread which now has 5 BFP since Sunday..[Grin]

cosmickitten Fri 03-May-13 09:38:22

Hey MrsAVB - I'm doing ok thanks, went to see GP instead fertility dr yesterday. GP was lovely and reassured me that my progestron levels being so low over recent months wasn't a reason to worry. Told me he understood we might feel a bit more anxious given the last few months and that the he would be here to reassure us. Shame the receptionist was less nice, (refused to give me a pack because I was too early).

Data - i'm so sorry to hear of the heartbreak you and your family went through earlier in the year.

Winter-glad to hear that the spotting has stopped, must have been so so scary.

Hello and welcome to all newbies :-)

chocoholicalcoholic Fri 03-May-13 09:39:59

Another one here grateful of not having to go to work whilst suffering. I can remember what it was like with my first. I am a little bit concerned as to how I'm going to get myself and two DCs out of the house for school each morning when the morning sickness kicks in. With DC2 I didn't have to go anywhere as DC1 was only 2 years old. It will be interesting I'm sure!

What's everyone up to over the long weekend? We are seeing quite a few different friends and family over the next few days. Looking forward to having a busy mind so I can stop obsessing so much!

Welcome to all newbies and congratulations.

Glad to hear all is well for you winter

TobyLerone Fri 03-May-13 09:44:23

Oh, school runs must be hard, too. I don't even have to do them. I am such a lazy cow.

Glad your GP was nice, cosmic smile

This weekend is a busy one for us, too. DS has a rugby tournament an hour or so's drive away, Saturday AND Sunday sad

It's DD's birthday today and she's not best pleased about the weekend being taken up by rugby, so on Monday we're all going to the Harry Potter studio tour as her birthday treat. I'm more excited than the children!

chocoloulou33 Fri 03-May-13 12:07:57

I do the school runs & struggle to get there on time & remember everything now lol. God knows what I'll be like if I get sick!! My sickness started around 6 weeks last time. Am going back 6 years though so feels like forever ago. Hope its not as bad as last time as was signed off work for 2 weeks & had to tell everyone earlier than we planned. Have booked my docs appointment for this time next week. Exciting stuff smile x

Penny31 Fri 03-May-13 12:09:53

I can't wear leggings at work sad I'm seriously uncomfortable today, it's giving me a pain already! Can't wait to go and get some trousers in a size bigger tomorrow! I think I'll have to buy some more baggy tops too. I feel like its so obvious already!

LittlePeaPod Fri 03-May-13 13:51:48

For the first time. I am sat at work and feel really tired. Sat here constantly yawning. Thank god its Friday.

Ladies at home, I am sooooo jealous!!!

Tamof4 Fri 03-May-13 16:45:25

Hi there. I got a positive pregnancy test on monday. Quite a shock, as I thought I might have been going through early menopause. This will be my 5th child, another reason to be , erm, 'surprised'! Have dd 12, ds8 and twin dds 6.
Worked out I'll be due end of dec. That will be 4 dec babies for me. omg I just realised the financial implications of this!!

chocoloulou33 Fri 03-May-13 17:03:37

I spend mornings at home but work afternoons at after school club at primary school. My mornings are pretty busy though. Cleaning, paperwork etc & I also do avon, have had no motivation to do it this week thoughh, have been feeling v tired x

Tamof4 Fri 03-May-13 17:28:52

I've forgotten, but is it normal to feel this tired ie extremely?! I must only be 5 wks but I felt comatose this afternoon.
Typical I've taken on lots of bits of work for the next 3 months, including starting a radio show. Already feeling tired by the thought of it all and the inevitable sickness hasn't even started yet!

Yonionekanobe Fri 03-May-13 19:40:56

Congratulations Tamof4 (or should that be 5?) and all others who have just for their BFPs!

Huge empathy with all the tiredness and sickness. I'm not actually being sick but the nausea is horrible. None of this with DD. I am so tired I could curl up and sleep through the long weekend! I felt so bad this morning that I ended up wearing my 'baby on board' badge for the tube. I asked for a seat when I got and got a lot of hmm looks hitch made me feel a bit of a fraud sad

Yonionekanobe Fri 03-May-13 19:41:21

Hitch should say which. So very tired...

winterpansy Fri 03-May-13 20:23:18

I'm in my pajamas and got into them when I got DS ready for bed at 6.30! so I can relate to the tiredness OK. I also have had quite a bit of heartburn - has anyone else? I did google this and found that it could be an early sign of twins. OMG I don't know what we'd do if it was!

Doc has booked me in for scan at epau on Friday 17th so hopefully we'll be able to see the wee baby if he's a sticky one. I'm still feeling positive that this time in 8ish months we'll have our DC2! Thanks for all the good wishes you've sent.

Any nice weekend plans? We're off to a few outdoor events and taking DS swimming for the 1st time, which I am sure he will love, so plenty to distract me.

Hope you all have a good one!

gingysmummy Fri 03-May-13 20:37:34

Hi ladies a big congrats to all, can i join please? i got my bfp on wed think i'm ue 3rd jan if the conception website was correct so 5 weeks today.won't be seeing midwife till 20th june as midwife on holiday, can't remember whats happens again as ds nearly 7.
congrats again heres to our new year babies!

winterpansy Fri 03-May-13 20:43:56

Hi and welcome gingysmummy. Congrats! I think I'm due on the 4th so just a day behind you. How are you feeling?

Hello ladies, can I join too please (tentatively, doesn't feel real yet!)?
Got BFP this morning, EDD is 10th Jan 2014, so this is the list with me added:

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1

Also, yy to wind, bloatyness (maybe I just got fat on holiday hmm) and uncontrollable rage at chopping boards which would NOT stand UP on end as they WERE MEANT TO. DH had to come and make me sit down and stop worrying about them.
Haven't done anything else yet, except stopped smoking possibly three or four weeks late but hum ho and bought decaff teabags. That's the important things covered, right?

LittlePeaPod Fri 03-May-13 22:40:05

Good evening ladies..

Congratulations to all new BFP.. Exciting stuff. And for all the ladies on this train, I hope you are all keeping/feeling well and not suffering too much with symptoms.

Could I ask you all for some advice/tips.. How are you planning on avoiding alcohol without giving away th fact you are pregnant? Really nervous about this. Had lunch with a colleague today and I could see she was a bit confused that I wasn't having a glass or two/three. Made up a random but in my opinion feeble excuse. My birthday on Tuesday and seeing a number of friends/family over the weekend and hoping you can help with an alcholo avoidance plan PLEASE....

Yonionekanobe Fri 03-May-13 22:49:55

I'm afraid I found it nigh on impossible to hide the fact I wasn't drinking with DD1 - everyone knew, but nobody said anything. The way I see it is people might speculate and then if everything is well they can feel clever when they hear the fabulous news, or heaven forbid the worst happens they won't remember that one party when you were on th OJ.

And in case I forget on Tuesday HAPPY BIRTHDAY thanks LittlePeaPod

chocoloulou33 Fri 03-May-13 22:50:20

Hurray am in bed!! Got a busy weekend ahead so lots to keep me distracted! I noticed with the other 'due in months' they have a stats thread just dedicated to the list of ladies. Shall we do this too? Just use this one for chat?
God am soo tired, not even 5 weeks yet! These are gonna be the longest 2 months of my life! Roll on being 12 weeks x

chocoloulou33 Fri 03-May-13 22:55:17

littlepea I know what u mean. Its our good friends birthday weekend & we got loads planned including a night of drinking 2moro. I suffer with migraines so am gonna tell a little porky! Say I've been suffering in the day & I don't wanna drink as had my strong tablets. That will work for me as they know I get them a lot. I'm gonna have more trouble hiding my bloated belly from the girls at work x

TobyLerone Fri 03-May-13 23:14:53

I drive and DH doesn't, so people are used to me not drinking at social occasions.

Occasionally I use the antibiotics excuse.

LittlePeaPod Fri 03-May-13 23:17:40

Thanks Yoni. smile

I am sure all of them will work it out so may follow your path Choco and pull a sicky. I fear I may be coming down with some sort of tummy bug... Do you think that would work or is that a lame excuse? This is going to be hard... The whole alcohol thing has only just dawned on me today.

Choco the bloated tummy, that must be a nightmare. What about some floaty tops? First timer so not very good at this sort of advice, sorry. I have loads of stinky wind.. Soooo embarrassing! blush

LittlePeaPod Fri 03-May-13 23:19:46

Toby, just saw your post. I will drive all weekend and have a tummy bug.

You never think about these things..

Wardy17 Fri 03-May-13 23:23:30

What do you ladies think about having an early scan? I had an mmc in nov and my husband and I can't decide if its worth having it. Sure it will put my mind at rest for that day but something could still happen between 6 weeks and 12 do will it actually reduce the worrying and waiting?

Also I don't appear to be on the list, I'm on my phone so can't do it next person who updates the list could you add me please? EDD 9th Jan baby #1

LittlePeaPod Fri 03-May-13 23:56:29

Wardy, sorry for your lose. I had mc in March. It's our first but we are going for reassurance scans. First on 18th May. You can get a package at reduced rate were I am. I know things could change but I really need to see a heart beat. Apparently a strong early heart beat gives you a high chance of carrying to term. I am sure someone will correct me if I am wrong.

It's a hard one...

LittlePeaPod Fri 03-May-13 23:57:03

Sorry on my phone so couldn't add the stats. Sorry...

chocoloulou33 Sat 04-May-13 06:31:13

Morning all. Have been woken up early by my terrible hayfever again. Is anyone else suffering? I usually take strong tablets but I don't even think u can take the normal ones when ur. Pregnant can u? Like clarityn or benadryl? I need something! Can't remember what I used in last pregnancy, but then again it was 6 years ago!!
How's everyone feeling 2day? X

Yonionekanobe Sat 04-May-13 08:41:25

Wardy so sorry for your loss. I'm having a scan next week at six weeks on doctor's referral. With DD they scanned at six weeks and again at eight to ensure progress (I had an EP before DD). Is there a self-referral EPU near you?

choco hay fever is driving me nuts. You can take Piriton when pregnant but as it makes you drowsy I'm not going to as the tiredness is bad enough. Nasal sprays might work?

Re. the alcohol driving is a great excuse but sadly not an option as I live in zone 2 of London within two minutes walk of the pubs and restaurants where we tend to go out!

Anyway in meant to be having a lie in whilst DH takes DD to toddler cinema. He is in the bad books for claiming to be more tired than me (apart from the fact I am growing a brain I have a more stressful job than him and we split care of DD). Grrr. He made a quip about the fact he is tireder than me because I fell asleep in front of the TV at 9pm last night whilst he stayed awake confused

gingysmummy Sat 04-May-13 08:54:37

hi winterpansy only symptoms so far is peeing a lot and boobs bigger when i was preg with my 6 yr old ds i had morning sickness for 9 months so hopefully i'll avoid that this time round!!

gingysmummy Sat 04-May-13 08:56:19

winterpansy sorry posted to earlier, how ru? do u have any symptoms yet and congrats! flowers

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sat 04-May-13 10:34:42

Please may I join?

I have a 5 month old DS (yes, really!) and have just had an unexpected BFP (on 6 tests!) this morning.

Am stunned as am 35 and thought your fertility was meant to fall off a cliff at 35 confused. However, now DH and I have scraped ourselves off the floor, we are cautiously thrilled.

EDD is 10 Jan (I think as periods a but random as breastfeeding). There will be 13 months and two weeks between the DCs. Please feel free to point and laugh grin

extracrunchy Sat 04-May-13 10:44:02

Hi! Can I join too?? BFP due roughly 3/1/2014 (but very irregular so really no idea..), and have DS aged 2.
Congratulations everyone!! Xx

extracrunchy Sat 04-May-13 10:44:42

P.S. my boobs hurt and I swear they're at least a cup size bigger grin

chocoloulou33 Sat 04-May-13 11:16:09

Welcome extracrunchy & Gobbolino congratulations to you both. You sound like you are in for a busy time gobb will be lovely having two close together they will never be lonely! X

Re the alcohol avoidance - I'm going with antibiotics/other medications for now, and not accepting invitations after the few we have pencilled in in the next three weeks. It's hard though - I am already worrying that people will notice immediately (I drink coffee, smoke and drink wine normally, so it's all three at once - so obvious!) and ask! In that jokey 'you're not pregnant are you?' way, and I have the worst poker face...

claphamkitten Sat 04-May-13 14:44:16

Hi All. Could I join you too? Tested twice and, according to the calculator, am due with DC3 on 8th Jan. Have got a DD aged 5 and DS aged 3, but has taken ages this time, and was convinced it must be the early menopause as got pregnant straight away with the last 2. Fingers crossed as such early days. Congratulations to everyone here! X

Sultanajo Sat 04-May-13 18:00:06

Hello to all you lovely ladies! Huge congratulations to everyone! I am braving it and asking to join you all! I had a mmc at my 12 week scan in January, after everything looking great at an 8.5 week scan, so I am crapping myself this time, especially as I had light brown spotting for two days, but am trying to be positive as that was around the time af was due....confused

So symptoms really kicked in this week - totally exhausted, peeing through the night and nausea for most of the day. Had to really concentrate on not heaving in Tesco this morning!!! blush However, I am really glad to have symptoms as they are reassuring me for now, so I am determined to see them as a good sign...smile

Anyway, this is my first - will be 35 in a couple of weeks!!! Due on 1st Jan so seeing the New Year in with a happy healthy bundle hopefully!

Would someone be really kind and add me to the list please?

Really looking forward to going on this journey with you all! Xxx

LittlePeaPod Sat 04-May-13 18:28:59

Good afternoon ladies,

Congratulations to all new BFPs flowers

Not had a chance to read updated comments today. Just wanted to say a big thank you for the alcohol advice. It's worked a treat so far. Went with poorly on antibiotics and driving... Going to use it all weekend.. Thank you again... smile

TobyLerone Sat 04-May-13 18:34:02

Hi, newbies smile

Glad it worked, pod. DH and I are pretty introverted and rarely go out, so hopefully the non-drinking thing won't be a problem for me.

We got home from rugby at about 3 and I was so completely exhausted I could barely even talk! I've just had a lovely 2-hour nana-nap on the sofa grin
Dinner's in the slow cooker, and I'm so glad I thought ahead! We'll have dinner soon, watch Life of Pi, then it'll be time to collapse into bed, I think.

Bkk13 Sat 04-May-13 19:04:45

I'm due 1st Jan. First baby so very very nervous and wasn't exactly planned. In fact don't have a clue what I'm doing!! Hubby and I excited though, long way to go yet!

Sick and cramps plus all the wind! Seems like great fun! Ha

LittlePeaPod Sat 04-May-13 19:18:11

Hi ladies

Toby I am with you on the tired. Although I am still emotional. Ha ha. I have not had any sickness yet.. Hoping I do though as apparently it's a good sign.. FX

I have updated as many new ladies as I can see. Really sorry if I missed anyone or any information incorrect.. All in order of EDD...

Here's an updated list:

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
Sultanajo EDD 1st Jan Baby #1
Bkk13 EDD 1st Jan Baby#1
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
Extracrunchy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
Claphamkitten EDD 8th Jan Baby #3
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
Wardy17 EDD 9th Jan Baby #1
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Gobbolinothewitchscat EDD 10th Jan Baby #2

Yonionekanobe Sat 04-May-13 19:25:29

Hello everyone - and congratulations all joiners (waves at claphamkitten from Balham).

Glad the no drinking plans are going well Pod - hope you're still enjoying your birthday celebrations.

Sultanajo Sat 04-May-13 19:26:19

Thanks very much for adding me Pod.

I cried at an advert on TV today. Emotional? Me? hmm

Yonionekanobe Sat 04-May-13 19:31:00

In a different note, today we took DD to the Sea Life centre and I found myself raging with jealousy at the female seahorses and have decided whilst there are wonderful aspects to pregnancy that DH should try this nausea out!

Yonionekanobe Sat 04-May-13 19:31:30

In. On. Zzzzzzz.

Sultanajo Sat 04-May-13 19:35:56

Lol Yoni! Our men folk dont really get it do they? Well mine doesnt anyway. I tried asking him to imagine a non-stop hangover, but he had a look on his face which said "she is exaggerating a tad"....envy

extracrunchy Sat 04-May-13 20:34:15

Has anyone been waking up with diarrhoea most mornings..? TMI I know but... is this normal??!

Yonionekanobe Sat 04-May-13 21:15:26

Yes extra blush not completely loose but, ahem, certainly not solid and have to rush to bathroom shortly after waking...

The things we will tell strangers online!?

MissMedusa Sat 04-May-13 22:49:57

I'm having the opposite problem. Dried prunes have become a regular part of my diet.

Regarding the drinking, I find that people tend only to really notice whether you are drinking, not how much. I'll ordered a glass of wine and a glass of water and pretend to sip the wine all evening (I do take a sip here and there and DH takes a gulp when no one is looking). The other thing is ordering apple juice in a cider glass but you have to do that out of ear shot of others and sometimes people accidentally or purposely take a drink out of your glass and then you're properly busted. Last time, two people that I didn't want to know found out because they overheard me ordering alcohol-free beer. Unfortunately they weren't discrete enough to keep it to themselves either and immediately confronted me with what they had heard.

Fuls Sat 04-May-13 22:51:14

Hi can I join please. Got my bfp yesterday bit nervous really ok more than a bit. This is number 1 for me and my edd is 12th jan. even though we have been trying since last aug my oh is still in shock I think lol

extracrunchy Sat 04-May-13 23:40:39

Congrats, Fuls! grin

encinta Sun 05-May-13 00:52:16

Hello All!

Got my BFP on the 27th. This is our first one so we're preceding happily but cautiously. Ekk! Am 5wks+3days today with an EDD of the 2nd of Jan! Have seen the GP and am waiting for our referral appt with the midwife. Does anyone know when we get our first scan? Is it at the same time as our booking appt our is it scheduled at a later date?

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 05-May-13 05:20:34

Congratulations everyone!

The PILS are here at the moment so I have had a few sips of champagne and then passed the glass to DH. MIL is hawk eyed but she didn't notice anything. We've got loads of weddings coming up so not sure how I'm going to deal with that without being spotted.

My DH is a dentist and metronizidole is the antibiotic they prescribe that makes people vomm when taken with alcohol. When I was pregnant with DS, I found it quite useful to have the name in case any rude, nosy type questioned me further! I just used to say I had an impacted wisdom tooth so was taking a course.

Hope everyone else is feeling ok and not too tired and ill. Wanting to lie down and go to sleep in the supermarket aisle was my first sign that something might be up! I've cometely missed the two week wait and obsessing thereof so broken out a few Internet cheapie and did one this morning - Must. Not. Start. Down. This. Route!

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 05-May-13 05:36:07

Hi * Encinita* - within our trust, we have a booking in appointment. As part if that, the midwife then refers you for a scan

As this is DC2, I'm planning just to self refer for the midwife and get an appointment at around 6 weeks. Then the scan can be anytime 10 weeks and 13+6 days. With DS, we were at the back end if that time. We had a really crap sonographer who wasn't very helpful. She couldn't get the nuchal fold measurement (on the neck which us used to test fir diwn syndrome etc). We didnt realise we should be offered another shot and were just referred for a blood test at 16 weeks.

DH's Aunty is a GP and her advice was that there was a higher risk of a false positive with the blood test which then leads you diwn the oath if amnios etc. It was too late by then to get another nhs scan appointment so we ended up paying for one privately.

Therefore, this time I will be asking for a 12 week scan as early as possible and politely insisting on the one other attempt if the first one doesn't work.

I'm also planning in having a reassurance scan at 7 weeks (first time they can detect a heartbeat) that we will get done privately. Fingers crossed a is OK but, if not, I'd rather get things sorted out ASAP

There's a useful link on babycentre for working out midwife appointments and scans etc. I'll try and find it and post

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 05-May-13 05:44:26

Here tis link

LittlePeaPod Sun 05-May-13 06:28:39

Morning Ladies,

Hope you are all having a lovely bank holiday. Only just catching up properly.

Congratulations to all new BFPs. thanks

Yoni having a lovely birthday weekend thanks for asking. Drinking excuse has worked a treat just feel a little guilty because they feel so sorry for me because I can't celebrate my birthday in style (my friends words not mine). I have to say though I am not missing the alcohol at all. By the way, your raging with jealousy at the marine life just had me in stitches... Brilliant!

Sultanajo you are most welcome. smile. With regards our men folk not understanding, my DF has gone the other way and is treating me with kid gloves not sure if its because his a bit nervous the green emotional monster will appear at any time Not complaining though, so going to take advantage whilst I can... Is that bad?

Extracrunchy I haven't had any diarrhoea just lots of wind. You can get some natural fibre supplements by solar. Really good, all natural and no chemicals in them at all.

MissMadusa And Gobolino Thanks for the additional tips on alcohol..

Fuls and Entica. Hope you don't mind I added your stats to the list. Big congratulations and sorry if I got any information wrong. Please could you check? It's in order of EDD.

Here's an updated list:

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
Sultanajo EDD 1st Jan Baby #1
Bkk13 EDD 1st Jan Baby#1
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Entica EDD2nd Jan Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
Extracrunchy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
Claphamkitten EDD 8th Jan Baby #3
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
Wardy17 EDD 9th Jan Baby #1
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Gobbolinothewitchscat EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
Fuls EDD 12th Jan Baby #1

gingysmummy Sun 05-May-13 08:44:49

littlepeapod could you please add me to your list not on any of them edd 3rd jan many thanks

LittlePeaPod Sun 05-May-13 09:07:08

Sorry Gingysmummy I didn't realise you were missing. Sorry I also don't know if this is your first or if you have any other children.

Here's an updated list:

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
Sultanajo EDD 1st Jan Baby #1
Bkk13 EDD 1st Jan Baby#1
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Entica EDD2nd Jan Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
Gingysmummy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
Extracrunchy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
Claphamkitten EDD 8th Jan Baby #3
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
Wardy17 EDD 9th Jan Baby #1
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Gobbolinothewitchscat EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
Fuls EDD 12th Jan Baby #1

extra yes, I've been rather... quick... most mornings and afternoons this week. Had my first 'I'm exhausted' moment at 9pm last night. Could not keep my head from drooping, went to bed at 9.30pm!
I did a CBD this morning (someone stop me, I'm costing myself a fortune) - 2-3 weeks since conception, so I am 4-5 weeks gone. By LMP, I am 4 + 2 so that sounds right.

Hello fuls and encinta!

gobbolino - we are EDD twins! I also would like a reassurance scan (private - no reason apart from being a first timer and nervous!) - any advice on how to find the best place? I'm in London.

Oh, and I meant to say littlepea happy birthday!

Also, I managed to go for a 'drink' yesterday, by buying the first round (I had 'vodka' lime and soda) and then making excuses - no one even asked what I was drinking, so I needn't have worried.

LittlePeaPod Sun 05-May-13 09:29:40

Thaks Humpty.. My birthday is actually Tuesday but we had planned to see friends and family this weekend prior to finding out about Chickpeas existence.

Out of interest has anyone else got a name for their baby? We are currently calling ours Chickpea.. Also has anyone else started talking to their Chickpea or am I just a neurotic FX everything goes well this time first time mum to be? blush

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 05-May-13 09:45:25

Hi humpty! We are also clearblue digital twins too! I did one yesterday (left over from testing last year for DS) and have one left. Have sworn to myself that I will only use it next week and Will. Not. get in to last year's habit of bulk buying. Ironically, as this BFP was do out if the blue, I was planning to write to them and ask for a refund in the basis that the test was faulty and they had nearly given me a heart attack grin

We used babybond before with DS and found them very good. I like the fact you can book online and there are loads all over the place. Think plenty in London. Our local Manchester one is staffed by NHS sonographers doing a bit if private work. I think deffo worth asking who will be doing it and qualifications wherever you go

Figgygal Sun 05-May-13 10:06:15

To ladies having early scans are they going to be abdominal scans or internal scans? Never sure at which point they can dont need to do the vaginal scans but really dont fancy one of those.

LittlePeaPod Sun 05-May-13 10:10:28

Figgy I don't know. I never asked. Just booked it so won't know till I get there on 18th. I don't mind though as just want reassuarance following mc in March.

Sultanajo Sun 05-May-13 10:13:33

Pod its definitely not a bad thing to take advantage of some pampering - I suspect my DH will be the same once he can see a bump that wriggles!

Extra I had diarrhoea for about a week, but this week it has now gone the other way. I am not eating any differently and I experienced this last time too. It makes life interesting I guess not knowing which way its going to go....grin

Sultanajo Sun 05-May-13 10:21:45

Figgy my scan at 8.5 weeks last time was abdominal. I left it until then as I too didnt fancy the more intimate option. When I called them they said they couldnt guarantee they wouldnt need to do it vaginally, but they would try abdominally first, which worked for me without a problem....smile

MissMedusa Sun 05-May-13 11:31:53

I have my first scan booked for the 17th (I'll be 6+4 by then) and it will be vaginal. I've had so many instruments up there in the last couple years (had a hysteroscopy, cyst removal and a D&C all last year) that I don't even think twice about it. Just want to see the little piglet (no idea where the name came from but it has stuck).

Anyone planning on taking a nice holiday while it's still just the two of you? I don't want to travel too far but want something warm and relaxing and beachy (maybe Canary Islands?)

littlepea I'm referring to it as 'little bean' so almost like your nn! I am also talking to it/him/her incessantly and stroking my lower belly more than is needed...

Gobbolino it's hard to resist the lure of a pee stick, isn't it? grin I want to pee on one a day at least - I never get tired of the two lines!
Babybond sounds good - will google, thank you.

Scan wise, I don't mind vaginal, but would prefer abdominal scan. I'm a bit chubby though (about 2.5st overweight), so would imagine I might need a fanjo one hmm.

Yonionekanobe Sun 05-May-13 13:19:30

I'm having an internal scan at 6 and 8 weeks as I did with DD. Not pleasant but in the grand scheme of the whole none months far from the grimmest part!

Foodylicious Sun 05-May-13 13:44:17

Oooh! can I join Please!!!!!!!!!!

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
Sultanajo EDD 1st Jan Baby #1
Bkk13 EDD 1st Jan Baby#1
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Entica EDD2nd Jan Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
Gingysmummy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
Extracrunchy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
Claphamkitten EDD 8th Jan Baby #3
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
Wardy17 EDD 9th Jan Baby #1
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Gobbolinothewitchscat EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
Fuls EDD 12th Jan Baby #1
Foody EDD 1st jan baby #1

LittlePeaPod Sun 05-May-13 14:00:48

Miss Madusa DF and I are going away end June ut we are also planning our wedding at he moment which is abroad hopefully in September (all depends on work).  

I like Littlebean.  I thought we would call ours Littlepea or Pea or Peapod hence the name but for some reason DF started calling her/him Chickpea and it stuck....so much for planning... Ha ha 

Ohhh reading everyone's notes since I will only be 6+4 looks like mine will be an internal scan.  

Foody Congratulations thanks and welcome on the January train..  I hope you don't mind I have rejigged the stats as they are in EDD order...   You are now near the top. smile 

Here's an updated list:

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
Sultanajo EDD 1st Jan Baby #1
Bkk13 EDD 1st Jan Baby#1
Foody EDD 1st jan baby #1
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Entica EDD2nd Jan Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
Gingysmummy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
Extracrunchy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
Claphamkitten EDD 8th Jan Baby #3
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
Wardy17 EDD 9th Jan Baby #1
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Gobbolinothewitchscat EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
Fuls EDD 12th Jan Baby #1

gingysmummy Sun 05-May-13 14:16:17

thank you littlepea its my 2nd baby i have a ds who will be 7 this year,how's everyone doing i work full tume night shift as a nurse and am finding it so hard to stay awake at work! although i try to rest as much as i can before i go out it's hard with a lively 76 years old. Have any of you guys told your work yet? i'm thinking about telling my manager as i guess i'll need a risk assesment done, but not wanting anyone else to know

gingysmummy Sun 05-May-13 14:17:32

lol that would be 6 year old not 76 year old i'll blame my preg hormones on that mistake blush

Figgygal Sun 05-May-13 17:42:17

Thanks for updates re scans ladies it's only been 16mo since I had DS but bleurgh I don't like showing off the bits. grin

SadPander Sun 05-May-13 18:17:57

Hope everyone is doing well.

extra yes I have been suffering with this, and if its not this its constipation - all in the same day! ......and the wind..... I am a really pleasant person to be around at the mo!

Sore boobs have all but disappeared today, bit concerned about this. Has anyone else experiences this?

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 05-May-13 18:30:35

sad - my boob soreness seems too be coming and going. Constantly knackered but not sure how much that is due to 5 month old DS. Am trying not to worry too much - but it's hard

I would expect the 7 week scan not to require the foofcam but due to extreme wobbly tummyness ATM, I am slightly worried.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 05-May-13 18:31:39

Oh - one thing I am going to try and do is get as much done in the house and with DS pre 7 weeks as that was when morning all day sickness really kicked in the last time

sadpander my boobs are still tender if pressed/in tight bra, but otherwise, also much less sore than they were. I also keep getting a weird 'burrowing' feeling, not really a cramp, but a sort of ache (gentle) in my lower belly. It can't be implantation, but it sure feels like it!

chocoloulou33 Sun 05-May-13 18:37:27

Hi sadPander my boobs are not as sore as they were earlier in the week. Am only 4+6 feels like I've got forever to go!! We told our close group of friends last night. That wasn't the plan but OH got a bit tipsy lol. Saves me lying to them about why I'm not drinking!
I'mm wondering if they'll scan me early. DD is 5 but b4 her I had 2 m/c's. One at 13 weeks then one at 7 weeks. They scanned me lots thru pregnancy with DD but do you think they will now coz it was so long ago & now I've had a healthy pregnancy? X

Figgygal Sun 05-May-13 18:45:36

I still have no boob changes or pain of any sort proper pissed off as last time was same put on 3 stone (fat pregnant biffer alert) and they didn't change one jot if I can't get away from my puny 36a bras when I'm pg I never will. I blame lack of boob changes for the disaster that was BFing last time and expecting it will be same this time. Stupid boobs!!

I have no symptoms what so ever if it wasn't for lack of period and 2 BFPs I'd be thinking I'm not pg at least last time I felt lightheaded and "had" to eat every 20 minutes

BookTart Sun 05-May-13 19:13:04

Hello, please can I join in? I got my BFP this morning, and am 4+1, due date currently 11th January. OH said "well done" and then immediately talked about how stripey he has managed to get the lawn hmm. This will be my first child. I had a chemical pregnancy at 5 weeks in October, so I am on constant gusset watch today. We've been ttc for 17 months now, so fingers crossed this one sticks as I'm getting on a bit! I am also having to eat every half hour or so because I feel a bit sick. I'm definitely thinking about an early scan as well.

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
Sultanajo EDD 1st Jan Baby #1
Bkk13 EDD 1st Jan Baby#1
Foody EDD 1st jan baby #1
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Entica EDD2nd Jan Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
Gingysmummy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
Extracrunchy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
Claphamkitten EDD 8th Jan Baby #3
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
Wardy17 EDD 9th Jan Baby #1
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Gobbolinothewitchscat EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
BookTart EDD 11th Jan Baby #1
Fuls EDD 12th Jan Baby #1

winterpansy Sun 05-May-13 19:41:51

Thanks gingy! Not many symptoms as yet - apart from tiredness and tingly boobs! I'm switching between being constipated and then the other way too (tmi prob!). I've been feeling a bit dizzy too, on and off. Oh, and the crazy, crazy dreams have started!

I've had no more spotting, just a few twinges (and therefore copius knickerchecking) so am optimistic at the minute, and dare I say it, even starting to get a bit excited!

We had a quiet weekend as DS has been too poorly to go anywhere so the Bank Holiday has been a bit of a write-off. Hope you ladies all had fun though?

claphamkitten Sun 05-May-13 20:00:57

Hi All. Can I just ask if anyone else's skin is suffering? I seem to be experiencing a very unwelcome return to teenage acne that I haven't seen since, well, my teenage years. Not amused!

I am also finding the alcohol issue a bit difficult. Have so far gone with the 'I'm driving' option, which is what I did last time but it did involve having to drive absolutely everywhere! Not sure my parents are going to buy it though, or close friends, and it's just far too early to mention anything... Annoyingly, I actually feel like drinking this time, which I didn't the last 2 times, so it's going to be a very long 9 months!!! X

winterpansy Sun 05-May-13 20:34:06

Yes! I never, ever get spots and now I have several on my face!

Can't help with the alcohol thing as we rarely go out anyway these days so it doesn't make a difference. If I have a family event coming up then that will be hard to hide but I drive most of the time anyway so it should be fine. I do fancy a big glass of wine right now though so feel your pain..8 months to go!

TheSlug Sun 05-May-13 21:08:33

Hi all, can I join? Working from the first day if my last period I'm 5 weeks 2 days today. First pregnancy and it happened really quickly, 2nd month of trying. I have no idea what happens next, or whether the symptoms I'm experiencing are all in my head! I thought it would be too early to feel anything!

Gobbolinothewitchscat Sun 05-May-13 21:27:51

Right - I still haven't lost all of my baby weight since DS. I'm now 2.5 stones heavier than when I got married shock

I cannot put on further large amounts of lard with this DC. I'm going to cut back massively in cake etc as I have been stuffing my face thinking that it's OK as DS is only 5 months so loads of time to diet. Obviously that's not the case now so going to do my best to eat healthily and try and get more weight off now or I'll need a bloody hoist to get into the birthing pool!

Would anyone like to join me as a diet buddy? I found weeks 7 - 14 last time hellish fir morning sickness and the only way I could deal with it was to mainline carbs. I'm going to try my best this time not to succumb but will be on the healthy bandwagon as much as poss. Hoping that because I'm on mat leave at the mo, it will make things a bit easier

extracrunchy Sun 05-May-13 22:20:32

I'll join you Gobbolino!
I gained 2.5st with DS just by being silly and eating far too much because I could. Just got about half of it off.

Not "dieting" any more now for obvious reasons, but determined to be healthier this time as actually I think it made being pregnant a lot harder!

extracrunchy Sun 05-May-13 22:21:28

Hi Slug! Congratulations!! Have you seen your GP? That's first step grin

extracrunchy Sun 05-May-13 22:23:18

And BookTart!! Congrats to you too.
Your DH sounds like mine grin I think it's a shock thing!?

Sultanajo Sun 05-May-13 22:28:34

Gobbolino and Extra, I am with you ladies! Need to make sure I don't pile on the pounds as have 2 stone to lose as it is.... Managed to be really healthy until today when nausea from hell kicked in! Am determined not to let it beat me tomorrow! Grrrr! angry

Gobbolino, Extra and Sultanjo I'll join you too - I am determined to not put on excess weight - I'm already the fattest I've ever been, and I don't need more, frankly!
I'm already picking veggie options, and having way more veg & way fewer carbs than I usually do so I think it's doable. Plus, although i've only known for three days, I haven't minded no wine or brew or whispers fags - not missed any of them really. We can do it!

Hello to booktart and slug!

clapham and winter - time for a facial? Spend some of the ££ you'll be saving on wine? grin

chocoloulou33 Sun 05-May-13 23:04:30

ibe trying to eat healthily too. Am quite a fussy eater & am rly trying to eat what's best for the baby already smile got some pregnancy multivitamins too. Luckily I lost a stone in the last few months but still no where near the weight I used to be. When I had dd who is now 5 my pre pregnancy weight was 9 stone!! I'm now 11. Gotta give up my weekly zumba class which I love, god knows what excuse I'll say to the girls I go with x

Wardy17 Sun 05-May-13 23:11:43

How does everyone calculate how many weeks they are? I've been going with first day of last period, so that being 31/03/13 I make me 5 weeks today. The Internet tools are only saying 4 weeks even though they ask for first day of last period. Am I missing something?

BookTart Mon 06-May-13 07:27:14

wardy the first day of my last period was 6th April, and the Internet tells me I am 4+2, so you must be 5 surely?

extracrunchy I don't think it is a shock thing in my case, more a being an insensitive berk thing smile

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 07:27:39

Firstly congratulations to all new BFPs. thanks

clap I have spots and my skin gets really itchy sometimes. Never crossed my mind it could be pregnancy related.

Heathy Eating. Please can I join? Really worried I will pile on more weight than is needed. Plus I intend on getting back to the gym FX once all confirmed all at 12 weeks. Don't want to risk it as continued exercising last time not that, that would have made a difference to mc.

Wardy17. If you have an IPhone or IPad you can download the Sprout Pregnancy App. It works it out for you and gives you up dates of the growing baby and what's happening etc. if your first day of your last period was 31/03/13 I also think you should be 5+1 but I could be wrong been a first timer. My first day was 02/04/13 and I am 4+6 today.

I think my boobs may be starting to tingle a bit now. But it could all be in my head.

Does anyone know of a good book, or source that is clear on what we can and can't eat safely in pregnancy? I am starting to tie myself in knots!

chocoloulou33 Mon 06-May-13 07:29:51

wardy I'm working it out the same as you. My first day of last period was 1/4/13 so that makes me 5 weeks 2day & u 5+1 weeks 2day.use the calculator on NHS website that seems accurate x

Gobbolinothewitchscat Mon 06-May-13 08:45:26

Hmmm...despite my earlier post about NOT testing with the clear blue digital conception tests, I've just done another one and am panicking myself as it is still saying 1-2 weeks (I.e 3-4 weeks preggo) and I think I am 4+2 so it should be saying 2-3 weeks. Aaaarrgghh. Must not do this. Trying to tell myself that what will be will be. I wish you could get an NHS scan on demand grin

Sultanajo Mon 06-May-13 08:45:42

Chocoloulou I too gave up my zumba class which I did with friends, which luckily is over 45 mins drive away, so I was able to use the excuse that I couldn't afford the petrol at the moment, so I was going to give it up for a few months. This is also quite true, as the petrol plus class fee was around £15 a week, which I could really do with right now.

Pod - I too am paranoid about exercising in this first trimester "just in case". If something were to go wrong, I just don't want to be thinking "was it because I overdid the exercise" or whatever. I do realise this is slightly crazy and irrational, but it helps keep me sane at the moment and that's a precious thing to hold on to!!! I would really like to go for a swim, but after the weekend I am really worried about vomming in the pool, so may give it a miss for a while.... wink

The NHS website is quite good at giving guidance on what not to eat:


LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 08:53:03

Sultanajo. Thank you, you could not have said it better... It's crazy and irrational but just can't risk it... The guilt and what ifs are the worst... I thought about swimming, low impac but still good. Will probably start with that at 12 before moving on. Get back on track so to say..

Gobbo. The number of times I have wanted to test but just about held it together..... grin I am sure all is ok.....

Gobbolinothewitchscat Mon 06-May-13 08:58:16

Thank you pea - DH now has control of all tests bar Internet cheapies! grin

I am clearblue's marketing dream. I'm sure I will be partly responsible fir any increase in profits in the last two years!

claphamkitten Mon 06-May-13 09:00:46

Thanks LittlePeaPod for handy hint on Sprout app. Have just downloaded it and filled in my details. Hope I'm not tempting fate! Looks v useful and I like the pics of what's actually going on inside my (already bloated!) belly. X

Sultanajo Mon 06-May-13 09:03:45

Pod - yep, I am thinking after the 12 week scan will be the time I start getting into it again. In the meantime I am trying to take gentle walks (although the nausea is ensuring they are short)....

Gobbo - there have been several Mumsnet threads on the CBD readings being inaccurate, with one lady commenting that her midwife thinks they cause more harm than good as they cause worry if they don't show what someone is expecting.... I tried to find some links for you, but couldn't find the one I looked at before. After reading it though it made me stop POAS! I felt like a bit of an addict, but one day I had to just cold turkey it! Try not to worry too much (easier said than done). There is a pregnancy helpline run by midwives at Tommy's which I have used a couple of times just to talk things through and they were AMAZING:


They are there Mon-Fri 9am-5pm.

Penny31 Mon 06-May-13 09:14:39

Morning all!

Enjoying a cup of de-caff tea in the sunshine. Trying to not let the neighbours blaring music stress me out. Makes me more determined to move house before baby arrives though!

I'm 6+1 today, can't believe I have to get through another 6 weeks until I see my baby and know everything is ok!

Started to feel a bit nauseous so I suppose that's an indication that everything is ok and that'll do for me for now smile

cosmickitten Mon 06-May-13 09:22:46

Morning all :-) welcome and huge congratulations to newbies.

healthy eating can I please join. I have always put weight on easily and lost it slowly! I'm already quite overweight so really don't want to gain too much from eating badly with pregnant. Currently trying very to eat lots fruit, veg and lean protein. I'm also using ww (maintenance) to keep an on portion size.

Doing well overall but finding the stomach cramps very stress inducing at times. I think an early scan is definitely on the cards for me. Will be nervous wreck by 12 weeks.

Wardy17 Mon 06-May-13 12:53:15

Thanks guys. I'm going with 5 weeks + 1 only 7 more weeks to wait!!! My god!!!

Foodylicious Mon 06-May-13 12:59:13

Gobbo i used clearblue and got 2-3 week, then 5 days later still got 2-3 weeks and was a bit dissapointed as I thought should be further, retested a few days agi and got 3+ when i was 5wk3days so its all good. the amount of HCG from one person to the next varies quite alot (safely) so these tests are not going to be that precise.
If you are really worried you could go to the docs and ask them to test yout hcg and then they retest in 2 days to see is if has doubled
is the site i found that explaned hcg so i could understand it!

Foodylicious Mon 06-May-13 13:00:17

And hi book another graduated berry! congrats [flower]

TheSlug Mon 06-May-13 13:13:43

Oh no, just read the NHS link that sultana put up and it says no Brie, I had a little bit last night and thought because it was made from pasteurised milk it would be ok confused how bad might that be?

Foodylicious Mon 06-May-13 13:21:44

From what I understand if it was pasturised it should be ok, but dont know if there is still a small risk of listeria if it is pasturised and then mold rippend - really dont know the process for making brie, sorry not much help

Foodylicious Mon 06-May-13 13:24:31

was ot cold on crackers or baked? seems that pasturised, mold ripened brie is ok if it is baked well.

TheSlug Mon 06-May-13 13:27:20

It was cold on bread!! Must must must be more careful!

Foodylicious Mon 06-May-13 13:31:13

Hope/SURE you will be fine, the chance of food poisoning is really low anyway or we would not eat it at all!

Gobbolinothewitchscat Mon 06-May-13 15:51:32

slug - sure will be fine. I had a Brie sandwich on Friday as had no idea I could be pregnant. Also had a bit if wine in the last two weeks as well. I know that the guidelines are there to be followed but, as far as I'm aware, the guidance in different countries varies. So in France, they do still keep eating all soft cheese. As the population of France hasn't died out, then I think mistakes by you and me should be OK grin but I know how easy it is to worry!

Hello! Can I join in? Tentative FP on Saturday, and digi BFP y'day.

EDD will be 15th January, by my dates. This is DC2, and we're both excited and terrified in equal measure. DS will be just over 5, so there's quite a big gap, and he's been nagging for a brother or sister for so long I'm hoping he'll be ok with a new addition.

No symptoms to report yet of any note!

SadPander Mon 06-May-13 16:36:56

gobilino great name, I loved that book as a child- shame its not really suitable as a baby name!
I am definitely up for * healthy eating* this bfp was a surprise and came about 6 months before we were planning to start trying. I had planned to loose about 2 stone before trying so a bit worried about putting on additional weight! I've continued with slimming world (as its healthy eating rather than dieting really) and I've lost a few pounds over the last few weeks. Not sure if its ok to be loosing weight or not? I am eating plenty it's just all pretty low fat.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one with symptoms that come and go. Hate them when they're here then panic like mad when they subside!

chocoloulou33 Mon 06-May-13 16:57:06

Helllo who else is enjoying this gorgeous weather? Its lovely down here in Kent!! Am currently laying out in bff garden with all the kids playing. Loving it. Back to reality 2moro with school runs & work lol x

MrsHowardRoark Mon 06-May-13 17:23:04

Hello all, can I join in after a BFP yesterday?

I was feeling a bit tired and nauseous so I thought I'd do a test on the off chance and there was the line!

It hasn't sunk in yet.

I have an 18 month old DD and I know this pregnancy is going to be harder with her to look after too.

Also, I'm going on a girly holiday next week and I don't know how I'm going to cope without drinking as my friends will expect some drunken antics from me.

Wow, looks like January will be a busy month!

mrshowardroark I only tested because I was going to wedding where drinking with uni mates was very on the cards. Don't know how I'd have managed a whole holiday! Antibiotics?

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 18:57:46

Congratulations to all new BFPs...... flowers

gobbo with you on the case, I am so buying some shares in Clearblue. Could actually make an excellent return on my cash... Ha ha wink

Clap not a problem. I am fascinated with how Chickpea is developing by the day and week. Sad I know but here is another link I keep stalking every single day..It gives you a day by day update on the growing baby..

Sultanajo weighed myself this morning and I am depressed. [Sad] May see how 8 week scan goes and then start the swimming

Slug. I wouldn't worry about the brie. I had pâté the day I found out I was pregnant and I had a lot of alcohol the weekend before.

Choco33 it's been beautiful in Yorkshire too. Went to a beer garden with DF today.. Had apple juice whilst other half got a bit tipsy.

For those with nausea/morning sickness. At what point/week did you start getting it? Feeling a bit left out.... Want more symptoms rather than the occasional emotional pregzilla moment, slightly heavier boobs and pee'ing constantly.

Not sure if everyone's stats are on but please see most upto date stats in EDD order... Would be great if you could add your stats new BFP ladies. smile. Lets see how long we can get it.....

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
Sultanajo EDD 1st Jan Baby #1
Bkk13 EDD 1st Jan Baby#1
Foody EDD 1st jan baby #1
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Entica EDD2nd Jan Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
Gingysmummy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
Extracrunchy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
Claphamkitten EDD 8th Jan Baby #3
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
Wardy17 EDD 9th Jan Baby #1
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Gobbolinothewitchscat EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
BookTart EDD 11th Jan Baby #1
Fuls EDD 12th Jan Baby #1

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 18:59:32
Sleepygiant Mon 06-May-13 19:05:59

Littlepea, thanks for adding me to the list, my EDD is 6th Jan, I can't edit as on my phone.

Re: the not drinking and keeping it secret its going to be really difficult for me, everyone knows I'm a lush and friends are already on the alert as we have always said we want dd1 to have a sibling! I'm just going to have to avoid people and not go anywhere that booze may be involved, which is generally everywhere for me.

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 19:15:56

SleepyGiant. Done.. Nice plan on the drinking. I am currently using the avoidance plan with MIL (as in avoiding all calls and meets) as she will work out I am pregnant alcohol or not.... it's scary she has a sixth sense for these things

Anyone else not able to access and can't add... I am about for a bit so let me know and I will happily add you.. smile

Most up to date states so far..........

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
Sultanajo EDD 1st Jan Baby #1
Bkk13 EDD 1st Jan Baby#1
Foody EDD 1st jan baby #1
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Entica EDD2nd Jan Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
Gingysmummy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
Extracrunchy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
SleepyGiant EDD 6th Jan Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
Claphamkitten EDD 8th Jan Baby #3
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
Wardy17 EDD 9th Jan Baby #1
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Gobbolinothewitchscat EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
BookTart EDD 11th Jan Baby #1
Fuls EDD 12th Jan Baby #1

gobbolino I have to test everyday as I'm terrified of a CP. If it gets to 6 weeks and still two lines, I might quit, but I'm testing resolutely. Internet cheapies only, I hasten to add... Not done a second CBD, may do one net week, when I ought to be 3+ for sure...

littlepea & clapham I have the Babycentre app, it's quite good. May have read all the tips for 1st Trimester already though. I like the checklist part of it ('make antenatal appt', 'have a facial'!).

Penny I am with you - we live in a rental flat, been trying and failing to buy for a year (vendors pulling out) and I'm now alternately panicking and determined that my baby will not be born here. Not in this flat, not in this borough (of London).

Hello to new BFPs!

And I have a symptom (?) today - incredibly painful lower back (where my coccyxs is - I know, cos I broke mine years back) which is only eased by sitting up v straight, lying on left or walking. Bloody agony. Any ideas?

Hi littlepeapod can you add me please? EDD 15th jan, DC2.


LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 19:31:52

Humpty. I haven't had any bad pain but I have read on other threads that this is normal. Nightmare though. Are you able to take anything for the pain whilst pregnant?

MrsHowardRoark Mon 06-May-13 19:35:08

Could you please add my details to the list LittlePea?

MrsH EDD 10th Jan Baby #2

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 19:35:11

Enjoyingscience Added as requested.

Anyone else not able to access and can't add... I am about for a bit so let me know and I will happily add you.. smile

Most up to date states so far..........

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
Sultanajo EDD 1st Jan Baby #1
Bkk13 EDD 1st Jan Baby#1
Foody EDD 1st jan baby #1
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Entica EDD2nd Jan Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
Gingysmummy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
Extracrunchy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
SleepyGiant EDD 6th Jan Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
Claphamkitten EDD 8th Jan Baby #3
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
Wardy17 EDD 9th Jan Baby #1
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Gobbolinothewitchscat EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
BookTart EDD 11th Jan Baby #1
Fuls EDD 12th Jan Baby #1
Enjoyingscience EDD 15th Jan Baby #2

Thanks! Copy and paste is well beyond me on this phone smile

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 19:37:34

MrsH Added as requested.

Anyone else not able to access and can't add... I am about for a bit so let me know and I will happily add you.. smile

Most up to date states so far..........

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
Sultanajo EDD 1st Jan Baby #1
Bkk13 EDD 1st Jan Baby#1
Foody EDD 1st jan baby #1
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Entica EDD2nd Jan Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
Gingysmummy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
Extracrunchy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
SleepyGiant EDD 6th Jan Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
Claphamkitten EDD 8th Jan Baby #3
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
Wardy17 EDD 9th Jan Baby #1
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Gobbolinothewitchscat EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
MrsH EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
BookTart EDD 11th Jan Baby #1
Fuls EDD 12th Jan Baby #1
Enjoyingscience EDD 15th Jan Baby #2

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 19:38:34

Anytime Enjoying. I am around anyway.. smile.

winterpansy Mon 06-May-13 19:43:58

humpty That's a good idea. I've been google pregnancy spa treats at local places for perhaps a birthday present from DH later in the year!

healthyeating I'd be up for that too. Currently have a really high bmi and am 7lbs heavier than when I got pg with DS. I got married last year and have put on over a stone since then so I'm feeling rather bloated and plump! I also had gestational diabetes last time and feel pretty certain that I'll get it again so need to really keep an eye on my food intake.

winterpansy Mon 06-May-13 19:44:18

Oh, and welcome to all the newbies. The list is fairly growing!

Have a facial? On it.

I'm a bit scared of the first antenatal, as the midwife at our practice always reminded me of the trunchbull a bit (she was actually quite nice, just scary!). Maybe she's softened a bit in the last 5years...

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 20:09:19

Ha ha ha.... You won't be messy with her the Enjoy!

Has anyone else come across this? DF, SIL, BIL and I are away next weekend. SIL and I looked at getting a bit of pampering (both pregnant - SIL is 16weeks) but apparently they won't book me in for any treatments as under 12 weeks. Not even for the per/post natal treatments. Why is this? confused

Sultanajo Mon 06-May-13 20:13:49

Wow! This thread is on a roll now! Congratulations to all the new BFPs!

Slug try not to stress about the Brie. I was eating it like it was going out of fashion just as I got my bfp! As others have said the risk is small as it is - at least you can stay away from it going forward....wink

Pod I know what you mean! I have weighed myself every day so far since BFP and thankfully seem to currently be maintaining, although the number is still pretty depressing!

Nausea has really revved up over the last few days - how I havent actually vommed so far is amazing! I tried sea sickness bands today which actually seemed to take the edge off, but they are really leaving bruises on my wrists after just a few hours wearing them...confused Anyone else had any experience with them?

Sultanajo Mon 06-May-13 20:16:21

Pod I have also seen that you cant have spa treatments before 12 weeks and even after I was really surprised at the limited choice. I am not sure of the reason....

MrsHowardRoark Mon 06-May-13 20:16:28

My workplace offer massages once a weak and I wasn't allowed one at all. angry

It was because the masseuse wasn't trained in pregnancy massage and there is a miniscule risk of miscarriage with some treatments. I think reflexology is a no-no too.

Sultanajo Mon 06-May-13 20:19:09

I know that you have to be careful with acupuncture as certain points on the body can induce contractions....

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 20:19:27

Sultanajo my SIL (one of only three people that know) used the sickness bands and she said they helped but didn't get rid of sickness altogether. Out of interest at what point/week did you start feeling sickly? Worried as I haven't had any.... Can't believe I am wishing morning sickness on myself... Ha ha

Sultanajo Mon 06-May-13 20:20:26

MrsHoward what a horrible tease providing weekly massages!!! X

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 20:22:11

Ahh sounds like they don't want to take the risk. I gussed aromatherapy may be a no no because some oils induce contractions like acupuncture. But a facial and pedicure? What's that about?

littlepea thanks - I'll see if I can find more about it. Can't take anything except paracetemol, and pretty sure that won't do much...

MrsAVB Mon 06-May-13 20:27:24

Hey everyone! Have been away for a few days and this thread has run away from me! Really lovely to see so many new BFPs, and a special high five for my caped friend humpty!
Have been visiting a friend abroad who has a 3 month old. It's been lovely and I am very pleased with myself for managing to keep my secret, even though friends asked directly! I kind of like keeping it a secret at the moment, and the build up to telling people. Something that is worrying me though is that I'm not very confident with other people's babies and am stressing about being a stressed out mum. Have always worked with young people, so once they're about 10, I'm fine, but not so much before then. Any tips? My friend is bringing up her baby in a small 1 bed flat, which has made me feel better about us having ours in our 1 bed flat, not ideal but DH and I have talked it through and it seems like its best for us to stay put at the moment. Although I love London, living here is complicated sometimes!
I returned from my trip to 2 letters, 1 for my booking in appointment (10th June), when I will be 10 weeks, and first scan, (21st June) when I will be 11+4. Really exciting to have received them and has made it all feel more real!
Nausea, tiredness, emotional irrationality and boobache still in full force...
Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend xxx

Sultanajo Mon 06-May-13 20:29:22

Pod yes these seem to be making it bearable rather than getting rid of it completely. It started for me mildly at 5 weeks and I am now 5+5 with full on. However, I havent spoken to one friend who was the same. Most of my friends started feeling yucky around 6-8 weeks and three of my lucky friends felt completely normal all the way thru. One had one week only feeling sick at 16 weeks, another felt nauseous for the first 19 weeks. I know whats its like to stress about not having symptoms - my boobs have barely changed this time so far, whereas last time they were agony. Try not to stress (easier said than done I know!!!) With any luck you will be one of the lucky ones who feels great throughout....smile

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 20:34:51

Thanks Sultanajo. This next 8 weeks are going to be tough. Hopefully feel better after reassuarance scan on 18th...

Humpty sorry can't be more help but hope pain eases soon flowers

Sultanajo Mon 06-May-13 20:44:26

No worries Pod. Don't think any of us will relax until the 12 week mark....x

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 20:51:31

That's true.... Well lets all turn neurotic together.... Ha ha

TheSlug Mon 06-May-13 21:37:59

Can someone add me please? EDD 4th Jan baby #1 thanks xx

TheSlug Mon 06-May-13 21:39:13

Am I supposed to see my GP straight away? I'll make the call tomorrow if so!

TobyLerone Mon 06-May-13 21:41:45

Call your surgery tomorrow and ask. They all seem to have different criteria.

Oh, and congratulations! smile

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 21:46:30

TheSlug Added as requested and congratulations flowers

Most up to date states so far..........

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
Sultanajo EDD 1st Jan Baby #1
Bkk13 EDD 1st Jan Baby#1
Foody EDD 1st jan baby #1
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Entica EDD2nd Jan Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
Gingysmummy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
Extracrunchy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
TheSlug EDD 4th Jan Baby #1
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
SleepyGiant EDD 6th Jan Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
Claphamkitten EDD 8th Jan Baby #3
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
Wardy17 EDD 9th Jan Baby #1
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Gobbolinothewitchscat EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
MrsH EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
BookTart EDD 11th Jan Baby #1
Fuls EDD 12th Jan Baby #1
Enjoyingscience EDD 15th Jan Baby #2

blondebaby111 Mon 06-May-13 21:46:42

Hi ladies, can u add me to the list too please smile. This will be baby number 1 for me after 5 years of trying and was just about to start ivf no 2 when I found out. Clear blue dig says I'm 2-3 weeks so I'm certain a jan baby..jan 8th I think. We are so so excited but I'm also so scared, anyone else feel like this. I just can't quite believe it yet, no symptoms apart from thirsty and my boobs are bigger.
Congrats to u all xxx

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 21:50:01

Hi Blondbaby. Congratulations again and welcome. flowers Did you get my link on your post! smile. What a great story...

Most up to date states so far..........

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
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BookTart EDD 11th Jan Baby #1
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Enjoyingscience EDD 15th Jan Baby #2

chocoloulou33 Mon 06-May-13 22:03:53

littlepeapod why don't we make a new/separate thread with the stats like the other 'due in' months have done. Will save some room on here as the list is getting sooooo long x

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 22:05:09

Sounds good to me.. X

blondebaby111 Mon 06-May-13 22:06:28

Hi pea, yes I did. Thanks for link x

chocoloulou33 Mon 06-May-13 22:24:47

I'll let u do it pea as u so good with the list smile
Does anyone else feel like they've got a mountain to climb? I'm 5 weeks 2day & the thought of getting to 12 weeks just terrifies me. I don't wanna worry any of u lovely ladies or bring u down I just need a good shake I think. I had 2 m/c's b4 dd who's 5 but now I'm pg again it seems like only yesterday & feels like I'm just waiting for it to happen which I know is soo negative of me. Was ttc for 8 months & am just so happy I'm finally pg I don't want it to all go wrong. Sorry for the rant just needed to get that all out & just want to hiberate for 2 months tbh x

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 22:29:17

Chocolate, nothing wrong with worrying. It's so hard not to after a mc. I know, I had a mc in March and panick every time I get a twinge etc. But we are here and pregnant and we can only take it a day at a time. Not easy though.. smile

Oh by the way, I won't be setting up other thread. Don't mind updating when I can on here but don't want responsibility of keeping alternative thread updated.. wink

MrsHowardRoark Mon 06-May-13 22:32:56

Hi choco

I'm sorry for your losses flowers
I don't think you will bring anyone down and it's the reality for a few of us.

I had a mc in January at 10+2 and I'll be very nervous during these 8 weeks more than I was first pregnancy.

However, I am thinking positively that I have a very sticky baby here smile

chocoloulou33 Mon 06-May-13 22:35:21

Thanks pea yep one day at a time is all we can do I suppose. No probs with regard to the list. Was only an idea but don't want to make things harder lol.
Extreme tiredness seems to be the only full on symptom I'm getting everyday. Am also one of these mad people wanting a bit of sickness lol. We might regret these words in a couple of weeks! X

chocoloulou33 Mon 06-May-13 22:37:22

Thanks mrs sticky baby vibes all round. It rly helps talking to you ladies who have been thru similiar x

LittlePeaPod Mon 06-May-13 22:39:56

Chocco I am with you on the sickness. I want to feel sick..... If I am sick and come on here to complain about it please remind me.. MrsH is right about been positive. That's why I like this thread.. There is always someone here to listen or answer a question.

Just stopping in before bed to hand out comforting ((hugs)) to everyone - I am super nervous, plus excited and impatient. We can do it! Day by day!

Also, high five to MrsAVB - so exciting that you have your appts! I'm phoning GP tomorrow - found out last Fri, didn't want to call straight away (because that would curse it hmm) - cannot wait to start meeting midwives etc.

chocoloulou33 Mon 06-May-13 23:22:17

pea I was sick as a dog with dd so why i'm wishing it on myself I don't quite know lol. Was hell. Lost a stone & was signed off work & literally could barely keep water down. Fainted twice. Am I putting anyone off yet haha.
humpty thanks for the ((hugs)) love that we r all going thru it together smile my friends r great but I think I would drive them insane if I talked about pregnancy 24/7! X

Sultanajo Tue 07-May-13 02:35:08

Chocco you definitely arent bringing anyone down. Even without experiencing losses its a scary time, but having experienced first hand what can go wrong makes it ten times worse! Definitely feels like a mountain to climb! I think Humpty put it perfectly - super nervous, excited and impatient!

Now for all you ladies who want to feel sick (and this was me also about a week ago), the reason I am posting at 2.30am is because of nausea! Everytime DH turned over in bed I thought I was gonna hurl. So I am now sitting upright on the sofa trying not to move! No idea how I am going to deliver my 8am training session later on - gonna be a zombie! The only positive about the nausea is it is stopping me from worrying about things going wrong right now as I am just trying to get thru the minutes...envy

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 06:10:32

choc, I hear you.

I'm feeling very defeatist today. Last night, when I wiped, it looked faintly pink. Now I'm just waiting for another mc.

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 06:19:58

Toby I am so sorry to hear how worried you are. I know that dreaded feeling when you see that but I also know it can be perfectly normal to see a little pink in early pregnancy whilst things settle. I am sure things will be fine for you. flowers

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 06:25:08

So google tells me, but with a mc and 2 mmcs under my belt, I'm not hopeful.

Thanks, though. What will be, will be, I suppose.

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 06:27:55

I had a mc and I know I would be exactly the same. I know there isnt much I can say to help ease the worry but sending you ((hugs)) and my thoughts are with you and I really hope everything's is ok and the pink doesn't return.

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 06:32:27

Thanks, lovely smile

Nothing this morning, and I have my booking in appt on Thurs, so if nothing else happens by then, I'll mention it to the mw.

MissMedusa Tue 07-May-13 07:14:41

I am such an idiot! I've been taking my temperature every morning and continuing to POAS every day. Yesterday my temperature dropped and when I took the CBD test it said 2-3 weeks (yesterday should have been 3+ weeks). So then, when I found a small amount of blood (I really had to look hard for it) I had convinced myself it was a MC. Cue freak out. Then this morning, no blood, temperature back up and CBD says 3+ weeks.

Moral of the story: stop looking for problems. No more tests, no more temping and no more obsessive knicker checking for this girl!

Sultanajo Tue 07-May-13 07:16:14

Oh Toby, it's such a worrying time and I know how you feel and it doesn't matter what we say on here you will still worry (because that's how I would feel), but I wanted you to know I am thinking of you and will keep everything firmly crossed it's just one of those random "normal" spots. flowers

Sultanajo Tue 07-May-13 07:20:44

MissMedusa - I hear ya! I got to the point where I knew I was going to drive myself totally INSANE if I didn't stop and realise that there is only so much I can control. I still check each time I wipe and get concerned about things, but I stopped the temping and the peeing on a stick for the exact same reason - it started to cause unbelievable stress and worry - I would get palpitations just before I took my temperature in case it had dropped and waiting for the stick to do it's thing was torture - I decided ignorance is bliss (for a while anyway).... smile

Gobbolinothewitchscat Tue 07-May-13 07:50:42

Fellow mentaller checking in!

Toby - got everything crossed for you.

Well, I cracked and did another two tests this morning. One Internet cheapie came up much stronger. However, u dud another clearblue digital and it still says 1-2

We only DTD once - on Sat 20 April. AF was due on Sat, 4 May so hoping that all OK as am still 4+3

Is such a bloody worrying time for everyone. Whilst I don't want to wish our lives away, I wish we could all wake up post 12 weeks! Actually, make that 20 weeks as once I passed 12 weeks, I just started mentalling about the 20 week scan [sigh]

Big (((hugs))) all round

Good god, I feel sick this morning. Morning sickness wears off after a day two, right? [Wink]

I feel much more worried this time than I did last time. Lots of boob poking and knicker checking. I bought another load of cheapy tests last night too! I will have gone fully mad by 12 weeks. Sorry to all the fellow worriers.

BookTart Tue 07-May-13 08:08:18

Another knicker-checking, boob-poking madwoman here! I'm 4+3 today, which is when my bleeding started with my cp last year, so I'm especially crazy today! Constant burping and sore nips suggest it'll be okay today, but I'd quite like a bit of morning sickness too! Very early days for that though. Anyone else having weird dreams? Not sure if it is because I'm pg or because my bedroom was so hot yesterday.

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 08:37:28

I've had 2 dreams I'm having triplets shock

Thanks for all the support, btw. Nothing more yet. Nothing I can do about it, either, so we're all in the same boat re waiting and panicking!

MrsAVB Tue 07-May-13 08:46:03

Morning all! Here's some hands to hold for those of you feeling crappy. I think maybe we should have an amnesty box for all pee sticks and thermometers? I am determined not to get too stressed... There are always new things to worry about, like the booklet about screening for stuff wrong with the baby that came in the post with my appointment (don't read this unless you're feeling strong!). I also had 2 mcs in june and september last year...
I think today has been the worse day for nausea so far. Woke up in the night feeling awful and felt really bad when I woke up.
Hope everyone's doing ok xxx

extracrunchy Tue 07-May-13 08:53:23

12 weeks seems like such a LOOOOONG way away... And I don't even know when 12 weeks is cos cycles so weird. Do you reckon I'm eligible for an early scan on NHS just to clarify?!

TheSlug Tue 07-May-13 09:02:10

morning ladies, how are we all this morning? Hugs for Toby and Choco! I'm worried and check every time I wipe too, and this is only my first ever pregnancy so no bad experiences to worry me, so I can't imagine what you're going through.

I really feel quite queasy this morning, I cracked some eggs to make scrambled eggs on toast but then couldn't bear to look at it, and only just about managed to get one slice of toast down my neck and a few sips of decaff. No actual sickness but I do feel icky! Been trying to call my GP all morning but the line's engaged. I downloaded the free sprout app to my brand new birthday present iPad yesterday, very exciting!!

chocoloulou33 Tue 07-May-13 09:30:33

you may be able to get a early dating scan extra x

TheSlug Tue 07-May-13 10:27:07

I just booked my Drs appointment for 2 weeks time!! Argh, don't want to wait that long! otherwise the only way to see a dr is to call at 8am or 2.30! and obviously the lines are engaged at those times and by the time you do get through, the appointments are all gone!

Gobbolinothewitchscat Tue 07-May-13 10:33:08

slug - I went to see the doc with DC1 last year. Was told that wasn't necessary and I could self refer to midwife next time.

I've just fine that today and got my first appointment for 2 weeks time. Might be worth checking with your practice if you can do that as I delayed things a bit by going to the doc's first and that then delayed my 12 week scan a bit.

Morning ladies - Toby here's a special big (gentle hug) for you. I'm sure it will be fine - I read somewhere that in the early weeks, the expansion of the uterus causes blood to be 'flushed out' - can you take it nice and easy and distract yourself with something until your appt?

Gobbolino I POAS again this morning - only an IC, but hey, it was in the drawer, calling to me and I might as well. I like peeing on sticks! I am also an obsessive knicker checker, symptom-googler, boob-poker who cannot think about anything except pregnancy. Hell, we should embrace it, right? When else can you legitimately nap during the day and avoid housework?

I am quite cross to have to be at work and pretending having to actually do things other than browse MN, see if my boobs have grown (my 34dd bra no longer fits, you'll be fascinated to know, I am now 36E), plan how I will tell my mum and best mate, imagine myself with a bump (cue lots of tummy sticking out in the mirror - although with the bloat, I HONESTLY look 6 months without really trying. It's awful! I'm going to try fybogel), write lists of names etc.

Oh, and I got a GPs appointment for Friday (amazed they had one so fast, but she seemed happy to book me in at 5weeks. It is Newham (London) though, and they are trying to improve antenatal care. Not that that would be hard...

blondebaby111 Tue 07-May-13 11:19:36

I have my doctors app nxt week but I keep stressing! I just hope I get more symptoms, all I keep thinking is I feel really well, a little too well!!

Toby, I have everything crossed for, I have heard pink in early preg is very normal it happened to my friend where she thought it was her period which didn't come properly and then it turned out she was preggo and didn't realise...she's now 5 months so that pink bleed turned out fine for her xx

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 11:28:29

Slug. Last time I went to see doctor and she was as useful as a chocolate fire guard. Lots of congratulations and then just told me to book in with MW. This time didn't bother with doctor and just called surgery told them I was pregnant and they booked me straight in with the MW for the 15th. It was the MW that did all the blood request and set up scans with hospital etc. Disclaimer, my doctor is normally really good....

On the knicker checking, boob popping, symptom watching though. I have turned neurotic.... On top of the knicker checking etc. my thing is vitamins.... So whilst ttc I was taking:

- Floradix for iron
- Viridian Fertility Pro-Conception vitamins (has alots of good stuff including required a,out of vitamin D, Folic etc.)
- made my DF take Viridian Fertility Otency tablets.... wink
- Solgar Homocysteine modulators
-Omega 3 Krill Oil

And now I am taking:

- Floradix for iron
- Solgar Pre-Natal Vitamins
- Solgar Homocysteine modulators
- Solgar Natiral Fiber
-Omega 3 Krill Oil

All the vitamins are natural with no nasty chemical compounds..

I am rattling like a smarties tube and my other half looks at me like I am losing the plot when I take 8 tablets and 20ml liquid Floradix iron.....

Now is that obsessive and paranoid or what??

Gabbo. You are increasing shares in the clearblue company and I am increasing shares in the natural vitamin pregnancy market... Ha ha ha

Toby. Hope you are feeling better..

Blonbaby I am with you. I want more symptoms and sickness.....

TheSlug Tue 07-May-13 11:31:35

thanks Gobbo, I thought that to be honest with you, but I wasn't sure so I rang them for instructions and was told to see a GP first.
Does anyone know If i can have a runny boiled egg, or a runny fried egg? Does fully cooked mean they are hard all the way through?
Thanks x

TheSlug Tue 07-May-13 11:33:55

ahh, just checked the NHS website, and yes they have to be solid all the way through!

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 11:54:40

Defo no runny eggs from what I have read.

MrsAVB Tue 07-May-13 12:08:04

humpty, I am with you re. it being very annoying having to be at work... Am going to struggle to stay motivated for the next 8 months. On a more positive note, our office closes for Christmas so I'll be able to take some free extra time off without it eating in to ML. <looks at calendar to work out how many working days left, and gets depressed> hmm
Re. Runny eggs - probably better not to risk it, but I did read somewhere that the risk is v v v low if you have eggs that are lion-marked. I think moderation is key! On a similar (but much weirder) note, does anyone know if you can eat fish roe? Not the fancy caviar kind but the swedish tube paste kind that you buy in ikea? Dr google is giving me conflicting advice... Obviously this issue is of top priority in my office this morning grin

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 13:05:23

Thanks again, all.

I've had no more pinkness so far. To be fair, I've had a really busy weekend, with a massive amount of walking, so maybe it was that. I've had a manic morning, too, but now I'm going to sit on my arse for a bit!

Still no sickness to speak of really (I'm eating cold leftover Chinese as I type!), but mega sore boobs.

I'm taking all the vitamins too. B6, B12, C, D, folic acid and zinc.

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 13:06:51

Oh, and not sure re the fish roe. Tbh I'd probably eat it (if it didn't sound so gross!). But then again, I eat runny eggs, too.

TheSlug Tue 07-May-13 13:12:22

Thank you for the advice re eggs! I think for time being I'll make egg mayo out of really solid hardboiled eggs and have it in wraps for breakfast. I need to get the protein in and don't eat meat! just looking at the scrambled eggs made me really queasy today so trying to find another way. Great excuse to have porridge more too smile

toby yay for that - I have had the minutest, sort of 'gloopy' almost like bogey brown bit when I wiped just now (aren't we the most charming conversationalists?) but I'm absolutely sure it's nothing. So glad no more horrid pinkness to scare you though.

No runny fried eggs? For nine months? weeps theatrically. I knew the advice, but I thought it meant like, no really lightly poached/raw eggs. Fully 'hard' yolks on fried eggs are an abomination. I'd eat the fish roe too, but only cos it sounds yum.

pod (I like that abbreviation best - someone used it upthread) - I just take Preg vits from Superdrug, until told otherwise. Are you allowed Omega 3 then? I thought Fish Oils were out? Or am I missing something... confused

I'm just on a multi-vit too humpty, this one

I'm not too excited about runny eggs - as long as they aren't fully raw (although that said, I probably would still lick the cake mix bowl quite happily, than remember I shouldn't have!).

Slug I'm veggie too, so will be packing in the protein with you smile

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 13:32:28

[Humpty] I was told omega oil vitamins are fine and recommended (by my surgery anyway) as really good for baby brain development however only allowed two portions of oily fish (mackerl etc.) A week and no fish such as shark etc.

[Toby] great to hear you perked up.

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 13:36:02

I read somewhere (on MN, but can't remember the thread) recently that as long as the white of the egg is fully cooked, it's fine. I can't back it up, though.

Well done for being sensible re the 'bogey brown'-ness, Humpty grin

gingysmummy Tue 07-May-13 13:40:27

hi all, i got measured for a maternity bra today as my usual ones were really hurting me. went from a 34dd to a 36f!!!! i'm only 5weeks +4 how much bigger will my norks get!

blondebaby111 Tue 07-May-13 13:41:50

Also, quick question, sometimes I have a light brown discharge (only slight) and only when I wipe and prob only once or twice a day...hope this is normal! I've heard any thing brown is old but just want to make sure x

pod thanks for that - I've been religiously avoiding my Omega 3 supplement! I shall ask on Fri - seems like conflicting advice (no more than 2 x oily fish, but loads of O3?!)

science I'm cheap - will hopefully get the free prescription form on Fri and will get my supplements for nowt! I hasten to add, if the spendy ones are better, I will buy them, but I like something for nothing, me!

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 14:42:15

I measured myself, gingys, and I've gone from a D to an F, too. I'm not buying a maternity bra yet. I'm definitely uncomfortable, but I'm holding out in case it's a waste of money <pessimist>

blonde, the general consensus is that it's nothing to worry about.

Hmmm, posted without refreshing...

toby I am the queen of sensible never before, prob never again I even had fruit with my lunch instead of the usual two bags of crisps. Also, aren't you meant to wait to buy a mat bra? So it's not pessimistic, just sensible! Fx for you.

gingys I am with you. Mine are MASSIVE and cannot possible grow any more. I am so giving the game away as soon as any of my normal colleagues see me (on own in office today and tomorrow).

blonde don't panic - I'm SURE it's fine. If it becomes redder/heavier, that's when you have to worry, apparently. And worrying is bad for you.

PeggySusan Tue 07-May-13 15:01:13

Hello - please can I join too. My EDD is 16th jan and this is baby no. 2. Feeling nervous and hoping bean sticks. Looking forward to getting first scan. Oh and congrats to everyone so far on their BFP's.

TheSlug Tue 07-May-13 15:09:51

hi Peggy, congrats!

Penny31 Tue 07-May-13 15:28:34

Arghhhhhhh my office is too hot. The air con is broken! Not helping with my yucky feeling. I've discovered that eating every 2-3 hours helps with my nausea. No wonder I can zip up my trousers!

Still get the odd wave of backache which makes me feel poorly for about half an hour. Anyone else getting backache?

My bust has gone from 36c to 38d and I'm 6+2. Got my first doc appointment on Thursday.

peggy hello and congrats! Someone will no doubt add you to the list/stats.

penny oh no - can you go out for a walk to cool down?
I am getting appalling backache - low down (coccyx area) and into my bum/back of legs. I have to sit really carefully - it's only better when walking! Still, gives me a good excuse to go to the docs for my first appt on Friday!

MissMedusa Tue 07-May-13 15:40:40

Definitely getting backache and boobs have become have become rounder and fuller as well. Odd symptom of the week: being extra attractive to mosquitoes. I have 9 bites already while DH has 0!

Toby, glad the spotting has stopped I know exactly how you were feeling yesterday. Such a roller coaster!

Penny31 Tue 07-May-13 15:40:49

I suppose I could pop out for some fresh air. I will get some strange looks but needs must!

Sorry you are suffering with backache too, it comes and goes for me but it makes me feel unwell and I can't get comfy at all. I don't want to complain too much, I realise I'm lucky to be pregnant and millions of people would do anything to be in my shoes.

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 15:46:14

My back pain is higher up. I think it's massive-boob-related grin

Penny31 Tue 07-May-13 15:52:12

Haha Toby! Mine is lower down, perhaps massive uterus related smile

Sultanajo Tue 07-May-13 15:56:52

Peggy - huge congratulations - welcome aboard!

Humpty - From what I have read (and I am no expert), I think the omega 3/fish oils has something to do with Vitamin A (Retinol). Some of the fish oil supplements, such as Cod Liver Oil, have Vitamin A (Retinol) in them which is not recommended in pregnancy.

I am taking Pregnacare Plus, which is a pregnancy multivitamin with an additional Omega 3 supplement and it says in the FAQ's that there is no Retinol in these specific supplements and instead they contain Betacarotene (pro-retinol) which is apparently safe. I would only trust something that has been formulated for pregnancy (paranoia) and my friend said her midwife had recommended the Pregnacare brand, so I am giving them a go...

Here is the link if you are interested in reading more: www.vitabiotics.com/pregnacare/plus_faq.aspx#7

Would be really interested to hear what you find out on Friday...

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 15:58:50

Hi peggy smile

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 16:13:38

Humpty will be interesting to hear what they say. Spoke to two friends and my SIL (5 kids between them) about the omega 3 and they all took it in pregnancy. SIL is 18 weeks pregnant now and she has taken it throughout pregnancy.

Then again if you listened to all advice you would eat, drink or use any cleaning products ever. We would all need to go on bed rest and be fed through tubes.. Some much in terms of conflicting advice. So I am sticking with the vitamins my doctor advised before I got prego..... Which is pretty much everything I am taking now... Ha ha ha

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 16:20:47

Peggy congratulations on the BFP... flowers

MrsAVB Tue 07-May-13 16:39:17

Congrats peggy, and welcome!
humpty I am taking the superdrug preggo vits too. They are on offer at the moment and I looked at the ingredients and they're virtually the same as pregnacare. My GP recommended pregnacare but apparently you can't get them on free prescription. I think there's a free way if you're unemployed or on a low income though.
medusa B vits (I forget exactly which one) are good for mosquito bites, apparently they make you taste horrible to mozzies. And apparently some of the nasties in insect repellents are not good for preggos.
Am so vommy today... Not actually being sick but feeling sick the whole time sad

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 16:50:48

Do you get free prescriptions when pregnant? Even if you work full time? That's surprised and confused me... Although confusing me is really easy... Ha ha

Wardy17 Tue 07-May-13 16:57:18

Carry on with the vits topic.... I am only taking folic acid and vit D. I read somewhere that was all you needed, now I'm freaking out. Can someone advise on exactly what I should be taking!!!

Don't really have any symptoms yet, I'm 5+2 boobs are a little rounder but not much bigger. For the last 2 nights I've woken up in the night with a pain in my tummy lasts about 5 mins and then goes don't have it at any other time, anyone else had that?

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 17:01:35

Wardy. I would speak to your surgery and go with their advice. Reading what other ladies are doing I am defo going to the extreme on the vitamins but only taking what doctor agreed with and recommended before getting prego...

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 17:04:42

Posted too soon. I haven't got many symptoms too exception for emotional pregzilla moments, tender nipples (only started last couple days) and a bit tired... But spoke to a couple friends and they said not to worry. They all started feeling sick at different times with all their children... Most seemed to start at about 6 or 7 weeks. I am 5 weeks today so FX start feeling ill soon... grin

toby and penny you are making me laugh. Mine is massive tits, massive uterus and HUMUNGOUS bloaty belly-related.

sultanajo that's really helpful, thank you. I will double check on Friday, but that sounds like the answer!

wardy I think we're all being super-cautious. I'm pretty sure the doc will do this ---> hmm and tell me the only one you HAVE to have is Folic Acid.

pod Yes! You do! A FREE THING! NHS website - everyone gets them! And free dental (my dentist (ha - 'my', like I have one!) isn't gonna know what hit him).

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 17:34:21

Humpty. Still [shocked]. Ha ha ha.. Free, getting something for free... FFS I carried on paying for staff last time before mc.... Bring it on, although I have to admit I still feel guilty not coughing up the cash when I work and stuff.... blush

Ok TMI Warning. Has anyone else gone into meltdown as you felt something downstairs and thought maybe it was a bleed? Only to discover later it was just a bit of (gross sorry) discharge. blush Or is it just my memory paranoia from last time?

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 17:36:25

Just saw the densest bit.... Brilliant... Ha ha.

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 17:41:07

All. Bloody. Day, pod!

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 17:48:14

thanks Toby thought I was losing it....

pea Yes - the excess discharge symptom seems entirely designed to mess with your head.

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 18:00:30

Enjoying. Yes totally designed to mess with your head....... BUT actually thank you didn't realise its a symptom. I have another symptom even if its one that's sends me into meltdown.... Ha ha ha ha

blondebaby111 Tue 07-May-13 18:19:00

quick question, i've put my estimated due date as 8th jan, working it out from my last period. I understand this is what docs do, so have i done it right or should it be from conception?? seeing docs nxt week xx

Wardy17 Tue 07-May-13 18:20:09

pod totally the same have had loads of cm since being pg and always freaks me out when feel particularly wet down their. You are not on your own.

Last time I was pg the doc asked me what I was taking and I said folic acid and vit d and he didn't tell me to take anything else but everyone else is taking loads more than me now I'm worried!!

LittlePeaPod Tue 07-May-13 18:29:26

Blondbaby its caculated from the first day of your last period.

Wardy that's exactly it. Felt really wet. TMI. Bloody nightmare. May need to cary extra underware or start wearing massive pany liners.

Frizz1986 Tue 07-May-13 18:42:45

Hi everyone, can i join please. I got my bfp yesterday and double checked it today on a digital to make sure I wasn't imagining things. Have a feeling I will be checking every few days until my first midwife app next Wed.
Its my first child so am very excited but also very nervous as I just hope I make it all the way.
My EDD is jan 10th.
Have been feeling rather tight in my breathing this afternoon which is strange but am hoping it'll pass and it isn't a bad sign. Since I found out I have only really had cramping, indigestion and back ache (the sickness has gone for now)
Waiting for my boobs to grow as they are fairly tiny! When does that normally start??

Sultanajo Tue 07-May-13 19:28:56

Wardythe only reason I am taking a multi vit is because I am allergic to a lot of fruit and veg and that combined with current food aversions I was concerned I would be lacking in vits...confused

Pod omg yes! Mainly happens after I have been moving around for a while - freaks me out every time!!!

Congratulations Frizz! I am 5+6 today and boobs are just starting to swell and get sore now - for me the nausea kicked in first! Oh the nausea! X

chocoloulou33 Tue 07-May-13 19:29:28

welcome frizz from may bfp bus smile
Well ladies I'm glad its not just me with the whole feeling wet down below situation! blush x

Sultanajo Tue 07-May-13 19:31:52

I feel your pain MrsAVB! Not vommed yet but feeling it all day, getting worse as the day goes on. Will really appreciate feeling well again once it finally buggers off! (please say it will by 2nd trimester!)

Sultanajo Tue 07-May-13 19:34:06

Definitely not alone Choco and it would seem you have plenty of company! grin

winterpansy Tue 07-May-13 20:03:28

Still no sickness here yet...6w on Sat so I'm expecting it to kick in!
I'm exhausted today - DS was up all night ill and has been poorly since Sat and will be for another few days I think. DH is working this evening so I'm going to head to bed pretty soon.

How are you guys doing tonight? waves to the newbies! We're a fast growing bunch smile

Wardy17 Tue 07-May-13 20:16:21

Just taken bra off and nipples are sooooooo sore. Woo hoo first proper symptom!!!!

Sultanajo Tue 07-May-13 20:18:49

Lol! This is the only time in our lives when we are going to celebrate feeling sore and sick! grin

chocoholicalcoholic Tue 07-May-13 20:37:57

Maaaaan you lot can talk! I hope you all had a good bank holiday weekend. Hello and congratulations to all of the newbies!

I rang up to book my first appt with the midwife and I've got to wait until I'm 9 weeks, I swear it wasn't that far along last time. I hope that doesn't mean I have to wait longer for the 12 week scan.

The last few days I have noticed that I NEED to eat every 3 hours otherwise I feel dog rough. If I go too long without food then dizziness, nausea and general rankness just appears out of nowhere. I've been wondering what you are all going to snack on between meals to keep nausea at bay? I seem to fancy food that is dry. I've been eating nuts but not sure how healthy they will be every day. Any suggestions welcome!

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 20:43:52

Pretzels, homemade popcorn with butter/salt or Marmite, toast and Marmite.

Basically anything salty. And grapes.

Sultanajo Tue 07-May-13 20:44:27

chocoholic I am snacking on whatever I can manage - that seems to change on a daily basis. Yesterday it was yoghurt which I can't face today and today it has been plain crackers and orange ice lollies. Wonder what it will be tomorrow....I have learnt very quickly not to bulk buy at the moment!!! wink

chocoholicalcoholic Tue 07-May-13 21:10:58

Oooh I didn't think of popcorn, thanks Toby. Marmite on toast is one of my faves so that's going down well at the moment. I'm with you on the need for salty stuff.

Sultanajo - orange ice lollies were all I could keep down whilst pregnant with dc2, they tasted so goood! I know what you mean about fancying one thing one day and something different the next. Some days I don't have a clue what I actually want, I walk round the supermarket turning my nose up at everything I see because I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT I WANT! Sigh... grin

stickortwist Tue 07-May-13 21:22:18

How wierd i was just about to post about discharge and frantic knicker chevking and youve beaten me to it.

I have developed a super sensitive sense of smell today... Ds1 was even more skinky than normal today. Its like my new super power.... X men hrre i come!

stickortwist Tue 07-May-13 21:23:21

And now i fancy an orange ice lolly! Arggghh

I am just checking in as want to catch up on the thread but it has grown by 10 pages since I last looked! We have just got back from a short trip to Bulgaria to see my brother in law get married - was lovely, but the wedding afters were a bit painful with no drink - walked in and every table had a bottle of Rakiya (potent hideous spirit) and bottles of whisky, wine, beer etc..spent the whole day drinking water with half a glass of wine in front of me and made it look like I was drinking it when anyone looked...the music was painful and would have been much improved with a few glasses, but not for me...

We haven't told family yet but don't see my brother in law much so DH told him, we aren't going to say anything to his wife yet though as they have been trying for a few months and it seems she has problems with ovulation, we last talked about it at xmas so she knows we are trying, think she guessed something and I am dreading telling her. Going to have to bite the bullet in a month or so and do it then, it is heartbreaking thinking I am going to make her feel dreadful with our news.

I had to tell someone at work as we have an event coming up which will possibly be a problem - she has just emailed me to say my boss has also found out but it wasn't her that told him - I think he may have overheard me talking to a colleague, she caught me off guard and asked me straight out, had guessed, bit worried as she is a loudmouth but told her not to say anything..bloody nightmare, I am walking round looking fat and like I am going to puke every few mins, and hoping no one works it out and now loads of people know.

Hope everyone else is ok, choc I found oatcakes good for the sickness, nuts good too, I had the same thing last time, sickness whenever I didn't eat often enough.

YY to the knicker checking. TMI but had a moment today when in the hotel I wiped and thought there was blood. Don't know why but just went 'oh, thats that then' for a moment. Then realised it was peach toilet tissue...was just wet and had gone pink. Dur.

Right off to bed, the outlaws are still staying with us and it is painful in more ways than one, they stay up so bloody late! Going to bed early a lot these days...

TobyLerone Tue 07-May-13 21:44:23

chocoholic, google Jamie Oliver's marmite popcorn recipe. It's gorgeous and keeps a few days if you make a big batch. Apparently, it's physically impossible to feel sick while you're eating, so popcorn is good because it's not particularly filling. You can eat it all day!

YY to the knicker checking, although not so much CM as some. Instead, I have BLOATING to the point where I SWEAR one of my students tonight was on the point of asking if I was preggo. I am honestly about 5 months gone in my maxi dress today, when I don't suck in. Jeez. I read you have to have loads of water in case it's water retention - any other advice?

Popcorn sounds good, I stocked up on minibites oatcakes from Holland and Barrett today and plain cashews, and mini satsumas. No sickness yet (I am sure that's good, but I am impatient to have a 'real' preggo symptom - remind me I said that, eh? hmm) but the back pain is chronic.

PeggySusan Tue 07-May-13 21:59:43

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. You are a friendly bunch. I'm only 4 weeks so no nausea yet but am liking the idea of popcorn. I had a thing for sandwiches in my last pregnancy. Popcorn sounds much better, and orange lollies, well any food really!

VengefulCrumpet Tue 07-May-13 22:06:27

Hi everyone. Can I join? Just got a BFP today after 2 years of trying and one MC. Cant really believe it and don't think I'll be able to get excited until 12wk scan. My EDD is 14th Jan & this will be my second (fingers crossed).

Congratulations to everyone else with BFPs.

Hello everyone, congratulations to you all on your BFP's! Is there room for another?

I got a very faint line on an internet cheapie last Friday and confirmed it with a CB digi this morning! EDD is 10th January so I see I have a few due date buddies here already! This is DC1 for DH and I, we're both super excited and nervous in equal measure!

I dont seem to have any symptoms yet, I feel very normal, which i guess I should be thankful for, no doubt morning sickness is just around the corner!

I hope you dont mind me updating the stats list, hopefully I've not missed anyone out!

Penny31 EDD 29th Dec. Baby #1
chocoholicalcoholic EDD 30th Dec. Baby #3
donttrythisathome EDD 31st Dec. Baby #2
SadPander EDD 31st Dec. Baby # 1
Figgygal EDD End of Dec. Baby #2
qumquat EDD 1st Jan. Baby #1
TobyLerone EDD 1st Jan. Baby #3
suedehead EDD 1st Jan. Baby #2
Sultanajo EDD 1st Jan Baby #1
Bkk13 EDD 1st Jan Baby#1
Foody EDD 1st jan baby #1
stickortwist EDD 1-6th Jan. Baby #4
Yonionekanobe EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #2
CrabAppleTree EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #3
cosmickitten EDD 2nd Jan. Baby #1
Entica EDD2nd Jan Baby #1
Iwish EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #?
Gingysmummy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #?
missmakesstuff EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
measureformeasure EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #1
dataprotection EDD 3rd Jan. Baby #2
Extracrunchy EDD 3rd Jan Baby #2
winterpansy EDD 4th Jan. Baby #2
TheSlug EDD 4th Jan Baby #1
MissMedusa EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
MrsAVB EDD 6th Jan. Baby #1
chocoloulou EDD 6th Jan. Baby #2
SleepyGiant EDD 6th Jan Baby #2
LittlePeaPod EDD 7th Jan Baby #1
Claphamkitten EDD 8th Jan Baby #3
Blondbaby EDD 8th Jan Baby #1
SleepyGiant EDD? Baby #2
Wardy17 EDD 9th Jan Baby #1
HumptyDumptyBumpty EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Gobbolinothewitchscat EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
MrsH EDD 10th Jan Baby #2
Frizz1986 EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
Sunnysentiments EDD 10th Jan Baby #1
BookTart EDD 11th Jan Baby #1
Fuls EDD 12th Jan Baby #1
VengefulCrumpet EDD 14th Jan Baby #2
Enjoyingscience EDD 15th Jan Baby #2
PeggySusan EDD 16th Jan Baby #2

VengefulCrumpet Tue 07-May-13 22:19:14

Thanks for including me in the list Sunny. With my first pregnancy I had no symptoms at all - no sickness, no cravings, nothing. I was very lucky - may be you'll be lucky too!

With this one I felt really crappy and sicky last night (which prompted me to test today) so I might not be so lucky this time round!

MrsAVB Tue 07-May-13 22:32:34

Evening all! Welcome crumpet and sunny (and anyone else I've missed) Yay to free prescriptions and free dentistry! Eating every couple of hours is the only way I'm controlling the vommy-ness. Current snacks of choice are salt and vinegar ryvita mini breaks, oat cakes, nakd fruit bars. Trying to keep snacks to less than 100 calories, I know calorie counting while preggo is a little crazy but have been using my fitness pal app for a year or so now and so am in the habit! Have also noticed that my hands and feet are swelling a little... and hoping that doesn't mean they're going to be huuuuuge by the end...

You're welcome crumpet. Fingers crossed I'm as lucky as your 1st pregnancy...watch this space!

Thanks for the welcome MrsA. I've been a big fan of the My Fitness Pal app too!

LittlePeaPod Wed 08-May-13 02:46:10

Hi Ladies,

Welcome to all the new ladies with BFP.. flowers

Well 2.38am and I woke up because I need to constantly pee and can't get back to sleep... Great! This will not help the tiredness tomorrow.

Anyway got myself in a bit of a panic. Thinking about reassurance scan on the 18th and worried that they may find something wrong or nothing at all. Trying to resist the temptation to buy a load more prego tests tomorrow. 5+1 today and about a week and a half away from when things started going wrong last time. Roll on week 8 and tgen week 13. Sorry for moaning but got myself a bit upset and worried! sad

Gobbolinothewitchscat Wed 08-May-13 04:29:35

<runs on to thread>

Welcome and big congrats to all the newbies. Hope everyone else is well

i got the elusive 2-3 weeks on the clearblue test! I used to click over at 4+3 for DS but it must be 4+4 for this one (all being well)

<cartwheels off thread>

PS - I've been up feeding DS. I didn't get up specially to test grin

PPS - I am mental and the logical part if me knows step awwaaaaaaaay from the tests grin. However, I know will.....til next Wednesday anyway!

Gobbolinothewitchscat Wed 08-May-13 04:30:21

now will not know

TobyLerone Wed 08-May-13 06:09:34

Aawwww, pod sad

I'll hold your hand. I know exactly how you feel.

Gob, I daren't try a CB. Might POAS today though, cos yolo (as my DS says grin )

LittlePeaPod Wed 08-May-13 06:49:01

Thanks Toby got really upset. Feeling a bit better this morning.

Gobbo. I am still resisting the temptation to go and buy a load more tests wink

Morning all.

Pod so sorry about your rough night. I can only imagine how anxious you must be feeling after your past experience. I'm a big believer in the power of positive thought, so am sending lots of positive vibes your way.

I still have 20 or so Internet cheapies left and am so far resisting the urge to poas...my lack of symptoms is making that difficult though.

Right, I'd better get moving so I'm not late for work. I'm really struggling to get myself up now the sun has disappeared!

Hope you all have a lovely day!

BookTart Wed 08-May-13 07:50:07

gobbo I got the 2-3 weeks on a cb digi this morning as well - hurrah! Partner was a bit confused as to why I was testing again though. I may as well just burn tenners I know, but I don't think that would cheer me up as much!

Backache today. I may also live to regret wearing jeggings burp

MrsAVB Wed 08-May-13 08:22:23

Morning! Sorry you had a bad night pea. My two MCs last year were around 6-7 weeks so I know I'll feel better if/when I get past that point but trying not to stress. This morning has been a struggle, is anyone else feeling particularly vommy after showering? I know you're not supposed to have the water too hot, so am turning it down, but afterwards I feel awful and have to sit down for 10 mins. Maybe I should change my routine and have brekky before shower? Hands are definitely swelling too, rings are tight. sad am hoping I don't feel like this all the way through...
Hope everyone else is doing ok today xxx

chocoloulou33 Wed 08-May-13 08:22:28

Poas is not something I'd usually do knowing I'm already pregnant but u girls are nutters lol. Ur making me wanna do it now haha. Think I'll hold off for now & wait to see if I feel more pregnant next week! X

Sultanajo Wed 08-May-13 09:23:08

Pod having a rough night on top of a scary heartstopping moment is horrendous! I feel for you big time! Panic and hopelessness kick in within seconds dont they! So glad it was the stupid toilet paper!!!

Feel for you ladies aiming to get past a certain date. I am going to be paranoid from the 9 week mark, as thats when the nausea lifted for me last time and at the 12 week scan it turned out the reason for the nausea lifting at that point was because thats when the baby stopped growing! sad Determined not to get an early scan this time, unless I start to feel better again....Wouldnt it be great if we could all just enjoy this time, rather than constantly worry....

MrsAVB having a bath was making me feel better - no idea why. However yesterday it made me feel worse after I got out, but I was feeling particularly bad anyway, so not sure if thats the reason....

TheSlug Wed 08-May-13 09:31:19

morning ladies! Wow some of you were up early! I thought 6.30 was the crack of dawn haha! Been waking up early for the past couple of weeks, wonder if it's related at all?

I found out at the weekend that one of my best friends is also pregnant, a few weeks further along than me, which I'm super excited about!! It's not her first either so it's nice having someone in RL going through it too.

Toby and Choc I am with you on the salty things, I had the biggest craving for chip shop chips last night with loads of salt and vinegar! Didn't get them though, It was late and I don't want to end up a massive fatty!

Sultanajo Wed 08-May-13 09:32:39

pod and missmakestuff just realised the toilet paper experience was missmakestuff! So sorry! Can I blame baby brain already? shock I am sure we will all remember your words of wisdom if we are ever confronted with coloured toilet paper...

#walks off feeling terrible for mixing up messages and wonders if this is a sign of things to come#

MTBMummy Wed 08-May-13 09:32:47

Can I join in too -got my BFP this morning, which gives me a 10th Jan baby.

This is my second one, DD is 3.5

Thankfully no morning sickness yet, but felt "off" all last week

Frizz1986 Wed 08-May-13 10:29:33

Wow loads of Jan 10th babies. Must be something in the water!
I am wishing I had more symptoms as am starting to question if this is all a dream. Have only told my best friend (via txt) but haven't had a reply yet.
Gonna poas on friday morn just to double check even tho the digital one said pg 2-3 weeks so it's not like I can imagine a line (have loads of cheap tests left tho so may as well) and then am gonna tell my parents Friday. Dont want to be too excited as it's so early but I can't help it!

Congratulations MTBMummy!

MTBMummy Wed 08-May-13 10:56:44

Thanks - I'm over the moon, have had a couple of false starts since October, so really hoping this one sticks.

Why is that now I know I'm pregnant, I'm suddenly desperate for all the food I'm not allowed.

Have only told my sister and my boss (she's 6months pg) and one of my false starts would have put us within a few weeks of each other, so she knows we've been trying.

TobyLerone Wed 08-May-13 11:09:08

Welcome and congratulations, MTB smile

Has anyone not told anyone at all? You lot and a couple of other MNers are the only people who know, for us. We're telling the DC in a couple of weeks, after the private scan. Then we'll tell family and friends after the 12 week scan, if they don't get it out of us before that. I suppose it depends on my symptoms, as to how obvious it will be. My mum swears blind that I was a horrible hormonal bitch when I was pregnant before, and that she and my sisters knew I was pregnant way before I told them.

I'm with you, Sultana, on the 'why can't we just enjoy it' thing. I'm really enjoying the fact that DH is really looking after me, but I feel like I might be a bit of a fraud.

I've told my Mum, because we're off on holiday with her in a couple of weeks time and she'll notice if I'm teetotal!

Also told one colleague at work, just because I'm excited, and figure it will be easier if it doesn't work out to have someone who knew.

Boobs less sore today, despite the poking. Hmmm. So tempted to get a private scan for reassurance before we go on holiday. I'm finding it so difficult this time round.

crumpet and sunny and MTB hello! Congrats!
Pod here's a massive hug for you, please try and relax, I know it's hard, but it will help.
gobbo you are so funny - but I am so getting a CBD next week, so I can get the magic '3+'...

I haven't told anyone except DH yet, oh and you 'orrible lot grin. Will tell my mum next week - after I've seen GP and taken and hopefully passed my driving test again. I wanted to do it in person, so that's the best time - I get the afternoon to go and see her.

In POAS-news, I am still doing it every morning. DH just sighs. The ICs are doing nicely now, v pink lines (compared to the first ones) but my CBD has switched off/run out of battery. Good thing I took a pic grin... Also, the backache has pretty much gone, but I did start to feel a bit pukey this morning. V sore nipples though. Ouch.

Tricycletops Wed 08-May-13 12:01:05

Hi ladies, can I join you? Got a ridiculously early BFP last week but didn't want to tempt fate by posting before AF was well and truly late!

I make my EDD the 12th of January and this is baby number one!

I am falling asleep all over the place and my boobs are massive (or rather more massive; they were already Hs... confused ) and incredibly painful. And I have to agree with whoever it was upthread who said that the ridiculous amounts of discharge really messes with your head...

LittlePeaPod Wed 08-May-13 12:06:50

Sunny, Mrs AVB, Sultanajo, Humpty - it was a full on mid night panic . But I am fine now back on the positive track. thank you for your thoughts, hugs and handholding. Can't remember who said it but without meaning to wish my life away… Roll on 13 weeks and start of second trimester. ha ha ha ha I think I am about to crack and buy another digi test.

Sultanajo don't worry about the mix up. Maybe baby brain but also this thread moves so fast………

MrsAVB sorry to hear you are feeling so poorly she says slightly jealous that she's not feeling really ill too grin I didn't realise we could have really hot showers/baths. Could this trigger a mc? I have mine really hot. Will not be doing that in future. Also thank god it's not me just getting bigger. I have noticed that my engagement ring is getting really tight (particularly first thing in the morning).

Toby we have told three people. Two of my closes friends because they would guess instantly due to my love of wine!!! wink and my SIL because she is pregnant and she was feeling guilty due to what happened in March. I didn't want her to carry on feeling bad. We will be telling all other close family after 9 weeks or at the very earliest after reassurance scan if all goes ok. FX

Humpty you really do make me giggle with the POAS.. It’s a bit like me and my mentleness (is that even a word?) with the vitamins… ha ha ha ha And by the way, good luck for the driving test… When is it?

congratulations to all the new ladies with gorgeous BFP flowers

TheSlug Wed 08-May-13 13:18:55

We have told my mum, my DH's best friends (a couple) and my bestie who is also pregnant. I'm really scared about other people finding out and have even lied to people who've asked me blush

extracrunchy Wed 08-May-13 13:21:19

I am impressed by how restrained you all are keeping the big secret!
I'm terrified I'm going to get to 12wk scan and no baby but can't seem to stop blabbing!! It just comes out!

Mum & Dad
Both sisters
Best friend
Other best friend
2 pregnant close friends
3 no wait 4 colleagues

That is ridiculous...

extracrunchy Wed 08-May-13 13:21:52

God looking at all those people I'm now scared I've jinxed it.

Wardy17 Wed 08-May-13 13:35:30

toby I haven't told anyone just me and hubby and you guys if course. We won't be telling anyone until I turn up at their house with the scan picture fingers crossed!!! I had a mmc in nov and we told both sets of parents as was at 11 weeks and thought all was ok but baby stopped growing at 8 weeks. So would rather just enjoy/worry the first 12 weeks on our own

Penny31 Wed 08-May-13 13:47:20

Random question. What do you use to clean your bathroom? I use a dettol spray and it smells really strong and I'm worried its not safe?......

chocoholicalcoholic Wed 08-May-13 13:47:29

Thanks for all of the snacking ideas, will definitely be using some of those. Will be looking into the marmite popcorn recipe later Toby, it sounds amazing!

We haven't told a soul about this pregnancy and are not planning on telling anyone either. We are going to see who notices when the bump starts showing and who has the guts to ask! as it is our third we felt like we could have a bit of fun with it instead of announcing BUT I don't know if we will be able to keep it secret for that long!

I've just seen my very pregnant friend and it suddenly hit me. I'm focusing too much on the negative - mc/mmc etc and almost expecting it to happen when I should be focusing on that beautiful end result! She was so excited and calm and positive and it reminded how I felt with my first two. The mc was a separate pregnancy - not this pregnancy. Must try to remember that! Huge empathy goes out to all of you worrying, it is comforting in a way to know that we are all in the same boat at the same time isn't it? I would've felt a lot more alone had I not joined this thread. So, thanks ladies.

chocoholicalcoholic Wed 08-May-13 13:50:59

Penny I just use what I normally use but keep the rooms ventilated while I'm in them.

chocoholicalcoholic Wed 08-May-13 13:51:57

Normally use dettol or flash meant to say!

Penny31 Wed 08-May-13 13:55:39

I don't have window in bathroom so just keep the door open....it's so strong I might see if there is an organic type or something

TobyLerone Wed 08-May-13 14:01:39

I have just cleaned the bathroom, as it happens! I use Dettol Power and Pure (or something). It smells lovely! And some kind of antibacterial wipes on the loo. Can't remember what they are. Then I put bleach down it.

I cleaned my mum's bathroom earlier and used Cif cream cleaner on the sink/bath, Dettol wipes on the loo and Zoflora Bluebell on the floor (which I cleaned on my hands and knees!).

I can't say I've given the fumes a second's thought!

qumquat Wed 08-May-13 14:36:09

Hello all. Vomited for the first time today. Was hoping I'd be one of those lucky symptomless people- it's clearly not going that way! On the plus side it's helping me resist the temptation to buy another p test, I'll take the vomiting as proof! Congratulations to everyone and fingers crossed for sticky beans! Xx

pod Glad we could help! And shower/bath wise - too hot baths are out (you have to go pretty pretty hot though - it's if you raise your core temp over 37.8 or thereabouts), but I think you can shower however you want (although v hot showers do give you drier skin & broken vein wink)
Driving test is next Tues - cross fingers for me?

Slug that is my fear - people asking and me instinctively saying 'Of COURSE not' as I have done in the past when not drinking/quitting smoking... I'd hate to lie and say I'm not, it feels bad, but I'm not sure what else to say!

choco that's a lovely thing to say - each pregnancy is a separate pregnancy. We should all take a leaf out of your book.

penny I think advice is ventilate and maybe gloves, but don't worry? I'm going to buy a big preg advice book tonight, as I love looking stuff like that up... I do remember it saying (my Kindle version of book) not to clean oven - too strong.

qumquat feel better, poor you.

TobyLerone Wed 08-May-13 15:03:08

Good luck, Humpty!

Penny31 Wed 08-May-13 15:15:11

Now you see my oven cleaner doesn't smell as strong as the bathroom one but I'm happy to hand over that job to DP! He won't do the bathroom properly though so I have to do that one! I think I'm blowing the cleaning product worry out of proportion.......

On a different note I have my first GP appointment tomorrow smile had to hand a sample in last week. It will all seem more real I think smile

Penny31 Wed 08-May-13 15:15:59

Good luck humpty!!

MTBMummy Wed 08-May-13 15:21:05

Good luck Humpty

Have just called to get a booking appointment, knew from last time to do it well in advance, but they can only see me in 2 weeks, when I'll be 6 weeks, or at the end of June, so have gone for the earlier one, in the hope it means I'll be in the queue early for my dating scan, I'm stuck with the same MW as last time, and I hate her, I may look at changing surgeries so I don't have to use her again.

TheSlug Wed 08-May-13 15:23:18

fx for you humpty! qumquat you poor thing, hope you feel better soon. I've been nauseous for the past couple of days, but not actually sick. I have been sooo tired though! Anyone else?

TheSlug Wed 08-May-13 15:24:54

MTB I can't see my Dr for two weeks either, I'll be nearly 8 weeks by then! I had hoped it would be sooner!

Penny31 Wed 08-May-13 15:32:48

I will be 6+5 tomorrow, hope that my booking in app with midwife and scan dates are on time. I can't wait longer than 12 weeks for my scan!

Wardy17 Wed 08-May-13 15:34:43

Same here, docs apt not till 20th then will have to wait for first apt with midwife then scan date. How come some of you ladies get apts with midwives straight away?

TobyLerone Wed 08-May-13 15:35:14

I've got my booking in appt tomorrow (6+1).

TheSlug Wed 08-May-13 15:40:20

falling asleep at my desk zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Penny31 Wed 08-May-13 15:42:58

I had to wait ages for my GP appointment, hopefully my booking in appointment is quicker. Although I absolutely hate blood tests, the thought makes me feel queasy sad

TobyLerone Wed 08-May-13 15:45:25

Do you really need a GP appointment?

At my surgery, you just make an appointment with the midwife when you'll be over 6 weeks. It so happened that when I was at the GP's last week, they had an appointment for tomorrow.

Penny31 Wed 08-May-13 15:45:33

Me too slug!! I've spend most of the day on MN today, can't concentrate for tiredness

Penny31 Wed 08-May-13 15:46:53

I rang my docs and asked what the process was and they said take a sample in then make an appointment with GP....I thought it was strange but I checked twice!

TobyLerone Wed 08-May-13 15:49:24

How odd. It's weird that different surgeries do things different ways.

LittlePeaPod Wed 08-May-13 15:49:34

Wardy I have my MW appoint on 15th. I just called the surgery, told them I was pregnant and could I have an appointment with MW. They booked me in with no questions. Only reason didn't bother with doctor this time was because my doctor didn't say much except well done and congratulations before booking me in with MW. She booked everything inclduing scans and bloods. But from what I have read on MINUTE its a different across the concuntry. Does seem to be consistent.

LittlePeaPod Wed 08-May-13 15:51:43

That should be on MN and inconsistent and across the country!!!!

I called mine, asked for appt, when she said 'what for', I said 'I'm pregnant' and she just said 'okay then', no questions. I hate my GPs though - they are so crappy and the docs are always sick. I do NOT want a cold, thank you. They're also all very heavily accented (the docs) and I have to try and remember which of the three I can actually understand.
I am telling DH tonight that we need to move house before I get too preg. I am NOT having a baby in Newham - FFS, they had a grant to try and 'investigate' why there wasn't good access to antenatal care. It's like a ghetto, and I hate it. I want to live near a luffly park and have ducks to feed!

Wardy17 Wed 08-May-13 16:01:02

My surgery doesn't have a midwife. I have to see GP who doesn't ask anything who just fills in forms and then fax them to my local hospital. Then I get a letter from hospital with date for booking apt with midwife. Don't even know how I would get in touch with a midwife

Halfbaked Wed 08-May-13 16:01:17

Hi, finally admitted to myself I am pregnant, after 4 tests from 10 dpo to 16dpo all faint, but positive. I've been feeling sick, really tired and have back pain. Due on 12th January.
This will be DC2 I have a DD 2.8, who, when I asked her if she wanted a little brother or sister said " I don't need one"grin
I'm really nervous and frankly even more scared than the first time round, mainly because I had severe SPD and ended up in a wheelchair. I have already booked an appointment with an oesteopath! That's before I even see a midwife.
I'll stop waffling now- only my DH knows, so its nice to be able to share!!!

TobyLerone Wed 08-May-13 16:05:07

Welcome, half. And congratulations!

LittlePeaPod Wed 08-May-13 16:09:08

Wow its beyound me how the procedure can all be so different.

Half congratulations on your BFP flowers

Tricycletops Wed 08-May-13 16:15:16

I went to see my GP (had been told to go straight in after finding out because I have hypothyroidism) and he just said 'oh, OK' - no attempt to make sure! I just tried to make a booking appointment but they just told me to call back at 7 weeks.

Congrats and welcome to MTB Tricycle and Halfbaked (and anyone else I've missed!)

Humpty I'm with you on the moving house topic! DH and I are also currently renting in London and I cannot wait to buy a house somewhere green and leafy! It must happen this year!

I self referred for my booking in appointment. I got the form online from the maternity services website and emailed it direct to them. I'm promised a response within a week, and hopefully an appointment by my 8th week.

Frizz1986 Wed 08-May-13 17:49:02

Congrats half
I called my gp surgery the day after my 2nd bfp (14dpo) I just told the receptionist that I had taken a pg test and it was positive and she booked me in for the first slot they had with the midwife.
She is only there on Weds so am going next week, but am really not sure what happens!

MrsAVB Wed 08-May-13 18:07:26

Hi all! Welcome and congrats MTB, tricycle, halfbaked and anyone else I've forgotten.
Re. telling people, DH and aren't going to tell anyone until after 12 week scan... that's presuming everything goes ok and I don't have any un-hidable symptoms.
It is really weird how maternity stuff is different in different parts of the country. Where I am, there are posters in pharmacies and even tescos saying "pregnant? See your GP ASAP". My surgery is brilliant, I went when we were TTC as I have IBS and so avoid certain foods and wanted to see if there was anything around this that could affect TTC or a baby, and they were really helpful, sent me for some tests and printed off loads of info for me, when I thought they'd maybe tell me off for coming when I wasn't actually ill. I've always been able to get a same day appointment, and the stuff from the referral to midwife and hospital came through quick too. Plus they have midwives there twice a week, so all being well my care should all be very local. Yay to the NHS <does a Danny Boyle olympics ceremony style NHS tribute dance>
Tonight will be spent consoling distraught Man U fan DH and trying to convince him that bean will not be called Alex in tribute... Sigh!

MTBMummy Wed 08-May-13 18:50:15

Congrats on your BFP half.

And thanks to everyone for the very warm welcome.

I'm more nervous this time round as since having DD I've been diagnosed with PSVT which is a liveable heart condition, but apparently made worse in Pregnancy. So that'll be fun :-)

Also suddenly thinking I've signed up to ride London to Brighton and a few other races this year, not sure if I'll manage them.

Half excited half terrified - DP is very excited

DancingInTheStreet Wed 08-May-13 19:31:06

Hi everyone,

Another newbie here - 6 weeks today and due 30/12/13 (so probably Jan) with my first.

Very excited and nervous (and hungry all the time!!).

Can't believe how fast this thread is moving; here's to a happy & healthy 9 months for us all smile

claphamkitten Wed 08-May-13 19:31:07

Hi All,
Ok so I am now irrationally panicking. In fact, have been jittery for the last few days, with no real reason. I too had a session in the bathroom this morning trying to remove limescale. I used Viakal, as recommended by my sis who swears by it (but doesn't know I'm preg), but didn't use gloves or open any windows, and then because the water was turned off (v long story) couldn't wash my hands for hours and am now convinced I've got a strange chemically taste at the back of my throat and am cursing myself for not wearing gloves or opening a window, but just didn't cross my mind! What can idiot! I don't think I've got into preggie mode yet, almost deliberately as I'm just convinced it won't last as took such a long time to get preg and am sure I had a couple if vv early mcs along the way...

Sorry to rant, but have just got myself more and more wound up and DH thinks I'm losing my marbles!

Btw we haven't told a soul yet (mostly because of my aforementioned pessimism). Not sure I'm going to make if to 12 weeks with my marbles in tact!! X

Fuls Wed 08-May-13 19:39:50

Hi extra I am like you I have told my family and 3 work colleagues.... I'm just too excited and want to shout it from the rooftops!!
I've even looked at prams, nursery furniture, toys, clothes its so exciting.
My mum laughs at me cuz I'm only 4 weeks smile

Oh, clapham sorry you're feeling panicky. It's highly unlikely that the cleaner will have done any harm, but I know that probably won't set your mind at rest.

Roll on 12 weeks eh! I had a giant meltdown on DP earlier, who now thinks I'm bonkers. I just want to know what's going on!

SadPander Wed 08-May-13 20:23:02

Urgh, the community midwife keeps leaving messages on my answerphone saying 'just to remind you that you really need to book your appointment with the hospital' - the hospital wont let me even book an appointment until I'm 7 weeks! Try to call the community midwife back and they never answer the phone and I still don't have the elusive 'pack' i supposedly need. Sorry Rant over!

Sunny and Humpty - I'm also hoping to move house. The sale of our house fell through a couple of months ago so back on the market and praying we sell and find something else before Christmas. Have always been determined I wouldn't have kids in this area, so really hoping things get moving!

TobyLerone Wed 08-May-13 20:47:11

We need to move too. I was in the process of doing ours up so we can sell it when I got my BFP. Since then I've been knackered! Must get back on it.

And the one urgent thing we really must do before the baby comes is buy a new car. I know for a fact we can't fit 2 teenagers and a baby seat in the back of mine because we've tried!

HabitualHobbyist Wed 08-May-13 20:50:04

Hi all

I'm currently 5+4 (EDD of 3rd or 4th January depending on how you count my cycle) although questioning whether I could be 9+5. Have an appointment with my GP on Monday but will be phoning all Friday morning to see if I can get a cancellation for Friday afternoon as would really like to share the news with my parents and in-laws at the weekend.

Assuming all goes well, this will be our first and will also be the first great-grandchild for my grandma who I know will be so pleased (she put her order in about 5 years ago!).

Not planning on it being common knowledge until after 12 weeks' scan, but will share with siblings and a few choice close friends once I've seen the GP.

Fortunately not had any bad symptoms, but have had enough to feel different; breasts a little larger and more sensitive, metalic taste in mouth (can't stand cherries as a result), needing to wee constantly, and more excessive discharge than normal (yes I've had a few panicy moments too!).

Congratulations to you all x

TobyLerone Wed 08-May-13 20:53:42

What makes you think you could be further along, Habitual?

Congratulations, btw smile

HabitualHobbyist Wed 08-May-13 21:03:05

Thank you. Had very strong symptoms in late March (same as those I'm currently experiencing) but had a period over Easter weekend. Had only just started TTC so put it down to me reading too much about early signs and thought it would be too good to be true at first attempt so didn't bother testing. However, given positive result having missed most recent period, it got me thinking. Period at Easter was lighter than normal (but would still consider it a period) so just put it down to first non-pill period in a long time, but have read since that sometimes you don't miss your first period.

Either way, DH and I are ecstatic!

TobyLerone Wed 08-May-13 21:12:05

I only asked because I had odd stuff happen last month too. Nausea, metallic taste, tiredness etc. But I had a definite, normal period. So I'm definitely just being crackers grin

MrsAVB Wed 08-May-13 21:15:49

Welcome and congrats dancing and habitual! Soooo tired tonight- early to bed for me! Xxx

LittlePeaPod Wed 08-May-13 21:26:22

Congratulations to all the new ladies with BFP. flowers

So how are you all doing this evening ladies?

Nothing to report over here.. Well except maybe my pregzella moment at work today and a bit sensitive generally! Emotional basket seems to be my main pregnancy symptom. Also got sore nipples now.

Penny31 Wed 08-May-13 21:34:54

I think I'm gong to have to go to bed! I am so so so tired and have zero energy. Poor DP has had to do everything tonight!

LittlePeaPod Wed 08-May-13 21:37:04

Quick question ladies.. Is anyone else feeling cold and not able to warm up sometimes (mainly evenings for me)? Just wondering if its a phantom symptom or if anyone else is getting really cold sometimes?

TobyLerone Wed 08-May-13 21:44:20

If anything, I'm too hot. And I'm never too hot.

I'm already in bed grin

BookTart Wed 08-May-13 21:45:34

I've been cold in the early evening pea, but I thought it was just that we'd stopped having the heating on. Even with a fire going I feel cold though.

I seem to have a very slight red rash in places (like stomach and bum, nice!), but I'm still feeling a bit worried as my symptoms have gone this evening. Trying not to panic though.

LittlePeaPod Wed 08-May-13 21:49:31

Toby. I am cold and then get hot but mainly cold right now... confused

Book try not to panic. I am 5+1 and I have very few symptoms and those I do have come and go all the time. Apparently this is not unusual in early pregnancy either.

MissMedusa Wed 08-May-13 21:57:40

I get really cold in the evening too, especially when I'm tired.

Foodylicious Wed 08-May-13 22:11:00

super symptom spotting grin
I am with you there pea been realy cold some evenings, in bed covers and extra on, but takes ages to warm up and have to be cocooned! then like this evening, really cold, lots of blankets on the sofa finally warm up and am then too warm, still too warm half hour after taking blankets off.

Mostly really tired, have tried napping a couple of times but just have funny dreams and feel worse. Not been as sicky feeling today but have eaten sooooo much (felt too full sick this pm, a bit different).
Boobs really sore, think i notice them getting worse as the day goes on and get worried if they dont feel as sore as they did! find myself giving them a quick squash/squeeze to check!
Dont panic book i am 6 wks today and symptoms do come and go!

My symptoms come and go, and I had them very strongly from 5 dpo, tiredness mostly then raging nausea from 7 dpo. Now sometimes I think I don't feel pregnant at all. However I must be because my headteacher, a 50 odd yr old man with not an intuitive bone in his body apparentl guessed I was pregnant nearly a week ago. Puky looking and emotional apparently. I think he meant fat but was too scared to say so.

Hello and congrats to halfbaked, habitual Dancing and Tricycle!

Did anyone do a separate stats fred?

clapham I'm SURE it will be fine - but you know you can call: GP, midwife (if you have contact) or Early Pregnancy Unit at your nearest hospital if you are seriously worried. Have a nice cup of hot water and lemon (or something equally scintillating hmm) and see if the taste fades?

sunny pander and Toby I had a chat to DH tonight and we are def going to move apparently - YAY! No skanky Newham baby for us! I don't really mean that - it's just the particular part we live in (RIGHT by the airport, god KNOWS what we breathe in) is so grim. I can't wait to have somewhere where we can have space for stuff and not be woken at 5.45am every single morning by a plane roaring overhead.

TobyLerone Thu 09-May-13 06:03:12

Yay, Humpty! I suppose our move isn't too urgent, but I'd like to get it done asap. Certainly I need to get all the DIY and decorating done soon, cos that won't be happening with a newborn!

Midwife today. Also, I feel like crap. GP diagnosed me with tonsillitis last Monday. This morning I've woken up with a mega sore throat sad it hasn't hurt at all until now. Weirdest tonsillitis ever.

How is everyone this morning?

MTBMummy Thu 09-May-13 06:11:57

Morning all, good luck at the MW Toby ( love the name)

I can't get over how tired I am, with DD I didn't know I was pg until I was 14 weeks, but I have no idea how I got through this phase without noticing I was pg!!!

Hope you all have lovely days.

LittlePeaPod Thu 09-May-13 06:25:46

Morning ladies. How we doing today?

Humpty. No separate stats threads was set up.

Toby good luck at the MW today. she says feeling jealous I can't wait to see mine next week as it will feel more real I think.

Morning all!

Congratulations to Dancing & Habitual

Sad Toby & Humpty I'm glad DH and I aren't the only ones planning to move while PG. Great news that your DH is onboard humpty. We were planning on waiting until October before looking but we may have to bring that forward so we're in somewhere before baby arrives. We're first time buyers so hopefully can move quite quickly <crosses fingers for quick and smooth transactions for us all>

Toby good luck at the midwife today and hope you feel better soon

Pod's right, no separate stats thread yet. I'm happy to set one up later today. I'll make it my challenge to do it at work without arousing suspicion from my work colleagues! grin

Sultanajo Thu 09-May-13 07:54:55

Morning all!

Congratulations to all the new BFPs! Gosh this thread is really on the move now!

Pod - I have been all over the place temperature wise. Feeling really quite cold in the evening, then warming up within 10 mins in bed and getting too hot. For around a week I was ducking in and out of the covers like a crazy woman! DH thought I was going mad! Last night was the first night I was a reasonable temperature all night, which was just lovely! (Perhaps that's because DH volunteered to sleep on the sofa for me last night, as I have been on the sofa the last few nights feeling yucky, as everytime DH turns over in bed the room seems to spin - like when you are really drunk and try to go to sleep!) wink

Good luck to all you prospective house movers! I feel very lucky to have got that out of the way last year - we moved house and got married within a couple of months....

A friend of mine moved house last year and they were meant to move in the week before she was due, then because of delays she didn't end up moving until 6 weeks after the baby was born. However, she said it was totally worth it and she would do it again!

I can't remember who said they didn't like their midwife, but I had that problem last time - she seemed more concerned about the fact that she wanted to get home for her dinner than booking me in, didn't take a urine sample or weigh me (which I thought was odd), rushed through the million questions on the booking forms, didn't actually ask me how I had been feeling but instead told me what I could possibly expect in a very matter of fact way and then arranged my next appointment. Thankfully she has retired!!! Woop woop! So now I am feeling a little apprehensive about who I will get next, as my booking in appointment is with the midwife who is covering the gap (who seemed mega stressed and a tad overstretched). I just really hope the midwife I see regularly is someone I warm to this time! You would think the nature of their job would make them a little empathetic and give you the time of day wouldn't you....? hmm

Wardy17 Thu 09-May-13 07:56:17

Good luck at the MW today toby.

Sultanajo Thu 09-May-13 07:57:04

Toby meant to say good luck at the midwife today! xx

extracrunchy Thu 09-May-13 08:44:27

Anyone else getting period pain type cramps? I vaguely remember having them last time but don't think they went on as long...

LittlePeaPod Thu 09-May-13 08:54:54

Extra not had any cramps yet but I have read on MN that's its not unusual as your womb stretches to accommodate growing baby. Sorry cant be more help.

MTBMummy Thu 09-May-13 08:56:47

Extra I seem to get them every few days, they're not lasting long (maybe an hour or so) and every time I have a brief panic that something is wrong

TobyLerone Thu 09-May-13 08:57:04

I've been getting period-type pains since before my BFP, extra. I will see what the MW says and report back.

Thanks for the good luck. It'll be a thrilling half hour full of filling in forms and having needles stuck in me, I'm sure hmm

winterpansy Thu 09-May-13 08:57:22

Morning everyone,
Hope you're all doing well. Hello to all the newbies.
Nothing much to report - still not many symptoms but good strong line on ic last night which is reassuring! I think I'm 5+5 today and will have my scan on the 17th so I'm just counting down to that. I have a feeling about twins that I just can't shake so hopefully the scan will put my mind to rest about many things!

extra I've had no period type cramps, just a few twinges here and there but read on here that it's common to have such cramps. Hope they are not too uncomfortable for you.

LittlePeaPod Thu 09-May-13 09:01:46

Posted to soon... Glad I am not the only one with temperature issues. Didn't know if it was all in my head.

Sultanajo. Glad to hear you got some sleep last night. Hope you feel better soon.

Congratulations to all the ladies looking to move and good luck you find the perfect place quickly. DF and I moved last December so we need to get a lot of stuff done before baby arrives says with FX all works out well

I have another question. Anyone else started getting bleeding gums? I have.. TMI. I seem to have lots of little symptoms but nt the big morning sickness one. confused

Gobbolinothewitchscat Thu 09-May-13 09:12:55

Congratulations and welcome to all the new BFP-ers!

Toby - good luck at the midwife today.

Pea - glad you're feeling a bit more chipper. I tend to find that feelings like that come and go but nearly everyone feels the same at sometime or another. That helps me not feel like I'm going mad!

I'm currently alternating between feeling terribly guilty that DS will be a big brother at just 13 months but then thinking it might be nice for him and the new DC to be close in age. It's quite exhausting, emotionally sad. And I do feel awful as everytime MIL or my mum or my dear sis hear about someone having two children close together, they say how awful it must be and they're not judgypants pants types. My sis was telling me about a friend she met last week who has 14 months between her DC. Apparently she has a new fringe as her hair has fallen out with stress shock. Great! DH says we'll just have to be the exception to the rule and, worst case scenario, he'll buy me a wig for Christmas. grin

We're quite lucky in that we moved a few years ago and got married in 2011 before DS in 2012. Thankfully, we've got plenty of room as I think I would be tearing my hair out with DS, unexpected BFP and having to move! Oh and DH buying a practice - we really like to make things as crazy as possible!

Re temperature - I'm just fucking boiling all the time! Although I did have a few cold episodes before my BFP

Cramps - I've not had anything too badly. I do have an intermittent sore back though. I found with my 2 periods post DS that I didn't really get bad cramps anymore and I'm wondering if, as things are quite stretched ahem!, that's why I'm not really feeling anything too badly as I did with DS.

habitual - that is so exciting re being further on than you thought!

humpty - I hope I've not infected you with my clear blue compulsiongrin. Now I've got the 2-3, I'm a lot calmer in that I'm only doing 2 Internet cheapies a day! I am not doing another clearblue til next week and then only 1 - just to check for the 3. It's totally ridiculous as they are not a proper diagnostic test but its like an awful compulsion!

clapham - sure you'll be fine with the cleaning products. I don't worry too much re them, just make sure I keep the windows or doors open.

sultana - know what you mean re the midwife. I'm booked in in 2 weeks time and mine are a real mixed bag ( putting it politely). I hardly saw the same one twice to be honest. But there are 2 lovely ones so hope I'll see more of them.

We're also going on a nct refresher course -just to meet more people with babies the same ages as my current nct chums will all be back to work when DC2 is born. We met lovely people on our course last year so would strongly recommend it. We booked very late (around August - DS due in November) and nearly didn't get a place so just wanted to pass on as I couldn't believe how quickly they got booked up.

Sorry if I've missed anyone out - will catch up later

Gobbolinothewitchscat Thu 09-May-13 09:21:47

Ps - re telling people. Only DH and DS know (although DS a bit little to get it [grin!]) a and all of you! We're going to a wedding in 1 June with my parents so think we will tell them then as I won't be drinking and we will have had the private scan at least by then.

I think we'll tell my DSis and bil a few weeks later when we're all in Majorca together. We told them we were pregnant with DS then last year so sure they'll think it's a joke grin.

I told the rest of my family around 12 weeks after the 12 week scan with DS and then I didn't really tell other people til about 20 weeks. I unfortunately knew a couple of people who had late loses after the 20 week scan and that really worried me. It is very, very, very, rare that something like that happens though so I do not want to cause unnecessary worry saying that. This time I think we will just say post 12 week scan to everyone.

Gobbolinothewitchscat Thu 09-May-13 09:24:05

Finally! Just wanted to post a link to this pregnancy calendar [http://www.justmommies.com/get_pregnancycalendar.php?month=1&day=10&year=2014&submit=Create+my+pregnancy+calendar link]]. I really like. It as you can work exactly how far along you will be on various dates

Gobbolinothewitchscat Thu 09-May-13 09:24:42

link hopefully that works now!

Wardy17 Thu 09-May-13 09:30:50

No bleeding gums pod I'm the same lots of little things but nothing major.

Anyone else worried about dtd since finding out about being pg?

TobyLerone Thu 09-May-13 09:37:44

Gob, my DC are 18 months apart and it's great. They're a year apart in school. I don't honestly remember it being particularly difficult having a toddler and a newborn (although maybe I've blocked it out!)

Thanks for the info about the NCT. Last time, I went to NHS classes and they were perfectly fine. That was almost 14 years ago, though! This time we're going to go to NCT ones. I would quite like to have 'mum friends' this time and this is DH's first child, so he'd like to go to classes. I'll look into joining after 12 weeks.

That is a great calendar, too!

Gobbolinothewitchscat Thu 09-May-13 09:51:19

toby - do you still have hair? grin. Please reassure me!

Seriously, thanks fir posting. Stories like that really reassure me. And you're going on to have DC3 - respect!

SadPander Thu 09-May-13 09:59:02

Good luck at the midwife Toby hope all goes well.

Hopefully there could be a lot of pregnant house moving going on on this thread then! We have plenty of room and actually love our house (only moved here 3.5 years ago) but I've never really been keen on the area since we got here. The idea was to move before TTC but obviously that didn't quite work out. Feeling a bit stressed as if it doesn't all go through before January I'm not sure where we will stand with the mortgage when I'm on maternity leave - might mean we have to wait a year or so which I don't really want.

Sultanajo Thu 09-May-13 10:04:41

Gobbo you mustn't feel guilty or worry too much about the age gap. Every child is different and it totally depends on their personalities! Two of my friends have a similar age gap between their children (one has two boys the other has two girls) and they have always got on really well (apart from the usual squabbles)... Fingers crossed you get to see the lovely midwives too - makes all the difference!

Wardy OMG YES! Very much worried about DTD and apart from the fact I really don't feel like it right now with the nausea, I won't be doing it until after the 12 week scan. This is purely my own super paranoia and I know loads of people who kept going throughout without giving it a second thought. However, we didn't do it last time either and when things went wrong I was really glad we hadn't because I would have been thinking "was it because we DTD". They do say that for most people there isn't a reason not to, but in certain situations you should stay away from it (and I don't think I will be reassured that there isn't a reason I shouldn't do it until I have seen all is OK at the 12 week scan). Like I say, purely my own crazy paranoia!

TobyLerone Thu 09-May-13 10:13:37

Honestly, it's fine! They're 12 & 13 now and they actually get on a lot of the time shock

As far as sex goes, I'm not nervous, but I'm feeling a bit crappy at the moment so it's not been that regular! Between the evening nausea, huge painful boobs and tonsillitis, I'm not hot grin

MTBMummy Thu 09-May-13 10:39:10

Probably TMI - but is anyone else suffering from being really sweaty? I'm normally always freezing cold, but I'm really hot all of a sudden

laalaap Thu 09-May-13 10:49:06

Hello i got a bfp on 4 tests! EDD is January 15th baby #1 not been to the doctors yet though to get it confimed!

BookTart Thu 09-May-13 10:50:10

I'm being crazy again. Somebody give me a slap. I just can't believe that this backache and ovarian pain are normal - it feels like AF is on the way! Not much in the way of symptoms either. V. worried. Need to decide whether to cancel my fertility clinic appt next week as well. Help!

BookTart Thu 09-May-13 10:50:58

I'm being crazy again. Somebody give me a slap. I just can't believe that this backache and ovarian pain are normal - it feels lik