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October 2013: where we all make it to the 2nd trimester and begin to glow!

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pinksky Sun 31-Mar-13 18:07:07

Welcome October passengers--all aboard our new thread (is it number four or five?!). Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter and enjoying an egg or three.

Stats thread HERE

tuckingfits Sun 31-Mar-13 18:10:13

Well done pinksky!!

pinksky Sun 31-Mar-13 18:13:05

Cheers tucking, how are you doing today?

Marking place. Happy easter ladies

Thread Five chatty ladies!

Hope you are all having a lovely easter, did a car boot today with my lovely sis, £60 each for old tat I've been clearing out the loft! xx

cazboldy Sun 31-Mar-13 18:16:10

thanks Pinksky

roofio87 Sun 31-Mar-13 18:19:26

hello ladies!! another thread already eh!! I just had a lovely pork roast dinner (even if I do say so my myself!) my dp is heading out soon so I plan to eat every bit of chocolate I can find in the house once he's gone! hope everyone else is having a fab day!!grin grin

thanks pinksy thread number 5 grin

favellio Sun 31-Mar-13 18:37:32

Happy Easter everyone grin
Sorry I've not been posting much, been Crazy busy at work!
I'm getting so impatient for my scan now. I've got to wait until 10th April sad
In 3 weeks me and DH are flying out to Sorrento, Italy, for 10 days (belated honeymoon from our wedding last August) and its just dawned on me that we're going all inclusive and I won't be able to take advantage of the unlimited booze sob I wonder if they let me fill an empty suitcase with local wine to bring home ready for after baby's here wink
How's everyone doing symptom wise?? My sickness has eased but still getting nauseous from time to time. My boobs are growing at an alarming rate and my nipples are really sensitive and sore!! I had a scary time last week when I had pretty much constant cramping and stabbing pains for 5 days, but luckily no bleeding.
Sorry for long post but thought I better check in grin xx

pinksky Sun 31-Mar-13 18:44:33

Number five! What motor mouths grin

Good work blondies, so satisfying car booting (except for the vultures that go through your stuff as you unpack)

Favellio I remember you mentioning your belated honeymoon. Sure you'll have a fab time but I understand your pain not getting to enjoy the booze. Great that you'll scan before you go. Me and a few others have 9th April scans.

fish88 Sun 31-Mar-13 19:18:58

Also had a crazy month and not had anytime to post. Moved house as well so had no internet for a few weeks. Got a spare room now to later become the nursery smile

My due date is not until 26th October so no scan here until 16th April which seems ages away but I will be 12+2 so is on time. Anyone else scanning this late?

Had a couple of worrying few weeks, had some brown discharge/brown spotting on two occasions but after having a panic I spoke to the midwife who calmed me down. Said to try not to worry unless it is heavy or red or getting painful cramps with it which I haven't. Luckily both times it cleared up within an hour or two. Can't wait until the scan so that I can be reassured that baby is still in there.

Haylebop12 Sun 31-Mar-13 19:25:24

Marking place, will catch up later :-)

Happy Easter to all x

doobeedee Sun 31-Mar-13 19:26:23

I feel your pain favellio. I'm on an all inclusive hol in tenerife right now. OH making up for me not drinking unfortunately! At least you can have lots of nice food!

cazboldy Sun 31-Mar-13 19:30:35

fish my ds 1's birthday is the 26th smile

tuckingfits Sun 31-Mar-13 19:40:29

thanks for asking pinksky! I actually feel a lot better the last few days,only feel sick if I get hungry so I'm trying to avoid that! Energy levels are slightly improved (thank god as I'm hammering through a customer's ironing this afternoon/evening that usually takes me 3 evenings but haven't had time to do it due to work & then I had Friday night off but just had to go to bed once my son was asleep),am now exhausted with half of it still to do. I think I will have a lot more this week too & work have changed my shifts to tue,wed,Thu nights so that I don't have to do the weekend ones as they were getting fed up with me spending an hour vomming after 11.30pm! Fair enough! Should make scheduling my own business requirements a bit easier...

fish - I'm having my scan on Wednesday,I think I'll be 12+ 3 or 4. Not entirely sure! I already feel as though I've been pregnant forever,but I think that's because I knew before I got a positive & then felt grim for so long.

My sister is here for dinner,just gone to pick up a Chinese takeaway ( I wanted to make shepherds pie but dp wanted Chinese...) I'm having a couple of starters as that's what took my fancy. Hope it's here soon,am just realising I'm getting starving!

how's everyone else doing?

favellio Sun 31-Mar-13 19:47:02

Doobeedee- lucky you! I wish I was on holiday right now. Hope you're having a lovely time? I'm bloody freezing! Can you send some sun towards Essex please? grin I'm also pretty sure my DH will drink my fill of the all inclusive alcohol too lol I may have to have the odd cheeky sip of the local stuff to say i tried it but certainty won't be having a glassful or anything like that! Definitely looking forward to the food.....especially the Italian Gelato ice cream (my current craving!) I couldn't believe it when my midwife told me I wasn't allowed to eat Mr Whippy ice cream over the summer angry

Flyer747 Sun 31-Mar-13 20:04:10

Thanks for new thread. Whoever is scanning on the 10th April me too...seems ages to wait I will be nearly 13 weeks then. Roll on next week.
Have a lovely Easter all xx

TinyCC Sun 31-Mar-13 20:13:13

Thanks for the new thread.

Just when I thought I'd got over the constant tiredness I've spent the afternoon asleep on the sofa. Not feeling sick much now but that might be because I have toothache and earache so need to book in at a dentist sooner rather than later (I hate hate hate the dentist but it would be daft not to take advantage of free treatment).

I've decided I need to stop googling things as I'm sending myself into a panic over stupid things that I have absolutely no reason to worry about.

Slippysnow Sun 31-Mar-13 20:15:03

fish I'm being scanned on April 15th when I will be 12 weeks exactly. So I'm late with you sad

pinkmoonlight Sun 31-Mar-13 20:16:10

Hi fish- I'm due on the 25th and my scan is Fri 12th April! I think we're going to be the last few on here to have a scan smile

Hello ladies, just heading home from a big family lunch with a giant bag of chocolate grin.

I'll be 13 weeks on my scan, it does feel late but still within time for nuchal fold scan, so I can't really object. My sister told everyone about being pg today, we are due 3 weeks apart, both first dcs. Everyone was really happy for us both - our babes will be cousin twins. Hope you've all had lovely days x x

favellio Sun 31-Mar-13 20:25:14

Hey flyer747 we're scan buddies grin mines at 10am. I can't wait now but keep having vivid dreams that the 5 pregnancy tests I did were wrong, my symptoms are all in my mind and I've just used being preggers as an excuse to eat lots of crap and justify getting fat blush

HotSoupDumpling Sun 31-Mar-13 20:40:46

Thanks pinksky! Feeling like RUBbISh. So unfortunately, no, I have not forgotten I'm pregs!

racheld33 Sun 31-Mar-13 20:42:15

Hi all, just marking my place on the new thread.
Been potty training my DS this weekend (2.5) which has been hit and miss!
Sooooooo jealous of doobeedee on holiday smile

fish88 Sun 31-Mar-13 20:45:01

Feel better now I know I'm not the only one who still has ages before the scan. We have already told family/friends/work so not waiting for that but just wanting a bit of reassurance.

pinksky Sun 31-Mar-13 21:04:06

Busy thread already!

Favellio, v personal choice but you'll be ok with the odd glass if you feel like it? I've tried not to drink 1st trimester but will have a drink when I feel like it later on.

Tucking, hopefully you're on the up now energy/ms wise. I've been trying to forget eating 3 meals a day and having about 5 but small and always just whatever I feel like. Enjoy the Chinese!

Pink, slippy, fish etc I'm glad there's a few of us due late in Oct.

pannacotta, that's so lovely re your sis.

And enjoy your holiday, doobeedee - not jealous at all envy

pinksky Sun 31-Mar-13 21:15:41

fish sorry about the bleeding/spotting. Is it worse when you are particularly active? Mine has pretty much stopped now but definitely was worse after exerting myself. Think that dislodges stuff confused

cherrycherry41 Sun 31-Mar-13 21:35:58

Marking my place on the thread and officially in 2nd trimester! grin
looks in the mirror for the glow... envy

Excited85 Sun 31-Mar-13 21:50:04

Hi all, checked in on last thread but not been back for a little while and seem to have missed a lot! I've got my scan on the 11th, been getting stabbing pains nearly every day for a few wks now, was told it was nothing to worry about but still looking forward to the reassurance.
Have decided October is a great month to be due - not too big over the summer and then lots of friends and family to spend time with little one over Christmas!! Bad news is will prob have to go back to work in Jan... Anyone else on the same boat?

doobeedee Sun 31-Mar-13 22:09:57

Holiday is actually nearly over. Home tomorrow but then straight back out to Germany the same day! Going to be knackered when school starts again next Monday! Weather has been great all week. High 20s but not looking forward to landing back in England in the middle of the night! Brrr!

Hi Fish, my scan is on 17th when I will be 13+0. Feels like a long wait doesn't it! I have been feeling less sick most of the time recently but still tired and really windy blush. My tummy is getting bigger every day but I haven't put on any weight since the 5lb by 5 weeks. I am maybe getting slightly more energy. Yesterday I watched the Davina pregnancy exercise DVD I bought from the sofa... (maybe soon I will actually do it!)

tuckingfits Sun 31-Mar-13 22:17:59

Ugh,dinner did not agree with me. Should have stuck to my plan of shepherds pie!

Flyer747 Sun 31-Mar-13 22:25:17

favellio Great a scan buddy mine is at 1120...roll on the 10th hey! Having a few cramps last night and tonight...worrying myself! I annoy myself at times with my worrisome ways :-) x

Rockchick1984 Sun 31-Mar-13 23:21:10

Marking my place on the lovely new thread!

My scan is a week tomorrow, I'm so scared in case anything has gone wrong (saw heartbeat at 8 weeks). My morning sickness has gone entirely and I'm feeling good apart from being very tired (but am always tired - have a toddler who doesn't sleep smile ). Am I the only one feeling like this? I know I shouldn't worry about feeling good, but I can't help it blush

Hi rock, totally understand! Ive felt fine the while time, odd bit of tiredness and achey boobs but was convinced scan would show sonething wrong! As long as you dont have anything to worry about, DONT! My scan was fine and now and yours will be too, esp as u already seen heartbeat. Chill lady, enjoy feeling well.

rockchick I concur what pinkladyapple says I have very little symptoms for weeks before my scan and I was so nervous going to my scan i thought the worst it was fine totally so please enjoy smile

Wickedgirl Mon 01-Apr-13 07:20:43

My scan is Friday and I'll be 13+2. I can't wait

I haven't been sick for nearly a week so hopefully the worst of the sickness is over now. I haven't out on any weight yet but I'm sure once the nausea and tiredness disappear, my appetite will return.

The insomnia is still driving me mad......I have been up since 4 this morning. With it being school holidays, I can't even sleep this afternoon as I have my other 3 to look after. It is going to be a long day!

Natalieand Mon 01-Apr-13 10:04:33

48 hours from now I shall be parked up at the hospital ready for my scan eeeeeeeek excited much I just can't wait to shout it to the world!

Anyone got anything excited planned for the last day of the extended weekend? I'm off out for dinner AGAIN oops lol genuine reason tho its my baby brothers 18th birthday! Hope u all have a good one xxx

fish88 Mon 01-Apr-13 10:14:00

pink Both times I was at work when the spotting started (teacher in special school so fairly active). The first time I was then snowed in for the weekend so was forced to rest and the second time was just before the Easter weekend started. Both times it has stopped with rest but have also been walking the dogs and sorting out stuff in our new house without it starting again.

tucking Craving shepherds pie now! I'm struggling to eat anything with sauces at the minute, definitly preferring dry, bland foods. Also getting through lots of ready salted crisps.

I'm having consultant-led care because I am underweight and have been told that I will have an extra scan at some point to check the baby is growing as normal. Anyone had this in previous pregnancies and know when the extra scan takes place? Is it between 20 week scan and birth?

legallyblond Mon 01-Apr-13 10:17:44

Morning all - just marking my place! Good luck to all those scanning this week. I am now worrying (lots, especially because there are two of them in there) about the 20 week scan! Mine is on 10th May.... Anyone else?

Still not really believing its twins.... The rules are so different, and I thought I would know it all this time round! Just hope I can make it to September to give birth.....! I am terrified of the quite real possibility of SCBU sad

legallyblond Mon 01-Apr-13 10:22:14

Oh and fish88 - I had this last pregnancy. My BMI was 18 at booking in but because I have previously (many moons ago now thank god!) been hospitalised for anorexia, I was consultant led. I had a planned extra scan at 30 weeks, then a further one at 35 weeks as I was measuring (fundal height - size of bump!) 8 weeks (ie 8cm) too small - DD was perfect sized of course 8lb4oz at 42 weeks (two weeks late). And I list weight quickly after preg again (because of so much breast feeding), but my weight has remained steady at BMI 20-21 since, which I much prefer!!!

Natalieand Mon 01-Apr-13 10:32:50

legally do u not get a 16 week scan? When I was expecting twins earlier in this pregnancy my midwife told me I would be scanned 4 weekly so 12-16-20-24 and so on and so forth..?

fish I had growth scans for the opposite reason to u being over weight and I had them also at 30 weeks and 35 weeks. So must be standard times they do growth scans

pinksky Mon 01-Apr-13 10:39:04

Fish, I have a friend who is 39 weeks and her bmi is still low. She has had extra growth scans, roughly every 4 weeks after 20 weeks. Not sure if they'll offer you as many? I'm seeing her tomorrow for lunch so can ask if you like. By the way, she's had a good pregnancy, baby has done really well and is a good size. She has suffered with low blood pressure.

Have a lovely day everyone, so nice to hear about scans etc, even 20 week ones, wow!

legallyblond Mon 01-Apr-13 10:49:21

Natalie, because my twins are the low risk kind (separate sacs and separate placentas), the scan every 4 weeks only kicks in after the 20 week scan. Then it's every 2 weeks from 32 weeks... I still just hope they both make it...! X

Natalieand Mon 01-Apr-13 10:55:10

Oh no that's a shame legallyhow lush would 4 weekly scans have been lol. I'm sure everything will be fine with them as you said it is low risk for a twin pregnancy, plus getting to 12 weeks is a big hurdle for multiple pregnancies isn't it xxx

Fish, what BMI did they count as underweight if you don't mind me asking? Different books and websites give different BMIs as a healthy minimum. I tried to get mine up quite dramatically before conceiving and in the first month or so of pregnancy so I think I should now be fine but I found it very confusing knowing what the healthy level was.

legallyblond Mon 01-Apr-13 11:35:31

I was always told 18 - 25 is healthy. They only did the scans for me with a BMI of 18 because of my history I think. That said, to be discharged from hospital care for the eating disorder (by that stage outpatient) you had to get to 19.5...

xuntitledx Mon 01-Apr-13 11:46:48

Morning all! I haven't been around for a while as I've been really ill with the flu sad however I had my scan last week and all looked perfect! I can't stop staring at the pictures, roll on the next scan!

Feeling much better this week, symptoms seemed to have eased off and I've lost 1/2 stone but I'm blaming that on the flu rather than anything else.

Morning all!

My next scan is May 9th legally but i am a wee bit tempted to go for a private sexing scan in 2 weeks lol just a wee bit i probably wont....maybe grin

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend and playing a few tricks today wink

Natalieand Mon 01-Apr-13 12:45:51

falcon how many weeks will that make u at the private sexing scan? I'm feeling tempted too and I haven't even had my 12 week scan yet haha

16+2 nat I suppose its a waste of a sorely needed 80 quid its £37 in glasgow but that would cost me £20 to get there and back anyhow lol...

Natalieand Mon 01-Apr-13 13:26:48

It's £79 here too falcon and its a easily a tenners worth of petrol as its like 30 miles away so return journey 60 miles, I think I'm gunna see how I feel at 16 weeks an how skint I am that week lol

Haylebop12 Mon 01-Apr-13 13:44:54

falcon I too am considering the gender scan at 16 weeks. It's £79 here too with a 4d free view and some 4d pics. The 4d pics at 16 weeks were brill as you could see all of baby not just face.

Feeling a bit rough today but got loads done on the house last week so having a relax smile

I have just been severely sick i thought it was gone never to return do you think it means something wrong if MS comes back?

Haylebop12 Mon 01-Apr-13 14:13:46

Not at allfalcon it more than likely shows your hormone levels are still strong.

I read, may or may not be correct the ms and HG are your bodies way of rejecting anything that can harm the baby. Ie food.

Natalieand Mon 01-Apr-13 14:15:11

I don't think it indicates a problem falcon friend of mine had morning sickness continuously for first 14 weeks and she's 22 weeks now and she's still sick on the odd occasion xxx

Smitten1981 Mon 01-Apr-13 14:15:15

I was considering the sexing scan, it's £120 here though and DH says we can wait an extra month. Boo.

I'm other news I've eaten goats cheese today because I bought a salad and forgot I was pregnant. Then I fell asleep in the bath. I'm not doing well so far am I?

roofio87 Mon 01-Apr-13 14:29:49

Haha smitten maybe just spend the rest of the day hiding under the duvet?!
falcon I've been feeling sick all night and day today and I thought I was over my ms too. I think unfortunately it can just come and go when it pleases!! smile smile

Slippysnow Mon 01-Apr-13 14:33:46

Hi everyone, does anyone know whether chocolate fondant is safe? I think I'm going to end up being a fussy guest at a wedding sad

cazboldy Mon 01-Apr-13 14:34:46

sorry to hear some of you feeling sick - with my girls i was sick for the whole 40 weeks - even when i was in labour - usually 4 -6 times a day!!

I haven't actually been sick once yet - although there have been a couple of close calls - normally if i smell something odd!

I am feeling much better today - sun is shining here, so probably why!

Thanks ladies Its reassuring that its fairly normal smile smitten get a duvet and watch films on the sofa its my great plan of action today!
roofio sorry its coming back for you too sad

caz maybe you are having a boy??

slippy no idea on the fondant but i think its ok, not heard otherwise myself.

JellyCurls Mon 01-Apr-13 15:24:03

Marking place.

Yesterday DH and I went round about 15 car showrooms trying to find a car where we can get three child seats along the back. Seems they are hard to come by, not sure what we are going to do.

Today i have today wandered round Glasgow city centre looking for maternity clothes or tall clothes to be told shops stock neither and need to order online.

I am home now in a serious grump with terrible pelvic pain. Great Easter weekend!

Hope you all had a better time than me x

fish88 Mon 01-Apr-13 15:39:09

Thanks legally and pink for the reassurance. The midwife said that she didn't think it would be too much of an issue for me but glad to know others have gone on to have babies at healthy weights. I have just always been very slim and have to eat constantly to put any weight on!

Orange I had managed to put on 8/9 pounds before conceiving but lost it within first month due to feeling queasy and off food. The midwife wrote my weight down as the weight I told her I was before conceiving and that put my BMI at almost 17 but was told that was still too underweight.

I know that doctors normally class underweight as under 18 but not sure if that is the same when pregnant. Looking forward to getting back into my food. Pregnancy might be my only chance to get to a normal weight! Going to try and keep some of the baby weight on afterwards. grin

pinkbuttons Mon 01-Apr-13 16:11:57

Hi all, thanks for the new thread pinksy

Sorry to everyone still feeling sick, Im 13+2 today and definitely feeling better generally and then sick as soon as I try and eat anything. Which isnt ideal, on a positive note have only lost 2lbs since pre pregnancy so could be worse. had put on quite a bit already with DS so this is very different!
To everyone discussing sexing scans at 16 weeks is this the earliest you can see? I have a research scan at 15+4 and hoping just a little bit we might be able to find out... Have no idea though.
Hope everyones had a lovely Easter weekend smile

juniper9 Mon 01-Apr-13 16:18:09

I'm having a duvet day. Suffering a lot with low blood pressure at the moment, so spending most of my time horizontally. Sick of feeling light headed and dizzy, with palpitations that make my head throb. Moan moan whinge whinge etc.

cazboldy Mon 01-Apr-13 16:19:01

falcon thats what i'm guessing! grin

Slippysnow Mon 01-Apr-13 17:06:11

Just watched the first episode ever of one born every min. There was a woman who was screaming so loud, I really couldn't stop giggling at her - I really hope karma doesn't come back to bite me on the bum.

Sorry you are feeling rubbish juniper. Thanks for that fish. My BMI was about 17.5 before we started trying, probably a bit underweight, it is now 19.5 which is a good level for me I think. Definitely wouldn't want to be this rounded most of the time but enjoying knowing it is a baby making me more curvy. Today we are clearing out the wardrobe of all my clothes that don't fit anymore to put in the attic. Also cleared out lots of old paperwork this morning. Spring cleaning time without the cleaning products that make me sick!

Soupqueen Mon 01-Apr-13 18:24:55

Thanks for the new thread, pinksky

legallyblonde, one of my friends had non identical twins last week and they're just fine. On the small side, but absolutely perfect.

Is anyone else dreading their scan? I feel like its been ages coming around and I've been so looking forward to it but now that it's close (Wednesday), I'm mostly just terrified. Terrified of a MMC. Terrified of the Downs syndrome test results. I feel sick to my stomach every time I think of the scan. My rational side tells me the odds are overwhelmingly in my favour that everything will be ok but I'm freaked. This is my first pregnancy and my first scan. Does anyone else feel like this?

I'm definitely feeling a bit better (12+3 today) but still having waves of nausea/exhaustion. Also lots of stabbing pains on the left hand side.

Gosh, that was a long old rant, sorry!

Soup I think it is really normal to be worried, I am too, mainly that there will be nothing there. But I am excited as well as it marks the end of first trimester, being able to tell people and start planning.

Natalieand Mon 01-Apr-13 19:15:02

pink u have a very good chance of finding out the sex unless u are particularly over weight or baby doesn't co-operate zxx

pinksky Mon 01-Apr-13 19:52:48

xuntitledx really sorry about the flu. I sympathise as I had it recently and it was awful. Great news about your scan though.

Soup I'm with you. Pretty petrified about the scan. I've been having some anxiety dreams about it. Nothing we can do but wait and as you say things are in our favour.

JellyCurls Mon 01-Apr-13 19:57:17

MoN off to bed now as up at silly o'clock for work tomorrow but wanted to say good luck for your scan tomorrow. Hope you get some good news x

Soupqueen Mon 01-Apr-13 19:59:23

pinksky, me too with the anxiety dreams. Although one did make me laugh. I was running really late so missed the appointment and they'd done the scan without me!?!

Soupqueen Mon 01-Apr-13 20:09:19

MoN thinking of you tomorrow.

pinksky Mon 01-Apr-13 20:10:01

That would be very clever, Soup grin My dreams have been incredibly vivid since becoming pg. one involved stealing a horse and taking it backstage at a Bon jovi gig to eat chips... Think I'd prefer that to worrying about scanning.

pinksky Mon 01-Apr-13 20:11:14

MoN with everyone else - will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending best wishes X

Natalieand Mon 01-Apr-13 20:22:02

Best of luck for tomorrow MoN xxx

Ah yes MoN, thinking of you for tomorrow x x

Talking about anxiety dreams - I had the full back to back classics last night: first that my teeth were crumbling and falling out; then that I had a school reunion and nobody wanted me to come (because they didn't like me) and all my personal documents and diaries were available for everyone to see; then that my dp had gone off me and didn't want to be with me anymore; and finally that I was getting kicked of my professional training course (which I passed in 2008!) Not very subtle hey! And I had another a few days ago that I was dying. Yes, I get it Unconscious, my life is changing forever! And I'm a bit anxious about it!

Thankyou so much everyone. I've spent the day reading the stories of women who have been told the same thing as me and who's babies were healthy so feeling more hopeful.
We're seriously considering the CVS test now but we'll see what tomorrow brings.

tuckingfits Mon 01-Apr-13 20:35:26

Best wishes for tomorrow MoN,will be thinking of you. Fwiw I think in your position I would go for the CVS just for the but of reassurance either way,I know I'm not in your position but I think I would choose to be as informed as possible to try & help in the decision making process. See what tomorrow brings & take strength from all of us supporting you & hope from the many stories you've read.xxx

thinking of you mon xx

Sanjifair Mon 01-Apr-13 20:46:59

Best of luck tomorrow MoN. I can add a positive story, I know a 2.5 year old whose mum was told at the first scan that she wasn't viable and that they should terminate. She is a 100% healthy child.

cazboldy Mon 01-Apr-13 21:03:15

Best of Luck MoN xxx

Natalieand Mon 01-Apr-13 21:10:25

What time is your appt MoN?? Xx

legallyblond Mon 01-Apr-13 21:30:27

MoN thinking of you for tomorrow. It must seem like a bad dream.

Jellycurls - after the twin surprise, we are in the same boat (need a car which can fit 3 child/baby seats). I think we concluded we need a 7 seater... We're looking at the Seat Alhambra. The "middle" row of seats each has it's own adult size seat (as opposed to the sort of bench row in normal cars iyswim) and we would drop the rear row and use the boot space for the dog and double buggy (which looks from internet research like it'll need a car to itself!!).

Natalieand Mon 01-Apr-13 21:42:27

legally and jelly look at the Citroen Picasso they also have 3 individual rear seats and a massive boat and very reasonably priced too my mum had one and it as nice. I've got a 2005 focus and there's no way 3 car seats would fit in the back of that

My appointment is at 11am Natalie.
legally it is just like a bad dream. Me and dp both admitted to pinching ourselves the day after the scan just to check that it wasn't.

I will be thinking of you at 11 MoN.

cherrycherry41 Tue 02-Apr-13 00:49:21

Good luck MoN, and remember whatever the outcome is and whatever you choose we'll never judge you and we'll be here for you thanks

Have everything crossed for good news for you xx

JellyCurls Tue 02-Apr-13 05:02:34

legally we had a twin for DC1 + DC2 that was super, takes up less space than our single buggy. It was a mini city twin and would highly recommend it. Folds in two top to bottom so lies completely flat and is also a pull one strap fold mechanism so no engineering degree and octopus arms required.

Hadn't considered the Alhambra, will google it later. We have kind of decided on a Volvo XC90 as 3 individual seats in back and boot big enough to accommodate pram and DC1 pushchair / wheelchair. Really don't want one kiddo sitting in the boot space

favellio Tue 02-Apr-13 06:26:00

Thinking of you today MoN thanks

Iheartcrunchiebars Tue 02-Apr-13 06:29:00

Best of luck today Mon. Ill be thinking of you at 11am.

Think I am now in the energetic phase (although am on a run of 6 x 14 hours days so don't really have a choice! Afternoon off tomorrow when I'm going to put my feet up!!

12 weeks today! Which is a lovely landmark.

Natalieand Tue 02-Apr-13 08:11:51

I'm just wondering how everyone felt the day before their 12 week scan? Mine is tomorrow when ill be exactly 12 weeks and I am a nervous wreck what if something's gone wrong and I don't no about it? What if I get bad news what do I do? I'm having a right panic about it! Did n e one else feel like this? I have no symptoms really apart for being tired as anything I'm literally counting the hours to this scan hoping everything is ok! Xxxx

Soupqueen Tue 02-Apr-13 08:28:10

Natalie, I'm tomorrow and a nervous wreck too. Barely slept last night.

HotSoupDumpling Tue 02-Apr-13 08:31:39

Good luck Mon.

I am also having the most bizarro dreams every night. Very unsettling.

Iheartcrunchiebars Tue 02-Apr-13 08:42:17

Natalie and soup queen. It's very scary. Also after the scan you have about 48 hours of feeling reassured then you start worrying again!

Quite glad I've got to go back for a second scan next week because at least it (hopefully) will relax me for another 48 hours. Good luck with your scans!

Wispa123 Tue 02-Apr-13 08:54:47

Morning! WOW! Another thread! What a chatty lot! Lots of scan chat...my NHS scan is on Monday which by my original dates would mean I was 14+1 hence going for a private scan. Found out we are actually a week ahead of where we thought so NHS scan will be at 15weeks! Insanely late for the nuchal translucency scan so really pleased we went private. £100 for scan and £95 for bloods but well WELL worth it! Now I'm wondering if at my NHS scan they might be able to tell the sex of our little sprog? Google suggests they might although far more accurate at 20 weeks! Dying to know as I'm watching about a million lovely things on ebay and can't wait to get buying.

Got a couple of mental weeks coming up now! Its the school hols but rather than resting I am planning, assessing etc and then moving house.....again....ARGH!!! Got the boxes at the ready and gearing up for a mass clear out in preparation for the new little addition to the family!

Hope you all had a lovely Easter and have sufficiently stuffed your faces with lots of chocolate!!!

Just marking place.

Best of luck MoN, fingers crossed for you x

roofio87 Tue 02-Apr-13 09:32:17

thinking of you and your family today MoN xx

wispa, you never know they might be able to tell u the sex,depends how clear the image is,hopefully you'll get a good pic anyway. can't believe you'll be 15w by time of ur first scan. what if u couldn't afford to go private but were really wanting the tests!! that is really bad imo. I'm generally a big fan of the nhs but they are bloody mad sometimes!!

all good here, 13+4 today and belly popping out more all the time,so glad I no longer have to hide it!

I tried not to think too much before my scan but was terrified when I actually got in there,thought I was going to vom!! felt like forever until she said "you have one little baby in there with a good strong heartbeat" best words ever!!grin grin

Tarlia Tue 02-Apr-13 09:41:49

Good luck this morning, MoN. We will all be virtually holding your hand xx

pinkbuttons Tue 02-Apr-13 10:21:22

Thinking of you MoN missed your news the other day, but sending you lots of positive and supportive thoughts today. xxx

I have caved in and booked a private scan for tomorrow. No reason at all except that I want reassurance and I don't want to wait until 13 weeks. Time really drags at the moment. Luckily DH is supportive and doesn't think I am being frivolous. Now I get to see if anything is in there tomorrow and hopefully see my baby! grin

roofio87 Tue 02-Apr-13 11:07:03

orange I bet its so exciting to suddenly have your scan tomorrow!! hope it goes well and you get a good look!!

SeriousStuff Tue 02-Apr-13 11:13:44

Good luck today MoN

I went a bit awol over the weekend and desperately trying to catch up with you all now!

Had a great time, full of roast dinners, Easter eggs and hot cross buns...basically, on Friday at 11+6, my nausea and tiredness completely disappeared! I'm desperately hoping it stays away now as I finally feel great after 6 weeks of feeling very sorry for myself.

On another note though, on Thursday, I had a hair colouring test done (where they place a blob of hair colour behind your ear to test for any allergic reaction) and I somehow managed to get some on my finger whilst eating supper and licked it off thinking it was food! I was absolutely mortified. Having done everything by the book since I got my BFP, there I was consuming what is basically bleach!

I'm now desperate for a cup of tea - I haven't had any caffeine in this pg yet - anyone else coming off the wagon?

Natalieand Tue 02-Apr-13 11:57:54

serious stuff I didn't know u couldn't drink tea? I'm not a big tea drinker but I have the occasional cup with some biscuits lol an have done since I have been pregnant. Tbh I don't think I've avoided anything food/drink wise size bfp mainly cos a lot of the stuff on the not allowed list I don't eat anyway so doesn't effect me. And I only like my eggs with hard yolks anyway even when I'm not pregnant.

Hope all is going well at the hosp MoN thinking of u.

Just had a nice big clear out of dd's wardrobe and popped to tesco too treat her to a few new bits :-) desperately trying to find odd jobs to do today to make the day pass usually dh getting home at 7 signals end of the day for me but his work own a VIP box at a football stadium so he's going their this eve to watch a match so today is going to be the slowest ever! 22 hours to go till scan lol xxx

Who else is scanning today? Best of luck to u all zx

orange there are now 6 of us scanning tomorrow! What a busy scan day for our thread hope it goes well for us all xxx

roofio87 Tue 02-Apr-13 11:59:02

serious I'm sure one tiny blob of hair dye isn't going to do any harm at all. its not that toxic or they wouldn't let u put it on your head!! I've been having a cup of coffee a day,occasionally 2 all through my pg. I couldn't do without and that's still in the limit you're allowed so the odd cuppa will be fine!!smile

Hooray for a busy scan day tomorrow!

Natalie, I am still in clear out mode this week too. At the moment I am entering in lots of old books on amazon trade in. So far three big piles is only worth £5. hmm I don't think this is going to be making me rich! I may just bring it all down to the charity shop with some old clothes and horrible doilies my DH's nan gave us.

Serious, I agree, I am sure a tiny bit won't do you any harm. I don't imagine it tasted very nice though. it is bad enough when you accidentily taste soap. Eugh.

Hello everyone. I had my scan, there is no change. 10mm of fluid around the baby and the upper normal level is around 3.5mm I think.
I've booked in for an amniocentesis on the 30th but they've said If I can't cope with the 4 week wait I can have the CVS next week. There is a higher chance of miscarriage with that and the placenta is quite far back so I don't think it's worth the risk.
I asked if worst cane to the worst how they would go about performing a late termination since I've had 4 previous cesareans and they've said I can have the standard D§C and not a surgical termination as first thought.
They've assured me it would be carried out on a week day when they had full staff and I'd be well monitored. I just hope it doesn't come to that.

pinkbuttons Tue 02-Apr-13 12:33:06

Wow very busy day tomorrow, How exciting! Looking forward to hearing all your news.

serious I wouldn't worry too much about your hair dye, I also "fell of the wagon" at the weekend accidentally. I ate the most amazing proscuitto ham and edam sandwich before remembering I was pregnant... Thankfully 2 days on am fine but was really worried and very annoyed at myself. Im another one that's kept up with my cup of tea a day habit though so I think you've done very well for cutting it out completely till now!

I got my consultant appt. in the post this morning and its not till 21 weeks. Just wondered when everyone else who is under consultant care has their first appt? I have an underactive thyroid and was told it would be monitored carefully throughout the pregnancy. Phoned my Dr who just told me it was fine and not to worry, just wait but I dont think not being monitored at all from 7 - 21 weeks is careful at all?? or am I just panicking unnecessarily?

sorry for panic post, cant help but not entirely trust the system after poor care last time.

pinkbuttons Tue 02-Apr-13 12:35:34

Sorry MoN cross posted with you. Im sorry there has been no change and you dont have many more answers. It sounds like you have a plan though. Were the Drs able to answer your questions with regards to what the amniocentesis will be able to tell you? Also sounds positive re: not requiring further surgery. Im so sorry your going through this. xx

MotherOfNations, thank you for letting us know how you got on. Did they give you an idea of all the alternative things that could cause the fluid? Did you get a chance to ask all your questions? I suppose that is good news that if you did have to have a termination that should mean it would not have to be your last chance with DP. Is that right? Very good luck for the amnio on 30th. That is a long wait for you isn't it.

MoN sorry to hear that your appointment today wasn't more reassuring. How are you feeling now, and have you been able to talk to your OH properly yet?

Natalieand Tue 02-Apr-13 12:41:53

MoN are their any other indicators of downs on the scan? I.e nasal bone missing? Sounds like a terrible predicament too be in. Sending virtual hugs xxxxxx

pink I'm having consultant led care for high bmi and my first appt is at 14+2 I got send it before I even got send my scan appt lol. I had consultant led care last time too with dd and first appt was at 15 weeks xxxx

The amnio would rule out all possible conditions apart from a heart defect. That would only be picked up on a scan at around 22 wks.
There's been no menation of other signs of downs, I have another dating scab next week so will ask about that then. Were feeling a lot more positive today now that we've made the decision to have the amnio and now we know that our chances of another child aren't ruined if the worst possible happens.

roofio87 Tue 02-Apr-13 13:03:49

MoN sorry you have a long wait for the amino. I hope you and your dp are doing ok xx

pinksy I have an appointment with consultant on same day as next scan,so 20+3. don't really feel I need it though, have to see them because I had cancer 3 years ago but am pretty sure they'll take one look at my notes and agree that it has nothing to do with pg or baby and deem me low risk. I'm sure its worrying though if u feel u should be seen sooner. have u asked mw?

Sorry to hear that mon but at least you have a plan now.flowers

roofio congrats on your scan going well smile

Well me and Dp are taking advantage of having a babysitter for the first time ever and are off out for lunch.

Great idea MoN.

cazboldy Tue 02-Apr-13 13:51:17

sorry the news wasn't better MoN, enjoy your lunch xx

roxvox Tue 02-Apr-13 14:02:40

Sorry to hear that MoN. Pleased to hear you've got a bit of an action plan though even if the circumstances aren't the best.

Tarlia Tue 02-Apr-13 14:34:55

MoN hope you both enjoyed your lunch! Glad you are feeling more positive now you have a plan of action.

pink I'm having my first consultant appointment at 20ish weeks on scan day - but I'm not in UK. I had early onset pre-eclampsia last time, which resulted in being signed off work and partial bed rest at 25 weeks. Ive not yet been advised of preventative measures or to take asprin yet :/ .Have you had any thyroid tests yet? Did you need meds last time?

I'm dreading my scan tomorrow sad Still having all day MS here, will it ever end!? I hope I don't have it all the way through this time as I keep hearing of people with it of HG all the way through - nightmare!

pinkbuttons Tue 02-Apr-13 15:09:57

Lunch out with DP sounds perfect MoN Enjoy!

Thank you everyone seems like a range of appt. times then. Havent spoken to MW as not sure how to get hold of er but have an appt. booked for in 2 weeks so will definitely be asking then. I normally take medication which they upped by 25% when I found out I was pregnant. Havent been tested since 7 weeks, have scared myself by googling the effect that it may have on the baby. Was hoping to not need consultant care after initial appt. Think will just have to wait 2 weeks and explain my concerns to the midwife that will only be 8 weeks after first test so shouldnt change to much. I hate not knowing whats going on with my body!

Sorry your still feeling so rubbish tarlia really hope your feeling better soon!

sisteroutlaw Tue 02-Apr-13 15:20:48

(Just added myself to the STATS thread (sisteroutlaw, 36, EDD 17th October, 1DS (2y9m))

Hello everybody! Have had a quick look through this (fifth!!) thread and just wanted to give hugs to everyone. Even the second time round this pg malarky is an anxiety-ridden mammoth road trip!

Am waiting for scan at which time I'll be 13 weeks. Bit worried there'll be nothing there or there'll be something seriously wrong and we'll have some tricky decisions to make... appreciate these are common anxieties.

I'm really rather hungry most of the time unlike with first. There are no more snacks in my desk drawer... <eyes up chocolate biscotti languishing on colleagues desk>

Smitten1981 Tue 02-Apr-13 15:26:04

Sorry if I sound a bit dumb here but with the midwife appointments ( I think my next one is the 16?? or 18?? week one) do you have to call the doctors and book it, or does it get booked automatically and you get a letter through?

I didn't get told at the booking appt so I'm wondering if I should get it booked in now or not?

Sorry if i sound daft, but I'm starting to get myself into such a tizzy about things as I feel like I haven't been told what to do at all and I have no idea what I'm supposed to be doing.

JellyCurls Tue 02-Apr-13 15:34:19

MoN sorry your scan didn't bring you better news but glad there is a plan in place and more scans to check how things are progressing.

JellyCurls Tue 02-Apr-13 15:37:02

smitten we call and book our own 16 week appointment here, its at the doctors surgery. No-one told me when having DC1 so we sawed wife at 8 weeks then only went back at 24 weeks and got a gentle wrist slap

Smitten1981 Tue 02-Apr-13 15:44:29

It's rubbish isn't it? I think they just presume that you automatically know what to do so they don't tell you ANYTHING! Maybe it's prep for when the babies actually arrive.

Natalieand Tue 02-Apr-13 15:56:54

smitten I booked in with midwife at 6 weeks and she made an appt to see me again at 13 weeks in her diary and when I are her then she'll put in her diary to see me at 16ish weeks. Xxx

Smitten1981 Tue 02-Apr-13 15:59:03

I'll ask at the maternity desk when i go for the scan on Monday I think, as well as picking up the prescription exemption form I didn't get given at booking in either - tsk!

HotSoupDumpling Tue 02-Apr-13 16:00:57

Smitten - just as the other ladies said, we had to ask for a maternity exemption form and book the 16 week appointment ourselves. This resulted in lots of idle wondering about what other things we should do ourselves but no one tells us to do...

Natalieand Tue 02-Apr-13 16:02:07

Omg I'm so excited for my scan tommorow morn I could BURST but then I'm just as nervous at the same time lol

pinksky Tue 02-Apr-13 16:24:48

Mon thank you for posting the update. I hope the next few weeks are gentle on you, I'm really pleased that you're feeling positive at the moment. I'm sure you're totally clued up but if you need extra support do call ARC www.arc-uk.org/ Keeping everything crossed for you for the 30th.

Welcome, sisteroutlaw sounds like we all have the same worries!

Smitten I was wondering the same--you could easily miss an appointment. how annoying for you last time, Jelly. After reading about it on here I asked for my prescription form at booking in so have sent that off.

juniper9 Tue 02-Apr-13 16:54:12

My hospital have booked it all for me- pros and cons. I keep having to rearrange appointments as they don't fit in with work.

I'm also under consultant led care for asthma (apparently, if I've had an asthma attack within the last 2 years then I count as high risk! hmm ) but I've not been impressed with them. At my last appointment, she told me I was asthmatic. I pointed out that I had known that for 23 years. She then asked me if I'd ever seen a peak flow meter before. Again, 23 years of asthma. She then explained how I should take my inhalers, which I've had for 23 years (blue) and 15 years (orange). Really really helpful stuff. Cannot wait for the next appointment.

I may have pre empted things but i bought 5 second hand baby girl grobags blush it was only 15 pound for all 5 and I am pretty convinced baby is a girl but if not i will give to my cousin who has a girl smile

I was so tempted to have a wee look in mothercare today while in town but Dp persuaded me out of it. He's right ofcourse but I just want to do the things all other expectant mums are doing.
I think I'll just need to try and forget I'm pregnant until it's time for the amnio.

roofio87 Tue 02-Apr-13 17:17:03

falcon if it was me id have baby sleeping in them either way they were a bargain!! who will see them in their grow bag?! my niece has a beautiful yellow baby blanket emblazoned with "beautiful baby boy" because my sister declared it too nice not to re use for her ds!!wink

pinksky Tue 02-Apr-13 17:22:58

Oh MoN of course you want to do the things you should be doing sad X

Thankyou for posting the link pinksky

Sorry mon i did not think when i posted about buying things sorry if i upset you sad

Smitten1981 Tue 02-Apr-13 18:10:06

I haven't bought anything yet. I'm waiting for the 20 week scan before I start. It's sooooo far away! I keep eyeing up all the Little Bird stuff on Mothercare though, I want it all!

funkky Tue 02-Apr-13 18:17:54

Smitten I have to book in MW appt myself, but I was given a list of when to book them for (e.g. 16 week, 25 week etc) as first time mums have more MW appt than others, and i just book around these dates. Perhaps ask at your hospital for all the appt you need.

I had my 16 week MW appt today and was not told I needed to come with pee so had the embarassing run to queue to get a pee pot then dash to toilet, then back to office holding my wee like a prize in my hand!

Plus side, there was nothing wrong and MW checked for baby's heartbeat on her doopla and sounded fine.

All the best to those who have scans this week!

funkky Tue 02-Apr-13 18:20:44

I am actually 15 weeks tomorrow, but MW was fully booked next week and I wanted the appt ealier rather than later.

MON Glad another scan has been booked for you and I hope its a gentle next few weeks until scan

Wow 16week scan sounds far along. Almost half way there!

MoN I was really hopeful that if the worst came to the worst this wouldn't be your only chance, but I wasn't sure about posting that as it seemed a bit callous until you had more information. But it sounds now like you've got a good plan, you're more aware of your options and you aren't in that horrible limbo of waiting and not knowing. I'm sorry that these four weeks will drag tho... And not knowing whether to get involved in mummy activities that might make you feel worse if it is bad news, or try and ignore pregnancy until the amnio, and regret missed opportunities if it's all ok. Tough. (Personally I'm a 'prepare for the worst' type - it feels self protective. But whatever works for you x x)

Oli31 Tue 02-Apr-13 19:40:01

Hi all

After spending the last several weeks getting excited with you about an October arrival, very reluctantly I have to climb off the October bus as my miscarriage was confirmed today.

I had some discharge on Friday night which continued for 24 hours, but nothing heavy and no cramps. I called NHS Direct who said there was nothing to worry about. I went into A&E on Sunday who sent me away without even examining me and the same again yesterday. Today I was finally seen and scanned and was told there was no heartbeat.

Tomorrow I'm going in for a D&C (I don't even know what that stands for) under local anaes. Feeling emotional and exhausted, but grateful to have a DH and DS around.

I wish you all the best best of luck and happiness with your Oct bundles of joy. I will be back on another bus soon xx

Falcon you didn't upset me at all. I still feel excited for all of you even if I can't join in as such.
So sorry to hear your news Oli31.

Pannacotta I'm not feeling as hopeful now that I've realised from googling (Yes, I know) that 10 mm is an extremely high NF measurement and the outcome is rarely good. I might opt for the CVS at next weeks scan after all.

JellyCurls Tue 02-Apr-13 20:03:34

Oli I am so sad to hear your news, take care of yourself c

MoN I am also not looking just now. Waiting till anomaly check is done before getting ready

Oil so sorry to hear your news and that you didn't feel very well looked after. I hope you get back on anther bus as soon as you feel ready. thanks

MoN, four weeks is a long time to wait. I can definitely understand going for the CVS sooner rather than later - I think that would be my choice if I were in your shoes as well, especially if your research indicates limited good outcome. The sooner you have clearer information the sooner you can take action if need be. I hope it isn't too callous again to say that some things just aren't meant to be - in some ways I think we are lucky to have modern science and medicine to prevent extended suffering for ourselves and very very poorly unborn babies. I really hope that isn't offensive or upsetting to anyone sad.

Oh and I'm sorry for your sad news too Oli sad. Good luck and best wishes for next time round x x

Iheartcrunchiebars Tue 02-Apr-13 20:26:36

So sorry to hear what's happened oli. Love to you x

Natalieand Tue 02-Apr-13 20:27:53

panacotta I have a similar out look on things like that too. Not that it makes it any easier for those who are in such a position. But I also think if in that situation I would most likely go for the Cvs too.. MoN what kind of abnormalities could the cvs rule out?

If your scanning tomorrow can u shout please I've forgotten who is and I'm excited for us all lol xxx

Natalieand Tue 02-Apr-13 20:28:29

Sorry for your news oil :-(. Hope to see u back on an early 2014 bus xxxx

JellyCurls Tue 02-Apr-13 20:49:15

CVs can check for chromosomal problems, some genetic conditions and blood disorders etc

Natalieand, I'm scanning tomorrow, you are grin, Tarlia is and a few others too...

Natalieand Tue 02-Apr-13 21:16:38

So me, panacotta, tarlia, orangeblossom and two others. God only knows how I'm gunna sleep tonight lol

Sanjifair Tue 02-Apr-13 21:17:21

Sorry to hear that you didn't get more positive news today MoN. I think in your shoes I would take the CVS. And sorry to hear your news too Oli.

Good luck to all those scanning tomorrow, will be a busy day on the thread! Mine is the day after so just two sleeps til scan day!

Mind you I use the term 'sleep' loosely as I am still sleeping poorly. Hoping that improves on the second trimester.

ananikifo Tue 02-Apr-13 21:26:22

I'm so sorry to hear your news oli.

I was feeling increasingly sick in the last week. We visited a friend in Ireland over the weekend and I felt great relative to the previous week, but still not eating my normal amounts. Now I'm back to my normal routine and back to feeling sick at work. People at work have started asking if I'm ok. I just want to tell them all so they know what's going on!

I weighed myself today and I've lost almost a pound in the last week, even though I had another boob growth spurt and my waist seems to be staying the same. DH is deathly worried. He went to asda and bought me pastries and cream-based pasta sauces. He told me he's now trying to fatten me up!

On the bright side I bought some Aran wool in Ireland and new knitting needles today and I've started a tiny little cardigan! I'm making the 3-6mo size and it seems so small and cute!

My scan feels ages away still (the 12th) but I think when the time comes and we tell everyone (thinking positively) I'm not sure I'm prepared for reactions. Telling close friends and family one by one is not the same as having every random Facebook friend know. I try to imagine it and it's a bit overwhelming. Does anyone else feel that way?

Livened Tue 02-Apr-13 21:29:04

So sorry to hear some people are having a bad time of things. It certainly makes you realise how much family and friends mean, and I hope those on here with uncertain news get answers soon.

I've got my scan on Friday - am I the only one?


pinkbuttons Tue 02-Apr-13 21:35:10

So sorry to hear your news Oli sending you lots of love xx

MoN I cant honestly say what I would do in your position but I do understand why you would be thinking of having the CVS, have you been able to talk to Dp about that being a possibility?

Sorry your still feeling rubbish ana Just wanted to say I feel exactly the same re: telling everyone, ie. facebook. Im now 13+3 and still haven't told alot of people, only family really and friends that we have seen. I have started to worry that Im not as excited this time round but I think I am, Im just enjoying telling people and seeing their faces I think. Just not ready to put it out in cyberspace yet I guess.

Good luck to everyone having scans tomorrow! Will be keeping an eye out for you all.

Rockchick1984 Tue 02-Apr-13 21:42:07

Oli I'm so sorry to hear your news thanks

MoN will you definitely terminate if its bad news from the amnio/CVS or are you undecided? I hope you and DH are holding up ok, glad you got a nice lunch just the 2 of you.

I'm having a couple of nights away with DS and my mum, so DH can get drunk have some peace and quiet. I've been sleeping so deeply since BFP that if DS disturbs in the night, I've not heard him blush so DH has had to get up most nights with him despite having work and me being a SAHM so this way he can catch up on some sleep!

legallyblond Tue 02-Apr-13 21:48:41

Hi all.

So sorry Oli, and MoN, I hope you get a resolution and some more answers soon.

I am also not buying anything... Given it's twins, it much more risky, so there's no guarantee that I'll be having one, two or any healthy babies... Could be terribly prem. Plus I personally think the 20 week scan is a much bigger deal in terms of finding things wrong...

Sorry to be a bit of a downer... Just venting my own fears!

Rockchick I'm undecided. I think I would find it really hard but Dp is pretty certain that termination would be for the best. We've talked and talked pinkbuttons but just when we think we've decided for definite what we're going to do one of us becomes uncertain.

Tarlia Tue 02-Apr-13 22:32:43

oli I'm terribly sorry to hear your news sad I Hope that you get better treatment from now on. Thoughts are with you, take time to heal xx

MoN its such a tough decision and plenty think they know what they would do in the given situation, but once you are actually facing those decisions everything changes. Take time, you have a week to decide about the CVS, perhaps take a day or two not discussing it at home so that you can both process things in your own heads. We are here for you as a sounding board if you need to rant, want support or ask anything.

Yes, I am scanning tomorrow. I remember Tucking said the other day she was too but there was another too... I think it was falcon ?? Show yourself mystery scan buddy..

rockchick you horrible wife, you :P . Just kidding, same happening in my house, however I'm worse, I'm not sleeping through DS, I'm poking OH to get up as jumping out of bed kick starts the MS. It seems the slower I can take getting out of bed the more likely I am to stomach breakfast or not be on the verge of throwing up for the remainder of the night. Enjoy some time being spoiled by mum.

Hi all, so sorry to hear you are having to have such difficult conversations MoN it sounds great that you and DP are managing to talk about it, but horrible that it isn't the exciting time that it should be. Take care of each other x

Sorry for your news Oli hope you're on another bus soon flowers

I am the mystery scan buddy Tarlia grin and am on the sofa with hot cross buns and strawberry milkshake trying to tire myself out so I don't wake up in the night stressing out. Appt is at 9.20 so I'm probably the first... Eeek! Been trying not to think about it for a while, hence not posting- although I have been keeping up with the thread. Most symptoms have gone now although I had to let DP finish the shopping 20 mins in walking around Sainsburys. I went and sat down by the checkouts, was faint for a while. Thanks to you lovely lot I know losing symptoms is pretty normal... Doesn't stop me worrying though. Roll on tomorrow, hopefully good news for us all it feels like Christmas Eve without the guaranteed pressies and good food hmm

Ananikifo I have taken up knitting too and just finished a very cute little bootie!

I am having my private scan tomorrow too at 11+0 so I am joining you all. Nhs scan in two weeks.

not me tralia I'm 14+3 I had my scan last week, good luck to all the scanners tomorrow smile

seems I'm the only one buying stuff but I have little income so need the time to buy bit by bit. I feel very positive and happy and just want to enjoy this time smile

notsoold Wed 03-Apr-13 02:38:34

Sanji....my scan was moved to the 12th so I won't be your scan buddy after all....fx for you on Friday xxxx

Because of my private scan on the 22nd the dates have moved and scan and edd have changed as well.
Feeling brave enough to finally add my name to the STATs thread....

pinksky Wed 03-Apr-13 07:01:19

Oli I'm really sorry to hear your news. I hope you are being looked after now. Hope you're back on an AN bus soon.

It's a big scan day today so sending very best wishes to all of you, I hope you actually managed some sleep!

Natalieand Wed 03-Apr-13 07:09:36

scan buddies today is the day whoop whoop!!!!!

Been awake since 3.33 lol I can't sleep through excitement here's to hoping everything runs smoothly for us all
feminist I think u r scanning first then me and one other r at 10.20 And iml not sure on everyone elses times. Best of luck to u all today xxxx

Good luck to all those who are scanning today.

Natalieand Wed 03-Apr-13 07:57:20

Thank u MoN that means a lot, how r u feeling today? Xxx

Iheartcrunchiebars Wed 03-Apr-13 08:07:27

Good luck scanners! Looking forward to hearing all about it xx

legallyblond Wed 03-Apr-13 08:15:18

Yes, good luck to all scanning!!

JellyCurls Wed 03-Apr-13 08:16:36

Good luck today ladies x

Soupqueen Wed 03-Apr-13 08:20:50

I'm this morning too, 11:20. I feel calmer than I have all week.

Tarlia Wed 03-Apr-13 08:23:15

Ah ha! See I knew the name began with an F! Fem you were my second guess, sorry we forgot you. Still, we can all blame baby brain!

I'm up at 12.30 uk time, I'm not excited at all, I'm literally terrified. Pretty rediculous, I know.

I almost bought two cute tiny star covered Babygro's the other day - 1 in a girly colour mix, the other boy mix. But then I told myself off as this time we will find out the sex at OH's request.

Tarlia Wed 03-Apr-13 08:24:23

I posted too soon!! I meant to add...

Good luck to my scan buddies, I hope it's good news for all of us!!

Thanks for all the good luck wishes, sending mine out to everyone too! Woke up 5 times in the night, so much for tiring myself out hmm probably had about 5 hours sleep... Been laying in bed chatting to DP trying to calm myself down, v v nervous which is taking over excitement! Oh we'll, better get ready hospital is about 15 mins away but will leave more time as I will cry of we're late and they won't scan me!!

Big scan day, need to woman up!! grin

Not too bad Natalie. Seriously considering the CVS now but knowing me I'll change my mind again tomorrow

roxvox Wed 03-Apr-13 09:20:43

Sorry to hear your news Oli, I hope you find yourself on another bus soon.

Good luck to all those scanning today, please let us know how you get on!

Warlin Wed 03-Apr-13 09:26:30

MoN just read your news...I'm so sorry for the dilemma you have...must be so hearbreaking. Hope you are ok.

We had our nuchal scan on Friday which checks for fluid build up. The 3 conditions are Down's, Edward's Syndrome and Patau Syndrome (think Patau is the only one not compatable with life). I had the test as I have Downs in the family and 2 of my friends have had babies with Patau syndrome (which is really rare). Our fluid measurements were fine but I was asking the consultant what we would do if they were increased. He said many people with increased fluid go on to have totally normal babies. You can get a blood test done which will check for certain hormones. It can't guarantee but will give you a risk factor of there being something wrong with the baby. The bloods have to be done before 14 weeks but aren't invasive like the amnio. Would you not consider an amnio? The risk of miscarriage is so small, although I know it's tough to make that decision.

I really hope your scan gives you some clarity and am keeping everything crossed that your LO is one of the lucky ones. Big hugs xx

Oli so so sorry for your news too. I hope DH and DS are keeping your spirits up. flowers

My scan is 11.20 too. I could hardly sleep at all. Excited and nervous and not wanting to oversleep and be late. Feels a bit like a job interview. good luck today everyone.

One baby, everything looks as it should. Wouldn't straighten out at first so had fun watching it wiggling about when the sonographer was asking me to cough! Will try to put a pic up later, good luck to everyone else scanning today!

Forgot to say they put me forward 2 days to 12+2 so due 14th October

Warlin Edwards syndrome is also incompatible with life. Turner's syndrome is also a possibility. I am booked in for an amnio on the 30th but 4 weeks is a long time to wait and will make a termination more difficult physically and emotionally.
I too have read stories of babies who have been born healthy after a high fluid measurement but 6mm is considered extremely high, my baby has 10mm and I can't find any positive stories online with that measurement. Most cases seem to be Turner's rather than downs.

legallyblond Wed 03-Apr-13 09:55:23

MoN - I think I've mentioned it before, but if it is the miscarriage risk putting you off the CVS, do consider the Harmony Test at Fetal Medicine Centre (I beleive also offered at 3 other places, not London)- it is non invasive (no risk of mc) but as accurate. Because its private, they would do it this week I expect. It might be a way to at least get the full picture sooner rather than later so you can start to decide what to do with DP.

There are threads about it on the Antenatal Tests board x

The consultant said there would be little point in doing the blood test as the fluid measurement is so severe that the result would come back as high risk no matter what the blood test result was.

SeriousStuff Wed 03-Apr-13 09:59:48

Great news Feminist

I'm not due an official scan today but my MIL is going to do one for me tonight (I think she's more excited than I am!)

I'm 12+4 today so hopefully the baby will have grown from my 10+3 '12 week' scan! If so I will post a pic later.

Good luck everyone else!

legallyblond Wed 03-Apr-13 10:02:55

I think that the Harmony test is not the same as the blood test which gives a risk reactor. It is, I think, much more detailed that that and also looks st other scan markers such as DV flow, liver function/flow, nasal bone, etc. Just trying to think of ways where you might "deal" with all this sooner rather than later without being faced with the risk of miscarrying a possibly healthy baby because of the CVS. Whatever you end up choosing to do, I know that I couldn't wait four weeks to make that decision and know the facts...

We are thinking of you!!! X x

legallyblond Wed 03-Apr-13 10:04:41

I meant risk "factor"...

legallyblond Wed 03-Apr-13 10:07:46

Congrats Feminist!!!grin

littleducks Wed 03-Apr-13 10:07:59

MoN- I know the wait will be long and tough but after reading your posts (and I'm sorry if this sounds patronising but I think that sometimes these things should be said) you have made a sensible, logical decision. I hope you get the support you need in the coming weeks.

Serious- thats so cool, all my MIL does is offer 'helpful' advice (she had her children in the 60s and it was very different) I wish she could give me a scan!

I have another booking appointment on Saturday, the antenatal care has been so crap I'm considering switching to a different hospital entirely. I might even get another scan next week, they have sent me an appointment which I havent cancelled yet but I'm going to ask the MW at the appointment if they really want their own or if a copy of the scan report would do.

Sorry cross post legally The harmony test doesn't rule out Turner' so we would still have that worry and though the consultant keeps speaking about Down's all the cases I've read with the same fluid measurement as me have turned out to be Turner's.

legallyblond Wed 03-Apr-13 10:22:36

Hmmm, no good then. Thinking of you x

notsoold Wed 03-Apr-13 10:23:40

mon thinking of you xxxx

Good luck for all the scanners today!!!! XXXXX

roxvox Wed 03-Apr-13 10:24:16

Congratulations Feminist!

MoN I have no advice to offer, but just to say that I am thinking of you.

pinksky Wed 03-Apr-13 10:31:35

Fantastic, Feminist, really pleased for you!

Haylebop12 Wed 03-Apr-13 10:44:40

MoN I don't have anything useful to say do offering you a hand to hold and an ear to listen.

feminist glad to hear your scan went well.

Back to square 1 with sickness today. Docs later and I'm
99.9% sure I'm going to be admitted. I feel awful. My wee is literally brown, sorry TMI! 12+3 and scan next tues. maybe they'll squeeze me in during my admission? Wishful thinking!

JellyCurls Wed 03-Apr-13 11:03:09

MoN our consultant kept talking about Downs with DC1 also, we reckon its because most people know of Downs but nobody heard of Turnes, Patau, Edwards....

We had the amnio as we needed to know, the risk factor didn't really come into our decision. At 24 weeks though we didn't have much option other than waiting it out

Warlin Wed 03-Apr-13 11:09:56

Congrats on the scans ladies.

MoN It's such a hard decision for you and I agree, 4 weeks is a long time and 16 weeks is quite late on to be making such decisions. It's heartbreaking for you. I think reading as much as you can with your dh (which you seem to be doing) will help you make the best choice for you and your family. I've been with friends in this boat, both with Patau diagnoses....one at 20 weeks and she terminated at 24 and the other wasn't picked up and she went full term. I know there aren't any silver linings as such but at least yours has been picked up at an early stage, enabling you to get your head around it and giving you time to make informed choices. My heart really does go out to you and we're here if you need to let off steam xx

Natalieand Wed 03-Apr-13 11:57:28

Hellohellohello :-)

One baby all present and correct measuring 2 days ahead so now dated at 12+2 and due 14/10 exciting stuff baby was stood completely upright so I had go to away walk drink eat sweets and come back the sonographer was absolutely lovely and I am one happy mumma :-)

Congrats feminist and natalie smile

Corkle Wed 03-Apr-13 12:03:39

Natalieand - we have the same due date &#128515; so exciting isn't it?

MotherofNations - thinking of you at the moment - you seem to be incredibly strong. I really hope everything works out for you x

SeriousStuff Wed 03-Apr-13 12:04:02

littleducks you wouldn't believe how much time I spent in the shower this morning, making sure everything was in its place...just in case I need to pull my tights down a bit low! I don't want her thinking her son has married an unkempt woman!

And agree that if you have other hospitals in your area, you are well within your rights to have a look at others.

tuckingfits Wed 03-Apr-13 12:04:44

Congratulations feminist & natalie. Great news. My appt is this afternoon,I'll be back to update smile. Really a bit nervous...

SeriousStuff Wed 03-Apr-13 12:04:44

Natalie that's fab news!

Congratulations on the scans ladies. I am so pleased that everything is as it should be.

I'm sure you've no need to be nervous tucking, though I understand why. I'm sending loads of good luck your way and you can have some flowers too.

littleducks Wed 03-Apr-13 12:14:55

Serious- you have me in fits of giggles now! Bet she is only interested in grand-baby on screen!

Yippee I have one lovely little baby inside me! It was asleep for most of the time but had a strong heart beat and it did wriggle about when the sonographer prodded it. Lovely to see brain chambers, arms and legs all present and correct and mostly just have proof that there is something there.

It put me forwards 4 days to 11+4 so my nhs scan will be at 13+4, hopefully just in time for accurate measurements. That meant I was far enough along to get the free 4d scan too which was a nice surprise. I have lots of photos, I will figure out how to put one up later.

Natalieand Wed 03-Apr-13 12:20:28

Thanks guys, so pleased edd is 14/10 now as dd is born on 1/11 so even if I go two weeks over it takes me to 28/10 so they deffo Won't have the same birthday! It seems so real now. Next scan booked for may 24th when I wil be 19+4 I tried getting it earlier as I'm desperate to no the sex but appt lady was having none of it lol she originally said may 28th so I fibbed and said I was on holiday then haha. Naughty naughty

Corkle have u had your scan yet. ? Xxx

favellio Wed 03-Apr-13 12:29:24

So sorry for your loss Oli thanks

congrats orange smile

Soupqueen Wed 03-Apr-13 12:33:32

Just a quickie from me as out for a celebratory lunch. 1 baby, good heartbeat :-) put back a couple of days so I'm another 14 Oct EDD. Trying to tell our parents but nobody answers the phone!

congrats soupqueen what a happy day today smile

Tarlia Wed 03-Apr-13 13:06:26

Just a quick one from me too as on the bus, fab everyone else so far is fine!

All good here, phew. baby was sleeping but in good position. NF results good. Just on our way to collect DS, then go for a celebratory juice/smoothie.

pinksky Wed 03-Apr-13 13:25:12

Wow, so delighted for the good scan news. Hope everyone is doing well Xx

What a busy scan day - congrats Tarlia, Soupqueen, Orange, Natalie and Feminist - don't think I missed anyone confused. Lets get some more pics going on please ladies! Is it about another 2 weeks before we have everyone scanned?

I'm going to be telling my team over the next few days so will soon be common knowledge round the office. It's weird, because when I was very early it was killing me keeping a secret, but now I'm 14+2 and can tell people, I kind of like having it as my secret. Anyone not told work yet, and if so, how long as you planning on keeping it quiet for?

Oh and ladies - there is a December bus with over 150 posts already - we are officially old news now!

I am trying to put up pictures but whenever au put up the second it deletes the first and makes two copies of the second one. Anyone know what I am doing wrong?

So happy everyone has had good scans today, treated myself to some maternity jeans from H&M they're sooo comfy!

Natalie that's so weird we both had the same EDD and now been moved forward so we still have the same EDD! Wonder if we will give birth close together?! Nice to have some others due on the 14th, will be interesting seeing what happens!

MoN I have no advice, I don't even think I could say what I would do in your situation, there's definitely no right or wrong answer here and I just hope you make whatever decision feels right for you with the information you have. I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you and still virtual hand holding.

Sorry Orange I haven't even tried yet. You're not trying to add more than one as a profile pic are you? I'm asking questions like I know what I'm talking about, I should probably stop lol

Natalieand Wed 03-Apr-13 14:07:53

Sorry in Southampton lunching n shopping will upload pic this eve and nuchal fold measured 1.8 mm xxxx

roxvox Wed 03-Apr-13 14:14:51

I said that we wanted to have the nuchal fold test etc, but they did not say anything about it at our scan at all. Then they took some blood and said I would need some more taken at 16 weeks (should I be booking this do you think?), but did not give me any information regarding the scan a '1 in ...' chance thing. Seems odd that everyone else knows more after their scan than I do!

From what I know they use the blood they took today along with the measurements- we watched her take them and they are written in my notes (1.9 I think) and also take your age into account and you get the chance given to you later on. My notes say low risk is posted out within 10 days but if there is a higher risk they call/txt you to make an appt. it doesn't say when though. But I have a midwife appt. booked for tomorrow anyway, they told me I get one at 12 weeks when I had my booking. I have to take wee but I forgot to get a pot today so will get there early with a full bladder and ask nicely for a pot! Hoping we will hear the heartbeat...

roofio87 Wed 03-Apr-13 14:29:58

I'm 13+5 today and rang the gp to book 16 week mw app but told to ring back 2 weeks before as they don't release the appointments until then. its probably different everywhere though!!

when I wake up in the morning now I can definitely feel the bottom of my tummy getting bigger and harder every day. very exciting. I bought some maternity jeans in primark yesterday,they have just started rolling out a maternity range!! £11 a pair!!smile

Warlin Wed 03-Apr-13 14:32:51

bowlfull i havent told work yet but am def going to do it on Monday as I'm clearly showing! It's awkward as I'm only back from maternity 3 weeks and have been offered a year's secondment to a post I'd love. I have to formally accept by Monday so was going to tell them before that but the people I need to tell are off for Easter. I'm really nervous as I'm only just back. Plus I have a holiday booked and haven't requested the leave yet (employee of the month award won't be going to me!!)

Wow Primark maternity?! Will be heading there this week me thinks!

All good here from scan today! One baby, all limbs hands legs ok, beating heart. Nuchal test 1.9mm. Will post more later x x

Just phone the local primark and they do maternity jeans yey!! rovox your nt measurement would have been on your scan report did the not take you through it after your scan? Our NT was 1.5mm

pinksky Wed 03-Apr-13 14:54:01

Great news, Panacotta smile

I feel the same as you, bowlful - I'm not sure I want to tell people at all! I don't know where it's come from. I'm seeing my line manager next on the 24th so will tell her then (will be 14 weeks). Aside from that I don't know, I might just let people work it out for themselves! Warlin will you still be able to take up the secondment? Hope so, if it's what you want.

pinkbuttons Wed 03-Apr-13 14:55:55

Congratulations on all the scans! looking forward to seeing some pictures!!

roxvox Wed 03-Apr-13 14:58:58

Congratulations Pannacotta! That's fantastic.

Thanks feminist, roofio and falcon, I will be scanning my notes later on then to see if I can find anything about the nuchal fold! I guess I assumed that they would have told me the results, but will have a look later to see if I can find the info! Will also give the docs a call tomorrow to check whether I need to book my own appointment for the bloods at 16w or not. I am 14w today, so within the 2 weeks prior should it be the same set of rules here!

I told my employers yesterday (13w 6d) as, to be honest, I am really good friends with most of the people I work with and it was driving me mad having to watch my mouth to make sure I didn't say anything! They are really happy for me (the head of our department said that she was expecting it as we've been married for 1 year this month). We're having a catch up next week when she is down to discuss it all. We don't have an HR department, there is nothing in my contract about maternity leave, and no-one in the company's history has ever gone on maternity leave (I am a web developer and the company consists of at least 95% men), so it should be interesting!

I felt exactly the same as you though bowlful, desperate to tell everyone until it was time to tell everyone and then I wanted to keep it a secret! It feels good now the truth is out though and I can come on mumsnet at work without worrying that someone will see it over my shoulder and be suspicious of why I am on a parenting forum! I notice as well that there are no longer any questions about why I am eating noodles on toast for lunch etc grin

tuckingfits Wed 03-Apr-13 15:42:05

Hurrah! Just one healthy,long legged,waving baby! Fluid measurement of 1.3. Very relieved. No adjustment to edd. 12+3 today.

Also feeling a bit weird about making an "announcement". I quite fancied taking a photo of DS holding a scan pic but now wonder if it's a bit twee. Especially as he will have no clue what he's holding & being told to smile about! It's just that I so rarely see many of my friends due to work/self-employment,distance & family commitments that I think a Facebook announcement is the way to go for many who we haven't told yet,but just not sure if it seems a bit self-important... Thoughts?

Congratulations to fellow scanners. A good news day smile

Deeply sorry for Oli,horrible news for you,I do hope your husband & son are cheering you up.

And sorry to MoN. I know you're excited for all of us but it can't be easy to read all this & still be in limbo about your options. I'm thinking of you every day & DP has asked me about you several times. People do care.xx

roxvox Wed 03-Apr-13 16:06:06

Congrats tuckingfits!

I know what you mean about it being self-important putting it on Facebook, but to be honest I want to shout it from the roof tops! I would rather people heard about it from me (even if via Facebook) than through gossip, but obviously though we made sure to let everyone important to us know prior to posting it on there!

Congrats Pannacotta and tucking - I can't believe how many scans there have been today!

Glad I am not the only one feeling weirdly private about my pregnancy now. Mind you, probably not helped by telling a close work colleague last week who was leaving - and response was 'congratulations - was it planned?'. Why do people think it's ok to ask that? I had the same question last pregnancy from a colleague that I barely knew. I am 30 years old, in a committed 10 year relationship (and now with 2 year old son) - clearly there is something about me to suggest I would only fall pregnant because I'm incapable of using contraception effectively. (Bit of a rant, not sure where that came from confused.

Warlin, your situation sounds particularly fun! I know that we have nothing to feel guilty about, maternity is a right etc, but I still find the whole thing a bit, well, awkward I suppose. I know my boss won't be thrilled, as I feel the same when my team have gone on mat leave - happy for them obviously, and in no way does it impact negatively on how I see them as an employee - but honestly arranging mat cover is a pain in the arse!

Congratulations Tuckingfits grin

I haven't put anything on fb but that's just because I don't put much on there anyway- I sent round scan pics via text/whatsapp earlier. If fb is what is easiest for you then go for it! I'm not a fan of weekly updates on other people's pregnancies/babies (that's just me) but announcements are great, you're entitled to be happy and excited and your friend and family will understand that and feel the same! I had some lovely reactions today, feeling quite special. With all the worrying and feeling crappy that goes with pregnancy I think we should be able to embrace the happiness when we feel like it!!

roofio87 Wed 03-Apr-13 16:23:44

bowlfullofjelly I find that so annoying too!! especially because we've just got engaged people assume the pregnancy wasn't planned. actually we're just doing things in a mixed up order. I also get "oh you're getting married after the baby is born?!!?" as if the only reason we got engaged is cos I'm up the duff!!angry

Bowlful my dad asked that before saying congratulations. That was the pg that ended in MC. He learnt his lesson after my reaction and was just pleased for me without the silly question this time. People don't think about how that question can come across. I've had a couple ask me of we were trying for long which I prefer but I guess it's essentially the same thing. Now if ppl ask if it was planned ill just relay the story of my MC. Serves 2 purposes- hopefully makes them realise how nosy the question is when they hear something more personal than expected, and brings mcs out in the open as I think they should be talked about more.

Smitten1981 Wed 03-Apr-13 16:30:21

Congrats on all your scans, so many today.

I made the mistake of looking up what I would be entitled to for maternity pay yesterday (our company is teeny, so no maternity schemes here). It's less than 1/3 of my current salary after 6 weeks - gulp!

I don't think I'll be taking a full year off somehow. Bugger.

roxvox Wed 03-Apr-13 16:35:20

Bowlfull I have to admit to asking that question when my boss, married for 5 years and with 3 kids already, told me his wife was pregnant. As soon as I said it I said 'I didn't mean to ask that, I am so sorry!' - then proceeded to explain that he was the first person to ever tell me first hand that they were expecting and my motor mouth took it from there. He laughed it off and told me not to worry but I have felt guilty ever since.

DH is a manager and he too has informed me how getting maternity cover is a pain in the backside, and the maternity pay that the company offers is incredible so it would be almost encouraging to start a family if you worked for them! Shame they don't have a paternity plan. He doesn't think any less of the employees who choose to start a family though obviously.

I'm not the only one then - that's good! Mind you, have to remind myself that I have 6 months now of people feeling free to comment on my weight, what my preference may be for sex of baby, what they think I should be doing - plus the unwanted advances towards my bump angry - we are all public property now!

Smitten I know that feeling - I am already fully aware of how little I will be getting, so have been on project 'clear credit card, pay council tax early and then save every penny so bills can be paid and can feed child while on mat leave' since BFP!

I can't wait to tell people but DH is still reluctant. Not really sure why. I can't wait to tell our closest friends. I don't think we will put it on Facebook until later on, maybe 20 weeks, definitely not until we have told all family and close friends, but don't have a problem with doing it. It is always exciting to see other people's scan pictures.

Yey! tuckingfits

Is anyone thinking of going reuseable with nappys for baby i think rockchick said before? I just trying to figure out what we need for baby the now and work through the list as we go but other than going for terrys i have no idea what wraps etc to use lol

Thankyou tuckingfits. I'm not forced to read the thread. If I found it too upsetting I would stop reading but right now I'm enjoying hearing all your happy scan news. Even if the worst happens and I'm forced to get off the bus I'd still like to check in now and again to see how you're all doing.
I'd hate to think people were censoring their posts to save from upsetting me.

Soupqueen Wed 03-Apr-13 16:47:14

Congratulations to all other scanners today.

We've started telling people now and it's quite overwhelming.

FIL asked, "did you need some help?", not that there would be anything wrong with that, he just assumes that because I'm 36 and we've been married for 5 years that there must have been problems. He then reminded us that there was still plenty that could go wrong....

My parents and best friend are over the moon, telling my boss tomorrow. I think she'll have a mixed reaction - on a personal level, she's been encouraging me to have babies for ages but maternity cover will be a real pain and comes at a tricky time.

Soupqueen Wed 03-Apr-13 16:48:37

mon, that's very kind and gracious of you.

falcon, I'm definitely thinking of reusable nappies, now feel I can start researching, have been too scared to do anything practical until now.

let me know how you get on soupqueen its a minefield! I know im going terrys the folds are not as tricky as they are made out to be (especially if your mum or gran can show you hoe to do it) and they dry super fast plus they are cheap too £7 odds for 6 from tesco, as for the wraps and liners and all that im still a bit bamboozled!!

Xiaoxiong Wed 03-Apr-13 17:00:52

<ducks in quickly and waves>

Hello all, mostly lurk on this thread and spend more time over on the December 2011 thread from when DS was born... but it's been lovely to keep up with you guys too smile

Had my scan yesterday, lovely very wriggly baby that gave the technician a hard time but all appears normal and they've moved me up a week so new EDD 7th October, hurrah! DS came along and kept chirping "baby two, baby two!" at the screen grin

Falcons I use bumgenius v4.0s in the day and motherease all in ones at night with DS, would recommend both. When he was a tiny newborn we used size 1 bambinis and they were great too. As far as wraps go we have 2 motherease rikkis, 2 motherease airflows and 2 bummi superbrites. The airflows don't have gussets but DS is so chubby it doesn't matter.

Natalieand Wed 03-Apr-13 17:02:47

Wow you guys are a chatty lot today! So glad all my scan buddies had successful scans too

I think it was tarlia that asked about getting a 1:however many downs risk. I didn't receive my risk factor today she simply took bloods and said if its not so good news we will call I in 48 hours and after that no news is good news and we will post the paperwork if all is well.

Just been out looking at buggies seeing what takes my fancy and thinking that the baby style oyster fits my needs quite nicely. Anyone got it or no anyone with it - and want to share a review with me? Lol

I keep looking at my scan photo saying to dh I can't believe we're having another baby (even tho it was planned haha)

Xiaoxiong Wed 03-Apr-13 17:09:50

Although now I'm very taken by the Gen-Y Simplicity nappy wraps...how gorgeous is that owl print!

SeriousStuff Wed 03-Apr-13 17:11:30

Off for my MIL scan...wish me luck!

Rockchick1984 Wed 03-Apr-13 17:33:23

Natalie I have an oyster for DS and its fantastic! Was considering the oyster Max for when this baby arrives but as a double there's no basket space (in the single I can get half a weekly shop in the basket!) so ruled that out. If we didn't need a double I'd happily keep it and just buy a new colour pack.

Anyone interested in reusable nappies, check with your local council as most offer a discount if you buy reusables - mine offer £30 off a £50 spend so definitely worth it!

I tried reusables with DS but found I was falling behind with my washing so have kept them to try this time. Am going to use washable wipes, but can't decide if I should buy the proper cheeky wipes kit or just buy a ton of cheap flannels and a couple of Tupperware tubs!

Good luck Seriousstuff grin

xiaoxiong they are very cute smile

rockchick im lost on wraps and booster parts lol found a business around the corner from me though so will see what she has, our council scrapped their real nappy scheme angry

Xiaoxiong Wed 03-Apr-13 17:47:41

Arrgh, not Motherease AIOs, we use Motherease one size (these ones).

Good luck Serious!

Natalie I've heard good things about the Babystyle Oyster Max on the pram threads here - I'm also looking at the Baby Jogger City Elite as it seems to have a lot of the same features.

Natalieand Wed 03-Apr-13 17:49:28

Just uploaded some scan pics can someone let me no if u can see them?

Hi Natalie yes I can see your baby waving hello! but i think yours did the same as mine and posted the same picture three times. I have deleted the extra ones on my profile so I just have one picture now but I can't work out how to add the 4d one without wiping over this one. Can you see mine?

Just put my scan pic up- I think!

Yes I can see it feminist. Lovely!

Natalieand Wed 03-Apr-13 18:20:50

Just looked at your pics orange and feminist looking like two lovely babies :-)

Not sure what's happened with my pix lol I done it on my phone on the way home so ill have a look later on the iPad and sort it out. Xxx

Tarlia Wed 03-Apr-13 18:22:31

Congratulations, congratulations and congratulations again!

Wasn't me that asked but I got my results on the spot, fluid was 2mm and our risk for downs was 1:13k and the other two even higher numbers. She put me forward 1 day, so now due Oct 5th - who is my EDD buddy then?

Probably cross posted with everyone, as started this before dinner, so will check now....

pinksky Wed 03-Apr-13 18:52:41

Hey chatty people,

What clear scan pics! Congratulations to you all, really pleased for you and lovely to see more pics.

Enjoy your MIL scan, serious! Hope she appreciates your personal grooming efforts grin

Hayle can't believe you're having to go back into hosp, I'm really sorry. Do you know if it will stop eventually?

I think you've hit it on the head bowlful - I'm feeling secretive because I'm afraid of opening the floodgates and everyone feeling welcome to share their unsolicited views or stories. Really doesn't suit me! Maybe I'll feel different when I have a bump. I'm also feeling a bit overwhelmed with it all, working out how to get work done before mat leave, what to do after mat leave etc I think I need to slow down and be in the present a bit more...

PseudoBadger Wed 03-Apr-13 18:54:56

Hi everyone, I've been in N Ireland for Easter and just arrived back this evening so haven't caught up yet! I'll be 11+6 tomorrow which is when it all went wrong last time, and scanning on Saturday so a nervous few days for us.
Hope everyone's ok smile

roxvox Wed 03-Apr-13 19:05:14

How annoying... The Nuchal Translucency section of the scan report has been left blank. I didn't see the lady take the measurement either so assuming it wasn't done. What should I do?

Haylebop12 Wed 03-Apr-13 19:17:46

So pleased to hear about your scans guys and your pics are all so good!

I'm back in hosp, waiting for my fluids. Doc says between 14 and 16 weeks I should see an improvement. Feeling very sorry for myself :-( I thought I was improving as my last admission was 3 weeks ago. In a weird way though in guessing its a good sign?!

pinksky Wed 03-Apr-13 19:25:24

Hayle I'd been feeling incredibly sorry for myself! Really hope this is the last time you're in and that you're feeling heaps better soon.

Badger, it must be a scary time for you. I'm sure you'll have a fab scan on Saturday but in the meantime I hope the next couple of days are ok and you have some nice things planned to keep your mind off worrying.

Fingers crossed for you badger.
Hayle so sorry you are so ill AGAIN. I really ope it does ease up properly for you soon.

tuckingfits Wed 03-Apr-13 20:03:25

Poor Hayle. How rotten,I do hope it stops very soon.

I have motherease one size nappies. I used them religiously from about 4months. Our council didn't/don't do a scheme so I started off with secondhand & bought a few new ones at a time during sales. I love them. Although now that DS is bigger they can't cope with overnight wees anymore & he wears Lidl nappies at night. Roll on warmer weather so we can crack on with potty training!

Natalieand Wed 03-Apr-13 20:10:08

Not good haylebop hope your back on your feet soon!

I didn't get a scan report the lady did print one off but the blood test lady folded it up and included it in my blood test envelope so that's annoying! Dd keeps looking at scan pics and saying mummy's baby daddy's baby my baby, mummy share baby with me? Bless her she was so excited in the scan room with a big fat grin on her face.

roxvox have u got a midwife u can contact too ask about NT scan? Never know u might be lucky enough to get an extra cheeky scan lol

I would call them rovox the only reason that would be blank is if you asked them not to check for downs

SeriousStuff Wed 03-Apr-13 20:18:05

Scan went well, dates seem to match up with my last official scan with EDD on 12th Oct.

Baby jumping about and heart pumping away. MIL didn't say anything about the state of 'down there' but if I get some Veet for Christmas I'll know that I should've made more of an effort...

I'll put a pic up in a a bit.

Sorry to everyone who isn't feeling great - it will pass I'm sure, and congrats to all the other scans today!

Haha that made me giggle serious! Glad it went well.

Tarlia Wed 03-Apr-13 20:37:29

badger positive vibes your way, must be really worrying. Thanking of you.

hayle poor you sad I'm hoping the dr is right! Mine did vanish around 16 weeks last time do that is my focus. How is your little girl coping with your repeated hospital stays?

Serious your mil did an internal scan :O you are a brave lady! Glad it went well though and will be interesting to hear if nhs scan gives same date. My scanner was very specific that she got to choose the EDD and not the gyne who did my 8 week dating scan hehe.

I'm so tired, I cannot even remember what else I read on the last page minutes ago.

Natalieand Wed 03-Apr-13 20:40:33

Just made it Facebook official :-)

Haylebop12 Wed 03-Apr-13 20:44:11

tarlia fortunately she absolutely dotes on my mum so she lives spending time with her. Mum tries to keep her busy too so lots of time out the house etc. she's brill. Dh works long hours and isn't off until the weekend so he's doing what he can. I should be out tomoz :-)

Ds just bumped his head on the bath as he decided to empty all of dads shower gel everywhere sad dh is away taking him to the hospital now
Grr i hate him hurting himself I know kids will be kids but i dont think they realise how worried you can get!

Falcon poor ds, I read that thinking oh no this is what's to come! Hope he's ok and is back up to mischief soon!

Hayle so sorry you are still suffering, really hope it eases up soon. And try to keep your pecker up Badger I know it's much easier said than done but try to keep positive- this isn't last time, no reason why it would happen again. I felt the same coming up to 8 weeks- and funnily enough, time has gone so quickly since I got over that hurdle. Handholding from me until you get over yours.

Busy day! I've added my scan photo to my profile so you can see my little bean - we chose one where you can see his legs. I'm sure its a boy. They put me forward by three days but I don't think I will change my stats, I was tracking fertility so carefully that I'm sure of when I ovulated. The sonographer was a man which surprised me, he was very nice and approachable tho.

I'm planning on using reusable nappies, but not for the first few weeks / months, I think I'll have lots to get my head round at that point!

Hayle sorry you are so poorly again, and MoN I'm pleased you are still enjoying the stories and company here smile.

Rockchick1984 Wed 03-Apr-13 21:27:14

Desperately craving sweet chilli hummus and carrot sticks - first proper craving this pregnancy grin

roxvox Wed 03-Apr-13 21:34:41

Thanks natalieand and falconsmistress, I will try and get hold of the MW tomorrow to see what the deal is. Looking at the form it is also missing the 'head circumference' information, but I definitely saw her take that measurement.

I hope you feel better soon Haylebop! I am glad your daughter is being kept entertained though smile

falcon I hope your DS is ok. My boss has been telling me some stories today about his 3 boys and how prone to accidents yet amazingly resilient they are! I hope he's ok though.

Glad everyone's scans have gone well today!

pinkmoonlight Wed 03-Apr-13 21:46:14

Lovely scan news today, congrats everyone smile
So sorry to hear that you're poorly again hayle- you deserve some sort of award for putting up with so much x

Natalieand Wed 03-Apr-13 22:17:17

I seem to have the opposite problem to u haylebop I've got such an upset stomach :-( anyone else? Or am I all alone? :-(

Sanjifair Wed 03-Apr-13 22:20:58

Lovely to hear today's scan stories, hope I have a nice one to tell tomorrow. Congrats to all.
Hayle hope you feel better and get discharged soon.

ds is fine just a bump smile

SeriousStuff Wed 03-Apr-13 23:35:23

Tarlia luckily it wasn't an internal scan. There is no way I would have agreed to it if it was!

Livened Wed 03-Apr-13 23:35:42

Glad he's ok Falcon - my DS is just nearly 15 months and walking/running everywhere. He has so many falls and bumps now, I thought it was a boy thing but possibly it's just a child thing!

chickieno1 Thu 04-Apr-13 01:21:57

Hi everyone! Haven't posted for a while as I was feeling really anxious about everything. Had my scan yesterday (tuesday) and there is one active baby in there! EDD 17th Oct. I'm not in UK and they don't do the nuchal fold measurement here unless it s specifically asked for on the request form. My GP didn't put it down so if I wanted it would have to get it requested again. My DH and I discussed it and have decided not to go for it (even though I am 37). feel better today but still a little bit shell shocked even though this is my second! Told both our parents and they were delighted which was lovely.

MON I have been thinking of you lots and sending you virtual support. I don't even know what to say really just that you are very strong and hopefully everything will work out for you and DP in the future.

Oli I am very sorry for your loss. It s good you have DH and DS with you for support. Hope to hear good news when you re ready.

Congratulations to all the ladies who had scans today. It's been very busy these last few days!

Good luck Sanji for tomorrow!

chickieno1 Thu 04-Apr-13 01:22:56

Sorry for the massive post blush

Natalieand Thu 04-Apr-13 03:25:02

OMG i no it's 3am but I need a double rant! I'm currently on the sofa as dh is snoring and refused to go on sofa (so gunna have a bad back by the time I get up)

Then! My so called best friend from school (not so close now) commented on my Facebook pregnancy announcement saying ''congrats, I didn't see that coming- was it planned?)

I literally felt like typing back perhaps if u bothered with your friends a little more u would no I was ttc and it was more than planned u inconsiderate cow!! But I manage to restrain myself with a simple 'yes- it was definitely planned'

Seriously if your gunna have the cheek to ask such a question then at least do it privately. I think I may be awake the rest of the night now with rage jeeeeese some ppl!!!!

HotSoupDumpling Thu 04-Apr-13 08:17:15

Natalie - my god, such cheek! And on Facebook too!! I think you did we'll to restrain yourself, I would have simply ignored her at best. Or at worst, said 'It was an accident, YOUR BOYFRIEND got carried away and refused to wear a condom!'

I can't stand the bombardment of OUT OF DATE advice that is flooding my way from certain older relatives. It got so bad that I actually had to take someone aside and say 'look, I know you mean well, but things change a lot in 30 years, science happens, more research is carried out etc, so either check it on the NhS website BEFORE scolding me for eating XyZ or just keep it to yourself. Thank you.'

Maybe it was just me, but at my first scan I was not expecting to be revealing my lady garden (my knowledge of what would happen came solely from films). Thought I would just hike my top up! Was horrified when the doctor told me to wriggle down my knickers/jeans to below my bikini line! And I'm an out and proud hairy feminist so I felt a bit sorry for the doctor.

SeriousStuff Thu 04-Apr-13 08:31:38

Oli I'm so sorry to hear your news - take care of yourself and good luck with whatever the future brings x

pinksky Thu 04-Apr-13 08:40:14

Glad your DS is fine Falcon

chick yay for your scan, so pleased you had a good one and that the news is going down well with parents.

Sorry you've had such a restless night, Natalie, and that your friend was so tactless on Facebook. I've only told a handful of people but three have immediately asked me if it was planned. People just don't think things through.

Thanks for the heads up, Hotsoup--I did wonder where they would look as our uteri (uteruses?!) are still pretty low but for some reason I didn't figure that you'd have to pull your knickers down.

Sanjifair happy scan day! Who else is scanning with you today?

Natalieand Thu 04-Apr-13 08:43:02

Good luck today sanjifair and anyone else that's scanning today, look forward to seeing some lovely pics xx

Glad all is well falcon and that you got a reassuring scan chick.

No one has been surprised at our news, but we got married in August after 9 years together and people have been expecting it. We have also only told our closest friends and family who all knew we hoped for children soon even if not that we were actually ttc. How rude of people to ask if it was planned Natalie.Even if it wasn't planned you still wouldn't ask! The fact you are telling people about it shows you are happy. I would be tempted to delete silly Facebook comments so you dont have to look at it and reply with a private message.

We have asked everyone not to mention on Facebook. I can't get through to my brother and wouldn't want him to find out on there.

Good luck sanji!

roxvox Thu 04-Apr-13 09:26:42

Pleased to hear that your son is ok Falcon.

I hope you're feeling a bit better today Haylebop.

Is anyone else feeling utterly exhausted still? All of the iPhone apps literature I read keeps telling me 'by now you'll be feeling more energetic...', but to be honest I think this might be the most tired I have been so far in my pregnancy!

Anyone having scans today?

Natalieand Thu 04-Apr-13 09:26:53

Omg really some ppl I deleted said comment asking if baby was planned and the girl in question then commented it on the second baby scan pic!!! I have deleted again and messages her saying the baby was planned and I would appreciate it if she stopped commenting asking that. Dh can't see the problem with her asking ...

roxvox Thu 04-Apr-13 09:28:55

Sorry, major cross post there because I took way too long to write that last one.

Good luck today Sanjifair and anyone else scannning.

Natalieand that is terrible. Some people can be so rude. I am glad you've set her straight.

Smitten1981 Thu 04-Apr-13 09:29:58

Whaaaaat. how far do we have to wriggle our pants down? I thought they just put it on your belly (the bottom bit obviously).

Rockchick1984 Thu 04-Apr-13 09:34:22

Natalie asking once was rude, but asking again when you had deleted her comment is awful!! I'd be blocking her if it was me, but I tend to be a bit ruthless with deleting and blocking people on there who annoy me --(or share pics of abused kids etc) and even deleted my mother in law for a month until DH convinced me to re-add her grin

PseudoBadger how are you feeling? 2 days til your scan, I'm sure everything will be fine!

Rox I'm exhausted still, 12 weeks tomorrow so desperately hoping it eases soon. Don't think it's helped by the crazy dreams I'm having, am waking up more tired than when I went to bed confused

Haylebop12 Thu 04-Apr-13 09:35:53

How planned can a baby be anyway...if it was PLANNED I would have been pregnant 8 months before I was!

falcon glad to hear your ds is ok.

I called dd this morning who promptly told me to call back later as she was busy eating her breakfast watching transformers!

Feeling a bit chirpier today, although have already had 3 litres my cannula was extremely painful so have had it taken out and waiting for next one. The nurse seemed concerned that my morning ursine wasn't much better than my uriine last night, maybe because I was s sleeping not drinking hmm ill know if I'm our today a to whether they change my bed or not!

Good luck to all today's scanees smile

Smitten I didn't pull my knickers down, just opened my jeans and pulled up my jumper. I think they may have been pushed down a little bit but I was too busy looking at the screen to notice.

Natalieand Thu 04-Apr-13 09:49:37

I had to reveal a little bit of what would be the 'hairy area' fortunately I neatened up for hear of dildo cam lol the woman didn't seem phased tho they tucked a peice of like tissue paper into top of knickers too xxx

Has n e one got a 20 week scan booked for may 24th yet?

Wickedgirl Thu 04-Apr-13 10:01:11

I have my nt scan tomorrow at 2pm ( and get my harmony test results). I am really nervous about it. As it is school holidays, we will have our other 3 children with us so hopefully it will all be good news. It is also my youngest child's birthday so I have to remain positive regardless of how it all goes.

My 20 week scan is 23rd may

xuntitledx Thu 04-Apr-13 10:01:27

My 20-week scan is booked for May 13th - that's going to drag, I just can't wait to see baby again.

Perhaps a bit strange but has anyone felt more anxious since their 12-week scan? I've been eyeballing the pictures and pointing out different bits and harrassing hubby - 'do you think that looks normal?', 'is that supposed to be like that?!'. He keeps shutting me up and trying to reassure me by reminding me that this is my first baby and therefore the very first scan picture I've ever seen where as the sonographer hasn't raised any concerns and they've probably seen thousands!

Is it helping? Nah!

In reference to body hair, mine is trim - not shaved and I'm not ashamed by that, just goes to show what society dictates these days but I'd rather not look like a child down there when I'm having one myself!

Good luck Sanjifair can't wait to see more scan pics I was going through them earlier I love them!

I had to wiggle jeans down a bit but the lady really wasn't looking at my non-Feminist (see disclaimer in name) bikini line. They must see it all so no big deal either way, as long as you're comfortable. Once you can see baby wriggling its the last thing you will be thinking about anyway!

Natalie my 20wk scan is booked for the 28th May, just glad they're falling in school hols, means both me and DP don't need to take extra time off work.

Does anything know anything about internal scans at 20 ish weeks to measure cervix? My hosp is offering them to identify ppl at risk of prem labour. Says there's no harm to you/baby and that they monitor you more closely if you are deemed to be more at risk. Also says this may include you being part of a study. Will ask more qs at my midwife appt today but I'm wondering if its just my hospital (Lewisham, SE London) or nationwide?

Xuntitledx we all know logic goes out of the window once pg worries kick in. I'm ok now as the scan was only yesterday but if I don't feel movements in the next few weeks, which is quite possible, I will probably freak out!

Natalieand Thu 04-Apr-13 10:12:13

Not heard of it fem I did have a scan with dd that measures blood flow etc and tells u if u r are risk of pre term labour but it wasn't an internal scan xx

cazboldy Thu 04-Apr-13 10:51:53

Natalie what's it to her if it was planned or not?! cheeky cow!

Only 2 of mine were planned, but it doesn't mean they are any less welcome for that...... as horrible as it is, noone has to have a baby they don't want these days!

If you were devastated by the news you would hardly be putting it all over fb anyway!

People keep asking me this too, and I just say " no it was a lovely surprise "...... it's really none of their business!

With my first (when i was 14) he was clearly unplanned...... but we have always said he was an accident, never a mistake - there is a big difference!!

Natalieand Thu 04-Apr-13 10:54:50

That's a valid point atchly caz their is a big difference between a mistake accident or lovely surprise.one of my friends pregnant with her second she fell pregnant both times on the pill so were technically 'accidental' but they r over the moon xx

Xuntitledx I almost immediately started worrying about the little pouch behind my babys neck and whether it was an ok size as we didn't pay for the nt test at our private scan, waiting for nhs to do that in a couple of weeks if it isn't too late. Really happy that the baby is there and has a heartbeat. I think I will always worry about something though.

Sorry if this is insensitive MoN.

roxvox Thu 04-Apr-13 11:05:32

I am the same OrangeBlossom2, except that I did ask for the test, and yet they didn't measure it.

legallyblond Thu 04-Apr-13 11:11:28

Ooh, lots to catch up on!! HUGE congrats to all the lovely scan news yesterday!!

Good luck today to Sanji and any others x x

Reusable nappies - do it! I did it with DD from about 8 days old (once the meconium was gone) and, frankly, given land fill, I can't understand why people don't.... Its so so easy. I used humbled (new own size) with the motherease wraps with Velcro (Rikki?), then bumgenius Flips with stay dry pads for 1.5 years!!! I used a disposable at night though from about 4 months (flip organic inserts before then at night with a fleece liner) as, for need of sleep, I only ever changed a pooey nappy at night and we were getting leakages (at night only - never had a day time leakage) as DD weed more!

Roxvox - as others have said, I would chase up the NT measurement. Do they not do downs "risk screening" in your hospital. It has been the same in both places I have been preg (one outer London, now miles from London in South West): midwife explains that screening gives you a risk factor so can lead to difficult decisions (whether to have an amnio / CVS) and gives you a leaflet. At the scan, you hand in the last page of the booklet saying yes or no into reception. If yes, they do nuchal fold measurement in scan and record it (both times they didn't tell me in the scan, I could just see on the notes). Straight after or before scan, you are weighed and bloods taken. If you are high risk carter combined NT plus bloods (1:300 or worse I think), you get a call within 48 hours. If low risk, you get a letter about a week later giving fukk results - NT measurement plus combined risk (eg both twins are 1:15,500)....

All this has been explained to be at length by midwives for each preg!! Unless your region doesn't do this at all, I think you need to follow up... Good luck!

Umm, what else... Sorry about the annoying Facebook stuff Natalie.. This is why I totally deleted Facebook!

legallyblond Thu 04-Apr-13 11:16:27

New born nappies are bumbles not humbled! From the nappy lady.

And I didn't pull my pants down for the scan... Just lowered them maybe a centimetre down, then they tucked a tissue over the top.

Xiaoxiong Thu 04-Apr-13 11:18:08

Smitten I was told to pull my trousers below my bum for my scan and push my knickers down without actually taking them off.

legally did you mean to say bumbles (newborn size) ie. bimbles? I assume your autocorrect "fixed" it smile Would you recommend them, I'm currently considering a rental kit of bimbles for the new baby until they're big enough for birth-to-potty nappies.

roxvox Thu 04-Apr-13 11:19:02

Thanks legally I intend to chase them up on it. The lady doing the scan just asked for my name, she did not ask to see the forms or anything. They did take some bloods, and will take some more at 16 weeks and then I will get my results apparently. So perhaps they do it here purely through bloods? Perhaps they only measure the Nuchal Fold if they have concerns by looking at it? I will give the midwife a text later and see if she knows the answers!

I like the idea of reusable nappies too. Our council appears to encourage the use of them, and will even get someone to come around to your house to explain the benefits, but there doesn't appear to be any incentives offered if you use them unfortunately. However, I just like the idea of it regardless so will probably use them the majority of the time, and then will have disposables to hand for the odd occasions when I will need them instead.

legallyblond Thu 04-Apr-13 11:23:36

I agree with your last post Natalie. These twins were unplanned but we are THRILLED (and excited, and scared, and hoping it all works out... Just as we were for DD who we had on the first month of trying after deciding the time was right..)

Warlin Thu 04-Apr-13 11:25:43

Hi all

Congrats to yesterday's scanees..!

Natalieand your friend is so rude..clearly not a friend to be asking those questions and she's obviously jealous.

My 20 week scan is 17th May

rox I am feeling particularly tired and headachy today and have been to the loo in work twice to throw up...nice! I really wish this phase would pass and I'd hoped by 14 weeks it maybe would have. Though I do recall last time laughing at the urban myth that you start to feel great and glow....that didn't happen me!

I'm in NI and the nuchal scan is not done on the NHS unless you are high risk (think it may be due to the fact that abortion is illegal anyway so they don't seem to want to alert you to problems sad). I paid for a private scan as I wanted to know my measurement but maybe it's different in each area as to whether they do it at the 12 week scan or not?

This pregnancy was a " surprise" to us but we are still over the moon. We did want a second child close in age but as it took 18 months to conceive our first I didn't really think it would happen this time so quickly..we were only starting to think about trying smile Be warned those having your first, you are extremely fertile for at least a year afterwards so be careful!!!

Warlin Thu 04-Apr-13 11:26:53

Oh and I have never had to have an internal scan...they have always been on the stomach thank god! Maybe again it depends on the area or equipment used.

legallyblond Thu 04-Apr-13 11:28:23

Lordy.. Take 3. Yes bimbles!!!! They're good, then flips are amazing!!! This time, given I will need double, I might buy the bumbles too plus extra bimbles and flips x

Natalieand Thu 04-Apr-13 11:38:56

warlin similar to us dd was planned but took over a year to co cube as dh has sperm count and motility issues so this time round we started trying in oct (had implant out) and fell in the jan we thought it would take longer but I am over the moon it didn't :-)

This time round I brought some lube that is meant to encourage sperm to swim towards the waiting egg dh wasn't impressed when he found out I paid £15 for it but it seems to have done the trick haha

Natalieand Thu 04-Apr-13 11:40:37

I meant to write conceive not 'co cube' lol

After 4 years of trying for Dc 2 we bought conceive plus lube and it worked the first month :D its good stuff!

roofio87 Thu 04-Apr-13 12:18:47

we decided at new years that we would ttc and so that was my last pill, 4 weeks later I got my bfp so planned but definitely a surprise!! especially after having chemo 2 1/2 years ago and being told I may not be able to conceive!! we count ourselves very lucky!!grin grin

Haylebop12 Thu 04-Apr-13 13:18:27

I don't think dh and I had a proper convo about TTC. Dd was a surprise as I was on the pill and we hadn't been together very long. I was also only 20 but wouldn't change her for the world. I cme off the injection as dh had read it can take years to get pg after having that and we didn't want to wait too long. I conceived first month of a "normal" length cycle and was quicker than we anticipated (4 months) Unfortunately I mcd. Took
8 months from mc to this one but dh is convinced it's the first month we "properly" tried! The timing for this one is definitely better.

Corkle and chickieI'm not really strong at all. I've just made up my mind not to think too much about the decision I'll be faced with until have to. When that time comes I don't think I'll ever be sure that I'm making the right decision.
I just wish the doctors hadn't told me about it, after all I'd asked not to be screened for Downs.
If I'd only found out after the birth I would have happily taken what I was given but now I'm faced with a choice that I never wanted to have to make.

Even though this is my 5th baby it's the only one that was planned. I got pregnant in the first month of trying after I got so fed up with my Mirena coil that I pulled it out myself.

pinksky Thu 04-Apr-13 13:31:43

MoN I didn't realise that you'd not requested the screening, how terrible that it has put you in this position. Sometimes ignorance really is so much easier--or at least, not having to make decisions is, especially when some are so unbearable. How are you doing at the moment?

pinksky Thu 04-Apr-13 13:41:47

Re TTC I worked out that the sperm that fertilized the egg was made in November, and DH and I had massively cut our drinking and were on a health & fitness kick then so I think that's probably what did it! We also used conceive plus.

Natalieand Thu 04-Apr-13 13:44:28

That's a very valid point MoN its equivalent to me asking to me screened and them not doing it and missing something putting me in a position on the baby's birthday that I wouldn't wanna be in. Xxx

Sanjifair Thu 04-Apr-13 13:47:51

Hello, all went well at our scan. Dates put back by 2 days so EDD 13th October now. Nuchal measurement 1.7 mm so all good. A late celebratory lunch now!
We were TTC for 12 months. So pleased when it finally happened!

I'm not feeling too bad pinksky. I'm still considering asking for the CVS test at the scan on Tuesday. I'm already feeling gentle flutters when I lie still and concentrate which I'm trying not to do right now, but those flutters are only going to get stronger and if I wait the 4 weeks for the amnio it will be so much harder if I end up having to make the decision to end the pregnancy.

roofio87 Thu 04-Apr-13 13:55:24

MoN I think I would feel the same. it must be such a difficult decision to make any time,but as it gets further along it must get harder. I'm sure you'll make the right decisions for you and your whole family. thinking of you x

pinksky Thu 04-Apr-13 14:24:52

Would they do it then, do you think? Four weeks feels like a long wait. I hope your lovely family are helping, and you're getting lots of cuddles. Lovely that you are getting flutters X

Warlin Thu 04-Apr-13 14:28:27

MoN what is your scan on tue for? What are they hoping to be able to tell you from it? It's horrendous to be faced with such a decision and I agree as the pregnancy progresses it will get harder. Really hoping for good news for you x

We had unexplained infertility and had 8 months of clomid last time. I think it really goes to show that you can try too hard..I was obsessed with dates, timing and healthy eating and it was cracking dh up! Thank goodness we didnt have to go through that this time! There will be 16 months of an age gap which isn't too bad and hopefully they will be good friends. I'm just longing for the day when I will eventually get an undisturbed night's sleep and a lie in!

legallyblond Thu 04-Apr-13 14:33:36

Yes, do just chat through stuff here if it helps.

Does it help the process to look back at why you didn't want the screening in the first place? Is it because then (although "then" is s different world...) you would have kept it no matter what?

I guess if that still applies (which I'm not sure it would if I were in your shoes - I don't know what I'd do...), then you could still say no to all further tests. Even for those of us with "low risk" results, (a) you could always be the "one"; and (2) there are hundreds and hundreds of severe problems that could be picked up later (like Jelly at the 20 week scan), happen at birth (oxygen starvation for instance) or just appear in a child, like severe autism... So I guess I am saying that every pregnancy could end up with a not 100% "healthy" child...

If however you would terminate (whether you thought that before or not... Things have changed now), then perhaps knowing sooner rather than later might be best for all the reasons you say..

Probably totally unhelpful and all stuff you've considered, but just thinking it through... Thinking of you.

legallyblond Thu 04-Apr-13 14:34:51

Sorry, that post was to MoN!

Xiaoxiong Thu 04-Apr-13 14:38:37

MoN such a hard time for you and your family, thinking of you xx

Have you considered posting in the antenatal testing section of MN, many people going through the same decisions?

Xiaoxiong Thu 04-Apr-13 14:40:21

Not to turn you away from this thread at all and please do keep posting here as well - just wanted you to know there is another board that people also post on about antenatal testing.

Smitten1981 Thu 04-Apr-13 14:58:29

We were very lucky, we got married in November, My pill ran out in January and we only DTD 4 times in my first fertile week and one of them must have worked. I think it's a complete fluke as I was told I had PCOS years ago and I might find it hard to concieve. I was in for the long haul to be honest, but glad it happened fast.

MoN I'm not sure if they did the right thing telling you or not. I'd be pretty pissed off if I said that I didn't want the Nuchal Test but they did it anyway, but maybe they are bound to tell you if something is very obvious to them from the first scan. I think I'd rather know though, even if it is very hard.

legallyblond Thu 04-Apr-13 15:09:12

Re TTC.... (tmi really, but) we've always used condoms. With DD, decided to try, used nothing and dtd every other night or so and fell prey.

With these babies, we (probably a bit drunkenly) git carried away one night and didn't put one on. I knew there was a chance but didn't think it was huge as I know when I ovulate and it was 6 days post ovulation....

Tbh, that month we had for the first time said that we could really imagine having another (had though perhaps just one!) but though we should wait financially. Now we are (hopwfully) having two more!! Perhaps we subconsciously planned...?

legallyblond Thu 04-Apr-13 15:11:11

Hah!! Fell prey! Fell preg...

I think they have to tell you - it's different to the screening isn't it, because screening gives you a risk factor, whereas if something is wrong health professionals can't ignore that. It may effect how the woman needs to be monitored and looked after, whether cesarean needs to be booked, if baby needs an op straight after birth etc. For all of us that have not had the screening, there is still the very real possibility that a problem will be picked up at the 20 week scan - it's not called the anomaly (sp?) scan for nothing.

MoN forgive me if this is out of line, but I get the impression from your posts that perhaps you are less sure than your DP as to how you will progress when you get results of Amino or indeed the CVS. I can only imagine that having 4 children already to consider means taking into account lots of other people.

afternoon ladies,

I have just booked a private sexing scan as DH is starting a new job and can't come to the NHS one at 20 weeks sad so im all booked for the 20th of april in the evening where i will be 16+6. I managed to get it for £37 quid so not too bad its in glasgow but adding the £20 petrol it still works out cheaper than the standard £80. It also includes a 4d scan not sure how keen on that i will be lol

Hope you are all well smile

We Had a 4d scan included yesterday falcon. i always thopught they looked a bit weird but she just switched the button onto 4d and it was interesting to see and get a better view of arms, legs and umbilical cord that way. I couldn't figure out how to add two different photos to my profile to show you.

PseudoBadger Thu 04-Apr-13 16:37:58

Hi RockChick, not feeling too bad thanks, still nauseous if hungry. How are you Due Date buddy? grin
I fell over today in M&S blush, slipped heavily on to my side. That's all I needed today....!
I rang the midwife who said to wait for my scan on sat unless I feel something is wrong or have bleeding.

Thanks orange you have made me feel better about the 4d now smile

oh no badger I hope you are ok. My sister fell over in the snow and was very worried but the midwife told her everything ways well cushioned and she now has a very healthy 1 year old! How worrying for you though.

Falcon I have put my 4d picture up now so ycan see it. It has deleted my 2d picture so I will change it back again later. They don't do 4d until 12 weeks usually as babies just look splodgey before then, so this was slightly early. You will be able to see a lot more detail by the time you have yours.

Its a mini baby aww totally melted my heart orange!! is it silly to be so nervous now its booked! eek i know the likely hood is all is well still i'm just a worrier brew

Thanks falcon grin

Haylebop12 Thu 04-Apr-13 17:10:50

orange that's so amazing! Love it. Definitely want my sexing scan and 4d bit smile

Just finished my sixth litre and tbh don't feel as great as I usually do. Incredibly nauseas and tbh it's wearing me down a bit now. Just want the sickness to be over so I can glow and look well.

pinksky Thu 04-Apr-13 17:24:22

Orange wow! That's N amazing pic, looks just so real (if you know what I mean). If we have funds later on I might suggest 4d to DH.

Blimey, Hayle that's a lot of fluid isn't it. Were they happier with your urine after this morn? Really sorry you're not feeling good, you've really been put through the ringers.

Haylebop12 Thu 04-Apr-13 17:34:21

pink they just put another up! Number 7. Strangely they haven't tested since this morning as I'm presuming if they had I wouldn't have had this many litres. My urine is a lot clearer than yesterday although still feel pretty rubbish! They don't seem in a rush to get rid of me and as this bag won't finish until 7ish I reckon I'm in tonight too.

pinksky Thu 04-Apr-13 17:37:47

How crappy for you. So pleased that your DD is doing ok though, I'm sure she's missing you a little really grin

Slippysnow Thu 04-Apr-13 17:41:09

feminist I live in the lewisham borough, small world. I've heard great things about the MWLU at lewisham hospital but due to all the cuts and down sizing I wasn't sure what facilities were left. My two friends had great experiences and have healthy babies to show for it. I ended up choosing st Thomas'. It's also near dp's work incase he couldn't book the time off for the scans.

I had my booking in the other day, not as exciting as I thought it would be.

orange your picture is amazing you can really see the bubba.

Is anyone feeling flutters, I seem to. Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself as they say you don't usually feel them until later unless you've had babies before. I'm 10+ 2. smile

Orange your scan pic looks amazing!

Slippysnow tis a small world indeed! Spoke to midwife about what was happening with the maternity services this afternoon and she said she can't see anything happening anytime in the next couple of years and if they were going to be closing the labour ward this year they would have stopped booking in and they would have been warned to look for new jobs- she said I would probably end up having my second baby there grin Me, my brother (EMCS they saved him and my mum 16 years ago) my dad and DP were all born there so it didn't take much thinking about. They've been lovely so far. Glad you know of good experiences at the MWLU, hope I stay low risk so I can go there! And St Thomas' sounds ideal for you if it's near DP's work.

Thanks, I feel like a proud mummy! Hayle are you feeling any better now that bag has finished? Are they keeping you in?

I have my booking appointment with the midwife in the morning so just going through my list of questions I have written in the iPad every time I think of something (keeps me busy in the middle of the night!) and writing down the ones I actually need to ask. DH has booked the morning off work to come with me which is nice but I have a feeling it will be a bit of an anticlimax.

warlin The scan on Tuesday is just to date the pregnancy. They want to wait til then so they can be more accurate even though I know exactly how far on I am.
If it was just my feelings I had to consider I think I would carry on with the pregnancy but Dp is convinced I wouldn't be able to cope. I think he knows I would, after all I was a single mother of 4 for a while before I met him. I think he is worried about his own ability to cope, also being his first baby and only baby as long as he sticks with me he wants wants everything to be perfect and I understand that but I know he would love a Down's child just as much as he would love a so called normal child.