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April 2013 Part 8: Welcoming our Easter Chicks & as Alex & Evan hopefully go home!

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toobreathless Sun 24-Mar-13 13:15:05

Over here Ladies!

I hope you don't mind me starting this thread too.



Wonderful news for today as we welcome babycandy and little Charlotte and hoping that this thread sees little Alex and Evan home very soon.

How many more babies will this thread see?

SneezySnatcher Sun 24-Mar-13 13:31:05

Checking in. Really hoping this baby arrives before the thread is full!


Huge congrats to Bunny and Candy on your new arrivals. So pleased you're all doing well.

toobreathless Sun 24-Mar-13 14:06:28

sneezy I feel the same but not holding my breath. We are getting through a thread roughly every 3 weeks and speeding up as things get exciting grin DD arrived at 42 weeks & I am 38 + 2 so it may well be next thread for me!

Kelkestar aaaarrrrggghh! Toddler poo incident sounds hideous. My DH would also have made things worse. H has yet to poo in a swim nappy (touch wood!) I was actually thinking of stopping using them as they are expensive and we don't have to at our local pool but after your tale I have ditched that idea!

Tired here today, DD is poorly and was up at 1am & 4am crying and wanting Mummmmmmeeee. I bought her into our bed which she found VERY exciting and just bounced up and down and wanted to sit on my head. Toddlers!

Does baby candy have a name/weight? Hope you are both recovering ok from your sections likecandy & bunny

38 + 2

JessieEssex Sun 24-Mar-13 14:20:52

Marking my place on the new thread! Huge congrats to the new parents.

I can't believe Nelly is over two weeks old already....

bext Sun 24-Mar-13 14:22:15

Checking in. Fear I may be the last to give birth on this thread by which time we'll be up to part 15 or something!

Hge congrats Bunny and Candy, lovely news for a Sunday morning.


Mama1980 Sun 24-Mar-13 14:23:50

Thanks toobreathless for the new thread, just marking my spot will update later. Hope everyone's well x

EssexWelsh Sun 24-Mar-13 14:25:58

Marking place. I will be most disappointed if I do not make it onto this thread!! Wishing you all luck girls!

ratbagcatbag Sun 24-Mar-13 14:27:05

Marking place, can't believe mini cat bag is ten days old now smile

Trishstar Sun 24-Mar-13 14:29:14

Marking my place! I better not drag onto the next thread too!!! xx

JaquelineHyde Sun 24-Mar-13 14:47:16

Congratulations Bunny and Candy (seeing your names together makes me feel all in the mood for Easter -- bunny and candy grin )

Kelke that sounds bloody disgusting grin Why do we bother with children...and men!

I spent all day yesterday seeing friends (with the 3 dc) and went off to bed at 8pm and then so far today I have, all from the comfort of my bed, watched the Grand Prix, completed 9 seperate pieces of homework with the dc, made an Easter bonnet, completed several pieces of stupid paperwork and form filling exercises and then I got up grin Cleared the dcs bedrooms, bathed all 3 of them and then finally went downstairs to eat a cheese and ham pannini DH had made for lunch.

<phew> chicken curry and rice for dinner, followed by a bit of TV and then back to my lovely bed! DH might even get some hows your father if I keep feeling as fit as I am, no pg niggles, no labour symptoms, nothing at all grin

Has anyone started thinking about whether or not they may have an April Fool's baby on the bank holiday Monday?

Fluffeh Sun 24-Mar-13 14:48:25

Marking my place and expecting to not produce a baby on this thread either lol I have 4 weeks and 1 day to the cs that's at least 1500 posts for us isn't it? Haha!

JaquelineHyde Sun 24-Mar-13 15:13:24

Oh and my sister is now 5 days overdue and has refused a sweep and won't entertain the idea of an induction or stay in hospital for observation!

The medical staff are concerned for the baby (and have been for quite a few weeks) as her amniotic fluid is severly reduced and the baby stopped growing at about 34 weeks. She (my sister) also had a problem with her blood levels and liver functioning but this appears to have been resolved.

I just wish she would go into labour and that the baby is born healthy and well sad

Marking place..... Induction on 13th so might scrape onto this thread......

num3onway Sun 24-Mar-13 15:31:43

Congrats to the new arrivals. Still nothing happening for me. Kicking myself atm for having assumed dd would be born slightly earlier than her brothers which I am now certain will not be happening. In one weeks time I will be more pregnant than I have ever been and I cannot help thinking my midwife somehow knows I will go over since she booked me a sweep at 40+4 three weeks in advance!
I've had enough. Lower bump is heavy and aches, back to sleeping very badly too and also becoming very very hormonal!
Sorry for the moan.


KelleStar Sun 24-Mar-13 15:55:06

36+3 and have just done loads of batch cooking. Feel knackered now.

Ollibobs Sun 24-Mar-13 16:01:15

Congrats to all the new mummies! So exciting!

Dysgu Sun 24-Mar-13 17:11:24

Lovely new thread smile

Congratulations to all the new mummies. Do we have names and weights yet?

Sorry to read that so many of you are finding the last few weeks of PG difficult and uncomfortable. Hopefully tour babies will be here soon, all healthy and happy and ready for cuddles.

Neither DD has ever poohed in the swimming pool - we use washable swimming nappies and I have no idea how they would actually cope with a pooh! However, with Evan being such a monkey already, I foresee a future where we might well expect to find out! grin

Dysgu Sun 24-Mar-13 17:12:37

Oh and Evan was tube free when I arrived to feed him this morning - only for a short time as he had pulled out his NG tube! I snapped a couple of pictures before he had to have a replacement pushed down - he didn't like that so much so I told him to stop pulling it out!

Giddypants Sun 24-Mar-13 17:28:18

Oh dysgu, you have a little tinker there, DS pulled his breathing tube out when he was 12 hours old, and had many NG tubes, he was always strong willed!

My sympathies with the poo in the pool kelle why is it that when they decided to go at an inconvenient time it's always an elephant poo?

Think hospital bag finally complete, just been to matalan to buy flip flops for the shower, £3 bargain! Can bin them when we come home.

Think all set for Tuesday now, just got to get past Monday smile


LikeCandy Sun 24-Mar-13 17:53:05

Thanks for the congrats all. I can't believe she's almost a day old.
Our DD came in at a whopping 8lb 5oz (big considering she's 11 days early).
DH is amazing with her already (he'll be leaving soon for the night) and my parents drove 220miles each way to visit for 2hrs today.

I have nothing but praise for the amazing medics/midwives who cared for me, they have done / are doing an amazing job and I feel very well looked after.
I hope the rest of you April ladies are as lucky! (But without the emergency craziness!)

alwayshopeful13 Sun 24-Mar-13 18:00:51

Marking place on new thread. Congrats to everyone who's welcoming new arrivals...so exciting!

I am 36+2 and everyone around me seems to think I'll go overdue so I am not hugely optimistic of having an arrival on this thread, but you never know :-)

Now on mat leave so hope to get better at staying on top of this busy thread! xx

Dysgu Sun 24-Mar-13 18:12:16

Wow Candy I am impressed with your parents making such a long round trip for a short visit - but grandchildren are just so worth it grin Glad everything went well and littlecandy is all safe and well. Have you got names yet?

Trishstar Sun 24-Mar-13 18:31:02

Can I ask a bit of non baby advice from you wise ladies?

Do I have to inform the tax office now I'm married, and how do I go about seeing any family tax credits etc that we are entitled to?

Sorry for seeming clueless on all this! It's the first time I've moved away from home!!! Lol xx

tattooedapril87 Sun 24-Mar-13 19:42:38

thanks trish that reminds me i need to check what im entitled to...

can't believe my boys are 9 days old today... its gone too fast!

EmpressMatilda Sun 24-Mar-13 20:21:11

Marking my spot. No idea whether baby will arrive on this thread or not. Have given up trying to predict! Glad you mentioned April Fool's baby Jaq as it's something I have become weirdly bothered about!

MiL is coming to stay that day as well so hoping baby is either already here or not yet ready on that day. Would hate to be in labour when she's here.

For those asking I am drinking raspberry leaf tea, two cups a day. Will let you know in due course whether it makes any difference to the labour.

No snow here at all though all-out friends and family seem to be stranded at home by it. If baby comes now he won't be getting visitors for a while!


Mama1980 Sun 24-Mar-13 21:03:34

Feeling very emotional tonight, and shaky. My brother bought me in some lovely photos that were taken of Alex days after he was born, he's made them black and white-I prefer my photos that way- and popped them in a beautiful album. I promptly burst Ito tears and sobbed. I was just not ready to go back there again.
My dd also left a suit, outer suit and snow suit in case we can go tomorrow. My boy could get to see the sun, breathe fresh air. All these drs have kept him alive worked so hard and now there's just me.

Dysgu - Sounds like you're gonna have our hands full with Evan! smile

Sorry for the me me me but there's no one else to 'talk' to x

Dysgu Sun 24-Mar-13 21:46:49

oh Mama I know - the whole thing must be really emotional right now and there is still the knowledge that they can say Alex needs to stay in for a bit longer tomorrow if the weigh-in doesn't go the right way. I have all my fingers and toes crossed for you that Alex gets the green light and heads outside tomorrow...but yes, it must be a scary feeling that you don't get to take the doctors and their monitors home with you.

I remember (vividly) the feeling of panic when I was told that we could take DD1 home - and she had only been in NICU for a month, so nowhere near what you and Alex have been through. She had had an MRI scan so was unconscious, which I was expecting, but then they told us that she would be getting the all clear during the day to come home. I dashed straight back out of the unit and called DP (who was running a class in Winchester) and saying, "They say we can bring DD1 home. Do we want to?" smile

Then with DD2 they were going to send her home on New Year's Day so I roomed in over New Year's Eve - and then the weigh-in went the wring day and she had to stay another 3 days until her weight had gone up enough.

And as for looking for photos... it was a lovely idea by your Dbro but I can see why you need to be really focused on Alex as he is now and not recalling all you went through in the very early days. I imagine you will get to that stage - perhaps when he waves cheerily as he goes into school perhaps?

You obviously know though that they would not be sending Alex home unless he was more than ready and that he really no longer needed any one but you taking care of him. I think perhaps taking a tiny baby home - even one who is so much bigger than he was - is still especially daunting and when you have had (and needed) so much assistance and help so far it is extra scary too. I think also the fact that parents of NICU/SCBU babies get the time to contemplate taking DC home makes it more scary - I imagine (but have never been through it so is only my opinion) that taking a newborn baby home is daunting but you must be so wrapped up in the whole birth/going home scenario that it all runs into one...

Sorry for all my waffle (especially to those of you with babies at home and those yet to meet their babies) but really Mama you will do a great job at home with Alex as you have done a great job in hospital getting him ready to go home. (unmumsnetty (((((hugs)))))

Rivergirly Sun 24-Mar-13 22:33:37


Congrats to the new arrivals!!

Finally on maternity leave now and even begun packing hospital bag but still find it unbelievable that in the next month baby no 3 will be here.

37 + 3

birdbrain17 Sun 24-Mar-13 23:12:32

just marking my place on the new thread smile

Giddypants Sun 24-Mar-13 23:25:54

Lovely words dysgu x
Lots of love to you mama xxxx

Fluffeh Mon 25-Mar-13 08:11:32

Echoing giddy, really lovely post dsygu.
mama good luck today! I hope his weight is good and he gets his first taste of fresh air and family life smile.

I think I'm losing my plug - should I worry? The bh's are rather intense but I wouldn't say painful just kinda breath taking. I have a mw visit today so will run it by her this afternoon. I just hope nothing is starting because the snow is falling again and I don't fancy travelling anywhere in it.

Teapig Mon 25-Mar-13 08:42:24

Thanks for the new thread toobreathless, just popping in to mark my place.

Big congrats to the new mummies and tea and sympathy to everyone with discomfort in the final stages. I've been very lucky to be feeling well so far got a horrible feeling labour will be pay back time!

Teapig Mon 25-Mar-13 08:57:12

trish, re tax stuff I am no expert but think you need a form to claim child benefit which you get in hospital bounty pack or can download online. You need baby's birth certificate and then you can claim.

I googled family tax credits and there's an online form you can fill in to check for eligibility. I started to fill it in but there were questions about childcare arrangements and earnings so it seems like something I'll need to revisit when I'm clearer about those things.

I`m sure others with dcs already will have better advice but that's what I found through google.

SneezySnatcher Mon 25-Mar-13 09:15:02

Dreadful night's sleep last night. Was having loads of BH and just could not get comfy. It's so strange wishing pain on myself but I kept thinking I'd rather they hurt because at least they'd be doing something!


Trishstar Mon 25-Mar-13 09:34:15

Thanks Tea xxxx

Positive vibes for Alex today!!! Xx

Flosshilde Mon 25-Mar-13 09:45:50

Marking my place.

All I've been doing is feeding and cuddling since we got home. Xavier now a whole 6 days old. grin DH being a star, Ds1 veering from lovely to vile.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 25-Mar-13 10:31:09

Ah I lost you all! At least I didn't miss any baby births!

Hooray, first official day of leave smile still in my jammies watching Homes under the hammer!

jacq how strange re your sister - I'd just be saying Get this baby out of me! I hope she goes into labour soon.

Mama I can't imagine how strange things seem for you. I was in hospital for 9 days last year and coming home then was odd enough. But the others are right - they wouldn't be discharging Alex if he wasn't ready. You are already an awesome Mum. You have your family and your kids sound fantastic! You'll be great smile

KatyT86 Mon 25-Mar-13 10:46:21

Love hearing about all the new bambinos! It's a very exciting time for all of us!!! mama you and baby alex will be in my thoughts today. Positive vibes! Think dsygu says it perfectly!

I am awaiting phone call from hospital with a time of induction tomorrow. Absolutely terrified! Can't believe it's nearly time to get our little man out!

angeltattoo Mon 25-Mar-13 10:55:36

Congrats to the latest mummies! Lovely news grin

Thanks for the new thread toobreathless

Enjoying Mat leave here, think we are as ready as we'll ever be so now we're just waiting!!!

New thread, woohooo! Think I only managed 2 or 3 posts on the last one. Must try harder.

Huge congrats for the new arrivals grin I feel this thread will be seeing a LOT more. Although not mine. Feels like forever away yet.

Fluff I hate to point this out but having a show and very uncomfortable bh = start of labour wink sounds very like how my last labour started. Good luck if it is!

I am quite done with this whole pregnancy malarkey now. I'm not sleeping. If I lay on my left my hips hurt, if I lay on my right I get serious heartburn and feels like I'm going to be sick and if I lay on my back slightly propped up then my back is agony as I have a trapped nerve. So with the SPD, sore ribs, bad back and not being able to breathe thanks to little munchkin sitting as high as he can I can honestly say I can't wait for the pains to start!

Dp is so sick of me walking around saying ow ow ow ow and looking like a little old lady that I've given up telling him it hurts. Ill just moan here instead wink

Almost ready now. Got last labour bag bits at the weekend so that's sorted at last. Just need to get to a Mamas & Papas for the changing mat and crib mattress and I'm done.

Have next mw appointment next week but might nip in before that as my hands and feet have been swelling up on and off the last few nights but today it happened as soon as I got up. Had a headache almost everyday too so just want to check its not the start of something.

Right I have a house to finish rearranging, I'm in process of swapping all the kids rooms around and decorating. Currently have plasterers upstairs doing one room. Hope it's all finished before DDay! Really ought to stop leaving things until the last minute.


jj247 Mon 25-Mar-13 13:27:57

ooh good luck mama, I agree that i think dysgu summed it up perfectly, but you are completely in my thoughts today. Hope Alex and you make it home, must be extra daunting leaving your daily physio behind too, but sounds like you have a super supportive family behind you who will provide you with all the support you both need xx

Congrats to all the new mummies out there, super exciting hearing all the news and lovely to see photos on facebook. It is all becomingquite real, although must admit I'm still in denial a bit... so much to do before bean arrives and I still somehow haven't quite accepted I am having a baby (very much thought I'd missed the boat at 41 and keep expecting to wake up and find out none of it is real, or something goes wrong at the last minute... so scared to visualise myself finally holding my little one).

bext with you on fearing I'll be the "last man standing" in this group, have a suspicion that little bean will hang on into May!

notshort I completely empathise with feeling in pain and knackered. I had just been telling peeps last week how lucky I've been through this pregnancy, just heartburn really, then yesterday got in/out of the car and was in agony with my pelvis. Now I can't walk, get in/out of chair, stand etc. without being in agony. Last night I couldn't sleep on my left because of my pelvis, my right leg was sore where i'd done a bad job of injecting my fragmin and my acid reflux was stopping me lying on my back, even with a chunk of pillows. Then the BHs kicked in, so i kept getting up and pottering round the bed just to try and ease them, but that hurt my pelvis again! Fed up of the snow/ice too, live on top of a hill and no way i can manouvre myself up/down it without assistance from DP as super icy, which wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to abandon car at the bottom and walk up as it isn't safe to drive up. when is spring arriving? sad
oh and builders still on with kitchen, so still have no cooker/electrics/washing machine plumbed in and house covered in thick layer of dust, as well as contents of kitchen distributed throughout. praying they will get done this week so we can get the floor laid, the house cleaned, the walls painted and tiles and somehow catch up on the washing (the few bits I had washed for the baby now need rewashing because of the dust). also frustrated as I can't do "my share" helping paint the skirting boards, shift all the kitchen stuff back in again etc.. So need no more snow or builders will continue to use that as an excuse as to why the job hasn't been completed. angry

Sorry for mememe rant... maybe a good thing if bean stays inside for a while, at least until the kitchen/house is sorted! grin

Still got 3 weeks left to work too... maybe was being a tad ambitious...


jj247 Mon 25-Mar-13 13:29:28

oh and jacq really hope your sister's baby arrives soon and, despite all the issues with your sister, is safe and well, so you can focus on your pregnancy and baby without having to worry x

jj247 Mon 25-Mar-13 13:30:28

katy good luck for tomorrow!!!

Rivergirly Mon 25-Mar-13 13:52:13

Trishstar to claim tax credits for the first time i think you just need to ring them up and they will send you forms to fill in but like child benefit they will need the baby's birth certificate - have a feeling both child benefit and tax credit have to see the original as well do can only do one claim at a time but both will back date if you claim within 3 months.

Really enjoying my first day of maternity leave - been to story cafe at school with ds2, blood tests and shopping - so nice not to have to dash around after school run and fit everything in but am lacking on the housework front!! Sat down at lunchtime with loose women on tv and then fell asleep!!! Ooopps!!! But got an hour or so til school run so I may get something done before the boys are home plus have dsd for dinner tonight so I do need to make the house half way to tidy!!

I'm with everyone else and that scary thought of being the last/not having the baby til May!

Good luck tomorrow Katy

num3onway Mon 25-Mar-13 14:32:56

Afternoon all
Any news on new arrivals?
Well after dtd this morning I've had a lot of uncomfortable pressure on pelvic bone and some period pains, although this also happened last week. Trying to stay on my feet in the hope it encourages something!
I've never had a show or had my waters break before being well on my way in the hospital so I'm not expecting that but some contractions would be nice lol.
Hope your all well and fingers crossed for Alex making his way home


Giddypants Mon 25-Mar-13 15:02:28

Oh fluffeh how are you getting on, sounds like early labour!

We're all set for tomorrow eek, this time tomorrow (all being well) we'll have another DS! All getting very real now. Just need to get the section out of the way nowgrin
Getting very nervous now!


KelleStar Mon 25-Mar-13 15:20:54

Oh giddy, that is quite exciting smile hope all goes well. And you too Katy.

I'm just back from MW check up. Weighed me for the first time since booking in and I've lost 2kgs, which is the same as with DD. baby is fully engaged in my pelvis. And a slight trace of sugar in my urine, but nothing to worry about. MW seemed confident things would kick off soon. Been having lots of cervical discomfort, cramps all night. My waters had to be ARM with DD.

Watching Dr Ranj with DD, he's starting to look attractive. She lives him!

toobreathless Mon 25-Mar-13 15:27:44

giddy how exciting! Good luck for tomorrow. Lovely to think there will be at least one arrival tomorrow (& maybe two if Katy's induction goes swiftly!)

Great weight likecandy DD was 8 lb 8 two weeks late, probably a good thing she was born at 38 weeks! Hope you are enjoying newborn snuggles & not too sore?

Mama I'm not very good with words and Dysgu says it perfectly above but just know we are thinking of you today.

Jj sounds hectic! We are also living in chaos prior to our move on April 2nd at 39 + 4. I ham making a conscious effort to relax and not get wound up about things beyond my control, easier said than some as I am usually a bit of a control freak smile

Can I admit to being a teeny bit jealous of you first time mums getting to relax?? Enjoy it! Pregnancy with a toddler/older children is such hard work. Hats off to those with more than one, the thought brings me out in a cold sweat! Just realised that makes me sound like I pregnant WITH A TODDLER! I'm not grin although I feel like it at times!

We have been swimming this morning. I was on heightened poo alert after your incident kellestar! we also heard this morning that DHs going away dates have been out back to August. Not sure how I feel about this, glad he will be around until this baby is 3-4 months but it does mean he will be away for Xmas. Not the end of the world- he missed DD1s first Xmas too (in Afghanistan) He will however now be around for potty training DD1 smile

38 + 3

Trishstar Mon 25-Mar-13 15:41:10

Thanks river! Will get as prepped as I can before little man arrives

Just had MW appt. little man is still on the brim. Otherwise everything all good, growing well strong HB etc xx

I think I will go over despite all the twinges and pains etc!

Good luck for tomorrow giddy xxx

Mama1980 Mon 25-Mar-13 15:58:07


dysgu thank you so much for your words yesterday, they really helped. I think you're right with prem babies you have time to think to realise and really feel how fragile everything seems at times and how scary it all can be. My poor brother, really thought he was doing something lovely I've promised I will look by the time Alex goes to senior school, 11 years should be enough time smilehow are you and Evan?

Thanks fluffeh- how are you doing? Exciting.....

Thanks trishstar smile

Floss-good to hear from you, how's you and xavier getting on?

Havealittlefaith- thanks smile

Katy-good luck tomorrow I'll be thinking of you

Jj247- thank you smile

Notshortimfunsized- I hope you're feeling better soon

N3ntheway- thanks smile

Giddy- good luck tomorrow I will be thinking of you x

Toobreathless- thanks smile

Sorry if I missed anyone, I tried to name check you all I promise!

And we are home!smilesmilesmilesmilesmile 1 week short of 4 months old and 5lbs5oz and we got home about a hour ago, my dd will be home any second, we've been rushing to get back and settled before she does-I'm so excited! My dog went crazy, the cat went crazier and I keep crying, but good crying.
Pic on fb of Alex in his 3 sleep/snowsuits getting ready go. So far he has fed, been cuddled by ds1 and been awake a lot!
Thank you all so so so much xxx

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 25-Mar-13 16:04:03

Congratulations Mama smile thanks <sheds a little tear>

river enjoy the time off!

Good luck giddy! smile

num3onway Mon 25-Mar-13 16:10:55

Well done mama and Alex, you must be made up!

KelleStar Mon 25-Mar-13 16:30:14

So very happy for you mama! Alex looks lovely in his layers smile would live to hear what DD's reaction is when she finds the two of you on the sofa looking comfy!

Roxoroxy Mon 25-Mar-13 16:33:34

Hello again everyone and massive congratulations to all the new mums (and to the mums all over again!).

It's my first day of maternity leave today... didn't quite know what to do with myself when DH left for work. But I have now ironed all the clothes for my little one when she comes, applied for a parking permit for mum when she comes to stay and knocked off various other little bits of admin. Still, I'm not very good at being at home alone - lucky I'm going to have someone to look after soon!

I'm due in 10 days and I'm getting pains in my lower abdomen (? cervix?), but not coming in waves and mainly when I'm walking around. Anyone else getting this? And does it mean that things might be imminent?

Roxoroxy Mon 25-Mar-13 16:54:57

And Mama congratulations!!! Great news and wishing you and your whole family every joy as you enjoy being home with them again.

lutrinae Mon 25-Mar-13 17:46:00

Congratulations Mama! Such good news.

And good luck tomorrow giddy and katy. You must be so excited.

I've got 2 days of work left till mat leave and honestly can't believe I've made it this far. Feel absurdly proud.

It would be quite funny to give birth on April Fools as that's mine and DP's anniversary, but I'd rather he/she stay put for a little bit so I get some relaxing time.

Also getting some period like pains and shooting pains into my cervix and bum but they seem to come and go from one day to the next.

38 + 1

That's fantastic news mama enjoy every minute of being home and all together as a family. So chuffed for you. grin

I'm with those starting maternity leave - first official day, plus DH has the week off as needs to use up AL. So we've had lots of time to chill and also bought some funky new red kitchen chairs in the sale on a whim.. grin And have sorted out downstairs room, so lots of nesting here. DH is now napping (anyone would think he's pregnant!).

Giddy and fluffs good luck today and keep us posted flowers.

alwayshopeful13 Mon 25-Mar-13 18:10:46

Hugest congrats mama - just fab news that you and Alex are home!! Enjoy all the settling in and whole new set of 'firsts' you are about to embark on en famille.

giddy and katy good luck for tomorrow-will be thinking of you and sending best of good luck wishes.

Is anyone else who's just starting mat leave finding that they're sleeping for England (or Scotland, Wales, Ireland-take your pick!)? To be fair last few weeks at work were horrendous so i guess I'm still in recovery mode but so far my routine has been mainly (a) lying in til 9ish then (b) enjoying some pottering/washing/online shopping whilst watching yummy rubbish daytime tv before (c) settling down for a nice afternoon nap (just woke up after 3 hours!). Just bliss! Mind you-today here might be an element of the relief factor....had our 36 week growth scan this morn and everything is as it should be. Baby estimated 5lbs 8oz today (though I know those estimates can turn out to be wildly out) and consultant said while it's a smallish baby it's in normal range. Hurrah!

Anyway, sorry for the 'isn't mat leave so relaxing' post when I know it's not like that for everyone, esp those planning house moves or those with older little ones to run around after (sorry know somebody mentioned this already but can't scroll back properly to name check who).

xx (36+3)

alwayshopeful13 Mon 25-Mar-13 18:12:18

Oops sorry good luck fluffeh also x

usernamegoeshere Mon 25-Mar-13 18:15:01

Yey mama finally home, congratulations!

Had a nice surprise where money is concerned and feeling much better in general today, am really proud of how I been coping with codeine too, walking up hill/stairs is really painful but am just about managing, also oh and me have a nice week planned so I'm fine if bump wants to appear but no longer wishing her out too urgently!

Good luck for those being induced! How exciting, I hope I do have baby on this thread, my bh are more frequent now and been having tightenings that are quite uncomfortable so maybe...


usernamegoeshere Mon 25-Mar-13 18:16:11

Coping without codeine I meant!

EmpressMatilda Mon 25-Mar-13 18:25:37

Wow mama that's great. Love the pic on fb of Alex all ready to go out!

giddy and katy all the best. Looking forward to more baby news and pics.

Fluffeh How did the appointment go? I have no idea about these things but as a few others on this thread seem to think your labour is imminent I wish you the best of luck. MAybe we'll have another one for the stats tomorrow!

jj That's a lot to contend with at this stage. I almost go into meltdown when I have to drive my car to town and I get exhausted just putting the washing on! Wishing you best of luck with it.

Roxy I'm also getting those on and off as well as lower back pain. Saw the midwife today and she said it was fairly typical for this point in the pregnancy and didn't necessarily signify anything is about to happen hmm So I just don't know anymore. I am ignoring most symptoms at present as just 'one of those things'. At this rate I will be halfway through labour before I actually realise I am...

I managed to get a decent Hauck travel system for free off freecycle which has made me very, very happy and have spent today getting the covers all washed and dried.

Am continuing to have strange maternal feelings towards my car. If I'm not driving it I keep looking out of the window 'to make sure it's alright' and if I am driving it I keep talking to it and apologising for being such a crap driver. I think I am going a bit mad in my late pregnancy.


MumofWombat Mon 25-Mar-13 21:11:36

Such lovely news that mama and Alex are home!

I'm not having a great night. I KNEW this would happen, DSs two year molars have started to give him grief - and I'm in for my csection on Thursday. So I'm going to have a tired whingey toddler on top of an unhappy one who is going to have to learn to share Mummy and Daddy. Gah.

It's also difficult to decide if I'm more looking forward to newborn cuddles or the end of heartburn and pelvic girdle pain! But I think I'm just about ready for Thursday, jobs for today are to charge up camera batteries and put in hospital bag and to get DH to burn a CD of some of our favourite songs to be played in the operating room. Everything else can wait or is done!

Congrats mama on going home, must be such a huge relief. Hope you have lots of fun settling back in, at least the weather means you have to stay all cosy inside smile

milktraylady Mon 25-Mar-13 22:10:33

Mama, so pleased to hear you are both home, that's wonderful news gringringringrin

Dysgu Mon 25-Mar-13 22:27:31

Mama so happy that you and Alex have made it home. I imagine your DD has been really excited and happy to have you home and it must have been wonderful for her to come home and find you both there. How old is DS1 - I can picture him cuddling his little brother - my girls are really excited about the prospect of being able to cuddle Evan soon.

There seem to be a number of people of this thread who are going to be holding their babies in their arms in the next few days - it is all so exciting and we still have a few days of March to go!

And there seem to be a number of people really struggling with the final stretch. Pregnancy is so strange, isn't it - for so many of us we just don't know when things are actually going to happen. But then, for those people being induced or having CS it must seem strange too to know when the DC is going to arrive - of course, induction can take a while but I guess you know things are going to start happening?!

Dysgu Mon 25-Mar-13 22:32:59

I am so glad that we do not have any snow - it seems like a lot of places on the mainland are really having a tough time. It would be so much more complicated to have the girls home from school or to not be able to get to the hospital easily.

It is cold here with extreme winds but is quite hard to imagine what some people are going through... until I check my FB and see friends 'up north' showing how bad things are.

Of course, it is snuggly warm in NICU! I pile on my layers to get there and then have to strip down to just a t-shirt. I don't know what Evan is going to think when he comes home - we live in a 3-storey house and tend not to even heat the top floor where the DDs play and sleep and enough heat tends to go up - although you can feel the temperature drop when you get halfway up the top flight of stairs - we might have to change the settings on the thermostat - or maybe spring will come!

He is now down to just his NG tube and a tummy tab to monitor his breathing - although I can unplug that when he is with me and not in his cot so he is not attached to any machines smile He loves cuddles and is a really contented baby - DD2 is sure he is already smiling at her - although she knows all about how windy he is and finds his farting VERY funny grin

Knewtothis Tue 26-Mar-13 06:36:45

Morning all. Have read all pages of new thread and can't believe how many babies have been born! Warm congratulations to you all, I still have 5 weeks to go until the last day in April! That seems a loooong time! So pleased mama has been able to take Alex home, what a special moment. I agree that * dysgu* gave really lovely words up thread, so lovely. And, wombat I feel your pain with heartburn and pelvic pain, oh for it to end will be such a relief. Please come back and tell us after you had the baby that it does go away!

Today, I must get things for and pack,my hospital bag I think. On Easter hols now and then mat leave so need to get cracking! I'm setting myself small goals for each day as just can't manage loads. Today, it's the bag and the ironing pile which has been building up for ages! If there is ever a Spring day ever this year, I plan to wash the baby clothes and dry them outside but the way things are looking, even my baby will arrive in the cold! Hope everyone with babies already has enough warm things for them - you probably didn't bank on needing warmer clothing for a Spring baby!

Giddypants Tue 26-Mar-13 06:53:38

Ok here I go, wish me luck swill update as soon as I can xx

JessieEssex Tue 26-Mar-13 07:13:42

Best of luck giddy - so exciting! X

MumOfTwoCats Tue 26-Mar-13 07:15:35

Good luck Giddy I'll be doing the same a week on Friday!


wishfulthinking1 Tue 26-Mar-13 07:38:53

Good luck giddy!

38 + 2


Knewtothis Tue 26-Mar-13 07:39:32

Good luck Giddy - how exciting!

SneezySnatcher Tue 26-Mar-13 07:44:09

Good luck Giddy!

Fluffeh Tue 26-Mar-13 08:09:54

Good luck giddy!

Well I spent another few hours on the birth suite yesterday but still no baby. The doctors think the contractions are because of the huge amount of fluid that's in my abdomen pushing my uterus and causing it to contract. The fluid is because my shunt catheter is displaced with the pregnancy.
There's no signs of the baby getting distressed or anything which is good. I guess its just a waiting game now.
My mw isn't too worried but she doesn't think there's much chance of me making it to my ELCS date in 4 weeks time.

mama hope you and Alex and your dc's had a fab first night all together.

Hope everyone else is escaping the snow and feeling good smile.

Mama1980 Tue 26-Mar-13 09:06:46

Good luck giddy- So exciting! smile

Fluffeh- definitely sounds like things will be happening sooner rather than later. Are you at home now? How are you feeling?

Thanks everyone for the messages and good wishes. I am feeling very proud of myself as I've just managed to make porridge, for ds1 manoeuvring about on my crutches. I'm now exhausted grin
Alex has been feeding all night, and is very happy that he hasnt been put down once Ds1 (he's just 5 can't remember who asked that) fell asleep at my side curled so tight I could hardly move my arms, And dd got up at about 3 to cuddle.
She was thrilled to see us, came indoors called for my brother, saw me and promptly ran into my arms and sobbed. She then spent the whole evening fussing. Ds1 is home educated and I said dd didn't have to go into school today so we are just going to snuggle, and talk. The physio/hv will be stopping by later but by brother has gone to work so its just us which a perfect I've missed my babies so much.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 26-Mar-13 09:15:14

Oh fluff, no I'm not convinced you'll go another 4 weeks either! smile I hope it settles down a bit so you can get some rest.

Good luck giddy!

I do not feel well sad I have had the sniffles for a few days and now I'm proper wheezy (I'm asthmatic). I'm presuming its viral and will settle down but yuck! Off to see to the MW this morning. The big lump is still at the top of my bump so I suspect she'll be scanning me.

dsygu I agree pregnancy is strange...it feels like I'm about to do an exam. I've done the prep, taken the classes, I just have no idea when the exam will be!

36+0 smile

JaquelineHyde Tue 26-Mar-13 10:56:47

Morning everyone

Good luck Giddy thinking of you.

Fluff I expect you will have your baby way before 4 weeks passes.

Mama I just cried a little bit (again) hearing of your lovely night and the plans you have for today. So happy for you.

Having I am all sniffly and sneezy at the moment too and feeling simply wiped out. Can't imagine adding asthma to that it must be horrible, try and rest as much as you can please.

My sister has had her baby (Sunday night), she didn't tell us or anyone.

Social services rang my Mum yesterday lunchtime to let us know. Spent all day yesterday crying with my Mum about it all and the realisation that my relationship with my sister is over due to her behaviour. She is refusing to co-operate and so it is off to court we go. The baby has to remain in hospital whilst this happens and my sister has banned my Mum from visiting (which also means her first DD and the new baby's big sister, whom my Mum has had special guardianship for since she was 12 weeks old, can't visit either).

Even though this is my job (trainee sw) and something I am trained to deal with and something we went through before with her first DD, I am not coping very well at all and I am worried sick about my poor Mum and Dad. sad


HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 26-Mar-13 11:42:25

I know things have been weird but I can't believe your sister didn't even tell you she's had the baby jacq! shock I hope the court process all goes smoothly.

I've been to the MW, she still thinks baby might be breech - tricky to know because its deep in the pelvis but the lump is still there and firm! I'll be going for a scan to know for sure. I'm ok with the idea of a c-section if needs be.

Plan for rest of day includes eating Doritos then off to get my hair cut and coloured! Oh it's nice not to be at work! smile

Rivergirly Tue 26-Mar-13 11:47:57

aw so glad to hear mama and alex are now home and enjoying proper family time altogether.

Day 2 for me of maternity leave and already have a sick child at home!!! DS1 thought it might be a good plan to be sick in his bed several times last night so my quiet relaxing days at home before the Easter hols have gone out the window :/. Plus I am lacking sleep as I was woken up at 12 then 2am and finally when I got up for school run discovered he had been sick in his bed again and covered it up with his pillow - ewww!!!

Im not sure who mentioned their very relaxing maternity leave but I do remember having 5 weeks before DS1 came (he was 2 weeks late) and spending a lot of time sleeping!! No such luck this time round though - but I may just squeeze an afternoon snooze in before the school run as I am shattered now after the disturbed night and extra laundry.

I am also getting a lot of pelvic pain when I am walking about - lots of twinges - I just think it is how low the baby is this time round - at this stage with my boys I was still walking the dog for miles but finding the 15 minute school run a struggle at the moment.

I bought a snowsuit for dc today, that was slightly depressing as it should be wearing spring clothes. It was only £4 from tesco in the sale though on the basis that it won't be worn for long?!

Waves to all on mat leave.....I too shall soon be getting my hair coloured and legs waxed during work time grin

Crazytictac Tue 26-Mar-13 14:30:42

Good luck giddy and katy. How exciting!

So pleased that Alex is home mama, bet it feels unreal.

Hope you feel better soon faith. It's horrible being pg and ill at the same time.

fluffeh will they give you a new date for your c section now? Good luck.

jacqh what a nightmare for you and your family. No wonder you're so upset. When it's all so personal you can't not detach yourself from it. Glad the baby is ok ( I recall you saying there was a growth issue and amniotic fluid restriction). I don't know what to suggest but thinking of you.

Hope everyone else is ok. I'm really physically ready for my baby now but not mentally or house preparation wise. Really need to get motivated!!

Fluffeh Tue 26-Mar-13 14:35:16

cheese we've done the same re a snow suit. Hadn't bothered as we expected it to be like last spring but all this blooming snow! Lol

river I empathise with the pelvic pain. Unless I absolutely have to walk somewhere, I just send DP smile.

jh so sad about your sisters baby sad I hope the court process goes smoothly and the baby can come live with your mum soon.

faith hopefully its a big bum poking out the top lol still if he/she is breech at least you'll get a date that you'll meet them on smile.

mama sounds like a perfect first night/morning at home for you all. I hope you have millions more just like it!

I'm still having intense bh's but I don't think they can be doing much as there's no real pain with them and the baby is still giving huge well placed kicks.
DP got a bit worried when they were coming every 3 mins but he has calmed down now haha!
We've had an offer on a house from the housing association. We have a meeting with a guy Tuesday after the Easter weekend to arrange a viewing but were going to drive up later and see if we can get an outside view beforehand. Hopefully it'll be better than where we are. The rent is lots cheaper and it only has one set of stairs instead of 3! It's the area I'm worried about as its had a lot of bad press in the past but I would like to see it before I decline, it may be ok smile.

toobreathless Tue 26-Mar-13 15:38:37

Hello Ladies!

River poor DS1 (& poor you!) hoping that no one else gets it & he feels better soon!

Faith hope you also feel better soon, be very sensible & make sure you use your inhalers won't you? Go & see your GP if it's getting worse or not improving, a short course of steroids will not cause any problem for baby. Apologies if I sound like your mother! Just concerned.

Mama love the idea of you not putting alex down! I was the same with DD to the bemusement of my family but it worked for us. Hope you are having a lovely relaxed day with your family.

Agree cheese it is do strange discussing snow suits, when I was expecting DD1 (due April 12th 2011) it was blisteringly hot and the last week if march I went out and bought 3 maxi dressed to wear for last few weeks of pregnancy and afterwards. Bizarre!

I have had a lovely luxury pedicure done by a very sweet student at my local college salon for £6! They are amazing and I know have French tips which makes he feel a big better about my hideously puffy ankles! I definately recommend looking up your local beauty college salon for those expecting DC1 they are so cheap and the care is amazing. I also take Dd there for her haircuts (£2!)

JH thinking of you & your family at this difficult time. Do you think maybe you need to be a bit selfish now and focus on your family? DSIS baby is here & thank god well and now is the time to think about your baby.

Yawn! Shattered! 38 + 5

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 26-Mar-13 15:50:43

Thanks everyone - yes I've been using my inhaler throughout and currently using my ventolin when I get very wheezy. It's easier than yesterday so hopefully I'm on the mend. Scan is booked for tomorrow morning so we'll know what we're dealing with. May even be able to confirm the sex tomorrow!

Fluff my OH has been like that but I have always figured if they're not regular and ease off then its not labour (and it hasn't been so far!). I really hope you like the house and can proceed if its right for you smile

Poor River, not the kind of leave you fancy! Hope all the sickness eases off soon!

Giddypants Tue 26-Mar-13 18:30:11

Hi everyone thank you for the good vibes, happy to announce arrival of baby boy smith, born 11:35, 6.11lb via ELCS all ok just feeling sick, and a bit shakey, probably just the drugs

toobreathless Tue 26-Mar-13 18:49:40

CONGRATULATIONS giddy enjoy those newborn snuggles! Hope you have a straight forward recovery from the ELCS.

BonaDea Tue 26-Mar-13 19:05:36

All - I actually can't remember whether I posted an update or not!

I was scheduled for induction last week at. 37+5. It went absolutely no where so I eventually went for a c-section.

Our son, Ted (William Theodore) was born last Tuesday night weighing in at 7lbs 11oz. We ended up in hosp for 5 days afterwards as he had a touch of jaundice and lost a bit of weight but all fine and dandy now and home safe. Can't believe he is a week old already!

Good luck everyone else!

MonkeyBlossom Tue 26-Mar-13 19:15:44

Congratulations Giddy and Bona!!

SneezySnatcher Tue 26-Mar-13 19:22:27

Congratulations Bona and Giddy

usernamegoeshere Tue 26-Mar-13 19:58:29

Congratulations bona and giddy

jh glad your sister had baby safely, hope it gets sorted ASAP, sounds very stressful

Bump is still wriggling like crazy, I dunno when she ever sleeps, been this way throughout pregnancy but now she is so big it's almost scary watching my tummy go mad.

Getting really excited now, just want her out where I can see her, though getting new computer set up and having a couple of days out this week so trying to keep busy and not think/worry much.

Will not watch obem this week, last episode terrified me I think I need to use willpower and stay clear!!


Rivergirly Tue 26-Mar-13 20:22:01

Thanks everyone - no more sickness today but he does tend to save it all for night times!!! I prefer his awful nightmares any day to a bed covered in a 7 year old's sick!!! My last day home alone tomorrow will be gatecrashed by him unfortunately as school won't allow him back for 48 hours so unless the new bubs puts in a late appearance I have managed only 1 day of maternity leave to myself!!!

Username I know what you mean OBEM was a bit scary last week with the lady with the baby that got stuck - only watched it today on catch up - how awful poor lady!! I'm still watching though!! I am assuming bubs no 3 will be a similar birth to my previous 2 so watching the programme is just reminding me of those births.

Crazytictac Tue 26-Mar-13 20:38:42

Huge congrats giddy and bona

Just a word of warning about this week's OBEM, I've read that one couple tragically lose their baby at 6 days old (due to genetic problems diagnosed prior to the birth). Don't think I will be watching it. Well infact I know I won't. Just a heads up.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 27-Mar-13 07:47:27

Oh I normally watch that but I don't think I'll cope with that topic at this point!

Congratulations to bona! Love the name smile

Congratulations to giddy too! I presume the name will come later?

I'm still feeling rough, just prepared a hot lemon and honey. Oh well, off for my scan in a couple of hours.

Hope you had a better night River.

wishfulthinking1 Wed 27-Mar-13 09:15:37

Thanks for the 'heads up' crazy - don't fancy any sad stories right now!

Can't believe all the excitement on this thread already!!!

I keep getting what could be described as crampy tummy pains- so I get excited- then a few minutes later I'm gassy! I'm confusing my baby with the farts!! To be honest, I'd rather baby stayed on for a few more days at least- my folks are away on holiday till Saturday and I know they'd be gutted to miss baby's first few days! Still, not long to go!

Hope you all have a good day- hope scan goes well faith,


SneezySnatcher Wed 27-Mar-13 09:27:45

Good luck for the scan Faith.

I'm feeling shocking today. Managed an hour's sleep as I was having back ache and Braxton Hicks. This morning I've thrown up all of my breakfast!

MW has been round and my BP is up and I've trace protein in my urine so I'm seeing her again tomorrow.

On the plus side, baby is no longer b2b (thank you birth ball!) and he's 4/5 engaged.


Mama1980 Wed 27-Mar-13 10:48:04

Morning all, thanks for all your lovely words.
Congratulations giddy and bona thanks thrilled for you both smile

Fluff-how are you feeling now? Been thinking of you.

Jacqueline- I cannot believe your sister! But am glad at least that her baby is here safely. How are you and your parents doing?

River- hope everyone's feeling better.

Faith- good luck with your scan today

Sneezy-oh that's not fun! Hope you feel better soon.

We are doing great. Managed toast and crumpets this morning both to cook and to eat. Alex still hasn't been put down grin he's loving this. We are gonna give him a bath in a bit I've let dd stay home, I don't have the heart to send her to school before Easter hols now. Thankfully the school are supportive.

Rivergirly Wed 27-Mar-13 10:57:42


Had soooo much sleep last night - no sicky children thank goodness - cant beat a fresh bed all to yourself and children completely shattered and sleeping all night too!! Managed over 8 hours myself last night yey!

Thanks for heads up on OBEM - I work in paediatrics at our local hospital so its every day for me really but some things do come close to home and obviously always affect you so will still be watching - through tears I imagine!! I have to say since having children these things do affect me so much more!!

Lovely to hear how you are getting on mama and I am sure a few days of missed school aren't going to make too much difference. I imagine my boys will miss a day or two if our lo does not put in an appearance over the Easter hols!

Rivergirly Wed 27-Mar-13 11:00:01

Oooo forgot to say my bubs has apparently turned around too Sneezy - again thanks to gym ball!! When I had check up last week as I was leaving I just happened to mention my concerns about back to back baby and midwife said oh well you don't have to worry she is now lying on her side!! Phew!

37 + 6

SneezySnatcher Wed 27-Mar-13 11:01:10

Lovely to hear how you are getting on mama

I love hearing how your DC love Alex so much - it makes me excited for DD to meet this one!

Teapig Wed 27-Mar-13 11:35:16

Huge congratulations giddy and bona! So lovely to hear about more new arrivals.

mama, congratulations on going home. Amazing!

Faith, good luck with your scan.

Jaq, I'm sorry the situation with your sister is so difficult. Stay strong, you and your family will get through this difficult period.

I'm very much into the swing of maternity leave. So far I've been picking up final bits for baby (bedding is sorted now, phew!) and spending some time with DH while he's had some holiday.

Today I'm starting on the batch cooking. Mac 'n' cheese and banana bread on the list to make today. For the rest of the week I have brunches and lunches lined up, I could get used to this!

I think we have finally cracked our name choice which I'm really pleased about.

37+0 today, I'm officially term grin

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 27-Mar-13 11:36:21

Just popping in to say, baby is in fact head down! Lump is a combination of bottom and legs smile so we're on for VB. will catch up properly later.

Fluffeh Wed 27-Mar-13 11:38:58

Good luck with your scan faith.

Congratulations bona!

mama if you like crumpets, and there's one nearby, i can highly recommend ALdis! They are fantastic. So much so they are the only ones ill eat now. And stupidly cheap at 30 something pence for 6 smile.

I'm so tired today. Been awake most of the night worrying. The car is due its mot but money is really tight. There's no way it'll pass without work on the brakes and new tyres and there's no way we can be without it either. We have a small amount of money put aside for emergencies and I think the cars going to need that plus more. A few weeks of frugal living and essential journeys only until we've saved back the emergency pot I think.
Non sleeping doesn't help with the bh's either, I feel like they haven't stopped in days.
My mw is visiting later so I'll ask her to check everything's ok baby wise smile.

Teapig Wed 27-Mar-13 13:53:15

That's great news faith!

Take it easy fluffeh and try not to stress, somehow these things usually work out in the end.

toobreathless Wed 27-Mar-13 14:09:38

bonadea such a sweet name! My grandpa is Ted, great weight too for 37 weeks. Hope you are recovering well from the section?

faith great news baby is the right way up, if you can feel a hard lump at the front that is a great position as baby isn't going to be back to back.

mama glad you & your little family are getting on so well smile

I am so tired, DD had an awful night up with a nasty barking cough (croup?) to my amazement she was fine this morning so we went to soft play with a friend & I spent 2 hours racing around. All the 'big kids' were in school so we were a big naughty and went on the 'over 5s' section (would never do this if older children around) including the huge slides. I was secretly hoping they might bring labour on grin DD is now napping & I am sofa surfing!

Physically I feel pretty good, my only real complaint is that I am so swollen by the end of the day- fluid up to my thighs. This morning I woke up after lying on my arm with a hand so swollen you couldn't see the knuckles & I couldn't make a fist. Going to pop to MW tomorrow to get BP & urine checked to make sure it's not PE. I strongly suspect it's just due to low blood count, huge bump and being on my feet all day though.

38 + 5

us4downhere Wed 27-Mar-13 14:46:09

Hello, I have been lurking on these threads for ages but never seem to keep up or get around to posting properly.

I am 37+3 today and getting very impatient, want baby out now! smile

I have 2 DS's who are nearly 9 and nearly 7 so am making the most of these last couple of days before the school holidays as it could all be badlam when they go back! Am due 14th April and it can't come quick enough.

Congratulations to all you lucky mums who have already popped! grin

rabbitfrommars Wed 27-Mar-13 15:03:02

Question, does anyone on here have step-children, if so how are they responding the the imminent arrival of a half sibling? My OH has a 10 year old that we have 3/4 weekends, he's looking forward to his half brother arriving but I curious whether anyone else has experience with step children

Rivergirly Wed 27-Mar-13 16:54:33

Rabbit I'm also a step parent - dp has a 14 year old who I do tend to get on with most of the time but unfortunately I think we came along at a difficult pre-teen stage for her and the announcement of our new baby and half sister for her was quite difficult - she had been used to being daddy's only child and spoilt rotten since she was born. It hasn't helped either that her parents were never together since before she was born and I am sure she wishes that she has what the new baby has - in terms of both her parents together.

I have tried to reassure her that her and her dad's relationship will not change at all and if anything will improve as he is no longer a single man and will have more time for doing family things and I think that has helped. Plus the baby being a girl as she has 2 siblings at home with her mum that she is not particularly keen on!! It is constantly a work in progress though - adding into it my two boys as well.

rabbitfrommars Wed 27-Mar-13 17:53:58

He's a great kid and is loving the fact that he's getting his first sibling but he's a bit closed off and its difficult to know when he's having problems as he doesn't talk about it.
I don't view him as my child as I believe that no one can replace a mother (I do care a lot about him though), but I worry that he will feel that he's being sidelined by the baby when it does arrive and won't understand why I might treat a child of my own differently to him . We increased our weekends with him so that he feels more part of the family, and he was showing signs that he needed more male attention from his father. But I worry that he'll feel left out. I guess I can't predict what will happen but I'm really hoping that he talks to us about how he's feeling if he does start feeling leftout.

Dysgu Wed 27-Mar-13 21:07:27

River and Rabbit I imagine it is especially difficult to settle a new baby with a stepchild so I hope things go smoothly for both of you. DD1 is particularly anxious about all the attention that Evan will get when he comes home. I think having already had two weeks of overhearing almost every conversation start with 'How is the baby?' already whenever I take her to school or pick her up is getting wearing!

I have explained that he will get a lot of attention from other people the first few times they see him because people find new babies fascinating and he has already dragged out his 'first appearance' but that generally DP and I will continue to give as much attention as possible to all three of the DC!

Still, we will have to wait to see what happens - she took time to settle when we brought DD2 home and they are the best of friends now...

Hopefully we will find out soon as Evan has had his NG feeding tube removed today. He is 36 weeks gestation so now they are 'testing' him to see if he can demand to be fed. They will leave him for up to 5 hours - and at the moment he is taking pretty much that time to sleep off a bottle and be ready for the next one - but as long as he wakes up and makes some form of demand then he gets a tick in the box grin

Of course, no one will give us any idea about when he can come home yet but we are hoping it will be in the next week. He has to keep up independent demanding for 48 hours and then they will talk about sending him home. It will be so much easier having him home rather than spending all day at the hospital and watching the clock to make sure I don't miss the school run - which I did today as he pushed his afternoon feed right to the 5 hours and then had two dirty nappies and wee'd all over the sheet too!!!

Mama1980 Wed 27-Mar-13 21:28:31

Dysgu-great news that the tube has come out! Fingers crossed Evan is ready to demand feed. The first time Alex did it was such a shock his little screech as he realised he was hungry.

Fluffeh- thanks for the crumpet tip smile there's a aldi near so will ask my mum to stop by there.

The health visitor came today and everything is great, she checked Alex over and weighed him he has gained unofficially 2oz but they cant do a proper weigh in until Friday. He also peed all over the scales grin
so far ds1 has barely taken his eyes off Alex. He starts every conversation with my brother did this or that. He is wanting to take him outdoors but we have to stay in for at least a few weeks, aside from the fact I can't walk Alex needs to be as protected as possible from bugs. It just feels like I am waking from a long nightmare and everything is gonna be ok.

enjay0811 Wed 27-Mar-13 23:38:04

Hi us4 can't believe the April group is still growing! The thread does move very fast but I am an avid reader n it's lovely to hear everyone's news. Feel the same bout dc3 arriving. Have both dd's home nxt wk (youngest is in private nursery) so sod's law says this one will make an appearance to join the mayhem!!

Great news about Evan dysgu and lovely to hear how ur family are fussing over Alex mama

Jst watched obem, very emotional tonight. Makes me count my blessings tht I have 2 fit and healthy dd's and another on the way. Can't imagine what tht couple or anyone in their situation goes thru.

On a positive note, it's my last day in work 2moro, thank god! So tired!


BonaDea Thu 28-Mar-13 02:23:48

Mama - I am so pleased for you that everything is going so well. I ended up in hosp for a week with teddy as he lost a bit of weight and had jaundice and I found the whole experience quite traumatic - so many different points of view about what I should be doing for him, the constant noise and bustle of a busy hospital, the simple yearning to be in my own bed! You and Alex have had to deal with it way longer than i did so hats off you, really!!

My tips for those still to come - if you can, try to express some colostrum any time from 37 weeks onwards. I did this in case my baby had low blood glucose (as i am diabetic) but actually ended up using it because Ted had a poor latch and initially wasn't getting enough from the breast. This allowed me to completely resist any formula being thrust upon him which I didn't want. There were plenty women on my ward who I think would have really benefited from having a stash. There is loads of info online, videos on you tube Etc. You just need to collect in a plastic syringe and freeze til you need it!

Teddy now feeding well, hence my posting at this time of night!

EssexWelsh Thu 28-Mar-13 04:21:52

Do love catching up on your days especially those that have not had the easiest starts, but now are.
Hoping these great stories get me back to sleep...

Fluffeh Thu 28-Mar-13 06:43:34

rabbit my DP has two teenage boys from his marriage. They are lovely and the youngest is excited for a new sibling because it means he won't be the youngest anymore! It's a difficult situation though as their mum doesn't like them seeing me, she hasn't accepted the break down of their marriage and we haven't told her about the pregnancy. I can't totally understand her but I do sympathise as my DP and her were together for 18 years and raised 4 children together. It must be hard after all that time to move on. But she sends text threats to my DP's phone for me almost daily. I really wish we could get along for the boys sake but I don't expect it to happen.
As it is right now DP spends weekends visiting them and I stay away as I don't want to inflame things but I hope once the baby is here they can be her big brothers and visit and spend time with her.

dysgu fab news! I hope he does well with the feeding and is on his way home with you soon smile.

Had my mw visit yesterday and my BP was perfect at 90/60. The best it's been since my booking appt! Probably as I spent the whole day resting as my pelvis was agony. But yay for the perfect BP smile. She's still going to visit every other day but it makes me feel better to have it fall back to normal.

MumofWombat Thu 28-Mar-13 10:18:44

Caitlin Margaret Nicholls entered the world with a pretty loud cry at (Perth time) 11.44 this morning. She is 7lb 11 (3.5 kg) and it looks like she's got her Daddies dark hair!
She is currently in special care as her first test on her heart was inconclusive either way and the cardiologist feels it is best to have her on monitors until they can clear her with more tests. I'm hoping to be able to go down and see her shortly - as soon as I have a bit more control over my legs.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 28-Mar-13 10:39:53

Congratulations! thanks I hope she's out of special care ASAP.

Mama1980 Thu 28-Mar-13 10:45:22

Congratulations mumofwombat- she's gorgeous smile I hope she's out soon xxx

MonkeyBlossom Thu 28-Mar-13 10:48:05

Congratulations Mumofwombat!

I'm just back from midwife. All looking good, baby is head down and in the pelvis 'abit' but as I'm having a section that doesn't really matter!

She reminded me again to go instraight away if anything starts happening labour wise and they'll do the section straight away. Hopefully he'll stay where he is til 22nd, so not ready yet!

Also nothing to do about the piles that have developed this week except use anusol, which I've been using. They did start bleeding last night though which was abit worrying. Anyone else suffering from them?

This pregnancy lark is just so glamorous!

Hope everyones feeling well today.


MonkeyBlossom Thu 28-Mar-13 10:48:36

That was long, shitty!

MonkeyBlossom Thu 28-Mar-13 10:49:35

Ahh shitty=sorry! Autocorrect fail!

SneezySnatcher Thu 28-Mar-13 11:02:32

Congratulations mumofwombat!

Got MW again today as my BP was high yesterday. Just working my way through a giant pile of ironing (DH usually does it but the poor chap has been working in the evenings to be organised for paternity leave). I'm hoping two hours of ironing will chase this baby out!

rabbitfrommars Thu 28-Mar-13 11:23:51

Fluffeh sounds like you have more of a nightmare than I do, I think DSS's mother is trying to compete (as soon as we told her that we were expecting she announced that she was trying with her partner (she also told DSS's which I thought was completely inappropriate, but he's her son so her call). She hasn't told us that she's been successful so I'm guessing that it hasn't happen for them yet but I hope they manage it as I think DSS would be thrilled.

toobreathless Thu 28-Mar-13 13:34:37

Wonderful news momofwombat and such a gorgeous name! I adore Margaret in particular & we would have used it but surname is similar to Mason and it doesn't go well. Hope LO is out of SCBU soon & you are recovering well.

Dysgu hope Evan's trial without the feeding tube is going well. Love the fb picture.

Feeling terrible here, have had 24 hrs of vomiting. A little part of me hopes this might be the start of labour? I started vomiting with DD before contractions started but I suspect just toddler plague, sigh! Have been good and spoken to MW.

38 + 6

num3onway Thu 28-Mar-13 14:07:55

Having sharpish tummy pains quite low down sometimes accompanied by dull back ache every 2-15 mins.painful behind pubic bone too. Did have two in the bath though much less intense. Also come more and faster if I sit or lie? Ideas?
Last one at 57 min past, and one just started now at 2.08


JaquelineHyde Thu 28-Mar-13 14:13:16

Congratulations wombat smile

too fingers crossed that the sickness is labour and not the usual bugs flying around.

Social services went to court this morning and have been granted the right to remove my sisters baby and place her with my Mum. Thank God for that, such a relief!! My Mum will be able to pick the baby up on Saturday morning as the Drs want to monitor the baby until then incase of complications due to my sisters possible drug use during pg. sad

I know it is an odd thing to feel happy about and I feel a bit strange to feel happy about it but it really is for the best.

Also...YIPPEE I made it to full term, 37 weeks today grin Now I just want this bloody baby to arrive...I'm considering asking DH to give me a sweep, what do you reckon? grin grin

Ollibobs Thu 28-Mar-13 14:50:23

Hi all! Congrats to the new mummies and fantastic news about Alex and little Evan making such progress!

Can anyone tell me what it feels like if your waters break? Could it be just enough of a little gush to make your knickers and pyjama bottoms a little wet?

I don't know what to do really. No contractions, but had a scan today and the sonographers said she was "very, very low".

Have popped on a pad as it seemed sensible and I'm laying down.

Any advice?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 28-Mar-13 15:28:18

Olli my understanding is it could be either. You might find it gushes when you stand up. Apparently waters have a distinctly sweet smell? Might be worth ringing your midwife.

num I'd just take it easy. If they become regular and more frequent, you need to ring labour ward.

jacq I'm glad it all went smoothly in court.

num3onway Thu 28-Mar-13 15:51:26

Taking it easy makes it worse? Sitting makes the pains every few mins, lying makes them even more frequent and stronger? Pottering about the house they are about 20 mins sometimes more?
Is my body teasing?


Teapig Thu 28-Mar-13 16:15:19

Congratulations wombat!

num and too I hope things are getting started for you.

jaq, glad to hear that things went well in court.

A quick question on witch hazel. I bought a bottle a while ago and have just realised it has a couple of other ingredients in it: hamamelus virginiana and alcohol. I'm thinking I may have bought the wrong thing as alcohol does not sound good for sore bits. Do other people have something different, can you get it neat?

lutrinae Thu 28-Mar-13 17:07:46

Congratulations bona giddy and wombat! flowers

Had my 38 week appointment today - apparently baby is 3/5 engaged. No idea what this means but yay!

Giddypants Thu 28-Mar-13 18:00:39

Thank you everyone, we got home late last night, more or less went straight to bed lol.
Can I ask a quick question?
I've been taking paracetamol, codeine and diclofenac for pain, I'm still in a lot of pain after the section, but its an intense period type pain, is this the uterus shrinking? I'm breast feeding which I've heard makes the uterus shrink faster.
Also I've had no Lochia, is this normal? Or are the 2 things connected? Sorry for the meme me post will catch up with the rest of the thread now!

EmpressMatilda Thu 28-Mar-13 18:24:37

teapig My bottle says the same. I think hamamelis is the Latin name for witch hazel so you're ok there. I also wondered about the alcohol but it's used a lot medicinally so I don't think it's a problem. Check with GP or midwife if you're concerned though.

Congrats mumofwombat and all the others with babies! I love looking at the pics on facebook. Just met up with ladies from my NCT class and one of them brought along her 8 days old baby. So cute and so well behaved. Can't quite believe I will have one of those in the next couple of weeks!

SneezySnatcher Thu 28-Mar-13 18:59:57

Saw MW and BP down a bit. Baby still 4/5 engaged. My next appointment isn't until my due date next Saturday (although I do have a consultant appointment on Tuesday).

Exciting times!

Teapig Thu 28-Mar-13 19:07:44

Ooh sneezy and lutrinea sounds like you might be cuddling your babies soon, so exciting!

empress, that's good it sounds like I may have the right thing.

NobbyD Thu 28-Mar-13 20:04:54

Hi all thought would let you all know that baby boy Finlay Jack was born this morning at 6.20am weighing a very dinky 4lb 10oz.

Was given a sweep by my consultant as they were still concerned about size and pretty much set things going right away! A 3 hour labour isn't that bad in hindsight!

Am having to stay in hospital overnight as they monitoring his blood sugars and feeding. Was determined to breast but the little man doesn't have energy to suck so to keep him level I have to top up with formula every 2hrs.

Knackered not the word!!! But ds1 is over the moon with his teeny tiny little brother smile

Congrats to all others with newborns and good luck to all those on their way x

BonaDea Thu 28-Mar-13 20:42:54

Giddy congrats!

I had my section a week ago. I had lochia on days 2 and 3 then only v v light spotting thereafter. The first couple of days was v heavy - clots etc but now down to nothing. Midwives told me that with a section you can expect the lochia to come and go so don't entirely give up in pads yet (tho I have gone down to normal sanitary pads rather than maternity pads).

As for the pain, I haven't had any pain like you describe, although the co codamol is notorious for causing constipation and I've found that pretty painful. Any chance that is what you're feeling?

I am so tired the prospect of another night of waking the baby every 2.5 hours for feeds is crazy!

MonkeyBlossom Thu 28-Mar-13 21:14:56

Congrats Nobby!

JaquelineHyde Thu 28-Mar-13 22:34:36

Congratulations Nobby I hope the night passes peacefully for you and you manage to get some rest. Enjoy your little bundle.

Can I take a vote as to whether you all think I am peeing myself or if I have a slow leak?

I went to the loo just before nipping out to get DD from a party at 9:15pm, just needed a little wee, wiped properly and whizzed straight out the front door.

I returned 20-25 mins later and went straight to get ready for bed popping to the loo again en route.

When I whipped my knicks down I noticed a wet patch on them. Not big at all but noticable.

I then went to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed naked for 30 seconds, I then slid myself back to sitting up leaning on my pillows and noticed another small patch where I had been sitting, again very small.

Sooo I got DH to get me a clean pair of knickers out and a pad from the bathroom, when I got up to put them on I checked the bed and there was a small patch again (about 10p size).

I am now sat in bed wondering if I am now a gorgeous, heavily pregnant mrs pissy pants or if I a leaking fluid and need to get checked out tomorrow?

Oh the joys of pregnancy grin

So what do you all think?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 28-Mar-13 23:20:36

I think if you're leaking after you've already emptied your bladder, it's more likely to be a slow leak...Er, have you sniffed it?!

I know I've definitely had some stress incontinence -only a couple of times! and get lots of discharge but I'd think the waters seem different (I will have to let you know).

Trishstar Fri 29-Mar-13 00:21:01

Ooooh Vic keep us updated xx

Giddypants Fri 29-Mar-13 02:02:51

mumofwombat bona and nobby big congratulations!

jh sounds like a slow leak to me too, although I'm no expert, but stands to reason if your bladder was empty. Also glad it went well in court but sad it had to gothat far x

bona re pain, I think it is the uterus contracting back into shape, it seems to do it more when ds2 is feeding. But still puzzled about the lack of Lochia, just hope it's not stored up there getting all manky!
Speaking of which I think my milk has just come in, I nearly drowned the poor boy lol

mama great to hear you and Alex are home, just remember you are still recovering and need to take it easy for a bit longer x

wishfulthinking1 Fri 29-Mar-13 07:29:23

jh - I've no idea- but your gorgeous mrs pissy-pants comment made me laugh! My knickers have been quite damp lately- but for me I think it's just discharge. I guess when you wake up you'll notice if there's a lot or not- keep us posted!!
38+ 6!


Mama1980 Fri 29-Mar-13 08:18:33

Congratulations nobby grin lovely name x

Jacqueline- I'm another voting for waters if your bladder was empty. How exciting (not the pissy pants part grin) but that things maybe starting to happen. X

Alex has his formal weigh in today I'll report back later. He is feeding 24/7 ever two hours without fail so I'm not concerned though. I'm so not tired thinking just running on happy at the moment! smile I just keep watching him sleep and snuggling with ds and dd.

Teapig Fri 29-Mar-13 09:01:10

Congratulations nobby!

jh, sounds like it could be the start of things. Keep us posted.

Ollibobs Fri 29-Mar-13 10:44:21

Jaq I have been having the same thing although not as often. Just a few times in last 24 hours. Once it actually was enough to wet my knickers and my pj bottoms.

Are you going to call the midwife?
I can't decide as its so infrequent that I couldn't guarantee that there would be any fluid to test if I did turn up to the clinic....

What are you going to do?

BonaDea Fri 29-Mar-13 16:15:42

Ooh exciting! Sound like things are happening for some peeps!

Dare I ask whether we are going to have a postnatal thread for those of us who have already popped?

JaquelineHyde Fri 29-Mar-13 17:51:46

Afternoon everyone

I have no idea what to do, my sanitory towels have felt dry all day but then I was leaking so little that I'm not sure it would be noticable anyway and it is infrequent.

I'm going to go toweless again and see if I notice anything. I have been getting some more stringy/mucusy discharge sorry if tmi but it was more creamy before so who knows what the hell is going on.

Olli if after I have gone towless I notice it happening again then I am going to give a ring and see what they advise, I would rather be told it's nothing than keep trying to second guess everything.

In other news I have spent the afternoon cuddling my gorgeous newborn neice smile Felicity Rose is beautiful. When I got home I had a good long cry remembering the little sister I used to have and wishing how things could be so much different, it feels like never ending grief. I think I may try and access some kind of support group/get advise from somewhere on how to deal with the ending of my relationship with my sister sad


kitkatsz23 Fri 29-Mar-13 19:18:37

Hello Everyone, I am not a frequent poster here, in fact I haven't posted for a long time now. Congratulations to all of you who recently had their babies and Mama who made it home for Easter!!

I had my 36 weeks scan this week to see if my placenta has shifted or not. It has but not enough for the natural delivery, it's 'borderline'. They have offered me to try the natural way if I really wanted to but I opted for the ELCS. I am booked in for the 18th April. Is there anyone else who is booked for section around that week? It's my DC1 and I'm a bit scared of the op. I don't mind having it as long as the baby and I are going to be healthy but it's still scary.


Dysgu Fri 29-Mar-13 21:25:03

Re the knicker wetness jh I would agree that it would be worth calling in the morning if only for someone to tell you what is happening. When I went in to hospital as I was leaking - but very differently from my previous 'gushes' - the doctor did a swab test which could confirm that it was my waters. Not sure if that is a new test as with DDs it was always very clear that my waters had gone!

If it is the start of labour then how exciting smile

Dysgu Fri 29-Mar-13 21:38:44

I am sitting on the sofa cuddling Evan smile smile smile

DP has just taken DDs up to bed - very late but it has been quite a day!

I got to NICU at about 8.30am this morning and the ward sister said she had been about to phone me. That caused a moment of panic as they have never had to call with Evan so it makes you think there is something wrong.

But then she said, "Well, you're going to need your car seat if you are taking him home today!" grin

Again, a moment of panic but then it sunk in and we were out of the hospital at lunchtime. I did consider just taking him home to surprise everyone but then thought that, had it been DP at the hospital this morning, then I would want to know and be involved in Evan coming home. So I called DP but we agreed to keep it a surprise for the DDs so my dad came over - and put the cot together for us!

Evan passed all of his discharge tests - car seat, eyes, hearing, weight (5lb 3oz) with flying colours.

The girls were very excited to see him home - the NICU staff gave him a knitted hat in the design on a chicken so he was little easter chick and even brought chocolate eggs for the DDs, courtesy of the NICU staff.

DD1 had the first cuddle and was quickly followed by DD2. They have both helped with nappy changes and feeding and we took him out in the car where the girls have been taking it in turns to sit next to him.

He has had cuddles with my Dparents who can't get over how tiny he is in person!

I am hoping that we have a good first night - both DDs have not been sleeping through the night since I had him and are anxious about wanting us in the night and us being busy with Evan. Hopefully such a late night for them might mean they are so tired and sleep through - although DP has a habit of falling asleep with them so I might need to go wake him in a while!

Glad to hear all the newborns are doing well and going home... So exciting and means the mums can relax a bit more smile

Just a quick question for anyone taking raspberry leaf tea capsules- I bought some 400mg ones and it says to take one at a time 3-6 times a day? Can I just not take a couple in the morning and a couple at night? They are from holland and Barrett in case anyone has the same....

Induction two weeks tomorrow blushblush


EssexWelsh Fri 29-Mar-13 22:51:25

So had a bad back on and off today, this evening my tummy is almost constantly hard, but feels like it is getting harder every 3 minutes but the pain is hardly anything, just like constant period pains mainly in my back.

Then about 10 mins ago when sat on my ball I felt damp and had a damp patch through knickers, pyjamas and on ball about 10cm circle, but not having regular painful contractions, just doesn't feel like the real thing, any advice mums that have been through this.


edinfirst Fri 29-Mar-13 23:41:52

Sounds like things are moving to me essex but I'm a first timer too I'm afraid so hopefully someone a bit more in the know will be along in a bit.

I can't remember who asked up thread about piles but just to let you know I'm in the same boat. I'm just using the cream and hoping they don't get any worse! Have read that they will prob get worse after labour so just trying to keep them under control til then.

That's my first full week of leave finished, and i finally feel like I'm getting into the swing of it. It was a really horrible limbo feeling the first few days, so just to warn those of you still working that it can be a bit of a culture shock.

38+1 today and slowly getting my head around the fact that that means Bumps could come tomorrow or could be another 4 weeks.

Hope you all have a lovely Easter smile

edinfirst Sat 30-Mar-13 00:22:39

Also somebody asked about the raspberry leaf capsules from H&B. I am taking 2 caps 3 times a day to get my 6 in (mainly as I find 3 times a day hard enough to remember, nevermind 6!) and it seems to be fine. I don't know much about it so if others know better I'd listen to them. I think aufaniae knew a bit about it but she's not been on the board for a while?

bunnygirl80 Sat 30-Mar-13 02:20:18

Congrats wombat and noddy

Sounds like lots of others are on the verge of meeting their little bundles too

We came home from hospital on Thursday and so far things are going well. DS adores his little sister and is being very helpful. Dd is feeding well after a few initial problems with latching. I'm feeling a bit better each day, am managing to get out for a little walk every day. Just feel a bit trapped with not being able to drive-its a pita to load two children into the car and get dh to drive us every time I fancy a change of scenery

EssexWelsh Sat 30-Mar-13 03:05:59

Home from maternity triage, nothing exciting to report, they kept me ages on a trace monitor as baby's heartbeat was very high but decided that this was ok and the 'waters' was in fact just a major amount of discharge which she kindly showed me and DP on the speculum to show how much, DP's first experience of what is the come with all things gory! So back to symptom spotting and to sleep!

Thanks for your comments tho, everyone reassured me that I wasn't wasting time although I felt I was!

lutrinae Sat 30-Mar-13 03:53:49

Glad everything's ok Essex, always best to get things checked out (although I am useless at taking this advice myself!)

Maternity leave see,s to have rewarded me with...sleepless nights. I just can't get comfy: my arms go numb, my legs hurt and are restless, my shoulders kill, indigestion, thirsty, need to pee....sigh. Extra pillows do not work for me at all. Ah well, at least I can vent over here!

Had some great news today as one of my brothers is expecting! His DP is due in Oct, so mine will have a little cousin born in the same year. So cool!

Congrats Noddy!


Mama1980 Sat 30-Mar-13 08:03:13

Yay dysgu and well done Evan! How lovely you made it home in time for Easter grin how was your first night? Alex is feeding every two hours and I'm also co sleeping with ds 1 also but thankfully I'm managing to mostly preempt Alex's crying for food -boob in mouth before he gets to ask grin
Weigh in yesterday went great Alex has put on 4 oz and the nurse/mw had no concerns.

Fluffeh Sat 30-Mar-13 08:03:56

Welcome to the world new babies!

kitkat I have an ELCS booked for 22nd, I won't be much help with before advice but I do share your worry. I just keep telling myself its the way my baby needs to newborn to be safe for both of us.
I'm not worried about afterwards as I'm an old hat where surgery is involved but I am a bit worried about adapting to life with a newborn while feeling less than normal. Although thousands of women have done it before so I'm sure we'll manage smile.

Dysgu - I hope you had a lovely first night at home with Evan. It sounds like your DD's love him to pieces smile.

No news to report my side, still sitting on the sofa to keep my BP down and I'm getting increasingly bored. DP isn't up for letting me do anything though so box sets of DVDs and lots of fussing from him is my life right now lol.

MumOfTwoCats Sat 30-Mar-13 10:32:02

It is lovely to see the new babies. I'm booked for an ELCS next Friday 5th (eeek) so I know how you feel fluffeh and kitkat. Mine is due to GD and breech baby. Although if he/she turns by fri morning then its an induction. I'm hoping for the op as I have SPD and feel that intervention will be necessary if I try naturally. I was offered an ECV but declined as they told me I had less than 50% chance of success. I've decided to let baby decide how it wants to be born next friday!

I have been feeling reduced movement a little these last few days which I am a little concerned about. I was at the hospital on Thursday for diabetes clinic and asked to be put on a trace and they did. It was fine but I still feel as if I can feel the baby less. I think it may be due to different positioning at the moment.

Sorry for the long mememe post.

BonaDea Sat 30-Mar-13 10:53:05

Fluff and kitkat, I had a section 11 days ago. I was being induced two weeks early so knew it was on the cards if induction failed but looking back don't think I believed I would have to have one.

Let me reassure you that the section itself was absolutely fine. No it is not the natural birth of my dreams but actually I feel I have recovered v quickly. Was on my feet and happily tottering about in the first 24 Hours and honestly you can hardly see the scar already! Take the lovely cocodamol they offer you, but due to a mistake I made it through the first 24 hours on paracetamol alone!

Make sure you ask for what you want before you go in - should your surgeon or the partner announce the sex, does you partner want to cut the cord, when the paed is finished checking the baby, should he be passed to you or your partner, ask for skin to skin ASAP (I held DS while they stitched me but was not skin to skin til I was in recovery about 40 mins after he was born). As this is elective you have the time to at least plan what you do want.

Issues you might have- section babies are sometimes slower to bf than other babies so do your reading on that in advance. Your milk will take a bit longer to come in although you will have colostrum as usual to start with. I pre-natally expressed a lot of colostrum and froze it which my DS then had to top him up until my milk came in. If you still have a week or two to go I would recommend that. You may be advised to top him up with formula - that's your choice. I resisted at first but he had 2 cup-fed formula top ups in the end. No bottles at any point.

I was basically fit to go home after 48 hours but we stayed a bit longer as DS became jaundiced ( common with early babies or where there are some feeding issues). The first few days you'll need some physical help - getting up and down out of bed, putting socks on etc but within a week easily you'll be pretty much back to normal of taking it slightly easy


usernamegoeshere Sat 30-Mar-13 10:58:35

Yey new babies! Congrats to the new mums & to those going home!

I look like I belong in a circus right now, bump is that HUGE. I could paint a clown face on & people still wouldn't see it past my bump. My bladder is reduced to the size of a teaspoon and I am actually waddling when I walk.

I read babies stop growing from 38 weeks? Is this true or is the Hipp baby club email just toying with me?

Am 38+1 now, amazed bump has held out this long. Weirdest thing is she is still finding space, yesterday had a foot in my side & some of her kicks are still strong enough to shake the bed.

SneezySnatcher Sat 30-Mar-13 11:22:35

Hello! 39 weeks today and really hoping this baby decides to put an appearance in soon. It's a lovely sunny day, so I'm off to our local country park for a long walk with DH and DD in the hopes to get things moving (unlikely)!

I have a consultant appointment on Tuesday and the MW said they may give me a date for induction due to previous PE/size of baby, so I'm hoping to avoid that (although I must admit it wasn't too bad last time).

Congratulations to all the new babies and to Alex and Evan for coming home!


kitkatsz23 Sat 30-Mar-13 11:48:36

Great news Dysgu, Happy Easter at home Evan!

Fluffeh and MumofTwoCats, I'm glad I'm not alone with a booked section in April smile. Are you planning to take Arnica before and after?Do you believe in it?Are you preparing your body in any way?

BonaDea thank you for the lovely advise about what we should consider and re breastfeeding. I know the hospital will be offering me a formula top up a loads and I'm going to try to refuse even if it means we are not allowed home for longer. I wasn't aware of the cup-fed formula option - good to know!I'll try to express colostrum before. Have you used breast pump or only hands at this stage?

Good luck to all of the ladies who are about to give birth, exciting times!

Fluffeh Sat 30-Mar-13 12:25:02

Ohh I hadn't really considered arnica, I remember hearing about it before I was pg so must do some research!
Thank you for the advice bona. I have a pump and seriously leaky boobs (wearing my breast pads overnight already as if I don't I soak the sheets -eww) so hopefully expressing and storing it in the freezer will help persuade the hospital not to try and feed my baby formula. The only formulas that don't contain fish oils are soy based. I'm pretty strict with my vegetarian diet and really don't want to feed my baby animal products until she is old enough to realise what they are, and then if course it's her choice. Soya formulas aren't perfect either as they have been linked to reproductive cancers. If I can't breastfeed for any reason I'm not sure what option we'll go for.
I know there's nothing morally wrong with formula feeding and I fully support any mum who makes that choice, I just know it wouldn't be the right one for me.

I'm on a mad cleaning mission today. I woke at 4am and started deep cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. I've done the living room and hallway and the bedrooms are next. Hopefully it'll send the baby to sleep as she hasn't stopped dancing along to queen since around 10am. I think I'm going to get a non sleeper lol.

BonaDea Sat 30-Mar-13 13:29:48

It's not usually worth trying to use a pump to express colostrum - you might look at getting 5ml per sitting so it gets lost in the workings. Do hand expression and express into a syringe. I then topped DS up by finger feeding with the syringe so he was sucking. There are loads of videos on YouTube about it syringes etc.

We ended up doing a couple of formula cup feeds then moved to cup feeding expressed milk too. The hospital have the little cups and will show you what to do. Be warned some of the mid wives think it is mad (ie think you are mad) for it just giving a bottle but remember it is your baby and you don't have to do anything you don't want to. Be warned the combo of breast feeding, expressing and then cup feeding takes AGES! You are on the go constantly so get DH on board so he can do the cup feeds if needed.

MonkeyBlossom Sat 30-Mar-13 14:34:38

I hasn't even thought of these issues with breast feeding after the section before, just assumed it'd be pretty straight forward as it was with dd, so alot to think about there!
Stupid question, but what's the benefit of using arnica before hand? Does it help with the healing after?

Dysgu Sat 30-Mar-13 15:22:50

We all had a good night although Evan was not sure about settling in his moses basket at night - but that might have had something to do with the huge number of times he dirtied his nappy overnight and then kept peeing so we kept having to find more clothes for him [sigh emoticon!)

DD1 came down in the early hours but decided that she didn't want to stay because of Evan's constant squeaking! DP ended up taking her back up to her own bed and he stayed there for the rest of the night - which meant that I had plenty of space to bring Evan into bed with me where he settled easily.

We co-slept with DD1 and have always been very 'flexible' on sleeping arrangements with both DDs. Mama if you don't mind me asking, how do you deal with co-sleeping with Alex and DS1? I guess my biggest 'problem' is having DP in the bed too (although that is a problem related to co-sleeping and space, not anything else!) Perhaps we just need to buy a bigger bed - but our bedroom is not that huge.

Today we took Evan to the girls' dancing class - he was totally unfazed by the music and all the new faces. He had cuddles with my DParents yesterday and DP's family are visiting us next week. DD1 swings between really being fascinated with Evan and getting sad that he gets so much attention from other people. We even had tears from her at her dance class but soon got over that when I needed her to help me get him ready to come home again. DD2 is totally unfazed by him - she loves to cuddles him but there doesn't seem to be any jealousy issue as with DD1.

Generally they think he is fabulous and make up songs about him being 'the best baby brother in the world' smile

usernamegoeshere Sat 30-Mar-13 16:54:40

aw Dysgu that sounds so cute!

I had a really nice afternoon shopping, just a shame everything is so tiring at this stage, just walking around a few shops & the pelvic pain is ridiculous. I didn't everything we needed but I might just buy online the last bits now, no point in forcing myself to go to the shops.

Teapig Sat 30-Mar-13 16:57:18

It's so lovely to hear you're doing so well with Evan home dysgu. I hope the sleeping arrangements settle in quickly, it sounds like both DDs have adapted very quickly to having their wonderful little brother home.

cheese, I'm also taking the Holland and Barratt raspberry leaf tablets. I'm taking 4 a day at the moment but plan to increase to up to 6 next week.

The batch baking continues - I made a shed load of meatballs today which I'm really pleased with as they have a lot of veg in as well as meet. I also made a big batch of banana and oat muffins and I'm about to start on a large batch of tomato sauce. No early signs of anything starting yet for me, it looks like the freezer may be fully stuffed before baby arrives.

photochick Sat 30-Mar-13 17:04:31

Lovely to hear Evan and Alex are doing so well!

Congratulations too to all the others with early babies and hope everyone is getting on okay.

All this talk of feeding makes me feel like I don't know anything!

Enjoying this long weekend but just feel tired after doing the smallest tasks and generally in a bad mood (poor DH) and it is v frustrating. My Margaret Howell cd has come though - I have listened a bit and it sounds great so thank you for those who suggested it.

mum if you are worried about reduced movements you should get checked. I think my movements have changed - more squirms and stretches than kicks, though she really got me in the ribs when I was driving earlier!

36+1 smile happy easter x

num3onway Sat 30-Mar-13 17:09:15

Well I've also been in labour ward on trace and getting checked out over suspected but not broken waters, sigh! All is ok anyway but I am seriously fed up. Why doesn't my baby wanna come out


kitkatsz23 Sat 30-Mar-13 18:25:37

monkeyblossom Yes, Arnica help the healing, it's a natural anti-bacterial plant, good for bruised tissues, swelling and pain especially after post-surgery. I am also thinking of taking some probiotics myself as babies born via c-section don't pick up the good bacterias as they don't go through the birth canal. It's important for their gut flora and I'm hoping via breastfeeding I could help it. I'm thinking of this:

BonaDea, thanks for the syringe advise, oh dear...I am a total beginner here, I can see now why breastfeeding is a whole total separate topic.

EssexWelsh Sat 30-Mar-13 18:45:20

I have bought arnica but was planning in taking in post birth, when should you start taking it before? Hadn't even thought of doing that!

usernamegoeshere Sat 30-Mar-13 19:00:10

Oh & just a lil question, I got my first stretch marks this week sort of lower on bump (like 2" under bellybutton or so) but they are really really itchy & driving me crazy. I bought a special E45 today that is itch relief but have applied it & just carried on itching... do you think it will work eventually or is there something better to put on them?

toobreathless Sat 30-Mar-13 19:03:22

Hi all,

VERY busy day here! I have Hoovered, done both bathrooms, cleaned the freezer out, scrubbed the coffee machine, descaled the kettle, done two lots of washing & completely re organised our filing cabinet. Frankly at 39 weeks plus I deserve a medal. This is all prep got the move not nesting!

In view of knicker wetness smile its really quite unusual for waters to go and not notice. Generally there is a bit of a gush but you can have a slow trickle too. As someone mentioned earlier waters tend to smell quite sweet too & are more likely to be positional if that makes sense? So leak when you stand up.

I am over the 'toddler plague' bit have been left with a constant nausea, I have eaten anything properly in 4 days which is terrible. Drinking plenty though & going to make a big effort this evening to eat a proper meal but aaarrgh! Interestingly my morning sickness came back at this point with DD but I don't remember it being this bad in the first trimester!

teapig I am jealous of the batch cooking! My freezer is totally empty ready for the move.

monkey not everyone has problems breastfeeding after a section & I suspect you'll have no problem if it's a planned ELCS & you didn't last time. fluffeh leaking is also a good sign that your body is getting ready for labour and breastfeeding and you hopefully won't have any problems. I think a nice, calm, controlled ELCS in many ways can leave you in a better state to breastfeed than a prolonged traumatic VB with a bleed afterwards say.

Dysgu so glad evan is home and the DDs are enjoying him so much. Will he be partaking in the Easter egg hunt tomorrow if you're having one? wink

39 + 1
(3 days till the big house move!)

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 30-Mar-13 19:38:05

too you definitely deserve a medal! Moving is hard enough when you're not 39 weeks pregnant! smile

I've been nesting today again; kitchen got blitzed today. I'm talking pulling everything out and rearranging the cupboards. It does look better but I've concluded we need a bread bin and lots more tupperwear.

I think the baby has shifted down...the lump known as bottom seems lower and the kicks feel slightly different. I'm happy that I'm feeling sufficient movement but I will keep an eye on it. Little monkey!

dysgu I'm glad you're settling in at home.

I do think we'll need a post-natal thread soon although it seems strange because of course most people's babies aren't even due yet!

aufaniae Sat 30-Mar-13 19:55:35

Ah too, I see you're another one doing extreme nesting, we finally moved into our new house last week.

Will it be all ready when you move in?

Ours isn't, and life is a sea of boxes right now. I really want it all to be clear before the baby comes, but in reality I very much doubt it. The move has taken so much time and energy, I feel totally unprepared for this baby! (Due in 12 days).

Good luck with the move, I hope it all goes well smile (Remember to pack the kettle and gavisgon etc if you're using it, somewhere obvious!)

KelleStar Sat 30-Mar-13 19:57:08

toobreathless you are a star, amazed at how organised you've been for your move. Hope it all goes well!

dysgu I am glad Evan is home, hopefully you can settle into your own routine now and get used to family life.

with the Arnica it's worth starting 7-10 days before CS/VB as it really does help with recovery and brusing.

I also agree with toobreathless' comments above, an ELCS can be a great experience if you are prepared for the realities, I read a really lovely blog post here. When I was pg with DD I had prepared myself a VB plan and a CS plan, I'm using the same method again, I did have a VB with DD but wanted to be prepared in case things changed. I think when you receive that date it's a mixed up emotional response that you feel relieved/disappointed/excited, it doesn't matter in the end, you've got your baby and life begins. My SIL had an EMCS that was rather traumatic, she followed it by having a beautiful organised ELCS and she was so happy she'd done it her way.

DH finally gave me a day for the house stuff that has been standing for a very long time. DD went off with my parents [still makes me shudder letting them have her after my last falling out with them] so we could get on top of things. We crossed tons off our list, including getting the crib out the attic, putting up picture frames, fixing stuck doors, cleaning the car seat [DD still fits in it with tons of room] and it feels so good.

He's a but grumpy that we've wasted a day like this but he's now understanding my anxiety is just going to get worse the longer it's left. They all tell me to let it go and it'll be alright, but it just remains not done and continues to make me anxious. Just need to work on the steam mop idea, our mop had a cascade of earwigs fall out of it. Ran away squealing. It's just a cheap fabric mop, but i'm getting fed up of buying a new one every time I need to clean the floor. Last time a mouse had made a nest in it and there were mousebabies in my mop. boak

congratulations to everyone else who's had an early arrival and hope you have a lovely Easter weekend!

bunnygirl80 Sat 30-Mar-13 20:13:38

fluffeh, mumof and monkey I had an elcs 8 days ago because dd was breech. Had an easy vb with DS so I've now experienced both ways! Recovery wise it's been a lot quicker than I'd thought it would be. I'm probably as mobile now as I was after my normal birth, although still banned from heavy lifting etc. I didn't bother with a birth plan, the only thing I asked for was for the screen down when dd was being born. We have some fantastic photos of her emerging into the world, which I certainly didn't get taken with my vb

We didn't do skin to skin till I was in recovery but I did cuddle her while they were stitching me back together. She latched on and fed straight away, unlike DS who took 2 days to bf, so it's not always true that cs babies are slow to feed. She did end up having bottles of ebm for two days when my milk came in, but so did DS, because I have very flat nipples and they just couldn't latch when I was all engorged. The hospital I was at certainly don't push formula top ups, I think because it requires the signing of loads of consent forms for them to do it, it's actually quicker for the mws to help you express. Admittedly I did go to a private hospital, so I imagine the mws are a bit less pushed for time than those on the nhs or in the public system here

The main thing I noticed about her was that cs babies have a lot more fluid in their chests than a vb baby. She spent 48hrs coughing it all up and at times she sounded like she was really struggling to breath. I think if she was my first baby I'd have really panicked hearing her like that

My main piece of advice would be to get a willing helper to wax/immac as much of your bikini line as possible grin. I didn't remove enough and having the dressing taken off the regrowth from the shaving job they did was more painful than any part of the surgery or the recovery.....I actually cried!

Mama1980 Sat 30-Mar-13 20:52:45

Dysgu- no I don't mind you asking at all. At the moment I can't get upstairs so we are on a double mattress set up on the floor as a bed in my spare living room. I have Alex one side between me and the wall (no gap at all) and ds1 the other side he also has a separate duvet, we are using blankets on our side. It seems to be working great at the moment. It means as soon as Alex starts to stir I'm awake and boob in before he is waking ds and ds is sleeping perfectly. I don't think we could work this if I had a dh though, just not enough room. I really am so pleased for you that Evan is home and settled smile have you got any Easter plans? Do you mind me asking we're you told to keep Evan home for a bit? I was advised to but am desperate for some fresh air!

We have had a great day making simnel cake and gave Alex a bath he really seems to love the water but then again maybe he just loves three of us fussing over him grin

JaquelineHyde Sat 30-Mar-13 21:21:13

Evening ladies, hope you are all having a lovely long Easter weekend.

I too have spent the afternoon on the delivery suite as I am still dripping after 48hrs.

All was checked and is ok, they don't think it's my waters more like very watery discharge.

Everything is closed and right back so labour looks a way off yet.

The internal was quite uncomfortable but the midwife was lovely.

I have quite a bit of cramping period type pains now but I am presuming that is all normal after an internal.

I think I may be in for the long haul smile

Trishstar Sat 30-Mar-13 23:10:08

Glad everyone is ok and good to read about the sections vs VB.

Felt less movement today but did some of the tricks to get him moving and eventually got him to move and kick, will just keep a closer eye and pop to hospital tomorrow if he hasn't moved his usual amount! I just want him out now so I can watch him!!

37+4 grin

Teapig Sun 31-Mar-13 10:16:49

Hats off to you toobreathless and aufaniae, moving house at this stage of pregnancy is no mean feat.

Great to hear about C sections, I'm hoping for a VB but you never know so good to be prepared for either scenario.

Trish, I'm also feeling less movement, and I'm also 37+4 today. I felt a little bit yesterday and nothing yet today. We're considering going in for a check but I do have a history of not feeling much movement so I'm not sure whether I should be worried. We'll see what happens this morning and then decide.

Happy Easter ladies, hope you have plenty of chocolate to tuck into [bunsmile]

magictorch Sun 31-Mar-13 11:03:36

Hello Ladies, haven't posted much in recent weeks but have been lurking and on Facebook - lovely seeing and hearing all about the new arrivals and so, so pleased for Mama and Dysgu.

Can also empathise with toobreathless and aufaniae - we're moving house around the end of April (DH got his own way in the end hmm) and it just seems so daunting, especially when I don't really want to move in all honesty - at least not right now.

Anyhoo, having had a textbook pregnancy, I've been in and out of triage and day assessment over the last couple of weeks, as my blood pressure has been rocketing. I feel fine, no other PE symptoms or anything, but it went so high on Friday that they kept me in overnight, saying they expected to induce me on Saturday as I have hypertension. Well, they didn't induce me, didn't give me the tablets they said I needed in the end (!) and I just had a completely sleepless night completely freaking out about the whole thing which has sent me into a complete spin.

They're now saying I have to be induced on Thursday, day before due date and that this means I can't have either a water birth or active birth and I'll have to be in bed the whole time. This is my absolute worst nightmare. I've been fairly fluid with expectations of labour and birth but the one thing I said I didn't want is to be flat on my back. I want to be able to move around, even if I can't use the pool. Really scared and sad.

Am also freaking out that I'm going to be a totally shit mother. I'm not at all practical, I've never changed a nappy and I'm scared that I'm far too selfish and may not bond with the baby (donor egg ICSI after 7 years TTC). Having a massive, massive panic and everyone telling me not to be silly but it's making me weepy. I've been feeling strangely detached from the baby so far in a 'I'll believe it's here when I see it' kind of way and am now worried that detachment will remain after they've arrived. Anyone else panicking and thinking of changing their mind?!!!

aufaniae Sun 31-Mar-13 11:27:33

magictorch firstly I'm sure you'll be a great mum smile The feelings you're having are very natural and nothing to do with your ability to parent!

FWIW I am still having problems getting my head round the fact that DD is a real person even though she's due to put in an appearance very soon, and I've done this once before already!

When I was pregnant with DS, I held a friend's very little baby. I felt like I was in danger of breaking her, she was so little and fragile. DP on the other hand was a natural, and very relaxed holding her. I thought "oh no, I'm going to be terrible at this!" But when DS arrived it was fine, it really is different when it's your own baby. You may or may not feel a rush of love at first - many people take much longer to get to know their baby for those intense feeling of love to develop and this is absolutely normal too.

About the induction, are you sure you have to be on your back? I was induced last time, (well, technically, "augmented" once labour had started, but it amounts to much the same thing). I did have a MW who wanted me on my back, but everyone else since has agreed that was because of her inexperience with continuous monitoring, rather than an actual need for me to be on my back.

I've discussed this with my MW this time, and there's been no mention of me having to be on my back, if I end up being augmented again.

Do you know why they expect you to be on your back? Is it because of monitoring or because they expect to give you an epidural?

Also, do you know the process for induction? Will they start off with a sweep and/or a pessary? If they're going to use a pessary, does your hospital use "Propess"? If it is Propess, it's fairly effective at kicking off labour from what I've heard, so it's much less likely you'll need the syntocin drip, I wonder if this means an epidural is less likely?

And even if they do give you an epidural, it might be possible for you to get a low-dose or mobile epidural so active labour isn't totally impossible, has your MW said whether this is an option?

magictorch Sun 31-Mar-13 11:49:27

Hi aufaniae - thanks for your advice and glad to hear my worries are normal!

My own community midwife hasn't said anything to me about labour or birth choices to be honest. I've done my own research and made my own decisions after attending NCT classes and talking with friends to come up with a birth plan.

However, I asked the hospital midwives about water and active birth options when I was admitted yesterday and they said I'd have to have an induction. It's them who said I'd have to be continually monitored if being induced, so would have to stay in bed the whole time. Fills me with horror. They didn't say whether it would be drip or pessary either - should have asked, silly me blush but I'm guessing it's a drip if they've told me I have to stay in bed. They didn't mention anything about epidurals to me.

I had hoped to get away with keeping mobile and having tens/water and gas and air for pain relief - I hate the idea of pethidine type stuff and the epidural needle (although am not so precious as to think I may not change my mind at the time and be begging for them!). They just said I'd have to be in bed if induced, so an active birth was not possible. I just know that's not what I want and that will distress me - I like to be able to keep mobile. I was bad enough yesterday when they had me attached to the monitor again - was meant to be 40mins, but they forgot about me and I was on it for 2 hours not being able to move and it was horribly uncomfortable. Having not being scared of the birth at all until now, that's the thing that has now freaked me out - of being strapped down, feeling trapped, not being able to move about to get as comfortable as possible.

My own midwife isn't available for calls until Tuesday and I'm due to see her on Wednesday - I will ask her then in case she's of a different opinion to the hospital midwives and also see if she knows whether my hospital use drip or pessary.

Thanks again flowers

MonkeyBlossom Sun 31-Mar-13 12:57:12

Thanks for the advice re arnica, can't name check on my phone sorry.
Think I'll pick some up next week, and some veet!
Hope everyones having a lovely peaceful Easter.

aufaniae Sun 31-Mar-13 13:41:50

magictorch i've been told that continuous monitoring should not mean you necessarily need to be in bed. From what I've heard, it's a sign of a poor / inexperienced midwife if they can't cope with continuous monitoring except if you're on your back. However having done a quick google though it does seem that continuous monitoring is expected with syntocinon, and is described as "restricting movement". Even so, last time I could still be in different positions even with the monitor on, although my MW did not support this. I'm now confused and questioning what I've been told and realise I need to do some more research in this myself as I may well end up on the drip again this time.

I guess also that it may be, indirectly, the epidural they're talking about. If you have syntocinon you will probably want an epidural.

I'm also seeing my MW on tues, i'll do some more research before then and let you know what I find out.

num3onway Sun 31-Mar-13 13:51:50

My previous two labours I was continuously monitored, I thought this was the norm at the time, I was quite young 20+21 at time. This ment I was in bed on my back for majpirty of the time. There was no reason I can see for this monitoring! This time I want to be as mobile as possible and see if gravity can help me not have another 12+ hour long labour. I am hoping my hospital enable Me to do this!

aufaniae Sun 31-Mar-13 13:58:01

OK, I've started some research on continuous monitoring by starting a thread (of course smile) here: Does continuous monitoring mean being on your back for labour?

magictorch Sun 31-Mar-13 14:39:02

Thanks aufaniae - really interesting seeing other people's experiences. So hoping I can avoid being bed bound if I can!

birdbrain17 Sun 31-Mar-13 15:24:42

OK I need some advice. I'm 39 weeks today and determined to not go overdue so I've been trying to bring labour on for the last few days and got absolutely nothing, not even braxton hicks!!! We went for an hour walk, eaten pineapple, drank raspberry leaf tea, bounced on my ball, dtd more times in the last week then in months (sorry if that bit is tmi blush ) every time I have a shower/bath I spend time stimulating my nipples and absolutely nothing is happening!!! I can feel the baby is really low and pressing on what I think is my cervix when I do walking but I don't know what else I can try to bring on labour hmm any ideas ladies?anybody managed?!?

num3onway Sun 31-Mar-13 15:41:18

Same here bird except am 39+2. Let me know if you find the answer!

JaquelineHyde Sun 31-Mar-13 15:52:24

I was continuously monitored with DS1, on my back for 18 hours with little things stuck on DS's head as they couldn't pick him up on the tummy bands.

aufaniae my midwife told me that induction at our hospital is done initially with cream on a tampon that is inserted so that it can be whipped out if it brings the contractions on too quickly and labour can progress normally with standard monitoring. If that doesn't work the drip is offered.

Still feeling quite achey and crampy after the speculum (sp?) yesterday and have had a bit of an upset tummy...so much for my plans of scoffing eggs all day!

JaquelineHyde Sun 31-Mar-13 15:55:37

37+3...18 days and counting!

num3onway Sun 31-Mar-13 15:58:11

Jac I've been abit sore after examination yday too. Not aches in bump but stinging in my lady bits when I walk about, abit like the pains I sometimes get from I assume babies head on my cervix but from outside if that makes sense! Where you swabbed? I found that most uncomfortable and now fear a sweep should I go over!

num3onway Sun 31-Mar-13 15:58:52

39+2 btw

JaquelineHyde Sun 31-Mar-13 16:20:58

Yes I was swabbed as she could see lots of discharge, it was really uncomfortable but the midwife was lovely about it. The worst bit for me was when she tried to re-angle the speclum to get a view of the neck of the womb, she really had a good shove about. Nothing to see though apparently.

Last night I was a bit stingy up inside, like cystitis pain but on my cervix confused but today's pain is all period pain/dull ache in my abdomen and back. I suspect this will be the norm for the next few weeks for me until it all ramps up for the kick off grin

Ollibobs Sun 31-Mar-13 16:27:52

magic I think your concerns over bonding with your baby are completely normal for someone who has TTC for so long, then gone through ICSI. We struggled for 2.5 years before getting pregnant with ICSI, but I think all the disappointments that led up to that success can make one naturally be a bit distant or hesitant to get one's hopes up in case it doesn't work out. It's hard to shut that off once you fall pregnant, and many women feel worried to get overly attached "just in case" - often without even realising it.
I couldn't bring myself to buy anything until I was nearly 25 weeks pregnant as I was so afraid something might go wrong.
I don't think it means you are going to be a bad mother at all, you might just be a woman who might be afraid to let go and embrace it as deep down you are worried its "too good to be true".
Just let yourself work through your feelings without any added guilt. When you hold your baby in your arms you will likely feel differently. If not, time will help. And if time goes on and you are struggling, there is a lot of help available.
Don't put any pressure in yourself right now. As my father always says: "Worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do, but doesn't get you anywhere."
Easier said than done, I know, but just wanted you to know your feelings are normal.

aufaniae Sun 31-Mar-13 18:05:16

Jaqueline thanks, it's reassuring to know that standard monitoring is used with Propess (which is what our hospital uses AFAIK), I didn't know that. I'm starting to realise there's a lot I don't know, feeling quite unprepared!
Hope you feel better soon. Not being able to eat chocolate isn't on!

magictorch it could be worth asking what kind of pessary they use for induction. According to the woman who ran our NCT group, my hospital has just started using Propess after a nearby hospital has been using it successfully for a year. Propess is more effective at kicking labour off than the old pessary they used, so you'd be less likely to have to go on to the next stage of induction (Syntocinon). I think it's fairly new though so not all hospitals using it. I don't know that much about it though so worth further research if it's of interest.

aufaniae Sun 31-Mar-13 18:06:37

p.s. 11 days to go!

JaquelineHyde Sun 31-Mar-13 18:22:10

I think I just lost my mucus plug or at least part of it.

The colour drained out of DH's face when I showed it to him grin I quickly re-assured him that it could still be weeks before labour starts and that this was probably dislodged by the internal.

Made my Easter though seeing his face grin grin

num3onway Sun 31-Mar-13 18:26:23

I actually felt unsure about my due date yday and checked I had got it right!nothing is happening!

bext Sun 31-Mar-13 19:11:05

Hello everyone,
Hope you've all had a relaxing Easter day. I have been kicked a lot by LO but DH and FiL managed to build the cot so we're getting sorted.

I was going to update the Facebook list while I sit here and munch some chocolate egg. I've lost track of a few bits of info though:
- candy what is your DD called?
-bunny what is your DD called and how much did she weigh?

If anyone else spotted those on the posts then let me know - I'm blaming baby brain!

toobreathless Sun 31-Mar-13 23:12:05

Wonderful to see an Easter chick has hatched on fb grin grin grin

In terms of continuous monitoring (& induction) and being 'on your back' my understanding is that most women end up strapped down on their back because:
* unless you can have mobile monitoring (not offered by all hospitals) you are attached to a machine on a fairly short lease plus also likely to have a drip etc so hard to move.
* it can be harder to monitor baby with you moving around, absolutely not impossible but straps may slip/need re adjusting so yes it is probably easier for MWs to have you on your back or for a more inexperienced MW.
* you are more likely if induced and on a drip to have an epidural which again unless it's a mobile (walking) one tends to mean you can't move your legs and therefore will be on the bed.

But I can't see any medical reason why needing continuous monitoring means you have to give birth or labour in this position and with the right care you should be able to be somewhat mobile- on ball, changing position on bed, standing, rocking. Does this make any sense? I do think as aufaniae says you need the right MW and a supportive birthing partner who knows exactly what you want and is happy to try and avoid tangles with wires etc.

Just a quick question from me, the right hand side of my back is very tender and sore, it feels like I have been kicked very hard, repeatedly.... It hurts when I turn over in bed etc to the point if being quite painful. It doesn't feel pregnancy related, more like I have a back injury sad I would normally take nurofen for something like this but obviously you can't. Just wondered if anyone had experienced anything similar?

36 plus 1

Fluffeh Mon 01-Apr-13 07:38:25

Heck I've missed so many posts I'll never catch up!

I woke up at stupid o'clock yesterday morning with period style pains and lost my plug around 7am. In a blind panic I woke my DP and made him check it haha.
We had really nice plans for an Easter Day out at a local event with birds of prey displays but I didn't want to go anywhere just in case my waters went and I looked like I'd wet myself. So we stayed home all day and a big fat nothing happened sad.
Woke at 3am today with period style pains again but they've eased to nothing now.
I'm really hoping it kicks off soon as I can't concentrate on anything, all I can't think about is meeting our baby smile.

Mama1980 Mon 01-Apr-13 08:42:53

Morning all, wow so many posts I can't keep up! Well its the 1 st if April - Alex's due date finally smile 4 months old today! We are all doing great had a lovely relaxing day yesterday with cuddles and chocolate. We are off to the hospital tomorrow for us both to have a check up, but fingers crossed I think we're all good. smile
Thinking of everyone and can't wait to read about more arrivals! X

JaquelineHyde Mon 01-Apr-13 10:52:25

Fluffeh I had a show yesterday as well after hours of period pains. Nothing since.

I'm trying not to think about it as it could still be weeks before anything starts.

I wouldn't cancel any more days out/plans as the more active you are the more likely you are to start something off. Carry on regardless and you shall soon be saying hello to your new arrival smile

Mama 4 months old on his due day, brilliant! grin

We have family over today for an Easter egg hunt, games and a buffet lunch we have organised. Can't wait as my Mum will be bringing the gorgeous Felicity over for cuddles grin

num3onway Mon 01-Apr-13 11:01:06

Well I spent a lot of last night looking at induction stories online as I have now convinced myself that I won't pop by Friday and will go over and have to be induced. I really do not want an epidural as it means no 6 hour discharge. I also don't want to be tied to the bed. Really hope baby puts in an appearence soon!
Gonna try and be as active as possible this week, I suffer from SPd so once I finished work due to the spd at 29 weeks I have rested and done as little as possible. I am now wondering if this is why I have no baby yet! Have I taken it too easy?
If one more person tells me this baby isn't early like my boys were because she's a girl I'm going to explode.


DannyBoy10 Mon 01-Apr-13 15:08:30

Hi. Just wanted to say hello and ask if I can (very belatedly) join the thread? I'm expecting DC2 on 18th April and have a 2yo DS.

I had obstetric cholestasis in my last pregnancy, which developed at 37/38 weeks so am on tenderhooks at the moment waiting to see if the itching will start again this time round, but so far so good smile!

Congratulations to all the mums whose bubs have already arrived, and especially to those who had difficult starts in special care etc.


Trishstar Mon 01-Apr-13 15:17:48

Hi ladies!

First chance I've had to update you all properly

Weird first night alone in hospital with Hunter esp since Daddy had to go home and leave us. He wasn't latching properly either so this morning after his blood sugar was very low they whisked him off to SCBU.

They got his blood sugar to normal range and it's really good now as he's being tube fed. But they need to check his bloods for a possible infection in his cord. So he may need antibiotics and have to stop in longer. hmm

They are impressed with the amount of colostrum I'm hand expressing so we might have a go at properly expressing later. I'm not giving up on the Bf! Will keep soldiering on!

Going to add another pic of him from SCBU today on the fb group.


HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 01-Apr-13 15:30:29

Hi Danny, never too late! I hope you can get through without the OC this time!

Trish he's such a cutie (seen the pics in the other place). I hope he recovers from all this quickly. Well done for persevering with the breast feeding!

My nesting continues. I've been to Poundstretcher and bought some storage stuff and got a bit more organised. I've also bought tupperwears and DH has tidied the garage ready for a new freezer so I can get my batch cooking sorted this week.

I have been a bit nervy with the changes in movement so I rang the ante-natal assessment unit. The MW reassured me that I'm getting enough kicks and that the changes in enthusiasm for the kicks is an indication that baby has probably started to engage! Glad I called though.

Teapig Mon 01-Apr-13 17:46:19

Trish, huge congratulations. Hunter is gorgeous! Good luck with the BF, sounds really good that you're expressing so much colostrum.

Hope you and your little Easter chic are home very soon smile

Rivergirly Mon 01-Apr-13 19:38:22

Hi all had a lovely sunny day here today and I have been very active - hoping it gets lo moving - mega spring clean even tidied garden and cleaned windows and French doors inside and out!!! At this rate I will run out of things to clean.

Num3 - where we are you can still have a 6 hour discharge after an epidural - I know defo did with ds2 - first time round I stayed in as everyone said to stay in the hospital and get some rest but hospitals and peace and quiet do not come hand in hand!!! Second time round I insisted on leaving as soon as possible!! And the plan is to do the same again this time.

trish congrats and I love his name

num3onway Mon 01-Apr-13 20:22:48

Thsts good to know river! I was basing it on things I read online about having to have a catheter if you have an epidural and that meaning at least a 12 hour stay?

Trishstar Mon 01-Apr-13 21:10:36

Thanks girlies xxx

Just trying to sort BF out and we will be well away xxx

Rivergirly Mon 01-Apr-13 21:51:16

Num3 - i did have a catheter each time and still left after 6 hours with ds2 - was planning on doing the same again this time too!!

itsaruddygame Mon 01-Apr-13 22:58:37

Hope Hunter is home in no time Trish.

Magic - I had to be continuously monitored (although not induced) but my midwife was great and supported me in being as active as possible. I was somewhat constrained by the length of the leads on the monitoring equipment but was able to stay on my birthing ball next to the machine until crowning at which point rather ball got uncomfortable v quickly!! I was in the bed for the birth but it was very snazzy and supported me in an upright position akin to a birthing stool ( even had a half moon shape seat shape for you to sit on when the back was up). Tried all fours as well but got tired quite quick like that. Having said that the bed was very state of the at and don't know how many hospitals would have one that good.

I hope you can have a birth like mine that whilst not your first choice still goes well!

toobreathless Tue 02-Apr-13 00:09:49

Happy April Ladies! Here come our babies grin

We move today & it is hitting me that I am in fact 39 + 4 and this baby is due on FRIDAY shock think I have been do distracted by the house move it hasn't really seemed real.

I have a quite an extensive 'to do' list though so the baby can come next week maybe (listening in there? grin )

trisha huge congratulations! Hope Hunter is put of SCBU soon & you are not too sore from the EMCS?

Danny welcome!

Must try & get some sleep before I set off with two cats & a toddler in tow. Luckily it's only 2.5 hrs, not anticipating the most peaceful journey! Unfortunately DH also has to drive as we have 2 cars.

Trishstar Tue 02-Apr-13 00:48:37

Thanks TB and ruddy.

Not quite as sore as I thought I'd be! Just took the advice to have all my available pain meds after the section instead of trying to be brave! Obviously it was an emergency c section so no time to prepare but I had previously anticipated a section to be much worse than it actually was.

Just surprised how quick it all happened from start to finish! xx

Can't get to sleep even tho I need to! Might just wonder up to Hunter in a bit! Xxx

Trishstar Tue 02-Apr-13 05:01:51

Got woken at 3am to go to Hunter in SCBU x he tried to feed again and then just wanted mummy cuddles bless him. Only just got back into bed.

Oh well only 5 hours til Daddy is allowed back x

enjay0811 Tue 02-Apr-13 08:30:58

Aww trish tht's lovely, hope Hunter gets lots of mummy cuddles at home soon too. Well done with the bf too! There's a LLL near to home this Friday which I'm plannin on poppin to for some support. I ebf dd2 for 6mth's but remember how hard it was at first. All support welcome before this little one arrives!

Had 37wk check up yday and mw surprised to find head 2/5th's engaged as this is dc3. No wonder I've been waddling! Does this mean an early arrival I wonder?! Prob not but can always hope! smile


EmpressMatilda Tue 02-Apr-13 10:10:05

too Hope the move goes well. I am also due on Friday. Trying not to get too excited as I know he could be much later than that but I really am ready and impatient now!

Trish Thanks for posting all those pics on fb. He's gorgeous. Hope you get to take him home soon.


photochick Tue 02-Apr-13 10:15:41

Congrats Trish sounds like you are doing really well and your little man is gorgeous with all that dark hair!

Well its April now and it still hasn't sunk in that we are really going to have a baby! Is this normal??

Feeling v tired (not helped by feeling crappy with a cold) so I have real admiration for all of you who are moving house / doing masses of housework etc. My DH keeps telling me off for not resting but its not like me to sit still and do nothing so generally end up feeling very restless.

Midwife tonight and its the strep B test (they test routinely here) so have got to look forward to suppose I have to get used to people wanting to look at my bits. Am interested to see if the baby is further engaged as I feel like the bump is definitely bigger and lower! Nothing much else to report though apart from some period style back ache (back to the symptom watching of the first trimester!).

Teapig Tue 02-Apr-13 10:28:59

Good luck with the move too.

trish, Hunter is gorgeous hope you're getting lots of cuddles in. I remember you said you'd felt less movement. Did you go in for monitoring and they decided to do a section? I don't mean to be nosy but find labour stories really interesting as a first timer.

photo I'm also still trying to get my head around the fact that baby is coming this month. Sometimes it seems totally unreal.

A quick question on nappies, how many should I have in stock before baby arrives? I know it's not worth having a huge stock pile as we don't know which size will be needed or which brand will suit us best. I've got about 4 packs of newborn nappies, is it worth getting more before baby is here?

SneezySnatcher Tue 02-Apr-13 10:30:40

Had consultant appointment today. BP fine so I don't need to go back again. She did a sweep, which was unpleasant but not painful. She said I was only 1cm so I'm not hopeful but at least I feel I've made the effort!


Trishstar Tue 02-Apr-13 11:40:23

Tea yep I went in for reduced movement and after being monitored for ages he still wasn't moving AND his heart rate was constantly in the 170's so they just said he's not happy, they didn't know why but we needed an EMCS straight away. Within 90 mins of getting into labour ward and being monitored he was delivered!!! Sobering thought was one of the midwives doing checks said of could have been a completely different story if I had left it and not gone in for monitoring confused

tattooedapril87 Tue 02-Apr-13 13:58:20

Wow Trish thats a scary thought and just goes to show you shouldnt chance anything

Well done you.... I had emcs and have actually found the recovery ok... in a way ithelped that I was in ward too as when my bf had to go home I just had to get up and deal with it.

How are you feeling due date buddy? Xxx

EmpressMatilda Tue 02-Apr-13 14:00:06

Just had my midwife appointment. Baby has an 'ectopic' (ie 'irregular') heartbeat. Apparently this is fairly common and the midwife said the wasn't worried at all. However, I went into panic mode so they have booked me in for ecg later this afternoon.

He is also apparently 'fully engaged' but has been wriggling a LOT this morning.

Also, I have been booked in for a 'sweep' on 9th April. This will only be 4 days past my due date. I thought they waited longer than that. Not that I'm complaining. I am beginning to feel that he is better out than in now!!!

Trishstar Tue 02-Apr-13 14:22:42

I'm feeling ok xxx just sad Hunter isn't with me and sad that BF didn't start well xx he's having cow and gate nutri prem to get his blood sugars stabilised and he's on a glucose drip xx

EmpressMatilda Tue 02-Apr-13 14:32:26

ctg not ecg. Getting all my terminology mixed up!

Hang in there Trish. It must be hard but you seem to be doing really well with bf.

jojo2509 Tue 02-Apr-13 15:17:33

Haven't posted for ages but have been trying to keep up with everyones updates. Can't believe the rate at which babies are being born now!!! Am booked in for my ELCS on Monday due to breech and previous EMCS so know what to expect but still nervous.
Trishstar - was interested to read your story and congratulations. Can i ask how much reduced movement you felt? I have definitely felt less. Still squirming but not as often. Never know if i should be worried or just not a lot of room now? I really hope you get the BF sorted. I had the same probs with DS1 post EMCS and blood sugars etc but once i was home after 5 days managed to get the BF established once my milk was in. Good lucksmile

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 02-Apr-13 15:23:04

Yes I'd like to know too trish! Am a bit concerned/confused - definitely a change in movement - still squirming/kicking but less vigorous than it has been. I rang the ante-natal assessment unit on Sunday who said it might be because baby has become engaged so movements will feel different. I think if I'm still worried when DH gets home from work I'll ask to go in to be on the safe side....
37 weeks today!

toobreathless Tue 02-Apr-13 16:11:36

Thank you for all the well wishes for the move, we are half way there- moved out but our stuff doesn't arrive until tomorrow so we are staying in a furnished 'contact house' the forces provide tonight. DH is at the new house fitting a cat flap & I am at the contact house with DD who is napping.

WRT movement it is normal for movements to change but not
'slow down' that is a myth. So still looking for 10+ a day and the same pattern - mine rarely moves before midday and is then increasingly active all afternoon/evening. But they can be more 'squirms' and 'fidgets' than great big kicks. But always worth getting checked out if worried, as shown by trish

Trish how is Hunter doing today? Any idea how long he needs to stay in SCBU? Hoping you are getting lots of cuddles! Glad you're not too sore, keep taking the painkillers but make sure you don't get bunged up!

Empress I really hope your baby arrives before mine, I am really not ready yet!

I popped into the GP to register today having made a MW appt for 40 weeks on Thursday, I booked the appt 6 weeks ago and explained it needed to be a double really as it is 'booking in' for notes/bloods at new hospital and a 40 week appt. but no it's a 15 minute appt and the first of the day. I shudder to think how late the MW is going to end up running!

39 + 4

SneezySnatcher Tue 02-Apr-13 16:20:41

Hmm. Don't think the sweep worked! Nothing going on down there apart from some lovely brown mucus (think its from the irritation rather than a show).

It really wasn't too bad though, so I may ask my MW to do one on Saturday at my 40+0 appointment. I know they are supposed to wait until 41 weeks but I'm hoping as I've had one already she may say yes!

usernamegoeshere Tue 02-Apr-13 16:21:47

Sounds like the move is going well too when I booked in to new area my first appointment they just gave me new notes to fill in myself then took my bloods and it was my next appt that was long and proper booking in.

Had some weird jelly discharge and that's a tiny bit bloody, bit scared at the idea it might be starting. My book says can be ages even if it is a proper show so trying to relax. Had bad period pain but that was 30 mins ago and no more since. Feels exactly how pregnancy started, constantly thinking I'm about to come on my period!

Jo1984uk Tue 02-Apr-13 16:22:17

Congratulations to all of you who have had your little ones recently and those who have been able to take your babies home. Even though I have been on maternity leave I have found it hard to keep up!!

Woke up this morning with period pains and have been spotting all day... Am hoping something will happen soon!! I kind of had it in my head I would need inducing, but hopefully baby wants to make her own way into the world. We'll see!! Am kind of confussed though, is the 'bloody show' and loosing the mucus plug the same thing?!? Not sure which one I have had or if it's the same thing!

Good luck to those who are moving house soon... This will be me at some stage this year (quite happy to stay at Mum and Dads for now to save a bit more money for our house deposit and benefit from all the extra support smile

Had my midwife appointment today (39+5), little one is now 3/5ths engaged. Was starting to worry a little as my partners mum could not deliver naturally as he was so big! Babys head has been 'free' until now so I think I should be getting back on the birthing ball, I have to say the thought isn't very appealing though hmm

Will try to catch up now on last weeks posts... and maybe eat some more easter chocolate smile

Teapig Tue 02-Apr-13 16:44:44

jo1984, I hope it's the start of things for you.

trish it sounds like it happened very quickly. Hope you get lots of lovely new born snuggles and the bf gets easier soon.

toobreathless Tue 02-Apr-13 16:56:37

user I will be 40 weeks on friday so they will have to do it all in on go, I also have a house to unpack & toddler DD so there is no way I'm going back for an extra appt ahead of 41 weeks because they weren't organised enough when I said it needed to be a double! I also really need my bloods doing ASAP as I had a large bleed after DDs birth and need the hospital to be aware of my blood group etc in case it happens again. Oh dear I sound all ranty....

On the upside the local Sainsburys is lovely grin Huge, new, loads of baby clothes and a lovely cafe.

jo1984 did you tell the MW you were spotting?

Shows can be quite 'bloody' sort of mixed with mucus. But I would always give maternity assessment/triage a ring if it's just blood IYSWIM.

faith let me know if you fancy a coffee? I am free Friday if that suits you at all? I'll PM you.

Trishstar Tue 02-Apr-13 16:58:24

On the movement front it went from being his usual 10+ movements all thru the day and half of Saturday then nothing from Saturday afternoon, I had lots of cold/sugary drinks etc and got one kick late on Saturday night but still wasn't happy when I woke Sunday so we went at 2pm on Sunday after I called in. Never ever risk it, better to go and be checked and feel like you've wasted their time xx I think the scariest part is that Hunter's story could easily have had a different ending :-(

I've been making sure I keep up the painkillers. Had the dressing removed today and my bloods done and general checks. My BP is still high and so is my pulse :-(

No real idea when he will be out of SCBU. The drip is keeping his sugars up but he will need 48 hours of consistent sugars (from feeding alone) to be allowed home. Xxx

toobreathless Tue 02-Apr-13 16:59:01

sneezy is this DC1 for you? I was told for DD that they wouldn't offer a sweep till 41 weeks but this pregnancy they would offer at 40 week appointment. Can't work out if it's different areas or because it's number 2 for me.

toobreathless Tue 02-Apr-13 17:03:41

Hang on in there trish you have given Hunter the best start recognising less movement and going in. BF will come, don't worry about the formula just spend every second you can snuggling that baby and doing skin to skin & try him to breast when the nurses suggest. Love the fb pictures he has the most perfect little face, unlike DD who was frankly butt ugly when born (very squished plus forcep mark!) but she is now the most beautiful toddler smile

SneezySnatcher Tue 02-Apr-13 17:22:38

too it's DC2 for me. In my A/N notes it says sweep at 40 weeks for pg1 and 41 weeks for pg2 so it must be different in every area.

My MW appointments are all at my home but I imagine she could do one with me lying on the bed?!

Trishstar Tue 02-Apr-13 17:26:50

TooB you made me lol!!! He has got a handsome face I must agree xxx it's his hair that surprised me! When they were pulling him out hubby was like "he has a full head of jet black hair!" Everyone on SCBU knew who his Dad was as he was going to visit! Lol!

I think I'm just beating myself up about the Bf, I know it still can happen. Will do as much skin to skin as possible xxx

jojo2509 kitkat & fluffeh mumoftwocats & monkey thanks for asking the questions about ELCS, I'm booked to have mine on 17th April, so just 15 days to go!

I'm feeling nervous about the spinal and cannula (previous bad experiences with cannulas being put in my med students!) and whether i'll feel sick and shaky in theatre - hope not!

BonaDea & bunnygirl thanks for your stories on your sections and on feeding. I'd read about possibly needing to cup feed/top up so have a couple of cartons in the bag, but oping not to need them. Bought a non-spill medicine feeding spoon from JoJo's in case our hospital doesn't provide feeding cups. www.jojomamanbebe.co.uk/sp+spilly-spoon-non-spill-medicine-spoon+B1361?tyah=y

Edin i know what you mean feeling a bit lost on first week of mat leave - i'm in the swing of it now and have just met a neighbour who had a baby in Jan who I've never met before, so we're going to hook up, which is nice. Onto my batch cooking this week and next before the ELCS!

Easter weekend was busy with family visits and a crazy energy spurt that I used to clean and treat the garden furniture with DH - we called is 'extreme nesting'!

Sleep is elusive as the heartburn gets even worse and I'm tossing and turning all night. Just pigged a bag of mini eggs and now regretting it.....totally my own fault. Off to get a soothing glass of milk. smile

37 weeks today!

EmpressMatilda Tue 02-Apr-13 18:49:07

sneezy and too I have been booked in for a sweep at 40+4 and it's my first child. So maybe different areas take a different approach.

Had my CTG. All fine. Picked up contractions I am having though I can't feel them much. Strange.

photochick Tue 02-Apr-13 18:54:41

Regarding reduced movements I asked my midwife - she said you should still get the same number you usually get and in the pattern but they will be more squirms and wriggles now.

Had all the normal checks today including the strep-b swab and then it was announced I had to be weighed. If I had known I would have at least had a wee! I've put on 22kg!! The shame! That's over 3 stone blush.

Ok, I wasn't tiny to start (5"11' and a size 14) but where have I put 3 stone?? Ive only gone up to size 16 trousers, am still in some tops I was wearing before and everybody says how well I look! Hope it comes off as easy as it's gone on!

Sorry me me me, but I was really surprised!

KelleStar Tue 02-Apr-13 19:58:44

trish he seriously is a scrummy looking baby, loving the hair, DD came out with a big mop of black curls, she's now got tons of blonde curls smile good luck with the breastfeeding, you can do it!

photochick three stone will disappear, SiL lost a stone in fluid alone in the first few days. You've also got the placenta and extra blood your carting about, let alone the baby and fluid.

Well I went for my almost 38 week scan to be sure the placenta is out the way and all can progress for a VB. We drove in separate cars, as DH works in Brizzle and the hospital is in the middle between home and work. We arrived to a queue of epic proportions for the car park, only just found a space in time to make my appointment. We were kept waiting over 2 hours, MW was rather confused as to why I was there. No need for a scan as placenta being 35mm from exit is plenty... yet a month ago they were worried as it should be 50mm... they said it's no problem and they've now classed me as low risk and advised I should make my way to the midwife led unit at the end of our road. Who won't take me as I'm high risk as their notes say 50mm needed and I have a high BMI [38] so need to go to Bath. Gah! can't bloody win. They did my Blood Pressure which is fine and urine which was +1 on glucose and protein. Hadn't eaten much or had time for a drink and sadly had a few of DD's Jelly Tots, received a bit of a lecture about not eating sweets and chocolate. Not sure what the repercussions are [any ideas?]. I had an internal exam, head is -1 station and cervix is soft but not dilated, consultant seems to think things will start soon [but how many times have I heard that now!] Parking was £6 each though, was not impressed by being kept waiting if they weren't planning to scan me as the midwife will be doing the same checks on me on Friday when I have a 38 week check up.


Jo1984uk Tue 02-Apr-13 21:10:54

Thank u teapig, I hope so too! Can't wait to meet little one, am starting to get really nervous about everything now..

Too, yes I did tell midwife, she said its a 'sign' things may 'kick off soon'. It's not red blood (brown) and not very mucusy.. Still got cramps, but they are constant like dull period cramps.

Congrats on the birth of hunter trish, he sounds lovely! Unfortunately I'm not a member of facebook so can't see everyone's gorgeous newborns.. I probably should get round to joining one day smile

Trishstar Tue 02-Apr-13 21:16:43

Hunter's blood sugar still dropping then getting better then dropping so he's got to have a long line put in so they can give bigger % of glucose. It did come back that he has an infection but they don't know if it's his cord or where it is. He's on antibiotics for that already. Don't know how long he will be in tbh. I've just spent the last couple hours crying :-( it just seems we are going round in circles

Crazytictac Tue 02-Apr-13 21:19:39

Really interesting to read about the reduced movements. I've had a really quiet baby all day, have had some movements but much softer. However, seems to have perked up now thankgod but really sobering reading trish's account. Congratulations again, Hunter has THE most exquisite little face. Absolutely gorgeous.

toobreathless I nearly choked laughing at your comment about your DD. Hope you're not too tired with the move. I'm a forces child so know the drill a little bit!

photochick a lot of the weight gain could be water. I haven't been weighed since the initial appointment and hope it stays that way!

Hi to everybody else

Off to catch up with 16 kids and counting now. Madness.

Trishstar Tue 02-Apr-13 21:22:04

Thanks ladies for the lovely comments about our boy xx obviously we are biased and think he's a beauty xxx

Crazytictac Tue 02-Apr-13 21:26:06

X posts trish. Must be so worrying and upsetting but the main thing is that they're aware of it and dealing with it. Poor little chap really will be in good hands. I know from first hand experience that its all a bit surreal when things like this happen. Thinking of you

Trishstar Tue 02-Apr-13 23:50:23

Thanks tictac. Xx I'm a planner and just hate not knowing things or not getting answers xx

Fluffeh Wed 03-Apr-13 08:16:09

trish congratulations! He is lovely. I hope the new line helps stabilise his blood sugars and you can take him home soon.

grow the spinals aren't that bad. I've had over 100 lumbar punctures in the past 10 years and I'd take the spinal needle over another midwife internal!! They use local first which is just like a jab for flu etc and you don't feel any pain then when they do the spinal needle.
I'm more worried about being awake while they fumble around inside me lol I've been awake for one op in the past and they had to heavily sedate me just to get my heart rate down. I'm hoping I'll be more excited than scared when its happening.

Still nothing happening baby wise sad I think she's given up trying to get out now and is waiting calmly for the cs. Although she likes to dance most of the day, mainly when it's noisy, and sleeps most of the night. I'm really hoping that carries on after she's born lol

Trishstar Wed 03-Apr-13 08:20:50

Thanks fluff xx his sugars were better overnight however the challenge now comes to keeping his sugars good whilst reducing his glucose drip. X

Thanks fluffeh that's good to know. I know what you mean with the rummaging, I'm trying to visualise it in the hope it wont be too much of a shock! I guess it's like one giant tooth anaesthetic - where you can feel the dentist moving about in your mouth and the vibrations of the drill, but no pain. Thankfully that bit is supposed to be quick! I think 'll ask DH to distract me with chat about taking the baby in the campervan this summer. grin

Its good if your baby is waiting for the CS - I hope you can both take some time to chill and nap until the time comes. brew

Trish Hunter is in the best hands and the ABs should clear it all up. He'll be home with you in no time I'm sure. flowers

Trishstar Wed 03-Apr-13 08:37:53

Thanks grow xx I hope so xxx they just said it'll be a long process x

JaquelineHyde Wed 03-Apr-13 09:01:55

I'm utterly miserable and fed up sad

I've been up since 4am (after barely sleeping before that), in so much pain that my co-codomol isn't even touching.

Bloody cystitis, the AntiBs I had ran out last week and had worked brilliantly but it has come back with avengence and it hurts so much!

Just waiting for the Dr to call me in the hope that he will prescribe the AntiBs over the phone for me instead of me having to wait for an appointment. Not sure if they will though as they were originally prescribed by my consultant at the hospital and not through the GPs...Fingers crossed for me.

Also I am starving all the time at the moment and unable to eat any kind of meal at all. If I have anything over a few fork fulls I am in agony in my stomach. The food just feels like it is sitting there causing hideous indegestion pain sad

No time to rest though as I promised the DCs that we would go out and about today and have some fun...this is going to be a long day.


Jaq poor you, sounds like a 'mare! You could call the consultant's office and get them/a registrar to fax the original prescription through to speed things up for you...it might work.

Can you try something gentle to eat like plain rice, a bit of mash or baby rusks?

Take it easy today and don't over do it. flowers

BonaDea Wed 03-Apr-13 09:38:20

Grow your own - It is a bit odd but not at all unpleasant (the rummaging part) and only lasts a couple of minutes. Immediately after that you meet your baby then the whole thing is forgotten even tho you are lying there while they sew you up! For those 20 mins or so me, DH and DS were the only people in the world as far as we were concerned and I just remember repeating over and over 'he's perfect, he's perfect'. All the docs and nurses could have grown antlers as far as we were aware of their presence!! wink

That gives me something better to focus on, thanks BonaDea!

EssexWelsh Wed 03-Apr-13 11:29:17

Can anyone advise on what a sweep is like? Painful? Uncomfortable?


39+4!!!!!! So nearly there grin

Fluffeh Wed 03-Apr-13 11:54:49

bona thanks, I'm hoping to forget it straight away. I have the most delicate vomit reflex. I only have to think of something horrible and I'm fighting the urge to be sick. I'm dreading vomitting at the same moment as the baby is born.

jaq even though I have ranitidine, I still have to avoid meals and acid causing foods. I tend to eat little, not very often and mainly dairy or cereal. I find rice, pasta, potatoes, bread, fruit and tomato based foods the worst. I've been eating a lot of bran flakes lol
I hope you get the ab's smile.

We found a garage who can fix the car and keep within our budget yay! So that's one less thing to worry about now. Sadly the house we've been offered isn't suitable. It has no back door, no garden and huge floor length windows. We need a garden so I can finally go on the waiting list for a guide dog and long windows are a no go as I don't see much I'd spend half my life walking in to them haha!
The guy we spoke to is hopeful of finding us somewhere more suitable, but with less than 3 weeks till the cs I'm thinking its going to mean bringing the baby back here for a while.

phantomhairpuller Wed 03-Apr-13 12:12:59

Marking my place, and hoping I make it on to this thread wink

SneezySnatcher Wed 03-Apr-13 12:20:19

Essex I had a sweep yesterday at 39+3. It wasn't painful for me, just like a smear test. Wear a pad as I did bleed a fair bit for a couple of hours and had some period pains.

The bleeding stopped at lunchtime but I'm having a bit more today. Don't think it's worked! I was 1cm dilated and 50 % effaced.

Jo1984uk Wed 03-Apr-13 12:44:40

My waters went last night at 10.00, just settled on the sofa to watch some tv and felt a weird pop! Glad my partner knows what he's doing, he persuaded me to ring labour ward (I was convinced I had to wait for contractions). Went in, baby fine but will need to be induced tomorrow if labour doesn't start on its own due to risk of infection.

Apparently you need to stay in at least 12 hours after so baby can be checked for infection.. Anyone had any experience of being induced after waters have gone? No sign of any contractions yet..

Sneezy that's how I started yesterday, do u still have the pains? I'm getting some dull aches every now and then but I will 'know when it's labour' so people keep telling me confused

Went in the most amazing labour room last night though, so big with a birth pool. I don't think I can have my water birth though if I'm induced sad as long as baby is born healthy though, that's all that matters smile

phantomhairpuller Wed 03-Apr-13 13:04:41

Jo, that's what happened with me when having DS1, waters broke at home on the Sunday evening. Was induced Tuesday morning cos nothing had happened hmm
I stayed in 48hrs after because I got an infection! DS was fine! Good luck wink

SneezySnatcher Wed 03-Apr-13 13:39:28

Jo very excited for you!

Yes, still having the pains but they don't feel like the contractions I had with DD (although I was on the synto drip so they started off strong and stayed that way). I know sweeps can take 48 hours but not convinced by this one!

Good luck!

Dysgu Wed 03-Apr-13 14:33:36

There seems to be a lot happening for quite a few people on here - hopefully many more of you will be cuddling your babies very soon. smile

I am/would be 37 weeks today but have a sleeping 20 day old on my chest. He is currently resting after a busy half hour of feeding/poohing/burping! He looks very cute when he has wind grin and the DDs are sure he is smiling at them! I try to explain it is just wind but they know what they know! When he does start smiling, he is going to be a real charmer.

Trish I hope Hunter is maintaining his blood sugars today. The long lines are tough to think about and it is hard to see their tiny hands all wrapped up but it is the quickest way to get the glucose/dextrose in. Hopefully the ABs will sort out the infection and the tests will show up where it is.
How is the expressing going? Are you able to express next to/whilst holding Hunter? (I made the decision to BB Evan within his first week but his DSisters were both BF in NICU before moving on to mixed feeding). It is VERY hard work and you need to make sure you are getting the support you need.
Are they giving the colostrum down Hunter's NG tube or just dipping a cotton bud in it and putting it on his lips so he can get a taste if he cannot manage it in his tube yet?
Have you been given a copy of the Small Wonders DVD - NICU/SCBU units should give it out and may well have a portable player so you can watch it there. It has a lot of useful information about what you can be doing to care for Hunter and it helps to make sense of some things. (Evan was my 3rd DC to end up in NICU and I found watching the DVD this time really useful - we were involved in feedback forums for it when it was being produced!)
And as for crying - that is really normal too (and may well get 'worse' before it gets better). Even with (lots of) NICU/SCBU experience and an expectation that Evan would end up there, I still cried every single day for at least his first week. And I was talking to another NICU mum who had burst into tears just because she couldn't find her deodrant that morning! The NICU staff are VERY used to crying parents and always have tissues on hand...
And finally, you said your DH had had to go home and couldn't return until 10am? Is the visiting on NICU/SCBU more flexible? Here it is 24 hours a day for parents so you could always have DH visit with you there rather than have such a long time without him - if that would be useful/possible for you? (I find I need to have DP around to ask all the questions I want to ask but need a filter before coping with the answer IYKWIM). Good Luck to you and Hunter.

Trishstar Wed 03-Apr-13 17:01:41

Nicky thanks for that info in that message!!!

I can express in my bed (they've given me a pump to use there) and I've got a pump near his cot in SCBU too x I just look at my pictures of him when I express and that helps too!!

Managed to get lots and lots of colostrum out (they are surprised how much considering its day 3 and he's not with me), they are freezing it at the moment but he's had a bit from me too.

Infection level wasn't high it's more the sugar we need stable xx they've been stable all day and he's on 15% glucose but the challenge will be when they reduce it gradually he will need to keep his sugar levels consistent! I heard them talking earlier saying they will hopefully start reducing the glucose later and start giving my colostrum in his feeding tube.

I wonder when the proper milk will come in!

Found out parents are allowed in SCBU 24/7 so hubby could have stayed! It's just the ward that has restricted hours!!
Will ask about that DVD xx

birdbrain17 Wed 03-Apr-13 17:18:40

I just got back from mw appointment, so disappointed because when I booked it I was only 36 weeks and I remember saying to DH hopefully won't make it to that appointment as we'll have the baby by then as I'm 39+3 today but here I am still not had the baby and now I have an appointment for monday where they'll also book me for an induction sad really don't want to be induced as wanted to go to birthing centre not labour ward! but we decided to get a take away and watch a film tonight for DH birthday so I want the baby to hurry up and come but only after I've had my take away wink on the plus side it's half engaged so I guess I'll be spending more time on the ball to get it all the way down and keep hoping it comes by itself...

num3onway Wed 03-Apr-13 18:52:30

Dd was born at 1.30 yesterday after a 5 hour labour from first pain and only gas and air,she weighs 8.6

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 03-Apr-13 19:12:40

Congratulations Num! Pretty speedy labour smile

bird sorry you're still pregnant! I hope something kicks off soon for you.

I've been much happier with movements today - it makes sense that the movements are the same frequency but with different strength. I have done proper 'count the kicks' today which has really reassured me.

birdbrain17 Wed 03-Apr-13 19:19:12

num yay so happy for you, did you do anything to kickstart labour in the end or did it just happen?

num3onway Wed 03-Apr-13 20:17:00

I ate some chillis but could be a coincidence who knows lol contractions strted at half 8 and was 8cm at 11

toobreathless Wed 03-Apr-13 20:36:17

Yay!! You superstar num3 does DD have a name yet? Huge congratulations!

toobreathless Wed 03-Apr-13 20:43:35

birdbrain are you going to be induced if you go over due for any particular reason? Or just not keen to be too late?

Moving in went well today, I have unpacked the kitchen, bathroom, DDs room. Feeling really good but did start to get a bit sore and have a lot of BH by about 6 pm. My wonderful parents are here, my mum took DD out for the day and Dad has been helping unpack. I can't WAIT to set my NCT baby nest up next to the bed grin I am saving this as a last job to keep me motivated!

Have a MW appt tomorrow, going to refuse a sweep after chatting to DH as we need another few days grave before this baby appears!

39 + 5

toobreathless Wed 03-Apr-13 20:44:39

.....few days GRACE! Damn iPhone.

photochick Wed 03-Apr-13 21:19:47

congratulations num! like to hear these speedy delivery stories wink. Hope you and the LO are both well.

BonaDea Thu 04-Apr-13 01:23:07

Congrats num - good size baby and v speedy labour!

Toobreathless- happy new home. Fingers crossed all the activity might start something in a few days when you're ready!! grin

Trishstar Thu 04-Apr-13 05:33:22

Congrats num xx well done xxx sending lots of love xxx

Fluffeh Thu 04-Apr-13 07:18:47

Congratulations num! Have you chosen a name yet?

too hope your settling in to your new home.

I need some advice please. For the past few days when I wake in a morning and for around 4-6 hours, my hands, legs and face are really swollen. But as I usually wake at 4am its all back to normal by the time my mw visits. My BP hasn't been super high lately but the swelling is worrying me. Baby is still wriggling around and kicking as usual and although I do have a headache in the mornings, my brain issues mean I always have done so can't really differentiate.
Should I try and get an early morning BP check? Does it matter really when it clears up after a few hours?
I really don't want to trouble anyone if I don't need to.
Thanks smile.

Congratulations num that's super-fast! Enjoy your snuggles today and rest up. Xxx

Congratulations num! Hope my labour goes as fast grin

itsaruddygame Thu 04-Apr-13 11:13:33

Num congrats! Wow what a quick labour!

Fluffeh - you should call your midwife asap. At this stage of pregnancy I am sure they would rather just hear from you and check you over than risk any problems. I was a bit like you and didn't like to make a fuss but your health and your babies is so important and even if it's nothing you still have every right to ask for some additional checks.

toobreathless Thu 04-Apr-13 12:18:32

fluff give your MW a ring, it may well be sensible to get your BP and urine rechecked. Also suggest taking some photos on your phone tomorrow morning of too late now so you can show her or Drs etc if needed at appointments if it has cleared up by lunch time.

birdbrain17 Thu 04-Apr-13 12:42:23

too I've had a really 'normal' low risk pg just my hospital book you in for an induction as soon as you go overdue, This is is my first dc so I have no idea really how painful labour is but apparently it's more painful if you're induced and I wanted a water birth with gas and air as I don't like the side effects of the other drugs they offer you, but I'm worried with an induction I won't be able to cope with the pain...also DH starts his final year uni exams in 3 weeks, we were hoping the baby would be born a few weeks before them so I would be able to manage without his help when he actually has exams, but I know for the first couple of weeks I'll want him to be available for me which he won't if he has exams. Hope that all makes sense to you wink
oh well I guess the baby will come when it wants to as it's definitely not listening to me telling it to come hmm

MrsB76 Thu 04-Apr-13 13:13:17

Hi Ladies,

haven't written for a long time here. My due date is 30 April and as both my DDs were born at 40-41+ weeks, I guess I'll be the last to post birth news smile

Congrats to num3, trish, Dysgu and all who's had their little one, I hope everyone will have a good birth experience and a cute baby smile

I still have 4 more weeks to go which seems an unbearably long time, but at least I've started mat leave now and only have to entertain 2 naugthy DDs who have their spring break now! We are taking a 3-day seaside break this weekend with DH and DDs so I hope DD3 won't decide to come this week.

I still can't get a proper night's sleep due to sleep apnea - imagine waking up in the middle of the night to the sensation of being suffocated with a pillow! It's like having the back of your throat stuck together and not being able to breathe. MW told me this happens in pregnancy (the apnea, not the pillow thing) and they are not doing anything with it, I just have to hope it goes away after the baby is born, as it almost always does. Also, no risk to baby as I wake up before my body could get oxygen deprived, and coughing solves the problem. I propped up my head with 2 pillows and it's a bit better, but still quite scary.


toobreathless Thu 04-Apr-13 15:23:06

Goodness me birdbrain are you in the UK?? Generally most hospitals induce between 40 + 10 and 40 + 14 and what should happen is that you have a discussion with a Obs Dr or a very senior midwife about the risks of induction and other options such as expectant monitoring. There are circumstances when it might be suggested to be sensible to induce earlier but these are generally in high risk pregnancies (diabetes, maternal age, concerns about baby's growth etc) Are you sure they are not just giving you a date at 40 weeks to say come back in XX days time if no baby? (sorry if that's me reading your post wrong!)

I wouldn't be keen on being induced at just 40 weeks without good reason personally. I'm not sure induced labours are actually more painful per se but being induced DEFINATELY affects your ability to process the pain. You would be in a strange environment in early labour not at home, contractions can start very quickly and be very strong immediately (especially with drip) whereas naturally they are more likely to build up slowly, if on the drip you will be monitored which may affect your ability to move around, use pool etc.

That all sounds very negative and anti induction but personally I was induced with DD at 40 + 10 and it was fine. Your DHs exams are a bit of a sticky point, do you have family on stand by to come down? (heaven forbid you have a C Section) that would seem sensible then MAKE DH sleep in a different room over his exams (or with a friend? He can leave at 10pm) and get your family to help you overnight. Would this work??

39 + 6, off to unpack another box.

toobreathless Thu 04-Apr-13 15:25:00

MrsB76 DD3?? Ooh I am a little jealous! We are expecting DD2 and as there is a weird propensity in our family to have 3 or 4 of one sex I am sure we will end up with 4 girls grin

MrsB76 Thu 04-Apr-13 16:19:43

toobreathless with DC2 and DC3 we were going for one of each which obviously did not work out grin now we'll have 3 girls, which everyone says is lovely, but I will be 37 yo later this year and I feel I will be too old for another pregnancy. Plus we've ran out of rooms already!

MrsB76 Thu 04-Apr-13 16:22:49

birdbrain, you can also ask them about other ways to start the thing - with me they stripped the membranes first then sent me home and a couple of hours later I was in labour naturally. This was sometime during week 40 or 41. I think if you are lucky your labour will start before your induction date, you have a good chance of that.

birdbrain17 Thu 04-Apr-13 16:29:41

Thanks I've spent all afternoon drinking rl tea and bouncing on my ball to try get things going by themselves. I had an appointment yesterday and she booked me to come in on monday when I'll be 40+1 (no appointments on sundays obviously) for a sweep and she booked for me to come in on the wednesday when I'll be 40+3 for induction if the sweep hasn't done anything by then. It was a different midwife to normal, she was nice but I felt she was very busy and it was a bit impersonal the appointment so I didn't question what she was saying as I didn't feel I'd get answers, hopefully on Monday I'll see someone else and question them more.

too take care not to overdo it with the unpacking you don't want to hurt your back and end up on bed-rest...

aufaniae Thu 04-Apr-13 17:06:51

birdbrain you do have a choice here. If you are genuinely happy to be I diced so early then fine. But please don't just go along with it if it's not a positive choice on your behalf.

Personally I would not accept a sweep at 40+1 nor induction an 49+3. I was augemented (induced once labour started) last time and I was delighted to learn the other day that they won't be doing it this way this time.

If there is no medical reason for you tl have a sweep so early, do 't go in. Just ring them and say you want to rearrange for a but future down the line.

Please don't let yourself be pressured into this if you don't want it. The drip is really painful, you will need an epidural (meaning further intervention more likely) you won't be allowed in the pool and it will be harder if not impossible to have an active labour.

I don't mean to scare you, but I'm shock at them inducing so early if you're low risk!

Induction is great if it's necessary. But shouldn't be entered into lightly IMO.

Fluffeh Thu 04-Apr-13 17:08:23

Thank you smile
Had my usual mw check today and my BP is up again so she's going to come back before 9am tomorrow to check it early.
My urine only had trace protein and as I don't feel any different she thinks it might just be stress related (it doesn't take much to stress me out at the minute).
On her checks she found the baby is 4/5 engaged, she had to really press to find the head at all - hopefully a good sign of imminent happenings! I'm getting rather bored of being huge, red hot and uncomfortable.

aufaniae Thu 04-Apr-13 17:09:11

You will also probsbly have continuous monitoring with an induction.
And scan dates aren't accurate anyway, there's a margin of error on them. You might not be quite at "due" yet anyway!

Sorry for typos above btw, I'm on my phone!

lutrinae Thu 04-Apr-13 17:49:08

bird and too I am due on Sunday too, my hospital haven't booked me for a 40 week appointment until the 15th, which I'm pleased about because I don't want to be induced, want to deliver in the birth centre if at all possible.

No signs it's on its way yet though, just wriggling around happily. Going to go into major self induction mode this weekend!

Good luck to anyone else due soon and congratulations num!


birdbrain17 Thu 04-Apr-13 19:26:36

thanks aufanie I think maybe I'll call up on Monday and say I can't make it for the appointment and see what happens. What you were saying doesn't really scare me it just reassures me that I know what I'm talking about because everything you mentioned I already told my DH...
lutrinae good luck with your self induction mode, I wonder which one of us will have it first as we're due the same day wink

EmpressMatilda Thu 04-Apr-13 20:17:41

Due tomorrow and I think I am going slightly mad. Just feel really teary and sensitive today and am obsessing over every little thing. I think it's psychological rather than hormonal though -knowing the 'day' is about to arrive but at the same time knowing that doesn't signify anything!

Still worried about baby's heartbeat although CTG showed no problems. My thrush has come back and I read that there's a chance you can infect the baby if you have it when you give birth so that's been upsetting me too. Each time I've had it it's taken a few days at least to get rid of.

I am also following with interest all this talk about inductions. I have no symptoms so it looks like this one is going to be late. How late is what worries me now. A few days is fine but what if it goes on for weeks? I really don't want to be induced. Have been drinking raspberry leaf tea, going for walks, sitting on the birthing ball... tomorrow I will have a hot curry. Would have sex too if it wasn't for the wretched thrush!

num Congrats. I will have to try chillies!

too Amazed at your energy. On the one hand I can see the unpacking might be a welcome distraction, but I couldn't imagine doing something like that at the moment. At least not without some irrational strop on my part!!!!


Teapig Thu 04-Apr-13 20:44:20

Congratulations num! That sounds like a very fast labour, I hope you and baby are doing well.

bird, that does sound early for an induction from what I've read. Don't be pushed into anything. At our antenatal classes they gave us a list of questions to ask if presented with an option we don't understand or are concerned about:
Instict - as in what is your instinct telling you
Not now - as in what happens if we wait a bit
I'm sure you've asked all these questions but I found it a useful little acronym to remember.

too, I am in awe of how much you've done. I'm worn out just walking to the shops these days, sometimes I'm worn out just thinking about walking to the shops!

I had my first 'is baby here yet?' phone call today. I've had a few Braxton Hicks but no sign of anything happening so I can probably expect a few more calls before I have any news to report.


MrsSimkins Thu 04-Apr-13 20:48:56

Empress I'm due Monday and have had thrush the last few days so was worried about this too so I've been putting some tea tree oil in the bath to wash myself with and that seems to have cleared it up!
I'm trying everything to get things moving but I think I'm gonna go way overdue as I'm not even feeling uncomfortable or that the baby is even that low!
I'm just so impatient to meet him or her!

lutrinae Thu 04-Apr-13 21:23:53

Indeed bird it will be interesting to see!

Apparently additional self induction techniques are:
- eating chocolate (what an awful one!)
- eating pineapple (I hate it but will try anything)
- Acupuncture
- Baths
- Anything that stimulates oxytocin eg. cuddling newborn baby, sorting out baby clothes
- squatting/yoga frog walk

Not to be tried all at once methinks wink

toobreathless Fri 05-Apr-13 00:13:49

Happy due date to me & Empress & anybody else??

Thank you all for your lovely encouraging comments about the house move. All was going really well this evening and then in the space of 20 minutes the dishwasher flooded the kitchen and the tumble dryer caught fire! Luckily DH was stood next to it so no damage. Both were donated when we set up home 5 years ago by lovely friends of my parents getting a fitted kitchen and were oldish then so they have done well to be fair. Just ordered another two which arrive on 10th, not ideal but never mind!

Tomorrow we pick the cats up from the cattery and introduce them to their new home. I had my 'booking in' MW appt today, all good and baby no longer back to back- its all those boxes! She has said they will offer induction at term plus 12 if no baby which would take me to 17th.

Lovely to see a new little arrival in Facebook grin

Trish continuing to think of you, how is Hunter doing?

40 grin

Trishstar Fri 05-Apr-13 00:14:10

Blood sugars still good on slightly reduced glucose

Expressing going well!! The nurses midwives doctors etc are laughing at my supply, day 4 I was getting 100ml from each boob each sitting!! His frozen supply is funny!!! Taking up half the freezer space for EBM in SCBU grin

MumOfTwoCats Fri 05-Apr-13 00:52:41

Checking in from my hospital bed. ELCS in the morning if baby hasn't turned. I've got GD so I'll be first on the list. They are coming to start my insulin drip at 5.30 so I'd better get some shut eye!

Can't sleep though. Too excited and it's bloody warm here! I'm on post natal so I can hear babies crying!

Trishstar Fri 05-Apr-13 01:03:51

Oooh good luck mum!!!! Keep us updated when you can xxx

MumOfTwoCats Fri 05-Apr-13 01:10:56

Thanks Trish. I had a giggle as I spent 30 mins getting 0.1 ml of hand expressed colostrum out. I now about 0.5 ml now.

Hopefully I follow your lead with volume! Hunter is gorgeous by the way!

Trishstar Fri 05-Apr-13 01:20:22

Thanks!! I started off like that! Even til day 3 was only getting drops !! Then evening of day 3 it started coming more!! You'll be fine xx

Trishstar Fri 05-Apr-13 01:23:44

Too breathless xxx

Thanks for thinking of us xx

He is doing well so far so good and they are just taking it slowly so hopefully no/less setbacks x

If all went well he could be home in a week or so however I don't want to build my hopes up and get disappointed so we are just concentrating on each day x

lutrinae Fri 05-Apr-13 04:04:54

Well no need for my self inducing techniques, my waters broke half an hour ago! No contractions yet so they advised to wait a few hours if I can. No idea how I'll sleep! Feeling very anticipatory.

I was so shocked that as I tried to find a pad I ended up accidentally putting a newborn nappy in my pants! blush

toobreathless Fri 05-Apr-13 06:01:22

Yay * lutrinae* hope things kick off soon and for a speedy and not too painful labour for you!

toobreathless Fri 05-Apr-13 06:02:25

Also good luck Mumof2cats for your Section!

So exciting to think how close you are to snuggling your baby!

Trishstar Fri 05-Apr-13 06:55:41

Ooh lutrinae!! Exciting xx good luck fit it x

Fluffeh Fri 05-Apr-13 07:48:49

Ohh good luck today mum.
And yay how exciting lutrinae I hope it's all kicked off now and you have your baby in your arms soon!
trish it sounds like hunter is doing really well. And congrats on the expressing smile.

Nothing to report here other than a rather unpleasant upset stomach. I blame the doughnut I ate yesterday in preparation of a massive diet after the birth. I'm trying to have a little bit of something tasty and "bad" each day so I can start my diet without feeling deprived lol.

EssexWelsh Fri 05-Apr-13 08:12:14

Well today is my birthday and I am 30 years old and tomorrow I am 40 weeks pregnant-how slowly quickly the time has gone wink

Fingers crossed no more dramas toobreathless although could bring on the labour grin

You are doing brilliant Trisha fingers crossed Hunter laps up all the milk to get strong enough to go home soon!

lutrinae and mumof2 good luck today and hopefully new babies on what is a great day to have a birthday smile

MrsB76 Fri 05-Apr-13 08:34:46

Fluffeh why would you go on a diet? I think the first weeks/months are harsh enough without having to diet, also if you are breastfeeding it's pretty much forbidden as you need all the calories. I would put off the dieting idea for another 6 months or so...

SneezySnatcher Fri 05-Apr-13 08:51:15

Essex happy birthday! Due date for me tomorrow, too. Definitely not expecting a punctual baby though!

Fluffeh definitely no to dieting the first few months weeks! You may find you don't need to anyway. I BFd DD and found the weight fell off. I ended up thinner after I had her than pre-preg.

I've had a shocking night's sleep. Went to sleep at 11, woke at 12, eventually back to sleep at 5 and up at 6! Had shocking back ache and period pains but they've stopped again today.

wishfulthinking1 Fri 05-Apr-13 09:02:53

Eeeeek- reading about waters going / people being prepped for c-section is SO EXCITING!! Can't believe there's just 2 days till due date. I started to get a bit 'where's my baby?' yesterday- just a bit sulky that I didn't have one yet- which is silly as its not due till Sunday!

Going to start doing some serious 'walking with a purpose' later on- mw said she thought that was the best way to get things going- something about the babies head pressing on cervix in a rhythmic way because of the walking pace. She said if it starts to ache- keep going, as its working!

Am trying to keep my mind on other things really so I don't start getting too frustrated- we have a wedding reception Saturday night and it would be nice to go to that, so not to worried about before then, but would love little one to just be on time!!

39+6!!! (Can't believe it!!!)

Good luck lutrinae and mumof2!

Eating chocolate to induce labour is interesting, I have eaten so much this pregnancy I should have gone into labour weeks ago!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 05-Apr-13 09:06:24

Me too Sneezy, awful BH last night. Did actually wonder if it was labour at one point but it finally settled. Didn't settle and sleep properly. This morning I woke feeling really hungry but sick and I don't feel much better having eaten! I'm not due for another two weeks but I'm not sure she'll hang about that long! I'd better get my batch cooking done today! smile

Fluff I heard once - 9 months on, 9 months off - with pregnancy. When we have our babies I presume we won't know which way is up and it'll be eating when we can. Don't diet yet!

Happy birthday Essex, hope you have a lovely day smile

Good luck to Lutrinae and mumof2!

You know when we started this thread I found it tough being due towards the end of the group, especially when people were 12 weeks and getting scanned and I had another 3 weeks to wait, now I'm quite glad! grin


usernamegoeshere Fri 05-Apr-13 10:19:20

good luck Lutrinae!

All this talk of dieting, I sort of will have no choice as I made OH put on weight too... so I promised to eat healthily once bump is here so he does same as it is making him a bit self conscious & I feel kind of guilty even though I know its his own fault.

I been eating for 6 last few days though, literally nothing is safe around me.

Have MW appt this afternoon, on one hand I can't believe am still pregnant (MW in last area predicted I would go quite early) but on the other hand am still panicking at first sign of anything happening.

39 weeks today!

Essex Happy birthday to you mummy to be! And good luck to lutrinae and mumof2 - very exciting!

My carpal tunnel and swelling is causing me a lot of pain, esp in the night, so feeling a bit sh*te and knackered today from waking up with painful hands. Gonna get myself some wrist splints for the night to see if that helps. Can't get them on prescription GP says, so that's a bit annoying. still, if it helps me sleep...

Got a good friend and her DDs coming over for a nice pizza lunch out in a mo, so that'll be lovely.

Good luck to all you ladies trying to get things started. Lots of my friends found that reflexology worked for them.


num3onway Fri 05-Apr-13 12:42:28

Hello april ladies!
Today is my due date and babynum3 is 3 days old! She's doing really well, nice little feed and sleep routine already! Good luck to you all x

Caladria Fri 05-Apr-13 12:48:23

Waters broke at 10:30 last night - had been having period type pains but nothing like a contraction. Went to hospital for assessment and it all looks good, so sent home to see if labour started on its own. Contractions started pretty soon after we got home, but they can't have been that strong as I got some sleep. Now coming about 5 mins apart and wondering whether to call midwife again.

Caladria Fri 05-Apr-13 12:49:00

Oh, and am 39.5

Fluffeh Fri 05-Apr-13 17:19:45

Ooh good luck caladria.
I hope your baby's with you soon!

Regarding the diet, I need it! I'm seriously fat and not just on my stomach lol. Pre pregnancy I was a perfect size 8 now I'd be lucky to fit in a tent sad.
I've already lined up slimming world groups that are baby friendly and have convinced DP to drive me there. I'm hoping to give it 4 weeks post section and then start the group, introducing exercise slowly the following 4 weeks. If ebf helps with the weight loss that'll be fantastic but I really do need to sort myself out. It's like I have myself a license to get fat and eat anything that wasn't nailed down.

usernamegoeshere Fri 05-Apr-13 17:44:25

grrr still 3/5 palpable, was kind of hoping MW would be more encouraging. Am booked in for sweep at 40+5 then induction 40+12, 19 days away, am beginning to feel quite sure bump plans to hold out till induction.

Still... maybe going to Jack & Jill market tomorrow morning (Scottish nearly new baby sale thing) so that will be something nice I guess.

Good luck caladria, to the ladies whose waters are breaking, is it like gushing everywhere? or just lil trickles that can be soaked by a sanitary towel? also, does the popping bit hurt? or just a noise?

Teapig Fri 05-Apr-13 19:59:55

Happy birthday essex flowers

Good luck caladria, can't wait to hear your baby news.

fluffeh I know what you mean about putting the weight on when pg. I haven't weighed myself so I don't know the real damage but I feel huge! On a positive note I went to a new hair dressers and the lady who did my hair had no idea I was pregnant. She was shocked when I said I was on maternity leave and even more shocked when I said baby is due the week after next. To be fair I was wearing a baggy maternity top but it made me feel a lot better!

I don't plan on dieting for the first few months. I want to get my fill of blue cheese, pate and red wine before I even think about dieting.

Hoping that baby might arrive next week but have a feeling I'll be late rather than early.

Caladria Fri 05-Apr-13 20:15:56

Baby's here and perfect - in my wholly unbiased view.

photochick Fri 05-Apr-13 20:57:13

caladria congratulations!!

teapig there is definitely a brie with my name on it as soon as this baby comes!
Was ashamed to learn l've put on 3 stone this week but people say I look great and I to be honest I don't quite know where this weight is. Going to try and eat well, get active (as summer should arrive sometime) and breastfeed and hope that this helps the weight come off.

itsaruddygame Fri 05-Apr-13 21:20:15

Congrats Caladria! Well so far the thought of dieting whilst breast feeding is most unappealing .... I am bloody starving : ) I have also noticed that since being pregnant and becoming a Mum I am much more content re: my appearance and weight. I do need to lose a bit but am just appreciating my body and what it has done and continues to do in feeding my baby. It is nice to feel this way after years of being critical of any extra weight.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 05-Apr-13 21:35:13

Well I've spent the late afternoon/evening ensuring that we don't rely on pizza (DH's favourite!) and takeaway the next few weeks by batch cooking macaroni cheese, beef stew, chilli and bolognese! Tomorrow I'll do cheese and potato pie but I'll need to go and buy more Tupperware - I underestimated how many I'd need! Basically I've gone for food that freezes and reheats easily that's cooked from scratch (I eat a gluten free diet so most ready meals are out!).

Weirdly I have quite significant food issues and was several stone overweight when I got pregnant but have only gained about 12lb during my pregnancy. I've found it quite liberating to not 'diet' the last few months. My plan is to get back to exercising when my joints are ready rather than worry too much about diet.

Congratulations caladria, look forward to more details when you can!