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The PESH are rooting for a cluster-diff! Over 3 years of hard fought baybee wins.

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HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 04-Feb-13 22:59:16

The Not-list:


dontrythisathome, girl born March 25 2010.
Cheggers, twinz girlz, born April 2010.
FannyPriceless, boy, born June 8 2010.
CurlyCasper, girl, born June 24 2010.
CUNextTuesday, boy, born June 29 2010.
AlpinePony, boy, born 1 July 2010.
Carrots, boy, born July 2010.
IggyPiggy, girl, born July 2010.
Cosmosis, boy, born Sept 5 2010.
Backinthebox, boy, born Sept 7 2010.
Skatergrrrl, girl, born Sept 10 2010.
VAG, boy, born Oct 2 2010.
Silversky, boy, born Nov 1 2010.
SomethingSuitablyWitty, girl born Nov 2 2010.
Honeymoo, boy, born Nov 11 2010.
okiecokie, girl, born Nov 12 2010.
ReginaMonologue, boy, born Nov 13 2010.
Lightspaperstandback, boy, born Nov 14 2010.
Maswera, boy, born Dec 24 2010.
PollyPoo, girl, born Jan 5 2011.
MrsFC, boy, born Jan 7 2011.
ChoChoSan, girl, born 6 Feb 2011.
Ginhag, boy born 11 Feb 2011.
Muser, girl, born 15 Feb 2011.
CluckyKate, boy, born 18 Feb 2011.
Perfect Dromedary, boy, born 23rd February 2011.
Casserole, girl, born 19th March 2011.
Medee, girl, born 26th March 2011.
StiffyByng, girl, born 17th May 2011.
Scorpette, boy, born 21st May 2011.
Rocketleaf, girl, born 23rd May 2011.
TwinkleToes, girl, born 7th June 2011.
Laurielou, boy, born 9th June 2011.
Orchid, girl, born 24th June 2011.
Ginfox, loving the new mega-boobs, due 12th July.
LadyGoneGaga, girl, born 24 July 2011.
Mrbitey, boy, born 29th July 2011.
Macaroonmum, boy, born 28th July 2011.
Owlbooty, boy, born 18th August 2011.
Ocarina, girl, born 6th September 2011.
Mountie, boy, born 27th August 2011.
Truffkin, boy, born 25th November 2011.
Islegrin, boy, born 14th December 2011.
Barbiesbeaver, girl, born 6th January 2012.
BrownB, girl, 2nd February 2012.
Alpinepony, ?13th February 2012.
KatandKit, boy, born 13th April 2012.

blonderthanred, boy, born 26th October 2012.
FriendofDorothy, boy, born 14th December 2012.
QueenRollo, boy, born 21st January 2013.

Need dates:

Rollerbaby, No pink here, expecting boy due March 20th 2012
IveBeenExpectingYou (CockDodger), A very active baby girl, due March 28th 2012
Silver, hoping for an easier sneeze, due mid-July 2012
Starryeyedmole, regretting recently investing in scales
cakeandcava approaching walrus proportions, DC1 EDD 21/10/12

LazyMachine (38) DC1 EDD 9/2/13
CamelKnees (34) fat and fatigued DC2 EDD 22/04/2013
HaveALittleFaith (31), getting rather rotund, DC1 EDD 23/4/13
fertilityFTW (34), weepy and whiny, DC 1 EDD 21/5/13
bluer, (33), peeing and puking, DC1 due 22/08/2013

Welcome to our new home! Right, time to get that baybee out lazy!

FriendofDorothy Mon 04-Feb-13 23:10:48

Ooo shiny.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 04-Feb-13 23:24:41

<outs out throw cushions and a birthing ball for lazy>

I am so very tired. Why am I not asleep?! Time for bed I think!

bluer Tue 05-Feb-13 07:31:21

Well done! I'm just up after weird baby dreams to find lots of snow again...bugger!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 05-Feb-13 09:19:16

Yup, tonnes here too and still throwing it down! I have the car booked in for 1.30 and was planning to walk to the hospital for training. confused I might rearrange it! I really don't want to go anywhere. Rather hoping boss will ring and say training is cancelled...

blonderthanred Tue 05-Feb-13 09:51:06

No snow here... Lovely blue sky.

I'm sitting in bed with a small boy who needs to poo. Yoga later! It's a varied life I lead.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 05-Feb-13 09:58:43

It's stopped here now and is sunny. Phew!

You wouldn't want it any other way though, right, blonde?!

snowqueenrollo Tue 05-Feb-13 10:36:16

<<makes self comfy>>

faith can I have a snow update late on weds if it's still hanging about? Our Consultant appt on weds has been cancelled, and rearranged for 8.45am Thursday......I'm already weepy at the thought of that. I've not been getting up much before 9.30 since A arrived as I've been catching up on sleep. We'll have to leave home about 7.30 on Thurs am.....

I have managed to squeeze into a pair of pre-preg jeans....it prompted tears this morning. I hate shopping anyway....but now I have no choice because all I have that will fit is sumemr dresses and skirts....

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 05-Feb-13 10:45:30

Course, snow problem grin terrible I know! The main thing will be the route you travel. I wouldn't come along side the river (hairy) but the slightly longer routes should be ok. That luffly yellow thing in the sky is currently working on the white stuff smile

In your position, I'd be looking for short term clothing solutions, mostly joggers! Easy pull on clothes to make life easier. Is there a sports direct near you? (I guess it's not your normal style but as a short term option until everything settles down...)

I'm still sitting on the sofa watching Homes under the hammer. I'm loathe to move!

snowqueenrollo Tue 05-Feb-13 12:13:15

we'll be main road from H'castle onwards....have a 4x4 and HOLB actually knows how to drive it (he used to off-road as a hobby) so as long as it's not too dreadful we can usually get about.

Do you know what......I'm still bleeding a little post-natally. I'm SO uncomfy from having to wear pads....can't wait for the loss to stop so I can get rid of this itchy irritated feeling.

JethroTull Tue 05-Feb-13 16:13:03

<peeks head round door, closes it again as far too scared to come in>

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 05-Feb-13 16:55:45

Maybe we could create a holding room for early differs before they actually feel able to venture in here? S'alright jeffers, you know where we are when you're ready.

Well I guess you're allowed a 4x4 since you actually live in the country queenie. Especially if he actually knows how to drive it then I'll make no comments about Chelsea tractors smile

blonderthanred Tue 05-Feb-13 17:14:42

I'm wearing maternity trousers and leggings and I ain't ashamed! Got some lovely wide leg ones I live in. Don't think anyone can tell and they keep my tummy warm, bonus.

Mostly choosing clothes these days on whether they provide easy access to my breasts anyway.

snowqueenrollo Tue 05-Feb-13 17:56:01

blonde yep.....i dragged some stuff out of a drawer the other day and then thought 'there's no way I can breastfeed in that'.....so i need some bf tops that are a bit more stylish than my ratty old long sleeve t's.

faith we're only a few hundred yards from the main road, but the first winter we lived here we got properly snowed in. Couldn't even get HOLB's car off the drive......so as soon as we could we bought a 4x4. We did buy a pick up, as we need to buy wood/coal etc so it made sense for us.

bluer Tue 05-Feb-13 19:42:18

Well it would appear that all my lovely pupils have guessed i'm pregnant...because I was off class last Monday morning. Apparently someone whose mum is expecting has knowingly told everyone that that is when women go to midwives...wouldn't mind but the reality is that I was at the garage with my stupid car! Oh well at the min I look a bit rotund so it was only a matter of time a
hey Jeff <waves>

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 06-Feb-13 22:31:38

You could probably fob them off for now bluesy?! I am very rotund now!

queenie Tis chilly here but no snow forecast so I reckon you'll be ok...hope the appointment goes smoothly.

I only have one more long day to work (tomorrow) hooray! I do believe I've been having Braxton hicks today confused. It's just too hard on my body!

bluer Thu 07-Feb-13 03:37:30

Ah I suppose so but I am very bloated which isn't helping matters, since I lost the weight etc and now it's just my tummy seems more obvious! Ooh at last the end is in sight for work! I was off yesterday...really dizzy and tired and now I can't sleep. Got a parents night to do tonight and I am so tired at the thought.

FrankellyMyDearIDontGiveADamn Thu 07-Feb-13 14:35:12

<sniff sniff> Do I smell a lazy baybee?!


HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 08-Feb-13 17:36:12

Like the name adjustment blonde smile

Wahoo another ESH baybee has been borned! Oh my life it's my turn next! shock

Ok so I'm officially freaking out sad been to see the paediatrician about the codiene. Now the reality is at present it's not too much risk to Pickle but it can cause breathing difficulties and they can have withdrawal symptoms. Therefore they'll put an alert on my notes for when I come in to have the baby and we'll have to stay in for 48 hours after the birth to monitor Pickle. confused I feel like I'm putting Pickle at risk by taking these meds now and am stuck between just wanting to stop the painkillers and knowing I can't manage without them....I am determined to cut down as much as possible. I think it'll be easier when I'm only working short shifts and when I go on mat leave. I just feel a bit pants about it all. It's frustrating that I waited so long for an op and got diffed just before they fixed. I know it'll ultimately be ok, I just feel like I want my baybee to have the best chance possible and I'm not giving it that by taking the drucks sad

FriendofDorothy Fri 08-Feb-13 18:24:50

Right faithy. Let me give you a bloody good talking to.

Bearing in mind that my whole working life has been working with people who are opiate dependent, including many women who are on heroin, methadone and other significantly stronger opiates than codeine.

Here are the facts...

1) You need to take the codeine at the moment.
2) The chances of your baby being born opiate dependent are pretty slim.
3) Pickle MAY have withdrawal symptoms but it probably won't.
4) Withdrawal symptoms are an art not a science (as in, people can be on shed loads of opiates and the baby has no withdrawals or vice versa)
5) Pediatricians are always cautious and generally they know bugger all about opiate withdrawals.
6) You need to take the codeine at the moment.

Any help?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 08-Feb-13 19:30:58

Yes, thank you dor smile I do think the needles have helped and I've been pushing my limits by having more caffiene and fizzy drinks lately which I know that makes the pain worse - my pain was massively improved in my first trimester (when I couldn't stomach tea and hasn't rediscovered my luff for coke!) so I have resolved that after the weekend (once I've finished the remainder in the house) I will cut them out again and see how I go. I bought some elderflower cordial to treat myself instead smile
He did say the amount I'm on is low risk and they have these plans in place for the minority that need it rather than it being expected. Just made me a bit wibbly! I'm tired too.

I'm meant to be going back to the homeland Solihull tomorrow to see my mates. But the weather forecast is dire for Sunday. Normally I'd stuff it and go - I did last year! - but at nearly 30 weeks I'm much more cautious. I want to see my friends but I can't really be arsed to travel and am very worried about getting stuck over there! confused Planning to decide in the morning.

FriendofDorothy Fri 08-Feb-13 23:21:54

I meant to ask you how much codeine you are on.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 08-Feb-13 23:31:55

I'm prescribed up to 30mg, 4 times a day. I usually take 3 x doses of 30mg and 1x 15mg, or 2x 30mg and 2x 15mg.

I am soooooo itchy, have been for a couple of days. Mostly round my buzzwams and belly, bit on my Lower back and thighs. I have not had any omega 3 for a week -ran out and only got a new supplement today. Do you think that's why I'm itchy? My skin is just dry? I switched from bio-oil to diprobase tonight.

Did those who have had their baybees have Braxton hicks? I think I've had them the last two days but would like RL experience descriptions as the net is confusing me...

FriendofDorothy Sat 09-Feb-13 17:37:45

Worth checking with your midwife or GP about the itching - I know that it can possibly the sign of more serious things during pregnancy (probably not though so don't start panicking!)

As for the codeine - I wouldn't panic too much about it. You're not on stupid amounts.

Second Dor on the itching. A friend had itching through her last trimester that drove her crazy but was nothing - however better to be on the safe side & get it checked.

Btw my nn is my original MN one, I really need a new one but can't decide. Faif yours is extreme! I am not used to you without a bit of Faith in there somewhere!

bluer Sun 10-Feb-13 12:41:26

How's everyone doing? ! Been sick again this morning...just as soon as I think hooray it's gone! Hah! Well is snowing here again and i'm having a couch day!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 10-Feb-13 15:32:25

Ok, I'm back to normal. Was meant to be temporary NC!

trueblue mine has never fully gone! I was sick twice this week confused. Less frequent though from about 14 weeks though smile

I got to cuddle a baybee today. He is luffly, all blonde hair and blue eyes! He's about 12 weeks old. Very strange to have him in my arms while Pickle kicked me from the inside smile She had a quiet day - course when I was miles from home! Was on the verge of getting attention when she finally started moving. Little monkey! Back to normal today.

I'm still a bit itchy but not as bad. If it continues, I'll go on the GP on Wednesday when I have a day off.

JethroTull Sun 10-Feb-13 15:41:53

Is it normal to be this tired??

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 10-Feb-13 15:52:42

So tired you just want to cry?! Yes. Very normal. I prescribe warm baths and early nights!

welcome jeffers

bluer Sun 10-Feb-13 15:52:43

Jeff I found I was absolutely shattered the first few Weeks...strangely I thought as I was off work for xmas and we weren't doing much. The tiredness hopefully goes eventually but i'm still sleeping loads. I have found going to aerobics helps strangely enough!

Totally normal. I had experienced nothing like it.

I'm not going to state the obvious though...

bluer Sun 10-Feb-13 15:54:36

Lots of baths faith for so long that mr df came in paniced after about an hour as it had finally occurred to him that I might has fallen asleep and downed!

FriendofDorothy Sun 10-Feb-13 16:09:51

I would get gone from work and sleep in the bath for at least 45 minutes every night! I was stupidly tired.

JethroTull Sun 10-Feb-13 16:38:37

I thought baths were Not Good until after 12 weeks? I've just been fast asleep for an hour on the sofa.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 10-Feb-13 16:43:16

Baths are fine as long as they're not too hot - sudden changes in temperature are bad for baybees.

I have just hung sone curtains. We bought them about 18 months ago (before the fire). I am not very good at hanging curtains confused Didn't help that I'd bought the right length but MSB put the rail as low as possible hmm I had to wonderment them to the right length! Ah well, they look good now!

JethroTull Sun 10-Feb-13 16:55:30

We bought new curtains for the spare room months ago. I put one up & then managed to pull the string out of the other one. Left it lying about thinking that I'd wrecked it & would have to buy a new pair. Came home last week & our amazing cleaner had hung it up. She said she was sick of looking at it!!

bluer Sun 10-Feb-13 17:05:50

I started off with baths that were lukewarm instead of my usual boiling but I quickly upped the temp when I realised it would unlikely be a problem...they're warm now but just not as hot as I used to!
Curtains...well a still have the boring curtains that the previous owners left in most rooms...I keep thinking we must change them but curtains arms so expensive!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 10-Feb-13 17:16:32

I couldn't find the end to some of string but cobbled it together.

JethroTull Sun 10-Feb-13 17:25:44

I'm petrified of Doing Anything Wrong. Being tired seems to be the one symptom I have. My boobs just feel 'different'. And I'm starving all the time grin

bluer Sun 10-Feb-13 17:36:30

Yeah the being scared thing is still with me too...I haven't died my hair and when another pregnant workmate was going on about still eating runny eggs I nearly cried with jealousy! I know the likelihoodof getting salmonella from a lion egg is really really slim but I just can't bring myself to do it.

bluer Sun 10-Feb-13 17:36:52

Or dyed my hair even..

FriendofDorothy Sun 10-Feb-13 21:49:02

I had baths all the way through. It was probably the only place I was truly comfortable.

I also are runny eggs. I love them and decided I couldn't live without them.

Silly eh?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 10-Feb-13 21:57:07

I have been having baths, usually 3 times a week (MSB runs me baths for when I get home from work!) with no concerns. I had runny eggs this morning. The only eggs I have been extra cautiously well cooked were from my Aunty-in-law's chickens. I was fine.

Ok, I'm still mega itchy. Seems to be worse at night. Have slathered in cream and hoping it'll settle but I do think I might have to get this checked out confused. Also <tmi warning alert> my, ahem, fanjo is quite swollen. I had this after we did the sechs but this is spontaneous (no sechs been had for a while!). I'm going to try to sleep and ignore it all and hope it settles down.

My only bending of the rules was a runny egg or two.

JethroTull Sun 10-Feb-13 22:09:54

I had a fried egg sandwich last week <rebel>

I also forgot to take my progesterone tonight until now <irresponsible>

Faith itching limbs & swollen fanjo don't sound like a pleasant combination. Are you planning on seeing the doctor? Hope you get some sleep.

bluer Sun 10-Feb-13 23:16:53

Mmm seems like eggs may be on the cards after all! <mouth waters>

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 11-Feb-13 08:23:00

I think you need to exert realistic caution. Like I have avoided Brie etc but not too previous.

I'm now officially on clear fluids til 12 when I have my abdo ultrasound. I'm not really worried about it. The pain has never got as bad as when I was as admitted, although it has come and gone a few times. I've decided the itching is definitely worse at night which can be an indication of certain problems so I think I need to see the docs. Especially worse between my buzzwams?! Falling apart, aren't I?!

House needs a bit of tidying but I'll see how much time I've got before the scan/work once I've got up.

JustplainoldBuggerlugs Mon 11-Feb-13 17:58:51

<pokes head round door>

<enters with confidence>

This win WILL result in a baybee <determined>

Room for another?

JustplainoldBuggerlugs Mon 11-Feb-13 17:59:47

Pst Can we just discuss the hair dye thing? Due to get mine done on Saturday and normally have shit loads of bleach put in. Blonde you see.

bluer Mon 11-Feb-13 20:02:34

Welcome bugs!! I think the hair dye is fine...I decided to wait till 12 Weeks just in case but all the girls at work have it done and they're all fine grin

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 11-Feb-13 20:12:36

Woo hoo! Too right there's room bugs. This time, it will be different. lazy is your example of how it can be and now she has a snuffly baybee.

How friendly are you with the hairdresser? I would tell mine re diffedness in advance - confidentially. The only real ishoo is it can mean the colour takes better and goes too bright!

I am still itchy, worse at night, so will see if I can get an appt before work tomorrow - would you ask for MW or doc though?

JustplainoldBuggerlugs Mon 11-Feb-13 20:15:14

Thanks for the advice faith - I've known her 10 years and she knows about the 2 x mc's so I'll text her tomorrow and pre warn her.

The biggest difference to last time is that I got the BFP, although faint around 11/12dpo so before droid was even late.

JethroTull Mon 11-Feb-13 20:26:35

My SiL is my hairdresser. She said she would just comb the colour through rather than slap it straight on my roots.

I POAS again tonight. It was a digi one and I got a week further on result than last time. I'm still petrified. I almost feel like a fraud at the moment.

FriendofDorothy Mon 11-Feb-13 20:51:42

I'd go for the doc faithy.

JustplainoldBuggerlugs Mon 11-Feb-13 21:03:40

jeff GP has hidden my sticks. I asked him to. The bastard.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 11-Feb-13 21:26:44

Yeah, dor I think it'll be easier to get an appointment and possibly cream if I need it. Suspect they may do bloods too.

bugs it's probsbly a fair plan but I tested pretty much daily to start with. Excellent news that the piss sticks are getting darker. I took photos of my sticks. MSB said it was yucky to keep the sticks in the bathroom where I had my collection hmm

Well done jeff, great about the digital stick. I was scared I'd be exposed as a fraud at my 12 week scan! Like ha, you're not diffed! It's only now my belly is undeniable and not only can I feel Pickle kicking but you can feel (and even see it!) from the outside that it really seems real.

JethroTull Mon 11-Feb-13 22:15:36

How many weeks are you now Faith?

Bugs I've convinced myself for now that there's no point in using any more sticks. I wanted to do the digi one to see the weeks increase but that's it now. 2 more weeks until our early scan.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 11-Feb-13 22:29:14

I am 30 tomorrow shock 3/4 of the way there...

I still have one pee stick in the house that I found restraint and did not use. I only did one digi. I think they are too inaccurate and expensive to keep using as a gauge of increase of hcg and I didn't want the head f**k.

FriendofDorothy Mon 11-Feb-13 22:42:10

I have kept my collection of piss sticks. Think they might go in the bin at the weekend when we clear the bedroom ANC moved into our house!

bluer Tue 12-Feb-13 06:52:28

I've kept the two positive ones I got...but the lines were very faint and now I can barely see them!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 12-Feb-13 08:03:14

I added my photos to my 'What to expect' photo diary before I starting taking weeks pics of my diffed self.

Itching woke me up in the night confused Very unpleasant. Will GP when they open at 8.30.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 12-Feb-13 08:52:55

Jeepers, 20 minutes trying to get through and can only get an appointment at the end of surgery so might have to wait/be late for work. Bloody ridiculous! You'd think they'd sort the system out better....hmm

LazyMachine Tue 12-Feb-13 09:52:26

We're here! LazyBoy is currently milk-drunk and snoozing across me. Mmmmmmmmmm...so so yummy.

I can't tell you how happy I am to see you here Bugsy and Jefe.

Re. the hair dye - it's fine nowadays. Even the overly cautious NHS website okays it. Things have changed in the hair dye world and there have been vast improvements in the chemicals being used. Anyway, in the studies that have shown any significant rise in pregnancy loss it's only been people who have prolonged exposure to the chemicals - the hair colourists themselves. But even then, the 'significant rise' is somewhat questionable.

Re. food. This time round I ate what I wanted (except Brie, but had a whole slab of it last night to make up for it!), I drank wine and Guinness on a regular basis (several glasses pints per week), and I took hot baths. And LazyBoy seems just fine so far!

LazyMachine Tue 12-Feb-13 09:55:26

I've still got my very large cache of positive piss sticks, too. (As well as the 6-7 OV sticks that I randomly continued to wee on well into my third trimester!!!!)


JustplainoldBuggerlugs Tue 12-Feb-13 17:30:59

Blue its reassuring the hear that yours were so faint. The ones I did were IC's and superdrug own brand. The line on the IC's were almost invisible. The lines on the Sdrug ones clearer but still really faint. I haven't done any more since and will try to avoid doing any at all. I'm quite terrified of them tbh.

bluer Tue 12-Feb-13 18:55:29

We had the whole is it a line? Discussion...first we thought it might be, tried another and there want and then got a faint line the next day. I think once you get a positives you should stop testing...one friend of mine did and worried herself crazy as to getting darker or not etc. I think you just have to have faith that it's there. Same reason i'm not buying a doppler...I know I'd drive myself crazy if I couldn't find the heartbeat etc.
Congratulations lazy!
faith poor you...our surgery usually sees you the morning you call .. The benefit of being rural!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 12-Feb-13 20:36:28

Finally saw GP after a 20 minute wait! hmm Essentially it's heat rash. Prescribed me cream which I need to collect. I put some Oilatum on at work and that was better.

On a positive note, I'm coping much better at work on the short shifts, physically and stress wise so I'm really glad I made the change smile

IIRC lazy once described Internet cheapies as the work of the devil. I do believe (in retrospect) that after a couple of tests to confirm, you simply have to trust that you are diffed unless shown otherwise.

bugs will they offer you an early scan? How do you feel about that? I know last time it was less than reassuring sad

JustplainoldBuggerlugs Wed 13-Feb-13 11:15:56

Yes I've got one at ACU to check whether its a multiple due to clomid. At the moment I feel fine about this but Will probably be a wreck the nearer it gets. Its 2 weeks today at 9am.

I know from my past experience that no amount of sticks or boobie prodding Will change anything. If it sticks it sticks.

I feel more in control each day and slightly more relaxed about it all.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 13-Feb-13 11:23:27

Well every day is a step forward, isn't it bugs? As of now, you are diffed.

Eurgh. I am office based today. Meant to be picking up a project I was doing in my old role once a fortnight. Fine when I was asked back in December but I've only got 6 weeks left at work so finding myself wondering what the ruddy point is?! I thought being on the ward was tough but sitting at a desk just means the time is dragging.....think I need proper food. I've just crunched sugar lumps to keep me going (despite eating some chocolate and a packet of crisps already! Goodness knows how I'm still only 8-9lb heavier than when I got diffed?!) grin

FriendofDorothy Wed 13-Feb-13 11:47:19

I'm just about to book The Little Mister in for swimming lessons. Time is seriously shifting on!

I only threw out my piss sticks when I had to move my bedside table to make room for the cot.

I had a look at the CRESH thread but it's been pretty deserted for over a year. So hopefully us graduates will still be welcome here even though it's going to be full to bursting with newly diffed ESH.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 13-Feb-13 18:48:34

D'you reckon that's a sign of a long term TTC-Er?!

I reckon the lack of CRESH postage is due to the group in t'other place but I quite like the idea of reigniting the CRESH on here because I don't know that many of them over there...

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 14-Feb-13 09:38:32

Well the cream definitely helped and I slept much better last night smile except for when the baby woke and was kicking me, in the night! Cheeky monkey!

bluer Thu 14-Feb-13 21:31:08

Oh that's good faith! I had a truly crap sleep lay night..up at twelve, two, four and then awake and up at six. I'm a total crabit cow today!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 14-Feb-13 21:39:08

Is it just sleep not being forthcoming or your bladder blue? I read a tip on here that your bladder kind of goes into overdrive and while you may need to go once, actually it can hold it for the next couple of hours. Sometimes I just try to ignore it.

I have proper overdone it today. Cleaning hmm (always a bad idea), swimming and then did the sechs for the first time in a while My bump feels big and hard and I am getting low down pressure again. I got this pressure at work but not had it since doing the short shifts. Not too bad now I'm just sitting and scoffing chocolate but a bit disconcerting!

<waves to a lurking jeff>

bluer Thu 14-Feb-13 22:57:51

It's a but of both...the need to go wakes me but I've always had sleep issues. Once I wake my brain goes into overdrive and I am up anything from half hour to two hours. I'm actually much better now...when I was younger I would wake for three or four hours a night sometimes!
All the girls at work have developed proper bumps in the last few days it seems...I can't decide if I have a start or whether it's just bloated! smile

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 14-Feb-13 23:00:43

With the bump, I was insisting mine was just bloat/muffin top at 13 weeks, til I tried to suck it in and couldn't! smile

I've found Avon's pillow mist and using a maternity pillow both really helped with my sleep (I can have sleep trouble at times).

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 15-Feb-13 12:58:18

I am so mardy today! Jeepers, it's a good job I'm not around people much. The stereo dad bought for Christmas had broken. Not cheap at £80+ so I want it replaced. He says he gave us the receipt....I don't now where the receipt, box, manuals, anything relating to it are?! Desparately hoping they are all together in the loft but I have a horrible feeling we binned the box MSB won't let me go in the loft on my own so I have to wait til he comes home! Honestly I dunno what's the matter with me. I felt stroppy with the ruddy window cleaner!

Off to be needled in a min so hopefully I will calm down after that?!

bluer Fri 15-Feb-13 17:06:16

Oh what you getting needled for?
I've been Moody...having not been sick for a few Weeks this well has hit hard...four out of last five days. Is it strange I wonder or just coming and going normality?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 15-Feb-13 18:23:04

My sickness was just the same. Every day for a few weeks, then eased, then would trigger off every few days. Even now I'm still sick probsbly once a week. Puked on Tuesday when I found a satsuma in my work lunch bag at work! envy

Needles are for the abdo pain I've had for nearly a year. I will summarise in case you don't know Basically last March I started with abdo and kidney pain all of a sudden. Had antibiotics, didn't help. Cautious GP thought it might be my appendix so admitted me. After 9 days of faffing surgeons they discharged me with a ?kidney stones/? Ascending UTI (so UTI that tracked to my kidney). After 6 weeks, it had improved and deteriorated again. I got a urology referral and the specialist side it's either a kidney stone that's stuck below my bladder or my urinary tract has narrowed - the kidney pain is basically extra pressure on my system. Western medicine approach is to stick a camera up there and either clear the kidney stone or pop a stent in to widen the gap. Sadly the op date came through for September and I got diffed in August. They're not keen on giving pregnant woman anaesthetics so I was told to keep taking the painkillers and wait for the op after the birth. The needles have helped to dial down the pain and I have cut down the painkillers smile I was a bit skeptical but it really has helped!

Still mardy but improving!

bluer Fri 15-Feb-13 18:55:35

Ah I see! I'm on for an early night...going bridesmaid dress shopping tomorrow! My dsis gets married in sept grin

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 15-Feb-13 19:24:21

Sleep well smile

bluer Sat 16-Feb-13 16:59:05

Got a gorgeous dress! At least it looked gorgeous in the size 14 I tried on....but we've ordered a 24! I know i'm a 12 at the moment and wedding stuff is always ordered bigger but I actually felt like crying haha. The other bridesmaid is a teeny tiny eight..i'm going to be a whale <sobs into hands,>
On an up note we looked at the cutest cutest little dresses and suits for newborns <beam>

FriendofDorothy Sat 16-Feb-13 18:56:25

Hurray we have moved house today. Moving with a 9 week old is quite trying!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 16-Feb-13 19:14:48

Aww blue you will be heavily pregnant! My wedding dress was a size 20 even though I'd lost weight and got into small size 14 stuff by the wedding!

Congratulations dor! It'll seem crazy initially I'm sure but how ace that you're finally in! grin

Well MSB got upset today that I was planning everything for the baybee and not including him hmm We had a (very minor compared to the old days) row til I explained I had no clue and was making it up as I went along! smile Think we're ok now. Not the best day - I thought I was on a late til work rang me at 7.20 to ask where I was! shock Wrote my off duty down wrong. Got in about 50 mins late and spent the rest of the day catching up. Yuck!

bluer Sat 16-Feb-13 21:03:11

Did I tell you i'm due 25 days before my sisters wedding? ! An unknown size quantity but i'm booked for fitting two days before wedding!
dor we moved three years ago and it was exhausting so I can only imaginewhat it must be like! !

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 16-Feb-13 21:23:32

Oh you'll have dropped! August due date <slaps forehead> I was thinking its a month before you were due....it's been a long day <continues to feel sorry for self>

bluer Sat 16-Feb-13 22:02:31

Oh poor you <orders an early night>
Mrdf is not into talking baby stuff at the moment and it's nearly causing argument as I need to talk iyswim!

EuroShagmore Sun 17-Feb-13 13:38:05

Right, I'm going to be brave and dip a toe into the thread. I'm not ready for the list yet. Maybe if all is well at the 6 week scan. Gah.

JethroTull Sun 17-Feb-13 15:43:36

I feel exactly the same Euro! Our early scan is a week tomorrow. Can't come soon enough.

I'm exhausted. Just about to have a snooze. Again. That's it though for symptoms.

bluer Sun 17-Feb-13 16:04:06

Welcome <waves>
Jeff tired seems about right...i'm still in the process of napping sporadically and always feel tired. Still it's half term this week so lie in potential grin

EuroShagmore Sun 17-Feb-13 16:37:05

Exciting Jeff! I thought you were further ahead of me. My scan is a week on Thursday, all being well. My clinic does it at 6+1.

I'm not tired, but I have developed ridiculous insomnia. And ginorma boobs. KFZK looks like all his christmasses have come at one. The soreness comes and goes.

I'm peeing on sticks every other day (on the basis that HCG should double ever 48 hrs or so, so I should see a change) and they are getting darker, but I still don't quite believe it.

JethroTull Sun 17-Feb-13 16:45:50

Our scan will be 8 weeks. I find the weeks thing very confusing. So according to various sites tomorrow I am 7 weeks. But it's only been 5 weeks since EC so why 7 weeks?

I didn't really have boobs to begin (lucky to fit in a 32 A) with but they are looking slightly rounder!

Euro any sickness yet?

EuroShagmore Sun 17-Feb-13 18:38:36

The weeks thing is odd. If you use a digital test, it will say 2 weeks when your period is due, but the drs would say 4 weeks. I think it's so that if people don't know when ov/EC is, they can date it by the last period. Which is I guess what people have to do for years and still do in some cases. I think that makes you two and a half weeks ahead of me. I would be 5 weeks on Weds next week if I get that far.

I never had much in the way of boobage (storm in a B cup) but currently my cup runneth over! KFZK has always been a boob man, and I think finally he doesn't feel shortchanged!

No nausea yet. Because of my low HCG at my blood test, I would like more symptoms. But I vaguely remember my mum saying that she never got morning sickness. I would like to check with her, but I have decided not to tell her unless we get to 12 weeks. She has been really odd throughout all the infertility stuff, and if I were to tell her now, I think she would find the next weeks stressful as she had 3 mcs, so I have decided to leave it. I have sore boobs, insomnia and the pee sticks are getting darker, so I guess I should accept I am PUPO and try to stop worrying. Is it just tiredness for you?

JethroTull Sun 17-Feb-13 19:24:50

Tiredness, insomnia, sore boobs on & off and this morning I heaved when I was clearing up remains of last nights tea.

I want to be positive. But I almost feel like I will jinx it. I am so nervous all the time. I'm dreading going to the scan.

EuroShagmore Sun 17-Feb-13 20:53:36

I'm also terrified. I've only ever been to one pregnancy scan and that was one of my mum's when she found out she had mc'd, so I don't exactly have happy memories. I also think unless I qualify talking about it with "if this works out" or similar, I will jinx it. It must be so wonderful to be an instadiffer and to just be able to enjoy it. One day, in a moment of bravado, I added myself to the October AN thread and the positivity of some of the folks on there is just completely alien to me.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 17-Feb-13 21:01:38

My main symptom now is how very large I am hmm Seriously, there's a very hard bit near my belly button which is either a head...or an arse! smile
Mostly in the first trimester I was tired and emotional (I recall sobbing, proper belly sobbing at Gavin and Stacey!) and from about 5 weeks, muchos puking, but lots of people aren't sick. I know my sister wasn't!

The dates is confusing and tbh, a bit medical archiac (obviously thought up by a man). Your medical pregnancy dates are from your last droid. My GP actually gave me a due date that is now a full week later than my scan dates because he assumed I had a 28 day cycle hmm Obviously I only had a 26 day cycle and my dates put conception around CD11! Whereas you can know when you conceived to the day and that's what pregnancy tests will tell you. You're officially diffed for two weeks prior to conceiving. Make sense of that!

It's totally normal to not really trust or believe it. I think I held my breath til my 12 week scan.

Even in my email to staff I put: "all being well, I will be on maternity leave from October" - couldn't quite bring myself to say the words in case it made it all disappear. And that was at about 14 weeks.

bluer Sun 17-Feb-13 21:21:11

Even now at nearly 14 Weeks i'm not out of the habit of saying - if we're still pregnant in... Etc I think it's hard not to feel like jinxing. It was a reason why I was so annoyed at my manager outing me at work when I was seven Weeks!

FriendofDorothy Sun 17-Feb-13 21:41:10

I never stopped with my pessimism. I refused to believe that it would happen until I held him in my arms. I always thought about what might and could happen.

Hang in there girls smile

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 18-Feb-13 18:27:15

MSB made me stop menkulling after a certain point. It made him mardy. I even deleted the MMC stats from my bookmarks <proud>

I am so very tired tonight. I worked the early shift. Happily I am not back in til the late tomorrow. That's day 3 of 7 done! I also have a delightful cluster of pus-filled spots around my bra line under my arm. Had it in the summer and the antibiotics the doc gave me then made me want to cut my stomach out confused I am applying witch hazel to it and trying not to pop the spots!

Ps well done for venturing in here euro. We've reserved a naice dark corner for you and jeff to hide in! smile

bluer Mon 18-Feb-13 19:53:05

Evening all! feeling guilty as I didn't make my regular exercise class after work today...we had staff meetings and by the time I got home I just felt so tired I couldn't go back out! Been getting shouting pains in my fanjo or cervix if and on today...they actually made me yelp. God i'm going to be a nightmare in labour i'm such a wimp. Looked said pain up on net and seems to be it could be the baby sitting funny? They seem to have stopped now

EuroShagmore Mon 18-Feb-13 21:22:28

Thanks ladies for the reassurance that the menkulling is normal.

I'm having a hissy fit today because someone on another thread mentioned that IVF pregnancies are automatically considered "High risk" and referred to consultant-led care. WTF? I have had enough of being prodded and poked. I'm perfectly bloody healthy. Just cos we needed a bit of help to get sperm to meet egg shouldn't mean I am high risk. Grrr. Luckily KFZK is fully supportive of me rejecting it (unless some good medical reason for it arises).

<climbs mountain and wails "I just want to be normal">

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 18-Feb-13 21:31:08

I would have thought early days/post transfer was higher risk but other than that it'll depend very much on the health of the woman? Surely there's so many varieties of reasons that people need IVF.

It's like stats for me though - I'm 'high' risk due to my BMI when I got diffed. I saw a consultant at my first scan and they said GTT and if that's normal, low risk pregnancy.

Pickle appears to be having a party in my uterus hmm

JethroTull Mon 18-Feb-13 21:55:01

I don't know if that's true Euro. My clinic told me if everything is ok at my scan I will be discharged & treated like any other differ on the NHS. There's nothing to say IVF pregnancies should be different - like you say it's issues with Getting Diffed rather than Being Diffed surely?

EuroShagmore Mon 18-Feb-13 22:27:28

Maybe it differs from area to area, Jeff. That would be very welcome. The idea of being forced to go to extra appointments and refused access to the MLU horrifies me. I'm going to try not to worry about something that hasn't happened yet though.

Yay - pickle party!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 19-Feb-13 10:32:51

Word to the wise - don't scoff biscuits before doing your pee sample for a midwife. There will be glucose in your wee and you will get told off! confused oops!

EuroShagmore Tue 19-Feb-13 14:21:42

I'm wheat free at the moment, so biscuits are a long-distant memory! (I had the ?chem preg? when I gave up wheat in November to see if it gave me more energy, so I tried it again for this IVF cycle. Of course, I am now too scared to eat toast, in case a wheat intolerance is the missing piece of the puzzle. confused <runs away from baguette>

JethroTull Tue 19-Feb-13 19:11:39

I am usually pretty bloody healthy. Am known for being slightly obsessive about my 5 a day etc. however I've had a 'must have a Big Mac' niggle for a while now so I had one today. It made me happy for the rest of the afternoon.

I couldn't do wheat free. I am all about the bread.

LazyMachine Tue 19-Feb-13 20:26:11

I menkulled all the way up to 39+4 and now I'm menkulling about LazyBoy at 12 days old! It never goes away...but it DOES get better. (ps. I never once heaved, so don't worry if you're not puking. TOM's theory is that no puke = boy.)

Looking forward to all the upcoming scans!

I just realised that on the next PESH fred Not List I'll finally officially be 'on the other side' of diffedment. smile

LazyMachine Tue 19-Feb-13 20:26:43

Mmmmmmm...Big Mac.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 19-Feb-13 20:35:41

Yes you were about to pop as I wrote it lazy, but we ran out of room on the last Fred!

They were GF biscuits - co-op triple chocolate biscuits, ruddy delicious. I've been GF for about 4 years now. I have generally cut down the sugar <hides ice cream MSB handed me as I came in>

I hate my job today. No matter how hard you work, it's never good enough. It's crap sad I wanted to cry as I left.

Midwife says the low down discomfort I've been having are a sign of an irritable uterus and it means I've overdoing it when it happens. It generally happens at work confused only 23 shifts to go...hmm

EuroShagmore Tue 19-Feb-13 21:16:01

Lazy I'm pretty sure that my mum said she didn't puke with me. <checks for boy bits - maybe that has been the problem all along?>

It must be a great feeling to be on the other side of the list. smile

I didn't know that faif. Are you coelic? There is a theory that a significant % of unexplaineds are coelic. I read that when googling afer the weird stuff happened back in Nov.

faif any chance you could finish early?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 19-Feb-13 21:28:56

Blood tests came back negative for coeliac. Never had a colonoscopy though...but there is definitely a link between my IBS and wheat consumption. I'm not free from IBS when wheat free, but I'm loads better. When pregnant, I can't take my IBS medications so gluten free and probiotics are the only way to manage it.

I think I will only finish early if I am too ill to continue. It's only just over 4 weeks anyway now. I don't want to finish any sooner really because I want as much time as possible with the baybee. I'll be going back too soon after 6 months anyway sad
Not all days are like today, but my work environment is just ridiculous at the moment. I take things too much to heart as well I think.

FriendofDorothy Tue 19-Feb-13 21:48:01

No puking for me either. Maybe the boy thing is right.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 19-Feb-13 21:49:05

Much puking for me with a ??girl on board. I'm sure I've read HG is much more common when diffed with a girl too.

FriendofDorothy Tue 19-Feb-13 21:55:16

My sister also says her hair was amazing when she was pregnant with a boy and sure with a girl. She is sure it was related to oestrogen levels.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 19-Feb-13 22:05:25

Ah but my hair is amazing! My hairdresser was commenting on it last time. Never been so lustrous!

FriendofDorothy Wed 20-Feb-13 00:30:41

Gah. The Mister has been out for a curry with his work colleagues tonight. The smell of curry coming out of his pores us revolting and it makes me feel sick. Also he is mildly being an arse which irritates me.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 20-Feb-13 09:34:48

MSB drank more beer last night so I am somewhat sympathetic dor. Course that made him snore hmm. After a blissful dry January, he seems to be making up for lost time!

Only 3 shifts before the weekend....I can't be arsed to go to work! Or do anything at home before I leave....

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 20-Feb-13 10:44:34

Oh vom envy this morning went thusly: decide to cook spag bol, find mince in freezer, defrost mince, sniff mince, retch into sink, bin mince, cook meat free tomato sauce for dinner. Yuk confused

snowqueenrollo Wed 20-Feb-13 15:04:49

littleprincerollo has a cold. He's hoarse when he cries and all snuffly and chesty sad he's sleepy at the moment but i fear I may have a disturbed night. And we're at the hospital tomorrow for his 4th cast. Fortunately it's the one near us and not the 'big' hospital so it won't eat the whole day up.

bluer Wed 20-Feb-13 17:53:08

Have had such a stressful day at work and one of the worst department meetings in my ten years at school...one Lassie walked out crying, another just walked out and I left the room at one point as I could feel my stress going through the roof. Why so managers feel they can lie, not listen and demand ever increasing unreasonable expectations I don't know! Sorry for rant but I can safely say this is the first time I've missed drink....

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 20-Feb-13 22:22:35

Aw poor lickle Prince sad he's in the wars, isn't he? Hope the cast refitting went ok and he recovers quickly.

That sounds awful blue! I thought as time went on I'd care less about work (in a 'ah well I'm not here much longer' way) but actually I take things much more to heart! I hope management see sense soon.

I had a better day today but I did have to refuse to do a couple of things and sit down when the uterus spasms became intense! confused I felt bad but I'm 31 weeks pregnant now and it's starting to take its toll on my body. Better to sit a couple of things out than drop the sprog at work, right?!

bluer Thu 21-Feb-13 07:22:01

Too right! I think that's also why i'm annoyed at work as four of us are pregnant and don't need the extra stress! We've decided to speak to union...i'm annoyed causer i'm off today and tomorrow for half term but I've had bloody dreams about work and now i'm still bloody going through it in my mind.
On the other hand it's made me decide to stop at 32 Weeks and not go back after summer. Plus I've also decided that I will be going part time...basically i'm hating out at the moment which is sad as I love the kids etc!

EuroShagmore Thu 21-Feb-13 12:18:13

blue that sounds horrible! But it sounds like you ahve made the right decision.

Faif it sounds like you are doing the right thing. It won't be good for you or them if you overdo it.

bluer Thu 21-Feb-13 12:53:21

Well on a positive i'm back from seeing the financial planner and it turns out we can knock...wait for it...FOUR hundred quid a month off our current mortgage! That means that proper part time will be a reality rather the dream! Feel like doing cartwheels...we were getting properly shafted by rbs

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 21-Feb-13 21:46:27

That's good news blue smile Ours will come down next September which will help. We plan to overpay a bit since we actually own very little of this house!

Can I whine please?! I'm so miserable sad I spent about 29 weeks of this pregnancy being grateful/delighted to be diffed. Every symptom was just a sign of diffedness and awesome except the terrifying spotting But now it is hard work. I am utterly miserable. If I walk more than a few feet I have contractions. Work is manic. I am being out on with junior nurses so I have to do jobs they're not qualified to do, as well as my own workload. MW says sit down when the contractions kick off but I am literally struggling to keep going. I had relatives be critical of me and a housekeeper suggest I do whatever I can to get out of helping with dinners total bs. Every comment I take to heart sad

We've got tickets to the baby show in that there London Town on Saturday but I dunno if I can a. Face the travelling or b. walk round it! Do you think I could get a wheelchair on arrival and get MSB to push me round?!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 21-Feb-13 21:47:17

Ps sorry for whinging but when I tried to MSB he asked if he could have a happy wife. I said no, not at 31 weeks and after shift 6 of 7!

EuroShaggleton Thu 21-Feb-13 22:05:07

Could you have SPD? The comment about the wheelchair made me wonder...

Whatever it is, it sounds shit. Have you seen the thread on pregnancy with everyone having a whinge? You might find it therapeutic!

Good news about the finance, blue

bluer Thu 21-Feb-13 22:19:12

Oh faith that sounds so rubbish...will the doc not sign you off? Have you had a risk assessment done?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 21-Feb-13 22:48:08

I've had a risk assessment done and updated. Boss is aware and is happy for me to have a chair whenever I need it. It's just very challenging because my job is so physical. The last week the uterus has been very irritable! I'd rather not go off sick but will play it by ear.

euro do you mean could I 'have' SPD? Or are you asking if I have it? I don't think I do, my hip isn't too bad, niggles at times. But 'having' SPD might be one way to borrow a wheelchair! Actually I think irritable uterus would be recognised at a baby show!

I will endeavour to sleep now and cheer up tomorrow! smile

EuroShaggleton Fri 22-Feb-13 11:16:35

I meant genuinely could that be what is causing the discomfort. I know everyone gets uncomfortable in late pregnancy but you sound particularly uncomfortable (especially since the painkillers you are on are probably masking a lot of it). Maybe it is something more than carrying the bump around that is ailing you?

Hope you are feeling cheerier today anyway.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 22-Feb-13 15:38:33

I don't think it's hip pain. My pain had massively improved thanks to the needles actually. I have cut down from 4 x 30mg doses of codiene a day to an average of 2 x 30mg and 1 x 15mg <proud> Baybee will be less pickled than anticipated! Hips don't tend to bother me. Get the odd ache in the right but nothing of significance.

Work is mental again confused (I'm on my break, dreading going back out!). Only 4 hours til the weekend and only 4 weeks til I finish though grin if I make it that far!

How are the newest differs feeling? Sinking in yet?

snowqueenrollo Fri 22-Feb-13 17:33:27

faith please keep an eye on the irritable uterus. It's what rendered me sofa/bed bound from 35 weeks and I know someone else also had problems with it and had baby before due date.
As an example of how bad I was I would have struggled to get from the main door of your workplace to the toilets behind the seating area, that would have set off intense pains and only complete rest for half an hour would have settled it.
Don't want to scare you but would rather you were cautious about it.

LittlePrinceRollo is much better today, though yesterday was awful and last night not much better. I feel better too but now HOLB is suffering and I collected a BigPrinceRollo who also has throat lurgy so it's going to be a slightly grumpy weekend here I fear.....

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 22-Feb-13 21:59:26

My MW was a bit hmm about it. I think I may have to finish work earlier than planned. There are times when they seem to kick off as soon as I walk! Today my colleague was asking me something and I simply had to stop dead and breathe into it, it was so intense. I'm off on Tuesday so I might go to the GP for advice. Work today was horrendous. I'd say its one of the worst shifts I've ever had, pregnant or not. My boss did take me on one side and check I was ok. It's just the pressure of the hospital as a whole having a knock-on effect on us. There's simply more work than I can physically cope with and I'm not sure anyone actually realises that...

I'm glad littleprincerollo is improving smile My Dad has severe man flu at present!

bluer Sat 23-Feb-13 07:06:11

if your doc signs you off sick you can only be made to start maternity at 36 Weeks I think? Although it may be different up here, we already get free prescriptions, NHS dental, eye checks etc...my pregnant sil who lives in England couldn't believe it!

EuroShaggleton Sat 23-Feb-13 16:55:33

Your SIL needs to do some more research I think. I'm 90% sure (thanks to MN) that you can get a prescription exemption form and NHS dental during pregnancy here. No idea about eye checks though.

snowqueenrollo Sat 23-Feb-13 17:18:37

I was offered the form for Maternity Exemption at my booking in appt, and sent it off straight away. It covers prescriptions during pregnancy and a year after the birth, including dental and eye checks. It's like a little credit card.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 23-Feb-13 17:20:18

Yup my MW gave me a form at my 9 week appointment and I've enjoy free prescriptions since. Seeing as I've been taking lots of meds, this is marvellous for me. It's free til the baby is 1 as well! Definitely get dental too.

I'm not sure where I'd stand about having to take mat leave early with pregnancy related sickness...I will do some research. If I have to, I have to. In 4 weeks I'll save the annual leave I've got booked for the of the mat leave anyway. Still getting the symptoms when I walk any kind of distance.

We didn't go to that there Landan. 'twas too much and MSB is trying to take care of me. Instead we went into town, had brunch and then had a rather productive time - had MSB's watch strap adjusted so he can finally wear it (Christmas present!), bought a chest of drawers for the nursery like this but it was reduced from £150 to £80 ready made smile Also impressed that it fit in the boot of our new car without needing the seats down! Big car! Now the nursery feels nearly finished. Tis good but a but scary!

FriendofDorothy Sat 23-Feb-13 17:41:46

I dream of free prescriptions! envy

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 23-Feb-13 18:01:39

dor I think of you whenever I contemplate seeing a GP. I can't imagine paying for the privilege! I've certainly got my money's worth out of the NHS in the last year!

bluer Sat 23-Feb-13 20:47:44

Ah what I meant was all non pregnant people get the free prescriptions, eye tests etc. so you don't really need the maternity form! Well if you needed a filling it something the form would save you but check upS and tests are free four all!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 23-Feb-13 20:51:57

When I was at uni all over 23s(?) got free prescriptions in Wales too! Yes it's only really a perk of the pregnant/Mums of baybees in England it seems.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 24-Feb-13 10:32:17

<crawls in>

I just slept for 11 hours! shock Clearly I needed the sleep! Bless MSB, he is busy ironing and has put sausages in the oven for breakfast. Today I luff him very much smile I poked my head round the doors of the rooms we rearranged yesterday (spare room and nursery). They look great and I am delighted!

EuroShaggleton Sun 24-Feb-13 10:55:08

Ah I see blue

faif relegated KFZK to the spare room last night and had the best night's sleep I have had in a fortnight. I still woke up a few times (mainly when I rolled over onto my boobs - ouch) but managed to get back off to sleep for a change.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 24-Feb-13 15:59:44

MSB was on a course Tuesday and stayed over Monday night. I thought I'd be scared at home...I slept like a top! Thursday night I rolled on my back. I got a little poke in my shoulder. Goodness knows how much space I was taking up! I stirred, apologised and rolled over confused Me being diffed is not doing MSB's sleep any favours either hmm

Today we have been washing baybee clothes. They are very small (and I won't buy any 'tiny baby' stuff. Can't quite believe we will have responsibility for something that will fit in them?!

jeff how you doing about tomorrow? <squeezes hand>

bluer Sun 24-Feb-13 20:26:19

Yes good luck tomorrow jeff!
I have just been doing a maternity clothes fashion show for mr df...my two lovely friends both gave me their complete wardrobes yesterday...I have more tops than I know what to do with, three gorgeous formal type dresses suitable for weddings etc, five lovely maxi dresses that just show figure off nicely, Jeans, four pairs, leggings, work trousers, cardies and a swimmy. My friends rule...I won't have top buy anything much really.
Getting excited about baybee clothes too now although yet to buy any.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 24-Feb-13 20:41:30

I didn't buy any clothes for baybee Pickle until 14 weeks and even then was cautious. Just gradually bought bits. Now seem to have a fair amount! Maybe once every fortnight I'd buy some.

I inherited the majority of my maternity stuff from my sister which has been excellent. All I really bought were work trousers (eBay specials) and a couple of jumpers (DNephew was a September baybee so she didn't need many warm layers when large, unlike me!). Saves you a fortune! smile

bluer Sun 24-Feb-13 20:54:38

Yes my friends were both pregnant over the summer so no jumpers etc but hopefully I won't need them!
I think i'm waiting till twenty week scan and gender before buying any clothes. I'm starting to pram browse...need something that is compact as we both have small car! And something good with off road country lanes!

JethroTull Sun 24-Feb-13 21:02:46

Thanks for remembering Faith. I'm very nervous. We have spent the weekend relaxing in a very posh hotel & eating nice food. It's definitely helped me to calm down, I had a meltdown on Friday morning & was convinced it was all over. Just crossing my fingers that we hear a heartbeat. I might start to believe it's actually real then...

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 24-Feb-13 21:03:46

My car is a vw polo (we have purchased a Vauxhall Vectra estate for MSB since finding out I'm diffed which is essentially a boat. It is in fact larger than the can he used to drive for work!) so we needed something fairly small ourselves. We chose a babystyle oyster - it's wheelbase folds in half rather than concertinas. Have a look at the thread I started here for the options that might work for you.

bluer Sun 24-Feb-13 21:06:52

Ah I have a polo and he
Has a fiesta! I saw the oyster and thought it might be good!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 24-Feb-13 21:23:08

It was the best price we could get although we looked closely at the Graco Evo too. We spent ages pushing them round the shop, folding and unfolding. Decision was made when I couldn't put the Evo back to its upright position! smile

bluer Sun 24-Feb-13 21:41:56

My friend suggested a baby jogger or a quiny but I haven't looked at either yet! Will go to the pram centre next weekend I think!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 24-Feb-13 22:02:46

Quinny buzz will only fit in the boot with the wheels off. I had visions of it pouring with rain while I wrestled trying to get it in the boot and it put me right off! Baby jogger is definitely an option. Definitely go to a big pram centre - we went to Kiddicare - and ask their advice and try a few. Avoid mothercare - they will try to sell you a Mothercare pushchair! Even though they sell the oyster they never suggested it to me confused

bluer Sun 24-Feb-13 22:06:30

Will try the big pram centre I think...may put Mr df on the task as he loves comparing stats etc!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 25-Feb-13 09:50:17

Oh MSB is like that blue! Does his research! He got bored with the travel system though...the Which? Website is quite good because it gives you the folded sizes online.

Anyone want to go into work for me? No?! Only 20 shifts to go...

JethroTull Mon 25-Feb-13 18:31:42

Had 8 week scan today. Saw an actual heartbeat!! Could make out a head and arms too. It was amazing.

So I've been discharged from the private clinic and am now just an ordinary differ grin grin

bluer Mon 25-Feb-13 19:44:43

Congratulations jeff! That sound is amazing isn't it! So happy for you! Proper pesh now grin

How wonderful. My doctor said an 8 week scan is the best indicator of a successful healthy pregnancy. Nothing to beat seeing that heartbeat. Congratulations!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 25-Feb-13 21:04:29

95% chance of a successful pregnancy! smile does it feel more real now you've seen an actual baybee with a head and everything?

EuroShaggleton Mon 25-Feb-13 22:08:18

Brilliant news Jeff!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 26-Feb-13 12:51:16

So I waddled in to see the GP today. I am in a right state if I'm honest. Every time I walk I get womble cramps and what appear to be contractions at times. I took some wee (as you do, they are obsessed with your wee when you're diffed) and it was positive (I knew it would be, I did one at work yesterday) so I'm on antibiotics. He suggested I take some time off to recover given that I'm now 32 (!) weeks pregnant. My sickness record is awful though so I'm already dreading my return to work! confused

EuroShaggleton Tue 26-Feb-13 13:29:07

Doesn't pregnancy-related sickness have to be treated differently by employers?

I hope the anitbs do their thing soon. Rest up.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 26-Feb-13 13:40:39

I am hoping so. If I wasn't diffed I'd probably be ok to carry on at work whilst taking the antibiotics. At this point of diffedness though I'm not taking any chances so maybe it is different? I'm already bored but CBA/can't stand the discomfort when I move so Buffy it is smile

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 26-Feb-13 18:34:25

Oh dear, I am stressing a tad. GP rang to say he cocked up by not checking my blood pressure today (I did wonder afterwards!) so can I pop into the surgery tomorrow to get my BP checked but he's confident it's a UTI because my urine dip had protein in it but mainly because the 'leukocytes were glowing'. Cept my leukocytes are always flagging in my urine dips because I have so much discharge hmm. My feet have BESH increasingly swollen in the last couple of weeks (I can't get my boots on any more). I am a bit paranoid that if my BP is high tomorrow they'll say I might have preeclampsia?! Soothing words please!

bluer Tue 26-Feb-13 20:40:48

I don't know much about blood pressure etc but try not to worry...easier said than done I know. My mum had it with both pregnancies and me and my sis were fine so I guess it may be possible to be mild iyswim?
The worry never ends does it? I read something on here today about sticky blood and miscarriage and now i'm paranoid that I haven't been tested add fat add I know. I must stop looking online. I must stop looking online.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 26-Feb-13 20:45:27

Nope I don't think it ever ends...even when they turn 21! smile

bluer Tue 26-Feb-13 21:13:54

It's what all my friends tell me...not helped by fact i'm a natural born worrier!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 26-Feb-13 21:22:14

I have generally relaxed more since the 20 week scan though. I was quite well and contented through most of my second trimester. smile

FriendofDorothy Tue 26-Feb-13 21:41:03

I worried all the way through. If I wasn't worried about bleeding I was worrying about pre-eclampsia.

It is the one thing that puts me off being pregnant again. I want to enjoy The Little Mister, but I am scared I will have a horrid pregnancy and miss out on so much.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 26-Feb-13 22:15:06

Then again dor, you might find you're so busy with the Little Mister that you don't have time to worry! Especially if there's a small age gap smile

Pickle just punched me in the bladder (I presume punched if she's head down). It was really quite unpleasant!

There is always time to worry.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 27-Feb-13 10:11:15

Such a waste of our time though! I'm off to the docs in a min to check my BP. Wobble cramps are slightly better (although I've done very little so far today) but these antibiotics are horrible and repeating on me confused Yuck.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 27-Feb-13 10:11:30

Womble cramps. Not wobble!

EuroShaggleton Wed 27-Feb-13 10:21:10

Ouch faif. Naughty Pickle!

BTW, my friend had pre-eclampsia quite severely near the end and they induced her. She had a natural delivery (with an epidural) that seems to have been pretty untraumatic, and both she and baby were fine.

Dor I'm impressed that you are already contemplating a second at this stage! smile

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 27-Feb-13 11:05:06

Hurray, BP was pregnancy ridiculously low normal! They do 3 readings and it was about 120/70, 110/60, 105/60. One less thing to worry about for now and will keep chowing down the antibiotics. Good call not going into work though because being at home is fine, walking back from car into house after popping to docs the fanjo pains started again.

Congratulations on hitting 6 weeks euro! smile

I started watching the penguin programmes (had them recorded) but found eggs being stolen and the one penguin nearly dying too traumatic (genuine tears) so I will have to stagger watching them! Such a preggo!

snowqueenrollo Wed 27-Feb-13 16:13:57

I cannot watch the penguin programme...caught a bit of the one with the cormorants and just found it too distressing.

I am SO ill.....at the GP in just over an hour, but not sure what he will give me as I'm breastfeeding. I have reached the point though where as much as I would like to avoid taking anything which may come through my milk I am in danger of becoming so ill I have to drop the b/f for my own health. I could seriously bang my head against a brick wall the sinus pain is so bad now. I just feel dreadful and night feeds are traumatic for me, and LittlePrince must be feeling my stress because he's not settled well.
HOLB home today and I feel more relaxed knowing he's here if i need help and Little is now fast asleep in his moses basket.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 27-Feb-13 16:20:17

<gentle hair strokes rolly>

Not long til you see the doctor. Hopefully they can offer you antibiotics that will be ok with breast feeding. Would be gutting to stop but like you say, you have to think about both the health of you and LittlePrince. Good to know HOLB is there and Little is sleeping now smile

snowqueenrollo Wed 27-Feb-13 16:29:36

well i'm allergic to the entire penicillin family so it narrows down my options somewhat....possible that i'll be given a steroid nasal spray for the the sinuses which should be fine.
I don't normally get ill, if I do I ride it out - but obviously my body is under strain from birth/breastfeeding etc and I don't have the reserves to see this one off, so I do need help this time.

EuroShaggleton Wed 27-Feb-13 16:54:36

Aw rollo that sounds horrible. I hope you will get some relief soon.

JethroTull Wed 27-Feb-13 18:56:27

I am almost at breaking point with tiredness. We are a happy bunch today aren't we?

Rollo hope the doctor has managed to help you.

bluer Wed 27-Feb-13 20:41:19

I'm happy! I think, think, I felt movement today! A buzzing feeling...it did it a few times and felt odd. If it wasn't movement then I have a funny tummy grin

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 27-Feb-13 20:54:43

Ah blue how exciting! smile I drank lots of cold drinks because that was what made Pickle wriggle to start with! How many weeks are you now?

jeff you have my sympathies. Crawling into work then crawling hind to bed. Plenty of early nights. Sod the housework etc. can Mr Jeff forgive me, his initials have popped out my head! cook?

I swear this baybee is trying to escape hmm

bluer Wed 27-Feb-13 21:04:27

15 Weeks so I thought it might be too early but I've felt it off and on today...if it's not baby I don't know what it is!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 27-Feb-13 21:34:43

I started to think I felt movement at 17 weeks. Like being tickled from the inside!

On a happy note, we looked at shift options for me coming back (providing work agree it!) and MSB has agreed to me dropping to 35 hours a week (otherwise on long days I'd have to do an extra shift apngj to make my hours right). We have devised a plan so Pickle will only have to do 1/2 a day in nursery a week smile

bluer Wed 27-Feb-13 21:49:39

Ooh that's good! We'll be on three days nursery if I can get part time...more than if like but we've no family or support here!

EuroShaggleton Wed 27-Feb-13 22:35:32

blue how amazing to feel something! I am very jealous. smile

faif I hope you are feeling better.

This is a long way off for us, but our plan from the start has been for me to take 6 months, and then for both of us to try to drop down to 4 days a week for a while, so sproglet would only be in nursery for 3 days. That is dependent upon both employers agreeing though. If not, KFZK would have an absolute right to take the rest of "my" year under the new parental leave rules so we might do that - I am the higher earner by a fair chunk at the moment so it would make sense. Who knows how it will all pan out though. It is in the far distant future for us!

FriendofDorothy Wed 27-Feb-13 22:39:24

I felt movement really late probably because I am fat I had an anterior placenta.

I am managing to take 6 months maternity leave and then will be going back to work 30 hours a week. Currently The Mister works shifts and my Mum is happy to be flexible so she will look after The Little Mister when The Mister is at work.

I have to say that I am loving life as a Mum although my body seems to be falling apart. I have a sore knee, horrible tendonitis in my left wrist and sore shoulders. I am going back to Pilates tomorrow which will be the first proper exercise I have done in ages. Goodness knows how I will cope!

bluer Thu 28-Feb-13 06:24:56

Is it 6 Weeks today euro? ! Time will stay flying once you get to the 12 Weeks scan...I felt it dragged till then and now it's going so quickly. Although the manic period at work is on just now so that may be why!

JethroTull Thu 28-Feb-13 07:20:39

Euro is it your scan today? Thinking of you.

I can't allow myself to think of more than a couple of weeks ahead at the mo. maybe after 12 weeks I might be able to actually plan.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 28-Feb-13 09:44:41

Good luck euro! Hoping (and praying to my Deity of choice) for a wriggly baybee with a pounding heartbeat.

I dreamt I had the baybee. It was a girl and I had her at 32 weeks so she was tiny and looked a bit like a sea monkey. She got the idea of Brest feeding though. Very surreal to wake up and still be pregnant!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 01-Mar-13 16:52:39

Well I'm definitely on the mend, I can now walk and not always have contractions. I was cynical but maybe a combination of resting and the antibiotics for the UTI have done the trick, although the antibiotics are giving me terrible heartburn!

Have managed to clean the bathroom and kitchen (significant progress). Rang in fit for work from Monday. Can't wait to finish though. 3 weeks today smile

FriendofDorothy Fri 01-Mar-13 23:25:56

Ooo we just did the sechs for the first time since The Little Mister was born. I was scared it was going to hurt but it was fine.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 02-Mar-13 09:10:46

That's good news dor! smile Are you settling in to your new home?

FriendofDorothy Sat 02-Mar-13 09:12:01

Yes it's lovely to be in our house. Poor Edward though has a horrible cold and woke himself up when he couldn't breathe properly. I think it must have scared him because he was inconsolable. Horrid sad

Any advice on what can I do to ease his congestion?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 02-Mar-13 09:15:38

You can get saline spray that's safe for baybees (Dsis has already made sure I'm stocked up) which helps with congestion. Poor fella!

bluer Sat 02-Mar-13 10:10:55

Oh poor wee thing dor I keep seeing something about vicks on soles of feet on here?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 02-Mar-13 10:20:34

I think Vicks on soles of feet is more for coughs...

JethroTull Sat 02-Mar-13 18:33:53

I cannot stop burping. Is this just me or is it a symptom of a differ?

Dor poor LM. Bet it's quite scary.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 02-Mar-13 19:37:09

I have struggled with the gas both ends jeffers! I found the only thing that helped was having a daily probiotic. I used to have activia but all through my diffment I have found the thought of yoghurts envy. At about 10 weeks I actually retched walking past them in the supermarket so Yakult have done the job.

JethroTull Sat 02-Mar-13 20:43:41

The burping is getting embarrassing. It's like I get full really quickly as well. I've started to not want to eat loads of stuff this past week which is definitely not like me. Still, I've not had any puking so am counting myself lucky.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 02-Mar-13 20:54:15

I have had that the majority of my diffment (occasional days when I can't stop eating but) generally full really quickly, small meals are the way forward. I put a combo of that and the fact that I'm so active at work down to why I've only gained 8lb by 32 weeks! smile

bluer Sat 02-Mar-13 21:40:18

Well went pram window shopping today....the oyster was the first one I saw and I think I've decided already! Mr df loves the fact I don't faff...same when I picked my wedding dress, I always know what I like right away! He sort of preferred the uppababy vista bit he really didn't like the price! Going to hold off till the gender is revealed and pick the colour!

bluer Sat 02-Mar-13 21:41:41

I've gained eight pounds already...worried as i'm the same size as the other girl st work and she's a mirth ahead!

FriendofDorothy Sat 02-Mar-13 22:01:04

Don't worry too much about how much you gain. As long as it isn't excessive you will be ok.

I trued going back on Slimming World but the amount of milk I was producing reduced significantly. I am trying now to eat healthily, avoid the cakes and do plenty of exercise.

I would rather be able to feed my darling boy than be thinner!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 02-Mar-13 22:09:24

blue don't worry too much about weight - I was obese when I got diffed and advised to try to gain up to a stone max.

I do think the oyster is a good choice. We chose the red colour pack with a view that we might be really lucky and win a second baybee at some point.....

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 02-Mar-13 22:32:42

X-posts dor (started writing one then changed location before finishing it). Did doing SW really deplete your milk supply? shock I didn't realise it could affect that! I'm sure minimal cake and BF will be good for you and obviously is best for little mister!

I've had a nice evening. MSB is out on the lash (have warned him he will need to stop drinking soon in anticipation of driving to the hospital) so I went to my sister's. had cuddles/watched Toy story (2 for a change) with DNephew then watched a comedy DVD when he's gone to bed. Very civilised! smile

FriendofDorothy Sat 02-Mar-13 23:32:24

I don't know whether it was a coincidence but I definitely felt like my supply was affected.

bluer Sun 03-Mar-13 02:42:42

Part of me knows bit to worry about it but the other part keeps thinking I'd just finally got to the size and toned shape if been dreaming of for years! Although its easier for me in some ways...the girl st work has always been slim and so now if anyone mentions the bump she gets upset and says she's fat and yukky!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 03-Mar-13 09:16:25

I took me a while to find the balance between trying not to lose control but also accepting that some weight gain is inevitable. I've been dieting (well in the last year following Paul McKenna) for so long that it actually felt liberating to not be on one, not to feel bad if I did enjoy something. I am still eating too much sugar but have tried to cut down a bit! Your concept of 'healthy' changes when you're pregnant. It's not about being super fit or skinny (although there's no reason why you can't still exercise and eat well), its about eating well and listening to your body.

We have our first ante-natal class today - midwife who comes to the house. I'm nervous/excited! Might go to the tour of the maternity unit this afternoon so we feel prepared!

bluer Sun 03-Mar-13 09:28:34

Oh that's exciting! ! mr df is keen to do the nct class...I don't want to spend the money! He's not very sociable and doesn't tend to gel with other men...as far as I can gather most people use them mainly for the social aspect...I've been arguing the nhs ones will do the same job...

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 03-Mar-13 09:33:25

No NHS ones here! NCT wanted an 8 week commitment and two week day sessions which just wasn't practical so this was our best option. 1:1 sessions. I'm getting quite nervous about the labour so hoping this will reassure me!

How much are you local NCT classes?

FriendofDorothy Sun 03-Mar-13 10:26:21

We did the equivalent of the NHS classes which were pretty good. I also couldn't be arsed to fork out for NCT although I have heard they are very good.

The weight thing is a tough one, I can have quite an unhealthy body image so it took me ages to realise that the weight gain was an essential part of the process. I just tried to eat relatively healthily..

bluer Sun 03-Mar-13 10:31:03

I'm not exactly sure but I think it'd be a few hundred! I just think if we get the nhs free then surely that must be enough!
The weight thing is a head thing...mr df is loving the bump and keeps touching it...also so far it hasn't put him off the sechs! I was worried as he was never as bothered about starting a family but he's taking it all well so far!

bluer Sun 03-Mar-13 10:34:05

All I've gained from a girl at work is you meet what she consider to be a better calibre of people at the nct...quite the snobby attitude that put me off actually. I live in one of these places that has its had so far up its own arse! What she doesn't seem to click is that my background is somewhat different to hers and I don't judge people on whether they have money or not.

FriendofDorothy Sun 03-Mar-13 10:39:59

That attitude is exactly why I didn't want to do the NCT classes!

bluer Sun 03-Mar-13 11:13:49

Yeah i'm happy with most people but I can't be doing with the competitive element that posh people bring...you know the whole what brand of baby clothes, we've bought a thousand pound travel system as the spare type thing

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 03-Mar-13 13:20:18

Yeah I've heard the same with NCT. I obviously won't meet people through my classes but I plan to go to babybels (musically stuff) and the mother and baby group at the village church so will meet people through that.

The session was good but am facing the reality that I am actually going to have to do the labour part!

JethroTull Sun 03-Mar-13 14:30:34

Some of my friends have met lovely people through NCT.

I'm already worried about putting on weight. I've always trained really hard, running, boxing, circuits etc. stopped hardcore exercise 2 months before I started IVF & only walk everywhere now. It's weird knowing my body is going to change.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 03-Mar-13 14:35:01

How you feeling jeffers?

MSB is back in bed confused He had a big drinking sesh last night - you know it's not going to be pretty in the morning when he rolls in at 1 saying I'm home but I'm going to eat my kebab before I come to bed! He's preparing for a couple of weeks' time when it'll be minimal booze intake in case I go into labour!

JethroTull Sun 03-Mar-13 14:49:56

Faith I feel totally exhausted! Fine when I get up until after lunch then it's a struggle to keep my eyes open. Had my booking in appointment with the midwife last week. It's all starting to feel a bit real.

I'm still petrified something might happen. A lovely girl at work had a MC last week at almost 9 weeks. Makes me panic. I'm trying to shut myself in a bubble & not think about it but when it's that close to home it's horrid. She's such a great girl. My heart breaks for her.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 03-Mar-13 15:09:38

Just keep hanging on to the fact that your scan showed a baybee with a pounding heart jeff....it gets a lot easier when the baybee starts kicking the crap out of you on a regular basis smile
The exhaustion is crap. I became a little too reliant on coke on my shifts! Probably not recommended though!

JethroTull Sun 03-Mar-13 17:06:55

It's got worse this past week. I am ticking the days off until my 12 week scan now. grin

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 03-Mar-13 17:12:00

I'm ticking off the days til my mat leave! 15 shifts/19 days smile

JethroTull Sun 03-Mar-13 19:48:32

That is getting seriously close Faith! Any plans for mat leave?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 03-Mar-13 19:54:23

Tantalisingly close! Mostly batch cooking. I think we need to eat up the freezer contents in the next couple of weeks to make room for pre-cooked dinners. I have also been rather ambitious and bought a huge cross stitch which I will try to get to grips with. I have done a few but probsbly a quarter of the size!

FriendofDorothy Mon 04-Mar-13 21:12:00

Uh oh. We have rapidly disappearing cookies in the house!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 04-Mar-13 21:29:17

Mmm biscuit envy
I've just had post-work cheese on toast! Tired but survived. Still protein and leukocytes in my urine dip despite only having a couple of antibiotics to take confused

FriendofDorothy Wed 06-Mar-13 21:53:23

Argh. I worried my way through pregnancy and now I am all worried about cot death sad

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 06-Mar-13 22:04:40

Anything specific dor?

I am worried because I'm having Braxton hicks ?? despite relaxing in bed....it never stops, does it? (The worry that is).

FriendofDorothy Wed 06-Mar-13 22:11:39

Something on OBEM set me off.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 06-Mar-13 22:34:12

It's perfectly normal to be anxious but you know it's actually very rare and that you're doing everything right to minimise the risks for the Little Mister - not drinking, smoking before bed, lying him on his back, you didn't smoke during pregnancy. Do you have a monitor on him?

FriendofDorothy Wed 06-Mar-13 22:51:45

No monitor but he sleeps in the same room as us and snores like a warthog!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 07-Mar-13 09:06:26

And had he woken all smiley again this morning?

My BH stopped when I settled for bed (phew). Might have been because I cleaned the kitchen before I got into bed...bit crazy I guess but so nice to get up to this morning!

Only 12 shifts to go! smile

FriendofDorothy Thu 07-Mar-13 09:08:30

Yeah of course has. I feel super drama-queenish at the moment about silly things I think!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 07-Mar-13 09:12:41

It'll be the hormones. He is your PFB. You're allowed to be worried about him smile

Last night L was sleeping better than he has for a week and breathing very quietly. So I poked him. Obviously.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 07-Mar-13 18:35:31

How did he react blonde?! Did he react?

jeff - re your comment on the BESH thread re discharge - I have had bucket loads since early on. Quite disturbing. Get through two pant liners a day minimum. Often yellowy, sometimes even a bit green hmm
MW and CRESH said unless its itchy or smelly it's normal!

I have bought Pickle a teeny tiny coat today smile and a couple of 'newborn' baybee grows in the hope that s/he might be under 9lb!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 07-Mar-13 18:39:36

Oh and I bought myself some post-birth trousers....a size up from normal but with elasticated waist! I recall my sister having a lot of swelling (she had an EMCS to be fair) but I thought it would be nice to have some non-pregnancy clothes!

Oh he just snorted. He does go so pale when asleep though. Translucent skin and blue eyelids. Scary child.

Faith I have a feeling that given your fixation with pant snot and all its variations wink, you are gonna love the poo aspect of motherhood. Ah the joys of discussing colour, texture, frequency...

JethroTull Thu 07-Mar-13 20:05:48

Pant snot. Mine is all progesterone related. I'm shoving these bullets up me twice a day, I'm sure most of it leaks out!!

I'm very emotional right now. SSG is away & I've found it really hard without him. That's not like me at all. Coping with my crazy dog on my own has been hard.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 07-Mar-13 20:18:13

I am looking forward to having my own snuffly baybee ignoring the prospect of no sleep I'm glad L was contented though smile

jeff how long does that continue? The bulleting?

blonde don't forget my profession. I am far too familiar with poo as it is. The only difference will be the bottom size (and hopefully the poo size but I am not naïve to the amount that little baybees can produce). Yes poo watch will be interesting!

Ah yes of course. It is such a delight. I sometimes text TBI to give him updates. Well, I say sometimes. Most days. Currently we are doing a special on pea-green playdoh. Thank you hypoallergenic formula.

bluer Thu 07-Mar-13 21:27:11

Oh I missed a poo discussion! Mr df was shocked when we looked at the baby book I got him as there are pics of dirty nappies to show you things to look for confused

I never looked at any pictures. They keep telling you it should look like scrambled egg and you think, wtf?! But then it comes and you look and you're like, oh I see...

But the meconium which was described as 'tarry' seemed more to me like a giant sea slug emerging from my perfect newborn.

See, this is why I have forgotten how to have normal conversations.

FriendofDorothy Thu 07-Mar-13 22:17:04

blonde - glad you also have a translucent baby. I sometimes have to get really close to check The Little Mister is still breathing!

My baby's poo looks like chicken korma still. Gross.

JethroTull Fri 08-Mar-13 08:35:49

<fingers in ears. La la la la la>

fertilityFTW Fri 08-Mar-13 08:50:30

Hello all,
Just wanted to drop in and say we were pleasantly surprised by our first NHS antenatal class this week. Very informative, midwives seemed great and the crowd was fun and friendly - all first-timers, so maybe the nerves opened us all up!
At 30+2 now - with a very active young lady who has her foot lodged under my ribs and her fists aimed at my bladder. Fun. Getting lots of BH contractions - you can totally see the baybee shape when bump goes tight. All is all, still feeling immense amounts of gratitude for being diffed, and very impatient to meet little luff.
Hope all is well with you all - must catch up on thread reading as have been away in my head lately and totally unable to focus!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 08-Mar-13 08:59:19

FTW! How luffly to see you! smile I'm struggling to hold on to the 'grateful to be diffed' camp and more in the 'get this kid out of me soon!'.

4 baybees borned on my ante-natal thread now! Course I'm a bit behind being due the latter end of the month but my goodness, it seems very real and soon!

fertilityFTW Fri 08-Mar-13 09:13:32

I can't wait to hear your fresh new squidgy baybee news lovely faith! It is soon! Eeee!

Still feels reeeeeally far away and abstract for me still. But the wheels are in motion - the baybee paraphernalia is growing into a wee mountain and my mum, who lives in a land far, far away has got a visa to come hold my hand and I am over the moon about that!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 08-Mar-13 13:09:03

2 weeks (and hopefully 2 hours if my colleague will swap shifts with me) til I start my leave!

I went for a swim again this morning. Managed 25 lengths this time (20 last time). I felt luffly and light again smile Then came to pick up DNephew from play group since Dad (who normally picks him up) is away. We've played pairs and snap and watched Toy Story again

bluer Sat 09-Mar-13 07:51:52

Hey ladies i'm having a wobble. ..16 Weeks and i'm starting to overthink the lack of symptoms at the moment. did anyone else feel like this? I've put on a few pounds but about 8 in total since bfp, I sometimes look like a bump but not always, no sore boobs, no nausea...reassure me please!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 09-Mar-13 08:47:22

Totally normal blue! I think it's the hardest time in some ways. No real symptoms, you have more energy...I found by week 17/18 though I could really discern movement which was massively reassuring.

I have an upset stomach and no idea why. Was really bad last night. Agonising stomach cramps. Settled to let me sleep. Off to work in a couple of hours confused

snowqueenrollo Sat 09-Mar-13 13:03:30

I have a never ending virus, herbalist friend is bringing some stuff round later to help my body fight it off. LittlePrince has also had the virus. It's been pretty miserable here. Then I broke the washing machine by shutting a t-shirt sleeve inbetween the door and the seal.....bought new seal but cannot fit it ourselves despite trying and they can't get an engineer to us until Tuesday. 2 adults, one grubby 7 year old and a baby.....and no way to wash clothes.

FriendofDorothy Sat 09-Mar-13 16:43:33

bluer I had very few symptoms for ages.

No nausea, no heartburn, vomiting etc. Just generalised knackeredness.

I didn't even start feeling movement until quite like due to being fat and having an anterior placenta!

Hang in there.

Dor I'm sure it was just your placenta, I am the same size as you.

Faith hope you are ok with your tummy. Not much room left in there so things do go a bit funny sometimes I think.

bluer Sat 09-Mar-13 18:08:14

Thanks! Feeling slightly better as saw my dad and step mum today and they could see the change in me apparently! Oh faith i'm very prone to upset tummy and it's awful...last time was when I was staying at the inlaws and had to flush the toilet about nine times in the night <cringe>

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 09-Mar-13 21:02:15

I'm not exactly waif-like either dor. Also convinced it was your placenta. You seem to be enjoying the walks at the moment?

My upset seems to have gone as quickly as it arrived. Most bizarre. Wondering if I accidentally ate gluten...? Probably never know. Just hoping that's the end of it and glad to be feeling better (although something of a lack of appetite after projectile puking last night!).

blues I'm glad you've had a nice day that's made you feel better smile

queenie I hope the herbal stuff knocks this ruddy virus on the head!

FriendofDorothy Sat 09-Mar-13 21:21:33

We are loving getting out and walking at the moment. I am so grateful to be living in Guernsey at the moment. The walks are lovely and it is bliss to be so near the beach.

I was just thinking how different Mother's Day is going to be for me this year.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 09-Mar-13 21:26:20

Ok, sappy/weepy moment - MSB has 'done' Mother's Day from Pickle - flowers, chocolates and a card with the scan photo on from funky pigeon! grin Sadly I have to go to work in the morning but still grin I miss my Mum so much, especially being diffed (so many things I'd like to ask her), but this is a much better year.

I saw your pic dor, can't believe it's spring over there. It's trying to snow here! How's the house coming along?

Oh that's so lovely Faith. TBI did a card last year but it was very early days for us. I'm not sure if he has thought to do more than a card this year but I am hoping for a fuss.

I will be thinking of you tomorrow Faith as I do every year think of those of my friends who have lost their Mums. I am so grateful to have mine. I have got her a card & pressie from L. Lots of love and thanksthanksthanks to you.

Also will be thinking of all the PESH and CRESH and how lucky we are, and hoping for lots more BESH to be joining us soon. xxx

FriendofDorothy Sat 09-Mar-13 22:10:12

I am going to rip The Mister's bollocks off if he hasn't thought to get me a Mother's Day card! He's working a night shift today and tomorrow though which is a bit shit as he will be asleep all day sad

I am definitely thinking of those people who haven't been as lucky as us though. I feel truly fortunate and have been writing my blog in advance of Mothering Sunday.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 09-Mar-13 22:28:01

Thanks blonde. It's been the toughest day in some ways, especially when we were struggling with TTC. I find it every odd as it was something we'd always celebrate with Mum but I always remember her and remember how blessed I was to have her for so long smile (She actually had an ectopic pregnancy when I was 20 months old which was on the verge of rupturing, we were fortunate her GP was so vigilant, I might not have remembered her at all). I got a brilliant Mum for 26 years which is more than a lot of people get.

Ooh dor I hope he's done well!

I really hope there'll be more BESH in here soon. It's been a heart breaking time recently...

bluer Sat 09-Mar-13 22:33:51

Oh faith that was so lovely of your mister...I miss my mum too so mothers day is normally a non event.
That's so nice blonde...I think people often forget its not a great day for everyone.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 10-Mar-13 10:24:32

I see from t'other place he remembered dor! smile
Happy Mothering Sunday (yes I'm a pendant) to the CRESH. I will be posting something on t'other place when I finish work (currently on break!) to remember those who find today tough - I have friends who've lost their Mums, those who MC'd, and my lovely friend whose baybee was born asleep. A bittersweet day sad

FriendofDorothy Sun 10-Mar-13 11:14:42

I think you might be a pedant not a pendant! ;)

Yes he did remember. I am blessed indeed.

So us he. He gets to keep his bollocks! grin

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 10-Mar-13 15:34:08

Oh the irony blush

Well done big Mister! smile

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 11-Mar-13 09:40:54

Oh I am so tired this morning. Off to work around 11 and a bit worried I'll fall asleep in the mean time! I could do plenty round the house.... But no! smile

FriendofDorothy Mon 11-Mar-13 18:02:37

Oh I am sad if my statuses have upset bugs.

I do remember how hard it was to see other people's good and positive news, and sometimes I find it hard to be able to share the good stuff without upsetting people.

Talk about rock and a hard place. sad

JethroTull Mon 11-Mar-13 19:08:48

I am scared hags. I have had cramps on & off all day. I feel like someone has pulled a belt round my waist far too tight. Is this normal? I can only speak to a midwife between 9-10am. I called the Pregnancy Assessment unit & they said I need to speak to my GP, I can't get an appointment this week. I'm a wreck.

bluer Mon 11-Mar-13 21:03:22

Oh Jeff! That's awful you can't get seen. I had some cramps etc and so did my friend....there's a lot of growing etc going on so its probably normal. My midwife said only to worry if it was spotting etc. sorry i'm by no means an expert though x

FriendofDorothy Mon 11-Mar-13 21:04:52

I don't know Jethro. Are you going to call a midwife tomorrow?

bluer Mon 11-Mar-13 21:08:42

dor you are totally allowed to be a proud parent. I agree that fb is the way in which family keep up with the little ones progress etc. the only reason I joined fb was to see my friends kids growing up as I live far away. I haven't put scan pics up as I have some friends still ttc etc and its hard to get the shock of yet another baby out of your minds without prior warning but I will put pictures up from time to time when we get there!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 11-Mar-13 21:22:37

jeff how many weeks are you? I had these from about 13 weeks, especially when I was active. Relatively high up (top of bump). Is it easier when you rest? I get that it's utterly terrifying and you should be checked out but it may well just be ligament stretching type things. Every twinge is scary when you're early days Er and late it seems

dor it's a tricky one. I think you said your peace piece?! eloquently on the BESH thread earlier. Thing is, you are a Mum and bloody proud to be one. Also, you're on mat leave and most of your life does revolve around your baybee at the moment (and so it should!). I think it's always clear how grateful you are for your blessings (especially your Mother's day one yesterday). I guess it's kind of an impossible situation - as bugs says, she likes being your friend on FB and your posts are amusing (they make me smile) sometimes it makes her losses all the harder. But equally you're entitled to put photos and statuses about your son. No idea what the answer is.....sorry.

Ok - mememe....I'm so frigging tired. My legs and feet are enormous. Good job my work shoes are big. I can barely get my trainers on. Work was mentally busy and I was in a really heavy bay (lots of confused patients). BH have been very painful at times along with the electric shock to the cervix type symptom. Off to see my MW in the morning. Will ask her advice.

bluer Mon 11-Mar-13 21:33:40

Oh faith not long now though!
I ditched work early today...been feeling woozy so went to get checked out. Had to sit down during class and tell the kids to -- shut up and leave me the fuck alone -- be patient and I'll get to you. Honestly thirty of the wee souls all demanding onetoone...

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 11-Mar-13 21:35:52

I only have 9 patients but one would not sit still, bless him! Yes only have 9 shifts left anyway....

HavingALittleFaithBaby Mon 11-Mar-13 21:36:30

Are you drinking plenty? I found I got woozy if I didn't drink enough because of low blood pressure.

bluer Tue 12-Mar-13 03:29:15

I think i'm drinking enough but an going to make a conscious effort to up fluids! Bloody insomnia has kicked in though grin

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 12-Mar-13 10:44:03

Do you have a maternity pillow blue? That's really helped me.

Back from the midwife for my 34 week appointment. Generally good news - measuring at 33cm, good heart beat. No glucose or protein in my wee today. Potentially crap news - I mentioned that bump is wonky with a big lump by my belly button. I thought it was arse, she said it might be head and Pickle might be breach! MSB has been dispatched to buy a gym ball and she will review in a fortnight. If the lump hasn't moved she will organise a scan....

bluer Tue 12-Mar-13 16:52:20

Can you turn them then? <displays shocking lack of knowledge off pregnancy etc>
Will need to try a pillow I think!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 12-Mar-13 16:57:15

Sitting upright with the pelvis slightly forward can encourage them down. I still think it might be its arse that its clearly inherited from me!

Do investigate, I couldn't believe the difference blue.

jeff how's things? Did you speak to the MW/GP?

bluer Tue 12-Mar-13 17:25:10

I will...was so stressed at work todayI felt weak and sick. Have decided a few days off might be good for me as per doc recommendation. The problem with teachers is we're so used to dragging ourselves in regardless add there's a tremendous sense of guilt, especially this near the exams, but i'm tired of people saying I look crap etc. i've got to remember there's someone else to consider now.
Jeff hope your feeling better today!

JethroTull Tue 12-Mar-13 21:06:36

Yes, spoke to MW this morning two was lovely & reassuring. She said lots of stuff goes on between 10-12 weeks & unless I'm doubled over in pain or bleeding then to try not to worry. Phew.

Dor it's a fine line like I said in The Palais yesterday but you made your point about FB being a different forum.

Blue sorry you are feeling shitty. A couple of days off sounds like a good idea.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 12-Mar-13 21:29:45

Oh I'm glad you're reassured jeff smile so ruddy scary being diffed, innit? I started to worry about Pickle this morning not being wriggly en

Definitely w

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 12-Mar-13 21:31:47

Argh! ....being wriggly enough but now my belly is bouncing up and down!

Definitely wise... To take some time off Blue. Sometimes being diffed is a bit overwhelming on the body and when you're in a job that's flat out if you can't take it easier at work, it's best to have time off. I'm really glad I had that time off a couple of weeks ago.

I'm officially 34 weeks today! smile

bluer Tue 12-Mar-13 21:32:06

Oh Jeff that's good! The midwife I spoke to a few Weeks ago put my mind at rest as I was getting electric shocks up the fanjo...its a stretching etc she said!

bluer Tue 12-Mar-13 21:37:16

My dad said I was bring silly letting work stress me and that if better watch I didn't get my card marked for being off when I want sick....then I started crying down the phone and he changed his tune quick smart! He's such an old fashioned man sometimes.now he's saying I should stay off! !

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 12-Mar-13 21:39:45

'Pregnancy-related sickness' is treated differently anyway. Rest up and see how you go.

bluer Tue 12-Mar-13 22:07:17

Spoke to Mr df who is working away and he agrees and says I need a rest so i'm writing tomorrow off. So tired i'm dozing off on the couch. Night!

fertilityFTW Wed 13-Mar-13 08:37:25

Hope everyone's feeling good this morning and tums and niggles have settled.

Glad to hear the MW was reassuring Jeff!

I've got the protruding little head by the bellybutton too faith - her bum's been in the air for weeks and weeks (and legs positioned for kicks under the ribs!) so I'm sure that's the head - MW says that's cephalic so I thought it may be a good thing if it stays that way. Got a birthing ball so have been sitting on that when at the computer (working from home affords me that leeway) so hoping that helps - apparently scrubbing the floor in the weeks leading up to D-Day will help with positioning (not sure if this is a ruse though hmm).

Feet and ankles have swollen up to hippo proportions - so weird to see, little balloons! Anyone got joint pain in their fingers? Is that fluid retention squeezing the nerves or something? It's pretty uncomfortable. Have MW appt. on Friday (not that she's super helpful - I keep telling GB that 'Mumsnet is my MW') - will run it past her anyway.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 13-Mar-13 10:32:21

FTW my feet and ankles have swollen massively in the last couple of weeks. About 5 weeks ago I realised I couldn't wear my boots any more. Now even my trainers are tight! I'm just glad my work shoes are roomy. Today my hands feel tight and swollen but they are very dry. Mw has advised me to look out for signs of preeclampsia. I have a BP monitor at home and am checking most days!

MSB forgot to get the ball for me yesterday hmm. Today I'm on 8-4 so I'll pop and get one on the way home. I am stood up 7.5 hours/day 5 days/week though so would think that encourages head down?! Ah well, if Pickle is breach, she's breach. MSB said last night he'd prefer me to have a c-section so everything remains ok down there. Never mind that its major surgery! hmm

blue I hope you've got your feet up. I'm glad Mr df was supportive.

fertilityFTW Wed 13-Mar-13 11:04:55

Don't know how you do it faith! I'd be in tears constantly at this point having to stand for so long. Sending you a big hug.

I feel the same way about delivery - whichever way suits the wee one is fine really, all have pros and cons.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 13-Mar-13 11:24:50

I do it because I have to! Someone at work said the other day I couldn't do this job pregnant hmm it's my job! I have no other! I have a chair and sit whenever I can. If I really struggle I'll just say I need to sit down. I'm better now I'm on short shifts. today I have an office day which is nice but a bit odd really! Brain hurting more than body!

Ironically had been worried about Pickle's movements so of course now this baybee is kicking/punching like a good in! smile woke me in the night too!

fertilityFTW Wed 13-Mar-13 11:37:09

Aww! That's kids for you, eh? Prompting masses of luff and irritation simultaneously!

I wonder when they'll start running out of room and slow up with the wiggles. Must be just a few more weeks now.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 13-Mar-13 11:48:29

Definitely get less squirming and more kicks now.

bluer Wed 13-Mar-13 14:07:21

Been laying about doing nothing much...brilliantly relaxing and actually forgotten about the stress at work. Shame it'll be waiting for me tomorrow or whenever smile

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 13-Mar-13 17:36:20

I'm now bouncing on my gym ball. Pickle seems to like it! smile actually it's quite comfy. Bouncy bouncy!

blue I'm glad you've chilled. Don't rush back if you're not ready!

bluer Wed 13-Mar-13 18:40:32

Well the doctor just called there and I am anemic...makes the dizziness and general tiredness make sense!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 13-Mar-13 18:45:36

Oooh no wonder you've been feeling rough! Is it iron supplements then?

bluer Wed 13-Mar-13 19:45:18

Yes! I've been taking a pregnancy supplement with iron but I've to get additional iron tablets too and hopefully I'll pick up....its not like me to miss work so i'm pleased to know that it wasn't just me being precious and\or lazy grin

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 13-Mar-13 19:51:31

Yes, Tis a medical reason!

JethroTull Wed 13-Mar-13 21:26:41

Glad you've found out what's wrong Blue & good that it can be resolved.

Faith you must be exhausted!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 13-Mar-13 21:30:11

Oh yes jeff. Shift 6 of 6 tomorrow. Today had been luxurious though, I must have spent 95% of it sitting down! smile

Lets now add difficulty breathing when lying on my back to the list of symptoms. Can I have this baybee now please? I'm a bit tired of growing it. I am quite mardy (poor MSB!).

How's the aches and pains jeff?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 14-Mar-13 19:56:00

I have pains...aching down the inner side of my right wrist, from my thumb down and on the inside of my right ankle. dor is this similar to what you have? It's very strange. Rather unpleasant too!

FriendofDorothy Thu 14-Mar-13 21:27:42

Maybe. I have De Quervains tendonitis in my left wrist. Very painful. I thought it was getting better but it isn't sad Physio has started trying to treat it with acupuncture as well as everything else now!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Thu 14-Mar-13 22:00:34

I am a big fan of the needles. Spoke to the in house physio (aka my sister) who said it might just be exaggeration of RSI - well the hand is my dominant one and the leg is definitely not being used normally and I've had a niggly hip on that leg - due to my ligaments loosening. Good thing is I've already got any pain relief I need to hand (though I've just realised its 12 hours since I took any! Yay!).

FriendofDorothy Thu 14-Mar-13 22:37:47

Any problems I have all seem to be down my left hand side. At the moment I have a sore thumb, sore shoulder and sore left knee.

I feel like I am falling apart a bit at a time!

JethroTull Fri 15-Mar-13 08:03:13

Is this generally what happens to differs? The falling apart bit?!

I'm fine thanks Faith. Think it was stress related. Had a manic week at work which culminated in doing a massive pitch presentation yesterday in London. Got home at half 9 & went straight to sleep. Had the best nights sleep all week & have woken up feeling like a different person. grin

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 15-Mar-13 09:22:14

Yes jeff, I think it's just such a massive strain on the body! I mean the body is clever in that it gets you prepped for birth by loosening your hip joints but it loosens everything else too! Plus you're carrying all the weight up front.

I'm really pleased to hear you're feeling better jeff and that you slept well. I know I was really suffering and feeling like crap and wasn't sure I'd finish work. 3 days after the doc gave me antibiotics and a few days rest and I felt like a different woman!

Well operation shift the Pickle seems to be working. Spent some time on the ball the last two nights and the big lump has moved round to the other side! I will persevere! smile

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 15-Mar-13 20:44:00

I feel very sad tonight. Why do I feel sad? Ruddy hormones.

MsJupiterJones Fri 15-Mar-13 21:46:44

Are you watching Comic Relief?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 15-Mar-13 21:54:15

Um, yes, on and off....that's not what made me sad though. I can pinpoint it...to when we realised the new dishwasher we had delivered was dented. We are getting a replacement but somehow that not going the way I expected has made me sad

Have we met Jupiter? Are you a NChanger?!

I am now annoyed too. I have a friend who had a baybee in December. I have strong suspicions she was an instadiffer (she got diffed just as she handed in her dissertation and I imagine she had it all meticulously planned) hmm She is making comments on my FB posts about having baybees...all this Ooh you don't know what you're in for^/^Enjoy the peace while you can!. She knows we TTC'd for a long time. I know nothing can really prepare us for our world being turned upside down but actually I'm ready for it. I've been waiting to be a Mum for years. AIBU to be really wound up by her comments?

FriendofDorothy Fri 15-Mar-13 21:59:01

Just tell her to fuck off Faithy smile

I had loads of people tell me that sort of stuff and it really wound me up.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 15-Mar-13 22:04:29

She's a good friend. I don't think she realises how smug and superior she sounds!

FriendofDorothy Fri 15-Mar-13 22:24:39

Tell her then.

I am watching Comic Relief and sobbing my way though it. It feels so different this year. I think of my beautiful, strong and healthy boy asleep in the next door room and seeing those beautiful children on the screen makes my heart break.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 15-Mar-13 22:30:52

I'm finding it too much. I'm watching Huge Ackman instead. Yum.

I'm rather inclined to hide baby related statuses from her for a bit not that I do that many I'm certainly not in a place to be confrontational tonight.

FriendofDorothy Fri 15-Mar-13 23:06:22

I have just realised that a year ago yesterday I had my hycosy and started on Clomid.

JethroTull Sat 16-Mar-13 07:40:44

I watched a bit of comic relief but there wasnt really a comic side to it. Dor why did watching it this year feel different to any other?

Faithy hope you are feeling ok today? Just hide her posts, you have enough to deal with, without other people telling you how you should feel.

I have a massive cold sore. Probably related to all the work stress of this week. Meh.

MsJupiterJones Sat 16-Mar-13 07:53:10

Oops. Tis I, Blonder. Just experimenting.

It is sometimes when those householdy things go wrong when you think, Really?? and it can get you down I find. Dishwasher that broke the camel's back. Not that you're a camel! Also hormones. Hope this morning is brighter and better. thanks

Can I be honest blush and say I thought you were being humorous with your status about being on holiday? I don't know what else she has commented on but presume hers was one of those comments. Tis very annoying when people are smug and knowing about parenthood esp when instadiffed so I'm sure you are justified but she may have thought she was joining in on a joke? I nearly put a response myself but glad I didn't. wink thanksthanksthanks

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 16-Mar-13 08:13:34

I was bring humorous! But technically, I have 4 weeks annual leave before I actually go on mat leave so officially it is holiday. The other week though I put about sleeping for 11 hours and again I got a Enjoy it while you can!. I felt like replying, Why? Does having a baybee leave you sleep deprived?! smile MSB just keeps telling me to let it go.

I feel a bit like a camel...or maybe a penguin. I'm better after sleeping.

I quite like the NC joops.

jeff you are in the horrible zone where you feel under the weather all the time added in with being stressed at work. Hopefully you'll feel better in your second trimester!

MsJupiterJones Sat 16-Mar-13 08:52:56

Ah I see... Fuck 'er then.

Not sure if I will keep this moniker or keep searching. This one might be too identifiable to any RL spies <bristles with self-importance>

We have our first baby cold atm so lots of snuffly wakefulness. Also he is trying to type something on my phone. Possibly A-goo-oo-ha-ah as that's mostly what he says. Maybe he's saying hi to Pickle?

Love to all the PESH thanks

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 16-Mar-13 09:45:20

Ah poor boy with the snuffles! Pickle is only just waking up. To be fair, I got a (very random) call at nearly midnight from someone I haven't seen in years. No idea how he even got my number? Course being woken by the phone gave me an adrenaline rush which sent Pickle crazy! I had to put my phone on Do not disturb cos the idiot tried to ring me again (even though I said 'I'm pregnant and I'm knackered, please go away!'.

MsJupiterJones Sat 16-Mar-13 13:22:46

Bastard! And calling back again, how rude! If anyone even texts me later than 9pm now I get in a grump. This from the woman who used to stay up till 2am most nights.

Great that you have 4 weeks off before the due date, I was meant to have 3 but due to early induction it shrank to 2 and then I was ill for half of it. So I hope you do enjoy it and get to do all those last minute things. Is your hospital bag packed?

FriendofDorothy Sat 16-Mar-13 20:52:16

I found watching Comic Relief different this year because of The Little Mister.

I thought I was compassionate and empathic before but it was when I watched the bit about the little boy called Victor who died of malnutrition and the parents couldn't afford to keep him in the morgue so his body went into the laundry room.

All I could think about was how fortunate I am to have a little boy and I am so grateful that my body provides the milk to feed him. I looked at those mother's on the TV and they looked desolate.

After that I went to bed to feed the boy and I cried and cried.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 16-Mar-13 21:34:37

Yes bag is packed jupiter! I have plans to rejig it and need to pack an entertainment bag for MSB - I'm thinking snack and PSP and films on the iPad. He bores quickly!

dor we are indeed very blessed.

I am very, very uncomfortable. I've worked today and found it tough going. Always have BH at work but today I've had lower back ache and droid like aches. Bath hasn't eased it and despite having been in bed for half an hour the BH (jeepers I hope they are BH!) are still coming and going.

JethroTull Sat 16-Mar-13 21:50:30

4 & a bit weeks to go Faith < marks BH pains down on spread sheet> Hope you manage to get a good nights sleep. How many shifts left now?

I think I have the beginnings of a bump grin

Dor do you think that being a mum has made you more compassionate then?

JethroTull Sat 16-Mar-13 21:52:47

Faith get MSB to pack his own bag! You've got it all on with actually getting that baybee out!!! And he can't possibly get bored at the birth of his child. SSG had better never mention boredom.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sat 16-Mar-13 22:05:53

5 shifts to go jeff! Finish on Friday smile

I've been having BH for ages - maybe since about 28 weeks. Generally at work and I put it down to being very active at work.

I know what you mean about getting bored but I imagine they'll be points when it's quite quiet and I'm just cracking on with the labouring. Snacks will be very important!

Start of a bump! How exciting! Do get SSG to take a weekly picture starting in the next few weeks. I luff looking at mine. We've managed nearly one a week. Amazing to see how the body accommodates a baybee!

FriendofDorothy Sat 16-Mar-13 22:08:05

I don't know whether it has made me more compassionate or whether I am just more hormonal!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 17-Mar-13 09:25:47

Probably a bit of both dor!

So I said to MSB about planing what to put in a bag for the hof

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 17-Mar-13 09:29:08

Probably a bit of both dor!

So I said to MSB about planing what to put in a bag for the hospital. He said Oh I'll just pack a 6 pack of Relentless hmm I pointed out it was a terrible idea because it would give him peaks and crashes. Also it is vile, stinks and makes his poo (tmi!) smell really rank. Which made me say Oh so it's good to be approved by you!. Err, yes, I'll be the person pushing a baybee out of my fanj. he is annoying me today

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 17-Mar-13 09:29:20

Made him say..

JethroTull Sun 17-Mar-13 10:37:35

I don't think he fully understands that it is all your effort that will bring this child into the world Faith! Why would he need an energy drink? He's not going to be doing anything.

Dor in the nicest way possible, I think there are millions of very compassionate people in the world who aren't parents. I wouldn't say I was particularly compassionate & I don't think having a child will make me more so. Maybe I'm fooling myself. I've had 36 years to become 'me'. Is having a baby going to change me? It's made me think though. I'm going to do some more digging with my friends that are parents.

JethroTull Sun 17-Mar-13 10:38:47

And hurrah to only 5 shifts Faith. grin

FriendofDorothy Sun 17-Mar-13 11:23:13

Jethro maybe I wasn't clear. I don't think it had made me more or less compassionate, but it definitely affected me more this year. It gave me a different perspective I think and somehow that made my response much stronger.

I certainly don't think you have to be a parent to be compassionate!

JethroTull Sun 17-Mar-13 11:29:57

Ah good. I'm glad you clarified that Dor, thank you.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 17-Mar-13 13:14:55

Nope I'm not sure he does get it jeff. I think he anticipates a long labour with me whining at him that he needs to stay awake!

Compassion is an interesting concept. For some people it's natural, kids or not (Mother Teresa springs to mind!), for some people, being a parent makes no difference. Maybe the difference for you this year dor was that you now understand how it feels to be a mother and how heart wrenching it would be to not be able to do anything for a poorly child?

MsJupiterJones Sun 17-Mar-13 14:18:21

Make sure he takes a toothbrush and/or mouthwash! My friend's DH nearly missed the birth because she got angry about his breath being bad mid-labour & sent him out to get some.

Maybe it's not so much compassion as empathy? After my friend (different one) had her DS she said she couldn't read anything about sick/dying children any more. Tbh I thought she was being overdramatic and my guilty pleasure has always been Take A Break but I have to say I am the same now, it's not even a conscious thought of 'oh how awful' or 'what if that happened to L', just instant mascara wreckage (if I had actually worn mascara in the last few months). There was an ad for Barnardo's before Christmas going backwards through a young man's life to his neglected/abusive childhood and it was actually like being punched in the stomach, I don't know how else to describe it. So I do know what Dor means.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 17-Mar-13 14:20:28

Spare toothbrush! Excellent plan.

FriendofDorothy Sun 17-Mar-13 20:17:08

My gorgeous boy is trying to feed and smile at the same time.

It's so cute!!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 17-Mar-13 20:30:09

That's adorable (if unlikely to be successful!).

I think my hamster is going to die soon. Rubbish baybee substitute but I am more upset than I anticipated! He's 2 (ish), survived the fire! He's losing fur and squeaking. If he carries on this week, I might take him to the vet..sad

bluer Sun 17-Mar-13 21:15:16

Oh no faith I luffs hamsters...they are the cutest rodents by far. I would love one but mr df says no! 2 is a good age...one of mine only lasted a year!

MsJupiterJones Sun 17-Mar-13 21:33:06

Oh no Faith I'm sorry. Is he definitely poorly, it's not a reaction to you being pg? <hopeful>

L does the social feeding thing, he is so distractible now. It's super cute but makes feeding take ages sometimes, I have to keep quiet so he doesn't try to chat. One night I swear he just kept licking my nipple then looking up and giggling for about half an hour.

HavingALittleFaithBaby Sun 17-Mar-13 21:43:51

He's been drinking lots for a while. The fur loss is sudden but not uncommon when they're old! He's still collecting food so maybe it's not imminent....I'll see how he goes.

I can't believe I'll have my baybee in 8 weeks max! shock

joops aw giggling baybee! He is very handsome, I luffed the pic today! smile

FriendofDorothy Sun 17-Mar-13 21:46:45

Does anyone know at what age babies can sit in a buggy rather than lie down?

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 19-Mar-13 07:18:55

dor in my head its 6 months but I might be making that up?

Aargh my last chance to lie in before Saturday and I've been awake since 6! My buzzwams are very itchy too.

I am getting increasingly worried about the lump in the bump. I suspect it's too large to be a bum. Back on the ball before work...

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 19-Mar-13 07:20:39

Oh but on a positive note, I'm 35 weeks today! How time flies smile

bluer Tue 19-Mar-13 07:37:02

Eek! Its getting close now faith! ! Must be exciting. I'm at the half way point nearly...getting nervous about the scan in a few Weeks but i'm also desperate to know boy or girl! How can people not find out? ? ! It's driving me potty!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 19-Mar-13 07:50:15

Yes not long! I'm pleased I've got this far to be honest! I got a bit worried about early labour at one point...at least I'm nearly term now. I think I'll be more excited when I've finished work. I can't wait for Friday afternoon! smile

Do you have a feeling of what you're having blue? I think you're having a boy.

MsJupiterJones Tue 19-Mar-13 15:41:27

I think it's 6 months Dor but I know plenty of people who have swapped earlier. Most buggies have an 'almost-flat' option if you wanted to try it. L gets his best naps in the pram so I am in no hurry to change!

Oh I am getting so excited for you Faith! I was just reading Baby Names threads and wondering what yours will be. PLEASE tell me she will have Faith as a middle name?! (Unless she comes out with an unexpected appendage.)

JethroTull Tue 19-Mar-13 19:27:41

Did all of you that have laid know your babies names before they were born or did you have some to choose from & then match the name to the baby?

JethroTull Tue 19-Mar-13 19:28:27

Roll on Friday ^Faithy*!

bluer Tue 19-Mar-13 20:48:49

I think it's a boy too for some reason...i've not really considered agirl at all...I just came imagine it for some strange reason. Well hopefully be finding out soon

HavingALittleFaithBaby Tue 19-Mar-13 21:25:07

I do wonder if its the association between your MN NN with 'blue' in it though?!

jeff I think might be a girl....

Wahoo 3 shifts to go! Work is mental. Lots of patients who are hard work and demanding and I just can't run round after them!

Oh, want a laugh. Tonight MSB said I can get his tea ready for when he gets home every night while I'm on mat leave because I'll be at home doing nothing hmm. I responded by telling him he had no idea what it's like to be a parent! smile What a wally!

FriendofDorothy Tue 19-Mar-13 21:58:14

We had a few names to choose form, but I think I knew all along what it was going to be.

bluer Tue 19-Mar-13 21:58:39

Ha...mr df made a similar comment the other day. I really feel a bit sorry for him...he has absolutely zero baby experience and I think he may be going into this completely unaware! I think he's in for a shock when it finally clicks that life will change. He's going on about garden plans etc that will require a lot of time and energy for example!
Maybe I'll have to change to pinkr grin

MsJupiterJones Wed 20-Mar-13 06:26:47

I have only just started cooking again and L will be 5 months next week. Some most days I don't even get around to having lunch before TBI gets home from work never mind starting on dinner!

Re. Names, we chose two boys' names and two girls' names before we knew which he was. Then chose from the two boys' names when we met him. But there was always a front runner. His middle name was decided years ago as it is a family name from my side.

However, in a morphine-induced haze the night after he was born, I came up with a new name which I thought was the best name ever. TBI vetoed it but it grew on him so it's now a second middle name (the clue is in my username...)

HavingALittleFaithBaby Wed 20-Mar-13 21:43:29

morphine induced haze baybee naming! grin love it! We have a name we are pretty set on if it does turn out to be pink. I have no idea what we'll call a boy if it pops out with a winky....we had a boy's name all set, last week he said he doesn't like it any more! shock I'm hoping it'll just seem natural when the time comes.

I have 15 hours (2 shifts) left to work. Last lot of uniforms are ironed! Felt very strange to realise next time I iron I'll be back in non extending uniforms!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 22-Mar-13 06:10:26

Well that's the last 5.45 alarm for a while well until my baybee wakes me demanding milk
<hopes stays Pickle stays put for a couple of weeks>

LazyMachine Fri 22-Mar-13 06:55:07

We named LazyBoy at around 28-30 weeks. I'm a complete control freak little prone to organisation and was much happier when we'd sorted out his name!

LazyMachine Fri 22-Mar-13 07:01:59

Happy Last Day of Non-Baybee Work, Faife!

JethroTull Fri 22-Mar-13 07:16:23

Yay! Last day at work Faith - hope it's not too busy.

JethroTull Fri 22-Mar-13 07:19:32

We haven't talked about names, or where the baby might sleep or anything really. I am too scared that by talking, out loud, about stuff, it will jinx it. 12 week scan is on Monday & I'm hoping that might make me less terrified!!

bluer Fri 22-Mar-13 07:41:50

Happy last day at work faith! !
Jeff we were exactly like that, I think it's normal especially when you've waited and hoped etc. part of me is scared about the 20 week scan in case anything is wrong. We're holding off on the name chat till then but we did buy a pram!
Hope your little one isn't as camera shy as ours was...although seeing them face in and waving was amazing!

HavingALittleFaithBaby Fri 22-Mar-13 15:58:16

It was...sh1t, Er literally! Lots of poo! Very busy confused but I'm done! Wahoo! Now if Pickle can just stay put for a bit I can get around to relaxing! smile

MsJupiterJones Fri 22-Mar-13 17:50:57

Congrats Faith!