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October 2013-anyone else with an early Bfp?

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tackytiger Mon 21-Jan-13 15:57:12

Got my line at 10dpo
This will be my secomd dc. Torn between delight and fear it will all go wrong. Dd october 3 by my reckoning.
Cant tell anyone except dh in real life so hoping i can get quietly excited here!

racheld33 Mon 21-Jan-13 18:45:09

Hello tackytiger!
By my calculations I'm also due 3rd October so we can do this together!
I got faint positive 8 dpo and its been getting darker everyday since (had a box of 5 so I thought I'd use them all up!)
This is my 2nd too, got 2 and 1/2 year old DS.
Really excited, took us a long 6 months TTC, so feels like we've earned it.
Really want to tell people but as not to tempt fate it's just me and DH who can get excited at the moment!

mycatlikestwiglets Mon 21-Jan-13 20:42:39

Hi ladies, can I join? Got my bfp this morning and am pretty excited! EDD is 28 Sept but as Dc1 was 10 days overdue I reckon early Oct is more likely.

Like you, this will be DC2 - I have a DS who just turned 2. I feel eerily like I did with DS so hopefully that's a good early sign that all will be well with this one too!

Umlauf Mon 21-Jan-13 20:47:35

Hello! This is my first ever mumsnet post having lurked on the TTC groups for a bit! I'm 26, married, this will be DC1! AF was due on Friday, very unsure about due date but should be end of September/early October. I think I'm 4 weeks.

. I live in Spain and don't speak much spanish so am very nervous! Went to register with a doctor on Friday and ended up telling everyone I was having my cousins baby by mistake! (The word for 'first' and 'cousin' are quite similar and I think it was made worse as DH and I share a surname which they don't do in Spain!) I can see this is going to be quite an adventure...

Anyone else TERRIFIED something will go wrong? I keep reading horror stories on the Internet and was lurking on the sept thread and so sad people have to drop off threads. :-(

racheld33 Mon 21-Jan-13 21:09:15

Hi mycat I felt weirdly like I did with DS too, I knew I was preggers from 5 dpo (due to scanky cervical mucous that I remember so well!) sorry if TMI so early in the thread!

And hello umlauf, must be so hard with a language barrier to complicate things! I know with my DS I was so worried that something was going to go wrong that I didn't tell anyone till I was 20 weeks, I didn't buy anything for the baby till I was 8 months. Now I look back and feel a bit sad I was so worried that I didn't enjoy the preparation. Although there are always sad stories to be heard, most pregnancies go perfectly (other than nausea/vomitting/heartburn etc!) without any intervention and at the end you end up with a cuddly bundle!

Umlauf Mon 21-Jan-13 22:03:51

Hey rachel and congrats on your bfp!! yes it's hard with the language problem and I don't know many people here so am feeling a little lonely, that's why I was thrilled to join here! They also seem so lax about the whole thing, pregnant ladies still smoking etc and no-one bats an eyelid!

Speaking of nausea, vomiting etc, has anybody experienced any symptoms yet? All I have is extreme tiredness (although that could be from cutting caffeine) and very are boobs. I almost want the vomiting to know everything is ok! mycat how do you feel?!

tackytiger Mon 21-Jan-13 22:33:27

Hurray!lovely to meet you all. Glad i can do a bit of mild squeeing here.
Rachel, i knew this was my month from about 5 dpo too. It was the absence of symptoms rather than anything else- no pmt! Now i have serious tiredness and a bit of mild nausea. Didnt have any of that with dd.
Umlauf, i am petrified of something going wrong. With dd i didnt even consider it, but since i had her i worry about everything! Fingers crossed, eh?!
We want to tell her after the scan as it'll be around her third birthday. Then we'll be going to visit our families in april so can hopefully tell them in person.
So absolutely thrilled, it's like the most gorgeous secret feeling ever.

mycatlikestwiglets Tue 22-Jan-13 08:42:17

umlauf, I sort of knew I was pg as my skin was so good - i usually get blocked pores when af is due but it's really clear atm! I tested on Saturday and got a bfn but started to get sore boobs on Sunday so I had a feeling a bfp was on its way - managed to hold off until yesterday and there it was! I'm feeling pretty good now but starting to get a bit of an icky feeling from time to time so i suspect there might be some morning sickness on the way (I had constant nausea with DS so am not looking forward to that). I'm also feeling hungry all the time but only really want healthy stuff - exactly like when i was pg with DS!

Apart from that, I have insomnia. i keep waking up really early and not being able to get back to sleep. Am surprised at how ok I feel actually, the tiredness doesn't seem to have hit yet! Has anyone else turned into an insomniac?

racheld33 Tue 22-Jan-13 13:09:15

Wow, all symptoms you have I have too!
Bit tired (but DS been up with croup so may be more due to that), Sore boobs, early morning insomnia (waking 5.30 ish and then can't get back to sleep so I've started to use that time to think of baby names-a bit early I know LOL!)

I am currently stocking up my cupboards, freezer, stock cupboard to prepare for the awful MS to come. At 6 weeks with my last pregnancy I was sick on average 20 times a day (nighttime was the worst!), ended up in hospital and then on anti sickness drugs till I was 24 weeks (which helped a bit to prevent to vomiting but still felt nausea most of the time) I figure the more prepared i am, the less of a hassle it will be when it comes!

WillSantaComeAgain Tue 22-Jan-13 13:24:32

Hello all - technically should be in September, but they're already on thread no 2 and its so busy, I'd never catch up. Plus DC1 and PG2 (late mc in the summer) were both due at the end of the month and I got really fed up with being up to a month behind everyone. [impatient emoticon]. Anyway, for the purposes of this thread, I'm going to say that my EDD is 1 Oct, but that may not be entirely true hmm.

DC1 is 2 and we've been TTC for a year (with one semi-success in the middle). Insomnia has been my friend for months now anyway, lurching between various stresses, including the thought that I'd never get pg again. But although I should be thrilled, I'm a bit biscuit because I don't want to get too excited in case it goes wrong.

[Waves madly to compensate for slightly eyeore like nature of the last sentance]

Umlauf Tue 22-Jan-13 14:31:13

Hello santa I am kind of the same as you! Based in one app I am due 28th September but I figured first babies are often late! And I'm really jealous that everyone on that thread is having scans, sickness (god I am so weird being jealous of sickness) etc and they seem SO far ahead!

My first appointment is next Friday and I don't know what to expect. It will be (I think) nearly 6 weeks so are they unlikely to scan and just test bloods? Live in Spain so could well be different to back home.

Has anyone told people yet? I've just told my mum and dad. It seems so weird having this massive secret! Really want to tell my boss soon though as he is increasing my workload and I am already so exhausted.

I'm also really concerned about finances. Been checking over everything and I am entitled to nothing whatsoever when the baby comes. Zilch. No maternity pay, benefits, child allowance. So we are going to have to move to a smaller apartment and save like crazy until the baby is here! DH applying for promotion but wouldn't find out til next January! I will very much be a budget mummy, sniff!

Umlauf Tue 22-Jan-13 14:32:13

mycat you are tres lucky my skin has gone AWFUL! I look like a teenager again! And oh my, the boobache.

Mamab33 Tue 22-Jan-13 19:54:28

Hello ladies. BFP 15 Jan. This is DC1. So exciting but it is so difficult to keep it secret!

nicecupofteaplease Tue 22-Jan-13 19:59:35

Whooppee! Somewhere I'm allowed to tell people. I am so bad at keeping pregnancies a secret, fear I may crack. I think I'm due 2nd October with DC THREE. Yup. Gulp.

I've totally forgotten what to do when you find out you're pregnant and sounded like a complete idiot talking to our lovely midwife who was a bit surprised when I said this was number three. For anyone else whose mind has gone blank - call midwife and make booking appt, sit tight for 4 weeks, then get first scan date in the post. Then gestate.

I have had to hold myself back from going crazy on the maternity clothes shopping, but not sure how long that will last smile

Congrats everyone!

Mamab33 Tue 22-Jan-13 20:19:21

How long are you planning to wait until you tell everybody? Will first scan be at 12 weeks or can it be early sometimes?

Have appointment with GP to tell them this week. Hopefully that will get the ball rolling smile

racheld33 Tue 22-Jan-13 20:32:25

Just got back from an appt with the GP to tell them I was pregnant.
She's given me a due date of 1st October!
Got me to sign a form so I get free prescriptions, written me a prescription for folic acid (which I told her I already had but she gave me anyway) and one for cyclizine (the anti sickeness drug I needed last time to make my vomiting slightly under control), and said will contact my hospital of choice so they know I'm going to be going there.
All feels real now!
Going to tell my mum and dad this weekend (as they will definitely be needed to help with child care when sickness kicks in) but other than that going to keep quiet till 12 weeks smile

Mamab33 Tue 22-Jan-13 20:46:02

Congratulations! smile

It must feel more real now...I can't wait!

nicecupofteaplease Wed 23-Jan-13 20:59:21

SO tired

mycatlikestwiglets Thu 24-Jan-13 07:28:17

I'm sadly going to check out of this thread - symptoms suddenly disappeared yesterday and started bleeding heavily last night sad. I guess this one wasn't meant to be but at least it happened early. DS will be getting some extra big cuddles this morning!

Wishing all you ladies the very best of luck. There's a small chance of me joining you again if all goes well with ttc again next month seeing as I was technically a late Sept person - cross your fingers for me getting a quick BFP and a late Oct EDD!

Umlauf Thu 24-Jan-13 07:53:15

Oh no. mycat I'm so sorry to hear your news. I do hope you are being pampered this morning and cuddled lots by ds. Fx you'll join us in a few weeks, I'm sure it'll happen v quickly. Xxx

legallyblond Thu 24-Jan-13 07:59:40

So sorry Mycat.... Such sad news.

I will catch up properly with the thread soon but, can I join please!?

BFP yesterday and I calculate due date as 1 Oct! We have a DD already who is 2.3, so she'll be 3 if this one arrives. They could share a bday...

Feeling a bit of a mixed bag as this wasn't planned exactly... We had one "slip up". We had imagined a bigger gap for all sorts of practical reasons, but when I quell the panic re finances etc, I am obviously very excited! Despite the surprise element, I very much hope it sticks!

Feel as I did last time - that tugging sort of feeling down there and super achy boobs. Not nearly as tired, but I think that's a case of mind over matter!

For those who have DCs already, when will you give them the news? We were thinking of not hiding it as such, but properly explaining it all to her after the 12 week scan... If we get that far.

BFP was yesterday, so still reeling......! I guessed there was a possibility, but thought it v remote! The "incident" was a good 4 days post ovulation....

Umlauf Thu 24-Jan-13 11:06:57

Hi Legally Blonde and congratulations! Have you got any symptoms yet? Our little cell-clusters are the size of an orange pip ish at the moment!!

legallyblond Thu 24-Jan-13 11:57:32

Yes - same as last time at this stage. A dull sort of achy tugging feeling down there, quite low (I remember worrying about it last time and explaining it to the GP as "exactly like the feeling of someone pulling my hair - uncomfortable tugging and a bit sore- but inside"... He said it was it all "bedding in" and all was fine) and achy, achy boobs... Like the worst af ever is about to strike. Also mildly queasy (retching this morning when tooth brushing), which I also remember from last time but it was milder with DD. so yes, symptoms! They are why I tested!

legallyblond Thu 24-Jan-13 11:58:33

You Umlauf? Symptoms? I need to catch up.... Will this be your first?

Umlauf Thu 24-Jan-13 15:00:00

Hi! I don't have many which I am paranoid about. Terribly achy boobs although worse at night and so I panic each morning and pinch them just to check! (Crazy) sore throat (probably completely underrated) occasional pains (but often turn out to be wind!) as you can see I'm analysing everything!!

This will be my first, so very excited! And I'm doing the whole thing abroad as well with limited knowledge of the local lingo so its very much an adventure! Crazily wishing for ms through so I know that things are going in the right direction, or for a bump or heartbeat.... Just a sign its real!

legallyblond Thu 24-Jan-13 15:17:25

I had no morning sickness at all with DD and didn't feel a kick until 26 weeks (v late!).... She's now 2!

I can't promise all will be fine but symptoms etc at this stage have very little bearing. Until much later, the only really important thing is to take folic acid. Try not to panic!!

For much of being preg with DD, the only symptom was the small bump! And that wasn't until 20 weeks!

C0smos Thu 24-Jan-13 16:43:22

I'll also join you if you don't mind, another who is technically a late September but that thread is far too full and everyone seems so far ahead.
This will be DC2 for me, have a DS who is 4.5 we've been TTC for over a year and I had a laparoscopy in Dec, although gyne couldn't find anything wrong and told me I'd be pregnant soon - he was right.
I'm 36 so very worried about mc but just trying not to think about it.
I've been feeling a little bit sick and just generally yuck which I didn't at all in my last pregnancy I'm hoping that's a good sign.

Mamab33 Thu 24-Jan-13 19:47:48

Had my first GP appointment today. All fine and really excited but freaking myself out....was persuaded to have the flu jab. Please tell me I did the right thing??

Umlauf Thu 24-Jan-13 19:58:11

Exciting! What else happened? I have no insight on the flu jab although I am sure it was a good idea if the doc recommended it. Did you get to see/hear anything? (first timer so literally clueless!) mines next Friday!

JellyCurls Thu 24-Jan-13 20:02:32

Hello ladies room for one more? Think am due about the 3rd October and this will be dc3 - yikes.

No major symptoms but got stretchy pelvis and am knackered

racheld33 Thu 24-Jan-13 20:18:07

So sorry mycat, lots of cuddles definately needed, and fx will see you towards the end of the month! X

Hello legallyblond and congrats on your BFP (even if wasn't planned!!!!). I have 2 and 1/2 year old DS. this week I have already said to him 'it would be nice for mummy to have another baby and then we would have someone else to play with' and he just said 'yes' and that was it! My plan is to just keep talking like that to him for the next few months, and as I get bigger then point to my tummy and say 'look this is the baby in mummy's tummy' and go from there! Don't think he'd be too bothered if I told him we were having a baby...... He's more interested in fireman Sam!

tackytiger Thu 24-Jan-13 22:55:46

Mine is so excited about babies and has been asking for a brother or sister for ages. Not going to tell hre until after the scan though.
Also,i had no morning sickness in my first pregnancy so it's normal not to now, right?!

legallyblond Thu 24-Jan-13 23:00:04

Hi jelly! Good to see you here!!!

Mamab33 Thu 24-Jan-13 23:07:12

Hello Umlauf I'm pretty clueless too. Got predicted date... looks like I'm about 6 weeks. Got given some forms to try to fill in because it seems that you manage your own file so that anybody who treats hou can see it. Got given tub of folic acid with vits C & D to take. Told not to smoke or drink and referred to MW for appointment at 10wks to test for sickle cell anaemia, which they have just started doing. Got leaflets about all of the other tests that we will have done. Can't wait for DH to get home now to talk it all over. It is definitely feeling more real now!!smile

Mamab33 Thu 24-Jan-13 23:21:49

FX big cuddles

char1eston Fri 25-Jan-13 07:44:24

Hello all. Can I join please? Haven't had a chance to read through all the posts yet but will do when I get home from work.
Got my BFP a couple of days ago and am still quite amazed as it happened so quickly (same happened with DD (19 months)).
Not sure exactly when I ovulated as I had a weird AF last month but predicted due date is 29th Sept. Was a week late though with dd so I have no doubt that I'm looking at October.
Fingers crossed at the mo for a sticky bean (for me and everyone else).
Hope you are all feeling well.

PenelopeLane Fri 25-Jan-13 08:36:00

Hello! Can I please join? I have done three tests now, and on each one the line is darker - and the mumsnet calculator says 2 Oct. I already have one ds, who may have a sibling on his birthday if this bean sticks! grin

No symptoms here except cramps and the largest pimple known to man. Had terrible skin with DS so hope not to repeat that!

Mamab33 Fri 25-Jan-13 09:33:53

Congratulations Pene and Char.
Bad skin massive sore bbs and insomnia are my main symptoms. Have had a lot of crampish type sensations too.
FX for all!

char1eston Fri 25-Jan-13 11:55:58

Lovely that there's a few of us in here. Have caught up with all the posts do far.
Umlauf - don't worry about the lack o symptoms. I didn't have any with dd until I was about 7 weeks when my boobs started to hurt (first I knew I was pg) and I didn't have any ms grin.
Everyone is different and won't experience the same stuff.
My boobs are nowhere near as sore (yet) but I do have a metallic taste in my mouth and gag when brushing my teeth!

char1eston Fri 25-Jan-13 12:04:34

C0smos - I am 36 too

Umlauf Fri 25-Jan-13 13:31:54

Oh I have the boob thing. And I'm really tired. I'm still in bed! Wat a wate of a day off! Although am not feeling too guilty as will probably never have a duvet day again in 8 months! Also very hungry, got out of bed to make a huge plate of pasta. Just no sickness yet!

When does the the very first scan/vag-cam happen?! Ie, how long before I can see it!?

C0smos Fri 25-Jan-13 14:59:36

I've got horrible lower back ache, seems to come on over the course of the day, gone again by morning. I'm also a moody cow had a right grump at DH as he threw away a school newsletter I needed and the went off to work without putting the recycling out - I'm hoping these are all good signs!!

char1eston Fri 25-Jan-13 15:25:43

I didn't have an early scan with dd - first one was at 12 weeks. Not sure if it's different in Spain.
Will you have baby over there?

Umlauf Fri 25-Jan-13 16:03:24

Yes I suppose so. DH suggested going back but we'd end up based out of our parents, if its late then there's the issue of DH taking ages off work... It'll certainly be an adventure here!

JellyCurls Fri 25-Jan-13 16:11:12

Hello ladies no symptoms here yet except still got a pully pelvis. Called doc for booking appointment and got none for two weeks so going to be a long wait

legallyblond Fri 25-Jan-13 16:20:47

Umlauf - I also didn't have a scan until 12 weeks with DD. I suspect it's similar in Spain. I am sure all will be fine with us all, but there's just no point the NHS throwing resources af scans earlier than that jobless something could be wrong (like bleeding) as that 12 week mark is a good cut off in terms of pregs that are healthy then are very very likely to continue. Personally, unless there is something of concern (like I was bleeding) I would not want a scan earlier than 12 weeks. I prefer not to see it until I know it is sticking! Scans all the way to about 8 weeks give a potentially false hope (completely different obviously of you need to get a concern checked out). I don't mean to be negative at all, all is likely to progress perfectly! Don't worry and be patient!!!! Spain will indeed be an adventure but they are I'm sure very capable there! Most pregnancies and births are basically just the body doing what it's made to do, so all tends to be fine with minimal intervention in the vast majority of cases! I took great comfort from that last time!

Jelly - hi! I hate the tugging pelvis feeling. I remember it well!

Hi Charleston, Cosmos, Mamab33 and Penelope!!!

legallyblond Fri 25-Jan-13 16:26:49

Oh and Tackytiger and Racheld33 - my DD has been baby obsessed for months! Everything (and I mean everything, like the phone or a bit of food hmm is her "baby" and needs feeding or putting to bed or cuddling.... Her godmother and our neighbour (who has a DD the same age as my DD) are both due in Spring, so DD has been telling everyone (wrongly, obviously!) for months that " there's a baby in my mummy's tummy".. Although she did occasionally go on to explain it was baby Jesus.... Upside is noone will think I actually am preg if she says I am!

legallyblond Fri 25-Jan-13 16:28:43

Sirry, iPhone went a bit crazy on my first post... Weird typos!

studentvera Fri 25-Jan-13 19:44:54

Can I add myself to the thread! Am 4 weeks today with due date 4th oct I think!
Am so excited having spent 10 months ttc.
I'm 36 and this is my first.
Looking forward to sharing symptoms. At the moment I am peeing lots and have a pulling feeling low down wink

racheld33 Fri 25-Jan-13 20:27:37

Had my first daytime nap for this pregnancy today, put DS down for his and could feel my bed calling, was soooo tired, felt good (but DH was less that impressed when he came home to a house in a tip and no tea made!)

Hello to all the new joiners and congrats on your BFP's!

PenelopeLane Fri 25-Jan-13 20:36:13

Hello student!

Hmmm I did a negative test this morning, after 2 positives. Not sure what to think, but no bleeding

Umlauf Fri 25-Jan-13 20:53:31

Loving that this thread is getting busier now! penelope did you use the same brand? Have you any symptoms at all like sore boobs or anything else? It could be that your second test was a less sensitive one than the first. I got a strong, obvious result with the digital and then weirdly the first response was barely visible at all a couple of days later. Did you use the lines one or the digi? Try not to worry maybe do another in the morning with your first wee xx

Mamab33 Fri 25-Jan-13 22:38:13

Loving it rach I was lucky to be able to nap this afternoon. Couln't sleep last night. Was worried that I'd had my flu jab at doc appointment. Has anybody else had theirs yet? As someone else that had theirs at 5wks said they just had a sore arm. I am the same.
Does anyone know if we are safe to use lavender oil in first trimester?? Confused. Had been avoiding all essential oils but someone suggested a couple of drops in the bath before bed to help sleep.

PenelopeLane Sat 26-Jan-13 01:18:08

Umlauf it was the same brand and the second one from the packet! So who knows. With DSI tested negative after testing positive, maybe it's just due to testing too soon? Who knows. I don't have any other symptoms apart from having had cramp the past week, which I remember well from DS. Last time I didn't get any of the classic symptoms until later - about weeks 6 - 7 - and it was weeks 7 - 12 that were the roughest.

Mama I'll be getting the jab as well, I don't think there is anything to worry about. Where I live they're free for pregnant women when everyone else has to pay (no NHS here) so that's saying how important it's considered.

I could be wrong, but wouldn't see anything wrong with lavender oil either.

char1eston Sat 26-Jan-13 09:18:33

I used lavender oil with pg1 - sure it's fine. Also ha the flu jab last time too(and was fine) but can't have my docs appt for a couple of weeks so have not had it yet.

Hi ladies. Got my bfp on wednesday. Am due 2nd oct by my calculations so 4.4 weeks gone. Not much symptom wise other than achey bulbous boobs and a bit of insomnia. Keep waking up around 4 and find it difficult to go back to sleep. Phoning for my first doctors appointment tomorrow. Trying not to get too excited but not doing very well!

char1eston Sat 26-Jan-13 16:18:41

Welcom pinklady

Tutti78 Sat 26-Jan-13 18:47:11


Do you mind if I join you? This is my first post ever but have been reading all the threads for what feels like forever!

I got my bfp last sunday and edd is 28th September but am thinking it is more likely to be early October. This is my second pregnancy as had a mmc in June so am freaking out with differing symptoms. Last time I had bad morning sickness up to the 12 weeks and was also shattered. This time I have just had a few twinges. Am scared to go for an early scan (have been on clomid so scanned every month) in case they say it is too small or there is a problem. Just want to get to the safe(ish) zone!!

Umlauf Sat 26-Jan-13 18:57:11

Welcome pinklady and tutti

Tutti I know what you mean about wanting to get to the safe zone, I panic every day at every little twinge or lack thereof! It's very hard to just relax! Is this your first DC?

Last night when I took my bra off my boobs hurt so much I actually cried. It was horrible, felt like they were trying to pull themselves off my body. And this morning my bra was too small so I think they had a little spurt. Going to nest in one of these but just trying to predict how many sizes to go up! I'm falling out of my 28f-g top, was thinking 30 gg-h.. Very stretchy so hopefully could fit a bump in there aswell and someone in the reviews says she used it for breast feeding!

How have people's ohs been? Mine doesn't seem particularly google obsessed interested although this morning he was very sweet and said how happy he was. Keeps offering to make me coffee and forgetting about the caffeine the idiot darling...!

Umlauf Sat 26-Jan-13 18:57:39

Invest! Not nest! At least not yet...!

Tutti78 Sat 26-Jan-13 19:05:43

Hi Umlauf

Yes this will (fingers crossed, touch wood etc) be my first dc. Have been ttc for almost three years so am pinning all my hopes this time whilst also trying not to get too excited at the same time.

My dh is just trying to be incredibly reassuring and is desperate to tell his parents but am trying to get him to hold off until the 12 weeks as we let them know at 6/7 weeks last time and they and my parents were so upset and disappointed.

Bought some sleep bras from Mamas and Papas yesterday to try and alleviate the sore boobs in bed so hoping that they do the trick. Was nice to buy something maternity related too even if its not the most exciting item but it will do until I can tell people and get prepared!

char1eston Sat 26-Jan-13 19:57:05

Welcome tutti
I have told my mum today as I'm visiting her for the weekend. It will be heartbreaking if it doesn't work out but I really wanted to tell her in person and don't visit often.
I'm a little concerned that my boobs don't hurt as much as last time but maybe it's a little early. Have definitely felt some tightenings today, so at least that's positive.
It's so hard to remain positive but we should keep those good vibes going smile

racheld33 Sat 26-Jan-13 20:09:02

Welcome tutti and pinklady

I told my mum and dad tonight, as expecting to need their childcare help soon when sickness sticks in (last pregnancy I felt perfect till 6 weeks then the sickness hit so I'm trying to enjoy these 2 weeks of early pregnancy where I feel excited and healthy)

My boobs not too big/sore at the moment, my main symptom is excessive stringy sticky cervical mucous (sorry if anyone's having a Saturday night curry as they're reading this!), which is exactly what I had with my last pregnancy for the whole 9 months.

unlauf I was so excited when I got my BFP that I immediately got my box of old maternity clothes out of the loft in preparation! Obviously they all look massive at the moment, but hopefully my bras will come in useful soon- I remember last time crying one day cos my boobs were so sore, went straight to M&S and the nice lady fitted me in some unflattering but beautifully comfortable crop top style non wired bra-the glamour of pregnancy! grin

PenelopeLane Sat 26-Jan-13 20:46:27

I've told my mum,and will tell my sisters as well when I see them all together - I know it's early, but I'd want them to know about a mmc so no harm in telling them at all. I told them all at 6 weeks last time.

Mamab33 Sat 26-Jan-13 21:39:21

Thank you char and welcome tutti and pink lady.

I was going to tell my mum today but for some reason it didn't feel right. Think she will be the only person we'll tell before we get the all clear at the 12wk scan.
Think i'll be investing in some comfy bras too!

picklepickle Sat 26-Jan-13 22:02:37

hello all i'm going to be optimistic and join you all.
Many congratulations to you all too.
Got a faint BFP yesterday, but AF not due until next Thurs ish. Due date is 10/10.
Racheld33 helped me on another thread, so am more positive that it is an early positive!!
This is dc3 but still so excited....

Tutti78 Sun 27-Jan-13 07:52:48

Welcome picklepickle and congrats!
Did anyone else only get about 20minutes sleep last night?? My night consisted of being too hot, being too cold, freaky dreams, tossing and turning, needing to pee, sore boobs and general insomnia-can't wait for a long Sunday afternoon nap with any luck!

legallyblond Sun 27-Jan-13 07:54:59

Morning all! Freaky dreams EVERY night here for the last week or so. Now you mention it, I remember that from last time! X x

funkky Sun 27-Jan-13 07:55:46

Am so happy! Tested positive yesterday, about 4 weeks gone ( a whole month already) by my calculations. First baby, being TTC for 8 months.
I actually cried at my last GP appointment as I was asking for fertility tests and she said to just relax but asked DH to do a sperm count - we don't need that now!
EDD is 4th oct. not telling parents until 12 week can, can't wait till tomorrow (Monday) to book GP appointment.

Only symptoms are belching a lot and that tugging pull at lower belly, surprisingly I had a lot of false alarms previously where I could swear I had all the symptoms nausea etc but turned out negative.

legallyblond Sun 27-Jan-13 07:57:49

I would have to get very lucky yo get a nap today. DD is particularly un sleep and attention demanding at the mo! And awake at 6.30 of course! I'm knackered!

char1eston Sun 27-Jan-13 09:46:46

Welcome funkky and pickle and congrats on the bfp

Hazel123 Sun 27-Jan-13 10:02:02

I am also new to Mumsnet and after finding out I have a teeny tiny bun in the oven am very excited that I have a place to share early experiences! Reassuring to hear similar experiences to mine - slight sicky feeling now and again, achy achy boobs and waking up really early - I sympathise. Anyone else having mad dizzy spells? Mine seem to come after eating! forgive me if it takes a while to get in know all the codes!!! Eeeek, all very exciting yet very scary too!

Hazel123 Sun 27-Jan-13 10:05:58

Tutti78! I also have been having totally crazy dreams and waking up really hot. It's not very often I get called normal but I hope this is haha! Congratulations by the way! xxx

Mamab33 Sun 27-Jan-13 10:23:09

Hello funkky, pickle & Hazel. Congratulations! It is lovely to have a place to share all of our ecperiences. This is DC1 for us.
Single hiccups?? I've had a few...noticed one from my SIL yesterday! Quietly hoping she is expecting too! smile

BridgetandtheHairyBrigands Sun 27-Jan-13 13:18:50

Hello all and many congratulations on your BFPs thanks

I hope you don't mind me briefly popping in and marking my place.

I'm too scared to join properly as I have a history of early losses sad but I really hope to be back in a few weeks if everything is looking good (EDD 9th October)

Tutti78 Sun 27-Jan-13 13:43:10

Thanks Hazel123 and best of luck to Bridget, hope to see you back here soon.

Artyparty Sun 27-Jan-13 16:49:46

Hello all
I'm in the club too! 2nd time around - have a 2yo DD.
Excited- knew I was pregnant right away: skin & hair glossy/ smelling weird things. Just confirmed last week.
Yay - good luck to all in the coming days & months...

deeB83 Sun 27-Jan-13 17:04:08

Hi ladies, congratulations to everyone on their BFPs. Can I join too got my bfp this morning EDD 6th Oct. This is dc2 for us have a dd who is 3.
Not really got many symptoms boobs are slightly sore and feel a bit crampy. Been trying to remember what symptoms I had with dd but have a memory like a sieve!
Hope to be posting here lots over the next few months if fingers crossed everything goes well.

Morning ladies! Im up at 8 on my day off! Grrrr. Went to bed wirh headache, not sure what i could take so woke up with it and a snorty nose and sore throat. sore boobs and sort of heavy feeling down there still, all very reassuring symptoms. Waiting for the drs to open so i can phone for my first appiontment. Other half wants ro tell his parents this weekend but im unsure. They smoke ALOT so he wants to tell them when we go for lunch otherwise i cant avoid the smoke in the house. Im annoyed that we have to tell them early just cos they smoke. Thats not my fault! My parents live abroad so wondering when to tell them as id rather do it face to face. They are coming over on april 3rd, could i wait till then?!! Will have had scan by then hopefully. Had it in my head that we would get both parents together and show the scan but the smoking thing has f&£)?ed that up. Sorry for long post, just wondering when you ladies are telling folks?

Umlauf Mon 28-Jan-13 10:03:52

Euwww I hate smokers. Is there no way you can just ask them not to because it smells disgusting and you don't want your hair to stink?!

5 weeks today! I told my mum at 3 weeks by phone (I live abroad and don't know when I'm next seeing her!) and she told my Dad. It's their first grandchild so they are feeling rather old and sorry for themselves, but excited and happy too! DHs parents are visiting at the end if Feb so we are going to tell them in person (at about 7 weeks). I want to tell them earlier so I can get some maternity bras delivered to them to bring over but I understand that's not the best reason! My Mum was a bit baffled as to why I was telling her so early. April is fairly late isn't it, won't you have wanted to tell most people by then as you'll be in 2nd trimester? I guess as long as they aren't the last to know it does t matter when you tell them.

How's everyone doing so far? I've become less upset about the boob problem having discovered 3 bras in the next cup size at the back if my draw, so not bursting over the edges anymore! I used to work for bravissimo so massively paranoid about poorly fitting bras and mastitis. dH paid today so buying me the night tops tonight! Also really looking forward to my second first appointment on Friday. Have written a list of questions and translated them, and DH has made me a pregnancy Spanish/English dictionary, very comprehensive, it's even got epistiotomy and various other words I wouldn't know in English! I've also been told I don't want to know that one....

Mamab33 Mon 28-Jan-13 12:01:38

Well I told my Mum last night because she is staying with us. Typical that I started bleeding before bed.
MS kicked in with a vengence this morn too. Been for an early emergency scan and saw my wee sack of amniotic fluid and its blood supply around it. They seem positive.
Due back next week for another scan. Hope all is well with everyone else!

Umlauf That is such a lovely thought from DH. I'm not sure what the dreaded E word is either but I know that I don't want to hear it near me!

Congratulations Arty & dee

Have to add that I'm with Umlauf on the smoking thing. It is a shame that you are having to consider telling them early because of it.

JellyCurls Mon 28-Jan-13 12:30:50

Hello ladies, well sore boobs, sickness and serious insomnia kicked in last night / today. needless to say I look like death warmed up this morning.

We wont be telling parents till after first scan and wont be telling kids till after 20wk scan when we know all is as well as it can be. Managed to hide bump till near 26 weeks first time round and about 20 weeks with dc2 so hoping for discreet bump again highly unlikely unless I get better at pelvic floor excercises

Off to feel sorry for myself now, hope you all nice and healthy

doobeedee Mon 28-Jan-13 16:47:12

Hi everyone. May I join? Got my BFP on Wed but bled a bit on Thurs so have been waiting to join but I got a good strong line last night and 2-3 on a digi. This was round 1 of Clomid after over a year of trying without it. EDD Oct 5th

legallyblond Mon 28-Jan-13 18:11:00

Hi all!

Umlauf, with DD I hardly showed until 20 weeks and didn't tell "the world" until then. Wanted to wait for the second scan I think. I told (and am telling now) v close family and my best friend as soon as I knew in case I lost it - I'd want and need their support if I miscarry.

Mama - I think our kids won't really be able to contemplate it until there's a bump, even if we tell them pre 20 weeks. I think I'll tell dd at some point between 12 and 20. Sadly, highly unlikely to not show until 20 weeks with this one.....!!!

Welcome doobeedee! If the bleeding continues, maybe a quick trip to the EPU to have it checked?

legallyblond Mon 28-Jan-13 18:13:09

Sorry, I didn't mean Mamab33, I meant jelly!!! Gah. Sorry!

doobeedee Mon 28-Jan-13 18:49:39

Thanks legally. The bleeding was only a bit and was gone by the end of Thursday. My temp has stayed high and tests have got really dark since then. Going to the docs tomorrow and going to request a progesterone test as low progesterone was the reason I couldn't conceive in the 1st place.

Artyparty Mon 28-Jan-13 19:30:11

Hi everyone!
Welcome deeB.
My sister, sis-in-law and 2 of my Nct group know: All people who are constantly asking when i am having another and i would feel bad lying to!! Will wait for 12 wk scan to tell others. Made my booking appointment today- yay.
Sounds like you are organised already umlauf. Great that there is a special pregnancy dictionary! I could do with that here in East London - my MW didn't speak much English last time grin.
Anticipating the morning sickness mama and jelly. Ok so far but remember it kicked in at about 6 weeks last year.

Artyparty Mon 28-Jan-13 19:31:27

I mean last time- I have a 2.2 yo!
Hope everyones doing well today

Umlauf Mon 28-Jan-13 20:39:42

Evening all! Welcome dee! Sounds really scary about the bleeding but perhaps just implantation bleeding.

And mama sorry for your scare but wow you got to see your cell cluster!!! How exciting!

I feel so negative and horribly alone today. My awful boss has decided to give me 3 new classes which means I won't finish work until 8.30 every night now. I have no energy at all and so this couldn't have come at a worse time. I chose an evening doctor last week just because I had some evenings free andi don't want to/know how to change.

Am considering telling him about the pregnancy in hope he takes pity on my fragile state and doesn't make me do it.... Is that likely?! And as only 5 weeks... Just don't know how I'll cope with back to back lessons with morning sickness! Am a tefl teacher (ie, not a proper teacher!) so I'm paid a pittance and not used to it! Also feeling bitter about not being entitled to maternity pay and in the "why should I work any harder" mindset. Brain very angry and irrational today!

I've also been trying to find antenatal classes but the Internet thinks the only expats in Spain are in Madrid, Barcelona or benidorm. There is nobody to help meeeee! (Unless I tell my students who are also pregnant but that news won't stay contained...) arrrgghhhhhhhh!!

Sorry, rant over. I like it on this thread!

racheld33 Mon 28-Jan-13 21:07:13

Evening umlauf
You have a good rant!
The problem with early pregnancy is definately that you are super delicate due to the hormones, but can't tell anyone in case things go wrong, so here is perfect to get your rant out!
If it was me, I'd be tempted to tell your boss and see if he'll sympathise. It depends how compassionate he is. I told my boss on Friday, not planned but I was called into the office and asked to do extra hours and I just blurted it out! Then quickly followed it up with, 'so no thanks to the extra hours', it worked!
Also don't stres too much about antenatal classes, I only did 2 (one on birth, and one on breastfeeding), the labour one wasn't much use (!) and the breastfeeding one was the same advice I got from the midwife after birth anyway.
Do they have hot chocolates in Spain? I think that is what I'll recommend you for this evening brew

PurplePie23 Mon 28-Jan-13 21:17:45

Hello hello... Room for another one? First mumsnet post ever!
Think I'm due on 7th Oct. Bit nervous due to three early MCs before and after my DD. (She's three.)

Umlauf Mon 28-Jan-13 21:34:41

Ahh Rachel you're so sweet! They do and I will! brew I might tell him tomorrow before the classes start, just so he has the opportunity to think and isn't surprised if I fluff them up! I'm meeting him in the morning so I might try and find a quiet moment then and ask him to keep in confidential from the others til later as so early on. If something does go wrong I may well need his help/understanding...

Hi purple pie! Welcome to the thread. It's sooo nice being able to chat about it! I think we are all bundles of nerves so you're in good hands smile

picklepickle Mon 28-Jan-13 21:49:47

Hi all, congrats to all & welcome purplepie23
Still very excited here, but felt I'd been hit by a truck this morning in bed. Aches all over, then fine for the rest of the day. Any other early symptoms out there?

legallyblond Mon 28-Jan-13 21:54:46

That sounds good Umlauf. I think it's cool you're a tefl teacher. My degree was French and Italian and in both France and Italy I had loads of tefl teacher friends while there on mg year abroad. It's also great experience for whatever you might fancy doing if/when you come back to miserable old blighty! Anyway - cool job!

You won't need antenatal classes until much much later, if at all. Maybe then, when it's all public knowledge you could try to rally a group together to at least chat stuff through and watch videos etc. I didn't go for it, but you can get hypno birthing CDs and DVDs so you could always organise a group viewing! Tbh, the main purpose of antenatal classes is to have s group of you in the same boat after the baby is born. I am sure s small group of you watching one born every minute together on the Internet would do the trick for that!

legallyblond Mon 28-Jan-13 21:57:12

And welcome purple pie! How old is your DD? Mine is 2.3 and a few of us are on no 2, holding hands with the understandably nervous no 1ers!

picklepickle Mon 28-Jan-13 22:11:59

Anyone else on no. 3 dc?

tackytiger Tue 29-Jan-13 06:23:16

Hi again everyone!

I got my scan date yesterday-18 march, day after my dd's third birthday. Exciting!
Going to wait until April to tell everyone as we're living in a different country to our families. Mifht tell work though.

pinkbuttons Tue 29-Jan-13 08:13:59

Hi everyone, can I join please. Am 5 weeks tomorrow with EDD 2nd October . We have DS who has just turned two,seems to be a common age gap on here.
Have been a bit reserved about posting on here, I have an underactive thyroid so have been extra nervous about something going wrong but had my Drs appointment yesterday so all feeling a bit more real.
Also would be nice to not be secretly panicking alone with every new twinge, I'm sure i don't remember having symptoms so early on last time.
Anyway here's wishing us all lovely easy pregnancys, and congratulations everyone!

PurplePie23 Tue 29-Jan-13 08:54:57

Hello and thanks for the welcoming messages. A bit more about me- my daughter is 3.5. I'm 38 and work p/t as a teacher in a primary school. Nice to be able up talk about this somewhere!
Now I just need a time machine to zoom forward to early scan- anyone got one of those? looks for Michael J Fox in phonebook
Nope, no luck!!

PurplePie23 Tue 29-Jan-13 08:55:32

*to, not up. (I checked it too, doh!)

roofio87 Tue 29-Jan-13 09:22:28

hi ladies. I got my BFP on Sunday,a couple of days early so think I'm due October 8th!! so excited and want to tell everyone but also terrified!! grin grin

Irishfairy Tue 29-Jan-13 10:16:56

Hi everyone! Can I join in? Just got my BFP smile think I'll be due around October 9th. I see some familiar names on here from the January bus, hi!
I already have a DD would is two and a half. Can't wait to tell DH when he gets home from work! Was going to call him but think it'll be nicer to do it in person!

legallyblond Tue 29-Jan-13 11:50:31

Whoop whoop!!! pink and irish from the BFP bus!!! Hi!!!

pinkbuttons Tue 29-Jan-13 15:36:17

Hi legally!! Definitely lovely to see some familiar faces. Congratulations on your BFP irish!!
and Hi again roofio grin
Am officially exhausted anf its only Tuesday... but also still excited. Still being tucked up in bed would be lovely.

hi Ladies. Welcome all new BFP's!

I'm a bit miffed. I called my surgery (am in UK) to get my first appointment and they said all the booking in appoinments are held at the local community hopsital / maternity unit, so i phoned them and they said 'so you've been referred by your GP?', I said 'no, they told me to phone you'. They then took all my details down, last period, date of birth, do i smoke, am I mental etc and said they'll send me an appiontment through the post which will be for when I'm roughly 8-10 weeks! That's 3-5 weeks away! I phoned my doctors back and said I'm not happy at having no advise, leaflets, blood pressure tests etc until then as I'm on Asthma drugs and currently have a stinking cold and they got a doctor to phone me to say keep taking your puffers and only take paracetomol if you need to. Has anyone else waited that long for an appointment? She did say i would get my scan date at the appointment. I should blooming hope so. angry confused

Umlauf Tue 29-Jan-13 15:47:52

Oh no pinklady that doesn't sound great. I don't have much advice as not in the UK but it doesn't sound normal.. Are your doctors generally good? If not, could you think about changing doctors? 8 weeks might be ok but 10 is a bit long and I agree with you about needing to know what to do in the meantime...

I asked my receptionist for a paracetamol today as I had a migraine. She gave me an iboprufen, I didn't notice until after I'd swallowed it. Not her fault as she doesn't know but I am sooooooooo stressed and paranoid now.... sad

roofio87 Tue 29-Jan-13 15:57:14

umlauf don't worry to much about one ibuprofen. I know we shouldn't take it but think of all the things women must do before they know they're pregnant who go on to have perfect babies.
pinklady I have my first GP app on Thursday. my sister said with both her dcs the Dr just said congratulations and referred her to see the midwife at 8 weeks. didn't even take her blood. I think that's quite normal. however if there are things you want/need to discuss like medications etc then push to see one. they can't refuse you!! xx

pinkbuttons Tue 29-Jan-13 16:26:59

pinklady I saw my GP yesterday because of my thyroid but also didn't get any information until I asked (then she just told me to look at the nhs website for foods you shouldn't eathmm). Seems the systems a bit rubbish, she didn't check my urine or do bloods so I could have just had the appointment and upped my medication without even being pregnant...
Also got told to book midwife appt for 10 weeks which seems late to me??
umlauf try not to worry, as roofio says alot of people dont know they are pregnant this early on and go on to have perfectly healthy pregnancys.

thanks Um, Roof and Pink. It makes me wish I'd said I have no idea how far gone I am so they'd have to have me in for proper preg test or something, then I could have asked questions, got leaflets etc. Just doesn't feel real at the moment. I have a cold and had headache for 2 days now. Trying to avoid taking any Paracetamol though... Feeling very bloated this arvo and have been a bit constipated last few days.

Still wondering whether to tell the in-laws this weekend (if you can't be bothered to scroll back, they both smoke indoors and we are going for lunch on sunday).

Sorry about me me me post! blush

legallyblond Tue 29-Jan-13 18:10:50

When I had DD (London borough, now moved) you phoned the Dr and got given a booking in appointment with the midwives at 8-10 weeks. Shortly before that midwife appointment I received my 12 week scan date in the post. It is totally normal! The best the GP will do if you have no other probs is tell you to take folic acid and refer you to the NHS website for what not to eat. If, and it is an if, you have no other medical complications (I don't know, like historic conditions that interfere with preg or if you have early bleeding), there really is nothing else to do but wait! Your body doesn't need any help for this bit - just the folic acid and eating the right stuff. Honestly!!!

I found the NHS (rightly) spend their resources later in the pregnancy when the care and number of appointments is amazing!

legallyblond Tue 29-Jan-13 18:12:14

Also - pink lady apple - feel for you with the cold. Snap! Paracetamol is fine to take though. Hugs!

roofio87 Tue 29-Jan-13 19:07:35

ladies. how is everyone doing?! I'm feeling worried all the time about something going wrong. I know I shouldn't and I have to just let nature take its course but I want this baby so much so I'm worried. just looking for a bit of sympathy I guess!! smile xx

JellyCurls Tue 29-Jan-13 19:58:57

Hello to all the new ladies <waves> and hello to all the ladies from the buses.

Bit late in replying but for pickle I am also on dc3 - help!

Sickie feeling again this morning and I constantly need to poo blush

picklepickle Tue 29-Jan-13 20:14:05

Hi jelly, good to know I'm not alone going for no3! Are you feeling any different with this one?
I've never known I was pregnant this early before - so I've never really notice this extreme tiredness in the morning. No sickness before or now - hope yours isn't too bad.

Big hugs for roofio - pls try not to worry and enjoy the experience. I'm a tiny bit sad that this is my last - making the most of every minute.

legallyblond Tue 29-Jan-13 20:22:52

I feel sympathy roofio! I think we all know that horrible terror it will go wrong or that there will be something wrong with the baby or something happen in labour... It kinda doesn't stop! Now I worry DD won't be happy etc etc!

JellyCurls Tue 29-Jan-13 20:30:56

Roofio please try and relax babies development is out of your hands now so take your folic acid and vitamins, avoid drugs and alcohol and eat healthily.

My first dc has special needs so I worried sick with dc2. Hubby has me warned to relax this time round, so figure I will do my stressing with you guys, hope you don't mind

JellyCurls Tue 29-Jan-13 20:34:10

pickle I am also sad this will be my last. Feeling stronger symptoms, bad nausea all day and sickie in am and more tired but working full time this time round hope its not more than one

pinkbuttons Tue 29-Jan-13 21:13:52

Also feeling quite anxious about everything roofio but have resigned myself to what will be will be and just take each day as it comes, and each week as an acheivement up until 12 weeks. although I remember worrying the whole way through with DS. Am hoping Ill enjoy this pregnancy more.
jelly im also needing to constantly pooblush and have the most awful wind to the point its painful.why cant I get normal symptoms like sore boobs or sickness. not that Im asking for these...

roofio87 Tue 29-Jan-13 21:38:26

thanks ladies. I've calmed down a little now I think!! I keep reminding myself that I'm so happy to just be pregnant. I was told I only had a 50/50 chance of being able to conceive after I had chemo a few years ago and boom I got pg the first month trying so no matter what babies are definitely going to be in our future!!grin grin
trying to just be excited!! glad I'm not the only one worrying though xx

Thanks blonde. I think i just thought everyone would run around whooping and caring and advising but they deal with preg ladies all day every day dont they. Its my first but im not the first! Must remember that. blush.

Still got a stinky cold, the type where your while face is full of snot and your nose throbs. 2nd night of h2b sleeping downstairs because of it. so sweet when he shouted upstairs 'night night you two' (me and the bean).

Prepared myself for evil boobs in the night by wearing a reeeeeaaaally tight vest top so they cant move smile

Night ladies (and your beans)

PenelopeLane Wed 30-Jan-13 07:10:01

Not sure about you ladies, but when I got my bfp last week I was a bit confused and thought that if it turned into a mmc I'd be disappointed, but ok. A mere week has passed but now I want this baby sooo much! It's so hard to get excited though isn't it when you always have the prospect of a mmc in the back of your mind?

Mamab33 Wed 30-Jan-13 09:41:29

Hello to all of the new ladies! smile

Still confined to bed. Could do with some stories, happy thoughts and book or film recommendations. I'm on bed rest until my next EPC scan on Tuesday.

Umlauf Wed 30-Jan-13 10:47:53

Hi mama what's the matter? Has ms hit you hard? I sympathise with the bed rest, can get rather lonely. I'd recommend a Jonathan Creek box set or Downton Abbey(!), the Call the Midwife books are excellent and not too hard to read when delicate, I also love the Book Thief, anything by Carloz Ruiz Zafon (although not to everyone's taste). I've been watching pramface on bbc3 about a teenager who gets pregnant which is funny!

No ms yet but felt a bit nauseous this morning,think it was just the early hour, and suffering from (tmi!) wind and diarrhoea. Finally got some decaf coffee though so can trick my body into feeling less exhausted hopefully.

I am also massively excited about my midwife visit on Friday even though most likely ill be given a leaflet and told to bugger off until 12 weeks !

Told my boss yesterday to try and get out of extra hours I am paid for but have not yet have to do and he said he already knew! Creepy! He also said Spain is a really lovely place to give birth so I feel a bit more in control now. It also seems more real again! Tempted to tell everyone but not wanting to tempt fate... Also BIL ans SIL have been trying for 5 years, 3 unsuccessful IVF rounds and have now moved to her native Thailand to try IVF there as they can't afford it in England. W got BFP second month so I am dreading telling them... :-(

Mamab33 Wed 30-Jan-13 11:25:11

Hi Umlauf it must feel better to have told your boss!
I am on bed rest because I started bleeding on Sunday and it is still going. Had an emergency scan and my little bundle was in there with a good blood supply. I'm trying not to worry but have to stay in bed until next scan on Tuesday!
Had really bad MS on Monday but it has eased off.... not sure if that is a good sign or not but was so ill on Monday that I am relieved!

Thank you for the recommendations. That will keep me busy!

Difficult one with when to tell. I only told my Mum (thankfully! She has been an angel) and I had to tell my Dad, who arrived from abroad as a surprise. We had a picnic dinner in my bedroom. How very random life is sometimes!

All going well I'll be waiting to tell in laws and everyone else until at least after 12 week scan. Wishing the bleeding would stop though!

Hope your decaf is doing the job! x

Umlauf Wed 30-Jan-13 11:27:09

Ooh mama not to scare you or anything but that happened to one of the ladies in the September thread and they found a second one in there!

What's the betting someone on this thread will end up with twins I wonder...?!

Umlauf Wed 30-Jan-13 11:28:33

Ah just reread and saw you have seen your singular bundle! Phew! That is fab you saw it, must be reassuring, and good you have another scan soon. Hope you are being pampered!

Don't worry about the MS it may well have eased off because of the bed rest xx

Mamab33 Wed 30-Jan-13 11:31:59

You made me smile! Better 2 than none!

Hoping I get positive scan on Tue FX

I know 4 babies born in last 2 days and 2 more due imminently!

Does anyone else know of a cluster of births?? So many Birthdays to remember! All good news though! smile

Hello all, my first post too. I got a positive two days ago, 12 dpo, due I think on 9 October. It was our first month ttc (first dc), but we'd been planning for ages, I'd been charting with fertility friend since August and had my mirena out in November. My sister had a miscarriage last year tho, so I'm trying to be cautiously optimistic. We're on holiday atm, actually not dreading coming home because then I can do some proper obsessing and make drs appts etc! Good luck ladies x

Mamab33 Wed 30-Jan-13 13:24:30

Congratulations and welcome Pannacotta

Enjoy the rest of your holiday! smile

pinkbuttons Wed 30-Jan-13 13:29:58

Oh mama how rubbish on bed rest, hope you're feeling ok and enjoying a bit of a rest. The thought of being in bed right now sounds ideal but just wish we could have it without the worrying bleeding.

Exciting about midwife appt. umlauf! and telling your boss, I am currently on a placement in the community so quite lucky am able to nip off to the drs in my lunch break without anyone questioning it.

Anyone else's DH or DP acting odd? We have been TTC for 3 months and he's always wanted to try for another one. Since I told him last week he hasnt really mentioned it. He says its just because he doesn't want to get his hopes up yet (which I kind of understand) but hes acting very differently than he did with DS and Im worrying. He did cook last night and told me to lie on the sofa though which he never does... maybe Im looking to much into it.

roofio87 Wed 30-Jan-13 14:20:45

Oh mamab sorry you're having a rough time with it. try and enjoy the bed rest while you can!! I agree with umlauf read The book theif, one of the best books ive read in a long while!!
pinkbuttons don't worry too much about your DH, like he says hes probably just being apprehensive, take it as a sign of how much he cares. My DP is nervous too and always worrying, but trying to be positive for me.
I've been feeling a bit worried about how we'll cope finacially when the baby comes and i'm only on basic maternity allowance (due to my hours being cut at work recently) but went the CAB today and got lots of advice and had a good chat with DP about him providing most of the finances for a while, which is hard cos i like being independant but feeling better about it now. I did burst into tears at the CAB but the women was very understanding, haha, bloomin hormones, i wasnt even upset about anything!!
Having dinner with my best girlie friends tonight, gonna tell them cos gonna want their support no matter what. can't wait, i'm the first one of us to have a baby!!
hope you're all doing well!! xx

roofio87 Wed 30-Jan-13 14:33:04

panacotta sounds like we're in the exact same position, due at the same time, first DC and got pg first month trying (we're very lucky!!) i'm definitely very excitedly cautious too!! xx

racheld33 Wed 30-Jan-13 15:11:13

Hello all!

Had a stressful morning when I took my DS to nandos for a treat, met my DH there in his lunch hour, and mid meal by accident my DH bit my DS finger really hard! (in his defence he thought he was putting garlic bread in his mouth!) he screamed the restaurant down, we left swiftly via M&S to pick up some chocolate, which slowly calmed him down, only managed to eat half of our lunch!

unlauf glad telling your boss went ok, let's hope he's really easy on you now!

Poor you mama bed rest is only good when you don't need it! Fx Tuesday will be here before you know it, you'll see a lovely healthy scan and then you'll be able to relax. Till then, my fave DVDs at the moment are grays anatomy, but when I'm sad I do love watching the old faithful 'friends' to cheer me up!

Welcome pannacotta and congrats on your BFP. I won't forget your name saying that is one of my favourite deserts (close tie with sticky toffee pudding!) enjoy your holiday!

pinkbuttons I can't remember the last time my DH cooked for me! Last night he had a grump at me cos I was too tired to tidy the lounge before bed, I quickly played the 'don't mess with me and my pregnancy hormones' and he backed off!

roofio I'm so excited for you to tell your friends tonight, it's such a brilliant feeling once you share your news and everyone can get excited with you. Money is always difficult when losing a wage, but I would honestly say with my DS (who is 2.5 now), I found we changed our lifestyle completely to adapt to having a baby, and didn't spend half as much as before (no exciting holiday, meals out, socials for a good year, which I know sounds a bit sad, but actually it was lovely just pottering at home with our baby)

xuntitledx Wed 30-Jan-13 15:46:45

Hello all, I'm new here too! Positive test this morning and estimated due date 8th October. This will be my first child but not for my husband who already has twins, they're 10 though so it's been a while since he did this!

Doctor's appointment booked for Friday where I'm hoping they will 'officially' confirm it? Not sure how it all works though to be honest!

I'm so excited, hubby and I have been wanting a child of our own for many, many years so over the moon!

PenelopeLane Wed 30-Jan-13 19:14:16

grin at idea one of us will probably have twins <looks around bus>

roxvox Wed 30-Jan-13 19:51:54

Hey all!

I am new to the forum, and I think I am due around 8th October. This will be our first! I am so excited, but also can't fight the feeling that something is going to go wrong. I think it's because this our first time TTC and it all seems to have gone a bit too smoothly so far!

Anyway, symptoms are stomach cramps, major headaches and extreme tiredness. I was really worried about the stomach cramps at first, but spoke to my doctor today who said this was normal. I find it odd that I am having no boob issues at all though as it seems as though everyone else is!

As for twins - my Mum is one (fraternal), so there is supposedly a possibility of me having twins too. I would love that smile

roxvox Wed 30-Jan-13 20:21:34

roofio87 and pannacotta - we have very similar due dates and, first DC and got pregnant first time TTC! It's so nice to know you guys are in the same position as me smile

Mamab33 Wed 30-Jan-13 20:59:57

Thank you for your support ladies. Hope everyone is having a nice evening.

Thank you for the dvd ideas. I'm keeping positive and FX for Tues!

roofio87 Wed 30-Jan-13 21:15:31

racheld you're right,I'm sure when the baby arrives our priorities will change. my sister has a five month old now as well as a 3yo and is done with kids so we are going to be given a lot from here!!
roxvox yeah seems we're very similar,excited to go through everything together with some lovely ladies!!grin grin

GreenSunrise Thu 31-Jan-13 07:27:36

Hello all, can I join? I got a BFP this morning and I think that my due date will be 3 Oct.

I already have a DS who is 20 months old and two of my SILs are also pregnant, due in the Spring, so there are about to be lots of babies in our family!

I have known that I was pregnant for about 3 weeks now, I felt exactly the same as with DS - a slightly sick feeling which was always in the background from a couple of days after conception. Over the past 2 weeks I have taken 4 tests and this morning's was the first positive one. I was starting to think that I had tricked myself into feeling sick by being so convinced that I was pregnant!!

I'm slightly nervous though. The test I did today was at the same stage as I did my first test when pregnant with DS (I don't know how I had the patience to wait that long!!!) and with him the line came up immediately and really strong whereas today it was less strong and developed over a minute or so. I know that the packet says that both are equally valid positive results but I'm still going to do another one tomorrow morning before I make an appt with the MW.

How is everyone doing this morning?

funkky Thu 31-Jan-13 07:39:37

Hi all,

Going to GP yesterday was a bit of an anticlimax. Was looking to have discussions around what to eat, some of the symptoms I was having etc. she was very abrupt, no congratulations even, just said I would get a call from hospital for an appointment around 10 weeks.

Plus, she didn't even print off form to be faxed to hospital cos the printer was printing on the wrong paper! So she gave someone a call to send my form off later, now I keep worrying if they forget to send it.

On the plus side, she took my blood pressure which was good ( not cause she told me but I know what the numbers mean) and symptoms not too bad.

DH is being real great, he wants a mumsnet for dads too grin

Hello all, (special waves for roxvox and roofio - firsttimers like me!) well I'm getting pretty bad headaches, I didn't even know they were a symptom. Otherwise not that much, occasional nausea, exhaustion and rage... I thought it would feel more different? Still very early days tho I guess. And still on holiday, so maybe if I was doing normal stuff I'd be feeling more different. My dp is being very sweet, he's really chuffed too.

roofio87 Thu 31-Jan-13 08:37:00

greensunshine I got my first BFP last Friday with a 4 day early test and was so so faint!! been retesting every day since to make sure (with some v cheap tests!!) and today is the first day I've had a strong positive line so it will probably come in time. every woman is different and I'm sure every pregnancy is different too!! smile

char1eston Thu 31-Jan-13 09:15:29

Hello to all the new ladies to the thread and congrats on the bfp'swink
Greensunshine - I was exactly the same as you. Had a strong line with dd (20 months) and much more feint this time round. Haven't retested again though - as I just have my fingers crossed that all is well.
Don't have many symptoms apart from being totally knackered. Keep falling asleep on the sofa at 8pm!
Started to worry about work a bit yesterday as my job will be at risk later this year and I think I'll find it hard to find a new job with a bump. I know it's not meant to make a difference but there you go.
How is everyone doing today?

xuntitledx Thu 31-Jan-13 10:11:12

Awake at 4am this morning, wiiiiiide awake and no chance of getting back to sleep - hope that doesn't continue!

doobeedee Thu 31-Jan-13 17:02:37

I'm another one who has only really had headaches as a symptom. I'm 4+ 5 today.

pinkbuttons Thu 31-Jan-13 17:04:41

Im another one that only had a faint BFP. greensunshine was using boots tests then got a speedy dark + on clearblue. could it just have been the test?
Feeling slightly less dead on my feet today... cold almost gone so maybe was just mixture of early pregnancy and cold not just the one.
Anyone else feel like time has slowed down massively since getting that BFP?

roxvox Thu 31-Jan-13 17:22:10

Time has definitely slowed down! I am not wishing to waste my life away, but I can't wait to have the first scan... That will somehow make all this seem more real smile

I also am desperate to tell everyone, but me and DH are keen to wait until at least after the 8 week mark. When are you all intending to tell your families?

pinkbuttons Thu 31-Jan-13 18:23:29

I have literally just told my mum and dad grin was going to wait a bit longer but am really close with my parents and would need their support if anything did happen. Feels a bit more real now though!!!
think may tell my closest girl freinds after 8 ish weeks though

roofio87 Thu 31-Jan-13 19:15:43

we've told both sets of parents as we're really close to both and I've told my best friends. I decided to just tell them as I'm the same and would tell them all if anything happened anyway so what's the difference. I'm also so close to my friends and we discuss everything so it would have felt like lying to them!!will be waiting till first scan to tell anyone else though!! can't wait for that!! had my GP app today,she did my blood pressure and gave me my EDD. just need to ring up the hospital tomorrow to book into their antenatal clinic. I also have a history of cancer so will be monitored by a consultant just in case.all starting to feel more real now!!x

JellyCurls Thu 31-Jan-13 19:44:30

Ok ladies I need some tummy holding in tips. 5weeks preg and my tummy is already looking swollen. It feels kind of weird and numb as well and my trousers are getting tight, fitted fine a few weeks ago. No way I should notice this at 5 weeks surely. Anybody else notice their tummies expanding yet?

GettingObsessive Thu 31-Jan-13 19:53:21

Hello all, room for one more on the bus? Budge up at the back there smile

Got my BFP this evening after being up and down with symptoms for the last two and a half weeks. Was totally prepared for a BFN and now it's a BFP after all grin

This is our first.

pinkbuttons Thu 31-Jan-13 20:13:42

Congrats on BFP obsessive
jelly im so glad you said that! my zip broke on a course today my jeans are so tight! didnt get a bump until 20 weeks with DS so dont know whats going on. Also havent put on weight just grown... maybe its just windblush

JellyCurls Thu 31-Jan-13 20:17:33

Ha ha at pinkbuttons having wind. I not put on weight either just got a fat tummy. With dc1 I was only in mat clothes at about 26 weeks and with dc2 I was just showing at 20wks. Don't think I will be so lucky this time round

roofio87 Thu 31-Jan-13 20:56:39

I'm really bloated a lot of the time too,but think that's all it is.at least I have a good excuse for the protruding tummy now though!! just ate some left over fried rice in bed,not a wise mood,I now feel sick!!sad

tuckingfits Thu 31-Jan-13 21:13:25

Hello! I got a positive on my son's 2nd birthday! Very early,about 6 or 7 days after ovulating. I just knew immediately after we did it. Then couple days later had funny taste in my mouth,sore boobs & spotting & utter exhaustion. Yay!! Due date about 13th October I think. Period isn't even due til Sat or Sun so not sure when I should phone GP for an appt - any ideas?

Congratulations to everyone. Mama - just for reassurance purposes,I had heavy bleeding for weeks with DS,I was convinced he couldn't stick through all that but he did & at birth (emcs) I was told he had a velamentous cord which means he had implanted into vein or something. Fingers crossed for you.

PenelopeLane Thu 31-Jan-13 23:14:06

I had my first mild ms today, didn't feel better until eating an entire giant bag of crisps. Mmm.

Tucking how did you know? <curious>. I had implantation pains this time which I didn't have for DS, but thought it was bad ovulation pains at the time You might as well call the GP, although as someone said up thread, it can be anticlimactic, can't it? For DS I went to the dr and ended up really cross as all I knew was I was probably pregnant and got a breezy 'don't worry about what you eat just yet' when I knew that not to be true. I think some professionals who deal with pregnant people all the time forget how overwhelming it can be.

I just signed up with the same midwife as last time which am really pleased about. Had a bad labour with DS and she was fabulous so am so happy to have her again.

tuckingfits Fri 01-Feb-13 02:13:11

Hi Penelope - not sure how I knew. I just had this feeling that we'd be successful after that attempt. Almost told my partner but thought he'd think I was mad (entirely possible!). Then when I started feeling tired & had blood tinged mucus it just confirmed it to me. Dunno,weird. I knew my friend was pregnant before she did,told her to do a test & she was,I knew they were trying but we hadn't discussed it much.

I had a horrible labour 1st round,and unlike you I hated my hospital midwife so I'm wondering if I can stipulate not having her should she be on duty when I go to hospital. If I can't,I'd even go so far as to change hospital. She was awful. Quite liked my community midwife but don't know how much of her I'll see as I'll be under a consultant this time around. Or so I was told at my birth debrief thingy.

I had to eat a bag of crisps at about midnight or I was going to vom or pass out!

smileyhappymummy Fri 01-Feb-13 03:20:53

Just wanted to pop in and say congratulations and good luck to all you lovely ladies - feeling nostalgic as it is a year today since I got a bfp with my gorgeous dd2, and mumsnet has been fab through antenatal threads and now on postnatal threads.

PenelopeLane Fri 01-Feb-13 05:13:28

smile Smiley

Tucking I guess you must be really in tune with your body. And good luck with not getting the same midwife! It's so hard to know whether they will be good but if one was so bad it would be terrible to have them again

roofio87 Fri 01-Feb-13 06:30:48

tucking I told my boss about my pg last night as there's quite a few h&s issues with my work. I asked her if we could have a word and as soon as we were alone she just looked at me and said "you're pregnant aren't you!?!" i couldn't believe it!!Haha. she said id been weeing too much and looked a bit tired!! she didn't know we were trying!! I guess some people just know!! smile

funkky Fri 01-Feb-13 08:58:43

I am 5 weeks and mne is feeling bloated as well and I can't button up trousers cause its so painful. I was hoping to be one of those tat don't show till 20-26 weeks, don't think so now. hmm

Tips for holding tummy would be great cause its that stage where you don't really look pregnant, more like you have a big belly.

Good luck everyone!

Umlauf Fri 01-Feb-13 10:10:52

Morning everyone! Have just had my Spanish equivalent of the booking in appointment. It was a bit strange! They took my height by making me stand back to back with another midwife, and kept giggling at my questions! One midwife seemed really interested in the coincidence that her son works in the same building as my DH, and kept asking DH questions about himself, so now a bit worried everyone at DH work will know (the only ginger English boy in the city so stands out a mile!) I also have quite high blood pressure, 140/80 but don't know what that means...

I don't have a scan until 12 weeks (end of march!) and no chance before to hear a heartbeat or anything. Felt a bit deflated so bought a CB digital and its changed to 3+!

Now really unsure whether to wait until after the scan to tell everyone, as it seems far too far away to keep my mouth shut!

Now to while away the time thinking of names....!

How's everyone else today??

Mamab33 Fri 01-Feb-13 10:15:08

Welcome new ladies and Thanks for popping in Smiley

Thank you so much for your reassurance tucking. It is such a long wait! Too much time to worry.

My boobs are no longer sore...anybody else? Or memories if you've had previous babies?

Does anyone have a book that they recommend on pregnancy. Should probably start some reading instead of guessing what is going on in there! smile

roofio87 Fri 01-Feb-13 10:20:17

glad you're feeling better mamab I've ordered the munsnet guide to pregnancy. found it cheap second hand on amazon. not arrived yet but will let u know what I think when it does.
I've just booked my first app with midwife on 6th march,I'll be nine weeks!!
funkky I'm quite fortunate in that my fashion sense means already owning lots of empire line floaty dresses so my tummy can be covered without anyone noticing!! also hoping they'll grow with me!! can u get anything like that? or will it be obvious if u suddenly start dressing in a tent? wink

Mamab33 Fri 01-Feb-13 11:59:49

Umlauf that sounds like an odd first MW appointment. 140 over 80 is the border for high BP. Maybe you were in a rush or a bit stressed while you were there...understandable really.

Thanks roofio look forward to your review!

Just spoke to MW. Have appointment with her on Tue too. She was really reassuring.

How is everyone feeling today?

Never had a baby before but can't help thinking that this is a boy????

Any other weird thoughts? smile

Mamab33 Fri 01-Feb-13 12:03:28

Funkky I would go with tights and a dress. afriend that has just given birth liked leggings but it is not something I am keen to I have ever tried! smile

Hi ladies - first post here from a looonnnggg time lurker (2+ years blush) - looking at the September thread I figured we need to up our numbers!

Have 1 DS, 2.1, and have got up-duffed right on schedule, DD 1st October.

Spent the whole of my 1st (very easy) pregnancy constantly worried about whether anything would go wrong, was baby ok - which in hindsight was pointless. So am determined to stay relaxed and positive this time round and enjoy it!

Congratulations to everyone, and here's to a happy, healthy pregnancy for us all!

roofio87 Fri 01-Feb-13 14:33:27

welcome bowlfullofjelly and congrats on your 2nd pg!!
my backs sore today. not surprising really as my boobs have grown at least a cup size in a week!!wink

No bigger boobs for me, but plenty of wind. Enjoying getting my own back on my extremley windy OH though!

Umlauf Fri 01-Feb-13 16:35:24

Welcome jelly ! I too am suffering the wind... I've been teaching my 9yr old english beginners weather words, and now everyday they tell me "it's windy today!" and I panic that they know, because its totally not windy today!

We have taken the decision to cancel our Easter ski trip. Chances of anything happening are so rare but if it did we'd hate ourselves. Also I would be ridiculously nervous and you have to ski with vigour, iykwim! So now to plan a different Easter holiday. Anyone got any (cheap) ideas?! Is camping a totally stupid idea when 14 weeks?!

My Mum is getting very excited and keeps sending me her class lists (teacher) in the hope it will inspire me. Nothing so far!

mama good luck for your appointment, I'm glad you're feeling a little better. Funny that you have a boy feeling! I keep trying to have a feeling but neutral at the moment. I did the ring hair test though and it said it was a boy! Anyone else done that?!

roofio I also have terrible backache. A couple of years ago i had a scoliosis operation and showed the midwives my X-ray today, they were like, "yeah that will probably cause some bother" and left it at that! Dreading it getting worse now!

I've ordered lots of bravissimo nightwear (with bras inside) on eBay for a fraction of the price to ease the boobage pain, I'd really recommend them!

pinkbuttons Fri 01-Feb-13 17:48:57

roofio jealous of your bigger boobs! I just have a bigger windy tummyblush
umlauf whats the ring hair test?
I have had an exciting pregnant sort of day. midwife booking appt. booked for 26 Jan, blood tests came back good for my thyroid, and Ive got a scan date for the 18th March!!!! Excting but so so far away!

Ooh ladies can I join? BFP today in cycle#11 ttc.

We already have DD who is 3.10 and due around 7th October. SOOOO excited but also a little scared of coming weeks x

Umlauf Fri 01-Feb-13 18:25:35

pinkbuttons you take your wedding, engagement or other significant ring, pluck a single hair from your hear and thread it through the ring. Dangle the ring from the heparin over your tummy and hold your hand incredibly still. If the ring starts to move in circles it's meant to mean its a girl, and if it moves side to side it's meant to be a boy!

Mind you it got it wrong last week with one of my students!

C0smos Fri 01-Feb-13 19:21:40

Am I the first scan? had a spot of bleeding and my lovely Gynae fitted me in the same day. He couldn't find the source of bleeding, but he did an internal scan and baby is measuring spot on, couldn't hear the heartbeat but you could definitely see the foetus fluttering. Fingers crossed now, I have another scan booked for 2 weeks time. Still feeling rotten - headaches, tiredness etc. so I hope that's a good sign. First time I'm relishing feeling rotten.

I've had a week off the gym, but I am dying to go back next week.

pinkbuttons Fri 01-Feb-13 20:05:53

welcome flowerpot Congratulations on your BFP!
umlauf DH now thinks Ive definitely lost it but if its right were having a boy... interested to see if its right lol
cosmos how far along are you? glad to here all ok and how exciting to get to see your little bean! beats my getting my scan date grin

JellyCurls Fri 01-Feb-13 20:27:11

Welcome new ladies <waves>

Can I have a moan about bloomin gp's? Called surgery for advice on folic acid dose as dc1 has a rare brain anomaly. Anyway receptionist spoke to doc who said i should take stronger dose and to call to ask where to leave prescription, but she didn't write it. Receptionist then asked another Doc to write it and they refused. Nobody thought to call me and ask so now I am here on a Friday with knowledge I should be on stronger FA and not taking it. Got midwife appointment on Monday but same woman as last time and she couldn't tell me at 36 wks if baby was breech or not so not got much faith in her.

Rant over can breath again, thanks for listening x

Mamab33 Fri 01-Feb-13 21:02:59

Hi MrsAFlowerpot congratulations and welcome!

C0smos I have bleeding too. Started on Sunday and i had a positive scan on Monday. Awaiting my next scan and first MW apt on Tue. Fingers crossed! Still smiling smile

Elleroo Fri 01-Feb-13 21:13:18

Hi ladies, hope there's still room for me to join!

I finally got my BFP on Wednesday. This will be DC1, I'm 4 weeks pg and think my due date is 12/10/13.

DH and I have agreed not tell anyone until 12 weeks as we don't want to tempt fate. The only symptoms I've had so far have been crazy vivid dreams, bloating/wind and I think my breasts have doubled in size since yesterday shock

PenelopeLane Fri 01-Feb-13 21:15:00

Bowl I feel much the same - spent last pg worried when I shouldn't have. If something bad had happened, being worried wouldn't have helped anyway, so this time I am determined to be more relaxed.

Anyone else on later pgs that they want to do things differently? I am going to try not to use needing to eat for two as an excuse to stuff face with junk food, as the weight afterwards was harder to shift than expected and I needed three fillings (I blame the jellybeans). I want to stick with the gym too. Last time I was so fit beforehand and MW said it really showed in labour, this time I'm not so need to do what I can!

I haven't gone off caffeine yet which is weird - anyone else? You're allowed 200 mg a day or something.

Mama best of luck on Tues.

Umlauf 14 weeks is probably the best time to travel! I went to a pacific island last pregnancy then and it was great (I live in the Sth Hemisphere) as the first trimester yuckiness was over and the harder slog hadn't yet began. We have decided to go away again at the same time this time smile

I feel like am having a boy and even have a name. Terrible! Oh well. Will find out at 20 wks as don't want to carry this feeling through pregnancy and be wrong.

PenelopeLane Fri 01-Feb-13 21:16:26

Oh and this book is great:


It's Australian, and very funny as well as being great for information.

PenelopeLane Fri 01-Feb-13 21:18:53

And (sorry about posting over and over)it has a week by week description of what the baby is doing, I'd read it every week a new week passed and it was a neat thing to do

Pinkush Fri 01-Feb-13 23:17:37

Hi ladies. Lovely reading everyone's stories. Got bfp on thursday- was over the moon and did a little dance with DS (18m) in front of C-Beebies! Very excited but also a bit shocked as only came off the pill and stopped bf at Christmas! Not planning to tell friends or family for a while but think friends might guess when I'm seen without a glass of vino at a friend's birthday tomorrow! Have a relaxing weekend everyone.

char1eston Fri 01-Feb-13 23:37:33

I can recommend the rough guid to pregnancy. Informative but funny at the same time.
Umlauf - I have just been planning a camping trip for when I'm 7 months!

tuckingfits Sat 02-Feb-13 03:36:40

Just home from work. Utterly exhausted. Been up with my son doing normal day to day life all day Friday & then working from 5am til now. Cup of tea,shower & bed for me! To do it all over again tomorrow... I really hope this exhaustion eases rapidly,I can't take it!

Also recommend the Rough Guide book - witty,human & enlightening.

legallyblond Sat 02-Feb-13 07:41:22

Hello all! Sorry not posted for yonks... Crazy busy at work (I'm a lawyer - can you guess!), DD (2.3 for the newbies) and the puppy (11 weeks).

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed - this was a surprise and financially things will be tricky (DHs job is until Sept only - mat cover in teaching- and I will only get stat maternity pay). Also wondering how I'll cope if the puppy is as she is now!

But also desperately want the bean to be ok..... And I think it's a boy!!!!

In terms of doing things differently to last time... Yes, I worried madly last time, bug I find it hard to see how I won't worry about everything being ok this time! I didn't worry about the birth and I won't again this time - DDs birth was fine. I will I think eat a bit less as everyone says its harder to shift extra weight after no 2... Oh, and I'll find out ghr sex at 20 weeks this time, to prepare DD!

Jelly - do they think low folic acid contributed to your DSs condition? I thought it was to do with Spinabifida. How old is your DS now?

Hi to all new people!!!!!

legallyblond Sat 02-Feb-13 07:49:51

Btw, symptoms-wise... Like last time, I am about 4 degrees hotter at night!!! Still achy boobs and exhaustion too! I don't remember anything beyond that from last time, so I guess all normal!

JellyCurls Sat 02-Feb-13 11:06:25

legally dc1 doesn't have spinabifida but she does have a very mis-shapen brain stem and cerebellum. Because this is the first part of brain to develop and her brain stem / spinal cord affected doc said best to take stronger dose. Will see what Monday midwife app brings.

On a nicer note my boobs grew in size overnight smile

legallyblond Sat 02-Feb-13 13:53:07

Sorry to hear that Jelly. Although I'm sure your DD is wonderful, I expect it's hard work!

JellyCurls Sat 02-Feb-13 14:13:48

Thanks legally she is our wee miracle but a bit of a handful, wouldn't change her for the world smile.
How are you today?

pinkbuttons Sat 02-Feb-13 14:40:31

Sorry for issues with rubbish GP jelly fingers crossed midwife will be better now with a couple of yrs more experience!
Having people over for the rugby and Id really like to sleep.
Also starting to get genuinely concerned about the size of my tummy! its getting difficult to hide and im not even quite 6 weeks blush saying that I may just be having a fat day because DH's best friend and his gf are coming and will feel the judgement... Also theyre now an hr late and have just called to say theyre just leaving. angry sorry for rant.
Anyway is everyone else having a good day?smile

pink are your DH's friends the same as my one's? Not waiting for them for rugby but football. Also feel like im having a fat day (but possibly Christmas overeating at fault rather than bfp blush )

GreenSunrise Sat 02-Feb-13 16:11:13

Hello to all of the new ladies and congratulations!

pinkbuttons I think that you are right about the brands of tests. First response and 2x boots cheap ones were all negatives but 2 x super drug ones were BFP. I took that as a good sign because it tested with the super drug ones with DS :-)

jellycurls not had the issue with having to hide my stomach yet, but it won't be far off. I'm actually training for a 2.5km swim in may at the moment so I'm hoping that toning up as a result will compensate for the start of a baby bump and so I won't look any different for a while. Last time I started wearing a bump band and leaving my non maternity trousers unbuttoned which helped until I felt that I had a big enough bump to justify wearing maternity clothes. Once I had told everyone at work one guy did say to me that he had suspected because none of my clothes seemed to fit me properly :-/

mamab another recommendation for the rough guide to pregnancy here (and the rough guide to babies for later on. Very light hearted but with the info which you need to know.

tuckingfits I would book your first MW appt as soon as possible. I rang to book mine yesterday and the next available one was 6 march :-0 (MW is only at the GP surgery one day a week ) the receptionist said that it looked like there is a bit of a baby boom in my area at the moment. That means that I'll be 10 weeks by booking in appt and last time it took 4 weeks from booking in to getting a scan appt so am a bit worried about that.

c0smos great news about the scan :-)

umlauf we've just booked a week away in April to Portugal, nice weather but not too hot. I would definitely suggest getting the holidays in now as they will be very different once your little one arrives.

Am I the only one with no boob related symptoms?! They didn't change at all last time either. I think DH was a bit disappointed, I think he was expecting them to double in size or something!

In terms of doing things differently this pregnancy, last time I was really chilled and almost didn't come to terms with pregnant until the day DS was born. However, he was born early in very emergency circumstances and as a result this pregnancy will be a high risk one under consultant care with lots more monitoring than last time. I think that I'm going to be a lot more anxious this time sad and so am already planning to take birthing relaxation classes to try to chill myself out.

I hope everyone's having a nice weekend so far and got their feet up being made brew by their DHs/DPs smile

GreenSunrise Sat 02-Feb-13 16:14:24

Hmmm, looks like I need a bit more practice in using MN emoticons! wink

PenelopeLane Sat 02-Feb-13 18:24:28

Ug I had such bad cramps last night it was hard to sleep and I lay awake wondering if I was going to lose the baby. Felt better in the light of day, but so much for my above post about not worrying so much!

Elleroo Sat 02-Feb-13 19:54:07

I've had some mild cramping today too, which was really worrying as AF would have been due today, so its reassuring to know it's "normal" after reading other posts (and lots of googling!)

On the book front I downloaded mumsnets guide to pregnancy which seems pretty informative without taking itself to seriously.

roxvox Sat 02-Feb-13 20:53:09

I would love to tell my parents, but we want to tell them face to face (it will be their first grandchild) and won't be seeing them until just before 8 weeks, and again just after 12 weeks. So I've set myself up to tell them at the 12 week mark. That's if I don't let it slip before hand by mistake blush

I went to the doctors the other day, he said that my 3 home pregnancy tests were proof enough, and just packed me off with some codeine for my headaches.

What did your parents have to say?!

tuckingfits Sat 02-Feb-13 21:24:55

Quick break at work,feel better today as I got a nap when my son had one! Another 3 or 4am home time. I'll be half dead tomorrow!

Funny,I had mild cramps when I went to bed last night - was worried I'd overdone it at work & was going to pay for it. However,seem fine again today & as with others period would be expected this weekend.

Back later...

Elleroo Sat 02-Feb-13 21:31:17

I would love to tell my mum, especially as I know she'd be so excited for me expecially as it's my first baby, but my DH is adamant we shouldn't tell anyone until after the 12 weeks scan. I'm seeing my mum tomorrow, and I know it'll be soooooo hard to keep schtum!

Sorry about your Dr's appt...I have my appt Thu, and I'm expecting it will be an anti climax too!

I've not really had the tiredness kick in yet thank goodness.

How are your partners dealing with the news? We'd been trying for months, and he was gutted everytime it was a BFN, but his face was just panic stricken when announced the BFP! He's coming to terms with it now though and want's me to get him a mans guide to pregnancy type book!

PenelopeLane Sun 03-Feb-13 03:35:43

I've told my whole family. Mum was pretty excited - I told her first as would tell her if I had a mmc anyway, then told my sisters for the same reasons - so told my Dad so he didn't find out through anyone else!

tuckingfits Sun 03-Feb-13 03:38:03

Thanks for the advice re booking an appointment. I'll get on it on Monday. It'll make it all seem a bit more real!

My partner is totally delighted! We had a bit of a "scare" in December & were both disappointed I wasn't pregnant so we decided to start trying (all very quick!). I told him & he hasn't really stopped beaming since & coming out with such proud gems as "wow! Potent stuff,eh?!" Hilarious!!

legallyblond Sun 03-Feb-13 07:33:42

I'm the same as you Penelope. I've told those I'd want to know if I had a mc. Tbh, although I know it's fairly unusual to lose the baby after 12 weeks, I have 3 fairly close friends (of about 12 who've had babies, so quite high %!) who've lost a baby between 12 and 20 weeks, so I don't really see 12 weeks as the be all and end all. Last time, family knew from about 6 weeks, but I didn't tell the world until 20 weeks.... Horses for courses!

legallyblond Sun 03-Feb-13 07:35:33

Tucking - this is our "scare"!!!!!! Both thrilled though obviously, and DD has been asking for a baby for months! Still.... Yikes!

pinkbuttons Sun 03-Feb-13 08:17:17

How was yesterday flowerpot ? DH ended up telling his BF yesterday which was happy about as would want him to have some support if something happened.
Im another one gaving mild cramps. I dont know if Im just noticing every little pain but the past few days ive just had alot of aches. not quite like period cramps just pains confused havent had any spotting but cant help but worry. Especially when Im in bed and have nothing else to distract me. spent 2 hrs just trying to sleep last night. no wonder were all exhausted!
Hope everyones having a lovely weekend.

Morning ladies and welcome to the new bfps! For info, this is our first preg, due oct 1st.

I have seriously achey boobs which seem to be growing by the hour. Im a size 14 with 36ff boobs and feeling that people are going to notice them growing and give it away too soon blush. I hoping they will settle down soon! I too have achey tummy in and off. Not feeling the tiredness but ive been off work for 3 days with a bad cold so slept quite a bit.

We have agreed to tell his folks today when we go for lunch as they smoke and it would be awkward to try and avoid it without causing suspision. They will be really chuffed. We told our good friends yesterday who have a 7 month old boy. They knew we were trying as did we when they were so only felt right. Was lovely to talk to a girl about it all and get all excited!

I got my booking appointment through on saturday, 5th march and my 12 week scan on 19th march! Seems more real now. Letter says i need to bring wee to appointment but got no pot to P in?! What should i P in?

Anyway, has anyone got the miriam stoppard book, friend from yesterday is going to lend it, reckons its great...

Stupid but i did another test just now as we are telling in laws today. Why??!!!! blush

GettingObsessive Sun 03-Feb-13 09:11:29

Well the weird pregnancy dreams have kicked in with a vengeance - dreams about being kidnapped and a house full of rats!

Sore boobs, but nothing worse than bad PMT. I'm having a little trouble sleeping, but that might be the 10 minutes I spend lying awake decidin that I really do need to get up for a wee and then not being able to get back to sleep. The nausea was pretty bad yesterday too.

Xiaoxiong Sun 03-Feb-13 09:17:38

<sidles in>
Hello all - got a very strong BFP on Friday and just retested this morning for another BFP! Internet says EDD Oct 10th but as DS was born nearly 3 weeks after my early Internet predicted EDD I'm not putting too much stock by that date!!

I'm still breastfeeding DS (14 months) and have been a loyal member of the Dec 2011 ante/post natal club so excited to join a new one!!

We're not telling anyone just yet - mainly because my mother is a total loon and will be all doom and gloom about a close age gap (I don't think 22 months is too bad but whatever) And if we can't tell my DM then sadly we can't tell my lovely MIL or anyone else, so it's a need to know basis only.

DH and I have agreed he's getting the snip after DC2 is safely here as we basically had sex once in the last month and got pregnant! He is calling himself mr supersperm. Can't remember who it was whose DH was wishing for a mumsnet for dads but my DH has been known to post here. There are more dads about than you think! grin

DS is babbling in his cot so I must away for now - look forward to getting to know you all!

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 09:23:05

Morning ladies only joined mums net three days ago so excuse me not knowing the lingo

Assuming that dpo means 'days post ovulation'?

Anyway turns out I got my BFP yesterday well at least I think I did I done two of the really cheap flimsy stick tests (not due AF till Wednesday 6th) so dashed to chemist and got a first response which also gave me a faint second line and going by my last period I will be due October 16th just keeping it hush hush between me and hubby ATM. Have been ttc since sept so was surprised I got BFP already as it took a year to conceive my 2 year old daughter due to sperm issues on hubby's side, who else's positive was faint?

Much love xx

char1eston Sun 03-Feb-13 09:53:28

Pinklady - you can buy pee pots at the chemist grin

Welcome to all the new ladies an congrats on the bfp's.

When should we start getting a list of everyone's names together do you think? Don't want to do it too early.

delilahbelle Sun 03-Feb-13 09:57:06

Hey everyone.
I got my BFP yesterday, 10dpo. After fertility treatment so very hard won and much wanted. Official test date isn't until the 8th at 4+2, which makes it 3+4 for me today and stupidly early. Due date the 16th Oct I think.
Only symptoms are slight cramps, on and off boob soreness, and thirst/weeing. But nothing I would notice if I didn't already know. I'm keeping everything crossed for the next 9 months.
Need to arrange a doctors appointment to discuss a viability scan, and also a prescription for progesterone support.
We are not telling anyone IRL yet, might do after the first scan.

delilahbelle Sun 03-Feb-13 09:58:25

char1eston I'm a bit superstitious so want to stay off any list until our first scan. But it's definitely a good idea smile

DH did the same thing pink and im pleased as we struggled to get the bfp and ive had two mcs in the past. My DSis also knows. Very strange as with mcs no worrying symptoms, just heavy bleeds. Now im also feeling pain, stronger than PMS but much less frequent, more stabby pains - and mostly on my cs scar from DD confused

Am trying to feel positive but keep excitement contained. I do feel differently to my mcs even at the very start though.

Anyone suffering symptoms other than annoyingly painful boobs, fatigue mixed with insomnia yet? Am dreading sickness!

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 10:05:31

What's the list? Sorry I'm new too all this, delilahbelle that will be my due date too Hun I'm also 3+4 xx

char1eston Sun 03-Feb-13 10:32:08

That's a good idea Delilah - start from first scan and everybody can add themselves when they wish.

Natalieand - it's just a list of people's mn names, edd and whether they have other dc's grin

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 10:37:14

Dc's? Sorry new to all this only joined the other day on the ttc forum and BAM go an get my BFP lol xx

DarlingChild(ren) smile

Tarlia Sun 03-Feb-13 14:53:46

Hey Ladies, Very tentatively putting my toes on the bus. I got my Bfp on Friday and due to a crazy AF (only had it back for 6 months and cycles have been oddly long and still breastfeeding) I think I'm due on October 6th, but very likely to change at scan. We are surprised to say the least, as took literally one try again, but incredibly happy. Baby will have the most gorgeous big brother, DS will turn 2 years old next weekend!

I've only told my mum as she is coming to stay next week and will notice the nausea started already (almost since conception just like last time urg) and one local friend that I know will be very supportive if anything were to happen. I cannot help being as worried as last time, maybe more so strangely. But lets stay positive!

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all and reading your stories smile

How are you all feeling?

Well, after a weekend with the parents my resolve to keep quiet until 12 weeks went out the window blush. My excuse is they would have guessed anyway as I wasn't drinking my normal bottleglass of wine!

Tucking my OH is also unnecessarily proud, I think he is expecting some kind of medal hmm

To those with tummy aches, not sure if this is any reassurance, but I had pretty much constants aches and niggles when carrying DS, but no pain at all with a previous MMC.

Decided to play it cool and not book GP appointment until 7 weeks, but now envy at everyones scan and booking in appointments!

terrifiednewbie Sun 03-Feb-13 15:20:23

my first post here too! Tested positive on Fri- EDD 6th Oct. Absolutely bloody terrified and excited at the same time. Thought I'd picked up norovirus at work given how nauseous I was this week but ended up doing a PT and BFP. Seeing GP on Thurs and assuming all well I know they'll tell me to get on with picking a hospital to book with- which has also left me confused. But the damn nausea (whilst reassuring) is making long days at work (I typically work 9am to 8pm everyday plus commute) awful!

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 15:51:01

I am currently 3+4 and so scared despite having one previous Healthu pregnancy. I have a very high BMI so I guess that's. increasing my worry. I just kinda feel like not lettin myself get excited incase its not meant to be but at the same time getting so over excited in my head I'm fit to burst with excitement lol. Anyone else feeling this anxious? My dd was only 2 in November and I can't remember for the life of me where I go from here appt wise? I no I will need consultant led care like last time because of my weight can anyone remind me do I go to gp or contact my old midwife?

Thanks ladies xx

tuckingfits Sun 03-Feb-13 16:53:13

Hi Natalie,sorry to hear you're worrying. I would say try not to but I know that doesn't help! My son was two last week,so were similar in that sense. I'm going to phone my GP surgery tomorrow & check with reception whether I need to see gp or if I can book myself in with the midwife who works from the surgery one day a week. If I were you I'd do the same,although I'll let you know tomorrow what advice I get. I'll be consultant led this time too due to last birth.

toinfintyandbeyond Sun 03-Feb-13 17:08:12

Hello grin
Got my bfp on thurs edd is 8th oct and this will be baby number 3!

delilahbelle Sun 03-Feb-13 17:11:09

natalie we can hold each others hands if you want. It's such early days I almost wish I hadn't tested. Do you have any symptoms at the moment?

Is there anyone else on here v v early?

roofio87 Sun 03-Feb-13 17:16:53

oh so many new ladies on here its hard to keep up!! but welcome and congrats on the BFPs!!
delilahbelle I got my BFP really early,but now 4w+6d so feeling much more settled!
got tummy pains today but not been for a poop last couple of days so think its just that. increased my fruit and veg today so hopefully feel better tomorrow!! how's everyone else doing? I'm feeling so knackered but otherwise good!!xsmile

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 17:48:29

Ahh thanks delilahbelle I kinda wish I hadn't tested either tbh haha silly as it sounds. I'm actually due my period on Wednesday and have a secon first response at hand to do first thing that morning. Been getting lots of heart burn (could be co-incidence) and a spotty face which is unlike me. I never usually test until my period due date silly me for doing it early this month lol. I wish I could see into the future and when I find myself talking to hubby about this pregnancy I say 'If we have a baby in October' just incase I have a false positive test, is anyone else experiencing symptoms yet?i didn't find out till 8 weeks with dd1 even tho I was ttc so I didn't have all the worry at this stage xx

roofio87 Sun 03-Feb-13 18:12:21

also mamab and anyone else interested
I bought the mumsnet guide to pregnancy and am really enjoying it so far! it was published 2009 so a little outdated in some things,but otherwise really good. mixes fact with lots of opinions from mumsnetters. it doesn't tell u exactly how to handle pregnancy,just gives you examples of how others have gone about things and you can decide who/what you agree with. its also quite funny!! would definitely recommend xx

Elleroo Sun 03-Feb-13 18:16:46

Hello & congrats to all the new bfps!

Delilah snd Natalie I got my bfp pretty early too at 3wk 4days and I'm now 4wk 1 day. My first bfps were on Internet cheapies too and I had to hold them up to the light to see the line! Got fed up trying to judge whether it was actually a strong enough line so did a clearblue digi later the same day and it confirmed "pregnant". So in my book a line is a line!!!!

pinklady i think my boobs may out me too! My dh made me get changed before i went to see my mum today cos he thought she'd notice my boobage straight away!! I took another test today too?! I think its withdrawal from my poas addiction...seems strange to have a jam jar free morning wee grin!!! I've got loads of cheapies left over and it was nice to see a darker line.

Today I'm feeling bloody knackered and think I am developing a super sense of smell if my trip to supermarket is anything to go by...Bleugh!

Elleroo Sun 03-Feb-13 18:19:39

roofio I completely agree about the mumsnet guide, I've really enjoyed if so far too....it gives you something different than the day by day factual stuff you get on apps and other books.

GettingObsessive Sun 03-Feb-13 18:54:46

toinfinity we share an EDD smile

Anyone who's done this before when will the sore boobs end? It's not excruciating, but I am wearing a sports bra and they're pretty sore sad

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 19:17:01

I really want a clear blue digital but dunno if I can warrant £8 on it the rip off merchants lol plus I'm scared ill do it and it will say not pregnant and thrn £8 deffo will be a waste. N e one obsessin over every little niggle and driving them selves mad? Oh and gettingobsessive I don't suffer from sore boobs yet so can't help u there unfortunately xxx I'm so excited for everyone :-) is there n e way I can upload a pic of my test to get your opinions?

Got my bfp on friday. Had done a test in the morning that was negative. Later that afternoon was just about to get changed into my exercise clothes to do the 30 day shred DVD when I decided to do another test and got a faint positive. Great excuse not to exercise.
This is number 5 for me and number 1 for Dp and will be my 5th cesarean so a wee bit nervous.
Due date is 12th October but will probably be booked in for c section around 28 September.

Umlauf Sun 03-Feb-13 19:33:46

Hi, hope everyone has had a good weekend and nice to see lots of new people! In case people aren't reading back I'm due 1st October (complete guess!) with my first DC.

Have had a lovely day completely ruined by an email argument with my boss, who knows I am weary (understatement of the millennium!) but is giving me three more very stressful classes which will stop me being home before 9.00 every bloody day of the week. I am very very tearful tonight which is a mixture of hormones and rage. WHY DONT BLOODY MEN UNDERSTAND HOW FEIGGING TIRING THIS PREGNANT MALARKEY IS?!?!!?!

back to hide under my duvet

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 19:39:24


Please tell me this is positive and I'm not going mad

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 19:42:55

Oooo ps excuse me ladies second attempt


Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 19:43:24
Umlauf Sun 03-Feb-13 19:46:32

Yeah definitely! That's what mine looked like! Congratulations!

delilahbelle Sun 03-Feb-13 19:47:53

Looks like a line to me smile

Elleroo Sun 03-Feb-13 19:50:17

That's definitely a line smile its darker than mine was!

I think the chances of a false positive are pretty slim so try not to worry, I'm sure if u do another one with fmu in a couple of days it'll be darker.

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 19:54:22

That line was from about 1.30pm yesterday xx

Elleroo Sun 03-Feb-13 19:54:51

umlauf I've read back and notice you live in Spain... Do they not have the equivalent of some sort of pregnancy risk assessment?

Umlauf Sun 03-Feb-13 20:07:04

Hi ellerroo yes we moved here in September. I'm in a really crappy position really in that I don't have a proper contract, the contract I do have expires in June so I won't get a shred of maternity pay, and I don't know what the general rules are for help when pregnant as I don't understand any of the official websites and can't ask anyone as only my boss knows. He is very much of the opinion of 'you're pregnant, not ill.' In any case, I don't know if the risk assessment would cover working long hours?

roofio87 Sun 03-Feb-13 20:15:37

natalieand agreed, thats what my first one looked like too, i was only 10dpo. now (at 4w+6) i did a cheap strip one middle of this afternoon and +line came up so dark and so fast, way before the contol line even so it will get darker in time (if like me u need to keep poas get some dead cheap ones to curb your obsession!!) and Congratulations!!! grin

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 20:18:27

I have 20 dead cheap ones already but they r coming up even fainter than first response ATM haha. I really want a clear blue digital eith conception indicator but I keep thinking hmm if I spent £8 on one it might say not pregnant cos the lines r faint in first response still xxx

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 20:18:54

Oh and meant to ask what does poas mean Hun? Xxx

roofio87 Sun 03-Feb-13 20:21:18

the cheapies won't be a sensitive as the first response so if its very early days there won't be as much hcg to pick up for the cheap ones will be very faint. keep re testing and see if the line goes darker, i'm sure it will!!
poas=pee on a stick ie take a pg test!! wink

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 20:25:33

I'm certainly obsessed with testing that's for sure but mainly cos I want the line to be darker 24 hours seems to be taking forever to pass ATM I'm getting impatient already lol xx

roofio87 Sun 03-Feb-13 20:42:03

I know, the impatience is very hard, just try to take your mind of it (easier said than done!!)
I'm feeling a bit miffed, we told both sets of parents about the pg last week as both me and dp are very close to them. Now my MIL has told his nan and auntie and Uncle and wants us to tell his other grandparents asap. My dp is fine with this, but I feel like my pregnancy is being a bit hijacked and I'm not beign allowed to do it my way. I wanted to wait till much much later in the pg to tell the wider family (not to mention all the people are my MILs work than know too!!). I want to just relax and think, well whats done is done and I'm not one for confrontation, but I'm a bit upset. Would normally talk to my dp about anything but afriad of criticising his mother (I wouldn't take that well!!) what do you ladies think I should do?!

Elleroo Sun 03-Feb-13 20:44:02

Natalie make sure you use your first morning urine...this will giv u the strongest line.

umlauf I'm not sure, I think mine does but as I'm not planning on telling them yet, I can't be sure. I guess it would vary between employers. It's s difficult situation for u to be in though. Hope it gets better x

Elleroo Sun 03-Feb-13 20:51:40

roof did u ask them not to say anything? If so they've been completely out of order, but do u think it would help to bring it up now its done? The cat seems very much out of the bag...

roofio87 Sun 03-Feb-13 20:57:32

yeah we did tell them to be quiet,she said she got asked when we were thinking about having children and her reaction gave it away. yeah I suppose you're right,not much van be done not so will try not to be annoyed!! everyone is going to know soon by the looks of things!!x

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 21:01:42

Hate it when ppl just take it upon themselves to share your special news ATM only me hubby my mum and s close friend no about my pregnancy. This is gunna sound like the most random question ever I always wake at 4am for a wee so do I test then or test when I get up at 7? This has always baffled me haha xx

roofio87 Sun 03-Feb-13 21:11:14

whichever has had the most time before wees
you use first morning urine as its more concentrated because its been brewing all night. you should have been holding it in for at least 4-6 hours I think. what time do u last wee before bed?probs best the 4am one if you can be bothered Haha!!x

delilahbelle Sun 03-Feb-13 21:13:34

Only me and DH know at the moment. We are visiting the inlaws next weekend, up to DH if we tell them then as they live a long way away and don't have any contact with my family/our social circle so the news can't spread. I won't be telling my parents until after our first scan.

natalie Use the 4am wee, if you remember!

pinkbuttons Sun 03-Feb-13 21:15:47

Wow its busy on here tonight! Hello to everyone whos new and Congratulations. grin
roofio sending sympathy to you. wonder if you could tell DH that your just worrying about everyone knowing so early as your feeling alot of pressure put on you, therefore not criticising his mother but maybe making them all more aware? My DH doesnt take mother criticism well either but am lucky that he doesnt want his family to know yet.
feeling slightly better about cramping as has now been happening since Friday and no bleeding. Thank you for all the reassuring stories.
How is everyone? I am 5+5 and had first morning of nausea today, not helped by DH insisting on having a bacon sandwich for breakfast bleugh. No vomit though and managed to miss out on morning sickness with DS so am due it really.

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 21:26:49

Right 4am Wednesday that's what I'll be doing I usually pee when I go to bed at like 10.10 -10.30 latest so 4 Am shild be about right. Roll on Wednesday ahhhhhh no morning sickness for me yet but then again I didn't get it with my first preg either so that's not surprising, anyone got any feelings of what sex baby will be?

Pinkush Sun 03-Feb-13 21:42:05

Tricky sitution Roofio! Me and DH just having a mull about who to tell and when. There's no way I'll be able to keep it quiet till the 12 week scan so think will tell both sets of parents at around 8 weeks then friends after that (if I last that long)
Natalie- in the GP practice where I work, the standard protocol is a patient books a GP appt once they've got a bfp then after a brief assessment most women are referred to antenatal care as routine (unless there are special circumstances e.g. late booking, other serious medical probs, when you'd be referred as urgent). Then just wait for your booking in appt with the midwife and scan date. It may vary in different areas. I agree with others that it can feel like an anti-climax (I barely got a congratulations first time round with DS)
PS V jealous of the big boobed ladies- I'm sporting two sad sacks after just stopping BF. Can't wait for the hormones to kick in!!

Natalieand Sun 03-Feb-13 21:49:29

Ahhhhhh thanks for that pinkush I will be involved in consultant led care for high bmi as I was last pregnsncy, only plus side to having high bmi is all those extra scans :-) have n e of u guys decided on finding out the sex of the baby?

roofio87 Sun 03-Feb-13 21:50:26

Thanks ladies. have just discussed it with DP and agreed that the MIL wasn't being malicious,she's just really excited which is sweet and it won't change anything if people know so will just relax about it now.I only really told parents/parents in law as I wanted support from my sis and sis in law as they are both mothers and couldn't tell them without telling our parents. I'm so close to both families it felt like lying to not tell them. minor upset/angry blip over anyway. damn hormones!! blush

Irishfairy Sun 03-Feb-13 23:00:12

Hi everyone, just read through masses of messages as have had a manic few days and haven't been able to post.
Natalie we found out the sex with dd as both of us have to willpower to wait. Going to do the same this time around as it will help with organising the masses of girlie baby stuff in the attic. Also think it will be helpful for preparing dd for the new arrival. smile

tuckingfits Mon 04-Feb-13 01:10:29

We didn't find out the sex first time around,but I'm pondering whether to this time. We really liked knowing we had a surprise coming (now there's an understatement!),but this time I wonder if it would be better idea to know so that when the time comes we can help DS get to grips with having a new sibling. Not concerned about clothes etc as much of our baby stuff is neutral due to not knowing & most of our boy specific stuff was given to us as gifts so I would just hope that we would receive gifts of girl clothes if it were a girl (not meaning to sound grabby,I was astonished by how many gifts we were given).

I suppose I don't need to worry or come to a firm decision just yet as it's still a long time away. Does anyone else feel as though they have known for blooming ages & should be almost half way yet?!

As for telling people,I've told a couple of close friends,partner hasn't told anyone as last time he told a mate,swore him to secrecy but he was blabbing to everyone he came in contact with. Small community,not ideal! Haven't told parents on either side yet as rarely see or speak to his mum,not due to difficulties but she's a long way away & just a bit shit at life (no difficulties,no not at all!). Haven't told my parents as I'm a little concerned about their reaction - there were some serious issues in our relationship a few months ago & they helped us both out considerably,although we are now strong & happy at the time I didn't think we would ever be happy again & I think they will be a bit concerned about us. However,they adore DS so I know they will be delighted once over the shock. It's my mum's birthday towards end of Feb so I am half planning to hold out til then. No idea how many weeks I'll be by then,but eventually I'll work it out! 4 weeks today apparently! Just another 36 to go (or 38 if DS is anything to go by wink

Tarlia Mon 04-Feb-13 05:11:21

Good morning, lovelies! Urg what a night, I spent the first half feeling unable to sleep because I was so queasy, the second half with a toddler who kept randomly proclaiming "up!" or "milk!?". Hope you all had restful nights!

We didn't find out sex last time either, much to familys upset, but this time my partner would like to find out as last time he agreed we wouldn't as I felt so strongly. This time I don't really have a preference and I think it'll be nice to be able to prepare DS as to which we are having.

What are you all up to today?

delilahbelle Mon 04-Feb-13 06:43:53

Work today ugh. Getting up was very hard, I just want to sleep. POAS again and got a stronger and darker line than Saturday grin

Thinking about trying to get a doctors appointment for later on in the week.

delilahbelle Mon 04-Feb-13 06:45:17

We will def be finding out the sex natalie I have no patience for waiting smile
Plus we will be able to buy gendered clothes etc, I can't wait.

Natalieand Mon 04-Feb-13 06:58:42

Done one of the cheap test strips this morning and it was negative now in practically having a panic attack! U reckon its just cos its so early? Panic mode my end! Haven't told dh yet Incase its cos it's the cheap test

Natalieand Mon 04-Feb-13 07:43:19

Panic over ladies just done the spare firs response one with second wee of the day and its definitely a BFP like 10x stronger than Saturdays test and came up almost instantly but Saturday it took a minute or so to show up xxx whoop

terrifiednewbie Mon 04-Feb-13 08:02:40

good morning all. another queasy morning but another day another dollar! hope Mondayitis isnt too bad for you all.
DH wants to find out the sex. Im not fussed either way but its all a long way off! told my parents and my bro and sil last night-all very excited. nice to have their support although feel a bit more pressure now

Umlauf Mon 04-Feb-13 08:19:33

Morning! Hello to newbie! And congratulations Natalie on this mornings test!

I didn't sleep at all despite being utterly exhausted. I seem to have insomnia and fatigue at the same time. Really stressed about the extra classes I'm teaching today (about 12 hours notice from my boss) and have demanded a meeting with him. But I know I won't get anywhere as I'm not protected by a proper contract. Hoping ill manage to throw up ion his face by accident though!

W will definitely find out the sex as I just don't have patience and will help with narrowing down names I think. My DH has bright red hair so quite excited to see if the baby does as well, although if its a girl baby pink will not go, so might try and avoid telling other people the sex in case they buy lots of pink!

Natalieand Mon 04-Feb-13 08:23:55

Docs at 11.40 for me ladies. Bursting with a fresh batch as excitement. Am I right in thinking the line is darker cos hormone have got stronger and that's a good sign right?

xuntitledx Mon 04-Feb-13 08:31:24

Morning! How's everyone feeling today?

We couldn't hold the news so have told immediate family who were all absolutely thrilled, love seeing/hearing everyone's reactions!

No sickness yet but slightly queasy, occasional heartburn and light cramping which sends me into a panic - other than that though, feeling good smile

Visited the GP on Friday who has referred me to the ante-natal clinic so hope to hear back soon - can anyone advise what happens during this first appointment?

JellyCurls Mon 04-Feb-13 09:18:23

Morning ladies I feel so sick this morning, couldn't even manage my morning cuppa!

Got midwife later this morning just praying I don't meet anyone I know in the surgery.

Not told anyone about preg yet and planning to keep it that way till 12 week scan. DH wants to find out sex at 20wk scan but I don't so need to work out what we are doing but loads of time before that.

roofio87 Mon 04-Feb-13 09:46:07

morning jellycurls sorry to hear you're feeling bad. I've just had the occasional bout of nausea so far but not too bad
my main problem is bad constipation (tmi blush Haha)
meeting with my boss this afternoon to do risk assessment etc. glad to be able to talk about it. I'm a youth worker with some fairly "lively" young people so she needed to know!!
we're defo finding out the sex,I need to know if I want the boy clothes from my Sils baby or the girl ones from my sister!!
how is everyone else doing?! xx

Irishfairy Mon 04-Feb-13 11:53:40

I've told a few close friends and my cousin who lives nearby and I'm very close with. I figure I am happy to tell those whom I would tell anyway if it doesn't work out. I'm waiting to tell my family when we go to visit them later this week as they live in Ireland. DH wants to tell his mum and she is in the US so will probably do it by phone at some stage.
I'm sat waiting in the docs at the moment as I've had a cough for a couple of weeks but in the last few days my asthma seems to have flared up. Happened last time in the first trimester also. Think it's contributing to me feeling so exhausted. On the plus side not much nausea yet... But eating like a horse! Am going to have to try to make more healthy choices with food as can't keep going this way! Hope everyone else is feeling well.
I'm 4+5 weeks today and it does feel like it has been forever since I found out but it's been less than a week!

Celosia Mon 04-Feb-13 12:33:10

Hi ladies, I've been on the September thread but now tentatively moving over here! An empty sac on Saturday at 8wks, is now a healthy sac and embryo and now 5+3!!!! Due October 2nd grin

roofio87 Mon 04-Feb-13 12:45:51

Hi celosia not quite sure I understand your situation, but sounds like good news to me!! congrats and welcome!!xx

pinkbuttons Mon 04-Feb-13 12:57:57

Definitely feeling more pregnant (and sick) here. Nearly got sent home this morning for looking so awful. Cleared up about 11 though and am now starving.
sorry your feeling rubbish too jelly and to everyone whos ill.
Congrats on darker line natalie hope drs goes well.
Were another couple who will defintely be finding out babys sex if able to. Think if we have a boy were going to need a good few months warning to pick a name. Agreeing on DS's was hard enough grin

pinkbuttons Mon 04-Feb-13 13:11:59

and welcome celosia sorry I missed your post.

tuckingfits Mon 04-Feb-13 14:38:48

Right,well I just phoned the surgery & receptionist says I have to hand in a sample on one of their sample pots to be sent off & tested before they will refer to midwife. It's changed since last time! Then I made appt with gp who trusted the home pregnancy test & referred me on my say so. Probably just as well I started the ball rolling since they forgot to book my 12 week scan last time until I phoned to demand to know what was happening... How it all comes flooding back - remembered the midwife didn't give me any of the preparatory books/dvds for life with a baby/breastfeeding last time either. Grrr.

tuckingfits Mon 04-Feb-13 14:41:46

*in not on one of their pots.

So I now have to tog us both back up to go out in a high wind snow & hail storm to get a pot from the surgery. Not very impressed,but only because of the weather & my lack of desire to drag DS out in it again. Should just have popped in on my way home from toddlers but wanted to maintain anonymity for a bit longer!

Natalieand Mon 04-Feb-13 15:29:03

Went to docs ladies, little bit of bad news, have high blood pressure 148/106 wants me back in next week to check it again and has referred me for consultant care as I suspected he would but other than that everything seems ok ATM. Every tiny little pain I get sends me into a panic lol as for us we haven't discussed finding out the babies sex yet but I would I,agen we will, we did last time so it will help us prepare dd for her baby brother/sisters arrival. And means I can sort through clothes etc to save some money xx

WillSantaComeAgain Mon 04-Feb-13 15:33:59

hello again all - its been busy on here since I last looked (as have I!). Sorry to hear that some of the GPs and MW appts have been a bit of a let down. With DC1 I didn't get anything more than a list of foods not to eat till my booking appt at 10 weeks. PG2 I had a booking appt at 9 weeks. Has anyone else on here had a MMC? I don't know whether they'll let me have an early scan this time round as I really don't want to go through 8 weeks of waiting to find out it had all gone wrong so early on.

This time round, I'm being slightly less strict on the dietary restrictions and have decided that I will be eating blue cheese, runny eggs and rare steak. Currently hanging out for some nurofen though but won't risk that - so hoping the paracetamol will kick in soon!

No symptoms except tiredness with me, but that could be down to the late night last night. With DC1 my boobs increased five cup sizes in the first four weeks - I'm hoping that because they haven't fully shrunk back that I'll be spared another massive increase.

JellyCurls Mon 04-Feb-13 15:47:54

Afternoon ladies we have a happy nauseous jellycurls checking in again. MW went well as was not the one I expected and agreed to not doing my bloods till 12 week scan as my friend works in hospital labs. As had a cp in August to call in if I start getting cramps, shooting pains or a bleed which is good to know. Going to have consultant led care and already put in notes for a medical delivery so all in all it went well. Just to wait on scan date which will be in about 6 weeks (she gave me an earlier due date so I can get an earlier scan grin)

Pinkush Mon 04-Feb-13 15:52:19

Oh Santa- reading your post has just made me very hungry!! Not good as one of my clients has just asked if I'm pregnant!! Am only 5 weeks and didn't pig out at lunch! There's no way I'll be able to keep this quiet at work until the scan...(good bye nice fitted dresses, hello baggy sacks).

MrsExcited Mon 04-Feb-13 15:52:32

Can i join, I apologise that i haven't been through all the posts here yet

I got a BFP on Friday and reconfirmed today - heres to staying safe for the next 8 weeks, then 6 months beyond that

Pinkush Mon 04-Feb-13 15:56:20

PS jelly- v glad your appointment went well- especially the earlier scan date!!

Natalieand Mon 04-Feb-13 16:12:53

Funny u say that. pinkush someone asked me today if I was pregnant and as much as I wanted to jump up and down and be like YES. I AM, I was like NAaa definitely definitely not. Killed me lying but it was at a toddler group with my daughter and once u tell one person everyone knows so had to bite my tongue roll on 12 weeks :-)

Umlauf Mon 04-Feb-13 16:55:48

Is anyone showing at all yet? I'm growing a little concerned by lack of symptoms. Only got the sore boobs! I seem to have got a little thinner which is weird as I'm eating like mad as I'm hungry all the time. And I don't have a scan until 13 weeks so ages to go! Bit worried I've made it all up!

delilahbelle Mon 04-Feb-13 17:07:25

I am having bad cramps, have a previous history if chemical pregnancies so am very very scared. Just want to fast forward the next 8 weeks and get the 1st trimester done, but now I'm wondering whether ill even get 4 weeks under my belt.

toinfintyandbeyond Mon 04-Feb-13 17:29:55

Dh doesn't want us to tell anyone till after the 1st scan which I think will be hard- depends on how sick I get lol
Will be finding out the sex as have 2 boys and won't have to get much if its another one!

toinfintyandbeyond Mon 04-Feb-13 17:30:30

Fingers crossed your pg isn't a chemical one delilahbelle

delilahbelle Mon 04-Feb-13 18:21:29

Thanks toinfinity This was a hard won BFP after infertility treatment and it just seems to unfair for it to end so soon. The cramps are getting worse though, it really feels like AF. Any symptoms I had (sore boobs, tiredness, mild icky ness) have completely gone.

Told my boss I wont be in tomorrow. Physically I might well be capable but not mentally. I just can't face it any more sad

Natalieand Mon 04-Feb-13 18:25:01

Don't let the cramps get you down delilahbelle my friend who is also pregnant but about 14.3 weeks said she had really bad period pains she thought she was gunna come on right near the beginning (she found out as early as us guys) but 14.3 weeks on she's going strong

Natalieand Mon 04-Feb-13 18:25:48

What infertility treatment did u have delilahbelle?

delilahbelle Mon 04-Feb-13 18:30:00

This is a donor egg cycle, and my 4th IVF in all. Thanks for the reassurance Natalie but I am not very hopeful (even though a tiny bit of me still won't believe it's over until I get a negative test)

tuckingfits Mon 04-Feb-13 18:32:52

Best wishes delilahbelle. It's awful when you're worrying about such things. Fingers crossed for you. Was it you who was hoping for an early scan? Would you be able ask your gp or self refer to epu? Not sure how that works so apologies if I'm making stupid suggestions. I had two early scans last time due to heavy bleeding but don't know the script otherwise.

So much for my high hopes of holding out til my mum's birthday - she was happily playing with DS earlier & I blurted out "how would you feel about having another one of those?!". Durrr. She was pleased but a little concerned as I predicted,think her mind is a bit more at ease now. We have agreed to hold off telling my dad for a while yet. His fears won't be so easily allayed as mostly stems from financial difficulties which he has helped us (partner,shit with money) out of,so I need to be able to prove a good track record now that I'm in charge of both house & business (and my business) accounts,when he sees it's under control I'm sure he'll be fine. Not that it really matters,but he's my dad & I'm hugely grateful to him for his rescue package & don't want to worry him further unnecessarily. If that makes sense to anyone but me!

Had a lovely lovely lump sum back payment of ctc today,haven't had any since July as they said we weren't eligible anymore,but we were & now it's a lump sum we can afford to extend our box room into the loft & make it a large enough room to be useable for DC2. My goodness,freaky saying that! Can't believe that at the end of being pregnant again (which I LOVED last time around) there'll be a second child!! I'll really have to grow up & get organised.

In addition to the new room,we are hoping to stretch the budget for a new boiler that works & will actually heat the house! Bliss. Partner is a chippy so he can do all the work himself with some help from me & someone to commission the new boiler if we manage it. Feel as though we will finally be getting somewhere with this great but run down house we bought 18 months ago! smile

Natalieand Mon 04-Feb-13 18:34:08

So if u have had ivf that means u no for sure a fertilised egg was placed back? How many did they place back?

I'm telling you now I'm sure heartburn shouldn't be this bad early on lol

pinkbuttons Mon 04-Feb-13 18:34:42

Thinking of you delilah I also had period like cramps before getting my BFP and after, will be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

terrifiednewbie Mon 04-Feb-13 18:47:27

fingers crossed delilah.

Elleroo Mon 04-Feb-13 19:27:21

I'm keeping everything crossed for u Delilah. Lots of us on here seems to have had AF type pains too, so just try to relax tomorrow and stress as little as possible (I know easier said than done)

I always thought I would want to find out the sex as I'm very much a planner, but now it's really happening we don't think we're going to... It's our first so we don't mind either way. Will probably have changed my mind by 20 wks though!

I went and had a sly wander through mothercare today and only just managed to stop myself buying something cute and tiny! shock

Natalieand Mon 04-Feb-13 19:44:41

Haha elleroo that last bit made me chuckle, sounds like I been looking for bump supports and maternity clothes all day on my iPad cos I'm quite big like size 22-24 its difficult to get half decent maternity clothes and I no ill need the support for my tum! Roll on scan day it seems so far away!!

carcassonne Mon 04-Feb-13 20:18:19

Hello, can I join you? Due on 8th October (ish) with number 2. I have a 3 y.o. DD already.


Hi ladies. Lovely to hear how youre all doing. I have my GP appointment on Wednesday, which is the first step here. I'm also feeling pretty severe AF pains that I don't remember with DD, so I'm hoping all is okay.

GettingObsessive Mon 04-Feb-13 21:06:30

Lots of due on 8th Oct then!

Natalieand Mon 04-Feb-13 21:34:17


please tell me I'm not the only suffering with diorhea? And isit normal? I'm not unwell so it's not a bug it's been goin on a few days now z

Celosia Mon 04-Feb-13 21:43:54

Rooftop thank you! I'm not quite sure earlier ....apparently I ovulated really late making me 5+3 by scan. On a regular pregnancy calendar it put me at 8 weeks. My bloods and scan say the same date so going with that! Xxx

tuckingfits Mon 04-Feb-13 21:46:27

That's interesting Celosia,good news that you have a little foetus growing!

terrifiednewbie Mon 04-Feb-13 22:49:59

resisting the urge to dig out my old dusty embryology books but for those hitting week 5 its neural tube development time so def dont forget the old folic acid!

MrsExcited Mon 04-Feb-13 23:37:56

Celosia I have as we'll if that helps!

MrsExcited Mon 04-Feb-13 23:38:47

Sorry that went to the wrong poster should have been Natalieand

Natalieand Tue 05-Feb-13 05:15:37

5.15am, wide awake, feel sick as anything bleurgh lol hope everyone slept ok xxxx

Fingers crossed delilah x x

I'm back off my hols and up bright and early with the jetlag. I told my mum and dad on the phone last night. They sounded a little underwhelmed, but my mum did keep saying 'I can't take it in... I'll call tomorrow and be a bit more excited' so I think at least she recognised her response might not have been the whooping I'd have liked! But my sister has been ttc for six months and had a miscarriage, so I guess they were more thinking it would be her, and they might not have been aware we were really trying.

I've also told my sister who I think is a bit torn between being happy for me but sad its not her. I will tell another friend today and then I think I will just tell people as it comes up, they'll be able to tell because of not drinking.

We are planning to find out if its a boy or a girl, to help us mentally prepare, and as my dp says 'to make it feel more real'. I think its a boy tho, because I don't feel really sick or really starving, and also because we had a lot of sex around ovulation (I knew because of obsessive fertility planning) so I think those quick boys sperms will have got in there before the slow and steady girl sperms. Can't think of any boy names I like...

I must book the dr appointment today.

Morning all, how is everyone feeling today?

Thats a shame about your sister Pannacotta - I have a close friend who has been trying for over a year now, and I have to admit I am dreading telling her - I feel guilty sad.

Ug, was told yesterday I have to attend a 4 day workshop in France from 25th Feb. Crap not only because I hate being away from DS1 for that long, but also because I don't want anyone from work knowing yet. There will definitley be lots of dinners and booze, and being a pisshead very sociable person normally it's really awkward!

Rockchick1984 Tue 05-Feb-13 09:38:05

Hello ladies can I join please? Just had my BFP this morning!! Will be DC2, have been TTC for about 5 months but it's still scary to see that second line smile have worked out due date as 18th October, so DS1 will be 2yrs 7months when this one arrives.

WillSantaComeAgain Tue 05-Feb-13 09:45:37

B8gger. Just realised that I forgot to take the folic acid for the whole of week five. sad I have been taking it madly for at least six weeks before BFP so hopefully no damage done. How could I be so stupid.

Pannacotta and Jelly - if you have to tell anyone you know has had problems, don't feel guilty. They will be happy for you but it will be really really hard for them. I much prefer being told by a personal text - that way, I can have my little wibble and then respond with a positive msg back when I'm feeling up to it. I still haven't quite forgiven my friend who thought it would be a good way of telling me that she was expecting at the same time my due date would have been, by surprising me with a seven month pregnant bump when I saw her. [she knew what had happened and she really thought it would be the right way of telling me]. Oh yes, and don't announce it on FB.

Keeping fingers crossed for you delilah. I can't imagine how much you've been through, so keep praying (if you're the praying kind) for a miracle.

Jelly - use the old "bladder infection" excuse: explains frequent peeing and you can claim to be on antibiotics that don't let you drink.

Thanks for the tip about a text Santa, makes sense as then I'm not putting her on the spot to force a positive reaction to my face.

And yes, will come up with some old pile of shit that no one will believe excuse about antibiotics, but am a complete open book which makes me a terrible liar. Ahh well, not much I can do about it!

Welcome Rockchick. I'm quite suprised about the number of people that will have the same age gap as me (2.9 months). From my previous lurking it seemed the majority of people were due around their DC1's 2nd Birthday. Anyone else planned this gap to coincide with when the funded nursery hours kick in at 3?

Iheartcrunchiebars Tue 05-Feb-13 10:01:39

Can I dip a tentative toe in? Taken 2 tests and have had two very faint positives? I will test again on Thursday. Due date would be 10th October and it's our first. Any other 10ths? Trying not be excited but oh my god!!!

WillSantaComeAgain Tue 05-Feb-13 10:02:51

Oooh, booking appt just made. A very efficient new system in our area, where you go directly to the entire team of MWs for the whole PCT, and they then book you in with the right centre smile

Will be a 2.9 gap exactly. Not planned - I was hoping for a less than 2 gap but have been TTC for a year.

Natalieand Tue 05-Feb-13 10:25:43

This baby is due oct 16th and my daughters 3rd birthday will be nov 1st sons little bit of a bigger gap than you guys but if I ha fallen pregnant straight away she would have been 2 years 9 months too lol. Someone asked me if I was pregnant yesterday an someone else has asked me this morning and I feel guilty denying it knowing full well I definitely am haha. Hope everyone has a good day xxxx

roofio87 Tue 05-Feb-13 10:36:31

yay iheart so happy to see you've moved over from the ttc boards!! congratulations!! my EDD is the 9th so pretty close!! smile x

Iheartcrunchiebars Tue 05-Feb-13 10:43:18

That's brilliant roofio. Glad our dates are so close. Have you booked a drs appt yet? I booked one then cancelled as I thought it might be better to wait a couple of weeks.

roofio87 Tue 05-Feb-13 10:46:44

yeah iheart I went,but was pretty pointless!!Haha.she took my blood pressure which was fine and then just gave me the number to book at the antenatal clinic,going on 6th march when I'll be 9weeks. turns out I could have just booked that app without even seeing the gp!! all exciting though.just can't wait for first scan!!
you feeling any symptoms? I'm very tired and boobs have gone huge,starting to hurt a bit today.glad of the symptoms though,makes it feel more real!! congrats again!!smile x

pinkbuttons Tue 05-Feb-13 12:24:27

Hi to new people and Congrats!!
bowlfullofjelly my DS will be 2 yrs 9 months when this ones due too. must be when te broody hormones kick in... or in my case when DH gives in grin
6 weeks today here and less sicky after a good nights sleep. cant believe im only half way through the first trimester! this is going to be the slowest 6 weeks ever!
how is everyone today? and has your cramping stopped delilah?

Pinkbuttons - 6 weeks today here also! Spooky!

roofio, I have hardly any symptons. Tired in the evening (but think that is more to do with lack of caffeine to be honest), slight nausea but only when I haven't eaten for a few hours, and slightly tender boobs, which have disappointingly not increased in size yet. OH is also looking forward to this - although with DS it was a strictly 'look but don't touch' policy which he wasn't impressed about!

Santa was just reading back over the thread and saw your question about MMC and early scan. I had a MMC on first pregnancy (found out at 12 week scan baby stopped growing at 6 weeks), and so in my last pregnancy persuaded them to give me an early scan (was about 6/7 weeks from what I recall). Not sure whether I am going to ask this time in the spirit of trying to relax with this pregnancy. If you do go for this I would suggest trying to hold out until 8 weeks, as from what I have read if you have a good scan at 8 weeks with heart beat then your odds of successful pregnancy are pretty much the same as when you get to 12 weeks.

delilahbelle Tue 05-Feb-13 13:13:07

Hi pink Thanks for asking. Still having some v mild cramps, and v slight brownish spotting. I don't feel pregnant at all anymore, all my early symptoms have gone sad Unfortunately the pessaries I am on could be the cause of the cramps and be preventing AF from arriving if I have had a chemical.

Beta-HCG this afternoon, and another next week to see if my levels are rising as expected, fingers crossed they are but I am not holding out a lot of hope.

Probably wont be posting much, but will lurk a bit and wish everyone the best.

legallyblond Tue 05-Feb-13 13:22:54

Hey all! We will have a v similar gap Natalie - due on 1 Oct and DD turns 3 on 11 Oct.... But that's a much smaller gap than planned (we had envisaged 4/5 years).... This is a (very good) unplanned surprise!

First full on morning sickness this morning. Proper chocking up, not just queasiness. Lordy..... I didn't have this with DD!

Delilahbelle.... Holding your hand. Was with my best friend for 2 miscarriages last year (at 6 weeks and at 9.5... The latter was hard as she'd had a positive scan with heartbeat etc at 8 weeks) so I sort of know how you're feeling x x x

Natalieand Tue 05-Feb-13 15:21:30

Just spoke to midwife Nd she asked when my LMP was n I didn't lie as such but was a bit vague with the truth so I'm getting a dating scan at end of feb whoop :-) roll on end of feb. hopefully everything thing works out for u delilahbelle xxxxx

Natalieand Tue 05-Feb-13 15:22:02

Will be 8ish weeks at end of feb xx

WillSantaComeAgain Tue 05-Feb-13 15:30:56

Thanks jelly. My booking appt is at 7+4 so will see then what my options are for scan. No symptoms here yet, except tiredness but that's probably just due to a busy few weeks.

Umlauf Tue 05-Feb-13 15:38:22

As our little group is growing fast, perhaps it might be time to do a list?? My stats are:

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs

Anyone else want to join me?!

I felt really really dizzy this morning and nearly blacked out in the shower. Fine again now though. I've also sorted my working hour problems (not with my boss' help!) but my taking on a colleagues day time classes in exchange for him doing my evenings. The day time class is the 'awful class' but just had them for the first time and they were lovely! That is a huge right off my shoulders :-)

Umlauf Tue 05-Feb-13 15:39:49

Ooh an I cancelled the ski holiday :-( didn't think it was worth the risk. Driving down to Andalucia at Easter instead and camping!

mamab hope your appointment goes well today and you are feeling better

I'll join you pink, Um and bowl in the 6 weeks today club! Happy birthday to us!

I'll also join the list:

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs

34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's

Only symptoms so far are hurty boobs, headache (which might be linked to stinking cold I have had for a week now). Not really feeling the tiredness some of you are yet and no sicky feeling either. Can't help worrying something will go wrong and keep touching wood everytime we talk about it, i just want to get the scan done (19th March) so I can relax a bit. My best friend told me at 11 weeks for her first, then the scan showed it only developed to 8 weeks and that's scarying me big time. I always assumed you'd know if something went wrong?! Feeling a lot of pressure, as we've told his parents and his mum was sooo excited and is already planning christmas with a 3 month old and what she's going to buy for the nursery etc. She's wanted a grandchild for years! We tried to say it's early days etc but it went in one ear and out the other. Hoping she'll have calmed down by the time we see them again in 2 weeks.

Ooh gotta go home! working hard obv! blush

MrsExcited Tue 05-Feb-13 17:46:39

Just working out if we can afford any sort of holiday this year, really want to do something even if it is lying on bournemouth beach for 2 days!

We did decide against Skiing as we knew we were going to be TTC (still shocked it happened)

I Collapsed at work on Friday and got ambulanced to hospital! that was before the BFP but i haven't done much else since. Appetite is much smaller and slightly upset tum, but feeling good, bit tired!

Ooh Stats

Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs

MrsExcited Tue 05-Feb-13 17:50:14

Pink lady i know what you mean, scared to death about MMC. Also want to shout my mouth off to the world but i'm 12 days behind you two and time seems to be moving at snails pace!!

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs

racheld33 Tue 05-Feb-13 17:55:22

Hi all,
Had a week off thread-busy week, glad every one doing well and welcome newbies!
Yesterday sickness kicked in big time, gagging all day (and all night long), looking after my DS today was torture, every smell makes me gagg!
6 weeks today (yay!)
Glad umlauf you got your work stuff sorted!
My stats...

racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS

racheld33 Tue 05-Feb-13 17:58:27

updated myself on list...

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS

roofio87 Tue 05-Feb-13 18:49:51

ate a full fish pie and loads of veg for tea. got to work an hour later and immediately had to devour a packet of ready salted crisps!! never wanted anything so much in my life!!Haha x

roxvox Tue 05-Feb-13 19:01:29

Hey all,

I haven't been on here for a couple of days and it looks as though things have gone mental! I am pleased to read that you're all having similar symptoms/fears to me smile

My boobs have now started to ache a bit, but the worst symptom for me is my headaches. I get them quite regularly anyway, so the little orange seed in my tummy is obviously just exacerbating the pain I think! He/she will be worth it though grin ... I have also been having some quite bad lower back pains, and some stomach pains, although they seem to have dropped off a bit this week. Which led me to take another pregnancy test last night. Still a very strong positive!

I would love to join the list;

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's

roxvox Tue 05-Feb-13 19:03:50

Oh, and I meant to say as well that I haven't suffered from any nausea at all yet. Fingers crossed I will miss it all together! And no cravings either, although I am particularly enjoying drinking milk at the minute.

Iheartcrunchiebars Tue 05-Feb-13 19:12:11

I love hearing about everyone's symptoms. My only signs so far is that I am eating constantly!!

Can I add the list?

Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC

Natalieand Tue 05-Feb-13 19:17:21

I'm petrified about a MC or MMC but then I suppose that's the same for everyone and we have to be optimistic :-)

Too add too the list :-)

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1dd

I'm in as well grin

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1dd
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS

oooh please can someone add me? Am on phone so cant copy and paste

MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)

Natalieand Tue 05-Feb-13 21:13:34

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1dd
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)

Thank you Natalie! smile

char1eston Tue 05-Feb-13 21:38:21

Would someone mind adding me please as I'm on my phone? EDD 26th sep, dd (20 months)

char1eston Tue 05-Feb-13 21:38:45

Ooh, and I'm 36

Natalieand Tue 05-Feb-13 21:46:57

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1dd (2 years 3 months)
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months

Elleroo Tue 05-Feb-13 21:51:26

umlauf I'm glad you got the work stuff sorted out.

No symptomsfor me....still mahoosive boobs, occasional cramps & tiredness but think this may be the lack of caffeine as Bowlfull said earlier...has anyone got any good recommendations for caffeine free tea? I am a bit of a tea pig and can't stand the normal decaff stuff.

roxvox agree about the enjoying milk thing too actually. I have a lovely cold glass with my folic acid every evening.

I've added myslef to the list (and sorted into date order...sorry my neatfreak brain made me do it! blush

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1dd (2 years 3 months)
Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months

Tutti78 Tue 05-Feb-13 21:59:47

Hi everyone,

Have been lying low whilst trying to keep my food down all day (and night) long. Morning sickness has gone extreme and I'm constantly nauseous. Is it just a myth that a lot of ms means you're having a girl??
I called the hospital assisted reproduction unit today as I am so anxious about another mmc but at the same time scared to go for the scan. They suggested coming in 2 weeks when I'll be almost 9 weeks. Do you think this is instead of a 12 week scan or will I still have that as well? Am wishing it was sooner now as the two weeks are going to crawl! Going to take another test just before I go for extra reassurance!

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DCs
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1dd (2 years 3 months)
Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months

Irishfairy Tue 05-Feb-13 22:03:33

Can someone add me too please as on phone:

Irishfairy, 28, EDD 8th October, 1DD (2.5)

My stats: Pannacotta2013, 34, EDD 9th Oct, O DC.

And as another order obsessive Elleroo, i've put myself in order below.

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DCs
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Pannacotta2013, 34, EDD 9th Oct, 0 DC
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1dd (2 years 3 months)
Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months

There you go IrishFairy

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DCs
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
Irishfairy, 28, EDD 8th October, 1DD (2.5)
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Pannacotta2013, 34, EDD 9th Oct, 0 DC
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1dd (2 years 3 months)
Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months

Rockchick1984 Tue 05-Feb-13 22:15:32

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DCs
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1dd (2 years 3 months)
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)
Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months

Natalieand Tue 05-Feb-13 22:39:14

Can I just ask, without wanting to sound rude? U say its in date order by due date, just wondering why 26th sept is last? Lol xxx

terrifiednewbie Tue 05-Feb-13 22:40:16

could somebody add me too please (cant seem to copy and paste from my phone).

30, edd 8/10/13 dc0

Natalieand Tue 05-Feb-13 22:46:22

Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DCs
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)
Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months

tuckingfits Tue 05-Feb-13 22:51:23

Hello,I'm on my phone at work (there's a surprise!) could someone add me too please?

33,edd 13th,DS who is 2. Thank you very much!

Elleroo Tue 05-Feb-13 23:16:32

There you go tuckingfits...and well spotted NATALIE!

Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months
Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DCs
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
tuckingfits, 33,edd 13th,1 DS (2)
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)

Tarlia Tue 05-Feb-13 23:26:20

Thinking of you Delilah and sending unmumsnetty hugs x

I'm on the phone too do could someone please add me

Tarlia, 30, EDD October 6th, 1DS (2)

It's lovely to see how many will have a similar age gap to us, DS will be 2.8 when this little one arrives. I do not recognise any names from Feb 2011 though, wave you hand if you were on there too please smile

Hope everyone has a peaceful night, my record is 3 bathroom runs thus far, funny since it wasn't this bad last time at 8 months preg!

tuckingfits Tue 05-Feb-13 23:30:22

Thank you elleroo!

GTbaby Tue 05-Feb-13 23:43:36

Hello everyone.

I did my test today. Bit of a surprise.

My stats are
GTbaby 30, edd 5/10. Ds1 is 4 months shock

Yes you read that correctly. My little one is only 4 months old (well nxt week) he was born 16/10 and nxt one is due 5/10. So less then a year gap.

So everything is quite fresh in my head. Surprisingly no symptoms! As yet anyway. Last time by this point I had very sore boobs. Very bad cramps.

Having such a tiny gap will be challenging. Not looking forward to morning sickness , it was awful last time. Couldn't look after myself let alone a child.

Night night for today x

terrifiednewbie Wed 06-Feb-13 00:21:02

thanks Natalie
gt baby-congrats! i can imagine that came as a surprise-you'll be a complete pro though wink

cherrycherry41 Wed 06-Feb-13 00:37:16

i got my bfp on 31st jan! grin i believe im 5 weeks 2 days so that makes EDD 6th oct!
i already have a DD who is 4 mo so there will be a 12 month gap too eek!

PenelopeLane Wed 06-Feb-13 06:01:30

Oooh you lot have been chatty! Have been away three days and playing catch up. The nausea kicked in with a vengeance yesterday and am wondering if this time will be worse as last pregnancy I didn't vomit once although felt hungover and seedy. And here are my stats:

Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months
Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DCs
PenelopeLane 32, EDD 2 Oct, 1 DS (16 months, due 4 days before his bday!)
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
tuckingfits, 33,edd 13th,1 DS (2)
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)

GTbaby Wed 06-Feb-13 06:31:05

Thanks terrified.
Helly Cherry , I'm not the only one with a tiny gap!

Feeling a lil yuk. Tummy is doing flip flops. But don't know if its nausea kicking in or just the reality of having another baby giving me this uneasy feeling.

Bk to sleep for me.

Natalieand Wed 06-Feb-13 07:00:08

4 weeks today, seriously how slow does time go? Lol. Feel rough this morn thing I have a cold coming on as had the sniffles. Boohoo! I can't believe I'm so young compared to everyone else xxx

pinkbuttons Wed 06-Feb-13 07:22:58

Thinking of you delilah and hope to see you posting again next week.
Tarlia I was on the Jan 2011 thread with my 2.9 age gap.
Hello to GTbaby and cherry Congratulations to you both, I have friends who have two children about a year apart and although it was hard they both love the fact their little ones are so close together and able to play so well.

Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months
Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DCs
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC's
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DCs
pinkbuttons, 22, EDD 1st Oct, DS(2)
PenelopeLane 32, EDD 2 Oct, 1 DS (16 months, due 4 days before his bday!)
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC's
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
tuckingfits, 33,edd 13th,1 DS (2)
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DCs
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)

Have added my stats,wow there's alot of us due on the 1st! just coincidence the 1st October is 9 months after new years? grin Feeling extra bleugh here after DS woke up at half 5 ready to play! yuk.

Haylebop12 Wed 06-Feb-13 07:47:46

Hi ladies, can I join? Got my BFP yesterday but waited to confirm it with cb digi today. So pleased. Sorry I've not read whole thread there's a lot to read!

Haylebop12, 25, EDD 15th oct, 1dd (4years)

legallyblond Wed 06-Feb-13 08:20:32

Morning all - on phone, so please can someone add me to the list?

Legallyblond, 31, EDD 1st Oct, 1 DD (2.4)

Feeling a bit stressed today. Not sure how the finances of all this will work... DH found out this morning he has lost his job and I only get stat mat pay. Hence we had planned for a far bigger gap!!! Arrrgh!!


Penelope - I am identical to you.... Only felt queasy with DD but have full on vomited a lot already! A boy maybe?!?!

Umlauf Wed 06-Feb-13 08:39:42

Hi legallyblonde sorry can't amend any stats as not on computer but just wanted to sympathise re finances! We will be similar as my contract expires June and no other school will employ me in September if I'm going off in October! So will be unemployed for a while with the baby and not entitles to any state help here. We're lucky to rent so will be moving to a less desirable location. And smaller flat but in the end the baby doesn't need luxuries, imkeepreminding myself it won't be expensive until it starts school and needs to go on trips!

Although just looked into getting baby a passport - did you know they can't be on their parents passports any more? S it takes 8 weeks to get the passport done and if baby is born in October we might not have its passport in time to go home to UK for Xmas! Unless I take a newborn baby on a 12 hour round trip to Madrid to get a passport in person!

Bloody ages til my scan :-( 23rd march I think, by which time will be nearly 13 weeks. One of my students found out the sex of her baby at the 12 week scan (he's obviously a well endowed little fella!) so am getting my hopes up a little!

Best friend and husband coming to visit for the weekend so not sure whether to tell them! Or whether they will guess when I don't have any birthday champers....

legallyblond Wed 06-Feb-13 08:41:30

Btw, pinkbuttons, surely 1 Oct is 10 months after new year....?! I remember from last time when it fawned on me that 40 weeks (42 in my case) is a lot longer than 9 months.

I actually know when this one was conceived as it was a one off thing!!! We suspected after it happened..... Anyway, I conceived on 8th Jan!

legallyblond Wed 06-Feb-13 08:43:59

Duh... I am rubbish with time... Thinking about it, 1 Oct is 9 months after 1 Jan. God!!!!

Sal1977 Wed 06-Feb-13 09:23:23

Hi hi!
Very nervous newbie here! Got my BFP on Monday after TTC for 6 months. A few hours after getting it I got blood results from the GP to say my ovarian reserve is low, so keeping everything crossed that this 'bean on a string' (as DP puts it) will sticky stick stick!!
So far not many symptoms other than low down cramping (similar but not quite the same as AF), which is convincing me that AF is on her way (soo blinking nervous grrrr) and big tender bazookas!

Would someone mind adding me to the list?

Sal1977 - 35 - due 12th October - bubble #1

Thankyouplease. Xx

roxvox Wed 06-Feb-13 09:37:09

Updated list:

Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months
Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DC
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DC
pinkbuttons, 22, EDD 1st Oct, DS(2)
Legallyblond, 31, EDD 1st Oct, 1 DD (2.4)
PenelopeLane 32, EDD 2 Oct, 1 DS (16 months, due 4 days before his bday!)
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Sal1977, 35, edd 12th October, 0DC
tuckingfits, 33,edd 13th,1 DS (2)
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DC
Haylebop12, 25, EDD 15th oct, 1dd (4years)
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)

roxvox Wed 06-Feb-13 09:40:28

Morning ladies. I am looking for a bit of comfort... Basically I was getting some quite bad stomach cramps before, but haven't really had any for the past couple of days. I have Googled it and am pretty sure I have nothing to worry about, but I am a born worrier and so it's all I am thinking about!

Also, my first midwife appt is booked for when I am 7+1, do you think there's any benefit in me asking them to push it out to the next week so I will be 8wks along? What do they do in this first appointment?

I hope you're all doing well! xx

Iheartcrunchiebars Wed 06-Feb-13 09:49:53

Morning roxvox I am the same. I had loads of crampy type pains last week until Sunday and nothing since but I think that it's nothing to worry about. I'm just assuming its little growth spurts etc.

Umlauf Wed 06-Feb-13 09:50:35

Have you noticed anything else alongside the cramps roxvox? If not they are probably bedding in pains. Are you normally sensitive to down there pains, eg ovulation and period pains? I've had funny twinges and told the midwives and they reacted positively, so its normal to feel things down there.

Tarlia Wed 06-Feb-13 10:07:29

Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months
Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DC
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DC
pinkbuttons, 22, EDD 1st Oct, DS(2)
Legallyblond, 31, EDD 1st Oct, 1 DD (2.4)
PenelopeLane 32, EDD 2 Oct, 1 DS (16 months, due 4 days before his bday!)
GTbaby 30, edd 5/10. Ds1 is 4 months
Tarlia, 30, EDD October 6th, 1DS (2)
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Sal1977, 35, edd 12th October, 0DC
tuckingfits, 33,edd 13th,1 DS (2)
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DC
Haylebop12, 25, EDD 15th oct, 1dd (4years)
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)

Hi Roxvox - from what I can recall there wouldn't be any benefit to you pushing back the booking in appointment. This appointment is mainly to discuss your options during pregnancy, discuss options for screenings, then take blood pressure, blood and urine tests etc. All NHS trusts are different I think, but it would be highly unlikely for you to have a scan or HCG test at this appointment.

Unfortunately at this stage all we can do is stay as healthy as possible and wait! There is little you or any medical professionals can do right now to ensure a successful pregnancy (obv if you have pre existing conditions this may not be the case). My last pregnancy was pretty much waiting around, wondering why doctors and midwives weren't more interested in me grin

roxvox Wed 06-Feb-13 10:21:14

Hi all,

Thank you IHeartCrunchieBars, Umlauf and BowlFullOfJelly! Has made me feel much more relaxed smile. I've had no spotting or anything, and I too asked the doctor if cramps were normal. He said they were, which is why I was concerned that it had stopped! I've also had no morning sickness or anything. Kind of wish I did just because it would make me feel more pregnant!

I don't tend to get very bad AF pains. The worst pains I get around that time are IBS related (only get it when AF is visiting).

Thanks BowlFullOfJelly, I will keep my appointment as is then. The nurse did purposefully put it in for the 7 week mark, so I guess I should have just assumed that she knows what she's talking about!

Thank you ladies, you have very much eased my mind. xx

cherrycherry41 Wed 06-Feb-13 10:21:18

GTbaby- hey! smile its not a rare thing these days to have 2 or more close together, ive always wanted 2 close as im not close to any of my siblings and ive read loads about how close a bond children born with close age gaps are smile
Although- only me and OH know atm as we know people will judge us getting pregnant too fast, ive already been told by the in laws i dont want two as i couldnt possibly cope! Well as OH says its our lives and our decisions not theirs! :')
Also when i went to the doctors he said i should have waited for my utereus to go back to size before ttc and that im a crazy lady! Was not impressed, no congratulations or anything. Stupid judging doc angry

xuntitledx Wed 06-Feb-13 10:33:50

Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months
Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DC
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DC
pinkbuttons, 22, EDD 1st Oct, DS(2)
Legallyblond, 31, EDD 1st Oct, 1 DD (2.4)
PenelopeLane 32, EDD 2 Oct, 1 DS (16 months, due 4 days before his bday!)
GTbaby 30, edd 5/10. Ds1 is 4 months
Tarlia, 30, EDD October 6th, 1DS (2)
xuntitledx, 25, EDD 7 October, 0DC
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Sal1977, 35, edd 12th October, 0DC
tuckingfits, 33,edd 13th,1 DS (2)
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DC
Haylebop12, 25, EDD 15th oct, 1dd (4years)
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)

Haylebop12 Wed 06-Feb-13 10:44:21

cherry were opp ends of the scale. You probably have the smallest age gap, my dd will be 4.8 when new baby arrives!

cherrycherry41 Wed 06-Feb-13 10:56:27

Haylebop12 it would seem we are at opp ends! will your DD be at nursery or school when baby arrives? x

Haylebop12 Wed 06-Feb-13 10:59:47

She will have just started full
Time school (in the September before baby due) so I guess that's quite good really!

I didn't feel ready to try again until she was toilet trained and more independent.

cherrycherry41 Wed 06-Feb-13 11:08:36

At least thatll be a relief for your last month then! smile the way i see it id rather do it all at once and get the raising babies out the way together while i have a break from my career. Im a multitasker by nature so even though its going to be hard, itll be a good experience smile

Hayley my DD will be 4.7 and just at school too. Feeling ridiculously anxious about age gap for some reason!

Haylebop12 Wed 06-Feb-13 11:15:37

close age gaps work for some, just wasn't for me. I do want Dc3 though so probably wouldn't leave it quite so long. Maybe 2 1/2-3 yrs. I'm 25 however so don't feel up against a time limit.

mrsA I was anxious about the gap but dd is very grown up and independent and I can see the potential of her being ahelper then a hindrance. Eg, she can go wash, brush teeth and more or less dress herself. She can make herself a cup of juice and enjoys playing alone.

Haylebop12 Wed 06-Feb-13 11:19:29

cherry I'm not known for my multi-tasking hehe!!

cherrycherry41 Wed 06-Feb-13 11:25:30

Haylebop looks like we've made the right decision regarding age gaps then lol. I have a 3 yo niece who i look after alot and shes ever so helpful with nappy changes, getting things from other rooms, bathing and feeding her cousin, she loves it! x

mini28 Wed 06-Feb-13 11:55:15

Hello! I am nervously joining as got my bfp last Sunday. Although we'd been trying for 3 months, it was still a shock to see the words "pregnant" on a cbdigi!

It's slowly sinking in and feeling more real now. I've had lots of mild cramping in lower abdomen, but today is the first day it's eased up. I'm trying to not worry about it and keep reminding myself that my body knows what it's doing (I hope)!!

I'll be five weeks tomorrow, and so far have just had the cramping, very tired and VERY hungry. Honestly, you know when people say they could eat a horse? I reckon I could give them a run for their money!

I've added myself to the list below:

Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months
Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DC
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DC
pinkbuttons, 22, EDD 1st Oct, DS(2)
Legallyblond, 31, EDD 1st Oct, 1 DD (2.4)
PenelopeLane 32, EDD 2 Oct, 1 DS (16 months, due 4 days before his bday!)
GTbaby 30, edd 5/10. Ds1 is 4 months
Tarlia, 30, EDD October 6th, 1DS (2)
xuntitledx, 25, EDD 7 October, 0DC
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
mini28, 28, EDD 11th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Sal1977, 35, edd 12th October, 0DC
tuckingfits, 33,edd 13th,1 DS (2)
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DC
Haylebop12, 25, EDD 15th oct, 1dd (4years)
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)

Sal1977 Wed 06-Feb-13 12:51:39

Hi Roxvox,
Congrats on your BFP.
I'm exactly the same, very crampy and very nervous about something happening! Like you, Dr Google says its normal...:s
I have no idea when the first appointment is let alone what it involves and who it's with!!!
When is your due date? Xx

roxvox Wed 06-Feb-13 12:56:35

Congratulations and welcome mini28!

Hi Sal1977 and congrats on your BFP too! Dr Google... I like that! He's been a good friend so far through my pregnancy smile If you go back one page then you'll see a comment from BowlFullOfJelly who kindly explained a bit about the first appointment with the midwife.

I am due on the 8th October, and this will be our first. How about you? Have you had any other symptoms?

Natalieand Wed 06-Feb-13 13:38:58

Afternoon ladies, had some very minor cramping today whih would be period due date so went on my friend google and by the sounds of it mild cramping is to do with implantation between weeks 4-5. Also I keep getting terrible burning in upper abdomen/lower chest so assuming that's heart burn? Makin me feel so sick but haven't atchly been sick yet xxx

Celosia Wed 06-Feb-13 13:55:06

Natalie me too along with bleeding but went for a scan and saw a perfect 5+5 heartbeat!!!! X

Celosia Wed 06-Feb-13 13:55:59

How do I add to the due date list please? Thanks

roxvox Wed 06-Feb-13 14:07:57

Hi Celosia,

That must be so great to be able to have had a scan! I can't wait for my first one.

If you add your details here then I will add you to the list. Just need to know your age, estimated due date, and whether you already have any children?

roofio87 Wed 06-Feb-13 14:20:32

I'll add myself too!!

Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months
Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DC
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DC
pinkbuttons, 22, EDD 1st Oct, DS(2)
Legallyblond, 31, EDD 1st Oct, 1 DD (2.4)
PenelopeLane 32, EDD 2 Oct, 1 DS (16 months, due 4 days before his bday!)
GTbaby 30, edd 5/10. Ds1 is 4 months
Tarlia, 30, EDD October 6th, 1DS (2)
xuntitledx, 25, EDD 7 October, 0DC
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
roofio87 25, EDD 9th Oct, 0DCs*
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
mini28, 28, EDD 11th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Sal1977, 35, edd 12th October, 0DC
tuckingfits, 33,edd 13th,1 DS (2)
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0DC
Haylebop12, 25, EDD 15th oct, 1dd (4years)
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)

roofio87 Wed 06-Feb-13 14:22:46

I don't get my scan date until i've seen the midwife at 9 weeks!! oh well, keep reminidng myself that it all takes time and no reason for me to need one sooner!!
hows everyone feeling? my back is killing me today thanks to the boob growth!! need to go get maternity bra soon i think!!
welcome all the newbies, we've got quite a list going now!!x

Wickedgirl Wed 06-Feb-13 15:10:41

Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months
Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DC
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DC
pinkbuttons, 22, EDD 1st Oct, DS(2)
Legallyblond, 31, EDD 1st Oct, 1 DD (2.4)
PenelopeLane 32, EDD 2 Oct, 1 DS (16 months, due 4 days before his bday!)
GTbaby 30, edd 5/10. Ds1 is 4 months
Tarlia, 30, EDD October 6th, 1DS (2)
xuntitledx, 25, EDD 7 October, 0DC
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
roofio87 25, EDD 9th Oct, 0DCs*
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
mini28, 28, EDD 11th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Sal1977, 35, edd 12th October, 0DC
tuckingfits, 33,edd 13th,1 DS (2)
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0D
wickedgirl, 37, EDD 14 oct, (14, 12, 8) oh no!
Haylebop12, 25, EDD 15th oct, 1dd (4years)
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)

Wickedgirl Wed 06-Feb-13 15:13:11

Looking through that list, I suddenly feel old. sad

I must be insane to be having another baby.......my youngest will be 9 when this one arrives. DH and I found out this morning.......it was a bit of a shock though

xuntitledx Wed 06-Feb-13 15:49:23

natalieand - I've also been suffering with heartburn and cramping. Glad I'm not alone on this!

I'm with you all on the fact that every twinge or pain is making me feel very paranoid...think I just need to relax into it, after all, what will be will be!

Ahh Wicked, they keep you young though right? If it's any consolation I look about 40 grin.

Have already warned OH that it is cheese on toast for dinner tonight, and that I will be retiring to bed at 8pm! This thought has kept me going all day! Now just have to decide whether to watch One Born Every Minute or not - have avoided this series so far while TTC and first few weeks, but fancy watching it now - could end up being a mistake though!

Sal1977 Wed 06-Feb-13 15:59:18

Oh Wicked, I'm up there with you girly! At least you're not on No.1 like me! hahah!

We'll show these young whipper snappers how it's done......after a snooze.....wink

Soupqueen Wed 06-Feb-13 16:32:25

I'm feeling ancient too. I'm 36 and pregnant with my first. After 3 positive tests, I still can't quite believe it and am mostly freaking out.

I've had a lot of cramping for days - that's why I didn't even bother testing until today, I was so sure my period was starting. I've been back and forth to the toilet so many times today expecting it all to be over.

Will I ever relax and enjoy this?!?

Haylebop12 Wed 06-Feb-13 16:44:57

soupqueen I feel like that. First pg I sailed through and it was textbook stuff and healthy dd at the end.

Was extra sick with my 2nd pg and was told "it's good it's good" and getting my hopes up only to have gone for my 12 week scan and bad news. My first milestone is my scan smile I might start to relax then.

Haylebop12 Wed 06-Feb-13 16:48:00

wicked your older dc's will make lovely babysitters!! grin

I second, Hayle, Wicked. I'm happy to recruit your older ones as babysitters!

JellyCurls Wed 06-Feb-13 17:25:54

My tummy is expanding at too fast a rate, I have definite rounding that I didn't have before. Hoping a good trump blush will sort it out but not convinced. Just need to get out of open plan office and into sanctuary of car to see if my theory works.

wicked I am 36 and on dc3 so not too far behind you

Wickedgirl Wed 06-Feb-13 17:43:59

I had awful morning sickness with my other 3, I am praying that I will escape this time round. Surely something must be easier now that I am older? Lol

I don't know when to tell my children. The oldest (girl) will be thrilled but I'm not sure how the boys will feel sad

My youngest is a real mummy's boy will will find it hard.

Haylebop12 Wed 06-Feb-13 18:09:33

wicked hope your boys are ok with your news.

Last pg we told dd almost instantly. She is pretty clued up and listens to everything. She came to the scan when we found out it was bad news. Obviously it was hard and we weren't sure what to tell er but she came to terms with it Instantly. Bit scared this time round to tell her to early.

GettingObsessive Wed 06-Feb-13 18:31:55

I'll add myself to the list

Char1eston, 36, EDD 26th sept, 1DD 20 months
Umlauf, 26 (on Sunday!) edd 1st October, 0DC
34pinkladyapple, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0 DC
BowlFullofJelly, 30, EDD 1st October, 1 DS
racheld33 30, EDD 1st Oct, 1DS
tutti78, 34, EDD 1st Oct, 0DC
pinkbuttons, 22, EDD 1st Oct, DS(2)
Legallyblond, 31, EDD 1st Oct, 1 DD (2.4)
PenelopeLane 32, EDD 2 Oct, 1 DS (16 months, due 4 days before his bday!)
GTbaby 30, edd 5/10. Ds1 is 4 months
Tarlia, 30, EDD October 6th, 1DS (2)
xuntitledx, 25, EDD 7 October, 0DC
Roxvox, 26, EDD 8th Oct, 0DC
Terrifiednewbie, 30, EDD 8th oct, 0DC
GettingObsessive, 31, EDD 8th Oct, 0 DC
MrsAFlowerpot, 28, EDD 9th Oct, DD (3.10)
roofio87 25, EDD 9th Oct, 0DCs*
Iheartcrunchiebars, 32, EDD 10th October, 0DC
mini28, 28, EDD 11th October, 0DC
Elleroo, 32, EDD 12th October, 0DC
Sal1977, 35, edd 12th October, 0DC
tuckingfits, 33,edd 13th,1 DS (2)
Mrsexcited, 28, edd 13 October, 0D
wickedgirl, 37, EDD 14 oct, (14, 12, 8) oh no!
Haylebop12, 25, EDD 15th oct, 1dd (4years)
Natalieand, 22, EDD 16th October, 1DD (2 years 3 months)
Rockchick1984, 28, EDD 18th October, 1DS (22 months)

Umlauf Wed 06-Feb-13 18:32:13

Don't feel old! I feel the opposite, like a teen mum. I was scared to tell my parents because I felt they might kick me out (I've lived away from home since I was 18 and am recently married so it wasn't totally improbable!) ur they were thrilled. Nw I'm scared to tell the in laws in case they thinking stolen their baby (DH is their youngest but will be grandchild number 1 all round).

I think MS started today. I've felt dizzy all day at work (still got 2 hours to go) and absolutely starving. You know the ache you get when you're really hungry? I had the ache after a massive helping of pasta and so ordered a huge baguette sandwich next door as still had the hunger pangs whilst eating that! Def not normal. I think I'd rather sickness than hunger otherwise ill be the size of a castle, let alone a house!

Drums fingers... 7 weeks to go til the scan...

PenelopeLane Wed 06-Feb-13 19:13:44

Wicked sal and soup I felt the same when looking at the ages <grin> I had DS at 31 though, and turns out that in my area, that's the most common age for a woman to have their first dc so am perfect at least for the demographics of my area!

legally oh no refinances - it is stressful as it is, let alone in your situation! I admit that I had a hmm moment when I did a spreadsheet of all of our paydays until Sept or whenever I'd leave work and realised it's not as many as I thought. But, I'm still excited, and really need to stop buying toys crap for DS!

I am so interested in if it's a girl as this pregnancy does feel different. 20 wks feels like so long to wait to find out!