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December 2012 - Last but not least

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annelid Sat 29-Dec-12 07:54:54

New thread for us stragglers!!

annelid Sat 29-Dec-12 07:59:25

Bunty hope things have improved since your post. Sounds very frustrating.

annelid Sat 29-Dec-12 08:04:24

and heres the list.....Still not heard from knotty, hope she's okay

Knottyhair ELCS 17/12/12
elpth 18/12/12
annelid 20/12/12
MyDaydream 20/12/12
2blessed 23/12/12
Equimum 24/12/12
itsMYNutella 27/12/2012
SilverLake 27/12/12
BuntysFestiveCollocks 28/12/12
emilyeggs 28/12/12
RockabillyKitty 30/12/12
Terrywoganstrousers 31/12/12
Hormonalhell 15/1/13

itsMYNutella Sat 29-Dec-12 08:31:23

Thanks for the thread annelid wonder if this will be the last one wink we start.....

Nothing happening here.

Bunty fingers crossed for you, hope you are managing some rest!

I hope Bunty is ok thanks

MyDaydream Sat 29-Dec-12 08:51:21

Hope things have sped up for you Bunty and your getting closer now.
I've had no more pain since last night and have also realised the sore bit is where I banged my bump on a door handle in the middle of the night the other day!

emilyeggs Sat 29-Dec-12 10:59:28

Found you all smile.

Poor bunty getting sent home, how frustrating confused

I'm sure this is going to be the last thread for us hmm fx

Hope all are well..... On another note, my super hot curry did nothing except make the next morning uncomfortable (toilet roll in the fridge) blush

Equimum Sat 29-Dec-12 11:02:15

bunty, hope you're experiencing some progress now.

Welcome Mrsx and congrats on your arrival. As everyone else has said, there's no failure in formula feeding. Lots of people from here have migrated to the December postnatal thread in 'being a parent', so if you haven't found that yet, people over there might also be able to help you....but you're still welcome here as well, of course.

Woke up this morning with some pains and have been getting what I assume a contractions roughly every 5-6 minutes since. I'm now really hoping this is 'it'.

Good luck Equimum!

WillYuleDoTheFandango Sat 29-Dec-12 11:55:50

Hello all, still lurking around waiting for the last bambinos to pop. Here's the postnatal thread fir when everyone needs it.

Was it MrsX who asked about tongue tie? We're waiting for an appointment to separate an 80% tongue tie. Been warned its a long wait in this area. I've had to give up breast feeding as he couldn't latch at all and it was just upsetting us both. I expressed for 10days but it was too hard given that DS only takes small feeds every 1.5h. I couldn't find time to eat between feeds/expression. I am desperately hoping that the op makes a big difference to his feeding.

WillYuleDoTheFandango Sat 29-Dec-12 11:57:15

Yay good luck Equimum

ISpyDingDongMerrilyOnHigh Sat 29-Dec-12 13:09:19

Popping over from post-natal to mark my place so I can keep up with news of new arrivals.

Bunty - that sounds really frustrating. Keeping fx for you that things start moving soon.

itsMYNutella Sat 29-Dec-12 13:14:56

Good luck Equimum!
willyule a friend of mine's little girl was born with tongue tie (few ears ago now) and I think she went off to have it privately done or something hmm I just remember her going to Southampton or somewhere, when she lived nowhere near there...
Well that was pretty useless wasn't it... Sorry you have to wait so long for the op!

Anyway, just finished at the hospital (routine checkup - since Dr is closed and I'm now 40+2) and today the doc was worried about a lack of amniotic fluid... Baby might have just drunk it this mornin and not yet weed; but they want to check me again tomorrow morning and possibly induce hmm I can't help feeling that repeatedly scanning me isn't really helpful. I'm not at all worried because te bean is still moving lots so it must have room in there confused

emilyeggs Sat 29-Dec-12 13:26:36

Ekk equimum let's hope this is it for you! Fx

Fingers crossed for all of you to be joining the postnatal board soon.

2blessed Sat 29-Dec-12 14:04:02

Found you! Not had any internet access - grrr! See this thread is pretty quiet, will go have a look at what I've missed and assuming lots of new arrivals.

So, I'm still pregnant. Thought something was happening on thursday with what felt like stabbing pains at the bottom of my bump but all petered out after a few hours. Got real bad constipation (tmi, sorry!) as well, so bad I had to see my GP yesterday.

Hope everyone is well.

2blessed Sat 29-Dec-12 14:05:09

Good luck equimum

MyDaydream Sat 29-Dec-12 14:25:24

equimum good luck if it's your turn, sounds promising.
nutella hope everything is okay.
I've been having some bleeding today and when I called labour ward to make sure it's all normal the midwife said it sounds like things are starting. Did have a few contractions this morning but a bath and a long nap killed those off, I'm hoping they start again soon.

pmgkt Sat 29-Dec-12 14:32:22

Looking forward to news. Bunty has been quiet for a bit. I hope that is a good sign.

I'm still here too, sadly! Feeling really antisocial today, having loads of phone calls and texts from people to check if I've had the baby yet hmmhmmhmm so am ignoring phone and lying like a slug on the sofa instructing DP to do my nesting for me and Hoover etc. grin

SilverLake Sat 29-Dec-12 15:17:40

I'm also feeling antisocial/grumpy/tired at 40+2. However reading this thread cheers me up and tells me to get a grip as some of you are more overdue than i am so i guess I should just wait my turn. DD1 was induced at 40+10 so i've got form for going overdue.

Has anyone find having a sweep actually helped at all? I've lost motivation for getting one until my next midwife appointment on Monday.

2blessed Sat 29-Dec-12 15:48:43

silver I'm now 40+6 with a midwife appointment on Monday. Really hoping she will offer me a sweep. But also interested to know if they work.

I'm also feeling antisocial. Both DP and my phones are ablaze with people ringing/texting to find out where the baby is - in my belly still!!!! Very sweet but sometimes I just can't face the phone.

itsMYNutella Sat 29-Dec-12 17:37:17

YY to all those avoiding the phone! DP's parents rang yesterday and DP was on his phone to someone else so I didn't answer the home phone and let it ring. DP was annoyed, but rang them back and they were just wondering what DP would like for his birthday next week yeah right, believe that you'll believe anything which was nice.
Today DP made the mistake of ringing BIL to ask him something random... BIL rang three times and left a very excited sounding message on the answer phone... Must have been very disappointed when DP rang with a question about the heating grin
I've told DP he can deal with his family and I'll deal with mine wink. Rang my eldest bro this morning,( he was asleep in bed - we have been missing each other for days, only want to wish him a merry Christmas!grin) and SIL very sweetly asked "have you had a baby" I said "no, but I've had some muesli". We had a nice chat instead and I spoke to the kids... Must try him again now actually.

If anyone does stumble across a sure fire labour starter please share!! Off to play with some EPO and then bounce on my ball smile thanks! X

Have you tried a trampoline nutella?!

2blessed Sat 29-Dec-12 17:45:43

love the muesli line nutella grin

Our gorgeous girl, Cameron, was born today at 1.29pm after 34 hours in labour(!) using nothing more than paracetamol and gas and air. Pool was dirty so no waterbirth available until I was so far gone I couldn't move! Brilliant experience, but we are definitely done!

Will write birth story in what will probably be the wee small hours. She has done nothing but feed since her arrival!

Congratulations Bunty! Sounds like you were a superstar smile

MyDaydream Sat 29-Dec-12 18:42:23

I've been avoiding calling people because their obvious disappointment I'm not calling with baby news is pissing me off. DP left his phone at home yesterday so I was getting MIL frantically texting asking if everything was fine, he wouldn't let me pretend to be in labour!
Congratulations on your baby girl bunty, sounds like you did amazingly.
Just on the way back from the hospital, realised about 2pm I'd not felt baby all day but they're happy with him. They've said because its my second period of reduced movement they're moving my induction forward so have to call tomorrow and see if they have a bed for me. Midwife did another sweep while I was there too. Very excited the end is now in sight.

mrsXsweet Sat 29-Dec-12 19:48:57

Thank u for the help last night. I managed to get him to take some milk from a spoon and rang the labour ward. They suggested a midnight trip to tesco to try some different teats. He has been taking small quantities from a nuk teat during the day today so I'm feeling much happier. I had forgotten how exhausting the newborn stage is though!! I will try and find the postnatal group now. Good luck for the last remaining babies.

emilyeggs Sat 29-Dec-12 20:13:05

Congratulations bunty, I'm not at all jealous envyenvyenvy .


Sorry, just had to get that out. Went and saw my step mum today. She has seen many a child born. I told her my bag was packed and said I had 2 vest and 2 sleep suits. She said maybe a few more might help so packed 2 more vests and one more suite. Dose that sound ok?

Hormonalhell Sat 29-Dec-12 20:52:37

Congratulations bunty flowers bet you so relieved!! Just g&a too, wow hope I can manage that smile

Am sure it'll be me last Emily bet u won't be long now

Secondsop Sat 29-Dec-12 21:15:45

Congratulations bunty!

emily might be worth packing a couple more outfits, to save your husband having to pop out for more; all you need is a couple of big spit ups and you'll have gone through 2 outfits before you know it. Really hope it's your turn soon!

I knew if I could find this thread there would be some great news smile congratulations bunty you've got amazing stamina! Isnt it funny how even when things don't work out how you plan (I was visualizing the pool all the way to the hospital, for example, dreaming of the lovely water, only to be told on arrival there was no time to fill it because I was already pushing!) there's a point when you're all snuggled up with your LO and you just don't mind! smile

Fingers crossed tonight's the night for you lovely ladies!

Stacks Sat 29-Dec-12 21:50:04

Quick birth story for you all:

Started induction with the pessary on 22nd, put in at 3pm and sent home for 24h. No progress really expected by the doctors, and none achieved really. Examination next day showed cervix too far back to sweep and closed, trace showed DS was happy in there, and regular-ish contractions. Left for a 24h rest, but as now 42w I wasn't allowed home.
No sleep due to crying babies, and next morning was put on a trace. Trace showed I was having mild contractions, but less than night before. Then I decided to change position (sat up), which brought on some contractions but also a big drop in DS's heart rate. It would have been a bit of an emergency situation, but no one noticed at the time, and it was only seen on review of the trace a few minutes later - at which point DS has obviously recovered well. However, given the drop they decided to accelerate the induction and send me over to labour ward to get things moving asap.
Doc examined me and found I was 1-2cm, and cervix really far back. However she did a sweep and sent me off to walk around for a couple of hours to see if things progressed. I had quite a lot of bloody show, but no change on re-examination so she broke my waters. I was put on a trace and left for a while, and at some point it was decided to start the drip. I managed a couple of hours of the drip easily; contractions were very evident and quite painful, but TENS and walking around was sufficient. Then she turned up the drip by one more notch (about the 5th or so increase) and suddenly I was in agony every contraction. At this point I was about half way through the 'lets see what happens' stage, with 2h till and exam, and 8 hours till anything 'useful' was expected. So I tried GA which didn't help, and logically looked at the time remaining + current pain and decided I was going to end up with an epidural and it might as well be sooner rather than later!
Epidural was good, worked well, and didn't take away nearly as much feeling as I'd feared. I could still easily tell when I was having a contraction, but wasn't in pain from it. However, 25m after getting it in his heart rate dropped and Drs came rushing. Drip stopped, rest given, drip started, epidural topped up - and same again. 6cm at this point.
Consultant was phoned for advice and she decided best to get him out now. It wasn't an emergency, but it was very likely he'd keep having these episodes over the next 4cm + pushing, and so we'd end up with a CS anyway.
CS straight forward, DS born at 3:30am. He was given to Dr to check over and DH stayed with him, then had skin to skin while I was stitched up. I was given him in bed with me when taken out of theatre, and we managed to breastfeed in recovery room.

As he was a Christmas baby we also got given a present from the hospital, and the chance to be in the papers if he was the first born (he wasn't, someone beat me to it at about 1am).

emilyeggs Sat 29-Dec-12 21:59:10

Thanks seconds and hormonal! Seconds in will pack a few more in a little bag with extra nappies (have 10 in main bag) to keep in the car. Stacks love the birth story, and glad you had a nice cuddle. Btw did you get any bounty lady hassling you? Just out of interest, they sound awful on another thread I was reading

Bellaboo123 Sat 29-Dec-12 22:20:28

Congrats bunty well done!

WillYuleDoTheFandango Sat 29-Dec-12 22:29:34

Good luck nutella hope it's your turn. I've now been referred to two hospitals and we're seeing which one comes back first.

Well done Bunty and Stacks sounds like you both dud really well with long tiring labours. thanks

Emily I was approached by the bounty lady but she wasn't pushy or in your face. I think it depends how you're feeling though. I gave birth at 4pm, had showered and slept well so I didn't feel vulnerable which I think is the problem for a lot of ladies on the ward.

elpth Sat 29-Dec-12 22:36:42

Congratulations stacks and all other new mums!
Really interested in your birth story stacks as I think I remember from the original stats thread that you're also Edinburgh? Was that Simpson's? As I'm potentially looking at induction there within the next week, though still hoping things will kick off naturally.
Glad there are a few others of you still here too! This baby seems far too comfortable in there. Had a show a week ago and tightenings on and off ever since but that's it. Beginning to wonder if this will even be a 12/12 baby. My friend due yday had her little boy today and, same as many of you, noone wants me to phone them as they're all waiting on baby news!
Anyway hello everyone waves and hope those last December babies make it in December!

2blessed Sat 29-Dec-12 22:43:08

congratulations bunty and well done stacks, thanks for the birth story.

emilyeggs Sat 29-Dec-12 23:35:00

omg I suddenly don't feel ready at all!!! Having a major hospital bag crisis.... We're not that close to the hospital so dh doesn't rally want to come back (don't blame him) so I've pulled apart bag and just realised I don't have enough stuff! Think I'll have to let go of my "only take one bag" option and pack the baby's change bag. Don't know why I only wanted one bag with all my bits in, I guess I feel more in control with only one bag to remember confused

WillYuleDoTheFandango Sat 29-Dec-12 23:43:35

emily, breathe! I took my bag, the change bag, a cooler bag if food and sent DP to tesco for extra stuff and home for my pillows! a sarky cleaner did comment on how much stuff I had

What do you have in there? I was in 4 days, 2.5 post birth and my waters went 3-4 times in new knickers/jamas so used quite a lot of stuff.

itsMYNutella Sat 29-Dec-12 23:54:13

Yay bunty thanks congratulations and our first baby for this thread! Have a biscuit and brew as a prize! smile

stacks thank you for the birth story. Sounds like you did really well and were very calm.

emily we're no more than 15 mins from the hospital but I've got two bags. One bag to come in with us for the labour and then a bag of non labour stuff (clothes for me, DP and baby) for once we're on the ward. I'm sure you'll get it sorted and the hospital will never blink an eye even if you go in looking like you're moving house wink you won't be the first grin I'm sure!

Spotty if you'd only suggested a trampoline about two weeks ago I could have put it on my Christmas list! damn and blast!!!!

Having weird uncomfortableness at bottom of bump confused wish bean would get a shift on and make a move. DP really can't wait to meet our LO either. But the Dr did a check today and there is nothing going on at the cervix (they've never mentioned a sweep here.... Guess they don't do it)... Ho hum...

Secondsop Sun 30-Dec-12 00:10:08

emily you're at PRUH farnborough aren't you? There's always the big sainsburys next door that your OH can pop to if you need anything so do not worry! We ended up getting a few things there, mainly newborn clothes as we didn't have enough in that size.

emilyeggs Sun 30-Dec-12 00:12:28

Sounds promising nutella! Fx
Dh said we can go get a few more bits for me as I only had one pair of pjs packed and no going home clothes for me (something comfy) so feel a bit better. My one pair of mat jeans are in the wash so and need to was leggings (can't wait to throw them away) oh god!!

emilyeggs Sun 30-Dec-12 00:15:16

Thanks will you and seconds yes im at the PRUH, didn't realise it had a sainsburys next door, thanks wink. Is it nice there?

emilyeggs Sun 30-Dec-12 00:15:55

PRUH that is, not sainsburys grin

Secondsop Sun 30-Dec-12 00:21:04

emily the PRUH is ok - I don't really have anything to compare it with. A tip: in the postnatal ward see if you can get a bed that's not near the door. The ones near the door have sinks next to them so the cubicle space is smaller. The labour rooms were nice enough - en suite - but I didn't spend much time in mine - only a couple of hours. When I was readmitted for
Blood pressure problems I was in a private room for some reason which was nice but I felt a little bit out of sight and out of mind.

The sainsburys is also useful for parking if PRUH is full. There's also an m&s simply foods at the garage that you have to drive near to enter sainsburys, which is useful for food as I didn't like the PRUH food. Oh - take food!! The dinner is served at 5pm and breakfast not til 8, which is a very long night of no food especially when you're up for much of that night with a newborn and breastfeeding. I think sandwiches might be available oitside mealtimes but I never managed to get anything.

nutella what's the induction policy over there?

emily I would take at least three post birth tracksuit/pj bottoms. I kept bleeding all over mine blush

emilyeggs Sun 30-Dec-12 00:26:10

Thanks seconds that's really helpful wink, spotty I will get those tomorrow, ......and relax.

Secondsop Sun 30-Dec-12 00:26:30

Oh also emily they're doing building works on the maternity and labour wards but dont worry about that - there's no noise or anything. The only difference it made to me was that when I had to be wheeled on the bed from induction suite to delivery suite in a mad rush, they had to go a slightly longer route, but that won't affect most people.

ladies, I am lurking to cheer you all on in your triumphs but will de-lurk to say this: wear incontinence pants! DO IT! grin
no messing about with layering pads, no extra washing, no worrying about leaks in the sheets, and they are soft and padded and comfy. nappies for everyone!grin
treat yourself to 4-5 days of incontinence pants.(think I changed mine 9 times first day, maybe 5-6 times today,once or twice overnight). It's probably the best tip I got before DS1 was born and I tell all my pg friends about it and then wonder why they don't call smile
Second time around I am even.more glad of them and was so so relieved to be wearing them after my waters broke on the way to hospital as when I wanted to push on the way in, I probably weed a bit but no one knows and the car is unscathed!

seriously- get yourself some big nappies and relax about lochia . It is a freaky amount of blood (specially in the first 2 days) but incontinence pants can handle anything! grin

yuletopian99 Sun 30-Dec-12 03:13:44

Great news bunty and stacks! (just found the new thread)

We are now at home having been discharged today due to them keeping me in one more night for Proof Of Wee.. Will write birth story after this but on hospital bags-
Pack at least 5 vests and 5 babygros (with arms & legs,) Oz was born at 40+12 and has been chucking up mucas ever since, so got through a lot of clothing v fast.. I packed two sets of pjs and umpteen black pants but have more or less got away with using half this. Maybe bleeding better than expected or just luck..

MyDaydream Sun 30-Dec-12 08:49:25

emily I'm going to show up today looking like I'm moving in, but I'd rather have too much than too little. I'm leaving in half an hour and still changing it around!
nutella hope your discomfort turned into something productive to get baby out.
yule congratulations on getting home, enjoy your cuddles.
I'm going in at 10 for induction but I suddenly seem incapable of getting ready!

Eek MyDaydream! Good luck! I will be checking in for updates grin

yuletopian99 Sun 30-Dec-12 08:53:25

Good luck daydream!

emilyeggs Sun 30-Dec-12 09:12:48

Good luck mydaydream we will all be routing for you grin

Hormonalhell Sun 30-Dec-12 09:32:28

Good luck mydaydreamsmile

So few of us left now

itsMYNutella Sun 30-Dec-12 10:01:39

Good luck Daydream! Fingers crossed it all goes well (and quickly) for you!

The discomfort stayed but I decided it was best to get a decent nights sleep just in case. Slept great (sort of pleased and disappointed that I wasn't woken by contractions hmm) we are now on our way to the hospital for another check up... And if they still aren't happy with the amount of fluid they might induce... Although I reckon baby will have done a big wee and we'll be on our way again... The joy of seeing a different dr every time!

Good luck, daydream!

I agree re lots of vests and babygrows. Cameron is a very mucusy/sicky baby, and I've went through 5 sets already. Down to the last two, and she puked on one of them as it was going on!

I'm bleeding a lot more this time than my section - advice from me on the regard is 4 pads (!) 3 normal nighttime ones and a mat pad - 1 wrapped around the front inside of your Knicks high up, one down the middle, the other wrapped on the back inside of your pants, and then the maternity pad on top. The normal pads catch anything that might slip the maternity pad, and don't need changing as often, ESP if they're not being dirtied, but they definitely make me feel more secure.

MyDaydream Sun 30-Dec-12 11:31:33

Thanks for the well wishes, just waiting for them to set up a room then having my waters broken. Can't wait, been in a room with a woman watching the Corrie omnibus REALLY loudly since I got here.
Good luck at the Drs today nutella, hope everything is okay.

itsMYNutella Sun 30-Dec-12 12:20:21

Poo bum phrfnarg! No still not enough fluid in there... Been given a part of the pill they use for inductions here. On a trace. Have to stay in the hospital but it could take anywhere between 3hrs or 3 days. Come on bean! Mummy doesn't like hospitals... And no one likes waiting around wink

They apparently aren't too full though so FX I get a private room. smile

What's yours up to Daydream? How are you doing??

Walnut8 Sun 30-Dec-12 12:24:42

good luck daydream!! They are going straight to breaking waters?
I'm sure it will all go smoothly, can't wait for an update.

I'm reading and trying to keep track of the thread but no time to post!

Huge congrats and wine for all the new arrivals!! Wishing speedy birth recoveries for everyone and massive luck for those left, we are still thinking of you all, even if you do go over to Jan!!

Btw, the hospital I went to recommended the incontinence pants too. They are v comfy.

Walnut8 Sun 30-Dec-12 12:26:51

Oh nutella I hope everything goes quickly for you and everything is okay. Def fx for the private room! Why only part of the pill?

yuletopian99 Sun 30-Dec-12 12:30:04

Fx nutella, hopefully closer to the 3 hour mark!

itsMYNutella Sun 30-Dec-12 12:50:43

They start with a 1/4. Then tomorrow morning a 1/2.. Then I guess the next day a whole 1?? Dunno. Wonder if they might bump it up to a second 1/4 later??

itsMYNutella Sun 30-Dec-12 12:51:19

And thanks for the well wishes!!

WillYuleDoTheFandango Sun 30-Dec-12 13:00:40

Good luck Nutella hopefully the 1/4 will do it. Did they give you any indication of how they think it will go for you? When I was in they told me I would only need the 1, but told the lady opposite (36weeks) to expect to need 3. I thought that was good as it helped manage your expectations wanky work-speak so that you knew what to expect.

MyDaydream Sun 30-Dec-12 13:12:03

Had my waters broken about an hour ago and now I'm bouncing on a ball trying to get things going. I was 2cm dilated from my thursday sweep and had been having irregular contractions and a show after the one yesterday so dint see a pessary as needed. If I can get them going in the next hour I won't need a drip either. They're starting to bloody hurt but don't seem regular. DP is napping so I'm a bit bored!
nutella hope you end up being a 3 hours rather than 3 days person. Good luck. Fingers crossed for the private room.

ISpyDingDongMerrilyOnHigh Sun 30-Dec-12 13:53:52

Congratulations Bunty and welcome Cameron thanks.

Good luck Daydream and Nutella - fx it is quick for both of you.

itsMYNutella Sun 30-Dec-12 14:02:58

Ooohhh that's interesting willyule... Didn't think to ask. I'll check with DP in case I missed something (poor brain trying to translate and weigh up all the options) but I'm honestly not expecting much from the 1/4 dosehmm

Daydream not at all envy of you're 2cm dilation... Honest smile

WillYuleDoTheFandango Sun 30-Dec-12 14:23:42

Daydream I recommend stairs if you have access. I was 1cm before mine and a bit of stair climbing really ramped things up.

Maybe that means they think that you'll go easily though Nutella given the small dose.

Ooh I'm so excited for you all! I'd do it again tomorrow grin, I'd have done it all over again immediately if I had to!

[bounces enthusiastically]
Good luck, good luck labouring ladies!
As I did all of this labour in an hour and a half in the back of a car hmm my advice for getting through each contraction is focus on the feel of a baby in our arms, or the little warm head on your neck as you burp one. . . just keep thinking about the end result and the process becomes a teensy bit more acceptable.
Definitely helped me when I didn't have access to any lovely pain relief, so maybe it'll do someone else some good?

And I hope you ALL have LOTS of lovely pain relief options! grin

RockabillyKitty Sun 30-Dec-12 16:08:03

Well it's my due date today so thought I'd better check in. Absolutely no signs of anything, except lots of expectant phone calls & texts hmm

Went for a longish walk up a big hill, bouncing on my ball and having a fair amount of sex blush well, it's something to do, eh?! Don't believe it'll start anything, but who knows when I'll be able to ~indulge~ for a while wink

Good luck to all. See you on the other side!

itsMYNutella Sun 30-Dec-12 16:18:45

Awww thanks willyule and blackcurrants!

Daydream I really hope everything is progressing for you! I have everything crossed!!

Well just had another half hour trace and baby is happily wriggling away but not much else seems to be going on. Apparently it's a "test dose" to see how you react to it.... So I might beg to be allowed home later to sleep (would be signing myself out against the Dr's advice...) But I know I will be more comfortable at home in my bed, of course if something happens we'll come straight in.

Stacks Sun 30-Dec-12 18:44:13

elpth just drop me a message if you want any more details about the induction/ward/midwives/care at the Simpsons. I won't bore everyone here with details (unless people are interested).

Good luck Nutella and Blackcurrants

MyDaydream Sun 30-Dec-12 19:20:07

We don't really know what's going on. She put a cannula in with the intention of putting me on the drip at 3pm but got pulled away to deliver a baby. Since then I've had some painkillers and been on monitor but no idea what the plan is! She came to do the trace when me and DP were sleeping so we were both a bit too fuzzy to ask questions and just wanted to get back to sleep.
nutella hope everything is going okay for you and you convinced them to let you to go home.

elpth Sun 30-Dec-12 19:20:19

Have done, thank you!

Hello, good luck to everyone in labour right now! envy envy

We went for another walk today to blow away the cobwebs and I ate a whole pineapple this morning but no baby yet! At least I got some fresh air though. I'm feeling a bit better about things today. Booked my mum to babysit DD tomorrow night and if baby not making an appearance then perhaps DP and I can go out for a couple of hours just to get out of the house! I'm secretly hoping that the fact we've planned to go out might mean that mini Terry might try to scupper things and arrive- i won't mind!
Lots of backache today, think baby still posterior but trying my best to stay upright and forward facing so hoping he/she will still turn.

Oh and also DP has a friend who is a chiropractor so think we might give him a call tomorrow and try to go and see him, as I believe chiropractors can turn posterior babies with good success rates. Fx

itsMYNutella Sun 30-Dec-12 21:39:50

Yay... still pregnant but I'm home! Need to gather up a few bits, after a day in the Hospital I managed to think of a few extra luxuries that I would like in my hospital bags smile

Got to be back at the Hosp for 8am it's now 22:30 (hour ahead) so I better get a move on!
I am keeping everything crossed for you Daydream!

Any one having twinges?? I wish I was confused going to snuggle with DP and see if we can't encourage baby out!

Sleep well ladies.

No twinges sad
I'm fed up of all the 'Any news' phone calls and texts that both DP and I are getting too. I know logically its just because people care and its nice that they are thinking of us, but I wish they would stop! Especially when it's people who know they would be told anyway! Every time my mum rings for example: (and I swear this is word for word)

Me: 'hello?'
DM: 'still here then?'
Me: I would still be here even if I was in labour mum, but no, no baby yet! I think you know we would let you know!
DM: 'hmpf'
Me: hmmhmmhmm

annelid Mon 31-Dec-12 00:30:29

Just letting you know, William was born 29th Dec at 6.16pm, 10lb 12oz

2blessed Mon 31-Dec-12 00:45:59

Congratulations annelid!

How are you doing daydream?

terry that conversation sounds very familiar.
I've not responded to any 'any news?' texts today, just couldn't face it.
After midwife appointment, I'm going to go and stock up on magazines and fruit and veg tasty treats to see in the New Year. Still constipated which can't be helping the situation sad.

Walnut8 Mon 31-Dec-12 02:57:25

Just dropping in to see how the inductions are going ... any progress now daydream? I was completely left in the dark with much of my first induction - so much waiting around and wondering WTF was happening, so I can sympathise. Hope things are moving now.

Nutella good luck for more progress in the morning!

And congrats annelid and baby William - what a big boy! thanks Hope it all went well and you are both healthy.

terry I had numerous conversations with my mum that went like that before I eventually had a hissy fit and told her that I Would Let Her Know. Except mum would say something ridiculous like "are you home?" to which I'd reply yes or no and she'd then say "so not in hospital with your legs apart then" ...shock hmm?!

Just had a (childless) friend text to ask what I'm doing tonight for NYE .... erm ...

Walnut8 Mon 31-Dec-12 02:59:13

2blessed, get some lactulose to get things moving.

Congratulations annelid smile

itsMYNutella Mon 31-Dec-12 07:32:10

Congratulations annelid ... envy me? Noooo not at all grin great news! My older brother was 11 lb when born and my Mum had other mums coming up saying "have you heard about the woman who had an 11lb baby"... I think she enjoyed the notoriety so see if you can subtly spread it around wink

WillYuleDoTheFandango Mon 31-Dec-12 08:04:11

Congratulations Anelid 10lb 12oz shock. When I had Jamie the woman opposite had an 11lb 4oz girl. Even the midwives were coming for a look grin

elpth Mon 31-Dec-12 08:49:41

Congratulations annelid !

Wow, well done Annelid!
I've also just had an email from MIL saying 'YES! Today's the day!' shock
Lol, good thing she's one of the nicest people I know or there would be a MIL rant right there!

She is more excited about this baby than her other (seven) grandchildren I think because its the only one which will live nearby, the others are all overseas or the other side of the country.
Got midwife this morning, hoping she might give me a cheeky sweep wink

2blessed Mon 31-Dec-12 09:27:19

walnut been on lactulose since christmas eve, then gp prescribed me to take fybogel in conjunction on friday. Had very few movements.
Good news though, had my show about 2 hours ago. Fingers crossed that LO is on the way. Midwife in a couple of hours. Now that I've had a show will that rule me out of having a sweep?

There have been a lot of boys haven't there? I'm team yellow, with everyone I come into contact saying I'm having a boy...

Team yellow here too but everyone is telling us its a boy too. My mum has been knitting blue blankets/ cardigans etchmmhmmhmm

She has three granddaughters and no grandsons (though I never thought that bothered her!)

SilverLake Mon 31-Dec-12 09:58:50

Hi everyone,

I've also got a midwife appointment today (40+4) and am hoping for a sweep...or preferably an internal exam which will tell me that i'm 4/5cm dilated and on the cusp of going into spontaneous labour with no intervention necessary! hmm

itsMYNutella Mon 31-Dec-12 10:09:25

I'm hoping for a sweep (or similar) here... Wonder if I can ask for it? How would you ask when you don't have a clue what the medical term is?
"Hello, could you please poke me in the cervix?" Could be a very difficult / awkward lost in translation moment hmm

We're also team yellow. Everyone has guessed a boy too. So it must be a girl!
One of the nurse ladies on the ward has told us to give birth tomorrow so that we get some flowers from the hospital grin

I would love to see some bump pictures now, any takers?!

emilyeggs Mon 31-Dec-12 10:15:28

Congratulations annelidthankswine
2blessed... I've had that all pregnancy.... Oooo you're having a boy! (I'm team yellow) it was so annoying.
Well no twinges hear yet...I'm kind of glad it will be a 2013 baby, it's like it's got a whole year ahead of it instead of just missing one. I don't have a sweep booked until 5th and ill be 41+1 by then sad oh well,

emilyeggs Mon 31-Dec-12 10:15:58

Spotty ill do one in a mo if you want?

Yes please grin

emilyeggs Mon 31-Dec-12 10:41:33

Pics up, just seen im in my pjs in all of them grin

Oh what a lovely bump! Probably about the size of me and I had ds and he was 7lb13 so you might not have a massive one after all!

emilyeggs Mon 31-Dec-12 11:03:53

Thanks spotty, I'm 5'2" so hopefully it's not too big but don't really mind...grin

WillYuleDoTheFandango Mon 31-Dec-12 11:25:38

You look like I did too Emily - 5'3". Mine was a nice tiddly 7lb 4oz grin

itsMYNutella Mon 31-Dec-12 12:10:28

I would love to see your bump pics and add my own but on my phone... although my bump has been consistently small. I'm about 5'8" and not slim but MW measured me a week ago and bump was 35cm hmm wonder how big baby will be...
Very bored of being on trace.

emilyeggs Mon 31-Dec-12 12:16:04

Ha ha! I just winced because I was sitting in an uncomfy position and DH flew into action! Lol think even he's getting impatient

SilverLake Mon 31-Dec-12 12:25:02

emily i love getting that reaction out of my husband...I have to get my kicks somewhere.

I'm looking forward to the next stranger who asks me when i'm due as i'm sure they'll look at me as if i'm a ticking timebomb when i reply "last Thursday". grin

Just popped over to see how everyone's doing nutella your 'poke me in the cervix' comment made me choke on my tea! Can you get your DH to describe it to the dr... Just for general amusement all round?!! [evil emoticon]

Good luck to you all. Can't wait to have us all back together on postnatal smile

yuletopian99 Mon 31-Dec-12 12:53:24

'poke me in the cervix' did make me laugh! I asked the community mw outright at 40+3 and she was fine with it, although obviously didn't work as i went to 40+12. The mw on duty in induction gave me what she described as 'a cheeky extra sheep' after I'd had my bloody show, during a routine internal, so think show doesn't affect it.

Emily i was going on house viewings at 40+8 and scaring the he'll.out of estate agents, great fun!

yuletopian99 Mon 31-Dec-12 12:54:06

Cheeky extra SWEEP not sheep! hmm

itsMYNutella Mon 31-Dec-12 14:13:52

Honey Making DP describe a sweep would certainly be a lot more entertaining than me just being considered the insane English woman confused you know they're going to be talking alllll about it at every handover / shift change hmm

Honestly if I thought sheep could induce labour I'd tackle one right now! But I am having light contractions... I think. FX they keep going.

Otherwise nothing much to report. Any update from Daydream ??

MyDaydream Mon 31-Dec-12 14:18:06

Congratulations annielid.
Good luck nutella, fingers crossed for you.
Elijah was born this morning at 8.10 by forceps 20 hours after I'd had my waters broken. He's an ounce off 8lb and very long, all a bit dramatic in the end but he's a total star and let me and DP get lots of sleep since his arrival. Just waiting for the Dr to okay my transfer to the post natal ward.

itsMYNutella Mon 31-Dec-12 14:25:25

Congratulations Daydream!!! Another boy! Blimey grin

yuletopian99 Mon 31-Dec-12 14:31:16

Congratulations daydream, great name!

emilyeggs Mon 31-Dec-12 14:41:26

Congratulations mydaydream grin love the name x

SilverLake Mon 31-Dec-12 15:35:07

Congratulations annelid and Daydream. thanks

I've just had a sweep (ouch) and i'm 2cm. I'm booked in for an induction on Sunday if nothing happens before then. Since i'm 2cm the induction would be a matter of breaking my waters and then sending me for a walk for a couple of hours to get things moving.

Hopefully that will work but will i be the last one left on this thread!?

Congratulations mydaydream smile

Silver lake- I had a sweep this morning too, 2 cm dilated and baby turned a bit round so more hopeful for him/her being anterior by the time I actually go into labour! Fx

2blessed Mon 31-Dec-12 17:51:25

Congratulations daydream, fab name too. My fave but DP disagrees.

Had my sweep this morning - second that ouch! silver, t'was worse than a smear - and induction booked for Friday. She didn't mention if/how much I'm dilated... confused. Cervix is posterior. Bit confused about this induction malarkey, I have to wait to hear from the hospital on friday to find out what time to come in. Was that the same with anyone else. I was hoping I would have got an appointed time to go in....

ISpyDingDongMerrilyOnHigh Mon 31-Dec-12 18:22:10

Congratulations Daydream and welcome Elija thanks.

Congrats, daydream!

SilverLake Mon 31-Dec-12 19:00:48

2blessed from my experience (limited!) it's a little strange that they haven't given you a time but perhaps since it's not urgent they are waiting to see how busy they are. She might have written down in your notes how dilated you were.

My midwife did pause "mid sweep" to talk about my cervix being neither posterior or whatever....but really.....i wasn't really in the right frame of mind to be listening right there and then!!!

For DD1 i was told to come in at 8pm - monitored, given the pessary and after some montoring left overnight for progress to happen and then they broke my waters in the morning when i guess it was now possible to do so. This time i've been told to come in at 8am and they'll go ahead and break my waters as they are already accessible and then send me for a walk for a couple of hours.

Secondsop Mon 31-Dec-12 19:11:06

2blessed I was booked in for my induction but had to ring at 6pm to check they still had a bed for me (as it would depend on how many other women were giving birth that night). They did, so I was told to have my dinner and come in about 8pm that night.

2blessed Mon 31-Dec-12 19:37:32

Thanks ladies.
My notes don't make a great deal of sense, think its because I can't read her handwriting. Managed to make out " sweep;- firm consistency posterior but shortening." If I've not heard from hospital by 11am on Friday then I'm to ring them.

She had to give me 2 go's on the sweep it was so uncomfortable. Feeling a bit rubbish really about it.

2013 baby it is then!

AlisonDB Mon 31-Dec-12 21:05:24

Hi all glad i found you!
Congratulations to new mummies and little ones hope you are all getting lots of lovely snuggles,
Hope everyone else doesn't have too long to wait!!

Our exciting news is that Thomas is off the monitor!!
And on his way home, probably at the end of the week,
He will need to be part tube fed, as he really struggles to finish his bottles due to his heart defect,
He is on special milk which is a high calorie milk to build him up for his op in June, I took the prescription to the pharmacy today, (luckily our Dutch health insurance pays for it) as 20 bottles x 250ml costs almost €150.00!!!
So we are being trained at the moment to tube feed him,
Which is fine, we just can't wait to get him home,
It was such an amazing feeling yesterday walking on to the Scbu and seeing him off monitor! I literally picked him up out of his cot and did a lap of honor round the unit, just cos I could! Lol
I am so excited I could burst!!

itsMYNutella Mon 31-Dec-12 21:11:51

Sorry cant read the thread back. Just to say, was about to go home for the night when my waters suddenly broke. Now contracting hard about every 5 mins.

Wishing you all a happy new year!!

Alison that's great news!! So pleased for you smile

Yay Nutella!! Hope to have news of a baby by the morning!

WillYuleDoTheFandango Mon 31-Dec-12 21:28:25

Aw lovely news Alison hope you have Thomas home ASAP

Ooh how exciting Nutella new year baby grin

oh that's wonderful Alison! hurrah for Thomas!
Happy New year and happy new babies everyone! grin

emilyeggs Mon 31-Dec-12 22:07:06

Wonderful news Alison and yay for nutella! We need to update the stats list soon

AlisonDB Mon 31-Dec-12 22:28:11

Thanks! Im Beyond happy!

Good luck Nutella!

Happy New Year everyone!!


Secondsop Mon 31-Dec-12 23:50:57

Alison - I'm so happy for you - that's brilliant news. You were so supportive in your posts on my nasal bone thread, I'm so happy that things are looking up for Thomas.

emilyeggs Tue 01-Jan-13 00:52:05

Happy new year everyone winegrin! Hears to 2013

yuletopian99 Tue 01-Jan-13 03:36:39

Great news alison, good luck nutella -sounds like you could have one of the 'first of 2013' babies on your hands!

MyDaydream Tue 01-Jan-13 08:19:28

Thank ladies, he spent most of the night with the midwives on the ward since he wouldn't settle, they worked their magic on him and now he'll sleep in the cot and I got a semi-decent nights sleep except for the woman in the next bed was snoring like nothing I've ever heard before! Hopefully we'll be home later today if they're happy with us and DP remembers to come back.
alison that's great news, you must be so happy. Fingers crossed you get Thomas home by the end of the week.
nutella hope your cuddling up to your little baby right now.

Sitting waiting for madam to awaken, so here's my birth story smile

Woken up at 3am on my due date with strong, regular contractions coming every ten minutes, lasting anywhere from 45 secs to 90 secs. Tried to get back to sleep, but no joy, and between them and running to the loo to empty myself blush, DH was awoken at 5am. We timed them using an app, before I got up at 8ish with DS and went plot chat with my mum to let her know what was happening. Let DH sleep on a little as I knew he'd need the reserves later.

We went to feed the ducks, and a bit of a walk, contractions sometimes tailing off slightly, but never going. When we got back, I retreated to our bedroom as my DGM was also down, and she kept asking if I was ok - very sweet but I felt like a watched pot.

Had a half hour nap at about 3pm, followed by a sandwich, and things started to progress around 9pm, when I was getting the pains for a minute every 4 minutes. We called the hospital at 10, and got told to come in as I was vbac, and live 30 mins away.

Got up there, and internal showed I was only 1 1/2cm sad I could have wept. 21 hours of bad contractions for what felt like nothing. They hooked me up to a trace, which showed baby haif an absolute party - very active and heartrate not coming down. The midwife thought she was back to back hmm but am very sure she was mistaken as we could all hear her moving on the trace, but I felt nothing.

After an hour was sent to walk around and bounce on a
Ball to try and progress, then had another trace. Same thing happened again, heartrate mental, another hour hooked up, but she eventually calmed. A further examination showed I had dilated to 2 - 2 1/2cm. The only pain relief they could offer was paracetamol and codeine, which didn't touch the sides.

They then said I could stay on ward (without DM and DH) or go home, but I was in the latent phase which could last for 2 weeks! I started sobbing - I had been in labour for over 24 hours, with no let up, and then thought they would let me continue contracting until my induction 5 days later (midwife had not cancelled it in case it was needed after I had text her to let her know it had kicked off) was soul destroying.

We went home at 5am, and DH and I managed about an hours sleep. When I woke up, the contractions were even worse, I was now lowing through each one, and they were a minute every 3. I ended up calling my one to one midwife at 7.30, leaving a tearful message tellif her what had happened, and explaining I really didn't feel I could cope with how it was going if these contractions were doing nothing. She called back and explained she was at a birth, but would be with us soon.

She arrived at 10, finding me mooing on the bed, contracting hard, and at 5cm! Got told to get to hospital NOW or we might not get there at all. She phoned ahead, and when we arrived, we were whisked through to the mw led unit for my waterbirth. I was so close I could FEEL the water ... Except the pool needed cleaned.

They got on to that, but took me to another room in the meantime. It ended up being the same room I laboured in with DS. I got my gas and air, and they suggested leaning over the bed on my knees, which is how I stayed. It was now just after 11, and I'd went from 5 - 8 in 30 mins.

By 12.30 I was fully dilated and involuntarily pushing. They came to offer me the pool at 12.50, but I couldn't have moved if they'd paid me. They offered more pain relied, which was then forgotten about as they could see her! The only thing holding her in was her waters, and thank god, the mw gave them a little nip and they went.

Pushing, I don't think, took very long at all. She couldn't get round the bend whilst I was on my knees, so by a force of sheer will, I turned on to my back as they had said, and pulled on my knees, following their directed pushing. The second midwife had come in not long before that point - and was the one who was there when I had DS! Lovely!

The pushing went very well, I felt her head, and I don't think it took all that long, although the whole thing seemed like it took hours. Cameron arrived at 1.29pm, delivered on to my tummy with only gas and air. I had a few grazes but that was it - directed pushing definitely worked for me!

Once it got going for me, it happened really quickly. It was a fast, intense birth at the end and I'm not that bothered about missing the pool - I'm so incredibly proud of myself that I did it all on gas and air and didn't tear

Our princess is perfect, feeding like a champ, and my boobs are rocks today - which never happened with DS!

She has a slight heart murmur, which we've to see if has resolved in 2 weeks, and she needs an ultrasound on her hips as she wa breech into the third trimester, but she is perfect and we're all, DS included, besotted.

WillYuleDoTheFandango Tue 01-Jan-13 10:11:26

Well done Bunty sounds l

WillYuleDoTheFandango Tue 01-Jan-13 10:11:51

Like you did fantastically thanks

Thank you, yule!

emilyeggs Tue 01-Jan-13 11:02:30

Lovely story bunty, thanks got sharing grin

SilverLake Tue 01-Jan-13 11:43:20

Wow Bunty thanks for sharing - it sounds like you've been through the mill but have come out the other side smiling.

How does it compare with DS's birth? I've been hoping/dreaming that number two will be easier than number 1.

Hormonalhell Tue 01-Jan-13 12:02:21

Awww Bunty what a fab outcome after all the frustration!! I'm hoping my labour is like yours as I don't want to give in and have epidural but my pain threshold isn't the best (keep thinking these BH's are the real thing hmm)

Can't wait now...every day gets harder hmm

Great story Bunty you did amazingly well smile

Thanks everyone smile

silver I actually think this birth was a harder slog - with DS once I got to contractions every three minutes, we were at the hospital, I was 3 cm and then had access to pain relief - this one was also only 2 hours shorter, but with no real pain relief! Sorry, that's not very encouraging, but I feel so much better this time around afterward (amazing what not getting sliced will do )

itsMYNutella Tue 01-Jan-13 13:19:47

Hello all.

Well after a long night and a fantastic epidural baby Theodor Ruben arrived at 7:19 this morning. 6lb 11oz and 50 cm long. Beautiful ( of course) the midwives all loved that he was a surprise and made sure DP got to announce that it was a boy. He has lots of gorgeous blond hair. Ahhhh very happy mummy & daddy. I will write a birth story later grin

Congratulations Nutella! grin Love the name smile not too long a labour either thanks hope you're resting up and will join us over in postnatal when ready

WillYuleDoTheFandango Tue 01-Jan-13 13:48:32

Congrats Nutella and welcome Theodore, our first 2013 baby!

ISpyDingDongMerrilyOnHigh Tue 01-Jan-13 14:08:40

Congratulations Nutella and welcome Theodor thanks.

mwahmwah Tue 01-Jan-13 15:05:35

Sweep yesterday but apparently me couldn't find cervix, induction booked for Saturday. Yawn! Congrats to all the new mums, feel I'll be on my own here after the weekend!

MyDaydream Tue 01-Jan-13 15:11:06

Congratulations nutella and a great name. I had to hold back from telling the anaesthetist he was my best friend after he did my epidural!

Congratulations Nutella and Theodor!
Still no action chez Terry, have had quite a lot of snotty wipes (sorry!) and some low backache but no real signs. So looks like yesterday's sweep didn't do that much.
Bored bored bored.

Hormonalhell Tue 01-Jan-13 15:55:31

No mwah I'll still be here hmm

SilverLake Tue 01-Jan-13 16:44:06

mwah i'll be here as my induction is booked for Sunday.

Terry snap.

Been for a long walk but that hasn't started anything. Ho hum, i'm resigned to Sunday but i guess i'll go through the misery of a long walk everday till then.

SilverLake Tue 01-Jan-13 17:04:08

I think there are only 7 of us left now...possibly only 6 if elpth has had her baby.

elpth 18/12/12
2blessed 23/12/12
SilverLake 27/12/12
emilyeggs 28/12/12
RockabillyKitty 30/12/12
Terrywoganstrousers 31/12/12
Hormonalhell 15/1/13

elpth Tue 01-Jan-13 17:38:47

Nope I'm still here too! Didn't think I'd be having a 2013 baby. Am beginning to wonder if it will ever come out! My cousin and a good friend who were both due ten days after me have had theirs too.
HNY to everyone and congrats to all new mums.

emilyeggs Tue 01-Jan-13 17:43:35

Congratulations Nutella envythanks. Looking forward to the birth story . Don't worry mwah, I too will still be hear! I don't even have a date for an induction and my first sweep not till sat. Had a weepy day today, feel like I'm trapped by my own body and can't do anything. I don't have any twinges and have had long walks, currys and...ahem.... Relations. Nothing works sad. DH has got cabin fever so is going to work tomorrow instead of next week so will be doubly trapped as I don't drive. Totally fed up and off to the sobbing sofa again..... Sorry.

emilyeggs Tue 01-Jan-13 17:44:54

Poor elpth. Can't imagine how you must be feeling.... Fed up too I guess brew

SilverLake Tue 01-Jan-13 18:06:45

Elpth wow....that's some comfy baby. What's your hospital's policy on induction?

emily sorry to hear you're feeling so down. My sister has been trying to pick out the positives...we can sleep better at night with the baby inside us than outside.....our babies when born will be a bit bigger and therefore a bit closer to reaching the weight where they can sleep through the night.

I'm adding mwahmwah to the list to boost our numbers (and make us feel less alone)

elpth 18/12/12
2blessed 23/12/12
mwahmwah 26/12/12
SilverLake 27/12/12
emilyeggs 28/12/12
RockabillyKitty 30/12/12
Terrywoganstrousers 31/12/12
Hormonalhell 15/1/13

RockabillyKitty Tue 01-Jan-13 18:07:52

Emily don't despair! My DH is back at work tmrw too so I'm preparing for the daily phone call from my mom where I have absolutely nothing to say to her! We've got to keep our spirits up tho - don't give up now, it can only be a matter of days & look how far we've come. We are goddesses and no one can tell us otherwise. Boo-ya.

elpth Tue 01-Jan-13 18:22:20

Seem to have moved beyond frustration into denial that it's ever going to happen. Beginning to wonder if I'll have to go back to work next week too and say sorry, all a big mix up... DH is going back on Thurs (we're Scotland so tomorrow is a bank holiday) unless it comes before then.
As for hospital and induction, I was doing opks so know when I ovulated and their dates have always been too early imo. I won't actually be 42 weeks til this weekend, which is after all considered full term. I was three weeks late when I was born so it's unsurprising this baby is so comfy. Policy here is induction at +14 which would have been yday. Instead I'm going in tomorrow for a scan to check amniotic fluid levels and a ctg. Assuming everything looks fine, I'll wait til the weekend. If not, I'll do whatever they suggest. I had a sweep yday and my cervix is soft but not yet dilated. Have been having back aches and period pain for a week so my body is obviously heading towards labour but not there yet. Would like to give it the chance if possible!
Sorry very long! Now there are fewer people here I can at least keep up! Had my last new year lie in for many years this morning, might as well look on the bright side!

emilyeggs Tue 01-Jan-13 18:55:43

Rockabilly you are right, we are goddesses! I shouldn't complain, we are all in the same boat. I'm off to the cinema tonight with DH to see that tsunami film.....if bubs had been on time I wouldn't have been bale to see it smile

SilverLake Tue 01-Jan-13 19:23:47

emily i don't think i'm emotionally stable enough to see that film. I saw the trailer and it looks like it could be real tear jerker. Before the school holidays began i was able to see a couple of films during the day with DH which was great and really helped to pass the time.

Bellaboo123 Tue 01-Jan-13 20:05:52

Congrats Nutella great news!

Bellaboo123 Tue 01-Jan-13 20:05:54

Congrats Nutella great news!

RockabillyKitty Tue 01-Jan-13 20:36:19

I'd probably agree with SilverLake in that I'm not sure I could watch The Impossible at this moment in time BUT that's the spirit generally - take it all as bonus time - extra time with our other halves, more lie-ins and being able to do whatever we want (more or less!) Due date schmoo date - it's gonna come out eventually wink

elpth glad you updated, when I saw your due date I was like woah, but didn't want to be one of probably loads of people who have said 'how haven't you had it yet?!!'

You lot are quiet!!

RockabillyKitty Wed 02-Jan-13 07:57:25

Dullsville or wot! Are we all actually still PG or was it all a dream?!?!

Hormonalhell Wed 02-Jan-13 08:11:46

Not many left to moan now. Almost went to hosp last night as was contracting every 5 mins for 2 hours, took some tabs and went to sleep hmmhmm

pmgkt Wed 02-Jan-13 08:22:10

Hormonal are you still getting them or have they eased off.

Namechangedembrassedmum Wed 02-Jan-13 08:36:57

Im suppose to be on this thread i dropped off a few months back, i was due on the 18th but it changed to the 2nd of jan!
Come on babies

Was also told at 20 weeks im having a girl, i had a late scan at 38 weeks to be told its a boy!!!

I cant recall my name on the threads before, this is dc4!

SilverLake Wed 02-Jan-13 09:45:49

Namechanged wow - that must have made your head spin! At least with three other DC i guess clothes wise you might be prepared for boy at this late stage.

Mine was a girl at 12 weeks and then changed to a boy at 16 weeks. I had a late scan at 36 weeks and asked them to double check baby was still a boy. He is.

So bored of waiting that updating the stats list seems like a interesting thing to do!

elpth 18/12/12
2blessed 23/12/12
mwahmwah 26/12/12
SilverLake 27/12/12
emilyeggs 28/12/12
RockabillyKitty 30/12/12
Terrywoganstrousers 31/12/12
Namechangedembrassedmum 2/1/12
Hormonalhell 15/1/13

Namechangedembrassedmum Wed 02-Jan-13 10:36:39

Nooo silver! I have 3dds and had packed all pink! Sent dh out to get neutral stuff. If i didnt have a scan i would be in exterme shock at the birth.

SilverLake Wed 02-Jan-13 11:27:29

Namechanged - Wow, that must have been a total mind bend. How did the sconographer break the news to you?

This is the reason i'm keeping all of DD's things until i have proof in my arms.

Namechangedembrassedmum Wed 02-Jan-13 13:21:21

We was just talking and i was saying yeh another girl, etc etc and she went erm no! I was lik whaaaaaat! She showed me his bits waving around and said defo a boy! I was like but she told me! She was too busy laughing,gave me a pic of his bits and trying to convince me not to tell dh.

I came home and said to dh guess what!
He was abit shocked aswel.
Too Be honest we still are, dont think il believe it until i see the baby. We arent fussed either way but at least if a boy he wont be in pink!

yuletopian99 Wed 02-Jan-13 13:23:00

We were told Oz would be a boy but I still bought all neutral just in case!

Sympathy for those still.waiting, I went to 40+12 and had really wanted him before Christmas, not least because of unintended PIL pressure to deliver. (they are lovely, it was entirely unconscious I'm sure) The bonus was though that DH and I got some extra days out together, extra US time which I'm now really really glad we had, and a lovely family Christmas with my family and PILs all over to ours, without what would have been a very very newborn in tow!

itsMYNutella Wed 02-Jan-13 13:36:37

OMG Namechange that is crazy to get such a late change of information!

Will Theodor is gorgeous. The midwives all love his blond hair. He is little star and slept most of yesterday (as did DP and I) which meant he wasn't fed as well as they liked but today he is more than making up for it. Since he got going at about 10am he has wanted some boob time every hour (and don't forget we're an hour ahead so it must be feeding time again already) although he is probably only feeding for about 15 -20 mins every hour...

Ok, so we had a scan on Sat and Sun which showed low amniotic fluid. So on Sunday they started trying to induce me. So Sunday was a test dose 1/4 of the tablet, trace every two hours for 12 hours. Nothing happening. Went home and slept (badly, although not as badly as in hospital) to be back at hospital for 8am to try again on Monday.

Will continue in a bit. Theo needs another new nappy grin

Oh Nutella you tease! wink

WillYuleDoTheFandango Wed 02-Jan-13 13:42:46


Namechangedembrassedmum Wed 02-Jan-13 13:44:09

It was indeed! Lets see what hap

Namechangedembrassedmum Wed 02-Jan-13 13:45:27

Nutella just when i got into your story...
I just expected a dd as we have three already.

What am i suppose to do with a boy?!?

WillYuleDoTheFandango Wed 02-Jan-13 13:49:53

Watch out for the willy! I started today scrubbing my carpet as DS peed off the side of his cot-top changing mat! No crevices for poo to collect in though, so that's something!

You need some of these grin

RockabillyKitty Wed 02-Jan-13 14:05:49

OMG Spotty that link is hilarious! I'm expecting a boy and already freaking out about getting sprayed with wee LMFAO!!!

Namechangedembrassedmum Wed 02-Jan-13 14:11:01


emilyeggs Wed 02-Jan-13 15:44:21

Spotty that's too funnygrin

itsMYNutella Wed 02-Jan-13 15:52:10

Shit. I wrote a massive essay of a birth story and for some reason it hasn't posted... Ok. I'll try again later otherwise it'll be when I get home tomorrow afternoon.

Hormonalhell Wed 02-Jan-13 16:12:55

gringrin at 'willy wigwams'!!

Hormonalhell Wed 02-Jan-13 16:24:15

Hi just a bit of advice ladies...I've been contracting every 10 mins since tea time yesterday. Does anyone think it's labour, they hurt but I can handle them smile

How long are they lasting, * hormonal?* could be the start of the latent phase, where you're aware but they're a manageable pain

WillYuleDoTheFandango Wed 02-Jan-13 16:59:16

I did 14 hours of painful but manageable Hormonal hopefully they'll ramp up for you. Get climbing those stairs to encourage your cervix to dilate

WillYuleDoTheFandango Wed 02-Jan-13 17:01:30

Teehee willy wigwam, I stick cotton wool on it but he soaked through. He also weed out of his nappy onto my crotch this afternoon, thought my pelvic floor had given up! Think he just does massive wees!

Touch wood we haven't had any wee or poo incidents so far!

Hormonalhell Wed 02-Jan-13 17:09:10

Thanks ladies smile they lasting for about 40 seconds on average really, just feel really crap n fed up

Namechangedembrassedmum Wed 02-Jan-13 18:06:03

Lol @ will.
Hope they become something hormonal

Hormonalhell Wed 02-Jan-13 19:01:34

Yes me too am so boooored with false labour grin

SilverLake Wed 02-Jan-13 19:34:21

I was pretty fed up with false labour (all pain but no obvious gain)...but now, after days of nothing, i'm beginning to look back on it fondly as at least false labour was a sign of something going on.

hormonal it surely has to be the start of labour for you.

mwahmwah Wed 02-Jan-13 19:54:37

Thanks to whoever added me to the stats thread smile I'm still hanging on, panicking that our move day is two weeks tomorrow so I will indeed be moving house with a proper newborn! Hubby took this week off on hols too assuming we'd have a bubba but now looks like he'll go back to work Monday and I'll be abandoned with a newborn, 2 year old and 6 year old starting a new school! Oh FFs!!!

RockabillyKitty Wed 02-Jan-13 21:16:01

Soooo I had a cheeky sweep this afternoon, but also got booked in for an induction on 11 Jan which I think is much more likely to be how it happens for me. Anyone any thoughts on if a first sweep has much effect?

Hormonalhell Wed 02-Jan-13 21:33:52

Well I think so cos of pain, my midwife thinks so but I think baby has other ideas hmm

One born every minute is filmed in the hospital I'm going in, I actually recognise some of the midwives I've been in that often grin

RockabillyKitty Wed 02-Jan-13 21:51:36

Oh good luck hormonal!!

Ah crap, forgot about new One Born... C4+1 in a minute!!

AlisonDB Wed 02-Jan-13 23:43:46

Good luck Hormonal, do you have an excersize ball? Try bouncing on that for a bit, may help speed things up a bit,
Ouch I haven't been able to watch one born since I got preg,

Well I was fast asleep until about 20 minutes ago when 5 yr old DS woke with a bad dream.
Now I can't get back to sleep and really peeved as this will be my last full night sleep in a long time,

Thomas is coming home this afternoon!!
Finally after a full month in scbu he is coming home!! Whooooooo hooooooo!!!

yuletopian99 Thu 03-Jan-13 02:09:15

hormonal is OBEM filmed at st Mary's, Manchester? I never watched it (too scared!) but thought i heard it was, and that's where Oz was born..

kitty my first sweep did nowt although seriously uncomfy, but was at 40+3 so may just have been too early anyway.

Loving the Willy wigwams!

emilyeggs Thu 03-Jan-13 08:51:03

Alison that's wonderful news, finally all together grin

Argh! SIL Has just nicked our boys name!

Oh Terry sad

Namechangedembrassedmum Thu 03-Jan-13 09:55:55

Dont worry terry happened to us with dds name!

yuletopian99 Thu 03-Jan-13 10:33:27

Oh no! We have 3 sets of close friends due in March so I think (hope) they're all relieved we've not used their choices..

yuletopian99 Thu 03-Jan-13 10:35:39

(I already have my heart set on a name for ds2 if we have one though, hope no one picks it while we wait to try again!) blush

terry can you use it as a middle name? Or have any other back ups?

Well it's ok, maybe we can use as a middle name I suppose. They won't have done it on purpose, that's the main thing, but so frustrating! DP definitely told his brother what we were planning for a boy and so did I to SIL but I think they've just totally forgotten rather than saying 'ooh lets have that!'
I can't blame them, it's actually her dads name (but also my DPs name!) but they had said they didn't like it!
Just blooming frustrating, as now we will have to think of another one. DP said he thinks we can still use it but I think two cousins born within a couple of weeks of each other ought to have different names!!!

Hormonalhell Thu 03-Jan-13 16:17:07

Yuletopian, no its filmed at Leeds General Infirmary.

Well yet again I had a false labour hmm tightenings stopped last night after a whole 24 hours of them coming every 10 mins, surely they can't have been Braxton Hicks tho???

Went to hosp as they called me in as protein in urine, had raised blood pressure and so needed bloods doing waited 3 hours for results (crossing fingers all the while hoping they would say they would induce me) only to be told to go home and come back sat for it checking againconfusedconfused

To say i'm pissed off is an understatement

mwahmwah Thu 03-Jan-13 20:21:08

One more day till my little lodger is forcibly evicted, wonder if she'll appear before then??? Crystal balls anyone?

SilverLake Thu 03-Jan-13 20:54:14

Three more days till my not so little lodger is also evicted...i've given up any hope that he'll appear before then.

Namechangedembrassedmum Thu 03-Jan-13 21:06:43

Ive got until 16th jan!
This is going to be long winded.

emilyeggs Thu 03-Jan-13 21:14:21

No eviction date hear but fx

yuletopian99 Fri 04-Jan-13 05:19:31

mwah and silver, my labour set in in earnest only once we were actually on the induction ward waiting for hormones - but before they had a chance to give me any! Happened to clarella i think too, and someone from our NCT group, So the threat may be enough.. grin

I think I might be in labour ladies!!!
Have had loads of niggly contractions over last few days, not really painful ones but more heavy tightenings. woke up this morning at 3 am with a large bloody show and started contracting every ten mins even lying down in bed, which hasn't been the case, i.e. when i go to bed they tend to stop. I also thought my waters might have gone at same time as there was a bit of a wet patch in my knicks, but may have wet myself a tiny bit when i got up as i now have a pad on and it's not really soaking through!blush
I took 2 paracetamol at 3am, and contractions are now every 5 minutes and I've had to get up so as not to keep disturbing DP by breathing through them loudly!
(he just got up and came downstairs to keep me company but I've sent him back to bed to get some sleep!)
so fingers crossed this is it and not another false bloody labour hmm

yuletopian99 Fri 04-Jan-13 05:59:02

Exciting! Fx for you terry!

Good luck terry!

Hi everyone, just popped in from postnatal to give you all some encouragement. I hope smooth, quick ish labours and snuggly lovely newborns happen soon for you all!

Namechangedembrassedmum Fri 04-Jan-13 07:54:34

Oh terry! Very jealous and excited for you

RockabillyKitty Fri 04-Jan-13 08:06:27

Ugh totally fed up today. Baby moving loads in the night & I feel tired but don't want to sleep. Really itchy patch of skin over top of bump that I keep moisturising but still itchy but if I scratch it's sore. Feel soooo heavy. One week to go til induction (unless he arrives) so I know I can't give up now... I've managed to not make comments like this until now as I hate moaning, it's just getting soooo difficult sad

On the plus side GOOD LUCK TERRY!!!

It's all stopped angryangryangryangryangry
Six blooming hours of painful, breath through them contractions and I haven't had one since about half nine.
I suppose the bloody show at least means something has happened but I'm getting really hacked off now. Poor DP doesn't know whether to go to work or not (he works for himself), my DD has been staying at my mum's since NYE, having decided at the last minute she doesn't want to be here for the main event and we just don't know what to do/ what's going onsad
Hoping all the contractions have done something at least and it means the next bit will be even more productive hmm

Although, after typing that rant I did just have a contraction grin

Namechangedembrassedmum Fri 04-Jan-13 11:39:27

Sometimes things stop for a while esp if you get nervous or changes happen in your environment etc.

Can you send some vibes to me plz

They are back on a bit now actually grin
Not as good as last night but better than nothing!
Still losing bloody show every time I go to loo but waters haven't gone yet. I do feel like something is happening now at least.
Am sitting here with a little teddy stuffed down my top as my mum bought it for the baby and I've been meaning to sleep with it to let it take on my scent but forgot! grin

Namechangedembrassedmum Fri 04-Jan-13 16:08:36

I have a belly ache!!!!!!

Heres hoping!
I found it always easier when waters go in th midst of labour, makes it wuick and baby soon follows.

Fx !
Mine hasn't really progressed any more, am very frustrated.
Still getting ctx but no quicker. I just tried to examine my cervix and I think it's still fairly posterior so I can't be dilated much either. I have quite short fingers though so not sure! Plus don't really know what I'm looking for, but guessing not time to call the midwife out just yet!
Hope things get going a bit more tonight.

Namechangedembrassedmum Fri 04-Jan-13 16:26:57

U having a homebirth too?
Bounce on a gymball to get things going,walk around stomping your feet.

if it's any encouragement, I lost count of the times I did 4-6 hours of quite painful contractions that faded away to bloody nothing, usually just after I'd told DH to stay home from work...

and that resulted in a 2 hour labour, from waters going to baby emerging - which was actually pretty brilliant as I didn't have time to get tired or discouraged. Intense, but definitely preferable to the 22 hour labour last time.
So each of these episodes is definitely doing something! fingers crossed for you all.
Oh, and the bloody show was a sign that Alex was less than an hour away, for me. So here's hoping!

Yep, homebirth so at least once it gets going properly i won't have to change my environment.
I've been intermittently bouncing on the ball, sitting tailor style and going up and down the stairs, contractions are really irregular now I would say, so its encouraging to hear that maybe its doing something, blackcurrants.
DP has just popped out for an hour to do some errands, so I'm going to try to have a little nap, as the pattern seems to be that the contractions will start to get more regular in the night!

Namechangedembrassedmum Fri 04-Jan-13 18:00:56

Whats sitting tailor style?
I never have regular contractions ever!

I hope by tomorrow you have and your baby and thw rest of us following you closely behind.

mwahmwah Fri 04-Jan-13 21:26:22

oh I so hope tonight is the night for you Terry! my induction is 9-30 tomorrow morning and I'm pretty terrified tbh... very weird speaking to people when they ask "wot u up to tomorrow?" "oh actually I'm intending to put my body through hell and then have a baby actually!"... kinda beats the usual shopping/ going for a walk etc!

Namechangedembrassedmum Fri 04-Jan-13 21:53:49

Mwah i had induction with dc2,it was fine. Tey not to worry about it too much.

Well I've just retreated to bed to try and conserve energy in case it kicks off again, but sort of stopped believing that I will ever have the baby now hmm so not sure what will happen.
By the way, tailor style = cross legged

SilverLake Fri 04-Jan-13 22:33:25

mwahmwah all the best for tomorrow, i hope it's quick and relatively easy
...i have an inkling how you feel as it's my turn on Sunday.

2blessed Sat 05-Jan-13 10:47:36

Hi ladies, I'm a mum to Rohan born on 3rd jan by c-section. Hope we will be discharged today so will put up birth story later.
Good luck for your induction mwah

SilverLake Sat 05-Jan-13 11:56:04

2blessed congratulations. thanks

It's been very quiet here so perhaps there are a few more birth announcements on their way.

emilyeggs Sat 05-Jan-13 11:59:11

Congrats 2blessed! Well done, quick update, im at the hospital were I was meant to go to midwife unit but because of back to back and only getting to 3cm since wednesday I'm on labour ward, I don't mind, it was way too much pain for me and I have a new found respect for anyone who manages on g&a

emilyeggs Sat 05-Jan-13 12:03:37

Congrats 2blessed! Well done, quick update, im at the hospital were I was meant to go to midwife unit but because of back to back and only getting to 3cm since wednesday I'm on labour ward, I don't mind, it was way too much pain for me and I have a new found respect for anyone who manages on g&a

Congrats 2blessed smile

Emily dc1 was back to back it's bloody painful hope you're doing ok?

ISpyPlumPie Sat 05-Jan-13 14:10:43

Congratulations 2blessed and welcome Rohan thanks.

Good luck Emily.

emilyeggs Sat 05-Jan-13 14:52:17

I have an epidural now grin I just couldn't cope, getting a hormone drip as I'm still only 3cm from Thursday

Not long now then smile

Hormonalhell Sat 05-Jan-13 21:36:41

Ooooh exciting Emily smilesmile

2blessed Sat 05-Jan-13 21:37:58

Oooh emily hopefully you're almost there. I had am epidural after convincing myself for months that I would be fine with g+a and tens machine. Having the epi was one of my.best decisions all pregmancy!

RockabillyKitty Sat 05-Jan-13 23:33:07

Emily so excited for you - hang in there girl!!!

Congrats 2blessed!!!

mwahmwah & Silverlake I'll be looking out for your stories - I'm booked for induction on the 11th confused

epidurals are lovely. I remember saying to.DH "oh! it's like a glass of wine and hot bath!" before promptly falling asleep grin

having done one induction with epidural and one birth no pain relief at all except my hypnobirthing track on the iPod. I can see the upsides to both. Certainly, I enjoyed my epidural!
can't wait to hear all about your lovely babies grin

V quick update with full details to follow tomorrow- just got home from hospital with a baby girl, 9lb 2oz, possibly called Marjorie Frances.
Unfortunately home birth didn't go as planned and we ended up with a very dramatic, scary shoulder dystocia but we're both ok and still released on a six hour discharge.
She is perfect and breastfeeding like a trooper.
Hope there are some other success stories but I haven't read the thread yet, so will do so and also update with more details about the birth tomorrow once we've got some sleep and welcomed home my older DD(9) from her grandmas.

Wow Terry well done. That must have been really scary for you I'm glad you're both ok and home smile

many congratulations and welcome to your little.DD! Lovely names - I have two mates called Frances and they are elegant, quirky and extremely clever successful people - so I'm a fan!

Secondsop Sun 06-Jan-13 02:22:15

Congratulations 2blessed and terry!

Good luck emily - really hope it is all going ok - glad you've got an epidural; that must take the edge off a back to back labour. I had g&a but that was because it was way too late for an epidural when they realised I was in the final stages of labour, but I wasn't back to back so hope you are comfortable.

emilyeggs Sun 06-Jan-13 05:10:52

Congratulations terrygrin hope you're not to uncomfortable.

I had a baby boy by emergency section due to not progressing, thick meconium and being exhausted. and lots a lot of blood but after a few transfusion I'm feeling a bit better. My boy was born at 23:40 on the 5/1/13. 8"9'
I'm totally in love. grin

Secondsop Sun 06-Jan-13 05:26:15

Congratulations emily! That sounds a tough labour;glad all is well.

yuletopian99 Sun 06-Jan-13 06:00:19

Congratulations 2blessed, terry and eggs!

SilverLake Sun 06-Jan-13 07:39:17

Thanks rockability and congratulations to all the new Mummies. It's good to hear your birth stories.

I'm off shortly to hospital to begin induction. Drinking Camomile tea to steady my nerves.

emilyeggs Sun 06-Jan-13 15:28:32

Good luck silver! Will be thinking of you and hope all goes smoothly smile

I'm still in recovery hmm I have an infection now so won't be on maternity ward till then

itsMYNutella Sun 06-Jan-13 20:42:16

Hello, I know I've missed some new arrivals, good luck Silver! Congratulations to all the new mummies!
Congratulations emily it sounds like tou've had a dramatic time.

My own personal piece of chaos has been keeping me very busy. We had some problems with my supply and baby T lost too much weight in the first three days sad one of the midwives made a really big deal out of it and I got rather upset. Thank goodness the afternoon shift were so much gentler and kinder with me. So I stayed at the hospital an extra night. DP has been amazing throughout; we had a family room (had to pay for it) and it was fantastic to have DP with me. Honestly don't know what I'd have done without him smile

Glad you've been getting help nutella smile remember there's lots of experts on the breast and bottle feeding section smile

SilverLake Mon 07-Jan-13 10:08:16

Baby Jamie finally arrived at 6.45 this morning after a marathon 23 hours and via ventouse. 9lbs and 5oz. so much for second labour being easier than the first! I second the praise for epidural. I am also confined to hospital due to infection .

2blessed Mon 07-Jan-13 10:35:51

congratulations silver, welcome baby jamie. Hope the infection clears soon.

Congratulations silver I hope you get better and come home soon.

AlisonDB Mon 07-Jan-13 14:24:02

Congratulations new mummies, hope you are all getting lots of lovely snuggles! X

elpth Mon 07-Jan-13 19:44:08

Sorry bit late to update due to lack of smart phone but I finally went into labour spontaneously on Thurs 3rd at 5am and, 34 hours of labour and an emergency section later came out of theatre at 4pm on Fri 4th with baby girl Ianthe (eye ann thee), weighing 4.4kg (9lb 13oz). So lucky she was a section in the end!
I was on the high dependency ward on drips and oxygen for over 24 hours then moved to post natal. Discharged today after making loads of progress each day.
Visitors just arrived!

Congratulations new mummies! thanks

mwahmwah Mon 07-Jan-13 21:04:09

yay for induction! I got the first pessary at 10.30 Saturday, felt first Labour pain at 2pm, transferred to Labour ward at 4pm and our beautiful daughter was born with no pain relief at all at 5.35pm weighing 8lb 7oz. after all the terror thinking about labour, it was a really positive birth experience, I laboured standing up and on a ball mostly and really let my body do what it's made for. only really lost it at the end, pushing was scary and full on. but in comparison to my other two labours which were bed bound', I highly recommend being upright!
our little lady is still nameless, so I' m off to look at the name threads!
well done and congrats to new mummies and best of luck to those still waiting for their new arrivals, hope it goes smoothly for you all.
anyone got the link to the post natal thread?

Congratulations mwah sounds like a great birth smile

RockabillyKitty Mon 07-Jan-13 21:11:07

Oh wow mwahmwah that's given me loads of hope!!! How many days "over" were you? I'll be the full 12 by Friday so I'm hoping the first pessary does the trick for me too! Congrats on your new baby girl xxx

ISpyPlumPie Tue 08-Jan-13 09:11:03

Congratulations Terry, Silverlake, Elpth and Mwah and welcome to all your new arrivals thanks (and congrats again Emily) Sounds like there were a couple of dramatic births but glad everyone is doing well now.

Look forward to seeing you all over in post-natal soon.

utopian99 Tue 08-Jan-13 09:26:25

* mwahmwah* that sounds like a great story! Was hoping for only g&a and tens for mine, but ended up forgetting tens and having diamorphine jab, which i think might have been down to being hooked up to monitoring so not allowed to stay upright. Do you think that made a big difference?

And congratulations on new DD!

elpth congratulations and really beautiful name!

mwahmwah Tue 08-Jan-13 12:45:17

kitty I was 10 days over and cervix posterior and not thinned out at all so amazing that it worked on first pessary. utopian deck makes a difference being upright and not constantly monitored. I had much less pain standing than when I was lying down.

emilyeggs Tue 08-Jan-13 17:01:51

Elpth silver terry and mwah
Congratulations on your babies grin what a mixed bag of births! Just goes to show you can't plan for anything. Glad every one is well and happy x

emilyeggs Tue 08-Jan-13 17:03:32

Ps forgot to say I'm home now grin

Walnut8 Wed 09-Jan-13 04:21:43

Big congrats emily, Terry, Silverlake, Elpth and Mwah ... some drama filled birth stories, it sounds like you all did amazingly well. I hope everyone is recovering well from infections and the rest.

FWIW, I had a lot less pain when right over lying on my side (the position I went into naturally and laboured and gave birth in for my second) than when lying on my back as I did for my first labour (and I had an epidural for my first and only g&a for my second so the difference in pain was quite dramatic).

Walnut8 Wed 09-Jan-13 04:22:36

Glad you are home emily - is baby home with you?

itsMYNutella Wed 09-Jan-13 11:49:59

Wow, I've missed so much! emily mwah terry silver andelpth congratulations on all the new babies! Love the names too!

We have colic here sad it is horrible to see him in pain and worse, it's between midnight and at least 4am (sometimes 6am) so we've been losing our minds due to sleep deprivation a bit busy smile but we remain optimistic that it will get better!

Who is still left? There can't be many....

itsMYNutella Wed 09-Jan-13 11:51:52

See I'm so sleep deprived I couldn't remember for the life of me who I'd already congratulated! Gosh, I'm off for a shower to wake myself up! smile

Nutella get on post natal! We are all up at that time of night! Sorry to hear about the colic I really feel for you sad

itsMYNutella Wed 09-Jan-13 12:12:04

Thanks Spotty I'm there now smile

emilyeggs Wed 09-Jan-13 13:04:11

Thanks walnut, yes Henry home with me. Just had a total melt down because I wanted to get out but not able to lift anything, finally convinced duh to lift pram down the stairs (we live in a maisonette) but couldn't get boots on due to swelling. Didn't think my own body would scupper my plans sadsad it's such a nice day out side

RockabillyKitty Wed 09-Jan-13 15:39:53

I'm still here all lonely sad Sure someone else was mid Jan...

Tried to have another sweep Mon but the cervix was still firmly shut - this baby is on lockdown! Eviction process starts Friday.

Will someone share the post natal link here so I can watch the thread & find you later easily? Ta.

pmgkt Wed 09-Jan-13 16:55:37

Hi rock. I don't know how to link but if you go to being a parent section of talk, then post natal groups you will find us there. Good luck for later in the week.

itsMYNutella Thu 10-Jan-13 03:30:05

Here you are Rockabilly Post-natal fingers crossed for you!! X

pmgkt Fri 11-Jan-13 11:13:59

How are you rockabilly?

itsMYNutella Fri 11-Jan-13 23:05:54

Just having a quick lurk and checking if there is any news... smile thinking of you rockabilly

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