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January 2013 part 6: the one where all the babies arrive to join their friends who escaped early!

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BuntysFestiveCollocks Tue 18-Dec-12 12:55:59

New thread as the other one is nearly full shock!

Our next baby should be pmgkt's, but I won't if any little cheeky monkey will sneak in before Thursday?

bealos Tue 18-Dec-12 13:31:17

marking my spot...

octanegirl Tue 18-Dec-12 14:00:18

Blimey - we are a talkative lot! I had my home visit from midwife today. Baby right way round and right way down, 3/5th engaged. 37 weeks. Now we wait!

pmgkt Tue 18-Dec-12 14:34:56

I do hope so!

theboutiquemummy Tue 18-Dec-12 14:40:12

will keep everything crossed for you pmgkt

octanegirl thats great news

still no news on how i'm going to deliver this little bubba getting more anxious by the minute, made the mistake of reading my notes little bubba has been Ceph for weeks and no-one has said anything to me about it !

36 weeks now surely someone will be making a decision soon

Sorry I have been awol. Am catching up on the last thread.

I had a midwife home visit today and have properly got the go-ahead for my home birth. I will get my home birth kit next week, just need to sort out the birthing pool.

I have managed to wash baby clothes and nappies so feel a little less disorganised. This child definitely must not arrive until January though, or she will be born into chaos!

pmgkt Tue 18-Dec-12 15:38:11

Ceph is just not engaged I think so they wouldn't mention it.

pmgkt Tue 18-Dec-12 15:39:39

Boutique are you expecting a non standard delivery, I lose track sorry

I had the homebirth midwife around today too. All was well except that I had glucose in my wee for the second time so am off for gd testing tomorrow. I feel really worried as I've headaches that I can't get rid of too. I just want the baby to arrive safely...

allchik Tue 18-Dec-12 16:35:25

Hey ladies, Im still here in baby-less land rather than in hospital ho hum. Still quite crampy and have started losing my mucus plug but that's kinda it.....midwife thinks things are prob kicking off but I guess it could still be a wee while yet....although id be very surprised if I go past my due date.

Sorry for getting you all excited!! Its so bloody confusing knowing whats norm and whats not!!!...anyone else losing their mucus plug???? bblleeuurrgghhhh xxx

dieciocho Tue 18-Dec-12 16:39:18

I'll find out at my dr/mw appointment tomorrow (33+6) if baby is still breech. Then I'll book myself in with DP's dad who's an acupuncturist, for some magic needles to move the little monster over Christmas!

Annoyed at old friend who's trying to scare me with articles about breech babies being unlikely to turn and almost always resulting in C-Ss. She should know better; she has a toddler herself so knows how scary this time can be!

birdiesinthesnow Tue 18-Dec-12 16:39:29

Ah boo allchik! At least you're at home though.

I feel really sick and have lower backache now. And lots of tummy tightenings. But I'm also really tired from last night so might just be that. Baby is so active still.

Anyone else still not sure on names?

Allchik - I only lost my plug with dd1 and that was at about 3pm on the day I went into labour. She was born at 9.30 am the next day. I am sure it means things are slowly getting underway. You could 'encourage' things a bit by bouncing on a birthing ball and trying up be super relaxed. Historically a womans body needed to feel safe and unthreaten to release the appropriate hormones to get labour really going. I hope you have your baby really soon smile

SilverSixpence Tue 18-Dec-12 16:40:30

thanks for everyone who's advised about back to back labour, i had a look at the spinningbabies site as my sister suggested it to me (she had a breech baby). It seems to have a lot of suggestions for what to do in an OP position labour so will have to have a good read of it beforehand. In the meantime I'm trying not to lounge around or lean back too much!

I've just bought a changing bag - decided to get a big leather bag with lots of pockets rather than a dedicated changing bag, and found a new Oushka one on Ebay which was a bargain! I will be returning this one. I have a travel changing mat already anyway.

Silver - dd2 was back to back and my labour was fine. I had quite a bit of backache during it and being massaged firmly in the back helped. It didn't prolong labour particularly - probably six hours from start to finish. Don't you have to lean forward a lot to try to encourage baby to turn around?

octanegirl Tue 18-Dec-12 16:55:47

birdies I dont have a name yet either. DP and I have a shortlist but there is still significant dissent! I think we will decide after he is born.

MarasmeAbsolu Tue 18-Dec-12 17:15:00

Marking space...

Good luck if things kick off allchick!

Does anyone know how long it takes for the head to go from 1/5 to fully engage?

CreepyCrawly Tue 18-Dec-12 17:25:32

Good luck allchik & pgmkt!

I went to my nephews christmas concert today, and every single person I spoke to told me I'd have my baby before Christmas!

Has anyone experienced painful baby movements? Sometimes when she's wriggling about (which is a lot, she's almost always on the go) it can be quite painful. It feels like she's going to burst through my stomach sometimes too!

birdiesinthesnow Tue 18-Dec-12 17:27:26

creepy yes mines a right wriggler, today she's been on the go most of the day. And sometimes I have to breathe through the movements when they're really strong.

Anyone else feeling sick out of interest?

CreepyCrawly Tue 18-Dec-12 17:35:55

Glad to hear it birdies. Not that it's painful, but you know what I meansmile

I felt quite sick last night, but fine today. There's a lot going around at the moment though, hope you haven't got a bug!

bealos Tue 18-Dec-12 17:45:24

Yes creepy Right now I feel a little bit like Ripley in Alien - only it's a baby's bum that appears to be wanting to escape out of my belly button. WRONG WAY BABY!

And SpringFlowers hope the testing goes well. I had glucose in my urine too, but the bloods taken the same day were OK. Midwife said glucose in urine can be triggered by as much as just having eaten a bowl of muesli!

happyhow Tue 18-Dec-12 17:48:32

Marking place...

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Tue 18-Dec-12 17:51:07

I'm feeling quite sick but I think thats a lot to do with baby bouncing in and out of my pelvis, engaging, disengaging, engaging the next day over and over. Some days I have rotten heartburn, others nasty low back and tummy pressure. Never both together.

I think this baby is not going to settle til the birth, its getting right on my wick I can tell you. I don't know if I'm coming or going anymore.

BuntysFestiveCollocks Tue 18-Dec-12 17:52:32

creepy mine has been really hurting with some things she's doing - no idea what, exactly, but I had a bit gasp last night with one of them and poor DH turned a whiter shade of pale!

birdies I've been feeling sick, and heartburny. Someone said on the dec thread that's normal for this stage due to hormone surges.

On a related note, has anyone been feeling ravenous? From 4 onwards, I am starving! Today has consisted of a ridiculously large bowl of crunchy nut clusters, 2 slice of toast with scrambled egg, a packet of squares, 2 crunch creams, and another 2 slices of toast. Dinner will be sausage, mash and yorkies with onion gravy. I am willing the time away so I can actually have my dinner I am THAT hungry.

Watching one born on 4od. Jealous of all those ladies. envy

happyhow Tue 18-Dec-12 17:55:41

I've been having quite painful movements too. It does take my breath away sometimes. They've def ramped up over the weekend and am beginning to get back ache. Going to get on the birthing ball and get this baby more engaged!

Good luck pmgkt...smile

birdiesinthesnow Tue 18-Dec-12 17:59:26

I tend to be hungry in the morning bunty, the last few days I've felt sick past 4pm! Though making myself eat something almost always helps.

What's 4od? We've got Sky will it be on there? I missed all the last series so I'd like to watch some of them.

Oh I meant to say allchik thanks for saying about your friend who measured small and had a big baby, made me feel better!

birdiesinthesnow Tue 18-Dec-12 18:00:32

Ps can someone remind me if it matters how engaged baby is? Mine is 2/5ths. Does it actually make a difference to anything?

happyhow Tue 18-Dec-12 18:08:11

It just means how far down the baby is in the pelvis. If you are 2/5ths then 3/5ths are in the pelvis and the midwife can still feel 2/5ths of baby's head.

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Tue 18-Dec-12 18:08:14

First babies tend to engage earlier, sometimes weeks early, and stay that way til the birth. Subsequent babies don't always engage til you go into labour.

salt1 Tue 18-Dec-12 18:11:15

birdies i have my name sorted, have done since 20 weeks - florence beatrice. do you have a shortlist or are you keeping it to yourself?

CreepyCrawly Tue 18-Dec-12 18:33:32

Glad I'm not alone with the painful kicks!

salt your names are lovely. We've been settled on a name since very early on too, Nancy Scout

theboutiquemummy Tue 18-Dec-12 18:34:56

pmgkt well they told us at the beginning they would make a decision about it nearer the time well i'm not sure how close they want to get, spoke to the midwife this afternoon she said not to worry about it too much, no birth really goes to plan, it doesnt matter how they are delivered as long as they a delivered safely and healthy

Hi all marking place!

Babies movements are sometimes quite painful, it likes to stick its bum right out of the top of bump which can make me yelp!

I've lost my appetite a bit and feel positively ill at dinner time. Think it's a combination of heartburn and baby squishing my insides.

Whoever was asking about names we have ours sorted. Had to convince ds2 that harry potter and ben 10 were not going to be used! We've chosen Isaak for a boy or Ivy for a girl

theboutiquemummy Tue 18-Dec-12 18:43:52

birdies ive just eaten half the christmas brie does that count i was just munching while wondering what to have for tea lol x shock

salt1 Tue 18-Dec-12 18:50:21

apples & creepy great names too, though harry potter & ben 10 good too.

Lora1982 Tue 18-Dec-12 18:55:29

I read in the paper today that blue cheese can ward off nasty ailments so keep on the brie boutique!

Finished work WOOOOO i got sooo many prezzies i was shocked :-D my favourite was a vest that said 'ive been inside for 9 months' they also got a Ewan the sheep look him up on amazon ive got a lot of hopes pinned to that guy. Didnt cry <proud face>

Ive booked in the dentist... Another proud face cos im petrified of them! My tooth stopped hurting though but ive been warned it comes and goes so im preparing myself to get it sorted.

No plug here Allchick but ive been feeling verry crampy and plenty pressure almost like the baby is only 4cm up from his exit... Like hes clawing his way out. My feet are still massive aswell i just hope to god i dont get pre eclampsia though els my water birth plans shot to pieces

Tugstonia Tue 18-Dec-12 19:20:14

Ooh new thread! Marking place...

Hope everyone's doing well. I've been v crampy the last few days too. Also v conscious of movements and had a few whoppers that have made me shriek and totally freak out DP grin. Have lost appetite too which is most unusual. Spent today cleaning, batch cooking lasagne and making thai curry paste for post-birth meals. I love maternity leave!

Complicated24 Tue 18-Dec-12 20:13:03

Marking my place too. Can't believe you only have two more sleeps til Baby Pmgkt arrives. I bet you can't wait to meet little one. We will all be thinking of you on Thursday. I agree with Birdies it is a fantastic birth date.

Great that you are now on maternity leave Lora. I love it.

I went out and bought nursing bras today. Was horrified that they don't stock my size (now a 38 HH!!!) in Mothercare, but luckily had some very unattractive ones in M&S. Am past caring now. It's comfort all the way!

I don't know how engaged baby is as didn't find out at last MW appt. Just know it is head down. I'm not suffering from sickness or heartburn (just painful sciatica) and kind of wish I was, then I would think my body was getting ready for birth. Am drinking raspberry leaf tea (not nice) and eating pineapple (delicious) to try and move things along.

Berniebennett Tue 18-Dec-12 20:46:00

Marking place!

I had a scan and consultant appointment today to check bumps positioning, still breeched and as I'm 37 weeks, this is my first and bump is "a good size" (polite wording for big) they don't expect it to move to head down so have been given a date for c - section - 8th January, 3 weeks today. I don't mind as much as I thought I would as long as I have a healthy baby that's the main thing and looking at the positive that I know I will def have bump by the 8th and won't go overdue. I have already had a comment though (from my mum of all people) saying I was lucky to be taking the easy way out......unreal!

Lostbobbles Tue 18-Dec-12 20:55:29

Hi all

Very late request i know, (been living in denial land) but would love to join. Due 15/01/13 with DC2.

Wishing all you ladies and bumps healthy and quick deliveries :-)

allchik Tue 18-Dec-12 21:15:19

Welcome bobbles

May I rant?I cnt seen to stop crying! Feel really ach

allchik Tue 18-Dec-12 21:19:31

Oops,really achey n sore across tummy,n just had really bad diarhea sad

Cud cope if knew things were starting,but have a feeling its not and im just feeling shit,sorry to moan,just so odd as felt fine yesterday x

sanam2010 Tue 18-Dec-12 21:20:59

Good luck allchick!!

Has anyone got the "what to expect when you're expecting" app? Today it is telling me "your baby is now as big as a watermelon", LOL!
That's certainly what I look like!!

Have trouble sleeping as others here. Whenever i wake up I wonder "are things getting started?" And then I lie awake for hours waiting.

Good luck everyone! We're almost there!

Welcome lostbobbles

allchik that does actually sound like you could be kicking off! Hope your ok, it's all the uncertainty at the end that's so hard. Even with this being my 4th I still notice everything and think is this it?!

bernie at least you know you will def have baby then! Your mum should know better!

Been getting loads of bh today and felt really funny earlier. My bump hurt and I was worrying it could all be starrting. All normal now though!

happyhow Tue 18-Dec-12 21:55:21

Sanam I've got that app. Mine usually changes on a Tuesday too but this is the 3rd week I've had a watermelon in me!!!

Allchick sounds promising (not that I've been through it so don't really know...)

I had a lovely long lie this morning and then went to Tesco where the checkout girl forgot to charge me for 5 bottles of wine... Oops. Didn't notice till I was at my friends house and was naughty and didn't go back and admit it... Then caught up with said friend and after making dinner, I have made dark choc Cointreau and white choc Malibu truffles and spiced nuts! Going to wrap them up in little bags and put a homemade Xmas decoration around the top and give them to my department as Xmas presents. They've had it pretty hard after I went off early...

bohoec Tue 18-Dec-12 22:43:08

Thanks for starting a new thread Bunty.

How do some of you know how far engaged the head is? I've had my (what should be) penultimate appointment with the midwife (I'm 37+1) and she seemed pretty happy that the baby was head down and probably left occiput anterior, but she didn't tell me anything about how far off being engaged I might be. I didn't think to ask. My next appointment isn't until 28th Dec (when I'll be 38+4). Am I jumping the gun a bit - is this something the midwife will tell me then?

Hope everyone's doing ok. Pmgkt good luck for Thursday!

birdiesinthesnow Tue 18-Dec-12 22:49:07

bohoec I was only told in hospital yesterday when I had lots of different checks (im 38+2 now). Otherwise my next apmt is two days before my due date. So I don't think anyone was going to tell me. I don't think it matters really, just ask at your next apmt.

Welcome lost.

Lovely names people have chosen. We've got three or four possibles but until today we were definitely going with just one of them and I've suddenly decided it might not suit her!

djvesi Tue 18-Dec-12 23:00:47

Marking my place...

I had a 35 week scan this week, she is head down and facing sideways, estimated 2.9kg shock
Flu subsiding here, but up with a very unwell DS sad. Getting much more lower back pain and feeling like my joints are all loosening up.

Loving to hear all your news and names! Can't believe we'll be having our babies so soon! Surreal.

newbie6 Tue 18-Dec-12 23:26:15

Allchik, my MW said diarrhoea can be a sign that you will go into labour soon as its natures way of making sure you are ready for birth without any accidents if that makes sense so you never know! Xx

allchik Wed 19-Dec-12 07:43:35

Fanx guys,sorry for being such a mardy cow! The thing is,id b quite happy to go to my due date or past it as ive worked sn late,so not as if im impatient but just felt so odd n rank,n out of control i spose...
Tum still sore but not as bad.but been for 3 poo's in nite!!? Sorry tmi!
Oh well,what will b will b! X x x

Allchik - an upset tummy was the start of my labour last time. It went on for a few days though I think. You sound very much like you are imminent. Get lots of rest just in case.

Lostbobbles Wed 19-Dec-12 09:08:41

Thanks for the welcome ladies.

Allchik my friend just had her baby 2 days ago and had the squits for a week beforehand, so fingers (legs) crossed for you and if not hope you start to feel better in yourself.

Im off for a lovely group strep test this morning (totally forgot i was positive last time so a bit late getting it done)

I also have a week left to make final decision about vbac v/ c-sec, first dd was breech so had c-sec. Got appoint with the anaesthetist tomorrow as i have lapsed disc's in my back.

DD finishes school today at 11.15am (and the point of that is!!) but happy not to have to get up for the run everyday.

Wish you all a good day

lost odd time to finish, hardly worth taking them! Thankfully mine don't finish til Friday although I have ds1 at home today. Poor thing has a cold that's gone right to his chest and was up at 5.30 with a nasty cough sad

Annoying as I realy need to finish Xmas shopping by Friday as I don't intend to even try leaving the house with all 3 once their off!

katolla Wed 19-Dec-12 13:49:01

bealos you're in the standard today! How does it feel to be famous?

happyhow Wed 19-Dec-12 14:03:55

I got my first ever parking ticket this morning confused. Missed my time by 5 mins but I couldn't have walked faster if I'd tried!!

Went into school too which was good to catch up with everyone. Came home with a few parcels too which is lovely and got a totally unexpected £50 in John Lewis vouchers from my form class! grin Makes up for the ticket slightly...

Welcome lost!!

PixelCarrier Wed 19-Dec-12 14:24:07

Thanks for the new thread bunty.

Been lurking but not posting since starting maternity leave: think I've busier the last couple of weeks than I was at work!

Hope all going well, allchik. Been very weepy too this last week - poor DH. Had to wait an hour to see the midwife this morning, as the receptionist had forgotten to check me in on the computer, and was in floods of tears. Normally that sort of thing wouldn't bother me, as it can happen to anyone.

Welcome bobbles

Happy, it was very reassuring to hear you got a parking ticket due to slow walking. I got one too, the other day, and felt really stupid to have got one, but don't feel so bad now.

happyhow Wed 19-Dec-12 14:45:45

I'm glad I can be of service, Pixel!!

MamaMary Wed 19-Dec-12 15:24:46

I also have diarrhoea. And occasional nausea and pains. Only 35 weeks tomorrow so don't really want labour any time soon.

At appointment this morning had +2 protein in my urine, but BP was fine. Sigh. There is always some niggling problem with me.

kim222 Wed 19-Dec-12 15:35:48

Hi all! Haven't been on since the beginning, but on maternity leave now so much more free time! I'm 36 +6 weeks, having weekly hospital appointment at the mo as baby measuring small, currently measuring 32 weeks and fluid are low around the baby. Just had midwife appointment asked if the head was engaged, not any engagement at the mo. Next scan is on fri, really hope baby has grown a bit and fluid levels are back to normal. Lots of braxton hicks at the moment too!

In other news, just ordered my changing bag, excited! Xx

BuntysFestiveCollocks Wed 19-Dec-12 15:55:42

Gutted: sweep cancelled as some ignorant woman decided to have her baby! <is only half joking>

I'm another one here with a runny bum blush and couldn't move this morning without being sick!
Luckily db was able to take ds to school so I went back to bed till 12, think my body really needed the sleep.
Think I just have a bug tho because this is dc4 and they have all been late! Plus i'm so unorganised she can't come this side of Christmas.

BuntysFestiveCollocks Wed 19-Dec-12 16:31:08

I'm wondering if the runny bums are hormonal? I've also been having toilet issues <ahem>.

Wish it was a sign of labour for me, but I think not. I did have a massive clear out, at both ends, when in established labour with ds. It was Not Pleasant.

octanegirl Wed 19-Dec-12 17:34:34

I don't know about runny bums being hormonal but I certainly am!! Short fuse doesn't even begin to cover it at the moment...

bealos Wed 19-Dec-12 17:45:45

katolla REALLY? I've not seen it!!

bealos Wed 19-Dec-12 17:55:09
bealos Wed 19-Dec-12 18:34:22

And someone (who I know through work) just tweeted me with a photo of the article. Imagine quite a few people who didn't know I was pregnant, will now!

theboutiquemummy Wed 19-Dec-12 18:49:19

Go Bealos Go Bealos gringrin
you tell em !!!

Lack of demand my arse

Speaking of arses tmi... yup in the trotts category at the moment blush

but it does feel like bubs has moved forward off my intestines so that might be it wink

Lostbobbles Wed 19-Dec-12 19:25:45

Apples, hope your DC gets well quickly. My DH has kindly shared his cold with both DD and I, we are both snotty sat in bed watching tom and jerry.

Bunty gutted about your sweep, so inconsiderate wink

Well done on the article bealos, but such a shame about your midwife angry

Well group strep test was not nicest experience tmi but the speculum bloody hurt. Little lightbulb moment that a baby is going to be like pooping a cannon ball, defo added another pro to the c-sec list.

Let's see what the anaesthetist has to say tomorrow. Should be interesting for a needle phobic

bohoec Wed 19-Dec-12 20:19:38

Thanks Birdie. I'll check with the midwife next week then!

Great article Bealos. Sorry to hear about your midwife care though :-(

Sorry to hear about your sweep Bunty. How annoying ;-)

Lots and lots of (quite painful) bh today, but I have been doing lots of walking... Can't share in the run

bohoec Wed 19-Dec-12 20:21:01

Oops, posted too soon!

Can't share in the stories about runny bottoms (tmi!), but sorry to hear you're all suffering.

pmgkt Wed 19-Dec-12 20:36:17

I've had my last meal, just eating through the snacks in my hospital cupboard before the midnight deadline. Ohhhhh tomorrow isn't far away now. All feels odd now knowing tomorrow I should have my baby

bealos Wed 19-Dec-12 20:45:33

How exciting pmgkt....

Ooh exciting pmgkt must be wierd knowing when it's going to happen x

ds1 went to bed at 5 so hoping lots of sleep will help! Went up and gave him some calpol 1/2 hr ago then thought I could hear someone crying so went back up thinking ds1 would b up. Turns out his nutty younger brother is giggling away and still fast asleep! Checked him he's completly out with a massive smile on his face laughing away! grin

on a separate note also realised that since I put them to bed someone has tidied dd bedroom... hmm

PricklyPickleInAPearTree Wed 19-Dec-12 21:45:21

pmgkt Eek! This is so exciting. How lovely to think you'll have your little one tomorrow. Hope you manage to get some sleep tonight and they don't keep you hanging around too much tomorrow.

Apple DS2 sounds like a happy little soul, very sweet.

Bottom update from me: no runny bum here.

MamaMary Wed 19-Dec-12 22:11:46

Can't believe so many of us are suffering from the same, ahem, symptom...

Pmgkt, good luck for tomorrow! So exciting!

Bealos well done for bringing attention to this important issue. Not only homebirths but overall maternity care is being scaled down - when I was in hosp the midwives said they were understaffed but no more were being hired.

bohoec Wed 19-Dec-12 22:28:48

Pmgkt good luck for tomorrow! Hope all goes smoothly. How exciting - you'll have your brand new gorgeous baby in less than 24 hours smile

BuntysFestiveCollocks Wed 19-Dec-12 22:33:03

Good luck pmgkt! Can't wait to hear your news!

Birdiesinthesnow Wed 19-Dec-12 22:56:04

bealos good article and I love your dress!

pmgkt hope tomorrow goes well. It's about time we had another new babba on here, looking forward to hearing your news!

bunty some people are so selfish lol!

apple who had tidied DD's room?!

No runny bum for me but I am actually typing this whilst on the loo grin

allchik Wed 19-Dec-12 23:06:52

pmgkt waaaa!so exciting! Best of luck,cnt wait to hear ur news x x x

newbie6 Wed 19-Dec-12 23:09:09

Hope all goes well pgmkt, will be thinking of you! X

octanegirl Wed 19-Dec-12 23:18:50

Good luck pgmkt!

Complicated24 Wed 19-Dec-12 23:33:55

Well done Bealos. How exciting to be in ES which the whole of London reads every day.

Thinking of you so much pmgkt. Tomorrow you will be cuddling your gorgeous baby. Loads of luck.

I've got a runny bum too. I also woke up absolutely drenched in sweat, having had a dream that I had given birth to a toddler who proceeded to walk up hospital bed and give me and DH a big hug!!!.

knuckingfackered Thu 20-Dec-12 00:05:13

glad to hear we're getting a baby soon.....
on the runny bum front, there is this puking shitting thing going round (highly contageous) but am also aware that the body 'empties' just before labour (apparently) so good luck all.
Had consultant appt, blood in urine but no one batted an eye. So whats with that? Ideas anyone?
Probably just all the coughing and nose blowing, best day today so hopefully on the mend.

Tugstonia Thu 20-Dec-12 06:38:23

Good luck today pgmkt! So exciting smile

No runny bum here either, in fact I have the opposite problem... blush

Bunty how annoying about your sweep. Have you got a date for another one booked?

Getting very fed up with waking up at 4.30am every day but as everyone keeps telling me, "better get used to it".

I have a scan this afternoon to check growth and my placenta, which was showing signs of deterioration last time confused. Fingers crossed.

Hope everyone's doing ok.

Tugstonia Thu 20-Dec-12 06:39:50

PS. saw you in the Standard bealos! V exciting and great to highlight an important issue. And love your dress too smile

dieciocho Thu 20-Dec-12 07:42:56

Good luck pmgkt!

Happy day today - 1st day of Maternity Leave!

BuntysFestiveCollocks Thu 20-Dec-12 07:48:42

Great article, bealos!

tugs she rescheduled last night for this morning, but I think I'll go for a check to see where things are at rather than a sweep. I agreed to one for Wednesday as I knew they work within 48 hours - we're travelling nearly 5 hours for a wedding on Friday, so if I'd had it last night, if it was going to work, I'd know before we set off.

If I have it today, we could be halfway down the m6 when labour hits, or just checked into the ridiculously expensive hotel, so I don't want to risk it. If it happens now, the so be it, but am not encouraging until we're home.

Bum still runny and stinking

kim222 Thu 20-Dec-12 09:11:52

Hope all goes well today pmgkt, how exciting!

I had lots of pains in my pelvis last night, bit like shooting pains, hope it was babys head engaging, 37 weeks today! Growth scan tomorrow so hopefully find out then x

CreepyCrawly Thu 20-Dec-12 09:34:23

Good luck pgmkt! Will be thinking of you today x

Good luck today pmgkt. so exciting for you.

birdies turned out dd did it herself. She had her Xmas party yesterday and it seems santa told her she needed a tidy bedroom or he wouldn't visit grin

Great article bealos, your famous!

Good luck with scan tugs. Hope everything ok.

Ds1 off again. He looks better but not enough for school. Ds2 is claiming tummy ache and I can't decide if he just wants a bit of attention or he really is coming down with something. Sigh I doubt I will be finishing everything I needed to by Friday.

I'm normally more organised than this but am shattered and too pg to have managed what I normally do

SilverSixpence Thu 20-Dec-12 11:16:30

Good luck pmgkt!

Had a lovely anniversary dinner with DH last night, need to go out to register with dentist but its so rainy and miserable, I'd rather just stay in! Does anyone know if they will start any treatment this late in the pregnancy? Or should I just wait until afterwards now?

dieciocho Thu 20-Dec-12 11:43:52

Free dental care lasts until baby is 1 year old, so I don't see why a dentist wouldn't start a course of treatment at this stage.

BuntysFestiveCollocks Thu 20-Dec-12 12:24:08

Midwife came out today and had a little fiddle - still 1cm, soft and effacing, but cervix is more posterior. Good news - wedding here we come! Bad news - baby not imminent, despite shooting pains in fanjo, runny tum, and contractions on and off etc.

Next sweep booked a week today - 1 day before due date. I don't think I'll have a newborn for Christmas!

allchik Thu 20-Dec-12 12:52:32

Gosh we should call our selves the bum gravy briggade by the sounds of things lol!!!

I feel totally back to normal now?? V strange, have no idea what my weird couple of days of 'crying,pooing,cramping' were..... alhough my hubby was laughing at me as last night got home from school, didnt even sit down and cleaned the house from top to bottom....were talking waxing the floor, scrubbing the skirting boards etc.....VERY unlike me so maybe mamma is nesting lol!

One more day at school for me....have just sent an email to the whole staff to say 'bye bye' and welled up completely just writing it (my school were so supportive with my miscarriage in feb and have been so excited about this pregnancy) so im hoping that means I dont have to do a speech tmorrow as think i will just completely break down!!!


Lora1982 Thu 20-Dec-12 13:46:14

4 5ths engaged i HOPE this means good things. My next appointment isnt until 3rd of jan a day before my due date. Im torn between getting it out now and interupting xmas and new year or waiting and suffering more :-D shall i start the eviction process? Nipple fiddling, curries, pineapple and sitting on my space hopper .
I wonder if pgmkts baby is out yet?!? Exciting!!!!

lora I always think it would be best to get them out but I am always overdue although I did feel that the Xmas ds2 arrived was one of the best and we were out and about as soon as the festive lockdown was over!

Booked ds1 dr appointment as after a promising start he's gone downhill sad not sure if over reacting but a bit worried it's a chest infection as he cries when he coughs and says his chest hurts.

pmgkt Thu 20-Dec-12 14:21:16

Edward Oliver arrived today at 1039. Weight was 6lb 8oz. Section was ok, been sick a few times since but just about to have toast.

katolla Thu 20-Dec-12 14:31:53

Congratulations pmgkt! He's a good weight! When are they letting you out?

allchik Thu 20-Dec-12 14:33:16

Yeeeey!!! well done you xxxxx

Well done pmgkt congratulations on your early Christmas present!

I wonder who will be next?

CreepyCrawly Thu 20-Dec-12 15:01:03

Congratulations pgmkt! Lovely names smile

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Thu 20-Dec-12 15:04:33

Congratulations pmgkt

BuntysFestiveCollocks Thu 20-Dec-12 15:13:53

Congratulations on Edward Oliver - what a lovely name! Hope you feel better soon, and enjoy your toast

salt1 Thu 20-Dec-12 15:38:28

pmgkt congrats - brilliant news

Congratulations pmgkt. Lovely name. Hope your enjoying your toast and lots of cuddles x

theboutiquemummy Thu 20-Dec-12 15:56:31

Congratulations pmgkt so exciting, best Chrissy pressie ever, enjoy your toast my nephew is Oliver Edward lovely names xox

MamaMary Thu 20-Dec-12 16:45:04

Congrats pmgkt! I hope you recover well from your section and little Edward eats and sleeps for you! smile

Apple hope your son is ok sad Rubbish being sick so close to Christmas.

Lora sounds like things are happening - personally I'd prefer to get Christmas over and have a January baby but we're all at different stages/ levels of discomfort so it depends on that too.

I had a good day - I'd like to call it nesting but in reality it's doing the bare essentials that need done before DD2 arrives, like clearing wardrobe space for blankets and clothes and washing blankets/ muslin cloths etc to freshen them up. Dropped DD off a my mum's after lunch so gave me some concentrated time to work on it, tired now though so stopping for break before starting on dinner.

Complicated24 Thu 20-Dec-12 16:52:26

Huge congrats pmgkt and welcome Edward. Love the name and bet Edward is totally gorgeous. Hope you enjoyed toast and are now enjoying gorgeous cuddles and well deserved sleep. You have won the prize for the best birth date 20/12/2012.

Today I've been for wax and pedicure and had my first ever acupuncture session to see if it would help relieve the sciatica pain. I think I was expecting a miracle cure, which it certainly wasn't but does feel slightly less painful. Christmas shopping and Christmas cards completed, waxed, now ready for baby to be born so hurry up little one!

kim222 Thu 20-Dec-12 16:57:43

Congratulations pmgkt! Love tha name! Enjoy your toast x

dieciocho Thu 20-Dec-12 17:13:41

Congratulations pmgkt.

congratulations pmgkt and I love the names you've chosen.

welcome lostbobbles

Tomorrow is my last day at work before maternity leave and I am so pleased to be finishing. I am only 35 weeks but have found the last few days really hard - I ache so much after sitting in my chair all day, and am getting more and more pain when I walk, so that even just going up and down the corridor to go to the loo / photocopier is a mission. I have a pain in the left side of my bump now too, I think it might be from always sleeping on my left side?

My sister came and picked me up from work today and I was so grateful for not having to walk home from work that I cried blush

COCKadoodledooo Thu 20-Dec-12 18:18:00

Congratulations pmgkt grin Edward is a fabulous name and I'm not biased in the slightest wink

mrsbugsy I have given up walking to a large extent. After years of turning my nose up at those mums who always seem to have the car on school run I have become one of them! It's an absolute nightmare trying to park anywhere near school
but I simply can't do the walk in the afternoon anymore! It's ok in the morning as I have ages to myself to recover but not in the afternoon!

Ds1 just has a virus so only calpol needed but glad he got checked. Ds2 is now coughing and sometimes remembers he has tummy ache. I've given up. What isn't done by sat is not getting done and i refuse to worry about it

woody2313 Thu 20-Dec-12 19:35:02

Congratulations pmgkt - such lovely news smile
So my last but one day at work started with a colleague gasping and telling me 'Oh my goodness, you're definitely having a girl, I can see you've put weight on your bum' shock angry (I don't think it's got bigger - it was always big wink but still don't know what gave her the nerve to say it!)...
And ended with a surprise good luck/ farewell get together organised by really lovely workmates smile thanks

happyhow Thu 20-Dec-12 19:38:30

Congrats pmgkt!!! Definitely the best birth date.

I would rather have a January baby too - my idea of hell for the child is having a "Christmas" bday. My bro is on the 23rd and he hates it because no one can come to anything unless he gives them months notice and he always gets joint presents from people.

Birdiesinthesnow Thu 20-Dec-12 19:47:27

Congratulations pmgkt!!!!!!!! Hope you get to go home soon with little Edward.

woody I'm shocked! What a nerve! (I was going to say what a bum cheek!).

bunty and anyone else who advised me on bras ages ago - you would be pleased with me! I found a posh local shop and got fitted by someone who used to work for Rigby and Peller and I am actually a 34 round the chest (not a 38!). And have a well fitting (but expensive) Hot Milk bra.

apple I hope your little ones feel better soon. That's very sweet about your DD tidying her room.

mrsbugsy hope you enjoy your last day at work!

complicated glad your sciatica is a little bit better.

mama well done on your tidying. I did the same and got my mum to look after DD whilst I did some. Made it so much easier.

Hope everyone else is ok. I had my hair cut today as well as getting my lovely new bra. Tomorrow I've got to have a filling (boo) and then hopefully more nesting on Saturday and then a rest.

bealos Thu 20-Dec-12 20:58:24

Congratulations from me too for pmgkt. Worth that wait in hospital! Hope you're getting to know your new baby Edward.

happy I put my foot down really early on and told people ds2 gets birthday presents on Xmas eve (no Xmas pressies) in birthday paper and until he's old enough to be able to agree to 'joint' pressies he gets the same as his siblings! 7 years on he thinks a Xmas eve birthday is quite special and even wanted this 1 to be born at Xmas too!

birdies the salvation army send round a Santa on a sleigh every year and he came past tonight dd was waving out of the window shouting look I tidied it grin ds2 forgot his list of ailments and went outside to tell Santa that it's his birthday in 4 days and then Santa can come grin

Lostbobbles Thu 20-Dec-12 21:47:10

Congrats Pmgkt, good to hear all is well and wish you a quick and easy recovery. Agree with everyone else Edward is a super name.

Wish your dc's well Apples, always such bad timing these illnesses.

I have a stinking cold, just eaten a hot curry to try clear the sinuses, couldn't taste a thing but the chilli helped soothe the throat a bit. (Prob be joining the Calcutta splutters club tomorrow)

MrsBugsy, Allchik and Woody, hope you have a good and easy last day at work.

newbie6 Thu 20-Dec-12 22:17:08

Congrats pgmkt, lovely news! Xx

bealos Thu 20-Dec-12 22:38:41

Good news! Homerton Hospital have agreed to allow me and other women who are more than 34 weeks pregnant to keep our original home birth midwife, Angela. So relieved.

Lots of other stuff admitted and discussed too, if you're interested - such as their crap inadequate consultation process, commitment to choice, promoting home birth in the area and promising to increase the team if demand is high. More here.

bohoec Fri 21-Dec-12 00:49:34

Congratulations pmgkt!

And great news bealos :-)

Exciting things happening here... Waters have broken - while out for a meal with friends! Wet all down the back of my dress in the middle of the restaurant! Embarrassing!

Appt at 09:30 in the morning for checks because no contractions yet. Not sure whether to sleep, keep moving, drink, do all of the above! Eeek!

MarasmeAbsolu Fri 21-Dec-12 00:59:03

Congrats pmgt and good luck bohoec!!!
All very exciting smile

Fuck!! In hospital as my waters suddenly went this evening, I'm only 35 weeks so a bit of a shock. i've been monitored and baby's heartbeat is fine, but apparently I am having contractions (I can't feel them) and am 1cm dilated. I've had a steroid injection (ouch) and am being kept in overnight to see if anything else happens. If not then I / they will decide whether to induce me or leave me but monitor the baby every couple of days for infection.

Oh and no hospital bag packed so i'm wearing a hospital gown and borrowed sanitary towels till dp comes back in the morning. And I dread to think what he will pack for me!

happyhow Fri 21-Dec-12 04:34:49

It's all happened during the night!!! I was coming on here to complain about insomnia!!!

Good luck Boheoc and Bugsy, I hope the little one can stay put for just a little longer.... (I would dread my hubby bringing stuff in for me so I can completely empathise!wink)


woody2313 Fri 21-Dec-12 06:21:51

Morning happy, I've been up since 4.30 too. Used the opportunity to mark my last books for 9 months grin. Thanks for your good wishes bobbles.
Good luck bohoec and bugsy - will be thinking of you all day. Wow, this thread is really starting to get going - lots of Christmas babies! <3

BuntysFestiveCollocks Fri 21-Dec-12 06:54:48

Oh, best of luck, bohoec and mrsbugsy!

Not at all envy ... wink

Hope all goes well for you both, thinking of you. Sure all will be well, mrsb - keep up updated as to what they're doing. 35 weekers are a good size already.

Tugstonia Fri 21-Dec-12 07:23:55

Congrats pmgkt! Hope you and Edward can go home soon.

And best of luck to mrsbugsy and bohoec! Keep us posted. Will be thinking of you both.

Scan yesterday was good - placenta's still working and baby is growing well which is a relief. In fact it's a little whopper with estimated birth weight of 9lbs (though I know the estimated weights aren't always very accurate... at least I hope not!)

kim222 Fri 21-Dec-12 07:43:21

It's all go here isn't it! Good luck to the ladies whose waters have broken! Lots of Christmas babies!

bealos Fri 21-Dec-12 08:41:49

bohoec and bugsy good luck! Waters breaking in a restaurant is like being in a film or something! At least you didn't have to deliver right there and then!!

Birdiesinthesnow Fri 21-Dec-12 09:15:07

Wow exciting news bohoec and mrsbusgy (bugsy you sure you're not just trying to get out of your last working day lol?!)

Insomnia has hit me too but I don't get it. I just get wide awake for about two hours in the early hours of the morning. I'm not uncomfortable, in pain or anything. I can't understand it. Then I go back to sleep just before DD wakes and now I'm a total zombie. How can I be wide awake in the night when I'm so tired?!

Wow what a busy night! Good luck bohoec and mrsbugsy.

bealos glad you got to keep your mw in the end.

Couldn't sleep last night as no way of getting comfy. Then when I did get off to sleep dd got up with a nightmare and then was up feeling ill. Do now ds1 has gone back to school, ds2 has the hump as he was never sick enough for day off and dd is at home! Dh will have to get the stocking fillers (he works for tesco boo )

All Xmas prep will now not be finished but hey ho! Will try to have all sorted by end of sept next year so they can't sabotage it all again! School receptionist very sweet when I went to report ds back but dd now down!

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Fri 21-Dec-12 09:55:03

Wow nearly babies everywhere shock! Not at all jealous, oh no envyenvy. Good luck you two!

Apple I said I would be done by end of september this year. Hasn't happened. Still waiting for at least one thing to arrive in the post.

Had to stay in all yesterday to wait for a delivery and also weather was shit. I felt terrible by the evening, depressed, uncomfortable and miserable. Today, however, is a different day so we are going out in puddle suit (ds) to find some puddles and some ducks, then going to face the hell that is the garden centre to pick a bauble for DS for the tree and then good old maccyDs for a late lunch I expect.

Widget is riding high again at the moment so pressure off the nethers and its back to the heartburn hence the greasefest later to try and squish it all down confused

I'm rambling here now, supposed to be out the door by 10.30...

MamaMary Fri 21-Dec-12 10:52:26

Wow, good luck bohoec and bugsy!

Apple and Pascha hope you get organised, but whatever happens, make sure you relax and enjoy Christmas - we often make it much more stressful and complicated than it needs to be! I have quite a bit to do as well - mainly shopping and cooking/ baking. Not feeling the energy so far today though.

Complicated24 Fri 21-Dec-12 11:22:02

Wow it's all happening. Loads of luck bohoec and bugsy. DH finishes work today until 10 Jan (or at least he is working from home rather than trekking into London) so baby can arrive from tomorrow onwards. He's got his work Christmas do this afternoon so said he had to remain sober enough to speak to his wife on phone, call for a taxi (I felt I couldn't restrict him to just 2 drinks) and operate a TENS machine if needs be!!!

Really feel for those of you who can't sleep and have kids. I too am waking up lots in night. I seem to sleep for 1.5 to 2 hours then wake for half an hour or so then go back to sleep. Anyway at least I can nap during day. Hope you can all rest a bit too.

Meeting up with NCT girls for lunch today so looking forward to that. Then I plan to make mince pies.

dieciocho Fri 21-Dec-12 11:38:32

birdies I have the same insomnia problems - wide awake from 2am - 3am or 3am - 4am pretty much every bl00dy night. I assume baby has kicked me or something, but I just don't know.
I'm only surviving through afternoon naps - oh, the joys of maternity leave smile.

salt1 Fri 21-Dec-12 12:02:02

Exciting for those with waters breaking i a v jealous. I too am struggling to sleep most nights. Just been to see sexy dentist again!!!

katolla Fri 21-Dec-12 12:19:24

Wish my maternity leave was starting now sad I'm back for 8 days after xmas to train my replacement, and my line manager wants me in an hour earlier than usual the first day back so I can let him in. I'm already struggling with my existing hours so I'm really not looking forward to it. I'll be 8 and a half months by then sad

Still in hospital, i had some mild contractions in the night but had codeine and now seem to have gone away.

Not sure what is happening now, everyone i speak to tells me. Something different sad

Poor you mrsbugsy surely if waters have gone baby will follow fairly soon? Sending lots of luck.

Wonder how bohoec is getting on?!

Dd all tucked up on sofa, dosed with calpol and trying to sleep in front of the muppets. At least if she sleeps so can I grin

Birdiesinthesnow Fri 21-Dec-12 14:05:09

Aw bugsy it's still so exciting though. I guess they are just waiting and seeing by not really taking any action. If baby is ready then he/she will pop out anyway, regardless of whether they do much to try and stop it. As long as you're being monitored then that's the main thing. Your baby might be fully cooked already and just ready to meet mummy!

Keep us posted!

bealos Fri 21-Dec-12 14:50:57

Very exciting that babies are starting to appear and labours are kickstarting. Wonder if anyone will have a Christmas day baby?

I think I have finally done all the Christmas shopping. A last minute dash to Westfield armed with a list and a strict time as to when I had to be back to get ds1 meant that I'm feeling much better about it all, if somewhat knackered!!

Lostbobbles Fri 21-Dec-12 16:45:53

Best wishes bohoec and mrsbugsy, hope they give your decent update soon, so frustrating hmmangry

Bealos count me out for Xmas day baby

allchik Fri 21-Dec-12 19:02:14

Oh wow!How exciting!good luck ladies!
Was my last day at school today,I bloody did it!!38wks preggo,must be mental! But glam as had a lovely day n got some nice pressies inc a HUGE wheel of stilton for after bub is born lol!

Ive got a feeling our threads gonna go off the scale this wk with lots of crimbo babies.Im an xmas eve baby (born at 11.47pm so almost xmas day) n not that keen I must admit,BUT it is also j lovely,special time of yr too so not all bad...think im be more gutted if I was in hospital for too long over crimbo as just spent a fortune on yummy food!

X x x

allchik Fri 21-Dec-12 19:03:31

Glad not glam! DEFO not glam lol x

woody2313 Fri 21-Dec-12 19:40:36

Just wanted to say how proud I am of all of us ladies finishing today - it's been bloody hard work and at times we didn't think we'd make it but here we are smile Now bring on Christmas, New Year and the babies!x

Hello, I'm still here. Earlier today I was told that they would try to delay labour for a week or so. I was given codeine to slow contractions and the contractions stopped. Then a senior consultant came and said that actually baby is safer out than in and wanted to induce 24 hours after my waters went, which would have been tonight.

I wanted to give things a chance to kick off again naturally and we've now compromised and decided that we will give it 48 hours after my waters broke or else I will go on a drip shock. I have to stay in tonight for monitoring but figured either things will get going again, or at least I will hopefully get some sleep first as I was up all night last night. Does this sound sensible to anyone with any experience ? Given that this is dc1 and I was due to start antenatal classes in Jan I am making this up as I go along grin

PS I was 2-3 cm dilated when measured this morning and was having manageable contractions every two or three mins.

bealos Fri 21-Dec-12 20:07:36

I was emergency birth partner for my friend who went into labour at my house at 35 weeks. All progressed very quickly though - different to yours - waters broke around midnight and she had the baby by 7am. Baby was fine, if a little slow to feed at first, but this improved greatly once they were out of the hospital and back home.

Another friend also had her baby today at 38 weeks. Her waters went over 72 hours ago and she'd been putting off being induced, but I think yesterday afternoon she gave the go ahead for intervention.

Think the most frustrating thing for you bugsy must be the different advice from different doctors and midwives. If baby and you are being monitored regularly and nothing is coming up as risky - apart from their protocol - you should follow you gut instincts.

MamaMary Fri 21-Dec-12 20:45:51

Oh Mrsbugsy I can so relate to your situation... I had premature rupture with DD1 and was induced, though it was 37 weeks and I also had pre-eclampsia. What is good is that you are having contractions - that means your body is getting ready for labour. At 37 weeks I had no contractions and was put straight on the syntocynon drip and then it was turned up high. Based on my experience what I would say is that if you are being induced on the drip you may well need an epidural. It is a less 'natural' birth and, in my case, there was no space between contractions.

I am only relating my experience and others will probably have had different experiences with syntocynon, but I wish someone had advised me not to hesitate to ask for an epidural. If I am being induced on the drip early again this time, I will be demanding and epidural upfront.

I did get an epidural, at 7cm, and it was bliss. DD was born naturally with a little help from a ventouse. I felt nothing when the midwife did my stitches and I healed very quickly afterwards.

Good luck whatever happens.

MarasmeAbsolu Fri 21-Dec-12 20:51:13

Bugsy - I hope things will get going on their own for you.
Last time round, I had a non-engaged baby at 40+14, and received conflicting "advice" from no less than 7 doctors and at least as many midwives.
It ranged from the anecdotal to the evidence-based, and from the appeasing to the scarily frightening.

At the end of it, I would have loved for nature to make a decision there and then and things to kick off! [I went against consultant's opinion in the end, and with what the midwives were advising - consultant was not impressed]

I hope you will have a restful night, and that things will be clearer in the morning!

Otherwise, still at work over the WE and probably for a short stint on Monday too. Not really fancying it though. I have a bad cold at the moment too, and the bag is still not ready (nor is the nursery, nor our "dust situation")

All my colleagues left for hols today - got nothing for mat leave, no presentation, but my fat pile of stuff to mark and tons of the usual choccie boxes that my students always give me and which are much appreciated nonetheless!.

Hoping for a quiet few days (beside work) with DD not kicking off big time now nursery is off and she can taunt mummy full time.

Bohoec - hope all is progressing well!

Birdiesinthesnow Fri 21-Dec-12 20:52:20

mrsbugsy it sounds like its going to happen anyway if they stop the codeine. so as long as you're monitored then that must be ok. Also if they were really worried I'm sure they would have insisted on an induction. Try to get some sleep. If you can't sleep, don't worry about it, just resting is almost as good and once you've got your precious babba back home you will be in nicer surroundings to get some naps together.

Looking forward to hearing your news!

pmgkt Fri 21-Dec-12 22:23:04

What a day. I have been really unwell, being sick, and almost lossing consiousness, luckily Hubby was here so took little man for 4 whole hours and I slept. After tablets and injections I feel loads better.

MarasmeAbsolu Fri 21-Dec-12 22:31:54

I hope all is better pgmt - what injections did you get?
It sounds serious!

pmgkt Fri 21-Dec-12 23:13:49

It's an anti sickness one, but they don't like to use it too much, but it is excellent and making you feel so much better.

MarasmeAbsolu Fri 21-Dec-12 23:25:46

i remember being dead sick after my C-section last time - everytime I pressed on the morphine PCA, I spent the following 20 minutes puking my guts up. Not nice. Glad you got the shots (I only had it once - and yes, it was lovely!).

Hope they are giving you plenty of peppermint tea for your bowels too!

kim222 Sat 22-Dec-12 03:11:56

Had growth scan today, all fine with growth of baby but fluid around the baby is low so they have booked me in for another scan next thur and will look to induce if fluid has not gone back up, trying not worry too much as 37 + 2 today.

I'm in the can't sleep club btw!

Hope everyone is okay x

Bunny222 Sat 22-Dec-12 09:21:23

Congrats to pmgkt on your new arrival.

And good luck to the girls whose waters have broken.

I had a bit of a freekout last night, woke at 2am was sure I could hear popping noises from bump and then felt really strange pulsing every few seconds which lasted about half an hour. Then got really sharp pains down below and entire bump seemed to hurt.

Have called hospital, they have said to take paracetemol and lie on my left side and call them in an hour. Eck! Pain seems to be settling, but all I could think was im not ready yet!

Hope ur all doing ok.

happyhow Sat 22-Dec-12 10:44:36

If I get "any twinges?" From my mother in law one more time, I think I'm going to scream!! It could take up to 4 weeks for this Baby to come out and even if I was having twinges, I wouldn't be telling her!!! Living with them has been fine but it's now 3 weeks and I want in my little housey for Xmas hmm

Oh happy poor you. Hope you get in your house soon, is there much left to do? You really need your own space at this point and there is nothing worse when heavily pg than having well meaning people constantly checking on your 'twinges'!

I get a bit of this at school, all the teachers and mums seem to have become obsessed with due date - they all have children and know there is little chance baby will actually arrive on due date though I tell everyone I am due 5 days later than I am

bealos Sat 22-Dec-12 12:52:51

Aggh the due date thing! When people ask me when I'm due, I now say "in a month". I then get "yes, but when". I reply "I'm not telling anyone". Cue shock faces.

bohoec Sat 22-Dec-12 14:30:22

Hi gang.

We've had little girl (didn't know what we were having!). She's amazing!

Less than 12 hours from first twinge after waters breaking to delivery at 37+4 weeks! 6lbs 8. It all happened so quickly, I didn't even get time for pain relief!! Started on some gas & air when I was almost fully dilated shock

Stocked up when I was stitched back together though!

Bunny - hope everything was ok the other night?


bealos Sat 22-Dec-12 14:33:19

Woohoo congrats bohoec. Sounds like it all went very well. Good on you.

Tugstonia Sat 22-Dec-12 14:57:19

Wow congratulations bohoec! That sounds v quick. Hope you and your little girl are doing well smile

Bunny and mrsbugsy how are you both doing? Hope all ok.

Congratultions bohoec. Well done she a good weight too and just in time for xmas!

To all those who are niggling hope things kick off for you soon!

not that I am jealous and now completly fed up of being pg

bealos Sat 22-Dec-12 15:18:16

Just received letter from hospital in the post, dated 19 Dec, telling me my appointment on the 19 Dec is cancelled and they are moving it to the New Year.

Useless. good job I didn't go anyway

kim222 Sat 22-Dec-12 15:20:03

Congratulations bohoec! How exciting!

salt1 Sat 22-Dec-12 16:17:19

congrats bohec have you decided on a name x

Birdiesinthesnow Sat 22-Dec-12 16:54:43

Wow congrats bohoec!! That sounds like a lovely birth as well.

Wonder how bugsy is getting on. And bunny

pmgkt that sounds horrible, glad you feel better now.

Lostbobbles Sat 22-Dec-12 17:19:16

Congrats bohoec, hope you are both doing well and enjoying the cuddles Xx

Congratulations to everyone who has had their babies! I can't believe we have so many December babes on a January thread!

I'm not really niggly at all. Just achy, very large and very pregnant feeling. I think I am having a January baby!

happyhow Sat 22-Dec-12 18:26:39

Congrats Bohoec!!

Apples, we should be in the house tomorrow/Monday. We have more to do but it can be sorted in the new year dependent on when Baby arrives. Going to be doing a lot of tidying/cleaning tomorrow...

Upsettingly, despite B&Q having their trees half price, hubby refused to buy one because it looked too small therefore, we will have no nice Xmas tree in our new bay window!! hmmhmm Where are the presents supposed to go?!

newbie6 Sat 22-Dec-12 20:13:54

Yay, congrats Bonhoec ....hope you and your wee bundle of joy are doing well x

theboutiquemummy Sat 22-Dec-12 21:18:15

Congrats bohoec smilesmilesmile what a lovely Christmas present enjoy your cuddles and Christmas x

MamaMary Sat 22-Dec-12 21:33:10

Congratulations Bohoec! Enjoy the Christmas snuggles with your newborn.

Hi all! Haven't written for a while but think I've caught up!

Congrats to those who have popped already xx

I'm 36 weeks and baby is transverse, so waiting for scan and to find out if it will be a c-section.

Have had the squits today tho, and having flicked thru previous posts, I'm slightly alarmed, lol.

Merry xmas all xx

Bunny222 Sat 22-Dec-12 21:54:11

Congrats bohec fabulous news!

Well, after the events of early this morning. things seem to have settled down, phew. Movements have got back to normal and pains have subsided. Am hoping thats it now until the new year!

Complicated24 Sat 22-Dec-12 22:26:41

Wow. Huge congrats bohoec. What wonderful news. I am 37 + 6 so really brought it home to me that little one could arrive any time. Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend.

BuntysFestiveCollocks Sun 23-Dec-12 07:38:04

Congrats, bohoec!

theboutiquemummy Sun 23-Dec-12 09:13:35

Morning spent all last night being sick called CDS and I was actively discouraged from going in angry got up this morning no movements from bubba going in now

glorious Sun 23-Dec-12 09:58:03

Wow congrats pmgkt and bohoec! Hope the sickness has gone pmgkt, that sounded awful. Good luck with the scan preggo.

allchik Sun 23-Dec-12 10:45:48

boutique thinking of u,hope all is well x
hope the new mummys are enjoying lots of snuggly cuddles envy hehe x

38wks today...can't wait to meet bubba!

Had the inlaws n SIL n BIL x2 round for the whole of yesterday for Christmas dinner,bloody nakering,sooo glad its just me n the hub on xmas day! MIL was also saying how shes booked holiday early jan n that she will be straight dwn once baby is born!!! Erm,dnt think so! Want it to be just t 3 of us for the first couple of days n even after that dnt want lengthly visits,hubs paternity leave is precious dnt wnt to share it!is that mean? She means well and really is lovely but has dif views to me,she seemed quite shocked that I wasnt asking my mum to stay for a week after t birth to help with cooking n cleaning??im v lucky n hjve a v modern hubby (her bloody son lol)so really not worried! Im sure all will be fine,just a nightmare when parents live so far away.

My bday tomorrow...wonder if my pressy will be a baby!?x

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Sun 23-Dec-12 10:46:41

Congratulations bohoec how lovely. Glad you're feeling better Bunny. Hope you feel better soon pmgkt

Am 39 weeks today with not a twinge in sight. (tmi) have had lots of sex without any budging of baby, I get the feeling I will be going over again. Boo. FIL was on the phone last night and gently hinted that it would be helpful if I went into labour today as he and his son (DH) have the week off anyway and he could go back to work as normal after new year. I don't think thats very likely at the moment.

Lora1982 Sun 23-Dec-12 10:58:48

So my bellys been feeling uncomfy. Pressure in my pelvis nothing i would call peiod pains yet... I KNOW what they feel like. Ive got a weird patch of skin at the top of my bump just under my boobs which feels numb and like its sunburnt?!? Also last night i noticed a tiny lumpy bit in my armpit which hurts... Im hoping its part of boob development.....

MamaMary Sun 23-Dec-12 11:07:25

boutique hope you and baba are okay and the scan puts your mind at ease.

allchik you're lucky to have the PIL thing out of the way - I have mine on Christmas day! I don't really enjoy their company and they haven't offered to bring anything either. But it's Christmas so we have to see them.

Brugmansia Sun 23-Dec-12 12:09:56

Hello, been lurking but not posted for a while.

Congratulations on the babies that have already arrived. I'm not due until 31 Jan so it still feels a long way off for me.

I officially finished work on Friday. It felt really rushed though and I still don't know who is actually taking on my cases, which I'm not happy about. I need to pick my stuff up too so may pop in for a half day in the new year. Otherwise I can now hopefully relax.

Complicated24 Sun 23-Dec-12 12:30:13

Boutique how scary. Hope you are now at hospital and can hear baby's lovely heartbeat. Thinking of you.

Hope you are now home bohoec and pmgkt and enjoying lovely family time.

allchik Happy Birthday for tomorrow. Hope you get well and truly spoilt by your lovely modern DH.

I can't wait for baby to be born now. I couldn't sleep last night as was so excited about meeting our baby. Annoying as I need to sleep as I'm really tired but am just so excited and impatient now. No twinges, boobs not noticeably different, so think I may just have to be patient until New Year's Eve when I will be induced, but really hoped I would go into labour naturally before then. I'm eating pineapple, drinking disgusting raspberry leaf tea and having sex. Sciatica is preventing me from walking as much as I would like to, but am trying to stay as mobile as possible. Old men with sticks were overtaking me in our local High Street yesterday!!!

Brugmansia Sun 23-Dec-12 12:44:49

I've been finding walking difficult for a while now and it's becoming pretty painful. I spent all of yesterday on Oxford St finishing my Christmas shopping, which probably wasn't the wisest idea. I was a wreck by the time I got home. I'm dreading the idea that it's probably going to get worse as I have over a month to go.

allchik Sun 23-Dec-12 13:41:51

Wow!I can't believe some of u r having loadsa sex! Fair play,I feel like a born again virgin lol x x

Birdiesinthesnow Sun 23-Dec-12 14:22:18

allchik I'm a born again virgin too. Hope it hasn't closed up so baby can still come out hahaha! Happy birthday for tmrw.

pascha I'm 39 weeks today too. Not only no sign, but had the "gosh you have a neat bump for 39 weeks" comment today. Argh.

boutique really hope everything is ok.

brug I've had times where walking was hard but it hasn't stayed like that. If anything I find shopping and stuff easier now. So you might find it gets better.

I was sat staring at the wall in despair at 3am. Just could not sleep at all. So annoying. So I know how you feel complicated.

lora I don't know what that is but I think you can get all sorts of funny skin changes when pregnant.

Birdiesinthesnow Sun 23-Dec-12 14:24:44

Hope we hear from bunny and mrsbugsy soon too. And bunty hasn't updated for a while but I think it's her friends wedding wkend maybe.

sanam2010 Sun 23-Dec-12 14:31:37

Congratulations to all the new mums, hope you are all well and enjoying your little ones! How exciting!

Brugmansia oxford st xmas shopping at this stage sounds like a nightmare! Hope you recovered! I must admit i have been quite bad with xmas shopping this year, did some of it online but some close family members will be without a present for now, I hope they understand! Really the last thing i have on my mind now!

Birdie those "wow you are so big" comments I am getting them ALL the time, so frustrating!!! People don't get how sensitive pregnant ladies can be, they shouldn't say these things. I am 38+4 now and really feel my face is puffed up and I am massive! I was actually 10kg less going into this pregnancy than with DD1 but have ended up at the exact same weight!! Just put on lots more this time. At least for DD1 I am just her fluffy mummy, while for everyone else i am just this friend gone massive like a balloon!

Good luck and merry Christmas everyone!!

octanegirl Sun 23-Dec-12 15:01:49

Wow it's all so close now! Congrats to Bohoec,must be so lovely to finally have the baby out and safe.
I've wound myself up as baby moving dramatically less since last Wed. Been in for a scan and he was moving but I still can't really feel it compared to before. Midwives assured me all was well but I can't shake the feeling of worry now. 37+4 now...I might ring the consultant tomorrow as it's not nice being so stressed!

bealos Sun 23-Dec-12 15:10:06

octanegirl as the baby gets really big at the end (Babycenter says they fatten up by ounce a day shock in the last few weeks) then movements get much smaller as the baby just doesn't have the room to move around so much....

pmgkt Sun 23-Dec-12 16:14:14

We came home yesterday and the midwife has been today. He seems so tiny compared to ds1. Just been for a little walk, tired now.

bohoec Sun 23-Dec-12 17:18:16

Thanks all

Birdie - The midwife who examined me 3 hours before the baby arrived told me I had a "neat bump" (I don't think they believed I was in labour, but I was already 4-5cms... Note to you all, don't try to be too polite!).

And if I could give any if you planning to breastfeed any advice, it would be to contact your local breastfeeding nurse (mine was through NCT) and get some advice as soon as you're home - even if it seems to be going "ok". I've only been doing things a little bit wrong, and only for a couple of days, but the damage was already starting to show! She's just left... brilliant support!

I had really painful hips from about 35 weeks until early this week (37 weeks) and was worrying that I couldn't cope with another three weeks of the pain, but it was starting to ease, so hopefully your pain will ease off too Brugmansia

Glad you're home pmgkt! Enjoy Christmas :-)

Keep going everyone else. Not long now!

godzookey Sun 23-Dec-12 18:44:32

Congratulations bohoec and pmgkt - so lovely to have your babies home for Christmas.

Our christmas is going to be most subdued, DH is in bed with flu - GREAT and we have my 90 year old gran coming up to stay tomorrow. I thought the fact that dh was ill would be enough to put her off but i think she's desperate for a change of scene as her view was, well i've had my flu jab so i'll risk it!

I'm actually quite pleased she's coming as she can cook christmas dinner smile, otherwise it would be just me eating beans on toast as DH has zero appetite.

It does bring it home that we have no family close by so when the baby is here, we are kinda on our own. Everyone i talk to says the people you meet at NCT only become real friends once the babies are born so it's not like i can call them up to moan as despite having had classes, we're not all bezzie mates yet.. ..

Anyway, i'll stop moaning now - have a great Christmas everyone xx

PricklyPickleInAPearTree Sun 23-Dec-12 19:59:13

Evening ladies.

Just a quick post to say i gave birth to s beautiful baby girl yesterday morning. she's just perfect!

My waters broke around midnight so we went in to be checked out, then came home again as i wasn't dilated or contracting. around 2:30 i started getting contractions and we went back to hospital around 6:30. By the time we got there i felt like i needed to push. They examined me in the assessment unit and found i was fully dilated and involuntarily pushing. I got whizzed round to the birthing unit and she popped out an hour later.

It was all a big sunrise as i wasn't due until new years eve and I'd convinced myself I'd be late. We came home yesterday evening.

We still haven't thought of a name, but we're getting closer.

To all you first timers, giving birth isn't as bad as i thought it would be and gas and air is amazing!

Birdiesinthesnow Sun 23-Dec-12 20:02:40

Wow congrats prickly, that's great news!!

MarasmeAbsolu Sun 23-Dec-12 20:07:59

Fantastic news Prickly!

it does freak me a bit out though - still nothing ready at this end (no bag, no room, just dust everywhere, still) and you all seem to be popping like the cream egg advert!

a bit too real for comfort smile

CreepyCrawly Sun 23-Dec-12 20:11:17

Wow it's all happening here!

Massive congratulations bohoec & prickly!

Glad to hear you're home pgmkt.

BuntysFestiveCollocks Sun 23-Dec-12 20:17:21

Lovely news, prickly! Congratulations! Does she have a name yet?

salt1 Sun 23-Dec-12 20:28:25

congrats prickly well done

Congratulations prickly. wow a lovely pre Xmas surprise!

Feeling nostalgic, this time 7 years ago I was in labour with ds2! He went to bed early so that his birhday will come faster!

theboutiquemummy Sun 23-Dec-12 21:13:53

Congratulations prickly what a lovely surprise and you are home for Christmas

Thanks for you kind thoughts had a scan n a trace bubba is fine thankfully i was scared all that being sick was going to hurt it in some way

going to grab an early night as tried to go food shopping with DH it was a disaster he shouted and I cried had enough for one day

Hope things are better for everyone else smile

bealos Sun 23-Dec-12 21:16:10

Ooooh another one pops - congrats prickly.

Is it going to be like a rollercoaster for the next month or so now?

How exciting.

Apples I have a 7 year gap too!

MamaMary Sun 23-Dec-12 21:18:39

Congrats, Prickly on your beautiful DD. Sounds like a good, straightforward birth too!

I STILL haven't packed my hospital bag. My friend has promised to give me maternity pads she didn't use but haven't got them yet so that's my excuse for now....

At my church's carol service today everyone told me I looked very small for 36 weeks but when I pointed out I had put weight on on my hips and bum (classic sign of having a girl hmm) noone disagreed hmm

Can't believe how many are popping already! Feel a bit envy as I've still got a month to go!

bealos my dd is 4, I just get all nostalgic when they have thier birthdays especially as I am so pg again seeing everyones almost Xmas birth announcements brings it all back!

happyhow Sun 23-Dec-12 22:05:10

Congrats Prickly!! What a lovely surprise! I had the midwife this morning and don't think I'll be going anywhere soon...

We are just about moved in to our house - will be finished tomorrow. I can sympathise on the dust front as we're exactly the same. Took me the entire afternoon to clean the kitchen alone... I will be so frigging happy to have my own space again!!! grin It's just unfortunate that it's the festive season and I will still have to spend time with hubby's family...hmm

Boutique - glad everything is fine and hope you recover your strength soon.

BuntysFestiveCollocks Sun 23-Dec-12 22:24:59

Glad you're ok, boutique.

I have a feeling am going very overdue again. sad

Want baby. Now. Santa, I have been terribly good, please bring me our baby safe and happy and perfect close to Christmas?

salt1 Mon 24-Dec-12 04:09:07

Wide awake am gonna feel like crap tomorrow x

octanegirl Mon 24-Dec-12 04:43:31

I'm wide awake too. Insomnia sucks arse!!!!!

Many congrats to Prickly! You are probably wide awake too but at least you have a sweet little reason!

salt1 Mon 24-Dec-12 05:03:14

You have my sympathy octane i am gonna be too knackered to give birth at this rate x

sanam2010 Mon 24-Dec-12 05:41:36

Congrats Prickly!! And sounds like it was relatively quick for a first baby, that's great!

My due date is Jan 1st, I was hoping for baby to arrive before today so I can have some more Champagne at Xmas but doesn't look like it's happening! They know what's best!

Dealing with insomnia too, thank God for mumsnet on the iphone :-). Good luck everyone!

Morning sad Also been awake half the night. Thankfully we are ready for Christmas so I can chill out today at least. I'm starving too which doesn't help. I still can't believe we have so many babies already! We're sort of ready, the car seat is due to arrive later today, my bags are nearly packed but the arrangements for dd1 & 2 still need finalising. Hopefully it will all fall into place.

Tugstonia Mon 24-Dec-12 06:33:52

Congratulations Prickly!

V glad to hear all's ok boutique.

Had a crap night's sleep too, despite going to bed at 11.30pm in an attempt to sleep through. Sooooooo frickin' tired! Also feeling coldy and sore throaty sad

Morning all. Sorry to hear I'm not the only 1 suffering at night! Think now ds1 and dd are on the mend now I'm coming down with their cold. Finally fell asleep in thx early hours only to be woken up by v excited 7 year old!

He's opened all his presents now and they're all fighting over toys while I crash on the sofa and leave them to it! Dh gone out after work so still on own with them, trying not to mind as he needs a break but i'm shattered!

MamaMary Mon 24-Dec-12 09:16:52

boutique cross-posted with you last night, so glad to hear all is well. DH and I always argue when we go to the supermarket together he is so flipping slow so we try to go separately instead. Making a list for him much easier!

All the best with your setting in happy and congratulations on your new home!

Bunny222 Mon 24-Dec-12 09:17:24

Morning to all of those early risers. Its rotten waking a such crazy hours, I also think ill be tired out when bump arrives.

More strange pains for me, really shooting pain around lower back and underneath. Only lasted a few seconds but made me swear it was so strong. Then more pains down by my pelvis, wondered if it wud be bump starting to engage, but again really painful, esp when I stand up. Cud it be linked to my SPD? Am now worried how im going to cope with labour pains...

Seeing midwife today hopefully she can explain...

MamaMary Mon 24-Dec-12 09:17:27

*settling in

bunny sounds like maybe baby egaging? I get sharp fanjo pains when baby is low down but being a 4th I think it sort of bobs in and out!

*happy^ glad to hear you are almost ready to move back in. I hope you get settled quickly and baby stays put til you are.

boutique glad everything ok. These babies seem determined to worry us!

Have family coming up for ds2 birthday which I could do without. Hoping tomorrow while kids playing with new toys I can get a break!

bealos Mon 24-Dec-12 12:10:11

I have my final midwife appointment of the year in an hour. So pleased that I'm able to continue having my lovely midwife, Angela, until the birth.

Don't feel ready in my body for baby to come yet (but am only 36 weeks) but leaky colostrum boobs are a new thing that I didn't get with ds1. Luckily no embarrassing damp patches as yet.

I imagine some over indulging on food over Christmas will set off the braxton hicks! (wonder why that happens?)

Birdiesinthesnow Mon 24-Dec-12 14:56:24

boutique glad everything was ok.

mama pack your bag!! I can't bear the "are you really 39 weeks" comments. But people also generally agree my hips hide it a bit!!

happy glad you're all moved in now.

bunty I know what you mean but it might be cos we have earlier due dates so we'd expect to be having ours soon and as other babbas appear I start thinking I'm gonna go overdue! I'm happy to get Xmas out the way first though.

I'm also struggling to sleep but it's so odd as I don't have restless legs or anything to explain why I can't. I actually feel really comfy in bed.

Anyways, have a lovely Christmas Day everyone!! Xx

Lostbobbles Mon 24-Dec-12 14:56:31

Hi All

Congrats Prickly, wonderful news.

Decided to have a lazy day today, but DD just turns the house into one bomb site after another, it really does amaze me how much mess she can make. (and what's worse is i sound like my mother when moaning at her to tidy up, arrgghhh!!!)

I am still praying to the labour god, that baby does not make an appearance until at least due date. Got some lovely outing's booked for DD and really want to spend the time with her. Lovely friend informed me about 1000 times yest that her DD came at 37 weeks (which i will be tomorrow). DD was born at 38 weeks but im sure (hoping) it was spurred on with having an ECV attempt the week before. Got the consultant on 28th, think i'm 99% sure i'm going to attempt VBAC delivery.

Hope you all have a lovely xmas day

PS if anyone knows of a wrapping fairy send her my way

CreepyCrawly Mon 24-Dec-12 15:49:49

Afternoon all! Happy birthday to your ds apple! And I think one of you ladies has a birthday today? If so, happy birthday to you too!

DH, MIL and myself all had baby dreams last nights. MIL's was about my hospital bag, mine was where I have birth to a baby the size of a 4 year old who was Satan's spawn and absolutely vile. DH's was by far the loveliest, he dreamt we had a money spider called the name we're using for the baby, and she lived in a little pink box so she wouldn't get squished, and he was showing her things and teaching her stuff. Bless him.

Had midwife appointment this morning. Baby is head down and 'LOL', which after googling I think is a good position for her to be in?

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you all have great days tomorrow smile x

AprilMeadow Mon 24-Dec-12 19:39:04

Congratulations toy you ladies who get to celebrate your Christmas with a new bundle of joy.

Been thinking of you all as your due dates approach wondering if i would have been early or late.

I've just tucked my 4 babies up in bed and cant wait to see their faces in the morning.

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas x

Lora1982 Mon 24-Dec-12 20:46:53

Im making chocolate truffles... Didnt realise quite how long itd take for chocolate to cool down il be up til one at this rate.

Officially have everything i need for the baby now. Mum wont let us have the pram yet though. Im sooo bored of being pregnant but i dont want him to appear til after new yr. 38+4..... Must pack bag....

Birdiesinthesnow Mon 24-Dec-12 21:06:37

Hey april! Hope you and your little ones have a really lovely Christmas, bet they're so excited. I almost wish I was a kid again at this time of year smile

Right, Happy Christmas everyone. Am going to try and keep off the forum for just one day!! Hope people still update with any baby news though!

Just wrote out a really long post and my phone lost it, grr. Too tired to type it out again so in summary, my daughter was born on Sunday morning weighing 5lb 5oz. She is being kept in scbu for monitoring due to being early but seems fine so far.

Congrats bugsy x

newbie6 Tue 25-Dec-12 04:28:02

Congrats mrsbugsywugsy! Hope your wee baby girl continues to do well! X

theboutiquemummy Tue 25-Dec-12 07:47:39

Congratulations bugsy just in time for Christmas x

glorious Tue 25-Dec-12 07:59:29

Congratulations bugsy!

lora hope you finished the chocolates

Happy Christmas everyone. I made a fool of myself sobbing through all the carols last night so hoping I get less sentimental today...

allchik Tue 25-Dec-12 08:51:22

Congrats bugs hope u get to spend lots of time with her today x x x

merry crimbo all u lovely ladies x

theboutiquemummy Tue 25-Dec-12 10:17:45

glorious bless you blushgrin

Merry Christmas lovelies hoping you have a fabulous day xox grin

PS anyone getting the don't have the baby today do it Xx like we get a choice blush

salt1 Tue 25-Dec-12 11:13:15

bugs huge congrats - do you have a name

merry Christmas everyone x

BuntysFestiveCollocks Tue 25-Dec-12 23:08:28

Congrats, mrsb! Hope you're both home and well soon.

Birdiesinthesnow Wed 26-Dec-12 09:21:26

Congratulations mrsbugs, that's great news!

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Wed 26-Dec-12 09:35:18

Well done MrsBug, Prickly, anyone else? Widget is well and truly wedged in and showing no signs of evacuation.

octanegirl Wed 26-Dec-12 10:04:06

Congrats MrsBugsy!
I've had two Christmases, one with my family and one with DP's. I now have a lot of bottles and jars of stuff from Neals Yard!
38 weeks today. Baby can come now, please...

Hope everyone had lovely Christmases smile

MamaMary Wed 26-Dec-12 10:24:49

Congratulations Mrsbugsy! smile

MamaMary Wed 26-Dec-12 10:25:38

And happy Christmas everyone!

Brugmansia Wed 26-Dec-12 14:13:49

Happy Christmas everyone.

Did anyone else get much baby related stuff as presents? We didn't get much but my mum couldn't resist putting a few little things in dp and my stockings. Do got some tent tiny socks and I got some little vests.

Dp also got me the tablet I asked for that I hope will be useful for using one handed while breast feeding etc once DC is here.

MarasmeAbsolu Wed 26-Dec-12 15:23:30

Congrats MrsBugsy!

I got a bottle of Chambord raspberry liquor grin
We had decided not to do presents for us, given that the house renovation have been costly.
No baby presents either, since we have most stuff from DD....

MamaMary Wed 26-Dec-12 16:14:37

Brug DH jokingly said he was going to get me a breast pump for Christmas....Didn't happen thankfully smile Perfume for me instead!

allchik Wed 26-Dec-12 18:25:54

Hi everyone!
Had a lovely bday n crimbo,v relaxed as norm travel loads ovr the hol visiting family.
Got spoilt rotten although ive had to hang my lovely new clothes up as they r my old size 14 not my new size 20 Lol! Oh well,sumit to aim for!
Im really wanting bub here now...has been lovely relaxing but now thinkin how ace it would be to have baby here for NYE!
Hope everyone is having a merry Christmas (just bout to crack open my bottle of 1% cider,rock n roll lol) x

PricklyPickleInAPearTree Wed 26-Dec-12 22:03:14

Congrats Bugsy I hope you're feeling well and enjoying your little one.

We've finally picked a name for our little girl, after much debate we've settled on Amy. She's utterly captivating, we can't stop staring at her. She's being very well behaved so far and we've been getting more sleep than I expected, I'm sure that will change soon enough.

My milk has been coming in over the last day or so, it really hurt confused. One of my boobs became really engorged and too solid for the baby to get anything out of it. I used a manual breast pump on it and it felt soooo much better and now Amy can feed quite happily from it. I don't know what I would have done without the pump. I can't believe how big my boobs are now, I've always been a bit lacking in that area and now I feel like Barbara Windsor!

Christmas has completely passed me by this year, its taken second place to having a new person to look after. Merry Christmas anyway ladies. I hope you've all had a lovely time.

I wonder who will be the next of us to pop?

MarasmeAbsolu Wed 26-Dec-12 22:15:33

Lovely name prickle!

I was wondering - has anyone got the latest version of the list on Excel?

happyhow Thu 27-Dec-12 04:43:26

That's a lovely name Prickly and congrats to Bugsy!!

4am seems to be my standard wake up time now... I'm not sore or uncomfortable, I'm just awake. Sometimes I 'need' the toilet other times not. It's so frustrating!!! confused

We spent yesterday unpacking boxes and avoiding my mother in law. I'm sure that's what everyone does on Boxing Day!!!

bealos Thu 27-Dec-12 09:30:59

Congrats to Bugsy!

I was wondering about the list too... Bugsy's been the one who's been the most organised!

Got some very cute baby things - tiny knitted socks, handmade cardi (love that cute knitted look!) and a tiny cuddly sheep and 'Kiwi' babygro from NZ!

bealos Thu 27-Dec-12 09:33:59

Sorry - it's Bunty who's been organised with the list isn't it?

Tugstonia Thu 27-Dec-12 09:49:17

Congratulations to Mrsbugsy! Hope you and your baby girl are both doing well.

Hope everyone had a lovely Chrimbo. Two of my NCT group had their babies on Christmas Eve. I'm feeling very ready to have this baby now - 37 weeks tomorrow so could have a few weeks to go still confused.

Complicated24 Thu 27-Dec-12 11:44:35

Huge congrats MrsBugsy.

I've got a word version of list, but I'm afraid I haven't updated it for a couple of weeks so need to do lots of revisions. I will try and update and post it later on today. Then would be good to hand over list to someone else as I'm being induced on New Year's Eve so really must get myself organised!

Lora1982 Thu 27-Dec-12 11:49:39

Although its not fun... Im glad to see im not the only one up at 4 with nothing to do but have a cup of tea.

So im 39 wks tomorrow and im having no signs that i know of. But he cant pinch dads birthday on 30th or obviously new years eve. I may be able to cope with new years day.

Ive got christmas day part two today :-D

BuntysFestiveCollocks Thu 27-Dec-12 12:02:19

My list is at work, and I'm no longer there, so in the words of Duncan bannatyne - I'm out! Hope everyone is having a lovely festive season. Due tomorrow and no signs of this child moving. Midwife is coming tonight to sweep me - hoping it'll start something off but I'm not hopeful!

BuntysFestiveCollocks Thu 27-Dec-12 12:02:37

Actually - feeling a bit like I may be pregnant forever!

salt1 Thu 27-Dec-12 12:15:49

i have caught a cold from dh, am in bed watchin downton from xmas day, eating satsumas and waiting for my chicken soup to cook. have also washed baby vests, they look so lovely and little. hope everyone else is keeping well x

woody2313 Thu 27-Dec-12 13:16:06

I don't mind doing the list - not due until the 23rd and am convinced I'm going to be late!

Been away for a bit dealing with sick kids birthdays and xmas!

Congratulations mrsbugsy hope all going well with you.

prickly lovely name.

Hope everyone else had a good xmas, got nothing baby related but as its no4 we know we have what we need.

Dd finally over her cold but now all dcs healthy again i have the cold. The coughing is a nightmare at 36 weeks and ive done some massive sneezes that i seriously thought might break my waters <<wishful thinking>>

MarasmeAbsolu Thu 27-Dec-12 16:03:09

I am having my pre-op tomorrow afternoon, and baby should be here on NYE.
We'll see which one comes first complicated! scary!
I am finding it rather unnerving, I think having to sort childcare this time round (despite it being "planned") makes it a lot more stressful.

I am still thinking that I might be left in limbo for a looooong time waiting for a theater slot. Last time (DD was born in September) the wards were absolutely manic. I waited and waited and waited. And waited more. After 4 days on the crowded antenatal ward, I was becoming absolutely mad. I hope this time will be a bit swifter.

I was actually looking for statistics of birth rates month by month to see how busy December / January can be!

Good luck for the sweep Bunty!

BuntysFestiveCollocks Thu 27-Dec-12 17:48:31


Cervix slightly softer, but other than that, same dilation, same engagement ... This baby is not coming out any time soon. I was expecting that, but honestly, still a bit gutting.

MarasmeAbsolu Thu 27-Dec-12 18:04:29

When is your due date Bunty?

BuntysFestiveCollocks Thu 27-Dec-12 18:13:26

Tomorrow, marasme

MarasmeAbsolu Thu 27-Dec-12 19:05:19

Well, I hope things kick off for you during the night.

good luck!

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Thu 27-Dec-12 19:32:48

We got a Gro-Egg for Widget from MIL this afternoon. It'll be useful as a nightlight, if not an accurate guide to the temperature of the room I suppose. Also a cute hooded towel from my sister. Nothing else baby related though.

Favourite present this year: A new hand whisk from SIL as the handle on mine keeps falling off grin. Cost about £2.99 I think but worth oh so much more to me than the ginger hand lotion and the fur mittens and the cast iron recipe stand thingy Mum and MIL have bought me. All of which will be put away/given away/sold or swapped.

No signs of this baby coming yet, due on Sunday. Bit fed up really, I WANT THIS BABY OUT!

BahSaidPaschaHumbug Thu 27-Dec-12 19:34:10

Good luck for your pre-op tomorrow Marasme. Bunty I really hope it kicks off for you overnight. I know exactly how you feel.

bealos Thu 27-Dec-12 19:56:54

I feel for those of you going stir crazy. I won't say anything about enjoying the time off until baby gets here, as I know that's not (a) helpful or (b) the point.

I was over 42 weeks with ds1 and it did just get to the stage where being induced seemed preferable.

Pascha Thu 27-Dec-12 20:49:15

I was the same with DS Bealos. I actually didn't want the pregnancy to end, he arrived at 40+9. I was on holiday from 35 weeks and ML from 37 weeks so had the whole summer free and easy at home. No uncomfortable symptoms, no aching, no stress, nothing.

This time I have a 2yr old to chase and no ML to look forward to. It feels like same old same old but feeling heavier than before, achier than before, tireder than before, older than before and with no respite from the day to day drudge. Even though I am no worse physically than last time it just feels much much crapper.

DH asked me yesterday what I was looking forward to when Widget is born, I said feeling lighter, not wanting a wee all the time, no heartburn, able to bend down, put my shoes on properly, faster etc... He said no he meant what was I looking forward to about the baby and I couldn't think of an answer straight away sad Thats how much this pregnancy has taken over my thoughts. I can't see past the physical crapness anymore.

Lostbobbles Thu 27-Dec-12 21:38:30

Happy belated crimbo everyone

Big congrats MrsBugs, sending best wishes that you are both snuggled up at home soon.

Lovely name prickly and loving the sleep part I'm praying some of that comes my way, DD1 was a nightmare, hence it's taken 4.5 yrs to get around to DC2.

Bunty sending you 'eviction wishes'

DollFisher Thu 27-Dec-12 21:51:59

Hello I've only just found this final thread and have only just felt ready to come back on here as our little princess Annie was born early at 23 weeks 5 days in September and only lived two hours.

Please can I be taken off the list and good luck to you all on your journeys smile

Here is my story: http://www.christcouture.co.uk/2012/09/i-never-thought-wed-lose-her.html?m=1

Thanks so much for all the support you gave me during my pregnancy x

happyhow Thu 27-Dec-12 22:10:29

I'm so sorry to hear that dollfisher. I hope you and your partner have managed to support each other through what must have been a horrible time. Xx

happyhow Thu 27-Dec-12 22:12:16

I've just been on my gym ball for about half an hour and now have quite a sore back and feel more uncomfortable. Is that supposed to happen?! Is baby engaging more or am I doing something wrong?!

MarasmeAbsolu Thu 27-Dec-12 22:37:24

Dollfisher - have just read your beautiful story. I am so so sorry to hear about your little Annie too early arrival.

Pascha Thu 27-Dec-12 22:42:37

Oh Doll I read your blog with tears in my eyes. I'm so desperately sorry you lost Annie. x

BuntysFestiveCollocks Thu 27-Dec-12 22:50:06

dollfisher so very, very sorry for the loss of your beautiful girl. You'll always carry her in your hearts.

Thanks to everyone for 'eviction wishes'!

Am having pains very low down in my pelvis; not at all like contractions and every 20 mins or so. Not sure if I maybe just need a wee tbh ... I should probably go but am v comfy blush

Complicated24 Thu 27-Dec-12 23:22:49

I have had a go at updating the list. I think I may have missed a couple of new members who joined this thread, so apologies. Please let me have your details again and will add to list. Hope I've added all the new babies, but again apologies for any omissions. Can add details tomorrow if you can jog my memory.

New Arrivals
Tinyeyes123 (30) DC1 Megan born 27/11/12.
Pmgkt (33) DC2 Oliver born 20/12/12
PricklyPickle (31) DC1 Amy born 22/12/12
Bohoec DC1 daughter born on 22/12/12
Mrsbugsywugsy (34) DC1 daughter born 23/12/12

Still holding tight
BuntyCollocks (29) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 (NE Wales) She’s a girl
Birdies (33) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 She’s a girl
Pascha (35) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 (Kent) It’s a surprise
Complicated24 (44) DC1 EDD 31/12/12 It’s a surprise
sanam2012 (?) DC2 EDD 1/1/2013 She’s a girl
LowLu (31) DC2 EDD 02/1/2013&#8232;
TootieMaroo (32) DC2 03/1/2013&#8232;
MarasmeAbsolu (31) DC2 EDD 03/01/13 (Scotland - Central Belt) She’s a girl
Lora1982 (30) DC1 EDD 04/01/13 He’s a boy
IsSpringSprangedYet (?) DC4 EDD 5/01/2013&#8232;
Allchik (30) DC1 EDD 06/01/13 It’s a surprise
Pockemuchka DC3 EDD 06/01/13 It’s a surprise
AriNi31 (?) DC2 EDD 06/01/13 &#8232;
Happyhow (27) DC1 EDD 07/01/13 (Scotland - Aberdeen) It’s a surprise
EmilieFloge (38) DC? EDD 07/01/13&#8232;
Newbie6 (36) DC1 EDD 08/01/13 (Scotland - Ayrshire) He’s a boy
Norfolkinway (25) DC1 EDD 09/01/13&#8232;
Octanegirl (34) DC1 EDD 09/01/13 He’s a boy
BumgrapesofWrath (30) DC2 EDD 10/01/13&#8232;
BernieBennett (28) EDD 10/01/13 He’s a boy
DoIgetastickerforthat (age) DC4 EDD 11/01/13&#8232;
Kim222 (30) DC1 EDD 11/01/13&#8232;
Lulabel27 (29) DC2&3 (twins) EDD 11/01/13&#8232;
CraftyGirly (26) DC1 EDD 11/01/13 She’s a girl
Cejay8 (32) DC2 EDD 12/01/13 It’s a surprise
CreepyCrawly (21) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 (West Wales) She’s a girl
PixelCarrier (?) DC? EDD 13/01/2013 It’s a surprise
Shakemyhead (37) DC1 EDD 14/1/13 (West Yorkshire - Wakefield) She’s a girl
Godzookey (35) DC1 EDD 14/01/13 He’s a boy
PeshwariNaan (33) DC1 EDD 14/01/13&#8232;
Hormonalhell (40) DC2 EDD 15/01/13 He’s a boy
Theboutiquemummy (35) DC1 EDD 17/01/13 (Norfolk)&#8232;
Milkand2sugars (31) DC4 EDD 17/01/13 She’s a girl
ChutesTooNarrow (33) DC2 EDD 18/01/13 She’s a girl
Glorious (28) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 (SE London - Hither Green)&#8232;
Tugstonia (33) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 (SE London - Crystal Palace) It’s a surprise
SpringFlowers (39) DC4 EDD 18/01/13 It’s a surprise
Eagleray (40) DC1 EDD 18/01/13&#8232;
13mma (29) DC1 18/01/13&#8232;
djvesi (37) DC2 EDD 18/01/13 (Aussie in Helsinki) She’s a girl
LetThereBeCupcakes (30) DC1 EDD 20/01/13&#8232;
Silversixpence (29) DC2 EDD 20/01/13&#8232;
mulan07 (27) DC1 EDD 20/01/13 He’s a boy
BadgerFace (34) DC1 EDD 21/01/13 She’s a girl
bealos (35) DC2 EDD 22/01/13 She’s a girl
AppleCrumples (32) DC4 EDD 22/01/13&#8232;
PreggoFabulous (30) DC1 EDD 22/01/2012 (South West) He’s a boy
Bunny222 (31) DC1 EDD 22/01/13 It’s a surprise
Woody2313 (33) DC1 EDD 23/01/2013 (West Midlands - Shropshire)&#8232;
SigningGirl (age) DC1 EDD 24/01/13&#8232;
SquealyB (29) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 (SW London - Richmond) It’s a surprise
knuckingfackered (39) DC2 26/1/13&#8232;
Thinkingpositivethoughts (28) DC1 EDD 26/01/13&#8232;
MrsMallard (35) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 (Hertfordshire) She’s a girl
Salt1 (38) DC1 EDD 27/01/13 She’s a girl
Lilblondepessimist (33) DC4 EDD 28/01/13&#8232;
MamaMary (31) DC2 EDD 28/01/13 She’s a girl
Katolla (34) DC1 EDD 28/1/13 (Islington) She’s a girl
Sebsmama (32) DC2 EDD 29/01/13&#8232;
BionicEmu (26) DC2 EDD 29/01/13&#8232;
Missymoo (32) DC2 EDD 30/01/13&#8232;
DiscoDomina (31) DC1 EDD 30/1/13 (West Midlands)&#8232;
Brugmansia (35) DC1 EDD 31/01/13 (SE London - Kennington/Elephant and Castle)&#8232;
Mummypud (32) DC3 EDD 31/01/13&#8232;
PipIsOutNow (?) DC2 31/01/13&#8232;
Deiciocho (32) DC1 EDD 31/01/13 It’s a surprise

Complicated24 Thu 27-Dec-12 23:36:41

Got some weird script on revised list. Not sure what happened there as just cut and paste from a word doc. Woody Thanks for offering to take on list. You will do a much better job of it than me. IT has never been my strong point!

Marasme Good luck with pre-op tomorrow.

DollFisher I have removed you from the list. I am so, so sorry. I haven't read your blog yet, but promise to do so when I feel strong enough for it. I have lost 2 babies and it is the most painful, heartbreaking thing in the world. You are so brave to write a blog and I know it will help other women who have lost their much wanted babies. Big virtual hug.

I am suffering from excruciating sciatica which means walking around the house is agony and getting up to go to loo in middle of night is a kind of torture. I have never been scared of going into labour (first child and ignorance is bliss) but the thought of not being able to walk around and have an active labour is making me really dread it. I just hope and pray sciatica disappears as soon as baby arrives and releases pressure on sciatic nerve. I am getting seriously fed up now and just want to move onto baby stage. Immobile beached whale stage is getting boring!!!

Complicated24 Thu 27-Dec-12 23:47:20

Just checking whether others have seen this MN thread on Bounty reps www.mumsnet.com/Talk/_chat/a1641617-just-had-a-run-in-with-the-maternity-ward-bounty-photographer. I was blissfully unaware that Bounty reps even existed but am glad I have read this before going into labour so I am more clued up. DH is a really good photographer so he will be taking all the photos anyway.

MarasmeAbsolu Fri 28-Dec-12 00:06:35

Gaaaahhhh - bounty / tempest reps. Just say no!!!!
I have actually updated my notes with this tonight.

When DD was born, she had a pb which could have turned nasty, and she needed emergency scanning. I had been sick on the morphine, was anemic, and also had just collapsed in the shower and been wheeled all naked through the wards. Glorious.
When i got back to my bed, i was hooked on IV with various SHOs trying to take bloods, inject stuff. All the way through, that woman was there at the end of the bed, pestering me about photos of my baby who was about to be wheeled for the scan. I was so distressed i could not go with DD, that sthg could be very wrong etc. bloody photo rep stayed there and kept pestering while i felt really really vulnerable.

Even if you have a nice one on yourward, it is worth considering that for a lot of women, being on the post-natal ward is actually a difficult / vulnerable / even traumatic time, which is not suitable for hard-sell techniques.

I hate the bastards!

MarasmeAbsolu Fri 28-Dec-12 00:07:26

Thks for the list complicated!

DollFisher Fri 28-Dec-12 00:41:54

Thank you all xx

Congratulations to the other new arrivals.

Dollfisher so sorry to hear what happened.

I am up breast pumping now. DD continues to do well but we need to establish feeding and put on a little weight prior to discharge. I am finding life on the postnatal ward exhausting and can't wait to get home. Good news is I think my milk is finally coming and dd is working out how to suck.

I promise I will provide gory details of the birth once I get to a proper computer. I've finished pumping now so off for 2 hours sleep grin

PS Thanks for all good wishes etc and good luck with your imminent arrivals. And if you haven't packed your hospital bag yet please learn from my mistake and do it now!

Lora1982 Fri 28-Dec-12 03:48:09

Ok brand new (annoying) symptom... (im glad these symptoms are only rearing their ugly heads at the end) my inner thighs have started to itch sooo bad at night so i see your 4am insomnia and raise you 3am :-D this ontop of god dam wisdom tooth ache.

Bugsy i 'promise' to do my bag tomorrow....well later today. Its a week til my due date waaaah but no signs that i know of apart from mardyness so i could still be ages

Thanks, complicated for the list!

Re bounty - the one at my hospital last time was fine, I said no thanks, gave no info, and still got my shitty pack. Just the luck of the draw I think.

Having very intermittent (and really bloody painful!) contractions. Maybe it wasn't wee related cramps earlier! Will be interesting to see if things pick up or tail off. Just started timing - last 2 ten mins apart lasting over a minute each.

Oooh err.

Boo. Two since last post and now all seems to have stopped. Off to get some sleep.

Complicated24 Fri 28-Dec-12 04:43:53

Joining in the insomnia club.

Bunty sounds as though things are getting started even though it may be a while. How exciting, hope you get some sleep. Keep us updated.

bugsy love your updates. Really hope you can go home soon.

lora itchy thighs and wisdom tooth pain sounds really irritating. The joys and glamour of pregnancy heh.

Going to do crossword now!

Am looking forward to your birth story, mrsb!

Thanks, complicated - may have been a little hasty in writing things off - all started up again after last post. Refusing to get my hopes up though! (Although my huffing and puffing has woken DH!)

Lora1982 Fri 28-Dec-12 05:25:55

Bunty my midwife said the amount of babies who arrived on their duedate wad 1%...perhaps by the sounds of it you should of got a lottery ticket :-D have fun today! Exciting

Pumping again!

Lora just you wait till you are transferred to a hospital 40 miles away mid labour because because your local one is full, then you have to send your dp out shopping for jumbo sanitary pads and a nursing bra in a 34h in a strange town grin

Good luck bunty!

Update : dd has gained 1oz smile smile smile

MarasmeAbsolu Fri 28-Dec-12 06:56:31

Good to hear about weight gain mrsB!!

otherwise, when do BH end and contractions start?
Have had some intermittent 'tightenings' which can be quite painful with loads of pressure quite low down...

Otherwise, no other symptom. No bag either, at 39+1. I am just awake and starving, waiting for DD to start the day wailing sooner rather than later...

Thanks, lora and mrsb and well done on the weight gain!

Still having contractions. Have text midwife but unsurprisingly since it was 6am no response yet! Think I'm in for another long labour. Had an absolute bastard of a contraction that lasted nearly 3m with multiple peaks, but they're back to only being about a min every 8 - 12 hence why I think I'm in for the long haul

woody2313 Fri 28-Dec-12 08:46:44

Good luck Bunty - will be thinking of you smile

woody2313 Fri 28-Dec-12 08:55:06

Thanks for the list complicated.
Have saved a copy now; please let me know if anyone wants any updates already, otherwise I'll just keep an eye on this thread.
Bugsy I promise to pack my bag this weekend...

happyhow Fri 28-Dec-12 09:19:16

Good luck Bunty!! Sounds like things are getting going, if not particularly quickly...

Through some miracle of nature, I didn't wake up during the night or need a pee! I think it's a one off though...

Thanks everyone. Things are getting very sporadic sad 6 hours of contractions 10m apart and now it's all slowed down. Think it's because I feel like a watched pot now everyone is up (I have a houseful just now). Going to go out for a walk and see if that helps.

Midwife hasn't text me back which I'm surprised about.

Ooh good luck bunty sounds like things are kicking off for you.

mrsbugsy glad to hear dd gaining weight. Hope your soon home.

Am now a total insomniac due to restleds legs heartburn and now completly blocked nose, think i will get more rest when baby arrives! Hoping will be soon havibg really strong bh. To whoever asked the prob with esrly labour is it feels like bh whuch get more regular

Bunty My third labour stopped and started like that for three weeks before I actually went into labour. It was very tiresome.

Doll I am do sorry to hear your news. I hope you are ok x

bealos Fri 28-Dec-12 11:41:49

good luck bunty !

Thanks all!

spring thankfully I can't go another 3 weeks, am due at hospital on the second which I was going to cancel, but am thinking if things are like this but I've not had a baby, then I should at least be able to have my waters broken and thus have a chance at my vbac. The contractions have to be doing something!

Pascha Fri 28-Dec-12 12:40:35

Bunty I wonder how much there is to the theory that your body recognises when you're busy during the day by slowing down the early labour signs and then when you relax overnight ramps them up again? Each contraction must be doing something to soften and efface the cervix even if its just a little bit each time.

I'm a bit jealous really, no real signs of anything much happening. 39+5 today at my antenatal check, MW wrote 'ceph, long, free at brim' in my notes so no engagement here, just bouncing along at the top of my pelvis. She's coming to the house next friday to do a sweep.

Good job on the lists Complicated and Woody Glad someone is looking out for the stats.

I hope you're right, pasha!

godzookey Fri 28-Dec-12 13:50:52

Afternoon All,

Apart from the understandable, general fed up ness and wanting baby out, i wanted to ask if anyone else has felt that their hormones have gone totally haywire?

I feel so much worse since i gave up work, i think i've cried literally every day since i gave up two weeks ago, i guess cos i've had more time to think.

DH has been no help at all, partly because he's been ill in bed over Christmas and partly because i just think he's useless - the smoking and drinking as if in the 'last chance' saloon is really getting on my nerves.

I know everyone says enjoy this time, it's the last time you'll get a long rest for ages so make the most of it, but mainly i've just been finding it quite a lonely time... what about everyone else?

Bunty - I am sure that the contracting is preparing your body for labour. It might be getting the baby into a better position or the cervix getting ready to dilate. What are you going in for on the second? Induction or section?

Lora1982 Fri 28-Dec-12 14:30:18

Godzookey. My boyfriend is limited to one beer a night.... Just incase. The sod never gave up smoking though which made it even harder for me. Feel your pain.

godzookey Fri 28-Dec-12 14:58:20

Thanks Lora - at the moment, i feel as if i don't even want him to come to the hospital with me when the time comes and will just rely on my doula..(if i can, she txted me last night to say she's now 13 weeks PG so if she feels grotty then she may not even be an option)

God that sounds selfish of me as clearly that wouldn't be her fault and i'm happy for her as i think she'll make a great Mum..i think i'm just now starting to worry about what's in front of me. I guess you don't really have time to think too heavily when up til recently your days are still consumed with managing clients!

godz I am feeling gen quite fed up and lonely now. Dh working long hours so I'm left with the dcs who are on hol and getting s bit restless! No signs of anything happening except some fairly mega bh but had that with the others and all were late! I know the worst thing is being told to rest as it won't happen again for a while but new babies sleep loads and at least you can get comfy after it's born smile

bunty I bet your contractions are doing something even if slowly, my dd was a long slow labour with lots of stop / starts (but I think that is quite normal for a 3rd)

spring how are you coping with all your dcs?

Am just tired and cranky now, dcs go back when I'm 38 weeks and really hoping baby can be shifted then!

Sorry meant to say doll so sorry to hear your news. Look after yourself x

godzookey Fri 28-Dec-12 15:07:04

Thanks Apple - it's nice to know i'm not the only one that feels like this ( in the nicest possible way - not that i wish that on anyone, you know what i mean!)

I would have thought that having a baby would have brought us closer together rather than further apart, we are just not getting on at all. I keep playing all these scary - aahh how will i cope , single mum scenarios in my head which probably isn't helping!!

God i wish i were a Kardashian - life would be so much simpler smile!!

Tugstonia Fri 28-Dec-12 15:36:49

Doll so sorry for your loss, I hope you're bearing up ok x

Best of luck Bunty! And Pascha hope things kick off for you soon too.

Godz sorry you're feeling so shit. Have you talked to your DH about it? I'm feeling v hormonal at the mo too. I was in tears over Xmas lunch over something stupid my brother said to me and felt impatient and ratty the whole day. Normally I love Xmas and spending time with my family and their kids but this year just felt fed up and irritable. Maybe it was the lack of booze! grin

godz I second talking to dh. I have been completly open with dp about how I feel and although he doesn't always get it he does his best to help however it may help that we've done this before so we both know what's coming

I'm ok Apples. DH has been off work since the 18th and doesn't go back until the 2nd. Dd1 & 2 are away for a few days now too so it's quiet at home. I'm just really uncomfortable in my ribs front and back which makes sitting painful. I'm getting a lot of bh now too - last night every 10-15 minutes. I had a panic that I might actually go into labour and they stopped. I have written my birth plan now though and am going to finish my bags this evening. The contractions have definatly prompted some action. I'm 37 weeks today.

bealos Fri 28-Dec-12 16:53:27

godz sounds like you need a hug! I think the hormones must come in waves. So cry away if you need to. Chocolate and ice cream is always a great healer too smile I'm sure it won't come to this but I ended up a single mum for several years with ds1 and it ain't that bad... somewhat better than being with someone you felt was useless. It's somehow easier to deal with, for example, the kid being sick in the night when it's just you and there's no-one else to feel disgruntled about for not helping!!

bunty am sure you know this already, so sorry if I'm repeating, but the cervix isn't just dilating sideways it's also softening, effacing (thinning) and getting shorter. So when people tell you the contractions 'aren't doing anything', you're not technically dilating, but they are definitely doing something. My midwife explained all of this to me, and wish someone had told me this first time round! Also, for first time mums there's much more work to be done - the cervix has to move further. Article on effacement and dilation.

MarasmeAbsolu Fri 28-Dec-12 17:26:29

Hormones up and down here too sad been feeling tired and miserable all day.
DD is on my case, she must sense something is happening.
DH has been on my case too, mainly because I am still going in to work on a daily basis to scavenge some mismanagement crap which does not seem to ever get resolved sad

I am shattered, the work crap is on my mind, if I do not go in to at least make an attempt to sort it, I panic even more, but going in stresses me too. Could not face going in today, just ended up crying most of the afternoon and feeling empty, as I cannot see a way out. DH provides great material support, but totally lacks empathy (diagnosed ASD) - this does not help.

Had my pre-op early afternoon, they took some more bloods (had it done at 36, 38 and now 39 weeks!) and mangled my left arm in the process - apparently I have "muscly arms" not true, no muscle in sight!. Baby's head is still free, but the midwife told me they would not expect a second one to engage at all - even if my first did not engage - because of the weakened tummy muscles? first time I heard about this!
I am due to go in Monday 6.45am for the long wait for my slot - no idea about time yet.

That's it - good luck to all who are waiting for stuff to kick off - I must get on and do my bag (and wash baby clothes, and make up the room etc) - hope your stuff is all ready to go!

theboutiquemummy Fri 28-Dec-12 18:29:25

Godz i want to give you a big hug in his own way he may be bricking it and not know how to tell you my DH ending up shouting at me because of how much pressure he is under and had done that stupid stiff upper lip thing.

Bunty sending positive vibes and a big hug, raspberry leaf tea is supposed to be good smile

Went for scan on Thursday the good news is we can deliver naturally the scary news is that the babys head is well engaged 37 +1 today and we are 1cm dilated not holding my breath though its only taken 2 weeks grin night times are the worst as is the being violently sick

Anyone else

Still here still contracting anywhere between 3 - 10 minutes (!). Thought second labours were meant to be quicker? angry

16 hours of this so far and counting. I think this may even be longer than my mammoth 36 hour first labour. I ordered a quick easy one this time!

Thank you, boutique smile

bealos Fri 28-Dec-12 19:11:07

sounds like you are doing great bunty!!

MarasmeAbsolu Fri 28-Dec-12 19:46:36

Bunty - there was a lovely thread from a poster named Sunny, who had her VBAC after things kicked off a few hours before she was due in for ELCS. Her baby was born this morning.

It could be you tomorrow morning!

AriNi31 Fri 28-Dec-12 20:19:56

I had my baby! She wasn't due until 6th Jan but my waters broke last night, then started with regular contractions before midnight and Lucy was born just before 3am. Am home now and VERY tired and also a bit shocked!

Thanks bealos and marasme. Have cracked open the tens. I love tens. Congrats, ari!

godzookey Fri 28-Dec-12 20:30:37

aaah thanks everyone for your nice messages - really cheered me up!

Am keeping everything crossed that things start to speed up for youBunty and many congratulations Ari


MarasmeAbsolu Fri 28-Dec-12 20:33:12

Congrats Ari!

Wow ari that was quick! Congratultions love the name x

bunty sending labour vibes your way, hope when I check in tomorrow you've had bubs x

bealos Fri 28-Dec-12 20:42:23

Looking for a bit of advice... I've been getting period pain type cramps right at the bottom of my bump for the last day or two, plus lots of braxton hicks. I read that this can go on for weeks - is that true? It's quite exhausting!!

I was induced last time at 42 weeks so never went into labour 'naturally'.

happyhow Fri 28-Dec-12 20:53:00

Congratulations Ari! What a lovely surprise!

We've got a lovely meal booked for Hogmanay so I've decided baby can come anytime after that! (Although I have tickets for Gary Barlow on 11th - 4 days after due date - so if it could come after then that'd be good too!) Def no signs of it budging anytime soon though.

I haven't felt particularly emotional or hormonal yet but have felt completely wiped out today. I've done nothing but have been incredibly tired. Oh well, I have a weekend of unpacking boxes and making massive batches of chilli/spaghetti bolognese, soup etc ahead of me...

Keep with it Bunty - Mini Bunty will be here soon!! smile

Complicated24 Fri 28-Dec-12 21:33:24

Arini huge congrats and what a quick labour. Hope you are enjoying lovely cuddles at home now.

Bunty definitely a marathon not a sprint, but you are doing brilliantly and baby has to be here soon. Hope you are eating and drinking to keep strength up. We're all with you in spirit.

Bealos I've felt same over last few days and felt a few shooting pains in pelvis which I am assuming is baby engaging. Was two fifths engaged at last MW appt. hope your bag is packed.

Godz poor you. I've felt really emotional these past few days too and think its because I'm so tired as not sleeping and let's face it having a baby is a life changing event and one none of us first timers can actually get our head round until we've had our babies. You can prepare for so many things in life but not
Parenthood. Suggest you talk to DH if you can as he will be going through his own life before baby fears and they may be very different emotions than yours. If you can't talk then maybe write it all down. Big hormonal preggie hug.

Complicated24 Fri 28-Dec-12 21:44:01

Marasme remind me are you having C section on Monday and what was pre-op for? I'm being induced on Monday and have to ring up at 0800 to find out when there's a bed available. Have been told induction could take up to 48 hours until I'm even in labour. Will be so bored so am going to stock up on trashy mags and download books onto kindle this weekend. Any other tips from those who've been induced before very welcome.

katolla Fri 28-Dec-12 22:03:15

Congratulations Ari and keep going Bunty!

bealos I'm getting the same thing, low pains and lots of BH, this had better not keep going till my due date, a month today! :| ALSO, did you spend yesterday with my friend Lucy??

MarasmeAbsolu Fri 28-Dec-12 22:11:30

complicated yes - C-section on Monday - I'll be turning up at 6:45am - a bit worried of dropping DD off with friends; she does not take being dropped very gladly these days, no matter how much we prepare her.

Induction tips from me: take ipad / kindle with charger, loads of trashy reading, some grapes or nice healthy nibbles, earplugs for the night, eye mask or equivalent. Keep hydrated.
By day 3, I was going off my head - going for a wee walk through the hospital helps, even if just to grab a hot choc or buy some more magazines.

Good luck - catch up on Monday!!

bealos Fri 28-Dec-12 22:15:51

ooh katolla maybe! My cousin Lucy that is!

My induction tips - go home if you can for the early stages... take earplugs, eye mask etc for night time. Find a bathroom with a bath and hide in there! Go for walks, outside if possible.

bealos Fri 28-Dec-12 22:18:34

katolla ...and was boxing day so don't know if it's the same person?

Lostbobbles Fri 28-Dec-12 22:33:50

Congrats to you Ari, send me some of those quick labour vibes and bunty could use some too.

Bunty hope things speed up for you xx

Yey go mini bugs, keep up the good work and keep putting on those oz's.

Godz sorry to hear your situ, I would just try to remind yourself that most men don't do well when it comes to emotions (putting it nicely) just tell him how you feel and try wait it out until bubs is here and you get settled into routine. It could be that he is terrified himself and doing usual man thing and withdrawing rather than opening up. (Could get worse before it gets better though as some men also feel very left out when baby arrives) (as if we don't have enough to deal with hey!!!) ��

Anyway I am also turning into an emotional wreck I burst into tears yesterday because I couldn't find a parking space at the butcher!!

Had consultant appoint today, was not usual Dr. Got to go for scan no 8 on Monday as she was not overly happy with growth from last scan o had two weeks ago from one two weeks before that and wants it checked again.

Took DD to disney on ice show this eve and she had a lovely time so happy end to the day.

complicated sorry no real tips but don't let your parents spend whole day on ward driving you crazy however I was induced with ds1 and was only in labour for 7 hours and went into labour just a few hours after being given pessary, hope it works as well for you x

bealos I've been getting those period pains as well as bh, not sure what that means but I don't remember getting them with any of the others not helpful I remain hopeful it is a good sign...

Am pretty emotional/ hormonal. Dcs playing up yesterday and I'd had enough and ended up sobbing on dining room floor after shouting at them all sad am too tired to cope properly now

At hospital. 21 hours of contractions - 1/2 a fucking centimetre. I am beyond gutted. She is playing up so I'm having to be monitored. What fun.

Lora1982 Sat 29-Dec-12 03:59:38

1/2 a cm?!? Rude. Bodies are nasty things. Mines currently being nasty by reminding me YET again that i do indeed have wisdom teeth and that the constant pain down my thigh when i move is a good thing because it prooves im alive when i feel pain. Sick of this now

and your half a cm is making me jealous ffs :-D

sanam2010 Sat 29-Dec-12 04:00:27

Congratulations Ari, great news!! Lovely to hear of a quick labour!

Am awake at 4am here, having some light contractions and am thinking tonight might be the night. Contractions are not strong enough to wake anybody up yet so am waiting and just making sure everything is packed just in case...

You've made me laugh, lora - no mean feat ATM. Just been sent home in tears. 5 hours of horrendous contractions and I've only dilated to 2 - 2 1/2cm. God knows how long it'll take before I'm in active labour. Contractions are 3 mins apart lasting a minute and incredibly painful.

Good luck, sanam - hope your ride isn't as shit as mine is turning out to be.

Lora1982 Sat 29-Dec-12 05:19:04

Im confused now. I was told to go in if they last a minute and are 5 mins apart or less. So when if i ever get there i might be told to leave.

Your situation is what im dreading. Id stick my heels in and camp at the ward door or something what a nightmre.

Complicated24 Sat 29-Dec-12 06:00:09

Bunty just woken up and thought of you immediately. You poor thing. You must be totally knackered and what are you going to do at home as cant sleep through those contractions. Can't they give you something to try and speed things up? Surely you can't be expected to continue with natural labour much longer. Wish we could all take turns to have contractions for you so you could get a few hours kip. The end has to be in sight soon. Big hug and steaming hot cuppa. Cry all you want to.

woody2313 Sat 29-Dec-12 08:15:39

Congratulations Ari!
Good luck Bunty - will keep thinking of you.

woody2313 Sat 29-Dec-12 08:23:43

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Complicated24 Sat 29-Dec-12 09:54:04

Thanks for updating list Woody.

djvesi Sat 29-Dec-12 10:07:29

Contractions sound damn fine at the moment ladies. I'm at home with a vomiting virus, that DS suffered through for a few days from christmas morning. Thankfully DH is still fully functional and can take care of DS whilst I'm incapacitated.

Congrats Ari!

theboutiquemummy Sat 29-Dec-12 11:02:03

bunty you pour thing sad huge enormous hugs what a bloody nightmare

I dread to think how little I'm dilated it was 1cm last time they looked but these contractions are no where near as strong n regular as yours are x

Have you tried being up right and mobile gravity n all that midwife says its our friend

Fingers crossed for you n if you need a good cry you have one each labour is very different esp if it's your first x

theboutiquemummy Sat 29-Dec-12 11:04:41

Good Luck sanam and lora hoping you both have easy deliveries n swift labours x

MamaMary Sat 29-Dec-12 11:04:55

Congratulations ari! Lovely name.
Bunty hope things speed up!

allchik Sat 29-Dec-12 11:31:53

Oh bunty what a nightmare! Really hope it speeds up soon x

congrats ari same due date as me VERY jealous!!x

godz im a hormonal mess too my poor hub found me slumped in bed crying for NO reason whatsoever! V odd x

Im nesting like a crazy person,got up early doors today cus I HAD to make a home 'things to do' spreadsheet...v odd!

At MW ap on 27th bub is still measuring under n bump is still quite small,MW thinks its cus Im tall with a long torso. She also thinks im having a v tall bub as cud feel where the bum n feet were n it was a fair distance...my family are giants so that wud make sense! Cnt wait till he/she is here!

X x x

allchik Sat 29-Dec-12 12:51:05

...and to prove a point Ive just cried for 30mins sad
Feel really bored,low n fed up...wish I could snap out of it!

salt1 Sat 29-Dec-12 13:01:01

i have had a cry this morning, oh and yesterday to. i feel ill and fed up. best wishes to those with contractions x

kim222 Sat 29-Dec-12 13:06:25

I've cried too all morning! Wish I could snap out of this mood!

allchik Sat 29-Dec-12 13:47:39

Sorry ur feeling it too...although also glad its not me going mad!
Just ham a shower n got dressed,heading out for a little potter round t local shops to try n lift my mood.
Dont think the grey sky is helping!x

PixelCarrier Sat 29-Dec-12 14:37:57

Congratulations ton tiny, pmgkt, Prickly, bohoec, mrsbugs, and Ari.

Sorry to hear about your loss, doll.

Hope you're hanging in there bunty.

Been lurking but not much posting recently, with the rush up to Christmas. Had a lovely time over Christmas, but really glad I can sit back and relax and enjoy maternity leave now. Hoping the little one doesn't arrive for a few weeks yet, so I have a chance to get organised! Still, the bag is packed and waiting...

happyhow Sat 29-Dec-12 16:18:36

Sorry everyone is feeling so miserable. I'm just feeling completely wiped out....

My colleague had her baby yesterday and she was due a week before me (although she had an ELCS). Making it pretty real now!!

Brought the Moses basket in from the car the other day as I was fed up of not being able to use my car properly (it's been in there for 6 weeks). Hubby had a little freak out so it's now covered with a towel!

Our gorgeous girl, Cameron, was born today at 1.29pm after 34 hours in labour(!) using nothing more than paracetamol and gas and air. Pool was dirty so no waterbirth available until I was so far gone I couldn't move! Brilliant experience, but we are definitely done!

Will write birth story in what will probably be the wee small hours. She has done nothing but feed since her arrival!

glorious Sat 29-Dec-12 17:27:36

Hooray Bunty, massive congratulations. Lovely name too smile

Yay bunty you did it! Like the name. Congratulations x

CreepyCrawly Sat 29-Dec-12 17:33:21

Congratulations Bunty! And congratulations to every one else who's had their babies too! Is Edward the only boy so far?

Sorry that everyone's feeling shitty, it'll all be worth it soon I'm sure.

Starting to feel a bit real now. Got the crib all set up in our bedroom and I need to get some bras and have my hair cut and then I'm 'ready'. So scary to think that this time next month I'll have a baby!

Been reading about labour and childbirth obsessively the last few days, and have surprisingly not scared myself too much yet!

Lora1982 Sat 29-Dec-12 17:53:02

Well done bunty!

MarasmeAbsolu Sat 29-Dec-12 17:56:36

congrats bunty - lovely name!
looking forward to the birth story....

who's next?? smile

AriNi31 Sat 29-Dec-12 18:12:26

congratulations bunty! fab name and well done!!

happyhow Sat 29-Dec-12 18:24:42

Congrats Bunty!! I love that name but hubby said no for us. Glad she has arrived safely gringrin

allchik Sat 29-Dec-12 18:30:54

Aw yey! Well done Bunty x x x (im happy again now!)