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March 2013 IX: Cruising to Christmas with burgeoning bumps

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Sheldonella Fri 30-Nov-12 08:22:31

Thanks sarahs999 for the lovely new thread name smile

Old thread here

No 9, can you believe it grin

zoeymlucas Fri 30-Nov-12 08:40:42

Morning all - thanks for all your support and telling off, lol today is the BIG management buy out at work we have been working towards for the last 7 months so after today I am offically on wind down and my boss can put up and shut up smile

Hoping its not as freezing for everyone else as it is down here on the sea front - I would of worn thermals if they still fitted smile Sorry didnt post or catch up last night I come home bathed, ate left over chinese and went to bed - fell asleep no pronbelms but woke at 11.15 as couldnt sleep so 'accidently' woke DH to talk to me for a bit, little man decded to practise his jumping on bladder at 4.00am and then didnt really sleep again as was thirsty and had a head ache and couldnt be bothered to walk down 2 flights of stairs!!! Last few days have been SOO thirsty which is really un like me

Sat at my desk with a hot chocolate with cream and marshmellows smile

sundaesundae Fri 30-Nov-12 08:48:14

Just place marking, Zoey hope today goes well!

Person who is buying house, hope all goes well today too!

Will catch up properly later, I am off to use my brain for good in Kent smile

Oodthunkit Fri 30-Nov-12 08:52:04

Good luck today zoey

Em2010 Fri 30-Nov-12 08:54:25

Ooh shiny new thread! Thanks Ladies! Just marking my place.

Good luck today zoey and flowery

sarahs999 Fri 30-Nov-12 09:14:30

Thanks so much for doing that shel. Good luck zoey.

I am freezing today. Frost everywhere, which got ds all excited. If only he didn't leave half his school uniform at school every day. Really at the end of my tether with it. Childminder picks him up so she's not bothered what he's wearing. School is really strict about uniform so you can't wear a similar jumper colour or you get told off. But I refuse to keep buying new uniform because they don't have an effective system to get the kids to do a check at the end of the day. How hard would it be for the teacher to say 'can you all please think about what clothes you should have and check you've got them'? They're only 7 for gods sake. They need help.

I just resorted to nicking an unnamed one from the lost property box. Will return it if his ever shows up again... Anyone else with kids have this problem or is my ds the only culprit?

Sheldonella Fri 30-Nov-12 09:18:31

Very frosty near me this morning, looks like it has snowed on the fields. Freezing, but very pretty.
Hope today is the last day of the manic working zoey and house buying goes smoothly flowery.
That sounds frustrating sarah and fair enough to take one from lost property.

theTramp Fri 30-Nov-12 09:25:58

Zoey - wish you well.

House purchase - smooth runnings!

Everyone else - have a lovely day

lannyshrops Fri 30-Nov-12 09:47:53

Morning all!
Sorry to hear of those still not feeling well and hurrah to those who have been feeling unwell and re now feeling better!
So pleased that hings seem to be settling for you on t he work front zoey

Had very hairy week in work this week as we are moving wards next week. I am on leave (that was well planned!) so was trying so sort as much out this week. The logistics of moving an entire working ward and trying to minimise the disruption to the patients is no mean feat!

I a have taken a time owing day today as we are off on holidays tomorrow!!! I am so looking forward to it! Once we get over the horrid travelling to Gatwick (have to brave the M6 and the M25 - yeuck!) we will have I hope a lovely 5 days of cruising the Norwegian fjords and hopefully getting to see the spectacular northern lights! In all honesty, I am so looking forward to sleeping and not doing too much!

I have just worked out that after this weeks annual leave I only have 7 weeks left in work!!! And two of those weeks are short weeks as it is Christmas and New year!! Oh hurrah! ( of course they have not yet advertised for my replacement yet despite me informing them the day I found out I was pregnant and telling them about September time when I was starting my matty leave! But there again I still have not had a pregnancy risk assessment....)

Love to all xxx

OctoberCarrot Fri 30-Nov-12 10:06:39

Lovely new thread in time for Santa.

Sounds like it is v cold in UK. Cold here but never as cold.

All good here. Had a busy week with activities and Ds sleeping soundly so we are missing music this am.

DS got his mmr yesterday. Am so worried about it but decided to go with it in the end. He is also covered with eczema so we got a prescription for him for some cream. Hopefully will clear quickly.

Looking forward to weekend. Girls night out tonight and then rugby tomorrow. Getting some me time before DH is away for next two weekends.

Only 8 more sleeps before I get to see my beautiful nieces and nephew and meet my new niece. Haven't seen them since August 2011 and they have never met DS so I am so excited. We are planning a trip to airport to greet them.

Hope everyone is feeling well. Happy Friday.

OC x

OctoberCarrot Fri 30-Nov-12 10:14:05


Was also reading this thread. Interesting in the SAHM/working mum debate. Obviously some pretty extreme stories but food for thought.


StormyBrid Fri 30-Nov-12 11:04:39

Lanny - I was feeling jealous about you going to Norway, but then I remembered I'm going to Germany tomorrow. Here's hoping we both have an excellent (and restful) time! grin

OC - I got hold of a copy of the Cochrane Collaboration's latest meta-study of the MMR a few months ago. As it's a meta-study, it's big, and it found no links between MMR and a whole host of issues. So put your mind at rest, you've done the right thing, and he'll be fine.

Right, time to start running round like a maniac getting everything organised and packed!

JoJoBella84 Fri 30-Nov-12 11:18:07

Just place marking.

Hope everyone is okay - feel like I haven't been around much but two more weeks of hardcore studying and then a 3 week break for Christmas, two exams and 7 months maternity! Oh what I wouldn't give to be on maternity right now!!! Sooooooo tired!

LexiandBeanette Fri 30-Nov-12 12:19:59

Lots of good holiday and house moving wishes to all! Can't believe we are on another thread!
Had a little meltdown at 2am last night due to rib pain& no sleep for fourth night on the trot. DH a bit worried as I got home at 5 and basically just lay down immobile for 2 hours not moving! Am at home today, midwife thinks it is nothing serious (muscular pain or indigestion) but has asked me to see my GP. Feel like a bit of a fraud being at home for something so minor but just so exhausted and tearful!

theTramp Fri 30-Nov-12 13:07:39

Exhaustion isn't minor, it makes everything hard and on top of that your ability to cope breaks down. Sometimes a days rest is best cure of all. Feel better soon my dear.

Fjords sound fabulous!

OCt - have a nice time, sounds like a good couple of weekdays planned

eigmum Fri 30-Nov-12 14:06:35

Manad, prune juice and Pears. That will do it. Let us know!

All going ok here, work busy and I am finally able to function! MIL still around but only one weekend left to manage ... Hope you are all doing well. Lovely to read all the news.


pinkpeony4 Fri 30-Nov-12 14:12:10

Lovely new festive thread, thanks Sheldonella

Manda My ds1 & 3 get constipated a lot and the best thing is Movicol which you can get from your GP. Works very quickly! Not sure whether you can take it whilst pregnant but worth checking. They also take Lactulose everyday but that alone won't shift it. Hope you get it sorted soon because it's horrible.

Octobercarrot the MMR decision is a horrid one. All of mine have had it and been totally fine with it though. I am of the opinion that the risk of nasty illnesses and their side effects far outweigh the risk of autism which isn't at all proven anyway. Mine get every vaccination going! I hope ds is Ok with it. The only side effect any of mine got was that ds1 got a slight measles rash on about day 10 and he was still well with it.

Lexi being kept awake by pain of any kind is horrid and sleep depravation does not help your hormones. You are not a fraud at all. Rest today and I hope that the pain eases. I really do recommend trying a Chiropractor, they can help with so many issues.

Lanny Have a fantastic holiday. Scandinavia is one of the few places I have yet to visit and would love to go. Hope it's restful for you.

Sarah My ds1 (6) frequently comes home missing school uniform or with someone else's on instead. It's so expensive because it can only be bought in the school shop and so it drives me mad. Everything is named so where does it all end up?! He also is only allowed to wear regulation everything even down to the hat, scarf & gloves which makes it even more annoying.

Zoey I hope everything goes well today at work.

Today is ds3's 2nd birthday so lots of excitement (from the older boys) in our house. They opened his presents for him (he was more interested in the paper) and then whilst the older 2 were at school/nursery this morning I had some friends over with similar aged Children which was very sweet. Gruffalo cake at lunchtime and then this afternoon he can play with his new toys. 27 weeks today! I have had a massive sort out of my boy baby clothes. Loads have been listed in ebay and some given to a friend and my special items kept for when/if my sister has a baby. I can never get over how tiny newborn clothes are when I get them out again!

Enjoy your weekends. It's freezing cold here so want to hibernate!

Oodthunkit Fri 30-Nov-12 15:02:48

OC dd1/2 both had measles despite having been jabbed. It affected dd2s hearing but could have been much worse. Dh used to work with a lot of children who were damaged by rubella/measles so wouldn't consider not vaccinating although I do feel singles should be an option. They work on herd immunity so the herd needs to protect those who can't have the vaccine ( egg allergies/hypersensitivity etc).

theTramp Fri 30-Nov-12 15:14:57

Evidence ofthe vaccine causing issues is practically non existent. There was some utterly appalling & v damaging media reporting on that story and it refuses to go away. Evidence of damage measles inflicts very strong indeed. I think people forget it was a killer. Vaccine won't necessarily stop you getting measles but def prevents the worst from happening. There are a lot of nasties that had almost been irradiated that have come back in recent gets for several reasons, inclusive of people being less vigilant with vaccines. Awful really.

I was reading about whooping cough in UK today. Scary stuff. Def getting jab - would hate Socs to arrive only to become one of unlucky few.

Oodthunkit Fri 30-Nov-12 15:20:34

My mum has just had whooping cough and it's been awful. Judging by the rest of us not getting it I assume the dds vaccines have worked & I'm
Immune although I'll still get the jab.

mandasand Fri 30-Nov-12 15:51:50

Thanks for all the constipation advice, possom, tramp, jojo, flowery, eigmum and pink - you're all lovely! - and hoping you too get sorted out soon, Sheldon! I won't bang on about it any more, especially as Lactulose has somehow lessened the pressure, but I am still not so patiently waiting for the earth to move… I've starting eating again now nausea has inexplicably passed, so surely I have to go soon?!

Flowery - have you completed on the house?! Never used to before DH, but now we get all our appliances from John Lewis as they have longer warranties or something and are v.v.v.g. at after-sales. Had an almost exciting moment earlier when I couldn't get our machine to work. I re-pressed all the buttons, got a bit wahoo about it giving up the ghost (it's ancient and came with the house and I'd like to replace it before babies come) … but then realised I'd failed to shut the door properly, gah.

Wishing you all the best with the gallery opening this weekend Tramp.

Pink happy birthday to your gorgeous DS3. Sounds like he (and you!) have had a very nice day. smile

JoJo not long to go now! Keep on truckin'.

Ta for new thread Sheldon! Number nine!!

OC ta for link to SAHM discussion - food for thought, as you say!

Zoey glad to hear it re wind-down! smile

Lexi hope you have an easier night tonight. I am v. sympathetic on lack of sleep. Past four nights I think it's been 2, 2, 4-5, and 4 hours for me. The last two nights have felt luxurious by comparison!

Sarah your trials re DS's uniform made me smile, but I can imagine it's a massive pain in the *rse. Can't you somehow make childminder take responsibility for it? She is your stand-in, after all, and it's something you would, and need to, do.

Lanny enjoy those fjords, sigh! Lovely smile My pregnancy risk assessment was hilarious: I put n/a for almost everything as I work from home, hehe. I love being a nuisance with those kinds of form.

We had a Chinese last night but I managed only a tiny bit. Babies went bonkers with the chilli (and I've not been eating much recently as well) and kicked and flumped for ages. It was getting a bit much actually, especially around my belly button where I think I either have no muscles, or my muscles have come apart, so I held my hand there as all the prodding and poking was making me feel a bit queasy, but the slight pressure of the hand seemed to encourage them all the more! Oh dear! In the end I just put a rug against my bump and tried to ignore it!

Just had a funny moment with our new(-ish) cleaner. She's only been about 3-4 times for us as I've been out quite a bit with work on the days she can do, but we're going to start weekly now, on Mondays. We must have been talking at cross purposes for ages because she was saying how she didn't have enough to do and could she iron (no, we don't iron) or do all the windows (ooh, okay) next time. We looked at the diary for a bit and I waved her off saying see you on the 10th, and she said, no - I'll see you on Monday ... i.e. in three days' time! That's why she needed more things to do as the house won't be a tip after all her immaculate work today (unless we try really hard…) I was sure we were talking about the 10th, but, erm, nevermind! It's going to be an expensive week, then, but from her perspective she's been really v. flexible over October/November and she probably needs to start coming in every week asap to make it worth her while. She already did a lot of internal windows today so I'm a bit stuck as to what other things to suggest. Would it be okay to ask her to scrub down the baby furniture friends and family kindly gave to us without always cleaning it down first, I wonder?

mandasand Fri 30-Nov-12 15:52:29

ps no-one has offered me the whooping cough vaccine yet - does that happen at 28 weeks?

LexiandBeanette Fri 30-Nov-12 15:57:27

Love the thread title! Thanks for being so understanding, all. So good to have the Marchers here!
Good luck with study JoJo and big work day Zoey!
Well back from the docs. I have costochondritis, ie inflammation of the rib tissues. Nothing threatening for baby or digestive which is a big relief. Main issue is that while doc sympathised as it is apparently known to be v painful, I can't take anything except normal doses of paracetamol as I am 28 weeks tomorrow. He did also say a heat pack is fine as it won't be on the bump (too high) so won't affect baby.
Was a bit naughty and popped into Next on the way back and bought my first baby clothes - 3 little sleepsuits in white with little silver mice and stars. I bought 'up to one month' rather than 'first size' as I just can't believe we will have a baby that small! DH is tallish (6"1) but very long in the leg.
Met a mum from my prenatal pilates group too with her newborn, she's my height and advised avoiding the teeny tiny clothes as her LO was 8lb but very long legged. Her little one was gorgeous and she looked really well, reminded me that it will all be worth it smile
Happy 'Scottish Day' to all the Scots on here, too! Loving the tam o'shanter smilies grin

LexiandBeanette Fri 30-Nov-12 15:59:06

Cross posted manda hope you get more eased soon! And I think the baby furniture idea is a good one.

Just marking place. Loving the St Andrew's Day smilies grin

FloweryBoots Fri 30-Nov-12 20:26:33

Lexi sorry you're in pain. It not being a concernt to the baby isn't always enough really is it if you're still left in pain! hope you manage a bit better night's sleep tonight. FX.

Lanny Sounds like wuite a task. Hope it all goes smoothly.

Zoey Hope you can start winding down a little now.

I've actually been sleeping better last two or three nights but still utterly utterly exhausted. DS told me off for shutting my eyes whilst reading bed time stories tonight!

GTT went OK this monring. Tireing not eating for so long, adn took longer to get started due waiting in line, then getting sent away again for anti emetic, then back again to the blood place for the gtt to start. Anti emtic was bloody painful injection in the bum, but made me feel SOOOO much better once it kicked in! And did the test with no sicking.

And house completion all went smoothly. Have the keys and will start moving stuff tomorrow. Took DS round for a quick look tonight and he seemed very happy running around the down stairs. Bit more decorating to do than we hoped but it always looks worse once furniture is out and it's still fairly minimul.

Right, must pack more (or nap grin).

Marking spot....

mandasand Fri 30-Nov-12 21:21:29

Okay, ladies, quick q (also posting on FB):

Old friend with boy twins is coming over tomorrow afternoon with two car seats, one of those pregnancy sausage pillows and quite a bit other stuff for our twins.

I'm trying to think what to get her to say thank you. I thought of a Christmas hamper, but they never look to be that good value. Another idea was vouchers for her to spend on the boys' xmas presents but DH thinks she may prefer something for herself - good point!

Any ideas? Budget £40-£50.

eigmum Fri 30-Nov-12 22:07:06

Manda When I gave a friend a whole set of maternity wear she gave me a voucher for John Lewis. Lovely thought and she can spend it on her or the boys! Just an idea. Hope you 've managed some movement!!

Read the sham debate, gosh there are some opinionated people out there! What stays with me is its a tough and personal decision and whatever you do you might wonder! for me given I am the main wage earner it wasn't really a go-er to stay at home and i like my job most of the time but things can change. I feel most sorry for those without choices and just coming out of uni etc in this environment!

Countmyblessings Fri 30-Nov-12 22:09:16

I just can't keep up with the chat on here!
Moves so fast! Just saying Hi!!!!!
Am I the only person who has not bought not one single thing for this baby yet???

Hi all

Just marking place. Totally knackered and back is sore, but ok apart from that. All set for NCT sale tomorrow! Hoping most of my stuff sells!!!
Off to bed, night all, will catch up over the weekend.

manda shed loads of strawberries helps....
Also syrup of figs from boots.

flowery think it was your house completing today? How did it go?

Sorry all those with bump/rib pains.... I am fortunately suffering that yet but had terrible pain like SPd in preg %231. Can at least offer some comfort that if you have stuff like this in one pregnancy it doesn't mean it will recur in your next one.

Am hoping to avoid heartburn which I had very badly in 2 of 3 pregnancies.

Busy day today. Took some holiday to host a PTA coffee morning for mums from ds2's nursery, then this afternoon we test drove and pug down a deposit on the car we (dh) wants. HAve to get a 7 seater and we have gone for an Audi which is fab....dh choice as I am not really that into cars!!! At least it's sorted and hopefully the car arrives before bsby!

Praying for a good night tonight. Ds2 decided he wants to try to stop wearing night time nappies so tonight is his first attempt. We did it with ds1 on his 4th birthday but for ds2 that's the week ds4 is due so thought we would try now as he is keen. Have lots of nappy mats on the bed!! And optimistically a torch for him to see his way to the loo/ strategically placed potty in the night. I think I will be changing sheets!!!

Dh has offered me a lie in tomorrow - lovely man. Then football in the park for the boys and lunch in the cafe!!!!

Flowery just re read and saw your house completed - congrats. Hope all goes well tomorrow

StormyBrid Sat 01-Dec-12 07:44:06

Spent about an hour lying in bed this morning, worried and poking my tummy. No movements from baby at all. Then the alarm went off. Cue weird stretchy feeling, then non-stop kicks ever since. So, I'm guessing they do actually sleep in there!

Not sure this time of the morning ought to be allowed. Munich awaits! Back in ten days. Try not to start a new thread without me, ladies. grin

Oodthunkit Sat 01-Dec-12 08:59:20

stormy I was doing that yesterday. One of my least favourite things in pregnancy the 'oh my god when did baby move last'

flowery congrats on the house

stealth I posted on your FB thread but couldn't match the name/MNer blush

theTramp Sat 01-Dec-12 09:30:46

Manda - £40-50 I'd go for JL vouchers, a voucher for a really nice pamper place or just a v good van of something you know she likes but would prob not treat self too eg. 2 v good bottles of wine, vouchers for afternoon tea, a nice bottle of champers, a stupidly expensive but luxurious candel..

Flowery - good luck!

On baby stuff non purchases - you're not alone!

On bump moves or lack thereof I'm surprisingly zen. The zen may be assisted by fact that much movement now corresponds with serious bump/gut pain or bladder stress smile

eigmum Sat 01-Dec-12 09:57:18

I haven't bought anything yet or done anything other than move DS out of cot and into a bed so cot is dismantled ready to be put back together for newbie girl! however as I have one already I am planning to re use everything . Will need some little bits new but not going to start that yet. After Christmas will sort out the baby room I think.

Tramp - I am also pretty zen about movement as it has turned into really strong kicks!!

I am waiting for my thyroid results today as suddenly really knackered again so may need more drugs! I think a couple of you are also thyroxine takers. Nice to know I am not the only one ...

JoJoBella84 Sat 01-Dec-12 10:04:58

manda whooping cough jab to be between 28-38 weeks. I've not booked mine yet. Was told to 3 weeks ago but things have been hectic!
JL vouchers sound great! That way she can choose from their vast selection AND enjoy their fab customer service!!

I have a question... How much do you think is too much to spend on salt and pepper grinders? We're kitting the new house/kitchen in decent/good quality stuff that will last years and years. I've found the perfect grinders in a shop in York but they're £40 each!!!! They are amazing quality and look fab but part if me wonders if they'll be as prone to break/wear down as the cheaper ones??!

HermioneBoo Sat 01-Dec-12 10:24:24

Marking my place! Loving the Christmassy name, I love Christmas!

I am currently mainlining Gaviscon and living off snacks as I'm too scared of a repeat of Wednesday morning to eat! I was like this after the worst of the MS so hoping I get my appetite back soon. Am sure it was just bad indigestion and heartburn but my stomach still feels a bit tender.

I have a question for the ladies who have worked through third trimester, I tried to ask my supervisor if after Christmas I could be more office based, he thinks ill be like I am now just waddle more and there isn't any need to change things. My job is active despite the risk assessment saying I can't lift or push equipment, I regularly walk 5 miles a day around the site and up and down stairs. By 4pm my back is extremely sore and I can't sit for long, I get sciatic pain quite a lot throughout the day but think that's BabyBoo sitting on the nerve as it fades as I walk about. I am absolutely shattered now and I'm 24+4, my question is - is the discomfort and tiredness going to get more and more? Am I right to want to be more office based and should ignore my supervisor?
I just don't want to seem as if I'm making mountains out of molehills, I've lost count of the number of people that said their friend/wife/sister worked until the very last minute as normal sad

Manda what I would do for JL vouchers right now ;) so much nice stuff in there and others are right, she could get something for her children or for herself, or get some Christmas shopping done. I got £170 worth of vouchers for JL from my work and its been lovely picking something out. I get vouchers for afternoon tea from my in laws and although we've had some nice experiences some of them have been rubbish

FloweryBoots Sat 01-Dec-12 10:38:14

Manda If it were me I'd appreciate JL vouchers, and/or afternoon tea. When I was bridesmaind for my best friend she took me out for afternoon tea as a thank you afterwards which was a lovely treat, plus we got to do it together, but I can see that if she's giving you baby stuff from her kids, she might like the idea of any thank you you give partialy perhaps going towards something for ehr kids. We got a pram from DHs cousin when we had DS. They wouldn't accept anything for it so we sent some money for thier 3 kids at Christmas which we wouldn't normally do and address it to each of the children so they couldn't turn it down! Seemed to go down well. Re whooping cough jab I got a letter the other day fromt eh GP telling me I could just call to make appointment for between 28 - 32 weeks with the practice nurse. MW had not brought it up. And is it linseed that's supposed to be very good for bowel movements?

I'm wroking today but it is the first wedding we have ever hosted where I work so it's quite fun, and I'm doing it rather than having handed it over to our event manager because, basically, I didn't want anything to go wrong (sure she's peed off that I clearly didn't trust her but oh well, improtant to make sure it's right). All seems fine so far. Hoping to get back home for a few hours between completing set up adn guests arriving. PIL are coming over to help with house stuff, FIL will be doing odd jobs like polyfillering walls, taking out a breakfast bar and changing all the locks. Hope they find enough to do dtoday as we have not done nearly enough packing. Big stuff will all be done next weekend in my bros van.

Sheldonella Sat 01-Dec-12 10:41:46

Morning! grin lovely morning so far - I slept until 8:30 then had cuddles in bed all morning. We tried an experiment with baby as we read that she might notice light now. DH shone the bright light from his phone on my stomach on the side and it started bouncing! He then tried the other side and that side moved! It may have been a coincidence but I like to think she did it on purpose. So cute smile smile smile

In more exciting news, we are going to buy the pram and car seat today. Also some birthday shopping for DH as it is mine in a few days.

flowery yay for the house. Have a fab time moving.

manda John Lewis vouchers sound great, something in there for everyone. Hamper sounds lovely too though.

stealth I hope you got a good night and lie in.

jojo that sounds like the grinders will be really good quality. They are one of those things that seem to be expensive. I have some cheap ones and they aren't good. In fact you may have just given me a Christmas idea smile

hermione no experience myself but I am exhausted too so I think it is perfectly reasonable to ask for office based work. I have been talking to colleagues lately who started working from home more and more.

Would it be bad to put my Xmas tree up this weekend?

Oodthunkit Sat 01-Dec-12 11:42:28

hermione it's not going to get easier! If you are finding it difficult now then you need a new assessment. Get a fit note from GP if needed.

JoJoBella84 Sat 01-Dec-12 11:44:27

Xmas trees usually always go up on 1st dec in my house sheldon so I don't think it's too early at all. Though this year I'm not doing one! I had a mini one In my student room last year but there's only two weeks left of term so I think I'll wait to enjoy the family tree smile

Countmyblessings Sat 01-Dec-12 12:10:07

Hi all - I'm glad I'm not alone in not buying not a single thing for this baby!
As I thought I would not get another chance we gave away everything apart from cot and stokke buggy we got for DS!!!!!
So I guess those are the major bits taken care off!
I love the idea of vouchers as you can spend as and when you need too!
Her - I would def consider office base as your going to find the further you go the more your body is going to need the rest and bring that active is all good it's when you get home you'll pay in pain!!! Backache is the worse and also your legs will throb like you've done a marathon!
Love the idea of getting up the tree! As its def chance to enjoy the tree and decs longer!!

Oodthunkit Sat 01-Dec-12 12:54:09

We will probably do our tree next weekend when dd1/2 are here to do lifting and carrying I'm hoping to get sorted with presents this week. Have loads but need to audit!

We'll be doing the Christmas tree thing next weekend. Got a letter this morning inviting me to interview for the head of dept job I applied for, so have enough going on this week!

Re: heartburn. I picked up my prescription for industrial sized bottles of Gaviscon on Tuesday. Have had no heartburn since Wednesday. Typical!

Oodthunkit Sat 01-Dec-12 15:08:21

Well done possum is that 2 interviews then?

theTramp Sat 01-Dec-12 15:11:44

No Christmas decs til weekend before Christmas for me, dems da rules, but I may opt for week before weekend before this year as we're away Christmas.

Hermione - I think you're right to push for desk bound.

Gallery openings going ok. Something different for me anyway and I'm quite liking some of the work too (hmmm Xmas presie to self?).

New iPhone & laptop sorted yesterday; well bought not quite sorted yet need to get no transfer/have it delivered. Anyway - wahoo.

Really tired today. Have ton of work to do & done none at all so far - bad me. Also no lunch yet; MrM has just had his wrists slapped, he buggered off to check out our neighbours studios for donks leaving me manning fort (why I oughta! Etc).

Sheldonella Sat 01-Dec-12 18:38:37

Pram ordered! We pick up a red Phil & Teds navigator on Tuesday grin I have exhausted myself walking all over town for hours so think I'll be having an early night. There was a nice moment when we were waiting in a restaurant for lunch - one of the staff noticed I was pregnant and got me a chair. So lovely smile

I'm a bit freaked out now as I think one of my boobs is leaking confused is this possible at 26 weeks?

Wow possom another interview! smile Go you!

Gallery sounds exciting tramp what sort of gallery is it? Are you buying yourself a present? smile

Oodthunkit Sat 01-Dec-12 18:55:31

sheldon yep!

Countmyblessings Sat 01-Dec-12 20:21:09

Backwards - well done on the job interview! That's great news!
I guess the quicker you get Christmas bits sorted the better! beat the rush the hustle and the long queues!!!
None of it for me of on hols so doing Christmas besides a pool!!!!
I hate heartburn keep forgetting to mention it when I go to see GP!!! Doh!

eigmum Sat 01-Dec-12 22:27:31

I just need to know if manda has done a poo. I'll sleep better, it been on my mind all day and I've up'ed my fruit intake in sympathy!

Plus our christmas tree is up and I made mince pies!!

mandasand Sat 01-Dec-12 23:01:48

Oh Eigmum I log on and am very touched by your concern for me old bowels! I have Good News to share, ladies! Oh yes. After a couple of days on the Lactulose things s-l-o-w-l-y started moving. And I did a normal sized one earlier - I was so very pleased with myself! Yippee! Thanks for all your advice and sympathy! Constipation is awful!

Oh, and Eig my thyroid has been struggling to keep up during the pregnancy. I'm only on 25mg one day and 50mg the next, but I feel better for it. I've been overactive in the past, and Mum and bro both have thyroid issues one way or the other. I expect hope mine to go back to normal after pregnancy.

The JL voucher idea is tops and, yes, she could have used it on her, the house, or the kids. That would have been perfect, but I got so taken with Sundae's suggestion on FB that I have a go at making my own xmas hamper that we were at Waitrose at 0830 this morning buying all manner of chutneys, chocolate, ginger wine and biscuits. Spent £40, and it looked just great in a wrapped and dressed up cardboard box! Friend loved it smile

She is such a sweetie. Brought one of those big sausage pillows for sleeping and feeding, two pram sleeping bag things, and two newborn inserts for prams and car seats. The two Britax car seats are on their way in Jan. Five years ago she was due just the day after me (my official due date is 5 Mar) and her boys arrived a few weeks early at the end of Jan … which really made me think! I'm expecting February babies, because twins tend to be born early … but January?! That's next month!

Went to Ikea tonight and wished that I'd been able to get a wheelchair. By the end, in the flat-pack bit, I collapsed in a settee whilst DH fetched stuff, and a member of staff came up to me really worried asking if I was okay! Funny.

Ethel how did NCT sale go?

JoJo I'd say £40 each is a lot of dosh! My main worry is that they would break. I am happy to spend on stuff if I know it will last. Solid furniture etc. But a grinder could easily wear out / break after a couple of years … but, then again, if they are perfect … !

Possom wayhey re HoD job!!! So happy for you! FX…..

Sheldon wow re light!! Am going to try that! Yay for lie in! Hurray for pram but eek re boob! Am sure it's normal!

I slept through last night with only one wake-up - amazing!

Hermione I can't speak from experience, but if you're suffering now … it's only going to get worse as you get bigger, and with the cumulative impact on your muscles etc. Can you get another risk assessment done and stress the parts of your job which are now becoming awkward? Or get a doctors note to say you simply can't do so much walking and stairs? Seriously, you're not being draft about this.

theTramp Sat 01-Dec-12 23:03:29

Yes to leaky boobs.

Gallery is showing examples of our neighbours art. We are the non artists in a street filled with artists & their studios. Theyre opening their studios this weekend so we've opened our gallery in a complimentary fashion. A really interesting mix of types & styles of art. If you're in London pop in.

I've a fancy for one of the pieces, which is under £100, and I'm thinking MrM and I could buy it for ourselves for Christmas...

theTramp Sat 01-Dec-12 23:09:44

JoJo on salt & pepper grinders. I have snazzy ones (presies, personally I don't like or use salt & pepper apart from in odd recipe) which is perhaps why they're never used & the grinder sea salt & grinder pepper spice type jars get used instead. MrM has a metal seat that cost a tenner that seem to work. However my Mum has a v nice and pricey wooden set she has had for at least 30 years. She cleans it once a year etc, so it's looked after. So I reckon if you love, I'd you'd use and if you'll look after £40 s not so bad.

Manda- 3 cheers for bowel movements. smile

Christmas trees already, cripes.

mandasand Sat 01-Dec-12 23:27:21

Tramp well done on gallery opening. Sounds like a great area! Definitely go for it with the art work. If your gut is drawing you to it you'll only ever regret not buying it.

eigmum Sun 02-Dec-12 08:13:41

Manda - I am pleased about the movements! All my family have thyroid issues. I started over active and then went under, I started this pregancy on 75 mg a day but went to a score of 0.006 so am now on 50 mg a day with a healthy score of 0.9, pre pregnancy without drugs I was about 5 which is verge of normal but I was knackered and the doctor made me get to a score of 2 with drugs before we started trying which is just as well as I got pregnant the first time we did! Is that tmi! I didn't have any issues before my first pregnancy but looking back it probably was starting to go and pregnancy definitely accelerated things. Hence for me number 2 will be enough!!

Tramp - sounds lovely, mrE and I did that last year from a gallery in Brighton and I still love it!

zoeymlucas Sun 02-Dec-12 09:41:16

Fab news on the movement Amanda I once didn't go for 10 days (ibs) and started getting ill so glad things ate sorted now

Woke up at 3.00 convinced I was in labour as was in agony and couldnt move- ummmmm it was wind and will teach me not to make curry when I know it plays games with my belly- don't think DH was impressed!!!!

DH is decorating boys room so I had DS2 yesterday which was fine but a lot of lifting and carrying the lazy monkey didn't not sit well with my back at all so had to bath for 2 horurs last night! Laid on sofa and had remote balanced on bump and little man did a massive kick and it fell off which made me giggle a lot!

mandasand Sun 02-Dec-12 09:48:41

Eig I never knew how important the little thyroid was till my Mum gad to gave hers taken away with the radioactive iodine (an awful, awful process - she had to be isolated in the house for about a month sad ). I mentioned it to my doc at the time who tested me and I had just got into overactive territory too (which explained a lot of symptoms I was having!) but mine righted itself after two years of meds. Then a few years back my young brother suddenly was finding it really difficult to stand up and walk. They eventually admitted him to hospital for all sorts of terrifying tests and eventually they discovered he had developed a rare sort of underactive thyroid which attacks the muscles - thus not being able to stand, etc - and the change in him once he started getting better was astonishing. Not just physical but also in his personality etc. Compared with my family, then, my issues have not been v. severe so I'm really hoping it's just the drain of carrying twins (that's what docs and consultants think) so fingers crossed it will go back to normal afterwards!

theTramp Sun 02-Dec-12 09:51:45

I keep having v vivid anxiety dreams. Usually half of my teeth fall out of my mouth (generally just the left side or just the right side), or half my hair (see teeth) or I go to hospital and scan shows empty belly, or I am in hospital and told baby hasn't made it .. That sort of v obvious anxiety dream, so no matter how vivid when I wake up I understand it wasn't real. (NB I was plagued with nightmares like this as a kid, always the bloody wobbles stabbing people with their litter sticks!).

Anyway last night I woke up totally disorientated. Gen gist: MrM had been having an affair and I was left on my own jut not knowing what to do. Woke up quite panicked and not sure why I was in bed - that kind of a vivid dream. Anyway, wee break, glass of water, back to sleep - grand. This morning I was explaining this to MrM. His response "So me losing my hair is up there for you with our child dying and you losing your teeth as an anxiety, thanks slot." Possibly greatest misheard ever ;)

mandasand Sun 02-Dec-12 10:08:15

Zoey Xposted! Morning! 10 days - wow, you must have been getting really uncomfortable. Bloomin' IBS! Hoho re mistaking wind for labour!

Tramp hilarious mishearing!! In my anxiety dream lately DH pissed off with a Bulgarian woman. Why Bulgarian I have no idea!

I had to send DH out at 2am to the futon as I was so huffy and puffy with discomfort. Slept better afterwards. Felt a bit bad about it but he says he slept a lot better too. He's back in bed now having a well deserved lie-in.

I'm really excited about getting his new desk built and moving him into 'my' study today. I'm a bit worried about sharing my space tho. Of course it's all 'our' space (as he keeps reminding me!) but having spent the first 13 years of my life as an only child before my brother came along I'm used to having my own space with a door that I can shut. Also, I don't have an office and I have a full-time job with part-time teaching on top, so I do need somewhere to work. But he is sensitive to all this so I shouldn't worry. It is going to be good.

Yesterday we freecycled some of the old Ikea bookcases from his man cave, his books are now spread about the house with all the others (travel with travel, art with art - can't you tell I used to be a librarian?!) and I'm going to give him two of my six bookcases in the study (not sure how I'm going to do that yet … !) and the nursery-to-be is already looking much more light and spacious (with a pile of man crap on the floor).

Am getting a tiny bit excited now! Really want to have a space for the babies now.

On which note. What do people do with storage of babies clothes? Just a chest of drawers? We were looking at something like this in Ikea yesterday:

STUVA http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/categories/departments/childrens_ikea/18836/

TROFAST http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/categories/departments/childrens_ikea/series/19027/

The Trofast is not the prettiest stuff and neither are likely to last more than a few years but v. practical and can poss be re-used for toys later on?

OodKingWenceslas Sun 02-Dec-12 10:15:49

Trofast is on our list of possibles for toys, always recommended on here.
Dd3 currently has 2 drawers in our room as she is still in with us. Babies don't need a lot of storage, dd3 is 2 and could probably do with 3 drawers plus 2 hangers in my wardrobe.

Em2010 Sun 02-Dec-12 11:06:49

Hello All, sorry I haven't been around much, managed to leave my iPhone at my aunts house in Hull on Friday and feeling a bit cut off from the world now! I don't have the time to drive back and get it at the moment!!

Ah funny dreams! It's amazing what randomness the subconscious comes up with when we're asleep!

manda baby clothing storage, I tend to stuff it wherever I can find the space!! Really should follow your example and be more organised!

sheldon yay for new pram! Sounds fab.

ood love the christmassy name! I wanted to get our Christmas tree this morning but sadly I'm just too tired, so will head over to my mums for roast beef and Yorkshire puds instead! Can't wait to get Christmas started in this house. Trying to explain the concept of an advent calendar to ds who just ants to eat all the chocolate on day 1 like his mum then

Went to the nct sale in York yesterday and met Ethel! Who was lovely and looking very radiant! Spent a small fortune on clothes for ds but not too much for baby as a) I still don't trust sonographer that she is indeed a she and b) I don't know how much stuff we are going to be given!

Had a Mum's night out with some of my friends last night, was a great giggle but called it a day after the meal and got home about 12.45 - suffering this morning!! So tired! Hope everyone else is having nice Sundays! Ttfn!

mandasand Sun 02-Dec-12 11:11:12

We've already got quite a large suitcase and several carrier bags of clothing donated to us - quite bit for vastly different ages - and nowhere else to store it, so that's why I'm thinking of just having it organised by size in the one room. If it goes in the loft I think I'll forget what we've got!) I guess the babies may come out slightly different sizes too? (They are a bit different already in utero.)

Also, I'd like all the bedding etc storage to be in the one room, not least because we really don't have extra space for it elsewhere. It's a reasonably sized box room, but still I think we are going to have to go high to get everything in!

mandasand Sun 02-Dec-12 11:14:54

Hi Em - xposted - how brilliant that you and Ethel met at the NCT sale yesterday! I love that!

Uh-oh, given the state of my own wardrobe, in which the principle is stuff it in and hope for the best, I really think I need a system with the babies, given they are going to need so many changes. My own wardrobe chaos I can deal with comfortably but being organised with the babies' stuff will lull me into a sense of coping more generally, I think!

Ood I love the xmassy name too!

OodKingWenceslas Sun 02-Dec-12 12:00:16

manda vac bag each size. Anything above 0-3 months put in loft. Keep newborn/0-3 separate in drawers.

Yup, 2 interviews, both on the same day! Am a bit stressed about them, but just going to go for it and keep my fingers crossed that I'm the best candidate smile

Ood love the name change! grin

pinkpeony4 Sun 02-Dec-12 13:16:27

Manda We have Stuva toyboxes in our playroom and they are brilliant. They look really nice and you can fit loads in them. I bought one of their cupboards with drawers for our kitchen to put the boys art stuff in and that's great too. You could use that for clothes and it's not that big. My boys have a chest of drawers and wardrobe each in their rooms but the chest of drawers is half empty because I just hang everything up so I can see what they have. Unless we are really organised and move ds3 into ds2's room before this baby arrives, she will have a few storage boxes in my wardrobe to keep her clothes. Newborn stuff is so tiny that it doesn't take up that much space.

backward good luck with your job interview.

Em how funny that you met Ethel was it weird?! Glad you managed to get some good stuff at the sale.

Tramp I have horrid dreams when pregnant too. Very vivid and I often end up really crying!! Very strange

Sheldon Definitely not too early for leakage, I remember being freaked out with ds1 when it happened!

JoJo what are the grinders like? We really need new ones because ours are crap. I think it's worth spending on something you will probably use everyday for years.

I am knackered today. Spent all day yesterday walking around London. My sister came and we went to the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park which was very fun but freezing cold! We then took the boys to Wagamamas in Harvey Nick's for lunch and then to see Father Christmas in Chelsea. Ds3 was terrified and wouldn't go near him but they bigger boys loved it and we got a sweet photo. DH was at the rugby at Twickenham and managed to stay out drinking for 12 hours. Not impressed, he snored all night long and stank of booze so I couldn't sleep. Grrrrrrrr I wish he had slept on the sofa.

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday

LaurenCaddy Sun 02-Dec-12 13:24:45

Hi Ladies,

New to Mumsnet, thought i'd introduce myself! OodKingWenceslas led me here through a post i made in the Pregnancy bit about Midwife Appointments. Sorry to but in mid conversation/posts.

My names Lauren, i'm due my little girl bump on 18th March. Her names Isabelle smile We're from Somerset, Burnham On Sea way, and live with my partner Aaron.

Nice to meet you all


sundaesundae Sun 02-Dec-12 13:51:52

Hi Lauren, welcome!

OodKingWenceslas Sun 02-Dec-12 14:00:55

Hi Lauren , glad you found us. Lots of comparing notes here!

JoJoBella84 Sun 02-Dec-12 17:56:33

pink they're solid wood but red. Really pretty though as you can still see the pattern of the wood through the colour rather than a patent shiny red which would be too garish! We're looking for red accessories but long lasting and good quality.
I never imagined grinders could cost so much, I've only ever had cheap ones that break easily hence my caution with spending £80 on them... I should probably find out if they come with any form of warranty other than the standard 12 months. There has to be a reason they're so expensive! They're stunning though (at least, as stunning as grinders can be)!

FloweryBoots Sun 02-Dec-12 18:27:34

JoJo My parents have always had proper grinders and despite them seemingly costing a lot (and my parents are renowned for tightness but still spent lots on grinders) the salt ones always seemed to wear out. Then a while back they found some where the mechansism was made of something different and they had a life time garuntee. They were even more expensive but are absolutly brilliant, must be 10 years old now and still seem like brand new. And those type are now far more common, so perhaps (hopefully?!) your red pair are some of that sort, In which case I would say the £40 each is worth it, but as you say, check the garuntee. I'll see if I can remember anything more useful/helpful about the make and the mechanism thing. Yours do sound beautiful. I like proper grinders.

Possum go you, well done on the interviews.

Manda My DS has always had a 4 drawer chest of drawers. 2 have had clothes in, one nappies (cloth) and one bedding (cot sheets, travel cot sheets, sleeping bags) and his spare towel etc. It's more than big enough still now and he's 2.

We need to think about some proper toy storage now DS is getting older and now we have the new house. On house stuff there is more painting to do than we thought now you see it empty. Unfortunately we started today with kitchen and our bedroom which are the ones that need doing most and DH has decided he doesn't like the paint we bought for either now we have a wall done in each room. Oh dear! FIL is bussy putting some new sockets into the kitchen and we rashly decided to pull off the stainless steel splash backs and the adhesive is proving VERY difficult to remove so we've just added a large task for our selves there. Oh well, will be nicer without them, it was a bit too much steel. We seem to have done a lot of polyfillering so far!

Welcome Lauren and congratulations.

JoJoBella84 Sun 02-Dec-12 19:08:43

Oh welcome lauren sorry I completely missed your post blush .
Love the name Isabelle. Isabella was on my shortlist of girls names but OH wasn't keen on either of the nicknames with our surname so vetoed it!!

LexiandBeanette Sun 02-Dec-12 19:37:37

possum great news on job interviews, and yeay to house completion flowery!
Hermione I think your request is very reasonable. also getting annoyed by people telling me they worked until the day before birth blah blah blah!
Tramp another one with vivid anxiety dreams - such a weird feeling when you wake up!
lauren welcome!

Another moan ahead......feeling a bit at the end of my tether - rushed to Somerset and back this weekend for family emergency, now also have runny nose, sore throat and feel generally awful. I know it is just a cold but I suspect I will be off work tomorrow - I feel so pathetic & like I'm doing everything badly, especially work sad

Em2010 Sun 02-Dec-12 20:40:09

Aw lexi please don't feel guilty about taking time off if you're not feeling well! I pushed through everything when I had my first pregnancy and really regret it because once the baby arrives, taking a day off when you feel grotty isn't an option! Hope your family is ok?

Welcome Lauren Isabelle is a great name and would have been our choice for our first baby but doesn't suit little boys very well grin

flowery hope you're settling in to your new house.

To add to the grinder debate, DH aunt gave us a pair of electric chrome ones that light up when we got our first flat. At the time I thought they were a total waste of time but over the years I have come to love them! Sorry, that doesn't really help you much jojo! Were you in Mulberry Hall? I love it in there!!

possom congratulations on job interviews!

pink was a bit nerve wracking marching up to a random pregnant stranger and asking her if she was Ethel but fortunately I had the right person and we were able to have a nice chat!! Sounds like a fab (if exhausting) day in London for you! Hope your DH is making it up to you for keeping you up all night!

Speaking of DHs, I am not on speaking terms with mine!! He is getting on my nerves, pretty certain it's amplified by hormones but I am sick of how blimmin lazy and selfish he is!! Sorry, rant over, feels better to get it out!

OodKingWenceslas Sun 02-Dec-12 20:46:48

em I once saw someone from my oct10 thread in boots. Total fluke on me knowing who it was. I didn't approach her though <chicken>

zoey how are you doing? Are you trying to cut back now?

JoJoBella84 Sun 02-Dec-12 20:55:31

em next door in the warehouse place. They kind of link together anyway. I found it sccidentally after a trip to Stonegate Yard!!
Yummy, must go back smile

zoeymlucas Sun 02-Dec-12 21:01:46

The plan was to cut down Ood but had a problem at work Friday which resulted in assistant being sacked - found he was spending the day running a betting ring with mates which is why not doing stuff and the phone calls were his mates for updates not work, so can see boss trying he luck!!!!!
Consultant is back this week and I am his ist patient in clinic Thursday which will cheer me up as had a little bleed last week and when I rang maternity they said not to come in!

Am shattered tonight as DH has been painting boys room in a jungle theme and even though it looks amazing means I have had to do more and have both kids all weekend which is fine but the lifting of DS2 has left me in a lot of pain!

In other news the xmas tree and decorations are up and making Christmas more real and scary I could have a baby next month!!!!! As DS2 was due later in march than this one and is a Jan baby shock

Welcome lauren and congrats on your little girl - loving the name choice

em vent away there are times I want to kick mine somewhere even bough he hasn't really done anything major- its worse when e sleeping am I am just laying there wide awake!

HermioneBoo Sun 02-Dec-12 21:15:37

Oh Lexi I was just saying exactly the same thing to DH and my bf earlier, I feel very pathetic at work and home, none of my jobs are getting done properly and I've already had to take so much time off that its been mentioned by HR to my boss! My boss just said to ignore it but still, I had hardly any time off at all before and it just seems like yet another thing to worry about. DH and bf said that work is not a priority at the moment, work will be there when we get back from leave but your baby's health is not so assured. It's not like we're taking sick time over the slightest thing either.
Unfortunately I threw a massive wobbly earlier, tears, snot, shouting the works! I had just felt crappy all weekend, nauseous, on the verge of a cold, tired, and then today BabyBoo wasn't moving anywhere near as much as normal. Then dh's phone rang with two separate members of his family needing tech help and expecting him to drop everything to tend to them. He was already anxious and really busy and just seeing the phone calls effect on him really upset me. Obvs my hormones thought the best thing to do would be to throw a fit about the situation and make him worry even more!

I have one chest of drawers for BabyBoo with three drawers, its the Ikea Hemnes in white, I put some of the dividers they sell in one of the drawers to separate out her bibs, socks, hats, onesies, sleepsuits, booties and scratch mitts. In the bottom drawer I've put the proper outfits and then in the top drawer I've put all the changing stuff we have so far so there's nappy cream, nappies, baby wipes etc. this is all stuff we've been given btw, I'm really not organised!

manda that hamper looked amazing, can I be your friend please?! ;)

Right, now it's time to freak myself out by watching Critchley Hall. I really scared DH last night, we have the baby monitor set up to check it works and monitor the temperature in her room, DH was in there and I said 'Boo!' Through the monitor - he actually screamed! I haven't laughed so much in ages!

OodKingWenceslas Sun 02-Dec-12 21:20:10

zoey don't take any risks, you've warned your boss plenty!

hermionie if it's pregnancy related absence then you can't get in trouble for it.

lexi don't push yourself if you're not well

ood take your own advice

LaurenCaddy Sun 02-Dec-12 21:25:51

Gonna sound really stupid now, can someone tell me what DH and that means please?

I'm used to LG/LB - little boy/little girl and OH- Other half on Mumsworld so these are new to me!

And thank you to all who said about the name choice and welcomed me! It was the only name my bloke agreed to in the end smile

OodKingWenceslas Sun 02-Dec-12 21:32:36

Dh- dear husband
DP- dear partner
Dd- dear daughter
DS- dear son
Dc- dear children
Pretty much the d means dear( or darling) Still use OH and loads more.
If you are on a computer there's an acronyms page at the top but I'm on mobile site and can't find it and I can't change to desk top hmm

LaurenCaddy Sun 02-Dec-12 21:34:43

Ahhh now that now makes sense! Thank you smile I can't see the acronyms page but i'll have a closer nosey!

zoeymlucas Sun 02-Dec-12 21:39:29

Can I be your friend too manda ur hamper was amazing and I have been after one of those Xmas puddings in for the last 2 years and they are Always sold out here I even cheered yesterday envy
Boss as been warned and tobe fair I am exhausted so it's a case of tough luck I need to chill
DH - darling husband if u get confused look at the acronyms tab below it helped me loads to start
Went to mums earlier and she said she had been shopping and got me stuff- I got super excited by the HUGE bag she produced to be presented with breast pads, maternity pads, creams, cotton wool balls, nappies, baby sponge and baby wipes,lol!!! Very sweet of her but not what I was expecting- tillshe produced the new jimmy Choos perfum for me, got to love mums grin

LaurenCaddy Sun 02-Dec-12 21:48:48

I've found the acronyms tab. There is a damn lot of them. Talk about having your own little dictionary on here haha.

I wish i was still working. I was told i was a health and safety risk behind the bar so they slowly reduced my hours, then i was first to go in September (seasonal work), and now the job center drives me insane!! sad Plus i always get funny looks because i look younger than i am :/

ThreeForTea Sun 02-Dec-12 22:31:25

Evening! Feel like I have neglected to join this thread sooner, but lovely to have a christmassy one smile

Love that Em and Ethel met! Nice to have mutual reassurance that at least two of us aren't hairy truckers as my DH keeps insinuating! grin wink

Welcome Lauren, hope you're enjoying thread so far. Love the name Isobelle.

Having had a busy week suddenly feeling really tired now. Also went to a nearly new sale yesterday and spent around £70! (how?) Did kit up quite a few lovely bits for LO, things that really do look completely unworn and really great quality. The bits for baby include a rather fetching christmas outfit for next year in the 9-12 months size. I had a little chart that i'd made on a post it to walk round with to use as a guide for what sizes i'd need for each season if little ds grows at the same rate as dd. Looked like a total geek but it did help me to decide on things. Also bought a big load of fisher-price 'little people' toys which i'd been looking at in Boots the day before.

Boob leakage - i don't have it yet, but had it around this time with dd. Only on one occasion though, woke up in the night with patches on my top. Found it really disgusting - thought it must be how a teenage boy feels with his first nocturnal emission! Went on to have a massive oversupply problem after dd was born, but at least I didn't ever had mastitis.

Storage - I just bought a load from people who have moved to the states. For the first time in what feels like an age 'nursery' is relatively tidy. My lesson from this; don't wait two years to get a good system in place! I also really undersetimated how fast you need to switch the clothes sizes over. I'm putting bags in the attic now labelled with the month that i'm (approximatly) going to need them. I'm also not going to have way too many like I did last time. We were literally swimming in clothes which now I can't even reuse as they are all pretty girly.

Dreams- had such a random one last night where the main thing I remember is just being really angry and having a massive shouty rant at someone, can't even remember who!

Decs - will be looking for a tree this week, yay. DH has just finished painting the feature wall in the lounge in a lush deep red so will look great with some foraged foliage if I get the chance.

Went to/helped out Ted x Women event in MK today. It was really amazing, so inspiring. One of the speakers was the woman who first started SureStart. She came and spoke to me as she could see I was pg and it was so interesting to talk to her about the parenting/childcare/early years education issues. One of my main pet topics for various reasons.

Baby is kicking loads today, flumping around. Started feeling breathless and not being able to move so quickly. Backache; check, heartburn; check. Feel absolutly amazing in general though compared to how I have felt in this pregnancy though. This is an amazing time. Am generally enjoying it smile

manda I have vac bagged all my kids clothes partic as am fortunate my oldest db has 4 boys with the youngest a year older than my eldest. So get loads if fab hand me downs. I have a whole wardrobe with bags labelled up, even bags of different sized gro bags and baby towels etc. when the little ones get bigger I just go to my "shop" in the wardrobe and get the right bag out and pack the old lot away!!
One chest of drawers is enough per child in my house!

Countmyblessings Mon 03-Dec-12 06:41:53

Ohhh Ladies wow you are so organised - all thus talk on clothes and nurseries and storage!!!!!!! I have done nothing!
Welcome Lauren - I do hope you can keep up these thread tend to move quickly!!!
Nice to hear that baby movement are getting stronger my ds2 has his head on my belly as baby started moving he was so shocked and then calmly planted to kisses on my belly for baby!!! Arhhhhhhhh!
Strange to believe that we have to give maternity leave dates to HR I'm clueless to when I want to start all depending on how my body keeps up with it all!!! Back ache and throbbing legs ain't fun though!!!
Glad the Hamper was a success great thought and clearly well deserved how lovely for you to get so much stuff!!!!
I gave yet another bag of my ds bits smart shirts and trousers from next and Zara - too cute to give to the never ending charity bags we keep getting but managed to fill 3 with my stuff I will never wear again and the dc bits they tend to get rid of things not that old but insist they will never wear again!!! Have images of them walking strong naked at this rate of them growing!!!!!
Backwards - good luck on the job front I'm sure you'll get your pick of what job to take!!!!
Zoey - that's the kind of thing my mum would of done! This time of the year is hard as lost her in 09 and me being the baby having baby is really hard not to have her around looking after me! Mil is great but just not the same! Had dilemma with ds as she wanted to be there at birth I just prayed it would be a early morning labour for her not to attend and it happened she was first on scene after he came which was fine!
Felt bad but my mum was the only one I wanted there!!!!

Vivee74 Mon 03-Dec-12 07:32:44

Hello all,

Glad to see everyone is getting a bit more organised. I've sorted travel set, cot and knitted/crocheted five blankets. Need to organise a new house and then get remaining bits.

Question. OH's brother and sister in law came over yesterday. She reached over and patted my belly which I have decided I really don't like!!! Any suggestions for an appropriate response. We are not friends and maybe that's why it annoyed me so much. She then moved on to child care. We at opposite ends on that too. Me with career and options to return post child with some working from home. While she has two sons in high school and doesn't work. So feel she making judgement. Grrrr

Well beginning of a really busy week. Last week at work before I fly to Australia for Christmas (BIG YEAH), month end so lots of reports, paperwork for OH's business, doctors appointment to get letter to fly, mid wife appt, dentist as crown fell out over weekend. And then need to get all Christmas presents to take home once I get replacement credit cards (wallet stolen)..... Deep breath and think of sunshine in Sydney!!!

LexiandBeanette Mon 03-Dec-12 08:04:56

Three the TedX talks are so inspiring, didn't realise that there was an event in MK! How cool!
No decorations here as we still hope building work will start soon. We need some things doing downstairs to meet fire regs so does not seem much point but I would love to get them up to brighten the place up!
Have taken your advice & am off sick, remote desktopped in and answered some emails that were urgent, then set my out of office. Being pg has definitely messed up my sickness record sad but as the doctor said, I should rest. DH was quite adamant as well. And thank-you for good wishes re: family; my Nan is terminally ill with very bad dementia too, my Mum has legal responsibility for her care and one of her sisters is being very difficult,my Mum had a bit of a meltdown with the stress hence rushed visit.
Right, off to drink hot honey and lemon and rest - have a good day, all!

Chefette Mon 03-Dec-12 08:12:07

Morning gang, it's been a while, sorry! Just can't keep up, even FB defeats me beyond the occasional like/photo comment at the mo! Welcome newbs, have skim read most post but have nothing too earth shattering to share!

Done next to no baby shopping, no Xmas shopping and no decs as not in house yet, looking like the 15th.......OMGA am rather stressed. Kitchen paint traumas abound, and cost of refurb keeping me awake more often than not.

It's snowing. And has snowed. Lovely, but not when you are trying to get to work! Left home at 6:30 for the usual 45 min journey and still about an hour away in travel time, and my feet are wet!!!!!!

I've spent £30 each on grinders before, sadly they lasted only 18months!

Am mainlining gaviscon, well the generic prescription stuff, and sleeping rather badly, but other than that all is well. The ante-natal relaxation/self-hypnosis classes are going well, and happily, with hols, training, condensed working hours I have only 9 office days left to work in December!!!

Sorry to hear of woes and pains and bad dreams, but new cars, job interviews, lovely friends and mums and OHs and cute DCs are hopefully making the days fly by!

28 week check for me on wed, anti Rh D injection, and blood tests etc. by Christmas time I'll be down to single figure weeks to go!! blush

Girl at work gave birth at 30 weeks last week to a wee girl, both are ok with baby breathing on own, and able to feed expressed milk, but only 2lb oz and needing to stay in a few weeks, gulp, I find it overwhelming to think if that happened I could have a LO here before end 2012?!!!

Stay safe and well ladies, and have good weeks x

LexiandBeanette Mon 03-Dec-12 08:43:24

Ps - very blush about this, but think I have started to leak a little bit of wee despite doing my Kegels religiously - paranoid I smell like an old lady! What can you do about it, apart from secreting Tena Lady round your person? Will Thisbe the same after birth? Am mortified!

LexiandBeanette Mon 03-Dec-12 08:44:41

Chef glad to hear all is well with you - hope building stresses are over soon and the snow abates.

theTramp Mon 03-Dec-12 09:05:06

Lexi - rest up and get better my dear.

Chef - hello! And hope you get to work ok. No snow in London (boo).

Mat leave - I've a v good book about preparing for motherhood, in the practical - what does each appointment when pregnant mean, what really are nursery essentials? What are te diff type of births? What should you consider for your birth plan? What are mat leave laws & so on and so forth form of practical. Anyway, interestingly view in the book is you're better to take more time off preBaby than most women do. Min time preBaby for mat leave start she recommends is a month. Basic gist is; last month having feet up & resting more is better for you and baby. It gets harder to concentrate on work the closer you get to due date for both physical & hormonal reasons. Lots of evidence to show that it's first 6 months that a Mum really needs to be with baby all time but after that it's a choice more than need thing and it can be counter productive. Women don't take enough pre baby mat time and can get stressed which is a bad thing.

I've paraphrased hugely but it was interesting stuff.

Acronyms - I still find DH rather than OH somewhat odd. If you think on it saying 'dear' or 'darling' son/daughter/hubby is rather lovely. But you'll note I don't use it ;)

Gallery opening was a success and as always lovely to natter away with our fab neighbours. Slight disappointment in so much as post gallery I wanted a roast from local pub last night. Was so tired and hungry & grouchy. Anyway long & short - pub only does roast in day now. Queue massive disappointment. But was too shattered & it was too bloody cold, to bother going elsewhere and supermarket was shut. So it may be a roast for tea tonight methinks. Obsessive, me?!

I'm really sore and snuffly this am. I'll be grand once I shift my arse I'm sure but right now I'm shifting slowly. MrM has rubbed my back, which helped a bit, but bah. I hate waking up feeling anything other than refreshed. Lots to do today though and a great new bid lead so - wahoo!

Enjoy Aus, sounds brilliant! Although week of packing, MW and dentist sounds less fun.

On storage etc. Socs room has built in cupboard/wardrobe thing and a chest of draws. You box is presently my ironing to be done box - I'll sort that one eventually. I'm planning on using an old Laudry basket for toy storage etc. Bung it in for neat & tidy; tip it over for toy access - simples! I'm v impressed by how organised you all are with vac packed bags, months labelled, draw dividers etc.

Hope Monday is ok and Zoey - rest up! And seriously, a betting ring?! Bloody hell.

sundaesundae Mon 03-Dec-12 09:12:03

The tena lights and oops are very good, I find an "oops" is enough and they are just a good panty liner really, so not too bad.

OctoberCarrot Mon 03-Dec-12 09:42:45

Would second stealth on the bags that you Hoover. All DS's clothes are put away by 3 month groups and will be ready to take out for new Ds and when needed. Stealth - what bigger towels do you use? Need to get a couple of new ones for Ds.

mums of more than 1. Do I need to buy new Muslins for new baby? Would it be mad? How would I differentiate? Have all the practical babygros but going to buy him some new special outfits for coming home and leaving hospital etc. anything else I need to buy? New bottles I presume? Anything else? Can't really get my head around what I should do. Don't know why it this taxing my brain so much!

No decorations here - will do it on Sunday I think. Catholic tradition is after 8th December - not that it really matters much.

Have a shopping list sorted so just need to actually buy presents. We do secret Santa in both families so Tis very handy. DH is in NYC later in week so going to sort out the presents for us. Yippee!

Sorry to hear so many are feeling rough. I am feeling great but didn't sleep well last night so am exhausted today and have lots to do. DH away later in week so won't have much down time though am staying with my mum on Thursday as she is babysitting for me so that will be nice!

Lovely sunny day here so must get dressed and head out for a walk.

Hope everyone has a lovely Monday.

OC x

Sheldonella Mon 03-Dec-12 09:51:49

Grr, just lost a bug post! The gist of it was:
Very busy weekend where I thought tackling my garden was a good idea. Underneath my bump now aches horrible and I had a huge teary meltdown just before I left for work. Emergency make up had to be applied but I don't think anyone has noticed. Sympathies to everyone feeling worn down by all the discomfort, hopefully we will all get some rest over xmas.
Thanks for the reassurance on boob leakage - Three your comparison to teenage boys pretty much describes how I felt. It hasn't happened again yet but I am going to get some breast pads today just in case.
manda Glad your problem resolved itself. Mine too fortunately although I didn't take anything for it in the end and it all ended a bit unpleasantly blush Do you recommend lactulose? I think I'll get some in today too.
Ood Love the festive name change smile
Em and Ethel How lovely that you met. Hopefully more of us will meet too smile
Tramp Glad the gallery opening went well. What is the book? It sounds interesting.
Lexi Sorry to hear about your family emergency and your grandma. Good that you are resting today though, hope you feel better for it. I see you are suffering leakage problems too - I sympathise. Lovely pregnancy symptoms that no one warned us about!
<waves> to chef. Eek, snow already, hope your drives to work aren't too traumatic!
Vivee Australia! How lovely. I can't imagine christmas in a nice hot place but it sounds wonderful. Not sure what to say to belly patting, fortunately only family have done it to me too far. It would definitely feel like an invasion of personal space from anyone else though.

I'm very impressed with all the organisation of baby clothes, creams and the like. I think this will be one of my next tasks as I'm loving getting sorted. We haven't had to buy anything to store it in as we have DH's old wardrobes and chest of drawers from his childhood and they are in great condition and nice solid wood. I have stacked up all my nappies neatly and I must admit the neatness makes me smile whenever I look at it smile Neatness is new to me - I was never much like this before pregnancy blush
Sad to report no xmas tree yet but I will do it this week. Might put a pic on fb grin

octcarrot I have the toddler hooded towels which are fantastic as off they toddle dressed as a pirate/ladybird/fireman and they fit my 5 yr old as well!
For little toddlers I had the cuddle dry towels then for bigger kids the kidorable hooded towels which if you hunt around can usually be got at a discount as they are quite expensive but are fab!

Also why would you need different Muslins for a new baby? Is your older one still attached to them (mine never were)? Just make sure they have a hot wash and are ironed and if you do need to differentiate get a different colour eg the yellow ones from John Lewis (at least u used to be able to get diff colour)

Hello all!

Just a v quick text as currently in muddle of making play-doh snowmen with Dd! will catch up with thread this aft.
Yes, em and I met at the NCT sale, was great! And luckily neither of us were hairy truckers! Ha ha ha!

Better get back to the snowmen, will write more in a bit. X

LaurenCaddy Mon 03-Dec-12 10:51:55

Blimey this does move quick!

In response to Muslin clothes, would you say there essential? It's probably the only thing i don't have tbh.

I'm super organised, have my hospital bag packed just because i'm a 'you never know' kind of person. I'm 25 weeks today and my oh is under strict instructions oh how things must be. My sister's baby was prem, and i myself was prem. So hoping we don't follow the pattern as i really would like a water birth.

I have antenatal classes book throught the NCT in January. Has anyone ever had these? & I've got my 4d Scan on the 18th December, which i'm getting excited for. Has anyone had one of those?

Lazy day for me again, waiting in for a delivery that was due Friday. Trouble is, we're in new builds and i don't think our postcode is registered properly yet. Had to have all my furniture delivered to Mums and carried round by Dad/Brothers/Oh.

My decorations are up! They was up mid-November :/ I love Christmas. We have a Disney them. So this year my tree is black, with Nightmare Before Christmas baubles smile All presents done and wrapped, all thought i admit last night, i opened my Nans because i wanted chocolate and Asda was shut. So must rebuy and rewrap Nans present :/ Bad Grand-daughter!

Sheldonella Mon 03-Dec-12 10:59:35

Ooh, welcome Lauren too!

Sheldonella Mon 03-Dec-12 11:02:29

Lauren yes to the NCT classes. Mine are in January too and I'm a bit nervous about them, not sure why. I hear they are great though - some of my work colleagues did them and made some great friends. I had a 3D gender scan at 17 weeks - I can highly recommend it.

LaurenCaddy Mon 03-Dec-12 11:17:10

Mine are at Weston Hospital and me and my partner are a bit nervous about them tbh. My sister said because she was young, she got a lot of snotty comments and looks. Good luck to them if they do that to me. Trouble is my mouth opens before i think!

I can't wait for my scan. Its me and my OH Christmas present! :D

Just had a beautiful delivery from my OH's sister! Well from Baby Bloom. she's bought us one of those gorgeous baby girl bouquets, where all the bits and pieces are folded into roses and made to look like flowers! Its stunning. Very excited smile I'm so lucky to have such a great family on both our sides!

ThreeForTea Mon 03-Dec-12 12:31:21

vivee your sil sounds very very annoying! start blanking her comments out now!

lexi hope you get better soon. It is pg related low immune system illnesess, so you'll always be able to explain that away where you need to.
Also with post birth peeing, after birth, I went straight to not being able to wee much so other extreme!

tramp book sounds good, which one is it? Also with ur gallery, when will you be opening again? Could plan to come down smile

oct unless yr Muslins have been sitting unwashed somewhere unused for a couple of years def reuse! I find them handy and quite multi purpose.

theTramp Mon 03-Dec-12 12:54:54

The book I mentioned is: www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/009192216X/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i01
Christine Hill's pregnancy guide.

I thought it would be more of a day by day guide, but actually it is a practical what to do. The first few chapters - which are "oh I am pregnant, now what" - won't be much use to you at this point, however the rest really is rather handy. I really wanted a book that gave me practical - what to worry about, what not to worry about - guidance and a science book, so the two books I bought when I found out I was pregnant were this one and the day by day pregnancy book (which is great by the way, if you have a friend who is preggers with their first this is the gift) www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/1405332107/ref=oh_details_o05_s00_i03
Although I am amused by the switch between "his" and "hers" presumably dependent on the contributor when talking about the baby.

I am told that bamboo muslins are fantastic, so worth seeking out - if that helps anyone?

It is 1pm, how did that happen? Must dash, loads to do. Sorry anyone I haven't name checked and yes I concur, your SIL sounds very annoying.

Three - next weekend actually. We're opening specially because it is the Christmas fare at the Horniman.

"In response to Muslin clothes, would you say there essential?"

Yes yes yes yes yes yes.



I had a very pukey baby and would easily use 6 of them a day to mop up his puking. Can't have enough of them!

Sheldonella Mon 03-Dec-12 13:39:06

I've had to come home again sad Meltdown at work when I tried to walk into town to get my lunch. Everything hurts so much and I just feel so useless and tired.

Lots of pain under my bump and in my lower back when I stand. I hope it's just because I overdid it at the weekend.

Sorry to moan sad

pinkpeony4 Mon 03-Dec-12 14:14:47

All of my unused baby clothes are also in vac bags in the loft labelled by size.

October I second Stealth on the towels. We use Cuddledry toddler towels (v cute and we have a giraffe, cow & bug) and then have moved onto the Kiddorable ones. My 6 year old can just about still use them. We have a ladybird & dinosaur which are so sweet. We also have some nice towels from Tyrrell Katz but these aren't hooded. I reuse muslins, they look as good as new and I like how soft they get after being washed and used.

Lauren welcome & congrats! I would say muslins are one of the most essential baby buys but I suppose it depends on whether you have a sicky baby. My ds2 used to projectile vomit so we got through loads. I also use them at the head end of the moses basket so if they are sick in the night you can just change a muslin instead of the whole sheet. Aden & Anais make brilliant giant muslins which I used to use as a sunshade on the pram to totally cover baby but still let some air in.

Sheldonella you poor thing, rest and maybe see a chiro about your back? they work wonders.

All well here. Managed a full nights sleep well, 2 loo breaks but normally more so felt great we had a lovely meal out with the boys last night which was nice and meant I didn't have to cook. Have had haircut & highlights this morning and ds2 has a friend to play so a nice morning. Chiro this afternoon and my back is very sore so looking forward to that. Hope everyone else is well?

LexiandBeanette Mon 03-Dec-12 15:05:34

Sheldon sorry to hear it, rest up - I'm not good at doing that but feeling better for it having slept a lot this morning. Call your MW if you are concerned about the pains - does sound like muscular aches, it's hard for our bodies to adapt to the changing weight!
Very impressed with organisation re: baby clothes & storage. Still planning on doing baby shopping over Christmas break, starting with hospital bag! Our room will be baby's and has big wardrobes plus there will also be a reprinted chest of drawers. All our bed linen will also have to go in there somewhere though as we will lose our laundry cupboard once the loft extension starts!
Thanks for reassurance re: leaking. Will keep on with those pelvic floor exercises!

OodKingWenceslas Mon 03-Dec-12 15:08:50

Read too many posts to scan back & name check properly

sheldon relax & rest

lauren I only bought Muslins for dd3 and didn't use them much but she's not a sicky child.

Had hospital got GTT on Monday as they aren't doing more until Jan hmm so another thing for me to worry about!!

Sheldonella Mon 03-Dec-12 15:38:20

Thanks everyone I have slept a bit and feel a bit better. I love how supportive everyone is on here, it really helps. I will call someone later or tomorrow if I don't feel better.

Hope your back feels better after your appointment pink.

Lexi Glad you got some extra sleep.

Boo to the GTT ood they don't sound pleasant.

Muslins - I have 6 but it looks like I will need more based on all your comments. These vac bags sound very useful too.

I'm just having a quick look at changing bags now. I do have one quite big handbag that I could use but it only has short shoulder straps. Is it essential to have long straps?

theTramp Mon 03-Dec-12 16:16:10

Lexi - glad you're feeling a bit better. I completely understand why you are frustrated by it all. I admit I am about to duck off for 40 winks. My head is killing me. I am SO fed up of life sans lemsip, decongestants and ibuprofen. Bah!

mandasand Mon 03-Dec-12 16:24:40

Hello ladies! smile

In quite a chipper mood today, having worked hard on reorganising my study yesterday. DH is giving up his man cave for the babies so I'm clearing one wall of my study (which, with futon, doubles as spare room for guests) for him. He spent almost all of yesterday afternoon making up a very complicated Ikea desk, and it turned out we didn't pick the one up with vertical shelving at the back … d'oh! Too late now. We freecycled his bookcases (so the nursery to be is looking really big, light and airy!) and I'm condensing my 36 shelves of books into something like 26 to give him space alongside. What this has meant for me is a massive reorganisation of my research materials which, to be honest, I love doing every year or so as projects get finished, publications get published and new topics start muscling in. It's a perfect time to organise my stuff as I've a lot of stuff to work on during maternity leave and I need to know exactly where things are - I won't have time to rummage, I'm imagining! Somehow the whole process always releases a lot of energy and I've spent the day so far tackling a big unwieldy project that I've been putting off. So, v. pleased with self!

In other news, I'm already outgrowing my size 20 (I used to be a size 12 a few short months ago!!!) over-the-bump pants but rather than buy more at this point (I've only had them two weeks!) I've just cut the elastic either side and the relief is enormous! My bump is really, really big and itchy at the moment so the elastic cutting in didn't help. The rash hasn't returned, but it's just a kind of urticaria. May have to step up antihistamines to a full tablet every day soon, but consultant at hospital did say it was okay to do so.

And the cleaner came today and did all the nursery furniture! She didn't seem to mind at all me asking. So that's all ready to be made up when DH finishes clearing his man cave (This could take some time … ) and we've decorated it.

Babies don't seem to be moving quite as much lately as previously. But I have 28-week scan next Tuesday so trying to not worry.

Now to catching up!

possom hope you've got the 'bigger' interview first. I always find I collapse a bit after an interview, with all the stress etc. Or perhaps a good long break between the two? Let us all know when, won't you?!

pink your disgruntlement with DH reminded me of a thread I read on Active the other day in which some poor woman's DH came back from a company xmas do totally and utterly drunk to the extent that he got up twice to pee in the corner of the room and over some of the cot. I think there were other episodes through the night involving singing, waking up a teething child and, very possibly, vomit. So count your lucky stars! Thanks for the Stuva recommendation smile

Sounds like with two babies we may need two chests of drawers for the time being. Not fussed about each having their own clothes, even if they are boy / girl, btu based on what amount of stuff we've already got this seems sensible!

welcome aboard, lauren!

Flowery sounds like you're making good progress with the house even if it does feel like two steps forward and one back! If it's any consolation I don't think we're going to get our kitchen done before the babies arrive. The money our FiL left us in his will has just come through so we need to make a decision on which double-glazing quotation to go with and get that booked in. We can also move forward with getting a new boiler, then a tumble for the same cupboard. But given it's becoming clear we can easily do the kitchen ourselves I reckon we should just save for another six months or so and get John Lewis to do it. I know this probably sounds like a ridiculous solution, but I don't have the energy or brain power to do the measurements, work out what we want / need, do the research into which kitchen, and get all the different trades in to do the work. And DH (in one of his more stubborn moments) refuses point blank to do anything to do with the kitchen because he doesn't really want one. So, the best solution I can see is to throw some money at the problem. He hates spending money so I was hoping that he would relent and help out, but no, so money-throwing it is. Well, saving it up first!

Lexi sorry to hear of your family emergency and not feeling too good to boot. Any better today? Glad you are resting. brew

Hermione, you too - sorry to hear you had a wobbly weekend. Don't worry about work - it will always be there. Your DH sounds lovely but perhaps sometimes he needs gently to say no to his family, or perhaps just let's do this on another day. Look after yourself.

Zoey omg re your assistant! Does this mean you've been hard at it today? When do you get to slow down - tell us what the revised plan is else we'll all come and forcibly remove you from work and sit you in a spa.

Thanks for the advice and nice feedback re hamper! Teehee! And Zoey and others pining after those xmas puds, I should be back over that way next Sat or Tues so am happy to buy a few and send your way! Seriously, if they are that good I will even try one myself (and I'm not a xmas pud fan!)

Three I love TED talks! I've never been to an event (tho they used to be held in Oxf a lot) but I watch the vids when they are posted on FB.

Sheldon glad you have had some relief too! Yep, I'd recommend Lactulose. I had to take 6 tsp per day (the max) for three days to get some gradual movement, but I think overall this was better plan than taking a proper laxative and … well … who knows what would have happened!! Sorry you've had a bad day, but glad to hear you came home to rest. V.g. plan, my dear.

Crikey, Vivee, you've got a busy couple of months ahead! Not sure I'd be okay with someone who I'm not close to patting my belly either!

Em2010 Mon 03-Dec-12 16:36:08

Hello everyone. Just waving really as i'm sitting at my desk and desperately trying not to fall asleep.... zzzzzzzz

OodKingWenceslas Mon 03-Dec-12 16:56:01

<passes em a pillow>

sheldon experiment with what you will need when out & about. Big straps usually better for over pram but I prefer to carry it.

zoeymlucas Mon 03-Dec-12 17:06:09

Ummm yeah have been at work all day as boss rang this morning to say his dad had been taken ill and had to fly home 4 days into a 2 week break in Hawaii and could I cover so me being me said yes and plus he cant really help his dad being poorly!

Manda your a star and I can paypal you the money for postage and xmas pud smile then I can sit at home like a crazy woman and scoff it and DH will never know I had it grin

Glad you slept better Sheld as no sleep is the worst thing EVER - I can cope with the pain etc with back but its no sleep that is killer! With baby bags I like long straps so can go over pram and by carried over chest when little monkey gets bigger and its a case of juggling everything.

LaurenCaddy Mon 03-Dec-12 17:23:54

I best be buying plenty of muslins then! Thank you ladies.

sheldon what kind of changing bag do you have? I have a silver cross one that came with my pram and all its bits n pieces, but it seems so small? I've been looking some up online, but somehow managed to get to pre-packed maternity bags, and they generally looked quite good, and had the odd bit i've missed out on mine. Which leaves me considering, am i really that lazy, and just buy one? Hope your feeling better as well! I've got terrible backache, think i may get one of those dreamgenii pillows. They look so comfy!

Hi all

Just read the new thread in its entirety so am fully caught up!

Sorry for those with tiredness and uncomfortableness. I am still feeling cronky when I do too much, but I know the answer is to do less!!
Dtruggling to nAme check everyone, so soils to those I miss.
hermione I think your supervisor needs to do a proper risk assessment. Most people I know who do physical jobs have been put on 'light futies' for the latter stages of pregnancy. If you knacker yourself in the last few months you will really feel it. I am working til just after 37 weeks and NOT A DAY MORE! If anyone who wants to work until their due date, well good luck to them, but I think they're, as DD would say, a total bloody bonker-head for doing it! grin

Congrats on house flowery hope you can get the decorating underway properly soon!

Welcome Lauren! I really enjoyed our NCT classes and made friends there who we still see regularly now. Well worth it just for that, to my mind!

zoey your work is a nest of intrigue isn't it!! Blimey, cant believe thAt about that guy working in your office!!!! hope you are able to start to take it a hit easier though as planned.

tramp glad gallery opening went well and think Christmas treat of some artwork sounds a good plan!

manda glad that the old motions are now going through as normal wink and that you have got the study sorted. Hamper looked amazing BTW. I think if I were you, i'd be prepared post christmas, just in case. Of 4 sets of friends will recent twinnage, 3 went to 38 weeks and delivered then, but one lot came at 32 weeks, with no prior indication that it might happen that way. Fingers crossed for you though!

We put our tree up this weekend and also had a bit of a sort out. Am so sick of the house being full of crap. In all seriousness I suggested to DH that we hire a skip and deal with everything that way after Christmas.

Need to sort nursery zmd get new furniture ordered for DD as she's still using the nursery furniture albeit in her 'big girl' bedroom! So checking out ikea and eBay. As for whT nursery will have furniture wise, We currently have (in DDs room) a wardrobe with two drawers, a changing table with loads of space for nappies, wipes, bibs muslins (yes yes yes whoever asked..) and all that sort of stuff.

Had fairly good result at NCT sale, I reckon I'll have cleared about £70, so fairly pleased with that. And some of my really good stuff hasn't sold, so might give that a whirl on EBay. Bought a playnest for DC2 and also a couple of grobags, so have just added them to the pile of stuff to sort in the new year!

Was great meeting em too! We had a good old natter, whilst I was looking hot (literally) in my NCT volunteer pinny (very fetching...)

Poor DD isn't 100%, she's a bit off her food and sleepy, but going in a mo to make her some spag Bol and hopefully that will cheer her up! She made it to the nursery Christmas fair though on sat and did all her singing. DH said she did so well, she knew all the words and sang to everything including 'away in a manger' when she held the baby Jesus!! Apparently it was all going swimmingly until the last song (jingle bells) where she got into it a bit too much and accidently hit herself on head with said jingle bell! grin oops!

Anyway, better go and make some tea.

Take care all. X

FFS as usual apologies for horrendous typos spoils and futies anyone?!blush

Hope it makes some sort of sense anyway!

LaurenCaddy Mon 03-Dec-12 18:13:12

Hi ethel hope your littlun feels better after your spag bol!

Just heard the news on Will & Katherine expecting. Mixed feelings on this one, congrats to the lovely couple but she's less than 12 weeks! I got my fingers crossed for her. Hope she doesn't get harassed by press. Poor bubba.

Totally agree Lauren. Wonder if she'll become a mumsnetter?! grin

LaurenCaddy Mon 03-Dec-12 18:20:20

Doubt she'll need to, we'll know about every kick and every moment of sickness with the news these days. There's already bets on names being taken! As if she wasn't under enough pressure. Bet queenies chuffed!

LexiandBeanette Mon 03-Dec-12 18:43:59

Agree Lauren, guess they only announced ealy due to her hyperemesis! Hope it gets a little easier for her!

Not a great day. DH made redundant this morning. Just about rounds off a very tough few months. I shall just immerse myself in Xmas stuff.....

OctoberCarrot Mon 03-Dec-12 19:40:02

Thanks ladies for clarifying on Muslins. I don't know why I am so unsure. Any first time mums I would recommend lots of Muslins. I bought 3 of these packs from John Lewis:


and they were brilliant esp in the early days as pink said I used to lay D'S head on them in Moses basket or cot and it meant if he was ill it didn't go over sheet. He still sleeps with one more for comfort now.

Thanks also for tip for towels. Must get a couple.

Ate my way through today, was starving all day so am thinking bubba is going through a growth spurt and I must have put on pounds today!

Great news for Kate Middleton though imagine being so scrutinised when pregnant.

Hope everyone has a lovely evening. Have to help DH pack for NYC. He's is not a packer!

Oc x

mandasand Mon 03-Dec-12 19:48:02

Oh my word - just woken from three-hour nap with a mouth full of blood and blood clots. Horrible, horrible. Gingivitis?? My teeth are normally in v.g. condition! Will make tea then catch up - DH just home.

LexiandBeanette Mon 03-Dec-12 19:54:38

Ah Stealth sorry to hear it!

LaurenCaddy Mon 03-Dec-12 19:54:45

Thanks for the muslin link october

I went on Amazon with the sole purpose of finding some ending up with a 4 pack of water wipes and 2 bright pink banada bibs! Someone take my debit card away from me now.

Sorry to hear abour DH stealth Gutting sad Chin up chuck.

mandasand a trip to the dentist maybe? I've really got to sort my dentist out. Its such a pain, i moved down from Birmingham a year ago now, and i still cba to sort it out. I hate the dentist.

Royal Variety time.

OodKingWenceslas Mon 03-Dec-12 20:00:39

Sorry to hear that stealth how easy is it for him to get more work?

manda get thee to a dentist. Pregnancy messes with teethhmm

OctoberCarrot Mon 03-Dec-12 20:02:48

stealth sorry to hear that about your DH.

OctoberCarrot Mon 03-Dec-12 20:05:51

manda. I am really good about going to dentist and suddenly my teeth are falling apart. Get to dentist ASAP as it is best to get any work done before 3rd trimester. Also corsydyl mouth wash is super esp for bleeding gums. Get some ASAP but don't use at night as I find it makes me thirsty and that is a pain in the middle of the night!

stealth so sorry to hear that. Was it on the cards? Is he likely to find something else easily. Sending you big hugs.

manda am sure it's nothing but get booked in with dentist. You know I had my teeth problems last week and they fitted me in really quickly because I was pg! Its a normal pg symptom to have bleeding gums, maybe because of the twins you have a worse case? X

Vivee74 Mon 03-Dec-12 20:49:09

Stealth, sorry about your DH. Fingers crossed something else comes through for him.

Know what you mean about teeth issues in pregnancy. Tooth broke a few weeks ago, so just getting crown for it. Had another crown come out with post on Thursday and notice the bottom of another tooth chipped off. Not sure why so many issues now, but back to dentist tomorrow again!!!!

Good night all.

zoeymlucas Mon 03-Dec-12 21:00:22

Stealth sorry to hear your news and fingers crossed he finds something super fast!

Blimey am so tired tonight, have got a snotty nose too which don't help- have crawled into bed already! Sorry cant catch up but head is banging so snooze time smile

LexiandBeanette Mon 03-Dec-12 21:12:45

OK ladies, some advice - just heard that our builders can't start work until 17th Dec. They will have 2 weeks off at Christmas and so the earliest the work will be done is two weeks before my due date. I'd hoped to have at least a month. Given due to family history I think the little one will be unlikely to go much past 37 weeks, should we stop the work? We can't prepare the nursery, but that's not so much of a problem, my main worry is a house full of builders and dust and no space as our rooms will be full of stuff out of the loft. Our house is really small. Is it realistic to think we would be able to get things like painting and decorating and furniture buying done with a newborn in the house? As this is our first I really don't know what is feasible.

manda I agree, you should go to the dentist pronto! Sounds horrid sad

Stealth sorry to hear about your DH, I hope he can get something soon. x

theTramp Mon 03-Dec-12 21:51:20

Manda - ow. I've been enjoying joys of bleeding gums too. As noted Cordysyl is great. But I really must get a dentist visit sorted, still haven't signed up with one locally which is poor show really.

Stealth - so sorry to hear about your partner, and just before christmas too, so shitty. Companies, sadly, always do this just before christmas. It really would be far kinder to do this in September or February, when there's less family stress and a job market. Sorry, you know all of this and no help to you at all. Basically I am saying I feel for you both and I hope he finds a new job soon.

Lexi - I have no experience either, but if I was in your shoes I'd probably opt for 6 weeks after birth and going to stay with my parents for a couple of weeks whilst the worst was happening. That said, I am terrible at wanting everything done yesterday so if I could chance it I absolutely would. What an arse for you guys though. Grrrr.

I had a little (4 hour) nap. Head still pounding but not as bad. Seeing consultant wednesday so will ask for thoughts. I'm v snotty, so clearly is coldy. I also suspect there is a link up with back issues, as I woke this morning just feeling battered. Hmmmm, let us see what consultant suggests - there's a test for him.

It is dawning on me that I have LOTS of work for Dcemeber and no time at all to do it. The realisation that I can't do it all is not a nice one. Not sure what I can do about it really. Need to sort out a little time juggling, may take a week off post christmas adn make that - sit at home & catch up on paperwork week. Unfortunately that doesn't sort out my pre Christmas deadline work. A clone would be good right now.

Zoey - gosh, back to the grindstone again. Try and take it as easy as you can. I appreciate that sounds trite, but you can be in the office without going mad can't you..?

zoeymlucas Tue 04-Dec-12 09:43:23

Morning All

Hope you all all slept well nad its not too cold where you are. I feel awake for the first time in weeks - I ditched my maternity pillow thing as poor DH was getting no sleep as it took up most of bed and used 2 decrative pillows to wedge me and feel so much better and had a much better sleep smile

The office wasnt overly stressful yesterday and wont be today - I have loads to do but with no boss etc its just a lot more relaxed and can plod along and do things in my own time so its not all bad smile

Hope your consultant can offer some support and help for you tomorrow Tramp
I would go ahead with the work Lexi as once baby comes there will not really ever be a 'good' time to have builders in with the sleepless newborn nights, then teething then they get mobile and start having hands that need to touch and you may be surprised and go term or even over

mandasand Tue 04-Dec-12 13:22:59

Hello Marchers!

Well, I've had no more bleeding gums episodes, I'm pleased to report, and have got my appointments with the dentist and the hygienist (both of which were due around now anyway) in the diary. Phew! In the meantime I'll get some of that Corsydol stuff - thanks for the recommendation!

Stealth so sorry to hear about DH's redundancy sad Hopefully there will be something v.g. not long around the corner.

Zoey will put 'buy xmas pud' in my diary!

Ethel you're right, getting my bags packed at Christmas would be reassuring!

How are you feeling about everything today, Lexi?

Can't believe how quickly this day is rushing along. I have to deliver a big and important piece of writing by end of day and I'm still listening to interviews I conducted in the summer to gather primary material. Bugger. And I know that I'll flake out about 4.30 and need my 4-hr 'nap'. Hmm.

pinkpeony4 Tue 04-Dec-12 14:43:19

Lexi I would start before xmas and then it is nearly finished even if your baby is early. In my experience the messiest work is at the start and then painting/decorating isn't the dusty work so better to be around with a baby. We had our side return in our last house with a 6 month ds1 and had 3 months of no kitchen and living in our bedroom with a microwave. It wasn't fun but totally manageable because he wasn't mobile (in fact he amazingly started crawling the day after the builders left). We just had 3 weeks of builders with no kitchen and again it wasn't fun but fine and that was with three children under 6. The dusty work was the worse because it gets everywhere and really hurts your eyes but then last week was painting and that was totally fine.
Newborns are great because they don't move wink and so easy to have around with builders. Furniture buying with a baby is fine because you can either order online or they are very portable to take shopping. I hope you manage to decide what to do soon because it sounds very stressful.

Manda hope the bleeding gums settle soon. It's very common in pregnancy, I had it with ds1 and it was horrid. Corsydol is fab. Good thing about dental work and being pregnant is that it's all free if you manage to find a good NHS dentist! Vivee I hope you get yours sorted out soon too.

Stealth so sorry to hear about your dh sad did he get a good redundancy package? It's happened to so many people I know recently. I hope he manages to find something else soon.

All Ok here. My au pair has the flu so I have the joy of taking all three boys swimming this afternoon. The two older ones have a swimming lesson and I normally leave ds3 at home but he will have to come and the easiest thing (to prevent him jumping in the pool with his clothes on) is for me to take him swimming whilst they have their lesson. Not sure I am feeling brave enough for a swimsuit... feel like a whale! Doesn't help that the gym the pool is at is full of very chic French ladies in bikinis who look amazing envy

Hope everyone else is Ok

LexiandBeanette Tue 04-Dec-12 15:27:40

Tramp hope you feel better soon and it is 'just' a cold, nothing more sinister. Like you I am a "get things done" person and zoey I share your worry that from now on in, there is never a 'good time' for work! Glad to hear zoey also that you aren't under too much stress in the office - long may it continue.

Ended up having a bit of a meltdown last night about the builders stuff/nan/DH's business, then this morning woke up at 5am to more (sorry if TMI!) 'leakage' that was definitely not urine. Spoke to MW at 9 who sent me straight to the unit for triage. Good news, though a bit blush is that it isn't amniotic fluid and also isn't wee - so must just be another joyous symptom of third trimester! They did say given family history (my mum had me at 35 weeks, suddenly, and my brother at 36 having been in and out of hospital from 28 weeks with him) if it happens again I should do exactly the same and get it checked again. All strapped up to monitors and Beanette is doing well, midwifes could not have been nicer as I felt like a massive fraud! But given what they said, would advise anyone else to get checked out in the same situation.

re: builders: with non-pregnant-nesty-head on, have been trying to be logical. Agreed with DH today that if the builder thinks it is realistic to have either finished the work by 2 weeks to D-Day, or to be at a stage where it is structurally all done and we have 1 or two tradesmen in doing internals (ie plastering) we will go for it. If he can't be sure of the details of schedule (bearing in mind he keeps letting us down!) or if he thinks we will still have sawing/hammering/roof off or several people tramping through the house that close to due date, we'll postpone till Spring and I will take refuge at my folks place. It's too far for me to do that now as they live 3.5 hours away. We hope to get the structural stuff all done, then if me and DH finish the decorating and internals over the first few months of baby's life, we can do that. Will see what he says.

Sorry for epic me post! manda good luck with the deadline!

sundaesundae Tue 04-Dec-12 16:12:18

Manda - good luck with the deadline, hopefully all done by the time you read this.

Lexi - go for it, there will never be a better time now! Glad you got monitored and things are ok.

Things are going well here, flumping away in there currently, lots of internal and bladder shots today, but anything is good! i have pork scratching and appletiser cravings, anyone else got weird ones?

Scared the hell out of myself yesterday when a large cupboard full of glass fell off the wall, OH and told me it was fine when we put it up and I always worried. Yesterday one of the raw plugs snapped and it just crashed. Fortunately it missed most of me, I just have a black hand where the door clipped me, quite sore but livable with. OH is very very upset about it all. Had lots of bottles of beer for rellies Xmas presents and a bottle of mulled wine on the floor underneath.. carnage. Cupboard contained all my beautiful glasses. He has been amazing and wouldn't let me do a thing. We are going to hire a rug doctor later and try and improve the carpet situation. We have cream carpets in our 1 year old home. Gah.

Still worrying about things, current worries are pre-term labour and pre-eclampsia, which it turns out my mother didn't have... I am not sure I trust her memory! She was admitted to hospital for about 4-5 weeks before the birth of my sister 14 years ago, sent from GP straight there due to high BP, she now tells me it was actually because she had a low-lying placenta and sister was transverse... that doesn't sound like a reason to keep someone in? She did have a 90minute labour with me, so apparently they worried about that? I'm very dubious about it all. She ended up having a c-section, but they made her sign to say she wanted it, all very odd. Also find it very scary that a lady on a March thread had her baby already on another forum, her baby is tiny and beautiful, but long long road ahead for them.

LaurenCaddy Tue 04-Dec-12 18:04:09

Evening Ladies

~Quick catch up read~

pink i love swimming! I think we look better than any of the very chic French ladies. We are growing life (Y) So i bet you'd look amazing, and they'd be jealous!

manda Glad your teeth are better. Thanks for keeping in my mind to find a dentist and get registered!

sundae I hope your carpet comes up nice! Shame about your glasses sad I'm so glad we have laminate. Might be better if i have a sicky baby. Which knowing my luck and my lovely new sofa, i will. Wow, a lady has already given birth! Bet that poor little mite has a long fight ahead. Hope all goes well for them. Makes me worry about things. A few members of my family, including myself was all premature, by 3/4 weeks and that scares me enough! I've got no cravings as of yet.

Update on me & my Isabelle-Bump. Today we've done basically nout! Treated ourselves for a chip butty at lunch and about to have fish and jacket spuds for tea. Just a relaxing day, ready for the usual crap at the job center tomorrow. Woop woop.

Hope everyone else leads a more active life than me! And all are ok smile

LaurenCaddy Tue 04-Dec-12 18:17:14

Something i forgot to say, and would like your views on.

Picked up a leaflet for the Whooping Cough Jab today. With it being on the news about poor babies dying i thought i'd look into it. I've come across mixed reviews when looking online, the main issue is it being a combined Jab, so its not just for whooping cough.

So the basics: You can have it after week 28 of pregnancy, best time is before 32 weeks. If you've had it before you was pregnant for any reason, you may have to have it again because the baby may not get your immunisation of it.


OodKingWenceslas Tue 04-Dec-12 18:20:41

It's the same jab they give 8 week old babies with v few reported side affects. 19 whooping cough deaths this year from <8 week babies mean it's worth trying something that may prevent it. My mum has had recently & I'm probably immune but aren't risking it. It's nasty enough in adults.

LexiandBeanette Tue 04-Dec-12 20:44:33

sundae that sounds so scary, glad you weren't hurt. After experience today I'd say discuss your Mum's history with your midwife & they will tell you if it is the kind of thing that may run in families. It's possible they may have kept her in with your sister as I think they were generally more likely to keep people in for longer than they are now.
Very scary that someone else has had their baby, really hope all is OK - brings home the reality a bit!
Lauren I don't know much about the medical issues, but the MW tells me the jab is very,very low risk for adults & after 28 weeks immunity passes to the baby. I'm booked in for mine in two weeks time.

Off topic - does anyone know if you can take any decongestants in pregnancy? Am very snotty & chesty. Using olbas oil like a trooper smile

zoeymlucas Tue 04-Dec-12 21:35:14

Glad other people are questioning this whooping cough jab as my midwife told me it takes 4 weeks to properly work and provide immunity for baby and then added they won't do it before 28 weeks and she can't see me managing another 4 weeks after 28 so she didn't really see any point me having it- helpful!!!!! Decided am going to discuss it with consultant when I see him on Thursday and have added it to my list of questions I need answered as feel abit lost at mo with no idea of plans ie am I def c section again if so will he put in notes it's GA or can I try normal delivery with guild lines written on what my back/ pelvis can be put through, I know it's early but it's playing on my mind and am 26 weeks tomorrow and DS1 came at 28 hmm
Glad you ok sundae and sorry to hear of all your broken things and messed up rug- however u and baby are ok which is main thing smile

I think I may give birth to a furr ball as the amount of heart burn I have is beyond stupid now- I have never had it this bad!!!!
DS had me in stitches earlier as he was told off and pulled a little lip and come for a cuddle and to say sorry, was cuddling me and layed on me and bump gave him a massive kick - he looked so confused and said 'ouch mummy, say sorry' I then had to rub his belly for 10 mins while he milked the fact he thought mummy had just jabbed him in the ribs for no reason, lol! He is only 22 months so even though will point to belly and say baby he has no clue what it really means so just thought I was super mean

Thanks for kind thoughts all - dh being a star and has already got a meeting re a possible similar position. Got decent package so we have a few months before we need to worry but with the building work going on and baby on the way it's hard not to! I was made redundant in 2001 and it led to me getting a better job that am still in so we know it can work out. Plus the baby worries over the last fee months put it all in perspective. As long ax we our happy little boys and each other we will be just fine!!

Yuck to bleeding gums. Not really had that so can't give any advice. I guess msnda you get everything twice as bad because of twins.

Am in awe if you ladies who have managed building works and no kitchen and young children. Scared me so much we have moved out!

Can't remember all the other news but is it pink (?) we seem to have spookily similar things with 4 boys and same towels!!! I promise I am not a weirdo stalker!!!

zoeymlucas Tue 04-Dec-12 21:39:50

Lexi all the packets say no to decongestants but my consultant told me all the ingredients are safe no one has just tested them combined on a pregnant lady for obvious reasons and taking them when needed is perfectly fine and any risk would be before 12 weeks! He pointed out try and get by with 1 rather than to and only when really bad so not all day everyday but he even did me some on prescription when I said I would have to lie in chemist to get them as they wouldn't sell me them- so it's personal preference! I tend to be happy with anything my consultant says and even though I have MASSIVE trust issues with hospitals and doctors etc because of what happened- I trust him and his judgement 100% as DS1 wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for him

sundaesundae Tue 04-Dec-12 21:48:37

As a carpet update - the red stain remover and rug doctor is amazing, dining room no longer looks or smells like the floor of a brewery.

Worth the money for sure and we did a bit of the lounge too, loved seeing the muddy water going down the sink.

We also bought tester pots for the nursery, thinking of a mushroom and olive colour scheme to go with our woodland creatures theme smile

OodKingWenceslas Tue 04-Dec-12 21:50:05

zoey the hospital said my GP could do the whopping cough jab so worth asking there. I've another 3 weeks so haven't tried to book yet though, it's only the same as the baby one do they should have a stock though.

mandasand Tue 04-Dec-12 23:23:17

Lexi so so sorry to hear about the added stress of having to hotfoot it to the hospital this morning sad As if you didn't have enough on your plate right now! My goodness. But really glad you were able to get it checked out, though, and that the MWs were so nice and reassuring. Glad you and DH have come up with a bit of a plan re the building work.

Stealth I'm happy to hear about your DH already having a meeting lined up about another position. FX something gets sorted soon, both for peace of mind and financial security.

Pink I bet you look just as good as those chic Frenchies in your swimsuit smile

Zoey sorry to hear you're suffering so badly with heartburn…but v. funny re baby kicking poor little confused DS!

Got the plumber / gas man round today for a quotation for new boiler. He will do a proper quote but I asked for a ball-park figure and he said £2,700 - £3,300. This is for combi boiler and includes bricking up small window and drilling a new hole for a flue (sp?), plus digital control and thermostats on all radiators. I thought a new boiler was much more than this but DH expected it to be about a grand cheaper. Any advice?

Thanks for encouragement re deadline! I started writing about half an hour before I normally need my late-afternoon nap, and given that my 'nap' normally lasting about three hours, I fought the urge and have got about 1250 goodish words written. This is more than a third of the word count but probably about ¼ of what will go into final version. The deadline is tomorrow, but I'm at the BFI all day, the BBC on Thursday and then must switch heads to Open Univ marking and tutorial prep for Saturday so it's definitely going to be delivered sometime next week. I'm so late for everything. The deadline for this piece of writing has been extended and extended (not just owing to me but also because of various other factors out of my control) and I'm a week late with my OU marking, so I'm feeling really ineffectual at the moment. But, on the other hand, as I keep telling myself, at least I am making slow progress of some kind!

Hope everyone has a good day tomorrow.

LexiandBeanette Wed 05-Dec-12 06:22:50

sundae testers sound lovely, glad carpet was salvaged!
Manda my folks had a new boiler put in last month, it was a like for like swap for an upgraded combi, cost them just under £3K but there was none of the bricking up etc to do.
Got up at 5:30 as am so full of cold I couldn't sleep, thought I would slooooowly prepare myself for return to work and we have an inch of snow already! Wasn't expecting that at all! Will wait and see if my colleague who I'm lift sharing with wants to make the commute, if not it will be another remote working day as I am carless. To be honest I wanted to take another day off sick but four people emailed me yesterday asking why I hadn't done work despite out of office saying I was sick and my manager emailed me asking me to confirm I would be back in today. Hope they like my germs wink
Hope everyone has a good day and not too inconvenienced by the weather!

LexiandBeanette Wed 05-Dec-12 06:24:26

PS Zoey thank you for the decongestant advice! I have some sudafed spray here I think. If I am still so full of cold tonight I might risk it for sleep! .meanwhile saline nose wash for me & olbas oil.grin

OctoberCarrot Wed 05-Dec-12 07:03:03

Morning ladies,

Waved DH off to NYC. Lucky bugger as Would love to be going too. Reminded him the last time he went to the States was to Vegas for a stag in December 2009 and he came back and proposed!!!

stealth. Great your DH is getting meetings already. Redundancy can be a positive experience as well as per your personal experience I suppose. Happening more and more these days especially in Ireland. Have seen lots of jobs recently that would suit my skill set but don't think I could convince any employer to take me on at 26 weeks! Hopefully market will still be buoyant mid next year.

mands. Can you get any grants for upgrading heating? Not sure what government department it would be but in Ireland there are grants on offer for upgrading heating systems etc. Think your quote sounds pretty standard.

Lexie. Hopefully you will feel a bit better today. Would you try a hot whiskey tonight. Medicinal whiskey is always good and with lemon and cloves were an old family favourite for colds. Can't believe you have snow. Where are you based?

Had another dreadful nights sleep.... Getting bored at this stage with it all.

Budget day in Ireland today. 3rd year of austerity measures. We will screwed left right and centre I fear though government continue to pay the,selves handsomely. bizarre. better mot start as i could go on and on and on and bore you all to tears! Thankfully we have a good income and small outgoings but it certainly makes you worry for the future.

Hope everyone has a lovely day. Happy Wedneday!

OC x

OctoberCarrot Wed 05-Dec-12 07:11:21


Seems grants in UK are for those in need whilst in Ireland they are available to all. Good idea in theory but expensive in practice I imagine.

DS singing away to himself in cot. Love this time of morning!

Sundae. Meant to ask is rug doctor heavy to lift? Have been trying to organise DH to get one to give living room and playroom carpet a good clean and so far he hasn't done it. Was contemplating just going and getting it myself and just being done with it as then could organise Christmas tree etc.

pinkpeony4 Wed 05-Dec-12 07:36:04

Stealth I thought that too!! Although I am weirdly having a baby girl this time. Never imagined that would happen because I always imagined us with 4 boys. You live in London too don't you? Let me know if you fancy meeting up on mat leave and our 6 boys can run riot somewhere!! How old are yours? (Sure you have said before but my memory is terrible) mine are 6, nearly 4 & 2. Good luck to your DH with his meeting.

Hope everyone else is ok and that you have recovered from the horrible accident Sundae. I braved swimming last night and the boys thought it was hysterical in the changing room to laugh at my fat tummy & boobies - even ds3. The boob obsession starts young in boys!

Sheldonella Wed 05-Dec-12 08:37:10

Morning everyone smile day off today for my birthday. We were going to go for a nice lunch but we have lots of snow so I'm not sure now. DH bought me some warm flat boots that I wanted with fur inside and earrings, he's so lovely grin DD has been giving me the most amazing kicks too.

We got the pram yesterday, I love it and have been pushing it around the kitchen. Just need my baby to go in it now smile

lexi glad you are ok after your hospital trip and there is nothing wrong. You aren't far from me are you, have you been able to travel in the snow? It looks very pretty here.

manda that doesn't sound too bad for a boiler with the extra bits too. MIL recently had one that cost more than that. You are superwoman doing all that work! You very much deserve a nap.

sundae glad you got cleaned up and aren't hurt. Same about the glasses but I'm very glad you didn't come off worse! Colour scheme sounds lovely.

zoey I feel your pain with the heartburn, I'm glad you can't overdose on gaviscon! That is so cute about your DS smile

stealth sorry to hear about your DH, hope he gets something else soon.

Well, can't complain too much about my symptoms today. Still not sleeping but aches and pains have improved since going home sick the other day. Have a lovely day everyone!

OodKingWenceslas Wed 05-Dec-12 09:43:22

Happy birthday sheldon smile

zoeymlucas Wed 05-Dec-12 09:54:12

Happy birthday Sheldon thanks

Hi all

Am home today with DD as nursery called yesterday to say she'd had a bit of a runny bum. lovely. So she's got to stay home today and tomorrow, but luckily she seems fine in herself. Think DH is doing the honours tomorrow, but I'm taking unpaid leave today as annual leave is all used up!

Sorry to hear about your hospital dash yesterday Lexi, but glad you for some reassurance.

Happy birthday Sheldon! many happy returns.

Think I might use the opportunity of an extra day at home to get a few more jobs done. Got a list as long A's my arm and with DDs birthday and party coming up next week, there's plenty of organising to do!

October v jelous of your DH going to NYC. never been but think we are planning a trip for DHs 40th (in 3years!!) DH is off to Saudi again the week before Christmas. Don't think somehow it'll be quite as festive there!

Will be interested to hear the outcome of the Chancellor's autumn statement today. Expecting still more slashing of public sector, but as I work in transport planning, and there've been hints about investment in transport infrastructure, am hoping it's not all bad news for us... Fingers crossed.

25 weeks today! Am mad for lime and soda at the moment, could drink gallons of it!

Have a good day everyone and go steady in this cold weather. X

OctoberCarrot Wed 05-Dec-12 11:12:04

Just checking here - has anyone bought anything in Seraphine? Am looking for a simple black jersey round neck dress and so far failed. Anyone have this one or can recommend one?


Thanks a mill.

OC x

LexiandBeanette Wed 05-Dec-12 11:16:57

Sheldon Happy Birthday! Have a lovely day and enjoy the furry boots smilebrew
Yes, am in Hitchin, Herts and got to work in Cambridge OK, just a bit slowly. Think it will all have melted soon thank goodness - looks beautiful but a pig for travelling.
Oct I've been having a sort of booze free hot toddy of orange juice, lemon juice, root ginger and honey with hot water. I might lop a whisky in it tonight as still very congested, sound like Darth Vader! grin. Reaction at work has mostly been 'you look quite poorly' which makes me even more paranoid people thought I was at home with my feet up or something...

Agree that the budget will be interesting and worrying. Fingers crossed the cutting is not too severe.

JoJoBella84 Wed 05-Dec-12 12:45:07

Happy birthday sheldon wine!

Countmyblessings Wed 05-Dec-12 13:16:02

Happy Birthday Sheldon - enjoy your day!!
I had 2 birthday while pregnant the last one 2 years ago I was so further on and couldn't eat anything due to heartburn!!
I have decided not to eat anything 1 hour before laying down as it will just not happen!
Zoey - I'm sure we must share due date as I'm also same weeks as you!
Also heartburn issues but not as bad as u!
Went mothercares to look for a birthday outfit! Didn't like anything!
Went Dorothy Perkins and found a cute stretchy dress that will do nicely!
Will wear it at work Christmas dinner also!
My hols tickets arrived today so it all is real all I need is Christmas Day and we are off!!!!
Have declined the flu jab but am def getting the whooping jab!
Wave to everyone else!

pinkpeony4 Wed 05-Dec-12 13:33:10

Happy birthday Sheldonella smile

zoeymlucas Wed 05-Dec-12 13:40:49

Yes Count I think we share due date - I am 26 weeks today so starting to feel a bit less stressed as the weeks go by and have a scan first thing in the morning which normally helps smile I am not a fan of Mothercare maternity clothes to be honest and find it over priced for what it actually is. I have a nice topshop dress for works xmas do and also bought a blooming marvellous one but it dont look right on me so its on ebay smile Xmas dinner is at mums so will be not alot of clothes as her house is ALWAYS so hot!!!

Got a bodyshop party tonight which I really dont want to go to as its DHs sisters and an evening with them soes not sound fun at all but promised him I would go sad but got to pop to mums before hand and she is making me homemade stew which is always good

LaurenCaddy Wed 05-Dec-12 17:17:20

Happy Birthday Sheldon

Hope you've had a lovely day smile


Chefette Wed 05-Dec-12 17:58:24

Hi can't read any posts since yesterday morning as phone app keeps crashing, won't flip messages either. Posting here to see if I can get it to behave sorry for no replies to anything sad

Crikey it's quiet on here today!

OodKingWenceslas Wed 05-Dec-12 20:27:55

I've been checking in all day ethel and keep wondering where everyone is!

sundaesundae Wed 05-Dec-12 21:00:48

Hello! Happy birthday Shel, Bazinga!

Had a busy day in Derby, nice to catch up with the breast screening ladies there as I haven't seen them for aggggeees, but one of the ladies in the office nearly died, everyone there was very shaken.

Off to see Twighlight tomorrow and then off fri-mon so lovely long weekend and I am going to catch up with my sis for cake on Friday, yay!

It is quiet, but I still can't remember what I have read sad eating better here, managing more veg finally! so hopefully my brain will catch up soon smile

october I have loads of seraphine clothes as I live very close to one of their stores. I bought a lot in my first and second pregnancies and am now on number 4 and I have found they have lasted really well, don't look worn, fit well and are very comfy. I think they are good value particularly rel Isabella Oliver. Was wearing a seraphine black wool tunic dress at work today....

Em2010 Wed 05-Dec-12 21:27:24

Hello Everyone!

Happy birthday sheldon hope you've had a lovely day! Just think, this time next year.....!

Sorry to hear your dd is poorly Ethel fx it's nothing contagious.

zoey hope body shop party isn't too gruelling!

October I have quite a few bits from seraphine and I'm a big fan. Sizing is fairly average if you're mail ordering.

stealth really sorry to hear about your DH but pleased to hear he's staying upbeat and seems to have options.

manda not a home expert at all but that seems a good quote for the boiler. Tell your DH that a new boiler will be much more economical to run thus negating the financial difference in the quotation you had from the one he expected!

lexi sounds stressful having to go to the hospital to get checked out- really sorry to hear that. I had a similar experience with ds at 21 weeks and terrified me. In hindsight I now know that the 'distinctive' smell of waters that midwives go on about actually smells like seamen! (sorry if tmi- hoping to be informative!)

Haven't been around very much as I've still not got my iPhone back and have been so busy trying to prepare for Christmas, yet already running woefully behind my schedule! Spent a lovely day out Christmas shopping in Harrogate today complete with a yummy trip to Bettys (of course!) Was very cold though!


LaurenCaddy Wed 05-Dec-12 22:04:51

Hi Ladies,

Hope you've all had a nice Wednesday.

Just a quickie: Are you allowed to eat in labour? shock I've had a look around recently in a few forums on various websites and there seems to be mixed answers. Any already Mummies know the answer?

I really like the idea of sucking polos and having jelly beans to keep up my sugar levels. And biscuits and bits and pieces.


lannyshrops Wed 05-Dec-12 22:16:03

NHi all!
Very quick peacemaking from the artic circle!Norway is lovely but bloomin cold! Not been above minus 10 but worth it as we have seen the Northern lights! Spectacular! I have struggled with the lack of daylight and have been having mammoth snoozes, will miss them when back in work next week!
Welcome Lauren
Happy birthday sheldon!
DH says about 3k on New boiler system is about right (FIL a plumber) manda hesays if you not replacing radiators to make sure they are all flushed and an inhibitor placed in the system.
We start NCT classes on the second of Jan (bloomin stupid date to start) and have been advised that I'd def worth it!
No Christmas decorations yet but have bought some lovely traditional ornaments here in Norway so may do.this.weekend?
Sorry not to.name check more as ob phone and has taken me.all day to catch up so predictably have forgotten most!
Love to all xxx

LexiandBeanette Thu 06-Dec-12 07:50:26

LOL at Em, not TMI, very helpful actually! I did find the 'distinctive' tag unhelpful!
So having gone to work yesterday I am now back in bed. Feel pathetic as it is "just a cold" but I've never had one o bad, got through a full box of tissues and constantly coughing or sneezing! Face is red raw and look like I have two black eyes! Feel guilty as DH is MW starting with it, that said I would murder him for his Lemsip ;)
Hope no one has been adversely affected by the snow and ice.

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 07:50:37

Love the traditional decs from northern Europe lanny my mum is bringing me some back from her axmas shopping trip to Germany this week.

Am ropey this am, dh has spent all week telling me I look rough. He's at work every night so bedtimes are hard work at the moment. I'm at GP this am and dh is insisting I get signed off sad I have 3 hospital appts next week & only 2 days off so it might make life easier that way anyway

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 07:52:08

lexi colds can be horrendous especially when you can't decongest properly.

LexiandBeanette Thu 06-Dec-12 08:14:30

Typing fail, should be DH is now starting with it! Lenny v jealous of northern lights, sounds amazing!

OctoberCarrot Thu 06-Dec-12 08:21:41

It is like DS knows DH isn't here. Grumpy this morning and quite literally into everything.... We had a quiet day yesterday so I thunk he has unspent energy. Off to library and I am going to wrap him up and let him run it all out in playground.

He has started reducing his naps too - guess that is a 14 month old thing? Making showers painful as he insists standing beside me and trying to get wet!

Thanks for seraphine tips. Ordered dress in 2 sizes and hopefully it will be nice. Have bought some mat stuff for Christmas and hated it all so all going back and am now miffed off as feel have nothing to wear. stealth. We might have been neighbours. Spent alot of my time in London are high st ken! Seraphine was never on my radar then though well for me.

Budget was ok for us. Still happy that I only have a small child as for many it must be difficult. Also good time to be more interested to be staying in at night rather than partying!

Going to ring my mum and see if along with babysitting would she feed DS tonight.... Now that would be a treat! Off out with my 2 closest friends for dinner. Will be nice to catch up and hear all the gossip!

Hope all illnesses are improving and the snow is not having too much effect.

Dammit I hear a crash. Better go.

OC x

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 08:34:29

Main problem with budget is that there's no growth & increase in jobs (dh) and I'm public sector so no pay rise ever and less budget to work in an area that's increasing.

OC yes to naps reducing smile

OctoberCarrot Thu 06-Dec-12 09:16:16

Ood. i feared that migt be the case though tbh he is an angel sleeper - touch wood - so I have little to complain about.

Yes agree that budget did not seem to help job prospects and public sector pay etc still to be addressed certainly in Ireland. We have such high levels of pay at the upper end. The head librarian of a university gets paid 150,000 per annum. Doesn't that seem ridiculous?

Was just watching daybreak eating brekkie and this is the look I am trying for christening next week though obviously without super reese good looks or bare legs in freezing Ireland!


Hopefully dress I ordered will transform me. Wouldn't you know I have little to think about as I obsess about clothing.....

Sil is borrowing my buggy when she is home so a friend is lending me her no longer needed phil and teds so I can road test. Looking forward to it.

sarahs999 Thu 06-Dec-12 10:49:13

MMorning all. Freezing here in London, hope you're all keeping warm enough. It's an emotional day for me today as I'm at the exact gestation (26+6) that my son was born at. Heading into in chartered waters now! Ds has been really sweet and suggested we have a party tonight to celebrate so we are having broad bean risotto and Portuguese tarts grin. Am currently waiting to see the midwife who appears to be running v late...

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 11:07:16

Yay sarah that's great smile

I've been to GP this am and they ganged up with dh and said I was better signed off. More concerned about AND than the SPD now. She was v reassuring about the GTT though

sundaesundae Thu 06-Dec-12 11:19:48

Ood, one day at a time, can you do some craft projects and plan some gentle things to look forward to?

Don't feel guilty, no-one really thinks any less of you for listening to your body and your medical team.

Now, go and make some home made christmas crackers, do a cross stitch and then knit some booties ;)

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 11:33:44

I'm trying to do toddlers still to get me out of the house, got loads of Xmas stuff to sort too, dh is around during most of the day so have a chauffeur. Plus I've 2 + appts a week, will soon be full!

sundaesundae Thu 06-Dec-12 11:57:55

I have a stupid question, how many times a day should I feel the baby? At the moment is probably every 4-5hrs I feel movement, I can now feel them on the outside, but I normally feel 3 or 4 kicks and then nothing for a while. I also get a lot of internal kicks, if that makes sense. I have an anterior placenta and 24+6.

LexiandBeanette Thu 06-Dec-12 12:00:14

Ahh Ood sorry you still feel ropey, being signed off will be for the best!

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 12:01:03

Supposed to be 10 ish but every baby/bump is different. They get into a pattern but early on movements can be missed and later they run out of room. Clear as mud

Hi all

Sarah that is quite a milestone! Good news!

ood hope the signing off helps you to feel better. Fingers crossed.

It's v cold here, was no warmer than -2 on my way up here this morning and all the men in the office keep returning from their lunch breaks saying how cold it is!

sundae as ood said, they are all different. I thinks the key is to work out what is your own pattern and then use that as your own yardstick.

Getting lots of kicks or something very low down, plus quite often sore in the groin area when I stand up. All a bit unconfortable. Bloody boys, I had none of this with DD! grin

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 13:28:53

Sympathies ethel I'm getting lots of the cervix kicks at the moment

zoeymlucas Thu 06-Dec-12 13:43:32

Well having a fab day went for scan this morning and infection is totally gone and cervix has gone back to original length - baby boy is weighing about 2lb 2oz and is perfect and doing amazing and if I labour before 34 weeks he will let me try a natural delivery so I can be awake for it - however if I did get past that it would be a c section as baby would be too big and put too much pressure on pelvis and back and it would be too high risk. So am a very happy bunny and feeeling sooooooo much better about things and esp as he thinks I will make it to min 30 weeks now!! Am celebrating with a macdonalds lunch smile

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 13:51:49

Great news zoey smile

sundaesundae Thu 06-Dec-12 14:09:57

woooohoooooo zoey!!!!

Sheldonella Thu 06-Dec-12 14:20:33

Thanks for all the messages yesterday everyone, you are all so lovely smile We went to Jamie's Italian and I had pasta and a virgin cocktail. The food was lovely and there was a very cute baby at the table next to me who made it look perfectly possible to go out for nice meals as a family. This pleases me smile

I've been feeling some uncomfortable downward pressure when walking around. There is no pain with it but should I be worried? I think DD may have turned as I'm feeling kicks really high up now. I would call someone about it but they never answer. Grrr.

zoey That is brilliant news, I'm so pleased for you. I hope you get the birth you want. Oh I could really eat McDonalds! DH is current making me a bacon sandwich though so all good.

sarah Great to reach the milestone.

Ethel It is about that cold here too. Brrrr!

sundae That sounds fine. With my anterior placenta a couple of weeks ago I was like that. Now she is bigger (26+5) I can feel her much more frequently.

ood Good that you are signed off. I hope you get some rest.

October That dress is lovely - very elegant. I have just got my Phil & Teds, I would be interested to hear how your test goes. I certainly love pushing mine around my kitchen smile

Lanny Very jealous of your holiday smile I love cold places - we went to Iceland last year and it was beautiful but didn't see the northern lights. Hope you are having a nice time.

Lexi Sorry to hear you are so poorly. Definitely good to stay home and keep warm. I don't know if it helps but I got a boots brand lemsip type thing that is ok in pregnancy. It doesn't have the decongestant though unfortunately.

Right, off to eat my lunch!

pinkpeony4 Thu 06-Dec-12 14:33:44

Zoey fantastic news, must be such a relief and so nice to have a plan smile

Sheldonella Your birthday sounded fun. I love Jamie's Italian and we take the boys there a lot.

Lexi stay inside and rest. I have had a horrid cold, sore throat for ages and have been staring longingly at the Day Nurse and having to make do with paracetamol sad. it's freezing cold here today, makes me want to hibernate but sadly have the school run to do shortly!

October I have some Seraphine maternity clothes and they are great. I hope you love the dress. It's so hard to find decent maternity clothes. I have given up looking. This is definitely my last baby and so will just make do until the end. My boys have all dropped their morning nap at around 15 months but then started sleeping longer at lunchtime. ds3 still has a 2.5/3hour nap every lunchtime which is a fab time to get stuff done or lie on the sofa looking on here

Ood I hope you manage to get some rest now that you are signed off although easier said than done with 3 Children

Lanny your holiday sounds fab grin

Ethel I hope dd is feeling better.

Lauren I am booked in for my whooping cough jab next Friday which is 29 weeks. I would do anything I could to prevent my tiny baby getting such a nasty illness and the jab is the same one they give 8 week old babies. I have never felt like eating in labour. With ds1 I felt sick and with the next two it was all too quick so no time to do anything apart from focus on contractions. I am pretty sure you are allowed to though, especially if you have an epidural because there is loads of hanging around.

All well here. Had my 28 week midwife apt yesterday where she took blood & did a general check up. All well and lovely to hear hb again. I was 27+5 and measuring 29 though so it's not in my imagination that I look/feel enormous! We had ds1's nativity yesterday and ds2's this morning. Both so sweet, made me feel very emotional shock

Hope everyone else is doing Ok.

LexiandBeanette Thu 06-Dec-12 14:51:03

Yeay Zoey that all sounds really positive!

LexiandBeanette Thu 06-Dec-12 15:03:36

Cross posted! Thanks sheldon & pink!
Sheldon I love the idea of family meals smile Don't know if it just me but now Beanette is moving so much I find myself wondering a lot about what she will be like, good and bad! Such a major unknown!

Re: pressure, I definitely feel 'heavier' in the bump and more achey some days and judging by kicks it depends how baby is lying. I keep being told I am ' carrying low' too, don't know if that is the case for you? I wouldn't be too worried, annoying though that you can't get anyone on the phone.

pink glad all is well & awwwww for nativity, how lovely!

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 15:34:02

sheldon yes, normal , I think it depends on position , I usually feel like that if baby is head down, though this one so far seems to prefer horizontal hmm

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 06-Dec-12 20:44:16

Does anyone have any experience of being on prednisolone while pregnant? Another medication the consultant is putting me on 'just in case'. I am very wary of taking anything without good medical reason so need to weigh up pros and cons very carefully before deciding whether to take it!

zoeymlucas Thu 06-Dec-12 20:44:19

Sheldon it's perfectly normal I get lots of pressure and 'bubbling' can't think of a better description down there, it's prob not helped bu the fact that baby boy is head down and has been for weeks and refuses to budge!

Come home from work today and DS2 toddler bed has been delivered so hubby has just built that, however i still don't want to use it as it feels very grown up sad we have also been given a feeding/ nursing chair it rocks and fully reclines and is so blinking comfy I nearly fell asleep in it when I got home, the stool even rocks to, however the arms are a little worn so it's my new project to recover it all over the weekend smile

OodKingWenceslas Thu 06-Dec-12 20:55:25

Dd3sbed came yesterday but there's no room for her yet as the room is full of Xmas & a bed settee!

JoJoBella84 Thu 06-Dec-12 22:19:27

rainbow what dose are you on? Also what were his reasons for corticosteroid's? Some can cross the placenta, although the risks are fairly low for things like birth defects (according to the BNF) but I'm no doctor!!

Hi all

Just a quick post before i go to bed.
pink she's fine thanks for asking. In fact, i'd go as far as to say as happy as larry!

Am phoning surgery to attempt to make my appt with mw for 28 week appt and for my whooping cough jab. It feels like aaages since Ive seen anyone, (HCP wise) but i do have the delights of the GTT to look forward to next friday! wink

Just done my christmas food online shop and my shop for DD's birthday next week. so, a couple less things to think about. Now just need to try to get DD's balance bike ordered (any recommendations anyone?!)

Countmyblessings Thu 06-Dec-12 23:21:59

Thanks also for the seraphim info have never needed to buy mat clothes before I usually make do with my usual clothes and go up sizes!!!
DH noticed that I wasn't making much ermmm effort and has told me to get some clothes to make me feel better and enjoy being pregnant so have got few bits from H&M, mama& papa's and gave ordered someone bits online!!!! Def feel better and as all on sale didn't spend much at all!
Loads of movement and huge kicks!!!!

Vivee74 Fri 07-Dec-12 00:24:09

Hi, hope everyone has had a good week.

After a bit of advice. I'm aboutbtongead to Australia and New Zealand for 5 weeks. I have 9 flights/legs. Hence will have to go throw the xray scanners. Can I assume they are safe? Thanks

Vivee74 Fri 07-Dec-12 00:24:39

Sorry to typo. "About to go"

Emsyboo Fri 07-Dec-12 03:36:28

Just marking my

Emsyboo Fri 07-Dec-12 03:36:59

Whoops silly iPhone - marking place and catching up!

sarahs999 Fri 07-Dec-12 04:06:22

Rainbow, I was on pred for the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy. It's the only reason I'm able to carry the baby as I have an over active immune system that attacks the foetus. What dose are you on? Interested that you've been given it now, not sure what the theory is behind that. Only time I've heard of it being taken so late in pg is for things like colitis and crohns. There's a whole pred thread if you search; lots of women with experience. It makes your sleep disturbed and can make you a bit hyper. Apart from that I didn't mind it.

sarahs999 Fri 07-Dec-12 04:08:32

Also acc to my consultant minimal amounts cross the placenta; teensiest chance of harelip is all the medical risk though this would not be relevant to you so late in pg.

Deep joy, have started this morning with sickness and diarrhoea. Just wondrous. sad
Assume whilst it's not pleasant, consensus is there's no risk to the baby?
Thanks ladies.

OodKingWenceslas Fri 07-Dec-12 08:34:29

vivee no but you can ask to be patted down instead.

ethel your body prioritises baby so you might feel rough but baby will be ok.

sundaesundae Fri 07-Dec-12 08:45:14

Actually the backscatter ones are safe, you'd need to go through them more than a 1000 times before you would reach the level that radiographers are allowed to in a year. You will be exposed to far more radiation on the flight (natural background radiation is at a higher level, it is apparently equivalent to four minutes in the air). Not sure how many airports have them now anyway! Hope the trip treats you well!

Ethel, you poor thing! I had MS this morning at 25 flippling weeks, but I think it was due to only eating a cheese toasie and half a medium sized popcorn yesterday...

zoeymlucas Fri 07-Dec-12 08:51:37

That sont sound very nice for you Ethel and I hope you feel better soon - baby will be fine as boddy gived baby everything it needs and you get the leftovers, however do get as much fluid on board as you can

Soooooo glad its Friday and am looking forward to 2 whole days off am refusing to work from home this weekend we are going shopping tomorrow to get some bits which I am excited about

A little annoyed at babies R Us - I tried toplace an order online yesterday the website said it failed and crashed so I stared again and placed the order and then I got 2 emails for 2 orders and they said I have to have them delivered as they cant canecel one - so have been charged for 2 and have to wait 5 days for delivery to take one back so I can get my money back!!

LexiandBeanette Fri 07-Dec-12 10:11:29

Oh Ethel lots of sympathy, that sounds miserable. I had a tummy bug a month or so ago and MW said not to worry unless a) I couldn't keep water down or b) I had a high temperature, as baby is well protected unless you get severely dehydrated. As zoey says, keep getting fluids on board, water, weak squash or diluted fruit juice. Hope you feel better soon!
vivee have a great time! AFAIK the scanners in airports are perfectly safe.

Feeling a lot more human today and trying to do a little work from home. Poor DH has now got full blown lurgy though, I feel terrible! He went to work this morning and I really don't think he should have done. The 11 hour days he's been doing don't help either sad

theTramp Fri 07-Dec-12 10:13:57

Morning all. Placce marking really as I have a few pages of gossip to catch up on. Saw consultant on Wednesday. Two hours of waiting (yes two bloody hours) only to be greeted by "Why am I seeing you, I did not need to see you until 30 weeks...." sees my exceptionally unimpressed face ..."Not that it isn't always a pleasure to see you." Anyway, Socs is fine. I am ok to take lemsip (HURRAH!) as long as I'm not mainlining the stuff and that should help with the colds. All other ails got a shrug. So basically - as long as Socs is ok and I'm not bleeding or dying a death they're not particularly bothered about me.

So thanks to scan I have discovered that when I feel like I am being continuously punched in the kidney it is actually just Socs being upside down and resting on kidney and bladder and merrilly playing with feet and hands. Still the contortionist it seems. There is lots of room for Socs to stretch out in, but every scan we've had we just have a baby doing rolly pollys. It also seems that Socs is either v keen of car, or not keen at all - as more than 15 minutes in car and there is definitely movement. And that the Foo Fighters get through loud and clear enough to merit a reaction. I don't think we're going to have a placid child.. smile

Hope everyone else who has been suffering colds etc is feeling better. I'm coming back to life again and am pleased that should sinus' flare up again I can attack some lemsip for at least a little relief.

Congrats on birthdays.

Northern Lights sound fabulous!

Well done on bed constructions and new outfits (amazing how much better you can feel when you have something nice to wear isn't it) and I hope party frocks are just as they should be.

I must get on with work now. Supe-twist.

Rainbowbabyhope Fri 07-Dec-12 10:25:33

Jojo my consultant has prescribed 10mg a day. She has given it to me because my platelets have dropped a bit to 76 (mine are usually between 90-110 in pregnancy which is completely normal for some women). This is not actually particularly worrying as I have been told by numerous specialists that they don't worry about platelet count seriously till it hits 20-30. Apparently the prednisolone 'might' help to support my platelet count. Platelet count is not an issue for baby at all, only for me and to be honest I am not prepared to do or take anything that could put my baby at risk purely for my own health reasons which as far as I see it are completely secondary. I was persuaded to put myself first by everyone in my first pregnancy and I ended up with a dead baby so I am not doing it again. TBH if there is any chance of the steriods crossing the placenta even in the tiniest of amount and doing any damage then aI simply cannot take the risk of taking them.

Sarah thank you for the heads up about the pred thread - will have a search for it.

Just marking place, will try and catch up this evening. x

LexiandBeanette Fri 07-Dec-12 13:59:15

Tramp glad to hear all is well with Socs and also with you! Hurrah for Lemsip wink

pinkpeony4 Fri 07-Dec-12 14:01:27

Rainbow I have no idea about the medication you have been prescribed but my platelets dropped a lot with ds2 but then rose again before the birth (I was given another blood test at around 36/37 weeks. I had a canula put in during labour and then was put on a drip to help with the bleeding afterwards. All was well though. I think low platelets can prevent you from having an epidural because of the risk of bleeding can't they?

Sorry to hear about those with sickness. I also have a horrid sore throat and earache and paracetamol isn't helping much. Ethel you poor thing that sounds nasty but as others have said the baby will be fine, just try and drink. Can you take dioralyte in pregnancy?

Vivee have a fab trip, I wouldn't worry about the scanners. I have done long distance trips in previous pregnancies and all was well.

Got the in-laws arriving tomorrow for their annual visit so getting ready to be talked to death! (they are Irish and there is never a silent moment)

Rainbowbabyhope Fri 07-Dec-12 14:29:37

Pink my platelets were lower as well with DD1 and I didn't need anything during labour - would certainly refuse to have a canula in during labour in any case! I'm not going to have an epidural no matter what so this is not an issue for me but I think you are right that they won't do it if your platelets are really low.

pinkpeony4 Fri 07-Dec-12 14:33:37

The canula was totally fine if i'm honest, I could still move around etc.. and only had g&a for the labour. I hope yours increase.

Rainbowbabyhope Fri 07-Dec-12 14:46:02

pink my experience with a canula was torture last time - took 12 attempts to get one in by four different members of staff. It was the worst pain I have ever experienced and it looked like I was sitting in a blood bath afterwards. Have permanent scars on my hands and up my arms from all the attempts. No idea why they had such a hard time getting it in (unfortunately I think it was sheer incompetence) but next to that pain nothing else would ever phase me again so maybe they did me a favour!

pinkpeony4 Fri 07-Dec-12 15:49:13

Oh wow that is horrific!! No wonder you would never want another one.

That's horrendous rainbow. I had a cannula in for DDs birth and for my ERPC and didn't have any bother.

DH came home from work at lunchtime so have been asleep all afternoon with, fingers crossed, no trips to the loo since then. Got up now for a few hours and then hoping to start back on some food in the morning. Feel absolutely washed out, walking anywhere is a chore, but I think and hope I am over the worst.
Thanks ladies. X

OctoberCarrot Fri 07-Dec-12 19:40:29

Greeting lovely Marchers. Hope everyone is doing well. Had a great night last night but Ds the scamp woke at 4 and would not go back to sleep. He is in bed since 6:30 and I am doings few things before I hit the hay too. Exhausted. 27 weeks tomorrow. Can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is flying. Hope everyone has a lovely evening. Oc x

LaurenCaddy Fri 07-Dec-12 21:28:50

Hi all,

Been away past 2 days so trying to catch up so bare with!

rainbow That's sounds awful. I had a cannula when i was in hospital, and they are the most awful sore thing ever. And having to go to the toilet whilst being connected to things constantly. So awkward to sleep as well. And whenever it got flushed, or put liquid antibiotics in it, it hurt so much!

thetramp I too had an unimpressed look when i traveled for 1 hr 20 minutes to the consultant, to be left waiting for another 1 hour for him to say, your well, i've just got to weigh you!! I very nearly punched him. And then he said my blood pressure was high. His face when my reply was: Maybe its because your a joke mate. Made me smile on my journey back. Pregnant lady scorned. I spent the whole journey back wondering why the midwife couldn't do that.

Had a midwife appointment today. My 2nd ever one! My tummy is measuring 26cm, on the high side of the average but all good/normal. Booked my whooping cough jab and got my birth plan pack.
Suffering with terrible cramps in my legs when i wake up and feeling sicky recently, but beside that can't complain!

Got my 4d scan on the 18th Dec, counting down the days now :D

Hope everyone is well and ready for christmas, 17 sleeps yanoo.

Em2010 Fri 07-Dec-12 22:45:23

Hello Everyone! Just placemarking as finally got my phone back and connected to the world again. Hoorah! Will hopefully catch up with the thread this weekend!

OctoberCarrot Sat 08-Dec-12 03:46:49

Feeling v sorry for myself. Awake half the night ill. Norovirus. I could cry. 16 months since I've seen my niece and nephew. They arrive home today. Here is hoping I rally a bit to at least see them.

OctoberCarrot Sat 08-Dec-12 03:47:38

Feeling v sorry for myself. Awake half the night ill. Norovirus i suspect. i could cry. 16 months since I've seen my niece and nephew. They arrive home today. Here is hoping I rally a bit to at least see them.

zoeymlucas Sat 08-Dec-12 07:57:13

Morning ladies and bumps grin
I actual managed some sleep last night and feel somewhat human this morning smile DH and both DS's are still snoozing so laid in bed watching my belly move like mental as little man is clearly awake and dancing a dance grin
Sorry to hear your poorly october and hope you get some sleep and manage to get a second wind so you can see your family

Am off shopping today to get last presents and DH said he wants to look in jewellers for the type of diamond earrings I like- my hinting has paid off shock so have a good day ladies x

mandasand Sat 08-Dec-12 08:05:20

Morning ladies! Sorry I've not checked in for a while. It's been a busy week with work, trying to move things forward whilst also dealing with two deadlines that I extended to this week just gone (one of which I have still failed to meet and I lost most of my work on it yesterday … but found it in some obscure archived recovery folder at about midnight so I spent the day both v. depressed and then ridiculously happy before bed!)

Off to teach my last tutorial with my Open Univ students thins morning. Not technically on maternity leave with them til 1 Jan, but still it's a blessed relief not to have to do any more marking till next autumn!

So much to catch up on…

flowers Thanks everyone for advice on boiler. DH has done further research and now realises this ££ is the norm! Really looking forward to getting it replaced so we can sort out that cupboard and get a tumble in there now (funny how having kids makes you think 'oh bugger the environment!') The government pot for grants has run out unfortunately and won't be up and running till 2015 (if at all). Bad timing!

October sorry you've got the lurgy sad Hope you aren't quite so bad today, especially with family arriving.

Lexi how is that horrible cold? A teaspoon of whisky in my lemon and honey 'hot toddy' was the only thing that got me through mine recently.

Ethel any better today?

Sorry for all others who are feeling pants.

Sarah raising an imaginary cocktail to you and baba passing the 26+6 mark. That must feel good smile

Jealous of your Betty's trip, Em!

Hope you've got some good photos of the northern lights, Lanny.

Enjoy the in-laws, Pink!

Everything fine here. Excited at prospect of hitting 28 weeks on Tuesday. That day I have growth scan and consultant appointments. And with twins at 28 weeks I'm supposed to be as big as a singleton pregnancy at term! Bloody hell … heading into unfeasible territory! Babies are making bigger movements now - glad I've only got to get to 37 weeks!

mandasand Sat 08-Dec-12 08:05:55

xposted, Zoey - enjoy your shopping trip! smile

Em2010 Sat 08-Dec-12 08:07:46

october and ethel really sorry to hear about your dodgy tums! Not fun and so disappointing when you've got better things planned!

zoey am super jealous of your diamond earrings! Sounds like a good day!

Am off for my 4d scan in Leeds this morning. My mum is looking after ds so we're going to do some shopping and lunch afterwards! Grown up time grin

Hope everyone else is ok and has nice days planned x

theTramp Sat 08-Dec-12 10:02:46

Oh you poor thing. NV no fun at all. Hope you're being well looked after. Sadly it's a 48 hours worth of being contagious thing isn't it. So home, bed, nearby bathroom, lots of fluids with those packets of salt & vitamin replenishers and a good book.

Well done on milestones everyone.

Manda - phew! I'd have been distraught & then euphoric. Hate it when that happens!

eigmum Sat 08-Dec-12 10:05:27

Gosh can't keep up but great to hear your news!

mandasand Sat 08-Dec-12 14:45:55

Yippee last tutorial over for my Open Univ students. Feels one step closer to babies now I've got that and the last batch of marking out of the way!

And we got our tree this morning - smells lovely! First one we've had, as we usually go up north for 10 days over xmas and new year, but this year peeps can come to us as I am now very much like a beached whale smile

Oh Tramp I was pretty depressed yesterday - all day - about the loss of work. Worse than normal as there feels so little time left now. And it was a really solid piece of writing that it would be difficult to conjure up the brain power for again. But the excitement and euphoria is so great that I may take the whole weekend off!

Happy weekends all, and hope those who are suffering can take it easy and get better very soon xx

HermioneBoo Sat 08-Dec-12 19:57:10

I've sprained my ankle and I've no idea how! So frustrating as I was looking forward to having a useful weekend, all week I've been really tired and had hip pain whilst walking and rib pain while sitting down. Pain was so bad on Thursday I had to leave work early so I could lie in bed! Woke this morning full of plans to get Christmas decs up and found my ankle swollen and very painful to walk on.

Poor DH has been running round the house doing chores and he even did the supermarket shop (I usually look after all the food buying and prep, he hates driving and cooking isn't his forte), he's just made his first lasagne that's in the oven now and is berating himself for not doing more! There's nothing I can say that makes him realise how much he's done today, he's so anxious and worked up. Not really helping my mood, I'm bored and frustrated cos I can't move about much and I'm anxious because BabyBoo isn't moving anywhere near as much as normal - anyone else's baby not as active at 25 weeks? Normally she's got a routine and she's really active. I daren't say anything to DH - he was in tears last night when I told him my concerns, he was so worried about her. I have a Doppler and her heartbeat is still strong so I'm not worried enough to contact MW yet.

Sorry to hear about noro virus troubles, my friend had it last year and looked horrible (well, sounded horrible, obv. Didn't see him!) and hope it won't be too long til you see your niece and nephew again.

Ooo a Betty's trip, I went there on Tuesday, to the one in York and bought the most divine mince pie I've ever had and some Christmas tea that makes the house smell lovely. It wasn't too busy on a Tuesday either, glad I took some annual leave to go up. However I didn't dress appropriately and was freezing cold and damp for much of the day! Silly me!

zoey coooo! Diamond earrings! How lovely smile

OodKingWenceslas Sat 08-Dec-12 20:04:21

hermionie do you have a Physio? If not get referred on Monday, don't let stuff get worse

Sheldonella Sat 08-Dec-12 20:09:26

Hi everyone. Sorry for not posting much but I've tired myself out sewing! I've had a relaxing few days but ended up calling the hospital yesterday about the pressure I've been feeling. I was relieved to finally get someone to pick up the phone and they reassured me.

hermione mine has quiet days every now and then but I can usually get her to move by lying on my back. Sorry to hear about all the pain.

Also sorry to hear about all the sickness. Hope it all passes quickly.

LaurenCaddy Sat 08-Dec-12 20:17:12

Just marking my space - Watching X Factor getting my James Arthur fix. If Christopher Maloney wins, i won't be on for a few days because i'll be off hunting him down, and ripping out his voicebox ¬¬

Have a nice evening y'all smile

sundaesundae Sat 08-Dec-12 21:13:19

Hermione, sorry about your ankle and your worry, you poor thing. I am 25+1 and been a bit worried about having a couple of quiet days, I have an anterior placenta so I try not to worry too much.

This evening I have been kicked the shit out of, so all good. Sometimes it seems I get loads of bladder kicks and cervix kicks instead that I have to think about to notice. I have an app on my phone that you can record kicks on, so maybe that would help to reassure you that it isn't as quiet as you think?

Christmas tree is up, we got a smaller one and I am not entirely happy with it, but it is nice. Made dinner, hubby loved it, I didn't like it, so another low food day. Does this matter? I have lots of stored fat for the baby to eat!

Currently sat on the sofa with my two beautiful sleepy cats while DH plays linux upstairs. Saving Xfactor for tomorrow smile

zoeymlucas Sat 08-Dec-12 21:25:22

Hmmmm I must be the only person in the country who don't watch the x factor EVER! I love the dancing but can't stomach the x factor so DH normally watches it and I slop off to bed to watch a DVD.

Sunsae I didn't eat my dinner either so am now eating a box of scottish shortcake in bed from the Xmas stocks hmm

Sorry to hear about your ankle Hermione but lovely to hear your DH is looking after you so enjoy the rest.
Bump went crazy this evening and was laid on sofa and DS1 and DH sat and watched him for ages! DS1 loved it and was talking to bump and feeling the kicks as well as watching him, he then offered to rub my back as he thinks I must be tired having that going on inside me all day - I am training him well for when he is all grown up and married grin

Congrats on finding your piece of work amanda and glad you found it before bed so could relax better, just a pity you had the stress of thinking you lost it in first place!

Took ds2 to see Santa today, DS1 stated at 10 he isn't silly and was not visiting Santa, well my normally crazy and people loving 1 year old hated it and panic'd and held onto me for dear life and when I tried to get up he cried and refused a picture to be taken- not quite how I planned it!

zoey no you're not on your own; can't abide x factor, love strictly!
Just catching up will write more in a bit.

Hope you're all ok.

hermione get that ankle checked out if it doesn't improve. Also have some v cold water and see if that helps with movements.
Where about are you? Just asking with you saying you'd been to york!

I'm loads better thanks, went to bed at 8 last night and got a good 12 hours and then have had a quietish day at home today writing cards and watching crap on tv.

Am knackered already so might be going to bed very soon!

OodKingWenceslas Sat 08-Dec-12 22:17:04

I'm another SCD not X-factor!

hermionie was it you that wanted to reduce the running around at work?
This might be your chance

LexiandBeanette Sat 08-Dec-12 22:26:43

Oh no Hermione definitely get your ankle checked out! Try the cold sugary drink/lying on your side trick for movements. Your DH sounds like he is being very sweet!

And bit hugs and get well wishes to Oct with your horrid bug.
Cold is finally mending here, though I am getting frustrated at how tired I am. Housework + a trip to see a car + finishing Christmas shopping = knackered me! DH is now full of cold and our poor cat also has a respiratory infection so we had to make a trip to the vet today. Looks like car wise we will be getting a diesel Focus.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend and illnesses on the mend. Have a 4 year old's birthday party tomorrow (godson) and apart from that plan to make a cottage pie and a teabread and do some Christmas cards! Must get the decorations up soon - it's really snuck up on me!

OctoberCarrot Sun 09-Dec-12 07:27:26

Morning Marchers. Hope everyone is feeling better. Much better here. Didn't feel so bad yesterday. Think it is a nighttime thing and also how I sleep. Had to have pillow under head and knees last night and felt fine. This is new to me.

Went to see family. It was fab and DS loved playing with his cousins. My niece is nearly 5 and she was carrying him around and they had so much fun together. Will be a lovely Christmas with them at home.

DH due home from NYC in a couple of hours. Yippee. Been a long 5 days minding Ds on my own! Getting tree and will go to see family again.

Hope everyone is doing well. Have a lovely Sunday.

Oc x

JoJoBella84 Sun 09-Dec-12 07:37:30

Morning ladies and bumps smile

30 weeks today, oh my. Where's the pause button?

theTramp Sun 09-Dec-12 10:21:01

Morning everyone.

Hermione - ouch! As noted elsewhere get that checked out Monday. Poor you. It's frustrating isn't it, this feeling weak and not being able to do what you usually can. It's not for much longer though so let your other half take care of you for a bit, only a few weeks now and all focus will be on new addition to the world.

Manda - weekend off sounds a fab idea. I confess my grand work scheme yesterday was side tracked by being able to find 101 tasks that weren't work. Whoops. On plus side 2/3 of Christmas shopping now bought & ordered and sorted with MrM involved and a few more housey type tasks crossed off the list. However it does mean more pressure to get it done today. Which is silly of me.

Zoey - I'm not an x factor or strictly watcher either.
And the diamond earings sound lovely. You sound a bit more chipper, hope you're feeling better for being rested.

We had full on gallery day yesterday and then a friends cocktail party, one of our lowly new neighbours. I called time at 1am and it was all just starting to really swing. MrM may be feeling a bit worse for wear. I've no hangover but am shattered. Stupid me. Ah well. Best get up now as gallery opens in 30 mins - whoops!

Enjoy your Sunday's ladies.

OodKingWenceslas Sun 09-Dec-12 10:27:38

Morning . Had a rough day yesterday. Slept badly on Friday due to pain/baby position and lasted all day. Lots of cramp too. Baby shifted a bit but is scrabbling at my cervix this am so not very comfy again.
Feeling a bit trapped in the house, dh taking dd3 this am to get her some exercise/fresh air before work and dd1/2 going to help my mum with the decorations this afternoon.
At this rate I'll be looking forward to a morning in hospital tomorrow!

Sheldonella Sun 09-Dec-12 11:41:07

Morning everyone. Ugh, does anyone feel like they constantly have something wrong at the moment? I woke up this morning with awful dizziness, when I move the whole room spins. I called the hospital who said to eat something to see if it gets better. It didn't and I called back. They said it sounds like a virus and to see the emergency GP today. I'm now waiting for a call from the GP. I can't get out of bed sad

Sorry to moan again blush

Sorry to hear about your rough day ood. How are you now?

Wow Jojo 30 weeks is amazing!

Glad you are feeling better october. Lovely that you saw your family too.

lexi glad you are better too and I hope your cat is ok.

OodKingWenceslas Sun 09-Dec-12 11:53:07

sheldon ear problems?

Sheldonella Sun 09-Dec-12 12:15:14

ood the midwife said it might be and I would need antibiotics if it is.

I've also been told to get something for constipation today. Apparently I've been putting up with it for too long.

OodKingWenceslas Sun 09-Dec-12 12:26:17

Get to the out of hours Dr then. Ear stuff is dehabilitating and then they can sort the constipation too.

theTramp Sun 09-Dec-12 12:47:20

Shel - poor you. And putting up with constipation generally not a good thing, so glad they are helping you out with that. Hope it isn't an ear infection.

Hello all
Tucked up in bed for a nap so am on mn instead! Lovely dh sitting watching tv for quiet time with big boys before we head to a football birthday party!
Anyone else finding baby going through a quiet stage? My bump is very quiet during the day as I think I am so busy, but even resting not getting much, just little movemts.

Did the tree yesterday - such excited boys. Ds3 helped me carry our wreath and ds1/2 helped (in the loosest terms) carry the tree. They tried to persuade us to get the 10ft one but we resisted!!
Decorating all done (lots of things on one spot!!) but actually looks very pretty and I have resisted redistributing the decorations as they were so sweet!
So relieved only 11-12 weeks left at work.... If I decide to go that long!!
Sorry to hear of all the illnesses. It's just permanent this time of year esp if you have kids. We've got a horrid coughs thing.

Can I rejoin, I'll attempt to keep up this time.

JoJoBella84 Sun 09-Dec-12 14:34:55

tribble I've given up trying to keep up! Just pipe up whenever you want to say hi!!

sundaesundae Sun 09-Dec-12 14:37:40

I second Jojo, just contribute what and whenever smile Easy going us!

Shel you poor thing, hope you get better soon!

Stealth, Lexi and I are both having quiet days, I think now that every kick and rumble isn't quite so new and exciting i miss some. Count the kicks recommends charting a pattern, so looking at when bump is usually active during the morning, then afternoon, then evening and then overnight (if you are woken by them!). You can then see after a few days if there is a pattern and it should help keep track.

OodKingWenceslas Sun 09-Dec-12 14:44:30

trib the only reason I'm keeping up is I'm not leaving the settee much so can dip in & out . Am still crap at name checking.

LaurenCaddy Sun 09-Dec-12 15:09:18

Afternoon Ladies.

Seems most are feeling aches and pains, so i hope you all get better soon!

Just in need of a rant really.

My OH didn't come to bed til 3am last night, playing games on his xbox, and didn't wake up til 1pm. By which time, i'd vacuumed, done the washing and putting it out to dry, washed up his dirty stuff left out from the night before, and started the beef for today's Sunday dinner. He woke up and is now back on his xbox! Not do you need a hand with anything. Whilst i fully appreciate soon, we'll be being kept up a night and should respect the freedom we currently have, i just thought what a tosser :@ I'm all achey now. Nothing terrible but he isn't bothered in the slightest. Urgghh stupid man!

Rant over. Back to making roasties and stuffing balls.

theTramp Sun 09-Dec-12 16:34:27

Try serving yourself dinner and not him and wait for the question as to why.... OR try asking if he's stressed? Regardless of answer your response is the reason why you're asking is that after a weekend of non stop X box and not helping you in anyway you figure he must be stressed...

theTramp Sun 09-Dec-12 16:35:01

My cold is back - I am not happy. One late night and I'm floored. Gah!

Rainbowbabyhope Sun 09-Dec-12 17:07:05

Lauren you should talk to your OH to take on burden of housework - why are you doing all the vacuuming, washing (especially his stuff!) and cooking dinner? You shouldn't be lugging around a vacuum now anyway! My DH and I have always shared housework 50/50 (as we both work fulltime) but now he does most of it for obvious reasons. If you are achy then you are doing to much.

Stealth and other with reduced movements - I have had this too in the last 2-3 days (I am 26 weeks) and it has been making me extremely worried. I have stopped feeling kicks completely and just feel the occasional flump at the bottom where her head is. Listening to heartbeat number of times a day and all seems fine so assume its a shift of position or something but it is massively disconcerting.

sundaesundae Sun 09-Dec-12 17:38:18

Rainbow, is there advice on lifting? I haven't worried too much, have lifted a rug doctor in and out of the boot, carried the dyson up the stairs etc. and haven't really thought about it. I end up in more pain trying to turn over in bed!

Strange how many of us have naughty babies that like to scare us, bubba is being more active today, but I have to think about it, I assume it is a positional thing.

Tramp - feel better!

Sheldonella Sun 09-Dec-12 18:00:51

I'm back from the doctors. My appointment was 2 hours late and I've been coughed on by many many people. There is nothing wrong fortunately, just a virus that already seems better. I think the doctor thought I was being silly as he asked me if I had looked up my pregnancy worries on mumsnet confused. Maybe I look like a mumsnetter!

Thanks for the sympathy. I will stop moaning now blush

shieldbug Sun 09-Dec-12 18:29:47

Hello all! I've been lurking, but like tribble have found it very difficult to keep up.

Good to "see" you again tribble- it's funny that 3 of us from the Oct 2010 thread are expecting at the same time.

Sorry to hear of various viral woes and aches and pains. Do look after yourselves.

Sheldon it doesn't sound like you were being silly at all. An ear infection can be very debilitating and you did the right thing in going to the Drs. Glad to hear you are already feeling a bit better. Have a relaxing rest of the day.

Lauren, I sympathise. My dh is a lovely bloke but because he works so hard at the moment, he comes home to relax. Because I am a housewife, it is therefore my "job" to make dinner, wash up etc and this extends generally to the weekends as well. It just hasn't occurred to him that I "work" all day too and am just as exhausted in the evenings (perhaps more so because I then have to try to work on my PhD). Try talking to him about it; I think I need to take my own advice here too!

Rainbow I think movements change enormously from one day to the next; if there's a heartbeat and flumps, it's probably just due to a change in position as you say. I understand it's hard not to worry. sundae's suggestion of a movement chart sounds like a good one.

Most of my lack of posting has been due to serious PhD work; the good news is the end is nigh! I have given myself a deadline of Tuesday to get it printed out, then the relevant number of copies can be softbound and sent to the examiners...scary, but exciting. I started in 2007 and took a year out for ds1, so it's been with me quite a while now. Still a bit of work to go, so better get back to it!

OodKingWenceslas Sun 09-Dec-12 18:47:12

That must be a relief shield good luck!

pinkpeony4 Sun 09-Dec-12 19:30:50

Place marking, had a really busy weekend with the in-laws here. Exhausted now! We did get our tree this afternoon & the boys were so sweet putting on the decorations. Smells amazing & festive in here now grin

Will catch up tomorrow. Hope everyone is doing ok

Rainbowbabyhope Sun 09-Dec-12 19:59:06

lauren my midwife advised against lifting heavier everyday objects like hoovers, boxes etc. mainly because your joints relax during pregnancy so cannot take the same about of strain your body usually can. I personally would not be hoovering at this stage of pregnancy or carry full loads of washing, but then everyones' limits are different. I think it is ultimately about exercising common sense - I think achyness at the end of the day is your body's sign of too much strain.

LaurenCaddy Sun 09-Dec-12 20:09:42

Evening ladies,

Thank you for your advice. tramp Part of me wish i'd tried that but i'm such a wimp when it comes to him. I give in far too easy! I can't say i really thought about lifting, i do my daily stuff like vacuuming and bits n pieces usually without aches. I think i was feeling a little sorry for myself. He can immersed in a game and ignore the whole world for ages, and i get jealous of that i suppose! He did offer to wash up after, but its still sitting on the side. Maybe a nice chat later if he comes to bed at normal time would be beneficial. I can't be bothered with arguments and moans atm! But thank you all again!

LexiandBeanette Sun 09-Dec-12 20:23:37

Just place marking ladies. Exhausted after godson's 4th birthday & fruitless driving around looking at second hand cars, all of which turned out to be a bit too good to be true. Hope all ailments & aches are improving!

LexiandBeanette Sun 09-Dec-12 20:27:13

Just place marking ladies. Exhausted after godson's 4th birthday & fruitless driving around looking at second hand cars, all of which turned out to be a bit too good to be true. Hope all ailments & aches are improving!

OodKingWenceslas Sun 09-Dec-12 20:38:24

Am having a late tea tonight due to GTT tomorrow. Feels like a last meal blush am really paranoid about it, will be relieved when it's over but the thought of spending a morning in hospital is panicking me

sundaesundae Sun 09-Dec-12 20:55:46

Good luck tomorrow OOd, hope it goes quickly and you can put your mind somewhere else. I find taking a notepad and pen with me and making lists or plans helps me! Weird I know.

theTramp Sun 09-Dec-12 22:15:09

Ood - take a book. A really good page turner. The time will fly by.

Shield - I think everyone's lifting etc capacity is different. For instance I'm fine carrying a table (admittedly a light one) but bending down to pick stuff up off the floor and things go ping. I'm still quite happy doing washing etc but not emptying the bins. And I'm definitely not as capable of carrying as much as I used to. But hey, pregnant mums cope with lugging toddlers about - I'm sure a Hoover is easier than that. Just don't over do it.

So we just had a surprisingly pleasant evening. After both conning out on sofa and feeling like just saying sod it and going to bed I decided to insist on finding a pub for a Sunday roast (home cupboard was bare). Usual haunts all sold out so we Ended up in a pub in crystal palace that we haven't been to before. Food was lovely, there was live music which was really good and we took a pack of cards with us and played cribbage. If they'd lit the open fire I think it would have been perfect. So now I'm home again, tucked up in bed with a desperately cuddly purring cat who is trying to sneak up from my shoulder to under my chin and thanks to an earlier lemsip my head has cleared and I just feel content.

L - you really should have a word with him if it's getting you down. It doesn't have to be confrontational. If it helps I've been known to send text messages to MrM or call him from bed to sing "I'm so ronely" - which usually provides a sufficient hint. I can sleep if he's upstairs but not well so if it's after midnight I just make my point in the nicest possible way ;)

Godsons 4th birthday sounds exhausting!

Glad virus is already getting better and bout serious. Sod your grumpy Dr you were absolutely right to check yourself out.

Apparently 2013 is year of the water snake. So all babies born after mid Feb I think it is, will be intelligent & cunning. Ohhhhh. Nice to know that despite our infinite variety we're linked thanks to the year of our births smile

Sleep well all

Em2010 Sun 09-Dec-12 22:22:34

Good luck tomorrow ood. This time tomorrow it will all be over.

Sorry to hear you're feeling poorly sheldon. Glad you got it checked out. No sense at all to worry about these things.

Lauren, my dh does nowt around the house and plays on his iPad a lot. You have my sympathies. We have been together for nearly 12 years. I have given up trying to change him else I will go grey from nagging. Leopards. Spots etc. He is a great hands-on dad though so there is hope smile

Really tired so can only keep post short, sorry... Good things this weekend: Had 4d scan, was amazing seeing our little girl's face and hands. Saw girly bits again. Defintely no sign of a willy! Placenta looks a little higher. Felt very privileged. Had a great day out in Leeds, went for lunch at Carluccios and bought loads of Aden and Anais things in a lovely baby boutique. Bad things this weekend: DH being a moody git. DH and DS not getting on, making the house very tense (ds very much a mummy's boy at the moment). Hip/pelvis seem to have packed in, not achey but agony to walk and can't lift ds without a lot of pain. Boo! I've been running around like a mad thing for the last week so i'm hoping if I (somehow) rest up a bit this week it might get better <hopeful emoticon>.

Hope everyone else has had nice weekends.

ThreeForTea Sun 09-Dec-12 22:25:31

Evening everyone. I have been really bad at posting this week, but have managed to keep up reasonably so didn't have days and days to read through. Happily reason have not had a chance to post this week due to being busy and not exhausted or ill for once so hurrah for that.

I had a few days of not hearing much from LO followed by a weekend of rampage, so not sure what that was all about! Seems to be growing away though, getting quite heavy.

Something is up with my dh so going to have to cut this post short to chat to him sad Should be around a bit more this week though!

Hi all

V quick post as on way up to bed. Sorry for all those with aches, pains ands worries. Hope all is better in the morning.

I am fully recovered apart from achey muscles due to too much vomming! Nice! Anyway, glad to be on the mend. spent busy day at home sorting kitchen cupboards out, wrapping DD's b'day and father christmas presents and doing other dull jobs like ironing Dh's shirts.
Now just trying to finish the last of the online present shopping, which appears to be a never ending flipping task.

I too have had an interesting day with DH. The git stormed off this afternoon cos he had to take Anna to a party and he wouldn't know anyone there(diddums) and i didn't want to do it cos apparently I couldn't be arsed. Lovely.
so we had a few words about that on his return. Bloody men. he is normally great and v hands on, but sometimes forgets how bloody busy life with a toddler is! Like Lauren, i didn't stop whilst he was out with DD and on top of all that made a sodding roast dinner complete with yorkshires and all that jazz. so i told him what i thought of his little flounce grin!!!
Anyway, all ok now. Night all, am off to bed, am jiggered.

OodKingWenceslas Mon 10-Dec-12 09:06:03

Yellow gunk drank. Ravenous & sat on the crap hospital chairs waiting now

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 09:21:26

Dizzy dizzy dizzy! Very light headed and dizzy.... Not really sure what to do except sit in bed and wait for it to pass.

Sheldonella Mon 10-Dec-12 09:26:30

ood It will all be over soon. Hope you don't feel too bad afterwards.
JoJo Is it like room spinning dizzy? That is what I had yesterday. Turned out to be a virus. Hope you are ok.

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 09:31:53

Yeah, feel mildly sick with it too. Just wondering if its because I jumped out of bed really really quickly to dash down stairs and sign for a parcel. The bloody posty wouldn't stop ringing my buzzer. Wasn't even for me. Gah. Clinging on to a glass of water and hoping it settles soon! I have stuff to do!

OctoberCarrot Mon 10-Dec-12 09:32:26

jojo. Sorry about dizziness.

Had such a bad sleep last night. Overall I feel fantastic though which is giving DH a good excuse to do nothing. angry Am nearly tempted to ask gp for a couple of days of bed rest when I go next week so have a few days off over Christmas..... He is very woman friendly so you'd never know.

Called to see bro and family yesterday. Let slip to my mum last week that we were having a boy but then backtracked so my mum is convinced we are having a girl and kept saying to dh how much a little pink bundle suited him!

Bought our tree yesterday. Need to find decorations and we will decorate it tonight.

Have started craving fillet-o-fish in McDonald's. gross! Last time it was chicken things. Had one yesterday and Saturday. Not good.

Hope all is having a good day. Off to dentist for my sins.

Oc x

mandasand Mon 10-Dec-12 09:40:36

Hello lovely Marchers. Just popping in to say hello after hectic but lovely weekend. DH is now fully installed in my out study and we started painting the nursery! Wasn't total domestic bliss as I had a pregnant-woman tantrum about needing to paint walls regardless of whether ceiling was finished. Such a lovely colour - very exciting. And babies were doing proper gymnastics last night. At one point I had either a head or a bum sticking out of my left side of belly - really funny! And 28 weeks tomorrow, with growth scan and appts with consultants. Hopefully we will learn more about The State of My Uterus from the other hospital and be able to start thinking about a plan for the birth. Head is not yet in work mode and boss coming up from London later so better get my head stuck in. Hope all is well and will catch up with news later. But sorry so many are suffering - get well soon brew

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 11:14:35

Okay. One question: do you call the MW full of concern if you have no movements or drastically reduced movements?? Baby is not playing ball at all this morning. I'm not even sure I've had one flump. Normally as soon as I wake up he'll start booting for about 5 mins and have a good wriggle. Gonna try a can of coke and bowl of soup before I panic...

sundaesundae Mon 10-Dec-12 11:14:59

I have a random question! Who'd have thought I would have one of those...!

Anyway, I need my haircut, I haven't had it done for a year. It is straight, relatively fine but I have a lot of it, shoulder length and dull. It lives tied up 90% of the time. Prior to this I had it very short and funky and that is my default, but then I decided longer might suit my fat little face better.

Is it better to keep the length so after bubba is here I can tie in back and not worry about it? Short dries quickly, but needs washing and styling every day or looks awful, longer you can get away with it for a day or two with a hair band!

Just not sure what to do...

Off to Bicester to go and collect my heated dryer from Lakeland, hope it is good!

sundaesundae Mon 10-Dec-12 11:16:58

Rhythms and patterns can change, I usually have morning beats, but maybe once a week I won't, it depends on lots of things. Freezing cold drink and lie on your left, get your bump out in the light and rub some moisturizer on it are my tips smile

If you are worried get checked out, my mantra is going to be, better to be a nuisance than a martyr. I am sure he will give you a whack now smile

Sheldonella Mon 10-Dec-12 11:26:07

JoJo I had the same worry yesterday and called the MFAU at the hospital. I would recommend this. The mw I spoke to said sometimes worrying means the baby doesn't move much. Do call though.

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 11:29:36

Yep he's flumping away again. Honestly don't know what's wrong with me today! I don't normally worry about this stuff. I think because I feel generally off colour I've not eaten as much as normal and he hasn't had his normal sugar rush. I've just had a bowl of soup and two sips of coke and he's away!
Need to give my head a shake.
Sorry lady marchers sad

Sheldonella Mon 10-Dec-12 11:31:33

How is your dizziness now? If you have the same thing I had yesterday it should be short lived as I'm all better today.

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 11:33:59

sheldon it's calming down. Still there but if I move about slowly I'm okay. Got to head into Uni this afternoon for a formative assessment, if I felt I could get away calling in sick I'd happily do that. All other jobs are being placed in tomorrow's to do list.
Grrrr. So much to do!

sundaesundae Mon 10-Dec-12 11:36:36

Formative for fun! LOL yeah right...

Hope it goes well.

Glad you are feeling better.

Could it be low BP + low sugar?

Sheldonella Mon 10-Dec-12 11:46:04

Glad hes kicking now JoJo. Hope you get some rest this evening!
sundae I've been wondering the same about my hair too smile I think I'm keeping it long for now and once I'm past the never getting any sleep stage will consider a new style.

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 12:01:14

sheldon and sundae I would definitely recommend hair long enought to tie back for the first few months! Who has time to wash/style/blow dry daily??! I certainly don't any I don't have any other children to look after, just myself!!
I'm having my hair done on Thursday morning! Same style as normal but having it coloured too! It's the Physio students Christmas meal in the evening so I'll be happy when I look less scruffy smile might even consider getting my eyebrows waxed and a manicure done (even though it'll get me into trouble at Uni...) hmmmm!

ThreeForTea Mon 10-Dec-12 12:05:28

Glad baby is moving again jojo hope you feel better soon.

Love hearing about diff movements. My little one seems to have discovered some sharp elbows and knees, really painful jabs!

zoeymlucas Mon 10-Dec-12 12:13:38

Afternoon everyone

Sorry to hear people had stressfull weekends and been poorly sick! I have woken with a cold and my sinus's are killing plus everytime I blow my nose it gives in to a full blown nose bleed so trying really hard not to but its driving me insane now angry Have received the end of my rope with this not sleeping rubbish and laying there from 3.00 till 6.00am is just killing me as well as waking up everytime I need to turn over. DH said I could have a lay in Sunday and he would getup with boys but I couldnt sleep so got up at 5.00am anyway and then went downstairs, and just watch rubbish tv and films until boys surfaced!

Feeling very pathetic, hormonal and close to tears at the mo - which I know is just the pure lack of sleep but its still driving me insane feel like a right mess and very close to my breaking point - which I know I shouldnt allow myself to get to that point as I have suffered with PND badly before - sorry rant over x

JoJoBella84 Mon 10-Dec-12 12:14:59

Me too three he was just being a tinker. I'll forgive him!
I really like the full tummy wriggles he's started doing recently but I must admit the low blows really take it out of me. I'm not sure what he's kicking down there but it stops me in my tracks. Even the rib kicks aren't that painful!

OodKingWenceslas Mon 10-Dec-12 12:43:34

sundae keep it long enough to shove a bobble in. -- I don't alway brush mine so might not be best person to advise--

jojo it's labour ward that do the movement checking here but I haven't a midwife so I guess you should try MW first if you are worried.

zoey Are you still working? <stern glare> take time off and lounge. You should be taking less risks than most with your history.

zoeymlucas Mon 10-Dec-12 12:58:13

Ummm yes still at work got Wednesday off this week and a 4 day week next week as well then off till after xmas - but in all honesty can not see me coming back after christams and DH is saying in no uncertain terms I am not allowed to work after xmas!

mandasand Mon 10-Dec-12 13:05:14

Re-posting from FB in case there is further expertise here! Doc phoned this morning re blood tests. The only thing wrong this time is v. low potassium (again). So I'm now on quadruple the dose they put me on early in the pregnancy (I took that just for a month). Does anyone know if this deficiency is likely to have harmed the babies? Dr Google says it can be harmful to mother and child, but I can only find info on how it may affect the mother (and I think it explains how easily I get knackered and out of breath the moment I do anything more active than climb the stairs...)

Glad your flumps have returned, JoJo. After a very active evening I've not had a peep from mine this morning. Little so and sos are just getting us worried - practice for the rest of our lives!

Sorry you're not doing so well, Zoey, but here's hoping you feel better soon.

Lauren, I think you are a saint. I couldn't live like that. We strive for 50:50 in normal circumstances and at the moment it's more like 30:70, with him doing more than I can. ALSO we got a cleaner which has stopped a lot of petty arguments we were having. Not everyone can afford it (we pay £20 for 2hrs a week) but if you can I swear it's worth every penny in terms of marital harmony. At first, when I was 'just' tired in the first trimester he baulked a bit, but the bigger I got and the more difficult it is for me to move and the more things are going wrong (low thyroid, low iron, low potassium) the more he understands how the pregnancy is taking it out of me. Now he tells me off for doing too much, and he steps up a lot more, which is how I think it should be. We have had a lot of tense conversations, though, about how we (in my opinion) don't now have much time for our individual hobbies (he is not a gamer but he likes writing computer programmes in his spare time ... erm, as well as in his work time!) when we're struggling to get all the painting and decorating done in time for the babies arriving. He has taken that on board and has cut it down to an evening or two a week, rather than a couple of hrs most evenings. I really appreciate that as I've voluntarily given up a lot of stuff non-work and non-couple stuff that I realised I just couldn't do alongside everything else. Good luck working this through.

LexiandBeanette Mon 10-Dec-12 14:17:17

Sorry manda but I can't help with the potassium, hope you start to feel the benefits of the dose soon, though!
zoey I hope you feel better soon, these colds are just so miserable! And ood I hope all went well today.
Back at work today and actually bizarrely enjoying it! Think being ill and stressed about work at home was worse than the stress of being in! wink Actually a bit worried though as it doesn't look like they will have cover in place for me when I leave and the handover will have to be documented, which feels like a whole lot of work. Really hope there is an easy way to do it.
Weird dream last night that my belly turned transparent so everyone could see little bean moving around, like some odd fishtank...my subconscious is obviously a bit frazzled. Also booked tour of maternity unit for this Sunday which should be interesting.
Hope all the aches and pains are easing!

Countmyblessings Mon 10-Dec-12 15:24:11

Sorry for those who are feeling poorly it really is awful to be sick at any time but when pregnant and not being able to take much just makes it worse!
I too am blessed to be in a 50:50 house as it has to be I can't handle doing the cleaning, washing and cooking all that and pregnant no way I would go on strike!!!! Lucky as have older dc to pull there weight and do a lot of the chores! DH irons his own shirts and clothes! Dc do theirs uniform and dc18 helps loads with cooking!! When all else fails I order takeaway!!!
Trust me I have been told some stories of other people's partners and I'm so grateful for mine!!! We have all the consoles and he hardly bothers with them!!!!
But I would tell him you need the help or better still hide the flippin game!!!! Or opps reset it!!!!
This baby is using my internal organs as punching bags!!!
Manda - have you seen the image of the twins fighting in the womb? Very funny and just amazing!!! Sorry can't help with your quest clueless here!

OctoberCarrot Mon 10-Dec-12 15:54:58

Good to hear everyone feeling a bit better. I am ok but Jesus I could kill lots of people today. O2 for being useless. I signed a new contract and ordered a new phone. SEVEN phone calls later and they don't know what has happened my order. Oh and I had to make the bloody calls. Asos cancelled my order nd I can't reorder using discount of 20% which is ridiculous, frustrating and not on! Seraphine order has not yet left uk so probably no chance of being here in time for christening on Saturday. All minor stuff but would make a grown pregnant woman cry.

Got a lovely dinner simmering away, bing white Christmas cd on the stereo and looking forward to DH coming home to decorate the tree. Should cheer me up a bit!

Doctor in morning. Hoping in and out quickly with no concerns as feel well though probably not drinking enough water I imagine.

Oc x

OctoberCarrot Mon 10-Dec-12 16:01:26

Good to hear everyone feeling a bit better. I am ok but Jesus I could kill lots of people today. O2 for being useless. I signed a new contract and ordered a new phone. SEVEN phone calls later and they don't know what has happened my order. Oh and I had to make the bloody calls. Asos cancelled my order nd I can't reorder using discount of 20% which is ridiculous, frustrating and not on! Seraphine order has not yet left uk so probably no chance of being here in time for christening on Saturday. All minor stuff but would make a grown pregnant woman cry.

Got a lovely dinner simmering away, bing white Christmas cd on the stereo and looking forward to DH coming home to decorate the tree. Should cheer me up a bit!

Doctor in morning. Hoping in and out quickly with no concerns as feel well though probably not drinking enough water I imagine.

Oc x

sundaesundae Mon 10-Dec-12 16:13:28

Got my heated airer! The box was bigger than me, some bloke actually laughed at me trying to carry it to my car, but I managed and got it in.

Have finished shopping for DH, just got to check it all through and make sure I don't need any extra stocking bits.

Exhausted now! I seem to run out of steam quick these days!

mandasand Mon 10-Dec-12 16:49:44

Lexi gah, writing handover documents is a massive job. Much easier to do it at least partially in person. What a pain if they don't sort it out in time. Glad you're enjoying being back at work.

My boss just came all the way up from London for a meeting at my house! Mightily impressed. When he was leaving he said this will be the last time we meet in person until Afterwards. I was all set to protest but, in truth, he's right … crikey! That's a terrifying thought! Methinks I'm a little bit in denial!

Sundae am with you on the running out of steam v. quickly! Hoping the potassium supplements will help me a bit as it's getting to be ridiculous!

OC sorry the world seems a bit against you today. FX the Seraphine order is with you at least by the weekend. Hope you enjoy decorating the tree smile

We got ours up at the weekend and from some off-cuts, plus holly in the garden and some gold ribbon I made a Christmas wreath! I have never had the inclination to do this before. Coming over all a bit Kirtsy Allsopp in the ensting department … hmm!

pinkpeony4 Mon 10-Dec-12 16:55:34

Sorry to hear about people not being well. I had a horrid sore throat/ears all weekend which combined with a visit from the in-laws made me feel terrible. Feeling loads better today though thank goodness.

Lauren you should definitely have a stern word with your OH. Mine isn't the best but we have a cleaner and so I only do the day to day stuff like laundry and the odd Hoover so it's fine. Don't worry too much about lifting. I carry my 2.5 stone ds3 everyday and often my even heavier ds2. It's all very well saying we shouldn't be carrying heavy things but when you have other children you have no choice. I do find the constant getting up off the floor exhausting & I know it will only get worse. Lift using your knees which is much better for you.

Em glad your 4d scan went well, they are amazing aren't they? So nice to have confirmation of the gender too grin my three boys are all mummy's boys which I know DH finds very hard. It's always "no daddy, mummy cuddle" from ds3 at the moment and I know I would hate that if it was the other way around. My DH is also much harder on them than which probably doesn't help but he gets stressed by things that don't bother me or that I can ignore like whinging etc. ..! I hope things improve between your DH & ds.

Sundae I love Lakeland & my mum lives close to the Bicester one. Your heated airer sounds fab. I am bad and tumble dry everything now. I know it can't be great for the clothes but I love how quick it is.

Ds2 breaks up tomorrow & ds1 on Thursday and they are on school holidays until 9 jan! Seems very early but looking forward to not having to do the school run for a while.

Sorry for no more personals but on phone & so it's tricky. Take care everyone

LexiandBeanette Mon 10-Dec-12 16:56:38

manda LOL at nesting; DH is convinced I am going a bit potty with the crochet/crafting/christmas stuff! He says it's sweet to come in to the house and see me busily making things!

Know what you mean about denial. If this LO is born at the same time as I was, I've only got seven weeks! Eek!

mandasand Mon 10-Dec-12 17:07:15

Seven weeks, Lexi! Let's hope your LO stays nice and snug for a bit longer! smile Though a friend with twins did tell me to get my hospital bag packed over Christmas. Mine are due to arrive mid-Feb, all being well, as were hers, but her boys arrived early at the end of Jan! Awwww, go you with the nesting and crafting! Have to say DH raised a bit of an eyebrow when I got into the wreath-making at the weekend!

Sorry you're a bit under the weather Pink. Sounds tough feeling a bit poorly with chatty in-laws to entertain, but hopefully they helped to entertain the DCs etc.

Sheldonella Mon 10-Dec-12 17:20:35

Aww I love hearing about all the crafting smile I loved my sewing over the weekend and I really must get on with my knitted blanket. Also on my to do list is making chutney and a christmas cake.
manda It is amazing to think you will have 2 babies in a few weeks! Good that you have done the nursery now. How is sharing a study going? DH and I share ours and were thinking we should clear a bit of space for a play pen or something in future. I have a feeling there is lots of house adapting yet to be thought about.
Lexi I hope yours stays put until March! Have you got lots to document at work? I had to do this when I got promoted a couple of years ago as they couldn't recruit fast enough. It is weird having to write your job down like that.
October That sounds like a very frustrating day, enough to annoy anyone. I get very annoyed with companies when they do things like that. Have a nice evening decorating your tree. Must do mine!
pink You are amazing dealing with inlaws when not feeling well. Glad you are feeling better today.

I have to go to the hospital for my blood tests and Lucozade challenge test tomorrow. Tonight I must figure out how to measure exactly 273ml of Lucozade for it. I'm also going to try my lactulose for the first time tonight (TMI - lovely) I hope the results aren't too scary blush

OctoberCarrot Mon 10-Dec-12 17:30:52

One down. New phone should be here by Thursday. Hopefully as current one is cutting itself off or else random calling people. lucky i got rid of a lot of exes numbers. lol!

Two to go.

mandasand Mon 10-Dec-12 17:57:22

Sheldon very good luck with the Lactulose but sorry to hear you are still having problems in that department. I think I said before, but it took about three days for mine to work and then it was a gradual improvement till things got back to somewhere near normal. Good luck with the Lucozade challenge - let us all know how it goes. Hope it's not too grim with the fasting. Oooooh chutney. We made rhubarb chutney, with produce from the lottie, for our wedding favours. Meant to do green tomato chutney this summer but, well, I just don't know where the time has gone!

I know, two babies! What have we let ourselves in for? Nursery still needs some woodwork doing and a second coat on everything, then blinds, and assembling the furniture (which our rellies flat-packed for us), buying some storage from Ikea and (the most important thing) deciding on what woodland themed wall stickers to go for! But, it's very good that DH is out and we've made a start on the decorating. A nice xmas project. We've only had one evening of sharing an office - late last night - and it was fine except for the fact that when we both wheel our office chairs backwards at the same time to talk we had some comedy bumps! He's v. much aware that it's quite a big thing for me to give up a third of my space, which is sweet, but in fact it's been a wonderful thing having to condense and re-organise myself as I was due for a bit of a sort through and need to know where everything is before babies come to addle my brain even further!

OC hurray for new phone being on its way!

LaurenCaddy Mon 10-Dec-12 18:01:29

Evening all!

Thanks again to manda and pink.

I wish i could afford a cleaner haha! I had a word and he has been good today. The washing up from yesterdays Sunday dinner is only just being done but i stood my ground and left it. And he hasn't been on the game today so far. We're getting there. I'll think he'll realise more when babies here, and he can't be doing all this game stuff til silly am in the morning!

Everyone's under the weather atm as well it seems. So all get well soon and hope your feeling better for Christmas.

I'm so jealous of everyone with active babies. My little one is rather laid back, moves in the morning to say hungry, then moves at night to say tired. Very rarely in the day.

I am at the future in-laws for this Christmas. I did make a point of spending this one with them because next Christmas i won't be taking a 9 month little girl on the 3 hour train to Birmingham. I want our first family Christmas to be us 3 at home celebrating it. Plus they go to every relatives house on Christmas day. I mean everyone. The day may as well be spent in the car. I don't think a baby will appreciate that. So we'll go up for new years instead. How does everyone else deal with Christmas day and family?


OctoberCarrot Mon 10-Dec-12 18:08:05

Maeve Binchy shared an office with her husband for years and said it was the best thing that ever happened to her. She seemed to have a long and happy marriage!

2 babies will be madness for year 1 but so so so fab as they gets older. Have you started thinking of name combinations? Do you know what you are having? So exciting. I love twins. Sounds like you are getting really sorted on the nursery front. Will the babies share a cot for first while? Not a bad plan to get bag sorted wither. A friend recommended on Ds to keep a bag at home with going home outfits so that DH can bring in day going home or night before. That means it won't smell of baby. Was a good idea and meant I had nice fresh clean clothes for all the going home photos! And of course babs was all lovely in his outfit!

DS is tucking into chicken tikka masala. Long are the days of meat. Potatoes and 2 veg for Irish babies!

mandasand Mon 10-Dec-12 18:30:06

Lauren yay, glad he's pulling his weight! I think with first pregnancy men must go through a lot of weirdness. So much is changing with their women and so much unknown change lies ahead in terms of the relationship etc. Perhaps it's his way of burying his head in the sand a bit? I think it was that for my DH. But I didn't cut him any slack. I really needed his support and kind of demanded it till he understood and caught up with me! Keep on being strong and telling him what you need.

Re xmas: normally DH and I head north and spend ten days in various spare rooms, blow-up beds and hotels seeing both sets of family and friends. It's exhausting! Lovely to see everyone, of course, but after about 4 days I start getting fractious as I really like my own space and routine not to mention food! Last year we meant to spend Christmas in our own house for the first time ever, but my FiL died in the summer so we went up as usual but, for a break, split the 10 days up with a one-night stay in a really gorgeous country hotel (got a really good price as they weren't going to give the room to anyone else at 6pm at night!) This year is our first at home and we're so excited. I am sure I could go up north and travel about a bit, but it's great to have the excuse of the pregnancy, and those family and friends who want to will be coming to see us. My family are coming down this weekend. MiL will be down nearer Christmas. And possibly some friends if they can get away. But we're really looking forward to hibernating a bit. At age 38 and 41 it somehow feels a bit daft to me for us always to be the ones travelling so much, even if it does make complete sense geographically.

October we are keeping the sex a surprise so will have to come up with four names! We have one of each but have still got some thinking to do :-) We've been given one cot and one crib (and a moses basket stand) so I guess we will have them both in one cot for a few months, after which we hope another friend will be able to spare a cot. Not sure how we will use the crib or whether we'll get a moses basket for the stand but I guess that will become clear in due course! A friend said to me that I should put cheese sarnies in the freezer so DH has something to bring to the hospital as men often don't get fed!!

HermioneBoo Mon 10-Dec-12 19:48:01

Hi everyone, just catching up after the weekend - thanks for all the ankle and movement advice. Movement wise she started up as normal the next day, I had what I presume were Braxton hicks for about 2 hrs that night (like bad period pains and bump went hard) but BabyBoo started kicking in response and she hasn't stopped since!
Ankle is still sore, I've had a sprained ankle a few times so ill probably just let it run its course but yes Ood a perfect time to stop all the running about at work! I tried to do just that today but got hip and back pain for sitting for so long. Managed a happy medium in the end of short walks to relieve back and short sits to rest ankle.
I can do fairly heavy lifting still, just not for very long. My trouble is the same as Tramp as soon as I bend down I get pain or discomfort so that rules out a fair bit. Standing for long periods of time is also difficult so rules out my usual day long cooking sessions - I also can't concentrate for that long and have ruined dinner a few times by wandering off and forgetting what I'm doing.
Christmas this year will be me and DH on our own at home, next year all the in laws are staying at a big house for Christmas week so we won't get a choice where we go. I'm really anxious about it, the in laws are loud and opinionated and although I love them all its crazy when they get together and I'm not sure how ill cope with a week of it, especially with BabyBoo. I'm a bit of a control freak and the whole week is going to be out of my control!
manda that's a great point about DH having something to eat at the hospital, I know mine wouldn't even think about feeding himself unless it was quick and easy like cheese sandwiches!

zoeymlucas Mon 10-Dec-12 21:11:29

Strange question ESP as on baby number 3 but what do BH feel like, do they hurt? I have never had any I didn't think however I do get stabbing pains round the bottom of my bump but that's about it

For Xmas we usually stay here Xmas eve then go to my mums early morning for breakfast and more presents then stay there till boxing day she is only 15 mins away and my brother his wife and kids come over for a few hours until they go to SIL dads which I have to say I am pleased about as my niece and nephew are far too hectic for me and drive mme insane, I am another control freak Hermione and there none stop noise drives me crazy plus my brother and SIL never move between them so I end up helping mum cook, watching my kids and there's as even getting up to get them a drink or getting them out of kitchen is too much effort for them!!!!! We normally pop to DHs sisters house for a couple of hours too but won't be doing that until boxing day this year as his mother will be there and I refuse to be around her or have my children around the crazy old moose.
Next year DH has decided we will be having Xmas here with the kids and if people want to visit they can but we won't be running around visiting and delivering as we have done every other year - sounds bliss smile

manda how good are you thinking about DH eating when you in hospital, our hospital has a shop and costa that sell yummy stuff so DH can go there and maybe get me something yummy too smile

Hi all

Just a quick post. Busy day again swimming with DD this morning and then cleaning house again in preparation for our weekend of visitors!
Got my lovely dental work to look forward to tomorrow. I just cannot wait! grin I am WFH tomorrow though so hopefully will get plenty done.

We have Xmas day at home and my folks come over. Both sets of family are invited, but DHs parents are stick in the muds are yet to take is up on the offer... which means that we end up packing up and heading off to Cumbria for a couple of nights from boxing day.
because my parents are divorced and don't get on, we will see my dads side of the family after we've been to Cumbria, so that's basically from Christmas to new year taken up with visiting. confused

Re:food at hospital,on advice, I think from NCT classes or friends or something, DH made himself a massive pack up when I went into labour with DD. after about 2 hours, it had gone! grin. But like zoey, our hospital has a shop and a Costa coffee so he should be ok this time. Fingers crossed it won't be such a flipping long and drawn out affair this time anyway! grin

Hope you are all feeling better today. X