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December 2012 - Christmas is coming and we're all getting fat

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New thread people, can't link as we ran out of room

FriendofDorothy Tue 13-Nov-12 22:28:01

Roll on maternity leave, baby and then Christmas!

Marking place

HoneyMum21 Tue 13-Nov-12 22:29:09

thanks WillYou, if people missed it at the end of the last thread here is our postnatal board smile

FriendofDorothy Tue 13-Nov-12 22:33:44

I reckon I have a while to get through here before I will need postnatal!

JoJoB77 Tue 13-Nov-12 22:42:24

Blimey another thread! Marking place.

Wonder who will be next ....

Yep me too FOD not due til 22nd, I get very envy when everyone says they're 36/37 weeks. I'm still only 34

cherrypiew3 Tue 13-Nov-12 22:58:04

Marking my place

MaMaPo Tue 13-Nov-12 22:59:29

Foolish me - didn't realise the other thread is postnatal! Should I request to get my post deleted or just leave it as a monument to my inability to read?

Anyway, here's what I was saying...


We have moved again!

I think, after a long time of being clueless, that I can sometimes identify Braxton Hicks. They usually occur for me at the very top of the bump. I have had a night or two of some mild period-type pains - are they BH as well? I'll ask my consultant next week.

Ordered an EpiNo on the advice of a friend who has had 2 natural births with children with frankly enormous heads - tore terribly with the first, used the EpiNo with the second and had no problems. It arrived today and doesn't look too intimidating, but perhaps when I actually start using it I might change my tune! Can't use it until 37 weeks so back in the box it goes.

Spoke to my mother in law today - she is so excited to be a grandmother. Really quite lovely. They'll be in the UK just after the birth and I think for the first time she really was upfront about how excited she is - not just about the bean, but also seeing us as it has been 18 months. She misses her only son!

I am in a good mood today - can't wait to see the parents in law, can't wait for Christmas, and can't wait to meet my baby!

Clarella Tue 13-Nov-12 23:10:23

Checking in.... by the sounds of it we could have people to keep honeymum company on post natal very soon!

marking place
There must be another baby soon surely?!
I am such a moody cow and I keep snapping at DP. GET THIS BABY OUT!! Deffo had enough of being fat!

ISpyPlumPie Wed 14-Nov-12 00:32:36

Marking place.

Secondsop Wed 14-Nov-12 00:33:26

Hello. Marking my place!

emilyeggs Wed 14-Nov-12 03:11:38

Found you! I was in the other thread looking around confused confused

Walnut8 Wed 14-Nov-12 04:07:41

fandango if it makes you feel any better, I'm 36+4 but will probably go over by 2 weeks! in the last antenatal thread I was on, I was due on the 13th, but didnt give birth until the 28th so was one of the very last ones!

sorry about the GD stacey sad I hope you can still have the birth you want. It's interesting over here, homebirths are practically unheard of (seen as too risky), no birthing pools in hospitals, no birthing centres (that I've heard of) ... it's all hospital birth with midwives and consultants.

Have overdone it today and feel shite. Spent whole morning in the city, taking DD to see a very creepy santa. She refused to sit on his knee at first and so I was made to get in one of the photos. Bad idea! Now am depressed by sheer size of thighs in photo. Needless to say i didn't pay for that one!

Glad your dh has understood brooke

mama good pram choice, if we weren't so tall I would have gone for the iCandy, I also looked at the bugaboo and agree it's not as sturdy.

I have no pains sad the only time in my life I want the pains. I have been telling bump to get out quite loudly so now dd has joined in. Last night dd was stood at my bump shouting get out, followed by dh and then me, we did it for around 5 minutes but still nothing. I love feeling her little limbs inside me but I just want to see them now and look at her in her Moses basket and hold her.

Walnut8 Wed 14-Nov-12 04:58:34

cute strawberry smile .. my DD keeps asking me when the baby will be "finished". How far along are you now? Now that we are at the business end, is it time to find that due date list again and update it?

Walnut8 Wed 14-Nov-12 05:24:34

Oh just realised there is an entire thread devoted to our stats?! whoops blush

knottyhair Wed 14-Nov-12 05:47:08

Hi everyone. Don't get much time to post on here and it moves sooooo fast! Just to say I've got my ELCS booked in for 17th December. I'm sure there'll be a few babies popping out before mine though smile.

Mummycox Wed 14-Nov-12 06:32:35

I'm on maternity leave and I'm awake at 0630...

Return of the morning sickness sad well nausea anyway.

WillYou those questions you mentioned about the birth did you get the answers yet because I think I can help as I had a very similar conversation with my diabetes specialist midwife the other day and will further be discussing it with consultant today. I've been told I can labour in the pool (my hospital has waterproof monitor) bit not deliver. I think they want CFM but I'm pretty sure you can fight it? Definitely still bf in fact even more reason to do so. No reason why you should have to labour on your back you just might have to stay close to the bed.

Looking forward to our scan results today!

Brooke I'm glad your letter worked smile

Oh and EEK knotty grin

pmgkt Wed 14-Nov-12 06:52:00

Marking place

Bellaboo123 Wed 14-Nov-12 06:54:01

Checking in (bleary eyed...)

Stacks Wed 14-Nov-12 07:48:24

Marking my place!

EggsMichelle Wed 14-Nov-12 08:15:48

Marking my place!

Been out with DM and the dog, I won't be going out with him alone until after baby arrives. I want him out, getting very frustrated, but also want to go 6days over (I was 6days late) and be born 12.12.12!

So excited!!!

utopian99 Wed 14-Nov-12 08:20:20

35 + 4 and had what i think was first proper tightening, as opposed to bh last night. Hoping for him to hold off for a couple of weeks still though!

Really glad your Dh is back on message hopefully Brooke. Dh has filthy cold but won't take time off to recover. sad

PurplePidjin Wed 14-Nov-12 08:27:03

Signing in - good job this popped up in Active, I'd started one not realising and would have been very lonely blush

Today i will mostly be baking birthday cake on a massive scale ready for my last youth club before mat leave tomorrow. I've known some of the older kids nearly 4 years and they're ridiculously excited for me! Very reassuring when teenagers tell you you'll be a great mum <leaky eyes already>

Walnut8 Wed 14-Nov-12 08:54:29

that's so sweet pidg, I'm sure you will be!

Good luck for those having scans today, can't wait to hear the results!

Eggs I'm hoping one of us will have a 12.12.12 baby!

Good luck on your last day pidj

I've got annual leave today, off for my growth scan in a bit.

spotty I got answers in the end, I wrote them all down like I said and asked various doctors at my Appts.

It's a definite no on the water as they don't have a monitor and it would be too high risk with sugars and big baby (may ask again about this as both are fine), induced between 39 and 40. If I have the drip I'm on my back (I will fight this one tooth and nail as the obstetrician said yes, but the midwife said no we'll sort something out so still hope), yes to breast feeding

Today I'm going to ask about sweeps instead of straight induction, especially as I'm not being induced that early maybe only a couple of days

walnut I have a 7year old cousin who has told me I am to go to the hospital on 12/12/12 and tell them to "get this thing out of me now!" So that we can definitely have a 12/12 baby. I'll let you know how that goes eh!

brooke89 Wed 14-Nov-12 09:22:12

Morning all just marking my place smile

I would fight it too WillYou

They got it wrong no scan today sad

Oh rubbish spotty I know going to the hospital is a pain in the arse but it divides the pregnancy up nicely. I really look forward to my scans. Have they rearranged?

Well I still have the appointment it's just no scan as well so will just be seeing consultant, diabetes nurse specialist, diabetes consultant and specialist midwife grin quite often the consultant can't be bothered with the Doppler and just turns the scanner on so we'll see! Glad I bought some cheese to eat I'm starving! Next scan will be in two weeks smile

GinAndaDashOfLime Wed 14-Nov-12 09:51:16

Hello all Can I join? Been lurking for months but now brave enough to post! Am 35+5 with dc3 - after two gorgeous ds's a dd this time smile ... on mat leave now and after doing school run in morning am getting a bit bored which makes me a bit weepy - How do you all fill your mat leave days? Where can I find motivation to do all my decluttering plans?!
BTW emilyeggs - I'm booked at the Princess Royal too!

2blessed Wed 14-Nov-12 10:54:55

Marking my place.
Welcome gin we're a good bunch smile
willyou I understand your disappointment, I had my appointment with the consultant last week and was told that they don't advise a water birth for me due to my fibroids. I was told that I could insist but I won't. I understand that if I bleed a lot then they won't be able to measure how much blood I am losing in the pool. Was really gutted and got a bit teary too.
I think I got a good night sleep last night only up twice!
Good luck for today's scans.

Welcome gin

I wouldn't insist if they say its unsafe 2blessed but if they are basing it in criteria that don't actually apply to me (my sugars are very well controlled and baby fandango is measuring on the 50th centile) then I might explain that to them and see what they say

2blessed Wed 14-Nov-12 10:59:49

willyou its worth a try, wherever possible its important to get the delivery you want and feel comfortable with. Fingers crossed for you.

willyou it's hard isn't it? I'm completely thrown by the gd. Thanks for the tip of writing questions down I'm doing that now. I've managed to go to town and get my lancets and test strips and finally a sharps bin. The last high level I had was yest lunch (so before I started the metformin). Hopefully my sugars stay stable and baby isn't enormous.

Saw a friend in town and explained what was happening and her response was 'please don't get pregnant again, it's tough watching you go through all this' bless her. Nice to know people care.

I hope all scans go well today.

Barbeasty Wed 14-Nov-12 11:16:24

Just marking my place.

Looks like I won't have my 36 week mw appointment today. Tried to book it through the gp surgery and was told she's at the mlu all day today, so try there. Finally got around to phoning and the reason she isn't up at the gp is that she's on leave this week!

I'll leave it until next week now- I know the baby is fine, from Monday's scan, so I'm not worried about waiting.

And it means I'll get to leave early on my last day....

Oh and welcome gin I bloody knew there was something of forgotten to say!!!!

Well I got my date 13th December. I feel really disappointed though I don't know why confused fancy a sit on the sobbing sofa. I think four weeks seems like ages away. On the plus side baby isn't back to back this time. Bp up to 100/80 which obv isn't high but I've been running at 90/60 ish....

Welcome newbie whose name I have already forgotten blush

itsMYNutella Wed 14-Nov-12 11:23:08

Just marking my place, officially on Mat leave from next week smile not that I'm very busy this week... mostly bimbling about not doing anything useful and procrastinating packing my hospital bag(s)

Welcome Gin! Your name has made me thirsty for a warm summer afternoon and a large good G&T! <salivating emoticon> smile

Oh spotty I know how disappointed you feel. I'm feeling the same ATM. Am hoping I'll feel better after my appointments tomo.

Well DH has been given the ok to come to the hospital with me tomo so that helps.

ellliebelle Wed 14-Nov-12 11:56:42

Welcome gin and spotty thats disappointing about scan i wanted to compare measurements. Im just back from mine and HC is 319.3 and AC 300.3 not really sure whatvthis means but sonographer said im 34+2 and measurements put it at 35 so nothing to worry about did someone say there is a calculation to work out estimated weight from these measurements?

Spoke to supervisor of midwives after scan who said they were happy sugars stayed stable and measurements at 36 weeks were ok for me to go ahead with homebirth so just need to explain my choice to the consultant tomorrow which im not looking forward to

ellie that sounds quite positive. smile

You'll be fine ellie smile your baby's head is smaller than my one measured at 32 weeks grin there is a formula to do with head/abdominal/femur length. That's all it says on mine, maybe google?

ISpyPlumPie Wed 14-Nov-12 12:24:13

Welcome Gin.

Ellie - agree that does sound really positive. Will keep my fingers crossed that it goes well with the consultant.
Good luck for your appointment too Walnut.

Spotty - that does sound quite frustrating. It's good that they at least seem to be being a bit more flexible about birth choices than in some other places though.

Birth pool has just arrived - yay! Going out for my friend's birthday on Sat, and would really like to make it, but now everything is sorted am really at the stage where it would be great for LO to put in an appearance any time after that. Seeing as DS was two weeks late would be nice if this one is two weeks early instead. We're going for a curry on Sat so who knows what will happen....

ISpyPlumPie Wed 14-Nov-12 12:27:21

Sorry, meant good luck with appt Willyou blush

Ugh the diabetes clinic is so far behind! My appt was 10:55, still waiting. It's absolutely bloody boiling!

willyou that is shit!

shock that's ridiculous!!

GinAndaDashOfLime Wed 14-Nov-12 12:59:41

Thank you for your welcomes everyone! I've made 3 huge cottage pies - one for tonight and 2 for freezer for the post birth haze and absolutely knackered now! Don't even like cooking but good to feel like I've achieved something ... When oh when will my energy return?! I remember with DC 1 and 2 getting a massive energy spurt late on and cleaning whole house like a mad woman, but can't remember when it was ... anyone else got that crazy energy yet?

EggsMichelle Wed 14-Nov-12 13:00:57

Welcome Gin, I have also felt at a loose end but keeping busy with making Xmas presents (very creative) or escaping to my parents.

Just been town shopping for the last time, managed to come home with everything I wanted plus very swollen hands and feet, oops! Also got fitted for a maternity bra, and considering I start pregnancy as a 34A, I'm now the proud owner of several 36DD!!!! But they are soo comfy.

Thanks everyone and the results are - hc 320, ac 309, fl 67 weighing in at 5lb 9oz at 34 + 4 <faints> grin little biggerr than last time around about the 70th centile

Off for a mooch around town will catch up on posts later

utopian99 Wed 14-Nov-12 13:47:38

Am doing skirting boards today - have to recline like the queen of sheba so as not to have LOs little feet jabbing into my lungs!

Am aware I've still not packed hospital bag, but want to get this damn house finished!

Ex-Employer is stringing things out interminably; i think they're hoping to stress me into premature labour and hope i drop things. I have assured them there is no way this'll happen. angry

WeeJo08 Wed 14-Nov-12 14:09:21

Bloody hell! Three pages already! smile Working from home today as we have our second (and last) antenatal class this evening - so lovely to have the day home with DH. We got our Moses basket stand last night - it's a rocking one and is white, from John Lewis. It looks so cute! We are also starting the first of the baby clothes washing today grin

Welcome Gin! You probably said and I've forgotten but what's your due date? And no, definitely no crazy energy for me yet!!

Eggs Was it nursing bras you got measured for? Where did you go to get that done? I am planning on doing that at about 38 weeks....probably go to M&S.

Just a quick question for everyone...tomorrow I'm going to the hospital for my birth centre assessment appt. I've written my birth plan which I think I'm happy with apart from one sentence that I'm worried they will find silly, so I wanted to check with you guys...I have asked that the midwife calls me Jo (rather than my full name). When someone uses my full name (Joanne) I always feel like I am 10 years old & about to be shouted at/told off for something, so I thought it would be best to avoid this during labour! Am I being silly? blush I am aware that my birth plan may not even make it out of my hospital bag!!

Sorry for mammoth post <passes round freshly baked brownies & Florentines>

2blessed Wed 14-Nov-12 14:31:38

Weejo I think you're absolutely right to put that detail in your plan. You need your delivery to be as stress free as poss and if that is something that is important to you, then so be it.

I started washing baby clothes last night too - even though dp hasn't put together the chest of drawers - grrr! What I washed last night is mostly for hospital bag though...

MyDaydream Wed 14-Nov-12 14:35:15

Welcome gin. I don't think I'm going to get a massive energy burst, I'm just getting more and more exhausted and breathless each day.
WeeJo I imagine they get it quite a lot name wise since all the print outs from the hospital has full names, I actually think the front cover of my notes has a "preferred name" box so people don't need to keep repeating themselves.
I've written my birth plan more for my DP so he can speak up for me in labour and know what I want, the "no visitors in the hospital" line is definitely for him (and MIL) rather than the midwives who I know are far too busy to police that.

2blessed Wed 14-Nov-12 14:36:04

I'm thinking that LO has dropped, bump looks lower and feels a little softer than usual confused. Guess I'll find out at mw appointment on friday.

2blessed Wed 14-Nov-12 14:36:31

the top of the bump feels softer than usual...

EggsMichelle Wed 14-Nov-12 14:41:59

WeeJo that is exactly the sensible kind of thing that should be in your birth plan, they should ask what you want to be known as but might not. My birthplan has a very horrible life/ death clause that makes me sad when I see it, but know it needs to be in writing (DH and parents have been included in the writing of it).

And my bras are from M&S, fantastic lady helping me, really pleased with the service and there is a £5 off underwear voucher when they measure you. I'm 37wks tomo, so a tiny bit early but I'm not going near a bra shop again, and they took that extra week into consideration.

ellie your measurements are only just a little under mine. If we're estimating I'd say you're at about 5lb 8oz. You're 2 days behind me so measuring exactly the same, puts baby on 70th centile.

2blessed you may find it slightly easier to breathe now if baby's moved down.

I'm funding the hill back from the school run easier these days since bump shrank. Lol

EggsMichelle Wed 14-Nov-12 14:45:17

2blessed my bump is softer on top too, and when I stand up his bum is lower down

WeeJo that's definitely not silly!

I thought my bump had dropped but as the mw mentioned to the student that she could still move the head I assume it's not engaged? Also baby isn't back to back which dd was so I'm happy about that.

Gin no energy surge from me either.

I've asked dp to take the day before induction off too so we can spend the day as a family and take dd for lunch after her casts are changed.

Argh four weeks is forever!!!!

WillYou that's a nice size smile as you'll be a little early you don't want them too tiny. Apparently the bigger ones are easier to push out grin

Welcome gin smile
weejo definitely put it in there, in a bold pen. Once you're in pain especially you'll kick off if someone annoys you by calling you your full name.

Right well my bump is measuring 40cm shock head engaged. Explains my killer pelvis I guess, and my bump has deff dropped.
Was mega interested in everyone's fetal measurements.. So looked up mine from my growth scan last week (35 wks) and I've calculated she then weighed 6lb2!! You can look it up on google btw if anyone was wondering.

Oh and MW tried to weigh me! I refused haha , she's always quite judgemental a bitch I feel and was not in the mood, especially when I refuse to even weigh myself.

ellliebelle Wed 14-Nov-12 16:59:07

willyou thanks for the guestimate smile sounds like an ok size to me im fully prepared for an over 9lber dd1 was 7lb5 and dd2 8lb9.5 i know it doesnt always go up but figured if i prepare myself for a big one then a little one can only be a bonus smile plus id also heard that big ones were easier to push out smile

AlisonDB Wed 14-Nov-12 17:08:16

Glad I found you all got a bit confused,
so we are not using the thread below? (This was the one linked to the bottom of our last thread)

"2012 Ladies with Lebkuchen buns in the oven"

When I was in labour with dd dp was calling me a short version of my name that only my parents and drs call me it really pissed me off he had never called me that before and never has since none of my friends would know me by that name hmm

EggsMichelle Wed 14-Nov-12 17:20:35

very jealous of all you ladies with extra scans and size estimates, who knows what sized monster i have inside me!

I have my new nursing bra on, I don't care that I don't have anything to nurse, they are so bloody comfy!

PurplePidjin Wed 14-Nov-12 17:30:45

Alison, that was me not realising this one had started! We can save it for later or forget grin

I have made birthday cake (of giant proportions) and bolognaise sauce, most of which will get frozen but some is smelling yummy as moussaka right now ready for dinner! On top of knitting group, lunch with my parents and my mate and her 16mo visiting my frantically tidied/child-proofed living room, I'm feeling quite proud of myself!

Clarella Wed 14-Nov-12 17:32:19

Alison I think thats going to be the postnatal thread.... not sure now. Someone needs to go keep honey company soon!

Ugh these last few weeks pains are nasty. I feel like the ligaments up and down my backare being stretched by bump in front. Now I get why preg massages exist cos dh'attempts are crap and he's out at a friends to watch footy

How much should I allow him to drink at 38+2?? I'm being far too lenient aren't I ....

Clarella Wed 14-Nov-12 17:33:24

Oh whoops I think honey has set one up too - good name pidg, I'm sure this one will only last a week ;-)

It depends Clarella is he your way if getting to hospital?

PurplePidjin Wed 14-Nov-12 17:42:03

Clarella, I'd just ask him which he thinks is more important - a couple of weeks of staying sober so he can protect his partner and unborn child or a few beers with his mates.

But then, I'm both spectacularly harsh and know exactly what dp's answer would be! it hasn't even occurred to him to get pissed at this late stage

kate2boysandabump Wed 14-Nov-12 17:55:39

{Whispers} I got a normal result on my GTT, sorry Stacey A friend took me for cake to celebrate blush I am very pleased though, it seems I just have a knack for growing big babies without the help of sugar smile

I can't remember who said bigger babies were easier to deliver, but a midwife once said to me that they were, as there was less chance of little hands falling down around their faces, ouch!!!

WeeJo 'Please call me Kate' was the first thing on my last 2 birth plans. If people call me by full name I start looking around for my grandad and he's been dead 20 years. That or my mum with a face like thunder 'cos I'm in trouble blush

DH has given up drinking from now, he went out with a real bang at the weekend grin It's a good idea for someone to be sober, a friend had to drive herself to the hospital on Boxing Day in labour as none of her family were capable hmm

My pelvic joints are getting gradually worse, I'm having to use crutches more now and I'm using the full support belt more often than the tubigrip because it makes it all feel more secure. I walk at roughly the speed of a 90 year old sad

I can't believe some of you are getting dates for meeting your babies!! It's so exciting for you, I'm starting to think 'How long do you have left?' is the question I've been asked most often in my life. I wish I'd told people I was due in January grin

Queenofsiburbia Wed 14-Nov-12 18:19:59

Marking place (or am I abit late for that?!) & having a quick moan about feeling the back & rib strain. I had loads of energy last month but 0 this month. Just want to lie on my side or float & swim.

Pre warning of a name change to come as we're moving house. Will try & keep it similar!

Oh and welcome Gin, you & Nutella are my cravings grin

I've caught up now I think. I don't care how "easy" they are to deliver, if this little monkey turns out to be a 12lber he can stay in there indefinitely! I am not pushing a watermelon through my fanjo!

Ooh that sounds painful Kate I've noticed I'm slow now too, do you have SPD or is it your pelvis moving ready for baby?

I've told DP he can drink as long as he wants, as long as he's mot so drunk he can't function. My mum and sister both live around the corner so not being able to drive is okay as we can get a lift. Think I'm going soft in my old age!

Diabetes nurse asked me if I had everything ready. Had to admit that we haven't done the baby's room, or sorted his wardrobe or packed my bag! blush

Bellaboo123 Wed 14-Nov-12 18:27:42

Welcome gin stares dreamily into the distance picturing a g&t in hand...

How crap about ur scan spotty!

Does anyone else's bump get tighter as the day goes on? My bump just turns solid in the afternoon and is really uncomfortable, it does come and go its just permanent...pretty shitty day at work could it be stress related? BH are meant to come and go in waves moving over the bump aren't they? This is all over but mainly at the top...

Nah my entire bump goes hard for ages on end sometimes. I get it from the moment I wake up. Now it's that time of day where I'm getting early labour pains..... Dp has gone to football training so just me and dd.

Kate that's good news about the GD sorry you're in so much pain sad

Equimum Wed 14-Nov-12 18:32:03

Marking place, although I feel very late seeing as you're already on page 4!

Saw midwife today and am measuring even smaller than last time 31cm at 34 week. I know everyone differs a bit, but I'm quite worried as the midwife asked if I'd been booked for a growth scan, and when I said I hadn't, she just sighed but didn't say anymore. That made me thing maybe there is something to be worried about. I mean, at 20 week scan baby was looking biggish but now they seem to be questioning whether it'll be small!

Sorry to hear so many of you in pain.

Welcome gin

Bellaboo123 Wed 14-Nov-12 18:40:39

I was told its safe to be 2w either way in measurements. If in doubt is call and ask the MW - that was a crap reaction from her!

Thanks spotty I haven't got a scobby doo...what do u mean early labour pains...you've still got a while to go haven't u?

AlisonDB Wed 14-Nov-12 18:48:31

Gee whiz what a flippin day,

DS only has school in the morning on a Wednesday,
and it's my day off so I usually have a big lie in while DH takes him to school,
Anyway, we had a new bed ordered for today and Sod's law usually we are last on the delivery list, today however I got a call at 7.30 to say we where 1st and they would deliver the bed before 8.30! Bang goes my lie in.....
Bed came, set up, soooooo comfy I can't wait for bed time....
Collected DS from school, he & DH then started to wind each other up, then to play fight which resulted in them having a full blown argument cos neither of them will back off....
So after trying to act as peacemaker (I hate that role, although I swear I'm now qualified enough for a job within the UN)
Decided to go shopping for last minute Xmas present for my Mum who is coming to stay with us tomorrow for 4 days!
Walked around for 3 hours finally found something she'd like,
Came home,
put Christmas lights up on the tree outside the front of our house, (we put lights up here on November 11th for Sint Maarten)
now i am sooooooo tired all I can be arsed eating for dinner is porridge!!!
Oh role on bed time......

Oh an to top it all of I feel like Mike Tyson has punched me in the fanjo area! Ouch!

AlisonDB Wed 14-Nov-12 18:49:00

Sorry didnt mean to rant!

MyDaydream Wed 14-Nov-12 18:53:54

kate good news on your GTT result. Your friend sounds like my mum, she used to buy me cake if I didn't need fillings after a dental check up!
DP has just come and told me he doesn't know what to do for my birthday because his original plan won't work now. The reason? "I didn't expect you to be so pregnant" hmm

grin Alison a busy day for you!

Bella I got them this early with dd (34 weeks) and was already 1cn dilated at 36! Basically period pains on and off front, back and hips. A lot of my contractions to start with were in my hips which is something they don't tell you about!

Secondsop Wed 14-Nov-12 19:31:10

Welcome gin.

MY BUMP HURTS. It's hard and sore just next to my belly button. Is that his bottom pushing against me?

Last day at work tomorrow. Last scan on Friday. Then diabetic clinic on Monday when I'll hopefully get my induction date. spotty tough luck with being kept waiting till the 13th. You never know, the time might fly? It does seem to be going quicker now that we're in the run up to Christmas.

Also on Monday, work on our bathroom starts. Eek.

emilyeggs Wed 14-Nov-12 19:31:11

Been on my feet for a solid 12 hours today, <sob> hoping DH will come and get me from the station as im really waddling! Midwife had a good feel around bump this morn and said mini eggs doesn't feel too big so that's reassured me some what.

Welcome gin <waves>. Sorry to hear about scans not going ahead spotty was it? We haven't used the sobbing sofa for a whine and lets hope it stays that way (someone was saying about it earlier)

emilyeggs Wed 14-Nov-12 19:32:19

10 hours not twelve! Oops

Secondsop Wed 14-Nov-12 19:33:19

Emily I honestly do not know how you ladies with jobs that keep you on your feet manage it. I can barely cope with my desk job with occasional wanders out to the lift and to meeting rooms. And I have to get my husband to pick me up from the station because i feel so sore at the end of the day!

WeeJo08 Wed 14-Nov-12 19:49:19

Just back from the breastfeeding antenatal class - DH came with me only to be told that it was women only and was turned away as were the other husbands/partners who came along! Found the class really useful & interesting and came away with loads of literature to read.

Kate Great news about the GTT!

emilyeggs Wed 14-Nov-12 20:05:36

And no lift as DH was out sad. In now and running a bath! smile

pmgkt Wed 14-Nov-12 20:18:16

oh a bath lovely - with the crap on telly tonight im going to do that now.

kate I'm glad your GTT came back clear! Very envy at your cake though. And sorry to hear you are in so much pain. I can't imagine, normal pregnancy stuff is hard enough!

My levels have been stable since starting on the metformin do that's a good sign.

utopian99 Wed 14-Nov-12 20:58:51

A bath sounds fabulous right now. DH has gone for a quick chocolate run to the shop, and I can't help sneekily hoping he buys me something, although I deliberately didn't ask him to as I feel like enough of a mountain as it is...

emilyeggs Wed 14-Nov-12 21:13:57

Quick question, I got raspberry leaf tea, how much should I drink (didn't get capsules as I know I'd end up feeding fanjo and end in disaster)

Clarella Wed 14-Nov-12 21:15:34

Weejo, I'm really surprised about that - at ours most of them came and one girl rang hers up to tell him to come, but the woman delivering it was very approving and encouraging to the blokes and emphasised how they can help facilitate bf - mind you the NE has the worst statistics in the country for bf so they're trying to promote it as much as possible, I was really shocked at how low the stats were. Was it a little graphic, ie did you get boobs out?!

Good news Kate but sorry you're on crutches, not easy. feet up * Emily * you poor thing.

Hi gin - yes I crave you too!

bella my bump does that, particularly if quite busy. I'm also noticing more frequent lower back hicks is all I can describe them as, mild cramps.

Bump MEGA painful today - I cannot stretch anymore! I feel like a block of concrete thats being inflated from within. A friend has mentioned ' the perineal ring of fire' ..... I'm off to bed with my evening primrose and massage diagrams .... confused

kate2boysandabump Wed 14-Nov-12 21:52:04

Clarella Your friend's description is spot on...

Willyou I have PGP, which is the same as SPD, but I have pain in the 2 back joints in my pelvis, not at the front.

Daydream grin at your dh. What was he expecting!? confused

Hoping for a good nights sleep tonight. At least the boys are off tomorrow as their school is a polling station, so we can have a snuggle in bed in the morning if I'm still tired smile

MaMaPo Wed 14-Nov-12 21:52:48

Yes Weejo, I'm surprised too. I would have been very skeptical and annoyed if my husband wasn't allowed to come and learn about breastfeeding. Parenting is a team effort!

Bean has been very active today. Yesterday it was quite quiet, so my husband spoke in his very low voice into the bump and got an immediate wriggle and squirm in response. He loves that he can affect the baby himself, without my input.

Made the decision today to keep working 4 days a week until I'm 38 weeks - a decision I may come to regret. But I have so much to do and so little time...

Realised today that I actually have no idea what to look out for in terms of the start of labour. Must get on top of that, really...

kate2boysandabump Wed 14-Nov-12 21:52:54

Sorry, I've forgotten twice now blush Welcome Gin

MaMaPo Wed 14-Nov-12 21:54:31

Oh, me too Kate - welcome Gin. I was planning what kind of gin cocktails I was going to have post-pregnancy during my lunch hour today...

Oh you poor thing Kate, don't suppose there's much chance of putting your feet up either with 2 boys

I'm doing the same mamapo 4 days a week til 37 weeks, 2 weeks plus 2 days to go. I had a day off today and went shopping and then did my food shop. My fanjo bone (not sure what part it actually is) is burning. I have completely overdone it and feel very sorry for myself.

Can anyone link me to the perineal massage instructions they're using please? Feeling massively underprepared now! Baby will arrive, perineum will be unmassaged, bag unpacked and room undone. Having a little freak out.

Anyone watching the one born with the incredibly camp fashion student? Is an old one but a good one. She has a lively calm water birth, if only we were all so lucky!

cherrypiew3 Wed 14-Nov-12 23:33:43

Welcome Gin

Good news on the GTT Kate

Willyou I have just watched one born the fashion student made it all look so easy.envy

Have had a rubbish day today think I have caught DH man flu. Have my growth scan tomorrow so looking forward to seeing baby again.

Bellaboo123 Thu 15-Nov-12 00:57:09

Wide awake with nasty heartburn sadsad

bella I can't sleep. Really wish I could gotta deal with the hospital in the morning and I'm shit without sleep!

Morning, I would say 'good' but what's good about being awake at this hour?!

I've been feeling like I've got a huge bone stuck inside my bowel, really low down. That combined with having a knee (??) sticking out by my ribs and bad SPD makes things so uncomfy. I wish I could close my eyes and wake up with the baby already here. Or just be anaesthetised for the remainder of the pregnancy (I'm 36 weeks). I have also been wondering what would happen if I poked my hugely revolting, swollen feet with something sharp. Would they pop loudly or hiss like a deflated air bed? I never knew swollen feet would hurt so much.

On a positive note, I ordered my cot and mattress from boots today. As they had their Xmas points event on I managed to get £85 of advantage card points!!! How great is that?grin.

Anyway, I hope you all had a good nights sleep and aren't feeling too bad. Huge hugs to you all.

That birth on obem is inspiring! I want one of those, keeping my tan up and my fingers crossed.

So good morning hmm I'm so big now I can't get up off the floor without help which was really embarrassing when I was in lush the other day, their massage bars are brilliant for rubbing bump and quickly moisturising legs I have found!

It's dd's 4th birthday on Saturday, very exciting! We've got her one of the retro kitchens from great little trading co and I'm strangely looking forward to assembling it. I also have tickets to see the last twilight next Wednesday so would like to go into labour next week now, so that's that.

Dp just rolled over onto my bump angry (I was laying behind him) he didn't even wake up hmm my neck hurts, anyone else?

I'm wondering how I'm going to wrap Christmas presents as I can't get up off the floor now either! I can't do much though really.

Anyone planning on batch cooking tesco lean mince 750g is half price for a few days only. I bought three packs blush can easily get us nine meals out of that!

spotty wrap at the dining table. I did all mine around 30 wks and it was uncomfy enough on the floor then!

Well I got 3 hrs sleep in 1 go! shock I suppose I should be greatful but I've been awake since 5.30 and would have enjoyed more sleep!

Nervous about the hospital. I don't like the unknown very much!

You'll be alright Stacey let us know how you get on. I've been awake since 4:30 angry

Well I think dp can wrap dd's as they don't need to look pretty grin

Bellaboo123 Thu 15-Nov-12 06:51:04

Good luck at the hospital stacey

Walnut8 Thu 15-Nov-12 06:55:09

happy bday to your dd strawberry. I'm still getting up and down for DD's dance classes and it is not easy! Sounds like chances are you will go into labour either on Saturday or next wednesday? grin

Interesting to know that these stabby pains down low are possibly baby bouncing on my cervix and are a good thing?! Can't remember them from last time but was not dilated at all when I went in for my induction.

Am a bit p*ssed off with everything today. Just SO TIRED, DD didnt nap and has been grumpy and resistant to everything and DH will be late home, what a surprise. Not ready for this baby but too tired to be pregnant.

Walnut8 Thu 15-Nov-12 06:56:38

Hope it goes well at the hospital stacey!

PurplePidjin Thu 15-Nov-12 07:13:53

Welcome gin how's the cooking going?

Apparently, the average is 147 days from first movement to birth... That puts me at today...

MaMaPo Thu 15-Nov-12 07:43:10

Pidj, I've never heard that stat! Let me see - I'm around 138 days today since first movement bang on 16 weeks. I know it's possible at any point, but this baby could be here within 10 days!!?

I'm 8 months pregnant today. That's pretty surreal.

Spotty, if you don't have a dining table then I also recommend doing stuff like wrapping presents on an ironing board, but sitting down with the board lowered. Loads of room.

Actually called my husband in last night as I got a bit scared of the shenanigans going on inside the bump. I know it's impossible, but the thought 'It's just going to pop out through my skin!' did cross my mind once or twice.

I am a bit skeptical that the baby stops moving so much as it runs out of room. This baby has, if anything, stepped up its aerobics programme.

PurplePidjin Thu 15-Nov-12 07:48:32

I think it was on one of the emails, but I've signed up for pretty much all of them so no idea shich grin

Think he's trying to puncture a lung at the moment hmm I'm just grateful it's not heartburn though!

I'm always so out of breathe in the morning. Trying the bell but it's not really helping plus its making noises and dd keeps telling me to say pardon hmm

cashmere Thu 15-Nov-12 08:23:26

I'm 37+ 4 now. Collecting pool this weekend and then just need to order hose and tap connectors!
Everything else is more or less ready but I don't feel ready for little one to put in an appearance yet. I'm enjoying spending time with DS he is so sweet at the moment (2 1/2).
That said midwife predicts birth weight of 8lb 10- through feeling. That means if I go 2 weeks over they could be 9lb 10! I'm only slight but very tall so I must have lots of growing space!

cashmere Thu 15-Nov-12 08:24:56

Ps I've had loads of stabby pains- do you think it is dilation or just baby having a poke? Has anyone's midwife said?

cashmere I've heard it's baby pressing on the cervix (?) so I'm telling myself the pain is worth it and must be doing some good. But it's nasty and I dunno about you but I'll be walking through town and suddenly yelp out in pain! blush

cashmere Thu 15-Nov-12 08:54:57

Yep DH says I look like I've been shot! Last time I was 2cm at 40 weeks when had sweep- this time they won't sweep till 41 (rule with 2nd) so I might not find out what's going on. Hope it's doing something worthwhile though.

brooke89 Thu 15-Nov-12 08:58:28

Welcome gin

I am exactly 147 days today since felt movement too.... I would love it if it happened today!

Just has breakfast and 10 minutes after puked it all up.... I keep feeling sick after I've eaten? Maybe there isn't any room left!

cash I did some bouncing on my ball and since then I've been getting mild period pains but also sharp shooting pains down below - I have MW this afternoon so will make sure I remember to ask!

soapnuts Thu 15-Nov-12 08:58:38

oh dear I was wondering where everyone else was on the lebkuchen thread.... well you all escaped my whinge last night so that's a good thing! Had a better night so am feeling a bit more positive this morning - if still totally unprepared!! Can someone please reassure me that I'm not the only one who hasn't packed their hospital bag, or washed any baby clothes...... (I'm not even mentioning the still waiting to actually be registered with a hospital.... just a minor issue of course!! hmm

Am off to a fancy baby shop - for presents for other people but am hoping it might spur me into action a bit!! Anyone else really not gettting anything done??

I've washed the clothes but havent't packed my bag of put the Moses basket up or anything. Loads of time grin

Stacks Thu 15-Nov-12 09:28:14

I'm 36+4 and haven't washed any clothes yet. They're all sitting in front of the washing machine waiting to go in. Have crib and mattress, but no sheets, no baby grows for newborn size, and bag only partially packed.

Last day of work tomorrow, then ML. I'm sure I'll become super productive once I'm off work. Right?

PurplePidjin Thu 15-Nov-12 09:41:09

38 tomorrow and all organised, but was still only just getting started 2-3 weeks ago.

Dp tried to tell PidjChick to behave last night until i pointed out that the discomfort is caused by the baby doing exactly what he's supposed to and moving down ready. So he brought me up a hot water bottle at half time instead grin

Clarella Thu 15-Nov-12 09:48:28

Omg pidge <off to do furtive maths> I know exactly when I knew for sure as it was the day we had horrendous thunderstorms and newcastle was flooded (the first time!) But he'd started before then...

Finally made head and tail of spinning babies website it's all making sense ! I also realise capoeira is a very good exercise for good baby positioning as it's mainly forward leaning squats ! So finally realise what birth ball is for... ! Doh ( with 10 days to go)

By the way I'm still not totally packed, organised etc for those panicking and these carpets really could come at same time as baby! And the effing builders STILL haven't finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clarella Thu 15-Nov-12 09:52:07

But I am proud to say I have done some batch cooking - and am going to keep doing it next week sporadically <waits for pats on back> and ribena boxes in freezer.

Queenofsiburbia Thu 15-Nov-12 10:03:48

I have sort of bag-packed but no going home outfit (if I don't have one does that mean I have to stay in & be looked after for longer grin?). Definitely going to be a jumper dress, with tights but I keep wearing the ones I have as they are comfy!
How many nappies do we take? Do they provide any?

Obviously babyQ will not put in an appearance until we've moved & house is completely ready, in fact that thought is making me very complacent!
Am up to my neck in newspaper, boxes, & all our possessions... Spaniel is helping hmm

Funny stabby pains in bits too, I thought that was little one having a boxing practise, feels too sharp to be an actual head!
I'm still doing lots of swimming which is keeping me sane is supposed to help with prepping LO into correct position.

Queenofsiburbia Thu 15-Nov-12 10:06:54

angry at builders clarella

thanks & brew & biscuit for you. That is SO annoying.

WeeJo08 Thu 15-Nov-12 10:10:34

Clarella & Mamapo Yes, I think most of the partners were a bit shock at being asked to leave. It was okay for my DH as we only live around the corner but for others they had to either go away and come back later or wait in the car park for two hours. Not ideal! For me it worked out great as DH went home and cooked us a yummy pasta bake which was ready when I got in! grin However, I do wish he had been able to attend as I would have felt better if we both had heard all the information, if that makes sense? I'm not very confident that my information retention ability is very high....my fluid retention ability, on the other hand, is SUPER. <looks despairingly at where ankles used to be>

Also, I thought you guys would want to know, at the class we all got a leaflet that said that our hospital's policy is NOT to provide formula milk, unless for medical reasons, therefore if you plan to bottle feed you must bring your own. I just thought I'd let you know, in case you weren't doing breastfeeding/ antenatal classes and therefore wouldn't be given that heads up (if your hospital has the same policy.) You guys probably all know that already! blush

On the organisation front...bag is almost packed (need to get snacks), clothes are washed (as of yesterday!), Moses basket is almost assembled (we got a pink one so we've had to take the covers, etc off when we have visitors!) and DH assembled the stand on Tuesday. No batch cooking done as yet, but I finish for maternity leave tomorrow grin so am planning on getting stuck into that next week!

Have assessment today at the hospital to decide if I'm still low risk and therefore able to have Shnarf at the birth centre rather than the labour ward. I am obviously hoping they will give the green light, but determined to be happy either way, as it's what's best for baby that's important!

Sorry for War & Peace-esque post.

PurplePidjin Thu 15-Nov-12 10:17:18

My "going home outfit" is old yoga trousers and a stripy woolly pully! Didn't know i was meant to dress for the occasion grin PidjChick will be in babygrow plus mummy-made cardi, bootees and blanket

Clarella, i batch cook 4-5 times a week, but I'm trying to stay ahead of dp then nicking it for lunch at work! I have at least 2 sets of bolognaise sauce in there now hmm

PurplePidjin Thu 15-Nov-12 10:21:05

Afaik, you take your own nappies - hospital ask for disposables due to laundry issues (why on earth do they think I'd expect them to wash my nappies?!) but i shall pack cloth for the birth centre afterwards... Actually, I'm not that organised, I've only done the small hospital bags not the big post natal one <eek>

My hospital provides formula in SCBU not sure about antenatal not that it matters to me. SCBU also provide nappies and cotton wool etc.

Men were welcome at our bf class it was during the day though so there was only one there.

I've been trying to work out why my kitchen smells so much like smelly feet. Just found dp's stinky football boots under the table hmm

Queenofsiburbia Thu 15-Nov-12 10:47:25

Thanks Pidj, just not sure how many to take. I think I'll just taake the whole bag if 50 & can stay in car for DH to get if necessary!

grin about getting dressed for occasion! Thought I might be chilly nekkid in December !!

emilyeggs Thu 15-Nov-12 10:55:42

For those of you asking about sharp shooting pains, I asked my MW yesterday and she confirmed its baby's head verses cervix smile. She said mini eggs Is nicely down and plus gravity + me being on feet all day will cause that

kate2boysandabump Thu 15-Nov-12 10:57:34

Good luck at the hospital stacey

clarella sorry about your builders. Really angry for you.

I have done, no washing, no packing and no organising blush

I counted 147 days, baby coming on Sunday...

emilyeggs Thu 15-Nov-12 11:02:33

147 days? confused what's that?

Clarella Thu 15-Nov-12 11:12:20

Thanks for the tea biscuits etc - it's just faintly irritating now and when they do come I'm finding a woman's hour podcast on perineal massage to blast out. Or maybe first play of hypnobirthing cd friend copied for me full blast. And they can have raspberry leaf tea and dates. I'm at the point now where I'm not giving a shit . At least the kitchen works so I can batch cook. Plus, I'm sure plenty of babies were delivered during air raids, stuff the nct calm birth plan smile

Speaking of, poor op on Nov thread threatening to stuff sat nav up fango, convinced it's a boy refusing to ask for directions. grin

Oh and im on to 150 days. It's the only diary entry I've bothered to keep!

Got in a pickle over nappies too, have packed exactly 22. (No idea why, seemed to be a decent number for the space I have)

gilsbubbles Thu 15-Nov-12 11:21:27

Loving the 147d theory, that would be wed 28th for me, just a few days ahead of my due date.
I've been on leave for 4 days now and not exactly loving it. Doesn't help that it's not stopped raining do my plans for long walk on the beach are on hold. But I'm just so bored and impatient, keep feeling like I should be doing something but im all organized already. All the others from my NCT group have had their babies already...all early. Not fair

cashmere Thu 15-Nov-12 11:22:35

I'm on day 135 so baby due on 27th Nov- that would be ok I think!
Not started raspberry leaf tea yet or clary sage baths- did both last time. Maybe after this weekend when have pool and have had final sort!

Clarella Thu 15-Nov-12 11:25:03

Yes, hope hospital is positive stacey fingerscrossed

cashmere Thu 15-Nov-12 11:30:52

Oh and for an into birth try this blatant rubbish!

This is fun too- morph pics of yourself and partner to see what your baby will look like:-

utopian99 Thu 15-Nov-12 11:52:02

I've got no idea when i first felt movement blush does that make me already a bad mother?

Clothes all washed and most bits for hospital bag present in various parts of the house, but not packed.. Have been reading up on my hypnobirthing but no time to actually listen to the cd yet and only 4 weeks left...

PurplePidjin Thu 15-Nov-12 12:00:13

147 is, apparently, the average number of days between first kick and birth.

Newborns get through a nappy every 2 hours or so. I've packed 12 in baby's Labour bag, then the plan is to get my Mum to grab anything else we need like the bottle of bubbly on her way to visit - dp will ring once we're stable and I'm in the shower.

Baby bag has: 2 hats, 2 vests, 2 babygrows, 2 cardigans, 2 pairs of bootees, nail clippers, 12 nappies, cotton wool.

Mine has: nightwear (2 button nighties, fleece pj bottoms, vest tops, dressing gown, cozy socks, slippers), bf vest, bf bras (when i get them next week), mat and breast pads and many pairs of old pants, toiletries and towel (and flipflops for the shower), baby/teatree/lavender oil, TENS, arnica and paracetamol

I have a bag of food and drink in the kitchen that i chuck bits in as i go - flat lucozade, squash, dextro tabs, cereal bars, porridge, jelly pots etc, anything i think will keep us all going through and after smile

WeeJo08 Thu 15-Nov-12 12:17:37

Work PC cleared of useful stuff and put on external hard drive smile Glad that job is done!

AlisonDB Thu 15-Nov-12 12:26:57

Interesting on the days thing,

Is that days from 1st kick felt by us, (ie internal)
Or 1st kick felt by DH? (External)

Going to go and calculate,

Ooooh ow ow ow in such pain just on the bone at the top of my fanjo,
(Not sure of proper name) but I feel like I've been punched and if I sit lie in same position for to long it hurts like hell, and walking up stairs is also becoming quite painful,
Anyone know what this is?

i have my last MW appointment tomorrow before benig transferred to the hospital team. So hoping I get a date for being induced next week when i have my next scan,

AlisonDB Thu 15-Nov-12 12:51:47

Crap! Just worked out the whole 147 day thing.

Option 1, From the day i noticed him kick for the 1st time takes me to TODAY!!! No way am i ready for today,

Option 2, from the day DH & DS could feel him would take me to December 19, 1 day after my due date!

MyDaydream Thu 15-Nov-12 13:06:42

soapnuts no hospital bag or productivity here either. I only started washing baby clothes this week to spur me on to sort his drawers out, but its not worked! Apart from clothes and things other people have bought us we don't really have anything in, but that can be remedied with an hour on the Internet with my credit card! I gave myself the target of being ready by the time the pram comes but that's a week and a half away so think I've let myself down. I did do some batch cooking but we've used a lot of it over the last week or so
I had a huge sob last night because some chicken went off because I didn't use it quick enough. Everything hurts, it hurts more when I stand up and just being makes me breathless and exhausted but it makes me feel crap when DP comes home from work and I've done nothing. I'm so uncomfortable and there's 5 weeks left. I worry that not only am I not pulling my weight at home I'm also being shit company too since mostly I whinge about stuff.
Ill probably go buy some new leggings for the coming home from hospital outfit. I bought a little set with a bear face on for him to come home from hospital in with a big fluffy cardigan over the top. I'm very excited by the bear outfit.
If baby comes after first kick he'll come towards the end of next week! Doubt it since its so far from my due date. My mum has also made me swear to no babies before she's back from holiday which is the second week of December.

2blessed Thu 15-Nov-12 13:33:29

Sending you brew and thanks soapnuts everything will be fine. Just take your time to do what needs to be done, you've got 5 weeks. Mopst important thing now is to not be stressed and get rest. I know I'm crap company at the moment but right now there's nothing I can do about it...

cashmere well that first link was a hoot! Apparently I'm having a 14 pound baby! Think both DP and I will be raising eyebrows if this baby has light amber eyes!

ellliebelle Thu 15-Nov-12 13:59:10

daydream i feel just like you im crap company and im definately not pulling my weight at home poor dh sad also feel like a rubbish mummy at the min as have a very short fuse and not much energy to actually get down and play with the dd's

On a brighter note dh has just got a rather substantial bonus from work so i have ordered new car seat i wanted and we are going to get some drawers tomorrow gor the baby so at the weekend i can drag all baby stuff out and wash what needs washing and put everything away smile also managed to win some bunks for the dd's on ebay this morning would have cost 680 new and got them for 370 so very pleased. Not desperate to get them up and want to decorate first but at least we now also have a cot for baby (dd2 is still in cot bed)

Barbeasty Thu 15-Nov-12 14:03:39

I think we've got everything, but lots of it is in the roof, and the pushchair is at the shop waiting to be collected.

My hospital bag will be packed after we come home from a night away this weekend, for our 10th wedding anniversary tomorrow.

However my Christmas shopping is completed. I think I concentrated more on that...

I'm getting major bh at the moment. I had it all day yesterday too. I don't remember having them at all last time, but I think my stomach muscles were much stronger then and probably stopped me feeling too much.

Welcome gin. I have a bottle of damson gin ready to go in my stocking. Can't wait!

Clarella Thu 15-Nov-12 15:23:12

Any idea how many maternity pads I will need given I may be in a couple of days? Ended up with boots even though someone said sainsburies were best. There's a pile at home for dp to bring but what about first night/ day? Nct girl who had hers 3 weeks ago said take more than you think.

I was going to amend my nappy count but know I'll cock so many up I'll stick to 22- there's room grin

Clarella Thu 15-Nov-12 15:25:38

Hugs daydream, ellie and anyone else feeling like shit, hoping the time begins to fly soon.

HoneyMum21 Thu 15-Nov-12 15:34:57

Re: mat pads - changed every hour to 2 hours the first day, after which I ditched maternity pads as they kept falling off... Went for night time sanitary towels with wings which stayed in big pants much more effectively!

MyDaydream Thu 15-Nov-12 15:44:20

honey I'm so glad you said that, I was thinking 10 would be plenty, I only bought 30 to last me through the first week!
I came into town to get a drink and some cake to cheer me up, now I'm boiling from my decaf latte. I'm really noticing how much like a furnace I'm becoming. I turned the thermostat down the other day and DP hasn't noticed so might turn all the radiators down and more on the thermostat too. Don't know why I was so worried about a winter coat!

Well hospital was a shower of shite. I didn't get my scan (despite spending 4 hrs waiting). They did a group dietician session, most of which was not relevant to me and I felt like I was being spoken to like a fucking idiot. I have to wait for a call tomo morning to see if they can fit me in for a scan. Gotta go back to see the mw on mon and the obstetrician on thurs. this is costing me a fortune in parking/petrol/time as we only have 1 car so have to drop DH to work if I need the car (hour round trip, before the school run and then in the evening).

On the plus the obstetrician was happy that baby feels normal size, I'm measuring normal and heartbeat was strong. Plan is as long as this isn't an enormo baby and my sugars remain stable that I will be induced between 39 and 40 weeks.

Tbh I am pissed off, I want baby out now, so I'm doing all I can to evict them. Today a nice brisk walk, now bouncing on birth ball, later curry and sex. Tomorrow I shall be cleaning all the floors on my hands and knees.

Sorry for the rant ladies. I hope others are having a better time.

Barbeasty Thu 15-Nov-12 16:42:37

Oh Stacey, that's rubbish. I hope you get more luck from people tomorrow.

ellie I could have written your first paragraph dd must really hate me ATM sad

MyDaydream hope you feel better soon I find I get really out of breath too and I just want to cry! Getting shoes on is impossible hmm

Well successful day so far of my homemade Christmas presents I've done: chilli jam, spiced apple chutney, jumbleberry jam, chocolate fudge and chocolate brownie mix in a jar. Just got the body scrub left to do and maybe some honeycombe grin tomorrow I'm going to batch make leek and potato soup but will start going properly on that next week. AND I'm on top of the housework!

Whoops Stacey that's do crap I can't believe they were so rubbish. At least the OB sounds nice which is important and sure if you have any food related questions between us we can help. I really feel for you on the petrol/parking it's costing me lots too sad

emilyeggs Thu 15-Nov-12 16:50:12

Sorry to hear about your day stacey glad you have some positive info biscuit (this is all I have to offer)

emilyeggs Thu 15-Nov-12 16:51:44

angryangryangryangryangry that's all I have to say about today!

emilyeggs Thu 15-Nov-12 16:53:05

Poor alison that's equally as crap !

MaMaPo Thu 15-Nov-12 17:06:41

Sorry to hear lots of people having a tough time. I had a hectic day at work - cant possibly work out how I'm going to leave in 2 weeks! Tomorrow I'm giving a presentation to 170 people - eek. My brain doesn't have enough room in it for all this!

Off to the theatre tonight, although feeling a bit tired. Am sure to perk up though.

Wow. Someone on this tube has got dire taste in music and really loud rubbishy headphones. Delightful.

So, consensus from pretty much everyone is that I'm having a boy. Kind of want it to be a girl to prove em all wrong!

PurplePidjin Thu 15-Nov-12 17:08:15

<shares round choc orange birthday cake>


emilyeggs Thu 15-Nov-12 17:11:44

mama I'm told im having a boy all the time! It's quite annoying. Tolally agree with you re the shit music/headphones thing, it's sooo irritating, that, and peoples keypad tones (which I'm having to put up with as we speak). Loud conversation can also go in my room 101! (think I'm in a bit if a bad mood). Roll on two weeks then no more commute smile

utopian99 Thu 15-Nov-12 17:18:41

spotty your Christmas present making sounds amazing, so jealous! I need to start mine but still finishing this *&/!% house.

Thinking of something stacey said, does spending lots of time on your hands and knees encourage eviction? Am 35 + 6 but have been spending all week on my knees doing skirting boards - could i expect a shock?

Sending improvement vibes to those who've had rubbish days..

MyDaydream Thu 15-Nov-12 17:25:10

Stacey that's awful, hope you have more luck getting a scan tomorrow.
emily hope you have a less angry Friday.
Bought a baby book today so starting to fill that in a little bit, and sent my letter to Santa (okay, I texted DP that I need these boots and that I've been very good this year!) and had a look at baby clothes in Next, and was very good and didn't buy anything but all the teeny tiny clothes made me smile!

utopian in the olden days they used to bring on labour by cleaning the floors/skirting, though not sure how true it is. But right now I'll do anything. Not to have to put up with the hospital for any longer! 35+4 today, ready for baby.

PurplePidjin Thu 15-Nov-12 18:07:12

In my Gran's day it was castor oil <bleurgh>

On all fours helps positioning afaik smile

Clarella Thu 15-Nov-12 18:23:47

What a pile of crap stacey - hope its better tomorrow. But good about size of baby.

Thanks for the tip honey hope Dash doing well?

emily, hope tomorrow is better. We need a fuming sofa next to the sobbing one.

Utopian from what i finally undersatnd about that spinning babies website doing that sort of thing is excellent to get them into a good position, as is swimming, bouncing on ball, marching, hands and knees stuff like cleaning floor, cat stretches and pelvic tilts and squatting. It wont evict them but helps with super good positioning ('LOA') for when they need coaxing out.

Found this interesting, and this

Clarella Thu 15-Nov-12 18:25:08

Pelvic tilts on all fours that is, not on back.

ellliebelle Thu 15-Nov-12 18:45:50

stacey do sorry to hear about your horrible day sad hope tomorrow is a better one. I totallybunderstand about tje petrol/parking so annoying also for me i jave to take time off work (self employed) so loose money and for scan appointments have to find childcare for dd2 sad very frustrating

Argh this baby is ROA I'd better get on that website too!

Bellaboo123 Thu 15-Nov-12 20:19:27


I've just done my swabs for strep b...
Can't remember who recommended doing it but midwife totally agreed worthwhile!

Bellaboo123 Thu 15-Nov-12 20:20:21

Oh and stacey what a joke!!! angry

Agree we need a fuming sofa!

Clarella Thu 15-Nov-12 20:26:35

Maybe i shouldnt have posted that link... remember babies spin!

Do you know i asked a mw at the hospital - had never heard of strep b - and the consultant said 'i think we best not think about that' .... ffs

Why would one area do them and not others?

Add 'henna-ing hair' to good foetal positioning that was a fucking squatting, all fours ordeal and a half.

Laying on the right hand side Bella. Not as bad as back to back but not good either confused

Bellaboo123 Thu 15-Nov-12 20:33:09

Duh sorry! My yoga teacher said all 4s encourages LO over to left side

Bellaboo123 Thu 15-Nov-12 20:35:26

I'm doing the strep b privately as nhs doesn't offer it. It's £35 with Medicare swabs turned up in 2 days self explanatory then return in prepaid envelope with payment details and results within 3 days. Best time to take swabs is 35-37 weeks

Bellaboo123 Thu 15-Nov-12 20:36:15

Oh and results by text

EggsMichelle Thu 15-Nov-12 20:47:09

I asked about Strep B and was told 60% come back false negative as its in the anus and urithra, and a lot of women have it in their vagina but the baby doesn't get it as they give birth. They are aware of the symptoms of a baby with strep B so it's easier these days to monitor and treat babies.

Not impressed with the MW I saw today, told her u had swollen feet and she didn't look at them, just said I should be greatful iv made it to 37wks before swelling!

emilyeggs Thu 15-Nov-12 20:56:13

I hear by declare the fuming futon open! I'm first on as to top my day off DH has pissed me off angry

Clarella Thu 15-Nov-12 20:57:20

Oh i didnt realise its not on nhs <hops off fuming sofa> ive missed it anyway!

Clarella Thu 15-Nov-12 20:59:27

- fuming futon - oh thats a fabulous name!

<hands pillows to punch> emily whats he done?

CODwidow Thu 15-Nov-12 21:06:33

Well spent the morning on delivery with regular tightenings but left at 11am as ds had an opticians appt and I know only too well that this could go on for weeks yet! Sounds strange but 36+1 and not ready for her to arrive yet. I have ds1's birthday tomorrow, Xmas shopping to do and kids plays to watch. Hoping she hangs on til at least the 30/11. Still having tightenings and backache but doesn't seem to be getting any worse so hopefully I'll go to bed and it'll tail off.

Bit annoyed though as my mw was happy for me to go to the birth centre if my swab is neg for strep b but mw today said she has written in my notes that I must use delivery regardless and have antibiotics. I fully understand if it's best for baby but I've delivered 2 healthy babies since.

emilyeggs Thu 15-Nov-12 21:07:04

usual DH insensitive shit. He has coxed me off futon now with hot chocolate

Clarella Thu 15-Nov-12 21:11:12

Goodness COD hope you're ok?

EggsMichelle Thu 15-Nov-12 21:28:57

Cod have you got to go back in? You sound very relaxed about it!

CODwidow Thu 15-Nov-12 21:29:48

Yes thanks clarella put ds's to bed and have been led on sofa since backache is still there but tightenings seem to be lessening.
I know I probably sound crazy about not wanting labour yet but just don't feel 'ready' yetsmile

cherrypiew3 Thu 15-Nov-12 21:43:14

Stacey Sorry things did not go well at the hospital hope it goes better tomorrow.

Elllie I am with you on the feeling like a rubbish mummy I am so tired at the moment I feel like I don't really do much with the other dc.

Had my growth scan today and baby weighs 5lb 10oz (36 +3 today) have been booked into have a sweep at the start of December to see if they can get her moving I have history of keeping hold of my babies.

Secondsop Thu 15-Nov-12 21:48:12

stacey you should ask if you can have an individual dietician appointment if you feel the advice wasn't right for you, but tbh it might not help. I had an individual appointment not a group appointment (because I had to be seen on a different day to the normal antenatal day) and I found the dietician to be useless. When she asked about the history of the pregnancy and i told her that I had some high blood pressure she said "do you feel like your blood pressure is high now?". I pointed out that it didn't generallly have symptoms. She then didn't personalise the advice to take into account the fact that I'm probably twice the weight of a thin person (with the result that I lost 5lb in a week which wasn't great at 30 weeks pregnant) and she told me to try not to snack and to try to stick to the 3 meals a day, which the diabetic nurse got quite cross about when I told her (diabetic nurse said I actively should snack to prevent blood sugar spikes and that I could have more than a pack-of-cards size of protein).

The dietician also didn't say anything about having protein and fat to slow down the carb release, and also said to try to avoid fat, which again I thought was very old-fashioned advice because I thought the name of the game was sugar and carbs, and that fat didn't come into it.

I hope you get some better support and advice soon.

Crumbs COD I thought number 2 might be on the cards when catching up on posts. Hope you're feeling ok. I think we share an EDD I am soooo ready for this to be over-had 6 RL capsules today, mixed clary sage with my bio oil and actually became desperate enough to try an EPO tonight! Although having said that I havent collected my pram or car seat so maybe not ha.
Keep us posted wont you.
emily hope yopu're ok... Tomorrow is another day I hope it's much better.
cherry mine weighed 6lb4 @ 35 weeks you're panicking me I have a giant! Is the sweep going to be before your D.D? I have mine booked in already for my actual D.D I wanted to have something to focus on! <biggest impatient person I know!>

<hugs> to everyone with dietary issues.. It sounds so much extra stuff to worry about I really feel for you. stacey best of luck getting a scan tomorrow, that really does sound crap for you

Thanks for the kind words. Well I managed to give myself some pains but not kicked anything off yet. (although managed to fall asleep before the sex part, wide awake again now though).

DH has managed to work from home tomo do at least I'm not driving here there and everywhere. And of we get the scan he can come along.

Argh can't sleep angry

sad I'm back again. Would love to just sleep through the night once!

MaMaPo Fri 16-Nov-12 04:26:54

Hello night birds - so I'm up again at 4am eating strawberry yoghurt in the kitchen - haven't had this for weeks and weeks. I think I haven't eaten enough for a growing bean the last few days and it must be catching up with me. I'm ravenous!

PurplePidjin Fri 16-Nov-12 04:38:58

Signing in to the four o'clock club. 3 hours sleep and i just know I'll spend tomorrow yawning angry

Walnut8 Fri 16-Nov-12 04:39:33

Sounds like quite a few of us having a shitty time, brew and [diabetic cake] all round.

Feeling a bit calmer today. Had a better sleep (altho spent 2am to 4am in bed with DD who is currently having nightmares, poor chicken).

It's getting warm and a bit balmy over here. I'm dreaming of beach holidays, champers, summer (non-maternity) clothes ... and in reality it will be hot, sleepless nights, limited alcohol (bf), missed summer parties, and anxiety over too-hot baby I'm sure smile

A question for those who have one or more already ... I have completely forgotten what the first few weeks are like - would it be crazy of me to invite DH's family over for an hour or so of drinks/nibbles on Christmas Eve? We have decided against going to any of DH's family functions for christmas day (which at present seem a bit half-arsed anyway this year due to a few family dramas), but I feel bad that DD wont have any extended family christmas event this year. I actually can't remember whether this is the stupidest thing I could possibly suggest or think reasonable or whether it would actually be okay as long as (a) I'm able to have a shower beforehand and (b) DH does all the cleaning, shopping and food/drink service ...

PurplePidjin Fri 16-Nov-12 05:04:38

With my family/in laws that would be fine because they'd turn up, make tea and bring biscuits.

Not all family are like that, though grin if yours aren't then steer well clear - go to them and get waited on!

EggsMichelle Fri 16-Nov-12 05:11:09

Am I too late for the 4am club?

My family and in laws would be fantastic for having round for nibbles, as Pidj said they would be the kind of people to get the kettle on without asking. Sadly we are out of the way from everyone else, so it's us who do the visiting!

Does anyone else feel a bit silly with all the "sleep accessories" they have? I have added a towel to catch dribbles to my body pillows and need to put a towel under my sheet incase my waters go!

Walnut8 Fri 16-Nov-12 05:11:29

Thanks Pidj ... I think we've decided that going to them would just be too much of a PITA (40 min drive each way, disorganised plans etc)!! Plus i would have to bring everything for both DD and LO ... and it might be only a week or so after LO's birth... I think having them here wouldn't be too bad. The thing I guess I'm worried about is the inevitable mess that the place will be in and whether I can be bothered cleaning (or nagging DH into tidying) and whether I will feel at all like having inlaws around me ... grin

Walnut8 Fri 16-Nov-12 05:14:35

sorry didnt see your post Eggs ... my in-laws would put kettle on, pour their own wine, etc, I'm sure ... thanks for reminding me about putting a towel under in case waters go - although maybe I wont bother, perhaps it will therefore be more likely my waters will go naturally this time round ...smile

EggsMichelle Fri 16-Nov-12 05:50:55

Just eaten a double portion of oat so simple, hoping I can force this baby out with wall paper paste!

Walnut I'm hoping second time round is easier, my friend who has an eight week old (bf sleeps 10:30-7:30!!) and she said this time she was out walking the dog after a few days because 1, you have to get on with things for dc1 and 2, you don't feel so she'll shocked smile

Dd woke twice in the night but only because she was cold however I pulled my stomach muscle getting up to her sad I think I need a hoist hmm

JoJoB77 Fri 16-Nov-12 07:21:37


Sorry to hear of those who feel rubbish. I can join you on that feeling. I'll be 36 weeks on monday so still a way to go but waiver between wanting to meet baby now and a guilty feeling of how i will possibly love another child like i do DD. i know i'm being irratiional but feeling very teary at the mo!

Hope you are ok COD, keep us updated!

I'm off shopping today to pick up a few more christmas presents. There will be lits of coffee breaks in between tho grin

MaMaPo Fri 16-Nov-12 07:40:53

Walnut I think people coming over for a bit would be fine. But I've never had a baby before, so what do I know? It's less ambitious than our plan, which involves having Christmas dinner at ours (but cooked by others, who will completely sort everything out, including shopping and cleaning) which is a small 1bed flat! I am so looking forward to it though - haven't seen the in-laws for 12-18 months, and it's always nice to have family around for Christmas.

The sound of the balmy nights sounds ideal. I miss Aussie summers - yes, even the crazy hot nights!

I feel just ravenous, but also that my stomach can't hold as much food as my brain is telling me to eat. Dilemma.

THERE IS A PRAM IN MY HOUSE. Just sayin. shock It is staying firmly in the box for at least another fortnight.

FriendofDorothy Fri 16-Nov-12 07:50:22

My night-time drooling is driving me nuts!

Cookies - my 35 week scan showed that my baby weighed 6lbs 5oz. Think I am growing a heffalump!

Oh I'll join you all in the dribble grin

AlisonDB Fri 16-Nov-12 07:58:56

Morning all, sorry to those who had a crap nights sleep! (Mine was marginally better)
My DH & DS ended up switching beds mid way through the night as DS was having bad dreams and would only settle for me,
Feeling like I spent most of my sleep making ssssshing noises and striking his hand! (Quite impressed by my multitasking even whilst asleep lol)
Still in pain with the bone down below every time I moved in my sleep it felt like I was being punched, hoping the MW can help somehow?!

My busy weekend started last night with arrival of my mum & her DP,
They are here till Tuesday and as this weekend also sees the huge arrival in Holland of Sinterklaas it's going to be very busy and exciting!!

I found an interesting article about naturally inducing labour. Using EPO and raspberry leaf tea etc...
Hope this links ok....


MyDaydream Fri 16-Nov-12 08:06:39

I'd have the kind of helping out family round for drinks and nibbles no problem, the sit on your arse doing nothing types can stay home though. In my case that would include the in laws who make the very clumsy BIL do everything and it stresses me out so much to see him try carry so much that I tend to do everything myself just to avoid the inevitable crash and "oops".
I'm looking forward to Christmas if I get my way. I want a duvet day, lots of nice biscuits and steak for dinner with no visitors so I don't really have to get dressed or share my nice biscuits!

MyDaydrem I'm buying our Christmas dinner from Cook (is it a national shop?) and having a day of just us. Might walk to the local very traditional, posh pub across the road after lunch and I'd dp's family fancy popping in for a drink they can see us then.

Queenofsiburbia Fri 16-Nov-12 08:24:58

Morning everyone. Sorry to those who were night owls, I feel like my sleepy brain is fighting my uncomfy, awake body in a battle to sleep. Annoying how every time you want to turn over you have to wake up completely in order to haul the bump round hmm.

Really nice to hear all the plans for christmas, i think the drinks thing sounds fine as long as you have recovered from the birth, I guess you can always disappear to feed nap if necessary.
Am I being mad for Christmas? Have my lovely DM coming for a week & my DS who is also lovely but acts abit entitled. She's 7yrs younger than me & sort of treats our house like its her family home & like she's still a lazy teenager expecting waiting on abit (shes actually mid 20's though).

She will have no clue about realities of a new born & her DBF even less so (he's sweet but very clueless in general). Worried its going to be too much when trying to breast feed, cope with lack if sleep & all visitors like DH's Aussie nieces who will want to come over all the time but are sullen & grumpy young teens who stand there & never talk, & def won't put kettle on!

I'm probably over worrying. Anyway I'll kick out sis to my inlaws if she's annoying grin

It will be fun having a newborn at Christmas wink

I must add I'm in awe of u diabetics. Reading your posts leaves me confused. It sounds so complicated & such a big fat headache for you, huge respect for all the diet restrictions, sugar level tests, hanging around waiting for scans.... & masses of luck with everything.

emilyeggs Fri 16-Nov-12 08:42:57

Morning all, I just woke up from a mammoth sleep! Must have needed it, so glad to put my feet up. Sorry some of you having problems with GD, another hassle you don't need. Re Xmas, as mini eggs is due 28 I shall be staying firmly put and anyone who wants to pop over can but has to sort out there own drinks, nibbles ect, grin. My snoring had moved dh out the room once blush never snored before.

emilyeggs Fri 16-Nov-12 08:46:49

Off to collect crib bale today and meet an old friend for coffee and cake, then I have everything ready! Going to get d step son to help build it, he's 11 so might make him feel more involved (only of he wants to of course)

PurplePidjin Fri 16-Nov-12 08:53:12

Queen, just use hormones as an excuse to say/yell all the things you just told us grin

We'll do Christmas eve dinner and Christmas morning brunch with my family just up the road then head off to the in laws 1.5 hours away for a couple of days. Then we're hoping to move onto dp's god children in Herts (3 hours from home but 1 hour from ILs) for a day or two, then home with a journey break with the ILs again. All the people we'll be visiting are of the "Have a rest and I'll fetch you a cuppa" variety so it's just the travelling we need to be up to iyswim.

Plus PidjChick will likely be induced around the 11th if he doesn't show up in his own time so will be at least 2 weeks old by then...

Queenofsiburbia Fri 16-Nov-12 09:20:37

Oooh, hormones! Good idea! They say honesty is the best policy...
Plus I can get revenge on DS who has been blaming hormones for every monumental strop for last 10years!! I love her really.

I'm hoping to cross my legs til 12th like a few others on here so LO will be about 2 weeks old then too. They're easy then, right?!

cashmere Fri 16-Nov-12 09:24:44

Christmas wise I'm being very antisocial but I'm not prepared to travel with a toddler and newborn and all the necessary paraphernalia! Plus I think I'll want my own toilet, bath and bed.

My family are invited to visit us on the 27th (offered 26th but they want a day to chill!) and we'll just get nibbles to put in the oven.
We usually go to DH's family for new years day and will still do that as they are close by.

Of course we'll have had new baby visits before then too.

As this is number 2 it seems a good chance to start our own traditions- we might offer to host next year and then alternate hosting with Christmas' for the 4 of us.

My whole stomach feels very tender and bruised today. Think I might be overdoing it so going to attempt to rest today....DS may have other ideas bless him.

PurplePidjin Fri 16-Nov-12 09:27:12

If PidjChick shows up on time he'll be nearly 5 weeks old by then, so things will be much more manageable. I've said I'm hoping to do it, dp seems to think it'll be easy hmm

I'm just praying we're out of hospital!

Queenofsiburbia Fri 16-Nov-12 09:33:15

My DH does too! Double hmm
Think they're in for a rude awakening (or a hundred)!

cashmere so fun to start Christmas traditions! Can't wait til that happens for us.

Still waiting for my phone call that they promised would be at 9am. This is not helping my mood!

Wish I had looked on here, couldn't sleep til 2, had 3 wee trips between then and 5, and then dd was awake from then with nightmares. Feels like I haven't slept at all. Still feel fluey from my jabs as well sad very much a sobbing day.

All these Christmas plans are making me all excited, although we haven't made our plans yet.. Oops.. I just don't know how I'll feel, if I was to be induced it would be around Christmas Eve ... hmm

Lost another large amount of mucus plug last night following bad lower back aches.. Today, nothing.

WeeJo08 Fri 16-Nov-12 09:49:55

Happy Friday everyone! Hope sleep/GD/scan problems are a bit better today. I slept better following a combination of Gaviscon, paracetamol & Deep Heat before bedtime. Today is my last day in work, so really didn't want it to be any more hassle-y from tiredness!

Got okay from midwife yesterday that we can do the birth centre! Yay! Was really pleased, though when I came out of the appointment I had texts and missed calls from one of my tenants saying she had locked herself out of the flat. Grrrr! It was all sorted relatively quickly but it sort of took the shine off the birth centre green light...so I was quite grumpy for a few hours.

Stacey I will keep everything crossed that you get a scan sorted today. Hope you're okay.

COD Hope the tightenings ease a bit and you get a bit more comfortable.

Spotty What do you make your scrub from?

Stacks Think it's your last day too - hope it goes well (and quickly!!)

Hmm Cookies I reckon you won't go far over!

Stacey I would ring them and be 'that annoying patient' as they're being useless!

WeeJo that's really good news. I'm doing vanilla scrub this time so 1 cup of sugar to 1/3 cup of oil (can use olive, sunflower, almond, coconut) then 1tsp of vanilla essence. Trying to do it as cheaply as possibly smile

EggsMichelle Fri 16-Nov-12 10:07:42

Queen they are practically tying their own shoe laces at two weeks, right?

DH and FIL are Christmas obsessed, like a couple of five year olds, I however am more like the Grinch (I tried to ban Christmas last year sad ). So any future plans of having a quiet us only Christmas will be stamped on very heavily, and I will be packed into the car and dragged to in laws sad

Cookie I keep hoping my plug has gone, but it's just more snot, how much snot can I have up there?

Have rung and now waiting for a call back. Mightily fucked off with all this! Anyone fancy paying for me to go private?! Lol

cherrypiew3 Fri 16-Nov-12 10:13:00

Morning Everyone,

Stacey Hope they ring you soon it's so annoying sitting waiting for the phone to ring.

Cod Hope everything is ok.

Cookies Have got to sort out an appointment with the mw for a sweep she will be doing it, consultant just wrote start of Dec on my notes.
What is your due date? I will be 42 weeks on christmas eve and was really worried about been induced at christmas the consultant told me yesterday that if I agreed to go in sometime that week they would not force me to go in over christmas.

Everyone finishing for maternity leave today enjoy your last day.

Well now that I know baby is the right way round I am on my first cup of raspberry leaf going to pop to the shops in a bit for some evening primrose. I am more than ready to meet this baby.

WeeJo08 Fri 16-Nov-12 10:16:36

Can somebody provide me with a recap on the evening primrose oil application please? blush

brooke89 Fri 16-Nov-12 10:20:21

Stacy - give them a call and chase them up? I hope they get your scan sorted today!

We're meant to be spending Christmas Day as MILs and then Boxing Day at my parents.... No idea if this is manageable as it is our first but just going to see how things are at the time. Really hoping I am early so we are more settled!

Sorry to read lots of you had a bad sleep - I've woken up the last 3 nights with bad period pains - but no water/plug so guess its nothing to worry about?

Congrats weejo on birth centre! smile

brooke89 Fri 16-Nov-12 10:22:54

Also Alison just read the tips for inducing labor and castor oil is on there-I spoke to my sister at the weekend who swears by it but also said she thought It was banned now? Is it safe to use?

Queenofsiburbia Fri 16-Nov-12 10:51:13

Brooke I cannot remember where I read about castor oil (maybe NCT?) but I think the idea is that you drink it & it makes you throw up, which is of course a sign of going into labour.

However... Think it's abit discredited now because first of all it makes you feel like rubbish (haven't we all done enough throwing up by now?!) & secondly I don't think throwing up actually makes labour start, it's just a symptom.
Otherwise with this D&V bug going round honey would probably have more company on post natal thread by now grin

How did your sis use it?

stacey angry on yr behalf...

AlisonDB Fri 16-Nov-12 10:52:20

Have a look at the link I posted on the last page,
It's an article i found on naturally inducing labour,

I have just come back from midwife,
Good news is: she says baby is head down although not yet engaged,

Bad news is: She thinks I have the start of SPD, really pissed off, this is the last thing I needed on top of how crappy other things have been in this preg,
She has suggested I get physio for it, hoping now my health insurance will cover at least some of it!

On top of that I got very upset and emotional talking about the labour, being made to go over my due date, and everything else and she suggested I might benifit from talking to someone! So now I feel like a total nut job too! :-((((

Oh and my mum who is now visiting us for 5 days has a tummy bug and is currently in bed throwing up! (So much for extra help)
Crap crap crap!!

Sorry for ranting! Just feeling very sorry for myself :-(((

2blessed Fri 16-Nov-12 10:53:45

Morning all,
Sorry to hear about bad night sleeps for you and dc's. I've not been part of the 4am club for maybe two nights now. I seem to be getting up for two pees and then falling back to sleep.
Off to see the mw in a bit to discuss birthplan. Not done anything baby related either for a couple of days. But, I leave work two weeks from today - Yay! Have started a planner for those first few weeks of December, trying to arrange deliveries for all my last little bits that I need.
No idea what I'm going to do about christmas. LO due on 23rd, hoping he/she will arrive a little before then. Its my first christmas in my new flat so quite fancy it at home but might go to my DM on Christmas day and maybe DP's DM on Boxing Day.
Was speaking to DP last night about making going to panto on LO's birthday a tradition. It could be fun as we could go to all different ones across the country as they get older.. I'm a big panto fan recent convert especially the ones at Hackney Empire and Nottingham Playhouse.

Going to hospital now, let's hope they actually scan me! Will report back!

WeeJo08 Fri 16-Nov-12 11:04:40

Alison Yes, had a wee look at that and that's what triggered the question - when they say direct application to cervix...how does that work exactly? Do you break the capsule and put the liquid up...there??! blush

Good luck stacey be thinking f you.
eggs I've had a mixture of big jelly lumps and mahoosive globs of snotty mucus (sorry tmi!)! No redness, but I didn't get a 'bloody show' till I was examined at about 8cm last time! But then I really don't remember mucus prior to labour?!
Yes same cherry I think I'm about 42 weeks then, I asked my MW saying I really wanted to be done before then, and got a bit upset about missing Dds Christmas if I was in labour/booked in for induction. She was her usual unhelpful self and just told me she was in labour with one of her DDs on Xmas day. bitch
alison and weejo I inserted one as high to the cervix as my short fat fingers would let me. I also took one orally for good measure!
I've heard bad things about castor oil.. Someone said it might make the baby poo so could be a bit dangerous? Trust me I'm up for trying anything to get baby out but this is the one I'm very skeptical of and have never tried. QofS let me know if you go for it!
Alison sounds crappy hope things improve for you.

AlisonDB Fri 16-Nov-12 11:25:56

WeeJo, no you don't have to break the capsule it will dissolve up there (do it just before going to bed, and wear a liner in your pants or it may stain them)
I think I'm going to take 1 in the morning and insert the other before bed.

WeeJo08 Fri 16-Nov-12 11:43:22

Thanks smile I'm glad I asked! blush

gilsbubbles Fri 16-Nov-12 11:44:52

Good midwife appointment today, no glucose found so the GT panic is over, I'm going out for a big cake this afternoon to celebrate!!
Junior is 2/5 engaged already and in a good position, but she gave be a wee wobble saying that my next appointment will be in 2 weeks, unless she's been out visiting me and the baby before then!!!

All very very real

WeeJo08 Fri 16-Nov-12 11:51:35

Gils The midwife said something similar to me yesterday! I think she said, "Well, we'll see you in another 2 weeks, unless the baby arrives before then, in which case, don't worry as your appointment will be cancelled automatically!" I think my face was half shock and half hopeful! grin

Alison I always cry when talking about dd's birth so don't feel silly!
Hmm I might try some EPO....

brooke89 Fri 16-Nov-12 12:44:54

I don't know about how safe it is but I don't know anyone who's used It and not
gone into labor within that day.

Just been out to see my nan, she's 90 and used to be a midwife. They used to give it to people back then to induce labor. Apparently it does make you feel shitty and can make you have diahorea (sp) and sickness as it irritates your Bowles, because they are pushed down towards your cervix it triggers contractions.

You can take it on Its own but it tastes disgusting or mix it with juice Ribena...

Clarella Fri 16-Nov-12 12:59:19

Tbh i think thats the deal with a curry too....

Cross for you stacey, hope it gets sorted out.

Carpets booked to be fitted for literally 2 days before due date next saturday. Think thatll work better than a sweep confused? Either that or my waters will break on the sat night and ill have a sneeze home birth and we'll have to get new ones grin

brooke89 Fri 16-Nov-12 13:20:45

I'd put my money on your waters going all over your new carpets Clarella grin

Hi all, yay for Fridays!

Brooke, that's right. The reason they now don't advise it is because the vomiting and diahrroea (sp?) can dehydrate you and that's the last thing you need in labour.

Hope you got scanned Stacey, exatly the same thing happened to me, even down to the 4 hour wait at the hospital before they told me they couldn't fit me in and I was to come back 2 days later. angry

I'm still sticking fingers into ears about all the organisational stuff you've all done! Then again a few of you will probably have had your babies before I even finish work, so a bit of breathing space here yet metaphorically, haven't taken a deep breath for weeks now

MyDaydream Fri 16-Nov-12 13:43:14

weejo great news about the birth centre green light.
2blessed panto sounds like a great tradition. I'm a 23rd baby and through primary school I went to the panto with my mum as my gift and I loved it.
cherry and cookies I don't know how it'll work for you but when my mum was pregnant they happily induced her to avoid Christmas Day stay in hospital. She went in for induction on the 22nd I think. She would have been 42 on 25/12.
I slept funny last night and all movement seems to result in me creaking and cracking my joints. I'm having lots of dreams about escaping from places at the minute, wonder if baby is controlling them in preparation for his escape. Trying to get DP to agree to going out for dinner, since we put his computer up last week he's been hiding away working on a hobby project so think my only change of conversation is getting him out of the house.

I got my scan! Will report measurements later but they are estimating 6 1/2 lb atm. They are happy with it and haven't bothered booking another scan (am 35+5) so just diabetic mw and ob to see from now on. I'm a lot happier. Baby is in a good position (spine up my right, head nice and down, arms and legs on my left).

I'm now having a nap before I get the children from their after school clubs.

I hope others are having a good day too!

Yay great news Stacey enjoy your nap!

I have one wriggly, hiccuppy baby today. He's hiccupping into my bum, very strange feeling grin

kate2boysandabump Fri 16-Nov-12 14:32:44

Stacey That's really good news. Glad you got to see your baby.

COD Hope things are ok with you.

Sorry so many of you are feeling rough.

Those that are finishing work, hope it all goes ok.

I'll be trying as many things as I can to bring on labour, but I draw the line at castor oil. It sounds horrid, with very unpleasant side effects.

You use the EPO the same as a pessary, so, yes, it does go up there!!

We're going and looking for a new car tomorrow. We've been saving hard for ages and we're nearly there, so we're starting to look in case it takes a while to find what we want. Very exciting!!!

Secondsop Fri 16-Nov-12 18:00:42

stacey my baby's looking to be exactly the same! Scan today at 36+1. Estimated weight is 2983g which is around 6.5lb. Femur 71.5mm. Head 334.8mm. Tummy 322.5mm. All are roughly around the 65th centile. Completely normal growth for this gestation, and in proportion with each other - the tummy isn't getting too fat at all.

Plus he's in the right position - head down, not back to back. The midwife who saw me earlier said that he looked back to back judging from my shape as I had a dip in the middle and a bulge above and below. But that's just where my waist used to be, and the bulges are my tummy fat! There's also really no real dip - everything was squished in that area because I had the monitors on.

On Monday I should find out my induction date!

emilyeggs Fri 16-Nov-12 18:08:47

ckarella you've just made me realise we just fit a new mattress and now in hoping my waters don't break all over it blush! They don't gush out do they? stacey great news about scan and baby being a nice normal size (unlike my heffer) envy

emilyeggs Fri 16-Nov-12 18:09:22

Sorry about stupid typing mistakes blush

Great news on the scans! When do you think it'll be seconds?

emily they can gush or trickle

Secondsop Fri 16-Nov-12 18:28:05

Spotty I've been told before that I won't go beyond 38 weeks especially now that I'm on metformin. If they mean I won't go beyond the last day of my 38th week, that would be Thursday 30th Nov. Eek.

Wow so soon! Funny how different hospitals have different policies. My friend has GD and is on metformin and on injection and day but she's going in at 39+1 for a 'slow' induction. I would have thought they will get you in at the beginning of your 38th week grin so exciting for you!!

brooke89 Fri 16-Nov-12 18:35:38

Wow seconds that's not long at all!!!

emily we've just bought a new mattress too so got some mattress protectors from boots, planning on putting them on next weekend.

Still having period pains confused

brooke you can take paracetamol, have a bath, get on your ball etc if they ease off it's just BH if the increase in intensity it's the real thing wink

brooke sounds like now would be the ideal time to put on the mattress protector - just to be on the safe side wink
i've got a much beloved new mattress too and paranoia led me to adding a mattress protector about 3 weeks ago - think i was being a bit previous too hopeful

sorry been lurking for a week or more, always playing catch up, never getting around to saying Hi <waves>

tying up loose ends, just finished my last set of quarterly accounts - that's the last of the real chores between me and LO's arrival.
i am treating it as my last work day before ML (though self employed so doesn't ever really end) and with it being friday too i think i can justify an entire large glass of wine half pint of bitter shandy tonight.

sounds like there are some early labour signs from some folks.... it's getting exciting grin

Stacks Fri 16-Nov-12 19:13:07

Last day of work done! Turned into a long day, but on my way home now. Carrying large bunch of flowers, a mum-sized fleecey baby grow (complete with hood and ears) and far too much stuff from the various drawers etc.

Been there over 6 years, so kind of surreal to be leaving, even though I've been looking forward to it for years months. Doesn't feel real yet, just like a normal weekend or holiday. Wonder when it will sink in, probably not till baby arrives?

Hope everyone is well. Will likely post more from now on. grin

Will go back and read thread now to catch up.

WeeJo08 Fri 16-Nov-12 19:19:12

Woooo! I'm finished!! Can't quite believe it! grin I had an unexpectedly lovely day - came back to the office after lunch to find my desk covered with balloons and congratulations banners, with a lovely card signed by everyone & containing a very, very generous £200 of John Lewis vouchers. This was plus an M&S voucher from 2 of my direct reports plus a beautiful fluffy pram suit from another colleague! Am really, really touched and can't quite believe it. Totally unexpected from a group of (mostly) male colleagues! (I work as engineer) I've done everything I possibly can to make it easy for colleagues, so am going to try and relax about it now.

Stacey That's great you got your scan - and measurements seem great too! Does it feel very real now? smile

Seconds Um...gulp! That's what I have to say! That and envy!

Clarella Shall I send you a link to a good carpet cleaner??! grin

Brooke Hope the pains either ease or come to something (depending on what you want/are ready for!)

WeeJo08 Fri 16-Nov-12 19:20:04

Cross post, Stacks! grin Congrats! <waves at fellow work leaver>

envy of people with lovely colleagues! I finished two weeks ago and they've already phoned me asking me things hmm

I'm wrapping Christmas presents grin

EggsMichelle Fri 16-Nov-12 19:42:50

Ladies worrying about their mattresses (I'm in love with mine!) if you cannot wait/afford/like mattress protectors, lay a black bin bag over your mattress and an old towel over the top of that. The towel will soak up the fluid, and the bag will be a water proof barrier.

Got home from a very pointless interview prep session and DH had pumped my gym ball up, how have a coped for so long with out it, this is so comfy!

Secondsop Fri 16-Nov-12 19:46:58

Spotty the beginning of my 38th week? If I'm 36+1 today, so in my 37th week, the beginning of my 38th week would be.. NEXT THURSDAY. Gaaaah!

I would say it'll be two weeks today ish? grin

Feeling a bit more positive but really could do without all the to-ing and fro-ing to the hospital. So baby can come now. Friend has given me a stretchy wrap so I'm a very happy girl!!

GinAndaDashOfLime Fri 16-Nov-12 20:43:30

Evening all! Feeling v grumpy today so hiding from DH in a big bubbly bath ... Bag packed but I'm not ready in myself yet iyswim?!! Just want few more weeks of pottering about. My pregnancy tracker app today said "you're in the 37th week today so you're technically full term" made me a bit shock I've gotta say! I thought that at 36 weeks I'm still a week away from being technically full term?! V confused!!

Bellaboo123 Fri 16-Nov-12 20:59:41

Great news on scans

envy at those finishing work today...I've got 1 more week.

Feel blrgh! Awful back pain, twinges on tummy feel sicky, breathless! sad

emilyeggs Fri 16-Nov-12 21:28:46

bella I'm envy of you as I have two weeks at work, hope your feeling better soon though

ellliebelle Fri 16-Nov-12 21:50:25

Sorry ladies i will catch up in a bit just looking for some advice on what i have/dont have (should know really since this is dc3) ig i list what i have please could you advisr on where you think i may need to add something smile

81 size 1 nappies
33 size 2

Vests - 4 up to 7.5lb, 5 up to 10lb and 10 up to 12lb

Baby grows 8 up to 10lb

We are team yellowso dont wamt to get too much neutral stuff but also dont want to be short of things

Secondsop Fri 16-Nov-12 22:35:35

Spotty i am currently 36 weeks plus 1 day so have completed 36 weeks and am in week 37. So In 2 weeks' time I'll have completed 38 weeks and will be entering my 39th. So beginning of week 38 is in 1 week's time.

PurplePidjin Fri 16-Nov-12 23:08:31

That puts me in the 39th week shock

BH getting stronger and achier, but maybe an hour or more apart so I'm refusing to acknowledge anything yet grin

We don't count it like that here grin I'm 34+2 and I'm being induced at 38+0 in just under four weeks. I'm so confused now confused hope everyone slept better? Had dd in bed with us which would be fine but dp seems to think its acceptable for her to share my side and he still gets a full half of the bed hmm

Queenofsiburbia Sat 17-Nov-12 06:53:49

Someone else awake! (Sorry blush)
I'm wide awake as its DH alarm time at 6, he's managing to sleep on though!

I'm counting like the others, ie after 37 weeks I'm in my 38th week etc (like baby is in 1st year even though not yet 1 year old).

Anyone else getting a hunger to rival a horse? It's almost painful & abit like heartburn. Maybe it's because baby has dropped?!

I feel sick if I'm hungry a bit like the first trimester. Currently eating crumpets mmmm

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 07:02:18

Mild period like pains all night but think its from swimming on thurs and aquanatal yesterday.

Ive tended to say ive completed x number of weeks. But 10 sleeps till my sweep!! (Not that its something im massively looking forward to!)

Clarella & Pidj you're both so close!!

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 07:15:30

Ooo crumpets. <contemplates waking dh to pop to corner shop>

Queenofsiburbia Sat 17-Nov-12 07:22:22

envy at crumpets. Why didn't I defrost some last night ?!

I can't believe how close you both are! I'm a week later (well actually assuming a cpl of weeks so I don't go mad waiting for inevitable late baby!) and it's just racing closer but also really dragging confused

JoJoB77 Sat 17-Nov-12 07:46:33


Wow can't believe how close you are pidj and clarella! It only feels like 5 minutes ago we started this journey.

I'm feeling ok today, DH is taking DD to his parents today to give me a little break.

I just really hope that baby isn't late this time, i don't want to be in hospital at christmas but i guess it comes when its ready. I'm even contemplating sex, must be bad grin

Hope all are well.

Bellaboo123 Sat 17-Nov-12 07:57:44

Morning also envy of crumpets!

Feeling better today after a sleep, back stills aches but at least it's the weekend!

Wow it's getting close now for some of you...I'm definitely going finish off my hospital bag today!

Has anyone had actual cravings? This has totally passed me by...I did in 1st trimester but nothing since?

MyDaydream Sat 17-Nov-12 08:24:20

Jealous of crumpets, I don't think my corner shop sells them, but I'm bloody starving. DP is going out for a men only breakfast with his friends today (I imagine this to be like the sex and the city brunches - although they're playing laser quest after rather than shopping!) I'm jealous but have no one to breakfast with.
I did manage to convince DP to take me out last night since he was in a very happy mood. The company who've been cocking up his pay for the last 5 months finally straightened it all out, and he found out he is working next month (he's a contractor and got told there'd be a month unpaid break for december) so we don't have to be super frugal over Christmas either! I picked out all the baby stuff I wanted which is currently sat in several shopping baskets on my laptop waiting for DP to pay for.

PurplePidjin Sat 17-Nov-12 08:24:37

Well i was woken at midnight and half two by fanjo pains (alleviated by judicious repositioning of Bagpuss the hot waterbottle) then 4 by the evil heartburn, crunched a tablet and propped myself up then woke at 5 with hip pain caused by being propped up so i unpropped and slept till nearly 8 hmm

I tend to say I'm 38 and a half weeks for 38+2, the other way just confuzzles me <thicko>

itsMYNutella Sat 17-Nov-12 08:30:20

Bella I thought the 1st tri is when you're supposed to have cravings... I thought in the 3rd tri you're just hungry wink

I wish I could get crumpets here... hmm might ask little bro to post some, along with some good whole earth crunchy peanut butter and mcvities plain choc digestives.... Although these might seem like cravings they are often top of the "things I miss" list.

I've decided my bean will be at least a week late (might arrive on DP's birthday grin ) do you think if I tell the ILs now that the due date has been moved back a date they would believe me? hmm If they don't hear from us MIL usually rings about every 3 days to make sure we're (read: the grandchild) ok. I think I'll go mad if they keep ringing on and after due date to see if I've popped....

Yes spotty I feel sick when hungry.. I don't even realise I'm hungry, it's weird!
You're so close now! Pidj and clarella. I'm just waiting for one of you to pop, every morning I check in I think "will someone have had a baby?!"
Feeling mega fed up, I dread to think how I'm going to cope with the next few weeks. Still took me 3 hours to get to sleep angry does anyone have any tips?! Feel like a zombie.

I've got dark chocolate digestives in the fridge (where they belong!) my favourite!

Confuses me too pidj! Reckon you're starting to dilate with those pains wink

Good news MyDaydream I would go for breakfast with you, dp left at seven this morning and won't be back until after football hmm I'm making soup and cottage pie for the freezer today smile

itsMYNutella Sat 17-Nov-12 08:35:43

The date thing really confuses me... There was me merrily (33+5) thinking I'm almost 34 weeks pregnant and one of the women at my antenatal class (they are all bar 1, behind me) said she was 34 weeks pregnant confused so I had to sit and do maths and felt really confused and then the midwife is saying that obviously means I have my hospital bags packed...shock ummmm I have a bag with some flip flops and toiletries in... Does that count? Ok I think there is a nightie in there too...

I'm going to start telling people the baby is due next year... I think.... <eases the pressure> hmm

itsMYNutella Sat 17-Nov-12 08:38:50

Spotty there is not point keeping them in the fridge, the chocolate doesn't melt as fast in your coffee then... Or on your fingers as you gently nibble away that delicious golden biscuityness grin
who wants a biscuit?
I would share but DP has been warned off my digestives, unless he gets mcvities to send over a shipment <standing ground emoticon>

Eugh you dirty dunker you. It should be made illegal. wink

itsMYNutella Sat 17-Nov-12 08:42:57

<evil laugh> dirty dunker <snigger> it's pure melty goodness spotty!!! smile

Walnut8 Sat 17-Nov-12 08:46:04

oooohhhhh .... whole earth crunchy peanut butter ....

have strong painful (irregular) BH tonight since having sex earlier confused ...

PurplePidjin Sat 17-Nov-12 08:51:42

Nutella, she clearly can't count! Either that or it's that German thing where half 6 means 5:30 hmm

Dilating shock

2blessed Sat 17-Nov-12 08:52:48

Was up at 2 this morning and watched loads of trash tv I had on sky +.
daydream really good news about your dp, must be a relief.
Hoping for a chilled weekend, meeting a friend for brunch - thinking pancakes or eggs benedict or maybe both! Yep, I've definitely got the hunger bug!

MyDaydream Sat 17-Nov-12 08:52:53

nutella could you casually mention its changed and pretend you've known ages but must have forgotten to mention it? I've mentioned to a few people my due date recently but apparently me and DP just forgot to tell everyone it got moved forward a week after the first scan!
cookies I sympathise with the struggling to sleep. No tips, I've been moving myself to the spare bed just to stop me waking DP up as I toss and turn.
I might go out and finish my hospital bag shopping today and pack it. When I run through the list in my head I think I'm taking more for the night than DP took on our last (10 day) holiday.
spotty how do you eat a digestive without dunking? It's the only way!

No, no, no dunking is wrong I tell you!

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 08:59:00

Queen you have them in the freezer?! Bung em in the toaster frozen!

Dh did offer but ive been good and stuck to branflakes. I do feel that 'sick i need to eat' feeling in the mornings again and have quite specific cravings then - usually branflakes and dried prunes witg ice cold milk - and seem to have an increase again in my cheesey cravings - strong cheddar flavours.

I seriously dont think this baby will be soon at all - its definately pootractions and stretchy muscle aches i get. And thats fine - if house/ baby gear were at a level of order id be ok with right now id be dying to meet him but its not quite there yet - dh gave builders an ultimatum for last opportunity to finish bits in the house next weds and then thats it - they wont be paid for those bits. They have arranged to come 4 times in the last 3 weeks and then just never appeared. Ive given up organising the furniture/ dust sheets in anticipation! They tried to wriggle out of completing the roof yesterday (this is tye 4th attempt to create a water tight roof from scratch since may) but dh put his foot down and we finally got an actual roofer doing the job.) Then we discovered theyve messed up the drainage haunching creating a back log of our poo for a week they had to clear yesterday. I was a bit sorry it wasnt the guy who routinely makes these mistakes who had to clear it. It wouldnt be ideal to come out of hospital with a newborn and then get some carpets fitted but its only 2 of 3 bedrooms and landing so i can hide elsewhere.

Sorry epic update but at least i dont feel stressed (will be on weds though!)

Morning all. Woke with period pains twice last night but nothing right now. Going to get myself up and motivated soon (when my headache goes away) so will hopefully bring on pains!

Very jealous of the biscuit discussion! envy

Levels have been fine even though I had a couple of glasses of lemonade yest, coz I felt funny in ikea. We did buy a rocking chair though (which I'm hoping my parents will pay for for my Xmas pressie). It's very comfy! smile

itsMYNutella Sat 17-Nov-12 09:04:15

Ahhh Daydream good to know you're a dunker smile I'll ask DP - he should be ok with it because he is the one that has to put up with this insane occasionally hormonal pregnant woman me. But I think he won't mind a bit of P&Q

I occasionally have a bout of pregnancy insomnia and I find that sometimes nothing works but occasionally getting up, having a snack or a drink and a wee then trying to sleep again better than staying in bed.

Pidg the time thing drives me nuts! DP and I have to always cross check what the other means hmm so I almost always say 5 thirty instead of bothering to use the half.... Weirdos

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 09:09:44

I am totally in the chocolate should be at room temp camp.its the 'body temp melting point' thing. And im a v keen dunker to the point of knowing which own brand choc mcvitties need their dunking time adjusted for succesful transfer to mouth.

nutella she really cant count - and will be sorely disappointed when she gets to 40 wks and finds she has to get through another one! (Or 3!)

Ooo pidj dilating!!

Hope COD ok?

Do we definately have a 'show' before labour or simetimes not?

clarella I never had a shoe with either of my other dcs so I'm not expecting one this time. Also with dd they popped my waters at 5cm. With ds they didn't bother and my waters broke when I was pushing.

Yeah a show isn't inevitable. My friend never had one or any waters with either birth shock

Noooo chocolate belongs in the fridge <stamps foot>

For anyone without GD this is amazing but I used cranberries instead of nuts to make it more Christmassy!

PurplePidjin Sat 17-Nov-12 09:39:27

It was Spotty who suggested i might be getting dilating pains <glares> I'm trying not to get my hopes up!

Fried egg, veggie sausages, beans and toast on the menu here once I've cleared the kitchen - was feeling so rough yesterday i didn't load the dishwasher so of course it's twice as bad now!

brooke89 Sat 17-Nov-12 09:43:12

Well period pains have resulted in nothing apart from a shit nights sleep angry although I don't want anyone else to be in pain it's nice to read that others are getting them too and it's all normal!

Mmmmm BISCUITS! Guilty as a Dorothy Dunker here - Top 3 favs to dunk in no particular order: Chocolate Hobnobs, Malted Milks and Rich Tea..... Walks off to find biscuits and make cuppa smile

brooke89 Sat 17-Nov-12 09:43:36

Hahaha dirty dunker not Dorothy dunker damn autocorrect!

Walnut8 Sat 17-Nov-12 09:57:29

Dorothy Dunker bahahahahaha. Sorry grin

I was wondering about COD also!

I'd love a rocking chair Stacey. Would be so nice for feeding and putting to sleep. Definitely not in the budget though.

utopian99 Sat 17-Nov-12 09:58:24

You've sparked a biscuit debate in our house! DH says solid chocolate belongs in the fridge, but not essential if on biscuits.. He likes to dunk but I don't, I wonder which way the LO will go (once old enough.) not suggesting dunking him! shock

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 10:09:25

Dorothy dunker hahaha! Good mn name

I even keep my Jaffa cakes in the fridge....

We have this argument all the time, DP puts all chocolate in the fridge - even mine. This really pisses me off as chocolate is supposed to melt in your mouth and you don't get the full flavour if its cold.

He also tries to put biscuits in the fridge, making them go soggy!i love dunking, custard creams and ginger nuts are good.

God I miss biscuits! I keep eyeing the boxes of cadburys ones in asda, but while I'm okay with carbs, refined sugar is a definite no no. <10 chocolate peanuts gave me a blood sugar of 9.0, just 5 more weeks, just 5 more!

No Spotty, NO!

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 10:12:41

I looooooooove dunking squares of 70/80% chocolate in rooibos, my night time treat .... infact started to do that few years ago in an effort to avoid polishing of quite so many choc digestives when writing school reports as it was reaching binge proportions - chocolate hit reached in fewer calories ( plus lowers blood pressure ladies!)

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 10:14:21

Oops sorry willyou and other blood sugar monitors, best save these discussions for postnatal!

Oh I don't keep non chocolate biscuits in the fridge! Hobnobs should be ok willYou? Tesco used to do no added sugar shortbread but not anymore think boots do though?

JoJoB77 Sat 17-Nov-12 10:15:59

I'm with spotty, choc biscuits definitely kept in the fridge and as for dunking.... Blergh! What do you do with all the horrible soggy bits at the bottom of the mug? Makes me want to retch grin

Finally JoJo! grin someone talking sense!

If you perfect your technique jojo then there are no soggy bits at the bottom. Those are a result of your amateur dunking status grin

JoJoB77 Sat 17-Nov-12 10:24:17

grin at amateur dunker. You will never convince me to spoil a lovely biccy by dipping it in my tea, its just not right i tell you!

PurplePidjin Sat 17-Nov-12 10:32:22

Penguin straws <drool>

brooke89 Sat 17-Nov-12 10:33:56

All this biscuit talk reminds me of this....


cried with laughter the first time i watched it!

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 10:47:50

Ow ow ow my bump hurts now brooke!!

Cadburies finger straws!!!!

Whoever said about the rocking chair, it's the poang one in ikea the frame is £80, we had a cushion from a normal poang so used that but I think they start around £30 depending on the fabric. Much cheaper than a baby store rocking chair.

Just walked 2miles to the shop to try and encourage little one to move down (and come out). Def gotta keep moving I want my baby out.

brooke89 Sat 17-Nov-12 10:52:56

So funny isn't it clarella hobnobs are like marines haha

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 11:30:49

They'll be calling out to me next time im in a shop 'dunk me'! Peter kay will be good to watch with my tens machine smile i think my plan if bridemaids may be a little extreme grin

Walnut8 Sat 17-Nov-12 11:57:15

Thanks stacey that was me. May have a look!

These BH are ridiculous. Every 3 minutes for the last few hours. So uncomfortable.

Whenever I start things these days I regret it! Half way through seven individual cottage pies. Got to do the potato still and I just want a nap!

Ooo Walnut are they painful?

ellliebelle Sat 17-Nov-12 13:12:57

Arrrr i just want to book panto anf brealfast with santa for the dd's but feeling too nervous to take the plunge sad only dates we can do are 8th december for panto and 16th december for breakfast might just have to be brave and do it. Dont want to interupt our traditions

Stacks Sat 17-Nov-12 13:37:23

walnut take a look on eBay under 'local collection' auctions. I got a lovely gliding chair for £25 on there, with no delivery charge too (ofc). As you're not in too much of a hurry just save your search and wait for the right one to come up.

I've not even had any BH here, so thinking this baby will take a while. Not due for 3 more weeks though, so time for him to stop being lazy yet grin

MaMaPo Sat 17-Nov-12 13:49:06

You lot having regular BH contractions - are they clearly distinguishable? I mean, can you neatly identify the onset and when they finish?

I think I get them sometimes (top of belly gets v hard and painful) but I don't notice them arriving or ending, just that after I've been uncomfortable/in pain for a bit, I notice that my bump's hard.

Bit of reorganising today while my husband's at the rugby - emptied desk drawers into storage containers, and stuck the baby clothes in instead. Much more sensible place than where they had been (in boxes in the hall cupboard).

Spoke to my father in law this morning - he protests that he's not that interested in his first grandchild, but the way he talks about my husband (both now and when he was a baby) makes me think that once he meets Bean he is going to be completely besotted. Lovely.

Totally fancy a chocolate biscuit now. Splashed out last time I was in Selfridges and spent far too much money on a packet of Mint Slice (an Australian biscuit). So delicious. I must remember to put in an order with the in laws. So far my husband and I have been very good, only having one each at night when we're both home. Such self-control!

Secondsop Sat 17-Nov-12 14:01:34

I miss biscuits. If the GD turns out to be a bigger issue that doesn't disappear after birth, I will be distinctly unamused.

NCT sale this morning. Got some good stuff (including a sling, blankets, a cosy thing for taking the baby outside, a bowl for "top and tailing") and my husband obviously picked up a little something for himself (some kind of toy figurine). I did say that the sale wasn't for him!

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 14:19:27

Are they getting worse walnut??

Thats a cracking haul secondsop!

Bh are the weirdest things. Sometimes ive been able to distinguish a beginning and end, sometimes it seems my bump is permanently hard and just gets more crampy. A friend says she never had a single bh with two children. I seem to be having them much less now though - or rather theyve morphed into weetractions. Had loads when bump was higher at the top but since its dropped they seem to be moving into my lower back as much as anything. Ive made an executive decision not to count anything till i cant actually speak with pain/ things get messy after reading various experiences on nov thread (ladies having contractions for weeks - oh joy!! ) makes me MUCH more relaxed and that can only be a good thing!

Proudly looking at pram/ travel system i got from preloved that i have completely disassembled and washed and now put back together. Even wrestled the wooden bases out of the pushchair cover to wash that which dh tried and failed to do. Where theres a pregnant will theres a way!

EggsMichelle Sat 17-Nov-12 14:48:29

I put chocolate in the freezer! Got a bag of Munchies in there now. But biscuits of any type belong in the biscuit jar, they go soft in the fridge.

I had loads of BH from 18wks, but the last couple of weeks iv not had any at all, I don't think this Shrimpy is in any rush to get out!

Dark chocolate digestives don't go soft in the fridge they're not in there long enough grin dp also puts chocolate in the fridge!

I've just set dd up with cebeebies and a cushion blush I can't move as my back/hips/stomach hurt too much to move

WeeJo08 Sat 17-Nov-12 15:21:16

I love that the thread has mainly been about biscuits for the past two pages grin

For the record I'm a NO chocolate in the fridge kind of gal and I must confess I am a Dorothy/Dirty Dunker. Speaking of which I am currently munching a Florentine from the batch I made for the office yesterday with some raspberry lea tea (made bearable by being mixed with some apple juice!) Please note I am not dunking.

Secondsop Sat 17-Nov-12 15:33:58

clarella I've had loads of BH from around 22 weeks or so - they started off with my tummy going hard but so that I could only tell if I happened to touch it at that point, but they've been more frequent and stronger in recent weeks - I can now feel the sensation of tightening without having to touch my tummy, and sometimes it's painful. I also am now finding that they come on pretty much whenever I exert myself, eg if I walk for a bit or even if I walk up the slightest incline.

I'm also getting a sore patch which I think is the baby's bottom pressing against me, near my belly button.

At the NCT sale my mum said "let's go round and look first" but it rapidly became apparent that this tactic didn't work and that we'd need to grab things we liked as we saw them. Mum was pleased to find a little Beatrix potter bowl which she insisted on buying for the baby as we'd each had one when we were babies.

So dp's got a football game in Hastings (two hours drive from here) when I'll be 36+2. I had dd at 36+1 (yes I was induced but I was contracting when I arrived at hospital that morning).

I won't be able to get hold of him if anything happens. I'm not very happy that he's going to be so far away sad I won't be pregnant enough to ask him not to go will I?

Secondsop Sat 17-Nov-12 15:45:42

spotty I think you would be entirely reasonable to point to the precedent set by your first baby.

Secondsop Sat 17-Nov-12 15:46:34

spotty I think you would be entirely reasonable to point to the precedent set by your first baby.

It's a cup game apparently very important hmm followed by the football 'do'...

Seconds I also have that bruised/painful belly button but ds is laying on one side so not sure? Anterior placenta though so could be that.... I have heard those NCT sales can be crazy! Lovely about your mum and the bowl smile

Secondsop Sat 17-Nov-12 17:10:44

Lord preserve me. My mum and husband are putting together the baby wardrobe. There is a battle of wills as to the following of instructions. Example: mum: "now we need one of the roundy screws". Husband "NO, it's called screw K".

Bellaboo123 Sat 17-Nov-12 17:12:32

Spotty stand firm especially given DD1 early arrival!!! Ask him how he'd feel if it did happen!

I'm a dirty/Dorothy dunker too - you lot have made me giggle! Oh an no choc in fridge it just doesn't taste the same!

I'm now hobbling about as back is killing me also painful BH (well I think they are) can we use deep heat or volterol?

Can't remember who said about sore patch on belly from baby's bottom but I totally get that...I've had it on and of for weeks now!!! Can get quite tender!

PurplePidjin Sat 17-Nov-12 17:23:47


Anyone want to jump in and be opinionated? grin

Spotty, i would expect him to be contactable at all times and use his own transport so he could leave immediately if necessary. But then, dp says in that situation he would probably stay home...

If PidjChick starts prodding me, i prod him back and he stops blush

Hello! Sorry not had much time to catch up. Was dd's bday today and I'm exhausted from the visitors but happy.

I've just been looking on YouTube for reflexology points to induce labour and came across this video how to induce labour which I thought you might enjoy. Might try this later!!

JoJoB77 Sat 17-Nov-12 18:26:53

Happy Birthday strawberrys DD!

emilyeggs Sat 17-Nov-12 19:00:25

Feel like I've had one long braxton hick today, I looked like John wane walking around at work as I feel like my hips are bruised and coming apart, still, glad to be going home and that was my last Saturday at work grin just getting home is a mission because of protest, tube closures and diversions sad

EggsMichelle Sat 17-Nov-12 19:00:42

Strawberry hope your DD had a good day.

This morning I went to watch Twilight (very cheesy, makes me cringe!) and this afternoon I've been sewing the new cover for the Moses basket, very pleased with my progress so far, but need to get the sewing machine out.

I want more chocolate!

emilyeggs Sat 17-Nov-12 19:09:47

Ps happy birthday strawberry DD grin

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 19:14:38

Thats great strawb! Though i would also need that very cute dog for oxyticin....

Hope you had a fun day with DD!

Secondsop Sat 17-Nov-12 20:05:06

strawberry hope your daughter had a lovely birthday. She shares it with my mum x

kate2boysandabump Sat 17-Nov-12 20:18:07

I've been out all day looking at cars and now I'm exhausted. Have been out to bed by DH and have had my tea brought to me in bed by my lovely boys. Think we may have found a car too. Just have to hope we get it before the baby comes.

I get BH all the time, especially when I do too much and always after going up and down the stairs. My baby is forever sticking his bum out too, very much like ds2. If he sticks out too far I prod him back grin It's good he knows that Mommy is in charge wink

Strawberry Happy Birthday to your dd

Seconds You were very brave to tackle an NCT sale grin about your mum and DH. My dad used to decorate with my mum's mum and they were just the same.

Chocolate does not belong in the fridge, it gets that white powdery stuff on if it gets too cold. All wrong. Yes DH, I'm talking to you, get my chocolate out of the fridge!!!

Thanks everyone! Kate I was hoping she would share a birthday with this one but it's not to be.

Clarella I was wondering whether cuddling dd might give me enough oxytocin so she sat on my lap when I was on the ball earlier. Looking at pictures of puppies may also work?

kate2boysandabump Sat 17-Nov-12 20:43:57

Strawberry There are 2 days between my boys birthday's. I went into labour the day after ds1's 2nd birthday. What are you doing tomorrow? grin

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 20:55:23

Aw probably strawb :-) thats very sweet. I wonder if anyone has done a study on (cute well behaved) pets and labour - they have on the effects of having a dog and likelyhood of a recurrent heart attack following the first one - its something silly like a reduction of 400% if you have a dog due to the oxytocin.

Clarella Sat 17-Nov-12 20:58:58

I am horrified. Dh has placed a bar of cadburies in the fridge. It must be a mistake. I thought he was much better trained than that...