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March 2013 VIII: feeling kicks, comparing knits and halfway there

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theTramp Sat 03-Nov-12 23:24:19
theTramp Sat 03-Nov-12 23:25:11

Here y'are ladies, shiny new thread

Oodthunkit Sat 03-Nov-12 23:36:26

Am here!

eigmum Sun 04-Nov-12 09:18:40

Yeah to half way there! Feeling not to bad and getting fatter! I am back to my pre pregancy weight now yeah! Less whining from doctors, also coz my BMi score got lw I get to have a growth scan at 28 weeks so another peek! Although husband did say I was getting wider .... I reminded him that comments like this could be very dangerous to his health! I had a boy last time and was all bump. Wondering if it's true that with a girl I will grow more all over? Don't really care as long as baby ok afterwards! Do you think a curly werly is ok for breakfast!!

eigmum Sun 04-Nov-12 09:20:28

Ps have no idea how to join fb group and have lots of family and wrk on there so always careful what I post! Is the group secret?

Hamnvik Sun 04-Nov-12 09:20:35

Hello! Have a good Sunday everyone!

Im off shopping for baby stuff with mum will post pics of any cute purchases on fb when I get home.

FloweryBoots Sun 04-Nov-12 09:21:29

Wowy, ANOTHRE new thread. We do get through them don't we?!

Thanks for all the packing sympathies. We can and will get it done. It's more buying all the stuff we need for the house that's bothering me. We've been in funrished or part furnished rented places so far so have some bits of furniure, thankfuyl now including our own bed, but will have lots to get. We will need washing machine, drier, dish washer, firdge, freezer, we have no sofa (only living room furniture is my lovely ercol rocking chair), no wardrobes, only two chests of draws which are both pretty knackered, need a bed for DS and curtains for all windowsthat's just 'essentials'. There will no doubt be other stuff we 'want' but that will just have to wait I guess. I really want some decent toy storage - DS has two large wicker baskets at present and other stuff just stacked up but as he's getting older he really needs shelves for games and jogsaws and his books an somewhere to put the boxes of toys like duplo and train set that don't fit in te baskets. Ooo, and I'd like a nice side board either in the halll or playroom/music room. How do we choose curtains before we actually move in, and what do we do until we get some???!!! There shouldn't be much decorating needed at least, it was all quite nice and fairly neutral so at least if we do want to decorate anywhere, we won't feel it needs doing immediately to rid us of any horrors. Would be nice to decorate DS room though now we'll have the chance - think it was just plain white so perhaps temporary easy route would be curtains adn bedding to brighten up and some wall stickers.

Well, didn't manage an unbroken night's leep but did do much better without DS being here and have had a dozy lie in too. Off to hunt down some breakfast, fell much less sick getting up at 9am than I do getting up at 6am!

ThreeForTea Sun 04-Nov-12 09:35:53

Lovely new thread! Yay for half way to meeting babies smile

eig glad you're feeling ok. Fb group is very secret, you need to be fb friends with anyone in it and they can add you. pm me if you're still online when this posts and I can.

GummiberryJuice Sun 04-Nov-12 09:40:35

Like New thread title tramp

John bishop was very funny last night although dh wasn't sure when we discovered we were right in the middle 3 rows from the front but I reassured him thankfully John Bishop doesn't pick on membees of audience. Although I do panic when he was telling pg wife jokes as I was right infront of him!

Dh has woke with horrible cold so I am off to play nurse and I shall catch up with end of last thread later.

Funnylittleturkishdelight Sun 04-Nov-12 09:46:01

Morning all!

John Bishop sounds fun! I'm debating booking a weekend away in Dublin to see Micky Flanagan next October- Turkish will be 8 months and would be the first time away all night...I'm oscillating between 'yeah that's fine' and utterly ridiculous!

JoJoBella84 Sun 04-Nov-12 10:27:17

Just marking my spot whilst trying to massage my cramping calf... Ow ow ouchie!

theTramp Sun 04-Nov-12 10:39:05

Turkish - do it!!!!

Gummi - hurrah for good night of comedy

Flowery - my top tip, don't buy curtains til you've lived there for a bit cause they're pricey ole things and it's awful if you get wrong thing. Can you try borrowing friends/families old curtains? Doesn't matter how hideous - just til you've had time to shop about a bit and know what you want. Also, if helps, I lived in unfurnished rental for years & windows were proper Georgian long drops (7ft). Worked out curtains would cost me hundreds & hundreds £s. So I bought panels - as sold in Cargo, Habitat etc. Not lined but long, lovely colours and therefore cheap in comparison. So something like that can also work quite well.

Re Electrical appliances, the interweb is your friend! I did all my physical shopping in John Lewis, worked out what model fridge/freezer, washing machine etc we wanted then online searched for cheapest. You can save slot of cash that way. But keep an eye on delivery details. Buggers who delivered our fabulous but gigantic fridge/freezer refused to carry it to top floor. Turned out to be a 3 man, 2 hour, right said Fred type job that one. Weirdly washing machine I bought from Boots - so I got lots of bonus loyalty points.

Hope above helps, I know what a nightmare it can be. And we also moved just before Christmas and had that - what do we get now, what do we wait to see if it goes in sales? Thing. Furniture wise we're still buying. We got table, chairs, sideboard from my parents. Bought a few extra chairs off eBay and then just bought the right things that we needed as and when we found them. Long process!

I've had really lovely long sleep. Must get up now, tackle the day. smile

TeaOperated Sun 04-Nov-12 11:08:53

Hello everyone, it's been ages since I've posted, but I've been lurking again...

We've sold our flat and bought a house in a lovely town just outside of Edinburgh, everyone looks at me like I'm mad moving when I'll be 5.5 months pregnant so it's really comforting hearing other people are doing it too!

Flowery my top tip for curtains is Ikea, if you can face it... They do really, really long drops - our current place has 10 ft ceilings and I still had to hem them! They're cheap, not all of them look it, and they do good thick ones that really keep out the light. We got matching curtains/counterpane/cushions for around £50 and they made our bedroom look like something out of a magazine - v helpful when we wanted to sell!

Re vans/packing - despite what I'm about to say in my next paragraph, it is fine, we did it ourselves when we moved from our last rented place to here, and if you get enough helpers you will survive. What's different this time is that we have lots and lots of stuff and furniture. Curse/blessing of the wedding list...

Was it tramp who suggested paying movers to pack too? Thank you very, very much - showed post to DH and we decided to use money I'd been mentally putting aside for a late pregnancy mini break (how spoilt does that make me and?) to pay the movers to pack for us. I'm instantly a lot less stressed about the move. I'm still quite tired, and if we pay people to pack, I'll be able to concentrate energy on getting unpacked quickly - I know myself, and that I won't be able to live with boxes for long.

Zoey and Flowery I mentioned your DHs and bum comments to my DH. All he would say is that my bum looks amazing and always does... He's good, he's very good. sending mental thanks to his absolute witch of an ex gf who taught him diplomacy the hard way

manda decoration sounds lovely!

Congrats all on successful scans - mine's on Friday - nervous. Will stay on team yellow whatever - went to an NCT sale yesterday and was maddened at all the pink/blue 0-3 month stuff, but that's just me. stealth thinking of you as you wait to hear more.

Also finally caved and bought maternity jeans yesterday. Two hair bands and a bump band left me thinking I was going to show everyone my knickers at work on Friday!

Right, going to try to post more often, rather than me me me essays once a month. Now going to get up for a bacon sarnie though!

sundaesundae Sun 04-Nov-12 11:27:33

Hi all, just place marking. Currently getting myself very het up and upset about scan on Tuesday. I don't know why, but I am now at the point where I am trying not to think about the future, the baby or anything as I am so sure something is wrong. I am actually going mad.

Sorry for rant, I don't know what is wrong with me, but the more worried I get the more sure I am something is wrong.

kirsty80 Sun 04-Nov-12 11:59:49

Morning everyone.

sundae I just wanted to send you a brew and a biscuit haven't you had bad experiences in the past? Your feelings are not irrational but you really should try to keep positive. I miscarried twins in march and found out at the 12 week scan and so scans are not something I look forward to either last time hubs had to drag me out of the car I was refusing to get out of I have not planned a nursery or started buying things just in case ... However I am now starting to believe that happy, calm mammas and bumps make happy calm babies (at least this is definitely the case with my last pregnancy And my gorgeous son) I really want to start enjoying pregnancy instead of being scared by it - or be new bra size!!!!

I'm sure Tuesday will give you the assurance that you need - I will look out for your post! Are you finding out or are you in team yellow?! X

theTramp Sun 04-Nov-12 12:00:43

Sundae - as someone who has just been there, and from comments of other ladies on this thread, I'd say it is perfectly normal and don't be too hard on yourself. I only admitted the day before scan that I was a bit worried that I was going to see an empty space and no Socs. The basis for this worry was - er - zilch. I think worrying is quite normal.

I was saying to friend - if this is what I am like after an 8 week between scan gap how on earth will I be able to cope with waiting til 34 weeks for next one. She just laughed and said - well put it this way. Once you start feeling proper sharp kicks and seeing feet adn elbows indent your belly, the need for a scan for reassurance disappears somewhat.

I felt everso silly. smile

Look after yourself sundae. I read lots of medical bits & bobs about how baby has developed. So all about finger prints forming, how hearing develops and so on. Which I found incredibly reassuring for some reason. Not sure if it will help you, but it can be a nice distration.

Tea - HELLO! so pleased you are a-ok. I did indeed recommend using movers. Really pleased you are doing so too. I def found it took a whole heap of stress off of my shoulders. I wasn't preggers at the time, but I was knee deep in the most unpleasant working environment that I have ever been in and personal life stress on top of all that was more than I was willing to deal with. They were fantastic too. It takes me days to pack books, cd's etc. They took under an hour. And i had thousands of them. It was awe inspiring really. Just hows to go as they say. smile Good luck with move, sounds like new house is fabulous.

I've finally caught up on FB group and my personal emails etc. Now, what cake to bake? Scribble down ingredients, pop to Sainsburys, bake away and sort out those nigglesome work bits that I didn't have time to do friday because I was busy having a "Mummy to be" day.

theTramp Sun 04-Nov-12 12:03:35

I thought MrM was producing the strangest snores.. has to be him as no cat. Then I spotted a tail popping out from behind his head. Silly puss is snoozing behind the cushion that MrM has conked out on. smile

sundaesundae Sun 04-Nov-12 12:06:09

We will be finding out.

I have had a previous miscarriage and a termination at 10 weeks on medical advice.

I know two people that have had bad news at 20 weeks, I used to be a radiographer and spent my life seeing only poorly babies. I did some ultrasound and the only scans you remember are the bad ones.

I have always been a fairly calm person, but this has really got to me. I have days where I am better, but then i go off and google and get myself very upset.

I want to start enjoying it, I feel like everyone else just goes to their 12 week scan, has good news and is fine, I can't understand why that isn't me. Hubby doesn't understand at all.

sundaesundae Sun 04-Nov-12 12:08:16

Thanks guys, Tramp, the kicks do help, I want more of them!!

I have odd sharp feelings sometimes, sometimes I think bump is pressing on a nerve or running finger nails along the inside of my womb. That worries me, but they aren't cramp and aren't painful as such.

Chefette Sun 04-Nov-12 12:25:12

Hi all, thanks for new thread x

Its funny if you look at the other months, NONE post as much as we do, and that's with a FB group page too!!!!

Hope everyone is having lovely weekends smile

sundae poor luv, just stay calm, and take a wee but if time out to relax for you, the worry won't do you or toots any good, easy for me to say? Well I am the worlds biggest control freak, being pregnant is the ultimate giving in and surrender for me, and is so hard knowing you can do very little, so I really feel for you x one day at a time for just now?

Tea hilarity at you potentially losing your breeks, oh dear!!!!!!! Hope you got some nice comfy ones in the end?

Flowery if you are going for new appliances, I would recommend appliancesonline and appliances direct, good comparison of features tools, and the prices we got from AO wiped the floor from everyone else, delivery arrangements good, and quick too. Other than that, I've had good fridge freezer and a superb washing machine from John Lewis own brand. When furnishing my dads place I got everything secondhand, took us a few weeks to collate what we needed but for a total fraction of stuff new. It'll be so ace once you are in your new place!!

Can't wait to get back home to mine, every time I see the state it's in (and the invoices!!!!) I want to cry!

Just made a huge vat of lentil and carrot broth, cats curled up and yummy smell of washing drying. DP working, I'm secretly looking for baby stuff on eBay.....!!! Going to have to shift soon to go do the recycling, and then high tail it over to the cottage to try and catch the painter decorator who hasn't finished in time for the joiner coming tomorrow to see what the new plan is angry.

On a cute note, DP managed to catch the bump doing a McFLump in my tum last night with his hand over it, it was way cute grin

Have fun all x

Oodthunkit Sun 04-Nov-12 12:36:51

We do seem to have much more posters than my previous AN thread.about twice as much!

Dh has just had an email from one of his bosses saying no more work for a while so now needs to find about 16hpw ASAP. Knew it was coming & he has been looking but not much out there.,

Funnylittleturkishdelight Sun 04-Nov-12 12:51:33

Sundae it is a totally normal feeling- I was the same: very teary and anxious. Now I feel so much more reassured and with little Turkish wiggling all the time.

I had my appt with a psyc specialist for eating disorders last week. Very difficult, but my DP came with me to hold my hand and support me which helped. I also think it was good for him to hear the whole history from the beginning as he is so understanding but it makes understanding the issues much easier to hear it chronologically, if that makes sense.

It looks like I'll have fortnightly-monthly sessions up to the birth and then afterwards. My DP is worried about post natal depression, and how I'll react when faced with my post baby figure. I'm planning on breast feeding and they will write me a food plan to follow, which I will follow religiously! I just need someone to take the decisions out of my hands and if I have a plan to follow I'll be so much better.

Sorry- that was probably over sharing, but it really helps to write it all down! I went to a wedding last night and got so upset seeing my 'shape' in the dress I was wearing, I think I'm just a little fragile today.

pinkpeony4 Sun 04-Nov-12 12:55:54

Place marking

theTramp Sun 04-Nov-12 13:10:52

Turkish - its not silly at all. But it is great that you know what is happening and you're seeking help now before it becomes a real problem again. Also very brave of you. Plus, I bet you looked super fab in that dress and all the other women were wishing they'd looked that good when preggers.. seriously, bet ya.

Sundae - STAY AWAY FROM GOOGLE! It is not your friend. Always easy to find information to reinforce the negative rather than the positive and the interweb is chock full of idiots posting rubbishness. Stick to NHS. Buy a really good how your baby is developing book. Anything, but no more Googling. Or we'll all get very cross with you and take away your chocolate cake priviliges... smile Seriously my dear, try and focus on the good stuff if you can. Baby is growing, your boobs are getting bigger, you're eating healthily - whatever the good stuff is for you. And we'll all be here waiting to listen to whatever you need to think through aloud (albeit only through written word) and hold your hand as much as we can.

Right - I have decided to tackle an "ultimate" chocolate fudge cake. I'm going to include fresh cream with the chocolate gnache layers though.. because what doesn't taste better with a bit of fresh cream added in?


myjobismum Sun 04-Nov-12 13:14:59

Hello All! Yay to a new thread, the other one was taking ages to load each time lol!

Just a quick post from me, as have a terrible headache sad DH is working and my children are full of goodness knows what beans, but are driving me a bit potty lol!

Sundae - I felt exactly like you before my scan, feel a little better since, but still feel afraid to plan for a new little person being in our lives, I just hope it all goes well for all of us!

Turkish - I think it is very brave to share and sounds like you are doing all the right things!

Right, off to knit and feel sorry for myself, my head hurtssssss sad lol!

Funnylittleturkishdelight Sun 04-Nov-12 13:42:14

Sundae I agree with tramp- google is dangerous! What kind of things help you to relax? You need to de-stress as much as you can and try and focus on positive thoughts. Anything to make yourself feel better!

myjob- what are you knitting now? I would love to know how to knit- my nanny showed me as a child, but I have no chance of remembering now!

myjobismum Sun 04-Nov-12 13:44:56

Turkish - as we speak a pair of longies <wooly trousers for using over cloth nappies> for a friends little girl - spend all my knitting time making things for others lol, haven't made a single thing for Little Button yet lol - at this rate it is going to be one poor little chilly baby hmm lol!

Hello all, am miles behind, just marking place.

Place marking....
Whoever is moving packers are brill - we moved 3 weeks ago and dh was in Switzerland so packers were a necessity! It even enabled me to FI the majority of the unpacking at the same time.
Last night had real nightmares about my test results and really hope I hear early tomorrow else I will be a wreck. Back to work tomorrow after lots of rest. I had 2 1/2 days bed rest and still slept 10 hours st night plus 2 hours in the day and still feel exhausted. Guess it is the worry.
Work was trying to get me to go to Amsterdam next week and I just said I couldn't as I won't have full test results back plus I just don't want the stress.
Anyhow sorry about me me me....
Loving hearing about all the purchases. Have decided will def splash out on this one even though he is ds4 if everything is ok just to celebrate.

LexiandBeanette Sun 04-Nov-12 15:05:33

Hi everyone, just marking place! Going through our baby list and trying to set a budget - bit scary. Getting there though!

LexiandBeanette Sun 04-Nov-12 15:09:05

And massive hugs and brew to Turkish and sundae - this pregnancy thing isn't easy, be kind to yourselves and don't worry about worrying or feeling bad.

LexiandBeanette Sun 04-Nov-12 16:39:45

OK ladies, advice needed - am I being precious about this?
I've just done the big 'baby list' and budget as we have money put aside for little one, and can't afford to go over this due to DH's work.
I've tried to be practical, going for second hand or basic items where possible but allowing for some new things as well and allowing us to have some individual touches.
DH suggested I get a second hand electric breast pump off eBay to save money - but the thought of it utterly squicks me out! I'm quite anxious about bf to start with and this feels like something I really want to have new out of box. Am I just being really silly?

JoJoBella84 Sun 04-Nov-12 16:39:50

Wow what a confusing and stressful day!

I'm trying to find someone to take over my student lease from dec/jan so advertised my room on line and within 24 hours have had a response from someone. Problem is he needs the room now.
I'm very tempted to say no as I have no where to move to immediately but he seems so keen and if I can definitely get this room signed over to someone else I definitely don't have to worry about affording the rent when I move out in January! It's less likely someone will be looking for student digs then!
My flat mate is a life saver though, after a couple of stressed out calls to my DM who lives 30 miles away but is happy for me to move in with her, my flat mate announced that she's leaving for Sweden tonight for a whole month, if this guy wants my room I can just move into the room next door for a few weeks - avoiding the mentalness that is packing up and moving out in a short amount of time. It also means I don't have to travel 30 miles to Uni everyday which was my other worry!! Phew - the girl done good!!

In other news I've been busy on eBay. I've ordered my first newborn clothes for the little man and also a really pretty Asos maternity dress, all for under £10 and not an owl in sight smile I've also ordered the stunning polka dot Asos dress as modelled so beautifully by Manda on fbook!! Though I paid full price on the website for that and a pair of maternity tights as its s little chilly to be out without now!!

The rest of the day shall be spent relaxing with my crossstitch and hoping this potential tenant gets back in touch and was serious about wanting my room!

Eeeeh the joys. Have happy evenings ladies, feet up, cuppa tea and bikkies to those feeling a bit rotton xxx

LexiandBeanette Sun 04-Nov-12 16:40:35

X-posted with Stealth - keeping everything crossed for results.

Oodthunkit Sun 04-Nov-12 16:47:47

lexi I feel the same about breast pumps. Feels a bit too personal to be second hand. You aren't likely to need it immediately though. You could choose which you like now and save it until you are ready to express, if you need to express in hospital you need a hospital grade pump anyway but that's only likely if baby can't feed. If you are anxious about feeding see about going to abf group prior to birth to get clued up.

GummiberryJuice Sun 04-Nov-12 17:27:12

Before I would have said ick, but then I realised that my trusty hand pump just wasn't working with dd2 and my friend lent me her medula, I washed it throughly and sterilised
Also sil bought an electric one literally used it once and gave up, they are expensive little things.
Although Amazon have a lot of stuff a third or half the price of the shops

GummiberryJuice Sun 04-Nov-12 17:28:08

Before I would have said ick, but then I realised that my trusty hand pump just wasn't working with dd2 and my friend lent me her medula, I washed it throughly and sterilised
Also sil bought an electric one literally used it once and gave up, they are expensive little things.
Although Amazon have a lot of stuff a third or half the price of the shops

Oodthunkit Sun 04-Nov-12 17:29:20

gummi think it somehow feels better from someone you know though?

GummiberryJuice Sun 04-Nov-12 17:29:49

Ood I think I managed to report your last post and post twice, I think I should stop blaming phone and maybe have a look at the size of my fingers blush

GummiberryJuice Sun 04-Nov-12 17:33:01

Ood I had such gash on my nipple I think I would have done anything, I am so hoping I get longer out feeding this little one

pinkpeony4 Sun 04-Nov-12 17:41:37

Hello everyone, I hope everyone has had a good weekend. Nice to see you back on here Turkish and good luck with all your appointments. It must be very reassuring to have a plan for now and after the birth. What did you wear to the wedding? I'm sure you looked fab smile

Lexi You could always get a hand pump to start with, they are pretty cheap and if it works out save up for an electric one? You can always get deals in Boots with advantage points during their baby sales. Maybe somewhere like Asda or Argos would have them in the sale too? I have an electronic Avent one which has always been fab. Not sure I would like a second hand one either unless I knew who had used it before.

JoJo I would probably let him have the room and move into the room next door. It's not for long and it's one less stress to worry about.

Sundae how you are feeling is totally understandable and I have felt the same before each of my 20 week scans. Having done the scans yourself must make things worse but remember that bad scans are definitely in the minority. Is yours in the morning on Tuesday? Good luck and not long to wait now thanks

Stealth I hope you get your results early tomorrow. I have my fingers tightly crossed for a positive outcome thanks

JoJo Well done on your ebay bargains. I won 3 Petit Bateau girl babygrows on ebay yesterday so very excited to get those. I love ebay!!

Chefette Your soup sounds delicious!

Hamnvik how did the baby shopping go?

Gummi Glad you had fun last night. John Bishop is very funny!

Tea Good luck for your scan on Friday too

Flowery I hope your move goes well.

Hope everyone else is Ok. We went to Westfield today. Big boys went to see Madagascar 3 & ds3 and I went shopping. Zara have beautiful baby girl clothes but managed not to buy anything! Mamas & Papas currently has 30% off maternity & 20% off baby clothes if anyone needs anything.

Oodthunkit Sun 04-Nov-12 17:49:42

pink I want to see Madagascar. Dd3 just a bit little for cinema and ours has stopped baby screenings now cos we were the only ones going

gummi I'm always pressing report by accident!

sundaesundae Sun 04-Nov-12 18:10:33

Stealth, I am so sorry. I hope the results tomorrow are positive and that you can quickly move on to enjoying the rest of your pregnancy. I am so sorry for being such an insensitive selfish cow.

Pink, scan is 9.30am Tuesday, so at least I can wake up get ready and go. I have 5hrs of commuting and another stressful day tomorrow, so hopefully that will go quickly.

Having weird pains low down on the right, I wish I knew why.

Lexi I got my medela swing off eBay. I figured that at over £100 for a new one, I could save a few £s getting it second hand. If I were you, I would maybe hang fire on getting one until later on anyway, as feeding doesn't always turn out how you expect. My friend breast feeds very successfully, but really struggled to get more than a tiny amount expressing, so I'd maybe borrow your friend's pump to start with and then if you think you're going to take to it, buy one then. I think second hand is fine as long as you wash thoroughly and sterilise. But each to their own!

Sorry lexi don't know where my suggestion you borrow from friend came in! hmm

Oodthunkit Sun 04-Nov-12 19:11:09

ethelred sofa sorted yet? grin think the friend thing was due to a conversation gummi/I were having.

Countmyblessings Sun 04-Nov-12 19:11:29

Stealth - as others have said its such a worrying time waiting for tests and scans have a friend who sadly got some bad news about her baby but she's fully supported and has decided to go ahead and have this baby! I'm so proud of her and her strength has been amazing!
I have had 2 recent losses both seen on scan the 12 weeks was the hardest, as never knew anything was wrong!
Last was ectopic - every step of this pregnancy has been so hard but feeling much better now I can feel baby moving about!
Take one day at a time and try to relax and try thinking positive saying over and over - all is well!

Countmyblessings Sun 04-Nov-12 19:18:03

Also - those who are moving wow your amazing I hate moving its so stressful although when we moved last year November we decided to pack up loads of stuff we didn't need and put in a cheap storage place so when we finally got keys didn't have to pack up loads of stuff!
Def would suggest packers and if possible colour coding boxes so you know what's in what box!!!!
Ps - I'm holding off buying as Im waiting for January bargains! Whoop!!

GummiberryJuice Sun 04-Nov-12 19:25:43

Ethel that's right I was brilliant at feeding ds but couldn't expres to save myself

Oodthunkit Sun 04-Nov-12 19:45:59

I couldn't express with dd1. V easy by hand with dd3 but crap with a machine. She was a bottle refuser anyway so it never got drank .

myjobismum Sun 04-Nov-12 20:00:06

Another one who has breastfed very successfully with 2 children but struggled to express tiny amounts, am not going to even worry about that this time around as it caused me so much previous upset!

I officially have a cold and feel rubbish - oh deep joy!

Stealth - am thinking of you, will watch out for updates tomorrow, wishing you all the best x

sundae no you're not don't be silly!!! And thanks for your kind words.
countmy blessings likewise thankyou I know u have also been thru tough times - so many people have.
Will keep you all posted. Just praying the result is "negative" don't want to even think further.

And thanks to everyone else for your thoughts it does help.....

Oodthunkit Sun 04-Nov-12 20:30:27


zoeymlucas Sun 04-Nov-12 20:39:43

Blimey that was a lot of catching up- chatter boxes!!!!

I officially hate Sundays it's as if my body gets to Sunday and can't keep going a second longer and Sunday is just headache, being sick and feeling rubbish!!!! Had a snooze this afternoon and woke up to the fact DH had bought boys a blinking cockatail that's currently squawking away- DS2 keep pointing and sayin cat and then making a dog sound so it's going to be one confused bird!!!! Just sat down for dinner and mum phoned and asked us to come over (5.30) as she had a problem, drove the 20 mins and they had bought a new tv and didn't know how to tune it in- not sure that counts as urgent!!!!!!!!! Now finally in bed watching a DVD wrapping present for DS1 birthday on Wednesday!

Will be thinking of you tomorrow Stealth and will be sat waiting for you to post your good news smile

Funnylittleturkishdelight Sun 04-Nov-12 20:44:49

Stealth (((hugs))) very very good luck tomorrow- I have everything crossed for you.

Sundae I had the exact same feelings that have now turned into kicks- when I saw my scan it was wear Turkish was laying! I think Manda had the same feeling too.

And tuning a tv?? That is awful. Hardly an emergency- even if X factor is on!!

Stealth, all the very best for tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you.

Yes, sofa is sort of recovered! It's a darkish brown leather so not too noticeable, but grrrr, bloody kids!

Sorry still not caught up. Am at home with DD tomorrow so will make it my mission to do so! X

FloweryBoots Sun 04-Nov-12 21:00:52

Stealth Thinking of you lots and hoping for the best. you're doing so well.
Sundae Sorry you're finding it so tough. It's not an easy time and your feelings are normally, and perfectly acceptable and reasonable. For what it's worth, I'd not been panicking before 20 week scan, but certainly hadn't felt excited, and it didn't really feel real (hard to explain exactly what I mean) but since the scan it does all seem to have solidified for me and I've actually started thinking about having a baby in another few months, not just that I'm pregnant and sick and an actual baby just not coming into it! In short I feel happier and more excited after scan so hope you will too! Not long now.

Zoey Hope it's a cockatoo (sp?!) not a cocktail?! grin Had visions of your DH having bought inappropriate drinks for your children rather than pets! Isn't it your boy who has the dragon thingumy too?

Is it only me that is cold now and needs a big thick wolly maternity jumper, with long sleves? Because it would seem no where sells one!

Thanks for everyones tips on moving and advice for curtains and appliances, lots of useful info. Quick question. If removal firm pack for you, do you litterally just leave the house in it's usual (in my case rather disorganised fashion) and they pack the lot? all the random bits of crap in the backs of draws and cupboards that don't live in logical places etc.? Can't quite imagine not still needing to do a lot of work before they turned up.

LexiandBeanette Sun 04-Nov-12 21:09:34

Flowery answer on movers is 'It depends'. We had a package which meant we packed precious stuff in a few marked boxes, and they literally did everything else. However I made DH help me clear out everything first as I didn't want to move loads of crap with us (he's a hoarder!) wink I think you can decide whether you want the lot doing, or just certain things.

Agree with all of you that borrowing/buying from a friend would be OK I think. It's the idea of a random one of eBay that bothers me! And thanks for the advice; I might see how I get on before I buy one, was advised to get one early by another friend but equally don't want to spend the money if it doesn't work out for me. Thanks ladies.

zoey hope you feel better soon!

zoeymlucas Sun 04-Nov-12 21:14:18

Yeah a cockatoo, lol!!! Thanks flowery and yes my eldest also has a bearded dragon, think my DH is turning my house into a blinking petty zoo!!!

theTramp Sun 04-Nov-12 21:18:01

Lexi - I am totally with you. No way on Gods earth am I buying a second hand breast pump. I have however, rather handily, bought pregnancy & baby magazine (bathtime reading fun, well it is fun unless you read the 'real' women stories. Written as if talking to someone who is a bit slow. It is driving me mad. I am pregnat not stupid!) which has - dum dum dummmmm a breast pump review. Really helpful as it provided me with info that I genuinely did not previously know. I'll summarise for you:

- hand pumps great if you don't need to use them very often
- electronic pumps only worth purchasing if you are going to use them a lot and from early days. (And as I am planning on being back in work within 6 weeks that'd be me).
- In addition, each pump is reviewed by actual Mums and a score prpvided. Includes info on ease of use, ease of cleaning and how well it locks on to nipple.

Reading it made me feel like a whole new world was opening up to me. Not necessarily one I was thrilled about seeing, but bit late now smile

Stealth - the pains etc are likely to be a combo of round ligament pain and trapped wind. Basically, growing pains and the sort of wind pain that you probaby haven't experienced since being a wee human. BUT if you are worried, call midwife, pop in, get checked out. You are allowed to do this. And considering history, it would take an unfathomably callous individual to do more than pop you down, find a heart beat and reassure you.

Stealth - thinking of you my dear and will be thinking of you all day tomorrow too. Wishing you nothing but the most positive of thoughts and hope the results come early so that you're not fretting all day.

Blimey - that was a heck of a vat of soup!

I feel very productive, despite my lazy morning. One fresh cream vanilla sponge cake delivered to neighbours for their tea & cake open-house for new home party.
One chocolate fudge cake with gnache made for us to try out (see if it is worth making for friends baby shower next week).
One roast dinner cooked, with lamb for MrM and vegetarian pie for me.

Now have full family quota on sofa as Betty (usually shy and too wary of MrM to sit near him) is my little shadow because she doesn't like the firework bangs. So we have a Betty and MrM to my left and a B doing her best violin impression because she's darned if Betty is going to appear to get more attention than her (sigh). And we have a marvellous view from our window of everyone elses lovely firework displays. Not bad huh.

theTramp Sun 04-Nov-12 21:20:38

Sorry, meant to say Sundae re: pains, not Stealth. I blame the cat.

theTramp Sun 04-Nov-12 21:26:22

Flowery - not just you. I bought this: http://www.isabellaoliver.com/baukjen/uk/600/knitwear/TP540.html Which is HUGE, loads of bump room. Although I can see that if you are on shorter side it might swamp you a wee bit. Perfect for me though and only bloody thing that is warm enough. What is it with maternity jumpers all being made of poly-bloody-ester? Where's the warmth in that? Russbih.

re: movers. Only thing I did pre their arrival is wash up and sort through all the papers in my desk because my filing system for the past 5 years had been - open desk, throw in paper, shut desk. So I just sifted through that. Everything else was left precisely as was. I am fairly orderly though (don't listen to MrM or my best mate, they just don't understand my order system).

Cockatoo - crikey. Fun fun fun for the kids!

theTramp Sun 04-Nov-12 21:26:48
LexiandBeanette Sun 04-Nov-12 21:28:30

Ah Tramp I will get a copy, thank-you! Know what you mean about a whole world being opened up, somewhat unwillingly ;-)
One of my previous cats was called Betty, so sweet. Hope they aren't too spooked. I am very jealous of the cakes, as well, sound amazing! I made a banana and bourbon loaf today but I let DH cook roast supper.
Right, I am off to bed - thinking of those who are worried and sending good wishes.

Funnylittleturkishdelight Sun 04-Nov-12 21:30:09

Well I just managed a (well done) steak and potatoes and lots of veg for dinner. The second time I've managed beef this year so feeling quite proud of myself.

I have made more posters for the nursery- lots of nursery rhymes and Roald Dahl quotes that I'll have printed this week. Nice to actually be getting ready now!

I went to the baby fair at earls court last week- there is another at the end of feb I'm considering- anyone else seen it advertised?

Funnylittleturkishdelight Sun 04-Nov-12 21:31:38

Oh and my big maternity jumper is a topshop number and I love it!

theTramp Sun 04-Nov-12 21:32:28
Emus Sun 04-Nov-12 21:45:04

Marking my place, have missed quite a bit it would seem! Back from Vegas, now in Barcelona working until Thursday. Thursday seems like an AGE away though :-(

Stealth will be thinking of you tomorrow and sending a big cyber hug. Hope it's reassuring news.

Sundae you so remind me of me except that I've very little reason to be this paranoid since this is my first pregnancy. I find that in the back of my mind I'm preparing myself for bad news all the time to the point where my mum almost shouted at me to stop being so negative the other day (this was before my 20 week scan though!). I find I get worse before a scan/midwife appointment!

In fact I've been much better since my 20 week scan until this morning when I woke at 5am and realised I hadn't felt movement for a little under a day (was moving loads before). I of course googled it for a good hour or more and discovered that baby can have a growth spirt around 21 weeks so may be quiet for days (well, that's what some forums said anyway!).

I too wonder what it must be like to have a scan at 12 weeks and then just get on with it without worrying!! i hope with all my worrying that we dont end with a highly strung kid! Mind you, baby always seems quite lazy at the scans. Whoops, didn't mean to bang on!! Rest assured though Hun that you aren't alone thanks

Hope everyone is well, might join this FB group soon as feel like I'm missing out!!

theTramp Sun 04-Nov-12 22:27:27
DJH80 Sun 04-Nov-12 22:31:42

Stealth- Just wishing you the best for tomorrow

zigwig Sun 04-Nov-12 22:36:26

stealth just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow, sending you positive vibes and hugs.

Vivee74 Mon 05-Nov-12 00:02:27

Good luck stealth.

Turkish re the baby show. We went to Wales court but only lasted an hour or so. Definitely going to spend more time at the excel one in February.

Emus Mon 05-Nov-12 04:25:52

Hi TheTramp! Vegas was great, thanks for asking! I'm pleased I've been but a week was a bit too long! It was very smokey (gross) and the food was shit (mostly junk) but was a good experience.

We did a road trip to Death Valley which was cool and took a helicopter ride over the Canyon. My favourite hotel was The Mirage as they have dolphins there! It was lovely to sit in the sun watching them do their thing and they are very well looked after :-)

pinkpeony4 Mon 05-Nov-12 07:11:56

Stealth good luck for today

Ood all of mine have been bottle refusers. Boys love boobs! I have never been consistent enough in expressing/offering the bottle because breastfeeding was much less hassle. They all stopped in the end and I can't imagine doing it differently this time either. Has your dd3 weaned yet? Boys loved Madagascar, v funny apparently! There is no way my ds3 would sit through it either. Don't even think he would tolerate the baby screening. I used to go to those all the time with ds1.

Tramp cakes sound amazing!

Re: jumpers. I have been wearing lots of waterfall style cardigans for coziness. You can get them in most shops. I haven't bought maternity ones.

Emus glad you had a good trip.

Sundae only one more sleep. Hope you are doing ok.

Zoey quite a menagerie! I have a bird phobia so a cockatoo would be the pet from hell for me! Hope it isn't too noisy?!

Flowery when we had packers I packed a small box with essentials for children, kettle, the, coffee etc.. And just let them get on with it. They packed the day before we moved and so we had a night in a house full of boxes so needed some essentials to hand.

Hope everyone is ok. Any scans today?

sarahs999 Mon 05-Nov-12 07:24:13

sorry I've been awol - away all half term. No hance of catching up but hope you're all blooming!

OctoberCarrot Mon 05-Nov-12 07:56:16

stealth. Very best of luck today. X

Looks like lots are on the move. We are looking but the property market in Ireland is at a stand still. So frustrating!

Love the jumpers etc. not much selection in maternity stuff here so bought some cos stuff . I love cos. need a few more tops I think.

Hope everyone is well.

Oodthunkit Mon 05-Nov-12 08:29:45

pink dd3 still feeding , mainly at sleep times but occaisionally for comfort.
She's a sit & thinker so prob get away with cinema younger than some.

Good luck today stealth

Didn't have a good nights sleep last night. Couldn't get off then dd3 woke us at 1:50 shouting 'weeeeeeee' she's had dry nappies though so I suppose thats a good thing.

Got hospital this afternoon, at least with dh not working he can drop me off as its too far/up 3 flights of stairs from the car park to maternity.

theTramp Mon 05-Nov-12 09:23:17

Emus - apart from smoke & junk food it sounds good and I like sound of death valley trip too. Ah, welcome back to cold autumn Britain smile

Ood - hope hospital trip goes ok.


I can report choc fudge cake was so delicious that I genuinely forgot I'd made it and was trying to remember where I'd bought it. (packs self on back).

Oct - irish family contingent report similar issues re housing Market. Not the best of times, fingers crossed for you.

Sheldonella Mon 05-Nov-12 09:26:03

Good luck today stealth. Hope you don't have too long a wait.

dameflamingo Mon 05-Nov-12 09:29:33

Good luck today with your appointments stealth and ood .

to those moving house - you have my absolute awe - I am struggling enough with my home not being tidy enough ( not a usual consideration I assure you, I seldom see the mess!!) and teh large wardrobe parked in bits across the ground floor does not help this ( Ok Ok so it was my silly impulse purchase so I should just chill until the boys can clear space and move it upstairs but rational thought left the building about 22 weeks back!)

How are you all today? I'm 23 weeks tomorrow and time seems to have sped right up!

knitted a bootie and half yesterday - will get them finished tonight hopefully.

Sheldonella Mon 05-Nov-12 09:31:54

<reads properly>
Good luck at the hospital too ood.

Em2010 Mon 05-Nov-12 09:33:32

Morning All,

Good luck to stealth today, will be thinking of you.

Sundae good luck for your scan too (and anyone else, so sorry if i've missed you!). I know how terrifying it is, I was almost crying waiting before my 20 week scan with ds. I'd completely worked myself up about it. I think that was one of the reasons why I wanted to know the sex this time, because it distracted me from the more serious worries...

lexi i'd agree with others to hold off buying a breast pump until little one is actually here. I had to express for ds as he point blank refused the boob (had 2 breast feeding counsellors left defeated!). I managed it exclusively for 2 weeks and then topped up with for formula for 10 weeks. It was hell. I still have my breast pump and hopefully will be able to use it again but i've no plans to go through all that again. Anyway, I digress, even if you find yourself in my situation, you can hire breast pumps. I'm afraid i'm not too sqeamish about second hand, as long as you wash very thoroughly and sterilise as (only IMO) the cheaper breast pumps aren't worth the money...

Emus welcome back from Vegas! Hope you had a lovely time.

Not much to report here, had a lovely weekend, been stalking some P&T vibes on ebay but no success yet.

OctoberCarrot Mon 05-Nov-12 09:40:05

Em2010. What age is your first child? Is the vibe a good p&t model?

Em2010 Mon 05-Nov-12 10:10:16

October i've been doing some research into the doubles issue, ds will be 2.8ish when baby arrives so i'm looking second hand as i'm hoping I won't need the double too much! I think all the models have some draw backs, i'm plumping for the Vibe because it has a bigger toddler seat than other P&T models and it's narrow enough to fit through the door of our local playgroup! I also like the fact it folds in one piece.

Good grief, I go away for a couple of days and you lot have started a new thread! wink Any chance someone can update me on any major happenings if there have been any? I need to go for a shower... did the school run in my PJs this morning. blush Well, I think I have a good excuse, no?

em I had the vibe and hated it.
Very heavy, brake button in the middle of the bar means you can't push one handed and I kept doing sudden stops in the middle of the road. 2 friends had the front wheel fall off with kids in the buggy and 1 ended up in part of a class action against p&t. Very little room for anything if you have it set for two toddlers. Rain cover unmanageable (my kids totally refused it) and hardly any recline in the seats if using as a double. Second seat quite short so you will end up with a child with head resting against hard metal bar. Very hard to manoeuvre and I was regularly refused on to London buses as didn't fit didn't th aisle. Sorry to go on about it but its the only buggy I have really disliked and I don't know anyone who did. I sold mine. I had 17 months between my first 2 so couldn't really use a buggy board at that point. If you can find another option I would though I know they all have their drawbacks.

Also the vibe doesn't fold in one piece, you have to remove the second seat....

Still no call from the hospital.... Going mad!!

pinkpeony4 Mon 05-Nov-12 10:53:30

Em I also had the Vibe & hated it with a passion. I swear I got wrist strain from pushing it and the brake drove me mad!! I had the front wheel problem too as did lots of friends!

Also, if your son will be 2 years 8 months when your baby is born he will be using the smaller seat which is terrible. It has a metal bar which is at head height & so very uncomfy. By the time they are ready to swap over (3-4 months) he might not want to be in a buggy anymore. Sorry to be so negative but it was the worst buggy I have ever bought & I have had lots!! The only good thing was I sold it for just under what I paid for it! Very glad to see it go!

Stealth I hope you get your call asap - how horrid to still be waiting!

pinkpeony4 Mon 05-Nov-12 10:54:11

ps: My son was 2 years 4 months and a small boy when I had it and still hit his head on the bar and couldn't sleep comfortably in it too.

sundaesundae Mon 05-Nov-12 11:14:42

Morning all. One more sleep till my scan. Trying to keep bisy and not worry too much.

I don't think I am feeling much movement. No proper kicks since saturday morning, but I swear bubba has a morning nap with feet sticking straight out as I get a really sore point and then it goes like bubba has moved?

Got told by a radiographer I look huge. Great.

Stealth and OOd good luck today!

LexiandBeanette Mon 05-Nov-12 11:27:15

sundae I didn't feel anything until last week, at 22+1, except the odd discomfort as you describe where Beanette was obviously resting on a sore patch. I got very worried but apparently this is quite normal/individual even if you don't have an anterior placenta. Am now 23+2 and can feel quite a lot.
stealth hugs to you, hope you get news soon.

Em2010 Mon 05-Nov-12 11:30:32

Ooh thanks pink and stealth. Am still open to persuasion, however, the side by side prams (i know are better but) won't fit in my hall so not an option. Anyone think the P&T Sport is any better than the vibe? My friend was showing me her Obaby Xi at the weekend which was good considering how reasonably priced it is...

Hoping the hospital calls you soon stealth

StormyBrid Mon 05-Nov-12 12:22:11

Fingers crossed for Stealth and Ood today.

Can't add much to the pram discussion, as I know exactly what pram thingy I'm getting, but I have no idea what it is - my sister's been hanging on to hers and is sending it north with my dad in a fortnight, along with their old cot. Looking forward to seeing it and imagining a tiny person in it.

Turns out I was totally wrong in thinking this limbo-month contains no fun pregnancy things except heartburn. Yesterday I was lounging about with no clothes on (because that's what Sundays are for) and realised I could see my belly wobbling every time I felt a kick. It's pretty cool, although am having slight Alien flashbacks. Really wasn't expecting to see movement this soon, what with the extra stomach padding.

Sundae, could be trying to keep busy is distracting you from kicks? Not worrying seems to be a rarity though. It's understandable when people have had bad news at scans in the past, but even those of us on first pregnancies that are going brilliantly so far fret about scans. In the car going to my twenty week scan I thought I might throw up, I was that nervous, even though there was no reason to be. I'm just glad I was only in the waiting room for two minutes - before the twelve week I had to wait about forty five and it gave me plenty of time to imagine a million worst case scenarios.

dameflamingo Mon 05-Nov-12 12:32:52

lexi re breast pumps I have an aunt who works for tommy tippee and can get things with a very good discount so if further down the line you think you need one I might be able to get you one for the price of a second hand one...will look into it.

stormy it was 5 degrees in my house yesterday so I am very envious of your naked sunday! defo saw a whole foot when I took a bath last night (to defrost toes etc) which was utterly beguiling! called MrFlamingo to come and see but he was too late and the show was over, this time anyway!

Oodthunkit Mon 05-Nov-12 12:35:44

em is a buggy board an option?

sundaesundae Mon 05-Nov-12 12:41:00

Stealth can you call them and chase? I'd be going mad with the waiting.

GummiberryJuice Mon 05-Nov-12 12:50:30

Nipping on quickly to say good luck Stealth

Sundae I have some flumps and then could go all day with nothing, but at my 20 wk scan little gummi didn't stop moving and I couldn't feel anything so I am getting comfort from that.
Ithink my extra padding going into this pregnancy has dampened down any kicks as I expected to feel more since its no 4.
Excited for you for tomorrow.

theTramp Mon 05-Nov-12 13:07:41

Sundae - I get butterflies and discomfort but no actual THUMP there's a foot as yet. Am only 20 weeks and bit, so to be expected and as noted above, saw Socs hula hooping about on scan but wasn't feeling anything. So tis what it tis. Am sure soon enough I'll be moaning about all the kicks. Particularly if Socs feet don't shrink smile


Em2010 Mon 05-Nov-12 13:13:44

ood sadly a buggy board would only be an option if i then tied him to the pram... Also might try sling but didn't find a sling very practical last time as baby couldnt sleep properly in it. Have just been down to the pram shop on my lunch to have a play with all the inlines! Now I like the p&t navigator!! Anyone know anything about this one?

sundae sorry to hear you are worrying re kicks, I think it's very normal at this stage to have quiet days, I know I have. But I also worry about them too so I know how stressful it can be.

Lovely marchers I just got the results and they were normal. Baby does not have downs, Edwards or pataus. Got to wait another 2 weeks for full results but this was what the consultant was concerned about.

Have just been blubbing with relief in the loos at work.

You have all been so lovely. Really helped me through a very tough week so thankyou.

Sheldonella Mon 05-Nov-12 14:34:50

Wonderful, wonderful news stealth, so happy for you. I hope you can relax now thanks

pinkpeony4 Mon 05-Nov-12 14:35:28

Stealth I have been checking all morning to hear from you. What fabulous, fabulous news & such a relief. I am so pleased everything is Ok with your baby boy grin thanks

zoeymlucas Mon 05-Nov-12 14:37:43

Woo hoo that is fab news Stealth so pleased for you have been checking in incase you posted as I knew you would have good news - after all this is a lucky thread smile
Have a good cry and let all the stress/ emotion out and then get excited for your little healthy baby smile

Oh stealth wonderful news!!!! Been thinking about you this morning! smilesmilesmile

sundaesundae Mon 05-Nov-12 14:44:39

What fabulous news. So so pleased for you.

Oodthunkit Mon 05-Nov-12 14:46:25

<phew> stealth smile

Just got back from hospital. Put in a complaint about the doctors attitude as it was appalling. V abrupt, didn't appear to believe me about SPD which then made me unwilling to discuss anything with him. Saw a MW after the appointment & burst into tears. V glad dh was with me today.

zoeymlucas Mon 05-Nov-12 14:53:33

How utterly rubbish for you Ood dont blame you for complaining being pregnant is hard enough without people who are meant to help you making it more stressful - hopefully you will get to see another doctor going forward?

Just went into a meeting with boss and he announces in front of everyone 'god look at the size of you now' thanks I really needed reminding I am getting bigger by the day he then follows it up with 'well you chose to get up the duff' now I feel soooooo much better angry and actually want to kick him in the man bits!

Hi all

Just having a break from a mega sort out of DD's clothes, so thought I'd try to catch up in here and on Facebook.

Sundae, hope all is well tomorrow. I'm still not feeling a massive amount of movement. Just feels like little flicks inside really. I'm keeping everything crossed for you.

DD has just been watching the Winnie the Pooh 'heffalump movie' and all I can say is, it's been emotional! She was totally sobbing at one bit of it, we had a similar experience with 'stuart little' the other day too! confused. Poor child was inconsolable, and when we got to the happy conclusion, we had another bout of sobbing! If this is how it's going to be from now on, I'm going to need an industrial sized box of tissues for 'the snowman' this year (for her and me!!!) gringringrin

Am selling (all being well!) at the York NCT sale in Dec, so em and Jojo you might see me there! Having a mega clearout of DD's clothes. Have bagged loads up for friends' little girls, just need to send some to charity shops and I will feel really smug pleased with myself! Keeping a few basic babygros and sleepsuits just in case the sonographer was wrong, but all being well, they'll be going too come march!

Hope you're all ok.

Hamnvik Mon 05-Nov-12 15:01:03

Quick post to say I'm glad to hear everything is ok stealth!

Sorry to hear the hospital were less than helpful Ood definately worth complaining about!

And Zoey he really deserves a swift kick in the nuts! My boss asked me if I had been feeling hormonal yet, not sure if he was trying to hint at something!

Chefette Mon 05-Nov-12 15:02:51

Zoey, your boss sounds a tosser, and frankly that is bordering on a harassment level HR type thing to be pursuing!!!!! Unbelievable.

Ood oh dear that sounds horrible for you, glad you had support there x

Stealth super wow and am hyper happy, have got tears pricking at my eyes at my desk as I type xxx

The Marchers rule ladies!!!!!!!!!

Oodthunkit Mon 05-Nov-12 15:13:25

zoey he was a registrar and the MW said they will ensure I see a different one in the future

Em2010 Mon 05-Nov-12 15:17:34

Woo hoo!! Am so so pleased for you Stealth. Must be such a weight off your shoulders.

Ood sorry to hear about your consultant appt.

Zoey your boss sounds like my HoD.

zoeymlucas Mon 05-Nov-12 15:18:18

Ood ask for the consultant not the monkey, lol!!! My consultant is the oppersite I ask much as sneeze in front of him and he is giving me antibiotics and making me see see GP within 34 hours makes me look like a parnoid pregnant lady, lol!!!

Yes Chefette he most certainly is a tosser and I am currently sat at my desk typing very l;oudly imagining every key is poking him in the eye!!!! He is the owner of the company as well which make it even harder

Oodthunkit Mon 05-Nov-12 15:23:23

zoey registrar last time was nice. Not met the consultant yet. Had recommendations for her though. Two registrars ( whatever they are called ) delivered dd3 are they were great, v jokey about my waters breaking all over them when they came to see me on ward round.

Oodthunkit Mon 05-Nov-12 15:28:28

zoey thought your boss had warned people not to mess with the pregnant woman in pain!

Sheldonella Mon 05-Nov-12 15:28:58

Hi all. Nice to see some good news today, I love this thread smile
Sorry about your crap appointment ood it can be so frustrating can't it. I wanted to complain about a doctor I saw in the EPU when I was bleeding at the beginning. She had no compassion whatsoever, she clearly wasn't a doctor because she liked people. Hopefully you won't come across that one again!
zoey I'm sure you could get away with kneeing your boss, they can't tell off a pregnant lady surely smile
Aww sundae not long now. The worry is horrible isn't it. I woke up for an hour randomly in the night and did nothing but worry about DD. Massive good luck for tomorrow.
Em I like the look of the navigator too. They do all seem to have downsides but that one seems to fit our lifestyle most. I tried pushing it in a shop and loved how easy it was. I've got no real experience though of course smile
Lexi I've been thinking about breast pumps too and feel the same way about second hand. I was planning to buy a manual Avent one off amazon and the bottles that go with it. The pump set is only £18 which seems quite good.

Another weight off my mind - maternity leave sorted. I should be able to start at my due date and then take all next year's leave before it so I get paid for a bit longer. I've also emailed my locla nursery about the waiting list on the advice of a colleague. They are very scarce around here apparently! It felt weird asking about a place for 2014!

zoeymlucas Mon 05-Nov-12 15:37:37

Yeah Ood he warned everyone but as he thinks he is joking and thinks he is VERY funny so dont think he is causing offence when in actual fact he is a rude twit and gets away with it as he is the boss!! Think I might give in to feeling rubbish and have tomorrow and wednesday off isck - might teach him a lesson and cheer me up! WEnt and sat in toilet and cried - def a hormanal mess today!

dameflamingo Mon 05-Nov-12 15:41:18

stealth just checking on the run to see how it went and so pleased for you!

sundae massive hug for you
zoey your boss seems to suffer from verbal mouth runs and an overinflated belief in his comic 'genius'. sympathies and big hug. cup of tea and repeat mantra ' they'll miss me when I'm gone' x x

LexiandBeanette Mon 05-Nov-12 16:00:24

Yeay Stealth so pleased for you! grin!! Really happy to hear this news and not surprised you are crying with relief!
Ood sorry to hear you had such horrible treatment sad I hope you can see someone more understanding next time. I never understand why some people choose caring professions when they obviously don't care sad
Zoey everything you say about your boss makes me want to give him a slap!

Thanks for reassuring me I am not going crazy about the breast pump thing. Honestly I reckon DH thought I was being very precious! dame I may well take you up on that offer smile
Feeling very large - past 2 weeks my bump seems to have grown crazily fast! Am now deffo looking pregnant and have noticed chairs seem lower, everything seems like more effort. Can't believe I still have 3.5 months to go.

OctoberCarrot Mon 05-Nov-12 16:45:05

smile. So thrilled stealth. What great news.

Your boss sounds like an arse zoey. Would love to be quick and respond that st least I have an excuse for being big. Lol!

Ok looks like I am going to rule out the p&t. Nobody seems to have a good word to say about it.

Poor DS has a cold. Caught it being out with DH at weekend who is always concerned hell over heat so never has enough clothes on him. Bought him his first box of Lego. We had a great morning. During early pregnancy realised he has developed a t habit so now it is banned. I think he misses it. Bad mummy. Have been reading my sears book for tips etc. I love Sears I have to say.

Hi to everyone else.

OC xxxx

GummiberryJuice Mon 05-Nov-12 17:22:26

Stealth brilliant news, I could have a little cry for you

Zoey accidently hit him with a crutch

Right off to McDonald's for dd2s birthday treat

stealth I'm so chuffed to read your news! thanks

Ood I hate rude doctors. There's no need for it. Good for you complaining.

zoey your boss is an idiot.

Em2010 Mon 05-Nov-12 17:33:57

Oh zoey I want to come and kick your boss for you!! Sounds like he doesn't deserve you at all! Can you make him a cup of tea and then spit in it?!

october hope your poor ds is feeling better soon.

lexi I am also suddenly feeling huge, like a barrel with legs really!

Bad news! Can't seem to find the p&t navigator second hand (probably too new) and theres no chance dh will give me permission to buy one new, so will probably go for the sport. If that doesn't work out I might just have to put the baby in the shopping basket of my lovely icandy....!!

theTramp Mon 05-Nov-12 18:02:56

Stealth - HURRAH! Sooo chuffed for you all. Fantastic news. Now just make sure you continue to take it easy and you limit stress as much as you possibly can.

Ood - what a twat. Thank goodness for nice MW and fact that he's not your consultant.

Zoey - the mans a charmer. I think you def need to work on your come back lines. Par example - "it's true I'm HuGE! But then I am 5 months pregnant, what's your excuse Colin (name as aprop)?" - as a for instance. OR "Sadly science has yet to progress to a point where men have the option to incubate their offspring. It's almost as if no ones putting money in to research it. Can't imagine why?" OR (sob) "Was it my choice that the condom should split and my husband didn't tell me?!" (exit dramatically with tears spilling down face).
Seriously I think you're missing prime mind game opportunities here. Meet twattishness with evil manipulative fuckuedness ... smile

I'm suffering SUGAR OVER LOAD!!! 3 mini
Mince pies followed by one weak hot chocolate. I've not really got a sweet tooth, but it's sweetened with pregnancy, this was too much though. Sugary sickliness now. I think I may opt for salad or cheese on toast for tea. Last of the great gourmet adventuresses.

I like the mumsnet classic reply: "I'm sorry, did you mean to be so rude?" Mind you, might be too subtle for him...

Funnylittleturkishdelight Mon 05-Nov-12 18:43:41

I'm so pleased Stealth! Sat here cheering for you!! Woohoooo!

Zoey- throw something very hard directly at him. Hard. At him. Dick.

mandasand Mon 05-Nov-12 18:50:35

Just popping in v. briefly to say that I'm SO happy for your great results, Stealth! Hope you can put this behind you soon, once you get over the worry and relief, and get back to enjoying your pregnancy!

Sorry not to catch up properly with everyone else's news but will do soon (at least, I'll try: how many posts on this new, shiny thread?!!)

Waves to all! xx

mandasand Mon 05-Nov-12 18:52:53

PS Oh my word, I can see one of my babies kicking through my dress! Freaky!

Oodthunkit Mon 05-Nov-12 19:17:36

manda when you get further on have a bath. It's really weird watching your stomach move in & out of the water by itself.
The nurse said she saw baby move when they were after the heart beat today but dh missed it as twatty Dr was in the way.

Funnylittleturkishdelight Mon 05-Nov-12 19:17:55

manda that is super freaky!!!

myjobismum Mon 05-Nov-12 19:41:58

Only just flying by, checking for Stealth's news really - I am so so so so glad to read all is well - how wonderful - very happy for you! grin

LexiandBeanette Mon 05-Nov-12 19:55:59

Tramp I am normally a cheese kind of girl but my sweet tooth has gone crazy. I need to rein it in as I know it's not good for me.

TeaOperated Mon 05-Nov-12 20:19:09

Stealth woo! Wonderful news.

Zoey your boss really does sound quite... Special.

Ood good on you for complaining.

lexi and em - I'm feeling huge too, but also like I don't really have a bump. I was a size 16 before and very hourglass - so I feel like my waist has disappeared but you can only see I'm PG, not eating too much cake, if you knew what I looked like before. Think bump is finally starting to show properly, though.

Whisper it, I think I might finally have got some energy back. Suddenly got it back at 16 weeks and then spent three weeks fighting off a cold, but I'm now feeling awake and only normally tired after putting in overtime after a manic day at work.

Aw, DH has just come through with a massive grin on his face. He's found a nearly full jar of marmalade with a best before date of Friday, and has set himself a challenge....! Strange man. Won't tell him it'll last fine a bit longer, he looks so happy.

FloweryBoots Mon 05-Nov-12 21:05:05

Yay stealth so so pleased for you. Reall relaly pleased. Am actually frinning like a cheshire cat!

Sundae hope you're doing OK tonight. Keep thinking, not long now.

Zoey Don't know how you keep it together in the face of such, er, whiticism. I like Tramp's suggestions.

Had a really sicky day again all day today, urgh. Not actually thrown up which is somehting I suppose, but really, feeling nauseas for an entire day is tiresome. Improvements seem to have plateaued (sp?!) and I'm begining to think I'll be stuck with the sickness at the current level throughout now. At least it's much better than it was. Might re consider the offer of anti emetics the consultant made last week though, hmm... And still zilch energy.

Moan over. Sent letter formalising when I want to start mat leave to my boss today and hammed up (or according to DH, just made sure he was aware) of how tired I am, that I'm still truggling with sickness and that consultant says I must rest rest rest. Included that baby measuring small and, consultant instructed to start mat leave at earliest oportunity etc. Feel glad I've notified them, especially with me starting earlier than I'd thought and it's nice to have an end point fixed and in sight. Last day at work for me will be 21 Dec. And then I never have to go back to that awful place again (haven't told them that bit yet of course).

Little baby girl (still have no nick name, did for DS, but that just sort of materialised and nothing has this time) has been doing sumersaults or something in my tummy thisevening. DH felt lots of Kicks and sat there grinning maddly, very sweet.

Right, bed time, nigh night all

zoeymlucas Mon 05-Nov-12 21:08:29

Loving your evil plan tramp I knew MN would cheer me up and have the answers grin he def ain't fat is little, single and ginger can't imagine why- he thinks he is the ultimate 'lad' don't worry the sly digs have been on all day and when he tried to arrange a meeting that would kill me with pressure I laughed (in front of other managers) and said you pay me your wage and I will work that hard would of meant evenings and weekends until then I will do my normal hours and made him push his whole plans back a week smile then he moaned about going home to a microwave meal so I told him about the roast pork and crumble I would be having with my family grin but he is a twat smile

zoeymlucas Mon 05-Nov-12 21:11:34

Oooh and baby bean was very quiet today and was a bit worried but just had a bath and little monkey went crazy and when he kicked you could see my whole belly move- think he has moved which is why it feels a bit different!

In other news I think the new bird DH is a lesbian, lol!!!!!

Yeah manda, I second ood's suggestion about baths later on! It is really bizarre, my whole stomach would move!

Em2010 Mon 05-Nov-12 21:19:53

Aw! Yay for those of you seeing babies move! Such a lovely feeling. Actually felt a bit teary reading some of this tonight! Oh my hormones!

Have been getting a bit worried tonight about how appalling my diet has become. I'm eating so much rubbish and hardly any fruit or veg. Additionally I'm not doing any exercise. I need to overhaul things a bit but I don't feel like I have the time or energy. Does anyone have any tips for healthy, easy midweek meals? (dh won't eat fish- bah!)

Em2010 Mon 05-Nov-12 21:21:18

ooh also ethel meant to say, will see you on the 1st - am definitely planning on coming to the NCT sale. Will be in the market for some girls clothes so will bring my money! Am very impressed with your organisational skills.

Emus Mon 05-Nov-12 21:58:32

Stealth - I'm beyond pleased for you - I actually welled up on my desk today when I caught up with the thread!

Zoey - what a knob of a man. He's obviously got a very bad complex that he has to make himself feel better by being horrible to others. I loved Tramps suggestions, made me lol.

Ood - sorry about your horrid experience at hospital today. Hopefully the next one you see will make up for him and more. Don't these people realise how stressed we already are with things?!

Manda - how lovely to see one of your babies move in such a big way. I can't wait for that to happen to me but I suspect I'll be around 7/8 months before that occurs due to my podgy stomach and larger size.

Well I've had an eventful and stressful evening. Haven't felt baby move as much since returning home from Vegas were it was fairly active. I've been quite calm about it until 16:30 this afternoon when I text my midwife with a brief description fully expecting her to tell me that it was completely normal and not to worry but she didn't, she replied telling me it didn't sound right and I should get it checked out. I then went from a number 3/4 of calmness straight up to a 10 of complete panick!

I went to see the on-site nurse who pretty much said the same thing but I didnt want to be dramatic (especially as there are two other pregnant women working here and they are fine!) so I went and drank two ice cold cans of coke (the small ones) and ate and banana which didn't seem to produce any movement either. My midwife had told me to definitely get is checked out if no movement was felt after a cold drink.

Luckily I work with some really great people and the decision to go to hospital was taken out of my hands by a kind colleague who had rearranged her own duties, got a car and a local Spanish crew member to take me to a private clinic that specialises in babies. i ended up being given a scan (which was beyond crap quality, even worse than my 12 week scan) but turns out that baby Emu is fine, has a heartbeat and moved slightly a few times. [Grin] Cost me €325 but I don't care as I needed to know. Now I can't wait for my repeat scan on Friday where the quality will be much improved to make sure that babies heart is ok.

Sorry to bang on, am off to bed now where I'm praying little baby Emu will move and reassure mummy! Thanks for listening (again)!! Xx

zoeymlucas Mon 05-Nov-12 22:09:58

Glad you got a scan to help you emus it does seem a few little monkeys are having quiet days lately so maybe it's something to do with grow spurts or something and my normally crazy boy hardly moved all day until bath!! Glad you don't have long to wait for another scan though just for peace of mind x

emus how scary.... You did right to check it out.... Can never be too careful.

Dh is complaining he is a mumsnet widow!!!

Am too eating lots of rubbish. Still just want white refined carbs most of the time but I di try to eat healthily but that's when I end up being sick still. Big empathy FI everyone who still has ms...

theTramp Mon 05-Nov-12 22:35:26

Zoey - so pleased to cheer you up smile

Healthy mid week meals, ready:

1) salad. Mixed salad leaves, finely chopped sundried tomatoes, chopped up artichoke, chopped up avocado, pepper (pick a colour), pine nuts and humous. Serve with quorn steak, chciken breast or thin lean steak. Yum.

2) Stir fry. Pak choi, petit pois, sweetcorn, pepper, broccoli (purple sprouting particularly yum). Start with protein base - quorn chunks, smoked tofu, prawns, chicken - whatever. Make a satay sauce out of a tablespoonful of peanut butter with a good hearty dash o soya sauce and sone hit water. Simmer your already fry cooked meat in the satay, then add noodles or rice (pre cooked) and then add vegies - fry and serve.

3) Sausage casserole: big pot, fry your onion and garlic. Simmer in red wine and add in a vegetable stock cube and basil to the mix with a good sprinkle of chilli powder (not enough that you can taste it overtly), reduce sauce. Now add mushroom and aubergine chunks. When reduced add courgette and pepper. When softened add two cans of tinned tomatoes and a can of kidney beans. Stir well, add more basil and now add your sausages. If vegie they can pop right in. If meat brown them first. Now put big pot in oven and slow cook for between two hours and four - depending on your timing. (So basically make a nice rich Rajput and include sausages.

4) Vegetarian lasagne. Same as meat lasagne but make with quorn mince, so half the fat. Secret ingredient a good pinch of nutmeg. Trick to success, slow cook the quorn mince ragout on Hob for a good hour and half to two before making the lasagne. Serve with green salad.

5) stuffed jacket spuds. Before finish cooking scoop out innards, mash up with sweetcorn, tuna, spring onion and cheese and then pop mix back in the hollow jackets. Bake for another 20 mins. Serve with green salad.

Any of the above appeal? They're all my present favourites!

theTramp Mon 05-Nov-12 22:39:43

Hey there - so pleased that baby is ok. Blimey, an afternoon of panic. Really pleased your colleagues pushed you into checking and big hugs.

kirsty80 Mon 05-Nov-12 23:13:26

Just a really quick one - so happy for you stealth!

Take care emus

And good luck for scans tomorrow smile x x

Oh shit, I think I've spotted a stretchmark. And I avoided these with DS. Grrr!!!

Wait, panic over, it might just be where there was a seam in my tshirt. I'll double check in the morning...

theTramp Mon 05-Nov-12 23:54:27

Chuckle (sorry possum) chuckles bit more

Oodthunkit Tue 06-Nov-12 07:30:08

grin possum!

zoeymlucas Tue 06-Nov-12 07:31:52

That made me giggle sorry possom

Question- should I have my MATB1 by now as am 21+6 and I have no appointments to see midwife until 28 weeks? Should I ring her and ask for it as my consultant is amazing at what he does for me but paperwork really isn't his strong point so I doubt he would be able to, lol!! Plus it's not like I have 18 weeks left it more like 10-13 if I am really lucky!

Good luck with scans today peeps I will be thinking of you all and waiting for pictures and news- goodness I feel like a proud aunt grin

Hope you slept better stealth and your amazing news has totally sunk in and today you can take a deep breath, forget all the worry and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy waiting for your little healthy bean x what a difference a day makes smile

Suppose I am going to have to go to work now my being off sick plan didn't work as my work load just played imy mind all night so it's best I suppose to just go in and hit it head first and dick boss is not in again till Thursday now and I have a day off for DS1 birthday tomorrow anyway!

bbface Tue 06-Nov-12 07:36:19

Oh wonderful news Stealth! Xx

theTramp Tue 06-Nov-12 08:39:58

Zoey - I'd say you should have by now yes.

FloweryBoots Tue 06-Nov-12 08:56:17

Zoey I don't have mine either as I asked consultant and she didn't have a clue! You have to give it work by something like 25 weeks ish I think. I called midwife yesterday and she has said she will do it next time she is at my health centre (tomorrow) and I can pick it up at the end of the day.

Possum te he he, how is it looking today - do we have a final verdict?!

Sundae thinking of you today. Let us know hwo you get on at the scan and hope it gives you some reasurance.

Manda and others with the big kicks, how cool!

theTramp Tue 06-Nov-12 09:13:08

Yep good luck with scans today ladies x

LexiandBeanette Tue 06-Nov-12 09:24:04

Morning all
Tramp can I move in? Your cooking sounds amazing! I've been a bit better at eating well this week, a move in the right direction at least.
Sundae thinking of you and hope all goes well today.
Emus so glad all is well!

Random tip from me - have been suffering really badly with my stomach and my mother suggested I have warm water with a lemon slice as the first thing I drink every morning. I thought it sounded rather like rubbish but I've been doing this for a week and indigestion, wind, etc all eased a lot. It may just be coincidence but I thought I would share!

GummiberryJuice Tue 06-Nov-12 09:45:36

Zoey I would chase midwife, mine said 25 weeks, nut if you don't have an appointment

tramp I love toasted pine nuts on a salad

Emus As Zoey said we do seem to have some quiet beans mine loves worrying me, hopefully though the sign of nice contented babies to come

Lexi I used to drink hot water and lemon years ago I must start as my digestive system isn't great anyway with my broken thyroid

Possom I got away with just a few on hips with dd1, but ds was not so forgiving, dd2 added a few more but thankfully mine were never and aren't big red angry stretch marks, a bit pink while pg and now just silvery/white ones.

It's ok ladies, I can confirm that it was NOT a stretchmark. phew

Lexi sounds like a good tip smile

Good luck today scan ladies x

theTramp Tue 06-Nov-12 10:17:52

Phew indeed!

Lexi - since pregnancy I've turned into worlds laziest cook. All my fave meals are the easiest to cook and involve either potato or brown rice accompaniment to keep Socs happy. Cubed, roasted butternut squash on a salad is also lovely btw, with feta crumbled over it. Mmmmmmmm.

I'm waiting to see MW. (whistles tune to self)

JoJoBella84 Tue 06-Nov-12 10:29:38

All this talk of food makes me think I should get more creative with my cooking! Potato waffles and beans, although hearty student food, is not the greatest thing to be feeding bump on a regular basis!!

Em2010 Tue 06-Nov-12 10:49:03

Backward i'm also giggling at your stretch-mark drama! Glad it was a false alarm! I might have some stretch marks, I don't really know because I can't see that far around my huge tummy..!

Emus sorry to hear about your scare. Always good to get things checked out.

Tramp thank you for the meal suggestions, they are fab! DS will love a lot of those too. Might get some sweet potato in and try and squash my sweet tooth with it. Mind i'm quite keen on your student meal suggestion too jojo mmm beans and waffles... yummy!

Lexi my digestion has been awful this pregnancy. I'm def going to try your hot lemon trick. Thanks!

Em2010 Tue 06-Nov-12 10:49:24

ps. good luck to those with mw or scans today!!

myjobismum Tue 06-Nov-12 11:06:43

Morning all!

Have finally managed to catch up properly lol!

I am still so so so so pleased about Stealth's good news - it makes me smile and feel a bit weepy everytime I think about it! Suprising the emotions you can feel when you haven't even met the person you are thinking about!

Stretchmarks - I have got off so so so lightly in my two previous pregnancies, have a few mainly around my hips and very lower tummy, but nothing to write home about - I really hope the same happens this time, but I am not counting my chickens hmm

Little Button is very quiet today, see some others have mentioned this - am 23 weeks tomorrow and have been feeling regular mad movement on and off all day for weeks now, getting really strong in the last week I suppose - today nothing at all so far, not even a flutter confused even when I first woke and just lay in bed awake this morning - I am trying not to worry and will see how I go through the rest of the day!

Thinking of all who have scans today!

sundaesundae Tue 06-Nov-12 11:20:02

95% chance we are team pink with a seemingly perfect stretched out little lady :O)

Sheldonella Tue 06-Nov-12 11:21:17

Lovely news sundae smile

theTramp Tue 06-Nov-12 11:38:15

Sundae - so pleased all is well. Feeling more relaxed now?

JoJo - you evil woman! I now HAVE to pop upstairs and make myself potato waffles with melted cheese on. Lord I am actually drooling.

Em - ha, you are welcome. As MrM says, I am the queen of comfort food and pregnancy has only made me worse!

sundaesundae Tue 06-Nov-12 11:41:21

I relaxed as soon as I was in there, I had a proper meltdown ad OH had lost my handheld notes so we were late and I was sobbing all the wat in the car!

Now very relaxed and she is having a move. We are going to stick to mainly neutral colours as we know 95% isn't 100!

dameflamingo Tue 06-Nov-12 11:41:23

noooo! Just lost a decent post..boo

dameflamingo Tue 06-Nov-12 11:47:29

Anyway, briefer than previous tramp thanks for sharing recipes. Yummy. I've been trying out 'new' stuff recently but it has to be super speedy. Current favourite quick meal is sweet corn chowder served with corn tortillas, melted cheese and red chilli. Ten minutes to sunshine and a hug in a pan.

sundae great news on scan, it's stressful leading up to it and you'll be relieved now..exhausted soon. Treat yourself to a nice relaxing bath or a brain free film x

tea please update us on mr tea's Paddington style marmalade challenge... Has he reached midway?? Made me laugh so much! Nigela does a marmalade brioche French toast recipe (not for dieting diabetics for sure) that may give him some...erm... Variety from the spoon and pot technique .. Tee hee

dameflamingo Tue 06-Nov-12 11:49:18

I missed a full stop in first sentence... It's meant to before before I refer to Tramp... Without said full stop it sounds like I'm a rude batch. Sorry

LexiandBeanette Tue 06-Nov-12 11:53:49

Yeay sundae! So pleased for you! smile

Oodthunkit Tue 06-Nov-12 11:56:45

sundae <phew> now you can chill!

zoey matb1 needs to be given to work by 25 weeks ( with the letter re mat leave). I got mine yesterday from a hospital MW so doesn't have to be your specific one, IME I wouldn't rely on the consultant!

Sheldonella Tue 06-Nov-12 12:01:25

Eek, I've just added DD to the waiting list for my local nursery! This feels ridiculously early but had to be done. Has anyone else done anything like this?
tramp Oh yummy food, all sounds great.
zoey I got my MATB1 at an extra appointment I had, she just wrote it out there and then. I was originally told 25 weeks which is silly as after the maternity leave cutoff.

Stretchmarks? Can I be expecting these already?! I don't want to look!

JoJoBella84 Tue 06-Nov-12 12:02:30

my job I recommend a bit of full fat coke!! I went through the same phase for a couple of weeks 25+2 now and back to the reassuringly strong boots!!!

FloweryBoots Tue 06-Nov-12 12:04:14

Great news Sundae. Realy pleased for you.

I've had beans on toast about 4 days running, and last night for tea I had a cup a soup blush. Did feel rotten though, had felt sick non stop all day and eating was making it worse not better, adn by end of the day had trapped wind too so really not in a mood for eating. Day off today so will try harder and making spag bol for tea. will probably have beans on toast for lunch though

Em2010 Tue 06-Nov-12 12:30:54

Flowery apparently beans on toast is actually incredibly nutritious. Sorry to hear you are still feeling sick. Hopefully once you are on maternity leave you can shake it.

Sundae Yaaay!! Really pleased for your happy scan and little girl. We seem to have a lot of pinkness on this thread!

Jojo full fat, ice cold coke used to make my little DS go mad, this one seems more active after a nice warm cup of tea though!

Dame giggling at your mistake. Rude Batch indeed!! grin

Sheldonella I've not put DD's name down at DS nursery yet, but I probably will as soon as she's born. It would be a disaster if I couldn't get her in! Some of the good nurseries do get booked up ridiculously early though so sounds like good planning!

My job hoping you get lots of wriggles later. I often find baby is very quiet in the morning and her bounciest is when i'm relaxing on the sofa after dinner in the evening.

myjobismum Tue 06-Nov-12 12:33:10

Ah see now thanks for Flowery I fancy discarding all dinner plans for today and going for beans on toast all around instead grin not sure how it would go down with DH and the DC's though, maybe I will just try it, we have loads of bread hmm lol!

Jojo- I don't have any coke lol, I don't like it either lol! I am having a cup of tea with my lunch now, that normally does the trick, if not will go for cold orange juice and see how I go - not particularly worried as had AWFUL back ache yesterday afternoon and all night so assuming Button has wriggled into a different position again and is moving, I just cannot feel it!

Sundae - yay, so pleased to hear your scan news grin

Gah, wish my cold would go away, my nose is so so so sore sad DD is full of the snots and been up in the night the last two nights crying too because of earache and other cold related activity! She has gone off to preschool totally fine today though, just a bit sniffly, so hope it has passed!

Is anyone else here who isn't expecting DC1 having a fair age gap between this and thier last baby? I had 2yr11months between DS and DD, but DD is going to be 4yr5m when button is due! I need some reassurance on that i think!

Oodthunkit Tue 06-Nov-12 12:35:44

myjob I had 9 years between dd2 & dd3!

Yay to sundae! Great news!

myjob I hope your cold goes soon. It's so miserable being under the weather at the best of times, nevermind when pregnant.

I had a bizarre dream last night... I gave birth to an 8lb 4oz boy who had 6 teeth and could walk and I was really upset that I'd missed the completely dependent newborn stage. I also had a pain free natural birth (when in reality I'll be having an elective section...) and was told when on the ward by the midwife (who was the woman who owned our house before us and is definitely NOT a midwife..!?) that I could go home now. All very very strange.

theTramp Tue 06-Nov-12 12:49:30

Myjob - there's 4.5 years between me and my baby bro. Not that he's much of a baby these days (see Superman on FB).

Flowery - beans on toast is indeed very nutritious and honest to goodness my favourite fast food. However I did giggle, sorry. You have had it 4 days in the row now and are suffernig from trapped wind... anyone? Anyone? Just me then. (giggles childishly).

I think all you coke drinkers are mad. Vile stuff. But I appear to be in minority group of people on the planet in not liking coke. Tonic water however, now you're talking.

Dame - chuckle. I knew what you meant! I'm not good with fajitas and things. I'm not capable of coping with spices, unless it is so mild that you genuinely wouldn't be able to taste that it was in there. So tend to avoid anything that should have spice in it, even though I could make a non spice version. I appreciate that this makes no sense at all.

So Socs heart was merrilly thumping away at MW check today. My heart also fine apparently (well blood pressure) and everything that they check for in your urine sample also all a-ok, so PHEW! Hospital admin fck up again, seems GTT test, which has apparently been booked for 4 Jan, hasn't been (sigh). So that needs to be sorted. And she was very supportive of pregnancy massage. She thinks NHS should provide them, vital for Mums to be in her view. So I feel a wee bit less guilty now about the fact that I am having them. I have no need to be guilty of course and it is cheaper than a couple of good bottles of wine at the pub, but for some reason it feels more indulgent than it does necessary. Make sense? Just me? OK then.

I am now off for potato waffles, melted cheese and baked beans AND IT IS ALL YOUSE LOTS FAULT! smile

myjobismum Tue 06-Nov-12 13:09:55

Yay for good midwife appt Tramps! I have mine tomorrow! I don't like coke either!

Glad to hear about large age gaps being ok, not sure why I am worrying to be honest!

Have had some tiny teeny wierd feelings in the last half hour which must be Button moving, feels strange though so must be change of position smile I have my midwife appointment tomorrow afternoon, just remembered that!!!

GummiberryJuice Tue 06-Nov-12 13:12:27

Tramp I have my gtt on the 2nd of Jan, Iam going to make sure I have a good book with me

Myjobis This is my 4th and my baby turned 6 yesterday, so I'll have a 6 and half year gap (crap seems longer written down) dd1 to ds was 2.6 and ds was 3.2 when dd2 came along. Although I am relishing the idea of having this wee baby all to myself all day as before I would have always had to lift a sleeping baby twice a day to do school runs, one of mine was always at nursery then a proper school pick up.

Possom I have those weird pregancy dreams, normally closer to the time, I did have 1 a while back that I will blame Zoey on wink I hadn't seen the baby and I was livid, nobody would tell me what it was and I didn't get to see it until it was 2 weeks old and I thought it wouldn't know I was its mum! When I did see the baby it had all these teeth and bit me. I think I had dream just after we discussed Zoeys SILs

Sheldonella don't look and live in ignorant bliss that you have escaped them.

Sundae why 95%, Yey for good scan, Is it just hospital policy that they won't say for definite?

sundaesundae Tue 06-Nov-12 13:18:34

Apparently there is always a chance with girls that they are boys, unless you see a willy it is never 100% according to this sonographer! TBH they don't spend ages looking, but she said she was pretty certain.

pinkpeony4 Tue 06-Nov-12 13:21:53

Sundae fab news about your scan, especially after all your worries. 95% sounds pretty certain?! although we were told 99% & I still don't believe it!

Yummy food ideas on here. I love cheese with everything. Whilst the builders are here I have been buying the Innocent Veg pots which you can microwave.They are a tasty lunch and contain 3 of your 5 a day so nutritionally good too.

Sheldon well done for being so organised with nurseries. The ones around here have crazy waiting lists so you are being very sensible. It's like that with schools here too and you have to register at birth or miss out! I think you should be given a handbook when pregnant of things you need to do as soon as your baby is born! Far more useful than the stuff they tell you at NCT classes!

Hope everyone else is Ok. I have had a quiet day movement wise too which is always a little worrying. Going to do some poking now to see if that wakes her up!

GummiberryJuice Tue 06-Nov-12 13:22:38

I have a rescan next week but my hospital won't say but I'm going to have a really good look again (even though I AM team yellow)

myjobismum Tue 06-Nov-12 13:24:21

Gummi - thank you! DD goes to preschool already, and starts full time school in september next year [sob] [sob] [sob] but she only goes two days, but stays all day 9-3.30 same as DS's school day, so won't be madly rushing around thankfully!

FloweryBoots Tue 06-Nov-12 13:34:52

Tramp can't stop laughing at myself now, amazed I didn't see the connection. Had been havin gbeans and cheese on toast for breakfast some days and lunch other days. Gave it a miss today! Might make spag bol with veg mince instead of lentils later...

We need to get DS name down for nursery for when he starts getting the free vouchers. Oh heck.

mandasand Tue 06-Nov-12 13:41:06

Just back from my mega 3 hour appointment at the hospital. Heard both heartbeats with the midwife, which was tops. My thyroid has dipped down into underactivity again so am now on low dose meds for that. Consultant 1 slightly concerned am drinking 2 pints of water overnight so test for that, plus the usual full raft of bloods. Annoyingly, the hospital where I had my surgery 15 years ago has not responded to Consultant 2's letter (sent two months ago!!!) about what exactly went wrong during the termination, necessitating full emergency surgery 12 hours later, so I still don't know if I'll definitely need CS or not. Consultant said not to worry as they will chase them and they don't really need to know till 30 weeks. Back in 4 weeks for growth scan and to see how thyroid is behaving. Before that have cervix scan on Thursday, yippee. Oh, and in other news, hospital midwife gave me my Mat 1B form so now I just have to figure out what to do with it. Also I've put on 5.5kg in the last 6 weeks (at which point I was roughly what I was at start of pregnancy) - that doesn't seem too bad for twins? Seem to be carrying it all in the bump, anyway, so it must be fine! That hospital is starting to feel like my second home!

Possom v. funny re stretch mark that never was!

Tramp with you on the Coke thing!

Sundae hurray! smile

Eig the FB group is definitely secret! PM me your details and I can add you if someone hasn't already! (Sorry, just catching up with news from Sunday!)

Anyone else interested in the FB group? (Sorry if I've missed anyone/any requests!)

Well done on the house purchase Tea!

Ood hope DH finds a way to make up his hours. I guess you could do without the stress with baby on the way. Good luck!

Turkish sounds like that psych food specialist appt was really good. I think the main thing is to be forewarned of everything that might go a bit wonky, and then you and DH know how to deal with it. I'm worried about PND (have history of depression) but DH and I have watched a few programmes / news reports about it recently and so he's aware of it and I'm pretty damn good at asking for help if I think I need it. I just hope that PND is the kind of depression where you are able to see wood for trees sufficiently to realise you need help. FX it will be okay for you. Sounds like you have good support system around you.

Will definitely have a bath in a bit! The kicks are coming thick and fast now (after the worries of last week!) and all over the place - top bottom left and right! Busy little things!

Em, me too with the hormones! Little old lady dropped her shopping pad in a shop the other day. DH and I paused to see if she would be okay, but she didn't seem to be, so he went over, said 'Excuse me, let me get that for you' in the most gentlemanly way and I could not stop crying - ridiculous!! He thought it was sooo funny! You've had some great suggestions re quick teas. I've got a few 20-minute teas stored up. Will post separately.

Still so happy for you Stealth. Hope you've managed to sleep off the worry (I always sleep well when have been worried then got good news).

Zoey your boss is a knob!

Sounds like you've had good advice re breast bump, Lexi. I wouldn't get one off eBay but SiL and friend have offered me theirs and I'd be okay with that. But it's a personal thing so whatever feels right for you is totally okay! If BF works out then I think I'll def need a pump so that I can leave a feed to DH and actually get some sleep! I read the best thing with twins is to make them feed at same time, even if one's asleep, else you will never be able to rest!

JoJo how did the room move etc work out? I saw an owl cushion in Cargo the other day and thought of you! Am wearing my polka dot number today and feeling fine :-)

Hope cold doesn't stay around too long myjob!

Tramp your cakes sound amazing …sigh! Hilarious re forgetting you made it - made me chuckle!

Emus have a coffee or chocolate 20 mins before scan and baby will be v.v. energetic (in my experience anyway - I felt a bit sorry for the wee souls as they were all over the shop at last scan!) From Vegas to Barcelona - nice! Glad you got the baby scan for reassurance. I had exactly same thing last week and the hospital were ace about it.

mandasand Tue 06-Nov-12 13:59:24

20-minute quickie tea ideas (all vegetarian, sorry, but this makes them cheap and extra quick!):

1) cheesy mushroom omelette with beans
Easy peasy. Gently fry onion, mushrooms, garlic. Add egg and milk mixture. Before it sets put in some greens (e.g. broccoli cut up into little trees, or green beans). Season with black pepper. Add tons of cheese on top, stick under grill, and get the beans on!

2) butternut squash soup
Gently fry onion. Cube squash, two carrots and four spuds and stick in a big pot with a few pints of veg stock. At this point add garlic, grated fresh ginger, and some chilli flakes. Cook up, on high, for 20 mins. Blast with one of those stick blenders. Add 1/3 a block of coconut. Ideally season with lemon juice and coriander (though we usually don't have any in!)

(Other easy soup ideas: celery and potato; lentils and root veg)

3) Tomato pasta sauce
Gently fry onion and lots garlic. Add in tins of chopped toms, dash of dried herbs, black pepper, few chilli flakes, bit of veg stock, a 2 teaspoons or so of green pesto. Stick in whatever veggies you might have left over - a grated courgette is good, for example, or some broccoli, or (very lovely) some pre-roasted squash. Get pasta on and serve with cheese on top.

(Other pasta ideas: gently fry leeks, those massive mushrooms sliced, and garlic and serve with pasta, black pepper and goat's cheese...yum!)

4) Spinach dhal
Gently fry onion and lots garlic. Add half a pack of red lentils, a sprinkling of dark green lentils if you've got and tons of veg stock. Grate in some fresh ginger (I use this a lot, but it goes off quick so I stick it in the freezer) and a few cubes of frozen spinach. Boil furiously (keep topping up with water to make sure it doesn't burn on the bottom!) and get some basmati rice on.

JoJoBella84 Tue 06-Nov-12 14:07:31

Oh my word I've just had the most awkward encounter with a shop assistant!! She's the first person to remark on my pregnancy and I think she was trying to ask me how much longer I had left to go, but because no one has ever mentioned it before I genuinely thought she was talking about my degree (which now I think about it - how would she know I'm a student?!) I gave the most awkward answers and then, as I realised she was talking about baby, I started tripping over my own words.. She must have thought I was a real looney!! Haha!

JoJoBella84 Tue 06-Nov-12 14:13:26

manda the chap is coming to view this afternoon so hopefully he will want it and i'll move into the room next door by Friday. He is desperate for a place to live and has needed somewhere for the last two weeks!!
Then will move in with my mama from December which does unfortunately mean two weeks commuting to Uni and back but 30miles isn't terribly bad and I'll have no lectures before 10am so that should take the edge off!!

StormyBrid Tue 06-Nov-12 14:15:07

All these recipes are making me feel like I have a toddler's attitude to vegetables! Courgette, celery, spinach: yuck! Most of our evening meals involve meat, potatoes and vegetables. The man has peas and sweetcorn, because he's even fussier than me. I favour broccoli, green beans, cauliflower, cabbage, that sort of thing. The meat changes from day to day, but whatever it is, we both have gravy and I have an excessive quantity of mint sauce. I've been through a whole jar of the stuff since getting home from my sister's two and a half weeks ago, so I think it qualifies as a weird pregnancy craving, as until now I'd never in my life seen anyone finish a jar of mint sauce before it went off.

Tonight we're on cheesy bacon: home made cheese sauce, bacon onion and garlic, served on pasta for him, and broccoli and green beans for me. Cheese sauce is a hell of a faff though, best avoided if it's easy meals one's after.

Em2010 Tue 06-Nov-12 14:24:38

Ooh Manda thanks! Those meal ideas look excellent, can't wait to try them! I feel like I should post some meal ideas up as a thank you, but I'm not sure i'll inflict them on you all! It could be called 100 things to do with a Quorn frankfurter...

I had very mild PND with ds, i'm sure there are others on here who have had more experience with it. I think mine was caused by the fact that at the time we were also going through a very stressful time financially/with dh job and everything seemed very insecure. I found there were periods of time when I felt very low and tearful and sort of obsessive over certain issues, but over time the low periods became shorter, less frequent and milder, by the time ds was about 8 months old I recognised them for what they were. It certainly wasn't bad enough to put me off having another baby. I found going back to work was a big help too.

mandasand Tue 06-Nov-12 14:38:17

Ah yes, Stormy, my veggie recipes are not perhaps the most enticing-sounding for a carnivore BUT my DH is a carnivore and (professes, at least!) to love my cooking! Even has veggie when we go out sometimes (never used to eat veggie before me!) though I do try to insist he has a steak and ale pie or whatever to make up for it!

We have roast dinner on a Sunday when we have time and it's like meat version but with many more veggies instead (roast beetroot, spuds, carrots, parsnips + mash and peas) and, like you, lashings of onion gravy. I love it. Last night we had the leftovers cooked up as bubble and squeak. With mash. But no meat wink LOL re mint sauce fetish!

With kids I'm pretty much decided that I won't be cooking meat at home, so we'll continue to eat veggie but eat out 1-2 times per week when we'll encourage them to try a wider (i.e. meat/fish) menu. (My reasons for being veggie are not because I think everyone shd be veggie, more to do with meat industry, global food cultures and crises etc.) DH will eat meat out and so they will have his example to follow. But we think that the really important thing is not to make a big deal out of the distinction between vegetarian / carnivore. Food will just be food. I was reading a food-related thread the other day and realise that our plan may be naive in the face of kids being picky, but we'll see how we go!

JoJo that's great re room - FX it works out! Two weeks for the long commute isn't too bad, as you say. Hilarious re your shop assistant encounter!

Sorry to hear about your PND Em but it sounds like you managed it really well. I'm really open to the fact it might happen to me. I am not usually very good with change and am starting to appreciate what a very big universe shift lies ahead. Just hoping for an easy and not a bumpy ride - FX for us all!

Gosh a lot of news am never going to remember everyone!
Sundae fab news on team pink! I must admit to initially hoping for a little girl with dc4 as I have 3 boys. My mum passed away 12 years ago and when she was ill knitted me a little pink cardigan so if I ever have a little girl she could have a hug from granny. So it will have to wait in the cupboard! Still after the last week am soooo happy that I may have a healthy little boy!
Do we have any stats on boys vs girls vs team yellow??
Hilarious on the beans whoever that was!!
Empathy on food issues - I was nearly sick on the tube this morning and still want refined carbs. In fact I have just snuck out of work to the local crepe shop to satisfy a craving.
I will only have 5yrs 5 months between my 4 so no help on big age gaps!!
Sorry to hear about PND concerns and horrible registrars.
You'd think I got more sleep last night after my good news but ds1 woke me at 5 as his teddies had fallen out of bed, then had a tantrum when I tried to pick them up - he just wanted me to shine the torch at them so he could get them. Hd then got up again at 6 for a wee and decided to sing outside ds3 bedroom and wake him up!!!! Oh well!!! We do still have to wait another 2 weeks for full chromosomal test results (for lots of other things) so not totally in the clear yet but such a big relief!!!
Sorry for not name checking am on my phone!!

Em2010 Tue 06-Nov-12 14:57:30

Manda hope I didn't sound too negative, I wanted to let you know there is light at the end of the tunnel. I was lucky, it was mild I still managed to maintain a normal life, see my friends etc I don't think your plans re diet are naive at all. I love eating out with ds, even from a young age because he was able to pick off everyone's plates and try loads of new foods out. He is a dream in restaurants now and a really good eater. My friend who has twins also found they will spur each other on to eat - so if one twin eats something, the other wants it too!

Jojo sorry, giggling at your shop assistant encounter, that is exactly the kind of thing I would do too!

Em2010 Tue 06-Nov-12 15:05:19

Stealth that is so sweet re the cardigan your mother knitted for a little girl. (Almost feeling teary actually) Maybe for a granddaughter if you don't ever have one yourself. Also, sorry but i'm smiling a bit at your ds1, only because that reminds me of something my own ds would do. Funny little people! Yum to crepes...

pinkpeony4 Tue 06-Nov-12 15:27:59

Strealth that is such a lovely story about the cardigan. The singing v loudly to wake siblings is something my boys would do!

I will have 6.5 years between my boys do no advice on larger gap. I think it must be nice to have the school days with just your baby though! Although maybe more of a shock going back to broken nights and nappies? (Although all of mine seem to take it in turns to wake up for various spurious reasons so do you ever get proper sleep again?!)

Manda you might be lucky with non-picky eaters. My first two were/are fussy but ds3 will eat anything, olives, feta, lentils, pulses etc.. Always eats his veggies before anything else & asks for more. He's a total revelation after two fussy ones!

JoJo hope the chap takes the room.

Better go & collect ds1 from school. Currently sheltering in the car from the rain but need to make a dash for it. Hope the other scan goes well this afternoon

theTramp Tue 06-Nov-12 15:47:51

Oh fussy eaters.. well as I am a fussy eater (vegetarian because I don't like the taste of meat & fish, apart from tuna which has to be well done or I remember its flesh and feel pukey) and MrM will eat pretty much anything. I think we're kind of guaranteed a fussy eater really. I'll cook meat, well some meat, happilly enough, so not too worried about that and like you Manda, view is food is food - will do my darndest not to pass on my weird food issues: like eggs being slimey and so on. One can but try!

Roast dinner for me means vegetarian pie, or a nut roast or something. Just vegetables - ohhh no no no no. And roast beetroot - ick. Devils toenails so it is! smile

JoJo - oh dear.

By the way, typo above made me laugh. I believe that the breast bump should have been breast pump. I had a moment where I was wondering if a comment was being made on size or some form of large mole.. smile

FloweryBoots Tue 06-Nov-12 16:16:18

I'm veggie adn DH isn't. I do ALL cooking (grr) adn cook meat for DH probably 75% of meals. DS eats meat as a) I didn't want him to be denied the choice later on in life and worried that if he never had meet initialy he might strugle with it later if he chose to eat it, plus b) no chance DH would have stood for a veggie child.

DS probably had far more of the veg than meet option initialy and as he gets older is eating more meet (now 2 1/4). If we have a meet/veg option potatoe adn veg type meel he generally has meet but if we have somehting like pasta sauce, caserol, rissotto or a more saucey type dish I tend to give him veggie. He won't have cold meet though. no idea why but ham, cold cooked chicken etc., anything meat like you might have on a sandwhich he won't touch. Loves fish, but since DH isn't bothered either way and I don't feel confident cooking we don't have it much. He ate a lot of home made salmon and pea fish cakes in the weening days though.

Emsyboo Tue 06-Nov-12 16:26:42

Hi just crashing the thread due 17th March 2nd baby can't wait and hoping to get to know fellow march mummies x x

zoeymlucas Tue 06-Nov-12 16:50:22

See Gummi my SILs cause problems for everyone, lol!

Lots of yummy healthy food talk, good timing as for once I am not hungry might be the big mac and chips for lunch
Can not wait to go home, lay in bath and then relax ready for my big boy turning a whole 10 tomorrow - cant believe how grown up he is and has reached double figures its making me feel super old and determined to keep this one a baby FOREVER!!!

Glad everyone has had successful scans and appointments today, everything seems to be ticking over nicely and getting closer to Christmas and new year which one that is over we will be on the home stretch eap some of us that will have them early etc!

Oodthunkit Tue 06-Nov-12 16:54:39

PND-had it three times. Have already started this time probably due to the major realisation that the SPD is going to restrict me this much. I get anxious, hoard & cling to the children. All that helps me is dh being ligical and time (cant take ADs) as really struggle going back to work. Particularly my work as last time I returned to work with babies in care sad
manda change is a trigger here but the key is to be aware and your dh to be aware so you can get treatment ASAP.

Fussy eaters- dd1 eats ok, dd2 eats less than 10 things and dd3 eats everything. Dd3 was BLW rather than purees like the others but there doesn't seem to be a guarantee either way!

Em2010 Tue 06-Nov-12 17:24:51

welcome to the March thread emsyboo!

fussy eating - well I'm not too bad, I eat most things, but I have a childish confession - I still don't eat my crusts!! blush

HermioneBoo Tue 06-Nov-12 19:26:44

Welcome emsyboo smile

Ill be doing the same as you manda re the veggie eating, DH is strict vegetarian, I just don't like the taste or texture of meat so I'll eat very little meat and don't feel it's fair to cook meat at home because of the smell and mess. I don't really miss it and when we go out then I will have fish or very occasionally meaty meals and will encourage DD to try meat and fish when we are out.

I'm worried about PND, DH especially so as I don't do very well on my own at home, cabin fever doesn't cover it! I've had depression and problems with self harm and eating disorders in the past, my MW flagged me up for specialist support but she didn't ask me about my history - she only flagged me up when I said my dad had several suicide attempts (when he eventually died it was in an accident which I thought was ironic!) but tbh that experience has maybe made me know the signs better in other people. When I was on the pill I got down times of about 2 weeks where it was all I could do to get dressed and go to work, Everything is overwhelming, even tidying or looking after myself. I think that was hormonal as when I stopped being on the pill my mood has been fairly stable and I'm not down for anywhere near as long. DH is very worried that all the hormonal changes will give me PND and he'll have to look after me and DD and there'll be no-one to help while he's at work, he's even saved up some money so I can go to baby and mum groups and go for cups of tea!

I laughed at whoever said that they could do 100 things with a quorn frankfurter - I love quorn frankfurters! I loved all the meal suggestions, I do a lot of jackets and vegetable bolognese, now my appetite is back I've been eating pretty much as before but in bigger quantities blush

lannyshrops Tue 06-Nov-12 19:28:51

Evening all,
I have been lurking a bit as have been so busy! The orangery/extention is in the final phase, so que frantic decorating prior to wood floor laying and tile laying prior to cupboard installing! DH is curreltly grouting. I have been told in no uncertain terms not to help as I have done enough with all the painting (with surgical mask on 'borrowed' from work!) Feel very guilty for not helping though!

I have no chance of catching up as you have all done some talking over the last few days! I remember a pram conversation (nothing to add as have one from SIL - no idea what it is, but I like it, just what we were looking for too!)
Loving the quick meal recipies, any chahce we can formulate a document on the FB group to put them on?? I would love to try some of them out but by the time I manage to get around to writing them down I will have no chance of remembering where they are on the thread!

I am a little conceren about PND as have lots of the risk factors (history of anxiety, death of parent at early age and subsequently no maternal figure, high acheiver, career focused, older, friend network not close by) I have spoken to the midwife who feels I will be fine due to in law support, DH support and awareness of possibility, however I have briefed DH and friends about it and asked them to help sort me out if I show any signs and don't realise myself! I think that is all you can do really, I do try not to worry about what may or may not happen, I'd rather use my energy on things that are happening in the here and now!

Welcome emsy
Lovely news about results sundae I have been thinking about you
Hospital appointments sound full on manda!
joJo I keep seeing owl things, baby and non baby related and think about you!

Getting fluttery movements now when i'm not so busy, placenta is anterior though so not feeling much other than bouncing on my cervix which hurts! The sonographer on Saturday said that she was sat quite happily bottom in my cervix, looking very comfortable! Great!
Still adjusting to my girl news. Alternating between excited and very spooked! It's lovely that the 'baby' is now a 'baby girl' which means I feel like I am bonding more with her and can imagine something more tangable. It just makes it very, very real now which spaces me out to be honest. I have had periods of being like this all the way through, so I'm sure i'll get past it! Suck it up whitfield!!!

Lots of love to all, I will try and post as much as hectic schedule allows! xxx

suburban Tue 06-Nov-12 19:52:49

Hi all,

Also been lurking and not posting here and FB. Had an insanely busy weekend decorating and throwing a toddler friendly fireworks party.

Manda your comment about buying paint without testing made me laugh. On Sunday I let DP choose paint and paint entire hall, landing and stairs without any of my input, was so exhausted. Seem to have reached a point where I will do anything to get house sorted before baby comes.

Congrats to those with successful scans. Especially Stealth must be an enormous weight off your mind even if you don't realise it yet.

Looking back, I can't quite believe I didn't get PND with DD. Didn't know anyone else with children and had OH working abroad. I think I was so happy not to be pregnant anymore. Definitely a good idea to be as self aware as possible though. Hermione all hormonal contraceptives send me to the edge as well so it is by no means inevitable for you. Really recommend going to the NCT Bumps and Babes group when you are pregnant if you can. Sounds stupid, but it will be a lot less daunting to go to with baby if you have already been and was a lifesaver for me when DD was v small.

I think I have almost got my tastebuds back. Still eating carb heavy meals though, feel like i need it for the energy and can't even stomach the thought of fish. Am going to try Tramp's satay stirfry next week, sounds delish.

JoJoBella84 Tue 06-Nov-12 19:56:16

lanny I'm reeling myself in from the owl purchasing!!! I keep telling myself the theme is woodland, not just owl but then find more owl stuff and just melt!!

FloweryBoots Tue 06-Nov-12 20:28:27

Sorry, very quick moan. I FEEL SICK. Really really sick. Urgh. Felt sick ALL day yesterday, all morning today until had to change a pooey nappy and threw up quite spectacularly but actually then got a couple of hours respite, then it came back and hasn't gone. Rubbish rubbish rubbish. Moan over, sorry guys.

Welcome Emsy!

Oodthunkit Tue 06-Nov-12 21:25:58


lanny cervix kicks -ouch!

theTramp Tue 06-Nov-12 21:46:02

Aww flowery.

Hello Lanny and Subs - please lurk less an post more, you get missed you know.

House progress sounds good to me. Well done on all of that.

Enjoy the satay story fry when you try it. We just had a Chinese takeaway, am too sleepy and lazy to cook tonight. Mushy brain from reading too much actuarial data. Nnnnngh

It had just taken me a good hour to catch up on all your posts! Bloody hell I thought I could talk! grin
Have read and digested all, but on phone so can only manage a limited name check!

Sundae, great news on scan. We were told similar probability for DD. think really it's just a random figure to demonstrate they are fairly sure, just not certain!

Re: the PND thing, I think most new mums have at least a brief spell of the blues. It is just such a shock to your system that it is hard to leap out of bed every day raring to go.

em when you're at the NCT sale, make sure if you see something with my name in it, you snap it up! gringrin. Are we Yorkies still thinking of having a get together sometime?

Feeling much more movement now which is a relief. Not noticeable from the outside, but I can feel lots of kicks and flicks (I found like Len Goodman!!grin)

All the recipes sound lovely. I need a kick up the arse food wise, so may just give some of these a whir!

Welcome emsy!

Well I had another sneezy wet pants moment. It would appear my pelvic floor needs some serious exercise! Great. Heartburn is starting up (deep joy) and still riddled with stretchmarks from last time. Apart from that, all is great! Ha ha!

zoey I'd chase the mat b1, I got mine at my 20 week appt as like you Wong be seeing midwife til 28 weeks.

Got GTT booked in for 14 Dec. Deep joy.

Hope you're all ok. Better go, supposed to be watching homeland with DH!

Apols as always for prolific typos....

zoeymlucas Tue 06-Nov-12 22:28:38

I rang midwife today and left a message 10.00 am and she is still yet to reply and Tuesday is her clinic day - told you she was blinking useless!!!
Well the little so and so has wedged his feet down low and is kicking me straight in my cervix / stitch and I don't like it at all, really hurts and is putting a lot of pressure down there and sort of feels bubbling all the way down my lady bits- am glad I have a scan Thursday as in all honesty things don't feel 'right' for want of a better term. Then again could just be normal and me worrying to much as am 22 weeks tomorrow and previous 2 have had problems at 22 and 23 weeks- plus I haven't had a 'normal' pregnancy yet!!'

Sorry moan over just don't want to tell DH as he will panic and demand hospital now!!!!

mandasand Wed 07-Nov-12 00:20:42

Stealth what a touching story regarding your Mum and the cardigan.

Sorry you've suffered so much with PND Ood and sorry to hear your troubles too Hermione.

Interesting your MW didn't ask you more about your history, Hermione. Looking back, I mentioned my short period of antidepressants (nearly two decades ago now) and (more recently) milder depression/anxiety and long-term counselling, but they didn't go into it either - fine for me as I feel it's not an active issue, apart from the worries about PND. I did get a leaflet on that, I think. Gosh, what you say about the pill reminds me how, when I first went on the combined pill at uni I went a bit bonkers, as if I was pre-menstrual all the time. Took me a year to realise what it was and it ruined an otherwise perfectly good relationship with my first love, too. I guess that was a kind of hormonal depression. Progesterone-only pill suits me really, really well - no side effects at all. Very sweet and lovely of your DH! Sounds like a v.g. plan. Build in networks and strategies in advance.

Nooo Em I read your story as positive, since you got through it and, as you say, there's light at the end of the tunnel smile Love the idea of your friend's twins spurring each other on to eat! Fab!

And what a great eater your DS3 is Pink! I'd love two of those, please!

Cor, Flowery, admire you cooking all that meat! I do sausages when we have house guests (and DH therefore loves us having house guests!) Otherwise, I cook, so I decide. Though I don't cook stuff like tofu which DH hates - I'm not that mean! Ohhhh sorry you're feeling so unwell, though. Hope you turn a corner tomorrow.

Zoey sorry you have worries - and understandably given your history at this point in pregnancy. Thursday is nearly there. Hang on and F(firmly)X for you, my dear!

Em crusts are overrated smile

Well done on extension progress, Lanny!

Will attempt to put recipes on FB doc. Sorry if I miss some!

So, what colour is your hall, landing and stairs, Suburban?! Think you are v. brave, hehe!

Welcome Emsyboo! Always room for a newbie!

LexiandBeanette Wed 07-Nov-12 09:37:03

Aww hugs to Flowery! And sympathy ethelred, heartburn also started here and I'm drinking gallons of Gaviscon sad
stealth got a bit teary reading about the cardigan story!
Hope everyone has a good day. Had a meltdown in the doc's yesterday - need my MatB1 form as next appointment is after the deadline for work. Called the surgery and reception told me I could pick it up that evening, which meant leaving work an hour early.
Got there to be told that only a midwife could do it so I'd need to make an appointment today as she isn't in on Tuesday! Really difficult when I don't work nearby and am really manic at work right now. Had a bit of a meltdown and they've agreed that DH can pick it up and they'll get midwife to do it today. I felt awful as the receptionists last night were really helpful but I wish they wouldn't give out the wrong info!

theTramp Wed 07-Nov-12 09:37:31


Zoey - moan away! I would be moaning if I had to put up with all tge health issues, work hassles, being a mum and wide probs and then pants MW on top of it all too.

PND - not something I've thought or worried about. Should it happen I hope I'm caught by my fab support network. But I'd be v surprised if it did.

The Pill - grrr. They peddle it relentlessly and yet it's not always right or good for you. Thanks to PCOS (not that it was diagnosed at time) I had terrible probs from 12 (2 years before periods started) onwards. Inclusive of the joys of body acne from 15-22, jut as one gets body aware (sigh) and the monthly funof reacting to my period with same symptoms as someone with food poisoning. Answer was - the pill. Only it wasn't. First one gave me migranes. Second one made me lose my periods altogether. Next one made me cry when I dropped the soap in the shower. Not one cleared or helped with the acne. I have stretch marks from my two stone weight gain in 3 weeks. (I grant you being 6ft and 8.5 stone meant I could afford to but a little weight gain as a side effect my arse). So at 19 I said I'd had enough no more pills for me. I read up on acne, use tea tree, witch Hazel to clear my skin. Took oil of eve primrose which got rid of monthly sickness 11 out of 12 months in the year. Wore natural fibres only so skin could breathe. Et voilla by 22 acne free. BUT from 19 to 33 every dr I saw gave me a hard time about not being on pill. You'd think I was the most irresponsible woman walking around today. And I was 27 before a Dr bothered to question my history and test me for PCOS - which by the way gets aggravated by the pill.

Sorry, rant over.

My early start hasn't gone well. Train delays so 30 min wait to get on a train. Which means I could've spent extra time washing & blow drying my hair after all. And I'm not in for 9.30 as I'd hoped, so no extra time before the meetings start. Boo.

How's everyone feeling today? Better I hope.

pinkpeony4 Wed 07-Nov-12 09:45:22

Place marking

suburban Wed 07-Nov-12 09:49:28

Tramp I feel the same about the Pill. So many people have similar experiences but they push it and push it, maddening. After you have had kids they do the same with the Mirena Coil. I had to push so so hard to get a copper one, which are absolutely brilliant by the way no hormones and last 10 years.

Hope your day perks up. I have already faced the wrath of a Bus driver running late but home with poached eggs already so can't complain.

I hope you feel better now Flowery. I was sick on Monday, just tiredness I think and tipped over the edge by a revolting nappy too, but it is even worse when you have had a taste of pregnancy without the sickness.

Manda the hall is grey it's not perfect but I am a broken woman at the moment. Haven't even thought about the nursery, would like to get DD's room sorted first.

FurryFox Wed 07-Nov-12 10:23:27

Hi ladies, would love to join if you'll have me? smile. Have been trying to follow the March threads from the first one but after a mc last year was too scared to join in case the same happened again and then got really bad sickness and didn't have the energy to keep up or join in. Anyway edd 8th March but this is baby no3 and first two dd's were both induced at 40+14 so I expect the same to happen this time as my body obviously can't be bothered to go into labour naturally hmm.

We are expecting another dd which is great and should be cheaper than if we were having a boy but as we got rid of all the baby stuff 3 months before I got pregnant it's turning out not to be grin, oh well lot's of shopping to do. DD1 is 7 and dd2 will be 5 two days before Christmas so a little bit of a gap but all very excited.

Sorry to everyone feeling poorly. I had cold a couple of weeks ago but it went quite quickly luckily.

Glad everyones scans have been going well and so pleased your inital results were good stealth.

I am feeling exhausted all the time so not doing much with myself while the girls are at school (sahm). I'm sure I wasn't this tired with my first two pg's. Never mind, perhaps I'll start to bloom soon <hopeful>.

Is the stats thread still going? Will go and see if I can find it and add myself. Would love to join the fb group too if that's ok smile.

sundaesundae Wed 07-Nov-12 10:32:49

Welcome Furry!

JoJoBella84 Wed 07-Nov-12 10:36:02

Please don't judge me ladies but I've just had chocolate moose for breakfast with chocolate milkshake... It's all I can face right now!!
May I join in as a fellow pill hater, when I had problems getting pregnant the answer was simple to my gp! Go on the pill and regulate your periods, so I did and suffered with migraines for 6 months.
Not once did my gp mention it could be the pill, instead I was told I was suffering with Stress and put on antidepressants.
Eventually things twigged and I was given the mini pill but that doesn't regulate periods so when I questioned that I was just fobbed off.
I stopped taking them without informing my gp and 4 years later fell pregnant.

sundaesundae Wed 07-Nov-12 10:42:15

Haha, I have had a handful of Heroes and a diet coke!! oops. Just couldn't face toast this morning.

Not feeling well and have to go and see a horrid client now... gah.

I haven't been on the pill since a teenager, condoms have always been the way! I did have a coil for a while but that was a huge and painful (emotionally) disaster. Have been on prozac though, when I was off sick for a year I got a bit down, so a little worried about the PND thing.

Oodthunkit Wed 07-Nov-12 10:55:12

Interesting all the bad reactions to the pill. I was on the mini pill for ages as it controls my mood swings and endometriosis. I can't take the combined one though.

Welcome furry smile

Having a long day today. Am knackered as dd3 keeps yelling wee in the night and then isn't going back to sleep.
Dh let me stay in bed until 7:45 and did school run as dd2 had to be in early so dd3 and I have made cakes, tidied the room which will be hers and made a big pile for the loft, watched the Bob Xmas special again and done a pile of shredding!

manda need to Pm you re FB as I've not got round to joining but FB is a pita at the moment so am not in a rush. I'm a bit boring though as I never put pics of me/kids on

myjobismum Wed 07-Nov-12 10:58:35

Hello ladies! Have read and caught up - so much chat lol!

Well, I ended up in hospital last night for 4 hours after bright red bleeding sad thankfully baby is fine, but meant I picked my two up from school, dropped them off with a family member and didn't get back until DD was fast asleep and just put her straight to bed when we got home and had to put DS straight to bed when we got back too, missed spending any time with them at all yesterday sad anyway they have no idea why I was bleeding, but it stopped so I didn't have to stay in, had to have internal check for cervix with speculum, 2 lots of blood taken and an anti-d injection. BP fine, as is baby's heartbeat <DH got to hear it for the first time, so one positive at least> so is size of baby and movement, so just need to take it easy and have to go back if it starts up again, which I really hope it doesn't!

As for dinners, we are not vegetarians but do eat veggie meals several times a week, just to save money - i.e veg stir fry with noodles, veg soups and casseroles, jackets with beans and cheese etc.

Em2010 Wed 07-Nov-12 11:17:33

myjob sorry to hear about your scare. Must have been very worrying for you. Glad you got everything checked out and all is fine. We also eat quite a bit of veggie food as meat is so expensive and I don't like to buy the low welfare stuff.

jojo and sundae no judgement from me! I had some malt-loaf for breakfast this morning which is essentially just cake! I have also been known to have the odd haribo at brekkie time too blush

Re the pill, I completely agree that it is really pushed very hard as an amazing cure all when it reality I feel it just covers up problems. For years I had irregular periods and the doctors would just say 'well go on the pill and they will be regular' but I didn't care they were irregular I just wanted to know why and if it would effect my ability to have babies!! Anyway, seems at least I was lucky that I didn't have a bad reaction to the combined pill. A wonderful homeopathic doctor managed to get my periods back on track in the end. Ladies be warned though you will be pushed big time (well, at least I was) after you've had your babies as to what form of contraception you will use. I felt like saying 'mind your own business' (celibacy mostly works for me grin)

StormyBrid Wed 07-Nov-12 11:54:44

Welcome Furry! We're due date buddies. grin

Put me in the "sodding minipill, aaargh!" camp, please. I went on it in September last year. They wouldn't let me have the normal one because a) overweight b) smoker and c) family history of embolisms (my dad had one in his leg a few years back). I thought great, it's supposed to stop periods entirely. Hah! Spotting for nine bloody months. It was such a relief when the man agreed I could come off the pill in May, although it does mean I'm a bit worried about what contraception I'll go back to after Stormageddon turns up.

Myjob, blood sounds terrifying. Very glad you're okay and everything's looking good in there.

Really unpleasant baby-dream last night. I had twins, and they were taken away, and I wasn't allowed them back until I could remember what we'd agreed to call them. No problem with the girl twin, but I couldn't think what we were planning to call the boy twin - we haven't got a boy's name since we're not having one. Spent a lot of that dream hysterical and screaming.

Thanks Em, I may have to go and buy some malt loaf now.

JoJoBella84 Wed 07-Nov-12 11:59:36

em my mind just read your last post as 'a wonderful homophobic doctor got my periods back on track'. I was genuinely wondering why he would reveal he was homophobic and if that had anything to do with his desire to fix your periods.... It's going to be a looooooong day in my mind today smile

Em2010 Wed 07-Nov-12 12:29:53

ah jojo i'm giggling now!!! not seen any homophobic doctors (that i'm aware of!)

pinkpeony4 Wed 07-Nov-12 13:03:43

Welcome to the 2 x newbies smile Fox I found my third pregnancy exhausting. I don't feel too bad at the moment but expecting it to hit again soon. I do, however, lead a rock and roll lifestyle and go to bed at 8.30pm everynight!

JoJo I wished that there was a 'like' button when reading your post about breakfast! It sounded delicious!!

Myjobismum that sounded really scary but thank goodness all is Ok. I hope you are managing a restful day today.

I had the mirena coil after ds3 and it was fab. No side effects and I got pregnant with this baby about 2 weeks after it was taken out! It's the second time I have had it and with the first time I didn't have any bleeding for a year - amazing! Going to get one asap after this baby, definitely couldn't cope with 5 Children!

Loving all the recipes on here. I can't wait to get our kitchen back and start cooking again. Currently living off M&S ready meals each night which doesn't feel that healthy! Just had a Heston spiced pastry minced pie which was delicious.

PreggoK8 Wed 07-Nov-12 13:11:01

Hi ladies. It's taken me pretty much my whole lunch break to find the current thread (I'm very out of practive with MN, not been on in a couple of years...)
I will come back on soon and try and catch up a bit and get to know you all x

LexiandBeanette Wed 07-Nov-12 13:13:26

Welcome Furry! Great to have more newbies!
Re: minipill, they vary so much. I've been fine on one, then a doctor changed my brand and it made my eczema go mad, and made me very depressed. They refused to change it as wouldn't believe it was the cause of the problem - I came off it and had relief of symptoms within 3 weeks. I just think the average GP isn't aware of the wide range of side effects.

Just found out that it doesn't look like we will be able to convert our loft after all due to head height and the fact that we won't get planning permission to raise the roof in our area. Am gutted. It means either that Beanette rooms with us, with all her things, and we move during my maternity leave, or we convert DH's office into the nursery, which means his office will have to fit into our (small) bedroom and we won't have anywhere for my parents and family to stay (they live 3.5 hours away). I really don't want to move; we've spent a lot of time and money doing our place up and I really imagined us bringing up the baby in our home. But I am so worried about lack of support and having no way for my family to stay. It sounds really melodramatic but I am sat here at work trying not to cry as I feel very isolated already and really can't face the stress of moving sad

LexiandBeanette Wed 07-Nov-12 13:13:56

PS myjobismum sorry to hear about your hospital trip, glad all is OK and hope you can get some rest x

TeaOperated Wed 07-Nov-12 13:16:40

Hello ladies!

Deep trauma at Tea HQ - our broadband is down! We've tried rebooting, but it looks like there's a problem with our connection, and not with our exchange. I woke up, picked up my ipad to find out the election results, and nothing! Hoping it will magically resolve itself during the day, dreading that it might be them getting confused about us moving house in more than a month... We will see.

Welcome, emisboo

Interesting chat about PND. I know I've had mild undiagnosed depression in the past - only realised what it was after my circumstances had changed and I could look back and realise my thinking had been disordered. Since then I've been lucky and managed to fire off any approaching episodes at the pass by being aware of managing my mood - which tends to reinforce that it's only been mild. But I am worried about PND - it strikes me as a pretty logical reaction to being stuck with a wailing puking baby and no sleep. DH and I, and family, very aware of it. It was in fact one of the reasons for us moving from the flat to a house with a garden - I know when I've had down phases in the past I've been bad at leaving the flat and getting outside, the communal stair feels like an insurmountable obstacle - and so being somewhere I can just step out of the back door into the sunshine, in my jammies and with baby puke in my hair, should help. I'm also going to desperately plug into the NCT network in our new town.

Lovely sounding veggie meals, manda

Flamingo - the paddington bear marmalade challenged was stalled when we ran out of bread on Monday night! He's putting another loaf on tonight (we have a breadmaker) and that should encourage him. Failing that, he's working from home on Friday, I'll just leave the jar and spoon by the laptop!

Can I ask - am I the only person who doesn't get on with BioOil? I find if I use a tiny amount it just disappears too quickly, but if I use a little bit more I feel like a basted turkey. I'm in a maternity bra today so I'm not exactly lifted and separated, and between my boobs still feels greasy... (TMI, sorry!) I'm not entirely sure it's better than stretchmarks ...

mandasand Wed 07-Nov-12 13:22:26

Aww Lexi, chuck. That's crap, really really crap. Do you have a garden that you could extend out into instead? Or put a studio in as an office-cum-sleeping area? How bloody frustrating.

Myjob so, so sorry to hear about your bleeding and all the associated worries. What a nightmare. Glad you and baby are okay though - phew! And do take doctors orders and try to take it easy.

Suburban grey is great! Better than 'Gentle Fawn' which looked great on the tester and much bloody PINKER in the big tubs! Grr, tho am getting used to it now and it will do!

At the Beeb today, digging around in archive stuff. Knackered after another broken night's sleep coughing and weeing, but at least it enabled me to keep abreast of the election results in the US (about which I'm v.v. happy).

welcome lots of newbies! smile

FurryFox Wed 07-Nov-12 13:26:15

Thanks for the welcomes, it's lovely to be part of such a nice group smile Just need to try and keep up with you chatty lot now grin.

myjob Sorry about your scare but glad everything was ok. Fingers crossed you don't get anymore bleeding.

stormy Yay to due date buddies smile. Your dream sounds awful, I've had lots this pregnancy, the one last night was very erotic blush.

pink I'm with you on the early nights, I went up at 8pm last night, left poor dh to do all the jobs and I think I was even asleep before dd1! I'm sure I never felt like this with the first two, just exhausted.

Lexi How stressful and disapointing for you. Can understand why you wouldn't want to move and you certainly don't need the stress. Hope you can come up with a solution that suits.

Who can add me to the fb group please?

mandasand Wed 07-Nov-12 13:26:18

Xposted, Tea! Boo re broadband! But hurray for the very healthy-sounding imminent move smile The privacy of your own garden you can just step out into should make a world of difference. Clever you.

LexiandBeanette Wed 07-Nov-12 13:33:10

Tea I don't like Bio-oil either! Makes me itch and doesn't seem to absorb.
Unfortunately our house (edwardian tiny terrace) is on a slopey, narrow plot so no way to extend out, either. I know I'm lucky to have a home of our own, but I don't understand why for 6 months people have been leading us to believe all was fine, several neighbours have gone into their roof spaces but now we can't?

DH has contacted an architect to get a second opinion but I'm not very hopeful. I guess also we'd planned how everything would fit and it seemed a really good solution, now it feels like we have to start again. As pg wasn't planned, we also have been doing a lot of work on the house, up until really recently, which is all money we probably won't get back. The thought of starting again somewhere else is so exhausting! sad

zigwig Wed 07-Nov-12 13:34:40

tea just wanted to recommend this marmalade cake for you as its simply gorgeous. It's really easy to make too and one of my staple recipes. Leftovers freeze well and it's lush with ice cream or custard.


pinkpeony4 Wed 07-Nov-12 13:35:05

Lexi sorry to hear about your loft plans not being allowed. We have a bedroom shortage now because our au pair has our spare room. I bought an Aerobed which is brilliant. It plugs in to inflate and is double sized & raised. Guests sleep on that in ds2's bedroom and he goes in with ds1 whilst they are here. It's a good option for guests & means you don't need a special guest bedroom.

JoJoBella84 Wed 07-Nov-12 14:10:28

lexi boo to loft plans, but yey to architect... They're very good at finding loopholes smile

Can't go too far back on the phone to name check further. Currently sitting in the hospitals urgent care centre (the local walk in centre has been replaced by this) with my flat mate who is showing all the signs and symptoms of scarlet fever... Joy, yet another contagious pathogen is introduced into our student digs!!!

LexiandBeanette Wed 07-Nov-12 15:10:48

pink I will check that out, thank-you! My father has a lot of problems with his knees and back (he has a blue badge) so a 'normal' airbed etc causes him real problems. The Aerobed might be a good solution for him smile

Em2010 Wed 07-Nov-12 15:16:35

Oh jojo fingers crossed that its not Scarlett fever! You're being a nice friend going with her!

lexi I was wondering if you could sweet talk one of your neighbours who does have a loft extension into letting you have a look at it to see how they managed it? Otherwise hope the architect brings you some joy.

pinkpeony4 Wed 07-Nov-12 15:25:48

Lexi www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B0056FQEPO/ref=redir_mdp_mobile?creative=22206&creativeASIN=B0056FQEPO&linkCode=asn&ref_=asc_df_B0056FQEPO10472433&smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&tag=googlecouk06-21 this is the one we have. My father also has a really bad bank bit said it was ok when he slept on it. You can inflate it so it is very firm.

pinkpeony4 Wed 07-Nov-12 15:26:07

Sorry obviously meant bad back!!

GummiberryJuice Wed 07-Nov-12 16:42:55

Afternoon ladies and hello to all newbies

Myjobis fingers crossed no more scares

Jojo is scarlet fever safe for you?

Lexi grrrrrrrrr re loft, I agree with Em about asking one of your neighbours for advice.

myjobismum Wed 07-Nov-12 17:13:21

Thanks ladies, have seen my midwife today and she seemed very happy with Buttons growth, HB and movement and I seem fine now too, so hoping it was a one off blip and can soon forget it - scary stuff though!

Lexi - oh no! I think best bet overall would be office in your room and baby have the office room as a bedroom - it will work out! As for guests, agree about Aerobeds - if not how about a decent sofa bed in the lounge? that way either the guests could sleep there or you could give them your room and sleep there yourself? Don't panic smile

Hope everyone else is ok - I intended to write more personals, but DD is crying and clinging at me as she has an earache poor poppet, so better go!

OctoberCarrot Wed 07-Nov-12 17:35:05

Lexi. Not sure how long your garden is but would you consider something like this for your dh study?


Friends had one in London which they used as playroom. Worked really well.

Hi to everyone else. Hope all are doing well.

Requested extra appointment with consultant to discuss placenta issue so am meeting him at 930am. We just feel that we were scanned told this is what ou might have and I am just googling getting scary stories so hoping that he will clear up concerns.

DS is busy throwing his Lego box around as I sir here.

DH and I discussed Zachary/Zach As a name last night. Quite like it and it goes well with DSs name I think.

Off to get dinner. No veggies here and dh is so fussy and I am a dreadful cook. He ends up being disappointed a lot!

OC x

Hi all and a big welcome to furry and preggo.

Lexi, that's a right pain about your renovations. Hope you can find a way around it.

myjob glad all is well now after what sounds like a scary experience. Take it steady.

manda we too have gentle fawn in our hall and found it a tad pinker than anticipated!

Jojo hope everything turns out alright with the infected housemate!!

stealth the cardigan story was very touching. It reminds me of my gran a bit. When DD was very small, she showed me an old but pristine toy rabbit she had in a cupboard upstairs in her spare bedroom. She'd bought it when my aunt was pregnant and then after my aunt had several miscarriages an ectopic and then failed IVF, the poor old rabbit just stayed in the cupboard. My aunt is the youngest of my Dad's siblings and the only girl and was never able to have a baby. And my gran never told her about the rabbit, so to this day, she doesn't know. sad

Just to add to contraception debate, have been on about 10 different brands of the pill and also the injection snd the implant and didn't really like many of them! The only one I did like was dianette and they would let me take that for long because I didn't have acne! hmm

Have also had mirena coil which I loved. Same as pink, really suited me and no bleeding for about 3years. If I can't persuade DH to go for the snip after this baby arrives, I might opt for the coil again.

Have felt shocking this afternoon. I walked into town at lunch to get a few bits and really felt like I was getting round ligament pain, was really uncomfy. Then got back to the office and just felt terrible, thought I was going to pass out and could hardly keep my eyes open. Left at 4.30 so managed to get home by 545 ish and have had my feet up for a few hours. Feel a bit better for it, but winder if it's just a combination of still having cold, lots of stretching going on and being knackered from getting up at 6am today and yesterday... Woe is me... grin

Am going to try to get an early night, hope that will help.

LexiandBeanette Wed 07-Nov-12 20:34:00

Thanks everyone. October they look gorgeous but I don't think we have room! Love the name Zach and hope that the consultant appt goes well.
JoJo scarlet fever - eek!
Ethel hope you have a good rest. The round ligament pain is surprisingly bad sometimes, isn't it?
Am feeling very down still - sure I am being pregnant and melodramatic but I feel really upset. I think it's made me think more about how little family support we have round here. DH has given me lots of cake and is telling me to be less of a pessimist - we shall see what happens I guess sad

lexi I can sympathise. Our nearest family are an hour away and not particularly hands on. However, I found that we created our own support newtotk with people we met through NCT and neighbours etc. At the point at which DD was born, we'd been living in York for just over a year, so had very few good friends here. I actually found it quite surprising which of our circle really stepped up to the mark and helped us out when we needed it. I am still very envy of people who have willing family and friends on their doorstep.

Em2010 Wed 07-Nov-12 21:22:02

Aw lexi I really feel for you. When we had ds we didn't have any friends round here but I can't tell you how amazing babies are for making new friends! I have such a good support network of friends in our village now and we all say the same thing - that we didn't know anyone before we had our babies! Nct is really good too! You will get there- promise!!

ethel hope you feel better soon.

Was hoping for a bit of reassurance- I slipped down the stairs, quite hard, about an hour ago. Felt like I'd jarred my whole body although I don't think my tummy took much impact. Baby has been quiet today anyway which isn't helping reassure me much- do you guys think she'll be ok after my fall? Do you think I'd have known by now if I'd done anything to hurt her? Arghh! Worry..

Em I would ring the hospital just to be on the safe side. X

Em2010 Wed 07-Nov-12 21:29:56

Aw lexi I really feel for you. When we had ds we didn't have any friends round here but I can't tell you how amazing babies are for making new friends! I have such a good support network of friends in our village now and we all say the same thing - that we didn't know anyone before we had our babies! Nct is really good too! You will get there- promise!!

ethel hope you feel better soon.

Was hoping for a bit of reassurance- I slipped down the stairs, quite hard, about an hour ago. Felt like I'd jarred my whole body although I don't think my tummy took much impact. Baby has been quiet today anyway which isn't helping reassure me much- do you guys think she'll be ok after my fall? Do you think I'd have known by now if I'd done anything to hurt her? Arghh! Worry..

GummiberryJuice Wed 07-Nov-12 21:31:46

Em I would ring, you are only going to worry

Em2010 Wed 07-Nov-12 21:32:11

Oh sorry! silly phone just posted twice for me! Thanks ethel just eating something now which is at lest making her wriggle.

LexiandBeanette Wed 07-Nov-12 21:44:13

Em I'm sure baby is OK as they are well padded in there, however I'd call if you are anxious. Hope you aren't too shaken! And thanks for sharing your experience, definitely makes me feel better to hear that.

em I had a fall when pg with ds2. I am a sleepwalker and I was dreaming that ds1 was in our bed and about to fall out (he was in his cot!) and in my sleep I knelt up on the edge of the bed, leant to get him and fell out of bed myself flat on the floor on my tummy. I had an appt anyhow the next day with a consultant for earlier on problems and she said it is never silly to ring and ask if you have fallen and are concerned about baby. So I would ring your midwife if you are at all concerned, they will not think you are silly!!!

Love all the chat but finding it hard to keep up with u all!

You ladies talking about York - I just got the train up from London to York and am now tucked up in the house I grew up in in Knaresborough for the night. Sadly am here for my aunt's funeral but its still lovely to be back up here - and without kids!!!!!! A whole night of unbroken sleep! I don't be woken by ds1 dropping his teddies, or anyone needing a wee, or dh's alarm at 5.15 or ds3 getting up at 6!!! In fact have asked my dad to wake me up at 9.30 if I haven't stirred by then!!!! Woo hoooo sleeeeeeep!!!!

Then am back to London tomorrow night and then off to look at school in Reigate on Friday as planning to move there in the summer (escaping London to get more room for Kids to run around in). Going to be all change in our household next year!!!

Can't really comment on the pill - think I was on dianette but it was years ago! I am extremely old......

mandasand Wed 07-Nov-12 22:05:11

It's only the opening credits to One Born and am already teary ... !

Will try to catch up in between times.

Stealth, my friend teaches at a school in Reigate. It's a state boarding school with primary and secondary on one site. Assume it's probs not that one! grin

Em2010 Wed 07-Nov-12 22:09:30

Right! I have spoken to the hospital! I am feeling slightly reassured! They said just to keep an eye on the situation re movement, bleeding, pains etc which are all fine at the moment- I think my knees and shoulders seemed to have taken the brunt! Thank you all for the advice Lovely Ladies!

stealth sorry to hear about your aunts funeral but hope you enjoy your night of peace and quiet!

Has One born every minute started again or is it reruns???

mandasand Wed 07-Nov-12 22:40:29

Hope the 2nd architect works out, Lexi, and great ideas here about seeing how your neighbours went about it.

On family are far away, we are in Oxford and both sides of family in NW, so it's a big old trip (3-4 hrs each way). I really wish they were closer, or we were, but there's just not the jobs for us (especially me) up north. There might be something when I get up to the next level (five years time?) but that's a long way off, not least in terms of parents' health etc...

Em ouch, poor you! I reckon babies are really well protected but could you get a MW appt just for reassurance? But the fact she is wriggling sounds very good to me!

Glad you had good reassurance from MW, Myjob.

Ethel, funny about you having Gentle Fawn too! Hope you get a good night's sleep and feel better tmrw.

You sleep well too Stealth smile. Hope auntie's funeral goes as well as these things can.

One Born is on More 4 - not one I've seen before so probs new? Like Grand Designs I've generally seen most of them at least once!

Crap day here. Feeling bit sorry for self but telly is helping.

mandasand Wed 07-Nov-12 23:04:53

no, it can't have been a new one because I've seen the one they've advertised for next week...

ThreeForTea Wed 07-Nov-12 23:08:04

Just read 11 pages blush Things have been quite full on this week, lots to do at work, dd being a pickle and had to put house back together after dh's weekend of DIY!

stealth I am SO happy for you with good test result, hope you can really enjoy rest of this pregnancy now smile

sundae well done for getting through scan yest. I totally felt the fear at my first two scans after prevent pregnancy. Yay for team pink.

tramp and manda may well have to try youses recipies out sometime!

Hi to everyone old and new! <waves>

So anyone else started having morning sickness at 22 weeks, actual being sick?? It's official, I'm a freak aren't I? ;) still find it an improvement on the terrible constant nausea of before 14 weeks, at least fairly predictable!

mandasand Wed 07-Nov-12 23:15:24

Hey Three! I didn't have any sickness, just nausea in 1st trimester. 2nd trimester's been clear of that too, except I have had a strong urge to barf on three occasions over past few days. I am resolutely ignoring it though as Ir efuse to get morning sickness now!!

theTramp Wed 07-Nov-12 23:56:31

No vomiting here either but I do get days where the nausea randomly returns, or I just have absolutely zilch energy. Ive started to think I'm suffering sugar crashes. It's not like me to eat/drink so
Much sweet stuff (although I'm more likely to have a pain au Faisal than haribo for breakfast smile ) and there seems to def be a slump. More slow release energy foods needed I think.

My day improved but chuff me it was bloody busy. Ended with Bafta screening of Hitchcock, with Q&A with Hopkins and Mirren who are great in it. I was surprised by what a good film it was actually. The script is warm, funny, touching and insightful. The cast v good and I would merrily recommend it to anyone. In my top 10 for the year.

Em - glad you're ok, fall must have been scary. It's amazing how well insulated the wee ones are though.

Myjob - eek! So pleased you went straight to hospital and were checked out. Not what you want at all. Really happy you and baby are a ok.

Lexi - what a sod your extension news is. Bah! I can only echo others sentiment, pop along to a neighbours and see what they did and get architect to think up something cunning. Unless all your neighbours are umpa lumpas of course...?

London to Reigate. Bloomin heck, serious lifestyle change. I thought MrM and I were being daring moving from zone 1 to zone 3, and an unknown quantity no less, last year. Mind you we moved to an amazing house, so fact that area and neighbours are fab too has turned out to be the unexpected and now invaluable bonus. Still, Reigate?!?!!!

Re: pill. Thank goodness I'm not alone. Seriously so many female friends not one of whom has had any bloody problems with the pill. I HATE the way it's peddled. I'm sick of the general lack of understanding or rather desire to understand what is going on with female bodies. Everything gets blamed on periods, hormones or lack thereof. No thought or consideration as to why unless you push and hard. I've used condoms as preferred contraception for years (male whining not tolerated) and yet Drs will go on at me as if I'm dicing with reproductive death. Not that I'm shagging around, but were I to do so condoms are way more effective at aiding against STDs etc than the bloody pill. Grrrr. Just let them try to shove the pill, the coil or anything else down my throat post birth. Condoms or snip period.

I'm sort of opposite you lot on the family being nearby thing. Support network def counts for a lot But I like distance. So fact that family aren't up the road is a positive for me. Yes it's handy for childcare etc and prhaps I'll rethink this view post Socs arrival, but I doubt it. I think I'm a v social hermit in this respect.

Hello to all lurkers who've delurked.

Manda - hope tomorrow's a better day.

Right I'm off to sleep, apols to all I've forgotten to name check, but hi de Ho Lanny and tea.

StormyBrid Thu 08-Nov-12 00:15:53

I think I win the family-close-by competition - we're at number 4, and my brother's at number 7. A shame we're planning to move, as it would be handy having a babysitter on call and so close! Not likely to move more than a mile though, and as I grew up here there's parents and friends around too. Sister's four hundred miles away though. sad

Re energy levels and general knackeredness, I've found this past week I'm surprisingly energetic, for the first time in months. Today I've been out cycling, actually done housework (!), danced about the kitchen like a lunatic, cooked tea, and been out for a drink - not long ago just nipping to the corner shop wore me out. And I can't help but notice this newfound energy coincides with me giving up junk food again last week. Noticed the same thing when I wasn't pregnant too. Definitely sleepy now though. Bed awaits!

OctoberCarrot Thu 08-Nov-12 07:10:03

My MIL lives in the same small Dublin suburb that she was born in which I find so strange. My FIL met her when he went to borarding school with her brohter in same suburb. Their retirement house shares it's back wall with the same school! DH is one of 6children and they all live within a 3 mile radius. Despite this closeness and the fact we get on very well my Inlaws never call in and I am not keen in popping in without DH so we don't actually see them that often. So you can be close but not actually see lots of them ifykwim?

I see lots of my Mum which is nice.

Unfortunately DH has work issues so am off to consultant on my own with DS in tow. Pain as the last time he caused chaos and I need to focus on questions and answers. Too early o get my mum to come over I think too and Thursday is golf day!

Em2010. Hope you are feeling ok after your fall.

OC x

Oodthunkit Thu 08-Nov-12 07:19:30

My family is v small. My mum was an only & I'm an only hence my big family and I only see one aunt/uncle/cousin on my Dads side. None v far. One cousin is about 40 mins away but home often and everyone else is within 20 mins. We moved 4 years ago 10 miles away and my parents followed us last year so are now a 5 min walk.

Oodthunkit Thu 08-Nov-12 07:22:01

lexi are you in a conservation area/listed? Usually if one neighbour has something done then others get passed easily. Get the planning officer to do a site visit, ours is v good ( listed building) and will tell us ways that would be allowed.

zoeymlucas Thu 08-Nov-12 07:29:43

Sorry for no posts yesterday was DS1 10th birthday and was a totally hectic day- ended up with a killer headache and in bed just after 8 and then tossed and turned all night until I gave up at 5 and got up feeling even worse than last night!!! Plus have a stock take tonight so working late which sucks arsesorry
I have gone through everyone's posts but am totally brain dead today so sorry sad

tramp I haven't stopped being sick and retching if baby has had enough or just don't fancy eating that, it's driving me mad!!!

God luck Amanda my little scan buddy will look forward to news of your 2 smile my scan is at 8.30 and can't wait as been having a lot of pain last few days soo hoping it's in head and scn will prove it smile anyone else with appointments/ scans good luck x

Will try and catch up properly later after some tablets and a coffee

theTramp Thu 08-Nov-12 09:26:06

Aw Zoey you poor thing. Non stop nausea is just awful. Wearing and awful. Bah humbug as they say.

Clothes crisis this morning. 3 dresses now out of action. Bump growth spurt means they've gone from short to baby doll nighty in less than a week. Curses! I'm getting wee bit bored of my wardrobe, not sure I can survive on 3 dresses, one jumper, one top & one pair of trousers for much longer. (sigh).

tramp Reigate isn't as batty as it sounds. My brother and his wife and 4 boys live there and have done for over 20 years! I am from North Yorkshire and my dh from Suffolk and or parents are still there. One of my bros still North Yorkshire. I have been in London since 1996 and really miss having any family at all closer than an hour away.
So Reigate - good commute for dh into canary wharf, close to my brother, kids will go to a school with their cousins (to The Hawthorns school - looks like we can get ds1 into yr 1 and ds2 into reception next year), I am not going back to work after this baby so I will have some family to help me transition to a very different lifestyle. Also got lots of friends moved within a 20 min radius of the town. We know we can get a fab house there so it's just a no brained really. Have been humming and ha-ing over it for a few years and finally decided to just do it. We are developing our house in London first though so that we can sell up, buy a lovely house in Reigate and be mortgage free so I don't have to worry about not bringing in a salary. I have worked for 17 years so feel very nervous sbout so many changes - and I know with 4 children under 6 it will be hard at first. We are thinking we may consider an au pair once we got settled....

Sheldonella Thu 08-Nov-12 09:49:26

Morning all, sorry for the reduced posting this week. Work has been tiring me out and I've had no energy at all. I also now have hip pain so have been going to bed early to get comfy.
All of my weekend orders have arrived now so I have all my nappies, a sling and some new books. Very exciting although I think I'll leave reading the birth book until closer to the time as I've been feeling a bit freaked out by the thought of it blush Next on my shopping list is probably a breast pump and a couple of bottles.
I cant't remeber who started the pill discussion but I had no idea how many women it didn't suit. I've tried 8 and they all had nasty side effects so gave up on it about 3 years ago. Dianette the best but had to stop because of migraines, cerazette made me bleed non stop for 3 months (erm, definitely effective as a contraceptive then). Not sure what I will do after the baby is born.
tramp I think mine has suddenly had a growth spurt too as I noticed my bump looking much bigger in my trusty grey dress. I was trying to avoid more shopping but I think it is inevitable.
Lexi That must be frustrating with the extension. Definitely get more opinions as it must be possible if neighbours have done it. I know how you feel about family too - mine are all at least a couple of hours away and my parents don't drive. I'm hoping the NCT works out as a nice support network.
Good luck with the scans zoey and manda.
Three Sorry to hear you have sickness at this stage. Could it be a bug? I hope it doesn't stick around.
Em Glad to hear you are ok after the fall and that you called the hospital.
Hi to everyone else and welcome newbies!
I have another midwife appointment today but will hopefully get to reading and posting more after that.

theTramp Thu 08-Nov-12 10:00:26

Dianette has a bunch of v nasty side effects including, if you're on it for too long, clotting. Dianette gave me migraines too. Not that the Dr paid any attention but despite being a teen I was quite adamant. According to Dr it was just "stress". Yes, stress that magically appeared after starting to take dianette. Anyway - days long gone.

I am with you on the was hoping not to need to buy more but looking like no choice. Such a pain. I did buy two tops from pretty pregnant last week, stupidly without trying them on. Neither is long enough. Bah!

Sheldonella Thu 08-Nov-12 10:10:33

Heh yes, I'd never had a migraine before taking Dianette. I was a student and ended up going to the 24 hour nurse on campus wondering what on earth had happened to me as I couldn't see! Was very frightening.

LexiandBeanette Thu 08-Nov-12 10:20:00

Tramp am also getting bored of wardrobe due to baby growth spurt. Cannot wait to be able to look at normal clothes again!

Thanks for all the loft extension advice, you are all lovely. Am feeling a bit calmer today. We have the architect coming round later but DH said he sounded optimistic on the phone and has done lots of similar work in the area. It will be worth paying a bit extra on the construction if we can go ahead with our plans! Our house is nothing special but we've poured a lot of heart into making it our own, neither of us want to move.

Manda the work problem is exactly why we can't move. Plus we have DH's Nan (his only family) in Essex and my folks in Somerset so nowhere is perfect! Hopefully all us nomads will meet fab local mums at the NCT or similar smile So glad for this group as well!

Oodthunkit Thu 08-Nov-12 10:40:56

Place marking to check I can post

ThreeForTea Thu 08-Nov-12 11:18:23

I was on dianette for a couple of years, loved the good skin effect but doc took me off for reasons tramp mentioned and put me on yasmin. Think could also be that yasmin is cheaper though. Never had problems with dianette but have never got on with any other pill. Had an implant for a couple of months which I loved, but which dh made me have taken out because he claimed it was making me awful to live with! I still suspect that that was him just looking for an excuse for issues in our first year of marriage though grin Still if I hadn't had it removed we wouldn't have dd already!

Dreading having to go on mini pill as can never seem to stick to the hour window that keeps it effective. Think my contraception may well be the kids I have already for a little while after ds is born!

There's almost noone in the office today, think my boss seems to be off having his baby, exiting, though three weeks early so sooner than expected.

mandasand Thu 08-Nov-12 11:39:21

Zoey, further to FB thoughts, do you think your pain of late is the infection, rather than cervix thinning? That might make sense? Hope it clears v. soon, once you start meds, and that you start feeling much better. <hug>

Stealth your life-to-be in Reigate sounds so lovely!

Lexi got my fingers tightly crossed that new architect, with his local experience, will be able to give you what you need. Sounds positive! And glad you're feeling a bit better today smile

My cervix scan went okay today. Has got a bit shorter (4cm something to 37mm) but she wasn't at all concerned about that. I learnt that the babies are currently both head down, so all the (quite big!) kicks I can feel way above my belly button are feet! They were very active, both extending their arms out to each other in a funny way. Saw an amazing, fleeting face shot of one. Just astonishing. Really looking like babies! (I don't know why I'm surprised!) Pics on FB. Had to wait 30 mins for my thyroxin prescription to be processed, but in the meantime we discovered the good cafe on the hospital grounds; DH very happy he can get a good bacon sarnie there for £2.50 and made a mental note for later!

theTramp Thu 08-Nov-12 11:47:34

Sorry should have said - Reigate life sounds grand, just massive lifestyle change and I think you're v brave.

Manda - awwww.


zoeymlucas Thu 08-Nov-12 12:11:16

Yeah Manada I put on here a few days ago I had some bubbling and shooting pains but thought it was prob normal and I just dont know what normal feel likes confused - I thought his feet were down there but nope its his head firmly down in my pelvis which consultant said wasnt really helpful, lol! I didnt sleep at all last night to be honest and woke with the headache I went to bed with so that prob didnt help this morning so I just sat there and burst into tears - still teary but mostly exhausted which dont help at all and I am sure I will feel better after a nice snooze!

Glad your scan went well and both your little beans are doing well - its amazing how 'real' they look now - my scan picture of him yawning was weird as had his eyes open and could see his tongue, he then was swallowing alot so consultant said just waking up and could see his botom jaw opening - little monkey totally unaware of all the stress going on! Glad your DH has a plan for eating - our hospital has a costa so my DH goes there ALOT!!

Lexi and Tramp if you are bored of your wardrobe now, you are going to have a very long few months til feb/march! grin by the end last time I was in leggings, jobbers and strtchy tops as even my mat trousers wouldn't fit me. Deep joy.

There is a nice dress on marks and spencers maternity page. I don't need to describe it cos they only have about three things!

Hope all ok, will catch up properly later. Just off on my lunch and hoping I don't feel as crap after it, as I did yesterday!

ThreeForTea Thu 08-Nov-12 12:28:46

Your pics are lush manda smile

zoey I hope you feel better soon, I'm sure being able to sleep would help, poor you.

Oodthunkit Thu 08-Nov-12 12:41:18

Awww manda

Y YY to boring mat wardrobe!

LexiandBeanette Thu 08-Nov-12 12:42:42

Hugs to Sheldon, Ethel and Zoey - hope you both feel less poorly/pained soon.
stealth Reigate sounds lovely!
manda fab to hear great scan news, too.

pinkpeony4 Thu 08-Nov-12 14:08:07

Stealth your move sounds lovely. We have lots of friends who have moved out from here (we live in zone 2) and the amount of space they now have makes me so jealous. London gardens are rubbish. We have two massive commons close by but it's not the same as having a large garden of your own to throw the children out into! We got our first au-pair in August and she is amazing, totally changed my life and allowed me more one on one time with each boy which is fab.

Hope you feel better soon Zoey, Sheldonella & Ethel

Manda great news about your scan. My cervix was 38mm at 22 weeks so yours sounds good smile how lovely to be able to compare cervix length!

Tramp I feel your pain about maternity clothes. I hate them. This time I have been wearing leggings which are seriously comfy. H&M have good over the bump ones which stay up. I wear them with jumper dresses from Whistles which I had pre-pregnancy or long line tops & cardigans. Fed up with jeans I am always hoisting up.

Lexi good luck with the architect

Just had my 24 week midwife appointment. I am loving home appointments! With my last pregnancies I had to drive to the middle of some horrid estate in Lambeth where the apts always ran late and were at a really inconvenient time like nap time. Home appointments at the time I choose are so much easier. Anyway all was well. hb was 144bpm. She said she has never delivered a baby where the sonographer got the sex wrong so hopefully i'm not the first!

I was chatting to a Mum at ds2's nursery this morning and I asked whether she had boys or girls and she said 4 boys & 3 girls - 7 Children!!! shock shock She looked incredible too, thin, make up, immaculate clothes etc.. The oldest is 10 and she has no help at all. My midwife delivered some of her babies and said that she gives birth and has a shower then gets dressed and does the school run. Wowsers!!!

Sheldonella Thu 08-Nov-12 14:33:40

Back from midwife. My blood pressure is lower still at 118/56 which explains why I have been feeling lightheaded! Got to hear the heartbeat unexpectedly too which was lovely smile
pink Home appointment sounds lovely, I would love that. Lady with 7 children? Wow!
Thanks for the nice wishes. I do feel better today. I told the midwife about my hip pain and she asked me know much I am on my feet. I told her that I walk 2-3 miles every lunch time and she was shocked and suggested I cut down blush

theTramp Thu 08-Nov-12 14:39:16

7 children.. Does she live in a shoe?! smile

zoeymlucas Thu 08-Nov-12 14:43:01

Hi Sheld sorry to be a pain but I REALLY dont understand blood pressure and whats normal and not so hoping you can help mine was 104/60 last week and 101/60 today and hae been feeling crap/ill for a couple of weeks now - is that low or normal range?

Oodthunkit Thu 08-Nov-12 14:43:30

sheldon don't stand up too quick with that BP

Oodthunkit Thu 08-Nov-12 14:46:02

zoey sounds low to me. Was explained to me once as approx 100+ age over approx 80. I have problems with my BP and the bottom number goes up ( at about 100 dr starts twitching!). BP is lower in pg though.

Who is a nurse on here? Sure there was one. Id like to know of I've been told right!

Sheldonella Thu 08-Nov-12 14:49:08

zoey that is on the low side but fairly normal for pregnancy I think. If the numbers go below 90/60 that is classed as abnormally low according to what I've read. You only need to worry if you go over waht ood said. Mine is usually on the high side when not pg so this is all very unusual for me. I'm having these extra checks due to the previous high blood pressure.
Is it lanny that is the nurse?

zoeymlucas Thu 08-Nov-12 15:09:42

When not ppregnant mine is about 130 /something which is about right I suppose as am 28 and reading notes thats what it was at booking in appointment - google said if you have an infection it tends to be higher as your body is working hard to fight it - step AWAY from Dr google

ThreeForTea Thu 08-Nov-12 15:27:29

Pink can understand that you'd be used to the proceedure by baby 7, but I think that more than 5 puts you in a new risk catagory and you have to stay longer in hosp and have a special drip, don't think they let you go on school run really. Cramming in 7 under 10 though, that's impressive!

So boss has had little baby boy! smile saw a picture, he's an absolute cities, bless.

ThreeForTea Thu 08-Nov-12 15:29:27

Haha that's meant to be cutie, not cities!

ThreeForTea Thu 08-Nov-12 15:32:53

pink sorry that message sounds mean! was laughing at idea when I wrote it tho, sorry! smile

theTramp Thu 08-Nov-12 15:35:49

I like idea of his being an absolute cities. smile

My BP was 100/70 which was fine apparently. If you're worried call MW and ask for check up.

Zoey - am wondering if general rubbishness feeling is just general stress and a bit of infection that your bodies trying to fight. Again, can you go for quick check up? BP, iron levels etc all part of it. But you do seem to be under a lot of pressure, physical and work wise, which def saps energy. Please look after yourself as well as bump, babies & hubby..

OctoberCarrot Thu 08-Nov-12 15:38:06

Appointment went well. consultant said there is nothing they can do about accreta except plan closer to the time when/if it is diagnosed. And if it is confirmed in January then yes it is serious and will involve hospital stay, early delivery and potential hysterectomey. But these are all still ifs so going to put it out of my mind. Nothing I can do/take to stop it. He has put me in his high risk clinic so will see him every 3 weeks. Warned me to come early though as the drug addicts clinic is afterwards and it is better to be gone before they arrive.... Oh and he knows my uncle. Ireland is a small world!

Reigate sounds like a lovely lifestyle. So lucky with the choice in London and surrounding area. We just dont have anything like that here.

Having a very trying day and just fed up specifically with DH. He is just not pulling his weight at all and I am getting pretty miffed with it all. He is also off to a stag on Sat morning so no break this weekend. And he had the cheek to suggest I call into his dad so he can see DS. Are you f****ing kidding me. And to top it all off I dropped my mobile into the toilet so out of action and am uncontactanble to the outside world.

Sorry for all the moaning. Deep breaths. Tomorrow is another day! I am off to make a chicken pie. Hopefully will taste nice.

Hope everyone else's day is going better.

Oc x

sundaesundae Thu 08-Nov-12 15:45:59

I read that as children pie... I thought it was an extreme solution.

Moan away Oc, it is what we are here for! FX you don't have accreta.

We have beef stew for dinner, made it 2 minutes this morning, I put in half a bag of frozen casserole veg, a pack of frozen stewing steak, half a pint of stock and a half bottle of red.

Came home an hour ago and it smells awesome!

zoeymlucas Thu 08-Nov-12 15:57:24

Your prob right Tramp I am just someone who keeps going till they break - litrally! Despite everything this morning and them wanting me to stay in I still trundled into work straight after and have sat at my desk like a grumpy git ever since just trying to get stuff done!!
However I have emailed boss about working from home over next few weeks and despite being sat in the office 10 steps away he replied we will talk about it on MOnday!!

GummiberryJuice Thu 08-Nov-12 15:59:41

Children pie lol

October relax and spoil yourself and ds this weekend

Sundae stew sounds yummy we are having quick cheat chicken pasta, its my quick comfort food, a packet of schwartz chicken supreme, chicken, bacon and mushrooms, pasta and loads of cheese, dd1 takes some into school for lunch the next day

Zoey again plenty of rest please

Can't remember what else I was going to say

Baby on a quiet day, so tried to copy a couple of you and made a big cup of hot chocolate, nothing, so I shall now blame you for unnecessary calories wink

pinkpeony4 Thu 08-Nov-12 16:57:03

Three my midwife just does homebirths and the woman with 7 has had 6 homebirths! Still very hard to believe she would go and do the school run after giving birth but you do get that adrenaline high don't you? I however milk it and try and have as much rest time I can!

myjobismum Thu 08-Nov-12 17:04:49

Zoey - my BP was that at my appointment yesterday <well 100/60> and MW said although low is still on the lower end of normal, so try not to worry, everyone is different though!

Octobercarrot - sounds so scary re the accreta sad I really hope it is all ok, sounds like you are being really sensible about it!

Wow pink! 7 children and then dashing off to the school run, well done her!

Manda - yay for amazing scan, so pleased to hear that!

Sorry, am really struggling to keep up, have been so busy! all seems to have settled here though, baby lovely and active and no more bleeding thank goodness! My bump and back are really achy though, same for my hips - is more uncomfortable than painful though, maybe I just need to slow down a bit!

theTramp Thu 08-Nov-12 18:00:50

Myjob - well your pelvis is starting to loosen an widen in prep for birth and your back is coping with that an increased weight, so not surprising. I cannot recommend highly enough how nice a pregnancy massage is in easing up aches & pains a bit.

Oct - well done you on dealing with what you can deal with and not worrying about ifs & could be's. Sounds like they're looking after you well at hospital. Now time for your DH to step up. Can I suggest you book yourself a pamper day. Hair cut, nails done, foot massage, friend for lunch.. And just let him know date, fact that he's in charge of kids and that on day xyz needs to be done. Serving of own medicine and all that .. smile

Zoey - go see MW and/or doctor. Explain what's going on. Get something in writing from them re: you need xyz for health reasons. Walk into meet with boss Monday. Allow him to say his piece. Present him with Dr note and explain - if I'm to continue to manage work load to high standard I and you expect this is what needs to happen: I work from home 2 days a week. I leave daily at 4pm (arrive at ?). You and I start planning & implementing maternity cover. We agree parameters where I assist whilst on mat leave. We do this now or based on what Dr is saying I'll keep going as I am until I collapse and have to be signed off on long term sick which is of no practical benefit to either of us.

Sound doable? Or at least something along those lines. Just make sure you walk in prepared! Or I'm going to get cross with you young lady.

Loving sounds of warming pies and stews comfort food dinners. Think it'll be salad for MrM and I tonight. Have been wee bit comfort food heavy last few days, a little balance required following Chinese take away Tues and Yo Sushi last night. Oops.

Hopeeveryone has their feet up this evening for well deserved rest.

myjobismum Thu 08-Nov-12 18:32:42

Tramp - yes that is what I keep telling myself, all normal and just one of those things I have to put up with lol! Also, much as I would LOVE a pregnancy massage, I sadly have neither the money nor the time to indulge in anything of the sort sad never mind lol!

Oodthunkit Thu 08-Nov-12 18:33:07

zoey If you don't look after yourself you'll break and/or have a v early baby. Better to take time off. Or get a fit note from GP saying you can only work X amount of hours/days etc.

theTramp Thu 08-Nov-12 18:46:15

Myjob - pre baby two nights out a week and one bottle of wine in pub each night = min £40. Which = min £120 a month. Which is way less than pregnancy massage...

> helping? This is how my spending logic works smile

lannyshrops Thu 08-Nov-12 18:54:11

Evening all!
Glad DS had a good party yesterday, but boo to feeling unwell and being busy today zoey, you deserve chocolate!!
Sorry to hear you are so tired sheldon working FT and being preggo is not fun is it??
Hooray for scan manda and bacon butties! yummy!
october sounds like you are having a grotty time at the moment, you too deserve chocolate!

Re BP - I am the nurse! soey you have been correclt informed! As a general rule, 'normal' is about 120-150/60 -80 but depends on what is 'normal' for you. If the top number is less than 100 then you can feel a but unwell and also if the bottom number is greater than 100. Can cause various problems with other systems in the body due to high or low pressure. I am more than happy to explain anything in depth if anyone wants to inbox me x

re pill, Iwas on for years but suddenly started having hot sweats so came off it and they all went. I've not been on it for a year and used condoms before falling pg. I really don't want to go back on when LO is born but equally it's the hormones I dont want to take. I really, REALLY dont like condoms so any suggestions welcome! Did someone mention a copper coil which has no hormones?? Fertility and family planning not my bag!

Lots of movement to report at this end, at last!! Anterior placenta really masks things! Was in a meeting yesterday morning and had a lovely filter coffee, forgetting about the caffine, LO LOVED that! I was being well and truly booted afterwards! She even made me yelp at one point - bit embarassing!

lannyshrops Thu 08-Nov-12 18:54:51

Not soey cleary zoey! Sorry for typos, I really should check before posting!

mandasand Thu 08-Nov-12 18:58:32

Zoey hope you managed a snooze and feel a bit better. I love your yawny scan pic! Ours did a lot of swallowing (think the caffeine I had this morning had already woken them up!) I love knowing about the orientation because then I can interpret the kicks much better. Like you, I have a tendency to keep going with things past the point that is sensible. Exemplified in my attitude to something like decorating. I'd rather keep going till 2am and get a particular job done whereas DH will start off knowing he will finish at 10pm and start packing up at five to ten! Different work ethics, hehe! I used to work till the early hours all the time when single but that has gradually changed since we got together and now I'm pregnant I do try to listen to my body as much as I can. I get really frustrated at my lower energy, but think it's important not to stress my body out too much. V. approve of Tramp's tough love talking - do you think you can do that on Monday? Sounds v.g. plan.

I had early lunch once DH went to work after the scan … and then fell asleep on the sofa for two hours! Managed a bit of work but at 5pm had irresistible urge to sleep again, but also a real craving for salt and vinegar crisps so to satisfy that and to wake myself up I've just been to the Coop! Hopefully I can fit another 30 mins of work in before DH arrives home.

October I think I missed your first post about accreta and had to look it up. Does sound fairly serious, but best to be forewarned and there's quite a bit to go yet so I think you're right not to dwell on it yet. Great that you will get looked at regularly from now on. Ahem, re your DH's lack of weight-pulling! It took mine a few weeks to realise pregnancy wasn't just a state of mind and was having a big impact on my body, energy levels, hormones etc, but once he understood that he's been absolutely great. Took a little while renegotiating things though. Hope you can get yours more on board.

Funny about comparing notes on our cervix length, Pink! I had no idea they were so long in the first place! I'd have guessed at about 1 cm, but it's so reassuring to know that our babies are relatively safely tucked up in there.

Sheldon, gosh, no wonder you've been feeling lightheaded! Mine was similar at Tuesday's hospital appt, 110/60, which for me is ridiculously low as, similar to you, I'm usually borderline high! I hope it doesn't get any lower shock Think you may have to cut down on the lunchtime strolls, though! wink

Gummi don't worry about baby's quiet day. Sonographer today said mine were facing all limbs in which is why it's been a bit quiet on the belly front smile

Myjob I'm with you on the backache! Can't sit still with it, and the osteopath doesn't seem to be helping. She spends a lot of time trying to straighten my pelvis out (which is never going to happen as I've got mild scoliosis of the spine and I'm naturally a bit wonky all over) when really I want her to dig her fingers into my back muscles! I'm blessed having this natural health centre at the bottom of the road, but perhaps it would have been better going back to my normal clinic where they know my foibles… I decided to go local because I should be able to continue going even when I'm too huge to move, and she specialises in pregnancy, but it's twice the price of the clinic I normally go to (students training up to be osteopaths, supervised by the best in town). But, actually, a cab there and back would be the same as going local. Ah well, I feel a bit locked in with her now as she's (hopefully) going to fit me into her pregnancy yoga class with another expectant twin mum too... Is there anything like a trainee clinic near you? I get an hour there for £20 which is a lot better than £40! Or try a hot water bottle which has really been helping me. Or physio on NHS? My appt came through fairly quickly (altho once a month appts aren't going to have a great deal of impact).

Lots of hearty tea plans! We're having vegetable and lentil stew. I can't even face chopping and stuff so DH says he will give me a hand when he gets in. 6 Music, a swig of his Speckled Hen, a bit of a cuddle and I'm sure I'll perk up!

Happy evenings one and all!

mandasand Thu 08-Nov-12 19:00:13

Lanny hello! Laughing at your coffee-induced kicks in your meeting yesterday grin

OctoberCarrot Thu 08-Nov-12 19:26:07

Thanks for all the support I really appreciate it. I hope DH gets more onboard with everything. He is a great husband and dad but a bit old fashioned!!! Being stay at home mum doesn't really suit me so I struggle to do the housewifely stuff whilst he expects full on homemaker. Compromise is the orðer of the day. Am off out for lunch etc next weekend so will relish that time out! Don't think he appreciates how demanding being at home is and I know I only have one baby who is the best child in the world but everyone needs some time out I keep reminding him!

Lol at children pie. The chicken pie was Delish. Would really recommend it:


Yes grotty time at the moment so Chocolate is a great idea. Must make a cuppa and have some to cheer me up. Then I need to check if phone has dried out..... At least I will have a new toy to play with.

Weekend will be nice - Having two girlfriends over for dinner on Sat night. Really looking forward to it. Going to open a lovely bottle of red to go with beef and even treat myself to a glass.

Roll on tomorrow. Have a coffee morning date with some mums. Should be really nice. Just made a lemon cake for it. I am a real delia these days!

Hope everyone is having a lovely evening.

Oc x

Vivee74 Thu 08-Nov-12 19:56:31

Hello, just catching up after a few days... Lots going on.

Stealth, we are looking to move to Reigate too!!! In canary wharf but looking to move there after Christmas. We looked at a house last week. I know no one there but have heard very good reports of it. It's closer to OH''s work and still easy back to London, which I will miss...

Similar to others am worried about my support network and social interaction once on maternity leave/baby arrives. All my family and close friends are in Australia. As we are moving ill know no one there. OH has family within half hour, but they all much older(siblings all 60ish), so not close to them. Really hoping that nct will open up a support network, otherwise think I will struggle.

Had a fun conversation with guy at work tonight. I had a dress on that definitely does not hide my bump, which I think is very obvious. Anyway he was asking how my running was going. When I said I hadn't been much lately and was slow he proceed to give me tips on how to improve!!! The other guys where laughing away, but he obviously has no idea...

Em2010 Thu 08-Nov-12 22:28:44

Hello All just placemarking a bit!! Very sorry that I can't properly name check (I'm on my phone) as ive really enjoyed catching up with today's posts!

zoey really sorry to hear you've not been sleeping well, always makes things seem that much worse. As others have said, please take it easy (else a gang of us will have to stage an intervention - with cake grin)

pink am so so very envy at the woman with 7 children, that is how I would like to be. In reality my life is more Wayne and Waynetta....

stealth Reigate plans sound great. It's a lovely corner of the world.

lanny loving hearing about the coffee kicks!

All ok here, ds has had a fever since yesterday but doesn't seem in the slightest bit unwell with it. Just chalking it up to 'one of those things'! Still very achey after yesterday's stair encounter, was up half the night as my back, hips and legs were aching so much! Am very tempted by tramps suggestion of a pregnancy massage.

october sorry to hear about your accreta concerns. Fx all will be well for you. Out if interest what is the Irish healthcare system like? Is it similar to the nhs? Sorry if that sounds totally ignorant! I'm very curious about the healthcare systems of other countries! (Spent a lot if time at university comparing maternity healthcare in USA vs UK)

I'm watching the inbetweeners film and laughing away am so mature!

eigmum Fri 09-Nov-12 08:35:36

Lovely to read all the news and so hard to keep up!

Keep pushing re the extension, the laws are getting better I think so a second try might be well worth it.

I am wondering if something happens with your thyroid at this point as I am getting really thirsty after taking it, better go back and make surevi'm not overactve now. Nice to know I am not the only one in that camp! I also have low blood pressure 90 over 50 late two times. I can't stand the whole way from Wimbedon to Waterloo without fainting or sitting on the floor but as long as I don't stand too long or get up too quickly it's fine.

Dinette brings back memories! Over 20 years since I was on that. It is hilarious these midlife visits. After my first she said " now we need to talk about contraception" . I said ( to the lovely child - sorry midwife) but seriously she looked about 16! I'm 35 - this is my first pregnancy , i was lucky enough to fall pregnant the first month dh and i tried so I get how it works. She went on and on and in the end to get rid of her I said fine, I'd read the bloody leaflet but sex was the LAST thing on my mind thanks. I am already thinking about getting sterilized after this as I know I don't want any more kids and am getting on a bit but doctor says I should wait and see. I am thinking if I am having a c section anyway just get it all over with!!

OctoberCarrot Fri 09-Nov-12 09:14:53

Feeling buzzier today.

Lashing rain here so really looking forward to coffee morning with mums and babies.

Did I moan about dropping iPhone into toilet. Tried to dry it out which didn't work. Incommunicado is growing on me..... I could get used to the silence!

Have a good day one and all.

OC x

OctoberCarrot Fri 09-Nov-12 09:16:42

Vivee. It must be hard not having family close by but I think children open up friendship doors. Make sure to get out to mums and babies clubs etc. you won't get on with everyone you meet but you'll meet some gems. Also if you are brestfeeding there are lots of support groups where you can meet other mums.

LexiandBeanette Fri 09-Nov-12 09:21:22

Zoey I think Tramp has the right idea - don't break yourself! It sounds like you already go above and beyond for work but you need to look after yourself, too. ((hugs))
October sorry to hear about your DH, sounds like he needs a reality check - hope you have fun with your girl's dinner. Glad to hear that at least the consultant seems to have things in hand and is keeping an eye on you.
Vivee big hugs to you, I feel I can't complain re: family being far away as mine are at least in the country!

Architect came round and he thinks there is a solution that will give the headroom we need. However we obv need to pay him extra for proper plans (though he will handle building control for us!) and then our builder needs to price up the extra cost of the clever solution. So we aren't out the woods as we were on quite a tight budget. Will wait on the builder to see.

May be a bit quiet for a few days as off to London for an overnight stay to see Swan Lake with my oldest friend - looking forward to it but a bit anxious I might crash out about 9pm smile Brunch in town tomorrow and lovely DH has offered to come and pick me up. Hope you all have good Fridays and I will catch up at the weekend!

zoeymlucas Fri 09-Nov-12 10:06:20

Thanks for your support guys I have actually taken it on board and emailed boss last night and said I want a meeting today as I am unwilling to let this matter drag into another week as its urgent and can not put put off so we have a meeting at 12 today!!! As you said Tramp I have written down all the facts and have even brought my notes so he can see hard evidence for himself as consultant wrote everything in there!!! So thanking you muchly for your support etc its given me a kick up the rather large backside smile

However Em an intervention with cake does sound amazing and worth a go

Really sorry to hear about your iphone October I would be gutted if that was me - my DH's phone got wet and broken and replaced the LCD and screen himself as it would turn on but had no light so he couldnt see anything and it costs like £15.00 and was all fixed - and he is USELESS as fixing things so it must of been easy.I want one of them dot com also sell special dry out bags for phones I have no idea if they work though

Enjoy london Lexi that sounds amazing and i am very jealous I love that sort of thing but DH really isnt into it and neither are any of my friends envy

Hmmm a nurse that means I can ask my questions and not bread DH's no Dr google rule evil laugh However after a better nights sleep am feeling a lot more 'human' today

Oodthunkit Fri 09-Nov-12 10:51:09

eig I'm going to get sterilised this time.

OC have you tried it in a bag of rice?

myjobismum Fri 09-Nov-12 11:07:50

Tramp - lol, that logic would work if we ever had the money to go out in the first place grin Plus this is number 3 for me, so such luxuries would be already long gone! Never mind, it doesn't matter lol, I am so happy I will just put up with it lol smile I think you should keep telling me about your massages though, just so I can enoy them instead lol!

Manda - eeek that sounds awful, my back is just achey rather than causing me actual pains most days - some days it is incredible and I can barely breathe let alone move, it is like it totally cramps up, but think it is only when Button gets into a certain position! Hope your treatments help!

Octobercarrot - I love being a SAHM but hate the housewifey stuff lol, I get on with it though of course.... I hope your DH gets more on board!

Vivee - that made me laugh, did you point it out to him in the end?

Em - hope you are feeling less achey today and your DS's temp didn't come to anything!

Eig - I do the getting really dizzy and feeling faint if I stand in one position for too long - I find keeping moving around really helps - long queues in shops etc are iffy though!

Lexi - I am glad there are still some options to consider re the conversion, hope it all works out and doesnt cost more than you can manage! Awww enjoy your weekend away, sounds lovely!

No idea what we will do re.contraception after this - I cannot take combined hormone things due to migraines, the mini pill made me really ill, I hate the idea of the implant, don't trust the injection and cannot get my head around the coil morally hmm not sure what is best! DH is happy to have the snip, I am happy for this too, but think we should wait until the baby is 12 months at least, plus we are only 29 so not sure the NHS will fund it yet confused

All is ok here, cold and tired lol, but not up to too much today, just at home playing with DD! Slept well last night, but am really suffering with needing to wee so often, day and night - worries me that I know it is only going to get much much worse!

theTramp Fri 09-Nov-12 11:46:19

Had private scan today. Socs is a contortionist. Loads of room in there but choosing to squish in a dive bomb position and clearly v enamoured with his/her feet. Which were up over head, in mouth, touching nose.. Silly baby.

Private scan lady gave us lots of developmental info. We've checked up on brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, stomach etc etc and all with nice explanations and arrows to show us relevant bits etc. Sooooo much better than NHS scan, lovely as NHS peeps are, an picture quality 1000 times better.

Also- because Socs is contorting and hiding below my large low placenta the chances of me feeling much more than flutters etc is pretty slim. Basically the placenta is getting all the kicks. But plenty of movement, just proper rolly polly stuff. What have we got coming our way?!

Zoey - really pleased your taking control my dear. Sadly if you don't it's not looking like anyone else will. Give him hell! As the Spartans might say.

Lexi - fingers crossed.

Myjob - I'll let you know how they go then, hope there's some precarious living through me that works sudden magi on your aches & pains ;)

Oct - pop phone in bag of rice, aids drying by soaking up water.

I'm off to chiro now (eek). And am shattered. Not looking forward to an afternoon of work. Want bath and sleep.

Vid now sent to Grandparents so they can join in the fun.

Vivee74 Fri 09-Nov-12 12:51:04

Myjob, couldn't be bothered to point out the obvious to him. He's previously given me 10 minute "chats" about how to make £3.50 reselling old mobile phones, then given me more info the next day on the same topic. Hate the idea of endless parenting advice from him once he worked it out, so kept quiet for a bit longer.

Good on you zoey for sorting work out. Hope it goes well. I want to have the conversation about working from home a few days per week soon, but need to catch boss on a good day!!!

Tramp, private viewing sounds good. Thinking about one to get photos in a few weeks.

Happy Friday all..

Oodthunkit Fri 09-Nov-12 14:30:55

tramp dd2 was hyper in pregnancy and still is!

zoeymlucas Fri 09-Nov-12 14:48:13

Meeting all done and boss was better than I thought - I sort of explained the situation without too much detailf or his delicate man ears! Have changed my working hours to stop me having to sit in the hour of traffic every night, I can work from home when needed and he has finally ordered me a new chair as mine broke months ago and they wouldnt buy anything but funnily mine is now ordered and paid for to make it more comfy - RESULT!

theTramp Fri 09-Nov-12 15:00:19

Zoey -Sounds like a start. Well done you.

Ood - As long as hype by day and conked out by night. (I can dream)

GummiberryJuice Fri 09-Nov-12 15:05:15

Well done Zoey

Just place marking, I have decided the fact that its my hospitals policy not to tell the sex is the reason I am busting to know now. Not helping that the more I have talked about it the more dh wants to know as well, ah well anly 18 more weeks to go until we find out! grin

Oodthunkit Fri 09-Nov-12 16:01:44

tramp nothing like dd2 then grin

theTramp Fri 09-Nov-12 16:31:30

Ood - nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!