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Due in October 2012 - Part 9...the final few waddling uncomfortably and hoping things start moving soon!

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Kyyria Tue 23-Oct-12 14:36:09

Just getting us sorted with a (hopefully) final thread before we all decamp to the PN thread!!

Londonmrss Tue 23-Oct-12 15:23:41

Did another 5 mile walk this morning- have done about that every day for the last week as my midwife said it might get things going. It hasn't, so now I'm going to just put my feet up.
Good luck with the coursework Kyyria.

Zara1984 Tue 23-Oct-12 17:33:44

Weee another thread!

So, a positive update - went in for hypertension clinic today and didn't get admitted (woohoo). My blood pressure has stabilised but because I'm still on hypertension pills they're keen to get baby out sooner rather than later. A very very sexy consultant did a quite vigorous exam and sweep - I'm about 1cm dilated. Booked in 8am Saturday for induction if things don't kick of naturally in the next few days!

Sending out positive vibes to the other ladies (*orenishii*, londonlivvy and smorgs) staring down the barrel of induction. WE CAN DO THIS!!! I've been reading the positive induction stories thread. After the past week of stressy hell I am delighted to be booked for induction, even though I had been a prime candidate for a pretty free-range organic birth. <cheerleading emoticon>

Kudos to Londonmrss for managing 5 miles every day. That would kill me off.

I'm still here. With a baby still inside me. It seems intent on messing me about now hmm I had some really painful contractions last night.. lo and behold got into bed and had sex and absolute NADA this morning. This latent phase has got to be the worst part surely? I know all the other parts are painful but at least you KNOW you're headed somewhere! It's been a week now. Epic. My doula thinks it will be tomorrow. She is a psychic. So we'll see. I also feel like I should be mobile all the time, but truth is that is so tiring. I agree with whoever said (on the old thread) that some women do sod all and just go into labour. So I think I might use that as an excuse just put my feet up with Londonmrss!

Hope the coursework is going well Kyyria.

Good Luck with your induction tomorrow Smorgs.

<waves> at everyone else, hello!!!

squidkid Tue 23-Oct-12 18:09:10

-staggers in from postnatal thread in a sleep deprived mess leaking milk and waves pom-poms-

We have not forgotten you!! I was the first due on this thread and that seemed stressful at the time, I felt under pressure to deliver a baby first... but I know it must seem endless when your due date is near the end of our group too...
I felt very stressed when I was (briefly) overdue, not knowing if/when things would happen... feeling so heavy and uncomfortable and like I was getting heavier. Also wanted to smack people who told me to "enjoy" this time (sorry angelico grin)... it's not like you're your pre-pregnant self who can run around down pints and have great sex! I do think all the things to try when you're overdue (I tried them all) are bollocks and the baby just comes when it's ready. Walking is probably good for positioning though. Also I refused a sweep at 40+3 and went into labour that night so if I had had it I would have sworn it worked... most people do just go into labour around this time!! I'm just blathering now... just know that I'm thinking of you.

Most people I've known who've been induced have had short, straightforward labours.

Also thinking of the last few of you (mickey, cherry, londonlivvy) due in the next couple of weeks... hope the last few days treat you kindly xxx

Orenishii Tue 23-Oct-12 18:21:18

Sorry to put a downer on the thread - 41 weeks today, went for my sweep and my cervix is still so high up, she couldn't even do the sweep. Put me under loads of pressure to be induced but eventually agreed to a sweep on Friday, with an appointment to be made to meet with the head of MW care for expectant management before 42 weeks.

Cried lots, made a flourless chocolate coconut cake, spoke to DH and fought with my cat, who then came back for a sorry-I-attacked you cuddle...feeling a bit overwrought and down but will bounce back, I'm sure.

Beccus Tue 23-Oct-12 18:30:13

i love them, kyrria, i am going to tesco!! smile thanks for new thread, too.

Hugs, Smorgs. I dont get the french dating system, but i think u r saying u r only 41 weeks? This is the link to NICE guidelines:
http://guidance.nice.org.uk/CG70/PublicInfo/pdf/English - they seem to support low risk pregnancies progressing to 42 weeks.

Can they really just make u have an induction? I would def consider an epidural with prostaglandins and would make them stick it in before the syntocin drip for sure. Agree with londonmrs, it's really sad to say goodbye to our hopes of a relatively intervention free birth....but, we can't change what our bodies are doing, and tbh, i think the best laid plans can go out the windown anyway in labor, regardless of whether we get in our home birthing pool/ arrive at our lovely midwife-led birth centre.

The most important thing is we recognise what an amazing job we have done growing our little babies for 9 months, taking care of ourselves and them, researching away and doing our everything we can to grow them and get them out the best way we see fit, but we can't control everything, and at the end of the day, once baby is safely in our arms, it doesn't matter too much how they got there....

zara, happy for u, too - induction is obvisouly the right thing for u and your bean smile

Hugs to you, too oren, the waiting game is tough!!

livvy, if it was me, unless i thought i was going into labor on the day, i would let him race - sounds like he'll have his phone on him until 30 mins before, so he could get back to you within 3 hrs if needs be, and 1st labor is unlikely to be quick and sudden. I think it really depends on how anxious u feel aout it. It would be good karma, bella got rewarded 10 fold after letting her DH go to the rugby. Totally up to u, hon. Being a daddy is more important than a race, and that involves being there to support mummy throughout pregnancy, not just on baby's birthday!!

oooh, mickey, she sounds confident - psychics who make exact predicitons like that need to be taken more seriously than the ones who waffle on vaguely- fingers crossed smile

Oh Orenishii Big cuddles. I wish I knew what to say to make it better; but be kind to yourself at least. Have a cuppa tea, a relaxing bath and then go to bed. Everything will seem better in the morning xx

Hi Squid!!

"The most important thing is we recognise what an amazing job we have done growing our little babies for 9 months, taking care of ourselves and them, researching away and doing our everything we can to grow them and get them out the best way we see fit, but we can't control everything, and at the end of the day, once baby is safely in our arms, it doesn't matter too much how they got there...."

Hear hear Beccus, I totally agree!

Due Dates:
Oct. 1: Gigglewhizz DC1 (?)
Oct. 3: Springersmum DC2 (?)
Oct. 5: Celestia twins DS1 & DD2 by ELCS
Oct. 7: Violetlights DC1
Oct. 11: OnOfMyTurnsComingOn DC3 by VBAC
Oct. 16: Liege07 DS1 by planned induction, Orenishii DC1
Oct. 17: Smorgs DC1
Oct. 18: Bella2012 DC2, Beccus DC1
Oct. 19: Willowtree DC1 by ELCS
Oct. 21: Dosomethingmutley DC1
Oct. 26: Londonmrss DC1, Zara1984 DS1
Oct. 28: Kyyria DC1
Oct. 29: Ayeasha DC1
Oct. 30: Cherrychopsticks DC1
Nov. 1: Londonlivvy DC1
Nov. 8: MickeytheShortOne DC1

Real live babies:
Sept. 20: Velo - Max 2.35kg
Sept. 24: Lisbethspposite, Paul 6lb 11oz
Sept. 25: Angelico – DD Mini Angelico, CWest30 - Naomi Louise, 4lb 10oz
Sept. 26: Elpis – DS 3.2kg
Sept. 30: Squidkid – Jess, 6lb 14
Oct. 1: WantAnOrange – Artemis Lily 7lbs 2oz, MrsConfusion – DD 7lb 0.75oz
Oct. 2: Planktonette – DS Planktonini, firstbubba – DS babyfirstbubba 9lb 2.5oz
Oct. 3: FjordMor – Ida 8lb 3oz
Oct. 4: Crazypaving – DS 8lb 3oz, Smileyhappymummy – Melissa Rose 3kg, Milk - William Andrew 7lb 8oz
Oct. 12: Katla – Erin Rose 7lbs 12oz
Oct. 16: Midgetm – Master Midge
Oct. 17: Hufflepuffle – Snuffly Huffle Boy 9lb 3oz, Lizzietow – Imogen Rose
Oct. 18: OctoberOctober – Max 8lb 1oz
Oct. 19: Beeblebear – Baby Bear 7lb 10oz
Oct. 20: YompingJo – Alice Jessica 9lb
Oct. 21: LoopyLa - Prince Loopy 6lb 10oz
Oct. 22: Shellwedance - Amelie

Thought I would put the list on here... And stop rambling/filling up the new thread with useless posts!

londonlivvy Tue 23-Oct-12 20:14:33

LondonMrsS Total respect for the five mile walks! If I do that my hips are agony for hours afterwards. Well done you! Thank you too for the positive induction stories – I hadn’t realised that any existed so I feel a LOT better about that prospect, should it come my way.

Zara delighted you weren’t admitted and so shall cheerlead on your bambino to come out. Perhaps with MrsS’s method of waving choc under the fanjo?

Smorgs Hope the induction goes ok and foie gras and wine are by your side very soon!

Mickey oh good lord. Seriously? A week is a long time, I’m surprised you’re not going spare. I hope your doula is right.

squid thanks for the positive wishes etc. I’m actually not that desperate for her to arrive. I’m enjoying seeing friends and sorting out Xmas pressies etc (I know, I know, I’m a saddo). I think it helps that I’ve not got a massive bump so I can still move around with reasonable ease. When I had the three days of heartburn last week I was all GET HER OUT OF HERE. So I suspect my mojo will vary from day to day!

Orenishii oh poor you. Sounds like a tough time. Entirely understand the tears – I think I’d be there too. Boo. You’ve obviously made a very nice home for your LO and (s)he isn’t keen to leave.

Thanks Beccus for the wave of late pregnancy positivity – that’s fab. And I love your reminder re bella’s generosity. I am going to encourage him to race (he was the first to ask whether I thought he should) and will probably go with him – I can happily read in the car if the race is too intense for me to watch. Or chat to the old ladies in the HQ and eat cake (lord knows how they get conned into doing it all the time but they’re always lovely women!).

In other news, my NCT yoga student was ace and I have videoed it and sent it off with all the essays and lesson plans to the course director and now crossing my fingers heartily that I will pass…. EEK.

Kyyria Tue 23-Oct-12 21:43:57

Any tips for helping to reduce swelling in the feet/ankles? My calves are solid to about half way up, I no longer have ankle bones and I can't move my toes without feeling like the skin on the top of my feet is going to split open.

The only thing that vaguely works is raising my feet up higher than hips, bit as you can imagine that's not a mean feat for someone approaching the proportions of a beached whale. Even then it only works whilst they're raised and then the minute I put them down again the swelling starts again.

Any tips gratefully received!

Zara1984 Tue 23-Oct-12 21:50:02

Ack kyrria feet up has been the only solution that's worked for my swelling (and hypertension meds)! What about very gentle circular massage by DH after warming feel up with eg shower? Could help get the blood flowing?

I waved chocolate mousse slice under my fanjo just now... Ok I lied, I just shoveled it in my mouth grin

bella2012 Tue 23-Oct-12 22:22:32

evening all,

thanks for the new thread kyria. Sympathy on the swollen ankles and sorry I don't have any advice. Apart from ice cold water which worked for me once. Sorry that your speculum examination was just like mine (although you may not have wanted your waters to break just yet..?)

mickey hang in there. My latent phase last time was lengthy and very frustrating. I really feel for you and think you are coping magnificently.

smorgs good luck tomorrow. Will have my fingers crossed that it is straightforward and fairly swift for you.

livvy well done on being so understanding about the race. I fretted so much that my baby would come on the day of DS's party and here I am well over a week after that, still waiting!

zara so pleased your blood pressure has stabilised and that you didn't get admitted again. Hope you are ok xx

beccus such good advice and brilliantly put as always. I feel really open to induction now as am just feeling irrationally desperate for the baby to come now. Have you been offered a sweep? I have one booked in on Thursday when we will be 41 weeks and am desperately hoping something will come of it.

Dh has just chopped up an entire pineapple, so that is my agenda for tomorrow! And will invest in some choccy to wave under my fanjo- cracking advice!

Londonmrss Tue 23-Oct-12 22:27:04

Kyyria, I reckon foot massages too. Also try just slowly circling your feet around in both directions- just to keep the blood moving. Also make sure you drink plenty of fluids. Or try cold compresses?
It might be one of those shit things that will only be improved by having a baby though...
Smorgs bon courage (that's what people keep saying to me...) and good luck for tomorrow- you'll be great.
Zara, glad you're doing ok- have been thinking of you. How is it possible to find the person giving you a sweep sexy? Mind you, one of the male midwives at my birth centre is pretty sexy.
Mickey I don't believe in psychic powers, but hope tomorrow is our day.
In fact, I hope tomorrow is the day for all of us to be honest!
I keep worrying about what time I might go into labour... Like it wouldn't be good right now cos I'm quite tired, but this morning would have been great because I slept well last night and woke up feeling quite good. But yesterday would have been crap because I didn't sleep well. What's the point in me fretting? It'll be knackering whether I've had a good night's sleep or not, won't it?

Beccus Tue 23-Oct-12 22:32:09

oh, smorgs, in my pregnancy cheerleader rant i forgot to tell you about underbelly! The 1st series was about criminal gang crime in melbourne (where i'm from) in the 80's - it got really good reviews, so they did all these other series about other crime in Oz. It's pretty full on and graphic and disturbing, but it's good and i love 80's melbourne! smile

kyrria, your calves are not red, hot and painful are they? Just checking u dont have a dvt, which i'm sure you dont. How about sitting on bed with legs straight and pumping your feet back and forth for a couple of mins to get your calves going to improve the circulation/ if u r really keen stand on the stairs, hang on to the rail and let your heels hang over the edge and do as many heel raises as u can....

zara, bwahaha at waving the mousse slice under your fanjo smile

livvy - good race plan - eat cake with the nannas and keep enjoying your sociable mat leave activites. Good luck with your assessment!!

orenshi, my 41 week sweep is tomorrow....if the shop is open for business, that is...hang in there, dont let them bully u into induction before u r ready

where has bella been today? Pushing out DC2? And cherry? God, she needs a little rest from work before her DC arrives.

Thanks mickey, for your updated list.

waves to squid, hope to join u soon!!

Angelico Tue 23-Oct-12 22:36:16

Hey ladies! We are cheering you across the finish line!!! grin

And I will accept a beating from Squid and any other frustrated waddling bean bakers - but I repeat: Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Eattttttttttt! Showwwwwwwwwwer! Do it all while you can! grin Livvy I was like you - far too comfortable at the end for my own good so had a great few last weeks of pregnancy, thus CS pain and shock of caring for newborn bean was all a bit confused So have the fun while you can, good woman! grin

See you all in PN soon thanks

Kyyria Wed 24-Oct-12 01:52:54

Thanks for swollen leg/ankle tips. They're not red or hot, just immensely swollen! Got DH to massage them a bit before bed but it's not done much. Plan is to spend tomorrow today lying on bed with feet up whilst trying to make inroads into coursework.

Currently awake with:
1) Painful pelvis/fanjo
2) Swollen/tight/sore feet and legs
3) Reflux
4) Sore arm from yesterday's whooping cough jab
5) Little one wedging his arse and/or feet in
my ribs
6) DH snoring his head off

The early days of parenthood have to provide better quality sleep than this, surely...

I'd wave chocolate products under my fanjo but surely it's a waste of chocolate!! Mind you, just the thought of eating it is giving me reflux (wouldn't stop me though!) grin

Londonmrss I keep having the same thoughts re:timing myself...like after tonight's lack of sleep tomorrow wouldn't be fantastic, but that said I'd take anything at the moment!

32, 39+3, #1

Orenishii Wed 24-Oct-12 07:58:27

Thanks all. I'm struggling a bit with thinking my body isn't working properly...it feels very strange to get to 41 weeks and not even be slightly close, and to be honest - it's completely thrown me. I keep thinking it's all going to end so badly but most of all I'm annoyed with the MW's - they haven't tried to prepare me for an induction with giving me any information about the stages of induction, and it's scary. My only information on it comes from here - they haven't talked through the different types like a pessary, for example, or how I might still be able to be active etc.

Right now I'm on strict instructions to go for a two hour walk, to start really believing my body will work and bring on this birth by itself and just give it a bit more time. I don't know if it's relevant but today was my original due date, until they brought it forward by 8 days smile

Smorgs best of luck today, you'll be fantastic, I'm sure!

Beccus good luck with your sweep today! Fingers crossed the shop is open, haha! Also that link to the NICE guidelines you posted for smorgs has been very useful for me too!

londonlivvy well done on the filming of your student! When do you find out the results?

mickey thanks for the kind words up thread. Hope things really start kicking off today and your doula's physic powers are bang on!

kyria poor swollen ankles sad Mine swelled up last night, it's rubbish. Try and keep them elevated?

Sorry if I've missed anyone, will be back later and hope to hear many tales of babies, successful sweeps and happy people smile

londonlivvy Wed 24-Oct-12 09:08:08

Kyyria I agree with LondonMrsS and Beccus would suggest wriggling your toes and waggling your ankles (gently, but frequently) to boost circulation in that area. Sounds rubbish though. As well as all the other discomfort you’re suffering from. Have you tried swimming by the way? That might help the LO move around (away from your ribs) and would boost your circulation, even if you only managed a few lengths.

bella good luck with the pineapple.

Angelico you’ll be glad to know I’m having a long bath every day grin though that is partly to help with the sore hips. Sleeping is still fairly rubbish (I wake up at 4am and then fidget so badly I have to move to the spare room or drive DF crazy) but I’m sure that's still a LOT better than new mum sleep.

Orenishii I try to reassure myself that the midwives aren’t deliberately withholding info (about induction or anything else) it’s just that they’re busy and don’t get round to explaining it. Still rubbish if you don’t know what’s going on though. In the end, though, all we can do is keep active and keep our faith in the professionals and see what happens.
Re yoga qualification, I should find out before Xmas. Which is fine for me since I am not likely to be teaching before then anyway! I’m supposed to have a telephone interview on my coursework submission so I’ve asked if they can dothat in the next 10 days. Fingers crossed.

I have been super motivated this morning, pruning a tree that was annoying DF (you had to brush past it to get in the front door if you have a bike), collecting leaves from the lawn and so on. Now off for coffee and cake with a friend. This bit of maternity leave is rather fun!

Also – randomly – does anyone else feel incredibly loved up at the moment? I am wondering if it’s a hormonal thing but I feel honeymoonly keen on DF right now. Nothing he does irritates me and I find myself following him around like a puppy. Most odd. Not that I don’t usually love him – I do – just not this OOOOHHH you’re AAMAAAZING feeling like when you’ve been going out for a month.

bella2012 Wed 24-Oct-12 09:18:27

oren enjoy your walk. I really feel for you. I am nearly 41 too and feel the same way. I have stopped thinking it will come any time and just feel resigned to induction. My DH keeps telling me that it may be any time, but like you, I feel a bit let down that nothing has started. My first baby was 8 days late but we got things started after 4 days. It is so frustrating isn't it? I really hope your walk does the trick.

So sorry you had such a bad night kyria, you have really suffered this pregnancy you poor thing. I know what you and londonmrs mean about wondering when would be the best timing, and about feeling like you don't care anymore!

I am finding it hard to be 'ready' all the time. I keep trying to empty the washing basket, ironing every scrap that comes throug the wash so that all my DS's clothes are in his drawers and ready, or waiting to decide on things for supper as 'we might not need them' only to go another day with no baby.argh!

Good luck with your sweep beccus, I am jealous that you are getting one a day earlier than me! Hope it gets things going for you. Will be thinking of you, and you smorgs and sending lots of love x

hope cherry is OK and getting to enjoy at least a few days of maternity leave?

Its GOT to happen today. SURELY. YES?
I had no sleep last night. Not due to being in pain or anything like that I just could not sleep.
Going to go for a long walk today. A big, long walk.

Oh and also ladies, if you have birth balls I was advised the other day that we should be placing ourselves as far forward on the ball as possible. (I have to place my feet against a wall to stop myself from falling off) The reason behind it being that sitting on it normally and bouncing is just going to wedge the baby's head into a funny position, but sitting as far forward as possible, with your legs apart opens up the pelvis and allows the baby's head to wiggle down into the pelvis. Did that make sense to anyone?

Anyone heard from Cherry?

Londonmrss Wed 24-Oct-12 11:14:33

Well I'm confused.
After no labour symptoms at all for weeks, things kicked off for me last night.
Started with a lot of mucus discharge and immediately had bad backache. Went to bed and dozed til 1am. Around then, started to get regular pain (around 30 seconds every 10 minutes). By 4am, this was around 40-60 seconds every 4 minutes and continued until about 9am. I say 'pain' because it was all in my lower back- nothing that felt like a contraction, but all where I feel period cramps. Very intense and painful. I also had the shits like you would not believe.
Then it slowed and stopped. So I took the opportunity to have a nap.
Now I'm getting the pain again for about 20-30 seconds every 10 minutes.
So basically I have no idea if this is labour and my body just decided to give me a break, or maybe I've gone backwards... or maybe this isn't labour at all and I just ate something bad.
If it is labour, why is it all in my back? Baby isn't posterior...

Here I am!
Sorry, I think I've been enjoying my first couple of days of maternity leave a bit too much. grin
I'm resting, Beccus and Bella, I promise! Thanks for caring thanks

Yesterday, I had a very relaxing day - long lie-in, slow potter round the supermarket, made myself a nice lunch, little bit of ironing, long chat with friend on Skype and lots of crap TV.

Today was just as nice, but a bit more tiring - antenatal appt., flu jab, then into the city for quick mooch around the shops, lunch at my fave Italian, cinema, hair cut and colour, then home. Am knackered! Now parked on sofa with feet up and a brew

Bit disappointed as am still only 1cm dilated today. After last week's pleasant surprise of 1cm and engagement, I'd hoped I might be 2 or 3cm by now and might deliver the baby without even realising I was in labour but no such luck. Nevermind smile
On the plus side, I found out today that they don't induce at 41 weeks like I thought, they will actually let me go to 41+6. So no hurry now!

Glad you didn't get kept in Zara, am sending positive, natural labour vibes your way!

Can't believe you're still hanging in there, Mickey. You don't have to do it just for me you know! wink It'll be interesting to see how psychic your psychic doula is.
Thanks for the yoga ball tips.

Hi Angelico and Squid, thanks for the cheers! Looking forward to joining you all on post-natal someday soon.

Poor you Oreniishi, sad but try to remember that for every woman who takes several days/weeks to dilate at all, there is another who goes from 0-10 in 1 day. I was just saying to DH this morning that all these signs of labour (show/mucas plug/dilation etc.) are completely useless, as in some cases they happen within days, but in others it takes weeks, and some people don't notice any of them...keep thinking positively!

Thanks for the new thread Kyyria. Sorry about your ankles, know what you mean about elevating them above hip height being easier said than done confused, I'm not very flexible at the best of times. I second Livvy's suggestion of swimming.

Congrats on the great demo Livvy, and go you with the gardening! If it was me, I'd go with your plan of accompanying DH to the race and reading in the car.

V impressed with your 5 mile walks, LondonMrs. Had I been 2-3cm today I might not have bothered with any more swimming, but I suppose I better try and go a couple of times this week to get things moving a bit.

Time for another brew.

Ooh, LondonMrs I have no idea but it sounds promising! aren't I helpful?
Will be cheering for you from my sofa.

And sorry Smorgs, I've only just caught up with the end of the previous thread.
Good luck today, I hope it all goes well and is not anywhere near as bad as you're expecting. Please try not to be too disappointed with the way things have gone. I'll be thinking of you, looking forward to hearing your great news! thankswine

Kyyria Wed 24-Oct-12 11:47:38

londonmrss from what I have read proper "labour contractions" tend to be felt in the lower back rather than abdomen...like cherry says it sounds promising. Will keep everything crossed for you (well, not everything as I'm keen on getting this little one out myself!! grin )

I need a general rant. It's so annoying when companies blatantly lie to you. Waited in for a delivery yesterday - was in all day. Nothing showed. Response from the ASDA direct "we contacted the carrier and they attempted delivery yesterday at 3pm and left a calling card as no-one was in".

Not only was I in the house all day but I was doing coursework at the dining table...with a view out of the window of the path at the front of the property that people have to walk down (and past the window) to get to the front door! I can also see the front door from where I'm sitting. There is no sign of a delivery card and I would have been able to get up and open the door before they had chance to finish pushing it through the letterbox!!

Have now sent ASDA and the delivery company a hormonal pregnant lady rant! Grrrr! angry

Kyyria Wed 24-Oct-12 12:28:02

Also told them that I will be in all day tomorrow (when they are supposed to redeliver) sitting in exactly the same place so they better not try pulling the "we tried to deliver but no-one was in" trick again...wonder if that means karma will kick in and i'll go into labour tonight and therefore be out at hospital tomorrow when they try and deliver?!?!?

Londonmrss That sounds like proper labour love. All the contractions i've been getting have been in my lower back too. Think it's later on when you feel them everywhere. Good luck!!!!

Kyyria I HATE it when they do that. Bloody lazy delivery drivers hmm

Beccus Wed 24-Oct-12 14:56:49

ooooh, londonmrs, i'd be getting excited if i were u!! smile

So, my sweep was a bit sh1t, really. My cervix is effacing and soft, which i suppose is good, but only open at one end and still closed at the other, so midwife couldn't do the sweep sad And apparently i have a posterior cervix, which is more unccomfortable to palpate as they have to go around the baby's head to get to it...so, that will be fun when they attempt the next 2 sweeps and then examine me in labour....tbh, it wasn't actually that bad.

And, just to annoy me further, they can't fit me in for induction on halloween as promised at 41+6, it has to either be 30th Oct or 4th Nov. I dont really want to wait until 4th of nov, but am upset that induction on 30/10 means baby loses a day to come of his/her own accord. Hopefully one of the other ladies booked in for 31/10 will deliver before then and i can have her spot. Think i am probably being slightly ridiculous obsessing over a day, but i can't help it. 41+6 makes me happier than 41+5 - 41+5 is next tuesday!! Not much time for cervix to efface, open and bubs to come out!!

Midwife was really lovely, and agreed to book me in for a sweep on sat and then mon - i think they are normally 3 days apart, and said she was confident the shop would be open for business by saturday.

So, I basically feel I am almost a week overdue and as though i am not making much progress - why am i still closed at 41+6 when other ladies have sweeps and are open at 40 weeks? sad Self absorbed rant over....

Just munched some pineapple and might go for a stompy walk around the park. Hope others are having a better day.

Good luck smorgs, thinking of you. Give them hell kyrria, i wish i had something to get angry over, i am sure i would feel better for it smile

cherry, glad u r chilling, sorry to hear you feel like u r not progressing too sad

Londonmrss Wed 24-Oct-12 15:16:41

Not much to report here. Pains came back every 5 mins for a few hours. Then stopped again and I got another hour's kip (which is good after no sleep last night). Hoping they'll start again soon.
Not really sure what's going on- think it's going to be a long couple of days. Just wish it was either definitely go go go, or would stop completely until tomorrow morning when I'll be a bit more refreshed. Right now, I feel like I've taken ecstasy, not slept or eaten for 48 hours and am just beginning my comedown. Which would be ok, except I haven't had a bloody baby yet! Also feel like I've wasted a day of hubby's work leave because he's been with me all day.
Sorry for the self-indulgent moaning. Much love to you all.

bella2012 Wed 24-Oct-12 16:00:58

oh beccus that is a bit shit. I am not surprised you feel upset. I can totally share your frustration at being a week over and no sign of anything. I have a sweep in the morning so am hoping that might do something! I didn't expect to be this impatient-you are doing so well at still hoping for baby to do it him or herself and wanting to give it the full two weeks. I feel like I would accept induction tomorrow if they would do it!

londonmrs feeling for you. What a confusing day of stops and starts. I really hope things get going for you properly once you have had a rest. Thinking of you and sending lots of good luck!

kyria that is rubbish! We had a bad experience with Tesco direct-i think the big companies that use outside courriers are often really unreliable. You must be so cross. How is the coursework? How are your ankles?

livvy love it that you are all loved up, that is really sweet! I think going through all of this together does bring you closer.

cherry sorry things haven't progressed yet-fingers crossed it gets going soon for you.

Still nothing here...ho hum.

Kyyria Wed 24-Oct-12 16:58:37

bella - coursework is a non-starter. Just really not in the mood...too uncomfortable to concentrate!! Will try again tomorrow (famous last words!)

Ankles are still sore and swollen - got DH to massage them last night which seemed to help bring them down a bit over night but still tight and uncomfortable. Going to sit with them up for the evening.

Londonmrss Wed 24-Oct-12 17:36:37

A tip- get a contraction timer app for your phone. I'm finding it really useful.
Am back to 60 seconds every 6-7 minutes. Ouch.

Kyyria Wed 24-Oct-12 18:56:25

londonmrss that sounds reassuring - hopefully things will continue from here rather than fizzling out again x

Kyyria Wed 24-Oct-12 19:56:19


For all that is holy I just want to feel normal again!

At what point is it acceptable practice to stick your hand up your fanjo and pull the little darling out?? hmm

Can't imagine how those who are over feel - this one is due Sunday and I think I may very well burst into tears if he doesn't arrive!! The thought of going over just really doesn't appeal!

Rant over smile

Catrin Wed 24-Oct-12 22:25:49

Hi Ladies,
Just gate crashing to say that 7 years ago I was cwtching my 12 hour old baby girl.
The first 6 weeks were chaotic and then the next few months a steep learning curve.
And now... oh wow! my gorgeous, gappy toothed, bossy, affectionate, chatty little girl is the light of my life. Enjoy this bit, because the next bit flies, but it is so, so good!!!
Apologies for the interruption!

Smorgs Thu 25-Oct-12 05:14:45

>jazz hands< baby Frederick arrived yesterday about 9pm! He's 2.9kg.

It was, as predicted, a fairly highly medicalised French style labour but you know what? It was totally fine and I was very well looked after. The epodural was amazing - spent most of labour feeling like i was coming down off E in some chill out room!? Bit sore now though but have a few days here in the clinic. He fed well straight away and has been asleep ever since... Wondering whether to wake him for another feed or make the most of the quiet time confused He's so gorgeous I secretly just want another cuddle.

Kyyria Thu 25-Oct-12 06:59:40

Congrats smorgs - that's fantastic news grin

Welcome little Frederick x

londonlivvy Thu 25-Oct-12 07:16:45

Congratuations Smorgs that’s fantastic news! As you say, whether or not it was a medicalised birth matters not when you have your fab son with you. Enjoy!

LondonMrsS I hope we hear exciting news soon?

Kyyria I hope the delivery folk turn up today. And I hope some of your ailments ease. Sounds properly rubbish.

Beccus I’m glad you had such a lovely midwife but boo re being overdue. Hope the stomp / pineapple do the trick.

bella hope the sweep does the trick.

After an absolutely manic day of socialization and jobs yesterday I finally sat down on my own for some quiet time about 6pm and wanted to cry I was so tired and my hips were agony. I wanted to go to bed but stayed up to be sociable to DF. Which turned out to be a good plan as around 9.30 I got a call saying that he was stuck as someone had nicked his wheels from his bike while he was at uni and could I come and get him from x station. Ooof. Anyway, I slept like the dead last night and only woke up 3 or 4 times and so feeling quite good today.

Meanwhile I found myself looking at a cycle race in the Alps for next July and wondering whether I could be fit enough to do it. I am crazy. I am about to have a new baby and will certainly not have 15 hours a week to train for it. Sigh. Must get my head around the fact that my life is about to change. Dramatically.

Kyyria Thu 25-Oct-12 08:15:28

londonlivvy I hope delivery folk turn up too...will scream blue murder if they say they tried to deliver and no-one was in! They're supposedly coming any time between 8am and 7pm...I'm not planning on going anywhere! Sounds like you had a shattering day yesterday - hope today is a bit more chilled smile

Midwife is visiting this morning so going to have a chat with her about pelvis and swollen ankles - can't imagine there's much more she can suggest but it's worthwhile asking. Had a disturbed night compared with the last week or so, but don't feel too bad today smile

Going to have a quick run around with the hoover and tidy up before midwife gets here.

Congratulations Smorgs, and welcome to Frederick! thanks So glad you're happy with how it went. You sound very calm and chilled, long may it continue! grin

I lost my mucus plug this morningshock! I know it doesn't necessarily mean much, but it's certainly brought reality home to me.
On top of that, I think I've been having contractions. Last night they were coming regularly, but not very frequently (maybe every hour or so?) all night. Today they are just very occasional, but they're really painful! I wasn't expecting them to be so painful so early on. I hope this doesn't go on for days. At least they're only short at the moment.
So today, I'm hurrying to finish off all the work stuff I need to do before it all kicks off. All baby stuff is ready, could do with cleaning the house though grin

bella2012 Thu 25-Oct-12 08:55:11


smorgs that is wonderful! I love the name Frederick! Sooooo happy for you that he has made it at last.

livvy I am sorry you had a low patch. You deserve one as you have been so good at staying positive and cheering the rest of us on. I can see that it must be really hard to accept that races and the training time will be hard to fit in for a while. It may not be impossible though. I used to run the great north run every year and had to cancel my place the year after DS was born. i am hoping to be able to do it again even though I know finding the time to train will be hard. One of the hardest things about having a baby from my POV is how the woman's life is completely turned on it's head. Work, hobbies, socialising, your body, your mind all shift. I found myself feeling reeally resentful towards DH who still had a semblence of a pattern to his life going to work and playing rugby. But once I got the hang of the baby stuff and feelt more in control I was in no rush to go back to work and I think he felt envious of me and the bond I had with DS. And then as they get older it is so much easier to share out the care/ house chores/ time for exercise hobbies. You do become like a tag team, but it works for us. (or did work- god knows what we are going to do with two of them! Aaaaaaaaagh!)

kyria hope delivery comes and that you feel less frustrated. Total total sympathy on your 'I am sick of pregnancy' rant! I feel like that a lot of the time now too!

Got my sweep at 11 so am praying that the MW says something positive to me! I have only 2 days left before hoards of family arrive and DH goes on annual leave. The pressure!!

bella2012 Thu 25-Oct-12 09:09:26

oh cherry that is brilliant! I hope all goes well for you. We are here if you need us xxx

and I forgot to wave my pompoms for londonmrs hope you have exciting news soon!

mickey are you there? Has your little one arrived? Hope you are ok xx

Beccus Thu 25-Oct-12 10:18:11

congrats, smorgs!! Your news has really cheered me up as I seem to be heading down induction route myself - if giving birth with induction and epidural is like coming down off an e in a chill out room, i think i can manage that. Maybe i should take some doof doof music with me smile

Thanks Bella, hope your sweep goes well and like huffle, you unexpectedly find you are dilated a few or many cm smile

livvy, i found that i needed a little rest for a day or 2 between hectic socialsiing activites at the begining of my mat leave - it does get too knackering if it's every day, one thing after another and no rest time.

oooh, cherry, excited for u, but hope u r not too uncomfortable.

good luck with the ankles, kyrria

where are orenshi and mickey? hope they r cuddled upwith their babies

off to look at the postivive induction story thread, then have a cookathon for my friend who is coming to lunch tomorrow with her little 3 week old baby.

oh, and i bumped into another mummy from preggo yoga when i went for my stomp in the park - she said to roll my feel over a rolling pin and give mylsef some reflexology to bring on labor - i thought that was a good tip smile

Congratulations Smorgs!! Very happy for you!!

Hi Bella and Beccus Yes I'm still here, with no baby sad Obviously my psychic doula was wrong. I'm so tired. I was SO active yesterday.. Went for a big walk, took the doggy to visit everyone at work, did some shopping, came home, made cakes, and bounced on my ball. All evening! Really really thought that might've done it. I might go on strike today and veg on the sofa all day. Except the dog is looking at me with those gorgeous puppy dog eyes.. she really wants a walk.

Londonlivvy I am also totally loved up in DP at the moment. It's a bit wierd when he goes to work and I realise how much I miss him. hmm

Cherry Wooo! How exciting!!

Londonmrss I hope things moved along for you and you are now holding your LO.

I have the midwife tomorrow... Do you think she'll give me an early sweep to try and get things moving along again? I'm only 38 weeks. I doubt it.
I changed our bed sheets last night in the hope that sods law would dictate that my waters would break all over my new, clean sheets. But even that didn't work!!

Kyyria I hope you feel a little better today. Big hugs.

Kyyria Thu 25-Oct-12 11:36:33

Well my midwife has just been and my awkward child is showing absolutely no interest in wanting to exit any time soon. Still only 4/5 engaged. Have got another mw appt in a week at which point they will make an appt for a sweep at 40+7 if he still hasn't shown, a follow up sweep at 40+10 and then induction any point from 40+12.

Really hoping he makes an appearance by himself before I get to that stage.

I asked her about tips for dealing with swollen ankles/feet and he best tip was "give birth"...thanks for that!! hmm

bella2012 Thu 25-Oct-12 14:10:11

kyria that is not very helpful advice for your swollen ankles, you poor thing! Sorry you are not further on.

I am gutted because my midwife couldn't do the sweep. She said that although the baby is heavily engaged (1/5th and has been for weeks) and the cervix is effacing, it is still posterior so she couldn't reach it. So I have to have another go at a sweep with her on Monday and then am booked in for induction next Wednesday which will give baby one day to still be an October baby :-(. So so disappointed. So much for second babies coming easier, cervixes being all prepped and ready to go the second time around etc etc. And I can't even have a bloody good cry about it as I have my DS to entertain who bless him, is like a little limpet at the minute. Plus we have millions of family descending on us tomorrow who have spent a small fortune on a massive holiday cottage in the village next to ours expecting to be coming to meet a baby.

beccus when is your induction date? Which one did you go for? It will be funny if we are still due date buddies! Did your attempt a t a sweeo hurt? Mine really hurt and I don't remember it hurting last time. Ouch.

Sorry to be so miserable, I just SO hoped things would be straightforward for me this time and here I go again with interventions galore. I know a healthy baby at the end of it all is all that matters and that it may still happen naturally but it is so hard to focus on that.

Hugs to all of you waiting too. X

Beccus Thu 25-Oct-12 15:03:29

oh bella, sorry your sweep was sh1t, too sad. I also have posterior facing cervix which midwife said makes for a more uncomfortable sweep. It was uncomfortable more than painful - it was just really weird to have her prodding around in there with a baby's head in the way and i think me expecting worse discomfort or pain to come was the biggest issue - i had to really concentrate to relax, had my eyes shut, was doing labor breathing, thinking happy thoughts, etc, and it was better once i relaxed.

I think the harder u find it to relax, the more painfull it will be. Also, i think the midwife needs to know what she is doing with our posterior cervixes - mine asked me to do some manoveure's to help her, eg. wriggle my bum down toward her while she was poking about and also asked me to make fists with my hands and put them under my bum to give my pelvis more of a tilt. She was also really supportive with her voice, calming and saying i was doing well, etc.

It's shit she couldn't reach and do your sweep, but you could be happily dilating away in there without knowing it.

I have more sweeps attempted on sat and mon and they currently think they will have to induce me on 30th as 31st--3rd are fully booked. I'm hoping there will be a last minute cancellation on 31st so bubs can have an extra day to get out on his/her own.

Just spent a small fortune at sainsburys for lunch tomorrow when friend with new baby comes over and on other things i can cook up for her to take away and also made plans to go to pub tomorrow nite and have produced a grotty bit of mucus plug for making plans that will hopfeully need to be cancelled smile

Here is an acupressure link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnEcLSHTI0s.

Going to spend pm cooking, bouncing on ball, rolling feet on rolling pin and do some acupressure - i need to find the upper body points as well

Come on baby!!

Midgetm Thu 25-Oct-12 15:07:24

Big wave to all the ladies in waiting.

I just wanted to pop in and tell you about my experiences of induction just in case you end up that way...

Induced twice. one with an epidural which required no additional intervention and the one without epidural which ended up with lots. If I were to do it all again there is no way I would fear an epidural. Like Smorgs said it makes the process so much more manageable although gas and air made me also trip out like I was on e but then the bastards take it away from you for second stage!

Anyway I just hoped my experiences would help as I know it is never the path we choose. We need you all over on the other thread. Will be checking in to see how you are all getting in. Best go rub my sore boobs with lanolin. Sexy...

Beeblebear Thu 25-Oct-12 15:36:45

Pops in and drops off a pan of brownies and waves... No I didn't have time to bake, they are store bought.

Congratulations smorgs!

And good luck to everyone still waiting. See you on the other side!

bella2012 Thu 25-Oct-12 15:51:30

thanks midget great to hear your induction experiences.

beccus so she managed to give you a sweep? Mine didn't try for that long and then just said it wasn't possible. No instructions about how to move/position etc. It wasn't my normal MW as she is on holiday so it will be this one again on Monday too. That does not fill me with hope. I was crying though so she probs didn't want to push it too far! I am sad that I have to wait all the way until Monday before the next one too. I really hope your one on Sat gets things moving. My DH keeps saying that I mustn't forget that the baby could start things off him/herself at any time, but I just can't believe it now after all these days of waiting and wishing.

Good luck with all your bouncing/rolling pin activities!

God the thread is an empty place now ey? It is rubbish being at the end of the month!

Beccus Thu 25-Oct-12 16:45:40

god, mickey, your latent labor is like lord of the rings...never ending!!!

Thanks Midget and beeble for dropping by and for sharing your induction story - i am feeling much more positive about induction now, i haven't drunk at all during my pregnancy to keep b/f happy, so am ready for a bit of e-tastic gas and air and epidural action smile

bella, my midwife rummaged away for a while, but said couldn't do the sweep because one end of my cervix was still closed - so she could reach, but couldn't get in to sweep the membranes. She thought the other end would probably be open by saturday.

I know we dont like to seem like we r making a fuss, but would u be comfortable saying you've talked to some other ladies with posterior cervixes and their experience was that midwife got them to move about, try some different positions, blah, blah, etc, etc and could a 2nd midwife have a go if she still can't reach the next time? Also, is there no way they can see u on weekend? Or, if they can't do weekend could someone else have another go tomorrow?

Your DH is right, she just couldn't reach, so you could be as nice and open as a heathrow runway down there with bubs ready to jumbo jet 380 out at any time. I know the feeling of thinking this is unlikely because baby and your body just doesn't seem to be coming to the party...it's a bit shit.

Hope u can find something to distract u/ cheer u up xx

kyrria, any delivery action?

Kyyria Thu 25-Oct-12 16:59:04

Yes Beccus - very sheepish delivery driver at about 3pm, but all arrived smile Am still waiting for a response to my hormonal ranty email that I sent yesterday though asking for a proper reason for why they didn't deliver on Tuesday.

I'm with the rest of you on the whole "does my body actually have a clue what it is supposed to be doing" front. I know I've still got 3 days until my due date but given he is no further down and that all signs/spasms/pains have so far led to a big fat zero I'm guessing he isn't going to make an appearance before he is supposed to sad

I've not read anything on induction yet but I'm figuring I probably should as that's probably going to be the path I end up going down at this rate!

Kyyria Thu 25-Oct-12 17:03:45

One of the things I had ordered was a skeleton babygro & hat combo - on the offchance he arrived when he was supposed to (and before halloween)...I'm guessing i'll just have to use it as a general baby gro now hmm

YompingJo Thu 25-Oct-12 17:37:27

Hi all, just sending some support and hugs. The last few days/weeks are endless aren't they?

To anyone having unsuccessful sweeps, on my first one I was told cervix was still posterior, but contractions started mildly the next day and next sweep also showed cervix was only slightly effaced, but things ramped up that day - so don't despair.

I was 42+1 when I finally stuck hand up fanjo and pulled baby out gave birth, and I was so over it. Orenishii, we went for active management, despite being scanned at 42 weeks and told homebirth was now out of question due to excessive amniotic fluid and high blood pressure. I researched and talked to my midwife and she was still happy to support so we agreed daily monitoring with the hospital, then went into labour the next day.

Anyway, just wanted to come and offer support and say I hope you girls are OK. Masses of sympathy to those with stop/start symptoms. I know it's no comfort but it can't last forever, even though it feels like it, and keeping busy is definitely better than sitting around analysing every twinge - well, it was for me anyway. Something that surprised me and I wasn't ready for was how much mucus plug there was. I lost some over a couple of days and assumed that was it, but (TMI alert) it carried on coming out throughout most of labour, bloody great gushes of it. Weirdness!

Will share birth story in next couple of days, has taken me this long to get it all straight in my own head as it was long drawn out.

Congrats to Shell and Smorgs on new arrivals! (*smorgs*, was it the Big Mother talk, do you think?)

londonlivvy Thu 25-Oct-12 18:10:25

cherry anything exciting as a result of exit of mucous plug? Hope you got the work stuff done.

kyyria Rats re unhelpful suggestions re sore ankles. But HURRAH that delivery actually did turn up in the end. And I LOVE the Halloween babygro. So cute.

bella you’re right, it’s really hard to get your head round the change. Especially when (at the moment) it’s all theoretical (ie baby’s not actually here). My sis and her husband have managed to get sports back up (kids 6+4) so maybe I just need to be patient. Not my forte….The thing about being a tag team, particularly when DF is working/studying all week, is that then we won’t have much family time at all and I think it’s important for us to be a team together.
I feel for you with the pressure of family descending and no baby to present to them. But it’s hardly your fault! What are you supposed to do?

Mickey oh NO!. I was sure your doula was going to be right – she sounded so confident! Rats that even changing sheets etc didn’t work.

London MrsS. Grr re non-appearance of baby. I’m also a bit loathe to keep DF home when I feel pains, in case it’s a false alarm / early days, but equally I wouldn’t want him to miss the birth. I wouldn’t feel bad though – how the hell are you supposed to know? The medics certainly don’t.

Midget thanks for the positive induction stories and beeble thanks for the brownies.

yomping hello! Hope you’re enjoying life with your new bean.

A friend came over today for a walk and lunch and chatters which was lovely though surprisingly tiring. I have since had to retire to bed for a sleep to recover. (you are so right, beccus that daytime sleeps are the key!) Also loving the reflexology tip and will be downstairs and focusing on that RIGHT NOW. Am getting bored of this.

I’ve got plans for tomorrow (osteo, who’s going to sort my sore hip I hope, as well as potentially make the exit of the young lady a little smoother) and after that, it’s all surprisingly quiet in the diary. Humn. Apart from my sister who’s emigrating. In about ten days. ARSE. COME ON BABY. More walking required.

bella2012 Thu 25-Oct-12 19:05:52

great to hear from you yomping, we miss you on here! Thanks for the words of encouragement.

Thanks for your advice too beccus. I know you are right but they seem so concrete about the timings for things that I don't think she would be very accomodating to a request to fit in an extra sweep. I will have to hope like mad she is more persistant on Monday (or that cervix will have done its thing a bit more by then) i have felt pretty positive on the whole these last few weeks so have kind of surprised myself with how fed up I have been feeling. i think it is a mixture of hormones and complicated feelings about my DS and how in Gods name I am going to cope with the two of them. Like you said livvy being a tag team depletes your family time, but as my husband and I have completely incompatible work schedules, this is a necessity for us and it has been hard. That is why I am so gutted that his precious week off next week could be wasted with no baby here and then he will be back to work and I will be left to flounder on my own. I like his family, but when he is with them, he is like the golden son, who gets pampered and can do no wrong. I always end up doing most of the childcare while he and his mates and sister have a whale of a time getting pissed together and having fun. Because we get so little time together, I just want him to myself to help me get through it all and I can see next week being great fun for everyone but me. (oh god this is all sounding very woe is me! There is a lot of background to this that i won't bore you with!)

Right that is quite enough whining from me for one day. Thank you for giving me an outlet for my anxiety! I am staying at my parents tonight as DH is working late and then early tomorrow so I have a bit of company tonight and some help with DS so that I can gather my strength for the masses I have to entertain tomorrow.

kyria, mickey, cherry am thinking of you all and hoping things get going/go smoothly for you.

Kyyria Thu 25-Oct-12 19:58:54

Sending big hugs bella - it sounds like you have an exhausting week ahead regardless of LO making an arrival. Can't see me moving from this thread any time soon so feel free to cone back and rant if you need a.shoulder to cry on thanks wine smile

My DH has told me his evening that i'm moaning a lot about how uncomfortable I am and how disappointed I will feel if LO doesn't turn up on time...I sometimes wonder what planet they're on! hmm He did say he can sympathise but at the same time he doesn't have a clue! confused

Thinking of everyone as there's nothing worse than being the last ones here and having the horrible feeling that out of everyone you're going to have to be the one to turn out the lights so to speak.

A big pile of thanks and wine to everyone to say thank you for your continuing support and we're in this together smile

Am experimenting for evening meal - have come across a recipe for aubergines that gets you to soak them in a marinade (olive oil, soy sauce, honey, garlic, chilli flakes) then roast them, so going to have that with prawns and vegetable rice. No idea what it's going to turn out like - should probably have the gaviscon on standby grin wink

Zara1984 Thu 25-Oct-12 23:24:08

Hi ladies

Just a quick update - am shattered. Definitely feel like a cat/dog that is looking for a cardboard box in a dark warm cupboard to give birth in. Yesterday had all my plug come out over the course of the day (some bloody, some clear) - crap didn't realise how much of it there would be!!!

Baby is squirming constantly, I think he's trying to find the exit! Tomorrow is my due date and I'm just going to relax and hide a bit. Feel so grateful to have DMIL here, she's been wonderful. Not sure about the rest of you but have been feeling a bit emotional/vulnerable.

So if nothing happens tomorrow it's off to the hospital at 8am for my induction! I feel excited, a bit like anticipating a longhaul flight to somewhere new grin should I be bricking it more?? I really don't feel scared or anxious. Tried out the TENS machine tonight and I think it will be quite helpful when the gel is doing its magic.

Onwards ladies, we're nearly there! smile

Kyyria Fri 26-Oct-12 01:18:33

Well ladies, I am just checking in to tell you that despite what the midwife said on her visit this morning, and all my complaining about how nothing appears to be happening, I have just got up to go to the loo and my waters have.broken...so much for "he'd comfortable and not going anywhere"!

Am now shitting myself as I wish I'd made more of a dent in my coursework!

Not getting any pains or anything yet so going to attempt to go back to sleep (although urge is to stop up and get some coursework done!!)

smileyhappymummy Fri 26-Oct-12 03:23:38

Hi kyrria and zara exciting! Sounds like we will have some more October babies to welcome very soon. Hang in there everyone still waiting, it really won't be too long now!

Kyyria Fri 26-Oct-12 04:41:05

Phoned the hospital and they wanted me to pop in so they could check me over and make sure waters had gone (trust me - they definitely had). Just got back home. Odd bit of crampy pain but no contractions as such. Got to go back in for 1pm tomorrow so they can set me up for induction if nothing has kicked off. Just heading back to bed with a cuppa and.going to try and catch some Zzzs.

Hang in there everyone else - feel crappy for jumping the queue x

Midgetm Fri 26-Oct-12 05:28:50

grin to zara and Kyria not long now.

Zara1984 Fri 26-Oct-12 06:58:25

Good luck Kyrria it's all on!!! So exciting!

Countdown to induction has begun. Have just told baby today is the last chance he has to come out under his own terms. Seems to be gleefully ignoring me. grin

It's starting to hit my poor DH. When we went up bed last night he was a bit weepy and said he's really nervous. I told him as I wasn't scared he shouldn't be grin but to be prepared that I might come across a bit different/howl like a banshee during labour/swear at him during labour - and that's where he has up be calm. grin

londonlivvy Fri 26-Oct-12 07:22:42

ooooh kyyria how exciting. I've just had a "have they or haven't they" broken moment with some liquid leaking out onto the floor as I stood making breakfast. I mopped it up with a kitchen towel and it doesn't smell like wee (oh the glamour) but this (liquid leakage) happened a few weeks ago too and the midwife was very very relaxed about it so I guess it's probably nothing. Shocking night's sleep though which may be more of an indicator. ANYWAY enough about me... good luck and EXCITING.

zara I hope the stern talks work but if not, I hope induction works out ok too.

bella2012 Fri 26-Oct-12 08:22:36

oh wow kyria that is wonderful! You have been through so much this pregnancy, I am not suprised you are more than ready for it to be over. Don't worry about jumping the queue you daft thing-I am thrilled for you and hope things progress well from here! Exciting. Keep us posted.

livvy I wonder what that was? Was it a gush or a trickle? You might need the old speculum exam if it keeps happening? Hope you are OK.

zara glad you have your lovely MIL with you and really hope things go smoothly. Do keep us posted.

How exciting! It really is going to be a ghost town on here by the time my babs comes along!

londonlivvy Fri 26-Oct-12 08:49:14

bella more of a trickle -sort of 1.5 inches diameter? I've now put in a pad (oh MY those things are SEXY) and will see. I suspect it's nothing to get excited about. I shall be here until 11 November I think.

Right. I need to go back to bed. Had just been about to go to sleep and the phone rang with SMIL wanting to talk through quilt design options - bless her - so kind of her to spend the time making a quilt. I tried to tell her I wouldn't be able to use it for a while cos of the SIDS stuff but not sure she got it. Still, I can use it as a floor mat for bean to lie on and kick when a bit older?

Oooh Kyyria How exciting!! Good Luck!!! Same goes for you Zara..

Hoping that Londonmrss is snuggled up with a gorgeous little one smile

Zara Isn't it amazing how long its taken for this news to hit them? We've only been pregnant for 9 months!! My DP was the same when we thought things had kicked off last week.. Bless him. In bed the night after he wouldn't take his hands off my belly!

I thought my waters had broken last night.. no such luck. (TMI) I think DP left his er.. work environment.. in rather a more damp mess than he usually does!

Bella and Beccus How are you both getting on?

The dog pulled me up I walked up the steepest hill known to man yesterday. (Well it probably isn't but thats what it felt like to me!) Did nada, but oh are my back and hips hurting today!! sad

<waves> at Yomping Hello!!! So nice to hear from you. Hope you are recovering well xx

bella2012 Fri 26-Oct-12 14:41:55

oh well livvy keep an eye on it, won't you. It may be something! You never know. You will def find lots of uses for the quilt. Once you are giving the baby tummy time to strengthen her neck, you can put it on the floor as a cosy and clean place to lie.

Hi mickey, sorry it wasn't the real thing for you either. How are you bearing up with all the waiting? I am Ok thanks, not as down as yesterday. I have been to see the farmhouse holiday cottage DH's family are staying in and it is absolutely out of this world! I still can not believe that 14 of them have travelled all this way to meet the baby and it probs won't be born until they have gone. Absolutely zilch happening here. Am trying so hard to summon resources of patience from deep within!

beccus how are you?

I wonder if things have stepped up for kyria and cherry?

I have a fear of being the last one onthe thread. Not sure why it matters to me! Come on baby!

Love to you all.

squidkid Fri 26-Oct-12 16:42:34

I am back for more cheering!

Baby Jess is nearly 4 weeks now and I feel physically almost entirely normal again. The first few weeks are tough BUT I feel like I am coming out the other side now. I hope this is encouraging!

bella you are doing SO WELL with the endless wait, it must be so exhausting. There really isn't much longer left however it happens. But fingers crossed and thinking of you that all kicks off naturally. Come on baby bella!

kyyria It's all happening for you now then! My labour started with waters going, it was pretty dramatic!
Love the halloween baby grows - should have thought of that - I have completely lost track of days/dates - october has vanished from my life basically!

beccus thinking of you too, I honestly think ladies who don't go overdue have no idea how time just screeches to a halt! Hope your sweep tomorrow goes ok, if things haven't started by then.

Yay for relaxing and maternity leave for cherry

Any news from orenishi, it's been a while now... fingers crossed!

londonmrs you are conspicuous by your absence for the last two days, your last post says your contractions are 6 mins apart!! Hope to hear good news from you soon. xxx

londonlivvy I think the thing I have found hardest so far is spending so little time with my boyfriend even though we are both in the house most of the time. Everyone says this gets easier though.
Hope the osteo helped with your hip. After birth all my pelvic / hip pain completely vanished, instantly.

zara You must also be in the thick of it... thinking of you love.

Mickey sympathies on the on-off labour - I had lots of signs for two weeks befoer - it is exhausting - thinking of you.

Right I promise you I will be back here until every last one of you is on the postnatal thread!!

Hey Bella- Don't worry, I'll probably be the last one here at this rate hmm The waiting is boring. It's wierd not having work to occupy me, although I thought I would miss it more.. but I don't. I've been merrily getting on with housework i have an indecent amount of love for my hoover which I usually hate doing. Plus I keep remembering things that need doing so I guess I'm OK. You have my sympathies on all the family travelling down for nothing- I'd be gutted if that was me and couldn't show my baby off!!
Are they the kind of family/houseguests that will make themselves useful? I.E. Make you a cup of tea and do the washing up occasionally? They're the best houseguests grin

I went to see the midwife this afternoon, asked if she could please please do an internal exam and see if I've made any progress and she said No. She was really nice about it bless her, but they aren't allowed to do examinations (unless in hosp obvs) before 40 weeks in case it starts labour. I was gutted. I'm also bloody fed up- the baby has moved upwards again, so where I was 2/5 engaged when I was admitted to hospital last week, I am now 3/5 engaged again. I'm so annoyed, little bugger!!
So I've decided to have a very f-u-pregnancy afternoon. I'm going to sit down and eat lots of cake and do nothing. Huuuurrrrumph. I'm grumpy.

Hi Squid Nice to hear from you! With the encouraging news that you are feeling like you are coming out the other side- I can't believe Jess is nearly 4 weeks already!!! It feels like yesterday you gave birth!!

Kyyria I LOVE the halloween babygrow. For christmas this year everyone is recieving a photo of the baby and a box of chocolates- I'm going to buy the "Mummy's Little Pudding" outfit they do and take a pic of the baby in that and that will be the famous picture grin I was going to put it on everyone's christmas cards but I fear that may be a little expensive. But we'll see!

hufflepuffle Fri 26-Oct-12 19:09:29

Hey peeps! Just checking in to say hi and cheer u to the finishing line! My little man is 9 days today and finally coming up for air! Not going to tell my story at this stage. Just thinking back to last few weeks and days of waiting and remembering the stress!!! Labour started for me on a Monday night at 11pm and bubba came Wed am at 1.31. The interim had 1 false trip to hospital as the contractions stopped when I got there!!!! So if u waiting to go do leave as long as poss. Tens machine was brilliant. Had 2nd stage in pool, so do v beneficial, would suggest to anyone. Had to get our to break waters and deliver tho, but that was just me.

My pelvic pain 100% gone within minutes of labour starting, yes, sleeping pattern all over place but I can confirm that the comfort of sleep is miraculous compared to late stages if pregnancy!!!! And the ability to bend over etc is priceless!!! So hang on in there.

Must go, DH has dinner ready!!

Hugs to u all, more soon

londonlivvy Fri 26-Oct-12 20:13:40

Hi ladies,

Fret not bella I shall be here until eviction day (11th Nov) so you won’t be alone! I checked the pad later and it was a pale yellow so therefore I just assume that my pelvic floor is shot to bits, rather than anything exciting about to happen. Good point re the quilt – we have wooden floors which wouldn’t be that cozy!

mickey I chuckled at your euphemism re work environment (once I’d worked it out, of course!). Good effort on walking up steep hills! I am having a couple of quiet days on the walking front to let things settle down in their new place post osteo. My hip is much much better, though a bit tender.
On the hoover front (sorry to discuss such a dull subject), which hoover do you have? Ours is rubbish and doesn’t really battle vs the cat hairs. A friend recommended miele but MY they are pricey.

squid I too cannot believe Jess is already 4 weeks old!! That has gone super quickly! Thank you for coming back to think of us and I hope that within 4 weeks of her arrival, I’ll be feeling semi-sane too! I think time with DF will be in very short supply given I barely see him already (due to uni) but it’s only temporary and by 2014 it’ll all be done!

kyyria thinking of you and hope to hear good news too.

huffle thanks for the cheers and support. Much appreciated!

dosomethingmutley Fri 26-Oct-12 21:06:38

Wotcha peeps, I am still hanging around like a bad smell too. losing bits of plug for the last couple of days, and a few crampy feelings and some v. strong BH contractions, but nothing more than that. Sweep booked for Sunday so maybe that will help things along a little.

Thanks for all the support and cheering from 'the other side' grin we'll be with you soon enough I'm sure, and then we'll be able to plunder your hard won experience unmercilessly!

londonlivvy is it tomorrow you're off to see your dp race? Hope it all goes ok and you have nice tea and cakes in the clubhouse smile

Lets hope we all have productive weekends!

londonlivvy Fri 26-Oct-12 21:15:51

howdy mutley and sorry you are still waiting too! Hopefully your sweep will do the trick. Yep, tomorrow is his race, last of the season, so hopefully that'll all go well. Cake is my friend!

Beccus Fri 26-Oct-12 22:11:19

hi ladies, i am still here, too!!!

bella, i have decided to just ignore the impending arrival and get on with things as normal. If he/she comes before induction and interupts my social calendar that would be lovely, if he/she doesn't, i'm sure induction will be ok - we must be pretty close to getting to being ready anyway, so hopefully won't need too many drugs.

Had a busy morning cleaning the bathroom and tidying our bedroom and also cleaned 'frig on tues - am lovng having everything all clean - this is very unlike me, normally i hate cleaning, so i guess i must be nesting. I am LOVING being off work - all those little tasks like cooking and cleaning that piss me off no end when i have to do them after work are not much trouble at all at the moment when i have all this free time smile Then i dropped food goodies around to friend with new baby, had a nap and went to the pub. If it's nice weather, i will go for a walk in park tomorrow, then go for sweep tomorrow pm (hopefully my cervix will be open like a 24hr macdonalds) and then out for dinner tomorrow nite.

OMG kyrria, so excited for u, u've had such an uncomfortable time of it!! Your little bean will be here in time to wear his halloween costume after all!! You are going to have such a cool little goth baby, in his/her skeleton sleep suit and skull and cross bones shoes and t short smile

where are orenhsi, zara, londonmrs and cherry - i want some news smile

Hi Squid and huffle , thanks for popping by and for the support - there's no way whoever is last will be left here on their own!!

Good luck at the race, livvy, hope u get lots of cake and birth encouragement from the oldies - they were hardcore back in their day, no epidurals for them, they just popped them out whilst cooking dinner smile

mickey, i might be copying your xmas pressie idea - thinking about xmas pressie shopping is too overwhelming!!!

Night ladies, happy birthing vibes x

bella2012 Fri 26-Oct-12 22:40:06

squid and huffle thank you so much for popping by-you have both really cheered me up. So glad you are both doing so well.

livvy good luck with the race tomorrow, hope the bean behaves and your DF enjoys his day of fun and is grateful to you for being generous and accomodating to him.

mickey hang in there you superwoman. You are being amazing. You must be so sick of these false starts.

beccus you have the best attitude, I will try and follow your example. Am resigned now to DH being off work with no baby here and all the masses of family ensconsed for the week and probs not even getting to meet baby. Going to try my best to make the most of it. I feel strangely detached from everything that is going on to be honest. Like it is all happening around me but I am not playing much of a part in it. Will try and go with the flow. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping your second sweep is much more successful. Lots of love to you.

Hi mutley nice to have another one on here sharing the wait!

Thinking of all the others too. Looking forward to hearing some news before long.

Off to bed now, fingers crossed for a maximum of three wees!

Angelico Fri 26-Oct-12 23:23:43

Ooooh Zara and Kyrria good luck! smile And Livvy sounds promising grin More biscuits needed in PN thread (not that an excuse is ever needed for biscuits you understand grin)

Bean was a month old yesterday, really filling out. Can't believe how different she looks already. Take LOADS of photos when they arrive because they change every couple of days smile

Hang in there peeps! thanks

Kyyria Sat 27-Oct-12 04:24:49

Hiya all - just checking in..

Baby kyyria born Friday 26th October at pm weighing in at 9lb12oz. As yet a beautiful unnamed little boy.

Had a bit of a rough time of it - post partum haemorrhage requiring blood transfusion and will have to be taken to theatre in the morning if bleeding hasn't settled.

Other than that have to say labour was better than expected smile

Kyyria Sat 27-Oct-12 04:26:01

Meant to say born at 11:42pm x

Zara1984 Sat 27-Oct-12 05:01:26

YAY!!!! Congrats kyyria!!! Sucks about the haemmorage though, hope you don't have to go to theatre. What a big boy! Same weight as my DH when he was born (DH is disappointed hmm ours is only estimated to be just under 8 lbs. grin

Been awake since about 3am... Due at hospital at 8am. Going to make myself bacon butties and a big mug of strong tea for my pre-induction breakfast brew . Here's hoping bubs arrives today! smile

Smorgs Sat 27-Oct-12 07:25:36

Congratulations Kyyria! Sorry to hear about the haemorrhage hope things go ok today and you're not too sore.

Thinking of everyone else who is counting down the last few days, it's all so frustrating I know. Hang in there lovelies!

londonlivvy Sat 27-Oct-12 07:40:19

kyyria 9lb12 is very impressive for first baby! Sorry to hear re hemorrhage though. I hope it settles ok. And of course huge congrats to you and your DH. Hope your cankles have gone already.

Good luck with induction, Zara.

Right. Back to bed with me I think (only got up to feed howling cat).

bella2012 Sat 27-Oct-12 08:12:21

fantastic news kyria! Huge congratulations! Hope the blood loss sorts its self out-you poor thing! What a lovely big baby! Well done you! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

Good luck zara! Got everything but my legs crossed for you!! Enjoy your bacon sarnie!

Well, I had about 40 minutes of contraction type pains last night at about midnight. They didn't amount to anything alas, but I am thrilled that at least SOMETHING is happening! All i could think about was my little DS sleeping soundly in the room next to ours and feeling stressed about how he would feel if we weren't there in the morning. I hope the baby comes during the day, but guess I can't be picky now when there's only 4 days left before induction...

Angelico Sat 27-Oct-12 09:08:05

Congratulations Kyrria! smile Sorry to hear about the blood loss, hope you can avoid theatre - but either way your bean is here smile thanks

smileyhappymummy Sat 27-Oct-12 10:05:13

Congratulations * kyrria*! Glad baby kyrria is here, hope you are getting some lovely snuggles and tht bleeding has settled, pph not nice at all.

Midgetm Sat 27-Oct-12 12:45:53

Congratulations Kyria sounds like you did an amazing job with such a big baby. Hope the bleeding settles. ERPC is by far the best option if it doesn't though. I hardly bled at all after DC1 when I needed one of those. Fingers crossed its not necessary though. Congratulations and welcome mini Kyria.

Beccus Sat 27-Oct-12 13:07:18

congrats kyrria!!
ooh, bella, keeping my fingers crossed things r on the move for u.
good luck with your induction, zara
on my phone at hospital after ? waters broke this mornin.g midwife did speculum and thinks it was hindwaters :-). lots of gunge as well, hoping it's plug and not meconium. bubs a bit quiet last couple of days, so waiting for fetal monitoring and docs to check pad to decide whether or not waters have def gone and if there is meconium. hope it's def waters without meconium and i can still go to birth centre x

Hi all, just a quick one to say Little Cherry Boy arrived at 11:05am Japan time (3:05am UK time) on Friday, October 26th, weighing 2996g (approx 6.6lbs?).grin
Will post birth story later as I'm on my phone and, of course, one handed! I'll just say it didn't quite go to plan. But we're both fine so I'm happy with it.
Will put name and photo on Facebook later.

Congrats Kyyria! Little Cherry and Baby Kyyria have the same DOB!
I wonder if any more will, sounds like it was a busy day on here.
Hope you're recovering well and didn't have to go into surgeryshock. Take care thanks

Sorry if this is a bit late, but good luck Zara, hope all goes well.

Midgetm Sat 27-Oct-12 14:13:47

Good luck beccus hope it's not meconium. Will check in for updates. Congratulations Cherry and mini Cherry. Excellent work even if it didn't go to plan it rarely does

Beccus Sat 27-Oct-12 18:09:31

well done, cherry, congrats on the arrival if baby cherry :-)

thanks for the support, midget , baby beccus has had a little poo, so they want to crack on and induce me. just had some gel and will go to antenatal ward, but happily boyfriend can stay with me. at least not needing continuous monitoring, which they orriginally said i would.
i guess i would have preferred to be at home for this bit, but am happy to avoided the dreaded taxi journey in and am pretty happy not to be competing for taxis with saturday nite revellers

Midgetm Sat 27-Oct-12 18:11:25

Good luck beccus thinking of you. And naughty baby beccus for crapping in their mother!

Oct. 16: Liege07 DS1 by planned induction, Orenishii DC1
Oct. 18: Bella2012 DC2, Beccus DC1
Oct. 19: Willowtree DC1 by ELCS
Oct. 21: Dosomethingmutley DC1
Oct. 26: Londonmrss DC1, Zara1984 DS1
Oct. 29: Ayeasha DC1
Nov. 1: Londonlivvy DC1
Nov. 8: MickeytheShortOne DC1

Real live babies:
Sept. 20: Velo - Max 2.35kg
Sept. 24: Lisbethspposite, Paul 6lb 11oz
Sept. 25: Angelico – DD Mini Angelico, CWest30 - Naomi Louise, 4lb 10oz
Sept. 26: Elpis – DS 3.2kg
Sept. 30: Squidkid – Jess, 6lb 14
Oct. 1: WantAnOrange – Artemis Lily 7lbs 2oz, MrsConfusion – DD 7lb 0.75oz
Oct. 2: Planktonette – DS Planktonini, firstbubba – DS babyfirstbubba 9lb 2.5oz
Oct. 3: FjordMor – Ida 8lb 3oz
Oct. 4: Crazypaving – DS 8lb 3oz, Smileyhappymummy – Melissa Rose 3kg, Milk - William Andrew 7lb 8oz
Oct. 12: Katla – Erin Rose 7lbs 12oz
Oct. 16: Midgetm – Master Midge
Oct. 17: Hufflepuffle – Snuffly Huffle Boy 9lb 3oz, Lizzietow – Imogen Rose
Oct. 18: OctoberOctober – Max 8lb 1oz
Oct. 19: Beeblebear – Baby Bear 7lb 10oz
Oct. 20: YompingJo – Alice Jessica 9lb
Oct. 21: LoopyLa - Prince Loopy 6lb 10oz
Oct. 22: Shellwedance - Amelie
Oct. 24: Smorgs- Frederick 2.9kg
Oct. 26: Kyyria- Baby boy Kyyria 9lb 12oz, Little Cherry Boy 6lb 6oz

Wooo!! Stop popping out babies you lot!!! Congratulations to Kyyria and Cherry- So pleased for you!!!
Wishing Beccus and Zara lots of luck with your inductions.

Well I've been having on-off pains and v. strong BH all day.. and feel so wierd today. All light headed (which I'm aware is probably my blood pressure) but I just feel so... odd. Got a hot chilli con carne for tea tonight so lets see how we get on!!!

Livvy How was the race?

Hoping to hear news from Orenishii and Londonmrss soon...!

Bella How you doinnggg?

Good luck Beccus, and well done for looking on the bright side as usual re getting a taxi!! grin

Londonmrss Sat 27-Oct-12 20:14:49

Hi ladies, well done and congrats to Kyyria and Cherry.
Sorry for the lack of news. Happy to announce that BabygirlLondon was born at 11.15pm yesterday, her due date and weighs in at exactly 8lb. She is beautiful.
The birth itself was good (just 20 mins of hardcore pushing, no tearing and no stitches, hardly any blood loss) but the 0-10cm was 3 days of pain and no sleep and to be honest has left both my husband and I quite traumatised. This labour certainly isn't representative of most- I was just unlucky so don't anybody freak out.
Will tell my full birth story at some point, but need to process it myself really. Feel rather shaky about the whole thing. Absolutely can't complain about the result though. Will check in soon. Currently attempting to force her onto my nipple, which she has so far showed absolutely no interest in whatsoever. Hugs to you all.

Midgetm Sat 27-Oct-12 21:20:49

Yay yay Londonmrs and extra kudos for being on time. Look forward to hearing more when you are up to it.

londonlivvy Sat 27-Oct-12 23:26:56

Hello ladies,

congrats cherry that's great news! and LondonMrsS too - a run of babies (is it full moon again?!?). YAY!

beccus boo to poo but great to have got things sorted. And goodness you are incredibly positive! I shall endeavour to channel your positivity over the next few hours.

Fab day today - very cold and windy at the race but sunny and DF came 5th out of about 80 riders which is really pretty good considering he's not had a chance to train since he started uni (he's been cycling miles to work and back, but not specific race training). Good fun shouting and screaming on the sidelines to support! Then we went out for spicy dinner and then saw the James Bond film which was great. Very fun day. During James Bond I started to notice a HUGE amount of wrigglage. And now it's feeling kinda crampy and uncomfortable. Not excruiatingly painful, but definitely sore. So things may be moving over here. Time to go to bed and see what happens I guess. DF looks slightly alarmed. It seems odd that things might have started in the cinema as I was told that adrenalin is the antidote to oxytocin (and thus labour). But it could just be weird pains (wind?)....

FjordMor Sat 27-Oct-12 23:54:46

One-handed check in here before the feedathon/gripeathon that resembles my nights these days (unfortunately I have a mostly nocturnal baby - it's our own fault...).

Massive congratulations to Kyyria, Cherry & LondonMrs! smile thanks
Kyyria that's indeed a big baby - no wonder you were feeling so uncomfortable latterly! Hope you're recovering well after the bleed. My cankles took a week or so to go down fully. I retained masses of water everywhere and am still sweaty Betty after over 3 weeks - it gradually works its way out of you. Can't stop gazing at what now look like my skinny, elegant ankles now! Have new appreciation for them!

Cherry - look forward to reading your birth story when you're up to it. LondonMrs - totally understand how you feel about yours. Sounds very similar to my experience except mine ended in EMCS & was induced. Still mean to tell it on the AN thread but didn't want to tell it on here as I wanted all those facing induction to feel positive about it. Ironically nearly all the inductions I've heard about recently were positive apart from mine so I don't want to be the 'voice of doom'. Anyway, I hope the trauma vanishes quickly once you're occupied with your LO. I was 'gifted' the distraction of challenging feeding so couldn't dwell on my birth experience for long. (I am 'head in the sand' though & should revisit it to 'get closure' - I'll embarrassedly admit that I haven't even looked at my own scar yet - DP checks it blush).

Thinking of everyone else. I try & read for news at least once every 24hrs but rarely manage to post - having a particularly relaxed/sleepy feed with BabyFjord right now - hence the catch up attempt!

Thinking of you Beccus with your induction. Hopefully all will proceed smoothly for you. Also Zara - hanging out for news!

Any news from Liege yet? Was figuring she must have a new arrival by now?

Love to all those waiting for things to start. Right, a quick catch up on the PN thread then back to feeding, feeding, feeding & trying not to have sleep deprived meltdowns...wink sorry to anyone whose news/woes I may have missed - still not back up to scratch on MNetting with babe in arms! Am in awe of the time-finding/coping powers of some of the other girls on the PN thread! shock xx

Congratulations londonmrss!! I think it actually is a full moon at the moment.

Well its 4am and im awake. Ive been awake since 1am. I am uncomfortable and cold, but i dont want to go downstairs as i will wake the dog up and she will think its time to go for a walk. Lucky i have my harry potter book up here...

londonlivvy Sun 28-Oct-12 04:32:32

mickey I'm awake too. Been having contractions since going to the cinema last night! Sore, but manageable, so figure I may as well let DF sleep. I keep thinking it'll peter out. The cat keeps nagging me for breakfast...

Smorgs Sun 28-Oct-12 06:20:11

Congratulations cherry and londonmrss wonderful news! Please try not to feel bad that things didn't go exactly to plan, as my ob/gyn said that is the world of obstetrics, it rarely goes to plan. You did an amazing thing and should feel very proud no matter how the baby arrived.

Still thinking of all of you counting down the last few days! Come on babies!

Zara1984 Sun 28-Oct-12 06:21:36

Baby Tom was born this morning at 1.55am. 7lb 4 oz. Labour was scary and fast after second gel, 1-3cm in one hour then 3-10 in another hour. He swallowed meconium and needed resuss. We are on postnatal ward now, have been left to it by midwives. It took me a couple of hours to feed him. He is asleep now but I am so tired and confused, this a whirlwind sad

I love him so much though, he's beautiful!

Will post more later... Shattered now... Do I try and sleep?

hufflepuffle Sun 28-Oct-12 06:26:17

Oh bless you Zara, you poor startled pet! Congratulations and well done, be very proud of yourself. Yes, try and sleep every second u can. You will awaken to baby sounds when you need to xx

Smorgs Sun 28-Oct-12 06:40:58

zara you poor thing that sounds intense, yes do sleep now if you can. You can sort it all out in your head later on. Congratulations and hugs xx

hufflepuffle Sun 28-Oct-12 06:47:57

Huge congrats to Cherry Londonmrss and Kyyria!!!! Welcome little ones!! Apologies to whom I hav missed while being AWOL, you hav all done a great job!! I know it's a cliche, but as MW said to me after, it's not called labour for nothing!!! Xx

smileyhappymummy Sun 28-Oct-12 08:25:09

zara many congratulations! Yes, try and sleep if you can, Tom will let you know if he needs you and there will be midwives pottering about keeping an eye on you both. You've done brilliantly.

londonlivvy Sun 28-Oct-12 10:15:25

YAY for safe arrival Zara, that's great news. Sleep when you can seems to be the motto of every new mum so I hope you have managed to nod off and are feeling a bit less OMG.

Contractions still going over here - now about 12 hours in - regular, sore but not horrifically painful. Called the hospital to let them know but I think it'll be a while. DF thinks he probably shouldn't go off to uni to his study group. I'm inclined to think he should just go as it could be hours yet.

bouncing on the ball, breathing away... but I'm thinking that within a couple of days we should have a baby! Excited but a bit scared and a bit daunted.

Smorgs Sun 28-Oct-12 10:21:21

Ooh livvy exciting! Sounds like things are moving but probably right not to get too expectant as it could still be a while. Will be thinking of you xx

bella2012 Sun 28-Oct-12 11:53:14

delighted to be able to say that my son William was born this morning at 5.10 after a surprising and dramatic delivery! He is utterly delicious and I am so in love. More later when I am not quite so shellshocked!

Good luck livvy and mickey! Xxx

Oct. 16: Liege07 DS1 by planned induction, Orenishii DC1
Oct. 18: Beccus DC1
Oct. 19: Willowtree DC1 by ELCS
Oct. 21: Dosomethingmutley DC1
Oct. 29: Ayeasha DC1
Nov. 1: Londonlivvy DC1
Nov. 8: MickeytheShortOne DC1

Real live babies:
Sept. 20: Velo - Max 2.35kg
Sept. 24: Lisbethspposite, Paul 6lb 11oz
Sept. 25: Angelico – DD Mini Angelico, CWest30 - Naomi Louise, 4lb 10oz
Sept. 26: Elpis – DS 3.2kg
Sept. 30: Squidkid – Jess, 6lb 14
Oct. 1: WantAnOrange – Artemis Lily 7lbs 2oz, MrsConfusion – DD 7lb 0.75oz
Oct. 2: Planktonette – DS Planktonini, firstbubba – DS babyfirstbubba 9lb 2.5oz
Oct. 3: FjordMor – Ida 8lb 3oz
Oct. 4: Crazypaving – DS 8lb 3oz, Smileyhappymummy – Melissa Rose 3kg, Milk - William Andrew 7lb 8oz
Oct. 12: Katla – Erin Rose 7lbs 12oz
Oct. 16: Midgetm – Master Midge
Oct. 17: Hufflepuffle – Snuffly Huffle Boy 9lb 3oz, Lizzietow – Imogen Rose
Oct. 18: OctoberOctober – Max 8lb 1oz
Oct. 19: Beeblebear – Baby Bear 7lb 10oz
Oct. 20: YompingJo – Alice Jessica 9lb
Oct. 21: LoopyLa - Prince Loopy 6lb 10oz
Oct. 22: Shellwedance - Amelie
Oct. 24: Smorgs- Frederick 2.9kg,
Oct. 26: Kyyria- Baby boy Kyyria 9lb 12oz, Cherry- Little Cherry Boy 6lb 6oz, Londonmrss- BabygirlLondon 8lb
Oct. 28: Zara- Baby Tom 7lb 4oz, Bella- William

Good Luck Livvy!! I really am going to be left on my own now sad
Any news from Beccus? Hope you are snuggled up with your lovely new arrival. I am majorly jealous of you all!

Ooh and congratulations Zara and Bella!!

londonlivvy Sun 28-Oct-12 15:05:33

Oh mickeyI'm not convinced this is going to happen any time soon. Still having contractions, which are now a bit more intense, but no real sense of urgency yet. Oof. I am not a patient person and this is doing my head in!

Congrats Bella. So glad your bean arrived in time to be presented to the whole family.

Londonmrss Sun 28-Oct-12 23:08:38

Just wanted to send my love to the final few. Big hugs.

Midgetm Sun 28-Oct-12 23:14:03

Sending eviction vibes to the last ladies left standing.

londonlivvy Mon 29-Oct-12 03:50:18

Oh bloody hell this labour stuff is much, much harder than I had realised. After 24 hours of contractions, gradually getting more intense, my waters broke. Hospital said to come in for a check, which we did. Only 2cm! Boo. So back home and in the bath, fighting the pain and wanting to cry from exhaustion and disappointment.

How anyone does this on gas and air is an absolute mystery to me. Hats off to all of you. I shall be asking for their best drugs on my return. Ow. Ow. Ow.

bella2012 Mon 29-Oct-12 04:22:47

oh livvy good luck! And thanks for your congratiulations! And you too mickey. I am going to keep on coming on here so you are not alone mickey and so you get at least one congrats too when yoiur bean comes (which can't be long!) so don't fret xxxx

Bella congratulations, so glad William made it in time to meet the family! Sounds all very sudden though thanks

Congrats LondonMrs! Another birthday buddy for Little Cherry boy, it was obviously a good day to be born. I've read your birth story on the other thread, but will write a decent reply when I have more time to concentrate. I had a little cry when I read it, sounds like you really went through it. thanks

More congratulations to Zara! thanks Sounds hectic, so glad it all ended up ok though. Definitely sleep now as much as possible, while he's quiet for the first day. No chance after that. Enjoy smile

Good luck Livvy! I thought the same as you - I never expected the early stages to be so painful. Have whatever pain relief you want/need. I went to over 8cm with nothing at all then ended up having to have an epidural, so complete waste of time. Anyway, more on that later...
Looking forward to hearing your news

YompingJo Mon 29-Oct-12 08:36:57

I try to read and post here every day but like everything else I try to do every day (shower, eat, breathe...), scrummy baby girl usually interrupts with a demand that needs meeting RIGHT NOW MUMMY!

She is 9 days old today, I am and feeling a lot more comfortable (forceps and episiotomy, will put whole story on post natal thread eventually!) and we are starting to feel like we speak our little girl's "language" now, can usually tell when she is hungry, windy or agitated because she wants her nappy changed. We are doing tag team parenting, I am the Catering department and DH is Costumes and Changing. I go to bed after a feed in the evening and he sleeps in the spare room with her until she next needs feeding, then he changes her and passes her over to me for rest of night. No patterns established yet but it's going ok. It is the hardest thing I have ever done (I thought pregnancy was hard, but labour was much harder and being an actual parent, trying to learn to breastfed whilst getting not enough sleep and recovering physically and mentally from the birth, tops the scale!) but we love it, she is a total bundle of joy! We have ventured out with her a couple of times, great fun but fraught with anxiety as we are typical new parents and worried about everything!

So, wow, how many babies? Massive congratulations to Bella on the arrival of William, to Zara for baby Tom, to LondonMrss for Baby girl London, to Cherry for Little Cherry Boy, * Kyyria* on the arrival of your little boy (wow, 9lb !!!) and to Smorgs for Frederick.

Livvy, hope things are progressing faster for you now and you have news soon!

Beccus, how are you doing?

Midget, not so long to go now, hope you are coping with the frustration of the final couple of weeks.

Mutley, sending eviction vibes your way!

Any word from Liege ?

Smorgs Mon 29-Oct-12 09:06:49

livvy not sure if you'll be reading this but if it helps I went in for induction after two nights of pretty regular strong contractions which then stopped during the day. I was sure I'd be a few cm dilated but no. Not even fully effaced. After 4 hours on the oxytocin drip still not fully effaced so they recommended (and I gratefully accepted) an epidural. One hour later I was 6cm two hours later 9cm. It worked in exactly the opposite way to how I imagined (ie slows everything down) and was bliss and meant I had loads of energy for pushing. Good luck, you can do it, ill be thinking of you!

hufflepuffle Mon 29-Oct-12 09:36:42

Thinking of Londonlivvy and hoping all progressing well xx
Bella , congratulations!!! Well done you

Sorry, no time for more!
Xx keep going ladies, nearly all there xx

Liege07 Mon 29-Oct-12 09:55:05

Hello lovely ladies! Sorry for long silence on my part.. my little DD was born on 16 October by induction as planned at 38 weeks 4 days the labour was v intense lasting 7 hours from first pessary (no need for second) to birth but retrospectively I feel good about it. she was 3.05kg and in v good health. I will write the birth story later.

She is a very calm baby sleeping up to 5 hours between feeds at night and easy to settle during the day, breastfeeding going well and all really going very smoothly.. though I have had a few niggling feelings/fears about attachment and bonding as I don't feel very strong emotions for her... it is very strange I do everything for her with love and care and I like doing it but when I look at her I don't have that gooey loved up feeling. I spoke to DH and Mum about it and they both agree it will come and grow over time and I am sure it will but in the meantime I feel quite sad that I don't feel head over heels in love with her as many others do..

I am so happy to hear all the good news from all of you, I read the whole anti-natal and the post-natal thread last night while feeding, it is such a nice feeling to think of you all out there doing the same thing as me.. but I am sorry to hear of all the struggles too, especially with breastfeeding and getting over a traumatic labour... I hope things settle down soon and we can all get some proper sleep... (wishful thinking probably!)

londonlivvy Mon 29-Oct-12 12:14:20

Things progressing, albeit slowly. Was 6cm at 1030. Had pethedine so am in less pain. Thanks everyone for through support. I have really really appreciated it.

Midgetm Mon 29-Oct-12 12:52:56

Great to hear from you Leige Look forward to hearing about your induction when you get a chance.

LondonLivvy Good to hear you are progressing - you are over half way there now. I bloody love gas and air can you have some for me? grin

smileyhappymummy Mon 29-Oct-12 17:20:53

Go livvy! Hope all is going well,band looking forward to hearing all the details!

Go Livvy!!!! So happy for you!!!

I'm stillllll standing. Da da da da da. And all that jazz.

Meltdown today. Over a tumble dryer. Not going where I wanted it to go. I have a maajor humph on sad

londonlivvy Mon 29-Oct-12 18:10:16

OMG . That was one helluva experience but our daughter is here at last! 6lb12oz. Delighted but swaying with tiredness.

Thank you for your support everyone.

More when I've slept.

Congratulations Livvy!! Really happy for you. Hopefully not long for me now...

Smorgs Mon 29-Oct-12 18:22:07

Yay go livvy!! Love how you kept us updated! Hope you're not too sore, get some sleep and then enjoy some lovely cuddles xxx

Hang in there mickey!

bella2012 Mon 29-Oct-12 18:50:31

wooohooo for you livvy- fantastic news!! Well done you xxx

mickey hang in there! It will be your turn v. Soon. Loads of love xxx

Midgetm Mon 29-Oct-12 18:58:06

Runs around with pom poems for livvy and Baby livvy and puts on boiler suit to help move the tumble dryer for mickey grin

smileyhappymummy Mon 29-Oct-12 19:10:42

Congratulations livvy!
Will keep on popping in here to see you mickey not long now I'm sure

hufflepuffle Mon 29-Oct-12 19:21:03

Yay Livvy!!!!!! Congratulations and welcome little one!! Xx

Beccus Mon 29-Oct-12 21:00:54

hi ladies,

wow, congrats londonmrs , bella, and livvy on the safe arrival of your babies

my lazy bean eventually arrived same day as bella's, on sunday. A sh1tload of drugs were needed to get things going, ( 2 prostaglandin gels and a lot of syntocinon) and for my comfort,i ended up begging for epidural! ....i have so much respect for anyone who does labor on just gas and air....it's great fun, the gas and air, cant say it did too much for my pain, tho. I will post labor story later, farcking hell, labor and becoming a parent is so full on!

Anyway, my beautiful Amelie Rose is here :-) i am completely in love, and think she is the most beautiful baby ever...and we only just sorted out her crusty eye situation, so i am clearly not objective about her.

need to get some z's...hang in there, mickey!! v. sleep deprived, is anyone else still waiting? x

hufflepuffle Mon 29-Oct-12 22:01:48

Yay Beccus!!!!! Congratulations and welcome Amelie Rose!! Beautiful name! X x

Aww congratulations beccus!! Glad you popped back to update us.

Thanks everyone for your ongoing support- hopefully it wont be long now. Psychic doula is sure it will be a wednesday so hopefully itll be this one!!

Thanks midget for virtual help moving tumble dryer- i had a pregnant lady whinge at DP when he came in and as usual was completely lovely about it and fixed the entire situation with no complaints. I luffs him.

Please dont go digging out the champagne without me- im not far behind you all, promise!!!!

Congrats Livvy! Welcome Little Livvy thanks Hope you managed to get lots of sleep and are recovering nicely.

And congratulations Beccus, hello Amelie Rose! thanks Such a pretty name. Wish I could have had a bit of gas and air.

Hang in there Mickey, we won't forget about you! You have plenty of time left, so please don't wish it away or feel in a hurry. I love my baby, but I miss my bump too especially how easy it was to take care of compared to a new born And please carry on the pregnant woman meltdowns for the rest of us! grin

I'm going home this evening, thank goodness. It was meant to be tomorrow evening but I made a calculated mistake and its a day earlier! It's lovely here - food great, staff lovely, relaxing environment, lots of help etc. but I need my space and to start getting into the real swing of things.

bella2012 Tue 30-Oct-12 02:58:15

hooray for beccus and your lovely little girl! How amazing that she and william have the same birthday 9 days after the same due date! That is lovely. I worshipped at the wine god's alter tonight and had a glass of champers with DH and it was lush! Hope you have too!

I so hope that psychic doula is right mickey and you get an october baby on wed! Xxx

Yes Mickey, actually I think you should tidy things up nicely and have this baby before the stroke of midnight on the 31st please! wink

YompingJo Tue 30-Oct-12 09:31:15

Yay, big congrats Beccus on the birth of Amelie Rose, and Livvyon the birth of little Livvy. Was your DH at home when it all started? Hope everything is OK for you both post-birth and looking forward to hearing your stories soon and seeing you over on the PN thread which I totally can't keep up with

Am heading to breastfeeding support group this morning as her latching is still very hit and miss and it is making me really stressed. Used to be that she would feed peacefully and then scream when DH changed her but now is other way round - she lies there content while he changes her but screams and fights when she tries to latch on sad

Mickey, eviction notice in the post for Mini Mickey! is Wednesday Hallowe'en? What a cool day to have a baby!

FjordMor Tue 30-Oct-12 20:07:16

Huge congratulations to Bella, Beccus & Livvy on your arrivals! Also belated congrats to Liege & to Smorgs. Looking forward to hearing everyone's birth stories on the PN thread when we are un-shell-shocked enough to tell them!

Thinking of you Mickey - won't be long I'm sure. smile

Me & baby Fjord are still bumbling along like amateurs wink. Main problem now being nocturnalism and me never getting more than 4 hours sleep in any 24 hr period (and this is showing my age somewhat blush).

See everyone over on the PN thread (if I ever get there!) smile

Lmao I will try Cherry!!

Thankyou for all your thoughts everyone. I seem to be coming down with a cold sad Not impressed. I don't want to be ill and having a baby and ughhhh :'(

londonlivvy Wed 31-Oct-12 00:00:20

Oh poor you mickey. Sorry re one handed rubbish typing.

Fjord I feel your pain re nocturnalism. Man this is hard.

Thanks everyone for the good wishes.

Yep yomping DF was home. Thankfully. After 28 hours of contractions ay home my waters broke in the night so we went in to get checked out.

bella2012 Wed 31-Oct-12 01:54:20

hey mickey, just checking in to see how you are? Any signs? So sorry to hear about your cold!

Waves to livvy who I see is up feeding too! Will keeps falling asleep after 10 minutes so it takes forever to fill him up-aaaaagh! Xxx

Beccus Wed 31-Oct-12 07:54:16

thanks everyone!! i know, bella, funny isn't it :-)
Agree with livvy, bump was much easier to manage than baby, but baby much more loveable. yomping, hearing u in the b/f stress camp, our d/c is delayed until it's a bit more sorted. bubs falls asleep during, but then settling after also hard. doing 1 handed typing too during post feeding cuddle. cheers for mickey, halloween baby would be awesome, but guy fawkes baby also cool. our babies will have great birthday parties....and as a close to xmas birthday gal, am pleased for them all xx

Hey hey. no signs yet sad If i'm being honest i havent been very pro-active these last few days. I have the energy to hoover and then I have to sit down and put my feet up!! I've been so so tired this last week. Loving being able to sleep in til 9am though. I know that won't be happening for much longer so I'll make the most of it!!

londonlivvy Wed 31-Oct-12 10:22:08

Mickey that's a fab attitude. Enjoy the sleep and the rest. As you say, all the reserves will come in handy in due course. And as Beccus says, Guy Fawkes baby would be cool - imagine having fireworks on your birthday every year?!

Meanwhile I am ASTONISHED by how big my boobs have got. 32J, ladies, 32J. For the record I started this pregnancy journey at a not-too-enormous 30F. Jaysus. I am hoping they don't get much bigger as bras don't get much bigger!! I'll be sending DF to the post office to return all the smaller sizes that I had optimistically ordered.

Christ Livvy, 32J?! I wasn't even aware that size existed grin
How are you not falling on your front?!

I'm carving pumpkins today with my mum and brother and sister. grin happy halloween everyone!!

hufflepuffle Wed 31-Oct-12 15:45:33

32j?????? Sweet Lord! Well at least they keep changing size daily!!! No idea what mine were few days ago but the large size in the bravado silk was straining miserably!!!!! But I have Actually ordered another one of it as they hold the saviour breast shells!

smileyhappymummy Thu 01-Nov-12 08:10:36

32j is impressive! Hope everyone had a lovely halloween.

londonlivvy Thu 01-Nov-12 11:40:44

mickey you made me chuckle. I am mostly amused that my boob is bigger than her head. Considerably. This makes me laugh more than it should.
huffle thank heavens for that nursing bra shop that you had pointed me towards. I can't imagine my local debenhams woikd have been able to provide.

Oof re Halloween smiley. My bean wanted feeding every hour. Oof. So tired.

springersmum Thu 01-Nov-12 13:27:02

A very belated hello from me and baby Harry, born on 12th oct, weighing 8lb 4. Only just found a minute to read everyone's news on both threads, sooo lovely hear about all the new little people!
We had a pretty quick labour, he was delivered 2 hrs after arriving at the hospital....very different to the 3 day back to back hell I had with his big sister! After a painful start BF is going well, but I'm very sweaty - yuck sad anyone else got this?
Right off to say hello on the post natal thread, can't believe how long one fingered iPad typing takes!! X

lisbethsopposite Thu 01-Nov-12 14:02:42

I'm here waiting for my pump kit to sterilise and quick read.
[Thanks] to all. We did it. We are all f***ing BRILLIANT!!

Mickey you are bringing up the rear here, but while you are almost the baby on here (aren't you) you are always calm and wise. Sending you a virtual hug(())

Like most people I feel like I am having a love affair - I can just stare at Paul. He is fabulous, and crying now - gotta go.

About to attempt my first pump session in next few days grin

hufflepuffle Thu 01-Nov-12 16:47:19

Livvy 'my boob is bigger than her head' is making me laugh more than it should too.......!!!! Sorry! If u hav been unfortunate enough to read my post on other thread u will see that I'm a miserable cow today!! No milking pun intended....... So thanks for cheering me!!!

Oh and wonder how much business we hav collectively given that nursing bra site??! I ordered another one only last night after an explosion of milk for second time that day!

<waves> hello Mickey!!! October officially over but you are most Definately still part of the October collective!!


Oh and welcome baby Harry!!! Congratulations Springersmum!! X

"I am mostly amused that my boob is bigger than her head."
Livvy That greatly amuses me too, and made me laugh ALOT!

I've just been for a big long walk with the dog and a coffee and a catch up with a friend. If I'm not mistaken I have also just had quite a painful contraction. But only one.. I think hmm We'll see.

Thanks Lisbeth. I'm trying not to drive myself crazy. I still have to remind myself that I do actually have another week to go until my due date. It just feels like forever because I did actually start labour so long ago! But that has made it all go alot quicker I must admit. I don't know how I would have still been working had I not gone into hospital. I think I would have collapsed with tiredness now serves me right for trying to prove a point

<waves back> at Huffle Hello! How is life on the other side?!

hufflepuffle Thu 01-Nov-12 16:49:12

Oh and Lisbeth keen to kno how pumping goes. I tried few days ago, nips obviously too tender yet. All tips and discoveries will be appreciated xx

bella2012 Thu 01-Nov-12 20:40:36

oh mickey, you are doing so well. 'calm and wise' is a great description lisbeth.

huffle i too am a miserable cow-i have HAD ENOUGH of certain visitors and having NO time ourselves as a family. Will go to the other thread and read up on what has got you down. Big hugs to you and all the others xx

Kyyria Thu 01-Nov-12 21:00:26

Hi all. Apologies for my prolonged absence - although mini-kyyria arrived on Friday we were only discharged from hospital late last night following a hectic few days post delivery.

Labour was fine (in fact felt it was no where near as horrible as i was expecting) but I suffered with a post-partum haemorrhage that required a 4 pint blood transfusion, the threat of emergency surgery and a crash team!

Then had a horrible few days as little one was diagnosed with jaundice. Unfortunately I had problems with my milk supply (apparently quite common following traumatic labours/blood loss) which didn't help as he wasn't getting enough fluid from feeds to help flush the bilirubin from his body. He was also on UV therapy which was making him hot so he needed proper feeds more than anything. Ended up having intervention from paediatrics and having to top him up with formula feeds as they were worried that he was suffering from dehydration.

Now home and feeling very much out of my comfort zone, but seem to be winging it so far!

Lovely to still see people here - sympathy, hugs, and hurry up vibes to all those who are still waiting.

bella2012 Fri 02-Nov-12 07:30:26

oh my word kyria I am so sorry. That all sounds absolutely hideous. Poor you having to go through all of that. How are things going at home? How was your first night? Thinking of you xxx

mickey how are you feeling? Do you have nice things planned for the weekend to distract you? Xxx

londonlivvy Fri 02-Nov-12 09:03:09

And can we see pics of the pumpkins?

I'd intended to do pumpkin and had bought sweet etc but then was overtaken by events. Must not eat all the sweets myself!

kyyria that sounds incredibly tough. Bet you are glad to be home!

Oh kyyria that sounds awful. Hope you are both recovering well....

Well bella i had planned on giving birth but i doubt that will happen so i've got a late halloween party to go to.. DP off work this weekend as it is quiet in the world of tractor fixing so i think we will just be chiling out together and having rampant sex while we still can, just
i've had another night of no sleep and chronic lower back pain. I had braxton hicks ALL evening yesterday and its all amounted to.... Nothing!!

How are you all? Xxxx

YompingJo Fri 02-Nov-12 09:45:41

Bringing supplies of biccies, pineapple, hot curry, raspberry leaf tea for Mickey! Enjoy it while you can, after night we have just had, have decided having baby was very ill-thought out plan! She looks cute but I think she might be a demon in disguise!

Can huffle or London post a link to that nursing bra site? My boobs are also bigger that her head and she is a 9lb baby shock

Congrats springersmum!

YompingJo Fri 02-Nov-12 09:50:43

And oof Kyyria, 4 pints? That's like half the blood in your body. Really hope you're recovering well and so sorry it got so traumatic. Must have been really hard for DH too, feeling of powerlessness is I think the hardest part of the whole thing for them. Sending you hugs, glad you are all home now.

dosomethingmutley Fri 02-Nov-12 11:12:10

Well, after 2 sweeps and a full week of early labour contractions I am staring down the barrel of induction tomorrow afternoon. Contractions have been getting more intense every day, but either I have a superhuman pain threshold or they're not going to get her here in time to avoid some meddling sad

I know induction can and probably will be fine, and all that matters is a healthy bean, but I had so hoped to manage it myself! Ho hum. Today I will enjoy the sunshine and play with the cat and look forward to meeting our little one in a very few days now!

Love to all, especially mickey and hzgreen still waiting, soon we can all graduate to the PN thread together!

Beccus Fri 02-Nov-12 11:57:24

i miss u ladies!! when r u getting the time to mumsnet??? just had a super quick scan whilst pumping- love my medella. good luck dosomething and mickey am hoping things get started for u soon, love.

bella, sorry to hear of your relly woes sad i have been a hormonal, emotional sleep deprived wreck, so would not be coping well with that, but am seeing light at end of tunnel.

Kyrria, i also had no colostrum and am toppnig up with formula - seems like a lot of people have this problem.

Really want to read post matal thread and post burth story, but no time!!! does anyone know where u go to got fitted for bravisso dilk bras? i have never seen my boobs look so good! x

londonlivvy Fri 02-Nov-12 12:35:04

Yomping it is


Mickey enjoy the shag! Gutted we didn't on our last chance. I thought we had at least two weeks to go before evicting her.

Dosomething, good luck with induction. If you end up on a drip I would definitely consider an epidural. Up to you of course and entirely depends on your experience.

Midgetm Fri 02-Nov-12 12:41:59

Good luck Dosomething if you can have sweeps could be that all you will need to get moving is ARM. Sending you lots of Eviction vibes.

Smorgs Fri 02-Nov-12 17:00:34

dosomething I'm sorry you're facing induction, I ended up being induced and was terrified and frustrated beforehand but I have to say I had an overwhelmingly positive experience. I went straight onto the oxytocin drip but still failed to fully efface, not even dilate, after 4 hours. I then had an epidural and wham was fully dilated in a couple of hours. I could still 'feel' everything and use my legs and I had loads of energy for pushing which took about half an hour.

Just thought I'd post my story to help ease your fears, I'm not bragging and I know everyone's experience is different and I really really feel for everyone who had traumatic labours and deliveries. If its any consolation I think I'm paying for it now with the werewolf I seem to havd birthed hmm

Kyyria Fri 02-Nov-12 17:15:49

It's still not all sunk in yet - like you say I think DH bore the brunt of it...I knew that things weren't right and that it was all kicking off but I was quite chilled off all the drugs. I can remember them talking about my blood pressure (66/43 at one point) and thinking "that doesn't sound good" but to be honest I was more worried about falling asleep - was shattered and the team said sleep if you want to but I didn't want to fall asleep and then have them worrying that I'd passed out! DH said he caught sight of all the blood on the floor accidentally but he had hold of the LO at that point so was otherwise occupied.

We had tears last night when he broke down about how he could have lost me. To be honest I was teary too but my panic at the moment is coping with little one - haven't really had time to think about labour yet. The hospital does offer a counselling service to go through the labour experience and what happened. Once we're back.down to earth I might take.them up on it.

Thanks for all your thoughts everyone.. Good luck mutley with your induction tomorrow.

I can't be this uncomfortable any more. I must have a really long baby because it doesn't matter what position i'm in, I can't breathe properly sad My hips are agony and I can't sleep properly and the heartburn is making a savage return. The baby also enjoys stretching out on my bladder as well as kicking my heart. Oooof. Bad pregnancy day today. I kept going all dizzy too. Ugh sad Thanks Yomping for the supplies! I will take them all apart from the raspberry leaf tea!!

londonlivvy Sat 03-Nov-12 06:50:19

Ugh re uncomfortableness mickey, that's rubbish. Have you tried swimming or yoga?

Boo re heartburn. I remember vividly how horrid that was.

I don't think I've got the energy for either to be perfectly honest... finding it hard enough to get off the sofa

How are you all doing?

bella2012 Sat 03-Nov-12 18:26:39

hey mickey- what kind of a day have you had? Been thinking of you.

I have had another house full of visitors today, but two of them were my really good friends so it was nice to have a natter. Baby has slept soo much today so i am already dreading tonight! My boobs are effing killing me so I am worried I am doing something wrong with the breastfeeding. It is certainly getting harder not easier.

Generally we are good though. dS1 has been at my Mums for a couple of hours so we have had a little break from his manic energy! Xx

Beccus Sat 03-Nov-12 22:54:18

it's so quiet on here!! who is still left to pop apart from mickey?

Glad u had some more enjoyable company today, bella. i managed to phone my bro and one of my besties, which was good. Have also figured out one handed breast pumping and may have cracked 1 handed feeding- mumsnet, here i come!!

bella, that sucks bf is painful - i was expecting pain on feeding and painful, engorhed tits, but instead i dont have enough milk, so baby is having a fair bit of top up formula....am hoping pumping will help me make more

on the down side, it has just taken us about 3hrs to settle the bean to sleep.....hopefully she'll be off for at least 4 so we can catch some zzz's

hufflepuffle Sun 04-Nov-12 05:23:54

Just a quick waving hello to Mickey <Hello!>

squidkid Sun 04-Nov-12 08:18:12

Hey Mickey! Thinking of you lots - not long now!! My sister in law has the same due date so I shall see which of your babies turns up first! Hope you are getting some good rest and treating yourself to nice things in amongst all the uncomfortableness. I went for loads of meals out in the last two weeks!

Smorgs Sun 04-Nov-12 13:46:23

Just cheering you on to the finish line mickey !!

Angelico Sun 04-Nov-12 13:56:32

Go Mickey smile We have an extra comfy cushion waiting in PN for you, along with plenty of brew and biscuit

Hi everyone smile Thanks for thinking of me!!
Another couple of days of irregular contractions, general aches and pains.. Although I have slept alot better these last two nights. Had a bit of a cry on DP last night and feel a bit better for it today. I know I'm just being irrational and the baby will be here soon but it feels like I've been waiting forever! I'm not sure I'll be doing this pregnancy lark again... Hmmm!

DP is watching Red Dwarf. I don't get this program. And I don't get why its funny. Anyone else experience this? Or is it just me being boring with a wierd sense of humour?!

Am thinking of you all and looking forward to plonking myself on that cushion Angelico!! Sending you all lots of love and cuddles.

Midgetm Sun 04-Nov-12 16:58:40

Pops round to micky's turns off red dwarf and puts on something really funny (the thick of it?), wipes tears. Bakes a cake. Dollops out a very strong curry and a huge pineapple and scuttles back to feed Master Midfe.

londonlivvy Sun 04-Nov-12 17:56:38

Hello mickey. The last bit of pregnancy is a bit dull, isn't it? I hope your infrequent pains get their act together soon.

You are absolutely right re Red Dwarf. Not amusing in the slightest. Never understood the appeal. Surely as heavily pregnant woman you get the right to select the programme though?

YompingJo Sun 04-Nov-12 18:33:28

Midget, you are sweet! I love Red Dwarf, Mickey. I have some QI you could borrow if that's any better though?

amandak018 Sun 04-Nov-12 19:00:11

Hello everyone

Congratulations to you mums-to-be!

I am a graduate student, doing my Masters in Child Development at UCL, in conjunction with the Anna Freud Centre. And as part of my course, I am required to observe a newborn infant in his or her home (starting at 4 weeks old or younger) for an hour, weekly, for the academic year. The observation is non judgmental and is intended to help me see the capacities and growth that develop from early infancy.

This is an opportunity for me to learn from your child. Many of the mothers who have participated in the observations in the past have found the experience rewarding. And the process is of course kept confidential.

If you or anyone you know would be interested or have any questions, please let me know. I'd be happy to meet with you or give you additional information.

Thank you very much, and good luck!
Amanda Kalmutz

QI sounds much better Yomping.. "It's Alaaann Daaaavies!!!!" Haha!
No Livvy I apparently don't get to choose.. I was all for watching Mock The Week (love LOVE it!) and he just ignored me. And put on CSI instead. Which isn't something to complain about, I like CSI, but it would've been nice not to be ignored!
So far this weekend, I've had a hot curry, two hot baths and a not so hot shag. My poor fanjo aches, and I feel like my pelvis is going to fall apart! sad

Thankyou Midget- you are so good. I have too much cake though

Kyyria Sun 04-Nov-12 21:31:43

Sending sympathy hugs Mickey - for asmuch as the aftermath is bloody hectic, I was so pleased he arrived a couple of days early! And if it's any further sympathy my fanjo still aches...just for very different reasons! X

Kyyria Sun 04-Nov-12 21:37:59

bella you have my sympathy on the BF front - feel like my nipples are going to drop off! Definitely finding it harder than easier. Got midwife to check latch yesterday - she gave me a few.pointers but said all was good. My big problem is LO not wanting to open his mouth far enough an trying to shove boob in before he changes his mind. Really not looking forward to night feeds tonight. Definitely milk happening (can see it on nipple when he pulls away) but not enough to express. If I could express breast I would bottle feed him that to give them a break! Tempted to still swap a couple of feeds for bottle but it would have to be formula.

Beccus Mon 05-Nov-12 03:51:58

mickey, i decided to treat myself to mani pedi whilst waiting...baby beccus arrived the day before i was planning to go....i reckon making plans that are annoying to cancel bring on labor. arghh! so annoyed with myself, didnt put bottle lud on properly and lostine and a half ounces of precious epressed milk...dud manage to put bubs down in 75 mins, which i am hapoy about. kyrria, so u have a pump? V. hapoy with my medelka swing

bella2012 Mon 05-Nov-12 04:43:22

just popping in to wave at mickey and send you a hug. I so remember that feeling at the end-impatience, worry, exhaustion and just general fed-up-ness. You are doing so well! I don't know whether any of the others feel like this, but even though I was so ready for baby to come and I can vividly remember feeling all of those emotions, there is still part of me that misses being pregnant! i can't really understand why.

beccus it sounds like you have a good strategy going. Well done on mastering all the expressing etc, especially with one hand!

kyria thanks for the sympathy. Sorry you are feeling it too! I am fine on the right, but my left one is in bits. I don't understand how I have got it right on one side and not the other. God, it is agony now. Think I will have to go to one of the bf support groups this week, but I really don't want to. I am sure they will be nice. Sigh. Hope you manage to express some soon. Take care hun x

Love to you all xxx

Orenishii Mon 05-Nov-12 10:41:12

Hi all!

Well I had my son on October 27th, but have only really just been able to get up the physical and emotional effort to post on here smile It was quite a traumatic birth - very far from what I'd hoped for. I'm not sure if I should post it, I would hate to put a negative spin on a very positive thread - especially for any of those still waiting to meet their babies.

Orenishii Mon 05-Nov-12 10:42:44

Posted too soon! Suffice to say, he's gorgeous, we're in love, he's called Quincy and he's a very cool cat already smile

Getting to grips with breastfeeding, generally being his mummy, and trying to not still get upset about the birth - just to focus on the positive that he's here.

Congratulations Oreniishi, and welcome Quincey! What a cool name. thanks
Sorry to hear the birth was traumatic, but feel free to post it on here - it might help, and people can always skip it if they want.

How's it going Mickey? I feel for you being so uncomfortable. It seems like you've been in the early stages for so long, but you always keep your sense of humour. I don't think I could've handled it so well!
grin at not so hot shag! DH and I never got to the sex to induce labour stage, I'm a bit envy No idea when we'll next DTD.

I know what you mean Bella, I miss being pregnant too. Of course I wouldn't give up Baby for anything though.

Well DP enjoyed the not so hot shag... but it was just a faff to be honest. The only position that is remotely comfortable is not really one I've ever enjoyed much (but very useful when I've had enough and just want it over with wink ) I slept well last night though so I Feel Good today. Although I did slip down the stairs this morning and hurt my bum and my back. Not much, it scared me more than anything else. My dog now won't leave me alone and keeps coming to me for cuddles, bless her.

Congratulations Oreniishi!!

Beccus Mon 05-Nov-12 15:53:50

Congrats,*Oreniishi*, my birth was quite traumatic as well. i felt better after really thinking about everything that had happened and having a massive cry to help process it. Am typing up my experience and will post soon. i think it helps all of us to tell our stories

Smorgs Mon 05-Nov-12 17:30:51

Congrats orenishii I'm sorry you had such a traumatic experience but I hope your little one is making up for it a bit. Take it slowly and try to be kind to yourself xxx

Londonmrss Mon 05-Nov-12 18:50:56

Hey Oren, I found it really helpful to write down my birth story (www.mumsnet.com/Talk/birth_announcements/1598855-My-very-long-birth-story-I-just-need-to-write-it-down) as it helped me piece together the events of the days. I've started putting it behind me now as it was also a really difficult one.

Go go go Mickey! Nearly there! <Does cheerleading cartwheel, spraying milk in every direction>

Beeblebear Mon 05-Nov-12 21:27:33

Popping in to cheer on mmickey as well!

Lol @ londonmrs cartwheeling escapades...

YompingJo Tue 06-Nov-12 03:50:34

Waving pom poms for mickey, how are you doing today?

Orenishii, big congratulations on the arrival of Quincy, well done you and what a cool name! I have come to the conclusion that most first births don't go to plan and many are pretty traumatic sad. Out of 8 of us in my NCT group... 2 EMCS, 2 bad induction experiences, 2 forceps and epesiotomies (one with spinal block in theatre after a 16 hour active stage including 5 hours of pushing... that was me, rather a long way from the home waterbirth I wanted). Smooth first births seem a bit of a myth! So post away, it is cathartic and the support will make you feel better.

Beccus Tue 06-Nov-12 04:07:32

thinking of u * mickey*, as i sit here, hooked up to my pump, like a dairy cow....at least it's a good excuse for a hot chocolate smile hope u r not suffering preggo related insomnia xx

bella2012 Tue 06-Nov-12 05:08:30

hi beccus, I am up too! Struggling to keep my eyes open tonight!

Congratulations oren and I am so sorry you have had a traumatic experience. I feel so much for you and londonmrs as my first birth was very similar. londonmrs I felt like crying when I read your account as it was so like my ds1's birth. It took days and days of no sleep and agonising pain to get into established labour. I remember that feeling of complete loss of control and that it might never ever end. I too had the drip and a failed epidural and a long long pushing stage. I remember only relief that is was over rather than a rush of love when ds1 was finally born and I was left battered, bruised and truly traumatised by the experience afterwards. I felt like I had failed even thoug the rational part of me knew that none of it was my fault and that actually, my body had performed a miracle. I write all of this because I carried all that pain with me throught my latest pregnancy and felt absolutely convinced that the birth this time around would be equally as bad. I got very vlose to having to be induced, but to my surprise, William came of his own accord 9 days late and although I found the labour very painful, on reflection, it was a really good birth and everything happened in the order it should. Imagine my surprise when I arrived at hospital to be told I was already 5cm! Having had my waters artificially broken last time, I was so happy that they broke themselves at the right time this time. I haven't written up my birth story before, but felt compelled to as I hope that if either of you do go through this again, you will know that there is no reason that it will be that bad again. Everyone told me this, but I could not believe it. Although I found thus labour excruciating, and I spent most of it telling my hubby I could NEVER go throug that again, I very quickly changed my mind! I feel like it has righted some wrongs for me and I feel so happy and proud that my body did it all this time after me feeling so let down last time. I am sorry this is a bit garbled-I am bloody knackered! But I hope it may offer a little comfort to you.

mickey well done-another day closer to meeting your bean! You are doing brilliantly.

Will has fallen asleep again, naughty little chops! Will go and waggle my boob at him again....cmon little fella!


bella2012 Tue 06-Nov-12 05:13:13

god, I have just read that back and it is very garbled and lacking in several h's! I am one handed on my crappy phone and the h doesn't work very well! Sorry.

Londonmrss Tue 06-Nov-12 09:50:58

Bella thank you- it really helps to know that others experience the same thing. Some of the midwives I saw in the early stages were incredibly rude and dismissive of my pain, as if I was wasting their time by being only 2 cm...
Like Squid, I am beginning to be more philosophical in hindsight, and feel proud that I survived and proud of the few things my body did right. One of which was growing my beautiful daughter...
Still cartwheeling for Mickey!

lisbethsopposite Tue 06-Nov-12 15:15:32

Beccus 'like a cow' grin ditto here following 'manual removal of placenta' - i keep seeing james herriot in All Creatures Great and Small.

Dosmth Hzgreen you are not forgotten - Mikey has just posted more - good luck all.

Met a girl today whose DH DELIVERED her baby at home after a 45 min labour(#2) - 2 hr later MW (who arrived 15 mins post birth) gone away and new family snuggled up in front of fire. Now we can all feel cheated. I had a sprint like induction followed by epidural to shift naughty/retained placenta.
My baby is more fabulous though so I am grin

Kyria yours sounds tough - very medical. Glad it is behind you thanks

Lmao Londonmrss I is giggling at the milk spraying cartwheels- if only I had the grace to cartwheel... hmm

Thanks everyone. Shock horror, due date is actually approaching! Two days time. Lots and lots of tightenings yesterday and now, actually, but this morning had really bad period pains from 3am-6am. So of course I did not sleep. We had a power cut this morning- cue getting up in a very bad mood. Gas powered heating that only works when turned on by an electrical switch, go figure! The house was FREEEZING. I'm so glad it only lasted for a couple of hours.

Well ladies I'm off to finish painting a cow, dish and a spoon- i've painted the hey diddle diddle rhyme on the baby's bedroom wall grin will post a pic when I've finished!!

I miss you all and your wise words of wisdom, and I can truly say I cannot wait to finally meet my LO and join you all on the post-natal thread properly. Lots of love and hugs to you all, those that are struggling and those that aren't (lucky you!) and a big thankyou for all thinking of me and supporting me here even though you are all now so busy!! xxxxxx

bella2012 Tue 06-Nov-12 18:29:38

hiya mickey. Glad to hear things are going in the right direction! Sorry about the heating-that is a pain! Keep us posted of any developments xx

We have spent most of today having a newborn photography session which was amazing! Loads of cute little hats and socks and brilliant poses. We got it all for free too so everyone is a winner! Nice to have a break from the constant flow of visitors too!

awww Bella Thats so cute... I've seen a gorgeous outfit (a crimbo) outfit for the baby and i'm going to put him/her in it for christmas day :D

Picture is up of our wall!!

Ok- I've put the picture on my profile but will also load one onto facebook group... I hope it worked!

YompingJo Tue 06-Nov-12 21:12:24

Mickey it looks amazing! Wish I had that sort of talent. Hope things continue to progress for you this time.

squidkid Wed 07-Nov-12 05:09:33

-waves at mickey-

It's your due date eve! I won't say "enjoy it while it lasts" (!! my most hated phrase in late pregnancy!) but I will say book some nice things for the next week... I found it helped to fill my diary so I didn't just sit around waiting. Thinking of you xxx

Orenishi congratulations on your son. I'm really sorry to hear the birth was difficult. I second londonmrss that I found writing it down very helpful. Feel free to join us on the postnatal thread if you like, maybe it would be easier to tell your story there, where we have all given birth already... I think you'll find few people who didn't struggle with some aspect of their birth... it's a huge experience... I guess needing to process it is very normal.

bella thanks for your words about easier second births... i for one find it very comforting!

londonlivvy Wed 07-Nov-12 19:48:35

mickey cheering you on over the finish line and hope those tightenings move ito something more interesting. GRR re the power cut – really not the time of year re the heating.!

orenishii huge congrats on safe arrival of Quincy. As with yomping and LondonMrsS (and bella) my daughter’s birth was pretty tough too (42 hours from first contractions to hello baby, wished I was dead for large parts of it – indeed begged to be put out of my misery. epidural. Spinal block. Ventouse. Felt utterly battered and shell shocked when she got here I couldn’t give her any love – fortunately DF was able to provide) so I really do sympathise. I spent much of the first week having nightmares about it and endlessly reliving it, but am getting a bit calmer about it now. I imagine it fades with time but right now our daughter is firmly looking like being an only child. *londonmrss and YES re midwives being dismissive. Same here. I wanted to kill her.

I feel very jealous of the couple of friends that I’ve had who’ve had babies in less than five hours from start to finish and just a bit of gas and air and said “oh it wasn’t that bad – not as bad as I’d feared”. Why them? Why not me? But I am realising it is so random and out of your control that you just have to see what happens on the day. If we do do this again, tough, I’m asking for an epidural the minute I step in the door of the hospital.

bella any top tips for rousing a sleeping baby (when they are supposed to be feeding)?

londonlivvy Wed 07-Nov-12 21:42:16

Oops. Very sorry re lots of bold type. Asterisk fail. Don't mean to be harbinger of doom. I do know people who have had entirely straightforward births with no pain, just strong sensations. And I met one woman who had an orgasmic birth!

squidkid Thu 08-Nov-12 06:13:37

Happy due date Mickey thanks

Come on baby mickey! There's a little cot made up for you on the post natal thread...

bella2012 Thu 08-Nov-12 08:28:07

happy due date Mickey. Thinking of you.

Livvy I wish so much that I had some tips on rousing a sleepy one! Sadly, nothing except a nappy change works for us. So often it takes two hours for him to get his fill in the night. Am feeling totally exhausted today, but now my todddler is up and full of beans so there's no chance of any more sleep. Sob! I am so sorry you are habing such a hard time just now. I read what you wrote on the other thread and can so remember that feeling. The first week without your DF is when you have to accept your new life of Mummydom, your new full time job, rather than the babymoon with your man. I feel the same this time as my DH is like yours and is away from home long hours. I have no idea how I am going to cope with two of them since my boobs are glued to the baby most of the time. But I have been dreading it so much that I kind of feel like I need to just get on and do it. As midget says, I doubt the reality will be as bad as what we are imagining! Confidence getting out and about with a baby does come very quickly. You will just have to keep celebrating the little victories- every time you get somewhere vaguely on time or something like that. Is Monday your first day on your own? That is mine too-I will be sending you good luck vibes! Xxx

smileyhappymummy Thu 08-Nov-12 09:33:29

Just popping in to say hello and thinking about you mickey. Love your mural!

happy due day to me, happy due day to me, this baby needs to hurrrrrry, happy due day to me grin

thanks everyone. can't wait to join you all! I just want snuggles with my little one now!

Londonmrss Thu 08-Nov-12 11:56:47

Happy due date Little Mickey! You're nearly there. Make sure you spend some time relaxing if you can ("Enjoy it while you can" "Fuck off, that's the most annoying thing anyone can say...")
Enjoy it while you can though!

I don't think I've got much time left to enjoy!! MW has been this morning and given me a stretch and sweep, but i'm 3cm dilated and 75% effaced already!! She is expecting me to go into labour today and have this baby by tomorrow morning grin hooray!! How exciting..

Now off to go and get some food in our cupboards and nursing bras because i forgot and i still haven't done that yet!! Hopefully my waters will break in mothercare and i'll get free stuff haha!

Smorgs Thu 08-Nov-12 14:01:06

Ooh mickey that's great news! How exciting! If I were you I'd now go on a tour of all the shops that give you free stuff if your waters break there wink

smileyhappymummy Thu 08-Nov-12 14:18:06

Woo hoo!

So exciting Mickey! Good luck with everything, don't forget to blow the gold dust into your fanjo or whatever it is the hypnobollockers say!

grin @ "Enjoy it while you can" Londonmrs!

bella2012 Thu 08-Nov-12 15:19:09

hurraaaaaaaah for mickey! Glad all these pains u have been having have done something! Good luck hun xx

Beeblebear Thu 08-Nov-12 20:30:10

Wood good

Go Micky go!

Beeblebear Thu 08-Nov-12 20:32:00

Lol.... Supposed to say woo hoo! I don't think any of us are thinking wood is good at this time.

Midgetm Thu 08-Nov-12 20:46:41

Mickeys cervix, this is midget speaking. Please do your thing so Mickey can join us on the other thread and have her baby of course. Thanking you.

Good luck Mickey, keep us updated if you can so we can shake our Pom poms.

londonlivvy Thu 08-Nov-12 21:37:39

Ooh yay mickey that's super exciting! Keep us posted.

Well... Its the day after. Had bad period pains and a few contractions since yesterday morning... but nothing regular to speak of. Midwife has booked me in for another stretch and sweep on Sunday... hopefully things will get started today though, the thought of having yet another person (we're on 4 so far!) stick their fingers up my fanjo makes me feel slightly uncomfortable!! confused

Smorgs Fri 09-Nov-12 10:08:15

Oh mickey poor you, I know the feeling of being disappointed when you've built your hopes up that it will all kick off that day. But you are well on your way and it won't be long now. I'm afraid you're going to have to get used to the number of people with their fingers up there! My husband was a bit [shocked] and thought of keeping a tally at one point!

Why is it so hard to tell if you're in labour or not?
More contractions, not regular but have had bad period pains instead.. and they're just getting stronger.
How to convince a midwife to examine me... I'm getting a bit sick of being told "take some paracetomol and ring us back if they don't work"!!!

Beccus Fri 09-Nov-12 15:51:35

Go mickey, come on cervix, u r a 3rd of the way there!!

Well, we have been out with dp in the pram - do not yet feel ready to go on my own, but nice to have had 2 practice runs. We went to b/f clinic - really helpful, i think i know how to improve Amelie's latch now, so hopefully she will feed more efficiently and be more drugged up on milk so she sleeps for long periods...i love those long naps, happy times for mummy beccus

Midgetm Fri 09-Nov-12 16:20:54

mickey I had 3 sweeps, weeks of contractions but it was all worth it as when it came to labour it was really quick. This is probably really annoying but you will know the real thing. You really will. Unless you are the rare beast lucky cow who gets to 10cm without knowing it. Once you get to 4 it kind of gets intense and there is not much chance you will mistake it. Still waving Pom poms for your cervix x

bella2012 Fri 09-Nov-12 16:30:46

hang in there Mickey, you are doing great. It is brilliant that it has been bearable up to this point. If you can get half way before it ramps up then hopefully it won't take too long. Thinking of you and sensing luck, love and courage your way... So excited for you xxx

YompingJo Fri 09-Nov-12 17:23:49

Come on mini Mickey, we all want to meet you!

((hugs)) Mickey, won't be long now xx

bella2012 Sat 10-Nov-12 02:48:53

thinking of you mickey!

Kyyria Sat 10-Nov-12 09:08:47

Come on mickey .... Go mickey 's uterus!

Midgetm Sat 10-Nov-12 12:37:17

Hoping radio silence is promising.....

I wish Midget! The next person to look quite obviously at my bump (well its not like you can avoid it) and say "its still in there then?!" WILL GET A SLAP. Snaaaaarrrl.

More braxton hicks/contractions/confusing pains. I just don't know whats going on!!

Another stretch and sweep tomorrow if it hasn't come by then- so we'll see how dilated I am tomorrow.....

I love how you are all still thinking of me and being so supportive. I miss you all so much.

Snorts, did anyone see the immaculate conception thread? I may just go into labour from laughing so hard!

Midgetm Sat 10-Nov-12 17:46:52

Arh Mickey, we feel for you. I found sweeps a cruel mistress, so hard to tell what is real and fake with them. But like I said, I think they helped in the long run. <whispers to mickeys cervix 'sort yourself out and stop messing....>

bella2012 Sat 10-Nov-12 21:46:04

ah mickey you poor thing. Hang in there darlin. Loads of love xx

Another stretch and sweep at 1.45 today.... Hopefully this will get things moving again. I dont want DP to go to work now and the thought of having to arrange plans this week makes me feel sad! :-(

Midgetm Sun 11-Nov-12 08:53:36

I feel like I should stop nagging your cervix as it must be getting sore with all that prodding I know mine was. Really hope this is the one.

Beccus Sun 11-Nov-12 09:20:56

Good luck with stretch and sweep, mickey. Such a frustrating time, wondering whether all those aches and paina will develop into the real deal. on the plus side, as the last one, u r bound ti get loadsof good advice as somwone will have already had the same prob. sorry for all rhe typos, one handed on pgone xx

Well, time will tell if that worked... I am a grand total of 4cm dilated today, any progress is good right? Nearly half way. Another S+S booked for wednesday. Really hoping I don't need it. Why doesn't baby want to come out sad

bella2012 Sun 11-Nov-12 19:04:48

oh mickey you poor love. I feel for you so much. Hang in there! I went to hospital at 5cm and mne wasn't too long. Hope so much you are rewarded for your amazing patience with a syraightforward birth. Much love to you xx

Midgetm Sun 11-Nov-12 19:15:26

4 cms's is great - at least heading in the right direction grin.

Londonmrss Mon 12-Nov-12 00:39:26

Mickey, 4cm is great! I had been in agonising labour for 3 days before I had reached 4cm and they would finally give me the epidural I had been begging for! 4cm is officially active labour, so just wait for the contractions to begin- but you're off to an amazing start.

Smorgs Mon 12-Nov-12 04:42:19

Hey mickey! 4cm is great - I never even got that far before being induced so I'm sure it won't be long now. Thinking of you x

smileyhappymummy Mon 12-Nov-12 09:00:27

4 cm is fab!

bella2012 Mon 12-Nov-12 23:09:51

thinking of you umickey xx

londonlivvy Tue 13-Nov-12 08:40:16

Any news? Hoping things are moving along.

Midgetm Tue 13-Nov-12 09:40:50

mickeys cervix you've done very well to get to 4cm on your own do please finish the job off. We miss mickey and want her on the other thread. Yours midgets cervix (thought mickeys cervix would pay more attention to another cervix. ) .

hahaha midget your talking cervix makes me giggle. well psychic doula s convinced tonights the night.. we'll see\!!

Midgetm Tue 13-Nov-12 11:40:23

Think talking cervix may have as much chance of working as physic doula based on her track record but here's hoping she's right this time grin

bella2012 Tue 13-Nov-12 12:20:30

go go mickey!

Beccus Tue 13-Nov-12 13:49:39

my cervix 2nd's midget's. get a move on or mickey will spend an age catching up on the post natal thread....god knows i am still trying and i've had over 2 weeks!

lisbethsopposite Tue 13-Nov-12 14:13:39

Mickey they don't want to come out 'cos they have everything they need inside grin
They have to come out though because eventually they would not fit... i read that on MN.
I hope you are in business as I type grin

Unfortunately not lisbeth... Is it normal to be so tired? I can barely keep my eyes open..

lisbethsopposite Tue 13-Nov-12 15:05:49

Mikey I think nothing about labour is 'normal' - it is such a physical and mental ride. But there is something primitive about it. It sounds like your body is telling you to rest (As opposed to going painting or other nesting activity).
Perhaps there is a plan being schemed up for you by mother nature and you will be the last to be told grin

Rest, darling

Beccus I probably won't even try to catch up on the post-natal thread- i'll just join in! hahaha xx

Beccus Wed 14-Nov-12 00:53:48

ha ha, good plan mickey. they have already finished their 1st thread and started a 2nd. oh well, i will get them back for being such a pack of gossipers by writing a mammoth 1st post with my labor story and parenting dramas to date. hope u r getting lots of rest x

Go Mickey! I have a feeling today's the day, I don't know why, but maybe that's why you're so tired - your body's telling you to rest up before the labour??
4cm is great, you're nearly half way there!

Beccus, you don't have to catch up before posting, just jump right in! That's what I did anyway grin

Beccus Wed 14-Nov-12 08:40:27

cherry, i like catching up. i find it reassuring it"s not just me with such and such a problem, and also to see what a
suggestions people have :-)

That's true Beccus, loads of great advice on there, and definitely feel less alone with so many people going through the same thing.
Hope all's good with you smile

lisbethsopposite Wed 14-Nov-12 09:50:59

Beccus I am like you - I like to know what is going on before I jump in... but... we are now on the second installment. Over 1,000 posts.

Now it is early problems BF etc, but still...

Mickey smile hope you're ok

Morning smile My gosh, you lot are on the second thread already?! You all talk too much! like me he hehe can one of you be really lovely and post a link to it on here so when I need it I can jump straight on?

Got my third sooty stretch and sweep today, thats gotta do something right?! I properly hibernated yesterday, it was laaaaaavely.

Just found out DSIL is coming over next thursday now rather than three weeks time.. gulp must call on my non-existent assertiveness skills

Beccus Wed 14-Nov-12 19:14:46

thx cherry, yeah things are much better. 1st 10 days a real struggle, what with b/f dramas, no sleep, settling difficulties and out of control hormones, but parents and pil have been fab, taking care of us on a practical level and also helping us to learn how to meet her needs. mickey, good luck with sweep, will cut and paste link to 2nd post natal thread when i have caught up enough to find it...think i am at pg 26 of 40

smileyhappymummy Wed 14-Nov-12 22:35:26

Hi mickey sorry I am too much of a computer illiterate to do link but thought I'd pop in and say hi anyway. How was the sweep?

Freakin' uncomfortable! Still 4cm dilated.. Wont go much further now without some decent contractions. She could feel babys head though and a "nice big sack of waters" underneath the head.. So Come on uterus! Or waters!!

londonlivvy Thu 15-Nov-12 01:11:50

Come on uterus! Assume you are walking lots etc to encourage things long?

I'm trying... my hips feel non-existent though. and i get so tired so quickly. murgh!

bella2012 Thu 15-Nov-12 17:00:46

thinking of you mickey and hoping for good news soon! Xxx

lisbethsopposite Thu 15-Nov-12 21:33:34


lisbethsopposite Thu 15-Nov-12 21:35:46

I hope that worked. Mikey it sounds like baby could just fall out...

thanks lisbeth! Hmmm we'll see. Got a reflexology appointment and specialist pregnancy massage i couldn't resist booked in an hours time, and another stretch and sweep at 2.30. If that doesn't work, I don't know what will!! This baby really is staying put. I thought it was all go yesterday, contractions alll day, regular, but far apart. All stopped overnight though, sucks!!
Why do complete strangers feel it necessary to tell me to have lots of sex? I mean, I'm no prude, but really, I've had more sex this last two weeks than i've had in my entire 9 months of pregnancy, but am I going to tell strangers this?! NO!

smileyhappymummy Fri 16-Nov-12 09:53:06

Oooh reflexology and pregnancy massage sounds great! Hope you enjoy. Pregnancy and having a small baby does seem to make complete strangers feel they have a right to make intensely personal comments - I always smile, nod and go "hmmmm" to them but inwardly fume!

Beccus Fri 16-Nov-12 14:12:48

oh mickey, it's such an arse being late...i had no signs if impending labor, but i think all the on/off contractions would have been worse - i just resigned myself to induction, but all that stop/starting would have done my head in. thinking of u, chook

ok so i need to rant. and whinge. my reflexology was lovely by the way- i highly recommend as a post-birth treat, for all you ladies. I fell asleep. For an hour! It was the most relaxing hour everrr.

Anyway. Sorry I'm going to be a moaning-minny and all self-absorbed, please do ignore me, I will feel better tomorrow.
I had my fourth sweep today. As to wether it works, I can't say, but there we go. I've been booked in for an induction next tuesday. The midwife today said that it would involve a pessary, etc etc. I asked if it would be possible to just have my waters broken- i'm 4cm dilated right? Surely that would just be quicker. Rather than keeping me in hospital for nearly two days because it could take so long. She said that it was my choice, but it would be so much more intense and so much more painful, and did I not want a gradual build up to labour?
I can understand her point, but I'm so fed up with being pregnant I don't care what way it comes out now.
Anyway. Then she tells me that my cervix (good talking midget) is all ready to go really, but the baby's head isnt tucked in properly and so isn't low enough, which is why it hasn't come yet, because there isn't enough pressure on the cervix to cause contractions. (I think, this is what I gather).

It sounds so stupid I know. On one hand I want to have my baby now, please, so we can have a cuddle and start being a family, but on the other hand I don't think I want to be induced at all, and will I really get a choice between breaking my waters and a pessary? I have no idea which would be best and less traumatic (pain isn't really bothering me, its all gonna hurt right?).
I feel like such a failure already. And surely that shouldn't happen until after I've had the baby! I've walked every day, I've been bouncing on my ball, been on my hands and knees. Sleep on my left side. Hot curry, sex, hot bath, stern-inner-voice, pineapple, reflexology. You name it. I've done it. At least now I know the problem is the baby's engagement, not my cervix. I've spent all afternoon miserable. Crying. DP isn't home yet. I want a cuddle. And a baby. Is thaat too much to ask?

Sorry everyone. Just feel so rubbish. Come on baby, your deadline is Tuesday.

Oh and also, she wrote in my notes that I was 1-2cm dilated today. not 4. Is it possible to close back up? Because I bloody hope not!!! I hope it was a mistake...

Beccus Fri 16-Nov-12 21:10:40

hon, u r not a failure at all. u have grown and carried your baby for 9 months, keeping yourself healthy so baby is healthy too and cuddles will be yours soon. baby decides when labor starts; perhaps he is putting on a few more grams of fat to keep him warm when he comes out. i felt better researching induction so at least i could make informed decisions on my care. there are lots of threads on here about induction. hugs xx

Midgetm Fri 16-Nov-12 21:21:26

baby the cervix has done it's job. It has listened to me giving it a good talking to. Now it's your turn. Get your bloody head in the right place you little shit darling.

mickey you don't have to be induced and it is your choice how its done. Having gone both routes of induction there isn't a lot in it so don't let them push you into anything. You are doing a cracking job, hang in there lady.

Angelico Fri 16-Nov-12 23:48:37

A quick hug for mickey - hang in there, the end is in sight! thanks x

bella2012 Sat 17-Nov-12 08:25:04

oh my love, you poor poor thing. In no way have you failed. You have done such an amazing job and been incredibly patient. Like beccus says, do some research into induction so you know your choices. I don't know much about it but in both of my labours I have been suprised at how much the pain increased once my labours broke. I kept asking them to do it for me before i was fully dilated and my midwife encouraged me to just wait it out and let them break themselves. They only broke shortly before i started pushing and for this I am grateful! So, i would maybe allow yourself a steadier build up.

Good luck to you my lovely. We are here for you any time. xxx

Londonmrss Sat 17-Nov-12 13:30:48

Oh Mickey please don't feel like a failure. Everyone's body is different. I got to 4cm dilated after nearly 3 days of painful back labour (I was unlucky)... but didn't progress from there because the baby's head STILL wasn't properly engaged. Apparently it's likely to be because I had quite strong abdominal muscles which kept her high up. I walked miles everyday and bounced on the ball trying to shift her for several weeks too. She didn't actually engage until I started pushing!

I'm not too familiar with induction so can't give you any advice there. I ended up on a drip to speed up my labour- ie to make my contractions much stronger, but I had already had an epidural. However it was then that I finally felt proper contractions- ie the really strong tightening in my abdomen. I asked them not to top up my epidural so I could feel the strong contractions and deal with them using the gas and air. These induced contractions were much nicer that the ones in early labour. Yes they were strong, but they felt like my body was doing what it should rather than giving me back pain for no reason. It felt great that things were finally moving the way they should be. A couple of hours later I was at 10cm. My advice would be keep an open mind as there is some clarity in the intensity of the moment during labour. Like you say, you just want the baby out safely now and the journey isn't as important as the result.

Oh, another piece of advice- get on the gas and air. It's bloody lovely. Took me right back to my stoner days. What a shame I wasn't handling my pain that well or I would have really enjoyed it.

I still think your patience will pay off and once you are in active labour, it's likely to be quicker and easier because your body has been preparing so well in advance by getting your cervix all ready to go.

You are so nearly there, love. We're all excited to see you on the postnatal thread moaning with us about the sleepless nights very soon. Whatever happens, there's a maximum of just a couple of days to go now.

lisbethsopposite Sat 17-Nov-12 15:21:38

Mikey to say you are not a failure is such an understatement!!! the fact that you are not bordeline sobbing all the time is an achievement IMO. (Cos I was).

I can't really advise because I had more the ignorance is bliss approach. I think I got into that zone while TTC (trying to conceive) - a world full of mis information
FACT: It is not known what causes labour so curry/sex/etc are all old wives tales, but harmless and you have to eat something grin.

I think once your waters break you are on a clock - the baby's sterile environment has been compromised.
I haven't a clue beyond that - I was induced twice. Once waters broke and I am not really sure why second time. And both babies are fine. I needed a few stitches with DS1 and none with DS2.
Good luck whichever you choose

Thanks girls. As expected, i feel much better about it today. If i am given the choice (i have been told i will be so thats something) i am going to have my waters broken. I know it will be quicker and more intense but at the same time the pain will be the same if i have the pessary- it'll just take longer to get there. I feel much more positive about it today. Theres still time for baby to come naturally and i am at least guaranteed a baby by tuesday. I know i could refuse induction if i want to but i am so fed up of being pregnant... And i just want snuggles with my little boy/girl now!! Everythings ready and DP is so excited now. Its lovely. Thankyou all so much for listening to my whinging, for all ypur support. I dont know how i would have got through these 9months without you!!!!! I hope you are all well, and not suffering too much. Xxxxxxx

Hey Mickey, hopefully you are in hospital and painlessly squeezing out a beautiful baby as we speak, but if not I wanted to say, I think it is possible to go backwards in terms of dilation as it happened to me in active labour (must post birth story one day. Not terribly exciting though...).
It happened because my contractions got weaker, (because in my case baby had turned back to back so head wasn't lined up and cervix caught, so pushing ineffectual and both of us getting tired) I would imagine this is fairly common in early labour with on off contractions, so please don't feel a failure.
On a positive note, doc said it would be much quicker to dilate again as cervix had already been there IYSWIM.
Just keep in mind that a slow build up can be better for baby, as they can become distressed if things move too quickly.
Hope all goes well for you, whatever route you (or baby) decide to go down.
Will be thinking of you.

YompingJo Sun 18-Nov-12 04:29:45

Mickey, just sending you an early morning hug, you have done so well, glad you are feeling better, excited for you that you will finally get to meet your baby very soon!

lisbethsopposite Sun 18-Nov-12 09:03:51

thats what i would go for mikey - anything to get things happening...

hufflepuffle Sun 18-Nov-12 21:41:11

Mickey hello!! Sorry I hav not popped in as totally self absorbed due to stupid annoying things! Perhaps u are pushing baby out as I type and I am so too late!!! Just want to send you love, hugs and support. This bubs is keeping you waiting but neatly there pet.

See you on the other thread real soon! Xx

Midgetm Tue 20-Nov-12 10:36:59

Go mickey. Thinking of you and making a nice comfy place for you on the sofa on the other thread.

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