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November 2012 - babies arriving thick and fast

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StuntNun Mon 22-Oct-12 07:31:21
Iheartpasties Mon 22-Oct-12 07:39:57

fresh new thread smile

Marking place smile

blonderthanred Mon 22-Oct-12 07:56:03

I was hoping to have mine on the last thread... This has got to be the one though.

Anyone know how many threads we've completed?

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 07:59:53


wellieboots Mon 22-Oct-12 08:09:33

Marking place. I WILL have my baby on this thread, please! smile

kirrinIsland Mon 22-Oct-12 08:13:23

Marking place

kissyfur Mon 22-Oct-12 08:58:44

Marking place, reckon we'll get through a few more threads before my baby arrives!

SwissArmyWife Mon 22-Oct-12 09:23:44

Same here kissy.

37+3 and getting impatient!

MissMummy1 Mon 22-Oct-12 09:34:05

Marking place smile am I the only one in no hurry to graduate?!

ShellyBobbs Mon 22-Oct-12 10:38:10

I've got no more room to grow this not so little one, so come on little baby, out you come (but will wait until Friday night as a compromise). grin

StuntNun Mon 22-Oct-12 11:02:38
ShellyBobbs Mon 22-Oct-12 11:15:29

Oh this is a good list. I wanted to go back through the threads and fill in a diary (but don't know if I can actually be arsed to do it).

Thanks Stunt grin

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Mon 22-Oct-12 11:19:16

marking place. Wow, 20 threads. Wonder how many births this one will see? I think mine will be next thread, section booked for 02/11.

StuntNun Mon 22-Oct-12 11:20:23

Yes Shelly it's a shame it takes so long to go through all the pages. If it's for posts you have made you're probably better doing an advanced search for all your posts. I have had a look through some of the early threads: Detective and GT are the longest-serving members that are still active, followed closely by errr... ME, LittleLolly and WellieBoots who just rejoined us.

ShellyBobbs Mon 22-Oct-12 11:22:42

Yes just had a quick look, what a shame to see so many not with us any more. It's nice to look back on so will probably make this a project over time so that I can read it all again, especially as hubby says this one is our last one.

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 11:29:19

Takes a bow

I can gab a lot!

I wonder why it took us a month to go through one thread, when all the others seemed to average 2 weeks!

Except the recent ones... where we are all clearly on leave and BORED!!

ShellyBobbs Mon 22-Oct-12 11:31:24

Probably all knackered?

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Mon 22-Oct-12 11:32:05

yes, the pace of chat has definitely stepped up a gear since mat leaves started!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 11:32:48

I may have just shed a tear or two reading the first page on the first thread.

Will not do that to myself again!! shock

ShellyBobbs Mon 22-Oct-12 11:34:59

So near, yet so far. Damn you Detective grin

Right, am really off now......

TiAAAAARGHo Mon 22-Oct-12 11:37:40

I just couldn't keep up pre-mat leave grin

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 11:38:42

<Whistles> Go! Run... fast as you can mwhahahahaha I'd like to see you run right now!!

I just blew up the last thread!

I don't think I'll have my baby in this thread! It is allowed to come next Sunday. In fact, labour can start Saturday night, baby can come Sunday early hours! My dad is here from Switzerland for the weekend for family wedding. My nan is also here from Australia. But she goes back on 3rd (my EDD!).

So since mat leave starts next Sunday... and timing would be ideal. I shall allow baby to arrive then. Because I can....!! LMFAO!

Dad is taking us out for a meal Saturday night. Indian it is then...!

ShellyBobbs Mon 22-Oct-12 11:40:37

What a dumb arse! That seller on ebay has a proper website and does some lovely stuff smell this then linkey

ShellyBobbs Mon 22-Oct-12 11:41:56

Plus the clocks go back the day after giving you an extra hour with baba grin

ShellyBobbs Mon 22-Oct-12 11:42:34

Right, I really am off now (I'm putting it off because I have to hoover and do all the washing before I start on the fecking blanket).

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 11:47:50

Yes, see I have it all planned! And then I don't have to worry about graduating to the 3am club because I'll never sleep again anyway once the monkey arrives grin

Fucking Dominos just text me!! DOMINOS! What are they trying to do to me! 'We are now open for lunch from 11am 7 days a week'. Twats!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 11:48:13

They clearly know who they are marketing to....

Iheartpasties Mon 22-Oct-12 11:48:27

20 threads? pretty good going!

little lovely to read your birth story. Thanks for sharing.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Mon 22-Oct-12 11:50:26

oooh, dominoes for lunch...

I wrote this post for the last thread then went to click send and it was full!!

Congraulations again littleLolly and Congratulations Nervous and Catbag thanks

Now that mat leave is under way I should be able to keep up with this thread a bit more.

DH and I went to spend the voucher I got from work, ended up getting the OiOi Hobo changing bag and it had £20 off so that's a bonus.
Can't remember who linked to the Storksak changing bags, i'd been lusting after a couple of Sugarjack changing bags, all the inside pops out so you can use it as a proper handbag afterwards as well, but they are of a similar ridiculous price range

We also went to look round the Midwife led birth centre at my local hospital that I didn't think i'd be able to go to, it was fab. Definitely want to go there. It was so relaxed and quite, basically anything goes and they want you to treat it as a home from home. Just have to hope I can get a yes from the consultant now.
It's started to make me look forward to giving birth now smile

Plans for today are a lazy day with odd bits of housework. I want to get the hospital bags sorted.

Is anybody taking an ipod to hospital for labour and making a birthing playlist? I am blush Going to go through my itunes and make sure I've only got appropriate songs and not loud brashy songs with swearwords that shuffle always seems to find shock

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Mon 22-Oct-12 11:51:20

Popping in to mark my spot.

My dad has just allied inviting me over so he can look after DD and I can rest. The nursery is closed today and he knows how much pain I'm in. They have a fab new couch which is super comfy so even if I don't go for a nap I will be nice and comfy. Its a nice dry day here so I think him and DD will be out in the garden.

I have antenatal clinic tomorrow at hospital and would love to be induced or even get a date to be induced. DH can't get away from work and I am not very strong in these situations so I doubt i will convince consultant as he seems so dead against induction. SPD gettin worse especially when I stand to walk, feels like baby is a bowling ball lying directly on that part of my pubic ramis that is painful sad

Mmmm domino's! I think i'm going to have eggy bread, yum

Catbag Mon 22-Oct-12 11:55:26

Morning! Just marking my spot. Feeling pretty jubilant today- 4 hours sleep between 1 and 5 this morning which is the most sleep I've had in a week. Feel like I could fight dragons grin

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 11:56:19

I just know my iPod will shuffle to 'Jizz in my pants', 'Do you like waffles' or 'Dick in a box'.

I can guarantee it!

I think i'll do a new playlist, but I was thinking of just using the hypnobirthing CD's as I find them very relaxing. Not sure if my choice of heavy metal and rock music will be relaxing enough, although it may perk me up! So I might do one just incase!

I want to work in a proper stand alone birth centre sad There are none in this area of the world!

Iheartpasties Mon 22-Oct-12 11:57:39

fatima the ipod playlist is a good idea smile

izzy can you perhaps just sob and cry and try and get through to the consulatant that way??

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 11:58:02

DP is making me some lunch as no ££ for Dominoes lunch sad When I say lunch, its breakfast for him, as he has finally stirred from his irritating snoring sleep on t'other couch!

Catbag Mon 22-Oct-12 11:59:44

Detective I just rofl'd so hard at the thought of 'Jizz in my pants' being on your labour playlist that I actually had to hold my stomach so as to prevent stitches exploding!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 12:04:53

I'd not mind, except it isn't the first thing I want the baby to hear upon its arrival!

And knowing my luck... it would be!

Had a baby born (via c/s) to sexual healing when I was in my very early days as a 1st year student! Appropriate or not?! I couldn't decide! grin

Don't go busting a gut on account of me Catbag!

Detective I don't think you live too far from me do you? Although I think my birth centre might be a bit too long a comute for work.
I'm definitely making a playlist, I've just put shuffle on my whole itunes library and skipped through. Songs included "I just wanna fuck", "old before i die", "bootylicious", "gimme the light" and "needles". It's also made me realise there is some shit music on my laptop grin

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 12:08:57

I've just thought of another excellent reason why this baby must arrive on Sunday! It is half term the week after - DS would love to have the baby and a week off at the same time! I think he might explode!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 12:10:14

Is the birth centre Hudds? If so, yes sad Too far for commute for me!

Oh, and I have 'Crazy Bitch' and 'Fuck you like an animal' on mine blush

Yes it is! Just been flicking back through old threads, I thought you were my side of Manchester but it appears I may have been wrong and you're the other side?

I think the dick in a box song would be fab grin My friend was made me a dick in a box for my birthday, out of paper mache! She's very artistic but obviously had too much time on her hands

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 12:21:23

I once got a real dick in a box. blush

In my single days. Wasn't DP. I thought I better add that!

I'm on the other side of Manchester, yes!

Iheartpasties Mon 22-Oct-12 12:26:18

Dick in a box? we need more details detective

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 12:27:19

It involved a box, a hole, and a dick cushioned in with shredded tissue paper. And a bow on the end.....

TMI ladies... TMI!

(I still have a picture ROFL!)

This is Dick in a box It's a spoof that Justin Timberlake did on Saturday Night Live

I'm still here ladies, thanks for thinking of me, I'm not posting so much as I'm sure my whining is somewhat annoying by now.

Nothing changed, still 100% immobile although an meant to be stopping Tramadol so baby doesn't get any withdrawals.
My midwife is on holiday now until my due date and the consultant is fully booked until after then too although last time I saw her she said all she can do is try to make life as comfortable until baby is born. hmm

Can't get whooping cough jab any sooner than next Wed when I'll be nearly 38 weeks either, erm my heating is broken, my roof needs replacing and I have a chest infection. All fab in my world!

I've kind of given up the fight to get support from any medical person at present tbh, just praying baby decides to appear sooner than later so I can resume life.

Good luck to everyone well on their way and congrats to everyone snuggling a newbie. smile

daisychain76 Mon 22-Oct-12 12:36:05

Marking place. My eldest son was, by coincidence, born to Babies by Pulp. Appropriate title, not so appropriate lyrics!

Going to watch Come Dine now to block out mental pictures generated by thedetectives last post!

Iheartpasties Mon 22-Oct-12 12:37:51

tits moan away, sometimes its good to get it all off your chest.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Mon 22-Oct-12 12:39:38

Oooh, reminds me we need to think about music. Apparently we can take a CD into theatre for baby to be born to.

I think i'm going to put some of the songs we had at our wedding on my birth playlist.

I've finally managed to get a WC jab! Yay! Appointment is tomorrow when i'll be 35+4 so I should have a good two weeks until the baby shows up.

Detective or anyone else, do you have any experience of Meptid?

Lane81 Mon 22-Oct-12 12:46:25

Marking spot

Elizadoesdolittle Mon 22-Oct-12 12:50:56

Marking place. Am 37 weeks today. Baby needs to stay put a little longer as I have BIL's wedding this weekend. But I'm so ready for it, so it can arrive from a week today onwards. The 2nd or 3rd nov would do me nicely.

Poppet45 Mon 22-Oct-12 12:51:51

Hi all yellow wellies sis here. Her waters have gone n she's 3cm. If she can get to 6cm before the air amb arrives its an island baby otherwise its off to aberdeen. Fingers crossed!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 12:52:03

No, I don't! I've been offered it for my home birth, but haven't gone for it. Fear of the unknown really!

It is used widely where I live apparently, but as I say, I've never used it or seen it used. And I have worked and trained in 5 different hospitals.

I haven't looked in to it to be honest. Although I probably should have! I just don't want anything other than gas and air, water, and my PR paracetomol!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 12:52:40


Bloody hell! Good luck YW!!!!!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 12:53:39

It must have been all the intelligent talk last night!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 12:56:18

And the threat of snow! grin

georgee Mon 22-Oct-12 12:56:43

Thanks for updating us poppet! There's already a big gap in the thread without YW's posts!! Send her all the best, crossing fingers firmly for the birth that she wants!

Wow! Good luck YW and thanks poppet for updating us.

Detective The midwife said that they don't tend to use it at the main hospital with the labour ward, just mainly on the birth centre. I', hoping I can cope with TENs, gas and air and the birthing pool. Just wanted to research options if my panic attacks decide to kick on and I wasn't sure if pethidine would make me more panicky with the feeling of spaced out. Meptid was promoted as being not as drowsy etc so i'd still be able to stay in the pool with it.

Off to do some googling

tits you are not annoying. We all come on here and let off steam. Fingers crossed for you that baby will show up before your due date. I really feel for you, it sounds like you have had little support medical wise.

I was supposed to be going to visit my auntie and her baby today. But with all the travelling and my hypnobirtbing class this evening it would mean being out of the house from 9am - 9pm and I just can't do it any more. I definitely started mat leave at the right time, I couldn't have done a week longer. She will be visiting next week anyway and totally understands as she was in the same position a few months ago.

StuntNun Mon 22-Oct-12 12:59:46

Thanks Poppet, poor YW having to get airlifted!

Fatima I decided not no take my iPod with me because I was worried I would go off any songs associated with labour pain! This stems from the fact that I can't listen to Led Zeppelin's When the Levee Breaks after getting stranded in my broken down car in a thunderstorm. Hilariously the engine was flooded.

blush I had to go and buy a bigger hospital bag this morning because I couldn't fit everything in to my admittedly small holdall. So now I have a small suitcase instead! But I wouldn't want I turn up at hospital with creased pyjamas would I?

Oh gosh, good luck YW. Lots of babies arriving now!

ComradeJing Mon 22-Oct-12 13:01:16

New thread already??

DH is going away tomorrow for a couple of days to some industry conference thing. Apparently he has caused all manner of upset for refusing to bring me too. Cue lots of shock faces and worry that we're going to create some major fuss for me not being there. That I'm past the last fly date so unable to fly and it's a 3.5hr flight (so not exactly practical to drive) is irrelevant and no one will understand why I'm not there. hmm To be clear it's not DH being a twunt - it's the organisers + whatever department at Dhs work that looks after this kind of thing who are both convinced we ABVU.

thanks to those who have had babies recently!

brew and chocolate for everyone in pain and discomfort that's all of us then? Not too long to go now.

It's 11 here so I'm off to bed. Night all.

StuntNun Mon 22-Oct-12 13:02:19

Detective I couldn't figure out the Spinning Babies thing. My baby is currently head down with his bum almost central, just a bit to my right side. Is that a good position?

MissMummy1 Mon 22-Oct-12 13:06:43

Bloody hell yw - all the best lovely! Are you headed up poppet45? If either of you need anything at all, give us a shout xxx (It's Isla btw!)

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 13:11:13

Head down is always good ;)

The back to your left is the best position, but really, any OA position is better than OP!

I know which way baby is now, as is easy to feel, apart from the head, which I struggle to feel if it is in pelvis or not! But I didn't get the kind of movements associated with the position it is in.

So now I'm not so sure about spinning babies....

For what it is worth, all my movements are right in my sides, pushing outwards, and in my hips. Right hip for LOA, left hip for ROA! It pushes with it's arms! Also the movements at the top of bump from the bottom as it swings from left to right! And there are no wiggles or anything! Just full on crashes and bangs hmm

It hasn't favoured a position yet grin

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 13:12:03

And it can push both sides out AT THE SAME TIME!!!

Chunkychicken Mon 22-Oct-12 13:20:59

Baby much more active now, as I'm sat waiting for a toasted teacake to arrive... Usually go for a cold can of coke if I'm worried too.

Good luck YW.

Feeling pants - all hot, sweaty & baby is pushing down when I walk & I think I'm getting BH. Stuck at Bluewater for the mo though, whilst DD eats lunch, then off to Specsavers for contact lenses check. sad

TiAAAAARGHo Mon 22-Oct-12 13:31:14

Good luck YW.

I'm getting really envious of everyone whose baby is already here.

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Mon 22-Oct-12 13:31:37

Good luck to YW

tits it seems like you and I are in the same situation literally. I'm on my last day of antibiotics for chest infection and finally feeling a bit more human in that sense. Pelvic pain is agonising and that's with the dihydrocodeine. My normal GP is difficult to get appointment with as she is part time and the other lovely one is now on her own mat leave so I have the choice of old bumbling Dr or the locum who doesn't know me. Its so hard especially with and older DC.

I have no hope of induction but I will try and mention again. He dismissed me so quickly last time and even my physio has said he is very against induction for SPD. I can only hope I go into Labour spontaneously like many others on this thread!

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Mon 22-Oct-12 13:35:28

Good luck YW.

Have been organised and planned next 3 weeks menus and shopping deliveries. Expensive as Sainbos deliveries scheduled, but worth it to take the thinking out of the equation. Should take me to a week and a half after baby and I come home from hospital. Before I go into hospital I'll do the next week's as well.

Now when DH and DD come home and wonder what I have achieved with my day, I have something to tell them. this clearly justifies me sitting on the sofa watching West Wing episodes and eating percy pigs for the rest of the afternoon

georgee Mon 22-Oct-12 13:44:03

V impressive MadamGazelle. I wish I was that organised. I envy you your West Wing afternoon. I'd get into serious trouble if I watched any on my own, we're currently on Series Five and averaging 3 a night. DH is completely addicted (such that every time the credits come up at the end he can't believe it as he seriously thinks it's about five minutes since the start!).

Box sets were a lifesaver after DD was born - we watched every single Poirot while I was feeding her in the evenings (yes we are quite old and sad). Any recommendations for great box sets from anyone once we've finished the West Wing?

Georgee Boxsets we have on stand by are Gossip Girl, Greys Anatomy, House, How I Met Your Mother and Robin Hood. Never watched West Wing, will have to look in to that

I have decided, after having a quick clean of the kitchen, that today my jobs are going to consist of things I can do in front of the telly/laptop. So writing a christmas list, making sure i've got everything for the hospital bag and looking at baby names. Might plan my week as well, impressed with the menu planning Gazelle. I've planned tomorrow night and maybe Wednesday and I'm out for tea on Thursday so I suppose thats a start smile

katkit1 Mon 22-Oct-12 13:55:05

Long time lurker, first time poster. Been to see midwife today (36 weeks) and the head is engaged. I knew at the back of my mind that I'm having a baby but it's sort of hit me properly today, I'm not sure why I've not really thought about it until today. The nursery is organised, everything is done, feel quite tearful about it - silly hormones.

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Mon 22-Oct-12 14:06:15

georgee I know, I love it so much. In another life I would be a screen writer like Aaron Sorkin. Brilliant.

As for other box sets - nothing has quite hit the mark since TWW. I basically finish 7 and start 1 again. I'm not watching as intensively now its about my 7th run, but they will get well watched again this mat leave. My work bought me Rome series 1 and 2 as that is meant to be quite good.

kitkat1 hello. I think hormones have a lot to answer for - I have been very hormonal last couple of days. Take it easy and dont be hard on yourself. Your body is doing something very special and is gearing up for big physical and emotional changes and you are allowed to feel a bit overwhelmed and teary about that.

Good luck to yw!!

Have put all baby's clothes in my hospital bag now. All washed and ready to go, just need last min things for me like toiletries and camera etc so will obv do those last min grin

3 weeks worth MadamGazelle? Wow you are organised. I don't have much energy to do anything but I'm bored at the same time. Perhaps I will plan my weekly shops.

I've started packing my hospital bag but seem to be missing something. I'll have a look at the lists on FB.

Izzy I really think that SPD is shockingly under estimated how debilitating it can be especially for ladies that already have families to care for, the physio quite correctly says there is nothing more she can do for me and the only painkillers I can take are going to effect baby. Now luckily I have DP although he does have to work, but I wonder what they expect single mothers to do or ladies who have DPs working away or in the forces?
I think if you're at a point in pregnancy where delivering the baby would be safe then it should be at least discussed. Our trust don't offer inductions until term and even then you really have to kick up an almighty fuss to get it, it makesme cross that we are left to suffer. Anyway rant over!

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 14:11:56

Thank you poppet for updating us. Good luck YW

Bumped into one of my clients in day care today. Just what I needed. Especially with her partner there too, who has been a tad threatening at times. I think a call to the hospital is in order as I do not want to be in the same bay post op.

tits moan all you like. That is what we are here for. Sorry you have been so let down.

Poppet45 Mon 22-Oct-12 14:14:14

Hi again just spoke to mr yw and she's doing grand and making friends with gas and air. All being well bed shortages down south mean she can stay on the island. Whoot!

Welcome kat. It's very real all of a sudden isn't it?

Whenever anyone calls me now I get asked if I have any pains etc. Will drive me balmy if I go overdue and have another 5.5 weeks of this.

How many clothes is everyone packing for the baby? So far I've packed 2 vests, socks, 2 sleep suits, 2 hats, going home outfit and nappies. I'm planning on coming home as soon as possible afterwards but my mum will be able to bring me more if I need it. Does it sound enough?

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 14:22:31

That sounds plenty apple what I do is set out little bags with labels on for my clothes and baby clothes so all he has to do is pick up however many packs I have requested. All the little bags have a complete change of clothes in.

poppet I do hope YW gets to stay on the island.

katkit1 Mon 22-Oct-12 14:37:54

Thanks georgee I think I'm amazed I've gone this far without really thinking about it all. I feel much better after a cup of tea. I'm looking forward to attending very late ante-natal classes which I think will help too.

horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 14:40:29

Packed 6 vests 6 sleep suits apple with the other bits laid out for dh if we need more!

Good luck yw!!! How exciting!!! Hope you get to stay on the island!!

I've bought the cutest suit today for the baby!! He's going to look very smart!! Also got my nursing bras. First time I've looked at myself with no (well I had leggings on!!) clothes on pregnant. I look bloody poor sad I'm like just awful looking!! Glad clothes cover a multitude of sins!!!! Poor lady in m&s. Had a nice lunch with mum though as well!!

Feel shattered, look shattered and now going food shopping!

kissyfur Mon 22-Oct-12 14:42:25

Wow v exciting news about YW! Thanks for the updates poppet hope she gets to stay on the island if she can

Sorry things are tough with the SPD tits and izzy it's hard enough being this pregnant as it is, having that to contend with too must be hellish thanks

Had my scan this morning, estimated weight of baby was 7lb 5 already! It's no wonder I'm having trouble breathing with a baby that big squashing my lungs. Quite glad he/she is coming out the sunroof now wink

Didn't go for lunch with work as feeling too rubbish with this cough. Consultant appt bit later on then tonight we are making pizza for tea smile

kissyfur Mon 22-Oct-12 14:45:27

Oh and huge congrats lolly! Lovely to hear your birth story smile

kissyfur Mon 22-Oct-12 14:47:30

And welcome katkit smile

Ohh exciting stuff with YW good luck!

I'm sitting here with my blood pressure rising, talking to both MIL and DP on fb and I have DP telling me of all the lunches and dinners he is attending in the coming weeks and I'm just typing "Oh right" but sitting here thinking, "Yes darling that is lovely that you're off having a wonderful social life, I'll just sit here in my fucking pjs again in agony and wait for you....." <unreasonable rage>

And i joking mentioned to MIL about being a moody hormonal cow and she put "Poor DP" (because poor dp must be having an awful time of it as of late) <unreasonable rage x2)

I must admit I am shockingly weepy/angry about pretty much everything all of the time at the moment blush

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 14:50:14

petite updated on other thread. Mum and baby home safe and sound.

horsey I am sure you still look fab x

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 14:51:58

tits reasonable rage more like! Poor DP my arse!! ( and I have a big arse!)

katkit1 Mon 22-Oct-12 14:52:23

Thanks apple, yes, it feels very real now. I've packed 4 vests, 4 all in one things, hat, lots of teeny cardis and too many blankets and a snow suit (the bag became full so I stopped). Might have a re-jig and remove some blankets and add some cuter outfits instead.

kirrinIsland Mon 22-Oct-12 14:54:44

YW good luck (thanks for letting us know poppet )

Blimey, I can't believe how many babies are here already! Wish I could join the graduates! It's now been 2 weeks since my WC jab so she can safely arrive now. I'm starting to think I'll go over though.

Welcome kat

That's a really good idea VQ I have a bag to take with me, and a carrier bag with some extras for DP to bring in if needed, but your way sounds much more organised.

I have finally properly sorted the baby clothes, washed the carry cot etc and even managed to get the car seat cover back on the car seat. There are many more things I need to do but sitting on the sofa is winning right now....

Oh yes I'll need to pack cardigans as well. I think baby will need his own bag.

Arghhh, those of you who have decided on names, how have you done it?

I currently have a spreadsheet list with a total of with 12 girls first names, 25 middle names and 11 boys firsts names, 2 middle names confused

fatima By reading out all the boys names in our book until we came across the only one we both loved and could agree on. I was willing to compromise if DP was desperate for a Persian name but luckily he wasn't because I don't like many of them grin

I don't know what we will do if we have another boy in future. Hopefully we'll have a girl next - only because a girls name has been agreed on for years.

Sorry that wasn't a helpful post I know blush i

georgee Mon 22-Oct-12 15:47:14

Thanks for the boxset suggestions Fatima, and MadameGazelle it's good to know that we could always just start again when we get to the end if we don't get any other boxsets! This is our first time through. You're right, the writing is amazing, and also I love the fact that (as an occasional copywriter) there's so much emphasis on comms and writing.

However, a couple of nights ago we watched that episode where Andie gave birth to the twins - I must say it annoyed me that she seemed to get to 10cm dilated without any discomfort or awareness at all that she was in labour (apart from the waters going!). But that's just a small point and was obviously touching on a nerve at the time!

Welcome kat.

On names Fatima I think in the end it comes down to meaningfulness and connections - if you're having trouble deciding then think about what the names mean or whether they remind you of someone in the family, etc, etc. We change our minds all the time and I think we'll probably go to the hospital with a shortlist of 5ish. Last time it took me about three days to decide on our DD's name from that list when she was born. We had the middle name sorted but the first was tricky. You might have to wait and decide afterwards!

Marking my spot!
Blimey YW I think you're due the day after me! Poppet thanks for updating us! Very exciting, when are you and DD planning on going up?

horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 15:55:15

Fatima - we stopped looking!!! I think were going to wait until he's here now.

Vq - seriously from where I look (my eyes above the body!!) I looked ok. Full length m&s mirrors with no top on.....dreadful!!!! Tiny little boobs and ribs huge massive bump!!!! Though she said I look liked I was dropping and she was a stranger. she guessed 36dd in fact 34 d. I should go back to my normal bras!!

Hope yw is doing ok!!!! Good idea re the clothes in packs too!!

Maybe you'll just have to hope your baby "looks" a certain name Fatima grin

I logged of FB in the end after a short "I feel like shite I'm off" to DP, he's still online though so I'll assume it was enough to make him work late hmm

I'm quite worried at present that by the time the baby arrives I will be emotionally and physically too tired to deal with labour or a newborn, anyone share that fear? The way I feel now I'm not sure I could cope with either, the depression is sinking in quite firmly, I really hope it's just because of everything that's going on.

I think we will just take a shortlist with us and decide when baby arrives. I like one's on my list but i'm worried that they're too different to what our friends would normally pick and whether i'll change my mind when the baby's 3 months old.
What do people think to two middle names? For some reason I want two, but would this be weird?

Hopefully yw will be on here telling us all about her lovely newborn soon then!

georgee Mon 22-Oct-12 16:09:57

If we have a boy there will be two middle names, Fatima. As the only boy in his generation in our family there would be too many bases to cover with just one! Poor little chap, he would probably be expected to be a rugby professional/racing driver/fireman too ...

jaylee89 Mon 22-Oct-12 16:15:15

hello my lovelies. "well dont know who gave the baby knives to play with but this isnt funny anymore" ..........i have a scratchy feeling on my cervix and my god it takes my breath away. what the hell is it??

OOOOO yw im soooo jealous i hope all goes well and you get the birth you want.

37+1 here and hoping it wont be to long now.

also when me and dp DTD (which is quite often) does it hurt? DP said to me other night "i can feel something sharp" i said "ye me too" anyone else have this or is my body growing needles and icepiks?

had a lovely wake up call this morning of projectile vomit due to reflux was bloody lovely!!!!! (thanks pregnant body) grin

hope everyone has had a good day

Chunkychicken Mon 22-Oct-12 16:15:39

I'm 36wks today & my MW didn't mention anything about the WC jab a fortnight ago & I forgot to ask. I am seeing her tomorrow but as everyone keeps telling me I won't go much more than 2wks (I'm huge, my bump has dropped, I keep getting BH etc etc) I am actually a tad concerned. Afterall, I'll be taking bump to toddler groups etc with DD almost straight away, whereas DD didn't really go many places until she was about 8-9wks old.

I guess it could be me being all hormonal etc too. I mean, with YW who is due the same day as me, feeling a bit rubbish, and as KitKat and everyone has said, 36wks starts feeling a bit 'real'!!!

Will be discussing homebirth with MW tomorrow too, so don't plan to put much more in my hospital bags than the absolute necessities/basics for both baby & I. Is it wrong to admit I don't have a "going home" outfit for bump? I figure that, as we're 'team yellow', unisex babygro is pretty much all that I can plan for!! I don't think DD had a special outfit either confused <bad mummy emoticon>

Fatima as far as names, we don't have a definite list. We had a few we liked for DD I think, but when she was born, DH said to me "what shall we call her?" and all that popped into my head was her name, so that's what it was. I think DH is thinking I'll choose again this time - he has intimated that I will get "my way" on names, although hopefully he'll like the same ones!!

Horsey that's what you're meant to look like - you're heavily pregnant!!! It would be weird if you didn't have a (big) bump at this point. grin

Sophiathesnowfairy Mon 22-Oct-12 16:21:47

It's the onset of maternity leave that has done it.

I am very jealous of all of those with things happening. I have lots of tightening, and BH and am always thinking is this it? But I now it's not really, and anyway ideally I would like it to give me half term next week! Any ime from 1st Nov would be great!

Have knackered myself out today with supermarket shop, mums and toddlers and a swim. No energy to mash a potato now, so DS is getting sausage and spaghetti oops for tea.

He is just a knacked thank heaven.

Bloody baby has hiccups AGAIN!! grin

Thanks for the opinions on naming. With the two middle names thing, I think it'd probably because there's a good chance that this one might be our only one and so I want to get the fully benefit of name choosing smile

What do you think of Nico for a boy? Just been watching tv and it popped in to my head. Any suggestions of names of a similar ilk much appreciated

NervousAt20 Mon 22-Oct-12 16:35:28

Marking place

Hope everythigs going well for yellow and A&E gets her island birth

Fatima Lots of people I know have said to have two or three names and to wait and see what the baby looks like before deciding. We only have one so not sure what we'll do if he doesn't look like a Cassius. It will be tough grin

Two middle names are fine as long as first name and surname are not too long. For us it was either no middle name or one maximum as DP has a long double-barrel surname that the baby will have. So can't hyphenate my surname with his either. Not that I would anyway probably.

Chunkychicken Mon 22-Oct-12 16:40:00

Think you're right Sophia although technically I'm on half term, it is my first Monday off on maternity leave. Overthinking things & being hormonal clearly!! wink

I am NOWHERE near ready for the baby yet though. The plasterer is coming in to do baby's room ceiling this wk. Then we have to decorate. We need at least 2 more wks for that to happen!!!

mcsquared Mon 22-Oct-12 16:40:47

Hello ladies, hope everyone is well!

Good luck to YellowWellies!

Fatima we are struggling with names too! We have one name chosen for our boy so if I go off it, I don't know what I'll do! Also not sure if we'd ever find another name for a boy in the future.

Been having some crazy Braxton Hicks recently (mainly at night which is annoying because my sleep has been disrupted) and this morning wondered if I was actually in labour! Have since stopped but I have double checked my hospital bag and been pottering about making final preparations.

Put the sheets on the moses basket yesterday and they're all wrinkled. : ( I burst into tears over this because I felt like I'd created an inadequate nest for the baby, but my husband reassures me it's fine. Put the covers back on the car seat as well. Need to tidy the room (we've still been moving things around and stuff needs places to live). I have this perpetual feeling that things aren't perfect and organised and how I want them to be. I thought I'd be sorted by 37 weeks!

My mum is coming to stay for a week (maybe even 10 days) once baby's born! Yay! I am so thrilled and feel like I can relax a bit more knowing she'll be here when I come home. You should have seen the look on my face when the midwife said most people go home within 2-6 hours! I was hoping for some more alone time with the baby, at least overnight, before having to go back to my in-laws'. Also a bit worried about early labour now. I think I'll be fine and able to relax if I'm home alone, but if I go into labour with my mother-in-law about, I don't think I'll get the privacy to do what I need to with her fussing. I imagine she'll constantly be badgering my husband to get me to the hospital etc etc when we have it all under control. I'm almost better off labouring in hospital rather than at home even though they recommend staying at home as long as possible! With our very busy maternity unit, not sure what will happen.

Speaking of midwife, went to collect my urine sample as normal before the appointment and realised my bump now touches the toilet seat, preventing me from actually getting a hand down there and seeing what I am doing. Another glamorous part of pregnancy!

mcsquared Mon 22-Oct-12 16:44:32

Chunkychicken, we don't have a special going home outfit either. Just a plain sleepsuit, unless my husband finds something nice. I think he'll look cute regardless of what he's wearing and it'll be just as special!

Natanotherone Mon 22-Oct-12 16:48:42

I'm hoping I have mine on this thread! Currently 38+4 but have resigned myself to the fact I will probably go over and end up getting induced... Either way this time in 3 weeks I will have a gorgeous newborn to cuddle smile

Is anyone else suffering with reflux? I'm so sicky it's untrue, feel nauseus constantly and being sick so much sad Assuming baby just pressing on everything and making me bleugh!

Also actually hurts when baby moves now which is awful... Grrrrrrr...

Just ready to get on with being a mummy and have my body back!

Good luck everyone, hope lots of happy, healthy babies arrive soon smile


ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 16:53:00

tits please go and have a word with your GP. I am concerned about your mood being so low. Big hugs x. You will find the strength for labour and the baby. It is the waiting and pain which is the hardest to bear. Once you get all the endorphins and lovely hormones, not to mention baby snuggles, it will give you a boost.

fatima all my kids will have two middle names. Not weird at all. I know a Nicol, who is one of the most gorgeous men I have ever laid eyes on. Eyes only, sadly.

jaylee baby will probably have long finger nails. No idea about the sharp thing on DTD though.

chunky you should be able to get WC jag just by asking the surgery, and that day too. I would encourage you to be insistent. A going home outfit is not essential, as long as they are clothed, obviously.

horsey you are pregnant. I think you are still in denial a bit wink

Notanother My reflux has really come on these last few days. I'd been suffering from heartburn but recently if I move wrong or bend over or eat more than half a meal then the stomach acid works it's way back up sad
Woke up feeling nauseous last night, did a little burp and got a mouthful of acid, wasn't nice

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 17:05:08

mcsquared so glad your mum is staying for a while. I really feel for you in relation to living with the in-laws. I don't suppose saying f***off would go down too well grin

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 17:15:36

My acid is in overdrive too. I was sick after cleaning my teeth this morning.

I've been suffering with reflux all the way through this pregnancy but it has worsened in the last couple of weeks. At night time it's particularly bad and I have to take Rennies before I go to bed most nights.

WaitingForMe Mon 22-Oct-12 17:35:21

I threw up last night after a kick from baby. Charming!

Today I have had two cleaners and a window cleaner over. DH never notices dust but says the house is definitely different. They were doing awesome stuff like scrubbing the plastic of the window frames. Is OCD by proxy a thing? wink

Baby's middle name will be the same as my dad and my brother's. It was the surname of a favourite aunt. I like that it's a bit of my family name. I know my brother will use it if he has a son so I checked he didn't mind me using it.

MissMummy1 Mon 22-Oct-12 17:40:29

If junior's a boy we're going for 2 middle names. Nathaniel, as it's a long standing family name on dh's side and Angus after my grandad and the region of scotland we had our first house together in and because dh vetoed it as a first name !

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 17:44:55

I've had a little nap this afternoon <stretches arms above head>. I'm really enjoying this maternity leave thing grin I'm finding a little nap in the day goes a long way - which was never the case for me in the past! I was a crap napper grin

DP is getting on my nerves a little this evening though. When I woke, I asked him would he mind going to the GP for me and picking up my prescription. I didn't much fancy getting dressed again, and wanted to do a few jobs in the house. He said yes, but clearly meant no (even though he stayed in bed til 1130, and I did the school run etc this morning!) stropping about the house. Then he couldn't find his keys! 20 minutes later, after him flapping and me calmly using logic, they were in the drawer we keep the dog walking/grooming/feeding stuff in. Men huh! Think he has got over himself now though!

Just put tea on, baked potatoes - my favourite - and I hate hate hate having to wait for them to cook! 2 hours to get them how I like them. Baking is the only way, microwave just doesn't do it for me - even if finished in oven! I'm drooling at the thought of it! Do you think I could persuade DP to give up his and have something else, so I can have 2?! grin

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 17:50:48

I still have no decision on a name! I hate it! I want a name! This baby will have one middle name, the same as DS. We don't do family names. Although the 2 family names are Charles (Charlie - my Dad and Grandad) and Christopher (my uncle and cousin). On my mums side it is Ronald. I just don't like those names. Charlie is too common for my tastes, and although I like Kit as a shortening for Christopher, not enough to use it!

So, we will just go with names we like! DP's family have no names passed down. He doesn't know his own Dad. His mum doesn't have contact with her Dad. In fact, there aren't many men who stuck around in his family!

horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 17:56:49

Yeah I probably am. I just avoid mirrors at the moment. Must remember I'm nearly 39 weeks pregnant, 3 weeks max to go.


Lilliana Mon 22-Oct-12 18:02:27

Marking my place - how did you fill five pages since I left you this morning?!

Mmm I love a proper cooked jacket potato.I've made steak pie for tea so I could just bung the stew bit in the oven for a couple of hours and then add pastry on top <lazy>

Not had too many acid problems but has definitely got much worse the last couple of weeks. I nearly cried the other day when I thought I had left home without my rennie- luckily found some in the bottom of my bag.

Bump is now feeling very bruised. I keep looking and expecting to see it covered in bruises.

Hope things are going well YW

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 18:05:56

I think most people are taken by surprise when they look in the mirror Horsey. I don't think it is an uncommon phenomenon! I know I have been surprised a lot sometimes!

I am finding it hard knowing I am declining induction, because I can't say I have a maximum or end date in sight. There are downsides to some things I guess! blush

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 18:09:02

detective have you tried the mckain frozen potatoes? They are really very good and I am also mega fussy about baked pots.

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 18:11:48

I have VQ but I'd have to eat several packs of them blush and they don't hit the spot in the same way for me!

I'm sat here craving one of DP's stews for some reason. I can taste it in my mouth, even feel the burn it leaves behind because I eat it when it is waaaay too hot. Why am I craving this when I'm having my favourite tea. Weird!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 18:12:17

I buy the biggest baked potatoes I can get my hands on VQ!

horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 18:25:08

I'm having baked potato too detective!!!! With vege sausage, cheese and salad!!!! Yum yum yum!!!

I'm like you, has to be oven cooked!!

Glad to know the mirror thing isn't uncommon. Will take a pic I think to remind myself how I look!!! And that I am very very pregnant!!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 18:30:00

Having mine with cheese, sweetcorn and red onion. Mmmm!

I've taken a shit load a few pics to remind me. With DS I have one picture, the day I went in to labour! The only other picture I have is from when I was 22 weeks, and didn't look in the remotest bit pregnant! I was still 1.5 stone lighter than my pre pregnancy weight at the point. So no proper bump pics! I've made sure I've got some this time, as it is nice to look back on!

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 18:31:31

Have you ever had one baked in an Aga? On a different level. Worth buying an Aga for that alone. How do you eat yours? Me, ideally just butter and pepper. Insides first, then skins. Preferably watching fireworks. Lots of butter.

horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 18:32:07

Yeah I've taken one every 4 weeks so far, but think more often now I'm at the end. It's interesting!!

As dh likes to tell me - youre still thin, just with a big belly!

Erm - thanks??!!

MissMummy1 Mon 22-Oct-12 18:34:04

Baked tatties done in a fire are the way forward! Cheese and butter mushed in to the insides then eat the crispy skins. Mmmm! Damn you detective! I want one now!!

horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 18:34:30

Vq - butter, paprika, cheese. Inside first, then skin. I may add more butter.

Never used an aga, the rangemaster cooks them well though!! Perhaps rangemaster should look at an aga setting??!!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 18:38:14

Oh god, an Aga! Mmmmmmmmm... stop it VQ it is pay day on Wednesday, and I have a bumper pay to spend save and ideas like that are not helpful grin

I love them with butter, salt and pepper. But when having them as a main on their own rather than a side, I go for cheese and salad type toppings!

I mash mine up, so they are totally mushed, and eat the mush, then the skin!!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 18:40:17

I'm going to put together a little collection of pregnancy pictures and print them off. I've not had any pictures that I haven't taken of myself I don't think, so might get DP to take a few nice ones in the next few days! I've got lots of pictures to remind me of the pregnancy. I like taking pictures grin

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 18:41:21

Damn I want one too! Potato not Aga. No space for Aga.

DH is nesting. God help us all.

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 18:42:37

Yes, camp fire! I could do a camp fire! I won't, but I could. And deffo add more butter for the skins.

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 18:42:48

In fact, if I can hold off til after my birthday (which isn't happening now I've decided baby is coming on 28th - another reason btw, is that it is exactly a week between our birthdays!) then I can take some very nice shots. I hope - since I've asked for a nice camera off DP. Though to be fair, if I labour before then, I think he will let me have it early! Although he hasn't got me one yet... will have to remind him!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 18:48:30


Another 30 mins and they should be good to go, I bloody hope!!

I just checked on my antibiotics - to be taken on empty stomach. EMPTY? The only time mine is empty is when I wake at 4am grin Or leave 2 hours after eating. 2 HOURS. I don't think I can manage 2 hours without eating!

Damn it!

Sophiathesnowfairy Mon 22-Oct-12 18:49:34

Oh I know want a baked potato. I like to bake, scrape out the inside, mash with butter and put back in the oven to go crispy on the top. I am liking the sound of sweet corn and red onion, perhaps lunch tomorrow.........Chicken pie and mash tonight.

Am on the edge of my seat about yw

Sophiathesnowfairy Mon 22-Oct-12 18:51:21

Obviously I now want a baked potato. this I pad always mixes up my knows and nows and I never notice until I have posted. As usual I should check my work before I send it out. A life long faux pas of mine.

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 18:52:06

I fear I may start another Dominos effect...!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 18:52:33

iPad/iPhone = work of satan.


Hate posting on my phone!

Trying to catch up on all the dinner talk!

I had pork loins, new pots, veg, onion and gravy yum!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 18:59:31

MIL just text me to say she has found someone to make the curtains for the baby... for the price of 2 boxes of cigs.

Am eternally grateful as I've not been able to find anyone to do them. But 2 boxes of cigs is making me think my curtains will come back reeking of smoke. Ungrateful bitch. I can just wash them, right?

She probably doesn't even smoke in the house. I'm just being hormonal!

Get a grip!

horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 18:59:38

Eaten. Yum!!!!!!!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 19:02:50


horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 19:06:45

She might not smoke in the house! Would be my first thought lol!!

Yes you can wash them. Might take a few washes though?

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 19:11:15

I'm just being silly! I might have them professionally cleaned anyway, as I've had everything else done that is in there grin

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 19:12:12

Febrese is your friend.

I just had the most delicious cheese fondue with garlic steamed potatoes and pickled onions for dinner... with the complimentary glass of white wine... don't think I'll be moving off the sofa tonight.

WaitingForMe Mon 22-Oct-12 20:05:43

Just ate my tea, got a kick and threw up again. Not happy about this new trend.

Just waiting for DH then placing a food order. So far on the list... jacket potatoes grin

Sophiathesnowfairy Mon 22-Oct-12 20:12:40

Going back a thread, detective what happened about your toe?

I am having terrible toe trouble. I thought it was my bunion being exacerbated by my huge weight and then I remembered something hugely heavy fell on it yesterday. Is v sore.

I've just had some scrummy beef enchiladas followed by half a cantaloupe melon

Had a few tummy cramps this evening, presume baby is getting in to position

StuntNun Mon 22-Oct-12 20:19:10

I have optimistically ordered two nursing bras a size smaller than I am now these ones for after the baby's born and a packet of bra extenders just in case. I also washed the baby carrier which amazingly still buckles up just with the straps on their longest setting.

DS2 keeps asking me when his baby brother is going to arrive - he really can't wait! DS1 is a lot more laid back about it (he has been through this before I suppose) but I suspect he'll be pretty excited when it actually happens. I have packed their bags as well in case they need to go and stay with granny and gramps. I'm hoping nothing exciting will happen in the near future because DH has to travel to Scotland for a family funeral on Friday so he'll be away for two nights. Have to cancel my blimmin' midwife appointment on Friday now so I probably won't see her again before the baby arrives.

I phoned my mum up today and told her I had changed my mind and was sending the baby back! I know it's a sin but I was ironing all the tiny moses basket sheets and blankets and thinking about 'feet to foot' and all that malarkey and I just panicked. Mum says it's a bit late to be changing my mind and that if I hadn't got pregnant I would have spent the rest of my life wishing I'd had a third a child. She obviously doesn't realise that I'm tired and hormonal and I don't need good, sensible advice right now. blush

Can't wait to hear about today's arrivals. Mine can hang in there for another 19 days or so before I'll be buying pineapples etc. I wonder if YW's DH is annoyed that he didn't get to go in the helicopter?

kissyfur Mon 22-Oct-12 20:25:08

We had home made pizza and chips for tea, wish it had been jacket potatoes now tho!

Saw the consultant this afternoon, she said I was looking peaky, tbh I was struggling to catch my breath after the short walk there. They said I probably have a chest infection and have prescribed antibiotics, but if I don't improve they said I might need an inhaler cos I'm wheezing so much! sad

Also what is it with our men and cars?! DP's broke down at the weekend and the garage rang tonight to say he's better off getting a new one as his will cost more than its worth to repair! Not what we need 3 weeks before having a baby!!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 20:25:21

It is on the mend Sophia! Ended up using some anti fungal cream inside a bandage which helped draw out the crap! It only hurts slightly now!

Managed normal shoes this morning although I didn't exactly walk far!

MissMummy1 Mon 22-Oct-12 20:35:06

Cars and boats kissy. It's dh's birthday today and he's been off sailing for all of it. I caved and have let him go for 1 night on the condition he stayed in contact and because I made him cancel all his plans to go sailing/diving for the whole week. The fecking muppet has set off on some half baked mission with a pensioner who has no sailing experience. I have no idea where, or even which coast. (when either of us sail we always make sure we leave a chart with a route mapped out for the other) His phone is out of range and I have no way of contacting him. I'm furious. There's no f-ing way I'm picking him up when he gets ashore and he can sleep in the garage. He really needs to grow up in the next few weeks, me being pregnant has turned my once sensible, level headed man into a reckless teenager!

MissMummy1 Mon 22-Oct-12 20:39:58

I've given him an inch and he's taken miles and miles of nautical miles. Right now I could kill him. And no, IANBU!!

I swear if he behaved like this before we got pregnant I would have left him. I don't do unreliable or wreckless, and he knows this.

horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 21:04:32

Just tried my tens machine.....

Jesus!!!! Upset the baby on the lowest setting!!

Mm hope you get hold of him!!

MissMummy1 Mon 22-Oct-12 21:05:41

Right now it's probably just as well I can't horsey - I have a few choice words for him!

horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 21:12:18

You should get a tens and strap it to him. Seriously!!

kirrinIsland Mon 22-Oct-12 21:13:30

MM that sucks - I'd kill him sad

I've just had chicken in tomato sauce and rice, courtesy of DP. Very nice.

tits I think you need to speak to someone different if you can, and see if you can't find someone who is a bit more sympathetic to your plight.

kissy hope you're feeling better soon.

Never did get round to looking at tens machines......

Back from my hypnobirthing. I guess it's doing what it's supposed to because each week I come out and think 'I can't wait'. Friday I'm 37 weeks which is full term so from then on I'm trying everything to get this baby out (which means I'm bound to go to 42 weeks grin)

Speaking of dinner, I had a homemade fish pie with green beans. Yummy.

Oooh i've just had an email to say my TENs machine has been dispatched.

Those of you who have packed their hospital bags, have you packed it completely? Because I won't have much to wear if I pack it all so i'm sort of developing piles of things in the nursery at the moment.

Also, stupid question time... Next First Size babygrows will be big enough won't they?

horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 21:26:15

Fatima - no not everything. I have nothing to wear to go home in as I hardly have any clothes to wear normally!!

Depends how big your baby is Fatima. My next first size stuff says 7.8lbs so if you have a whopper they may not fit. My auntie had a big baby and most of the newborn clothes she had wouldn't even fit over his head!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 21:31:34

MM I'd go ape shit... but then me and you may be on the same end of the hormonal wire grin.

I'd do the only thing I could right now. Feck off and disappear on him for a day or two and make him sweat. A lot.

Fatima I've got the majority of clothing from Next. If I was packing a hospital bag, I'd be putting in 6 first size, and pop 2 extra in the up to 1 month size.

I find Next sizes are annoying me. DS was 8lb 5, and the Next newborn size fitted him well, and for a few weeks after birth. I have one baby grow from when he was born. Turns out they have messed with the sizing! Their smallest size 10 years ago was newborn - and this is up to 10lb according to the label! Their up to 1 month size is now 10lb. So I bought lots in that size. Except when I put the older babygrow next to the newer ones, the older one is clearly smaller.

Basically, they have changed their bloody sizing! Gits! So I had to go out and get some first size stuff! Which is up to 7lb8 or whatever! But to be honest - most newborns need the first sizes, 0-3 is always massive on them! It is rare that the stuff is too small! More likely to be too big in my experience!

kissyfur Mon 22-Oct-12 21:32:07

Thanks kirrin

My DD only fit her newborn stuff for about 2 weeks fatima but she was 9lb 2 so quite a big un

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 21:32:09

The gros should have a weight on them. Not sure how next work their sizes but I think they are one of the more generous brands. My kids have never fitted in gap even though they are now both average size.

I cannot believe how wonderful my DH is being. He is doing things without being asked and has worked so hard today around the house. Perhaps it is the fact that we have three more sleeps to go. And the fact that I can barely walk due to pelvic pain. It has just got bad so sudden. I am kinda walking with my knees together. Not attractive.

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 21:35:15

I think the weights on them are rubbish! It is more the length that makes them not fit. And clearly a newborn weighing 9lb who is 55cm may not fit in the first size for long, as they would be long. Where as a 9lb 50cm baby is shorter, and will fit for longer.

I don't think that explanation worked, but basically, I reckon they should give sizes in height not weight!

MissMummy1 Mon 22-Oct-12 21:37:44

Detective I'm debating moving in with my mum when his folks are over at the weekend. Or being the hostess from hell (they can't dislike me more than they already do). Not that I'm petty or anything....

Next's sizing does seem more generous than other places though. Their 0-3 months clothes are way bigger than the 0-3 months things I've bought elsewhere.

The weight does say 7lb8 but I thought for a first size then it can't be up to 7lb8 as that would be a bit small and a lot of babies would be too big for that. So I though maybe it meant it would fit them around 7lb8 confused

It's ok if they grow out of them quickly, just don't want to be sat in hospital with a baby that can only fit in the vests and cardigan. I think i'll pop a couple of up to 1 month in the bag that will stay in the car incase I need to stay in longer then if it's a 9lb+ DH can go get them.

horsey - i'm the same. I can pack PJs and a pair of joggers but I can't pack any tops or going home clothes as I need to wear them now. I'll just try keep on top of washing so I can grab stuff when I need it

kissyfur Mon 22-Oct-12 21:45:04

Agreed Detective it was because DD was long that the newborn baby gros didn't last her long. You have to be so careful that the feet of them don't pull on their little toes, best a bit too long than a bit snug

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 21:45:23

Just go to your mums. And tell them why! Shame him in to growing up a little!

I had to tell DP's mum and sister about him staying up til all hours and not being awake enough for when I need him. He was suitably shamed. I hope! Well, he isn't going to bed too late anyway!

Dixiebell Mon 22-Oct-12 21:46:20

fatima, on names of similar ilk to Nico, DS is Arlo. There's also Milo, or Jago, or Theo if you like the 'o' ending. Prob others! We do get asked 'where's that from' a lot, I think people think it sounds a bit continental, but it's just a name we liked smile

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 21:46:30

Yes, it was always the toes Kissy! I found DS's toes were always squished in M&S grows! confused

But he did, and still does, have exceptionally long feet!

Yes it's bizarre. It just says 7.8lbs and not up to 7.8lbs so difficult to know what it means. I think you are right fatima and that it should fit a baby around that weight.

Dixie I love Arlo! It won't go with our surname though sad

Dixie I have a Milo, Leo and Theo in my family!

It appears that baby has turned from ROA yesterday to LOA today. This is good right detective? According to the spinning babies website anyway.

Yesterday evening DP looked at my stomach and we could see the exact line where his back was. We watched him squirming and my belly move as he turned. Then today I've noticed he is definitely kicking me on the right now instead of the left.

MissMummy1 Mon 22-Oct-12 21:54:49

Right off for a veg in the bath. Turning my phone off, bad missmummy wants him to worry if he can't get through... No news on yw - she was at 4cm at 4pm and noone's heard anything since so assume she's still on the island! Hopefully seeing her dsis tomorrow afternoon so fc we get some exciting news then! Will no doubt check in again later when insomnia hits!!

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 21:54:52

Yep, its good Apple!

Dixiebell Mon 22-Oct-12 22:05:13

My mum suggested today we could call this one Milo, but thought Arlo & Milo might just be a bit too much!

Yay smile Feels really weird being kicked on the other side when he has kicked me on the left for months and it was so strange how we actually watched him turn!

Passmethecrisps Mon 22-Oct-12 22:09:58

Crikey how exciting for yellowwellies! I hope she has managed to hypnobirth that cervix to 6cm so she gets her island birth.

Tea for me was cottage pie. Had it for lunch as well. Yummy.

Parenting class today was 'different' birth. The midwife is lovely but not the best teacher. She seems to want us to lead it but doesn't give a clear idea of what should be being covered. As my Dh said 'I don't know if I have questions because I don't know what I don't know yet. ' Made perfect sense to me.

I got another call today advising me about needin iron supplements but nothing yet about a possible UTI. I would find it unlikely I don't have one considering my greenish discharge. I will chase it tomorrow.

horseylady Mon 22-Oct-12 22:10:53

Mm I'd go to your mums!! I'd go now!! Andnot turn my phone on!!

Dh poorly. He's gone to the spare room and is trying to stay away so I don't get it!! I've bought him loads of tissues, night and day stuff etc. Then given him olbas oil to help him breath. He's having his flu jab this weekend!! He's just very run down sad and gets frustrated that i (touch wood!) get few colds, but he gets loads. I think it's because most of my exercise takes place outside!!

Passmethecrisps Mon 22-Oct-12 22:17:13

Yep horsey your immune system is likely to be pretty high functioning. Hope he gets better soon.

As for your DH MM you are a more patient lady than me. Maybe spending a few nights with your mum would be a good thing. Not in a sort of stomping off to your mum's kind of way but just to get some breathing space. Enjoy your bath and get a good night's sleep. You have people you can call on if you need anything - his loss if he was to miss something.

TheDetective Mon 22-Oct-12 22:25:45

I should really stop watching anything that makes me laugh.

I'm fed up of stinking of pee hmm and running to the loo for another pad change!

My pelvic floor was ok... I thought! I did my pelvic floors as well! Clearly not enough!

ValiumQueen Mon 22-Oct-12 22:29:36

pass still got green discharge? Have you mentioned that to a medic? I would think more vaginal infection than UTI.

Passmethecrisps Mon 22-Oct-12 22:36:41

See VQ I am not even sure if it is green. I will call the doc tomorrow if I don't hear from a midwife. I need to pick up my prescription anyway. I have no other symptoms at all - not even the pee, stand up, need to pee again. It isn't white but not sure.

How was your pre-op thing today?

Passmethecrisps Mon 22-Oct-12 22:38:07

I hear you detective. I need to stop laughing, coughing, sneezing and trying to do just one more thing before weeing.

mrswee Mon 22-Oct-12 23:35:15

wow another thread and another baby, good luck YW, hopefully she's had the baba by now!

Fingers crossed we got our flat rented today, a nice couple have agreed to take it but I can't bank on it until they have signed on the dotted line!

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Mon 22-Oct-12 23:44:52

I'm all tucked up in bed. It's been a long day. Thank goodness for my dad tho he's taken care of DD for most of it.

Was looking forward to a big rest while DD at nursery tomorrow but I had forgotten that I have antenatal clinic at 10.40am so I won't get home til goodness knows when! They always run very late. Hoping they at least give go ahead for induction at term cos then I know I only have 3 weeks of pain left. Was induced last time at 39+2 and DD born at 39+4 so not that scared of induction. Id welcome it. Worst part for me was the bloody huge venflon...a grey venflon, why was grey necessary?? Any medicy people??

blonderthanred Mon 22-Oct-12 23:51:06

That's good to hear Izzy as I am due for my induction tomorrow. My efforts to smoke the baby out (not with actual smoke) have been fruitless. Had another sweep today and mw said my cervix is soft and short, and the baby is in the right position so fingers xed it all goes smoothly.

Wishing everyone the best of luck until I'm next able to check in. Thanks for the support.

I thought they determined the colour of the venflon used by how big your veins are? I could be wrong but I always have a child's one in blush

I hope you get a date for induction Izzy were you induced last time for SPD/PGP?

GTbaby Tue 23-Oct-12 02:40:29

O. Goodness 200 posts before I even mark my place.
I'm so lucky I don't have to do anything but look after baby. I have mil to take him when I want a sleep. My mum comes over to help. I am blessed. Oh no I'm having a hormonal moment lol. Yet I still can't keep up with u guys. Must start to multitask.

NervousAt20 Tue 23-Oct-12 04:20:12

Good luck for today blonder

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 04:24:39

Fatima I have 2 middle names smile

Morning all, anyone else up? Yesterday was my first day of ML and the insomnia has kicked in today sad, at least I can nap in the day now.

Right, better go and catch up on the last thread and this one, I see I've missed a LOT of arrivals!

ComradeJing Tue 23-Oct-12 04:33:20

Is anyone else just exhausted now? Horrible nights sleep, two hour nap at 9:30 with DD and it's 2;30 now and I STILL feel tired.

wellieboots Tue 23-Oct-12 04:51:10

Hi comrade, I've been up since 4ish, trying to get an afternoon nap now but it doesn't seem to be happening, really need one though as were off to theatre tonight - probably our last child free night out in a long time!

This tiredness is hideous, and I don't have another one to run around after!

Take care

StuntNun Tue 23-Oct-12 06:23:15

Comrade I'm the same, I've been lying in bed utterly exhausted during the day, feeling lethargic as if I'm terribly I'll only obviously not ill. It will get better after baby's born... won't it?

ComradeJing Tue 23-Oct-12 06:37:36

Stunt and wellie I actually found the first few weeks after DD came quite relaxing. She slept all the time (to the point that I was under strict orders to wake her for feeds as she was dropping weight) so I just lazed about, ate too much and breastfed. It was lovely.

it was only at 4 months that she stopped sleeping and I entered the most exhausting and worst 4 months of my life

georgee Tue 23-Oct-12 06:45:23

Good luck blonder! All sounds very encouraging so far! x

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 06:49:06

pass apologies I went to bed. Pre op was ok apart from having to wait ages, bumping into a client, and not seeing the anaesthetist like I was told I would, so the talk about pain relief will need to happen on thursday morning. All ok though. Slightly concerned a teacher cannot distinguish colours....

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 06:52:23

Good luck blonder not long and you will have your baby and can put him or her in fluff!

Was awake from 2 until 4 with dreadful acid then dreadful wind. Glad only two more sleeps to endure.

kirrinIsland Tue 23-Oct-12 07:18:26

Good luck today blonder

Dixiebell Tue 23-Oct-12 07:20:45

Got to go have bloods tested for blood sugar this am. Annoyingly means fasting. Really want a cuppa and some cereal. Doc said my last level was only just over, and it was because it was done just after lunch. But have to have it done again anyway. Also have MW this afternoon. Supposed to be working from home today but reckon I'll spend half the day in doc's waiting room.

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 07:32:49

I'm in such a grump and I cant shift it. Argh! I feel like telling dh not to bother cmoing home from work as he will get his head bitten off! (for no reason). grump grum grump.

I hope all is well with Yellowwellies, how lovely that her sisiter has popped on to keep us updated, we would have been even more curious if she hadnt!

So we'll have a couple more babies by the end of the week, its very exciting. I love seeing the photos on facebook, they have all been adorable so far!

It's lovly to read GTbaby because she sounds very loved up with her LO, and thats exactly how it should be smile lovely!!

I had friends over today - for our usual get together. And my friend hung my washing out for me and then tidied up my kitchen, I wanted to sort of die with embaressment, but thank god for friends as it did take a load off my shoulders.

Poppet45 Tue 23-Oct-12 07:41:05

Wow this thread moves fast almost lost you! Just to let you know there was a birth on the island this morning. Mum and baby doing well. However i shan't steal epic YW's thunder so shall bow out waves at MM

Brockle Tue 23-Oct-12 07:44:19

yay!!! grin grin

Argh ds was up three times in the night to be sick sad feel like poo now while he's running around like a loon, clearly not unwell.

36 weeks today smile

horseylady Tue 23-Oct-12 07:47:46

Great news!!!! Will look forward to hearing from yw!!!!!

Still up every two hours. Guess my body is preparing me.

Baby also made it back to my ribs yesterday after the tens experience. Really hurt them sad

Lilliana Tue 23-Oct-12 07:47:58

Congratulations YW can't wait to hear all about baby and the birth.

Good luck today Blonder hope all goes well.

So tired but only 4 more day to go. Feeling ready for mat leave now.

Oooh congrats to yw can't wait to hear how it set and bubba's name smile

Lilliana Tue 23-Oct-12 07:49:24

oh, forgot to say operation get rings off was a success! Managed to get them both off without any pain but my fingers feel naked now sad

Sophiathesnowfairy Tue 23-Oct-12 08:06:34

Congrats yw. Am so so please you got your Island birth! Can't wait for all your news.

Glad you got your toe sorted detective

Reflexology today, yay.

I don't know about anyone else but my Braxton Hicks are getting very convincing. They can't fool me though, I know I will still be hanging around middle of November.

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 08:08:11

yippee for yellowwellies

TiAAAAARGHo Tue 23-Oct-12 08:09:09

Congratulations YW. Cna't wait to hear how it all went. grin.

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 08:10:53

So - will anyone be waiting for november??? hehehe

Lane81 Tue 23-Oct-12 08:28:28

Good luck blonder!

Will there be many left on 1st Nov?!

horseylady Tue 23-Oct-12 08:29:44

Me!!!! Can't see this one coming in the next week!!! Due a week Thursday - he seems quite happy in there!!

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 08:33:07

horsey oh wow your due date is getting closer smile

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 08:33:43

I think it's full moon on the 28th oct, i predict a few will be born that night!

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 08:38:28

Waves back at Poppet
Lovely lovely news on YW to wake up to! She's well and truly won our little baby race envy. Glad to hear they're doing well - might need to press you for details later if we're still on for coffee? Unless of course you're now on a mad dash northbound!! Pass on lots of love to her and hopefully see you all soon xxxxxxxx

(repeat, not jealous! grin)

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 08:39:05

Actually I had dd at 39 weeks, so I am hoping to do that this time, I am 38 weeks today.

horseylady Tue 23-Oct-12 08:40:09

Yeah very close!!! Still trying to think in terms of having 3 weeks left opposed to 1 week!!! That may change as I get closer and past edd!!!

Mm you heard from him yet?!

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 08:41:08

Yes! Another reason for this baby to come on 28th! It's all conspiring nicely wink

Can't wait to hear from YW eeek!

Am still in bed grin managed a fairly decent night again! Tips wot r gud grin - take food to bed with you. My 4am hunger was satisfied with a banana. I didn't even have to lift my head off the pillow! A bottle with a cap on to drink, so again, no lifting head off pillow! I also had a whispa about 6am grin also, going for a wee, lifting bump to release pressure on bladder gave me much better bladder control and feeling empty! Woohoo!

This baby has to stay in til Halloween because it'll have been two weeks since WC jab. From that day on she's welcome to come whenever!

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 08:47:00

Congratulations auntypoppet and also YW and MrYW. Had a bit of a sob at hearing the news. So glad it was an island birth as that suggests all went really well. Hopefully all will be home before the snow hits.

I reckon it is a boy, and MM will have a girl. Not that I know nuffin, but just a feeling...

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 08:47:18

Nope horsey his mobile is still out of range this morning. My insecure worry head is now panicking a little something's gone wrong. My angry hormonal brain wants to kill him!

I used to race a yacht similar to the one he's alledgedly on. It took at least 3/4 competent sailors to adequately crew it. He's gone out with a 60-something year old who's never sailed before. He's such a twat!!!

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 08:49:34

I wonder if they had to stay on the island as all rescue choppers would have been redirected to the one that ditched in the north sea yesterday? Soooo happy for them both that she got her island birth, regardless of why!

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 08:50:43

MM he really is being a silly little boy. I would be tempted to leave a note saying you had regular contractions so have gone to hospital and could not contact him. Might frighten him into growing up a bit. Trouble is, if he called the hospital and they had not seen you, there might be a major missing persons alert on the news for you. Hope he is safe anyway.

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 08:51:12

VQ we both predicted the other way round - I'm itching to know!!

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 08:53:02

MM was there loss of life in the helicopter crash? I did not hear about that. I hope everyone was safe. If YW had been at risk, they would have found a helicopter somewhere I am sure.

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 08:54:22

oh mm1 your dh is a twonk sometimes.

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 08:54:36

I bet MM. I think you will have the alternate flavour, but you never can tell until you see the baby, and my dad thought I was a boy because of the umbilical cord.

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 08:56:01

VQ I left him a text saying 'phone as soon as you get this' - when he sees it was sent at 8pm last night he'll worry. Shame i might not answer it.

Seriously if he had been like this before I was pregnant i would not have been with him. I've left blokes in the past for much much less. I don't do unreliable or wreckless!! I'm hoping it's just a phase with the whole big responsibility thing coming up. I have no doubt he'll be a wonderful dad, but if he doesn't change his care-free attitude where I'm concerned I think some serious reconsidering will be in order. I'm so angry!

Sorry guys for spilling this all out to you. I don't want to burden rl people!!

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 08:58:42

Nope all 19 were rescued. Really brings home how wonderful our coastguard and rnli are. Anything like that brings back horrible memories of the super puma disaster a few years ago - I was living in Aberdeen at the time and knew a few families caught up in it for one reason or another. Horrible horrible horrible. Amazing how a city all rallied together as such a close knit community at the time though.

Peaky1 Tue 23-Oct-12 08:59:30

Oooh great news for YW! Looking forward to hearing from her.

Detective I used one of your other tips last night and just didn't check the time every time I woke up for the loo or to roll over. It worked a treat as I went straight back to sleep every time without worrying about the time! Much better grin

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 09:00:58

mm1 get it all off your chest! I would be angry in your shoes. Perhaps he's getting everything our of his system.

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 09:02:26

Grrrr my baby is being naughty this morning! Movements are less than usual, but still what you would call good movements.

He has an hour to buck up his ideas.... hmm

I, in the meanwhile, am having pizza for breakfast blush in my defense, it is day before pay day and the cupboards are empty!!

MM He is gonna be in SO much trouble when he turns up. I seriously wonder if they have brains sometimes. Hopefully the fact that YW has had her baby early might make it closer to home for him, that he needs to be contactable at ALL times!

Passmethecrisps Tue 23-Oct-12 09:04:02


Sooooooo excited to hear about babywellies. It is lovely that YW got the island birth she wanted.

MM sorry you still haven't heard from DH. I know categorically nothing about sailing but I would have thought he would have wanted you to know roughly where they were as when they would return just from a safety point of view. It is the height of selfishness that he hasn't thought of giving you these details. Could you head off to stay with your mum just now? It would take your kind off worrying about him.

VQ my DH always refers to a pair of shoes which he says are gray and I say are brown. Maybe colour distinction is not my thing

Today I have the dentist but I have mislaid my exemption certificate so I hope I don't need any treatment. Then it is operation get rings off. I have properely damaged the skin on both fingers and have left bruises from last attempt. I will try the dental floss method plus ice compression and see how I get on. I really wish I had just taken them off last week.

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 09:04:32

Ooooh, yay Peaky glad it worked for someone! I think we must be like babies, no stimulation on waking. Feed, change (wee!), back to sleep. Minimal fuss!

Well, that is what I decided last night anyway! I'm quite aware that I am awake very early, but the ability to actually stay in bed til a reasonable hour makes me feel far better! And awake when I do get up!

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 09:10:12

Well he's not dead:

"Safe and happy, having a blast. Still drunk. Love you."

He might be when he gets ashore. Feck knows where/when that will be. As the only experienced sailor onboard I'm furious he's broken all rules and got pissed on top of everything else.

Right I'm going to my mums for lunch. Will vent to her and see if she takes pity on me enough to let me stay for a few days! If not I may do/say something I regret and have to move home long term!!!

pikz Tue 23-Oct-12 09:11:34

Awwww so lovely for yw hope it all went well.

I think I'll be hanging in here for a while yet not due til 20th any how's and as much as I want it early I just don't think he will.

Dectective I followed the not looking at the time thing and eating more before bed....I also slept better...

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 09:12:06

MM that is awesome they rescued all 19. So glad. I think the text you sent should scare him sufficiently. I do hope he starts acting a bit more grown up, as you need his support, not another kid to look after.

pass good luck with rings and dentist. I am sure your bump is proof enough of your exemption.

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 09:12:12

And yeah pass - we always always always tell each other roughly where we'll be. In fact, we usually plot out our exact route on a chart and check in at various points so if need be we can direct rescuers to an exactish area. I don't even know if he's on the east or west coast!

pikz Tue 23-Oct-12 09:12:44

Oh mm I would not be there when he got home...I would be at my mums just so he knows exactly what he has done...

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 09:13:36

In the famous MN words LEAVE THE BASTARD for a few days to sweat in his own mess!

Honestly, prize plonker award goes to MrMummy!

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 09:14:33

Yay Pikz My experiments are working mwhahahaha!

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 09:16:45

MM getting drunk is making this so much worse. The amount of worry that could cause you. I think going to your mums for a few days is a good plan. He needs to realise that he has a lot to lose!

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 09:17:28

I never ever look at a clock if I wake in the night, it's a good rule to live by. I am a terrible insomniac sometimes though, pregnancy or no pregnancy. I listen to story books on my iPod to help pass the time.

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 09:19:11

I used to tell DP off if we woke in the night and he told me the time! I hate knowing the time when sleeping - it makes things feel so much worse!

I'm more of an in denial kind of person when it comes to amount of sleep left to be had!

kissyfur Tue 23-Oct-12 09:28:58

Ooo exciting news about YW can't wait to hear more

Glad your hubby is safe and sound MM but what a wally for worrying you like that!

Think you will be ok at the dentist Pass your bump should be enough proof!

Wow not long to go for you VQ!

Think I'll definitely be here past 1st November, no signs of baby arriving at all so far. Feeling much brighter this morning, hopefully that's the antibiotics kicking in. Wheezing is a lot worse after I've eaten a meal so will be eating very small meals for a while! Looking forward to spending a day at home with DD smile

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 09:43:55

Good you got antibiotics kissy. Not long now for me as you say shock but soon enough as I feel like shit! We put together the double pushchair last night. It is a beast! Mountain buggy terrain, built like a tank. This morning the girls went quiet, and they were both sitting in it with the hood over them. Bearing in mind my eldest is a tall 6yo, I was pretty impressed! Gonna do the final check of bags and Moses basket and pram bedding today. Still cannot quite believe we are having a third child, who was wanted so very much, but thought we would never have. I think I will not quite believe it until I hold him. Hopefully he will not be a baby rhino.

horseylady Tue 23-Oct-12 10:05:11

You'll be fine vq!!! Must be nice in someways having that definite date to work to!! How long do you have to stay in hospital for? Will they keep you in over the weekend?

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 10:06:50

aww VQ it's so exciting for your family, a tiny little boy will soon be going home with you! Cant wait to hear names! Have you decided yet, or will you wait to see his little face?

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 10:08:50

kissy glad to hear you are feeling a bit better. It's hard enough being pregnant without illness on top.

My heart really goes out to anyone with spd or pgp pains. Just so awful for you girls.

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 10:14:58

A tiny rhino.... grin

I'm currently dancing while lay flat on my back to 'We love to boogie'!

Billy Elliot, eat your heart out!

WaitingForMe Tue 23-Oct-12 10:16:40

Congrats to YW!

We had a bit of drama last night. I suddenly couldn't catch my breath. I practised my hypnobirthing breathing and my body was relaxed but I just couldn't seem to breathe properly. So off we went to triage. Normal blood pressure, oxygen getting around my body ok, baby's heartbeat fine, everything fine in my chest and haemoglobin test results just confirmed they are fine. He shifted after we'd been there a few hours and my breathing got easier so I think he just shifted upwards and rather than gradually having less chest space I suddenly had a lot less.

Everyone was lovely but it was a bit embarrassing. I was on the bed perfectly calm saying it felt like I was having a panic attack or similar aside from the fact I felt quite relaxed. They sent me home with strict instructions to go straight back if it got harder to breathe again.

I'm 37 weeks on Thursday and will be doing everything I can to bring labour on. When the midwife measured me I was down to 34cm (from 36cm last Wednesday) and it feels he's determined to grow/move into me rather than give me a bigger bump and there just isn't space.

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 10:16:54

Bed dancing? My favorite is car dancing smile

georgee Tue 23-Oct-12 10:19:17

So delighted for YW, will be waiting on tenterhooks now for all the details! Very exciting indeed.

Hope blonder is getting on OK.

Very exciting for you VQ, hope you feel all prepared.

This morning it struck me that it still might be 6+ weeks before my baby is here. 6 weeks today I'll see the consultant and we'll decide whether it's an ELCS or if not how long to leave it. The latest they'll let me go is 7 Dec. That feels like a long, long, long time!

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 10:23:34

Car dancing is a regular occurrence in my life... head banging goes down a treat at traffic lights. Think Waynes World grin

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 10:25:29

No names decided yet, but I think he will be a Grayson.

It is great having a date to work to. I have to be at the hospital for 8.30 and it is some distance away, so my mum is taking DD2 to nursery, we are dropping DD1 around to a friends house at 7.45, and she will go to school with them, and my dad is taking us to the hospital. It is good being able to have all that set up in advance, plus the biggest bonus is I get to have baby at 39 weeks! So very old, they would not let me go over dates, and due to previous section they would not induce me, plus my ability to make huge babies, it all makes sense to have an elective. A big part of me is still sad I am not having a 'natural' birth, but all that really matters is baby and mummy are safe. I am having my tubes tied too (thank God!) so may be more sore than last time, but I hope to be discharged home on Saturday. They try to do all the electives before lunch, but obviously if there is an emergency, I may be bumped. I have my ranitidine to have the night before, and on the morning too. Nil by mouth from midnight. Not sure much sleep will be had. Catheter for 24 hours, which I am strangely looking forward to as I will not have to get up to the loo each hour. I am looking for ward to 48 hours of peace with my boy before the chaos of home! I am feeling much more confident about feeding too this time.

georgee Tue 23-Oct-12 10:27:44

Oh MM forgot to say, I'd be furious if I were you. Not sure about how you can take the most effective revenge (I'm terrible at these things and just burst into tears, not cool at all). He does need to grow up a bit. Maybe hearing others' horrified reactions will make him realise how stupid he's been - tell everyone you know and they can do the work!

Glad your panic wasn't anything big in the end Waiting. I'd have hated that, poor you!

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 10:28:02

detective none of what you say suprises me, and I was already thinking Wayne's world! You have the hair, kinda grin

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 10:29:51

DS has the long hair too... as does DP. We make a good car full of head bangers. Wonder if the baby will join in grin

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 10:32:38

waiting the breathing thing must have been frightening! I have had that on occasions and for me it definately is position of baby.

I am really looking forward to the jelly belly feeling, when it is all wibbly wobbly and not your own, and not stretched to hurting point.

I braved the scales. Have put on 1/2 stone so happy with that. I will weigh less when baby is born! My bump is vast. I have decided not to measure that!

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 10:34:42

Georgee I used to be good at the revenge thing in fact I was a fiery mental case in a past life but now I just crumble and cry too. My mum and dad are really peed off with him so I'm certain they'll be having a chat if/when he returns. His folks are coming over from norn iron at the weekend and although his dad will just encourage him, his mum will be furious. He listens to her. FC he'll be working right up until I pop now so this is the last time he can be a selfish, reckless muppet. It annoys me so much because he never used to be like this, it really has just been the past month or so he's reverted to behaving like a teenager! I do hope - as some of you lovely ladies have suggested - he's just getting it out of his system...

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 10:36:00

I get times of breathlessness too Waiting caused by baby pushing upwards, and also if I am lay on my back, even propped up, the BH's make me breathless!

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 10:36:23

waiting its good you got checked out, its best to be safe and not sorry. Sounds kinda scary really!

WaitingForMe Tue 23-Oct-12 10:37:10

What concerns me is that his head was in the right place throughout. Just how big is this child? confused

(DH insists it's because I have a short body and am now growing an 11 pounder)

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 10:37:31

I've had a few scary breathing moments too waiting - I found standing/sitting up helped as it was always when Id been lying down they happened. I'm also finding myself breathless just walking up the stairs, and also after eating!

WaitingForMe Tue 23-Oct-12 10:37:39

NOT not now!

Iheartpasties Tue 23-Oct-12 10:39:48

Maybe your baby has long legs waiting?!

georgee Tue 23-Oct-12 10:41:07

MM I'm sure he's just getting this out of his system, particularly if others have been doing the usual 'Ooh your life will change beyond recognition, you'll never ever be able to go out, have fun, read the Sunday papers'. hmm My BIL did this to us and took great pleasure in it. It was nowhere as bad as he made out.

Once he sees that baby it will all fall into place and he'll do anything for it. So don't worry. x

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 10:42:10

Often the only reason I know I am having a BH is when I go breathless/lightheaded! I then put a hand on my tum, and its rock hard! The only time in my life I can claim to have rock hard abs haha!!

Mine likes a good stretch upwards sometimes! My bump goes high, then low... little monkey!

WaitingForMe Tue 23-Oct-12 10:45:26

Yes lets go with long legs Iheartpasties grin

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 10:46:50

I know mine has long limbs! Seen them on scan! And his father has exceptionally long limbs!

DP was referred to paeds when a kid, as his bones were growing faster than his skin!

Well I had a crap nights sleep. Didn't drop off properly til 2am then when DH went to work at 6:30 I took over the whole bed but my hips/pelvis were killing me so I couldn't even get comfy how I wanted.

Exciting news about babywellies Can't wait to hear more. And good luck Blonder.

I'll definitely still be here in November, i'm not full term (37 weeks) until next Friday. I also have my WC jab today so it needs to stay in two weeks at least.

I was going to clear out some of the kitchen cupboard but my hips are still achey, i'll see how they feel after the walk to the doctors.

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 11:00:33

I can't leave long enough between eating to allow me to take my antibiotics grin

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 11:04:52

Ok, I have £45 in my bank today. It is mine to spend as I want, I have the afternoon to treat myself.

What do I do! Help! I don't want beauty treatments/hair done. Can't get a massage today, maybe could get one in the next few days, but I want to treat myself today!

I'm scratching my head wondering what to do! Any ideas?!

SwissArmyWife Tue 23-Oct-12 11:52:45

detective I'd probably spend it all in boots on soap and glory stuff an addiction of mine or new make up grin

Aw yay for YW, this should have been an October thread! How many babies have arrived now?!

Still no sign of my little sproglet coming, although the pressure from his head is extremely uncomfortable, and I can completely sympathise with tits and izzy as my spd is awful too, I can't even walk to the toilet without feeling like my pelvis is going to crumble away sad

Midwife appointment today and although it's only a fifteen minute walk I'm going to get a taxi. Because I can.

MM you are not the only one with DP troubles.
Last night mine went from being lovely to very angry in the space of about ten minutes for no reason, and decided to blame me for his foul mood. Suffice to say he won't be doing it again because I had a huge go at him and told him there was no way I was going to take any more shit, especially while so heavily pregnant so he could either apologise and sort himself out of F off. I went to bed and he crawled in later nearly in tears and very apologetic.
There's no way I'm standing for any of that crap again!
Turns out he did an online test for anger issues which I've been telling him for ages that he has, and needs to sort it out and he has decided he needs to talk to someone. I guess being called a selfish bastard and not being allowed to get stroppy for fear of his own life did something. grin

Just been for my Whooping Cough and she gave me the flu jab as well. Apparently they have a few spares in to use for people who need them before the full batch come in in November. So at least I don't have to wait until 38 weeks for my flu jab. She did tell me not to tell everyone they'd got some spares though shockgrin

Does that mean both my arms will ache now then? Maybe I should put off ironing so I don't aggrevate it.

Swiss DH and I share your love for Soap and Glory. I love the big gift set that they have at boots, they always reduce it from £60 to £25 the week before Christmas. Think the contents are worth over £60

ShellyBobbs Tue 23-Oct-12 12:13:53

Achey, achey, achey today. Am now ready to have this little one.

Congratulations YW and how lovely that your sister has kept us updated, well done you grin

Congrats to YW I can't wait to hear all the details. Is there a list somewhere of the babies that have been born and how many still to go?

I'll definitely still be here in November. 37 weeks Friday and not even a hint of anything happening sad Hurry up baby boy!

swiss My SPD is getting worse too. Last night was so painful. I tried to turn in the night and was in agony. My hips wouldn't move, like they were locked and the more I tried the more it hurt.

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 12:29:17

Do anybody else's hips audibly 'crunch' when they roll over in the middle of night?

Finally got through to him on the phone. He answered with 'I'm in trouble, aren't I?' Yes dearest you bloody are! Apparently he's 7 miles off mull. Reckons if I needed him he could be there within 3 hours. a) I might not have 3 hours if anything did happen, and b) I'm guessing that's 3 hours from when I managed to get hold of him? In which case it would be more than 24 hours if the last day has been anything to go by! I told him he's now the last person I'd phone if I needed anything and he can walk home from Oban or wherever it is he's coming ashore for all I care. I may or may not be at home... He knows he's messed up big time now!

Passmethecrisps Tue 23-Oct-12 12:32:21

Hallo. detective I would maybe go to Lush and get some nice things.

Operation rings off has been postponed indefinitely. There is no way either of them are coming off. At the moment they are not impacting on blood supply so I am just going to keep my toes crossed that my fingers don't swell anymore.

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 12:32:22

Swiss men sometimes need us to throw a strop to see they're being complete arseholes. Mine is too far away for the teary grovelling atm but I don't doubt it will happen. <must not cry or let angry guard down for at least a day>

WaitingForMe Tue 23-Oct-12 12:43:51

On the basis of the ring operations, mine came off last night. It feels really weird sad

My utterly amazing DH is partly down to a very good anger management counsellor Swiss and him committing to it. We had a horrendous time in my first trimester as I lost the ability to let a fair amount ride and was far more stroppy myself. Him wanting to sort it out is the first major hurdle covered.

SwissArmyWife Tue 23-Oct-12 13:08:05

After posting, he actually walked through the door after going to the doctors, he has an appointment to see a psychologist shock seems me actually standing up for myself scared him into serious action.

MM definitely do not let your angry guard down! I have always been a bit of a doormat but at the moment I am so fueled by hormones that I'm not taking any crap from anyone! Plus they just can't do it to us, especially at this stage in pregnancy. Being three hours away is just not a sensible idea, you need him nearby, can he not see that?!

FatimaI love the soap and glory sales before Xmas!

Oh and yes, I do get the audible crunching of the pelvis when rolling over in bed. It is agony sad
I really hope the midwife tells me that baby's head is engaged today. If not I will cry!

Sophiathesnowfairy Tue 23-Oct-12 13:27:35

I have dropped soup on my bump. Do I have to change my top or can I slob around with a soup stain.

MM is good you will get some support from his mum. I would be cross too and I think it is naughty you don't know where he actually is. I would be worried sick.

I actually tried to encourage DH to go out for a night on the beer on Thursday as he was offered a jolly night away with work and he would rather stay at home!shock

fatima I definately think that you shouldn't do ironing after having both jabs.

detective I would probably go for perfume now I have a perfume craving all because of dixie! Or i would go out to lunch all by myself and then go to the cinema.

Have to say reflexology was fab. Am v relaxed.

vq good luck good luck good luck. I hope you are having a nice day today.


I feel like baby has turned back to back confused I can feel very strong jabby movements coming out my belly at all angles!

Sophiathesnowfairy Tue 23-Oct-12 13:28:54

swiss hope you get the fit answers at the midwife.

Chunkychicken Tue 23-Oct-12 13:33:36

Congrats YW can't wait to hear the details, esp as we had the same EDD!! smile

Have whopping cough jab booked for Friday now. Will be 36+4.

MW appt this morning & baby is 4/5 palpable, so head definitely starting to engage/bump dropped as I thought. However, ROA so will be mainly scrubbing the floor on my hands & knees to get it to shift to LOA grin. Trying not to get my hopes up too much about head engaging, as I know #2+ can drop in & out a lot, but DD's head didn't engage until late - she was 4/5 precisely a wk before I went into labour, which I think is a bit more unusual for #1, so I do wonder whether its imminent... Prob keep me waiting for another 5wks now.

Homebirth planned, pack & visit to happen ASAP smile Not bothering with the pool, as I may not even have time for it if DD's birth anything to go by. Just hope baby waits until after the pack delivered/next Monday, otherwise hospital/MLU will be expected I guess.

Only issue is my MW is now on hols until a day after I'm due. I know it can't be helped, but that's kinda one of the perks about homebirth, to know your MW/community team etc and see the same MW before, during & after. However, there is every chance baby will be late, so who knows??

Given my jab due on Fri, I'd better hope baby waits until a fortnight on Fri!!!

Chunkychicken Tue 23-Oct-12 13:35:22

Sorry, epic 'me me me' post.blush

Meant to say MM think some men just need to get being a kid out of their system before being fab Dads but YANBU and you should def leave him to stew grin

My TENs machine has arrived - Excited grin Think i'll try it out on DH tonight.

Just got a bit emotional watching last nights Emmerdale, bloody hormones.

And bump has just had hiccups for the second time today so far. Is there a link between hiccups and being collicky/windy? Hope not

Elizadoesdolittle Tue 23-Oct-12 13:53:13

Yay big congrats yellowwellies look forward to hearing all the details.

fatima my DD had hiccups all the time when she was born and she wasn't in the slightest bit colicky. This one also seems to get hiccups a lot too. Makes me smile to think they are tucked up hiccuping away.

Cacacaz Tue 23-Oct-12 13:53:34

I can't keep up with you all, grin these threads move way too fast for me.

So nice to hear about all the new arrivals, massive congratulations to you all. I'm posting from my phone so can't name check everyone it has absolutely nothing to do with my inability to remember anything right now

MM your dh has been really selfish and he obviously realises that now angry but hindsight is a wonderful thing. I would definitely not be there when he arrives home. My hips/pelvis also make a crunching noise as I turn over in bed. I had a physio appointment yesterday at 38+1, 12 weeks after my midwife referred me there wasn't much she could do given that we are so close to babies due date.

Detective I would treat myself to a lovely cake, nice bath things or some perfume.

Sophia I have booked an appointment for reflexology on Thursday, I love it, I'm hoping in may get things moving along <I hope you are listening baby>

I'm not feeling great today, can't put my finger on anything particular, I'm hoping to feel a bit more human soon as dh and I are meant to be going to the cinema this evening.

Oh forgot to ask earlier. This is going to be way TMI so feel free to gloss over it but I went for a wee earlier and I have to lean to one side to make sure I get it all out hmm so I looked in the loo and a blob of what I assume was discharge actually fell out! Also when I wiped there was alo on the tissue.
That's normal right? Don't know if it was a bit of a show or poss nothing exciting at all!

<36 weeks and looking for signs already!>

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 14:25:38

DH the discharge will increase and it could be a bit of a show. Was there blood?

Nope no blood. I said it prob wasn't v exciting just took me surprise how it literally just fell into the loo grin <simple things>

georgee Tue 23-Oct-12 14:33:07

Y'know DH, for the last few weeks if I have a poo there's invariably about three or four big splats of discharge that come out as well. Quite impressive. It's hard to believe it's all up there lurking but it does come out under those circumstances. I'd say your experience is similar (particularly if you've moved in an unorthodox way).

horseylady Tue 23-Oct-12 14:43:15

Yeah lots of discharge too dh!!!! Well not all the time? But most of the time. Seeing the mw tomorrow though!!

Hoping shell book me in for a sweep next week!!

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 14:47:01

Such glamour!

Chunkychicken Tue 23-Oct-12 14:56:23

Curiosity getting better of me - why did the MW just do a couple of dashes instead of writing fundal height today do you think? Is it because head is starting to engage, so any measurement is going to be out? Or because I measured 36 at 36wks?

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 14:58:55

= is equal to dates! So 36 for 36!

Chunkychicken Tue 23-Oct-12 14:59:03

And DH how loverly!!!grin

I don't remember having to wear panty liners every day with DD, but this time, if I forget, I feel like I've got a swamp in my pants within minutes blush Plus, having dark red bathroom towels at the mo means I'm constantly double checking the apparently 'blood tinged' leavings. Oh so glam!!!

Dixiebell Tue 23-Oct-12 14:59:06

sophia, glad I'm stimulating perfume cravings! I realised that after DS was born I wore none at all for a long time (or jewellery, or makeup!!), but not gonna let that stop me. Can keep it for when baby's bigger.

Had call from childminder saying DS a bit lethargic with slight temp. I think he does have hand foot & mouth but seemed fine in himself this morning. I told her to give calpol. As it's my penultimate week at work, don't want to end up having to stay home with him if avoidable!! And h,f&m is v mild apparently. Didn't want to mention it to her in case she says he has to go home!!!

Currently waiting in docs for second time today (MW this time...)

Chunkychicken Tue 23-Oct-12 14:59:52

Thank you detective. Baby has obviously had a growth spurt smile

I know chunky so glam!

Is 4 pairs of big knickers and 10 mat pads enough for hosp bag? I can't even remember what I took when ds was born.

Sophiathesnowfairy Tue 23-Oct-12 15:10:06

Well, on the TMI bandwagon, I had loads of discharge with the first three but not so bad with with this one.

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 15:23:10

Lots of discharge here too. Nice. Convinced myself it was my waters leaking but it's not.

Junior head down. Not engaged but headed in the right direction. And my stomach muscles have torn badly already. Feck...

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 15:26:47

DH so long as someone can fetch more pads if needed. I am taking 20 but I will deffo be in two days.

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 15:28:17

MM can you feel a gap between your muscles then? I cannot, but mine are very slack.

MissMummy1 Tue 23-Oct-12 15:30:32

I hadnt noticed but my mw pointed it out, and now I can see a very obvious big dip between them when i try to stand up. Fab...

DH I've got 20 in my labour bag and 10 in my bag that's staying in the car. But I think I might swap it round and put 10 in the labour bag and send DH out if I need more.
Think I need to buy some more maternity pads, I only have 35 in total and I'm packing 30 of them. Could always call at boots on my way home though.

ShellyBobbs Tue 23-Oct-12 16:16:36

Well I was feeling very sorry for myself earlier but decided to snap myself out of it. I've mowed both lawns, swept up 8 years worth of dead leaves (no joke [blush), done the shopping, picked kids up from school, washed, dried and put away 2 washes, cleaned kitchen, cleaned fridge and got tea on. I'm extremely knackered but am going to sloth about in the bath when hubby gets home and I feel like I've done something instead of being the usual lazy bitch!

When I went for a wee in the night, I was that stiff, I actually looked like a disabled monkey walking to the toilet! Anyone else getting stiffer and stiffer over a rapidly shorter space of time?

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 16:20:06

shelly oh yes. It has come on so sudden. I think I might have a chest infection too. I hope they would still do a section if I have a chest infection.

ShellyBobbs Tue 23-Oct-12 16:24:31

Oh no! I'll keep my fingers crossed that they do!

Sophiathesnowfairy Tue 23-Oct-12 16:29:03

Shelley YES I too monkey to the toilet in the wee hours of the morning and just hope DH is really asleep and not just pretending and secretly laughing at me.

Oh Fatima <rushes of to put more towels in bag>

Anyone else using the natal hypnotherapy cd? Every time I use it,it knocks me out and then I wake up not being able to shift the groggy feeling.

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 16:29:16

I don't know if it is, and do not feel ill enough to see a doctor. It may just be a cold combined with no room to breathe, but that is how they happen.

ShellyBobbs Tue 23-Oct-12 16:38:05

Just rest then Valium, I know it's hard though with other little nippers. Do they check for infections on the day? I'd keep quiet........

Sophia I could only imagine what I looked like! I had to move as fast as possible but was that stiff I could only lumber from side to side and I had to sort of put my arms up in the air to counter all the rocking. It must have looked hilarious and I did even have a chuckle as I emptied out the tea-spoonful of wee that made me do it.

Lane81 Tue 23-Oct-12 16:40:45

I'm using the natal hypnotherapy cd sophia it does make me very relaxed, but not that relaxed! you must be very susceptible to it - which is a good thing given what it is intended for!

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Tue 23-Oct-12 16:41:24

I'm just back from clinic. BP was up so had to go to daycare for monitoring. Babys heartrate was elevated again. Had scan to check babys wellbeing. Head down, lots of hair!, placenta and cord blood flow all good. Estimated at 3kg. I slipped this morning and my legs separated...OUCH! So I'm in excruciating pain now even on the painkillers. Seen a different consultant who asked if I wanted admitted but I've said no for now. I have to go to daycare next tues for monitoring again prior to seeing my own consultant. She has said they will do a VE to check cervix with a view to induction as I will be 37+6 then. Hoping that my own consultant agrees as he is old school and refused to discuss it last appointment. His registrar who I'd seen today said he needed consultants go ahead for induction prior to due date but he felt I should be due to the pain. Nice consultant today agreed she would induce me next week but obviously I'm not her patient so have to see my own.

tits I didn't have spd last time I was induced due to rasied BP and protein in urine.

ShellyBobbs Tue 23-Oct-12 16:48:04

Izzy fingers crossed for you too smile

kissyfur Tue 23-Oct-12 16:55:55

Fingers crossed for you izzy and VQ I hope you don't have a chest infection, are you coughing a lot? My consultant was concerned about coughing after having a c section. Really hope it's just baby squashing your lungs!

Chunkychicken Tue 23-Oct-12 16:59:27

Hope for your sake they do induce Izzy, fingers crossed for next week then!!

Passmethecrisps Tue 23-Oct-12 17:02:44

My goodness I feel better after a snooze. I woke up this morning still completely exhausted. Ringgate did not help my mood neither did discovering that randomly our email provider had upgraded us without us asking and left nothing working. I followed the instructions and nothing would work. Error messages a go go. DH managed to get his sorted on his iPad within seconds but mine took a loooooooong time to fix. I am sure he thought it was me just being tired and emotional. Maybe it was. Done now though.

Ended up curled up on the sofa for about an hour and a half. Just woken up and am now drinking tea and eating chocolate biscuits.

Yoga in 30 mins. That should wake me up.

Sophiathesnowfairy Tue 23-Oct-12 17:10:54

I hope it isn't a chest infection vq, <rushes round with chilli chicken noodle broth that blasts away even the worst of man>

Need to summon some energy from somewhere to pick up DS from nursery. Let's just hope DH decides to go to the gym tonight so he will do his own dinner.

The trouble is Lane when it comes to it do you think I will remember what to do or should I just play the cd do you think?

My WC jab arm is starting to ache sad Flu jab arm is fine though confused

I've also got a big graze on my knee as I bashed it on the corner of a drawer trying some big knickers on

Sophiathesnowfairy Tue 23-Oct-12 17:12:09

That was meant to say man flu vq not just man, if it was just man then perhaps I should fling the recipe * mm*s waywink

Sophiathesnowfairy Tue 23-Oct-12 17:13:31

grin at Fatima I can picture it now! Ok so maybe not, but I can picture myself doing it!

How do I lean over a birthing ball without squashing my boobies? They hurt and they're in the way. Bloody massive thwaps

SwissArmyWife Tue 23-Oct-12 17:22:23

Midwife has confirmed baby's head is engaged, and I don't think he'll be moving as he has been engaged for nearly two weeks now, going by the pain I'm in. Hope he comes soon!

That's good swiss this one has been head waaaay down for weeks now, def since the 32 week scan.

Good luck izzy hope you get the induction.

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 17:43:39

sophia thank you for the soup. I have sent some to MM wink

izzy ouch to the legs separating! Fingers crossed they will induce.

I don't really know how I feel. I will see what tonight brings and if necessary see my GP. They would sound my chest before the spinal, but it is probably better to know sooner rather than later if it is going to be delayed. Thing is, if my waters went or I went into labour they would not hesitate, but obviously that is different. I am coughing a bit.

Sophiathesnowfairy Tue 23-Oct-12 18:10:54

Fatimapop a cushion on top of it much more comfy.

Nice one swiss.

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 19:29:32

I have a sodding cold. I knew it. Got that achy throat feeling last night, today my nose is streaming and I'm sneezing. Seems we are all feeling crap today then! At least I am not alone. I fear I may need double pads on if I keep sneezing at this rate though... blush

I was getting very stiff, and getting up in the night/morning was getting harder and harder, but the last week or so has bought some improvement in the achy body department!

Baby was quieter than usual all day, but still moving. Just nice movements, as opposed to its usual beat the hell out of me ones. Of course as soon as I started driving, it started with the fanny daggers and shoving all limbs out in every direction hmm

I am no longer worried....

My car on the other hand is making a terrible racket. I am not happy. I bloody knew something would go wrong when I need it to least...

kirrinIsland Tue 23-Oct-12 19:37:54

Congratulations YW grin

I get very stiff and sore, especially at night and if I've been sitting for a while.

I feel very different today but I can't put my finger on quite how? My pelvic pain has reached new levels and my bump feels strangely heavy but looks the same so I don't think baby's engaged or anything. Weird!
I had a bit of milk leakage this morning. Never had that with DD so was a bit excited!

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Tue 23-Oct-12 19:38:34

Thanks everyone. I will keep you all updated. I'm gutted Im not under the female consultant because she said herself she would induce me no problem?, it's the bloody evil male old school one that I have to convince tho!

Still in agony but hoping it settles down back to my usual SPD pain over next few days. DH off tomorrow which is good and he has arranged his mum to pick up DD and take her to nursery then pick her up again at finish time and just bring her home around 6 on thurs so I don't even have to leave house. He's been a star.

Hoping he can get time from work to come to next weeks appt at daycare and then induction discussion as I feel a united front would help!

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 19:40:51

Just change consultants Izzy smile Just refuse to see your regular one, and ask to be transferred to the care of the other cons.

BTW, keep an eye on the post grin

Thechick Tue 23-Oct-12 19:47:50

We are coming home from the scbu. So excited!!

Izzybuzzybuzzybees Tue 23-Oct-12 19:51:51

Ooh I'm excited detective

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 19:53:08

I didn't know your real name though blush

Tonight Chick? Woohoo!! Enjoy!!

Yay chick great news!

ditsygem Tue 23-Oct-12 20:07:48

Izzy great news on the induction, lets hope they do agree to it for your sake. I suffered terribly from SPD for around 5 weeks from 28 to 33 weeks, it was hell and i went down hill rapidly and was on crutches. However I was lucky that for me manipulation with a good physio did me the world of good and I am no longer on crutches. I really thought I was in it for the long haul, so I have upmost respect for you ladies who have managed with it for the duration.

On a different note, I had a phone call from my dr's saying that my HB levels at my 36 weeks bloods had come back a bit low so I needed iron tablets for 4 weeks and then they would retake my bloods. I had to point out that I was actually due to give birth in 2 and a half weeks at a MLU so needed to know before then if it improved. They didn't seem to know I was pregnant despite that being the reason I had the bloods! anyway in a panic I called the MLU and the assistant there looked at the results and said it was 11.2 so she didn't know what my doctor was talking about as the midwives do not class that as low! I am calling back in the morning to talk to my midwife to make sure- but gosh I hope that's right - I was so panicked that at this late stage I was going to be told I had to go to the consultant unit instead of my nice local Midwife led unit.

ditsygem Tue 23-Oct-12 20:08:30

Oh chick that is lovely - congrats!

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 20:09:54

It'd be low if not pregnant Ditsy but perfectly normal at this gestation! Cut off for iron in most places is 10.5 when pregnant. Some places will give iron if below 11 at the 28 week bloods.

Ditsy Seeing as your HB isn't that low, could you get some spat one just to top it up over the next couple of weeks? I was put on iron tablets at 31 weeks and took them for 4 weeks but I was fed up of being bunged up so I've changed to spatone. Hoping my next blood test will say levels are ok

kirrinIsland Tue 23-Oct-12 20:23:18

Congrats chick

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 20:24:30

The baby is performing its own internal caesarean. I am quite sure.

These movements are waking me wince more than usual... hmm

ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 20:25:28

chick wonderful news indeed!

izzy wot detective said. She comes in very handy sometimes.

horseylady Tue 23-Oct-12 20:32:12

Detective I was convinced mine was trying to remove my rib cage last night. Bouncing on the ball tonight to make sure he can't perform that trick again!!!!

Izzy - you are well within your rights to change consultants. Hope they sort out an induction for you!!

Chick - wonderful news!!!

TheDetective Tue 23-Oct-12 20:33:25

That's what DP says VQ grin

I just shouted in pain. Jeeeeeeeeez! I don't know what he wants!

Sophiathesnowfairy Tue 23-Oct-12 20:36:01

Minor whine alert.

My dad remarried quite quickly after my mum died 5 years ago and every year I have to battle to see him over Christmas. I alternate between here and Northern Ireland but the evil stepmother HAS to see her children on Christmas day, she has never invited us there and when I try to organise something for over the new year period they always seem to have plans and it's like they are slotting me in as an after thought. I feel like they think, is ok they will see the step sister and brother and then do what they want and they don't even think of me. I always have to raise it to try and organise something, they never raise it with me. Maybe I should stop bothering I only get my feelings hurt. Last year they came to our house on Christmas day, after a battle, and stayed for only about 3 hours as they had to get back to see the step sister and brother.

If I ever mention it they go "oh you know you are hypersensitive". Am I being hypersensitive? I am beginning to think that it has always been my dads way of doing exactly what he wants without thinking of how it might affect me.




ValiumQueen Tue 23-Oct-12 20:54:20

sophia how about just not giving a toss and just have a family Christmas with your own little family? My grandparents always always saw my aunt, uncle and cousins at Christmas, so we gave up asking. Could you make Easter a special time when you see them? Not sure this is the answer you are looking for, but it sounds as if there is a pattern emerging, and maybe it is time to stop letting him hurt you like this.

Sophiathesnowfairy Tue 23-Oct-12 20:56:24

I think you might be right vq. I go through the same thing every year. Is getting is silly now.

YellowWellies Tue 23-Oct-12 21:02:58

Just to let you all know that YellowWellies and I (DH) had our son this morning at 4.27 am by ventouse. YellowWellies was awesome having laboured for 22 hours and did so well (she was absolutely amazing to be frank). In the end she was pretty tired and ventouse was seen as the best option. No long later Jonas appeared and despite being a small 6lb 4oz and 4 weeks early he's doing really well.

If this is posting in the wrong place please accept my apologies. Not used to mumsnet or forums! YellowWelliesDH

Cacacaz Tue 23-Oct-12 21:07:19

Congratulations YellowWellies and DH what a wonderful weight for your little boy grin

horseylady Tue 23-Oct-12 21:07:53

Sophia - hugs. I dont know what to suggest. It's difficult. Xmas always seems worse. I always feel torn between trying to see everyone that we never get to do what we want.