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May 2013 Third Thread.

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SecretCervix Tue 16-Oct-12 09:47:10

Sorry for the not very imaginative title. Noticed old thread was full and couldn't find a new one.

SecretCervix Tue 16-Oct-12 09:48:59

Can someone do stats please, and in response to someone from old thread, think the nerves are worse cause of MC'ing last time. Keep having nightmares of going to the toilet and tissue coming away bloody, and keep imagining they going to scan me and tell me the baby died a few weeks ago, but I haven't bled and haven't really had any nasty pains so I am really assuming and hoping all is okay.

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 10:03:31

LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May - South East London
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Twinklingelephant - DC1 - EDD 4th May.
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
SecretCervix- DC2- EDD 6 May
milkandribena DC1 EDD 7th Math
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
TerracottaPie - DC4 - EDD 8th May
Mwncigirl - DC2 - EDD 9 May - North Wales
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
rachywhite83 DC1 - EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-Age 31-DC3-EDD 10 May South Leicestershire
Beaver33 - DC1 - edd 10 May, South London (but Scottish really)
PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Ellypoo - DC2 - 12th May
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
Wilderumpus -DC2-EDD 17 May
Babygeek -DC1 EDD 17 May Derbyshire
FrenchLimeBlossom age 35 - DC2 -EDD 17 May Cheshire
Frankienoodles- DC1- EDD 18 May
maybeAMaybaby DC2 EDD 19 May
Vickles-DC4-EDD 20 May Gloucestershire
OneDayBaby-DC1-EDD 20 May
Jenpenod - DC1 - EDD 20 May
Hopeful92 - DC1 - EDD 20 May
MelCGox - DC1EDD 21 May
LittleBairn Aged 27 DC1 EDD 21 May central Scotland
RTChoke DC3 EDD 21 May
Peardrop DC1 - EDD 21 May
Ktfrd DC2 EDD 22nd May
PedanticPanda DC2 EDD 22 May
EllieBuffalo - EDD 23rd May
CheerfulYank DC2- EDD 23rd May
MooLL DC2 EDD 23rd May
Cuppateaandagingersnap DC1 EDD 24th May Aberdeenshire
Lollypopscical EDD 24th May
Shelly81 age 31 DC3 EDD 24th May manchester
Bunnychan aged 28 DC1 EDD 24th May West Midlands
Thundercatsarego-DC1 - EDD 28 May
Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Seven77 Age 26 DC3 EDD 30th May Suffolk coast
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

PedanticPanda Tue 16-Oct-12 10:14:40

Oh great, a shiney new thread smile, this is the message I tried to post on the last thread, incase it looks out of place here...

I'm 9 weeks tomorrow littlebairn (i keep thinking your nn is weebairn and have to always go back and double-check) you're a day ahead of me.

MooLL Tue 16-Oct-12 10:19:19

Morning all! I literally could close my eyes sitting at my desk today and fall into a deep sleep - I am exhausted! Following on from previous thread about telling friends I was in that situation a few years ago when all my Best Friends were on their second and I was still having no luck with number 1 after a MC. THey always did it via email for the very reason others have mentioned - it allowed me a little cry and my 'poor me' moment before being truely over the moon for them ... so I would definately advocate that route.

We have to tell my brother and sister in law which will be difficult - they have a DD (7) and have been trying for a number of years for number 2 (including multiple miscarridges) ... i know they will be over the moon that we are expecting number 2 - but I am also a realist and know it will also hurt - hence will break the news on the phone to my brother and let him tell my sister in law ...

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 10:42:28

holds secret's hand. AM JUST the same! Scan later, am dreading it. Actually don't want to go, but Dh really does.

thanks for the stats little! what a big thread we have, no wonder I struggle to remember who said what!

arf someone said their DH would be away for the 12 week scan - can you have a private one at all before he goes so you have both seen it?

I forgot my vits a few times too. I have to take my on a full stomach and some days I graze so am never properly 'full' and think I will take it later... and forget!

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 10:43:27

moo thanks for your input re: tellling people after mc, is helpful smile good luck with your SIL. is so hard isn't it.

SecretCervix Tue 16-Oct-12 10:58:58

My DP isn't able to come either as someone needs to stay at home with DD (16 months) as it says on my hospital letter that most hospitals do not allow children so we playing it safe. Can't ask anyone else as we not saying till after the scan!

Thank you for the hand holding wilderumpus smile

PedanticPanda Tue 16-Oct-12 11:23:41

You should bring her secretcervix, if you get there and the hospital are more relaxed about bringing children then your dh can be at the scan with you, but if they turn out not to allow children then your dh can take her for a walk until you're done.

DS will most probably be in school when we get our scan but we're going to get a private scan later so DS can come too.

Picklep Tue 16-Oct-12 11:36:53

secretcervix I've not had a mc before but am very worried about the 12 week scan and getting bad news. Have had no pains or red bleeding but my symptoms are relatively minor (tender boobs and tiredness) in comparison to the other ladies on here - which I know makes me lucky in one way but terribly anxious on the other. Fingers crossed for us.

Not had a great day today. Previously, I have enjoyed a great relationship (I'd even go so far as to say friendship) with my MIL. Then I got pregnant. This woman is driving me mad, she can fill me with fury with just a couple of words. I am so mad right now that I could fill an entire page of threads with expletives! I know everyone said you will get opinions about your pregnancy but I hadn't expected HER to shove her opinions down our throats. These are her crimes:

1. She is not happy that I am hoping/trying for a homebirth and brings it up as BAD idea all the time. Will not listen to what I am saying and will not even entertain the fact that times have changed and it's actually quite safe. But she knows better because she's had 4 children and I've had none - she pulls this card everytime to end the discussion.

2. She laughed when DH said he'd booked some antenatal classes and said 'Oh, you're not going are you????' , 'your dad never did'....'oh, it's ridiculous, these men getting involved in everything, it's the woman that has to give birth!'. I was so furious I had to leave the room and cry in the loo. I was shaking with rage.

3. She takes every opportunity to tell me she never told anyone until gone 15 weeks and she didn't show until her 3rd trimester and that these women that go on and on about their symptoms, need to just get on, women have been having babies for centuries!

The thing is I can not express enough how shocked I am - it just feels so out of character, we got on so well before, it’s like she is a different woman. I just want nothing to do with her at this point - will she get worse???? I can’t bear it. DH just says to ignore it, she’s old and set in her ways and that I should get used to ignoring opinions - use her as practice and toughen up. He seems to be able to let it wash over him but she’s making my blood boil!

Anyone else having issues with MIL?

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 11:39:59

grin panda wee bairn is fine by me I'm only 5"1.

DH wasn't that bothered about coming until a mate showed him a scan photo he'd saved on his phone. It's really peaked DH interest as well as amazed him that someone would keep the scan photo for years.

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 11:50:10

pickle She sounds like she is a right 'know it all' I would just stop her in her tracks and tell her she has already given her opinion and you don't wish to hear it again. If she doesn't shut up walk out of the room or put the phone down, making it clear your word is final.
From what I've heard on MN it's very common to have MIL and mother problems when your pregnant. It's almost like they become a mixture of jealous and über competitive.

my inlaws live about an 8 hour drive away now so we don't see much of them. My mil is lovely but my FIL angry seems to think he's still in charge of his sons lives and they should run all decisions by him and is often shocked that I a woman shock will stand up to him.
So while we don't have to deal with them daily when we do visit its usually for 2 weeks. God help him if he starts me off on our Christmas visit while I'm 22weeks pregnant...

on the whole I think it's my family that will have issue with how I intend to raise my family lots of "well our way was good enough for you..." Unfortunatly for them Im a right opinionated cow at the best of times. grin

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 11:50:14

little DH was completely nonplussed about babies and children etc until he had DS became the guy that shows everyone pics on his child on his iphone! So funny and lovely.

oh dear pickle! I think you are going to have to be Very Strong! Firstly, have a look at homebirth.org.uk - they have some easy-to-hand stats (or did when I was expecting DS three years ago!) re: HB and I would pull these out calmly whenever MIL went off on one (started crying). It really helped as it showed I wasn't being a twat and had actually made a reasonable decision (by 'calmly' I mean hiding my shaking-with-rage hands under the dinner table!). As goes symptoms and DH etc I think you might have to let it just wash over you and vent on here! It is really difficult, I really, really empathise with you. Everyone has an opinion on what you are doing/how you are coping, even if it just in a teeny, weeny, inky-dinky raised eyebrow. And your hormones make you super protective of your ideas and your family unit so really can take offense and get upset when before being pg you might have just thought 'silly cow'.

sorry it is affecting your relationship with MIL tho. Can you DH just tell her to take it down a notch or two perhaps? MY DH told MIL outright to stop worrying, that everything was different now and we would love questions and even a debate but not negative, one-sided opinions. I thought he was a bit harsh but it did the job!

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 11:52:20

sorry, should have edited that post. I can't type, my brain is mashed!

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 12:03:54

wild oh trust me DH is gonna be the annoying camera dad, he had THOUSANDS of photos of his 3 cats when they were kittens...then I moved in and the cats moved on. blush

Just remembered the last time we visited at Christmas (3 years ago) FIL started an argument with me on midwives and HB at 8am on Christmas morning! Wait till he hears that I'm planning one!

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 12:23:11

hehe! HB wars! I hope I don't make my MIL cry again when I tell her we shall be having another one!

we will be moving house in Jan, is going to be really weird because I will have to look around the houses thinking 'do I want to have my baby here?!' Ah yes, I shall have them in that corner!

beaver33 Tue 16-Oct-12 12:25:56

checking in to shiny new thread...wowzers we can talk, ladies, huh?

little I too have been feeling really guilty about missing multivits, also because of bad MS. The idea of knocking one back made me feel so physically ill - as did eating or drinking anything at all - that I just couldn't handle it. Someone told me that baby needs so little from us at the moment that, assuming we ate well beforehand, it would draw on our reserves. I think that sounds feasible, so don't fret too much.

After taking my anti-nausea pills I feel like a different person. I know a lot of people don't like the idea of taking drugs while pregnant (and I used to agree with them) but I couldn't go on not eating and not drinking and feeling so damn awful. Not good for me or the bub.

Ate an entire plate of pasta with veggie meatballs in a spicy tomato sauce last night - which I even managed to cook without retching!

And I've managed to come back to work. So things are looking up. Love to all of you who're still struggling.


SecretCervix Tue 16-Oct-12 12:26:19

PickleP Tell your MIL to stop being so silly, my DP and his sister were both born at home and this was in 1988 and 1986 respectively, and they are both still here!

That was the eighties as well so imagine it must be 100 times safer these days.

Interestingly enough, it was their dad's fault both times, with his sister, midwife had come earlier in the day and said, no it will be probably tomorrow morning and off she went, MIL woke their dad up in the middle of the night to tell him the baby was coming NOW. No, he says, midwife said not till morning, lo and behold, about an hour later, his sister had arrived.

With DP it was a fast labour and I mean FAST, she started having pains so their dad took his brother and sister to their Nan's. He arrived back hours and hours later pissed, and with a bag of chips, and DP had already arrived.
(She went for a bath, pain intensified, went from 1-10 cm almost straight away, and delivered him in the bath! He was suddenly in a hurry after being just over 2 weeks late!)

10storeylovesong Tue 16-Oct-12 12:29:49

Uh oh pickle sounds like you're going to have to develop a very tough skin and hope it's just a pregnancy, not a child rearing, control thing.

Picklep Tue 16-Oct-12 12:33:25

Thanks ladies. She is a bloody know-it-all Littleb and your FIL sounds very like mine but luckily he keeps his opinions very quiet. I think you are right, I need to be strong, I don't want this relationship to go on like this. Just spoke to my friend who had similar situation and always said that she thought there would be a power-struggle when I got pregnant - that's exactly what it is, she's the matriarch and trying to exert her control, two alpha females. I am just not good at confrontation, but I am going to turn this rage into something useful and start to set firm boundaries and like you say I can simply say that we've heard her opinion we don't need it again. This is my family and I will do things how I see fit - just wasn't prepared for doing battle with her! thought she'd be a breeze.

Thanks wilde, the stats is a great idea. I think that's what really peeved me, she was treating me like I just thought 'hmmmm, homebirth sounds like a right laugh, let's give that a bash!'. She's known me for years, therefore she should know that I would have researched the hell out of this and decided it was the best for me.

I accept that it can make a mum nervous, and my mum was when I told her but listened to me and has come around, no doubt she is still worried but she accepts it's my decision and will support me and to be honest my mum will just worry anyway!

I think if the situation with MIL were to carry on and I wasn't able to get the situation under control then DH would definitely step in and tell his mum to take it down a notch. But I am normally very much in control so I think the shock of her behaviour and my hormones have taken me back a bit.

I envy you Littleb with your inlaws being far away - bliss! Mine are 15 mins drive! Which is even more reason I suppose to get these boundaries in place.

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 12:37:27

wild that's exactly what I did when we looked at this house! I remember noting that the Dining room faced the back garden and was very dark and calming at night and mentally planned that as birthing pool area. Plus that our bathroom would be big enough for me and one other should I want to go for a bath. I even remember looking around the garden thinking 'oh this is nice and private' should I need to pace in labour...

beaver that rings true, I ate well and healthy before pregnacy. I'm a lot less worried now I realise I can get folic acid from my cereal.
So glad your feeling better, definitely sounds like the pills were right for you espically if you couldn't even drink!

secret lol love that the dad thought the midwive could order the babies arrival.

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 12:40:26

pickle trust me you won't envy me a Christmas time stuck in the arse end of nowhere with them for 2 weeks!

Right while the MS is at bay I'm off to scrub this house spotless.

Picklep Tue 16-Oct-12 12:40:27

thanks secret and 10 that is my biggest worry , that this is it now, she'll be offering all sorts of child-rearing advice and I know that she will have lots to say about the my choices in that area- the co-sleeping for a start. This is why I think I have to get boundaries in place now OR move far far away!

Picklep Tue 16-Oct-12 12:44:04

and I said 'advice', it's not, it's her opinions ram-raided into you!

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 12:46:30

so glad you are better beaver. you have to be well so take those tabs!

little is weird (and fun) isn't it. I have always known I couldn't have a baby in this house. rooms too big and bright (!) and every suitable corner for the birthing pool is against the neighbour's wall. not very private. And also it has a weird vibe which put me off. my old house where I had DS was so warm and cosy and comforting, open fire etc. But this house... not so much.

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 12:46:52

go pickle!

Picklep Tue 16-Oct-12 12:55:26

wilde haha go me!! I feel empowered again. Honestly thank god for this place!

Picklep Tue 16-Oct-12 13:03:40

I can only imagine what MIL would say if she found my Hypnobirthing book! red rag to a bull!

Ellypoo Tue 16-Oct-12 13:13:31

Wow - have missed so much - will read back to the start of this thread, but I think it would take far too long to catch up from when I last came on!!

Am 10+2 today, scan a week on Thursday - am getting paranoid that something has gone wrong though.

Still absolutely shattered, but not really any other symptons other than massively bloated!! Refuse to start wearing mat clothes until after scan.

SecretCervix Tue 16-Oct-12 13:18:43

PedanticPanda I was thinking of that but have already arranged to go by myself anyhow now. Mainly because appointment is 10:20am so will have to leave house early (by 8:15am) to get to hospital on time, and DD tends to sleep till anywhere between 8 and 8:30am at the moment so by time she has woken and had breakfast we would be massively late, so its quicker just to head by myself, I know it sounds bad but just one of those things I guess. Realistically it just wouldn't work as much as I would want them both to be there.

PedanticPanda Tue 16-Oct-12 13:23:10

beaver, my doctor also said they don't like to give medicine to pregnant women but if the sickness is really bad then they've got anti-sickness pills they can give if it's really needed. I think in your case it sounded like it was really needed so don't feel guilty or worry about what others say or think. I'm glad you're feeling better now and can eat more smile

This is my last day on the penicillin and I'm feeling much better, although the nausea is still just as bad and gets so much worse if I even get a tiny wiff of some salami, which unfortunately is my sons favourite food and one of the few things he'll eat so I can't ban it from the house.

PedanticPanda Tue 16-Oct-12 13:25:13

secret ah well it sounds like you've got it well planned out anyway. I've still not been contacted by my midwife so have no idea when my scan is.

seven77 Tue 16-Oct-12 13:49:44

pedantic I've also got no scan date yet, I'm so impatient! I've got my booking in tomorrow so hopefully she'll book it ASAP and I'll get the date for it next week.

pickle it's ok DH saying just ignore her but if its upsetting you DH should really have a polite but firm chat with her, better than it ending up as a full blown argument with you. Failing that I'd just tell her you've given all the options careful consideration and you've made your choice based on what you feel is best for YOUR family, you appreciate her concerns but the discussion is now closed.

I'm so tired today, pregnancy tiredness combined with DD having me up at 4:15 is not a good combination.

Good luck to all of those with upcoming scans, I'm with you on the worrying. I wasn't that worried with DS and DD, but after my mc last time I'm worried sick this time, especially as we desperately want a small age gap between DD and the next one.


roastpotatoes Tue 16-Oct-12 15:09:19

Hello, can I join? I am currently 10+2 and have my scan next Tues. This is my first pregnancy and I am finding it all a funny mix of exciting and completely overwhelming. Just had a read through of some of your posts and it seems great to be able to chat with people going through similar experiences.

I picked my name because after two months of feeling really grim and off my food, I suddenly had a craving for a roast dinner on Sunday - headed out and managing a huge plate of food - it was heaven. I'd forgotten what feeling hungry was like. Of course, back to feeling grim again now but it was a welcome respite.

I was born at home in the 70s! It was an active choice by my Mum and she said it was great (much better than her first which was in hospital). I don't have the guts to do it (too scared by the whole thing) but I think it's fantastic if you do.

Anyway - great to have found you!

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 15:12:50

maternity clothes for those that have done it before where, what, how many items/outfits? I'm nowhere near needing them at the moment but I want to get a realistic budget in my head for when the time comes.

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 15:13:48

Hi roast welcome to the thread. smile

seven77 Tue 16-Oct-12 16:18:11

littlebairn budget really depends on what you need to wear for work. For days off though a couple of pairs of jeans, next are good, around £30 a pair. New look are surprisingly good for tops, nice ones from around £8. Maternity jumpers are really expensive, best just to buy baggy style ones one size bigger.

Hi roast

PedanticPanda Tue 16-Oct-12 16:30:50

Littlebairn, I was tiny when I was pregnant with DS and didn't show until much later, I was 18 when pg and couldn't find any maternity clothes stylish enough so just shopped in Primark for clothes the next size or two up.

envy I wish I could say the same this time, 8+6 and I'm already bursting out of my clothes as I'm so bloated! I've been looking online at new looks maternity clothes as they're quite cheap but still nice, am going to get a couple of jeans and some leggings, a couple of maternity clothes and just some cheap longer tops from Primark again as they've got loads of comfy stretchy ones.

Ellypoo Tue 16-Oct-12 17:12:13

Hi roast, welcome to this very fast moving thread!! It is indeed great to be able to chat to others who are at similar stages.

Re Mat clothes: New Look are good for some stuff, a couple of pairs of jeans, some leggings and a few tops/jumpers/tunic dress type things will be my staple wardrobe, with those waterfall cardigans and a pair or 2 of smartish trousers & blouses for work. You may be able to get stuff in the sales, and H&M have quite a nice range too (online, not in many stores), as do Topshop, Next and Matalan at the lower end of price range.

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 17:21:26

I'm a nanny so need nothing smart just durable. Oh and they need to Dow short leg range and I'm fairly well padded already before the bump arrives.

seven good tip on Maternity jumpers will just wear cardies a size up.

I haven't shopped in New Look and H&M (got to fat for the likes of them..)for years but will have a nosey now.
Will try Next too sometimes buy short trousers from them.

So a few pairs of jeans, couple of tops, big cardies amd probably comfy Pjs.
I can see me treating myself to some really nice expensive Pjs but buying the cheapest maternity jeans. grin

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 17:22:18

I have no idea what I'm on about 'Dow short leg trousers...' meant short leg trousers.

roastpotatoes Tue 16-Oct-12 18:06:18

I had a look at Jojo Maman Bebe's maternity range the other day because they were the only maternity shop where I was. I thought it would be really expensive but it wasn't as bad as I thought. Maybe a good option for your PJs! Although I think I'll stick to New Look for most things!

I feel a bit in that in between stage where by the end of the day my tights/trousers are starting to feel a bit tight, but I'm way off needing maternity clothes. I might just buy some maternity tights and then hope to keep wearing my dresses for a few more weeks.

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 18:16:08

Oh thanks roast totally forgot about Jojo, Yes bet they are good for PJs.
I was also thinking of some White Company Pjs bottoms just in a bigger size.

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 18:43:42

hey all. scan was good, I do have a baby in there still and it had a nose and big ol' heartbeat and even wriggled around smile dates all match so all well. Just so delighted this evening.

FWIW my bloat went down LOADS last week! so have been fitting into old clothes better and not in mat as much or having to hide my 'bump'. I look quite normal unless I have a big meal, then I look about 5 months gone! sp those of you around 8 weks feeling bloated still, it may go for a bit smile

re: maternity I have a couple of pairs of jeans and will get tops as I get big enough to fill them, but only a couple as I have long woolly jumpers, like jumper-dresses, I will wear with mat leggings and should still fit into them until after chrimbo I reck. I like new look and h and m stuff. in store is always a bit rubbish though I find (sadly, as maternity shopping is great fun when you have a bumpy) so online is best.

if anyone else is worried about still waiting for a scan date, my nurse today said that I will have my scan booked at my booking-in rather than before. I did not know this! has changed from when I had DS when I had my scan before booking in! So if anyone is waiting, might be the same?


PedanticPanda Tue 16-Oct-12 18:47:19

Thats great wild. I've not had a date for booking in either, I've had no contact at all from any midwife or pregnancy unit, I thought I'd get something by now.

wilderumpus Tue 16-Oct-12 18:52:35

ps I only have maternity stuff in as I had DS! they aren't new for this pg, I am definitely waiting until after the 12 week scan to buy new maternity stuff smile

berri Tue 16-Oct-12 19:28:37

Phew glad I found you all again, had no idea the other thread had filled up so quickly!

Good news wilde smile

My doppler arrived yesterday - and it WORKS! What an amazing relief just to listen to the heartbeat for half an hour grin
It took a little while to find it, but once I did it was very obvious, and very fast!

12 weeks on Thursday and scan is on Saturday so I'm already feeling much much better about it!

Bunnychan Tue 16-Oct-12 20:04:15

My Doppler came today! Too early for a heart beat but found the stormy and whoosh whoosh noises interesting! I find it fascinating already lol x

Kittykatmacbill Tue 16-Oct-12 20:08:23

Hello- may I also join your merry throng?

Can't share any mil/fil tales yet as at 9wks 3days, and pre first scan it seems a little early to tell anyone yet! Which is very hard work as one sixth of the office is pregnant at the moment, so only topic of conversation....

What I was actually wondering was I have my first meeting with my midwife tomorrow and I have been told the meeting will take 2 hours, what on earth are they going to ask me for that long? I feel I need to prepare but not sure if is show and tell or an essay? Any thoughts would be really appreciated!

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 20:15:42

shock Two hours! I have my first midwife appointment on Thu I've been told they usually last around 15 mins.

shelly81 Tue 16-Oct-12 20:36:42

Hi girlies .... Is anyone gettin any aches at the top of ya stomach about 2inch above belly button .. Saw midwife today for booking in appt who said its all fine n don't worry as its probably ligament pain but I don't remember this with other 2 pg and am a little worried even tho she said its fine ..... (Stressed and paranoid & feeling very sorry for myself as iv been poorly) thanks ladies xxxx

10storeylovesong Tue 16-Oct-12 20:43:47

For the love of God! Just one evening meal without throwing up... That's all I ask for! Is that too much?! I'm 12 weeks tomorrow - thought it was supposed to be getting better any time soon?!

LittleBairn Tue 16-Oct-12 20:56:07

10 Im the same evening meals are the worst. Hopefully now your 12 weeks it will gradually go.
I had a bag of sweets tonight instead of dinner, bad idea I'm now crashing after a massive sugar high. I just needed something other than mini chedders, once my MS is gone I'm certain I will never eat another mini ever again!

Hi all.Sorry having a very busy week as im away on work training.Long and boring just want next week to hurry up as we all have the week off together plus scan on Thursday.

Those of you that have bought a doppler which one have you bought and did you purchase gel as well.I think DP would love one.


MaybeAMayBaby Tue 16-Oct-12 21:10:04

Found you all! And already 3 pages long.

I want a Doppler too! Never ha one last time but I think DD (3 next month) would love it. She keeps saying when I'm I'll that she'll take the baby out of my tummy and hold it for a while so I feel better. I bloody love that kid.

Haven't had pains above belly button but have tonight had stretchy pains in groin sad. I guess it's all ligaments.

MaybeAMayBaby Tue 16-Oct-12 21:10:28

9+2. Had to look that up!

rachywhite83 Tue 16-Oct-12 21:23:46

So glad people are getting ligament pain too. Been really feeling it this evening.

I'm also feeling fat today sad DH thinks we are having twins because I'm so fat !!!

Only 2 weeks today till scan (!) thank goodness got a week in Tunisia between now and then to take my mind off things

seven77 Tue 16-Oct-12 21:28:06

Hi kitty.

berri I can't believe the Doppler worked already! Must have been great hearing it so soon, the 16 week MW appointment feels ages away, as does 12 weeks for my scan for that matter.

wilde glad the scan went well.

cuppateaandagingersnap Tue 16-Oct-12 22:11:26

Hi all on new thread smile

beaut you can use ordinary KY jelly or any water based lubricant for the Doppler, much cheaper and exactly the same.

I have my in-laws coming to visit this weekend, don't think I'll get away with not telling them as it will be pretty obvious when I don't have anything to drink and then slink off to bed at 9pm, haven't told my parents yet either and they live pretty far away but close to in-laws, am I a bad person for thinking about telling my in-laws before my own parents, partly want to wait until after 12 week scan and partly want to put off all the advice and newspaper clippings that will inevitably follow telling my mum - she is an avid newspaper and journal reader and frequently sends me envelopes stuffed full of things she thinks will or should interest me - including local (to her) jobs and houses, she means well and it's lovely to know she's thinking about me but can get a bit trying at times. Question is can I trust my MIL not to tell my mum she knew first.......

Sorry- ramble!!

twinklingelephant Tue 16-Oct-12 22:42:31

Wowzers! Just caught up on old thread & already 3 pages here! This is what I tried to post on old thread....
littlebairn I'm right with you on the mini cheddars! I can't get enough of them!
I'm a bit late at joining the topic of telling friends. Even though we've yet to tell our siblings (we'll tell them this weekend when we hit the magic 12!) we told a couple who are our good friends very early on. Partly as drinking oj & lemonade twice in a row instead of cider was a huge giveaway but also cos their son was an ivf baby & theyve been trying for another & have pretty much got to the end of the road, facing that it will probably never happen again. Totally gutting. They are beautiful people and amazing parents to their boy. We were so worried about telling them, of course they've been so happy for us but I'm sure it's also difficult. Great comfort in having their son at all though I spose.
I'm also really hoping my colleague who is exactly one week later than me is doing ok. She's had 2 mc in the past 18 months or so & has been off work so far this week. Would just be terrible if one of us had an mc. Who knows - maybe she is one of you!!!! Fingers crossed she's ok and everything is fine.
12 wk scan a week tomorrow. Sooooo excited!! 11+3 today & counting down the days!!

twinklingelephant Tue 16-Oct-12 22:44:42

Oh, and kittykat I was told 2 hours as well but turned out about 1. Wee sample, blood tests, tons of 'have you ever had...' qs as well as alcohol/drugs etc. weight & height. Then a brief description of what happens next! All very friendly & relaxed. Good luck!!

PedanticPanda Tue 16-Oct-12 22:51:21

How much does the Doppler cost?

berri Wed 17-Oct-12 03:12:07

I got mine from eBay (from a company, not second-hand!) but we are living in the USA at the mo so I'm not sure if eBay uk do them.

The brand is Angelcare and it was $25 including a small tube of gel (around £15 but think they are more expensive in the uk for some reason).

You can get them on Amazon too but I chose eBay as it was super-speedy delivery and I'm so impatient! It says on the packet that it only works from 14-16 weeks so I might just be lucky that I can pick it up. My doc tried around 10 weeks and couldn't...


goldmaple Wed 17-Oct-12 03:33:28

Hi ladies! Sorry I have been MIA for a bit (the whole second thread). I'm so exhausted by the end of the day (actually by about 2pm) that I can't keep up (but I lurk)! I am going to try and catch up now...

rachy I am also very bloated (or can we blame the babies now - how big are they??) my DH waited until I was about 5 months pregnant last time to tell me I looked fat. It seemed like he had been wanting to say it for a long timesad

wilde glad the scan went well!! Apparently seeing the nose is a very good thing. Rules out something... can't remember what though

twinklingelephant and littlebairn I'm with you both on the mini cheddars! keep some beside my bed blush

10storey and everyone else with fatigue and MS. I really hope that it will start to get better soon! After all iMS ends at 12 weeks right?! RIght?!maybeababy your DD sounds adorable!! What a great age too! Sounds like she can't wait to be a big sister.

I don't know if anyone will remember but I had two big red bleeds at 5+5 and 6+3 in this pregnancy. The baby was okay after both, but I have a 'sub chorionic hemorrhage' which is basically a big blood clot in my uterus. Last time I saw the baby he was 21mm long and the clot was 50mm... Baby was fine. The doctor said the problem would be when the placenta implanted. If it tried to implante on the clot instead of the uterus there is nothing they can do and the baby probably wouldn't make it. They said I would know (aka more bleeding) if something went wrong and there has been no blood. Of course this has not gotten rid of my fears. At 8 weeks they thought the uterus looked thicker away from the clot - so they hoped that was the placenta. I have my scan this Monday at 12+3 and now I'm worried about what we'll find.
Reading this thread is reassuring. It seems like quite a few of us have 'bad' feelings about how our scans will go. I guess I am just expecting the worst...
THanks for letting me rantsmile DH is really relaxed about everything, but sometimes I feel like he just doesn't get it?!

Hope everyone gets good news in the next few weeks as scans are happening!

goldmaple Wed 17-Oct-12 03:37:51

Hi ladies! Sorry I have been MIA for a bit (the whole second thread). I'm so exhausted by the end of the day (actually by about 2pm) that I can't keep up (but I lurk)! I am going to try and catch up now...

rachy I am also very bloated (or can we blame the babies now - how big are they??) my DH waited until I was about 5 months pregnant last time to tell me I looked fat. It seemed like he had been wanting to say it for a long timesad

wilde glad the scan went well!! Apparently seeing the nose is a very good thing. Rules out something... can't remember what though

twinklingelephant and littlebairn I'm with you both on the mini cheddars! keep some beside my bed blush

10storey and everyone else with fatigue and MS. I really hope that it will start to get better soon! After all MS ends at 12 weeks right?! RIght?!maybeababy your DD sounds adorable!! What a great age too! Sounds like she can't wait to be a big sister.

I don't know if anyone will remember but I had two big red bleeds at 5+5 and 6+3 in this pregnancy. The baby was okay after both, but I have a 'sub chorionic hemorrhage' which is basically a big blood clot in my uterus. Last time I saw the baby he was 21mm long and the clot was 50mm... Baby was fine. The doctor said the problem would be when the placenta implanted. If it tried to implante on the clot instead of the uterus there is nothing they can do and the baby probably wouldn't make it. They said I would know (aka more bleeding) if something went wrong and there has been no blood. Of course this has not gotten rid of my fears. At 8 weeks they thought the uterus looked thicker away from the clot - so they hoped that was the placenta. I have my scan this Monday at 12+3 and now I'm worried about what we'll find.
Reading this thread is reassuring. It seems like quite a few of us have 'bad' feelings about how our scans will go. I guess I am just expecting the worst...
THanks for letting me rantsmile DH is really relaxed about everything, but sometimes I feel like he just doesn't get it?!

Hope everyone gets good news in the next few weeks as scans are happening!

goldmaple Wed 17-Oct-12 03:39:41

Oopsies... not sure how I posted that twice. Did I mention I'm tired?

Kittykatmacbill Wed 17-Oct-12 07:06:30

Must give this mini cheddar thing a try, I have oscillating between oat cakes and wotsits...mini cheddars might be the perfect middle way! smile

MaybeAMayBaby Wed 17-Oct-12 07:25:02

Great news, Gold. But what a roller coaster you've been on. Sending lots of positive vibe your way for your scan.
Gosh-a lot of you seem to have hit 12 weeks!

mwncigirl Wed 17-Oct-12 08:24:45

Hi everyone, another tired lurker here! I always seem to have things I want to share and write messages in my head, must get round to actually posting them!
We've got a family do at the weekend. We're staying in a hotel in a family room with DH's teenage daughters and our DS (age nearly three). Not got the scan till the week after. How on earth am I going to get away with not drinking, and being knackered after the journey and party? Really don't want to go but have to. It's the MIL's 70th birthday. Help!!!!!

mwncigirl Wed 17-Oct-12 08:30:59

Ps 10+6, I ate a whole trifle last night. Yumgrin

roastpotatoes Wed 17-Oct-12 08:35:14

Morning everyone,

cuppa we had similar dilemmas about whether we should tell the parents at the same time or not. In my case, we had to tell my parents early on (5 wks) because we were going on holiday with them and I couldn't eat anything etc. But in the end we thought we should tell my PIL as well, even though it was really early. People can be so sensitive about that sort of thing and we didn't want to upset them. But they've been great, not telling anyone and not getting too overly excited just yet. I love the idea of your Mum sending you parcels of clippings!

I seem to be having a relapse. I had started feeling a bit better at 10wks but my MS has come back with a vengeance yesterday and today. Urgh.

MooLL Wed 17-Oct-12 09:48:27

Morning ladies - seems we are all going through then 'when do we tell them' dillema. Im 10w at the weekend and parents coming to stay - going to tell them as frankly like a load of you its pretty obvious (currently acting like a zombie im soo exhausted) - at that point we will also let MIL and FIL plus silblings know and DH grandmother who is very ill .... she is 94 and sooo wanting us to have another baby (first thing she says every time we see her) ... given she may die any day we really want her to know we are preggers to make her happy before she goes (Im hoping the news of a new one coming make motivate her to stick around until next year)!

I am stealing myself for this week as its DD 3rd birthday (so need to make birthday cake plus cakes for her nursery), then entertaining parents for 2 days, then just agreed to have all DD godparents around for sunday lunch ... I am going to be exhausted (esp as we are not telling friends until 12 weeks) ...

booboomonster Wed 17-Oct-12 10:48:15

Hello wow new thread already! Yes I am attempting to hold out until scan to tell anyone... though this also includes just not seeing people as I am a blabbermouth face to face!!

Welcome and welcome back to newbies/ oldies! kitty my booking in took about 1 and half hours, and I didn't actually have to wait to be seen. like someone else said, lots of questions about family history, personal history, diet, health issues etc. Urine sample, blood samples, waiting in between both of those... height, weight and blood pressure. It all dragged on...

My nausea seems slightly better today... hoping this is not a bad sign. I'm 10 weeks tomorrow!

Kittykatmacbill Wed 17-Oct-12 11:03:40

Gosh some of you sound like you have had the most awful time, I have a lunchtime quease rather than morning sickness. But my boobs are so big it is restricting my arm movements! And really not fitting many clothes...

Re not telling it is hard work isn't it? We have been really lucky and not seen the PIL since 5 weeks. When I was slept loads, easy to explain had a fairly mammoth week at work. Although I have taken to avoiding my parents, I normally meet up with mum once a fortnight for coffee, so I guess they must notice... If the boobs haven't given it away. Just feels so terribly disingenuous! But only 3 weeks to go!

Re not drinking, claim to be on medication (assuming no pharmacists/doctors are present!), have a headache, feel under the weather or the horrible party trick of accepting a glass and either hold it or put down somewhere.... Good luck.

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Wed 17-Oct-12 13:39:36

New thread already? I was only away for 2 days! Well, when I say away I mean away from MN. Had an ill 9yo to deal with. Thank god the diarrhoea didn't come my way grin.

Another one here not telling family until 12 weeks. I've had a friend that guessed early on and I told my boss last week just so she knew that I was going to be coming back from maternity leave pregnant. I only have just over 3 weeks left. Can't believe it's nearly over sad.

Main reason for not telling family pre 12 weeks this time is that I have done with all the others and my god does it make the pregnancy go on for ever. And ever. If they only have 6 months to wait until baby then we thought maybe it won't drag for us. <is aware there is no logic to this> Last time I was 2 weeks over my due date and it might as well have been 2 months.

<waves> to newbies and the oldies I haven't met yet from first thread smile

Sorry kitty but the boobs so big your arms can't move properly did make me smile grin.

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Wed 17-Oct-12 13:40:18

Oh 11+0 today

Picklep Wed 17-Oct-12 14:04:42

Sooo, midwife came round today and was surprised to hear I hadn't received my scan letter through. She called hospital and it turns out they've lost my form! So midwife is resubmitting a request form today. Ggggrrrrrrr. So for those of you that think you've been waiting a long time, it's worth following up with midwife.

Picklep Wed 17-Oct-12 14:05:13


LittleBairn Wed 17-Oct-12 14:20:46

Oh god I've just sobbed at Love Actually. It's the ending with real families reuniting sob...sob...sob..... blush

I've discovered something yummy M&S Roast beef sub roll with onion Mayo. Mmm and it stayed down too. Double bonus.

I've been having pain around my belly button too but it doesn't feel like ligament pain it's actually fairly sharp like someone is digging me with a hot poker for a second then the pain moves. Its not badly painful just causes discomfort, but enough to wake me twice in the night.


SecretCervix Wed 17-Oct-12 15:00:34

Hi guys, had my dating scan today, heartbeat there, baby wriggling away, was really strange to watch! (Scan with DD was earlier and she didn't do any moving!)

Lady scanning me was lovely and reassuring, and allowed me to listen to the heartbeat as well as confirming three times it was definitly there! She also printed three pics off for me and told me just to pay for the one of them, which was nice of her.

Massively reassured today then and much happier, just need to go back on the 1st for nuchal as I was slightly less along than I thought (10+6) so although baby was in perfect position to get the measurements, he was too small so once again going to have another scan to get those measurements in a couple of weeks smile

wilderumpus Wed 17-Oct-12 15:13:41

congrats secret! how lovely for you!

I haven't had any tummy pain around my tummy button but if I did I would think it was my stomach or bowels rather than baby related at this stage? Dunno tho.

bugger you not on system pickle. being at hosp yesterday was quite an eye opener into how disorganised it all seems to be, actually. Will badger my MW tomorrow to sort my scan out!

glad you have found something you like little.

<waves to everyone> this thread moves so fast I can't keep up grin

Sparklyboots Wed 17-Oct-12 16:01:49

Wow this thread moves quickly! Lovely scan stories, I'm also on the list of feelings-of-dread (don't feel so ms atm - is everything okay? missed my vits more than once or twice - is everything okay? no where near as healthy as I was before first pg - is everything okay? etc).

Can't decide whether to tell at DPs 40th party next week (I'll be 11w on the dot) or wait til the week afterwards when my parents are visiting, so they'll hear first this time. (Last time, DP just told the first person he talked to after finding out and everyone else, so my parents/ family were last to know as we don't live near them). I'm not sure I feel like saving it up for my DM, who knew I was trying over the summer, and said 'Good' when I said I had my period, and that it wasn't a good time for us to have another baby (have since got a job). She also used the opportunity to point out it'd be harder since I was still bf DS1 (21mo) which I think she thinks isn't quite right any more. So I feel a bit reluctant about blessing her with our news, as it were... But maybe I'm just acting out a teenage strop...

Interesting to hear MILs starting to grate; my MIL and I were fine til I got pg first time round - she was also unsupportive of a home birth, which I didn't have in the end b/c I'd just moved in with DP (halfway across the county) and didn't feel like I had enough supportive people around me (DP not too sure about it). Still considering options for this one, as we had a lovely time in the birth centre last time. MIL and I never regained easy relationship, for all sorts of subsequent (petty) reasons...

Really trying to keep up with everyone - roastpotatoes we have the same EDD (13th May - right?). Not having a scan for a couple of weeks, so am on best guess rather than growth scan dates.

Boodstress Wed 17-Oct-12 16:58:02

Hi all,
I've been looking forever and here you are. I am due, I think, May 5th but will be confirmed at first scan on Monday. I have 2 DS already and this was a big surprise but starting to get excited now. I got great support on here last time round.

Bunnychan Wed 17-Oct-12 17:49:39

So pleased to hear the lovely scan stories. Oh my god I've had a symptom relapse today- my boobs are killing, my spots have worsened and lots of achy sensations (TMI- especially down there!) feels like the beginning again! Also, I haven't heard anything from a MW yet- when should I expect to? I'm 8+5 x

SecretCervix Wed 17-Oct-12 18:14:27

LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May - South East London
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Twinklingelephant - DC1 - EDD 4th May.
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
SecretCervix- DC2- EDD 9th May West Midlands
milkandribena DC1 EDD 7th Math
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
TerracottaPie - DC4 - EDD 8th May
Mwncigirl - DC2 - EDD 9 May - North Wales
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
rachywhite83 DC1 - EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-Age 31-DC3-EDD 10 May South Leicestershire
Beaver33 - DC1 - edd 10 May, South London (but Scottish really)
PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Ellypoo - DC2 - 12th May
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
Wilderumpus -DC2-EDD 17 May
Babygeek -DC1 EDD 17 May Derbyshire
FrenchLimeBlossom age 35 - DC2 -EDD 17 May Cheshire
Frankienoodles- DC1- EDD 18 May
maybeAMaybaby DC2 EDD 19 May
Vickles-DC4-EDD 20 May Gloucestershire
OneDayBaby-DC1-EDD 20 May
Jenpenod - DC1 - EDD 20 May
Hopeful92 - DC1 - EDD 20 May
MelCGox - DC1EDD 21 May
LittleBairn Aged 27 DC1 EDD 21 May central Scotland
RTChoke DC3 EDD 21 May
Peardrop DC1 - EDD 21 May
Ktfrd DC2 EDD 22nd May
PedanticPanda DC2 EDD 22 May
EllieBuffalo - EDD 23rd May
CheerfulYank DC2- EDD 23rd May
MooLL DC2 EDD 23rd May
Cuppateaandagingersnap DC1 EDD 24th May Aberdeenshire
Lollypopscical EDD 24th May
Shelly81 age 31 DC3 EDD 24th May manchester
Bunnychan aged 28 DC1 EDD 24th May West Midlands
Thundercatsarego-DC1 - EDD 28 May
Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Seven77 Age 26 DC3 EDD 30th May Suffolk coast
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

Sorry just giving the list an update as I was given an updated EDD today, 3 days later than I had worked out. Also added location smile

Boodstress Wed 17-Oct-12 18:42:32

Hi Secretcervix, here is the list with me on - hope thats ok. I have just caught up with the thread now blush

LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May - South East London
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Twinklingelephant - DC1 - EDD 4th May.
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
Boodstress – DC3 EDD 5th May – Herts
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
SecretCervix- DC2- EDD 9th May West Midlands
milkandribena DC1 EDD 7th Math
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
TerracottaPie - DC4 - EDD 8th May
Mwncigirl - DC2 - EDD 9 May - North Wales
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
rachywhite83 DC1 - EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-Age 31-DC3-EDD 10 May South Leicestershire
Beaver33 - DC1 - edd 10 May, South London (but Scottish really)
PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Ellypoo - DC2 - 12th May
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
Wilderumpus -DC2-EDD 17 May
Babygeek -DC1 EDD 17 May Derbyshire
FrenchLimeBlossom age 35 - DC2 -EDD 17 May Cheshire
Frankienoodles- DC1- EDD 18 May
maybeAMaybaby DC2 EDD 19 May
Vickles-DC4-EDD 20 May Gloucestershire
OneDayBaby-DC1-EDD 20 May
Jenpenod - DC1 - EDD 20 May
Hopeful92 - DC1 - EDD 20 May
MelCGox - DC1EDD 21 May
LittleBairn Aged 27 DC1 EDD 21 May central Scotland
RTChoke DC3 EDD 21 May
Peardrop DC1 - EDD 21 May
Ktfrd DC2 EDD 22nd May
PedanticPanda DC2 EDD 22 May
EllieBuffalo - EDD 23rd May
CheerfulYank DC2- EDD 23rd May
MooLL DC2 EDD 23rd May
Cuppateaandagingersnap DC1 EDD 24th May Aberdeenshire
Lollypopscical EDD 24th May
Shelly81 age 31 DC3 EDD 24th May manchester
Bunnychan aged 28 DC1 EDD 24th May West Midlands
Thundercatsarego-DC1 - EDD 28 May
Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Seven77 Age 26 DC3 EDD 30th May Suffolk coast
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

PedanticPanda Wed 17-Oct-12 18:57:36

Hi all, congrats secret on your news. The only person we've told was dp's uncle as he couldn't work out why else I couldn't get a catscan after my tumour was found, he is a GP and kept asking questions about it thinking my doctor was incompetent for not booking me in straight away! Everyone else will have to wait until after our scan, I've been blaming my tiredness on not being well which has worked so far. I'm dying to tell DS though, I can't wait to tell him he'll be a big brother!

Re being emotional; today I was almost in tears when I took DS to see Madagascar today in the cinema and there was an advert about a cardboard box who had to stay in hospital without his parents.

Vickles Wed 17-Oct-12 19:06:02

Boden has lovely maternity clothes, and they go up to size 22. There's always loads on eBay as well.
I've discovered fine milled oat cakes... They're bloody wonderful for nausea.and they come in handy little packs of five.

PedanticPanda Wed 17-Oct-12 19:06:15

Could someone add me to the list with where I live added, I'm on my phone and it won't let me.

PedanticPanda, DC2 EDD 22 May West Scotland.

Boodstress Wed 17-Oct-12 19:44:12

By the way, not sure if someone has mentioned yet but I have found the solution to my extreme nausea which I had all day and night - it's seabands - designed for travel sickness but also used for 'morning' sickness. If it moves off the pressure point I can feel the nausea return so know they are working. So thrilled to have found them smile

Gosh this moves fast!! Congrats on lovely scan news, great to hear good stories. We have our scan on Saturday and I'm feeling nervous but hopefully will be ok.

Also second (or third) the mini cheddars thing. Nausea has given way to heavier sickness in the last few days, hopefully that's a good sign. Bring on the crisps!

On maternity clothes I recommend Isabella Oliver and Mamas and Papas, plus H&M have good stuff.

Hope everyone stays well!

berri Wed 17-Oct-12 20:23:03

Ooh French my scan is on Saturday too smile

seven77 Wed 17-Oct-12 21:59:14

Welcome to the thread bood, how old are your DS's?

terror hope the 9yo is ok now, glad you avoided the dihorrea!

We told my mum tonight, she was here babysitting. We said we'd wait until after the scan but I absolutely hate keeping things from her. Also it's ideal as MIL is coming round tomorrow, we wouldn't want to tell them many days apart in case they run into each other, and would rather not do it over the phone as they both live relatively close by.

I had my booking in today which all went well. I'm consultant led as my 2 DCs were both pre-term labours, though I was consultant led last time and she was really lovely, so I don't mind. Plus it's extra chances to hear the heartbeat and means I'll get an extra scan around 34 weeks smile.

bunny I think it works differently in some places to others. Where I am after you tell the GP you don't get contacted by a MW, you just make the booking in appointment with the MW at the surgery for between 8-10 weeks, then the MW books the scan. I know in other places though the GP just makes a referral then you get sent the booking and scan appointments. Could be worth ringing your GP surgery to chase it up or check what their procedure is.

Ellypoo Wed 17-Oct-12 22:26:43

Hi all
We have told most of our friends already as well as our immediate families because we know we need their support whatever happens - dd1 died when she was just 2 days old due to reduced movements cos of blood clots in placenta on new years eve last year so we are really scared that something horrid will happen again.
Great news for those who have had their scans - I'm on total countdown to mine next Thurs.

berri Thu 18-Oct-12 02:14:16

Oh Elly how terribly sad sad I just can't imagine going through that. I'm sure everything will be fine for you now. This waiting for the scan is frustratingly slow isn't it. Loads of hand holding here if you need it.

Seven - when were your dc born? DS was early too, my waters broke at 31 weeks and he arrived 3 mins into my 32nd! I did bleed throughout the pregnancy though and so far with this one I haven't had any real bleeding so maybe it'll all be different this time. Did they give you any reasons for the early labours?

SeaSalt1 Thu 18-Oct-12 04:58:11

Hello everyone, just wanted to say a shy hi and join your thread. I'm 8 + 2 and due on May 28th.

Without wanting to kick off on a negative note (I'm generally pretty cheery!) I'd appreciate a bit of support (you ladies seem very good at that, from the posts I have read!). I'm feeling a little sad today as we moved abroad (to the far east) three weeks ago for six months and I'm struggling with the perfect storm of new (extremely demanding) job + new country + pregnancy (my first - complete with morning sickness). I wish I had some friends here - I don't know anyone and am feeling very isolated and missing my Mum and girlfriends.

We move back to the UK in early April, when I'll be about 32 weeks, so will need to find a home and slot into the NHS in time for the birth. So much to think about. We are absolutely delighted to be pregnant, it's wonderful, but had I known I wouldn't have applied to come out here (the wonders of hindsight!)

Anyway, I suppose I am just seeking a bit of reassurance that I'm not alone really. Anyone out there?

Elly - huge congratulations on the pregnancy - and so sad to hear what you went through last year. I have three friends who have had similar experiences recently and know how enormously brave you are. Am here for any hand holding / reassurance required!

seven77 Thu 18-Oct-12 06:23:55

elly how sad, I'm so sorry sad. Really hope everything turns out ok this time for you.

berri not as early as yours. DS was 35+5, DD 35+6. No reason for delivering early, with DS they said it could have been because I had pre-eclampsia, but then I didn't get it with DD. the odd thing is my sister had her DD at 34+6, again no reason, but my mum went full-term with both of us. Hope you manage to go further this time.

seasalt loads of us here for support, you're definitely not alone. Where are you at the moment?

Just checking into the new thread! Not much new to report, time seems to be standing still until the scan (5 days to go...)

Elly, will be keeping fingers crosses for you this pregnancy, that must have been such a traumatic experience for you.

And sea salt, congrats and welcome! I really feel for your situation - you've come to the right place for support.

12+1 today smile

SecretCervix Thu 18-Oct-12 08:15:43

Forgot to bring this up yesterday, but has anyone got experience of vaginal delivery after a previous tear?

I had a third degree tear with my daughter, so obviously needed lots of stitches. As I am having my scans at a different hospital to the one I will be delivering at, but while I was there yesterday asked if I could deliver there as well, was told no, because if I do tear down the same bit as it were, they have not got the facilities (theatre) to sort me out. Have been told as well I can elect to have an episiotomy and worst case scenario I could need a section, (really do not want a section) but have an appointment for when I am 34 weeks to check the situation and sort out my options.

Sorry if this has made no sense to anybody, just wanted to get it out there and get opinions from you lovely ladies.

wilderumpus Thu 18-Oct-12 08:54:36

hey ladies

elly am so sorry to hear about your DD. I can't imagine how hard that must have been for you. We'll be here to see you through this pg smile

seasalt welcome! Oh it must be hard for you, I hate being away from home when I am pg even on holiday when normally I am a big traveller. I hope work isn't take it out of you too much and you are taking full advantage of skype. Have you told anyone yet? what's maternity care like where you are?

secret no knowledge about birth after such a tear, sorry. Sounds like you do know what your options are though. I don't know why you would opt to have an episiotomy before you actually need one though... Can they not be more vigilant than before? Also I heard that you are less likely to tear with subsequent pgs <crosses fingers>

berri and seven I know this isn't anywhere near as early as you guys but I delivered DS at 37+4 and am really worried this one will be a preemie. Subsequent babies are meant to be earlier aren't they? berri that is early indeed, hope everything was ok.

booking-in later. Hope we get our scan date sorted today!

9+4 (have decided to go with scan dates so am put back a couple of days but won't change stats till had 12 week scan)

wilderumpus Thu 18-Oct-12 08:57:08

oh , secret I completely lied (!), my friend had a 3rd degree tear with her first and a 3 day labour, was utterly traumatised afterwards and dreading another birth. Just had her second, 12 hour labour and small, normal tearing. Was a breeze, she said smile

mwncigirl Thu 18-Oct-12 09:35:53

Sorry for a quick angry post. 11 weeks today grin DH is being an arse (excuse my French) he's just said (when I was being excited I'm nearly at 12 weeks) that he's not gonna think about it till scan as he can't tell anyone so what's the point! I said well I might need a bit of support or anything even from him, reassurance that we're nearly there. He said tell me what you want me to say and I'll say it. Thanks DH but don't bother. angry now he's gone off in a mood, it's obviously my fault. Aaarrrggghhhhhh

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 09:38:38

elly I'm so sad to hear off out your percious DD, I an see why you would feel anxious about this pregnancy.

seasalt Gosh that must be difficult. I'm regretting moving too now I'm pregnant but I only moved 50miles and it's closer to my family! But I loved the villiage I was in before and all the groups, support and facilities it has that would benefit a stay at home mum.
At least when your looking for a new home in the UK you can do it in mind of looking for a family home.

secret I've not personal experience from tearing but agree with Wild, I'm not sure I'd agree to an Epistomy unless they were concerns during labour.
I would ask what evidence they have that an Epistomy would prevent it from happening again? Amd also look up to see if doing the Epistomy will cause it to tear again.

I'm quite nervous got my midwife appointment later and I have no idea what to expect. I don't really like medic and medical settings.
Doesn't helps I've been up since 4am thinking about it.

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 09:40:47

mnw I'd be cross about that too. I know men don't always quie get pregnacy and bond with the baby before birth but there is no need to be unsupportive or to dampen your excitement.


mwncigirl Thu 18-Oct-12 10:10:48

Thanks little really really fed up with himsad

beaver33 Thu 18-Oct-12 10:16:40

Hello bood and seasalt and welcome to the thread. Can't believe how much we're filling up now, how lovely.

Hope you can find a support group where you are seasalt. Usually ex-pat communities have good social set-ups (my in-laws used to live/work out in Hong Kong and Singapore). I don't suppose you can inform a manager in your new job of your pregnancy, and get at least some understanding that way? Hope it works out.

Elly my heart goes out to you - how devastating. How wonderful to be pregnant again, though. Take good care.

I am on a train this morning across country for work. There is a businessman sat opposite whose blue shirt is soaked with sweat. All I can smell is his body odour. Can't believe he is non-plussed - it's disgusting! Help! I may have to move...

Boodstress Thu 18-Oct-12 10:23:13

Hi sea salt - that's really tough but the time will fly and you have lots to look forward to.
Hi Seven77, my DSs are 4 & 2.. Ahh scary when I write it down and think of another coming by the time they are 5 & 3 !! I've told various friends around me so I can lean on them for help when I need to go to appointments or too sick to bring kids to school/ per school. Terrified about telling in laws as they are dealing with cancer & will not approve of our situation - another baby in a tiny house! My folks come over from Ireland just after my scan next week so ill tell them then. I'm one of 9 so they don't have a leg to stand on if they think we're crazy grin

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 10:39:10

beaver Yuck! I commute mostly on trains, I swear some mornings I can smell every single persons breath, not enough people brush their teeth!
I would move if I were you.

MS now seems to be happening in the morning too, oh what joy. hmm

IBelieveInPonk Thu 18-Oct-12 11:39:02

Morning all. I have been more of a reader than a poster on this thread, but is lovely to see how everyone getting on. I am afraid I will have to leave you to it, as we have had bad news Fingers crossed for all of you for happy and healthy pregnancies. X p.s could someone pls remove me from the stats whereever they have disappeared to? (I was Ibelieveinpink before smile )

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 11:45:03

I believe I'm so sorry to hear you news.sad I will track down the stats thread and remove you from the list.

Ellypoo Thu 18-Oct-12 13:55:58

Ibelieve, I'm so sorry to hear your news thanks, take care xx

Thanks for the support everyone - I am absolutely terrified that something is going to go wrong again - scan is a week today, and I'm bricking it that it will show a MMC or something.

Seasalt, what a stressful time for you - maybe you will meet some people through your new job, or find an ex-pat community nearby as beaver said.

Hope your appointment goes ok littlebairn, it's mainly just loads and loads of questions and paperwork, and chatting, then a blood pressure check, weight and blood samples, but those bits are really quick.

How is everyone else doing?

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 14:05:56

Well had my appointment, apparently it wasnt my booking in thats going to be in 2 weeks time.
Anyway I learned a few interesting facts I will get both scans, apparently it's very divided in the region most don't do them but this clinic/area does now do them.
That was the good news the bad news is that she was kind enough to give me the heads up ( she's leaving in a few weeks) that 'they' will be very against a HB for a first timer because I'm 'untested' well bring it on I now my rights and am unlikely to back down.
Oddly she was horrified my DH wasn't going to be at the birth made it clear if he was not supportive (he is massively so) of it they would also be against it for that reason too. hmm really a woman needs her husbands permission in this day and age?! angry
Got the impression my BMI is going to be used against me too it's 34.

PedanticPanda Thu 18-Oct-12 14:27:30

Why isn't your dh going to be at the birth littlebairn, if you don't mind me asking?

Picklep Thu 18-Oct-12 14:43:16

littleb 'they will be very against HB!' Gggrrr that annoys me. I understand now why you need a pitbull of a Doula. Stick to your guns! Thankfully my mw is ok about HB and does a lot, I'm just not warming to her very much - trying to keep level-headed about it, she's very competent and I fully trust her to deliver and get me through, which is presumeably the most important thing, just thought she'd be a bit friendlier. Basically I wanted Chummie from Call The Midwife!

IBelieve so sorry to hear your news, do take care x

Secret I had bad tearing with DD as well. I have heard loads of time that it is better the second time, although I don't know how happy I would be with an episiotomy unless absolutely necessary, I have heard a few times that they can actually case worse tearing? But all my second time round friends said the babies popped out with much less trauma!

I have had a few issues around the birth of my DD (tearing just one small part to be honest) and I have already been booked to see a consultant midwife to discuss whether an ELCS will be possible. The fact they have mentioned it to you makes me feel a bit more hopeful I may get one. If you don't want one I am sure they won't force it. I feel really strongly that (within reason and safety) women should be able to choose the birth method they feel most comfortable with and shouldn't be pressured or forced to do it a different way. If this had happened during my first birth perhaps I wouldn't have such a godawful fear of natural labour this time (one of the many mistakes along the way was having in capitals in my birth plan 'NO PETHADINE' only to be offered it when I was left on my own in labour, bleeding heavily and was told it would really help (not really in any state of mind to argue with a professional). it certainly didn't help).

I hope you are listened to as well littlebairn, I don't see why a first time birth should really be any different, surely if there are any major problems they will pick them up beforehand. I know someone who had home births for both her children and they sound like really lovely experiences

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 15:13:41

panda he's very very phobic about birth, it terrifies him. I also think his autism means he worried about the emotional side of birth and having no control of the situation.
We've always had the agreement that he he wouldn't attend the birth, I don't want him to be traumatised and I imagine it would be very stressful having him around. He is very supportive of homebirth and really like the idea of us all being together at home soon after the birth.

pickle I'm looking/emailing doulas right now. Wondering if I should put only pit bulls need reply?! grin
I'd love to have Chummie at my HB!

I realised HB was going to be an issue when I got the figure back that only 1 or 2 happen a year in this community!
Oh and another reason why I should have a hospital birth 'they have two birthing pools at the hospital...' well I only need one and I will have a guaranteed one at home. wink

It's not so much what the midwife though herself, I go the impression that she supported HB ( just not for the first time mother) but they are against it as a whole in the region.

littlepickle I don't get it either, woman can have extremely different birth experience during each pregnacy.

Has anyone else with a BMI over 30 been told they should take a higher dose of folic acid?

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 15:14:39

Forgot to add I did ask why about the folic acid and was told "well cause your bigger..."

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 15:18:48

picklep on the case of not warming to a midwife, I did for a second imagine her leaning over the birth pool shining a torch up my fanjo while I bellowed like a distressed bovine. I didn't really like the idea of her being the midwife that attended, luckly she's moving out the region. TBF I can't really see me wanting anyone there at that moment...

Picklep Thu 18-Oct-12 15:39:55

ibelieve so sorry to hear your news, wishing you lots of luck for bext time.

Ellypoo Thu 18-Oct-12 15:59:59

I have a BMI of 33 (put on 4 stone when pg last time/after the birth & have only lost 1 of them before I got pg again this time), but she didn't say anything about taking a higher dose of folic acid. Apparently you only need to take folic acid for the first 12 weeks, so a lot of the time, by the time you see your MW, you have missed a lot of the crucial time anyway.

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 16:19:47

elly yeah she mentioned only needing to take it for another 3 weeks hence why I think it would be a waste of time espically as no one can give me a reason for it. Without a reason there is little chance of me going and getting the prescription.

wilderumpus Thu 18-Oct-12 17:44:57

littlebairn OMG. Am glad you are being strong; it is absolutely your right to have a HB and WTF about your husband needing to be supportive?! Grrrrr on your behalf! I read that only 2% of all births in the UK are at home! crackers!

I had my booking in and was wonderful. they were really sympathetic about my mc's (rather than dismissive like the clinical peeps have been so far) and just very nice instead of super admin-y and patronising as I thought they might be. were really surprised am going for a hosp birth rather than HB as they are really pro HB up here but I didn't want to tell them I can't bear going to the hospital linked to HBs for my scans etc as that is were I mc'ed. So will stick pretending I want a hospital birth till after 20 weeks then change. You have a right to change your mind about where you want your baby at any time in pg, even in labour! grin

we also got all the vits we will need for the whole pregnancy - I didn't know about this?! Will save us a fortune in pregnacare (and they are smaller wink)

wilderumpus Thu 18-Oct-12 17:45:37

ibelieve am so so sorry to hear your news. thanks x

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 17:56:54

wild sneaky I like it! I can understand your hospital issue oddly if I go for my preferred city hospital then I was told I couldn't have a HB because I'd be outside their 'zone' or some other rubbish.
So I agreed to be seen at local hospital but made it clear if any medical issue present meaning I need a hospital birth I will change over.

She did put 'keen on HB' on top of my notes. She can write what she likes, I'm having a HB the NHS can decide if they want to be there or not either way I'll be staying at home.

The only thing she tried to presurise me about was the vaccinations, which I've decide not to have.

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Thu 18-Oct-12 18:01:59

So sorry to hear your news IBelieve. Hope you're being looked after. Take care x

Sorry to hear your sad news IBelieve, good luck and stay strong.

mwncigirl Thu 18-Oct-12 18:15:13

wild what cuts did they give you? We don't ever seem to get anything here!

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Thu 18-Oct-12 18:24:53

Wild totally understand why you want to get scans out of the way and then transfer. Just make sure that it is definitely possible. I only say that as I found out when I picked my hospital (in event of not being able to do my HB) the MW said she was glad I'd chosen that as it was the only hospital in the area that won't take on new people past a certain number of weeks. Where as all the others will at any time - so I can change my mind easily. I don't know if it's because there is so many to choose from that it happens (ie they know that the others will take those they turn away) or if they are over subscribed but I thought I'd mention it. It's probably the lots of people choose them option (they have patient hotel which I know I would love rather than the awfulness that is a post natal ward!).

LittleB good plan with knowing that in the event of not being able to have HB which hospital you'd prefer to be at. Will that definitely work if you end up over your dates to the point of induction? It shouldn't be a problem and you sound assertive enough to get it sorted if it was grin.

It's crazy just how different each trust does things. Particularly with home births. My area has the community team which is split into 2 teams as it's a large rural area. They are employed by 1 hospital trust and you can go to that hospital for birth if you want but there are 3 other large hospitals plus a MW led unit that are possible too. But even if you go to a different hospital the community team do the HBs. All the hospitals except one let you have your scans at the local hospital (where they don't deliver). And if you have a home birth you have to ring the labour ward of the hospital you might not be with so they can phone the MWs. It all gets very confusing!

Thankfully they are very very supportive of HBs and have lots of experience doing them. Which I think is probably the important part.

I'm not getting my hopes up this time for a HB though. I had an amazing experience at home with DC2 and was devastated when it didn't happen for DC3. I don't want to feel that stressed around the will it/won't it happen and that upset again. It sucked so much. I want to relax and enjoy (?) the last few weeks of my last pregnancy this time.


Oh, hello everyone! And welcome to seasalt

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 19:16:45

terror wow a patient hotel lol I would consider a hospital birth if I though I'd be sent to a hotel afterwards. grin

It's actually quite a complicate system here you chose your birth hospital but you then have a scan at 2 other hospitals, your midwife appointments are at a health centre that isn't your own Drs and then if you need to see a consultant it's at a completely different place in town but not the the birth hospital.
It just seems more complicated than needed.

mwncigirl Thu 18-Oct-12 19:38:48

Cuts? Was supposed to say vits. Silly phone!

mwncigirl Thu 18-Oct-12 19:41:55

Unfortunately I don't have a choice of hospital, rural area, no midwife led units, and MW's don't have much experience of HB. Still, they'll just have to learn!

MaybeAMayBaby Thu 18-Oct-12 20:08:12

Elly, so sorry to hear about your little DD. sending lots of good luck vibes your way for this precious bundle.

Ibelieve-so sorry to hear your news too.

Littlebairn-I have high dose folic acid due to being type 1. I don't know of a connection with bmi though.

Bit to tired to compute today. Last day of work for a week tomorrow smile bring on the sslleeep!

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 20:18:50

maybe thans maybe she thinks because I'm fat I've got more chance of GD.

mwn grin I was wondering if you got fancy designer cuts...

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 20:24:32

That was meant to be THANKS.

beaver33 Thu 18-Oct-12 20:56:52

So sorry, IBelieve - lots of love and luck for next time and take care.

I have just violently redecorated the toilets of my homeward train. Turns out baby doesn't like Virgin Pendolinos. Or station platforms. Vommed on one of them earlier (fortunately deserted) and had to pay 30p for the privilege of not embarrassing myself in public at a much busier one later.

All very violent bouts today. Back on the nausea pills I guess sad

berri Thu 18-Oct-12 20:58:44

I'm sorry to read that Ibelieve sad Thinking of you.

berri Thu 18-Oct-12 21:17:11

Gosh beaver poor you!

peardrop2 Thu 18-Oct-12 22:16:36

For those of your asking\talking about dopplers on this thread I thought you might be interested to know that I brought a Sonoline B fetal doppler
from eBay this week. It arrived yesterday and we spent 1hr looking for hb last night with no luck. Tried again this evening after dinner and found baby pears hb after 5 minutes :-) Highly recommend this Doppler for those wanting to invest. A little more pricey then the Angel brand (£40ish) but very sturdy and straightforward to use with lots of clear demos on YouTube from other pregnant ladies which helped us a lot.


peardrop2 Thu 18-Oct-12 22:17:22

Awww beaver that doesn't sound nice :-(

peardrop2 Thu 18-Oct-12 22:32:55

DH joked that we should put a hb recording on Facebook...can you imagine!!!!

LittleBairn Thu 18-Oct-12 22:46:04

beaver oh no poor you. That sounds like a very long traumatic journey.
I'm not looking forward to going back to work next week the commute is going to be hell.

pear thanks that does sound like an good Doppler will favourite it on Amazon until I'm ready to buy.

berri Fri 19-Oct-12 01:53:00

Glad yours worked too pear it's such a nice feeling isn't it smile


roastpotatoes Fri 19-Oct-12 09:13:23

Morning! I had my booking in appointment yesterday. She did urine sample, blood test, blood pressure, height, weight and general medical history. Filled in lots and lots of forms with all of my information and put it into a massive blue file for me to keep throughout the pregnancy. I hadn't anticipated quite how big the file would be and struggled to fit it into my bag - working back into work with a big maternity folder would have been a bit of a giveaway. All in all it was totally fine - nothing too traumatic.

The one weird thing is that she said that sometimes they are too busy at the hospital to do the nuccal scans so it's not definite that we'll be able to have it done next week. If not, she recommended that we get it done provately I thought all women had a right to have one on the NHS?

I hope you're all feeling OK - almost the weekend!

roastpotatoes Fri 19-Oct-12 09:14:14



wilderumpus Fri 19-Oct-12 09:31:39

thankd terror and littlebairn is interesting hearing your HB stories, the trusts are all so different! we can choose from two hospitals bt one will be the default hosp you are referred to if your HB can't go ahead, and you have your scans there. It is a terrible hospital, very poor. The other is much better so wouold rather be looked after there and then have my HB. Anyway, I will be moving to cornwall in Jan/feb so is a moot point really! (the hospital there is from the dark ages so will def have HB if I can!)

I got folic acid and multi vits mwn to last the whole pg! the bounty pack was rubbish though, not a single freebie unless I sign up t stuff which I will not. Have they stopped doing proper freebies now?

oh no beaver! poor you.

I am nearly at my heaviest ever weight (out of being pg). I feel like a heiffer, and I know I shouldn't because I am pg but I do. I am going to go swimming on sunday and for a walk this aft but know it won't change anything! My body wants to put fat down for BFing and nothing will stop it!

that's crackers pear! are you super slim to hear it so early?

I had a really weird fish flop feeling yesterday in my pelvis and thought it might be the baby hmm not likely but it was a weird feeling I have not had since being pg with DS. I like to think it was and so I just well might, why not?! smile


peardrop2 Fri 19-Oct-12 10:29:00

wild not super thin. I am size 10, was 8 but that's now gone out the window lol


wilderumpus Fri 19-Oct-12 12:28:16

super thin to size 12 me! grin

wilderumpus Fri 19-Oct-12 16:01:03

i killed the thread! blush grin

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Fri 19-Oct-12 16:04:57

wild grin

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Fri 19-Oct-12 16:11:09

Anyone else feel a little baby bump when they lie down? Might just be a less than firm, 4th pregnancy mummy tummy type thing blush but I felt definite uterus this morning. And post wee as well so no full bladder pushing it up. Was quite cool smile

beaver33 Fri 19-Oct-12 16:11:51


beaver33 Fri 19-Oct-12 16:14:56

Ladies, I let the side down today.

I sobbed - openly and with big snotty snorts - in the office.

Fortunately, the one girl I've confided in was lovely and steered me away to the toilets.

I've clearly gone insane (or is that ga-ga?).

Think was just a combination of exhaustion, too much work and yesterday being so horrible and pukey. And possibly being pregnant blush

wilderumpus Fri 19-Oct-12 16:22:42

aw terror how lovely! No bump yet though hope so soon smile

I have spent my day mostly trying to parent from the settee with the help of a cbeebies mag, craft stuff and tv. I feel really tired out and pukey! Why has DS dropped his nap now of all times?!

beaver what side have you let down? you must be so tired and being pukesome is completely draining. get thee into jammies asap and sniffle into a blanket in front of the tv. why did you cry, was it just hormonal? hope you ok x


TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Fri 19-Oct-12 16:27:41

wild there's no visible bump though thank god.

beaver ^everything wild said, do! Hope you are ok though and it's 'just' a hormone thing smile

wilderumpus Fri 19-Oct-12 16:38:05

i know the bump you mean, i cannot wait to feel it i check every morning

sorry beaver i didn't mean 'just' hormonal! don't mean to trivialise your upset! blush

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Fri 19-Oct-12 16:53:09

Shit wild I didn't mean it like that when I put the 'just' in. I meant that I hoped it was just hormones rather than anything else upsetting Beaver!

Re bump: You're going to have me checking every morning now!

Picklep Fri 19-Oct-12 17:00:55

Finally got my scan date , 1st November so I'll be 12+ 5. God it's going to be an anxious wait, things have just gone so quiet symptom wise. Fingers and toes crossed!

Tears here too today, was at a friend's house who was making something and she started spraying LOADS of Shellac sealant spray, it was SO strong and I didn't know how to get away. Opened a window and said it was strong smelling. Left shortly later but cried all the way home because I was worried it could have damaged the baby! I only had about 6 breaths of the stuff but it doesn't take a lot at the moment to start me off. I cried yesterday over a pigeon in the underground carpark, because I thought that it wouldn't get back out, I gave it the end off my french stick!!!! Thankfully I was on my own. blush

LittleBairn Fri 19-Oct-12 17:09:53

beaver don't be silly it's sounds like your busy and stressed, a completely Normal reaction pregnant or not.

I on the other hand almost cried in town today when none of the bakeries had Cheese and Onion pasties available it was only 3:30pm how could the have run out alread?! blush


Ellypoo Fri 19-Oct-12 17:10:13

Has anyone got any nice plans for the weekend? We need to buy a chest of drawers for our bedroom, and may go out for a meal tomorrow night, but don't know where so we probably won't!!!

6 days till scan smile

10 + 5

Ellypoo Fri 19-Oct-12 17:11:47

I haven't experienced the random crying yet - sure it won't be long though!!!

beaver, sounds like you are shattered and hormonal, and still feeling really sick - no wonder you cried, are you able to chill this weekend?

LittleBairn Fri 19-Oct-12 17:22:50

elly nothing planned yet just looking forward to spending some time with DH. We usually eat out regularly sometimes a few times a week but since ms hit I just can't face restaurants. Not so much in what we would order its that someone near by might order something strong smelling.

mwncigirl Fri 19-Oct-12 17:42:38

Hello ladies, we'd love to go out for a meal but we're really skintsad. Coming down with a cold today, feeling poo. How bizarre to want some more preggers symptoms though, seems an age till my scan on the 29th.

berri Fri 19-Oct-12 17:52:27

Had a crap morning - had a big bright red bleed so had to go into docs, but she checked heartbeat and felt my cervix and said it was still closed so all seems ok for now.

12 week scan tomorrow so hopefully everything will be measuring correctly.

Planning on not moving much this weekend!

rachywhite83 Fri 19-Oct-12 18:00:35

Finished work today for half term. Joys of life in school ! Off to Tunisia on Sunday. Was supposed to be our baby making second honeymoon! (celebrating a year of being married on Monday) bit late though !!! Ha ha

mwncigirl Fri 19-Oct-12 18:02:31

Oh berri sounds really scary. Scan should reassure though. Take it easy eh.

beaver33 Fri 19-Oct-12 18:02:52

Thanks guys. Yes, I'm 'just' hormonal and over-tired and (wilde and Terror) I was not affronted by your justs! (weeps profusely in a corner)

Had to laugh at you LittleBairn - totally would have done the same thing. A cheese and onion pasty is a lifeline, I tell you.

I went to our canteen earlier and nearly cried because they'd taken the hot stuff away - so no chips! Boo.

berri that sounds horrible - what a fright you must have had. Glad you're planning on taking it easy. Try not to worry - from what I keep hearing, this sort of thing does happen around 12 weeks. Just in time to scare us all senseless.

Good luck with the scan! x

Kittykatmacbill Fri 19-Oct-12 18:19:16

Good to hear you all have random crying stories - I nearly made myself cry because someone who sits near me in the office comes to my desk when she puts stuff in my bin! - she has stopped using my bin. blush

Picklep Fri 19-Oct-12 18:32:02

kittykat ha! That did make me chuckle. I cried like a banshee last week because DH ate the last of the mini-cheddars! He won't do that again.

LittleBairn Fri 19-Oct-12 18:42:09

beaver grin glad someone understands. Especially as it was a little treat to myself being lactose intolerent, which seems to be much better now I'm pregnant.
I think I might need to go down early tomorrow. Owning just to guarantee myself one.

picklep shock I would have been furious is that was my DH, mini chedders were the only thing I could eat and keep a hold of last week. I bought two large tubs and kept them to myself. blush
The last few days I felt my appitite return a little and can now eat small meals but still feel awful in the evening.


wilderumpus Fri 19-Oct-12 19:00:55

kitty that made me laugh!

little I hope you get your pasty tomorrow smile

I have felt dreadful all afternoon, my eyes were closing when DS was having his tea and I just feel so sick. Haven't been so symptomy for a few days, but had a big day yesterday (DH's b'day) and hardly slept because I ate too much, too late blush We went out for our one and only dinner of the year and had a massive blow out grin

berri oh that must have been frightening - but so lovely you got to see your MW and listen in and be reassured so quickly. and scan tomorrow, yay!

I am going to bed super early tonight and working this weekend, boo.

Ellypoo Fri 19-Oct-12 19:04:06

Oh Berri, that's really scary - good that they heard the heartbeat etc, and that you've got your scan tomorrow, hope all is well x

Just had a packet of mini cheddars - waiting for DH to come home & make me curry & chips for dinner!!! Having a very chilled night tonight - am shattered after this week!!

Can't wait to find out that everything is ok at the scan on Thursday & then be able to tell everyone (and start wearing maternity clothes!!!).

wilderumpus Fri 19-Oct-12 19:41:46

ooooh everyone. I feel reet poorly sad Am too feeble even to head upstairs to my study to work, which is stressing me out cause I have deadlines to meet and promised myself getting pg would not interfere with work.

bleugh [sick, sick, sick emoticon] am feeling very sorry for myself.

(but you know, love being pg, but... arf.)

YY to random crying, poor DH doesn't know what he can and can't say at the moment! I broke down in tears earlier because the bedsheets were still wet from the dryer (err - put them on for longer?!)

I'm getting a cold/cough, just as I thought I was coming out of the terrible tiredness. Sat DD in front of Dora earlier and managed a 30 min nap on the sofa. Feel a bit guilty as she really isn't getting the best of me at the moment. Hoping I'll get energy back so I can make it up and get active with her soon

LittleBairn Fri 19-Oct-12 21:35:50

wild & littlepickle so sorry your ill. Hope you both manage to get some rest.

elspartacus Fri 19-Oct-12 21:36:15

It seems like a day for crying! I was in tears earlier which I put down to multiple things - but I know hormones are a major factor...
Really hope things settle and you have a chilled out weekend Berri.

10storeylovesong Sat 20-Oct-12 07:32:01

berri that sounds terrifying. Good that they got you in so quickly to check everything out though to reassure you. Enjoy your chilled out weekend and make sure you're well looked after. And good luck with your scan.

beaver there's no shame in having a cry! Sounds like you've got a hell of a lot on your plate at the moment - you must be exhausted!

Sorry to all those feeling rough. I didn't leave the couch on Thurs feeling rotton and work tried to send me home yesterday after hearing me throwing up my lunch through the office walls! I feel so sorry for those of you who can't tell work yet - mine have known since 4 weeks and although I was worried about telling them so early it means they've been much more understanding when I come in looking and feeling like crap.

Sounds like hormones got the best of us all this week - no tears for me but poor dh got it in the neck when I got home when the dominoes app wouldn't work on my phone (I needed pizza!), then the laptop charger wouldn't reach where I was sitting, then I wanted a hug during the cancer program and he fidgeted! I flounced off to bed at 8.30 - and bless him he came up an hour later to say sorry! I don't even think he knew what he was apologising for!

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Sat 20-Oct-12 11:46:31

berri that must have been so worrying for you. Hope things go/have gone ok at your scan today x

Thank you thank you thank you to those of you that went on about mini cheddars. I love them anyway but had forgotten about them. I sent DP out this morning and lots have come back. I've eaten my packet, half of DC2's packet on the sly and all of DC1's with her consent. I'm in heaven grin.

Starting to feel a little better I think. I had an awful nights sleep what with ill children, snoring partners and general insomnia. That would usually signal a really nauseous and horrible day right from the start for me. So far so good though (of course that can easily change but here's hoping!). Its probably due to mini cheddars but thought I'd mention it to give some hope for those of you still really suffering. Its not long now until we bloom. Honest!


Picklep Sat 20-Oct-12 11:58:38

terror hurrah for the mini cheddar! Glad you're feeling OK. Can't wait to bloom!

11 weeks

wilderumpus Sat 20-Oct-12 12:11:23

oof I have had food poisoning! am better today but my whole body aches so am resting up. bleugh, poor baby having me blaming my sickness on it!

don't know whether to bother ooh dr or not but think pg just fine.

gosh i feel my age today, this has utterly wiped me out! poor DS had it too but luckily not much at all and is bouncing off the walls like a caged puppy today.

good luck berri

don't worry little, we'll all be fine soon smile

Picklep Sat 20-Oct-12 12:12:25

I've gone right off all my usual teas, and I've been missing a hot drink. I've rediscovered hot ribena! It's been great and very comforting for these cold, wet afternoons.

Picklep Sat 20-Oct-12 12:14:56

Feel better soon wilde , if you still feel rough you could call Doc if only for a bit of reassurance.

LittleBairn Sat 20-Oct-12 12:51:48

shock Jeez I think DH might be a bit TOO keen about starting a family! He just started to talk about DC2 and that we should ideally start planning that one quite early ideally before DC1 is a year old...
Let me get through the first trimester of my first pregnacy first love!

Terror welcome to the mini cheddar club beware its an expensive habit. grin


LittleBairn Sat 20-Oct-12 12:54:13

picklep oh well done reminding me hot ribenna I love it, the kids often ask for a hot toddy. I had to reassure their parents I wasn't getting them mad on whiskey just black currants and sugar. grin

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Sat 20-Oct-12 13:04:14

Oh yes pickle <tries not to sound too orgasmic> hot ribena! I love that too grin. Are you now my food guru? Everything you eat tell me about and maybe I will suddenly have more than cheese and cucumber and salad cream sandwiches, lightly salted kettle chips and lemon swirl cheesecake (And mini cheddars).

We don't have any ribena though. <eyes DP and decides whether to plead or get mean>

LittleB that's forward planning for you! I know DP and and I looked over our newborn's head at each other when he was born and decided we'd be having another fairly soon, but we werent quite as organised as the first trimester for that decision! It's very sweet though smile

LittleBairn Sat 20-Oct-12 13:27:41

terror TBF I was thinking we would have another one soon after the first due to DH being much older than me but DH was all for setting a date and knowing him he would hold me to it!
But yes it is quite sweet that he's excited about this new phase in his life. In fact I'm amazed at just how supportive he is about my plans and decisions regarding the pregnacy, birth and raising children. He has so much faith in my decisions that I really feel so much closer too him.

10storeylovesong Sat 20-Oct-12 13:47:13

I feel very left out that I'm not feeling the love for mini cheddars!

little my dh has been the same - even came out with it 5 mins after I'd finished puking!

We've had fun and games this morning! In the early hours dh and I heard a noise that woke us both up then our little dog who sleeps upstairs do we can set the alarm barked and went running up the landing. We listened for a minute but heard nothing else so I shouted to him and he came back. When I got up for work this morning the front door was open and it turns out someone has tried and broken our lock, although think the dog must have scared them off before they gained entry so luckily nothing's been taken. I'm so annoyed though as usually if I hear a noise I would be up and checking things so would prob have seen him, but due to being knackered with baby I couldn't be bothered and just turned back over!

LittleBairn Sat 20-Oct-12 14:18:02

10 your DH does your DH do what mine does, stand behind me grinning like a loon going " ooooh that nice and healthy and sign...." yes thank hmm

shock that must have been a shock when you realised what had happened. My DH is obessed over locking the doors but I'm really lazy about it. Glad your all safe.

LittleBairn Sat 20-Oct-12 14:18:27

I meant DOES your...

10storeylovesong Sat 20-Oct-12 15:29:22

I knew what you meant! He tried it once and the glare he got stopped him doing it ever again!

It is a bit of shock but just glad they didn't get in. Think dh was amazed as have been hormonal over slightest thing but police training just kicked in and dealt with the job without emotion - apart from being annoyed at myself! Will definately be getting up if my dog barks again though!

roastpotatoes Sat 20-Oct-12 18:07:40

Another Saturday night in, in front of strictly without even a glass of wine ...
How things have changed!

berri Sat 20-Oct-12 19:11:32

12 week scan all good!

<falls over with relief>

10 that's scary, at least they know you have a dog now and will be unlikely to try again. Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far smile

Picklep Sat 20-Oct-12 19:13:55

berri CONGRATULATIONS!!! Such lovely news, well done you!!

peardrop2 Sat 20-Oct-12 19:37:22

Yay berri :-)

OMG 10 that is my one of my worst nightmares :-( Such a relief that your little doggy scared it away!! Maybe I need to get a dog!! I hate that kind of thing as is leaves you with shivers down the spine! I keep telling DH that we need a better PVC back door as the wooden one we have is really weak and unsturdy :-( it will cost us £900 to replace though which is not fun!!

peardrop2 Sat 20-Oct-12 19:38:26

Oh berri forgot to ask. Can they tell if all the bits and pieces organs are in the right place yet? Did they measure the neck or are you opting out of that one?

beaver33 Sat 20-Oct-12 19:43:47

berri so happy for you - lovely news! Woop! Did they adjust your dates?

10 that's terrifying! Glad you're all ok and your training kicked in. I was at home one Monday when burglars slipped the lock and I ran at them, still in my PJs, screaming like a banshee. That certainly scared them (well, that or my make-up free face). I'm not like that at all, but some instinct took over. Shook like a leaf after, though.

wilde sorry about your food poisoning. Do you know what caused it? Hope you're feeling better.

And roast I am SO with you. It's wet out there, I've just left work and I am inhabiting my sofa passionately for the rest of the night. PJs and slipper sorted.

GUESS WHAT?? My scan's on MONDAY - yay!

peardrop2 Sat 20-Oct-12 19:55:20

beavel very envy of your scan...bet you can't wait!!! In 4 hrs I'll have 7 months to go...has been the longest 2 months ever!!

Kittykatmacbill Sat 20-Oct-12 20:05:37

berri that is great! Very jealous... Dh keeps counting down the days to ours (16 days). Did you get your date about right?

LittleBairn Sat 20-Oct-12 20:23:01

berri wonderful news!

Ellypoo Sat 20-Oct-12 20:26:29

Fab news berri!

I would've been so scared 10, how good that your little dog scared them away!!

5 days til scan for me, really scared - some pains today, hopefully just ligaments as I was ok lying down at home - just come to get Chinese and I hurt - could be my tracky bottoms just digging in I hope!

Picklep Sat 20-Oct-12 20:47:49

Anyone experiencing lower rib ache??? Experiencing my first ever heartburn....not fun at all!

LittleBairn Sat 20-Oct-12 21:10:53

pickle milk, ice cream or yogurt will help.

cuppateaandagingersnap Sat 20-Oct-12 21:15:16

10 that's horrible, good job your little dog was there and scared them off, hope he got a biscuit for doing a good job!

Berri congrats on scan, that's fab, I've not even got a date for mine yet! Seeing midwife on Wednesday so hopefully get date for scan then.


PedanticPanda Sat 20-Oct-12 22:10:25

Oh my gosh... DP just proposed! grin

peardrop2 Sat 20-Oct-12 22:26:45

Ohhhhhhh congrats Panda grin how did he do it?

10storeylovesong Sat 20-Oct-12 22:27:03


LittleBairn Sat 20-Oct-12 22:29:30

grin ooh exciting panda

PedanticPanda Sat 20-Oct-12 23:59:58

He said he was taking me out for dinner at my favourite restaurant to celebrate me finishing Uni, then after dinner gave me a graduation card, but when I opened it it was a personalised card saying he loves me so much and had something to ask me. I turned round and he had a ring! I haven't stopped smiling and now my face hurts!

DizziDoll Sun 21-Oct-12 00:12:28

I've been lurking for ages but with that news I can lurk no more. Congrats Pedantic!! Well done SoonToBeMrPedantic.

I've got the 12 week scan on Friday, though DH has gone and announces it to a load of his friends so I am getting congrats tests. I hope he hasn't jinxed it.


PedanticPanda Sun 21-Oct-12 00:17:49

Thanks grin

berri Sun 21-Oct-12 03:43:35

Thank you everyone! Such a lovely milestone to get to smile
Yes we did have the neck measured and she said everything looked ok, and pricked my finger for the blood tests which should come back in about a week.

PANDA!!! gringrin Huge congratulations thanks What lovely news!

berri Sun 21-Oct-12 03:48:37

Sorry just read back properly so saw some other questions - hate doing this on my phone, but in bed already!
My dates are measuring exactly to the day, going by my last period, so guessing that my edd won't be adjusted again now?

Bits and pieces all present and correct grin We could see both arms & legs waving around, and we've got a great scan pic of the soles of both feet which is just so cute.

We told DS today too & he's excited, although he says he only wants a brother and not a sister hmm

10storeylovesong Sun 21-Oct-12 07:32:01

berri congrats on scan - you must be so relieved! You can finally relax and enjoy it. And I'm sure ds will come around and love his little brother or sister no matter what!

peardrop our PVC door was brand new - only fitted in March and supposed to be highest security. They popped it open with barely any noise and no visible damage to the outside. We had what we thought was a crappy wooden door for 5 years before that - no one ever got through that!

beaver the thought of you running screaming like a banshee at the burglars made me giggle. Good on you! I bet they won't come back again!

panda that's such a lovely story. He'd obviously put a lot of thought into it bless him. And now you can enjoy the glow of being engaged while you wait for the glow of pregnancy to kick in! Did he do good with the ring?!

CheerfulYank Sun 21-Oct-12 07:35:02

Just checking in! I lost you all for a bit. smile

roastpotatoes Sun 21-Oct-12 07:39:20

Congratulations panda!!! That's fantastic news. What is the ring like??! And will you be a bride with a bump or wait until afterwards. I've been looking at maternity bridesmaid dresses (for me in Feb when my best friend gets married) and there are some gorgeous maternity wedding dresses out there!

My scan is on Tuesday and I'm getting really nervous about it. Had to walk past the women's centre at the hospital last week on my way to a work meeting and I started shaking!

Off to lunch with my PIL today. They know but they have been on the phone asking if we can tell my BIL and SIL who will be there as well. We had planned to wait until after the scan but I don't mind if it's going to be a big deal. But DH is adamant that we're waiting!

wilderumpus Sun 21-Oct-12 08:28:34

congrats panda!

how scary 10. are you ok?

brill news for scan berri! they won't change the date now, no. Must be such a relief to be out of the closet! lovely that DS is enthusiastic in the main grin

food poisoning gone, better now after 11 hours sleep last night. phew! was my fault, used a kitchen appliance to make houmous that had been sitting around for a while. just didn't think to wash it, what a twonk blush

oh heartburn pickle sad the bane of my pg with DS. I only found -lots and lots-- of gaviscon would help, for me milk would actually set it off but it is traditionally meant to help confused

Ellypoo Sun 21-Oct-12 08:46:45

Wow huge congratulations panda, how exciting!!!!

PedanticPanda Sun 21-Oct-12 10:01:04

Thanks everyone, I'm so excited. The ring is lovely, I love it, going to get it resized today. We're going to wait until the baby is here, he says he wants baby at wedding too so we're going to wait about a year to save up and have the baby. DS is at his grand so can't wait until he's home to tell him, he's been saying how much he wants us to get married. We had to fight off offers for drinks and questions about why we didn't get champagne to celebrate, we've not told anyone I'm pregnant again yet.

That's great that some have had their scans and are telling people, and other scans are coming up soon too. It's not that long until we'll all have had our scans and hopefully will stop feeling so sick and will start to glow instead.

kittykatskumkwat Sun 21-Oct-12 10:07:08

Hello < peaks little brown face in>
Have you forgoten me and replaced me with another kitty sad
Back yesterday from holls, lovely and have just caught up with this thread, not sure I'd be able to go as far back as when I left, it's only been a week and you ladies can talk!!!
Excellent news on the lovely scans grin and panda how amazing, you must be on cloud nine, I love a surprise romantic proposal, my dh didn't even propose we just decided to get married blush he did tell me how he would have don't it though if we had more money lol
10- goodness that must have been a shock, I've been in the house before at Uni when it was broken into but I think they heard me and scarpered, it was quite scarey as I was in the shower!! I think the old wooden doors have alot to be said for them!
Have I missed anything from other thread?

Bunnychan Sun 21-Oct-12 11:15:20

My fiancé just told me my face is getting fatter! sad it was round enough to begin with!

10storeylovesong Sun 21-Oct-12 11:37:56

Aww bunny - I'm sure your face looks beautiful!

kitty course we haven't replaced you! Glad you had a good hols. Have you had your scan yet or waiting?

Kittykatmacbill Sun 21-Oct-12 12:12:50

kitty please don't feel replaced! I just used my only comedy nickname in my whole life sad
panda that is great news
I am ten weeks today! Whoop whoop and counting down to my scan 12+3 so it feels ages away.

seven77 Sun 21-Oct-12 12:48:14

panda that's fantastic news, congratulations!

Sorry I've not been around much, I've been so exhausted and struggling to keep up. I had been avoiding the MS, until this morning I was extremely sick until my belly hurt, though oddly I'm now feeling a lot better.

Anyone have any thoughts about what they're having yet? I'm thinking a boy, I've only fancied savoury food so far, it was a chocolate biscuit that made me sick earlier. I only wanted savoury with DS, with DD I was craving pain au chocolat and donuts!

LittleBairn Sun 21-Oct-12 13:11:04

bunny I'd tell him his penis is too small....usually gets the point across about nasty comments.

We went out for lunch today I really regret it now feel awful. DH wanted to make sure I ate today, food is becoming a bit of a battle for me.

Wow congrats panda and berri great news.

We had a private scan yesterday (too impatient to wait another 2 weeks) and all is well, saw four little limbs waving about and a lovely strong heartbeat. Massive relief as you can imagine (slightly mollified me after puking in the hospital car park immediately beforehand). Mini cheddars no longer agree with me.

Had a baby shower for a friend this morning and SO tempted to tell but restrained myself as it was her day. However next weekend at DS birthday party I can fess up! May also explain my aversion to chocolate cake and green face.......

Hope everyone's having a good weekend, DS currently napping but th

Wow congrats panda and berri great news.

We had a private scan yesterday (too impatient to wait another 2 weeks) and all is well, saw four little limbs waving about and a lovely strong heartbeat. Massive relief as you can imagine (slightly mollified me after puking in the hospital car park immediately beforehand). Mini cheddars no longer agree with me.

Had a baby shower for a friend this morning and SO tempted to tell but restrained myself as it was her day. However next weekend at DS birthday party I can fess up! May also explain my aversion to chocolate cake and green face.......

Hope everyone's having a good weekend, DS currently napping but think he's just woken so back to mummy duties for me!

seven77 Sun 21-Oct-12 18:27:45

Glad the scan went well FLB.

kittykatskumkwat Sun 21-Oct-12 20:20:09

Thanks kitty grin found it very weird they were so similar even using kats with a k, mine is a slight name change but can't change it back until after 12 weeks as superstitious!!
Glad the scan went well French, 10 no scan for me for quite a while as booking in not till a week tue, they offered wed this week but I've not told work and my day off is a tue so I'm waiting a week, may book an early scan though as have bf hen do when I will be 11wks and no way will they not notice the drinking thing on a party bus and while I don't mind friends knowing there will be others there I don't know well that I'd hate to have to untell ifswin so would like a scan to atleast know it's ok then

scooby26 Sun 21-Oct-12 22:13:49


Home from two weeks hol to Greece- sorry for being absent ;-)

I've tried to read through but far too much to comment individually - except- yay PANDA!!

Quick update before run off to bed- midwife apt tomorrow to formally book with them and arrange scan. Think there will be much discussion. Over to which hosp as I'll be consultant led due to group b strep and I have real concerns re local one due to probs last time. Hmm. I have private scan on Wednesday and desperately hope if all ok I can get 12 week Scan on time- if it's late I'll be away again and miss nuchal test date windows- I'm old so really want to know my risks.

Also got reflections appt to discuss the problems last time early nov. I hope that will help me come to decisions re where to go of all ok at scan- I have to Plump for somewhere tomorrow but know I can change it after my discussion in november.
Hope all had nice weekend and good luck for this week x

CheerfulYank Mon 22-Oct-12 00:23:30

Oh Panda! I've just seen this, congrats! So grin for you!

Wow! Away for a couple of days and a load of scans & an engagement. Congratulations everyone.

Picklep Mon 22-Oct-12 08:01:01

Congratulations Panda!

Anyone got the Babycentre app? I laughed today at the question 'safe to do extreme sports in pregnancy?' With all the nausea, bloatedness, swollen and soreness, crippling tiredness and multiple aches and pains I hadn't thought about it but now you mention it waterskiing could just be the ticket! Haha god, just getting into a wet suit would be an extreme sport for me at the moment.

What To Expect When You're Expecting is out on DVD today, I really enjoyed it at the cinema, it's completely silly and ridiculous, but if you're looking to be cheered, it'll do the trick!

PedanticPanda Mon 22-Oct-12 10:19:56

Thanks again everyone, all of your comments have been lovely!

pickle I've got the baby centre app, I love the little videos you get on it, but haven't reached the part about exercise yet, that's the last thing on my mind right now!

10storeylovesong Mon 22-Oct-12 10:59:53

Haha pickle that made me laugh out loud in the office. Cue a few strange looks!

seven77 Mon 22-Oct-12 11:11:17

I have the smiles factory pregnancy app (it has a red icon), I think it's better than the baby centre one.

Has anyone else still not got a scan date yet? I'm so impatient!

Thingiebob Mon 22-Oct-12 11:23:01

Hello all
I hope you are all feeling well today.
I have a question. I am 12 weeks 3 days and was in the bath earlier. To my surprise my stomach was pulsing!

It is moving in the place where I have felt a bit uncomfortable for the last 24 hours. Surely it is way too early for movement? My last pregnancy I didn't feel anything until 19 weeks.

Any thoughts.

10storeylovesong Mon 22-Oct-12 11:36:03

Ooh thingie that sounds interesting! I have no idea what it is but keep us updated!

I had to concede defeat today and undo the button on my work trousers - maybe a bump is on its way (or it could be the cherry pie I had after dinner last night!)

PedanticPanda Mon 22-Oct-12 11:48:58

I've still not had any word from the midwife seven, I'm going to call the GP today to make sure they didn't lose my form just incase.

MooLL Mon 22-Oct-12 12:13:27

Panda - major congrats! So sweet and made me sob ... then again ... like many I am crying at anything at the moment - I just feel so worn down by the constant sickness, tiredness and lack of energy :-( ... Had vistors since last Thur until last night - once they left I just lay there sobbing on the sofa to my poor DH who felt totally helpless. Basically I have just done too much (DD 3rd birthday weekend) and have worn myself out. DD in nursery this am so have spent it lying on the sofa - off to pick her up and try and persuade her an afternoon of disney movies is a good plan!! ... Now told my parents who were over-the-moon (dad got very choked up) .. just my brother and DH sister to tell tonight then friends at 12 weeks.

Thingie I have heard that with DC2 you do feel kicking much quicker than DC1 so you never know - how very exciting ... I remember that is how I really bonded with DD - its so cute!

LittleBairn Mon 22-Oct-12 12:22:31

seven no scan yet for me but I was only officially put into the system on Thu. I'm really desperate for the scan now DH has been joking all weekend that it might be all in my head so now I feel paranoid!
Actually wondering if the local Boots have doplers...

I'm off now on my mission for a cheese and onion pastie, if I can't get it locally I may just get a train into town I NEED the pastie. blush
Then I'm going back to ZERO dairy, I think it's dairy that's kicked off my reflux meaning my sleeping is very poor at the moment.

For those who have a cold or just wanting to boost their immune systems vit D12 (but a higher dose than prenatal vits, going to get some proper advice on it) is very good some countries advise it over the flu vaccination.
Tumeric is a great natural decongestant I make a very light Lentil, courgette and Mushroom soup with a dash of Tumric it's pretty good. I used it a lot last year when I had a chesty cough and the cough bottles didn't seem to work.
Kiwi for a good natural source of vit C and Active Manuka Honey also great.
I'm starting a new health/food regime from today as I feel so crappy I need to kick myself up the bum.

beaver33 Mon 22-Oct-12 14:55:42

Yikes, I just had my SCAN and it was AMAZING (dribbles)...

It's, like, a baby. All little and tiny and with a pounding heartbeat of 173bpm but it's alive and right there inside me like everyone said it would be (but I kinda didn't believe them)!

Woah, that was weird.

Been dated earlier than I thought - 10+5. I thought I was 11+3, GP said I was 12+3 cos of LMP. So I have to go back again next Friday for another scan (yay) when I'll be able to have the blood tests for Down's.

Arg, I'm having a baby!!

EllieBuffalo Mon 22-Oct-12 15:47:55

Congratulations Beaver that's fantastic news and I'm so pleased for you grin

Also congrats on the engagement Panda

It's so exciting seeing scan news coming in an it is making me incredibly impatient. I have two weeks until mine. As I'm one of the lucky ones who are managing to survive with minimum symptoms I am almost trying to put the pregnancy out of mind until I've reached my 12 week scan as I can become easily obsessed with these thingssmile


CheerfulYank Mon 22-Oct-12 16:19:42

They don't do them til 20 weeks here Ellie! smile

I had a test today at the hospital to make sure I was pregnant. And a talking-to about being dehydrated.

Bunnychan Mon 22-Oct-12 16:41:19

I can't wait til I have a scan, especially after my scary moment last night! I bled a little bit and I haven't all the way through! Fingers crossed that it was only a bit: should I be worried? I'm 9+3 x

Boodstress Mon 22-Oct-12 17:02:35

Hi all,
I had my 12 & 3 day scan today with my DC3 and it was so so amazing. All the stress and sickness and worry melted away. I can't believe it is growing as it should. It was combined so included all the nuchal measurements and so far so good although they take a blood test as well. Trying to suss if it was a girl or boy as I have 2 boys. Profile looks similiar but I have been so much sicker this time so who knows. So amazing and don't mind that full bladder business, that is excruciating and I got to the hospital and duly emptied it and it was as clear as crystal (the scan not my wee grin)

peardrop2 Mon 22-Oct-12 17:08:19

Beaver yay for your happy scan grin


seven77 Mon 22-Oct-12 17:17:20

Glad all the scans are going well, so exciting!

bood google nub theory, it's a theory predicting the gender from the 12 week scan pic, I'm not sure of the accuracy but it was right with DD. I take it you'll be finding out the sex?

thingie I first felt DD (2nd pregnancy) move at 13 weeks, only a tiny flutter but definitely unmistakable, so there's a chance it could have been the baby.

No sickness today, and I've been able to stomach drinking tea, hurrah! Really looking forward to ham, egg and chips for tea. Gutted we can't have runny eggs though, our chickens have just come into lay <sob>. Anyone else keep chickens?

Boodstress Mon 22-Oct-12 18:05:46

Ohh Seven, that looks like a girl then but not sure if I am reading it correctly. I am not sure if I will find out. If I am guessing and using this kind of stuff its still not 100% so an element of surprise but then in an other way I am sooo intrigued.
Re feeling movement I am so convinced I have felt those flutters this week which is crazy right but maybe 3rd time, non existent tummy muscles..hhhmm.
Good luck with scans this week all...

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Mon 22-Oct-12 18:22:55

Yay for all the good scans!

So looking forward to mine/not looking forward to it. IYSWIM? 2 days to go.

Then it's telling everyone time. Which I'm definitely not looking forward to. My older DC have repeatedly said they don't need another baby since DC3 came on the scene. I think it's because they both have one sister and one brother so what is there that's needed? And then there's my family. They've never said anything but I do think they will be hmm faces when I'm not looking from some my mum as they may think 4 DCs are too many. DP's family will be fine with another though at least (it's only DP's second).


Hopefully I'm just over thinking things...

On much cheerier thoughts - Congratulations Panda! That's such lovely news. And it sounds like such a romantic proposal smile

Must be something in the air cos my DP proposed to me about 3 weeks ago.


Oh, I said yes too grin

EllieBuffalo Mon 22-Oct-12 18:55:48

Cheerful I should be grateful for a 12 week scan, I don't think I could survive until 20 weeks. Good luck with the wait.

Fingers crossed for you Bunny

Bood Congrats on the scan, sounds amazing.

Congrats Terror, it's exciting to hear non-baby news while we wait for scans.

DH and I have been unbelievably good at not sharing the news yet and we've got lunch dates arranged with family friends after the scan so we can reveal our surprise (first DC). Has anyone got any good ideas or fun ways they've revealed the news to people? smile

Kittykatmacbill Mon 22-Oct-12 19:31:08

All your scan news sounds totally amazing - very jealous - and we have still got 15 days to go! I swear if i pregnant again I am going to make the dates up a couple weeks ahead.... Actually probably not but very tempting.

Had an epic team building day at work, sat on the train there feeling so queasy. I hope you all had better Mondays than I did!

berri Mon 22-Oct-12 19:51:49

Congrats to you and your DP Terror grin

The secret was well & truly out this morning when I dropped DS off at preschool & he ran in shouting 'Mummy's got a baby in her tummy!' grin

Boodstress Mon 22-Oct-12 20:17:54

EllieB I showed a big pile of holiday snaps to my best friend over lunch and the scan pic was the last. That was with my DC1. I just loved watching people's faces. Usually I just blurt it out at a completely inappropriate time.

Heartened to hear all the good scan news. We have ours tomorrow and I am strangely nervous about it (I wasn't AT ALL nervous last time).

Will be so good to be able to talk about it openly!

berri - that makes me laugh, I know the minute we tell DD she is going to tell everyone. She has been waiting for this a long time, the next 6 months are going to go VERY slowly for her!

12+5 (well, we'll get that verified tomorrow!)

EllieBuffalo Mon 22-Oct-12 21:09:45

Bood I like the holiday snaps idea. We know family and friends will be excited so went to just slip it into conversation as a surprise and await the reaction grin

MaybeAMayBaby Mon 22-Oct-12 21:24:37

Congratulations, Panda and Terror! What an emotional couple of month you've both had. Terror, will you wait until after too?

Ellie-I wish I could be more imaginative with announcements. I love the stories of putting the scan photo in a Xmas card or something. If you're going out for lunch, you could ask the waiter to put it on the bill plate! Or hand your family the menu with it in if you can't wait until the end of the meal.

My DD I really poorly. I'm quite worried about her. I thought it was just a bad cold at end of last week, but she's been vomiting for te past three days an I think it's getting worse. So strange. It didn't seem like a bug. Neither my DH or me feel ill-don't even have a cold. She won't even keep calpol down sad. It's kept my mind off the waiting for the scan though. A week tomorrow. DH is always a bit unemotional at this stage of the pregnancy (well was the last time too) and it alway gets to me a bit. But last night while we were up at 3am with DD he told me he is really looking forward to it (with no irony considering the situation!). Really got me through the rest of the night.

Oh, and I'm getting obsessed with Xmas. DD is ridiculously excited and it's rubbed off on me. I've never bought presents this early before! It's kind of nice instead of obsessing about pregnancy though.


peardrop2 Tue 23-Oct-12 03:05:32

I think I'm going to feel a bit shy about telling people are news...especially people at work. I think I feel like I've been lying to everyone with all these excuses to not got out or have time off for mw appointments. Anyone else feel like that? Don't get me wrong I'm excited to tell people - just weirdly nervous and shy about it too :-/

peardrop2 Tue 23-Oct-12 03:06:31

Maybe it's a bit different when it's DC1?

10 weeks

Picklep Tue 23-Oct-12 09:40:48

Congratulations on all the scan news - love hearing about them!

Pear I feel the same about telling people, excited and nervous.

Had bad night last night, woke up with stitch-like pain to left of belly button, took my breath away, so then couldn't get back to sleep with worrying. I've read online it's quite normal, ligaments stretching and what not - anyone else experience this?

Picklep Tue 23-Oct-12 09:41:18

11 + 3

kittykatskumkwat Tue 23-Oct-12 09:42:56

Pear I'm with you on the yelling thing, it really embaressed me, especially at work!!!
Great news on all the scan fronts, I'm so jeleous as I'm like the last on the list and havnt even had my midwife booking in yet!!! Ahhhhh the wait

PedanticPanda Tue 23-Oct-12 09:57:35

I eventually managed to get hold of my midwife. The midwife assigned to me was on annual leave which is why I hadn't heard anything for so long, but I spoke to her yesterday on the phone and I've to go in next week for a quick chat and she's sent my info over to my chosen hospital and they'll contact me soon with a date for booking in and then a scan.

I can't wait, I'm desperate to tell DS. My graduation is in a few weeks and we're going out with family for a meal afterwards so hopefully if I've had my scan by then we're going to announce to everyone at the meal as they'll be all together.

seven77 Tue 23-Oct-12 11:22:15

Congrats terror.

kittykat I'm at the end of the list with you, I had my booking in last week but still no scan date as yet, I'm also jealous.

maybe how old is your DD? DS is 4 and already excited about Christmas. I've normally got all my present buying done by now as I like to get ahead then just enjoy the lead up to Christmas, I'm unorganised this year. I'm really struggling to think of things to put in DD's (she'll be 13 months) stocking, any ideas much appreciated!

I found out from a friend yesterday that another friend is pregnant with her DC2 and is due on 26th May, though I'm not meant to know yet. Maybe she's one of you lot?!

beaver33 Tue 23-Oct-12 11:38:03

Pedantic meant to say congratulations on the lovely engagement news. It made me shed a wee tear - such a thoughtful way to do it. He sounds like a wonderful man.

I'd like to ask a quick question to all those who've been for their scans (or even those who remember their scans from previous pregnancies). I felt a little bit disappointed that it was so....clinical. Obviously I know that this is a hospital appointment, and that the whole point is to take measurements and make appropriate calculations. But it felt rather disconnected from the actual experience of being pregnant and having a baby for me.

I mean, clearly it was emotional. But there were three people in the room - one guy whose badge said he was a researcher, and who did my scan, another woman who sat on a computer, and another random bloke in a suit who just stood in the background.

I had to ask them to play the heartbeat (he just said there was one) and was too busy measuring everything to really talk to me about what was on the screen. I asked lots of questions, but he seemed to answer them as an afterthought.

Sounds odd, but I felt like I was being used as a guinea pig for a research project rather than seeing my first child for the first time.

I'm over the moon and so happy, but the experience was slightly diluted by everything else.

Is this a normal experience, or have I just been unlucky?

(Disclaimer: I was being seen at a large teaching hospital)

seven77 Tue 23-Oct-12 11:47:01

Sorry you felt like that about the scan beaver. When I've had scans there's always been the person doing the scan, and someone else sitting silently on the computer, never a random man in a suit just standing there though. Perhaps he was overseeing them but I guess he should have been introduced. I find that they don't say much, I guess their job is be taking measurements as that's obviously how they work out your EDD, but they've always pointed out what's what and explained what they're doing, eg "I'm just measuring baby's head circumference, here's baby's arm" etc. I agree it's very clinical though, I know they don't find it exciting as they do it all day, but we don't. Also I try to bear in mind if they don't seem very happy that it could have been bad news for the previous woman they've seen.

PedanticPanda Tue 23-Oct-12 11:57:44

Thanks beaver smile I've not stopped smiling for days.

My scan with DS wasn't like that at all (done at a small health centre with a maternity section), even my scan with my last pg (done at a hospital) a couple of months ago which was checking for mc wasn't as clinical as that, it was a midwife, me and DP both times and was a pleasant experience. Questions were answered straight away too, that's a shame that your first scan was treated like that.

3rdtimelucky73 Tue 23-Oct-12 12:06:00

Hi all,
Been lurking for a while, but thought I'd be brave and say *hello*.

Saw the mw for my booking appointment a fortnight ago, and have second scan in a fortnight. Very excited, but nervous too. Be nice to have a due date and also actually know how far along I am.

MooLL Tue 23-Oct-12 12:48:37

beaver I am so sorry the scan wasn't a good experience for you ... I have only ever had one person in the room plus DH and myself however we have gone private for all our scans so far. With my DD it was the same except the very last scan ... then it was NHS but the consultant in charge of HDU plus the professor in charge at St Georges as they were making the call to induce labour a month early ... It was a different feeling as they talked to one another rather than us .. but in the situation it was probably fair enough. The one thing pregnancy one taught me is don't be afraid to speak out - if you dont know why someone is there ask ... and if you dont want students in there etc then dont be afraid to say ... its your pre-natal and birth experience so do not worry about owning it. I remember learning about the severity of my pre-eclampsia and possibility I may not get past 32 weeks in front of students and frankly felt an idiot as i sat there sobbing -- in hinsight I would have asked for them not to be in the room ..

Ive taken thur and today off work as just too exhausted to go in - its done me the world of good and feel much less emotional and much more in balance again. Also told my nanny today who was over the moon and very excited about having a new born in the house!

seven77 Tue 23-Oct-12 12:54:01

Hi 3rd, pop yourself on the stats thread. Have you worked out your due date yet? There's a due date calculator further up the page on the right, you just need to know the date of your last period.

wilderumpus Tue 23-Oct-12 13:13:48

beaver attitudes differ wildly I have found, am sorry yours was like that. I have nearly always had more than one person in the room, sometimes as many as four (which I hated). I find that I don't ask questions because yes, it is a medical procedure, they are so busy and need to concentrate, but at the end they might show me the monitor again and will show me the interesting bits of the baby etc and I might ask questions then.

Sometimes they are just a bit 'grumpy' and serious about it all tho, when others are so sweet and give you lots of time smile Luck of the draw.


wilderumpus Tue 23-Oct-12 13:15:28

congrats on graduating panda! what kind of course did you do? I can't wait to get away from studying!

PedanticPanda Tue 23-Oct-12 13:19:19

Thanks wilde, I done a BA Hons joint in osych

PedanticPanda Tue 23-Oct-12 13:21:35

Thanks wilde, I done a BA Hons joint in psychology and sociology. I'm so glad it's done now but I'm wanting to do a masters now. I was going to start one full time next year but now that I've done my BA I can't bear the thought of doing another dissertation/thesis so am considering doing it part-time over 2 years instead.

Picklep Tue 23-Oct-12 13:22:45

Re these extra people in the room with you - are we not entitled to say no? In the past I have been asked if I minded a researcher/student present. Usually I don't mind but for my 12 week scan I think I'd say no just in case there was bad news, really don't want an audience.

For my emergency scan at 7 weeks, i could hear behind one door the loveliest sonographer, she was cooing and aw-ing with the parents, lots of chit chat and laughing. Unfortunately I was called in to the other door, this sonographer although efficient was abrupt and very unfeeling. I was really disappointed. Hoping I get the friendly lady for my 12 week scan. It does make such a difference I think.

3rdtimelucky73 Tue 23-Oct-12 13:29:41

Hi seven don't have an EDD date yet (other than May) due to a mc in August and catching early.

Will in a fortnight and will update thread all being well...

PedanticPanda Tue 23-Oct-12 13:59:44

3rdtime I had a mc in August then to our surprise we fell pg straight away too so I've been using the date of mc as a last period date to work out an EDD. I spoke to the midwife yesterday on the phone and explained and she was fine with this too.

3rdtimelucky73 Tue 23-Oct-12 14:24:08

Hi Panda, ditto.

Yes have done that as a rough date, but know it can take while to ov as hcg levels can take a while to return to normal.

Looks like we might be due at a similar time, maybe I can get DP to propose too! Congrats

Lovely scan today and we have a little wriggler! Had to have an internal scan as well which I wasn't expecting, but it wasn't too bad. They gave us 6 photos when it should only have been two and were v nice (we had two, scanner and lady on computer). Just heading home now and so excited about telling my DD smile

kittykatskumkwat Tue 23-Oct-12 18:26:42

3rdtime I'm the same as you and panda, me and panda had a mc the same few days but I don't think I ovd til a good week after her so I've guessed my edd aswell.
Congrats little pickle, was your due date guess correct?

kittykatskumkwat Tue 23-Oct-12 18:30:30

Oh and beaver I have always found the scans very clinical, they are only there to get measurements and check for abnormalities etc I know for us it's a chance to see our babies and the relief at getting to 12wks etc but for them it's just for a job/purpose, if you book a private scan though they are totally different and coo and point things out like the baby sucking their thumbs or waving etc, you might like to do that when you are further along as I found it really enjoyable unlike my 20wk which was quite an anti climax, I had a 3/4d one at 25 wks last time

I was out by 2 days, but that's close enough for me smile

Kittykatmacbill Tue 23-Oct-12 19:50:22

Hello! Is anyone else getting out of breath and occasionally dizzy? Had to stop on my walk to work to catch my breath and on my home I suddenly got really dizzy? Only a 40 minute walk that I have to do everyday a bit scary like! hmm

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Tue 23-Oct-12 19:57:39

Thanks for the congrats smile won't be tying any knots before baby comes though. Got too much to get on with and need to start saving!

Another lovely scan story LittlePickle smile

I'm having a bit of a wobbly moment. I feel awful (so should not have said I was starting to feel better) and feel really stressed too. My scan is tomorrow and it has hit me in the last hour how worried I am about it. How worried I am about telling people. Just worried about everything. I've already been crying and still want to but have the girls to put to bed first. <deep breaths>

11+6 (although I think that's a few days optimistic but will know more tomorrow I guess)

10storeylovesong Tue 23-Oct-12 20:37:02

kittykat I've been the same the last few days. I only walked to the shop around the corner and went dizzy and hot - had to sit down as thought was going to pass out.

On a plus side though today is the first time in a number of weeks that I've not thrown up (although I have been asleep on the couch most of the day!)


seven77 Tue 23-Oct-12 21:08:59

Good luck with the scan terror

Unfortunately mild dizzyness is normal, just make sure you're drinking plenty and take it slowly where necessary. If its severe speak to your MW.

seven77 Tue 23-Oct-12 21:09:30


Kittykatmacbill Tue 23-Oct-12 21:23:56

10 glad it isn't just me! Keep counting down the hours days before We have the scan, so I can tell people. I am sure everythinks I am going nuts. Two weeks today huzzah!

seven only happened once just caught me by surprise!

10 + 3

roastpotatoes Tue 23-Oct-12 21:26:40

I had my scan today as well and it was lovely. So amazing to see the baby on the screen and realise it is real! I was really worried beforehand and went into it really expecting the worst. I was getting into a flap about little things and even had to google what I should wear! But it was so reassuring and I've been wandering round all day with a little glow of happiness. These past few months have been so hard that it is lovely to re-connect with the positive side of what is happening. Oh and they dated me as a week later than I thought so I am officially out of the first trimester. Yay!

kitty I've been feeling just like that - the only thing that seems to help with the dizziness is regular small snacks and moving slowly.

terror I hope the scan goes really well tomorrow. Just take it one step at a time - concentrate on the scan and then tomorrow you cab think about how/when to tell people. Otherwise it all gets a bit overwhelming!


peardrop2 Tue 23-Oct-12 21:29:14

I thought the 2nd trimester started at 13 weeks?

10storeylovesong Tue 23-Oct-12 22:10:22

I've been trying to find this out as well. As far as I can see the exact date is 13+3 so some places say 13 weeks and some round it up and say 14 weeks. I'm intrigued to see what my app says tomorrow when I hit 13 weeks as it still says 1st trimester at minute.

peardrop2 Wed 24-Oct-12 03:10:39

10 I'm so envy that you will be 13w tomorrow grin All my apps say that 2nd trimester hits at 13w mark so let us know what your app tells you!


roastpotatoes Wed 24-Oct-12 07:25:01

Oh darn, I thought it was 12 weeks! That must be why I feel so rough still wink

Does anyone find that they hiccup and sneeze a lot? These must be my weirdest symptoms...

Picklep Wed 24-Oct-12 07:51:51

Glad your scan went well roast! Out of interest, what did you wear? I was thinking long skirt so of they do have to an internal I can hitch it up, rather then having to get undressed. Equally skirt (elasticated waist) can easily pull down for tummy scan. I like to feel prepared.

My app says 13 weeks ends first trimester but we'll be telling everyone if we get the OK from our scan.

11 + 4

twinklingelephant Wed 24-Oct-12 08:12:12

Hi ladies, so exciting to read about all these scans going on. I've got mine at 12.45 today grin Hadn't even thought about an internal though - I'm wearing jeans as they are the only things I have that fit me!!!
Fingers crossed for later. I'm excited & nervous. And I think my husband will freak out! Eeeek! grin

roastpotatoes Wed 24-Oct-12 08:27:03

pickle I wore jeans - I just needed to unbutton and zip them and then she tucked paper into the flaps. The bit above my knickers was exactly where she needed to get to. I hadn't even thought of an internal, so wasn't prepared for that. But as long as you can open your skirt at the top or pull it down a bit it should be fine.

Good luck today twinkling!

Picklep Wed 24-Oct-12 08:39:17

Thanks Roast - i don't think everyone gets an internal but I remember someone on here saying they had one.

Good luck twinkling - so very exciting! :-)

10storeylovesong Wed 24-Oct-12 08:59:47

Oooooh, my what to expect app says 2nd trimester from today! So excited!

I just wore jeans to the scan and they just put tissue in waistband. I didn't even think about an internal!

peardrop2 Wed 24-Oct-12 09:20:31

Yay 10 and yay for all the scans happening today grin I don't think you get an internal at 12 weeks. That normally happens if you're having a very early scan. It better not happen to me as I've had 3 yucky internal scans already and I don't want another one!!


EllieBuffalo Wed 24-Oct-12 09:35:29

Wow, so exciting to start hearing scan news. Congratulations to allsmile
I've just realised that it will actually be happening to me two weeks today, feeling very impatient and anxious. I'm very lucky to be symptom free apart from tiredness and bloating so I do worry it's all my head and I'm just over eating for no reason!!

EllieBuffalo Wed 24-Oct-12 09:38:38

Ps: good luck today Twinkling


peardrop2 Wed 24-Oct-12 10:28:38

Ellie we've got our scans on the same day :-)


EllieBuffalo Wed 24-Oct-12 10:37:15

Peardrop awesome, our EDD's are only two days apart at the mo so it'll be interesting to see where our dates move to , if they do, after our scans. Mine is at 3pm x

LittleBairn Wed 24-Oct-12 10:54:38

Morning. I'm so pleased to be 10 weeks now I can't imagine how excited I will be once I get to the magic 12 weeks amd finally have my scan.
I've told my bosses I'm pregnant, they all took it well and are really pleased for me. They are happy for me to work as long as possible whatever suits me best, it's taken a great weight off my mind.

MS is just as bad I thought it would start easing by now!


wilderumpus Wed 24-Oct-12 11:05:16

terror good luck for your scan! I hope you are ok and get through it all just fine smile thanks

little I felt ok at 9 weeks but this week have felt shocking again! I read last night that from 10-12 weeks the baby doubles in size from 3-6cm (minimum) so reckon that's probably why... Also I think week 10 is when the placenta starts kicking in so you have a double whammy of hormones for a while.

Glad work were cool.

Am not sure about telling mine, I don't like to talk to my boss about it because it is like am saying 'wooo I have had LOADS of sex!' My boss (actually my uni supervisor) is like a grandad figure to me grin which is lovely and I just love him but it does make this kind of thing a bit awkward grin

good luck for scans today and congrats on all the successful scans over the past couple of days. lovely news smile

cuppateaandagingersnap Wed 24-Oct-12 11:38:35

Just back from my first midwife appt, I knew it was just going to be a form filling exercise and bloods but all the same feels quite exciting to be in the system officially. Now just have to wait for my 12 week scan date, so jealous of everyone who's had their scan already!!

wilderumpus Wed 24-Oct-12 12:08:12

sorry forgot to add: 10+3

hopeful92 Wed 24-Oct-12 13:10:31

Hi everyone, checking in!! Not been on here for ages as my laptop has been broken!! So here's an update!
Had terrible all freaking day morning sickness from 6 weeks til 9 weeks, and thankfully it has now subsided to a mere queasiness for now - working at Greggs was NOT fun having bad sickness!! I am 10 weeks today! Very excited for my first scan which is booked for 6th Nov - less than 2 weeks eeeeek!! Can't wait to announce it after the scan! Got my driving theory test booked for the 7th Nov, so hopefully will have my driving test passed before the baby arrives!

Bunnychan Wed 24-Oct-12 13:27:46

When did you all have your appointments with the midwife? I'm 9+5 and haven't heard anything yet x

PedanticPanda Wed 24-Oct-12 13:31:18

bunny I'm 10 weeks today (woo!) and am meeting my midwife next Thursday for the first time, but it's just for a quick chat with the midwife at my local gp surgery. I'm still waiting to hear from the midwife from the hospital about a booking in appointment and a date for my scan.

cuppateaandagingersnap Wed 24-Oct-12 14:05:51

I'm 9+5 and just had my booking in appointment today, I'd phone up to chase it up if I were you bunny

hopeful92 Wed 24-Oct-12 14:38:59

I had my booking appointment at just under 5 weeks, she booked me in for my 12 week scan then and there. I rang the doctors, they gave me the number for the midwife, I left a message and she rang me back within a few days. Then I had my appointment and well here we are! Not given bloods or anything yet though, I'm waiting for her to contact me about that appointment.

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Wed 24-Oct-12 15:17:21


Scan all done and everything so far is fine smile I cried when we saw the heartbeat. Baby would not stop moving, was flipping this way and that. Took longer to get measurements because of that. Got some lovely scan pics, one of which was from when the baby flipped over and is from underneath as if looking up at a bum and a pair of legs and that's all! If that makes sense?

Now 12+1, so only a day out from what had been estimated before. Will update stats thread in a bit.

Told my older DCs and there were really excited. Started to cry again telling them. Bloody hormones! Think it's the relief I'm feeling that keeps doing it.

Just got family to tell later now. Then I'm going to bed exhausted and by god I'd better have a good sleep tonight!

Hope you're all doing ok today smile

wilderumpus Wed 24-Oct-12 15:20:31

well done terror! yay!

bunny I would chase them up. I think they like to do it around 8 weeks so you might have been overlooked! I had mine last week, at 9 weeks pg.

3rdtimelucky73 Wed 24-Oct-12 15:30:59

Kittykatmacbill and hopeful we have our scans the same day smile

Hi everyone sorry haven't been on in a while have had lots going on.

Pedantic Congratulations on your engagement.So romantic.Enjoy.

Congratulations to everyone on their scans and seeing lots of healthy babies.

Dp and I booked our Wedding today for August 2014.I am so excited have had a lil spring in my step all day.However,i am feeling very nervous about the scan tomorrow.


scooby26 Wed 24-Oct-12 17:23:08

Just in from private 9 weeks scan- all good. HB 174 and sizes perfectly to my expected dates- 28 may x

berri Wed 24-Oct-12 19:46:13

Lovely to see all the scan news rolling in!

Beautician congrats on setting a date grin

Very strange today, have literally developed a bump overnight. Yesterday, jeans etc all fine. Today I can't do anything up and look about 5 months pregnant!

Berri Im with you on the bump.I have a definite bump now.I presume im showing so early as its my third and my muscles are already shot.

I am feeling really uncomfortable in the evenings anyone else.Just a strange heavy dont know what do do with myself feeling.I wonder if im more aware this time as with the ds's i was too busy being sick all the time.

Berri, I was like that yesterday! I woke up, couldn't do my trousers up, looked down and had a bump. Today everything's gone back to normal! grin

Hi, it was me that had the (unexpected) internal scan! It was to check the length of the cervix to predict if a premature birth is likely. I'm not high risk or anything so not sure why, but they do seem to have extra scans at my hospital (one at 32 weeks which I'm pleased about). Think it's just standard here.

Didn't want to worry anyone; I think it's unlikely, but they didn't warn me before it happened so you never know!

Good to hear about all the lovely scans, and good luck to those still waiting smile

Oh and my ms seems to be getting worse mot better sad threw up twice at work this morning, thankfully no one else was in at the point. When will it get better?!


LittleBairn Wed 24-Oct-12 20:40:38

hopeful my mum worked in Greggs when she was pregnant with me and had very serve hypermisser! She's was just going on about how awful it was recently, it was almost 28 years ago, mentally scared!

littlepicklehead what a bizarre reason to scan if no previous problems!

So pleased everyone is getting good scan news.grin

I'm a bit worried got a weird nervey pain going along my pelvis. It's just suddenly came on in the last 48 hours but it's really disturbing my sleep and general comfort. sad

LittleBairn Wed 24-Oct-12 20:46:35

wild lol it was a bit odd bit like saying I've been shagging loads, not helped by one of the dad bosses asking how long it took...blush

Kittykatmacbill Wed 24-Oct-12 21:51:43

3rd ooh good to think that someone else is counting down as enthusastically as me to the same day. Mine is at 1350, i asked for as late as possible as some how I can't imagine successfully going back to work. grin

I too am suffering from 'my tum gone huge issues', aJnd although I have bought a pair of fat pants (actually there not bad at all h&m mama - they look normal). I can't quite get my head round wearing them per scan. Issue has come to a head as we are for a long planned city break to Belgium (the 'land of in edible yummyness' as I am calling it) and therefore can't spend 2/3 of the weekend in my pjs. What do I do?confused

babygeek Wed 24-Oct-12 22:54:08

Hi everyone! grin, love following all the chats although I am only contributing occasionally.
Little one of the (male) directors at my work said "We know what you've been up to" loudly in our open plan office when I told work I was pregnant, Euuww!!
Kittykat I am heading to Belgium as well for a work trip. There had been talk of a Belgian beer tour, sigh...I am stocking up on Belgian chocolates though dammit!
Pedantic congrats on the proposal, that's double the exciting things to plan for now.
Hope everyone else is doing ok despite the ms etc.. Mine seems to be manageable although some days it is worse than others. I am getting pampered at a spa tomorrow with my close friend who is visiting me from Aus. Cannot wait! Will tell them I am pregnant but hopefully won't affect the mani and pedi I have planned smile
My scan is 6/11.

3rdtimelucky73 Thu 25-Oct-12 02:50:12

Kittykatmacbill, mine is even the same time, have already had the date for a month, seems to be dragging on forever.....

Babygeek there's a lovely alcohol-free Hoegaarden raspberry beer over here (the alcoholic one is only 2% anyway). Don't forget the stoopwafels, gaufres, frites & moules either.

Mmmm that raspberry beer sounds lovely!

I'm puking loads more that normal sad how do I know if its ms or if I actually have a bug?

mwncigirl Thu 25-Oct-12 09:12:44

12 weeks today! Hooray!

wilderumpus Thu 25-Oct-12 09:58:08

littlepickle if you are worried about your ms ring your MWs, they won't mind? can you keep stuff down or do you feel overly weak? smile

so funny to read about a few of you all of a sudden getting bumps as that happened to me this morning! I have a really lovely neat little bump and am completely in love with it smile I am sure it will go tomorrow. is much different and nicer than my 'bloat bump' at 5/6 weeks grin

internal scan at 12 week scan seems a bit hmm! super thorough!

wilderumpus Thu 25-Oct-12 09:59:00

little bizarrely positioned smiley face at end of para to you, sorry!

wilderumpus Thu 25-Oct-12 09:59:23

oh feck - 10+4 smile

Yes I can keep things down (though breakfast isn't making it!) don't feel too weak so I think it probably is just ms. So weird it's getting so my worse - 2nd trimester tomorrow, full of promise!


10storeylovesong Thu 25-Oct-12 12:05:25

little mines been the same and got worse in 12th week - only lunch was staying down. The last two days have been much better though and I even managed to cook dinner for the family yesterday!


Picklep Thu 25-Oct-12 13:31:01

Hope you guys feel better soon little and *10 -sure you will being so close to 2nd trimester now.

I had mad day yesterday, more energy then I've had in weeks, so like a mental person did all the jobs I've been itching to do, cleaned the house, washing, sorting out...wow, I'm regretting today. Can barely lift my head. Lesson learnt..when the energy comes, steady as she goes! These sharp stitch like pains are still hanging about too, read online it's ligaments stretching which when I think about it too much brings on the nausea!


MooLL Thu 25-Oct-12 14:09:40

oooh envious of all you with proper bumps - mine is just bloaty baby at the moment that grows amazingly quickly as the day goes on! I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXHAUSTED TODAY ... cannot concentrate at work between feeling tired and trying not to throw up at my desk - dreaming of lying on the sofa under a blanket! We have a quiet room at work for expectant mothers - however havent annonced yet so cant really slope off there yet grrrrrr sad

EllieBuffalo Thu 25-Oct-12 14:22:26

A quiet room at work, I'd love that although if we had one in my office we'd probably have a lot more women getting pregnant! I have the day off for the scan in 13 days (not that I'm counting) but I'm looking forward to a lie-in as much as the scan as I have early starts including weekends every day until then smile

10 + 0

MooLL Thu 25-Oct-12 15:06:43

Ohh EllieB I'm also 10+0 today and have my scan in 13 days yay!

wilderumpus Thu 25-Oct-12 15:16:54

littlepickle if you feel weak it certainly can be ms! i was asking to see if you thought you might need to see the dr or could just struggle on. You poor thing, hope it eases soon.

pickle I felt good yesterday too! didn't let myself do much though as am really lazy as thought it might end up catching up with me today. it is sooo weird how that happens in pg.

moo that room must be like torture knowing it is there!

my scan is in 2 weeks, I'll be 12+4! aaaages away.

am home with toddler DS today unexpectedly and he is sooo tired and grumpy and is just completely exhausting me! oof.


Had the scan today and was so great to see baby with a strong lil hearbeat.Im only 11 weeks so we have another scan next thursday.

Im off to update the stats list.So excited.


Picklep Thu 25-Oct-12 16:47:28

Congratulations * beaut*! And you get another scan next week! Great news.

wilde yes pregnancy is so weird, I was lured into thinking my need-to-nest urge had arrived early. I think that when it arrives again I will give it a couple of days just to make sure it's to stay! Hope DS has an early night tonight!

Bunnychan Thu 25-Oct-12 17:13:56

Wahoo! No midwife appointment yet but I've got my scan date! It's on my fiances birthday! Just hope it good news! Only 2 weeks to wait :-)

Ellypoo Thu 25-Oct-12 18:29:41

Scan day today!! Was fab - heartbeat fluttering away, and baby moving around and waving to me, it was magic!! Dated me at 12+2, so I'm 5 days ahead of where I thought, due date is now 7th May - Yay!!! Will update stats list too!!!

Woohoo for everyone elses scan dates through!!

beaver33 Thu 25-Oct-12 18:40:32

beaut that's lovely news. I was the same - was dated earlier than I thought. I'm 11+1 today, so we're still nearly the same date, which is nice!

Weirdly, like lots of others have said, I feel strangely energetic at the moment and haven't thrown up (retching aside, that's a given) for a few days. Don't want to tempt fate and assume I'm out of the woods as so many of you have said it ramps up again at 12 weeks! But enjoying it.

I even cooked a veggie lasagne last night after work and ate nearly half of it blush. I also ate curly fries from the canteen for breakfast....and of a halloumi and roasted veg sandwich at lunch i picked off and ate the halloumi, ignored the veg and side salad, and scoffed the chips it came with.

Learning to embrace the potato in all its fine forms.

I love this thread right now, btw - so upbeat and happy and I'm so thrilled for us all xx

beaver Wow can't believe we were dated still pretty much the same date.Do you have to go back as well for the nuchal scan?

I'm not sure how my dates work.My last period was definitely the 3rd August but it was a breakthrough bleed from ending my pill packet.So presuming thats why.

DP has been in a great mood all day think it all feels real for him now.We decided to tell the boys today as everyone will be talking about it.They are so happy.Ds1 (autistic) said right mum thats 9 months when is that then.Bless him.

MooLL Thu 25-Oct-12 19:40:14

Sooo lovely to read all about your scan results and how lovely to tell dc(can't wait to tell mine)... For those potato cravers out there I've now added potato waffles and potato pancakes to my mashed and roast potato diet! Yum!!

beaver33 Thu 25-Oct-12 21:02:10

beaut yes, I do. Next Friday, when I'll be 12+3. Actually quite pleased - will be so nice to see bub again and be able to track how much it's grown.

I have NO idea how my dates work. LMP was DEF 27 July, but I have a long (35 days +) cycle so must have taken a while...

lauraellajane Thu 25-Oct-12 21:43:06

Hi everyone, so excting to hear all about your scans and appearing bumps smile

I threw up for the first time yesterday, still having plenty of nausea too. Empathise with the not being able to concentrate at work MooLL - I'm so grateful for flexitime and went home early today after feeling rough and doing virtually nothing all day!

Saw the midwife yesterday and looking forward to getting my scan date in the post!


twinklingelephant Fri 26-Oct-12 07:59:57

Hi everyone, lots has happened to us all in a couple of days! Thank you roast, Ellie and pickle for your good scan wishes.
It was awesome, like a few of you have said seeing such a wriggly little thing inside you is fantastic and so reassuring.
little are you at Kings hospital? I only ask as they gave me the internal scan too & said its policy to offer it, like you said to check the length of the cervix. Apparently it helps them identify if you're at risk of giving birth per term. My morning sickness has been worse this week too, not that it's eve really been too bad so I shouldn't really complain.
I've been dated as earlier than I thought so I'm 12 weeks today, not last Saturday, and due May 10th. Took 2 midwives to get all the measurements they needed as it was refusing to lie as they needed it and just as they thought they had a measurement it would jump! It seemed almost to give it a cheeky character!
Randomly though, the new dates mean we conceived whilst at the Olympic stadium watching the athletics! Neither dh nor I remember that featuring on the track & field!! So maybe that's not quite right either.
MooLL where on earth do you work? How wonderful to have that room! Bet it's tempting to tell everyone early though isn't it. I'm going to get one of those 'baby on board' badges for the tube. Hadn't wanted to wear one until my scan. Could really have done with it though.
Happy weekend everyone, and to those fellow teachers - we've made it to half term! (nearly, in a few hours!)

Morning all! Haven't thrown up yet today which is progress wink

Yes twinkle, I am at kings. Was at a different hospital last time which didn't offer it. Are you there this time as well? I'm impressed with the 32 week scan as didn't have that previously either.

Looks like everyone else can rest easy knowing they won't suddenly be presented with a probe!! grin

Sorry I mean twinkling smile

And sorry I'm being really dim, you just said you were at kings...blush I'm blaming baby brain...

10storeylovesong Fri 26-Oct-12 08:48:03

It's so good to hear of all these scans - I'm jealous of your wriggly babies. Mine was asleep and didn't move! How many are still waiting now? Must only be a few?

I managed to get up and clean my teeth without heaving this morning, and have gone 2 days without throwing up so I'm hoping I've turned a corner with my ms.


beaver33 Fri 26-Oct-12 09:03:22

Hey little and twinkling - I'm at Kings too...! We must live quite near each other. There must be scope for coffee at some point!

Didn't have the internal thing though, but that may be because I was dated 10+5 at the scan and have to go back next week. So that's a good heads up to make sure I defuzz the ol' limbs (sigh - anyone else just feeling lax...?)

kittykatskumkwat Fri 26-Oct-12 09:11:00

I'm still waiting [waaaa] face!! Going to have a private scan tomorrow though smile should be 9 +1 as Ellys scan was yesterday and she is due the 7th may think there will still be quite a few left wink lol
Lovely to hear of everyone's happy experiences though

10storey Baby didnt move on my scan either.Was lying with arms behind head.Strong heartbeat.The sonographer told me to give a little cough and baby kicked legs and waved arms briefly.

I cant wait for my one next week.Is anyone else going to have a 4D scan.We have decided we will be.Will leave that until quite late on though.

Kittykatmacbill Fri 26-Oct-12 09:55:47

So I am off our city break to brussels, wearing my h&m mamma jeans - they are so comfy I don't know how I am going to give them up afterwards grin - as yesterday at work my trousers were so incredibly uncomfortable.

Think I may have set my ultimate not eating challenge, going out to dinner with an aunt to a restaurant which always gives out lemonchello, then meeting a friend who wants to go for oyster. Then undoubtedly dh will want to go for much beer, coffee, moulles et frit and rare steak! hmm

Really sore and queasy all of yesterday with three meetings, one an hour and bit away from the office, and one a surprise! Very glad I am not in again until Tuesday!

Ps totally jealous of your scan tales 10 days to go


peardrop2 Fri 26-Oct-12 10:22:53

I'm still waiting hmm Forever waiting :-) 11 days to go for me. When you have your 12 week scan has the baby moved up into the tummy region?


LittleBairn Fri 26-Oct-12 10:27:19

I'm really starting to get a noticeable bump I'm a bit shocked! It's not weight gain I haven't put on a pound since conceiving and the early pregnacy bloat seems to be gone. Odd!

Still have no scan date maybe I'll bet lucky in the post today.
DH and I went out for a meal last night it was lovely but I just couldn't eat all that much half of what I usually eat but it all stayed down which was a relief.


10storeylovesong Fri 26-Oct-12 12:20:07

I want a bump! One of the lads at work tenderly rubbed my belly today saying 'let's feel your bump!'. I had to explain that it was just flab and more than likely mcdonalds!

Bunnychan Fri 26-Oct-12 12:38:05

Lol! I'm mega fat and bloated today and going to wedding. God bless my maxi dress and leggings (instead of horrible tights). I deffo don't have a bump just look fat today! Great x

10storeylovesong Fri 26-Oct-12 12:49:05

Have fun at the wedding - bet you look lovely!

I invested in my first pair of leggings at the weekend from mamas and papas - so much comfier than tights

Sparklyboots Fri 26-Oct-12 12:55:08

I HAVE been keeping up, I swear it, but wow, this thread goes fast. Love all the scan stories - I had to rearrange mine and had the oddest experience of the woman saying to me that I couldn't have an alternative, the hospital would only do the one provided. I started to say that I couldn't tell work about the baby yet (am on probation still, is that dishonest???) and she just cut me off and then I heard her asking another woman to take this call cos she needed to go downstairs. The next woman was lovely and just got me an alternative date, and checked it was within time. ???

We outed ourselves to a select few at the weekend (it was a gathering for DPs birthday). It wasn't brilliant - MiL made it clear she wants a boy. DP didn't hear her say it and now she's denying it, even though others heard, and have since told DP that she said that. Bit unsure of how to move on with that. Damn, have to go... love to all you mamas!

LittleBairn Fri 26-Oct-12 13:09:43

10 shock at someone touching you like that without permission how bloody inappropriate! This is one area of pregnacy I am not looking forward to at all. I intend to making it very clear to people, especially strangers, it's not bloody happening. The only people allowed to touch me like that will be a midwife when measuring etc and DH.

sparkly how rude of your MIL and then to deny it!

ooh exciting twinkling and beaver we should def do coffee once mat leave kicks in smile

I'm actually in borough of lewisham but had terrible time at lewisham hospital so swapped this time. I'm impressed with King's so far, everyone has been lovely to deal with.

10storeylovesong Fri 26-Oct-12 14:05:44

Aw I didn't take offence littlebairn - I get on really well with all the lads at work and they're all made up for me as they know I've been trying. Most of them have kids themselves and are excited for me. He was just trying to be enthusiastic in his own oaf like way!!

If it had been a random stranger though...

10storeylovesong Fri 26-Oct-12 14:11:39

sparkly that's terrible from mil. Does she have other grandchildren? Tbh, I'd try and ignore it (although I know that's hard!) and she'll love bubs when it comes along no matter what it is x

DizziDoll Fri 26-Oct-12 14:19:16

Hello all. I just can't keep up. Lovely to read about all the scans.
Babygeek I am from Belgium and there many pregnant women have a nice dark beer once in a while as it is supposedly good during pregnancy and even better during breastfeeding (stimulates the milk or somat). It seems to not have harmed us Belgians too much <inspects self in mirror closely>

I had my scan today. It was amazing. I had totally forgotten how well you see the whole baby at this stage. I could very clearly recognise the arms, legs and it's little face. My new due date is 6 May so I am 12+4 (I thought I was 11+5 so it is quite a bonus).

We are off on holiday for a week on Sunday. Hooraay!

Sparklyboots Fri 26-Oct-12 14:27:54

Yes, my MiL who wants a boy has other GC - my DS1. So it's clear she just doesn't want a girl. She regularly makes sexist comments so I shouldn't be surprised. But I am furious and thinking that if we did have a girl, she won't get to see her on account of her sexist attitude. Am also extremely upset that she's tried to get DP to think I've lied to him.

seven77 Fri 26-Oct-12 14:39:57

sparkly you're perfectly entitled to be furious! My MIL made it very clear when I was expecting DD (before we knew the sex) that she wanted a grand-daughter. It made me a bit sad for DS, but she had 4 grandsons so at least I could understand it. Am I being childish to hope you have a girl just to spite her?! I take it DP believes you? If she's says anything else get him to speak to her about how her behaviour upsets you, failing that when she starts just leave the room, you don't need to hear it, it's not like you can choose the sex anyway!

Hope everyone else is doing ok, still no scan date here either.

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Fri 26-Oct-12 14:46:30

Yay for all this lovely scan news! It's seems there's news every day now. And well have a few more weeks of hearing about them.

Can't wait for when we're all gearing up for 20 week scans. Will be lovely then too. Although I do tend to shit myself when I have them (well not literally, I shall stick only to the urinary incontinence I seem to have every time I throw up if that's ok blush). <remembers to squeeze pelvic floor>

Beaver grin at your not being arsed to shave your legs! I haven't for I don't know how long! DP noticed the other day and pulled a face. He got told to fuck off. Oh and to go and pregnant himself and see if he could be bothered!

LittleB don't worry too much about people thinking they can randomly touch you. You just need to perfect your 'don't fuck with me face' and they generally stay away. Well they do me grin.

RTchoke Fri 26-Oct-12 15:17:23

Hi Ladies

I haven't been around for weeks but am popping my head back in on this "new" thread. It's great that everyone is having lovely scan news. Are many people still sick? I'm still v nauseated and exhausted, can't wait for the second trimester.

I'll try and keep up a bit better now.


Had my scan this morning - a happy little Brussels Sprout bouncing around inside me. Babygeek have fun in Brussels, there are some nice alcohol free beers to try! So glad half-term is finally here, spending a week in the UK! grin

Stiffybyng Fri 26-Oct-12 16:39:09

Hello, Kings people. I am also there and had my scan today, complete with internal. Embarrassingly, I am a podge, and my notes say the scan was tricky owing to 'maternal habitus'. I was a bit blush, especially as with DD I was about the same size and nothing was said.

Anyway, can I join in properly? I was on the early thread under a different name but too worried about things to add myself to stats lists or post much. I am 12+0 and due on 10 May. DD is 17 months.

beaver33 Fri 26-Oct-12 16:42:39

Ha, all the MIL/baby gender stories make me laugh. My MIL had a TERRIBLE time with her own mother, who told her in no uncertain terms that she wanted grand-daughters.

Unfortunately, she went on to have two boys - one of whom is now DH. Her mum completely went mental and blamed her, and they didn't speak for a long time - months, I think. She eventually came round, but never forgave her for having boys and held a grudge until she died earlier this year.

That is obv very weird.

My mum had three girls. I'm the eldest, and when mum was in hospital in Glasgow about to have me, the midwife said: 'Och, you'll have girls. Y'er no the type tae hae boys.' And look what happened....

Anyone have an instinct about what they have? I don't at all - it's very strange.

LittleBairn Fri 26-Oct-12 16:54:44

RT great to see you back I'm 10+3 and still haven't improved my either I'm hoping over the next 2 weeks it will gradually iorve. <ever hopeful...>

FFS I can hear fireworks already its still light outside, in fact it's quite sunny!

stiffy was the internal because of your BMI or because they wanted to check the length of the birth canal?
I know where I'll be offering to put the wand should the suggest it just for curiosity sake...

LittleBairn Fri 26-Oct-12 16:57:03

beaver no instinct at all, I'm not really convinced by people 'knowing' after a
all it's 50/50 you have a fairly high chance of guessing right!
That said I can understand those who have had previous children being able to compare pregnancies and seeing different patterns with their boys vs their girls.

LittleBairn Fri 26-Oct-12 16:59:16

Oops bad typing First line should read: improved either I'm hoping over the next 2 weeks it will gradually improve.

Picklep Fri 26-Oct-12 17:03:21

Went to see the doc today to test my pee as mw concerned with possible UTI symptoms, turned out fine just stretching ligaments and tender lower back and general peeing more. However, I just MENTIONED the flu jab to find out if the surgery will contact me to offer it...no sooner did I say Flu jab, did he have the flu jab in hand! Barely had time to think about it before it was in me. So, warning guys, if you are not keen, DON'T even mention it. Luckily, I was kind of interested as I have a pretty crap immune system but in hindsight would have preferred a bit of preparation. Must be on commission.

Stiffybyng Fri 26-Oct-12 17:35:37

LittleBairn, it's a new thing at Kings. They did it at 22 weeks last time and now they do it at both. My BMI is the same as before.

I don't think the internal is a bmi thing as mine is 21ish so must just be standard procedure now

So many kings people here! Is anyone going to any of the workshops? I'm golf to miss out the 'parenting' classes this time, but will probably do the breast feeding workshop as had a really rocky start last time

Stiffybyng Fri 26-Oct-12 19:12:43

The breastfeeding workshop was totally ace when I went before. I won't go again as I have a rare condition that means I have supply problems so I'll be seeing a lactation consultant before the birth. Also I'm still feeding DD. But I would definitely recommend it.

Stiffy, how are you finding BFing now you're pregnant again? I'm finding it really painful and that my supply is rapidly diminishing. My obstetrician reckons I'll run out in the next couple of weeks and go back to producing colostrum. I'm a bit sad about having to wean DS. It's like I'm saying he's not my baby any more.

SecretCervix Fri 26-Oct-12 19:26:39

Hey all, just catching up with thread! 12+1 today. Been a bit ill lately can't shake it off as quickly as I'd like. Probably due to being pregnant and run down from that anyway.


Sparklyboots Fri 26-Oct-12 19:32:23

MamaBrussels and Stiffy, I'm still bfing DS1. Found it utterly horrible from weeks 5 to about 10, (painful) but it is getting better. Night feeding can get quite uncomfortable and I seem to dehydrate v. quickly - drank 2l of water through the night last night. One night I had to go and get DS a drink cos both he and I had dried up.... I posted on the bf boards and Angeldog told me that 1st trimester is the hardest and recommended a book called 'Adventures in Tandem Feeding'. It's definitely getting easier, specially the last week, so I hope we can keep it up (DS is still under 2). How far are you both along? It might get much easier quite soon...

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Fri 26-Oct-12 19:51:41

I was going to ask about those of you still bfing too. I've not found it too too uncomfortable it was for a short while but not so much now. My big wonder is about supply.

I read that the slow change from milk to colostrum starts around 26 weeks but my supply seems a lot less now. Let down isn't happening as quickly as it normally does either nor as forcefully (I've finally been able to dispense with the breast pads the last month!). I really wanted to get DS to a year (he's 10mo now) and then decide whether to continue and also whether to contemplate tandem feeding.

I'm worried we won't make a year now sad

He has wake up and bedtime feeds fine but hardly interested in day time feeds anymore. It's like he can't be bothered to hang on until let down happens, but he's not asking for anything at any other time. I'm worried he's not getting enough! Although he does eat brilliantly. Not had night feeds for a long time so it's not like he's making it up anywhere. Maybe he just wants 3 or even 2 feeds a day? That can't be enough though can it?!

Don't worry no one has any answers! I think I just needed to get all my worries about it off my chest as they've been building up. It's good to just be able to ramble and here is a nice place to do that smile

seven77 Fri 26-Oct-12 20:07:40

beaver I think I'm having a boy, not based necessarily on my previous 2, just a feeling I've got. I was also right with the other 2, I didn't just 'think', I knew what I was having, it's hard to explain, but with DD I was so certain I would happily have bought girl clothes before I knew the sex, the only thing stopping me was that I knew it was bonkers! If this one turns out to be a girl instead then I'll agree with you grin.

I can't comment on the BFing having pretty much failed twice, but I hope that all of you hoping to continue feeding are able to do so, there was a woman on my ante-natal thread with DD who did manage to tandem feed her other two whilst pregnant with her third but she was a BFing counsellor. Could it be worth giving la leche league (no idea of their contact details but I've heard they're meant to be brilliant) a call?

LittleBairn Fri 26-Oct-12 20:17:26

thanks bit surprised its becoming standard, if offered I will decline it doesn't seem to offer much medical knowledge IMO. If you do have a short (?) cervix and more likely to go into Pre term labour the last thing you need is to be worried and stressed throughout the pregnacy!

kittykatskumkwat Fri 26-Oct-12 20:25:21

Terror I was told by the 9 month check health carer that they didn't expect babies to have more then 2 aday at that point, my dd has only been having 2 milk feeds aday since 9 months, one first thing in the morning and one last thing at night, she hasn't woken in the night for a feed since she was over 20wks! I think she's could be at the point of loosing the morning one now at 14months though there's no way shed let that bedtime one go, I've fully weened now though, I wanted to TTC and wasn't getting anywhere with af while bf, even down to one feed aday nothing

ProcrastinatingPanda Fri 26-Oct-12 20:33:36

Hey everyone, I've had a little name change, I'm still pedantic but am thinking of changing my middle name to 'procrastination'.

Sparkly & Terra I'm 11 weeks & 4 days now; DS is 23 months so he has BM for comfort rather than nutrition. Finding it very painful and my supply is really going down. I express milk for him so I can see exactly how much is being produced.

I think it's due to pregnancy but it could also be to do with going back to work, DS going to creche and changing my routine IYSWIM. I was going to wean him in Dec anyway but Dr thinks the milk will have gone by then so will try to encourage him to try something else this week while we're on holiday.

seven77 Fri 26-Oct-12 22:01:17

littlebairn sorry can you explain more about having a short cervix and being more likely to go into preterm labour? I've never heard of that before, but had DS at 35+5 and DD at 35+6 with no possible explanation of why.

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Fri 26-Oct-12 22:13:34

kitty that's really interesting to know, thanks.

Did your DD just have water in between then and food snacks between meals? At the moment (well sort of before all this) DS would have his 2 middle of day time milk feeds at the times when you'd give a snack (ie mid morning and afternoon).

I'm not worried about him not having the milk if he doesn't need it as he eats so very well (he's over 98th centile for height and weight) just want to know whether this is down to him and he's causing my supply concerns or whether pregnancy is doing it. I probably won't know will I?!

This is all new to me as I've stopped bfing at 6 months before with my other 2. Different job this time and had longer on maternity leave. I go back to work in about 2 weeks sad and worrying about how to do his bedtime feed. I work evenings and won't be there for bedtime.

What's the betting once the new baby comes I'll have forgotten all of this again and have the same worries! I've already forgotten what the process with work is (it's sort of a vague hazy memory) and paperwork and it hasn't been that bloody long since I last did it!

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Fri 26-Oct-12 22:22:49

MammaB ouch...very painful does not sound fun. Is expressing as uncomfortable? Are you finding the idea of stopping unsettling or are you more than ready? It's good that your plan when to stop hasn't been messed around by more than a month or so. Although I suppose when you have a date in your head to stop it might be upsetting to have to bring it forward unplanned? Sorry if that's too nosy, I know it can be quite emotional to stop and that's without any added pregnancy hormones.

Stiffybyng Sat 27-Oct-12 00:51:13

Hello, fellow BFers. DD is almost 18 months so for us it's pretty recreational. It hasn't been painful for me as I don't experience breast change in pregnancy, and I haven't noticed any change in supply, in that DD feeds about the same as she did before, but I do find early morning feeds fairly challenging for the nausea as DD tends to climb all over me!

BUT my supply issues mean tandem feeding is out I think, as I will need to give all my milk to the new baby. So I will need to wean DD during pregnancy which does make me very sad as I wanted it to be her decision to stop.

By 9 months, the feeds will definitely start decreasing anyway so please don't think you're shortchanging your baby. I do know a few woman who successfully tandem feed so it really needn't be the end of things. There are some mad midwives who will say it can't be done but they are wrong. It isn't unusual though for the older child to wean itself during pregnancy as they dislike the changing taste of the milk.

kittykatskumkwat Sat 27-Oct-12 06:53:18

Terror, yes dd has water all day- to be honist I'm lucky and she loves it do I have no worries on hydration, she gulps her water down as fast as milk! She has 3 meals aday and snacks depending on whether she's hungry and how much she's eaten ( she seems to have turned into an eating machine of late ?!?) I found at about 9 months she never made any signs for wanting her milk in the day after a while and as I like to be out and about alot I didnt think about it until we'd get home but then I thought well of she'd wanted it shed let me know ( she used to make it very obvious!) so we just naturally droped them, the last feed of the day at 7 had always been a bottle I expressed as I read to give them one bottle aday as soon as bf was established so that you would have no problems weening ( this worked perfectly for us and allowed dh to participate with feeding, I know he felt like a spare part the first week and really missed that part) I changed that to formula. Again she never bothered ( I think she may be very chilled though lol) then I kept the morning one up for a while about 6 weeks so I never had problems stopping as I had cut down very gradually and went to a bottle then, I was abit sad to begin with but on the whole it's made life easier now as dh quite often gets her ready in the morning , I shoot off at the crack of dawn before she wakes so I can be home sooner, I had only set myself a 6 month mark though so did it for longer then planed and dd never cared ( ungrateful lol) she's never tried to get to my boobs after or indicated she wanted it now if she sees them she just finds it funny to poke my nipples blush anyway sorry for the long post but hth

kittykatskumkwat Sat 27-Oct-12 06:55:07

Oh my mum feed my db till ds was born fine though, didn't know she was pregnant till 20wks as she's been exclusively bf so it can be done, I don't think she tandomed after though

kittykatskumkwat Sat 27-Oct-12 07:01:40

Sorry forgot to add it sounds to me like he's just reached that age where they naturally start to drop them so do nt worry and I believe in regards to work they allow women time to bf their children in works time although I'm not sure how long that goes on for, is that what you ment?

Bunnychan Sat 27-Oct-12 09:24:50

Morning ladies!! I'm so excited- I just found the heartbeat on my Doppler! Hurray! I've been reading all your experiences of bfing and I think you're amazing: I really want to but know so many women who have struggled so it's good hear happy stories.

twinklingelephant Sat 27-Oct-12 11:34:04

beaver, littlepickle, stiffy we should definitely have a meet up once we're on mat leave. I'm crystal palace based so kings isn't too far in the car. I just need to sort out learning to drive so i don't have to rely on dh!
littlepickle I'm taking up all their offers of classes. this is my first time of begin pregnant so I'll take in any info that comes my way and hopefully make some informed decisions
beaver I hadn't defuzzed prior to my internal! I'd defuzzed my tummy (how fuzzy has that become the past few months!) but presented some beautifully hairy legs! I guess they must be used to it. stiffy thanks for the headsup about them repeating it at 22 weeks. They didn't mention that to me! Seven77 I don't know why there's a link between a short cervix and preterm delivery. Its just what the midwife said.

sparkly I think thats amazing that your FEMALE mil is so sexist and only wants boys. Does she wish she was a man? Maybe its worth asking her!

My mil was renamed by her grandparents! When she was born her parents sent a telegram to their parents to inform them 'pleased to announce the birth of Cathryn blah blah' and they received a telegram back saying 'pleased to hear of the safe arrival of Cathryn-Wyn blah blah' !! They did this with my MILs siblings too. They were very proudly welsh and were insistent that all three children had welsh names! How rude!

picklep I wish my dr would just give me the flu jab. likewise I have a bit of a rubbish immune system (so made hiding pregnancy not too hard!) but my surgery will only give me the jab if I attend a 'flu clinic'. I have a nurse appt on monday, during half term, so I asked if they would give me the jab then too. but no, they won't, and they don't have any spaces in the flu clinic during half term so I'm having to take time off school in the first week back to get my flu jab! I'm almost tempted to pay to get it in boots in my lunch hour but I don't really see why I should this year!

This has been a long message! Oops, I just have one more thing to say - terror I think you have the best come back ever and I hope you don't mind if I steal it for my dh - "go pregnant yourself". Love it!

Happy Saturday everybody!

scooby26 Sat 27-Oct-12 12:06:50


Blurgh!! 9w4 and feeling rather ropey today. Not specificitis! Just dont fancy eating anything but feel yuck. Made soup and can't face it. Think I just need to go back to bed but DS and his snottiness won't allow that- DH asleep upstairs having done nightshift!

Went to the loo earlier and there was a definite teeny amount of brownish blood so feeling hacked off all round. Sure its nothing but can't be bothered today!

Hope yr all having a much better weekend than me! ;-)

wilderumpus Sat 27-Oct-12 12:20:17

terror have you looked on kellymom website about BFing? am sure you have but thought I would state the obvious anyway. My DS was still feeding a lot at 10 months, every baby is different aren't they. I am pretty sure that it is standard that all babies have breastmilk or formula as their main food until they are one though. not real food or water as they need the fats and vits for brain development.

bunny that is amazing, am so happy for you! I would just love to listen in every now and then but I think having it in the house would drive me loopy.

I am feeling pretty well again today! am at least 10+6 smile The tiredness seems to be lifting - I cleaned my whole house yesterday I felt so well and slept badly... but still feel ok today. last week I would have been floored. am relieved! Know it is probably only temporary though.

boobs still sore as heck and still feel rough on and off and am HUNGRY!

beaver and seven I absolutely knew DS was a girl smile turned out to be a girl with a winkle! grin

MooLL Sat 27-Oct-12 13:19:47

I'm another convinced dc1 was a boy ... She was of corse a pink loving girl (I am sooo not girlie so had to learn to love princesses and all things pink) - this pregnancy I'd identical to the last including levels of sickness, exhaustion even to my love of orange ice lollies! Therefore should be another girl - but my DH choice this time as to whether we find out at 20w scan! Had a total Thai food craving last night so devoured Thai fishcakes, green papaya salad and pad Thai - was obviously needing chilli - it's sushi fest tonight then off to see James bond yay!

wilderumpus Sat 27-Oct-12 13:45:42

moo I crave thai too! Thai and soup (thai soup being the ultimate) are my favourite foods atm. def a pregnancy thing. both have to be fresh and not prepared by me which makes me think my baby must be quite posh smile DS was quite happy with sausage rolls!

MooLL Sat 27-Oct-12 13:54:15

Haha Wilde I love the idea of it being posh already!!

babygeek Sat 27-Oct-12 16:08:31

Thanks for all the great tips for tasty food and healthy drink options in Belgium, really looking forward to it now. Found out my work meeting is in a castle!
So exciting hearing everyone's scan stories. I can't wait! Still another 10 sleeps to go...
I think I have the beginnings of a little bump, usually if I am bloated I can suck it in but I can't suck this bump in! Woohoo!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend all wrapped up warm from the chilly weather. The season of hot chocolate has begun grin

babygeek Sat 27-Oct-12 16:13:33

All this talk of Thai food is making me crave it too! Yum, veg pad Thai with lots of fresh coriander. Change of plans for tonight! I need Thai STAT!!

wilderumpus Sat 27-Oct-12 16:44:16

haha baby. well jealous! I think thai takeaway three times in a week would be overdoing it according to DH, am gutted sad I have had to make spag bol which would be great if it didn't have a really stinky meat smell my pg nose thinks is gross. i also hate all food I have made. normally I love cooking!

ho hum.

have a fun time in belgium!

kittykatskumkwat Sun 28-Oct-12 08:19:52

Sorry Wilde but you have offended me abit with that comment about all babies should have milk Untill they are one for healthy brain development as though I would be giving my dd water and food going against advice?! I assure you with my post I was trying to reasure terror that babies going off milk at around 9/10 months was quite normal as was my experience with dd leading me and my friend was actually told by a doctor when her dd was 10 months that she shouldn't be on 3 bottle a day?! Whether that's the rule of thumb I don't know, I know that guidelines change all the time from weaning at 12 weeks till going to 6 months, I know we were all done at 12 by my parents and were fine, I chose to leave it longer but still did it before 6 months as dd made very clear signs she was interested in food. My dsis was also told by her doctor that she should give her ds water or cows milk alot earlier as he was so heavy and to get him on food ASAP because it was less calorie ridden then milk but I think that was a very sweeping statement to say that in your opinion all babies have milk as there main food till one and in my case I know of non where this has been the case including at my dd nursery where they all have 3 meals aday and water as standard unless mums specifically request and provide milk

kittykatskumkwat Sun 28-Oct-12 08:24:03

Oh and although my dd has water all day I did previously put she still has 2 milk feeds aday, 1 at night before bed and one first thing but at 14 months now has just started playing with the one in the morning rather then really wanting it as she previously had

Picklep Sun 28-Oct-12 08:45:25

12 weeks and 1 day today according to my dates, roll on Thursday for my scan!! Praying that all will be ok. Anyone else got a scan this week?

mwncigirl Sun 28-Oct-12 09:30:48

Hey pickle I've got my scan tomorrow! Oh my goodness, it's funny how you count the days, then when it's nearly here I'm really panicking!

ProcrastinatingPanda Sun 28-Oct-12 10:10:49

*The World Health Organization recommends exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life, with solids gradually being introduced around this age when signs of readiness are shown. Supplemented breastfeeding is recommended until at least age two and then for as long as the mother and child wish.^ "WHO | Exclusive breastfeeding". Who.int. 2011-01-15

The WHO seem fine with milk until 6 months then a bottle added alongside food. Breast milk has an added water component too so I assume obviously if bottle fed then water is important alongside food and bottle milk: give your baby water to quench her thirst once she is six months old. Give your baby no more than 2 oz (60 ml) of water at one time and no more than 4 oz (125 ml) of water a day. this is from http://www.health.gov.nl.ca/health/publications/feedingyourbaby6_12months.pdf

mwncigirl Sun 28-Oct-12 10:43:37

Can I just say he topic of breast feeding, weaning etc is such a personal and emotive thing. That's all wink

wilderumpus Sun 28-Oct-12 10:55:07

oooh 'eck. kitty whatever you choose to do is up to you chuck. In my circles it is most unusual to stop supplying milk at 6 months so I go by what i know. I also am very skeptical of drs and HVs tbh as they don't often actually take any formal training in breastfeeding etc. But you can only go by the info you are given and respect. Is indeed very emotive as you have shown though I am not het up about it! do what you like! TBH if you are offended that is naff all to do with me; if someone dissed the way I fed DS I wouldn't give a monkey's - I did my best for him with the info and knowledge I had, end of.

hope everyone else is well and enjoying the weekend! is soooo cold up north!

SeaSalt1 Sun 28-Oct-12 11:01:49

Hi everyone, hope you're all doing well today. The BF discussions are very interesting but perhaps it's a good idea to start a new thread to discuss this elsewhere (*ducks*)? Remember, we're all here to support each other through what's turning out to be really tough time for some and I'm sure there are some lurkers who would like to contribute more (which can be tough when there's a big debate going on).

How is everyone feeling? And how are the scans going? And is there anyone else around like me who hasn't got a scan for a few weeks and is just desperate to get there? Feeling very ill with MS + food poisoning today and wishing more than ever I was back in the UK. I have sent DH off on an impossible mission around Singapore to find me lasagne as I have decided it is the only thing I can possibly stomach (and even that may not go too well)...

Hugs to you all.

kittykatskumkwat Sun 28-Oct-12 11:10:00

I apologise if your comment wasn't aimed at me Wilde it just read as though it was after I had written my experience on terrors behalf, as i have said before I did not stop milk feeding at 6 months I still give 2 aday I said my dd naturally went off her day time milk feeds at around 9/10 months this was as a reassurance to someone who was finding a similar thing happen, and worrying. I don't mind what anyone else does and agree that weaning/ bf and all the like are very personable hence why I was abit short about what I felt was a sweeping statement, your very lucky to be the kind of person who doesn't care if you offend/ upset anyone, I'd like to be more thick skinned but I'm not like that.

kittykatskumkwat Sun 28-Oct-12 11:12:46

Point taken salt, I won't say anything else about it grin

Picklep Sun 28-Oct-12 11:20:44

mwn oh lucky you having it tomorrow!! I know what you mean, i've been desperate to have it but I'm getting more and more anxious the nearer it gets. Fingers crossed it goes brilliantly for you tomorrow and you get some lovely pics.

Still feeling tired but ok, eating habits still strange but these weird stabbing pains are a nuisance, they're not very painful just annoying. Last night i had weird scratching sensation within my womb, it felt exactly like that feeling you get when you have a smear test, that weird uncomfortable sensation but just a bit more painful. Hoping it was just baby shifting about, it's gone now. Another weird thing is my boobs don't hurt but my nipples do?!? Anyway, hope you're all feeling well??


wilderumpus Sun 28-Oct-12 11:21:44

no kitty I wasn't talking about you at all, I just wouldn't do that especially as I have not actually ever met you. <moves on>

sea oh NO I had food poisoning last weekend, is the total pits with being pg too, i really feel for you sad thanks I hope you get something that settles your stomach soon. I had those dioralyte sachets too, are really good for rehydrating and replacing salts etc if you can get any there?

SeaSalt1 Sun 28-Oct-12 11:21:50

Lovely (virtual hug between Kitty and Wilde) smile Now, how's everyone else doing?

wilderumpus Sun 28-Oct-12 11:24:06

pickle I get that scratchy feeling too, really well described! And it happens exactly where the baby should be (is).

I also have a little bump where the baby's house is now when I lie down, DH could feel it today smile

11 weeks today... marvellous! My friends who were also due in May were meant to visit us tonight but have cancelled as they had a mc a couple of weeks ago and are still too fragile to see me being pg. Oof, what a sad day.

SeaSalt1 Sun 28-Oct-12 11:24:13

Thanks Wilde, just read your post. I'm feeling pretty rough to be honest, this is the second bout of food poisoning I've had so far (I'm 9 + 5) and it's pretty miserable. I was crying buckets on Skype to my Mum earlier and she made me feel a bit better. I'm counting the days till I fly home (in March...).

Picklep Sun 28-Oct-12 11:25:35

seasalt hope lasagne works well? I love anything cheesy at moment and fish finger sandwiches are a staple! I've gone off meat except bacon and ham. Eating after 5pm is just a nightmare, everything makes me queasy. So literally could hit DH with his own plate of food...and don't get me started on the sound of him eating!!! (Poor thing, he's taking the brunt of my hormones)

wilderumpus Sun 28-Oct-12 11:27:15

aw sea being away and pg is so hard. I went away to india for work when 16 weeks pg with DS, was only for three weeks but I hated it. I made sure I only ate veggie food and actually, shamefully, ate way too many cheese toasties and fries and omlettes and avoided indian food as my previous trip made me insanely sick (and skinny!).

Completely understand the homesick feeling sad hope you find some creature comforts soon.

kittykatskumkwat Sun 28-Oct-12 11:35:06

That must be hard to be away from your mum in a different city sad
Hope your dh has some luck, is lasagne not common there?

SeaSalt1 Sun 28-Oct-12 11:38:47

Thanks Picklep and Wilde, DH is home - no lasagne in Singapore I'm afraid but he's found some stuffed pasta (ridiculously over-priced, oh for a Sainsbury's down the road...). I never thought pregnancy would be this hard - I'm discovering that there's a lot people don't tell you when you're growing up.

Wilde - SO sorry to hear about your friend's miscarriage, that must be so hard for both of you. Two of my closest friends lost babies earlier this year so I know exactly how you feel.

wilderumpus Sun 28-Oct-12 11:43:23

sea am sure you are connected with work etc but is there an expat community there to help you? I bet they will know where to get lasagne or ingredients grin. Or if you haven't got that far yet I bet there is a blog from someone living in Singapore that you mioght learn stuff from?? When in India we found an italian restaurant (in india!) thru an ex pat friend and all sorts of hidden creature comfort excitement! And I was only there for four months but it meant the world when I was homesick smile

SeaSalt1 Sun 28-Oct-12 11:44:10

Thanks Kitty, sadly it's really hard to get some types of western food here. There is a lot of Asian food (Chinese, Japanese, Thai etc etc), which I normally love but even the smell makes me feel sick at the moment. I wish I could just pop down the road to a supermarket to satisfy a craving (Gu desserts, lasagne, pies, scotch eggs, 'western' soups and 'proper' chocolate being things I miss the most). I'm trying to make do but have already lost some weight. Perhaps if I were in the UK I'd be craving dim sum though (you never can win with these things...)

SeaSalt1 Sun 28-Oct-12 11:47:12

Thanks Wilde, that's a really good idea - so far I haven't made it out of the flat much when I'm not working as I've needed to rest and have felt too sick, but as soon as I'm feeling up to it I'll try and get out and about more. It's been a really hard first month but I'm hoping the rest of my time here will improve - I really want to make some friends and have some fun! Roll on 12 weeks! I'm going to log out now as I'm 8 hours ahead and the stuffed pasta is nearly ready (cross your fingers for me that it stays put!). Thanks for the chat everyone, you've made me feel so much better.

kittykatskumkwat Sun 28-Oct-12 11:50:49

Sea salt, I'd send a request for a care package from home, particulaly the chocolate, that would be easy enough to send and would probably make you feel tons better, my Irish friend sometimes sends me dairy milk as it is different then that here ( contains higher coca) I love it grin you can get those packs of pasta with different insides which would be ok to post aswell I reacon

kittykatskumkwat Sun 28-Oct-12 11:56:50

On a very depressing note, is anyone finding they can't stay up program's they like? Downtown tonight at 9 but what with the clocks aswell there's no way that I'll be awake, dd woke me up at 5 sad

kittykatskumkwat Sun 28-Oct-12 11:57:23

Downtown? Downton obviously

seven77 Sun 28-Oct-12 11:58:05

seasalt it must be so hard being pregnant and away from home. My scan won't be for a while yet either, I'm 9+6 and have t even got a date for it yet.

wilde sorry to hear of your friends MC, I can understand her not wanting to face you. After I had mine in June I even hid my pregnant cousin on fb, of course I was still happy for her, but I just couldn't see her scan pics and posts about going baby shopping without crying. Just give her time, she'll soon come round.

wilderumpus Sun 28-Oct-12 12:01:32

seven thanks, I know is nothing to do with me, really... after my mc I was the same and still actually haven't seen my friend who is due two weeks before I would have been in Nov or been back to the hairdressers where my hairdresser was also due in Nov! I can't face her or her bump (or crappy comments about 'squealing babies'). So I do know. Just makes me so sad that I can't help because actually I am the last person in the world she wants to see right now sad

anyway. arf am working today. is rubbish!

berri Sun 28-Oct-12 12:27:05

Seasalt - another expat here, we are in USA for a few years. Being pg is making me v homesick too, all I want is to be around my friends & family, and although I have of course made friends here, it's just not the same.

You said you were going home in March - is that for good? I'll be giving birth here which is also scary as its all v different from when I had DS in the UK.

Relying on Facebook to keep up with everyone from home - still trying to think of a witty way of putting it on there to surprise everyone!


Sparklyboots Sun 28-Oct-12 12:54:45

Hello all, another sick one here. Sea sick all effing day, sometimes think throwing up might actually help? I'm 12wks on the dot, so feeling cheated that it hasn't magically disappeared...

Hard to be away from all your familiar things, much sympathy seasalt.

Appreciate that bfing talk can get wound up quickly - can I still moan about it though? It is still hurting and my DS is still a boob monster, especially since I went back to work, and has never 'slept through' (22mo) though once made it til half past six after an 11 oclock feed - at 4mo. I remember that night with great fondness. My pg friend (due to give birth last Friday so may not still be pg) was bfing when she got pg but her supply crashed and her DD just lost interest. I somehow don't think a lack of milk will put my DS off though, he is extremely fond of my boobs, which he washes with great tenderness in shared baths and sometimes just stops for a quick kiss and a pat blush. Obvs I will be happy when he grows out of this but a mere lack of milk is unlikely to dent his obsession....

Told my parents, who said all the right things, so I felt very happy. Think I will take up the 'boy would be better' shit with MiL as at the moment I just feel like I can not talk to her without quietly brewing on this. I really am not finding our relationship in any way satisfactory and it's so fucking dull, isn't it? This 'my MiL's a witch' narrative? I'm sure that it's related to those other horrifyingly divisive cultural narratives about women being 'bitchy' or whatever, which where they have truth are nevertheless related to the way that women are constructed in social relationships and not a quality of women in themselves. So if I am enough of a feminist to object to MiL's sexism, I should be enough of one to see that where she expresses that stuff, she's expressing the way she has been limited and degraded by patriarchy. Or something. Anyway, something has to shift and it's unlikely to be her...

Have doppler envy! Am concerned that it would turn me into a mentalist though, have tendencies to catastrophise... thoughts?

berri Sun 28-Oct-12 13:17:12

Sparkly I LOVE my doppler - I use it once or twice a day & find it a massive reassurance. I was v lucky to be able to find the heartbeat really early on though, so I can understand how for some women it might cause more worry than relief!

kittykatskumkwat Sun 28-Oct-12 13:25:59

Laughs at sparklys boob washing incidents, he does sound like he loves them grin

RTchoke Sun 28-Oct-12 13:37:57

Sparkly - that sounds hard. Do you want to gently prod your DS towards weaning or are you set on continuing until he self weans? I had to encourage both of mine to wean at around 15 months and it was so hard that eventually the only way I could do it was to go away for three days and leave DH to get them onto milk. It worked brilliantly both times and I got a holiday out of it both times!

Seasalt - I hope the stuffed pasta was good. I feel for you living somewhere so different right at the time when home comforts are what you want most.

My sickness fluctuates day by day. Somedays it ain't bad at all and I can have a near normal day (until about 8pm when I always crash). Other days like yesterday it is awful and I can't do anything much at all. Anyway, today is a good day so I've done crafts with the girls, taken then to the supermarket and made a big lunch. Now my brilliant DH has taken them both swimming, with the promise it will take hours and they will return exhausted. I am supposed to be making a sausage casserole while they are out but cutting up raw sausages is a thought worse than anything. Urgh. For that reason I am lying on the sofa messing about on my laptop and watching re runs of Greys Anatomy [high brow].

I'm late to the chat about predicting gender. I have two girls and I'm thinking that is probably a girl too because this pregnancy feels similar to the last two, although having said that maybe pregnancy is just pregnancy and I'd feel like this no matter what. We will find out at a private nuchal a week next Friday (NHS nuchal is this Friday - can't wait).


RTchoke Sun 28-Oct-12 13:38:43

Oops, I mean 10+6, getting ahead of myself there!

wilderumpus Sun 28-Oct-12 14:05:51

ah sparkly! My DS started sleeping through about a month ago and he is nearly three! So I feel your pain. he was a boobmonster too and finally weaned just after his second birthday but still adores my boobs blush if we are out and he is tired and I am carrying him he will think nothing of sticking his thumb in his mouth and trying to stick the other one down my bra for a comforting grope blush I have told him and told him but he just can't seem to leave them alone. Arf.

am glad it was lovely telling your parents/ and in laws are oddities for a reason - other people's families are always strange smile My MIL is a complete fruitcake.

Am really thinking about getting a doppler berri. I have had spotting for the last three days (a minor amount and no cramping) but am starting to get edgy about it... but I don't want to ring the MW, or fret DH about it (again) and get to EPAU, have half another day waiting for a scan... It is sooo stressful and sad! if I had a doppler I could just check for myself couldn't I.... but what if I can't find it?!?!?! I would completely fall apart!

hmmm. what kind is good to get?


kittykatskumkwat Sun 28-Oct-12 15:20:57

Can you really find out gender as early as 12/13wks?!? Wow, I think I may be having a boy based on nothing more then I have ms this time non last and more spots, I was thinking testosterone?
Sorry to hear about the spotting Wilde. Really, I'm sure it will be nothing but after suffering 2 mc myself I know how worried I would be to and also the telling dh when you don't want anyone to worry especially If unnecessary, from what I've read on doppelers most people seem to be recommending an angel sounds one that I think you can get resonably on eBay

LittleBairn Sun 28-Oct-12 15:23:45

wild that's why I'm holding off buying a Doppler they aren't always useful at this stage in the pregnacy and would cause me to panic if I couldn't find a heartbeat. Im going to try and wait until 16 weeks.

I have arranged to meet a doula next weekend, quite excited I hope we get on because I've really struggled to find a doula in my area.

Still getting hip pain but I've been keeping my knees together and feet flat on the ground and that seems to help. I had to buy a new armchair from ikea in order to sit with better posture as being so short most armchairs and sofas mean I can't touch the ground. blush

LittleBairn Sun 28-Oct-12 15:25:09

Forgot I'm now 10+5

RTchoke Sun 28-Oct-12 15:33:02

Yes Kitty, I found the gender at 12 weeks with both DDs (not on NHS though).

wilderumpus Sun 28-Oct-12 15:47:59

12 weeks! wow rt!

I agree little. I have heard that lots of MWs are now refusing to listen in at 16 weeks for the same reason?! i hope mine tries.

10storeylovesong Sun 28-Oct-12 16:32:43

Ooh I was wondering about the gender thing myself. We have a second scan in week and half - will be 15+1 and was wondering if there was a chance they may be able to tell gender... I'm so impatient!

SmokeyEyes Sun 28-Oct-12 19:41:42

Hi all, I know I'm horribly late but I wondered if I could join in this thread?!?
My stats: SmokeyEyes DC1 EDD 23/05/2013 smile
Feeling v nervous/scared/excited for my scan in a week and a half. Feel like I can relax a bit after that, although I'm sure I'll continue to worry! Also have to see a consultant at the same time as my blood test showed low platlet levels. Hoping when they retest, everything will be back to normal.
Lovely reading all your posts and knowing there's others going through the same stages!

BoolaBass Sun 28-Oct-12 23:45:06

Hi, I am also a newbie and expecting my first DC. Hasn't really sunk in yet, bit of a shock to be honest. Partner and I only recently decided to try for a baby and it's all happened very quickly! Exciting though. Everything is fine so far. Some bloating and back pain but hardly any nauseau luckily.
My stats: BoolaBass DC1 EDD 20/5/2013
Scan is on Tues (2 days). Will start to feel a bit more real then I think. Really pleased to have found all of you. I'm sure I'm going to have lots of questions.

RTchoke Mon 29-Oct-12 08:39:39

Welcome Boola and Smokey. Congratulations on your pregnancies.

I am having a new kind of prenatal testing today. Can't remember if I told you guys about it. It's called Harmony. It's much more accurate than the nuchal at detecting chromosomal disorders, on fact it has reliability not much below a CVS but it's noninvasive. I think I get a v quick scan today to confirm dates then a blood test that tests for baby's DNA in my blood (I think!) then the nuchal next week and all together I'll get a 99% reliable result for Downs. V nervous about today's scan even though it'll only check dates.

Is anyone losing chunks of hair in the shower every morn? I remember this happening post birth last time but not pre.

rachywhite83 Mon 29-Oct-12 09:50:35

Morning ladies !
I'm home from my holiday. I had a lovely time apart from AWFUL migraines. Really suffering. Went to doctors this morning and he told me I wasn't fit for work and signed me off for 2 weeks sad Got my scan to look forward to tomorrow. Feeling so nervous about it. Please tell me others felt/are feeling the same x

MooLL Mon 29-Oct-12 10:11:30

RT I've heard of it and was offered it this time (feral medical centre) but decided against it .... For no good reason bar wanting the experience to be the same as the last time (creature of habit)! Just going to go with the regular one like last time ... Is fascinating to read about it though ESP as they are expecting the nhs to pick it up in the next 5 years. Be interested to hear how it goes...

Don't seem to be feeling as sick today and not quite so tired ... Trying not to get too excited that I may be getting better (have a week long trip in dec to ny with DH and no dd1 so Really want to be back feeling human again before that)!

MooLL Mon 29-Oct-12 10:16:12

Oops that was meant to say fetal not feral - stupid texting!!!

FlaminNoraImPregnantPanda Mon 29-Oct-12 10:42:51

Can I join your group? I'm due on 6th May.

rachy I cried when I had my scan last week. I was fully expecting them to find nothing and to be told it was all a figment of my imagination. Instead they found a tiny little baby who spent the entire time using my insides as a trampoline grin


RTchoke Mon 29-Oct-12 11:50:09

Snap Moo, I too am at Feral Medicine Centre (love that new name) in fact I'm in the waiting room right now feeling dick and nervous and bursting for the loo!

RTchoke Mon 29-Oct-12 11:52:03

Noooo, another typo! I am not "feeling dick" that would be quite wrong in a medical waiting room! I'm just feeling sick. Like I do everyday. All day.

beaver33 Mon 29-Oct-12 12:05:57

Hello Smoky, Boola and Flamin - welcome to the thread and congratulations!

We have a separate stats thread on the Antenatal Clubs board, called something imaginative like 'May 2013 stats'. If you go on there, scroll down to the last set of stats, copy and paste them into a new post with your stats added that's the best way to join in.

I have had my bro-in-law and his mad girlfriend staying this weekend, so it's been a bit full-on. They decided to stay an extra night and of course we had to say it was fine, even though DH is full of a streaming cold and I just felt knackered and wanted to snuggle down for a night of home-made pie and mash and Homeland.

Feeling a bit perkier this morning - have already scrubbed everything clean and fixed a washing machine leak (polishes halo).

RT am soooo with you on the all-day nausea, although it's starting to lift a bit. Could be just temporary, though - had a major proper ol' vomit as I was leaving work at 9pm on Sat night.

Anyone else find it's liquids that make them want to be sick rather than food? I literally have to force water down....


10storeylovesong Mon 29-Oct-12 12:17:14

I'm with you on the liquids beaver. I'd gone 3 days without being sick without last week then a lemon and ginger tea made a violent reapparence!


FlaminNoraImPregnantPanda Mon 29-Oct-12 12:32:19

I've given up water beaver and gone over to strawberry and watermelon squash instead. I normally can't stand squash but apparantly baby likes it.


Kittykatmacbill Mon 29-Oct-12 12:42:02


Back from a mini breaklet in Belgium! It was lovely much lazy ambling and sitting in cafes not drinking coffee, but luckily they pretty much all universally do fresh mint tea which is about the only nice hot drink at the moment.

Managed to get thru the whole weekend without Having a quease either. Which was wonderful! Although not being able to all the lovely Belgium food! Turned down so many nice things!

However - Woke up Sunday feeling so much better than I have weeks still tired but not pie-eyed and spaced as I have done for the last six weeks. Almost a bit scary hmm then I was reading on Emma's diary that placenta kits in blah blah. Have had no other symptoms so I presume everything is okay....

Only a 8 days to scan and now at 11+1 whooo

peardrop2 Mon 29-Oct-12 12:50:25

kittykat sounds like you had a good break! I was fine over the weekend and now I have a overwhelming tiredness that hit me this morning, I don't like the taste of anything but can keep everything down and constipation is back with revengence :-( I was wondering if this had something to do with moving into 11 weeks tmz and the placenta kicking in? Anyone know?


peardrop2 Mon 29-Oct-12 12:51:35

Oooooh 9 days until my scan...that cheers me up a little :-)

10storeylovesong Mon 29-Oct-12 12:53:47

kittykat that sounds perfect!

ProcrastinatingPanda Mon 29-Oct-12 13:00:43

Oh another panda


wilderumpus Mon 29-Oct-12 13:08:52

glad you had a nice break kitty. am 11+1 too and have been feeling much better for a few days now smile nausea practically gone (tho swings by periodically) and tiredness much more manageable but the best thing is being able to think again! still super hungry tho, food faddy and have generally low energy levels. and reaallllly thirsty!

glad a few of us are feeling the same smile

FlaminNoraImPregnantPanda Mon 29-Oct-12 13:13:24


Kittykatmacbill Mon 29-Oct-12 14:03:37

That should have been 'placenta kicks in' stoooopid iPhone and brain!

wilde, 10 and pear it was! If only I did not have go back to work tomorrow and having to work Saturday too!

peardrop2 Mon 29-Oct-12 14:57:18

kitty when does the placenta kick in? 11 weeks?

God I wish this stupid morning sickness would clear up like some of you guys - it's getting worse not better. I threw up three times yesterday! Although we have all been ill and DD up a fair bit at night, tiredness does make it worse so perhaps that's why

MooLL Mon 29-Oct-12 16:03:03

I thought I read somewhere that the placenta starts to work around week 8 or 9 but fully takes over by week 12 hence I think tentatively that's why at least sme of us are beginning to feel better relative to where we have been ( if it helps anyone one on DC1, you totally forget about how rough this stage was, certainly I had totally forgotten ... And will be be only too happy to forget again!)

RT ok you win on the typos - lol! The good thing about the FMC is Marylebone high st is just around the corner for baby thing buying post scan :-) defo will be doing that again if DH makes the call to find out te sex ( currently about 80% sure he will) yay!!

Ellypoo Mon 29-Oct-12 16:32:31

I can't believe that you can find out the sex so early!

We aren't going to find out intentionally - if we do happen to find out accidently in later scans, then that's fine, but we aren't going to ask.

12+6 - am finally in maternity trousers today - feel sooo comfy!!! Ordered some jeans and a jumper from New look this weekend, but I want a couple of shortish (just above knee sort of length) skirts that I can wear with boots & thick tights - has anyone seen any anywhere?

Ellypoo - ASOS have some maternity pencil skirts

MooLL Mon 29-Oct-12 16:41:43

elly there s a black tube skirt in whistles with elasticated waist that I've just bought - not maternity but should work and means you can wear it after .. If not I know jojomamabebe does one and Isabella Oliver has a couple of on the knee ones. I lived in her a-line hipster skirt last time. So far I've treated myself to a pair of j brand maternity skinnies and just put a shopping list of tops for work from Isabella Oliver but the total is quite eye watering so may need to rethink!

TerrorCottaPumpkinPie Mon 29-Oct-12 16:56:59

Ooh-err what went on here this weekend! Rather than bringing anything back up as it seems it's all sorted I shall say a big thank you to everyone who gave me advice and information on my worries with bfing DS right now. Thank you! smile

I had such a hectic weekend. Was my parents ruby wedding anniversary and my sister and I organised a lovely family do for them. But it has knackered me out. We were busy sorting things on the Saturday and the yesterday was the meal and I was asleep before 9pm last night! Got to show off the scan pics to everyone though so that was nice. Not so nice is wondering whether our brother is going to cough up his share of it all. He didn't even mention the money side of it. Just turned up 5 mins before our parents did and left when they did. Hmmm, he better as his share is about £100...

Good luck to all the scans happening this week!

And hello and welcome to the newbies!

Flamin are you sure you're not 13 weeks today? I'm due 7th May (a Tuesday) and I'm 12+6 today grin

FlaminNoraImPregnantPanda Mon 29-Oct-12 17:24:11

Don't know. All these date thingies are confusing me. I had my scan last Wednesday and the dr said due date 6th May, currently 12+1. I was working from that. confused

Ellypoo Mon 29-Oct-12 17:30:16

I'm also due 7th May flaming and am 12+6 today - sounds like you are 13+0 today - yay!!!

Ellypoo Mon 29-Oct-12 17:33:34

Thanks for the skirt suggestions - I'm not a lover of pencil skirts (or rather, pencil skirts aren't a lover of my figure!!), and prefer a-line/flairy type styles. Saw a nice tartan-y one in jojo maman bebe, but they didn't have any left in my style.

wilde, sorry about the spotting - sure it's nothing to worry about. I have had 3 lots so far, and mw said if it's pinky/browny then that's the least concerning of all, and if you haven't had any cramps or anything too, then that's really good - call your mw though for reassurance if you need it, that's what they are there for!

Hello all.I'm struggling to keep up with this thread.Waves to the new posters.

I had a wonderful day today saw my best friend from back home was so great to have a good ol natter with someone.I don't really have any friends where i am now.

Looking forward to our next scan on Thursday.I wonder if our nhs sonographer will try and hazard a guess at the sex if we ask.I really didn't know it was possible to tell so early.


MaybeAMayBaby Mon 29-Oct-12 19:52:31

Hey ladies. I've spent all evening trying to catch up and. Ow I can't remember any details blush-baby brain?! Welcome newbies <waves>.

Was it Little that said about ms getting worse? I threw up for the first time at the weekend-x3! But it now seems to have all gone.

I also have a huge bump! I feel very self conscious. It's way bigger than it should be-I think it might be the half a stone I've gained so far! Tbf, I did last time at this stage too. Then didn't gain a pound for most of the second trimester. Fingers crossed the same thin happens again. I can't do my coat up! I've just been looking on eBay for a maternity one.

Scan tomorrow! Suddenly very nervous. I had one at 8 weeks, so in theory I should be a little more relaxed. How much were your photos? I noticed they are a fiver each here! Seems a bit steep.

Good luck for anyone else for tomorrow.

MaybeAMayBaby Mon 29-Oct-12 19:53:37

Doh! 11+1 (until dates prob get changed tomorrow).

kittykatskumkwat Mon 29-Oct-12 19:59:40

£5!!!! shock

Maybe Im a little nervous for my scan on Thursday and i only had one last Thursday haha.My pics were £3 each and they gave us one extra one.

mwncigirl Mon 29-Oct-12 20:46:14

Well, I had my scan today. Wow! It's actually a baby! With toes and hands and a fast beating heart. I was so scared going in, and bursting for the loo, that was quite a good distraction actually grin At one point the baby looked like it was waving and DS 1 (age 3) waved back. smile.
Poor DH got a major shock, it really hit home that there's a baby in there. He gets it now finally!
For all those yet o have their scans, don't worry, enjoy it. It'll be fine wink

BoolaBass Mon 29-Oct-12 20:50:44

I have my scan tomorrow and am really anxious. Sure that they'll tell me it's all just a big mistake! Guess a lot of people feel like this though. Will let you know how it goes

FlaminNoraImPregnantPanda Mon 29-Oct-12 21:05:26

My scan pictures were free.

MaybeAMayBaby Mon 29-Oct-12 21:41:28

And it's £5 a pic! So if I want more than one....

I was lucky last time (different hospital) as at 8 weeks I got one for free (and a wink). At the 12 week one I paid for one at the machine (£3) and it printed out 2 tickets! I changed to my current hospital before 20 weeks last time so know they are very strict about it (although one sonographer did print one off at 28 weeks for me for nothing).

Because of my type 1, I get loooaasads of scans. I think I must have more than 10 last time! The only perk. It's just this 12 and 20 week one I get worked up about.

Anyone else getting huge? I have put on so much weight in my face and obviously around my stomach. At least I will have an explanation for people once tomorrows out the way (fx).

Good luck, Boola. Is this your first scan? Do I remember right that someone on here is expecting twins? Least I know already that I'm not grin.

FlaminNoraImPregnantPanda Mon 29-Oct-12 21:49:16

I'm looking huge now which is rather surprising since I've lost almost a stone and half since falling pregnant.

I'm another one looking really pregnant wish it was baby but its probably all the food i have been eating.I feel like i have really lost my tone as well.Just feeling ick at the moment and unattractive.So worried DP is going to go off me and that i will end up a single parent to 3.

As you can probably tell my hormones are wild and i am a complete grump monster.I didn't get like this with the boys either.

rachywhite83 Tue 30-Oct-12 08:46:27

I'm so excited about my scan I have been awake since 5 ! grin

roastpotatoes Tue 30-Oct-12 08:54:49

Good luck those with scans today - I hope it's great and you really enjoy it.

I'm 13 weeks now and definitely starting to feel a bit better. Even had a couple of hours of feeling energetic and motivated at work yesterday - hardly recognised myself!


weeblueberry Tue 30-Oct-12 11:15:41

Oh I think I'm a bit late in the game but I'd love to join in! smile

I'm due my 1st DC on May 9th. Am in Edinburgh and would be keen to hear from any other Edinburgh mums due roughly the same time.

Have been feeling completely exhausted these last couple of weeks but am really looking forward to my scan which is booked for next Monday PM.

FlaminNoraImPregnantPanda Tue 30-Oct-12 11:32:00

I just read in my baby book that you should get a special teddy type toy and sleep with it for the next few months. Then your scent becomes embedded in it so it comforts baby when baby arrives.

Picklep Tue 30-Oct-12 17:17:17

I feel unnervingly good today, hungry, energetic......which obviously means anxiety has gone through the roof! Why am I suddenly feeling so good???? Thursday can not come quick enough for my scan!

Hello to all newbies - hope all well!

flamingnora i love the teddy idea!
I read today that we should be getting into practice sleeping on our left-side, which apparently is best for baby. I'm a bit of a flailer and flipper in bed so I'm never going to be able to stick to one side. Isn't there a lot of dos and bloody donts, I'm sure most of which are unnecessary.

MaybeAMayBaby Tue 30-Oct-12 17:35:14

Lying on the left was something I just couldn't do last time. I always woke on my back!

Scan went fine. Felt it was very rushed and not at all lovely and emotional like my last datin