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March 2013 VII: Our little pumpkins are getting fatter

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Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 08:31:21

Old thread here

Stats thread here

Chefette Tue 16-Oct-12 08:41:42

Winner. Cheers Shel grin

sundaesundae Tue 16-Oct-12 08:45:09

ello ello ello!

jojo I have a dreamgenii pillow, it is very cosy and comes with suggested ways of using it. I got £10 off as I joined the Amazon Family thing.

Morning! Marking my place...

chef went to Chiquitos, was yummy yum! AECC last night - thankfully I had the foresight to park in the industrial estate across the road out we'd still be trying to get out the car park...

Ooh sundae what's the amazon family thing?

Totally missed the 7pm candle lighting, think I was getting tea ready and going slightly crazy from being in all day with spotty DD. will light one tonight instead to remember our little dot, who we lost in February.

DH and I have had a reconciliation thank goodness. After my email yesterday he called me and we had a bit of a heart to heart, so all back on track. Hooray.

With regards birth plan, my last one was a sliding scale of drugs etc, depending on how well I coped. I did end up doing the majority of my active labour in the pool with just G&A and it was doable. Prior to that was crying out for an epi, but the water was a big help to me. My biggest issue really is that I had retained placenta and haemorrhage last time and mw said there's a reasonable chance it will happen again. I needed spinal block for the removal last time, so I sort of think, if I am going to end up with a spinal anyway, should I just have an epi for the delivery? I don't know.

Anyway, great news on those scans ladies, less than two weeks now til mine!

Having another day at home with a very spotty DD, but at least they seem to be scabbing now, which means we are hopefully past the worst. Delightful!

First night of struggling to get comfy in bed. I hope it was a one off because I'm not even 18 weeks yet!
No BH here. Didn't have any last time, so fingers crossed I won't have them this time. My friend has been having then for weeks and weeks and they keep her awake at night.

backward that sounds great.
We are going to watch Jesus Christ superstar in Sunday in sheffield and having similar parking dilemmas! grin

JoJoBella84 Tue 16-Oct-12 09:14:15

Just marking - sundae it does appear to be the top choice smile I'm too excited for tomorrow :D

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 09:18:21

Morning ladies smile Interested to hear opinions of the Dream Genii pillows as I'm thinking of getting one. When I sat up this morning my bump ached down one side so I guess it needs some support now. sundae How tall are you? I was just wondering because I read a review of the pillow saying not so good if you are tall.
I'm finally the cold, yay! Now just counting down the days to my scan a week today.
Glad to hear you made up with DH Ethel but sorry your DD is still suffering.
Hmm, birth plans... Obviously I don't have any experience (other than not coping very well with the pain during my mc) but I think I'm just going to keep an open mind. I want to try out the pool but I'm open to taking drugs if it all gets too much smile
Potty training talk is very interesting and I'm trying to remember it for future reference.

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 16-Oct-12 09:20:36

ethelred amazon family is free for three months including prime. Don't forget to cancel though!

confiddled are the others all girls? Or is that pink Am muddling up all the dc4-ers!

sundaesundae Tue 16-Oct-12 09:21:42

Amazon family gives you three month trial to prime and a £10 voucher and then a £25 off a £50 if you keep up the prime (free next day, costs £49 a year, so can be quite good if you buy a lot) and they send you emails with offers and discounts only for family members. Worth signing up getting the £10 voucher, using the prime for christmas and then canceling the prime bit, you still get the emails and stuff.

sundaesundae Tue 16-Oct-12 09:26:24

Sheld I am disgustingly tall..... 158cm smile

I am considering a home birth, we live in Milton Keynes and the maternity unit isn't very flexible towards hypno and water apparently and if needed 5 minutes max in an ambulance.

Am I last to scan??? 6th November and it feels forever away! I'll be nearly 21 weeks.

Em2010 Tue 16-Oct-12 09:28:23

Morning All, Just marking place really. Feeling utterly pants this morning. Return of MS??! blurghh. Just sitting at my desk feeling sorry for myself. Wish I was in bed!

theTramp Tue 16-Oct-12 09:43:41

Sundae - I think we're on a similar scanning schedule you and I.

Oddly I'm sleeping with fewer pillows. Everyone was saying I'd want loads but bigger I get, flatter I seem to want to be. Maybe itll change.

I wish I could recall make but John Lewis sell a fab pillow. It's like a bean bag & you use it after for BF too. I'm sure someone will know what I'm talking about.

Em - hope you feel less bleurgh this pm.

Glad to hear that the cold has finally lifted!

zoeymlucas Tue 16-Oct-12 10:03:36

Well woke up feeling ugggh and was worried I had caught DH flu, I then threw up in a plastic bag and got a leture from DS1 that I was too poorly to go to work and I should go back to bed and rest, lol!! I have come to work as I wasnt in yesterday and have tomorrow off as well and to be honest feel fine so must of just been a passing thing which I am VERY pleased about as going out for dinner with girls to an all you can eat indian and I cant wait smile

My 20 week scan is now next wednesday when I am 20 weeks to the day and am excited even if a bit greedy as I saw little man yesterday! He is starting to get more active and if he is in the right place DH and I can feel him kicking from outside which is nice.

Ow and I am desperate for a subway and have been since 7.00am this morning even when being sick!

Em2010 Tue 16-Oct-12 11:13:43

Thanks Tramp! Am feeling a bit better now thanks to an office whip round which has resulted in choccie biccies, mints and chewing gum!

I have my 20 week scan tomorrow! Am vvvvv nervous!

Just come out of a meeting with the big head. He was meant to be reassuring us that after our HoD leaves everything will be ok but actually, reading between the lines he pretty much confirmed that without our HoD then my job will be diluted and I will end up as a general dogsbody.... (If I were here...) I can't carry on like this! I really need a new career, i'm desperate to retrain but not sure how to go about it....

Sorry for the rant. Am going to go and try that Amazon family tree thing! Sounds good. Might even treat myself to a dream-genii pillow too!

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 16-Oct-12 11:20:04

Am having childcare problems for the first time in 13 years! My mum is usually my childcare and she is ill. She's not been out of bed spear from dr since Fruday. Dh has taken some time off but he won't get paid which isn't great and I now need to negotiate someone to cover me tomorrow so I can leave early so he can go to work.

eigmum Tue 16-Oct-12 11:30:51

Well I managed 12 hours with no poo or cramp! Won't give you the details of my last 10 mins but feel the worst must be behind me. Even getting to like the taste of diaroltye, who knew it comes in three flavours! I am thinking of making a trip into the outside world today. .... If I don't though at least I will have your posts to cheer me up.

sundaesundae Tue 16-Oct-12 11:33:00

eig, good news, hoppefully BRAT and the diarolyte have seen you through. Hope you continue in this way!

confuddledDOTcom Tue 16-Oct-12 11:39:41

Nice new thread, will have to try and keep up this time(!)

EthelredOnAGoodDay - I had a client who had a retained placenta in her previous pregnancy and they wanted to stop her home birthing again, but when she asked the SoM she said it wasn't likely to happen again so no reason not to home birth. There's nothing wrong with an epidural if you need it but it's probably better to save it for when you do as they do increase the chance of complications. A natural third stage (not getting the injection they give in the thigh when baby is being born) will reduce the chance of retained placenta.

TheAngelshavetheOod - this will be our 4th (our angel baby was also a girl, so 5 girls, I think I do girls!)

zoeymlucas - make sure you look after yourself!

On the subject of birth plans, they're best kept short and list the things that are important to you. It's not a time table, you can't plan in minute detail but you can tell them what your options are and what's important to you. Here's an example of things to include:

Birth Partners
your OH, mum, Doula etc

Pain Relief
Best to keep this to what you definitely don't want, what you want to try first, that you plan to staircase (start with low level pain killers and increase as necessary), rather than being rigid. You can also include if you've been working on hypnobirthing, aromatherapy, are bringing a TENS machine, want to use the pool etc. [on mine it includes that I can't have an epidural so in the event of a section they need to go straight to a GA]

In normal circumstances you may wish to keep it to intermittent but put an allowance in for unless there is a problem, you may be happy to stay on the monitor all the time but want it to be telemetric

Again what you definitely don't want, some people would rather a section than forceps/ ventose, you may wish to say that you want VEs limited

Labour and Birth Positions
If you want to use a birthing ball, use the pool, be encouraged to remain active. Again, if there's anything you definitely don't want.

Post Birth
Managed/ natural third stage, who cuts the cord, when to cut the cord, skin to skin, feeding options, who's allowed in afterwards

I also did a contingency plan on a different sheet for if I had to have a section.

confuddledDOTcom Tue 16-Oct-12 11:47:30

I've copied the birth plan to Facebook so we can play with it if necessary and it can be found again.

Em2010 Tue 16-Oct-12 11:54:04

Thanks confuddled that is perfect!

I think the first time around I didn't have a plan, I just knew I didn't want any drugs that would cross over to the baby and I wanted the injection to deliver the placenta!

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 11:56:36

What are the disadvantages of the injection to deliver the placenta?

My birth plan last time was something along the lines of "I'm completely open minded, do what needs to be done and I'll take any drugs. I'd also like to try the pool, but get him out healthily." Turned out i went into labour at the height of the swine flu outbreak, so they'd closed pool to stop contamination or something, I turned up to hospital 8cm dilated, so couldn't have any drugs apart from gas and air, then he got stuck and they pulled him out with the ventouse. Heh...

pinkpeony4 Tue 16-Oct-12 12:07:41

Place marking!

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 16-Oct-12 12:12:59

My birth plan is c-section with spinal done by nice doctor who did it last time! Dh with me then he goes with baby. I then go home ASAP. Oh and no kylies as I was allergic last time!

StormyBrid Tue 16-Oct-12 12:19:49

pinkpeony From Hull to the arse end of Cornwall. Not a journey I'd like to undertake very often. With most websites I'm fine with mail order, it's just sometimes when they ask you to supply your house number and postcode, it suggests a house on the street instead of down our terrace, and if there's no option to manually edit it, I'm buggered.
Not sure when half term is back home. Here it's not next week but the week after. I deliberately came down in term time so for once I wouldn't be stuck with babysitting all week!

What do Braxton Hicks feel like? I certainly get a lot of weird sensations in my stomach, but as I've never been pregnant before I have no idea what's what.

confuddled Elder niece slipped and fell in the toilet bum-first when she was two. Major crying fit was averted my sister telling her about the time I fell in headfirst. Not recommended. grin
Also, yay for a girl! Fingers crossed I get to say the same next Friday.

theTramp Yep, insanely fast-growing nails here. Handy given my face seems determined to erupt all over the place. (What do you mean, we're not supposed to squeeze spots?)
I'm not sure potty training's about teaching a kid how to use a toilet - the ones I know have no concept of bathroom privacy so have always seen adults using it. I think it's more about getting them to recognise when they need to go, and to actually use the toilet instead of just going wherever they happen to be. Still not sure how one goes about it though.

My birth plan: go to hospital, try not to scream, have lots of drugs and then a baby. We've yet to work out most of the fine details.

The man has said all along that he doesn't want to be privy to the gore-fest, so my sister's coming up for a week either side of my due date to hold my hand - fingers crossed I'm no more than a week early or late. Younger niece is coming too, but will be stashed at my parents' house during the screamy part, elder niece is staying in Cornwall because she has school. They don't know about this plan yet, so I am anticipating tantrums when they find out.

The man has, however, recently decided it would be really cool if the first thing baby hears is him playing guitar. He already serenades my stomach, so it'll be a familiar sound. I have assured him he won't have to go anywhere near the business end of proceedings, mainly because I'm planning more than one kid and letting him witness one appearing will probably rule out any more sex ever again. Anyone know if they let guitars in when you're giving birth?

Chefette Yes, Penelope is a very nice name, but I'm biased because it's my mother's.

Sheldonella I find a fairly flat cushion very handy for reducing bump-aches. Lie on your side and tuck the edge of it just under your stomach. Also very good for stopping you feeling paranoid about squashing anyone if you roll on your stomach! I'd definitely recommend it while you're waiting on a pregnancy pillow, though it does make turning over in bed a bit of a chore. Personally I will just be happy to get back to my own king-size bed with ten pillows, which I get all to myself since I wriggle too much and the man snores too much for us to share a bed at the moment.

First hormonal-emotional-crying-ridiculousness of the week for me this morning. The taps in the bath are set to shower mode and I can't figure out how to make it fill the bath normally. I've been looking forward to a daily bath here for weeks (only got a shower at home) and now I can't have one! Cue weeping, gnashing of teeth, flailing of arms, etc. Fortunately there is no one else here to see.

Long post is very long. Time for a cup of tea and a duck and bacon sandwich to recover from all the typing.

Lexiindisguise Tue 16-Oct-12 12:22:56

Place marking - love the thread name! smile

sarahs999 Tue 16-Oct-12 12:43:03

More place marking. Had scary swollen legs yesterday which really upset me as that's how my pre-eclampsia started. They are better today but still feeling a bit wobbly.

myjobismum Tue 16-Oct-12 12:43:48

Hi all!

Thanks for the new thread!

We took the children for a suprise weekend away, which is why I haven't been around - we had a lovely time, but it was very tiring!

We are also having housing troubles <issues with where we will move as this place is getting too small, were hoping to buy but is looking like a no-go now all of a sudden despite having a healthy deposit sad > I am feeling irrational and weepy about it, which I assume is to do with being pregnant?!

Hope everyone is well! I have my flu jab on thursday and my 20 week scan on monday <yay> am 20 weeks exactly tomorrow, cannot believe I am halfway there!

sundaesundae Tue 16-Oct-12 12:44:11

Stormy, there should be something between the taps to push down or pull up for bath to fill or twist the overflow thingy.

eigmum Tue 16-Oct-12 12:57:13

Angel my birth plan is the same. After placenta privia last time and a c section I am thinking of going the same way again. Have to say as someone who was really dull and never did drugs as a youngster I thought the morphine was fabulous!!

eigmum Tue 16-Oct-12 12:58:08

And sundae thanks for the lovely message yes brat and diaroltye my new friends. Can't wait til I feel up to some fruit ...

StormyBrid Tue 16-Oct-12 13:00:08

Sundae, my sister just rang on her lunch break to say she's booked me a hair appointment for tomorrow, and I was able to pick her brains about the bath. It seems the knob also requires twisting, left for shower and right for bath. It is also very stiff, and a knife is required for the shower lifting movement. I shall go and investigate!

zoeymlucas Tue 16-Oct-12 13:14:55

My birth plan is fool proof - go in have a GA, wake up find out about baby weight etc and how he is doing. DH will stay with me until I am fully awake and will then go down to special care to see little man and as soon as I can I will be wheeled down - no one visits until I have seen him smile Good job I am a control freak!

Ummmm I just had another subway steak and cheese thats 2 in 2 days!

StormyBrid Tue 16-Oct-12 13:19:46

Mmm, steak and cheese. I may be full of duck and bacon but I could totally go for that right now.

My cousin had a baby last week. I've not spoken to her yet, but it sounds like she really didn't get to stick to her birth plan - long labour, baby not shifting, eventual caesarean. I can't help but think it must be so annoying, going through the labour part and still having to be cut open. If only we could know how it would go, then you could just jump straight to the caesarean part if need be!

Bath is now running. I am so looking forward to this. There's nothing quite like floating for taking the ache out of one's back.

sundaesundae Tue 16-Oct-12 13:21:49

TMI question ladies, is it normal for your nipples to suddenly get EVEN BIGGER and itchy? My ladybumps haven't grown that, that much but the nipps... jeepers!

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 16-Oct-12 13:30:14

stormy I did that with dd2. Worst of both bits!

sundae yep!

sundaesundae Tue 16-Oct-12 13:36:37

They are raspberries!

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 13:42:37

sundae You are lucky they haven't grown smile I just tried on maternity bras and it seems I'm up to a G!
Thanks for the cushion tip Stormy I'll give that a go.

confuddled my MW is a SoM and said there was a high risk of it happening again! confused. Anyway, I think that opting for the natural third stage this time. Last time I was labouring for a long time and then pushed for a long time and ultimately ended up with an assisted delivery (ventouse) and was absolutely exhausted, so I think I was just in the mindset of, have the injection, get it all over with...little did I know what was in store! Ha!
This mw though is generally much less risk averse than the one I had when I was pg last time (one that ended with MMC). She had said that I wouldn't be allowed in the pool and would need a canula in from the get go cos of PPH. None of that this time, so think if I can I will use the pool. Hopefully the pushing stage will be easier and won't have to have an assisted delivery.

sheldonella the downside of the managed third stage is that the uterus can clamp down too quickly before the placenta has actually been delivered and therefore you end up with retained products, which is IME, just a ballache really. Adv's are that if it works it's all over very quickly and you don't have to wait long for it to be delivered.
Am sure others will have much more advice on this!

pinkpeony4 Tue 16-Oct-12 14:03:35

Cool thread name. My boys are very excited about Halloween!

My birth time first time was like yours Tramp. I ended up with an epidural, episiotomy & pph but it was totally fine and a positive experience I think. I wanted the same for ds2 and as soon as we got into the hospital I asked for it, sadly it arrived when I was pushing & so too late. I did have lots of G&A though and no stitches. Ds3 was almost born in the hospital reception so no drugs at all and again no stitches which was lovely! I did have G&A for the placenta though!!! I have had the injection for the placenta each time and it has come out quickly. My Mum had 3 pph's due to retained placenta so it's something I want out asap. This time I am hoping for a homebirth so a quick, birth like ds3 would be fab and no stitches again a massive bonus!

Tramp My nails are really good and strong in pregnancy and shit the rest of the time. It's one of the perks that I can have nice looking nails!

Stormy Braxton Hicks feel like a tightening of your bump. Not at all painful but you are aware of them.

Sarah I hope your swelling was just a one off. Did you have a busy day maybe with not much chance to sit down?

Sundae Yep to large, itchy nipples - what a joy!

Actually, think it's maybe the cervix that clamps down quickly?! Not sure! blush

pinkpeony4 Tue 16-Oct-12 14:45:09

Ethel I had the canula with ds2 after my PPH with ds1. It meant I had hardly any bleeding compared to the first time (Post birth bleeding not PPH!) which was fab! I was still able to be active with it in too which was great. I think it's the Uterus that clamps down on the placenta which is why you have the injection to contract your uterus and expel it. (I could be very wrong though)

Rainbowbabyhope Tue 16-Oct-12 15:00:59

I have a dreamgenii pillow and it is great - really helps me with the sore bump and also stops me rolling on my back to much in the night. Basically great to help you stay in the optimal left side position as well as making sleeping more comfy.

Really interesting to hear everyones thoughts about birth plans and attitudes towards pain relief. I had a really weird experience during my first labour (induced), in that I didn't realise I was actually in labour and no one informed me I was - in fact the hospital midwives kept talking about giving me more induction drugs so I assumed I wasn't. In actual fact turns out I was in full blown labour and gave birth very quickly and naturally (with me absolutely refusing any further medication). My independent midwife told me it was actually plainly obvious that I was in advanced labour and progressing very quickly so no idea why the hospital midwives were unable to identify this. However the upside of not realising I was in labour was that I didn't feel any pain - I think because I wasn't expecting too until someone confirmed to me that i actually was! It was my first baby so I had no idea what I was experiencing. So for me last time giving birth felt like a really hard workout at the gym - the same kind of level of effort and discomfort as an intense spinning class at most. Immediately after the event I felt like the 'pain' of childbirth was a bit of a female consipracy! This has left me in a bit of a weird position this time in terms of coming up with a birth plan addressing pain relief at all this time because I can't see why I would need any given my last experience. However I fully appreciate that every labour is different and that in four months from now I may have a very different perspective on childbirth!

Seriously, to say I've had a child and am now pregnant again, I can't even remember the names of the key body parts! grin

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 15:10:37

Thanks Ethel. I am leaning towards trying to do it naturally but I may have other ideas when it actually comes to it smile
New horrible symptom today: painful heartburn. I've had indigestion for weeks now but this is the first time it has hurt. I don't have my gaviscon with me either. Grr.

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 15:12:45

Oh and thanks for the pillow info rainbow. I think I would like to see one. I'm not massively tall (5'9") but can never buy trousers so always assume things won't fit me!

Rainbowbabyhope Tue 16-Oct-12 15:21:50

Sheldonella I am pretty short but I actually use the pillow the other way from how it suggests - so that the long bit goes down behind me and the short bit under my tummy. This really helps me stop rolling on my back and I don't use it to go between my legs. I think if back and tummy support is the important thing for you then it may not matter if you are tall.

Rainbowbabyhope Tue 16-Oct-12 15:32:09

sarah really sympathise with the pre-eclampsia symptom spotting. I am also paranoid about this because last time they thought it had pre-eclampsia. Turns out the consultants were wrong and it wasn't pre-eclampsia but this doesn't make me any less worried about it. I do a blood pressure reading and protein urine dips every other day and it helps to keep from worrying - I like to feel I am doing something proactive!

GummiberryJuice Tue 16-Oct-12 16:24:16

lovely new thread thanks Sheldonella

Eek birth plans, I really would love to get my water birth this time, I am going to a completely new unit than I had the other 3 so I am abit nervous of change.

This time I am going to a midwifery led unit that has a bed settee for dh to stay the night if he wants when the baby is born, a massive birthing pool/bath in the ensuite, Plasma TV, I told dh we'll be checking in with first twingegrin

My last dc was born with just gas & air as I didn't have time for anything else, but Tramp my MIL & SIL both say you wouldn't go to the dentist and get a tooth out with any pain relief, so do what ever is right for you, the other 2 I had G&A and pethidine

Like someone else said I'm not getting too attached to a birth plan as I really wanted a water birth with dd2 and when I went into labour naturally I thought I would get it but with meconium in waters and a very distressed baby I wasn't allowed, understandably, but I had just stated I wanted one if possible.

JoJoBella84 Tue 16-Oct-12 16:35:11

At what point should a birth plan be shown? If I want to try for a water birth is there any point in sharing that with my MW in York as I'm planning to deliver in Aberdeen? Also I won't see my Aberdeen MW until 2/3 weeks before my due date. Is that too late to let them know? Or do they just ask for it on the day?
My plan is simple, if I need drugs I'll ask for them, if I want to move around I'll do it. OH to cut the cord, birthing pool if possible but ultimately the safe arrival of my DS.

Chefette Tue 16-Oct-12 16:47:52

Sundae, my nip-norks are just bloody ouchy. Even an accidental brush of the towel after shower over them takes my breath away (and no ladies not in a good way?!) hope to goodness it changes so the bairn can get a good "Sook" wink

Chefette Tue 16-Oct-12 16:56:17

In Montrose the woman is encouraged to think about birth plan or ideas from 20 wk scan, and write stuff about it in notes section, you work together on it with your MW from 24 wks appt but anytime. Maybe more relevant as there is no epidural, doctor or surgical intervention at Montrose and have to be transferred to Dundee for that (45 mins).

Needless to say ill wait till nearer the time, it'll prob all change !!!!

I seem to recall having a brief discussion with my MW at one of my later appts and then, that was it really until I got to hosp and handed my noted in. When I was screaming for an epidural the mw said, well you've said you want to try the pool and I see you've brought your sieve (I kid you notgrin) so shall we at least give it a try? And I'm glad I did, even though ultimately I didn't deliver in the pool.

I think it's handy to either have very brief, key points written in your notes, or have a birthing partner who is fully briefed on what your wishes are as, with the best will in the world, you might not always be able to fully articulate yourself in the throws of contractions!

sarahs999 Tue 16-Oct-12 18:00:06

Thanks rainbow and pink. No, I sit down all day every day! They ate swollen again today but not quite so badly. Ordered some pee sticks online today; my consultant wanted me to get my urine tested but I can't face the rigmarole of trying to get an appt at the doctor. Maybe tomorrow. My bp is still normal; I have a machine at home and was testing every week but might go to daily now. Hope everyone else is ok. In other news my hips are v painful at night, am using a body pillow but may have to start experimenting with lots more grin

GummiberryJuice Tue 16-Oct-12 19:05:16

Emm Ethel please tell me you brought a sieve to bake a cakegrin I have never heard of bringing a sieve ?

GummiberryJuice Tue 16-Oct-12 19:06:15

Ps you have now officially got me back for the spider in the hose post, I'm freaking out

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 19:13:16

Ooh do you have to provide your own sieve??

Sorry to hear about your worries sarah

ThreeForTea Tue 16-Oct-12 19:29:23

Confuddled what a great birth template! I'm going to use it to make my VBAC plan. Have consultant appointment a week on Friday so am just going to see what I am allowed. I have a friend who is a midwife in London, but she gave birth up here earlier this year and she managed to have a waterbirth despite it being a Vbac, so knowing that I might be a little bit pushier.

Sundae my work did some public consultation about MK hosp over the summer, part of my data analysis role at the moment is to go through some of the info. Lots of the feedback comes from mothers and overall the experiance is that the mat services at MK are a lot better than they were, so thats good for you smile Totally think your hb plan sounds lovely though, so hope everything goes well with that. Do you have a hypnobirthing teacher already?

Just having a relax right now watching stuff on netflix with dh. Had a busy couple of days at work but fed back to boss today and he's really happy with what i've been doing, so thats nice. Need to do some tidying up later as someone is coming tomorrow for the first time to clean. Also... tumble dryer arrives tomorrow, woohoo, one more sleep! grin

lannyshrops Tue 16-Oct-12 19:39:48

Hey all,
Love the new thread name! Thanks sheldon
Did you enjoy your long awaited bath stormy? I lived on a flat for 5 years with only a shower, anytime I stayed anywhere with a bath I was straight on there! I have to enquire about the duck and bacon combo, never had that, tasty?
Where did you go at the weekend myjob? Anywhere nice?
My boobs have not really grown after the first initial spurt, they are definitely Erm firmer and I get lovely shooting pains in my nipples, the joy!
I'm sure the swelling is nothing to be worried about sarah but wise idea keeping an eye on blood pressure and protein with your history. Ankles can swell if sitting too or in any position which is not lying down, can you elevate a little at all in work? Would also advise walking about a bit as all helps venous return which is probably the culprit.
I had to admit defeat in work today after having a near collapse. It's so bloody hot (my ward is directly above the boiler house so it got its very own underfloor heating and is about 28 degrees on average) and bloody stressful with a deficit of 50% (we were due to down size bed base in July, but have been delayed with building works not being completed) with a full service still to run. I keep going, but its really tough. I dont quite know what do really as nothing is going to change in the near future so I will be working like this for another 2 months at least I think. Not sure how.much longer I can do as it is taking so much out of me. I've not had a risk assessment yet so that's probably the best thing to get done. I've only had 3 days off sick since being pg and have had hardly any sickness before pg. My boss has muttered about starting mat leave early if I can't cope but I kind of don't want to, especially as imo its the situation and environment that's the problem, not the pg. Any ideas anyone? I'm getting near the end of my tether.

Sorry, that was a bit mammoth and probably made no sense at all :-(

Em2010 Tue 16-Oct-12 19:44:40

Evening All!

Have calmed down re work situation! Will just have to concentrate on all the stuff that is stressing me out this week! Speaking of which have had morning sickness on and off all day today! Completely unexpected and a bit fed up about it. Fx it's a one off!

ethel sounds like you had a bit of an ordeal with your last labour! Think you are due an easy one this time! I was also told to bring a sieve if I wanted a water birth - must be a York thing!!

sarah so sorry to hear your legs have swollen. That was also my first sign of PE and I check for it every morning this time, very scary. Having said that, my legs were swollen for nearly 10 weeks before any further symptoms evolved so just take it easy and fingers crossed for you!

sundae ouch! Sorry to hear about your nips!! Maybe bodes well for bf though. My nips are flat as pancakes and I'm sure that's why ds could never latch on!

three yay for tumble dryer. Now winter is drawing in I am in love with mine (and its only a washer dryer!) Good times grin

HermioneBoo Tue 16-Oct-12 19:51:37

Hello everyone! I have been lurking as so busy at home and when I'm at work I can't remember my password so just reading and no contributing!
It's so interesting reading about birth plans, tbh this is the first thing I've read about them and delivering the placenta - does that hurt as much as delivering the baby? There is nothing much about it in my books, well not about what level of discomfort to expect anyway.
Has anyone been feeling a bit down recently? I'm still excited about BabyBoo and I'm not dreading it or struggling to get out of bed or anything, but feeling low a lot and overwhelmed. I had a weekend of sobbing over stupid things so thought it had passed, of course watching Downton didn't help me!

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 20:00:19

Hermione I couldn't sleep after Downton, I was thinking about it all night! I still have those overwhelmed days, I think it's completely normal.

Being hot at work is hard isn't it lanny. I'm struggling sitting in an office is I can't imagine how you are coping on a ward. Hope it calms down.

Ooh, tumble dryers are fab three I couldn't imagine being without mine.

Thread name was thanks to gummi and chefette although I don't think I got it exactly!

Wow I can't believe how much I am eating. I've just had a huge pile of fajitas.

Well gummi let's put it as politely as I can, the sieve ain't for catching the baby! grin

Not sure if it's only York that have this bizarre requirement!

Yes em I do believe I am due an easier time with this one! Let's hope it works out that way! wink

theTramp Tue 16-Oct-12 20:16:05

Hey ladies. Thanks for birth plan template, v useful. Although quite honestly mine remains - shot loads of drugs please and no bollocks about joy of child birth or give it a go without. Ye this is child no 1 and yes it might well be easy peasy. BUT - small hole and large human awkward shaped object to exit said small hole. My bets are on it being bloody painful and not at all joyful - until you at least know the pains stopped anyway.

MrM thinks he'd like to be there if he can. I think I'd rather he wasn't. My Mum thinks I'll want someone with me. I think I'd rather be alone. Apparently I'll change my mind. We shall see. However as I know MrM would film it an the idea of child birth horrified me. Absolutely horrifies me. I'm thinking ostrich approach and drugs are way to go. None of this two paracetamols and see how you do bollocks.

I'm sorry to hear about job woes. It all sounds v stressful and I really hope you get some tunnel light soon. I do think if you're considering a career change mat leave is as good a time as any to think about what you like to do, what you're good at and some research on what's out there.

Funnily enough I prefer to sleep on my left side, I'm quite uncomfy any other way so don't need much help sleeping that way at the mo. Time will tell of course.

I booked myself a pregnancy massage today because my back and shoulder muscles are horribly knotted. Angel therapy rooms have a bump table, so you can actually lie on your front. Role on the end of week treat. It's so bloody busy & stressful this week - work of 3 and just me on not 90% rather than usual 120% - to get it all done. So a reward for finishing it all seemed innorder. Seriously looking forward to it already!

ThreeForTea Tue 16-Oct-12 21:13:24

ugghh taking your own sieve! I think here they keep a special fishing net for the purpose!

Massage sounds lovely tramp, I haven't found anywhere with a bump table yet

FloweryBoots Tue 16-Oct-12 21:21:14

Thought I'd been keeping up well but had about5 pages to read. And of course now my brain has gone to mush adn I don't remember anything I was going to respond to!

re birth plans, I thought I'd tried to befairly to the point and reasonably flexible in mine last time but MW clearly didn't even look at it (or my notes, which had LATEX ALLERGY all over them in big red letters, and DH still had to stop her putting latext gloves on!). I'll be trying to keep it shorter still if poss in hopes they will actually look at it but think it will largely be the same - want to avoid drugs if possible but open to them, let me ask rather than offering please. Would like to try pool if possible. Don't want cord cutting until finished pulsing (not possible last time since the whole thing ripped when they yanked DS out last time!). Might include note that had pethadine last time (more to shut up stupid midwife than anything else I suspect, she just wouldn't stop saying I should have it) and it made not one jot of difference so really no point in it this time.

Though DS birth wasn't reall too bad in the scheme of things, I felt quite traumetised about it immediately after and for a little while. Have an appointment with consultant at end of Oct to go through what happened and all the notes so hoping I will feel like I can fill in some gaps then and be more prepared for next time. Think that appointment, and the one the consultant is setting up with consultant midwife in the labour unit will feed into my birth plan. I think I'll need to include something about how I feel about last time as warning! Bit worried going into labour and a similar environment again might trigger the flash backs again and I'll freek out! Think actually my main worry is that medical types will think and/or say I know what I'm doing as I've done it before, but I really feel like last time it didn't work very well so I really DON'T know what I'm doing! But, hopefully the appointments I have about last birth will help all that. End of waffle!

Someone asked it they were last for 20 week scan at 6 Nov. Mine is 25 or 29 Oct (forget which) so I'm quite late, and will be 22 1/2 weeks by then. Was wondering the other day how come it's so long (well, 2 adn a bit weeks feels like a long time) after I'm 20 weeks and realise they've just booked it after my 12 week scan, not taking into acount I was discovered to be almost 2 weeks ahead of MW dates at 12 week scan so 13+5. Grrr.

Well that was an essay so I'll toddle off to bed.

FloweryBoots Tue 16-Oct-12 21:22:13

Ooo, I had take my own seiv last time in London.

JoJoBella84 Tue 16-Oct-12 21:26:19

flowery it might be worth trying to bring your scan forward. Not sure if its the same everywhere but York were reluctant to do my scan after 20+6 do just check it out. Obviously they had no choice due to my surgery but they weren't happy when booking it.

Rainbowbabyhope Tue 16-Oct-12 21:30:14

tramp yay for the massage! I have a massage most weeks with a lady who specialises in pregnancy massage. She has the most amazing pillow designed for pregnant women where you lie on your side and it supports you everywhere - like floating! Really recommend pregnancy massage to those of you suffering from a bit of stress!

Em2010 Tue 16-Oct-12 21:39:48

Mmm! Yes please to pregnancy massage!! Hope you enjoy yours tramp

I'm still sleeping on my tummy! Is that really bad? Am I going to squash baby?? Oh crikey!

FloweryBoots Tue 16-Oct-12 21:50:20

Ethel Think I was gong to ask how your daughter is with the chicken pox? My DS had it a few months back and we got loads of advice from all quarters on things to hlep (though he fortunately didn't seem bothered by it much at all). Things I remember were oats in the bath, camomile tea bags in the bath, baths generally, antihistamines (i'd never thought of that, think of them as just things for reactions, but I suppose the itch must be a reaction to the virus or something). hmm, though I had more.

Hermione re delivering the placenta - I didn't feel it at all. I had newborn DS on my chest and I think I was just so taken with him that the hospital could have been falling down around me and I wouldn't have noticed! Didn't feel a thing smile

Em2010 Tue 16-Oct-12 22:01:02

Oh yes, second that possom, wasn't really aware of delivery of placenta but it was really fascinating looking at it afterwards! Amazing to think of the job it does! In some cultures the placenta has very special significance and has its own set of rituals...

confuddledDOTcom Tue 16-Oct-12 22:01:39

Em2010 – you’re welcome smile if that’s all that’s important to you then there’s no reason to put more on there.

Sheldonella – you can’t leave the cord to finish pulsating after you’ve had the injection (you can do a mix of both if you wish but they need to know as it usually goes in as you’re pushing), it speeds up the closing of the cervix so it can cause retained placenta if it’s not clear quick enough. It’s supposed to stop PPH (postpartum haemorrhage) but studies have found that the difference between how much you lose with it and without it aren’t that much different, it just stops quicker.

StormyBrid –at this stage pains in your bump are likely to be growing pain/ round ligament pain, although some people (without IU) do start them early on. I don’t know if I properly know what they feel like; it’s an uncomfortable tightening in your bump, shouldn’t really be painful, not regular and should stop if you chance what you’re doing. I can imagine my daughter falling in regularly and she’d have to hold onto the seat which can’t be very hygienic, especially if I’m not there to make sure she’s washed her hands properly. Children gain an understanding of their bodies and will want to start going to the potty, potty training is using that to get them out of nappies and into pants.

He doesn’t have to be anywhere near the business end to be there or see what happens, as a Doula I’m not normally watching what’s going on and would make a point not to. There’s usually a sheet over your legs so if he’s up there he’s not going to see much. I’ve been there in place of the father though, some men can’t handle the thought and it’s better for the birth if that sort of negative energy isn’t there because the mum will pick up on it and it will affect the labour. I can’t see why they wouldn’t allow you to bring a guitar in, might help to keep things calm if he’s playing. There’s a beautiful video of a homebirth where the dad is playing and mum is singing, apparently she had two contractions during the video.

That’s the point I was getting at with my birth plan outline, it’s not about a script but about what your definite points are. No one would turn down a section at the risk of their baby, so it would be foolish to say that you will have a natural birth at all costs, no one can say how they will handle the pain so all you can say is you’ll start low and build up, maybe that you want to avoid drugs that cross the placenta. Too many people do go in with a plan that says “I’m going to have an all-natural birth to the sound of whale song, use aromatherapy oils, no pain relief…” when it comes to it they can’t stand the sound of whale song, their favourite oils make them sick, they can’t handle the pain and it all ends in an instrumental birth/ section.

Zoeymlucas - sounds like my first two! It’s why I want to VBAC again, I’m glad I get the option to. I really feel for you, it’s the outcome I’d hate most and it’s one of my two options, natural birth or GA.

Sundaesundae – they’re changing because they’re becoming baby targets! The colour changes so that baby can see the difference same with the size, it helps baby see them.

EthelredOnAGoodDay – the two main factors in having retained placenta are prematurity and the injection, so if you’re term then have a physiological third stage, get the baby to the breast as quickly as possible and it shouldn’t happen again. If after 30 minutes the placenta hasn’t been delivered they can use traction and a good cough helps.

Rainbowbabyhope – I had a similar thing with my angel-baby, no one told me I was in labour, no one told me much at all, I was bewildered as to why the paramedic gave me G&A because it’s contraindicated in pregnancy. I remember getting cross with Mum because I said “When’s it going to stop?” and she said “I don’t know, how often are they coming?” I told her to stop asking stupid questions! In my head that’s what you say to labouring women and I didn’t know I was. I agree with you about the conspiracy. There are a couple of factors at play, firstly that we tend to talk more about the bad things than the good and secondly, those who have had a good experience don’t tend to talk about it through guilt.

GummiberryJuice – I do get the thinking but teeth aren’t supposed to be pulled out!

JoJoBella84 – you can bring it out at the start when you get taken to the delivery room and are still functioning, give it to the MW looking after you. You can show it to your CMW when you see her late on so she can give you feedback on it. I’ve expanded the list on Facebook (the wonders of being able to edit posts!) what you’ve written is good, there’s a few other things you can think about like 3rd stage, Vit K, skin to skin etc, things that aren’t necessarily a case of how well the birth is going.

ThreeForTea – thank you smile Allow is a bad word really, there’s very little they can really say no to as it’s your body, your choice. The reason for your section will affect how happy they are with different options, if it was just about that baby then you’ll get away with a lot easier than if it was a problem with you or if you’ve got a special scar. A lot of it is about pushing and being assertive, if one person gives you the wrong answer, ask another (particularly an SoM)

Lannyshrops –I know that shooting pain, it’s like everything firing up and getting ready to work, it’s a little similar to let down.

HermioneBoo - placenta is much easier to deliver, it’s softer and the cervix is already open. You will get contractions after the baby is born but they’re nothing like birth ones and it should come out in one push - I coughed mine out!

theTramp – all I’ll say is be open minded, you may actually enjoy it (look up “Amber’s Birth” on YouTube…) I know it doesn’t sound possible but it’s one of those things that you can’t get until you go through. You don’t need drugs early on, often paracetamol is enough to take the edge off the early days, as you go through you can decide how bad it feels and what you want to do. It’s not like soapland where it goes “Oh my water’s have broken, ARGH, push” it builds up gradually. G&A really is miracle stuff, doesn’t stop it hurting but boy do you not care! There’s also other things to think about as I’ve said above.

theTramp Tue 16-Oct-12 22:21:08

Confud - you're talking to a girl who finds it hard not to vomit just looking at a pregnant woman giving birth on a TV show for 5 seconds. By the time my belly is really really big I'll be avoiding looking at myself in a mirror not because I feel fat but because belly buttons make me feel queasy and faint. I feel drugs are a very sensible option for me. PLUS I have heard way too many - ohh take this, you're not there yet for an pidural...oops, you are quite far along aren't you, well too late for an epi now - stories. I would like drugs asap please. Lots of them. And then I can genuinely feel it was all a dream. I cannot empathise enough how much I feel the whole "joy of birth" thing is a big fat lie.

(I have a few issues... smile )

Round ligament pain is something I am def getting on occasion. And the itchy tummy as the skin stretches. re: itchy boobs, I have found that rubbing bio oil on my boobs as well as my tummy has stopped them itching, which is great because it isn't terribly easy trying to discretely scratch your boobs.

Rainbow - interesting. I went for a massage in Ireland and they made me sit up on the bed when they massaged my back. I found they just couldn't put sufficient pressure on to do much with bunched muscles. I haven't seen anyone have you lie on your side with a pillow, that sounds better. But bump table sounds perfect. So I will review.

confuddledDOTcom Tue 16-Oct-12 22:23:57

Flowery, you should have seen the sign on my baby's cot "NO TRANSPORE, PLEASE USE MICROPORE PROVIDED" with arrows pointing at the roll of micropore tied to the cot next to the sign and I still got her back regularly with transpore on her! I'm allergic to it, as is Mum and my siblings, and my eldest was so now we avoid it with all of them as I'd rather avoid my delicate premature babies ending up with burns. The MW at my last section was reassuring me as I went under she wouldn't let them put it on her, first words when I went to the NNU "Get that stuff off her face!" Do you wear a red wrist band? I had Birth Trauma after my first, took over a year to get diagnosed and never officially, and it took 2.5 years until my next birth for me to get over it, it was like a magic cure.

Em2010 - sleep how you're comfortable. You will not hurt the baby, however you sleep and no position is dangerous. It might be uncomfortable but if it is you'll wake up and move. If you sleep on your back you can put pressure on your vena cava and cut supply off to your legs but you'll get pins and needles and move first.

confuddledDOTcom Tue 16-Oct-12 22:34:40

Belly buttons don't always pop, mine never has (I might have early babies but others have gone by then) and others have never gone. It's not easy to say get them asap because it's a gradual process, you don't just suddenly get lots of pain and they're not going to drug you up at 2cm (most women don't need it then anyway) as you go further through you'll get to a point where you know pacing and whatever else you want to do (as instincts do kick in hard) won't help and that does vary per person and per pregnancy. For some women it's not as bad as a bad period. The joy thing is mostly the hormonal kick afterwards - all the oxytocin (the feel good, love hormone) mixed with adrenalin means that you have a fight or flight but in a different way, the fight is love fuelled and you fall in love in a way you never have or could even imagine happening before. During labour for most of it you'll have more down times than contractions so you tend to have a laugh because it's such an odd situation and you want to kill time, plus the silly things you say when you're having a contraction you'll be laughing at between them. If you take G&A you'll find everything funny and not care about anything!

That's interesting confuddled thanks. I was 8 days overdue with DD but guess dates are a moveable thing! think I will defo put natural third stage on my plan this time.

flowery chickenpox is going ok, thanks for asking. Had a very trying 36 hours or so where she was very miserable, but she's considerably more cheerful now! We've done the oats in a sock thing today and yesterday and seems to have helped. We also have been using an antihistamine my SIL kindly donated, so that has also been a real blessing. We seem to be at the scabbing stage now, just hoping she can manage to not pick them as, if she's anything like me, she'll scar pretty easily.

theTramp Tue 16-Oct-12 22:55:49

G&A.. Thanks Confud will look into that. In all seriousness the idea of giving birth terrifies me. I'm not a scardey sort of person. I have a v small list of phobias and quite honestly they're all quite sensible & I know precisely why I have them etc and giving birth is one of them. I'll get through it all etc. But if I think on it, research it etc I just get more terrified. So avoidance, flippancy & a bit of self awareness are going to be my weapons. As I get aggressive when I'm frightened it may well be that having my Mum around is way to go. Obviously if MrM is there it'll be grand but it's looking alot like he'll be overseas. We'll cross that bridge when we get to it etc.

I'm going to book a private scan for 20 weeks tomorrow. I've just realised how close we are to November. Cripes, where has the year gone?!

Pleased to hear chicken pox corner has been turned. Is chicken pox the one where they paste you in cammomile lotion or is that measels? I've not heard of an oat sack before. I remember a salt bath and a big pile of books. I think I was a bit older when I had them. I don't remember oat sacks. I do remember the itching. I think I had to wear mittens. Do you still do that?

confuddledDOTcom Tue 16-Oct-12 23:17:05

G&A is brilliant because it's gone when you breathe in normal air and doesn't get to baby. It encourages you to breathe properly (because it doesn't work the valve if you're not breathing) and it makes you not care. If you don't like it then it's easy to go to something else. You might find PCA good (patient controlled analgesia, it's a drip with a button that you press when you feel a contraction coming and again is gone quickly, it's put in by an anaethatist) but it's something you need to ask about in advance.

Don't worry about anything you'll say or do in labour, you won't remember half of it, think you dreamt or only thought some of it and 100% of it will not be new to any one member of staff!

Em2010 Wed 17-Oct-12 07:30:59

Morning All, scan day today! I am very very nervous!! Fingers crossed!! Will report back later!

sarahs999 Wed 17-Oct-12 07:32:25

Good luck em. Mines on Friday.

JoJoBella84 Wed 17-Oct-12 08:19:21

Good luck em.
I'm toying with the idea of a private scan at 24 weeks or so. Are they worth the money? Do you get more time with them or is it a quick peek few snaps and that's it?

sundaesundae Wed 17-Oct-12 08:48:31

Good luck Em, report back when you can.

Good luck Em!

Whats your thoughts on the 24 week scan Jojo any particular reason?

JoJoBella84 Wed 17-Oct-12 09:04:29

My midwife initially told me that due to having abdominal surgery I'd get more scans but now I'm in York it looks like just consultant check ups. Just peace of mind really x

theTramp Wed 17-Oct-12 09:39:52

JoJo - they're worth every penny. The pic quality is fantastic, they spend at least twice as long with you. Explain everything and generally put your mind at rest. At 12weeks we had private scan an were there for an hour as she checked all the organs and tried to get Socs to stay still long enough that she could get a heart reading

mandasand Wed 17-Oct-12 10:20:03

Oh my word - 89 messages on the new thread already! Methinks this thread will expire by Haolloween at this rate! Impresssed, ladies!

I just wanted to pop in and say I'm really glad you've got a plan for the diss, JoJo. Sounds really, really good and a little bonkersness from your tutor is no bad thing - just go with it and hopefully she will remain 100% supportive!

Spent all yesterday trying and mainly failing to write a lecture for yesterday evening. Which went fine in the end but I really wish I had had more time to do a better job as in the audience was a Head of Dept of a Univ where I would really like to work. We know each other through mutual friends but this was our first meet. I was so not expecting him to be there! Anyhoo, he is definitely in favour of my approach, from what he said afterwards so that's a start.

V. late night last night - we were having our ready meals at 11pm! Consequently I've just got up and have to try to find the energy to work on my next talk on Friday, at our very own conference. I've got a version of it from another conference in the summer (I am the queen of recycling) but I want to do even better.

Whoever thought it was a good idea to give five talks/lectures in five weeks? I am a wreck!

So, 20+2 ('anomaly') scan tomorrow! Can. Not. Wait. Though I'm now quite sure my little creatures are moving around a lot now. Lots of flicks and pops. And I'm outgrowing some of my mat. clothes already shock

Will try to catch up with everyone later - sorry it's a bit of a mememe post but it's nice to ramble on a bit.

Have lovely days. It's one of those gorgeous autumnal ones here in Oxford. Hips have improved a bit so may venture out for a short river walk later today smile

mandasand Wed 17-Oct-12 10:22:34

I clearly have no idea what day it is. I was convinced it was Weds. But diary says don't be daft. So I'm 20 weeks today - YIPPEE! - and scan is not tomorrow but on Thurs, sigh. Where have I left my brain?

mandasand Wed 17-Oct-12 10:24:04

Erm, no. It is Wednesday. I think I should go back to bed ...

Sheldonella Wed 17-Oct-12 10:28:59

manda grin Not surprised you are confused with being so busy, I don't know how you do it.

JoJoBella84 Wed 17-Oct-12 10:33:12

Haha manda that did make me chuckle!

God I feel like crap today, woke up with headache, head is throbbing and can't seem to shake it. Had paracetamol and still feel rubbish. Booo.

GummiberryJuice Wed 17-Oct-12 10:56:34

Ethel I woke with headache too, starti.g to think I may never bloom in this pg, oh and I know exactly what the sieve is for but I shall wait until they tell me I need one,, and that will be dhs department, he is brilliant with all that, loves seeing his babies come out. I would be raging if he didn't look down there but that's just me.
Confuddled I think that's the best attitude, go in thinking I'll see what I can cope with.
Must say my mum was with me for the first stages of dd1 and I told dh to get rid of her she was doing my head in. She kept telling me to take pain relief, but I was coping fine and all she was doi.g was distracting me.

confuddledDOTcom Wed 17-Oct-12 11:00:14

Just got back from the hospital. For some reason they had me down for two appointments this week hmm so went for scan and they said no they don't need two in one week, went round the other side, saw a MW who did my BP and listened to baby but that was about it really.

Lexiindisguise Wed 17-Oct-12 11:41:47

Wow - so much talking! Just checking in. Had first killer meeting today and all went OK but lots more work to do. Nasty presentation tomorrow but have started prep. Fingers crossed.
Anyone else feeling tired? I've been full of beans the past few weeks but last few days a real struggle.
Re: birth plans - I need to do my research I think. My main aim is healthy baby but I am quite scared about episiostimy and also about C-section - though I know I'm unlikely to totally avoid these. Also don't fancy a water birth really. I think as it's my first I will have a certain amount of waiting to see how I handle it.

Chefette Wed 17-Oct-12 12:22:04

Hi all x em good luck, and holding your hand, it's scan day for me too and am bricking it, had a near tear episode at work already (the roofing bill quote came in to fix our leaks, £3.5k not budgeted for) sad so bang goes the start of McGuez's uni fund?!

Will post back later ref scan assuming all well.

Hope chook pox abating, and hips allow you guys out and about. Mand think my brain in same place as yours as realised I have not send out contract term amendments for my next loading ($50 million) blush so a buggeryballsup on that front!!!!!!!

-3C in the car this morning and gritters out, welcome to winter!!!!

mandasand Wed 17-Oct-12 12:53:35

I think I've finally got with the programme, accepted that it's Wednesday, done all my urgent Weds things and can now get down to some thinking/writing. That is, after I've had an M&S ready meal for my lunch. Feels a bit extravagant and will probably be sleep-inducing, but it's blimmin' cold an wintery today!

I'm not bothering thinking about birth plan till consultant tells me what my historic surgical notes say about my uterine surgery when we meet in early November. Part of me thinks a CS would be easiest with twins, although I'm not averse to having a go at the old pushing. If it were a singleton I'd definitely be up for the active birth/mindfulness meditation approach, but I hear from the hospital that you are hooked up to so much monitoring equipment with twins that you can't get about much, they won't let me near the midwife led unit and the birthing pool sad and they do rather like you to have an epidural too. And what I really don't want is to deliver one vaginally and then be rushed to theatre for a CS to deliver baby 2, as can often happen. So a planned CS seems easiest all round, and I'm not daunted by the recovery having been through all that before. (I didn't recover as fast as JoJo has, from what I remember, but it was definitely okay.)

You can do it tomorrow, Lexi! Thinking of you and hope rest of prep goes well. smile

Looking forward to hearing from you later Chef and Em re scans - hope all goes brilliantly smile

And you've made me feel better re forgetting the $50 million contract thing, Chef!

pinkpeony4 Wed 17-Oct-12 13:41:14

Good luck for your scans Chef & Em Looking forward to hearing all about them later grin

Sheldonella Wed 17-Oct-12 13:45:07

Ooh yes, good luck chef and em!

confuddledDOTcom Wed 17-Oct-12 13:57:30

Lexiindisguise - let me know if there's anything I can link you to, I seem to have a lot of links smile

mandasand - it's supposed to be not that bad to deliver two because once you've got one out the cervix is open and can get the second out easier. Even if T2 is breech they will often make use of the space to turn and even if they don't getting a breech out when it's T2 is going to be a lot easier than any other breech birth. Previous sugery, VBAC and twins is either going to go down really well because everyone will be in awe of you or it's going to go totally the other way.

I'd better start thinking about getting to school. Since buying those face paints at the weekend I'm really getting into the idea (I have been thinking about it for awhile without going anywhere) and researching face kits and now looking at glitter kits. I reckon I could get some decent kit and make it back at school fairs with £1 a face whilst getting experience/ photos. Unfortunately I'm getting a little into looking lol

pinkpeony4 Wed 17-Oct-12 14:05:14

Manda there is a Mum at ds2's nursery who has 7 week old twins. She had them naturally because they were both head down for a while before she was induced. They were born 9 minutes apart but she said after the first was born, 3 nurses pushed really hard down on her tummy to stop the other twin turning around! She looks amazing, you really wouldn't guess that she had twins not that long ago! These were her 2/3 Children though and she had a quick, straightforward birth with her first so was confident she could do it.

Lexiindisguise Wed 17-Oct-12 14:07:18

Good luck with scans chef and em!
Just popped on with something for Tramp a friend linked for me - Pirate Wall Stickers - perfect for Pirate Socrates! ;-)

I blinked and u ladies started another thread! Have no chance of catching up now.sad

Am currently hiding in the loos exhausted at work putting head on my knee to close my eyes for 10 mins. Have never been so exhausted in my life! Still got ms, moved house at the weekend, ds 3 slept thru for first time in 3 months last night so hopefully will be a new leaf! Have to do birthday party for ds1 who turns 5 on Saturday!!!!
Will try to catch up properly and post proper responses!wink

JoJoBella84 Wed 17-Oct-12 16:32:14

Love them lexi!!
My nursery plans are coming along nicely, I've ordered the wall stickers I wanted, have the material to make the curtains, my sister is knitting some cute owl and squirrel pillow toys to go with the woodland theme and a friend is making me a mobile of stitched felt owls - very cute! The owl theme continues smile I'm trying no to go overboard with the owls but they're just adorable!!!

Em2010 Wed 17-Oct-12 16:42:16

Hi All,

Just a quick post from me! Back from the hospital. Low lying placenta necessitated the use of the dildo cam which was er... interesting! Anyway, apart from that baby is looking ok which is a huge relief. Also looks like we are team PINK!

JoJoBella84 Wed 17-Oct-12 17:27:04

Fab news em very jealous of your team pink-ness smile
Hmmm dildo cam, sounds - fun? cringey? a bit painful?

Ooh em that's exciting!

Yay Em! Congratulations!

I've had a lovely day with my wee boy. He's been a wee star all day. smile I've bought some paints and things as a reward so tomorrow could be messy... Seemed like a good idea at the time!

TheAngelshavetheOod Wed 17-Oct-12 18:14:49

Going to post this in pregnancy but bouncing it off you lot too.

My mum has whooping cough. She started on Friday with a cough which sounded like the cough dd3 has. She's been diagnosed today.Mum has been really ill with it where as dd3 has a cough and a snotty nose but apart from a bit of tiredness is bouncing.

What's the likelihood of dd3 having it?
What risk is it to me if I had it as a child and haven't caught it so far?

GummiberryJuice Wed 17-Oct-12 19:04:50

Ood I think you should ring midwife and tell them your mum has been diagnosed and your suspicions about dd, better to be safe than sorry isy motto

GummiberryJuice Wed 17-Oct-12 19:06:31

Oh and Em team pink wow, I have midwife tomorrow what's the Bpm thing again

TheAngelshavetheOod Wed 17-Oct-12 19:07:24

Dont have a MW so a bit awkward about who to call at this stage.

dameflamingo Wed 17-Oct-12 19:13:44

Hello all, I have absolutely no chance of catching up on the 115 posts in this thread so please forgive me... Just wanted to say hi and check you re all well. So lovely to see happy scan results and teams pink, blue and yellow flourishing.

Love the thread name, sending hugs and reporting hat all is well, but busy busy with me.. Apologies for infrequent posting xxx

eigmum Wed 17-Oct-12 19:19:52

Angel - of course they are right and you ahould call but by way of some reassurance If you had it as a child you should be ok as that will help your ammunity. I had it as a child and my nanny and son got it but I didn't. If you don't have a midwife you can call nhs direct who will help?

Chefette Wed 17-Oct-12 20:31:53

Well done Em on team pink, team yellow continues for us, all fine with scan, it wasn't playing ball for decent pic tho worse luck!

zoeymlucas Wed 17-Oct-12 20:55:50

Evening all- have managed to read everything but there is no chance I will remember who was what, I consider it an achievement I get dressed everyday at the moment!!!!

Congrats on scans em and chefette am glad everything went well!

Good luck for scan amanda I think it's tomorrow got got a bit confused by day confusion,lol!
I have had a manic day I had an appointment at 10.00 then my hip consultant at 1.50 and then gyne at 5.30 at a totally different hospital! Got to see baby boy again and on growth chart he is looking on the big side of average hmm he had his hands up by his face again which was cute! Cervix is long and closed and stitch is holding which is fab so he took another swab to check infection but all looked fab! I got annoyed at maternity reception as I turned up at 5.20 and said I was there for my consultant and she was rude pointing out he does not work maternity on Wednesday and his clinic on Thursday finishes at 2.00 so rolled her eyes that I had got it totally wrong a d she is going home on 10mins! My consultant then appeared and told her he had arranged to meet me after his shift to check me over and I hadn't got it wrong at all- the child in me sooooo wanted to poke my tongue out grin

ThreeForTea Wed 17-Oct-12 21:06:43

Yay for team pink Em smile Very exciting, and congrats for healthy yellow Chef. Ours is Monday, getting closer!

Tumble dryer arrived today, am on the second load already (been saving up see!) Was a frustrating wait, our slot was 3-6 so obviously they turned up at five to 6 while I was trying to sort tea out!

Am very tired, but still currently enjoying preganancy without any untoward symptoms at the moment.

Emus Wed 17-Oct-12 21:11:48

Oh congratulations on happy scans Em and Chefette. Dildo cam doesn't sound like fun though.

Stealth I totally know where you are coming from with the exhaustion as we also moved house this weekend and I don't have any DC either and I'm exhausted! Have been working ridiculously long hours at work too which doesn't help.

Also have a really attractive cold sore on the corner of my lip/face which hurts and looks horrid. One of my friends at work was trying to be helpful this morning by pointing out that I had a bit of breakfast stuck to my face. It was my cold sore!! Felt for her!

Manda thanks for the advice in the mess that you take for your auto immune thing. I suffer from really itchy legs, especially in winter but I think that's just cause I don't moisturise! Will ask my doc about that though. Oh and good luck for your scan!

Have been getting really itchy nipples too which has been embarrassing as I've had to have a good scratch at work! Thankfully work in an all female office!

Hope everyone is well grin.

Emus Wed 17-Oct-12 21:13:19

*Meds not mess!!

Emus Wed 17-Oct-12 21:16:09

Oh yes, and we are considering joining Amazon Family as we are already Prime members (love it!) so we might as well join this. Haven't really read up about it yet but DP sent me the link and suggested we try it!

shieldbug Wed 17-Oct-12 21:22:16

zoey so pleased to hear your cervix is doing well and your boy is great.

re pain relief, the mws didn't believe I was in labour, so I wasn't offered anything except paracetamol, which I didn't take. Waters broke at 4 am, was wheeled rapidly to delivery desperately trying not to push and ds was born at 4:17. So it can be quick and bearable, but I totally sympathise with anybody for whom this won't be their experience. If you need drugs, go for it - the most important thing is that you are happy with what happens and enjoy meeting your lo rather than being traumatised. Besides, next time, I may be going for all that's available! Oh yes, and I didn't notice the placenta coming out. I had to have the injection thingy due to risk of fibroid-induced heavy bleeding, so that probably helped.

congrats to em and chefette on scans. I had mine today too and think it may be team blue again (they don't tell you at LVH, but she allowed the scan to linger in the relevant area and I think I may have seen something!).

ood agree that NHS direct is a good plan. Hope all is well.

jojo your nursery plans sound amazing.

Just to say to anybody who's still having any spotting, do go and get it checked out. I decided I needed some answers, so tried the emergency obstetrics, who were brilliant. Turns out I have a polyp on or near my cervix, so will bleed a little throughout. I'm so relieved I know what's wrong now. If I'm lucky, it will shear off when I give birth, otherwise it will be snipped later (one to look forward to!). Sundae I know you had some bleeding- has it stopped now?

Sorry for long post!

Great news on scans ladies!
Am back at work tomorrow, so won't be able to post as much, but will catch up soon.

sundaesundae Wed 17-Oct-12 21:56:11

Stopped after the one incident, I have an ectropion and think I upset it with a big poo. Still a bit worried and would like a massive boot from bubba, but have felt movement and not yet 18 weeks so all good. Considering buying a doppler for peace of mind!

Em2010 Wed 17-Oct-12 22:10:08

Evening All,

Thank you for all your good wishes! Really glad to hear your scan went well chef and that your mind has been put at ease shield.

Was hoping to do a nice long name-checky post but am exhausted after today's excitement and still feeling sick so going to head off to bed as we're off on a long road trip down south tomorrow. Night night!

confuddledDOTcom Wed 17-Oct-12 22:21:16

Will catch up better later. Just ringing Mum because I'm not liking these BH, ever 4 min sad

sundaesundae Wed 17-Oct-12 22:22:52

Confuddled, hope all is ok, sounds unpleasant. Take care xx

Hope all ok confuddled.

shieldbug Wed 17-Oct-12 22:34:16

confuddled hope everything is ok.

Chefette Wed 17-Oct-12 23:24:35

((hug)) confudled x

mandasand Wed 17-Oct-12 23:44:28

Confuddled hope you can get seen at hospital and get checked out or BH subside…thinking of you.

Ethel and Gummi did you manage to shake off those headaches? And poor Stealth with tiredness…not surprising with all you've on at the mo!

JoJo nursery progress sounds amazing! Loving the owl theme smile

Yippee Em, Shield and Chef for your great scans!

Yep, Zoey and Emus it's my 20-week scan tomorrow morning, yikes! Not too nervous or anything - just interested to see what's going on in there! Is the 20-week scan done on another machine? If not how on earth can they see everything properly and in the sort of detail you read about? All so grainy!

Emus laughing at having a good nipple-scratch at work grin

And Zoey really pleased your appts went well today, even if it did mean a lot of traipsing about!

Nice to see you Dame!

Jealous of your tumble Three!

Possom enjoy your painting day with the boy smile

Thanks for advice confuddled and pink over births … I haven't had VBAC, but have (probably - we're waiting to find out definitively) surgery on my uterus and if this is the case then I definitely won't be allowed a vaginal delivery because of the 3% chance of uterus exploding (or something) with contractions during delivery which is, I'm told, a Very Big Deal. I think delivering two babies plus major repair-surgery, all at once. Possibly lose uterus? I admire the woman you know who popped hers out so beautifully, Pink! But, as you say, she'd been there done that before, hehe! smile I guess that confidence based on experience that it can and will be okay can take you a long way.

Oh me oh my what an unproductive day. Tried hard to do something useful with myself this afternoon but ended up in bed at 5pm till nearly 8pm when DH came home. Ate, watched Grand Designs, helped DH with job application and now bed. Had good chat with boss in which I admitted I was running low on energy and didn't think I could sensibly do the last of my five talks this month. A real shame, as it's a big high-profile conference but the topic is far outside of my comfort zone … or even my knowledge! … and I don't have the research resources at the moment even to begin putting something together. So we agreed I would pull out. He said being 20 weeks with twins was an excuse I should feel absolutely no compunction about using, though I'm uncomfortable about blaming things on the pregnancy. I still want to be considered to be a fully functioning professional, but it's undoubtable that pregnancy takes its toll on body and mind…

mandasand Wed 17-Oct-12 23:46:27

PS Lexi I have no doubt that you will rock the presentation tomorrow! Just remember to smile smile

theTramp Wed 17-Oct-12 23:57:46

Thinking of you Confud. Check in and hope pain stops soon.

Manda - well done you. Not easy to admit you can't function in same way. But better. Reality is you can't run at 200%, but it's temporary and you do have two small humans to incubate after all. Must be a weight off your mind.

The pirate stickers linked to are fab. But at £69 a wee bit pricey. Even if they are super reusable stickers. I'll just keep my eyes peeled for a nice mobile or two. No nursery decoration plans for me.

Congrats all on scan results. Hurrah!!!

Hope all sickness starts to dissipate and have lovely long nights sleeps.

confuddledDOTcom Thu 18-Oct-12 01:35:09

Just got home. Baby is happy and everything is where it should be. They said they could keep me in for rest and drugs (pain only) but if I felt I could handle the pain I could go home. It's not about handling the pain to be honest, they're strong enough and regular enough that I don't know the difference, and once I go I'm quick, so I like to know where I stand. Mum's arranged for IL's to take the youngest again (sad) and OH has accepted that he needs to sort out with work so he can do school runs. My dad is working from tomorrow until Sunday so hoping he can have at least the youngest two for half of next week and IL's have them the rest of the week. The eldest will happily entertain herself - she was just over 3yo when I had Swine Flu, OH was working away, don't know where my parents were but I was alone for the week. She looked after her and her sister and brought me regular "hot chocolate with amaretto" in an upturned mega bloc wink supporting my head so I could drink grin Wouldn't trust the youngest two like that!

Sheldonella Thu 18-Oct-12 07:47:12

confuddled I missed your post last night. I'm glad everything is looking ok and fingered crossed it stays that way. Thinking of you.

manda sounds like your afternoon of rest was well deserved. I know what you mean about not wanting to use the pg as an excuse but I think it is needed sometimes. I'm feeling a bit left out at work at the moment as I know everyone is trying to keep the pressure off me. I appreciate that but at the same time I don't want it to be happening.

sundae glad you found out the cause of the bleeding.

zoey glad your cervix is doing everything it should.

Congrats on the scans em and chef and yay for team pink and yellow.

Ugh, I went to bed a little upset last night. We ate with mil and we started talking about childcare. She basically said she disapproved of leaving a child in nursery for full days. She was a sahm and I don't think she understands about wanting to go back to work and that it is how it works if you do. I told her I don't need to be made to feel guilty about it but I was upset all night. I'm probably overreacting but this is a sensitive subject or me. She is usually lovely but can have some slightly old fashioned opinions on things. I was dreading the judgey going back to work comments sad

TheAngelshavetheOod Thu 18-Oct-12 07:54:31

(((*confuddled*))) hope everything settles down.

Well done manda on the chat with your boss.

Em2010 Thu 18-Oct-12 08:07:31

confuddled sorry to hear about your scare last night. Must be so worrying for you. Glad to hear you are out of hospital and that baby is happy though.

sheldonella urgh sounds like my mil! She tries not to show it but she has made it clear she doesn't approve of day nurseries. I feel very defensive about it because its not a choice you take lightly. However ds is absolutely thriving at his wonderful nursery and I think that shuts her up a bit! It's an opinion a lot of ladies of a certain generation have I'm afraid and I've had a few snidey comments from people we hardly know but as long as your child is happy then sod them I say!

Hope everyone has a good day today. Might not be able to post much as we are travelling for the next couple of days, however seeing all the in-laws, so if they drive me bonkers might post a lot!!

pinkpeony4 Thu 18-Oct-12 08:22:42

Confuddled I hope you are Ok this morning, so scary for you sad

Em & Cheff Fantastic scan news, lovely to hear grin

Hope everyone else is Ok. Place marking before there are too many posts to keep up!!! Off to do school run armed with more cakes for the nursery cake sale! Feels like my own bake off here at the moment

theTramp Thu 18-Oct-12 08:35:56

Confud - so pleased all is ok with baby. Now over to you to rest up and ensure same goes for you.

Shel - it's not something you need to feel guilty about. Everyone is different and stay at home is right for some and not for others. As noted, as long as your child is happy - and you are - that's what counts. You can be stay at home and miserable. It most def happens and it's not conducive to a happy child. So try not to feel upset. Just accept that on this her experience is different to yours but when she realises how happy her grand child is she'll realise her error.

Hope everyone has a good day today.

zoeymlucas Thu 18-Oct-12 08:56:01

Shel Do not feel bad about nursery my DS1 went to nursery full time and he loved it and it really brought him out of his shell and allowed him to socialise more. DH stays at home with our boys now and part of me wishes DS2 went to nursery a couple of days a week to teach him to play with others and share and learn social skills a bit more! At the end of the day you do what is right for you and your family and unfortunatly everyone has no right to on opinion as what works for some willl not work for others but thats just the way it is!

Confud Really pleased baby and you are fine and you hare home to rest, you cant beat your own bed fingers crossed baby was just marking its place and will go back to chilling now smile

Good luck on your scan Amanda and cant wait for pictures on facebook I am loving seeing your twins on scan pictures as its the first time I ever have thank godness never on mine, lol And well done on stepping down and admitting sometimes you cant do everything this is something in work life only I need to learn as I am still trying to do everything and in all honesty it is taking its toll on me more than I care to admit, driving to appointments yesterday I broke down in tears twice as being off work sort of stopped and relaxed and it hit me how blinking exhausted I really am.

Sheldonella Thu 18-Oct-12 09:22:03

Thanks everyone. Tramp you are right - staying home right for some and not others - I fully support both. I don't think it is right for me to stay at home as I need to have my career. Of course DD will always come first but my mum worked and we are very close so it didn't negatively impact on me. I want to continue with the career I have built and also make sure I have my own pension. zoey I want to use childcare for the reasons you have said too - so she can socialise with other children as my family are all so far away. And yes Em I feel sensitive in the same way as I have thought about it a lot and don't like to feel judged. Oh well, I will stop ranting now and think happy thoughts smile
Good luck with your scan today manda, another one here who is looking forward to more twin pics.

Sheldonella Thu 18-Oct-12 09:24:06

Of course my opinions may change after DD arrives but for now my inner feminist is winning smile

GummiberryJuice Thu 18-Oct-12 11:04:27

Hi everyone just back from midwife, took ages to find heartbeat so was a little worried but then the baby kicked the machine and midwife was able to home in on it, she didn't tell me a Bpm, but seen her tick the 120 - 160 box on computer, think that covers both sexes, no? I have a recording so who said something about trains /horses

Manda they do the 20 wk scan on a better machine but you prob know that now

Waves to everyone

Sheldonella Thu 18-Oct-12 11:12:08

Yay for heartbeat Gummi smile
I've just called my mw as I had a horrible dizzy spell at my desk this morning. It was like a head rush when you stand up too quickly and your vision clouds over but it happened while I was sitting and I felt light headed for ages after. Mw didn't really know what to say about it and said to put my feet up. Unfortunately I don't think I want to go home from work again so I'll just have to put up with it.

Lexiindisguise Thu 18-Oct-12 11:35:56

Confuddled glad you are home and resting.
manda thanks and thank-you to everyone (esp Tramp) for the tips and support. It all went well and I'm relieved - now for the actual work bit and the rebrief in three weeks' time!
shel my SIL (27, childless) told me she won't be going back to work until the child they don't have yet goes to school as as a teacher she doesn't think 'it's the right thing to do for the children' and she plans to 'get her intellectual stimulation through study' during her time as a SAHM sad. I was really upset but she is basing this on what her own mother did; I couldn't explain to her that if I took five years out of tech marketing, I'd never get back in. The guilt starts here!
manda I know what you mean re: worrying about being unprofessional but in my experience people are really supportive and understanding. I've had to admit defeat due to previous non-pg personal/surgery issues in jobs and reallocate work and have always found people see you as more professional for forseeing a problem and heading it off than for struggling on regardless and ultimately not producing the desired result! I think our jobs are very different but don't be too hard on yourself.

theTramp Thu 18-Oct-12 11:48:56

Lexi - so pleased it went ok. Bet you're feeling better now smile

I stand by what is right for one person is not right for another. I've also witnessed a lot of professional women decide to give up work when they have kids either because it's what their Mum did so must be right, or they're taking a "moral" (sigh) standing on the issue, or they're a bit fed up with work and don't k ow what to do so reckon being a Mum is wortha try. Some of them thrive. Just thrive. Channel energies into all sorts of stuff, not just kids and are like whole new wonderful people. And an awful lot don't. I've seen depression, I've seen scary levels of frustrated ambition channeled into the kids or hubby and I've seen out & out unhappiness. I've never understood how or why they don't go back to work or channel their energy into something else to give them the intellectual and social outlet that they obviously miss - and why their partners don't insist on it - but as an outsider it's very easy to see and think. Not the same when you're in the midst.

Anyway, short of above is - when someone decides to get on their high horse about being a SAHM or going back to work take it with a big pinch of salt. The voice in my head is the one that queationswhy they need to make such a big deal of it anyway and who they're really convincing..

Right must get back to work - Mumsnet is my break from PowerPoint moments today. Am halfway through pulling this damn thing together for tomorrow and praying I get it all done and proof read in time. Eeek! (It's a 74 slide presentation already. 2 hours of presenting fun tomorrow!)

GummiberryJuice Thu 18-Oct-12 11:55:20

Shield glad things looked good on scan, everyone keeps asking will we find out, but if LVH don't say then the decision is out of my hands. hopefully polyp will shear off during labour!

Sheld thats sounds abit strange do you get migraines, what about your blood pressure?

Told midwife about sinuses and migraines she just said paracetomol, grrr

I work from home so I don't have childcare issues and dh works such unpredictable hours that it was one of our reasons for me staying at home, but I think no matter what you do there is guilt/worry linked with both, it would just be better if parents or in-laws didn't add to that.
I have issues with my own child hood (my parents forgetting to pick me up from places or always being late) that I think was my main factor in giving up my career and becoming a SAHM, and people make me feel bad when they say I've wasted my education etc, it also grates me when people don't realise I now do alot of work for my dh and think I'm a SAHM who bakes good cakesgrin

Lexi if she takes five years out of teaching, she'll find it incredibly difficult to get back in, too. Jobs are like gold dust, believe me! Anyway, before I had kids, I was determined I wasn't going to work until they were at school... then I had the boy and maternity leave drove me insane. I needed to get back to work! It's not for everyone, I know, but I couldn't not work - I worked hard to get where I am now and don't really want to give that up anyway. I have a happy medium of doing 3 days a week thankfully, but it's enough for me. DS went to a childminder rather than a nursery when he was teeny (he was 9 and a bit months when I went back to work - he still goes to CM, but also has nursery school 5 mornings a week) and he's an über-confident monkey who gets on well with his peers. I don't know if he'd have been like that if I'd stayed at home (impossible to say) but I like to think the experience of being with other kids and away from me has stopped him from being clingy/shy.

We've had a lovely morning - the painting was a massive success. The boy painted for about an hour (he's painted lots of, er, dinosaurs apparently - one for mummy, daddy, granny and grandad, lucky us) and I managed to contain the mess. Excellent. In the meantime, I've put the slow cooker on with a chicken stew for tonight and made myself a cup of tea which I'm currently enjoying while catching up here. smile

ThreeForTea Thu 18-Oct-12 14:12:49

Has anyone read/heard of 'How not to f* them up' by Oliver James? I heard him on woman's hour while I was pg with dd and bought it because it deals with exactly the issues I was wrestling with at the time re going back to work and childcare. I don't know how into child psycology anyone is, but elements if this book really struck a chord with me. He basically talks about different types of women and of parenting, and suggests that unless you work out who you are before deciding on work/childcare etc, then its easy to make a bad decision that will affect the whole family. He gives examples of women who are really better suited to going out to work who stay at home through guilt and pressure and end up unhappy and not being the best parent they could be, and vice versa parents who WOH who would rather SAH. Also has a catagory for in betweens who struggle to get a good balance.
Makes some really interesting points also about the 'needs' of babies and toddlers compared to what people often think they are. Not saying I agree with all 100% but def made me think, and actually found it quite releasing. Probably lots about his stuff online.

I find hardest times for me in decision to go back are when I'm around some particular (by no means all) sahm friends at baby groups or playdates who treat me like an oddity for working 3 days and say unhelpful things like 'I don't know how you can' or 'I could never miss this time with ...' When I'm actually at work its fine, you get on with it, all mums (and dads) are in the same boat. It can be daunting though when everyone around you seems to be the same type with you the odd one out, so I'd just say have a balance around you but also stick tight to some like minded people, the moral support makes all the difference!

Sheldonella Thu 18-Oct-12 14:13:38

Sounds like you have a good setup there Gummi. I was wondering about working from home. I can totally see the case for being at home too - I suppose I was annoyed with MIL just for making me feel guilty already. She could at least wait until I actually take DD to a nursery smile

possom Your morning does sound lovely and your DS sounds adorable smile

Well I had to admit defeat and come home to work so I can get changed and be more comfortable. I found a letter from the hospital waiting for me which was a copy of one sent to my GP advising them to keep a close eye on my blood pressure and urine. I now have fortnightly checks to look forward too. The letter also said I had no family history of PET and I just spoke to my mum who said my aunt had an emergency c-section due to that so I guess I need to tell the mw about that too.

In other news, there is a massive spider in my living room so I won't be lying down with my laptop to work in there shock

Sheldonella Thu 18-Oct-12 14:15:44

Three that sounds interesting, maybe I need to read that. I guess the real point is we can't escape the guilt no matter what we do. It is good to hear from those of you who have already been through this though as in reality I have no experience and don't know how I will feel.

mandasand Thu 18-Oct-12 14:19:02

Confuddled hope things are easing off today and you're able to rest.

Gummi yippee for heartbeat!

Keep on truckin' with the .ppt, Tramp!

Hurray for painting success Possom. You may have a mini-Rembrandt on your hands there! smile

Lexi yippee for you too on the presentation! Well done that girl! Proud of you. (And hope you can avoid any guilt about going back to work!)

Sheldon I second everyone's sensible comments on childcare. I think sometimes people just have to be told that it's fine to have their own opinion but when it's a contentious subject it's sometimes best to express it once and then leave it … for good. You don't want to have to feel like you need to be on the defensive for the next five years. You could tell her how much you and DH would value and need her support on this, despite her different views, thus giving her the opportunity to be a big person about it. May also be a reasonable and good thing to point out the difference generational and societal differences - e.g. woman having own career and pension etc. And hopefully DH will chip in on how beneficial it is for family as well.

Three I read that book a long time ago - think will revisit it, thanks. I know, I get annoyed when I hear people say stuff along the lines of 'I don't know how you can be parted from baby/toddler for a second'. But, erm, aren't the husbands and partners of SAHMs having to do precisely that to fund their life?! MUCH prefer more of a balance both ways, which is why I'm impressed with DH seriously considering dropping his hours to do more daddying AND to support my need to do more jobbing!

And thanks everyone for the supportive comments on admitting I may have taken on too much for this stage in pregnancy, though! I appreciate it lots smile

Our 20-week scan was fine! Took four bloomin' hours in total but worth it! Had a coffee first thing so that they would both wriggle about (two weeks ago one was asleep) and they caused the sonographer a lot of work locating everything! All looks to be in good shape, thankfully. Heads are both up beyond my belly button now (eek!) and their feet are down below. They were prodding and elbowing each other all the time - and we were doing funny 'Oi, gerrof!' voiceovers - hilarious!

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Thu 18-Oct-12 14:25:44

manda were you finding out the sex or did you already know?

I'm having a bit of a stressful day. Mum has whooping cough. Dd3 is cold ? WC , Dad is rough either because of looking after Mum or because he is coming down with something. Dh is at work due to swapping days do we can alternate dd3. Just had hospital on phone, Grandad v ill they want my mum in but couldn't get her. I can't go unless someone else looks after dd3 and someone can go with me as I can't manage the distance from car park to ward. Hospital are worried enough they will consider WC on the ward. Just pre warned dh I may need him home but am running out of people.

Sheldonella Thu 18-Oct-12 14:28:21

manda Lovely sounding scan. I was wondering about skipping the coffee before my scan but I think it might be nice to see all the wriggling. I have just eaten and she is wriggling lots. Thanks for your comments on the childcare issue too - it is a generational thing isn't it. I'm glad I have all of you to talk to about these things smile

tramp Hope your presentation preparation is going well.

I am now the proud owner of some giant full brief pants. I stopped off at M&S and went up yet another size (from 12 to 18). I really hope they are comfortable! I can also recommend bra extenders - I can finally breathe!

Sheldonella Thu 18-Oct-12 14:29:35

Oh ood I'm sorry to hear that. I hope your mum, dd and granndad are ok thanks

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Thu 18-Oct-12 14:31:21

Lol at the big knickers , rather worrying I'm still in the same ones from last pregnancy (set not pair!)

Still waiting for a phone call, v long 20 mins. Hospital need to phone my mum before someone phones me so can't find out

ThreeForTea Thu 18-Oct-12 14:43:11

Aww, I wish I could have seen that manda, the little twins! Have a video scan done and post it for us!!

ThreeForTea Thu 18-Oct-12 15:06:57

Sorry things are tough ood so many ill people, not at all fun, v worrying sad

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Thu 18-Oct-12 15:09:39

Am going to the hospital when dh gets home. They are letting my mum in so not sounding good sad

zoeymlucas Thu 18-Oct-12 15:23:44

Ow dear Angel and I hope he gets well soon

Fab news on the scan amanda am glad everything went well for you

I dont think I will ever learn - have a head ache from all the sugary rubbish I have eaten today AGAIN!! On the plus side have ordered most of DH christmas presents and both boys are near enough done too - god I love being organised and as boys birthdays are Nov and Jan I just buy lots and then split it smile

I havent bought any bigger knickers yet so maybe should hmm

Got a letter from doctor today they are removing my mole next wednesday - its sits right where my bra does and rubs and hurts but worried about going to work after if I cant wear a bra

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Thu 18-Oct-12 15:27:29

zoey have you been on the Xmas bargains thread?

Lexiindisguise Thu 18-Oct-12 15:32:14

Tramp good luck with the mega presentation!
manda so pleased about your little twins smile
Ood hope your family are all OK sad
Three I have just added that to my Kindle reading list! Sounds really insightful; did a year of Psych at uni & really enjoyed it so also probably right up my street interest wise.
Sheldon I agree the guilt does start early - but also agree that it is so good to have such a wide group of people to talk to! Funnily enough the only "judgemental" people I have spoken to have been people with no children; all the mums and dads I've spoken to have a variant on 'You'll work out what's best for you" which is encouraging smile

mandasand Thu 18-Oct-12 15:39:24

Oh Ood what a day - I hope you can figure something out and get to see your grandad soon. Poor everyone else too, ill at such a time. Hope DH can perhaps come home since it seems to be a bit in extremis? Are his work good like that?

We are definitely Team Yellow: sonographer asked us to look away from the screen at the appropriate moments!

Sheldon I'd recommend the coffee for wriggles! I was a bit upset last time that one seemed to be asleep (silly, I know!) so was determined to make sure they were awake this time! Bit mean, but worth it smile This may be naive, but passing today's 'tests' has dispelled any worries I had about the babies. Just a matter of getting to viability now, and then further development, and FX for a good birth x2. I can't believe how far we've all come!

Ohhh a video! That's a good idea - can you do it on NHS?! Maybe DH can just use the camera to record the scan?

Miseed the big pants comment, but just to report that, although the rest of me is a 12-14, I'm now in size 18 big pants! And horrendous they are too with the bagginess around the thighs but v. warm and comfy! I might give size 20 a go but then … hmm … dunno. Really don't want to pay £10 per pair for Mothercare ones, nor go commando - not in winter!

Nice one on all the present-buying, Zoey. Really must get on with xmas shopping at some point...

If you can get your hands on Irn Bru, it's great for getting babies to wiggle! I'm getting battered as I type! wink

Vivee74 Thu 18-Oct-12 16:32:54


Best wishes to

Hope you day gets better Angels, Confud hope all ok and how exciting for those who've just had scans. Counting down until mine..

Talk about the birth plan interesting and guess will have to think about it soon. Have wanted to go to midwife lead unit, but given I'm older and first child not sure they will let me. The only think I know that I will have on big letter on my plan is "No Hospital gowns"..... Happy to take my own clothes....

Just found this link for anyone after a private scan/photos. http://www.livingsocial.com/cities/58/deals/493934-4d-baby-scan-dvd-and-six-3d-images.

Thanks for the links to websites/ groups regarding advice on pregnancy & redundancy. Put in my appeal to my redundancy last night to our HR Director listing 4 points I was contesting. She's responded with the "the issues you have raised are complex...we need time to review the related policies". They want to meet me next week, so fingers crossed they change their approach or we will be going further...

Got my graduation for my MBA tomorrow..... Not sure what to wear but guess you wont see much of it under my gown... Should be a good day....

tedmundo Thu 18-Oct-12 16:37:31

em and chef .. Congratulations on your scans. I popped back in to say Hi and to see how the scans were going as we must be in the thick of them soon. Mine is next Wednesday and I don't think we plan to find out the sex....? Unless I can convince DH!

The birth plan chats are very very interesting. Is anyone else hoping for a VBAC? I really want a (drug filled) vaginal delivery if blood pressure allows me to. I have stopped taking aspirin for the time being as my blood pressure is actually low! I get dizzy, sick and shakes. Am seeing the consultant next week so will ask for some advice on this again.

tedmundo Thu 18-Oct-12 16:40:07

Oh gosh, I missed out a whole page before posting .. manda lovely news about your scan too. Team Yellow rocks!

theTramp Thu 18-Oct-12 17:43:53

Vivee - when you go into that meeting you can ask to take a representative along with you. Either an employee or union rep, if they have them, or a legal representatitive or someone else to take notes (not comment).
Make sure that you take notes and make sure that these notes are circulated to HR following the meeting. very - you said the following, I am not sure of my rights on this issue and will be addressing it etc. You need to be really clear about anything you disagree with, why and the actions that you are taking. This is all perfectly within your rights by the way, just don't expect HR to mention that to you or to help you out. If you are unsure on anything have a chat with an employment lawyer ahead of the meet. Quite often first phone conversation is free.

Hurrah for team yellow and the scan Manda. Seriously go and have a private scan. It is ace. You get loads of time with them and quite a few will offer video. Best £150 I ever spent and Grannies to be love the video.

Thanks for powerpoint encouragement - I am on slide 158 and counting. Have yet to write SWOT let alone power point it. Presently proofing the slides so far and trying to keep acronyms etc the same across documents. ARGH but my brain hurts. Another day would be marvellous. But I don'yt have one so tonight, tonight it is.

angel - thoughts with your Mum, that must be worrying for you, take care my dear and I hope they help her get well quickly.

apologies to anyone I have missed. I will clock in again later. Right, more proofing beckons. Eeek.

Rainbowbabyhope Thu 18-Oct-12 17:45:13

Lovely to hear of scans going well - amazing how a little bit of caffine can affect our little ones so much!

Really interesting to hear all your views/plans about balancing work and childcare. DH and I both work fulltime from home so are in a bit a unique situation - during the working day we each have quiet times are generally quite flexible with our schedules. I am planning on going back to work full time after 6 months (as I don't want to lose my job!) and DH may take the option of additional parental leave that all dads are now entitled too (i.e. 6 months after mum's six months expires). I think our best solution for childcare once we are both back at work fulltime is to hire a mother's help/housekeeper that can work in our home and fill in the time when both me or DH are busy. Eventually we would consider a nursery but not until LO is at least 2 years old as I was really unimpressed by the provisions for babies at a number of nurseries that I have visited. No idea how to go about finiding a mother's help/housekeeper though so finding the right kind of person will probably be a bit of a challenge.

GummiberryJuice Thu 18-Oct-12 18:23:40

Sheld I have a friend who can't understand how I can even work from home, she tried it and it drove her mad,she knew herself she is a far better mum when she's out working as she is happy when at home. When she was home all the time she was miserable, its just a pity so many people feel they need voice their opinions

Ood was thinking it must be bad of they are going to let your mum in with whooping cough, fingers crossed for you.

Vivre fingers crossed for you too, they need a week to go over it hopefully everything goes in your favour
Think you should take tramp as your note taker

Tramp I work best under pressure of a deadline hope it works for you

Manda wonder if you will have one of each since thread seems plot even for those who have found out, I meant to say my bf went for natural birth but ended up with a section as her twins were identical and towrds end had twin two. transfusion, so when labour began twin 1s heart beat kept dipping so they decided to section, but she had prepared herself for both so she wasn't disappointed.

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Thu 18-Oct-12 18:31:03

Been to hospital. Dh looked after kids and my dad helped me/my mum. Bit strange actually as staff are talking like its the end but we've been there before a few times with him. They also said he was unresponsive and we found he did respond but was more like he was ignoring us.
Whoever asked about dh work , he does 3 jobs. One he can't leave like that without getting cover in but the others he can miss/ change Times but doesn't get paid. So this week he's been able to take time off to cover child care but we are a lot of money down now so will have to drop some of his time off next month.

myjobismum Thu 18-Oct-12 20:26:19

Lanny - We went to weymouth with friends for the weekend, was really lovely, the children were so suprised as we didn't tell them until en-route, so tired as a result though lol!
Sounds awful having to work in those conditions, I don't think they can do anything to make you go early if like you say it is the working conditions rather than the pregnancy causing all the problems sad

Hermione - sorry to hear you have been down - I have been feeling mostly ok, but had a horrid down day the other day getting myself in a tizzy over mortgages, rent and housing options!

tramp - hope you enjoyed your massage!

Flowery - I agree with jojo that you should ring and see if they can fit you in for the scan sooner!

Em - don't worry! I would love to be able to still sleep on my tummy, but it is impossible now, my bump is getting so big and hard I would never manage to be comfortable! I think your body will let you know when it becomes no longer ok as you just won't be able to lie flat!
Glad scan went well, how low is your placenta? did they say they will monitor it? Glad all is well and yay for team pink!

Confuddled - eeek that is terrible about the transpore sad Sorry to hear you have had a hospital trip and are worried, hope all is well and baby stays put! Your DD sounds like a sweetie!

Manda - hahaha! Sorry you did make me laugh!!!! It definitely was wednesday! Awww for the scan, sounds amazing!!! Yay for another team yellow grin

Lexi - yes, I am really really tired too, and headachey!

Chefette - yay for a healthy scan, and for team yellow - we are planning to stay that way too! Shame about lack of good photo though sad

Angels - oh no, that sounds really hard and stressful, hope everyone is ok!

As for me, happy but tired - looking forward to my DS's birthday next wedensday - as is he, as you can imagine lol!

I haven't decided about birth yet, originally wanted homebirth as other two were text book deliveries and fine with no pain relief used whatsoever, but I worry about pushing my luck and the time wasted to get medical help if something were to go wrong sad so I am thinking more midwifery led unit through the double doors from the main delivery suite at the hospital now, sort of a compromise - I would love a waterbirth, but won't get my hopes up as Naomi came so fast that I was only seen by a midwife 8 minutes before she was welcomed into the world lol! That is what I am most worried about, things all going too fast again and ending up giving birth somewhere random without any help!

zoeymlucas Thu 18-Oct-12 20:50:56

Ow thank goodness for my bed and pregnancy pillow my back is agony today and can hardly walk- my chair at work is broken and they are not spending ANY money till December but it's actually killing me to be there to the point I think I might start going early because it's impossible to work in that much pain every single day!

ted we are scan buddies next week- mine is at 9.30 smile

Just sneezed about 10 times and something in my back crunched and seems a bit less painful now, lol!

Is anyone still hormonal or is everyone else 'sane' as I seriously feel very overwhelmed and close to crying a lot of the time still? A,friend has just announced she is 14 weeks pregnant and has started going on about her planned c section and 'perfect' experience and how I must be stupid for wanting to try a VBAC but we have very different experiences of c sections she had a term 8lb baby and was awake and relaxed, I had a failed epidural followed by a GA to a 8week early baby and had to wait 6 hours to evn see him as was so ill so feel she is naughty and a bt ignorant of how different things are!!!

Hearburn - just me? It seems a bit earlier than last time... I think I'll have to phone my midwife for a prescription for some industrial size bottles of Gaviscon...

HearTburn, obviously...

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Thu 18-Oct-12 21:07:29

zoey so far my work are working on the better they treat me the longer ill stay (physically i mean , it doesn't seem to work regarding cases or covering duty !). Are your work aware you could get signed off any minute and not come back until after maternity leave?

backward I read heartburn as a new poster blush

zoeymlucas Thu 18-Oct-12 21:20:51

I have developed heartburn in the last week but didn't know you can get gaviscon from midwife I bought mine

My work are burying there head in sand re pregnancy at mo and boss thinks he don't even need mat cover as I will be able to bits from home! I think maybe a week signed off might scare them a bit and help me ALOT!!! I might bring my gym ball in to prove a point, I am the only female manager and the other 2 treat it a bit like a boys club so not sure they get it- as both childless --and child
Like-- and not that interested!! They never even did a work place assessment when I told them!

Oh yes, you can get almost anything on prescription, I've discovered. My midwife sent me away with about 2 litres of Gaviscon during my last pregnancy!

theTramp Thu 18-Oct-12 21:58:29

RTBC (reason to be cheerful) - have actually managed to finish presentation for tomorrow morning. Just 161 slides outlining research results. That is a good month's worth of analysis and presentation work crammed into a week.

WAY (what ails you) - I would really like another day at least to do some more analysis and tidy it all up. Am feeling a bit like more should be done on this.

RTBC - I will prefix the presentation, and frankly after 2 hours everyone sat in that room is going to be coping with information overload.

WAY - this is part one.. part two, three and four of this project yet to happen and really ought to be completed by December at latest. Eeek

Right - bath, chill, bed, sleep - present. Lets hope I can remember it all.

Hi all

Have caught upon everyones news, but alas have neither the brain capacity, nor energy to name check. Suffice it to say I am thinking of you all!

sheldonella, hope you are feeling a bit less bothered by your MILs coments. I remember my mum saying something like 'oh it makes me feel so sad to think of Anna being in nursery for such long days...'hmm thanks mum! Anyway, I think she has gradually come round about it. DD has gone from being 9 months and she absolutely loves it! Plus I still get to work 3 days a week and that suits me just fine. Only you and your dh/dp can decide what's best for you and as we discussed way back on previous threads, often you don't really know your true feelings on it til you actually have the baby.

Great news on scan manda.

Been in work today at meetings so bit of respite from the spotty one! Got nct mates visiting tomorrow so that will be good and then got an action packed weekend planned! Friends (with 18 month twinnies) on sat and then stopping with other friends (with 16 year old twinnies!) on Sunday night and going to see Jesus Christ Superstar in Sheffield! Whoop!

ood, hope your grandad is ok. x

Lexiindisguise Thu 18-Oct-12 22:37:59

Yeay Tramp! You superwoman!

Hope all goes well Tramp!

mandasand Thu 18-Oct-12 22:48:13

Just popping in briefly to say...

Tramp, rock it.
(And then sleep as much as poss over the weekend to recover your energy!)

Night all, will look fwd to catching up with you lovelies tmrw smile

theTramp Thu 18-Oct-12 23:46:47

Thanks all. Nice long relaxing bio oil & eucalyptus bath watching brutish bake off final. Now a purring prodding cat in seventh cuddly heaven and away to sleep.

Sadly no rest at weekend. Slight matter of 100 person belated house warming, belated birthday, oh look I'm preggers and baby bro birthday Halloween bash to sort out. I do have idea for costume though...

Night all and hope everyone has a good day tomorrow

confuddledDOTcom Fri 19-Oct-12 01:40:13

Hey all, thanks for all the messages, I'm feeling better today, less BH with lots of rest. I think baby has moved since yesterday because I'm feeling a lot of movement which I haven't before. I had to go out earlier because my eldest had parents evening and needed to go to my job for an hour to debrief the interviews we did last week. Fortunately I don't do a lot with this job, it's mostly meetings. Back in bed now.

Just going back to posts I missed.

Mandasand, my risk of rupture is (or was, it's gone down now because I am "tested") 5% which is the highest possible risk from a CS. It was enough to put everyone else off, although I would have taken it, with my second, so I do understand how scary the numbers can be, especially when you have two. Last time I did a lot of research into what a rupture means, what happens when it does, what the signs are, how the risk can be lowered etc and with the help of a wonderful Doula I went for it. I actually found far more support at the hospital than I expected. One of the things for me is that they leave me labouring until last minute and then crash me, but labour is a higher risk than pushing - although I just happened to be reading that UR is more likely to happen in pregnancy than the birth.

Sheldonella, she probably came from a time when things were different and staying home or going to work was a choice. My middlie went to nursery when she was about 18 months, when her sister left they offered me a place for her. She loved it and really thrived, I think it's good for them to have some time with other people and away from their parents, even a SAHP.

Lexi, she's in for a shock! When you've not spoken to any other adults in a week that you hope the postman brings a parcel so you can say at least two words to someone, you soon find that nothing other than talking to an adult will help; when does she think a baby will allow her to study in the first 5 years; and what does she think she will study for 5 years?

Ood, sorry to hear your news.

Vivee74, I've added clothing to the version of this on Facebook that I'm updating as we get more ideas.

tedmundo, I'm hoping for my second VBAC this time. The aspirin shouldn't be having that affect on you, it sounds like you need to see someone pretty urgently though, that's not a good thing to be going through sad

myjobismum, if everything has been good for you in the past then homebirth is something to look into. Put it this way, my eldest was a crash section, the doctor came in, did a VE and said "We need this baby out now" it took them 15 minutes to prep me and the theatre for the section and another 15 minutes before she was out - that's an absolute emergency and generally you aren't surprised by one, we knew an hour ahead that it could happen, normally you have half to an hour to get to theatre. An ambulance can do the journey to hospital in less than half the time your car could and they'll have been with you quite quickly too. In the time it takes you to get to hospital they will still not have the theatre ready for you. Things like cleaning your nails, removing jewellery, tying your hair up etc can be done on the way, consent forms will be signed when you arrive still with plenty of time to get you to theatre.

Night all!

pinkpeony4 Fri 19-Oct-12 08:17:39

Place marking again. Can't keep up this week!

ps: I also still sleep on my tummy! Saw the Chiro this week and she was amazing grin highly recommended. I went in with agonising pelvic pain & now it is minimal.

zoeymlucas Fri 19-Oct-12 08:59:59

You know its not yur day when you have been in work 20 mins and have dropped a whole chocolate milkshake in your lap and are sat in your panys and socks wrapped in a cardigan waiting for your DH to bring you new clothes

JoJoBella84 Fri 19-Oct-12 09:07:12

zoey don't you work with mostly men too?!

zoeymlucas Fri 19-Oct-12 10:05:42

There is normally 4 in the office but 3 are out today and I didnt have any choice but to take the jeans off it was a whole bottle staright in lap!!!!! Luckly the cardigan on the back of my chair is a HUGE woollen snuggly one so covers well below knees and am just staying put on chair!

FloweryBoots Fri 19-Oct-12 10:19:50

Oh Zoey how grim! Poor you.

Odd thinking of you and your family. Sorry you'be got so much on.

Tramp hope the presentation goes/went well.

So many of you seem to manage to keep up with so much, I just can't do it.

Actually taken the day off poorly today. Not sure I am actually poorly at all but just so utterly exhausted and so hate work just couldn't face another day of sitting there. Have got a sharp pain in my side which I've been having on and off, usually for a few days at a time, and it started again yesterday. Today I'm just not feeling quite right, though it could be 'just' tiredness, but since I have such extreem wearieness and the pain together this time I've taken the day off and have a doc appointment later. No doubt it will just be ligament pain but somehow got it inot my head this morning it could be a kidney infection. Feel guilty though as doubt very much I'd have gone to the docs if I hadn't been dreading work so much. I've been ignoring this pain on and off for weeks and no beothered about it. Oh well, done now, I'm at home on the sofa instead of at my desk!

I'm hoping to work 3 days after mat leave, but will not go back to current job (only stuck it this long as got pregnant) so will have to look for something part time which will be tricky! Have half a mind to try and build up some private teaching (instrumental lessons) and set up some baby/toddler/kiddie music groups, but it would be pretty unstable and not that well paid, plus quite an isolated profession. Also we hope to have 3 kiddies so would leave me without mat pay for the 3rd. Part time jobs are out there of course, but fewer of them, and typically more of them tend to be lower level I think.

After DS I went back to the job I held before mat leave and droped from full time to 4 days. It was a really good ballance for me - I liked the idea of three days but felt I would have had to loose more of my job and it then wouldn't have been as good a job or as fulfilling for me so decided I was better doing 4 days doing something I loved and got such satisfaction from, then 3 days just for the sake of working. I took Wednesdays off which really broke the week up and never felt like I was away from the wee lad for too long at a time. This time I would like 3 days I think as 2 little ones at home to play with on the other days rather than 1, and will be going into a new job so it feels a bit different to 'loosing' stuff out of what I was used to being responsible for.

I work full time currently and probably wouldn't dislike that so much if it was a job I found enjoyable and fulfilling, but I'd really rather not be doing 5 days. As everyone has said, it's realy about what's right for you and your family, not anyone else. My MIL says things that great with me (how 'sad' it is DS 'has to' go to childminder every day etc.) but I don't think she realises how it comes across. And to be fair, they wouldn't upset me if I didn't feel the sae a bit! grin. Mind you, thi is a woman who will tell anyone who listens that my DH irons his own shirts you know, as if this is soemthing utterly miraculous and isn't he quite the modern man. He never bloody washes his own shirts. And I've only stood firm on the ironing because that and opening tins jsut wreck my dodgy wrist!

myjobismum Fri 19-Oct-12 11:02:35

Zoey - eeek, hope you are dressed and warm again now, not fun!

Confuddled - I think it is more pyschological than physical I am worried about, I like to be in control and hate the idea of an ambulance transfer and also hate the idea of making plans for a home birth and then not getting it - I have coped so well in labour in the past simply because I had good control, I am worried if that starts to be taken away then I will not cope and it will be a nightmare - so I am thinking MLU and possibly waterbirth but will keep in mind that will be decided on the day dependant on whether there is time/the pool is free/ all is well etc - that way at least I am in control a bit more! does that make any sense?!

flowery - hope you get a restful day and feel better soon, I am exhausted too and don't even go to work!

I was hoping to take DD out on her bike today, but is is horrible outside, so wet and cold and dark sad so besides the school runs I think we are stuck indoors all day!

Hi all. I'm feeling a bit nauseous this morning, felt better after some breakfast but feeling grim again. Hopefully lunch will sort me out! DS getting some photos done after lunch then I'm getting my flu jab this afternoon - I only phoned the surgery this morning to book it! Impressed!

Flowery, hope you feel better soon!

ThreeForTea Fri 19-Oct-12 11:52:24

Quick hi! caught up before but lost you again as dd is training for a marathon today (apparently) and won't stay still for more than about a minute at a time. Luckily I love chasing her round constantly!

ted i'm hoping for a vbac following urgent (though non emergency) cs for undiagnosed breech 2 years ago. Feel like an absolute novice in the art of giving birth!

will catch up properly later promise! Have had to write this one handed as dd is pulling my other arm off!

zoeymlucas Fri 19-Oct-12 12:05:50

Yeah myjob am all dressed again - its not the best outfit but couldnt expect much more of DH to grab and bring to me so it will do for today, lol!

I am hungry today AGAIN and am tempted to pop to argos at lunch and buy a toasty maker so I can have a cheese and ham toasty for lunch even though that does seem a lot of effort I really fancy one smileWill see how it goes in a bit as also spied a cafe near work this morning and am thinking they might do a panni or something there!

myjobismum Fri 19-Oct-12 12:19:51

Oooo Zoey, I had a chicken, bacon and cheese panini when we were away the other day, that was yummy!

StormyBrid Fri 19-Oct-12 12:37:27

Ethelred if someone said that to me about nursery, I'd probably very enthusiastically thank them for their offer to look after the kid all day every day, then smirk as they backpedalled rapidly.

Am I the only one of us who doesn't actually work? Takes away the hassle of worrying about whether to stay home or put the baby in a nursery, but it would be rather nice if working was actually an option. Unfortunately Hull has zero jobs available for someone with my qualifications and experience (English degree and none, respectively). In fact the only jobs that seem to exist are in call centres, and I can't handle phones.

How does whooping cough differ from a normal cough? Both my nieces have been coughing all week and now I am too, so naturally I'm paranoid and assuming I'm about to drop dead.

Less than 168 hours until we should find out what this baby is. Will counting down the hours make them pass any faster?

zoeymlucas Fri 19-Oct-12 13:42:22

Stormy whooping cough will sound like a seal barking so sounds pretty bad so you would know if nieces had it, so dont panic. I think counting down hours might make it go even slower to be honest!

Re work I am seriously thinking of going part time and getting DH to go part time as well as he doesnt work right now but with my health and how things are going to be be it makes sense but just need to look at the penny's

Really cant be bothered today its been one of those days when I just have nothing left to give

theTramp Fri 19-Oct-12 13:48:05

Zoey - glad you're clothed again. You'll be laughing about this next week you know ;)

Flowery - rest up and I am with you on side pain/is it kidney infection?! Worry. Mine clearly isn't but the idea always pops into my head anyway.

Sorry to hear the MS is back. Bah!

I used my English degree to talk my way onto movies, then sales, then secretarial, then marketing. It's the best foundation for being able to bull shit I can think of ;) I grant you I gave up on Liverpool & moved to London and ive no idea where you'd even start in Hull. I feel for you. Although I can recommend London....

So presentation went well. Wahoo! 3 hours in the end. Def info overload and I'm still not happy with my end analysis but I've time now to tighten that up. Next week is stage two - messaging. The really really fun bit (for me) and then stage 3 strategy. I'm now sitting in seriously cosy chilled waiting room sat on nice comfy sofa awaiting call through for massage. I may fall asleep on them ;)

FloweryBoots Fri 19-Oct-12 14:57:08

Seen the doc, not kidney or urine infection and just muscular pain, as I thought really. Feel bad about being off work, but hopefully the day on the sofa today follwed by weekend and I'll feel refreshed and more posative for Monday!

Currently under the duvet on the sofa watching trash!

StormyBrid Fri 19-Oct-12 15:05:17

I can bullshit with the best of them, unless it's about me. Probably linked to years of crappy self esteem. Even getting a CV together is a trial because one basically has to lie about how awesome and talented one is. I do wish they'd hurry up and invent some sort of instant confidence and self esteem boosting drugs. (Legal ones, I mean; developing a coke habit is probably not the way forward.)

Bugger London though, it's horrifically expensive and the underground turns my snot black. Plus I like Hull - it may be a shithole but it's my shithole, if you see what I mean. And at least here I know I can afford to live on benefits - how anyone manages that with London rents is beyond me.

GummiberryJuice Fri 19-Oct-12 15:09:17

Oh Zoey lucky dh was on hand to bring new clothes!

Flowery ouch for being sore (drink plenty of fluids incase it is a kidney infection)

Myjobis It truly is miserable, I really don't think we have had a wetter year!

Possom yuck for feeling sick, I'm still abit yuck in the mornings too, never quite sure if breakfast is going to stick and can no longer take my prgnancy vitamins as they are just making me gag

Three & Ted and anyone else my friend has had 2 successful VBACS after quite a stressful first EMCS

Stormy Whooping cough I think when the person cough it makes the sound whooping iykwim, I'm trusting that it would sound different I remember my friends dd having croup and it sounded exactly like a bark, it didn't sound like an ordinary cough iykwim

Tramp yey for stage 1 complete, how are you going to reward yourself next week?

talking about whooping cough when I made my next appointment at docs which falls at 28 wks, the receptionist said to me oh I'll put a note on that to remind them about whooping cough jab, so very on the ball there!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend,
I did the very first of my Christmas shopping today, I think this is the earlist EVER, although no more will probably be done until December, bar maybe dd1 as she has spied a desk(yes a desk) in Tesco direct and I have a £10 off voucher to be used by the 28th

myjobismum Fri 19-Oct-12 15:28:46

Gummi - oooo a desk, that sounds like a fab pressie and very practical too grin

Ooooo, we are having jacket potatoes for dinner and it is driving me half demented waiting for them to cook - I absolutely cannot wait until dinner time - first time I have felt like this about food for an age it feels - I am sooooo looking forward to it, just the thought of it is making my mouth water - I feel a bit crazed grin

theTramp Fri 19-Oct-12 15:57:43

Stormy - trick is to work out what employer wants & write snappy opening statement illustrating how your skills/experience (even if a lack thereof) help them with that. So the smart application of argument to question.. smile
I'm gonna leave you to your Hull hole, and I'll stay in my London one.

Speaking of which small experiment. Me - bump out - underground. For once no asking if I can take a seat. Curious to see who offers. Not one. Male or female. Bloody appalling. Each & every one are due a bit of crappiness karma wise today.

So massage. My left side is so tense she couldn't even get my left elbow flat. So better but more needed. Also my right leg noticeably longer than left, so my hip has shifted out of synch again. So am away to see chiropractor if I can next week and also have booked in for another massage next week. Bitof maintenance now should mean no problems/back pain later. Which is what I want to avoid. So worth the expense. I can thoroughly recommend the bump table too and apparently they offer a hot stone pregnancy massage too. So London ladies, or those wot travel to London fairly regularly - Angel Therapy Rooms my top recommendation.

Zoey - boo to your all round bad day. Tomorrow will be better!

pinkpeony4 Fri 19-Oct-12 16:02:21

Hope everyone is ok. Any scans today? Have just tried to have a quick catch up but on phone so too tricky for personals!

Half term has started so I have two v excited big boys. Going to stay with my dad next week which they love. Have to come back on Thursday for my scan. Really looking forward and am v nervous to it so hope all is ok. Feeling more & more movement which is lovely. 21 weeks today smile

I have terrible heartburn. I need to stock up on gaviscon and put it all over the house in easy reach. I even woke up in the night last night in agony. Joys!!

Anyway sorry for a me post. Zoey I loved your milkshake story!!! Glad your DH came to the rescue grin

Have a lovely week all. I have had two nights out this week and another tomorrow. Considering I usually asleep by 9 this has been a killer!!!

pinkpeony4 Fri 19-Oct-12 16:06:52

Tramp when I was pregnant with ds1 & used to work at Oxford Circus I hardly ever got a tube seat. The joys of the Northern line, heavily pregnant in summer (he was born at start of sept) is something I will never miss! One time a lovely guy shouted out in a packed tube "who will give this pregnant lady a seat". Embarrassed but very grateful to not have to stand on the way home. Hardly ever take the tube now, it's not buggy friendly so use buses & overland.

Glad your massage was good. My Chiro has a massage table with bump hole & an amazing massage therapist who is training to be a Chiro so knows all the areas to de-knot. Blissful! Where are the Angel therapy rooms?

theTramp Fri 19-Oct-12 16:14:59

Pink - this far my approach has been "excuse me can o have seat please" at whoever is sat in priority seat. This morning this bloke looked at means refused to budge. So lady sat next to him - who had a bloody big cello - budged instead. If I been more awake I would have made a scene just to embarrass him. He was able bodied and knew I was pregnant. Just a wanker.

Angel Therapy rooms are in Angel Islington. Next right turn after White stuff or left turn before White stuff, tucked away in basement on right side of street just as you turn in. Not cheap but really really good.

Your Ox St place sounds good to.

pinkpeony4 Fri 19-Oct-12 16:20:48

The clue was in the name then! I haven't been to Islington for ages, used to go loads.

My place at at my Chiropractors near Clapham Junction so not too far for you? My Chiro is amazing at treating pregnant women if you need a recommendation.

Shaming is the only way on the tube, it's amazing how many people don't look up for their whole journey whilst pregnant or v elderly people stand.

zoeymlucas Fri 19-Oct-12 16:24:39

Having a much better afternoon my office has turned into naughty 5 year olds some one ripped open tea bags and poured them on someone else and that girl has gone out and toilet rolled a mans car and covered the inside in glitter (company car) and he dont know yet!!

DH has texted to said he is ill and can I grab takeaway on way home for me and boys as he feels awful and isnt up to cooking and dont want anything to eat either- the one day I am allowed rubbish I can decide what to get!!!! Would of got subway but dont think DS2 would be overly impressed with that as he is not reallly a 'bread' boy.

Afternoon all! Felt much better after some lunch - have had flu jab this afternoon and have a wee bit of a sore arm. Glad I've had it done though, I usually end up with some kind if bug in the term between October and Christmas so at least it wont be flu this year! The joys of working with kids...

Tramp Glad your presentation went well smile Massage sounds wonderful!

pink I'm suffering with heartburn, too. It's rubbish isn't it? I've to phone my midwife to get my MatB1 form next week so I'll ask for some Gaviscon then too...

zoey glad your day has got better! Yum takeaway!

GrottyPotPlant Fri 19-Oct-12 16:49:43

pink I would love a recommendation for a chiropractor in South London!

I have been lurking away on here since I got my blue line, but I've been too superstitious to post, and then too shy. I'm now due 26th Feb, but I first calculated it as 2nd March, so this has been my chosen lurking ground since the start. I feel very cheeky suddenly piping up for advice, especially when technically it is not even my thread!
Anyhow, I'm in the general East Dulwich area, and my back has just reduced me to a hobbling snail, so a fab pregnancy chiropractor in Clapham (where I am working at the moment) is exactly what I am looking for! Please pretty please?

JoJoBella84 Fri 19-Oct-12 16:52:14

Oh my word what a draining afternoon. Studying complex patient care and the lecture is all about Duchenne Muscular Dystraphy. Needless to say expecting a baby boy and being lectured about a life limiting condition which primarily affects boys is not a good mix! We were shown a YouTube clip at the end and I was do close to walking out!!!

dreamgenii maternity pillow oh my word, I would pay £40 every night in order to have the quality of sleep I experienced last night. I was a bit sceptical at first but honestly, £40 well spent in my eyes!!

nursery plans my treetop friends wall stickers arrived today - they're beautiful! May need to flatten them out under a heavy book for a week or two before applying them though, they clearly didn't think the packaging through!! I also have a friend in the USA making me an owl mobile with little autumn leaves falling smile I'm so exciting! May need to think about buying a cot soon ! I've even found a cross stitch design to match the woodland theme - thank you to those FB marchers who voted on the one to stitch, I'm terrible when it comes to decision making!!

birth plans I'm going to keep mind short and sweet. I think all midwives know our ultimate aim is a healthy baby so do we need to include that in the plan??!

returning to work I think whatever suits the parents is the best option! I'm going to be returning to Uni after 7 months, then when I complete will be looking for full time employment - if available! Needs to be local though. Mr JoJo's employers are fairly flexible in terms of roster patterns so I think we'll muddle through! I think the biggest problem for us will be when I return to Uni in York with a baby in tow and Mr JoJo has to remain in Aberdeen for work commitments. I'm sure my mum will be happy for me to live with her for a few months but its not going to be easy!

hormones mine seem to have settled right down, other than the once a fortnight vomiting. I'm not testy, I'm handling stressful situations well and haven't had any 'crazy pregnant lady' mood swings, I really have to question how much that cyst was affecting me!

public transport after the journey from hell from Aberdeen to York at 14 weeks pg I've not really been on any (one local bus into town- 5 mins) so can't comment re people giving up seats but now I'm 22 +6 and definitely bumping people are holding doors for me etc!

I have to catch up on some posts so will name check later if I get the opportunity!

JoJoBella84 Fri 19-Oct-12 16:55:41

Welcome grotty I'm due 17th Feb... I don't think anyone minds though!!!

pinkpeony4 Fri 19-Oct-12 17:03:54

Grottypotplant welcome!! Hope all is well. It's called Northcote Chiropractic & is on Webb's Rd which is close to northcote Rd. I have been going since my last pregnancy & they are amazing. There are two chiro's & both are fab. www.northcotechiropractic.co.uk/

theTramp Fri 19-Oct-12 17:13:32

Pinky - I too am going to look them up, thank you.

For first time ever I noticed that as well as antique stores Angel has lots of baby/kiddy stores too - all about perspective clearly!

Welcome grotty.

Em2010 Fri 19-Oct-12 17:15:00

Afternoon all from very dreary south coast! Am afraid I'm on my phone so can't name check properly but- pink that chiro sounds amazing! Am semi tempted to come down to London just for an appointment!

flowery don't feel guilty! Enjoy your duvet day! Hope you feel better soon.

stormy I am also a (sort of) Hull girl and am very loyal to the city. I graduated from Hull uni with a humanities degree and managed to get a job working as a receptionist in an industrial recruitment firm. It was a massive eye opener (I have lived such a sheltered life!) from there though I managed to get a job working in professional recruitment in Leeds which was the break I needed although it has since gone to pot it's hard when you've worked so hard for a degree and then find it so difficult to get a job- I can sympathise!

jojo nursery plans sound gorgeous!

Right I'd better dash as ds is eyeing up MILs knick-knacks!

FloweryBoots Fri 19-Oct-12 17:20:23

JoJo Do you mind me asking a bit about your studies? You're doing physio aren't you? I seriously considerd physio but ended up doing Music at uni, partly because I wanted to of course, but partly because my science and maths grades weren't going to be good enoug to get into physio, it's so competative. I've always thought about possibly re training adn trying to do physio, though DH thinks it's a rediculous idea.

So for the questions (and feel free to tell me to keep my nose out!);
Is this your first degree? Have you gone straight from A levels or been doing other stuff first, and if so what? (a loosely disguised how old are you in there!) I'm guessing you are a mature studen't so how did you decide to go for it?

Oh, and by they way, much respect for you for babying on top of degree. My sis had her first DS during her second year of podietry degree and still came out with a first! (she's a lot cleverer than me). She hopes to go back to uni and do a medicine degree when her two boys are older now.

JoJoBella84 Fri 19-Oct-12 17:53:04

flowery yes this is my first degree. I'm 28 and left school at 16 with half decent grades but determined that education is not for me as a struggled through and couldn't understand why (found out 2 years ago I'm Dyspraxic so that explains a lot)!
When I was 19 I studied child care and education in Hull and then went off to work in admin for 5 years before leaving to be a gym receptionist - after a year there I was offered the opportunity to become a fitness instructor through work based training which made me realise education wasn't so bad in little chunks!!
After I qualified in that (did basic L2 cert as well as NVQ) and at the same time doing another NVQ in activity leadership (for children's parties) I decided I'd caught the learning bug! The problem was I had no idea what I wanted to do so I booked an appointment with a local college and spoke to them - initially I was thinking sports rehab but then it was pointed out if I could get into Physio the NHS fund your learning so that kind of solidified my choice!! I had to go back to college at 25 to study for an access to higher education diploma and started Physio at 26!
Physio is massively competitive - York only accept around 35 students and with thousands applying you really have to go the extra mile like organising shadow days at your local trust and getting involved with relevant activities (I was very lucky that working in a gym I was able to do that).
The interview is tough too! It was a group interview with a case study as Physio is all about working as part of a multi disciplinary team they like to test you!!!
Obviously with all of my previous quals in child care, parties, etc i want to work in paediatrics!!
Oh and because its NHS funded it really is a full time course - none of this 16 hours of education is full time lark! Nope, they pay you and you are expected to work!! But it's soooooo rewarding and worth all of the stress!!

JoJoBella84 Fri 19-Oct-12 17:56:19

Oh and I definitely won't be leaving with a first !!! I may scrape a 2:1 otherwise will be a high 2:2 which I'll be very happy with!!

myjobismum Fri 19-Oct-12 18:00:08

Argh I am in such a grump - I hate mortgage companies, even with a decent deposit no-one wants to lend to us even though we have no debt and we can definitely afford the repayments - it isn't fair sad

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Fri 19-Oct-12 18:41:49

Just marking my place with a moan about trapped wind. blush

theTramp Fri 19-Oct-12 19:28:40

Myjob - have you spoken to a specialist mortgage adviser, not one from the banks? And how decent is decent? Ie. 10% or 20%?
Sorry none of my bis - but I recognise the frustration!

mandasand Fri 19-Oct-12 19:53:37

Hello! On phone on way back from London so will keep this short. Sorry for everyone feeling yukky today. At least its the weekend for those who aren't working.

Am dead on my feet. Got up at 0530 for 0655 train and have just finished. Full day conference run by my research project so a lot of meeting, greeting, trouble-shooting, chairing, giving a paper (fourth this month!) Boss did big twin announcement. Everyone v nicecabout it. Babies flicking me through talks v distracting! Up early tomorrow. Want to be up north mid-morning. My family tomorrow, out with mates in eve then spreading FiL ashes on Sun. Hope to come back with some 2nd hand baby gear - fingers crossed. Oh, and this morning I stuck my bump out on tube at two women got up! What is it with men?!

lannyshrops Fri 19-Oct-12 20:06:10

Hi all, not been posting much this week (actually not at all I think blush ) but I have been rather poorly, lovely temprature, feeling grim etc sad but beginning to recover now smile
Welcome grotty
jojo I am coveting your mobile, it sounds lovely, any pictures?
Hugs to all xxx

JoJoBella84 Fri 19-Oct-12 20:19:49

lanny i have a picture of a similar one she's made. I can post that on the FB wall... mine will be slightly different though. Are you on FB? I've not managed to link fbook names to MN yet... unless they're bloody obvious!!!

myjobismum Fri 19-Oct-12 20:19:50

Lanny - how horrid, I hope you are properly on the mend now!

Manda - eeek, you really need to get some decent rest before you burn out! Hope your weekend goes well!

Tramps - it is 15% which I thought would mean we would manage, afterall it gives a good head start, we only want to borrow £150k but they won't give us more than £140k which is the difference between the perfect house for us we have found and getting nothing at all sad so frustrating and upsetting too!

Chefette Fri 19-Oct-12 20:30:23

Hi all x crazy busy day, sorry for all those poorly, well done on presentations and lectures/meetings, loving the owl theme wink welcome grotty I too am a Feb-er, it's ok they still let you hang out here, they're nice like that wink

Hilarity at milkshake episode (sorry) no after effects at all post my flu jab the other night. Am properly in to some mat clothes now, but it's still a toss up between looking preggers or just a haggis supper smuggler............!

Erm cripes forgotten the rest of what I've just read.............will repost again am sure!! x

DJH80 Fri 19-Oct-12 20:47:26

Hi all - I have been following but not posting (sorry). It's great to hear about all of the growing bumps and wiggling babies. We had our 20 scan this week and found out we are on the blue team. Very excited and has made it feel all the more real.

I promised I would do some research on hypno-birthing and post on here to let you know what I found out. I'm no expert but this is what I have discovered...

There appears to be 2 main methods 1. The Mongan Method www.hypnobirthing.co.uk/ and 2. Natal Hypnotherapy www.natalhypnotherapy.co.uk/

From what I can see they use fairly similar approaches i.e. teaching you how to self hypnotise yourself so you can remain relaxed during labour and birth. Both of them focus quite a bit on the role of the father/ birth partner and how they can help in the process too.

I've actually booked with someone who uses the Mongan Method. I chose this one because this approach is taught via 5 x 2.5 hour sessions. You also get a CD to take home and practice with. The other method is just 2 x 1/2 day sessions. I liked the idea of doing it over several weeks as it would give more time to practice and ask questions if needed.

Our first session is next Saturday so I'll report back if anyone is interested. I think we're probably starting a bit soon (I'm 21 weeks and usually you start at 25 weeks) but I'm allowing for the Christmas holidays which are usually quite chaotic!

Anyway hang in there all of you that are still suffering. Once you get to 20 weeks you are basically on a countdown to meeting your LO.


theTramp Fri 19-Oct-12 20:52:57

Manda - get a good nights sleep.

MyJob - have you tried talking to mortgage adviser? they can quite often find ways to get you a slightly higher loan. It is a swine when they won't budge and you are so close. always worth trying every avenue going. I really do feel for you. It took us two years to get our house. Worth it in the end, but if you had told me that at the time I quite possibly would have removed your head with a blunt spoon.

theTramp Fri 19-Oct-12 20:53:18

Lanny - sorry to hear you have been poorly, but pleased you are on the mend

myjobismum Fri 19-Oct-12 20:59:17

Tramp - thank you for being so sympathetic and caring, it really does help to hear positive get there in the end stories - it is so frustrating to be so close and yet have no control over it sad

zoeymlucas Fri 19-Oct-12 21:22:41

Lanny sorry to hear you have been so poorly and really glad you are starting to feel better now

Blimey Manda I don't even know how you manged to get out of bed at that time let alone keep going until this time of day!

Got my flu jab tomorrow and so has DS1 I just haven't told him yet as he will just moan!

Got home from work and builders have dug up part of my front garden and DH didn't say anything, wait till they arrive in morning I am going to kick there butts!!!! It's only a strip of grass and a flower bed with wood chip and some plant things but I spent a lot of money on it getting nice plants and I wouldn't mind but a) they didn't ask or even tell us b) they are not fixing my house it's for the new houses oppersite as our was finished in July in first stage so I think that's just rude and not allowed. DH might be a soft touch but I am not- so god help them with a hormonal pregnant lady in he morning- also the have put huge red plastic barriers around it basically my whole garden outside my kitchen window and it looks awful.

ttramp when I bought my first house I was £12k short with what they offered re mortgage and my advisor did it so I got the mortgage and the rest in a loan secured on properly as improvement loan, however this was about 5 years ago when they were giving everyone money for nothing

zoeymlucas Fri 19-Oct-12 21:23:11

I meant myjob

mandasand Fri 19-Oct-12 21:41:34

sat on sofa now in PJs waiting for DH to bring me ready meal like a right old princess smile

myjob, I know, I'm really feeling low energy at the moment. Which is why I need to pull out of next conference - I just can't do it justice. The guy running that event was there today and I was too chicken to tell him in person so I'll do it over email on Monday.

Good night's sleep is definitely on the cards! Slept badly last night worried about not getting up and DH fidgeting but tonight, oh my, I am going to enjoy my zzzzs!

myjob that is beyond annoying. Have you tried absolutely everywhere? hope there's a solution.

Tramp I salute you getting through your three-hour presentation today - well done!

zoey I did feel for you with the milkshake incident! Garden thing is hugely annoying!!!

DJH welcome back and that sounds interesting - let us know how it goes!

welcome grotty smile

myjobismum Fri 19-Oct-12 21:48:55

Glad you are resting now Manda, enjoy your tea and hope you get a good nights sleep! Yes, feels like we have looked everywhere - oh well, maybe next year........ we love the house we are renting now, but it is only 2 bed, but well we will manage here until we buy I think unless things get dire, I just cannot bear to spend that much more on rent!

Baby is getting a right wriggler, definite kicks can be felt on the outside now, and not just by me either grin

theTramp Fri 19-Oct-12 22:23:54

MyJob - in all seriousness have you spoken to an IFA? They really can work wonders when you are so close and yet so far.

I work in financial sector and I find the thinking behind mortgages beyond crazy & counter intuitive. Effectively - they'll loan like mad when you don't need it and won't when you do. We had a 45% deposit for ours, and still had problems getting the right rate. In the end it was a case of approaching using a combination of experts - accountant and IFA - to get us what we needed. We did do it, bloody hard work but we did it. I really hope you find a way.

Manda - my 3 hour presentation is nothing like your mamoth day. I don't know about you but I'm rubbish in the morning at the best of times, but since getting pregnant that has been emphasised times 100. The fwe there and back conference days, where I've had to be in Manchester or Brum for 9am nigh on left me asleep standing up and at least a day following to recover. And as you say, always tough to sleep the night before.

Zoey - grrr for builders. But flu jab wasn't too bad for me, so hopefully won't be for you either.

JoJoBella84 Fri 19-Oct-12 22:49:06

tramp I'm also rubbish in the mornings but since falling pregnant have found out I can't study into the evenings any more so really have to focus myself in the mornings... Booooo sad
myjob I'm also getting some decent boots in the abs now that can be felt from outside. Though I also have an anterior placenta do the majority are right sided... Not quite so fun when recovering from surgery!! OH will be happily playing with my bump when I see him again in a few weeks smile

HermioneBoo Sat 20-Oct-12 07:28:25

Hi Everyone! Been so busy that checking MN became impossible, heaven knows what I'll be like with a LO to look after!

Welcome grotty hope you find a good chiro

JoJo I did an NHS funded course and hear you on the full time nature of it all, at the time I was so jealous of my friends doing Psychology just going to two hours of lectures a week whereas my Speech Therapy degree was four years of hard graft! I came out with a high 2:2 and although I wasn't pleased at the time I think that it was more than fair given that I loved the student life a little too much in my first year, not realising that it all counted towards my final grade blush Looking back I'm so glad it was full on, we were in clinic basically the entire time and it boosted my confidence and social skills loads, saying I was a wallflower before would have been a major understatement!
Oh and I wondered how you were getting on with the DreamGenii, I've been thinking about getting one for ages but part of me is thinking £40 for a pillow is a bit crazy - it has so many good reviews though and with your review I think £40 is well worth it. I can't face many mornings waking at 5am because my back and neck are aching.

I've had an interesting week, I found out from my boss that my team leader has told him that I'm not capable of doing a major part of my job and its not worth training me because my head is so full of IT knowledge that I couldn't possibly pick up any more knowledge. This is bad enough, but my boss said that he thought it was a sexist remark, and that he'd taken it as my team leader was trying to say that a lady's brain can only be filled with so much information! I know my team leader hasn't the faintest idea what to do with me, he's very old school, used to managing male teams and having a female PA look after him, he's taken a step down to be team leader so when he came to my team he assumed that I'd be making the tea and wouldn't be technically as good as I am. Luckily my boss is completely on my side, he's always pushing me to do big things and take every advantage that the uni offers me and the rest of my team are on my side too. I refuse to make the tea and I'm the only one in our team that completes the training and passes the exams in the area that my team leader thinks I'm not capable of doing, I'm just really annoyed with him!

Anyway, had an ace day at work yesterday, all week they've had different groups of the IT dept out on away days in the Peak District, my day was yesterday and it was so cool! Despite me having the bump in maternity clothes and me thinking it looked pretty obvious, I had to make clear that I was pregnant and couldn't do the high rope activities. I now understand why my friend went round seemingly telling everyone we met that she was pregnant, otherwise I think people just assume you've got a fat belly! So funny yesterday when my team were doing Leap of Faith and the instructor was shouting at me to do it, all I could do was shout back 'Im pregnant!' And watch him blush and back off!

I am still really hormonal, I've been organising my 30th birthday next month and DH has been telling me for ages that we have no money so not to expect anything, that we'll do the big celebration for my birthday next year when things might have improved a bit financially. However, I didn't really believe him and thought he might have a surprise for me. Anyway, my bf text me asking why I hadn't planned anything for my birthday and did I want to do something with her the day before, I rang DH asking whether I was free that day and he just said yes, you haven't made any plans, of course you're free, he said he felt really bad because he hadn't planned anything and didn't know what to get me. I burst in to tears (I was at work to make things worse) and then thought about it rationally, poor DH has told me from the start that it'll be a smaller celebration this year, and I totally agreed it because I don't want any money spent on me that could be better spent on preparations for BabyBoo. Hormones make me in to a right silly mare!

Am off to my first NCT nearly new sale today, don't know what to expect but hope I find something on my list! Sorry for the mememe post, it just feels so good to vent all of that!

zoeymlucas Sat 20-Oct-12 08:43:50

Well that's the builders firmly told how rude they are and they can't just dig up private property with out the permission of the owner!! One very sheepish builder admitted to foreman that they didnt knock our door or ask us, the foreman went mental at them which stole my thunder as I couldn't then!!!

Laid in bed for ages this morning enjoying baby boy kicks was so nice grin only problem being they are all very low so I get them in bladder and lady bits, but placenta is front and high so that explains why!! DH has o,ove on to th name Harvey now which is better than the Last ones!!

DS2 is still snoozing so feeling a bit lost!!!!

theTramp Sat 20-Oct-12 10:08:21

Harvey - great film with Jimmy Stewart and his invisible giant rabbit friend. Seriously worth buying Zoey it is absolutely gorgeous, oneof my favourites.

Hermione - your team leader sounds like a prat, thank goodness for your nice boss. And let you bf treat you on your bday.

I don't think I'm particularly hormonal but I am more likely to cry at films and tv shows - which is pretty hormonal for me.

MrM is making pancakes for breakfast with fruit & maple syrup so I'd better get up (yum!) as I promised I'd make the coffee.

Have lovely Saturday's ladies.

ThreeForTea Sat 20-Oct-12 11:01:55

Well done Zoey, they sound awful! How long are they likely to be there building?

Have just caught up properly from yesterday. Seems to have been a busy day for many, well done for getting through!

Hermione team leader sounds like one of those weaseling types who just deflects his own insecurities onto other people. Can't stand people like that. Glad your boss sounds ok.

manda be a princess more often, totally acceptable while carrying the future heirs!

Congratulations for team blue DJH80!

I'm in the odd situation of feeling quite restless right now, was expecting to be tiredtoday so haven't made plans until this evening. Im not even at home and dd has gone swimming with nanny and gramps and won't be back until nap time. Really strange as I can't remember the last time I had a surplus of energy with nothing I need to do - need to work out how to bottle it!!

ThreeForTea Sat 20-Oct-12 12:20:07

Wow, quiet thread today smile

Right I now have plans so can enjoy being my 'old self' for a day, long may it last!

JoJoBella84 Sat 20-Oct-12 12:21:24

hermione I really don't think it matters that grade you come out with as long as you pass!! None of my placements are graded they're pass/fail but I excel in them. All of the stuff that determines my grade is the academic work which I can struggle with!! Ultimately though I'm not going into this profession to do lots of research I'm doing it for the practical aspect!! Hence I'd be over the moon with a 2:2!!!
The pillow is fab by the way well worth the investment and can be used as a breast feeding support pillow if that's the plan!!

I've just bought some more mat clothes today!!! Skinny jeans a cute tshirt and a lovely knitted long cardi! Oops to not spending more money ;)

Hello all - didn't realise it was half 12 already! I'm still sat in my PJs! Oops... I'm just casting on for my matching bootie. I need a new yarn needle as I couldn't find my one to finish off the first bootie I've knitted, but at least I can get on with knitting the second one in the meantime. I'm just hoping I don't run out of wool as this is the only ball I have in this colour...!

Have a bit of a sore arm from my flu jab yesterday but feeling fine apart from that. Nurse did mention that I'd get a letter in a couple of months about the whooping cough one.

The boys are off out swimming (father/son bonding at the weekend, ace!) so I'm going to cook a roast dinner for later while they're out as we're going to mum's for dinner tomorrow and I forgot we were going when I bought the chicken for roasting... doh!

Have a nice Saturday everyone smile

JoJoBella84 Sat 20-Oct-12 13:10:51

Haha possum I woke at 10.40 and had to be at the docs for my flu jan at 11.09... Whoops. Made it in time though smile

Hey all

Just in hairdressers having all my hair chopped off! Eeek!

Been for flu jab this morning, so that's another thing ticked off my list.

Sorry, not fully caught up, will try to catch up later on. Hope you are all ok ladies.

FloweryBoots Sat 20-Oct-12 14:33:25

Thanks for sharing JoJo. You must, and certainly should, be proud of going for it! I was identified as being dyslexic in 2nd year of unviersity and it certainly explained a lot! My course tutor called me at start of second year to ask me 'what on earth happened' in my end of 1st year written exams becasue marks had been so poor, only just scraped through because of performance, analyasis and coursework marks pulling me up, and yet I was 'clearly an intelligent and capable' student. We went from there and I was assessed later that year. I'd just always avoided any subjects requiring lots of writting till then, and still did as many coursework based and analytical and practical modules as I could to avoid exam essays. Did a Music Therapy module which required 7500 write up which was a killer and I didn't really do well despite the feed back from my placements being fab, but it was worth the experience it gave me to accept a lower mark than I might have got doing a differnt module.

Wonder if I'd need to re do some A levels to get into Physio though, which makes it an even longer processes (though I'd enjoy the learning).

Well, we've been into town on the train this morning to meet a friend who has come over to visit DH. Had lunch in pub, where DS managed to cut his lip adn get blood everywhere, then DS and I came back on the trian leaving the boys to the pubs. DS has miraculously falled asleep on the walk back up from teh station despite not napping for the last few months so I think I might join him. Clearly doing house work would be far too risky as might wake the poor little mite. grin

GummiberryJuice Sat 20-Oct-12 14:38:08

Welcome Grotty & Lorraine if you come over from stats thread

Myjobis that is crap about mortgage will perfect house people accept a lower offer?

DHJ80 My friend (the same one that has 2 VBACS) studied all about hypnobirthing and she thought the breathing techniques difinitely helped her, oh and Yay for team blue

Tramp I LOVE maple syrup and pancakes!

Possom, Jojo & Ethel all I can say is try not to sleep on the arm you got jab in, I woke up last week thought someone had battered my arm

dare I say feel quite fresh today and I am going to tackle the dcs bed new duvets all round for winter.
I am also uploading all photos on computer that haven't been printed, goes back to Sept last year blush

Waves to everyone else, have we a busy week next week with scans?

JoJoBella84 Sat 20-Oct-12 14:52:46

flowery rather than redo a levels (if its been too long) do an access diploma it's basically a one year course that covers a level equivalent subjects in order to prep you for Uni! I did mine in human and health sciences, so biology, psychology and sociology - in addition to the IT, study skills and numeracy. It's a tough year but saves so much time and most collages do them now!

pinkpeony4 Sat 20-Oct-12 14:53:35

DHJ80 Congrats on team blue. Is this your first baby?

Myjobis I hope you somehow manage to get the house you want. I can imagine you want to be moved before baby arrives & it definitely makes sense to not pay more rent than is necessary.

Zoey Lucky you having a late sleeping baby. Can you ask him to talk to my boys. All up before 6am this morning - Zzzzz & it's soooo dark then!

My arm was really sore after my flu jab too. Only for a couple of days but felt bruised. Glad I had it though.

Ethel How exciting to have a new hair style smile put a photo on facebook.

Tramp your breakfast sounded amazing. I always make pancakes or French toast with maple syrup on one weekend morning, everyone loves them. Last week I mashed banana and cinnamon into the egg mix for French toast and it was delicious!

Flowery I hope you ds is Ok. I hate mouth injuries, there is always so much blood & I have a phobia of wobbly teeth (pretty crap thing to have with 3.5 Children!) so always worry that they have lost a tooth!

Manda I hope today is more restful than yesterday, that was a full on day!

I have another night out tonight at a really smart restaurant so god knows what I am going to wear! Probably my old faithful Isabella Oliver black wrap dress which is the only smart maternity thing I own. We have a few smart weddings around Christmas so I have been looking at Tiffany Rose, they have gorgeous dresses. Has anyone bought one from there? Just wondering what the sizing is like.

Have a good weekend all

pinkpeony4 Sat 20-Oct-12 14:55:18

Gummi sorry, cross posted because it took me so long to type my post! I am rubbish at keeping up to date with photos. I make photobooks on my Mac but the last one finished in Christmas 2010. I have about 2000 more photos to sort through since then... Hope you get all yours done.

JoJoBella84 Sat 20-Oct-12 15:07:18

Has anyone used Pinterest? I was thinking about making a little collage of my nursery ideas etc? Not sure if you can only use the photos that are up there, or if you can add your own?

Yes, I have an account, although I don't use it anywhere near the way it's meant to be used... You can add pics from any website to it. smile

FloweryBoots Sat 20-Oct-12 15:22:42

Cheers Jo Jo, worht thinking about (good while since A levels!). I shall be storing all this up to think through later as really if I were to ever do it I think it wouldn't be until had all intended kiddies and they are school age. Until then I think finances let a lone time would be an issue. Food for thought though. Think I would probably need to speka to a couple of places about what they'd be looking for in a mature student as perhaps (hopefully!) A level results might not be as important for them compared to those fresh from school. I think I've looked before vaguely and I might be able to do a 2 year post grad course rather than 3 years but not sure.

Pink, thanks, think DS is fine, it's just that mouth cuts always looks so grusome and we were not in a typically child friendly pub. The blood gets everywhere once mixed with seliva too! this the unusal nap is probably prompted by his snoty nose rather than cut lip.

JoJoBella84 Sat 20-Oct-12 16:04:46

flowery if your previous degrees are biology or health care related that might be a good option! I'm not sure where the land lies re none related subjects but its definitely worth asking the question smile

JoJoBella84 Sat 20-Oct-12 16:06:48

possum whoops I missed your post sad sorry!! Fab I'll try and build it up today as I'm meeting a friend. For lunch tomorrow and haven't had a real Girly lunch that's not education related in ages!!! I fully intend to let the baby talk flow!!

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Sat 20-Oct-12 16:07:26

Just place marking

HermioneBoo Sat 20-Oct-12 16:27:42

JoJo I've got a Pinterest account and find it so useful for a central place for all my ideas, I go through the kids boards every few days and pick up a few more ideas and also pin things that I've seen on my travels over the Internet.

NCT nearly new sale was AMAZING! I picked up a dream genii with pillow cover and original packaging for £4!! I saw an angel care monitor in there for £10 and loads of toys and newborn things that I would have snapped up if pay day was recently smile. I bought a brand new with tags White Company sleeper suit and a baby book of farm animals. I arrived an hour late due to mix up in times but there were loads of people coming out with bags and bags of stuff so the next one I will make sure I'm on time to.

Went to a local pram shop and I think we have picked a pram at last! The BabyStyle Oyster has all the things we wanted in the Uppababy Vista but is half the price and the shop will throw in a nice car seat that clips on to the Oyster frame. So exciting to finally have something decided on smile

zigwig Sat 20-Oct-12 16:31:53

Hi just wanted to de-lurk to say you can add your own pictures to pinterest as well. It lets you upload them. I'm hooked to it!

zoeymlucas Sat 20-Oct-12 16:59:01

Had my flu jab and arm is sore it don't help I managed to smack it on the car door so it could be that making it sore!! Week at work has caught up with me and am chilling on sofa, DH is making chicken and leek filo pastry pie with home made wedges, followed by meringues with cream and strawberry coils and also bought the biggest box of Thorntons chocolates for this evening I can't wait- I haven't told him the dancing is on yet, lol!

Glad you have picked your pram hermione prams are such hard work as there are so many to choose from it can get a bit confusing to say the least!

JoJoBella84 Sat 20-Oct-12 17:26:51

zigwig Don't you re-lurk!!! How do you add your own pics?? I've added 5 from the web which is fairly straight forward!!

zoey I had mine this morning, I don't feel sore at all but I havent put pressure through it at all yet. My pregnancy pillow encourages sleep on the left side too... could be a bit ouchie in the morning. Never mind, I'll just have to have a study day smile after my social lunch of course!

Hermione Where was your NCT sale? I'm sure there's one coming up in York soon which I really want to go too though I'm not really sure what else in the big bulk of things I need to buy?!
I have my Moses basket and stand, pram, angelcare baby monitor, baby carrier, some blankets.

I need a cot mobile (no rush), nappy bin, baby bouncer (but a very specific one), bath chair (baby is going straight into the big bath), Other than a stack of nappies and some newborn clothes have I missed anything??

manda how are you feeling today? Better I hope!

ethel how does the hair look?

I'm wearing my new maternity stuff today, and boy does it make me look pregnant... or maybe I just look pregnant now and it doesn't matter what I wear!
I'm loving the whole have a bump and not afraid to thrust it out feeling smile
Think my bloom has turned up too, i generally feel great. Still malting like crazy - but no crazy skin breakouts, no hormonal moments, no stress, just generally quite happy in myself. It's a nice feeling to have and about time too! 23 weeks tomorrow! How long to viability?

zoeymlucas Sat 20-Oct-12 17:39:50

Viability is legally 24 weeks but 25 weeks is more like it Hun - my first was born at 28 weeks!
I have pram, car seat, isofix base, cot DS2, blankets, angel are monitor, cot mobile DS2, bouncy chair and a few clothes, bumbo chair, play mat!
My mum is buying the Moses basket for downstairs as my house is 3 story and we are having the swinging crib DH got in our room smile SIL is buying a bath support and I need to start getting more newborn and early clothes and a lot of nappies and toiletries for me like paper pants!! However really don't feel organised at all for some reason, think is because we don't have a name for little man! Oooh and I want a nappy bin this time too as never had one before.

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Sat 20-Oct-12 17:42:26

24 weeks jojo

myjobismum Sat 20-Oct-12 17:43:48

Hello all! I honestly have read all the posts but my head is totally scrambled so cannot remember it well enough to do personal replies, sorry!

A few points though......

lie ins - very jealous!!!!! Naomi woke me around 6am as per normal this morning <yawn!> lol!

mortgage - thank you all for the kind words on this, it is hard to accept but sadly think it is going to be a case of waiting and getting another house another time, shame, but such is life!

So lovely to hear about kicks and wriggles! Button is getting a right groove on of late - and my bump is VERY noticable now, no way would I get away with not looking pregnant anymore lo grin

We have had a really busy but really lovely day - DH is at work 9am-10pm so just me and the monkeys, been to the shops and for lunch and then to a friends for the afternoon where the children played so well with her children <phew> so we sat in the kitchen drinking tea and chatting the whole time lol! We are home now and I have already given them thier tea and got them into thier pj's so just TV, playing, reading and relaxing until bedtime now!

Hope everyone is well!

FloweryBoots Sat 20-Oct-12 18:07:45

oops, I fell asleep whilst DS was still napping and didn't wake him up until 5.20pm. There will be no early night for me tonight then. Can't believe he slept for over 3 hours and still needed waking.

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Sat 20-Oct-12 18:09:07

I can't keep up on who has posted either myjob I've struggled to switch from work to home this weekend never mind store anything else!

zigwig Sat 20-Oct-12 18:41:51

Jojo if you go to your main page on pinterest there is a add+ button top right. Click that then go to upload pin and it lets you point to whatever you want on your computer. I haven't tried doing it yet on a mobile but there is probably a way. :-)

HermioneBoo Sat 20-Oct-12 19:06:03

JoJo the NCT sale I went to was 20 mins drive away, I'd def recommend going to one. Apparently the ones in posher areas have some really good stuff in them so I'm going to another next month. I was told that they only sell things that you actually need, I'm not sure all the toys were need items but loads of the other stuff was useful.
The one I went to had racks of clothes going from 0 to about 7yrs, maternity clothes, books for children and for parents, reusable nappies, baths inc top and tail baths, loads of other things...most things were 50p-£2 so it was worth just checking out. If you go at opening prepare for a scrum! My friend taught me to just fill the bag they give you with anything that looks good and then find a corner and sort through it, look at the larger items area first (that's where the best bargains are) and then work your way back to the beginning. Oh and they're quite often cash only, if you hate a scrum then I'd go an hour after opening as there's still stuff that's a great bargain but its nowhere near as busy.

zoey yes, it feels a bit of a relief to have decided on one! DH had really fallen for the Bugaboo Chameleon having pushed our friends toddler about town this morning so I had a bit of a job persuading him to like something cheaper! I think we were lucky to find a pram shop with some good sales people in it that weren't pushy but were really knowledgeable

GummiberryJuice Sat 20-Oct-12 19:48:49

Oh girls loads to comment on but I've read the words paper pants a couple of times, do you seriously find those comfy/useful, I go to primark and buy a packet of theirs for hospital they are only a couple of pounds and I imagine far comfier than paper ones but not to expensive to be thrown out if needs be.
with dd2 the midwife couldn't believe I was putting brand new pants on after my bath and I said £2 for a pack of 5, probably cheaper than paper ones.

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Sat 20-Oct-12 20:02:43

I just chucked my maternity ones! Paper + c-section is ouch!

zoeymlucas Sat 20-Oct-12 20:03:43

I used paper pants with DS1 and loved them as they were so big everywhere like legs etc so were super comfy and soft smile um I have primark issues so can't actually go in there but I could sent DH but that could be dangerous, lol!!! I have a of a fear of lots do people and pushing/ my personal space and thus don't shop in sales unless you count online which is why I can't do primark!!

DS2 is stood dancing to strictly and repeating the scores, is now shouting 8, lol!! His talking is scary for a 1 year old in the last month alone he as grown up so much and says so much but is like a little sponge repeating stuff!

theTramp Sat 20-Oct-12 21:06:54

I too ended up having a cheeky nap that lasted about 3 hours. So we're having dinner a bit late today - chilli con carne, only no chilli or carne so let's call it con. smile

ethel - the drastic hair cut sounds like a great idea. Hope you are now out and about somewhere showing off your fantastic hair.

NCT sales sounds great = how on earth do you find out about such things? Baring in mind the number of kids in SE London there must be a pretty good sale going on somewhere, although I have yet to find it.

Hermione - so the new pram, does it extend as high as an upbaby Vista? I have decided that is what we're going to get, rather than the bugaboo, because i like the fact that the pram doubles up as a carry cot. Seems useful seeing as we're likely to have a few trips to relatives and that saves on a bit of packing. But if there is an identical but cheaper that also sounds interesting. Although I confess it is the height of it that matters most to me and Vista was just that bit better for the tall than the Bugaboo cameleon.

So I was planning to do some baking and have failed miserably, although I could knock together a ginger cake I suppose. My other plan was to tackle the obscenely large ironing pile whilst watcing a movie and do some online shopping adn some organising. Failed again. I have, however, managed to do at least a bit of tidying and a truck load of washing, so ya know, I'm getting there.

We're off to Stratford tomorrow to see friends for lunch. It'll be a long but fun day methinks. For tonight, well I think we need a naff movie. Hope everyone's evenings are going well and fluy jabbed arms aren't too sore.

Aw, my friend had a little boy this afternoon! So chuffed! Can't wait to see him!

HermioneBoo Sat 20-Oct-12 22:31:26

Tramp the NCT sales are all listed on their website, there's a section called events near you and Nearly New sales will be listed in there. There'll be loads of good ones near you!
My DH is 6ft 2 and felt that the handle went as high as he'd want it, i think it extended at least as much as the bugaboo we were comparing it against (still not seen an Uppababy in person!) but it was a lot easier to extend. I'm hoping I can compare an Uppababy to an Oyster when we go to John Lewis next. The oyster had height adjusters so you weren't bending down as far to put the car seat or carrycot on too.

JoJoBella84 Sun 21-Oct-12 06:22:10

6am wake up call by my little wriggler practising his golf swing!! Little bugger!
Mildly dead arm too from flu jab. Never mind!
Happy Sundays everyone smile

Lexiindisguise Sun 21-Oct-12 08:00:49

Morning all. Parents here so apologies haven't caught up sad
Bit worried as it seems compared with you ladies at 21 weeks I'm feeling very little movement - tiny flutters at night that I'm not even sure are baby really, certainly nothing that could be called a kick. DH thinks it's because I am tall so Beanette has lots of room but I am getting quite worried and upset sad
Right, better go & make cooked brekkie for the folks! Have a lovely day all!

Em2010 Sun 21-Oct-12 08:10:35

Mornin All! Just catching up from yesterday! Currently lying in a darkened hotel room with ds snoring on one side, dh snoring on t'other and dd kicking away! Needless to say hardly slept a bloody wink last night and now have a 6+ hour drive back to Yorkshire!

hermione a lot of my friends have oyster prams - they are very happy with them and i think they look fab! Well done on your nct sale bargains. I am envy I love a bargain!!

jojo I think we need to get ourselves to the next nct sale in harrogate for some posh bargains! I once picked up a dkny skirt in the oxfam there! The sale at JoRo on the 27th is Table Tots, not sure how different that is to nct but its in my diary!

ethel how's the hair?!

zoey please stop posting details of delicious dinners!! You are making me hungry!! More envy

Actually on that note I'm going to head off and jump in the shower so I can get down for my full English breakfast! Ttfn!

Em2010 Sun 21-Oct-12 08:13:10

Cross posted lexi just wanted to reassure you that I hardly felt anything with ds either. I can sympathise completely as I found it quite distressing. But he is here, he is healthy and he was an amazingly calm baby (made up for it since!) do you have an anterior placenta?

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Sun 21-Oct-12 08:28:28

lexi might be placenta blocking, might be lack of sitting around at the right times ( as in needing to not be distracted), also with your first it's harder to recognise. ( think its your first?!?)

JoJoBella84 Sun 21-Oct-12 09:13:49

lexi I didn't have any confirmed movements until 21+4. They're just getting stronger now!! Only ever right sided as my placenta is anterior :quite greatful for that - protect my stitches from the inside)!!
em is there a train to Harrogate? There HAS to be otherwise I can't go!!

JoJoBella84 Sun 21-Oct-12 09:14:25

23 weeks today smile eeeek :D

GrottyPotPlant Sun 21-Oct-12 09:26:04

Thank you for all of the lovely welcomes! What a warm lot you are!
And thank you pink for the chiro info- I will try and get an appointment next week. My back went at the same time as my bump "popped". What a mixed bag pregnancy is!

myjob is there any scope for low cheeky offers in your area? I know where I am some asking prices are pretty ambitious when you compare with actual prices sold- 10K off is pretty minimal. I'm sure you've allowed for that already though!

manda and the other hardcore workers, I am in awe of you all! I feel like my work stamina is so much less than I expect it to be now. I did have an insanely busy summer though, travelling loads and lots of 8am-9pm work days. I did keel over a bit at the end, two weeks ago, and have got to learn to listen to by body better re rest!! That said, I haven't cooked a meal since blue-line time- DP has been giving me the five star hotel treatment, and shouldering all the housework, complete with lovely yummy healthy meals and lunch boxes. So I am very very lucky indeed there.

Hermione that's shocking re your team leader!!! So glad your boss can see through the nonsense. But Yay re NCT sale- now I'm not on the road so much I'm looking forward to getting to one. They sound excellent!
tramp look on the NCT website to find them. I think there is one in Herne Hill on the 3rd of November, but I'll be on my hols. You need to be a member to get in there early, but i think they are open to everyone after a few hours.

ethel how was the haircut? I used to be very adventurous with mine- i'd pick a hairdresser I liked the look of and say "do whatever you like that is interesting and will suit me". I got some amazing cuts that way! But it's very long now, so I have lost my bottle...

Lots of other things I meant to say, but never mind, the sieve brain strikes again!

Rainbowbabyhope Sun 21-Oct-12 09:37:07

Lexi with my first DD I didn't feel any movement until about 22 weeks and DH felt her on the outside at around 23 weeks - even then it was very infrequent due to position of placenta. I expect it will be similar this time as have an anterior placenta again which is also much bigger in size than last time.

I looked down yesterday and realised I had officially lost sight of my toes! I have a lovely neat bump but it seems to be all out in front. My uterus is palpating around two weeks ahead of my dates so that may explain it. Made me remember how much I love being pregnant - I know there are many niggles we all experience during pregnancy but still feels like a miracle every day!

Still waiting to feel brave enough to start making plans and start buying bits like so many of you are already. Unfortunately feels massively premature for me. With DD1 we thankfully didn't do much at all during as we feel that its better to wait until baby is born before buying most stuff including pram. Even so we had picked up a few newborn bits to get us through the first few weeks - there is nothing worse than coming home from hospital empty handed to a house with baby bits waiting in it. So I am definitely not making that mistake again.

Having said that we have already managed to find a nanny/housekeeper for when DH and I go back to work after parental leave! That definitely is massively premature as I won't be going back to work full time until next September after DD is born but it feels like a massive weight of my mind - also hopefully will make my boss happy so I keep my job!

StormyBrid Sun 21-Oct-12 10:43:37

Well, I'm home, after a pretty ridiculous train journey. Train one was fine, but when I got off it in Plymouth and checked the board for train two, the word "CANCELLED" jumped out at me rather. Found a member of staff and asked what to do, and discovered that, though I could get another train an hour later, it would get me into Leeds after the last train back to Hull. Long story short, I ended up getting a taxi back from Doncaster (and didn't have to pay for it, thankfully) and was home only twenty minutes later than expected. Hellishly stressful though. On the plus side, it's my last long train journey for a very long time!

Bump seems to have expanded (although I still just look fat depending what I'm wearing - must try to be skinnier before conceiving number two). Tried to hug the man when I got home and my stomach was definitely in the way.

Hope everyone's having a good Sunday, and less backache than I am (stupid trains, mutter grumble mutter).

GummiberryJuice Sun 21-Oct-12 10:51:33

Just lost mamoth post grrrrrrrrr

Lexiindisguise Sun 21-Oct-12 11:28:17

Ahh - thanks for the reassurance you lovely lot - feeling much better! No anterior placenta here but I guess it is still quite early. Must go as Mum is calling me for a walk! smile

ThreeForTea Sun 21-Oct-12 11:51:27

Sympathies gummi I lost four posts in a row a few weeks ago and still not quite over it!

GummiberryJuice Sun 21-Oct-12 12:08:01

Lol three I'm still sulking about it as I sat and namechecked loads, bloody phone lost internet for 2 secs while posting, normally if I hit back its still in msg box but no, arrgggh

Anyway a big pile of washing is calling to be ironed/sorted hope everyone is having a good Sunday

Lexi sometimes I can feel kicks deeper inside nearly on bladder, took me ages to realise

Pinkpeony 795 photos £42 I've just realised I've never checked any other sites to see if I can get cheaper, but I thought this was pretty good

Rainbow yeah for nanny/keeper being sorted

DJH80 Sun 21-Oct-12 12:26:33


I love sunny Sundays when I have time to actually post on here...

Pink - yes this is our first baby. I absoutely can't wait to meet him.

Lexi - I'm 21 weeks and only feeling a few little wriggles every so often. However, when we had the scan on Monday the baby was moving around everywhere and even did a somersault... I didn't feel anything so it was reassuring that he is moving but I just can't feel it properly yet.

Myjob - We bought our first house recently (with 10% deposit) and used a broker called London and County www.lcplc.co.uk/ They are free and basically did all of the hard work for us. They were recommended by the Money Saving Expert website. I would certainly use them again.

Herminone/ Tramp - I spent ages in John Lewis yesterday testing out the Uppa Baby Vista. I really like it and my DH who is tall liked the fact the cot/ seat felt quite high up so he wouldn't have to bend too far. The other one we liked was the Icandy Peach but it's just so expensive! I'm not even sure how much you use a pram?!

Gummi - I'm pleased you know someone who got some use out of hypno-birthing. I think a lot of it depends on how much you believe it can work... oh and obviously quite a bit of luck!

I was going to ask you all as well... I've been getting some really bad aches in my pelvis and groin. They seem to get worse the more I do and particularly at the end of a busy day. Are you all getting this? I've diagnosed myself with "pelvic girdle pain" but I am a bit of a hypochondriac and this might just be something everyone gets?

Oh and finally... I bought a "Theraline Big V Maternity Pillow" www.johnlewis.com/230733273/Product.aspx from John Lewis yesterday. It is possibly the best thing I have ever bought!!!! You can use it anywhere, sofa/ floor/ bed, in any position. I feel like a new woman. My DH actually wants me to get him one for Christmas. Highly recommended!

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Sun 21-Oct-12 13:02:11

djh most people get some sort of pelvic pain but worth discussing with MW as it can get worse if you over do it. Check out the pelvic partnership,

Baby has been kicking when dd3 was feeding , told her and she said 'no baba' to my stomach!

GummiberryJuice Sun 21-Oct-12 13:53:07

How cute Ood, what happens when to dd3s feeds when baby comes along? I never fed any of mine longer than six months, Im hoping to get longer this time.

Djh I got really bad groin pain with dd2 just had to keep reminding myself to keep legs together when getting out of car/bed etc it definitely helped, I can feel it starting again and I know I've just been swinging legs out of car so "be more lady like" is note of the day

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Sun 21-Oct-12 14:25:58

gummi no idea, milk changes over at 6 m preg so see if she goes off the idea then. Can't see it though. It's usually only sleepy feeds now, although it kept her out of hospital earlier this year when she was very ill and not eating/drinking. I can see a toddler being useful when it comes to engorgement though!

zoeymlucas Sun 21-Oct-12 16:31:45

Went to watch little bro's football this morning--is 13-- and come home and couldn't get warm again so laid on sofa in blanket on DH orders as I look pale he thinks, not going to argue even though I feel ok!! He s even making me mince and potatoes to cheer me up and him and boys are having roast chicken! Have made gingerbread pumpkins for boys to decorate after dinner but think DH is the most excited, lol! Had some lucozade earlier and bump went mental for about half hour which was nice and DS1 even got to feel it which he loved

Anyone else have the flu jan and there arm be puffed up, bright red and hot to touch the next day? DS1 had it too but his arm is fine!

Emus Sun 21-Oct-12 17:41:44

I haven't been offered any jabs yet (or does it not work that way?!).

Cannot wait until scan on Tuesday (although at the same time I'm dreading it). I have managed to convince myself that something has happened to baby sad. I have been really stressed an busy at work for the past three or four weeks now (working 12-14 hour days with a two hour commute to work there and back). This morning I was awake at 2:30am as I was having a hot flush so got up and did another six hours work. Had a two hour nap then started work on unpacking the house (house is starting to look homely now which makes me happy). Really worried the stress, lack of rest and sleep might have affected the baby. sad

Unlike you lovely ladies, I haven't really been feeling movements yet (although I did think I was but haven't felt much in the last few days so now not so sure), I'm not showing and still in my normal clothes (albeit with the trousers sometimes unzipped!), ms has finally stopped and I don't need to get up in the night now for a pee. Just really worried (I Thoth I was over this period of worrying about baby but now it's back!).

Sorry to bring down the tone of conversation. Just ignore me!

zoeymlucas Sun 21-Oct-12 18:08:16

Emus it's perfectly normal to worry but it's normal with first not to feel movement at all till a lot later I am just on number 3 so have no muscles so everything is stretched and ruined from before with DS1 I never looked pregnant was born at 28 weeks and people actually asked why I was staying in the maternity unit of hospital and I didn't feel movement till about 24 weeks!
I am the most stressing person in the world and kill my self with work like you and it didn't do the other 2 any harm at all so please don't worry yourself, I was particularly bad with DS2 and he is a really calm and mellow child who sleeps like an angel so maybe you will just get one of them smile

TheAngelsHaveTheOod Sun 21-Oct-12 18:22:05

emus GP sends letters out re flu jabs here but I know that not everyone has got one that's eligible.

zigwig Sun 21-Oct-12 18:25:14

Emus you should be able to get a flu jab for free. Its worth ringing the docs as they all seem to have started the sessions around where I live. Don't wait to get asked. They didn't bother sending me a letter, just my OH who gets it for his asthma. I just rang and booked myself a slot.

I didn't get a sore arm, infact couldn't tell where was jabbed, but was puking that evening which I put down to it as I was fine next day. Pregnant friend also had same Side-effect, but she did have whooping cough jab same day so it could also have been that.

GummiberryJuice Sun 21-Oct-12 18:50:17

Emus ring doc for flu jab
Also if you've been really busy you wont feel baby moving, and with my first I didn't look pg until nearly 6 months and this bump seemed to come from nowhere. Also this is the nice time when baby is supposed to move off bladder and you don't need to pee as often, my baby hasn't bothered to do that yet!

JoJoBella84 Sun 21-Oct-12 18:57:51

I have no idea how you ladies seem to lead such busy lifestyles. Today I spent 4 hours with a girlfriend eating lunch and window shopping, I needed a 3 hour nap when I got home to get over it!!

emus the antenatal clinic told me to call my surgery to book my flu jab - you don't have to have it but they recommend it. Though when I turned up for the jab the nurse couldn't understand why I'd been booked in for it!

Lexiindisguise Sun 21-Oct-12 19:26:44

Zoey I also had a sore arm for a few days, just as you describe
Emus I share your worries about movements but it does seem some of us feel it later. Hope you feel less stressed; the lack of sleep is a killer and I know how easy it is to worry but I'm trying not to panic myself smile
JoJo I know what you mean. Had family here all weekend and haven't done much except normal housework and a 50 minute walk (short for me) and I am exhausted!
Bought a curved pillow to try to help me sleep. DH not convinced by cost of the DreamGenii so I hope this will still help.

Emus Sun 21-Oct-12 21:10:59

Thanks for the lovely replies and for the flu jab recommendations. I'll look into that as think it'll be something I have to intimate by the sounds of it.

Thanks for the reassurances over lack of baby movement. I have been ok after hearing the heartbeat at 16 weeks but I am so aware of all the stress with the house move and with work that I am fearing the worst and probably being a bit over sensitive because I'm tired! I know there are people worse off than me out there right now and that babies have been ok!

Not hanging around for Downton tonight (which is saying something as it's my favourite programme) but heading to bed. Early start tomorrow to try and get into work early to beat the traffic.

Oh and my OH surprised me on Saturday when the post turned up and he had ordered me a gorgeous maternity dress from Tiffany Rose as he knew I was worrying about not having anything to wear to the wedding in Vegas next week! How sweet (sadly it has to go back though as its not very flattering on but it's the thought that counts).

Emus Sun 21-Oct-12 21:14:41

Initiate! Flipping phone!

Em2010 Sun 21-Oct-12 21:15:08

I'm afraid I've just come on for a quick whinge really!! Got back home ok but agonising pain in my mouth which I suspect is wisdom tooth related. My whole face feels swollen- and paracetamol isn't going to touch it!!! Boo hoo!!

jojo there is a train to Harrogate, however we've just missed their nct sale and there isn't a date for the next one yet. Next York one is December.

Meant to say in earlier posts how sorry I am to hear about your property buying problems myjob! I really sympathise! We used London and County IFA however dh is currently in the process of sueing them for the terrible job they did. Hey ho, poor IFA if you're going to cock up someone's mortgage don't let it be a litigator's!

Sorry to hear about everyone's anxieties re movements etc. I've been there and it's horrid! I've just bought a pretty little kick counter bracelet from eBay so I can keep an eye on dds movements whilst running around after ds!!

Right off to distract myself from pain by watching some Andrew Marr. Rock and roll.....!

mandasand Mon 22-Oct-12 02:36:31

Hiya everyone!

Missed chatting over the weekend but we had s seriously full-on 48 hours in Lancashire with the families. Lovely. I hadn't been up for months owing to working on damn book every spare moment so felt like a holiday! Had trouble with the hire car wipers on the way back so journey took ages and now DH and I too wired from evening caffeine to get to sleep. Both sat in beds with laptops, hehe!

Everyone amazed at size of bump. Our mums had made us gorgeous knitted baby things (will post pics on FB) and had also bought us bags and bags of baby bits. Best of all we got cot-bed, crib, moses basket stand, bath support, high chair, baby gym, Bumbo, natural nappies, nappy bin, nappy bucket, steriliser, bedding, those sleeping bag things and a thousand other random baby bits from BiL and SiL. Seriously, there are bags of stuff we haven't even delved in yet. Oh and about 5 or 6 nice maternity clothes which will help with wardrobe. Amazing - we feel so lucky to have such kind families!

Best thing is that DH felt the first kicks last night when tipsy after the pub. He was sooo darn cute about it too!

Today we took FiL's ashes to his favourite fish & chip shop by the sea and had a meal there (cue lots of typically British humour: 'Where's your father?' 'He's in the shopping bag', etc), then scattered the ashes in a really nice low-key moment in the sea. Really poignant being pregnant with the next generation of the family at such at big moment.

Woop re bloom, JoJo and new hair Ethel!

Lexi, it's only been 1 week with me and movements, and that's with two! MW said it could be up to 24 weeks with anterior placentas. They were very gentle nudges at first, but getting a tiny bit more strident already. It'll be soon - don't worry. Have something really sweet (Cadbury's hot choc has just worked for me!) and 10 mins later lie down and put hands on belly - something may happen. 99% of the time I only feel the movements when I'm sitting still and doing something quiet and calming.

Emus I know how work stress can make everything seem a bit doomy and gloomy. AND you've had stress of house move too. Crikey. Is there a chance you could take some time out tomorrow and do something relaxing to calm your nerves about scan? I don't think too much work will have impact on baby (well, that's what I like to think about sometimes overdoing it) as our bodies seem quite good and resilient at making these baby creatures. But it will takes its toll on you. Hope it all goes well and you can take it easier tmrw. And what a sweet DH with Vegas dress!

Hermione interesting times at work, eh? Glad you have the support of your boss, if not team leader…

Em sorry you're in so much pain. Dentist tomorrow? Take care of yourself. And hope some paracetamol takes the edge off...

Boo for your horrid train journey Stormy.

Happy Mondays to you all. Will try and get my head down soon else I'll be properly knackered...

sarahs999 Mon 22-Oct-12 07:22:45

Hello all - behind on my reading but just to let you know 20 week scan on Friday was great. Had to go away and come back after sugar to get him to move a bit, so saw lots of wriggling. Lovely. My consultant who I saw afterwards was very happy; only slight blot is I have to go back to the cervix clinic next week as minei s measuring slightly short, but tbh I think it is a red herring as I have been told before that my cervix is small. But will go anyway and play ball.

Hope everyone's well. Got a session of intralipids infusion this morning at my private clinic which is meant to stall possibility of pre-eclampsia, then four days work and then a week off. Woo hoo!

pinkpeony4 Mon 22-Oct-12 08:57:02

Place marking. Away this week for half term. Will try & catch up later. Hood everyone is well

sundaesundae Mon 22-Oct-12 09:05:11

Morning all. Emus I feel exactly the same, I doubt the movements I was feeling, I had a big pop in the right place yesterday whilst stuffing face with Buddies, so think that was bubba.

But I am worried that something has happened, even though HB was fine. We bought a shitty maternity listening thing and could hear "stuff" but not HB as too early. Seriously considering a doppler.

I had a tiny bit of spotting again, not even really spotting (once a bit old blood cm like when I wiped) and felt ahem thrushy friday and saturday, but ok now. Had no pains, no cramps and nothing else, so midwife says all is fine, but I have refused to tell any more people about pregnancy till after 20 week scan in two weeks.

ThreeForTea Mon 22-Oct-12 09:13:01

Scan day for us today! V. Excited that we'll know by this evening smile appointment at 16.10 though so a few hours to go!

For some reason mw hasn't returned green mat notes to me that they took at 12 week scan, anyone else had this? Hoping hosp don't get funny about it.

Glad yr scan was good Sarah smile

sundaesundae Mon 22-Oct-12 09:13:58

How exciting three! Hope the day zooms by for you!

StormyBrid Mon 22-Oct-12 09:19:23

Another two weeks until your scan, Sundae? My sympathies, the waiting is dreadful. Just over 100 hours to wait here. Elder niece wants it to be a boy, though she didn't say why. Younger niece expressed no preference, but did draw a picture for me to take home for my brother - it's of him, his cat, and his baby. I pointed out that he doesn't have a baby but she was insistent. If his girlfriend announces a pregnancy in the next couple of months I shall be slightly freaked out.

Are we supposed to have full bladders at the 20 week scan, or does it not matter? And do they need a wee sample?

Yay for movements, Manda! They're marvellous for putting one's mind at ease. The man's face whenever he feels any is always lovely, and it's like they're bonding already, I love it.

Stupidly busy day ahead, mainly involving shouting at the landlord - I got home to find three snotty letters reminding me about this month's rent, which I paid on the 2nd of the month. I'm guessing someone in their office took my card details but didn't put the payment through or make any record of it, which is a bit worrying, really.

sundaesundae Mon 22-Oct-12 09:22:54

Yes Stormy, two weeks tomorrow. I don't know if I want it to come quickly or not now!

Any recs for dopplers?

No full bladder needed, we don't do wee samples for scans here, but that could be different everywhere. Don't shout, go quiet and angry, far more scary!

ThreeForTea Mon 22-Oct-12 09:23:02

Thanks sundae ditto 2 weeks for you! tmi but I've had that yukky old blood thing linger for weeks before, body can be so strange. Hope you get as much rest as poss

Em2010 Mon 22-Oct-12 09:26:05

How exciting three, will be thinking of you later!

manda sounds like you had a lovely weekend

sundae sorry to hear you've had a little more spotting however great news to feel little pops!

Day off work here today. My first in months. Snuggled in bed watching Frasier with tea and toast but ds cried for me so much when dh took him to nursery this morning that I feel pretty upset and the house just seems a bit empty. On the plus side toothache is a bit better - been trying corsodyl for the time being. Great stuff but my mouth tastes very strange!!

Hope everyone is having good Mondays - especially those of you on half term!

sundaesundae Mon 22-Oct-12 09:28:11

Two days of work (yes, this is sort of working!) and then a week off, we are off to Wales Thurs - Mon for R&R and me to hide out turning thirty, so should have lots of rest and relaxation.

The old blood seems to turn up if I have been violently sneezing or had an upset tummy, I bled from my erosion for most of May after the wrong position of sex at the wrong time of the month, so it is a bit fragile still I guess, apologies for TMI!!!!

theTramp Mon 22-Oct-12 10:11:45

Morning ladies.

Well my plans to work on Saturday were scuppered by need to nap and general acceptance that a chill day might be better. Sunday we went to Stratford on Avon and back to see friends and their fab two kids for Sunday lunch and a good romp around a fantastic kids playground. If you fancy a weekend break broadway is highly recommended, just the right combo of chocolate box and kid fun. Once home I actually had energy to bake a cake & cook dinner for 3 as MrMs brother is staying with us for a few days. I was quite impressed with myself. Naturally I'm shattered this morning and managed to sleep through my alarm. So early night tonight methinks.

Re: not feeling baby much and stress - try not to worry. I've two weeks til scan and I think because I'm feeling better than I did for first 3 months little worries that things aren't right keep flitting through my mind. Despite fact MW checked out heartbeat etc just last week. It'd be weird if you didn't worry wouldnt it?! I get butterflies on occasion which I'm interpreting as Socs making presence felt. But when running around etc you're focused on other things, it's those quiet moments that matter.

Re IFAs and mortgage advice. I recommend using one but they're not free. They get their cut but when you take out the mortgage. And personally I'm not a country life fan - Charcol or a recommendation from a friend for someone local to you. Anyway, best of luck!

Ems - hope toothache fades and enjoy your day off. Try to do so sans guilt if you can.

Manda - crikey that's an awesome haul. Friends we saw yesterday might be able to give us their old cot bed which would be great. So fingers crossed. She also recommended the clip on side of bed nursing thing rather than Moses basket or baby hammock so I'm going to check those out. Only for first two months apparently.

Party prep is my evening focus this week. Amazing how quickly end of October has been in arriving. Need DJ, band and security.. Yea we'll sort that in next 3 days, no problem smile

Hope Monday goes well and apols to anyone I've missed, had lots to catch up on this morning.

JoJoBella84 Mon 22-Oct-12 10:25:37

Urgh I'm so dazed and confused this morning... Had a night of just bizarre dreams and really need to get myself to Uni to do some research but find myself staring out if my bedroom window unable to shift!!! I'm out for a curry tonight with some of the other students and am really not in the mood to be sociable sad ah boo! Will start a gentle stream of full fat coke from 3pm in order to appreciate the full sugar rush tonight. That should do it smile
Happy Mondays everyone, manda wow to all of your lovely things, your families sound fab. Lunch with my friend yesterday resulted in me receiving a bag of maternity clothes and a microwave steriliser.
She's also donating her rocking crib and playmat. It's really so kind of her!
sundae soulds great, enjoy your break and your birthday and come back relaxed smile
em corsodyl really takes a lot of getting used to but it's supposed to be the best one. My dentist always recommends it for the antibacterial aspect!! Think I'm going to hold of for the Dec NCT sale if there's anything else I need by then!!
stormy full but not bursting is recommended and yes to wee sample!

theTramp Mon 22-Oct-12 10:45:57

Hi there. Vegas wedding idea - Isabelle Oliver has 25% off their favourites which includes the v glam Florence dress and you can get next day delivery...

Sheldonella Mon 22-Oct-12 10:52:22

Morning! Not kept up very well over the weekend as I went to visit uni friends. One of them is pregnant and only a month behind me which is lovely. Very very tired now though, I just don't seem to have the stamina for socialising much at the moment.
Sorry for not namechecking, I will catch up properly tonight. 20 week scan tomorrow!
Oh - thanks for reminding me about that IO code tramp, I think I want a coat. What does everything think of this ?

theTramp Mon 22-Oct-12 10:59:35

Shel - my friend bought that coat (shes due Nov) and it's great. She loves it, goes with everything, v comfy and copes with her really large bump!

zoeymlucas Mon 22-Oct-12 11:06:12

Good Luck with scan later three and I hope little bean is playing nicely and you get to see what flavour it is smile

Thanks for the heads off on the discount at Isabelle Oliver Tramp as works xmas do is black tie and I need something that fits for it as none of my normal stuff dont so discounted prices are always welcome!
Remebered I have my mole removal on Wednesday at 8.10am before my 20 week scan at 9.30 the exact day I turn 20 weeks luckily my boss has let me book it as holiday at late notice as its were the underwire of my bra sits so wont be able to wear a bra for the day and will not be sitting in work with no bra on!!

Manda I am rather jealous of your family, can you ask if they want to adopt me please smile The best offer we had was a friend selling a huge bag of baby clothes but I refused to buy them on the grounds thats we gave GAVE them 3 bags of DS2 cloths some still with tags on etc when they found out they were having a boy, luckily DH agreed!

I am waiting for my material to arrive so I can make my swinging crib bumpers and drapes - they seem to be taking forever and I have no patience at all!

Sheldonella Mon 22-Oct-12 11:14:01

Ooh thanks tramp I think I'm convinced. I will think about it over lunch and potentially order this afternoon. Just hope it isn't too thin. I don't need it to be very heavy but not like a cardigan.
Good luck with the scan three. Hope you get some lovely piccies.
The swinging crib sounds lovely zoey.

Lexiindisguise Mon 22-Oct-12 13:43:57

Tramp you are definitely right, it would probably be weirder if we didn't worry! I know you are tall too, so maybe there is something in DH's 'more room in there' theory smile
Back at work today and having a real 'pregnancy brain' day, no concentration at all, so much to do!

mandasand Mon 22-Oct-12 14:12:02

Oh I feel GREAT! Just had an hour with an osteopath who specialises in pregnancy (she also does acupuncture and prenatal yoga) and I walked home without a waddle! I've abandoned my normal osteo. practice (even though it's student-led so half the price) as it's a 4-mile cycle away and I'm not that fast on the bike anymore and at some point will have to give it up as main mode of transport. This new place is two minutes' walk from my house and she is quite brilliant. Suddenly, after three days of intense waddling and aches I am walking almost normally! Gave me loads of tips on how to better move myself about.

Well, I feel great apart from my arse of a cold which came on first thing this morning. That is pants. Haven't had a cold in sooo long. Throat like sandpaper, head like fog, etc. Booo.

But I have (finally) pulled out of the conference next week and the organisers have been v.g. about it. Shoulders feel much lighter.

Hope everyone's having a good day.

Sarah glad your scan went well :-) Hope cervix turns out to be just normal and nothing to worry about.

Thinking of you, Three! Let us know when you can.

Weekend sounds lovely, Tramp! Good luck party planning smile

JoJo whoop on your haul too!

Sheldon like that coat a lot. Could wear it through to spring, too!

Zoey definitely room for you in our family! I completely agree about buying that bag of clothes! I take it you were polite and didn't remind her of your gifts of clothes to her?! I may have mentioned it in passing...! Yikes, quite a quick turnaround between mole removal and 20-week scan. Same hospital, I take it?

Rainbowbabyhope Mon 22-Oct-12 14:18:09

sundae I have an angel sounds heart monitor (25 pounds ish from amazon) and have been able to hear heartbeat since 13 weeks every day (with an anterior placenta). Main thing with monitors is knowing where to place it on your tummy - for me its actually much lower down than you might think even at this stage because of placenta position. I can always find DD heartbeat within the minute now and increasingly can hear lots of swooshy movements and kicks.

zoeymlucas Mon 22-Oct-12 14:37:19

Manda no I didnt mention the stuff we had given them though I wanted to but was slightly miffed that they done it to be honest, imagine if I had bought it and it had stuff I had given them in I would of been fuming, plus i gave them baby bath and my silvercross car seat which cost £120.00 which I dont mind but to try and then sell stuff back to me did not impress me!!
Mole removal is at doctors but its only because it sits right where the underwire on my bra does and rubs and sometimes bleeds, its not a dodgy one so hoping it will only take half hour and they wont need to remove skin around

Your cold sounds awful and I bet you are even more glad you pulled out of conference next week now.

sundaesundae Mon 22-Oct-12 14:40:29

www.amazon.co.uk/Sonoline-Fetal-Doppler-BackLit-Display/dp/B005FLWYE4/ref=pd_rhf_gw_p_t_1 I went for this one in the end. It turns up tomorrow.

Manda that sounds fab, I think I could do with some osteo or a massage, will probably wait till after scan.

I keep getting an odd sort of scratchy pressurey feeling in one place on the left of my bump. It feels a bit sore, but only for half a second. Anyone know what it might be?

Sheldonella Mon 22-Oct-12 15:30:22

Still haven't ordered the coat as I had to take off my cardigan when I went to buy lunch as I was so hot! It is pretty warm today though and I'll be pg through the coldest times... I will probably order it today.
zoey That does sound annoying. I might have said something casual I think.
manda Sympathies on the cold, hope it doesn't last long. Sounds like you got a great haul at the weekend, how lovely.